By: JerryFOGE@aol.com

I'm writing to share my experience of living in a haunted house.I lived in
the top half of a duplex for 8 years,& for most of those years,I had a ghost
in my house.I never saw it,nor heard it,but I had no doubt that it was
there.My question wasn't did it exist;my question was who was it,where did it
come from,&why was it there.I had roommates from time to time;I would warn
them about our uninvited guest.Though most were skeptical at 1st,they all had
experiences with "Herbie"-as I named him-& became just as convinced as I was
of his presence.My girlfriend was scared,but she was the only one of us that
really was.In time,the rest of us got a sense that Herbie wasn't
dangerous,just mischievous.He liked to make his presence known.From the
nature of the pranks,I got the feeling that Herbie was a child.I could almost
picture him hiding around the corner & giggling after one of his tricks.My
1st encoumter with him was when I was toweling off after a bath.There was a
shelf on the wall where I kept my toiletries;all of a sudden,before my
eyes,all the bottles started slowly falling off the shelf,as though someone
were walking along dragging their arm,knocking them over.I wasn't panicked;I
simply thought,"hmmm,that shouldn't happen!"......In the following months,the
phone would get knocked off the hook,light switches would turn on &
off,envelopes & tablets would go flying off the table,pictures would get
knocked off the wall.The most bizarre episode occured one Friday.My roomie
Dave was asleep;I was the only other person there.Dave then awoke & asked me
if Lu-my girlfriend-had left.I told him he must have been dreaming,Lu hadn't
been there.He insisted that he had heard her in the kitchen.We stared at each
other&then searched the kitchen to make sure we hadn't been
burglarized.Finding nothing missing,we shrugged our shoulders & admitted we
had no explanation.Later that night,I got an emergency phone call at work;it
was Lu,crying & begging me to come home.I told her I couldn't leave work,&
asked her what had happened.She told me that she had heard Dave put his key
in the lock,open it,&enter his room.She said,"Hi,Dave",but he didn't
answer,though she could hear him walking around.He always wore cowboy boots,&
I had hardwood floors,so obviously his footsteps were distinctive.When he
didn't answer,she looked in his room...but it was empty.That was when she
called me,terror-stricken.I managed to calm her down;I thought it best not to
mention Dave's experience that morning until I got home.
  At times,I would lose patience,& stomp around yelling for Herbie to show
himself.He never did.None of us ever did.Other times,I would laugh at his
antics,& almost began to regard him as an old friend.So much for people who
think that all ghosts should be feared.
  I never found out Herbie's identity.It was an old house;anything was
possible.After a while he became dormant,& peace reigned.Eventually the
pranks stopped altogether.
  Anyway,a friend told me about this web site & when I saw the invitation to
share experiences,I thought I would tell you about Herbie.Thank you.

Log Cabin

By: Daydreamr0739532@aol.com

    My aunt and Uncle used to live in a old log cabin. We think it was by an
indian burial ground. But it was definetly haunted. And the spirit(s) there
was not good at all.
    One night, my aunt and uncle woke up to find they couldn't move at all.
They were being held down by something.
    But that's not my story.
    My three cousins all shared the same room. It was the only room on the
second level. I hated going up there by myself. I never had to before, but
this time I did.
    I was about six or seven.
    My sisters and I had been playing board games with our cousins up in
their room. When we went downstairs to watch movies, I left my shoes up there.
    When the time came to go, I couldn't find my shoes. I looked everywhere.
Then my sister reminded me I left them in my cousin's bedroom.
    I went up stairs and planned to run into the room, get my shoes, then run
out and down te stairs as fast as I could.
    I ran into the room and picked up the shoes. But as i was turning around,
I felt something behind me.
    I was so afraid to trun around, but at the same time, I wanted to run
down the stairs, right out of the house and into our car.
    So I slowely truned around, there I saw a small little Indian girl, maybe
about my age. She was surrounded by a blue and white light.
    I just stood there, until she just vanished.
    I ran out to the car, where my parents where waiting. And until now, I
have never told anyone my story exept for my ant, who also sees things.
    Later I found out that my aunt and uncle would pray to the Indians to
watch over them, to protect them from whatever was in that house.
    Maybe the little Indian gril was just watching over my cousins.


By: Val6618@aol.com

Although I have never "seen" a ghost, I believe that they have contacted me.
My Papa died four months before I was to be married and we were extremely
close to one another.  He was supposed to walk me down the aisle and when he
died in May, I was devestated.  I had always known him as "the epitomy of
what a man should be" and so his death caused me a great deal of grief.
However, I am known in my family as "the strong one" and was told not to cry
that I needed to be strong for my Granny, so I was.
At my wedding in September, I was walking down the stairs of the antebellum
home I was married at and stopped suddenly on the landing while my daddy just
stared at me.  My blusher was over my face and I couldn't see anything, but I
felt a hand on my left shoulder and could smell my papa's cologne.
Two months later, I was sitting in my Granny's house in their old bedroom
(she still doesn't sleep in there) and my husband was in the shower.  I sat
up in the bed and noticed an indention on my papa's side of the bed, yet,
noone was there.  Then, the TV turned itself on and it was a program about
talking with the dead.  Although I was scared, it wasn't a fear of any harm,
just caught off guard.
Since this time, I have felt people tapping my shoulder and noone being
there, I dream things and just as I forget about them, they happen and I can
walk in a house and "know" something has happened.
I am trying to work my courage up to study this ability . . .

House from 1865

By: goth97@hotmail.com

Living in a house built in 1865, the noises we heard never bothered us.
Noises come with old houses,we expected them. What we did not expect were
the other things that came with the house. We learned that the house was at
one time a funeral home and the room in which the coffins were lowered to
the basement was the original room left on the house. This room, we used it
as a den, left us in awe. One night, while sitting in my sisters bedroom
talking, my sister and I both saw something in the kitchen, right in front
of the door to our den. Neither of us said anything figuring it was just our
imaginations. The second time we saw it, we both said at the same time, "Did
you see that?" We both saw the figures of two women, one who looked like she
was knitting and the other pacing back and forth. These women became a part
of our everyday life, appearing usually at night. The way we knew when they
were there, was by the anniversary clock. The battery had died and my sister
had never replaced, yet, somehow, every night around the same time,11:00, it
would start working, and the time would be right. In the morning, the clock
would stop again and it would stay at whatever time it stopped until 11:00
that night. We have since moved and we believe they may have moved with us.
The anniversary clock works every once in a while and we sometimes wtill get
the feeling that someone or something is living here with us.

unknown experiences while in the navy

by: deckfam92@aol.com
 my wife and i had moved to the naval station at mare island
at vallejo ca. i was attached to the personnel support office. about 4 months
after reporting i was sent to the combat systems tech. schools command to
process new students. i hadnt heard about the schools past until my
encounter(?)  one day in the fall of 1993. i was typing up a report about
0730, before the 3 other civilans and 1 other sailor got there. the type
writer was next to the door to my office so i didnt miss anyone coming or
going. there also was just that one main entry way into the office cluster.
no other exits except for a fire door with the alarm connected. anyway
someone walked by my door and i thought it was my shipmate so i asked how he
was doing. i got no reply so i thought he hadnt heard me  and i decided to
bug him after i finished my report. i went to his office and found it locked.
then i noticed a light on down the hall. i stuck my head in and saw one of
the civialn computer programmers at work on her terminal. i told her i
thought brian had walked by but didnt realize it was her. she looked at me
and said that she hadnt moved from her computer since she got there at about
15 minutes to 700. i then told her what had just happaned. she said that
brian could tell me stuff since he'd been ther awile. it was then i learned
that the school was a fleet hospital for the san fran bay area, built back in
approx. 185os. the night watch detail would find locked doors open, and hear
footsteps at night. i was told the one that i should really hear  is the
sound of a little girl playing ball near the main staircase. i never had the
chance, and the base is now closed. but it was very intresting. one other
experience was shared by my wife , myself and my mother in law at hickam afb
in hawaii in 1995. my wife had been flown to tripler army hospital due to
complications with our first child. my mother in law arrived a day before i
got there from my ship. any way we were put up in the guest house at hickam
for a couple of nights before being moved temporarily to a officers quarter
in the corner of the base. it was a well furnished room and had a pleasent
air about it. that was until the night arrived. we saw nothing or heard
nothing, but the next morning upon leaving the quarters we all let out a sigh
and each suprised the other by relating what we had felt that night. it was
an extremly uncomfortable feeling. kind of oppresive. like being at a party
and the guests changed their mind about you being there. i just thought it
was funny that we couldnt talk about it in the room but only when we left.
thank you for taking the time to hear me babble. my wife and i would like to
know if you had any experiences while with the military.

Lion's Roar

By: angela.vest@fuse.net

This is the first time I have ever submitted any thing.  I have a couple of
experiences and have some from my parents also.
We'll start off with my parents.  When I was about 21 I was still living
with my parents and they were working for a company that shipped things over
night.  One particular night they were getting ready to go on a run at about
2:00 am in the middle of the week.  My mom Nancy was in the bathroom with
the door open and my father Dave was in the bedroom, and the bathroom is one
that is connected to the bedroom so matter where you are you right next to
it.  My father was putting on his socks and my mother was brushing her hair
when all of a sudden a lion roar loud.  My mother immediately stopped and
looked at my father and my father did the same at my mother.  My mother
asked my father what the heck was that?  He replied "It almost sounded like
a lion's roar!"  and she confirmed that that was in fact what it sounded
like.  To this day they can't figure out what that was.
There also was another time that my mother was sleeping and she woke her
self up by talking in her sleep.  She was telling someone to stay away.  In
the process my father woke up.  When my mother opened her eyes she saw a orb
floating around her.  (Obviously the orb was trying to communicate with her
as she slept, as I hear that is the only true way that you can get through
to someone who isn't a medium.)  Any way she stared at it for a few seconds
and then it floated away.  Well she thought that she was dreaming and
disregarded it.  The next morning they went out for breakfast and did their
normal things and the afternoon rolled around and she had remembered the
weird dream she had from the night before and wanted to tell my father about
it.  But before she could he said something.  He had mentioned that he had
seen a strange round orb floating, and went on to describe it.  So both of
them had seen this orb.  She just told me about it a few weeks ago,
apparently this happened a month or 2 ago.
My father has a special gift.  He has dreams about planes.  He knows a few
days ahead what is going to happen he just doesn't know where or what.  I
have the same capabilities except not at night in sleep but during the day
like a day dream.  Mine is with death in general.  I have predicted one
death and one possible.  When he was a child he saw one hit in to a mountain
and there was a woman who had broken her ankles and was walking around on
them asking where her baby was, she was the only survivor.  He was only 5 or
6 years old.  He also as a smaller child saw someone crash in a car and burn
to death.  He asked his father what happened and he told him it was a dream
and nothing was wrong to go back to bed.  So I think he is debating whether
or not that was a dream or not.  I believe it was true.
The one death was when I was a roofer and I was sitting there and looking at
my boyfriends uncle and it happened.  I saw him in a coffin and saw the
number six and I couldn't tell if weeks, months or what, but it felt like
months.  But I wasn't sure.  I had never had this happen before and I
thought I had a sick mind.  I told my boyfriend about it and he freaked.  He
didn't tell me anything till six months when his uncle was hospitalized for
AIDS and Lung Cancer.  The only thing that I knew was he got a lot of pills
sent to my boyfriends moms house.  Other than that it was a family secret.
His uncle died at 6 months and I went to his funeral.
I had another encounter with my own family member.  I saw my aunt in a
coffin and the numbers 222.  I couldn't figure it out then it came to me as
a date 2-22.  On Feb 22, she fell and broke her hip and she lived by her
self and one of her neighbors happen to notice her paper was still outside.
So she went over there and saw what happened so she called the paramedics
and so forth.  She was force into a nursing home after that.  My mom and dad
knew about it and that was it.  I haven't had anything since then but I was
freaked out.  I think I have special abilities but I don't know how to use
them.  I am scared of spirits.  I am scared of the evil ones especially!
Sometimes I wonder.

Unsolved Experiences

By: kirkg263@yahoo.com

Hello, my name is Kirk. I'm about to turn 18 and I
live in New York State. I apologize in advance for the
length of my story, but I never get to talk to anyone
about these things that happen. I am looking for
answers as to whether or not the house I live in is
haunted. I don't talk to my friends about them because
I always get the weirdest reactions when I mention
them. Ya know, the kind of look someone makes when
they think you're insane. Since I was a little kid, I
had always found the paranormal amusing. My Mom
believes in ghosts based on her own experiences, which
I might say are quite frightening. I have two older
sisters and both have related their own personal
experiences to me. So in a way, I suppose I was
influenced into finding the supernatural interesting.
I live in a two family house that my family owns. We
used to rent the bottom apartment out to people, back
in late 80's, early 90's. The tenants have said that
the downstairs apartment in haunted, and a psychic my
Mom brought over one time said that the apartment was
indeed haunted. In one of the rooms downstairs, my
great grandfather passed away (The house has been in
our family for a while). Also, my Moms nephew who came
over from Ecuador was living with us when I was about
7 or 8, hard to remember. He died while living here in
a car accident in Lake George. Is it possible he has
unfinished business because his wife and daughter live
in another country? Also, my Moms boyfriend of a long
time ago (this is back in Ecuador, which was probably
in the 60's) died on a hiking trip. My Mom loved him
and always insists that he watches over her. That's
just some backround information because they could all
be possible haunts. The experiences I'm remembering,
are all recent ones. We moved from our old house in
the early 90's and moved to Salem Mass. After three
years we moved back to our house in NY, and after that
time is the only experiences I remember. My older
sisters slept in our redone attic when they were
teenagers. I was envious because they were on a whole
different floor of the house, I used to think the
attic was cool. Both my sisters have stories about the
attic. My sisters moved out long ago, which gave me
the advantage of choosing a room up in the attic,
being older and all. I chose the room which was my
oldest sisters, because of it's size and location in
the house, it was the last room and had stairs in the
room going down and leading into the second floor
apartment. The first night I slept up there, a good
friend of 10 years stayed the night with me. He is the
only one I talk with about my experiences. it was
about 2:00 AM and we were lying awake, starting to
doze off. He had his discman with him and was playing
a CD, with the headphones off his head, so we could
both hear the music. I was laying there when all of a
sudden I heard the distinct and startling noise of a
marble rolling down the stairs that were in my room.
It finally hit the bottom of the stairs and I asked my
friend if it was him that did that. I remember
thinking "great, the first damn night I'm in here
something weird has to happen". I definitely would
have seen if my friend had thrown the marble down the
stairs but he didn't (by the way this actually
happened one more time before not happening since).
That story can probably be explained easily, but there
are other weird ones. In the same room I was sleeping
one night. I'm 95% sure I would have closed my closet
all the way before I went to bed because a thing like
that would bother the hell out of me and I wouldn't be
able to sleep. I woke up suddenly in the middle of the
night to a very strange noise. It was a quick and
harsh boom mixed with a WOOSH sound. I looked around
my room to find the source and my eyes focused on my
closet door. The door was open. I sort of stood up and
chuckled because it was like 3 in the morning. I
closed the door and went back to sleep. I later
analyzed the sound because I remembered when I woke
up. What it sounded like, was the closet door being
pushed hard from the inside, and rubbing on the carpet
as it opened, which would account for the woosh. I was
never scared, just sort of curious as to whether or
not I was insane. The next experience was definitely
an odd one. It was the morning (morning is like 12
noon to me, especially in the summer)and I had woken
up and was getting ready to take a shower. I made my
way downstairs and was heading to my Moms room to get
a towel. No one else was in the house at this time, my
Mom was working and so was her boyfriend. As I was
passing through our dining room I felt something cold
hit my right earlobe. Within a couple seconds my
fingers were up to my ear to pinch what was ever on my
ear, because I thought it was a bug. I took my fingers
away and realized that what hit my ear was a drop of
some liquid. It didn't feel like water, it almost felt
like oil, and it had a strange smell to it, almost
like a perfume oil smell. Very confused I rubbed it in
my fingers and looked around the ceiling for the
source. But if you think about it, an earlobe is an
awkward place for something like that to land on. If
it was coming from above, it would have hit the top of
my ear right? But that's not the end. I shrugged it
off, got my towel and went into the bathroom. I took
my shirt off and splot, I felt a drop hit my chest.
Now this was weird because I was in a totally
different part of my house. And again, the chest is an
odd place if the drop is falling from above. Before
touching the spot I looked at it. It had definitely
splattered with some force because it was spread out a
little. I touched it and smelled it, and it was the
same damn substance. I found that very interesting,
and later told my mom about it. She started to laugh
because something similar had happened to her. And a
very recent but small and unexplained experience
happened in my room. One of my cats was sleeping on my
bed and I was sitting in this love seat I have,
watching TV. My lights were off so I couldn't see
anything clearly other than the TV. It wasn't
startling or anything, but I heard something hit my
wall, as if being thrown. One side of my bed was right
against the wall, and when I got up to examen what hit
the wall, I found a staple remover lying on my bed.
You know, those things with big sharp metal teeth to
remove staples from paper. I have no doubt in my mind
that the staple remover is what hit my wall with a
good amount of force. I'm pretty sure my cat did not
do it as he was not moving, and suprisingly didn't
move after it hit the wall. These things bug me out
because I still have no explanation for them. Is my
house haunted by a timid spirit who wants me to know
that it is there? Any comments or advice would be
appreciated, hope you found my story interesting.


By: spyroftb@yahoo.com

i have a story that happand last night.it wasn't as
scary as it was a good thing.last night i was
remembering my cat i had the first ten years of my
life.i was sad this was my favroit cat his name was
zorro.we had buried him in the back yard.i went
outside to call my dog in.zorro was a black and white
cat,and he had a funny little meow.that night i heard
that meow and when i looked up zorro was there and was
looking at me.i felt sad but i knew he was ok now and
wasnt in pain and thats all the matters to me.

Was it a Sign?

By: Bato1234@aol.com

i haven't really told anybody but my Uncle Fred this story. Well, I was about
ten years old and driving down 9W with my uncle Fred. It was February 19, my
Uncle Johnny's birthday ( Uncle Johnny had died when he was 19, 3 days after
his birthday in a motorcycle accident) so naturally i was thinking about him.
I was thinking " I wonder if he can hear me? I wish I could find out
somehow!" So I looked up, and my Uncle Fred said, " Hey! Look at that
liscense plate!" On the car ahead of us, the liscense plate read "213-KCF".
2-13, my brithday, and KCF, my initials. I figured " Maybe this is a sign
that he can hear me!" Then, a band of bikers rode by, and one, who pulled up
along side us had the name "John" on his Helmet. John was Uncle Johnny's real

USS Forrestal

By: graywolf333@yahoo.com

Hello, my name is Darren B. I am in the Navy and had
many encounters with spirits. One of these encounters
happened when I was stationed on the U.S.S. Forrestal
from 1991 to 1993. We were in the shipyards in
Philadelphia ,I just got off work around 11:00pm(2300)
from a watch. I took a bus to the barracks that the
ships company stays in while work was been done on the
ship. I lived on the second floor of the building. I
go to my room and get ready for bed. As I am laying in
bed trying to go to sleep I feel as if a female
climbed in to bed with me. Now at this time, I know
this could not be a female, because no females were
allowed in the barracks. It started at my feet and
felt as if something lifted the covers and slid up my
body and put their arm around me. I had my eyes open
feeling all this going on. I could feel her body
pressed against mine and her fingers interlocked with
mine. I could feel the fingers but could not see them.
I was not scared but I was curious . I could not move
at all. I tried to move my fingers but could not.
After what seems like forever I managed to nudge her
off of me. As she left I heard what sounded like
"bye". The whole time she was laying there it was a
warm peaceful feeling. I guess when I nudged her off ,
I may have got her mad , because the next night I felt
her or something else place their feet under my arms
and pin me down. I opened my eyes and there was
nothing there. The pressure left me. I told my friend
Mike about it, He laughed about it and said "you are
lucky that little demon came back last night, again".
We looked at an old map of the base and a old runway
from what I believe was left there by the Air Force is
where the barracks sit now.
If you have any questions or comments please write me.
I love hearing about the unexplained.......

Wasn't Convinced

By: Castro_H@email.msn.com

          My experience with a ghost was 2 years ago I wasnt convince of ghosts til that one night.
It was one night it was 2am and I was sleepy so I just threw myself to the bed and fell asleep til something woke me up at 4am so I looked across of my room and there I saw a ghost it was a shadowy figure and just hovering in the air like just kneeing in the air it was right above my sister I was scared as hell!! I didnt know what to do so I was just staring at it with fear in my eyes then it turn around and looked at me strait I couldnt see its face but it was coming to me and I thought I was going to have a heart attack or something I couldnt catch my breath with my hearth pounding then when it was getting closer in just a split second it dissapear in thin air and for the rest of the night I didnt went to sleep and I dont know why did that ghosts came. Since that one incident happen I I turn into a believer, damn that experience was scary

The Smiley Face

By: sebberoni@home.com

 I love your site, I'm really fascinated by ghosts, etc, so when my mom told me of a story that happened to her, I figured this was the perfect place to share it. When my mom was about 10 years old, she, her sister, and her father were painting her bedroom. My grandfather, being the joker that he was, thought it would be funny to paint a huge smiley face on the wall. So they did, just this gigantic smiley face that covered the wall. My grandmother came in and after they had a good laugh, she told them to paint over it. So they did, and that was the end of that. About 3 years later, when my mom was 13, her father passed away. A little while after his death, one night she walked into her room and screamed, because the smiley face her dad had painted 3 years earlier had bled through the paint and was showing. To this day, my mom swears it was her father coming back for one last goodbye.

The Shop Vacuum

By: TGS@networksplus.net

I am nineteen years old and I live in Kansas, when I was twelve my
friends and I used to play hide and go seek in the dark.  We were
playing the game in the basement of my house.  I was the person who was
it, and when I was looking for my friends, the shop vacuum that my dad
kept in the laundry room turned on and scared me along with everyone
else.  We all took off running towards the other end of the basement.  I
turned on the lights and everyone was with me.  Then the shop vacuum
turned off.  We slowly went into the laundry room and found the shop
vacuum with the cord wrapped around it.  It wasn't even plugged in, I
took the vacuum and put it into the garage.  I still live in the house
and nothing stranger than that has happened.

The Roommate

By: RXYASHLEY@aol.com
In the summer of 1999, I bought a house in small town in Washington State.
 I'm a California native so as you can imagine, I had a difficult time
adjusting to the calmer settings.  It was almost too quiet for my liking.
 About three weeks after I moved into my new home, an old colonial styled
house, I decided and began looking for a roommate.  Soon after I placed the
ad, I got a phone call from a very willing young lady who said it sounded
like the perfect location for her.  I took her name down and she said she
would call me the next day to set up a time and place to meet.  I waited all
day for her phone call, but it never came.  I figured she must have found
some other place to stay, but I kept the spot vacant incase she called back.
 A few weeks later, she did call again, and as before told me she would call
back the next day to set up a time and place to meet.  I faithfully awaited
her return call, but same as the first time...it never came.  I began to get
suspicious as to weather it was a prank caller or a real person of interest.
 I thought it was odd how she'd given me a name without a number.  My
attempts to find her in the phone book failed, so without anyother place to
turn, I gave up on the search.
       About a three months later, I was up in the Attic storing some
Christmas decorations I wouldn't be needing for sometime, when my eyes fell
upon an old stack of newspapers in the corner.  I was somehow intrigued by a
perticular paper laying at the top of the stack.  As I thumbed through it I
was quite shocked to read an article printed about a young woman who died in
her house (the house I was currently living in!) at the age of 22.  Even more
shocking was the name of the woman.  It was an identical match to the woman
who called about sharing my home.  I couldn't catch my breath!  I went down
to the local historical library and discovered that this woman did indeed
live in the very house I now owned, in the late 1800's.  My visit to the
Library occurred close to six months ago.  Since then, late at night, I've
heard crying downstairs in my living room

The Elderly Lady

By: sailorsparrow@hotmail.com

 there is a ghost in my house.(i think)there were a series of events that lead up to me thinking this:
1.  when i moved into this house,no one lived there in 7 years.the people who used to live there had died,and the family didn't want the house,so the house was probly ready to colapse,but it was practically rebuilt.
2.one night, i was asleep and i heard nocking on my bedroom door, i figured that it was my sister, so i ignored it. it knocked again. without opening the door, i shouted in a half- awake voice "stop it!!" then i got up and figured that someone would knock again,so i waited by my door , and another knock came.i quickly opened the door,and no one was there. i heard snoring of everyone in my house,so there was no way that anyone could have done this.
3. about a week later , i had a dream that there was an old lady that killed people if they didn't give her 5 dollars and the lady died,then came back for 5 bucks f/m me,then she killed me. that was definitly not a prophacy, cuz i,m still alive(duh...) ,but, this did happen:when i woke up,i'm almost positive that i saw a pair of red eyes on my wall,staring at me.also,there was light coming out of the top of my window(my window has curtins on 3/4 of my window) when it was 3 :30 a.m.(aproximatly) there is no light outside at that time @ my house.
4. one day ,i was geting ready 4 school,the t.v. was off, my grandma was asleep,i was brushing my teeth,then my dog went absolutly ape-s**t, so i went to see what it was,and the dog was barking @ the wall that is by my telephone,there  was no messages,it wasn't ringing, then i heard a voice that sounds like an old lady on crack say"it's o.k., it's me " to my dog!!! i just stood there in shock 4 about 5 min., and almost missed the bus.
5.one day when i was taking a shower,i got out and heard the same voice say my first & middle name.
6.one day when i was on the bus,my friend said that she called me around 1 p.m. (no one was home then) and a person answered it,and my friend asked if i was there,and in the same voice that i have known said in a ticked off & insane sounding tone of voice said that she'd leave a message about 7 times.i know that i didn't tell her about the ghost & she wouldn't lie about something like that,cuz she didn't believe in the paranormal,but after that expriance, she is now a believer.
all of these event s happened between september 2000 and january 2001,and i don't think that anything else will happen anytime soon,cuz i told it to leave and never return.

The Man in the Blue Coat

By: Japenaloza22@aol.com
     This expirience actually happened to my mom and my brother at the same
time on the same day. My brother and mom were watching T.V when suddenly my
brother turned around and saw a transparent man with a sky blue coat go  up
an down the stairs.After three minutes it disappeared.

The Haunted Summer, Pt. 1.

By: RGarza3rd@juno.com

During the summer of 1976, my Mom, older brother and I decide to
accompany my Aunt and her family to West Virginia/North Carolina to work
in the tobacco fields.  I was about 11yrs old at the time.  After a 2-day
trip from Texas to West Virginia, we were assigned a house to stay in
while were settled in to work.  There were several of us (10 in all), and
we were tired from the trip, so everyone basically just picked a spot in
the place and readied ourselves for bed for that first night.  It was NOT
a restful night!  At about 3 AM, we were awakened by the sounds of a
woman crying and wailing in the room WITH us!  Looking around the room,
we could see that everyone was accounted for and NOONE was crying!  The
sounds increased in intensity and lasted for about 45 mins.  When I say
"Wailing", I mean JUST that: a horrible, low sad sound. VERY similar to
some of the sound effects heard in the old "Scooby-Doo" cartoons  (I
realize that sounds somewhat funny,...but I SWEAR its
TRUE!)....Thankfully, we werent to stay in that house for very long;
another house (with more room for 10 people) was assigned to us.   THAT
was not an improvement!
 The next house was a two-story one, located somewhere between
Hendersonville, NC and a small town known as Soul City.  It was situated
about 200 yards off a road, with a long driveway and a set of railroad
tracks that ran along the other side of the road.  There was a large
white house off to the north of  "our" house, about another 300 yards
away.  The house had a large open field in front, and was surrounded by
woods on the other three sides,  and a shed and an old open waterwell in
back.  Spooky enough setting during the day.  At night, things would
happen such as : lights turning on by themselves, footsteps heard
upstairs when everyone was in plain sight downstairs, the sounds of
something heavy being all dragged through the house late at night after
everyone had gone to bed, knocking on the walls and my brother swears
he'd seen what appeared to be a black-hooded figure at the foot of his
bed.   I swear to anyone reading this, these events REALLY happened!
I'm 36 now, an Army Veteran, college educated and I have an interest in
ghosts and the Supernatural.  If anyone has any clues about this house
(the one near Soul City, NC), its owners, or perhaps even its history,
please email me at RGarza3rd@juno.com   I'll be glad to give detailed
accounts of what happened in either house.   Thanx for listening and have
fun reading on.....

The Grace Drive House

By: SunnyMarie4@aol.com
When I was in eighth grade, my mother, younger brother and I moved into a
rental home on Grace Dr. in Wilson, NC.  I had always been interested in
ghosts and hauntings but had never had any experiences.  This house would
change that fact.
As soon as we moved into the home, I had a very uneasy feeling, only in my
room; I always felt like someone was watching me from my closest.  Also,
feeling uneasy, I could not sleep with my door closed and forbid my mother to
close her door while we were sleeping.  I also started sleeping with my
pillow on top of my head in order to feel safe and secure in this room.  On
several occasions, I felt someone pushing the pillow down hard on my head as
I was trying to go to sleep.  It was not sleep paralysis because I had just
layed down.  At first I thought that it was my brother playing with me, to
the point where I yelled out his name for him to stop because the pushing
hurt.  However, when the pushing stopped, no one was in the room, I was all
One evening around dusk, my mother and I were sitting on the front steps that
were located between the bedroom end of the home and the living room, where
my brother was alone watching television.  My bedroom was located on the
front of the house with only one window.  I had a lamp on sitting on my
bedstand in front of the window and beside the bed.  I stood up in order to
illustrate a point to my mother, now facing the house with my bedroom window
in sight.  All of a sudden I saw movement in my window; it was a shadow in
the act of sitting on my bed.  Once it sat down, the shadow seemed to fade
into the shadows of my bedroom.
I stood there looking at my window and said to my mother that my brother was
in my room and that he needs to get out.  I immediately went into the house
to find my brother still watching telelevision.  I asked him what he was
doing in my room and he just stared at me like I was crazy, saying that he
had not left the living room.  Of course, I went to my room to find no one
We lived in that house for about two years and only when we moved into our
new house was I able to sleep with my door closed and with my mother's door
However, this new house was where my mother saw her first ghost.
This happened about two months after we moved into the house.  She said that
she was laying in bed one night, unable to sleep because the street lights in
the city were so bright.  She said that she looked over to her window and saw
an old man standing in her room in front of the window.  The old man walked
over to the bed and looked down at her and then backed away only to
disappear.  She, smartly, did not tell me this story until I had been away at
college for three years.  We are assuming that the old man was Mr. Barnes who
we think may have died in the house and was just checking in on the new
occupants.  That was the first and last incidence that occurred in that home.

The Girl in Pink

By: XxgeminiSweetyxX@aol.com
hi , im Amanda , i live in Staten Island . Around near the bay area , anyway
. a few years ago my school was holding a brunch at the Old Bermuda Inn . It
was just for the students in my class who had been Helping in the Fashion
Show that year . Anyway , me and my Best friend , Kristy  where sitting in
the dinning area enjoying the , might i add , very very good food . when my
boyfriend sat down at our table and dared Kristy and I to check out the
upstairs , where i herd that on the stairs was a very active supernatural
spot . Kristy was not one who was into Paranormal yet she belived in ghosts .
I had always been interested and involved with Paranormal things . So me and
Kristy went upstairs and stayed there chatting while sitting on the stairs
when i started feeling very cold . But it wasent the kind of cold you get
from the icy wind or the temp. , it was so strange . i asked Kristy if she
felt it and she said yes , she had felt it . I decided i was sort of creeped
out and told her we better go . As we left i turned around to see a faint but
clear enough to see image of a woman in a light pink dress with light blonde
hair. She looked sort of like she wanted to leave or somthing . me and Kristy
ran down the stairs as fast as Lightning . Im 15 now and this happend around
the time when i was 13 . i know that it was real because iv heard various
storys of that happening to other people . What i have not heards about was
what happend to my friend Laurie . She was standing the the hallway looking
at photo album with contained pictures of people getting married in The Old
Brumuda Inn . im guessing that The woman i saw was married there . So anyway
Laurie was there alone ( not a good idea if u ask me) and she though she
heard a faint sound of " hear comes the bride" , she also admitted that she
saw the windows opening and closing . Im pretty sure this did happend though
im not positive . Yet for some reason she was hysterical crying because she
said she had tryed to get into the dining area but the doors where locked .
Id be crying to if that happend to me , yet i belive that what happend with
the music was the weddings happing over and over . since iv read and heard
that the engery trapped in a somewhat haunted house or place causes the scene
to happen over and over . i belive thats what happend to Laurie .
thanks for u time reading this

The Dark Side of My Apartment

By: tedoretks@adelphia.net

    This happened to me recently,I live in a fairly new appartment building so i cant explain why the things that happen in my apartment do. One of my experiences was when i woke up one morning i rolled over to the bookshelf side of my bed (i never sleep on that side) I aways get bad vibes from it anyway i rolled over and started to shake realy hard and felt like i was being squeezed by giagantic hands I couldnt move or speak i just started to shake i tried to get out of the hold after what had seemed like several hours I got free but when i roled back over i started to shake again i got up immiedetly and went down stairs it had onley been 5 minutes that i was constrained in my bed but it felt like hours! I dont sleep on that side of the bed anymore EVER.just thout I'd share my weird experience with you,let me assure you this was NOT a dream.

The Coalmine

By: CurlyBearNoHair@aol.com
I am 16 years old and live in a small town in texas, It is located about 28
miles south of San Antonio.  When I was in third grade my family decided to
move down here from Corpus.  We began living with my GrandFather and soon
decided to buy property of our own.  My Mom and Dad bought the property
located right next to my Grandfathers which just happened to be the enterance
to a coalmine that was very active about the 1900's. We built our house right
next to the enterance of the coalmine, our back door opened right on top of
the enterance.  By the time the house was built i was about 13 and finally
had my own room.  One night I was struggling to sleep and heard foot steps,
of couse I was frightened but some how I went to sleep, i kept telling myself
it was nothing.  While I was sleeping(and this part of the story dosen't make
sense at all) I had a dream that i aws part of a well know jewish family in
Europe in World War 2 I saw Nazi soldigers take my husband and I to a ditch
in the middle of no where, there they shot my husban .  In my drean I
understood German.  Next they killed me by cutting my throught, as I died in
my drean I woke up in real life.  As I awoke I heard more foot steps marching
they sounded like Soildgers, Germans I assumed.  they marched through my
kitchen and some by my bed room door kind of like they ware watching me.
This is the first thing that happened to me, it didn't make sense because i
thought they would be dead miners or something.
   About 2 years ago i became very depressed as many young people do and I
attempted to kill my self by overdosing.  My mother came home from work and
found me passed out and throwing up in the kitchen sink.  they russhed me to
the nearest hospital where they thought I was going to die.  I saw my mom
crying next to me, and became relaxed.  I was in total peace, i felt
completly happy.  Suddenly I Felt two men walking around me talking, I tried
to turn my head to see them but could not.  I heard them speaking to each
other and one sounded older than the other, they said"look it's so sad shes
so young" the other said "look at her mother she's so pretty" then the other
said "their both so beautiful" at this point they quit talking and continued
to walk around us staring.  Then the feeling of peace was gone and I heard
two other voices I kept saying what who is that, and i was scaring my mom to
death.  right after that I passed out when I woke up i was in a hospital room
.  I didn't tell any one exactly what it was i heard tell I told my boyfriend
of the time.  I'm not sure he belived me.  After that I wold hear voices at
my house, people talking to me but there was no one there.  I heard them
almost everywhere i went but i didn't tell anyone.  After a while I tried
talking back but never got a response.  The voices were never really clear
there were many at one time it just sounded mumbled. I tried not to tell
people about my voices because I was afraid they would not talk to me any
more, I felt I had a gift.  They have stopped talking now. I haven't heard
them for about a year now.  I know it all sounds wierd but it's true.  I also
live next to a grave yard which is wierd I know, it's where most of the dead
miners are buried.  I think they try to talk to me some times.
   there is also one last account I had more recently.  I was trying to go
to sleep one night in the house all by myself, I looked out into the living
room and saw a solid black figure running aroune he looked as if he were
hiding, he ran behind furniture and walls and really just scared the hell out
of me.  It was the only time I saw him though. It was the last of all my

The Basement

By: Anonymous

First of all before I start this story I would like to say I am not on any
perscription or over the counter drugs, I don't drink and am not given to
tell stories. This is an incident that happened in my Aunts home in Ohio.
I got the dreaded call that my grandfather had passed away of a heart attack.
Everyone was to meet in Ohio for the funeral as most of my family lived
there. I decided to stay at my Aunts house because we got along so well and
so did her daughter (my cousin) and I.
I am a smoker as well as my cousin and Aunt but her husband is not so we were
confined to the basement if we wanted to have a smoke. No problem with me as
the basement had a couch and was heated as well. I went downstairs with my
cousin to take a smoke and watched curiously as her dog waited at the top of
the steps and moaned and whined. I asked her as to why her dog was acting so
oddly (It was a big chow chow dog) and I wondered why it seemed so afraid.
She said Oh, well, something happened to the dog one night in the basement.
She said he always used to come down here but ever since that night you can't
drag him down. Really I said. Why is that? She said we found him one night
down in the basement with his collar tightened up around his neck as if
someone had taken it and intentially tried to choke him. Really I said to
her? Then I tried to make logical senerios as to why this may have happened
when she told me thats not all....She said pictures sometimes fly off the
wall and break. I myself seeing some odd things in my lifetime didn't dismiss
the fact that she was in all probablity telling me the truth. Grandpa's
funeral was to be in two days so we were getting ready to settle in for the
night. I put my ciggarette out in the ashtray when I noticed a stuffed bear
with a red dress on sitting on top of the clothes basket and picked it up. I
began teasing my cousin and punched the bear in the face a few times and
threw it around. She said the usual phrases you hear from someone that adores
stuffed animals "stop that!" and of course I did stop. I ended up putting the
bear in the clothes basket face down and the both of us went back upstairs
for bed. The house was not that big so the two of us (my cousin and I) bunked
up together for the night. Here comes the odd part it's like straight out of
a movie..... I woke up about 6 AM and felt the need to go take a smoke when I
remembered that I had to go down in the basement. No big deal....our earlier
conversation about ghost and the like was far out of my mind. I pulled the
string for the light to come on down in the basement and walked down the
stairs. I sat on the couch and took out a cigarette and noticed that the bear
I had played with earlier that night was now on top of the dryer. To my
knowledge no one had been in the basement since my cousin and I went to bed
so I thought hmmm no big deal my Aunt or Uncle must have come down here and
moved it. That's when I went to light my cigarette and realized I left my
lighter on the table by the basement stairs I got up and grabbed it and lit
my cigarette and went to sit back down on the couch (this took all of about 3
seconds) when I went to sit down the bear in the red dress that was on the
dryer was now sitting on the couch where I had just been sitting! That may
not sound like a big deal to any of you but let me tell you I was FRIGHTENED!
Something had moved that bear in all of about 2 to 3 seconds and I was
completly alone down there! My heart was beating a mile a minute. I remember
saying okayyyyyy and quickly putting out my cigarette and running upstairs. I
immediatly woke up my cousin and told her what happened. She agreed to go
downstairs with me so that I could smoke and decided to have one too. My Aunt
does not believe me and I am not to sure my cousin does either all though she
did say she believed me. The only thing I do know is that I did NOT imagine
it and it DID happen. With that said I am not very likely to discredit
someone who tells a story that seems odd or out of the norm because something
did happen to me. I often wonder was my grandpa trying to say he's okay. If
so he could have used a better way of telling me instead of scaring the
jeepers out of me.
Thanks for listening.

The Antique Watch

By: RandJab@aol.com
I have a story for your readers to ponder that still has me stumped. Here
I enjoy going to online auctions always looking for that "perfect bargain"
item to bid on. I began thinking to myself that I needed a watch and how
wonderful it would be to own a solid gold ladies watch. I have never owned
one and was in need of a watch but I digress.
One night I was online looking at items when I decided to go look at watches,
it still burned in my mind on how I just must have a solid gold watch and to
my surprise I spotted one that was a old antique bulova ladies watch going
for a price that was hard to beat. Wonderful! I exclaimed, this is my chance
to get my hearts desire, the add stated that the watch was in excellent shape
and had been well taken care of with 17 jewels and was in fine working
condition. I placed my bid a ridiculous low price if you ask me for a solid
gold watch. I waited to see if I would be outbid and hoped for the best.  I
won the auction to my surprise and promptly sent out the money and waited for
my fabulous buy to arrive. I finally got it and found that it was just as the
add said, I kept thinking how I ever got it for such a low price. I checked
it often to make sure it was keeping time and I would always wind it and make
sure not to "overwind" the watch as I wanted to keep it in pristeen working
condition, it kept great time until.....
Here is the weird thing the watch works perfectly in the day time, I would
make sure it was wound before bed so as not to lose time on the watch. Every
morning no matter what time I would finally crawl out of bed that watch would
be stopped on the time 3:15, I would pick it up thinking great I got a bum
watch no wonder it was such a steal! But to my surprise it would still be
TICKING. It was still wound and ticking but stuck on 3:15 all I would have to
do is set it again and it would work just great throughout the day and all
the time before I went to bed. Still every time I get up it is still running
but stopped on 3:15, I told this to my friends and they have told me to get
rid of it. NO WAY I would exclaim it's solid gold! The thing is I have dreams
about this watch and am afraid to wear it to bed for fear that something
terrible will happen when the watch gets to 3:15 AM. I refuse to wear it to
bed but on the same token refuse to quit wearing it or get rid of it. I think
maybe the woman who owned it died at 3:15 long ago, who knows maybe under bad
circumstances. I told this story to my father who being the realist that he
is tried to give a mechanical explaination as to why it stops at that time.
He says maybe the watch is on a 24 hour mechanism and one of the small
grooves are missing and it stops on 3:15 and thats why it still ticks but it
is just stuck. Thats all swell and a good senerio but the thing that bothers
me is that no matter what time the watch is set to it stops at 3:15 am never
in the daytime and I have tried several experiments with it. I don't always
go to bed at the same time so if it is on a timer of sorts and I wind it at
different times technicly it should stop hours early or hours later than
previous nights I have set it. Makes you wonder. All I know is I will never
wear the blasted thing to bed. Maybe the lady who owned it didn't want anyone
else to have it. Some great deal I got on this watch huh?!!!

Syracuse New York

By: kbernardp@hotmail.com

    I had just moved into my fraternity house at the beginning of my junior year over the summer when I first heard about the reputation of the room I was moving into.  Until this time I had never experienced a haunting first hand, but the very first night moving in I was a believer.
    My friend Ethan and I had just moved my couch into the room which faced down the hill and across the street.  The ceiling had been painted black and I remember the light fixture looking like it had been stolen from a submarine.  Ethan and I sat down on the couch after getting it situated and he said "isn't this room creepy?  have you seen the back of your door?"  As soon as he said that the door closed itself to reveal a strange black painting on the back of the door.  Coincidence came to mind, but it still freaked me out.
    Over the course of the next two weeks and the remainder of the summer I would come home to a locked room.  When I unlocked it I found my television to be on nearly every other day.  Because my room was deadbolted there was no way anyone could have gotten in there to turn it on.  At this point I thought I was prepared for anything.
    One very specific recollection I have was coming home from work one day and noticing my CD player paused ten seconds into a song.  I figured that I must have left for work that morning and left it paused so I let it play.  The song was "hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley, a very sweet ballad written by Leonard Cohen.  Not that I was displeased with the selection, but I decided to go through my CD's anyway and halfway through my stack of CD's was my only Jeff Buckley CD, in my hand, and playing on the stereo.  I opened up the carousel on the CD player and it opened up with a Jamiroquai disc.
    This event made me a true believer.  Throughout the semester I frequently saw apparitions of cats walking across my floor, once I heard a female voice, people complained that they couldn't get through to my phone number or that it rang and I didn't hear it, and twice I was nudged in my bed by something.  I know this sounds hard to believe, but it happened.  The amazing thing was that most of these things only happened when I was listening to Jeff Buckley.  Upon playing hallelujah with no windows open the first sign of a presence would be from my closet.  Clothes would very very slowly and slightly sway from left to right, but one specific sleeve would always move in an entirely different pattern.  The sleeve would lift and fill as if it was being worn, but there was no shape of a body.
    Curiosity got the best of me by October of that year so I decided to do some research on the house.  I went to the university library and asked for information on Whitman Hall (this is the name of the dorm that the fraternity house used to be.)  I scanned through the student death files all afternoon until I found something on Whitman..  The building itself used to be located where the library now stands.  It was moved up to the hill on Comstock Avenue sometime after the university bought the 100 block of Walnut Park to build the library.  At this time Whitman hall became a women's dorm after serving as a sorority house for several years.
    This was all the information I could find on the building itself.  So I went through the student death files as suggested by the librarian to see if there might be any explanation there for any hauntings.  What I found there scared the hell out of me.
    There was a section of newspaper clippings about a student suicide on campus.  This isn't a very common thing at this school.  In the four years I've been here very few reported cases of student suicide have been brought to my attention.  Because of this the article itself was very extensive including interviews of witnesses.  The story goes as follows.
    Jennifer was apparently a shy girl with good grades and an even better reputation.  Apparently she had told friends of hers that she was planning to go home one weekend and then never came back.  Nobody saw her leave, her room was locked and no questions were asked about her because everyone had assumed she had taken a longer than normal leave.  She never went home.  Two weeks after she had left for home a member of the fraternity next door noticed through the third floor window a hanging figure.  Officials opened her door and found her hanging from a drain pipe that still goes across the ceiling of the room.
    She grew up locally so her parents opted to bury her in the large cemetery located just north of campus.  I had the opportunity to visit her grave and I know this sounds strange, but I feel that during the time I spent in that room I came to befriend Jennifer.  She was so reliable at times that I could consistently say almost jokingly "okay, Jennifer I have to wake up at 9 tomorrow or I'm in big trouble."  Whenever I made any statement like that she never let me down.... not once.  I would feel a tap or some kind of energy waking me up.  The story goes on and on...  Even after I moved out of that room and went downstairs I could feel her there at times.  Almost protecting me or watching out for me like a good friend.  I would stay up and talk to her (lightly so that nobody outside could hear me talking to the 'ghost') and maybe it was just a meditational thing, but I always felt better after our little discussions even though I was the only one talking.  Like I said, I only heard what I thought was her voice once.
    This is just a short description of the events that took place living with Jennifer, and of course, I am not the only witness.  I tell very few people about the story only for the reason that I don't want to give the impression of lost sanity, but I'll never say I don't believe in ghosts again.  Besides, everyone needs a friend..  even ghosts.

Strange Happenings

By: Kyhillhop@aol.com

The house in which I grew up in always had strange unexplained things
happening. When I married I moved up the road on the same family farm, My
house is extremely strange! I can smell sweet rose perfume sometimes that is
so over whelming it almost makes you sick! The stairs are constantly creaking
as though someone is walking up and down them. I have even caught a glimpse
of a shadow moving across my living room from the corner of my eye several
time. The other night my husband (who does not believe in ghosts) heard a
child's voice call out "momma." Needless to say he believes now! I have heard
a noise that sounds like someone's stomach growls. I have lived in this house
for ten years, the people who use to rent it from my dad said they heard
things all the time.  When I began remodeling the house 8 years ago I took a
picture of my daughter in the living room and to the right of her was an
image of a dog on the wall. I put the picture on my scanner and blew it up
larger and the image is so plain, I can't find that picture, I have looked
and looked, I showed it to my cousin before it was misplaced and she refuses
to come and visit me! I love my house and I am sure the spirit means no harm.
I wonder how I communicate with it? We just call it Casper, although my
daughter does not like what she hears i try to find humor in it for her.


By: jessikat@excite.com

Hi. I am twenty years old and have had many ghostly experiences. My parents
like to visit historic places while on vacation, so I have been to many
historically haunted places. I have felt cold spots in these places when no
one else did and watched as a rocking chair rocked by itself in one Monterey
home. But my favorite experience would have to be the time a ghost talked to
My mom wanted to visit the hometown of her father, Canton, Mississippi. Last
summer we stayed a couple of days in the town searching for her father's old
farm. We stayed in a bed and breakfast that was built in 1852 by the local
doctor. During the home's long life it housed Confederate soldiers in a
hidden underground basement room and was added on to many times, though
ownership of the house stayed in the family up until very recent. The house
even still has the original slave quarters and slave stairs. Needless to
say, this house had a lot of history, and I was worried when I found out
that we were staying there. I was even more worried when the present owner
of the home told us about their ghost, since I seem to be receptive to them.
She said that the ghost's name was Topsy - who was the wife of the first
owner of the home - and that she was a nice, friendly ghost. She said that
she had not experienced Topsy yet (they had only recently purchased the
home) but past owners of the home had.
Our first night sleeping there, two strange things happened to me. Before
going to sleep, I went the huge stairs to get a bottle of water from the
fridge. Before I got the bottom, my right foot seemed to kick my left foot -
as if someone kicked it from behind - and I fell down the last two stairs
onto my side (a way I don't usually fall). I frightened my parents (who were
staying in a room on the first floor) when they heard my loud fall echo up
the huge staircase. That shook me up a bit, but I didn't think of it as
being ghost related (I am a complete klutz all of the time so it didn't
surprise me that I fell down the stairs!) After I got the water, I went back
upstairs. We turned out the lights and I tried to go to sleep. I didn't
sleep more than fifteen minutes that night. I kept having this feeling that
something was in the window in front of the bed and I found myself
continually waking up and staring at it. I never saw anything but I also
didn't have my glasses or contacts on and can hardly see without them. That
night was very long!
The next day I was exhausted but couldn't take a nap due to the extereme
heat. By the time night rolled around I was more than ready to sleep. I had
told my sister and best friend about my night and my ideas about where the
ghost was mainly found (the owner of the house wouldn't tell us due to worry
of frightening us). They were in the same room as I and got a little freaked
out by what I told them. I was feeling very calm and tired when we finally
turned out the lights and slept wonderfully. My sister and best friend did
not sleep well, and both complained of waking up a lot later on. I woke up
around 5am (I looked at the clock) the following morning and was laying
there thinking about how nice it was since we were going home that day. We
had been on vacation for two weeks by then so I was ready to go. Suddenly,
after thinking about home, something said very clearly in my ear or head,
"Come Back." I instantly rolled over to my friend who was sharing the bed
with me and asked her, "What did you say?" She woke up then and looked at me
very confused and said, "Nothing." I rolled back over and felt as if someone
was standing right next to me and that someone had a very happy aura. I went
back to sleep for the next couple of hours smiling. When I finally got up
that morning and told the owner of my experience she was very excited. She
confirmed my belief that the ghost did stay mainly in the room we slept in,
and even said that people have seen her from the outside in a window
upstairs...the window that I kept staring at the night before. I think Topsy
may have been testing me out or something, since no one in the new owner's
family had really experienced anything like I had. Perhaps they have had
some new ones with her by now. I just hope she doesn't trip everone who
tries to go down those huge stairs!

Thanksgiving Day

By: myq13@hotmail.com
Thanksgiving day my wife and I were preparing dinner, and waiting for our quests to arrive.  We had lit soem incense in the living room.  I was in the bedroom, my wife was in the kitchen and she called out to me to "come look at this".  I came out into the living room and saw what can be described as a smoke tentacle (similar to the water Tentacle in The Abyss) rising up from the incense stick, and reaching across the room at eye level.  The smoke was just collecting there, and thickening, instead of dispersing as normal.  I wanted to see it from my wife's perspective, but to do so I had to walk through the smoke.  It was very cold, but I wasn't frightened at all.  When I got to her on the other side, we watched the smoke for a good 5 minutes as it moved about the room, as we started into it we could see facial features appear and disappear.

Story Like Yours

By: zorter@excite.com

My name is Robert and I have an close match to one of your stories except
for the dog.
My aunt Toddy was a wonderful woman.  Had her hand in every volunteering
possibility there ever was.  My Great Uncle Lowell had died quite a few
years before.  They had a couple of long time friends and I do mean long
time.(30 years)    Art and Uncle Lowell were really good friends.  After
Lowell died, Toddy needed help coping and became extremely close to Art.
Art's wife ended up dying a short time later.  After about 6 months Toddy
and Art got together and got married.  It was a good marriage, the best I
have seen.(I have been married for 11 years)
Art got really ill about 2 years after their marriage.  Toddy got the worst
case of flu, and ended up going to the hospital with Art.  About 2 hours
later we had to go tell her that Art had passed away.  She was really sad
and cried a little bit.  We went home to get some rest.  It wasn't 20
minutes after we walked in the door when we found oout that Toddy had sat up
in her sleep and said "I'll be right there honey,"  laid back down and died
on the spot.
It was very sad, but probably the most romantic thing that I have ever been
a part of.  When you are that close to someone, for that long, then you just
cannot go on without them.  I honestly believe that.

My Childhood

By: mudpie1@hotmail.com

I have a lot of interest in the paranormal and the supernatural, though I
don't "mess around" with things like Ouija boards. I don't know if I've
ever seen a ghost, but I have had a few strange things happen to me that
I thought I would share.
When I was just a small baby, not even able to walk yet, my parents were
very poor and we lived in a house with another family. One day everyone was
off the property except for my father, who was outside chopping wood, and
me, asleep upstairs in my crib. My father came inside and walked past the
kitchen doorway when he heard me cry. He walked back to the kitchen and saw
me there, standing upright support myself on a chair. What he was curious
about was how I had managed to get out of my crib and opens doors and come
downstairs and get through rooms all by myself. Years later, when I was old
enough to talk, my parents asked me more than once how I got downstairs, and
I always gave one of two answers: "I flew," or "The lady brought me." My
memory is not very good from that age, but I have a vague feeling of that
day and not being afraid of the woman who picked me up. My parents tell me
the story of the house as they know it is that way back when the house was
originally built, the wife of the builder died (natural causes) and she was
buried in the cellar (presumably back when it was still legal to do so.) She
was never a frightening spirit to anyone who felt her, and my godmother said
she actually felt safer that babies in the house had another person to watch
over them.
Another experience happened a few years later when I was between 3 and 4.
This one I personally remember well. One night I was sleeping in an upstairs
bedroom of a different house when I woke up to hear noises and light coming
from downstairs. I got out of bed and went to the staircase, and as I was
about to start walking down my feet raised about 2 inches off of the floor.
I reached out to the banister for support and floated down the stairs,
coming back down to the floor only as the stairs made a turn into the room
at the bottom of them. A short time later (I was still not yet 4) I wanted
to try to fly again but all I got was a depression skull fracture.
The last thing I have to tell you is the first physical phenomena I have
felt in a long time; it was less than a week ago. I was sleeping in my dorm
room here at college when I felt violently, physically shaken, as if someone
had grabbed my shoulder and shook. I woke up thinking someone had somehow
gotten in and needed to tell me something, but no one was there. My door was
still locked. I kinda joked about how my room is now haunted, and even
though I don't really think it is, I wonder what that was that woke me up.
Those are my stories, and you can put them on the website if you like.

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