Spooky Doctor

By: aidagamba@race.com

My great aunt (now deceased) told me a story of when she was younger.  She cared for her elderly aunt, who, in her later years, was an invalid.  They lived in a rural community in Cuba, where there was only one doctor who mostly made house-calls and who's "clinic" was his home.
One night, the elderly aunt ("N") felt uncomfortable on her bed.  She insisted that she be allowed to lay on the floor.  Well, this was the 1930's and respectable women did not lie on the floor.  My great aunt ("V") told N that she would not be more comfortable on the floor.  N insisted, and further explained that her doctor told her she could.  "When did he say that?" demanded V, who always with N when the doctor visited.  "Just now," said N, "he was just here."  V brushed off the incident as nonsense.
The next morning, V realized that N was low on her medication, so after lunch, she walked to the doctor's house for a refill.  The doctor's daughter answered the door and informed V that the doctor had passed away the previous evening.  V remembered her aunt's account of how she had seen the doctor, and relayed this news to the doctor's daughter.  The daughter responded by telling V that she was not the first to tell this story ... apparently, the doctor visited all of his patients on the night of his death.


By: myles59@cs.com
    Don't think me crazy, but let me tell you about something we call
The first time I saw one was when I was 8 yrs. old we lived in a three br.
house and my brother was about 7 months old. My mother had sent me into the
kitchen to fix my brother a bottle before going to bed all the lights were
out except the bathroom light which shone some light into the kitchen. I
opened the icebox to fix the bottle and when I closed the door I looked up
and standing in the frame of the door I saw the outline of a man. there was
of course no one there just an out line like a shadow, needless to say I was
frightened,so I ran back to the bedroom with my brother and mother( I didn't
tell my mother what I'd seen) after that no matter where we lived I would
encounter this entiies no matter. years later when I was grown up and had
childern of my own I would continue to see them. Once when I had went to vist
my family and at that time my parents were partying we had went to bed and my
parents were still up. I had fallen asleep in my brothers bed with me on the
left side, my son in the middle and he's older sister on the right for some
reason I woke up and turned over and when I did i thought I saw my father
bending over my daugther looking at my son being sleepy I said "go to bed the
babys' a sleep" upon becoming fully awake I noticed that there was nobody
there just a dark outline of a figure. which when I spoke to it, it stood
straight up and turned and walked out. Now this is not the last time I would
see such things, other members of my family admitted to seeing such things.
My mother says that thier attracted to childern as there has alwaysbeen kids
around when these things would appear I can't say that, thats' not true.


By: jiw1@cafes.net

I have a strange but true story.  When I was younger my family and I lived in an apartment building in Columbia, TN.  I was two years old at the time.  I began to talk to a man that noone else could see.  Aparently I would not let him come out of the hallway because it scared my mother.  For months I talked with this man and was never afraid of him.  Then one night he told me he would not be back.  He moved his head to the side and blood ran out of his neck.  Later after we had moved my mother found out that a man had killed himself in the apartment above ours a few years before we moved in.  Another incident happened to me when I was six years old in a church in Bell Buckle Tennessee.  My mother sister and I had gone to this church by mistake.  On the pugh beside us was a woman dressed in all black with a veil over her face.  She never moved the whole service.  I was the only one who saw her.  It scared me so badly that I have never seen a spirit since.


By: smudry1@hotmail.com

Hello. I came upon your site as I was discussing
sightings with some friends of mine from Colombia, trying to find accounts
of some of the stories that exist where I spent my teenage years... historic
Yorktown, Virginia.
Consequently, after reading some of your articles, I feel it may be an
appropriate forum to share and document for the first time some of my own
personal experiences. I must say I should not be called a 'believer' due to
my rigorous engineering background. But I am open minded and describe my
accounts from a purely factual standpoint, making no assumptions and
sticking only to the facts. Most of the stories are very subtle in nature.
I ask that if you feel its appropriate to publish any of this on your
website, you may retain my name and contact information for your own
records, but please do not post it publicly.
Anyway, I will start with the town I was born in, Meriden Connecticut. The
town itself had some interesting landmarks. There is, to this day a burned
down half way house called the Altobello School that sits on the side of a
mountain and is visible from most of the town. It is an old circa 1920's
industrial looking building. This would be an interesting research subject
for you, with alot of stories surrounding it.
There is also a town in Connecticut called Dudleytown. As a youngster, my
father would take us on weekend trips to go swimming in the mountains etc.
On one particular saturday, my family was up in the northwestern corner of
the state and I recognized the name of the town as being close to where
Dudleytown was on the map. So I asked my dad to ask some locals about it so
we could find it. The strange thing was the reaction of the people that he
asked. My dad thought it was funny, but when asked, kind folks would get a
blank, almost terrified look on their face, stare off into the distance, and
walk away without saying another word. We continued to do this to people
until we tired of it...
There is a house in another town called Southington that is supposed to be
haunted by a demonic presence in the attic. This story was recounted to me
by a tax assessor who supposedly demanded that he be let upstairs against
the owners begging him not to open the door. He opened the door to see walls
covered with scratches and claw marks.
My father told me at the time that our house was about 80 years old. That
was about 25 years ago. I plan to go back and visit it someday. Now growing
up I would always here footsteps up in the attic. It was always really late
at night, or early in the morning. I didnt think much about it at the time,
as I was little and didnt conceive of what I may actually be experiencing.
One afternoon, I was in the house alone with only my next door neighbor. I
was about 13 or 14 yo at the time. From upstairs came a crashing sound. It
struck me that it was the sound of the screens falling out of the half a
dozen windows on our upstairs sun porch. We both heard it and jumped up.
Without saying a word we ran upstairs to check the windows and found
nothing, absolutely nothing.
In this same house, about the time my grandmother was in the hospital on her
last days of a bout with cancer, everyone in my family was at the hospital
visitng except me. I was in the attic with a friend of mine. We both heard
what sounded like footsteps coming up the attic stairs. Since we were about
to commence doing something that I will not talk about, we both jumped up
without saying a word. He ran to the shadows to hide our contraband, and I
ran to the stairs to intercept whomever it was coming up the stairs.
I looked over the landing just in time to see the door to the attic swing
open from a fully closed position. It then occured to me that whatever was
on the stairs was going down not coming up. I grabbed my friend and said
lets get out of here!
I also had an interesting 'UFO' experience. I was in first grade. I remember
because I told the class the story the next day. It was sunset and I was
lying in bed almost asleep. Something caused me to open my eyes, and as I
looked out through the big windows on the sun porch I saw what appeared to
be a large translucent orange glowing disc hovering over the trees. The next
thing I remember, it was dark. The disc shrunk down to a small sphere and
disappeared. It was not until years later that I thought about the time
At the age of seventeen my family moved to Yorktown, Virginia. The first
unusual occurance was in the upstairs of a new garage building that we had
built when we moved there. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the distinct
outline of a person jumping from the shadows of the stairwell to the crawl
I then thought about the fact that with plain white sheetrock on the walls,
and a bare lightbulb between myself and the wall, conditions were perfect to
observe any kind of a 'thing' between the bulb and the wall. The next thing
I thought about was that whatever it was may not have just been a shadowy
figure, but may have absorbed some of the light thereby causing a shadow on
the wall. The last thing that occured to me was that the figure definitely
moved as if it was conscious of the fact that it was in a state vulnerable
to detection and moved purposefully from the stairwell to the crawlspace to
conceal itself immediately.
My final thought sent shivers down my back, and I left immediatly
afterwards. Whatever it was came up the stairs and headed directly into a
crawlspace that lead down the wall directly next to where I was standing.
Did my presence draw it up the stairs? Was it that important to 'it' to risk
detection to get close to me?
Friends of mine continued to express their uneasiness about being in the
garage long after. We had a band that used to rehearse up there. One night
during a break, the three of us that were up there heard the crashing sound
of a toolbox tray of sockets from a socket wrench set just hit the concrete
floor downstairs and spill. Investigation revealed nothing. The floor was
clean and there was nothing on it that could have even come close to making
the sound we heard.
For about a month one summer, we were building an addition onto a house in
Urbana, Virginia that was built in the 1700's and belonged to a tobacco
merchant. We were aware of the stories before we got there and hoped to see
something. As we walked around the house one afternoon reflecting on our
disappointment about the lack of activity, We noticed a strong,
sweet-smelling odor. My friend commented on it. We looked around to find
nothing and went back to work. Later, we found out that it was a part of the
story that the odor of fresh tobacco permeated the air whenever the merchant
was present.
There is also an old Civil War hospital at the end of Waterview Road that a
teacher at our High School occupied. We heard many stories about the ring of
blood that they couldnt get out of the floor.
A very good friend of mine has been an electrician in Colonial Williamsburg
on the night shift for a number of years. You want to talk about hair
raising stories!! I have begged him to give me the midnight tour but he wont
go anywhere he doesnt absolutely have to. He has recounted many, many
stories from being followed by shadows to hearing banshees hollering at the
pub, to lights going out and coming back on, etc... There is a much action
there at night as there is during the day when tourists crowd the landscape.
I will get some more detailed and specific info from him if you desire.
My final story, for the moment, is my own investigation of a very well known
haunting in the West Point area of Virginia. I wont recount the legend as it
is pretty famous. But for three weeks, every night leading up to Halloween,
we spent all night on those railroad tracks. We walked from the paper mill
all the way onto the Pamunky Indian reservation looking for the spirit to
manifest itself. On Halloween night, around midnight it was drizzling rain,
chilly, and we were right at the bridge on the tracks where this whole
legend supposedly originated. We saw nothing!! Not to say the story is bunk,
but in three weeks we saw nothing.
I have more, but these are all that I can recount for the moment. Please
feel free to contact me, and good luck with the organization!! It feels good
to get some of this off of my chest.


By: pjsa@mtnia.com

Okay, it all started when I was in middle school. First there was the footsteps up above in the attic. Then they were on the stairs. It get so loud we could hear it down stairs in the living room. Once in a while we'd yell shut up, that didn't work. We heard them in day light it sacred us, that is my sister and I. After  awhile it didn't bother us except when  we were doing are homework. My mom heard it and came up with all kinds of  explanations Then one day a jar that was in the middle of 2 other ones lifted up. This was happening while I was arguing with my mom. It has happened a couple times. It flue at my mom, that was a shocker to use. After that my mom started to believe me. Then she asked me if I had done it ( yeah right like I have some kind of special power). These jars site on top of are frigerator.On the side and my mom was across the room.. After awhile everything stopped, I guess. I started to turn on my music at night, so does my sister. We thought it had stopped, but new recent thing happened. A pan just happened to slide of pile of dished,but instead of falling. It waited a minute or so then fell to the ground. It was a glass pan it fell all the way over by the stove, the stove is across the room.It was face up and not a scratch on it. I wasn't arguing with my mom. Nobody had gone in the kitchen for long while. I thought someone got in the house, so I got a baseball bat out . I forgot to add that before the jar or the pan, my sister heard someone knocking on her door. She would knock back and it repeated her. I tried it, and lets say after that I didn't do it ever again. Now my sister and I hear it sometimes call each others name. We laugh, because we come down and ask what the other one wanted. My moms had it happen, so have I. I've grown use it, actually makes me laugh. I'm telling you this, because I've needed to tell someone for awhile. Are house is the oldest one around. I think I just might  research it, and thanks for taking the time to read this if you get to.

House Built in 1902

By: Shuirr@aol.com

About 20 years ago I moved into an old house that was built about 1902. It
eventualy became a duplex for the last 15 years until it had a fire in the
kitchen where it then sat empty for 2 rears. Then my husband, my 1 month old
baby boy and myself moved in. We bought it cheap and fixed it up. About a
month or so after we moved in I went to bed early. As I layed there I was
overcome with the feeling that someone was staring at me. Not just staring
but, had their face wright up against mine. So I pulled the covers over my
head. This did not make it go away. This very close feeling lasted what it
felt like about 5 min. I was froze with fear. When it went away I got up and
went downstairs and told my husband what happened. Of course he laughed at me
and said it was probably just being in a new place. I thought he could be
right but I didn't go to bed until he did! Now, I've never been into the
ghost thing. Never gave it much thought.  After that night I had many moments
I felt like I was being watched. But only in the upstairs hallway and just
inside the bedrooms.Not all the way into the bedrooms. For fear of being
laughed at again I  never talked about it any more. One New Years my sister
and her new husband spent the night with us. While we were eating breakfast
the next morning, my sisters husband looked at me and said,"You have a
ghost!" "It hangs out in the upstairs hallway" and he raised his arms up and
said "Right through here". My husband didn't laugh at me any more but I could
tell he just thought we were both Looney! Over the next 16 years I felt her
presence. I just felt it was a she. Almost every picture we took of our son
had those spiraling white lines in them. (She hung around him alot). We even
gave her a name. Betty. After I got used to her she didn't scare me any more,
But, what did bother me was having that first feeling of her being there and
knowing with all my heart there is SOMETHING there!

My Ghost Story

By: whoa4cj@earthlink.net

I was also reading some of the ghost stories.  They were very interesting.
I have a very true tale of my own that I enclosed in this e-mail if it is of
any interest.
I remember, no joke now, it was a late November night.  My good friend and I
were planning on making a double date and going up to Virginia City
graveyard.  Being the young fools that we are we really didn’t see the harm
in doing so.  Being overly excited my friend and I decided that we would go
up and “scoop” a place to park.  And since neither of us knew where this
park would be we would find it making it easier the night of our date!
So around five o’clock my friend and I drove the half hour drive up to
Virginia City.  As were driving down the hill toward the city we both
started to become a little uneasy.  We thought that it was just nerves
because we were both excited.  D, that’s my friend, got the feeling that we
were defiantly going to see something, thought good or bad she didn’t know.
We pulled into a look out area.  We saw the graveyard but didn’t see a way
to get down there.  So we jumped back in the car and decided to find the
road leading down to the cemetery.
Now I must stop for a moment to explain that D drove a two-door jeep, with a
stick shift.  Now the passenger side door does not open and the passenger
has to crawl over the drivers side, over the sick shift and the parking
break in order to take their seat.  Now her car is also very small and a
little on the older side so it does not harness the kind of power that it
used to.
Back to my story, we drove and found the street that lead to the graveyard.
Driving down it we were both getting really excited, hoping to see
something?  Pulling around the bend we saw the gates that blocked off anyone
from driving up into the graves.  D turned the car around in order to make
the “fear flight” easier.  Which I must say I am glad she did!
We both climbed out of the car into the rather chilly night.  There was no
fence that surrounded the cemetery, just the two rusted iron gates that
blocked of passage of cars.  The graves were set far back on a hill.  There
was a road that immediately branched off between going down to the mines and
going up to the graves, otherwise the parking lot was set on a hill and
before the edge there set very large rocks that a person could climb over
but not a car.  Well we climbed over these rocks and, being a full moon,
started to walk up the road toward the graves.  Suddenly I was overwhelmed
with an irrational fear to leave immediately.  I told D that we should go
and I turned and started to run.  D stayed glued to the spot for a moment
then turned and ran after me.  I was in the car when she ran up to it and
jumped in.  We immediately drove away.  Felling foolish, I talked D into
turning the car around and just going and sitting, in the car, and wait.  So
we did.  D turned the car off, but left the battery on so we had music.  Not
even a second passed when right between us a rather loud, hoarse and raspy
whisper said something.  D and I turned to each other; we thought it was the
other one, until we saw the blood drain from each other’s faces.  Without
another word D turned the key threw the car in reverse.  As she turned
around something grabbed the tail end of the car and would not let go!  The
radio turned all the way up, neither one of us touched it!  Finally D
floored the gas petal and we were off.  The whole way home neither of us
looked in the back seat because something was still there!  We turned the
radio on.  Twice it, all by itself, turned to static with a menacing sound
trying to communicate and twice we flipped it to a music station.
Well needless to say we will never do that again.  But honest to god this is
a true story.  It still gives me the chills, and I think that I am hearing
things just writing it.

I See Them all the Time

By: tunstall@crcwnet.com

ok- i have had alot of things happen--
i was watching a little girl about 8 at her house it was late, she was asleep.(in the back bedroom) i was cleaning up and listening to the country music station on tv.  all in the kitchen was done and the tv started flipping thru channels(before satalite when you actually had to move the dial) i went over turned it back, went to the kitchen again in the clean kitchen was an open door, peanutbutter open w/a spoon fulll in the sink-i quickly ran back to marin's room she was asleep, came back to the kitchen to clean up again, the tv started again flipping thru the channels, i just switched it back, after about 4 times (with hands full of soap) said to the tv"ok knock it off-i was watching that"  the tv stopped and went back to my station.
last yr at thanksgiving time i was driving to flathead lake, mt from washington and between hotsprings and poulson(where i usually see things)  i was following an old farm truck on a straight road and decided to pass-pulled out got to his back bumper and there were headlights.  i slammed on my brakes and pulled back in just as he turned left into a driveway--he would have hit broadside--strange thing no on coming car--my sister in-law was freaked--she didn't see anything
just 2 of the many i have -- i see them all the time and don't know if they are real or not until i share w/someone w/me--if they don't see them--my sister doesn't let me talk about it in the car or near graveyards
have a great day

Aunt Manny

By: Skoocher99@aol.com
Once I went to my Aunt Manny's house to clean up some stuff. She had died
recently, as well as her sister Aunt Margaret. They had both lived in this
We were cleaning and my Grandma heard a glass clinking noise. She went
downstairs but nothing was there. Everyone went downstairs and then we heard
noises upstairs.
So my Grandma took a rolling pin, and went up stairs to investigate. But when
she got up there, there was nothing, and the noises had stopped.
So I went up with a baseball bat, and nothing was there. A couple weeks
later, my Grandma had an exorcist  performed and the next day she went back
to the house and nothing happened.
We believe the noises were caused by either Aunt Manny or maybe Aunt Margaret.

Regarding A Gift

By: Onward711@aol.com

Well where does one begin ? I have had a gift for most of my life. I have had
a strong intuititon for the unusual since I was a small child. When you grow
up so young with special insights, you often make light of you experiences
with yourself. What I mean is that what seemed a natural situation to me at
such a young age would seem so bizzare to most people. I have kept so much to
myself all these years and have now decided that I should reach out to others
who may be having or had similar experiences.
3:33's...How that number ending up scaring the crap out of me. I have had
touched by probably many entities over the years in one way or another. I
usually would try to break any contact the moment it occurs.    I seem to
attract spirits,entities, what have you when I am in that not awake, but not
in a deep sleep quite yet time. I have always felt that they come to me when
my guard is down and I believe they feed off my energy or better yet...try to
posess my body for a brief moment. I have broken away from so many "attacks"
over the years that I often can brush it aside and actually go back to sleep
afterwards. It feels really strange to write this, and stranger yet to share
it with people I do not know.
During the time of the 333's I lived in a city duplex that was built around
the turn of the century.Many nights I would feel an attack coming on and
would break free of the hold that this entity had on me. Our clock radio
would glow the 3:33 as shivers ran down my body and if I had woke my wife I
would tell her I was fine and not to worry. My wife is aware of my unusual
gift/curse and has been desensitized over the years.
She believes me I think but she would rather not know of the things for
obvious reasons. I t must be a little unnerving for your spouse to wake you
up from a dead sleep...I feel the spirit as it approaches me,sometimes I see
shadows but it is more of just sensing something is trying to control me.
Often I am quite petrified at the onset,and I freeze up, probably a natural
reaction of fear.If I can I try to dismiss the spirit vocally. Often my words
come out gargled and unintelligable. My wife has witnessed me at this moment,
and has been terrified at the sound coming from me. She does not know if she
should touch me or wake me for she feels I am having a nightmare,what an
understatement!!! I usually order the entity to go away, or damn you...be
gone is another favorite of mine. So when I "breakfree" and am trying to
catch my breathe my wife will ask..."Did it happen again?" And I either tell
her not to worry,I am fine or had a nightmare sorry. Sorry but it was just a
freaked out ghost that thought I looked like like an easy meal for the
night,go back to sleep,dear.

Quiet Please

By: ewan_rules_the_big_one@hotmail.com
                          I have a story that not to many people beleive, because i'm only 11 years old. but i have a story. I had been living with for four years. It all started when i moved in. My sister has a bedroom in the basement of our two-story house, she says that when she was in her room (the door wide open) a teenage boy walked into her room but she wasn't scared he went right to her closet and didn't even look at her.She said that he was dressed in overalls and no shirt under them, he was very pale and had a straw hat on.(Which is weird because we live on old farmland)       one day doing the lanundry she said she saw him again and he smiled at her but only for a spilt second then he disappeared. That happened only the first year we were there, then about 6 months later it started again. Once i ran down the stairs to go to my sister's room and suddenly everything was white it was only for like 2 seconds then i rao answer so i went down to her room and she was sleeping. I got really scared and ran up into my room shut the door and turned on the T.V. i kept hearing knocking like on the wall and the only room near mine was my parents and they weren't home. I stayed awake until my mother came home then finally fell asleep. I need help if there's something in my house i want to know but i'm to scared to find out!!!

The Figure

By: Anonymous

When i was like 4 years old at our old house i would always see a figure of a
man i think, that would walk across our kitchen to the bedroom but whenever i
went to the bedroom he was no where in site this kept on happening untill we
moved to our new house. Now i have never seen this guy. The weird thing is
that i am terrified of ghosts but i wasnt one bit scared of that ghost. I
know for a fact that he was only haunting that house but i dont know why?

I Live in a Haunted House

By: Ajasmine1@aol.com

Ok. I'm currently 14 years old and live in a once haunted house. I have a few
experiences with the paranormal that have
happened this year. But I would have to explain the background of my school
which is where it all happened. This is a bit long.
My school was once the site of an indian Burial ground. Then some projects
were built on top of them. When they tore the
projects down I think they moved the bodies of the burial ground but I don't
really know. Now that that is out of the way on
with my experiences.
My first experience was in my music class. I was sitting in my seat, bored
out of my mind as I began to drift off. I was half
asleep when darkness had surrounded me. The droning of my teacher gradually
drifted off as smoke began to drift around. I
just stood in this darkness as these two eyes began to form. They began to
move toward me, a body forming along with it. It
was about 5 feet away from me when I woke up. The person next to me was
nudging my shoulder and said that I was kicking
the table in my sleep.
My second and more scary experience was in my math class. I had entered the
room at the begging of the class and sat down
when I began to feel a slight pain in my back. I struggled to pay attention
to the lesson but then began to feel hits all over my
body. It hurt to hold my head up so I laid it down. That was when sharper
pains dug into my back. I began to get scared as I
felt something like teeth or nails dragging down my legs. Then I felt punches
into my arms and my head. I finally lifted my head
up and asked if I could go to the bathroom. I was close to tears from all the
pain i was going through. I left the class and the
pain immediately stopped somehow. I quickly went and splashed some water on
my face before returning back to the class. As
soon as I stepped into the room again, I felt a sharp kick in my leg that
almost made me cry out in pain. I practically limped
back to my seat as a knee dug into my back. As soon as i sat down there was
this whispering in my ear saying '15 stories. It
was 15 stories.' I was really scared then. My teacher came back and kept
asking me if i was all right and of course I couldn't
tell her. So i just said i was tired and had a headache as a punch landed on
my shoulder. It was about 10 minutes to the end of
the class when i felt this large punch to my head that made me just fall over
my desk in pain. Everybody turned to look at me
when that happened so i had to lie and say that I had bit my tongue. Finally
when we were able to leave I had to slip out of my
seat onto the floor and grab my books. I LIMPED out of the class as the
punches became much more violent as I neared the
door. As soon as I went out they died away as this voice whispered again, '15
stories Alicia. 15 stories.'
The third and last time at that school was in the math class again. The pains
were less this time but still painful. I fell asleep
somehow and was in this funeral home or something. I went into this room
where an open coffin lay, this tall lady with long
brown hair and her feet hanging out of the coffin. I went to get a closer
look at her face when it suddenly slammed shut and
sunk into the floor. I then heard this small voice as I turned around to see
a small 8-year-old with long brown hair and holding a
little doll. She then said to me as she lifted her head, 'My names Rebecca!
I'm 8! I like you!' She then reached out and touched
my hand as I woke up. It was the end of the class and I felt strangely
upbeat. I went out of the class and felt like i was 8 again.
I then went into my homeroom as I faded away almost. My friends told me later
that I acted like an immature little kid. I believe
to this day that she had possessed me. I never did see her again after that
This is all true and very scary. After the last incident i never ever was
bothered again by anything paranormal at that school
again somehow.

Parents Home

By: smokeylonesome@email.msn.com

My parents house in Duncan, Oklahoma is haunted.  The ghosts did not show themselves for a couple of years except as an illusion seen from the corner of ones eye.  Finally, they began to come into my Mom's room almost every night as she was sleeping and they would wake her by bumping her bed.  Most thought she was dreaming.  Then, they started showing themselves to a few others.  My daughter, grand-daughter, my sisters and myself.  It seems no one else could see them.  There are three ghosts.  A heavy set woman, a man in stripped bib overalls, and a thin woman.  They only stand and look at us but if you don't look at them, they will bump your bed and make sounds like paper rattling until you acknowledge them.  It's as if they just want you to know they are there.  They have clapped their hands or just walked through a room.  You can not make out what the features of their faces are as they are a little foggy.  They have never attempted to harm any one or intentionally frighten us.  They are just looking around.  I have been touched by one of the entities on two occasions but I don't know which one.  They will also move items to other locations from time to time.  They always appeared to be drawn to me and my Mom the most.

Our Encounter with a Haunted House

By: MattAbbyHarris@cs.com

Sometime in the 80's my sister, and I visited a haunted house. A mutual
friend knew of such a place somewhere located in upstate New York.
Arrangements were made to follow the caretaker to the haunted house. Since
this experience occurred quite a few years ago I am fuzzy concerning the
story about it's haunting. What I do remember about the entire experience,
and how it affected me remains as clear in my mind as though it happened
yesterday. As we were getting near the house my sister brought to my
attention the absence of ordinary animal life. In addition, an unnatural
quiet filled the air and extended for quite some distance around the
periphery of the property. Upon approaching closer to the abandoned house, we
entered through the doorway, and the small group among of us observed an
obvious sadness. Inside the dimly lit entryway, we immediately noticed all
the personal possessions to be trashed. Brand new clothes (with pricetags
still attached), dishes and papers littered the floor. I carefully walked
through this debris into the kitchen to look around. An uncomfortable
sensation gently bore down upon my psyche. A sense of urgency hastened my
investigation. Before exiting the vacant structure, I bent over to collect a
small number of souvenirs. After returning to the car, we all breathed a
collective sigh of relief. That palpable sense of melancholy immediately
diminished and faded completely as we drove away from this unpleasant site.


By: ashenputtel73@hotmail.com
I would like to share my most vivid,obvious paranormal experience with you.
I was about 10-11 years old at the time. One night i drempt that a little boy covered in blue flame was coming out of my closet. Just the then i awoke to see the same boy dressed in a red t shirt, blue jeans and a baseball cap standing in front of my closet. For the next 2 weeks i slept in my parents room. Nothing else happened for a few months and I never spoke of it to anyone. One night i had a friend sleep over. She awoke in the middle of the night to the same boy standing near the closet.I didn't see him again for the longest time. Then one day i walked downstairs and saw the little boy looking at me from behind the couch. neither of us moved for a few seconds then he ducked behind the couch. when i went to see where he had gone noone was there.

Old Mr. Par

By: Legend654@hotmail.com

                       Old Mr. Par
   When my family first moved into the house we're living in now (I was about 2) there was an old man, Mr. Par, who lived next door. He didn't like kids and he didn't like us. He had no family and was very mean and cold-hearted. One day, years later, he died in his sleep of a heart-attack, and about 4 years after that, a woman named Heather and her baby boy, Isaiah, moved into the house. She didn't know about a man dying in the house. One night she was woken up by the sounds of pots and pans and silver-wear rattling in the kitchen. She at first thought that it was either her cat, Carrie, or her dog, Sidney, but when she looked up Carrie was sleeping at the end of the bed and Sidney on the floor next to her. She went to go check on Isaiah to make sure he was alright and then left the baby with her dog and cat (whom she trusted very much) and went to see what was happening in the kitchen. The rattleing grew louder as she got closer and even more violent. When she finally reached the kitchen she flipped on the lights.... the rattling stopped and nothing was out of place. When Heather told my mom about this, my mom told her about Mr. Par and Heather was shocked. Sometimes you can see the figure of an old man standing in the upstairs window of the house.

Hard to Believe

By: gothicrombie@hotmail.com

My name's Stefan, I'm 16, and I'm from St. Catharines Canada. I
recall having a couple ghost experiences within my life so far which are
maybe hard to believe. I used to live with my mom until I was about 12 years
old and I moved out with my Dad afterwards. Anyway when I lived with my mom,
I lived in this townhouse. It had 2 floors and a basement. I remember trying
to sleep and being startled from noise in the basement. Either my mom or me
always locked the basement door after we left the basement. There were these
windows in the basement that were at ground level outside. My Dad put up
these bars to prevent anyone from getting in our house. There was no way
anyone could have gotten in the basement. I always heard things being moved
around and I heard loud footsteps on the basement stairs. I know I was
sleeping on the second floor but it was possible to hear those basement
steps. I remember nights where I heard something coming up the basement
stairs and unlocking the basement door. Then seconds later I heard footsteps
on my main stairwell up to the second floor. The 'thing' got to the top of
the stairs and just stopped there. I was cuddled in bed and I was terrified
because I didn't know if it was a burglar or what it was. I heard that
continously but not every night, only once in awhile.
My 2nd story, I actually saw something. This was when I was 14 living with
my Dad. I had woken up early in the morning on a winter day. I went to look
out the window to see it was still dark outside. Now I live in an apartment
on the 5th floor. Well, what caught my attention outside was the parking
lot. It's 2 levels and there's a ramp to the 2nd level and the lot was about
50 ft from my building. On the ramp I saw someone. It was a girl dressed in
a white dress and she had blonde hair. She was looking up at me in my
window. I looked at her for about 20 seconds and she never moved at all. She
just kept looking up at my me. I became a little frightened so I thought I
just go back to sleep. I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up again in
the day light, I didn't see the girl out my window nor did I ever see her
again after that. I have no idea why she was there. I know it wasn't just
some normal person.

Black Shadow


I, like everyone else, am not sure if this really happened or not. I was
living with my aunt at the time. I was just turning 19 years old. I was
asleep in the back bedroom, which was like a two-by-four, and the bed was on
the floor. (It was one of those race car beds, so it wasn't very high.)
Anyway, in the middle of the night I suddenly woke up (at least I think i
did).I glanced over at the door, which I always kept closed, and it was
slightly open. Then it looked as if a black shadow were seeping into the
room. There was no figure to it, just a shadow, like smoke. When i tried to
sit up I couldn't. It was as if whatever it was kept me down. I ws
paralyzed, and could barely breathe. I felt like I was being strangled. My
one shoulder was lifted slightly off of the mattress, while the other one
was pinned down. This lasted only a few seconds, but it felt like an
eternity. Finally I was able to get up and use the bathroom. When i stood
up, the door was shut all the way, the way it was when I fell asleep.
A few days later we were using the ouija board, and I asked the person we
were talking to if they knew what it was. They said it was a warning to quit
smoking, that if I don't, that's the way I'll end up breathing, and
eventually die.
I know this sounds strange, and maybe it was a dream, or my imaginatio, but
if it was, it was the most vivid I've evr had. If you could offer any
suggestion I would appreciate it. Thanks for listening.
PS- I love the site! keep up the good work!

   Friends Story

By: vidz6@hotmail.com

This is something that happened to a freind of mine. I'm from india and there is this very famous ghost here on the jaipur highway... the spirit of a bride!! She is said to be amazingly beautiful & is dressed in red. She stands on the road and asks for lifts from passerby's. All those who give her a lift end up dying in fatal accidents.Anyway, this is what happened to my freind... her family was going to Jaipur & on this highway they met this bride, she asked for a lift but they did not give her one. My freind and her family did not know about the legend of this killer bride but still were lucky enough to escape. When she returned fron jaipur, she told me about this. About a month after that i came to know about this bride from books and other freinds. I called up my freind immidiately & told her all about the bride. She could not believe that she actually saw a spirit.
           The story of the bride is that she was on her way to her marriage but was killed in a car crash. Since then she haunts the jaipur highway & takes her revenge on unsuspecting travellers.

July of '97

By: TaysMeg@aol.com

My family and I moved into my house in July of '97. When I first moved here I
kinda got a weird feeling from it. I remember one of the first nights I was
in my room there was a trash bag full of stuff sitting on the floor I just
happened to look at it and it moved. Not very far, but it happened. I told my
Mom what I had seen and she tried to make up explanations saying that it was
probably just air from the vent. I didnt really take it to heart until one
night I was half asleep in my room and I heard a sound coming from my
bathroom like someone was messing with the plastic bag that was in the trash
bag. It kinda scared me because the noise was frantic and it was loud. The
next morning when I got up, everything was fine. Again, I just shrugged it
off, I figured that I was probably dreaming or what not. I dont remember when
but it wasnt too long after that incident. I was sleeping in my bed and I
felt this warm breeze blowing on my face so I kinda woke up I looked above
me, and sorta floating above me was an outline of a person. The first thing I
thought of was Nan, which is my grandmother that passed in 1996. For some
reason it scared me and I tried to switch on my light that was right next to
my bed and it started flickering off and on really fast. I am going to be
honest this lamp is old and it has old wires, but I have NEVER seen it go on
and off like that so fast. I hit the lamp to make it stop and it just went
off. I tried again to turn it back on but it didnt work at all. I jumped out
of bed and turned on the ceiling lights and everything was fine. Needless to
say, I slept with the lights on for the rest of the night. I believe that was
in November or October of 1998, because I remember Christmas wasnt to long
after that. On Christmas Eve my step dad at the time went to the cemetary
where Nan is buried and he saw her sitting on her grave. He told us that she
waved at him, then disappeared. When he was walking back to his truck, a man
was coming from the same direction and called for my step dad's attention.
When the guy caught up to my step dad he asked him if he had seen anything.
My step dad looked at him and said "Yea, did you see it." and the guy replied
yes.  Nothing weird has happened for a while but in the Fall of 2000, I was
down in our basement playing pinball. I swore that I kept seeing lights on
the walls. I didnt like what I was feeling so I went to go get my 2 Labs and
my black lab came down with me but for some reason the yellow lab wouldnt
come down. Knowing that dogs have a sixth sense I turned off everything and
came upstairs. I still am not sure if I believe that my house is haunted.
Between my stepdad, my little brother, my mom and I;  I was the only person
that has ever felt anything.

My Great Grandpa

By: hannah_crawfo92@hotmail.com

     It was 1994 and my cousin and I were driving our four-wheeler back in
my parents woods on their land. We thought we saw someone walking in there
woods but we had no clue who it was! After a couple minutes, we drove
alittle closer and we thought it was our Great Grandpa Wally but he died in
the year of 1995. After we drove alittle closer, he was walking on one of
the paths we made with the four-wheeler. Then after a couple of seconds, he
just disappeared. So, we went back to the house, told our mom's, and just
went back to the woods again to see if he was still there but he wasn't. So
I suddenly asked my mom, "Was that any of his favorite places to walk when
he was still alive?" And she said, "Oh yeah." She also said that she walked
with him most of the times. And I have never seen him since. I was also just
7 years old at the time and now I'm 11. I live in Portage,WI and I still do.
Oh, I almost forgot but I sighted this in the year of 1998.

My Grandmas House

By: painfreak26@excite.com

A first it kinda freaked me out but I've gotten use to it .It all started
when I was probally about 12 or so me and a friend of mine were at my
gradmas house watching TV . My grandma and grandpa were in Florida so we
were the only ones in the house when we heard foot steps in the attic they
came down the stairs and opened the door which locks from the out side.My
friend wanted to know who else was there when I told him knowone we both
freaked and ran out of the house .My grandma keeps soda on the attic steps
and ever since I can remember none of the grandkids would look up there.One
night I looked up the steeps and saw a man walk across the top of the
stairs.I just shut the door and walked back in the kitchen and went to my
mom she said that I looked like I had seen a ghost I didn't want to say
anythink but i told my mom to come in the other room I walked over to a
bunch of pictures on the wall and pointed to one and told her that I just
saw him walk across the top of the stairs and she just looked at me strange
.A few years later I said somthing to her and my aunt about it they said
they had both seen him and some one else up there but thats another story I
will tell you later.NOw it doesn't scare me at all and I look up the stairs
every time I get a soda some times I see him sometime I don't.

My Grandfather ( Goodbye)

By: A_DeLeon@compaq.net

well, i have many stories to tell about the many experiences that i have with "ghosts" as you can sya but sometimes i see things in my dreams that always come true no matter how good or bad they are, i remember that last year in 2000 i was sleeping in my bed when i see my grandfather and he told me that i should take care of my mother no matter what happens and that i should keep on studying because i would get far with a degree, i was a little scared because in that time he was living and breathing and the weird part of the dream was that he was in white like an angel and he was with his family that had past away,but that i had never met, i remember that i dreamed about him on a saturday, the next day my family called him to ask him about his health and he said that he was fine but i didn't belive him because i knew something was gonna happen. i told my father about the dream and he said to stop watching t.v and to do more homework but he didn't belive me anyways monday passed and in the middle of the night of tuesday morning i felt a shiver in my body and i started to cry for no reason then i went to school on tuesday and everything was ok except that i was wearing everything black with a white shirt and then my father comes to the school crying and i see him and he tells me that my grandfather passed away at 1:30am ,but i got the shiver at 1:00 i think that it was telling him that it was time to go but that i should know first . in my mind i think that this has been the most beautiful experience in my life because i got the chance to see him in my dream and i said "goodbye grandfather i love you and visit me"  maybe that is why i feel a nice friendly presence around me.

The Little Girl and Her Horse

By: kellwil@trib.com

  My cousin and I used to live in a small country suburb in
the Big Horn Basin in Thermopolis, Wyoming. His family lived 2
houses down from our family and we often went into the
surrounding foothills to catch lizards. One evening we decided to
go farther into the hills than we ever had, even though it was getting
dark outside. We wandered over the hills for a little while, and we
didn't know why, but it seemed as if something were almost
drawing us further and further. Suddenly we both looked over at this
hilltop next to us, both of us at the same time. There was nothing
there. I asked him if he saw something, and he said he did.
Apparently we had both seen what looked like a little girl out of the
corner of eyes. The way I remember her looking was she had long
black hair, was wearing a red dress with a big red bow in her hair.
Both of us could only see her out of the corner of our eyes, for as
soon as we would turn to look she would disappear. Well, this
really freaked us out and it was almost dark so we turned around
and headed back to the road leading to our houses. Needless to
say we walked quite fast. Then suddenly we both just froze in our
tracks and looked at each other. My cousin said, "Did you hear
that??" and when I said I had we both took off running. What we
heard were the sounds of a single horse's hooves running on the
small dirt path we were walking on. Although the hoof beats
sounded awfully close behind us, we turned to see and there was
nothing. We were right in the middle of a small valley, so we could
see for quite a distance behind us. We were still running when we
got the mouth of this little canyon, and we turned one last time to
see if we could see anything, because the whole time the hoof
beats got louder and louder. Still nothing. This time the hoof beats
were very loud, and when I stood still I could even feel the vibrations
in the ground, as if the horse was fairly large and running right past
me. I've never been afraid of horses, but it was like there was
something about this "ghost horse" that terrified me. I got a mental
picture of this horse, it was large and black with bright red eyes.
My cousin and I were standing on the paved road at the mouth of
this small canyon trying to catch our breath when we both looked
up at a large hill. I could see the girl standing next to the horse on
the top of this hill, just watching us, but when I looked directly at
them they were gone. It was really creepy because it looked like
the wind was blowing the girl's long hair across her body and the
horse's mane was also blowing, even though it was a peaceful
warm summer evening with no breeze at all. We were so scared
we ran the 2 miles to my house. Later I began to think maybe it
was the child of one of the wagon trains that passed through here a
hundred + years ago going West, and maybe she died of a
common disease that children died of by the hundreds back in
those days. Then one evening my friend's boyfriend was driving me
home and when we went past the small dirt trail leading from the
paved road into the canyon he asked me if I had ever seen the
ghost child that lived in there. I was shocked because my cousin
and I had never told anyone about what had happened because we
knew they wouldn't believe us. I told him that I had seen something
in there, and he said his brother had seen it, although he could
only see it out of the corner of his eye, and whenever he looked
directly at it, it just disappeared. That really freaked me out. Then I
started experiencing strange things at my house. My family used
to travel to Worland which is 32 miles away to visit my
grandparents but I seldom got to go because I always had to do
homework. Well, one night I was on the bottom floor watching TV
when I could hear footsteps in the top floor hall. This hall is at the
very top of the second flight of stairs, and at the other end of the
hall is my bedroom. I knew no one was home, so I thought maybe
it was my German Shepherd, even though these footsteps sounded
like a grown man. So I went up the first flight of stairs to the
second floor and looked up the stairs to my bedroom door. There
was nothing. So I walked back down to the bottom floor and began
watching TV again. As soon as I sat down I heard it again. It
sounded as if a large man was walking from my room to the end of
the hallway. I began to get up and go see if it was my dog, but
when I stood up I noticed she was laying next to the couch, looking
at the ceiling completely silent, her head cocked to one side. I was
so scared I locked all the doors and got my mother's pistol. This
happened every week when my parents would leave me home
alone. Then one night the phone would ring every couple of
minutes, with dead air on the other end. This went on for almost an
hour, and the last time it happened for some reason I got this
horrible chill down my spine and the feeling that the calls were
coming from INSIDE my house, even though I locked all the doors
immediately after my parents walked out. I was so terrified I again
grabbed my mother's pistol and then I called my parents in
Worland and told them they needed to come home right away.
Since it was a half hour trip and my parents could hear the utter
terror in my voice they called my aunt (the one who lived 2 houses
down) and asked her to come pick me up and take me to her
house until they got home. They didn't leave me home alone after
that, which is where another story comes in. One evening I came
home from school and saw that my bedroom light was on, which
was strange because I never turn my light on in the morning and I
hadn't been in my room since that morning. I thought that maybe
my sister was snooping through my room so I ran inside to catch
her in the act, but she was on the bottom floor watching TV. When
I walked up to my room, the door was open, and I NEVER EVER
leave my door open when I'm not in my room. It's habit. So I was
convinced it had been my sister. I walked upstairs, turned off my
light and shut my door then went downstairs to watch TV. About 10
minutes later I walked upstairs to the kitchen for a drink and as I
looked up the second flight of stairs on my way to the kitchen I
saw that my door was open and the light was on. I went back down
the stairs and my sister was on the computer next to the TV, the
same place she had been the whole time I was downstairs. I got
angry and yelled at her to stay out of my room, but she insisted
that she had not gone in my room. so I set up a trap for her. I
turned off my light and closed my door tightly, then walked around
the counter into the kitchen and watched the bottom of the stairs
that lead up to my room. I couldn't see my room, but I had a clear
view of the bottom of the stairs and there is no other way to my
room but those stairs. I knew my sister was downstairs on the
computer, so there I waited for 10 long minutes. Finally I got bored
and walked to the bottom of the stairs. When I looked up I saw that
my door was open and the light was on. I knew that my sister had
not been up there because she was still downstairs. My best friend
thought maybe the wind or something knocked it open when I told
her th enext day, so she came out to my house the next evening to
investigate. When she tried to open my door she had to kick it
because it latches so tightly when it's closed. That convinced her
that there was no way the wind or my dog could have accidentally
opened it. I think our ghost is not evil, but is attatched to my room.
One other night I was laying in bed and there were some papers
laying on my floor. I was just about asleep when I heard the paper
crinkle up, as if someone had stepped on it. Then there were
footsteps in the paper heading to my bed, they were very loud and I
was very scared, and just before they got to my bed, they stopped.
And I never heard them again. I still get creepy feelings in my
house, however, whether I'm home alon or not, particularly on th
bottom floor (where I'm at right now), my room, and my bathroom.
These are all very creepy rooms in my house for some reason, and
my best friend won't even use my bathroom by herself because she
gets bad vibes from it, too.

 The Soccer Ghost
    A couple of summers ago I spent the summer with my rich
aunt and uncle in the Woodlands, a rich Houston suburb. They
were in Utah on business, leaving me and my older cousin by
ourselves. He was 19 at the time while I was 16. We were
downstairs watching TV in my aunt's bedroom and my cousin
decided he was going to bed. So he went upstairs after turning on
the perimeter security alarm. Now my aunt's bedroom had a wall
made entirely out of windows, so you could see everything in the
backyard. The backyard was also enclosed by a large wooden
fence around the pool. The pool lights were on so the wall across
from the windows was covered in light. Suddenly, I saw a shadow
walking across the wall in the light, as if someone were walking
right next to the windows. When I looked there was no one there. I
went to the bottom of the stairs and asked my cousin if he had
gone outside a couple of minutes ago, and he said no, he was right
in the middle of brushing his teeth. So then I asked him if he had
turned the outside alarm on and he said he had. The alarm would
have gone off if there were someone out there, and the shadow
looked very human-like. I dismissed it as nothing and went back to
watching TV. Then, all of a sudden my soccer ball, which had been
sitting on the floor peacefully for almost 6 hours rolled about 7 feet
between me and the TV. I thought it was really creepy because
this was a carpeted floor, and it's much harder to roll a ball that far
on carpet than it would be on a hard surface. Needless to say, I
marched right upstairs (without my soccer ball) and sat up with my
cousin for another hour, talking, trying to calm myself down before I
could go to sleep.

 My Ghosts..

By: JoeLightlingJoe@aol.com
     This is only the recent ghost paranormal stuff. Because I can remember
these better, and second I'm too lazy to type them all.

      This one happened about a month ago. After my mom explained hers, I
told her mine. I was sleeping in her room, on another bed, because there was
no where in the house to sleep. I woke up about..oh, say, 3:00 in the
morning. Instead of going to the bathroom inside her room, I went to the
other across the house, because I wanted to get a drink of water. As I opened
the door, I seen something by the kitchen table duck down. I looked real
quick, and tried to get a better look. I walked out of the kitchen, along my
way to the bathroom, and I seen again. I turned around, and there he was.
      No sort of glow, he wasn't opaque. He was just there, like a human.
Staring at me. He couldn't have been more than 6 or 7 years old. He looked as
if he had a height disorder. His hair was in a "buzz" style haircut. I wasn't
scared (since I was half awake). I said, "leave me alone!" as if it was my
brother. I walked to the bathroom, and he followed me halfway. I did what I
did, and came back out. He was still standing there. I told him to go away,
and I went back to sleep. We still see him some nights, and such, but he
doesn't pose a threat.

2 Stories to Tell

By: wnearing@msn.com]

hi, i have two stories to tell.
the first happened 9 years ago, right after my grandmother passed away. my wife and decided it was time to go to bed. it was about 11pm. she went up stairs to get ready for bed,while i went to lock the doors. i then went up stairs to get ready for bed. our bedroom and bathroom are across the hall from each other. as i was going into the bathroom i looked in our bedroom and saw my wife laying in bed looking at a magazine. i couldn't see her face because the magazine was covering it. i could only see her arms. i went to the sink and started to wash my face. as i was bent over the sink i felt someone next to me. i looked up and was surprised to see my wife standing there in the clothes she had been waring when she went up to bed. i asked her why she had put her clothes back on. she said,what do you mean. i then told her i just saw her in bed reading a magazine. she told me that she hadn't been in bed yet because she was in our daughter's room looking in on her. i looked at her not believing. she said my face went white. we then went into our bedroom to see who was in our bed. noone was there. the bed covers had not been turned down and their was no magazine. i didn't sleep much that night. all i was thinking was that my grandmother had visited me..bill
the second thing that happened to us was last fall right after my oldest daughter went away to college. my wife is clean freak and had totally cleaned out her room. everything was in perfect order. one day i wife asked me and our other daughter if we had been in jill's drawers. we both said no but i think she thought one of us was lying. this was because some of the drawers on a dresser were not shut. my wife closed them and didn't say anything else. the next mourning my wife got up and when she went into jill's room the same drawers were open. this time she did not accuse us because she knew our ghost was back. for about two weeks this went on. when my wife,myself or my youngest daughter went into jill's room the drawers would be open after we had made sure they were closed. then one day it didn't happen anymore.


By: susanfor@webtv.net

Okay, it was Halloween and I was trick -or treating  with my friends(I'm
10  years old). We were walking  by a hill I saw something.I  told my
friends and Annie started freaking out.When i looked back at the hill
and saw a man. This was no ordernary man he was very white and pale.
Then he started coming down the hill.I started running and screaming. My
friends got the picture and started running too.That night I slept with
the light on!

The Unexplained Crash

By: AJULYNN@aol.com

      When I was 6 my family moved into a large three-story house on the
North Shore of Long Island. My new stepfather had become the minister of a
church and we all got to live in what's called "the manse", or the church's
house. I think it was ever since the first night that we slept in that house,
that I began to have trouble sleeping. There were lots of creaks and bumps
that occurred throughout every night, and there was just an uneasy feeling
that settled throughout the whole house.
      Well, the first Halloween night that we spent there, my older sister
and I had gone trick-or-treating with my Mom. After hours of candy hunting,
we came back to the house and took off our costumes. Including my sister and
I, plus our stepfather children, four children resided in the house and we
each had our own rooms. And, every child had a set of bunk-beds in their
room. Well, I had what's called a "T-Bed" which is like a normal bunk-bed,
but instead of a regular bottom bunk, there's a regular bed that can be
rolled around but is usually placed with the head of the bed halfway under
the top, raised bunk, at a perpendicular (right) angle. Well, that night my
sister and I decided to both sleep in my room. We put the bottom bed on the
West side of the room for my sister to sleep on, and left the top bunk on the
East side, where it was even with the top of the closet door, which is where
I would sleep. My sister fell asleep right away, as usual, but I stayed awake
with my eyes closed in attempts to fall asleep, as I usually did. All of the
sudden, out of no where, my closet door, which had been left ajar, slammed
shut violently. I opened my eyes, only to see a box of cassette tapes that I
kept next to the door fall off the dresser and onto the floor, as if it had
been pushed. The loud crash scared me so that I started to cry and scream for
my Mom. Unsure of what had happened, she came running into the room to
console me. I told her what had happened and she said that it must have been
the dog who had caused the ruckus. But, just then, our dog, Poppy, came
wondering into the room from down the hall to see what all the fuss was over.
It was obvious that she had not been in the room, and had not caused the
crash. My mother just looked at me, and still to this day has no explanation
to offer for the cause of it all.

My Ghost Hunt

By: jnittler@oakwood.com

My fiancé and I and his best friend decided to go to the cemetery across the street from my house one night.  We got dressed in our warm clothes, grabbed the emf detector and the night vision monocular and a flashlight and we were off.  During the time we were there, nothing really happened. We had  ventured farther to the back of the cemetery where all the recent were buried. The closer we got , the worst I felt. I got this terrible feeling like we needed to stop and turn around and go back.  But I didn't say anything to the guys.  When all the sudden from behind us I distinctly heard some one whistling a tune! I whispered to them to stop, and they did. When they stopped , so did the whistling. So we started to go forward again. And I heard it again! So I looked at them and said that it was time to go back. They agreed....thank God!  As we made our way back we heard this clicking sound. And all of the sudden (which is not unusual) the sprinklers came on. But it still was so startling that we ran out of there fast!.
The next day at work, I was telling my story to my friend marina. She listened intently. Then she decided (after a lot of persuasion from me) that she and I were going to go and check it out.  She arrived at my house after dark.  I got everything together and tried to get my fiancé to go with us....for protection! But there was a sharks game on and he couldn't be pulled away.  Marina held the emf detector and the flashlight, I held the monocular and we were on our way.  We got to the edge of the cemetery, gave each other a look of ( what in the heck are we doing out here) and hopped over the little stone fence.  We made our way through several headstones to the little road on the other side. Marina was regularly checking the emf detector for any activity. Nothing. We had the flashlight off, so we weren't seen. The moon was enough light for us to see. I had my monocular up to my eyes, looking all over the place. Nothing....nobody. We came to a curve in the road that led in a "U" shape around a large patch of grave markers.  Marina stopped and handed me her car keys. She said if she need to run, she didn't want to drop them and have to go back to get them. So I stuffed them into the pocket of my jeans.  We stood there debating on whether or not to cut through the graves or stay on the road that lead to the well lit mausoleum. Marina wanted to stay on the road and refused to cut through the graves. She said she had a bad feeling about it. I on the other hand, wanted to take the cut through where it was darker and we could not be seen. What seemed like and eternity of arguing , she gave in.  We had not even taken 5 steps in the graves when from not even 5 feet away from us...When marina stopped and looked at me in terror. "Did you hear that?" she said. "Hear what?" I said and as the last word escaped my lips...I heard it. The same tune I had heard the night before!  I looked at her and said "that is the exact thing I heard last night" she looked at me with tears of fear in her eyes " no you didn't!"  At that point we turned and high tailed our butts out of there.  If felt like we ran for miles! We hadn't realized how far we had ventured in. We got to the stone fence and jumped over.  We got back to my house and breathlessly tried to explain what happened. We will never forget what happend. And to this day...we will never forget the tune.

My First Haunting

By: bethwhite57@hotmail.com

I was a non-believer until mid summer last year.  Me, my wife, and daughter took a driving vacation through the eastern states.  Our final destination was to go to a Street Rod National in Louisville, Ky.  Half-way through the trip I sent my wife and daughter home from Durham, N.C. airport.  We preplanned this because my daughter had band practice that next week.  Now to the ghost story.  Two nights after they flew home I checked into a motel in Charleston, WV.  At about 10pm I fell asleep and woke up at about 11pm to turn off the TV.  At about 2:30 am I was awakened by what I thought was my wife coming back to bed from the bathroom.  I felt the person set on the side of the bed then lay down.  In a few seconds, I realized it could not be my wife.  I came straight up out of the bed taking out two lamps from the night stand to find no one there.  After about 30 minutes, I laid back down and shortly I felt some-one set on the end corner of the bed.  Kicking as hard as I could only to find nothing there.  I laid there with all the lights on for about an hour trying to understand what I had seen.  Then I turned then off one by one knowing I was not going back to sleep.  Within a few seconds after I laid back down with all the lights off I saw a figure come around the end of the bed.   Stopping between me and the mirror just looking at me.  It looked like a small framed woman dressed in what would be clothes from the 1800's.  I opened my mouth but could not make a sound.  I slowly raised up in the bed and the figure went away.  The hair stood up all over my body.  Writing this gives me that same feeling I had that night.  I did not want to see a ghost then and do not ever want to see one again.  I could not go to sleep that night.

 My Experience with Life After Death

By: CSUBLER@woh.rr.com

I remember the day my grandfather died. I was living with him and my grandmother at the time. I was away babysitting about 2 miles away. I saw a sheriff's car go by the house, and something told me that someone was looking for me.
When the lady returned home, about 30 minutes later, she found me pacing the floor. I told her i had to leave immediately, and proceeded to run the 2 miles back to the house. When I arrived, cars were parked in the driveway, but no one was there.  I ran the three blocks to my parents home but no one was there. About the time I made it to the front door cars started pulling into the drive way. At that moment i knew my grandfather was dead. No one told me and no one had gotten out of the car. For about three months after he died, i would wake up and see him standing at the foot of my bed. He never spoke only smiled.

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