The Messenger


Hi my name is Denise. I have been dating Alex for 2 years now. His dad

never got along with me ever since day one. Every time i would go over to

his house dad would pick a fight with me. Well Alex and I got engaged last

April. His dad started to go down hill with his heart troubles,and even

when he was sitting in his chair sick he still managed to stab me with a

rude comment. He has had heart attacks since 1979, and he was kind of a man

that liked to be sick for all the attention. So even when he wasn't sick he

still played on it and his children really didn't believe him all the time.

One night i was laying in bed. When i looked up and saw a tall dark figure.

It was darker then the darkness of the room. He was wearing a long trench

coat and a hat. He had a long beard and mustache. He just looked down on me

and then within seconds he was gone. I told my parents and Alex about this

but it was kind of shrugged off.

A week later Alex's dad was up in the Guelph General Hospital with a heart

attack. He was admitted to the ICU, Alex and I went up and there was no one

there. He was hooked up to a ton of machines and the colour of him was

pale. The nurse said that he might not make it through the night. Right

away I started calling his family starting with his wife that was ready to

go to bed and she said "But i am going up to see him in the morning!" Well

i told her to get up here fast. Then i called his other 7 children to

gather together because no one should die alone.

He was still holding on till the next day,all of his family was around him

and he told me not to leave and to hold his hand. I never left his side and

he said "Im surrounded by love." Then he passed away.

Two days later i was sitting on the couch watching tv. When i felt a shiver

go down my spine. I then remembered what happened that night when a man

came to my side. I believe i had a duty to do and that man was my

messenger. My duty was to pull the family together so he wouldn't die

alone,and I made peace with his dad the day he died when he told me to hold

his hand and stay with him. I now believe that i have a guardian angel

looking after me from above.

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Incarnate Word University


Let me introduce myself first. Im a graduate student at Texas A&M

International in Laredo Texas. Im going for my Masters degree in

Psychological counseling and this is my first year in the Grad. Program. My

sister, the one who told me all these cool ghost stories, graduated last May

from Incarnate Word University in San Antonio.

About Incarnate Word. The University was founded by the Sisters of the order

of the "Incarnate Word", hence the name. The campus is composed of the main

building, which is over a hundred years old, and much newer buildings that

contain the dorms, rec. center, cafateria, etc. The main building, is four

stories high and contains the administration offices on the first floor,

dorms in second, third and fourth floors, and the basement houses the

student laundry room, the mail room and a small recreation room. Hardly

anybody uses the facilities in the basement though. Why? Because that's

where the creepy stuff happens mostly, especially at night. On the third

floor, in addition to dorms, there's a small chapel where students go to

pray on their own time or attend the services offered on Sundays. Alot of

the nuns have their rooms in the main building also. There's this one room,

though, that has been nailed shut for decades. Over fifty years ago, a nun

committed suicide by hanging herself in that room. After the incident, the

priests blessed the room, left all her belongings like they found them and

nailed the door shut. Students have been reporting ghost sightings and other

things ever since. My sister got there in the Fall of '93. Her first dorm

room was on the third floor of the main building. In fact, all new students

that need dorms have to live in the main building. The newer, surrounding

buildings are for Juniors and Seniors. One of her first friends at the

school was this girl named Carolina. Carolina was from Spain and was a

sophomore when my sister got there. She was also a "resident assistant". A

resident assistant is a student who is assigned to a certain floor and is in

charge of attending to whatever the students need as far as their dorms are


One night, Carolina had just done her nightly round and was ready to go to

bed when two female students came knocking at her door. The students had

just come to their dorms after being in the library all night cramming for

an exam and when they arrived they found all their furniture and belongings

completely rearranged. Nothing was missing or broken, just rearranged. They

thought it was a practical joke but no one else had the key to their dorm.

The only person who keeps the spare key is the Res. Assistant. and those are

kept under lock and key themselves. Carolina called the San Antonio P.D. and

they came over to take a look and no sign of forced entry was found.

Naturally the girls were worried that someone was able to break into their

dorm so easily despite the tight security. The Res. Ass. let them stay in an

unoccupied room for the night while the cops dusted for fingerprints. There

were no fingerprints found other than those of the girls themselves. Except

for one. One of the cops noticed a smudge on the window, dusted it and

lifted it. To their shock, the smudge was a HUGE hand print, larger than a

normal human one. Another strange thing was the print was found on the

outside of the window and the fact that the dorm was three floors up made it

more intriguing. There was no sign of the window's lock having been forced

open. In fact the window was extremely hard to open since it hadn't been

open in years. But, get this, one of the priests went to the room that night

and saw that the room had been rearranged in the exact same way that the

room where the nun killed herself was arranged. The reason that the priest

knew was that he was one of only a few people who had actually been inside

the nun's room. Creepy huh?

The mysterious hand print is still on file at the S.A. Police Office.

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Nanny Ghost



Well this all started when I was about 17 or 18 years old.

My great grandma was very old and she was very sick.

I went and seen her at her house in the city.

About two week after I seen her. She past on and I was

sad because she would not be able to see me graduate or

get married and she would not be there to see my child.

But months after she passed. My mom and I have notice

that she is at are home in the country. I live in a trailer

home. And when we are sitting there watching T.V.

My moms musical box will go off all the time and she

will say there she goes. We are not scared of her we

just know it is her. She also use to smoke and she

only used the wooden matches. And some times you

can smell the sulfur from the matches when you might

walk by her . It just isn't a week smell it is very

strong and it is not just in one place.

Well I am know 20 and She is still there with us.

I have had a baby and she has this stuffed bear that plays

music. In order to play the music you have to push the

hand of the bear to make him play. He goes off all the

time by his self . And on two different times I have seen

this very bright light. But when I see the light I hurry up

and look and it disappears. But the light has only been in

my room and I think it is because my little girl is in there

with me. My mom said it was probly her checking on my

little girl. Realy in my heart Im glad she is here to see her.

So my experience is not scarey. It is just my nanny checking

on my family and I .

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A Final Good-Bye


This is not really your typical ghost story. Most ghost stories have to do with a person that lived in a house and died there, then coming back to seak revenge. Some stories even have some cool treasure in the basement. My story is not quite like that.

I was about 12 years old when it happened. I grew up with two dogs that I love dearly. They where around the age of 14 to 15 years old in human years which made them about 100 years old in doggy years. My one dog Tiffany was the eldest of the two . One spring night I went out to feed them dinner. I would usualy stay there and wait till they where finished eating . Normally Tiff would jump all over me to get to the food. On this night only my other dog Bandit did. I was pretty shocked. She was laying there in her dog house looking very sick. I tried to feed her but she just wouldn't take it . This got me very worried. I sat there for about 20 min or so. I knew something was wrong it almost brought me to tears. I got up, patted her on the head and walked away. I turned arround to look at her I looked right into her eyes and some thing told me that this would be the last time I would see her alive. The next day after I came from school my mom told me and my brother that Tiff passed away while we where at school. My brother and I cried all the way home. My dad said that Tiff had died in my moms arms. That comforted me in a way but I still felt misrable. My family buried her that day. That night I was feeling so upset because I didnt have a chance to say good bye. I just sat there and cried myself to sleep.

Later that night I had a dream. I was in a room filled with white and it was so beautifull there. I felt peace, there was a door way filled with light and to my suprise Tiff came running through it. She came right up to me and licked me on my face. I hugged her so tight I didn't want to let go, she pulled away. Then she started to go back in to the door way filled with light. I yelled to her "please don't go stay with me". At that moment she turned around and staired straight at me. She seemed to be smilling and in a odd way I felt as if she was telling me that she would always be with me then I knew she had to go. I smiled back then she turned her head and bounced happily into the light. The next morning I told my family about the dream. My mom said maybe that was her way of saying good bye. I then knew that my dog was happy, it all was clear that Tiff wanted to say good bye before she left.

After the day she died my whole family still felt her presence. I some time would hear her wimper or bark or even hear her scratching at my door. So did my parents, that was when we came to the conclusion to pray for God to take Tiff to heaven so she did not think she would have to stay with us and my other dog Bandit. After that night I didnt hear the noises any more. But I always feel she is right beside me. I never had a dream like that again. Then a year after Tiff died so did Bandit, fortunetly I got to say good bye to him. I miss them both very much and I still wish they where here but I always know they are in my heart.

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My Friend's Problems


This story is of my friend Shane. He is an extremely quiet young 16 year old. He

was always shy and very quiet and we always felt sorry for him and tried our best to

make him laugh. We could never understand why and everyone knew not to ask him,

until one night he decided to tell us. This night was Shane's last night living in

the neighborhood as he was moving so we all decided to get wasted at our friends

house. We were all just talking in my friend Evan's room when someone asked Shane

if he felt tired, because he looked very exhausted. We all knew Shane had a

sleeping disorder, and was an insomniac. He didn't answer my friend when he was

asked that question, but he did ask if we wanted to know why he can never sleep.

Since he was a little buzzed I think it helped him tell the truth that had been

bottled up inside him. He had told us we can believe anything we want but just

don't laugh or think it is crazy. We know him to be a pretty honest guy and if he

has lied to us before we've never found out about it. He said that when he was

growing up in his previous house he had gone through some strange things as a child.

At about the age of 9 or 10 he remembers getting a brand new He-Man poster. When

he tried sticking it up it continuosly would roll up and fall down. No matter how

many thumb tacks and pieces of tape he would put on it, the thumb tacks would pop

out. In his room he had numerous posters that had stayed up but this one poster

which he put up against his closet door never could stay up. He later felt it was

due to a symbol of the crucifix in the poster. Of course at first he didn't know

the poster not staying up had anything to do with hauntings. The strange thing he

said about the house was that he only had memories of staying in it the first day he

tried putting up his poster but had lived there since birth. He said he could not

remember one single birthday party or particular incident before this. That night

he says he started having his constant sleeping problems. He would hear the

whimpering of a child coming from his closet. It paralyzed him with so much fear to

the point where he was so scared he could not move and was sweating bullets while

shivering. He was finally able to scream for his mother, she came within seconds of

hearing her son and when Shane told her, she felt it was her older son playing a

joke. She went to her older sons room, but he wasn't there, he had snuck out of his

room and went to a party and only got busted because of what happened to Shane.

Other incidents occured where he says he would open his eyes from a deep sleep and

see words glowing in the dark on the closet door, one night he remembers seeing the

words "hurt daddy". The only times he said he could sleep he knew he would wake up

to see something, other than that he was too frightened to sleep. The mirror in

his room also scared him so his parents got rid of it. He said he once saw a

small boy sitting curled up against the wall behind him crying but with no noise

coming from his mouth. He said his dad even had experiences, his dad was a

very,very calm looking man, let face it we all think he looks like a pencil neck

geek, but some nights his father would get unusually upset at him for no reason, but

Shane would not be frightened of his father when he was in his room no matter how

much he would yell and threaten him. Shane had been going to a Psychiatrist for

many years and the psychiatrist hired a researcher to look into the past history of

the house. It turns out a boy had been found dead in the closet of Shane's room

decades earlier, killed possibly by the father who fled the country. Coincidentely

the older brother of the boy was still living in the neighborhood and was a middle

age adult. He was contacted by Shane's mother. He told her the complete story of

how his father was a short tempered man and would physically abuse both of them. He

said that his brother that died would hide from his dad in the closet while he got

spanked or hit. He would hide there all the time until his father would run in

their and spank him. Normally his father would have no trouble opening the closet

door but for the first time his brother resisted, his dad had got fed up and rigged

it so his son could not get out. He left him in there for 12 days with no food or

water. When Shane told us this we all were petrified and scared to look in the

mirror for awhile but one thing we belived him. There is always that time you will

hear an extremely bizzare and unbelievable story you truly believe because of the

validity of the person, this is one of those stories for me.

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The Forbidden Bathroom

by taaffem@ERE.UMontreal.CA

This was my only encounter with a ghost. I'm not "special", I don't

have powers or whatever, this just happened to me. I wish it hadn't...

In the 1950's, my school was a boarding school. The building is in one

of the calm neighbourhoods of the city, and is surrounded by trees. It

was and all-girl institution and the students were miserable. One day, a

girl named Sandra was punished for not listening in class. She was

locked in one of the bathrooms of the third floor for several hours.

Sandra went ballistic, she was kicking, screaming and threatning to kill

herself. The sisters apparently forgot her and when they came back to

get her, she had dissapeared. She'd written death threats with her own

blood on the walls. No window was opened because of the steel bars. They

never found her... That bathroom is now damned and locked with a chain.

One day after school I was finishing my latest art project. The

art classroom is on the third floor, just next to "the" bathroom. When I

finally finished and stepped in the corridor, I heard faint crying and

yelling coming from that bathroom, and saw a frail shadow lurking

around. I SWEAR. I was completely freaked out. I had nightmares for

weeks after that. I always was skeptical about ghost stories altough I

enjoyed them greatly. Since the Sandra story, I'm a complete believer.

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The Jogger in a Blue Suit


One summer night, on our way back from a party. Two other friends and

I were walking up an old street. Apparently a man in his 30's was

killed, when he was struck by a car. One of my friends brought up this

subject while we were walking, we were a little freaked out to say the

least. Shortly after we had all thrown are different comments in about

this subject we saw something incredible. A man in a blue jogging suit

that was glowing, was headed towards us. Nobody could move, I still

remember the look on our faces. We were terrified. The man was jogging

towards us, in a floating sort of fashion. Right before he got to where

we were he vanished. Shortly after this occured we did some research,

and were apolled to find out a man did infact get hit by a car while he

was jogging. The man was also wearing a blue suit.......

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Granpa's House


Hi my name is Brigon I'm 12 years old and I use to live in Airdre Alberta Which is relly close to Calgary. I now live in Pompano Beach Florida.

This is most of the hauntings I recall from my Grandpa's house. These Ghost stories happened in between the years 1990-1994.  I was 6-9 years old.

My Granpa had bought a house in the countryside near Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

A man and his wife had lived there for a while. This house was humongus, most of my family on my dad's side lived there until they sold it a year ago. While anyway back to the subject. The man who lived feel down the stairs and bleed to death. The blood travled all the way through the hallway to the bathroon.His wife was out on buissness and did not get back till 2 weeks later to find her husband dead. She then sold the house to my Grandpa.

The first thing that happened was that my sister and I where down stairs while my dad was on the phone. Me and my sister where playing with the alarm and it went off. It is not supposed to go off unless you hit the correct code, which I doubt we could of done.

The next thing that happened was that me and my cousin were up playing super nintendo in the loft and the TV went out while it was still pluged in. The TV also went on while it was unpluged.

When ever you used the bathroom downstairs you could feel a ceertain presence after yoy left the bathroom.

One night well I was sleeping over at my grandpas I had a dream something was pulling me down the loft stairs, not the ones that the previsous owner fell down.

One morning when I woke up I walked out into the Hallway and saw footsteps being made in the carpet while I was walking out. None of this really scared me but I didnt like it either.

The next stories are experinces that different members of my family had the that same house. My dad was sleeping in my cousin's room when he woke up and saw a man wearing a plad shirt. The man that died in the house always liked wearing plad shirts. He was sitting on the dresser and then just got up and walked away.

The next thing is that my aunt was sleeping and woke up and saw the same guy that my dad saw floating over top of her. She than ran up to my other aunts room and my two aunts talked aboubt the exact same experince they just had.

These are all the haunting that happened to me or that where told to me by other family members. I dont not know who lives in the house right now but I would like to now if they are having the same experiences my family had.

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My Haunted House


Although I know that I used to live in a haunted house, I never

actually ever saw any type of apparition of visual form of Ghost, but I

have felt the presents of one and I can relay some of the stories that I

have been told by the rest of my family and the people whom we have

rented the house out to.

It was just a few months after we had moved into the house (Up to

12 years ago now.), that my sister woke up one night to see the image of

an old man, standing by her bedroom door and staring at her. She was of

course, terrified and immediately hid underneath the bed clothes. When

she finally plucked up the courage to look again, the man had gone. This

was the only time anyone ever saw a ghost whilst we were in the house.

Although we may never have seen any more ghosts, we have still

many experiences that cannot be accounted for. One night, my mother was

alone in her bedroom at around 4.00am, when she heard footsteps walk

across the ceiling above her. The room is just an old boxroom and there

was know one on that floor.

The only time I have ever come up against a ghost was when one

inhabited my room for a while. Although I never saw it, I could

definitely feel it's presents. It was almost as I it were regarding me

with some distaste, because I could always feel it's cold gaze upon my

back when I tried to get to sleep. This cold feeling would keep me up

hours into the night, because I was always looking over my shoulder to

see if I could see it.

This all came to a head when I finally got so annoyed with the

ghost, that I blurted out: "Go away, Leave me alone!". To my utter

relief, this seemed to help, and the present left my room and never


As for the people who have rented the house after us, they have

not experienced much except for quite a bit of poltergeist activity, this

has been happening around the kitchen of the house and manifests itself

in knocking things like knives and other such cooking utensils off the

surfaces. I don't know much about this, because they have only just moved


I am doing some private research in the subject of ghosts, and

would appreciate any material that will help me. E-mail me at :

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by anonymous

Stories........I am a very logical man. I have never believed in ghosts,

goblins,and the like. As of late I've begun to see things....and people

who are not, or should not be there. My mother has informed me that we

come from a long bloodline of psychics...I don't believe it. My wife

tells me I have a "gift". I respond by saying I have an over active


It all started about three years ago when I moved in with my

wife-to-be. I went into the kitchen early in the morning to get a drink.

There by the sink, I thought I saw an elderly women. Passing it off as

lack of sleep, I went back to bed. My wife wouldn't let up on me. She

made me describe the woman I thought I saw. Well my description matched

that of her grandmother who died in the kitchen just a few years before.

Telling her she was silly, I dismissed it. A month later, I was greeted

at the foot of the stairs by a large man. Not knowing what to do, I stood

there like a moron. He sighed heavily and vanished. Again, I passed it

off as imagination. Over the last few years my sightings have been

getting stronger and stronger. I see aparitions on almost a daily basis.

I am a logical man, so I doubt what I see. But so far out of

"coincidence" I've described a young girl around a stretch of road that

always walks out infront of me. My mother-in-law says it was her friend's

daughter who was killed there a year ago. After viewing the pictures, I

do agree the resemblance is great. I've also decribed two women who were

killed in the factory in which I work. Being logical, what can I pass off

as imagination, and what is real. I thought I knew, but I've been having


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The Tall Stranger


I don't know exactly where or when this story happened except

that it was in my native Taylor County, GA, (West Central part of the state)

early in ths 20th century. It was passed along in the family and I heard

it as a child in the 1930's.

Two of my young male relatives had been visiting on Saturday night

and were walking home late (midnight or after) on an unpaved, sandy country

road. The moon was full, and they saw a stranger approaching. He was at

least seven feet tall, and was walking in the middle of the road. My

relatives were walking in the ruts.

As the stranger approached, both spoke to him, but he continued

straight ahead without acknowledging their presence and went on between

them. They spoke again but got no reaponse. They stopped and turned to

watch him until he got out of sight.

Over breakfast the next morning, they discussed the event and felt

that such a tall man must have taken enormously long strides. They walked

back to the place where they had seen him. The found their own tracks in

the road where they had stopped and turned around to watch him, but try as

they might, they never found any sign of the stranger's tracks. This was

in the fall line sand hills of Middle Georgia, so the tracks should have

been clearly visible.

That's the whole story. They never figured out who the stranger

was nor how he came to be there, nor why he left no tracts. Both were

convinced, however,that they had encountered a ghost, or a "haint" as

ghosts were called in that area in those times.

Both told the same story and swore to it. Sorry it is not more

dramatic and that there is no more information, but this story did suffice

to scare the wits out of us children around a dying fire late on Saturday


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Plantation Ghosts


All my life I've been able to sense and sometimes see ghosts. I admit, I've never really been afraid of them, but since I've never had a bad experience, I may not know how truly terrified someone can be when confronted with the unknown.

When I was fourteen, my family (mother, brother and sister) and I moved to an old house on the outskirts of a small town in Alabama. The house stood on what was the original site of an old plantation house built before the Civil War, and the land around it had been a cotton farm. The family had had money, but after the war, their house being destroyed by Union troops, they moved to the back of the property to what had been the overseers house. Later, around 1910, the family came into enough money to rebuild a replica of the original house on the same site. Seventy years later is where I come in.

The family had returned to the small house in the back of the property (since it consisted of several hundred acres, one can imagine that they weren't exactly neighbors) and the plantation house was up for rent at a price that was fantastically low, even for a rural area. My mother snatched at the opportunity to live in such a historical building, even though it had no heating or air conditioning, at least the plumbing was sound.

The house was completely furnished with antiques, most of them having been in the original family for decades. I soon realized after we moved in that the house was haunted by several ghosts.

In the formal parlor in the front of the house, there was a collection of hideous mahogany furniture, all of it massive and heavily carved, stuffed with horsehair and covered in faded velvet. A high backed sofa stood beneath one window, and it was this sofa that was the scene of an unusual haunting.

The furniture in the room had been purchased at the turn-of-the-century as a wedding gift for Rose, known by the family as Aunt Rose. She moved into the rebuilt house in her later years, and moved her prized furniture there, into the parlor. That sofa was Aunt Rose's pride and joy, and NOBODY was allowed to sit in it (except, of course, for Aunt Rose). After Aunt Rose died, STILL nobody could sit on the sofa -- if they did, they were pushed off by an unseen force. When my family moved into the house, we were warned about this phenomena. Still, I couldn't resist climbing onto that old sofa, and feeling a sort of icy cold chill when something (or someone) shoved me gently, and sometimes not so gently, into the floor.

I never saw Aunt Rose, but there was one ghost I felt sorry for. I had seen her several times, always looking out a window in one of the upstairs bedrooms that was not in use. She appeared to be a child with long hair, wearing a high-necked nightgown. Occasionally, we heard little thumps coming from that room, as if a child were jumping up and down, or sometimes we heard whispers that we couldn't quite make out. My mother is sensitive, like me, so we'd put our heads against the door and strain, trying to make out what she was saying. But we never could. The little girl looked completely lost and woebegone. I never did find out who she was.

One evening, my mother and I, and my brother and sister, were sitting in her bed watching television. There was a ferocious thunderstorm going on outside, the lights were flickering -- it was like something out of an old Hammer horror film. My mother had a glass of ice tea on the nightstand, and when she reached out for it, she knocked it off the stand onto the floor. But when she leaned over the bed, it wasn't there.

We all got off the bed and looked around the room. The floor wasn't wet anywhere, and you'd expect it to be if a full glass of tea had spilled, even if the glass rolled into a corner. Finally, I got down on my knees and looked UNDER the bed. The glass was in the center of the floor, underneath the bed, and UPSIDE DOWN. Not a drop had spilled. As we all stared at this strange phenomena, the window in the room blew open, then slammed shut, and we all heard a woman laughing.

I've had a few other experiences in other houses, but I've never lived in a house so populated by ghosts. But, they were fairly benevolent, certainly not malicious, and if I ever get the chance, I'd like to go there again - just to say Hi.

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The House in Morris County



I am a true believer in all things ghostly, but I am very interested in those

readers who have had sightings of those who have passed on. My family has had

several experiences with loved ones who have come back to visit. I have not

had anything happen personally, where I saw an apparition, but two of my

brothers, and two of my aunts have had experiences. I don't feel it

appropriate to leave their stories without their permission, but I do recall

"odd" feelings in the house where I grew up in Morris County, New Jersey.

The house that we lived in (my parents, three brothers, and I) was my aunt's

home, and my grandfather had lived there when he passed away. I was very

young (11 months old) when he died, and do not remember him, but I do believe

that he would visit me in my room. I never saw him, but I did feel his

presence strongly. There was an extremely cold spot in my room, by my closet,

and several times during the years that I occupied that bedroom, I would smell

pipe smoke. I never said anything to my parents, I was never scared at all.

Only after I was older and began hearing the accounts of my aunts and brothers

did I mention the cold spot and the sweet smell of the pipe tobacco. My

parents showed me the pipe that my grandfather smoked, which had been packed

away since his death.

My older brother and I also had the same strange feelings in our basement. He

used the basement as his bedroom, and there was rarely a night when he did not

bring one or both of our pet dogs downstairs with him when he went to bed.

There was a small room off of the main room downstairs, and that was where our

clothes dryer and large freezer were. I would go down there to get clothes or

ice cream, and I could never get out of the basement quick enough. I

sustained several skinned knees from the cement basement stairs, because I

would run and usually trip up the stairs. After my brother left for college,

I hated going down there. I had mentioned the weird feelings I had about the

basement not too long ago, and he told me that he was not always comfortable

down there. Like me, there were times when he could not get upstairs quick

enough. I guess that's why he liked to bring the dogs down with him. Fear

seems to be lessened when you're not by yourself.

We have since moved, and I no longer sense any of these odd feelings. I am

also a true believer in angels, and anyone who has had an angel experience is

welcome to mail me. I would like to hear from you. I am a survivor of

domestic violence, and I think my belief in angels has helped me heal. I

would love to find a way to learn about MY angel. I know that there is at

least one who watches over me, and I am eager to learn who it may be. Sounds

strange, but I truely believe.

I look forward to hearing from you, or any of your visitors. This is a great


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My Grandfather ?


I have a few stories to tell you about with my past expierences with ghosts or what I believe is to be my grandfather. Ever since we lived in his house in which they bought new when my mother was a little girl. Nothing like this ever happened until we finally moved in. But if it is my grandfather, it is most definitely a good ghost.

This happened to me brother a few years ago.(First you should know first that every night in the middle of the night he gets up and turns on his light over his bed and shuts his door so it won't bother anyone, so he can go down stairs to the Kitchen and get a drink.) But anyway back to the story, as he was going down stairs to get a drink he left the kitchen light off and when he walked into the kitchen to see my grandfather just standing there. As my brother stood in amazement, my grandfather told my brother that he was just checking up on the house and then disappeared.

Another time my dad and I were down stairs in the den playing darts. My father was winning and he was making fun of me because I kept on hitting the the wall more then the dart board. But anyway, as he was making fun of me, I said to him " If grandpa was here, he wouldn't let you make fun of me like that." Then I threw the dart and the dart started to go down toward the recliner as if to hit it, when suddenly it went right back up and made a bulls eye!!!! My dad and I were standing there in amazement and my father said, " I think your grandfather is here to protect you after all." then after that we went up stairs.

If my grandfather does truely come here to check up on us I always feel that he is usually down stairs in the den because, when he lived here they didn't have and air conditioner and down in the den was the coolest place to be.

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Grandpa Cecil


I feel like I need to tell my story about my beloved grandpa Cecil. While growing up I have experienced many things, Guardian angels, strange things, seen my best friend's death, had conversations with long gone people, but never have I experience anything like this before. My mother's father Cecil was dying in a hospital from a long illness. My mother my 2 sisters, and my 2 and half year old daughter, and I went to visit him in the hospital for 2 weekends in a row before he died, which was not easy because they lived about 5 and half hours drive from home. They wouldn't allow my daughter to visit him because he was in icu and were afraid of germs. On the second day we snuck her in because we were afraid we wouldn't see him alive, his time was coming to an end soon. She hadn't seen him in a while and he had all this tubes and strange things around his bed. But she said,"Grandpa." and tried to remove his breathing tubes from his nose so she could give him a kiss. That was the last day we visited him for we headed back home the next early morning. Before we left the room, we all kissed him goodbye and signed, "I love you." My grandpa signed back and my mom had tears in her eyes, she said that my grandpa never used it til now, so we had a feeling that heaven would come calling soon. About a week after that, I was feeling kind of sick so I went to lay down in bed, I wasn't asleep yet but just about there. I saw myself back in his room, at the hospital. I was lying in his bed, taking his place. I felt unexpainable exreme pain all over my body. It hurt so much I had hard time breathing, I heard someone saying," It's ok, Dad. We're here." There was no way I could have heard that because I am deaf. I looked at the side of my bed and I saw my Aunt Andrea, and at the foot of my bed I saw my Aunt Kathie. And on the other side of my bed, on the right side I saw my grandma Jo, my grandpa's second wife. They were all there and saying it was ok, that I could go. I felt sudden peace and no more pain. I felt happy and loved and only thing that I felt sad was that I was leaving my family. Then I woke up from that dream. My mom called me that same day and I had thought he had died. I was so upset. She said no he didn't die. So I assumed it was just a dream, from all the things I've been going thru. I told her my dream and she resurranced me that he was still alive. Early morning 2 days later my mother called and told my husband that my grandpa had just died. I felt so sad and planned for the funeral that following weekend. We went up there and the day before the funeral we had a wake. I watched with sorrow as my mother said goodbye tearfully to my grandpa. I never want to see such pain from my mom again I could tell she was in pain. That night we all had dinner with all of the family at a restuarant. My mom was telling my Aunt Kathie my dream. My aunt looked at me and said everything that I had dreamed was true. I was very, very surprised! Later when I had time to think about it, I truly believe it was his way of saying goodbye, His way of telling me everything was ok. Grandpa wasn't in pain anymore and he was going to a good place.

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