My Cousin Debbie


My cousin Debbie was very ill and had alot of medical problems.I got
married in may of 91 and she was there for my wedding and we spent alot
of time together.When my husband And I found out that we were expecting
Debbie was Thrilled to death!She kept saying that she wanted to live
long enough to see the baby.Needless to say she passed away a week
before our son Kevin was born.When I tell people this story they think
I'm crazy and need to be put away someplace.Anyway, after being  home
from the hospital and getting settled in for the night and Kevin in his
cradle by the side of the bed I felt our bed sink down at the foot of
the bed as I woke up I saw Debbie sitting there with a big smile on her
face while rocking Kevin and gently touching his head and cheek.To this
day she is still here  with us looking over us.She always said that she
wanted to see the baby and she did.We now have two boys ages 9&6 Kevin
is our oldest and Tyler is our youngest.

Mrs. Foley


When I was 22 yrs. old, my best friend and I "moved out" to live on our own.  We rented a townhouse with several units attached to one another.  From the day we moved in, we began to notice "odd " occurances.  For instance:  when I wanted to use the phone, I would pick up the receiver, and it would be dead.  If I was upstairs, I would go down stairs and find the receiver off of the hook, and vice-versa.  Since my friend worked days, and I worked evenings, we didn't get to talk till the weekend. I  told her what was happening, and nicely asked her to remember to hang up the phone she started talking on if she switched to the other one.  She looked at me as if I had lost my mind, and said "I was going to talk to you, and ask you to do the same!"  After that, all sorts of things started happening.  We would go out, and come home and our door was standing open.  We noticed a "cold spot " in our living room.  (It was summer in Illinois,with 90 degree heat, and 95% humidity, no air conditioning, and yet, whichever one of our friends happened to be sitting on the lefthand side of our couch always pulled the afghan down over them!)  The clincher came one Saturday evening.  I was laying on the couch with my back to the room.  I was NOT asleep.  All of a sudden, someone, who I thought was my roomate, ran through the living room, and up the stairs.  She was breathing really heavy, and making kind of a "strangling" noise.  I was alarmed, and jumped off of the couch, and called up to her asking her what was wrong.  My roomate came out of the kitchen, panickey, asking me why I was yelling!  I told her what happened, and since all of this other stuff had happened, she was scared as well.  About a week later, recovering from "The party of the night before", my friend and I were sitting on the back stoop to get some air.  Our next-door neighbor came over to introduce herself.  She asked us if we by any chance noticed anything "wierd" in our unit.  We briefly told her some of the things that were going on.  She said that "the other two girls" who had lived there before us had much the same thing happening.  It seems that "The Foley's" used to live in the unit some years before.  Mr. Foley was an alcoholic, and would come home and beat his wife senseless.  As a result, she lost most of her hearing.  When she needed help, she would call her daughter, and since she couldn't hear well enough to talk, she would LEAVE THE PHONE OFF THE HOOK as a signal.  The neighbor also told us that she would see Mrs. Foley walking down the street on the way home from the store, and she would stop to give her a ride.  It seems Mr. Foley would come home drunk, and demand something for dinner that wasn't in the house, and Mrs. Foley would have to walk to the store for it... the neighbor felt sorry for her because "She had ASTHMA so bad that she could hardly breathe"!!  So, from then on, we just accepted Mrs. Foley, and for some reason  we were not afraid of her.  However, some of the stunts she continued to pull really ticked us off!!

Mom's Experiences


When I was nine years old, I was home alone and when I was in the kitchen I
felt someone watching me, so I turned and saw a little boy about 5-6 y.o. and
he was all blue. He gave me an evil look. I turned around and turned back. He
was gone.Also, when I was 14, It was about 10:00 on a monday nite. I was
walking to my room and heard a lady call out my name. It was too distant and
high pitch to be my mom.

Millermore Mansion-Dallas, TX


I saw the entry in here for the haunting at the Millermore Mansion @ Old
City Park in Dallas, TX and I would just like to confirm that it is
indeed true. I've always had the ability to sense things, something that
has been passed down thru generations of women in my family. I grew up in
the Dallas/Ft. Worth since I was 4 but I had never heard of this
particular haunting. I don't normally go looking for them, know what I
mean?? Anyhow, the first and only time I ever visited Old City Park was
in Nov 2000. I had a friend visiting me from London who wanted to see all
of Dallas. I knew nothing about the place really expect that is was a
bunch of historical homes from around Dallas. As we were walking up to
the Millermore mansion it immediately came over me that I was sensing
something, just not sure what. As we walked inside the mansion the
feeling hit me so hard it almost knocked me over. I kept quite as we were
looking at the rooms on the 1st floor listening to the tour guide. Then
as were turning to walk over to the bottom of the staircase there was a
bench sitting by the back door. I looked at it and looked at our tour
guide and said "There is someone sitting in that bench". The tour guide,
looking panicked and not sure of what I had said asked "Dear, what did
you just say?" I told her that there was a ghost in the house but that
she didnt need to worry b/c the lady was good and would not harm anyone.
The tour guide almost starting crying and then went on to tell me that it
was believed that the ghost of the Mrs. Millermore was in the house and
that people had claimed to see her sitting in the window at night as they
drove by. My friend, who was speechless, never doubted me again on things
like this. Needless to say the tour guide would not go upstairs w/ us and
waiting outside of the house until we were done looking around.



When my dad was 12-13 he had a babysitter who's son was fighting in
vietnam. one day, about 3'o clock Mary was hanging clothes, and my dad
came into the backyard, he had just got home from school.  Mary looked
up at the sky, which was clearless except for one single cloud and she
said to my dad, "It looks like an Angels going to heaven."  The next day
she got a call from the government or something like that and her son
had been killed at 3'oclock the day before.  i even asked my grandma if
its true and she said it was.

Letting Go


                     I`d like to start by mentioning I`ve only told this to a small number of people, and as expected would look at me funny.......
                    It was about six years ago it was a hard time for me for some reason I was plagued with terrifying dreams. For a week it was the same thing the dream ended the same way,.... I`d die . It was always at the hands of  some scary looking person. As each new night arrived I just did not look forward to blissful slumber as I normally would.  Actually I was terrified. What does this have to do with ghosts you ask?  Let me continue,....On the seventh night it was the turning point, in the dream again I`d been chased down and just as I was to meet my end I awoke in a cold sweat, panting for breath.  As I motioned to sit up in my bed I noticed a form ,a small form beside my bed.  At first I thought it was my older of my two sons."Hey what are you doing out of bed?". No answer.  I took a sip of my water, finding I was dehydrated. Then I noticed that there was another form beside the small form, alittle taller. I felt it was male just like the other form.  He motions towards the foot of my bed for me to look and there was another form, now what I mean by form is that there were no features, no details
no mass, it was like they just used  the air around them to be used,. to be in a form.So they could be in a shape. They were like shadows.  If that makes sense to you , well I`m surprised.
         Anyway I must say I wasn`t afraid for some reason.I offered some water to who I thought was my son. He didn`t answer me. I asked again. The taller of the two motioned "No it was okay,....." I looked at "him".  Again he motioned "It`s okay , it`s okay ,... everythings okay,......." .I don`t think I saw a mouth for him to get that message across , but I "heard " him say that.Then in a more meaningful way he said it again, until I understood he meant my dreams, my terror not to worry anymore.
          Then I felt my body tingle then lights, tiny lights appearing at my abdomen , gathering then they started to shoot out toward every limb of my body.And it felt like every light was charged electrically and it burned , my whole body burned. Then I felt myself moving across the bed .I don`t just mean "I" got up and moved.  I mean my body while lying on my back started moving,...shooting toward the foot of the bed ,then toward the head of the bed , to the side , to the other side, etc,...    I was moving everywhere. I heard my body rubbing on the sheets as I moved so it wasn`t my imagination, my skin was still sensitive the following  day.  Then it felt like my body was shooting at an incredible speed  backward the G force was incredible. A few minutes of this and I couldn`t take it anymore and I shouted "Enough! Enough I can`t take this anymore! This has to stop!" Then I stopped moving and slowly the lights began to slow in their progress and dissipated until there was a little glow at my abdomen.Then it faded. Full of sweat and understandably shaken , bewildered. I looked up at the figures again he said "Everything will be okay,......" Then they faded I felt an over whelming sense of peace  and exhaustion and I lay down and fell asleep.
The next day I felt like a new person, full of energy  and I felt relief and a sense of peace.  My take on the situation , after a conversation with a close friend, was that I was at a crossroads with my life and I didn`t want that part of me to "die" , but those friendly spirits helped me accept what was to be,...and it was okay. But as far as the shooting lights from my body are concerned I researched  enough to find that there is a name for what I went through,...Kundalini experience. If there is anyone out there whose had a similar experience. Please let me know so I know that my sanity isn`t questionable.

Lee Cemetary Haunting


My name is Travis  and I heard about Lee Cemetary from a couple of my friends, so I thought I might take a trip up there. I was in for more than I bargoned for. It was about 11:00PM and we all stepped out of our cars leaving them running as my friend that had been up there once before told us to do. We all started to walk around and nothing odd happened except for my sister throwing acorns at one of my friends and scaring the crap out of him. We decided to take a walk through the cemetary and as we came to the back gate where there is nothing but a minor dug up field and a forest. We were walking back as one of my friends said that one part of the forest was glowing, I didnt believe him until I looked and sure enough it was glowing.
Me and a couple of my friends went to the edge of the forest where it was glowing to check it out. It looked to be part of a foundation we started to walk towards it and then we all heard a girl scream and keep in mind no one lives behind Lee. I ran as fast as I could completly jumping the fence and went back to the car to catch my breath as everybody followed. Then we all decided to take a walk down the road a little ways, we got about 300 yds. down the road and this horrible smell like something rotting came apon us. We immediatlly turned around and walked back and the smell decided to tag along about 200yds. and then the smell was just gone.
Then the wierdest thing of all, the road seperates the cemetary from where the chuch used to be and on the cemetary side the fence was dripping wet with dew and on the church side the fence was completly dry and about 30 degrees less in temperature, and that is everything that happend when I was in Lee Cemetary located in Verona, MO.



Hello. I'm really not sure what this was, but maybe you know.
It was evening, my husband was in the shower and I was watching TV in the livingroom. Suddenly, from my periferal vision, I saw what I can only describe as a ball of light. It zoomed through the livingroom and dissapeared into the hallway. I thought that I had imagined it until I noticed the plant that it zoomed passed was moving as if someone had brushed up against it when walking past.
I found it kind of comforting because I had been thinking of my baby daughter who had passed on, and I thought maybe it was her spirit telling me that she lives on. Thanks.

Haunted Ford


It was some years back, The early 1980's my Grandfather
was shot and killed by his roommate up in Idaho.My father
and My Aunt's ex husband then my my uncle and his father
all took a trip up there a few months after this all hapened.
To go through his belongings and get all the legal stuff taken
care of.Well he had this old Ford P/U which became mine, but
all I know was as long as this truck stayed around in front of
my house wierd things happened.Like on the warmest of days
if that truck was in the driveway just a cold wind would come
through the door,and the bathroom curtains would move like
a wind whistling through except one thing the window was closed.
This went on for about 4 months when I sold the truck to a frends
friend I worked with at the time.And after that I never felt any more
of this strange phenomenon.I still say that truck was his pride
and joy and he haunted it

Great Granpa....


    These are 2 different stories about 2 different great grandfathers. It has occurred to me that over the years I have meet many people whom have great ghost stories, hence I fully believe in ghost. The two stories I would like to share are from my grandmother and my wife. The first of the two stories starts in Fredrick, Md. My grandmothers mother and sister lived side by side on a little one car street that my cousin Matt refers to as Mayberry. The houses were small but had an upstairs and were built long ago (I'm not sure how long ago, but they are old) Apparently my great grandfather whom I never meet died of an aneurysm. Not long after this my uncle Herman was sitting up late watching television. After he finished the news he turned off the T.V. and as he did he noticed a figure sitting in the opposite chair (Which was my Aunt Jones). He immediately sat down and sat with the figure. Apparently he new right away that this was his father in law and never became scared. Well this went on and on, night after night.
                    Well one night late after everyone went to sleep including Uncle Herman, he was shaken awake by my Aunt Joan. He ask her what was the problem and she told him that there was a man at the end of there bed. Uncle Herman replied that he was her father and went back to sleep. I guess because Aunt Joan got so upset that to my knowledge they have never seen the ghost again.
                    The second story is from my wife. And she will write her story right know here! I first saw a man in my minds eye when I was eight years of age.  It was around three in the morning and I was asleep.  I woke up with great fear and looked out my bedroom door.  There with my minds eye I saw a tall man 6 foot maybe just a little taller, he had silver hair and wore  a black suit with a white dress shirt.  I say I saw him with my minds eye because I could not see him as I could one of my brothers or sisters but I could see him.  I was so scared I could not move.  He came into my room through the open door and walked up to the foot of my bed.  My heart beat so fast I thought it would break.  When I got that scared the man moved backwards away from the bed.  Finally after what seemed like an eternity the gray hair man was just gone.   I ran down stairs to my parents bedroom door but would not go in.  This is the sad part of my true story,  I was more afraid of my parents than this man that work me in the middle of the night.    Both my parents were alcoholics.  My mother was mentally cruel and my father was physically mean.  I was not alone I have seven sisters and brothers.
                    This silver haired man came maybe twice a month in the night until I was thirty-two years old.  Everywhere I moved he was there.  I married and moved out of state, he was also there visiting me in the middle of the night and my fear of him was less but still there.  This went on for years and his visits were always in the night when everyone was asleep.  I would wake in the night with fear and he would come to visit me.  If I got to scared he would always back away.
                   After many years and two wonderful son's I felt it was time to leave my husband who had not worked in seven years but always had time to drink, take drugs and be cruel to our boys  and myself.  It was after this decision that my spirit came for the last time.  He came in the middle of the night again but this time I was not afraid.  He not only came to the foot of the bed but around to the side and kissed my forehead. I knew right then and there who he was.....he was my great grandfather O'Doud.  he died just before I was born.
                  After three or four years i went to my mother about this.  Please note at this time she was clean and sober for fifteen years. I told her about the many years of seeing who I think was great grandfather (her grandfather whom she knew very well). Mother got up,  went to the closet went through some boxes came back and has a picture of grandfather O'Doud.  It  was him.  All those years greatgrandfather was with me. "Why?"  I asked mother.  Because...........Great grandfather has nine children, he loved each and everyone but his favorite was Aunt Thelma.  I was told I look just like her, I act just like her, and I love life as much as she did.  Mother felt greatgrandfather was there all those years to help me through such bad times.
                    I no longer see greatgrandfather but my life is good now.  I have a wonderful husband who loves me for me and would never even say a mean word to me.  Mother says because I have john I no longer need grandfather.
                   let me leave you with this bit of info.   My son Chris who is like myself in many ways has seen grandpa O'doud from time to time.

Control The Feelings


           I found your web page, read your personal
story, and was deeply impressed with the courage you
showed in facing your problem. I wish I could tell you
that I had been as brave. While I was on my school's
trip to Greece, I had a disturbing experience. We were
on a tour of the country side and one of our sites was
the Tomb of Agammemnon. It was a huge grave cut into
the side of a hill. As soon as we approached it, I
began to feel uncomfortable. The tour guide told us
the history of the place and then said that we could
go inside if we wanted. I knew that there was no way
that I could do that. Even as the guide had been
talking, my feeling became stronger. It is so hard to
describe. I think of the words dread, unwelcome, etc.
The atmosphere was just suffocating. No one else
seemed to notice anything, so I just moved as far away
as I could and tried to focus on the beautiful scenery
around me. Even with my back to the tomb, I still felt
the pressure, and it was getting worse. I was really
beginning to panic and all I wanted was to get away. I
sank to the ground, pulled my knees to my chest, shut
my eyes and tried to tune out whatever was happening.
I don't know for how long, but I stayed like that
until one of my teachers came to check on me. I was so
turned into myself that I hadn't noticed him coming up
behind me, and I jumped, startling us both. When he
asked me what was wrong, I was too upset to really
explain, plus I wasn't sure how. I just kept repeating
that it was the place. He told me not to worry because
we were leaving soon, and then our other chaperone
walked me back to the bus. I will always be grateful
to them both for being so calm when I was practically
hysterical with fear. As soon as we departed from the
place, I was fine. I wish that I could say that it was
knowning that I was visiting a tomb that upset me so,
but I have been to other such places and have been
perfectly allright. Now, I am embarrassed by my
reaction, but this was the first time that I has ever
felt something this powerful. I am not sure if it was
a spirit, or if an event of the past had merely left
its imprint in the atmosphere.

Very True Story


This isn't an  experienced,its actually what my dad told me a true story
in the Philippines.The most famous story is called the "white lady."Very
few people saw her,they say she is pale as snow and her eyes are white.My
dad said that my uncle could see her walking down the street.My dad also
said that my uncle is able to see other things out of the ordinary.My
uncle saw a creature really evil.He said that the creature is in a form
of a tree kangaroo.They can't be seen in the wild because they are
owned.They were to be passed down or get rid of because the creatures
won't let the owner die.If you touch the owner,you may receive something
that you may not want it.He said in the Philippines,there are a lot of
scary experiences from there,like people could see dwarfs stealing
objects,but returns them the next day.

Information of a Haunting


I was hoping you could take some time to give me
some information about a possible haunting I may be
It started about four days ago when I woke up at about
3:00am.  I felt that there was a women standing on the
landing watching me.
 The next night I heard someone whisper my name.
Directly after the whisper my cat hissed and ran out of
my house.
 The night after that I was sitting on my chair and went
to pick up my lighter to have a cigerette and I found my
lighter to be missing.  I stood up and look on my chair ,
but it was not there.  I turned around for about five
seconds then turned back to find the lighter directly in
the middle of the chair.
Last night I went to bed thinking that I had no unusual
happenings for the first time for a few nights.  When I
awoke in the morning something did'nt feel right.  I
looked at my hand and saw all of my rings were gone.
I looked on the bed side cabinate and found them
neatly placed there. There is no way I would have taken
them off in the night as one of the rings will only come
of with great force.
I have found out today that my father in laws blood
pressure is up again for the first time after his heart
attack last year.  I thought that maby his father, who
past away last year, may be trying to let me know that
something was wrong.  He was a pratical joker who
would have found it very funny when hidding a lighter or
removing rings.

Summer Break


Hi.  My name is Ashley.  About 3 years ago, over summer break, I was laying
in my room listening to music and writing in my journal.  It was about 2:45
am and I was getting ready to call my boyfriend when I heard a tapping on the
window. And since it was summer, my curtains were open.  and when I look
over, this glowing hammer shaped thing was tapping on my window.  So I
half-scream/half gasp.  And ran out of my room into my older brothers room
who was in the room next to mine. I wake him up and tell him what was going
on.  He called me a Drama Queen and told me to get out of his room.  So I sat
in the kitchen for a while, then I decide to go look in my room. When I get
to my door, I stop because I hear a "clown laugh"  And me being deathly
scared of clowns, I freak out and go sit on my parents floor.  Then about 15
minutes later, I go back in my room and a tall figure walked past my window.
I don't really remember what happened after that.  But the next day I woke up
on my Mom and dad's floor. So I call my best friend to come over and we were
checking out my room.  and by my window, my Mom had grew some plants or
something and they were bent down like someone had stepped on them.  and then
over by my brothers window was a really big foot print that didn't match
anyone in my family's shoe

Something Haunted Me

 when I moved into my new house,about 8 months ago,i knew that no one has lived there in 7 years,but i didn't think it was haunted.
  1 nite,i was asleep and i was awakened by a knock @ my bedroom door.i didn't answer it cuz i was 2 sleepy to get up. it knocked again.i said"go away!stop knocking!!",or something of that knocked a 3rd time,then i answered.know one was there.i realized by every one's snores that they were sound asleep

I Have a Ghost


My name is Lauren and I live in Louisville, KY, and my house is haunted. It
all started when we bought the house. The couple we bought it from wouldn't
let us view what was in the shed or let us see in the fridge. They seemed
like extremely strange people. Within a week of our moving the girl of the
couple was in a horrible accident, leaving her in a full body cast. They man
was never to be heard from. They left all their clothes and some belongings
here. A couple months later, our dog was digging under the shed and found
large bones. We concluded it was either from a large animal or even a person.
We didn't think much of it till one night I rented some scary movies and my
friends and I decided to do a sayonce (spelling)? The next day, all out door
knobs broke. And my door to my room even fell off. Then slowly all our doors
stopped working. Most of them either can't be shut all the way, locked all
the way, or don't have a door knob. Then a couple months later, all the
phones broke. I'd say within a year we go through 10 phones. All breaking and
no apparent reason why. Then one night it all made sense. A couple of my
girlfriends and I were laying around watching movies that night. We decided
to go to sleep, so my friend and I laid down on the floor facing the hall
way. (Note: We live in a shotgun house so by sitting in the living room you
can see all the way down the hall.) There was a storm that night and when it
lightening it lights up the hall way. OK, so we were laying there, and it
lightening and we both saw this tall man standing at the end of the hall way.
He was tall and was largely built. No one else saw him that night. I told a
couple of people about it and told them if they see him let me know. The next
sighting was by my friend Josh. I was walking towards my room (which is where
we saw the ghost) and he said he saw someone following me so he went to see
who it was and when I turned around to talk to him, Josh said that person was
gone. Everyone who has stayed in my house has their own little story from
"him" handing my friend a pillow to helping another friend from falling off
the couch and hitting her head. He makes out garage door mess up and once he
even finished off some cokes we left on the table. I could go on forever with
little stories. I just wanted to share my own little ghost story with you. We
accept "Little Buddy" which is the nickname we gave our ghost to make him
seems less "scary". He just freaks us out some times. Thanks for letting me
share my story.

What's Happening???


well my story starts about 3 years ago, possibly 4. we have heard our bar
stools move, with no one near them who could have moved them. my dad has
heard doors open and shut with no one here but himself. let me tell you this
, my house was brand new when we moved in. my father was the contractor and
had it built for my mother. the lot was vacant for many many years. anyway it
has been here for about 5 years. lets go back to things i hear and see. me
and my family have heard closet doors open and slam shut. but whats so funny
is that my family hears the things as well as i do , but ive seen white
apparations that kind of dance some what around me. i was frightened at
first. i dont see them to where i can stare at them . its very quick. i see
them out the corner of my eyes. or some times  i will scan a room and see
something, but wont realize it until ive taken my eyes off of it, and its
already gone by the time i do a double take. but the real freaky shit is
this, sorry about the swearing. ill be ready for bed and have my lights off ,
my bed will shake, not a real jerky shake, but one to where i can feel it and
it stops me from sleeping. now comes the real deal i should say. my first
experiance of this happened in my best friends house about 4 years ago. i
woke up out of my sleep and was able to see but was unable  to move, speak,
and could hardly breathe. it was very frightening and still is to that
matter. since then it has happened maybe a total of 7 or 8 times. once when i
went on a trip to see my ex-boyfriend in new jersey. i thought i was being
possesed. i dont even know if thats what it was. im scared to walk in the
dark at my house. and i shouldnt have to be. these have increased some what
more in the past year or so. but i havnt had an "episode" recently. the last
one i could say was about 3 or 4 months ago. at one point i was sooo scared
that i was sleeping with my bible. i believe in god, and have faith in him.
it like this ghost or ghosts follow me. my last apparation was maybe 4 days
ago. i have asked if they wanted something from me. they dont show themselves
to me when i ask.  i just want help as to how to deal with them. maybe some
pointers as to why i get these so called "episodes". please help because i
would like to know how to control the episodes so they dont happen. PLEASE
write me back.

Hotel Tower


When I first arrived to Florida, I worked in the well known hotel that is
known to be haunted. This hotel during the war was a hospital which had a
morgue and a psychiatric ward. Well, I use to work in the food and beverage
dept. of this hotel and one day at work I had to deliver an amenity to a
guest who was staying in a special suite. To get to this particular suite
you had to take the stairs  because there was no elevator that went to that
floor. (I am going to describe the stairway to you: it took like those
stairway that lead to the dunges in those Robin Hood type movies.) When I
started going up the stairway I was a little scared because of the way that
it look but I thought everything is going to be o.k. just go deliver the
stuff and get back to the kitchen asap. Well, I dropped off the amenity and
on my way down I felt something real weird but I tried to brush it off. When
I got to the end of the stairs I could not open the door, mind you the door
was not locked because I was able to move the knob. It felt like if someone
was holding the door close on the other side. I was pushing the door but it
wouldn't open up. I remember my aunt telling me once that if you insult the
spirit by use the God's name that it will disappear because he is scared of
God. So me being the Latina that I am I started insulting it in Spanish and
in English (in case the ghost was bilingual!). At first it didn't work but
as soon as I started saying that God is going to be anger the door flew
open. I got out of the stairway quickly to see if maybe one of the guys that
I work with were paying a trick on me but I soon realize that there was no
one around. The distance between where I was standing and to the service
elevator was about 1 block away so I know that I would have seen someone if
that was the case and there are no little hallways that they could have hide
in so I know that what I had just experience was real. I ran to the service
elevator and headed back to the kitchen. I never went back to the tower and
I tried to always have someone with me when I had to walk the floors.



i am 15 years old and have have a ghostly incounter about 2 summers ago. I
was in my yard when i turned and looked i saw a young girl about my age dress
in a black cape, with long blonde hair, almost colonial, clothing, she walked
past me turned looked at he, went on and the vanished. The next night my wind
up jewlery box was opened playing in by room when i entered. I an an only
child and i did not open that box. I have not seen her since but many other
people have seen her. i also happen to live in a haunted area. Washington
stayed at an old inn next to us and there are many old ruins of mills, plus
there used to be trolly crashes many years ago. I just like to inform others
on this occrence. I feel honored to have that happened.

Paranormal Events


I've visited here many times.  I have had "paranormal" events happen many
times in my life.  I have always been open minded, but the one outstanding
witnessed event was when my Grandma in Texas died.  I live in Calif. but
went with my dad and brought my 18 month old son, because she was dying, after a
long battle with cancer.  I was her favorite grandchild and she asked to see
her great grandson, by the time my dad and I arrived, she had slipped into a
coma.  She was home having hospice care, my Grandpa, aunt and cousin were
with her.  Having a nursing background I had intended to ease her death and
see her once more.  When we were picked up at the airport in Texas, my aunt
said that my Grandma had been in a coma for at least 24 hours.  They thought we wouldn't make it to see her. This is what happened when I got to the house.  My grandpa was sitting in
The room talking to her, we always believe that our words could reach her.  He
picked up my son, and hugged him.  My son, wanted to see his "Amma", I went
in first, I was worried that the sight of her, hairless and so frail, would
scare him.  Then my son followed me, and ran up to her side of the bed.
"Amma, Amma" he said.  She opened her eyes and actually sat up with her arms
open and hugged him and said
"Oh I love you".  It was momentary, it was unexpected.  For the next few
days she was in and out of the coma-like condition.  Every morning my son would
run in and call her, "Amma, Amma", when she could swallow I fed her, when she couldn't
I crushed her meds up and found "other" ways to keep her out of pain.
For five days, we talked to her, we read to her, we talked around her...we
used a baby monitor to hear what was happening in the room where she slept.
The night of the fifth day, I could hear the "gurgling" sound, I used the patch hopice
had left to dry up the secretions so the rest of my family couldn't hear.  For the last
two days her temp soared to 106 or more, her body could no longer control
it.  I told my family that the time was soon.  We all would take turns telling
her that it was okay to let go, that we would take care of each other,
especially grandpa.  We urged her on the fifth day to go where there was no
more pain, to go where there was light not dark, to go yet be with us
 That night, she died.
I knew her time was immediate, I sent my grandpa in to be with her.  My dad,
myself, my aunt and my cousin were out on the patio (facing the living room
into the house), the door was open and we were listening to the moniter as
my grandpa told her it was okay and loving led her to freedom.  My son, slept
in the room across the hall.  We all heard my grandpa say, she's gone.  We sat
there in grief but belief that she was in a better place.  We didn't speak
but stared into the house.  As we watched in silence, a bright glowing ball
of light out from the hallway where my son slept and thru the livingroom as
we watched in awe, it was about shoulder height if you were standing in the
house.  Then it swept between my father and I, it was like seeing the
essence of Tinkerbell, but when it flew by or thru us we felt a warmth, a peace an
overwhelming love.  We all said, did you see that, feel that.  I knew
instantly who it was.  I checked on my son, who was sleeping with such a
sweet smile.  The next morning he ran into see her...."Amma, Amma" and saw
that the bed was empty and the linen was gone.  I told him that Amma flew
with the angels and wouldn't be sick anymore.
There was discussion between my cousin, aunt and I, my dad never believed
It took him a whole year before he brought it up.  He now believes.
There have been other events, but non so touching and moving and peacefully
awesome as this one.
So, I started to tell you how much I love your new "look" on the website and
ended up sharing a wonderful secret.  I DO love your site, I DO believe.
Thank you for listening, thank you for offering this kind of information on
your site.
Perhaps more will become believers. Perhaps more will recognize events in
their lives with the basis you have offered them.

Heres A Story For you!


      It all started in August of 2000, our parents were gone away on a vaction and we were home alone.  It was around 3 o'clock in the morning and we were sitting in our room just talking before we went to bed just like we do every night, and we started to hear something playing with our basement door.  All of a sudden the door started to shake.  We didn't think anything of it.  So then a few days later, this cop came to our door, I know that doesn't sound weird but it was 1 o'clock in the morning she asked for some Chad guy.  Ashleigh answered the door and said that there wasn't anyone here by that name and she was like are you sure, because he is involved in a murder.  Well the next day Ashleigh went to one of her friends who knew the people that lived here and she said there was never anyone here named Chad that she remembers living here.  Then a week after the first time, we heard the door shaking again, but this time we were on the computer.  Then all of a sudden our music in the basement turned on and really really loud, then it just stopped.  Then we heard books fall on the floor up stairs, and our parents door slam.  The same night the phone rang and the person on the other end of the phone was only breathing heavily and then hung up.  That happened 2 or 3 times that night.  All of this happened for the rest of the summer, and then stopped.  We are just waiting to see what happens this summer, we'll keep you posted.

Here is my true story!


    Hi my name is Tony , I live in  Connecticut. I lived in a haunted house,   when I was 8 years old My father baught the house from a woman. She was about 55 yrs. old. Her and her husband lived in the house alone for 22 years. When we first talked to Mrs. Starace she said her husband comes to her every night and stands at the foot of her bed. We were like yeah ...ok! We payed no attention to it. The very night we moved in we went out for fast food. We came back home and different lights were turned on than the ones we left on. We payed no attention to it again. 3 nights later I fell asleep in the tv room, my mother brought me upstairs to the refinished attick, this was my room, this is where her husband died. I was awake at the time she layed me on my bed. Then the door slammed behind her and it was pitch black. Pitch black and 8 years old don't mix so I froze. Then there was a very loud bang. I flew up out of bed and broke through the child protecting stair gate and went straight into my parents room. Guess parents were sleeping, it wasn't my mother who brought me upstairs.  My father went upstairs after i woke him up and found a picture of my family that WAS downstairs, in the middle of my floor face down with no broken glass. Now my father is getting pissed. Another night the three of us were sleeping in the tv room. I woke up and playboy was on tv. So i started watching it. Come on I was eight. Anyway as i'm watching it and a shadow walks ok? walks into the doorway and stands there. It was tall and black with no hands and no feet with overalls and a hat. I woke my mother up and she freaked out. It just stood there with no movement at all. She covered me up for like 30 seconds or so crying and then it wasn't there anymore. I know man i still get chills too and i had to live through it. There were so many things that happened but it would take me 4 ever to tell you everything. The last night we were in the house me, my father, my mother and her sister were in the kitchen. My mother's back was facing the stove which had cabinets above it. I was playing with my Sweet Pickles animal cards on the floor. All of a sudden the cabbinet above the stove opened and a cup that had pens, pencils, rulers etc. fell over and a pair of scissors flew out of the cup and landed in the back of her chair and stuck there. That takes some power. We moved out the next day and guess who bought the house.... She said "I guess he just doesn't want me to go." This is a 100% true story no lies. I just wanted to share it with you.

My Scariest Encounter


however i had to email you and tell you of the most scariest encounter
ive ever had ( the only one ive ever had) it was fall of this year last
(2000) ive lived here in bismarck, nd all my life and have never had any
knd of thing like this ever happen to me, my wife and i had gotten into
an argument, and to settle down i went for a drive bringing along our
pomeranian (kimmy) well by the time i was over 3 blocks realized i didnt
have much gas in my car to be driving around, and leaving in such a
hurry didnt bring my wallet, so i decided to park somewhere, and watch
the leaves fall, anyway, it was day time about 4 pm to be exzact, so
decided to park in the (fairview cemetary) it was quiet and has
beautiful, maple and oak trees in it, so it was a little chilly out so
just sat in the car, smoked some ciggerettes, and pet the dog, wellthere
was no one at all in sight when kimmy (the pom) started freaking out,
she jumped into my hatch back looked out the window, just growling and
like i said freaking out,which she only does if she sees some one
walking or somethig so i kinda turned my head to see if i could see
anyone, and no there was noone in sight not even a parked car, so i
tried to settle her down a little, when i happened to glance out my
drivers side mirror, to see a lady about 40 feet from my car, so i
figured "okay this was who kimmy was barking at" i noticed she was
walking more to the drivers side of the car as she approached, so i
rolled down my window figuring shes walk right by my window, and yes she
did so i said "hello" she turned her head and for a second looked at me
but didnt say anything, it took about 2 seconds for me to realize that
when she looked at me her eyes were completly black, the whites of her
eyes and everything nothing but the color black, is soon as it hit me i
looked up and she was gone totally out of sight, i flipped out i must
have gone 40 mph out of that cemetary, screaming shaking and bawling,
ive never been more terrified in my life and to this day avoid driving
by that cemetary even if it means going blocks out of my way to get
somewhere, i havent and never will step foot in that graveyard again,
the brief moment that i saw her the only way i can describe what she
looked like ( as if the black eyes wernt enough) she kinda looked like "
janet wood" from threes company" anyway thats my story, if anyone else
has had similar experiences lke that please email me at

Haunting Experience


My name is Lisa and I am a young professional living in Boston, Mass.  I
moved into my apartment in September and immediately felt uncomfortable
whenever I was in the bathroom, especially when I had my back to the door or
my eyes closed.  I just felt as if there was someone standing behind me in
the doorway.  However, I just ignored this feeling.
This past weekend my boyfriend was sleeping over and he had a series of
disturbing dreams.  At one point he woke up shouting "he's dead!"  I was
startled, but soon went back to sleep.  In the morning he said that in one
dream he was being beaten violently by a ghost.  This was all he said at the
time, but was pretty shaken up by it for the rest of the day.  Then, just
last night i felt a strong presence when i was brushing my teeth and washing
up in the bathroom.  I had difficulty falling asleep because the side of my
face itched, as if someone was breathing on it.  (also, my two kittens who
usually sleep with me would not come into the bed).  Finally i spoke to the
presence firmly, saying "please get out of my room so my kittens will come
to bed."  At that moment I felt the presence leave and my kittens jumped
into bed (without any signal from me).  When I told my boyfriend about my
experience, I described the presence as an older man, unfriendly but not
really scary.  He reminded me of his dream, and agreed that the ghost was an
older male.  He said "it started with me standing up from the bed and
blocking shots from the ghost.  Then he knocked me down into the corner of
the room by the closet, he had me trapped there and just kept hitting me."
It just seems all too coincidental and all too invasive to ignore any longer

Many Experiences

By; Unknown
      There have been so many experiences that I really don't know where to start.I have tried to explain them away but it seems that I cannot find reasons for all of them.I guess I will start with the first time I seen something.
       In 1972 my brother got a ouija board for his birthday.We invited a friend and went to the basement to try it out.We lit candles and sat around the board and started asking questions.The pointer moved easily and we had great fun using the board.We "talked" to a spirit of a man hanged for killing his wife.He told us that I looked like his wife and I thought that it was "cool".We took turns asking questions and at one point I looked up from the board and saw a shadow of a man standing by the stairway.I pointed and my brother saw it too.We blew out the candles and ran upstairs.Soon after I started feeling something "sit" on my bed at night.I would look up thinking it was my mother and nobody would be there.I thought I was crazy so I invited a friend to spend the night and she felt it too.We never saw anyone or anything but the bed would have an indentation as if someone was sitting on it.This lasted until 1974 when I got married.
      One time I was doing the laundry and I heard my named called.I was home alone.Another time I was doing laundry and something patted my back several times.My children were all in the livingroom watching tv.
      Over the last few years we have seen "shadows".Vague outlines of a man in our kitchen and diningroom.
      Over the years there have been many times when things would be moved from the spot it was placed.Things would fall on the floor when no one was near them.Our front door will open on its own,no one near it and no wind blowing.The bathroom door will creek open and then closed.I have heard someone call my name when I am the only one home.I have been "touched" when I am the only one home.My daughter has heard and felt the same things.She has been upstairs alone and called down asking me what I wanted and I didn't call her.My husband and I will be sitting on the couch and suddenly we both are cold and shivering while our children are on the other side of the same room are warm,or they will be cold and we will be fine.All of us have seen shadows where there shouldn't be any.Our cat chases unseen things and meows at nothing.
      During the hoilday season (Thanksgiving through New Years) these strange things happen most often.



When I was pregnant with my son Kevin I had taken a bad fall and had a
bump on my head and both of my eyes were swelled shut.I went to the er
and was released after finding out everything was o.k. with my son.The
Dr. told my husband  to watch me and make sure that I didn't fall
asleep.Needless to say he fell asleep and so did I.I woke up a couple of
times and I saw my grandparents one time then I saw this little girl
with blond hair. When I saw my grandparents they were at the foot of my
bed and my grandfather had his green work pants on that he always wore
along with his flannel shirt and suspenders.My grandmother had on her
yellow pant suit on that my mother had her laid to rest in along with
her pin that she always wore on her collar.I was very small when my
grandparents passed away.It was as if they were there to tell me that
everything was o.k. and that I was going to be o.k. and so was my
baby.The little girl I saw I have no idea who she was.All I know was
that she was a very pretty little girl with long blond hair and this
bright light around her falling around her golden hair and
shoulders.After that night I never saw them again.Wish I knew who the
little girl was.
I'm glad that there are people in this world that have the same kind of
experiences that I have had and that I'm not totally crazy.

Grandmas Ghost


Okay I feel a ltttle odd writing about this but I am curious!
My grandmother passed away about 21 years ago. Since
about a week after her death I have felt and even seen
strange things that I have come to call Grandma's ghost.
The first experience was seeing her in the kitchen, sort of
out of the corner of my eye. I really only see her as if she has
walked by, I see the side or back of her head or polka dot dress.
Usually when I see this I also feel sort of a wind go past me.
There have been times that I have gone past the bathroom and
found the faucet running in the bathroom.(At first, in the house
we lived in when she passed away) I would shut it off and leave
the room, the next time I'd go by I'd find it on again. This happened
quite a few times. Finally, I said okay Grandma stop turning the
water on stopped!
We moved to another house about 9 years ago, I still see her and
feel her usually in the basement (where I keep her china cabinet
and china as she left it) though the water incident has only happened
once here while I was in the shower. I turned it off and it stayed off.
Once while watching t.v. I seen her out of the corner of my eye in
the dining room in the polka dot dress. No one else did and there were
three others there.
Recently my husband has been working in the basement or on the
computer and says that he feels like someone is watching him. I asked
if he has felt something cold around him. He says he has...I then told him
possibly next he will feel his hair move as I have twice. He is very uncom-
fortable with that. I tell him it's okay it's only Grandma but I guess since
he never met her it scares him...I'm not frightened because I am convinced that
it is my beloved grandma...but how can I be sure!!

Many Ghost


hi  ive had alot of ghost exiperenes   it sarted when i was  about 14.  we lived in a 3 bdr house , i lived with my mama my papa was dead.  welive in la.i always stayed up late wacthing mtv.  on this one night my mama was asleep and my unlce who live with us allso a sleep.frist thing i heard were someone walking from my room to my uncles  so i got up and looked around i did not see nothing and everyone was still i blow it off ,ithappen again afew mintunes later again i checked
again nothing so iwent back to waching tv.a few minutes later i seen a imprint on the sofa as if someone was sitting there. so i got up and went to my mama room and told her   she said it was our ghost to go to sleep. needless to say i did not go to sleep. later she told me it was not my papas ghost because it was there when they bought the house.
next time i expiensed a ghost was  whan i was 15 i still lived with mama but we sold our house and move to mississippi.we rent a3 bdr house   and frist thing that happan was my dog sandy would bark all the time at nothing . 2nd thing things would disapere ,my uncle who was 35 a the time would not sleep in his on room he slept in mamas room i did to. we would go to ls for avist and things we placed some where would be in there onilly place when we got back .  the tolet papper would unrool it self  while useing the bathroom.    this man told my mama that the landlords could not keep the place rented becouse it was haunted.after that i, moved in with my mom  and married at 18  idid not hear or see anything until i was 23  me and my husband had to move in with my mamawho still lives in ms but at adiffunt placeshe rents a5 brd house now  u can here somthing knock on windows and doors me my husband and my brother heard it if u sit in the dinning room u get cold chills ifeeel something in the room buy the dinning room so i quit going in there  u can also here foot steps.i have a4yr old one night i sent him n the kicthen to put somthing up  a few minutes later he came back screeming wecalmed him down and he said he seen a ghost.he was trying to climb on the icebox and a women figure told him to get down.the new house my mama just rented  my son want even go over there without us  he says theres aghost there.
i would like to know if maybe something is following my mama around. and alsoif my son can see ghost ?thank you lilly.   please let me know this raelly scared me.



unlike most people, my  family didn't try to convince me that ghosts were
unreal or fake.  my grandmother told many stories of her encounters, and
consequently  my mind was  open to the subject.
throughout my life, i  have  been  able  to  "feel"  certain  things.   to
sense   a  happening   before  it  actually  occurs.  i  welcome  these
feelings.  i  don't   fear them.   they   are  just   part of me.   as  a
child   i  (along with my mother and sister) experienced   a  ghostly
encounter.   we   were   at  my  grandmother's  house  using  her   sewing
machine.    my  grandparents  were   away  on   a  trip.   our  family  dog
was  also with us.   the   dog   became  alarmed   .....she  walked into  the
hall and  began  growling.   as   we  listened  we  heard the  distant  sound
 of   footstep.....of  someone walking   with   a  cane.  (my  great
grandfather  had  died  recently, and  he   used  a  cane.)    the  steps
continued  down  the hall....towards  us.    the  dog.....began  barking
frantically.   she  ran  from  the hallway  with  her  hair  standing on
end.  she  pushed the  screen door  open  and   ran  back   to  our  house.
 we   were   so alarmed   we   soon followed.   my twin  sister and  i  have
also  heard   footstep  of  our   grandfather  and  father.    we   no longer
 fear these

Ghost in the Mirror


when my son was 9, his aunt and uncle were expecting a baby. they were
preparing a room in the upstairs of their home as a nursery. my son was upset
about them putting the baby in that room. when i asked him why, he said, "
because there are people in the mirror"! I asked him to tell me about it. He
said that when he and his dad were taking a nap one day in that room,{his dad
died when he was 5,} he sat up and he saw 2 people looking at him from the
mirror and other people in the background standing around looking like they
were talking to each other. well, naturally i got chills but i asked him to
describe the 2 people looking at him. he said that there was a pretty lady
with long dark hair and an old man who wore glasses and was bald, then he
said "i think there was something wrong with the old mans legs because he had
wooden shoes" His aunt died 4-5 years before he was born and she had long
dark hair. His great grandfather died 10 or more years before that and he
knew nothing about him. he had desribed both of them . his grandfather had
his legs amputated due to diabetes and had wooden legs! He also told me that
the fire in the fireplace was on in the mirror but there was no fire in the
fireplace in the room. I asked him what he did when he saw that and he said"
i didnt do anything, i just went back to sleep with dad"!  I believe my son
had a visitation by dead relatives . he said he wasnt scared but hasnt had
any more experiences like that. what do you think?  im wondering if his aunt
and uncle were not planning to put their baby in that room, he might not
never have told me, but he didnt want the mirror to scare the baby. I told
his uncle about my son's experience and he told me it was bull----. But he
still threw away the mirror!!!

Ghostly Touches


Seems like everybody has a ghost story.  Here is mine, and who knows how its
going to end up?  (we still live here)
My husband and I bought our first townhouse 2 years ago.  It is actually #13
who knows if that has anything to do with it.  Things started as I noticed
when I was up alone at night I would feel a heavy presence.  It was like
someone was standing right behind me staring at the back of my head.  Made
the hair on my neck stand up.  Generally I would run upstairs and bolt into
the bedroom and hide under the covers.  I didn't tell my husband about it
because I felt it was the product of an overactive imagination.  So every now
and then I'd get this feeling and it did feel like the thing chased me too
when I ran up the stairs.  I chuckled to myself in the morning on what an
idiot I was.
Then I felt something touching me at night.  Typically, I would be alone with
my husband staying up late downstairs,  I would be just falling off to sleep
and I would feel a something rub gently up on my calf.  I figured it was the
cat and when I looked, no cat.  I thought okay, just the covers moving or
settling.  But it happened fairly regularly and it was a significant
pressure, I couldn't really explain it off.  When it would happen I would lie
still and without looking try to say, okay is this the just covers, but I
wasn't crazy, something was definitely touching me but when I looked -
Then one day (yes who'd guess, during the day) I was bent over drying my hair
and I was definitely finger poked in the center of my back.  I leaned up and
looked behind me to see what my husband wanted, but nobody was there.
I haven't really seen anything, the odd thing out of the corner of your eye,
a flash of movement, when I look of course there is nothing there, so I can't
say I've seen anything.  As for hearing things, not really.  Sometimes it
sounds like movement down our hallway upstairs but nothing significant.
The temperature  I noticed is odd.  The house will be warm downstairs and
frigid upstairs.  Or all of a sudden it gets very cold.  So who knows.
If there is a ghost here let me be the first to say that I would die of
embarrassment if I knew a person in the spirit was hanging around watching
you and seeing everything about you including the times when you're a jerk.
Of note, though I did not mention this to my Aunt prior to her coming here to
visit the first time, I noticed she kept looking at the stairs and I would
look too.  I asked what she was looking at she said nothing but that she
didn't like our stairs and after digging a bit more she confessed that she
didn't like our new place - it scared her, she felt a presence and especially
didn't like the stairs.

Collection of Experiences



Story #1: The Peppermint Ghost

Back in 1991, I lived in an old brownstone apartment building in the South
End of Boston. These buildings are usually 100's of years old and have
history attached to them. I was a 21 yr. old girl who was just starting a
career in cosmetology, and had found the apartment through the receptionist
who I worked with at the shop, who needed a roommate. The apartment was huge,
at least 4 bedrooms on the bottom floor, and one huge attic room with a
beamed ceiling, which became my area of living. It was a nice, inviting place
that had a benevolent air about it, as if it was just a good place to be.

One my first night there, my new roommate and I sat on the top of the stairs
that led to my attic room. We are both good hearted people, and we enjoyed
each others company very much as we held a rather nice conversation. As we
were speaking, an overwhelming scent of peppermint surrounded us. We weren't
eating candy, and none of the roommates downstairs were home, so no candles
or incense was lit. Also, we were so high up that no scent from the
apartments below us could emanate through the floors. My roommate, Faith,
smiled and told me it was the ghost. Whatever it was, it decided to sit right
next to me, because to my left side I could smell nothing but peppermint. In
a minute it was gone, but only to move about to sit next to roommate. The
scent was very solid and did not drift about the room, it only stayed in its
own little section, and you could not smell anything else around it. But when
it moved, it was as if a very distinct presence was around you, wearing a
peppermint perfume.

During the time I lived there, The Peppermint Ghost would sneak up behind me
and just hang out for a bit, only to vanish. I got the feeling that it was a
very happy, cheerful personality, and it made my stay enjoyable.
Story #2: The Blue Light
Sometime in the mid 1990s I was invited to partake in a tour of an actual
haunted house in Weymouth, MA. I went with two friends who fancied themselves
as wiccan, and knowledgeable of the occult. I am an open-minded person by all
means, but also very rational, and will only believe what I see for myself.
So I went to this house with a healthy dose of skepticism.
The house was an average house, perhaps built in the 40's or 50's, inhabited
by a father and his 20 yr. old daughter. They were very average people with
no real idiosyncrasies or love of fancy stories. It was a 2 family, and the
supposed hauntings were so bad that they moved all of their belongings to the
top floor, and never went into the bottom floor, which was the epicenter of
the hauntings. They complained of faces coming out at them from the dark,
temperature changes from cold to hot, and the channels on the TV switching or
the screen losing reception. They also complained of a general, malevolent
presence in the house, and also of voices and other unpleasant occurrences.
They believed their were multiple ghosts, and most weren't very nice.
Upon entering the house, I did not feel anything out of the ordinary, except
for an unease and tension. My two friends and I went downstairs to the
supposed hotbed of supernatural activity. It was small, cold, and with no
furniture. My friends took it upon themselves to hold a seance in one of the
rooms, so they lit a candle and tried to converse with the spirits there.
They did not get any response, so they started to provoke the spirits out, by
using idle threats and insults. This was no way to talk to anyone, dead or
alive, is what I thought, so I decided to visit another room. The room I went
to was very dark, with the only light source coming from the hall outside.
The only window was small and had a shade pulled down. I did not feel any bad
feelings so far, so I talked out loud to whatever could be in the room beside
myself. I told "it" that I wanted to know if it was there, and that I would
not hurt it, that I just wanted to know if it was really there. Suddenly in
came a small, bright, clear blue light, that shined itself on the wall in
front of me. Curious, I looked around for an obvious light source it could
logically come from, but I couldn't. I was moving about a bit and had on many
silver rings, and noticed that the light on the wall followed exactly the
movements of my hands, as if the hall light shined onto my rings and casted a
reflection. I could not explain why it was such a vibrant blue in this dark
room, but I moved my hands more and watched the light follow. Satisfied that
it was just a reflection, I dropped my hands still by my sides, only to see
the blue light grow more animated on the wall. It almost danced there, flying
about in circles of increasing speed. Excited, I tried to call my friends in
too see it, but once they came in, the blue light vanished.
To me, the blue light reminded me of a mischievous boy, not anything evil or
mean. To those reading this story, I offer some advice...don't do a seance
unless you are very experienced, and do not treat spirits with disrespect.
After all, they are people who have merely passed on to another plane. And if
what you are dealing with has bad intentions, disrespect will only irritate
them further.



Hi i'm from the north west of England and I would like to share my
experiences. It first started when I was about 10 years old maybe younger.
My granddad would come round to baby-sit when my mum and dad went out. I
would go into the kitchen to get something to eat and I would notice in the
corner of my eye someone stood on the stairs watching me. I was not the only
person who noticed this happening as my cousin noticed someone stood near
her in the back room. Then when I was about 11-12 I noticed in my back room
one day someone was sat next to me on my bed. When I looked in the corner of
my eye I noticed it was a woman wearing a a red jumper and black leggings.
When I described her to my mum she could not believe it as the woman
described was her mum (my nanna) who died when my mum was 10 years old.  Now
some times when I dream of her,and in my dreams I talk to her.
My most scary excperince was last year. I suffer from astma, and one day I
had a really bad cold which spred to my chest and made my breathing bad. I
was in bed fast a sleep about 12.30am I suddenly woke up. As I sat up I
looked in the corner of my room near the window and I saw what it looked
like a person stood there in a black figure. I lay back down a bit scared
but felling I could not be bothered with it and put my quilt over my head.
As I started to fall back a sleep my breathing started to slow down as I was
ill. All of a sudden it felt like the person stood watching me lay on top of
me and started to go through me. It made me open my eyes wide and let out a
big scream. My mum was down staris at the time and didn't hear a thing. When
i discussed with her she said it could of been my nanna trying to keep me a
wake before I fell into a deep sleep and stop breathing. This is what I now
belive which makes me not scared any more.
What is also weired when i go to peoples house I can tell if people have
ghost because of the feelings I get. I know I'm not daft as I can describe
ghost that people have already seen in there homes.



My family and I had been out to a restaurant in the city (Melbourne,
Australia). On the way home we went down a deserted, back street in the
suburb of Brooklyn. As we were driving, we noticed an elderly lady in
the gutter with her arm raised as though she needed assistance. We drove
past about 10 meters (30 feet) and suddenly stopped in order to offer
help. Upon reaching the exact spot of seeing the lady, she had vanished.
We drove around the area for about 10 minutes with finding her. No
elderly person could have possibly moved that fast from a lying down
position. In addition, 6 people could not have imagined the same
apparition. Totally freaked out, we speed home. Upon talking to a friend
who is a resident of the street, we were informed that that particular
area is predominantly senior citizens, with ambulances constantly
collecting elderly people who have died in their homes.

Nothing Was There


i have a ghost story and it is true and i know because
it happand to me.when i was 8 i heard a whisper in the
basement and i was home ALONE and got very scared i
went down stairs to see what was going on when i saw
....................NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!so i ent
upstairs and it was halloween and we had one of those
screaming matts were you step on it and it screams i
was watching tv and it started screaming like
crazy!then i almost s**t in my pance.then i went
outside and pleaded to jesus or mom to come home and
she did then when we were coming in we heard steps
then we decided it was time to move.i never saw
somthing like that again and i hope to never see it

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