By: Kisses3506@aol.com

I would like to share with you some things that happened to me when I was
younger living in my parents home. Im not sure if it would be trully
considered a "haunting" but I believe that there was some sort of spirit
activity in that house and after a breif stay in that house in recent months
I still believe that there is somthing in that house.
When I was about 5 years old my mother, father and I moved into a house that
we had built. The area was wooded and had never been developed in recent
history. We had to clear out the trees to build there.
I dont remeber much about my younger child hood in that home. Everything was
pretty normal. The only thing I remeber was this feeling of never being
alone. No matter what I always felt like there was another presence with me,
as a child I remeber that at night I would sleep with a nigth light and the
covers over my head because I felt some one was watching me and I was scared
I would wake up and see them.
As I grew up this sense of being watched never left me. As a teen a few
things happened to me that scared me terribly. One of the things that
bothered me was the way my pets acted especially in my room. My cat would sit
on my bed and stare up at the ceiling as if she was watching somthing move
around my room, however there was nothing ever there. Both my dog and cats
where also often drawn for some reason to the celler door. One day while baby
sitting a couple neighbors children my 2 cats and my 2 dogs all sat at the
celler door just staring at it. No one was down there and there was no way
anything could have gotten down there from outside. I had this sudden sense
of panic come over me and the kids did also. SOmthing about the way the
animals where acting just was not right. I took the children and ran from the
house to my grand mothers down the road and my grandfather came to my house
and found nothing in the house.
Another incedent happened one night when I was having a sleep over with a
couple friends. We had stayed up late and where lying there talking in the
dark. For some reason I looked over at the window and when I did I saw what
looked like the image of a face, just the face though no body. The face was
kind of white and blurry. I  asked my friend if she could see it also but
when she looked it was gone. We all got scared and decided it was time to
cover up and go to sleep FAST!
My last and final and most disturbing incedent I can recall happened when I
was about 16. My friend (who was living with me at the time) was on the
telephone in another room with her boyfriend. I was standing near my dresser
doing my hair. Suddenly this white thing flew past me. I could feel the air
near me move and it felt like the object touched me. I turned to look and see
what my friend had thrown at me but she was still in the other room on the
phone.  I looked all over to find what se had thrown but I could find nothing
that would even slightly resemble what I saw. I asked her if she had thrown
anything at me and she said no. I beleieved her and we both got very nervous.
Another thing that happened to me was things would just apear or fall from
no where. Usually small odd things like coins, screws, little chips of wood,
and other small things. It seemed like they would usually just fall from
above. And no there was no place for them to come from. I would also find
small things in my room moved from where I kept them.
After the thing flew by my head I became very upset and that is when I
talked to my mother about it. My mother was a very dedicated christian and
she told me to remove anything from my room that I thought had bad spirits
connected to it and she and anotehr very religious woman brought a bible in
my room and prayed over it that the spirits would leave and let me have
peace. It seemed like it worked a little but I still never had an easy
feelign as long as I was in that house. I returned to live at  my moms house
this past fall and the house still had a creepy uneasy feeling to it. I still
had that feeling of not being alone in that house.
So I dont know if this is all coinsidence, a young mind playing tricks or
somthing else, but to me it was some sort of spirit at work. Thank you for
listening to my story.

Window Monsters

By: LGodzilla1@aol.com

I'll say my name is "J" for now;I am ten years old and my mom is typing this
for me.
A few months ago I was in bed supposedly sleeping, when I heard a very,very
light tapping on my window;My windows face the front porch of our home so I
hear a lot of things happening at night.  Anyway,I heard the light tapping,so
I just ignored it for a while since I thought it was maybe a branch from the
tree in our front yard.  A little
while later I heard knocking on my windowl. I looked outside (again) to see
if it was a branch from the tree but the tree branches were blowing in the
opposite direction.
So, I went back to bed and tried to go to sleep again when I heard even
louder and harder knocking on my window.  This time I just ignored it and
tried to go to sleep.
Then I heard a light pounding on my window.  Now I was really scared,but I
did not get out of bed to tell my mom (She would just say it was the wind)I
stayed in bed,
ignored it the best I could and finally fell asleep.  I did not sleep very
well needless to say until I heard my daddy come home from work. So,this is
my story.Anybody want to offer any suggestions/comments??Thanks for listening.


By: Twistedcndycane@aol.com

I live in an old house and I used to be home alone and hear voices and
whispering down stairs and then this happend a few months ago. I was sitting
in my room and my cat was walking in when I notice he stopped and stared at a
corner. He started to back up and wouldn't go past the corner. When I went to
pick him up and bring him into my room he freaked out. Days after  he would
still stare at the corner and run into my room quickly.
On day I home from school and sat on my bed. I asked for a sign from the
ghost, that it was still there. I then heard a loud thud like some banged on
the wall so I called my friend. While I was talking to her I was walking down
the stairs. On the wall there was a muddy child's hand print. It was a
perfect print (not smudged or anything). I was told my friend I would call
her back and washed the handprint off the wall. Later I tried bringing my cat
into my room and he started freaking out again and when I put him down he
stared at the corner. I sat on my bed again and said aloud, "If you are still
here, and I think you are, please stop scaring my cat!" the next day my cat
walked in and out of my room ignoring the corner.
Since then I haven't seen  or heard anything from the ghost since.

When I was a Child

By: Dreemweever@aol.com

I lived in this apartment house (we owned) and lived on the second floor. I
always had a very uncomfortable feeling in this house and still do to this
day when I drive by.
When I was a child and I would be asleep I would feel someone tap me on my
shoulder and it would awaken me. This went on for years. I didn't let it
bother me until I got older. I decided one night after it stopped happening
for a while that if it happened again I would wake up quickly and look to see
who it was. I had a feeling it would be my brother playing a joke on me, it
I felt that tapping and turned around very quickly to see an energy field of
a night in armor. Just standing there looking at me.
That energy field (I didn't know that was what it was until recently) stayed
there in front of me for about 3 minutes then slowly evaporated.
I wasn't afraid at all. After that it stopped happening.
More things happened in that house. That's the only story I would like to
share for now. I have many more.

What do you Think?

By: alexxross@juno.com

        My wife and I went to visit my father-in-law at this house in
Valrico, Florida.  We stayed the night in one of his guest rooms.  In the
middle of the night, while I was sleeping, I felt the pressure on someone
next to me at the edge of the bed and felt a hand stroke my head.  I
didn't get scared because I figured it was my wife that maybe couldn't
sleep.  I woke up while this was happening so I know I was not dreaming.
The door of the bedroom was locked. I was very aware of my surrounings
since I am a very light sleeper.  Turning over I saw that my wife was
still sound asleep who on the contrary is a heavy sleeper.  I then got
scared and put the covers over my head and waited until I fell asleep.
The next day we asked my wife's father if anyone had died in the house
and he said it was a brand new house and they were the first people to
live there.  This is my first experience of anything like this.  When I
was younger, I would always have to cover my ears when in a dark area of
any house that I am in because I would truly sense fear that something
was arround me or following me.


By: JWillieBobbie@gateway.net

      I was sitting i my cousins living room with her and my brother. Then
from 1:00am to 2:00am their you can see blood coming of the roof when it
rained. That was the summer of 2000. Some stuff started to happen around July
1and didnt end until i left from down their. While i was staying their strang
things started to happen like people walking by her bed room window with
picht forks . We would be sitting in the room that her mother died in and
lite candles. Then we would ask a quistion like "who dad was going to die
first and the candles pointed to eaither her or me. Then we went back into
the living room amd brought the lit candles with me. We sat the candles on
the intertainment center and my brother he started to drown stickfigures on
one of the RED candles we told him not to but he didnt listen so now he is
paying for it. A few weeks before i left you can hear people from when the
CIVIL WAR sceam for help guns going of and when you leave the house you can
see people walk down the raod that you can only see.

Figure in the Picture

By: ambergodin@hotmail.com

you may find this hard to believe,but my friend and i were taking pictures of our goofy selves at my great grandmas house. we are 14 years old so we are pretty goofy and decied to go in the attic. my great grams attic is a little square door on the ceiling with a latch you need a broom to pull on,and a little folding wooden ladder pops out. anyways. we climbed up,and i always loved my grams attic,i loved climbing up into it. it was something to do! so we went up and took a nice picture of us in front of a pitch dark room for the heck of it.   A few days later,we had them developed.....
 and what we saw on this picture still today makes me shiver.
       well,lets see,we were lookig at the pics and finally got to the one with us in the attic. to our horror,a strange outline with a huge grin and beady eyes was in the picture emerging from the pitch dark room.oh my god! i was so terrified when i saw its freaky face!still. i will never go in the attic again because of..that thing..that figure in the picture coming behind me and my friend.in fact the pic was true evidence to people about the monster. my gram saw it and moved out instantly! i am not kidding. we also ruined the picture becaues  me and my friend believed it had a curse on it!

Townhouse Spirit

By: Jewelrylady540@cs.com

It's September, 1990, my husband and I had only been married a year, and he
was out of town on business.  We lived in a townhouse and had just gotten a
new puppy to keep me company while he was gone.  I was in our kitchen making
some muffins and Beau was in there with me, when I heard this
"booonnnnngggggg" on my piano down the hall.  A little nervous, I peeked
around the corner to see what it was and Beau started to bark.  I didn't see
anything, so I just kind of blew it off and thought to myself that some
little knick knack had fallen off the top of the piano.  I dismissed it for a
while, but after walking down the hall later, I noticed that nothing had
fallen off.  Also, if something had fallen, it would have hit more than one
resounding note, right?  Nothing else happened that night.
About a week later, my husband was home from a trip and we had gone to bed.
About 3:00 am, he comes straight across me and points to our bedroom door and
says, "Who are you?"  Needless to say, I was frightened!!  I asked him what
he was talking about and he said that he had seen a woman in a blue dress
with blonde hair standing in our doorway.  He said he thought that maybe he
was dreaming.
Throughout the next few weeks, our dog, Beau, would be sleeping and would
suddenly wake up and go stand at the hallway and just bark and the hair on
the back of his neck would stand straight up.  We would get up and go down
the hall and try to get him to come down there, but he never would.  A little
spooky to say the least.
Here's where it gets a little wierd.....in October of 1990, my husband and I
were out at this bar that a friend of our had opened up.  While sitting
there, Andy introduced us to his partner, Roy.  Well, Roy and I started
talking and he looked at me and said, "You kissed the moose."  (This is a
whole other story, but in fact, on spring break while in college, I had
actually had to kiss this stuffed moose on the wall in front of this whole
bar!!).  I looked at Roy and said, "What?"  He repeated himself and I asked
how he knew about that.  He said that he had been tested at a very well-known
parapsychology department and was somewhat psychic.  He looked at me and
said, "You have a spirit in your house."  Well, needless to say, that got my
attention!!  He said that her name was Susan or Susie and that she was
harmless.  Then changed his mind and told me not to trust her.  This freaked
me out a little.  He said that our townhouse had actually been built over
some old roads and that there was an accident there and a young woman had
been killed.  I told him about the things that had happened recently and he
told me that she would probably do something big and then be gone.  On the
way home, I was telling this to my husband and we were both kind of looking
over our shoulder until we got into bed.  Nothing happened that night.  The
next morning, my husband went downstairs to let Beau out and I heard him say,
"Oh my gosh!!!"  I went running downstairs and when I got there, there were
spices all over the floor in our kitchen.  We kept our spices in a corner
cabinet on a lazy susan and guess what?  The door to the cabinet was closed!!
 We never experienced anything again after that.
Here is the strangest part of the story.........one night before I graduated
from college, a bunch of us got together because we wanted to try the Ouija
board.  I never believed anything about this, but when the little piece
started to move, I had a very strange feeling.  One of the girls' mother was
an astrologist and warned Kim not to participate because she said that you
never know what kind of spirit you will let enter into this world.  Of
course, we didn't listen!!  Anyway, the piece just kept on going in a circle,
the "leader" asked if the spirit was upset with someone in the room.  It went
to "Yes."  She asked who it was and it spelled out "B-R-O-O-K," which is my
name minus the "E".  Needless to say, it scared me to death!!  Guess what the
spirit's name was?  Susan........

This is Our Story

By: tandd2001@home.com
                      hi there,my name is Tom and i have a story for you ,I and my family had just moved from one town down south to a town up north looking for work. we had lived in a small apartment at first then we moved to a trailer near the edge of town when things at first seemed normal,but quickly turned wierd i had bought a dog for the kids for company as there was not many people living right near us the girls age,so i thought that id have him for company.Things were awesome until our dog would sit and freak by the hallway in the trailer ,our kids seen cups sliding across the counters and hear strange sounds by the bedroom doors.we could hear shuffling in the kitchen when it was bed time you could hear cupboard doors and utensils being used from time to time we could hear our kids talking like they were scared when we asked what it was they replied they had seen someone walking towards them down the hallway me and my wife could see shadows across the door like as if some one was in our house.We knew that it was an entity of some sort and contiplated moving but was in hopes that it would leave us in peace and not harm us. Until one night after the children had went to bed my wife and i were relaxing on the couch watching some show on t/v when she replyed to me tom did you hear that i said what and i had said to her you go and look ok.She laughed and said forget you go so i sat up teasing her to go when i turned and looked down the hallway i seen a shadowy figure staring right threw me it seemed i saw his whole body shape his arms on his side and his head off to the side as if looking around our indoor fire place it sent shivers threw me instantly. i was choked at this point alls i could do was get mad at it i yelled ill burn this home to the ground if you freak me or my kids again.the next morning i had a bite mark on my leg that was visible to everyone you could make out his teeth with the bruises on me i was doubtful that the entity had did this but my wife was certain it was. things were quiet after that night for awhile until one saturday morning when i was in my bed asleep well at that almost asleep stage my wife was in the kitchen doing kitchen things and i was tired so i layed down when i was almost asleep i had heard a mans voice say hey,tom just like that hey,tom i awoke realizing i was having a conversation with some one i yelled to my wife whos there but she replied no one baby whats wrong i told her and she was amazed with my story this is all true and theres much more that had happened but he was not really a mean ghost he just wanted me to know he was there and was real.after i had threatened to move the spirit was really nice  meaning quiet and respectful but when we would try and find out what had happened to him our phone would go dead and leave us with nothing but curious so our land lord sold the trailer and we left i think that it stayed there cause nothing else happened after that......i think any ways lol this story is true and was quite an experience especially when i never believed in the super natural much before but im a believer now man thats for sure thank you for your time and believe it or not i seen and heard him since.


The White Ghost

By: fboily@sympatico.ca

I have had lots of experiences with the paranormal in my life and this
is my first one.  I must have been 15 or 16 at the time.  I was living
with my parents and my older brother in a relatively big house by the
St. Lawrence River (I come from the province of Quebec in Canada).  One
night, I happened to be alone in the house, my parents and brother were
out.  I was in the dining room doing my homework.  At one point, nature
called and I had to go to the bathroom.  To get to the bathroom I had to
cross the kitchen which was right beside the dining room.  When I came
back from the bathroom, I had a most amazing sight.   Well, right in
between the dining room and the living room was standing this large and
tall white shadow.  It was the typical ghost (as portrayed by
cartoonists), that is, white, transparent and shapeless (it had a round
shape, but no legs or arms).  It was very tall, it must have been over
six feet.  I was so surprised that I just stood there looking at it.  I
looked up and gazed at what seemed like its head.  Then it bowed its
head towards me.  It was actually bowing down towards me!  It was then
that I started freaking out.  I ran to my bedroom and my heart was
pounding like crazy.  I never saw or heard anything else in that house
afterwards.   Thanks for reading my story.

The Unexplainable Night

By: Lovelynhot@aol.com

Ever since I could remember, I have always known that I am not ever really
alone.  I would see shadows and other unexplainable things.  As I got older
thing would happen more and more.  See the figures better, became able to
hear and speak to some of them. A few friends would be telling me about
someone they knew who had died and the spirit of the person would be there
with me as they talked.  Also, the dreams started.  I would have dreams of
something horrific was going to happen to either a friend of mine, or to
someone that was in my wide circle of friends. I was even attacked by an evil
spirit.  The evil and demonic happenings didn't start until my younger sister
came heavy into devil worshipping.
One night my friend asked me if I wanted to come over and stay there for the
night to get away from my two out of control nephews.  Needing a night away
from all the screaming, I took him up on the offer.  So I packed up my
daughter and was on my way.
After laid my daughter down to sleep in the living room we went into the
bedroom.  We were laying on the bed talking when we both felt something enter
our bodies and leave.
Then other spirits came, many of them as a matter of fact.  It was if we were
in some kind of gateway, but we weren't.  I could see them, but I could not
hear them, even though they could hear me.
For some strange reason a light had to be on in order to protect my daughter.
 I could sense that there was some kind of fight going on the balcony out
side the bedroom window.  This really freaked me out seeing how my daughter,
who was still in the living room sleeping right next to the door leading out
to balcony.  I knew who one of the spirits was.  The thing from my dreams.
Each time I would have dream of something terrible is about to happen.  I
would wake up to a cold chill in my room.  A dark figure standing in my room
looking at me and always left with a strange grin. Later I learned the fight
was between that and a Guardian angel of mine, who just so happens to be a
friend of mine that died in car accident some years before this.  What they
were fighting about I don't really know.  All I know that it had something to
do with my daughter.
Despite my every effort to move my daughter into the bedroom, I was unable
to.  I could hardly go check on her there was some kind of force keeping from
doing so.  Each time I went to go check on her.  I had to push my way from
the force keeping me from doing so.
Each time I would check on her there was no evil in the room or around her.
It was outside and in the bedroom with my friend and I.  Also, There would
always be a circle of spirits standing in circle around her.  A few looking
at her and few looking elsewhere as to see who or what was coming.  They
wouldn't stop me from going to her.  They would move to let me in and then
circle the two of us.  Even though more then life its self.  I wanted to be
near her while all of this was going on, I felt that she was safer were she
was.  The spirits around were protecting her.
So many spirits were there that night.  More of them had no real purpose to
being there.  They just popped into see what was going one.  Ever since this
started I could see cloudy figure standing in the doorway of the bedroom. He
was the explaining things to my friend.  I could see the figures, but not
hear them.  My friend could hear them, but he couldn't see them.  Seeing how
I was unable to hear what any of them were saying, he would tell what was
being said when I needed to know something. The spirit in the door way was
some kind of teacher for my friend.  Not a dead teacher from the past, but
his teacher to the gift or power he found out that he was to gain control of.
After almost a whole night of this, I was laying on the bed.  All of a sudden
I had strange feeling come over me.  I can't explain it better then it was
strange, heavy and as if I was leaving my body.  I heard my friend yell out
my name once and then everything went black.  Then next thing I knew I was
laying on the bed and my friend was on top of me.
My friend told me that he was talking to me when my eyes rolled to the back
of my head, my body started to rise, my arms lifted to my side and my head
fell back.  My friend described me as if I was being raised as Christ was on
the cross.  He called out my name at least ten times and I never responded.
He said he tried to pull me back down but the force pulling only got stronger
the more he tried to pull.  When he noticed that my skin changing to a gray
color and gasping for air, he jumped on me with all of his strength.  That
was when I came to again.
After he told I started to freak out.  That was when I saw the room get
bright, warm and peaceful.  Then I felt hands rest on the top my head.  I
closed my eyes until all the fears were gone. (About 30 seconds) When I felt
the hands come off my head, I opened my eyes.  I saw a man walk from behind
me.  He was bright and was flouting across the room.  I didn't see the front
of him, but he had long sandy hair and was wearing a long white gown.  I
turned to my friend and said "Jesus is here!"  My friend straightened up, the
fear in his eyes died and he said to "Yes he is."  At that moment everything
was felt heavenly and peaceful.  I have felt the presence of a heavenly
spirit before, but never before was it Jesus himself.  No longer did we feel
as if were in danger and I didn't feel that my daughter was in danger.
All my friend and I know about that night is what we learned to be true.
Both of us for as long as we could remember knew that there was something
special about us.  Also, after that night we both have been visited by
someone telling us that we have some kind of power and our souls will always
find away to meet in each lifetime.


The Three Knocks

By: emeraldcmac@hotmail.com

 The three Knocks
There is a little thing in my family called the three knocks...they are knocks at the door..three times-like,knock knock knock. Everytime this happens...someone close to us...or in our family...dies.  Happens EVERYTIME and its NOT a lie. thats the threeknocks.....

 The Dark Man
Just last night i wuz n my room when i looked over to my closet and i saw a man in dark.he had real evil eyes.i yelled "MOM!" (im only 11) and as soon as she said what he dissappeard. I saw him a few months ago. strange.
  thatz my storiez. they happen ALL THE TIME. i feel a cool presence now...people say i am a physic. i beleve

The Summerville Light

By: Purrkittycat6677@aol.com

My name is Amy.......I have been to the Summerville Light. A bunch of us not
believeing in this happening went out there to see if this was true and to
see if there was anyway that someone could be playing tricks. We showed up a
few hours before dark and went walking threw the woods to see if there was
anyway that anyone could come out there to scare us. We saw noway that anyone
could do this. When night came we all had our seats where we could watch from
every angle. When 12:00 came there was a light in the far distance. ( getting
nervous just writing this) We all watched it as it started toward us slowly
as if someone was walking. And of course you have to have that one dumb ass
in the group that has to confront it. When he did it turned a red color and
started after him until he was off the tracks. As if she was warning and
telling him to get off the tracks incase a train comes. When he was off the
tracks it turned and started back to where it came from. It went on for about
an hour then the light just faded away. I am very much a believer now since
that night.

The Sullivans

By: SweattyTedy@aol.com

I have not yet started my complete investigation of the USS Sullivans I
needed time to open the ship up and am working on approval to do an overnight
paranormal investigation on the ship. I did however gather a bunch of
information over the internet and through local sources, since I do live in a
suburb of Buffalo, New York.
     Although as a warm up so to speak, I did a small scale investigation
with a fellow ghost hunter to a famous cemetery located in Grand Island, New
York. The cemetery is next to that famous Holiday Inn in Grand Island which
the entire 4th floor has a paranormal history so active that they have to
seal it to the public from time to time. The activity is believed to be from
a little girl that died in a house fire many years before the Hotel was built
in its place. There have been poltergeist experiences in there even violent
outbreaks at times with ashtrays and other small items being hurled at the
unsuspecting help and guests. It is room 422 where the phenomenon originates
and most of the time is open to the public to rent if they dare for
approximately $89.00 per night.
      That very same little girl is buried in the cemetery next door. There
are also reports of a military veteran and a young mother with infant in hand
that wander the cemetery, even during daylight hours. My good friend that
went with me also heard a story of a glowing grave when a someone looks into
the cemetery at night and claimed to see it himself.
      I needed proof so this past Saturday, May 19th we set out at 2:00AM to
record any possible activity. Armed with only a Sony Cam Corder with Night
Shot and make shift dowsing rods we proceeded to our first mission. When we
began our voyage I did not know what to expect but our first mission was a
success in my eyes.
      As we entered the grounds I witnessed the glowing headstone almost
immediately, unfortunately I could not see it on my camera due to the fact it
was in the rear of the cemetery. My assistant was holding the dowsing rods
getting a response as soon as they sat in his hands. They appeared to guide
him across the lot as he kept saying that they were leading him somewhere. We
had a brief pause about 10 minutes in, where the temperature dropped
drastically and an overwhelming smell of flowers surrounded us, at which
point we saw our breath but the only temperature device we had is
incorporated in his truck and read 53 degrees, much to warm to see thick
breath. We then stopped briefly at a grave which had the dowsing rods
swinging heavily, clicking and separating with force. But we continued
forward to an even more unexplainable sight. In the distance appeared the
figure of a man wearing white, hanging in a tree, arms spread out, feet close
together. It was again to far to get on camera. But about 5 seconds after we
saw the figure a bizarre hissing noise in bursts of 2 was clearly audible
from what seemed to be generated from the figure. We took that as our cue to
leave abruptly and vacated the premises. On our way out a light turned on
that didn't when we first past it and the truck was mysteriously unlocked
with the interior light turned on, even though we knew that we locked it
tight before we entered. When my assistant reached his home base his dog of
five years growled at him and left the house, which he never did before.
      We waited to the following morning to review the tape. It appears that
I was able to capture the sound that we heard, and what appears to be 2
glowing graves that we could not see with the naked eye. But the most
disturbing to me was a figure that appeared after the sighting of the man in
the tree but right before we heard the eerie sound. It is a mist right in
front of me that had a small ball like figure travel back and forth then it
swung around and formed a solid line with a figure of some sort surrounding
it. To tell you the absolute truth I had my doubts about this type of
activity but am a true believer now with a renewed enthusiasm to find out
more. I am already in the process of upgrading my equipment and have a long
list of local sites to examine. I would appreciate and advise you may have, I
know what equipment I need but I need the tools to keep the spirit from the
possibility of it following me to my home.

The Snake

By: fboily@sympatico.ca

The Snake

This happened towards the end of the 1980s.  I used to take the subway a
lot in those days.  I was going down some escalators in a subway station
in Montreal.  Upon arriving at the end of those escalators, I happened
to look to my left, on the floor and there, on the floor, was a
snake-like creature!  It was no ordinary snake at that!  It was bright
yellow (almost fluorescent) with royal blue stripes and had a funny
nose(sort of like the nose of a Concord airplane, but a large one).
Moreover, it was really short.  Now a snake is usually quite long.  This
one was in no way lengthy at all!  Let me tell you that even if this
happened during the summer season, there are no snakes in Montreal.
Plus, this part of Montreal is very much the city.  I have no idea what
that was and if anybody else saw it.  I remember turning my head as I
left the area and it was gone!  I do not know what this meant.  I know
it sounds unbelievable but its true!

The Shadow Man

By: abbiem@apexmail.com

 Hi! Love the site! I've been a regular visitor since about 1997. I've tried a few times to post a story, with no luck...hopefully, this time it will go through.

I guess I should start by saying that I've had countless experiences with the "unknown", and I'll be happy to share them all with my friends here at the Shadowlands! Now, I consider myself to be a very reasonable and down to earth (no pun intended!) person. I know that what I have experienced was real, and I have been lucky enough to have witnesses around when most of the things have happened. That helps you know that you aren't going crazy!
  My first recollection of ever experiencing a "ghost" happened when I was 10. I will NEVER forget it! In 1985, My mom,younger sister(8 at the time), and I moved into a basement apartment in Charlotte,NC. This place was always very dark and dismal. I remember thinking that it really gave me the creeps. As a matter of fact, if our mom wasn't home, my sister and I refused to be there! We didn't know why we felt that way, until late one night... My sister and I shared a fairly large bedroom there. Her bed was directly facing the door. My bed was on the opposite side of the room, with a window at street level behind it. One night, I couldn't sleep because my sister was snoring so loud and I decided to put on a set of headphones and listen to music until I fell asleep. Well, I did this for awhile, humming along with my favorite tunes, when I suddenly felt a spine tingling fear for no reason. I then felt the distinct sensation of being watched from the open doorway. I recall turning off the headphones and slowly turning to face the doorway. What met my gaze nearly stopped my heart! There, standing in the open doorway, at the foot of my sister's bed, was the dark, shadowy figure of a man. Even though I couldn't make out any distinguishing features, it looked as if he were wearing a long trench coat and a Fedora style hat. It reminded me of a Dick Tracy kind of look. This thing had no feet, no face, hands, anything. It looked like a pitch black cardboard cut-out. That's when I noticed that you could see the thermostat for the heat/air on the hall wall directly behind "it". I was relieved, thinking that it was really just a shadow of someone out on the street whose shadow was being cast into my room by the streetlight. So, I turned to look behind me at the window, expecting to see the outline of someone through the shade. Imagine my horror when there was nothing there! I whipped my head back around to the doorway. "It" was still there! I don't ever recall being so scared in my whole life! I didn't know what to do. I was scared for my sister, who was closer to this thing, seeing as how it's right at the foot of her bed! That's when I noticed she was no longer making any noise. I whispered her name, not expecting her to answer me, but she did! So I asked her, "Do you see it?"  Imagine our shock at realizing that we were BOTH seeing this figure in our room! She started crying (can't say as I blame her) and I decided to be the brave one. I told her that on the count of three (I know, but hey, I was only 10), We'd make a mad dash for our mother's room. This, of course, meant that we'd have to run THROUGH this thing. Well, terrified or not, we weren't staying in there a moment longer, I assure you. So, we took off with our eyes closed and made it safely to our mom's room. I don't think my mom ever asked us why we came running in there together so scared. Maybe she didn't need to ask. All I know, is that we moved shortly thereafter, and thank God we never saw the Shadow Man again. My sister and I never spoke of what had happened until 1997, when during a phone conversation, I casually mentioned that I thought my new house was haunted. She then asked me did I recall seeing the thing in our bedroom that time. Of course I remembered, how could I forget? All those years later, both of us had the same details of the figure in our memories. It was nice to know that I had someone on my side that believed too. As it turned out, there would be many more believers after I moved into my house in 1997. But that's another story, for another time. I thank you for letting me tell you about my first experience.

The Rustling

By: ngicust@emirates.net.ae

Hi. I hope you belive this because as time passes this is the one story
of my early teen years that gets more and more crisp in memory.
I live in the United Arab Emirates which is a smallish country way out
in the gulf states.When I was a kid i used to live in a small 2
bedroomed apartment there with my sister and my parents.
My mother has a very strange habit. She doesnt believe that towels are
really clean and usable unless they have been kept outside so that the
sunlight sanitizes them, as a result (Since my room had a balcony and
french windows i.e. floor length windows) she would hang all the towels
in the balcony attached to my room.
Now this was rather inconvenient for me since she was an early riser and
would bang into my room every morning, slide open the balcony door and
remove the towels. This would always wake me up for a minute or two
after which I'd go back to sleep again.
Now that particular morning (at least I thought it was morning; it was
actually the middle of the night), I heard the the balcony door slide
open again. Now since my mind had gotten used to hearing it slide shut
before it would go back to sleep mode, I was waiting for it to do just
that... but it didint.
I guess the mind, once used to a particular stimulus will jar if there
is a change in the routine. Since the balcony door didnt slide close I
awoke and opened my eyes. It was as if someone were peering close into
my face , about a centimetre or two away. But as soon as I opened my
eyes I saw the face draw away. Due to the lack of light all i saw a a
hooded face where only the nose (petite, pointed) was visible. I was
afraid and I quickly shut my eyes again, It wasnt my mother. Then I
heard the person draw away and walk out of the room. She was wearing
robes (probably made of silk) because I didtinctly heard them rustle as
she walked away.
How do I know its a she? In the  arab world women cover their heads with
a scarf sometimes in a hooded fashion, and wear full length robes.
All I know is after I heard her leave , I was suddenly so sleepy,
although I had been frightened ouit ofn my wits earlier that I fell at
once into a dreamless sleep. When I woke up later, the balcony door was
Ofcourse I went directly to my parents room and questioned my mother.
She replied that due to my  constant whining , she was using the other
balconies to hang the towels ( we have four balconies).
The building we live in is one of the oldest in the region. Once when
one of my moms friends (who claims to be a medium) came to visit but she
stayed only for a few minutes saying that the house has another guest
and she(my aunt) was not welcome. Funnily enough my mother never really
liked my aunt very much.

The Old Man

By: cadysmola@hotmail.com

My first experience with the old man (we don't know his real name) happened when my mother and I were in her room in our old beat-up house in the middle of the night getting ready to go to sleep. I was about to close my eyes when I heard a noise from the attic. My mom heard it too but we didn't say anything. The noise sounded like step, tap... step, tap... it sounded like someone was walking with a cane all the way across the ceiling. When it stopped, my mom was half asleep but she said she heard it too so it couldn't have been my imagination.
A couple weeks later I got up from my room to go to the bathroom, when I felt a sudden chill. I brushed it off and went on walking. Even though I didn't grab my glasses I'm sure I saw something or someone. The shape was blue-white and was walking with a cane! Thinking it was a burglar, I hid behind my doorway. I looked out there again but it disappeared. There have been many more experiences with the old man. One time, my mom saw and old blue man walking up and down our driveway. Another one is when my little two-year-old sister was in the kitchen and she came zooming out saying she saw a man in the window. We all got up and ran to see what happened and who it was but we saw nothing and my little sister was shaking.
We later discovered that the old man was the owner of our house and had died of a heart-attack in the driveway!
My family said that we were going to move for a while and have the house torn down for a new one. My mom and I were in the apartment already and my dad was getting some last things from the attic late in the night when he said he heard what sounded like little girls playing. He looked out the attic window but saw nothing. He got scared so he grabbed the things and left quickly. When he came home he was pale. That was the end of our sightings and hearings. The old house is being re-built and we should move in soon. Hopefully we won't have any more visits.

The House on Ontario Road

By: Anonymous

I swear that everything that you are about to read is 100% true. It's a little lengthy but it's worth the read.I grew up in a house in Welland, Ontario that my family and I believe to be haunted although we don't talk about it often. I lived there for over half my life (I'm 26 now) so I have many experiences to share. I guess the haunting began shortly after my father began renovations to the house. He planned to add a basement, a new dining room and kitchen on the main floor and two bedrooms above it. As the workman were digging up the ground for the basement they uncovered many odd things such as bones, a pair of eyeglasses, some coins, and some sort of plastic toy dog. I clearly remember playing in the backyard with my two sisters and my grandmother when the workman yelled out that they found something pretty odd under the house referring to the bones. My grandmother said (by God Joe,(referring to my dad), those are human bones...my dad denied it saying they belonged to some animal. Anyhow that's when things started to get strange. Footsteps in the middle of the night, feelings of constantly being watched especially in one particular walk in closet in the main bedroom and on the main staircase leading upstairs. Climbing that staircase was always the worst feeling in the world. It was one of those wrap around staircases so you could never see what was at the top. I fell down that staircase more times than you could count but I never had a cut or a bruise to show for it and never once felt even a little sore even though the staircase was quite tall. No matter what room I was in in that house I always felt a feeling of complete terror and dread but I particularly hated being in the basement or in a certain bedroom on the second floor. My parents constructed the basement for the soul purpose of it being a playroom for my siblings and me and not one of us would go down there on our own free will. Whenever my mother sent me down there for anything I would run like the devil himself was chasing me. Everyone complained of a strange scratching noise that sort of echoed through the entire house as if someone was scratching their fingernails along the walls. My father had every exterminator in the city come to our house searching for signs of a rat or a mouse but of course they turned up nothing. Often after returning home from a day out my dad would take one step inside the house and say to my mom, keep the kids outside I think someone may have broken into the house which was totally ridiculous because who would break into a house and turn a light or a TV on or move one of the kitchen chairs on top of the table, etc. Something was always "missing" at my house, my mother would yell about not being able to find her car keys, and my sisters were constantly at each others throats about missing clothing...you get the idea. I remember everyone being ready to go to my dear great grandmothers funeral and my father being unable to locate his car key. He always hung his keys on the exact same nail every time he walked through the door. Everyone searched the house high and low. After about a half hour of cursing and swearing my mother said "Joe, they are right on the nail where you always leave them." Sooner or later everything would turn up in pretty much the same place as it was left in the first place.Our two dogs were constantly spooked. Sometimes we would return home to see that they had literally tried to scratch/chew their way right out the front door. I will never forget my dad trying to calm them down one specific evening after we returned home from a lengthy day out, there's no way to describe it except to say they had a look of fear to their eyes and it was impossible to get their attention, they just kept looking nervously around or maybe at something that we couldn't see. My parents knew the house was haunted...I often heard my dad telling my mom stories like when he would get up in the morning to find the dining room table all set for breakfast, or when he went downstairs in the middle of the night to find my clown (which had a red glowing nose that would play music) sitting on the middle of the living room couch when he had tucked me into bed with it only hours before. My mother would relate with her own stories. Once she was in the house all alone and she could hear someone talking/whispering in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Guarding herself with a knife she climbed the stairs. When she's almost at the bedroom my brothers radio turns on full blast practically scaring her to death. She ran from the house and was indeed sitting on the front porch with our two dogs until my father and I returned home some four hours later, refusing to go inside until my father took a look around. I've seen "something twice" Once I awoke to see some kind of dog/wolf like creature at the end of my bed. It was kind of grayish and transparent and just kept bobbing it's head. Being a child I reached out my hand to pet it. It bit me...hard...got a kind of panicked look on it's face...and disappeared. I will never forget the sting of that bite. Often, my oldest sister, who I think suffered the worst from the haunting, (she has stories that would scare you to death) made me sleep with her because she was too frightened to sleep alone. Her bedroom was still being built at the time so it didn't really have a ceiling just rafters. I remember lying in bed for hours watching hundreds of crocodiles walking around on those rafters. I wasn't really afraid, just fascinated and eventually fell asleep. Many times I would be awakened in the middle of the night by a high pitched voice calling my name. Sometimes I would lie in bed at night too frightened to sleep and watch my dolls blink their eyes or watch one of my music boxes start up on it's own.Sometimes I would hear heavy footsteps coming up the stairs praying that they wouldn't stop at my door. I used to fall asleep with the covers over my head and to this day I need to be fully covered when I sleep. So you're probably wondering how this story ends right...two key things happened that literally made us run from the house. An unexplained shadow of a man's profile appeared on the wall. No matter what you moved around or shook in front of it, it was always the same and appeared every night. Sometimes it would disappear for an hour or two and then would reappear in the exact same spot with nothing being moved. The second, that scared the hell out of my father was one night after returning home the dogs seemed particularly spooked. He opened the door to walk upstairs and saw a light burning upstairs. I think the entire family was scared at that point so we all climbed the stairs together. The lamp in my parents room was on and had kind of burned the wall behind it. There was no mistaking that the burn on the wall was that of some kind of demon complete with two horns. We moved into a new house a couple of weeks later and I can't tell you the feeling of peace that every member in my family felt. It was a new concept to me to not feel afraid all the time or to not be terrified at the though of being left alone for any period of time.Don't forget I was born into that house in Welland. Although no one was ever seriously hurt in that house there's no mistaking that "something" was there and that "something" was evil...it's just a feeling you got every time you walked through the door. To this day I still have nightmares about that house as does my two sisters who suffered more then I did. My mother won't even talk about it. Sometimes when I go back to Welland to visit my family I drive past that house and stare it in fascination. My sister who has lived in Welland for 32 years often drives by and often sees a "for sale" sign posted on the front lawn. I'm not surprised...


The Haunting

By: Erseangeltearz@aol.com

We stood in the grave yard as the clock made the sound, we looked up. 11:45,
only a few minuets left before the Witching Hour.... midnight. Jenna held the
necissary items we would need to complet the task we witch in training were
about to do. 6 black candels, a pentical rug, 66 rosemary herbs, and a dagger
so that we could mix our blood in the herb. The grave yard sat not to far
from the school.  We sat up all the things. Marcey and Jenna sat at the two
end points of the pentical, Elsa and Daina sat at the side ones, me at the
top and Stacey stood in the middle with her arms crossed on hr chest like a
vampire when it rested as she looked up with eyes closed at the night sky.
Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong. Finally, 12:00.
We chanted after our blood was shed,
Hear now the word of witches, the creatures take flight
what once we brought only darkness but now bring forth the light.
Little did we know that we were bringing forth a ghost from the past.
It turned cold so we stopped chanting.... it was summer, how could it get so
cold? We thought. As all of us looked around Stacy started to say things in a
language we've never heard. All I caught was; shevet, kill, shevet, blood.
And to this day I know naught what it is. She was shaking as she sat down,
rocking back and forth. Elsa and I ran but the others stayed behind as if
mesmerized. We watched from the woods. Elsa took out her camera and started
taing pictures every which way. I told her to stop because if someone
noticede the flashing they would call the cops and we would be in som major
shyt, but she didn't listen. We heard whispering everywhere and by now it was
getting colder. "Come on Elsa, we have to go!" I told her, giving her my
leather trech coat.
"But what about the others?"
"Forget about them, if we go back who knows what might happen!" Someone
ttapped us on the shoulder but when weee turned, nothing and no one was
there. We looked back over at the place we started our "seyance"... they were
gone. "Run... now." Elsa told me, but we were both frozen in fright. Where
could they have gone? We didn't even see them go! One minuet they were there,
the next.. vanished without a trace. We bolted for the highway as fast as we
could. Finally shee and I got to her house and fell asleep with crosses form
the basement in a circle about us along with a red pentical made from grained
chalk, we slept inside of it.  The next orning when we went to school it was
quiet, no one talked and their eyes were filled with tears. Finally someone
told us that the three o our friends were dead, they went mad and comitted
suicide and murder. We couldn't say a word... dead? No way.

*Three Years Later*
It was the night of our drama performance, our teacher... we'll call him Mr.
Thomas told us to go to the fourth grade hallway and wait until we were
called upon to enter on stage left. So we made our way down there. We looked
down the hall, all the doors were open and the lights were on. But the room
we were supposed to go into was locked. "Elsa coem with me to get the
janitor." Mel said tugging her sleve. "No, I stay with Raven." She said,
becase ever since that day she never went to a place without me (excluding
bathroom and showeer , ect.) So nina and janet with her. Elsa, Joan and I
sttood in the hall walking around being our humorus selves until the lights
went out and all the doors slammed shut. She stopped and turned one of the
nobs. Locked.... but how? They weren't the kinds that if you shut ttthem they
locked, and just a second ago they were unlocked. Fog appeared on the galls
windows of the doors while it looked like someone was writting on them. But
wheeen the janitor and the others came abck, everything was as it was. We
moveed as far away from there as possible and to this day no one believes us.
Elsa moved in with me and my family, we live in Oklahoma now. But no mater
how far we are from Alabama.... we are always haunted from the memories....

The ghost of 15 La Paloma

By: Nicchiclv@gateway.net

heres the story of a ghost haunting that took place five years ago.
A little girl, haunts a house that we use to live in. We found out through
many questions that she died from heart complications and soon after her
death her mother and brother moved from the house.  We came to the conclusion
that she came back to the house looking for her family.
When we moved in different things would disappear, and in her former bedroom
it smelt of death.  My grandmothers room, the little girls former room, had
the most activity. Her jewlery would go missing for months and then we would
find it in her little trashcan.  At night my grandmothers bed would move as
though someone were jumping on it. And in her walk in closet the clothes
would move around as though someone were searching for clothes to wear.  My
brother would get his hair pulled and get scratched when playing with his
toys in the living room. I myself had some personal experiences with her. she
would converse with me at all times of the day including when i was asleep.
One night when taking out the trash with a bunch of cousins and my brother we
heard her crying for her mother from the attic on the third floor.  And since
there were no other children living in the house we concluded it was her.
During the day breezes would enter the living room bringing first a rose sent
and then a rotten meat smell.  My grandmothers door, when locked from the
inside would open and close while still being locked.
The area fan we had in the living room would turn on and off by itself
without being plugged in.
And my grandmother one night well watching t.v. had an experience where the
little girl went inside her body and stayed there for a few minutes.  When my
grandmother was finally able to regain control of her body, she let out a
scream and ran out of the room and once she was out of the room you could
hear the giggling of a little girl.

The Door that Opened by Itself

By: fboily@sympatico.ca

One night I was in the study room of our appartment (the study room was
a bedroom that we transformed in which was our computer, library, table
and armchair).  I was sitting comfortably in the armchair reading a
book.  I had closed the door; now it was really closed, I had made sure
to hear the clenching sound while closing it.  Anyways, as I was sitting
and reading, I heard the door unclenching itself.  At that moment, I
turned my head and saw that the handle was turning slowly.  The next
thing I knew, the door was opened!  At first, I thought that maybe my
cat got the door to open and when I saw that this wasn’t the case, I
checked out on my husband.  He was in the living room.  I asked him if
he had opened the door of the study room as sometimes this is what he
would do when I was in there reading or something.  He said « no » and I
told him that the door opened by itself and that it wasn’t our cat!  He
was very surprised!

The Disappearing Lady


One day (it must have been in 1985) I went with a friend to St. Joseph’s
Oratory which is a religious shrine in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  At St.
Joseph’s Oratory, there is a place where people can sign a petition
demanding the canonisation of Brother André, who is the founder of the
shrine.  Well, my friend and I were signing the petition when a lady
presented herself to me and started begging me for money to feed her
children.  I only had five dollars in my wallet and I thought that if I
gave it to her, if something happened on my way back home then I would
have no money left.  Moreover, being used to beggars in Montreal, I was
a bit skeptic as to who to give my money to.  A lot of beggars use the
money they obtain from people for drugs and cigarettes.  Even those who
present themselves in churches and shrines.  Anyways, I refused (and
felt bad nonetheless).  Not far from the petition area, in the shrine,
there is a hallway.  However the hallway is not accessible from that
side of the shrine and is closed off by a huge iron gate.  When I
refused to give her my money, the lady left me and started walking down
towards the iron gate.  Upon her arriving at the iron gate, and, to my
utter amazement and surprise, she disappeared!  It was as if she
disappeared in the iron gate!  Whom did I talk to?  Who was that and
why?  Did I meet a ghost, or an angel?  To this day, I still don’t
know.  This is a true story.


The Chair

By: hartford@norfieldassociates.com

This happened about 10 years ago, I was 13 at the time but I believe very much so, that it was real.
My sister, my female cousin and I were watching a silly scary movie.  Even at the time the movie seemed silly but we were having fun.  Of course we had the lights out, and were overreacting to the scary parts with screams and giggles.
All of sudden the screen went blood red and garbled noise, which sounded similar to several voices all at once trying to speak, came from the set.
Across the room  there was the old rocking chair and it was slowly rocking back and forth.
And as sudden as it started, the chair stopped moving and the movie resumed.
The house we were in belonged to my aunt which is in Meriden, CT, which is also part of the historical society.  The house is supposedly over 200 years old and built on an old cemetary (of course...?).  Which makes my story seem somewhat unbelievable, but I have been a very strong believer in the living impaired.

Terrifying Experiences

By: tamboborsmi@home.com

I was with my friends calling on spirits from a cemetery.  After a while, I felt a cold dark presence in the room.  I got up and left the room.  I tried to go back in but there was a force kepping me out.  That night, in my room, I saw 2 ghosts in my room. 2 children playing.  One got in my face and teased ma as if he knew I were terrified.  Something terrifying happened to everyone who was in the room that night.  They all had to do with spiritts.  It was like a warning telling us not to fool around with spirits.


Supernatural Experiences


Hello, I stumbled across your website recently as I
was trying to find information on hauntings.  This
research was due to what I now acknowledge and firmly
believe to be a haunting that I experienced.  This
experience has brought back many memories that upon
further inspection I found to be a little too
coincidental.  I am 22 years old and this is my story.
My first strange experience occurred when I was 3
years old.  My grandfather is a minister so I was
brought up with a belief in the supernatural, spirits,
and by common reasoning, ghosts.  For some reason I
was deathly afraid of shadows when I was small, which
I did grow out of.  My mom wonders about that.
Anyways, my mother had left our small apartment to
take a load of laundry to the laundramat a couple of
buildings over.  I distinctly remember watching Scooby
Doo on TV and it was an episode about vampires.  I
turned my head and saw the handle of our front door
shaking and then turning... and then I remember
nothing until a few hours later when I wake up in my
mother's closet, on top of a box.  My mother said she
returned home from the laundramat and I was gone. She
immediately searched the house, including the closet
that I was later found in.   She searched the house
repeatedly and I was not there.  She called my father
and my grandparents and asked them to pray. The police
were called and they even sent out a helicopter
looking for me.  There had been a rapist in our
apartment complex all during that week that was raping
children.  My grandmother called my mom after a few
hours and told her that she had had a vision of me
alone in a room and I was okay.  My father returned
home from work and they searched some more and awaited
any phone call.  My mother and father both swear to
this day that I was not in the house.  Then my mom
searched a final time and found me lying in her closet
on top of a box by the wall.  I remember her picking
me up and crying.  This struck me as kind of an odd
When I was 7 we lived in a small rented house.  I
remember I had my own bedroom ( I had 2 younger
sisters)and I thought I was so grown up.  At night
there was always a weird tapping sound on my window,
although there was no tree outside that window.  One
night I saw someone walk past that window.  My window
was in the back yard so someone would have had to
climb the fence.  Then there was a loud bang against
the glass.  I ran to my parents' room and slept with
them that night.  That next sunday I was still so
afraid so I had my grandfather pray for me.  I
remember he prayed that angels watch over and be with
me.  And I know that they do. Of course that's another
type of story.
When I was 10 we moved to our home that I lived in
until recently.  The hosue was fairly new, built in
the 80's.  For a long time the only odd thing that
happened was a school ID card that belonged to the boy
who lived in my bedroom before me.  Sometimes when you
opened the closet door that card would fall down off
the shelf in the closet and hit you.  The odd thing
aout that was that although I did keep the card, I
always placed it in a drawer in my desk.  So I don't
know how it kept ending up in the closet or why it
would fall down at you.  My bedroom was on the second
floor and me and my sisters were always afraid to go
up there alone.  Then when I was about 18 me and my
youngest sister would hear strange noises in the
house.  One morning when I was home alone I heard a
voice say hello.  It was a scratchy kind of voice,
almost like what you would imagine a cat would sound
like if it could talk.  Anyways it was very quiet at
first.  It said hello and I thought maybe someone had
come home.  I said hello and it said hello again,
louder this time.  By this time I had looked around
and knew noone was there.  Then the voice said how are
you?  and I ran out of the house and left.  A couple
days later my sister was putting clothes into the wash
machine and saw a face looking at her from the corner
of the garage.  My whole family was in the house and
we looked to try to see if anyone else had been
around, but didnt find anyone.
Recently I have moved in with my fiance.  we now have
a little boy.  We moved into an apartment that is in a
complex that had a fire several years ago.  I don't
know if anyone died in the fire or anything, but this
is the place where the events transpired that I am
certain is a haunting.  When we first moved in we were
very excited but both noticed that sometimes we were
distictly uneasy and felt like someone was watching
us.  We commented on how we had both never heard of a
haunted apartment(which we have now)though.  Within
the first 2 months we lived here things started
happening.  It started one night in the middle of the
night.  I was lying in bed, still awake and my fiance
was half asleep.  Our son was sleeping in his crib  He
was 18 months old at the time.  Everything was very
quiet and then all of a sudden a door in our apartment
slammed shut.  My fiance and I were bother very alert
and thought that someone had broken into the
apartment.  we searched the apartment and found
nothing.  Our son remained sound asleep.  Two days
later my keys turned up missing.  I didn't think much
of it until I started doing research and found that
many ghosts like to take and hide objects, often keys.
 I had begun researching because by this point,
although very little had occurred, the recent events,
combined with our instincts and first impressions were
pointing that way.  The day after my keys were missing
my fiance's mother came to visit.  She brought her
little dog over.  He behaved normally most of the day
and evening but ten at one point started watching
something move around the move.  My fiance, his mother
and I watched for several minutes as he stared
intently at something we could not see.  Then he
suddenly yelped and winced as if he had beeb kicked.
He curled up in a ball and started shaking. This shook
us all up and My fiance's mother took the dog and left
shortly after that.  The next day she came back over
while my fiance was at work.  She was using our
computer in the bedroom and the dog and my son were
playin in the bedroom next to her.  I went and made a
pot of coffee and then came back to talk to her for
awhile.  When I went to get a cup of coffee I found
that the coffee had been poured all over the
countertop.  The pot was sitting back on the burner
and the burner and the pot were bother dry, which
meant that the coffeepot had not leaked.  The coffee
had somehow been poured all over the counter.  A week
later I was complaining to my fiance about my lost
keys.  we had searched the house from top to bottom
and couldn't find them.  I was very upset because I
had a keychain that I recieved the day my son was born
that has extreme sentimental value.  The next morning
I awoke to find the keys sitting conspicuously in the
middle of the couch.  I called my boyfriend at work to
thank him for finding them and he told me that he had
not put them there and had not found them.  Our son
was still sleeping so it could not have been him.  We
had also noticed our son watching something we could
not see on seeveral occassions.  Then recently the
biggest event occurred. By this point I was certain
that there was some type of presence in our home.  We
got a dog, part german shepherd part pit bull, to make
us feel safer.  For 3 nights I would lay there unable
to sleep because I could hear footsteps in the
hallway.  This happened at about 1 am every night, by
which time my fiance was always asleep.  The dog was
always lying in a corner of the bedroom and our son in
bed.  One Saturday night I was sitting in the living
room and my fiance was putting our son in bed.  Our
son's bedroom was to my right.  I was looking straight
ahead into our kitchen.  Out of the corner of my eye I
saw a movement in the huge mirror on that wall.  The
mirror reflects the hall between my bedroom and the
living room. The hallways goes by the kitchen.
ANyways, I noticed a movement and glanced at the
mirror.  I saw the shape of a person, which at first I
thought was my fiance until I recalled he was in our
son's bedroom.  The figure was tall and dark, like if
someone was standing in front of a bright light.  I
couldn't make out the features.  The figure moved
quickly down the hall towards the living room where I
was sitting. I looked from the mirror to the hallways
and nothing was there. I yelled for my fiance and he
came runnig I started crying and told him what I had
seen. We grabbed the baby and left the apartment.  We
noticed it was around 1 am.  We talked about it for a
long time.  By this point we had read the shadowlands
webpage and we knew there was some type of spirit in
our home.  We prayed for a long time together and then
decided to go back to apartment and try to tell the
spirit to leave.  I was terrified but my fiance was
very brave and after we had prayed and  asked God to
remove the spirit and protect us and our son, I felt
much better.  We arrived back at the apartment and sat
down in the living room.  We made sure to speak to the
spirit as we would another person, told it that we
acknowledged that it was there and that we had no
choice about living here, we have to stay here.  We
told it that we had prayed and that God was protecting
us and that it scared us when it moved things and
especially when we could hear or see it.  We asked it
to leave and if it would or could not leave to not
make itself known to us in any way anymore. Then we
prayed some more and went to bed.  I'm not certain if
the spirit has left or not, a couple questionable but
in no way definate events later happened, but we have
had no more scary events.  We feel alot more
commfortable and safe here and are much happier.

Strange Happenings

By: zazu_k@yahoo.com

I was looking at your site which was recommended to me
by my boyfriend, who has submitted a story before, and
i thought i would tell you about the strange
happenings in my very own house.  I live in Scotland
Aberdeenshire and my house is a very old cottage.  My
house used to be two separate halves and my bedroom is
located above the kitchen and a small living room.
About a year ago i was on my bed reading and i had my
dog at the bottom of my bed i turned off my light and
she started growling at something so of course i
turned the light on really quickly to see what was
wrong.  There was nothing there at all and my dog was
pushing me back into the corner of my room away from
something and she wouldnt stop growling, her hackles
were up and she was drooling and snarling, snapping at
nothing but she has never behaved like she had then,
as soon as i took her out of the room she wouldnt let
anyone into the room as she was still growling at
something.  When she finally let me and my mother look
into my room she walked in searching for whatever it
was she had been previously growling at and she
settled down as it was obviously not there anymore.  I
tried to forget it and put it to the back of my mind
til i started seeing things out of the corner of my
eye, like someone behind me or stading staring at me
from my blind spot.  I also have (quite heavy) chimes
along my curtain rail, and now and then they will go
wild as though a wind is blowing them about or like
someone has brushed past but it is not my window or a
draft or anythign like that as there are no drafts and
even when it has been blowing a gale outside the
chimes have been still.  I have the biggest radiator
in the house and even when they are on full blast my
room can be freezing, yet when there are off even in
winter it can be abnormally warm in ym room.  I can
hear noises downstairs and my dog wimpers but not like
she is dreaming or wanting attention but more afraid
and panicking, once i have gone downstairs and let her
out of the kitchen where she sleeps at night and she
has run out with her tail between her legs whihc she
only does when intimidated, and she isnt that small a
dog.  When my boyfriend was up staying at my house he
was sleeping alone in my double bed and he felt
someone climb into bed and lie next to him with an arm
across his shoulder or back, so of course he thought
it was me til he tried to return the holding and find
no-one there, this would happen several nights in a
row.  One night i was awaoken by the corner of my
matress dipping down as though someone had sat down i
could see the depression print, then it rose again as
though whatever it was had stood up.  My chair at the
bottom of my room (which has wheels) has moved on its
own accord at times not much but slightly forward by a
few inches and there is nothing behind it to fall and
push it forward or anything like that.  We are
currently uplifting the floor of the small living room
and have a hole in the floor boards at present as we
are re-flooring it, the dog dropped her toy down the
floorboards and it wasnt dark or anything like that
and it wasnt a big drop at all, yet she would not
retrieve her toy.  We (my boyfriend, myself and the
dog) were alone in the house once and we heard a
thump, and we were all sat in the front room including
the dog, when we went to check it out the hoover which
had been standing firmly up against a wall for days in
the small living room had somehow managed to fall down
into the hole in the floorboards.  These strange
happenings are among a few that have happened, and
still continue.


Whats in the Bushes

By: irenevasquez@earthlink.net

The other day I went over my friends house.It was about 10:30 p.m. when we
started hearing these noises coming from the bushes on this hill.We started
to hear this kind of russling sound coming from
the plants below us.We knew it wasn't a cat because we hit the bushes with a
stick,and if it was a cat it would've hissed at us or something.The moment
we heard the sounds the lights from the house down the hill went on.But I
know nobody turned on the lights because they were those motion sensure
lights.After a while we heard the noises again,this time his dog started to
go crazy,so my friend dropped the stick,the one he was used to hit the
bushes with,on the floor and we ran like hell.A few minutes later we went
back to the back yard.But as soon as we went back there we noticed that the
stick he had thrown on the floor was standing right back up leaning on the
wall.I had seen him throw down the stick,and we were together the whole
time,so it wasn't us who picked the stick up,plus we were home alone.After
that I couldn't sleep all night.

...she never left..

By: sucrotic@hotmail.com

Your website's awesome. I always check the stories out whenever I get the
time to do so. Oftentimes, the stories would reduce me to this
frightened..jumpy person:), but I like getting a good scare every now and
For as long as I could remember, whenever we have family over, we always
talk about our supernatural experiences. My cousins and I never get tired of
hearing these stories. It's "customary" for us to sit around in the living
room and listen to our relatives ghostly experiences. Well anyway, here's a
few of them.
Back in the early 70's, my Mom and her siblings lived in this old apartment
in the city. Their real house is up in the countryside but they rented this
place because it's close to the university they go to. Well, their Aunt and
her husband used to live there. The Aunt died of aggravated asthma (yes she
did) in that apartment and her husband had long since moved out. Well, my
Mom and her siblings would live there for the next 2 decades or so and with
it their ghostly experiences about their Auntie.

The Chair
When my aunt was still in college and was just dating her husband, they
would always 'chill' by the living room and talk. According to my aunt, they
were sitting on the couch talking and right across from them was this old
wooden chair that had been there long before they moved in. The chair was
about 3 feet away from them. My uncle was saying something when my aunt
happen to glance at the chair. The chair was slowly turning  (as if to face
them) and at first she thought it was my uncle's feet that was nudging it.
When she realize that the chair was slowly turning on its own, she was so
shocked she couldn't speak. She couldn't take her eyes off the chair, all
she could do was tap my uncle by his thigh and gesture towards the chair. My
uncle just kept on talking..when my aunt finally found her voice she said "
Look at the chair!!". My uncle reached out for it and even before his hand
could touch it, the chair lurched towards them!! They were so freaked out
they ran out of the place. My aunt always jokes about how my uncle took off
way faster than she did.:).

The Lady
Same apartment. The girls bedroom had a bunk bed and another queen-sized bed
(my mom has 4 other sisters and 3 brothers).One night,one of my aunts who
sleeps in the queen-sized bed woke up and turned on her side (facing the
bunk bed).She opened her eyes a bit and her eyes drifted up the top bunk.
She saw one her sisters sleeping peacefully (at the top) but right next to
her was this lady. All that my aunt could see was the upper torso of her
body and the lady was watching her sister sleep. My aunt quickly turned her
back towards the bunkbed and shut her eyes and din't dare crack them open
again until she woke up the next morning. She kept thinking that the lady is
now right behind her or in front of her and she really didn't want to 'see
her again'. The next morning, she told her family about what she saw over
breakfast. She really freaked her younger sister out. And for us second
generation members, we just get a kick out of hearing it and clown my
aunt(bunk bed) because she always screams every time they remind her about

Eventually, my mom and her siblings moved out of the place and the last
occupants of the apartment were my uncle and his family. My cousin shared me
this experience:
When she was about 9, my cousin remembered waiting for her mom to come up
the stairs with her.It was bedtime and she was waiting for her at the top of
this L-shaped stairs. From the top of the stairs, you could see the first
flight until it reaches the landing, so you could see whoever's coming up.
Well, as my cousin sat at the top of the stairs, she saw a shadow of a lady
by the wall where the first flight of stairs is and it started to 'climb
(glide)' up the stairs and disappeared before it reached the landing. She
called out to her mom in earnest and told her mom about what she saw.

Over the years, they have heard this labored breathing in the girls bedroom.
They thought it was the neighbors but soon dismissed such an idea because
the walls between the apartments were made of about a foot and a half of
concrete. Sounds as light as breathing couldn't easily penetrate through
those walls.

The dresser
Before my uncle and his family (the last occupants) moved out of the
apartment, my Dad came over to help them. My uncle said to my Dad to take
whatever furniture he fancys (since we also just moved in a new house at
that time)for our new house. My Dad took fancy over this old dresser (owned
by the late Aunt)in the girls bedroom. As he was looking it over, he opened
one of its drawers a little bit. Can you imagine how surprised my poor Dad
was when the drawer slid back in. Dismissing it as some
'old-wood-swelling-up', he opened the drawer again, only wider this time.
The drawer slid all the way back in again as if some unseem hand had pushed
it. That shook my Dad up pretty much that he went downstairs and didn't tell
my uncle about it--until years later.

House of 1920

By: tamblin@grantspass.com

My family and I moved into our house with the knowledge that it was built in the 1920's.  After a few weeks we noticed that our freshly painted white bathroom walls were peeling and a pickish drippy moldy substance was seeping through.  We didn't think much of it, just concluded that it was an old house and the moisture from showers and such must be causing the mold.
About a month after we moved in one of my friends were dropping me off, when her mom said that she used to know a guy who lived there.  It was about seven years prior and he was one of her friends boyfriends.  He had problems with depression, and ended up shooting himself in the temple...her friend found him in the bathroom.
I explained her story to my parents, and they wondered if that had something to do with the wall, they even wondered if the pink substance on the wall, it did kind of resemble blood, or atleast the way blood would have hit the wall.
W contacted the previous owners of the house to ask them if anything strange had ever happened to them, after explaining my friends mothers story.  They never had problems with the bathroom walls, infact they said the walls never molded.  They did say that they ended up putting their entertainment center in front of the fireplace, due to weird whispering and high pitched noises they claimed were coming from there.  After that we only heard high pitch noises, but only a few times, and everything in the house has to be completely silent...we heard it in the middle of the night.  We now have our center in front of it also.
About five months went by with nothing happening except for the persistant mold.  I actually began to forget about the mans suicide in our bathroom, until I started hearing the knockings.  At first thought they were coming from outside on my window, then I realized they were from the wall beside my window...my window is right next to the chimney.  I woke up to tell my dad, but he was already awake, he heard them too.  He thought that it might have been my boyfriend, but when I assured him that it wasn't, he thought someone might be watching me.  This ideas soon changed after setting "traps" for the intruder and having police servalence for many weeks.  The knockings never stopped and we still hear them frequently.
One morning my father was getting out of the shower, and he reached for his towel.  When he brought it up to his face he was surprised by it's repugnant smell.  He had grabbed it from the shelf clean...but it still smelled sour like really bad body odor.  He thought that perhaps it was washed with some extremely smelly clothes or something...but when he checked the other towels they all smelled fine, even the one that it was folded on top of.  Since then numerous sparatic articles of our clothing will smell bad.
We've had two unexplainable experiences with earrings.  My mom had bought a pair of earrings for a gift for one of her friends.  She set them on her dresser while she went to find a box.  When she was placing them in the box one of them dropped.  She went to pick it up but couldn't find it.  She ended up going through all of her drawers wondering if it fell in a cracked open drawer.  When she couldn't find it there, she moved the dresser and the surrounding furniture...the earring was no where to be found.   Six months later my mom was getting a pair of shorts from my fathers summer dresser (which hadn't been opened since the previous summer) and brought them to him.  Later that day he found the earring in his pocket.   The other experience happened one day when I was getting ready for school.  I put my earrings on and pushed the back of mine in real tight against the lobe as i always do, when i went to put the other earring on.  I felt something fall and noticed that it was the earring I had just put on.  Thinking that the back must have fell off, I leaned down to pick it up.  I then noticed that the back was still on.  Frantically I checked my ear to see if the hole had slit, but it was normal.  I still don't know how the earring ever fell out of my ear without the back being removed.
The most recent things that have happened have been in the bathroom.  I was home alone and reading in my room when I thought I heard a big crash coming from the kitchen area.  It sounded like our computer had fallen off of the desk.  I walked out there to see what happened, and found everything as normal.  I reasoned I was just hearing things so I walked back to my room. When I passed the bathroom, the toilet flushed...I was only one home. Scared I decided to go visit my boyfriend, and call my mom and tell her from his house.
A few nights later I was showering when the water became suddenly freezing cold. I turned around fast to turn it off when I saw a man's face staring back at me...I will only shower in the other bathroom now.
We don't plan on moving. Our disturbances have only been minor.  I just thought I would share this with you.


A Brother's Story

By: ladybug666@mbayweb.com

My parents just bought a chunk of land(140 acres).There is a large cemetery just down the road from it.I was walking along just a few days ago with my brother.He turned around and yelled "what do you want".I asked him why he did that and he said someone was asking what his name was.Then that night we were sitting outside and he told me they were asking his name again.Then only a few minutes later he pointed down our driveway and told me there was a woman in a dress walking toward us and her face was very white.Strage as it was my brother is only 6 and I know that he would not make this up.He is scared of T.V.shows like this but was not scared of her.

A Couple of Ghosts Stories

By: jennifer.bennetts@gte.net

i am kind of new at this and must admit that i am very nervous so i apologize if i sound a little off. i am afraid
people will make fun of me if i tell of my experiences. i don't want people to think that i am a head case. i
actually have a few stories to tell. the truth is things happen to me everyday, in front of people, total strangers
or family. it can be a little unnerving, but i have gotten used to it over the years. my name is jenny... sorry i
guess i should mention that.
this is the first story. this person has followed me from virginia to california and my husband has heard him in
our house:
when i was about 17 i was living in fort lee, virginia and on a certain day we had gone to a native american
pow wow. well, when i had gone home that evening i did not think anything was unusual until about 7 p.m.
my brother and i were watching unsolved mysteries and i was passing some rude comments. i left the living
room to go use the restroom. i shut the door when all of a sudden the door started to shake and it sounded
like someone was banging on the door. they did this three times and needless to say i was irritated. i opened
the door when i looked quickly to the right, thinking it was my younger brother being a jerk when i saw a
man. he was about 5 8' with dark hair and dark eyes. i looked right at him and looked away to the left. when
i dared to look back he was gone. i could see my brother down the hall laying on the bed with a horrified
look upon his face. my father was on the phone looking at me like what had happend. i then accused my
brother of playing games with me and he denied it. then i walked angrily into the living room. then a loud
indian war cry was heard throughout the house my my father and brother. i was stunned and even my
grandmother on the phone heard it. come to find out that night we were adopted into a native american tribe.
one of the gals that my father works with did this out of friendship.
......this is not the end.....
strange things continued to happen and i did move to.... i moved to visalia in california..... ever since i have
lived here a few strange things have happend. my husband was in the shower and i was laying in bed waiting
to talk to him when he got back when i felt someone in the room. i looked up and i saw a shadow of a man.
at first i thought it was my husband, but i realized that this person was my height. my husband is 6 1' and very
wide. this shadow was my height and not broad. i then looked away and back like most people do to find
that the person had dissappeared. about 3 mintues later my husband walked out of the bathroom. i asked
him if he had come out of the bathroom at all and he said no. needless to say i was a little spooked.
then, when my husband and i were in out bedroom we were talking someone said , "it didn't matter anyway,
because it wasn't going to happen". my husband jumped up and left the room. also earlier in the winter we
were using the buck stove when my husband went to check on it when the wood was thrown in front of him.
that spooked him also. latley i have seen out of the corner of my eye the same shadow watching me in the
now here are the other people:
i have a 2 year old and i used to have an intercom for her. well i stopped using it because some strange things
starting happening. once my daughter was crying and we specifically heard a women say "be quiet now".
needless to say my daughter started to cry more. i have left her room door open and have litterly heard it shut
and walked up to it to see it shut. my husband is a truck driver so there is no one in the house with us. i have
come into the room to see her standing up cooing and trying to talk to someone that is not there. also about 2
months ago my daughter was being a real pain  and was crying a lot . i told her to be quiet and she would
not. then in a loud voice a man said "be quiet". my daughter shutted up and was staring at nothing.
the last one that i will mention is this and it also happend in front of my husbad. it was about 7am and my
husband was getting ready for work . he was sitting on the bed next to me putting his socks on . i opened my
eyes  to say something to him when i saw face of a man looking at  me. he had red hair and green eyes and a
round face. i only saw the face.i cried out and josh asked me what was wrong. he was trying to calm me
down because i was shaking i was so unnerved. it through me off guard.
i know this is a lot and i apologize. there are so many stories that have happend with my brother,
grandmother, etc. i feel like i am haunted. i feel like they follow or are attracted to me and i don't know how
to deal with it . i am sane. i am a mathematics major and a wife and mother. i would never ever lie and i must
admit that this is very difficult for me to write.


Brush with Spirits

By: talbain_784@msn.com

Hiya. My name is Ben K., and well, i love the supernatural. I have had my own little brush with spirits before, too.
1.Apr. ??, 1996--I was with my older brother in my living room. He could not get any reception on the tv.INT HINT!) I was look out a large window in the room, when i saw what i believe is a ufo or apparition. my brothher saw it too. it was in a forest at the bottom of the hill in our backyard, and it looked like a sphere, with rays (4 of `em,) comin g out of it, all pointed at the end, and the bottom one was signifacantly larger than the rest. it floated up until it was out of the forest, then flew over our house, then was gone.
2.1998--I was lying in bed, reading a magazine. My father had died last year. Suddenly, a spray of something, i don`t know what, was shot on me. I looked up and saw what i believe to be my father. I ddidn`t get a very good look.
3.2001--I had begun to grow my hair out a little, and you can get a good grip on it. Anyway, i was about to fall asleep, when i felt something like a hand run through my hair. it happened 5 more times, the, suddenly, there was a quick, hard tug at my hair, but i experienced nothing more that night.

New Jersey

By: joschas@yahoo.com

Hello! My name is Joe, I have been a resident of Beverly all my
life- 47 yrs. I would like to relate an occurrence that happened to
myself & a good friend Doug Borden. We were about 14 or so, Doug was
asked to care for a family friend's pets while they were on vacation.
One evening Doug & I were in the  kitchen opening the food for the dog &
cat, when we heard the sound(s) of something like a bowling ball rolling
down steps. We ran out of there!
OK! Now flash forward about 5 years in time. Doug's family's friends are
moving to Dallas, their friend from across the street was into the
paranormal. She had a medium (is that right?); come into the house due
to the fact that we & everyone always got a freaky feeling being in that
house. Myself included. There was an article printed in the Burlington
County Times concerning the findings of the medium. Here, I came to find
out that:
*1. Every family that lived there, the youngest son died.
*2. A bedroom in the back of the house was always cold, the medium
described several forms sitting on the bed. She described the youngest
son of the family, among others; that recently moved that had passed
away some months ago.
*3. On such an occasion where someone died, while removing the corpse
from the aforementioned bedroom, the corpse slipped off the stretcher, &
tumbled down the steps. (Like the sound of  a bowling ball?)

A Haunting Experience

By: stimmer7@hotmail.com

I have a story I would like to share. I do not get to tell it much because alot of people I know don't believe but here we go. When i was 5 years old my parents moved into a nice big house in town. There was a long driveway and the house was set way back from the road. It was a beautiful home with a large oak staircase and separate stairs which I guess were used for the servants at one time. There was a basement off the garage and a wine cellar. For some reason I never went down there. I was always afraid. The second floor had 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a second kitchen. My room was at the end of the hall by the kitchen. Every night at bedtime I would make sure my closet door was closed. It gave me the creeps. Strange things started happening in my room and it got to the point I didn't want to go to bed. I can remember begging my parents to let me sleep anywhere else. My parents told me I'd be okay that I was just having nightmares. I believed them and went back to my room to sleep. Well later on that night I woke up and my room was bright. I looked out my window and it was daylight and the birds were singing. No sooner did I turn to go to my door the daylight disappeared. It was still the middle of the night. My closet door was open and I could see a shadow of someone in there. This had happened a few times before but this night I screamed bloody murder and ran down the hall to my parents room. Now they were also a little concerned and decided to move. On the day of the move, my Dad went ahead with a load and my Mom and I were upstairs. We finished what we were doing and started down the stairs. Halfway down the closet door at the bottom of the stairs opened on it's own. We ran back upstairs and waited for my Dad to come back. We left that place and never went back. When I was around 12 I was talking to my Mom about that house and she told me the people that had leaved there previously moved because their son in his 20's had hung himself in the basement. Guess where he slept? MY ROOM! This is a true story. I still get goosebumps when I think about it but I would love to go back to that house and see if things still happen now that i am older.

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