A Real Experience!

By: sunedeh@hotmail.com

I'm 17 years old, in my whole life, I've had one dearly loved person die.
My grandfather was 76 when he died of bone cancer.  I have a 20 month old
cousin who had a special bond with him.  My cousins parents were truckers,
and it being summer, they asked me to care for their baby for a month.  They
left their son in my care, and what I gained in that experience is that I'm
glad that I'm not a teenage mom.  A week and a half after they left for the
road, my grandfather died.  The morning he died, my cousin woke up crying.
We couldn't understand why, we tried feeding him, changing his diapers,
cuddling him.  He would not stop.  Fifteen minutes later, our phone rang.  I
don't remember exactly when he stopped crying, but it was during the
conversation and before my mom was given the news.  I remember she started
to cry and she said "When?" and that's when I knew that he was gone, she was
told he passed away 15 minutes before the call was made.  I started to cry.
My cousin comforted me, being all of 13 months at the time.  At one time, my
brother was putting the movies into our movie box, and our cousin walked up
to him and put his head on my brothers shoulder and put his tiny arm around
him and patting him on the back.  My mom called our Bishop, he came and
blessed us.  He told us that his mother believed that when someone dies,
they visit the little ones.  My cousin, being the littlest at the time and
having had the bond between him and our grandfather.  I was sad, the last
time I had seen my grandfather was the Christmas before, I never got to tell
him that I loved him, and to say good-bye.  He knew I loved him though.  I
dreamt one night, that I was at my grandparents home.  *Everytime we went to
visit, my grandfather used to stand up and see who was at the door.*  I
walked into their house, and he stood up.  He smiled and chuckled and I knew
that he was fine.  Everytime I think of this I cry.  When my grandfather was
diagnosed, he was given two years to live; but within five months, he passed
away.  We're all glad that he never has to live through that kind of pain
again, and we miss him.  With all our hearts.

A Recent Experience

By: AHAMES@centralbankofturkey.fsbusiness.co.uk

I have sent some stories to you previously, explaining my life long ability to see ghosts.  But, until now I have not been totally able to pass on messages from them.
For the 18 months I have been working very closely with a lovely Turkish lady who lost her two young sons in the terrible earth quake Turkey suffered in August 1999.  As I had experienced many deaths of those close to me, we talked alot and forged a very strong bond.
For months we had encouraged her to become pregnant and have another child as she is a natural mother.  Finally last July she announced that she was expecting.
A few months into the pregnacy she became very depressed and worried that her sons would be angry about the new baby.  We all felt for her but there was nothing we could do.
Until, one night i was sleeping ver restlessly, and when i finally dropped off, I dreamed of being at work and her two boys visited me, what is amazing is that although i had seen pictures of them when they were young i didn't really know what they looked like or how they were personally.  But, everything i saw was increddibly accurate, even down to how they behaved with me.  They told me that they were very excited about the baby and they were worried about thier mother because she was sad.  After telling her this her mood changed instantly.
Shortly after the birth of her daughter this feb, I had another dream where they boys visited me.  This time i was in thier bedroom and they told me that thier mother should give them the comfort blanket that they had both used, and that the babies hand's and feet were exactly the same as the oldest sons were.  Again I told my friend this an I was totally accurate.
Both my friend and her husband believe that thier sons are talking to me because i am able to hear them, and It is really helping them through a very hard time.

A Third Hand Tale

By: Paulj.Wilson@btinternet.com

At the end of the 1980's a good friend of mine moved into an apartment in the East Lothinn (Scotland) village of Ormiston.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened for a long time but the first thing she and her husband noticed was that things got interfiered with.  The settings on the cooker and oven would be altered, either up or down, without anyone having gone into the kitchen.  During the night, the TV and/or lamps would come on.  Eventually they developed a routine where before going to bed she would go around the room switching off appliances, un pluging them from the outlets and he would go around after her to check it had been done.  In the morning they would often find plugs back in their outlets and appliances turned back on.  The only other manifistation was one day when Lynn was exercising in the livingroom on an exercise bike and despite being in the house on her own she disticly heard a child lauging from the other end of the room, but nothing could be seen.  On questioning the previous owner of the apartment, he confessed to haveing experienced all of the same things over the years he had lived their.

A Very Special Experience

By: david1@nextgen.net.mt

"when my parents got married they moved into a very small flat ,just 3 rooms .the first night they got in they were in bed when they heared strange noises coming from the kitchen .At first they ignored it  but the sound was getting louder and louder .So they decided straight away to go to my granny's home that lived near by . But when they went home again a couple of days later the sounds were the same .Then she was pregnant with me and for example when my dad use to help her washing the floor and he was sure that the floor cloth was there he wouldn't find it and then he used to say"if you really want it you can have it"and go to the other room he used to find it. Then i was born and since I was the only child in the family i had no children to play with I  used to play with the mirror in the bedroom .I knew i wasn't playing alone cause when I throw the ball the ball would came back to me .My parents  got worried a lot and once they asked me with who I was playing and i told them with a man . His hair was long and dark ,big black eyes with moustach and a bit of goaty he was dress in royal red like a cavalier and he had a necklace with a pandent the face of Christ .So we went to live with my grannys for a while becuase they were afraid,but soon we had to return home cause I was ill and I wanted to go home .As soon as we retured home i started to feel better and i went to play .The following months were raffy since dad lost his job and mum used to find money under the mat in the cuboard and some times even sweets and milk .Once I gave dad 3 numbers that this friend of mine had gave me and he won some money from the lotto. Mum and dad tried to have more children when we were living ther but they couldn't .Then we  got a bigger house and dad got a new job and it was time to leave. A few days before my friend wanted to  give me his chain and I said no cause my mum always told me not to accept things from other people so i was afraid altough I wished to .And so we left .people phoned us the next morning to ask us if we left a dog or some thing in the flat,cause they could not sleep with at night with the sounds of some one crying and foot steps coming in the flat .All I know is that after we left a week later a young man got in and the following morning they found him dead. I was 2 at that time and we left our flat in vittoriosia in malta at 4 years ,then my mum had more children 4 infact . I am 20 now and I never seen him since.Some times i have that strange feelingthat I am not alone or that some one is there with me but i feel relaxed by the smell of jasmines that surround the room .He was my first friend more then a ghost and i will treausare that daysfor ever in my heart"

Mild but Ghostly

By: Gemini61386@aol.com

I guess you could say that my experiences are quite mild compared to others.
When I was about seven or eight I was having trouble sleeping and, at that
time I kept my closet open at night, I looked through the slats of my bunk
bed into my closet and saw a large golden glowing figure and a smaller
glowing figure. A few years before my dog had died, I loved him very much.
And a few months earlier, my fish, I was very close with this fish-she let me
pet her-, had died. My conculsion to this was that they were there to help me
sleep. As soon as I saw them I went straight to sleep. My other experience
was this year. I was home alone and I was picking something up out of the
bottom of my closet and I heard a voice say "Bridget, I wouldn't do that."
And I quit doing what I was doing and got up very quickly. As soon as I got
up, something fell off the top shelf. It landed right where I was kneeling.

I Can See Them

By: joethefed@aol.com

Hi there, my names Joe, my friend Colin probably wrote you recently about
some recent activity.  For the past I don't know how many years I have been
able to feel and to an extent see ghosts.  I can sense what they are feeling
and what their intentions are.  However, about three years, my friend Colin
started having sleeping problems.  I already knew his house was haunted, but
what was haunting it was the spirit of what I think is a five year old
child.  For christmas the year before a friend of ours that lived in
Thailand sent us all gifts, however Colin was the one that received a house
that you would leave tokens and gifts in to help ward off evil spirits.
Over time it stopped doing that.  Trapped in the house was some kind of
creature, like a demon, it was huge, dark, and very menacing.  I still don't
know how to use all of my abilities very well, but at the time I sure as
hell didn't, but I attempted this any way.  We attempted to destroy the
house and everything in it.  It took 45 minutes just to get it to catch
fire.  During this 45 mintues I was attempting to immobilize the creature
inside the house.  After 45 minutes I was able to trap it, by pure luck.
After I trapped it I was able to see what was being stored in the house.  It
was a large field, fire everywhere, dead bodies on fire, blood everywhere.
It reminded me of what Hell would look like when described to you as a
child.  After that I was drained, I couldn't do much of anything, I thought
I lost all my abilities, but after two months they started coming back, very
slowly.  I knew this only because I was able to sense the ghost in Colins
house again.  While I was living in Korea I encountered a few spirits, but
they were by chance and left over from the war, that was when I knew my
abilities were back to full, but I wanted to learn how to better use them,
and I am not having any luck.  Well to end the story on a bad note, last
week my friend Jess asked about any ghost encounters any of us have had, so
Colin and I talked about this one, so Jess got curious and wanted to see
where it happen.  Reluctantly we took him there.  Surprisingly enough,
development has been going on in the area for the last five years, but at
the spot where we destroyed the house nothing is built.  We went to the spot
and I was able to feel it out from residue from when we first destroyed it,
but after a few minutes it wasn't just that.  The feeling I was getting
became stronger until it made me sick, I almost passed out and I double-over
dry heaving.  It turns out it was still trapped there, until that night,
somehow it got loose.  I don't know how or why, but now I have to get rid of
it for good, and I don't know how

Original Plantation Home

By: prtblonde@excite.com

This happend about 8 years ago. My friend Debi and i were sitting on my
front steps talking about a bunch of things including ghosts and spirits. We
knew that the land we were on was full of ghosts. Just like all of Madison.
There is alot of Historie here. This is the only town Sherman did not burn
down during the civil war.You still find Original Plantation Houses
here.Anyway, that was pretty much what we were talking about at the time.
When out of the blue we smelled a very strong Odor of a mans cologne. It was
hot and there was no wind at all. We both felt someone standing in front of
us. Since we both liked the cologne, we told "it" that he smelled good but
he put way too much cologne on. It was too strong.So we asked if he could
tone it down a little. Thats when the cologne smell turned into a smell of
"Death" rotten flesh, bad eggs. I don't know how to explain that smell. It
was BAD let me tell you! So, the women that we are, we changed our mind
about the cologne very fast. We told him that we understand now and to
please use the cologne again we would deal with it being so strong. He
complied and used the cologne again. We thanked him and kept talking. He
staied for a bit and then left.
There is so much Activity in this Town! The Spirits are everywhere. No
matter where you go. There is one where i work. All he wants is for someone
to know that he is there. He'll come and through something off of a shelf
and as soon as I tell him that i know he is there, he'll stay around to
watch me work.He does not talk to me even though i have asked him who he is
and what he wants, does he need help with anything e.t.c. He just wants to
be around someone. He doesn't want to be alone i don't think.
In the Next County in the woods, is a Plantation House. Noone lives there
now. The House is falling apart. There is the spirit of a Slave that used to
work and live on the plantation. He told us about how well he was treated by
the master unlike the other slaves. He loves the land and the House. He told
us that he was hung by the plantation owner because the daugter of the
family had his child and to save her face, she said that he Raped her. He
died and stayed behind to watch over her and his baby. He said that he realy
loves her and the child. He likes for someone to just listen to him tell his
storie. He invited us to come Back and listen to him tell his storie. For
all of you out ther that think spirits are all about scarring you, thats not
true. Most of them are very nice and just want to be and noticed.
Sorrie for useing so much space. Thanks for reading my stories.

Apartment Ghost Story...

By: Sandee013@aol.com

In 1989 I moved into a goverment apartment(# 7) in a small town containing
seven units. The last apartment was occupied by a single mom with a small
child and her boyfriend. The previous year they (Man and woman) were
murdered(shot to death) in thier bed in the first bedroom by the woman's
estranged ex. No one wanted to move into the apartment because of the history
surrounding the apartment. I was a young mother and had two children and
needed a place to live and thought nothing of this. In time I was told of the
strange happenings of the place and chalked it up to superstition or small
minded people with too much time on thier hands. Things were pretty quiet for
me and my little ones for the first few months, then small things started to
occur. The light over the sink area in my kitchen would mysteriously come on
in the middle of the night. Being the only adult in the house and the only
person who could actually reach the switch, this had me worried that I had an
electrical short or something and promptly had it checked
out.....nothing,perfectly normal. Kitchen cabinet doors would be halfway open
in the mornings when I awoke, I scolded my oldest daughter(7 yrs. at the
time) for climbing the counters and getting snacks out and she told me that
she was asleep,she didn't do it. My youngest daughter (2 yrs. at the time)
was starting to make a habit of getting up in the middle of the nite and
getting into bed with me. Very unusual for her, she is a hard sleeper. At one
point I was having trouble sleeping, so much to the point I went to a doctor
and got sleeping medication, all to no avail. I always woke up at 3am and had
a difficult time going back to sleep. Nothing worked until I rearranged my
bedroon furniture and moved my bed from one end of the room to the other.
Once while my oldest daughter ws visiting her grandmother overnite, myself
and my youngest daughter decided to take a bubble bath together in the late
evening. While we were in the tub, I herd jingle bells rattling around in a
cup on a shelf not five feet from me. All of my windows were closed and no
one else was in the house, couldn't explain it at the time. After three years
I chose to move in with  a man to a better neighborhood . My landlord chose
that time to tell me the complete history of "My" apartment.He showed me the
newspaper articles on what happened and after reading all of them I
understood all.....
The Ex climbed through the bathroom window and shot them both dead(At three
am) and took the child which was sleeping between the two. Thier bed was in
the exact postion as I had my bed when I couldn't sleep. The mom was a stay
at home mom and was always in the kitchen fixing stuff for her little child
(making homemade cookies, snacks and such). She always left the kitchen sink
light on for her boyfriend when he came in late at nite. My daugher always
getting into my bed late at nite was quickly understood by me. The other
bedroom was never used by the child, she always slept with her mother and the
boyfriend.No other tenants have reported any activity in this unit,of coarse
they didn't have small or female children either. Time will tell if this
ghost will ever find peace or her final rest.Before moving out (The last nite
there) I made my peace with her and told her I understood why she did the
things she did, I understood she wasn't trying to scare me or my little girls
and I wished her peace .


Apparition in the Hallway

By: fboily@sympatico.ca

One afternoon of 1995 or 1996, I was dusting our bedroom (the masterís
bedroom) in our appartment.  Right beside our bedroom was a small
hallway leading up to the bathroom and to the other bedroom.  I remember
being in a very good mood.  I had been doing a few changes in the
decoration of the bedroom and was now dusting.  I was happy with the
results and as I was dusting I was talking about the changes with my
husband or what I thought was my husband standing in the hallway.  All
smiling and happy I started to tell him, or what I thought was him, «
Hey Franky ! Look at what Iíve just done?  Isnít that nice?! »  I
advanced in the hallway to bring him in the bedroom and as I neared him,
he disappeared!  I nearly jumped!  Now, as I was dusting, I happened to
turn my head towards the hallway which was on my right and there stood a
man who very much looked like my husband and who was dressed in modern
clothes (a short and a t-shirt).  When I saw him, I was sure he was my
husband.  That is when I started talking to him and as I was cheerily
and happily explaining the changes to him, he had this most beautiful
smile of encouragement!  He seemed to be happy for me.  What a surprise
when I realized that I had been speaking to someone or something else
than my husband and when I saw it disappear!  It is when this being
disappeared that I realized that my husband was lying on the couch and
watching TV!  He was very surprised when I told him what happened.

Apparition in the Middle of the Night

By: fboily@sympatico.ca

One Saturday night (around 1995), my husband and I went to bed very
early.  I was sound asleep when suddenly, around 2 A.M., I was awakened
by the sound of crumpling paper.  The sound was coming from my left.  I
turned my head, and there, beside the bed, on my side, was an
apparition!  It had the appearance of a young man with short brown hair
and was stripped to the waist!  The lower portion of his « body » was
transparent, ghost-like.  It was also pretty tall, around 6 feet or so.
Now, on my side of the bed was the closet and a lamp.  The apparition
was standing in front of the lamp and sideways to myself.  His head was
bending over a little bit and yes, he was crumpling something with his
hands.  I remember thinking « Oh, this must be my husband, what is he
doing there in the middle of the night? »  To be sure, I turned around
to see if he was really in bed and yes, he was sound asleep!  I remember
looking at my husband, then at this apparition, then again at my husband
and again at this apparition.  I wanted to be sure I wasnít dreaming or
seeing things.  But no!  It was real!  I couldnít believe it!  There
beside me was this being from another world, from another realm!  When I
fully realized it, my heart started beating like crazy!  I really got
freaked out.  I just leaned on the bed and stared at this apparition.  I
was scared because this was the unknown, but I tell you, when I think of
it now, it really was a peaceful being.  I even think that he probably
was an angel, or my guardian angel for that matter.  Sometimes, I
believe, that our guardian angels want us to see them.  Yes, in the
presence of this being I felt great peace.  For a moment, during the
experience, I thought « When is he going to leave? ».  Just when I
thought that, he disappeared!  When he disappeared I began sweating and
my heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to jump right out
of my body!  I hid under the bed covers and eventually, but with much
difficulty, fell asleep!

Attracted to Me

By: jughead888@hotmail.com

      I stumbled onto your website. I just want to say that out of my 41 yrs
of "life" I have been haunted since early childhood. Folks around me notice
these things too - so its not just me. My experiences run the entire
spectrum  - mostly poltergheist, some other... angelic, maybe one demonic,
seen a few ghost - clearly - heard them at times - clearly - crying...
actually the only time I've heard them (thankully) was who I call the crying
lady in an old Inn and others have heard her too. The sobbing was
tremendously sad and resonant broken between sobs with her voice "Oh God
please nooooo... oh my god noooooo...." then more sobs. I have had what I
call whistling gost - really odd stories... no question about any of them
that they were real and something paranormal. Lately, very recently, I have
been plagued by sudden very loud raps on the wall next to my head as I sit
and write - usually very late at night. I thought it was kids out late
tossing rocks against the wall but one cold rainy night a week ago I decided
to test it and went up to the room to write - 2:30AM, raining hard - almost
freezing out, definately no kids out - no trees near the wall either. As
soon as I sat down - smiling to myself thinking it wasn't going to happen -
Rap! hard on the wall next to my head. I don't come up to this room to write
anymore after 9PM as I think it was somebody telling me to do other things
with my time. Once I was at the PC late - I live alone - and behind me I
heard a slap and a jingle and turned to see my heavy leather belt swinging
around on the handle bar of my Nordic Trak where it had been all day. I
could go on and on with stories  - most more dramatic than these little
attention getters. I wrote em all out in a book hoping to sell it and I have
a total of 21 "major" stories - a few verifiable by other sources. Once I
had a spirit tell a 5 yr old to give me a message in a certain room we were
staying in as I was engaged to his ma. He said that the spirit man came to
him with a message for me - that he (the ghost) came and went from the room
and that I did not need to fear him because he was a "good" spirit. He just
wanted me to know that, he wanted the boy to tell me that -  and he left. A
year later, the enagagment having flopped, I was out of a place to stay and
the owner of the esate offered me a room at a great rate and I accepted - it
was the same room. In that room I experienced quite a few paranormal events
- levitation, poltergheist stuff. I found out that a certain fellow had shot
himself in that room ten yrs back. Folks that knew him said he was about the
nicest person you could hope to meet. So anyway...
     I don't know what to make of all this - a lifetime of it... I have
never sought or investigated any of it. I don't know. I am a Christian
myself and don't think it right to investigate too deeply and I am also
afraid that by investigating I will attract it. I have heard other folk's
ghost stories and generally believe em. But I have never heard of anybody so
haunted as myself - no way. I think maybe something about me attracts...
don't know.  That's all.

Australia Incident

By: kyliwebb@lefevrehs.sa.edu.au

I live in Australia and I have been seeing spirits ever since I was about 2
years old. My first experience was just after my grandmothers death. I was
visiting her grave for the first time and all of a sudden I started hearing
voices. They were telling me to leave that it was dangerous for them and me
if I stayed, that I had to run, and
never turn round. It is weird that I remember it, although my memory is not
as clear as my mothers but I remember most of the details. I know that this
is probably really hard to believe but I give you my word it is true.
Although I think about it know and realize that I wasn't scared, at the time I new that I had to leave so I told my mum and dad and we left. My dad
didn't believe me, but my mum did. Since then I have had many experiences
with spirits all of which have been good except for one. This happened when
I was 15. I had been roped into a swimming carnival, and I can't swim to
good so I was practicing in my pool. The pool is down the very back and you can't see the house from the pool as it is behind the shed. I have often seen spirits down the back but it has never worried me . It was getting late and I had been swimming for a while so stopped for a brake. Whilst I was standing in the middle of the pool I seen a baby sitting on the fence that surronds the pool, I tried to look away but I was in a trance. I finaly stopped looking at it but it was good as I was suddenly dragged under the water. I struggled for about 10 minutes befor it would let go. When it finaly did I run inside. I told my mum and she never believed me but I have never been down there on my own since.

-Australian Haunted Houses


 When I was living over-seas in Australia (which was about 4 years
ago) my house was haunted, I'm absolutely positive...my ghost experience
started when I went their quarantine station to this day I'm still
frightened to death of that place.. you see my school took a ghost tour and
the Australians like to "joke" around well when we went in to the morgue
there was a body on the table.. we (the children and parents) all thought
that it was a dummy well all of a sudden in the middle of the story the body
on the table starts to sit up now me terrified I scream bloody murder for
about 5 minutes...its amazing when your scared how long you can hold your
breath...so to make a long story short that made me scared. well after that
about oh a month later or so I woke up all of a sudden I was lying on my
stomach and I looked to the right of me and there was this white transparent
wispy type of thing it was almost completely white but you could barley see
through it...all most like fog.. well I got sooo scared that I put my pillow
over my head, i stayed like that for about an hour and during that time i
heard strange footsteps non of my family I have come to realize that this
ghost was rather gentle and seemed like a good spirit almost kind of like a
protection i was yet not screaming scared, scared because i didn't know what
it was. my next experience was even more frightening... again i woke up late
at night and as i looked through my bedroom door i saw an middle aged man
who was the foggy wispy transparent thing in an undershirt stained with i
don't know dark colors could have been blood, who knows but he had these
bright red evil eyes i was even more scared then before... he just felt so
evil i was just soo scared i just sat there in my bed frozen with fear i
just stared at him i think for about 20 minutes and i blinked and he was
just gone. i sat there almost paralyzed even after he left. to this day when
i enter certain rooms in houses i can feel a presence. i can tell if it is a
good or if it is a bad presence.

Baby's Guardian Angel

By: juneblair@palm.net

Hello shadowlands,  my story begins
when my daughter was 5 months old , I moved in with my mom with my
daughter to Bakersfield calif. We lived in a large appartment complex,
my daughter and I where sleeping , she was in a portable crib across
the room and I was on the other side by the window, well my daughter
cried out, not a fussy I'm waking up cry but a cry, needless to say as
a new mother, I was up and walking across the room like a shot and in
my birthday suit so as I walking I noticed something out of the corner
of my eye, I tried to look but, it would just stay out of sight. I
looked at my baby and her eyes where wide open, I got a blanket to
cover her up, then covered her and turned around to walk to my bed when
I saw it again, just out of sight,  I layed down in bed and there was
this ghost staring at me from the ceilling!  I noticed mainly the eyes!
You could see the shape of it's  head moving around looking. I
pretended not to see it so I kept my eyes closed , then the sun came up
through the window and lit up the room, I looked , of course I couldn't
see it I'm sure it blended in with the light and was still there, so I
left. I figured that when my daughter cried out, and me shooting across
the room, I must have startled it, my baby saw it thats why she cried
out but anyway the spirit was looking at her and avoided me at all
cost! The way it behaved it acted like "your not supposed to me" .  My
daughter is 17 now, I've told her the story for many years, she's
attracted other spirits while growing up, not bad ones ,they just seem
to visit .

Believe In the Supernatural

By: Sobe18038@aol.com

i live in bricktown,nj and i believe in the supernatural. my best frinnd and
i were always playing with this kind of stuff.my friend always told me he
heared people
walking around the house when he was home alone and would call me about it
sounding freaked out but i never took him seriously until one daywhen we were
in the cemetary (we wanted to see if it was really haunted ,everyone said it
was)and we heard footsteps in the dead leaves(it was fall)come towdards us
and stop right in
front of us.we looked at each other and ran.that night i slept over his house
and his mom went out.it was about 3 hours and she still wasnt home yet when
suddenly i felt a strong presence we heard someone walking up and down his
hallway it came to the kitchen and stopped.
      another time i slept over his house i heard a dog jump off his bed (he
had a 2 story house and we were down stairs,but his dog was sleeping next to
me.now i always feel a stange presence when something bad is going to happen
like once i was riding my bike to my friends house,i got the feeling and
suddenly a ford 4x4 came speeding down the road and almost hit me(i was lucky
i got my brakes fixed)
and dissapeared.lots of things like this happenedsinse then.

Black Mists

By: fboily@sympatico.ca

One day, while I was in my study room surfing the Net on my computer, a
black mist floated right above my left shoulder and disappeared.  On
some other day, I saw another black mist (or was it the same?) in my
study room again but this time it was floating against the wall.

Blacksburg South Carolina


My name is Evan and my friends name is Scott.  We were making a trip to
North Carolina for a concert in August of 1996.  After the concert we
drove for a long while, finally making it to South Carolina, and were in
need of a place to camp as it was getting pretty late.  We found the
Kings Mountain State park entrance, but being almost 2 A.M., the gate
was locked.  We both got out of the VW camper to see if we could get the
gate open. The road was completely deserted, and being at the entrance,
we were not even close to any campsites.  With the headlights of the
camper as our only source of light, a woman appeared out of nowhere.
She had dark hair, a thin white dress, and was barefoot.  She asked us
if we were with the wedding party, and we replied that we were not.  As
quickly as she appeared, she was gone.  Scott and I thought it was kind
of weird...no evidence of another car on the road, and the fact that she
was barefoot in the middle of nowhere at 2 in the morning.  Entertaining
the thought that we may have had an encounter with a ghost, we forgot
about it.
Recently I was reminded of the incident, and thought I'd surf the web to
see if there was documentation of some similar experience when I found
your site.  I was blown away when I found an entry for Kings Mountain
State Park...and the woman in the white dress.  The entry said that she
was murdered by the Klan for marrying a black man.  I wonder if they
were married right before the murder, and that's why she asked us if we
were with the wedding party.


Blue Critter

By: LSamaniego@ci.sat.tx.us

I am a firm believer in the afterlife, and I know that sometimes the other
side reaches out to us in ways that we might not understand
This incident happened in the late evening around ten at night. We , My
friend and I, were coming home from her mother's house.
She lives in a newly designated historic neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas.
There are bunches of beautiful old houses that were built in the early part
of the century. As we turned the corner of this one residential street, my
headlight beams hit on something moving in the road about twenty or thirty
yards ahead. Conversation was going on between us, and we kept talking. As I
neared the object in the road I saw what appeared to be a transluscent, neon
blue, crab, moving sideways across the road, and when the headlights hit it,
it stopped and stood and waved its claws like it was dancing, doing a sort
of Hula. Not beliving what i saw I kept driving until we drove past it, by
this time it had reached the shoulder of the other side. The conversation
had stopped in the car. I looked at her ans she was looking at me with a
funny stare. "Did you see something?" I asked  "Yes, I think I did", my
friend said.
She turned around and looked out the back window and I looked in the rear
viewmirror and neither one of us could see anything that could have been
what we saw. No bags in the wind, no trash, nothing. We wonder if It wasn't
some form of other worldly creature out trick or treating a few months
early, (It was summer time.)  Sometimes we talk about about Mr Blue Crab,
and Laugh.


By: PROUDtobePUNK77@aol.com

     One time in Chicago on Lawrence and Rockwell, I saw something
unexplainable. I saw a shadow of someone or something on the wall. It stood
there staring. After about five minutes it began running and then it
      To begin with, I was sleeping while my mother was gone. My brother was
at my aunt's house. It was 2:37 AM when I woke up to use the bathroom. I saw
a shadow of a male human. I desperately wanted to but for some reason I could
not run. I guess I was in shock. I was exceedingly scared when I saw it.    I
am not sure if it was a ghost but if I had to guess, I'd say it was. When I
woke up in the morning, I told my mom the whole story and she did not

Childhood Experiences

By: parker.david@btinternet.com

The first time i ever experienced that i was not alone was during my childhood.  i was so scared to walk thorugh doors at night because i use to see figures floating above them, it really freaked me out, but that was only the start.
I remember many restless nights. I always keep my bedroom door open, and from my bed i could see the upstairs landing. Before i saw anything, i was felt a slight cold breeze, sweep past my face, and there she was. A girl about 10 years old, around the same age i was at the time. She appeared to be sitting on the landing crying. As I watched, a heard of horses ran past her, almost over her, then she disappeared.
This resulted in me running to my sisters, or brothersí room opposite. As they looked out there was nothing there and I could not explain it. This happened on a regular basis, but stopped around the age of 14.
I still can't explain it. even though we moved house a few years ago, it still scares the hell out of me, what was it, a ghost or my imagination?
One thing i do know is that before the house we lived in was built, it originaly was a field with horse's in.. The people who bought our house have children, so it would be interesting to see if they have seen anything like i have experience, so it can put my mind to rest.
Thanks for listening

Childhood Ghosts

By: nova_nation@hotmail.com

This is a story I have told to many people. It's of an experience I had when
I was about 5, and none of the details have ever changed.
It was 14 years ago, when I was 5, my family (mom, dad, 3 yr old brother)
lived in our tiny old house. My brother and I were forced to share a room, a
small one, and our beds were directly across from each other. I woke up one
night, it had to be late because our parents were already asleep, and there
was a woman standing over me. She put her finger to her mouth and told me to
be quiet, that her and the man would be right back, they were going to go
eat first. When she said that I looked across to my brother's bed to see a
short, bald man over him. I didn't see them as transparent, and I didn't see
them fade away, but they disappeared, and as soon as they did I was in bed,
across the hall, with my parents. A few minutes later I heard my brother
start crying. My dad went into our room and carried him into his and my
mother's room, laying him on the bed to sleep. The only thing I can figure
is that the man and woman did come back. I remember that night perfectly,
and I know it wasn't a dream I've been remembering, I have plenty of dreams
that I remember in detail, and I know what are and are not dreams.

Long Time Haunt

By: BrandyMarie@att.net

 Hi.  Just wanted to add my story to the list.  I live in Oberlin PA.  It's a small town outside of Harrisburg.  My house is a duplex that was built in the early 1900's.
I started noticing strange occurrences at an early age.  The first experience was when I was about 6.  I was laying in my bed and I heard footsteps in the attic.  At the time my dad was in the shower, my mom was down stairs reading and my brother was not home.  The second was probably a year or so later.  I was in my bed and I happened to glance over at my closet and what I saw was simply unbelievable.  There was this thing (I don't know what to call it) walking back and forth in front of my closet.  It was about 6' tall and very ugly.  It's head/face reminded me of the alien on that show Alf (does anyone remember what he looked like?) except the thing's face was longer and skinnier.  Of course being a kid I covered my head with my blanket and tried not to think about it.  Nothing happened then for years.
Approximately 3 years ago they started again.  Mostly just small things like seeing something move out of the corner of your eye.  Right behind the chair that I'm sitting in right now I sometimes hear a bird fly past me.  I was sitting here one night and my chair started rolling toward my kitchen like someone was pushing me.
The scariest for me was 2 summers ago.  I was home alone for the weekend and I just got in bed and was starting to fall asleep when someone ran up my steps.  It scared me because like I said I was home alone and I didn't hear anyone come in my house.  So with a baseball bat and a bottle of hairspray I ventured out into the hall.  No one was in the house but me.  Trying to be logical about this I thought one of my cats did it.  One was outside and the other 2 were sleeping downstairs and besides that neither one of them sounds like a person when they run up the stairs.  Well I put it out of my mind and went to sleep.  The next night the same thing happened.  Around the same time both nights (11:30).  This time I told 'it' to stop and I went to sleep (it never happened again).
I always heard that animals have the gift of the 6th sense.  My youngest cat is one of them.  Hannah will be sleeping comfortably on the couch then all of a sudden jump up like someone hit her and run up the stairs.  She also stares at the steps like she's watching someone (she stares at me the same way sometimes).
I talked to a friend of a friend about this.  He claimed to be psychic.  I wasn't sure if I believed him or not but thought I would give it a try.  He told me a lot about myself that not many people know about me (this was the first time I met him).  I asked him if he could tell me anything about my house.  He told me that something did happen here but it was not his place to tell me.  He did tell me that there is a little boy or a younger man in my house.  He is not a threat he's just not sure what's going on.
 So if anyone out there has ANY info about anything that happened in Oberlin PA please e-mail me at:  BrandyMarie@att.net. To all of you that have had experiences you have been given an extraordinary gift.  Don't ever let anyone tell you that your crazy or stupid.  I have had many experiences in and out of my house (too many to tell you about).

Summer-time lights

By: T3ebush@aol.com
I was hanging out with two of my friends during the summer with nothing much
to do.  I suggested that maybe we should take a look.  At the time we left,
the sun was beginning to set.  We were talking about some random thing, when
I saw three lights floating through the air.  They seemed to hover in the
air, but suddenly came right in front of my face.  I fell down & my friends
laughed, not noticing the three lights.  They started to vibrate and then
flew away quickly.  They went about 5 yards away & disappeared.  My friends
told me that we were talking about our favorite performer & I had fallen down
right when one of them told me who their's was.  They had thought my falling
was a joke about that performer.  When I had told them about the lights, they
thought I had tripped and was just trying to play it off.   I thought maybe I
had been daydreaming, so I just shrugged it off.  That night, I was going to
bed & I heard a woman laughing.  My mom was away from the house at the time &
I have no sisters, so I immediately thought of the lights.  I'm not sure if
that was paranormal activity or not, but it had kept me awake for the next
few nights.   I haven't had any other experiences since.

Serial Murder

By: ellison@edatcat.com

This is a true account of events that took place when I was a teenager in
the late 80's in  TN.
My parents and I lived in a nice suburban home nextdoor to a newlywed
couple.  The wife, Amy, was exceptionally kind and very athletic.  The
husband, Tony, was somewhat effeminate and slightly eccentric. The two had
children from Amy's pevious marriage.  The girls were under age 5.  The pair
owned a small Italian restaurant at the entrance of the subdivision.  Our
two families developed a typical neighborly relationship.
On her way home from work one day, Amy's car developed sudden trouble,
exploded, and flew off of the interstate.  She survived and the incident was
dismissed as a fluke accident.  However, a few weeks later, the same thing
happened again.  Miraculously, she survived a second time.  The second
incident was reported to the vehicle manufacturer.  I'm not sure what become
of that.
About a year later, in mid-summer, the telephone woke me up one morning.  In
a groggy voice, I answered.  It was Tony.  He tearily explained that Amy had
died and he wished to inform my parents.  Still half asleep, I said "ok,
thanks, I'll tell them" and hung up the phone, not grasping the reality of
what he'd just said.
As it turns out, Amy had drowned in the bathtub the previous evening.  Her
death was ruled an accident, we thought, but a detective hung around the
house nextdoor for months to come.  Eventually, Tony married a woman from
across the street, named Kathy Beadle, whose husband had recently died in a
plane crash (he was a pilot).  The two moved to Knoxville, TN.
Not long after, a new couple bought Tony and Amy's old house.  They planned
some renovations before they moved completely in, and had carpenter teams in
the house regularly.  One evening, the woman knocked on our door.  She
explained that the carpenters refused to come back to the house to work.
Myserious events had occured, she said.  "The water in the upstairs bathroom
comes on unexpectedly....when we turn it off, it comes back on as soon as we
leave the room."  She also recounted things being fixed...such as cabinet
doors, scratches on the walls being repaired, and other small things around
the house.  She was afraid to stay in the house alone.
"What happened in this house?"  she wanted to know.
My parents explained.  The woman was aghast.  My father wanted to help, so
he went nextdoor, and stepped inside the house.  He made his way around the
house, talking to Amy....yes talking to Amy...or her ghost, rather.  he told
her that her children were fine and that all was well...that she could move
on and be at peace.
Strangely enough, the mysterious incidents in the house never happened after
that.  However, it turns out that a year later, Kathy (the woman Tony
married) came up missing.  A manhunt began and we were surprised to learn on
CNN that Tony Vic was wanted by the FBI as a suspected serial killer.
Kathy's body was discovered buried under 6 feet of concerete in the couple's
Knoxville backyard, beneath their swimming pool....K-9's discovered her
remains.  Tony was apprehended in New Jersey living with another man and was
placed behind bars where he belongs...he was eventually convicted of, not
only Kathy's murder, but for murdering Amy by drowning her in the bathtub,
and for the murders of 3 previous wives and a mother-in-law...he convinced
one woman and her mother that god wanted them to throw themselves in front
of an oncoming truck...incredibly, they oblidged.
Amy's untimely death caused her to be restless in the afterlife...she was
not ready to go.  My father convinced her that it was ok.  Sometimes, I
guess even the dead need reassurance.

My Own Experience

By: malcolmturley@worldnet.att.net

At the age of 8, my family moved me to the middle east. A small place called Doha, Qutar. Before we could move into my house there, my family & I had to stay in a large hotel for about a month. The hallway outside our door smelled like rotted eggs, and our "room" had enough beds-each in different compartments- for me and my brother to sleep by our selves leaving my mom & dad to also have their own room. I suffered from a major case of jet lag. It was worse than any member in my family. At night, I would just lay in bed, staring at the ceiling.
My room had always given me a chill down my spine. But one night, I was trying to sleep and a small hand grabbed mine under the covers. I pulled away, and looked over to that side of the bed. There was the face of a little Arab boy peeking his head over the side of the bed. He looked frightened. I screamed and ran to my mom's room. She said it was nothing and told me to go back to bed. When I got there, he was gone.
The next night, I sat up in bed staring at the wall near the door. The light was off, and my door was closed. I blinked, and when I opened my eyes again, there was a different little boy in colorful overalls running towards my bed. He looked even more scared then the boy from the night before. I couldn't move, I was so shocked. He disappears behind the foot board, and appeared right in front of me standing up. He reached out and started shaking me viscously. I still couldn't move to get away, and just stared at the kid. He looked about 3.
Suddenly he turned around and screamed, covering his face. The only way I could explain what happened next is as if something came sideways through him and he turned to mist from the middle out. It scared me so much that I screamed bloody murder, and fell off the bed onto the floor. Coincidentally, the air conditioning came on right then, so my mom could explain it as just that. I tried to explain, but she cut me off.
Two years later, I completed 4th grade, and my mom took me back to America. She had separated from my dad, and my brother had already left for home about a month before. And since then, I've been trying to figure out what had happened to those boys...

One of Many

By: msanders@qx.net

When my wife and I first got married, we lived in a very old house that her
employer owned.  It was built in 1805 and had been owned by the same family
until it and the surrounding land was sold in 1996.  The house was so huge
that a family lived on the first floor and we lived on the second floor.
There was a slave cell in the basement and there were still chains on the
walls and the floors were made of hard dirt.  It was pretty creepy down
there and we rarely went down there.  But the ghosts of the basement never
came up or made themselves known to us.  It was the ghosts who lived
upstairs that liked to wake us up at night.

We often heard footsteps upstairs.  Someone walking back and forth.  One
time, when the family living below us was on vacation, I was reading in our
living room while waiting for my wife to get home.  The stairs and the
hallway that led to our part of the house were made out of wooden planks
and you could always hear people coming up.  Well, I heard the footsteps
and assumed that they were made by my wife.  After reaching the top of the
stairs, the footsteps went to the door.  Silence.  I shouted for my wife
but got no answer.  I got up and checked the hallway.  No one was there.
My wife got home about an hour later.


The Family Demon

By: gungsa@usit.net
 This happened to me when I was twelve years old.  As you will read, however, the experience had a type of repeat years later.  I was glad to read that you discriminate between ''ghosts'' and ''demons'' otherwise, I would not be writing you.  My encounter was with a demon.
 My father was an alcoholic.  He was a steel worker who worked hard and drove far to work each day.  We didn't see him but a little while each evening.  During the work week he was sober.  On the weekends, however, he stayed drunk and that's when my brother and I suffered his violence and brutality.  It seems that his violence increased the last few years he was alive.  In 1952 he was killed in a car accident.  Sad to say, the news was met with relief on my part.  The day of the funeral is when I had my encounter.
 We walked home from the church that day and climbed the steps to our apartment above the laundry.  The Catholic Church we had the funeral in was very beautiful.  As a young Catholic, I was always "in love" with the beautiful saints and statues of Mary and Joseph, but the statues of Jesus were my favorite.  The face so gentle and full of love that I carried it active in my mind during the bad times.  I don't remember the funeral.  I don't remember sermons graphically describing Satan.  So it wasn't a thought I carried with me that day after the funeral.  I was a kid, anyway.  No pain stays too long....only the damage done by those who we were supposed to be able to trust and honor.
 I walked through the front room on my way to my bedroom.  I was frozen in my tracks in the hall.  I don't know what stopped me.  My blood seemed to drop to my feet and I was cold.  I looked up and there, floating in the darkened corner of the hall was an apparition of my father's face.  It wavered there as though I was seeing it though rippling air.  But this face, with it's greenish cast and malevolence, was looking at me with such hatred that I remember thinking that if it had a full body it would be trying to strangle me!   The moment ended in about 30 seconds.  Suddenly, all was as it was before.  I "went on my way" as though nothing had happened.  It was totally gone from my memory.  I didn't run screaming to my mother about the experiece.  I didn't tell my friends.  I had forgotten it completely.
 In 1976, after the death of my wonderful husband, I moved in with my eldest brother and his family for a short time.  It was great for all of us.  My brother was my favorite.  He'd been through those years of violence with me.  We'd always comforted each other during those times and  remained close through to adulthood.  My two children and their three cousins were good friends and my sister-in-law was a true sister and friend.  But my brother was also a heavy weekend drinker.  So living there meant my sister-in-law and I lent support to each other during those days.
 As I arrived from work one day, my brother was coming down the sidewalk from the house.  I looked at him as I approached and was, once again, frozen in my steps.  He came toward me and I thought how much he looked like my father.  Then I saw that same malevolence staring back at me!  He passed without saying a word.  Like before, I was freed from my motionlessness and went on into the house.  As before, the moment passed into oblivion.
 During a recent conversation witrh my mother I was relating the stories that until that moment I'd not recalled (suddenly I remembered them, like someone freed from amnesia).  Details returned and with them realizations.  My brother looks nothing like my father.  The face that I saw on my brother that day was not his face...but the very same spirit face I had seen the day of my father's funeral!  That point alone was enough for me to know that while I had somehow escaped it's influence that day, my brother had not.  I can only imagine that even at the tender age of 10, he was captured by that spirit that no longer had power over my father.  In retrospect, I can see it's influence in my brother's life.
I've read that demons take control during moments in any person's life where they are at a morally weak  moment, ie, inebriated, to mention one.  The longer a person stays in that state the more "demons" can enter.  It is evident in the memories I have of my father and now, of my brother.
 For me, the connections came many years later.  I would not have believed it if it hadn't happened to me.  And the way it happened...over so many years to have unfolded so slowly...to have come to the full horrible realization of the ''haunting'' of my father, then my brother.  To the full realization of what I escaped...somehow... and it makes me thank God!
 The week that this all came together I found that I couldn't get my precious niece out of my mind.  Waking, dreaming...all filled with thoughts of her.  For some reason I can't explain, and not knowing her situation-of-the-moment, I wrote her.  For some reason I can't explain, I decided to tell her that story.  The next morning she called me to tell me that she'd been having a battle with alcohol for years and that this week had been especially hard for her.  She'd quit drinking a long time ago but still had days when the battle not to drink was almost more than she could handle alone.  Knowing the story of "the family demon" gave her an additional tool....knowledge; an appreciation of what she was in fact  fighting against!  With that she was given an added incentive for overcoming her "demon", which she recognized as being a reality.
There are prayers, or mantras, if you will, that can assist one in being freed of such influences.  While I know that some of your readers are looking for the thrill of reading a good "ghost story"  others are looking for help.  It's with that in mind that I include the prayer.  It can be called a prayer, a blessing, a mantra, or even an exorcism.  But we are all a part of the Spirit that created us and as such we too, have the power of God's Spirit to bless.  As Jesus told Peter, "What you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and what you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven" Matt. 16:19
And so, for what it's worth, this is the prayer:
"I give my higher self permission to accept the help of my angels and I call twelve archangels to assist me.  We do not accept the spirits of darkness and opposition to God's light to remain.  You dark spirits, with your harmful intent, must leave now.  You will go to the light.  You will go away from me.  I command it with the power of God and in the Name of God, the Creator.  You are banished from me forever.  The light of God is around me and within me there are no dark corners.  My higher self is henceforth in company of the angels of God.  I am protected by the light of God.  It is done.  In Jesus' name, so be it.  Amen"
 That's it, Dave.  I wouldn't have written this to you if I couldn't include the prayer.  It's a true experience and the help that came from that prayer is undeniable.  We don't need a church exorcist, with all their accoutrements, to free ourselves from a malignant spirit...that prayer (and words to that effect ) are all that are needed.  I know that there are many who are seriously trouble by such manifestations and this could help.  If one wanted to help an alcoholic it would have to be done while he/she was completely sober.  The afflicted person must say the words.

Haunting at TRW

By: whitphoto@sdccu.net

Dave:  My story happened in the photo lab at TRW in Redondo Beach.  I was the day shift supervisor and Louis Blackman (Blackie) was my group leader.  He had an old pick-up with running boards.  I had my foot on the board while we talked the last night of his life.  We were talking about all the things we had not done in our lives that we wished we had.  I remember that he wanted to visit Catalina.
Blackie was always second to arrive for work after me because he loved the coffee I made.  He did not show the next morning.  I kept looking for him to come through the door but he never did.
I got a phone call from someone asking which department to call for death benefits.  I found out that Blackie had been killed on the 405 freeway on his way home.
Blackie continued to come to work, I don't think he realized that he was dead.  I could not get anyone to work his photo lab dark room.  I had one man who came running out of the lab screaming, "I'm never going back in there.  There's someone in there".  Things were being moved and it was extremely chilly in that room.  I tried to do the jobs that were backing up in the room but kept seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye.
I don't know where I got the idea but I had everyone on my shift go with me into the room one morning and I said out loud, "Blackie you're dead, leave us alone".  The room immediately warmed up and every thing went back to normal.

Ghost in Exton, PA

By: dimotta@gate.net

About 28 years ago, I made a sales call on a family that lived on RT 100
near Exton, PA. They lived in a clapboard house on the west side of the
road just south of a high overpass.
It was a Sunday afternoon and my appointment was with an
African-American couple to discuss their investments.  I arrived early
and they were finishing Sunday dinner so the lady showed me to a sitting
room off the kitchen. As I headed towards the room, a little black boy
about 6 yrs. old peeked out of the room smiling and then ducked back
inside.  I went into the room and expected to see him there but he must
have been hiding.
The family finished dinner and were carrying their plates back to the
kitchen.  The lady looked toward me and saw me looking behind the couch.
She came into the room and asked me what was I doing. I explained that I
was looking for the little boy that I saw duck into the room.  She
screamed and her husband and older sons ran into the room.  They wanted
to know what happened and she screamed, " He saw him! He's here!" I was
totally lost. The men ran outside the house and one yelled "There he
goes!"  I looked behind all the furniture and no one was in the room. I
checked the only window and it was locked from the inside!
All the members of the family finally returned to the room that I was in
and began to fire questions about the boy. I asked what was the big
commotion about.  They said they saw the boy run from the window toward
the hedge along the highway. The father and the sons stood on either
side of the hedge and searched it. There was no little boy anywhere! I
still didn't get it.
Finally the woman told me the story of the little boy who used to live
there and had been sent to that room by his parents. He had slipped out
the window and ran to the hedge and apparently fell through it into the
path of an oncoming truck and was killed!  Right, I thought!!! I know I
saw a little boy and there's no such thing as ghosts.
On Monday when I returned to the office I told the story to some of my
co-workers. They all laughed.  3 months later, the Philadelphia Inquirer
ran a story on a Sunday about strange happenings.  Guess what?!?!?  The
story of the little boy was on the front page of that section!!!!

My Ghostly Encounter

By: Shimal@aol.com

In 1975, my younger brother was murdered.  My father began a search for the
culprit and was very close to finding him -- so close that the police came to
my mother and asked her to take him out of town.  We decided to visit
relatives in the East and I went along to help with the driving.  We drove to
West Virginia and Washington D.C. to visit relatives.  While visiting my aunt
in West Virginia, I had waht I thought was a very strange experience.
I awoke at 0230 and my brother was standing at the foot of my bed.  He was
dressed in the outfit that he had been buried in and was trying to tell me
something, but I couldn't understand him.  That morning, I told my parents
that we had to return home right away because something had happened.  My
mother said that I was "white as a ghost" and my father said he also had a
"strange feeling".  We drove all day to get home and walked in the door to
the sound of a ringing telephone.  My mother answered it and it was a
reporter asking for her thoughts on the capture of the man who had murdered
my brother -- the police had arrested him at 0230.

Story from Greece

By: themanto@hellasnet.gr

I'm in my late 40ies, Greek, living in Greece and I must state from the very beginning that
I do not believe in ghosts.
In fact, I believe what I can feel, experience and understand, thought my human abilities,
given either from nature or from God and I always defined death, as the end of a normal
circle, of all life on this planet. Iím not atheist, but definitely Iím anti-religious.
I accept that some phenomenonís, unexplained to the conventional science, might exist,
taking place either in our mental, or in our real world.
I'm quite new in the Internet technology, so I found you site by luck and eventually I red
some of your stories accompanied by photo's and videos.
I was impressed . . .
Most of them, according to my (average) estimation, are at least attracting reasonable doughís.
Any individual observer, should be based either on his imagination, or mostly on his good will.
In other words he should be pregetist and willing to believe.
Please forgive my criticism, but frankly it takes a lot more to convince, even when you have
the kindest of the intentions.
I e-mail you for two reasons:
1t. I'm studying the American mentality, your culture and your civilisation for years and Iím
2nd. I had some similar experiences in the past, from which only those documented, Iíd like
to share with you.
So step by step you will have all the time in the world to investigate, collect documents and
present them properly.
As you probably know, Greece has hundreds of small islands, in the eastern Aegean Sea.
The biggest, most populated and beautiful is the island of Crete.
The Minoan civilisation was born here 12000 years b.c.
In Crete there is not only the myth, but the real phenomenon as well.
I have seen it, thousands of people see every year and still happens always in time.
And itís called  ď D R O S S O U L I T E S ď

My Granddad

By: crazylife@homey.fsbusiness.co.uk

This can be seen as a nice story.  I was living in Manchester with my husband
and young son (15 months).  All was well and quiet, my husband went to check on our
child for the last time before he drifted into his nights sleep. When he arrived
into the bedroom he saw what he believed was my grandad, stood looking at our son.  My
grandad looked well, back to how he had been before he had become ill, though he
was still alive.  My husband looked at the aparition and the aparition looked at
him, on picking our son up the aparition glided out of the window.
My husband woke me to tell me what had happened, if it hadnt been for his grayed
face I dont think i would have believed him.
The next morning was Saturday, We lay in bed still un nerved from the night
before, to be awoken by the phone. It was my dad, my grandad had died the night before
around the time of my husband seeing his aparition.I am not atall religious, but the
 experience gave me and some other family members comfort


My Unexplained Experience

By: Petsgalore785127@aol.com
Dear Dave:  This experience happened some thirty years ago, and to this day I
cannot explain how or why I am still here to speak about it.
Back in 1970 I was in College to get my nursing degree.  The college was 50
miles from my home, so  I had to commute every day on a very busy four lane
highway.  My children were still in school then, so when I finished with
classes or at the hospital I generally was in  anxious to get home, as there
was no one there to supervise them when they got home from school.
One day on my return, driving my father's big Ambassorador, which I inherited
after his is recent death,  I was in the passing lane  and approaching an
intersection, when a car drove accross the road and stopped paralle in my
lane as the medium already had a car waiting to cross into the south bound
land, there was a car beside me and suddenly I knew I was going to crash into
this car in front of me.  I hit the brakes, then I noticed the hands on the
wheel, they looked like my Fathers hands,  the next thing I remember after
that is the car jumping over a curb, and I was sitting in the meduim beyond
the intersection,  I was dazed and the car was still running, and I don't
remember getting there,in fact I do not remember anything else except seeing
my father"s hands,  I last real vision was that car I was going to crash into
directly in from of me.   To this day I do not know how I missed it and how I
got into that medium alive.
My husband worked only two miles beyond where this happened, and I drove
there to relate this experience and to see what damage occured to my car.
The only thing we found was  a scrape on the gas tank as I went over the
curb.  Nothing else, there was not a scratch on the car anywhere.
To this day, I wonder what happened, and still have no explaination.  But I
am grateful that I am here to relate this experience.

It Was Real

By: PORCELLE@aol.com

I was stationed at an air force installation on Montauk Point , Long Island.
N.Y.  I was the guy with the car, and on weekend Pass, I would  transport
fellow airman to the city.  Well, there were five of us this night, Me,
Rosie, Nathan, and two others I forget there names now.  We were traveling
east towards New York City, A great fog rolled in, and you could hardly see.
All of a sudden this old man, out of the fog, waved a light, like a lantern,
swinging it back and forth.  I was astonished, and immediately pulled over to
the side of the road,  split second, as I did, two cars passed us at high
speed, on this two lane road. Had I not heeded this warning we would all have
died?  My passengers got out of the car and kissed the ground.  I asked
"didn't you see that guy, that old man with the lantern,  they all said no,
but I'm glad you did. The  next time we met at mess hall , One of my
passengers  handed me a local newspaper  "four teenagers die in crash, racing
on montauk hwy, " They were the two cars that  raced pass us in the fog.
ghost are like live people, some  bad. some good.

Ghostly Delivery

By: Samnpatti2@aol.com

My son was 17 years of age. He delivered the Sunday paper. It was around
4:30a.m., he was loading his papers in the car. He said he felt something go
thru him. It scared him very much. After that he would speak a foreign
language in his sleep. When he went to college his roommate pulled me aside
and told me about talking in his sleep, and how strange it was. I said "yes I
know about this." My son is 31 years old now, and it is still difficult for
him to speak about this incident. I never said this to my son, but I felt a
spirit entered his body that night. We live across the street from a cemetery.

Ghost of a Little Girl

By: Lori.Delor@VPUADV.uab.edu

Maybe this isn't so much a ghost story and simply a truly frightening and
tragic human experience. However, human tragedy seems to be the impetus for
some ghosts and the spirit of the young girl at the center of this story has
been seen and felt by several people over the years.
I have not seen the ghost myself, but my mother claims to have felt her
presence and had strange experiences in the house where the little girl
died. She was the only child of our neighbors in the late 70s in a suburban
area outside of Athens, Ohio. At the time of her death, she was only four
years old. Still, at that tender age she was considered a prodigy. She
learned to read and write well past the kindergarten level before she was
old enough to go to school. In fact, all of her milestones, walking,
talking, motor skills, occurred much earlier than any of her peers. She also
showed an uncanny ability to reason and contemplate abstract metaphysical
issues. In addition to being highly intelligent, some in the neighborhood
remarked that she seemed melancholy most of the time, as if she were
burdened by the weight of the world.
Late one evening, after 11 p.m., her frantic mother pounded on our door in
her nightgown as her husband desperately tried to pry open or break his
daughter's bedroom window. Flames and smoke coming from the bedroom could be
seen from the yard. I remember the scene quite well although all was chaos.
The mother was sobbing uncontrollably, the father was shouting and trying
everything to gain access to the small bedroom from the outside. I could
hear sirens from the distance as my mother ushered me back to my bedroom. I
protested at first, wanting to be in the middle of all of the excitement,
but now I am glad my mother prevented me from seeing the firemen bring out
the tiny body of the neighbor girl. I'm glad I was not able to witness the
anguish of her parents as they realized she could not be saved.
That incident is tragic enough, but it was actually the cause of death that
some people think brought on the haunting. The neighbors went to stay with
nearby relatives while the house was being repaired from the fire damage
which seem to be confined to that one corner of the house. My mother went to
comfort them often and helped make funeral arrangements. Just before the
funeral, the girl's mother confided that the authorities seemed to think the
child's death was a suicide.
A four year old committing suicide? Unbelievable! However, as the neighbors
began to put together the pieces, suicide became not only believable, but
highly likely. From evidence found at the scene, everyone agreed on what
took place that night.
It seems that the little girl was put to bed at her normal time, but stayed
awake until she was sure her parents had gone to sleep. Then, she crept very
quietly from her room to the kitchen where she pushed a chair against the
countertop and climbed up to retrieve the fireplace matches from the top of
the refrigerator. She put the chair back in it's proper place and went into
the den where her father kept newspapers and magazines in a rack. Ignoring
the magazines, she gathered up as many newspaper pages as she could carry
and quietly returned to her room. She locked the door, which usually
remained slightly open, and pulled the window shades closed. She tried to
pull the mattress off of her bed. Not being strong enough to move it to the
floor, she settled for the mattress hanging halfway off of the bed. On the
part of the mattress on the floor she built a small bonfire with the
newspapers. Finally, she moved to a corner of the room, clutching her
favorite stuffed toy, and waited for the fire to catch.
When the smoke alarm awoke the parents, they immediately tried to enter her
room, unaware that it was the source of the smoke in the hallway. When they
couldn't get past the locked door and the child didn't respond to their
calls, the father ran outside to the bedroom window while the wife ran to
our house. The fire was relatively small and contained, but the smoke was
thick enough to suffocate the girl.
If it wasn't suicide, only a child playing with matches, then why did the
girl seem to have reasoned out how to start a fire without being caught, how
to use kindling to build a bigger and more deadly fire, and how to prevent
her parents from rescuing her? Some people in the neighborhood speculated
that the girls was simply too smart for her own good. Some believed that she
had an incredible capacity to ponder the human condition, life and death,
pain and suffering, and was just too burdened by the universal answers we
all seek that she could bear it no longer. Imagine how frustrating it must
be to comprehend an eternal truth and yet be powerless to communicate it to
the world as such a small child.
A while later the couple settled back into their home and continued to
grieve. My mother stopped by three or four times a week to comfort them, as
did other neighbors and friends. The people who visited in those months all
reported feeling chills, strange sensations, and a feeling of sadness that
was more profound in the house than elsewhere. The experiences usually
occurred in the kitchen, where the little girl set the events of that night
in motion with the fireplace matches on top of the refrigerator. A few
people claimed to have seen movement or an image out of the corner of their
eyes that didn't exist when they turned their head to look. The parents
never seemed to notice anything, so the neighbors and friends did not
mention it. They gradually stopped coming to visit as they felt more and
more uncomfortable in the house.
Not long after that, my father's job took us out of state and the neighbors
moved away as well, saying they could no longer bear to live in the house
where their daughter died. No one knows if the ghost lingered. The new
owners never seemed troubled by anything. Maybe she was trying to connect
back to the life she had known before after realizing she made a terrible
mistake. Maybe she is truly gone now.

Finland Fright

By: ApclpseCruiser@aol.com

Hi. My name is Sergei , and I've been interested in ghosts and
hauntings for a while now.
 Since I was about six or seven years old. My dad got a transfer to Finland
as a station manager of Aeroflot - Russian International Airlines. While we were
there my parents would play volleyball every Sunday at this college that had
a gym on the first floor. While they played their game, we (kids) would stay in
the locker rooms, and play. That's the first time I got interested in ghosts,
because there was one locked door in one of the locker rooms. It was always
locked, but we did see one day that somebody was putting some basketballs and
other sport equipment in there. One day we were playing in the locker room
that had the door, and we heard some noises from behind it, that seemed to
echo. I looked under the door so I could check if I could see anything. All I
saw was some spider web floating from under the door, and wind coming from
the inside. We heard this creepy windy sound that you hear in most horror
movies. We all listened to hear something, and what we heard made us go into
the other room, and we never went back to the first one. We heard a female
voice yelling at someone, and babies crying. There were also some plates
breaking and more female voices. All of this seemed very far away, like it
was at the end of a very long hallway or something. And all of the sounds
echoed a little too. That scared us pretty good, and that was the first time
that I wanted to know more about this stuff.

Crying Baby Ghost

BY: Mitchell Hamand

    Of all the ghostly encounters I have had, this one is probably one
of the more interesting ones.  I was working the night shift as a baker
for Tim Hortons at the time.  This one night though, I was walking to
the baker's area in the back after
having a coffee break at about 5:00am.  Then right as I was entering the
baker's area, I heard a young baby crying in the front of the store.
This I found to be somewhat odd because of the time.  So I went up front
to see the baby(I love baby's by the way) only to find the store empty
of custumers.  I then asked the 2 other people working that night if
they heard a baby crying only to be told I was crazy.
    About a month or two after that incident, another fellow employee
heard a young girl crying for her mother in the lady's room.  She then went to go help
the little girl in the bathroom only to find it empty.  Right after that custumers
reported hearing the same thing.

I Wish You Were Here

By: gafishe@qwest.net

Hi There. I'm Jennifer. I guess this is where I'm supposed
to send my story. If it isn't, I'm terribly sorry. Anyways,
I was a very young girl when my Grandfather passed away,
around the age of 10. He was of Irish-Scot descendant, so of
course he was a big guy. He didn't die a violent death and
he lived a very good, respectful life. Fortunately, he was
in a coma for a day or so before he passed on. I was very
upset when my parents came home with the news. A few weeks
later, my best friend at the time (she still is) came to
spend the night. We were sitting on the floor in my bedroom,
up late talking about our Grandfathers (she had lost hers as
well at the age of 5.) I began to cry and say 'I wish you
were here, I wish you were here' repeatedly. When I calmed
down a little I felt soft, strong arms around my shoulders
and a man's voice in my ear-"You'll be allright.
Everything's allright." My friend heard it too.

Another story takes place around Christmas of 2000. I was at
my Grandmother's house. It was a festive occasion. We were
laughing, joking and decorating her tree. I, being the goof
I am, was dancing around the living room to some Christmas
song with the top of the tree on my head. I had tinsel
wrapped around my shoulders and I was trying to get
attention. My Grandmother started to laugh...and very
faintly, I heard a man laughing along with her. I looked
towards my Grandfather's chair, and I didn't see anything,
but felt a presence come very close, and one side of my body
got very warm. I didn't feel threatened. The presence was
all too familiar, and it made me smile.
A few weeks ago, I was at my Grandmother's house, and
everyone was there. Grandma, Mom, Dad, My sister, My brother
in law, my niece, my 2 nephews. Everyone was in the kitchen,
bustling and crazy. I went to the living room, and for the
first time in years, I felt compelled to sit in my
Grandfather's brown chair. So I did. The same warmth and
softness I felt at Christmas came back to me and I felt like
I did when he used to sit me on his lap and read me stories
or watch the baseball game on tv.
People on the outside of the family may think these small
experiences are b.s. or tricks my mind plays on me, but I
don't think that's so. I truly believe that "Goompa" is
still hanging around with my Grandmother, waiting for her to
pass on so they can cross over together. Plus, he loved his
family when he was here in body, and he must still feel
needed. Either way, it warms my heart, makes me smile and I
know there is someone watching for all of us; laughing,
arguing, crying or celebrating with the rest of us.
But I still miss him.

She came to comfort me!


First, let me apologize for the mistakes I am bound to make, my being a francophone.
This is not an extremely exciting story, but I thought it might be interesting because it does not involve seing anything of feeling something strange, but it involves smelling.
My mother's aunt was blind, therefore she could not live on her own, so when her husband passed away, she moved in with her daughter.  Two or three weeks per year, we would take Tante Joséphine with us, so her daughter could take a rest and maybe go on a trip or something, usually in the summer, so I would end up spending those days with her (I was in my teenage) while my parents were at work, but I didn't mind because she was a softspoken, kind person, really not demanding at all.  We would go on walks once or twice a day, I would cook for her, but most of the time we would just sit around and talk or mind our own business.
One day, as everybody is bound to do, she passed away, and I must say that for the first time, I really felt very sad about someone's death, Tant Joséphine was the first person who had died I knew I would miss.
Many many years later, after having been married for five years, and freshly separated (with all the anguish that come with such a traumatic event), I was getting ready for work, after having dropped my baby at the babysitter (who lived in the same appartment building). I went back to my place and when I entered my bedroom, I could smell my great aunt's perfume.  Now, I had not dreamt of her the night before (actually, I never, to this day, had a dream about her), did not think of her, nothing, she was not on my mind at all as that moment, so it couldn't have been triggered by my memory.  I thought of it has being stranged, but just dismissed it and went along with my task.  The next morning, the same thing happened, and I remember feeling a bit scared but I also dismissed it, but with a bit more difficulty, even at work that day, I couldn't help think about it.  But when it happened again for a third day in a row, I freaked out, and kindly (or should I say sheepishly) asked my
About a year later, I was sitting on the couch in my living room, worrying about personal stuff, really depressed, almost suicidal, but still not thinking about her, when her scent came to me again, very subtle at first, but getting stronger as the seconds passed.  Right away I said "Please Tante Joséphine, I know you mean no arm to me, but I really can't handle this" and the smell just disappeared.  It lasted maybe three of four minutes, no more, but I knew that she had come to try to comfort me.
I few years later, I was at a party at some acquaintances' place, when all of a sudden, this lady guest, whom I had never seen before, tells one of my friends standing beside me, who didn't know her neither; "There is a man watching over you and your child, he is there to protect both of you".  My friend started crying, because her first boyfriend had died four or five years previously and somehow she knew he was still around, but to hear it stated out loud like that, she was in shock.
And then she turned to me and said "There is also someone watching over you, it's a woman, and she is impaired".  Right away, I tought of Tante Joséphine, so I asked her if she could tell me in what way this "person" was impaired and the answer was "I don't know, I can't see what it is", which didn't really surprise me, considering that my great aunt was blind when she was part of this world...  And I have to believe what she said, because she also told me things about my then boyfriend (who wasn't present at the party) that she just couldn't have known and just by looking at a picture of him.
One thing worries me though: she also told me that something "evil" was lurking around me, but that I was able to control it.  She couldn't tell me though what it was and if I could loose control (I certainly hope not).  It's been almost four years now, and nothing happened.  Let's hope it's going to remain that way!

Terror in Texas

By: woodpeck@onramp.net

Hi!  I've always been in to ghost and the supernatural stuff but as
boring as my life is, of course nothing ever happened.  Nothing until we
moved into this one house in Tx.  First off, I'll start off by
saying the town's and house's history.  The house was built anywhere
between 1918-1922.  I don't remember.  That would make it about 80 years
old.  Nevada used to be a booming town.  Stores, banks, you name it,
they had it. Until the big tornado of 1924.  It was an F5 and destroyed
pretty much everything in the town.  The only thing left was a couple of
houses, the school, and the church.  It killed hundred's of people and
the bodies were kept in the church's basement until they could be
properly buried.  There are still blood stains in the basement.
Anyways, that has nothing to do with it.  Now, Nevada is a small farm
town with the population of about 400-500.  The church, the school, and
only a few houses are still standing from the tornado.  My house is one
of them.  It is on a street that used to be full of houses, but now
there is only 2.  Mine and the one across the street. (The lady who
lives across the street used to live in my house)  Back to the ghost
story.  My family was moving from Garland and needed a house.  We came
across this house and loved it.  We were going to rent it from the lady
whose family had built it and been passed on from generation to
generation.  While she was showing us the inside of the house, we came
across this one room upstairs.  It was so cool, I decided it had to be
my room. (of course, I later found out it was used as the sick room back
in the 20's or 30's; a sick room is a room where they would keep the
sick people of the family so no one else would get sick)  When I stated
that it had to be my room, the lady said I shouldn't have.  I asked why
and she said that it wasn't a very pretty room and I should pick another
one.  I found this strange b/c it was a gorgeous room and why would she
care if I wanted this room or not?  Well, we decided to rent it out.
The first night we were there, my mom and I kept hearing doors opening
and shutting.  We got freaked out, but that was nothing.  It was about
two weeks after we moved in and we were all asleep.  Everybody's was
downstairs except mine was upstairs in the sick room.  I was laying
there pretty much asleep when I heard this loud noise that kind of
sounded like a vacuum cleaner.  Then, I heard people screaming (men,
women and kids).  Then, I heard a women's voice yelling "Get Jordan,
where's Jordan?"  I thought it could have been the tornado or
something.  My whole family thought I was crazy.  After that incident I
moved my room downstairs.  All my stuff was still in that room but my
bed was downstairs.  I remember one night in my new room I was lying
there awake and I heard a horse galloping by my window.  We don't have
any horses but I passed it off as someone else's horse that had gotten
loose.  Then, I heard someone get off start walking around on the rocks,
get back on and ride off.  I got scared, covered up my  head and went to
sleep.  I heard it again around 3:00am.  Soon, things started to happen
to the rest of the family.  One night my mom was in the bathtub and she
heard a man talk like he was right outside of the window.  She couldn't
understand him but she heard it.  My dad wasn't home and us kids were in
the living room.  We've all heard this man now.  Then, one morning my
mom was cleaning the house and only me and her were home.  She started
hearing this lady hum some sort of song she had never heard before
coming from the bathroom.  It was the type of hum you sing when you
clean house.  If she stood by the stairs you couldn't hear it.  If you
took a step in front of the stairs you'd hear it.  One evening I was
upstairs in my room and kept hearing someone banging on my side of the
house.  Everyone denied it.  The banging continued and finally my dad
agreed to check what was outside.  We all started towards the backdoor
and were about to open it when some man in a white shirt casually walked
right next to the door outside. (it was a screen door so we could see
through)  My dad furious and ready to kick the trespasser's a$$ ran
outside but no one was there.  The scariest incident of all happened
early one morning before school.  I had gotten so scared that I started
to sleep on the top bunk of my brother's bunk bed.  I was in a deep
sleep and I heard a man's voice mumbling.  I thought it was my dad b/c
he woke me up in the mornings.  I slowly opened my eyes and saw a man of
about 20 or so just standing there.  He was wearing a forest green
colored suit and had  reddish-brownish hair with a handle bar mustache.
I screamed bloody murder and got under the blankets.  My parents came in
there and asked me what was wrong.  I slowly raised my head out of the
blankets and the man was gone.  I finally talked them into moving.
While we were packing,  our neighbor came over. (remember she used to
live there.  We asked her if anything ever happened weird to her.  She
said the usual doors shutting, lights going on and off by themselves.
But then she said one story.  She said one day she was cleaning and she
saw a man in white at the corner of her eye just standing at the back
door.  She thought it was her husband until she started talking to him
and he never answered back.  She looked over and he was gone.  She also
said that when we were on vacation she would hear children laughing and
the creaks of them swinging.  She would go over there to greet us
thinking we were home and no one would be there.  After pretty much
everything was moved we decided to have a physcic over and do a seance
just for fun.  She told us that this house was once used to hide illegal
drugs or something.  She said that someone was very sick and locked up
most of the time in my room.  She said the head of the house was
mentally unstable and everyone was scared of him.  She said a women hid
from him in the bathroom.  She didn't say anything about the tornado so
we didn't know if she was full of crap or what.  But in all of the
closets were little secret hidden compartments, pretty small and they
could have hid things in there.  They are hard to see and blend in with
the wall.  We never told her about that.  Finally, we had moved
everything and we were checking every room and every closet and we
looked in those compartments.  We found things that have been missing
for years and things that we had just had this morning.  Ever since we
left that house nothing has happened.  Other things have happened like
lights going on and off, doors opening and shutting,  and even hearing
people calling our names, but these are the major incidents.  Thanks for
your time!  -Lily

Grammy,the angel,our Mother,and me

By: BigLudo@aol.com

I've always been a believer, ever since I was very young.  What I never
thaught was that something would ever happen to me.
    In order for me to tell about my happenings, I have to tell you about my
grandmother(Grammy).  I used to always go to her house, because she had to
babysit me cause my parents worked.  Her and I used to bake things, and she
would make homemade waffles and she introduced me to "mint jelly".  But she
had cancer.  When I was 5 she was to sick to get out of bed, so I would
always go in and lie on the bed with her.  She and I would talk, and she
would play with my hair.  That December she died.
    Nothing really happened to me until a few years after she was gone.  One
night, I was sitting on my bed reading, when all of a sudden, I felt someone
playing with my hair, then I got really cold.  My first instinct was to look
behind me to see what it was, there was nothing there.  That really gave me
the willies, but that wasn't all.  One night, I was in my room alone,
standing by my dresser when I heard someone or someTHING breathing behind me.
 I ran out of my room and told my parents, but they thaught that I was just
emagining it.  After that, it was the end of the strange happenings.  Or so I
    About a year later I awoke in the middle of the night.  Out of the corner
of my eye, I saw a woman standing in the doorway that leads to my bedroom.
She had dark brown hair, about shoulder length, and was wearing a long white
dress that had long sleeves, was tight at the waist and then puffed out at
the skirt like a ball gown.  Even though I only saw her out of the corner of
my eye, I could tell that she was very beautiful.  I turned my head real fast
to get a better look, but when I did she disapeared. Then I turned my head so
that I was facing the wall instead of the door, and there she was again! So
Ilooked over to see her, but she disapeared again.  This happened about 3
times. I really coudn't explain any of it, and when I went to tell the rest
of my family, they thaught I was "full of it".  But then I realized that what
I had been experiencing wasn't a bad thing.  I realized that when I felt my
hair being played with, and heard the breathing, it was my Grammy just
popping in to say "Hello".  And the woman in the doorway HAD to be an angel,
because the night it happened, I really wasn't scared. (even though I was
only about 7 or 8 years old) I actually felt confortable with her there.
After that, only one more thing happened.  I was asleep in bed, and then
suddenly woke up.  And I never do this, but for some strange reson I looked
up at the top of my bookshelf.  When I did so, there, standing on top was our
Blessed Mother Mary.  Her veil and dress was blowing in the wind and she was
looking down at me.  She was only about a foot tall, so I thaught that maybe
it was one of my dolls, but when I turned on the light She was gone.  I new
right then and there that I was truly blessed.  I haven't had any other
happenings since then...that is, I mean, in my own ROOM.   The End...of THIS

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