Drawn to the Supernatural

By: akemp@avis.com
I am writing to you because you had mentioned on your web page that you have
supernatural experience.
Since I could remember, I always seem to be drawn to the supernatural. When
I was younger I remember looking for shows
pertaining to the supernatural. I would sit down to watch these shows and
say to myself "this is crazy, why am I watching this stuff". Then later on
when I was about 26 I started to get these feelings, the only way I could
describe it is, if you were in your house alone, and the tv was on in the
other room you some how sence it, like you didn't feel alone, you would go
around, saw that the tv was on and turn it off. And that feeling would stop.
Well I get that same feeling when nothing is on in the house, only the
energy sence is a little louder, and it feels like it is getting closer. I
look in the hall to see if someone is coming, or if someone was home and I
didn't know it. I also smell things, sometimes like very sweet flowers, or
something old smelling like it came from the attic. One night I fell asleep
on the couch, I opened my eyes and saw this smokey thing start small and
grow in a matter of seconds, I made a little sound because I couldn't belive
what I was seeing if you could imagine. Well its strange but it was like the
smoke saw that I was awake, I scared it, and it went into reverse and
disappeared. At the same time it was doing that, a thought came into my head
right away "This is my daily check, no she saw me". What do you make of
this? My father died in 1983, do you think that could of been him, and if it
was, why couldn't I feel that it was him? I still get feelings, sometimes
they leave me very uncomfortable. If this is happening to me, how do I get
rid of it? Its not like I was asking all of this to happen to me. I would
like to live my life like every other human being, and not feel these
things. This is so not practicle for me.

Thank you...

Evil Eye

By: meecho2@juno.com

Over the years, I've been told by several psychics  I've seen (regarding
my crazy life) that I have an evil spirit in my house, that I have bad
luck, & that I was given the "evil eye" as a child.
Indeed, my life has been horrible, with most things turning negative,
people turning against me, crazy timing, negative synchronicity, machines
going haywire, deluges of cold rain suddenly pouring down on me... you
name it. (Though I've never experienced dangerous voices nor
molestation; in fact, I've experienced sort of a special protection from
dangerous phenomena, such as protection from potential criminals or car
In the past, though, I've had scares from dogs, & more recently I'd get
the feeling that flocks of crows would hang around the house cawing, and
every so often the toilet plumbing makes these flushing noises.
Have either of you ever heard from others regarding any of the above? Is
there a solution for someone like me?Because I'm like a guinea pig on a
treadmill, constantly running in place & getting nowhere fast. I'm tired
of being a guinea pig, & I've reached the point where I've chosen to
remain a passive pawn rather than an active pawn. That way I buffer
myself from being a "yo-yo". BTW, I also have fibromyalgia since
childhood, & I'm close to 40. Though I dx'ed myself, I got my "offical"
diagnosis about 10 years ago.
Note that the above doesn't even begin to express the stress that my life
has been. There has been at least one psychic who seemed scared to get
near me, probably realizing that he'd have to absorb my experiences which
would be too overwhelming to handle.

My Shoppe Spirit

By: dsyll@pacbell.net

For the last year very unusual things have been happening, especially on photos. Pictures taken of me or by me have orbs or lights in them and we had the photos checked out and asked Fuji, the maker of our digital camera, what could the problems be and were told none of the lights or orbs were problematic of the camera or the photo, not lens flare, not "dust", just orbs. Through some investigative work I found out that these "orbs" might just be spirits or energy. So, I have been on an interesting journey this year of orb or spirit hunting.
My girlfriend and I go to cemetaries at dusk and follow all rules and regulations for a successful shooting and I have thousands of photos of orbs, but am always looking for something different, be it vortexes or mist, ectoplasm... Anyway. Last Friday, my friend and I went to three old cemetaries here in our area. She used her 35mm camera and I my digital camera. After about an hour of filming we came to my place of business, a little shoppe in a very old Victorian building in an older Victorian town, to download my digital photos, by now it was around 9:00 PM.
After we started downloading the photos we began to hear things here in the shoppe, but I have gotten so used to the creaks and growns of this old building that I just throw it off. As we downloaded the photos of the cemetaries, more noises started happening. Through the side glass window where the outdoor stairs are we heard what sounded like footsteps going up the stairs, yet we could see through the window that there was noone there. My friend, Sandy, was starting to get a little nervous and I just kiddingly said it was probably just the Lady in White, but all in jest. (We use that name because about a year ago, on a beautiful sunny afternoon, Sandy said she went into the back room - where I have a cute setup of white wicker furniture for customers to sit and rest - and she said she saw something. She said she saw a transparent figure of a woman, a young woman, in an older style high necked long white dress from the Victorian era, with her brown hair styled in a soft bun, Victorian style on top of her head, and she was looking wistfully, almost sadly, out the window. So whenever I hear noises in the shoppe I talk to the Lady in White and just assume, even if jokingly, its her.) Anyway, after a few minutes of more downloading photos, we heard noise upstairs, like someone walking around in the floor above us, and yet I knew there was noone there. I started to get a little nervous and my friend and I decided to just finish downloading quickly and leave. Then, in our back sitting room about 20 feet away, we both heard what sounded like someone sitting down on the wicker furniture, the wicker creaked, a looong creak .... Sandy and I just said time to go! And then there was a quick creak, like someone getting up from the chair.
We shut down the computer and we proceeded to leave, but I went towards the back room and suddenly felt a little chill. I remarked to Sandy how odd that it felt chilly considering how warm it was today. Our shoppe is inside a larger building, so it's pretty heat contained. Sandy walked towards me to feel the air and she almost fell back because living in a house herself that is pretty active with her own relative spirits she recognized the coldness in the air. I was startled by her action and looked curiously at her, at that point the coldest wind, icy chill started to envelope us, it was almost like it was rushing AT us! I don't remember how but what I remember next was standing outside the front door to the shoppe slamming the door trying to find the right key to lock it, but I couldn't find it, I was shaking sooooo bad and soooo cold! The back of my head was tingling from the cold, my hair litterally standing on end!! My whole back of my body felt like something icey just latched onto me! Sandy tried to help me calm down so we could get the door locked and leave, and she put her hand on my back and she shakingly exclaimed "My God your hair is ice cold!" We locked the door and quickly went to the car. She then looked up to the 2nd floor of the building and was surprised to see noone there. We knew it had to be a spirit, a ghost!
Now I have felt cold spots before, there was one other time a few months ago in my shoppe that I felt a chill on my leg, like my leg was being iced, and I took a digital photo and found there was an orb in the area I was sitting. I have even seen orbs with my own eyes, but I have NEVER felt a cold like this. It was colder than a freezer chill, it was like the icy cold from dry ice! But then after that incredible occurance, one people like us wait for, we couldn't believe we didn't use our cameras which we both had in our hands at the time!!! That's how shocked and scared we were!! Some ghosthunters we are!
I am writing from that exact same room of my shoppe. It is daytime and sunny and beautiful in here... at this moment anyway. The feeling I had that night, just two nights ago, was that it was nighttime and the nighttime was her time to roam and feel free, and that she felt we were infringing on her space. I can feel her presence during the day and it has always been warm and kind. I also feel like someone is behind me, watching me. But it doesn't scare me. But this energy Friday night was very strong and pushy, I mean it rushed into us, like whooosh! pushing us out! I'll never forget it. It was so unbelievable, so wonderfully scarey!!!!
We had her 35mm film developed and we got some wonderful photos of mists... one photo is dark and nothing on it, but on the 2nd comparison shot, in the exact same spot, mist or ectoplasm shows up! Beautiful shots! I still can't believe we didn't get one inside my shoppe that night! Oh well, one can only hope our spirit will show up again.. some night when I'm brave enough to come back to my shoppe late in the night! Not yet anyway. I will and I will let you all know what happens!

Mobile Home Ghost

By: HillbillyL4u@aol.com

One day when we lived in our old mobile home. I told the kids to go to bed
and they all went to bed. I went to bed and was laying there just thinking
and looking down the hallway where you could see a light shining on the wall.
I left the light on for the kids. I guess I had been there about 20 or 30
minutes when I could see shadows on the wall more than one and I also heard
giggling. I thought the kids up out of bed. I went to check and they were all
sound asleep. Never saw it again we soon moved.
After buying our new doublewide we had it put on the property. After doing so
I heard our neighbor say that the old man that owned the property had got
drunk and burnt up in his trailer.  Well I never thought any more about it
til on the day the power company turned on our power. That same night about 1
in the morning it burnt to the ground. I was so scared. Afraid of moving
another home here. But we did and haven't had anymore problems since.


By: feredita@hpu.edu

When I was 8 years old,I used to run around in the woods by myself.
And when I would past this big black tree,it become cold all of sudden.
Then I could hear gasps for air,then they would become loud moanings.

Personal Experinece

By: RZADCABS@2mardiv.usmc.mil

  The days within north county, st. louis can be very cloudy with a slight
wind during the middle season of spring.  The days are a little longer then
that of winter yet have a little less activity outside with kids then there
is during those humid summer days.  I was fourteen years old yet still in 8
grade at the time.  There was little more than 7-9 weeks till graduation.
This day was late one monday in which I would have the most unresting
experience of my life as of yet.  Never in my life had I experienced the
supernatural or yet been aware of any such existance.  So this was rather a
new beginning to such an experience and the only experience I've had in my
life as of yet.  My friends name was david peoples.  He lived about 1 mile
from my house across a major road called parker road located in black jack
city.  He also went to the same school as I, so we were pretty close friends
hanging out alot of the time with eachother.  On this particular day, a
school day, I went home after school let out.  My dad drove me there with
his old blue ford van.  Upon arriving home, I changed my school uniform into
my occasional shorts and short sleeve shirt.  I cleaned up a little and did
alittle homework... I knew that I would have enough time to go outside (up
the hill) so that I could hang out before it got dark.  Now I'll describe
the local environment.  I'm slavic yet I live in a neighborhood that is 75%
black, they consider me white but that doesn't really matter, except that I
have no bios towards color since I'm of different origin then that of
caucasions and africans and americans.  David is black... furthermore the
surrounding community is greatly trees and hills.  This happened back in
1994, so by now there could have been some changes but back then, I was able
to explore miles of woods and old houses abandoned and unknown way back in
the woods.  To give a good description on house located back behind my back
yard which is bordered by heavy woods and long fields (untouched by humans)
looks just like the house the blair witch lived in.  I was 11 when I
discovered it, and found some old bow and arrows contained in the basement.
Well, there are hills  around that area, so hilly that you would look out at
some points and see everything or be at the bottem and see nothing.  So you
can understand that throughout the neighborhood that I lived in there is
woods around everyhouse and far back, along with old abandoned hunting
houses, farm houses, shacks, treehouses used back in the early 1900's.
Shortley after I changed my cloths, ate, cleaned up and did a little
homework... I went to my friends daves house to hang out.  Upon getting
there I rang the door bell about 5 times till he answered.  Apparently
sleeping since after school.  So I went inside and down into his basement.
I haven't been around in his house all that long to look around but soon saw
the ninja equipment he had.  Stars, nunchucks, bo, etc.  He claimed before
numorous times about him being a great and powerful ninja in which he knew
80 different ways upon the second that he could kill me in the spot.  To
prove himself he demonstrated much of his skill to me through doing flips,
throwing stars and knowledge.  Like he hit me in the chest just the
slightest bit with his palm to my heart, by simply thrusting it forward an
inch.  It caused my heart to skip 3 beats.  He even claimed that he could
rip the heart out of someone running at him, like literally puncturing the
ribcage with his hand- reaching in and pulling out the victims heart.  Later
he claimed his sensai (teacher) showed him how to see the portals of hell.
He described to me how hell looked like a cave deep under water.  Instead of
glowing with algae it was lighted by the heat coming from the walls of the
cave, and it was glowing.  He indicated that spirits would just have
presence there unaimously floating around.  While lucifer was not there,
there were spirits that had really no shape but existed as a cloud of smoke-
that could take shape.  I sat there thinking that this guy who amazingly
demonstrated his skills of ninja to me was playing me with these stories.
He showed me around his house, there was nobody there, except his 140 pound
dog chained and fenced in the back.  I looked down and saw a sword that
looked old as antique and marvelous to be a kings.  I picked it up from its
placement, immediately being told that it was cursed.  David said that in
order to down the curse I would have to say the hail mary 3 times.  I did
that and left the sword where it was.  He showed me his room and basement
where all his weapons of mass destruction were and soon I looked at the
clock.  5:55, damn it's getting late, soon we'll have little then 2 hours of
day light left and I'll have to go home.   I went towards his kitchen while
I was in the back storage room to get something to eat when I saw a box that
had the words ouija board.  I indicated to dave that I've never used one
before but believed the game to be a fake.  I looked on the board and it
said it was made in 1984.  David indicated that boards were not blessed till
1988 so that if we used it it would possibly do bad damage rather then good.
That would not become a factor till later, but I told him that I didn't
believe it and that drove him to want to do it in order to prove to me that
it worked.  He indicated that first we needed a place, he knew of one.  The
place we had to go to took us through the back woods, at one time we crossed
a backyard to some old store and there was a barrall with two large massive
sticks in it.  It was burned in the middle and there was a rack behind it as
if it were used to tortore.  David indicated that there was a local devil
worshiping cult that used this place for worshiping services and sacrifices.
That freaked me out so I said lets get the f**k out of here.  We skailed the
8 foot fence that surrounded us and we climbed down a 15 foot drop.  Soon we
reached a trail that other kids used in the deep backwoods to walk around or
smoke at.  Soon we left the trail and went through some thick weed into an
opening of 30' by 40' . In that opening was a shack that was half hanging
over, but still up enough to were you could climb in and stand in it.  It
was about 15' across and 10 wide and 8 feet tall.  You could almost kick it
and it would fall apart, but rather it was sturdier than I expected.  We sat
down in indian sitting position with out knee's touching so that the board
would touch both our legs.  We both touched the eye piece with two fingers
each.  Something was moving it!  I looked at him and said, hey your freaking
moving it, stop shitting me.  He replied that he wasn't and he took off his
fingers and still it moved.  I sat there wondering in total amazement- what
the hell.?.  Dave said that we have to chant or say an opening prayer to
allow the device to spell something out for us.  He proceeded to say some
type of prayer.  I only could recall a few parts, but this is how it went...
God, mother, son.  we call upon you as your servants.  give us the power to
communicate with the souls under your command....we love and suffer for your
will, amen.
... is all the middle that I could not remember, that part of the prayer was
directed to calling upon the spirits for us to hear them.
At that time, the air started to feel chilly, and the sun was looking to
take it's dip into the sea.  He proceeded to call out questions one at a
time.  The first question was this.
Are there any spirits present with us now at this time that are willing to
give us necessary information?  We waited for approximately 2 minutes when
the eye piece started to move (much to my amazement).  It spelled out yes.
Are you good or bad?  Bad.
What's your name? Satan
right then I said satan like the cloth, and dave said satan like lucifer.
As I stood corrected I sat there trying not to believe that this was
What is your real name? Bob
that relieved me a little, but we had to keep questioning...
How were you killed? Swordpoint
Around what time? 12:00
No around what year? 1530
by then it was enough to freak me out and alot of time had passed during
each question and the sun was actually half way dipping into the sea in the
distance.  I got up and while I was turning around I felt a cold funnel
right behind me just by the swoshing of my hand.  By then the temperature
was about 77 degrees.  I felt below and above and felt the same thing.  Like
77 to 20 degrees in a matter of inches.  It seems to cover a circle area in
diameter of 10 inches.  It was like a portal of cold air going up into the
sky and into the ground to hell.  ( later I would recall this as a portal in
which the spirits used to get to that particular spot.)
So there we were, almost dark walking real fast to get back out of the woods
before dark or suffer being lost in the woods.  While we were on the way
back we occasionally glanced back as if someone were following us.   Due to
the wind blowing the leaves on the ground behind us we didn't think much of
it.  I just kept asking what the situation was about with the answers we
got.  So We got back to his house and still nobody was home.  No cars, no
people, doors locked and things were still as they were as we left them.  He
put the game downstairs with the rest of his stuff at the back of the
basement on his bed and I went down to stay with him a little.  Now this is
where it all started...  about 5 minutes later we heard the basement door
slam.  now to describe the stairwell going into the basement.  The staircase
turns halfway along with the wall at the very corner of the basement.  So
the one end of the staircase is the entire concrete wall of the basement and
the other is dryboard.  So to go upstairs you'll have to go up  steps-turn
and proceed up... then there is a door there, and then the door for the
backyard is perpendicular to that.  So if you open one you'll bang it into
the other.  We had it open (basement door) when it slammed close the first
time.  So we just figured it to be his parents.  He called out, no reply.
We went upstairs to look around, nothing.  I searched every single room
along with him.  still nothing.  Then there were no cars and even dave
seemed amazed cause he kept yelling out for whoever it was.  but nothing.
So we suspected nothing and gave up.  upon going downstairs again we talked
for about 2 more minutes when we heard an even louder bang from the basement
door.  This time it was from the backdoor banging into the basement door.
So he called out and no answer.  We suspected intruders in his house- so he
grabbed his si's and I grabbed a 32" double bladed sword.  Then I got really
scared knowing that again there was nobody up there and the door that was
opened was locked by ME before we went down.  Still no cars and the dog
wasn't acting up either.  I got serious and said that this is unusual and
that maybe we should call the police.  Then I took back my comment when I
figured it would just make us look stupid.  Plus there wasn't really any
damage or anything stolen.  Again after time we gave up and this time we
propted a chair under the backdoor along with locking it.  searched the
house again including closets and showers, cubburts everything.  I left the
basement door open and sat at the turn of the stairs so I could see what it
was that was slamming that damn door of his.  I looked out the basement
window and saw no cars on the driveway.  Then I looked up and still saw
nothing but as I looked the door of the basement slammed close so hard it
knocked the bolting out of the door handle.  I heard another loud noise of
some kind and later would recognize that as the chair flying against the
wall and the other door slammed against the basement door so hard it left a
half dented hole of the door knob in the basement door.  It told me right
there to get the fuck out of the house and have a weapon as I go.  So I
grabbed the sword, dave grabbed his stuff and debated going up.  I went
first and immediately left the house with only 3 steps.  He was behind me,
this time the dog was barking and acting crazy when we got outside and still
there was no cars and nobody around to indicate a person done this.  Plus
the fact that its impossible the way the door was knocked in due to it being
locked and pressed close from the inside by the chair.  I decided then that
I needed to go home and he went to will andress's house down the street.  On
the way home I felt the presence but didn't give it much concern.  I stopped
at my girlfriends house (katie rodes)  she was not home so being desperate,
I ran home to lose whatever I felt was following me and told my mom what was
happening.  She was watching tv and didn't give it that much concern.
Basically she didn't believe the details of the story so far or
circumstances.  I went to sit in my room afraid of what was going on.  I
looked out my window which was adjacent to a pine tree outside.  I sat there
totally stunned at the presence that was before me.  Right next to the pine
tree which was 7 feet from my window was some type of cloud of smoke.  The
outline of it was golden with electricity.  Like if you ever lite a paper on
fire and seen the paper burn back on itself the part that burns has that
line of glowing to it, it also could be compared to a string of light, or
lightning.  I personally would refer to it as smoke with a line of energy
going around it.  I had a studio set up for light in my room and attempted
to turn off and on the lights to make sure it was not a glare.  I dared
didn't go to the window for the fear of it.  After much desperate
experimentation I eventually found that image I saw to be realistic.  I
freaked out and ran to my mom once more explaining my situation.  She
listened to me for some time and explained that the image I saw was a
figment of my imagination and that my friend david may have possibly played
a trick on me.  I went back into my bedroom to find the image not there
anymore, to my relief, I closed the window for it was fully dark outside.  I
layed on my bed thinking about the freakyness that surrounded me.  Like
earlier that year I saw the movie "communion" on tv.  I read the book when I
was 11, so it totally scared the fuck out of me when I thought about the
circumstances if that story or movie was true that I may be encountering.  I
feared my life at that point and I just layed there on my bed as  flat as a
board, occasionally under paranoia checking the sides incase some  "alien"
was there.  Then the phone rang in my mom's bedroom and about 2 minutes
later she called me to her room and told me the situation.  The phone was on
hold at the time and she told me it was david peoples parents asking for me.
My mom indicated that they were very mad and that alot of bad things was
going on at the moment.  I just looked at her blankly not knowing what to
say.  So she talked to mrs. peoples again to see what the problem was.  Then
my mom said that she wanted to know what inspired me to conjure spirits from
the dead on an unblessed ouija board.  I told my mom that I would take the
call and not to worry about it.  At the point I was bringing the phone to my
ear I could hear noise of dave's sister yelling and his mom started to talk
to me frantically, saying that her house was getting all messed up due to
me.  I explained to her that dave was the one who went about the sayings and
that that was the first time I ever done that.  She half pissed said that
what we did was call out evil spirits from the underworld or wherever and
that they were in her house destroying it at the moment.  I freaked and hung
up on her under pretences that one of the spirits had followed me to my
house.  I told my mom the situation and she just sat there looking blanked
as I was when I saw the presence outside my window.  Immediately, the phone
rang again and I answered it was dave.  He went on to tell me that his
family was staying over at the andress's house and that he would talk to me
in the morrow at school about the whole situation and not to worry about his
parents or sister.  I just went back to my room under intense security for
myself, bat at hand and tried to sleep with the light on all night long.
The next day at school I met with dave and he proceeded to explain to me the
situation.  Their family already had a priest coming up that friday to expel
the spirits and to bless the house and to take the ouija board.  He
explained what happened when his family got home.  He said that he returned
to his house after a couple hours to find his family halfway freaked out.
His dad was in the basement drinking a beer watching tv when 3 figures that
were gray in color, transparent and had a glowing outline- under his
discription, walking like zombies but with their arms down, they walked in a
straight row right in between him and the tv.  He freaked out and threw his
beer at them and they began to dissolve under his discription into the
ground.  Like they just sunk right into the ground.  Then he ran upstairs to
get the rest of the family.  His family was already wondering what happened
because dave wasn't home and the damage to the wall and door was there.  Yet
strange things happen all the time so they didn't do anything about the
fact.  Nothing was stolen and dave usually stays out till late.  Dave came
back and went into his room only to be locked in it.  He had to kick his
door down as soon as he went into the living room his own tournament
trophies were flying to him.  As if the actual spirit threw them at him.  It
took him and his family no time to call me up and find out what happened and
to then get out of that house.
Later we tried to tell the teacher what happened but even she didn't believe
us due to the fact that we were "children" and yet the story sounded
fictitious.  I wanted to see what happened to daves house.  He warned me
though that the spirits still resided at his house to the present day and
that even he can't go into it.  I didn't want the spirits to know that I was
present when we called them nor did I want them to follow me to my house.
It would only make the problem bigger.  So at a distance I saw his house,
there were a couple windows broken along with doors open and I could see
things all around.  I would feel extremely sorry for the robber who decides
that house is primary to be robbed.  Well, all in all I really never talked
about it to people but on occasion.  Like I would tell my friends and kids
at summer camp and scare the bejesus out of them.  I looked back and studied
the experience and realized this:  the board we had was quite old so was not
blessed and that aloud the evil spirits to be called.  The 3 times the door
slammed was the actual spirits coming into the house.  I suspect the first
slam the backdoor closed after being opened.  The spirit that followed me
home was a good spirit there to look over me, while the 3 remained in his
house.  Later his house was restored and the priest came that monday, not
friday.  Since then I graduated and rarely if never talked to dave again
about the experience, yet I did mark it down as something that I wouldn't
ever run across again or in a while.  I tried using the ouija board again by
myself a few years later, but was never successful at it.  My religious
beliefs were unchanged by the experience yet my whole attitude on the world
changed significantly.  Not that I am different since but rather every
situation I become different in attitude towards then everyone else.  This
experience, story, documentary I tell you is as close to the truth as I can
recall, for it has been nearly 7 years since then.  All I can do is warn
others that the main intent of the spirits were to destroy and to cause
evil.  To hurt and cause damage to a desent family.  If you ever live out
your life, live it to the basis that you don't deny yourself but also that
you don't deny god.  God does exist, he loves and is rightous.  Live "as
yourself" and you will exist as god loves you and you will be a good spirit
in the end.

Little Prizi's Visits

By: SoMfan1@aol.com

    I've been having a fantastic little visitor jumping on my bed at night
and walking up to my back.  I know who it is.  It's my toy poodle, Aapri.
She died two years ago and ever since my father has allowed me to get a cat,
"Prizi" has returned.  At first, I noticed a small shadow like cloud walking
against the wall in my home.  Pri in her later life was blind and she
literally used the walls to guide herself to and fro.  What was most
fascinating to me was that my new cat, Sassy, was laying on the floor not far
from one of Pri's sleeping areas.  From the corner of my eye I saw the dark
cloud, very small and floating against the wall.  At the same moment, Sassy
turned her head in the same direction and we both watched it for a few
seconds before it vanished.  Later on, I noticed Sassy playing and staring at
nothing that sometimes resulted in me catching the verticle blinds shuffling
slightly in the livingroom while Sassy was right by me.  I still hear the
occasional "bump" in the night that we usually heard when poor little Pri
would bump her head on the wall when she couldn't see her way.  Now, Pri has
taken it a bit further.  My cat will lay on the bed with me at times, but
when it's time to go to bed, she goes into her own little room since she's
too playful at night and won't let me sleep.  Pri now jumps on my bed during
the evening while I'm very still.  I am awake, too by the way.  I feel her
little paws walk over to me, but only once I thought I felt her pressed up
against me.  I'm not sure.  I talk to her.  I tell her, "Hello Prizi, lay
down."  It's happened twice now and everytime I welcome it.  She was 15 when
she died.

Ghost Summer

By:  kitskat@gatway.com

When i spent the summer of 2000 with my cousin in Vicksburg Mississippi we
expected it to be like a normal summer but it wasn't.  The first night i was
their it was a little stange. night after night it got stanger things moving
when no humanbeing moved them.  People walking by the bedroom window you
could see right through holding pitchforks.  When the civil war broke out
July 4, 1863  well this was not 1863 it was2000.   Sara (my cousin) and me
heard and saw the cannos fire and peolpe sceaming for help but no one hepled
them.  When we went to the we saw people standing on porches that were ghost
but what was strange is that only me and her and my brother saw them.

Conn. Experience

By: priddle@snet.net

My name is Jay , and I live in a small  in the state of Connecticut.  I am 18 years old.  Everything I write here is true.  Nothing is second hand.  All of these instances occurred when sober.
The majority of my town is haunted.  It's getting out of control.  My friend is more sensetive to energy than I am, and he can see things I can't.  I may feel a spirit is nearby - I can tell whether it is friendly, or not.  He, however, can see them.
He has had encounters with our friends from the "other-side" for most of his life.  But, I haven't had these encounters until after New Year's of 2001.
I believe the paranormal activity in our town has heightened since the year has changed.  Our schools are built on Indian massacre grounds, our homes on Indian burial grounds, and our backyards on sacred walking paths.  There have been train accidents, floods that have killed hundreds by the river, and the people in our town behave strangly.  The negative energy is interfering with life in this town.
I was in Indian Wells park with a friend, which is down by the river.  Train tracks pass through, but there hasn't been a passenger train through there since the civil war.
There was a horrible train accident in the late 1800's there, killing the entire crew of the train.  In the early 1900's, a child drown in the river there.  Around that same time, 3 children were hit by a train while playing jax on the tracks.  Down the road is an Indian burial ground and a spot where hundreds died from a horrible flood.
As I was saying... while in Indian Wells park around 4AM, we noticed a man in shimmerring white waving, as if trying to direct our attention.  Out of the dark came fireworks (silent lights) shooting from the tracks towards us.  All of a sudden, a diamond shape of lights shown towards us and a train appeared out of the air.  It was silent; a ghost train.  It was a steam engine with passenger cars attached.  It floated by and out of site.
Soon, our cup holders began to go in and out of the slots, the windows roled up and down, and we decided it was a good time to leave.
There was something in the car with us.  My friend felt something trying to get into his chest.  We havn't been back since.  He has been clensed of this spirit since.
My car still attracts spirits, and usually sage seems to do the trick in getting them to move out.  Otherwise, my doors mysteriously lock in a matter of minutes after unlocking, the child locks turn on by themselves.  What scares me, is this isn't electronic equipment in my car - something more powerful is moving the mechanical objects.
We have had about 8 different spirits, that we noticed, enter and leave my car at different times this year.  Some evil, some sad, some kind and gentle.
Things levetate in my car, CD's fastforward randomly, and figures can be seen in my back seat by others when I am in the car ALONE.
The week of April 23rd has bothered me.  An increase of paranormal activity has been seen by myself and others.
We have been chased, thrown to the ground over an Indian massacre ground (now a baseball field), and have had objects thrown at us.
They are everywhere - pool halls, bars (especially), homes, cars - everywhere.
There must have been an alignment of the stars that week... the Friday of that week was especially odd.  Lights flickering, figures moving past us, people appearing in the road and then dissapearing before our eyes.  This only seems to occur to my friend and I.  We seem to be the only ones who detect them.
We were at an old house of my friend's - empty; nobody living there at the time.  We went up stairs and I got a chill down my spine.  He yelled "Get the fuck out", and we ran out of the house.  He stated that since he was a child, there has always been one or two spirits in that house - never giving off bad energy of any kind.  That night, around 2-3AM, he felt 5 spirits.  The spirits that are usually there always stay upstairs.  This time, they began to work their way down the steps.  Luckily, they didn't follow us out of the house.
People don't seem to understand that spirits can latch themselves on to objects, to people, and follow you anywhere they please.  We come across a lot of negative energy in this town.  I have had 4 spirits latched on to me at one point until I was cleansed.  I have also learned that sage is helpful in these situations, and invisioning yourself engulfed in purple and white light will protect you for the most part.  Ask for guidance, and protection from the angels of light.
They are out there, and that week of April 23rd... a veil was lifted so that we could see things that most people don't usually notice.  A doorway of some kind was opened that week, and there are a lot of lost spirits wondering about in our town - needing guidance in to the light.
There are spirits in my friend's house.  There used to be a man named Hubbel in that house.  He was tried for witch-craft, and there is no record of his death, or tombstone.
There was also a mother and her child who died there too.  We feel their presence often.
Near my church are the old gallows where many people were hung.  This entire area is infested with supernatural activity.
It's amazing how much can happen in such a small town - but this town has a lot of history, and a lot of terrible things took place.
I said earlier that I began to notice spirits around the beginning of the year.  This is when I completed my Reiki training (similar to touch healing), and my intuition and spirituatliy has grown enormously.  But, at the same time, my energy seems to attract ghosts.
I think my friend and I have a lot of history in this town in a past life.  We have lived numerous past lives together, including during the civil war.  We expect to see some things at Gettysburg - some startling things.
Let me know what you think about my town and my experiences - as vague as they may sound at this time.
I would love to get in to furthur detail on this subject and find out some more history on my town that could explain the paranormal activity.  Also, I intend to research the alignment of the stars and planets at this current time, and especially the week of April 23rd.

Old Farm House


Many years ago my parents purchased an old  farm north of the small town in eastern Oklahoma where I was raised.
The lady who had owned the farm previously was somewhat of a hermit whom we suspected was not of sound mind.
The old farm house on the property was probably built around the turn of the century and was quite dilapidated by the
time we got it. Over the next couple of years we cleaned it up and dad had it fixed up to livable condition. All of us were
a little uncomfortable in the house but no one had ever had a frightening experience.The house was never lived in by my family but was used as a cabin with occasional overnight stays. When I  was in my 20's and single I
found myself without a place to stay due to selling my house. I decided to stay at the farm until I could find another home.
I have never been an easily spooked person but some of the events that occurred in the farm house left me somewhat shaken.
The first indication of anything strange was a week or so after I moved in. I awoke from a sound sleep about 3:00 AM and found the house extremely cold. The house had a fairly new Warm Morning gas heater which my father had installed. I got up and found the pilot light out on the heater and relit it. I went back to bed and slept through the night without further incident. About 2 nights later the same thing occurred with the heat going out between 2 and 3 AM. Once again I relit the heater and returned to bed. After several occurrences of this I called a service man to check the heater. He indicated that there was nothing obviously wrong with the heater but he replace the thermocouple and pilot light anyway. About 2 nights later at about the same time I was awakened by noise from the living room and it was extremely cold in the house. I got up and found that not only was the heat off but the television in the same room was on and the volume was very loud. I had owned this TV for about 2 years and never had this occurred before. I relit the stove and turned off the TV and went back to bed. About 4 or 5 nights later I was out late and did not return home until about 1:00 AM. I parked and walked to the front door when I noticed lights flickering in the house which I had left totally dark. I also could hear voices coming from inside the house. I assumed someone had broken in to the house. I picked up a board that was on the porch and quickly opened the front door ready to do battle with whoever was in the house. I was shocked to find that the voices were coming from the TV which had been off when I left and the heat was off in the house. I called a family member and told them I was coming to spend the night. I only stayed at the house a few more nights after that. There was never any explanation for the heater or the TV . I kept the TV for about 4 more years after leaving the farm and it never turned itself on again after leaving the farm.
One other incident occurred at the same farm sometime later. I was out in the yard after dark about 11:00 or 12:00 PM sitting at a picnic table when I noticed a light in the woods on the other side of a ten acre pasture next to the house. The light was traveling through the woods toward the road which split the farm into two pieces. The light continued across the road to the other side and disappeared into the woods. I didn't think much about this as this area is full of coon hunters and night fishermen. It was only the next day that it occurred to me that the light had remained level with only a slight bobbing motion across two fences, a roadside drainage ditch and an 8 foot deep wet weather creek bed! The light has never been seen again by anyone who would admit it.The house was torn down several years ago by the young couple that bought it. I always wondered if they had similar experiences.

Unusual Happenings

By: ladywilde@mailcity.com
I have some stories to tell. It seems that all my life strange and unusual happenings have occured when ever I was around. It might be intresting to note that my grandmother is very physic and my father is to only to a lesser degree. Though i would never begin to call myself a true phyisic i would say that I am atleast " senstive" and very much so. My father would love to explore old buildings and I would always go with him. There was one house located somwhere in CT. I don't remember the actual location for I was very young at the time around 8 or 9 and the house was old and blue and falling apart. My father and I crawled through a window and as soon as my father had set me down in the house. I got very very cold even though it was the summer in in the 90's. My father told me not to move and to say put while he looked around to make sure the house was safe. I watched as he went upstairs and i stood there and started to shake. I felt very cold still and almost sick to my stomache and I could feel something tightening around my gut. Then I went and threw up out the window and started calling for my dad. I wanted out of the house and i couldn't get out the house without him since I was so little. My dad came running down the stairs then, his face was very white and seemed disturbed.He just said " lets go" and went to lift me out the window. He saw that I had gotten sick and asked me if I was okay. As we walked away from the house I had the vague feeling of being watched but the farther we got the bettr i felt. My dad later told me that when he went up the 3rd floor there was a room at the end of the hall that had a pentagram on the floor as well as the numbers 666 written all over the floor. My father told me that he had gotten almost physical ill and suddenly very frightened for me though he felt like he couldn't move. When he heard me call for him he was able to break out of the trance that he felt and went to make sure I was alright. He said that evil things have happened there and that we should not have gone in. That was only the beginning and if anyone would like to speak to me personaly pls feel free to e-mail me at ladywilde@mailcity.com

My Late Night Experience in Cheyenne, Wyoming

By: Cadre500@aol.com
I can't honesty say I have ever "seen" a ghost but I wonder to this day if I
didn't experience one.  Back in the mid 1990's my husband and I lived on Dey
Avenue, in Cheyenne, Wyoming (just north of Pershing Blvd. for those of you
familiar with the area).  F.E. Warren Air Force Base is just west of there.
Our 2 bedroom house was built in 1929.    One night I was sound asleep and
woke for what seemed like no reason at all.  I glanced at the clock and
noticed it was in the wee hours of the morning.  Even though I had been sound
asleep I was now quite alert.  Suddenly, I heard three footsteps cross my
kitchen linoleum floor.  They weren't particularly loud but they were very
distinct.  To the point that they I would describe them as coming from a
heavy set male.  They sounded just like my 240 lb. husband's footsteps.  In
my mind I am trying to make sense of what was going on.  It didn't take long
to realize that the sounds I heard couldn't possibly belong to my husband,
since he was over 1000 miles away on a military trip and I was home alone.
That was when I began to question whether I was actually hearing something or
my mind was playing tricks with me.  I only heard the three footsteps,
nothing more.  This all took place within a matter of about 3 seconds from
the time I awoke and I hadn't uttered a word.  I decided my mind was just
playing tricks with me and was trying to calm myself.  Well, I would have
dismissed and forgotten the entire incident if it were not for my Rottweiler,
Attila who started to growl!  Attila was on the floor along side of my bed.
I can tell you that was the final straw and I then said "#$%&"!  I don't know
what possessed me but I immediately jumped out of bed and headed into the
kitchen (which was right next to my bedroom).  Flicking on all the lights as
I went!  The kitchen door was locked with it's security chain in place and
the front door was locked too.  Everything was perfectly fine, thank
goodness.   I will always wonder what exactly happened that night.  Did my
dog sense my fear and react to that or did he hear the same exact thing I
did?  I will never know.

Living With Spirits

By: Anonymous

When I was about 12 years old, I fell off of some 10-ft high baseball
bleachers.  I was walking on the top and fell, knocking the wind out of me,
and bruising my back.
Since that date, I have had the experiences of seeing and hearing spirits
everywhere I go.
When I met my husband-to-be back in 1971, and was planning for my wedding a
few months later, I was 21 years old.  It was a quick courtship and
marriage.  I saw "John"  for the first time, but I could not hear him.  He
was tall, with dark hair and eyes.  When I could finally hear him, he told
me he was asked, by a female friend of my husband's, to come out of a Ouija
board, and follow him for the rest of his life, and that he would not harm
John was quiet as the years passed, and I seldom even remembered he was
around, until after 1982, when he made himself visible to me.  We found out
in 1981 from the builder, that our house was built over an indian burial
ground in south Texas, and he came to warn us.  I felt John's presence more
in my life after my husband and I were divorced.  I could see other spirits
standing around, and hearing John's voice, he stated that spirits would
follow me because I could see and hear them.  They called me "The Chosen
He talked about meeting my father, who passed away, in 1973, and later, my
mother, who passed away in 1986.  When I first woke up some mornings, John
would tell me when I was not going to work that day, or if I was going to
be working on a project, John would offer his suggestions, and tell me
which times not to go forward with that day's plans, because something bad
was going to happen.
In 1998, my boyfriend's mother, who was very religious, passed away from a
rare form of stomach cancer.  About a year after she passed, I saw her
standing in the living room talking to me, asking me to leaving the house
as she felt, I was not wanted there.  A few months passed, she again
appeared before me, this time telling me she had met my parents, and that
they were both wonderful persons, and that I did not have to leave.
New Year's Day, 1999, was my first experience at seeing, the so-called
Midnight Train unloading spirit persons in various types of clothing, at
the back door of my boyfriend's home.  The voices called his home, "a way
station" where spirits could stop and rest.  My boyfriend has never been
able to see or hear these spirits.
I felt the thought of all these spirits in this house, to be a bit
intimidating, since I could see and hear all of them.  I have seen spirits
of persons I knew from high school, and some of the victims in murders, who
have come by the "way station" on the train, one of which was Jon Benet
Ramsey.  She only stayed a few minutes and left again.  Another two
spirits, were some friends of one of my nephews from high school, who were
both killed and raped by a gang for an initiation.  Also, there is the
spirit of a young 13-year old girl who follows me.  She drowned in
Matagorda Bay, Texas in 1989, she had been consistently assaulted by her
father before she died.
Today is Tuesday, May 1, 2001, and I see and hear the spirits everywhere I
go, and the chatter is sometimes like in a noisy room.  Some of them, I
feel to be very dominating, and some are easy going, but listening to the
conversations they have with one another, and me, makes me feel like I have
been chosen to fulfill a need for them of listening to them as they relay
the information they need to share.
I am not afraid of them any more.  I have prayed many times to God asking
what was the real reason is for me to know about them.  I recently found
out that there are others out there like me, and the one item we all share,
is that we have been given a strange gift of hearing and seeing spirits,
and we feel that this gift, is not from God.
I have prayed every day to God, asking Him to help me understand and stop
the spirits from following me.  I have not heard his answer yet, and John
still follows me every where I go.  Thank you for listening to me share my


By: CrystalN.Dempsey@mail.state.ky.us

 There is a town near my home in Frankfort called Millville. Now this
town is one of the oldest in Kentucky and it has a very dark history.  I
have been told that this was a place of racial lynching and harassment.
There are many myths and rumors about many places in this area and my
friends and I have wandered through these places many times. I have actually
only had one experience, though. It was a Saturday night at about 3 o'clock
or so. My friends and I had been partying that night and decided that we
were not ready to go home. So we drove out to this distillery that is
supposed to be haunted. One of my co-workers dated a guy who's father owned
it. Well, his dad let him live in one of the warehouses up there. She asked
him about all the rumors. He said that he had never seen anything, but he
would often hear voices and things scooting around. My experience was not at
the distillery, it was at this big, red building that looked like an old
court house or something. I have been told that it was later used for the
distillery as an office, but has long since been abandoned. We pulled up
into it's large parking lot to turn around. As we were getting ready to
leave one of my friends noticed a light in there and yelled for me to stop
the car. I did so and backed up so we could see better. We looked through a
very large window where the glass was broken out. Sure enough, there was a
very dim, blue light coming from the back room. It was almost like a light
from a TV. Now mind you, there was no electricity in that building, hadn't
been for a long time. We sat quietly trying to figure out what it was.
Sometimes I thought I could see movement, but I never could be certain. We
may have been sitting there for 5 minutes when something went right across
that window. It was very dark and didn't really have any type of form. You
couldn't really call it a shadow because it had substance. I know it wasn't
human, though. My friends and I looked at each and screamed our heads off
and every time I screamed I hit the gas petal. My car kept lurching forward,
it was almost comical. It wasn't funny at the time, I am embarrassed to say
that at 19 years old, I had bladder failure that night! I really have no
idea what that was, but we have been back since and never seen anything
else. I will never forget it.

Ghost from Toronto

By: gusha@sympatico.ca

My story;
Since I was 7 (I am 34 now) and moved into a newly built home, I
detected presences.  Like most adults, my parents reassured me that it
was my imagination.  My haunting consisted of hearing someone breathing
when I was the only one in a room, visions rather flashes on my closet
door.  Many of them, mostly materialistic (I can't remember them now).
Actually I remember watching shadowing imagins ballroom dancing on my
wall.  I stoped fearing it (I think only one spirit - I'm not sure) and
used to say 'Hi if your here and hi if your not'.  I would know if it
was around.  I remember very often (especially in the evening when
everyone was asleep) it walking around.  It would climb the stairs and
stop right at the landing leading to the stairs to the bedrooms.  My
parents would often find me on my sisters bed (directly facing the hall)
stooped on asleep gaurding my siblings.
When I was eighteen, I awoke to my hand being pulled by this spirit.  It
scared me, really scared me.  Here is a ghost that I know slept in my
bed with me (I would feel it breath on me and just turn the other way
saying good night) crossing the boundry of touch. Of course this freaked
me out of my mind.  I remember sitting up only to have this spirit grab
my leg and try to pull me.  I lost it and through myself into my sisters
bed screaming.  I have never sensed it again.  I moved out on my own
shortly after that never really detected it again (even though I have
slept at my parents house since).  I truly believe that it did not want
to harm me and really felt bad for scaring me.  I think it left after
that evening.
My dad told me that shortly after I had left that a neighbour started to
repeat the same stories I use to tell him.  We thought perhaps it went
to their home.  Thay had a priest come to there home to bless it.

Upstairs Apartment

By: Byrd42k1@gateway.net

i lived in a upstairs apartment and every night i woke up screaming that
there was a woman in olden day clothing , it was very strange because it was
the same woman and always at the same time three in the morning ,she had torn
clothes on and she was just looking at me through the window.

My Ghost Ward

By: muddywaters@adamswells.com

I recently divorced my husband and moved out of my beloved house. This house always had a special place in my house and always will.
I always felt that it was *alive*.It was in poor repair when we bought it and we put every cent we had into her to make her what she used to be.In fact when the house was *gutted* stood in the center and asked it what it wanted to be.
That same week my then husband was in the attic and under some insulation he found an old art print dated 1897 of a little girl all dressed up for the opera.The colors were absolutely VIBRANT. I took this as a sign and used this as a basis for the colors etc.. for the house.
I often was awakened by the sounds of faint, happy laughter and music.I used to think it was the neighbors but soon realized that it was a residual haunting, especially after I had to return to spend 2 nights recently to care for my epileptic ex husband.
I heard the music and laughing again.I also recently was putting away some photos in my apartment and came across one I had hurriedly taken from my house and never really looked at.
I simply wanted a photo of my beloved home.
I now realized that the front of my home is covered by a mist and there are several small pinpoints of light near the ground.
It was a taken in the early evening, at dusk, there was no rain or fog and it was not cold (It was in April).no one was smoking.

Haunted Plachette Playhouse

By: PDL147852@aol.com
Dear Shadowlands I would like to thank you for including the Plachette
Playhouse in haunted places in Delaware. Myself and others who were there
alot organizing plays and dances, before they sold the place out from under
us, sent in info but got discouraged when it seemed it would not be posted.
They say the governor's mansion is the most haunted place in DE but I've
researched the mansion and to me the Playhouse makes the governor's mansion
look like a Rita's Water Ice. For one people can actually live in the
governor's mansion where the Playhouse is down right dangerously active. It's
been almost about a year and 9 months since we lost the place but the wierd
thing is all of us who used to run the place still have nightmares about the
place. I could tell you so much because the place is an icon. I was even at a
Halloween campfire story telling type thing and the historian told this story
about this mansion in Delaware, he wouldn't say where, that was haunted by
former patrons and possessed by demons. When the night was over I went up to
him and shocked him by telling the location of the mansion. I also told him
all the legends were true and then some and he knew I was the real deal. To
me of everything in the Playhouse the most frightening was the Red Lady. She
is very mysterious and when I was there she would torment me, more in an
annoying then scary way, constantly. Some say she was a prostitute murdered
on the second floor, others say she is a Succubus. I know she can't be both
because a Succubus is a demon and demons were never human. I'd always see her
on the first floor moving things, throwing things with her cloak pulled over
her face like a monk. The Red Room on the second floor is where she is
strongest and I NEVER went in there alone. If the prostiute theory is true it
was where she was murdered. She is seen in that upper window alot and
especially up close and personal by the telephone guy working on the wires
just out side the window on the pole. To the telephone guy and others  saw
her human face. The telephone guy went as far as to ask one of the nieghbors
who that pretty girl is in the house because he wanted to ask her out . The
nieghbor said that nobody has actually 'lived' there in years. So we have her
cloaked,as I have seen, and human but there is a third manifestation. An
aquaintence of the mansions owner, if I haven't been clear my associates and
I didn't own the place merely rented, didn't want to drive home after a
construction job near the mansion so he asked the owner if he could crash at
the empty, because we mostly only used it on weekends, mansion. The owner
reluctantly agreed but told the man he would regret spending the night there
alone but the worker said, "I don't belive in that ghost sh*t". That night
the worker went there and slept in a bed in the room my associates and I had
made the most accomidating that being the Red Room. In the night he was
awaked by movement on the bed and not his own. He hadn't turned the lights
off so when he looked next to him he saw in the bed the bare back of a young
lady lieing on her side facing away from him twards the wall. This guy was
thinking "Hey a hot chic just got in bed with me'' Why would he think
anything else, right? When he touched her shoulder and said , Hey you, she
rolled over. When he later told of the incident he said his feet never
touched the stairs on the way out. I know I found the front door off the
hinges and his gear, including most of the clothes he was wearing that night
in the Red Room several days later. He also said when the girl rolled over
her face was not human but what he described as that of a monkey/dog which
gives more to the demon theory. I told you the place makes people into
believers. What do you in your expert opinion think she is? Lastly I'd like
to report that the Plachette Playhouse will be opening for business again
under a different name and not by us. After the place was sold the new owner
had plans to tear it down. We had the Historical Society intervene to block
it and were successful the owner eventually realized that his knewly aquired
property was useless if he couldn't tear it down and sold it to a nieghbor of
the mansion. It was actually the same nieghbor who told the telephone guy he
had seen a ghost. He's going to fix it up and make it into a bed and
breakfast. There was a big write up about it in our local newspaper recently.
Unfortunitely the article didn't mention me and my associates role in running
the place then saving it from the wrecking ball. It also didn't say anything
about the ghosts. I spoke to the owner personally who we knew from since we
were running the place and said that he wants to keep the ghost stuff from
those who don't already know. My theory on his keeping the ghost thing quiet
is because an inn with a cute grandma ghost roaming the hall is good for
business but these kind of pushy,literally, scary angry spirits are not. I
plan to get a room there when the place reopens but not alone. If you send me
a mailing address I'll send you a copy of the newspaper article. I'm old
fashion so I don't do the fax or the scanning thing.

Ghosts in Deutschland

By: tim.keneipp@domail.maricopa.edu

Several years ago my wife and I were touring central Germany by car. We
had started our adventure in Franfurt and for the next two weeks
explored the area around what is known as the Romantischstrasse - the
Roman Road, the road built by the Romans which extends between Fusen on
the Austrian border to near Nuremburg. The last night of our journey was
spent in the medieval village of Miltenburg on the Mein River in a hotel
(guesthaus in Germay) called the Zum Riesen - the oldest guesthaus in
Germany! The Zum Riesen was built in the mid-Eleventh Century and had
played host to numerous European dignitaries through the course of time
including Queen Christina of Sweden. Think about it! The Zum Riesen was
already nearly 350 years old when Columbus set sail from Portugal in
search of a western passage to India. The then current owners were a
lovely elderly couple of which the husband was a retired architect and
had overseen much of the remodeling of the grand old half-timber
structure to include all the modern conveniences we Americans have come
to expect in our accommodations. Anyway, sometime after dinner my wife
and I were in bed reading and generally preparing to cruise off into
Dreamland, when suddenly the windows flew OPEN and a floor lamp turned
ON. We turned to each other and said, "Whoa!" We then theorized that
Queen Christina (or somebody) had chosen to make their presence known to
us. We never "saw" anybody and there were no further displays, but we
definitely had the notion that we had observed a supernatural event.


By: StarB8888@aol.com

I have always been fascinated by the supernatural.  Several years ago, a
college teacher, who I was very close to, died suddenly.  I was terribly
depressed by this, because he had been such a mentor to me...a father figure,
so to speak.  The evening of the funeral visitation, I had gone over to my
ex-boyfriends house for the night.  I didn't want to be alone.  As I was
getting ready for bed, I sat down and started sobbing.  My boyfriend at the
time walked into the room and sat down on the edge of the bed to comfort me.
I kept telling him how sad I was that I didn't get to say good-bye to Jack
and how he'd never know how much he meant to me. Suddenly, we heard a strange
noise and we looked across the room to the dresser where two greeting cards
were standing.  One of the cards started to move across the dresser slowly
and as it moved, it made a scraping noise against the wood.  We sat there in
total shock as we watched this card slide at least 4 feet and then come to a
complete stop while standing upright.  My boyfriend was immediately
mortified, but it didn't affect me that way at all.  I know that noone will
fully understand what I felt at that moment, but I will try to explain.  I
felt almost a tingly sensation, and then suddenly the most peaceful calm
swept over me.  The air felt thick with his presence and I was suddenly no
longer sad at all.  I will forever remember that night.  It truly changed my
life.  Since then I haven't really had any other significant encounters with
a spirit until last week.  My husband works late at night and I had put my
daughter in bed and was getting ready to do the same when the dog jumped up
and started growling like crazy at the bedroom door.  This startled me,
because I had never heard the dog growl before.  He's a very mild mannered
animal.  Anyway, I looked at the door and of course nothing was there.  By
this time panic had set in me, because the dogs eyes were following something
across the room. Suddenly he started crying and backed under the computer
desk.  I couldn't get him to come out.  He was completely scared to death.  I
had to physically pick him up to get him out of the room.  And he's a big
dog!  I was going to force him come with me to check the house out for
intruders.  As we were walking down the hall, I saw a man's reflection in a
picture on the wall staring at me.  When I turned to see who's reflection it
was, there was noone there.  I was so scared that I thought I was going to
have a heart attack.  Whatever it was felt AWFUL!  I hope I never experience
anything remotely like that again.  Does anyone know if a ghost can just
randomly come through a home?  This place has never felt spooky to me before.

West Marlborough Township, Pennsylvania

By: Vwted2@aol.com

      On a road called Covered bridge road you will find an old red covered
bridge,  The story behind this is There once lived a married couple at the
top of the hill one night they got in a big fight and the husband cut his
wife's head off.  The head rolled down the hill and over the bridge.  Legend
has it that if you go over the bridge with your windows down you can still
hear the head rolling over the bridge.

My 1st Paranormal Experience

By: Polterguist927@aol.com

I was 8 years old at the time of this experience (im 13 now). One night while
in bed I heard a noise that sounded like a  pan smashing into a window when I
went to check,there was nothing there or broken.So I went back to bed and
when I lay down I saw a huge black figure staring at me and then it
vanished,I screamed so loud my neighbors up,literally.So when my parents came
in they told me I had a nightmare so I went to bed.The next night the spirit
came back,but this time I didn't scream,I spoke to it.I asked it questions
like "whats your name?" and "How did you die?" and last "What do you want
from me?".His name was Robert,His cause of death was murder,and he was
haunting me because he wanted me to find something for him,a small velvet
chest,it was passed down through generations in his family.So the next day i
looked all over it and finally I found it.It was in a small hole in my
closet.That night I gave it to him and he left,for good.To this day I have
learned to live with ghosts (none troublesome ones) I have had about 5 spirit
encounters and 2 poltergeist encounters.

Ghost in Television?

By: ScorpLiz@aol.com

      I am 19 years old, writing in behalf of my family's new ghost
experience.  My family has been dealing and living with ghosts since we were
small.  My mother and her mother as well.  I've come to believe that our
family attracts spirits or something, because no matter what home we live in,
there is always something with us.  For me, it all started in my last home,
when my sisters played with the oujia (spelling?) board.  My mother always
told us never to play around with it because she believed it played with
evil--something not good.  Well--we did, and what we got was very weird.  I
could tell you sooooo many stories.  Not much ever happened to me--only a few
things.  Basically, enough to make me a believer.  We are a strong family of
Catholics, and we've always felt that our prayers have kept away anything
terrible from happening, but a recent photgraph taken of my sister and her
new baby has scared all of us.
      I've heard about the recent phenomenon of spirits coming out through
the television on the internet and have seen a few photos that people have
submitted.  They're scarry, but not half as scary as ours.  My sisters child
is the first in the family, and Juli (my sister) has always feared the
presence of the ghosts around us.  She's actually the only one who's seen the
ghosts.  Anyways, a photo taken of her and her baby in her apartment has the
television in the background.  My other sister was the one taking the picture
at the time, and swears that the tv is off.  They both are positive it was
off, because it's not like them to take a picture with the TV on in the
background.  Also--there is no lights on, on the TV, and other then the face
in it, it's all dark around him.
      At first glance at the picture, you see my sister and the baby and
then you see a face, all red.  My sister said it looked like the devil.  If
you look closer with a magnify glass, you can tell he is wearing glasses.
So, we blew it up.  Bear in mind, we were all looking for a logical
explination for it.  It's in the negative, the TV is off.  It's not a
reflection of anyone we know.  Getting back to the point, we blew it up and
our findings are creepy.  You can see him so well.  He is wearing glasses,
he's wearing a suit, and he's looking right at my sister and the baby.  It' s
just of his head and l a little below his neck.  He's an older man and he's
all within the TV.  You can see the reflection of  the apartment walls and
lights in the background in the TV too.  The TV IS NOT ON!!!
`            SO--these last few days, it's all I can think about.  I've shown
my friends--people who do not believe in ghosts, and they can't believe
they're eyes.  They're all freaked out by it.  My dad has never wanted to
believe the hauntings that we've all experieneced-even when my mom swore to
him that she's been haunted.   When he saw the picture, he was pretty weirded
out by it too.

Haunted Room

By: psychicvessel@hotmail.com

The reason I am writing this is not to freak anyone out, but to figure out
just what I experienced during a two day period about five years ago.  I
have never heard of anyone else having an experience that is even romotely
similiar to this one.  I have been trying to find information on this type
of supernatural experience but so far, I have found nothing.  I was hoping
that there was a possibility that you could shine some light on this strange
occurance in my life.  For five years now I have been carrying this story
around locked up inside of me because I didn't want to relive the
experience.  It hasn't been until recently that I finally disclosed my
experience with some close friends, and they didn't know what to make of it.
  Anyway, my story starts now.  When I was in 5th grade, I had a friend that
My mother forebade me to associate with for some reason or another, so for
three years I didn't.  This friend lived with his grandmother on a farm.
His mother had never taken care of him, she moved to Alaska when my friend
was an infant and he rarely saw her.  His father was a druggy and up until
recently had absolutely nothing to do with his son.  Then suddenly when both
of us were in 8th grade, his mother moved back into town, bought a very old
house, (one of the oldest in my town) and forced My friend to live with her.
  At about the same time, my parents  had decided to get a divorce, and
during that stressful time in thier lives, my mother became more
complaceant, apparently because her mind was on other things, and I finally
reunited with one of my best friends after 3 years.  To get away from the
craziness of my own home, I frequently visited my friend and his mother (who
was living with a man that she was planning to marry and his 3 sons as well)
and had a good time.  I would stay the night every weekend and sometimes on
week days as well, which I had never been able to do with any of my friends
before because of school.  As soon as I set foot into the house for the
first time however, I knew that there was something wrong with it.  As soon
as I stepped through the door, the horrible smell of rotting flesh almost
bowled me over, however for some reason, I seemed to be the only one that
noticed it.  My 2 younger brothers would often accompany me to my friend's
house because the man's three sons were roughly the same age as my brothers
were and they knew each other from school.  I know that people get used to
the smell of thier habitat after a while no matter how aweful the smell is,
but even my brother's smelled nothing.  The first night that I stayed with
My friend, he gave me a tour of the house.  A large stone house, two
stories, five bedrooms, two bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs.  The
upstairs portion held the bedrooms of all of the children that resided
there.  My friend's room was at the top of the stairs to the left, there was
an open area at the top of the stairs that one of the boys slept in.  From
the stairs directly to the right was the upstairs bathroom, and to the
bathroom door's left the was a dark hall; one room half way down on the
right and one very odd octagonal room at the end of the hall.  The room at
the end of the hall was  the youngest of the three boys' room.  It had a
very small mattress on top of a set of small box springs, a chandelier in
one of the eight corners of the room that hung to the floor.  The window was
covered with a plastic storm window, the wallpaper was peeling to reveal
strange writing and poems, none of which can I remember now, it's been too
long.  There were old plywood shelves that were more like countertops that
lined the room all the way around and it was dark, cold and forbidding.  I
would always avoid even looking at this room when I was upstairs, that's how
scary it was for me.  The child that slept in the room was the youngest of
the man's three children, and was always very quite, in fact I never heard
him utter a word at all.  He would cry and was very skiddish, almost like a
feral animal.  About a month after I started visiting this house, the little
boy moved away and I overheard his father and my friend's mother talkin
downstairs one night about the boy.  The boy's dad seemed to be as puzzled
about the boy's behavior as I was.  I overheard him saying that he had never
seen the boy like that before.  Apparently he had always been very
articulate and friendly.  A few days later I asked my friend about the boy.
He told be that a week or so before, the boy woke up in the middle of the
night wailing.  He woke everyone in the house up.  When his father came to
see what was the matter he was shaking and he told his dad to take him to
his mom's house that night.  He never came back.  That night my friend
wanted to show me something about the house that he had been waiting to show
me until his mother and her boyfriend was out of the house and it was just
him and me.  He showed me something that made me even more afraid of the
house.  There were secret passages.  One led from outside, through the wood
closet on the side of the house and out through the wooden chest in his
mother and her boyfriend's room.  He also showed me one that led from the
hall with the wierd room at the end into the upstairs bathroom.  When I was
visiting my friend another time, I had to use the bathroom at (conviniently)
around midnight.  When I got to the bathrrom door I could hear whispers
coming from down the hall.  This worried me, so I finished my business
quick, fast and in a hurry and went back to bed.  The next day, my friend,
another friend and I were outside.  I had to go to the bathroom and so I
went into the house, bypassed the downstairs bathroom even though it was
unoccupied and made my way upstairs to use the bathroom.  When I had
finished my business, I came out of the bathroom.  I remember looking down
the spooky hall into the bedroom at the end of it and for some reason felt
compelled to go down the hall into the room.  This next part is the
wierdest.  I started cleaning the room.  Picking up, rearranging.  I took
down the chandelier and the plastic from the window.  I organized the junk
on the counter and generally just spruced the room up.  Why is that wierd?
Well, I was conscieous of what I was doing but not really aware of it.  It's
hard to explain, but it was like my mind went blank and I was just drawn
into the room by some unknown force.  It definately was not of my own
volition because I was terrified of the room.  I refused to enter it even
when my friends were with me.  But this time I was by myself and went down
there and spent an hour and a half cleaning it alone!!  When I got done and
back out of the hall, I looked back at the room.  I remembered cleaning it,
but it was like It just occured to me that that was what I was doing, and
for the life of me I couldn't figure out why I had done it.  Anyways, that's
my story.  I know it's long winded but thank you for reading it.  I woul
really like to hear from someone.  I want to know what happened to me and
why.  I though that maybe you could shine a light on it.

Puerto Rico's Ghosts

By: carlosmeen@prtc.net
 Hy, my name is Carlos Mendoza and live in Puerto Rico. Since my first experience with ghosts or the likes in a township known as Cidra in this my country, I am having ghostic sightings almost daily elsewhere. Among these ghostisms that
jot out are three stories.The reasons for these prominences were durations of these.
The first was in the form of a tiny bright pinball but what it became was shocking. As I was driving on the second lane of high way 1 home  late at night noticed what appeared as this ball bouncing a few inches off the left side of the metal rail that divided this high way. Even thought it advanced rapidly it took long time to catch up with my car. When it did it became a dark cat, veered off to the left, and crossed across these lanes and my car. I braked my car to avoid running it over. Logically, and despite this cat ran into the left tires, I knew I did not run it over because my car' tires did not mount on anything. Later I realized it was a ghost.
The second was even more shocking because it involved a dead uncle of mine. I have seen this entity before. However all previous times these sightinings were brief. This time it lasted over 5 minutes. These facts and story happened this way: I was computerizing on my laptop school stuff in my bed room. Excepted for this room, the rest of the light was in darkness. I stood up to place these documents into a folder in other room where I have other computer- a Pentium 3. This bed room was built as a second story. Outside of it there is an electric light pole, which illuminates dimly this room. Across the door to this room, there is a window. This window is different from the ones in the states. It is made of aluminum. It has blades that opened or closed fastened in the middle by a bar. As I entered this room I saw this entity head and shoulder showing off outside this window. Upon seeing it, my mind went blank with  fears. After staring at each other, I stared this entity off. This entity turned around partially and left. As I filed these documents and I did not bother to check what is was or close  this window. I went to bed and couldn't help thinking about it. I reasoned that he has become a 20 feet giant for the height between this window and the outlevel ground is approximant 20 feet. Also, I also knew that ghosts can use electricity to appear or to become what they want-this big ( The Shadowlands, ghosted weather station, Page. 1 ) What I  keep asking my self is why this relative of mine is in my house spooking and bothering me? I am remembering that I saw him in life in a few times. He belonged to the Latin King Gang in Chicago and was murdered by them. Does any body know  what does he want? Oh yeaht, I haven' been able to find out my house history for lack of time. Anyway where do I go for it?
The third experience is about a woman. This have appeared many time to me in my mother's house, which is located in other town-Gurabo. This lady hangs out by where there are a phone and a table lamp. She wears a black night gown. Her facial features seem blurry. When she appears and disappears I feel caressness on my head. I thought it was a bug. I realized it was not. It was her. She does it when I visit my mother after work. Who is her and why I have only seen it?

Here is my Story

By: RSweetiegrl352@cs.com

I have always been sensitive to spirits and I have believed in paranormal
activity. I think my grandmothers house and my mothers house both have
spirital preasenses in them. Here are just a few of my expirences.
    It was just a normal Saturday my sister and a friend decided they wanted
to go to the friends house and grab some make-up and hang out. Before leaving
we told our mom we would be back soon she informed us She was taking david
our friends brother and our little sister to town with her and would be gone
a while after spending some time at our friends house we came back up to find
the house completely empty and as we started to enter a noise rose from the
back bedroom it sounded somewhat like a child stomping his/her feet. As we
proceeded to open the door little whispers began as the stomping stopped as
my sister entered the continued until the time it was for me to enter the
moment I set foot in the door the came to a stop of course us being from the
neighbor hood we are from we thought it was somebody breaking in of course
being the oldest and most stubborn I entered walking around to make sure the
house was vancant before allowing the girls to enter, no other noises as I
walked around checking then we all entered the living room, I proceeded to
close and lock all doors after making sure they were all closed and locked we
sat down to have a fun "what do you think about guys" coversation, you know
typical Jr. High conversation, well as we were all giggling I felt a cold
wind slowly go by me I rose from my seat sensing something was in that room
and didnt want me there as I stood I heard a whisper and the door that was
fully locked to my sisters bedroom opened fully and stood there no movement
then shut and locked you could here the lock click and could see it turn. I
told my sister and friend to stay seated and calm I went into the
bedroom,agian hearing whispers and no one was there then I turned to see and
foggy image in a corner I knew I didnt want to mess with whatever was there
so I turned and left I informed my sisters it was just the wind and we didnt
speak of it agian.
     My grandmothers house has always seemed warm except in the bedroom when
you walk through it you get the sense something is watching you. There is an
exceptionally cold area on the oppisite side of the bed toward the window,If
you walk through that area or roll on the side of the bed it will feel as if
someone is touching you on the back or shoulder.
        And also in the hall if you lie in the bed you will see a figure of
a young girl standing in the hall looking at you then she turns and fades
then the light on the smoke detecter turns on every night at exactly midnight
at one minute after midnight it turns off if you walk through the hall at
night and look into the guest bathroom you will see a foggy image this has
been since I was young enough to realize this.

Haunted House in Texas

By: Dragracer007@aol.com

Well there have actually been a couple of things that happened here.  First
of all my grand-parents bought the house in the late 1940's right after my
grandfather got back from WWII.  My grandparents, father, aunt, and uncle all
grew up here.  My uncle was in the korean war and when he came back my father
said he was never the same.  He locked himself in his room and only came out
to eat supposedly.  Well my father came home from a football game in the mid
60's and found my uncle dead in the old barn that used to stand right behind
the house.  It was ruled a suicide but there was no note.  My grandmother
also died here from alhiemers in the late 80's.  Right after that happened is
when the first thing occurred.  My mom came over to the house to help my
grandfather find his contact he had lost.  Well as my mom pulled up in the
front yard she said something made her look up to the 2nd story window
overlooking the front yard.  She said she saw my grandmother overlooking the
yard.  When she got inside there was nothing there.  One of my sisters woke
up late one night in the same room that my grandmother had been seen and said
there was a fog floating above her.  When I was younger I was playing like my
hand was a gun and shot at a reef on the wall and it fell off.  My sister
in-law woke up one morning and saw an old man by a tree in the front yard
with a flanel jacket on and hat that has the ear flaps.  That fit the
description of my deceased grandfather.  My mom was cleaning the house with
my sister alone one day and the TV started turning off and on by itself.  My
sister yelled quit and it did.  The tv was unplugged.  And last but not least
was when my brother and I heard someone jumping on the trampoline in the
front yard...we got to the trampoline and no one was there.  I know its alot
but it all happened.  Nothing has happened to us since we moved out of the

Ghost Story: Grandpa Joe

By: NickJansen3384@aol.com

My story starts off in Haw Branch, NC. It was right after my great uncle
Joe's death. We always called him Grandpa Joe, he was 97 when a heart attack
felled him just a day before his birthday. My cousins Trey and Amanda, were
going to go with me to Grandpa Joe's house to help his wife May, Granny May
to us, she went to stay with her family up in siler city while we cleared the
house out. Grandpa Joe, always chewed tobacco and had a spittoon which he
would hardly ever get any spit in, normally it would hit the floor, making a
stain that would take hours to remove. Well we take the things to put in
storage and I take the spittoon as a momento of my best friend in the family.
After I got the thing at my house my girlfriend asks me if I've started
chewing tobacco, of course I don't so I say "no, why ?" she points to the
floor where I put the spittoon, and there are  stains from tobacco juice on
the floor around it..I get a bit worried there and I clean them up but they
show up every time I clean them up. Finally I just put the thing in storage
and now there's a picture of him up on the wall.
I know my story isn't scarey but I don't Grandpa Joe would ever scare us, he
loves this family too much, he just wants us to know he's there and to think
of him. The stains remain though from where it used to be.

Grandmothers Experience

By: kathicomstock1@charter.net

This is not an experience that I had, but one that my grandmother told me about several years ago.  She was born in 1903 I believe and like most families did at that time, grew up on a farm.  There were 17 children total so the house was quite full most of the time.  As the children got a bit older they were allowed to stay up later and for entertainment they would play cards at night.  During one of these games there was a knock on the door.  The mother got up and answered it.  There stood a man who was in need of shelter.  He was told that there was no room in the house but that he was more than welcome to sleep in the barn.  He was invited in to join in or watch the game of cards they were playing.  Everything was going well until one of my grandmothers brothers dropped something on the floor.  As he leaned under the table to pick it up he noticed that the stranger had no feet.  Instead he had hooves.  He obviously became frightened and made a hasty retreat to his bed-most likely to pray.  Early the next morning someone, I don't remember if it was that brother, went to the barn to check on the stranger and found that the barn door had not been opened nor was there any sign of the stranger even being in the barn.  I don't know if this was true or not but my grandmother swore it was.

Shaking door

By: guinn001@tc.umn.edu

    My experience happened in Dallas, Texas about 15 years ago.  I was
living in an apartment, on the second floor, with my father and
brother.  My brother and I had just moved down there to live with him
and he had not moved from his one bedroom apartment yet.  My brother and
I had got the pull out couches.  Everyone was sleeping and I was awoken
to hear our cat "Lady" yowling' at the door.  He (yes! Lady is a He)
always did that when he wanted to go out.  It was about 2 Am and I
wanted him to be quiet so I went to let him out.  I got to the door and
hear a funny noise coming from outside the door.  We lived on the second
floor with only one apartment across from us.  The door started to
wiggle, like someone was trying open it.  I cold cold chills and got
real scared.  Lady was looking up at the door and still yowling'.  With
in seconds the door started to shake so hard that I thought it was going
to come apart.  I leaned forward to look out the peephole and saw
NOTHING!  You could see directly across the landing to the other
apartment and partially down the stairs.  The door was still shaking but
I saw nothing!  This all took place in a matter of seconds....  I ran to
the living room to wake up my brother and get his help.  Just as I
reached him the shaking stopped.  I told him what had happened and he
told me to leave him alone and that I was dreaming.  I didn't really
sleep the rest of the night.  I sat up looking around the apartment
(fearing something would get me!)  The next morning when my father was
leaving for work he asked what happened to the door.  Both hinges on the
outside of the door were bent like a parenthesis and there were gouge
marks by the dead bolt.  I thought it looked like many deep claw marks.
The had maintenance come to repair our door and the whole time I told
them what had happened.....  Nobody believed me!  The noted it as a
burglar and put out flyers to the other residence that there was an
attempted break in.
I looked through that peephole, while the door shook, and saw nobody!
Lady knew someone or thing was out there.

Seen Things Most Don't

By: jperessini85@hotmail.com

throughout my life (hasnt been that long yet) ive felt things that other people dont realize. i dont think its really an ability but a lot of people say i have some sort of 'gift'. the first experience i had is foggy, i dont remember a lot about my childhood cause it was pretty bad, really bad, but i remember laying in bed and i had a basket of clothes at the end of my bed, i was really short and my feet were no where near it, but the basket somehow fell over off the bed against the wall, when i looked over to see what had done it i saw a pair of red eyes. this really freaked me out so i think i slept against the wall the rest of the night. the next morning when i went to check it out, i saw that my toys and lego that i had set up was scattered around the place, some even under my bed, and i saw that the clothes hadnt touched it and neither had the basket cause they were against the wall. i asked my sister if she ever felt anything there and we both agree that the basement was creepy, i used to play done there but then i freaked out and wouldnt go down there alone. next experience i had was when we moved to an older house, about 30 years old. my sister and i automatically felt 2 presenses and we felt watched all the time, we would often sleep together, and my sister was 17 and i was 10 and she was more freaked about it than i was. but she would never leave me alone, even if she had a shower she would bring me into the bathroom with her, and if she had to do her 'stuff' in the bathroom she and i would talk through the door. after she moved out it got a little worse. the TV would turn on by itself, i would hear my name called by my mom, and when i would check she actually didnt call me. one night i was laying in bed and i looked at the door and i saw an almost clear picture of a young woman, i looked at her for about 5 seconds then hid under the sheets. i fell asleep like that. the next night i saw the second one, it was older, and i didnt see the face, but it was darker, and i didnt even bother for details, i hid pretty fast. the very next day i rearranged my room and they seemed happy and i kept my room in that arrangement for at least 4 years. also i began collecting things like stones, fossils, feathers, and even elephants. i now have a charm necklace that the first night i wore it i had the most wonderful dream ever. often when i would sit on the floor in the basement watching a movie i would feel something wrap its arms around me and it was just a safe feeling. the major experience i had was with my sister and her friend. her friend was house sitting and she asked if my sister and i would like to go along cause she said the house was creepy, we agreed. the moment we drove up to it i knew, i just knew something wasnt right. when we got out the dog was barking madly out in the backyard. we went to check on him and found he had no food or water but also that he was barking at the second floor. My sisters friend Candia, said that she was going to get some food for the dog and we were welcome to come inside with her and explore a little. When we got inside Candia went to the basement door and tried to open it and found it locked, which was rare because thats where the dog food was and also the owners never locked, and third because last time she was there it was unlocked. my sister decided that she wanted to snoop. so we started to walk up the stairs to the second level, by this time candia had given up on the lock. first was teri, than candia then me. I started to get an unwelcome feeling about halfway up, and i wanted to stop, but i was too scared to stand there bymyself, later, candia said she felt it about all the way up the stairs, and teri said she didnt feel it until she was in the master bedroom. then teri stupidly said 'it feels like we're being watched', and thats when whatever it was chased us down the stairs and out of the house. we even began to drive away with the front door still open and teri told me to go and close the door, so i ran there and back. later i found out that the house was one of the oldest one in the town and that the house beside it had the basement painted red and that devil worshippers lived there, not the regular kind that worship 'the horned god', but people who actually thought they were evil etc etc...
i often feel energy in museums, places that took intense power to create, like a valley, or a great example is the drumheller valley or mountains...
when i stayed at the famous 'Banff Springs Hotel', my parents were at a christmas party and i was left to wander the hotel, i know that place inside out and backwards thanks to four long and boring nights, it often felt like you were being watched, in the lobby, in a particular area where theres a spiral staicase that leads nowhere, on the 5th and 6th floors, and around another spiral staircase. the swimming pool is heated, and usually is pretty nice and warm, but theres a 'swimming' cold spot, dont ask me about it cause i never read anywhere about banff springs hauntings about the swimming pool. and finally in my sisters basement i think i accidently brought a spirit there when i was writing on the walls. i was writing some symbols and i felt the need to flee. ive only gone down twice since then and i took my niece with me. she also complains about 'the blue ghost' who gets mad if she doesnt keep her room clean. i asked her about it and she just froze with fear and saying she doesnt like 'the blue ghost'. i dont know if this has anything to do with ghosts or spirits, but i can ask the wind to blow, and it will, and in the summer time i can make it rain. sorry if this a bit long


By: Machinedramon300@aol.com

One night I was up late watcing T.V. (and picking out my equipment for
tommorows ghost hunt I was going on) when I heard a noise.I looked up stairs
and there was a man with no head sitting on my steps,he was wearing  a civil
war uniform,it was very freaky,but i managed to get a picture of him.

Haunted School

By: lovelybeck7@hotmail.com

My school, Kents Hill in Maine, is over a hundred and seventy years old and
is haunted by many ghosts. The most famous ghost on campus is Louise Green,
a ghost that haunts the fourth floor of Bearce, our main building. As the
story goes Louise was a loner at the school and her favorite place to hid
out was the bell tower. Louise was accused (rightly or wrongly) of stealing
from a fellow classmate and she was dismissed from school. Louise ran away
that night to the lake and killed herself. She still haunts the bell tower
today, but she is not harmful. My story is about the night I first saw
We had a classic piano player come to our school to perform in the Chapel,
which is on the second floor of Bearce. Bearce was hot that night and it was
not long before the heat and soft music made me sleepy. I was half-awake,
aware of my surroundings but not focusing on them. My eyes landed on the
doorway of the chapel and I gasped softly. There standing in a long grey
dress was a figure of a hooded women. She looked sad and old, I knew it was
Louise. I stirred my friend next to me and very quietly asked if she saw the
women in the doorway and she nodded. I blinked and looked back at the
doorway to see Louise was gone. All though I have never seen a picture of
Louise I knew the ghost was her and she would not harm us.

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