The Two Little Children

I'm only 12 years old, but I'm very open minded and try everything once before I say I don't like it...But was like November of 2000, and i was home alone with my baby sister (2 years) and my parents were out getting dinner. It was about 6:30 p.m. i was listening to a C.D. and my sister was standing on the living room table. The angle it was at i could see into my sisters room.The door to her room was open. So I was playing with my sister, and I look at her door and I saw a little girl go into her room. She had long black to dark brown hair, she was wearing a  green  nightgown or something. So I went to go check and  if there was really anyone in there, and to my disbelief there was NO ONE there. I was really scared at first because I was home alone, and didn't know what to do. So I walk out and shut the door. When my mom came home and I said, "Mom I saw something, I think it was a ghost". Of course she didn't believe me. So I ask my friend for help, she believed me. Then after a couple of days I was talking to my mom in the kitchen, and I turned around I saw a little boy about 4 or 5 years old. He was just staring. Then I turned around again and said to my mom, "Look!Look!Don't you see it"? She said, "Very funny sweetie you and your crazy imagination." So I decided to not tell her anything about what I was seeing. So I decided to see if my dad would believe me, but of course he didn't.So I did'nt tell them anything about. Then after I ate I was in my room it was about 10:30 p.m., and I was wacthing T.V. getting ready to go to bed. Then all of the sudden I heard someone callingmy name. Every one in the house was asleep, so I knew it wasn't anyone in the house. So I went to check, NO ONE waas there. The voice sounded like it was in trouble or anxious. So far that's all that has happened to me. I also forgot to put in that when I saw the girl it got very cold and things move all the time.

Heres a Story


This story happened to me about a few years ago. I use to live in Queens. Our family use to be kind of poor, we couldnt afford much of a house. However, we rented the upstairs of an old womens house. There were two bedrooms, a tiny kitchen and a rather small bathroom with a small tub. The lady that lived beneath us (who rented the upstairs to us ) looked kind, and sweet. However she also seemed kind of, not "sane". She smiled to much, and she constantly glared at me when I was in the garden. I was only about 7 or 8 at that time when this incident happened. We lived there for about four years. It only happened once,  but once was enough.
I was a serious believer in ghosts, I had been told at a young age by my freinds about Bloody Mary, and those ghost that live in mirrors. I was so scared, I begged my parents to have the mirrors in my room removed, and being the nice parents they were, they took them away. I remembered it was during a really hot summer's night I woke up and needed to use the bathroom urgently. I got up and ran to the bathroom, I rarely ever closed the door, because in case any "ghost" ever came I wanted to run out. But that night was diffrent. I went and used the bathroom, and all of a sudden, I began to sweat. My body felt sticky all over. I decided to wash my face and arms off a little bit with cold water. I looked into the mirror, and quickly looked away (because being the supersticious girl I am and was, I never looked in the mirror at night) But something made me look back at the mirror, not exactly a force, but a curiousity, a very very strong curiousity. I looked and there in the far corner was a girl, and right befor my eyes, I saw the girl with an extremly pale face look at me. As if she saw me, but saw through me, as if I wasnt there. At that time I was to scared to move, afraid if I turned around I would see her face to face. But I couldn't take my eyes away from the mirror, or her. I saw her slowly get onto the side of the tub, and she fell, she fell into the tub. I had a sudden urge to puke, but nothing was more important then getting out of that bathroom. I worked up all the guts I had and ran to my parents room screaming at the top of my lungs. Ofcourse my parents did not believe me at all. I got a short lecture and was sent back to bed. I layed there and the clock was ticking, slowly, and I felt like I would never fall asleep. A few mins later, I heard my door creak open, I knew it was my mom comeing in to comfort me, so I looked up with arms open for her to give me a hug. But it wasnt her, the same girl in the bathroom came into my room, At this time I realized how young she was, I watched her closely as she walked across the room toward my bed. I couldnt move, but for a moment, I didn't want to movve, I wanted to stay and talk to her. She made her way to my bed and she came under the covers next to me . I guess mabey I fell asleep, because it was morning when I reoppened my eyes.  That day I decided to keep my mouth shut, befor my parents ended up sending me to a mental institution. A few months later I was in the garden, and the old lady came outside and sat beside me. For the first time I realized how kind she looked. And I felt warm inside. She told me a story, about her grand daughter. How she use to live in the very same place my family and I were liveing now. She went on and on about how cute and beautiful she was. I told her I met her. And I told her what happened the previoiuse night. I wanted to know what happened, and she was hesitant to tell me, because of my young age. But she told me, she said one summer's night in the year 92 she was waiting for her mom to give her a bubble bath, she got onto the rail of the tub, and fell off. She hit her head on the tile floor. And by the time her mother came in, she had bled to death.
A few months later, my parents found a small house in Boston, that we could afford. And I never knew what became of the old lady, and the ghost of her grandaughter.

Meet The Shadowpeople


Well, this story is something that still bothers me to this day, not to
mention a few friends of mine and others who have seen them. What I mean by
them is what we call the shadow people for lack of a better name. The first
and only time I ever saw them and hopefully the last, was at a place we
called the lost city. This was an old oil refinery on core of engineer
property. It exploded twenty some odd years ago and they just let the woods
grow up around it. OK let me describe this place, it is a large concert
structure along with some iron and the lower part is filled with water part
of the year. We would go out there and hang out when I was in high school.
One thing you have to understand is that IM from a small county full of small
towns and there is not to much for kids to do.
Well, me and two friends of mine Greg and Justin where out there on a weekend
in 1998 on a somewhat moon lit night in may sitting around in my car. We
where just sitting there BSing hopeing someone would show up. As we sat there
talking about where to go look for a party next Justin told us to hush. He
said he heard someone talking so me and Greg shut up and listened. We did not
hear anything and after a few minutes went back to BSing. Then we all heard
it and decided it had to be someone trying to scare us. So we got out of the
car and started yelling and cursing at them letting them know we knew they
where out there trying to scare us. The sound did not stop and still thought
it was someone not something. It was not exactly like talking more like
mumbling and hissing but we felt like it was a person even though it was not
quite human sounding.
We started toward the wood line with my tire tool and a couple of sticks. we
got about fifty feet away when Greg said stop. We did and he pointed at a
spot where he said he saw someone. We looked for a few minutes and finally
could see something moving in the moon light. So Justin told me to go turn on
the head lights on the car. I did and when the lights hit the woods we saw
nothing but trees but the sound stopped. At this point we where less Cretan
that it was somebody we knew and started to get a little spooked. We
discussed that it might be some crazy people or worse and yes monsters ghost
and aliens did come up too.
At this point we decided to go so we got in the car and I started to turn
around. When I did the sound started up again and we could see shadows moving
around in the wood line and the grass. they looked like people but only the
dark outline of them like seeing someone standing in the dark at a
distance.the sound was no louder than the first time but the shadows had us
terifed.I can not say for sure how many there where at the time it seemed
like a lot but also one was to many for us. We where kinda panicked by this
and I was working feverishly to turn around in the clearing and get us down
the dirt road. While I was turning my lights hit one of the figures and it
disappeared but when my lights left it was still in the same spot. we got the
hell out of there as fast as my car would let us. None of us have ever been
back and we have not really talked about it much either.
We told only a few close friends and family members about what we saw. Yet we
are not the only ones to have seen them and that's not the only location
either. I have heard story's that other people have encountered them as well.
I don't know who started calling them the shadow people but that's what they
are know as to evryone.I even started calling them that for lack of a better
name but would very much like to know what they are, I still get chills when
I think about them and what they looked like.

Ghosts and Grandmothers Gift


My grandmother was gifted with what she called 'second sight'. She said that once she even saw death. Once she was picking cotton in Oklahoma on her uncle George's farm, he had been ill for some time and was inside staying out of the heat.  While working she saw something coming down the cotton row. It was black and close to the ground like a spider and it cast no shadow. She saw it go into the house and afraid for her uncle she followed. She went to his room calling him and as she entered the room she saw the black shape go out the window. Her Uncle George lay dead on his bed.  This was only one of the may tales she told me and I thought they were only tales until I had an exoerience of my own years later. My husband and I rented an old farm house in Indiana. The home had been part of the under ground railroad and had very few improvements. The upstairs had been unvisited for years. The huge old furniture which had been hoisted up cranes and brought in from the outside had not been disturbed for decades. There was and inch of dust on the wood floor boards. On the wall there was a large drawing done in pencil of a woman in a long dress, written under it Mamma. There were steep stairs to the main floor and the door had the bottom of the stairs had an old worn leather strap which was used to lock the door from the down stairs. On the inside of the door at the foot of the stairs were deep gashes in the wood. At night I could here steps running up and down those stairs, sometimes very loudly and other times shuffling and rustling softly. Steam would eminate from the door and there was a fine mold on the walls that no amount of scrubbing would get rid of. On several occasions I had tthe sense of fleeting movement out of the corner of my eye. And always there was noise. The house was sold to a folk lore professor and I moved out. I have experienced other things, but none so eerie as the ghost in that old house.

Cornish Ghosts


I don't know what you'll make of this. I'm very careful who I tell, but here
About eight years ago I was employed by a letting company in cornwall uk
where i live. I cleaned holiday cottages in the fishing village of Port
Issac.One of the buildings was a very old cottage with immediate frontage to
the sea and was originally one house, but had been split into two. I was
cleaning one day  and I went out onto the patio to clean out the toaster
which was full of crumbs.It was broad daylight and a nice sunny day.All of a
sudden I started to feel strange.I felt as if someone was pouring a bucket
of cool water over my head but in very slow motion.I could hear this noise
like an untuned radio like lots of voices all merged together.As I stood
there this scene appeared.There were people in victorian type dress stood on
the patio, all seemed to be dressed very somberely and they were talking in
small groups but i couldn't tell what they were saying as all the sound was
merged.Some of them were holding wine glasses in their hands.There was a
woman in a black dress and bonnet shouting at a small boy who was sat
playing on the patio.She was crying and looked very distressed.I was looking
at this scene but I knew that I wasn't a part ot it and that they didn't see
me.It was just like looking at a film or a tv screen.I checked myself as I
couldn't believe what was happening.I tried to pull away from the scene and
managed to get indoors .when I got in I felt so sick and dizzy and had to
lean over the sink and splashed myself with cold water.I really thought I
was going mad. I carried on with the cleaning but I felt really weak and
wobbly.About five minutes later the voices came back.I was cleaning the
staircase down,  and I started feeling cold again.I just locked the door and
I drove home but I don't know how as I was shaking like a leaf.I asked my
husband what He thought the definition of a "mad" person was as I really
thought I was going mad.I don't know wether or not he beleived me but I
stand by my story.A couple of weeks later i spoke to the lady who ran the
business.I asked her if anyone had ever seen anything there and she just
joked and said that it was rumored to be "haunted" by the local peoples
beliefs.She told me that there was an uncristend baby buried in the garden
and that there was a memorial stone on the back of the house.I went to have
a look and there it was.Apparantly a sea captain had his baby buried there
around 1798.I don't know if it was the wake of the burial I witnessed, but
all I know is that I saw something.

The Ghost Upstairs and Our Haunted Basement


We moved into our current house about 6 years ago and until about 1 year ago,
we never really had any paranormal experiences.  I am the only one who has
actually seen our ghost.  About a year ago, I awoke to go to the bathroom,
and I wanted to check on my little brother, whose room was down the hall from
the bathroom.  When I went into his room, I saw a tall figure, bathed in a
blue-ish white light, standing next to his bed, looking down at him.  I
assumed it was my mom, since she checks on him during the night as well.  But
when I left my brother's room, I saw my mom laying in her bed.  She asked me
if I had just been in my brother's room, and I said yeah, and asked her if
she had been in there too.  She said no, but she saw something walk in there
before me.  I just went back to bed, thinking nothing of it.  Then about 3
months later, my step dad moved to Nebraska and he took my bed and left me an
air matress. I was sleeping on it, facing my door one night when I awoke to
find my light on.  I thought this to be strange and I turned it off...then I
saw a bright white figure dash into the bathroom.  I got scared and closed my
door.  I awoke later to find my light on again and electronics in my
brother's room going off.  I was the only one who heard them going off the
whole night long.  My mom hears walking in the upstairs, mostly in my room,
when either everyone is gone or when everyone is sleeping.  We contacted a
friend of my mom's whose ex-husband is a pyschic.  He said that our ghost is
a man who has a dog.  He had a daughter who died in the area that is now my
room.  I have grown to love this ghost as I think he protects me and fears
for my safety.  Whenever I am gone for the night, my mom hears pacing back
and forth in my room.  She walks upstairs, goes to my door and says "Meghan
is not going to be here tonight, she will be back tomorrow" or whenever I'll
be back and the pacing immediately stops.  I think the ghost is worried about
me dying, such as his daughter did.
I have also seen ghosts in our basement.  That has only happened several
times, but both times it scared me.  The first time, I was home alone and was
watching tv in the basement.  I was sitting on the floor with my left arm
resting on the right arm of the couch down there.  All of a sudden, I felt
this strong urge to turn around because someone was looking at me.  Well, I
did turn my head and about 6 inches to my right, there was a pair of legs,
clothed in jeans and wearing cowboy boots.  Floating next to the legs was a
head and shoulders, with the head wearing a cowboy hat.  I quickly turned
around and resumed watching tv.  I felt the urge to turn around again and saw
the same apparition.  I told my mom later and she said that her friend (whose
ex-husband is the pyschic) said that when ghosts havn't been to the living
world for a while, they have forgotten how they looked when they were alive
and it isn't uncommon to find their bodies separated like the ghost I saw
was.  Then a couple of months later I was on the computer in our basement and
I just happened to look towards our stairs and right behind the water heater,
I saw a child's face, peeking around as if playing Peek-A-Boo with me.  It
disappeared right after I looked away.  I have seen that child several times,
once upstairs in our living room I saw it run into the kitchen.  The child
was very little, probably about 2 or 3 years old.  It could very well be the
little girl who died in our house and the daughter of the man who haunts my
room.  My mom also saw the child run in front of our tv when she was in our
basement, on the computer.  I can't say for sure that the ghost is the little
girl because I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl.  But about 2 months
ago, my mom stopped hearing the walking upstairs and my room is no longer as
cold as it used to be when the man was here.  I think he left after I turned
18, maybe thinking I can protect myself now.  Sorry this is so long, but
there was a lot to tell!

What Was It?

I don;t know if you would classify this as a huanting or a ghost.  I don't even know what to call it.
when I was younger, much younger, between the ages of 4 and 10, I occasionally saw presences.  I was lived in the house with my family and my grandparents until I was 4.  Shortly there we moved out and rented a house.  My brother was born there, and shortly after he was born I began to see these presences.
The first one only occured at the rented house we lived in.  Almost I would often see a horrible figure on my wall.  It was tall and took up the whole wall and quite big.  He had a long pointy nose, and horns from his head and on his face.  He was dressed like a man though, he was wearing a suit.  I called him the monster on my wall.  I don't know if it was a recurring nightmare, but it stopped when we moved out.
The second presences was one of my parents and frightend me.  I would see the figures of my mother and father kneeling at my door way.  They were never together.  One night it would be my mother, the next it would be my father.  My brother has never reported seeing anything like this.  It happened at the house we rented and when we moved out of that house we moved back into the house that we lived in with my grandparents only they had moved out.  It continued there, and it still ocassionally happens, but only when I'm at home, close by to my parents.  I talked to my mother about and she thought I was weird and seeing things, but it happened every night for 6 years and occasionally happens now, I am now 20.
I have no idea what this could be, and I am looking for some idea of what it might be.

I Saw Her


I have had many times I have been afected by the dead i have the gift of forsite I have visions of others deaths and had once been shown the death of a man in TX in the 20s a black man he was killed on the carpenter bluff bridg he was killed hung by the KKK he was hung on that bridge because he and a white woman was in love the woman was left to feel the lonlyness for the rest of her life she saw him die hung there .. I was taken to this bridge as a test by my now husbend to see if i was able to see the past and deaths.. And another was in south CA near 29 palms My brother and I went out in the midle of no were and found a trashed house I felt ill befor walking in got in and felt and saw there death once more a couple but this time he killed him self and out of the pain of this happening she took her own life .. I SAW HER she glided so softly across the air in the back yard she was lovly WHITE and very stable in image she didnt stay long ... I found in black and white lat! ter that this very same house was once a trin stop thay stoped there to rest and such ...  I tryed to go back to find that house but for the life of me i could not find it again its like i was only ment to be there to see her once... I hope I haven't taken up to much of your time but I wanted to tell my storys I SO SO WISH I HAD PICS BUT I had no cam on me at eather time didnt plain on anything ya know ... Thank you very much ..

I Followed Her


My first Encounter with the supernatural was when i was 13 at least the first one i can remember. It was a house relatively new in michigan. I know how it became haunted It had to of been the ouja board cause i dont remember anything happening before that cursed game came into our house. Well it was about 2:30a.m. and i sat bolt upright in bed and watched this woman walk past my bedroom.( I need to tell you the layout of the house and who was there) It was a ranch home my room was at the end of the hallway There was a mirror on the wall a full leangth mirror on the wall, across from my room was my parents room. Now turn left out of my room cause you cant turn right theres a wall there and to the right was the bathroom and to the left was my brothers room. Than you walk into the living room and turn left to go into the kitchen than walk down 3 steps you can go outside or walk down 12 steps to the basement which had a full bar and a family room. ( Back to the storie) The only people in the house was my mom and dad in there room my brother in his room and my sister and her husband and my nephew in the basement on the hide-away-bed. I thought this woman at first was my sister so i called her name in a loud whisper,(PAM) she kept walking so i followed her i came out of my room and she was in the living room i called her again(PAM) she rounded the corner into the kitchen by the time i got to the kitchen she was rounding the basement steps Im now getting a little louder and upset thinking my own sister is ignoring me. Long storie short i followed her all the way down stairs i never seen her climb into bed but i thought she made it there cause she was always one step ahead of me the whole time anyway. I walked up to my sister and shook her saying her name. She woke up and said (what whats the matter) I said didnt you here me calling you? she said when i said just now when you where up stairs she said i havnt been upstairs. I was pissed at this point so i pulled down her covers. The woman i was following was wearing a long white summer nite gown. And my sister was wearing a t-shirt and panties. I started to cry and told her what happened and i made her walk me back up stairs to my room where she slept with me the rest of the nite. My sister knew i wouldnt make anything like that up, cause everyone in my house on seltzer ( thats the name of my street) has had a paranormal experience there and we all took everyone serious and with respect.  Im now 37 and still having paranormal experiences. My childern have had them also ill try to keep these short. I lived in detroit with my new husband and child in this house we were watching tv when all of the sudden it sounded like someone was in the basement smashing bottle after bottle of pop or what ever in the basement my husband and i ran down stairs but there was no bottles broken nothing was awry so we checked out side and nothing out there we walked back in the living room and all the hanging pictures were on the floor and one was broken. My husband said somethings not right about this house i agreed.  In that house our toilet would have a black film in it , it was flushable but still it freaked me out cause i only saw something like that in a scarey movie called amittyville.  My husband went to the bathroom one nite and swears he seen a man sitting in the chair in the living room, it scared him so bad he ran and jumped in our bed.We both had nightmares in that house. The next house we lived in that was haunted was the house in pinckney michigan. My hair was pulled lights would come on and go off we could here a baby crying in the walls my children were touched and there names said by something that growled their names. My children and i were dancing in the living room when a picture jumped up and flipped numerous times in the air before landing on the floor, My mom was painting and saw a head of a man just his head he was watching her. Goodness i could go on but it dosnt stop there I now live in a very old farm house about 100yrs old and ive seen bare little legs from the knee caps down my nite shirt has been tugged on while ive brushed my teeth, I was having a Mary-Kay party when my instructor said id like to see a little something happen tonite, no sooner than she said that all the lip sticks fell over and rolled off the table on to the floor. I literally had to beg her to stay for the  party i had to ask the spirit to stop and it did for a while. believe it or not im still not done but ill write again some other time. BTW the head my mother saw was floating. Well chow for now You can e-mail me if you wish. have a blessed day to all.

You be the Judge


1.     Our house was haunted for about a year and a half. It started in my room which was the room my father had just added to the house. The first thing that happened is kind of embarrassing--I was in my bathroom, which was part of my room. And I heard my door open and close and someone in heels walk across the linoleum floor. I thought it was my mom checking to see what temperature I had my A/C unit on. The steps then came to a stop right in front of my bathroom door. The doorknob shook. I said,"I'm in here" It shook again. I repeated, "I'm in here!" And I heard the steps walk away. But I didnt hear the door open and close again. After I was done, I went out into the house to see what my mom wanted but she wasn't there. The ony people in the house were my grandmother (who definitely could not wear anything with heels) and my baby neice who was asleep.
2.    Another afternoon, my sister and I were outside cleaning the pool and we were the only ones around or in the house that day. I ran inside to get an old pair of shoes. I had moved out of that back room into a room right next to it. Coming out of the room, I shut the door behind me and was thinking out loud, "Where are my black shoes?" And then I saw a little person (boy or girl?) standing and looking up at me. It was standing in the entrance of the hallway to the back room that my dad had built, the one I had moved out of. All I could see were light shoulders and face, dark hair like bangs, and dark eyes. No nose or mouth could be seen. I gasped and stared at it while tyring to turn on the hall light. It would not turn on. This light always had a mind of itself. I then saw it turn around and run down my hallway to the old back room. I saw its shoulders moving quickly from side to side, so I figured it was running. I ran outside and told my sister--we stayed outside until my parents came home.
3. One time my mother came home during her break and she heard my dad call out her name. And she answered, "Oh you're home already?" But there was no answer. She walked to their bedroom and the garage but couldn't find him. She then noticed his car was not there, so she just left her lunch at the counter and went back to work.
4.  Another time---a friend of my brother's--was at the kitchen counter and saw a tall shadowy figure of a man walk down the hall, but he couldn't see his head. We have wooden bars in the part of the hall where he saw it walk through. He and my brother stayed up in the den with a broom until my oldest brother came home.
5.   One bad experience I had while living in the back room my father built, was when I was in bed lying on my side. Then I couldnt move. I felt fingers press against my shoulder to make me lie on my back. I felt the covers go down as if someone were pulling them, but I couldnt feel an actual tug or anything. Everytime those fingers pressed against my shoulder, it felt numbing. That's the only word I can think to describe it. I couldn't speak. I tried to scream. The fingers kept pressing and pressing against my shoulder but I could not turn on my back. Then when it was finally over, when everything stopped, I was so exhausted I immediately fell asleep.
6.  Another bad night, I was lying on my stomach trying to go to sleep. I had a pack of paper on my dresser. I heard paper being pulled out and crumpled and fallen to the floor. Just one after another. By this time, I just waited. I just waited for it to be over. And then I heard my older sister's voice and my younger sister's voice talking about me. As if they were standing right behind me, crumpling the paper, but they weren't. The voices said, "Just look at her. She's just lying there." They sounded really spiteful. When it finally stopped, I still was scared so I didnt even move throughout the whole thing, just wanted it to be over. When I woke up the next morning, the paper was fine.

Ghost In El Salvador


Some years ago I had been traveling with my family to El Salvador to visit my
Special relatives .My family especially my moms side has encountered ghosts and we've
feared them.So back to the story......that night my brother had been us(my
sister & I) some SCARY stories.I think it was maybe at 1:30 when I woke up hearing
noise,and I figured it was an insect or something but as my hearing adjusted I heard
scratching ,loud eerie scratching & Idid the first thing that came into my head
...SLEEP.The next  morning I asked everyone if they heard the same thing but they were all
unaware of my terrifying  night.



I work in a large prison in the South as a Correctional Officer. The Prison
where I work is where all the executions in the state have taken place. Some
of the worst Mass Murders have been executed here. Well, anyway, I work the
graveyard shift and once in a while you get selected to check the tunnels
under the building which is really big. Well, these tunnels go on and on and
I hate checking them. When I go down there it is about two in the morning and
it always feels like someone is watching you but when you turn around no one
is there? The other night I was doing my check and I kept getting these
sensations. It got so bad that I was getting the goose bumps and the hair on
my arms and neck where standing up. I looked at my arm hairs and they were
strait up. I kept walking faster and faster and it got worse when I got to
the area under the death house. I kept saying prayers to God, In the name of
Jesus Christ let all the souls rest in peace. It just got worse and worse. I
hauled ass out of there as fast as I could!! I think this place is really
haunted!! I hope I don't have to go back down there any time soon!! Well, I
thought I would share this with everyone.

College Ghost


My story goes like this.  My senior year in college, I shared a little one
story house with 3 other guys.  This house was a dump, but it was close to
campus and the bars.  I shared a room with one other guy.  So we were always
waking each other up at night.  This night was different.  I had waken up
about three in the morning to my bed violently shaking up and down, almost
like someone was jumping on it.  I called over to my roommate so he could
see it but he was already up because his bed was doing the same thing.  Both
our girlfriends who were staying with us got really freaked out and started
crying.  After about 3 minutes of this shaking, a sound like a train whistle
blew and then it all was over.  The really weird part of this story is that
our house sits right next to a walking path that was a railroad track back
the the 30's and 40's

Three Goodbyes


At 3:15 on march 18th 1980 my uncles girlfriend saw his car drive past.She thought this was wierd because he had left at 2:30 but they waved at each other anyway.At 3:15 on march 18th 1980 my uncles babysitter saw my uncle go into the babys room and check on her.At 3:15 march 18th 1980 my grandfather heard my uncle pull into the driveway he knew it was him because he knew the sounds that my uncle made pulling in.Three people thought that they had seen or heard my uncle at 3:15 march 18th 1980 but none of them had because he had died at three o clock when his car had been swept away by a landslide


      its so good to know that there are people that believe as strongly as
i do. ive talked to several people and they cant seem to figure out what i
lived with for the first eight or so years of my life. im staci, a freshmen
(15 yrs) at Thompson Valley High School in Loveland Colorado: and when i was
younger i had MANY frightening experinences with what seemed to be the same
ghost. my ghost wasnt like a person but more of a shape. a large (basketball
sized) light would appear in my room almost twice a week every week. it would
start to spin and get to a piont where its spinning created an ear pircing
sound that at times made my ears bleed. however i was the only one who could
see or hear it. and it was only in my room. the wierdest part was that i
always had the same dream right before my experiance happened.  i would be
dreaming that i was dreaming and then in my dream i would wake up and i would
be in my bed in a bleach white room that just went on forever. and all around
my bed there were people dressed in grey and white stripes standing and just
staring at me. the most memorable part of these dreams was there eyes. they
were so deep and concentrated on me. natuarlly i would freak and start
running and they would chace after me not like Zombies with thier arms out in
front of them but like hauling ass after me. i would run and run and they
would gain and gain and then they would catch me and i would jump practically
out of my dream. and when i awoke my ghost would be in my room always right
in front of my bed five or so feet from me.

Proof to Non-Believers


     I became a firm believer of paranormal activity approximately 2 months
ago while sitting with my girlfriend on her bed. We were just watching TV
and she said something along the lines of: "he's here". Puzzled, I asked
her: "who's here?" and she replied that the ghost haunting her house was in
her room as we were speaking. Skeptic, I raised my voice and challenged this
ghost: "if you're here, give me a sign". Almost instantly after I had
spoken, the TV went on and off several times. Thinking that my girlfriend
may have been playing a prank on me, I seeked out the remote control which
was laying on the bed a few feet away from both of us, closer to me, and
that there was no way she was the one messing around. That left no other
suspects since we were both alone in the house at the time. From that moment
on, I truly believed in ghosts, although I always had the impression they
     My newfound beliefs were confirmed once again just over a month later
when I went over to my girlfriend's house to spend some quality time with
her. This time, the hauntings were more terrifying... It started when I
closed the light and sat down on the bed beside my girlfriend. We hadn't had
any time alone together in a few days and were about to get intimate.
Seemingly on cue, her stereo went on and a CD started playing. Right away,
we turned on the light and looked for the remote to her stereo which I found
a few minutes later trapped between her wall and her bed. One of us must
have knocked it into the little crease. After finding the remote, I
simulated turning on the stereo with it from where we found it and realized
it wasn't possible. Then numerous little occurances took place: the side of
her window, which wasn't covered by a drape starting fogging up. Not being
much of a ghost expert, this did not affect me much. What did frighten me a
little was that her drape was moving as if the wind was blowing on it a bit,
but I put my hand over the vent underneath the drape and there was no air
circulation at all and the window was sealed shut. In between "sightings"
the house pets would go crazy or make odd noises. I had seen her cat running
around in the basement as if it were chasing something some months
beforehand. This was all relevant after I heard that animals have a higher
sense which allows them to feel supernatural presences. Many other
unexplainable events occured that night... My girlfriend and I walked into
her living room to find her sister standing outside with the door open. She
explained to us that she was afraid to close the door fearing the ghost
would lock us inside, something that has happened to them before. After
convincing her to close the door, we heard a roaring of a crowd which was
the stereo coming on again; playing the same track it did just minutes
before. My girlfriend turned off her stereo again and we headed back down
the hall. Suddenly, my girlfriend's sister noticed that the smoke detector
had been opened and someone, or something had removed the battery. This is
where I started realizing that things were just gonna get worse. All I could
think of was that a fire would break out any second, as if the ghost was
trying to kill us. My girlfriend replaced the battery in the smoke detector
and was terrified as her sister walked by, claiming that she had just seen
the reflection of a huge male shadow with it's hands raised in the air as if
he were ready to strangle her sibling. I did not see this, but believed it,
feeling a presence off and on in the form of an overwelming chill. Pacing
around alot, the chills would always be at different places in the house,
giving me the impression that I was being stalked and/or watched from across
rooms... We seemed to finally succeed in repelling this spirit (temporarily)
after my girlfriend read a passage from some sort of witchery book and
burned some type of inscent. At this time, the father of the house returned
home and I mentioned to him that the house may be haunted, but he is a
non-believer. It is very frustrating to convince him that the house is
haunted, especially considering that he is never, or hardly present when
strange things like that happen. Later that night, not too long before I had
to leave my girlfriend's haunted domain, I felt as if some outside force was
trying to crush my head, neck and shoulders... it isn't hard to believe that
the ghost was responsible for this since my girlfriend has told me that she
has felt cold caresses on her body while sleeping or showering.
     As for the history of the house itself... the son of the couple who
lived there previously had committed suicide in the basement bathroom. That
same basement is always cold, but not just cold; chilling cold. So cold that
it's usually warmer outside at night than inside the house (except for
winter nights). Also, my girlfriend's mom has died in that same house;
leading her to believe that there is more than one ghost in her house
(possibly more than 2): a prankster, an evil presence (or poltergeist) and
the loving spirit of her mom. These events fascinate me, but also scare me a
little. Most of all, I am worried for my girlfriend's safety and do hope
that there is a good spirit in her home protecting her from the evil ones...

The Civil War Ghost

By Laura Borsello

I am completely that I saw a ghost at least once in my lifetime. I was nine
years old (Now I am fifteen) and I was sleeping. It was early in the morning
and I woke up because I heard somebody fumbling through my drawers. I assumed
it was my mother and opened my eyes. As soon as I opened my eyes I saw a dark
figure beside my bed about two feet away from me. First I saw it's boots,
then it's uniform, then a beard and a long rifle he was holding. It's eyes
were grave and sad and it was looking down at me. This lasted only for a few
seconds but I am positive I wasn't imagining it. Then he disappeared so
quickly I can't explain it. He looked very much like a ghost from the Civil
War in a uniform. He looked like he was for the North. I don't know why he
would be in my room or even in my house. Afterall, my house is only about
thirty years old and nobody ever died in it and I don't live in a creepy
town. Maybe, I will check up on it and see the history of where I live during
the Civil War Era. He seemed to have been looking for something through my
stuff but I don't have the slightest clue as to what it was. I get nervous
just thinking about it today. Thank god he left me in peace and never came

Landlord Story


Just wanted to say what an entertaining web site you have. I really
enjoy it.
I believe some time ago I might have sent you my story regarding my
landlord, who passed away on the front lawn of my apartment some time
ago. (mid 1980's) and the "feeling" I had in my apartment that he was
there. It was so strong that I found myself stepping out of the way of
"him" and audibly saying "excuse me", only to realize a few seconds
later that there was certainly nobody in the room but me.
I had another experience which I just now recalled. Again, some time ago
I rented a house in the northwest Chicago suburb of Bloomingdale, Il.
The place was dumpy. Always cold, always stupid little accidents
happening and a very uncomfortable place to live no matter how hard you
tried to make it livable. The location of the house was zoned
commercial, and it was slated to be torn down.
Well, finally I moved. Months passed. For whatever reason, I still had
keys to the house, and for some reason decided to go back into the
house. I guess I was just "there" at the time, and thought I'd pop back
in. I was with a friend at the time too. As a matter of fact, we were in
her car when we were just "passing by" the house. We entered, it was of
course, pitch black except for scattered light from some street lights,
and cold as heck in there. We were there no more than maybe 2 minutes
when we heard, very distictly, footsteps coming up from the basement.
Very heavy and slowly. All I remember was myself and my friend looking
at each other in jaw dropping shock for a moment, turning and running
out the front door, leaving the front door of the house wide open. We
hopped in her car and got the heck outta there fast. "Did you hear
that?" She asked me. "Yeah, of course I did!" "Ghosts!" she said. I
wanted to come off as my normal, rational logical person to her and
explain it away as maybe an animal or something that was housing itself
there. Maybe it got in the basement window? But, it was most definately
NOT the scurrying footsteps of a racoon or other animal. It was clearly
the sounds of heavy, shoed feet pounding on the stairs. Weird. I never
went back into that dump.

Strange Ghost Story


About two years ago I had a very strange and unnerving
experience. My Grandfather had passed away about two
days before I experienced things I have trouble
explaining let alone believing! First thing that
happened I was at my Grandmother's house and it was
around 12 o'clock midnight, I went upstairs to the
bathroom and noticed a toy horse sitting in the basket
that was full of face cloths! I tried to think of a
logical explanation for this occurance, I did remember
not seeing it there previously. I then went into the
spare bedroom to retire for the rest of the night. I
was suddenly overcome by a feeling that someone was
behind me "watching" me! I turned around immediately
feeling started at the same time. The next evening
things grew even more bizarre, my Mom was freaking out
that the light in the next room went on all by itself
and she was worried that someone had broken into the
house. There was no one at all, I started to wonder
what was really going on. I went into the same
bathroom to get ready for bed, the next thing that
happened I'll never forget for as long as I live. I
heard and saw the door knob turn slowly, I didn't
hesitate to run and open it. Once I turned the knob to
open the door a force so strong had shoved me back to
a point where I nearly fell backwards to the floor!!!
I yelled out "Whoa!!", I was so shaken up yet not
really that terrified of what just happened to me. I
saw no one at the same moment this happened, I do
recall the force like that of a powerful wind, or cold
air, energy, whatever you may call it. My Dad said he
had seen a powerful light enter his room just when he
had closed his eyes. I recall seeing some kind of ray
of light streak by my window, I no it was not
lightning by the way it moved. This is my story please
put this on your website Shadowlands, I would
appreciate it very much. I want others to know what I
experienced, I want to believe that I am not alone,
and that I am not crazy in any way. Thank you.

My Grandmother...

This past November I lost my grandmother (Dad's mom) to liver cancer. She
was a dear woman who grew up going to Spiritualist churches, therefore,
having a strong belief in life after death and the supernatural.
My mother and I live near Dallas,Texas, but we are originally from Warren,
Ohio, which is where the rest of the relatives live. We were told just
before last Thanksgiving that my grandmother wasn't doing very well, so I
arranged to take that week off of work and we left for Ohio on Sunday
On Monday morning, we were getting closer to our destination and there was a
very strange smell in the car. It was like rubbing alchohol.  I didn't say
anything for awhile, but after some time I commented to my mother that there
must be some kind of chemical factory or something in the area. Very shortly
after my comment, the smell dissipated.
We arrived in Warren later that Monday morning, and upon pulling into the
drive of my grandma's house we noticed many cars. I looked at my mother and
told her that this didnt look very good. When we entered the house we were
greeted by my uncle who informed us that my grandmother had passed away
early that morning.
The week went on while arrangements were made, and finally, the day after
Thanksgiving, we had the funeral. Afterwards, many friends and relatives
were gathered at my grandmother's home. I walked into the dining room to get
something and was overwhelmed by the same smell that my mother and I had
smelled in the car on the way up.
Later, I told my mom about it. This was not possibly anything that was in
the room that could have made that smell (or in my car earlier for that
I truly believe that when we smelled this on the way up in the car that it
was grandma in the car with us. I think she was indeed with me later in the
dining room as well.
I found out that they'd been giving my grandmother morphne for her pain
during the last few days she was with us. I also found out that morphine
smells much guessed it....rubbing alchohol.
Another note to this grandfather has been gone for several
years. For a few nights before my grandmother died, the TV in the living
room began to come on by itself. Also, the water in the bathrrom tub would
come on full-blast while no one was in there. Was this grandad telling them
he was there to help grandma back???
That's what I believe.

Someone Was Down there.....

By Laura Borsello

    All my life I have sensed paranormal encounters that have spooked me. One
of these encounters took place about two years ago. I was thirteen years old
(Now I am fifteen). It was about 11 o'clock at night. My brother and mother
were all ready sound asleep. My dad was away on a trip. I went into the
bathroom to brush my teeth. I shut the door. Now let me explain: the sink in
the bathroom upstairs is right next to the door. In the middle of brushing I
heard somebody knock lightly on the door. Trust me, it was not the way a
person would knock if they wanted to come in. It was eerie like letting you
know I'm around type of knock. I started to shudder in fear. Slowly I opened
the door and saw from downstairs that the dining room light was on. I KNEW I
had turned all the lights off. I was terrified. My mom's room was right next
door to the bathroom. I woke her up and told her somebody must be in the
house. Not to sound, like a morone I said a robber instead of a ghost which
is what I speculate it to be. She didn't believe me and told me to go to
sleep. I shut her door relunctantly and lingered by the bathroom door. For
some reason I am always afraid to cross the long hallway to my room alone at
night. I feel like somebody's watching me and trying to get me. I was blown
out of my mind when I heard loud footsteps from the downstairs hallway. The
blood began to drain from my head and I started to sweat all over. Fear was
circulating all over me to such a great extent that I couldn't move. The loud
footsteps continued they sounded like boots. I knew the person down there was
evil! I could feel the evil presence in my house. It took me a long time to
muster up the courage to race down the corridor, shut off the light, and
huddle under the covers in my bed. Finally I did so. I still heard the heavy
steps resounding downstairs. I stayed perfectly calm (almost perfectly) and
prayed to myself until I fell asleep. The strange thing is that when I woke
up the next morning there was no evidence that a person had broken into my
house and nothing was stolen. I don't who was down there but someone was and
I think they were looking for someone maybe me! Luckily, I never experianced
this again. It is a good thing I was composed enough that I didn't scream
because I think, what-ever it was it was that was looking for me would have
found me if I yelled or it saw me. It remains a mystery.

Grim Reaper


Hi im sorry i got a short story but this is the best i got.
one night my little sister was
on the couch watching T.V.  while i was in my room  playing
a game boy i have a playstation so you know im not poor but
anyway my sister was going to turn the channel when she was
going to sit back down she screamed i ignored her for a
straight 5 minutes but i could not take it i went over there
and she said she saw a
black figure. It  looked like a grim reaper running from my
room to the bathroom
 i guess he really had to go (if you know what i mean) but
thats my story.

October 1997

On October 30th 1997 my best friend Rob slept over my house. The House itself
was farily nice, 5 bedrooms, nice first floor and a cool loft (no basement).
The Loft was where my friends and I played games (I was 10 at the time) and
made forts out of bed sheets. So on the 30th (The day before our School's
Secretary's funeral who died the previous week) My parents go out to Maryland
to clean a house which they had just sold, my brother was at a friends and
Rob and I were alone in the house. So after watching alot of movies we went
up to the loft to go to sleep. At around 1:00 I went down to the first floor
to get a glass of water (and some snacks) leaving Rob by himself. As he
explains it we was being tapped lightly on the shoulder and his first
reaction was to say " Stop it Jerk I'm trying to sleep" it repeated about 10
more times until he finally looked over and saw nothing. So he brushed it off
and went back to sleep while I was downstairs (now watching a movie with the
snacks I picked out). He started to hear a voice saying something like "Get
out" or "Get up" and got up and looked around only to find me walking up the
stairs. He told me what had happened and I was not suprised. At the Time I
first moved into the house I had similar occurences in my Room. Later that
year my family moved from the house and all is
well.....................hopefully it will stay like this.

Someone Else in the House


Since i emailed you, i remembered another story. Well, there is some one else in the house. It's a little girl. I saw her in the basement a couple times. She always motions for me to follow her and then she disapears. She looks so real though. You can even see the expression on her face. She looks worried. No one else, that i know of(they might not be telling), was had an experience in that house. My grandmother noticed it, but she told me to ignore it. She died 2 years ago.

Haunted Santa Ana


I have always been plagued by some spirits. It seems as though they are
attracted to me. I used to wake up as a child with my bed shaking (from the
center out) and would refuse to open my eyes.
I have lived in this house almost 20 years. When my husband's father died, he
came to  me one night. My bed was rocking and I woke up gripping the sides of
it thinking as loudly as possible "go away, go away", then I realized it was
probably him. We had just buried him about 2 weeks before. As soon as I
thought "it's Nate, what do you want?" the bed stopped shaking and I heard
his voice as clear as a bell say "take care of him". I refused to open my
eyes. I was then totally awake and told myself "it was just a dream" and at
that moment, something "thunked" my pillow really hard right next to my head.
The next year, I was sleeping on the couch one night and woke to see both his
parents in the next room looking at my new computer, just in a flash of a
second's consciousness.
The most amazing thing happened to me a year ago. I was writing in a journal
every morning about 6:00, and I stood up from my desk to go sit in a chair
and say my prayers, as I did, I saw a man standing in the doorway. I clearly
saw his midsection and clothing, (white toga or robe) and his right hand in
front of him. That was at my eye level. As I turned, it disappeared. I was
then surrounded with freezing air. I said "you have to leave me alone" out
loud, and walked out of the room. Since then I have done my writing in the
bathroom with a heater on & the door closed.
I do wish it would stop. I know something was in the room with me when I was
drawing at my art board two nights ago. Something poked me in the side. Two
weeks ago, something pushed one of my feet really hard while I was laying on
the couch.
Yikes! This seems to not want to leave, it only wants to play with me and not
hurt me, but it bothers me.
I own a house in Joshua Tree for the weekends. I took some antiques off of
the property to use in our garden here and took a photograph of the garden.
There is  a vortex going right down to a wheelbarrow that I had removed a
neat old bottle capper from. (This whole place is covered with funky old
desert antiques). I will scan and send you the picture when I bring it home
from work.
Other things have happened to me, I will tell you tomorrow. I have other
freaky pictures as well. Seems I am a medium of some sort...
My husband does not care for this conversation so I am glad to share with a
kindred spirit.

Fort Houston


     I'm just curious, has anybody been to Fort Sam Houston?  I think
that's the name.  It's in San Antonio, Tx.  I'm curious because my husband
(who is a reservist, prior active duty) stayed at a hotel across from the old
hospital.  He kept saying (on the phone) that this place was haunted.  He
told me about 1 week into his 2 week duty that strange things were happening
in the hotel.  I laughed at him.  He told me that the room he was staying in
looked like something out of the 1950's and that it had a very cold spot in
his closet.  He also told me that he woke to the sound of something falling
on the floor.  When he woke up, the trash bags that were in the closet, were
about 5 ft from the closet and the closet door was open.  He stated that
maybe he was seeing things, but he talked to some other
servicemen/servicewomen who had strange occurances too.  These soldiers said
that they heard voices and that the elevator would go up and down several
floors until it finally stopped on the floor they wanted.  My husband also
stated that the other soldiers kept telling him to look at the at the old
hospital across from them.. He said that at night several lights would go on
(on different floors) and the windows would open.  No need to say that he
didn't have a very good time in San Antonio.
      I don't know what to believe of this.  But, we took a "vacation" to
San Antonio to see the river walk and he took me onto the base.  He took me
to the "hotel" he stayed in and it did look like something out of WWII!.  He
actually "snuck" me in. The walls had this ugly wallpaper that looked like it
had never been changed since WWII.  The elevator made this ugly creeking
noise that I thought maybe it would fall. I actually held the rails hoping it
would not break.  But the strangest thing is before going into this hotel I
actually looked across to the  old "hospital" and it was completely dark.  (I
never got to go into the rooms) but when we left,  there were several lights
on the 4th floor and the windows were open.  My curiosity got the best of me
and I circled (in my car) to the front the of the building.  Even in the dark
I could see that the building had been abandoned and that there could be no
way any cleaning people would ever go in there. But the lights were still on.
 This building has been there since (I think) the 1930's and it is totally
abandoned.  I have a hard time believing that no one has ever mentioned this
"hospital" or the "hotel" in the ghost files.  I think this place would be a
perfect place to search for such things.
      As for my husband the "soldier', "warrior", "the fearless" a Desert
Storm Veteran, says he doesn't ever want to back there again.
      This building is not far from the main gate.  And as far as I see,
it's not too far from the main gate.  Could this be something that the
military wants to hide?
      I anyone has some more information that they would like to share about
this place.  Maybe some of the soldiers who had strange occurrances in the
"hotel" would like to share, I really would like to hear about this.


By: Anonymous

I have a true ghost story.  Or warning story.
When my mother was young, she was raised, with her 6 other brothers and sisters, by my Grandmother alone.  My mother was 9 when her father passed away, and in the days before child labor laws, she worked in the Cotton Mill with the rest of her family to make ends meet.  So, needless to say, there wasn't much time for fun.
But one day, a neighbor asked my grandmother if he could take my mother and her siblings to the county fair in his brand new car.  Of course, my mother recalls how excited they all were, and my grandmother was grateful for the kind gesture.  He would pay and everything, he said.  My grandmother gave her children permission to go.
The day of the fair came, and my mother and the others all piled into the neighbor's car. My grandmother stopped them just short of leaving, saying they would need their sweaters if it got chilly that evening.  She ran inside to get them while the car idled.
When my grandmother returned, she was pale and ordered everyone out of the car.  Of course my mother was disappointed, and despite tears and protests my grandmother would not budge.  The children were not going, and that was that.
Years later, when my mother was an adult, my grandmother admitted why she had not let them go to the fair all those years before...
When my grandmother went to the closet to get the sweaters, a ball of fire rolled across the floor and disappeared into the opposite wall.  She knew it was some sort of warning, she said.  From God or her late husband, she didn't know.
A warning about what?  That new neighbor's car had bad brakes, which the neighbor became aware of after he tried to drive to the fair alone.  He had time to jump out (the car rolled down a steep embankment), but my mother and the other children certainly would have been killed.
This is a true story, and it took place in the 1940's in Fayetteville, TN.  The house is still standing, and my mother attends the Cotton Mill Reunions to this day.

College Campus Ghost!


Hi, my name is Diane. You may remember me from the story about the ghost in
my basement that scared my dog. Well, I have had another experience. A year
or two has passed and I am now eighteen years old and living at college. I
attend Gwynedd-Mercy College, a small private Catholic college in
Pennsylvania. Not many have heard of it, but if you're in or around Philly,
tune into Y100 or Q102. Commercials are usually on the air about my school
like every thirty seconds. Anyway, to fully understand the story, you have
to know its surroundings. We are "out in the middle of nowhere." Yep, woods
to the left of you, woods to the right. Which makes the campus beautiful by
the abundance of wild life- namely deer.  My dorm building is at the very
end of campus, which is encircled by woods. Anyway, my most recent
experience on campus happened sometime last week. My friend Christina and I
were up studying late and decided to go take a walk around the parkinglot
for the dorm, which is right out front. This was about 4:30 AM. We're
walking and talking and laughing and all of the sudden, she stops and just
stares into the woods. I asked her what was wrong and she just pointed to a
particular spot. I looked to where she was pointing and saw something that
made my blood run cold. A large figure in a white hood was beckoning to us,
waving his hand for us to come closer. It looked like a Ku-Klux-Klan member.
This figure was way too large to be a person- WAY too large. Out of
curiosity, I took a step or two forward and the figure became more excited
and began waving his hand faster. I wanted to go up to it for some reason,
but Christina gripped my arm with an ice-cold hand and started to run. She
pulled me all the way back inside. Needless to see, we didn't sleep that
night. We told security amd they sent someone old to check. There was
nothing there. No foot prints, nothing. We weren't imagining it or anything!
I swear on all things holy that we did see something that night!

His Old House


This story was told to me by a very close friend, and i know he isn't making
it up because every time I mention his old house to him he goes pale and
looks as if he has had a terrible fright.It all started when he was a small
child, (he is now 15) he would say things to his mother like "theres someone
in my room" and would be really stressed out. he would frequently hear
footsteps in his house and sometimes in his bedroom.One night when he was a
little older he was woken up by footsteps which he mistook for his mothers.
when he opened the door there was no one there but the footseps got closer
and closer and started to speed up,  (his whole family heard these)so he
fled into his room and jumped into bed. several times in the duration of his
life in that house, he awoke with cold hands gripping his neck. his whole
family could feel a prescence in their house and thankfully they moved out.

Story Similiar to the Smurls


I got a story for you.  I saw this story about 4 years ago.  When i was
younger I loved reading about ghost and things like that.  I can tell you
that i read about every ghost story book (well in the kid section) there was
at that time in our public library.  I as a child was never afraid of the
dark or ghost stories or things like that.  But as I grew older I would get
scared..why I guess cause I understood that it could happen to anyone.:
But anyway back to the story.  This is a story I saw on TELEMUNDO (tv
spanish station)It is about a family who lived in Mexico City. The station
did a small movie about it.  The story started out a about eight family
members living in the same household.  One lady was wondering what happend
to her boyfriend she just didn't hear about him.  She was telling her
brothers (or brother in-law) that she would like to hear some news about
him.  Then he suggested she go see a "witch" or a person that reads the
cards. so he told her he had heard about some witch. and she decided that
she'd go. The next day they wnet to go see her. That day they spoke to her
she gave them a ouija board so that they can try and contact the person they
were looking for that day on there way home they saw a Raven follow them the
way home.  That night she had told them to bless the house with a plant she
gave them s one of the ladies was doing that one of them men that live there
took the plant away from her and started playing around making jokes of it
while he was doing that he flet a something slash him on the back ..the
strange thing was that there was no one behingd him. The next day they went
back to go see her( or it was the day before i am not sure how many times
they went and saw her) she insulted them calling them names and things like
that when they got up to leave she told them that going to go see her was
the THE BIGGEST MISTAKE THEY HAD DONE.. when they went home they started
playing with the board.  Like always there a prankster in the family.  So
the same one that was joking about the plant started acting like he was his
sisters boyfriendthey asked him to stop and quit playing around...when all
of a sudden his eyes rolled back in his head he had gotten possed for about
a few moments. From that moment on a lot of weird things started
happening....books and items would start flying around.  This case was
similiar to the SMIRLS.  they had decided to leave the house when they got
to the house they were going to something opened the gate they saw the Death
who know that imagine they show with the brown hood on.  So they knew that
they were not going to be left alone. So they decided to go back home. Alot
of things happened to them and they were wondering why?  So then they
decided to go back to that witch.  But as it turns out they found nobody
then someone had confirm to them that, that witch had died years ago.  Later
that night they were all asleep in one room one of the ladys woke up to go
get a bottle for the baby.  When she looked up she saw the image of the
death she ran to the room and it followed her to the room. she jump on th
bed on top of everyone and they all woke up and the image told all of them
that one by one they were all going to die.  Till this day only about 2
remane of the 8 (at least thats what i remeber) They have been dying one by
one every 20yrs just like it had told them.  This story and not only the
story but the little documentationt the show made really freaked me out.  A
lot of people that saw it were got scared its a true story.  This is not how
it went exactly but its close if you want to check it.  It aired on a show
called Occurio Asi (this is how it occured) on the spanish station of
Telemundo....maybe you can get more information about this story if i am not
mistaking the last name of the family was Rodriguez...........well i hope to
hear form someone.  This is not an experince i experience personally and i
don't wish it upon no one.

Patterson House in Dayton Ohio


when i was 14, my aunts and i went on a tour through that house, and ill
never forget what i saw there.  we were standing in the foyer, the
parlor was to the left,dining room to the right. a lady was standing to
the back of the dining room, and motioned for me to follow her. i
followed her down a short hallway leading to a pantry type room. i saw
her enter this room, and i was literally right behind her. but when i
entered the room 2-3 steps behind her, she was not there anymore, and
there were no doors or windows that could have been opened.  i was told
by the ladies doing the tour that i had probably seen mrs, patterson,
who liked to cook very much, and she just wanted  my help  getting
something from the pantry.  when we left that day, i was in the backseat
of the car, looking up at the house as we drove out of the parking lot,
there was someone looking out of the attic window.  we had  already been
told that the attic was locked up in the summer due to the 200 degree
heat up there.     please feel free to e-mail me with any questions
about this incident or the many others that i have had.  sometimes i
feel i cant go through with what i feel.  i have some experiences that
even i cant explain. with my sensitivity,i might be conviced to go along
on  ghost hunts.  i have had spirits contact me in many different ways.
i think i might need help in channeling them and helping them. tanks for
your time, and forum.

It Still Happens


     This is the first time i have ever submitted anything thats ever happen to me over my childhood years. My mom brought this site to my attention, and she thought it might be good to share some of my stories. I always had a sensitivity to spirits, some good and some bad, well mostly not good. Anyways,I guess having this gift started when i was one. It was after my father had past away. My mother told me that one day while she was feeding me I looked up from my cereal and pointed to something and said "Daddy,Daddy". She looked to see nothing there, and turned back to see me smiling and still pointing. After she looked again and then back at me i stoped and went back to doing my thing. That i would have to say was the only good encounter i have had.
Now on to the creepy stuff. I was 11 when i first started to hear my name being called. This was no ordinary persons voice, it was something more evil and unsetteling. I was always the last to fall asleep in my family, and I remember trying to sleep but I had this feeling something was there. No sooner had i thought this, thats when  it started to say my name. The thing was facing me, I looked but i couldn't see anything, I pulled the covers over my face and pretended it was my imagination. Still it kept saying my name. I turned over to escape what I was hearing, I think I pissed it off because the evil presence voice started to get louder and more hateful. I jumped up screaming and crying trying to get someones attention, but everyone was sound asleep. So I ran into my mothers room crying saying " The voice wont go away". That night I slelpt in her room and after that I heard nothing no more,.....well only for awhile. Later on it got worse, I couldn't shake the feeling someone was always watching when I would walk down the stairs or through the hallway. At night when I would be sleeping something would pinch my butt, This happened every night. And sometimes I would hear my name  called out, but it was never evil, it was more like a faint whisper. We soon moved away. But I still hear and sometimes feel someone or something call me or I'll feel something sit on my bed and lean on me. Nothing to dramatic. I just sorta laugh it off now that im older. But if anything dramatic should pop up I'll write some more.



In April 1996, while apartment hunting, I discovered a wonderful little complex nestled near a little marina and cove in a quiet area of town.  The apartments weren't new -- in fact, at the time I discovered them they were approaching 25 years old.  It was your typical townhouse style -- living, dining and kitchen, two bedrooms up, a couple of baths.  But I liked the area, especially the view of the sail boats in the marina.
When the complex manager showed me the apartment I would be moving into, she was still living there.  As we toured the place, she explained that she was in the process of moving her family to the apartment located just across from her current one -- it had been occupied by her sister, the former manager, who had died of lung cancer about a month before.  The living sister had taken over the dead sister's duties as manager of the complex and was now moving into the larger apartment the dead sister once occupied.
Pleased with the apartment and the surroundings, I placed a deposit and planned to move in within a month.
By the time I moved into the freshly painted and repaired apartment, the manager and her family were already settled in her sister's former digs.  As I got to know the manager as my neighbor, I learned that there were many things -- furnishings for instance -- that she had retained from her dead sister.  One particular thing, however, was her dead sister's cat, Prissy.
This cat was estimated by the manager to be approximately 16 years old.  She was a fluffy looking Calico, but when you went to pick her up you would experience the "empty milk carton syndrome" because she was skinny as a rail underneath all that fluffy mottled hair.  The cat was friendly, and had a peculiar yowl -- it sounded like an old cat's yowl, just as elderly people have distinct voices.  Prissy was patient and playful with my child and the other children nearby, but you could tell she was on the last of her nine lives.
One thing Prissy didn't like, however, was returning to the apartment where her previous owner had died.  No matter how hard they tried to keep Prissy in the "new" apartment, she would always, oddly enough, return to what was now my apartment.  She would show up at the door, yowling pitifully, and I would let her in.  Then she would stake her spot in front of my microwave and sleep for hours on end, until the manager and her children were looking for her.
This went on for some weeks, until one day the manager shared with me that Prissy had not been well and that the vet didn't give her much longer to live.  This struck me as sad, as I had become used to the old cat by then.  Still, she would not be kept out of my apartment.  But one of the aspects of her illness was incontinence and so the idea of having the cat become sick while in my apartment did not appeal to me; besides this, I had also recently adopted a cat of my own and was concerned that maybe he might become ill, too.  So I tried to discourage Prissy from coming inside and would gently take her over to her own apartment and place her inside the front door.  Still, the cat would come to my door and yowl for entry.
Finally there came a day when she just wouldn't take "no" for an answer.  Being summer, we often had our doors open allowing the breeze to come through the screen door.  Well, that day, Prissy came through the screen door, ran upstairs and hid under my bed.  With a lot of coaxing I was able to get her out and return her directly to the manager's children.  They placed her inside their apartment and that was the last I saw of Prissy -- alive.
The next morning I learned the sad news that Prissy had died during the night, under one of the children's beds upstairs.  I remember thinking how odd it was that she had clawed her way into my apartment the previous day; perhaps she had wanted to "come home" to die?
A couple of weeks passed; life went on.  But soon I began to notice strange things in my apartment.  Not frightening, of course, but odd.  For instance, my own cat, Madison, could often be seen to be chasing something around, something only he could see.  There were times, too, when he would be doing his usual "casual cat stroll" around the corner of a doorway or room and suddenly puff up and hiss as if he had been surprised by something, again, only he could see.  I would hear this go on at night, as well, if Madison got up to go to his box or feed bowl, it seemed he was frequently "running into" an unseen friend.
I began to wonder whether or not Prissy had returned when one night it was confirmed without a doubt.  I had just settled into bed and had turned off the bedside lamp.  I was laying there, getting comfortable; at this time each night it was not unusual for Madison to jump up on the bed with me, so when I felt the familiar jump and padding of little feet I thought nothing of it.  I often talk to Madison (still do) in baby talk and did so this night, reaching out to his usual spot to pet him.  But he wasn't there.
My hand passed through a slightly chilly area at the foot of my bed.  I passed my hand through again to be sure of what I had just felt.  I then saw, out the corner of my eye, my own cat approaching from the adjacent room.  As I turned to put the light back on, I felt something jump from my bed and heard the usual "hiss" from Madison, as when he is startled.  In the lamplight, I saw nothing but my own cat.
Prissy was in the house.
As I said, this was not frightening. In fact, it became kind of comforting to know that the old cat had bonded so quickly with me and that she was pleased to stay in her old apartment with it's new tenant.  It became second nature to me to hear her and see her out the corner of my eye.  It was not so with other people.
One night, my then boyfriend, who worked out of state and came into town at unexpected intervals, had arrived typically late at my apartment and opted to stay the night.  We were both tired out and lay down in the darkness talking about his trip and work, etc., when suddenly we both felt the jump and pad, pad, pad of little unseen cat feet.  This night Prissy padded all the way across the bed and jumped down the opposite side.  I will never forget the whisper of my boyfriend's voice as he said, "Uh, what was THAT?" nor will I forget how he scrambled for the light when I told him it was Prissy, my ghost cat.
It scared him so badly that he couldn't sleep and stayed up the rest of the night watching movies and info-mercials.
As for me, I was content to know that Prissy was still around, checking everything out.
Eventually, Prissy's appearances became less and less and ultimately were eclipsed by a haunting of a much more malignant and negative nature which held an entire family in it's grasp -- new neighbors I at this time had yet to meet.
I like to think that Prissy found her way over to the other side finally, and that she was reunited with her owner.  She was such a sweet old cat, she certainly deserved nothing less.

Los Pajaros (The Birds)


No, it's not the famous Hitchcock story but a quite different one…
My boyfriend of that long ago era 1989 had failed Criminal Law at school so
I decided to help him prepare for the make up test, but our homes seemed to
have many distractions, we decided to pack up our gear and use this place
his family had out of the city limits, more or less 45 mins away. This place
used to be a recreational site in it's younger days, and had a huge pool, a
baby pool and a whirlpool (remember those?) all of them empty, a petting
zoo, all that was left was a goat, it had a huge dinning area, and all over
were  fruit trees, and of course lots of display cages where the used to be
all kinds of different birds, hence the name, Los Pajaros. His family had
been leasing it for a couple of years, it's glory days long past, and only a
couple of times had sub let it to  near by villages for wedding receptions
and such, they paid for the caretaker, which lived on the premises with his
family. Since there was no use for it's original purpose, his family (my
boyfriend's) had decided to use the whole place to raise all different kinds
of birds (poultry) geese, turkeys, ducks, etc. Back to the story, we decide
to use this place since it was as good as abandoned, and the first time we
went up, we had all the keys to the place except the one that opened up to
the dinning area that led to  what had been the office (our intended place
of study) so we sat outside and got bit by bugs and left at dusk. We never
did go back and study, it just left our minds, and in the end he did pass
the test.
Well a weekend in July we decide to have a barbecue with some friends on the
premises, and when we went to pick our friends  up (brother and sister) they
made up some lame excuse not to go so we went on our own, and we did have
the right keys this time, but it started to rain, we had to cook the
hamburgers in the fireplace and it was just a hassle since the wood was wet,
and every other imaginable thing, we finally ate, and had chocolate cake for
desert, and we were laying on these psychiatric type couches (one on each)
and we hadn't noticed how dark it was getting outside, and I started hearing
a sort of footsteps on the roof, my boyfriend said it was probably a
squirrel or something between the wooden planks, I wasn't convinced, it kept
up for a while, the rain hadn't stopped and all of a sudden we hear 3 LOUD
BANGS on the metal entrance door, we freaked out! We opened the door from
the office that led to the dinning area, and it was all embraced in a sort
of mist, you could see it but at the same time it wasn't there. And I
remember an eerie feeling I got when I set foot out of the office, we
checked the premises, and opened the door, we looked for the caretaker and
he was inside his house with all his family, children sleeping, we decided
to leave FAST, we picked up our stuff and practically ran out. We left and
on the way back to the city we spoke about how we had felt, and my boyfriend
confessed that the knocks I had been hearing on the roof could not have been
  made by squirrels but he didn't want to scare me then. We started bringing
up theories on what could have banged the door, and the mist, and the eerie
feelings to no avail. We got to my house, and sat in the car for awhile
talking about what had just happened. But it was late, almost 11 pm, my
boyfriend, took the car keys from the ignition and opened his door to get
out and I opened mine, and on comes the air conditioner gushing out air! We
just stared at each other and at the keys in his hand! There was no way that
could happen, the car wasn't even running! Needless to say we were freaked,
we never went back to Los Pajaros, and eventually his family stopped leasing
the property. He is married now, but we still keep in touch, I guess he's my
best friend, and when ever we get a chance to talk we still wonder about
what went on that night… I'm pretty sure someone needed a lift back to the
city. Who knows?

Strange happenings at Gettysburg

   Hello, I'm 11 years old and I've hade a ghost experience at Gettysburg
PA. A few years ago I went to  Gettysburg with my grandparents . While there
I felt a strange sense of somthing. Well in Gen Lee's HQ I had a really
strange experience. I was looking around at the relic's and suddenly felt
like someone was staring at me. I turned around but no one was there. So I
went on about my buisness, looking at the display again, and I had that same
feeling, but a lot stronger;. So I turned around  again but no one was there.
Well then I was really shook up, so I ran out of there. The rest of the day
was preety normal, except on the last stop of the tour , picketts charge,  an
even stranger thing happened. I had ran ahead of my grandparents to look at a
sign. While I was looking at it, someone taped me on the shoulder. It wasn't
just any tap it was a really hard ,almost, grab. I  turned around, thinking
it was my Grandpa, but no one was within twenty feet of me. so the rest of my
trip i was so shook up that I didn;t tell my grandparents. This is my strange
tale, belive it ,or not.

Novellus Hauntings

This is my story of a true encounter at a computer
company in Silicon Valley. I had hear stories from the
grave shift guard that the building was haunted. But
being that he was a strange person, i ignored the fact
thinking he was just trying to scare me. he would
report hearing footsteps walking on the second floor.
Why is this unusual? Novellus was a ONE-story
building! he reported hearing chairs moving and people
walking around.
Anyway, MY experiance was one of the most terrifying
times of my life. I was a security guard at Novellus
and the builing was in shut down due to the
Thanksgiving holiday. I was the swing shift guard and
had to train my replacement. While the building was
empty during the shutdown, Dorothy, the replacement
guard i had to train, showed up on time and we began
our shift. Everything was cool that day, then nite
fall came. The building has large steel double doors
that are unlocked with access cards. We had ordered a
pizza for our dinner and after we ate, it was about
6:30. It was time for another patrol of the building
so this time it was her turn to go alone. As she got
up to leave, we heard one of the steel doors slam shut
somewhere in the building. Thinking someone came in to
catch up on work and entered thru another door, we
went to check it out. The building runs on motion
sensored lights, so all the lights in the building
were off. When we went passed the first double door
from the lobby to the IT area, all the lights were
still off. Again we heard the door slam shut. We
hurried over to the sound and the lights came on as we
passed the sensors. When we came to the door, it was
closed and no sign of anyone. We headed back to the
lobby, when the lights began to shut off one after the
other heading our way. That was wierd cuz the lights
dont shut off one by one, they all shut off together.
Back in the lobby, we heard the door again. We finally
went to the security office where the card computer
was, the computer that reads peoples access cards to
let us know who came into the building. The only names
on the computer were ours. NO ONE else had entered the
We had decided to do the patrol together. As we went
thru the building, we turned off cubicle lights and
closed open doors. When we passed the doors and cubes,
the lights were back on and the doors were all open
again. Annoyed, we closed them all again. The name
plaque for the VP was on the floor so we hung it back
up. When we walked by it again, it was back on the
floor in the same spot we found it. this is where we
started to freak out. Again all the lights were going
out one by one, like they were chasing us. Once the
last light went out, they all began to come back on in
the same flowing motion. we hurried out of that part
of the building and went thru the cafeteria. As soon
as we were ready to exit the cafeteria, for some
reason we both stopped dead in our tracks. I remember
feeling a wierd feeling like we were being followed.
We both looked at each other and before we could move
an inch, we both felt something hit our shoulder and
grunt loudly in our ears. With that, we ran out of the
building as fast as we could grabbing our stuff. We
sat out in my car and faced the building, still
watching the lights going on and off even though no
one was in the building. We drove around the side and
she screamed at me to stop the car. she pointed to one
of the windows and u could make out a figure slumped
over one of the cubicle desks. i turned the car so my
headlights were shining in the window. Clearly we
could see a man hunched over the desk. We got out of
the car and ran up to the building. Dorothy tripped so
i turned to help her up. When we turned back to the
building, the figure was gone and the lights were all
We refused to go back into that building for the rest
of the nite and stood out in my car parked AWAY from
the building. I was there for a couple months and
began to work in the day. I never had another
encounter like that again im glad to say.

My Experiences with Ghosts


    Since I was a little girl, I have had what I consider to be experiences
with ghosts. My most remembered experience was to do with a little sheltie
dog named Nattie. I lived twenty five miles out in the country with my sister
and my grandparents. She was a gorgeous blonde and white little dog and
became mine and my sisters constant companion.
    Nattie became like another playmate for both of us. We often even dressed
her up in my grandpas tee shirts and boxer shorts when we played house
together. We could not have wanted for a more faithful friend than her. She
would even wait patiently every day for us at the bus stop when we would
return from our country school. I think she considered us to be her personal
responsibility. We loved her dearly and relished our every moment with her.
    But tragically she was killed one morning by a speeding neighbors pick up
truck on a lonely dirt road. My grandparents buried her on their water line
and marked it with a large white rock. My sister and I were devestated, but
we never quit decorating her grave with flowers.
     The following spring is when we started seeing and hearing her. It was
almost as if she just wanted to keep an eye on us, even after death. We were
a little spooked at first, but also very excited that she had come back for
us. But since we were only little girls of  eight and nine years old, no one
believed us and wrote it off as overactive imaginations.
    But my sister and I knew what we had seen and heard. Sometimes we would
see her sitting not far from her grave site and other times we would see her
at the bus stop just as she always did in life. Other times we wouldn't see
her at all, but were stunned by her shrill unmistakeable barking.
    These experiences continued right up through highschool until my
grandparents sold their home and moved to town. I think Nattie was doing in
death what was denied her in life-which was being with the two of us. I have
never been back there, but have always wondered if she would be waiting for
me if I did return.

    I also had another experience of a bizarre nature. I took up working at a
local animal hospital cleaning kennels. I did all of the cleaning of the many
runs, hospital wards, and lobby areas. I was also responsible for all the
feeding of the numerous dogs and cats that boarded there during the week.
During my feeding duty is when I had my eerie experience.
    I was almost finished feeding the dogs in the boarding runs and was
shocked when their constant barking suddenly ceased. Normally the noise level
in there was so loud that you practically needed ear plugs to spare your
hearing. So when it stopped I was kind of alarmed. I could have heard a pin
drop in there it had become so quiet.
     But I quickly became aware of a loud persistant panting noise that
sounded like was coming from directly behind me. I whirled around and was met
by the staring brown eyes of a friendly black lab. The dog was wagging its
tail and panting. I also noticed that it wore a red bandana scarf tied
loosely around its neck. I hadn't seen a dog like this anywhere in boarding,
so I quickly went to try to catch it and find out where it had come from from
one of the vets.
    But the dog bolted away and ran, with nails clicking along the concrete,
up and around the corner of the kennels and out of my view. I fished in my
smock for a dog leash that I always kept for such emergencys and ran after
the dog. By this time all the rest of the dogs in boarding were again
    When I rounded the corner and prepared to capture the lab, I was
astonished to discover that it had simply vanished. There was no other way
out and I was certain that he hadn't used the only door available since it
was still firmly closed. I was definately a bit shaken by the experience the
rest of the evening as I finished up my duties.
    But just as I was getting ready to go home I noticed on the way out that
the door to the contagious ward was slightly ajar. This is the room where the
vets would normally keep animals with a contagious disease so they don't
spread it to healthy animals. I knew that there was no animals in there then
so I was preparing to close the door tightly on my way out.
    What I had forgotton was that they also did autopsies in there on the
autopsy table located in that room as well. What I saw next through the crack
in the door made my stomach knot and the hair on the back of my neck stand up
with a chill. On the autopsy table lay a dead black lab with a red bandana
tied around his neck. I didn't know how long he had been there so I quickly
located the vet and asked about him.
    She told me he was brought in earlier that morning-a victim of a
poisoning. He died a few hours later, long before my shift at the hospital
even started. His autopsy was scheduled for the next morning. I didn't dare
tell what I had seen for fear that she would think I was crazy or something.
But I was taken a back by the experience none the less. I haven't told anyone
about it-not even my husband for fear of some kind of ridicule. I doubt I
will ever forget that dog -who's name turned out to be Buddy. I have no idea
why I became lucky enough to see him, but feel kind of fortunate he came to
me anyway.

Grandma Lily


I have two stories to tell both concerning my children. The first occured 2
years ago when my son was 3. I was setting on the sofa one morning when he
walked in the room and said "Hi David!" I thought he must have started having
an imaginary friend like I have heard that many children have. It was strange
though because he was staring right next to me like someone was standing
there. He than said "Mommy your friend is in the river he was just playing
but he got hurt" and went off to play. Not a minute after he walked out my
phone rang, it was a friend calling to tell me that David had drowned in the
river last night.
6 months ago we purchased an adorable bungalow built in 1945. Strange things
started happening immediatly. All having to do with my children. In the
middle of the night I will wake up go upstairs and see that they have kicked
off there covers, run to the restroom, go back to cover them up only to find
them already covered, with the blankets tucked under them. There toys have
also turned themselves on.  The most amazing thing happened 2 weeks ago.
After putting the kids to bed and going downstairs we heard loud footsteps
upstairs, thinking that one of the children was being naughty my husband went
upstairs. The televison was smoking and turning on and off with no sound. I
had watered the plant on top of the entertainment center right before bed not
realizing my husband had also watered it that day the water had all run into
the tv. The television was seconds away from catching fire. If our ghost had
not warned us with the stamping our children would have surely died. My 3
year old daughter has talked about her Grandmother Lily several times things
like Grandma Lily playing Barbies with her etc.. The only problem is we don't
even know anyone named Lily. I decided to do a little research and found out
that sure enough an elderly woman had died in our home and you guessed it her
name is Lily! I am very thankful for our ever watchful Grandmother ghost,
although strange its nice to know there is someone helping me look over my

Shadows By My Door


hello. my name is Kristy. i live in clearwater florida. i have always been
fascinated in spirits and all things supernatural. well, anyways, to my
story. one night about oh, say, 2 months ago, i was in my room listening to
music with my door closed. i had always noticed something peculiar about my
room, from sounds, to my radio cutting out, to my cat flipping out and
staring towards my door for hours on end. well, i had my tube-blacklight on.
ive heard from some people that blacklight is supposed to be "true light".
well. i was laying on my bed, writing poems, when i saw a dark shadow come
over me. i looked up and nothing was there. this scared the crap outa me so i
quickly got up and turned my other light on. later, i went back to the
blacklight to see if this figure would come back. sure enough, a dark figure
by my door appeared. i asked him what he wanted and he dissapeared.  later
on, i was feeling tired and so i went to sleep. it was pitch black in my room
and i was turned on my side. i was in that period of sleep where your mind is
awake but your body is asleep. you know, in between sort of. well. i felt a
hard blow to the lower part of my back. i got freaked out and it hurt like
hell, so i went into my moms room and slept on the floor the rest of the
night. the next morning i had a huge bruise on my back the size of a navel
orange. this bothered me. being somewhat interested in wicca and its beliefs,
i have a pentogram ring. i guess you could say i had an experience where i
was "posessed" by something. i was taking to my best friend Austin on the
phone and the only thing i really remember was not being myself. i
immediately looked at my door and felt a extreme sence of evil. i inverted my
pentogram ring and said "come and get me"  about 5 minutes later i started
crying and a big chill ran through me. about a week later, i saved Austin
from being killed by tresspassers at his hunting camp. (if you e-mail me or
IM me i will explain this more.) i believe this spirit in my room opened up
some psychic power inside me and now i can predict things. so even though
whoever he was hurt me and scared me, i thank him for showing me i have this
gift. to this day the shadow by my door still visits me. i think of him as a
"lucky charm".

Dead horses and humans


I have believed in ghosts since the night when I was about 6 years old. I woke up one night, there was no thunderstorm and I was not sick the next day, then I got up in my bed to  find a huge lighted silhouette of a human being standing in the center of my room. I got off the bed, but was frozen, I literally had no way of moving, but I suddenly just broke out and ran into my parents bedroom- smashing my cats on the way- I didn't look back, for fear of what I might see. I slept in my parents bed that night, only to wake up again, this time I kept my eyes shut, but I was hot, I wanted to be at the end of the bed where I wouldn't be so crammed in by my parents, then, it felt as if two hands were picking me up and lifting me to the end of the bed, I know it wasn't a dream because I woke up in the same position. Then recently, I began to feel a cold breath wherever I went, and it sometimes felt as if a horse's hoof was hitting me in the leg, then one night, I thought I heard a snort, I turned to see a flash of brown. I had made my own talking board years ago, never to use it, but I thought, maybe its real, so I called my friend over and we found this out:
The horse was a dead race/war horse named Bombay from the 1700s and there was a boy named Adam Ejdevk that lived in my friend's house, he had died at 13 in 1978.
Later, in my room I held out my hand. I felt nails, long, kind of plasticy nails. I returned to my talking board to find that a girl named Guthivis, who lived in my house, had died at 13 in 1978. She knew Adam when they were alive and had been boyfriend and girlfriend. They had died of STD. They had also been on drugs, it made me sad to think about. But the strange thing is, is that now that I've found this out, I seem to hear people talking, even when I'm in an empty room. And I even hear Bombay. He told me that when you die, everyone speaks the same language, and that I can just understand it.

True Ghostic Stories


These stories happened to me:

  a.. After having read other people's paranormal brushes with ghosts, I went to kitchen for snacking before retiring to bed for the nyght. When I opened my refrigerator I was poked behind my left tight with a sharpened object. I know it was a pointed object because it felt like. As I was hurting I turned my necke to verify if intruder was in my kitchen. No body was. However, this poking is still hurting me.
  b.. I was driving on intertown high way 1 to work. My eyes caught a tall figure when hit skittered across this high way from the bushes.Hit went through cars and disappeared into the far side.
  c.. I have placed a document into my book. It was placed at the beginning for easy finding. When I looked for it I couldn't find it. I knew I hadth not lose hit. Due to my innate nature of perseverance, I kept scanning all its parts of this book for it many times. Even I cursed these ghosts for this disappearing. Before I resumed this looking, I said to my self I knew I put it at the beginning. When I opened this book, this document reappeared !

My "Guardian Angel"


  I remember when I was about 3 or 4 years old, my family used to go to a
small Island in British Columbia to visit my grandparents.  It was VERY
early in the morning (about 2 or 3 am) when i awoke from a nightmare.  It
took me a minute to settle down when my heart finally slowed to its normal
pace, I looked up at the door.  Right then it creaked open... and me being 3
I thought it was my mother rushing in to see what the commotion was all
about.  But to my surprise... it wasn't my mother at all... but 3 men.
  They came into the bedroom and just looked at me.  I remember vividly what
they look like... one (the smallest) was carrying his head (which at the age
i was, was very scary) the second was very badly cut all over his body and
the third had a bullet wound in his forehead.  I started to scream when one
of them moved toward me... I remember his husky voice saying to me, "Don't
worry, we are not here to hurt you, and we never will hurt you... now go
back to sleep." Then as quickly as they came, they disappeared.
  I never told my parents about this mysterious event until about 5 years
ago... when stuff started happening... like cupboard doors opening by them
selves and doors slamming shut.  I decided to tell my parents that it was
"my ghost"  neither of them believed me, my mom said it was probably all a
dream... but at that age... you don't remember dreams for this long.  I
still know he hangs around because last year, a few of my friends and i were
watching The 6th Sense, when both me and one of my best friends saw him
sitting on the steps staring at us.  Plus every once in awhile when i want
to go on the computer... it will turn on automatically.
  I think he is a lost soul... but my friends think I have a guardian angel
watching me... what do you think?

Hang in There


My grandfather passed on a few months ago. We were very close as he was with almost anyone. He was an active man and always had activities going on. I am just like him. But I have been in a VERY unhappy marriage for about 4 years. Not one person in my family likes my husband. Including my grandpa. They think I am a better person than he is and I should leave. But with two children it was really hard. About a month ago I finally did it, I left. My father is away on a six week excursion with his wife, driving around the country. So he told me to stay at his house while they are gone. I am trying to be strong but at the same time I am very lonely. Two nights ago I was watching a sad movie and it got me feeling bad for myself. So I was crying (more like sobbing) and talking aloud to myself. I was saying that all I have to do is hold on and stick it out and eventually, the hurt would go away.
That night I went to bed and heard the strangest noises. I swore that I could hear someone talking and walking around. But the harder I tried to listen, the less I could hear. It was like I could only hear it when I stopped thinking about it for a minute. It wasn't at all scary to me because in the end I concluded that it was just the house settling.
The next morning I put the children in the car, and went back into the house to make sure the coffee pot was turned off. I paused in the entryway to slip on my shoes. In that moment, this overwhelming sense (I can't really explain) came over me. It was a scent, my grandpa's. Comforting. It smelled just like his pipe smoke. Forgetting momentarily that he was gone, I turned around expecting to see him. And when I did, not a cold feeling like I've heard others say, but an incredibly warm sensation came over me. My body was tingling almost. As if someone was hugging me without the pressure. I got so emotional, I immediately burst into tears. As I was driving to work, later on, I couldn't stop smiling. And all I can think now, is that everything is going to be alright, and that I can make it on my own.
I can't help to think it was my grandpa saying to hang in there.

Attracting Spirits


let me just start off by saying i think that someone in my family strongly
attracts spirits because as long as i can remember there's always been some
kind of paranormal activity going on around us.  my family has never had much
money and almost every house we've lived in has been haunted.  most of the
houses my parents rented were cheap because someone had died in them or they
were extremely old.  there was one house we lived in that was turn of the
century and the owner had died in what was the children's "playroom".  it was
always cold in that room and there was a room upstairs that served as a
sunroom and that one was continuously cold as well and the door would not
stay closed.  my father would often times lock it only to find it open later
on.  we even tried to weight the door down with bricks to keep it shut but
nothing helped.  my brother's room was next to the sunroom and one evening he
saw a young girl in a flowing nightgown run from the bathroom across the hall
into the sunroom.  thinking it was my younger sister he called out "renae,
get in bed or i'm telling mom!" me and my sister shared a room and puzzled we
called back, "we're in the bed!" from that nigbt on my  brother slept in our
bedroom and even switched bedrooms with me because he was scared to sleep by
himself.  i, myself, always felt as though someone were watching me and would
sometimes see things out of the corner of my eye.  my father,  while
attempting sleep one night, felt someone or something tugging on his toes
playfully.  some years on we moved into a house with seven acres of land
about it.  it also had served as a battlefield for the civil war.  enough
said.  there was a marble marker across the street saying general george
mcclellan had used a house around the area as his headquarters.  when we
first moved into the house i began hearing the sound of drums outside in the
early hours of the morning. nobody would believe me in the house until my
brother and his friends from next door spent the night outside in their
clubhouse and also heard it and came screaming into the house at 2am.  my
father would get home late at night and hear the sound of wagons and horses
hooves pounding across the field in front of our house and see nothing there.
 inside the house i would frequently be jolted awake.  it felt as though
someone were pushing me and i would often shout out thinking it was my
brother only to find myself alone in the house.  my brother and i also heard
footsteps upstairs like a woman walking in high heeled shoes.  i would hear
faint whispering voices early in the morning and sometimes hear my name being
called.  i believe that particular house and the land around it were
inhabited by civil war soldiers.  i recently moved out of my parents house
and into an apartment in the city.  i think there was definitely activity in
the apartment but no ghost.  i would frequently see little balls of light
flickering about the apartment and whenever you took a picture inside the
aprtment it was present in the picture.  i never felt a presence but i'm sure
there is some kind of energy there.  i think there is a lot of negative
energy there as well because since my boyfriend and i have moved out we have
not had one argument.  when we lived there we had such animosity towards each
other and would fight all the time.




The Woman In the Kitchen


one night while i was pregnant with my last child  ,i got up to go to the
bathroom,it was around 3:00 in the morning , as i reached the door ,i looked
in my kithen and saw a woman standing there ,by my kithen door . the hair on
the back of my neck stood up and i ran in the bathroom,peed as fast as a
pregnant woman can, and quickly ran ,eyes closed ,into my room, tightly
grabbing my husband,and just staying under the covers.another time i was
sleeping and woke up in the morning around 7 or so ,i was alone in my room
and my children were sleeping ,in a clear ,calm voice i heard a mans voice
say to me "quit smoking TODAY  or you die" i looked around the room to see
who was saying this to me and no one was there ,i was soo scared to lite a
ciggerette. i called my best friend and told her what had happened to me ,i
couldnt stop crying ,i had never been so scared in all my life . i've heard
of stories of a woman being killed in my apt. and every time i asked my
landlord if it was true ,he would just say "ur so silly" he would never tell
me the truth . other people in this building have told me stories of doors
closing by them selves, a closet full of hangers and only one is moving by
3 yrs ago i was working and this old laady that lived on the block behind me
came in ,she was really old and her husband had died a yr before, she was
lost ,she didnt know where her house was ,it had gotten dark and she went for
a walk,and got lost .,so i left work and walked her home,as we walked i told
her about how my mom had died a yr before and that i would want someone to do
the same for her if she had gotten lost ,i got her home ,safe and sound ,i
felt happy , when i got back to work ,i was standing by the lottery machine
and heard my mother tell me to play my number more, it was my birthday and i
figured ,why not play, i played it 4 more dollars ,i had won 2900.00, i
thanked my mom , come sept. 26,{her birthday} i decided to play her birthday
to thank her for everything she had done for me ,it came in and once again
won 2900.00, i believe my mom is with me . well those are some of my stories,
i do believe ,some day i'll know for sure .

1947 pennies


I have a ghost story to share.  Approximately nine years ago, my husband and I moved into a new apartment in Mesa, Arizona two weeks before our first child was due to be born.  We had lived in the same complex since we were married, and were just now moving into a two bedroom unit.  The complex itself was built in an orange grove and was no more than 20 years old. Shortly after the baby arrived, strange things started to happen.  One day I walked into his room to check on him while he was napping, and to my surprise several toys were stacked in a tower in the middle of his floor.  Some trick for a two-week old!  As no one else was home, that gave me a little shiver.  The haunting also seemed to involve water.  Faucets in the kitchen and bathroom would turn on full blast with no one near by.  I even had the maintenance man check them out, but even with new gaskets they still turned on by themselves.  We also experienced electrical disturbances. My grandparents had given us a lamp that was turned on by touch for a wedding present.  We had noticed in the past that when lightning struck nearby, the lamp would come on.  In the new apartment, the lamp was often on in the middle of the night or in the morning when we woke up.  By far the oddest manifestation involved pennies.  We would find 1947 pennies on the floor of the kitchen.  We only found them in the kitchen, and they were always 1947 pennies.  At times, we would find two or three at once.  We had a small cupful that we would show to our friends.  At the time, we thought these events were strange, but we weren't terrified.  It could have been that we weren't thinking clearly due to lack of sleep with an infant in the house!  I do know that I didn't like to be alone in the apartment.  I hated to vacuum, because I couldn't hear what was happening around me.  I felt like I couldn't let my guard down.  Needless to say, we didn't renew our lease after six months and moved to a new house.  I have heard of hauntings that involved water, but I would be curious if anyone else has found items like the pennies.

Condo Scare


This story is as scary as they get. I have lived in my condominiums since I
was about 5 years old, I am now 17. Last year three men moved in together 2
houses away. The last summer one of these men committed suicide, I have no
idea why. He rented a van, went to sleep in it as he left the muffler pipe
clogged and let himself die. In the back of his garage is where the suicide
was committed. Now, my best friend lives inside the condominiums and to get
inside I have to pass by the house where this man killed himself. Passing by
the house there is three windows that allow you to see the stairs of the
condominium. I would always pass by these windows and think to my self
"imagine if this guy(the ghost)pops out and scares me". About 5 or 6 months
after his death, I was one night walking by this house headed towards my best
friends house. I looked inside the first window and noticed a man looking out
as if he were nodding his head saying NO! He had the scariest look on his
face and had his eyes wide open. It was the man that had committed suicide
and I knew it. I stopped, looked at the man and immediately ran back home
frightened and shocked as hell. It was the worst feeling ever. I have told
people what I have see but they all tell me I was just seeing things. Im sure
you guys believe me. I know what I saw. I was scared of passing through there
for the next month or so. I never walk through there in the night and if I
do, I never ever look inside that window any longer. I have always been a
believer in ghosts and now that I saw this I am even more of a believer.

The Bouncing Ball


The other day my little girl and I were playing with a
one of those big balls at my mother-in-law house.  As
she threw it back at me it bounced off my hands and
went to the room behind the hanging curtains.  The
lights were not on in that room and the room has a
step down step, so the ball would have to be retrieved
by hand if we wanted it back.  Well my little girl was
going to have to go and get it back, but before she
could get up to do so, the ball returned.  I looked at
her and she looked at me.  She knew the ball could not
return by itself and so she was a little surprised by
what had happened.  It was probably nothing but it was
kind of weird for it to have happened like that.

Info on Gridiron Club, Baltimore, Maryland


I was sent your web site by a friend who knows that I am a true believer.  You can imagine my surprise (most people do not believe in the unknown) when I checked and noted that the Gridiron Club in Baltimore County Maryland was listed as a story.  I once worked at that club which was purchased by the Kiwanis Club of Towson in the late 1960's, however the old building which once housed slaves was in use as the office.  On many occasions I heard footsteps, what sounded like chains (this was explained as the slaves trying to walk), one of the windows in one room would be closed AND locked at night and yet EVERY morning that same window was open!  I saw, what appeared to be, a woman dressed in white (this was thought to be Mrs. Hillen who once lived in the main house and was abusive to the slaves).  I was only frightened once enough to flee the building - I was alone in the office (I worked for the Kiwanis Club) and when I was alone I brought 2 dogs into the office with me.  I heard noises in the back of the building and I had thought I would go investigate until I noticed that both dogs had awakened and the hair on their backs was standing up and they both were growling while looking towards the back of the building.  These dogs didn't growl that I had ever heard, so that was when I made the decision to leave the building.  I do not know what made them growl, and I never found out the reason for their odd behavior.
The building has since been torn down and condos built however I have always wondered if any of the residents have ever heard or seen anything that might suggest ghosts were still around.  I moved to Florida in 1992 and have lost touch with anyone that may know of any unusual happenings at the condos.  I have read that sometimes a ghost will return even if the original building has been replaced.
I plan to visit your web site often as I have always found ghosts to be a fascinating subject.
I have had other experiences at a place where I worked, but have never investigated.
Thanks for letting me share this.

Town House Spirit


I have been living in this town house for about three years. The first
experience I had was a couple of times.The water in my upstairs basin was
running full force. The first time was during the day and when I discouvered
it I thought maybe I had just forgot to turn it off. The second time was
during the night. This stopped and nothing happened again until just before
Easter this year. The first night my dog barked and just thought it was
probably nothing. When I got up that morning my kitchen light was on.  You
doubt yourself, thinking maybe I had forgotten to turn it off that night. Two
nights later the dog barked again, wanting out, and at this time I found the
light to be on again. That was about 1:00 A.M.This time knowing I had turned
it off. The next night I was up until about 12:45 A.M. went upstairs, got
ready for bed and just as I layed down I saw the light was on again. By now I
froze. I finally did get up and turned it off . The other thing I question is
a travel brochure. I had booked a trip on a cruise line and about a week
before we were to leave, I received all the information including the cabin
number. I decided to get the book out to see where it was located and there
was already a check mark after the cabin. At one other point I had ironed a
blouse and hung it on the back of a chair. Forgot about it for a couple of
days. As I was walking through the, which I am in everyday, there
was a button laying in the middle of the floor from this blouse. When I
checked it the button was missing from the pocket and the thread on the
button was tight. It had not been cut . That has been the last occurance.

My two little boys


At the age of 8, my family moved me to the middle east. A small place called
Doha, Qutar. Before we could move into my house there, my family & I had to
stay in a large hotel for about a month. The hallway outside our door
smelled like rotted eggs, and our "room" had enough beds-each in different
compartments- for me and my brother to sleep by our selves leaving my mom &
dad to also have their own room. I suffered from a major case of jet lag. It
was worse than any member in my family. At night, I would just lay in bed,
staring at the ceiling.
                 My room had always given me a chill down my spine. But one
night, I was trying to sleep and a small hand grabbed mine under the covers.
I pulled away, and looked over to that side of the bed. There was the face
of a little Arab boy peeking his head over the side of the bed. He looked
frightened. I screamed and ran to my mom's room. She said it was nothing and
told me to go back to bed. When I got there, he was gone.
                 The next night, I sat up in bed staring at the wall near
the door. The light was off, and my door was closed. I blinked, and when I
opened my eyes again, there was a different little boy in colorful overalls
running towards my bed. He looked even more scared then the boy from the
night before. I couldn't move, I was so shocked. He disappears behind the
foot board, and appeared right in front of me standing up. He reached out
and started shaking me viscously. I still couldn't move to get away, and
just stared at the kid. He looked about 3.
                Suddenly he turned around and screamed, covering his face.
The only way I could explain what happened next is as if something came
sideways through him and he turned to mist from the middle out. It scared me
so much that I screamed bloody murder, and fell off the bed onto the floor.
Coincidentally, the air conditioning came on right then, so my mom could
explain it as just that. I tried to explain, but she cut me off.
                Two years later, I completed 4th grade, and my mom took me
back to America. She had separated from my dad, and my brother had already
left for home about a month before. And since then, I've been trying to
figure out what had happened to those boys...

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