Haunted at Moms and Dads

By: BabyBirdee818@aol.com

My dad had gotten remarried when i was about 6. soon after my stepmom
announced her pregnancy. due to this pregancy they bought a house. the
occurence happened about 1 1/2 months after the birth of my brother. I was 7
and my dad sent my to bed early. around midnight i awoke to my brother
crying. i went over to his crib to find him asleep. this disturb me since i
heard it with my own two ears. i got in to bed and looked at the door to find
a man with a cowboy hat and brown suede suit. the man walked toward the crib
and i tried to get there first. he reached the crib and i ran to get my dad.
when i returned with my dad the window was opened and my brother was in a
different position. my father swears that it was a dream but i know it wasn't.
my second occurence happened at my mom's apartment. i was now 11 and my best
friend had move into the apartment upstairs. on oct 29 i was in my room on
the computer. when i heard a person say hello. i then turned to see a child
sitting on my bed. i ran upstairs. the child looked upset i told my friend.
she believed me since she has had quite a few occurences. that next day i was
playing outside when upon looking up i was  man he waved and gave a cold
smirk and vanished. no one was found on the roof but i think the child and
man have a connection.

The WW2 Nurse

By: s_dunn75@hotmail.com]

When I was a college student, I went to go stay in a friends 100 year old
parent's house that once belonged to her grandparents. There seemed nothing
irregular or unnormal about the house. Till one night, whilst I was sleeping
in my bed, I was awaken by someome stroking my leg. I quickly looked up to
see who it was and saw that it was an old women in a uniform that was
similar to a nurses'. I was frightned at first and moved away, but she told
me that everyhting would be okay and not to worry. I was not frightened
anymore and soon fell back asleep. The next morning I told my friend about
what had happended the previous night and descriced the lady to her and she
said that it was her great grandmother that was a nurse in World War 2 and
had died in that room.

Two Ghost Stories

By: glassysurfash@hotmail.com

Two ghost experiences - one takes place late 70s, other takes place right now...
Okay, so this is true as much as I can make of it, the story didn't really happen to me personally, but my mother and her family - and I'm going to try and explain it in as much detail it was explained to me.
  When my mother was a teenager, I guess around fifteen/sixteen, her family moved into a small house here in Edinburgh (it actually is right across the street from where we live now and my uncle still lives there).  In the house, there lived my mother, her three brothers, and her four sisters, including her mother and father.  The neighbourhood was a pretty tight community, the kind where everyone knows everyones business - the locals told my grandparents that the last owners of the house were an elderly couple known as Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose.  The story was that Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose went on vacation to somewhere in Spain, and whilst there, Mr. Ambrose took a heartattack and died there.  Mrs. Amrbose came back to Edinburgh in Scotland, and she moved out of the house - which brings us up to date where my Grandparents bought it and moved in.  Now for the story...
The first incident that really happened was my Grandmother was sitting in the living room watching TV one night and someone passed right by her.  Well at first she didn't really think anything of it.  She lived in a house with eight children, and most of them were almost grown up at this point and whoever had passed her had been an adult.  However, she discovered about twenty minutes later she was the only one in the house, and had been for over three hours.  Months later, my Grandmother found herself walking in the small hallway and someone passed right by her, again, like before she didn't think of anything of it, except she turned to say something to whoever had passed her and there was no one there...
Things transgressed.  At the age of seventeen my mother started going out with my father, and he would stay over at the house, one night they were lying in bed asleep and my mum woke up and the bed was shaking violently, she couldn't move, she finally found the strength to lean over and she discovered the bed was hovering about a foot in the air.  She freaked out and started screaming and shaking my dad, but nothing would wake him.  There were various other incidents like things moving around on their own, voices in the middle of the night, a sense of foreboding, especially in the back room.  The only thing my mother and her family could ever assume about the ghost was that it was Mr. Ambrose had come back and was looking for his wife...either that or he was just a really upset ghost.
This one is more recent, it's been happening to me lately.  I've had a few various ghost experiences, but nothing really worth reporting before.  Lately, this stuff all just started happening...  One night, I was reading in my room, I fell asleep with the light on, and I sort of hovered into being awake, facing the closet door - a sweater a friend had loaned me was hanging off the door knob and I saw the material move and shimmer (whenever it moves it kind of glitters) and the shape of a hand gripping the front half of the top through the material was quite visable, I was terrified.  I lay there, I did not sleep again that night.
Last week, I fell asleep at about three in the morning, I woke up and the large "men in black" poster I have on one of my walls had been taken down and rolled up...and the six pins that had been holding it to the wall were lined up on the window sill - the weird thing is I lock my room from the inside and it's a latch lock which can't be unlocked from the outside period.  I was freaked out.  Every time I come into my room these days I find the same piece of paper in my room laying down on the floor face down - the paper has the lyrics to "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan and it's the only piece of paper the ghost keeps tearing down from my pinboard and throwing to the floor - out of 40 other things it could tear from that pinboard, its always the page with "Angel" on it.  Sometimes also I wake up in the middle of the night and feel something heavy laying on my feet - like my dog used to do before she died in January.  So far the ghost hasn't really hurt me, but I don't know if it intends to.

Maryland Moans

By: Ickiris66@aol.com

      In June on 99 me and my ex girlfriend went to a house in
Maryland. We Had to park where the road ends duck under a gate and walk the
path that takes about 25 min till you just reach the yard of the house, the
path is coveted in trees so its all most like a tunnel. When you reach the
yard you'll start to come across cold spots, me and my ex being the ghost
hunters we are knew what this ment. the path in the yard is also covered in
bushes and over growth from the many years of neglect, so being able to see 5
feet in front of you is out of the question, thank God for flash lights. We
approach the house, now mind you this house hasn't been touched in at least
60 years its been abandoned for this long, we walked in side, checking out
the down stairs, nothing exciting so we proceed towards the basement when we
heard walking on the top floor, we decided to skip the basement and find out
who or what was up stairs. The way the second floor was set up, stairs take
you to a hall where you can the go right or left, all the doors are shut on
the top floor. We make a right and head to the end of the hall opening all
the door, checking all rooms and closing the doors when were done. We mad it
to the bathroom at the end of the hall when we heard a door shut behind us,
It turned us around to proceed to the other end of the hall. passing the step
we came to 2 rooms, one on the right one on the left. I took the room on the
left, when I put my foot in the room I heard crying (very faint) all the
sudden sheet rock and floor debree started flying and a terrible scratching
noise came from the walls, I jumped out of the room pulling my girlfriend in
to the room to the right. Standing there frantic and scared with our feet
pressed on the door, she started gagging, complain of a putrid smell which i
didn't smell at all, then when she said it was gone i started to smell it and
gagged it was the smell of a decomposing body. i tryed to kick the window
open to no avail, on the count of 3 we both swung open the door leaped down
the stairs, ran out the front door, havent returned to the house sence. i
know what ever i encountered was not happy with me being there
      Fort Howard Baltimore, MD, went camping with some friends for the BWC
Baltimore war-gaming club, I was down by the dungeons when I saw a figure
(the torso) about 100 yards from me, it swayed side to side before it dashed
in to the dungeon. I told every one but they laughed at me.

Haunted House

By: elizabeth_khan@hotmail.com

My sister and I talk about it all the time.  We lived thier when we were
children.  About little people coming to get us.  It was a time portal
thing.  I remeber the otherside and how they inslaved many children into
building and digging for us.  I think on a sub conscious level it even
effected are father.  When he went in the basement and moved the sub pup the
visitations stopped.
This house was near Chanoot AirForce Base.  My sister and I also talk about
the underground city their.  Which I beleive even extends in to Indiana.
Sometimes I even have nightmares of all the drilling that was being down by
the two situations.  My sister and I were always told we were imaginative.
I do not beleive this is the case if my sister and I can remember these two
I am not sure if this house is standing to day.  It also use to have a lot
of geods(rocks) that were in the back yard.  Our father also had those
removed as well.  We beleave thats why the little people were so attracted
to this house.

He Didn't Believe

By: csmith258@juno.com
     I'm a 34 year old mother of two and I grew up in Los Angeles
California. When I was 4 years old my parents lived in a brightly colored
pink house with white trim near the LAX airport. The house was bought
by the airport a few years later and it was demolished due to the LAX
airport expansion.  The story as my father tells it goes like this:
    1971, we looked at a lot of houses and we fell in love with this one!
 The old man and woman we were buying from had owned the house
since 1945 when it was brand new. The old woman loved the house
dearly and didn't want to sell, but the old man said due to the financial
constraints of retirement it just wasn't feasible to keep the house any
longer. The old woman put up a mighty big fuss but the old man won
out and now we had our first home as a married couple. Some months
later the old man wrote us a letter telling us that his wife was so
saddened by the loss of the house that after they moved she slipped into
a depression and had passed away quietly in her sleep. We felt bad
for the old woman because we had grown to love the house just as
much as she had. My wife and I joked about the old woman possibly
coming back to stay with us in the afterlife because of her love
for the house. A few weeks after the letter came strange things began
occurring around the house.  In the middle of the night I would be
wakened by the sound of a basketball bouncing around in side the
garage, I would get up and go out to the garage and find nothing out of
 the ordinary, as soon as I slipped back into bed the noise
began again.  This continued on throughout the night and I brought
the basketball inside the house and the noise still continued? How
can a basketball make a sound in the garage when its on the floor
in my bedroom? I was seriously disturbed by all this! This little
game continued for weeks and I wasn't getting any sleep at night
so I finally decided to turn the garage into a spare bedroom!  I
layed carpet  and put in some furniture. The noise stopped!
      Since she couldn't annoy us via the garage any more she began
finding other creative ways to do her bidding.  When my wife or I
took our showers she would slowly turn the hot water up until it
was scalding hot! You could watch the knobs literally turn
by themselves!! I can tell you it scared the willies out of us! It got
to a point where we didn't want to shower any more! We were
going to our in-laws to shower, and the in-laws thought we were
crazy!  We would watch television and she would change the
channels and move the rabbit ears in different directions so the
channels were always fuzzy, she would open doors and close
windows, and sometimes when we walked into a room it would
be very cold, a bizarre kind of cold that sent shivers up your spine!
     My wife and I were completely frustrated and exhausted,
we were open to any ideas, then we received word that the airport
was buying up houses in the neighborhood so we took the offer
and bought another house 5 blocks away.
                        That's the story: My dad never believed in
ghosts, but after that experience he's not so sure anymore. He can't
 give any simple explanation to the odd things that happened and
he'll never forget how terrified he felt!

A Dark Message

By: lepracon@rochester.rr.com

this story was told to me by my mother and grandmother when i was younger.
This incident took place when my mother was between eight and nine years
old,back in the 40's sometime. my mother was in bed with her two other
sisters late at night sleeping, when she awoke to see a black figure
standing next to her by the bed. she was so frightened , she screamed for
her mother to come to her room,and that someone was near her bed. her mother
ran to her room with a broom, and told the "figure" to leave her daughter's
room because it was scaring her. her mother chased it down the stairs
through the house and "through" the back door of the kitchen. i say through
because my grandmother said that it did not open the door to run out, but it
went through the door and disappeared. within that week, my mother fell ill.
she was diagnosed with rheumatic fever, and was laid up in bed for a year. i
also would like to say that a similar experience happened to my
grandmother's brother. he fell ill and was diagnosed with polio shortly
after his experience. thank you for having this page.

A Few Odd Experiences

By: asulliv2@rochester.rr.com

I have spent hours reading everyone's encounters, and I must say I am impressed with the many common themes that arise over and over. I too, have had a few odd experiences, but I always chalked them up to my imagination. Now that I have read the stories on this site, I am not so sure. Although my experiences are mild, I feel inclined to share them now.
The first thing I remember is a feeling. We lived in a very old farmhouse in upstate NY. My family moved in when I was two, and I remember when my parents put me to bed at night I would hear someone walking down the hall outside my room. I always thought that the house was so old that it just creaked a lot. I also used to get a strange feeling at bedtime. I could never go to sleep because I felt like if I rolled on my side that someone was behind me watching. I acquired about seventeen stuffed animals (I was about seven at the time) and started lining them up along my back at bedtime. This gave me the feeling that I was safe, and I would go to sleep. I used to think that eventually I just out grew this silly fear, but when I started reading this site, I realized that my ability to fall asleep without the stuffed animals developed after we moved out of that house. Once I settled into my new house for a few months, I got rid of the stuffed animals (I was eleven by then.) The only other thing that happened in that house was once I woke up from a bad dream to find a little midget on my dresser. He was mean, and there were little things flying around his head (kind of like little tinker bells.) I was terrified and felt very sick. One of the little things floating around asked, "What should we do with her?" and the little midget said, "lets kill her!" I was terrified and was sure it was real. I hid under the covers and cried and the next morning I was still very upset, but was sure that I must have been hallucinating from illness. I only question it now because of some of the stories I have read on this site, and the fact that I am not prone to fevers. I could be close to death and never get a fever. I am now thirty four, and still don't spike a fever higher than 99 degrees. I mention this because I have never known illness to cause hallucinations unless there is a high fever. That night the only thing I had was a terrible stomach ache. I also have a vague memory of being terrified by something in that room when I was much younger-what I can't say-but I remember going out so sleep in the hall because I just couldn't stay in that room anymore. My parents have a picture of me curled up sleeping in the hall that night.
Things were quiet until I married and moved into our first house with my boys and husband. This house was built in 1914 and was owned by one family until we bought it from the daughters of the people that died while living there.
While I was there cleaning before we moved in, I kept feeling like someone was there. Forgetting that I was alone, I would turn to talk to my husband, and of course there would be no answer. I mostly felt the presence while I stood at the kitchen sink. I kept thinking someone was standing behind me. I never mentioned this feeling to my husband, and on the day we moved everything in, he was setting up the television for the boys, and started flipping out that something cold had rubbed the back of his leg (he was wearing shorts.)
Three months after we moved in, the woman that rented the upstairs from us moved out because we raised the rent.
It took us a couple of months to rent it again, so it was empty for two months. One day I was home sick from work by myself. All of the sudden right over me in the upstairs kitchen I heard kitchen chairs pulling away from a table like several people were getting up to leave. It took me about ten seconds to realize that not only did no one live up there, but there was also no kitchen table or chairs up there! I was really freaked out.
Once we finally rented the apartment, I forgot about the kitchen thing, but often wondered if I was crazy because I noticed two types of foot steps upstairs. This was strange because the apartment was rented by a very quiet woman with VERY few visitors. I thought that she had a boyfriend for a while, but she didn't. Anyway, one night my husband and I were in bed at about ten thirty at night. As a couple will occasionally do, we decided to take advantage of our time alone. When we were done, we heard someone get up from the couch upstairs (her living room was right over our bedroom) and walk to the kitchen. My husband and I both snickered and made little comments about her hearing our goings on moments before. We then heard the foot steps return to the living room and stop where they started-right over us. We both decided that since she had been right over us, she could have heard our intimate moment. Except that about fifteen minutes later, we heard her come home! I opened our door and asked her if anyone was staying with her, and she said no. Needless to say, she thought we were a little nuts (perhaps on drugs) because we were stopping her at eleven at night to question her guest status!
After that I noticed the difference in her footsteps verses the heavier man like steps I would hear on occasion. Also, I would hear a rocking chair creaking the floor in the afternoons. I have a friend that can "feel" a presence and has claimed to see many  a vision, and she admitted to me that she never liked that upstairs. Eventually our tenant moved out and we opened the whole house up. She went up there once, but didn't want to stay. The attic made her even more uncomfortable. My son often claimed to see a man in his room at night. But you know how we disregard kids.....We moved out a year and a half ago, and all is quiet for now.
Sometime I will tell you about my nieces house. Until then, thanks for listening and creating such a cool website. Now I can truly believe that what I have experienced is not my crazy brain but something real.

A Ghost Story

By: twilder@penn.com

hi, my name is nichole and i have allot of ghost encounters in my life time one of which is when i was a little girl  i used to stay with my grandparents  which lived in the same town as i did i liked staying with them because they spoiled me rotten well back to the ghost story at my grand parents house i had my own room that i shared with my older cousin jessicia which some times visited from Pittsburgh i liked most visits to grandmas house but on this visit it was not pleasant i was sick and did not feel good i was sleeping i my bed and i woke up for no reason and saw a white figure on the sealing and it was in a praying position and i did what most people would do i screamed i was really little though and i ran to my grandparents room still screaming they calmed me down and asked me what had happened i told them and they took me home to spend the rest of the night there it just so happened that my grandmother was not to happy that day because her mother died ! a couple of days before that  now that room was haunted because a couple of weeks later i saw a figure at the end of my bed it was slouched over and looked in its face like  ET but had red eyes and the praying figure appeared on the sealing again and looked like it was protecting me from that thing you see the thing is that my grandmothers mother the one that died only days before those incidents i think was an angel that protected me from the ugly evil presents my cousin jessicia said she saw the same thing  days before is it possible for you to ever imagine why great grandma was there when she had never seen me before in her life all i can say is i love her and will never forget her ever

A GHost Tried to Get Me!


I was around 5 years old. My family moved into a house
built during the Colonial days and alot of strange
things were happening. These would happen in front of
other people and when there was no one around. Small
things at first. The stove kept turning on by itself.
Then one day it blew up. My older brother recalls
seeing shadows everywhere. Then the normal stuff,
lights going on, footsteps ...etc, etc. But two
incidents have stuck with me. First, I was laying bed
and my brother was in the room with me. He looked up
to the window and saw a face, lizard-like in
appearance. I began crying, I was a deaf child, so I
wasn't able speak to well. I started yelling things,
but my mother couldn't make out what I saying, so she
didn't investigate. My brother has a better
recollection of this than I do. he says he noticed
that the moon in the background was very small. The
face floated away, and the moon got bigger. Then the
second thing is what happened to me. This I do
remember. The garage was apart from the house. The
doors where on a track and rolled to the sides. one
day I was out playing on a toy that I had A little
down the driveway, but not at all in the way of the
door. The driveway itself comes up on the side of the
garage and and curves to the right to meet up with the
garage doors. I was in the driveway and the door
nearest me jumped off the track, did a 90 degree turn
and fell on me. I remember this, and my grandmother
was witness to this. The door actually jumped free of
the track, TURNED 90 degrees, then fell. I have
pictures to this day of how badly I was hurt. My
family actually did move out later because of these

Thank you for taking time to read this, I have told
you my story.

A Haunting in West Virginia

By: Undertaker22592@aol.com

hello my name is jodi and i would lke to report some things that i have seen
in  west virginia:
a place called lucas dairy  i lived in a house there for two yrs. and every
night we went to sleep we would hear noises like a lady crying  and somethin
walking down our stairs. so oone night i went to sleep and my mother woke up
screaming for my father he kept saying what's wrong she said there was
something in the house he got up and checked nothing.  the next night he
stayed up and fell  asleep and my mother awoke again and was going downstairs
for  a drink of water and she saw a blurry vision walking downstairs and she
heard something crying my mother was pretty freaked out !! so she    ran back
up the steps crying and holding me and my sister and my father the next
morning we went to our landlord  and asked him about if anyone else has seen
visions he said yes but he didn't think anyone was  serious so he went and
looked  back in his family history book and it said that it is believed that
three witches sacrificed a woman and her baby and that the woman still roams
the house looking for her lost infant because supposively the baby was
sacrificed after the mother and burried in the wall!!
and  we were the last people ever to live in that house after it had been
discovered noone has lived there since and noone will again !!!!

A Haunting

By: suzij@bellsouth.net

I have an old farmhouse in Okla that was purchased by my father from a catholic church in a nearby town and moved onto the property in about 1972.  The house was used as the rectory.
The first time I set foot in the house was before it was moved and I 'bout ran over my dad getting out again. I could feel a chilling presence in the heat of a mid August afternoon.  My father passed away on the property (not in the house) in 1977.  My mother lived in the house until apprx 1993 when she was moved to a nursing home.  My father in law lived in the house until 1998 when he took his own life in the house.  It was 2 weeks before his body was found.
Currently, my cousin and her adult daughter are living in the house.
Earlier this month, my daughter, her husband and two children met me at "the farm" for the family reunion.  Photo's were taken in the house of the kids at various times.  In each picture that was taken inside the house there is a white blob that blocks out a good bit of the photo.  Of the photo's of the kids...not one turned out.  The presence blocks out that portion of the picture that would be the kid.  The roll of film was started here in Georgia, middle part was in the house, end was at the local cemetary.  All photo's are fine except the ones inside the house.
During the years, people who have been in the house have commented on it being "haunted".

A House Warming and Distressed Spirits

By: JayMack@cfl.rr.com]

Hi my name is Jay and this is a small story about my mothers house in Upstate Central Camden New York.  As a school kid I use to walk to school with my borther and a few friends, we always use to remark about this certain house on our way to school and say it was haunted.  When I turned 17 my mother and step-father bought the house(imagine my surprise) Now mind you I have been really into the subject of ghosts for a very long time and this was my first experience with them.  Just after we moved into the house I was putting things away late one nite, went to bed and woke up to find everything I put away stacked neatly next to my bed.  This went on for a whole weekend with the same objects.  A few years down the road, U had just gotten out of work, went to a friends house and baby sat for them for a few hrs, came home and went to bed.  While trying to get to sleep wearing headphones plugged into a cd player I heard them.  I could hear them walking up and down the staircase from the wood room to the attic, the house was built in 1827 and there hadn't been stairs there for well over a hundred years.  I could also hear the dog(s) pacing around and walking in the wood room, we had one dog and he was next to my bed.  I also could hear the music and conversation.  It was really an amazing experience.  I have told my mother that story for about 10 years now and it wasnt until a year ago when she finally asked me if her house is haunted, of course I told her yes and relayed my story yet again.  She told me that explained alot over the years.  Thats when se finally told me about the typical haunting activities, lights on and off when no one is home or in that room, or even when someone is in that room the lights will go on and off, cold spots on occassion, and the feeling of relaxeness and friendliness and comfort coming from the home itself.  Just recently my mother and step dad have been talking about moving after retirement in four years, I guess the other residents arent too happy with that.  Seems as though that while everyone was at work they took the mirrir off of my mothers vanity dresser ( I can personally vouche that that mirror is heavy lol) and the knocked a door half way off its hinges on the cupboard hutch.  All is well in the house right now, I talked my mom through a conversation with them having her explain to them what is going on and that she didnt mean to upset them.  LOL it was kinda difficult but fun trying to talk a non pagan person through such a thing.  Good thing she is very open minded :)  I have 2 other ghost tales to tell one in Delaware, and one in Florida, all places I have lived or currently live.  I will share these another time as it is late and I have to work in the am :)  Thanx for listening and keep up the excellent work on the site :-)


By: Lydia.Cisneros@asapconsultants.net

I really hope you use this story since it is true. Maybe it can help

My story starts in 1994. I was pregnant with my 7th child ( though I didnt
know it) I had had 6 girls already there ages ranging from 11 to 3 yrs old.
My whole family is mainly made up of mostly women so when I had Adrian my
family was just estatic over him there waws always someone ther to hold him,
feed him, change him basiclly he has it made and loved every minute of it.
He was the kind of baby that was so quite and hardly ever cried you forgot
he was there.  Well this early spring morning I was feeling sick which we
thought at the time was me getting over a real bad kidney infection( It
wasnt) My husband had told me to get the kids ready and we would go out to
eat breakfast. So Irma (4) went with him to the store to but some things he
needed for the house and bought a small plastic swimming pool for the kids
,but also bought Adrian some arm floats so that he could get in with the
girls. My youngest daughter was taking a bath and I right then and there
made the biggest mistake of my life that I will regret till I die . To try
and hurry up I put Adrian in the tub with Dee Dee (3). I then went back to
the kitchen and continued to clean the rest of the hopuse ckecking in on
them several times. When i went back to get them out my daughter was holding
my son up from under his arms from behind as if trying to hold him up. My
could laid down flat on his back and his face would still have been above
water.  I pulled him out and started CPR till the ambulance got there . To
make this story shorter my son died 3 days later. He was 10 months old and
could already walk and didnt take a bottle. He could also get of the bed
himself but couldnt get back on so he had the habit that if he got off and
wanted to get back on he would nudge the bed until I woke up and got him
back in bed with me. He loved to run in the hall way where my bathroom was.
SO soon after my son died I found out I was pregnant again to say the least
I didnt want another child. A couple of months passed when I started to hear
and see strange things But I wasnt scared at all every one else was
including my sister one night late while she was watching TV she said she
saw a shadow out of the corner of her eye a small figure running in the hall
by the bathroom my sister left the next day back to my moms house and didnt
spend the night for a long time after. Another time my husband left for work
early every morning  at about 5:30 am and I would usually go back to sleep
this time I kept feeling my bed move at first I thought it was my husband
trying to get me to wake up I looked up and there was no one there so I went
back to sleep again a little while later I felt it again at that point I
knew who it was and for some strange reason I scuted ove on the bed picked
up the covers as if to make room for him in the bed like I use to.  This
continued till I moved out of my home almost three years later. also there
would be times that I would be cleaning the house while the kids where at
school and I ahd pictures of him and his toys on the wall on shelves would
fall for no reason and I know it was him trying to get my attention to play
with him and I would stop what I was doing and talk to him and let him know
that I loved him and that I was sorry for what happend. Later that year I
gave birth to a baby boy on Halloween night. My son never got the chance to
meet his brother but speaks of him as thought he knows him and will tell me
things that only I know to be true .
My sons look like as if they were meant to be twins ..

An Overprotective Ghost?

By: WOOKlEWOO@aol.com

Hi Dave!  A good friend of mine, and also the only other person who knows of
my experiences, other than the people it happened to, recommended your site
to me.  After taking a gander at your story, I suppose I feel comfortable
enough in sharing mine.  Heck, who wouldn't??
I would like to know if there is such a thing as an overprotective ghost.
Here's my story:
When I was 18, and immediately after I graduated high school, I married my
first husband.  I was deeply in love with him, and also wanted so badly to
get away from my parents.  Well, as time progressed, my husband quickly
became somewhat abusive.  Sometimes physically, but mentally for the most
part.  We had one son during our marriage.  After 3 years of enduring the
bullcrap and feeling helpless, I was crying myself to sleep one night, as I
often did.  A voice which was as clear as a real person told me to take my
son and get out.  At the time, I thought we were being threatened.  The next
morning, for some strange reason I was a completely different person.  Maybe
it was due to the feeling of being threatened by something unknown, or just a
surge of confidence.  At any rate, we moved into an apartment complex just
across the street from my parents house.  It only took a matter of one day to
make up my mind and have my own place by that night.
Everything was going great until I started dating.  Never did I let any of
the men meet my son, who was 2 at the time, (because I certainly didn't want
my son being witness to men coming and going through my life).  He would stay
at my Mom and Dad's house if I had plans.  Therefore, he was nowhere around
to know what I was doing, much less play any pranks.  The first time I had
ever gone out, he had shown up a little early.  I told him I just needed a
few more minutes to finish getting ready, and I did the usual, cordial stuff
such as offer him a seat and a drink, blah, blah.  Well, as I was coming from
the kitchen with a soft drink for him, he just looked at me with the most
puzzled look I had ever seen.  I laughed and said, "Don't worry, I didn't
poison it or anything.  That comes later."  He kind of halfheartedly smiled
and asked me if my son was there.  I told him no and became a bit leary that
he had asked, wondering what he may be up to.  (I didn't have much trust in
men at this point.)  I said with a serious and stern voice, "Why would you
ask such a thing?"  He said that while I was in the kitchen, a voice right in
his ear said, "You had better treat her with respect."  I had goosebumps
after he told me that.  I laughed it off saying, "Well that sounds like some
pretty sound advice to me."
As I was getting ready he hollered at me from the living room.  I came out
and asked him if he needed anything.  He was already standing up, and said he
had to go.  Obviously, a bit surprised, I asked him if everything was okay
and told him I was only joking about the poison.  He told me it wasn't me he
was afraid of, it was the guy in my apartment.  I told him to stop trying to
creep me out because after all, I had to live there, and if this was his way
of trying to get me to jump into his arms with fear, then he would be more
likely to get a kick in the throat first.  He told me he was serious and said
that while I was finishing getting ready, the same voice said to him, "Don't
frighten her with your words, either!"  Again, I had goosebumps.  He asked me
what that meant, and if I had a tape recorder or something and I told him I
didn't know anything about any voices or tape recorders.  I agreed with his
decision and told him that he had probably better leave.  Although, at the
time, I thought HE was the weirdo!!
I went across the street and fetched my son and just told my parents that I
started to feel sick and called off my plans.  They asked if they needed to
keep my son overnight so I could get some rest, but I declined and we both
headed back to our apartment.  Later that night, after I had tucked my son
into bed and, just as I had laid down on the couch to go to sleep, I heard a
man's voice tell me, "You'll always be safe now."  I freaked out at first,
but then after I closed my eyes and pulled the blanket up over my head and
waited awhile, I felt the most inner peace I had ever felt in my life.  It
was as if I had finally found that 'unconditional love' that I had always
wanted from someone, other than my son.  Then, I felt a little sorry for
thinking my 'non-date' was a weirdo.
After about a month, again I attempted to go on yet another date.  Except
this time, I purposely ran behind to see if the same thing would happen to
this poor fella.  Again, it did.  But this time around, the guy actually went
through with the date.  However, he didn't reveal anything to me until we
were at the restaurant.  He said that he heard a man's voice telling him to,
"Be nice."  I pretended that this was the first I had heard anything like
that.  We never became serious, but it wasn't due to the voice.
Two and a half years later, I met the man whom I am married to now. He still
hears the voice about once a week.  Pretty much reassuring my husband that I
can do no wrong in 'his' eyes.  At least that's what my husband feels.  As
the years have gone by, (about 8), this presence has evolved from only a
voice to a presence as well, showing itself every now and then, but only to
me.  Not a vivid sight that I can look straight at, but somewhat of a shadow
that I can only see with peripheral vision.  I'm not frightened because he
has never done any physical harm to my children nor to me.  And honestly, I
feel very secure with him around.
However, my husband does get the short end of the deal.  Anytime we argue or
if I'm mad at my husband, our 'ghost', whom I had begun to call "Slim",
(because his shadow seems slim, and also that was about the amount of a
chance any guy would have while he was around), begins slamming cabinet
doors, or turning the t.v. volume up, or flushing the toilet.  Anything to
get our attention.  Then, my husband will go off into the bedroom, and just
as he gets all the way into the room, Slim will slam the door shut, as if to
punish my husband like he were a child.  But Slim never breaks anything.  I
suppose he respects our things.  He also has respect for our two boys.  I say
this because all the while he's slamming things, the children have never
heard a thing.  They can be in the next room and never hear the cabinet
doors, the t.v. volume becoming louder (even if they're sitting right in
front of it watching it), or anything for that matter.
The only time Slim really puts the fear into my husband is if my husband does
something that has really hurt my feelings.  Such as the time I had made an
elaborate dinner on our 3rd Anniversary, and my husband, being the typical
male, forgot what day it was, and hung out with his friends at a sports pub.
Slim didn't like that at all.  The minute my husband came home, the front
porch light turned off and all the locks on the doors locked.  After I said
aloud that it was okay for him to come inside, the doors unlocked and the
porchlight came on, but very dimly.  I couldn't help but to snicker at that
one.  That night, my husband had very unnerving dreams about me engaged in
different sexual relations.  He told me that every scene included me with a
different guy each time.  He also told me that in the dream, Slim played the
narrator, and kept repeating over and over, "She could have anyone she wants,
but I'm the one who knows her best" in a very condescending type of way.  He
told me that this was probably because he had recalled the movie "Flatliners"
in his sleep.  But that morning, when he had finished his shower, Slim had
written a message on the mirror that said, "No, but I did".
Since then, my husband has NEVER forgotten any special occasions.  He even
bought me a gift for "Administration Day"!!  I realize this is probably not a
very healthy relationship, but my husband knew the circumstances before he
had asked me to marry him.  Thank you for your time!

An Unusual Event


Incident: We had received a phone call from our daughter in which she told us she wanted to go out to eat after a football game. She had been feeling badly earlier so we told her to come home. She was upset. So we were preparing a meal for her to eat when she got home.
Both my wife and I were standing by the stove in the kitchen and clearly heard the front door open and close. Immediately, Spike, a cat located in the dining room, showed a strong fear reaction, jumping down from the dining table and running out of the room. At this point, hearing the rustling sounds of a person in the entry hall, I began to walk from the kitchen to the entry hall to see who had come in the door. I was preceded by Katie, another cat, who walked before me, looking toward the entry hall in a curious, searching manner. I saw in my peripheral vision a light colored blur for a second as I passed through the dining room. I looked in the entry hall, bedroom and study and saw no one and returned to the kitchen.
My wife had remained in the kitchen. She assumed that she had heard the sounds of our daughter returning home. When I returned to the kitchen, she noticed a strange look on my face . I told her that no one had come in and she, at once, knew a strange event had taken place.
We both discussed what we had perceived. We were both certain we had heard the front door open and close. My wife had clearly heard footfalls, I had not. We both remarked on the cats' behavior.
About five minutes later, Our daughter arrived and had to ring the doorbell to get in, the front door being locked the whole time.

Abandoned House

By: JesusChrist@zombieweb.com

I am a fellow ghost hunter and have my own crew of hunter. We are called "Reaper and crew Ghost Hunter." My name I Kimberly. I have been doing this line of work for almost all my life. Recently, my crew and I have been going back and forth between two places. THere is this house the I go to. It's small and creepy. Don't get me wrong, I usually don't get scared, so for me to get scared, it means it must be bad. I've been in there 47 times and everytime it feels like it's pulling me back. There is a story to this place though. No one actually knows it all but it's some freaky shiznit.
The Story:
Not too long ago, I was introduced to an old abandoned house by my friends Brandon, and boyfriends at the times, Robin. Ever since something has wanted me back there.
There used to be names all carved into the wall of the stairs, and on my 7th time going, I carved my name into it too. The next time I went my name was the only one left. (Now no one ever goes in there to fix the place up so I definitely know that it wasn't anyone. It's still boarded up....somewhat) Well, not too long ago I dragged my crew into there. I though it was a bad idea. But they really wanted to go. Well on our 3rd visit something bad finally happened. My friends Fee was going upstairs to the attic when all of the sudden I get called in. I found her shaking and screaming in pain. She was being phased into. I tried to force the spirits out of her but to no avail. I told her she had to get it out of her if she wanted to live....
Fast forward, to a few weeks ago, it was a Tuesday. The land was covered in a bed of fog. It was my crew and I, plus 1 extra person. The crew didn't want to go in so I went in with my friends Ryan and Ian. We headed up the long field and I swore I saw a large beast-like figure walking towards us. I crouched down and it soon mimmicked me. My friend Ryan saw it happen. Then I said "We don't have much time. We have to get in the house and quickly." I stood up and we all ran into the house. Stupid me had no shoes or sandles on, but I was fine. Except I now have 3 cuts on my feet. I gave Ian the "Grand Tour" lol. We went to the first basement. We went down the stairs, and in a dream I had there was something burried at the bottom of the steps. So we brought a shovel to see if there was anything there...It was concrete. But I stood where the old man died. You could feel the cold spot very well. All of the sudden I heard Fee up at the window asking for help. I told Ryan to go help her since she didn't have a flashli got up and began to drag her. I let them go first to make sure she got out safely. When I got the the second floor stairs I felt something large grab my rib cage and squeeze my like I was a orange. I lost all breath in my and I turned purple. I fell down and stood up soon after. We got to the first floor and I saw something croutched at the stairs. I let them get out first and I was the last one to exit as usual :) Troy was outside looking out at the woods because he said he saw something. He was in a cop stance with his gun out. I soon realized that they did containment spells on the place. Which was a bad idea. The thing I was seeing is a guardian force of that land. The people who once lived there were tortured and taunted by this thing. The planted trees because the thought it was good for protection. But what they don't know is that it making that thing stronger. It's strange though, evertime I go there there are new trees planted. I mean freshly planted. I've seen the guardian though. Well That's it for now.

Banging Cups

By: brat_princess5@hotmail.com

My name is Araby.  I was looking at your ghost stories and I have one to share with you, this particular fragment is called       "Banging Cups":
I have had very many things that just can't be explained happen to me since I was just 1. (Yes, I can remember that far back when something unforgettable happens to you its very easy to.........)  Any ways, One of the most frightening things ever to happen to me was when I was 12. I'll start from the beginning.  You see, my mom keeps a tall, green, swirvey glass besides the blender.  She uses it every morning, so it is always there at nite.  I had gotten a very bad ear ache and I couldnt sleep, because I couldn't put pressure on my ear.  So I decided to go to the living room and watch a little t.v. and maybe I could fall asleep setting down with no pain.  Well, when I got out to the living room, I turned on the t.v. and I had my pillow and blanket in my hand. I sat down on the couch, and the t.v. was just too bright, so I turned it to a channel wher't any way to wake me up, either.  Ever since then, I could finish other peoples sentences and know what people are thinking and that kind of thing.  Thank you for taking the time to read my stories.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me. Thank you so much again

Basement Door

By: Claire from Ontario, Canada

Okay, so here it is.  I guess I was about 16 years old living out in the country in Ontario, Canada.  My parents lived in a survey that used to be all farm land.  Well, one night I was home alone because my parents had gone out to my aunt and uncles house for a party.  Not an unusual occurance for a 16 year old to be home alone.  Now, I'm sure this didn't help but I decided to watch the movie Halloween that night and even turned out all of the lights for effect (I was always into scary movies and such, still am).  My dog at the time was laying beside my chair on the floor in the family room.  The family room had two entrances - one large one that opened up to the kitchen and a normal sized one that opened up to the hallway that led to the basement door at the end.  Now this basement door always stuck so that to open it you would have to turn the knob and give it a bit of a tug and it always made this screeching kind of noise as it came loose.  Well there I am at about 10:00 pm watching this movie when my dog who was asleep suddenly puts her head up (she was lying in front of the doorway that opens to the basement door hallway), and begins this really low growling noise.  I lean over the side of my chair to see what she's looking at and she's staring right at the basement door.  I figured she was hearing things and told her to be quiet.  Usually she was a very obedient dog but she completely ignored me this time.  Well by then I was getting pretty nervous because she won't look away from the basement door and she won't stop growling.  So by this time I'm standing up looking down the hall at the basement door too and am scared to death because I'm thinking that maybe someone got into the house and was hiding behind the basement door.  Well then doesn't the door open.  I'm standing there watching the door and I can't see the knob turning because it's down the hall and it's dark, but all of a sudden I hear that screeching noise the door makes when it's being opened and my dog jumps up and barks at the door and starts to growl really loudly - although she won't go anywhere near the door.    So the door opens but only a crack and then after a second it closes again.  Now there was a fan on in the room I was in but first of all it's too far away from the basement door to be able to close it - I mean you had to give it a pretty good push to get it closed - and even then, how the hell did it open in the first place?  So I calmly strolled into the kitchen and picked up a large butcher knife and scooted over to the phone to call my friend who lived just down the street (remember I still thought that maybe someone got into my house and was hiding downstairs and I sure wnated to be armed in case anything popped out of that basement door and headed my way).  I whispered into the phone to my friend that I thought someone was in the house and that I was coming to her place.  After I hung up I said to my dog in as normal a voice I could "come on, I'd better take you out for a walk", opened the side door, closed it behind us and ran like hell in bare feet down a gravel driveway and all the way down the street with a butcher knife in hand and a madly barking dog running beside me (what people must have thought if they looked out their window at just that moment).  I phoned my parents from her house and refused to go home until they were there and had checked out the house, which they did and of course found nothing.  Nothing else ever really happened after that except that occasionally my dog would abruptly stare at the basement door and growl slightly under her breath.



I have always believed in the occult.  Well, not necesarily the Occult, per se, but I have believed in ghosts since I was a wee little girl.  Anyway, last year, me and about seven friends had a holoween party.  One of my friends brought her Ouija board.  I have a ouija board of my own, but it doesn't really do much, as opposed to my friend's, who had had a long run of very creepy messages.  Anyway.  I was in the mood for some serious communication so I set down an ultimatum.  All of those who didn't believe or would want to mess up the seance left, and we were left with me and my 5 best friends, all of whom are very serious about this sort of thing.  I honestly doubt any of them would rig a seance.  So, I lit the candles and started the procedures.  We started by asking simple questions.  Then we asked it it's name.  It spelt out S P I R I T.  This totally freaked out one of the girls, who backed off from the board.  Then we asked what the name of my friend's (the one sitting out) great-aunts name.  It replied WHICH ONE.  We refined our question, asking 'what is Elayna's (the girl's) great aunt's name, the one with two others of the same?'  (she had 3 great aunts with the same name)  it replied I DON'T KNOW.  Which was somewhat dissapointing, but honest, and startlingly coherent.  Then we asked 'Is there anything you want to tell us?'  At this point things started going wierd.  I had lit about 6 candles.  All of them started flickering, and two went out.  Then it said WHO WILL LIE.  I got the wierdest feeling in my throat-- but that may have been because I was scared.  The little indicator thing came to rest on Goodbye.  At this point, one of the insensitive few who'd left came and pounded on the window, giving us all minor heart attacks.  We were really freaked by this time, but we asked it "Who will lie?"  but it wouldn't say anything after that....
I have another, unrelated incident, that may or may not be a ghost, but why not.
I was probably around 11 at the time.  My mother worked in a school.  The building itself used to be a hardware store, I believe, but it was converted into a school in the early 80's.  But anyway.  I was in the bathroom, just opening the stall door, when I heard someone breathing.  At first I thought it was the air vents, but it was coming from the opposite side of the room.  Then I thought it was one of the older kids, trying to scare me.  I threw open the stall door and opened the other three quickly.  Noone was there.  The breathing stopped, and I ran as fast as I could out of there.


By: lasta@hotmail.com

I have been reading the South Jersey Ghost Research and Shadowlands sites,
and I have decided to share a story with you.
Ever since I was a young girl, people have at times told me that they have
seen me in places where I am not.  Many times these apparitions have been
attributed to a "twin."  When the person is described, she is always wearing
clothing that meets the description of clothing that I have or am wearing at
that time.
The first occurance I can remember was by my brother at a bank where he
worked in Philadelphia.
The second was a time when I attended Oxford, and I actually awoke feeling a
presence in my room, but I was not afraid because it was I, so I just turned
over and went back to sleep.  The next morning another student complained
that she could not sleep because there was a presence wandering in her room.
  I wonder if that presence was I?
The third time was by my sister-in law's brother near Cooper Hospital in
Camden just a few days before my father died.
I thought you might be interested.  I have read your story and was
fascinated by it.
Thank you for your time and consideration.  If you respond to me by e-mail,
I may not reply for a short while because I do not check hotmail  regularly.
Take care.  Be safe and be well.

Black Forest

By: adwayne2@hotmail.com

My name is Dwayne R , I am 35 and live in Q.L.D Australia
I would like to share with you a real life encounter from the other side.
It was 1974 so I was about 8 years old,I lived in a big old house in a town of South Australia named Black Forest.
This was a spooky place where alot of weird and unexplained things happened, it was believed that a satanic cult resided somewhere in the town, but I believed this was just kids trying to scare one another. But one frightening night I started to believe that it just might be true.
I was in my bedroom playing instead of sleeping when I suddenly felt a chilling breeze pass by me, this got my attention immediately, as I looked up I saw what seemed to be a dark shadow of a person in the corner of the room.
I was instantly scared sheetless so I leapt on to my bed and hid under the blanket trying not to move the slightest bit, I thought even breathing would bring upon attention to myself, I figured if I cant see it, it can't see me.
At that moment my body, the blanket still covering me was lifted about 2-3 feet above the bed then violently slammed back down onto the bed.
 I wasn't a bed wetter till that night, laying there under the blanket soaked in urine for what seemed like and probably was hours, I finally got enough courage to run to mums room where I told her about what just happened, like all good mums she just reassured me I had had a bad dream and sent me back to bed.
I often saw this shadowy figure in my room, I named him 'Darkman', but it only ever touched me the one time.
Several weeks later again while trying to go to sleep , I heard music playing , it was strange but pleasant music , I thought my sister had left her radio on so I went to her room to ask her to turn it off as it was keeping me awake. When I got into my sisters room the music switched rooms, I asked my sister if she could hear the music? She replied to my delight Yes, we decided to go and investigate the music but it seemed to cycle around the house, at that mum told us it was the neighbours and to get to bed , I knew it wasn't the neighbours music as they were old people who couldn't even here and I never heard them play music.
This strange phenomenon would happen 2-3 times a week so I got use to it and mostly ignored it, but one night the 'Darkman' was very active as was the music, it was a lot louder and the 'Darkman' was hovering above my bed, I was so scared thinking that it was going to pick me up and hurt me again I ran out of my room into the lounge room where I was confronted by my mum and some of her friends. I was crying so mum asked to explain what the problem was, I told her of the 'Darkman' and the music, at that a male friend of hers, a stranger to me laughed and replied "looks like we have contacted more than your father", I was puzzled by his remark so I asked him what he meant, he started to explain to me that the letters and the numbers the upturned glass, which was on the floor in front of them, was an adults way of contacting dead people and that they had been talking to my grandfather.
I will always remember my experience as a terrifying one, and couldn't believe my grandfather would ever pick me up from my bed and throw me down and simply terrify the hell out of me, I believe my mum was messing with something bad of which she had no idea about.
This is a very real and true story of my FIRST encounter with the dark side!
I have had many other encounters, which still happen to this day.

How He Died

By: angelic_sparklepritty@yahoo.com

Most of the things I am about to tell you didn’t
happen to me personally but my parents. I was there at
the time but was too young to really remember.
We lived in a house in a place called Blossom Street.
It was no different from any of the other houses but
the moment we moved in my mother felt uncomfortable.
She always felt someone was watching her.
There was a door leading from the kitchen to the
bottom of the stairs and every night when my parents
went to bed it would open and close by itself. Anyway
my parents decided that rather than putting a carpet
at the bottom of the stairs they would varnish the
floorboards to make them look nice. My dad did this
one night before he went to bed and put a piece of
wood across the floor for us to walk on while the
varnish dried overnight.
When my mum and dad were in bed they heard the door
open and close as usual and then they heard sticky
footsteps coming up the stairs as if someone had stood
on the wet floorboards. This scared them a lot.
I was a very young child at the time but my only
memory is being in bed. I had a glass of milk by the
bed and it smashed onto the floor. I KNOW that I
didn’t touch it but being so young I didn’t really get
scared at the time.
Then one night my dad got up to go to the toilet. The
toilet looked directly down onto the bottom of the
stairs. He saw a man standing with a blue face looking
up at him. But he just dismissed it as a dream.
Eventually my parents decided to move home because
they couldn’t settle in the house. A few weeks
afterwards my parents were out having a quiet drink
when a man approached them. He asked why they had
moved house because he said nobody had ever lived
there more than a few months. They replied that they
just didn’t feel comfortable.
The man asked if they knew the house was haunted. He
said that years ago an old railway line had ran
directly under the house and a young girl had been
murdered there. He also said that the last person to
live in the house for a long time had been a man. He
was found dead at the foot of the stairs. He was
believed to have died from shock, maybe he had seen
something scary. But if he died from fright wouldn’t
has face have been blue?

Boo! ....But it was real.....

By: dewee@frontiernet.net

In the mid-seventies, my college roommate and I were asked if we'd stay at one of our professors house while he was away for the summer.  Originally he had rented it out to what he thought was a nice young couple.  Apparently after the professor left the couple invited several people to live with them.  They belonged to some sort of cult.  I have no information as to what their beliefs were, only some tales from neighbors who said that the  resident's children there begged for food.  At any rate, they were evicted, and my roommate and I moved into the house.
  The house itself was quite old, at least close to 100 yrs.   I t had an old country post-office attached to it and I believe that the house had been used as a boarding house many years ago. It sat on a back road, next to a rail-road crossing.  Freight trains were still using that route.
 The house had 6 bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, study and living room.  It was very messy from the previous tenants.  There were packets of salt hung in little bags over the doorways leading outside.  There were gauzy white curtains hung from the ceilings in the middle of the bedrooms and we found the heads of baby dolls in many of the rooms....they were marked up with magic marker.....as if someone was trying to erase the faces.   I think the previous tenants were afraid of something.
The place was creepy and dark, but we ignored that, had a few shivers and started to move in.  That night we couldn't get the lights on...and sat up in the kitchen in the dark until the professor (who was spending the night before leaving,) somehow got the electricity back on again.  Later that night, we picked our bedrooms.  (My roommate and I are females.)  I choose a bedroom toward the front of the house, and she chose  one towards the back.  We had a sort of peaceful night, my dogs, (2) were restless, and the cat was wandering.  The next morning my roommate said that she was changing her bedroom.  No reason, just that she couldn't sleep in there, got a bad feeling......  During the time we stayed in that house, no guest would stay in that room.  The only explanation was that they just weren't comfortable and that it was creepy.
We ended up staying at that house for several years.  When I think back I can't understand why I didn't leave the first night.
I always had the feeling I was being watched.  Many times I would wake in my bed knowing that something was standing there watching me.  I could feel something almost touching  me, my head and back....and then it would go away.  I would fight my terror and pretend it was a nightmare.  Although my dog was in the room he would never seem to notice anything.  He would sleep under the covers with me....
It was interesting that the dogs would bark at the ceiling in the living room sometimes...very fiercely.....right where the creepy bedroom was above us.   At one point the closet in that room had to have part of a wall removed for electrical work, and it was discovered that a small room had been walled off behind the closet.  There was nothing in it, nor was it painted etc....just empty space.  Odd.
Also I would like to add that we would place items, personal items like hair-bands, barrettes, hair-brushes in one room and then find them on the dresser in another room.  We would chuckle and say it was the "ghost"....But is was never really funny.
One night when I felt I was being watched.....I gathered my courage and reached up and turned on the light.  I saw nothing and then yellow-jacket bees.....about 6 of them, started flying around my light.  I found this odd as bees are not attracted to light like moths etc. plus bees are not active at night.  They eventually flew off and I never saw them in the room again.
  The feeling of being watched remained strong, throughout my stay there.  Day and night, only when I was alone.  My roommate said she often felt that something was watching her too.
Eventually I left that house.  I always sensed anger in that place and not surprisingly everyone that lived there left the place on bad terms.  The first night I spent in my new place I experienced intense relief...as if I left a strange world and came back to the present.
About 20 years later I returned to the house to show it to a friend.  The post-office part had been turned into a little store and a wall torn down so we could see the living room behind it.  The woman who ran the store said she lived in the house.  I asked her in an off-hand way, if she ever noticed anything strange about the house.  She got a funny look on her face and became VERY business-like.  So we left.  From time to time I still dream of this house...and in my dreams I am fighting an invisible force and seem to have powers of my own against ....it.  I win, barely, and wake up in a sweat.
Everything I wrote here is true.  This place scared me badly.  Now, I trust my "gut" feelings and never stay anywhere that I fell is bad.   Any thoughts about this would be helpful.

Cabin Haunting in California

By: Craftygrl1027@cs.com

Hello ,my name is lisa and my family used to own a cabin in  ca.
 My grandfather built this cabin in
the early 70's . There are many different things that happened, and I will
tell you about some of them. First , I must tell you what I know about the
history of the town .Pine Grove is a very small town located near Jackson
,Ca. In the late 1800's there was an out break of small pox and it nearly
wiped out the entire town . There was also alot of mining going on, since its
located near sutters mill, and the cabin is sitting on a old mine entrance.
 When my family finished the cabin , they were staying there for the weekend
and my aunt Diane , who was only 12 at the time, was sleeping. The cabin was
just one big room at that time, and she awoke to see an older man wearing
overalls standing over the sink staring at her. She was so frightened , she
fell off of the top bunk. I'm pretty sure that was the first experience
anyone had. My grandmother kept on having things happen to her and decided to
excorsize the spirits, she had someone come to the cabin, but then at the
last minute she told the person that she didn't want to go through with it. I
think that was in the early 80's.She says that she got the feeling that
whoever was there did not want to go, and that they weren't doing any harm,
so they could stay. My grandmother says that she would see things flying
across the room, and feel someone breathing behind her. My grandmother says
she doesnt mind which I believe , because she's such a strong person.
Fast forward to the mid 80's. My mom and two of her friends were at the cabin
along with me and my moms friends daughter.It was the middle of the night,
and  Teresa got up to go to the bathroom ,when she saw a man standing next to
a bookcase , she thought it was one of their boyfriends that were sopposed to
arrive the next day , and that they came early and she  then went back to
bed.The men showed up that a.m . None of the men had arrived early . That
year at thanksgiving , my mom showed a picture that Teresa had drawn of the
man she had seen that night to my aunt Diane.She about passed out , it was
the same man she had seen when she was 12 yrs. old. We still have that
picture and it always gives me chills to look at.
So ,things kept on happening over the years, and nothing was happening to me,
so I was skeptical. Until the day when the spirit decided to show himself to
me. I was 13 yrs old and hadn't been to cabin in a couple yrs. So I was a
little scared because I had heard of all this stuff growing up and was afraid
that since I was older that I would see something. It was breakfast and  my
mom and gramma were cooking , and me and my granpa were at the table. We were
the only people there . All of a sudden, we all heard the front door open ,
then slam shut ,and footstps coming up the stairs. I looked at my granma and
she just shrugged and said that "he" was just visiting us. That night I saw
"him" standing next to the sink just staring at me. I ran to the room that I
was sleeping in and covered my eyes.That whole time we were there I felt as
if I was being watched.
 My aunt diane was living at the cabin a couple of years ago ,and although
she didn't see "him" she did see two small girls dressed in old clothing
skipping down the road in front of the cemetary that is right by the cabin.
When she looked closer , she saw that they were floating above ground and
when she looked back , they weren't there.
That was the last any of us saw the spirits because my family was forced to
sell the cabin in 1998 and I always wonder about the new owners ,and if the
spirits are bothering them. I wonder if they are mad that we're gone. We
didn't really get to say good bye to the cabin , because the sale happened so
fast, and I feel that the spirits were close to us and felt secure with us
there. I will always be thinking of them and sometimes I dream of the man I
saw and I wonder if he is still trying to contact us.  GOOD LUCK TO THE NEW


By: rebelcayman@yahoo.com

  I am really excited. During one of my stays at
Powahtan Plantation in Williamsburg Virginia. I swear
i aws the same exact thing that
bates@characterlink.net    saw. I was  15 at this time
and Me and a friend i had met there were fishing in
one of the ponds there, which are located behind the
units. Anyway we were sick of catching the little
perch so we decided we would go out deeper(about up to
our waistes in the water). I guess we had startled
something by doing this, but we then heard a loud
clapping which sounded as if a something clapping the
water. We followed  the noise to an overhang of trees
and bushes we dared not go before because we were
afraid of maybe a  water mocassin lying in the brush.
But we decided to look into the opening anyway. We
first noticed a  goose(there is a large population of
canadian geese there) floating on the surface chest
down beating its wings against the water.   We looked
closer to see what looked to be a turtle head clamping
to the birds chest. The bird was then lifted from the
surface reavealing a long whitish neck of the
proclaimed turtle.We were very disturbed at this but
continued to watch a few feet fearther away though. We
figured the whitish color was from maybe being burnt
my something and the skin was healing. The neck stood
straight out of the  water maybe a 7 inch length then
ploped down bringing the small goose with it. This was
a bizarre encouter but we still stood there in shock.
It was about 10 seconds later when the bird ploped up
with the turtle right after it.It was now floating to
where we could see most of the body. We saw the white
stop where the shell began, the skin seemed to a
brownish green. The weirdest thing was the shell, not
a rough looking shell but more of a leathery complex,
and a lighter color than the skin. I did not see the
tail but  what i saw of it was about a 4ft turtle with
a hard beaklike snout(a very large one). I figured it
was normal until i realized that most turtles eat fish
and most ive seed have rough shells. That is my story
of the turtle-like creature that rules the large ponds
of Powahtan Plantation Va. We can call it "Swami". I
am glad to hear i wasnt crazy and another person can
share the same knowledge of "Swami". I will be going
back in  3 weeks and i will look for him and bring
back pictures. Please post this as i assure you I am
telling u  the truth.

Catman - a Ghost(?) Story

By: Heuy815@aol.com

    These events actually happened.  I'm not sure what exactly transpired,
so I'll detail the events as I encountered them.
    It was about 2 years ago and it was in early fall.  The windows were
shut tight against the chilly night air.  I had been asleep in my bed for a
couple of hours.  The mantle clock had just rung two in the morning when all
of a sudden one of my little girls, whose bedroom is upstairs, started
screaming.  At first, as I climbed the stairs, I didn't understand what she
was saying.  Her terrified little voice was in a high pitch frenzy.  "Daddy,
daddy," she cried "the shadow man is by the door and won't let me out."  I
burst through the door thinking that maybe a burglar had gotten in to her
room somehow, but there was nothing except a very scared little girl cowering
in her bed.  She leapt into my arms and hugged me with a death grip begging
me to let her sleep in my bed that night.  I told her that she had had a bad
dream, but that it would be OK so long as she didn't wake up her sister who
was still sound asleep in the bed next to hers.  We tip toed out of the room,
with my exhausted angel in my arms.  We got to my bedroom and I tucked her in
and got in myself.  Once all situated and comfy the screaming began with the
other daughter who was still in the same bedroom.  So I go running up the
stairs and ask her what was the matter.  She tells me that the "shadow man"
was in the room with her.  I begin to wonder if there isn't someone in the
room.  So I send her downstairs and turn on all the lights and do a search
through the room.  I open closet doors and check under beds.  Nothing.  My
brain is now reeling.  How could the two of them had the same bad dream?
This was starting to bug me, but as the numbers on the clock reminded me that
it was two-thirty in the morning I put sleep on the top of my things to do
list and headed back to bed.
    So now it is the three of us in my queen size bed.  A five year old on
one side of me and a seven year old on the other.  We all settle in and they
drop off sleep immediately.  I again begin to get comfortable when I hear
something walking in their bedroom above us.  I panic.  When I searched the
room there was nothing.  Yet, I hear a heavy set of feet walking across their
room.  The steps start down the stairs.  Fear overcomes me and I wonder what
to do.  Do I dial 911 or somehow protect my children first and then call?
The foot steps begin to approach my room, so I quickly cover my kids up with
the blanket and sit up in the bed.  I am ready to scream like a banshee for
help when I notice that, instead of an intruder, there is a black cat
standing at the door of my bedroom.  Figuring that it must be the time of
night playing tricks on my ears, I really thought that the foot steps were
make by a two legged not four legged creature and heavy enough to be a man,
not a house cat.
Being allergic to cats and not sure how the cat got into my house, I am
concerned that it will want to get into the bed with us and drop all sorts of
dander into my bed.  Just what I need.  So I begin to say things like "shoo"
to frighten the cat from my bed room.  But to no avail.  As I focus in on the
cat it begins to haunch up and then proceeds to jump over my bed -- a
distance of over ten feet.  It doesn't land in my room though.  It sails
through a closed glass window and disappears as it does.  No shattered glass
and no cat.  It just dematerialized in front of my own eyes.  So there I sit
and freak out.  My two girls asleep in my bed because of a similar "shadow
man" dream and myself, a witness to the vanishing cat all in one night.
    Can anyone make out what happened?  It is still a mystery to me.

Child Hood Scare

By: m_mad_250@yahoo.com.au

Hi, my name is Melanie. And as I realise most of these
stories come from the states, I actually come from the
land down under (Australia). I don’t really and trully
remember how old I was when I first saw anything out
of the ordinary, I was probably around 2 or 3. The
furthest back I remember is that, I was living in an
old house on an Air Force base. It was a two story
house which I really loved.
I remember one night, I was finding it extremely hard
to sleep. I was looking around my room and things were
taking shape and form on the walls of my room in the
shadows of the night. What was strange though, was
that it was in colour. I got up and walked out to the
lounge and got my dad to come and sleep with me.
While I was still wide awake, he’d already dozed off.
When I had gotten back to my room, the things on the
wall were gone. What I had seen were a lot of lady
bugs – big ones – and also a skeleton. I wasn’t
afraid, I didn’t even really think anything of it when
I had seen it. I guess some little kids are just too
imune to know what is meant to be feared. Anyways, my
dad had fallen asleep and the things had started to
appear again, only this time they were going onto the
floor and onto my bed. My dad was sleeping next to the
wall and there was a lady bug on his back. It was
surely moving and I hit it – or should I say I hit
him. He woke and asked me what I was doing. I said
“there was a bug on your back”.
He nodded it off and went back to sleep.
About a year later, my brother was born – Ben. I never
trully liked him. I guess I was jealous of him at the
time because he was getting all the attention.
Anyways, my mum used to put us in the bath together,
hoping that we would perhaps begin to bond. Well, I
never did anything terrible to him, but we stayed kind
of mutual. There was this really horrible looking toy
my mum used to put in the bath with us – I couldn’t
stand it.
It was a comic like baby girl in a yellow dress,
crying. It was made of plastic, the kind they make
rubber duckies with. It was trully ugly, she would
always put it in the bath with us and I would always
throw it into the shower once she was gone. So
anyways, this doll toy will lead to another strange
thing that happened to me.
When Ben was about a year and half, I was about 4. We
slept in the same room. Anyway. I was busting to go to
the toilet one night. I hardly ever held it in, but on
this night I did for some strange reason. I eventually
got up and walked slowly to the bathroom in the dark –
everyone was already asleep. So, I was down a hall to
the lavatory when I heard crying. I was thinking where
on earth is that coming from?
I was half afraid, but also half curious to see what
it was and where it was coming from. I followed the
sound to the bathroom. The first thing that hit my
mind was the baby toy. I slowly poked my head around
to see what was going on. That horrid plastic thing,
was fully animated. It was moving and crying – unlike
a real baby.
The next thing I knew, I was standing in full view in
the doorway of the bathroom. The toilet was actually
next to my room, but where I was, was all the way at
the end of the hall. It sat on the corner of the bath
tub crying, wiping it’s tears away and then all of a
sudden, it looked up at me evilly. (I know this sounds
so retarded, but I will explain later). Then it jumped
off the bath tub and ran after me, it had something
like a knife in it’s hand. Of course I screamed. I was
terrified! I ran all the way down the hallway and into
the toilet and shut and locked the door. I was so
I put the toilet lid down and sat on it, I didn’t want
to be touching the floor. The door was shaking and I
could hear it outside the door, hitting it. I was
hugging my knees to my chest and had my head down.
Then it stopped. I stayed in there for a number of
minutes, it seemed so long. Then I heard my mum
coming. She called out to me. I answered her. She
asked me where I was and I told her in the toilet.
“What is this?” she said and then tried the door. She
told me to open up, so I did and when the door opened,
the doll was sitting on the floor in front of the door
and the knife was sitting next to it. Sounds like
something out of childs play with Chucky, but this was
so real to me.
I know so many more interesting stories – more that
happened to me, some that happened to my friends,
things that happened with me and my friends, but I
don’t know if I should write about all of them write
now. It would turn out to be extremely long. I will
write more upon request – though im not sure if you
would believe what I just wrote.


By: ken@madisonchemical.com

Hi there. I am not sure if this is a ghost story or not. I was over at a girlfriends house sitting on her couch with her having some tea. I could feel someone watching us and there was no one else in the apartment. I walked to the front door where I felt like someone was watching us. I told my friend what I had felt and began to go on a bit of a search. Her kitchen was to the right of the door (if you came in through it, left to the door from where I was) and I felt something in there. I walked three paces into the kitchen and felt a really cold shiver in one spot of the kitchen. Goosebumps. I went back to where my girlfriend was sitting and asked her to come with me to the kitchen. I tested the spot I stood in and before her eyes my arms hairs were standing up. I took one step back and I was fine. I searched the kitchen for any air ducts and there was nothing to be found. I asked her to stand in the same spot and sure enough her hairs were standing. At that point I had a vision of a man in his mid thirties so we went back to the sofa to talk about this and described the man I was talking about to her. She looked at me in astonishment, went in to her bedroom and brought out a picture of a boyfriend of hers that passed away 3 years and one week short of the anniversary of his death. The next day I went back to her house to see if I would have the same experience and sure enough I did. This time though I felt a second presence and once again described the "vision" I had of this other man. He was older than the other man and she brought me out a picture of her dead father who was exactly as I described. There did not seem to be any anger but I did feel as though I wasn't wanted there and before long I didn't go back to her or that apartment again!

College Story

By: heavensinferno@hotmail.com

It all started when I went to visit my friend out at college.  I had been
kicked out because of not meeting my GPA requirement.  My friend and I had
roomed together and I went out to see her for a few days with her boyfriend.
  She had told us that she had been playing "The Psychic Circle" with a few
of our friends out there and had experienced some weird things.  Her
boyfriend was a non- believer and dismissed her experiences.  I had always
been intrigued by paranormal activity and believed everything she said.  She
suggested that we get together with the owner of the board and see what
happened.  This is where it starts to get weird.  This girl claimed she was
a psychic but only for fun.  We started to play and almost immediately a
"spirit" took over the board.  We spoke with several spirits that first
night including my friends boyfriends guardian angel "Waldo" and my guardian
angel.  My angel seemed to know too many things ...things that only i would
know.  He claimed to know my uncle and knew my grandmothers first name.  We
played a few more times in the next few days.  While my friend was in class
her boyfriend and I would play on the board.  We were sitting there across
the room from each other and he was saying what a skeptic he was.  He said
to the room (we were the only 2 there) Waldo if you are really there let me
know.  The wind outside howled and he said that wasn't enough.  Thirty
seconds later we heard a loud pop over at my friends vanity.  We went over
to investigate and saw one of my friends amoxicillan tabs burst all over the
place.  We found the psychic and showed her and she giggled and said it was
Waldo and he was sitting in the corner laughing at us.  She said she could
see spirits also.  My friend had been receiving a spirit on the board when
she was on it that said it was her daughter Dakota from the future and that
she hated her mother for killing her.  My friend has 1 healthy little girl
now and she didn't name her dakota due to this.  Then another spirit showed
up one evening his name was GED he was a stoner and the psychic girl said he
had been a guardian angel and been demoted so to speak for bad behavior.  He
instantly took a liking to me.  She told me he was near me and to feel to my
left.  I felt and it went from warm to ice cold to warm again.  She said he
was smiling.  This girl then left the room and we continued to play.  We
asked him to prove he was there by taking a drag off my friends cigarette.
The cigarette lit up like someone was taking a drag of from it.  Ged
actually touched me and you could see my skin imprint with fingers.  My
shirt was pushed up around my waist and you could see him touch my stomach.
He then leaned me back into a position that I could not hold by myself and I
felt cold all around me.  I was then .....how do I put this........ molested
by a ghost.  He laid me on the floor and had sex with me although I didn't
feel penetration my body moved like I was having sex.  I was also spinning
in very slow circles while this occurred. I would try to put my legs down
and couldn't due to a force holding them up.  My friend and her boyfriend
tried to pull them down (2 people on one leg) and couldn't get them down.
My friend said that all around me felt ice cold.  This went on for 3 hours.
My friend found the psychic girl and she entered the room to talk to him
through the board.  All he kept saying was things that one would say during
sex.  She finally told him to get off me or she would perform a ritual that
would kind of exorcize him in a sense.  Two days later we went home.  My
friends boyfriend and I bought a board for his house (at a bookstore).  The
first time we played with the board Ged appeared and wouldn't let my friends
boyfriend touch the board.  It wouldn't move with him touching it and would
try to climb up me. The little glass piece always wanted to touch me.  We
played with the board and seemed to communicate with our friend 180 miles
away.  One night it said farber up in smoke.  Farber was my dorm hall.  My
friend called a few minutes later and asked if that's what our board said
cause she had just got that same message at the same time.  How did she
know?  Later that night a fire was started in a garbage can on another floor
and the cause was unknown.  I was sleeping and dreamt of what a friend of
mine was wearing when they were evacuated from the dorm.  When my friend
called the next day to let me know about the fire I asked what the other
friend was wearing.  When she told me I almost lost it.  I started to cry
and said that's what she was wearing in my dream.  She continued to have
problems with Dakota to the point where she would come in after class and
find her boyfriends jersey on the floor and a mug that was smashed in half
with only one half there.  The psychic girl told her that her mirror was a
portal for spirits.  And to bless it with holy water.  Before she did this
she would come into her room to find it boiling hot leave for 5 minutes and
then come back to find it freezing cold.  So cold she could see her breath.
She wouldn't sleep there.  She blessed her mirror with holy water and things
didn't stop.  The psychic girl said the only way to get her out of my
friends life was to have the spirit enter her (the psychic girl).  This girl
performed some type of spell and changed dramatically.  I don't know all the
details but all I know is she was taken away by a psychiatric hospital
because she was trying to hurt my friend with a knife.  But the strange
thing  is that's where it ends for her.  I haven't touched a board like that
since.  Our daily lives are pretty much normal and once in a while something
that came up on the board will show up in real life.  For example it told me
that I would get involved with a guy and gave me his initials and kept
showing fire.  I met a guy 3 months later with the same initials and he was
a firefighter..  Weird little things like that.  And I always feel as if
someone is watching me.I would love to talk to a psychic but where I live
there are none.  Someone tried to tell me I had a gift to be able to move a
glass thingy over the board with out touching it.  I don't know if u have
any ideas let me know.

Cool Experiences

By: wildmom1@earthlink.net

Hi, my name is Shari, and my experiences are just little ones, but really cool, though.  The house we lived in before we moved into this one, which we own, my husband and I and a friend were sitting in the living talking and watching tv.  All of a sudden my husband saw someone go into the bathroom and he proceeded to call to my youngest daughter, who was sleeping on the couch behind our friend.  He then thought it was our dog, but she was sleeping under the coffee table in front of his feet.  And our other two children were sleeping over at their aunts house.  He said that it looked like a little girl in a blue dress.  After that he saw her many more times before we moved.  Another incident happened after a friend of ours died.  The electric coffee pot would clog up, and the water would not go into the pot, but would fill up the basket and spill all over the counter.  It had never done that before, so we just figured it was our! friend who liked to play jokes on people.  Since we moved into the house we are in now, we have seen the little girl in the blue dress on many occasions.  I hadn't seen her until we moved into this house, but I saw her go into this bathroom.  There have been other incidents since, including, my husband seeing a bearded man at the end of our hallway, and when he went to investigate it was ice cold in the spot where the man was standing.  There was one more time not long ago, when my husband was in our room getting ready for work, the kids were all at the kitchen table eating dinner, and I was sitting in the living room watching tv.  I just happened to glance toward the bathroom for some reason, and as soon as I looked the bathroom light when on, off, on, off, on, off.  I looked away not sure of what I had seen, and as I looked back the light did it again.  I couldn't believe what I had seen, and called my husband out of the bedroom.!   He came down the hallway, stood in the bathroom doorway, started to reach up to the light switch to check it out, and before he got his hand half way up to the switch, the switch itself moved up, down, three more times.  Now, you may think I am crazy, but you can't go into the bathroom and turn the switch on and off without someone seeing you do it.  You can see our bathroom from the living room.  The real funny thing is, it hasn't done it since and that was about 6 months ago.  I have no explanation for it, but I know what I have seen.  I know these little incidents aren't as big as the other ones on the website, but I think they are really cool just the same.  I have no doubt in my mind that ghosts exist.  This is a great site in my opinion, and I enjoy reading the stories.  There is also a story in the website, "Ghosts of North Portland", that has something to do with me.  It has to do with the St. John's Bridge.  A g! irl was kidnapped and raped and held under the bridge for a week before she died.  That same girl can still be heard crying, but usually in the summertime.  She was a relative of mine.  Her death is documented in a book that is part of my family history.  I just came on the story by accident.  But I think it is really cool.  Thank you for taking the time to read my stories.


By: Chas_Kat_Phil@webtv.net

  Something is "living" in my home besides my family, I'm not sure what
it is, but I see it all the time.  I didn't have a name for it at first,
but I found one in a issue of FATE magazine I recieved, it was similar
to ours and so I started calling him "Critter", becuase what that person
described matched what I am seeing..  Critter is a small ball of pure
black aproxiamately the size of a rubber bouncing ball, but with a
somewhat hazy outline.  Critters' favorite pastime is zipping across the
floor of whatever room you are in and disappearing into the wall or
funiture, although he has also been known to go across the ceiling only
to disappear into a wall or ceiling fixture.  Critter has become
friendly I guess you would have to say as now he will glide up the arm
of my sofa or rocking chair and dissappear right where my hand is, as if
he is hiding under my hand, although he is never there when I lift it up
off the arm of whever I happen to be sitting at the time.   I know that
this is not something I am imagining, because my mother has seen him and
says that he now flys aroung the room  for her.  My sister-In-law has
seen him skitter across the kitchen floot and thouht it was a mouse, but
when she described it to me I said "No that''s just Critter".  She was
amazed that I was not frightedned by this thing, but Cretter has not
done any harm and I don't feel there is a reason to be afraid of him.
Althought the first time my father saw him he came completely unglued,
he does not even like to disscuss paranormal activithy let alone admit
that somthing of that nature is happening to him.  He kept asking "Did
you see that , Did you see that??"  When i finally got him to tell me
what he saw I told him not to be afraid it was just Critter saying
hello.. Well he was amazed at the way I acted as if it was nothing to
have Critter running around.  Recently Critter even went visiting, he
followed my mother next door to my brothers' house.  I know because my
Siste-In-Law saw him go across her living room carpet.  I don't know
what critter is but as long as he doesn't cause any harm to me he can
stay as long as he likes. Anyone else who has had this king of experiece
please feel free to E-mail me at this addreess.  Thank you for taking
the time to read this story.


By: theangelinside@hotmail.com

Hello, I'm sure your busy, but I'd like to tell you about my story. I'm still in serious doubt if I actually expirience a huanting, but I'm pretty sure if nothing I did expirience sleep pharalasis.
Just so you know a couple things about me, I'm 14 years old, I'm Eclectic Wiccan, and very open minded, so if you can help at all, I'd be more than greatful.
The first thing I can ever remember was when I was about 5, I stayed overnight at my Omas (Grandmothers) apartment and she let me have her bed. I woke up for some reason I can't remember. Looked up at the ceiling and saw an aparition floating about the fan on her ceiling. I imediatly pulled the covers over my head and tried  to go back to sleep. Now I dismis this as dream, considering the fact that it was late at night, I was young, and the figure seemed to look like caspar the friendly ghost. But I remember it so well, I believe it must have some importance.
When I was six me and my mom lived in an Apartment above a post office, I again was sleeping and went to get up. This time I saw an old woman who looked like a hag with a puppet, they were speaking on how they should hurt me. I pulled the covers over my head. Now I again think it was just my imagination running wild, but it was so terrifing I slept with the covers over my head until I was ten.
I've always been kinda sensitive to the idea of ghosts, my mom is skeptical but has always raised me to have an open mind and be aware of my surroundings. All my life I can remember being senstive about being alone, seeing things I thought weren't there. But nothing believable had happend to me until I was 13.
My mom and Step-dad had left the house to get Ice-cream. I had my friend over to have a slumber party. She was sitting on the couch and I was standing in front of it facing the hallway. Suddenly I saw a 3 foot high shadow race out of our kitchen and down the hallway, I aksed her if she saw that and she said "You saw it too!" She told me she saw a dark figure out of the corner of her eye. But I saw all of it. It seemed more demonish that ghostly.
We moved last year to a house 2000 km. away. It was fine at first but then various things began to happen.
The breaker in my parents bedroom would suddenly turn off then on again. Making our living room light flash. Of course it could have been a power surge.
I saw more shadows out of the corner of my eye, just dark figures apearing then running off.
When I was in bed usually after 11:00 pm, I heard the creeking of footsteps, up and down the hallway. My parents heard nothing, and it was not them. I presumed it was mice.
But the odest thing of all was when I think I had sleep pharalysis. I woke up for a drink, since I usually keep a glass of water on my backboard. But I realized I was in my room but on the floor on the other side. It got very bright and a man walk out of my closet, grabbed a trenchcoat, walked in front of me and out my bedroom door. I was trying to figure out where in my room I was, I could swear I was on the other side for the man grabbed his trenchcoat from where My bed was, plus I was facing the window beside my bed. When I realized I was still in my bed. I couldn't move, then I thought I felt something enter my body, pin me down, and when I screamed I just got out a gasp of air and it left. I felt very tingly afterward, and stayed up until morning. While I was lying awake I heard young children luaghing outside my window. I felt that they were playing tag.
I also sense that I had two spirits, a young girl about 5, and an older man about 50. Plus the shadow.
But since most of this can be explained, I would also like to point out that I'm not the only one. My dog woke up one night I can't remember if it was before or after the sleep pharalysis. But he began to bark and growl at the corner of my room where my altar sits. I got him to quiet before my parents woke up but he continued to mumble to himself, and eye the corner.
Luckily we went on a vacation for two weeks to vist our friends and family where we used to live. I came back and I no longer hear footsteps, bangs, or lights flashing on and off, nor do I see things.
I guess I'm looking for closure, I want to know for sure what happend, and If I'm crazy. Both my parents know what happend exept the time I had sleep pharalysis. My mom just giggles and plays along and my dad pretty much makes fun of me. Please, if you have any information for me, I'd really appreciate it!

Dad, is that you?!........

By: Jm1986@cs.com
    Now when I first wake  up I can't see  perfectly so I
    just know my way down  the   hall at night until I
    reach  the  bathroom  door ,then I can see clearly .
    One  night  I woke  up and at first  I thought  I saw
    my  Dad  sitting in  the  kitchen  chair . [ The
     reason why  I thought I saw my Dad is because  he
     wears glasses and this dude  was  too . ] I  recall
    thinking  " Oh  ,Dad  is   up ." Well I started walking
    down  the  hall   and I relized  that  it  wasn't  dad,
     I  saw it  WAS  a  GHOST!!!!!!!!!  I went in the
     bathroom  to calm my  self  down  when I came  out
     being  too  afraid to look all the  way  I looked on
     the corner of my eye for the ghost but he
     disappeared . The chair was pushed in  and  he
      would have  had to  make a noise  [if he was
       human ]  to  pull / push  in / out a  chair .Luckily
        I  moved  but GHOSTS CAN FOLLOW YOU!!!!!!!
        That is my TRUE  story and you have been


By: alphadogie@yahoo.com

Hello,I recently visited your website and found it
very informative.I've had experiences with seeing or
feeling spiritual things since I was three years old.
When I was three, I remember one day waking up and
seeing these evil black dogs around my crib. I would
jump the rails run out and head out the front door
screaming. I saw these dogs several times in a period
of a week before my parents called our preacher to
cast out the spirits that I was seeing.The events
started after an aunt of mine who was a into
witchcraft visited our home. After the priest came to
our house,they were gone.
 Throughout my life I've experienced a number of
spiritual encounters. Most of the time, I can just
feel spirits. Rarely, I've have seen able to see
spiritual forces.To be honest, I scares the living
daylights out of me.Good, bad..it all scares me. I
stopped meditating because the more I meditate or
focus on becoming spiritually aware, the more things I
experience. I find it disturbing and threatning at
My latest experience was terrifying to me.I believe it
to have been a demonic assult.I'm a registered nurse.
I was assinged to sit with this psychiatric patient
that was at our hospital. This pt had been on our
floor for several days and we had suspected that the
pt was possessed and being attack by spirits.She would
talk to multiple entities,attack thin air,make aweful
faces at whatever she was facing. Feeling all of the
negative spiritual energy, I decided to sit outside
the room at the door way.At about 11pm, I started to
hear all these voices..many,many of them inside my
head.AT the same time, I began to feel many, many
hands touching me all over.The next few hours were the
greatest spiritual challenge of my life.The voices
kept saying all sorts of thing,and I began to think I
was going insane. For a couple of hour, I experienced
part of what that girl was experiencing .Except that
she could see them.. I cound not see them .All of the
sudden , I began to feel a heavy pressure on my
throat, down my throat. They were trying to get inside
me.I've never experienced a spirit trying to possess
me,but I knew that's what was happening.I found it
hard to breath. This is when I decide enough. I
attempted not to communicate with them,but they were
still trying to come inside my body. It was easy not
to communicate with them verbally,but i had to stop
mentally.I'm sure I prayed. I don't remember
praying,but I'm sure I did because I was scared out of
my wits. I was so afraid that i would not bee able to
block out their voices. But eventually they let me be.
I wanted to go home, but I was afraid they follow me
there. So, I stayed.Occasianally, they would attemp to
talk to me,but I refused to engage. They stopped
touching me,but continued to torture the child.For a
few hour,I was drawn into her hell and thought I was
insane myself. I found myself wanting to yell outloud
for them to leave me,to leave her, but I couldn't.I
was at work.I was afraid my co-workers would think I
was nuts.
 I have no doubt these were demons, and there were
many of them. I have had at least two demonic
encounters in my life.The first one when i was three.I
new even then, that what was in my room was very
evil.I've had other experiences, but these two were a
different kind. Hopefully, I will experience no
more.But, I'm afraid I will.

The Entity

By: thelightsareon@hotmail.com

Ok, this is the first time I have ever done this and I'm not much of a story teller, but I'll try so please bear with me. This is a long story (and may need to be split up into several stories, feel free to do so if necessary and just title them Mesquite Stories 1,2 and so on.  As I said, it is a long story as it spans the 40 year period of my life.  My story takes place in Mesquite, Texas and actually begins in 1973 when my mother married my stepdad and we moved into his house.  When they got married, we, my mother, myself, 2 sisters and brother (my mother had 4 children and he had 2) moved into his 2 bedroom mobile home in the older part of Mesquite.  Since his sons had the bedroom, the 4 of us had to sleep on roll-away beds in the living room, but later they built on some extra bedroom to accomodate the large family.  To protect them I will change their names and hope if they ever read this they wont kill me!  Lol!  OK, now to the story. For the first few years nothing ever really happened, or perhaps we didnt notice it as we were pretty social people.  At first it started out with my step brother and I fighting, literally.  I had to cut his wrist once to protect myself when he suddenly started choking me.  At the time I felt like he was doing it to act "macho" in front of his friends, but thinking back, it wasn't like him.  He was gay and a sissy (no offense to gay people, but he acted more feminine that I did).  I even had to fight his fights for him in school.
Anyway, the entity, or whatever it was, seemed to focus on my youngest sister who was about 5 or 6 at the time, who Ill call Cassie.  Strange things only happened when she was asleep.  She would start talking in a mans deep voice, threatening my middle sister Lou (Im the oldest). The voice frightened us as we knew there was no way her squeeky little voice to go that deep.  There was one night when my middle sister, who Ill call Lou had a friend over for the night.  Lou and her friend were in her bedroom with the door closed, playing music and eating cheese which they were cutting with a small paring knife.  Everyone else in the house was asleep when Cassie came barging into Lous room with her eyes closed.  She reached for the knife which Lou was holding and when she jerked back, Cassie, in that deep voice, "said give me the knife, I want to kill you."  Being a little smarter than that, Lou would not give it to her so Cassie stormed out and sounds of kitchen drawers could be heard opening and slamming. Worried, Lou locked her door and the next morning when she came out, Cassie didnt remember anything.  Another time I was in sleeping in Cassies bed as she had fallen asleep on the floor.  Ok, I guess a description of the house is needed for this part.  Picture a long mobile home with 3 extra rooms built onto about hald of one side of it, adjoining to the main house by one door off of the sons bedroom.  Anyway, Cassie had moved into the sons bedroom as they had both moved out (my step brothers) and my younger brother, whom Ill call Jr. was in the corner part while Lou was at the top part of L.  Anyway, I had just laid down in Cassies bed and as I said before, she was asleep in the floor next to me.  My brother Jr was in his bed and Lou was in her room.  We heard a noise from outside so we automatically jumped up when Cassie jumped up and looked in the direction as well.  I got freaked out because I could see through the wall and was looking directly at our dog who was outside.  At the same time Jr had heard a noise from my sisters room and looked in time to see her get out of bed, put on her robe, OPEN THE DOOR and walk out on her way to the restroom.  Needless to say, Jr. freaked as well as he then realized he had looked through her door to see her.  Cassie laid back down to sleep and everything was back to normal. We told my mother about it, but being the 'I dont believe if I cant see" kind of person, she didnt believe us.  OK, fast forward a couple of years, a lot of things happened but nothing REALLY weird.  Cassie and Jr were sharing a room at the time, though I cant remember why.  Anyway, I didnt see this but from the look on his face and the experiences we had shared I believed him.  They were sleeping on bunkbeds, Cassie on top and Jr on bottom.  He said he got up to go to the restroom one night and since he knew his way around he didnt bother turning on the lights.  On his way back he noticed a greenish blue light emanationg from his room.  As soon as he stepped through the door, he saw Cassie hovering about 6 inches above her bed and this light was all around her.  Scared, almost to the point of screaming, he ran to Lous room and tried for a long time to waken her so she could see, but she would not budge.  So he crawled in bed with her and stayed there, awake, the rest of the night.  Of course when he told my mother, she laughted and chalked it up to dreams or over active imagination.  Fast forward a few more years with nothing but lights flickering, doors opening and slamming shut and only minor occurances.  I was married, had a 2 year old daughter and had rented a mobile home on the same street as my mother.  My brother and sisters spent a lot of time at my house.  One day Lou and Cassie were there with me and my daughter.  We were in my bedroom as the central ac had gone out and the window unit was in my room.  I had been living there for about a year with no strange phenomenon (sp?) and was happy to be away from it.  This day, though, would change that!  Cassie, now around 10 or 11 was being silly and doing "commercials" for our amusement.  She would do commercials, word for word, with silly voices she had for each one.  She was in the middle of "I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner" when both her feet flew out from under her and she fell in S-L-O-W motion.  At the same time, my daughters doll, which was laying on my dresser, picked up one arm and one leg and turned over on its side.  Lou and I both saw it and we froze.  Ok, trying to be rational I decided it must have been the vibrations from Cassie hitting the floor, although we still dont know what tripped her or made her fall in slow motion.  As soon as Cassie stood up, the doll turned back onto its back and remained still.  Cassie was complaining of dizziness and said she felt like she had been falling forever.  As one, Lou and I both jumped up, I grabbed and left that house.  We went to stay at my mothers until my husband got home.  We told him what had happened and though I dont think he believed us, he went along with it.  He walked me home and stood guard while I tore the head, legs and arms from that doll and put it in a trashbag.  The next morning we BOTH took it out and watched the garbage man put it in his truck.  The next night it was back sitting on my bed.  I freaked, but since my husband was there I put on a brave front and started tearing the doll apart again.  This time I placed each piece in different boxes that we had stacked on top of one another on my daughters bedroom closet.  Then I closed and locked the door thinking there was no way it could get out.  Wrong. The next day it was back.  Needless to say, we packed up everything and moved to California. Several years passed with nothing strange happening.  When we came back to Texas, however, that changed. My husband got a job as truck driever so I had to spend a couple of months with my mother. About 2 weeks later my cousin died and came back to say goodbye.  Though the thought is comforting now, at the time it terrified Lou and I, but of course my mother still wouldnt believe us.  I was grown and would like to think I had matured but my mother flat refused to believe us.  I guess it was a couple of weeks later Lou and I were talking about how Cassie used to talk in a mans voice and each had thought it was a dream or imagination but we both remembered it so we knew we werent crazy.  But nothing had happened in a long time so we wondered.  Anyway, one day my husband was home (at my mothers) and there were a lot of people there. At least 10 or 12 people, but once again my mother wasnt there.  Cassie decides to do "commercials" but this time she was sitting on the arm of the couch.  As soon as she got to the same part in the song as last time, she fell backward off the couch, in S-L-O-W motion.  Everyone saw this and just froze.  We had told our story but I guess no one had really believed us, till now!!!  Anyway, without a word, Cassie got up from the floor and walked over to the other couch, laid down and began masturbating.  In front of everybody!  We were all too stunned to do anything for several seconds but finally I went over and told her to stop it, and she threw her hands up in the air and denied doing anything like that.  I know I didnt imagine it, we ALL saw it.
Fast forward a few more years, My husband and I are divorced and I am living with another man whom Ill call Lee.  I realized too late that he was not the type to work, but once in the relationship I was too afraid to leave him. He drank a lot of was abusive.  At this time we were living in a rundown motel with kitchenette.  Lou was staying with us as she could not get along with my stepfather.  This "room" was more like an apartment as it had a living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, in that order as you came in the door.  There was 2 doors in the living room, both leading to the same place, my bedroom.  Since there wasnt an overhead light in there, I had bought an old lamp to sit on the end table.  One night, it was Lous birthday, we had a couple of her frineds over and were taking pictures.  On every photo, regardless of how her head was pointing, Lou had a halo over her head.  Most pictures were group photos, but the halo was very unmistakably over her head.  WEIRD!  I had an instamatic camera, the kind that produced the photo and spits it out immediately so we noticed it right away.  We tried turning off the lamp, all the lights and still, it was there!  At night she would call me and when I would run in there (she slept on the floor in the living room) she said she could hear a lady singing in her ear.  I laid down and at first could not hear anything, but then I did and it was such a beautiful, sad song.  This was definitely not a radio somewhere in the building.  As soon as you sat up, the sound was gone.  Fast forward a few more years.  My "boyfriend" was finally out of my life, I heard he went to prison.  Anyway, I am remarried. My now husband and I rent an apartment and everything was wonderful for the first year.  One night we were arguing and it was almost like he became possessed.  He got violent and then tried to rape me.  Being the stubborn woman I am, I was trying to fight him off.  All of a sudden the phone started ringing so I managed to get away and ran to answer it.  As soon as I picked it up, I started crying, then my husband did too.  We suddenly realized that we didnt have the phone turned on yet.  I even grabbed the cord and brought it up to show him, it was not plugged into the wall.  He apologized for his behavior and swears he doesnt know what made him do that, but I know God or an angel was protecting me that night.  We talked about everything and straightened everything out.  as soon as we got into bed, the rocking chair in our room began rocking.  I thanked it and the chair stopped suddenly and everything was back to normal.  Ok, fast forward a few more years, to the present.  There are a lot more things I could tell you, but I dont want to bore you, besides, Im worried about the length of my story.  About 12 years ago  my sister Lou and I were living together, splitting the rent in order to make it. One night she rented some movies and my oldest daughter begged me to let her stay up to watch them with us.  Since it was a week night I told her no but promised she could watch them the next day.  A little while later I heard a noise coming from one of the bedrooms and got up to go check on the girls.  As soon as I rounded the corner I saw the figure of a person, it was blacker than the darkness in my oldest daughters bedroom.  Thinking it was her sneaking up to watch the movies I got mad and told her to ger back in bed. Then proceeded to go in there to get onto her.  I knew when the "figure" saw me and watched it run to the other side of the room.  Still thinking it was my daughter I listened for the rattling noise her bed makes.  She slept in one of those old day beds made of brass.  You couldnt touch that bed without hearing those sounds.  Anyway, I stormed into her room and stopped dead in my tracks.  My daughter was in bed fast asleep. I searched under her bed, in her closet, everywhere, but nothing.  I immediately ran into my room to check on my youngest daughter who was then about a 1 1/2 years old.  She seemed fine but I could still feel my heart beating in my throat!  I went in and told Lou what had happened and she blamed it on the horror movies we were watching.  Nothing else ever happened there. Fast forward another year.  I got a job as an apartment manager in Richardson, Tx.  Lou was still living with me as we both hoped to be able to save some money since I didnt have to pay rent.  Though unmarried, we were both pregnate at this time, but I later miscarried mine when I fell down a flight of stairs. Anyway, one night after the girls were asleep I went into my room to read for a little while.  I know I wasnt asleep because I was sitting up in bed when I felt someone looking at me.  I looked up at the door which was the only access to this room and saw a figure standing there.  I wasnt black or gassy or green as a lot of the storied I have read here seem to be.  This was in the shape of a man in a business suit and reminded me of, hmm, how do I ex-plain?  OK, you know when youre driving down a long highway in the summer and way up ahead of you it looks kind of shimmery?  Thats what this looked like.  Anyway, he just stood there in my doorway, staring at me while I was staring at him.  I did not feel threatened but was a bit unnerved to say the least.   I  began reciting the Lords prayer and saw him shake his head at me, turn around and walk away. I jumped up to follow him but he was gone.  I asked Lou if she had seen anything, but she hadn't.  The next night the same scenario. I was in my room reading and had just turned off the light.  I was straightening the covers when I heard a noise on the other side of the room.  Jerking my head up, I tried to see in the darkness but couldnt see anything. All of a sudden I heard a noise that sounded like tiny feet running of wood and saw something solid on the desk I kept in my bedroom for personal use.
Since the light was on the other side of the bed I yelled for Lou who came running.  I never took my eyes off the object and when Lou turned on my light, I was staring at a Beetle Juice doll that belonged to my oldest daughter.  How it got into my room I have no idea, but there it was.  As with the other doll, I threw it away, but this one did not come back!  One night a friend and his wife came to spend the night.  In the middle of the night he heard someone talking and went to investigate. He told me my oldest daughter was sitting up on her bed, facing the closet, telling whoever or whatewver she was talking to, to "go away, all you do is get me into trouble."   I had been having a lot of trouble with her not cleaning her room, putting her dirty clothes all over the house, but assumed it was typical teenage rebellion. After that, I wondered but never saw anything out of the ordinary that pertained to her.  OK, now fast forward about 10 more years.  Things have been pretty quiet with the occassional "feeling" but nothing too strange.  My oldest daughter in now married and my youngest daughter is 12.  I am divorced AGAIN!  They say 3's a charm but thats not true!  Anyway, it is only myself and my youngest daughter here at this apartment and a lot of strange things have been happening.  We have been here for about 8 months and until about 2 weeks ago, everything has been quiet.
My youngest daughter who I will call Michelle has always been fascinated with the ghost stories in our family and has been disappointed that she has never experienced anything. I tried to tell her to be careful what she wished for but she wouldnt believe me. Now she does! :) I noticed that my bathroom light bulb has to be replaced about every 5-7 days. That istn really spooky but I have read that that is a sign for paranormal phenomenon. One night, I guess it must have been a Friday night, I was in my living room on my computer and Michelle was in her room on hers. Our computers are connected by a lan cable so I have to be online in order for her to be able to chat or check her mail. She loves to go into a kids chat room, which I will not say the name. Anyway, we both have Yahoo Instant Messenger. Now for those of you who have it, you know that a name is always beside the message so people will know who is saying what. Right? Well one night we were online and all of a sudden she came in here and told me that someone was calling her a "B" and telling her to "get the F!@# out!" I asked her who said that and she said she didnt know as there was no name, just the window. My first thought was that a hacker had figured out how to do that, but why would anyone want to torment a child like that? Since then lights have been turning off and on, our bathroom door refuses to stay open and you can "feel" it in the house. There is also the constant feeling like you are beingf watched. My daughter wont even take her clothes off when changing, she slides the shirt over the one she is wearing, then puts her arms in and pulls the other one off from beneath. Nothing really threatening has happened except the one time with the instant messages but it is still uncomfortable. Last night I was once again on my computer when all of a sudden I felt a cold breeze right next to me. It didnt pass me but stayed stationary by my left arm. I called my Michelle in here and she could not feel it. I picked up a kleenex from my desk and held it by one corner. Her eyes grew to the size of saucers when she saw the other end dancing around like a wind was blowing it. The windows were closed, the ac was not on. It was still in here excpet for the movement in that tissue! One night, my daughter put a cross in my bedroom window (she sleeps with me now!) thinking it would keep evil away. Then when I went to bed I noticed it was upside down and freaked! Thankfully she did it, not knowing what that meant She thought a cross was a cross reagrdless of its position. I put it back in place right side up and thankfully it is still there! There are times when you can smell bread rising. I guess its the yeast that gives off that aroma, but it is unmistakable! I have always heard that spirits are stationary in a house or personal item, but I dont know that I believe that. I have seen and heard too many things to think almost every place I have ever lived was haunted. My story may not be as scary as some I have read here, but when odd things happen all your life, it becomes less noticable. One other thing! I and my siblings have always kept mother informed of our "strange happenings" and she has never believed. She is retired now and has moved to East Texas to live in the country. I went to spend the weekend with her a couple of weeks ago and after I left she told me that the tv in her bedroom turned itself off twice! She thought it was my nephew (she is raising him, Cassies oldest son) but then remember he had gone to spend the night with a friend. Now shes not quite so certain we have been imagining this all these years. If anyone wants more info or wants to realte their stories, feel free to email me at thelightsareon@hotmail.com.
By the way, I always sleep with my lights on now!  :)

Essequibo Ghost

By: winstonpersaud@yahoo.com

I am from Guyana in the West Indies, which is famous
for its paranormal activities.  My experience was not
a frightening one, in retrospect.  However, at the
time I was about 10 years old and it truly scared me.
My parents, along with my brother and I  were
attending  Hindu wedding of a distant family member in
Essequibo, Guyana (This is the rural area of Guyana,
with no electricity at various time of the night etc.)
 The wedding itself was very traditional and
extravagant.  However, according to the Hindu
religious ceremonies, elaborate wedding cakes are
forbidden (non-traditional) and should not be part of
the festivities. (Many varieties of traditional sweets
are fine).  Anyway, my brother and I along with a
distant cousin we met at the wedding, found some
cigarettes which we decided to smoke when everyone was
asleep.  We got up from the verandah, where we were
resting and walked into the living room to take the
stairs downstairs.  However, as we entered the living
room, we saw what appeared to be an old woman with
gray hair sitting in a rocking chair staring at the
cake.  She did not have legs and did not make any
movement except for her intent stare at the cake.  The
three of us were literally unable to walk, it was
almost as if we were frozen.  The hair on my arm stood
on its end.....I felt cold and scared (Essequibo is
normally about 80 degrees at night).  Needless to say,
we never went for that smoke.
The next day, I told the story to my mother....leaving
out the wanting to smoke part.  It was then she was
told by our relatives that the grandmother of the
groom (who we were not related to) did indeed have
long gray hair and lost her legs to diabetes, in her
early years.  She was a devout Hindu and had died
about 10 years before the wedding.  The grandson that
was getting married was her first grandchild and she
was the one who made sure he attended temple and knew
about his religion.  The cake was discarded after our
relatives related the story to the groom.  Maybe his
grandmother did not want him to deviate from his
religion or make a mock of it, or was it the diabetes,
I don't know...but it was an experience I will never forget.....


Evil Encounters with the Dark Side!!!!!!!!

By: anonymous

My family lives in home that was built in the 60's.  Our basement is really
dark and does not have very many windows, and even the windows it has are
only 2 feet long by 1 foot high, so they don't allow much light into the
basement  allowing for a lot of dark corners and pitch black rooms.  I am
not sure other than a cop who actually has lived there before us, but there
have been several encounters with dark entities, spirits or whatever you
chose to call them.  When my parents first moved into the neighborhood,
there were a lot of rapes, and bad crimes committed, but with the
neighborhood's help, that soon became a thing of the past.    My family is a
fairly religious family and very active in our church.  There are 5 children
including myself and both my parents.  3 of us have had experiences and the
other 2 children have not.  My mother would be the fourth person in the
family out of 7 who has had experiences.  I am not a person who believes
everything I hear.  I am logical, and I second guess even some stories
myself.  I am not someone who plays around with satanic or demonic things.
They have always scared the hell out of me.  I am not one who is crazy and
nuts and I am a practical person who needs proof before following along with
anything.  When I was young, my mother would tell us stories about my
grandfather seeing an Angel or spirit visit his baby brother's room calming
his baby brother when he was crying.  The stories, whether good or bad,
would always scare me because I have never wanted to see a spirit or ghost
or anything of that sort nor have I ever wished for an experience.  I would
have rather left that up to someone else.
As a child I always felt like I was being watched by someone and followed.
I would run home from my friends homes as fast as I could because I always
felt like someone was at my heels following me home.  When I was 15, I was
involved in a church production which was supposed to have a high turn out.
At the time, I was struggling with my religious beliefs and doing this play
had been helping restore my own faith in what I believe.  The night before
the first production I went to bed very tired.  I slept in a basement room
with a heating duct that went through the length of the room so the room was
always the warmest in the house and nobody ever got cold in that room.  I
went to bed and slept for a few hours.  While sleeping, I heard a taunting
voice whisper in my hear, "Try to turn on your lamp."  I had a lamp on my
headboard which had a book shelf on it.  My sisters would always do things
to tease me and try to scare me because I would always scare them by jumping
out of dark corners at them, so I said, "Leave me alone!  Get the hell out
of here or I'll kick your butt."  Again, I heard the whispering, taunting
voice say, "Try and turn on your lamp."
At this point I was pissed off, so I went to turn on the lamp and I felt a
tremendous pressure hold my arms and legs down to the bed.  I quickly opened
my eyes and I saw the room get darker than it had been before.  I felt a
coolness in the air and I heard fuzzy noise in my head followed by
whispering voices that would start off slow and get louder and louder all
whispering something different in in a language I was unfamiliar with.  I
heard the voice loud this time, in the midst of the whispers, "Try to turn
on your lamp!!!"  I couldn't scream for help, I couldn't move and I knew
whatever was in there was from Satan and not from God.  I tried to think of
something religious, Christ, the scriptures, the church something, but it
was really difficult because all I could hear were these whispers.  Finally
I felt the pressure leave as if whatever it was jumped off my body and my
arm flew up and knocked over the contents on the top of my headboard/book
shelf.  With hands shaking and my heart pounding, feeling weak all over my
body, I finally turned on the lamp and still, the room was dimmer than it
had ever appeared and I felt a cold breeze whisk past me and it seemed to go
out in the hall.  I was so scared that I set all of my religious books
around my bed and stayed awake all night long.  It continued to happen every
so often over the next few weeks and then months.  I asked my dad to perform
a religious blessing on the house to cast whatever it was out of the house
and we did, but it kept coming back.  Each time it would do something
different.  It would put pressure on my legs, or arms.  It would pull at my
feet.  Or I could just feel it standing there staring at me.  In my head I
knew what it appeared as, a Scorpion Face with red eyes.  I knew that wasn't
its true form, but that is how it scared me, so I would never open my eyes,
but just pray and pray and pray and eventually turn on the light and stay
awake all night long.
After a few encounters, I decided I wanted to move upstairs, so I switched
bedrooms with my older sister who stayed there until she got married.  One
night, as her fiancé was putting her to bed and leaving they walked in the
room and they saw something move.  They looked up in the corner and saw an
evil looking lady hovering in the top corner of the room staring back at
them with an evil grin as if to let them know she would do anything to gain
control.  They both prayed, and the lady left.  I later found out that as a
child, my sister had had a similar experience to mine where she was held
down and heard the whispering getting louder and louder, but when she was
young, the voice told her he would get her someday.
After high school I moved away for a while to Brazil and my younger sister
moved into my room because it was the biggest in the basement.  While she
was sleeping down there, one night, she felt something hold her legs and
arms down and she heard the whispering spirits again get louder and louder
and described it as radio fuzz but with voices saying things in a demonic
language.  When I returned home after a couple of years, I returned to a
different room in the basement and never had experiences, but until
recently, still felt like someone was always watching me from the doorway or
the hallway as it sat at the bottom of our stairs waiting for something.
Sometimes I still feel its presence, but I have since learned that I have
more power and control over it than it does me, so I have not been bothered
since I have come to this realization.

Evil Spirit

By: c5clancaster@Hotmail.com

I did not believe in evil spirits until it happened to me and my two roommates.We moved into this house in the country in austin, tx.It was where there was a terrible massacre in the 1800's by commanche indians.What was weird is that the house had brand new furniture and it looked like someone still lived there.So I asked the owner if it was furnished,he  told me that the man who moved in, lived there for only three weeks and moved out in the middle of the night.Well it didn't take long to find out why.Three day's after we moved in i was laying on the couch it was around 12:00 am.All of the sudden it sounded like claws ripping the glass of the window right by my head.I jumped up and ran outside.There was nothing there and we had flood lights around the house and it was lit up pretty good,so i went back in the house and went to bed, and as soon as i laid down,something very large was like dragging itself up to my window and stopped.I ran toward 's the hall and one of my roommate's heard it too and was in the hall,so we went outside and looked around and nothing was there.After that i would not sleep in my room.five day's later one of my roommates came into the living room with his blanket and pillows and said at first he didn't believe me until it started dragging itself up to his window, and he would be waiting by the window and would look out and nothing would be there.He said it would do it over and over every night,but tonight he said it came into his room and he said his room got cold and all of the sudden a glass of water he had on the shelf flew across the room breaking a foot above his head.I knew he was telling the truth because he had glass in his hair and i heard it also.The next night my other roommate moved into the living room telling almost the same story.We would hear things falling off of shelves and strange noises coming from our bedrooms at night after we moved into the living room. whatever it was it did not want us there.We moved out after one month.I think that the man who lived there before us saw the evil spirit.That's why he left almost everything he owned there.


By: Bullridercrazy@cs.com

About a month ago my boyfriend and I had a fight and he had broke up with me
over the fight we had (since then we have gotten back together). A while
before he and I broke up there was edvince of a ghost in our my house.  My
bedroom door had opened by its self a time or to, the back door opended for
my mom to go out side when there was no one out there, and my mom has heard a
voice calling mom assuming it was me she came to see what I wanted and when I
told her it wasn't me she belived we had ghost while my brother and dad
denied this we knew it was true.  I would say about 1 or 2 a.m. of the night
me and my boyfriend had broke up I woke to a sound of something falling and
landing in the middle of my floor.  I got up to investagate and found the
rose my ex had given me in the middle of my floor.  I knwe this had to be
done by ghost because the rose was on top of my dresser with the other roses
my best friend had given me and none of the roses she had given me had ended
up on the floor.  I belive the ghost did this because he was angry with my ex
for breaking my heart since we have gotten back together I have had some
situations with the ghost opening my door but his rose remains on my desser

Animal Spirit
By: LNS987@aol.com

One time i was walking to deliver the newspapers. I kept hearing breathing
behind me. I turned around and there was a white dog following me. I had
never seen it around my neighborhood before. I tried to touch it but it just
walked away. Then I turned around and looked back and it was gone!!


By: Tocrazyforme2@aol.com

     I love this web-site, it's awesome!!!! i have read alot of the stories
here, and i  have a couple of my own.
     Back in 1994-95 my then boyfriend and daughter (8) lived in an old house
that we did alot of remodeling to it was a two story and we turned the second
story which wasn't very big into one big bedroom, and this is where my
experience happened, my then boyfriend was out of town and my daughter was at
her fathers house so i was alone and had gone to bed around 11:00 or so and
was awaken out of a dead sleep around 2or3am lying on my back it felt like i
was paralized and i heard what sounded like power lines buzzing but it was
loud i also heard what sounded like papers being shuffled and people
whispering after a min or so i fell back to sleep i did not feel threatened
or afraid, and i was again awaked by the same sounds but this time there
seemed to be a male voice right in front of me, he asked me a question or
said something to me but i could not understand what he said, but i remember
saying NO loudly and everything quit and i fell back asleep and that was the
first and only time that ever happened to me.

     My second story happened a month ago in april 2001 it's june 3rd today.
 This is a very sad story i'm about to tell you but it
gives us all hope that there is life after death!!  My ex-husband and i have
been divorced for 8 yrs., and in 99 i remarried and moved to a town about 15
miles or so from where my ex and i lived but my ex and i remained very good
friends and saw each other all the time after all we have a beautiful
daughter together, well a couple of yrs ago he (my ex) became very ill (heart
attack) he was 39yrs old  and after his first heart attack his kidneys also
failed so he was very  very ill but he made it through and was getting a
little better each day then 4 months after his first heart attack he had a
second heart attack and again we almost lost him but he pulled through and
lived for a year and a half (not much of a life) he suffered horribly in that
year and a half, well this past April 5th he passed away just before his 41st
birthday his b-day is April 16th, our daughter was 12 she just turned 13 May
21st anyway it  was very difficult for both my daughter and i even though we
knew he didn't have much time left, my daughter and i was at the hospital
along with all his family and friends (he has a large family) and lots of
friends and i am still very close to all his family and friends, anyway the
next day after he passed i was at his house looking for some paper work and
saw the answering machine blinking so i checked the message and it made the
hair on my arms stand on end because the massage sounded garbbled (thats the
way my ex sounded toward the end of his life) because of the heart attack and
stroke it left his speach messed up it was very hard to understand what my ex
was trying to say and that is exactly what the message on the answering
machine sounded like and that message was left about 12hrs after my ex passed
away, one of his life long friends also got 3 messages exactly like that on
his machine within days after my ex passed. then the day after the funeral i
went back to work and i always set my coffee pot the night before so my
coffee is ready when i get up at 5am but that morning i came down to get my
coffee and it was not ready so i was checking out the coffee machine and the
time on the clock was an hour behind ?  how did that happen? so i hit the
switch and started the coffee got ready for work (power had not gone off) all
the other clocks were fine anyway later that day when i got home for work i
checked the time on the coffee maker and the time was correct? other things
have happened to other family members too, one sister of his i'am very close
to said she thought she saw him walk through her living room. I for one am a
strong believer in the after life and i loved him very much and miss him too,
my husband now also knew him as we all grew up together, my husband now has
also heard that message on the answering machine  and like me is a believer
in the after life and has been a great support for me during this time of
grief.   oh yeah and my watch has been missing for 2 days now.? Well that is
my story but i truly hope this is not the end for i hope he comes to me to
let me know that he is ok.  Thanks  for giving all of us a place to tell
about our experiences, im convienced that people are in touch with the spirit
world! if i have anymore experiences i'll be sure to write, Thanks again.

Fable and Tales


To whom it may concern,
    I write to share with you some tales I've been told and maybe verge on some of the experiences I have, unfortunatley I have no pictures of any apparations for you.  However, I know of one which I shall keep to myself, which expresses a large orb which can not be examined but which is believed by members of my family to dipict the essense of my late grandfather, within an area of my parents garnden dedicated to his memory.  Incidently the picture was taken to a "medium" by my uncle whom without prompting said it was a man, standing with a yellow or golden dog.  The dog owned by my grandfather prior to his, then, current dog was a golden retriever.  That dog had died over a decade before.
Alas I digress, I write to ask if you could find out some things for me or maybe become interested in them to futher your research.  A while back (approx 1995) a television programme was produced by Channel Four here in England, which was to do with the three oldest public houses (bars) in Nottingham.  Nottingham being my home town.
Indeed, I saw the filming of the programme and was in two of the pubs at the time of filming.
The film was made as part of the "Time Team" series of programmes specifically "History Hunters" and visited the pubs listed on a portion of my web site:
Now all these pubs are very old (I believe all three are older than the United States of America - great tourist haunts), indeed they reside within striding distance of Nottingham Castle, in particular in one pub (the Salutation Inn) has plaques listed of two regulary sighted ghosts.  Incidently the Salutation Inn was the rally point for Royalist soldiers at the English Civil War started in Nottingham when King Charles I struck his battle banner in the main grounds of Nottingham Castle (That original castle was later destoryed by Oliver Cromwell at the end of the war to stop it becoming a sight of rally for royalists after the King was beheaded).
Anyway, Rosey is one of the ghosts who reside in the Salutation, she moves within the entirity of the building, and whom I think I may have met, she is known for putting lost coins around people, indeed I felt a penny placed in the leg of my trousers which could not have got there any other way. Though these cases are rare, rosey is known for her mischief, and when the filming of the programme I mention was taking place in the Inn, on two occasions filming had to be adandoned.  As the camera would not work.
The crew got a spare camera and filmed the stripping down of the original, when it was opened two penny pieces (1 pence coins) were found within the mechanisms of the camera.  Once these were removed the filming continued.  However the camera placed on a table again suddenly ceased working, after again stripping it down a twenty pence piece was found in the mechanism.
This was documented on the film and broadcast with the programme.  However, in the room at the time of filming and caught on the sound recordings of the room was a little girl giggling.  I heard this apparation, as did other members of the public and the film crew. However, this we were told would not be broadcast as it may upset certain people's sensibilities. (Remember this was in a public house upstairs, where no children are allowed).
I would like to find this footage and find that sound recording, and I wondered if you may be able to help.
Incidently, I may appear to be a Crank or a Nut, but do not fear I am a crank and a nut, but remember "Those who know they're insane are the sane one's, it is those who do not know, and need reassuring we have to worry about" - Sigmund Frued. (can't spell). Kind Regards

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