The Little Chihuahua


I read Mr. M. and Pepper and wanted to let the writer know that a similar experience happened to my sister.

My sister is an animal lover and has worked at vet clinics for about three years. Often she will care for the sick animals in need of overnight supervision and bring them home to look after their needs.

While I was in Mexico, my sister was watching my dog. She had brought home a baby Chihuahua that was very ill and was caring for it with the proper medicine and supervision. My dog slept beside the Chihuahua's carrier that night, being the caring dog that he is.

My sister had gone to bed around 11:00 that evening. She was sleeping rather unrestfully until approximately 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. when she awoke with a jolt. Her heart skipped a beat or two and as she sat in bed she somehow knew that the Chihuahua had just died. My sister remained in bed, afraid to check on the puppy in the next room because in would sadden her greatly. She eventually fell back asleep.

The next morning, indeed, the animal was dead.

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Evil Spirit


It took me many months before I could recall my experience of the

paranormal. I believe it was because it frightened me so much, that I

subconciously forgot about it.

I remember my mother telling me about her strange childhood, and all the

weird thigs that happened in her house. The focal point of her stories

generally involved her mother. My grandmother was into the occult, and

had no fear in getting involved in some of the scarier stuff. She would

often tell my mother that when she looked in the mirror, she would

sometimes see a beautiful Indian princess. Cool, so my mother thought

she would take a peek the next time her mom was in the bathroom so that

she could view this lovely princess too. Instead, when my mom peeked

around the door, in the mirror looking back at my grandmother was this

horrible looking monster (demon?).

After that incident strange things would happen. My mom had a large

teddy bear in the corner of her room (the kind you can win at a fair).

One night, she woke up and the bear had lifted its arm out, as if

reaching for her. Things would also ocasssionally levitate in the

house. As scared as she was, she never told anyone, especially my

grandfather. She already had a strained relationship with her dad, and

did not want him to think she was crazy.

I really didn't think much about her stories until I experienced them

first hand twice.

During the first incident, we paid a visit (they lived in Ohio and we

lived in NY). My mother was concerned about my granmother's continued

involvement in the occult. Well, she thought things were just fine, and

my granfather thought she was just crazy. Anyhow, just as we were ready

to leave, my grandmother stood on the stairs of her house. What

happened next I couldn't believe. A man's voice came out of her mouth

and said that they would find us dead on the highway. At that time my

parents did not give this incident much thought until a couple of months

later a drunk driver hit us. Luckily, we all survived. My mom was

injured the worst, with much reconstructive surgery performed on her


The second incident I will never forget!!! Once again, my parents tried

to speak to her about not getting so involved in the occult. She still

didn't seem too interested in listening, so my parents asked if she

didn't mind if the prayed with her. Well, that upset the spirit so much

that right there, as they were praying she started speaking in the same

voice we had heard just a year ago. This time evil laughter was coming

from her lips. My sister and I were so terrified, we ran into the

living room, and just crouched in a corner crying. We could still hear

the spirit's hideous voice from the living room.

Well, to say the least, this was the last day of our visit. Once again,

as we were in the car, the spirit once again said that we would all die.

This time my parents told the spirit that this would not happen, and

that God is protecting this family. As we pulled away from the house,

the spirit was cackling and reapeating "you're all gonna die, you're all

gonna die". Never have I been so frightened in all my life.

Well, to say the least none of us died, and I believe that it was

because my parents told the spirit "no". However, to this day (this

happend when I was 7 and 8 years old and I am now 30), I am still

somewhat afraid of the dark.

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Cat's Farewell


I had a calico cat, Jessica, and she developed diabetes around age 8. She received daily shots for several years. One day, however, she became very ill. It was late at night, so I took her to an emergency clinic in the city. They took xrays and said she was quite ill and would need to remain with them that evening. I didn't like the idea of leaving her there, but she was ill and it was the best thing to do. I went home and sat and sat and worried and worried about her. I called the vet and was told I would be told if there were any news. So, I continued to sit and worry. My friend, Maureen, suddenly mentioned that she thought she heard the mewing of a cat from outside - yet, at the same time, she said the sound seemed to emanate from all around her. She asked me if I heard it. I said no. Well, just at that moment the phone rang. I picked it up. It was the vet calling to tell me Jessica had just died. Both Maureen and I are convinced that the sound we heard was Jessica letting us know she is all right and out there somewhere on her way.

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Life goes on...


I am not sure that anyone will believe this, I am not sure I care. It's over.

My baby son, my wife and I are alive. I don't think I can explain why I am

writing this to a bloody web page. I guess I have to let it out.

It started in September. We had just closed on our new dream home. Four

bedrooms on a beautiful and peaceful 2 acre wooded lot outside Oxford,

Michigan. It was a brand new house. One with no history, good evil or

indifferent. Just perfect for us.

My company had relocated us up from Houston and our housing search had been a

long and arduous one. Property prices in Michigan are considerably more than

Texas, so when we found this house and decided on it we were relieved and

happy. I was so relieved that I deliberately did not mention to Katelynn, my

companion and wife that Moshe, the 80 year old builder, told me of the tragedy

that had occurred during the building of the house. I am an engineer for a

major computer Integration company. Rightsizing scares me, not ghosts, at

least then.

Two weeks in we started hearing the normal house settling noises. A bump from

the attic, pops in the walls and sound from the basement that could be

described as squishing or splashing. Never having had a basement before who

knew what were "normal" basement noises. As I now think about it, the first

"odd" thing I recollect was that our dog, Blaze, cowered when we heard the

water noises from the basement.

The noises continued but their timing was strange. Always they started in the

attic, then were heard in the walls and then the sloshing in the basement...

As I mentioned I am an engineer and I didn't yet mention that my wife,

Kathleen, is a Computer Systems expert, both of these professions don't allow

room for a belief in luck or coincidence. So of course we started looking for

the structural cause of these noises.

We pulled up insulation in the attic, I removed drywall, and we practically

camped out in the basement to "catch" the water noise to no avail. I called

Moshe and let him know that the noises we heard were infuriating and that

there was a severe electrical problem causing the noises. I thought about

blaming the plumbing but figured the legal liability of an electrical problem

would bring him out to the house quicker.

Of course, he came with an electrician who certified that there was no

ELECTRICAL Problem! But... as they were leaving they heard the noises. Paul,

the electrician was from Oxford, and went deathly pale, he spoke to Moshe for

several minutes outside the house on the lawn and left. He said nothing

further to me and I have not heard from or about him since. Katelynn did ask

Moshe what the noise was and what Paul's problem had been. His answer

devastated both of us. Moshe said that Paul had been in the home building

business at one time and had poured a basement for a house not far from our

home. The building crew had heard an identical noise coming from the basement

but within hours of the concrete floor being put down. It disturbed the men

so bad that after two days of the noise they broke through the basement floor

and found a family of raccoon. Mother and baby's were dead but had obviously

live on for sometime after being buried in concrete. I guess air get trapped

and they were able to breath for a while.

Moshe's eyes betrayed his thoughts. So before he mentioned anything I told

Katelynn that there had been a man killed during the building of our house.

She was not happy with me for not telling her before we closed. Things had

happened to her as a child that made her more sensitive to these type of

issues. That's her story. Katy asked the inevitable and was even more upset

with me after getting the answer.

A young man, a carpenter, had been working in the house. This was before the

basement floor had been poured. He went down into the basement and started to

walk across toward a backwall and had apparently become stuck in some deep

mud or muck. He either fell asleep or became unconscious somehow because the

next day concrete was poured in through a tube from a basement window. The

only way anyone guessed what had happened was when the concrete was being

smoothed part of a hand, fingers rigid, was seen coming out of the concrete.

Of course, the body was dug up and the basement repaired. A sick feeling came

over me. Of course the body was dug up.

Moshe laughed and said you haven't anything under your basement. Katelynn and

I went inside for our regular hot chocolate. The house did not feel the same.

The chocolate tasted like hell.

We went to bed at about ten and about eleven, Evan our two and a half year old

woke us by screaming. He was not in his room in fact he was not upstairs. I

raced down to the first floor and found the basement door open. Evan was on

the lowest step and in the half light of the basement bulbs it looked to me as

if something had a hold of his right leg and was pulling him. Katelynn had

followed me down and screamed when she saw Evan. I was the first to reach him

and for the life of me I could not pick him up. He seemed to weigh a 1000

lbs, or else he was being held. Katy put her arms around him but she had to

lay down on the floor to do so.

Again it could have been the bad lighting but it looked to me as if Evan and

then Katy were lying in the floor, yes in the basement floor, not on the

floor. I am not sure exactly what I did at that point, crazy thoughts about

dead carpenters and raccoons crashed through my head, but I knew that they

were not going anywhere without me so I grabbed both by and arm or a leg and

pulled with all my might. I am six three, two hundred and forty pounds and

still I couldn't get them off that floor. Both were hysterical, Katelynn

never let go of Evan and I never let go of both.

Eventually I felt something give and after a long time or a short time, I

don't know anymore, I pulled at them and both ended up on top of me on the

basement stairs. We left the house with no clothes or belongings and went to

stay with my wife's family in Warren, MI. That was a week ago. Evan and Blase

sleep with us now.

I spoke to Moshe a few days after we left the house. I don't exactly what I

said, something about a flaw in the floor of the basement. He didn't believe

me, I don't care.

He called me back. The basement crew came to fix the floor today. They found

another body. A women's body. She had been with the carpenter. Moshe said

the police said she had struggled a long time under the basement floor.

I am not sure what we will do now, life goes on...

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Acceptence into the Family


This is a true story that happened to me before I married my husband. Everyone on my husbands side of the family always said Grandpa was waiting for Grandma to die so they could go together to the other side. He made several appearances to different family members since his death. I believed them, but didn't expect to see him myself. I often joked that one day my husband would look at me and see Grandpa with his arm around me in acceptance. One night around Christmas time Gram { a nickname} , a family friend, and I were sitting in the kitchen talking about a recent suicide. Gram called to my husband in the next room to ask him a question about the suicide. My husband didn't answer. She called to him again. Still no response. I thought he was being rude, so I called him. No response! I walked into the livingroom and called him and called him. He was sitting in achair staring at the Christmas tree. I looked at him and noticed subtle changes in him. My husband is a large man, but the person in the chair was heavier and seemed shorter. I also noticed smoke rising from his right hand which I could not see. He was also balding alot on top which was weird because my husband has a thick head of hair. I continued to call him right up to the chair. He looked up at me and immediately his appearance returned to normal. When I asked him why he had not answered he replied that he had not heard. I then noticed that there was no cigarette in his hand and the smoke was gone. He could not have put it out without my seeing him. When I told them what had happened Gram said " Oh, that was just Grandpa." I laughed it off. A few weeks later I was helping Gram do something in her room. I had never been in there before. I glanced at her dresser and there was a picture of Grandma and Grandpa. I said " Hey, that's who I saw that night!" Gram said," I told you it was just Grandpa." From then on I knew I was just one of the family!

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Grandma's visit


My grandmother (grandma) lived with my family from the time I was a baby up

until the time she passed away in 1975 at the age of 87. I was away at

college in a town twenty miles away from where my parents and grandmother

lived, when grandma had hip surgery. I was busy with exams at the time she

had the surgery and never made the twenty mile drive to visit her in the

hospital duing the surgery or after the surgery, I thought I could go see

her on the week-end after the exams were over.The last day of my exams, my

mom called and said grandma had had some complications set in after the

surgery and it looked like we were going to lose her. I ran and jumped into

my Volkswagon to rush to the hospital to be with her before she passed away.

Only I never got out of the city limits that day because of an ice storm

which had hit the night before. To drive to Midland meant that I had to go

over an overpass to get on the highway. Well, the overpass was so icy, my

car couldn't get the traction to go over it, I tried many times, but my

tires just kept spinning, so I turned the car around and went back home. I

called my mom after I got home and told her what had happened and that I was

going to figure out a way to make it to Midland one way or another to see

grandma. Mom told me it was to late, she had just slipped away fifteen

minutes before I called.

After I heard that, I felt so bad because I hadn't taken the time

out of my busy schedule to make it over to see grandma after her surgery,

and now she was gone. My family and I went to grandma's funeral a couple of

days later. After the funeral, the rest of the family went to eat at the

church, I didn't go with them, I went to my parents house to just be alone

for a bit. While I was sitting on the couch just thinking(about what, I

don't remember,) I looked over at Grandma's rocking chair a few feet away

and she was sitting in it! I blinked and took a second look.... she was

still sitting there, only she wasn't wearing the clothes she had been buried

in; she was wearing an old dress she used to wear around the house for

everday wear and to wear while woking in the yard. I remember looking at her

and she raised her right arm from the chair, kind of gave a little wave and

smiled at me.(she always had a wonderful smile and a mischievous twinkle in

her eye when she was alive.)I smiled back at her, she nodded her head at me,

waved again, then she was gone.

After she left, I felt so peaceful, the guilt I had been feeling for

not seeing or being with Grandma before she died was gone. I truly believe

she came back to say say goodbye to me. She always loved her grand-kids (my

two brother's and I,) while she was alive, so I guess her coming back to say

goodbye to me, was her way of telling me, that even though she was gone, her

love for us was still around.

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Ghostly Experience from My Family



I am a 30 years old technical professional and like many technical

people, I prefer to explain thing logically, but what I am going to tell

you is beyond any logical explanation. These are my family experience,

not mine and I swear on my life that they are real, not just stories.

My family, especially on my father side, has been encountering ghostly

experience over the years and I was told these stories that make me

scared but at the same time I would like to be the one who experienced

them. The descriptions are very short because I don't remember the

details, just the jest of the stories.

1 st encounter (according to my memory)

My grandparents used to live in an old building in Hong Kong, it was

built before the second world war. They moved into this unit in this

building a few years after the war ended (after the japanese invasion of

the land). Like many old building built around the war time, it had long

hallway and dark corners. My aunt (my father's younger sister) told me

they always got this old chill in their bathroom which was very small

compared with western standard. They always felt there was a presence

there, and they never spent more than a few minutes there (even for a


Second encounter:

Another encounter was a bright light suddenly appeared in the kitchen,

like an explosion. According to what I was told, the light was seen from

one end of the long hallway and the kitchen is on another hallway. It

lasted a second or so, but it was observable. When my grandparents went

inside the kitchen and checked, ther was nothing and nobody. The

location of the kitchen was not at a place bright sunlight would shine

through. The light was certainly not a reflection and more than a bright

light similar to a nuclear explosion, there was no sound.

Third encounter:

But the more scary one would be this crying sound coming out from the

wall at one of the dark corners. At around 12am most nights, the sound

came out from the wall. I forgot whether it was a male or female sound

but it was definitely a human crying sound. My uncle's bed was opposite

to this wall. Surprisingly ,my uncle got angry instead of being scared,

he used to shout at the wall or threw one of his slippers at it, saying

"Shut the F... up" (in Chinese of course), then the sound would stop.

But he got very frustrated doing this almost every night.

Several years after, they moved to another building and again built

around the war time. On one of this Chinese halloween nights, when

families are burning stuff (for-the-dead-money, paper cars and house, it

is a tradition for the deads, hoping the dead ones get them on the other

side) for their love ones on the street, there was one such ceremony

right at the entrance to the building where my grandparents lived.

Around 12am, everyone was retired in their rooms and suddenly, all of

them heard this crying noise of a man running across the long hallway

which ran through the length of the unit , there was windows in the

living room which was one end of the hallway and the other end would be

the balcony. The dog was barking very loudly as this noise was running

from one end to another end. Everyone came out from their rooms which

ran along the length of the hallway.

Fourth Encounter:

This happened to my aunt (my father eldest sister). When she was

preparing dinner in the small kitchen, she suddenly felt a cold chill

coming from her back, she turned and then saw this woman watching her,

like many chinese ghosts (my impression with all stories that I heard),

you can see the face, not fog or just shape, chinese ghosts usually have

very well defined shape, almost like a real person. As an experience

person with this sort of thing, my aunt did not care or respond and

pretended she was not there, it was believed that if you communicate

with the ghost, it will grow attach to you and never leave you alone.

But on one occasion, she got very angry as her cabinet in the kitchen

were opening and closing like crazy, she slammed on the kitchen bench in

frustration and said that she had had enough, the whole thing stopped


I guess my family had a way with ghosts.

Fifth encounter:

In the same place as in encounter four above. While watching TV behind

which was the balcony and where my aunt's dog was, my cousin suddenly

jumped and asked my aunt who the person head was, flying around near the

balcony, the dog was barking at the same time. My cousin was very scared

as he could clearly see the blood was dripping from the neck. The head

was floating around. My aunt did not see it this time but believe my

cousin right away as her family had been encountering this for years.

She tried to calm my cousin, but it was a very scary experience for him.

Sixth encounter:

(Same place as above)

My eldest cousin was sick (he was just a kid at the time)and had been

sleeping in the bed. One day (during the day)when my aunt brought in

some lunch for him, he asked who this boy was and said he was drowning,

he could see this image near the ceiling. The boy was drowning in water

and seemed to be screaming. Without any disbelieving, my aunt asked her

neighbour who was in the apartment building for a long time, about any

prior incident in the neighbourhood. The building was at a very

residential area, not downtown apartment building.

The answer she got was , there was a boy drowned a few year back in the

buiding swimming pool. Well, what else....

I was a kid at this time and spent time in their apartment a lot, but

never once I saw anything, I would say now it is a disappointment for


Seventh Encounter:

My aunt (as above) moved to another buiding with larger living area. I

had been there many time and I did not like it as it was dark even with

a lot of sunlight outside.

One day, as she was doing some dusting around the apartment and was in

her bedroom, she suddenly saw all this fog around the whole apartment, I

would say it was like the Victorian London type of foggy. She smelt this

rodden meat smell,(this was new to her), as she turned back, she saw

this giant pair of hairy feet(just the feet, no upper body or head or

anything), walking across the fog which was very close to the floor.

then suddenly the feet disappeared.

As the smell thing was new to her, she asked my granddad what would that

be as my granddad was the most experience with this type of thing. His

reply was "Oh, it was just dead people smell", meaning her apartment was


Once again, with all the time I spent there, I saw nothing.

Eighth Encounter:

My mum was visiting Taiwan. She was sleeping soundly in her bedroom in a

hotel, until she was awaken suddenly. She then saw this figure in the

dark with a giant pair of eyes approaching her, she could not identify

whether it was a man or a woman, as she screamed, my dad got up and

turned on the light, nothing there in the room.

Nineth encounter:

At the same place as above. Around 1am, my mum was still up but my dad

was asleep. My mum heard this noise coming from outside the hotel

building, she looked out down from her window, she saw a group of people

outside seemed to be having a party, the noise was so loud, it could

easily be heard even inside the hotel room. My mum, however, could not

figure out whether it was a group of men or women or both, the image was

so VAGUED,even at this short distance.She did not take any notice and

went to bed.

The next morning , she asked the management whether there was a party

outside last night. The management replied there was no party and

certainly not at 1am at night. But the noise was also heard by several

people in the group. Ghosts ?????

Finally, tenth Encounter:

I was visting England with my brother and was staying in one of my

families house, it was a modern house. One night, when I was out and my

brother was alone in the house and was sleeping in his room with the

door completely closed. He suddenly heard footsteps on the stairs. They

were spiral-shaped stairs running all three floors. The footsteps were

clearly heard and were coming from bottom to top floor and was

approching his room on the third floor. My brother thought it was me

(the owner was gone for a trip), so he did not care, suddenly he heard

someone was talking outside his room (the foot steps stopped at the same

time, what he heard was someone speaking in Victorian English, it was

certainly not modern English. my brother recognised that it was not my

voice, he got a little bit scared. He did not open the door to find out.

By the time I came back, I asked him what was wrong as his face was


Once again, I was there for a year on my own, I never heard or

encountered anything.

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My Dad


My dad died back in '80 when I ,my younger brother ,& my mom lived

in Il. after he died & we moved here to Fl. ,I "saw" him at

night time after I went to bed 4 different times .They were ALWAYS

the same : he would come out of my closet in my bedroom & come

over & stay by my bed side & watchme sleep until dawn & then he

would go back in the closet again .Funny thing is my mom told me

that when I was small my dad used to watch me sleep ,because he

LOVED to watch me sleep because to him I was SO beautiful!!

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It Happened to Us


It started when I was a little girl but became intense as I grew older and opened my mind to the unknown.

I always believed in "GHOSTS", but never thought I would encounter one . Especially one from my own family!. It all started in May of 1995, when my aunt suffering from severe emphysema spoke to me a week before she died and told me she would see me soon,but hopefully not for the wrong reason. I laughed and told her that I loved her . That would be the last time I would speak to her, (SO WE THOUGHT!).

I was living out of state at the time, when I was home alone with my son lying on the couch. Suddenly I felt the loss of my breath and my heart pounding outside my chest I was terrified and couldnot move from the couch. It seemed an eternity until I was comfortable again and then the phone rang. At that moment I knew my aunt had passed away!. I ran to my yard to smoke a cigarette, When out on the lawn I saw what I beleived to have been old family members that had passed moving towards me as to show me they had come for my aunt to bring her to a better place .I froze in my path and glanced again only to see them turn and walk disappearing in a blink.

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Southern Experiences


My experiences have been many and varied, all of which have occured since moving to

Florida in 1981. When I moved here, I lived with my mother and brother in an old house in

Jacksonville in the Riverside area which is filled with historic homes, many of which

have been renovated. My room was in the converted attic and my brother's was downstairs

next to the back porch. Many times when I climbed the stairs to my room, I would pass a

very cold spot and often I could hear a song in my head. When I would go to turn on the

radio in my room, the very song would be on in the exact point I had "heard". My brother

also swore he had seen the figure of a woman in white on the stairs on occasion. He had a

distinct dislike for the room he was in and convinced my mother to allow him to make a

room in the attic with me. I always felt uneasy in his room as well and detested the back

porch even in broad daylight. We never did find out anything about the house, but my

mother confirmed to me many years later that she too had felt weird things in the house.

I had one strange experience in the apartment we lived in next. I was dating a certain

boy and, one night coming home from work, I very clearly heard him speak my name as if he

was standing behind me. He was twenty miles away at the time, but the minute I opened the

door, the phone rang and it was him calling.

The most weird things that ever happened to me occured when I was living with a

roommate in a small house on the southside of Jacksonville. Some friends and I were

playing around with automatic writing once and when one girl was 'writing', we all felt

this electric shock go through us. It was so strong, it caused the metal of my earrings

to leave black marks on my ears. Then I started having very bad nighmares which I would

run screaming from my room. Not long after that both my roommate and I started hearing

noises in the spare room like paper shuffling and my roommate would find her filing

cabinets open. The nightmares intensified and then I started hearing the paper-shuffling

noises in my room, often right next to my head when laying in bed. Eventually my friends

consulted a ouija board (not the best of sources, I admit) and they told me that the

presence in the house was a man named Richard who had come back to the house to watch

over me and protect me from what I did not know. Later, my roommate found out that a man

had died in the house named Richard who had been an accountant. One time we were

discussing this man in the living room and actually felt him come into the room. All the

hairs on my body raised up at the sensation. We thanked him for his help and then he left

the room. After I started dating a new man who I later married, we stopped hearing any

signs of Richard- I suppose the matter-of-fact nature of my husband was protection

enough. A few years later after leaving that house, I found out that there was a

witches' coven practicing in the woods behind our house. As soon as I left that house, my

nightmares abruptly stopped and I haven't had any outstanding incidents of the ghostly


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Child's Ghosts


When i was 13 my family moved to Missouri. we bought a house that was about 20 years old, the seemed fine. After we lived there for about 3 years, my sister came to visit with her two children (they were 1 and 3 yrs old). I came home one night real late and snunk in to my room so as not to wake anyone up,like the kids. After falling asleep, I woke up to this feeling of being restrained by the ristsand this heavy feeling on my chest, I had not opened my eyes yet but i was awake, instead i called my nephews name( while visiting he liked to sleep with me) thinking that he had woke up and came to climb in bed with me. When he did not answer, I called out my neices name thinking she came instead,again no answer. But this time my heart start racing and I became fearful. My eyes flew open and I saw this cloudy figure hovering over me floating down toward the foot of my bed.I staired in confusion not having a clue as to what I was seeing, and the only thing I could was try to scream, but nothing would come out. I felt powerless . Suddenly I felt my strength come back and I jumped under my covers terrified. After awhile I finally fell back asleep.

After a few weeks later, the same thing happened again, but this time I saw the face of a child and I just staired at it and its mouth was moving as if it were trying to speak but nothing came out. I just rolled in hopes that it would go away.

Awile later a friend of mine that lived down the road was coming home from work one night and in the head lights she could see a child sitting on the small bridge right

past my house, but when she got to the bridge the child was gone. I had never told her of the ghost that I saw which I just wonder if it might be the same one she saw.

I found out later that my mother and my brother had exsprienced strage things in the house too, like hearing voices and foot steps .

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Basement Door


I'm a 36 year old marketing professional that encountered several

strange events in the old house I grew up in in suburban Pittsburgh.

This 100 year old, 12 room house was the first my parents ever bought

back in 1963. I lived there for ten years with my parents and 4

sisters. There were many strange events witnessed by my mother while

she would be home all day taking care of us, but I was too little to

understand and only wish to convey an actual experience I encountered

and remember with great detail.

It was in 1972, while the family was in the downstairs living room

watching TV together. It was probably around 8 pm when we were

startled and terrified to hear a large, crashing sound coming from the

outside hallway. My parents were visibly shaken, my mother clinging

to myself and my sisters as my father charged to the hallway to

examine the disturbance. Their first thought was an intruder in the

house. My mother frantically yelled to my father as to what it was.

My dad, after searching the house, came back and informed my mother

that the basement door (leading from our hallway to the basement had

come off the hinges and fell down the basement stairs. The access

from outside of the basement was locked, as well as the main door from

the outside of the house to the hallway.

This old house featured solid oak doors-very heavy and sturdy. The

family went to the hallway and were amazed to see that huge door

laying at the bottom of the basement steps. Being the only boy in the

family, I was charged with helping dad put the door back on the

hinges. Here's where it gets very strange.

The door was off the hinges and at the bottom of the steps, yet the

hinge pins were still in the hinges. All of the hinges on the door

and the door frame were completely in tact. The only way for that

door to end up at the bottom of the stairs was to remove the hinge

pins, and push the door out from the frame. How were the pins still

in there and the door off the frame?

Even stranger, as my dad and I tried to remove the hinge pins from the

hinges on the frame to put the door back, we were unable to lift them

off. It took a hammer and screw driver to pound the old hinge pins

out of the frame to reset the door and hammer the pins back into


This has taxed my reasoning for many years. In my search for a

reasonable explanation, I have found none. I find myself burying this

in the recess of my mind rather than deal with the reality of what

could have actually caused this. Your website called it back to my

attention, so I had to share it.

There are several members of my family that can substantiate this


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The Walk


My great-grandmother's parents were two very smart and genuinely good

people. Her mother's name was Anna, and her father's name was Archie.

He called her Anne. Every night, they would take a walk around this old

park that is out back of the house. They looked forward to spending

that quiet time with each other. Archie suddenly died one year of an

apparent heart attack. Anna was heartbroken. By now, my

great-grandmother was a young teenager, about 13. One night, a few

weeks later, Anna had a dream about Archie. In the dream, he was out

back of the house, outside the fence. He said: "Come on Anne, let's go

for our walk". She replied to him in the dream, she said: "No Archie, I

don't feel like it". The next night, she had the same dream, except

this time, Archie was inside the fence. He said the same thing and she

replied the same way. Anna had this same dream for the next couple of

nights in a row, and every time, Archie would ask the same thing, but he

would be a little closer to the back door. Finally, one night, she had

the same dream, and Archie was at the back door. He asked the same

question and she said no. The next night, she died in her sleep. Which

means that this time, he got inside the house and she took the walk with

him. I guess "the walk", meant for her to die and come with him.

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My Uncle's House


I used to live in Niles, Mi. The person who owned it before us was my

uncle. It also used to be a Hospital for the civil war, then it was,

years later, the art museum for nancy drew. I'll start with my uncle.

He lived in a seven bedroom Masion alone. So of course he easily fixed

up the rooms and rented them out to acquaintences. When someone he

rented to had a money problem and couldn't pay him, or tried to move out

with a debt the upstairs, front hall light would dim and lighten, dim

and lighten, ect.

My mother and Aunt were visiting my Uncle one day, Upstairs in one of

the rooms was two pictures, one of a man, and one woman, They all called

these two George and martha, (they looked like the washingtons) all day

My mother keeped telling my aunt (jokingly) "Kris, stop flirting with

george , martha's going to get mad." all day she went on and on. When

they were leaving, my aunt, the last one walking out of the house, was

shoved down the front steps. No one was behind her, and as they turned

to look at the door that was left open. It slammed shut.

When I lived in the house, I was in the basement one day shooting a BB

gun at some cans. As I put things away and started up the stairs, the

door shut, and locked. (It only locks from the Kitchen side) I sat and

waited for about 20 minutes and sure enough they decided to let me back

in, the door unlocked and reopened. I was the only one home.

A friend was staying over one night. My sister was away at a friends.

THis friend of mine came in at about 1 am and woke me up, seems my

sisteres alarm had gone off, she mustv'e forget to turn it off. I went

in and made sure both the alarms were off. After about 20 min. of sleep

she came back in and said it was going off again, this time I went in

and unplugged it, 30 min. later it was on again. This time I was sick

of them and threw it under the bed, it still popped on a little later

too. To make matters worse we had been watching horror movies all night

before hand. I think they wanted attention from this guest, that is not

what they got, she left immediatly in fear.

During summer, we had no form of air conditioning, this house was so

large that it was humid and uncomfortable. All we had to do was

complain about how hot we are or something, and all of a sudden a cold,

yet refreshing, chill would shoot through our bodies.

The most remembered of all was in dream form. I had a dream one night

of a young teenage girl, she had long brown hair and was dressed in a

long dress. She stood at the end of my bed watching me. After time any

where I slept she was at the foot watching me. Later my sister found a

picture of what I described in her history book, This was the girl, she

died of some dieseas at the age of 13 in this house.

One night When a friend was over, She came and handed this friend a

black rose, my friend pierced her finger and the blood drop turned the

ground to a lava looking form. When i got up and my feet touched the

ground, I was dressed like this girl. she took my hand and tried to

walk me through my floor length window that was now a great light. My

friend grabbed my arm and was trying to pull me back and hold on. I was

soon awaken by My friend my mom and sister, I was sleep walking and was

headed for the window.

About a month later, this friend betrayed me and never again have we


One other episode, I was young when my uncle lived there, I was playing

with my Barbies one day, they were going to the beach, which was the

other room. I rolled my car in and as I unloaded the toy, I heard

giggling. I stopped and looked around, I heard more. I turned around

and little girl my age was sitting in the corner, playing with a rag

doll, she looked at me held up her doll and said, "Dolly" and


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The Fat Man


When I was smaller, 4 years old maybe, I was visiting my Gran's

House in Guelph, Ontario ( I live in Cambridge, Ontario ). At about 2

in the morning,I was woken up by the noise of someone falling down. Being

small I started to cry and asked for Gran. She didn't come, and I was so

scared. I got up out of bed and, in an act of bravery, ( for a 4 year-old

at least ) ran down two flights of stairs to Gran's room. That's when it

got bad. Her door was locked, and she wouldn't wake up to answer the

door. I saw a large object that I called " The Fat Man " come down the

stairs. It was murmuring about a bookit seemed to be looking for. I was

scared, and I started screaming at him to go away. It turned at me, and

what I saw then scared the $%^% out of me! He had no face! It was a blank

grey area on it's head. No nose eyes or other features. It's murmurings

became increasingly louder, and it floated hurriedly towards me. I put my

arms over my face,to protect myself from the ghost. There was a

horrifying sound of wood snapping, and whatever it was fell through our

wooden balcony on the landing.

Later, when I was older, I asked Gran if

she ever saw the ghost. " No," she said. " But, a long time ago, a heavy

man lived here. He was leaning against the balcony over there, when it

gave way. Poor man. Fell three whole stories, hit the ground like a sack

of flour. No one found his body for months, as he lived alone, and kept

to himself.When they did find him though, his face had completely rotted


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