House I Grew Up In

Hello. My name is Renee.  My mother and myself have both had encounters in
the house that I grew up in.  Upon waking in the morning, when fully
conscious, I have felt something walking on my stomach (like that of a cat)
and when I finally did dare to open my eyes, nothing was there and the
footsteps stopped.  My mother has had this same experience numerous times in
the same room.  A strong presence could be felt also.  It always seemed like
someone was in the room watching you.  Also once when my mother was away on
vacation, she asked me to stay over to take care of the house.  She told me
not to stay in her room.  But since it was the most comfortable place to
sleep, I did so anyway.  When I stayed in her room, I was awakened in the
middle of the night by a feeling of coldness on my wrist.  I screamed and
called my cat to see if she would come stay with me.  She walked over to the
doorway and then would not step foot inside.  This was very unusual behavior
for her as she always came when I called her.  I then felt something scratch
my leg (under the blanket) and two large cuts (approx. 1/2 in. wide each and
several inches long) appeared on the shin of my right leg.  After that
experience, I never went into my old house again by myself.Other instances
that have happened include my mother lying in bed with her boyfriend and
having the bed shake violently.  Also the landlord used to work in the
carpenter shop downstairs and he used to tell us that he would hear loud
footsteps even though no one was home.  I am reluctant to tell anyone other
than close family about our experiences because I feel like people may not
believe it.  My fiance does believe me because he saw the actual scratches
on my leg when I got home the next morning.

House on Holly Hill


I live in a Two-story house on top of holly hill rd
with my family.My mom had lived in the house her whole
life,but it had been around before that,but for you to
understand my story we must start at my life from the
ages of 1 to 4 when i lived at our old house.
I used to have a ghost friend when i was little(not an
imagnairy friend.)i wasent afraid of him he was a
indian child but one day i couldent find him,he never
came back,soon after that my dad found a canon
ball,well actually he ran over it with the
lawn-mower,but he brought it inside,we have it at our
house now.But we suspect that our house was on an old
battle ground site.
when i was four my grandmother died thus leaving me
with one grandparent,my grandmother from my fathers
side.we moved into this house.Nothing started
happining until i was 8 thou.
When i was 8 i got a drum-set for Christmas,a couple
of months later i was reading a book and i put it down
to to take a sip of my drink,i was siting on the sofa
which was right next to the room my drums are in,i saw
a very destinct looking figure of a man wearing jeans
a Tie-dye T-shirt,he had long hair in braids he was
siting at the chair at my drums.I ran out of the
room.Some time later i was walking past our stair
case.I freaked out.
Last year one of my dogs died,one night i heared the
sound of my dogs chain coller i freaked out at first
but soon i fell back asleep.
This year one night i woke up,i was choking i couldent
breath,coudent talk,or cough.Then my dog peanut came
in and i stoped choking.
In april my dog yeller got hit by a car the same night
as the dog got hit a week later i woke up off and on
during the night feeling sick.last week i heared
something like a dog yelping loudly in the street
infront of our house.Last night i heared a cat in our
back yard but thats odd because my dog tramp sleeps in
the backyard.Nothing else has happend lately but i
sure am not relaxing..........

Husbands Death


my husband had diabetes, was 56 yrs old went to work one day and I had an
appointment for the hair salon at 1:30 p.m. I went upstairs to my bedroom to
get ready to leave for the hair appt at 12:45 I was in front of my dresser
when i felt very cold. As I stood there, I got progressivly colder, so cold
that I felt it right to my bones and I said out loud to nobody, as I was
totally alone in the house, " why on earth am I so cold" Let me add that the
date was April 27th and the weather was warm. Just then the phone rang. It
was my husbands boss at work telling me he had fallen and was taken by
ambulance to the hospital. I phoned my son and he and his wife took me to the
hospital where we were told by the doctors that at 12:47 my husband had died
instantly from a massive heart attack. This is what made him fall. He was
dead before he hit the floor. It was at that time that I felt that terrible
cold and to this day I swear he came to say good bye.

I Believe


My name is Aaron McMahan and you may not believe me when I say this but I
know there is such thing as Ghost. Here is my story:
Don''t get me wrong here, I am Baptisted, and you know how Catholic's worship
Mary insteac of Jesus, well, every year you can take a trip to the place
where Jesus was born, well, when I went over there about 5 and a half years
ago, we got to walk the grounds Jesus did. They had a huge marble cross
standing were he was crucified. I seen Mary dancing above it. Well, not
dancing, but hovering. I blinked my eyes and it was gone and I know it wasn't
my imagination.

I Have a Story for You


well where do i begin?  about three years ago, my favorite teacher was told
that she had breast cancer.  in the begining of her disease, i did not have
these weird dreams.  my mom worked with her and she and mrs. ellis (the one
that had breast cancer) were life long friends and well anyways my mom kept
me updated about her.  well a year before she passed on, i had these strange
dreams that i was at a funeral in which a lady was in a casket and her
husband was crying and another woman was holding him saying that it would be
alright.  these dreams contuined for about a year and they ended the day of
my uncle's funral. (which was december 27 of 1999) well later that day after
the funralmy dad came to me and told me that mrs. ellis had died earlier
that day.  well after my dad told me this i knew that the woman in the
casket was mrs. ellis and the man next to the casket was her husband and the
woman holding him was one of their close friends.  i know that this is a
vary strange story but it is true.  thank you for letting me get this story
off of my chest.  this is the first time that i have ever told any one this.
e-mail me if you have a comment.



OK my grandpa died when I was 3 so I didn't really know what kind of a person he was but I knew what he looked like.
I was visiting my grandma in the country my family and I were visiting for a week.
Let me tell you what the house set up was first , there was a hallway that lead to the guest room bedroom. If you went down the hall you would see a verandah for the front door , farther down you would come to my grandmas bedroom also on the left side , then of course the guest bedroom.
On the 3rd day of the visit I was walking to the bedroom when I saw a ghostly shape that looked like my grandpa.
Seeing this I ran to my parents and grandma tolled them what I saw.  They believed me , that comforted me so I went to bed.
The next day was good I didn't see any "ghost" or anything weird but  on the second last day of the visit something weird happened.
I was lying on my bed wide awake then some thing caught my eye , I looked up at the head of my bed and saw a ghostly white hand move across  then disappear. I lay there to frightened to move I mean I was 6. Anyway I waited a few seconds then something grabbed my pillow and it was pulling it under the bed I pulled it back and waited for it to pull back , but nothing happened.I'll tell you this it was SCARY.
In present days I haven't encountered anything UN normal around my grandmas house so I guess that that was a once in a life time experience.

Spooky Experience


I'm by no means a pychic, but when I was a young child I'm thinking around four, my Mother and I had a very spooky experience.  Where I grew up is near the Santa Fe Trail.  We had a screened in pourch that we would spend our summer days and drink iced tea.  One evening getting ready for bed, my mom went to retrive our empty cups.  I heard a scream, I ran to her side and she begged me to get the cups.  As I went into the pourch I noticed a figure standing on the oppisite of the door leading to the outside.  I could make out old clothes and long hair.  The moon was full on the other side of her.  So I could make out her fly aways in her hair and she wore a shawl and long dress.  I couldn't see her face because the moon was too bright and her hair covered it.  My mother who is a chicken was in hysterics and wanted me back inside.  It has always caught my imagination that I wasn't to scared.  I tease my mom now and all she'll admit she didn't know what it was.  I have witnessed alot and my son who is now four sees things too.  My husband and I lost our first daughter six years ago to a still birth.  My son of course never met her.  When he was 2 1/2 he was talking to "agirl" as he put it, I blew it off thinking it was play.  That weekend we went to the cemetary and our baby has an Angel on her headstone, my son got very excited to see "that girl"!!!  Goosebumps went up and down my body!!  He has shared stories about seeing a girl floating above his bed that looks like mommy!  I believe him because he doesn't lie or tell wild stories!!  We're very honest on what happened to his sister in hopes we don't scare him.  Last weekend he came into our bed in the morning and said Mommy, Aashlyn touched my head.  I asked him where were you guys at?  He looks at me and says right here mommy, between you and daddy!!  So your right ghosts are everywhere even in our beds!!!!

Old House


well, one night my friend janet and i were staying at my friend Sarah's
house. She had a very old house and it was just spooky looking at (we had
never spent the night before) and while we were laying in the bed talking i
happened to look up at the doorway and see a man wearing a very elegant suit
that was almost transparent and he was surrounded by a greenish light.  i
quickly nudged janet and sarah and when they turned to look the man quickly
dissappeared and without warning the door slammed shut.  needless to say it
scared us all terribly.

I Saw Me as a Skeleton


When I was about 6 or 7 I was sleeping one night when I was woken up by a
skeleton who rised up next to me.  He looked at me and as I rised up slowely
out of bed, he sunk back down to where I could not see him.  I felt a really
close connection to him for the longest time and could not figure out why.
It has only been through reading your website and putting some more thought
into the matter that I have come to the conclusion that it had to be me.  I
know this sounds wierd but it has to be, because I can now relive that
moment through both myself as the 6/7 year old and I can see myself sitting
on the bed from where the skeleton would have seen me.  Wierd, ne?  Also, a
little side note, all my life I have been able to do this little trick that
is wierd.  I can "burn out my insides".  It sounds wierd but thats the only
way to describe it.  I can do it on will, it dosen't hurt; it feels really
powerfull and at times when doing it I have hurt my hands or arms from
flexing them so hard.  If I have a headache of any type of pain(short of
being sick, as it drains me severly and I end up feeling worse) I can make
it go away for a short while.  Maybe someone has some knowledge on this that
could help or something.  Worth a shot.

I See the Living


Before I begin telling you what I see, I would like to tell you some history of my family.  I am native aboriginal and my parents are from two separate tribes. Their joining was nothing out of the ordinary save for the respective backgrounds.  Like many other cultures, there are social hierarcies - my mother's side of the family came from warriors and chiefs while my dad's side came from shaman. We were raised with very traditional beliefs and practices.
In 1994, my father past away.  That is when my experiences began.  When alive, spirits (people still living) would come to my father at night when he was sleeping and awake him.  On many occasions, when I visited Dad, he would say things, "Never let them scare you. or Ignore them if you want them to go away."  Since his death, I have had three visits from people (relatives) who were about to die.  As my father would say, "They are visiting and saying good-bye to you."
When my dad was alive, he would go to people and assist in their spiritual preparations.  Since his death I feel like the torch has been past onto me.  Do you know of ways or people that I can contact to help develop this inheritance?
To describe the experiences, they are similar. Like my dad used to say, "They don't look like that in real life."  The three times that I've been visited, two relatives have died - one uncle and one auntie. The third and most recent, three weeks ago coincided with the birth of my third grand-nephew.  I'm sure you're wondering - well that was a birth not a death. That's what puzzling!
When the spirits come, I wake fully from sleep to find them staring directly into my eyes.  My Auntie Annie appeared as a little girl in old-fashioned clothes. She stood beside the bed, near my left arm, body faced toward me, looking down.  Her brown eyes piercing. As I looked into hers, she turned and began to walk away yet her spirit did not have legs. By the time she reached the foot of the bed, her presence had faded with each step until she was gone completely.  I reached for the flash-light on the nightstand, beside the bed, and went to look for her, but she was gone.  I didn't feel a thing in the house as I tried to expand my mind.

I ThinkI Had an Experience


On June 3rd, at around noon, I went with my mother and grandmother to the cemetery to visit my uncle and my great-grandpa in their niche in the main office.
I was walking down the rows, looking at all of the names on the walls in the isles, and my mom called out to me to come look out the window in the back that overlooks one of the cemetery yards where my great-grandpa's 2nd wife is buried. I turned around because I suddenly got cold, and I looked down the row to my left, and I saw a potted tree branch moving up and down like there was someone playing on it, but there was no one there! I looked and then it stopped, and then as I was walking away, it started again. I might mention that there was no breeze inside the office, and it wasn't windy outside. I kept walking into cold spots in the office.
I heard thumping, and it sounded like someone was walking with boots on through the rows, and I didn't stay around to find out. My grandma and my mother and I were the only ones inside the office. I herded my grandma and my mom out of there, and I was shaking as I got into the van. I have no idea what happened, but it scared the hell out of me. I told my boyfriend what happened, and he said that it was nothing to worry about, and I told my mom, and she looked at me like I had 2 heads. I am trying to talk my boyfriend into going back with me, but I don't want to go there alone again. How do I go about finding out what I saw on sunday?
Thank you for reading this.
My name is Emily, and I live in Eureka California. The graveyard where I was at on the day mentioned above was Oceanside Cemetery.


Very Real


I had a couple of experiences with some ghosts that is very real.  I've
always beleived in ghosts, but never thought that I would come in contact
with one.  It all happen when I moved out of my mom's house into my own 1
bedroom apartment w/ my daughter.  I only had a reclining chair in the
living room (no furniture).  The chair sat facing the hallway towards the
bathroom & the front door. At times when I was alone in my house, I would
see in the corner of my eye, someone walking in the hallway.  But everytime
I looked straight forward, nothing was there.  And other times, I would see
someone peeking around the corner w/ just the forehead and the eyes looking
at me.  I didn't think much of it and I still don't, but it scares me.
A couple months ago (May), things started to get really spooky.  The hallway
started to get really cold.  I would have the heat on to 80 degrees and the
entire apartment would be hot, but the hallway would be cold, like a walk-in
freezer.  Well anyway, I was laying on an air matress with my daughter
sleeping next to me.  We were laying with our heads towards the hallway
(facing away from it).  It was pitch black and all of the sudden, I heard
footsteps behind my head.  I could hear every step taken.  My eyes were wide
open but I was too scared to move.  Then I saw shadows standing next to me.
There were (I believe) 4 of them.  I could see the outline of their heads &
shoulders, no face.  One reached down and started choking me (I think it was
a man, bec of the broad shoulders).  I could see the outlining of his arms
coming towards me.  I couldn't move, I was gasping for air.  I couldn't
scream or anything.  I tried to reach for my daughter, but couldnt even do
that.  Then it stopped.  I ran to turn on the lamp and looked at the clock.
It was 320am.  It was really strange & scary bec I never sleep on my back
(tummy sleeper) and I was laying on my back while it was choking me.  I
stayed up a little bit after that & watched some t.v., but was so tired, I
my eyes were getting droopy.  So I shut the t.v. off (the lamp was still on)
and I was laying on my back again and the comforter on top of my chest
started to sink and I started to get short breathed.  I couldnt sleep
anymore so I stayed up and watched t.v. all night.  I started sleeping in my
daughters room after that.
About a week later I called my mom and asked her when she goes to the temple
(we're Buddhist) to bring me some holywater.  She kept asking why, I didn't
want to tell her, but I did anyway.  She went and told one of the Monks and
the next day, my house was blessed.  Nothing happened for a while.  I would
still see a shadow walking in my hallway & someone peeking around the
corner, but figured my house was safe bec of the blessing.   About 2 weeks
later, I started to get this sour smell in the bedroom.  I thought my
daughter spilt milk on the carpet.  I looked everywhere and cleaned every
peice of the carpet from where that smell was from.  I couldnt get rid of
the smell.  Everybody who entered the room, smelled it, it was like sour
milk.  My friend came to sleepover one night, we were up pretty late talking
and I finally went to sleep (in my daughter's room).  My freind was watching
t.v. in the living room and I remember laying on the air matress, turning
back & forth, trying to get confortable.  I had a nightlight on in the room
(it was really bright, you can see everything), and all while I was tossing
& turning, I ended up on my back and something was choking me again.  Again,
my eyes were open, but I didnt see anything this time.  I tried to move my
arms up, to push it away, but I couldnt move.  I tried to yell my friends
name, but just moaning came out.  I could hear myself breathing, but I
couldnt move.  I wasnt scared, I just wanted it to stop.  Finally, it
stopped and I looked at the clock, it was the same time, 320am.  I ran out
to the living room where my friend was and I asked her if she could hear me.
She said she heard me moaning, but thought I was doing it in my sleep.  I
told her what happened and we stayed up all night together.

In Response to "Strange Phenonmenon"


I recently read "Srange Phenomenon" on page eight and found many similarities to my own story. Link : I was wondering if you could post this beneath it. I was really excited to find a similar experience. Thank you for posting these stories.
I am now 24 but the event happened when I was 19. My best friend Lacey was dating a guy named John. His father had a heart attack and died at home with John there trying to save him but it was a massive heart attack and he didn't make it. Apparently John's dad was not fond of his girlfriend Lacey. I attended the funeral  with Lacey and John and it was a very sad occasion athough nothing seemed out of the ordinary. About a week later Lacey and I were driving down the road with the windows rolled down on both sides because it was a warm summer evening. She started to talk about John's dad saying she wondered if he ever watched over her and John. Then she added that she doubted it because he was a mean man and he hated her. She went on for a few minutes explaining how he treated her. Then she said, "He was not a nice person, he was evil, I know he is in hell."
 We were stopped at a light in the turn lane at the time. As soon as those last words came out of her mouth "something" flew through my car. It was a physical object but seemed to be made of white light or smoke and was slightly illuminated. It sounded like some type of whistling fire cracker or something and I felt a breeze go by my face.  It was twisting in circles around itself at a fast past as it flew in my window (driver side) right in front of my face then right in front of lacey's fast and out the passenger window. It seemed like it was in slow motion and the phsyical presence was so strong that we both pushed our heads against the headrest as hard as we could so that it would not hit our faces. As soon as it exited her window i looked over at her with my head still pushed against the seat and she had hers pushed against the seat as well. We knew it was not a firecracker or anything explainable. I immediatley asked her what the heck it was and she was beginning to cry and sink down in the seat to hide toward the floor board of my car. Before i could even say anything else "something" dropped in my backseat. It felt and sounded like someone had dropped a 50 lb feed bag in my back seat from above. My whole car bounced in response. I again looked at Lacey and said what the h@#$ was that!" At that point the light and turned green and I turned into a parking lot where we both immediately jumped out of the car. I opened all the doors and the trunk trying to find an explanation. Lacey was still crying and shaking. We both agreed that we thought it was Jon's dad's ghost. We couldn't get back in the car right away but eventually we had to. It was a very scary experience and we never talk about his dad anymore unless we are telling the story.
I don't think anyone really believes us when we tell the story but we know it happened. We felt the breeze, both of our heads were pushed against the seat and we both felt my car bounce. There is no way it could have been a coincidence. I have found stories that tell about ghosts "dropping" into chairs but until now have not found one about the "thing" that flew through my car right in front of our faces. Thank you for submitting the story it's nice to know we aren't the only ones this has happened to. I hope this gives you some reassurance that your mother's story is true.
If you have had any other similar responses please pas them on, I would be interested in reading them.

Is This For Real???


Is this for real?.....Thats the question i get asked everytime i tell my
stories or someone comes to visit me in my home......I'm living in a home
that i moved into about 7 years ago...its a pretty old house...some of the
closets still even have the old time doors and door knobs on them that you
had to have a special old key to get into.....Anyway....let me share with you
the things that have been going on in my home and then you can judge for
My first dealing with the paranormal was back in October of 94...i was
sitting in my living room and notice out of the corner of my eye something
walking through my hallway leading from the kitchen to my sons room...I didnt
really think anything of it at first except a glare from a cars headlights
passing by outside....a few moments later my son had woke up and came into
the living room and asked if i came in his room and fixed his pillow....of
course i said no because i had been sitting there watching a movie. I got up
and walked him back to bed....and turned on the bathroom light for him that
was in hallway as he needs light to help him sleep better.
I decided to switch where i was sitting so that i could watch the hallway
while i finished watching my movie. A short time later i saw something that
was to unbelievable for me...the shadow that i had seen earlier was not a
shadow at was a figure of a woman floating through the hallway in
the same direction as before from the kitchen to my sons room...i could only
see the left side of the womans body and face she was translucent but i could
tell she was wearing a very old fashion dress her hair was very long. Not
once did she ever look my way or look around...just straight ahead towards my
sons room. Her feet werent even touching the floor. I of course couldnt move
at this point...i was frightened at what i saw. I waited about 5 minutes
before actually getting up.....and as i was rounding the corner to my sons
room my son and i ran right into one another....of course scaring me to death
again....he asked the same questioned as before..."Mommy why do you keep
fixing my pillow?"....this time i just told him i came in because he was
laying awkward and didnt look comfortable so i fixed him up so he would sleep
better....but that wasnt the case at all...i never went in his room...only
the time to walk him back to bed.
     I never saw the woman again until a few weeks later when my niece had
spent the night with me she was 19 at the time and was sitting on the couch
where i had sat the last time i saw the woman and quickly screamed for me to
come down stairs..she told me she saw a woman leaving the kitchen and going
into my sons room....and swore the woman was a ghost. The woman never bothers
anyone and its seems to be the same routine with her...and the same direction
everytime we see her....I can say I've seen this woman at least 8 times in
the last 7 years ive lived here.
     But, my story doesnt end there with just the woman...several nights i
have heard voices of children coming from the upstairs across from where my
daughter sleeps...this happens during the day when my children are at school
and I am home alone...and it happens at night when everyone is sleeping.
Footsteps are heard by anyone that comes to visit coming from the upstairs.
Things my husband and children and i know that we have placed somewhere come
up missing. Also..when my children were very small...around 4 and 5...they
are now 9 and 7 they claim to have seen a man in the upstairs closet in the
bedroom across from daughters bedroom....they even were able to describe this
man as having long reddish brown eyes and a mustache and beard
same color as his hair....they said the man didnt move or talk....just stood
there and smiled at them. (freaky, huh?)
       The last thing i will tell you which still kinda spooks me til this
day is about 4 years ago my niece and i were upstairs picking up some broken
glass from where my daughter had dropped a picture frame and the glass
shattered in the "closet"...see the pattern here?....Anyway.....she picked up
a sliver of glass...and pulled back her finger and yelled out if
she had been cut from the glass...but she looked down and no cut or blood was
visable...but (and heres the freaky part) when i reached for a piece of glass
with my fingers...i noticed droplets of blood coming from my finger and i
hadnt even touched the glass yet and there was a cut on my index
finger...same hand same finger as my niece claimed she had been cut by
glass....but no evidence of it. (Very strange)...all of this is very
true...some say im crazy...some believe it and have witnessed it...Now u can
be the judge of whether this is for real or not.
     Might also help to tell you that since i was 8 years old i've been able
to see and hear things that no one else could...I am now almost 30 and still
go through the same things...dreaming of things before they happen...seeing
my dead great aunt and actually being able to talk with her?....I used to
think i was crazy myself..haha...but I've experienced way too many things in
my life to truly believe its just all in my head.

Itty Bitty Fingernails

This story was told to me by my boyfriend.  It regards the tale of his Great Grandfather in Guatemala.  It was told that upon returning home on horseback from a long day of agricultural work on his plantation he heard a baby wailing off the side of the road.  Since he was a kind-hearted gentleman, he decided to stop his horse and look to see where the crying was coming from.  Lo and behold he found a dirty bundle of blankets wiggling and the wailing seemed to be coming from there.  He picked up the bundle and unwrapped the face, suddenly the baby stopped crying.  He mounted his horse carefully as not to drop the baby and continued on his way.  A while later he noticed that the baby was very still, thinking it was asleep and remembering how much peace his own children brought him when they were asleep, he decided to take a peep.  Upon unwrapping the baby, he gasped to see that it was no longer a human child, but a horse's head on a baby's body.  It soon started to laugh a demonic laugh and pulled out his arms to show him his long protruding fingernails and said "Loooook, looook, look at my itty bitty fingernails."

I've Seen a Ghost


It was on halloween when my friend  Holly  said : "I dare you to go to the grave yard  tonight". I said ok I'm not afraid of anything. I didnt even believe in ghost untill that night. At 8:00 I was in the grave yard  with one flash light and one set of batteries. I wasnt scared till I heard a branch break. Than I herd little foot steps. Pretty soon I got scared  and sat  by a tree waiting untill 11:00 that was when I could leave the grave yard. At first I thought it was Holly trying to scare me. I was looking around to see  if I could see her but when I looked the other direction  I saw a big light. I was staring at it . I  saw something in the light it looked almost like a face   and it was standing there like I was a enemy that most be destroy. I  for got all about the bet and ran for my life.

Just Plain Strange

Hi,  I don't know if this falls into a "haunting" category but I thought
I'd share my story.  My family had a cottage in a clearing by a lake.
Our cottage was almost completely surrounded by forest.  There was a
dirt path that cut through the trees and eventually became our
driveway.  Being 8 and curious, my parents would allow me to roam the
woods around our cottage as long as I took our German Sheppard with me.
She was an older dog who ALWAYS stayed by my side, especially during
excursions.  One morning I decided to take a stroll through one of my
many beaten paths in the bush and pick some wild strawberries.  As I was
bent down foraging I hear my dog growl.  I though nothing of it (she was
so protective of me that the slightest noise would set her off).  A few
moments later I noticed she was no longer by my side, I began to call
her name but to no avail. I decided to start back to the cottage
thinking she got tired of waiting on me and made her way back.  As I
walked down the path a heard a loud "crash" like a falling tree and
turned in the direction of the sound. I gazed upon a rocky hill covered
in moss and fallen debris. the sun was shining brightly through the
canopy and I had to squint.  Something VERY large was quickly climbing
this small hill with it's back to me.  I froze thinking it was a bear
until I realized that it was white and seemed to have a shawl or wide
belt tied around it's waist.  It was about 6 to 7 feet high and as broad
as a grizzly bear.  Moments later my dog came running out of nowhere as
if she'd been chasing it.  As my dog began to bark and bear her teeth,
the thing turned towards us and I was unable to make out any features
(due to the sun or my child's mind blocking it, I cannot recall) and
immediately, it vanished.  I ran home screaming and my parents quickly
ran to meet me as I cam crashing out of the bush with dog in tow.  I
started rambling on and unable to make any sense of what I was saying my
parents consoled me and brushed off the experience as being
imagination.  For the next few nights, I heard rustling noises and what
sounded like a growling hum???outside my window.  Even though my shade
was down ( it the type that blocks out all light).  There was an
orange-red glow shinning through the sides of the shades.  I didn't''
sleep a wink.  The noise continued  and my dog sat at the foot of the
window growling softly all night.  I was reluctant to tell my parents of
this for fear they would not believe me but it was clear to them (by the
bags under my eyes) that something was wrong.  Finally I broke down and
told them the story, my father immediately said it was probably the
neighbors 12 and 14 year old sons trying to scare me.  We later found
out that our neighbors were away in the Netherlands for the month
visiting relatives and the next closest neighbor was 3 miles away.  The
only way to access the front of our cottage (short of tramping through
the dense bush) was to come up the dirt path.  If this was the case, I
should have heard footsteps as the approaching person came up the gravel
entrance to our lot or the stoned walkway directly in front of my

Kentucky Haunting


The only experience I've had myself was when I was about ten to twelve
yrs. old. My sister and I were sleeping in the same bed and we were
woken up by the sound of a horse whinnying by our bed. We scooted,
terrified, back against the wall and listened for several minutes to the
sound of the horse breathing. The property our house was on was a brick
yard in the late 1800's, so I can imagine that there were plenty of work
horses around the place in those times. That may explain our experience.
However, my mother has several stories to tell and I can personally
vouch for her honesty. In the 1950's, my parents were young marrieds
with their first child{my brother}. They lived in East Cenral Kentucky.
They rented a house from a lady who once asked my mother if she had
experienced any "trouble" while living there. Well, my mother and father
did have "trouble". In the morning after my father went to work, my
mother would go back to bed. This was an old house with no running
water, just an outside well. While in bed, my mother would hear the
kitchen door{which was locked} open, then heavy footsteps proceeding to
the water bucket, then the sound of the dipper touching the sides of the
bucket, then the footsteps retreated from whence they came and the door
shut. My mother never got up to investigate, though she heard this many,
many times. She was too scared. Another time while she was outside, she
heard what sounded like a shower of rocks hitting the opposite side of
the tobacco barn. When she investigated, she found nothing unusual. My
father's mother and little brothers came to visit one day {not knowing
that my parents weren't at home}, and saw a little blond haired girl
standing by the house, she ran around the other side of the house and my
uncle jumped out of the car, running after her, thinking she was my
mother's little sister, Elaine. He yelled after her, she never answered,
and he never found her. Needless to say, it wasn't Elaine. I've saved
the strangest stories for last. Once, while my parent's were in bed,
they saw what my mother describes as "a green and orange ball", very
large, float through the living room, into the bedroom, and over to my
brother's crib, where it hovered for several seconds, then faded.
Another time, after my parents had settled down for the night, a sound
like a vacuum cleaner, very loud, moved through the living room into the
bedroom and hovered over the bed. My parents describe being "paralyzed"
during this experience. My mother said that it felt as if cold steel
bands were on her ankles. They then blacked out and didn't know anything
more until the morning when they woke up. My fathers' teenage sister was
staying with them that night, sleeping on the couch. In the morning, my
mother asked her if she had heard anything the night before, and she had
experienced the same thing as my parents. The noise, the paralysis, the
blacking out. A very strange story, but I know it to be true.

Long Time Experiences


hello my name is kelly  , i dont know really where to begin but i guess at
the beginning would be good. Ever since i was little i have experienced
seeing and hearing ghosts , as i got older it grew stronger. About  8 years
ago my boyfrienD (I  am now married) was murdered,since the moment he died he
was in my house, the night he died my front door started shakeing really hard
but i knew it was him. F rom that day forward i would feel him touch me , or
i would wake up in the middle of the night to someone moaning in my ear
almost like a deaf person tries to speak but he could not get out what he
wanted to tell me, so i started useing the weja board to communicate with
him. It was really sad he just kept saying pray for him and that he was
suffering other spirits would cut in sometimes bad ones and try to pretend
they were him but i knew his personality it was just like he was still
alive,when he was alive he would get into alot of fights and usually he won
but he said on that side his punishment was that other spirits were fighting
him and he was loosing,do you understand that? I went everyday to my chapple
and prayed for him but my mom always told me its to late after you die , but
i tried anyway.As time went on he seemed a little  farther away and it was
harder to contact him,i got pregnant with my 6 year old and one day i woke up
to someone rubbing my face but could see no one, i knew it was him saying
goodbye. It was quit awhile before i saw or heard from him again untill one
week before my wedding i woke up to someone banging on my bedroom door no one
ansered when i said hello, so i laid back down and in a few minuets i looked
up to see richard walking across my bedroom but he did not even look at me
,it was as if i wasnt even there. Thats the very last time  i have felt him
hear, but i still feel presences hear with lights flickering things falling
or just knowing someone is there but i am not sure who they are .Maybe you
could give me better advice on how to communicate with him or them, i really
could tell you more stories but i have taken enough of you time.

A Malicious Entity


A malicious entity
(all names will be anonymous,cause my boyfriend is hesitantof me even doing
this since last time we had this mentiond in theripy,um the subject of our
ideas we were labeled so mmany cruel things)
OK it all started when the boy had newly moved into his new room of his
house. This was when he first encoundted this evil spirit. The entity would
throw him athwart the room, beat him, and many times paralyzed him.
The demon hadnt always been AS vicious but once a chathlic(YES!see their the
cause of trouble errm sry bout that outburst)woman had attempt an exorcism
the demon then became enraged.
This had gone on for a long time now. Later it would strive to possess him.
He then told his friend of the happenings.
The girl had listen to him and had declared to him the figure in black robes
was a demon aspersion.
Now of course, now determined to vanquish what was hurting and haunting the
boy, they began to plan how to remove the demon. The entity assumed not
wanting to leave attempted at all extents to cease all conversation between
the to of them. It would change volume,fuz up, and breath in phone lines. The
2 then would try to talk over AOL (AKA aohell ), but the demon would still,
try to stop their conversation by freezing their computars.It then could go
house to house and back again as it pleased to assault its victioms.It did
this threw slaming,paralyzing,tempature changes, unsettling feelings,ect
It had mingled and became entangled in the boys aura a # of times when in
attempt to possess him. The foul spirit had oddly known bolth boy and girls
weaknesses; the boys back, and the girls ribs-wich gave it yet another
On the third night of torture the boy, without permission of the girl, had
taken the demon inside.
Why did this entity antagonize them? What was it that let it there? who was
it? What was its modives..
that we may never know for now it sleeps, it lays low in the boys body caged
and enclosed in the boys body?
And that is the story of one of the Entities of the house on Boat Lane.

Megan's Bedroom Haunting

Okay first thing first i had a movie poster in my bedroom that i had up by my door for about three years. Well my older sister came back for christmas and my room is right by the hall way that is by the living room and the christmas tree lights where on and the glare of light was going through the hall way and was glaring to where you can see the poster a little bit. My sister was talkig to her boyfriend and was looking on the wall with the lights off and about an hour later she came running out of my bedroom screaming she said megan your bedroom is really haunted and i said why and she said go in there and stare at the poster and you tell me if it is haunted so i went in there and looked at the poster and then i seen a man in the kingpin poster dancing and tipin his hat and moving around like a pshyco and i was freaked out. Then when i left and got my mom and other sister to come and look they seen the same thing and i sent myself in there and then came out and told my other sister (17) to go back in there and watch and when she came out she told me what she wrote down what she heard and i wrote down what i heard and seen and they where the same things freaky. Now today those posters are in the attic and my friends mom told me she would pay $300.00 to buy it but i belive it is a piece of this house knowing it was here when we moved in hehe!

Memories of the Ohio Canal


  I have written here before about a house I was in once and it all being paranormally... anyway just recently I had another run in with something. First I have to tell you all the details so that this makes sense. I live in central Ohio and about 100 years ago or so there was the Ohio Canal. Most of it is just a really big ditch now, forgotten and decaying... and in some places extreemly haunted. My friend Corey lives on the sight of an old lock house (lock #9)on the old canal. You can still see were the locks were, b/c of these huge stones right next to her driveway, and right along the house is the old canal(now a big, long ditch.)Her parents had actually bought the old lock house and decided on renovating it, but b/c of cost they just tore it down and built a new house on top of it. When they lived there they had several run ins with ghosts. A man in civil war attire, a little girl screaming for her mother, and other odd things. The house isn't exactly quiet, but the ghosts are no longer residents(they changed the location of the doors). The house is not the only thing haunted out there, the land itself seems to remember the old days still.Corey has told me a lot about the land and canal.The ships would sometimes throw the dead into the canal as they went by. People falling in and drowning. A very old tree stands in the middle of a field next to the house,it's called the hanging tree, no explanations needed. So many things for Corey and I to investigate.Keep in mind we are two stupid girls looking for the unknown. About two weeks ago Corey and I took out her 4 by 4 to ride around the field and just look for stuff. We brought a tape recorder with us this time to see if we could record anything inaudible to us. First we went to lock 10 which is not to far away from her house. I turned on the tape recorder and we were bullshitting asking the ghosts to let us know if they were there or we were just crazy. Nothing, so we rode around for a little while longer and went back to her house. I took out the tape recorder to listen to our stupidity and I heard something with our vioces. Corey really wasn't paying attention and talking about something. I listened to it agian..."Cor-(Hey if there are any ghosts out there say something)Me-(No no!!!)Cor( Yes, except make it hearable ..)Me-(hearable?*laugh*)Cor(audible?)" After Cor invited the ghosts to say something you begin to here a *clang clang clang.* We are out in the middle of no where w/ the engine off and you can here a clang very softly. I immediatly freak after figuring out what it was. Its the sound of a lock opening and shutting to level watter and let boats through... a 100 years after the canal was forgoten! That is the first real proof we have of paranormal activity around her house.
The day before we heard a wagon following us in the same area. And when we got close to the spooky woods near it (we didn't have the 4 by 4 w/ us, just the dog) the dog got all quiet and then attacked me for no reason. I don't like those woods, I find it extreemly hard to breath there and sometimes I feel so depressed that I want to cry or just die...Well thanxs for reading this:)

Mom's Story



More Experiences


I just love this sight and love to read the stories that are posted.  I never believed in "ghost" until things started happening in our house.  They have calmed down quite a bit but thought I would share a few more stories with you, the most recent one happening last month.
The first happening was years ago,  my daughter was on the couch in the family room and my other daughter was in the chair and me on the recliner.  My youngest daughter (about 8?)  all the sudden ask us if we hear the pretty music
playing?  My other daughter and I both say what music?  She says....the pretty organ music, can't you hear it?  We again both say NO.   Then she starts telling us that the couch is moving, we both tell her it isn't and she starts crying saying the couch is shaking and the music is getting louder,  then it stopped.  She was so freaked out.......she is 17 now and still remembers that day.
Another incident was the same year and again my youngest daughter was in the kitchen eating her cereal,  I was in the bathroom drying my hair for work and my other daughter was upstairs getting ready for school.  All the sudden Nikk comes running to me in the bathroom crying saying something just hit her in the back of the head really hard.   We had no explanation of it since neither of us was around but she swears it happened to this day.
Ok, the most recent incident just happend to me last month.  As I have said, things have started slowing down a bit over the last few years but every once in a while we still hear the footsteps upstairs walking around and I have seen shadows go past me.   On May 25, 2001 I had off of work for vacation day.  My daughter had left for school and my husband had left for work.   About 8:30 am, I was laying their trying to go back to sleep and I all the sudden felt someone with their hand around my neck, not real hard like trying to choke me but like as a gag, so I thought my husband had stopped back home and was playing a trick and I opened my eyes to say "Very funny" but nobody was in the room or even in the house.   I immediately got up and get dressed for the day.  It was really scary.
I think my dog also sees things.  He will sit in the room and you can watch him moving his head like he is following something and sometimes growls at it.   From what I hear, the old lady who owned this house before us had died here so maybe it is just her wondering around.   The articles that disappear and reapppear are always female items belonging to me or my daughters.....barrettes, necklace (which is still missing), brush, wallet etc........just mischevious I guess.

More of the Story


At ten, I encounter my first spirit. I was speaking to my uncle
frank that I later learned was dead. As a child I felt different
 because of my ability to see things ahead of time. I was shunned
 and told to keep quite and sharing my ability only with my sister.
 I began keeping a journal. During back surgery, I experience an
 OBIE-out of body experience. I floated about my body and wondered
why the nurse could not see it. While sitting with my husband, I
 floated but manage to pick up my cat. A voice called out to me
saying it was not time yet.
 In 1994 I began sensing an unusual presence in the house. It
 happened in the den. Dave-my husband was talking to me, I looked
  outside and the sky was brown and dust was flying. People were
 crying. Dave did not see anything. A few nights after this, our
 bed began to shake violently. We both awoke in wonder and
  amazement. Soon after, doors began opening and closing, footsteps
 in the hallway. When Dave died I experienced a beautiful display of
 lights dancing above his head.
 I moved into a smaller house after his death. Since Iíve been here,
 I have had other family members experience phenomena such as
  footsteps, banging closet doors, strange odors. The attack on me
 where lighting went through my body prompted me to seek some help.
 Saying a prayer usually helps diminish their presence for the time,
 but they come back.

2 Stories


I have two stories to tell, one with my own experience the other my friends.  I may be only 14 but I know what I have seen and heard and I know its real.  I'll start with my friend's story she was home alone watching tv in an arm chair.  All of a sudden an extreme coldness came over her.  She said she tried to get up to check the thermometer and to turn up the heat but she couldn't seem to move.  She also tried to scream but her mouth wouldn't open and she couldn't seem to make even a noise.  The tv also turned off on its own for no reason.  Thats when she heard the window above her front door break and she heard the front door open.  After about a minute she heard a man scream and then running feet and then the coldness was gone and she could move and speak again.  She quickly went to call 911 and her parents.  Later on they found out that a robber had broke in and he had also turned himself in.  The police say the man was hysterical mumbling that the light would kill him and other stuff like that.  He was later put in mental institute and still is in it.  They also found out that her grandfather had died an hour earlier of the break in.  My friend called me the next morning telling me the whole story she was crying and scared to death.  Her family think that the ghost was her grandfather trying to protect her from the robber.  You see everyone knows my friend is beyond brave and that if she wouldn't have been held down she would have wanted to see what had happen and would probably have been killed by the robber.  Ever since then nothing really has really happen at her home except she can sometimes smell smoke from a pipe and neither of her parents smoke but her grandfather did.
Now to my story I never really thought I would ever see a ghost, well that was until my family moved into this apartment in Austin, Texas.  Nothing had happened the first month we moved in but soon after that, stuff began to happen.  It all started one day, I went into my parent's bedroom to watch a movie because the VCR in my room was broken.  While I was in the room my dog began to look in the corner and all of a sudden she pricked her ears up and then she began to shake violently and just continued to stare.  After 5 minutes of staring in the corner she all of a sudden whined and ran over to me and hid her head behind my neck.  I was trying to move her away from my neck but she would just go back.  Over the next 6 months this happened over and over anytime I would go into my parent's bedroom with my dog.  By this time I started to believe that there was something in my apartment.  One day my dog was whining so bad behind my neck that I got so pissed of I started to scream at whatever it was.  I called it names and to top it off I said your not wanted here.  Well I think I might have pissed it of because that night I could not sleep at all anytime I would doze off and then something would wake me up.  My parents have this huge old antique dresser that has been passed down in our family.  That night at exactly midnight I heard the dresser slowly open and slam furiously closed in fact it slammed so hard that it shook the whole wall.  After I heard that I prayed to God and finally went to sleep.  The next morning my parents woke me up.  They asked me why my dad's belt was laying by me.  I looked at them confused because I didn't remember seeing that on my bed when I went to sleep.  My dad told me of course not because he had put the belt in the dresser that night and when he woke up this morning to put it on it was gone.  When I got up my parents noticed red marks on my legs that looked like they were belt marks.  That was the biggest thing that happened and thats when I told my parents everything and they actually believed me.  Although neither of them have actually experienced anything they believed me.  I actually asked the ghost to forgive me for cursing at it and I told it that it was welcome here and I was sorry.  I still live in the apartment but my parents want to move quickly and are looking for a house now.  There are still things that happen. 24/7 I feel uncomfortable like someone is watching me.  Quite a few times out of the corner of my eye I swear I've seen something move.  Whenever I'm angry it also gets really cold but my parents don't feel the coldness.  Oh yeah 3 times this has happened where we leave our keys out on the counter.  2 hours later we'll hear a knock on the door and  it'll be our neighbors saying we left our keys in the door even though we swear we put it on the counter.  My parents always ask me if I'm scared no I'm not scared I've studied up on ghosts and not all of them are bad.  The only thing I'm scared of is I'll piss it off again.  I haven't studied up on the history of the apartment I should though.  I think this ghost is a mom who thinks I'm her daughter because it all happens to me and she even spanked me!!!!!


By: reggie

My experience was a blessing.My daughter died 2/8/79
she told me she was going to die young,she was 20
when she passed.Still don't know the truth if it was self
inflicted or help from the boyfriend?At her funeral I asked
the big word"WHY" her right arm broke out in goose bumps
and I immediately knew her spirit was present.Her sister was
freaked by this.After the services a cloud left the casket going
from her head to bottom of casket & upwards from there.I seen
this & another sister also seen it besides another friend that talked
to me a couple of months later about what he had seen.My daughter
asked me mom what was that cloud & I told her it was her sister's spirit
leaving.But she didn't leave!!She hung around for 3 months to help me
to get help for the sister that had seen her spirit.I thought I was losing
my mind at the time.took several events to get the message across.Her
sister had experienced  an overdose.I knew something was different but was unable to get my daughter help because she had to sign herself into a hospital.
Now if I knew the truth of what happened I may have been able to have had her commited.Her sister didn't rat on her about drugs.After a few months Of
confusion with the living daughter I finally got the message to get her out of the school she was attending.She was leaving school and going to the cemetary 1 block away & clawing at her sister's grave.She blamed herself for her sister's death.With help she was put into long term theraphy because she had become sucicidal.When her sister got the help she needed my daughter went to the
other side.If she hadn't stayed behind to warn me her sister most likely would
have suffered from the same fate.I feel so blessed by this experience but it is to long to go into detail with all the events that happened between my daughter &
how she communicated things to me.I now know that there is life after death.

New Apartment


it was my second or third night at my new apt. sleeping at the new apt
was still uncomfortable. i was lying on my bed with my eyes closed
trying to sleep. my door was halfway opened. i turned my head to my
right facing the door, and i saw a figure of a boy in his late teens. he
turned into a shadow figure, i remember my arms were extended on the top
of my head. i couldnt pull my arms down, i felt my banket falling off of
me as though someone was pulling it off of me. i felt as though someone
was on top of me i couldnt move my legs, i tried to pick up my head, i
tried to scream nothing could come out. i struggled what seemed like a
couple of seconds, after that couple of seconds i was able to put my
arms down. i stayed in my bed trying to figure out what happened. i
immediately got up and turned my lights on, for the next couple of
nights i slept with my lights on. --- the following day i was talking to
my friend on the phone when i notice the bathroom light was, i told
myself i would turn it off next time i would pass my room, well when i
passed my room the bathroom light was turned off my stomach just
cringed, i fell to the floor wondering what the heck was going on.----
tell me what you think

Still Haunted


The house I grew up in, in Brunswick, Ohio, was and still is haunted.  My
first experience with the ghosts occured when I was a teenager.  I had 2
large Elvis posters on my bedroom wall.  On the wall directly opposite, I had
a stereo with a fold down dust cover.  The overhead light was on.  While
looking for something below the stereo, I looked at the dust cover.  I saw
the reflection of my posters.  Within the posters, as if in the paper itself,
were several faces, very clear and detailed.  I looked at the posters
directly, and saw nothing.  But looking at the reflection, there they were.
I called a few people in to look at them.  One of the people touched the
posters, saying that he didn't see anything.  He didn't look at the
reflection.  After he touched them, all the faces disappeared.  The next day,
there were 6 new faces in the reflection.  The one that stands out was a man
holding a staff in his hand.  His mouth was wide open, as if screaming.
Another incident I had was in that same bedroom, same stereo.  My sister in
law and I were in the kitchen, talking.  We were in the house, alone.  After
several hours, we were startled to hear an album on my stereo begin to play.
It was clearly loud enough to hear in the kitchen, yet it was in the middle
of the album.  If it had been playing all along, we would have heard it.
My sister claims to have been scratched on the leg by something that was
pulling on her blanket, in that same bedroom.
My elderly mother lives alone in that house now, and she's also had a few
encounters.  She has a paper shredder in her kitchen, about two feet away
from where she sits. She keeps it on auto.  One night, she was sitting there,
watching TV, and the shredder came on all by itself.  It had been hours since
she'd used it.  She has also found the shower in the basement running.  She
never uses that shower, yet the water was running forcefully enough for her
to hear it upstairs.
When I was about 10,  I stayed overnight at my brother in laws house.
Getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I looked into the
living room.  There was a rocking chair, rocking back and forth.  There
appeared to be a white mist occupying the chair.
And finally, to the house I now live in.  I often feel a brief, cold draft on
my arm, as if someone were touching me.  I have baseboard heat, no furnace,
and my bedroom window, as well as the door, are usually closed.  So there are
no drafts from anywhere.  I had one experience where I went to close my
bedroom door, and it felt like I hit something with the door.  Thinking it
was my cat, I went to investigate.  The cat was on the couch, sleeping.  I
frequently hear what sounds like an aluminum ashtray being knocked over.  I
have opened my daughters' bedroom door while she was in school, and a guitar
that was leaning against her desk, strummed, as if someone had run their
hands across the strings.
Sorry to make this so long.  I hope you, and others, find it as interesting
as I do.


--My Father

Actually, this could be a couple of stories.  No, I am not a professional
writer.  I'm sure you can tell.  I just write well.  At least, I think so.
My father was a very troubled man, he started seeing a therapist when he was
in the Army at age 23.  He and my mother had the house built that I grew up
in when my mother was pregnant with me.  They did a lot of work on it
themselves as it was being built.  My dad was somewhat of an amateur
carpenter and did a lot of work in the basement and garage.  He also built a
large barn in the back yard and a wood bin.  We called the barn the "mini
barn."  It was anything but mini.
I am the last of 4 children.  My childhood was filled with police and
ambulances at my house at least once or twice a month.  Sometimes more.
Finally, my mother could no longer take the beatings that my father produced
when he would come home drunk.  He was a brilliant lawyer and I think that
added to his what can only be described as soul wrenching sadness.  All I
know about his childhood was that his mother, who was a widow, would lock him
and his older brother in the closet when she would have a "gentleman caller"
over.  Who knows what else she did to those poor boys.  He never laid a hand
on us children.  In fact, he would quite often bring my sister (who was 4
years older than I) presents.  We only had to listen to our mothers beatings.
When I was 9, my mother told me in our car parked in the driveway that she
was getting a divorce from my father.  Of course it broke my heart, but even
at that age I understood why, having been witness to her many cuts, bruises
and broken nose's.  My fathers firm fired him, (a prestigious oil company).
They could not have a divorced executive in the late 60's.  In fact the
offered my mother an allowance, her own car, and a new house to stay with
him.  Of course, not being a material woman, she declined.  He could not find
work in the state in which we lived and moved down to Florida for a much
lower paying and less prestigious position.  He was no happier there than
here.  And in the end he took his life with a bullet to the head.  But,
unfortunately that did not end his sadness.
I was 13 when he took his life, and knowing that he was mentally ill did not
help the loss I felt for the man I loved but did not really know and was
deathly afraid of.
This was about the time when there was a local show that ran horror movies at
midnight.  Two back to back.  And after that, there was wrestling before it
became the phenomena that it is today.  Wrestling came on at 4:00 a.m.  We
kids would stay up, watch the horror flicks and then wrestling.  Of course
our mother was long in bed by then.  Our main floor was in the shape of a
horseshoe.  Ending on both ends at the master bedroom where, of course, our
mother slept.  One night while watching the horror movie, our mother began to
scream like we had never heard her scream before.  We all jumped up and ran
to her closest door.  It was locked, which was natural.  It was an old lock
that could be picked with a potato knife.  A long straight piece of metal.
My sister ran to the kitchen to get one and "popped" the lock with our mother
still screaming all the while.  When we got into her room she was sitting
straight up in bed still screaming with the lights out.  When she calmed
enough to tell us what was wrong she simply said, "Their was the shadow of a
man at the foot of the bed.  It was your father."  Morning light was coming
in the window before we left her alone in her room.
It was another Friday night watching horror movies with all four of us kids
in the living room and Mom in her room asleep.  Our basement floor was plain
concrete.  We all knew what moving furniture on concrete sounded like.  All
of the sudden we heard, piece by piece, our furniture being moved in the
basement.  All of us looking wide eyed in horror at each other, we did not
say a word and waited for our mother to scream.  She never did.  The sounds
stopped.  We had a conversation and decided to all go down together.  And so
we did, all holding hands, expecting to see something totally strange.
Halfway down the steps we did see something strange.  Nothing had been moved.
 Everything was in it's place.  That happened to us on two different
occasions.  After that we didn't watch the horror movies quite so much.
I was the youngest by 3 years to the closest, my sister was married and the
boys were in Kentucky in college.  My mother had remarried (my stepfather now
of 25 years) and I was the only child at home.  My mother hated the house by
now because of all of the bad memories.  But I still loved the only home I
had ever known.  It was only my mother, stepfather and me.  I was about 15 by
then.  Nothing had happened for a long time.  But on one occasion I had left
a cheap gold bracelet on the kitchen counter.  While I had been talking on
the phone I moved it into a circle.  Then not thinking I played with it to
make it as perfect of a circle as I could, then went off and left it.  I did
not think anything about it until the next day when I saw it again.  The
bracelet was in an absolutely "perfect circle" and the missing link had been
replaced by a link of real gold.  I asked both my mother and stepfather if
either of them had fixed my bracelet and of course they both said they didn't
even know it was there.
Another occasion, I remember saying "I wish I had a watch like that."  And lo
and behold, within a week there was a beautiful gold watch on the kitchen
counter.  I asked both my mother and stepfather again, if they had bought me
a watch and left it on the counter.  Both said no again.  They had no idea
where it came from.  I just got rid of the watch a year or so ago.  I held
onto it many years after it stopped running.
I got married in the backyard of that house when I was 18.  Nothing had
happened since the watch.
Two years later my mother and stepfather (who I think of as my "Dad," he has
been great to all of us kids and our children) sold the house to a couple in
their 60's.  Within a year it was up for sale again.  They said it was
"haunted."  Before they could sell it, the man died.  It has been sold twice
again since.
Another story about the house.  My mother and father were great antique
collectors and my mother had many artifacts from the older members of her
family.  In the bathroom in the main hall of the house, she had mounted her
great-grandfathers straight-razors and the boxes that they came in on a piece
of driftwood that we had collected from my fathers family resort in
Wisconsin, on the wall that was behind the door in the open position.  My
mother was a clean freak and always lifted the wall hangings, whatever they
may be, up from the wall and dusted underneath so they would not leave dust
marks when she rearranged. It was the children's chore to clean our own
bathroom.  Of course my mother being the clean freak she is, she would double
check our efforts.  While going through the beginning of the divorce, my
mother lifted the piece of driftwood in "our" bathroom.  When she did at the
beginning of the divorce, eggshells fell from underneath.  She confronted us
all one by one, as was her standard of trouble shooting having four children,
we all knew nothing of them.  We talked about the shells amongst ourselves
and knew for sure none of us four had done that.  That was just weird.  As
time went on, the divorce got harder and harder for our mother, as our father
begged and his company begged and bribed our mother to stay with him.  She
held her resolve.  Mom continued to find eggshells falling out from behind
the piece of driftwood.  It got so us children would not go into that
bathroom by ourselves.  Being 2 boys and 2 girls we would go in pairs.  That
is one time that males did go to the bathroom in pairs too!  (HaHa.)  If we
had to go alone we would use our mothers half bath.  We did not know this at
the time, but our Mother was going into the bathroom by herself too and
saving the eggshells and putting them in a babyfood jar.  After about a year
and the divorce almost ended, the shells stopped appearing.   When the
divorce was over, Mom got a better job and things were going better for her
financially, the eggshells started disappearing from the babyfood jar. None
of us kids knew anything about that either.  We didn't even know were she was
keeping the jar.  When it was just about empty again, she brought the jar
from it's hiding place and confronted us with the almost empty jar.  Again,
we four knew nothing about it.  Believe me, had any one of use done the task
another one would have known.  At that time, we didn't hide anything from
each other.  We clang to each other for love and support.  Our mother finally
fessed up to us, she told us that eggs were her great-grandfathers favorite
food.  He ate them every morning for breakfast.  She believed that he was
showing his support for her through the most trying time in her life.  And as
things got easier for her, the shells disappeared until they were gone.
After that, she made enough money to support our household and four children
on her own.
After the original couple bought our house and the man died, the house has
been sold three times since.
My oldest brother lived with a High Priestess in college.  I went and stayed
for two weeks with them when I was 14 years old, my brother and the High
Priestess told me they had gotten in touch with my father and that he wanted
my to have his Tarot Cards.  By then, all my fathers things where gone.  My
best friend at the time was in Florida with her mother.  As a present, my
friend brought me back a deck of Miniature Rider-Waite Tarot Cards.  As
anyone who knows anything about those kinds of cards knows you cannot buy
your own, they must be given to you by someone close to you.  We were both 14
at the time and neither of us knew what the cards stood for at the time.  We
do know now.  My oldest brother lives in our original neighborhood and is
about ready to sell his house.  I live in a trailer close to my old
neighborhood and my father has not followed any of us.
I would do just about anything to have the house that my father built.

Power of Ghosts


My name is Mitch.  Me and a couple friends live in a little backwoods town
in Fla.  We never really belived in the "powers" of ghosts.  We used to joke
and laugh about them.  Like, for instence, there's a nice size catfish pond
about a quarter mile from my house.  We use to go out there at night and sit
and hang out.  Near this pond is a small clearing about 20ft in diameter.
Later one night, we pulled a prank on my cousins and made them think we had
made a deal with deamons, to get rich, and give them our cousins souls.
They believed us and were scared to death.  We harassed them about it for
about 15 minutes, then just decided to go home.  The three "doomed" ones, my
little brother, and my 2 younger cousins, ran home way ahead of us.  Me and
Alex were walking slower than the rest of the group.  We stopped to take a
break.  Alex climbed up on top of a broken down bull dozer.  I sat at the
trunk of a tree near by.  After a few minutes, Alex jumped from the tractor
screaming.  He asked, "Did you hear that?"
"What?" I responded.  "Tell me you saw it too..." He said.  Right then, this
chill came over us both.  I don't mean goosebumps, i mean it's 87 degrees at
night and i am shivering to my bones chill.  And a fog started to roll up to
us out of nowhere.  We ran like, well, like we had just seen a ghost.

   Well, it turns out, that while Alex was sitting on the tractor, he heard
someone say, "That's pretty funny."  When he looked around, there was a face
about 6 inches from his that justy started giggling.  When he jumped, it

My Ghost Story


When i was younger around the age of 9 i used to sit in my room and read
books and at times i would hear noises and once seen my window open by itself
 but i would just ignore it . Well the summer of last year i had my friend
Rob and Gregg over and Gregg was mad at me at the time and went and sat in
this old car in front of my house. Me and Rob were inside laying down when we
seen this figure in all white comming towards us we freaked out as any normal
person would and ran out of my house, and started running down the street ,
while Gregg was in the car he looked to his side to see the person in all
white looking in on him in the car, he screamed and jumped out of the car and
it disappeared and he was like this is too freaky im leaving your house he
started walkin and didnt realize that the figure appeared again chasing after
him , i screamed to tell him but when he looked back it dissapeared. After
that nothing happened for awhile , then a lil after that i was staying at my
friends house right across the street, and i was sleeping when all the sudden
i heard her door open i look up to see a manly shadow figure standing in
front of me i was like Dennis ? ( her step dad ) and no one answered me , i
put my head in my blanket and said this isnt happening this isnt happening
and i look up and it was gone . Then about 5 months ago i was in my house
alone and i was downstairs shutting off all my lights and everything cause im
always the last up so i have to turn everything off. Well while i was getting
ready to go up stairs i hurd a door slam and i looked to where the noise came
from and no one was there, and im like is anyone there? and no one answered
me so i just thought it was nothing so i went upstairs and while i was trying
to fall asleep i kept hearing someone walking up the stairs i just ignored it
and went to bed. The next night i was in bed falling asleep and i start
seeing visuals in my head and i wake up and look around to see someone
standing there staring at me and i tried to scream but nothing would come out
, it was as if someone was holding my breathe, i then tried to get up to run
to my moms room and my whole body was stiff i couldnt move at all, as soon as
the figure dissapeared i could scream for my mom to come into my room. Ever
since that one day i hear noises in my house, and i will be sleeping and see
someone but whenever i try to talk or scream or even move my whole body is
stiff and i cant talk . I explained it to my mom but she just told me she
doesnt know what to tell me . Another time i was walking down the street wit
my friend , and no one was home at my house and we walked in front of my
house and i seen someone inside my house i went into my house and no one was

2 Or More


Well....its known that my house is haunted.It's not too bad but once in a
while things will pick grandparents owned this house and
they said they both saw a outline of a man that looked like my disappeared as suddenly as it appeared.Then....Now that
my grandparents are gone, we moved in.Recently..things have been happening.My
sister died and on frequent occasions her toys will go off....especially on
one instance...two dolls that talk back and forth began in the morning and
went on for about 10 minutes..talking...stopping and talking again.Then one
night I awoke to see the outline of a man at my feet....I screamed and kicked
at it and it dissapated.That really shook me up.Weeks later..I was in the
living room and the radio in the kitchen all of a sudeen turned on.Then the
next day I was in the kitchen and it turned off on me..then back on
repeatedly..I thought ok there's a short in the wiring and went in the living
room and turned on the tv...five minutes later it turned off.....I have a
feeling there is two or more ghosts here.If ya wanna know any more ask me:)

My Ghost Story


I would like to submit a story.  My family and I have had a number of
experiences with what we've concluded must be ghosts, in an apartment we
used to live in on the south side of Chicago.
Our family have always been "believers" and none of our experiences have
really been horribly unpleasant, but they were frightening at the time.
I used to always see a "boy" walking through the hallway beyond our living
room late at night.  He'd usually pause a bit just beyond the doorway (so
that I could only see part of his arm and leg) and then move on. At first, I
assumed that it was my older brother trying to frighten me and I used to beg
him to stop but he would just look at me, claim not to know what I was
talking about and walk away.  One night, after seeing the "boy" walk through
the hall toward my parents' room, I jumped up and ran to my brother's room
(in the direction from which the "boy" came).  My goal was to catch my
brother when he came back into his bedroom, but when I opened his door, he
was in his bed.  I thought this was weird because there was no way he could
have gotten back to his room without passing me along the way.
All of the ghosts in our apartment were very human-like and usually came
alone, but one evening several years later (after I had moved into my
brother's room when my new little sister was born and got my room for a few
months) I was having trouble sleeping and noticed that there was a man
standing on the end of my bed.  I don't remember being very afraid, but do
remember thinking that this wasn't normal.  I closed my eyes, counted to 10
(assuming that it was just the fact that my eyes hadn't adjusted to the
darkness in the room) then opened them again and he was still there, but
bending over a bit so as to get a better look at me.  He was very hazy, but
I could feel the weight of him on the end of my bed, pressing my mattress.
I closed my eyes again, opened them and he was still there leaning even
closer.  His head was no more than 3 feet away from mine, but I wasn't able
to make out any features, he was more of a silohuette.
I closed my eyes again and decided that I had to be dreaming and eventually
fell asleep.
The next morning at breakfast my brother was talking about a dream he had
had the night before about a large group of people in our bedroom; he noted
that several of them were congregated around his bed, watching him, a few
stood near the closet and one "man" stood at the end of my bed, leaning down
watching me.  My mother (who had also lived in this apartment when she was a
child, our family owned the building for years) was a bit taken aback by my
brother's recount of his dream and noted that she used to have frequent
dreams about groups of people in the room with her (she slept in the same
room as a child).  The people would come in through the bedroom door and go
into the closet, but before entering the closet, most would hang around the
room for awhile looking at books or toys in the room or staring at her while
she lay in her bed.

Series of Events


This is a very strange thing for me to be doing. But I think that I'm
supposed to because of the series
of events that have occured. Let me start by saying that my name is Brenda
and although I have had
a lot of different experiences with angels and the Lord, I have never had
any experiences with
"ghosts" until recently.
I began camping about a year ago with a college friend and her family and
family friends. Typically
my boyfriend and I would take a tent and set it up away from the campers.
Memorial Day weekend
was our first camping trip of the year. Another college friend and her
boyfriend joined us and
informed my boyfriend and myself that we could bunk in their camper (which
is brand new and has
never had a previous owner). There was no need for the tent although we did
set it up, this time on
the other side of the camp ground.  On our last night camping we were all
pretty tired. We went to
sleep (in the camper) about midnight. This night had gotten particularly
chilly and the wind had
kicked up a bit. So, at some point in the middle of the night (I'm not sure
what time), there was a
rapping noise on the camper. It sounded as if a window could've been open or
a vent etc...This noise
woke me up out of my sleep and as I looked around to see if a window needed
to be closed, there
were 3 people standing in front of the camper door (inside the camper). I
wasn't really sure what I
was looking at so I kinda rubbed my eyes and focused a little bit more. Sure
enough, there were 3
ghosts in that camper. A woman, man and child. Although I know that they
were watching me, the
man had no face. I could see the woman and the child, but the child was
playing with something and
he was looking down, studying what he was doing. The woman was my main
focus. As she stood
there, she (telepathically) said "come with us." As she did this, she turned
her head slightly and
cracked a smile at me that scared me to death!! This was NOT a good feeling.
At this point I woke
up my boyfriend and told them there were people in the camper. He woke up at
looked around and
said "there's nobody here, where are they?" And I told them where they were,
as they were still
standing there. But the more my boyfriend talked with me the more they
faded. And finally they were
gone. My boyfriend proceeded to get up and go outside and look around, but
there was noone.
The clothes they were all wearing is clear. And when I think about the
experience, I know that they
were pioneers from around 1920. I haven't done much research on the area,
but I do know that
there are some old cabins approximately 1 mile away and that there was a lot
of traveling through
that area. I would like to know who the family is and possibly find out
about their deaths. I'm very
hesitant to do this because of the fear this woman instilled on me. I have
not had an experience like
this before and have not had one since. I will return to the camp site for
4th of July and would like to
know if there's any advice I could use. That night I could not go back to
sleep. I was afraid they
would come back and I laid there thinking that if they did, I would try to
talk with them. I don't know
if that's a good idea or not.
I had phoned my mother the day I got home and told her about the incident. I
also asked if she
would send some old photos of my great grand parents and their son who had
passed away at an
early age. A couple of days after the conversation with my mother, she
received this website link on
ghosts. Coincidence?? ?????

Citrus Packing House


My great-grandparents are owners of a citrus packing house in south Florida,
and the packing house is haunted.  My dad and are both believers of ghosts
and the super-natural. About 5 years ago (1996) in late October my dad and I
went to the haunted packing house, it was late at night so it was extremly
dark but we had flash lights.  When we were about to open the door (to get
inside) we heard strange noises such as yelling and screaming.  We pushed
open the door quickly and ran inside.  We searched the entire packing house
and found no else but ourselves, we were on the second floor, where the boxes
are packed, when it suddenly got really cold and we heard the noises again.
We turned a corner to go back down stair when in front of us we both saw a
glare at the bottom of the stairs. We could just barely make out a
description of a man, he was tall but had an extremly skinny body
deffinition. Then from the right a glare with the figure of a woman appeared
and was walking toward the man, and we began to hear yelling again. I was
scared stiff, i turned to my dad and asked him if he was seeing the same as i
and when he shook his head yes to me i grabbed his head and said "let's go!"
We ran down the stairs and went strait out the door. My dad and I haven't
been exploring in that packing house since then, but it is still packing
fruit to this day.

My Grandpa


 I was extremely close to my grandpa so when he died I was very saddened
by it.One night a couple of months after my grandpa died, I was in the
bathroom blowdrying my hair. I had the door open and I had just turned
the blowdryer off when I heard footsteps in the hallway,just outside the
bathroom. I turned around and saw my grandpa . I screamed and ran to my
room where my sister was. When I told her what happened, she said that
she had heard the footsteps too and the lights in the room had flickered.
Another thing happened a month later. I was in my room and I was about to
go into the hallway to go downstairs when I saw my grandpa again and he
was just standing and looking at me. I turned away from him and when I
turned back around he was gone. That was two years ago and I haven't seen
him since.

My Granma's House


My grandma has this house in Chihuahua,Mexico.There are several ghost in the
house <a whole family> that have been kind of destructive to things in the
house.One of the stories starts when everybody is at the dinner table in the
kitchen and this cabinet has crystal cups in it.All of a sudden they hear
this gunshot, everybody is scared and drops to the floor.Afterwards they
start looking around to see what happend,a  crystal cup inside the cabinet
was destroyed BUT the glass that protects it was not destroyed.Heres another
story:some of the neighbors started reporting that a man was on the roof of
my grandma's house.It wasn't anybody of our family, besides this man had the
looks of a 1700 or 1800's man.So my grandma told my neighbors to call her
when they saw that man on the roof again.That night the neighbors call and
tell my grandma "call the police the man is on your roof" so they call the
police but before they come the man vanishes into thin air.
        To this day we don't kmow who that man was or what was the reason
the the crystal cup busted,but we do know they are still there.I have more
stories about this same house and others you may want to hear about.

Grandmas Visit


So here's my story.  I am currently 25 years old and have lived in
California almost all my life.  I recently moved to New York last
summer.  My Dad's side of the family lives here in New York.  When I was
younger I would come spend the summer here and would visit my grandma.
By grandma was in poor health with heart problems.  THe last time I saw
her was the summer of 94'.  She said to me then "this is probally the
last time we will see each other."  Well needless to say that she died
in August of 96'.  She was creamated and there was a memorial service
held for her here on Long Island.   I did not attend.
So about 2 years ago I was in the mall and all the sudden I smelled some
perfume.  I knew the smell, it was the same perfume my grandma used to
wear.  Every so often I will just get a whif of that perfume.  It will
come out of nowhere.
Well like I said I moved to New York last summer and was staying with my
aunt and uncle.  Things weren't going well and I started looking for an
apartment.  I was having trouble getting one and was loosing all
hope.    I then came across an apartment built on the side of someones
house.  I went to look at it with my aunt, and come to find out the lady
used to work for my grandma back in 1975 or so.  On the way home my aunt
and I said that if I got this apartment we would have to go get my
grandma's ashes and send them down to New Orleans to her sister.  (her
ashes are sitting in my uncles garage, and he said he is not ready to
give them up)  That was her wish to go to New Orleans.
Well I got the apartment.  The owner of the apartment left me some
furniture in the apartment.  THe table was covered with a red gingum
table cloth.  My grandma was obsessed with red gingum.  It was all over
my room when I was a little girl.  I thought that to be so wierd.  Well
since I have been there different things have happened.  My alarm clock
will change the time the alarm is set all by itself.  This happened a
few times.  Then while watching tv, this schhhhhhhhhh sound will come
from the tv.  The picture remains normal.  The channel has changed by
itsef before.  Then last night the strangest thing happened.
I was home, left for about 1/2 hour, came home, opened up the door and
there was this stench in my apartment.  It smelled like something dead.
I have smelled a dead animal before so thats what I associated the smell
with.  I walked aroung lookinf for where the smell was coming from.
Every time I moved around the smell would also move around.  I could not
find anything that was causing this smell.  Then all the sudden the
smell disappeared.........
I think my grandma is trying to contact me.  Can you give me some
insight to what these signs might mean ie: clock, smell etc.  I would
really appreciate any help you could offer me.  It feels like She is
trying to tell me something I just don't know exactly what it is.




My Haunted Life


    Hello my name is Jessica I am now 20 years old, I live in southeastern
Indiana and I seen and had some crazy and terrifying experiences in my life.
It started in the second grade. i have a family history of people who are
able to ghosts and my great grandma was psychic so my dad says. Anyway in the
second grade I started dreaming things that end up coming true. At first it
was little things like I would dream about a surprise test at school and
three days later it hapeend and I knew every word that was teacher was going
to say, the setting was the same, her movements what she was wearing etc.
Then oneday i would be in the car with my Mom and she would tell me something
and I would say I know you told me last week and she would say but I just
found out about it today? I know when something is going to come true or not,
it depends on how real it is. Like if its an off the wall dream i know its
not going to happen but if its something that could actually take place it
will happen a day, a week, months even years down the road but i always
remeber it. years later I would dream of talking to people and then ending up
months later having the same conversation with my best friend. I just said
its deja voo. I dream about tornadoes, ghosts and houses that are haunted
almost 90% of the time to this day. I finally mentioned something to my Dad
who says he does the same thing and then my twin sister confided in me that
it happened to her too. Thats when Dad told us the story of our family and
how only certain people have this gift and the gift to see and hear things .
At first we kinda laughed. Then when i was nine years old, we moved two
blocks away into a much older house. It was built I think in the 1940's There
use to be an old farmhouse in the center of our block. Well the house didn't
bother me but naturally as a little kid i was afraid of the basement. It is a
one story house with a wide entrance way in the center of the house. My dad
use to joke it looked like one of those old houses that had the wide entrance
into the living room because they had funeral visitations in their house.
Anyway my sister and I shared a room and the first night we stayed we swore
we heard kids laughing and singing and whispering. Sometimes we would feel
like we were being watched. especially in the living room and basement.
Nothing much happend the house had always been calm, sometimes you would hear
something like people walking at night but that was about it. then one night
my sister and I were 13 yrs old and my cousin Alyssa came from seattle to
visit. We were watching Amityville, and all of a sudden we heard a loud crash
and the sound of a door slamming against a wall. We were the only ones there
and we jumped up and turned the corner to the kitchen and we froze. All of
the kitchen cabinets were opened and there were can goods, cooking stuff and
boxes everywhere on the floor and the basement door which was shut when we
started the movie was wide open. we cleaned up and sat on the porch until my
parents got home.  We told my parents and Mom said jokingly maybe it was the
movie that started it she didn't beleive us. Nothing else much happend except
i would be in a room and hear my mom call me and I would say what Mom and she
would say I didn't say anything? I still felt i was being watched alot too.
One day im not sure what year or day exactly I was 15 and My sister and some
friends rented witchboard. And things started happening again. I would hear a
womans voice say my name, and out of the corner of my eye once while standing
in the bathrrom i saw a man in the doorway of the living room. When I was 16
my dad built us each a room in the basement. i had shared a room with my
sister for 16yrs . I was no longer afraid of the basement at this time and
nothing had gone on for about a year. One night i woke up because it felt
like someone was playing with my hair but noone was there and then another
night i was awaken because it felt like someone smacked me in the head! Mom
would always tease us it was the ghosts Dad and my sister and I were always
talking about. Then when i was 18 My Mom went down to the basement to do
laundry our washer is the kind that stops working when you open the lid. Well
she put some clothes in the washer closed it, turned it on and went upstairs.
moments later she went back down and the washer was running  and the lid was
up!! That freaked her out!! Then she was talking to one fof our neighbors one
day and they asked her if she had ever heard of the Ghost women that walks
aorund the block from house to house. The farmhouse i mentioned that use to
be in the center of the block is part of our backyard. People on our block
claim that a ghost women walks around at night and enters different houses on
and around our block and that some had seen her. I was 19 when i moved out,
got married and had my first child. We live a few blocks away on the other
side of town my house isn't haunted i don't think but i still hear things.
People would probably think im crazy!!! I will be laying in bed at night and
i will be half asleep and i will hear people talking! One night fed up i said
to my husband did you hear that! He was like no? He knows about everything
and he thinks I have ESP! One morning i was laying in bed and i had my eyes
closed and I heard a female voice say Oh! Its great to be home! I jumped up
my infant son was asleep so i went into the living room and noone was there.
Nothing has really happend  at my parents house in a few years nothing anyone
has noticed but its alaways been that way. I still don't like to go to that
house alone, even though noone has ever been hurt it freaks me out still. I
have always been fascinated with ghosts even though its the one thing that
terrifies me the most.

My Hauntings....

Well my story starts back in 1987.  I was one of those people who would
listen to ghost stories of other people and nod and think, boy are you ever
nuts!!  No way did I believe in ghosts!!  haha.  Well, it didn't take long
for me to change my mind thats for sure.  This story is 100 % true.  My
husband doesn't believe me, but I know these things happened to me and still
do to this day.  Here I go.....I moved into my apartment in 1987.  I was 21
years old with a baby girl.  I was really excited about my new place.  I got
settled in really quick.  I didn't have a bed so I had to sleep on the couch.
 I had a crib for my daughter so that wasn't a problem.  My first night there
things started to happen.  I was just laying down for the night in my
livingroom when all of the sudden I heard something whizz by me and slam into
the wall.  Then a crashing sound.  I jumped up and hit the lights.  There was
my picture of Jesus I just hung up on the wall earlier on the floor.  The
glass was smashed.  I didn't think much of it other than it fell.  The nail
must of gave way.  I shut off the lights and went to sleep.  Well the next
morning I woke.  Everything was going normal.  I started to clean up the
picture.  I noticed the nail was still intact in the wall and not bent at
all.  That made me study the picture closely.  Do you know how pictures have
that gold backing on it?  Well there were 5 long black marks on it.  I took
my nails and ran it down the backing as well and it didn't leave any black
mark, just indentions.  I put my fingers up to the marks and it was like
someone scratched the picture.  Wow did I get spooked out then.  I through
the glass away and went about my daily duties.  I didn't think no more about
it.  Well later that night more things started to happen.  I didn't have a TV
set so I listened to records and the radio.  That nights I was listening to
the record player.  I sat there and watched the record arm skip all the way
across the record and start all over again.  I got scared really bad then.
Next I had a bunch of glass bottles I collected against the wall in the
livingroom, and I watched them tip over one by one onto the floor.  They were
on the floor already just standing up on the carpeting.  I just froze.  My
mind was too busy trying to think of a rational explanation.  Needless to
say, I figured it was the wind or the house settleing.  (No windows were
open).  But ofcourse at that time, I didn't believe in spirits.  Next alot of
different things would happen.  I would come home throw my keys on the table
run to the restroom and get ready to leave again and my keys would always be
missing.  I would hunt forever!!  I would leave the kitchen and come back and
there they would be right where I already looked 5 times!!  Plus things would
get tipped over into the bath tub, things would come up moved into a position
I wouldn't put it.  Knick knacks and those kind of things.  Finally I asked
my best friend Michelle to move in with me.  I was getting a little spooked.
She agreed.  I never told her about the things happening.  I just wanted to
see if they would stop.  I actually wondered if I was going crazy?!  Well I
got my answer quickly that first night Michelle moved in.  She woke me
screaming!!  I ran into the living room where she was sleeping and she was
scared to death.  She said listen!!  I did and I heard it too.  It was
moaning and groaning in the same wall that the picture fell off of and the
bottles fell from.  There was no neighbor on that side.  I was in a two story
house made into 4 separate apartments.  I had the attic part.  We listened
for a few minutes curled into a blanket and then it all stopped.  Well the
next morning we woke to stains running down the wall.  It looked like someone
around 4 feet tall was holding a glass of tomato juice against the wall and
walked holding it to the wall letting it spill down.  I scrubbed at it and it
wouldn't go away.  It was very light though.  Not fresh.  Almost like it
seeped through the paint.  Well now I am really freaking.  I called the
landlord.  What a mistake that was.  He accused me of doing it.  I was so
mad!!  I asked him if someone had been hurt or killed in this room?  He said
no and said I had to paint the wall all over again.  I was so angry with him.
 He actually thought that I did that.  Well more and more things started
happening.  My daughter even got to the point she wouldn't walk into our
bedroom or sleep in her crib.  It was getting crazy.  Then on another
occasion my girlfriend was in the livingroom and I woke to her screaming
again.  There was those moaning and groaning sounds again.  We decided to get
out the bible.  Of course that didn't make it stop.  So we left and went to
get her aunt who is a medium.  She came to the house to feel it out so to
say.  She asked me if I was dateing anyone?  I told her a lie and said no.  I
wanted to check her out too.  I was very skeptical.  She said are you sure?
I said of course I am sure.  She said well if I was seeing a man, he was
dangerous to me and my daughter.  She told me the spirit that was with me
only wanted to protect me.  Well that was that.  She did mention the spirit
was not evil just mischevious.  Well I thought differently ofcourse.  She
also said the house that was abandoned next door to us, she wouldn't step one
foot in it.  That really scared me.  Anyways, she left.  My girlfriend moved
out that day.  I was alone again.  Scared now.  I tried to talk to the
spirit, but felt stupid.  My boyfriend called me and I told him everything.
He said his mother already knew about it.  I asked how did she know and he
said she is a witch.  That freaked me out.  He told me he would come over and
stay the night.  I said great.  Well while we were talking with the lights
out.  The only light was from the street lights, I swear I saw his face
change.  I know it sounds nuts, believe me I still remember that face to this
day.  It is like what I picture the devil to look like in human form.  Gotee'
black hair and eyes.  I kept opening and shutting me eyes until he finally
looked like Micheal again.  I didn't know what to do then.  Well needless to
say the next day I split up with him.  He robbed me and trashed my whole
place but he was out of my life.  I felt something terrible coming from that
man.  Not to mention when I was at his house doors would open and shut.
Pounding on walls and windows.  The gas stove would come on and off.  I
witnessed all of this!!  Crazy stuff!!  Well after all of the commotion, my
grandmother came over to the house.  I sat down with her and she explained to
me, my mother killed herself.  That did it.  I just freaked out.  My
grandmother left, and I just started crying and cleaning the apartment.  When
all of the sudden I thought I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.  I
looked into the livingroom and nothing was there.  Well I started back to
doing the dishes and this time put my hair behind my ear and watched out of
my peripial vision.  I saw something!!  It was so fast.  It was like a white
streak went through my livingroom!!  I froze.  All these things happened on
that side of the apartment by that same wall!  I don't know why.  Well that
did it for my nerves.  I started to puke and it was violent.  It was also
black stuff.  Nothing else, no food or nothing.  Just a black mass.  I never
felt so sick!!  I don't mean to be gross but it was just terrible.  I left
the apartment.  My daughter was with family thank goodness.  I left the
apartment for a few hours.  I felt better and went back home.  Well no sooner
than I hit the kitchen, I was running to the bathroom vomitting again.  I had
to stay there though.  This was my home.  I didn't have anywhere else to
live.  I jumped into the shower to clean up.  I then got out of the shower
with nothing but a towel on and went to my bed.(yes I finally got one of
those).  I layed down on it with the fan blowing on me.  It was summer time
and very hot.  All of the sudden I felt something touch me on my right foot
ice cold like a single finger and slide up my leg.  I screamed and moved up
the bed so fast!!  It was like someone put an icecube on my leg!!  That was
it.  No one was there of course and I packed up some of my stuff and left.  I
never went back to the place.  I had friends of mine move me.  I wouldn't
even go into the home again.  I moved in with Michelle.  Ha.  She didn't have
any ghosts.  I didn't have anything else happen for a few years.  But its
back.  I have everything happen.  Anything from my keys getting lost for
weeks at a time and ending back into my purse, to my son acting like he is
hiding from someone he is watching walk across the room and he is only 2.  He
just says SCARED!!  Alot of other things happen too.  I hear some feet
running up the hall and back down it again, feeling like someone is always
behind me.  Always!!  I hate that feeling.  Everyone scares me who walks up
on me.  But I have rambled on enough.  If you need to know more, believe me I
can tell you a few other things too.  Thanks for listening.  I wish I knew
who was following me all these years.  It can't be my mother, because this
was going on before she died.  What do you think?  I know one thing now, I am
a believer.....

My House


About 6 and a half months ago I moved into a new house with my mom. A few
months ago I was sleeping down stairs in her room. Her room is right below
my room.
There are two rooms and a small hallway between mine and my brothers rooms.
My room has always been the coldest of all the rooms up stairs, no matter if
I left the door open to get heat into it. I was the only one in the house at
the time. Well it was about 1 am and I was just laying there when I heard
some footsteps upstairs. They were small and quiet, but they walked from my
room to my brothers room, then back into mine. This happened two times, one
after the other. I later went over to my friends house and we were on the
ouija board and we were told that she is a little girl. My room used to be
her room, and my brothers room was her play room (since it is much smaller).
We believe that she was putting away toys. Why at 1 in the morning I dont
know. Isn't it that there is no real sense of time in the spirit world? Well
after finding this out my room wasn't cold anymore. I wish I could look into
the history of the house and see but I dont know where to begin.
That's my story...

My Loyal Ghost


My ghost, "Bob", has lived with my family at the last three houses we've
lived in. When we first encountered him, he would move things around, turn
off the furnace in the winter, and even shut off our refrigerator. I'm
divorced with children, but sleep alone. When I would lay down in my
queen-sized bed often at night, I would turn toward the wall. Soon after I
would feel someone sitting down on the other side of the bed. I would turn
around, fully expecting to see one of my kids or someone there- but there was
no one. When we went to move from this house, I asked my ghost to tell me who
he was. I explained that we were moving soon. The NEXT day I went upstairs to
get the baby. On his changing table I had his name "Jamie" spelled out in
stickers. The stickers were still laying there. To my shock, I looked under
"Jamie" and saw the name "BoB" in stickers!!!!! No one else could have done
this!!! We moved right around the corner to another house. Bob followed us.
We would see something white and small out of the corners of our eyes- me and
the kids. This is also when I took a picture of my son's 2nd birthday
(Jamie). In the picture was a white, filmy, foggy form of an old man. We
moved again- to a house two doors from the last one. This time Bob is getting
braver. He tugs on my nightgown when I'm trying to sleep. Once I sat up and
asked him to stop- and he did!! We have two more pictures of him, also. One
distinctly looks like a mask. It even shows up in the negative. What's really
strange is that the night before that photo was taken, I watched the movie
"Eyes Wide Shut", in which they wear masks. The mask in my picture that was
foggy white looked just like the one in the movie! Bob has a sense of humor,
and is harmless. Everyone now in the neighborhood knows about him. I believe
he's just a lonely old man, and I think he'll likely follow us when we decide
to move again. Bob is a part of our family.

My Many Ghosts


Hi. I've been enjoying reading everybodys stories. As long as I can remember I've always been interested in ghosts. I'm 28 married and the mother of four childern. I have had losts of interesting things happen to me. Every since I can remember. This may get a little long and I'm sorry if it does. It all started when I was little and everyhouse I've lived in something strange has always happend there. I am also a firm beliver in ghosts. Anyway, the first house I remember living in when I was around 5 until I was 12 I would see all sorts of stuff  there. Mostly in my room. I remember never wanting to sleep without a light on. I refused to go to bed without a night light or the hall light left on. Even then I would see things out of the corner of my eyes. Like an animal of some sort coming into my room. We had a dog but she was never allowed upstairs and the stairs door was always closed. Our dog was brown this thing was black and big, like a panther. We had a little dog. I would see things out of the corners of my eyes all the time thinking it was the dog but she would be somewhere else sleeping! I would also wake up in the middle of the night to see things in my room, I remeber this very vividly. I was startled awake one night looked to the side of me and there was a figure standing on the edge of my bed. It was samll like a gnome or troll or something. All I know it was ugly and scary and grining evilily at me. I shut my eyes and turned over and it was on the other side of the bed. Ishut my eyes for a long time and was laying flat on my back. When I finally got the nerve to open my eyes it was on the ceiling! I was freaking by then. It just finally faded away. My friends would also tell me when we would be gone for vaction for a week my light in my room would be on! Ny nephew saw things to and he was probably 7 and he still remembers it clearly and it freaks him out when he talks about it. He was sleeping in my room when he woke up from some reason and I had a paper sack in my room that I put my barbies in. He said the bag started shaking and the barbies started coming out of the bag. It freaked him out bad. Iheard nothing. I was a really sound sleeper. Another time he woke up and seen a severed head at the foot of the bed and it   rolled off on to the floor. He was 7 at the time and remembers it like yesterday! Whatever was in that house I didn't like
We moved to a house on the farm when I was about 12. This house I didn't like at all. I hated being home alone. I would turn the TV on loud or the radio so I wouldn't hear anything. Now we had a cocker spaniel named Penny. We I was home alone the dog would often go in the kitchen and start barking and growling and just throwing a fit. Which also made me even more frightened. We didn't have a phone at the time either so I couldn't call anybody just to talk to them. I would also hear footsteps upstairs when I was the only on home. One night I had a friend spend the so told me a freaky story the next morning. (also I sleep upstairs alone and my mom and step-dad slept done stairs) She said she woke up during the night and had to go to the bathroom. Of course the bathroom was downstairs. She was ready to get up when a figure came into the room. She frooze. She said she could tell it was a man. He was tall and didn't look to nice at all. Now the only other man in our house was my step-dad who is only 5 foot 2 and round. She said he walked over to the window and stood there for a while. Then he came towards the bed and went under the bed and started hitting the mattress. She was totally freaked out by then. I don't how long this went on because I was asleep the whole time. She said she tried to wake me but I wouldn't wake up. I didn't believe her but she insisted and her story didn't change. Well about two weeks later I was upstiars trying to fall asleep when I heard what sound like someone breathing really heavy in my room. I waited and heard it again. I flew downstairs and never slept upstais again. Ever! I never saw this apparition but later my brother told me a similar story.
Like I said every house I've lived in I have seen or heard unexplained things. I've lived in alot of houses to. There's one more house I would like to tell you about, and I,m sorry about this being so long. This house my husband I lived in was a fairly small house. It was a very old house. Well over a hundred years old. The landlord told us that when he bought it it still didn't have a bathroom in it. The people he bought it from were still using the outhouse. Can you beleive that! So he added the bathroom to it and a back laundryroom. Anyways we would have some strange things happen once and a while but not to often. You know like the water turning on by it self. But we didn't think to much about it. I guess ou get used to it after awhile when you've been around it your whole life. Well anyway my husband worked the nights. He wouldn't usually ge home until 4 in the morning so it was just me and the 4 kids at night. I don't know if anybody's heard of sleep paralysis but I started having these episodes I would wake up during the night and I could barely open my eyes and I couldn't move it felt like something was holding me down one the bed. I could just barely see a dark figure but I couldn't turn my head to look and I couldn't scream it was very terrifying! It is like your being attacked and are powerless to stop it. These would happen every so often. Then they started to get more frequent. Sometimes twice a week sometimes more and more terrifying. I was afraid to fall asleep. Well here's the strange part I never had these episodes before and since we've moved from that house I haven't had them since! I truely belive there was a evil force in that house that wanted to hurt me. After we moved my daughter told me see had seen a black figure standing in the hallway. I would also feel like I was being watched sometimes. The house w live in now was quiet at first but things have now began to happen. Seeing things out of the corner of your eyes. My husbandf also sees it. Just last night we were laying in bed just started dozing and I heard a giggle. I sat up and my husband heard it to. Now I know it wasn't the kids because I know what my childrens giggles sound like. Then I finally drifted off to sleep and my husband  got up because it started storming and it was getting pertty bad out and he turned on the scanner so he could listen for any storms headed our way. He was sitting in the kitchen in the dark and he got a very uneasy feeling, like he wasn't alone when he seen a figure walk in front oft the window. It freaked him out but he got up from the table and looked out the window and saw nothing. He had this feeling almost all night. He got on the computer cause he couldn't sleep and felt like someone was watching him and kept seeing movement out of the corner of his eyes. He look, nothing there. So I don't know if they follow us or are attracted to us. But every where we go we always endup with a ghost. So these are just a few of my many stories. I'm sorry it got so long but thank you for reading my experiences. I'm always glad to share them with people.

Voice Talking to Me


Hi. My name is Rhonda.  My father sent your web address to me just a few days
ago.  I am 29, married with two small children.  I just recently began to
tell my parents of some of the incidents that have happened periodically in
my life.  The most recent being in my current home.  The first that occurred
that I actually paid attention to was the first night I brought my first baby
home from the hospital.  I couldn't sleep being a new Mom, so I went into the
living room laid down in the recliner with my one week old daughter.  I had
just started to doze off when I felt my baby being lifted off my chest.  My
first thought was that it was my husband. Then a terrible feeling came over
me and I could not wake myself up.  I had been holding onto my child's ankles
as she was sleeping on my chest. I could feel myself grip her tighter as I
tried to scream. I kept fighting to wake myself but couldn't.  So I just held
on tight and continued the fight and screaming in my head that "they" were
not going to take my baby!  After what seemed to be a very long time, I felt
my baby being laid back onto my chest and I was able to wake. The room was
cold and I had a feeling of evil being around.
    The time of the communication was when my daughter was about 4 or 5
months old.  I was sitting on my sofa nursing her and my 16 year old niece
was in the kitchen. We heard a whistling, it sounded just like my husband.
My husband was out of the country on business.  I handed the baby to my niece
and took my dogs with me through the house thinking it was a burglar.  Once I
found nothing, I knew what it was.  I stood in my kitchen and very sternly
told "it" that this is my house and if he wanted to stay I didn't want to see
or hear him again!  I didn't hear anything for two years.  Then my husband
and I took two long trips one right after the other.  On the night that I
returned home, I was laying on my bed in my room.  I heard my husband's voice
say "hello."  I have a very large house that is divided by a door in the hall
which was closed at this time.  My husband who is very soft spoken was in the
kitchen at the other end of the house.  I got up to see who he was talking to
and found him in the refrigerator.  When I realized that it could not have
been him, I went back into my room and told "it" again.  I said, "I realize
that you missed me, but let me make this very clear to you, I don't want to
hear you anymore or you will have to leave."  I have not heard "it" since.
The only thing that happens now is occasionally I find my hall closet door
open.  My children are 18 months and four years old. I will usually find the
door open after being gone all day.  This particular "thing" does not give me
the evil feeling of the very first time though.
    I have had many other experiences in my life, too.  When I read your
personal experience with the woman's voice and knew what you must have felt.

My Spirit Expierence


I worked in the famous Lemp Haunted Caverns in St. Louis, MO. The caverns have been converted to a haunted house for October for the past several years.  In 1995 I worked there (oddly met my husband there.) I had several experiences there but I'd like to share 2 particular experiences. I worked a holograph of Lady Lavender and where my station was, when people would go through, they would walk up a ramp and into the next station of the haunted house. There was a wood plank placed over the cavern floor as it is naturally uneven and easy to trip on in the dark.  There was a wedge of concrete poured in front of the wood plank so no one would trip over the board. Well, as wear and tear occurred on the wedge the concrete began to break up and people started to trip. So, I asked for them to repair the concrete. After pouring the concrete everyone dispersed from my station to find something to lay over the concrete so no one would step in wet cement that night. As we all convened back in my station to lay the new board there was a face print in the cement. I was only about 20 feet from my station the whole time and never saw a thing. This was a full face print. Not just a side view.
The other experience I'd like to share is that when I would fall asleep in my station (we were slow sometimes) I would lean against a wood "wall" and every time as I drifted off a loud bang would hit the wall from behind. It was if someone or something slammed the wall very hard. This is impossible as the "wall" was laid up against the cavern wall and you couldn't even fit a finger in between. It was so hard that it shook everything attached to it.  Needless to say I believe the Lemps still inhabit the caverns as well as the mansion.

My Uncle


when i was 3 years old, my grandmother died of cancer. around the
time i was 7 or 8 my uncle divorced and shortly after re-married.
at the wedding, my cousins and i were playing on the rocks on the
other side of the yard while we were waiting for the wedding to
start. it started to get cool where we were and we went to get jackets,
by the time we had gotten to the place where our parents sat, the
wedding had just started so we sat down and waited. after the wedding
my uncles mother in law went over to talk to my uncle and she (not
knowing that my grandmother had passed away) told him that she had
saw her standing by the rocks where my cousins and i had previously
been playing, and my uncle calmly explained to her that my grandmother
had passed away 4 1/2 years prior to the wedding. then about 2 week
later my uncle got his wedding pictures and he began distibuting
them throughout the family. the day he brought them to my house
i was the only one there and he gave me them and left. I took them
out of the envelope and i began looking at them. there was one of
my uncle and step aunt, and they were standing in front of a tree.
and in the bark of the tree there was a face of a women, not thinking
much of it, i placed the pictures back in the envelope and placed
them on the table. i went outside and started playing basketball,
but i couldn't get that face out of my mind. then i remembered what
my uncles mother in law had said about seeing my deceased grandmother.
i immediately went back inside and grabbed a picture of my grandmother
and looked at the wedding picture. i believe my grandmother came
back to watch her baby boy get married, because my uncle was in fact, her baby.

Belief in My Haunted Home

By: Anonymous
        One reason is that during the day I stay home by myself and
everyday I hear footsteps going across the hall upstairs. When I'm
upstairs I don't here it though.
        Sometimes early in the morning my door will open up, even though
it doesn't latch. I used to think it was my dog, but one night we had a
gate up so my dog couldn't get to my room, that night two of my friends
spent the night. My door opened at about 1:30 and so I shut it then it
opened again about an hour later. When this happened I put a big stuffed
animal in front of it so it couldn't open. One of my friends and I
decided to sleep on the floor (my other friend was hogging the bed)
anyway, the door kept trying to open but then it would hit my stuffed
animal and close. Both of my friends witnessed this.
        About a year or two ago I had been laying in bed and all of a
sudden I seen a boy standing in my doorway. He had like a scar or
something on his face. I blinked and he disappeared like two seconds
later he was gone. I then turned the other way and tryed to sleep, but I
didn't sleep well that night.
        I read the article Shadow lands has about Ouija boards and it
made me think. I realized that my friend and I were interested in ghosts
and stuff so we used her Ouija board and tryed to contact spirits. Then
we invited over a friend and we were using a Ouija board and asked them
to prove they were real (BIG MISTAKE) but then we didn't know to much.
Well after we said this we seen like a shadowy dark figure it was fuzzy
and was weird. It scared us so we ran downstairs and tryed not to think
about it. Soon after I moved out of that room into another and the day I
moved out of that room my door latch broke. I know it could be nothing
though. The point is that,thats the time it all started.
        I've mentioned something to my mom before but all she really said
was that she wouldn't be surprised if we had a ghost because our house is
over 100 years old. My dad doesn't really believe in ghosts, I don't
think. There are a couple other things that have happened. I don't think
they care, but I do.
         I don't really need help or anything I just decided to share some
stories about my house.

Interest in the Paranormal

I have had an interest in the paranormal for as long as I can remember. I had my first experience with this subject when I was about 5 yrs. old.
My family lived in an apartment building that used to be a catholic school. The church that my parents go to bought the building in the early 1970's, so that they could take advantage of the classrooms for a bible college. The nuns old rooms, and the priests quarters were turned into apartments which were used by the pastors and by people that had jobs in the college. My mother worked in the bookstore and so we were able to live in the building. Our apartment in right behind the chapel, in what used to be one of the priests living quarters. My family has lived there for many years, and my mom still lives there to this day. The bible college has gotten too big for the building and has now moved to Baltimore, Maryland. Now the building is just a branch of the church that runs the bible college.
One night after dinner, my sister ( who is 10 yrs. older than me) and I  went out to take the trash. To take out the trash you need to go out the back door, take a left,  go around the maintenance shed, and go straight across the parking lot to the otherside where there was a dumpster.  Once you pass the maintenance shed you are able to look to the rightside of the property, which is a bordered counterclock-wise by first a line of trees, and then a swampy area. In the corner of the property where the line of trees and the swampy area meet, there is a street light that is part of the town hall parking lot that borders one side of the property. The street light shines down through the line of trees into the corner of the property.
When my sister and I came around the side of maint. shed, I looked over to the corner of the property and saw a brightly glowing figure on a horse. The figure had on white robes, and shield that looked like it was made of gold and jewels on his left arm. The horse was white and also glowing, and had armor on that closely matches the armor that used to be worn by the knights horses in the middle ages. The horse's armor was also made of what looked like gold and jewels. The figure was holding the reigns for the horse in his right hand and looking right at us, except his face was too bright to make out. I told my sister to look at the figure that is saw. She told me to just keep walking and acted very scared. I was not scared at all.
The figure watched us walk all the way to the dumpster and back, all the while not moving anything except his head to follow us, and his right arm to keep control of the horse who was moving his head up and down  and pawing the ground with his front leg. When my sister and I almost reached the point where we were going to go around the maint. shed where we could no longer see the figure, the figure let go of the reigns and reached across the horse with his right hand and pulled a sword out of a sheith that was strapped on the horse's side. He pulled out the sword, that had a hilt made of gold and jewels and a glowing white blade, and put his arm straight up into the air in what I have taken to be a salute of somekind. Once the figure had his arm straight up, the horse went up on it's hind legs and pawed the air. We rounded the corner just before the horse landed on the ground again.
When we got inside we told my mother and father what we had seen. My mom told me that the only explanation that she could give me about what it had been was that in the bible it says that God puts angels all around his people to protect them. She believes that what we saw was probably one of the angels that he has looking after the church. I went over to the area the next day to see if I could find any hoof prints or anything, but found none.
I have since tried to ask my sister about what she remembers about that night, but she refuses to talk about it.

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