Night of Terror


    hello this is a true story that really happened to might make you
a believer or it might not,either way i hope you enjoy it.
          it was a hot summer night back in july of 2000,and i remember the
nite very well because i had just finished eating some little smokies which
are very deelicious by the way.little smokies are taste smoke sausages which
you can find at your nearest grocery store,so i highly recommend them to
everyone.anyway i had gotten up to lower the air because it was hot,and i
left my wife sleeping and my two kids playing videogames in the i
left i saw the kids get into a small argument.just then i heard this noise
coming from the room i had just left,a noise not from this earth.i heard the
kids screaming for help,i quickly ran back in,what i saw was truely wife was talking backwards or in a language ive never heard
before.i got the kids and took them into the living room because at this
point my wife was clawing at everything and throwing things at us.i left the
kids and ran back in to see my wife.when i enter i saw her she was in a
truelly evil form,her eyes were bloodshot red,her teeth looked like sharp
fangs,her nails were like claws now.i told her to calm down what was wrong
she answered back that we wouldnt let her sleep in a very demonic voice.i
said its ok booboo,and i let my guard down.just then she hit me with the
force of ten men i flew across the room,hitting the wall very hard.before i
banged into the floor she was next to my leg she buried her claws into my
skin,i screamed for help but no one could hear me besides the kids.just then
i knew i had to do something because if this demon my wife had becomed would
kill me,the kids would be next.i had to protect them at all cost.i kicked her
off me.and got up she did a backward flip in mid air and landed on the bed,it
was like something out of a scary horror movie,but what i was experincing was
all to real.i started to pray and told her "back demon back from the hell you
came out of"there is no place for you here begone and dont return!but my wife
kept mumbling in all sorts of crazy languages.i quickly jumped out of the
room and closed the door behind me.i ran to the kids,and told them to run
into the bathroom.i ran in with then and locked the door.i remember we stayed
the whole night in there praying she would not come out of that room.morning
came which seemed like a eternity,we slow came out of the bathroom,and opened
the bedroom my surprise my wife was fast asleep,we woke her up.she
said good morning to us like if nothing ever happened that night.well up to
this day we still cant explain what really happened to her.all we can do is
pray it will never come again,for it might be the death of if anyone
has ever had a problem like this,or can give me answer to what really went
down that night i would appreciate it.thank you for reading a tale of horror.

The Mysterious Painting


One day my husband and I went out shopping and entered an auction. We bought
a painting that an old lady was selling. The auctioneer claimed that it was
an authentic painting that had once hung in some old castle in France over
100 years ago. My husband and I were really pleased with our purchase until
some strange things started to happen. The painting was hung in the dinning
room. When I dust the house it is always clean and all the paintings are all
put back straight. This one was the only one that kept on going crooked
again. The painting before that didn't do it either and we got somebody to
come see if it was straight or not and he said that it was and it coulnd't
have been unbalanced. Sometimes my husband would get the feeling that the
portraits eyes were following him when he walked through the dinning room.
At first I didn't really believe him and thought that he was playing a joke
on me to freak me out, but several days later I noticed that the painting
was doing the same thing to me. I was getting a little scared and had no
idea what to do or think about it. One day I noticed that the portraits left
hand was down on his lap and normally it was supoosed to be up as if holding
a glass. I glanced at it and then looked away. When I looked back again the
hand was back at it's original position. I thought that I was imagining
things, but a few days later my husband told me that the same thing happened
to him when he was walking by. I was really getting scared that we had some
sort of strange painting. For a month I was watching the painting really
closly, but it didn't do anything. After about a month I started to forget
about it and didn't pay as much attention. Then one day I noticed that the
man's shirt's bottons had slightly changed color. Instead of being white,
they turned to some pinky/pearl color. My husbad noticed the same thing that
same evening. Constantly more and more strange things were happening and I
was starting to think that we should get rid of the painting, but my husband
had fallen in love with it and really wanted to keep it. Instead he moved it
to his office. One day I was cleaning the dinnig room and notice that the
painting was back in it's original place again. I moved it back to the
office. That evening when my husband came home from work, I asked him why he
had moved the painting back into the dinning room. He said that he hadn't. I
was really scared now that this painting could also move positions.
     One day I decide that I would test if this painting was really doing it
by itself or if it was some joke my husband was playing on me. I placed the
painting in the living instead this time and also kept close watch on it all
day. I went out to go shopping for about an hour and when I got back the
painting had moved back to the dinning room. The next day I placed the
painting in the guest bedroom. And again the painting moved back to the
dinnig room. When my husbad was out on a business trip for a week, I decided
to try the test again. I placed the painting in the living room again and
once more it moved back to the dinning room. I was really scared now and I
locked the painting in the attic. It was covered and in a chest. A few days
later the painting was back in the dinning room. I then told my husband and
that I was going to sell the painting becasue it wouldn't leave us alone. He
was reluctant but agreed. As soon as we got rid of the painting everything
went back to normal again.

Nathaniel Massie Home


      Here are some of my stories that I have experienced. I will not
include all of them yet, I will wait and see what you think of these first.
I want to say first of all that I believe everything that I'm about to write
and I am the only one that seems to experience them.There are mostly good
spirits that live here, there seem to be a couple of bad that WANT to scare
me but they don't they make me mad! I think they want me to leave but I'm
not afraid. My friends and family definately support and believe me but only
my husband has even heard a couple things but I have heard them all and even
seen them!
             I would like to set the scene if you will, to get a better
understanding of our set up. In July of 1999 there was an accidental
shooting here and a young teenage girl shot and killed herself in this
house, the family immedialtely moved out afterwards, it was definately the
talk of the town. We knew of the killing when we looked at the house, but it
didn't phase us at all. We just felt sorry for the family that had to
experience such a tragedy. When the landlords showed us the house and we
walked through it all I was amazed at its history that shown through the age
of the house. It had a very sweet spirit about it and I immediately was
drawn to the once beauty it carried. Incase you didn't know.........We are
renting what is called, The Nathaniel Massie Home, an 8 bedroom 2-3 story
landmark. It is over 200 years old and has 6 fireplaces. Nathaniel Massie
founded Ross County, Bainbridge, Ohio, Chillicothe, Ohio(Where the famous
Underground Railroad ran through of the slave time) also where Tecumseh and
that Indian history was made. There is so much about this area that has made
history for Ohio. Anyway, thats who Nathaniel Massie was and our children
study him now in their OHIO HISTORY books. My husband didn't really care for
the house because of its deteriation, Its not much to look at at all. I
loved it right away, something just drew me to it and I wanted it, so we
decided to rent it. We only use the middle part of the house and the other
part is used mainly for storage. I don't know exactly when I first started
experiencing things but it wasn't too long after we settled in. We had ALOT
of people asking us if we thought it would be haunted because of the young
girl that was killed. That didn't even spark a worry, nor has that even came
up since we lived here, its the spirits that have been here LONG before any
of us were even thought of............
Story #1:
     One night I was laying in bed waiting on my husband to get out of the
shower. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs from the other side of the
house (that we don't use)Our other bedroom door goes into the other side of
the house where the noise was coming from. The footsteps seem to be so light
as if it was a woman or child. I strained my ears to listen and was a little
spooked, but more curious than anything. I heard about 15-20 steps it seemed
then it stopped. I then I felt my husband sit behind me on the bed and I
turned to tell him what I had been hearing and he wasn't there, yet I felt
the weight as if someone sat down behind me. I sat up quickly trying to
focus, the lights were off. I hurriedly got out of bed and turned the light
on...nothing, nobody. I ran into the bathroom to see if he was playing a
trick on me, he was still in the shower. After he got out I told him the
whole story and he just smiled and said Good Night. I KNOW what I heard AND
Story #2:
   My husband and I was lying in bed one night and we heard a woman softly
laugh. I raised up and asked my husband if he heard it. He sat up and said
he definately did. I wondered if it was the lady of the footsteps that I had
heard before. He didn't want to talk about it anymore. I wasn't scared
though, she sounded happy. It was not at all a scary laugh.
Story #3:
  Another night my husband and I heard pitter patter of steps upstairs over
our bedroom. (still the part of the house we don't use). I raised up once
again and asked him if he heard it. He said he did and didn't want to talk
about it(he is skeptical and has an answer for everything). I told him that
I wasn't scared at all. He seemed to think it was racoons or something and I
told him that I thought it was a child playing. There is no way that I
copuld see the next day that a raccon could have even got up there. It was
much too heavy of steps to be a mouse or rat or something like that. It was
a child, I know it.
Story #4:
  I was pouring me a cup of coffee one morning and I was in my kitchen and I
heard a young happy male voice greeting me with a, "hello! hello?!" I
quickly answered ,"hello?" My dog started barking up a storm and to be
honest, I thought who had just walked into my house? When I walked into my
dining room where I heard the voice, my dog was in there looking up as if
someone was standing there and barking and barking. I looked and my door was
still locked. NOBODY had came in. I KNOW what me AND MY DOG heard.
Again......I wasn't scared but so curious! I went on with my day and then I
saw him!! The young man that matched the voice. He was carrying in wood to
our living room and I know everything he had on down to his boots. When I
saw him it was through my periphial vision. If i tried to get a good look or
stare at him he disappeared. the more I thought about it the more intrigued
I was. I couldn't wait to tell my husband.
Story #5:
  I was cleaning in our living room and I saw "her". A young beautiful
woman. She was carrying a wicker basket of laundry and going out the same
door that "he" had came in carrying wood the other day.(We don't even use
that door, its nailed shut and it has table in front of it, but they do use
it.) She had blonde hair pinned up with a couple of ringlets hanging down as
if she had been working alot and it was coming aloose. She had on a light
blue skirt with a white top and white apron. She seemed so happy and cheery
as so did he. I thought they must be a couple. Again..........when I try to
look on them as to get a complete stare...they disappear.I was not afraid at
all. This was so fantastic to me.
Story #6:
My family and were sitting in our living room and all of a sudden across the
living room ran a a big white cat!! A typical house cat but it was
beautiful!! I hollered, "Did ya'll see that cat???????????????" My son
looked at me with a question....."What cat?" I looked at my husband and
asked him the same. He was reading the paper and he didn't see anything at
all. I told them a white cat just ran across the living room floor as if
chasing a mouse or something. NOBODY seen it...........I DID!!!!!!
Story #7:
   This one convinced me of all!! I seen the whole family!!! I seen "him" a
young brown haired fellow, white shirt tucked in light brown pants, boots up
mid calf,"her" dressed the same as the other day, a little toddler boy with
a white shirt, blonde hair kind of curly, about 4 years old, a baby girl in
white in a similar basket to the one "she" had carried laundry with, and  A
BIG WHITE CAT!! I saw all of them and they let me look at them a while. They
all seemed to be posing for me. I think they were all going somewhere, maybe
to church or something. I believe they were a christian family because their
spirit is so sweet and gentle. When I spoke they dissappeared. I continued
to speak anyway letting them know that I was glad they were here and I
wasn't afraid and for them not to be afraid of me. I sat down on my couch in
total astonishment and just thought...I have a whole family that lives here
and they seem to be in another dimension, living carrying on as if  it was
still the time they lived in before. They are dressed like in the
1700-1800's. We have mininites/amish that live around here and they were
dressed just like them.
I will stop at that for now and see what you think so far. I refer to these
spirits that I told you about as "My Family" and almost everyone knows about
them and asks if I have seen "My Family" lately. I have more to tell good
and bad but I don't know if this is boring to you or not or what you are
looking for. Please let me know what you think.



In 1974-
I'd spent the night  in a Detroit suburb, called Highland Park.The house had
three levels.The parents of my boyfriend, had just "locked themselves into
thier bedrooms that night"-me, thinking that was a very strange thing to
do;as once upstairs in the old late 1800-1920 homestead. Outdoors, the kids
were playing, shouting,enabling to be cooled with whatever they could find,
through the hot night's air...I'd been playing with my male friend, and
talking-up in the third story attic of that homespace.We'd abated our
clothing, and were now looking for sheets somewhere's located in the
house.While trampling up and down the squared, yet circulared staircase,
which creaked, I'd heard the screams of the crowd,enabled from the small
television set located in one of the downstair's parents bedrooms.My
boyfriend had told me the place was haunted, and that since this was once an
Indian burial ground-that strange things had happened before, on the
premises.I'd always laugh, and thought that he was just chiding me for a
prank he'd pull on me somewhere down the road.By about 10 p.m., after first
going out to a place called the Pretzel Bowl, a pool hall, me to have
"Englished" him(one more time!)-we'd decided upon going back to his folks'
place to sleep.Upon entering the upstairs room, my intuition kicked in, of
which mine was as always/has been my salvation; well; I'd let him sleep in
the small twin bed by the outside window.As I sat on the edge of the bedside,
I'd noticed what was believed to be by me a form, figurative, in the window
completely across the street-in another delapelated home.Haloed in
appearance, and not alltogether succinct of its personae,I kept my eyes on
it.I asked my man to wake up, he didn't budge at all...I pulled the sheets
both on him, then off of him...still to no avail...He'd once told me his
parents had lived there since thier marriage (around the early 1900's)- and
had come across all kinds of unfounded noises and such,.. like cans, and
metal bowls being shoved about and like someone was beginning to make a meal
of some proportion..I'd kept that thought in my head while I sat by him on
the small bedset.I'd gotten up in the twilight, to both lock the door, and to
go use the "John".I'd made three steps, then turned to look at my boyfriend's
face-now covered with a sheet. As I closed the door, now within the locking
procedure-(all the rooms had-strangely-locking enablement.) Well, I turned
back towards the small room, complete with it's own doorway and entrance-and
walked in to lie down.I'd figured I'd been asleep for a very short while,
but, awakened to hearing loud noises.Banging, like in the next room,
allthough there was none nearby,continued to try to fall asleep-to no
avail.I'd heard loud footsteps appearing to climb the steps up to the
room.As, I slowly brought myself to get out of the bed, and to go to the
door, fully expecting a parent to find us there;I'd seen light-like that from
a flashlight coming up the stairs.No person carrying the light, just the
light itself.That light grew clearer, and wider -now taking up complete
stairsteps.I screamed, awakening my male lover, now sending the afore-opened
door to it's enclosure with a loud bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"See what I'd said?"'
Over, and out.

Ghost are not All Bad


I am telling you this story to prove that not all ghosts are bad!
At my old school every year the year eights would do something called
community action week.This is where they went all over the village to help
the community.
How typical that our group had to help our in the church.Our village church
has been standing from the 12th century and it's not the kind of place where
you could just sit down for an hour in the gardens out front and read a book
or something. it was way to spooky!
Anyway, we had to clean the bells at the top of the bell tower,the stones
steps up the top get nawrower and narrower as you get higher.There are a
hundred steps going up!
We had finished cleaning the bells when 'Louise' shouted to us it was lunch
time.She got up and ran to the stairs as she tripped and she screamed, my
heart skipped a beat as I knew that if she kept rolling down she would
probably break her neck beacuse of the hard stone steps.We all felt a strong
warm mist rush past us as something caught louise she smiled in a weird way
and said something in french.Weird!{She hates french and she could never
speak fluently in it!We all smelt the scent of roses and then it all
went.Louise was standing on the  stairway looking slightly dazed and she said
she felt tired.We were all so freaked by this time that we were downstairs in
a flash.Louise started crying and the vicar asked us what was wrong he
explained that many people had experienced the scent of roses when they were
in trouble up there and the warm mist.I asked him about louise speaking
french and he said as much as I know about that is that a freanch nun was
pushed off the bell tower to her death and has kept coming back since then to
save others from being hurt.
By this time we all never wanted to go in the church again and we all wanted
to go home.But The vicar said to us at least it is a friendly ghost.

I for one have never been back to the church from that day and I like to have
nothing more to do with ghosts.
It was only the other day when I asked her what she felt when the thing
caught her.
She said it was like being hugged by an angel.

The Other Linda


 This happened way back when I was in high school.  Some time during
the day, my best friend Linda told me she was feeling sick and had called
her mom to come bring her home, so she wouldn't be riding the bus home with
me.  Later, after school had let out, I was standing in the parking lot
waiting for the bus, and I, several feet away, a girl standing by a car
talking to some boys.  The girl looked EXACTLY like Linda, and was even
wearing the same type of coat she had!  I was very surprised, because she'd
told me she was going home, and she had no reason to lie to me.  Plus, if
she'd lied about being sick in order to get out of school (which Linda would
never had done), why the heck would she have come back to the school to hang
out?  Even though I was curious, I never got a chance to go over and see who
this person was, because the bus came at that moment.
 Later that evening, I went to the school dance.  Linda had
originally been going to come too, but since she was home sick I went to the
dance alone.  As I was standing in line waiting to get in the door, I saw,
about 10 to 15 feet ahead of me, this same girl who looked just like Linda!
Wearing that same coat!   Once I got inside the school I looked all around
for her, but she was nowhere to be seen.  The next time I saw Linda, I told
her about it, and she assured me that she had indeed been home sick all
afternoon, and that if she'd felt well enough to go to the dance that
evening, she'd have called me.  We never did figure that one out, and I
never saw this "Linda look-alike" again.
 Here's another strange thing that happened years later, that has
always puzzled me.  About 10 years ago, I went to the doctor's for a
physical and he told me I needed more fiber in my diet.  On the way home, I
stopped at the drug store to buy some sort of dietary supplement with fiber
in it.  I found a bottle of something called "Chewable Fiber Tablets" or
something like that; went to the counter and bought it.  At the time, I
remember thinking that the guy who rung up the sale bore a slight
resemblance to the doctor I had just seen.  (This isn't the strange part; I
just mention it to make it clear that I had taken more than just a passing
notice of this man's appearance.)
 Anyway, after a month or so, I ran out of these fiber tablets; they
were really nice tasting and I wanted to get some more.  I went back to the
same drug store and looked for them, and couldn't find them.  I asked the
pharmacist about them (and I KNOW he was the same guy who had rung the stuff
up the last time I bought it), I described what it was I was looking for and
he checked for it, and he said there was no record that the store had ever
carried such a thing!  Unfortunately I had thrown the bottle away so I
didn't even have the empty bottle to show him to prove that I'd indeed
bought this product at this same store!  At the time I was frustrated and
annoyed, but later on as I thought of it, it just seems really strange!
 This one is a little more spooky, although I admit it could just be
a case of I'd just woke up suddenly and merely hallucinated.  Anyway, one
night, I was sound asleep when I woke up to the sound of a loud scream, and
then realized that I was the one screaming.  My husband came running in and
asked what was the matter, and I didn't have the slightest clue what had
woken me up and made me scream.  A few minutes later, I lay back down and
was trying to remember exactly what had happened, or what I'd been dreaming.
I had no recollection of having had a nightmare, but I gradually remembered,
just as I was opening my eyes, seeing something standing by the bed, it was
like a lot of tiny little lights in the vague shape of a person, and as I'd
looked at it, it had quickly dissolved!

Odd Happenings


This house we moved into was haunted, many people knew it.
Nothing much happened until a couple months after we moved in when I was holding one of my pet hamsters and carrying her up the stairs.  Mind the fact that this hamster was almost four and a half and had never shown any aggression before.  As I was halfway up the stairs my cockatiel whose cage was in the hallway was flapping around his cage like there was something messing with him.  I talked to calm him down when my hamster tried to leap from my hands and when I held her she bit through my thumb and was growling,(wierd for a hamster).
The night before we moved out my cousin went to the bathroom and as she was coming back up the stairs footsteps followed her.  She ran into my room white as ash.  I didn't believe her and walked into the hallway, turning on the light when heavy thuds came up the stairs toward us.  We also smelled heavy onion?  My mom appeared by the foot of the steps and the noises stopped.  She was coming to tell us about what she thought could have been a dream except she was wide awake.  She said that just a few seconds earlier she had seen a young man step through her window and stand in front of her smiling, then he went towards where the steps were.  She followed and saw us at the top of the steps as stiff as boards.
The next morning I went to the kitchen and saw papers scattered all over the floor and the heavy board holder they were in sitting neatly against the wall as if placed there.  Problem is that my dad was in the kitchen an hour before for work and it was hanging on the wall where it should have been.  My mom was in the next room and would have heard it fall, it was very heavy.  There were other things but those were the most strongest.  The house was owned by my grandparents and an aunt who lived there before us, all three died before we moved in.  The house itself did not feel ominous to me until that last incident I guess what ever it was wanted us to know what; or who we were leaving behind.

Old Farmhouse


I have had several experiences through the years.  I lived in an apartment that 'breathed' first only when I was around,  then when a select few of my friends were around.  They would all go through the same motions that I had gone through in trying to locate the sound - to no avail!  It was not scary - just amazing.
I now live in an old farmhouse (>100 years old) and my roommate and I often thought the other one was talking to someone else or on the phone or had the TV on - when this wasn't true.  One day we compared notes - when one of us asked the other who we were talking to!  We both had the same experiences.  Again this was not scary - just interesting - almost comforting!  You could almost hear what the voices were saying, but not quite.  There was at least one male and one female voice.  I have lived in this house about 14 years and  now live alone,  the voices have almost gone away.  Instead of hearing them all the time, I now only hear them once in a great while - I miss them!!
I have had numerous other incidences and coincidences in my life and only one really scary event.
I was living in Florida in the 70's.  My husband and I were sleeping.  About 3am we were both awakened and sat up straight in bed - because of a 'noise'.  Only it was not really a 'noise' it was a vibration - high screeching metallic vibration - almost 'visible' - very unnerving.  We both had the same experience with the vibration.  We got up to look around and every cabinet in the kitchen was open.  There was a refrigerator shelf that had been stored away, back between the stove and a cabinet - it was laying in the middle of the floor!!  We were both truly frightened.  Needless to say, we both were awake the rest of the night with the lights on!!  And didn't really sleep well again while we were living there.
I have never 'seen' anything - just felt things.  I have always felt 'protected'.  I have always considered myself something of a white witch, although that is not something I usually tell anyone else.  I cast a spell once in my life because some people were breaking into my house.  And actually caught them in my house a couple days later when I just HAD to return to my house RIGHT THEN although it was way out of my way to do so.  Then got their license plate number and called the police.   (They had been breaking into numerous houses and boats and had hurt people.  They spent a lot of time in jail!)
Thank you for this web site - these are stories that I don't normally share.

Old House Ghosts


I live in a very old rowhome in Philadelphia, PA with my husband and our cat.  We have lived there for a little over a year now, and it is obvious that we have a few extra occupants.
When we first went to check out the house, it had a weird feeling to it.  Not bad or scary....just not normal.  I considered not renting it, but the rent is dirt cheap and its a great little house, so I just figured I could live with it....and I was right.  It still isn't scary or malevolent feeling...
The first ghost we saw was a cat.  Our house is an expanded trinity, which means that we've got a small basement, a first floor with the livingroom and kitchen, enclosed spiral stairs to the second floor (bedroom and bathroom), and another enclosed spiral staircase to the third floor (a single bedroom).  To give you an idea of how tight the staircases are, we had to hoist all of our furniture through the windows.  At any rate, we have a ghost cat that we'll see only in the second floor hall and on the stairs to the third floor -- it's a small cat, brownish.  Definitely not scary or spooky, but it can be unnerving if you're not expecting it, and the cat has scared the crap out of several of our living houseguests!  My mother was visiting once and almost fell down the stairs because she thought she had stepped on our pet cat, only to realize that her foot went right through the cat!  And, of course, our pet cat flips out when the ghost cat makes an appearance.
The second ghost is a woman that likes to lounge on our bed.  I was standing at my dresser mirror putting on a pair of earrings one morning.  The mirror is almost directly across the room from our bed -- I happened to glance up just in time to see a thin woman in a long nightgown with brown hair tied in a bun sort of drape herself over the head of our bed.  My husband, who has never lived in a haunted house before meeting me, gets seriously freaked out when I tell him about ghosts in the house, so I didn't tell him about it....until he started to tell me that something was poking him in the ribs in bed....and it wasn't me.  We've also felt her sit at the bottom of the bed when we're trying to sleep, and we've both gotten a poke or two from our bedroom ghost.
The latest twist in all of this is a whitish-gray figure that will peek its head and torso out at us while we're in the livingroom.  It is almost as if the figure is standing in the kitchen behind the doorway to the livingroom, and every now and then, he'll just poke his head out.  I get the distinct feeling its a male presence.
Like I said, it can be a little unnerving if you're not used to it, but it is by no means a scary house.  And we're not planning to move anytime too soon! Thanks for letting me share!



Ok, this is a story that i dont tell anymore because i'm tired of being
laughed at... but you might believe it. Ok when i was 9 I got this kitten
that I named Oreo. I got Oreo for birthday in September and one morning in
November I was leaving for school when I picked up Oreo to kiss him
goodbye... well Oreo fell over and I picked him up and he started to
convulse (like he was having a seisure) and then died right in my arms. I
was very sad and I wanted Oreo to be pretty so I went into my mom's fabric
and got a long tourquise blue silk ribbon (it was the big thick kind) and
tied it around his neck and my dad buried him. A week later these new little
stuffed kittens came out and i saw on the commercial that one looked like
Oreo so my dad bought me one. Well when he handed me the little box i
remember that i got this awful chill that went up the spine of my back but i
didnt think much of it. When i took the kitten out of the box i almost
dropped it because it had the same exact markings as my deceased kitty!! The
kitten (stuffed) had a black head with a white face and a black back with a
white belly and legs but the weird thing is that he had a ring of white
around his tail just like Oreo! Well that was weired but i've got more to
the story... one night i was talking with my little stuffed kitty (remember
that i was 9 at the time) when i looked at him straight in the face and the
he winked at me, well after that i threw him across the room because I
couldnt look at him no more. Two nights later when I was sleeping I felt a
cat laying on my chest and i really didnt think anything of it because my
sister had a cat too, but when i looked up in a sleepy daze i know that it
was Oreo (the dead one) but i didnt do anything because i feel back asleep
an it didnt accure to me what had happened until the next morning when i
woke up and looked for him because i then remembered that he was dead!!
Well, no one ever believes me because they say that i'm making it up and
they say that the only cat that was on me that night was my sister's cat
(she's was also black and white) but i knew my cat and it was him. I havent
seen anymore "sightings" of Oreo and i'm now 16, but i thought that this
story might interest you.

Our Funny Old Guy


I have been a lucky lady to have had such a funny ghost in my house.  I named him Oscar because that was the name that came to me when I asked him who he was.  I’m not really sure if it was him or me that gave me that answer. The only reason I think that he was an old guy is from my perceptions, and what he did. Anyway, this old guy used to walk through my room.  You see we lived in a split level house in northern California.  My room was directly above our dining area.  Every time we sat down to eat, the ceiling above us creaked exactly like someone was walking through my room.  My folks even joked about that.  Also, my room was always terribly cold.  That was part of the joke as well.  No matter what the thermostat read, my room was freezing.  I only lived there for one year, but I am well aware of how many blankets I needed to get through the night.  My very Christian family even began a family joke about the ghost walking around in my room.  I’m serious, every time we sat down to dinner, this guy started his trek across my room.  No one was ever frightened.  I wasn’t even afraid to stay in my own room.  Oh, did I mention he used to change the TV channel, turn it off and on at his will. For instance I would be walking out the door in the middle of the day and turn it off just to watch it turn back on like he was saying “I was watching that”. He did a lot of that, changing channels, turning the TV off and on.  Not only once but up to 3 times in a row.  But here’s what really made me giggle.  One night, my folks were out of town.  I had just graduated from college. I vividly remember this.   I was laying on the floor watching TV with only my cat laying there with me.  I’m a total night owl and was thinking to myself  I needed to get to bed.  Well, almost immediately the TV turned off.  I reached over to the remote and turned it back on.   The TV turned back off and I said out loud something to the affect of give me just a minute and I promise to go to bed.  I only sat there for about 15 mins. and then went to bed.  After I moved to away to Texas he started walking past my room into my dad’s office next door.  I remember asking my mom about him when I moved. She said he wasn’t up to his pranks any more, but he was walking all the way across the floor/ceiling now. I actually visited them and heard him go across the entire floor.  My room wasn’t cold anymore either. Was this a ”haunting” or some spirit watching out for me?  I don’t know.  My folks moved and he didn’t go with.  As far as I know I haven’t run into him since then either.  I just thought you would like a not so scary/funny but true visitation story…..We loved that guy.

Our Ghostly Roommate


Love the site!  The stories are great.  I've been visiting the site for a
few years and have finally decided to tell my story.  Nothing spectacular,
but supernatural none the less.  I have always been interested in ghosts
etc., but was more into it as a child.  Thanks to your site, I'm beginning
to delve into it again.  Anyway, here's my story.
Although I haven't had a lot of encounters (for lack of a better term) with
anything ghostly, I definitely have an ability to sense when something
supernatural in nature is present.  I can't remember exactly when and where
I had my first experience, but I'm assuming it took place when I was a
child.  I have always had extremely vivid dreams, and learned at an early
age how to alter me dreams when they would scare me.  As I said, I haven't
had a lot of encounters, but the ones I have had are definitely memorable.
I lived in a house in Kelowna, BC for a few years while in my early 20s,
which is where the majority of these encounters took place.  Needless to
say, being young, there was a lot of partying going on, so the exact
chronological timing of these may be a little off.  I should point out that
none of the following experiences took place during parties, and I wasn't
the only one who experienced them.
The first one I had I remember quite vividly.  I was alone in the house (my
two roommates were out for the evening) with my cat cleaning my room.
Suddenly one of the kitchen cupboard doors slammed shut.  Both my cat and I
were in my bedroom and none of the windows in the house were open.  I had
just been in the kitchen and none of the doors had been open.  I walked out
into the kitchen (my bedroom was right off the kitchen), didn't see
anything, but definitely felt something.  It wasn't threatening by any
means, but nonetheless, I could feel it there.  Needless to say, I was a
little freaked out, so I went around and turned all the lights on in the
house and went back into my room.  A few days later, I was sitting in the
living room with my roommates, eating my dinner off of the coffee table,
watching TV.  I was sitting on the floor and suddenly saw a figure standing
in the door to my roommates' bedroom.  Their bedroom was at the front of the
house (as was the living room; the bedroom being off to the side) with a
window that faced the road.  Jeff, one of my roommates, stood in the doorway
(about a foot back from the actual door frame) so we could try and figure
out what I had seen, but we couldn't see him in the dark.  A car drove by
outside and the lights flashed in through their window and illuminated him
from the side.  That was exactly what I had seen.  All the hair on my arms
and neck stood up.  That was only a few days after the cupboard door
incident, so we came to the conclusion that we weren't alone in the house.
Nothing really happened for the next few months and my roommates moved and
two other friends moved in.  This is when the really weird things began to
happen.  One of my roommates, Chris, came home one night (myself and other
roommate were both out) and found one of the pieces from the chandelier in
the kitchen on the floor, quite a distance from the actual light fixture.
He then stood and watched as the chandelier swung wildly back and forth.
Again, no windows were open and there was no one else in the house.  Once it
had stopped swinging, he tried to re-enact what could have happened with the
piece from the fixture, but there was no way the piece could have landed as
far away as it had without being thrown or placed there, even with it
swinging wildly.  I should add that the chandelier was a cheap fake, and all
the pieces were plastic, not crystal, and they had no weight to them
whatsoever.  We came home to Chris sitting in the living room with all the
lights on and looking quite pale.  After explaining what happened he said we
weren't the only ones in the house.  I hadn't mentioned anything about my
previous experiences the either of them, so there was no way he could have
known about something being in the house.
At one point, we had several of our friends staying with us for an extended
period of time.  There were roughly 7 of us in the house, as well as other
friends that would generally be there most of the time.  With the amount of
people that were at the house at any given time, there was usually a "party"
going on every night (at least 10-12 of us, so that would qualify as a
party).  When our friends had first come to stay with us, I had told the
"spirit" to let us know if we started to offend or upset it in any way.
After about a month or so of our friends staying with us (and the constant
partying), we were in the kitchen making dinner when suddenly the kitchen
lights and the stove shut off.  I went in to the bedroom with a flashlight
to throw the breaker switch (the house was about 60 or 70 years old and had
only a crawl space for a basement) as the bedroom was apparently on the same
breaker as half of the kitchen (the fridge on the opposite side of the room
did not go off).  We continued to make our dinner and everything turned off
again.  After the third time, my roommates and I looked at each other and
said "That's the sign.  Sorry guys, but it's getting to be a little too much
having all of you here.  Love to have you guys stay longer, but the house
has spoken."  I know it sounds a little corny, but we all knew what was
happening.  I can still remember that day as clear as a bell and that was
over 5 years ago.
That night we were all sitting outside and started to tell each other the
things that we had seen or experienced.  It turns out we weren't the only
ones who had had odd things happen to us.  A few of our friends that had
lived in the house before I had were over that night.  They started to tell
us some things and it turns out a lot of people had heard or seen the same
things.  We had a large living room with two couches, one being a
hide-a-bed, so anyone that needed to stay the night and not drive home
could.  They had heard someone walking above them in the front right corner
of the living room, even though the house was a bungalow.  The toilet would
flush by itself.  They would get that odd feeling that someone was watching
when no one else was in the house.  The light fixture in the kitchen would
swing when no doors or windows were open in the house.  Things would
disappear on us and after looking for several minutes to several days, we
would find it in one of the first places we had looked.  After our friends
left and the partying slowed down, we didn't have any problems (except for
the normal everyday occurrences we had become used to).
Like I said before, we never felt threatened at all.  I have had the
threatening feeling before, so I had something to compare it with.  A friend
of mine had moved into an extremely nice basement apartment of a three level
house and was showing it to me one day.  There was a laundry room at the
back that gave the creeps.  (Anytime I went to see her, I wouldn't go near
the back of the house.)  The apartment on the main floor (directly above
her) was up for rent and she wanted me to check it out.  The last people
that had lived in the house had been drug addicts and had trashed the place
(which was too bad as it was a very nice old house and the other apartments
were in great shape), so the landlord was offering one month's rent free if
you fixed the place up. As soon as I went through the door I froze.  I was
terrified.   My friend walked ahead telling me about the house (thinking I
was still behind her) while I was still standing at the front door.  I just
couldn't go into the apartment.  I think I might have walked into the living
room, but that was as far as I went.  I would have to say I haven't had that
feeling before or since, and I hope I never will again.  I have had that
feeling of something else being around me before, but nothing as evil
(again, for lack of a better term) as that.
As I'm typing this and thinking about our ghostly roommate I realize that we
really got used to having it around.  Life was never boring in that house.
A lot of the things sound a little cheesy (lights going off, toilet flushing
etc.), but I'll tell ya, they were a little unnerving at the time.

Our House Belongs to the Ghosts


hi im claire and i have 2 sister's Abby(16) and Lisa(12) myself im 14. we moved to where we live now about 9years ago and it was by complete fluke that we managed to buy our house. My mums comment was that she felt "drawn to it." It was when we were young that we began to notice that things were happening. To begin with as we were so young and nieve we understood it in our own way but thinking we were the only ones tried to ignore it. It was as i remember nightmares of a brutal looking "shadowy man" and certain objects in my room moving about or dissapearing and than appearing a few months later. It wasn't until me and my sisters blamed each other for taking the objects that we got together and began to realise just exactly what was happening. Then we all noticed we were getting blamed by our parents for things of theirs going missing as well. Unfortunatly as we discovered more and more as to what was going on in our house things began to get more intense. It got to the point when we would always go upstairs as a group and never on our own because we felt that we weren't strong enough individually to cope with it. Once (gradually) as we got older we became more independent and could venture around on our own. Things in the house calmed down after a while and than mum took Abby to on side and asked her discreatly if she had noticed anything e.t.c. Abby then discussed it with the rest of us and we sat down with mum and told her everything. She was very relieved because she thought that she was the only one who noticed anything or had anything happen.As the truth was now out that we all knew about the house we watched dad to see how he acted when things were happening but he has seemed oblivious to all that happened. Although he has noticed things such as a blury shadowy shape of a cat jumping through his head and out of the window and another running past the patio doors about 3ft off the ground. He has also been at the dinner table with us when the door handle has gone up then down and then the door opened wacked into the wall then smashed back into the door frame and shattered the glass. But dad being dad has always come up with a far fetched logical explanations such as it was a sudden hard gust of wind or the cat or something of the kind.
 Leaving dad out of the picture all of us would gang together and work together to try and get rid of "them" as things began to get worse towards the summer holidays and i got hurt because while i was sat infront of my wardrobe i had a hail of metal coat hangers rain down on me with unnatural strength leving me with scars on my knees and bruises  all down my arms and legs.
  This was when one of mums clients a healer (reiki) got talking to mum. Michele the healer did some healing on my knees (because i have weak and knock about knees) and also worked on my asthma. Talking to her she became surprised at how mature me and my sister's had become about the whole shadowy ghost things in the house.
  Once back from Michele's house i noticed a male "presance" in my room it turned out to be a guy called Ray and he used to be a teacher. He looked after me and ever since he came into my room were he would sit by my fish tank and really seemed to like them. I never had nightmares and i could feel the pressure of the shadow things trying to get into my room but they couldnt because Ray was in there. He even woke me up one night and told me to go to my parents room quickly so i did and then i collapsed on the floor an had a severe asthma attack and was servearely dehydrated and went to hospital for a month.
 I have allways thought of that as Ray trying to save me for which i thank him VERY MUCH. my sister became ill with glandular fever and then went to Michelles house for a healing session she came back changed and no longer ill and through talks with Michelle became more aware of the house. Michelle and Cathy(her pupil in training) then came round and began to "clear" the house. In the treatment room mum and Abby had a very nasty experience where the devil in the form of a dog had been and the dog marked the place whereand procceded to growl and bark and wouldn't let abby in and this resulted with abby in tears. Michelle asked what in that room my mum saw abby as and she replied the virgin mary and at the time my sister(15) was unknowenly pregnant and she ended up having a miscarrige. The baby girl was called Emily. I have encountered the "dog" many times now on my own or with my sister's i have seen it in the kitchen, our new bathroom, the lounge, the extension, and down the bottom of the garden. It is unplesent whenever you meet this "dog" but im getting used to it although therewas a nasty experiance  because my sister got rid of ray although hes back now and the dog took the opertunity and i spent a very disturbed night when the dog procceded to jump up onto my bed and stand there on top of me and growl in my face.
  He has done the same before to Abby.
  In my room it is very peculiar. i have a strange relationship with my room and always feel protected by ray now hes back but everyone even the healers feel uneasy and think there is and evil presance in there but for me it is the only place where  i feel safe.
 Lisas room being a new extension has had a fair amount of disturbances with shadow people and unease whenever you walk past it also the "dog" a couple of times. she also has the misfortune of looking out directlly over our back garden where scary things that you cant pinpoint happen and the same with our pool.
  Abbys room i find extreamlly scary it is opposite the stairs where abby and i have seen a guy in dark clothing doing an unnatural leap over the top of our stairs. she also has our old playroom and i have allways seen shadows in there and i find that i never feel safe in abbys room unless she is in there with me. My parents room is the worst though on many occasions i have walked in there and seen an image of a dark body (thinking about it similar to the one jumping over the stairs) hanging from a lightning struck tree.
  Our house we have discovered,using help from the healers holds many secrets. We have a girl aged 11 in our study who was buried alive by her dad. A dead baby in the corner of my room. A man in the lounge who has huge pins sticking out of the remainders of his legs (he seems so evil). We also have a killer in our house. This is a man who walks around as he pleases and his face is always in shadow but the feeling your get when he is near is intense evil as he walks around smirking with a shovel over his sholder.
Our front garden is an area where i feel safe unless i have my back to the house or am looking directly at the house. The path infront of our house is a place where i do not linger for long though.
  I am very sorry as this e-mail is rather muddled in a sense that i have not told you everything in the order that they happened. This is because my sister's (who are here now) have just reminded me of the pictures on our landing that change depending on the mood of the house. There was a picture of a little girl stood near a fish bowl holding a candle and a puppy with a bow round its neck on the floor by her feet. This picture would change in that the little girl would get red eyes or the bow on the puppy would change round sometimes the candle was lit other times it was out. Other things happened in the picture but as my sister's and i complained about it to our parents the removed it.
  I hope this has been of intrest to you and i am gratefull that at least we had some one to turn to eventually and although our house continues to get worse we counter it because one reason Michelle never comes around any more is because she finds me and abby scary because apparently we are hidden witches and have a great deal of strength and can do things without thinking.
  If you wish to e-mail me back (and i hope you will because i would like to know more about your experiances) please can you e-mail me on:
because the e-mail i am sending from is my dads and as ive described about him above he dosn't believe in these things and would be angry if he knew i was writing to you about this because i think he doesnt like what he doesnt understand. and he will probably send you a nasty e-mail (if he could work out how to use the computer that is) or delete it as junk.
 Thanx again
   The 3sister's

Our Story


we bought our home in 1993.  the first "experience" we had was shortly after
that when my husband had a dream.  in the dream a woman sat on the end of the
bed, woke him, and told him he left the front door unlocked. he said he could
feel the pressure on the bed where she sat as if was not dreaming. he got up
to check the door and yes it was un locked.  not to long after that i was
sitting on the couch.  it faces the hall doorway. out of the corner of my eye
i could see a bright blurred something peeking are the door jam.  it was head
high to an adult and it was like someone just peaking around the corner. but
everytime i would look directly at it, it would disappear.  over the years we
have either seem things or heard unexplained sounds.  not only my family but
a few friends have too.  my sister was awaken by someone calling her by name
and telling her to get up.  no one was at home at the time.  she and my
roommate have both heard a child's voice.  my roommate has felt the pressure
of a comforting hand on her shoulder.  i have seen my bright blurr on three
different occassions, each time it was a little bigger.  i was awaking one
night at 2:00 am by the sounds of the local raccoons dumping over the trash
cans. i started to go out to pick them up but decided to go back to bed.  as
i turnd back to bed i notice a candle i had lit earlier was still burning.
it sat on my headboard right above my head.  i blew out the flame and went to
sleep.  at sunrise i went out to pick up the trash can i had heard falling
over only to find them standing up right where they belong.  these are a few
things right now.  they are never at any given time nor are they frequient.
they have been on and off since we moved in.  nothing threatening or scarey.
what do you think.



Thanks to everyone who has shared their experience on this site. It has made me more comfortable to share my own.
Several years ago (I was pregnant with my 1st chid), my grandfather ("Papa") became very ill for several months. It was especially hard since I was very excited to be having a baby, which would have been Papa's 1st great-grandchild. Sadly though, my Papa died while I was six months pregnant.
I live several hours away from my grandparents, and we drove up for the funeral. Upon arriving at my grandmother's house, I noticed as we parked that I could see the back of a man in her bedroom window (I would like to point out that my Papa always wore white and/or with stripes button down cotton shirts). He was wearing such a shirt. My first thought was that it must have been my uncle watching his boys playing the keyboard in the bedroom, but as we sat in the driveway for a moment, I realized that, to me, it sure looked like my grandfather. I got the chills, but thought it must be in my head, and we went into the house.
Imagine my surprise when I came into the living room, and my uncle came out of the bedroom wearing some dark blue shirt, not the typical Papa shirt, which I had seen the man in the bedroom wearing.
I realized that Papa had been in the bedroom watching the boys. I like to hope that Papa made himself visible to me to let me know he is OK.
Thank you for reading my experience.



     Hi my name is Samantha andI have always been interested in the
"paranormal" but the first thing that made me really want to know more about
it was when my dog died. It was about 5 years, I was about 9 years old. I
used to have this old dog named Rocky he was about 16 and was so cute. It was
a Tuesday. I had just got home from school when my Mom told me the bad news!
That she had decided to put Rocky to sleep. We had a beautiful funeral with
my Mom, dad, and my next door neighbor, Emily. I even got to see Rocky be for
we buried him! And trust me never let a kid at the age of 9 see there dead
pet! Every thing seemed normal until that night!
      You have to know something about Rocky to under stand this part, He
was a very sick dog and had really bad coughing problems and occasionally his
hip would come out of place and he would just fall over. So that night right
before I went to bed I heard Rocky coughing (would know that cough anywhere
it was like no others i had ever heard before) and of course I freaked and
ran in to my parents room and my Mom said she heard it too but that I had to
stay in my own bed tonight! I have never heard it since I just think it was
his way of saying good-bye!

Pep Rally


  I guess it was about 1977. I was in 8th grade. We were having a mid-day pep
rally in the gymnasium of our Junior High School which, 5 years prior, was
the High School and many years before that was the campus of Central Normal
College (aka Canterbury College) of which currently only 1 building remains,
Hargrave Hall.
  Hargrave has it's own silly stories; The late night janitor who backed out
a window to his death in fear of "Mister Hargrave," The "Screaming Door"
where some previous student was locked in a closet overnight as a joke and
was never heard from again (except, of course, at midnight when the moon is
full, I presume.
  Even the surrounding town of Danville and the county of Hendricks, here in
Indiana, have their little interesting quirks. Danville with it's own haunted
train trestle which resembles a Roman aqueduct and Hendricks County with it's
secret society of witches where an official investigator was "let go" when he
got too close to the reason behind all the grave exhumations in the 80's. And
let's not forget, as has been the case, Lizton where the town cemetery is as
big as the current town itself. Back in the 1800's, when it was known as
Elizabeth Town, a plague wiped out most of it's citizens. Hence the oversized
cemetery (and the condensed name).
  Anyway, back to my account. The student body was assembled on the wooden
bleachers cheering with the overindulged cheerleaders here in the gymnasium
which was built years previous with monies donated by the wealthiest family
in town, the Bosticks, who left their home and grounds abandoned to the town
for teenagers to, well, you get the idea; have some abandonment of their
own? a manner of speaking, of course.
  Ok. Back, again, to the subject at hand. The school is conveniently
situated next to a cemetery which can easily be visualized through the
gymnasium windows. On the south bleachers, where we were seated, we, the 8th
graders, had a clear view. As the cheerleaders led us in some boring diatribe
of victory my attention was drawn to a more interesting site than pom-poms
and mini skirts. Ascending a small flight of stairs from the glass exit doors
which led to the cemetery was a mist. That's the only way I can describe it.
I believe it was a faded green and it was about 6 feet in height and, maybe,
2-3 feet wide. It was the type of vision one would see after staring too long
at a lightbulb then re-visualizing it on a blank wall. Kind of like, "It's
not there if I look directly at it but is there if I just glance in it's
direction." Well, the "mist" moved about 10 feet out onto the gym floor and
stopped for a couple of minutes. I was still wondering when my eye's would
adjust thereby causing this visual dysfunction to disappear when my best
friend, sitting 2 rows down from me, tapped my foot and pointed in the
direction of this thing. I thought that surely he couldn't see what I was
seeing but his expression was so serious. Well, after spending several
minutes on the gym floor, presumably enjoying the floor show, it, ever so
slowly, retreated to a section of bleachers to the right of the stairwell
from whence it came and rose about four seats where it, over several minutes,
dissipated. After the rally I met Walt on the way out of the gym where, not
wanting to put words in his mouth, asked him what he was pointing at. He
asked me, "Did you see that ghost?". I froze in my tracks.
  As far as I know, we were the only ones who saw this apparition. I'll find
out for sure next year at our 20th reunion. After spending all my grade
school years studying the paranormal and finally seeing "something" it was a
nice little send off!

Permanent Residents


Hi. My name is Andrika. I am 13 years old. I have always been interested in the paranormal. The house that I currently live in has a permanent resident; actually residents. This house isn't very old. It was built in 1983 on the outskirts of Aurora, Colorado. My family and I have lived here since 1998. When I first saw the house, I got a sense that something was there. Something that wasn't evil but not exactly good either. I talked to the teenage kids who lived there before. One of the girls brought up the spirit thing. She warned me that i should never sleep in this one room in the basement. I asked her if i should know about any other spirits. She simply replied with, "Don't worry. The other ones are quite nice." I've never met the one down in the basement and honestly, i never want to. I have met the other ones. They all "live" in different parts of the house. There is a ghost in my room. I "met" her one night last summer. She had never befo! re made herself known til that niir clothes are also slightly scorched and they have burn marks on their bodies. I think they died in a fire. They're actually in the computer room. I can hear them giggle and play. They're very friendly and my brother (who's 10) has claimed that he's talked to them. There are other things that have happened but I have to get off the internet now. Thanks for reading!

Personal Ghost Stories


This happened when I was about 10.  My sister is three years younger than me.  We lived in a mobile
home that my parents had bought from this middle aged couple.   The incidence only happened the one
My sister had woken one morning absolutely terrified.  She said she had seen a ghost of a little
boy.  She saw him at the end of my bed looking at me.  At the time we shared a room and had our twin
beds tied together so that our mother could sleep between us and keep us from fighting.  She said
she wasn't scared at the time and went right back to sleep.  Mom didn't believe her, and normally
neither did I.  But this time she was genuinely freaked.
A few months later I saw him.  I woke up in the dead of night and sat straight up.  I instinctively
looked over my mother towards my sisters bed.  There at the end of her bed was a big cloud of white
mist and in the center was the face of a small boy looking down at her.  It didn't move and didn't
seem to notice me.  I was so calm, a feeling I recall to this day.  I just laid back down and went
right back to sleep.
The next morning I asked my sister if that was what he looked like.  She said yes.  It was too
weird.  Again mom didn't believe us.
Over time my sister's version of what happened changed to the point where she either says that she
made it up, or it was a dream.  But I think it really happened.  Maybe I'll try and find out if that
couple who my parents bought the house from lost a child or something.  The overwhelming sense of
peace was too real to have not really happened.
Thanks for letting me to share!



I was reading about how pets can come back and visit after death and I was
amazed to discover there is a section dedicated to this issue.  When I was
living in Germany as an exchange student for a year, my cat died.  She was my first
and only cat, whom I had had since I was 9 (I was 20 the year she died).  My
parent's did not tell me she died since I was already concerned about her health (it
had dramatically declined since I went to college). But one morning in early
Feb., I felt my cat sleeping where she always slept, behind my knees.  I felt the
heaviness and warmth of her fat little body.  I felt safe, comfortable and SO peaceful for
the first time since being so far away from my friends and family.  When it finally
occurred to me I was in Germany, I opened my eyes and, of course, no Snowy to be
found.  I found out a month later that she had died at the beginning of Feb.  It was
the most amazing feeling, knowing that even a cat could love me so much, that she
would come to me after death.  I have never shared that story with anyone since I
didn't think it really was possible.  Just want to say thanks for pretty much
validating that it was indeed my cat with me in my bed 6000 miles away from home.

Previous Funeral Home

By: Anonymous

My story was in my own house,my house is over a 100 yrs old and was
a funeral home,during the 1900 `s the people use to have their loved ones
funerals in their living night i was watching TV  I turned around
and looked in the bat cave(when we were remodeling the house we were
hammering we found an extra room)and i saw a figure it was white a little looked like a head but like a snowmans body .a few nights
later i was laying on the couch and i saw the same thing ,it did not harm
me it just looked at me,i think any way it did not have any eyes,my story
was not that scary,but if you were their you would be like i was

Poltergeist in Hotel Room


Hello. The story I am about to tell you is absoloutly true. I was
staying in a hotel room in Quebec city, Quebec. The first night I was
awoken by knocking on the door. I opened it but no one was there this
happend three times after. I took a picture of the room and when I got
the film back there was a white humanoid figure sitting on the bed. The
third and last night I was there the bed began to shake and there was
scratching coming from the closet. I talked to the owner and he said
other guests complained of similar experiences in room 6. I checked out
that day and didn't come back.



When I was in my twenties, my wife and I lived in Dallas and her parents
lived Kansas City.  We were staying over one night in their 80 year old
house in a spare bedroom when my wife suddenly started talking in a voice
other than her own.  Instead of being scared, I was facinated and carried on
a conversation with the "spirit".  The "spirit" called herself an aunt, but
was very evasive about answering some questions.  After a while, my wife
seemed to be struggling to take control.  She later said that she had to
fight the "intruder" and was very frightened.  This never happened again,
but whenever I would mention it, my wife would go pale.

Prankster Ghost


my grandpa died before i was born so i have never seen him. I think he is in
my house, playing pranks on me. A lot of times he opens the bathroom door on
me, once he even picked a lock to open it!!! A few times i started talking to
no one in particular saying i was very tired. I set my alarm and went to
sleep. The next day I woke up at 7:00 and i looked at my alarm and it was
turned off, and it wasn't my brother because he was at a friends house, and
my parents were out of town in a hotel and they didn't come home for two days
after that!!

Something Strange


Hi!  Very interesting site!  Thanks for all of your hard work!  Funny that I
didn't think about this for a long time until I started reading the stories
posted on your site.  I have just been picking and choosing stories with
interesting titles to read and one in particular made me think of something
strange that happened to me a few years ago.
I lived in New Hampshire at the time in a brand new house which we had lived
in for about a year and half I think.  My first daughter was just a baby
about that age.  My husband was away on a business trip and it was a holiday
weekend on a Saturday.  I can't remember which holiday, just that it was a
holiday and there were no neighbors that lived around me at home.  My
daughter was taking a nap in her bedroom and I had fallen asleep in my
bedroom which was directly across from hers and toward the back of the house.
 It was around 4:00 p.m.  I was suddenly awakened from a sound sleep by a
very LOUD pounding on my front door.  The banging didn't stop and it sounded
urgent.  I got out of bed and went into my bathroom to brush my hair (I have
no idea why, instinct, I guess).  Just as I raised the brush to my hair a
voice, clear as if someone were standing next to me said "DON'T GO NEAR THE
DOOR!"  Well, I was scared into reality then and decided to look out of a
front window from the spare bedroom to see who was outside.  At the top of my
driveway were two men dressed in suits and ties and looking very
official-like.  I don't recall either one of them carrying anything (such as
Jehovah Witnesses carry briefcases is my point).  I then ran to the front
living room to look out my window there to see if I could see their car and
there was none.  From the very short time (10 or 12 seconds) it took me to go
back to the other window, the men had simply vanished!  I ran outside and up
the driveway to see if I could see anyone and there was no one around!  It
was then that I realized that every single one of my surrounding neighbors
had gone away for the weekend or the day.  I quickly ran back into the house
and locked my door.  I frantically tried calling another neighbor down the
street but got no answer.  I then called her parents only to be reminded that
they, too, had gone away for the weekend.  I then called a close girlfriend
to tell her this strange story.  Something about the men all dressed up in
suits unnerved me.  I was amazed that I heard that voice tell me to not go to
the door.
I will never forget this happened and feel in my heart that the men were
somehow "not real" even though I can't explain it.  Even when I think about
it now, a good 6 years later, I can't help but wonder, whose voice was that
in my head, and how could those men have disappeared into thin air and what
were they doing pounding at my door?  And I mean they were POUNDING!
I know you have a lot more "legitimate" haunted stories but my question
(you're probably saying "FINALLY!") is this:  Do you think this was some sort
of supernatural encounter?  I definitely do but I am not an expert at all and
I was wondering if it had some kind of explanation and you have heard of this
happening before?  Nothing like this has happened since and I hope nothing
like it ever does.  I'm frightened all over again just bringing it up now.



Well b4 I (the 14 yr was born) my mom told me that while she was in bed once with my Dad she said something got on the bed(she felt the bed go down) and crawl as close as it could to her.She didn't know what it was and she didn't look cause she was afraid to so she tapped my Dad and he turned on the lights and she felt the thing move off the bed and heard the thud on the floor.
Then once she told me that my aunt spent the night with her and she was in the upstairs bedroom and something crawled in the bed with her.I do not know anything about it.
Once my mom was home with my little brother  (he was like  1 or 2) and I was at school.She got a phone call and said hello hello and it was a message sayin someone on your party line is tryin to call you stay on the line and wait for them to answer or try you call again  and it hung up and by that time she heard a big thud upstairs like someone had called the house number from the upstairs room.
She had these little dogs and they would constantly goto the stairs and look up and down like someone was standing there and they knew it.
I've like 2 or 3 experiances but the last one freaked me out.My friend had come over (this past october 2000) and we were in my room and we were the only ones upstairs and we had the door locked and were listenign to music.While listening she was looking at some papers and I heard the door rattle.I paused the music and asked her if she heard the door rattle and she didn't.She must have been looking cause after I turned the music back on the door rattled and she jumped up and screamed the door handle moved! I got up and hollered at it and got out of there and went downstairs to tell my mom.She came up there with us and the papers we left on the bed were now in the hall.
I was on the internet in my room upstairs one night and I had the door locked and shut and while I was on Napster my computer and overhead light turnes off.My cd player lights were still on and my fan was still going.I scrreamed and hollered cause it was pitch blakc in my room except for the lil' lights on the cd player and I finally got out and I asked my mom if the lights went out and she said no.I told her to come up and we had to flip the switch back up to turn the light on and also put the computer button back in to get it back on.We then went ot my 10 yr old brothers room to see if he heard me(he had his music loud so he didn't) and we couldn't get in his room.The door seemed like it was locked but my brother's door has never had a lock on it.We finally got in and asked him and he said he didn't hear me.
It was about a month ago (Late April2001) and i was up in my room and I was on Npster and sitting there putting lotion on my legs.I have lotions and shower gel bottles on my cmputer desk but this one shower gel bath and body works bottle was in front of my moniter.It has never been opened or used and about that time I got an instant message the shower gel bottle turns an angle and moves like 4 inches across the desk.Of course it scared the licing heck outta' me and I go tell my brother.I finally tell my mom in the morning and she said she was glad it wasn't her seeing the bottle move. (this one scared me the most)
Me and My little brother had gotten home from school and I was checkin' my email on the downstairs computer and I had the door shut till' ajar.My lil brother comes in there and says the kitchen light just went off by it self and of course we had to flip the switch up to turn the ligth back on.
We hear creeks upstairs all the time.It sounds like somone walking.It's like the thing comes once a month and you don't expect it.It catches you offguard. We also have pictures of me(the 14 yr old) with ghosts prbs in the pictures.I noticed it finally when something happened to me.I also have dreams of what the thing might do next at the house.I don't kno what it is but it shakes out family up every month it does do something.

Late Night Read


Just last week, I think it was tuesday, I was laying in my bed reading at night, and out of the corner of my eye, out that same window (the window I saw the face out of),
 I saw this huge, very bright flash of light. In my mind, I ruled out a car headlight reflection, because none of my windows face a road. I know that no one was up this late, so it couldn't have been a porch light. I didn't know what to make of it. On July 4th, my birthday, my family and I went to the local fairgrounds to watch the fireworks, and we rode in two vehicles (my Aunt Karen and 2 cousins in the van, and my mom, brother and me in the car) . We had to stop, so Aunt Karen just kept driving home. As she came up the hill directly beside and parallel to our house, she yelled at her kids for not keeping the lights off because our bill had been very high, and she had noticed that every single light in the house was on. When she pulled in around our shed, blocking the view of the house, something must have happened because when she came into our driveway, all the lights were off. They then told us when we came home and I thought nothing of it, because&nen the red, then the regular. I was mad becasue the lights costed 5 dollars. Then when Amanda went to brush her teeth, she said she heard moaning coming from the other end of the house. I went in the bathroom to see if she was making it up, and she wasn't. I thougt to myself, no one was home, all the doors and windows were shut, andi sure wasn't moaning. So we went to bed, freaked out. Amanda was scared and she went home that next morning. That's everything I can think of. If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it. Thank you much.

Restaurant Haunts


There are more ghosts here than Phil Wong too...he won this restaurant in a
poker game he was playing with Mob guys and one was shot here and he too
walks the halls.  He isnt nearly as prevelant as Phil but he can sometimes
be seen if there is alot of negative energy in the place.  I have told him
to go to the light but he insists he's "not done"  he's not
a mennace biggie....and Phil is actually pleasant most of the time.
I dont think he's real thrilled about the female partner tho...she's real
lazy and spends too much money for a business in distress and we all believe
that Phil cant stand her because stuff gets "rained" on or mysteriously wet
or ruined and its usually HER stuff!!   ::giggle:: none of us like her
either due to the lack of respect she gives and gets so we think its kinda
funny and tend to egg him on!  I wasnt sure if you wanted all of this in the
page so, I thought I'd put it here and you can edit or do with it as you
please....if you'd like me to resubmit something based on this, let me know
and I sure will.  This is a very interesting building here in Downtown Fargo
and those who are sensitive can feel them immediatly upon entering!

Things Under the Bed


                   Hi, my name is Emily .  I have a couple stories and things I would like to share with you.  I have seen the Shadowlands page many many times and I especially like the parts about the ghosts and hauntings, so here's my story......
        You May Think Thing's Aren't Under Your Bed.........
        Your parents Say Theres Nothing To Be Afraid Of,
         But Sometimes...........They're Wrong.
      About two or three years ago today, I got my best friend Lucky.  Lucky and I were playing a game of "Hide & Seek", and as I slid underneath my canopy bed, I hit something.  I said "Darn, that hurt!", I put my hand behind me to push something towards the wall and I felt something was under there with me.  So I turned over and I saw somebody just about as tall as me who I have never seen in my life. ( I am about 4'10").  He was wearing raggidy clothes and he looked as if he was a slave.  He was black and dirty.  He had cuts all over him.  He told me to get out.  It was my room but he says he was there first.  On the land first at least.  I ran out from under the bed to the garage and told my dad.  He came back with me (my dad) and told me there was nothing under the bed and to just forget about it.
  I also wanted to say that since around that time I could start to tell something was going to happen before it did......especially with things like commercials on t.v. and on the radio.  I am open to any questions, thankx,

Reuben the Ghost

 My name is Alison.  In 1992, while finishing up my second year of law school, I moved into a “garden apartment” that was the former basement of a 3 story Victorian in the heart of San Francisco.  The wife of the family who owned the home had lived there, on the upper floors, for over 40 years (she, as a child, with her parents), and she and her husband had recently re-habbed the basement area to create a small living area, with a kitchen and sort of “bed cubby”, plus a bathroom, to make extra income.  The apartment opened up via sliding glass doors to the back yard.
 As I was leaving an unhappy living situation elsewhere and desparate for a quiet place to study, I signed a year-long lease even though the apartment was small and dark, and the landlords were right upstairs.
The very first day I moved in, strange things started happening.  First, a stray cat, who happened to be black, kept yowling outside my window from the patio, obviously hungry and wanting to be fed.  He was a very affectionate fellow, but I could not entice the cat to cross the threshold into my dining area, though it would happily take food outside the door.  I thought this very odd, because it was quite cold and wet outside, but if I tried physically to bring the cat into the apartment it panicked and ran to the door screaming wildly to get out.  Once outside it sat right by the door.
The first night there, right after I had plugged my microwave in, and turned to do something else, I heard a loud explosion:  the oven had shorted, even though it was off, and I thought, ok, the landlords had installed faulty wiring.  I’d tell them in the morning. And then I went to organize the bathroom, but when I walked in it was now at least 25 degrees cooler than the rest of the apartment and there was a sickening, sewer-like,  “rotten-flesh” smell pervading the space.  It was really overwhelming, and I thought, oh great, the plumbing  is faulty, too ---  another thing to mention in the morning.  I was dog-tired from moving, and without even opening any boxes, I went to bed.
In the middle of the night I suddenly woke up to the sound of what sounded like rustling papers somewhere in the apartment.  It was pitch black, so I couldn’t see anything, but I was certain an animal (maybe the cat? a rat?) had broken in and was rummaging through my school papers piled in a far corner.  I listened intently, but the sounds stopped after a few minutes, and somehow I fell back asleep, too exhausted to be all that concerned.
When I awoke in the morning, the chill and smell in the bathroom had dissipated.  I went to get coffee down the street.  But when I got back, the chill and smell were back, and I was astonished to notice that two of my sealed packing boxes were open on the floor!  And my cutlery that was wrapped in the bottom of one was now laying at the top of the box in a way quite unlike I had packed it.  My intitial reaction was to get angry, because I assumed one of my landlords had snuck in and was rummaging through my stuff.  I called them on the phone and asked straight up why someone had come into my unit.  The husband told me they had done no such thing.  Momentarily dismissing the weirdness of the boxes and forgetting about the noises I had heard the night before, I told him about the microwave and the bathroom problems, and he said he would be right down.
The landlord seemed perplexed, but now that I think about it, frustrated,  when he saw the fried outlet because he claimed he had just installed it and that he was an electrician by trade and had never seen such a thing.  And luckily the bathroom was still cold and smelling awful so he could see what I meant, and he was very upset about that too, cursing the plumber and insulation guys he had hired only days before to install the bathroom.  He left promising to fix the outlet and get the plumbers back over while I was out at school that day.
When I got home at dinner time, the landlord saw me come in and called me on the phone to say he had put in a new outlet in the kitchen and that the plumber couldn’t find anything wrong with the bathroom but that it was probably a flukey, backed-up line that had cleared itself.    He offered to replace my microwave, as it had been ruined.  Since the smell and chill had gone away again, I forgot about everything else, ate a take out dinner, fed the cat outside again, and settled in to study.  But the lights kept flickering on and off, all over the apartment, so distracted and frustrated about what were clearly electrical problems the landlord would have to fix, I finally went to bed.  I had unpacked very little, except I did put my favorite crystal vase on top of my empty bookcase to get it out of harm’s way as I settled in.
I awoke in the middle of the night with a start, the second night in a row, something I rarely did.  I sat up in my bed just certain I was not alone.  It was the weirdest feeling:  I was too terrified to move over to the light switch just to see if I was, and at the same time telling myself I was being ridiculous for being so paranoid for no apparent reason.   I lay back down and tried to calm down.  Then I felt it:  there was an unmistakable pushing on my bed down by my feet, as if a person had sat on the edge of the bed.  I froze and stopped breathing, I was so scared.  And then it “got up”, I could feel the weight released.  After about twenty minutes, I dared to feel my way over to the light switch.  I flipped it on, and the first thing I saw was that my vase was not on the bookcase where I left it, but across the room on the kitchen table.  I think it was at this very moment that my denial evaporated and I KNEW I was not alone.  I stayed up all night, too afraid to turn off the light, go in the bathroom, or do anything.
At the crack of dawn I called my boyfriend and told him everything that had happened in the past two days and would he please come over right away.  He wanted to laugh it off, but he sensed my panic, and arrived a half hour later.  The coldness and smell were in the bathroom again, and now he was the third person to witness this.  He started to get freaked out, too, and we discussed what I should do next.  For some unknown reason, I picked up the phone and called 411, and as foolish as it sounds, I asked the directory assistance operator for any listing under “paranormal”, and she found the Institute for the Paranormal in a nearby city.  I called them, at like 8:30 in the morning, and just spewed out my tale and asked for help.
I have since learned that I was in touch with some of the country’s most well-known and respected “ghost-busters” who are trained to recognize real “hauntings” or poltergeist activity from the merely imagined, and their first advice to me was to notify my landlords that I knew about “it” because they already knew.  I said, “Are you crazy!  My landlady upstairs is a big-wig in the City government and they are going to think I am drunk, insane or worse!”  The investigator lady on the phone told me that she was absolutely certain that if this activity had happened to me already, and they had lived there over 40 years, that they knew about this phenomenon in their house.  I needed to call them to talk.  So I did—I called upstairs and told the landlady I needed to talk to them after work.  She sounded almost as if she expected me to invite her down for a drink or something.
Well, when she arrived at my door at about 6:00 later that day, she was with her husband and daughter and carrying two candles and a statue of the Virgin Mary!!  She gave me a knowing smile as she came in and placed the icon and candles on the table.  Well, it all came out really fast, it was the weirdest “mea culpa” I had ever heard:  the place was haunted by a ghost they called Reuben, who was a guy who had been killed in the spot where the bathroom now was. A minor gangster in the 20’s, Reuben had been cornered there by the cops, who had raided the house looking for him and had shot him when he resisted arrest. His girlfriend, Alison, was also killed in the crossfire.           Although Reuben had been quiet for a long time, he had been roaming the house for years making his presence known, and the paranormal investigators believe that my arrival, maybe even just because of my name, was a trigger for the sudden increase in paranormal activity.  All I know is that I didn’t stay in that house another night, and was able to break my lease under a very real California law that says a landlord must disclose ghosts known to inhabit a property or a tenant has legal cause to void the lease.
Today I have a whole new awareness and respect for the realm of the spirits, and doubt I would get so frightened the next time one crosses my path, or I his.   What I think my story teaches is that I tried to find rational explanations for what was going on, even in the face of clearly inexplicable activity, and not able to do so, I got scared and immobilized.  Now, having read extensively about these kinds of experiences, I feel lucky to have to have witnessed it firsthand, and to have been lucky enough to have happened upon the paranormal experts I did, when I did, so I knew I wasn’t going crazy.   The house became an object of intense interest for the professionals, and my panicked call to 411 gave them a fascinating, documented case.
The really funny thing is, I still bump into the landlady at City Hall in Council meetings, and we just wink at each other, for we have a shared understanding and acceptance of intriguing realities about which no further exchange is really necessary.



  When I was in grade 4 last year I went to my cottage on March Break. My little sis and I Rebecca went exploring in the woods. When we were I met my cousin Brian, my bro Mike and my older sis Emily. We went exploring together. But there was a huge log blocking us so I hopped over it. It was huge and I was so short back then. I did a faceplant. My bro was behind me and he tripped over me. He weighs a lot and my face was pushed in the snow. He got off of me and yelled at me.
 I felt so alone so I ran away. I ran through the woods with trees scraching me. I don't know how long I ran or in what derection. All I knew was that I was mad. I was bleeding from trees scratching me. I was pretty tired so I sat on a log to rest and get my thoughts together.
 When I looked around I realized that I was lost. I decided to stay where I was. But after about 10 minutes I had to go to the bathroom!!!
 So I jumped up and tried to find my way back to the cottage. But I just went deeper and deeper into the forest. My legs ached. I looked around and felt scared. What if a bear ate me?
 I finally decided to (hey I really had to go!) go in a bush. Before I did anything I heard a ghostly voice call my name. I turned around in every direction. Then I saw a marker! I followed it to a path and ran to my cottage.
 I ran to the bathroom. I told my dad that I got lost. He said I should be more careful. I didn't tell him about what got me back.
  To this day I still don'r know what I heard. But sometimes when I walk in the forest I remember what happened.

Saved by an angel

I recently attended a youth leadership seminar  at my church camp in
Frankfort il.  In a discussion, a couple of us got into some ghost stories.
The one that stuck out the most to me was the one that our church youth
leader told us.  I only believe this because it comes from a man of christ.
A man that follows his ways.  I swear as well as he, that this is a true
story.  HE tells us:
"I was laying in bed one morning dreading to get out of bed because I was
still tired.  I hit the snooze on my alarm clock and quickly fel back asleep.
 When I awoke 5 minutes later, I felt like something was sitting on my chest.
 Something so heavy that I could not breathe.  I struggled to get up, but
what was on me was to powerful and heavy for me to budge it.  With all my
strength I gathered the last air in my lungs and I whispered, dear jesus help
me!  At that moment something flew across my bed and knocked whatever it was
off of my chest, as they collided, I heard both objects make a thud on the
floor, but saw nothing.  That was the only thing that had ever happened to
me, and i srill think it was a demon tryi8ng to kill me."

Saying Goodbye


First of all I would like to say that I have never seen, heard or felt a
ghostly spirit.  But honestly, I think I would love too though, a nice
ghost, not one of those angry ones.
Well to continue, my dad has always believed in ghosts and paranormal
activities.  He as well as I, are drawn to these things.  Once my dad told
me of something that has happened in our new house.  The house was built by
us a few years ago, maybe 7 years ago and this happened about 4 years ago.
He was sleeping when all of a sudden he felt the bed nudge a bit, and again.
He opened his eyes to see someone he knew.  I'm not sure if he could see
through him or not but it was a spirit.  The person just stayed there at the
foot of my dad's bed and waved I think.  It disappeared.
The next morning my dad woke up and got a phone call.  That same person had
died that night at the same time he was visited by him.  I guess he just
came by the say goodbye.
I've been reading all of these stories and I am amazed at how many people
has seen or felt a ghost before.  Close to where I live, a couple used to
live in this house.  One day, the woman was missing.  The man had called the
cops and was finally charged 3 years later of murder.  He had killed,
chopped and burned her body.  Neighbours recalled this foul odor flotting in
the air.  But everytime I pass by that house, which is every single day, I
tell myself her spirit must still be in there..sad of not being able to
raise her children.  That is sad.
Well that's that.  Not very interesting but I thought I should share.

Scary Stuff


Hi there, I'm Allie.  Let me give you a little back ground info before I tell the story.  Back when the civil war was raging in Tennessee, a family witnessed the fighting right outside their own home.  The Carnton Mansion in Franklin, TN is set off at the back of a neighbor hood in the middle of a HUGE open field.  The battle took place in in that field as the family watched from their house.  After the fighting had stopped, the people of the house cared for the wounded soldiers and laid the bodies of the dead on their back porch.  You can still see the blood stains.  They donated land for the dead and created a cemetary right in back of their house attached to their family cemetary.  At night, you can hear the battle still going on... the soldiers cry out and the cannon ball fly.  The family ghosts stay mostly in the house or on the porch... sometimes you can see them in the windows if you're lucky.  Now, this being said, since there's nothing else to dorning, we pick it up and you can hear gunshots, whispering, music, and a weird tapping noise that fades out after a few minutes.  It's really cool.

Haunted Grounds?


I have read most of the stories, though not all. I too have had many
experiences with the
supernatural. Here is one: My brother and I were driving from Piermont from
our aunt's house
back to New Jersey and decided to take a different way. We missed the turn
we were supposed
to make and I decided to make a U-turn in a parking lot. I pulled into the
lot and as I did, I
looked up at the building and I felt the most horrible sense of evil. My
brother and I looked at each other and he said to me: "Get the hell out of
here quick!" I peeled out of the lot and took off down the road. The worst
thing was that I could sense something following us and getting closer by
the second. I saw a church up ahead and all I could think to do was to pull
into the lot. As soon as I crossed into the parking lot the feeling of being
chased vanished.
We finally got home and told our friends that were there waiting for us to
get home. Well, the one guy, Matt, wanted to take a look since he was very
into the paranormal. But first he asked us, separately, what we saw and
felt. The building was a church, but the symbols I saw on the windows on the
tower were nothing I'd ever seen before. I also saw a cemetery to the right
of the building. What I felt was a sense of something evil that wanted my
brother and I. My brother also saw the same things, but he said he felt
scared at first, but then he felt that whatever it was wanted help. Matt
came to the conclusion that it was evil and since my brother is a very
giving person and always wants to help those in need that the spirit was
appealing to that side of his nature; I on the other hand sensed that it was
up to no good and was protecting my brother from harm.
We went back to the church and I immediately felt the presence again and
wanted to leave. Matt told me to turn the car around and just hang on. He
got out of the car to look around with a couple other people. I refused to
move or to let my brother out of the car. Now this is the really strange
part, there was no cemetery next to the building and no strange symbols on
the tower windows. I never looked into the history of that particular
church, but I do know that Piermont and the surrounding area have a lot of
history as far as the Revolutionary War and Indian tribes. Since then I have
driven past the place a few dozen times and never had that feeling again. I
have no doubt in my mind that if I had not driven off and pulled into that
other church's parking lot that something horrible would have happened to my
I have some other stories, but I will send those another time. (Nothing as
scary as this was to me though!)
Thanks for reading.

Soldiers Story


I saw your site, read the stoires, I liked the one called "Uncle Mike",
about the soldier in Vietnam who was protected by his uncle.
   I had a expericance similar to that.  First off a little back round here,
  I served 66-68, various units, and during 68, I was Army Rangers.
During My first tour, with the 82nd AB, I had a really good buddy Keith, who
was killed, his body was never found.  During my days in the Rangers we
would do these things called LRRPS, Long Range Recon PAtrols, we would have
2 to 4 or more men, sometimes had Nung Mercenaries, or ARVIN, basically look
into things.  While we had a 4 man team, 1 guy carried our radio, and a few
days into the patrol, we were ambushed and caught in a crossfire, 2 of us
got away, the 2 men, 1 who had the radio were dead.  The 2 of us, got the
hell out of the area ASAP.  About 3 days after that, we were supposed to get
to the LZ and make our trip home, we missed it, we tried for the secondary
LZ, missed it, were were MIA.
   Now your probably wondering what has this got to do with a ghost, while 5
weeks in the jungle, walking around hoping to god that we would run into an
american patrol, but instead, a platoon of NVA regulars had to do, we
couldn't run, they were too close, the two of us just laid there and waited
until they were close enough so our shots would count, this firefight killed
my pal, and shot me up real bad, I lost so much blood, I passed out.  When I
came to I was in the same place, my dead pal laying there, I knew the NVA
went through our pockets and stripped us, my watch was gone, and so were my
boots, and our weapons and what ever they could use.  Now I should be dead,
I was there for a 2 days before a patrol found me,  during that whole time,
I saw Keith, he watched me, didn't say nothing, just kind of hunkered down.
I felt a strange feeling, while he was there I felt safe, like everything
was going to be ok.  I wasn't spooked, like I said I felt really safe.  The
doctors said it was a God Damn Miracle I made it.  When I went home, I went
to Keith's Mother and fathers house, told them the story.  His mother and
father gave me this looked like she understood everything I said.
It was strange and I still don't know if it really happened, it was that

Spirit Experiences


This is a very interesting site. I am 46 yeas old and had my first experience when I was 12. My mother had passed away then and about 2 weeks later I woke up and heard footsteps in my fathers room, which was across from mine. I could hear them pacing back and forth, and the board squeaking in front of my parents dresser when thr footsteps went to that part of the room, After listening for about 10 m inutes I at first thought my dad woke up and went to the bathroom. But since they kept on, I figured he was sleep walking. I yelled out..."Dad, is that you?" But no one answered. I yelled out a second time, but no answer. I decided to go in his room, and as soon as I sat up at the side of the bed. the footsteps stopped. I thought..Is my dad playing games on me? I walked in his room to see him snoring away, sound asleep. I called out to him again but he was out completely. I walked back to my room and instantly knew it was probably my mothers spirit . I was really scared and as soon as I laid down the footsteps returned. I felt paralyzed with fear. I was only 12 and thought, if it is my mother, what if she comes in here, and she looks all decayed and ugly. I covered the blankets over me and it must have been by the grace of God that I even fell asleep. My biggest fear when I woke up was that my Dad wouldn't believe me and would tell me I was dreaming or imagining  everything. I knew I heard what I did and I was totally awake. It turned out he did believe me and that 2 days before he had a lamp on his dresser turn on. It woke him up, he was going to get up and shut it off, but it turned off by itself.         My next experience was when I was 22 years old. My best friend in nursing school got killed in a car accident. I was afraid I would have an experience similar to that when my mother died and asked her not to visit me. 5 years later I decided I really wanted to hear from her, and asked for a sign from her. A month later I had this knocking in the corner of my bathroom upstairs next to my bedroom. I thought it was the pipes in the wall. Then I had a 10 gallon fish tank with 4 angel fish in it. One day my sister came over and we were going to go shopping, and I told her my marbled color angel fish was gone. We looked all over the tank and on the floor, but never found it. I had 2 cats and figured the fish must have jumped out and one of the cats ate it. Exactly 7 days later I was walking down the stairs and at the end of the stairs where my fish tank is, I saw the marbled fish back in the tank swimming around. I now had 4 fish again. I called my sister and told her...she couldn't believe it, since she had helped me look for it a week ago. I went to the fish store and asked them if angel fish could hide under gravel and the girl looked at me like I was crazy. She said they only hide behind things.  A month later I had come home late from a party. I had to use the bathroom, so I used the one by the front door. In the sink was about a quarter size pool of blood. It was perfectly round with no other drops around. it was about 2 inches below and to the left of the drain.  I figured one of my cats maybe cut themselves or had a bladder infection. {As gross as it sounds, I had one cat that occasionally would urinate in the sink} however there would be a stream not a round spot. I washed it down the sink, and went upstairs to wash up nfor bed. When I got upstairs,[ there were 2 sinks] I went to the sink I normally to my bedroom. There again 2inches below and to the left of the drain was an exact spot of blood quarter size. I was startled at how wierd it seemed. I checked the cats and did not see any blood on them. I again washed it away, and went to bed.  I wish now I had taken a sample of that blood to a lab or something  to see if it was real blood.  A couple weeks later I had a friend over night and we were getting ready to go out. There were 3 knocks in my bathroom that were so loud it was as if some one was pounding with their fists as hard as they could. It scared us to death!. My friend said what the h--- was that? I told her it was the pipes...She said Pipes! It sounded like the house caving in. I said it always does that, because I was afraid she would go home and since I never heard knocking like that I was too afraid to be by myself that night. A few  days later I was going to sleep and could hear voices close to my bedroom. It sounded like it was coming from outside. I lived in a condo, and figured it was the girl next door outside with a friend. I got up to shut my window, since the voices were keeping me from falling asleep. When I got up, my window was already shut. It was never opened, and there was nobody outside. When I got back to bed and almost asleep, I heard them again. I opened my eyes and listened. it sounded like 2 people conversing softly, like they were having tea together. It was comforting in a way. I could not make out any of the words, and figured it must be coming from my neighbors. What seemed wierd though, was I never heard my neighbor through the walls in the 7 years I lived there.  [ My cats would act funny also. There were days  when they would run up and down my stairs as if running after something and looking up. I thought it was a fly or something but never saw one].When I went to work the next day, I was telling some of my friends. My one friend who was into parapsychology said to me "Debi, maybe it's the people from the other side." I thought she meant my other neighbor, until she explained to me she meant spirits. She asked me if I had asked anyone to visit me. I almost forgot about  asking my friend Louise from nursing school, since that was about a month and a half ago. She said to me "After my parents died years ago we always had this knocking in the same corner of our living room....spirits always knock before they enter " she said. At that point my eyes got big and I told her the knocking I was getting in the corner of my bathroom ceiling every day.  A few minutes later a lady who overheard all of us talking in the cafeteria came over to me. She said she wanted to talk to me in private, I thought she was going to scold me for talking about wierd stuff at work. What she said was that she thought what I had was a spiritual problem She said she had a daughter who for some reason whenever came over to stay with her would have all kinds of wierd things happen. She said once she came home from work and all her burners were on with pots of water boiling, windows all open with air conditioning on etc. She said she had a poltergeist and very bad forceful happenings. I had jokingly said to my friends that we should have a seiance to talk to the dead we knew. This lady warned me not to do that. She said just like there are good people and bad people, so there are good and bad spirits. She said when you invite someone to visit, you don't really know who will come, and you open your doors to any or all spirits. She told me I needed to get rid of them immediately. She told me to go home and open my window upstairs, and after I hear the knocking to explain that whoever it was they needed to leave. She said spirits often come because they think you can help them. She told me to tell them that they frighten me and that they need to leave. The window open was to allow their exit. She also told me to burn a candle when I was doing this because spirits often leave an odor when they leave. Well I got home and as usual, after about 5 minutes the knocking started. I did as she told me, and the knocking got lighter and lighter but then came back stronger and stronger. I repeated myself and the knocking got lighter and lighter and eventually stopped.[I didn't however burn candles or have an odor in the house.] I couldn't believe it! I felt like the whole thing was like a movie. I couldn't brlieve this was real and actually happening to me. The next day I was blowdrying my hair and had my head turned to the side brushing my hair. I saw this 4 or 5 foot large black image go very fast past the doorway. I thought to myself..if I look out this door and see black slime on the wall, I am moving out of here.  Well nothing was there but I was upset because I thoght everything went out the window and everything was gone. I decided to call a girl whose mother saw her dead husbands spirit now and then. I knew I needed to talk to someone who has had this type of thing happen to them,because most people who haven't experienced such a thing think you are crazy. My father was one of them. He thought since I lived alone I was imagining all this and thought I needed a psychiatrist. Anyway, I called that girl and she said to ask my mother to help me. That she is my mother and she would always protect me. She said also to be happy, that spirits live off your energy.My fear, was probably feeding them. I again did as she said. That night I felt something like a cat jump up on my waterbed and walk across my legs. I figured it was my cat, but she was already asleep on my bed. Then I saw a small white looking form, who I thought it was my second cat. I called her name and stuck my hand down for her to play with it. She was in the basement and there was no cat there. I went to work the next day to tell my friend Carol { who could see spirits, and even had a crystaln ball..She was taking classes to learn to see colors and auras, etc.} She told me those were just animals and she hadthem jump on her bed all the time. I told her what if King Kong or a lion decided to come? I was not interested, in anything visiting me anymore. She tolod me I needed to come to her sisters house who was living with her boyfriend in a haunted house. She said they had been getting help because they had an evil spirit they were dealing with.  I went there and couldn't believe how I felt when I walked in her kitchen. I could feel a force on the outside of me. She said that was where all the energy was coming from. We went into the living room to talk. We could hear dishes clanging in her kitchen and see forms dashing about all was a wild experience for me. She told me just like we have guardian angels we all have guids to help us. She told me to ask my guids to help me. Whatever it is you want or don't want. I told her I didn't want to hear, see or feel anything . She said to ask my guids that when I went to sleep. She said also to imagine a blanket of white light completely covering me. White represented good, and nothing could enter through that. I went home and thought those requests I had of not hearing, seeing or feeling anythong and did the white light , blanket thing too. I have not had a problem since then.  I couldn't believe how the air in my condo looked clearer. I had like a cloudy  film in there that I really didn't notice until it was gone and could see the difference.  One of my 3 sisters passed away 13 years ago. I would like to ask her to come and give me a sign that she is around, but am afraid to do it for fear I would have an experience as before? Do you recommend I forget it, or is there a way to get a sign from those you love, and not have evil spirits bombard you? I found the stories on your web site very interesting. I never actually saw any real spirit appear....thank God....I don't know if I could handle that. My story is pretty boring compared to what others have had. I do believe however, that when people close to us pass on, they can give us signs. Most people are so busy, they might not even be aware of the signs around them. Nice talking with you. Debi Truesdelln   PS All the incidents took place in Michigan. I now am married with 2 children and live in Florida......please let me know how or if I should try to reach my sister Nina who is passed on.


hello, my name is pauline,
i have seen spirit for years, and until 2 months ago i have not been frightened of them, that is once i knew what they were,
i was sitting watching tv with my dog at my feet and i could feel something behind me and felt the fear, i was trying to ignore it, and then all of a sudden my dog started growling and showing his fangs at the wall behind me and launched himself at the wall.
i managed to calm him down, but he started again and i could'nt stop him, so i said the lord's prayer and asked spirit to take it away, after about 3/4 of an hour it went and fortunately it has not been back, i say it but it was a male.
i also opened the bible to the 23rd psalm and i have left it opened.
thankyou for letting me share this with you,

St.Augustine Ghosts


Many years ago I was working with a friend doing drywall work.We were sent to
a job in St.Augustine Fl. to hang a house.The owner had instructed us to keep
the doors locked to keep people out while we worked.Trying to make the job go
faster we took seperate rooms to work in.Vel asked me to come in his room to
help hang the ceiling .As we were doing this he was telling me about a dream
about him and a young lady(Well you know how guy stories go ).Anyway I told
him too bad it was a dream it was then we heard a womans voice say "yes too
bad it was " when we both looked down at the doorway there was a girl dressed
in early 1900s dress .She turned a walked away.we climbed down off the
scaffold and followed her.When we got to the living room it was empty.We
searched the house and found noone.We knew she couldnt have gotten out
because all the doors were locked from the inside with chain locks.
 This wasnt the first and surely not the last time we had experiences like

Stick Indians


Not many people have heard of them. No one knows if they truley exsist, but I believe they do. There are reports in the Colville reservation in Washington State, but Colville Natives won't talk about it. I have never personally encountered them...but family members have...and I don't believe they would lie about such phenomena. Anyway. Stick Indians, so I have heard, are extremely tall beings who do not speak in words, but in creaks, howls, and whistles. They are only out at night in the woods of Colville, near Disatell Pass. They live along creaks and streams and have been known to steal fish from fisherman in the area...and people out in the open.
 My uncle and his wife's family were camping up in that particular area one night...they had two tents. One for him and his wife, and another for her parents. They were camped near a stream and were fishing all day. That night they heard strange noises... whistles and wierd clicking that of a human. My uncle stuck his head out of his tent to see what was going on when he saw 4 or 5 extremely tall, and very thin creatures on two legs,  over by there fishnets signalling back and forth to eachother. My uncle was terrified, but he quickly ran to his in-law's tent and asked them what was going on. The father told him to lye down and shut up. That they were Stick Indians and if they made too much noise they might be attacked. He said no one had ever servived an encounter with them and to just be still. As long as they didn't know they were there they would be fine.
 When my uncle came home he was so terrified. He still, to this day, will not go near Disatell pass. If he goes fishing, he goes in the morning and is home at least a couple hours before dark.

"Sweet Old Elanor"


    Elanor was a sweet old lady.  She had lived in the exact same house
since she was a little girl.  She has raised 6 children in that house,
and all of the animals the injured animals that she found out in the
woods.  After her husband died, adn all of her children were out of the
hosue all she would ever do was sit in that old wooden rocker and sew.
I went over to her house with my grandma once in a while to visit her.
She always was kind and gave us freshly baked cookies.   She died one
Friday afternoon, and was found dead by her neighbor in that old creaky
rocking chair, probably still with a needle in her hand.
    My cousins and I being the daring teenagers that we are decied that
it would be cool to see what Old Lady Elanor had hidden up in the attic
of that old house.  So we picked the lock on the door and entered.
Nothing was touched, it was all like old Elanor left left it.  We
(Brandie,12 Katie 10, Barbie 15, Becky(me) 13, and Matt 13)  climbed the
old wooden steps to the attic, and looked around.  We found some pretty
cool stuff up there.  Old flags, pictures, toys, garden tools, and
clothes. We all took something that we didn't think Elanor or her
children would mind if we had.
    "Crash!"  we were all up stairs but someone or soemthing was
downstairs.  We all ran down the steps to find the hanging pots and pans
scattered all over the kitchen floor.  We ran out of the house, past the
old barn, across the front lawn, across the street and into the kids
cabin where all of the grandkids sleep.   We were scared.  Then I turned
around at looked up into the window of the attic and I saw old Elanor
standing there.  My cousins saw her too.  She was staring straight at
     I haven't seen her since then.  New people have moved in and redone
the whole house.  But every now and then I get an erie feeling like she
is there watching us, wanting her possesion that we stole back.

Story About Mary Jane

My mom, aunt, cousin, and I were visiting my Grandpa's house. My Grandpa has said that there was a sprit haunting the house, but he considered her "nice" and didn't really tell us that much about, he only told us that he sees her atleast once a month, and in October he said that she clanks on the pipes every night, and that he hears her footsteps. Of course, like almost all people these stories would scare people, especially people who are spending the night over at that house. On the first night of staying there, there was nothing bad, no noises, but i still couldn't sleep. In the morning, my cousin, robby, and I had breakfast with all of our family, they later went outside to work in the yard, so just robby and I was inside the house, watching TV. We figured that nothing would happen in the daytime, so we weren't afraid of being alone in the house. When lunch time came around we went up to the 2nd level ( the house has 3 levels and a basement ) to make a sandwich, we were slapping on the jelly and Robby is still in limbo, so we just let he be.

Bloody Mary Sighting?


    Hi my name is Lisa and I'm a high school student. Anyway here's my story.
Recently a neighbor did my hair in her apartment. We live in the same
apartment building except our apartment is on the second floor and hers
is on the first floor. My sister, who had just got finished getting her
hair done was still down there just to hang out. We were talking to the
neighbor's kids who are younger than both of us when suddenly we got on
the topic of ghosts and demons. My sister brought up Bloody Mary and I
told her that I heard if you said her name three time in front of a
mirror in a dark room that you'll see her. Then I warned her not to do
it because Bloody Mary is a bad ghost. My sister, being daring, went
anyway to try it.
    After a few moments she ran out the dark room she'd tried it in. She
claimed that her reflection had changed a little and she'd ran out
before she could see Bloody Mary's reflection. Usually I don't believe
my sister's stories but she seemed shaken and a little scared. After a
little convincing I got my sister to go back in the room to tell Bloody
Mary to go away so she wouldn't haunt our neighbors. Its up to you the
reader to be the judge.

Bass Fishing


        This is the first time here for me. This is a wonderful site and I
would like to share my story with you.
        It was about 10 years ago when an elderly neighbor told me of a
great place to go Bass fishing. His name was Eldred and he lived in our
small town of Johnstown, Ohio his entire life. The lake, he stated, was
owned by a friend of his. He told us to give his name if we were questioned.
        My two friends and I, who were all about 18 years old at the time,
started our journey on foot to locate "Union Lake" to do some Bass fishing.
We soon discovered that it was not easy to locate. There was a path that
ended more than a quarter mile from the lake and the remainder of the
journey was spent forcing our way through briar patches and weeds. Still, we
were able to locate our destination.
        We were absolutely amazed when we arrived. The lake was
approximately 10 acres large, completely isolated and surrounded by forest.
There wasn't a sign of any other human being ever being back there. It was
forgotten by the world.  We spent about three hours at the lake and caught
some of the biggest fish we had ever caught. It was like fishing at a
         Because of the long walk back, we decided to leave about an hour
before sunset. As we were leaving we began talking of our experience there.
We all spoke of a strange feeling. A chill in our spine. The hair
occasionally standing on the backs of our necks.
          As we reached the crest of a hill overlooking the lake on our way
out of the forest I became overtaken with a sense of complete terror. Never
in my life had I been that petrified. I felt as if I were surrounded by
something and that my life was in danger. It was seconds later that we all
witnessed the apparition.
         I can still see it as clear as day in my mind. It has forever
painted it's picture in my head. It was a male figure, but only from the
waist up. You couldn't see anything below the waist. It hovered two to three
feet from the ground. I first noticed it when it was approximately fifteen
feet to the left of us. It hovered directly in front of us and passed on the
right. It looked straight ahead, swinging it's arms as if it were walking.
When it was directly in front of us it turned and looked directly at us. It
almost seemed to dissipate as it hovered off to the right. I can still
remember the face. It looked empty, with no emotion yet it filled the entire
area with a sense of dread.
         Besides screaming and crying like a bunch of little girls, we said
nothing until we got back to my house. We were too busy running home. I
don't think I've ever run that fast in my life!
         The experience seemed to consume our lives for about the next year.
Being young males full of testosterone, we made several trips back trying to
re-live the experience. We had numerous "out of the ordinary" encounters
every time we went back. None of them pleasant and all in the presence of
other people. None of us have, or ever will, go there alone.
          I have witnessed strange balls of light flying over the lake, a
haze that has engulfed the lake leaving visibility at around 1 foot,
countless exotic animal sightings (running through the woods or drinking
from the lake) and of course a sense of terror that can come on as quick as
you can breath.
         After some research my friends and I discovered there has been two
drownings in this lake. Both before 1960. They were teenage boys who had
fallen through the ice while ice-skating one winter.
          I am now 27 years old and have not been back to the lake for about
seven years. Although you might think a lake like this would become a
popular hangout for teens because of the stories, it hasn't. I have younger
siblings still in the area who said because of the vegetation growth and
long path that is only accessible by foot, it is once again forgotten.
          Not by me.

If anyone would like directions to Union Lake in Licking County, Ohio,
please feel free to contact me at

The Other Side


I am not sure if I would call most of my experiences with "the other side" as
ghost stories. I have always had a way of sensing when something is going to
happen, I have dreams that sometimes will have scene in them that will come
true the next day, I also have seen spirits and I can sense the presence of
spirits, for as long as I can remember. My sister has also had experiences
with ghosts.
I was reading several of the stories posted on The Shadowlands and some of
them struck a nerve. I found the one describing animal spirits interesting. I
had a dog from the time I was 3 until He was put to sleep when I was 21. Let
me assure you all that he was very sick and he had held on to life for such a
long time that he deserved peace. He was blind, he had to have most of his
teeth pulled, he could hardly walk and he had to be carried outside to use
the bathroom. I had married and moved to Michigan a couple years before he
had to be put down. I was devastated when my parents told me that he was put
down, but I understood. Not long after his death I saw him in my front yard
he stoped and looked at me and walked the other way. I went outside to see
him and he was gone. I know it was him coming to say good-by.
What is striking about this story is the connection to the next story I want
to tell you. When my family and I were getting ready to move to Michigan I
remember telling my husband that I didn't want to leave because my dog and my
grandpa were going to die after I leave.
My grandfather did pass away while I was in Michigan. After he died, and
again this was a death after a sickness, It was time. My grand father was a
proud man. He was a wonderful man and loved his family very much. I could not
go to his funeral and I felt very guilty. I started to find dimes around my
house, now this is not weird, but I would pick up the dime and put it away
(small kids around) then a few minutes later the dime would be back. I would
put it away and think, "what is the deal with dimes!" this has occurred in
every house I have lived in since. I did not put it together for quite a
while, until my Mom and I were talking. I was saying how poor my husband and
I were while living in Michigan and that the little bits of money they sent
to us really helped, I called it "mail box money" because someone, parents,
grandparents, would always seem to send money just when we needed it most. My
Mom told me that grandpa used to send them money too when she and my dad were
young. I told my Mom about the dimes and she said that it sounded just like
something my grandpa would do. So, shortly after, I went to my room and asked
grandpa to leave me a dime if it was him and sure enough, there was a dime on
the floor the next time I went into my room. I have since tried to tune in to
the spirits and not ignore them, I find that if I am quiet and do not let my
mind get overloaded with "stuff" I can sense the presence of grandpa,
grandma (his wife) and my maternal grandpa who has recently passed. The
visits are fewer lately but I know when they are here.
I have also experienced a black figure, grim reaper type, over me in bed.
There was an evil, or bad spirit in a house we rented, and I am sure my
husbands uncle, who died in a fire, has visited.
These are all true, and I believe in ghosts, angles, and spirits. I think it
is a comfort to know that someone I love still checks in on me.

Or Ghosts????


Wierd electrical problems, or Ghosts? I don't know
My whole life i have been surrounded by my dads stories of the supernatural.
These stories involve his aunt and his childhood.  Ever since i can remember
i have loved everything about ghosts, i am fascinated by all the stories on
your site, but i might have my own to tell.  This has been wierd for me, my
house is usually perfectly normal, but recently i have had odd experiences.
Yesterday, while i was cleaning the house, i had the radio blasting like
normal.  I can't clean the house without the radio, but i had just finished
vacuuming and i heard my station fade out and the radio was changing to a
different station, i heard static, then totally different music.  I went out
to see what was wrong and i saw the tuner had moved, and i don't know how.
Another happened today when i woke up from my nap.  I got up to turn my fan
off and put it down on the floor, just then my tv turned on by itself, now my
tv is known to do that when the power goes off and comes back on, but the
power had stayed on the whole time.  Thats all i have for now

Strange Appearance


i was 11 years old at the time this happened. i was having a dream one night
that this gentleman was giving me piggyback rides. we were laughing and
having a wonderful time. in my dream he was wearing a brown suit and a
cream/tan shirt with a striped tie. anyway, he kept telling me how pretty i
was and how much i reminded him of my mother. we started spinning and we were
going to fall, i suddenly woke up, and i sat up, and the man was standing at
the foot of my bed smiling, i could see my dresser and handles while i was
looking through him. i screamed for my mother, when she came in he
disappeared. my mother slept with me the rest of the night.  the next morning
at breakfast my mother asked me about my dream and what i had saw. i told
her, and described the man, what he wore, and what he had said, i remember my
mother leaving the table and returning a few minutes later with a picture,
she showed it to me, and i started to cry because i was scared, the picture
she showed me was a picture of her father, he died on easter sunday when my
mother was 15 years old. the suit he had on was what he had on when he died.
the picture she showed me was taken that very sunday before dinner. after
dinner he went to the couch to lay down, and died of a stroke. i'm 31 years
of age now and i remember this story as if it was yesterday. i have 2 other
stories that happened after my grandmother died, and after my mother died,.


  Strange Figure


    Hi, I am Chris and am 14 right now. I live in Portland Oregon and I will
tell you about the strange ghostly experiences that I have had in my previous
house about 4 years ago.  One story that I could remember very clearly is
this. My family and me had a camp out in the living room with the tent and
everything. We had the T.V. on so we could watch it during the night when we
go to bed. It was on a Saturday at about 11:30 PM when I went to bed. My dad
stayed up though and continued to watch T.V. He had a can of beer out and
drank it that night. The next morning when my dad got up to make breakfast,
he couldn't find the can to throw away. So, he went up to the coffee table he
set it on and found it ripped in two under the coffee table. It had a clean
slice to it. It had no trace of dog marks on it since my dogs severely chew
things up and it had no teeth marks. It was perfectly round still just in 2
        Another incident was conincidentally, I always slept walk, I never
knew I did, but my parents saw me alot. Sometimes I went downstairs and I was
screaming. I woke up my parents and I was crying. My parents asked me "why?"
but I didn't answer, I just cried and screamed and eventually stopped and
went up to bed like nothing happened. I sometimes walked downstairs and
noticed myself watching the T.V. But I went to bed upstairs and my parents
always made sure that I was tucked in upstairs, so I thoght that it was quite
odd that I sat upright on the couch and I found myself that I had turned on
the T.V. watching some weird show, so I turned it off and thought nothing of
    Sometimes, since we had alot of magnets on the refrigerator, they shot
out from underneath the fridge and sliverwear fell off of the counters even
when they were definitely on the counter not close to an edge. We had chairs
that rocked, paper get shredded, and other weird incidents.
    The weirdest one is just finding myself afraid of the stairs going to my
bedroom. When you first enter the kitchen, you go to the end of it, then
there is a door in front of you and a door to your right, the one to the
right is the upstairs room....When you enter it, it turns immediately up
narrow small stairs and above the first stair is a balcony that looks over
the backyard which connects the attic with the other dark attic. I don't know
whether I saw something there when I was littler, but I was terrified of it.
I would refuse to go up the stairs alone and would not go up even if I had a
dog right by me looking one way as I looked up. It felt as if something was
watching you when you were going up all the way to my bedroom, which you
could still see onto my bed from the balcony. I always got chills and I heard
sounds all of the time. Sometimes, I even just have a feeling that it is
there next to me and is going to get me. I have on some occasions jump down
my whole flieght of stairs, not touching one stair and landing painfully on
the linollium floor. It gets you even more frightened too since you jump so
far you could touch the balcony if you wanted if you jumped like that , I
don't know if I had a demon, or dark soul there, because I always just missed
the soul and saw dark figures just pass the balcony to the "Dark Attic". I
don't know if it was exorcist or some being of evil or something, but it
scares me to death now and I never would want to feel that again since I have
dealt with that "starring" feeling from the balcony for 12 years. I want to
wonder if anyone else has had that feeling and if anyone knows if it is bad
or good?

Strange Happening


i was 16 years years old at the time and living in east los angeles, we lived a few blocks from Evergreen cemetary where this happend. it starts one night when i had a dream that i was walking by the cemetary on the way to the store, in my dream thier was this man walking toward me, as we approached each other we stop to talk, we both said hi to each other he asked where i was going, and i told him i was going to the store, he then said goodby and i said goodby, as we walked away from each other, i had this funny feeling to say more and turned around to call him. He was no where in sight, at the time there was no other people on that long block but us, i had only taken about four steps before turning around. three days later i was walking down the same sidewalk when i saw this man in my dreams, i knew instantly what was going to be said by both of us, to the point that it scared me badly. never the less we talked and said goodby, i took my four steps turned around and he was gone. i'm 66 years old now and will never forget that incident. end of story

Strange Occurance in Iowa

Hello,  a bunch of my friends and I had gone out past Dixon to basically
relax and have fun over at a friend's farm.  His idea was to take us across
these fields, through woods and a crick and a cornfield, to this old empty
house just hidden amongst the trees of this area.  They've reported seeing
strange things, none of which occurred or were not explainable when I
witnessed them.  For the most part, they were simple sounds that could have
been causes by animals or whatever life there lived in these woods.  But
something strange did occur that I couldn't understand.  My friends reported
that when they woudl come out to the house in the past, once they would come
into the yard of the house, their flashlights would immediately stop working.
 All the flashlights would.  That didn't happen in our case.  But once we
stepped into the yard, we could see our breath.  It wasn't cold, and this was
the instance during our walk when there was no fog covering the ground, yet
we could still see our breathes, and it was almost as if someone was watching
us.  I believe I have seen many ghosts before, perhaps it is an ability only
some people have, or at least know how to use it properly, but nevertheless,
I could see my breathe as if the temperature had changed a good 35 degrees
once we crossed into his yard.  The house, I'm sure, is somewhere along city
limits.  The area was knew to me so I don't know exactly what city/town it is
in, but I was told the town was Bennett.

Sugar the Apparition


Sugar was a dog (small poodle to be exact).  He was
born 11/11/77.  He was given to me for my b-day, but
he was really my dad's.  Dad took him to work everyday
(my dad even works on holidays).  Every morning at 9am
Sugar would bark at my dad to go to work, at noon
barked for lunch (mom made Sugar a 1/2 sandwich, 4pm
was tea (and cookies) and 5pm barked to go home (real
9-5 dog).  7pm was dinner and would situate himself in
front of the kitchen entrance and after dinner Sugar
and my dad would head down to the finished basement to
watch TV and smoke.
As Sugar got older he lost his sight, hearing and
teeth.  He still went to work, ate his food with
relish, learned to count stairs and know where
everything was (no re-decorating).
One day while at work, Sugar got disoriented went out
on to the fire escape and fell 2 stories.  He lived,
but with complications.  He died a week later.  I was
not living with my parents at the time, but went over
quite a lot (I lived 3 miles from them).
While I was over for dinner on several occasions I
would see Sugar at his usual spot in front of the
kitchen and I went to the basement one afternoon to
get something and Sugar was walking around.  Another
time I went to say good-bye to my dad before going
home and I saw Sugar at my dad's feet (at the end of
the couch).  I told my dad that I see him, he told me
he felt him next to him earlier (Sugar would snuggle
next to my dad, then as the basement warmed [space
heater] he would move down to his feet).
I would say if I saw him, but no one ever saw him (my
dad saw him once, but would feel him like a small dog
next to him).  My mom was jealous to not see him or
feel him.  She would look but he never appeared to
This went on for less then a year.  My dad and I have
theory that everything has energy and depending on how
strong your energy is when you die your form can still
be present.  Sugar was very strong willed.

The Accursed Stone


    My story may sound cheesy, but every word is more
true than any ever spoken. It begins 7 years ago, when
I was 13 and in the 7th grade. It was Christmas break,
and my family and I had planned a vacation to sunny
Mexico to escape the bitter cold of the SF bay area's
winter. The first few days of the vacation went well,
aside from some mild insomnia on my part (it was a bit
hotter than I was expecting, and that interfered with
my sleep). On day 3, the weather had cooled off a bit,
and I was finally able to get a good night's sleep.
    The next day we went to the beach. I've always
loved swimming, and took to the ocean the second I hit
the sand. After playing about in the water awhile, I
stubbed my toe on something. The sand at this beach
was particularly smooth, so a rock seemed
out-of-place. I dove under and grabbed it. It looked
like a piece of green stone tile. I decided to take it
back home as a curiousity. That night strange things
started to happen.
    First off, there was the sound of a horse riding
full gallop back and fourth on the walkway outside my
window. I was on the 11th floor of a hotel; how did a
horse get up there? I got up to investigate and, of
course, found nothing. Until I turned around, that is.
There, standing in my doorway, was a hooded cloak. No
person in the cloak, just a cloak. I should mention
that the invisible horse never stopped galloping back
and forth outside my window, even when I looked out.
As I stood there, on the verge of pissing myself, the
cloak turned around and floated away. Needless to say
I didn't get much sleep that night.
    But the story doesn't end there. After that
vacation I went home, not making the connection
between the stone and my cowled intruder. I kept the
stone with me. That new years eve, I had a couple
friends spend the night. They were on a fold-out couch
bed in my living room, and I was getting ready for bed
in my room. Something brushed past my leg. Now I own 3
cats and a dog, but I distinctly remember putting them
all outside for the evening, so this kinda scared me.
I grabbed my pentacle off my desk (Yes, pentacle. I'm
a life-long practising Celtic Pagan) and ran back to
the living room. Then weird stuff started happening
    First off there was the painting my mother did. It
shows her in her younger years on a swing, with my
grandmother holding the rope that holds the swing. The
smile on my grandmother's face started getting bigger,
and for lack of a better term, more evil. I brought
the pentagram to bear on the painting, as if I was
holding a firearm, when who should float out of the
painting and towards me and my friends but my old
friend from Mexico, the cloak. Channeling all the
energy I could from the house, my friends, and
everything else conceiveable, I drove the spirit from
my house.
    The next week, I figured out what was causing all
this: The Stone. I broke it in half and gave the
larger half to a close friend of mine and fellow
pagan. I ended up losing my half. My friend kept his.
He is now in jail for posession of LSD and
Methamphetamine, attempted murder, and assault and
battery. Formerly a straight-A student, his life
started going downhill the day I gave him that evil,
accursed stone.

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