The American Morgue at Japan

 This is a true story that took place at Yokosuka Japan.  There is an
American Naval Base there.  When I first arrived in the spring of 1981 there
was a white building on the corner of the property that the Naval Hospital
was located.  I learned that this building was the Morgue where many of the
bodies of American Service Members killed in combat at Korea and Viet Nam had
been staged prior to returning home to their families in the United States.
 Shortly after my arrival, bulldozers demolished the building to make way
for two high rise apartment buildings that would house American Service men
and their families.  My family and I would be housed in one of these
buildings after its construction.  The buildings were named Kyuban and Jyuban
Towers.  The Japanese words for nine and ten, (there were already eight of
these towers on base).
 Immediately after construction was completed, my wife was notified that she
was to move into an apartment in Kyuban Towers, I was out at sea.  She
complied, and it wasn't long before she started noticing strange occurences
in the apartment.  Minor things like the lights being on and she was sure she
had turned them off.
 Months later I returned home, and was please that we had moved into much
better housing on base.  But I was met with strange stories from my three
year old son.  He told me of a "Marine Sentry" who visited him each night in
his room.  I assured him that he was dreaming.  My first night home I tucked
him into bed and turned off all of the lights in the house.  At 3:00 AM I was
awaken by  a presence at my side of the bed.  It was my son, and all of the
lights were on in the apartment.  I asked him what was going on, and he said
that the "Marine Sentry" was in his room and wanted the lights on.  I
ofcourse checked out his story to make sure the house was safe.  No one else
was in the house besides my family and I.  I tucked my son back into bed and
turned off the lights.
 The next morning I asked my son to discribe for me the man who kept
visiting him in his room.  That three year old boy floored me when he
discribed an Infantry    Marine in full combat gear.  This problem continued
for several weeks.  One time, a buddy of mine suggested that I turn the
lights out at the breaker box which was out of my sons reach and my son did
not know where the box was.  So I did.  At 3:00 AM I awoke to the same
scenario as always.
 So then my buddy agreed to spend the night in my sons room with him.  At
3:00 AM I awoke to an awful rukus in my sons room.  My son ran into my room
to tell me that Mr. ***** was fighting with the Marine Sentry.  When I
arrived in my sons room, my buddy was sitting on the floor in the coner of
the room, the bedroom looked as if a bar brawl had just occured.  My buddy
told me that he woke up and seen a Marine standing over him, he was wearing
face paint to camoflague his appearance, and was in full combat gear.  The
Marine face looked as if he were in a jungle and he had stumbled onto an
enemy camp.  It was clear that the Marine was on a mission.  But no Marine
was there.
 From that night on, no one in the house seen the Marine again, but either
he or one of his friends was still in the apartment as we still experienced
strange occurrances.  We could be setting at the dinning table eating and all
of a sudden the tv would come on and go to full audio.  Or, the washing
machine lid would open and close and the washer machine would start up by
itself.  Try setting on the toilet without the bathtub/shower turning itself
on.  We put up with it as it seemed more amusing than annoying.  We were
never awakened in the middle of the night again though.
 Finally during our last week in the apartment it was obvious that the
"ghost" wanted us to stay.  Things began to disappear.

 The Angel of Death?


Just wanted to share this experinence my mother had while she was in Mercy
General Hospital in Sacramento California, recovering from a hysterectomy.
One night mom woke up and out of the corner of her eye she saw a dark mass
floating in the hallway. It floated between her door and the doorway across
the hall where a very sick woman was a patient. It never entered the rooms,
it just hoovered there. When she tried to look straight at it, it
disappeared. For three nights she saw this black mass floating in the
hallway..then on the fourth day mom heard "code blue code blue" on the
intercom and heard a loud commotion in the hallway as doctors and nurses
hurried into the room across the hall pulling their equipment behind them.
The woman in that room died. Mom didn't see the dark mass that night or any
night after that during the remainder of her stay.

The Blue Man


In 1977 I was 8 years old and lived with my parents and my younger brother in
a big house in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. There I had an experience
that I remember like it was yesterday.  One night I awoke feeling cold, I sat
up in my bed to reach for an extra blanket that was folded at the foot of my
bed.  When I did so I saw a "ghost" standing several feet from the foot of my
bed.  The figure I saw looked like that blue dot you see in your vision after
looking into a flash from a camera, but it had the distinct shape of a
person.  After looking at this form for some time I jumped from my bed and
ran down the hall into the bathroom turning on the lights and shutting the
door.  Eventually I got the courage to look down the hall and turned on all
the lights.  The Blue Man had disappeared and I eventually went back to sleep
with all the lights on.  I told my Mom (and only my Mom as I did not think
anyone would believe me) the story the next day.  The strangest thing about
this is that a week or so later my Mother was talking to the neighbor, who
told my Mom her son had told her almost the exact same story, describing the
ghost in the same way. I never discussed my sighting with the neighbor kid or
anyone other than my own mother for years.  My mother still lives in the
house and has had several strange experiences since then but no more
sightings of the Blue Man.

The Blue Roof Runner

By: darren

My name is minsue and i would like to share my supernatural experiences with you because no on else is willing to belive or accept my encounters.
    it all started about 3 days ago at about 2 in the mornig. I woke up to hare some very loud and disturbing footsteps.This probably wouldnt have scared me so much except that the footysteps came from the first roof of my house. I didnt know what to do so I just lied there scared.
But 10 seconds later what ever made the foot steps on the roof was breathing loudly at my window. At this point I jumped out of bed and ran into my mothers room.I looked out her  window and saw absolutly nothing. The next day i told my mother what I had heard and ofcourse she just snickered and thought nothing of it.the next night I was determined to  stay up and see what was going on.At 3:30 in the moprning this time i was startled by a loud thump in front of my window and quickly shot ouit of bed to see what it was.again I sae nothing.At this point i was scared and puzzled at to what this was.I climbed back into bed and continued to listen, the thumping went on but as it did i began to hear something different, something in the backround of all the noise.It was laughter, Not normal funny laughter.It was histerical, mad in a way.The thumping continued and the laughter faded and i began to slowly doze off.When i awoke this time I immideatly told my sister what I heard.Unfortunatly she was the only one who believed me.
    Although this thumping and laughter was very frightning,it may have had some connections to the encounter i experienced just few weeks ago.
    I was in my sisters room, looking for a book I had lost,under the bed i was sure.when all of a sudden i saw a woman dressed in blue standing over me.i let out a scream and ran downstairs to tell my mom.we went back up stairs to check things out. Nothing was there. but this time my mom was considerably worried.She thought maybe it had been a burgler and franticley checked under the bed and in the closet, but found nothing.These two experences my be connected some how but for now they will remain a mystery.

The Book


I read threw every ones tells and also yours and would like to share just one of mine out of so meany.
I was living with a ex boy firend of mine in his house.  He was born on 12-05-77 his mom was born on 12-5-59 she did 12-5-88.  I thought that was kinda weard and wanted to share that.  But hear is my story.  Whill  I was staying there thing would always happen.  Candals blowen out tuned back on.  Her favoret place was the kichen so I would always fell something strong there.  One night I brought over my book the necronomicon and did not realize you are not supose to read it in house that is hounted.  That first night was okay.  But the seconded night was bad.  I was ferther in the book that night so it was hard for me to put it down.  I went to bed and could not go to sleep.  I hurd the radio coming on in the other room.  I did not go to turn it off.  Then I hurd thing all aound me moving.  I did not get up.  What ever it was his mom or something elas got mad at me and punched me in the tummy.  It hurt very bad.  All the whill I was trying to wake up my ex boy friend and he would not wake up.  I finaly got him up and he put his arm around me and it went away.  The next morning he was thinking it was his mom that did not want the book there and he when in to his room and told here he and I were sorry for it.  Never had that happen to me again.  But I did get read of the book the next day.  If you would like to hear more of my tells I would love to share with you.  Thanks for you time.      BLESSED BE to ALL.......

Missouri City, Texas


I was raised in Missouri City Texas which is a suburb of Houston. If you head south on Murphy Rd(1092) past Cartwright Rd. on the left you will come to Eldorado Drive. Travel down Eldorado until you cross the bridge and turn right at the first street. Drive down this street until you come to Hampton Dr.  There you will see a very large fence covered in overgrowth. Through the fence you can see a large home that backs itself to the golf course. This home is known by all who live in it's vicinity as the Hampton House or the Cartwright House. The story begins about forty years ago. Mr. Cartwright and his wife lived in the house and owned all of the property which Quail Valley is built upon today. Cartwright Rd was actually named after him. All was well until Mrs. Cartwright came down with a terminal illness of some sort. When Mr. Cartwright was no longer able to give his wife the care she demanded he hired a live in nurse. As his wife's condition worsened Mr.. Cartwright began fraternizing with the nurse. One day when Mrs.. Cartwright's calls went un answered, she made her way into her wheel chair and into the living room catching her husband and the nurse in a moment of passion. Mrs. Cartwright died the next day.
Mr. Cartwright and the nurse soon after moved away together and were married.
He left all of the furniture and some of his possessions in the house when he left.
After His death, the property was left to his son which would not live at the house, but hired security guards to keep looters out. My father was a Fort Bend county Sheriff Deputy for many years, and has had friends work security at the house in the evening. He says that the guards were paid very well and were given a large cooler of food to take with them into the house. There has never been a security guard that has stayed in the house more than 3 hours. They have reported the elevator going up and down on its own, Sounds of a woman crying, an invisible wheel chair that travels up and down the hallway leaving tracks in the carpet, and even books flying off the shelves at them. One of my fathers good friends is from Ireland and says he has had encounters with ghosts before and is unafraid. He worked in the house and left after 2 hours. He said he has never seen anything like it. Well the security guards have sense stopped in the past ten years. The House has never been lived in since the Cartwright's. I have always wanted to sneak into it some Halloween night and see for myself, but since it would be breaking and entering and hence illegal I will not. I have never seen anything about the house listed anywhere, yet everyone in the area seems to know about it.
Pretty cool Huh?

The Cat in the Window


I was driving up to my home and since it was dusk outside my headlights were
on.  As I arrived at the driveway my headlights beamed on the window of a
front bedroom in my home.  There sat a gray cat on the sill just gazing out
as cats do but then abruptly she jumped down and away.  I was dumbfounded
because I knew distinctly that that portion of the house had doors closed at
all times so that my present cats (a gray cat and a calico cat) would not go
into those bedrooms and spray.  But I thought well, perchance a door was
left ajar.  I entered the house and sure enough the hallway door was
completely closed.  I opened the hallway door and sure enough said bedroom
door was shut closed too.  So before I even open the bedroom door I hear my
cat (she also gray) shuffling in the kitty box in the kitchen which is
situated at the other side of the house.  I haven't even opened the bedroom
door yet.  So now I open the bedroom door, go in and sure enough the blinds
are askew at the corner where I saw the cat make her exit.  A day bed
resting against that side of the wall next to that corner of the window,
well the stuffed animals were strewn on the floor and behind the bed against
the wall.  A cat ghost?

The Child Who Talks To His Deceased Grandfather


I have several stories that I could tell and I will probably post
another  as time goes on, but this is the most recent. In March of
1998, my step-daughter was pregnant with her first child and at
the same time her father-in-law was in the last stages of cancer
and dying. Her husband spent about 3 weeks at a central Georgia
hospital by his father's bedside. He died on March 23rd. and was
buried on March 25th. She had the baby on March 26th. It was a boy
and he was named after his deceased grandfather. They kept a
picture of the man that had died on the refrigerator and had told
their son  that was his grandaddy Kenneth. When the child was
about 2 1/2 and talking, there were several times when they heard
him talking to someone when noone was in the room with him. Each
time they would ask him who he was talking to, he would say
"Grandaddy Kenneth". When they would ask him who that was, he
would say "that man on the refrigerator". When they asked him what
they had talked about, his answers were always about things that
the child would have had no way of knowing, had someone not told
him of them and his parents never had. It has been a couple of
months now since he has had conversations with his grandfather
that they know of.

The Dearly Departed


Ever since I was young, I've had various experiences with odd things.
Not so much a rememberance of ghostly things, but of dreams and visions
that came true.  One time while out with my family I began to get this
feeling that something was wrong.  We had just recently bought a puppy
and I thought for some reason that the gate we had put up to block her
descent to the basement didn't work and that the dog had jumped over
it.  I could even see it happening in my mind.  When we got home, we
found her unharmed, but whining up at us from the basement floor.
While in high school, I dreamt of various people and situations that
came true.  Whenever something that I dreamed would come to pass, all
sound would leave me and my vision would get blurry and I would see the
scene come to pass as though I were dreaming it awake.  If that makes
any sense.
The reason that I talk about this is that it makes me wonder if this
sensitivity to...I don't know...other extrasensory abilities has made it
possible for other things to happen.  Such as while living with my
husband in our first apartment we would constantly have power surges,
things could be heard moving in the kitchen, and our cat would look at
the door and start jumping and crying at something even though there was
nothing.  One night we woke up and there was a bright light shining in
our bedroom.  At first I thought I was dreaming, but then my husband got
up and looked out the window because he could have sworn that someone
had to be shining one of those huge spot lights into our window.  But it
was pitch black outside.  Even the cat was looking around.  The next day
our roomate came home to all of the lights being on in our house.
We lost our daughter a little over three years ago, prior to moving into
our home.  On several occasions I have come home or been at home when
the sorrow overtook me and I would begin crying almost hysterically.
One of the last gifts given to my daughter prior to her death was the
"Sleep and Snore Ernie".  One of the catch phrases he says upon
physically being sat up was that "I feel great".  On the first occasion
that I was crying heavily I was standing in my bedroom and the doll was
lying on the bed.  Suddenly it began to repeat over and over the phrase
"I feel great".  I remember walking over to the doll and lifting it in
my arms as it repeated it.  I thought at first that it was broken.  As
quickly as it started, it stopped.  And nothing I did would get it to
repeat it.  When we moved into our current home of 3 years I had another
crying episode.  This time the doll was lying in the crib in another
room beside our bedroom and I was lying on my bed.  Suddenly it started
to repeat the phrase.  I can no longer have any doubt that my daughter
IS fine and has let me know it.  My husband on several occasions has
seen her sitting on a bed (she was only 9 months old), and my nephew has
seen her in our basement.
Another thing that happened a few years ago was that we were painting
our kitchen.  It didn't show up right away, but shortly there after I
was looking at the wall by our back door when I noticed what looked like
a hand print.  Unbelievingly I stepped up closer to it.  And there it
was.  You can distinctly see the palm and five fingers.  It looks as
though it were placed there by a small child reaching up to touch the
wall.  I cannot remember if we had our niece there that day or not, but
from the size of the hand print and the way it was made, it couldn't
have been her because she was taller and her hand was larger.  Plus my
sister-in-law would have said something and it would have shown up right
away instead of showing up months later.
Another thing that happened was a girlfriend of mine had a sick daughter
with a terminal illness.  While drying clothes in a dryer I was told the
following day that her daughter was in the hospital on a respirator and
that during the trip to the hospital in the ambulance she had stopped
breathing and it had been a close thing to try to bring her back.  My
girlfriend believes that her daughter did in fact die at that time and
they were only supporting her body back at the hospital.  But the funny
thing was that when I went the next day to take my clothes out of the
dryer, they smelled like the little girl.  And it's never happened
My husband once had an experience that terrified him.  I was working
late one night and when I came home it was to find the garage door open
and my husband standing in the doorway with nothing more than a towel
wrapped around his damp body and armed with a large butcher's knife.
When I parked and stepped out of the car he asked me if I had just
gotten home and when I said yes he stated in a scared voice that there
was someone in the house.  At first I couldn't believe it, but then he
finished by saying that as he was standing by the front door looking for
me, out of the corner of his eye he could see the distinct figure of a
man with a sombrero walking past the opening into the kitchen and then
the heavy thud of his boots as he walked downstairs.  He thought that
maybe it was me trying to play a practical joke on him.  Needless to say
I was spooked and arming myself with another knife we decided to
investigate and look for this man.  Well, our search ended in nothing
and he put it off as his imagination, even though he swears that the
sound of the footsteps were loud and clear.  He finished dressing and
went out to play soccer with his cousins that night as originally
planned.  While he was gone I received a phone call from his mother in
Mexico.  His grandfather had passed away the evening before.  I believe
that the figure he saw was his grandfather coming to see him one last
time as he was very close to my husband.
The home I live in is constantly being bombarded by power surges,
strange noises of things dropping (very heavy things that when we
investigate there's nothing out of place), and creaking of the steps as
though someone were coming down them and the suddenly you get a chill
that stays for a while and then suddenly leaves you.  If I'm by myself
the activity seems to pick up and it's only when I yell to the girls to
go to bed that things quiet down.  I'm sure that there are people out
there that don't believe in ghosts, but with everything that has
happened to me, I can't doubt it.

The Entity in the Trailor


I have been reading stories from here for some time now and I figured it
wouldn't hurt to explain a little of what my family went through in the
early 90's.  It was something that I thought was never going to end.  But it
did and I thank God that my son doesn't remember much of it.  My now
ex-husband and I lived in a Trailer in Tampa Florida at the time.  My oldest
son was only 3 years old and the other was only a year old.  Ever since my
oldest was born we had this entity that followed us.  I had seen it several
times but I thought is was my father in law that never was able to see his
grandchildren.  This thing was not bad,  but it did show up at the damndest
times.  I would see him staring at me at the end of the hall and I once saw
him in the bathroom.   He would hide things from us, among the usual things
that ghost find amusing.  I used to stay up late at night and he would walk
down the hall and stop at the couch. Stand there for a while then go back to
the other end.  This never really bothered me,  but it was un-nerving at
times.  My ex really didn't believe me about that part.  He thought I was
making more of this then what there was.  So one night I told him to stay up
and find out for himself.  He did,  and wouldn't you guess.  As that thing
was walking down the hall my ex started to squeeze my arm.  It stopped, then
turned around and walked back.  By this time. I was used to it.  It wasn't
bad. It was just there.  Then about two months later I realized my son was
talking to it.  I watched him from the crack in his bedroom door talking to
someone in the closet and playing with toys.  Then at nap time he would tell
me that Papa said he was a good boy for eating his lunch and that papa said
he was a good boy for cleaning up his toys.  This was getting to be a little
much because I thought that maybe it would lead to worse things.  I have
always been interested in the paranormal and such things.  I believe in
ghost and worse.  I didn't want the latter to come to my son and harm him.
But I was too late in thinking about this.  Three days went by and my son
said nothing of papa and his room was ice cold.  I had him sleeping with us
and the other baby,  because the room was cold enough to see your breath in.
  I told my husband I wanted to move but he said we didn't have the money.
Then on the third night I had the boys sleeping in my bedroom The oldest in
my bed and the other in his crib.  We fell asleep in the livingroom watching
tv.  About 2 am we woke up to my oldest screaming in a frantic way.  We ran
in the room and he said that the bite was squeezing his legs.  When I picked
him up his legs were white at the bottom, like they were being squeezed very
hard.  My husband grabbed the baby and I had Kenneth we went into the living
room and was trying to sooth Kenneth.  Matthew didn't wake up at all through
this.  In fact through the whole ordeal it never effected Matthew.  Only
Kenneth.  I asked him what the bite was and he told me that it was big and
hairy and had a snotty nose and big teeth.  And that it looked like what he
called a walking animal.  I thought he had one hell of a dream and tried to
put him back to sleep but he would have none of that.  I even put the marks
on his legs out my mind until the next night.  The next night he didn't want
to sleep in his room or mine.  He said that the bite would come back. I let
him fall asleep on the couch with me while my husband slept in my room with
the baby. At about twelve that night I was still watching tv on the couch
while Kenneth laid sleeping next to me and I heard it for the first time.
It ran and stomped all the way down the hall.  it was hard enough the make
the trailer shake. As it got to the end of the hall it stomped again. My
husband came out of the room and asked what the hell was that and I just
looked at him and said very scarred at that point.  I think it is the bite.
He then got the baby and came out into the livingroom with me and kenneth.
he put Matthew in his playpen to sleep and we pulled out the sofa bed so we
could all sleep in the same room.We sat up for a while talking about what we
might be going through and then we slowly went to sleep.  A short time later
or what it seemed Kenneth again woke up screaming about the bite.  He said
that it was in the room with us and that it was going to touch daddy.  This
was the worst feeling we ever had.  Because at that point the room started
to smell like sewer waste.  It was like the smell was a thick fog or
something.  The smell was so thick I thought I was going to suffercate.  I
prayed out loud for a few minutes and rebuked what ever it was scaring my
son.  It finally left and we didn't sleep for the rest of the night.  The
next day we left the house and went to look for a new house to move to.  On
arriving back to the house Kenneth got so scarred when we pulled into the
driveway that he threw up black stuff.  We had nothing black to eat that day
so I didn't understand.  Well we couldn't find another house we could aford
at the time so we took turns staying up watching over Kenneth.  It came back
several times after that within a months time frame. Enough to scare Kenneth
while he was awake also.  It one time ran between my husband and myself you
could hear it and you could smell it but you couldn't see it.  Only Kenneth.
  he was terrified.  He screamed no Mommy,  no daddy.  As it ran between.  I
tried to explained to him that it couldn't harm mommy or daddy that it was
just trying to scare him.  But all the same it was torturing my son.  And I
was completely helpless or I felt so. The stinch was bad,  the feeling was
bad.  My poor baby was terrified.  And to make things worse.  That night
when it was my turn to sleep.  It touched me not once but twice.  Just to
show me that it could touch us I guess.  We would let Kenneth sleep in our
arms just so he felt safe and he did.  But it didn't always keep him from
waking up scared to death that the bite was gojng to get us. After alot of
praying and a pastor blessing the house three different times it seemed to
go away. A month went by and we could finally afford to move. We moved to an
upstairs apartment and about two years went by.  All was well and we had
another baby boy in the family.  One morning while Kenneth was helping me
change baby Jack's diaper he told me that a little indian girl named Donka
came to his window (second floor) and was telling him that she was scared
and that she could not find her mommy and daddy.  I asked Kenneth how she
came to his window when we lived on the second floor and he told me that she
was just there.  I asked him what she was wearing and he said light blue
cloths and that she looked like she was really tired because her eyes looked
funny. Then he said that she told him that he could fly and that he should
jump out of the window.  Well that was it.  I  got his clothes and his
brothers clothes out of the room along with some toys and locked his door
shut.  I went down stairs to my aunts house and was telling her about this.
I then prayed over the apartment and was truly afraid for my son.  This was
now too many times he has had been effected by something. A few days later
while down at my aunts house with all the kids we heard someone running
around from room to room in my apartment. My aunt asked who was in the
apartment and I said no one, that I locked the door on my was out.  She was
scared and said go check and that she would keep the kids.  I went up stairs
and heard someone in the apartment.  Like they were going from room to room
looking for something.  As I unlocked the door I flung it open and caught a
glimpes of someone short running into the hall.  Not thinking I ran after
it,  and couldn't find nothing.  I was scarred as you can imagine and ran
back down stairs locking the door behind me.  Then I called my church and
asked my pastor what I should do.  He said to bring Kenneth to him so he
could teach Kenneth the Lords Prayer and that God was in his heart and there
is nothing stronger or mighter than God.  Kenneth no longer has any problems
since than and he is a very good little 12 years old.  He doesn't remember
anything but the indian girl.  He says that she really was scary looking and
that he is glad that he has god to protect him from those kinds of things.
I an sorry this was so long.  But I can't tell just anybody about this.
They start asking Kenneth questions about ghost and the such and it confuses
him.  Thanks alot for reading.

The First Time I Saw Something

I was 7 years old at the time. I was fast asleep when I was awakened by my bedroom light coming on, I could see the orange glow if the light through my eyelids. I was laying on my back, so I turned to my sisters bed to see if it was her, but as I did I saw it. It was what appeared to be a woman, wearing nothing, and her body was rotted. She was standing on a pile of laundry that my mom had left on the floor to wash the next day. It appeared to be stomping on the clothes. I just mind a complete blank. Suddenly it looked up at me, and I saw that it had no eyes, or teeth, just dark holes where the mouth and the eyes should be. Its hair was matted up and standing on end, the skin was horrible and putrid looking...then it started to motion to me to "come here" with it's rotten arm and hand. I believe that I was beginning to lose it...when I heard clearly, a voice say, "Roll over and pretend you are asleep!". I did that very thing...I rolled over and laid there with my heart pounding in my throat and my hair on my neck standing on end. Somehow I managed to fall asleep. I never told anyone about it until I was 30 years old and talking to the sister with whom I shared the room. She said "Oh yes, don't you remember how our bedroom light used to come on all the time?" I told her no. I just always wonder what would have happened if I had walked towards it when it motioned me over to it. And what if that voice I heard tell me to roll over and pretend I am asleep, Had not helped me out, and who's voice was it anyway? I will never forget what it looked like. I drew a picture of it, and it still scares me just to think of it. It turned out that my siblings and parents also saw and heard things in the house.

The Footprints in the Carpet


My wife and I live in Southern California, in a house we share with my wifes
sister and mother. In 1999 we lost my mother-in-law to cancer. She went as
peacefully as one could with that desease, here at home surrounded by family.
With the exception of her grand daughter, who visitsfrom time to time, no one
sleeps in the room. Yet one night my sister in law was going to the restroom,
which by the way is connected to her mothers bedroom and you have to go in
the room to get to it, when she noticed something on the floor. Now bare in
mind that it had been a year since her mothers passing, and my neice had not
come to visit for sometime, yet on the floor by the bed were footprints in
the carpet. My sister in law, Sheila, called for me and my wife to come and
see and verify that she was not seeing things. Sure enough, there in the
carpet were two very defined footprints. We put our shoes next to the prints,
taking care not to disrupt them, and none of our shoes matched. We had a pair
of my mother in laws bedroom slippers and placed them next to the prints and
they matched perfectly. And these slippers were kept in Sheila's room in a
box with her mother's things. That box was taped shut. Could they be old
prints? Maybe, but for one exception. After she passed on, we had to put her
bed back in the room when they took the hospital bed away. The floor had been
vaccumed before and after the bed was placed back in room. The prints lasted
for a few weeks before they were no longer noticeable. The interesting thing
about her room is, I get a real calm feeling when I go in there. See there is
a sliding door that leads to the patio, and I sometimes go there to check on
the dogs, who by the way  can be seen sometimes looking in the direction of
the bed and the corner where we found the prints. I was raised to have a very
opened mind towards things that aren't easily explaned, and my mother is a
woman of unshakeable faith and the one who taught me that just because you
can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't so.

The Ghostly Airman


1939-45 saw the construction of aircraft hangers at Rawcliffe near York for the air offencive against German cities from the Clifton Moor airfield. After the war an auto-parts manufacturer took over the hangers to produce parts for automobiles. Workers at the plant have often seen 'the airman' a man dressed in 1940s RAF uniform walking about in the hanger sheds. I asked one man who had been at the factory for many years what he thought of the veracity of the reported sightings he said: "people have seen a man walking about the sheds but the stories have become exaggerated. Usually it's a man seen walking into a shed, when other workers go into the shed they can't find the man anywhere". The factory has now closed down. Elvington airfield near York also has reports of airmen in 1940s uniforms walking alongside the runway.

The Ghostly Dog


While visiting the picturesque medieval ruins of Kirkstall Abbey one warm summer afternoon, I asked local folk if they knew of any psychic occurences in the Abbeys splendid remains. The results of my questions surprised me; ghostly monks? nuns?. No, it seems the grounds of the Abbey are haunted by ghostly dog. The Abbey has been abondond by monks for 500 years, but local people walk their dogs amidst the ancient trees and broken walls of the Abbey. One night a man out walking his dog was murded by robbers, his faithfull dog barked and howled in grief next to his fallen friend. To this day, around sunset the sounds of the barking dog can occasionaly be heard echoeing through from amongst the massive trees surrounding the Abbey. I suggested to one woman who had heard the dog; "surely a dog barking at dusk could be any dog", she replied, "no, it echoes, you know it's that dog".

The Girl in the Bathroom


I'm only 12 yrs. old so I hope you believe me. Okay' so here it goes. This restaurant that's called the Fire House has been opened a year and a half where I live. A few people say it's haunted in one of the bathrooms ( I think it's in the girls bathroom, cause my cousin Tina works there and she's told me when she's in there all alone, she hears creepy stuff). So the other night my family and I went out to eat, and ended up eating there. My cousin was working there that night and she walked up to us to say hi and stuff. She knows I'm all in to hauntings, ghosts, and this website, so she told me if I went to the bathroom, to watch out for the ghost. She was just joking or so I thought. Later on I needed to go to the bathroom so I did. When I got out, I went to go wash my hands (and let me tell you I was the only one in the bathroom, and if someone walked in I would've heard them). When I was done, I was drying my hands and then I glanced in the mirror and gasped when I saw this little girl staring strate at me. I turned around and she was still there staring. My heart just dropped. She had realy white-blonde hair and was wearing a dress. I know for a fact that she wasn't waiting for anybody, cause I was the only one in there before I saw her. I also know for a fact that if that little girl walked in I would've heard her walked in, cause when you open those doors to the bathroom their very noisy, even if you open them quietly, they still make a noise. But when I was walking out the door that little girl even looked back to watch me go. The people who say that the bathroom is haunted in that restaurant, they also say people see a little girl, thats why they say it's haunted. When we left the restaurant my cousin was setting up a table. We said bye to her and I told her that she wasn't joking about the ghost, she saw the serious look on my face and knew I wasn't joking. I hope you believe me, cause I've read almost every single story on this website and I believe every single one of them.

The Grandfathers

I'll never forget the first time that I had an experience with a ghost.  The
first experience was in Brooklyn, NY.  I had to have been about 4 or 5 yrs
old when my maternal grandfather died from diabetes.  I really didn't
understand what dying was so I thought that he would be back, that he was
going on a trip.  Needless to say, that wasn't the case and I never got to
really say good-bye.  It had to be around 3 days after he died, me, my Mom
and my sister who was 2 yrs old at the time, were coming back from my
grandmothers house and I saw my grandfather who died just a few days before
sitting on our front steps, with a big smile on his face waving to me.  I, of
course, got really excited and began waving.  My mother looked at me and
said, "Who are you waving to?" and I began screaming, "Papa!  Papa!"  I ran
to my house to give him a hug, and when I got there, he was gone and I wanted
to cry.  My Mom looked at me like I had 10 heads and she said that papa was
dead.  All I could do was say, "But I saw him.  He was sitting right here!!"
 After about 5 times of saying that, my Mom say how serious I was, she became
teary eyed, and said that it was his way of saying good-bye to me.
Another time was when I was in the 6th grade, my paternal grandfather had
died from lung cancer.   when about 2 yrs. after,  we were in Toms River, New
Jersey and  my parents, my grandmother and her friend had gone food shopping
and they were gone for a while.  Me and my sister were the only ones in the
house.  Now for some reason, each door makes its own should so I know the
difference between the front and garage door coming in to the house.  So it
had to have been 1:30pm, and my parents were gone for almost an hour and a
half, when I hear the front door open and close.  Now my sister is in a room
that has a lil rec room and the kitchen connected together.  I think that its
my parents and grandmother back from shopping so I got to help.  I get into
the living room and no one is there.  I go to where the garage door is and
nothing.  I look at my sister and asked her if she went out side or opened
the front door.  She looked at me like I was crazy and said no.  Now normally
I would say ok I'm hearing things but it happened again, about 5 minutes
after the first time.  My parents didn't come back until about 2pm.  After my
heart stopped racing, I figured that it was my grandfather making sure that
me and my sister were ok.
Still in Toms River, New Jersey but at another time I saw a ghost was about 4
months ago, I was staying at my grandmothers house for Easter weekend with my
family, and me and my sister were sleeping in my grandmothers room.  It had
to have been around 12 in the morning, I wasn't tired so I turned on the TV.
That's when I saw it.  I didn't feel cold but I did feel as if someone were
in the room watching me.  I sat up but didn't see anything.  So I laid back
down and go that feeling again.  My grandfather has been dead since I was 11
yrs old, at the time this happened I was 19 yrs. old and I saw him walk by
the side of the bed my sister was sleeping on.  I jumped up, looked around
the room and saw nothing.  I thought that I was seeing things but I saw him
do the same thing again.  This time I was freaked so I sat up and turned on
the lights.  Now its about 12:30am and I hear the front door open and close,
I hear footsteps walk thought the living room and I hear my grandmothers dog
walking across the kitchen floor.  I should also tell you that the dog was
put to sleep when I was 13 yrs old.  Then it became quiet.  My sister woke up
about 15 minutes later to use the bathroom.  About 5 minutes later, she comes
running in the bedroom, jumps in the bed and pulls the cover over her head.
She tells me later on that day that she heard the same thing I did 15 min
before she woke up.
Brooklyn, NY - My uncle died in March of last year.  It was really hard to
deal w. bc he was only in his early 60's, plus his youngest son was getting
married in less then 3 months.  Even though he has been dead for a little
over a year, lately it feels like he's in my house.  The first person to see
him in the house was my sister.  She was sitting on the couch and I was
sitting on the love seat w/ my boyfriend at the time.  She kept jerking her
head toward the bathroom.  After the third time that she did that I said,
"Ok, what do you see?"  Her face went white and she said, "Uncle Junior".  I
thought nothing of it bc  I was use to hearing stuff like that but she looked
scared out of her mind.  I told her not to worry, that he wouldn't hurt any
of us.  Now my boyfriend at the time, seemed a little edgy.  I told him to
relax that nothing would happen.  About 2 months ago, I would see something
walk back and forth in my hallway.  When I would go to look I of course saw
nothing.  I would see something by my front door looking from behind one of
the walls; I would look in that direction, again I see nothing.  I would see
something stand by the bathroom, a white figure, from the corner of my eye
but when I would look at that direction nothing.
Now these last 2 stories don't have anything to do with my grandfathers but I
thought that they were a little weird.  About 1 yr. ago, my family and I were
at my aunts house in Toms River, New Jersey for my cousins graduation party.
 It was about 3pm and I was out front watching my cousins and my sister goof
around.  Then my aunt called my 11 yr. old cousin into the house for
something, and when she opened the screen door to go in I saw a pale little
boy standing in the middle of the floor.  I got up from where I was sitting
and walked toward the door.  As I go to step in the house, the lil boy smiled
and waved at me, then disappeared.
That following winter, I was hanging out w. a friend of mine in Brooklyn, NY
and she wanted to stop and see her other friend who was really sick.  So we
go to her house and she's standing by her door talking to my friend.  Out of
nowhere, I see this muscular guy very slowly walk from one end of the house
to the other.  It was a very dark gray figure, no face, almost transparent
but not quite.  I asked the girl if anyone was in the house and she said her
mom and sister.  Then I asked her if there were any guys in the house and she
said no.  She asked me why and I told her I  saw a dark figure  walk around
in the house and that it had the body of a really big guy.  The funny thing
is, after I told her what I saw, she didn't seem all that surprised.
Most of my experiences have never really had any "cold spots".  Just the
feeling of something/someone watching me, and a lot of unexplained noises,
seeing something but then it being gone.  I use to think that ghosts were
just a bunch of crap but that was until I had my own experience.  So for
those who say that ghosts aren't really or think that it's just all in your
head..........just wait until it happens to you.  Then you'll believe.

The Haunt in the House


I live in Arkansas. And I think I may have a ghost
story for you.
Two years ago My husband and I bought a house that we later learned has some
of a history to it.
The house was built in 1977 the first owners wife died here from a tick bite.
On the day they were moving out his 13 year old son fail off the back of the
truck and died from head injury.
The second owner moved in and took a friend in that was sick and he died
here, and from what I am told his ashes are in my front flower bed.
The third owners moved in and did not even live here a month when she left
her husband he followed her shot her then shot himself.
>From the moment we started looking at the house I could feel a strange
present, but just thought it was me for moving into a strange place but soon
things begin to happen chairs would be moved, things came up missing, doors
would slam shut, and you would be sitting or in bed and you could feel the
bed move as if someone had just sat beside you. This has happened many times.
I truly did not know what to think about it until Mother's Day of this year
when the second owners daughter came to visit and wanted to know if she could
look around. Her mother had died last February and loved the place so much
and she just needed to feel close to her.( I had never meet her until that
We told her sure and has I was showing her the house I turn to her and said
"You know the placed is haunted?" She said "Yes, we wondered if you knew."
She ask me if thing move or come up missing and I told her "Yes all the
time." And she stated telling me what she knew.
She told me about the little boy and wondered if I had ever seen him, she
says he comes to the window and taps. I have never seen him but one night I
woke up and did see a man standing in my door way, when no one else was here
but me.
She told me there were three sprits here but they were good sprits.
Every since she was here more has started to happen drawers open, my water
glass was stirred I could her it and when I turned to see nothing was there.
My lighter was missing and with in an hour it showed up right where I had
left it.
I feel like a crazy women even thinking these thought, or even talking about
it. But I must say others who have come to visit have heard things and some
have felt things.
 I was told they were good sprits and they mean no harm, and I don't care if
they want to stay but I just don't want to know about it.
And I would like to see them go to their resting place. It sadden me to think
of a child lost or any one.
I truly believe my home is haunted, and it does worry me some of all the
death that have occurred here, that maybe it's an Omen.
Are there such things?
There is truly so much more but I think you understand.

The Haunted Motel

By: Andrea

Everyone has feelings like they are being watched at
one time or another.  I've had those in high school
when I was alone in the hallways, and there were
stories about my school being haunted.  I also had
those experiences with my first job.
As my first job, I worked for a popular motel chain as
a housekeeper.  I had the job for four months.  Our
motel had three floors and over 60 rooms.  And it was
haunted, which was strange considering that the motel
was only five years old--fairly new.  Ever since I had
started working there, the second floor hallway had
scared me.  The hallways in that motel were long and
did not curve or turn.  I could see from one end of
the floor to other with nothing to block my view.  And
whenever I was in the hallway, I felt like I was being
watched by something, and I always knew when I was
alone on the floor.  I alkways felt okay in the rooms,
but it was the hall that scared me.  It wasn't until a
few weeks later that I found out I wasn't the only one
who felt that way.  All the housekeepers did.  As far
as I know, no one ever saw anything, but we all felt
the same on the second floor.  As a result, no one
spent much time in the hall.
A couple of weeks after my friend and I started
working there, she and I were working together on the
second floor.  I was making a bed when she walked into
the room and asked if I was talking to myself.  I
answered no and asked why.  She told me that she had
been walking down the hallway when she heard someone
whisper her name.  She looked around, but saw no one,
but she knows what she heard.
She got another job shortly after that, and it wasn't
until a few days after she quit that I found out she
and I weren't the only housekeepers who'd felt watched
or scared.  One of the other housekeepers asked me if
anyone had ever died there.  To my knowledge, no, and
I had lived a mile and half away from the motel since
it had been built.  But she felt the way that I did,
watched in the second floor hallway.  And her cousin
did too.
Eventually, we got used to the idea that the motel had
more than guests and workers in it, but you wouldn't
find us with our backs to the ends of the second floor
hall.  We knew nothing would happen, but it was the
thought of something there that we couldn't see that
scared us.
A couple of months later, I was working on the first
floor, just a matter of feet from the front desk.  I
was standing at my housekeeping cart looking at my
list of rooms to do, when I got that creepy eerie
chill like I wasn't alone.  I looked both directions,
but again there was no one.  I could hear the TV in
the lobby, but other than that there were no sounds,
and no people.  The direction I got the feeling from
was the second floor stairwell, way at the other end
of the hall.  I fled into the room I was cleaning and
that was the last of my experiences with the motel

The Haunted Shed


my friend aaron was telling me about weird happenings in the shed behind his
house. the shed is a very large building aaron's dad used to build furniture
in. his dad died about 7 years ago of cancer. the shed is being used for
storage right now by aaron's uncle. he keeps it locked. he told us that when
he goes in there boxes will be moved and sometimes even the concrete floor
would be cleaned. in february 2001 we went in the shed and decided to look
around. i had my video camera and aaron had his 35mm. camera. we had 2 other
friends with us: justin and drue. aaron lead us in. it was the first time he
had been in there for 7 years. i followed behind and i kept feeling like
something was following me and watching me. we walked further and i noticed
what appeared like a ball of smoke or fog floating in the air between  aaron
and justin. i told them and as they turned to look at it it vanished. we
walked further and found a block wall with what appeared to be writing in
blood on it it said "quik x" on it and the rest at the bottom was splattered.
we were studying the wall when a large shadow appeared on the wall beside
drue's shadow and disappeared. we then took a picture of the wall and after
the flash went off a shadow appeared on the wall of what appeared to be a man
with a knife in his head and then vanished. we took more pictures and we got
some strange "dark figures" on film one of them appeared to be a head with
devil horns on it. i  don't know if this was a demon or something else. we
left the shed and havent been back since. aaron's uncle said that many more
strange things have happened lately. he said he went in there and the wall
had started to be cleaned off. he also that some more boxes have been move
and rubber marks from the fork lift tires have been cleaned off the floor. a
lsecurity camera has also recorded a locked garage door raising and lowering
by itself.
i plan to go back out their this summer and get some emf readings,
temperature readings, pictures, and i plan to use night vision this time.

The Leprecan


Hi.  My name's Theresa.  I was reading one of the stories on your website
about a leprecan and was so surprised that someone had actually SEEN one
other than myself.  So I TOTALLY believe that story.  But when I encountered
a leprecan, it was some what different.
    Here's how it all started...
    Ever since I was younger, I always thought that there was something in my
basement.  But nobody believed me when I told them that it was a leprecan.
Then one day I had to get something from the basement with one of my friends.
 I told her to be careful when we went down because SOMETHING was down there.
 We were halfway down the stairs when I looked in one of the corners of the
basement and saw an ugly little face staring at me.  i screamed and dragged
my friend up the stairs.  I told her what I saw and she said that she saw it
too.  When we settled down a bit we decided to go back down.  when we were
halfway down, again we saw the face but this time it had its mouth wide open.
 Let me tell ya, it was an UGLY mouth with BIG teeth.  That was scary enough.
 About a year later, I had to get something from the basement stairs...I did
NOT want to, but I went down anyway.  When I was halfway down, I heard little
feet skipping up to the stairs, then I heard soft gigling coming closer and
closer to me.  I ran up the stairs and slammed the door shut!  something had
to be done.  So I told  my friend who know's what to do in situations like
these.  She got it out of the basement, and out of my life!  YES!  That was
the LAST time I ever saw the leprecan.

The Man in My Parents Room


This is a true story.
I was about 5 or 6 when we moved in this house in Tennessee.
I am 29 now.I remember my parents had some friends over one
night and I overheard my mom telling them that she has been seeing
a man in her bedroom doorway.She said when she would see him
an wake my dad up, he would dissappear.When I really knew she was'nt
joking is when the lady we bought the house from came over to see what all
mom had changed on the inside of the house and they got to talking about
this man she's keeps seeing in her doorway and this other lady said oh
you've seen him too and that tripped me out.It got to the point to were this
man would come on in her room and just stare and smile.My dad still
could not see him.There was a time when my dad woke me and my brother
up to help look around the house because he woke up and seen a bright light
in the hallway.
Of course we looked and did'nt come across anything or anybody.One thing I
saw for myself
was the ceiling fan in the hallway was running but it was'nt wired up
because it was real wobbly
and it was going to be changed out.By the time I went outside to get my dad
and came back
in it had already stopped running but I felt he knew that I wasn't
lying.Ther were a few other things
that were strange but the last thing I know that happened is when I got
married and a few days
later when I went back home to get some more of my clothes and stuff my mom
told me that
the night before they were asleep and thier bedroom light just came on, they
woke up and nobody was there.
They have since moved out but not because of this.

The Most Recent Haunting


I am Jim Warfield, I own the Ravens Grin Inn, a "haunted house" that's open for tours all year long. (
 15 years ago I thought that this house would make a perfect house for my haunted house business that I wished to start, now I'm sure that some people think that I'm a pretty "lazy" guy, that I knowingly bought a house that's already haunted!
 The first two weeks of ownership brought a crowd of former tenets down here to tell me about their scary experiences they had suffered with when trying to live here!
I eventually found out that a "Lady-In-white" had been seen in the wine cellar ever since at least 1925. At first when some of my customers would ask me, "How do you do that special effect?" I thought that they were just lying trying to get me excited, then one day it dawned on me, there was no way that all of these people could all be conspiring to get their stories straight, because the descriptions and location were always the same!
 Seven years ago I met the wonderful little woman who would then become my wife, she's a very sensitive person, she was always uneasy here. We very recently were divorced, something that was very heartbreaking for both of us. She just couldn't stay here anymore, "they" seemed to be picking on her.
 She experienced all of the supernatural things that other people have had happen to them here , plus a few more "personal" ones.
 Last September she was down in the most haunted room of this house , the wine cellar(she's always hated this room)she went down there all on her own, I didn't even know that she was there, she was trying to help me, we were very busy at the time.
 "Something" pulled her hair, three times , straight up off of her head!
 The ceiling in the wine cellar is 16 feet high, nothing simply caught any of her hair! this incident was explained to me three weeks ago by a strange man I met here who called himself a "Warlock-Psychic", he's from a long way away from here(Missouri) he told me things about this house(that I know to be true) that he shouldn't have been able to know!
  With the departure of my wife, the ghost of the-"Lady-In-White" seems to have become more frequent and her "territory" somewhat expanded here within the house.
 Five nights ago I was leading a group through here when a very frightening experience befell one of the young women .
 None of them had ever been here before, we were upstairs in the third room , I was facing them all, talking, when a very definate "Thud" happened right in the next room. After 15 years here, I know the noises of this house very well, I thought someone was sneaking around in here.
 I went into that room , no one was there.
 I returned and proceeded with my "normal" routine which requires a volunteer that leaves the room with me, we left, the "show" continued.
 Next we all enter the room that the "Thud" eminated from earlier, as we walk in, a young woman (20? Ms. "R") asks me, "So who's your helper?"
 I give her a blank look?
 Who was that woman that was waiting for you when you went into this room alone? Is she your wife?"
 "There was NO woman in this room!"
 Now all of the others in her group all say in unison, "There was NO Woman in here!"
 "Stop it! You are all just saying that you didn't see her, just trying to scare me , you all saw her, she was as real as any of you look , right now!" (she was to spend alot of her efforts over the course of the next hour pleading with her friends to tell her the "truth" and admit that they HAD seen a woman in the room,but they hadn't, she was trying to talk herself out of having seen this as they were getting in the car to leave, because the thought and the strange fear she now had didn't set well with her mind and emotions, "I dont want to be this afraid and try to go to sleep like this tonight, maybe I really didn't see her?" she didn't sound as if she was going to convince herself when I last saw her)
 "So can you describe this woman ?"I asked.
 "You know what she looks like, she has on a white dress, and she has straight black hair!"
 "you have just described "The-Lady-In-White" who has been seen here ever since 1925.
 "She was standing right between you two guys when you were in this room!"
 "There was NO WOMAN standing between us!" Her friend emphatically said.
 There remains much more to this event to tell, but right now I have to open for the tour-business of the house.
 (None of this is fiction)



 Well it all started when I was little. At least 3. When I lay in bed I used to see a man in my doorway. He was transparant. He was a skeleton and wore farmer clothes. I told my older sister Emily who I shared a room with. She said she saw him too.
  Well I never told anyone about him. When I had my best friend Sara to sleep over she told me that there was a dead farmer in my doorway. I confessed about how I saw him too.
 When I was about 7 I had my close friend Alicia over. She said that there was a skeleton in my doorway. I told her.
 Up to this day I still see him. He looks at me and smiles.
 Well last year I read an article on Hamilton MOuntain & it said that where my house was built there used to be a farm that belonged to a family called Inch.
 I almost choked!
 The man did look like a farmer. (with his clothes)
 I had Sara over a month ago and she woke me up in the middle of the night. She pointed to the doorway and there was the man. I was freaked. Sara ran and turned on the lights. We saw a almost milky thing slither down the stairs. (outside my door)
 Well I've never really been able to identify that man but I'm pretty sure he's Adam Inch. I moved into a new room last week so I can't see him.
 That's my story.

   The old Bakery


When I was first born my parents and I moved into my granddads old house
which had been converted from a bakery.  It still had its original bakery
ovens and kitchens, the house had already had a history of haunting
beginning with my granddad who claimed to have seen a black cat walk through
a brick wall in the garden.  However when me and my family moved into the
house we experienced more than cats.  For example at night my mum and dad
heard the clattering of pots and pans in the kitchen accompanied by the
smell of freshly made bread and the our dogs would bark and howl for no
reason.  The ultimate evidence to me though was when my dad came upstairs to
see me sitting bolt up right in bed and saying that the old man had been
sitting on the end of my bed again!  We moved shortly after this as my mum
fell pregnant with my sister and I apparently refused to sleep in the
bedroom anymore.

 The Old Man


A thew months back, Me,my boyfriend,my friend "Jo" and her boyfriend all
decided 1 night to hang out in the cemetry, i no it sounds creepy but all 4
of us r grungers and find Death,vampires etc very interesting!
We got there at about 7pm, it was still light!so we decided 2 have a laugh
by hiding from one another, after a while we all met up! It was starting 2
get Dark,it must have been about 8:30-9:00. we all sat down on one of the
benches!There was no-one else in there appart from us!I started 2 feel
really ill, my head was in pain so we decided 2 sit on the bench a little
It was really cold,i was shivering so my boyfriend gave me a hug and as i
gave him a hug i saw a man marching up and down one of the cemetry paths not
very far from me.
The old man carried on Marching with his shoulders back and at the side of
him he held a long shot gun!My friend shouted "oh my god look at that
man"she pointed 2 at him 2 our boyfriends but by the time they went to look
he had dissapeared!We quickly ran 2 c where he'd gone, But.....he was no
where!after that we walked very quickly out of the cemetry!I was

The Phantom of Princess Pass


          Polo, my grandfather was working at Alamo cement at the time in
the mid twenties. During that period the cement plant was out near the
cities edge. Polo got up to go to work one morning only to find that the
weather was not very good.  It was raining and very dark, especially early
in the morning as he was getting up. He took the trolley car to work as his
method of transportation, so he was out the door and on his way to the stop
before the sun was up.
The place where he usually waited for the car to come was on a street called
Princess Pass. It was a very large and very old oak tree, so wide that it
would take three men hand to hand to go around the massive trunk. It was in
an old neighborhood with a lot of old homes in the area.  He was the first
one to catch the trolley in the area , so he didn't expect to have any
company as he waited for the car to arrive. As he approached the Tree where
he hoped to get out of the rain, in a flash of lightning he thought he saw
someone standing there. For some reason it made him a little uneasy and he
pulled his rain coat a little tighter around his body.
The foilage of the tree seemed to engulf him as it hung low, laden with
water. For a few moment he had forgotten the stranger on the other side of
the tree, then he noticed him out of the corner of his eye. The stranger had
come out from behind the tree and stood facing Polo.  He didn't think
anything of this stranger until it seemed that this person was edging closer
and closer to him. Polo attempted to ignore this person and hoped that he
would go away, but still the stranger came closer. When Polo felt a twig
crunch directly behind him, he had had enough and twirled around, ready to
fight. Instead of staring into the face of the stranger, Polo was looking
into pitch blackness where a face should've been. Polo was terrified. He
blinked and tried to clear his vision, all the while the stranger kept
coming closer. Polo backed away as quickly as he could and was tripped by
the sprawling roots of the great oak. He scrambled  and scraped as fast as
he could when he finally reached his feet he ran as he had never run before.
When he finally had the courage to turn around and look behind him there was
nothing at the tree. No body and no one around for blocks. Who this was, or
what this was, we'll never know for sure.

The School


I live in Washington Township, New Jersey.  A couple days ago my friends and
I decided after we took a swim to go shoot hoops at the local elementary
school, Whitman School.  We got there fine and all, and then my friend took a
wildshot.  The basketball flew over to the courtyard hall, and we all ran
over to get it.  We grabbed the basketball, and decided to explore now.  We
loved exploring the school, as it is very old, big, and rumored to be haunted
by 3 different people.  One spirit was a janitor who hung himself in a
classroom during the 1970s.  Another is a teacher who was shot and killed on
the sidewalk of the school.  Another is a student who commited suicide in the
basement.  We were walking around, and turned inside the school.  We turned
and twisted, left and right, and soon were lost.  We looked around for
anyone.  I whirled around to find a janitor behind me.  I called out to him,
and he started walking the other way.  That is when I saw.  There was a huge
rope burn around his neck, as though he was almost decapitated!  We screamed
and started running.  Then we heard like echoing footsteps in the hall.  We
couldn't see anything.  My friend said a cold burst of air went through him.
He got the impression that it was a child.  We ran so fast out there, and
never came back.  I'll tell you one thing; I am never going to use that
basketball court again!

The Spirit or Spirits at my Grandmother's House


I am a 15 yearold teenager living in Omaha, Nebraska. I have had weird things
happen to me that I can't explain. A lot of them happen over at my grandma's
house. I always feel cold in the house. I feel ...... i can't really explain
the way that I feel when I'm over there. I just feel like something isn't
normal or right. When I was little, I remember that I was always afraid of
the house. I never wanted to be alone. I loved going in the basement because
it was like another house. I loved it, but I hated it. I remember being a
young girl going in the basement in the kitchen to get a pop (alone) and I
would feel like I wasn't alone, like someone else was down there with me. So
I would run up the long stairs to get back to people. I remember that when I
would run up the stairs, it felt like it took so long and I always could hear
someone breathing behind me or running after me. More things have happened to
me. More recent things. I have seen like a cloudy or misty thing floating by
the fireplace at my grandparent's house. Then it would go away. I also was
sitting on the bottom steps with my cousin waiting for something weird to
happen. The lights flickered above our heads, which might have been the
"ghost" or it probably wasn't. I lived at my grandparent's house for one
summer and I lived in the basement in a small room with a lot of antiques. My
grandma is an antique collector. She has a lot of old things. I'm beginning
to think that maybe spirits are attached to these objects and they don't want
to leave them. I slept on a really old bed and next to the bed was a very old
baby bed. It might have been for a real baby or for a baby doll. I always
feel like something is watching me in that house. When I was on the steps
with my cousin, I was looking in my old room. I saw something start to form
by the bed. To me, it looked as it was partly "in the bed" like part of the
mist was in the bed and part of it was by it. It's hard to explain. My
grandma told me that the house was haunted just recently. The woman that
lived there before told her that. I have this weird dream that I remember. It
occurs at my granma's house. Right in front of the doorway to my bedroom was
an old man. He was really freaky looking. He was really pale, his hair was
sticking up all over, he had white hair and white EYES!!! It was really
weird. My friends always never want to be alone when they go over there. I
have had to go inside the bathroom while they went!!! I try to tell my
parents about everything, and they hate it when I tell them. I feel as though
they don't beleive me. I wish they could see what I see and I wish they could
feel what I feel. I hate it that they don't believe me. I really like the
paranormal. It's interesting. I watch shows about it. My parents always tell
me to change it because "it's just a bunch of bull". Am I weird because I am
the only one that believes in this stuff? I know what I see is real. That's
enough for me. But, I wish my parents would believe me. More things have
happened in my new house that we just built. Can spirits follow you?

The True Story of :The Haunted Gambling House


Hello, my name is Zola Lee.I am about to tell the story of a two story
gambling house,that my mother lived in as a child.This gambling house was
so haunted that ,my grandmother and the children sat on the front porch
and waited each day for my grandfather to come in from work.Inside the
kitchen,you could hear dishe's being smashed,and my mother said it
sounded as if everything in the cabinet's was falling out.When my
grandfather came home,and they entered the house,nothing had been
disturbed.They heard chain's rattle,footstep's running on
stairway's,argument's between people.There was one room if you put a lock
of any kind on it  ,it would be lying on the floor the next morning.My
mother and my aunt was sleeping in the bed in one of the room's ,in this
huge house,the bed cover's would slowly be pulled from you,and go to the
corner of the bed.My uncle Herbert Sizemore,came home one night,drunk,and
went to hang his hat in the closet(my mother found this humorous)and
"something"grabbed him around the neck.My uncle  died in a horrible
accident in Massassachusett's.One night my grandmother came to my mother
and said"Ollie,Mommy want's you to sleep with her tonight,she has
something she want's to show you".My mother was excited,because my
grandmother was a big woman,and she loved sleeping with her.She went to
bed,and during the night,she felt my grandmother gently nudge her and say
"Ollie,wake up,look at the big dog!"My mother said a white German
shephard came up between the two bed's.My mother said "Mommy,what a
pretty dog!"My grandmother said "Ollie,reach out and touch him".She
did,her hand went straight through him.The dog would appear every night
and he was looking as if he were protecting someone.He would come up
between the bed's,and walk out of the room  and  disappear down the
hall.There was one room,with such a bad feeling,you could not be in it a
minute,you had to get out of it.The house ,you see,there had been
murder's and God only know's what going on.I guess you could say
gambling,prostitution.The house was located in Hazard,Kentucky.It was too
haunted for my mother's family to live in.They moved out,the townspeople
promptly burned it down.I wish they hadn't done that.Because I have heard
some haunting's in my life,but I think we could've learned so much from
that house.If record's are checked in or around Hazard,this burning down
would probably be verified.I hope you enjoyed my family's haunted
history,but there is more.

The Unwanted Spirit


One night my friend Jennie and I were sleeping on the couch of her aunt's
old house. We were snuggled up under the covers when I heard someone
coughing. At first I thought it was Jennie and she thought it was me, but it
was niether one of us. We weren't really scared and just kept on watching
the movie on tv, not thinking about the coughing. About 30min. later we
heard footsteps in the hallway. We were starting to get a little more
freaked out and there was no way it could have been her parents, older
sister, or aunt and uncle becasue they were all out. We snuggled in deeper
under the covers and turned up the volume of the tv. For a while we didn't
hear anything, but then the footsteps apeared again and they seemed to get
closer and closer to us. We sat still and held in our breaths hoping that it
wouldn't hear us. Then the footsteps stopped and turned the other way. They
were headed towards the stairs and slowly went up. Then the footsteps died
down and we didn't hear anything anymore. We fell asleep later that night
and didn't wake up until 8 the next morning. We decided to have some
breakfast and went into the kitchen. We found that everything had been moved
from it's original position. The forks were 2 drawers away from where they
were supposed to be. Pots and pans were hanging from the wrong racks. It
seemed like someone had rearranged everything. Jennie asked her parents,
aunt and uncle and older sister if they done it, but they all said it wasn't
them. This was getting wierder and wierder. We made breakfast and then
Jennie went upstairs to take a shower and get dressed. I was sitting in her
room reading magazines, waiting for her to get done so that I could go take
a shower. All of a sudden I vagley saw a shaddow pass by out of the corner
of my eye. I looked up but no one was there. I went back to reading the
magazine and ignored what i had seen. I could hear the water running from
the shower because the bathroom was right next to the bedroom and I knew
that Jennie wans't done with her shower yet after 5 minutes, but all of a
sudden the water turned off. Jennie tried to turn it on again but it
wouldn't work. She started calling out to me for help and I ran to the
bathroom door and called in and asked if she was ok. She said that she
couldn't turn on the water anymore. It wasn't a water shortage becasue her
mother was useing water in the kitchen downstaris. I ran down and told
everyone that the water wasn't working anymore. Jennie's dad and uncle came
up to see what was wrong with the shower. But by the time they got up there
it was working but the water was all yellow. I went back to the room and
kept on reading. When Jennie was done taking a shower, she started
screaming. I ran to the bathroom and went in. Jennie was standing there with
her bathrobe on, staring wide eyed at the sink. I looked down and saw a red
liquid pouring, presumibly blood, down the drain. Everybody was outside in
garden chatting and lazing about. Jennie and I just stayed silent. The blood
was dripping for only a few seconds and then it disappeared without a trace,
and we both knew that it wasn't there before and it wasn't from Jennie. We
haven't spoken about it to anybody since.

The White Rooster


     Some cultures believe that when a soul is preparing to depart this
earth, guides are sent from the other side to help the dying person make the
transition. I often think about this when I remember a series of incidents
that happened right before my grandfather became ill.
  It had already been quite a few years since my grandmother Grace died of
cancer in 1973. Every morning since her death, my father, Lupe would take
Tata breakfast and lunch and check on his well being.  One morning Dad
walked in and found Tata sitting at the table with his cane in his hand,
visibly shaken.
     " Get that damn thing out of here, "
      There, sitting in the corner of the kitchen, was a very large and very
white Leghorn rooster. He was very calmly watching everything both men did
to try and shoo him out of the house. It took my father a broom and a lot of
noise to get the animal to leave.  After he got the rooster outside, Dad
shut the door behind him and asked Tata
how it possibly could've gotten in the house. Tata didn't say anything.
The next morning when Dad arrived at the house, the rooster was pacing at
the front door. Dad had to kick it away, because when he opened the front
door the rooster tried to enter the house. This continued for the next few
days. Very soon after this period my Grandfather began to deteriorate very
quickly. Tata died in September of 1983. The Rooster was never seen again
after those few strange morning visits, not across the street, not up the
street, or anywhere. Was he just a stubborn animal or did he have a
foreboding message to deliver?

Their Home or Mine


I bought a house that had been built by a family in 1955.  The owners
had built the house for them and everything was high quality and
technologically advanced for such a time.  It was obvious to anyone who
entered the house  that it was loved by special people.  When my husband
and I moved in, in 1998, we were pleased with the care taken in details
such as lighting, window treatments, tiling, wallpapering, electrical
and such.  In addition, the lady of the house was enamored by
Christmas.  There is a pull mechanism activated by the opening of the
front door which chimes "Come all Ye Faithful".  I have never been
fearful in this house but am steeped in peacefulness.
     Several months after moving in, I had a dream in which the previous
owners showed up at the doorway, and my being so pleased and contented
with our new home, I asked them to come inside only remembering later in
the dream that they had passed on.  The lady was quite cheerful but the
gentleman was somewhat irate that we had purchased their personal items
at an estate sale.  He said,  "I never meant for them to have these."
In the dream I was riled and told him they were mine and that I had
purchased them legally.   The lady mildly chastised him with good humor
and he was docile.  It was obvious they loved each other.  I have never
dreamt of them since but the dream is still vivid.
    Several times I have been awoken in the wee hours by LOUD banging on
the front door.   BANG, BANG, BANG.   At least on one occasion, I
distinctly remembering elbowing my husband awake to tell him there was
someone at the front door, banging, and to find out what was about.  As
he investigated, I remember lying in bed and wondering why whoever it
was did not ring the bell.  As you might have guessed, there was no one
at the door.  I haven't heard the loud knocks in the early morning for
at least a year.  I wonder why they stopped trying to make contact.  My
only guess is that the lady of the house has pulled the master from his
earthly abode  to a more wonderful existence.

Things that make you go "hmmm?"


     I have lurked here long enough.  After reading many stories I have
decided to send in some of my own.
     As a young girl, the oldest of 6 brothers and sisters, we lived in
a old house.  It was over 100 years old when we live there.  This first
time I ever saw anything was when my brothers and sisters & I were
playing in one of the living rooms.  We were spinning around and jumping
and doing who knows what when I saw, 10 feet in front of me, an
apparition of a young girl.  She was dressed in older period clothing.
She wore a dark dress with an apron type looking thing over it.  Long,
dark, heavy stockings and what appeared to be button up shoes.  She had
long brown hair curled into ringlets.  It seemed that she was playing
along with us, as she seemed to be clapping her hands and laughing.  She
disappeared quickly.  I was staring into space when my sister Nancy
asked me what was wrong.  I really wasn't sure of what I had seen so I
shook my head and told her I had must have became dizzy.  That was that.
     As the years progress and we became more aware of the house and all
its quirks, we noticed more things.  My sister Nancy and I shared a
bedroom at the top of the stairs.  It was a Friday night and my parents
were having some friends over for night game of croquet.  All of us kids
were safely tucked into bed.  I fell asleep before my sister did only to
be rudely awaken by her shaking me violently.   I could tell by the tone
of her whispers that she was terrified.  She was asking me "did you hear
that?"  Of course I was angry at being woke up and told her I didn't
hear a thing because I was asleep.  She told me to listen.  Well, I
waited and waited, but heard nothing.  I finally drifted back off to
sleep, only to be awoken again by her asking me the same question.
Still I replied the same as before.  She insisted that I lay there and
listen.  She was clutching me tightly.  So, after awhile still nothing.
I began telling her she must be hearing things and to go to sleep.  As I
was laying there, trying to calm her down, I heard it!  It was a
knocking sound.  I was come from the other side of the wall, directly
above the head of our bed.  It knocked in a pattern.  One knock, a
pause, three knocks, a pause, than one knock.  This kept up for awhile.
Over and over again.  We were terrified to leave the room as we had to
walk by a attic closet door, which would have led to the unused space
where the knocks were coming from.  So on the count of three, we
screamed for Mom.  Mom and Dad arrived moments later and tried to calm
our fears.  They turned on all the lights, and looked into closets and
under beds, finding nothing, of course.  We ended up sleeping on the
couch downstairs that night, and pretty much every night after that.
Until my parents got tired of that and moved us to another unused
bedroom upstairs, and moved my brother Ken into THAT room.
     Nancy and I really liked our new room.  We spent a lot of time in
there.  At night we would lay in bed at night with the lights off
talking before we both drifted off to sleep.  Like I said earlier, the
house was over 100 years old and was always creaking or "settling" as my
Dad would say.  But to Nancy and I, the settling noises sounded like
footsteps to us.  The footsteps would walk up the stairs and down the
hall to our bedroom door and stop there.  My sister and I would lay in
bed at night and count the steps up the stairs and the amount of steps
down the hall to our bedroom.  It was the same exact number of steps of
the stairway and the same number of steps it would have taken to get
down the hall to our bedroom door. I know because we practiced it over
and over again.  And it did sound like footsteps because you could tell
by the tone of the noise,  that it was getting closer.  I thought it odd
that the house would settle in a pattern like that.  From the bottom of
the steps to the top.  Sometimes, I would swear that someone even
crawled into bed with me at times.  I was never really frightened by any
of this.  My sister, and brother, and I often spoke of the strange
things happening in the house.  We would ask Ken if there were any
strange things happening in the room, and he told us he was always
terrified there and always slept the the blankets pulled over his head.
He still doesn't like to talk about it to this day.
     That was years ago, and my parents sold the house and we moved to
another part of the state.  I was older and moved into my own place.
Things have pretty much gone on as normal.  My Dad passed away over 10
years ago.  I was living in Florida at the time and still do now.  I
used to work at a grocery store.  One day I was heading to the front of
the store to send an order.  Something told me to turn around and look.
I noticed a man that resembled my Dad (in looks) alot.  The way he
walked, (he had a limp) and the way he dressed for work.  I turned down
one of the aisles and thought to myself I better have another look.  So
I quickly turned around and got to where I could see the customers along
the back aisle and that person was no longer there.  So I shot up to the
front of the store to cut this person off at the path.  I searched the
whole store twice and I did not see this person there.  There was no way
this person could have left the store without me seeing them.  I really
do believe this was my father just letting me know he is around.  One of
my sisters also says she has seen him in the house that they live in
     About 17 years ago I lived with a man I loved very much.  We had a
child together.  For reasons that I won't go into, things didn't work
out for us and we went our separate ways.  After many years we connected
again for talks and a visit or two.   Out of the blue, he passed away,
due to an unknown health problem.  I was very saddened and mourned for
him immensely, thinking of things that might have been.  After he
passed, I felt his presence around me many times.  It seemed as if he
was trying to comfort me.  After the memorial,  his friends and family
settled matters, they sent me some momentos of his.  They also sent me
some, not all, of his ashes, asking me to take them with me to Key West
the next time I go.  Well, I haven't been to Key West yet, and I am not
sure when I will be going.  So his ashes sit in my sons, (his son)
bedroom.  One afternoon, I arrived home from work.  I went into my room
to change clothes.  I came out of the bedroom and I looked down the hall
towards my sons room.  Something caught my eye.  I saw a human figure at
the end of the hall.  It had no head to speak of and was missing lower
legs and feet.  It was wearing a short sleeved light blue shirt and
white slacks.  I stopped for a moment to check my vision, than it
"floated" into a locked bedroom (unused) door.  I thought  I had just
seen a ghost, but didn't know who.  A week or so ago I went into my
son's room to talk to him about cleaning it up and noticed the box of
ashes on his dresser.  He told me he wanted to get something nice to put
them in.  I was telling him he didn't have to keep them in his room if
he didn't want to.  I opened the box that contained his ashes and
noticed a photograph of him on top.  I pulled it out to look at it and
in the photo he was wearing a light blue shirt and white slacks.  Like I
said earlier, I had some, not all of his ashes.  Thanks for listening.



I'm a Junior and everyday this year on my bus ride home from school are bus
would pass this mysterious looking house. One day I was coming home from a
late night school event when we passed the house. I saw two figures standing
outside very dark looking staring right into my eyes! The next day I was on
my bus and when we passed the house I heard a voice say "Erin, come! please
come!". I took my head phones off and looked around. I was the only person in
the back of the bus! Everyone else was up front and were all 1st graders who
didn't even know my name. So about a week later I had to stay after school w/
a friend and she believed my story so we stopped at the house. I was going to
make up something like: Are these keys yours I found them out front? So I
went and knocked on the door while my friend sat in the car ears distance. I
knocked only one time and someone opened the door immediately! Like they knew
when I was going to knock at that exact moment or something! It was a young
woman about in her early 30's or so. "Can I help u?" She said looking
straight into my eyes. "Are these your keys?" I asked feeling pretty stupid
since she was so normal looking. "No, I'm sorry they aren't." She said in an
English accent smiling in a very devilishly way as if she were inviting me
inside. "OK sorry to bother u" I said just about to leave in a scared voice.
Then I heard a voice in the back ground yell Marie! She turned around for
just a sec to look at the voice. When she turned back she was about to shut
the door when again she looked straight into my eyes but this time she had
none! It was like a deep Pitt of blackness. The next day I was looking in the
obituaries (Like I do everyday, I know it's strange) when I came across the
memorial section that said: Marie Wilson, 35 died from car crash on local
bridge. The memorial date was 6/10 the same day I went and knocked on that
door. The picture was also there and it was the same woman I saw at that
house! She was also wearing the same cloths she was wearing the day before!
So now whenever I pass that creepy house I feel and sometimes see someone
staring at me through the window and sometimes outside looking me in the eyes!
If u want to know more ghost stories E-mail me:

This is my Experience


When i was a young boy i got grounded to my room  everyone els was outside
that night and i was in side alone. now you have to understand thair was no
dogs around that part of are house. i was sitting in this old green chair we
had in are room i was reading a book i had when all of a sudden the spot
around the chair got really cold i had no idea what was going on i thout it
was the window but the window was closed as i turned from the window i heard
a low growl from behind the chair  i got up and looked around i saw some
movement next to the bed out of the corner of my eye i turnd really fast and
saw what looked like a tail go under the bed i ran out of the room to get
someone to help my but none belived me thay said i was making it up just to
get out of the room so i had to go back when i got back in the room was
normal i looked near the bed but nothing was thair after that night i new i
wasnt just seeing things thank you for lisnting to my story i havent spoke
about this in a long time please for give my spelling im bad at it.

True ghost story


I'm a biker, and I bike all the time, and on the rout there is a way that is
creepy, but there is one place that gives me chills, a house that is old,
well, everyday as I ride past it, it  draws my attention, on time it made me
stop in my tracks I saw a little girl with a teddy bear, she waved at me and
I couldn't move, I closed my eyes and opened them and she was gone, I looked
inside and the bear was still inside! Another time is I heard my name called
and when I looked back a HUGE dog was running after me and when I got on my
bike and rode away, it caught up with me, and it ran through me! When it did
I felt fur, like a mangy dog that had been in something muddy, this creeped
,me out, the last thing that ever happened to me was a laugh, this happenens
every time I go through there alone.

Two Experiences


I was laying in bed one night, a regular dark winter night, and right after i turned off my T.V. in my room, and I started to try to go to sleep, I started hearing scratching up by my head which appeared to be under my bed.  If I remember correctly i got up, ran to my light switch, turned it on and looked under my bed...I saw nothing.  I turned off my light and went back to bed.  Then i heard it again, except this time it was like growling and scratching noises.  I got REALLY scared. I thought to myself, "It's probably just the wind"(and that's what my parents thought too)But when I was outside just hours before, it was a calm night with no or little wind.  I still havn't figured out what it was.
      Here is my second story... When this experience happened I was again laying in my bed.  But since long gone to sleep, then i woke up with no reason at all in the middle of the night.  I was used to waking up in the middle of the night then (from nightmares and stuff, I was 11) But that night for some reason I was scared, obviously I was scared all the other nights from nightmares but that night i didn't have a dream when I woke up.  I looked over my bed to see if a presense was there that would make me scared.  I saw a dark blackish shadowy figure walking around the edge of my bed.  I yelled for my parents and when my dad came in it seemed to dissapear.  Maybe it was just my eyes playing tricks on me like when i wake up in the morning sometimes, but i dont know. Thanks for reading this!!

Many Short Stories


   I just found your site today & I love it...please keep up the good, no great, job!!  You said that we could send personal stories about our own ghosts.  Well, I have a few stories for you.  You can put them on your site or in your newsletter if you would like.
Short Story #1
   My grandfather, my mom's dad, died almost twenty years before I was born.  Obviously I never knew him, but I know what he looked like because of pictures on our walls & in photo albums.  One night I was home alone, watching TV, when I felt someone looking at me.  At first I just ignored it, but the feeling wouldn't go away.  After a while I slowly turned my head toward the dining room.  In our dining room we have two windows with curtains.  As I looked I saw a man standing there with his hand holding the curtain open.  At first he was looking out the window, but when he realized that I saw him he looked at me and smiled.  I could see this man perfectly but could also see right through him!  When I took a good look at him I realized that it was my grandpap.  He was wearing black pants, a white shirt, suspenders & glasses.  After he looked at me & smiled, I looked away for a quick second.  When I looked back at the window, the curtain was back in its place & he was gone.  Ever since that night I'm never afraid to be home alone, because I know that there's always someone watching over me.

Short Story #2
   I had been sleeping soundly in my bed.  I have a blanket that my grandma made for me when I was born, I keep it at the foot of my bed.  In order to get my blanket to put it on, I would have to get out of bed to get it.  I began to dream about my grandfather, my dad's dad, who at the time had been dead for at least five years.  In this dream, or what I thought was a dream, my grandfather came into my bedroom.  I remember looking at him, smiling, and telling him that I've missed him.  He smiled at me and asked me if I was cold, I said that I was.  So, he got my blanket that my grandmother had made for me and put it on me, then he left my room.  When my mom came to wake me up for school that morning, before I opened my eyes I asked her what blanket I had on top of me.  She was a bit startled to see the blanket that her mom had made for me.  When she told me that I had that blanket on, I opened my eyes quickly & asked her if she had gotten up and put it on me during the night, she hadn't.  I told her that I had dreamed about my grandfather during the night.  She told me that she had been awakened by voices in the night, as she listened she realized that it was me and an older man.  She didn't go to find out who I had been talking to because, like me, she assumed that she was dreaming.  Apparently, my grandfather really had come to visit me in the middle of the night and indeed did put my blanket on me!  Okay, you could say that I could've gotten up & gotten the blanket myself.  But the truth is, I'm paralyzed & it isn't easy for me to get around without my wheelchair since I don't have use of my legs.  So, my mom heard me talking to someone, I remember my grandfather being in my bedroom & my blanket was on me when I woke up in the morning.
Short Story #3
   My mom had a miscarriage in between having my older brother and myself.  One night I was in my room taking out my contact lenses when I heard a banging noise.  It startled me so I looked throughout the house to see what the noise was, but couldn't find anything out of the ordinary.  Since it was nighttime, I was a bit nervous after hearing that noise, but I tried to go on with what I had started.  A few minutes later I felt something or someone touch my shoulder.  When I turned around there was no one there.  Then I heard, in a very faint, child-like voice, "Don't worry, sissy, I'm here with you."  You could say that it was just my imagination running wild, but I know what I heard...the brother I never had a chance to meet.
Short Story #4
   My mom and I had gone to the airport to pick up her best friend for her son's graduation from the State Police Academy.  Once we left the airport, I decided that I was going to finish the trip with Helen's (my mom's best friend) daughter, who still lives in the area.  The next day, on our way back home, I was again with Nicki in her car.  Our mom's were in my mom's car.  We had been following my mom home, but got separated when my mom had to pull over to get gas.  About halfway home, we got caught in a terrible rain storm.  Although Nicki was driving slower than usual and being careful, she lost control of the car when a tractor trailer drove past us and splashed the car with rain from the road.  Her car stayed on the road but turned around three times, and as it was turning we felt something hit the one side of the back end of the car very hard.  When the car finally came to a stop, and we both realized that neither of us was hurt, I said to Nicki that I think we had hit the guard rail or median barrier.  Apparently she had realized more than I had at the time.  We hadn't hit the guard rail or median barrier, there was another tractor trailer behind us and when our car went out of control, the truck swerved to try to miss us.  He didn't completely miss us, but at least he only smashed up the back end of the car.  Anyway, after the truck driver pulled over to see if we were okay, another couple of men came to the car to see if we were okay.  Once they saw that we were okay, they used their cell phone to call for some help for us.  After the ambulance, police, a tow truck, and even a fire truck showed up, my friend got out of the car to go thank the men that had used their phone to call for help for us.  But when she got out of the car, there was no car there and the men we had seen and talked to were gone, too!  So, Nicki asked the truck driver who was still there if he had seen the men leave.  He asked her to describe the car, so she did.  He had a puzzled look on his face and then told us that there had been no one else there except him!  Nicki and I both know that we saw two men and a car behind ours, but they quickly disappeared into "thin air"!  We truly believe that those men were indeed angels, they came to help us but then quietly left without a trace.
Short Story #5
   This last story just occurred a few days ago.  A very good friend of my mom's passed away after a short illness.  This woman was very special to my mom and I.  Before this woman got terribly ill, she and I talked on the phone every other day if not every day.  Whenever we would end our conversations, she always ended it the same way.  She'd say, "Love ya, gorgeous!"  Well, I was watching TV the other day when I saw a commercial that this woman and I always laughed at for some reason.  I laughed out loud and said, "Oh, Katie, where are you?"  As the commercial was ending the phone rang.  When I answered it all I heard at first was static.  But a second or so later, I heard a woman with a raspy voice (like my mom's friend) laugh and say, "Love ya, gorgeous!", then I heard the static again & the phone disconnected like it always does at the end of a phone call!!!  This would be no big deal except for the fact that no one except my mom knew that Katie said that to me every time we ended a phone call.  I knew it wasn't my mom playing a joke on me because she was at work and isn't allowed to make outgoing phone calls, and she wouldn't play a cruel trick like that on me.  As I hung up the phone I had a huge smile on my face, looked up toward the sky and said, "Love ya, too, gorgeous!"  Although Katie is gone from this earth, she hasn't completely left us...which is just fine with me!

   Thank you for taking the time to read my stories!  I will continue to go to your web site very often.

Two Stories of Spirits


I no longer live in the house. It was once the second story to a garage apartment. It was a two bedroom house that my husband lived in before we were married. I had been to the house many time before and I had felt nothing strange. When we got married in 1999 i was already pregnant with our first son. I moved in and for the first few weeks everything seemed alright. Then one night I came home from work and somethings looked like they had been moved around. Shrugging it off thinking i had just forgotten i had moved some stuff around i forgot about it all. Then again i came home and stuff in the kitchen looked like it had been moved around. Thinking that my husband was moving stuff before he went to work I ignored it again. But i decided i would wait for a day when he would leave work before me. Then i purposely set out a mug with half drunk hot hea on the end of the counter and went to work. When I came home the mug was clean and in the sink. I asked my husband if he had come home for any reason and he told me no. He asked why and i told him. He laughed and told me i was being silly.
Everything seemed to stop for a while then i was in the bathroom when i felt like i was being watched. i looked into the bedroom and no one was there. A few days later i walked into the bathroom to see the shower curtain moving but the vent in the bathroom was off. To make sure no air was coming through the vent i shut off the air and still the curtains moved. Off and on while i was in the bathroom i would feel someone watching.
Then i had a friend come over and she yelled from the bathroom what i wanted and i told her i didn't call her. about two minutes later she flies out of the bathroom pale as a ghost saying she heard her name. She came over once more about a month later and again heard her name in the bathroom and her daughter who was six heard her name also. Needless to say they never used my bathroom with the door shut.
This whole time i was telling my husband what was going on and he refused to believe it. Then one night we had just come back from the movies. We were in bed when my husband jumped out of bed saying hair just brushed his feet. I had been sound asleep so we knew it wasn't me. But still my husband refused to believe it could possibly be a ghost.
At this time we had a lad rottweiller mix. She would sit in the middle of the second bedroom which was designed to be the babies room and bark and chase things around the room like she was playing. She never seemed to be scared of the presence or what ever it was.
Six months passed with nothing then i was sitting in the livingroom watching t.v. I heard foot steps in the kitchen. My husband was in bed snoring. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end. Scared i decided to get my dog to keep me company but when i opened the front door she was pulling on her chain with all her might trying to get away from the house. When i went to get her she bit me good. That was the only time she had ever shown any aggression and she was about eight months old at the time. I went back into the house and the evil feeling was gone. A few days later my husband has scratch marks on his back,{ neither of us has nails} and i had scratch marks on my breasts. But it was six fingers not five.
Nothing happened then i had our son. The night my son was born my dog dissapeared. I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with the house. My dog was a barker and i'm sure one of the irritated neighbors took her. We brought my son home and that night i was sitting on the couch feeding out son when my husband went into the bedroom to get something. He suddenly started talking to himself in a low voice. He came back into the livingroom asking why i hadn't answered his question. I looked at him strange and told him i had been on the couch and he was speaking too low to hear so i thought he was talking to himself. He shook his head and swore he turned his head to the side while he was walking into the bedroom and saw me right behind him.
Another incident happened when we went out to eat for the first time after the birth of our son. We came home and my husbands surround sound, vcr, tuner, and television had been rewired.  By this time we changed our locks several times. We changed them again.
Nothing seemed to happen again. Then one night in bed my husband and i saw a man walk from the baby's room to the kitchen. All i saw was a white shirt, but none like they have today. I checked on my son and he was sound asleep with a smile on his face.
That was the last of the incidents in the house. But before my husband and i got married he and a friend were living together. His friend had been in bed one night which was in the babies room and distinctly heard a woman whisper in his ear his name and a good night in his ear and he also had the tv, vcr, turner and surroundsound get rewired.
I had lived in the area of Jacinto City and Galena Park Texas all my life and i knew that Santa Anna had been captured around that area.
Another friend of mine lived about seven streets down and no one went into her mother in law's garage alone for fear of being attacked. The garage is now locked up I believe and no one goes in there.
When i was younger and living with my mother I would smell a cologne i had never smelled before. No men lived in our house since my father died when i was four. It would appear then would dissapear. Everytime I did something wrong when i was little i would smell that smell. Then i graduated and started working. I had just started a new jod at a convience store when i began to smell that smell again. It was a very pleasant smell. About a minute later I was robbed at gun point but i knew i would be okay.
Later my mother and i were shopping when there was an open bottle of cologne that smelled like that smell i knew. I asked my mother about it and she told me my father had always worn that cologne.
Less than a year later working at the same job and three months pregnant with our first son that smell came again and i was robbed again. And again I knew I was going to be okay but i didn't hang around at that job either. I quit not wanting to take anymore chances.
There was an incident with my sister. She had been up late one night and the next morning she got up and went to church. I don't know if it was on the way to church or on the way home when she fell asleep behind the wheel.
She suddenly heard a deep male voice yell her name and she woke up just in time to keep from hitting the divider.
Some of this incidents could be explained and some cannot. I'll let you be the judge. But every once in a while I still smell my father's cologne. But this time instead of me getting in trouble it's my son!

Unanswered Questions


Well, I am 14 now, and I am still kinda spooked when I think about this but
I feel bad that I didn`t have time to do anything about it...
First of all, my grandmother and my grandfather were in the hospital. My
grandfather had the most easy treatable form of cancer, and it went into
remission, so he was going to be back home in six days. My grandmother was
in the hospital because an intestine ruptured and toxins were spreading
through her body. They said my grandmother was not going to make it, and my
grandfather was to be home. Six days later, my grandmother was home fine and
my grandfather was dead. Now, one night I was sleeping in my bed. I had my
back turned and was facing the wall. I awoke with a jerk. I had a very very
perplexed feeling like I`ve never had in my life. I turned to face the room.
I saw a man standing near my door. He was dressed in an old style suit with
a cap on. I freaked out and couldn`t breath, this was my first time
remembering seeing an apparition or ghost or spirit, or entity, as people
put it.. He would just stand there, and I would talk to him. He wouldn`t
respond, just stand there. I fell asleep. I woke up, he was gone. He
appeared every night after that. After about a month, he was still
appearing. I was still a bit spooked at him though. One night, I awoke to
nothing. He wasn`t there. But there was something outside my door. I thought
of demons and monsters awaiting, but I grit my teeth and opened the door. I
looked down the hallway, and my dad was standing there. There was a noise
coming from the kitchen. My dad turned and looked at me, his eyes wide. This
scared me. Then he spoke, he said "..the scratching noise in the kitchen, my
father is getting closer." I stared for a moment, then realized what he just
said, and gasped, ran into my room, slammed the door, backed up agains`t my
wall, couldn`t breath. Then, I knew he was real. Next night he was back. In
my mind I was thinking what the hell does he want me to do, at the time I
had enough problems in my life. A few nights later, he was gone. There was
no sounds outside my door, and I could hear a scratching noise in the
kitchen. I stayed in my bed. The problems in my life erupted, and I moved
out of the apartment. I now live with my mother. I haven`t seen any ghosts
since. But I feel sad, maybe he wanted me to do something, right some sort
of wrong. I wonder if my father sees the person..
I moved in with my mother about a month ago, so this is a fresh story. I
read your conduct your own safe ghost hunt thing and would absolutely LOVE
to try it, but well I`m not really wanted back at my fathers apartment, nor
would I want to be there. But if I were alone or perhaps with a friend with
the equipment, I bet I would find something.
My theories are:
1. The ghost is my grandfather and he wants me to change something.
2. The ghost wants me to do something in the kitchen or dig something up
which wouldn`t be possible because you are on the 22nd floor of a 25 story
3. Its someone who died there previously before my father and I moved in and
wants me to find something. (but what happened to my dad when he was
4. Its all in my head (I don`t think so but I`ve been told that)
One fact I have gathered is that spirits have power over people when they
sleep and can invoke dreams or something. I have to get that fact
straightened out and learn more about it, so that will explain my fathers
I would like to go back there perhaps with a Ouija board, even though they
aren`t influenced, and see what will happen, ask a few questions, cause I am
really troubled if there is something very wrong and my grandfather knows
some bad event will take place or something bad was done to him, or he wants
something done, or I don`t know. If the Ouija board fails, I would like to
conduct a ghost hunt. Hopefully, any of the above will help me contact
and/or find out what the ghost wants, who he is, and why he is here.

Unexplained Experiences


I have sent a story in before and I was suprised at the quick and
knowledgable response I received.  It gives me the guts to submit a few more.
I believe in my heart that the few experiences that I have had are somehow
connected to my deceased father;Please allow me to explain;My parents married
very young (my mother was 15;my father 17)because my mother was pregnant with
me;My mother once told me the first few years were fine;My father got a good
job and my mother stayed home with me;Apparently my father,unbeknownst to my
mother and his family,suffered from an undiagnosed mental
disorder;bipolar,disassociative disorder,who knows. (It was addressed in his
autopsy report)Anyway,he was self-
medicated;A drunk,physically abusive SOB;Basically,he was not a good person
at all
drunk or sober;(its important you know a bit of background,it may explain my
experiences)So,to make a long story short,he had accidentally killed himself
on 12/20/81 at the age of 31;My mother,little brother and I were living in a
shelter;He was going to fake a suicide attempt(his 3rd)in order to get my mom
to come back to him
but he was drunk,possibly stoned and had fell from the attic(where he was
hiding,waiting for my mom to come by and retrieve our presents)and apparently
passed out and hung himself;Anyway,nothing really strange had ever happened
to me until I was around 25;(I was 13 when he passed away)I am now 32 and
every once in a while something strange will happen;I sent in a story a while
back about someone playing w/my hair in the middleof the night;Well,before
that I had another experience;
Here goes;In the summer of 97 my younger sister (my moms 2nd marriage)was
abducted and assaulted and left for dead;She was 12;Well,of course my mother
took it very hard and sought help for her immediately;My mother and
stepfather were in fact arguing about that help in the fall of 97 when my
mother(understandably stressed)suffered a seizure;I was waiting at home for
word of how she was doing;it was around 10:00 pm;my children were asleep,my
husband at work;I was alone,making my husbands lunch for the next day,worried
sick;No television,radio,etc.,was on;I began to bargain,out loud,with
God,dead family members,"just let my mom be ok";Then I said out loud "Hey
Dad,Why dont you help her out?You never did anything  good for her while you
were alive,I'm sure you could  try to help her now;God knows you probably
need all the help you could get now!!"
Well,no sooner were the words out of my mouth,I heard a loud noise;I had a
small entertainment center that,at one time,had a glass door,but having two
children the door did not last long;($199 K-Mart specials;it was a
gift)Anyway,on the bottom shelf,I had a row of my childrens Disney movies all
standing w/the spines facing out where you could see the name of the
movie;They were tightly wedged together to keep the baby from constantly
pulling them out and tearing them apart;You  really had to work to get a
movie out of there;Well,after hearing the noise,I went and checked on the
chldren thinking one of them got up;They were crashed,snoring,the works;I
walked back to the living room and glanced at the entertainment center;All of
the movies were all laying back w/the spines facing upward;It was if someone
had taken their hands,arm,whatever and had I guess "swept"for want of a
better word,all of the movies onto their backs and up against the wall;I told
my mom(she was fine)about it later and  she said :"dont talk to him;He was
throwing one of his tantrums"I said "him who?"
She said "your daddy,who else were you talking to ?"
Another quick story (I amsooo sorry this  is long)
June 1996;My husband and two small children were living in rental house;It
had a bolt lock on the front door that once locked on the outside,you could
not unlock from the inside(make sense??)My husband had the only key;One
saturday he took the children on an outing and bolted the door behind him;My
only way out was the back door since I could not unbolt from the inside(I
think it was installed backwards)
Anyway,I was blow drying my hair( I know,I know,you always hear the phone
ring or the doorbell when you are drying your hair or vacuuming)Anyway,I
SWEAR that I heard my brothers voice,clear as a bell,yell "HEY SHELL!!"It was
so clear that I holler back "Hang on!! I'll be right there!!"so I hurry and
dry my hair,go into the living room,
and there is noone there;I look out the window;No car;then I realize,there
was no way for him to even get in w/out a key;I asked him a few days later if
he came by;He was in Oklahoma that weekend;Not even in the state;The only
person Whose voice closely resembles his was my fathers;to this day,every
once in a great while,I will hear a man call me;Thinking its my husband I
will go to him asking "what?"he works nights so usually he is alseep or he
says he didnt call for me??
I was told by a friend that maybe he is in limbo and is trying to contact
me;I dont know  what to think;Insanity runs rampant in my paternal side,and I
sometimes wonder if perhaps I am merely hearing voices that exist only in my



Hi, I have Hquite a good experince on this subject. See a ghost had been
haunting me, and my friends for a little while now.One night as I was
drifting off to sleep, I started to dream. I didn't dream ,anything ummm
well, unuasul. Then I awake  very suddenly. Almost like something was pushing
me. I got this just horrible, horrible feeling in my stomach. I knew some
thing was wrong, and in this very second that this spirit  woke my from my
pleasent rest, I knew it had to do with this ghost. I was mad, and scared at
the same time. I didn't know what it was doing, and I thought some bad things
it might have been doing, to my family. So I got up rather fast to find
nothing. When I came into the living room I found all of the windows
unlocked, and the doors too. Some people sleep like this, and that is
perfectly fine, but alot of my nieghbors were having break ins.So I locked
every thing up, and as I was going back in to my room I saw my ghost , not
scary, but just a white glowing light. I felt pretty grateful that night, but
since  it was late, I went back to bed, and almost immediantly feel asleep.



hello , my name is Brian Chandler and when i was 14 { I am 25 now } I did an overnight stay with the sea cadets troop I was with , aboard the USS ALABAMA . Mored in Mobile bay as a museam . All was quiet until around 9:00 when we had lights out and the first cadet { our leading cadet } took watch . Well around 11pm he woke me up because my duty watch was at midnight . about that time we heard sounds like machinery running and engineers working on the ship . We both heard it and woke up our commander which he also heard the noises . All 3 of us walked from one end of the ship to the other and we were the only group on board for the overnight tour . As we got closer to the engineering area we could hear people working on the equipment , but noone was in there also the main doors are sealed . as we started getting chills up our spines we walked up towards the top deck to see if anyone was playing pranks on us . but then we also felt someone rush between us and we started hearing men screaming and in pain . That lasted about 2 hours and i dont think all 3 of us got any sleep after that . I have talked to a couple of people in boy scouts and employees of the ship and they admitted to hearing freaky things also .

Visiting Cats?

I think my deceased cats come to visit every once in a while.
Two years ago, my oldest cat, Wizard, a black tabby mix, came down with
diabetes. His weight dropped from 13 pounds to about 6. He spent five days in
the kitty hospital, then my vet brought him home and told me how to give him
insulin shots. He basically told me he was an in-door cat now. Well, Wiz
would want to go out in the morning and he would go out the back sliding
glass door and walk along the house to the front, where we have two sliding
glass doors. The glass door near the house door is always locked, unless
we're expecting friends, and the other door is cracked open about nine inches
so the cats can come in and get out of the heat or rain. It's kind of an
elongated patio. Where the opened sliding glass door is, there is a huge
saguaro cactus and it's impossible for a person to get in that way. Also,
even if it's very windy outside, it never rattles the wrought iron screen
door, which is in front of the wooden door.
I also have diabetes and I thought it was kind of funny being a diabetic girl
with a diabetic cat. Anyway, one Friday my husband and I came home from work
at my request. We usually go out and have a couple beers, but I felt like
going home. My husband was working on the computer and I was watching TV. I
noticed Wizard hadn't come out to greet us and after an hour I went to look
for him under the bed, one of his favorite places to sleep since he became
I took the flashlight and looked under the bed and he had wetted himself and
was almost comatose. I yelled for my husband and he pushed the mattresses off
the bed to get to him. Wiz started convulsing and my husband called our vet
and said we needed him right away (I have a vet that comes to your house, he
has a mobile van, can do medical procedures in there, give you the meds the
animals need and he's less expensive than going to a clinic. Also less trauma
to the animal if they don't like being transported).
The doctor was there within 20 minutes. My husband and I had discussed
previously about putting him down because I was concerned about his quality
of life. I've had my cats long before I met my husband. I made the decision
to do so, even though I was torn if I was doing the right thing. I thought of
the toll it was taking on me too, being at work and wondering if he was
alright (if only I were a housewife!).
So Wizard went to the Rainbow Bridge.
I had three other cats, Troll-bug, Booga-Bear, and Nemmie. It's routine when
they are outside and want to come in, they go to the front through the
sliding glass door and take their paw, stick it in the screen on the door and
bang it back and forth two or three times, signaling their servant they want
in. You should see what the screen on the wrought iron door looks like!
So, I had been home by myself and I heard the screen banging. I went to the
door and no one was there. In the following weeks, this would happen two or
three times a week. There was no wind blowing, I mean nothing can disturb
that wrought iron door because everything is closed off. I told my husband
about it and I said I thought it was Wizard. One night we were watching TV
together and we heard the rattle and thought it was one of the cats. He got
up to let the cat in and nothing was there.
Last year, Troll-bug, my 14 year-old black cat, died. I found him in the back
yard on the day before my birthday. I don't know how he died. He was fine the
day before and he always slept by my side. I had gotten up several times that
night to see if he was at the door, but he wasn't. Both cats are cremated and
I have them side by side with a picture of them both on the bed together.
They were buddies.
Anyway, we still get the mystery knocks. The last one happened just a while
ago. My husband and I were watching the final episode of the second
"Survivor" show and we heard the banging at the door. At the commercial my
husband went to use the restroom and I got up to get the door. No one was
As my husband was returning to watch the program, he headed toward the front
door to let the cat in and I told him not to bother, no one was there.
So we've both heard it.
Anyway, my girlfriend was taking me to lunch the day Troll passed. I was
only working a half-day and was amazed I made it through that.  I asked her
if we could go to the Humane Society so I could have Troll cremated and asked
her to carry the body because I couldn't. She's an animal caretaker.  I also
wanted to stop and look at the cats, so we did.
The next day, a Saturday, my husband took me out to breakfast and I asked to
go to the Humane Society because I saw a kitten I really liked. He was a tiny
guy with a loud meow. I picked him and while I was filling out the paperwork,
John came out into the lobby and yelled "We're getting two!" When he was
holding Little Guy, my baby, the kitten next to him reached out his paws to
the other kitten and John melted.
Both cats are black like the two we lost. It's eerie, but Leggo, the kitten
my husband picked, reminds us a lot like Troll-bug. He has the same sleek,
panther build and he's a hunter. We even wonder if he's reincarnated. I have
a number of friends who say if they are reincarnated, they want to come back
as one of our cats.
So I don't know if you can use this or not, but my feelings won't be hurt.
Feel free to edit or if you have any other questions, just let me know. And
by the way, this isn't the best example of my writing, but I am a journalist.

Voices in the Night


    I was never a real believer in ghosts or hauntings until I was stationed in England during the early 70's.  I was an Air Force Security Policeman, assigned to the Weapon Storage area.  The base that I was station at was a B-17 bomber base during WWII.  On this particular night I was assigned to a sentry tower that was on the perimeter of the weapons storage area.  The security tower was approximately 35 feet off the ground and it was an old WWII guard tower that had been used when the weapons storage area was a prisoner of war camp during WWII.  The tower had two search lights on top that turned 180 degrees to either side.  So here I am sitting in my tower all alone, trying to stay awake, when I heard the voice.  The voice came from somewhere outside of the security fence.  I heard "hey you, up in the tower".  I got up from my chair and used the search lights to see if I could see anyone.  The area outside of my tower was a very large field with no obstructions.  I didn't see anyone so I went back to my chair.  A few minutes later I heard the voice again.  So I got up and began to search the area again with the search lights, and I saw nothing.  Well enough was enough, I started thinking that some of my SP buddies was playing a prank on me.  So I called to the Entry Control Point and asked the Entry Controller where the two mobile teams were.  The E/C advised me that both mobile teams were in the E/C playing cards.  That's when I let them know that someone was yelling outside of my tower.  Both mobile patrols responded to my location and made a check of the area, but found nothing.  After the mobile patrol units left I heard the voice a few more times.  Until this day it remains a mystery of where this voice was coming.from.
    In this same area on a different night in the same tower, I heard what sounded like several children laughing and playing.  I used my search light again to check the field out and nothing was there.  This time I didn't call anyone to come check it out.  But I later learned from other guys who had been stationed there a lot longer than me who had also heard the children laughing, they told me that many years ago their was a train crash.  On this train were several school children who died in the crash.  It was said that every so often the ghost of these dead children would come out to play.

"What A Child Sees"


Well this didnt happen to me, it actually was told to me by my step sister.
Her mother, her older sister, niece and her moved into this old house a
couple of years ago.  While being there her niece, Taylor, (who was only 5)
told her mother that a man was watching them from the hall...(and there were
no men in the house living with them) but her mother didnt see anything and
thought nothing of it. Then when they were all sitting in the living room,
pictures of my step mother's parents would fly into the middle of the room
and fall.  They moved out of the house about a week later.
Another thing happened with Taylor...about 20 years ago, my step mother had a
baby that died in a fire. Her name was Angela.  Supposedly my two twin step
sisters started the fire because they were playing with matches in the
closet.  Well the baby (Angela) died because they couldnt get to her crib in
time.  Well about the same time as the other hauntings....Taylors mom her her
talking to someone.  Her mother asked Taylor what she was doing and taylor
said that auntie Angie was playing dolls with her.  And then taylor said to
her mother that auntie Angie wanted her to know that it wasnt her fault for
the fire and that she forgave her.  (the most chilling part of the story is
that no one ever talks about Angela because it is still to hard for them to
think about, and so Taylor wasnt suppose to know)

What I Saw!

By: a witness and believer
First of all let me say that I have always believed in spirits, and have felt
several while only seeing just one.
I lived with my husband, 2 sons and a daughter. My husband worked 3rd shift
so it was left to me and my oldest son ( 16) to watch over the house so to
This particular night he wanted to spend the night with a friend, and it
being on a weekend it wasnt a problem. The only people there were my daughter
and my youngest son.  My son was asleep on the couch and my daughter sitting
next to him watching tv with me. My chair was on the other side of the room,
and for some reason, I still dont know why but, I looked down the hallway and
at the end of the hallway right by my bedroom door I saw him. I was frozen,
couldnt move or speak, just in total shock. He was about 5" 10" thin to
medium build, but more on the thin side, gray hair, and had on these what
looked like work pants, shirt, and suspenders.  I dont know how long I looked
at him, but it didnt seem too long, then I yelled for my daughter to come
over to me. She did and was screaming, " Whats the matter?" I pointed to the
hallway and asked if she saw him.  She said no, and I looked and he was gone.
I started shaking and she asked me what I saw, I told her and it was then
that she said that she had a feeling of being watched at times. Now, I had
the same feeling numerous times, and there were times I would put something
down on the kitchen counter, go back a couple of seconds later, and it would
be moved. No one else was in the kitchen with me.
Needless to say we all slept in the same bed that night for my husband to
come home and find. He didnt believe me, and has never believed in spirits or
ghosts. He kidded me a lot about it, and one night he said " Fine if you are
here, then show me."  About that time the remote controls flew up in the air,
to the side then fell.  My husband looked at me then down at the controls on
the floor, and just got real quiet. Now of course I just had to ask him what
made them do that, just to get his reaction. He finally admitted he didnt
know, and later on that night he supposed there were just things as ghosts.
There were times that the presence was protective and at other times, seemed
to be somewhat mean. We do not live there any longer. The last time I saw him
he was leaning over my bed peering down at me, and that was enough for me to
decide it was time to move.

What Was It?


This happened to me, personally, back in 1990. I had a friend who's house was
"different" from others, it was haunted. I haven't read your story yet, but
something you said on your page made me feel that you would understand me
when I say that I always thought it would be "soooo cool" to see a ghost or
something of that ilk. Funny, when it actually happens it's not very cool or
neat at all, but rather terrifying. The other thing I was real suprised about
was how quickly the mind tries to force you to dismiss what you've just
experienced, I guess it's a safety mechanism in the brain so some don't go
nuts. I've always believed, ya know, I have always understood that just
because it's not around all the time for me to see, that there is another
reality all around me. I first got interested in the supernatural from the
movie Amityville Horror, and thus lead me to the Warrens whom I'm sure you
know of. I've read everything I could ever get my hands on by them and others
that were accounts of true hauntings. When I read The Haunted, I didn't sleep
for 2 days! Anyways, I digress, forgive me. My friend, when we were seniors
in high school in 1986, began telling me of how strange things were happening
in her house. This was before I really did alot of research on the subject,
but did know a thing or 2. What was happening was that she had these 2 dogs,
on was a black Lab, the other a very old Shepard. The shepard was just about
crippled by arthritis at this time, but sometimes would manage to get up,
walk down a hallway to the doorway that lead into the family room, and would
just howl and bark until he foamed at the mouth. The other dog would do the
same, but since he wasn't experiencing almost complete paralisis, it didn't
seem that big a deal, ya know? Anyways, the shepard would have all his fur on
end also. I know animals are sensitive to these things, and this is what I
told her jokingly, that she must have a ghost or something that the dogs are
seeing. It was the first of many stories to come. My friend, her younger
brother and mom would often go shopping at record stores, as all were very
avid music fans, and after having breakfast, after cleaning up every dish,
all the food and putting everything away (that was rule #1 in that household,
everything must be washed, dryed and put away before doing anything else,
absolutely NO exceptions!), they'd all go to their rooms and start getting
ready for their shopping adventures. My friend always managed to get the
bathroom first, and this one day was no exception. She had been drying her
hair when there was a banging on the bathroom door. She yelled at her
brother, whom she figured was pounding for her to hurry up, that she's almost
done. The pounding continued and as you can guess, when she opened the door,
nobody was there. Her brother was on his bedroom phone, and her mom was
watching the tv in her room, she let it pass. I personally would have packed
up and moved the heck away, but that's because I am not dumb about ghosts!
Anyhoo, she finished in the bathroom, she asked her mom and brother if they'd
been knocking, they said no. When they were leaving out the front door, her
mom forgot her keys on the kitchen counter, so my friend went back to get
them, what she saw scared the crap out of her, she called her mom and brother
into the kitchen and showed them the sink. In the sink was all the dishes,
silverware and glassware that had been used at breakfast, dirty and all. Her
mom tried at first to blame it on her, she was convinced that my friend was
playing a joke on her. But my friend pointed out that the stuff was unclean,
how could she have done that in like 2 seconds? Her mom had no answer for
that. They just went shopping and didn't talk about it again. My friend would
hear footsteps and see things out of the corner of her eye, feel cold spots,
ect. All very usual haunted house stuff. So we did some research, very
limited mind you, but we found out that not only was it a place where Indians
either left their sick to die, or left them as they died, I cannot remember
anymore, but back in the 20's and 30's the mafia dumped dead bodies all along
where her house was. We live a Chicago suburb, I'm sure you can gather who
the "mobster" must have been. I'm thinking it wasn't so much the Indian stuff
as the mafia dumping the dead bodies. Anyways, we graduated high school, she
met a guy and moved in with him. She stayed with him for about a year and
ended the relationship. Her parents, who are strange to begin with, didn't
allow her back into their home for 6 weeks, just to make sure she wouldn't go
running back to her abusive ex. She stayed with me for the 6 weeks. Let me
say that I never seen anything or ever experienced anything supernatural in
my house. Ok, when she moved back home, there was a new order of things,
first of all her brother had decided that drugs and drinking were just fun
and dandy and participated in both as often as possible and would come home
at like 5 am almost every night. The other new thing was her parents had
taken up camping on the weekends, so she was home alone from Friday morning
until Sunday evening. For a couple of weeks she said she noticed strange
things happening again, it was beginning to scare her and would I please
spend the weekend with her. In my ignorance, I said SURE, NO PROBLEM! Big
mistake! She had been describing seeing something in her room at night, I
snickered at her when she described it to me, about 3 feet tall, hooded with
red glowing eyes, it could also grow as tall as the ceiling. I laughed out
loud at her! I did! When I spent the night with her after she had asked me
too, we goofed around, listened to music and watched a little MTV before bed.
I wrote in a journal at that time, and I was a bit shocked that while writing
I felt a coldness that wasn't there a second before that. I ignored it, I was
sitting close to the bedroom windows and figured it was just a draft. One
thing that sticks out in my mind like a beacon is the fact that we had been
drinking cranberry juice that evening, at first it was real good, but (and
this was after I felt the cold "draft") all of a sudden it had gotten very
bitter, not it's natural "sourness" either. We gagged and went to the kitchen
to dump it out, washed the glasses, put them away and threw out the empty
bottle it came in. Ok, we went to bed around 12:30ish, I kept looking around
the darkened room, joking that I didn't see any ghosts yet! I wasn't laughing
for long, 'cos the 3rd time I looked, there was the hooded figure with the
glowing red eyes in the corner. At first I made sure it wasn't her clock
radio, her clock radio was blue anyways, so that theory went out the window.
Speaking of out the window, her room was on the second floor and I seriously
considered jumping out the window! The hooded figure started moving towards
the bed, of course it was on my side of the room, I asked her to look to see
if this was what she'd been seeing, she's like "yep, that's it alright", I
made her change sides with me. I lived under the covers for the rest of the
night, I called my mom crying and begging her to help me get out of the
house, she laughed and said that this joke was unfunny. (she believes me now)
Anyhoo, I was shaking so hard that the bed moved! I have never been that
afraid in my life, before or since! When the sun came up, I braved a glance
out from under the sheets, it was gone. I jumped up and got dressed. She was
getting dressed and coming with me too. She then said, "uh, look at my
dresser Liz." I did, our glasses of juice were there still with the juice in
them! I ran out of that f*****g house as fast as I could, I forgot everything
that I had brought with me and made her go back in by herself to retrieve
them for me. On the way home my mind was working overtime to get me to
"rationalize" everything that had happened, but I finally said "no, it
happened, I saw it with my own eyes!" From that day on I never spent the
night over there, and she begged me every week! She even told me one week
that she'd give me 1,000.00 to stay with her or to let her stay with me, too
bad a couple of days before that she mentioned that she'd seen that thing in
my house when staying with us those 6 weeks! Wait, I should have mentioned
that she had gone home to speak with her parents when she started staying
with me for those 6 weeks, I've wondered if this is how that thing followed
her to my house? One night we were on the phone and she started crying, she
said there was noise coming from the family room. Now this night her parents
were both home and so was her brother, so she wasn't alone. She was like
"can't you hear it? It's so loud!" I said no, but no sooner had I said no
that I heard this.....moan....but to call it a moan doesn't even begin to
describe the sound! Imagine a demon being tortured and screaming, it was
closer to how I would think that sounds. It was so loud that I had to pull
the phone from my ear, and it woke my mom up! She was like, what the hell is
that? I said yes, it's hell mom. My mom don't go for this stuff, it scares
her way too much. She didn't sleep for a week after hearing this sound, and
thankfully she made me get off the phone! I remember hearing that sound, the
tears coming to my eyes, my stomache dropping and knotting up, my heart
feeling like it was going to explode. I didn't sleep for a week either! Funny
thing is, nobody in her house heard a thing, not her parents, her brother or
the dogs, but it was loud enough to be heard over the phone and wake my mom
out of a sound sleep. I sort of stopped talking to her after that, about half
a year after that. Stuff kept happening to her in that house and all, but we
just grew apart. Actually, she started telling my best friend lies about me
so she could go live with her and get out of that house. I got mad at her and
have never spoken to her again. And trust me, it wasn't anything in that
house that made her lie, she was born doing that!
Well, that's my story, sorry it was so long. I was wondering if you have any
idea what that thing is called that I saw? When I saw it, it was only about 3
feet tall, hooded and had the glowing red eyes. Why did it follow her to my
home and back to her families home? Like I said before, I never saw anything
supernatural in my house. Her house was blessed, her family was rather
religious, going to church and all, but they were nuts I tell you. They'd
stab the other in the back to get what they want. I've gone past that house
since, the family's gone btw, and it still gives me the chills! Any help
would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance, I'll stop babbling

Wheelchair Image


Hi. I just recently discovered your website. I am a believer of the
supernatural as I have been living with at least two ghosts for several
years and have had several paranormal experiences in my life,the most
recent one I would like to report now. Tuesday night,June 19th I was in
the parking lot of a restaurant in Henrietta,NY.I had been out with a
friend and we were standing in the parking lot before going home,
talking.I was standing next to my car. I saw ,reflected in my cars'
drivers side mirror, a dark figure in a wheelchair moving quite fast
through the parking lot.I remarked that the wheelchair was moving really
fast, and we turned to see where it was going, and it was gone.My friend
didn't see the wheelchair.I didn't think too much of this until this
morning when I saw in the newspaper that a man in a wheelchair  had been
killed earlier that day only a short distance away.



Hi my name is Brandi I a 10 years old and love ghost stories and this is what happened. My grandfather was very nice and every night before me and nanny (grandmother) went to sleep Ray (grandfather)would stick his head through the door smile and walk to his room and shut the door.Well the night he died I lay in bed and nanny was reading her bible I looked over at the door and saw Ray's head peaking through the door smiling his light blue eyes focused on me. I was kinda scared and then it dissapeared and I heard the door to his bedroom shut.Nanny heard it and looked all through the house and found nothing except the door was shut

My Godmothers House


About 2 years, when I was 8, ago my friend and I went to stay at my
godmothers house. It had just had a swimming pool put in so we were really
excited. She told us to pick a room any where we liked. We picked one and
went in. That night we both woke up at the same time. Then suddenly the room
went freezing cold. In the morning my godmother asked if we slept well, we
said yes but didn't tell her about the room.
Then she asked my mum when we were out of the room wich room we picked and
mum said Tom's old room. She said "What. That one!" And told my mum that the
dog's fur stod on end when they passed it, ans when everyone was away she
moved as far away from the curridor as possible. I have experienced spiritual
behaviour and this website has told me that other people suffered worse than

Good Samaritan Hospital


Good Samartian Hospital
On Jan. 22, 1992
My husband (then boyfriend) was a patience in the ICU. floor & I stayed for
about 3 mths. in the old part of hospital (closed down for use of
patiences). At times my TV would turn it's self on and off (flicker all
threw the channels). You could hear water running, showers, voices and one
night in bed I was forcefully pushed out of bed. Nobody was staying in the
other rooms beside me when I asked. One morning I was taking a shower, when
I felt a hand touch my back.While my husband lay in a coma on a other floor,
I saw what was to be my husband walk threw my door stand at the end of my
bed, mummbled something to me (I could see his lips move but nothing came
out of his mouth)He then proceeded to turn around and walk back threw my
door. Not understanding it all I jump out of bed (had cracked ribs could
hardy move so soar) followed him in this elavator to the ICU ward. where
they were calling "A code blue"! Which so happened to be for him. When my
husband's health was declienng
 mispelled),Sister Elenor took me to the Chapple to pray, left me
alone.When praying I felt a soft touch on my should and a breeze (like a
fan) on my cheek. Can not answear any of this all I can say is someone was
watching over us. This is a very true story.


One Good, One Not!


My girlfriend and I moved into that apartment in September 1998, and weird
things started to happen
almost immediately.  Neither of us were scared because in the beginning,
these happenings were quite tame.  Personal objects like keys, wallets and
cell phones would mysteriously disappear, and after searching the entire
apartment to look for them, we'd find them in the place we KNEW they
should've been all along.  This continued for about four months, and
although it was rather annoying at times, we didn't pay much attention to
Just after New Year 1999, these events were stepped up a little.  We'd go to
bed at night and wake the following morning to discover ornaments and
pictures in the front room had been moved and rearranged.  This was
happening almost on a nightly basis.  When we came home from work in the
late-afternoon, electrical appliances such as television, stereo, CD player
and hair dryer were all switched on.  Even when we had to resort to
unplugging these appliances and switching off the main power supply to the
house, we'd come home to find everything 'on'.  But all these weird
occurances only lasted a matter of weeks before other happenings replaced
By early Spring 1999, things were becoming quite freaky around the place.
There were several 'cold' spots in the apartment.  Not just cold, I mean
freezing.  Sometimes you were able to see your own breath, and that's when
we started to become afraid.  One Saturday afternoon while I was alone in
the apartment, I actually witnessed furniture in the front room rise about
three inches or so off the gruund and ever-so slowly move.  I don't know if
I was just fascinated or petrified, but I
stood and watched for almost an hour as the furniture moved around me.  When
I decided it was time to leave the room - as I feared my own safety - the
door wouldn't open (even if it didn't have a lock).  Out of pure anger, I
shouted at whoever was doing this to stop and it did.  As I went to leave
the apartment, I heard crying coming from the living room.  Not like an
adult crying, but more like a child.  I don't know why, but I didn't feel
scared anymore and stayed.
That was the only time something like that happened, but still, our playful
little ghost was still with us.  It sounds stupid, | know, but when weird
things started going on, I used to 'talk' to whoever was doing it.  I'd just
say 'he' was scaring us and would he stop.  This worked every time.  Until
one night my girlfriend and I realised our 'little boy' as we referred to
'it' as wasn't the only spirit in the house.
While my girlfriend was cooking dinner, she claims she felt 'someone' touch
her on the shoulder.  Thinking it was me who was just trying to scare her,
my girlfriend didn't turn around.  But she realised it wasn't me because
whoever was doing it was 'stinking' of alcohol and cigarette smoke (I don't
drink or smoke).  When she felt uneasy, my girlfriend ran out of the kitchen
and we both WATCHED as cooking utensils, food, plates and pots flew into the
air as if 'someone' was throwing them.
This was too much for us, and we left the apartment and stayed the night
with my parents.  After speaking with a family friend, we got in touch with
a very reputable spiritualist based in our town, and he came to the
apartment the following day to 'help' us.  It has to be said that we gave
him NO information other than the place was haunted (nor did he ask for a
fee either).  As soon as the gentleman walked into the place, he said he
sensed there was the spirit of a young boy.  When the spiritualist entered
the front room, he said he could sense the spirit of an old man too.
To cut a long story short, the spiritualist 'talked' with both spirits.  The
'young boy' said he wanted to 'move on', but the 'older man' wouldn't let
him.  This made 'him' upset.  According to the spiritualist, the older man
was very abusive and reluctant to communicate.  After a while, the
spiritualist 'contacted' a member of the 'young boy's' family and she (an
aunt, I think) 'took' him
(if that's the right phrase).
A couple of weeks later, we got the opportunity to move to another
apartment, and we took it.  When we were collecting the last of our
belongings, the whole place stank of stale cigarette smoke.  But what really
scared us both was the loud evil laughing.  I mean, even the scariest horror
movie couldn't produce a terrifying laugh like that.  And we literally ran
out of the apartment.
Our experiences of living in that haunted apartment made me curious more
than anything else, and I decided to do some research.  According to public
records, there was an old gentleman living there in the 1950s, and died in
'57 in that apartment.  Two years later, the then occupants complained of a
'smell' coming from a cupboard.  When the housing department investigated,
the decomposing body of a young boy - about 7 years old - was found behind a
'false' wall.  I checked with police records, and to this day, the identity
of the body remains unknown.  After speaking with the spiritualist again
earlier this year (2001), he told me he 'sensed' the old man had killed the
boy, but didn't want to tell us should we have stayed.
There is one last bit to tell you:  a friend of mine - who knows nothing
about our experiences - works in the housing department that leases that
property, and he told me (quite innocently) that the new tenants have
complained about a lingering stench of alcohol and cigarette smoke.  Makes
you wonder...

Dinner Time


It was lunch time. Seven members of my family, including me,  were having our meal in the kitchen when a terrible noise made us
look up just to catch a glimpse of what many people would call "a ghost". The noise we'd first heard came from the sudden opening of the yard's door (one metre from the kitchen itself) , which of course closed back violently after hitting the wall at 90°. The" white thing" didn't go "trough" the door (as many films show), and what's more, it avoided a huge TV set that was placed in the middle of the kitchen, opened a second door with the same violence, making it close again with a strepituous noise after hitting another wall at 90° . All of us were panick-stricken and couldn't utter a word. Suddenly, my aunt stood up and went to look for the strange visitor behind the 2nd door, where the bedrooms are. Nothing or nobody was there, just silence. When I describe this experience, it sounds as if it had taken a considerable time to happen, but it was just as quick as a ray of light. Something important I have forgotten to say is that it was not windy that day, so I can't blame the weather for it.
From then on I've been trying to avoid going to that part of the house where that "thing" vanished. I was 12 when I saw that thing, and still after more than 20 years, it keeps bothering my mind. Sometimes I think that perhaps it could have been my eagerness to have proves of God's existence which made all that thing happen. When I was around 10 years old I used to pray
to God for a sign of his world; perhaps that was a way to show me he exists. I don't know. Some other times I associate the experience with a dream I used to have: a witch in black coming down the stairs from the roof, cross the yard while I was hiding under the kitchen table. But the thing I saw when 12 was not black.  It's difficult to find a logical explanation, as much as it is to find professionals in the area. Something easy to find is people who laugh at your experience, but I don't really care, for I know I'm telling sth true; I just look at them and think "poor people, they don't know what they're laughing at". People tend to refuse what they can't understand, so I understand those who just laugh or don't believe in ghosts.

My Ghost Dressed in Black


When I was about 7 years old my parents, 5 brothers, and one sister moved into a
large five bedroom house on a farm.  Shortly after I started seeing a small
child-like image visiting me at night time. It would come and just sit on the
edge of my bed and watch me until I fell asleep.  It was greyish in color but
not solid.  I could not tell if it was male or female.  Other times a tall man
dressed all in black would come to my bedroom and just stand in the middle of
the room and watch me also.  I would get really scared when I would see him.  I
had a feeling he was there to scare me.  At night I would lay awake and watch to
see what would happen.  these two "spirits" would never appear at the same time.
 This went on for about nine years.  Then I moved out on my own.  Shortly after
I was on my own,  I continued to see the tall man dressed in black.  His
presence scared the crap out of me for some reason.  For ten years after that he
continued to visit me on regular basis.  About once a week.  I felt like he was
trying to tell me something and got angry when I would not address him.  I would
try to ignore him and hide under my blankets.  It wasn't till 13 years after I
first witnessed the apparition that I went to a physiatrist for help.  In fact I
went to a few.  Finally,  my doctor put me on medication for  schizophrenia.  I
haven't had a problem with that spirit since.  Although ocassionally I do see
other spirits "floating around".  But I am happy that he is gone.   Now I am 31
and living almost ghost free.

A Strange, Not So Scary Story

This experience didn't happen to me but it happened to a close friend of mine.  I used to live in Sierra Vista, a small town near Tombstone, Arizona.  Tombstone is a ghost town with a lot of paranormal activity.  My friend was sitting on the Charleston Bridge which is supposedly haunted.  There are two bridges one is old and made of wood so they closed it and the other is, of course, new and made of cement.  He and his friends were drinking and a girl that was with them looked at the old bridge and said "Hey who hung up the new tire swing under old Charleston Bridge?" and they just thought she was imagining things.  So they passed it off as nothing all except my friend.  He suddenly felt a cold breeze on what was a hot summer day.  The sudden change in temperature made him feel uncomfortable so he decided to go home.  The next day he heard that someone had been hung suspended in the MIDDLE of the old Charleston Bridge.  The unusual thing is:  How were they hung in the middle?  There were only two ways to get to the middle of the bridge and that was climbing on top of the bridge and going underneath which couldn't have happened because the night was so bright they would have seen someone.  The second way was if they were hoisted from the river bank up towards the bridge.  It was so dark under the bridge they wouldn't have seen anyone if they were underneath.  My friend was at the bridge from dusk until midnight.  The person died somewhere between 10 and 12 that night.  In retrospect my friend was there while that person died.  The cops passed it off as a suicide but using common sense we know better.

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