Ghost Story


I've always been one to believe in ghosts and spirits...both good and bad. I'm thankful that I've never had a really scarey experience but I have had a few 'wierd' experiences and one some what scary experience.
I'll start with my odd, unexplainable experiences. When I was younger and living w/ my parents I used to have to do chores around the house. Now it's important to know that my parents house was previously occupied by my grandmother who died in the early 90's. One day while I was dusting the mantal over the fire place I was dusting one end and something on the other end fell off. It was ceramic but it landed on the carpet so it didn't break. I didn't think anything of this other than the mantal must have been slick from the dust polish. I was just happy the nicknack didn't break. The following week the same exact thing happened, only this time the ceramic nicknack hit the brick part of the fire place then bounced on to the carpet..even though it hit brick, pretty hard too, it didn't break. I thought this was odd but just chalked it up to luck. The following week two things fell off the mantal, before I had polished that side, both hit the brick and bounced and neither broke. I just got the feeling my grandma was haunting me a little. Over the years several things fell off that mantal but never broke.
Now I'll tell about the scarey one. When I was 16 I had a boyfriend that stayed w/ some friends of his b/c he didn't get along w/ his dad. He and his friends always told me these stories about the house. Apparently the house had been built on the old site of the county court house. The mother of his friend told me how she walked into the living room and in the hall way she saw stairs w/ people walking up and down them...kind of transparent like. They all revealed stories of how the sterio would turn on as loud as possible in the middle of the night and all three bedroom doors would open at once when everyone ran out to see who turned on the radio. I thought all these stories were cool but for a house that was so haunted I wondered why I never experienced anything. They all said the ghosts were shy and wouldn't present themselves to new people. Well after about 6 months I started to not believe b/c I still had no experiences. Then one day I had my experience. My boyfriend and I were sitting down stairs. The house was split level. The floor above this room was hardwood. The stairs coming down were carpeted. They came about half way down, then there was a landing and then the stair case turned and came the rest of the way down. Well, we were the only two home. They had two dogs, one dog was at my feet and the other was right outside the door taking a nap in the sun. I was getting ready to leave but I had decided to stay for another 20 minutes or so. All of a sudden I heard loud footsteps come across the floor upstairs and walk down the first set of stairs and stop at the landing. No one was there. The dog at my feet stood up and looked and all the hair stood up on her back. I decided that was my cue to leave. What was so scarey was that the foot steps sounded angry. You know, like someone was stomping across the floor. I went over several more times and never had another experience but that one experience was enough to make me believe w/out a doubt. I hope you use this story...I know it's not the scariest or the oddest...but it's true none the less



Well, I've always been a bit sensetive to the supernatural. I am 17 years old.  As a child I used to see things, people walking in rooms, but when I'd go and look in them, no one was there.  Well, it was late last year, and I was asleep. I remember waking up, but still being asleep and calling for my mom and waking her up. I told her there was a ghost in my closet that wouldn't leave me alone.  I asked my mom if you ask a ghost to leave you alone or if you tell it to leave you alone.  I remember her getting a little shook up and she told me to tell the ghost to just go away. I remember the most clearly saying, Go AWAY, and then falling back to sleep.  The next day my mom was visiting with our neighbor and he told her that his wife had died that night...the same I night I told the ghost to leave.  I just thought I'd tell my story, because maybe others will find it interesting, or have similliar experiences. Don't laugh, or think I'm crazy or anything, please, because what I'm telling you is the honest truth.  Thank you very much.

The Bathroom Door


Let me start buy saying that read this sight quite frequently and I am a firm believer in "strange happenings". I have only had one occurance in my life and it is the one I am about to share. Let me just say for the record that I am 23 years old and this story happened about 9 years ago so I was of an age to remember what happened clearly. My family lived in a house that was rather old, I mean it had a dirt basement with no light. We lived in this house until I was 14. Well when I was little I had an over-riding fear of the dark, and this house always made it worse for some reason that I couldn't figure out. I didnt like to be alone at anytime in this house, ever. My room was in the back of the house and I would hear things. I know that old houses still makes sounds from the foundation settling but I know the difference between that and the sounds I would hear. Anyway let me get to the point of this story. My room was at the end the back hallway. If you stood at the end of this hallway you would be looking directly into the bathroom. My room was directly to the right of the bathroom. My room had no door but of course the bathroom did. Well my fear of the dark led to a strange ritual for me. I did not like being in my room after dark so I would turn on the bathroom light then turn of my light. I would then go into the bathroom hit the switch and take off running to escape that dark hallway. Well of course I would have to go to sleep so this was the ritual for returning to my room. I would run down the hallway until I made it to the bathroom, once there I would turn on the light and then enter my room to turn on the light. No this next bit of informationis key. Before I would leave my room before dark I would make absolute sure that the bathroom door was open. One night when I was about 13 I was home alone watching tv in my living room when I realized that I needed my homework out of my room. I did not want to go back and get it but I worked up enough courage to go. As by the ritual I took off running down the hallway to reach the bathroom. Well instead of reaching to bathroom I ran directly into a CLOSED BATHROOM DOOR! I am not talking about just slightly closed I am talking about closed all the way. No windows were open, it was winter so there was no chance of the wind doing it and I was home alone all night so of course the bathroom door was open. Well needless to say when I hit the closed bathroom door at full force I broke my nose. I was so scared by what had happened that without missing a beat I turned and ran back to the living room broken nose and all. I never told my family about that night and I tried to reset my nose myself (my nose has a rather large growthplate on it now because of this). I don't really know how the door got closed or what closed it but all I know is to this day I get chills remembering that night. Thanks for listening.

Many Experiences


I might be younger than some of you, but I have had a lot of experiences. I am 13 years old right now. About a week after my 10th birthday my uncle had killed himself  in my grandparents house, the one Im living in now. After his death I would not go down into the basement ( where it happened.) The reason for that is I would hear noises and it would only happen when everyone was in bed and when I was home alone.And when I did go down there I wonted do it alone. Then about 6 months  after my uncles death , my 17 year old cousin had died in a car wreck.
One night I was so upset over the deaths that I had stumbled down there. Baling my eyes out thinking about how much I missed them. I was sitting on the couch thinking about taking my own life so I could be with them. When I was about to I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I know instanly that it was my uncle. And sometimes when I walk around the house I can feel something watching and fowling  me, but its not always my uncle sometimes it feels like something evil .
It wasnt to long ago that me and my 21 year old cousin  went to go see her dad. Now this is the cousin that was in the wreck  with the one that passed away. Jean ( 21 yold cousin) had told me that she had felt her sisters spirit there with her before. And while we were up late at night talking about her.We suddenly felt her with us , it was like she was sitting there listening to us.
Then not to long ago I was over at a friends going to stay the night. We were in her room talking about how she thought that maybe she had a ghost living in her house. And of course Im sitting there nodding my head. Then I felt something grab my necklace that I was wearing . So we got freaked out and ran to the living room and checked out my neck. From what ever had touched me left a great big red check mark on  my neck. Then about 5 to 10 min. later it felt like something was grabbing my legs. So I pulled up my pant legs and I had red marks all over my legs. So me and my friend decided to get out of the house and go bowling. Over at the bowling alley the marks had turned white and disappeared. Well when we got back to her house the marks returned. And I kept feeling things grabbing me and fowling us everywhere we went, but the  weird thing is that nothing was happening to her and she told me that nothing like this has happened to one of her other friends before. So we deiced to go to bed well while we were laying there , it felt like someone had come up and sat down on the bed between us. So I looked over and no one was there.
I havent been over there since. But the only thing I could think of was that it was an Guarding Angel or it was a ghost that was trying to protect her from me , because it know of my past or it just didnt like for some reason.



A friend sent me this and suggested that I tell my hear is one
of them I hope that you enjoy it. I have more if you'd like to hear more.....

  I live in Clinton, Illinois. Which is a small town. We have a lake and
that is about all here. One night I was out joyriding in the country with a
friend as I like to do from time to time and I had to go to the restroom. So,
I went to this access area that is out in the country. I went to the rest
room and then walked thru the pavilion to look at the lake. I then came back
to my car and crawled into the drivers seat. I looked up and there was this
little boy ducking behind a garbage can. He had red eyes that glowed like a
demons and teeth that were jagged and white. A black figure that looked like
a medium sized dog was beside him and it was black all that you could see was
its red eyes..They both stared at us in the car and I felt fear overwhelm me.
I quickly started the car and left. The next day I told my Mom about it
...she grew up in the area and she said that they often had Satan worshippers
out there and that were rumors that a little boy was drown and used as a
sacrifice many years ago. My aunt...says that the little boy was evil and
there fore was put to death in that spot.  I have tried to research this but
there are no records of any murder of a child taking place in this area. But
I will NEVER go there a gain....night or day.
  This is just one of the countless stories that I have. I have some photos
to. I don't know if you can use this but if you can feel free to. You may
also edit if needed. thank you for your time.

Grand Island Holiday Inn


I read your story on the Shadowlands Web page. Have you stayed at the Holiday Inn? You should....
In  early July of 1999, I spend a work week there for a regional curriculum camp. I had originally be slated to share a room with other teachers on the first floor. However, the room was a smoking room, and the odor was causing my asthma to flare up, so I was transferred to a room--dum, dum, dum, on the fourth floor. (Buggered if I can remember the room number.) When I retired on Monday night, I had not yet heard of the ghost or any legends. I was awoken three times during the night by the phone ringing; I was really ticked because no one was ever there. I vowed to speak with someone at the front desk about it. In the morning I learned about "Tonya", the ghost. We all laughed at the story, thinking it was something to amuse tourists. Being WNY natives, we weren't going to be suckered by any such nonsense. I forgot to talk to anyone about the phone and decided not to bother.
I fell asleep very quickly that night. I was awakened that night by the sensation that someone was staring at me from the left side of the bed. (I have small children. My son often wakes me using the stare method.)Now, I might have thought the ghost story was crap, but I wasn't going to test the theory by looking to see what was next to me. I said, "Go away; I'm  not going to look at you. I need my sleep". The sensation immediately left me, and I slept the rest of the night quite peacefully. I awoke and went to my morning sessions without anything remarkable happening. However, I had to return to my room mid-morning to fetch some papers I needed for the next session. The curtains were open on the doors leading out to my balcony, which was not unusual; housekeeping always opened the drapes after cleaning. What was unusual was the number of small, sticky hand prints all over the OUTSIDE of the doors. These were no higher than my waist. I shook my head at the poor cleaning job. I was sure that the previous guests must have had children with them and that the maid had failed to clean the prints off the glass. I wondered how hard it was to open the doors and give the glass a good cleaning, and then I hustled off to make my session.
As the day progressed, I heard more tales of Tanya, like how she throws the poolside chairs into the pool during the night, etc. We giggled amongst ourselves like good campers should when hearing ghost stories. None of was going to admit we believed any of it, especially when our principals were listening! So, I was half joking when I was in my room getting ready for bed and said out loud," Listen Tanya, I don't know how old you are, but I think you'll enjoy the books in the Falls Room.[I think that's the correct conference room name.] If you can read, you'll really like them. Even if you can't, lots of them are full of beautiful pictures that I bet you'll like to look at. Go there instead of bugging me." I slept like a log without any interruptions that night.
When I went to breakfast the next morning, I told a colleague about my "chat" with Tanya. I mentioned that it must have worked because I'd slept so well. I stopped talking when I saw my colleague's jaw drop and her face go white. I asked her what the matter was, and she took me over to the professor who was leading the session in the Falls room. My colleague said to the professor, "Tell us what you found in the room this morning." I listened in stunned silence as the professor described what a mess the room was. Books were thrown all over the place. The display table was in shambles, and her boxes of supplies had been unpacked and poorly repacked. In her own words, she said, "it looks like a little kid went through everything and tried to put things back together but couldn't manage". The professor had questioned the hotel staff about who had access to the room, etc, and all swore that no-one had been in the room after we left and that the door had been locked until the staff let the professor in the morning. I apologized when she finished and explained that I had probably caused the mess by inviting Tanya to go there. We all laughed uneasily at that. Some other teachers on the 4th floor admitted to strange things, like the ringing phone(no caller) and the sensation of being watched. Suddenly we weren't so sure the story was something just to amuse the tourists.
Were the phone calls, staring sensations, sticky finger prints, and trashed conference room related? There could be logical explanations like incorrectly routed calls, poor cleaning, and staff mischief. Maybe Tanya was drawn to all us warm, female, motherly type teachers. (No male teachers that I know of on that floor, and yes, all of us are Moms too.) One thing is for sure, I am far less skeptical of the paranormal than I was before, and I will admit (even to my principal) that something odd happened in that hotel.
 If you really want to check out the paranormal, then you have to go the Grand Island Holiday Inn - you can pretend you came to see Niagara Falls!

My Nana


 Love the site!  Keep up the great work!
I wanted to share my own personal experience with you
regarding my beloved nana (she passed away in 1984).
I took her death very hard, and would go to visit her
grave often.
After my now ex-husband and I married (in 1998), I
became pregnant within the year.  Since I knew that my
ex and I would not stay together for the long term,
and since our marriage was so troubled, I found myself
up at nana's grave many times, sometimes just to talk
to her and ask her to guide me, and to watch over
myself and the baby.
The first time I went to see her grave (I hadn't been
there for nearly two years at the time), I was pretty
certain of what row her stone was in, but not
completely sure.  I asked her out loud to help me find
her, and so help me God if I'm lying, I ended parking
directly in front of her row!  I thanked her, and
walked over to her grave, placing a single rose on it,
and crying.  I was about six months pregnant with my
daughter at the time, and I was very certain that her
love for us would get us through the rough months
Shortly after our daughter was born, my ex-husband and
I were having major problems, major fights, and it was
obvious to both of us that we would eventually split
up permanently.  We separated when my daughter was
three months old, and I moved into an apartment with
my infant.
Shortly after, I could "feel" my nana's prescence.  I
never saw anything (I always asked her not to appear
to me, as she knew I would be afraid), but her
presence was unmistakable, especially in my daughter's
nursery.  It never frightened me-conversely, I felt
very comforted and protected.
As a new mother, I took many photos of my infant those
first few months.  I never noticed until a friend
pointed out to me, that in one of them, which was a
picture of the nursery, there is a vortex on the
right, like a solid bar of white light, and to the
left of that, an arched mist that almost looks like
the shape of a rainbow, but you can see the wall right
through it.  Also, the picture of the room came out as
if I had taken it from on the floor, or close to the
floor, and pointed the camera up.  I would have never
taken a picture from that angle, and I know I didn't.
I cried when I realized that the vortex and the light
are my nana, watching over her great-granddaughter and
me. I don't think it's a coincidence, either, that the
photo is focused on the rocking chair and the mist is
right across it.
I should also mention that shortly after my nana
passed away in the 80's, and my brother and I still
lived at home with my parents, that one night I was up
reading in bed, and walked out into the kitchen.  My
brother was sitting at the kitchen table, shaking and
white as a sheet, almost crying.  A second later, my
mother walked out of her bedroom, and she was crying.
They both professed, at exactly the same moment, that
they had seen nana appear to them, and tell them not
to worry and that she was all right.  I might add that
their bedrooms were on opposite sides of the house!
My mother also had a separate incident where she saw
my nana at the end of her bed.  She wasn't at all
afraid, just comforted.
I still visit my nana, just to say hello, and it
comforts me to know that someday I will meet her
again.  In the meantime, it helps when life gets rough
to feel her loving prescence.  Thanks for letting me
share this experience.


Dining Room


i was in the dining room one night at my dads house and me and my cousin was
on the internet at like 3:00a.m. and my stepmoms mom died like a yr ago and i
was looking in the kitchenand i glanced over by the ice box and i saw her it
was really scary!!!

Ghosts and Hauntings Story


I've had many experiences with ghosts and hauntings, all beginning around age
3.  I am now 28 and my connections to ghosts and spirits has only grown
stronger with time.  I suppose I should start with  my earliest haunting.  I
was around 10 years of age, my parents had just divorced, and I was feeling
very alone and angry.
I don't like to sleep with my bedroom door open.  When I did, I felt I was
being watched.  One summer night, the air was hot and humid, and I had no
choice but to sleep with my door open to get a cool cross breeze.  I remember
waking up sometime around midnight or shortly thereafter, feeling I was being
watched.  When I looked out my bedroom door, I saw a frightening sight.  A
figure, with pure black skin, bright yellow eyes and a cloak of red, white
and black harlequin-like design was staring at me, it's hands on the door
jam, about to enter the threshold of my room.  I screamed, saw it's eyes
widen in shock, possibly, and flee down the hall adjacent to my room.  I saw
it's robes fluttering after it as it fled.  My scream woke my family who
searched the house for the thing (lack of a better word),  but found nothing.
 All the doors were locked, no windows were broken.  I shut my door, put up
with the heat, and it hasn't returned since.  I've been told that the
creature was a demon.  I also found out I was depressed at the time, and may
have been drawing it to me.  I can still feel it's presence when I think
about it feel very frightened just remembering the experience.
Thankyou for letting me share my experience here.  Only those people who have
experienced such hauntings can understand what I experienced.

My Story

This is one of the first experiences I have had. I hope this site is serious and it looks as though it is. I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin which is on the shore of Lake Michigan. I can't remember how old I was probably 7-9 yrs. old. My Dad had taken me down to Southport which is a park by the lake. I can still remember after all this time. I am now 34. IIt was a stormy day out, not raining yet but very overcast and a little foggy. My dad was standing nearby and I went down by the water. I looked out over the lake and if I had not seen it I would not have believed it. There was an old-day ship in the water. It was all wood and on the deck of the ship I saw two men. One man was standing by a mast and the other man was hanging over the edge of the ship on top of what appeared to me a net of sorts only it was made of thick rope and the spaces inbetween the weaves was to great to catch fish so I don't know what exactly it was. It was hanging over the edge of the ship as well. The man that was hanging over the side had what looked like a knife in his back. I know it sounds crazy. Let me just say that as a child I was frightened by what I saw and ran back to my dad. I told him what I saw and told him to look but he said he did not see anything. I have tried to do some investigating on ghost ships of lake michigan but cannot locate anything specific. I have even looked at the schooner pictures I have found but truthfully I have to say that the ship was older than that it was for lack of a better words a ship like you see on the documentaries on tv regarding Christopher Columbus etc. ships of that kind.It even had the sails up. I am not sure if ships like that made it this far inland but that is what I saw.
Another experience I had was one that affected me many times. I was very close to the same age and my great grandmother whom I was close to had died. Soon after (please I am not crazy) I began waking up at night to a voice whispering my name. Not Dan or Danny but Daniel my full name. Going into my parents room when scared was not an option so I would go into our bathroom where the light was always kept on. Believe me I would stay in there and fall asleep again. I dont think my parents ever asked me why I did that and I never even to this day told them. This would happen almost nightly. My parents went on vacation and left me with my grandparents for the two weeks they were gone. They lived in kenosha as well. I was relieved as I did not have to worry about the voice waking me(I never saw an image or ghost etc. just the voice). I was wrong. I woke up one evening to the voice again. I had never snuck into bed with my grandpa ever accept this time I was really scared. I grabbed my blanket and went to my grandfathers room. I opened then closed the door and layed down on the floor next to his bed. He was a very no nonsense guy who would have let the sparks fly if I woke him. After I closed the door I settled in to go to sleep figuring the voice wouldn't follow me. I had just put my head down when the door opened and I felt a "breeze" go down the length of the bed ruffling the dust cover of the bed. I think after that I finally fell asleep as I would absolutely not wake my grandfather.
Another experience... My dad owned a very old 2 flat house. My wife, children and I lived upstairs. I work third shift so at that time on the weekends I was usually up late, very late. All the lights were turned off which is how I liked it. All except for me were well asleep. There was a food pantry adjacent to the kitchen. There was a certain way you had to shut the door to the pantry or it would not close. I went into the kitchen and sat at the kitchen table. I remember starting to think about how old the house was and about the people who had lived there throughout the years. I don't know why I thought of this I just did. I began thinking about ghosts and how it has been reported that they can appear as they want. I kept thinking to myself that if there were any ghosts in the house that if they chose to show themselves it would be in human form and not some hideous creature. As I was sitting at the table the pantry door slowly opened. I did not see anything but I cannot explain how scared I was. I knew that the door could not open by itself, it was impossible. Despite being scared I stayed there, okay maybe to scared to move. I then had thoughts of the people that used to live in the house. These are those thoughts... the family that lived there(when I don't know) were excited about a fair that was the big thing in Kenosha. Everyone and everybody would be there. One girl from the family did not want to go, I think perhaps she was to rondevou with her boyfriend although I am not quite sure. Anyway while her family was at the fair someone broke into the house thinking everyone would be at the fair. Unfortuneately they were not. The girl was raped then murdered. Again I did not see anything like apparations but I just thought through this. I did not want to see a ghost (especially after the door opened) These are my stories and I hope this site is a serious site. There are a few experiences that I have not wrote about but I will save them for later, Thank you for listening.
                                                                                                                        Dan Stevens

A Tale for the List

 My Mom
My mother had been very ill for quite a while and i had given up my job to
take care of her.  we lived in a trailer then and often i was doing laundry
or house work at the other end form her room.  So in order to call me she'd
whistle.  a kind of "hey you!" sound.
My Mother died in February of 1999.  by March I had moved out of my parent's
house and in with my grandmother.  by the end of October 1999, i had met and
moved in with my now husband and we had just moved into our own home and
planned to be married.  We had just moved into the new house and i was beat
after unpacking most of the morning.  I decided to take a nice hot bubble
 I was relaxing in the tub... kind of daydreaming, when i heard the familiar
I was out of the tub, wrapped in a towel and half way through my new living
room when it dawned on me that my mother was dead, I was in my own home...
and that I had Been asleep in the tub!    I said out loud "thanks Mom!" and
just at that moment i was amazed by the strong scent of Orange Blossoms... my
mother's favourite scent.

My Brother

This happened when my brother was around five years old.  It was around 2am
and he went into my parents room to get in bed with my mom.  My moms bed was
right by one of the the bathroom doors.  The door on the other end of the
bathroom led to where the back door was and the stairs to the basement.  He
got in bed and was facing the bathroom.  He got scared and woke up my mom
and asked who the little girl in the bathroom was.  He said he had never
seen her before.  He told my mom that she was just standing there staring at
him.  My mom said the way he was talking, like there was really someone
there, it really scared her.  She said she just rolled over and shut her
eyes.  She was too scare to even look.  I don't think a 5 year old imagines
things like that.  While we were in the same house, my moms cousin was
hunting in the mountains and accidentally fell on his gun and killed
himself.  The family thinks he came back to say bye, because it was such a
sudden death.  A few days after he died when we were all in bed, the light
in the hallway bathroom would click on and off.  It was an older house, so
the switch made a really loud click when you turned it on and off.  My mom
would be sitting on the couch late at night ...with her back facing the
hallway.  You can sometimes feel when someone is behind you... and She said
she heard me breathing hard and walking up the hallway.  She called my name
and turned around and no one was there.  At the same time at her cousins
parents and sisters house similar things were happening.   His old toys from
when he was younger were stored in the basement of his parents house.  One
night his electric train turned on and was going around the track.  No one
knew this was happening to other family members until my mom called his
parents and told them what was happening to her.  The next day they went
somewhere and tried to contact him.  They all said they loved him and it was
time for him to move on.  They think he was trying to contact the family
because he died suddenly...after they talked to him, everything stopped.

A B&B Experience

The following happened back in July 1995.Me and a friend travelled round UK by train.It was about 4p.m then we checked in at a bed and breakfast in Manchester.All double room was occupied,so we got 2 single room wich was located next to each other.We were quite tired after a long day trip by train so we rest for a moment,later we went out to eat something,had a beer in the hotel bar and then headed up to the rooms for sleeping.The time was about 11p.m then I closed the venetian blind,turn off the light and almost immediately fall asleep.The room was pitch-dark.Then,after about 2 hours I woke up and find the room bathed in light,the light almost blinded me.I had a strong emotion that walk to the window,just like I was enforced to do so and then I went up I heard voices and music,like old folklore or something.The voices was only like murmur so I actually couldn´t here what it says.It was like being in a full up restaurant or a pub or something.I was not actually scared but it was a uneasy and confusing experience.Then I reach the window and opened the venetian blind,everything turned to normal again,quiet and pitch-dark.I went back to bed again and to my surprise I fall asleep after only about 10 minutes.The morning after we met up and headed down the stairs for breakfast.Afraid of being regarded as a fool or jackass I told him it was only a dream.Then,I almost drop the coffee pot then he told me that exactly the same happens to him.He has always been quite sceptical to the paranormal things,but I think this experience have changed his mind a bit.
I would be very glad if you could give me your opinion,apprehension about what really happened that night.I know I was full awakened and it can´t be my imagination ´cos the same happened to him.As I said in previous mail I´m not so good in english,so I hope you understand me.You may publish my story if you want,but you better circumscribe it before.

Haunted Dreams


I may only be 10 (well almost 11) but i know what i saw.Throughout my life i have seen ghosts or even something else.I will tell you my stories.Please don't laugh they weren't funny.It all started when i was 4 years old.I was sitting in bed and i was really upset because my sister was being mean.I hid under the covers, which i always did sense i was born, and waited.I heard my door open and i peeked out of my covers and there wasn't anything there.Then when i heard footsteps i sat up and saw a figure...from about the 1960's.She has curly hair and was staring at me.I started shaking.She smiled at me and disapeared.The next morning i woke up and went downstairs where my mom was putting up a picture.I looked at the picture and it was of the figure i saw during the night.I asked my mom who she was.My mom said she was her mom who died when she was 4 of cancer.The following 3 years i saw the same figure on the date of her death.
     Starting when I was 6 years old i had a shelf on my wall with dolls on it.I don't know if this is a ghost storie...but it's paranormal!Every night i would try to go to sleep and i would see either a dolls head move or the eyes would blink.I would tell my mom and dad and they would tell me that couldn't happen.So one night i looked out and saw my dolls hand up in the air.I just hid under the covers and cried.When i got to sleep i had a dream i will never forget.The dream was:
My parents in i went on a trip and i wanted to bring all my dolls.We stayed in a cabin with a loft.My sister and i would sleep on the couch.The dolls were in the loft.One day my parents and sister were outside talking to the nextdoor visitors.I was inside.The clock made a was 12:00.The dolls started marching down the stairs with knives.My family came in and were all dead the second they stepped in the room.The leader of the dolls came up to me and jumped on me.She stabbed me in the back.I died.
   I woke up about a minute later .My back hurt in the same spot as in the dream where she stabbed me.I looked at the doll who stabbed me.She had always had a face w/ a frown.Now it was a smile , a dirty smile....
 When i was 9 all of the dreams stopped.The only paranormal thing was when i saw my dog who died the year i was born.He walked across the floor.and looked at me...then disapeared.I was wondering if you think these stories are real.Also is there a way i can bring my dog back? (even as a ghost).Thanks.Please post these stories on your site.and tell me when you do.
Thank you,

A Few Stories


Hello.  I just wanted to tell you a couple of my
stories.  I lived in a house in Decatur, IL with my
parents and my sister.  Since the day we moved in, I
felt as though I was being watched.  I hated going
into the basement, especially at night and just had a
very eerie feeling about the place.  Shortly after we
moved in my mother complained that she occasionally
smelled a bad odor wafting by.  She said that it was
"like someone with really bad B.O. just walked by
her."  This continued until my mom, sister and I moved
out due to my parents divorce.  While we were living
in this house we had 2 dogs, a full grown Lab, and a
Springer Spaniel puppy that we got while living there.
 As she got older she would act wierd.  Several times
she would act as if she were tracking something
through the house.  Springers are hunting dogs and
have very keen noses and an instinct to track.  A few
times she would track this smell through the house and
my mom would smell the 'b.o.'  There was a crawl space
in the basement to get to other parts of the house.
Then entrace was covered by a piece of plywood that,
in order to open, you had to pull 2 nails out of the
way.  Well I was downstairs doing laundry one day and
looked at that piece of plywood and it was, of course,
closed.  A short while later I went downstairs to let
the dogs in, and looked at the piece of plywood, and
it was down.  No one had been downstairs because I was
where I could see the door to the basement the whole
time.  My mother had also complained of that smell
shortly before I went down there.  Let me know what
you all think.

PS My dad still lives there.

A Few Strange Stories


I have been wanting to write about some of my numerous (to say the least) experiences since discovering your page about a year ago, and figure that now is as good a time as any. I would like share a few with you, so I hope this submission isn't too long.
Although I don't consider myself "psychic" in the having, visions, premonitions, or definite impressions about things way, I have a strong relationship with the paranormal that started- I think- when I was about three, when I  began to have distinct memories of being drawn into my parents' bedroom alone, lying down on the bed, and suddenly being seized by a terrifying sense of icy paralysis, accompanied by the feeling that there was a presence either trying to subdue me or get "into" my body. This could have been a form of sleep paralysis with scientifically explainable origins- but I could never get over the memory of this terrible sensation. Or escape the feeling that I was constantly being watched, even when I was completely alone. Our house, in rural West Virginia, was built in mid-1920's, and is situated on a farm that has been owned by our family since pioneer days. During its hey-day, our house was the epicenter of a busy farm production, was filled with people- parents, children, and hired hands- and has, probably, absorbed all kinds of psychic emissions from its inhabitants. To my knowledge, only one person has ever died on the premises- my father's infant sister, in the early 1930's. This house has also- to my knowledge- been a happy place, full of love. However, it is situated next door, and on the same land as, my great-grandparents' house. This house pre-dates the Civil War, was home to dozens of people- including dozens of slaves who are buried in several now unmarked graves around the property. I know that at least one slave was murdered at this house ( it too, has always been in my family), and many hired hands and intinerants made brief stays in the house and even the barn. I don't know whether the house next door is haunted- but will doubtlessly find out when my sister and I inherit it one day!
 Nonetheless, while I have been at this house, I have been susceptible to extreme sad moods- to the point of despair, and once heard a strange voice- almost like something in slow motion- say to me " Let us out, why don't you please let us out?". I know that sounds like I'm crazy, but I believe that these feelings may have been some kind of psychic assault. Also, my sister and I, as well as several friends have mine have gotten the distinct impression that our house is haunted- by what or whom we can not say. Several low-key, yet strange, things have happened to us here- I remember as a small child, being "kissed" on the cheek while i was in bed; dreaming- half asleep/half awake that there were people in my room and talking with them; there have been footsteps, slamming doors, and piano keys being played downstairs at night while everyone was in their bedrooms, upstairs; my sister was "bitten" by something (like an animal) on the leg while sleeping in my grandparents' old room; and once, while I was downstairs doing a watercolor, I suddenly looked up to see the room filled with snapping, dancing sparks of light-at the time, I thought they were "fairies", and was exhilarated!
  Although nothing more dramatic has happened in this house, there is a definite, mysterious presence here. It is also an ambiguous presence- at times, I feel like I have been visited by an extremely benevolent, loving force, and at other times, the atmosphere in our house is very frightening and- not altogether hostile, but charged. Recently, since I have been home this summer, I have felt like befriending the spirits- talking to them and telling them of my good intentions. I get the sense that this has been very positive- I will now however, tell you of two more stories that have happened to me at other places- one that was very cool, and the other that was extremely frightening.
I first "saw" a ghost, not at my house, but when I was fifteen years old- while my parents and I were touring this dilapidated mansion in Virginia. The place is called "Swannanoa", and since my experience, i have learned that it is a notoriously haunted place, albeit by a friendly and beautiful ghost. My memory of the place is this-I remember being impressed and sad by the state of the house and ground at the time- the house was being opened for tours- I assume to help generate money- but the signs of years of neglect were evident. The couple who had owned it were intellectuals and spiritualists in the 1920's, and the whole place had an intriguing, yet melancholy vibe. I remember being in this one room, looking at portraits drawn by the husband- when i "felt" someone come up behind me. I turned to speak to whom I supposed was my mother, when I saw the wispy, white outline of a woman reaching towards me. I remember seeing white hair, and long wispy garments- and she was see-through, the classic "ghost". I wasn't scared at all, just shocked as she faded into nothing. I immediately went and found my parents in the foyer, and told them- and of course, they thought I was crazy. :) And as the years went by, I began to think that I had imagined it! However, about eight years later, around Halloween, I was exchanging ghost stories with a former employer when I told them this story. It so happened that my employer, who was a photographer, had done photo shoots for weddings held at the house while its Mistress was still alive. He described her as a beautiful lady, extremely gracious, and who had white hair and had the eccentric, yet charming habit of dressing all in white. She used to come out and wave to them from a balcony, while they were photographing weddings in the main part of the house. I feel sure she was the one I saw that day- because she had died some time before then. And because of the things that went on at that house- the spiritualist matters, I feel sure that she was merely trying to contact me out of friendliness- such was my feeling, and such was the supporting evidence... :) And I am happy that she did so.
     For the bad thing that happened to me- this happened while i was at college- a small, old, women's college, which is- I believe, one of THE most haunted places in the United States. It was my Freshman year, and my friend had a boring work-study job in the music library- in a really haunted building, and where few people- save music students with listening assignments- ever went. When I would visit her while she worked there, sometimes, we would try to communicate with the ghosts we believe haunted the building. We would make home-made Ouija boards out of notebook paper and use a ring of scotch tape for the marker- and once we tried doing this automatic drawing type of thing. It was pretty much for innocent entertainment. Although one really crazy story involving a record player and an "invisible operator" happened there, I will skip to the really weird story, that ended up having negative consequences. Once, we were trying the automatic drawing thing, where we would both hold a pencil and ask a ghost to draw  a portrait of itself- and although I am an artist, I made a very deliberate effort not even to hold the pencil-as a kind of a test to my friend. The pencil, the two of us, and the "ghost" produced this drawing of a man in what I would call the classic Elizabethan Jamestown outfit- neck rufflle, puffy pants, and page boy hair. It was surprising, especially when the pencil began to produce really dark circles under his eyes, and a straight, grim line for the mouth. When we asked, "why do you look that way?", the pencil (with our hands on it) moved, and wrote on the paper next to the drawing. "I am serious." We asked it several questions, among which, was the name of his wife- which I will never forget, because it was also the name of a friend who was killed a year later. And the way the pencil wrote the name was strange because it was made with the flourishes of an old-fashioned script- which neither of us could figure out until it was through writing. My friend saved the paper- because it was so freaky- but the really freaky thing happened to me about a week later, when I was alone in my dorm room.
I was trying to go to sleep, despite the fact of being slightly afraid because my roommate was gone, when suddenly I felt this "presence" come down the hall of our dorm, and through the door of our room. I know that I was awake, because I remember staring at the cinderblock wall as the "thing" crouched by my bed and whispered, in a raspy, evil masculine voice, "Stay Awake! Stay Awake! Stay Awake!" I remembered praying to Jesus Christ- something I rarely did- and then, suddenly, it went away. However, by that time, I was so scared, that I did just what the spirit wanted me to do- I was a nervous, wide-awake wreck all night. I turned on the light, and the television, and was about to drift off again to sleep, somewhere around 2:00 in the morning, when the "thing" came back, and went to the corner of the room, this time laughing maliciously at me. I was afraid to look at it, although i could tell it was a definitely male presence. Although I am not sure that the spirit doing the drawing was the one that visited me- I felt like we had gotten the attention of something not very friendly. That was the clearest time that he came into my room, however, I could sense him lurking around a lot.  A few years later, I found out from other occupants of that hall, that he had been making the rounds...
    I could write about other miraculous or scary occurences, but I think that I have taken up enough space already. I will just say that despite having scary stuff happen, I think that it is really an extremely comforting thing to have had personally- and to have heard about so many- ghost visitations. I think that it is undeniable evidence that humans have energies that survive after death- whether these energies are the same as the actual person, we will never know. I do however, think that there are ways for the dead to contact us- in both loving and dreadful ways. The best bet, I think, is to make friends with ghosts if you get the sense that they are not malevolent, just "there". But stay away from open invitations. I don't know why we are scared of ghosts- unless we react on a spiritual level to trauma or hatred within another spirit. I believe, however, that having positive thoughts and having a relationship with God- helps bolster one's psychic shield. I don't think ghosts can hurt you unless you let them- but some do desperately want to feed off your energy. Please feel free to email me with any questions- or for more stories. And thanks for reading.

A Friends Creepy Story


This isn't my story but a friend's. But I will tell it as he did.

Back a couple years ago, he was staying in his grandmother's house for a week while his family moved. He was trying to sleep one night when he felt the bed being weighed down by something somewhat heavy. Probably about 145 pounds. When he turned to look, he saw the faint outline of a human figure. It was jaunty-looking, but that's all he could really make out. He fell asleep soon after that, thinking that it was probably only his imagination. Two nights later ( it was a Saturday) he and his sister were staying up late watching Nick at Nite. He got up to go to the bathroom during commercial break. While he was washing his hands, he heard a tapping at the window and looked towards it to see a face peering in at him. From what he told me, it was a young man of about twenty-something with a blond crew cut and gigantic dark eyes. He could see and see through it at the same time and he got out of there as quick as he could. He saw the ghost boy a couple times after that, but not that often. Once in a while, it would appear in the bathroom window and other times, it would sit on my friend's bed.
A couple years later, after he told me the story, we went to his grandma's house and we told her about his experiences. He mostly saw the boy in the bathroom window, sometimes in his room. His grandmother said that a boy had died in that bathroom back in the 1940's from a drug overdose after he found out that his wife had been sleeping with another man.
It gives me the chills thinking about that.

A Haunting I Experienced


I know you collect haunting stories and here is one I experienced, although my husband swears it isn't true.
In the fall of 1999, my husband and I decided to spend a long weekend in Gettysburg. We were newlyweds and had honeymooned at the beginning of the summer, but we had not had the opportunity to enjoy any time away since then. So, I chose Gettysburg, because I had been there as a teenager and had fallen in love with the beautiful little town that had an important, if not sad, past. We spent the weekend in a quaint bed and breakfast inn, and our days were filled with walks through the town and a tour of the battlefield. On our last evening there, a Sunday night, we decided to take part in a ghost tour. We ate dinner at the famously haunted Farnsworth Inn and then joined the group that was forming outside to take the ghost tour. Our guide was a man dressed in Civil War garb. He carried a lantern and he told us wonderful tales about the history of Gettysburg and the battle that had taken place on the streets and in the fields. It was an almost frightening feeling to me. Here I was, standing on hallowed ground. I could almost sense the energy rising up from the ground. We walked through the streets as our guide pointed out the historic buildings and told us about the citizens who had lived in them and who still haunted such places. As we walked, I noticed the town getting increasingly quiet. Children came in from playing, and adults were preparing for the workday. Around 11 PM, we came back to a grassy knoll across from the Farnsworth Inn. The guide was describing one last story to our group but I heard nothing of it. It was at this time, that I began to hear in the distance. I shivered in the chill October air, and looked around, but amazingly no one else seemed to hear the noise. Was I hearing things? Suddenly, a young girl, about 20, who was standing next to me, caught my glance. "Do you hear that, too?" she asked me nervously. I nodded, unable to say a word. The look on my face must have been one of shock, because my husband leaned over and whispered, "Honey, it's nothing. There's some kids over there playing with cap guns." I did not see any children playing with cap guns during the tour or afterwards when we started back for our inn, but I distinctively heard gunfire. To this day, my husband swears it was children playing, but no one else in the group with the exception of the girl to the left of me, my husband, and me even acknowledged the noise. Hadn't they heard it? It wasn't a completely scary sound, but it was kind of like the ghosts wanted us to know they were there.. if it was indeed ghosts at all. I also find it hard to believe that any mother would allow her children to be outside on a school night firing cap guns in the complete darkness. Last year, I sent an e-mail to the Farnsworth Inn, describing the incident and the person who responded told me that she has had people describe the same, exact experience to her. Sometimes, she said, only certain people hear the noise.
I don't know what I heard, but I'm convinced I heard something from beyond this world. My husband continues to say it was just a bunch of kids playing outside on that October night.

A Haunting of Several


If you have ever heard of the Woodlawn Cultural centre in brantford
Ontario. You  would know that it was a residential school for natives.
Well anyway we lived in the House that is on the grounds. When we first
moved in the lights and noises were alot. We got used of sharing the
space with several enities.
One enity was in old clothes like a minister. He would come out of the
back door and walk around the house to the front of the house and
disappear. There was another enity in the house that seemed to act like
a poltergist. Books falling off the selfves. Dresser drawers opening.
The fear off my girls was great, once it followed her into my bedroom
and the bed began to shake. Like in horror movies. I yelled in my native
language, for this was quite enough and we will find out what you are
and how to release your spirit from this place. Until you are not to
bother any of my children agian. Needless to say it stopped.
Once this stopped then the cold spot appeared in the attic. Boy was that
ever nice inthe hot summer. Just to stand in there and get cooled off.
People would stay at the house overnight and be so scared in the
morning. They would not want to stay in there agian.
One day I was up in the attic and I said alright I know you are here let
me see you. Our ceremony didn't work so you must be of a different
nation. Let me see you. I can see the other side I have a gift.
Well then it started the (what I call a vision) Tthere in the attic I
saw this. Tthere was an older man who wanted the child to do something
Tthe child refused. Tthe man got angry and hit the child. Tthe child hit
the brick chimmy with his head and never moved. He died the man picked
the child up and took him to the back yard and burried him. He planted
an apple tree in the spot where he burried him. So I had an objibway man
come and  release his spirit and to this day no cold spot....
I can see horrid things that happened in different places. It sometimes
is to much for me but if there is something they need or being released.

A House In Arkansas


When I was fourteen my mother and father bought a little country store just outside of Leachville Arkansas. Our house was attached to the store. The building was built in the late eighteen hundreds. One night my parents decided to go fishing and I told them I would rather stay home for the evening because I was tired from working. My parents had left and I decided to get some rest. I had been asleep for an hour or so and I heard what I thought was someone going through the silverware drawers. I got up to go and see who was there but the house was empty. I thought maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me. I went back to my bed room to try and go back to sleep and heard someone talking in the next room. I started to get a little bit scared at this time so I got my shotgun off the wall and went into the next room only to find no one there. I spent most of that night just sitting in my bed with no sleep. when I told my parents the next day they said that my imagination was just running wild with me.A couple of weeks later my older sister was telling my mother that she had heard a baby crying the night before. Also a nephew of mine was asking his mother who the man was that was standing there looking at him.There wasn't anyone there. In 1974 I joined the US Army for two years mostly to get away from that house. I got out of the service in 1976 and came back home hoping that things might be different,they were not. My first night home I had this crazy feeling that someone was watching me everywhere I went.I was out in the yard about ready to go into the house when I looked at the window of my bedroom and saw a man sitting in a chair staring at me. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I packed up and moved out that day. Two years later my folks sold there country store and moved to a newer less inhabited home.

A Kitty Story


I'm not sure if this exactly fits the criteria of a "ghost" story but it was
rather odd anyway.  I had befriended a stray kitten when I lived in the
barracks at Columbus AFB, and later took her with me when I met the man who
was to become my ex-husband (hee hee) and got married and such.  When I was
pregnant with my first daughter, my cat got pregnant too, and about 6 weeks
before my first daughter was born, the cat gave birth to a litter of 4.  One
was female and the most odd but lovely and prissy thing, with penetrating
eyes that were so yellow a vet who specialized in cats said, "Wow, she's got
some yellow eyes!"  I named her of all things Acid Trip because she would
hop up and down on a depression left from a missing button on a chair, as if
she were "tripping".
I ended up leaving the air force and my husband joined the army and we moved
to several places.  One place was Killeen TX by Fort Hood, a place I utterly
despise mainly because of the muggy climate and flat terrain.  I had some
very wicked neighbors who I am sure killed my Acid Trip.  On Labor Day
weekend she didn't come home, and I figured she was on some kitty adventure,
since she was fond of doing so once or twice per year.  But my other cats
would not leave the porch that weekend, which I thought odd.  The night
before the holiday it had rained but the next day was sunny so I intended to
dump out the rainwater from the kids' swimming pool, clean it, and put fresh
water in for them to play in.  It was pretty heavy to tip over so I had to
dig my feet in.  Ants kept biting my toes, and when I looked down to brush
them off there was my Acid Trip, dead, headfirst in a plastic toy bucket and
shoved under the pool!  Meanwhile those wicked neighbors were outside
watching and having a good laugh when I screamed and ran into the house.  My
eyes are stinging right now because I loved that cat as if I were her
grandmother (as I had raised her mother from a kitten).
We ended up burying her in the front yard under a shade tree.  Fast forward
a year, and my husband was stationed in Korea so it was just me and the
girls.  A friend of mine was in the process of leaving her dipswitch husband
and needed a place to stay for a little while until she had a new place.
She is a Wiccan and had a cat of her own as a familiar.  One night I drove
home from a store and saw a dead cat in the was dark and I
couldn't see it well, but I was positive it was her cat.  I parked the car
and sure enough, it was =(  So I brought her in and laid her out with some
flowers on an altar in the back yard and when my friend came home I broke
the bad news to her and let her have some time with her kitty.  The next day
she asked me to bury her in the front yard in her favorite sunning spot,
which was clearly marked by flattened grass.  I picked up a shovel and began
to dig when out came a cat skull!  It literally popped out, and not even a
single vertebra came with it!  I realized that this was the exact spot where
Acid Trip was buried EXACTLY ONE YEAR EARLIER.  There was even a patch of
fur clinging to the skull that was her color, so I was sure it was her.  I
figured she was sick of being in the ground and wanted to get out.
You may find this gross but I cleaned out her skull and bleached it white
and have kept it on my altar no matter where I have moved since then.  I've
had other cats and none of them has ever come to any sort of harm or illness


A Loving Ghost


Ok, just a couple a week ago I was staying at my girlfriend's house. She came
down earlier this summer, so I decided to visit her again for a week before
school started. She's great. Anyway, I wont get into all that, 'cause I know
that nobody wants to here about relationships and stuff... hahaha. Anyway,
I've had experience with ghosts periodically since I was a young'n. When I
stayed at my grandparent's house while I was a child and my parents were
seprated I had some experiences. I remember hearing someone walk up the
hallway and I would look at the doorway from my bed expecting to see my mom,
but seeing nothing as the floorboards in front of my room creaked. I was
kinda of freaked, but not too bad, oddly. But that's tame compared to what
happened while I was at my Keshia's (My girlfriend). The first night nothing
happened since there were other people in the living room sleeping too... it
only seemed to happen when I was alone. I assume it was a friendly ghost
though... but it still scared me to death. Ok, enough BS, I'll tell what
happened. The second night I was there I had to sleep in the living room...
you know the deal, her grandparent's (She lives with them instead of her mom)
wanted me to sleep out there since they didn't really know me. Well, after
Keshia kissed me goodnight and went down the hall to her bedroom (About 20
feet), I started going to sleep... but was awakened when I felt something
touching me. It was touching me exactly how Keshia had been touching me
earlier. Like, running it's hands over me. It was unsettling, of course, and
I tried to ignore it... until it started saying stuff. It was repeating stuff
that Keshia had said to me earlier. Whispering just how she had been. It was
repeating sweet things that she said to me... and it was right in my ear. I
mean, as if it was right next to my ear. I thought "ALRIGHT" and got up and
speed walked into Keshia's room. She had told me about an experience after a
ghost had hugged her while she was sleeping, and if anything like that
happened and I got scared, I could come into her room. So I went in there sat
on her bed (This is about 15 minutes after she went to bed) and said "Keshia,
Keshia, there's something out there bothering me" and told her, stuttering,
what happened. I get panicky like that. Hehe. Anyway, I layed in her bed for
a few minutes, and then she held my hand and we prayed to God about it since
we're Christian and all. Then I had to go back out there and try to get to
sleep... it still happened somewhat, but I was feeling better, and I got to
sleep after about 45 minutes. The same thing happened the next night too, but
I just layed down and concentrated on going to sleep. I slept alright that
time. I guess it was trying to comfort me, or make me feel better, by doing
and saying the things that Keshia had done and said. But it wasn't very
comforting... hehe. The next 5 days, I slept in bed with her. Her
grandparent's let me, cause they trusted me and knew about the ghost too.
Nothing happened while I was with Keshia. I slept well and comfortable after
that. She said she heard footsteps in her hallway, but I didn't hear them...
I believed her, of course. One time I went to get water though it felt like
something was following me, then it felt like something had jumped on my back
playfully. I got scared, turned around, and jogged back to her room (Trying
not to wake anyone else up) and as I went back it felt like something was
pushing me. Hehe... freaked me out bad, and it freaked her out too. We just
hung out in her room at night and walked together when we needed water or
pop. I guess the ghost liked me... it seemed to. But I was pretty scared by
it. Although, now that I think about it, it seems like a pretty cool ghost.
I'll see it again, I'm sure, and if anything else happens, I'll send the in.

My Spirit Guide


I learned about my personal spirit guide from a medium I met on the
internet his name is Arron Campbell and he was a U.S. soldier in the
Civil War I call him my sentry. I have had a couple experiences with him
I'd like to share with you. One night I was on my comuter that I had
before it shut down on me (thats a story with no meaning to this)
anyways I was typing away on my keyboard just before midnight all of a
sudden I see a blue mist on my shoulder it really freaked me out at 1st
but then I talked to my medium friend about it and she said it was my
spirit guide Arron touching me on the shoulder. Another night I was all
alone in my room it was just after 1am I was really bored not really
doing anything except reading to see if anything was on tv. For no
reason at all I look up at the celing and thier are small twinkling
lights all around me that fade away slowly after a few moments. I
suspect this was Arron again beaucse I diddnt feel very afraid as I
usually do with this sort of thing. I wasnt drinking or anything like
that on either of theese occasions. I also have many deja vu experiences
that become more powerful and frequent as time goes on. I think that
means that my life is leading up to something either extremly good or
bad I dont know for sure. E-mail me at and let me know
what you think of my story.

A Recent Experience I Had


Recently I went on my first ghost hunt.  I went to a
small remote cemetary in LaRue County, Kentucky.  It
was off a small country road, right next to a corn
field.  There are NO street lamps near by and no
houses.  Nothing around to give off any light, other
than the moon.
We got there just before dark, to walk around a little
bit and get familiar with the land before it got dark.
 After about 30 minutes there, I got my camera and
camcorder out and started filming and taking pictures.
  I wasn't out there for 15 minutes and my battery on
my camcorder went out.  I made sure I had a fully
battery and on a full battery, we can normally film
for about 90 minutes.
When we got home to watch the tape this is what we
saw.  I first started recording there was still a
little day light left.  I had focused in on one grave
that I felt had alot of energy, as soon as I pointed
toward the grave, you see an orb shoot strait from the
ground up into the trees.  Caught several orbs on
video tape.  Well, the tombstone that had the
activity, I sensed, I walked over and told her that I
was going to place my camcorder on her marker, invited
her to show herself or say anything she wanted to.
After a couple of minutes my sister in law goes and
gets my camcorder and makes a comment that we need to
come back and get her marker up off the ground and sit
it upright, immediately after that comment, you can
hear "yeah".   It was not any of us there, it was a
totally different voice.
Now for the big part.  The night was clear.  There was
a bright moon, so we were not using flash lights.
Again, there was nothing around that would illuminate
light other than the moon.  I placed my camcorder on
another tomb.  At this point, it was totally dark, so
only thing we would be able to see was orbs.  After
about 2 minutes sitting there, you see a red orb
appear and quickly disappear.  About 30 seconds
elapse, one of us took a photograph, in the brief
seconds of the camera flash, you can see in the light
a black figure standing there.  Not 10 seconds after
that, the orb appears again, on the tape, really
bright, then starts to fade, before it fades
completely out, that is when the batteries went out on
my camcorder.
As far as the black figure goes, I went back the next
night during the day, there were no statues on a
gravesite anywhere here.  I thought that was what it
might have been when I saw the tape, but none was
there in the cemetary.  Once it got dark again, I got
my camcorder out, again a full battery, this time not
5 minutes go by and the battery goes dead.
I got some pretty good photos I will email to you when
I can get them scanned.  Several orbs, one red,
similar to the one that appeared on my video before
the battery went out.  Also got on a picture what
seems to be the early stages of an ecto cloud.
This was my first time and experience going on a ghost
hunt, not bad for a beginner huh?
Love the site, keep up the good work.


Janice's ghost

When I was 5 years old, my parents moved into a 75 year old home. I still don't know very much about the history of this house. It was built by a minister and sometime during the 1940's a summer kitchen was added onto the back. We found many interesting and old things in the basement and buried in the garden (not dead bodies or anything gruesome like that).  Anyway, this place has a strong presence within it. The house had once been a boarding house. So I'm not too surprised about it having a strong presence in it since many people lived there and possibly died there over the years. Both my younger sister and I felt like we were being watched when we were playing, alone in our rooms. Now when we talk about the house we find it amazing that we felt 'creeped-out'  in the same spots throughout the place. My room, the basement, the attic and for awhile the summer kitchen (which was a our playroom and later the family room) were places that were particularly strong. I had two 'imaginary' friends, who I really don't remember very well anymore (as I'm now 30 years old), but sometimes ''they' convinced me to do stuff that got me in trouble.
There were two names scratched in two windows of the house. 'Mary 1920' was in the front room window and 'Elizabeth 1920'  was scratched on the window upstairs in my parents room. Years later an elderly woman knocked on our door and ask if she could look inside the house. She claimed to be 'Mary' and that 'Elizabeth'  was her best friend who had lived here.
After we sold the house, my mom bumped into the woman who bought it. She was living there with her two children, both between 10-15 years of age. Her daughter slept in my old bedroom. This lady told my mom that her daughter has seen the ghost of a small, blonde girl in my room on 2 or 3 different occasions. The girl is pointing towards my parents old bedroom. Oddly, before we moved we had replacement window installed throughout the house, including the one with 'Elizabeth 1920' scratched on it. Only 'Mary's' window remains, as it is part of a beautiful stained-glass window. Could this ghost have been little Elizabeth asking were her window is? Needless to say I found out that the house went up for sale a few months ago.
Now after telling you all this, I have to say that my ghost experience has nothing to do with a ghost of the house or of the distant past. I do think that the house made it possible for me to see this ghost, because I haven't really experienced the strong presence or the any other ghost activity anywhere else. Well, okay I have, but not as intense as I did in that old house. Here's my story:
It happened when I was around 5 or 6 years old. My sister, a baby then shared my room. She was still in a crib. One night I woke up and looked over towards my bedroom door. I was froze with fear as I watched it slowly open. My sister was awake, I think, but not crying or fussing, so I knew it wasn't my mom or dad. I watched, paralyzed as a woman came into the room . She had long blonde hair and was wearing blue satin-like shorts and a pink t-shirt of the same material (it was cheap imitation of satin, popular in the '70s). I could see through her. I remember being amazed at being able to see the pattern of the wallpaper clearly through her. She walked, slowly over to my sister's crib and looked in. Then she turned and walked toward me. I was terrified. She had no face, it was all dark like someone smudged out a face in a photo with black stuff. She stretched out her arms. I noticed with increasing horror she had very long, red finger nails. Being so frightened I did the only thing a 5 or 6 year could do. I pulled the covers over my head. When I gather the courage to pull them back down she was gone.
Later on I would discover that my aunt Janice had died in a car accident around the time I saw this ghost. The accident was a suspected suicide. Her husband was a drug addict and an alcoholic, as was she, plus she had a toddler who was born with cerebral palsy due to her addictions. Had she come to say good-bye to her nieces? My parents were the only ones who really showed her any sympathy. Was she trying see to it that her son would be taken care of? I really don't know. I wish I hadn't been so scared, because I would have asked her.

A Story to Share


I just found out about your site.
I have a story to share...
I was born in a town called "Turaif", it lyes on the border of Saudi Arabia and Jordan.
One late morning, my grandmother knocked on our little town house at 2:30 a.m As she walked in with apparent panic, all of our house hold started to wake up. she was talking with almost no breath about her neighbor's house being haunted.
earlier that night, allegedly, my grandmother's neighbor knocked on her door to tell her that there was some abnormal things going on at her house, she had just returned from a 5 minute visit to discover that her house (which she always thought was haunted) in fact, was.
being the oldest (13 years old)  - my mom grabbed my hand and proceeded to walk to the house, it was only 4 blocks away.
once we walked in, things were obviously not right. I remember very clearly observing the changes. the living room furniture all moved (including the rug) into one pile to the corner of the living room.
a trail of Tied (powder detergent) connected the bathroom to the kitchen. once we walked into the kitchen, we saw that all the powder detergents was poured into the butter jar and returned to its place in the bathroom..
the stove burners were all lit and the pot that was cooking on the stove was moved very carefully to the ground..
my mom freaked out and we left the house immediately...
keep in mind that my grandma and her friend has seen a transparent man with a big hat walking down the stairs while reading a book several times at that very same house before the incident. the house was sold and destroyed only a month after that night.
no joke,


My Story


One night in our old house in Whitakers n.c, I could not sleep,I was about
about 10 or 9 but I can remember it clearly,that night I couldn't sleep,I
dont know why but I was just purring sweat,until I hear a raspy old womans
voice say "Travis,Travis,wake up",I was scared stiff.Now travis is my younger
brother and we were on bunk beds that night,and i just sat there until iI
gathered up the courage to look over and when i did no one was there.I asked
Travis did he here the voice and he said no!That story has been haunting me
ever since,I know it wasnt my imagination or i was dreaming cause I remember
it clear as day!Please agnolige this,that is all,thank you.

A Very True, Very Unusual Story


This was a story related to me by a friend.  He and his friends were walking near a river near where I used to live.  When they came over this hill and saw a fire glowing bright and decided to check it out.  As they walked closer they heard strange chantings they sounded almost Druid.  As they got even closer they saw that the people chanting were wearing cloaks and were performing what looked like animal sacrifices.  One of the guys my friends was with stepped on something that snapped and one of the cloaked people turned and seemed enraged.  The turned and made a run for it all the while never looking back but hearing them behind them all the way to their cars.  They got to their cars and haven't been back since.  There's a family that lives close to this river who are involved with some kind of satanic worship.  They used to go to church with my parents and then they stopped going.  Now they live in this old shack and that's where are the occult people go for seances.  I know a few people who have been to them.

A Visit From Howark


    It was the summer between my junior and senior year.  I lived by
myself in a small town called Savannah Missuori.  My parents had moved
to the Peoria Illinois area for business reasons.  I did not want to
move because I didnt want to start a new school my senior year, so my
parents left me the house.  My best frien was catholic and we decided to
never play around with ouija boards or any type of "evil" practices.
But the temptation for me was too much.  A group of kids that I worked
with were into contacting ghosts and such.  One of them even sweared to
be a medium.  So one day me and a friend went and bought a ouija board.
It was a glow in the dark one by Parker Brothers, so we thought it was
just a joke.
    Later that night me, my friend Nate, and my other friend Merissa,
decided to play around with the board at Nate's house.  The night was
fairly uneventful, but we did talk to a few spirits.  We had read guide
books so we knew not to ask anyone (or thing) to prove its self.
Never-the-less, it was a very thrilling night.  I had never done
anything like this before.  I grew up in a christian home so I believed
these kind of practices to be wrong.  So the next day at work me and
Nate told our friend Joel about the experience.  He laughed at us, so we
told him we would prove it to him later that night.
    Night came so we set up the ouija at nates house again.  Joel didnt
want to play, but he said he would watch.  So me and Nate took our
positions at opposite ends of the board.  Joel asked us to see if the
board would contact his grandmother.  So we asked, and the board said it
was his grandmother.  Joel not believing this asked us to ask for a
name.  Neither me or Nate knowing Joels grandmothers name were surprised
when the board spelled it out.  This got Joel's attention a little bit
more.  Than Joel started asking it questions, it was answering but only
in bits and letters, it didnt seem to like vowels.  We had written down
everything said but we could not make any sense of it, the board said it
loved Joel and to watch after his mother.  This sent Joel into tears.
But this is not the worse part.  The next moring Joel came over and told
us his mother and father were getting a divorce, when we reviewed the
sheet with what was said, we were able to make that out of the
conversation.  The board also kept on refering to Joel's mother as NO-Z
going from the "NO" to the letter "Z" on the board.  Joels mother had
said that was her mothers nick name for her.
    After what had happened with Joel I became hooked on the board.  One
night at my place I had some friends over, while most of them were
downstairs watching a movie, me, a friend named John, and Merissa,
deicided to go play the ouija in my little brothers old room (now
converted into a guitar room).  We set up with a candle and all.  It was
a very dark and creepy setting.  Just right for a "ghost talk."  At
first John wasnt serious so we had problems talking but after awhile it
was very easy to communicate with the other side.  Finally we got a
visiter thats vibe was very strong.  I asked what its name was, it
replied "Howark."  I than asked where it was from, it said "Below"
(accually it spelled out "B" "L" "O").  Since I was young I was told
only demons talk to you on ouija boards, so I asked are you a Demon.
Its answer was not what we had expected, the pointer circled around the
board twice and than violently/quickly slid off the side of the board.
Me and my friend were startled by this, we just sat there for about a
minute in silence.  Than I heard a sigh, it sounded like it came over my
right shoulder but i wasnt sure if I had just made it up.  I asked them
if they had heard it, they said yes but none of them claimed it.  So all
at once we got up and ran out of the room.  We all swear it came from
behind us, but this would have been impossible for we were sitting in a
trianlge shape.  So the rest of the night the rest of the people at my
house just laughed at us for running downstairs.
    Ok, nothing really happened at first, so I will skip a head a couple
of weeks.  I had just got back from visiting my parents and was falling
asleep one night, when i was awoke from a sound of a grandfather clock,
this really didnt bother me because my parents had one.  It was not till
the next moring that I realized i was no longer at my parents house, and
that the sound had came across the hall form my guitar room where the
ouija was played.  The noise made was more than likely somthing striking
my bass guitar and turning on the amp.  Ok, that is wierd.  At the end
of that week my little brother and a friend from Illinois came and
stayed with me for a few days.  One night we were all in the upstairs
living room playing video games when i got hungry and asked my little
brother to go make me a bowl of cerial, he said ok, after he was done
playing his game with his friend.  So, not wanting to wait around until
he was done playing, I went into my room and laid down on my bed.  I
waited for what seemed like hours waiting for the cerial, but i
eventually went to sleep.  I than awoke at about 2 in the morning
hearing footsteps coming from the family room upstairs.  They were very
slow foot steps that were very annoying.  I thought it was my little
brother and his friend just screwing around so I went back to sleep.  So
the next morning I got up and went down stairs and asked my little bro
why he hadnt fixed me any cerial.  He said he had and had tried to give
it to me 10 minutes after i went into my room.  I told him he was lying
for I had been waiting for the cerial for like an hour before I went to
sleep.  He said he came into my room and I told him to go away before I
hurt him.  I dont remember saying that, so I thought he was just saying
that to make it seem like he had tried to give me the cerial.  But there
was a bowl of cerial made, it was on the kitchen counter all soggy from
being in milk all night.  So he had made the cerial.  So than I asked
him why he and his friend were up walking around the family room all
night.  He said his friend and him had gone down stairs at about 11:30
to play on the computer and were down there all night.  I still didnt
think anything about Howark or the ouija board.
    After my little bro went home me and some friends were hanging out
in my family room upstairs, when we heard something that sounded like
chains scratching coming from the guitar room.  This freaked them out
and Merissa started to get violent, she said she felt something so most
of the people left for the night.  After this I started to realize I had
invited something aweful into my home.  It scared me, everytime I went
by that room I got a chill feeling.
    After awhile the light in that room liked to just come on by
itself.  It never went off, only on.  This really didnt bother me
because I wasnt getting hurt by anything.  Of course I was uncomfortable
knowing something beyond my control was happening but I was not really
all that frieghtened.  Until one day my best friend Chris (the catholic)
came over.  We were down stairs playing on the computer until we decided
to go upstairs and play the bass.  Now, know that Chris did not know
anything about the ouija board incident.  As soon as Chris entered the
room the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, he got very pale, and
than commented that he was ill.  I told him about the incident, and he
than immediately requested to leave the house.  As we were out driving
around thinking about what had happened Chris told me about one night he
came by and sworne I was up in that room but I wasnt home.  This freaked
me out.  The next few days Chris would barely come in my house, so we
decided to go to the church and get some holy water.  We than tried to
bless the room but it was very weird, Chris was ill at ease, looking
very scared, and I did not want to be in that room.  So that night I
spent the night at Chris's house.
    Later that week me and Chris were downstairs playing on the computer
when we saw a shadow down the stairway from the light of the guitar
room.  It was of a person and it just dissapeared as soon as we looked.
But we both saw it.  We were so scared that we ran from the house.  I
did not live in that town for more than a week after that (not really
'cause of the ghost, but because I couldnt afford rent).  For the next
week I stayed with Chris until I moved to Illinois with my parents.
    A week after I moved my parents went back to the house to retrieve
some of my stuff.  I stayed in Illinois watching my little brother, but
one day I got a call from my mom from Missouri.  Apparently my mother
had gotten ill, and afraid after entering the room.  Something similar
had happened to my father to.  I had to tell my parents about the ouija
board incident.  I didnt want to tell them because of their beliefs, but
I did because of all that had happened.  My parents than had a priest
come and bless the room.  The priest told my parents he felt something
evil in that room and he put a cross in every corner and over the door.
He than opened the window and leanded in the center of the room, closed
his eyes, and prayed.  He said he felt an immense heat and a scream as
something left the house through the window.  That is the last I know
about the ghost (or demon) named Howark.  I hope it is the last.
    One interesting note.  My parents sold the house to a realiestate
agency.  It is a nice house, only about 9 years old.  When I went back
to visit my friend a year later, the house still had not been sold.

The Native Spirit


About five years ago (I was 13), my family went to Colorado for vacation.
We stayed in a little motel about three or four miles from Pike's Peak (a
beautiful place, I might add).  As you can imagine, there were many Native
Americans and Mexicans that lived there.
One day, we went to the Garden of the Gods and were walking around the rock
formations there.  I wandered off a bit from my family and went off one of
the trails and behind a rock to get a good picture of the Kissing Camels
(another rocks formation).  It was pretty warm out, but when I turned the
corner, I started to shiver a bit.  I didn't think anything of it really.
However, about five yards from me (in view of my camera), was a tall Native
man.  He looked to be in his twenties and was dressed in nondescript
clothing.  What caught my eye was that he had a feather (I think eagle) tied
in his hair (which was very long).  I made eye contact with him and he
smiled at me.  I smiled back. He moved off to the side so I could take the
picture, but even then, he was still in the view of the camera.  I decided
to go ahead and take the picture with him in it.
After I took the picture, my sister came up behind me.  I turned for less
than a second to see her and when I turned back around, the man was gone.  I
asked my sister if she had seen anyone and she said she hadn't.  I felt that
was a little strange, because there was no place for someone to duck out of
sight in an instant.  About a week later, I got those pictures developed.
In the one I took of the Kissing Camels, the man is nowhere to be seen.
A few years later, I stumble across a brief history of the Garden of the
Gods.  What is really strange is that nowhere in it does it make mention of
Natives.  It was established during teh time of the railroad races and
originally as a beer garden.  I mentioned this to a friend of mine, who is
heavily into spirits, and he said that it didn't mean a thing.  The man I
saw could have been killed at any point of history and that seeing a Native
spirit did not mean an Indian battle took place or that it was a burial
ground or something.  I'm still not sure exactly what it was that I saw.  It
wasn't frightening at all, jsut strange.

And Yet Another Ghost Story or Two....

Good Evening......
Here's some more reading pleasure for you:
Story #1:
Where:  Exton,  Pennsylvania
My family lived in a house that seemed to have alot of activity.  It was purchased in 1977.  Prior to my family living there, the house had five other families move in and out in a seven year time span.  My mom does not scare easily,and that's just as well.....for a good number of years, she used to see a silouette of a man in her peripheral vision. Whenever she turned her head, he would vanish.  She says he was dressed in late 18th or early 19th cent. clothing.  He never did anything or appeared to be threatening in any way, so she wasn't bothered by him.  She didn't tell anyone in the family ("They're coming to take me away, ha ha...!"). My little brother had a room at the other end of the upstairs, just over the garage. One wall was an entire closet which had louver doors.  One night he woke up around three a.m. and ran  down the hall screaming ,"THERE'S A MAN IN MY ROOM!!!!".  Well, he never knew about the apparition because mom never said anything. The man had been standing directly in front of the louver doors.
I was there on a visit in 1982.  My mom, my middle brother and I were sitting in the den, at just about 11:30 p.m., watching "Monday Night Football With Howard Cosell".  Dad and younger brother had gone to bed about 2 hours earlier.  We were sitting on the couch.  Above our heads, on a huge plank, sat a very large sailing ship complete with rigging.  Just at 11:30 p.m. we all heard this tremendous '"BANG!!!!".  A upstairs door had been slammed so hard it made the ship rattle, and the vibration was felt down the entire length of the den wall.  We all came up off the couch in unison!!  My brother and  I went upstairs - not one single door to any of the rooms was closed. My dad and younger brother never heard a thing and were both sound asleep.
I had a small dressing table light in my guest room.  I turned it on and went downstairs to the kitchen for a few minutes.  Mom was still up (it was almost midnight) and everyone else was long in bed.  When I returned to my room, the light was off.  I thought the bulb burned out, but it was simply off.  I turned the switch and it came on again.  (Who turned it off?)
My middle brother was alone one afternoon with just the family dog, Babe.  She was outside on a very long line which allowed her to go the length of the driveway and also into the backyard. Nobody got close to the house unless they liked the sight of their own blood....My brother heard three distinct raps on an outside wall (which was the inside wall of the den).  It was the middle of the afternoon. He went outside to look and nobody was there.  It didn't occur to him until later that Babe never made a sound....and whoever knocked on the wall had to have gotten past her first.
They sold the house in 1999 and haven't heard any complaints from the new owners.
Where:  Munstergeleen, South Limburg, Netherlands
This is about my house.  My family and I bought this old farmhouse, built in 1860, in late 1992.  Prior to us, generations of the family who originally built this house had lived here.  We were the first "strangers".  (At the moment I am smelling something "burning" , but it's the middle of summer and my computer is not on fire!)  My husband, who WAS a strict skeptic, used to hear footfalls in the rooms upstairs while he was alone in the livingroom.  On numerous occasions, our ceiling light used to come on of it's own volition, but at 1/2 power - like it was on a dimmer switch.  The ceiling light in our son's room did the same thing, but not at the same time.  The switches didn't work, so we had to take the bulbs out.  Other days the lights were just fine.  We wondered if it was the wiring, but we've had no electrical problems whatsoever.
In our livingroom, a corner of the floor can be removed. It's made up of wooden slats and is an area about the size of the plastic floor stand of a parrot cage.  That's precisely what we set in that spot, because we didn't want to put anything heavy on it. There is nothing under the panel but cement, which if opened would lead to the basement (the mosquitoes and spiders reside there.)  The parrot cage would begin to visibly and audibly shake. My china cabinet was right next to it, and it was completely still. We had cockatiels at the time, and they had eyes like saucers while this was going on. The two of them just looked down into the cage. The toy bell was ringing and the cage shook rather violently.  The first time it happened my husband was home alone.  The second time we were both home.  He said when he grabbed the cage, it just kept shaking!  My husband has an extremely strong grip, which didn't seem to matter at the time.  The second time, I grabbed the cage and it also continued to shake.  I got very annoyed and yelled out," Either show yourself or go away - you're scaring my birds!!!!"  The shaking stopped immediately afterwards.
One afternoon at about 2:30 p.m. I heard footfalls coming down the stairs.  Our stairs make a distinct sound on every step.  My husband had night shift that week, and I thought he was coming down to use the toilet.  Our son was in school. The kitchen door was closed (leads to the hall and the stairs) because I had the stereo on.  I thought I'd give him a big scare, so I waited on the other side of the door., with my hand on the doorhandle.  Just as I heard the last footfall, I yanked open the door - NOBODY THERE.  I went upstairs and looked in the bedroom and he was fast asleep.  It would have been impossible for anyone to go up a set of stairs so quickly, so I just figured it was "someone else".
I went to an automatic writer and she said there's a woman still in this house looking for something - a letter from a loved one, perhaps.  A woman of the original family had died in the driveway in the 1930s. Her daughter was born in this house and still lives across the street.
All of these stories are factual and can be verified by my family.
Thank You!

Animated inanimate objects, shadow people, etc.

I just want to start by saying I'm completely addicted to this site - its
I have had several experiences in my life, staring as far back as I can
remember.  I was always interested in the paranormal.  I remember being very
little (like maybe 3 or 4) and talking to my grandmother (who we - my mom
and I - lived with at the time) and wanting to talk about ghost stories,
telling her I wanted to be a witch, etc.  I was also terrified of the devil
(I was raised Catholic, but was to young at that age to really be in any
kind of way bombarded by any religious dogma of any type at all, I wasn't
even in Sunday school).  And please know that when I say terrified I mean
pathologically, absolutely TERRIFIED.  I remember a couple of times in my
childhood, both at my grandparents house and at the house I spent most of my
childhood in, from maybe the ages of 4 - 10, waking up at the top of the
basement stairs with my mother slapping me across the face (to try to wake
me as I was hysterical) - I guess I had sleep-walked there and apparently
was yelling down into the darkness at the devil).  I remember waking up, not
so much remembering the dream I was having, but I do remember that upon
waking I'd sorta (as I was coming out of the sleep) hear myself yelling,
"NO!  NO!  I HATE YOU!  NO!" and I know I thought I was yelling at the devil
himself.  I also remember for years, when my parents weren't around, I would
hear voices whispering (not really whispering, so much as I could only hear
them in my head and therefore they really lacked physical volume) my name.
And the whispering would come from distinct spots - usually a staircase
(didn't matter what house I was in, if I was upstairs the voice would be
calling from downstairs, and vice versa).
I also remember (and this sticks in my mind so vividly to this day) being
maybe 3 or 4, playing in an upstairs bedroom at my grandmothers house with
this ceramic cat thing-y.  It was maybe 2-2 1/2 inches long and it was in
the shape of a black cat climbing/scrambling up something, its front paws
were hooked so you could hook it to the top of a lamp shade - just a
knick-knacky thing.  Well, anyway, I was just a little girl, singing to
myself in the afternoon in this bedroom, stroking the back of the cat thing
with my finger (like I was "petting" it, for some reason until that moment I
loved that cat thing-y) when it like became animated and kinda like
stretched out under my finger (just like a real cat would) and meowed.  I
ran downstairs to the kitchen and told Nanny (my grandmother) and she told
me I was over tired or needed a nap or something.  It was very frustrating
because I KNOW I KNOW what I saw, I wasn't sleepy (I'm still very unmovable
on that point, though now that I'm an adult I should be so lucky to have
people trying to get me to take a nap :) ).  I also had strange dreams that
would come true, a lot more frequently when I was little (too numerous and
uneventful to go into here).
Then one day in 5th grade a boy in my class did a book report on a book from
the school library on true ghost stories.  I had no idea such things
existed!!!  I read every book in the school library, then the suburbs
library, and so on until eventually I started reading about the occult.
I'll admit I was really stupid with the things I started to mess with (I was
14 by now).  My best friend and I got into witchcraft and would do spells
(with strong results, but admittedly very irresponsible).  At this time at
my parents house (moved out of Nanny's when my mother re-married) I started
to feel watched all the time.  Especially in the basement when I would watch
TV.  It would always come from the darkest corner, back behind the stairs
which were on the opposite wall as the TV.  I would talk to my friend on the
phone about it, and as soon as we started on that subject, my line would go
all static-y, until we changed subjects - then it was fine.  I mean I really
felt watched ALL THE TIME, but in the basement it was a scary watched feel,
like I was prey - a very evil feeling.  I spoke to my religion teacher (at
this point I was in a catholic school for high school) and she wanted to
come out with an exorcist priest, but from what I'd read and heard that'll
either fix it, or make it worse...  that and I didn't really want to talk to
my parents about it - though she even offered to arrange it when my parents
were gonna be away.  Anyway, I guess I just kinda lived with it, I knew it
couldn't harm me, but I also knew it was watching me, waiting for me to do
something to "slip up" (all though how I don't know) so I could get to me
(or get me, asitwere).
From that point in my life on I see what I call the "Shadow People",  of
which I appear to not be alone as there's tons of mentions of them on this
sight.  Once a few months ago in the apartment I live in now I saw for the
first time a reverse-shadow person (made out of like white instead of
blackness, like the photo negative of a normal shadow person).  I almost
bumped into it rounding a corner and was so shocked I almost said "excuse
me" before I realized what it was.
A woman was murdered in the building I live in (a 4 plex, so we're all
pretty close together) and since then the electricity flickers, things go
off and on, etc (a few nights ago the lights we're going off in like a
circle - we have recessed lighting in the ceiling and one would go off, I'd
try to ignore it, then it'd come back on and the one to the left would go
out, come back on, then the one to the left of that -  in a clockwise
motion, to the point where I was just like "Oh for gods sake, all right all
right - I know what's going on here" (I think she just wants the attention
at this point - like she'll do stuff just to the point where you can't
reason it away in your mind anymore, then she feels kinda satisfied).
Sorry this was so long, and I hope it wasn't to boring.  The ceramic cat
thing is the one that really to this day still "gets" me.  I guess I've
always wanted to see a ghost or to have something scary (although I know I'd
be the first one running away screaming) happen - but seeing all the stuff I
just wrote (and all the stuff I didn't) I guess I already have.
Thanks for letting me get some of this out!!!

Small Home

By: Anonymous

When I was about 8-9 years old, my family rented a very small one-story
house in a development of similar houses homes on very small lots.  The
houses were not all that old.  I had no unusual experiences before or after
this event. Until I was in high school, I was afraid to tell anyone about it
because I thought that something might happen to me if I did.
The experience is very simple.... I was entering my bedroom on night and
stood in the doorway as a low, male voice from what seemed to be the outside
of the screen said, "Let's see, you're number is eight".  Immediately after
that the shade, which was pulled down, arched up and slammed back down
against the sill eight times.

Haunted Basement

By: Anonymous

There have been stories about paranormal happenings in the basement of my fraternity house for as long as I can remember.  In the 1970's my fraternity hired a full-time cook named Dominic.  The brothers called him Dom for short.  Dom was an older man and for many years he got along well with the guys.  At the time the kitchen was located in the basement next to the large common room the brothers used to hang out in and throw parties.  One day while Dom was cooking, one of the brothers heard a loud crash in the kitchen.  He ran in to see what was happening.  Dom had had a heart attack and died on the floor of the basement. A couple months later the fraternity was having a party in the basement and Dom's granddaughter showed up.  She was drunk and was later raped by a man at the party in the kitchen (not one of the brothers).  One of the fraternity brothers walked in on this and put a stop to it but the damage was already done.
Ever since that day strange things have been happening in the basement.  We all think that it is Dom angry for what happened to his granddaughter.  One night a bunch of us where sitting at the bar which is at the opposite end of the basement as the kitchen.  All the lights were off in basement except for the one above the bar.  So the rest of the basement was pretty dark.  As we were sitting at the bar I looked towards the kitchen and I saw a shadow of a figure walking towards us.  It walked past a column and never came out the other side.  I went to investigate but found nothing and no one there.  Later that night we heard a loud noise in the kitchen.  A couple of us went to check it out.  There was a broken plate in the middle of the floor and all of the cabinets were open.  No one could get to the kitchen with out walking past us at the bar and there was no one in the kitchen.  We all stood there in awe but decided to just go back to the bar.  About a half an hour later we heard a loud crash at the other end of the basement.  We turned on the lights and there was another broken plate in the middle of the floor.  There were no tables or anything else that the plate could have fallen off of in the area where it broke.  We have no idea where it came from.  After that night whenever we were in the basement all the lights were on and no one goes down there alone.

Another Life Story


hello I have wrote you a whill back and wanted to write again and tell you a nother life story i hold.
This happend about 6 years ago.  Alot of my friends and I were getting in to the book Necronomican.  Well one day one of my old friends moved to Texas and wanted to go to this lake we have called 7 mill.  Him and I and 2 others got into are turck and headed over there it was night so every thing was dark.  The new guy that has never been there befor that it would be cool if he would tell us were to drive we would go were ever he wanted us to go when we got to 7-mill.  He was telling us turn there and tern here and then all of a suden there was this black sheat in frount of us.  It was like a black hole.  We all thought is was a bad thing it felt bad but he wanted to go out and tuch it.  We grabed him and left fast.  The next day we went back with out that guy and went to were the black sheat was that we saw the night befor.  Of corse it was no longer there but there were three trees in the shape of a triangle.  I got to thinking there was somthing pulling us all to the black hole that night.  something not good.  It still geves me the cold chills thinking about to this day.  I have lots more storeys to tell.  Please let me know what you think about this one.  And if you like to hear more.  Thank you and Blessed be to who ever reads this letter.  Thank you again and good bye

At the Window

By: Anonymous

I was at my uncle's house one evening, and me and my brother were staying the
night with him, our auntie and cousins, and I had to sleep in the spare bed.
It was about seven at night, and my uncle and I were setting up my room. The
window was open, and the curtains were half closed. It was a windy night, and
all the trees were casting shadows over the house, and I was a bit scared
about having to sleep in the spare room all alone. We were pulling down the
sofa bed, and arranging my duvet, when my uncle looked up and froze. He stood
in the middle of the room, staring out of the window in silence. I panicked
and asked him what was wrong. He began to shake and I tried to pull his hand
and see out of the window for myself, but she grabbed me and told me "dont
look out of the window, whatever you do! DONT go to the window!" but I
did-and now I wish that I hadnt. At the window was a boy. He was white and
slightly green, glowing in the dark. He looked about six or seven, and his
whispered something to me,I couldnt make out what though, and reached out his
hand to my face. I screamed, and ran to my uncle. We both ran out into the
hall, and stood there frozen in horror, and didnt go bck in there till
    This might not sound that scary, but I didnt know how to tell you what
happened without sounding unrealistic and silly. It was definetly the most
scary experience I've ever had in my life. Maybe there is a logical
explination, a trick of the light or something, but I know what I saw, and
what I saw scared me.

Aunt and Uncles Luck


Sorry these are so long, but I cant wait to investigate their house for my
grad school thesis!
My Aunt and Uncle seem to have the best luck in finding houses to live in.
They have lived in 3 houses I believe, and all of them have been haunted.
The day of my cousins 1st birthday my family trooped over to their house to
celebrate.  We were standing in their dining room, which Im told was added
after the house was built.  I had an uneasy feeling, but it wasnt a bad
uneasy, almost a confused uneasy.  My sister and I were standing by the old
sideboard, my cousin was in her high chair, and my dad was standing off to
the side of her.  We all sang happy birthday to her, and I watched as she
looked all around her, above her mostly, and then her eyes rested on where
my Dad was standing.  My sister grabbed my hand and at that point I knew she
saw the orb that I saw.  I dont even think my Dad saw it, let alone the rest
of the party.  Now my cousin didnt know how to even say mommy yet, she was
quiet fluent in Daddy, but besides the point, she couldnt really speak.
Plain as day, we all heard, "I love you Bob" (my dads name is bob)  Then she
started laughing and clapping all the while watching that orb float around
the room.  No one breathed.  Then we erupted in woohoos and the like.  I
guess it doesnt sound like much of a "ghost experience" but this should
About a year later, I was talking to my Uncle and we were reminscing about
that day, and he said that he had videotaped the event.  He said the really
weird part is that when she spoke, her mouth didnt move.
Since then, they have had many experiences such as, the tv coming on when
its unplugged, dark shadows walking through walls, drastic temperature
changes, the electricity going out, but the computer staying on.  The most
recent story is this one my Uncle told me a couple weeks ago:
He was in the shower, on the 2nd floor and all of a sudden he heard, "I see
you", some laughter, and then nothing.  Well, he automatically figured it
was his daughter, but then ruled her out because she wasnt home.  So he
figured it was his wife sitting in the dining room which was below the
bathroom.  The cats tend to jump up in the window down there, and so that
seemed a reasonable explanation.  When he went downstairs, my aunt was
sitting on the couch in the living room, nowhere near the dining room.  She
swore she hadnt been upstairs, and thats true because you would have heard
the stairs creak all the way down.  I dont know how they do it, I feel that
there are some really restless spirits at work there.  They live in
Keedysville, which is really near Antietam.  Their land was even fought on.
Every year around the time of Antietam they hear the battle still going on.

Austin Hauntings

 have about 4 incidents that I would like to share with you and get your
opinion.  They all occurred in different houses.
This happened about 7 years ago and was probably the most frightening for
me.  I lived in a tri- level duplex  with my sister in Austin, TX.  The
living room and study were on the top floor, kitchen and dining room in the
middle and bedrooms and bathroom on the bottom floor.  For some reason, I
hated sleeping in my bdrm alone when no one was there.  If my sister was out
of town and my boyfriend at the time was not staying over, I was crashed on
the couch upstairs with all the lights on and the TV.  However, when I did
sleep downstairs I would constantly hear footsteps as if someone was
upstairs just pacing around.  Upon checking, my sister and all her pets (dog
and two cats) would be asleep in her bdrm and no one would be upstairs.  One
night, I was trying to go to sleep and hear someone drag their feet across
my carpet, right by my bed and into the bathroom and roughly pull the shower
curtain open.  My boyfriend heard it too and freaked out and turned on the
lights.  He thought someone had broken in, but once again, there was
nothing.  I used to wait tables while attending school and had a foot
massagger that was fashioned to look like a ladybug. Well, one night that
thing turned on and woke me up.  It was vibrating away on my bookshelf and
making an awful ruckus.  I thought nothing of it until I told my sister
about it a few days later.  She told me that a couple of days ago, she had
found dozens and dozens of dead lady bugs inside and outside her window sill
and in the corners of her bdrm.  We had lived there for about 3 yrs and had
never had a a ladybug problem before.
This happened roughly 4 years ago.
I was living in another duplex with my fiance in Austin.  I don't know if
this qualifies as a ghost haunting, but the whole time we lived there I was
regulary having these weird dreams.  I knew I was dreaming and trying to
wake up. I could see everything in my duplex as it was and would be escaping
someone or something breaking into the house. I would always have the worse
time trying to wake up from these dreams.  One time, I woke up and THOUGHT I
saw a little girl or boy in a red jacket standing in our doorway.  But, I
could have been dreaming. I was in that half way  between waking and
sleeping stage.  Also, one night both me an my fiance woke up to our front
door slamming hard! It shook the whole house, but it did not appear that we
were bugularized.
This happened about 1 1/2 ago.
I was living with my fiance in Florence, KY in a apartment complex.
Supposedly, there was an Indian Burial Ground in the woods in the back of
our apartment, but I never confirmed this with anyone.  Nothing significant
had happened until we had decided to move back to Austin, TX.  We had only
been there about 4 mos.  The front bdrm (computer room) was always at least
10 degrees colder than the rest of the apartment.  One day, I was making
breakfast and my fiance and our two dogs ran up to the store to get orange
juice.  I was cooking the eggs and  someone came up behind me an blew in my
ear!  I thought that my fiance had snuck back and was trying to scare me,
but he was nowhere in sight.  Then, another night I was in the bdrm watching
TVand I heard the living room TV shut off and our bedroom door shut.  T, my
fiance, was in there and I got up to see why he did that and he was sound
asleep.  I had to wake him up to ask him if he turned the TV off and shut
the door.
We are now living in Austin again in a 2 bdrm duplex.  The hallway opens up
towards the living room and there are bdrms on either side, facing each
other.  There is a mirror hung in the entrance of the hallway.  If you look
in the mirror you can see the couches in the living room.  Occassionally,
for split seconds it looks like a man (looks similar to my husband) is
standing in the living room when I look in this mirror.  My husband is
either not at home or in another part of the house. Also, when I am watching
TV in our bedroom, I frequently see a small shadow entering the 2nd bdrm
down the hall out of the corner of my eye.  It is the size of a small cat or
dog.  Our dogs are two huge German Shepherds, so it can't be them.
Somtimes, I see a larger one.  My dog has barked and growled at the wall in
the 2nd bdrm as well. It has no windows or doors.  The weirdest thing, and
this even freaked out my husband, who does not freak out easily, happpened
about 3 weeks ago.  I was in the kitchen cooking tuna helper for dinner.  T
was cleaning up, taking out the garbage, etc.  When the meal had about 5
minutes of cooking time, T went to take a shower.  I started looking for the
tuna helper box, because I am a diet freak and constantly looking to see how
many calories are in this or that.  Well, I could not find the box and
figured T threw it away when he was cleaning the kitchen.  No big deal, I
stirred the pasta one more time, covered the pot,  and set the kitchen timer
for 5 min to let the sauce thicken.  Then, I went back to our bdrm to read a
couple of pages of a novel I was into.  When the timer went off, I went to
check on the pasta and the box was sitting right on top of the food in the
pot!!  T was still in the shower and when I told him about it he freaked out
too!  He swore that he threw the box away!  Needless to say, we took it as a
sign and went out for dinner that night!
Sorry these were so long, but those are my experiences.  What do you think?
Hauntings or my imagination?

Cemetery Ghosts

I am a high school science teacher, and have always been fascinated by the
occult.  It is not as incongruous as it sounds.  All life is merely a form
of energy.  Having never had a paranormal experience myself, however, I
decided to seek one out.
Last Novemember I heard from a friend about an old, semi-abandoned cemetery
on the outskirts of town (Athens, Georgia).  I call the cemetery the Old
Barnett Shoals Cemetery (OBSC), after the name of the road upon which it is
located.  It is unmarked, no name.  Having read your ghost hunting tips
(thank you), I was prepared for my first hunt.  The night was clear and
cool.  It was a new moon that evening and very dark.  I pulled my Jeep into
the little cleared area where the few people who still attend graves there
park.  It was 10:30 pm.
Just a few worda about the OBSC.  There are about thirty graves in the
cemetery that I know of.  Some are covered by fallen trees, some of the
markers are illegible from rust (they are the old tin markers - very cheap).
  The stones that are still standing lean at angles from the ground, due to
pressure from tree roots.  A few graves are well kept still, but the rest
are abandoned.  The graves date back to the 1870's.  The one that I noticed
immediately was the grave of a 15 year old girl, named Minnie Center.  Ther
are many graves of children in the old cemetery.
As I pulled up to park, my radio went to static.  The station was a strong
local station, and there were no power lines or telephone wires above me.
Changing the channel, I got the same thing - static.  This seemed like a
good omen to me.  Getting out, I said a quick prayer and walked into the
graveyard.  All was still and silent.  Turning off my flashlight, I tried to
get accostomed to the dark, but I had to turn it back on to see where to go.
  It was too dark, and the ground too overgrown.  I walked around, talking
to whoever was listening, getting used to where I was.  Asking permission
first, I began taking pictures.  After my roll of film was almost gone, I
began to head back to the Jeep.  As I walked around, I noticed many cold
spots which were confirmed by my thermometer.  It once dipped from 55F to
45F in the span of a few seconds.  Not a drastic change, but on a still
night like this one a ten degree drop is peculiar.  As I neared the Jeep (I
had been out there over an hour and needed to get home), I felt the hairs on
the back of my neck rise.  Turning around, I took two pictures in a row of
the same area - a panoramic view of the cemetery.  Saying thank you and
finishing another prayer, I got in the Jeep and went home.  I was surprised
to find that my adventure had paid off when I got my pictures back.
Two months later, I went back to the OBSC in the daytime.  I took quite a
few pictures and was again pleasantly surprised.  Now having two outings in
the same place, and getting anomalies on film each time (using a different
camera each trip), I then contacted the GHHT  (GA Haunt Hunt Team) to see if
they wanted to get together, see my picures, etc.  They never got back to
me.  So, I figured I'd share it with the people who gave me the information
I needed to get the hunt underway:  the Shadowlands.  And yes, Dave, I went
alone (sorry).
If you would like to see the pictures of my OBSC hunt, please go to my
website and click on
"Ed's Ghost Hunting Pictures" in the left hand column.  You'll see a couple
of orbs, mists, and what looks to be a face in the Before/After pictures.
My website is:
If you have any trouble getting to the site, let me know.
Thanks for your time and attention, and let me know what you think!

Childhood Experience


When I was eight years old my grandfather passed away and we had a three
hour trip to Buckhannon, West Virginia where he wanted to be buried. We
stayed with my grandfathers brother and his wife Aunt Bonnie in an old
castle-like house which still stands today. The only night we were to
stay in the house was stormy and violent. This was strange due to the 70
degree sunny weather we experienced throughout the entire trip except
for that one single night in that house.
I remember going to bed with my brother who is two years older than me
in one of the second floor back bedrooms. The storm had awoken both of
us and to ease our nerves we began whispering to each other. We were
afraid that we woke the others with our whispering when we heard someone
walking around on the ground floor. The dining room on the ground floor
was met with a door which led to the stair case to the second floor. I
remember that the door was always closed and was an annoyance when going
up and down the stairs. At the top of the stairs there was a long
hallway which led to some bedrooms where we were. Now, we REALLY thought
we had woken someone when we heard footsteps walking across the hardwood
floors downstairs. They were loud and easy to hear through the storm. We
both heard the door to the staircase open and close. Every footstep
coming up the flight of stairs was heard by my brother and I. At the top
of the stairs we heard the walking continue down the hallway where our
family had been tucked in. When the footsteps reached somewhere outside
the bedroom doors it stopped. My brother reached for my hand and was
squeezing it tightly and he was looking at me with a terrified look in
his eyes. I think somewhere around four to five whole minutes passed
when we heard another set of footsteps coming towards our room. These
steps were much softer and light. Our bedroom door was only cracked a
little and began to open when my Aunt peered into the room. We were
relieved that it was only her. I asked if she was the one walking around
downstairs earlier. Her response was, "try to go back to sleep,
everything's ok". With that my brother and I toughed out the rest of the
storm and fell back asleep.
The following morning we both were asking my Aunt Bonnie what she was
doing downstairs walking around in the middle of the night. She told us
that she wasn't and that everyone was sleeping. She told us there are
always sounds like that in that house. She said she was woken by the
sound of someone opening and closing the door to the staircase. She got
worried that it might have been one of us kids and thought she'd better
check on us. She got up and checked on us and told us to go back to
sleep. She then went downstairs to check on things and found the
basement door was cracked open slightly. We didn't think anything of
this but was told by her that the basement door was, to her knowledge,
tightly closed at bedtime. She told us other stories of someone walking
around the house at all hours of the day and night but never to be seen,
only heard. Doors would open and close on their own, window curtains in
rooms where the windows had been drawn would minutes later be found
pulled open when no one else was in the house but her. She said that
maybe the ghost was just checking us out and wanted to have a quick
peek. This is an experience that I will never forget.

Childhood Frights


            I am a32-year-old man, and have lived in this house for most of
my life now. It originally belonged to my parents, but after my mother's
final remission with cancer was over and she was dying, she gave the house to
my wife and I.
            I have not witnessed any activity in a number of years now that I
am aware of, but things were different when I was a small child on through my
teenage years. My first experience was an out of body but bodily functional
one. It was the first time I had been in the house, (I was 4 at the time),
and as I was walking through the basement, it was as if something just
grabbed my spirit and pulled me up against the ceiling. I just looked down at
myself walking with a bag of clothespins to the other side of the room where
the washer was placed then watched as my body came back. As soon I was under
myself (“soul” that really sounds weird, but I have no other way of
explaining it). whatever was holding me let go and the next thing I knew I
was standing there with the feeling in my stomach like I had fallen out of a
            It was probably only a few months later when I had another visit.
This time I was awoke very late at night by an apparition standing at the
foot of my older brother's bed, which was across the room from my bed and the
attic door was right there. I tried to move and then call my brother but
could do neither. I just laid there frozen and staring at the figure, it
seemed to be a gray-white color and almost looked like a girl a little older
than my brother who was almost 9 at the time.
            The very next night I awoke to the same scenario, but this time I
managed to squeak out my brother's name. When he woke, he saw me staring
straight at the door, he then looked over and was frozen in place also. It
wasn't 15 seconds later that a second apparition appeared through the door.
This one being of an adult, male or female I could not tell you. It looked
first at me, then my brother, then at the small apparition. It just seemed to
be looking at the small one for a long while like they were talking or
communicating in someway. Then they both looked at me then my brother, then
they turned around and both disappeared behind the door. That was the last
time I had "saw" them.
            Life goes on and all is well, well almost. About 2 years later,
(age 6 now) I was awakened by a malicious evil presence. Frightened but
mobile I got out of bed and headed for the safety of Mom and Dad's bed. As I
started walking, I could feel the presence getting closer from behind. By the
time I had gotten to my parent's bed, “it” (whatever it was) was right
behind me and I could feel an icy grip on my shoulder that paralyzed my body,
speech, and breathing. It started pulling me under the bed on my father's
side, and just as my head was about to be pulled under my father awoke,
bolted up in bed, and turned the light on. He reached down and pulled me out
from under the bed. He saw how scared I was. (I don't know weather he had
felt the presence too, or if he had felt the fear emanating from me. But from
that night on he and I had shared a special link mentally and psychically
until his suicide which I had mental and physical {to say I felt what had
happened} knowledge at the moment it happened)
            It all went away for a few more years. I was 13 and home alone in
my room, my brother had moved into the attic for his privacy and had put a
lock on the door. I was sitting on my bed listening to the radio and heard a
strange voice and it seemed to be coming from up there. I turned off the
radio to listen and it stopped. As I turned the radio back on I could hear
the laughter of a little girl. (same little girl???) I turned the radio off
again and listened but there was only silence. I continued to listen, and in
about a minute or so I heard the baseball my brother kept on his desk roll
off the edge, hit the floor and roll to the other side of the room, stop,
roll back across the floor, bounce 3 times then get dropped back on his desk.
            Then finally, the last time was about a year or so before my
fathers death, I had another visit from the evil one. It seemed to have been
staying away from me, but I think it had been tormenting my father for a few
years. He had taken up drinking hard and cursing at my mother then finally
beating her up. I was 15 at the time and remember all hell breaking loose. My
father was down in the kitchen, my mother was hiding from him somewhere, and
my brother and I were in the upstairs bathroom talking while I was combing my
hair after a bath. I heard my fathers creaming, “God Damned You, Get the F***
out of my house you no good rotten bastard.” At first I thought he found my
mother, but the next thing I knew I could feel that cold icy presence and
both my brother and I saw the reflection of a shadow pass the open bathroom
door. We both ran out of the bathroom to see what it was, but there was
nothing there. I know it was not my mother; she went over to the neighbor's
house to hide from my father.
To my knowledge, the two incidents that happened with my brother present are
the only times in which he had seen anything of this nature. If he had seen
others, he has never shared them with me. I hope I don't jinx myself by
saying this, but it has been 17 years since that night, and I have not seen
anything else. (Maybe because of my father and mother being on the other side
of life now and they are protecting me? I don't know.) But I think my 10 and
12-year-old boys may have seen, heard, or felt something, but they seem to
not want to talk about it. but yet, they are extremely interested in haunted
houses and ghosts! Outside of my brother and a very few friends, I have not
shared my encounters with anyone, mostly for avoiding the criticism that
comes from those who have never lived life with the lifeless.

Comforting Experience


I have an experience that I would like to share. Please do not post my name
or email address. A few weeks ago, I had to drive down to Los Angeles (from
Sacramento) on a trip I really didn't want to take! My Aunt and her two boys
lived with my grandparents. In 1991, her oldest son, who was 14 at the time
was killed while on a camping trip with some friends. A death in the family
is never easy but this horrible event was a blow that none of us have ever
really recovered from. This particular cousin was someone I was very close
too and still think of as a brother. My grandfather passed away about three
years ago, my grandmother passed about a year later. My Aunt put all of
their things in storage and she and her only living son moved to another
state (they only took what would fit in her car - which wasn't very much!).
Because my Aunt could no longer afford the payments, I had to clear out the
storage area that contained the furniture and personal affects of my
grandparents and cousin. I rented a moving van and packed up what I could,
and brought it back to my apartment in Sacramento. Being surrounded by their
stuff (and this being The Shadowlands) you can probably see where all this
is leading. I am convinced that they are with me and looking out for me and
my kids (aged 6 and 5). Here is why: One night, a day or two after the trip,
I decided it was bedtime and went to my room. I had only been laying down
for a few minutes when I heard a voice say, "Get up." I was a soft, male
voice and not at all stern or angry sounding. Being rather tired, it didn't
occur to me right away that I was alone in the apartment (except for the
kids) and I actually started to reply, "But it's not time yet." Then, in a
flash, I realized that I had left a candle burning! I jumped up right away
and put the candle out. A couple of evenings later, I was getting ready to
put my kids in bed and doing some last minute straightening while they
finished watching a cartoon. I walked by my kids' room and saw that the
light was on. They have a 6' floor lamp, rather than a ceiling light. Being
in the middle of a power crisis(!), and despite the fact that it was almost
time for them to brush their teeth; I hit the switch to turn the light off.
The light stayed on. I flipped the switch a couple of times but the light
still would not turn off. I walked into their room to see what the hell was
going on and found that my daughter had thrown one of her Beanie Babies on
top of the lamp. (I know it was her because she admitted to doing this). I
have no idea how long the thing had been laying on the light bulb but, when
I took it down, it had a hole burnt into the side of it and it was smoking!
I started shaking pretty badly and my stomach was doing flip-flops; not
because of the freakiness with the lamp, but because we were about a minute
away from a full blown fire in the apartment (I always suspected that Beanie
Babies were evil). ;-) The Beanie Baby was so hot from being on the bulb
that I had to soak it in water before I could throw it away, or risk
starting a fire in the trash can. I cannot emphasize enough how close we
came to having our home burnt to the ground! After each of these incidents,
I said thank you to my cousin and grandparents for keeping us safe. I am
sharing this because I want to honor them, and thank them again, and to let
people know that our loved ones are never far from us.

Crescent Hotel


After much thought I have decided to tell my story about a night in the
Crescent. My wife and I were married the day before in Eureka Springs and Had
plans to stay at the Crescent in room 218 {which I reserved 3 months earlier}
We arrived late in the day after a long day of canoeing. My new bride was
exhausted and quickly went to sleep not worried about the so called "Ghost."
So as I was waiting for a Kansas City Chiefs preseason game to begin I was
left to find the ghost myself. I tried everything that you weren't supposed
to do like changing the furniture around and slightly moving a picture on the
wall and even asking the ghost to appear to no avail. Finally I gave up and
decided to wait for the game to start and forget about all the nonsense. Then
I heard voices outside of the door and as I looked out the peep hole I saw
that there were people who would stop in front of the door and talk about the
famous room 218. That's when I decided I would have a little fun. Still
looking through the peep hole everytime someone would come close to the door
I would turn the knob a little or tap on the door with my new wedding ring.
This was great I was having a fun time scaring people. Then as I was waiting
for more victims I was tapping my ring on the door then paused to see how
long till the Chiefs game began but when I stopped tapping the tapping was
still there. Thinking I was now the joke of someone on the outside I opened
the door quickly but no one was around. I then decided I had came in touch
with the ghost and he was also a jokester also. For the rest of the night I
behaved myself

Dang Spooks


I have a few experiences with entities over the years, and am currently being bothrered by one who I cant seem to shake off.
My problem is that I suspect I am a "ghost magnet" and find myself subjected to approaches from spirit, although I appear to lack any mediumistic abilities to allow me to communicate effectiveley and help these guys out ( oddly it is often remarked on by everyone I know that I have the same problem with the living in that people always seem to want to tell me things that perhaps they wouldnt tell anyone else, to the point where complete strangers have revealed all sorts of intimacies, my wife hates walking in town with me as people just walk up and speak to me....I dont know if the two are linked but I suspect that our behaviour when we are dead is simular to that we are used to when "here", therefore it follows that if people want to talk with me now they may still want to do that after death.) Obviously the living are easy to speak with.. (who says?).. as I too am alive but the dead?... well so far all my attempts have failed.
Examples of what I have experienced are:
Voices calling my name into my ear when I am slumbering, exremely off putting and injurous to ones sleeping patterns,appiritions appearing and disappearing in front of me and others with me, to date I have seen 6 of these figures, 5 were apparently unaware I was watching, in that no interaction occoured, whilst the 6th sent me running in fear as it seemed to be "stalking me" whilst giving off the most appalling sense of menace I have ever felt, again I wouldnt say I am happy that these things have occoured, and I don`t much care whether I am believed or not, they simply are.
I now appear to have to share my family home with one of these "shades" who variously throws things at my wife, blows just about every bulb we put in in about five seconds, hides important items(keys wallets etc) which causes all sorts of rumpus, and more recently appears to be waging some sort of war against my domestic appliances having in one week killed my dishwasher, cooker and washing machine, of course a skeptic like me would normally class these events as "bad luck" or simular, however anyone who spent enough time here would very soon realise that these events occour within these walls with such regularity as to to indicate otherwise, also we catch regular fleeting glimpses of a female figure (usaully in the corner of our eye) and experience all the classic cold spots loud enexplained nocturnal crashes and thuds, (commented on by neighbours}.
Now ordinarily someone would attempt to either remove the spirit or remove oneself, but I am not a quitter, the only action against it I have taken is tthreaten to administer a good kicking to her when I myself slip off this mortal coil, which oddly saw a definite improvement in relations with a reduction in costly repairs and replacement of broken appliances, I know she is still here and I badly want to help her on her way but as I mentioned earlier I do not have the wherewithall to do so.
I only write this to pass on the following:
when we die we do not neccessarily become angels, we appear to remain being petty and petulant if we were in life,
It would appear that for what ever reason some poor souls seem to be unable to move on, and remain here frustrated and impotent attempting to contact people like me who cant hear them properly ( I personally find this idea extremley disturbing)
I would also speculate that discarnate entities such as those I report are either unable or unwilling to admit they are dead and still think they will become physical again if they hang around long enough.
anyway there it is, sorry not much detail but really I would never stop once I started telling.

Daves Imps


I just finished reading the story David wrote where he talked about seeing
those black "imps".  It gave me goosebumps & had my hair standing on end!!
It borught back long buried memories of a creature that I used to see very
often late at night running through my room towards my bed.  What he
described is all too similar to what had freightened me so badly as a child.
Always on all fours it was solid black about 1 1/2 to 2 ft tall with cold
black eyes. It would look right at me as it headed towards my bed.  I always
pulled the covers over my head and was always too afraid to look again ---
fearing it would be standing right at the side of my bed next to my head!
Funny, I hadn't thought of these creatures in such a long time -- yet after
reading his story I remember them as if it were only yesterday.
We presently seem to have a ghost/spirit in our house, although over the past
few weeks I have seen him less often.  I do beleive it is him that is turning
my computer on at times & the other night was turning off the living room
Just wanted to share these things with you.  Your website  is terrific!

Death Standing Over My Bed

By Sabahina

This is a story that I shall never forget. I was about 17 years old, my
first child was 3 months old. I lived in a really nice apartment in Laurel,
Maryland. You know, fireplace, bedrooms on different sides of the apartment,
One night, I was sleeping, so was my beautiful baby boy. Suddenly, I awoke
for no reason at all. I was sleeping on my side on the left hand side of the
bed. My son was in his bassinet on the right hand side of the bed. When I
opened my eyes, standing above me was what I felt to be a man. He resembled
the Grim Reaper in every way. Dark, dark clothing, a hood and, worst of all,
no face. I tried with all of my might to scream, but my vocal chords were
frozen with fear. So, I just pulled the covers up over my head and prayed
that this creature disappear. A short time later, I looked from under the
covers and there was no one there.
I ran into my fathers room all the way on the other side of the apartment,
yet he was sound asleep, snoring and all. I checked the balcony door,
LOCKED, I checked all of the windows (except my dad's room), LOCKED. We
lived on the third floor and there was no sign of a break in. Though this
evil, evil person had been standing over my bed as though it was my turn.
I have read your articles about sleep paralysis, this can not be considering
I was completely able to move around. This happened in October of 1993, and
there is someone who has experienced the same and posted her and her
fiancé's experiences here at Shadowlands. It happened to her twenty years
ago, yet around the same time of the year, though in a completely different
Does the Grim Reaper go around harassing people even though it is not their
time to go???


Enough With The Hauntings Already


I've written before but my story was not published but more interesting things have happened to me since that I had to write again.  I come from a very superstitiuos family that takes everything seriously.  Since I was a child weird unexplained things have occurred but the most recent are freaking me out.  I guess it started when we moved to our current house,  I would wake up and there at the foot of my bed was what looked like a lady in a victorian style dress looking at me at times it looks like she was pacing she was very dark and I guess it could be a shadow but the way it was configured ? I don't know .All I know is  I would be scared outta my tree so I would bring my blanket over my head and force my self to sleep that way.  But this is pretty tame, soon afterwards right after lying down I had heard a child laugh.  I was about 13 years old and I just put it off as my neighbours having a party so I decided to get up and close all the windows (It was summer)  funny thing is that all the windows that I went to close were already closed.  I was freaked right out so I ran right to bed and tried to forget about it.  About a year afterwards I woke up to the feeling of being watched, when my eyes adjusted I noticed on the side of my bed it looked to be a figure of an older man and child and they just stood there looking at me I know what you are thinking...shadows right, no these figures were facing the window there was no backdrop for shadows, I flipped out I quickly jumped outta bed to flick the light switch when I turned around it looked like a haze slowly disappearing needless to say I didn't sleep in my room for a while.  This happened to my mom She just settled into bed when she woke up and there was what she claimed a white light came from the hall towards her she screamed and woke up the whole house.  We rushed in flicked on the lights her eyes were wide open (she didn't even react to the light) and she was pale to the point her skin was blue.  also I awoke in my new room located in the basement now and their was a dark figure in the corner I prayed to God and when I opened my eyes it looked like it was moving across my room. And I could feel its presence but it didn't;t seem like it was going to harm me I keep feeling like it's family.   Lastly the most recent was in our computer room (formerly my old bedroom) shortly after my 21st bidthday I was up one night everyone was asleep all the lights were on when I felt that there was a presence in the room and I would occasionally look in that direction but nothingwas there until I started to type and felt my hair on my head being touched and then I heard my name being whispered softly.  I finished my homework the next day in bright daylight just to make sure.Anyhow your probably bored out of your tree if you like please email me if you have the same stuff happening or if you want to hear more stories

Errie Bedroom


I had an experience when I was 22 years old....2 friends and I were rooming
together at an apartment, a male and female....we all worked for the same company, and had
a platonic friendship between the 3 of us. being young, we had our share of little
parties, having the gang over and stuff. we lived in a 2 bedroom apartment, and I for the most
part slept on the studio couch in the living room. One of the bedrooms none of us really
liked to sleep in, although none of us ever mentioned that fact to the others- it just gave us
an uncomfortable feeling that we couldnt even pinpoint.
 One night we had a party, and I turned in early as I had to work early the
next morning. I slept in the bedroom we didnt care for, I dont even remember why. I recall
sleeping flush with the wall, so I would be able to see everything in the room. Somewhere
during that half-awake, half-asleep state, I felt something grab my blanket off of me
and pull it into the wall....a few nights later, I was on the studio couch in the living room,
and as my roomie tony and I had stayed up all nite talking, he slept across the room on the
floor with a blanket and pillow....during the night, I had fallen asleep..and I felt
like something was hitting me with one of the dining room chairs- I could feel the pressure of
the blows, but no pain. I woke up, and couldnt move because something was about 6 inches
above me, something black. I started to scream, and squirmed down to the end of the
bed and ran out the front door. My friend tony ran out after me, and told me that he heard
me screaming, but he couldnt get to me because there was something black blocking him and
he couldnt see me. Our other roomie Karen was asleep in the 'uncomfortable' room with
her boyfriend none of us would sleep in there if we were alone> - she had heard me
screaming, and tried to come into the living room, but couldnt get the door open for some
reason. whatever was in there seemed to choose me to pick on, im not sure why. at one point,
karen and I went out to dinner one night. tony was already at work, and i had the only
other housekey. we left the hoodlight of the stove on for when we came home, went to
dinner, and as we were on our way home, i told karen that i was feeling apprehensive and
scared to go home, and didnt know why. she told me that she was feeling the same way. when we
got home, we walked up to the front door- we had 2 big windows with filmy curtains in
the front, and a big light that shone down into our apartment behind us. I noticed that the
stove light wasnt on, and I commented on that to karen. by that time, we were getting scared,
because we knew no one had been there while we were gone. our front door was right
next to our neighbors door, and as we passed by his window, i saw him sitting in front
of the television not 2 feet from his front window. so i unlocked the door, and swung it
open. we both stood in the doorway, and the light above the stove was off..but the light behind
us shined inside, and we could see things. I had a big oval mirror hanging by the hallway,
and the light always bounced on it when the door was open. I noticed that i couldnt see
the mirror, and as I stood there, my eyes focused on a huge black thing standing in front
of the mirror. It, whatever it was, had to stand at least 8 feet tall, as it almost reached
the ceiling. It had the shape of a man, but no features, just all black. we both screamed and ran
to the neighbor's window, and banged on it. He was still sitting watching tv, but he didnt
even hear us, just kept watching tv. we ran out to the  car, and i kept asking her what she
saw, and when she told me, i realized that we had both seen the same thing. I realized that i
had left my keys in the door, and agonized over getting them...but my carkeys were on the
keychain, so i had no choice. I finally went back, didnt look, grabbed the keys and ran
without even shutting the door. later on when we went home <with tony> i checked the
stove light, and it had been shut off. a week or so later, we found some halloween stuff that
the previous tenant had left in the top of one closet, and once we got rid of that, we
had no more problems. we had heard that the people who lived there before had been into
some sort of dark things, but didnt know for sure.



I had quite a scare in 1976, while stationed on the island of Attu Alaska, I
wittnesed a WWII soldier
in full combat dress.
He was just staring at me, and then he faded away.
When I went to the base Dr., he said that I was one of many uys who told him
the same story.
he also told me the history of the Island during WWII,
how many soldiers died in such a short time,
how massacre valley got its name, etc...
Since that day, I have beleived in the existence of
I have never shared this story t anyone outside my family, but I wanted to
share it with you.
I apperciate what you are doing.

Experiences of Ghosts


My name is Andrea Im 19 years old and I have a very strong interest in ghost research. Right from a young age, I have been seeing ghosts talking 2 them hearing them and now I realise I would like 2 make a career out of it. I recently went on holiday to Spain for a week and stayed in a villa, the room I slept in was definitly active with afterlife. I sensed as soon as I walked in 2 the room it had a cold negative feeling. The atmosphere in the room was such a awful feeling, I told my family and they just laughed at me! I am partially physic also told by a physic.
In a way I feel lucky that I can communicate with the dead. I have seen my deseased family before now and spoken 2 them. Where I live in the UK was a very old deralic house dating back 2 the first wold war. I often walk past this house and feel a sense of evil, so me being me went inside the house to investigate and saw a young beautiful woman dressed in rags sobbing. I began 2 speak 2 her but she vanished, seeing this and feeling a evil presense made me leave the building.
Now 9 months down the line the house has been knocked down due 2 health and safety risks as there had been fires.
I later found out that under the celler in the house where I felt this evil, were three remains of bodies. Apparently 2 cases of their deaths were suicidal and the other case was where this person at the time had drowned in the stream nearby the house.
I can also hear ghosts in my head now this is not a sign of madness but I feel sensitive 2 ghosts and emotions around me.
Thank you all for reading my experiences happy ghost hunting,

Family Visitations


     I am the only member of my family who has never seen a ghost.  You're
probably asking what I am doing on this page then.  Well, even though I have
never had such an experience, I find the subject very fascinating.  My
brother, father and uncle have all seen ghosts.
     First, a bit of background.  I was born in 1964, my brother in 1966,
our parents had us rather late in life, ( my father was born in 1923, my
mother in 1925 ) and we are first generation Mexican-American.  When my
father first came over to the United States, he went from farm to farm
looking for work.  One night, he stopped at an old abandoned ranch house to
avoid a downpour.  This was in the early 1940s and he faced quite a bit of
prejudice so he always carried a weapon and was careful about where he
slept.  Instead of going into the bedroom, he found a smaller store room in
the house and slept there.  In the middle of the night, something woke him
up.  He said that he felt he was not alone in the house.  Thinking he might
be in danger from drifters, he drew his knife and went to investigate.  He
saw a light in the kitchen and remembering there was no electricity, thought
the house might be burning.  He walked in and saw a man, sitting on the
floor, with his legs our in front of him in a "V."  The light seemed to be
on him, but was not coming from anywhere.  The thing that scared my father
the most was when he looked up at his face, the man seemed to have an
impossibly wide grin, literally ear-to-ear.  He then saw that the man was
wearing a sort of cloth, or cotton fabric across the bottom of his face, in
the bad light, it looked like a big white grin.  He seemed to remember his
father telling him that sometimes, dead people had such cloths put across
their faces, and this one's seemed to have slipped down.  He knew then that
this was not natural, the man was not breathing or moving.  My father backed
out of the kitchen, and ran out of the house.
     Years later, now a homeowner in a small Texas town, he told us this
story, and one about our uncle.  My uncle drove trucks in Mexico, and often
had to drive all night.  His area of Mexico is a very mountainous place and
on one particularly dangerous road, he drove very slowly.  He had driven
that road in the daylight and knew that down the side of the small cliff,
there were many overturned trucks that did not make the curve, and were left
there to rot.  One night, as he was nearing the curve, he heard something, a
bumping noise on his driver side window.  He turned and saw a man, dark and
shadowy, clinging to his truck, his dark face just a few inches from his,
separated only by glass.  My uncle almost lost control of the truck and
afraid for his sanity, never looked at the man again.  In his peripheral
vision, however, the man was still there, never moving, just holding on.  As
my uncle neared the curve that had killed many a man, the apparition simply
jumped off.  My uncle requested a change of routes the very next morning.
His boss, did not argue, as my uncle was simply one of many drivers who,
after having been scared on that route, requested changes too.
     My brother's ghost story happed just a few years back.  He was driving
home from visiting a girlfriend.  She lived on the outskirts of town and he
had to drive past some old abandoned warehouses and grain storage bins to
get home.  It was dark and he had his headlights on.  He was just driving
along, when suddenly, a woman wearing white just walked out in front of his
car.  He hit the brakes and was about to lean on the horn, when she turned
to look at him.  She had no eyes.  My brother closed his eyes hard for a
second, to clear them.  He thought it was a trick of the light.  When he
opened them a second later, the lady was gone.  He turned to the direction
she had been walking in before he closed his eyes and saw that she was
already 100 yards or so away, walking through an overgrown lot between some
warehouses.  There was no way she could have run that far so quickly.  She
disappeared behind some building and my brother drove home.  By the time he
got to the back door, he was shaking so bad he could not hold the keys and
had to knock to be let in.
He still drives that road, but never at night.

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