The Flame in the Room


This isn't our story, but it happened to our aunt. Our
aunt Jessica, when she was a young teenager, she was
lying in her bedroom on her bed in complete darkness
(which is now our grampa's room) and suddenly she
looked over and saw a candle flame, except there was
no candle! While lying there freaked out she saw it
glide across the wall. At the time her father (our
grampa) was out of town and only her and our gramma
were home. She's now 24 and still has strange
experiences sometimes. Many of our relatives have also
had strange experiences in that house; our grampa, our
mom, our aunts, and our uncle have seen ghosts and
have had weird stuff happen to them while living
there. It's a family of 8 kids and 2 adults, and many
have had paranormal things happen, and the next
generation is starting to have things happen too. Me
(Nikki) being 15 & my sister Gretchen being 12 and our
other sister Alice being 10, are all fond of ghosts
and happenings. To this day, we don't know what these
things mean, but we hope to get a sign someday.

Four Weeks In December


This is a story of three friends I know quite well, all female, who decided
to rent a home in New Orleans during December 1991.  Having decided to share
a home in an effort to provide more affordable rent, the girls rented a
three-bedroom home that I would estimate to be about forty years old.
Charlotte was the one to locate the house and soon convinced the others that
that home in particular would best suit their needs as the rent was very
affordable and each girl would receive their own room.  Charlotte decided to
rent the home despite the fact that a neighbor told her the house was
"haunted" as she was looking over the property.  Not believing in ghost nor
taking him seriously, she disregarded his claim and proceeded to look over
the property.  One of the bedrooms was a master bedroom and had its own bath
so Mary volunteered to pay a little extra each month in return for that room.
The first sign that things were not so right with the home began when certain
items from each of their rooms would turn up missing.  They would ask each
other if it were borrowed but each time, they would all deny ever borrowing
things from the other.  To further confuse them, these items would suddenly
start showing up in different locations throughout the house - under the
beds; on the closet floors; on top of the refrigerator, etc.  This continued
to happen periodically.  One evening, Mary was home alone watching television
lying across the sofa.  To the side of the television was a decorative oak
grain door.  As she was watching the TV, she suddenly noticed something
appearing on the back of the door. It was an image, about three-by-three, of
the Virgin Mary.  Totally baffled and astonished at what she was seeing, the
image suddenly changed to a huge skull with blood on it.  Mary panicked, fled
the house, and remained by her mother's until the other two girls arrived
home later that night.  After all attempts to derive a logical and rational
explanation for what Charlotte might have seen, they decided to forget about
It was not long after when they started to hear unusual noises coming from
empty rooms of the house.  Upon searching for the source, they could never
find anything.  The noises seemed to originate from Mary's master bedroom.
One evening as Mary and Victoria, the third girl, was watching television,
they heard very loud noises coming from Mary's room as if furniture were
being dragged and tossed around.  Knowing that Mary was not home, they became
frightened and did not know if an intruder was in the house or if the strange
noises were returning.  Together, they walked towards Mary's closed door and
the noises suddenly stopped.  They slowly opened the door, turned on the
light, and saw that Mary's bed was on the other side of the room.  Again,
Charlotte fled the house taking Victoria with her.  They returned later with
Mary and explained what transpired.  Mary, still in disbelief and unable to
once again derive a logical conclusion, stayed the night in her bedroom.  The
next night, however, turned out to be not so nice for Mary.  As she was home
alone this time, she began hearing the sound of furniture being dragged
around in her room.  As she went to investigate, she saw the same that
happened the night before.  Standing there in total fear, she began hearing
noises in the bathroom.  As she turned to look, she saw the shower curtain
moving rapidly back and forth as if someone was standing there doing it.
Mary panicked and fled the house never to return.
For whatever reason, the other girls decided they would attempt to remain in
the house a little longer.  They had friends over one night and one of the
friends, a guy named Carl, drove up, and as he was walking to the house, saw
something strange.  He clearly saw a shadow or something he was not able to
define - lurking in front of the house.  He went into the house, told the
others what he saw, and departed.  After that time, he refused to go near the
house and would wait on the corner when picking up the girls.  The usual
things continued happening - strange noises, missing objects, and soon
footsteps.  Charlotte and Victoria were on the sofa one evening when they
both felt a pair of hands press down on their legs as they were about to get
up to investigate noises.  It held them for several seconds before letting
go.  I am still not sure to this day why they did not leave the house as Mary
did.  But that was soon to change.
One evening, the girls heard footsteps walking down the hallway.  They both
became frightened and together they walked towards the hallway.  What they
saw still frightens them to this day and Victoria gets goose pimples just
talking about it.  Walking towards them in the hallway was a huge dark
shadow, almost as high as the ceiling, with its arms stretched out towards
them.  They could clearly see a long cape on it and it was wearing a short,
"stove pipe" hat.  The girls panicked in fear, ran out the front door without
closing it, and did not return that night.  The next day, they returned, with
lots of help and company, and moved their things out.
Charlotte decided to do her own investigation and looked up records at city
hall.  The home had been a rental home for the past several years and no one
stayed in the house for very long.  Charlotte checked with several of the
neighbors and discovered that the neighbor who first warned her was correct.
The house was haunted and the neighbor across the street said lightning
struck the home at least three times that he remembered.  She also discovered
that previous occupants of the house were satan worshippers and she
remembered seeing red wax on the carpet when they moved in.  Worshipping was
a problem in that part of town for a short period of time during the late
That home is a short distance from my home, within walking distance, and the
last time I passed there, I saw it was obvious the home was still unable to
be rented very easily.  There was a sign on the front lawn saying, "I, John
Doe, am an ex-con who was convicted for child molestation".  Louisiana state
law requires that notice.  I don't pass there anymore as the home is pretty
creepy looking, especially at night.

Friends Haunted House


      My best friends house, is one of the oldest in our town. I don't know
exactly how far back it dates, but it looks like late 1890s early 1900s
construction. It's the normal looking house that you would find in a plans
town. Of course the farm land has since been turned into a highway, and other
things, but the house it's self still remains.
      The "ghost" seems to only interact with her little sister who is 18.
It reacts to the mood she is in, and when she wants to do something, and
doesn't the "ghost does it for her. In once instance, She and her Father had
had a fight, and he taught her not to slam the doors. Well, she left out of
the front door which is near the stairs leading to the second floor. Her dad
heard the slams of feet up the stairs, and then the doors began to slam
repeatedly. When he went up there, the doors slammed one more time and when
he opened her bed room door to yell at her, she wasn't there.
      They have told me a lot more stories, but that is the one that freaked
me out the most.

Ft. Harrison Experience


A few years after our experiences at the House on Tenth Street, I joined
the U.S. Army.  After a three year tour in Japan, we went to Ft.
Benjamin Harrison, IN so I could attend my Advanced Course.  Since it
was a six month course, I was able to take my family.  We found a nice
first floor apartment with three bedrooms and a patio off of the living
room.  We were thrilled because we had our cat with us and he was an
illegal resident, no pets allowed.  I've read other stories on this site
and many mention the uncanny ability of pets to sense spirits.  Our cat
must have been stone deaf to the other world.  That or whatever showed
up later did so two months after the cat was discovered and deported
back home to my parents in New Mexico.  Anyway, three months into our
residence, I noticed that I had started to feel uncomfortable if any of
the bedroom doors were closed.  My husband and I shared the master
suite, our son had the room next to ours, and the third was used as the
family room and housed the tv, stereo, etc.  Very early one morning I
awoke because the bed was shaking.  I slept on my stomach with face
turned to the side of the bed, with one arm up by my face beside the
pillow, and the other arm down.  I woke up not so much because the bed
was shaking, but because the movement was forcing my face into the
pillow and I couldn't breath.  Because of the three years in Japan, I
thought it was an earthquake.  I tried to move and to tell my husband to
wake up we had to wake our son up and get out of the apartment.  I found
I couldn't talk, then I found that I couldn't move my arm, my wrist was
being pushed into the mattress, as was my face.  I could move my feet,
my body from the waist down, but from the waist up I was being pushed
down into the mattress.  I turned my left eye upward and saw two glowing
red "eyes" for want of a better word up above by the side of the bed.  I
don't know if there was anything else to see.  I was terrified.  I
couldn't move, I couldn't call for help because my mouth was mostly
shoved into the pillow, and I thought I was going to die.  Then it just
stopped.  It never happened again, but sixteen years later I still sleep
with my hand tucked under the pillow, not lying beside it.  One thing
about this story, I have tried to submit it before on at least three
occasions.  I keep getting it back with a message that it is
undeliverable.  One of those times was to another site.  Decided to try
one more time.  It may be a story that doesn't want to be told.

A Water Ghost

 My experiences happened ca. 1952 as I stated in my earlier correspondence. I always feel compelled to affix a notice to the telling of my story. I will do so here : The following events that I will relate are true to the best of my memory.
The first occurrence that happened and started about 6 months of puzzlements was at my brother in law’s house in Grand Prairie, Texas. My new wife and I were staying with him and my sister. One Thursday morning I awakened and as I started to put on my left shoe I found it to be full of a liquid. Apparently it was water. I raised a good bit of sand and accused my bro in law of playing a crude joke on me. He disclaimed all knowledge of the matter and I believed him- he was not the kind for such shenanigans. True it had rained that night after midnight and the shoe was sitting on the floor by an open window. But the right shoe had been closer to the window and was dry plumb. There was no water on the floor.
 Shortly after this I obtained employment in St. Louis Mo.( of all places to be) One morning I was standing in front of the dresser, getting ready to go to work. I glanced down at a metal wastebasket, which was by the end of the dresser, and low on a bee hole, the wastebasket was about half full of water. (In all of these happenings I assumed that the liquid was water, never actual tested it, but always smelled it. This to silence the ever--present skeptics that had it that me or wife was having bladder/kidney problems.) The wife disclaimed any knowledge of how the water got in the wastebasket and I certainly believed her—she was as puzzled as I was and not one to horse around like this.
Several more occurrences of mysterious water showings happened. Maybe five or six more. But I shall not write about all of them. Each happening was similar to the ones that I have related: Water appearing in the apartment from no apparent source. Finally I got very tired of the thing. ( Although I had often stated in earlier days ‘I wish I could encounter something from the Supernatural so I will know Ghosts and ‘things’ actual exist.’ ) I was tired of fellow worker’s kidding and accusing me of urinating around. I even consulted a Catholic Priest about performing an exorcism. He declined after learning that I was a Baptist. I was convinced that I was living with a ghost. I rigged a door bell and switch so that we could close the bed room door and set the system and go to bed. If the door was opened a loud bell would sound. The apparatus was installed on the outside of the bedroom door. For wife or I to disarm the thing we would have to open the door which would set off the alarm. I wanted assurance that if either of us went out to get some water for hanky panky or whatever the alarm would sound. Now for the occurrence that convinced me that I was haunted by a ?? Wife and I went over to East St. Louis to a party, yes a beer party, weren’t they always that in those days ? We got back home sometime after midnight ( Thur AM). Set the alarm and went to bed. I had just drifted off to sleep, when I suddenly felt water (?) soaking into the bed sheet. What the ---- I turned on the bed lamp and wife and sat up in bed and saw water (?) soaking into the bed clothes, disappearing into the lower sheet and mattress.
 I swear that this is a true reporting of what wife and I saw. The alarm didn’t sound and there was no source of water in the bedroom.
Some Additional thoughts.
The first occurrence in Grand Prairie happened shortly after I had found a lost wedding band at the abandoned house where my Grand parents had lived. I kept the ring for several years then stupidly lost it. I have always felt that this is associated with my Ghost in some way.
Every occurrence that I could definitely recall in later years, happened Wed PM, or Thur AM.
 We moved back to Grand Prairie in 1954, had a few more occurrences. The last one on a News Year’ eve. Kitchen table cloth was wet when we got home, had been dry when we left. The Ghost , Spirit, Haint , or whatever it was has not troubled me for about 50 years. I will have 74 years in November. I know that some day soon I will know all the answers. Until then I maintain ‘ There are more things in Heaven and Earth, than are dreamt of in our Philosophy’.
 Sincerely yours and best wishes for The Shadowlands site

-My Story-



I have never really believed in Ghosts or other strange things. i guess you
could say i was stuborn and if i couldnt see it with my own eyes i didnt
belive it, well that surly changed after my first expirence with a ghost. i
was sick with a cold so one night i fell asleep on the sofa i woke up to the
sound of  a down pour of rain and some thing  that was pulling on my blanket
( becuase i though it was th dog but then i remebered the dog is in my mom s
bedroom her kennal). i sat up straight coughing then i looked and sitting in
a chair across the room was a figure who looked like a man i could  make out
the face, but it was and odd feeling i got like dont be afraid so then i laid
back down and went to bed ( it was odd but it seemed like someone was tucking
me in ), when i woke up the next morining  i dissmissed it as a  dream, until
later that day when i was bored and looking at the pictures in the hallway
when i noticed a picture that resemble the man that i saw the night before, i
immediatly took the picture to my mom and asked who it was she told me it was
my Grandfather who died before i was born, i was shocked lol but i didnt tell
my mom or my siblings what i saw becuase i kno they wont belive me . but
atleast i know  i have some one  whatching out for me now, and my stubornness
about ghosts has definaltly  changed since this expirence.

My Best Friends House

By: lexie rote

I have known my best friend Sonya for 12 years now. We grew up together, and I have known her family to be as my own. We are pretty close, and have lots of fun together. Over the years I have heard so many stories about her house being haunted by the pervious owner. They have named him Leroy. I think he likes it because he doesn’t give them that much trouble, or maybe I am wrong!
Before Sonya’s family bought the house it was vacant for two years. No one wanted to buy it because they knew the man that owned it had killed himself in that very house. When they moved in, and had lived there for a few years strange things started to happen. Things in rooms would be moved around, and objects would be hidden from the family members. One of the major problems was that Sonya’s dad was diabetic so he had to take insolent for his blood sugar. He always kept the meds on the fridge, but one time Leroy had hid the meds. Everyone looked every where for them, but couldn’t find them. After a while Bob (Sonya’s dad) said "Leroy give me back my meds!" A few minutes later the meds were back on the fridge.
Sonya told me one time her friend Amber had brought over her remote control car for them to play with. They had played all day, and finally the batteries had died. That night both of them were lying down on Sonya’s bed watching TV. Sonya noticed the car on the floor start to move back and forth ramming into the TV. Sonya told Amber to stop moving the car, but Amber said she wasn’t doing it. She pointed to the remote, and said it’s on top of the TV. She also pointed out that later that evening the batteries had died. Both of them were scared, and later they find out that Sonya’s uncle had died that night.
A few years later there was a big family party that was taking place at their house. I was invited just as others were too. We were all sitting in the family room watching TV when Debby (a friend of the family) had gotten up to go to the restroom. She began to walk down the hallway when she moved to the side to let what seemed to be Bob walking down the hall pass her. Debby greeted him, but he didn’t say anything. She returned to the family room where everyone was at, and asked Bob why he didn’t say hello when she let him walk by, and greeted him. Everyone was at a lose for words because Bob had been sitting there the whole time. He said "Debby I believe you have just met our ghost Leroy." She got scared after that.
Three months later after the incident with Debby; Sonya’s family and I were sitting down watching sightings. A lady was talking about how her ghost would throw dishes out of her cabinets, and things would brake. Sonya had just happen to say how lucky they were that Leroy didn’t do anything strange like that. After about two hours later all the dishes came flying out of the cabinets, and we freaked! Lucky for us nothing broke.
Over the summer of 1999 I had spent the night at Sonya’s house. We were sitting down watching TV. When a commercial came on I got up, and began to walk down the hall way towards the bathroom. As I walked passed the kitchen, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman standing right next to the fridge. I stopped, and took another good look, but she was gone. I knew it was Sonya’s sister’s sister that was the woman because she had died not to long ago, and had been seen once already at their house. I was so scared that I ran back to the family room jumped on the couch, and said I wasn’t going to the bathroom. I told everyone what had happened, and only Bob believed me because he had seen her earlier that day!
Two weeks ago I was at Sonya's house sitting on their couch. The TV was right in front of me, and the hallway was to the right of me. Sonya was in her room talking to her boyfriend on the phone. I notice out of the corner of my eye someone walking down the hallway towards me. As I turned my head, and said "Oh hi Sonya!" at the same time when my head was looking right down the hall no one was there. Sonya came out of her room, and asked whom I was talking to. I told her that I just thought I saw her walking out of the room.
These are a few true stories that have happened at my best friend’s house. I have no say in what you want to believe, but I thought it would be nice to share them with you.
I read that you said ghost will contact you in a dream. I have had so many weird dreams come true, that I dont know what to believe anymore. Maybe I have a gift or maybe its a ghost helping me. Please read this, and tell me what you think.
I have this problem, but my mother calls it a gift. I dont understand it at all. When I was 16 I first started to notice strange things. I had a dream about me going babysitting one morning. In my dream I went to go babysit for a friend of the family that just lived right down the street. I got there and went to the back of the house where I found Dean (the dad) Draining the swimming pool. I asked him why he was doing that and He told me because Carly (the daughter) was having a pool party for her birthday, and the left side of the pool was cracked. He needed to fix it. I walked into Carly's room to see what she was doing. She was excited about the party, and told me it was her birthday. Well I woke up, and got ready to go babysit. I got to the house, and found myself in the back yard with Dean in the pool with me asking the same question, and getting the same answer. I just thought this was kind a funny. Well the next dream I had was a year later. My best friend Sonya, and I were not talking for the summer because here boyfriend didn't like me much. On a Sunday morning I was sleeping, and had a dream where I was with Sonya, and we were driving to go see someone, but I didn't know who it was. She took me down these stairs, and there was her whole family. Everyone was happy to see me, and gave me hugs. I asked Sonya why we were in the jail area, but I couldn't hear her. She said someone's name, but I couldn't hear her. She was totally mute. I woke up, and was really worried, and told my mom about it. She told me it was just a dream, and to call Sonya. I called Sonya, but no one was home so I left a message. That following week I had another dream. It was Monday. This time I was out side with Sonya. Everyone was dressed in black, and they were all sad, and some crying. I looked at everyone, and started to feel really sad. I asked Sonya once again why we were there, and who died, but she talked, and was mute. I looked at the grave, and the casket with flowers all over it. I couldn't think because I felt so bad. I woke up really worried, and called Sonya again. No one was home so I left a message.. A month passed, and I finally got a phone call from her. She wanted to know if I could babysit for her aunt, but I said no. I told her that I have been really worried about her lately, and I needed to tell her something important. So I told her all about my dreams. She was silent for a few minutes, and I asked her if she was ok. She asked me when I had these dreams, and I told her the days, but that I didn't remember the date. She was very upset. She told me on a Sunday of last month her brother was put in jail for drugs. Then on a Wednesday he was let out for good behavior. He through a party for being let out, and over dosed on drugs, and died. His Funeral was Monday. I was scared. I didn't understand any of it. I told my mom, and she just said it was nothing to worry about. That I just missed her so much that it brought me to know things that were happening to her. I still didn't understand.
Thats not it either. I had a dream my brothers car would get broken into, and guys would take things. I told him to lock his doors because he never did. Come to find out someone tried to get into his car, but couldn't.
Whats even more scary for me is now they are not dreams anymore. I just know things before they happen. The other day I knew my mom was going to get pulled over by a cop, but I didn't tell her, because I didn't think anything of it. She called me after I got out of school, and told me she was pulled over by a cop.
I Knew my parents were going to get a divorce a year before it even happened. Just little things I know, and I don't understand. I even had this one dream about this guy my mom was dating. She actually in real life at the time wasn't dating him, but in my dream she was. I went out to dinner with both of them, and he hated me because I had a gift, and he knew it. He knew that I could see things before they happened, and I even dreamed about them also. He tried to turn my family against me, and then tried to kill me. I really didn't think anything of it. I remember coming home that night, and my mom greeted me at the door telling me she had a date over. I went to introduce myself, and I just about dropped on the floor. It was the same man I had dreamed about earlier that morning. I waited until he left, and then I told my mom everything. She told me she wasn't interested any ways. I dont understand any of this, and sometimes it scares me a lot. Can you please give me any information at all? My mom tells me that she believes I may have an angle telling me these things. She also believes it might be her great aunt because she use to talk to dead family members. My mom told me that when she was little her aunt told her that she might hear her talking, but not to worry about it because she was just talking to family members. Sometimes my great great grandmother would visit her, and tell her when something was going to happen to a family member, and who was going to die next. I thought it was really weird, but my mom told me she believed it because she would feel cold around the time her aunt would start talking to these ghosts.

My Haunting


Hi my name is Melanie and about eleven years ago my parents purchased an old
house. I was fourteen at the time and immediately I knew that this house was
special. I could sense it and not too long after, I began to experience
unusual things. No one else would believe me because I apparently was the
only one who was having these experiences. I know that there are two ghosts
for sure---a female and a male. I have heard them whispering and talking and
even giggling in my basement. They seem to stay in the basement for some
reason which is unknown to me. However, my bedroom has been in the basement
for many years and they seem to some type of attatchment to me. Doors have
shut and every night when I go to bed, I can hear a very distinct snoring
sound coming from my brother's old room. His room is right next to mine and
that seems to be the hang-out for my two "friends". No one has been in this
room for awhile. Another thing---maybe coincidence, but bad things have
happened to a few people who have been in my house. When I have been upset or
angered at someone and they come over---something bad happens to them. My
ex-boyfriend"s dad got into a car wreck and two of my friends have committed
suicide. Another person went to prison and so on. I don't want to go over the
list because it's far too long. I am a bit frightened by my ghosts but I am
curious, is it possible that ghosts can become attatched to a living
individual? And also, can they hurt people or cause harm? It's actually kind
of strange but I am twenty-five now and I always seem to end up back here for
one reason or another. Every time I have moved out, strange incidents cause
me to have to move back here. So I am just curious--I almost feel like this
house is possessing my life and me. I have a very unusual and uneasy feeling
when I am here but yet, I feel like I am being protected from something.
Thank you for your time. Any info that you could give me would be very

Mothers Story


   Hi my name is Ashley I live in Sacramento where this story took place.
My mom and grandma have told this story to me many times. Anyways, when my
mom was 15 years old living with her mom, two brothers and sister. My mom was
just old enough to go to work with my grandma to work at some mexican bar. My
grandma gave my aunt direct instructions to be in bed by the time they got
home, with all the lights out.
    When my mom and grandma pulled up into the drive way they noticed that
all the lights were on. They rushed in to see if anything was wrong. when
they got in my aunt told them there was someone on the top of the stair case.
They walked over and saw a tall man dressed in a black pin striped suit. They
immediately grabbed all the kids and ran out the door. my grandma ran to the
nearest pay phone where she called the cops. One headed right over and
checked out the house. He found some dust foot prints that lead to the
closet, where there was a push up attic door. The cop looked up there and
told them that there was no dust that had been disturbed.
    They decided that they would stay anyways. But they would all sleep in
the same bed. In the middle of the night my mom woke up and saw that my
grandma was sitting up and looking out the window then asked my mom what she
saw. my mom said that she saw two men from the 50's sitting on the rail. they
both agreed that they had to leave before any thing else hapened.
    Well you can guess they got out of there.

The Falling Paintings  Welsh Omen

 By -


This story may lack dramatic ingredients such as haunted castles and headless spectres, but it was sufficiently shocking to prompt me to reassess my views on the supernatural. I still don't have any answers, but at least I now have an idea about the scale of my ignorance. This account is totally true, in so far as I have reported everything just as it happened.
In 1989 I was 19 years old and my family was living in Germany. At the time I was working in another German town in the south and was shocked to receive a call from my mother telling me my father had been diagnosed with a serious illness and that I should return home as soon as possible. Arriving home, I was saddened to learn that the prognosis was not good and after a short illness he passed away. Obviously my mother was distraught at this turn of events and both my sisters and I did what we could to comfort her. One thing that she kept bringing up was that she had known that something bad was going to happen, as an painting had inexplicably fallen off the wall while she was doing the house work. According to Welsh superstition this is a portend of death in the family and we had all heard of this (along with other folklore) from our Nana, in fact my mother had thought that the falling painting was fortelling the death of her mother (Nana - then in her 80's, living with my uncle in London). Both my sisters and I simply dismissed my mother's claims as being the product of her grief and thought no more about it.
Three years later, I was at University College London (UCL) and temporarily staying in Clapham Common, London with my uncle and Nana (still alive but in her mid 80's, effectively blind and a bit deaf). Returning home one evening I entered the living room to find Nana alone (uncle having gone to the shops). Somewhat on edge, she told me there had been a loud crash, something having fallen. I looked for a possible source of the crash and found that a painting had fallen off the wall, when I told this to my grandmother she became virtually hysterical saying "oh, oh, something bad is going to happen, you know what that means, don't you?" I was still trying to calm her down when my uncle returned from the shops. I informed him of what had transpired and we exchanged a nervous look, neither of us wanting to seem like we believed anything, but both feeling noticeably uneasy. After a while. Nana had calmed down and I went off to bed. By now the events of the evening had taken on an eerie significance and I began to wonder if in fact Nana would still be around for breakfast.
Walking into the living room the next morning I was so happy to see everybody alive and well, that it took me a moment to register the black mood that filled the room. "What's wrong? " I asked. "Myriam is dead, her son just called to say she died in her sleep last night" replied Nana in a resigned, if not calm voice.
The women that had unexpectedly died, within hours of the picture falling, was my grandmothers best (surviving) friend and like Nana, had moved to Clapham Common (a popular Welsh area at that time) from Wales in the 1950's. Forty years later, still living in the house just around the corner from Nana, these two old birds used to meet weekly and talk about the old days.
I later asked Nana about the picture falling, but she wasn't in the least bit shocked. Apparently as a girl in Amlwch, Anglesey (North Wales) at the beginning of the century, before she moved to South Wales and learned English, this sort of thing was very much expected.
Has anyone else heard of this superstition or is it just our family? I would be interested to hear of any other particularly Welsh stories or superstitions.


         This is one of many experiences that has happened to me,it happened    about five year ago, it did scare me, as i'm not sure what it ment, or if it were a negative entity,   Well, I had settled in bed and was just drifting off into sleep, when i was awakened by an icy cold hand, it slammed down hard on my back and pushed it's palm up. It was n't a dream as it had woken me up and the hand was so icy cold that i could still feel it for ages afterwards .  if any one has an idea what it ment or was or a simular experience please E Mail me

Ghost Cat


Thought I would share this story with you. Two years ago I had to put my 17 year old tiger cat to sleep. I was with him when he died. This cat, Turbo, and I had a very close relationship. He followed me all around the house. We have seen him 3 times since he died.
Six months after he died, I got another tiger cat exactly the same color, Morgan.
We had a small hole cut into the furnace room door years back and kept Turbo's cat box in there. When I got Morgan, I covered the hole with cardboard to keep him out untill he got older. One day I was putting clothes into the dryer, and off to the side I could very distinctly see a tiger cat jump through that hole into the furnace room, there was absolutely no sound. I thought the kitten had taken the covering off of the door and went in there, but when I looked, the board was still covering the hole. The kitten had been in the bedroom sleeping. When he came out, he sat up real streight, ran to the furnace room door, put his nose to the floor and started digging, trying to get into the furnace room.
The second time I was carring an arm load of dry clothes from the furnace room and looked down to the floor, trying not to trip on anything. Tight quarters. I saw a tiger cat weaving in and out around my feet under the clothes. I thought it was the new cat. I put the clothes down, and saw nothing. When I called the kitten, he came to me from another far corner of the house yawning and stretching.
The third time, my husband got the honor. We sleep upstairs  with our bedroom doors shut. He had gotten up in the night to use the bathroom, when he came out into the hall he saw a tiger cat laying in front of my bedroom door across the hall. He said at first he  thought it was the Morgan, untill the cat got up and walked through my  bedroom door. Morgan ,we discovered in the morning, had been accidently locked in a downstairs closet all night long.
I cant tell you how many times I have felt Turbo jump on my bed, walk across it and curl up behind my knees. I used to get up and turn on the light only to find nothing there. Now I just smile and go to sleep. I know he's still there.
We are not in the least afraid of this little cat spirit. He was a dear friend in life and would also be a friend in death. My only sad thought is that if we move some day, I hope he comes along with us. Seeing him brightens my day.
I have a neighbor that recently lost a dog. It seems she experiences the same type of things that we are. Her dog  used to knock a peticular pillow on the floor when he was upset with her. She says that now he is gone, she bets she picks that pillow up off of the floor at least 7 or 8 times a day and no one has been in the room.
Thank you for your time.

Revolutionary War Hauntings


I am a Revolutionary War re-enactor, I portray a women camp follower of the
Revolutionary War. I love re-enacting, it takes you back to the past during
the American Revolution, not only that but I get to travel to different
battlefields, Colonial grounds.....etc. of that time, and seek out the
hauntings of them. I have some stories of Two places that I went to recently
in July and August. In July we traveled (along with many other groups) two
Fort No. 4 in charlestown NH. This was an actual Fort used in the Revolution.
At the end of the day when the public had left me and my two other friends
that re-enact with me (by the way I am only 16yrs old) were walking down to
the river (The Connecticut river) and as we were walking my dress started to
move around as if there was a light breeze blowing through, but there was no
breeze at all, I just shrugged it off and went on my way to the river. That
night there was a colonial party in the courtyard of the Fort, everyone from
the British side and the American side was there dressed in there best
outfits (we still dress Colonial even when the public is not there) well
anyways I was sitting on this big log in the corner of the courtyard with
Kelley and Racheal and all of a sudden we felt this really Cold feeling, but
it was not cold out, it was just right, and I asked Kelley and Rachael if
they felt cold and they said they did too, and so we got up and we did not
have that "cold feeling" anymore. Later we decided to go to bed, we all sleep
in 18th century tents, I had my own tent and Kelley and Racheal slept in the
same tent because they are sisters. It was really quiet out and it sounded
like someone was walking by the tents so I thought it was someone going off
to there tent, I looked through the part of the tent where it ties together
to see who it was and there was no one to be seen, and I still heard the
steps of someone walking.
My next story was in August. The Battle of Bennington. I only have one
account of this event. Me and Racheal were the last ones in the whole entire
Camp to go to sleep, we weren't tired that night. We were sitting under the
tent fly (it was a tent covering they used where they would have there
chairs, food, entertainment....etc. It was a quiet night and we were just
sitting there. We were watching the fire of the camp next to us, because they
all had gone off to bed and left there fire burning really good, so we
thought we would keep an eye on it, so anyway I looked over at it to see how
low the fire was because I was getting tired, and it was just coals burning.
so I got up and Racheal was half asleep and I said "we can go to bed now
there fire is just about out" so we went to our tents. Racheal came in mine
because she wasn't tired anymore so we just talked for a few sec. Than she
needed to go get a lantern at the Dining fly, and she wanted me to go with
her, and when we went out there, the Fire that we were watching was all up in
flames again, so I shined the lantern up to see if someone was over there
that got it going again, and there was no one in sight.

Ghost in High Park

Our names are Laura and Anne, and we have an experience with a ghost to
share with you.

We live in Toronto, Canada.  I am not sure if you are aware of a park in
Toronto named High Park, (largest Park In Toronto, and quite spooky at
night) but we have heard stories all of our lives about their being ghosts
there.  One of the most famous ghosts of High Park is Mrs. Jemima
Howard.  She lived in Toronto in the 1800's with her husband.  Their
cottage was located in High Park (which wasn't a park at the time).  It was
on a large piece of land that overlooked Lake Ontario.  They built it in
1837, but didn't live there.  There home was in downtown Toronto. After Mr.
Howard retired they decided to move into their cottage, and added parts on
to it so that it was more like a home.  It was the first home in Toronto to
have an indoor toilet (the door was covered with wallpaper, so guests
wouldn't be turned away by seeing an indoor toilet, because at the time
people thought it was unsanitary).  Their home was called "Colborne Lodge"
named after a man who helped the Howards out. Later on in Mrs. Howard's
life she became very ill (with breast cancer) and didn't leave the
house.  Her husband put her in a "sick room", which apparently was what
they did at that time.  Her room was off to the back of the house, and in a
way this became her "new home".  At night she would wander off because she
was taking many different medications that would make her a little "out of
it" you could say.  Mr. Howard decided to make another door about 5 feet
away from her room that had no handles so she couldn't leave (he didn't
want her to wander off into the woods anymore).  So at this time, she never
left her room.  Her husband decided to build her tomb, because he knew that
she would die soon.  Legend has it, that he made her watch him build it
from her bedroom window.  It seems cruel, but at that time that was
something that was done so the person could cope with dyeing easier.  Mrs.
Howard died in the 1870's and Mr. Howard remained in the house and died in
1890.  People always said that they would see lights on in Mrs. Howards
room, and that they would see the figure of a lady standing by the window
(looking out towards her tomb).  All of these sightings took place at
night.  Later on the house was considered historic (because Mr. Howard
founded High Park), and people would take tours of the house and it's
vicinity.  Many visitors to  the home claimed to feel "cold spots" near
Mrs. Howards bedroom, and the feeling of someone watching them.
Now for our experience.
My friend and I have always wanted to go by Colborne Lodge at night, just
to see if we would see anything unusual at the house or near the tomb
stone.  It was about 3:00am, and we decided to drive through High Park and
find the house.  It took us about 30 minutes because we weren't sure of
where it was exactly, and trying to find something in High Park can be like
trying to find a needle in a hay stack because it is so large.  It is even
harder to find something when it is so late at night, because it isn't very
well lit (which is why we think it's a little spooky).  At about 3:30am we
found a street named "Colborne Lodge Rd", and turned onto it.  We drove
down the road for a bit and spotted the house.  I parked the car by the
back of the house, where  you can see the window in Mrs. Howards
bedroom.  We were a little bit weary because we parked right between the
house and the tomb.  My friend and I don't scare very easily, but that
night we were in for a surprise.  I turned the car off and we just watched
the house.  We noticed a light on in Mrs. Howards bedroom and the room
beside it.  After a few minutes we saw what looked like a woman walking by
the window, and then stopping and looking outside.  We got a little nervous
and drove away.  After trying to calm down (which took about 5 minutes), we
decided to go back and see what was going on.  We knew that nobody was in
the house.  There are no occupants so the lights shouldn't have been
on.  We thought that maybe one of the tour guides had forgotten to turn the
lights off, but that still didn't explain the woman inside.  We parked
between the house and the tomb again, and turned the car
off...waiting.  The light was still on, but this time it went off and then
back on.  We could still see the woman in the window and then she was
gone.  After about 2 minutes or so, we heard what sounded like someone
walking towards the back of the car.  I turned around to see who it was,
only to see the outline of a woman.  Then there was tapping on the back of
the car, which then moved to tapping on the passenger side window.  We
freaked out and I started the car.  My head was down because I was putting
the car into drive and my friend was watching me, screaming for me to
drive.  We both looked up, only to see this same figure standing in front
of the car.  We took off down the road and left the park.
The next day we decided to go back to the park during the day, so we could
take a tour.  We told the tour guide about what happened, thinking that he
would think we were crazy.  He said he had never seen anything, but that
many people have said they could see Mrs. Howard in the bedroom window.  We
told him which room we saw her in and that the light was on.  He told us to
say no more, and that when we got to that part of the tour he had a story
for us.  After going through the main floor of the house, we went upstairs
to where the bedrooms are.  He told the story of Mrs. Howard (the story I
told above, of her illness and being kept in the room).  He then instructed
us to look around the room, to see if we could notice if anything was
missing.  Everything looked normal.  It looked like a bedroom from the
1800's.  There was an oil lamp by the bed, and a dresser, etc.  The thing
that was missing was that there was only an oil oil lamp that
never gets lit.  There are absolutely no light fixtures in the room.  When
they started to allow people into the home for tours, they wanted to keep
it as authentic as possible.  So how was the light on?  Perhaps Mrs. Howard
lit the lamp herself.  We aren't sure, but what we are sure of is that we
saw Mrs. Howard in her bedroom and a figure of a lady by our car.  Also,
later that night (around 12am), we went back to the park to see if the
lights were on again....they were, and the same lady was standing by the

Ghost in My Backseat

Hey everyone, I have been lurking here for months but haven't posted yet.I have had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and I have sporadic psychic ability myself. Sometimes I know things that will happen (as my very southern mother says we "just know it for sure") but it is never anything important that I know beforehand. Also I cannot call on the ability but it comes to me.  I have had many experiences which I may share later. Anyway, I want to talk about what happened last night. My parents and I were in the car going to the store. I was driving, my mother was in the backseat, and my father was in the passenger seat. The radio was off, but my mother heard a male voice singing. However , she could not make out the words. My father was not singing. I asked Mama if she wanted it to stop because she was sure that someone was in the backseat with her. She said yes so I did a binding, one I read somewhere online about "old Tom Parker, under your hat, bound in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit" and it stopped. My father was scared by the binding more than the ghost. Now I feel bad, because I wonder who it was. My grandfather is close to death and I know family sometimes contacts you when someone is about to die. But my mother was scared and I didn't think it was a good idea for a presence to be scaring us while we were flying down the road!  I know I cannot ask it back because you are not guaranteed to get the same one but I will always wonder who it was. We live in south Georgia in what is supposed to be the second oldest city in the U.S. The town is chock full of ghosts, and I even sometimes lead an informal ghost tour of the historical section at night. Anyway, thanks to all for your stories and I will post more of mine when I have time.

Ghost Sighting


I was 14 years old when I first 'played' the Ouija Board with my brother and sisters. We played it for almost 5 years and within those 5 years some very strange things occurred....
The first strange 'happening' occurred when I was 15. I had placed my school shoes beside my bed ready for the following day. When I woke up the next morning my shoes were found in the cupboard behind my bed which could only be opened after my bed had been moved out of the way. I cannot imagine anyone moving my bed without disturbing me. From that day on I slept with my youngest sister in a different room.
The second 'happening' occurred in a different part of the house. There were strange noises coming from underneath my sisters bed, but there was nothing to be seen. Then one night not long after I was at the bottom of my sisters bed when I looked at the window and saw a figure which resembled a small child, sat with its legs crossed and hands on its hips looking straight down at me. I turned over thinking to myself this is not real, it will not be there when I turn back, but it was. It stayed there for as long as I was looking. I did not dare move, scream or close my eyes. Eventually I fell back to slepp burried underneath the covers.
My 18 year old daughter does not like going upstairs as she says it feels cold and seems like someone is standing at the top of the stairs. I am 40 years old and still ask my mother to accompany me when I go upstairs.
I still think there is something in that house which I am very afraid of.
Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience.

"Ghost" Stories


O.k., first of all, I am not one to jump to the conclusion of "ghosts" when hearing or seeing something out of the norm. I'm skeptical, so to say. However, there have been two incidences in my childhood that I have trouble explaining.
 The first, took place in my house in shilo, Manitoba. (Shilo is a small military town.) I was very young when "it" happened. Maybe four or five. This is why I have to wonder if it was simply my young imagination, or if I did experience something. Well I was laying asleep one night, soundly as ever, and I awoke -abruptly, not to mention- to a figure of a female the end of my bed. At least it seemed like a female. Now that I think about it, the only clue to it's gender was it's long hair. And from some of my male friends, I know this isn't always a reliable source. Anyway, this, wore bright white. Almost like it wasn't wearing clothing, but light itself. I was terrified, of course. I tried to close my eyes, but it made no difference. I could still see this bright figure, seemingly hovering, over the end of my bed. It -whatever it was; ghost, angel, whatever, simply observed me; wearing...robes. Not really a dress, just bright robes benignly hanging from it's figure. I tried to scream, and found myself unable to speak. My mouth moved soundlessly. And after what seemed like a lifetime, The figure disappeared. I am not sure what went on after this, I only remember what I have written, and even then I have doubts to my accuracy, due to the age I was. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced this figure was an angel. What it was doing at the end of my bed, this is still a mystery to me.
The second is much more clear in my mind. I was roughly ten, maybe eleven. This took place in Victoria, B.C, where I am living now. Once again, I had been living on an military compound. (My father was in the military) Near the compound, is a golf course. In the center of the golf course, is a cemetery. Anyway, every evening, just before dusk, my best friend and I would go to collect the stray golf balls that the golfers neglected to gather themselves. We would then give them to my father, who enjoyed not having to go and buy new golf balls himself. He too had hit his fair share of golf balls into the bush, never to be seen again. Anyway, out we set for our evening stroll in the forest, gum boots on, egg carton on one hand (for holding the golf balls.) sweater in the other. - it had been raining  nearly ceaselessly for the last week or so. The evening progressed, and regretfully, my friend and I had not had a very fruitful evening and had only collected one or two balls. (Perhaps because of the rain; the course was more of a sponge pit, and any unfortunate golfer brave enough to tread on the grass found him self ankle deep in wet mud and grass.) Out of desperation (or an obsessive compulsive habit, beats me...) we decided to stay a little longer and see if we could find any balls in the bushes nearer to the graveyard. I was getting dark, and still we searched for more golf balls. It was nearly dark now, and both of us were getting more and more apprehensive, hanging around a graveyard at night. We decided to split up, stay for five more minutes, and then go home.  I went towards the trees facing the cemetery, my friend a little farther off to the left.  I was scanning the ground, when something caught my eye, just off to the right. In a tree. Next to the graveyard. I innocently gazed in the direction of movement and saw a figure, a human figure, hanging - swinging - from an old oak tree. It must have been 20, 30 feet high in the air. It would have been, in my opinion, very hard to climb up that tree. I took no time in sprinting away from this ...thing... swaying in the breeze,  and ran towards my clueless friend. I stumbled up to her, white, trembling, and skittish. (As she had described it years later.) I had told her what I saw, and she insisted on seeing it too. We both gingerly peered from the bushes toward the gnarled old oak. The figure was still there. Swaying. She, after her quiet chatter about how much of a 'scaredy cat' I was, went  suddenly silent. We stood there for around a minute or so. And looking at each other, sprinted home. I told my father about this, and he, like so many others, took our story for the fanciful imagination of children in the dark. Both of us went back the very next dawn, and went to go investigate "the" oak. The branch was there, but no person. I occurred to me that for anyone to hang themselves, or for someone to be hung, there would have to be some tracks leading to and/or from the tree. My own boots had been nearly sucked into the earth a few times. And I only weighed 80 lbs or so . Something must of occurred to my friend too, because all she would say was, "that wasn't a person. It was something else." I too had a feeling that the situation we had witnessed the night before was not a typical hanging. That night was the last of our golf ball collecting for a very long time.
So there you go. Think what you may, but I can say honestly that whatever happened those two nights, I have never doubted the occurrence of something abnormal.

Bit of a Story


Hi.. I've got a bit of a story...  Well, it was a saturday morning and I was asleep and I heard a LOUD knocking sound. I thought it was my father so I said (rather irritably) "whaaaat?" but the knocking continued and after about 2 minutes of this.. I realized the knocking was coming from my wall! On the other side of the wall was the attic and there was no room in betweet wall layers for anything to be hiding and knocking.  So I got scared and ran out!  Then.. a week or so later, I was sitting in my room, doing homework when I heard the knocking again! I alerted my sister and she heard it too.. we both ran off scared.  Then I heard it a third time when I was alone in my room. I took my sisters tape recorder and recorded the sound.  I played the tape for my mom and dad but they didn't believe me.  Then, another weird thing happened in my room, just last night!  I was laying on the floor, listening to my favorite CD doodling in my notebook (hey... its a 14 year olds favorite pastime!) and my ankle was resting against my clothes hamper.  All of a sudden, my light flickered. It wasn't the electricity because my radio kept playing.. then my dirty clothes hamper started swaying and finally fell to the floor...  I did not move my leg to make the hamper fall! It scared me so badly I ran to my parents room and they did not believe me!

House to Sell


     When I was 16 my father bought a 16 year old house.  The house was
right across the street from a large cemetery.  The first night that I stayed
there I felt a little uneasy and it was hard to fall alseep.  Not that I was
scared, but that I was being watched.  We moved in right at the end of the
school year.  I would spend alot of time home alone watching TV.  The way the
TV and couch were postioned you could see the hallway out of the corner of
your eye.  I would always see dark shapes glide back and forth between the
bedrooms, but I never got a clear look.
      My brothers were about the same age as me, and my dad worked nights so
we had alot of parties.  The first time I ever got a good look at the ghost
was at one of my parties.  I was walking up the stairs and right in front of
me a older man appeared.  He didn't look back at me, he just walked up the
stairs and past everybody at the party.  Nobody noticed him but me.  He had
on a suit and had grey hair and was bald on the top of his head.  I just
followed him up the stairs and down the hall.  He then faded away.  I didn't
realize that I saw him until after he was gone.
      Throughout the next year Id hear footsteps and he would appear every
now and then.  The funny thing was I was never scared of him.  Almost every
one of my friends who visited alot would have some sort of an encounter, only
their's seemed much more frightening.  One of my best friend's was also my
biggest sceptic.  He didnt believe that I had a ghost in my house.  One night
he was walking into the bathroom and he screamed and ran out of my house.  He
would never tell me what he saw.
      My friend's would have different things happen to them.  They'd see
balls of light or if they were in the bathroom the shower would turn on by
itself.  Once at four in the morning my friend heard a very large crash from
the living room.  Like somebody had picked up the kitchen table and dropped
it.  He ran upstairs to see, and there was nothing out of place and nobdy was
up.  Stuff like that.
      Once I accidently ran over a cat.  I felt really bad so I brought it
home and buried it in my garden.  The next day a friend and I were outside
playing basketball and he said "There is a cat in your garage."  It was the
same cat that I had ran over.  It ran out of the garage and disappeared right
in front of us.  Needless to say the ground where I had buried him was
      I moved out for about 6 months and into my mother's house.  About a
week after living there I saw what looked like the silhouette of my sister
standing in the bathroom with the light off.  I asked her why she had the
light off and I turned the light on.  There was nobody there.  I thought
nothing of it for some reason and I went to bed.  The dog would always come
up and sleep at the end of my bed at night, so when I heard footsteps come up
the stairs and come to the edge of my bed I thought it was just the dog.  I
told "it" (thinking it was the dog) to jump up on the bed.  Nothing happened,
so I turned on the light and nothing was there.  I then heard whispering all
around the room the rest of the night.  Thus began an actual frightening 6
months.  I would awake in the middle of the night to something shaking my bed
and saying my name.  I was in my sisters room talking on the phone and there
was the shadow of a man standing in the corner.  He kept walking up to me,
and when I'd turn towards him he'd run back to the corner.
      I would have visions of what it would be like to die a tramatic death.
 It was all very strange.  Eventually I moved back to my dad's house.  My
first night back I heard footsteps around my bed and had the feeling that the
old man's ghost was happy to see me back again.  For the next few years the
same strange occurences went on.
      I bought the house from my dad a couple of years ago.  I lived there
by myself, but the activity had died down alot.  Just when I'd think my
ghostly friend had left he'd make an appearence.  My girlfriend moved in and
he had alot of fun with her.  He'd do perverted things like grab her butt or
snap her underwear.  She said that at night alot she would wake up and see
him standing in the doorway watching us sleep.
      One night I had a dream about the old guy.  My dad was only the second
owner of the house and as far as we new nobdy had died there.  In my dream I
talked to the old man.  He seemed to have a good sense of humor, but also
seemed very ill at the time.  I joked with him about coming to a party with
me and he wanted to go, but I left without him.
     Soon after  I started getting a feeling of evil coming from my house.
I knew that the good ghost was still there, but I felt like there was
something in my basement.  It would wait for me when Id come home and greet
me at the door.  I think what really pissed it off was that I wasn't too
afraid of it.
      I lived in the house a total of 8 years and spent two years living
there alone.  I moved out and sold the house about a month ago.  There is
something in the house where I live now, but I dont think that it is the same
person.  I get the feeling that it is a woman.  She hates my cats and
torments them.  Other than that I dont know what else to say.  Why do you
think that this man hung around me for so long?  Why did this evil presense
suddenly appear right before I sold the house?

Mom and Dads Story


Hi!  I have been on your website numerous times and i think its great!  First
off, i wasn't born when this happend and my mom and dad told me this story.
I think that they have alot of better things to do than lie to their own
child.  Anyway,  they lived in Philadelphia.  One night my mom, dad and
sister(who was about 12 at the time)  came home around 8:30 after attending
something at the church with my sister.  All of a sudden, a black figure
swept across the room and dispersed into the basement.  My mom and dad both
saw it.  My sister did not, but if she had she would have seen its face.  So
my mom and dad never wanted to talk about it again figuring no one would
believe them.  My grandmother had the house blessed and nothing seem to go
wrong. So years go by and then i was born.  My dad was at work, my sister at
school and i was only a few weeks old.  My mom then worked at home and I was
sleeping upstairs in my crib.  She started to think about her good friend
because she was pregnant and was wondering what she had and then all of a
sudden she heard a beautiful voice and the voice she that her friend was okay
and she had a baby girl.  So, she got up and looked around to see if anyone
was there and no one was.  Two days later her friend calls my  mom and said
she had a baby girl.  But this house was no ordinary house.  One time, my
parents were digging up the driveway and they found 2 tombstones.  dated back
to WW1.  And the basement had a dirt floor, a chair with handcuffs on the
walls, a red light and incense.  Of course my parent s got rid of everything.
 We moved out of the house in 1990 and we go visit it every once in a while.
It still feels like there is something there but who knows, it could all be
in my head.  Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Tree House


    I thought after reading other accounts of the unexplained I would share my own experience.I grew up in a small town in middle Tennessee outside the city limits what many consider country.While it was somewhat isolated there were neighbors around with children older than myself.Our house sat at the end of the road and our property joined a large farm that belonged to Mr.S and his family.I was about six or seven when this occured .Being the hyper kid I was I was always exploring the woods  Mr.S had on his farm.In one area ther was a tree house that had been there for a long time( I was told by others) anyhow I wasn't allowed to go there when the older kids were hanging out there.A few months earlier my sister had told on me to my mom that I was smoking with the older kids.Well needless to say I was very careful not to let on when I was intending to visit the tree house.I remember I left the house early one saturday morning it was the fall of in 73 or 74.I headed towards the woods to the forbidden tree house.It was quite a trek for a little snot like me, however; since it was a place off limits I went there every opprotunity I had .This paticular saturday I finally reached my destination and was getting ready to climb up when I happend to look up directly into the face of a smiling young man! "Whoa!" I jumped back and said,"you kinda scared me" the young man looked down at me a sorta laughed."I didn't mean to scare you " the fellow said.He then proceeded to tell me how he had built the tree house years before and that he liked to come back ever so often to see it.I stood at the bottom of the tree looking up at him . I remember that he had sandy brown hair and was wearing,wire rimmed glasses,flannel shirt,green army pants,and boots  seen.I especially remember his smile,it seemed to glow so bright it was hard to take my eyes off him ! He kept talking although I dont remember what all he said but, one other thing that I vividly remember is that I could see the under side of his boots.Looking up from below I saw that the soles of his boots were black and sticky it was like he had been walking in hot tar or molasses .As soon as this came to my attetion I looked at the steps to the tree house and saw them dripping with this black goo.He seemed quite amused at my discovery and started to snicker at me .It was then I realized I was holding on to the bottom rung with both hands firmly implanted in the goo! The sudden wave of nausea that gripped me was overwelming I started gagging and wanted to throw-up as I bent over I raised my hands to my face and was horrified!! My hand were covered with this vile blackish and red pieces of tissue.As I stood there disgusted and confused I heard the fellow in the tree laughing, loud at first then sounding further and further away.The next moment I looked up to  the young man he had vanished! Needless to say I almost killed myself hightailing it out of the woods towards home.The distance between home and the tree house seemed miles away and I made record time! As soon as I entered my yard I went for the garden hose I had to get that hideous goo off !! When I reached for the water I noticed that the offending matter was gone no sign of it anywhere on me or my clothes!!
      The experience I discribed stayed with me for quite awhile however; time eventually eased me into playing off the happening as an over active imagination.I believe I was able to store this away because I relly didn't want to ever think about it again.A few years went by and I was mowing yards during the summer for neighbors and freinds.The neighborhood had grown considerbly ,the woods where the tree house was now a really nice wooded subdivision.One afternoon I had just finished my mowing and was headed home.I had some time and decided to be charitable(more my fathers idea I must admit). There was an older house where the grass always needed cutting.My father said old farmer Mr.S (who had passed away a few years back) elderly sister lived there and I should offer to cut her yard.I knocked introduced myself and told her why I was there.Well after I'd finished she invited me in for a drink of water.While inside she and I started talking when I noticed a frame of military medals on the wall.I have always been a history buff especially the military.Knowing she was a widow I asked her if the medals were her late husbands she said they were and went on to tell me about him.She told me what her husband had done in the war and about their life together.I had noticed she seemed not to think very much of the army even though her husband had a very distinguished career.While talking I told her I assumed having a husband in harms way during war was probally very stressful .At that moment she said for me to follow her that she show me why she had such a dislike for the military.I followed jer to a room and when she opened the door I couldn't beleive what I saw.There was a room straight out of the sixties.This room had posters of cars ,airplanes,and a diploma on the wall.The lady proceeded to tell me about her son who after high school joined the Marines and was killed in Vietnam.She slowly closed the door and we walked to the front door.I stammered around for something to say ,thankfully; she changed the subject telling me she would pay me for cutting the grass.I steadfastly refused payment so she grabbed me and hugged me.Hugging back my eyes closed I slowly opened them looking over  her shoulder into the living room .It took just a second for me to focus on the photo of a young man in uniform the same young man from my youth! The same young man who had died years before ,the same young man I had seen in a tree house he had built .The same young man who was sitting in his tree house wearing bloody boots, back from a war he did not survive.

True Story to Tell


Hi my name is Jen and I have a true ghost story to tell.  I was about ten, and it had been exactly a year since my grandfather had past away.
My oldest sister finally got her own room for her birthday.  She was bothered by some voices in the bathroom early that morning so she asked me to sleep with her in her room for a little while.
One week had went by and she still had me sleeping in her room.  There had been suspicions before about ghost in my house, but never hearing any voices. I didn't believe her about the voices because I didn't want to believe it, and there was nothing to prove it, I have never herd voices in this house only noises and things like TV's being turned on and off. Which I told myself was just a power problem, not to scare myself, But I was indeed to find out for sure myself that there was a ghost living in my house.
It was late at night when I felt a cold breeze cross my legs sending chills up my whole body.  I didn't know where this cold breeze was coming from, I knew that I shut the window before going to bed, because of having no screen. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something white swirling in the air. Even though I was scared I looked anyway.  I felt stupid, only to find that it was the curtain blowing. But wait, I thought how did the window get open?
I was to scared to get up to close it so I lye there cold and scared. I then turned to my sleeping sister for comfort pulling the covers tightly to my chest and pressed against her.  I lay there still trying not to even breath, WHAT WAS THAT! there was pressure on the bed as if some one had decided to join me.  Out of curiosity I turned my head to see what was sitting with me. It was my grandfather. At least that's who I think it was, just staring at me with his head resting on the bed his hands folded.  I was scared out of my mind, but at the same time I was speechless and I couldn't scream!  I just sat there and watched him. His lips moved but nothing came out. By the time I was able to scream and get my sister up he was gone.
I prayed never to see him again!  and I haven't, but my brother claims to have seen him twice once again beside me.  And each time he has been on my left side, even the time I saw him.  Some say he is trying to tell me something or warn me about my bad heart, others say it's a coincidence.  I don't know it remains a mystery.  Along with the mystery of the little girl my sister herd giggling in bathroom.  Lots of other mysterious things have happened in that house with no explanation why,




Well, we have a ghost that isn't really bad as far as I know.  We just wake
up to hear things going bump in the main bathroom (which should have stopped
after we had to put my cat to sleep) and to the smell of bacon, eggs,
pancakes, and coffee.  I mean it could be much worse.  In fact I rather enjoy
our little ghost.  It has never done anything bad to us and wakes us up with
pleasant smells. What's better than a cooking ghost?



          On My friends birthday party Her name was Jessica anyway her birthday  witch was the night before Halloween we were out playing ding-dong-ditch . and me and my friend Crystle were pared up as partners each of us had a partner to play the game together anyway me and Crystle were going to go to the haunted house to ring the doorbell and when we did everyone saw a Girl on top Of that roof speaking in a different language and no one could understand her . and we noticed that something was in her hand it was a knife and everyone was calling to her they thought she she was going suicide except me I thought it was A ghost . I really don't know why . And then all of A sudden she fell off the roof everyone ran over to were she fell but when we got there her body was gone out of sight nowhere to be seen . another thing is My friend Crystle And my other friend Jessica had been attacked by another guy he wa! s all dressed in black and had yellow eyes . A couple Days later Jessica and Crystle disappeared and thats My ghost story



Many years ago, when married to my first husband, (married 3-64--divorced
7-76), in the last few years something in black would stand at the foot of
the bed, he was working the 3rd shift at the time, and just stand there, and
other times, it came to side of my bed, and would call my name Ruth, very
quietly.  This happened many times.  My sister, 13-14 yrs. at the time, was
sleeping with me, and she knew something was happening when I would sit up
and sometimes scream, or just be scared to death and not do or say anything.
This happened once before we were married,  I was bathing and something in
black appeared to me.  I told Mom, she said I must have doing something bad
with my then boyfriend (and we were having sex).  This is the same man I then
married and the black figures started many years later again.  What were
they.  With this same man, I saw an extremely tall man walk past our window
in the porch and just stared in at me.  My ex-husband could tell every time
when I saw something, although he never saw anything.  I have had many many
strange things happen to me in my life, and most recently, with my now
husband of 10 years, during extremelly hard bad family times, we both had
someone call our names at work, turn to see who itwas, no one was there.  It
does not happen now since the problems are gone..well we hope they are gone,
the problems I mean.


Good and Evil Entities


Hi, my name's Karolina and I live in ACT, Australia. I
believe that I may have had my first experience with
an evil entity (as opposed to my many with other
ghost/entities and strange experiences, which were not
necessarily evil).
A few days ago I was really tired so i decided to go
to bed early. I turned off all the lights and checked
my alarm clock (I live alone) and my cat jumped into
bed with me and started on his catbath routine. I
don't remember falling asleep (I was lying on my back
with my arms on my stomach), but the next thing I
know, I feel like I'm being lifted or levitated up,
horizontally, roughly a metre above my bed. The first
thing I thought was "oh, it's a flying dream, cool".
I often dream of flying and I do enjoy the
experiences. Suddenly I realised that I was not flying
through my own will power, and something just felt
very wrong. I "willed" myself to go back down to the
bed but I was still being "levitated" and was almost
in a vertical position now. I could only move my eyes
and my head slightly, so I looked to the right and saw
the streetlight shining through the blinds and thought
"OK, I should be safe, I am at home". I didn't feel
safe at all though, and started to panic somewhat. I
called on all my guides to send me "good" energy (I
study Wicca) to come to protect me and help me, and
kept concentrating on willing myself to be in complete
control of my body. After a little while I felt myself
go back down, and my immediate reaction was to get up
and calm myself down. That's when I realised that I
could not move. Something or someone was holding me -
I was completely paralysed. I really started panicking
then and I thought if I can't use my limbs, I will use
my mind and my voice. In my mind I screamed (the way
you scream if you were attacking someone), and
although I only heard a whimper come out of my mouth,
suddenly I could move. I sat up, not knowing whether I
had been asleep, dreaming or in an awake but
semi-concious state. What scared me most was the fact
that I couldn't tell what state I had been in, that
the experience felt so real, and that the cat was
still in my room giving himself a catbath. It had only
been minutes.
At the moment I don't think I physically levitated,
but almost was forced by something evil into some type
of astral travel. I am really not sure, as I'm still
coming to terms with it. The presence I have in my
house at the moment, seems to be (perhaps?) an elderly
lady or somebody who keeps on going around cleaning or
rearranging my things. I can hear sounds (almost every
second day) as if someone is picking up the newspapers
and wiping the table underneath, or laundry is being
moved. I can also hear footsteps as they busily walk
around. It doesn't scare or bother me at all. When the
presence first appeared at my house a few weeks ago, I
was laying in my bed one night, listening to it, when
suddenly it poked me in the side of my face (quite
roughly). That night I told it that I was happy to
share my house with it, as long as it didn't hurt or
scare anyone. I haven't had any problems with it
since, although it never felt like a frightening type
of presence in the first place. Has anyone else had
experiences like this?

Grandad Tom


I want to tell you about my mum's encounter with a ghost.Her dad died when she was 13 and it left her very upset.A year later, she went out to a party with some friends.Her cousins were due to stay so her mum let them sleep in my mum's room.When my mother got back, her mum told her that her cousins were sleeping in her room and that she could sleep downstairs.My mum set up a bed in the lounge, made herself comfy and settled down. Within an hour, she heard a noise. The lounge double doors opened suddenly.Then she heard muffled footsteps like someone walking on the carpet, but no-one was there! Then, something blew on her face, like her dad used to do to wake her up in the mornings when she was little. Next the ghost sat down in her dad's armchair, then disappeared. After, her mum, sister and my mum moved house. When her mother was alone in the new house, pictures placed on the lounge wall would switch places. My mum still receives visits from her dad, like when she's reading at night she will say "Give me a sign you are there" and sometimes,her lamp flickers!!!


By: Dudley

As a young child I grappled with my fear of darkness.  When it was necessary to make a bathroom visit during the night I would turn on the necessary lights between my bedroom and the bathroom.  As I grew older I was determined to overcome this fear.  One night I decided to feel my way to the bathroom in the darkness.  I exited my bedroom and felt my way along the walls.  First through the kitchen, past the pantry and then to a small room which held the refridgerator and led to the back door.  When I arrived at the fridge, I knew the bathroom door was immediately across.  So far there had been no problem getting to the door.  But soon things would change drastically.  I opened the bathroom door and was literally shocked when I saw a ghostly apparition of an older man sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper.  Needless to say I no longer needed the facilities.  Later I realized the ghostly apparition was that of my grandfather who had died when I was two years of age.  My futur!
e visits to the bathroom were made possible thanks to Mr. Eveready.

Great-Grandpa's Goodbye


While reading one of your stories I was reminded of a ghost story my mother
had told me when I was about eight years old.  You see when I was four my
beloved great-grandfather passed away.  That night my mom said she had
awaken to a "funny" feeling.  She sat up in bed (we were staying at my
great-grandmother's house) and saw him standing beside her.   She said that
my great-grandfather was surrounded in a whitish glow and he looked so
happy.  It really surprised her when he said, "I love you.  Goodbye".  And
after he disappeared my mother fell back asleep as if nothing had happened.
The next morning my great-grandmother and my mom were talking and my mom
told her what she had seen the night before.  My mother had casted it off as
a dream until my great-grandmother started crying and said that she, too,
had seen the same apperation the night before and he had said the same thing
to her.
I guess the reason that they both believe it so much is because they were in
two different rooms.  I guess the reason I believe it so much is because
they WERE in two different rooms.

Growing Up in an Old Farmhouse


                I've always wanted to tell someone other than family and
close friends about the experience that my brothers, mom and I had. I was
about seven years old when  we moved into an old farmhouse. On the first
night was when weird things started happening. My brothers and I slept
downstairs for the night until the rest of the bedroom stuff got unpacked. It
was late in the night and we all woke up hearing somebody walking around
upstairs. We woke up our dad and he grabbed the shotgun and went up. He came
down angrier than ever saying that there was nothing up there and that the
windows were locked too. After a few weeks the sounds of someone got more and
more current. The walking started at the bottom of the stairs going through
my bedroom and into my brother's room and stopping infront of my twin
brothers bed. When it reached his bed it would start all over again. One
night I was getting ready for bed and I leaned over to turn the box fan on
and it turned on right high before I touched the knob! There was no other way
to turn it on. I ran downstairs like a bat out of hell and my mom was in the
tub. I told her what had just happened and she brushed it off  saying that it
was nothing. Us kids had an old radio and at night the spirit would flip
through the stations. Over time my mom started to notice things going on. My
brothers and I took ma by the hand and brought her upstairs and sat her down
on my brothers bed. We told her to be still and not say a word. The walking
started and coming up the stairs and walking through my room and it stopped
right infront of her. My mom's eyes looked like they were about ready to pop
out! She finally believed us kids. The house had a back deck with an inner
deck door and an outer deck door. Many of times the doors would just start
banging and nobody would be around and no breeze. The outer door had a
sliding lock to it and the chain part of it would start to pick up like
someone was picking it up and dropping it. I hated being alone in that house
especially when I had to get around for a softball game. The doors would all
of the sudden start banging and when I'd yell at it to stop it would for only
a few minutes and start all over again. Later on we found out that a man did
die in the house. When we moved out of the house another man moved in shortly
after. He didn't last long, he left in the middle of the night and didn't
take a thing with him. When we lived there our dog refused to come upstairs
with us and even sleep up there.This house is around 200 yrs. old. That was
one of the worst experiences that our family has ever had.

Guiding Me


10 years ago I was in bed and at 03.15am I felt someone at the bottom of my
bed I thought it was my husband and told him to get back to bed. I then
remembered he was working away from home I turned round and saw a shaddow at
the bottom of my bed, at the same time I heard a voice say " Diane you are
pregnent" the shadow disapeared as I  caught glims of it. I beleive it was my
father. I then started to be sick. I then done a pregnancey test the
following day and I was pregnant. I now have a 10 year old daughter.
Unfortunately my husband and I have been going through  an extermely
difficult time and I have asked for a seperation. Yesterday he went to
Scotland. Last night I was in bed and at around 02.15 I went to the loo. I
got back into bed and within a few seconds I flet my whole body feel like a
lead weight and it was difficult just to open my eyes. I then felt a very
soft but quite strong and slightly warm wind blow over my face and arms. I
could not  move or speak it lasted only a few seconds. When it stopped my arm
and face was very cold and something inside me told me I was making a huge
mistake. I am the one that has instigated our seperation and yesterday I had
absolutely no doubt that what i was doing was right. Now I am confused. I do
not know what it was but it was something I felt my hair blow and no I was
not dreaming.
What was it??
I have lots of incedents that have happened mainly they are all connected to
my dad.

Haunted Holiday Inn-Grand Island New York


Let me start by saying that myself and my family have been going to this Holiday Inn for almost 30 years for holidays.  It has become tradition, first my parents taking me, and now I'm taking my children.  We had no idea that it was haunted, or that the graveyard beside it is said to be haunted as well.  Last year, while frequenting this site, I ran across a story about the Holiday Inn written by one of the ladies who clean the rooms.  In it she told the story of a little girl, I believe her name is Tanya, who haunts the rooms and corridors of the hotel.  Well, we just thought that was too cool, and the past few times we've gone to the Holiday Inn, I've kind of taunted the ghost, with little "Tanya, where are you?" kind of things.  Well, last year we had a small incident, and this year I had one, only 2 nights ago, that terrified me beyond belief and cemented my belief in ghosts once and for all (up until 2 nights ago, I had been a skeptic who wanted to believe but really couldn't bring myself to think that ghosts were real).  Last year, while watching "Gladiator" on the Lodgenet satellite movies, while we were all sitting in plain site of the open closet space, a hanger simply jumped off of the rack and fell to the floor.  Now, there was nothing else hanging there, and no one had been around the hangers.  As you know, hangers cannot simply fall off of the rack.  They need some kind of assistance.  Well, that was kinda cool, but it wasn't what one would term a definitive supernatural experience.
Well, this year, at least for myself, the experience was definitely definitive.  We decided to walk around the cemetery at dusk, and take along a camera to take random pictures of ourselves and the cemetery, in the event that we might capture something on the image (if anything shows up, I'll send a picture of it in).  Well, nothing happened while in the cemetery, and we went back to the hotel and ordered a movie.  After the movie everyone went to sleep.  I was in one room with one of my children, while another of my  children, my nephew and my mother (grandma likes to travel with the kids on occasion) slept in the adjoining room.  It was 4:00 in the morning when my fun began.  I had woken up earlier, at around 3:30, and felt slightly agitated, but nothing worse than that.  At 4 I awoke again, and my first thought was "Oh my God, something's really happening."  I was terrified beyond reason, and I couldn't move a muscle or make a noise.  I quickly opened my eyes in time to see the torso of a black figure move away from my side of the bed and quickly move down to the foot of the bed.  I couldn't make out any feature, size or age or sex or anything like that.  From my laying position, all I could see was it was  a black shape and it moved away quickly.  I know it said something to me, but I couldn't remember what it was.  I remember fear like I've never felt before, and I tried to move and to scream, but I couldn't do either.  Now, I'm a 250 lb man, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that I'm not easily frightened.  In fact, I can't remember the last time I was scared.  Suddenly, the entire room, that I could see from my side in the  bed, went all crazy, kind of hard to explain, but it was like a Hollywood special effect, where the entire image on a screen is twisted and bent, and then, with a start, I could move again.  At first, I was still too gripped with fear to move, but after a minute or two I did, and there was nothing in the room.  I still was completely terrified, and couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't alone.  I turned on the light, and slept with it on the following night in the hotel room again (the first time I've ever needed to have a light on for sleeping in my entire life).  The following night, in the hotel room, nothing happened, and I felt no agitation or fear.
A small side note to this story.  Shortly after midnight, in the other room where my mother slept with the two other children, somebody rapped heavily on the door four times.  She jumped out of bed and called to me that someone was at the door, but I didn't wake up.  She darted to the door, but no one was out there.  The really surprising thing about this is that I didn't hear either it or her yelling at me.  I slept right through it.  I'm a single dad, and have been for almost 11 years, and I never even sleep through one of children's sneezes in another room, so the fact that I didn't hear heavy pounding on the door or someone loudly calling out to me in a quiet room at night is incomprehensible.
Thanks for reading this story, I know it doesn't hold the kind of gut wrenching terror that other stories on this site have, but it is one hundred percent true, and proof for me beyond a shadow of a doubt of life after death.  Plus, it's probably going to keep me up at night for awhile.

Haunted Home in North Carolina


I used to be such a skeptic when it came to "ghost stories" and other
stories of the like, but when my family moved into a little house on a dead
end road, all that changed.  The small house was built by a man that we
referred to as "Bill" for his wife as an anniversary gift.  He hauled all
the wood himself and apparently put a lot of work and love into giving her
the home of her dreams.  When we moved in, there were some discoveries that
startled several of the landscape crew.  The first discovery was after they
had tore down the chicken coops, they discovered Items of clothing buried
all around a small house that we later used for storage.  They then decided
to go through that little storage building to see if there would be anything
of value there so they could plow it down.  The small storage house had a
little attic and when one of the men went to explore he found bones that are
still to this day unidentified.  One of the bones that was particularly
disturbing, it looked like the bone of a human leg, but when examined by the
local police dept.  they explained that much of that land was farm land and
it was probably that of a horse or cattle.  They scheduled the leveling of
the ground right after the reports for the bones were released in case the
local law enforcement would like to investigate the area..the area had been
vacant for such a long time, it was hard to tell who had been poking around
down there.  The day of the leveling came and almost immediately they began
to have problems with the equipment.  A blade off of a big industrial lawn
mower flew off and almost seriously injured one of the crew.  We decided to
just repair the little house  and just use it for storage since the cost was
beginning to raise for the crew was going to have to stretch out the
leveling for another week due to the equipment problems.  After all the
repairs and remodeling our family moved in to what we thought was an
incredible find.  Everything about this little house was antique and we
couldn't figure out why anyone had not even shown an interest in remodeling
it and making it their own.  We soon found the answer to that question.  It
started out as friendly little pranks, like when my younger brother was late
getting in the porch light would turn on, and if you would sit on the couch
you could see a shadow of a man in a rocking chair rocking ( we didn't own a
rocking chair), TV's would change, radios would turn on.  We just thought of
him as a family member and moved on.   It wasn't until I was about 18 that
things began to turn bad.  My mother and I had went to do the grocery
shopping and came home to my father sitting outside on the porch pale as a
sheet.  We went inside to discover that the TV was on full blast, all the
alarm clocks were playing, and the answering machine was playing it's self
over and over again.  The really strange thing was that ALL the clocks were
set back 2 hours.  At first we thought it was a power outage and it caused
everything to go nuts, but we then discovered that the clocks were not
blinking as if reset, and even my mother's collection of miniature clocks
were set back and they ran on watch batteries.  Again we chalked this up to
one of "Bill's" little pranks.  About a month later my parents decided to
take a vacation and my brother had went to camp.  I was all alone for a
week.  I decided to spend the night in my parents room since they had a more
comfortable bed than I did.  The window to their bedroom faced the little
house.  I was lying there watching TV and I heard shuffling coming from the
little house.  It sounded as if someone was moving furniture around just
assumed it was a cat or stray dog since there was so many in the area.  I
then saw a light come on and that is what terrified me, there was no
electricity in the little house so there is no way there was a light on down
there.  I thought either someone had broken in or perhaps "Bill" had taken
to a new house to haunt.  I called the police and they found nothing.  I
calmed myself down since our ghostly friend had never hurt anyone and
decided to take a bubble bath to help me sleep.  While in the tub I heard
the shuffling again and just turned the music up.  It was when I got back
into the bathtub that the door of the bathroom flew open, slammed shut, and
something I could not see was trying to push me down into my bath water.  I
could feel big hands pushing me down, but nothing was there.  I jumped up,
called my friend to come get me and refused to stay another minute in that
house alone.  We moved out of that house about 6 months later when similar
incidents began to happen to all of us.

Bad Haunted House

By: Maria

when my grandma was a little girl her familly and her were very poor. They
were trying to find a house to live in that was cheap. So when they finally
found a house they ignored the rumors everybody told about it being haunted.
They knew it was cheap so they took it.The horror began that night. My
grandmas mom went to go to the bathroom and started hearing noises in the
house. she didnt have to go the bathroom anymore. she got so scared she
jumped back in bed and didnt sleep all night. When my grandma asked her what
she heard, the next morning, she said it was a scream....That night my
grandma and her brother heard chains rattling through the house. They were so
scared that they all went downstairs and bult a fire. It was winter so it was
cold. They were all sitting when they heard footsteps comming up the stairs.
My grandmas mom got her shotgun and looked out the window. There running
across the lawn was a pair of legs with no body! Then the doornob started to
turn. My grandmas mom pointed to the door and said,"Get the hell away from my
familly!!" the next morning they packed up and left. I went and saw the house
and felt a very cold spot in the doorway. when I went upstairs somone had
smeard blood on the wall. I will never go there again! never.


    As a child, I lived in a small, two bedroom trailor in Eastern Kansas. I would often wake up in the middle of the night, hearing voices. My bedroom was opposite of the bathroom in the trailor, so i would have to walk through the house to get to the bathroom.
    Quite often, when i would walk through the living room at night, i would see two women and a little boy standing there. I would here them whispering things to me, but i could never make out what they were saying.
    One night, I actually saw the little boy outside my window, riding an old scooter in the street. My mother went outside to investigate and saw nothing, but as she stood there and told me so, i still saw him.
    I was only about 7 at the time, but i found out a couple of years ago, that back in the early 70's, a tornado had ripped through the trailor park, killing 3. A mother and her son and another lady. On the exact corner my mother lived on.

Pengersick Castle

Description of Haunting:    I participated in a paranormal investigation at Pengersick castle, Cornwall, which is more like a fortified farmhouse with a three storey tower which was beautifully structured in 1480 with eery looking turrets. We were accompanied by our 2 mediums Marion goodfellow and Paul Hanrahan, who through trance  discovered the building was haunted by a Richard of Pengersick. Later to be proven was a real life charector in 1312( il explain discrepancy in dates later). He came through Maz vocally (which was a first for Maz) and was a very powerful and brutally violent man. At one point he (through maz) swept his arm crossly, across the table knocking a metal cup off onto the floor, and then proceeded to demand that paul(who was asking the questions) pick it up, snarling at him.Then a man called James came through, he was the man servant and said he had been lashed 10 times by Richard ( who he only referred to as the master)for spilling the boiled water which a pantry maid had just heated, burning himself badly on his right hand in the process.He said he slept with the dog and when asked why? he replied where sire would you have me sleep, in the stable? During the same sceance a women whose relationship with Richard was undetermined came through.Her name was Elenor who was reluctant but sweet of tone, said they had a daughter called Catherine. Later I discovered they were of the same blood and were having an ancestuous affair.The weird thing was that they lived before the actual castle was built but upon research I discovered that the granit stone of which the castle is comprised, was previously used to structure the previous dwelling, a manorhouse which had stood, a little further up from the where the castle stands now. My question is why do they only seem to haunt the castle and not what was obviously there own dwelling place/land.Could it be that the granit some how carries their spirit within it? i don't know, aaany other theories?..... We discovered a Monk who is, it appears is the custodian of the land. He has been seen by many locals and even Mrs Evens the owner of the castle.One eye witness account by a close neighbour says, I awoke one night, it must have been about 4am as it was just getting light, to find what looked like a monk, standing at the end of my bed, he continued, it was quite profound really because instead of being frightened as you naturally would, I felt a feeling of calm, the figure whose discription matched that of a cistercian monk stood gazing for about 10 mins then just disappeared......I witnessed our professional dowser Rod Beckly, communicate with this monk after encountering his pressance during our tour of the grounds. Using his selfdesigned rods I watched dumbstruck after a series of questions, the rods led us to a sacred piece of ground which he seems to protect. Later mrs evens said that a church lay half buried under the soil and she hoped to get herritage approval (even though it is her land, apparently they are about to put an embargo on the place)) to dig it up and try to some how restore the unearthed flooring, this building goes as far back as possibly 1200AD. Proof is written in the doomsday book of a chapel but it doesn't say where on the acres of Pengersick land it lays........ I also witnessed with my own eyes a mist form above the tudor bed matress, it was strange because I could see clearly beneath it and it was clear. So we prepared another sceance and discovered it to be haunted by a child of thirteen called catherine,ah ha i hear you say, we were suprized too, but not as suprized as we were by the next peice of info.Catherine was encaged within the castle walls because she, it was said, had been inflicted with the devils mark, a large deep red birthmark on her face. The archive showed she had been visited on several occasion by the local priest who believed she could be freed from the devils clutches. Many witnesses have claimed to have seen the face of a child at the window on the second floor(this the bedroom,mist?)wrapped in some kind of shroad only partially showing her face. catherine fell to her death while dancing upon the turrets aged 13.....
I found this next experience very uplifting. As I walked the grounds with the dowser, we came to a spot where the energy was very strong, I felt a presence which I felt was watching me. I asked the dowser to see if I there was indeed something there.To my astonishment there was. We were then lead (via the rods) to a small gap in the trees, where the grass grew thick and full and was told to stand there very still, my whole body began to tingle and I felt like I was floating. I was compelled to ask questions regarding the spirit. She discribed herself as the wise one and her ancestors had lived their since 700 BC,she said she was the last descendant and she died in 1861. very difficult to proove through archive but metal detector findings prooved that the ground had been used by people in the bronze age. Tools had been found relating to that era. The strange thing was after the dowser had completed the search the mediums done the same tour, which I for obvious reasons wasn't allowed to accompany. They described seeing a small women with a huntched back in the same area.....They also found what they discribed as an unsacred burial ground, holding up to 20 bodies, the archive does mention the area quarentined in the late 1600 because of the plague, of course servants wouldn't have been buried in the local church and would have almost certainly been buried on the land. Crying and moans have been heard by the gardner and other nearby residents, comming from the wooded area. Could this be grieving family/co-workers of the lost souls who were so inhumanily slung into a mass grave? will we ever find out?.... My team and I photographed several orbs using a digital camera within the rooms of the castle. There has been alot of contraversy over the orb theory but after having watched the mediums pointing to where they can physically see the orbs and then getting them on camera I am quite convinced that what we are seeing are the energy forms of what remains of human spirit.Of course I don't come to that conclusion easily, our investigations team have done a mountain of experiments to  try to repoduce these orbs using dust of various forms, smoke ect even bubbles and an array of different light sources and  nothing comes close to the real thing.  Other stories which we didn't have time to investigate were the Tunnels which lead down to the coast just a  mile away, where the Pengersicks were accused of wrecking and smuggling(Folklore until prove, nothing in archive, hmmm wonder why?). One tunnel found by the dowser finished its course right outside the very front of the castle. Mrs Evens explained she had thought it was a dissused well and upon aquiring the property filled it in and is making plans to unearth the entrance once again.Apparently a very old local women, who, in her youth, played at the entrance of the tunnel, which was and to local knowledge still is in a cave just of the cove of praa sands. she is still alive now. People including tourists have seen strange lights comming from the beach at the dead of night. Could these be the lanterns of pirates and the Pengersicks hiding their loot?
Our investigations continue but I can't wait to encounter some real polterguist activity for myself and my team which really will test our wits and I guess our bravery.Hope you enjoyed reading one of my most recent and enjoyable  investigations.we continue to search and proove. Suzie. resercher for the 'Phantom or Fraud?' Team.Beds.UK.


The Neighborhood Ghost


Hello, i am eric, i live in NC in a neighborhood known for its hauntings and unusual happenings.
      My story begins at my house, one of the most active houses in our area. It was about 2 weeks ago, and i was just getting ready for bed.  the night efore i had heard some very unusual noises, some of which scared me half to death. At the time that i was just falling asleep, (11:30), i began to hear the same exact noises as the night before. i knew what i was hearing, but i chose to annoy it. After about 10 min.s of hearing this, i decided it was time to investigate.... i was previously into ghost hunting, so i had most of the equiptment. i was investigating for about half an hour when i realized that nothing was happening at all, so i tried to go back to bed.. the instant i got in my bed, my door flew open..i screamed my head off, and stood up, at this time the door was not moving, but i was feeling unusually cold. i tried to ignore this but it was impossible, I was so cold i couldnt bear it anymore... i then started hearing a cracking noise next to me.. and i looked over starteld, and my window crashed down and broke. I was so scared i ran outside and woke up my neghbors, and for some reason, ever scince, i have not seen or heard anything unusual.

Haunting Verified


    I have posted twice before to your site (Haunted Since 5 and Devils
Den) and just had to update you on the status of my home.  On May 11,
2001 there were six experienced paranormal researchers in my home.  They
set up video equipment, audio equipment and had various other tools of
the trade handy.  I knew there were spirits in my home before they
started their research, I just didn't know how many and who they were.
I was aware of at least two different ghosts and knew there was possibly
a third.  Well, let me tell you, all three were verified that night,
plus we found a vortex that began in the basement and traveled all the
way up through to the top floor.  This was determined using an EMF
meter.  The temp gun also fluctuated crazily in this area.  Now let me
tell you, I was not thrilled to discover this vortex.  The researcher in
charge assured me that the entities in the vortex have to be called
through to this side.  Is this true?  I am currently waiting for Ken to
finish editing the video.  I can hardly wait to see the results.  We did
capture a picture of the little girl on film, I saw it myself and
finally got to see what the little one looks like that sits on my lap
while I am reading the stories on here.  I have a number of pics that
were taken with digital cameras that night.  It was amusing that the
researchers had to keep replacing the batteries in their cameras.  I'm
not sure which one was present when I was upstairs with two of the team,
( I was taking temp readings), but Ken had placed a piece of yarn on the
ceiling fan to determine when something was stirring upstairs while we
were downstairs.  Ken, Amy and I were doing the readings when Amy said,
"Look!" Ken and I turned to see the ceiling fan slowly rotate the string
towards where we were standing.  I wouldn't have thought a whole lot
about it except that the fan turned the blade the opposite way of its
normal rotation.  Talk about freaky!  It was my first encounter with one
who had moved something before my very eyes.  I wasn't afraid, but
rather totally excited.  Before I forget, there were three spirits
identified in my home that night. One was the little girl I had been
calling Madlyn, Tiff seems to get the name Elizabeth tho when she speaks
to her, one was that of my late husband James, (I knew he was there),
and then there was one named Charles.  The little girl was not
comfortable with this last spirit, yet she and my husband got along
fine.  I will send the photos along to the other link for photos.  There
is one in particular that bothers me.  It is a large blue orb with a
face in the middle.  It is at the feet of Ken as he takes a picture of
the cheval mirror my husband had given me one year for Christmas.  You
can see a bit of the flash in the top of the mirror so I know it isn't
the flash, and the orb shows up again in another picture upstairs.  In a
couple of the pictures, a pair of hands can be seen in the mirror of an
old vanity I bought at a flea market.  They look as if they are in
prayer or covering the nose and mouth of someone sneezing.  The only
reason I got any sleep at all that night (about 3 hrs) was because I had
graduation the next day, otherwise I wouldn't have slept at all.  I have
recently moved from that house and am now living in Georgia.  I do
believe I have a resident spirit here in addition to that of my
husband.  As soon as I do a little more research on this particular
place, I will send a new update.  And since I am now living within a few
miles of a major Civil War battlefield and in line of where troops were
marshaled and marched through to the battle, there is lots of activity
not of this world.  I love it!  Hey, thanks again for a wonderful site.

He wore Obsession for Men


     For five years I lived in a little appartment that I apparently shared
with a roomate that I couldn't see.
     From the day I moved into the appartment with my two small children, I
felt a presence.  At first little things would appear.  A 22 caliber bullet
on my kitchen counter top.  Coffee cup from the Sands Casino in Vegas.  A
towle that wasnt mine.  The weirdest was a brand new "farmer's see and say"
toy that magically appeared on my children's bedroom floor on my two year
old's birthday.  At the time, I had just moved in, I rarely had people over
so these items would't have belonged to a friend.  I didn't have a gun.
Never had been to Las Vegas.  I had no linens when I moved in, I had bought
all new matching towles.  All were green or wine, this towle that appeared
was white and old.  I had never seen it before.  I had asked everyone I knew
if they had bought the toy for my two year old. No one claimed responsiblity
for it.
     I began to "feel" as if someone was there with me.  Especially when it
was late at night and the children were in bed sleeping.  The hair on my
neck would stand up and I would turn to look at the door way to my
livingroom, expecting to see someone walk in.  I could hear the floor boards
creek.  I would feel a stirring in the air.
     The presence was unmistakably male.  After a few months of moving in,
he would announce his self with the over powering sent of Obsession for Men
colone.  It was very strong.  I thought I was going nuts.  I thought perhaps
I was imagining it.  Untill a friend came over to see my new place.  We were
sitting in the cozy livingroom drinking coffee.  I was telling her about the
weirdness and the Obsession for Men smell.  Suddenly, the room filled with
the smell.  My friend got very scared and began to cry.  She creeped out and
left.  I was oddly amused at his timing.
     I felt strangely safe with him there.  As if he was there to protect
me.  I know, sounds stupid but that's what I felt.
    As time went on, I grew used to him there with me.  Then I began to
date the man who is now my husband.  Things began to change.  I began to
feel a different presence.  This one was angry.  Scary.  It would seem to
hang out in my bedroom.  In my closet.  I'd hear the coat hangers moving.  I
would hear a weird whirling sound at night.  Things would dissapear.  I
began to dread going to bed.  He'd pace the hallway as I tried to sleep.
     My boyfriend and I got married, he went back to his home state to get a
job, a appartment and then come back to collect the children and myself.
This was a horrible time for me.  The angry presence seemed to get worse.  I
could no longer sleep in  my room.  I'd lay awake, staring at the door way,
fully expecting to see a male silhouette standing there.  It got to the
point where I had to sleep on the livingroom sofa.  Sometimes I'd feel it
peeking at me from around the corner of the hallway, in the darkenss.  I
began to sleep with the lights on.  I began to feel that there was two
distinct personalities in the appartment with me.  One was Mr. Obession and
the other was just creepy and mean.  Or perhaps it was Mr Obession and he
was mad at me for some reason.  I wasnt sure which.
     Finally, my husband came to get us.  He had been there for a few days.
We hadnt began to pack yet.  We slept in the bedroom dispite my feelings of
dread.  I told my husband what I felt.  That something was there with us and
wasn't happy with me or perhaps us.  He thought I was being silly.  That
night I turned in early.  He stayed up watching TV in the livingroom.  I
layed in bed, looking out my bedroom door where I had a clear view of my
husband on the sofa.  My cat came up on the bed with me and I pet him.
Suddenly I felt the hair on my body stand up.  My cat jumped to it's feet
and the hair on it's back stood up.  His eyes were fixed on the doorway.  I
swear to God, I felt "him" standing there, in my doorway.  Ten feet from me
at the most.  Laying down, my field of vision was partially blocked.
Althoug I could see into the livingroom, however I could not see the bottom
third of the door way.  I heard a dragging, slidding sound.  Like something
smooth was being dragged across the carpited floor.  A "Ssssssshhhhhhhhhhh"
kind of a sound.  My cat jumped off the bed and took off running for the
livingroom.  I layed there. straining to listen to the sound, trying to
figure out what the hell it could be.  Just then, in the livingroom, my
husband got up.  He turned off the livingroom light and was walking down the
darkened hallway towards our bedroom.  I could see his silouette
approaching.  Just as he got to the doorway he hit something and tripped
over it.  He hit the floor and began cursing.  He  turned on the light and
there wedged in the doorway was one of my children's toy chests.  I was now
really scared.  I told my husand that "it" but it there but he denied that,
one of my children must have done it.  yeah, my four year old belly crawled
from the room next to ours pushing a toy chest ahead of him just to wedge it
in our door way.  He wouldn't have had the strenght to do it, or a reason
     A few days later we moved.  I often wondered what the heck had
happened.  Did my friendly, protective ghost get angry with me and turned
nasty?  Or were there more than one?
      Just last month my children who are now in their preteens, were
looking through pictures.  They found one from when we lived in the haunted
appartment.  It was a Christmas picture.  Of the kids standing in front of
the tree holding up some gifts.  One each side of them is an orb.  Two orbs.
I had never noticed those orbs before.  I guess that answered my question.
There were two ghosts.  I often think about Mr Obession.  I kind of miss

My Lost Old House


    Over a year ago, my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to move into a HUGE house, we're talking ten bedrooms here, two kitchens, and two full bathrooms, and for only $300. a month in rent. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it was.
    The house, we later found out was about a hundred years old. It had a lot of the common architecture of that period, for our area. Twelve foot ceilings, rooms that were either incredibly wide, or incredibly long, great big thick wooden doorways, windows about 8 feet tall and 3 feet wide, and a classy foyer with two huge double wooden doors that had blackened (with age I guess) metal in fanciful designs.
    The house, when we started renting it, was owned by his boss, who naturally had her restaurant across the street. She had bought it so she could tear it down and make a parking lot. Well, the town Mayor lived diagonally across the street and wasn't having that! So, my boyfriends Boss was at a complete loss as to what to do with the house. Maybe you are wondering why anyone would want to tear down such a beautiful house? Well, the house had problems. It had been neglected for about forty years in its interior upkeep as well as exterior, and in such a multitude of ways I won't even describe, suffice it to say that the house had a very sturdy frame, but a roof that needed to be replaced twenty years before we even got to it.
    So, for that little rent and so much room, we figured we could at least make a go of it, and started fixing it up before we even moved in. A lot of people say that this is crazy behavior for people who are just going to rent a house. But the house exuded charm with its high ceilings and darkly framed doorways, it just had a friendly vibe about it.
    I know that that is rather contradicting to the normal Ghostly experience, but I really felt that the house was thankful that finally someone cared about it the way it deserved. It had a lot of promise.
    Now when I look back to those first months, I wonder if I made a mistake. When we were still in the painting process my boyfriend had gone upstairs to check the attic for something, I cant remember what. When he came back down he had an old family album that the original owner had just left for rot up there. It certainly wasn't in mint condition as it had been submerged in water once. But amazingly, a good quarter of the pictures were in great condition due to the submerging. You see, the album was made out of a thick cardboard like substance, and when it got wet, some of the edges of the pages stuck together, basicly protecting them from air and harm.
    I remember gently cracking that album open, and then pictures of children spilling out. Some had names and dates, the oldest was over a hundred years old. There were pictures of stern looking ladies, and fellows decked out in the dress of times long passed. I thought it was amazing! So, I salvaged what pictures I could, and tried not to feel bad about the ones I couldn't.
    I then tried to get in touch with the original owner of the house about the pictures, who wouldn't want a piece of their fami
lies history? This is the basic story I got. Her and her husband lived in this old house for about forty years. They had their children there, and then their children moved away. About a year before my boyfriends boss bought the place, the husband had died suddenly (not in the house, thank god) and the children came over in her time of grief, pawing over their belongings and fighting over  who would take what. I imagine it was horrible for the poor woman. Anyway, after that she put the house on the market and waited. Everything that we found in the house was left because it reminded her of her husband, and she wanted no part of it. The family photo's she said I might as well just throw away! I was aghast! I couldn't throw away these beautiful pictures of children who were probably all dead by now. These prim and proper men and women who had lived and died. I guess I just have a sense of history.
    So you can see that I had a great love for this house, and it's history, and I put money into it whenever I could. I learned later through research and hidden cubbies that the house had been owned by a single older woman, and the many rooms rented out. Then it was turned into two apartments by the next owner, one upstairs, one down. Then owned by the lady mentioned earlier.
    But the longer that we lived there, the more certain areas of the house would start to feel uncomftorable. When we first moved in, it was the attic, and the upstairs hall. Just standing there looking down it could give anyone a serious case of the willies. Then it was the downstairs kitchen, then the adjoining room to the kitchen. It didn't feel evil, or even cruel. Just angry like we were invading its rightful space. I rather agreed with it, there was enough room to share.
    But as soon as winter came we had to make serious adjustments. Our heating bills were outrageous, around $2000. a month for the whole house. The landlady would not put any money into a new furnace, and we could barely keep up with our heating bills. So we had to move our bedroom downstairs into one of the "dark" rooms. This is when things started to get really bad.
    See, all along there had been strange incidences. Like our two cats would suddenly chase things upstairs, with a fury and a speed that I have never seen in them. They would yowl at all hours at doors they could not get through, hiss at things that they followed with their eyes, and circle around us when we went into these "dark" rooms or spaces.
    Not that I knew it at the time, but both my boyfriend and I had been having dreams about a woman with long white hair and an oval shaped face. We always dreampt her in the house, and the feeling was always one of tolerance, but with an attached warning. The strange part was that we *always* had them the same night.
    Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night, terrified that I had just missed something important. Often we would hear noises downstairs coming from the "dark" rooms, and he would go inspect to find nothing, or to find the place looking a little ruffled like a strong breeze had gone through it, and it was never my cats as they slept with us all night long. They are very protective of us.
    I couldn't tell you if it was abnormally cold in the house. In the winter we were lucky if it was 60 degrees inside. But in the summer the house was also very cool. (We tried many different things to heat the house properly, but nothing worked).
    Friends and Family would come over and ask how I could stay in such a place, with the roof falling in, leaks everywhere, and those wicked vibes. Everyone was aware of a watchful presence, and complained, which led me to put up holy symbols in the living room for company, as well as the kitchen. I didn't dare in the bedroom, I was afraid of what would happen.
    Being in the "dark" room was like being a kid who had gone somewhere that you know you shouldn't of gone. I always felt like an intruder, like I was in someone's sacred space. But we had no choice. It was the dead of winter, and we had holed ourseleves into three rooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom. My boyfriend told me we had to move when the first thaw hit, and I cried. I loved my house, even though I was nervous being in certain rooms. I had remodeled 5 rooms, but he said we would be lucky if the roof lasted the winter.
    So, we made plans to move, and everyday that I packed up another room I cried. Maybe the house picked up my vibes, because it did seem to feel mournful.
    It was then four days to moving, and since I was not working at that time, I had been keeping odd hours. Sometimes just walking and looking at the house at all hours. Anyway, it was about 10 pm and my boyfriend insisted that I try to sleep even though It wasn't even close to my bedtime. I agreed because I didn't want to fight with him, and I lay down to stare at the ceiling and think about what I would be packing tomorrow.
    It had been only fifteen minutes, and I was still wide awake. When I heard a voice. It wasn't far away, it wasn't whispering. It was spoken right in my ear in a commanding tone! It was even at such a close distrance, that I could feel the insides of my ear coated with heat-breath. Maybe this doesn't sound so strange, but I have a weird name. It has four syllables that even my own family can hardly pronounce, much less say accurately. And this voice had! In fact, the voice was sounded like a young man, but he had my fathers commanding tone, who is by the way, very much alive. Instantly I started screaming and I jumped on top of my boyfriend screaming my bloody head off right to hell! He kept on screaming "what, what"? But I couldn't reply, because I felt the inside of my ear and even though the heat-breath was fading, I could still feel it!
    One hour later and I am supposed to be calm and relaxed, although I've got a tight hold on my boyfriend, and I've finally stopped screaming and crying. He's fallen off into a fitfull sleep, and eventually I do too, I think it is from being so shocked because I swore I wasn't going to until the sun came up.
    That night he dreams of the lady with the gray hair, and she's chasing him through the heating registers in the house, threatening to kill him and eat him. She has an oval face, and she wears a white dress with long white sleeves that blend into her gray hair. He sees her eyes as black, and he feels in the dream as though he has done something terribly wrong.
    I dream of her too, and she is dressed the same. Only she is gesturing at the walls and doorways, making me back up through the entire house as she recites a screaming litany of what, I cant remember. But her eyes are as gray as her hair, and their power is piercing. I feel like she's beating my soul. When I awake I am left with shame, and a deep fear.
    Then, we move, and our first night in our new house, which we hate by the way, he tells me everything that he was afraid to of told me then because he worked long hours and I was always home alone. He didn't want to scare me, but now I wish that he had. Maybe I could have apologised to her. Maybe, I could have done something...
    I am not sure what happened that night. Our even those last few days. I wonder because when we started talking about moving, the feelings and the dreams became stronger, and the "dark" rooms a little more angry. My cousin theorizes that the spirit didn't want us to leave. That she wanted to have her own space with us staying out of it, but still fixing up the house to return it to its original glory. I sometimes think the spirit may have been the independent woman who rented out all those rooms. But I don't know, I'm no Ghost hunter! :)
    If anyone wants to talk about this, I would love to hear from you. Sorry my story is not as scary as some of yours, but it is certainly true.

I Have Seen Them


     I am a 17 year old female. And ever since I can remember I have seen
ghosts, and have spoken to them through inmaginable ways. Ever night before I
go to bed I see what is known as a ghost. To me it is a person, that does not
know that they are dead yet.
      I see them all the time and I now follow the wiccan ways. They showed
me that I could either help them, or leave them as they are. I really think
that the scarest thing that ever happen to me. Was when I was around eight,
or so... I was sound asleep, when I heard a marble rolling on my floor. I
slowly opened my eyes, and saw that there was a young boy, just sitting
there, rolling the marble back and forth. He looked at me, and disappeared
into thin air. So I went back to sleep, thinking it was just a dream I was
having. Then the next night it started again, then I got freaked out and all.
I sat there, and watched him just roll the marble back and forth for hours.
When I realized it wasn't a dream I ran down stairs to my mother. My step
father went up stairs to my room and checked it out, and said that there was
nothing of the sort going on. But I know what I saw, and to this day I still
believe that I see him , in my sleep.

I Saw A Ghost

When I was about 4-5 years old there was something in my parents house it would look in my room when my door was cracked open when I was in bed. It would glow green and looked almost radioactive and kind of see through I would also hear it coming down the hallway. I could see where its eyes and nose and chin had been as I got older 16yrs.old  I would be getting ready for school and hear the ash tray being sat down but nobody was there but me my parents were at work and my brothers were already out on their own my boyfriend was there who is now my husband remembers hearing that sound. I'm 26 yrs.old now and can still remember all that I don't think I'm crazy and I do think there was something there
I don't talk to my parents about it now or even then I tried telling them when I was little but you know I was a little girl
and they thought maybe I just saw something that was not there they really don't fully believe in ghost any how.
Thank, you

My Many Experiences


Hi I'm jess, i'm not sure how i got to your site i just did!! I'm 12 and
i've had  a few things happen, but nothing major.
When i was two, i cant remember, but my grandma passed away. Later on, when
i was three my grandpa also died. Being so young i didnt really get what was
going on, but i knew grandpa was going away. At his funeral, i saw him and
nanny, they where standing together on grandpa's coffin. i wasnt sure it was
a coffin and was abit confused. they started waving to me and i waved back.
i couldnt understand why nobody else was waving, and my mum who was standing
next to me, was puzzled that i was waving. I know i didnt make it up cause i
remember it like it was yesterday!
I was really fond of my year one teacher, she was very spiritual. Anyway,
she made me a doll, it was a beautiful doll and it had like, platted hair,
brown, and brown eyes.
Anyway, i was like, 5 or 6. I used to go to my dads shop quite alot in the
holidays, my parents both worked and i guess i was always there. my sister
was at a friends house that day so i was playing out the back by my self.
Anyway i was just playing around, when i looked up and i saw something move
in my dads car. And sitting in the back was a girl, she looked exactly like
the doll that my teacher had given me, platted hair, brown eyes, and
everything! She looked about 7 or 8. I was so scared that i ran up to my mum
and dad and started crying.
The next and last thing thats happened to me was, it was a really hot night
and i had my window open and my door was slamming and opening. anyway, the
wind got a little bit chilly, and i woke up. My blanket wasnt on me, it
usually fell off in the night, so i lent over the side of my bed to get it,
but it wasnt there. So i crawled up to the foot of my bed and i saw it was
caught under my door. I have no idea how it could get hooked on my door, its
a mystery! ANyway, as i was furiously, half asleep, trying to pull it up, i
saw a lady. she was wearing a green long dress, it did look like she was
hovering tho. she had beautiful long black hair and she released the blanket
from the door for me. i was so tired i didnt no what else to do but get my
blanket from her and crawl back onto my bed. well, thats all my storys!!
They wernt scary at the time, but sometimes i get scared thinking about it!
Seeya !

Minor Ghost Experience


this site is exellent and belive every word printed, i had a minor ghost
experiance  a while ago. i lived in a 400 year old cottage and we had 2 or 3
ghosts, i know one was an old women who had died when the house caught fire.
we had some problems with her, when we all went to bed we would hear
footsteps and creaks, one night when everyone else was fast asleep, i was ill
and no-one what so ever got up once. when everyone else awoke a leather
tankard that had been nailed to the wall had moved to the kitchen yet non of
us could remove it from the wall before. we also had a little figure that
moved from the kitchen to the back room, which was wierd because all the
doors were shut! we also had a bottle fall from a shelf but even though it
was thin glass it didnt break and it was in the center of the room, but from
where it fell it should have hit the concreat part of the floor and it was on
the carpeted part. my step mum belived we had a cursed picture because we
have 2 dogs and when we bought a picture of a dog in hospitle and a cat in
the window laughing, one of our dogs became paralyised. it was scary but we
firmly belive the picture is to blame or one of the ghosts. thank you for



When I worked at a hospital as a Unit Secretary I had an experience I will
never forget. I worked on a cardiothoracic floor and we often had "code 7's".
Not everyone survives this surgery. I was used to this fact of life and this
particular night didn't think anything differently from any other poor soul
who didn't make it. After we tried to revive this man for at least a half
hour they finally gave up. We all went about the usual business of notifying
family, wrapping the body, cleaning the room, and finishing all the
paperwork. As I was about to finish my paperwork, the call light went on in
the deceased man's room. I thought it must be a nurse wanting something - so
I said - Yeah, can I help you? What I heard very clearly was a man's voice
saying "Help me". I said "excuse me- can I help you?" And again I heard very
clearly "help me". I then looked at the head nurse who was sitting near me
and asked her to please listen to this. She then took the intercom receiver
and asked "Can I help you? She then stated that somebody was asking for help
in that room. Everyone then ran back to the room thinking that the man must
not be dead. When we got there, he was definately dead, and the room was like
a deep freezer. We all looked at each other and most of the people left the
room shrugging their shoulders. The head nurse who happened to be Cuban and
very Catholic and I looked at each other and I said to her- "I think he might
need help to go on". She did not laugh at me- She said out loud - Mr.
---------, You need to find the white light. You are dead. It's gonna be ok.
Find the white light. Instantly the room got warm. I felt the man go.




I Can See Them


When I was 16 years old ,I was married to this man that said that his house was haunted by a ghost named Mr. kitchen. I thought this was strange but I was interested in it. We would talk about the ghost alot . Then I had my baby and came home something happened that changed my mind from thinking to knowing that there is a ghost in the house. this is what happened...
One night my baby was not sleeping well and was up at all hours of the night. I just be in the house for a couple of day from the hospital. So it was on the uneasy side too . but I was up and taking care of my baby when I heard foot steps coming down the stairs I thought , Oh my I woke up someone. so I was waiting for them to show at the bottom , but no one was there and I knew they reach the bottom of the stairs. I heard them. So I just went to the bedroom and was feeding the baby and finally got her to sleep so I went to get into bed and was just lying there when the rocker on the side of the bassinet started to rock . It scared me so much I prayed that the baby would sleep all night .
When morning came I told what happen to his mother which she said just tell Mr.. kitchen that he need to leave you alone. she then said loud Mr. Kitchen stay away from the baby you are scaring her mother. After that I never felt or seen anything strange again in the house .
My baby is now 20 years old and she seems to be attracted to ghost. She sometimes see them, But she is not afraid of them. Thank you for letting me tell you this . I'm always wanting to learn and hear ghost stories. I think that her and I have this in common.

I Saw a Ghost Once


Hi, my name is Doddi and I'm from Iceland.
Please bare with my poor english while you read this:
About two years ago, i saw a ghost in my bedroom.
I was fully awake, but it was dark. I was going to the bathroom
one last time before going to sleep. On my way back from bathroom,
I felt like someone was watching me, but everybody else were asleep.
I laid up in my bed and watch tv. As soon as I turned it off, I
couldn't move or breathe and I looked up to see a blurry, tall man
standing at the foot of my bed. I looked at him, completely paralyzed,
I still couldn't move. This was about ten seconds, but I never felt
fear of this man. The window in my room has hooks to "lock" the window
and the were not fastened that night. When the man disappeared the
hooks in my window made a clinging sound, just like he had passed through
My two sisters and mother have also encountered this. My mom just couldn't
move for about ten second, but she has never seen anything.
My oldest sister felt someone stroking her back once, with no one
around. She has never seen anything either.
My second oldest sister saw this man. Her room was next to a kitchen
in the house. She had two little birds in a cage (parrots of some kind),
and she always kept them near the kitchen sink, because they were noisy and
messy. One night she felt paralyzed and saw this tall man appear
in the corner of her room. He just stood there and did nothing, just
like when I saw him. 2 seconds after he disappeared, the parrots in the
kitchen across the hall started screaming, and they never make a noise when
it's dark, just this once.
We have three cats. My second oldest sister (21 years) can't go to
sleep unless she has one of them with her. She's very psychic and she never
feels any presence when the cat is with her.
So we know that this ghost is not a huge cat fan.
He has never done any harm.
It's like he's just observing us, only appearing at the exact right

Cold Spot


I have recently gotten involved in paranormal investigations.  I find it very exciting and the more you bring it up. the more people speak out about experiences.  I never doubted that we walked around here by ourselves, but I had never had any experiences of my own.
Back in May, I was preparing to go to N.C. to see family.  I got up, finished packing and got on the computer to look at some ghostly websites while waiting on my sister to come and pick me up.  My mom got curious about finding information about her father's death online.  The more we searched for articles, the colder I got.  I had on jeans, a t-shirt, and socks.  I felt like I was turning purple.  Mom got a jacket out of the closet for me and all she had on was a night shirt.  Remind you, this is in May, in KY.  It gets really warm here.  We couldn't find anything about her father's accident that took place the 1950's, so we just went back to some other sites about ghosts.  Before my sister and I left for out trip, we took pictures of each other with our mom.  When I got my pictures back, I realized why I may have been so chilly that morning.  There were orbs, really good orbs, in about four of those pictures.  One of the pictures that had my mother in it, there was a really big orb on her, and inside the big one was two smaller ones.  But why was I the one that was so cold.  I've been told that I am relatively sensative because lots of pictures of me down through the years appear to have activity.  I don't know.
This is a fascinating hobby for me and I encourage everyone to get in touch with their "spirits".  I wonder if Oprah would do a program about that?

Invisible Man


    My name is Ashley. About a year ago, my sister Autumn, my best friend Abby, and I were walking on a back road on the way home.  I thought I heard something, so I turned around to see if anyone was coming.  About fifty feet behind us a man was pointing a shotgun straight at my head.  I started panicking and told Abby and Autumn to turn around and look.  When they turned, they couldn't see the man, although he was standing in plain view.  Suddenly he pulled the trigger.  Even though the bullet should have hit me, nothing ever did. I hadn't even seen one coming.  Then as suddenly as he was there, he disappeared in thin air.  Autumn and Abby were confused, because they had heard the shot, but hadn't seen the man.

It All Started

By: Luke
               My frightful experiences started occuring no less than 4 months ago in my dads house.
My dad moved away to Woking when my mum split up from him and although my dad has lived in the house for years, It has only just started happening. My first experience was on Boxing day when i was up in my room. (I have a pullout bed so it is easy for people to hide behind it)  while i was gathering my clothes a piece of chalk came flying from behind the sofa and hit me in my face.I was sure it was my brother messing about so i thought nothing of it and peered round. To my horror, nothing was there. Not my brother, not no one. I ran down stairs as fast as i could and told my dad . Of course, he didnt believe me.
nothin happened for weeks until things started to go missing, like the headrest for the sorna , and then appear in pretty obvious places which we'd already looked in. My dad and his Girlfriend would joke about saying it was a ghost, but i was and still am sure it is.
The weirdest incident was when my dads girlfriend was at work and my dad was in his car driving to his friends. That ment nobody was in.Then, Annas (my dads girlfriend) work got a phone call from the house which then hung up. Anna then rang my dad on his mobile to tell him what had happened and my dad shot bask to the house, but of course, no one was there.
Other things that have happened is scratching on the toilet door( We do have a cat, but everytime anyone pears out of the toilet there is nothing there) Strange noises fill the room when im trying to sleep, shivers go down my spine from time to time. I am sure this is a ghost.

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