My name is Dan and I would like to share a ghostly experience that I had
as a youngster with you. I went on a school trip to norfolk aged about 9 or
10 and we stayed in an old rectory. next door to a church yard. the first
night the lights came on dimly of their own accord and flickered. This went
on for around 15 to 20 minutes. it wasnt done by anyone in the room as the
light switch was situated on the other side of the room to where the beds
were and it could not be reached undetected. Later, a gameboy on the table
turned itself on and had to be switched off. Finally, a flash, like lightning
appeared in the middle of the room.
      When we told our teacher the next morning, she just said "oh, you've
met George then." apparently the people who own the place often see him and
it is always in the room where we stayed and the kids often see him on the
annual trip to Norfolk.
    Im not sure but I think the place was called the Horsham Centre although
I cant be 100% sure. It had a picture of sunshine as its emblem if thats any
Thanks for reading my story, I hope its of use to you.

Backed By a Cemetery


This story I am about to tell you is absolutely true.
Although it did not occur in my house but in my aunt's
house. The house is two storeys and backs onto a
The first event that took place was my cousin was very
sick and couldn't make the trip up to her bedroom. So my aunt has one of those sofa-beds my cousin was five at the time so she really didn't like the idea of sleeping down in the living room all by herself so my aunt said she would stay
down with her the entire night. Around 11:30 my cousin was watching a television show. My uncle had just come down
from the upstairs when the cellar door slammed shut hard.
but no one was within fifteen feet of it.
Since my aunt only told me this story recently I asked her if she had anymore stories she told me many but I'll only tell a few.
One day my aunt was watching television when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She said she saw a small very dark figure about three or four feet tall and it's eyes were red and shined like rubies. Upon looking at it she said it ran into the kitchen which was about five feet away.
A second later she said she heard growling coming from the kitchen. This frightened her so much that she ran to her car and went out and didn't come home for the rest of the afternoon.
Not long after that my cousin said she saw the same dark ruby-eyed figure standing outside of her bedroom door in the upstairs hallway.
About a month later my aunt told a neighbor about the occurrences in the house. The neighbor told my aunt that a little boy who she remembers as being around four feet
was killed in front of the house when he was struck by a car.
My aunt and uncle sold the house about three months later.
But as my uncle was taking a box out of the house he heard what sounded like a little boys voice saying 'why?' this spooked him very much.
Six and a half years later my uncle, aunt, and cousin now
live happily in a ghost-free home!

My Brother


My brother died suddenly when I was 10 years old he and I were very close,
now that I am older I feel it was a gift I received.  My story reflects back
to that moment when I awoke the day he died....I had awoke to do the normal
morning routine getting ready for school.  My brother's room was across the
hall from mine with the bathroom inbetween our doors.  I saw him laying
there and a "knowing" came over me that he would not be there anymore.  I
tried to enter the room but something kept me from going in and waking him.
He was in high school and late for classes, I didn't want our mom to get
upset over his not awaking, but I could not even enter his room.  The
knowing nagged at me all day and when I returned home from school he had
done all my chores but one.  I had to go out in the backyard to start that
chore and I was struck with a image of him ... and I could not breath.
Thoroughly terrified I leaned against the house trying to decide whether to
run and tell my mom when I heard the sirens moments later....I re-entered
our home in tears.  The ambulance was for my brother who was killed about 2
miles from our home I never asked how he died in the car accident.  We moved
very soon after that and I was now instead of in a city I was in the
woods...secluded .... and having to deal with the loss.  I missed him as he
was always there for me, and he always had time for his little sister.  His
dog Abby became a confidant and she always accompanied me wherever I went.
One morning I awoke to again get ready for school...Abby came downstairs
with me to watch my routine as she always did.  I walked into the bathroom
that had an adjoining very large mud room...approx. 15 X 20...the farthest
wall I had winter wear and summer coats hanging as well as some other odds
and ends.  Abby was always quiet, but this day she looked into the darkness
of the mudroom and growled in a low voice and her hackles on her neck rose.
I looked to see what she was growling at and I saw a orb brightening into a
larger shape.....I stared as it grew and saw the light forming into my
brother's face.  I turned on the light in the mud room and it did not go
away...and Abby had disappeared from the room.  I ran up the stairs and hide
in my room.  The second time I saw him...he was following me in the woods on
one of my adventures...again Abby let me know someone was there, and she
stood there in front of me watching this shape .... it was dark apparition,
but I knew it was my brother, I could feel his presence and I was afraid,
and ran again.  I sat and thought about my fear and I wanted for him to stop
what he was a 10 year old this type of experience would terrify
anyone.  The third time again I was walking in the woods, and he came up
behind again.... I turned to look and again I saw the dark apparition.  I
told him he was frightening me and he had to stop and I ran crying home.  I
never saw him again after that, tho I believe he watches over me as a
guardian, I feel his presence as he checks in on me, or if there is danger I
get a premonition before hand.

My Camping Trip


I went to stay with my grandmother when I was 14 along with my 2 sisters.  We
were just there for the summer.  My Uncle Mike decided to take us camping at
Kings Mountains, N.C.  It is a well known battle field for the Revolutionary
War and possibly the Civil War (not sure about civil war).  He wanted to take
us camping at the primitive sites.  When I say premitive I mean premitive,
No running water, or toliets that flush just the outhouses that stunk to high
heaven.  Well any how Uncle Mike told us it was haunted but I thoaght he was
pulling our legs and was trying to scare us.  Around 11:30pm to 12:30 am we
had a good sized camp fire going and then we heard what sounded like guns and
cannons going off.  They were in a distance at first but then they started to
move closer and closer.  The closer they got to us the more clearer we could
hear them, and the closer we they got we could actually hear men yelling and
screaming.  Eventually the cannons and guns quit going off but you could
still hear the men yelling and screaming, and you could hear them walking in
the woods.  You could hear the crackling of fallen tree limbs and decaying
tree leaves underneath their feet that's howw clear you could hear them.  I
think that someone or a group of people should go out there and stake it out
for a few nights and see if they can capture anything on film.  It was a
great experiance for me but my sisters were a little shaken up over the whole
thing.  I would just like to see some footage from it.  I was only 14 when it
happened and didn't have a camera then.  You should really send some people
down there to investigate it, it would be worth while.


My Daughter and our Ghosts


  My name is Joy I have had alot of different experiences with ghosts. From
objects moving across the floor to being awoken with something dark holding
me down. I was not about to move and when I openned my eyes I saw something
that I could not explain. I tried to fight but it didn't help. Then I had a
warm feeling come over me and my dead grandmom was there and I could move
  For the last 2 years I have found my oldest daughter talking to her
"friends" upstairs in our home. I knew that there was something here when we
bought the house. So I wasn't that suprised. Now I find my youngest daughter
talking to the air. The door to the girls room opens by its self. There is
also cold spots in their room and occasionly the bathroom and basement. I
have had something tap my head from behind in the middle of the night, when
everyone was asleep.
   It doesn't always bother me that they are here. I just got weirded out
that my girls talk to them.They like to play tricks on people who come to
visit us. One of them is having a good time with our babysitter. the other
week she was in the bathroom in the middle of the night and it openned the
door. She screamed woke us all up. My 4 yr. old went and told her that they
won't hurt her they just like to come to talk and play. When the babbysitter
asked my daughter who won't hurt her she told her " you know the boy, the
girl and the man." I asked my daughter where they were and she said that he
was in her room.
  That's when I called a pyshic. I never told anyone that she said there
were 3. The psyhic told me that my family has a "gift" and that my daughter
has it stronger than the rest of us. That they come to visit her because she
notices them.
  I'm not sure who they are yet but we are working on that. My 4 yr. old
told me that the little girl floats like in the water she died in. also, that
she is sad because her mommy is now dying  'cause she is so sad that the
little girl died.
  I also have some pictures of my daughter that I found that seem to have
some weird things in them like something moving across them. I will send them
soon. If you have any suggestions on how we can found out who they are I will
take what I can get. My daughter doesn't always want to talk about them. She
says "not now mommy maybe later" whenever I ask her who they are what their
names are. It's not that interesting of a story but its nice to tell someone.
Thank you for your time.



I have enjoyed all of the stories i have read on your site.  This experience was just odd.  I have yet to actualy see anything paranormal.
My husband and I moved to Virginia Beach. We were fortunate enough to find a house to rent that was within our budget.  It was just a small ranch style house with three bedrooms. This was in 1992 at that time we only had the first two of our four daughters.  At this time our oldest daughter Kim was two and Mindy was five months old.
The very first day we moved in i felt there was someone else in the house, especialy in the back bedroom.  My five month old daughter would always scream when we would put her to bed in there.  I finally gave up and put her crib in my room.  She slept through the night after i moved her crib.  I left the rest of her furniture in that room.  I hated to go in there to get her clothes, the room was always cold and you always felt like someone was watching you.
We lived there for about six months when my brother decided to move to Virginia Beach to go to work with my husband.  He and his children stayed with us until they found a place of their own.  He had two children who were about the same ages as our daughters.
My oldest daughter and my neice, who are the same age, had an imaginary friend.  His name was Bob.  I thought this was strange because neither of them had ever known a Bob.  I wasnt really concern because i know that a lot of children their age have imaginary friends.  The funny thing was they had the same friend.  They would play hide and seek with Bob.  Kind of two against one. One of the girls would say," He ran behind the couch."  The other one would say, " There he goes."  I thought it was strange both girls actually seem to seem someone.  This happened on several occasions.
We only lived there for about a year.  The girls and I moved back to Maine.  My husband stayed behind to paint the house and some cleaning so we could get our deposit back.  While he was painting one day our landlord came by, he said he was sorry to see us go.  He said he didnt know what he was going to do with the house now.  He also said his brother had died in the back bedroom, so the house had senimental value.  My husband asked him what his brothers name was.  He told him his name was Bob.
After we moved Kim never saw Bob again.  Ive asked her a couple of times what she remembers about Bob and she says she doesnt remember anything.  Thanks for listening.  Sorry if i bored anyone.

My Daughter's Friend


This is a wierd story that really doesn't have anything scary in it but I
believe that my eldest daughter might have had a ghost as a friend when she
was three.
It all started when my daughter started to tell my wife and I about an
imaginary friend that she had. This friend's name was Pito and the friend
was female. My wife and I just shrugged it off as a passing thing because
all kids at one time or another have imaginary friends, especially when they
didn't have any brothers or sisters, right? We thought it was cute and
didn't think much about it, that is until my daughter started telling us
more about Pito. She said that Pito was 12 and that she had been in jail a
lot of times. Pito had apparently killed her parents. This really freaked us
out that she would be sitting there and relaying the information from
someone or something next to her. I understand that kids have a wild
imagination but for my three year old daughter to be talking about murder
and jail and such things were unsettling. From that point on, we told our
daughter that Pito was not welcome anywhere near our house or our family.
Our daughter put up a good fight but after stating the samething over and
over to her, one day, out of the blue, we never heard anything about Pito
again. To this day, I have questioned my daughter, who is now seven, about
Pito. She tells me that she doesn't remember anything about a Pito.
Well, thats my story. Please let me know what you think... Was Pito a
figment of my daughter's imagination or did my daughter have a ghostly
visitor? BTW you have a great site and your work in helping others is appreciated and


My Dead Friend


I know this girl name Mary-Anne she is my cousin.  She was only 4 years old.
One day Mary-Anne said to her mother "Mommy I want you to meet my knew friend."  Well her mother was just thinking that Mary-Anne was at that age where she is going to have imaginary friends.  A few hours later Mary-Anne said that her friend was leaving.  She walked to the front door went to the stairs infront of there house and said goodbye.
When her friend left Mary-Anne started talking to her mother and said "He's kind of dirty.  He has dirt all over himself and there are bugs all over his face."
A few hours later Mary-Anne said that he was back.  She went to the front door and let him in.  This kept on happining for three weeks.

My Encounters

By: Mary

I am only a young girl going into 6th grade and turning 12 on September 17th
2001. But I have had experiences too. I live in New York. In Long Island to
be more exact. Anyway, my very first encounter is when I'm in my bathroom by
my room. I am just sitting there minding my own business when all of a sudden
I look at the wall and there is a figure there! It was just a outline of
someone small...about 5,6,7 years old. I saw outlines of arms, a head,ears
but the bottom was missing. I couldn't speak. Then I blinked and it was gone.
My second experience was when I am in my room. I am trying to get to sleep
when I look at my turned off TV. I see a teenage boy there. He is
light-skinned, has dark hair, has freckles I think, a dark t-shirt and a red
thing on it. Some kind of symbol. He has dark blue jeans on. He is just
walking behind my bed. I slowly go out of bed and stand out of my door. I
come back in. He is gone. My third experience is my most scary one. I am
lying in my bed. All of a sudden I feel something press my chest for one
second. My stomach jumped. It is very late. I am feeling very tense. Then I
wait for a minute. It happens again. I make a cross with my fingers and I
soon fall asleep. My room used to be my grandmother's old room. She passed
away in 1998. Now I sleep there. Strange. Every second of my life I sense
someone with me. Or in my house anyway. It is scary. Especially in my room at
night. But I believe that it is just my guardian angel or my grandma or
relatives with me protecting me....but sometimes I fear the presence is not

My Experiences
Hi, I just wanted to share with you some of the many experiances that I have
had, here is the first one that REALLY scared me.
I am a FAITHFUL Tool fan, so when they were coming in concert, me and my
bestfriend made it a point that we were going regaurdless of the
Well the night of the concert there was a bit of electricity in the air like
there was something odd amidst, but we went anyways enjoying our time and
even screaming until we had no voices left.
Well at that time I was living with my grandparents and I came home and
walked by my grandmothers bedroom door (which was acrossed from my room) and
told her that I was home.
Well she came in my room with a confused look on her face and said.
"where did you go?"
I looked at her and kinda laughed and said "the tool concert remember?"
and she said "No after that, where did you go?"
I looked at her and I said "Mom  I just got home from the concert I came
straight home afterwards."
She shook her head and said "No you came home about a half hour ago and said
mom I am home, and you sat on the end of the bed and told me that you had a
good time and you were going to bed, then you got up and went to your room
and shut the door."
Then I noticed that my bedroom door was in fact shut, even though I never
shut the door and my grandparents were totally against shut doors unless you
were going to sleep.
That made the hair on my neck stand straight on end, and I opened the door
and started looking around my room.
I told her, "Do you think that someone came in??"
and she said NO it was you I looked right at you! I even talked to you.
I questioned her to see if she was dreaming but she said that she was wide
It was about that time that the closet doors began to shake as though someone
was behind them (they are on tracks so they slide back and forth and they are
pretty heavy.) even though I had JUST checked the closet to see if there was
anyone in there.
Well Needless to say I freaked out and was close to tears, so I told my
grandma that she was scaring me and I was going to sleep in the back bedroom
(I dont know it just feels safer) well as I walked out of the room with my
things to sleep in the back the bedroom door slammed behind me.
Well I moved back into my grandmothers house not too long ago, and it wasted
no time letting me know that it didnt want me here (I say it because I know
that it is the same damn ghost that hates me!) well the first night that I
slept here after moving back in, I had drifted off to sleep when I felt
something walking on my bed, it was like a cat walking, and at first I
thought that it was my cat but then I realized that my cat was laying right
next to me. as I turned to look at whatever it was that was walking, I
realized that I couldnt move! it felt like someone was holdng my arms and my
legs down. As I tried to scream I realized that I couldnt scream at all!
Nothing came out when I screamed, the only sound was a faint moan. But I
could move my head around without problem.
Well All of a sudden, a light began to frantically jump on me (it looked like
a very fast flash light) and it would fly up and then down on my skin and
when it did it felt like I was being scratched.even though there were no
I would have thought that it was just old hag, but I realized that when the
light moved, my cat followed it with his eyes, and he didnt seem to be able
to move either! well as suddenly as it started it stopped and flew under the
bed and immediatly I could move again. as could my cat who IMMEDIATLY wanted
out of the room.
Well All has been well, my grandparents put up a door in the kitchen and I
blessed the back of the house, and the night before last my grandma came into
my room and asked if I was ok
I was like yeah, why?
and she said that she had heard me frantically banging on the back door, I
told her that I hadnt left my bed and I was watching something on tv and
hadnt heard anything. Just as I said that I heard the front door open very
loudly. when I asked her what the noise was she said that she hadnt heard
anything and went back to bed.
about a half an hour later, she came back into the room to ask me what was
wrong. I told her nothing I was still in the same spot that I was in the last
time that she came and checked.
She said that she heard something in the living room with my voice saying
"mom mom please help me, mom."
I am sure that plenty more will happen, there has been things that scurry
about and such but this has been long enough, I will let you know about
anything else that totally stands out from the everyday abnormal around here.
Thanks for listening.

Supernatural Experience


Hi, last night(aug.3) my sister and I were watching "Possessed", its the movie about the true case that The Exorcist was made from. We were sitting in the living room watching the intense ending, the exorcism on the little boy, and right as the priest was loudly saying the sign of the cross, at the exact moment he said "Holy Ghost" there was  crash in the "fancy off limits" living room. We got freaked and changed the channel and turned on the lights to discover that one of that one of the 7 foot plants my mother has which are extremely bottom heavy had completely tipped over on its side.  The enormous pot that it was in is very heavy on its own, it takes 2 grown people to move it and even then its heavy, not only that but its on a completely flat surface, perfect balance. So it pretty much goes without saying that my sister and i were completely freaked out, especially since thats not the first experience thats happened in that room, theres been two others that happened about 4 years ago.  Well i guess thats all, just wanted to share my scary experience with all you peoples, if anyone has any comments, suggestions, or shared something simalar feel free to email me, make sure to put "Supernaturual Experience" in the subject.



While my cousin and i were walking down the street we heard strange screaming noices and a cold breath on our necks that made the hair on our bodies stand straight up. I looked up to find no one there though. We continued walking and heard twigs snapping behind us as if someone or something was walking behind us. We started to pick up pace and then started running then the sound stopped dead in our tracks. My cousin and i turned around and then saw what appeared to be a women in a white dress with red frills. she was really really pale and she had dark brown hair.She reached out and said," can you help me?I seem to be lost." My cousin and I screamed in horror and ran  but as soon as we got to my house we saw what looked like an orb by the top of my mango tree. We ran into the house  and didnt come out until the next day. i never want to have that experience again.................

My Families Ghosts


I have a story that revolves around my mom's house. It's quite long and
I apologize in advance for that, but you'll see why I had to write so
 We acquired this house in 1979, I was 5. I am now 27 and have been
living with my husband in our own place for just under a year, so I
lived there about 22 years. The house is in one of old sections of
Dorchester, Mass. A lot of big old Victorians, Mansions, Colonials and
so forth are there. The house is a little over 100 years old, I can't
remember exactly the age, but let's just say the setup of the house is
quite unique.
The sightings went back as early as I was 5 when I grandmother just had
passed away. My mom said she could see a figure of my Nana checking on
me and then my mom and then vanishing. This went on for 4 months after
her death, so we felt safe in house as a family. Every now and then
strange things would happen in the house. We just thought it was my
grandma coming back to say hi, or to add to the conversation.
We were used to strange things in the house happening. There would be a
thumping above our kitchen light on a regular basis, lights would dim
down or up, TVs would turn off and on, and the house would get very cold
and then be fine.
Then I started to see it. I can only describe it as the black fuzzy
stuff you see when you rub your eyes too much. It had a male but
protective presence, we called him "Harry", so we had two ghosts now.
But we then soon found out there was a third hiding up in the attic the
whole time.
No one in my house likes our attic at all. As a space it is so cool, it
is a full size attic, basically like a third floor to the house. But
there was a strong uncomfortable feeling when you went by the door or
had to run up there for something. One of my friends who is a practicing
healer, downright refuses to go up there to this day.
In the summer of 1995 I started having nightmares, awful ones all
revolving around a specific attic space that just felt like pure evil.
They then transformed into a nightmare that plagued me for two years. I
didn't know why, at the time I was in college and living at home. My mom
had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, my dad who had a quintuple
bypass decided to move out, chaos reined there, so I figured it had to
be stress of everything going on. My then fiancé now husband decided to
start spending more time over the house and eventually I could sleep
through the night.
The "bugger" as we named it, has tormented my family since then,
especially me. It is quite fond of my dreams and my room and used to
visit quite a bit when I lived there. I would see the most horrifying
things in the middle of the night, and closing my eyes just intensified
the experience. One time (I have a porch attached to my bedroom cause it
is in the back of the house), I couldn't sleep that night and as I
turned over towards the door to the porch I could see a figure of
someone standing there! I of course freaked and screamed flipping the
light on just to see no one there on the porch. My mom thought I was
crazy told me to try to sleep. Once I turned the lights off and tried to
get some sleep it was there again, but in my room on the other side of
the bed! Lets just put it this way I slept downstairs on the couch with
the lights and TV on. Not liked it really helped though, something kept
turning it off and on all night.
My mom has been telling me it has recently been doing more nasty things
to the objects on the second floor since I left. Hurling pictures down
the stairs, blowing lights out, knocking things over. Just in general a
nasty customer.
We figured that the one we call "Harry" and my Nana have been keeping
the "bugger" at bay in the attic. But since my moving it has been
getting out and going straight for my room. We currently have a friend
staying in what was once my room, since I have been married. The poor
guy can only sleep during the day.
Thank You for letting me tell my story.


My Family and Co.

I'll never forget the first time that I had an experience with a ghost. The
first experience was in Brooklyn, NY. I had to have been about 4 or 5 years
old when my maternal grandfather died from diabetes. I really didn't
understand what dying was so I thought that he would be back, that he was
going on a trip. Needless to say, that wasn't the case and I never got to
really say good-bye. It had to be around 3 days after he died, me my Mom and
my sister who was 2 years old at the time, were coming back from my
grandmothers house and I saw my grandfather who died just a few days before
sitting on our front steps, with a big smile on his face waving to me. I, of
course, got really excited and began waving. My mother looked at me and said,
"Who are you waving to?" and I began screaming, "Papa! Papa!" I ran to my
house to give him a hug, and when I got there, he was gone and I wanted to
cry. My Mom looked at me like I had 10 heads and she said that papa was dead.
All I could do was say, "But I saw him. He was sitting right here!!" After
about 5 times of saying that, my Mom saw how serious I was, she became teary
eyed and said that it was his way of saying good-bye to me.
Another time was when I was in the 6th grade, my paternal grandfather had
died from lung cancer. when about 2 years. after we were in Toms River, New
Jersey and my parents, my grandmother and her friend had gone food shopping
and they were gone for a while. Me and my sister were the only ones in the
house. Now for some reason, each door makes its own should so I know the
difference between the front and garage door coming in to the house. So it
had to have been 1:30pm, and my parents were gone for almost an hour and a
half, when I hear the front door open and close. Now my sister is in a room
that has a little rec room and the kitchen connected together. I think that
its my parents and grandmother back from shopping so I got to help. I get
into the living room and no one is there. I go to where the garage door is
and nothing. I look at my sister and asked her if she went out side or opened
the front door. She looked at me like I was crazy and said no. Now normally I
would say ok I'm hearing things but it happened again, about 5 minutes after
the first time. My parents didn't come back until about 2pm. After my heart
stopped racing, I figured that it was my grandfather making sure that me and
my sister were ok.
Still in Toms River, New Jersey but at another time I saw a ghost was about 4
months ago, I was staying at my grandmothers house for Easter weekend with my
family, and me and my sister were sleeping in my grandmothers room. It had to
have been around 12 in the morning, I wasn't tired so I turned on the TV.
That's when I saw it. I didn't feel cold but I did feel as if someone was in
the room watching me. I sat up but didn't see anything. So I laid back down
and go that feeling again. My grandfather has been dead since I was 11 years
old, at the time this happened I was 19 years. old and I saw him walk by the
side of the bed my sister was sleeping on. I jumped up, looked around the
room and saw nothing. I thought that I was seeing things but I saw him do the
same thing again. This time I was freaked so I sat up and turned on the
lights. Now its about 12:30am and I hear the front door open and close, I
hear footsteps walk thought the living room and I hear my grandmothers dog
walking across the kitchen floor. I should also tell you that the dog was put
to sleep when I was 13 years old. Then it became quiet. My sister woke up
about 15 minutes later to use the bathroom. About 5 minutes later, she comes
running in the bedroom, jumps in the bed and pulls the cover over her head.
She tells me later on that day that she heard the same thing I did 15 min
before she woke up.
Brooklyn, NY - My uncle died in March of last year. It was really hard to
deal with. Because he was only in his early 60's, plus his youngest son was
getting married in less then 3 months. Even though he has been dead for a
little over a year, lately it feels like he's in my house. The first person
to see him in the house was my sister. She was sitting on the couch and I was
sitting on the love seat w/ my boyfriend at the time. She kept jerking her
head toward the bathroom. After the third time that she did that I said, "Ok,
what do you see?" Her face went white and she said, "Uncle Junior". I thought
nothing of it because I was use to hearing stuff like that but she looked
scared out of her mind. I told her not to worry, that he wouldn't hurt any of
us. Now my boyfriend at the time, seemed a little edgy. I told him to relax
that nothing would happen. About 2 months ago, I would see something walk
back and forth in my hallway. When I would go to look I of course saw
nothing. I would see something by my front door looking from behind one of
the walls; I would look in that direction, again I see nothing. I would see
something stand by the bathroom, a white figure, from the corner of my eye
but when I would look at that direction nothing.
Now these last 2 stories don't have anything to do with my grandfathers or my
uncle but I thought that they were a little weird. About 1 yr. ago, my family
and I were at my aunts house in Toms River, New Jersey for my cousins
graduation party. It was about 3pm and I was out front watching my cousins
and my sister goof around. Then my aunt called my 11 yr. old cousin into the
house for something, and when she opened the screen door to go in I saw a
pale little boy standing in the middle of the floor. I got up from where I
was sitting and walked toward the door. As I go to step in the house, the
little boy smiled and waved at me, then disappeared.  That following winter,
I was hanging out with a friend of mine in Brooklyn, NY and she wanted to
stop and see her other friend who was really sick. So we go to her house and
she's standing by her door talking to my friend. Out of nowhere, I see this
muscular guy very slowly walk from one end of the house to the other. It was
a very dark gray figure, no face, almost transparent but not quite. I asked
the girl if anyone was in the house and she said her mom and sister. Then I
asked her if there were any guys in the house and she said no. She asked me
why and I told her I saw a dark figure walk around in the house and that it
had the body of a really big guy. The funny thing is, after I told her what I
saw, she didn't seem all that surprised.
Most of my experiences have never really had any "cold spots". Just the
feeling of something/someone watching me, and a lot of unexplained noises,
seeing something but then it being gone. I use to think that ghosts were just
a bunch of crap but that was until I had my own experience. So for those who
say that ghosts aren't real or think that it's just all in your
head..........just wait until it happens to you. Then you'll believe.

My Fathers House


Hi I just wanted to share my story, I'm 27 now but when I was 16 I lived with my father in the house that I grew up in. My parents were divorced and my brothers and sister had already moved out.
One night I was getting ready to go out with some friends and was just coming out of the bathroom which was right next to my bedroom, but the doors were diaganolly from each other. Anyways I heard my father in the kitchen talking to a woman. I could hear his words cleary but the womans words were all jumbled. Then I realized that while I was in the bathroom I never heard my dads car come in the driveway (the bathroom overlooks he drive and were only about 30 yrds from the main st.)  Needless to say I freaked out, got dressed as fast as I could and took off. I forgot to bring my money and had to bring my friends back with me.
Then about a week later I heard the sound of people walking in the laundry room which from the top of the stairs you look down on. But when I looked there was no one there and you could still here the sounds. Interestingly the door from the cellar is on the floor about 6ft x  3ft, you have to lift it up and put a piece of wood there to hold it. The cellar is dirt and has some crawl space to it. It's really spooky down there. A few other things happened, like things falling but nothing major until I was 22. I had moved out when I was 18 but then moved back when I was 22. One night I was there alone. (my father worked nights) and I was sleeping when al of a sudden I was jolted awake by the sound of pounding coming down the wall which my bed was next to. The other side was the hallway. I just froze, I knew I was awake and not dreaming and that I was still alone because it was too early for my father to come home. I always slept with my door closed so I didnt see anything. I can't explain what all that was and my father never really believed me until one night he was woken up to the distinct voice of my mother saying his name. (now my mother is still alive but she lived about 1000 miles away)  when he looked up his door shut, which had been open. And there was not any type of breeze.
I know these things may not sound very scary but they were then at the time. Even now to go in to my dads house alone you get a very uneasy feeling.  Also after I told my family these things my oldest brother (by 11 years) said that when he was little and our house was still one story and very small he saw a ghost in the bathroom door late at night, and my sister-in-law said that my other brother told here that lthe light in the closet above the cellar door use to go off anf on by its self and you could see the light come from below the door shining out. The switch was a pull one from the light socket.
Don't know what to make of all of this but thanks for listening.

My First Experience


I started getting into the supernatual when i was 5. my cousin Kelly
would always tell me stories about witch craft and ghost.
So i just turned 20 and i was living in my college dorm at pitt
university i all ways knew he was alittle weird. Because he would be
doing witch craft things.
One night before finals, i was sleeping. iwas awoken by my weird room
mate tellingme there were three figures by my bed. there were. I was
very scared. so i ran out of the room to my best friend dewys house. We
went back in the room and there was nothing there. every nght after
wards i lways here weirdnoises comig from the left side of my bed.
the very scary end

My Friend and My Experience


My experience:
Many years ago, my great grandmother was dead. I was like 10 years old at that time. In Chinese tradition, we will put the dead in the coffin, and set it in the living room until 7 days after, then put it underground,Bury her/him , let them peace,
its the same things to my family, so we put my great grandmother in the living room, and waited for the 7 days after, One nite, we were sitting in the living room and watching TV , Suddenly we heard one of our bedrooms' door closed, Loudly, Boom!
But there were no one in it, our family all was in the living room, and we closed the windows, No wind,
so we thought my great grandmother was back, and tried to let us know she was here!
Now, no more that happend, i think she is in the heaven now~
My friend's experice:
one of my friends, her grandmother died someday, they were very sad, and they follow the Chinese traditions to hold a funeral for her grandmother,
At the end of the 7 days, they will stand around the circle, and calling her grandmother's name
hope she can go to the heaven well, and be careful
they spray dirt on the ground ,and they saw there were some footprints on the dirt very clearly,
but no cats, no dogs, or people walked cross it,
so they thought its her grandmother back , my friend was scared, cuz she was young
but now, she thought its heart-warming , her grandmother heard their voice

My Friend


Here's my story. Some friends of mine had a house in 1994 in college. They
told me about all kinds of strange things. One time, they were downstairs
and there was a loud pounding going through the whole house for about 3
minutes. Another time, one roommate thought he heard another in the next
room arh=guing with someone, no one was in the room. A few times, they would
leave and come back and all the doors were open. I only lived there for one
summer and had only one thing happen to me. I was in my room alone and just
got this creepy feeling. After a while it got worse until I HAD to get out
of the house, I was petrified. I HAD to leave.
The worst thing though, happened at the end. We had all left for home for
two weeks but one guy stayed. He was alone in the house for about two weeks.
He was acting weird for a few days after we got back. At this time we had
all moved out and he was still the only one there. I caught him outside
"praying" once in the back yard. A few days later, he killed himself. He was
in probably the worst room in the house. We found a note that was mostly
illegible. I just remember one line. "God is God, You're not God"
I actually haven't thought about that place in a while, but we were talking
about it the other day. I just realized today that our friend died this week
seven years ago.
Have you ever heard of something like this?

My Friends Mother


August 28th, 2001

This happened maybe 6 or 7 years ago.  Maybe 10.
My friend's mother had just died and my friend, his bother, and his sister were at the house.
They were getting ready to go up to the funeral home for the viewing.
When they left the house my friend asked his sister if she had turned out all of the lights.
She said she had turned out all of the lights except for the one in Mom's room.
She said she knew the light was on because she could see the light leaking around and under the door.
The time was about 6 PM In the middle of winter.  She told my friend "Mom would not let me in".
Upon hearing this my friend  turned the car around and went back to the house.
It took my friend and his brother both to push the door open, there was a heavy chest behind the door.
The windows were shut and locked and that was the only enterance to the room.
My friend even looked for footprints in the snow outside the room.
If there is anymore to this story I have never heard it.

My Ghostly and Spiritual Experiences


Hi everyone out there who is believer and non believer.  I am 24 with 2
kids. My story starts when I was quite young. My family has always had
spirits that follow us. My first experience was when I was about 7. When
I was 5 we had a german shepard named Barney that had to be put to sleep
because he had hip problems and could hardly walk. I was devastated when
he had to be put down and I cried for days. Two years later I was
outside playing in the yard and even though I could not see him I could
feel him running next to me. I used to let him pull me around by putting
my finger through the loop on the end of his choke chain. I could also
feel that around my finger. As I was growing up I always saw shadows
when no one else was home, I heard footsteps when there wasn't anything
or anyone around. The pets we had would bark at corners of walls at
nothing and so forth. I never really thought much about it because in my
house it was a normal occurance. When I became a teenager these noises
and shadows started to become more apparent to me. One time I had spent
the night at my boyfriend at the time, his parents house in his neices
room. This girl definetly had problems and I didn't understand why until
that night. I was laying in her bed asleep when suddenly I awoke to the
room being so cold I wanted to pull the covers over my head just to stay
warm. I couldn't see anything, there was a little bit of light coming in
the window from outside, but I could feel an energy that was very strong
and slightly evil. I wanted to jump out of the bed and run to my
boyfriend who was asleep in the next room but I was absolutely frozen in
fear. So as I layed there paralyzed not knowing what to do I just waited
and it was almost like the energy realized that I wasn't who it was
expecting and as soon as it was there it was gone. That was many years
ago and since then I have had many experiences. The house that my
husband and I live in is haunted, actually more like the property that
it is on is haunted. But we both have spirits that follow us. I hear at
night footsteps on our porch and knocks on the door and walls outside.
When I look out the window there is nothing there. Then one day about 6
months ago my 14 month old son was laying on the couch because he had a
very bad virus. He  was asleep and I was in the kitchen making dinner.
Everything was quiet when suddenly I heard this voice say to my son, "It
is okay give me your hand. Everything is going to be okay" Right before
I heard the voice my son had whimpered but after the voice spoke to him
he sighed in relief and relaxed into a deep sleep. When he awoke he was
70 % better. I later described the voice to my husband and he said that
he believes that it is the spirit of his best friend who died during
high school. I also believe this to be true. My son will talk to someone
I can't see and he will tell them goodbye when they leave. I may not be
able to see them but I can sense them when they are here. The most
recent experience I had was just a few weeks ago up in my deceased
mother in laws house. Her husband is still alive and had invited us up.
He wasn't home when we got there but left us a key so we could get in.
Since the weather was so nice we had decided to stay outside and let the
kids play.  My daughter decided that she had to go to the bathroom and I
was the one who took her in. Upon getting to the hallway which the
bathroom was at the end of, it sounded like a wind tunnel, I heard
whispering and just felt a very strong sense that his mother was still
there. Well her spirit anyway. It was almost as if she was there
watching us. I was okay with it then but now whenever I think about it I
get really creeped out. Just a few days ago I learned that her ashes are
kept in an earn on the fireplace mantle. She even comes to me sometimes
and puts her hand on my back. I am just very puzzled by this because she
and I didn't get along as well as I would have liked when she was alive
but I know that she is in a better place. Any way I hope that you have
enjoyed my experiences and if you have any of your own don't think that
you are crazy just gifted to be sensative to the paranormal.

My Grandfather


My grandfather worked for the parks and recreation department here in
Colorado.  They lived im an old house on the fairgrounds.  My mother, aunt
and uncle also lived there with my grandparents.  From what I was told, the
first experience was when the family went to California on vacation.  They
had an old coffee pot that came on automatically when plugged in, so they
left it unplugged.  My mom would wake up to find the coffee pot plugged in
and coffee made.  When the family returned it started to get worse.  They
always locked the doors at night when they went to bed.  Very often they
would wake up to the front door slamming open and hear someone run through
the house and the back door slam open and closed.  More than once family or
friends would come and stay the night and wake up the next morning asking
why someone was leaning over them breathing while they were sleeping.
Needless to say, no one outside of the family would ever spend the night at
the house.  My uncle was taking a shower, in the house alone.  He was
standing over the sink and the shower door started slamming open and shut on
its own.  Also on the fairgrounds there is a big building that they used for
concerts etc.  There were a few different rooms in the buildings with locked
glass doors connecting them.  At night they was always a security guard on
duty.  All the outside doors to the building were always closed and locked.
I think they went through like 4 different security guards.  All at once the
INSIDE glass doors would start rattling, which was impossible for someone to
do because the outside doors were always locked.  There are many other
occurrences.  Lots of things happened in the 10 years we all lived there.
After we left the house was tore down.  We did go to the library and found
that there was a nursing home on the property a long time ago.  When the
patients died they were buried behind the nursing home...around the area the
house was later built.  The fairgrounds also have a network of underground
tunnels that run through the entire fairgrounds.

My Lil Visitor


Hi my name is Heather and about 3yrs ago my grandmother died.  and on the nite we put up our christmas tree we also decorated it w/ bells.  When i went to bed my whole family was already asleep and i laid down and i heard a bell ringing and i looked at my dorrway and saw a little girl standing there i thought it was my oldest daughter it looked just like her so i told her to go to bed and she didnt answer me she just kept ringing the bell so again i told her to go to bed and when i took a better look i noticed it wasnt my daughter it was a figure of a girl and she was sort of in all white and she didnt move i screamed and woke my husband he looked but saw nothen i got up and my children were still asleep so i tried to go to sleep but heard the bells again my husband finally heard it but didnt dare to get outta bed. From then on ive had a few experiences w/ her i know shes still in my house and i hear her laughing at times when my kids r in bed and i also hear her running through the house.  finally the other day my husband and i were setting up our quick cam on the pc and i was at the keyboard and jon was standing bout6feet behind me and out of nowhere she ran rite behind him and he was able to c her now he knows im not just imagining it  lol   at times when im the only one up i will turn a lite off and she turns it back on im not afraid of her but i just thought that after cing all of the stories on ur site id share my own im hoping to catch her on the quick cam and record it so others can c her too...

My Meeting with a Family of Ghost


back in 1972 i lived in a very old caretakers house with
my family in the south jeresy town of mount holly
the house was at lest 150 yrs old at the time it sat
down the hill from the main house it was and still is
a tall thin three story plank board house at the time
 my father bought it it had a dirt floor kitchen and
was in very poor shape we fixed it up and moved in
without anything strange until about 5yrs later i
was about 12 at the i sleep in the attic it was a very
large attic with every high sealing  a very steep stairs
lead up to one large room with a large red brick chimely
between the smaller room were i sleep on this night i
was in my room listoning to music and i had a black-
light on the attic was not finish off and you could see
through the cracks inbettween the boards i was laying
in bed that is on the back wall of the house i had a table
that sat at the chimely when a family of very poorly dressed
very dirty entered into the room through chimely and sat
down on top of and around the table there were 6 of them
it seemed that it was a father mother and their 4 children
3 younger boys maybe 5yrs old to 14 and 1 girl about 18
they were all very loud and seemed to have had formal
schooling  the father was short and fat with a bald head
and very rotten teeth they all wore very old and dirty
farmer jeans and riped up shirts the mother and boys
stayed mostly to the back ground while the father and sister
taunted me the girl was very large about 6 ft 1 200 lbs
she stood in the other room by the steps spitting and
throwing peanut shells at me laughing and trying to get
me to confront her while the sat at the table faceing me
about five feet away seeming to really enjoying my fear
and what the girl was doing i'm not sure how long this went
on but the 8 track i had in played at lest 3 times before
i got my breath back and tryed to speak i told the old man
i was going to turn off the music and turn on the lamp
when i reached to the lamp he lunged at me scareing
me have to death at this the whole family seemed to go
wild in a very bulling kind joy after we repeated this a
few times my fear turn to anger i began to yell at them
but i was to afraid get out of the bed to reach the light
i had an old cane laying on my bed and keeped getting
madder and the more it upset me the more they laughed
so i tolded them i did'nt care what they did anymore i
was turning on the light i grabbed the cane and went for
light the old man lunged at me and i swang the cane
i turned on the light and they all ran back into the chimely
i ran to my parents room screaming there was a family
of rednecks in my room torrorizing me we returned to find
no one they tryed to comfort me while shakeing their heads
the next morning at the top of the steps sat a bowl of
shelled peanuts i was never bothered by them again
still they left a very lasting inpression
 a true story as recalled by  L.P. Mcgill

My Moms Story


When my mom was 12 she lived with her mother, father, brothers and sisters.
They lived in North Dakota and owned a house. Before they moved there, this
one guy who lived there and got tired of his life and shot himself in his
own basement, 5 years later my grandma and grandpa moved there and have been
noticing strange things happening like, hammers being thrown and almost
getting hit by them, the tv turning on by itself, footsteps, being touched
by someone that isn't even there, stuff floating in the air, and cats acting
strange. Well time has passed. Last year on Christmas I went to my grandma's
and grandpa's house. I spent the night there, when everybody was asleep I
stayed awake wondering if I would hear something. I was sleeping on the
couch and there were other people in the same room, they were also sleeping.
I was about to fall asleep when I heard somebody walking in the kitchen I
opened my eyes and stood up to look, but saw nothing. I pulled the covers
over my head, of course I was scared. It seemed that my cousin heard the
same thing and was scared as hell also. 2 hours passed and I was asleep.
Then there was this big boom down in the basement. Everybody heard it, my
grandpa woke up and went down to the basement to see what it was and saw
hammers laying on the floor. There was a spirit in the house an angry
spirit, we all stayed awake all night and suddenly heard the basement door
open and we all got as scared as hell. My heart was going 100 miles per
hour, then the door opened again and shut. It seemed the spirit went back to
the basement. Me and my mom ran out of there not even looking back, and went
home never wanting to go back there again.

My Parents House

This may sound stupid, but I grew up in a haunted house and didn't even know
it until after I moved out. This wasn't particularly scary, just sort of
In the late 80's my parents bought a three bedroom ranch-style home in Orange
County California when I was about 13. They bought it pretty cheap; as it
required a lot of remodeling. My father was pretty handy though, and started
remodeling the place room by room.  In my opinion, this must have set off the
ghost.  I always got that sort of creepy feeling that I was being watched,
and I really didn't like being in that house alone. I didn't feel threatened
or frightened. I just felt a little weird. The temperature of the place was
also always pretty cool.  Even in the middle of summer when it was positively
roasting outside.  Anyhow, on more than one occasion I was awakened in the
middle of the night for no reason.  The house was quiet and there didn't
appear to be any commotion.  I just awoke with a start, would look around my
dark bedroom in a daze and then fall back asleep.  I was a pretty heavy
sleeper back then, so I attributed it to a bad dream.  One night I was
awakened this way, only I knew what did it. Someone had snapped their fingers
in my ear. In fact, my ear was literally vibrating from the sound of it.
Again, I went back to sleep, assuming it was a dream.  On a couple of
different occasions I woke up from noises, like rapping on my bedroom door
and random noises in the house that had no explanation. I'd get up, thinking
my parents were awake or that my sister had gotten home, but everyone would
be asleep and the house would be pitch black. I know this sounds pretty
dense, but I just dismissed it.  Well many years passed, and I moved out to
go away to college.  Just a short time after that my father passed away and
my mother was forced to sell the house because she couldn't afford to keep it
without my father's income.  One night I spent the evening at my sister's
house, sitting on her porch having a few drinks and talking.  We got to
talking about ghosts (she has a ghost-cat in her apartment. that she has seen
a few times). Well, she asked me if I ever saw the "guy" at mom and dad's old
place.  Come to find out, both she and my mom had many encounters with this
ghost.  One two separate occasions, my sister was in her bed asleep and awoke
to the ghost of a middle-aged man, dressed in blue-jeans and a plaid shirt
standing at the end of her bed.  The first time she gasped and sat up,
staring at him in disbelief.  His figure became more transparent and slowly
rose to the top of the ceiling where he eventually disappeared. The second
time he appeared she just laid there looking at him.  He just stood there
looking at her and faded away a few minutes later. She said he seemed sad,
but not menacing.  Just sort of curious.  Another time she awoke to the
sounds of someone in the garage.  The wall to her bedroom was shared with the
back wall of the garage. My dad had the garage fashioned as his tool-room.
The walls were covered with hooks that all his tools hung from, and he also
had several of those huge red metal cabinets that held tools as well.  She
heard someone walking around in there, moving the tools around and opening
the drawers of the cabinets.  She got up and crept into the front hall and
stood, listening to the moving around for a while.  Finally, my mom came out
of her and my dad's bedroom and stood with her, listening.  My sister asked
her if she should call the police and my mom said no, it happens all the time
and it is not an intruder. Of course, she realized my mom knew about the
ghost, but didn't ask her any questions.  I think she figured my mom would
never admit that the place was haunted. The weird thing is, at night, both my
mom and my dad's cars were parked in the garage, and they left no room for
movement in there whatsoever.  So, how the heck would a physical person
actually be able to get at the tools, much less open those huge metal drawers
to get at the tools inside?
After hearing her stories, I got to thinking and we both surmised that the
ghost was from the late 50's, right around the time the place was built.  His
clothing and hairstyle suggested that.  Judging by the way the house felt, we
both could tell that he liked our family and approved of the improvements my
father did.  I think he sort of looked out for us, and didn't really appear
to me because he probably knew I'd have a heart attack if I saw a ghost. My
sister, on the other hand, has experienced many paranormal happenings
throughout her life and is more used to it.
The whole time I lived there, it didn't occur to me that it was a ghost
making the noise at night. And, my mother and sister never mentioned to me
their experiences while we still lived there. My dad never mentioned anything
at all. But then again, he was the no-nonsense sort who probably wouldn't
believe in the paranormal.  Even though, after his death he visited my
sister, my mom and me in our dreams. But that is another story!

My Real Life Scary Ghost Stories

1.)  I was at my friends house, And in her long hallway there is a picture of
her dead grandmother when she was a little girl, When it was around midnight
my friend and I walked up the hall, and in the picture her grandmother winked
at us. We ran so fast in her room and locked the door. We also heard
footsteps outside her door.
2.) When my best friend was a baby he had a grandmother who was very sick.
Therefore she couldn't hold him, A few months later she died. And his mother
heard his grandmothers humming & singing, And she smelled her perfume, and
the rocking chair would be rocking, But when she walked into his room noone
was there. When he told me, I thought that was very cool.  P.S:  I guess she
was holding him when she was passed away since she couldn't when she was

My Room


i still believe n ghosts, but when i was about 5 or 6 when i
use 2 b shy, my grandparents had these neighborhood watch meetings, n i
didn't like goin' 2 them, so i would stay n the living room, n u could see
inside my room from the living room, and n my room it was my bed and a small
dresser n front of my bed, but ne way, that night n particular i was in the
living room n i didn't want 2 go downstairs wit my daddy n i was lookin' n
my room, n i saw a black shadow like figure in front of the dresser,
everything i did it would copy me, at the time i wasn't scared of it, i just
figured it was a friend that wanted 2 play. when i walked towards it, it
would walk 2wards me, if i stepped back it would step back, but just when i
was about 2 go all the way n my room 2 play wit it, my granddaddy told me 2
go downstairs wit my daddy so i could have somethin' 2 do. Also a few months
later another experience had happened. my uncle had died in the room across
the hall a few yrs. ago, n the bathroom is right next 2 my room. so 1 night
i was sleepin' wit my grandma n we was sleepin' at the foot of the bed, i
had woke up n i laid on my back n i looked out n the living room, n all of a
sudden the bathroom light flashed on and off n just seconds n the odd thing
was the bathroom door was closed. the next day i asked my granddaddy was he
n the bathroom that night n he told me no. i've had more experiences since
that, but it's 2 much 2 type, mayb next time though. if ne would like 2
respond or had similiar experiences


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