2 Ghosts in my Home


Hi, I have two ghosts in my home.  At first I thought, like every one at
first, I was nuts! The first ghost lives on the side of my house, he is shy,
has white hair and a white beard.  He bothers on one.  The second is a bit
more pushy.  He is a large man, in a mustard color jacket, with black hair
cut "beetle" style, no face.  He just stands by my bed, and looks down at me.
 Scares the bee geebers out of me.
When I went on vacation, and my dog sitter who lives at my home when I am
gone, had been there for about a week. I never told her or anyone about my
ghosts.  I called my usual call to see if all was well.  She said, I have to
ask you something that is a bit odd.  I said what's up?  She said, do you
have ghosts here?  I told her yes, what happened?  She said she was sleeping
in my bed and it was about 2:00am.  She felt someone take her shoulder and
roughly shake her.  When she sat up she saw a white flash go around the
corner out of the bedroom into the living room.  She got up to look around,
of course no one was there.
Last week I went away again for 10 days.  She was sleeping in my bed again.
She said she was sleeping and was woke up by the feeling of someone sitting
on her chest, she said she felt it was a women, she did not know why, then
she felt a pillow over her face. then it was gone.  My ghosts do not seem to
bother me, but for some reason they do not like my dog sitter in my room.

Just Wondering

By: JhonnytSteel16@aol.com
Ok I'm 17 year's old and I have lived in the same house all my life. How ever
through out my entire life I've seen some extremeley unusual thing's, they
seem to revolve around my sister. the first time I had ever seen anything
happen in this house was when I was 5 year's old at my sister's 8th birthday
party me her and a few of her freinds were playing a game. Out of no where
they all dashed into my parent's room (the way the house is set up is kind of
odd the door to what used to be my parent's room was connected to my sister's
room) and I was left standing in front of a differant door way than what they
had used. I turned around and saw a large red figure, of course I did'nt
stick around long I followed suite and ran into my parent's room as well, I
remember it dimly glowing as it stood in the hall way it must have been
roughly 6ft tall perhap's a little larger.That was the first time I had ever
thought I had seen anything.The second I was 6 year's old and my freind my
mother and I were here, when I started hearing weeping from a window in the
corner.The weeping got began to get louder, our pet's began to walk through
the house as if making sure everything was alright my cat would hop in all
the windows and hiss every time it neared that particular window (we had two
dog's and a cat at the time) well it was about 8:00 in the evening when my
freind had to go home he was a bit scared so I told him I would shine a flash
light on him until he got to the end of the street, I did but when he turned
the corner I saw a flash of black run across the street I could'nt even get a
good look at it it moved soo quickly (there is a street light almost in front
of my house) the figure ran off into the distance.There has been many times
through out my live when my sister (who is now 20 and on occassion still
wakes me up to watch over her at night) has woken me up saying she has seen a
figure, to be specific there are three.A black one, A green one, and a red
one. Now the thing about that is we see them differantly, what she see's as
red I see as green what she see's as black I see as red and what she see's as
green I see as black.I'm just a tad worried about it becuase my sister moved
out had a kid and than moved back in and thing's started happening again.The
two encounter's I spoke of earleir are two out of the three I have had in
wich my sister was not involved,I was just wondering what you're opinoin on
all this is, there is alot more to it than what I have written.


By: gomemego@swbell.net

i used to live in a place called Fredonia , Kansas which is a small town about 2 hours away from wichita kansas. My family moved into an old house that was up for rent in town for an extremely low price and soon we found out why. By the second week we had lived there we knew that there were ghosts in the house. Things moved , Baby handprints were found all over tvs in our home ( dust imprints) and once there was a cherub angel ( Crystal ) that flew across the room and hit the wall only breaking off the head of the angel which was very odd being that crysal shatters at impact. After all these things occured we confronted our landlord and were shoved away with no answers. After sharing what had happened many town people told us to go to the library and look up the adress and see if there had been any thing of importence that occured at the house. Sure enough by scanning through old newspaper scrappings we discovered something incredibly disturbing. There had been an electrical fire in the west wing of the house in 1921 during its construction and in the fire 2 children had been killed . I want to add also I felt the scariest part was when we found out that the oldest child killed a nine yr old boy. Was found dead missing a part of his head. During the fire the boy supposably  went to break the window open and severed his head. After we linked the story to the angel that had been decapitated and the scary things in the house happening we moved. Recently we visited town and the house has yet to be occupied again.

La llorona

By: achiu@prodigy.net.mx

my expirences have happend to me more than once and most of them were with an old as mexican legend called "la llorona" my first expirience was a long ass time ago thistookplace in mexicoasmall town called Chimaltitan Jalisco i was about nine it was about 5 or 4 years ago it was during christmas vacation my family always goes to Mexico during that same time well anyways me and a cousin a good friend were playing a game it was like hide and go seek its a very samall ass town so we were all playing all around the town I was still young i was a little kid i had heard of La lloronabut i didnt belive in any of that shit but anywayz we were hideing by the river wich was off the limits according to the game we were just sittin on some large rocks I was kindda scared but not cause of some dumn old witch i was scared of a snake or a scorpion but i had nothing really to worry about or so i thought. we were planing to go back and go finish the game or go do something elseit was getting late it was like 11:30 almost midnight it was on a weekend i think we didnt have to worry about somestranger kidnaping us because it was a small and peacefull town. then just when we were about to leave we saw someone in a bright white dress it was clearly visible but the wierd thing was that person was in the middle of the river and the river was pretty deet it was as if she  was standing on the water then she started to cry loud ass hell  she was crying loud and it soundes like if someone was beating her she was sayin something but we couldnt even hear her I was so scared i couldnt move my cousin and friend started to run and i just stood there than next thing i knew it was as if she was saying something to me she was looking straight toward me then i just ran and ran till i got home i told my grandparent they auctually belived me I was soo scared but my cousins saw her but they ran i saw her face thats what scared the hell out of me im still trying to forget she looked like a middle aged woman with a pale face and long messed up hair, that wasnt the only time i had an expirince with La llorona it was about three months ago(this took place in my hometown in Aurora Illinois) I was alone under a bridge graffin my name then i heard someone walk it was some loud footsteps i thought it was a cop at first so i was ready to ready to run but I heard someone crying First thing that came to my mind was La llorona I stayed a while waiting to see if i got to see her but i didnt I could hear her clearly she was crying loudly and i could hear her say " ¡¡¡mis hijos mis hijos!!"  wich means my kids my kids in eanglish I thought it was one of my boy painting on the other side of the train tracks but then i realized i was compleatly alone I ignored her and finished my peace then i just left I saw a lot of people who live near the tracks come out of their homes and an old lady friend of my ants asked what was that i said i was downthere alone then the crying disappered and i just left and went home. those were my expirinces with La llorona people say if you go by a river or a bridge sometimes at night you can hear her.

Lake House Haunting

By: SummerAngel0402@aol.com

~~~The Past~~~
    My story all starts about in 1934....This couple lives in this nice 2
story house on the lake.  They have a little boat house that they love to
invite their friends children over to swim.  They loved kids.  The couple
tries for years and years to have children of their own but never seem to
achieve their goal.  Well.. one summer night, the wife couldnt take it no
more and she walks off the end of the boat house.  She tied a big rock and a
rope together to hold her down.  The next day her husband finds her and he is
crushed by his lose.  He goes throught the funeral like an average day thing.
 Well, about 4 or 5 years later, he cant take the pain and lonesomness and he
burns his beautiful house down to the ground while he is still inside.
~~~The Present~~~Summer of 1999
    It is 3 or 4 days before the 4th of July at the same spot where the house
burned down.  Time has taken its tole on the land and it has growed over and
new houses rest apon the land.  I along with another girl and 2 other guys
are spending the week up at this lake in this boat house.  It is about 2 or 3
in the morning and we are all about to fall asleep.  All of a sudden the beds
begin to shake.  And none of us are making this happen.  So we all decide to
push the 2 beds together and see if the shaking stops.  It does for about 20
or 30 mintes and we begin to fall asleep again.  The beds beging to shake
again and we all jump into one bed and all hide under the covers together and
huddle.  So we are all holding on to one another and I ask someone to look
above the covers and see if anyone sees anything.  Just that same day we
heard the story about the couple that lived in the house that burned and
about the wife that had drowned herself.  Well anyway, I decide to be the
brave one and look above the covers. I look and see nothing for a bit.  I
continue to look around and all of a sudden i see a light out of the coner of
my eye.  It is a brit white light standing in the window.  I ask someone to
look above the covers and see if they see it and all 3 say no way.  I cant
seem to get my eyes off the light when all of a sudden it dissapears.  I get
my focus back and i return to my group under the covers.  I once again ask
someone to look and see if there is anything in the boat house.  Once again
everyone is to scared.  And once again I look above the covers.  This is the
freaky part.  We had locked all the doors...there are 2 rooms in the boat
house and 2 doors leading to outside...we had locked all the doors and the
one shutter door the joined the 2 rooms together....  When i had looked above
the covers...the shutter door and the door that was in the other room the
lead to outside was OPEN!!  When i looked at the shutter door open i
screamed...one of the guys looked above the covers...said "OH SH**"  and ran
out the other door and up the hill to the trailor...us others followed...
You know what we saw??  A black figure with the head of a demon and the body
of a strong man.  We havent seen it since... If you ask me...i think that it
is the man looking for his wife that drowned herself...And i have seen
pictures of the couple...i am a decendent of this couple...and i seem to look
almost exactly like the wife...who drowned herself...

Lost Child - Ghost Story

By: lildunbuggy@yahoo.com

This just happened the night before last.  For the
past three days, my husband, my two little girls
(preschool age), my Mother-in-Law and I had been
camping at Beachside Campgrounds in Oregon.  A
beautiful place caught between HWY 101 and the beach
itself, just north of Yachets (pronounced 'Ya-hauts'
for the curious).
Anyway, that night was our last night there and
somewhere in the middle of sleeping my youngest
daughter woke up crying saying that she was scared.
Not overly unusual for a preschooler, but after I
tucked her back in she dropped right back into a deep
sleep which for her is very unusual.  She usually
likes to snuggle and talk and generally keep me up as
long as she can.
As I was trying to get back to sleep myself I heard
what I thought was my older daughter saying,"Mommy,
mommy."  I answered her but had no response.  I heard
the voice again, this time more insistent, "MOMMY,
MOMMY!", though always at kind of a whisper.  I got up
and physically looked at my two girls who were
completely sound asleep, the kind of sleep that is
past dreaming.  Which was very odd because, you
remember, my youngest one had just woken up a short
while before.
Then as I laid down for a second time I heard the
voice again only it seemed to come from all around me
and in a constant stream, "mommymommymommymommymommy,"
and it wouldn't stop, it just kind of kept
reverberating around my head and seemed to have no
specific point of origin.  My husband got up (not
hearing a thing, mind you) to 'relieve' himself and
came back a few moments.  While he was gone I said out
loud,"Whoever you are go away, we're trying to sleep!"
and the voice kind of faded away but always saying
"Mommy, mommy."  I asked my husband if he'd heard or
seen anything outside the tent when he was out there,
but he said he hadn't.  This gave me the creeps in a
The voice didn't come back and we were leaving the
next morning anyway (that was yesterday).  I told
everyone about the voice the next morning and they
looked at me as if I had lobsters crawling out of my
ears.  But I still wonder if something happened at the
campsite.  I feel it was a small child who'd gotten
lost and never found it's way back to it's tent and I
feel it was a small boy, but I know nothing for
certain.  If anybody knows about any 'ghostly'
happenings at the Beachside Campgrounds in Oregon
State, I'd surely like to hear back from you.

Meeting My Great-Great Grandfather

By: mscoldtoz@earthlink.net

Blessed Be
    I am not sure where to start, so here goes. I am able to feel the energy around me. I have always feel weird things. But the last 10 years of my life my abilities have increased. I was standing in the garage in the daytime, getting ready to leave for work. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man in a black and white suit. He was very tall, about  6'2 his clothes were old fashioned. He reminded me of an old western mortician. His hat was a broad band black hat. I blinked my eyes to see if he would go away. He just stood there. He reminded me of death. His form was solid, but yet not really. He was not transparent like the others I have seen. I put my purse in the car and when I looked back he was gone. I didn't get too close to him. When I went to my Tai Chi class, I asked my Sifu about him. He asked "did I ask him what he wanted?" I said no because I thought he was death, I was not about to invite death into my house. A few months went by, and I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when a shadow went by the window, I thought I was Ted from next door (he is tall) I thought I would greet him at the front door, well there was no one there. So I say out loud "very funny spirits" the next day, I was in the garage going to work, again the man in the drive way. This time I was sort of brave, and stepped closer, I could not feel anything from him except a low vibration, on the cool side. It was weird, so I said, "How can I help you?" He just tipped his hat and disappeared. When I went home for vactaion (I am from Indiana) my sister and I were going through my Aunts pictures since her death, she was 85. When I came across this picture all the hair on my neck stood up and I got the willies, I said "Oh my god, this is the man in my drive way!" My sister looked at me and said "OH that is your Great Great Grandfather McNeely, he was a Quaker and he shoed horses. Since I have found out who he is, he has never came back. I was wondering, since he was solid (so to speak) could he have been out of place in time, more than appearing as a ghost?
Thanks for letting me share this story, my friend think I am weird. I see and sense stuff there is no way you can convince people of what you see, I don't even try anymore. When I see the ghosts in the casnio, I just smile and keep on walking. I am from Las Vegas Nv.
You may publish this letter, maybe it will help someone else, not to think they are crazy.
Blessed be


By: princess_leia@iprimus.com.au

This house we lived in for about 6-8 months. Nothing ever happened here though. It was a week before we were due to move into our new house out in the country. It was a warm Monday, my sister came down to visit with her son John. Her husband went to the new house along with my brother and dad to help paint. Anyhow.. while we were having lunch, my sister and I got talking about haunted houses for some reason. I knew of a house that was supposedly haunted in Craigieburn. It sat alone, isolated. Anyhow... my other sister Irene took me there when I was around 15 years old. Many people knew about this house. It is a large single story house, and it is quite old. People say that the electricity isn't linked up or connected or something like that, yet people have seen light on in the house, yet no body has lived in it as far as anyone knows. When Irene first took me to this house, I remembered it looking quite scary. The gate was slightly open, yet there was a sign that read "Trespassers will be prosecuted". Anyhow.. I will continue to the say Sue came down. I was telling her about this house. She started to get all excited and wanted me to take her to this place. After considering the idea, I said "Okay".
It took around 15 minutes to get there. I wasn't quite sure where the place was, but I kinda knew and we found it quite easily. It sits alone on top of the hill and the only way to see the house is when you are up the hill. My sister parked the car and we sat there looking at the house. It has become over grown with weeds, grass and more. It was basically impossible to see the house, apart from the upper half. It's obvious no one'd lived there for a long time. The nearest neighbour is all the way down the road. We sat there for a few minutes. My sister said "I wonder if it is really haunted. It doesn't "LOOK" haunted. I told her that looks can be deceiving and not be too quick to judge.
We noticed there there were lots of flies...but we were near the edge of the counrty, paddocks etc. But there were quite a lot. We got out of the car and I had brought my camera. I took a few snapshots. My sister repeated again "I don't think it's haunted". I think she was scared and was trying to convince herself. Anyhow... too many flies were bothering us so we got back into the car. We stared at the house. I felt weird though. I remember hearing a dog barking, and that was a little strange.
My sister and I continued to argue whether the place was haunted or not when all of a sudden, the glass in my sister's glasses popped out and landed in her lap. I didn't quite see it happen, it happened too quick but it took me a couple of seconds to see that there was no glass in my sister's sunnies. They were on her lap. This is the first time this has happened and she had those glasses for well over a year. Was the ghost trying to convince my sister that there was indeed a ghost or more living there? That is when I started having bad feelings. Like it was a big mistake coming here. It took me a while to put the glasses back into the frame. The weird thing was, not one but TWO of the glasses fell out. Spooky. My sister and I decided it was a good idea to leave soon so she did a U-turn.
We pulled up at the gate. I noticed that the gate stood a little open like it did all those years ago. Perhaps willing unsuspecting passerbyers to wander in? That same sign was still there as well "Trespassers will be Prosecuted" My sister asked if one of us should go and knock on the door. I said "NO WAY!!! What if that door slammed shut?" We decided to leave. Anyhow, we stopped for some ice cream and went to the park in Craigieburn, and that bad feeling was still with me. By the time we got home, I was feeling quite nausious. I couldn't shake that bad feeling. I can't put my finger on it "WHAT EXACTLY" but that feeling on being unwell was with me. But worst things were to come.....
I thought I had seen the last of the weird stuff, but it had only started. Remember, we went to the house on Monday. When we came back, I was quite ill. It was like a nausia unwellness. At the same time, I wondered whether it was because "something had came back with us?" You see... I can usually sense spirits. Well... in a way. I get this bad feeling and it feels as though you are being watched. Ever since I was a baby, it appears I can commincate.. (not so much anymore) but I will tell you about that at some other time. :) Now, back to this story...
This happened to me on a Wednesday night. Everyone had gone to bed. I was up late reading, it was a usual thing for me. I love novels you see. :) I don't recall what I had been reading but anyway, it was close to midnight. I wasn't really feeling sleeping but I thought that it was a good idea to go to sleep. I went to use the bathroom and brushed my teeth and all. After I was done, I switched the bathroom light off and paused looking into the kitchen. The toilet is connected to the bathroom and laundry so the toilet had two doors. Anyway, toward my right was my parents room. Down the hall straight ahead is my room to the right, the lounge room to the left, my brother's room next to mine, also on the right, and the front door straight ahead. To the left, is another short hallway, the kitchen and dining room dead ahead and the laundry to the left of that small hallway (that connects to the toilet). Anyhow... I suddenly had this very weird feeling. It made me feel quite uncomfortable. I didn't see anything and wasn't expecting to see anything.
Anyhow, while I was standing there for probably only a moment, 15 seconds max, something told me to get back to my room. So I walked at a fast pace down the hall. It really felt like something was a step behind me. I arrived at my door and dashed inside. The bedroom door is a sliding door. Now, what I was about to see sent shivers up my spine. As I was closing the door, "something" moved swiftly past my bedroom door. I actually 'saw it' I paused for a moment thinking "Who the HELL was THAT???" Was it my brother?? Nope, it wasn't him. He had his bedroom door closed. And I would have heard him. I also noticed that there was no sound by the figure that moved past my bedroom door. It appeared to move so smoothly as though it had floated by my bedroom door.
I was so curious. I had the urge to check it out, but something inside me told me not to. I decided to leave it. At this point, it didn't occur to me that "something" followed us back from that house. But I did find the experience quite weird and very strange. That 'thing' that went past my door was a full person's height. Now to describe what it looked like. Well, it was kinda off green/grey in color. Kinda like a glow-in-the-dark color. Anyhow, that night, I didn't sleep too well.
The next morning, while I was having breakfast, I was telling mum that something really weird had happened last night. I told her what I saw. After I told he my experience, she told me hers. This is her story....
On Tuesday night (the night before my experience) she was in the lounge room watching ALL TOGETHER NOW when from the corner of her eye, she noticed something whitish in color hovering on top of my brother's bed where the chandelear is. She ignored it but it seemed to still be there, so she looked over to his room, it disappeared. Nothing was there. She looked back at the TV and nothing flickered so she continued watching the TV when about a minute or 2 later, the same thing happened. Mum knew there was something obviously there because she saw it so well from the corner of her eye. She glanced over once again, it disappeared. Mum was thinking "What in the world is that?" It had never ever happened before. She was starting to get annoyed. Anyhow, mum described it to look like someone wearing a long white flowing nightgown or something. About 5 minutes later ( on ground level this time) again from the corner of her eye, mum saw a girl in the white gown walk from the dark toward the door. Thinking it was me, she looked over and was about to ask what am I doing in my brothers room, but when she looked, no one was there. It didn't happen anymore that night.
So when I heard mum explaining that story, I was starting to put the pieces together. Mum then gave me a lecture about how we shouldn't have gone to that house in the first place. Well... that's true, but who would have thought 'it' would follow us back home.
Anyhow.. nothing much happened in that week before we moved out, apart from the bad unexplained odour in the hallway between my room and my parents room. It smelt like someone let one go, only worse. Worse than rotten egg and cabbages. Oh course we all admitted that we could smell it, but we all swore it wasn't anyone of us that caused it (know what I mean).
Anyhow, something else did happen in that house that neither mum nor I knew about. It happened to my brother. But we did not learn this until several months later while living in Wallan. This is how we found out about his experience and how he found out about ours.
One night, in Wallan, we were watching a ghost documentary. It was quite interesting. It was a 2 hour special of real life ghostly accounts. Anyhow... after the documentary ended, my brother shocked us by saying "You know, just before we moved out, I think I saw a ghost". Mum and I looked at my brother. He then told us his story.
He told us that when he came back from fishing in the afternoon, sometime around 3:00pm or 4:00pm, he saw a heavy looking woman from the corner of his eye standing by his white wardrobe. He said that she seemed to be wearing a dark servant dress, cap and was quite plump in build. He noticed the dark contrast between the figure and the white wardrobe. That is why it caught his eye in the first place. She moved and that's when my brother glanced over and then saw nothing, she was gone. My brother didn't think much of it at the time because he thought he was tired and his eyes were playing tricks on him, even though he knew deep down he did see something. But he didn't wanna say anything to anyone because he didn't exactly know what he saw anyhow.
When my brother told us what had happened (in the period a week before we moved - around same week mum and I saw something) and learnt of our encounter, he was quite shocked as well. We started talking about what had happened to us when I remembered the camera I took the film with. The film was still in the camera because I had some snaps left. As soon as I brought the camera out of my room, dad told me to get rid of the camera. He said he didn't wanna have any ghosts coming to our new house. I mean, the spiritual/paranormal world is unknown and we didn't wanna risk having the ghost find us or something. But I am not sure if it was my imagination or not, but as soon as dad told me to get rid of the camera, the camera in my hand felt warmer. It didn't burn, it just felt weird so the next morning, I dropped it into a dumpster. I was afraid that perhaps the camera captured a ghost or something. I really don't wanna go messing with this kinda stuff. I've had my fair share of experiences and frankly, I've had enough.
There are so many other experiences but I will tell them later. :) Hope you enjoyed the story. It is a little long though, but I wanted to write it in as much detail as I can remember.
I wonder if there were two ghosts or one ghosts. Because my brother said the one he saw was plump (over weight in appearance) wearing a dark servant outfit, hair in bun, possibly wearing a servant cap, but the one mum saw seemed to wear a long loose white gown. I can't even begin to describe what the ghost I saw was wearing. It was dark, it looked semi glow in the dark, and it moved past my door so swiftly, but when I saw it, I looked directly at it, and saw it, I didn't see if from the corner of my eye like mum and my brother did. But the three of us did see something.
The strange thing is... a couple of weeks AFTER we watched that ghost documentary and I got rid of my camera, my dad and I drove past that house, and it was empty. We were told that the landlord's son was moving in two weeks after we moved out, yet.. this was easily 4 months later, the place was still empty. Our landlord lived next door!! Either they weren't ready to move in, or they did...but moved out in a hurry. It is all very spooky. I wonder whether anyone is living in that house today. But I ain't gonna go back to have a look, incase it follows us again.

Moms House

By: Jugalette18750@aol.com

I sent in an entree before but this is one of my favorite ghosts. so I feel
that I need to share this story, Its a little bit long so feel free to break
it up into pieces or chapters or whatever :)
Well I'll start with meeting the house. My mom had been looking for a house
to buy for a while, and she was just not having any luck at all, No one would
finance her or anything like that, so when she did get this house, it was
like a miracle. Well of course she was very excited and wanted to show her
new house to everyone and I was one of the first people that she invited.
I'll just come out and say it, the house was creepy from the minute that I
walked in the house, I KNEW that someone had died there.
There was pictures hung on the wall, there was dirty dishes in the sink, all
the furniture and the possesions of the former owner were still there. There
was even dirty laundry left on the floor, now this was all covered by a nice
thick coat of dust and spider webs, so the house was left just the way that
it was before the person had died. BASICALLY they came and took his body out
of the house, buried it and never went back. Which I think it really sad
because he had a daughter that he left the house to.
(she is a *#($)% if you know what I mean!) Well My mom was showing me around
the house and the basement and I just kinda looked around and finally I
couldnt hold it anymore (I have a really big mouth and am very outspoken) and
I just blurted out, MOM I think someone died here!
She just gave me a dirty look and told me that it was nonsense and to knock
it off. I just kept telling her, yeah I really like it, but I think someone
died in here (you can just kinda feel it when you walk in the door) well
after prodding her about it for about a week she finally admitted to me that
the old man that had formally lived there had died in his sleep, in her
bedroom. Well, that was enough to satistfy me and I shut up about it. I just
wanted her to admitt it.
Well the house was in need of some repairs and so on, so they remodelled it,
Now I wont give you a whole discription of the setup of the house, because I
know that no matter how well I explain it, you wont see it the way It really
is, (not to be rude in anyway) WELL, They put a new floor in, they tore down
a wall between the livingroom and the kitchen where the stairs to go into the
basement are (remember this, its pretty important.) They tore down a wall in
my moms room (it used to be two rooms, but they tore the wall down and made
it one big room) Now the basement they totally redid, they added walls, they
added an extra room, they added everything, once upon a time it was just a
BIG room, now its several rooms.
alright enough of that. My mom has lived there a while now and a few months
ago she and her husband were going on vacation for the weekend. she called
and asked me if I would stay at her house and babysit my little brother and
her dogs (toy poodles they are soo dainty its really annoying) and I could
have my boyfriend over seeing how it was our sometime-not really sure of the
actual date aniversary, so I agreed and invited him over for the weekend.
It was a lot of fun, my little brother left alot and we had bar-b-ques
everynight on my moms back pourch and all that. Well the second night it was
time to go to sleep and me and him retired into my moms room since she has a
really nice large antique eithan allen bed. We were in there MAYBE 5 minutes
when my boyfriend told me that he had a strong sense that we SHOULDNT be in
there. I didnt argue and we ended up sleeping downstairs that night.
Well this is where I became I true believer.
I had been spending the weekend at my moms house, because I was moving out of
my apartment, and I was sleeping in the basement, the first night I heard
someone walking around, but thought nothing of it because I just thought that
it was my little brother (he had a friend over and they were still up)  the
second night was when all the action took place. I have two brothers, one
that is NEVER home, so he was gone, and the other one had gone to sleep very
early. Well I was the only one in the basement and my moms little poodle was
sleeping downstairs on the pull out bed with me. Then I heard it, I heard
someone walking around above me in the kitchen.
I thought that it was just my little brother getting up to get something to
drink or eat and I blew it off. Well the thing walked around for a while and
settled into the living room for a while, then it walked into the kitchen and
then through the kitchen where the stairs are and began to walk down the
stairs, I thought that it was Rick (my stepdad) so I turned to look. There
was no one there.
Hmm, I didnt hear anyone go back up.
I started watching TV again,  the dog napping next to me.
Then I heard it again, only this time, I followed where it was coming from,
my moms room to the bathroom, to the kitchen for a minute then into the
living room for a while, and then into the kitchen and down the stairs where
is stopped at the bottom step and just stood there.
I felt like there was someone there, so I turned to look,  once again there
was nothing. The dog wasnt scared, he just kinda looked at the stairway like
nothing was out of the ordinary and laid his head down again.
This time I was convinced that I was losing it, but I heard it again, my moms
room, the bathroom the kitchen livingroom and then back through the kitchen
to the stairs.

My Stories

By: hollyfreeze@tri-countyelectric.net

well i can say that my family has had a few experiences. the earliest one was when my parents were first married. the previous owner had a club foot and drug it so that it mad a step clump noise.  several nights my parents heard step clumps down the stairs which scared the dogs. in another house things would fall but nothing would be out of place or things would be moved around. in another house, my sister and i both saw an owl outside our room. i know what your thingking an owl? what's so scary about that. well it was floating not flying and it's eye were glowing red. those eyes followed us to the next house where we would see them over our beds at night and there were also a set of glowing blue eyes. and neither one of us would go into the basement alone or when the light was out. it was always very cold and we would hear moaning and animal noises. in this house the doors open and close by themselves and i see shadows where there are no people. in my friend's house there is still a ghost that plays with the light changes the radio and cds and flushes the toilet and stirs up her birds. anyway post it if you like and email me at roxannavader@aol.com



 I have always been a firm believer in ghosts and the supernatural
world.  My mother told me an experience she had and I'd like to pass it
on to you.  In the winter of 1982 my mother was pregnant with her second
child who was due in Spring of '83.  One night she fell asleep early and
had a dream.  She dreamt that she was standing in the foyer of our house
and my great grandfather, Geja (It's Ukranian for grandfather, i'm not
sure on the spelling), who died when my mom was in junior high, was
standing in front of her.  He was wearing a grey hawaiian shirt which
was very unlike himself. In the dream he said "Your baby girl.  She will
be born with a problem, but don't worry, the doctors can fix it."  My
mother woke up and was worried and curious, because she wasn't sure if
the baby was a girl or boy yet.  She wanted to be surprised. The doctor
confirmed that the child was and girl and that everything looked fine.
My mother assumed that the dream was nothing important, but an
overactive imagination... Then in May of 1983 her baby girl was born.
The doctors came to her later and said that I, the baby girl, had a
hernia that they could operate on when I got a little older.  It kind of
makes you wonder if dreams can tell you something and if they are
connected to the other world. Thanks for letting me share that with you.

My story in Mexico

By: erikikis99@yahoo.com

I want to tell you about the experience I had. I live
in Mexico. One night, I was making some handcrafts for
my baby's baptism party, since I had to make 100 of
them, I had to work until 1 in the morning in the
livingroom. It was 12:30, and I was very concentrated
on my bussiness. Suddenly I began to feel a stange
anxiety, nervousness. My husband's parents passed away
a few years ago, and we have the picture of her mom in
our livingroom. I kept on my work, but then I heard
like a "breath", like if someone were next to me. I
tried not to pay attention to that and thought maybe
was the wind of an opened window. I checked every
window and all of them were perfectly locked. I sat in
my chair again a started to make my crafts, minutes
later, I felt and heard the same thing, the same
breath, but I tried not to panic.I turned slowly and
tried to find out where that sound came from. I
followed it and unbelieveble, it came from the
In that moment, I tried to clear my mind and convince
myself that couldn't happen, but at the same time I
knew that if it was my mother-in-law, she loved me in
the past and she couldn't do any harm to me. But any
way,I did not want to find out and I ran upstairs and
went to bed.My husband was already sleeping. I woke
him up and told him the story, and he said that ,maybe
her mom came to visit us.

My Story of Haunting

By Billie Robertson

I was just searching the web and came across this site.  I cannot tell you
how happy hearing other stories makes me.  For years i thought that i was
My story begins when i was 13 years old.  My aunt had just purchased an old
Orchard house, that was dated to be at least 100 years old at the time.  This
old house years ago was considered the mansion of the area.  The house itself
was a two story with attic and basement.  It was originally built by a man
who owned a huge orchard and employed many people.  Well, time was not good
to the house and it had changed hands many many times during the years.  It
was basically falling down and my aunt restored it to its old glory.  This
house was about 1 mile up the road from where i was currently living and we
were getting ready to move into it and rent it off of my aunt.  I loved this
house!  My mother had one room, my sister and brother one room, and i got the
biggest bedroom.  The staircase was very unusual in the fact that it came
straight up and then branched off into two different landings with about 4
steps each.  One of those landings lead into my bathroom the other into the
main hallway.  I feel it is important to give you all this information
because it is relevant later in my story.
To skip a few months, we moved in everything was wonderful.  Then i started
feeling uneasy about the house.  The feeling was always there with me but it
started to get worse i guess.  I felt an uneasiness, it really increased when
i was alone and i felt panic everytime that i would go up the stairs.  This
feeling kept getting worse with the months that passed.  No one else felt
this panic or fear.  I was the type that loved the dark, we lived in the
country and i felt nothing of walking this mile from my aunts house to my new
house.  I had no fear of anything unnatural, I was not one to spook easily.
I went from this extreme to actually fleeing this house on occasion.  I
remember when i would be alone in this house that i would go to the main
living room and back myself up into a corner because i felt evil.  I could
feel something evil in this house.  I was so paranoid of the steps that i
would lock the door to my bathroom which led into my bedroom.  I would lay in
bed and hear someone actually coming up the stairs (this was the only thing
the others heard that they agreed with) and no one would be there.  Then the
breathing started.  I would lay in bed at night and hear a person breathing.
It would get louder like they were right beside of me and then get more
faint.  I remember laying awake in bed terrified.  I would leave the light on
and pray to god many a night.  Everyone could see a change in me, i was not
happy anymore.  I was withdrawn.  I thought i was going crazy, then i started
to hallucinate. Now that i am older and wiser i don't think it was a
hallucination at all i think that it was really spirits that i was seeing.  I
started seeing a old man in overalls with a long white beard standing at the
top of the stairs always in the same place.  He would not move at all,  i did
not see him often but he was as real as i was.  I would look over and see him
and then he would be gone. I did not really feel fear when i saw him, just
shock and surprise, he did not seem evil to me. That led me to start locking
my other bedroom door.  I felt if i could barricade myself it would stop.
My mind had totally taken a turn to where i was suicidal, i was dark, i was
withdrawn, how could i go and act like everything was ok when i was going
crazy.  I started to drink.  Then i started seeing a different man crawling
up the stairs.  I assure you this is not a fabrication.  I do not think about
this often and have tears in my eyes right now revisiting this horror.  He
was bloody, bald, and would always crawl up the stairs, never fast, nice and
slow.  I of course would flip out and flee the house.  He would never reach
the top, always stayed down in the middle of the main staircase.  I would
always lock my bathroom door for this very reason.  ONe day i forgot and was
doing my hair and looked up and there he was right infront of me, he had
reached the top.  I bet i sure looked crazy because i jumped up stool hitting
the floor and was backed up into the wall of the bathroom when my mother came
up the stairs and seen me fall apart.  That is when i went to the shrink for
the first time.  By this time i was drinking very heavily.  I know this was
not the cause.  I could not go to sleep unless i was blasted out of my mind,
for the breathing would keep me awake terrified.  I ended up being 17 and
putting myself in rehab for addiction to nerve pills and alcohol and for
feeling suicidal.  I came back home and never seen a figure again, but still
heard the breathing and felt the evil.  The next year i moved out and became
the happy person i once was.  My sister 14 at the time moved into my old room
and started going crazy like i did.  She had never had any of these feeling
until she moved into my room.  She also saw a sighting of a old man in
overalls with a white beard.  My mother moved them out of the house within 3
The other unusual thing about this house was the fact that before we had
moved in another family had lived there.  (Before my aunt bought the place)
Their son was the juvenile delinquent of the ridge, he was always into
trouble, drank, was a very dark strange person etc.  He had my old room.  I
remember when we bought the house the walls were the old kind with the thin
slats of wood (which we torn out) but the things that he had done to those
walls.  He had records, knives, etc. sticking out of the walls of the
bedroom.  He also had 3 slide locks on both of the bedroom doors?  I think he
was going through the same things we were.  To this day my aunt still owns
this house.  Renters have no sightings of people, or feel evil.  But they do
feel a noise like something is going through the walls in one of the rooms,
like a current.  A buzzing noise.  I am a grown woman of 26 years old and you
could never get me to set foot in that house again.  It feels good sharing my
story with people who will understand and not doubt the things that i saw.

My Haunted House

By: josh_haines_2000@yahoo.com

Hi this is the story of my, to what I believe, haunted
house.  Well the first occurance was when I was about
nine years old.  I was laying in bed one night and I
thought I heard the piano playing from the family
room. I got up and went to investigate it but I found
no one to be around and I looked in my parents room
and they were both asleep.  I went back to bed and I
suddenly heard the same melodious tune coming from the
family room but this time there were hushed wispers
coming from down the hall.  I closed my eyes and fell
asleep shortly after that.  Years later when I was
sixteen I was out in my living room watching tv when I
looked in to my hallway and saw a young boy of about
six or seven years of age walk from my mothers room to
the bathroom. I thought my mind was playing tricks on
me so I went to investigate it and found that there
was no one to be found there.  I brushed it off and
sat and started to watch the tv program again when I
looked up the young boy walked from the bathroom back
to my mothers room.  I got up and walked into my
mothers room and when I walked in my breath was taken
away by the coldness of the room.  It was a hot day
and the room felt like it was 30 below!  About a year
later I had a series of strange occurances when I
would sleep at night.  I would wake up with the
feeling of pressure on my legs and not be able to move
them.  Like someone was sitting on them!  I would feel
the bed shake slightly like someone had just sat down
on it or had just gotten up from it.  I would feel
someone or something touch my legs or my head and
start stroking it or patting it very lightly as if
lulling me to sleep.  Other times I would wake up and
go to the bathroom at night and my room would be ice
cold.  But the strangest of experieces are the images
or people that I see.  I was lying in bed tossing and
turning when I looked into my open closet and saw an
old man standing in the opening to me closet staring
at me.  He was wearing black pants and a black vest
with a white dress shirt and a black tie.  He stared
at me for about five minutes and I ducked my head
underneath the covers and when I pulled them down he
was gone.  The other apparition or figure was not as
plain to see.  I was lying in bed again and I looked
over to my doorway and saw a dark figure standing
there staring in my direction.  It looked as if he was
wearing faded coveralls but I could not really see him
clearly because he was severely transparent and I
could not make out any good details. One of the last
experiences I had before I left for college was I
walked into my house after hours about 1:00 in the
morning.  My mom was at the lakes with her boyfriend
and my brother was staying over with a friend and I
settled down on the couch to watch a little tv before
I hit the sack.  I reached for the remote and suddenly
I heard a moanig and groaning sound.  It sounded like
my mother and it was coming from her room so I darted
in there to make sure she was alright but when I got
in there I remembered she was gone and didn't bother
to investigate any further.  I stood in the living
room flipping through the channels and I turned off
the tv when I heard a person talking very faintly.  It
sounded very angry and I couldn't make out what it was
saying but it was not happy about something.  I
suddenly heard these creaks and groans and my dog
started to go nuts and I knew I had to get out of the
house so I called my dad and had him pick me up.  The
last thing I remember hearing before I ran out of the
house the sound of the angry person scream my name and
was then followed by the slamming of my front door as
soon as I was out.  Had I not been runnig out the door
I probably would have been shut inside with whatever
it was that was doing that.  When I went to get back
in the house the next morning the front door was
locked and I had to used my spare key to get in.  I
never remembered locking the door before I left
because I was too worried about getting out of the
house.  From time to time you can hear the cupboard
doors open and close and in the middle of the night
you can hear faint whispers throughout the house.  My
mother and brother think I am crazy but I think in the
back of their minds they really belive me.  Lets just
say I am apprehensive on visiting when the semester is
done at college!

Our Old House..

By: rocket_queen2001@hotmail.com .

Hiya, Great site! I'd like to share my experiences of the paranormal with
you. I've written them in before and someone wrote back telling me that it
was possible there could be a paranormal explanation for what occured. Right
now I'm 18 but I remember the events as if they happened yesterday. I've
only ever had to move house once which was nearly two years ago. My parents
and I used to live in East Anglia, UK, which has its fair number of haunted
old houses but all that is totally un-related. We had a semi-detatched
house. My dad told me it was about 30 years old. I always remember an evil
presence in that house, although I didn't notice it much back then. First
experience I had was when I was about 6, and it was late one night after my
parents had gone to sleep. Our neighbours were away on holiday at the time.
I had the smallest room which was situated above the garage and the stair
well. I was just falling asleep when I heard a loud knocking noise, like
someone rapping against a wall, and it was a rhythmatic rapping. I ignored
it (or tried to) at first, but then a few seconds later I heard it again. It
was coming from downstairs, and everytime it happened, it seemed to be
moving up the stairs, and eventually onto the landing. By this time I was
creeped out and turned my lamp on which flickered weirdly. Eventually the
knocking was right inside my room in the far corner, and I was suprised my
mum or dad didn't hear it. I called out a few times for my mum because I was
too scared to get out of bed, and she came in. I asked her to stay with me
and hear the noise for herself. She waited with me, and heard it too, but
naturally she didn't believe me and told me it was probably the heating. Why
would the heating make noises which sounded as though they were coming from
downstairs into my room? Another incident happened just after one of my
brother's left for University. He was the last one to go. I was about 10
when this happened, and I had swopped rooms with him anyway so I was now in
the back room and was alot bigger than the one I had before. This incident
terrified me the most, and I'll never forget it. I used to sleep with my
feet out the blanket at the bottom of the bed (obviously) and I woke up
after feeling cold fingers on my foot. Waking up groggily, I looked down to
the end of my bed and was suprised to see a black shadow in the shape of a
human figure. It was looking right my way, I could tell it didn't have eyes
or any human features, and eventually it turned swiftly and quietly left the
room. My bedroom door had been shut and it left my room without the door
opening. You can understand now why I sleep with the covers right over my
feet! I've had plenty more freaky experiences, they happened on school trips
and on two occasions we stayed in very old, possibly "haunted" locations. I
will write them in another time. All that I have told you now is all very
very true. I wish I had looked into the history of our previous house, and I
know before it was built, there was just old farmland. On other times,
especially when I was alone, I got the feeling I wasn't exactly "all alone"
if you get what I mean. The presence didn't seem very friendly in itself...


By: keely027@yahoo.com

The reason that I want to put my experiences on this
page is so that any future residents of this house
will know that they are not insane!
When I was a student in Nottingham UK I lived in a
shared house for two years, and actually the first
year nothing really happened. Then things started
going weird. It all started when we had a big dinner
party and we invited people from university. We all
had fun and then we went into the living room and
chatted. One guy (who I secretly didnít know what
quite a nasty piece of work and had designs on me
which I did not know about) walked into the joining
kitchen. Within seconds the fluorescent lighting came
crashing down and glass flew everywhere. When we
looked at the light fitting both end of the strip
(which where metal) had been bent up in opposite
Then when I was in the bathroom air rushed past me so
quick it ruffled my hair. Now I was sitting on the
edge of an empty bath and the windows where painted
shut. It went on to turn over my tv continually
although the remote was over the other side of the
room and there was nothing next to it. But the most
frightening episode was when I was on the landing
outside my room. I was staying there my myself, to
paint the room for the up coming year. And I was
dancing quite outlandishly to a record I put on. I was
feeling good, no one could hear me sing and dance
because everyone had left (end of the educational
year) so I wasnít feeling Ďspookedí so I didnít
imagine what happened next. I was dancing and I know
something went through me, it was like time had
stopped and I just felt my body stop. I shot into my
bedroom and stayed there.
Now my saving grace was that I like to make myself
comfortable in my place, and so light a lot of
essential oils and candles etc. my favourite smells
are cinnamon and cloves. Christmas was coming. I
brought myself this candle set that seated five
candles. So for about a period of 5 weeks thatís all I
did light my candelabra and burn cloves. Then the
disturbances just seemed to stop. My friend came to
visit from the USA and she practices the craft she
said by sheer accident I had cleansed the room.
Apparently white candles (esp. in five) and
cloves/sage repels spirit! So thatís my advice to
anyone who is suffering from unwanted and dangerous


Never Go Back There

By: cbarlow21@yahoo.com

This happened about 4 years ago, while I was a Senior
in high school.  A bunch of friends and I were looking
for something to do and ended up riding out to a very
old cemetary in the rural area of our small town.  The
story goes that there was a young boy who was buried
there decades ago and he has often been seen playing
on the grounds.  We, being arrogant kids, did not
believe a word of it and just parked the car at the
cemetary and stood around talking.  Pretty soon the
five of us started to wonder from tombstone to
tombstone reading the names of those buried.  I walked
over to one that was under a small tree.  I was busy
reading it and someone walked up beside me.  I was
sure it was my cousin and did not look at him.  I just
said "Did you see this one Robby?".  Just then, my
cousin, Robby, said "Are you talking to me?" He was
standing several yards away at the parked car.  I
could tell in my peripheral vision that the figure on
my left was still there.  I did not look at it.  I ran
screaming to the car where my friends waited.  I
spooked them so badly that they all just jumped in the
car and we sped away.  I heard later that the
tombstone under the tree belonged to the boy who is
said to still haunt the cemetary.  I may still be
somewhat of a skeptic, but I will never, ever go back there.

My Uncle

By: graham@gnowik.demon.co.uk

I've been reading the stories on this site for about a year and think the
site is brilliant.
This incident I would like to tell you about happened 3 years ago now and I
often try to rationalize it but cant.  My Uncle had died rather suddenly,
nobody knew hw was ill he had kept it to him self.  Two days before his
funeral my mum and I travelled to London to help get things prepared (we
live in Southampton England my uncle live in London) and help my Aunt.  One
the first day there we went to the viewing of the body to say goodbye but I
couldn't bring my self to see him like that, I wanted to remember as he was
not lying in a coffin.  After this we all went back to my aunts and as you
can imagine everyone was very upset.  That night we were all sitting in the
lounge having a few drinks and I was sitting at the diner table.  we decided
we should get some sleep as the next day (the funeral) was gonna be tough,
mum and me slept in the living room.  Sitting at the table I took my
jewellery off and put it all on a coaster (I am always losing stuff so I
made sure I knew where it was). That night I couldn't sleep very well I felt
uneasy but just didn't think anything of it.  The next morning we were all
getting cleared up and mum was collecting the glasses from the night before
for washing up.  I went over to the table to put my jewellery back on but
they were missing.  I shouted to mum in the kitchen to see if she had moved
them but she didn't hear me, my aunty was with me at the time helping me
look for them.  Mum then came back from the kitchen with a glass in one hand
and my rings etc in the other.  She had tipped the contents from the glass
which was almost full of Rum and coke and my rings etc had been in the
bottom of the glass when she emptied it and fallen in the sink.  To this day
I cant figure out how they got there but in my heart I think it was my uncle
as he was always I joker.  Other things did follow that day such all the
lights coming on in the kitchen when we were preparing food the strange
thing about that was that there are three switches and all came on.
Hope this was not to boring compared to some of the other stories on this

My Uncle's Still Here!

By: guinness_4@hotmail.com

In may of 99 my favorite Uncle, Brian died of Cancer. It was a big surprise
he had always seemed to be so fit and healthy for his age. (he was 61)The
day he died was strange for me. I had gone down to his house to see him and
found his sister, my auntie Anne stood at the door of his house talking to
one of his neighbours. My mum looked worried, she had a right to. That
morning he had been taken in to Wrexham hospital in North Wales, UK. He had
been complaining that he had a pain in his back for months, for nye on a
year nearly. Anyway, I didn't know what was going on until I walked closer
to my mum and her sister talking about what had happened to my Uncle Brian,
it was then I could smell it. The terrible smell of death looming over the
house. I had read and heard of people smelling when death is comming and had
never believed it before, but I knew now that it was true. We visited the
hospital and I sat watching my limp, pale, Uncles body disintigrate into
nothing. That was a very sad day for me, and will always be inbedded into my
mind. As we were all sat around his bed, my mother asked me what I wanted to
do, In my heart of hearts I wanted to stay by his side, but couldn't bring
my self to watch him go. I decided to go home, as we arrived home and I put
my key in the front door I could smell the faint smell of, well, of
something. I knew that it was the same smell I had smelt in Uncle Brians. At
that moment I burst into tears, just as I did the telephone rang, it was
Brians son, Mike. Before anyone picked up the phone I told them all that he
had died. Mum picked up the phone and sure enough my favourite Uncle had
died. Minutes before we entered our own house. That is no ghost story but
this is. My Uncle Brian used to stay with us all the time for the holidays
(xmas and easter and sometimes birthdays), we had a dart board put up under
my room in the dining room especially for him, at night when he was alive
we, or rather I, could here the darts hitting the board with such force that
it used to run right through the floor of my room! He used to stay up till
late at night too watching the tele and switching channels on cable TV!
After he died however, that all stopped. Christmas was as quiet as a mouse,
there was no tele, no darts hitting the wall or the dart board! Nothing,
just complete silence. That was until New Year, as soon as it turned 2000,
the noises started again. One night, I couldn't sleep, and thought I heard
someone moving about downstairs, I thought it was my dad, who suffered 7
heart attacks and has a heiatus Hernear. I walked over to my door and open
it a little to listen to what was going on down there. As I listended I felt
a chill run up and down my spine. I could here the tele, I felt curious so I
made my way down the stairs. As I got to the living room I found my self
starring at a tele that wasn't even on. That hadn't been on for hours. I
shrugged and told my self that it was probably next door!
But as I reached the top of the stairs I heard what I thought was someone
playing darts. I turned on my heel and walked downstairs, again curious to
find out who it was making these noises. I got to the games room and looked
at the darts board, it's doors were closed and locked. No one could have
played with that if they wanted to, without waking my father up for the key
first. For the record my Uncle loved his tea, his cup was still hanging up
on the mug tree, as I had gone back up stairs for the second time I had seen
it with own eyes, hanging there. Still and alone. I got to my room and went
to sleep, finally! But I had only been aseelp about 15 minutes when my older
sister, Rebecca, was waking me up. She looked terrified. I asked her what
was wrong and she told me the following creepy tale:

She was in her room, lying in her bed ready to fall to sleep when she just
happened to look at the bottom of her bed, there she saw him. My uncle
Brian. Stood there in all his glory. He was holding his mug in his right
hand and was starring at her. She couldn't move a muscle. It took her all
her time to make it out of her room to my room. By this time she was crying
her eyes out. I don't know what it was that made me do the thing I did next,
but I felt I had to check that his mug was still hanging up on the mug tree
like it was about 25 minutes ago. With my sister holding on to my hand so
tight we made it to the kitchen. His mug was not there. I went into the
living room and found a still warm cup sitting on the table. Half full of
steaming tea. To this day he still plays darts and visits my sisters room.
Maybe he wasn't ment to leave us as soon as he did hey?

My Personal Experience with Ghosts

By: kinerfled@yahoo.com

Hello Im a 16 yr old from Ontario, Canada..  I just wanted to say i love your site....  I would like to hopefully get my stories posted on here.. i wrote here about two years ago i don't know if you got my story???
Anyways let me tell them again..  First off by saying im a very open minded person about lots of things ghosts being one of them.
When i was about 2 almost 3 yrs old my parents and i moved into an apartment building...
At first i don't remember anything of being weird or paranormal. but later on i started to have terrible nightmares evry single night.  Evry night my mom and dad would run into my room as i would be screaming trembling with fear and after i stoped screaming i couldn't talk...
i can't remember what the dreams were about but they scared me alot.
One night i was sleeping and when i awoke there was a rocking chair that my parents had put in my room and i saw and old man and it wasn't only that  he had a grin on his face and a blue light was sorta shimmering around him i screamed for my parents by the time they came in he was gone.  I knew i wasn't dreaming my parents thought i had a wild imagantion i guess cause they never believed me anyways i never saw that man again..
About a year later my mom had a baby which was my baby sister we had moved from that apartment  this happend on the first floor all those horrible dreams we moved from the first floor the the second floor. Big move huh :)   Well we moved cause the apartments were bigger on the second floor had more room and since it was four of us now it made sense.
Well nothing unsual happend there at first till about 3 years later i started to have more dreams but these dreams i can remember it was always this one lady in the dream and she scared me for many years until i got the courage to tell her to leave me alone when i was older in one of my dreams. You may think im only talking about my dreams but i think there was a spirit in there causing me to have these dreams my mom even said someone might of died in the apartment... In my dream she would always get me frozen and scare me she walked slowley as if not in a rush i could sense she was out to scare me sorta like an evil spirit.. In my dreams sometimes she would disguise as my mom that would scare the shit out of me cause i would have twin moms but i knew it was her...
Anyways thats not all sometimes i would be in my room ( this only happend at night) and like i would the the only one upstairs i would have my light and when i left my room for a second when i come back it would be off or like if i have it off when i come back it would be on..
and my parents don't play tricks on me like that cause they know how scared i can get and plus they would be downstairs talking when this happens..
Other times i would see things moving out of the cornor of my eye..
I accpeted this as just part of my life years went on My sister got older she always told me she heard voices like a woman from a far distance calling her name.. I didn't believe her at first stupid me cause she was little and all i just thought she made it up in her head.
Then one morning i was in the kitchen making breakfast for her and my mom was at work and she called to see how we were doing. Anyways after we hung up the phone we heard my moms voice scream my sisters name... both of us  my sister said thats not the voice i hear it's diffrent that sounds like our mom and she asked me if i heard the voice i said yes...
But it couldn't be our mom she just called us from work and this voice came from upstairs..
At the time our grandparents were living with us i asked them if they called they said no they were both asleep and it couldn't be them they have old voices this voice sounded exactly like my moms weird huh ....
Anyways my sister said after that she never heard her name called again..
I have one more storie about the aparment. One day i was in the washroom anyways the kitchen was long and had a washroom in it when i came out of the washroom i saw my dad fixing the sink causing it was leaking or something beside my dad i saw my little sister she was like talking to him asking him questions i decided to go upstairs to take a shower.
As i was making my way up the stairs i saw my sister coming down the stairs with a grin on her face all the hairs raised on my body.. I knew that couldn't of been her i had just seen her in the kitchen talking with my dad. This was in the day time by the way so i was in no way sleepy or imagining i saw it as she past me i just stood there and let her past it all happend so fast.  After my shower i came back downstairs and asked my sister did she go upstairs at any time she said no and at first i didn't believe her then i asked my dad did she go upstaris and he said she was here with me the whole time..
So i know for a fact that the one coming downstairs wasn't her it was a ghost in disguise of her i believe it was the woman i saw in my nightmares..
I have lived in that apartment for 9 yrs of my life we finally moved december 28 1995 into the house im living in now this december i will be living here for 6 years..
I miss my old aparment that may seem strange but i lived there most of my life 11 years counting the apartment i lived in before.
Im not afraid of ghosts anymore im older i matured i accept them as just part of my life i welcome ghosts.
That aparment bulding was old and i believe it was haunted none of my other family memebers ever saw anything only me  ohh and only my sister heard her name being called until that one time i heard it that was creepy..
The house i know live in is a new one i have had some experiences in here too but i think ill leave that for next time..  I hope you post my storie i would really apreciate it...



I read your account on orbs and would like to share a true story that
happenened to me:
Back in 1990, I was 18 years old and staying with a host family in Veracruz,
Mexico as an exchange student.  One day - I awoke to a lot of bustling and
nervous chatter around the household.  I kept hearing the word, "brujeria"
repeated over and over.  Unfamiliar with that word I inquired about its
meaning which was explained to mean witchcraft in spanish.  Apparently,
someone found a cross laid down in granulated salt in the back yard which
according to the native residents was a clear sign of witchcraft.  Being the
consumate skeptic, I just knodded and secretly chuckled at the genuine worry
this superstitiousness was creating.  Later that evening, the day's
excitement culminated into a sort of ghost story session in the kitchen area
where it was explained to me that witches and spirits have been known to
travel in shadows or balls of light.  "...What ever happened to the
broomstick?.."  I belted as I laughed out loud.  After a few more stories, I
had heard enough and decided to show them just what I thought of their
primitive beliefs.  I ran out the back door and approached the cross of salt
that started this whole charade as the group clamoured after me. I stood
above the cross, unzipped my pants and starting urinating on the cross -
washing it away - all the while I raised my hands in the air and yelled
upwards something along the lines of, "...I challenge the spirits of hell to
DARE harm me!..." Anyway, they all thought I was taking a big risk but I
just laughed it off.  Later that night, my host brother and I were dropping
off friends with the family flat bed.  As the last one jumped out from the
rear I turned my head and watched him enter his household.  Before I turned
my head back to a frontal view, I saw a ball of light not 10 feet from where
I was sitting.  It danced around a small tree and had a plain beige
wall(side of the house) with no windows as a backdrop - it was clear as day.
  It looked sort of like those bubbles made from soap that kids blow only it
had a bright center and the light seemed to STOP dead at the edges of the
orb - i.e. it didn't seem to light up its surroundings even though it was
quite bright.  Anyway, I watched this thing intently for about 7-10 seconds
as it danced its way over the tree, over the top of the house, and then took
off at an incredible speed.  Now - this whole time I hadn't turned around to
my host brother but when I did - he was pale white and asked me.."....viste
eso?"(Did you see that?)- to which I replied, "...la bolita de luz?"(the
little ball of light?).... He knodded affirmatively and we sped out of there
scared half to death.  The next day, our friend who we dropped off just
before the incident refused to believe us because he claimed that we had
obviously heard of the "witch" that lived in the direction we "claimed" the
ball to have sped off in.  Now I'm not going to claim that I KNOW for sure
what that thing was... but I saw it clear as day AND I had a witness.  No
drugs or alchohol were present in either of our systems.  While I am totally
open - in fact leaning toward - an entirely physical(possibly geological)
explaination - I can't ignore the timing of the whole thing.

Paranormal Happenings

By: Angelinthefire43@aol.com

My first ghost experience started happening to me about 2 days after my Mom
and stepdad bought this house. We have a child proof door to keep my little
sister and the dogs from going downstairs. It only comes to about 3 feet high
and it can only be opened from the other side. Since we had just moved in and
hadn't gotten any of the bedroom furniture into the house yet I had slept out
on a cot in our living room, where you can see the child proof door that
leads to the stair case. Anyway as I started to drift off I felt as though
someone was watching me and so I rolled over to face the door, only to
discover what seemed to be a solid shadow with one arm over the door and head
peering over at me. It soon disappeared and since it was dark I just
convinced myself that my eyes were playing tricks on me so I went back to
sleep. But it kept happening, and my mother soon started telling me she's
seen it too whenever she goes to get some water or go to the bathroom and I
hadn't told her that I'd seen anything. We could both swear to God that
there's someone there looking at us. Then after we finally got settled in I
started sleeping in my room instead of the living room. Since I can't sleep
without a little light and my bedroom is in the basement I have a dull green
light in my walk in closet which you can clearly see into from my bed. So one
night I had been reading my book and over the top of my book I saw a solid
shadowy figure in the shape of a man just walk through my closet. I was so
scared I ran upstairs as fast as I could. My Mom and step dad came out and
asked me what was wrong and so I told them. They looked irritated and said
that it was just my imagination and I should go back downstairs and get some
sleep. So I did until 1:30 in the morning. I woke up because I heard someone
calling my name and I thought maybe it was time to go to school. Then when I
was fully awake I realized school wouldn't start for another week and that
the voice calling my name was unfamiliar to me. So I froze in my bed but I
kept hearing my name until it was like a whisper in my ear and I felt
something that was almost like a cold finger running down my back. I almost
ran back upstairs to wake my parents again but remembered what their reaction
had been last time and decided that maybe if I just laid in bed it would go
away. Then the TV turned on to channel 60 (at the time we didn't have cable)
and on the TV was a televised add about contacting the dead, then it shut
off. I screamed and ran up the stairs as fast as I could and slept on the
couch for the rest of the night. To this day I refuse to sleep down stairs,
no matter how childish it sounds. Also another thing that has happened to me
was for a long time I was deathly afraid that the lights in my room would go
off and my door would slam shut so I couldn't get out, and one night when I
went downstairs to get something my door creaked and slowly started closing
and then my lights flickered. I went upstairs as fast as I could and asked
everyone if the lights had flickered upstairs and they all responded no.
Various other things still happen in my house, like one time when I was
wrapping a Christmas present I put down the tape and went to pick it up again
and it wasn't there. I asked my mother who was in the room with me if she had
taken it and she said no. We searched all over the house and finally we found
it on the kitchen counter. CD players go on and off, the dogs bark and growl
randomly like there's a stranger standing right in front of them, the cats
hair stands on end and they hiss at nothing and bolt in the other direction,
and sometimes when I go downstairs to do the laundry or something I get the
sudden urge that I need to run quickly or something horrible will happen, and
believe me I do.

Possible Ghostly Phenomena

By: pinksirona2d@hotmail.com

Hello. My name is Brittany. I am not possible how my story will be accepted,
but a few things that have happened are something to consider.
There are 3 parts to my story. The 1st part is my parent's personal
encounters. The 2nd part is an encounter my parents and I both shared. And
the 3rd is my own personal encounters.
Part 1.
The Noisy Spirit
When my parents first bought out house, it was very small. Only a kitchen,
dining room, and living room. Upstairs, there were 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.
My parents had been inspecting every room one at a time, to see exactly what
they needed to fix it up. My parents were upstairs in one of the bedrooms,
when they heard noises downstairs in the kitchen. When they got downstairs
*according to their story* to investigate, the cupboard doors were swinging
back and forth wildly.  They walked over to shut them, and voices yelled at
them to just leave immediately.  They didn't listen.  5 years later, I was
born. By then they had built on two family rooms, 2 porches, a laundry room,
pantry, and they even built on a shop where they conducted their business.
They normally heard music playing and voices yelling at them, but they
ignored it *for whatever reason*
Part 2
The Attacks
When I was 10 years old, a lot of very dangerous attacks started happening.
My dad started being ferociously attacked during the night by invisible
forces. Now, my dad slept upstairs in his bedroom alone, because the bed hurt
my moms back, so she always slept downstairs on the couch. My bedroom is
directly beside theirs, so I could hear everything going on in there.
Normally, my dad would wake up to feel as if he were being held down,
strangled, bit, scratched, cut with a knife, carried around the room, ect.
When he would wake up in the morning, he would have bite marks in impossible
places on his body, cuts, scratches, red bruises around his neck and wrists,
and long deep gashes across his chest. Now this didn't happen all in one
night, but things happened frequently. I was really starting to get worried.
My grandma and aunt phil taught be an Italian prayer to keep away the evil.
It went (and don't quote me on spelling because im not sure, but it is
PRONOUNCED this way)
A Knock a Knock , a bone a deesh. Alla Virgin Alla Maria. San deeseema
deer knee dah Vee olla voor.)
That is a prayer to the Virgin Mary to keep all evil out. They told me to say
that 3 times every night and it would keep evil out. I said it three times in
dedication to my father, and things slowly started to get better. It was
still very scary because I never expected the entities to be so violent
Part 3
My Personal Encounters
Well, now that I am 16, certain things have happened to me. They aren't
violent or even frightening, more-so reassuring. To explain a bit, my bedroom
door is the kind of door that unless you prop it open, it swings shut again.
And fast, too!  Well, for the past year and couple months, I have noticed
that there might be a spirit that is checking on me. When I sleep or late at
night, My door will swing open, wide enough for a head to look in to check on
me, to make sure I'm ok. I'll look because it creaks, and see nothing there.
It will stay open at that width for 2 minutes, as if someone is checking on
me. Then it will slowly shut, the door knob will turn, and it will close all
the way.   Like I said, it was reassuring because I felt as if someone,
whoever it was, was checking on me to make sure I'm ok. And they're just
trying to tell me their here for me.
I'm glad I have it. I look at it as my Spirit Guide. I am pagan, so on my
website you will understand my belief in Spirit guides

Condo Haunting

By: KrAyZeEcYkO@aol.com

I just watched that movie "The haunted" with my brother (I don't know if you
have ever seen that movie?) but in the movie this demon makes itself look
like a black glob and my brother and Mom said that's what they saw when they
lived in this one condo in Florida. I guess everyone who had lived there
(with my Mom) had seen the ghost or whatever it was. They said there would be
doors opening and slamming shut, lights going on and off, footsteps and one
time my brother was in his room (he hates to talk about this) sleeping and he
woke up and at the foot of his bed this man was pacing holding a real bowl
whistling and from what I'm told it turned and looked straight at him and
that's when he jumped out of his bed and ran to my Mom crying. My brother Ron
would get so scared sometimes he would actually go and sleep at rest areas. I
guess that was the first time anyone had saw the ghosts look like a man,
everyone else had seen it like a back glob like on the movie. Finally they
had some Mormons come (we have a few in the family) and they just moved out.
 I have a lot of stories from things that have happened to my Mom
and family.


By: crowangel2000uk@yahoo.com

I am 19 years old, work in the computer industry in
London, England.
When I was around 10 or 11, I used to live in another
part of the country, called Dudley, West Midlands.
Opposite our house was a pub called the Hangmans Tree.
We found out later that this pub was were people in
the late 18th Century hung people for crimes such as
highway robbery, murder etc. Anyways, My sister was
about 7 or 8, but didn't like the dark, so she always
used to call mum to take her to the toilet in the
night. One night my mum heard my sister go to the
toilet on her own. In the morning said, "Well done,
you went to the toilet on your own last night!!" my
sister replied, "No I didn't, the black man took me".
My mum panicked at this point, and thought someone
must have got into the house! She said, "What black
man??" My sister said, "he's my friend, he sits with
me at night and tells me stories". We were all getting
really scared now, my mum asked how she knew it was a
black man? "Because when he smiles, I can see his
We were all really freaked out by this, but my sister
did'nt really seem all that bothered by it. So we
decided, whatever it was it was friendly. A couple of
weeks later, I walked into my sisters room to check on
her and found that the rocking chair in the corner of
the room was rocking on it's own, at a steady pace,
and my sister fast asleep...............

In Tune

By: jhilton@peakpeak.com

Where to begin? This is Alex  of Littleton, Colorado by the way @
jhilton@peakpeak.com. I have always been in tune with the supernatural. My
first experience that I remember was at my Grandmother's house, and I think
I was about five years old. My Grandfather had died long before I was born,
and when My mother was about six months old. I remember him coming into my
room, and telling me goodnight, and that he loved me and telling me about
the bedtime story of the three bears. I asked my grandmother who the man
was, and she said there was no one in the house but her, my mother, my
brother, and I. I told her the man's name, and she laughed, and said my
mother probably told me to tell her this. I said my mother was asleep, and
was about 20 feet from me, in another room, and I don't think she could have
heard him. Granny said that was true, and she called my mother in and said
"Hey, jacky, did you tell him about Pat?" my mother said no, that she didn't
remember him herself. My grandmother asked me to describe the man to her. I
said he was about six feet tall, and wiry, with brown hair, and blue eyes,
and he could imitate different accents. He told me in an english accent that
he loved me, and in an thick Irish Brogue goodnight. Then he told me the
whole story of the three bears in a very english accent. He didn't seem like
a ghost at all. He seemed completely real to me. He's still with me down to
this day. My grandmother was completely Awed by this. She said I described
my dead Grandfather Patrick Dona Peak to a tee. (I have had to move from
Oregon, and change my name to prevent ridicule of my abilities. my true name
is Patrick Nathan Peak, I was named after my grandfather. Please refer to me
as Alex in any e-mails, as no one here knows me as Patrick) I had never seen
my grandfather's picture before, and my Grandmother told me so. My
grandmother is very open-minded, but the rest of my family is not. She got
tears in her eyes, and she took me in her lap, she said "Patrick, do you
know anything about your family history?" I said no. She said "You hail from
a long line of Very powerful people. " She said that our family was old, and
went all the way back to England, Ireland, and Scotland. Back before the
Christians, and The Muslims, and back into time immemorial. She said every
generation had a special abiltity, and So did I. My grandmother gets dreams,
and they always come true. 2 years before MT. St. Helens blew it's top, she
told us it was going to blow. She's like that. She told me our family
Practiced the Olde Religion. I said "what, Christians?" she said no, she
said Druidry, and Wicca. I was like what's that? and she said she'd explain
it to me when I was older. She told me to tell Pat She still loved him after
all these years. He came in the next night, and I told him what she said,
and he said he knew. He said he loved her too. I asked him what it's like to
be dead. He laughed, and said "Do I look dead to you son?" i said no. He
said he was alive, and just didn't have a body anymore. So then I left after
telling my grandmother about all that. she said "Patrick, don't share with
other people your abilities, as they'll not understand them, and they'll
ridicule you, and poke fun at you" I didn't listen to her. I told some
people about my abilities, and they said I was Crazy, and tried to have me
committed to a mental hospital. I got tired of being persecuted, and
villified, so I moved to Colorado, and changed my name to Alex summers. I am
not an escaped mental patient or anything. I had to do this. This story is
100% true. My grandmother is still alive, and she'll corroborate it. I have
never told anyone this story. Except my mother, and Grandmother. My mother
raised me as a christian much to my grandmother's dismay. My grandmother
said one of my great-great-great, etc. Aunts was burned at the stake in the
salem witch trials. She said her name was Beatrice o'pecke. She said she
really was a witch, and they burned her because christians are afraid of
what they don't understand. I am sorry to deviate from my story, but I
needed to tell someone all this. I have been keeping this inside a long
time. This story is not fiction, or my imagination, it is true. thanks for
listening to me. I have had many more experiences, but this will suffice for
now your friend, Alex

San Antonio River

By: stella.m.espinoza.h7gi@statefarm.com

Well here we go, I am not sure if what I am experiencing is an actual haunting or if everything can be naturally explained. I live in south Texas, out in the sticks, I am 17 years old and currently attend high school (I will be graduating this year woo hoo!) Our house is very new, it is only four years old, and built by us, so nothing bad has happened in the house. However, we live directly on the banks of the San Antonio river, in fact we are situated on a 75 foot cliff. On our property stands another house where we also used to live while our house was being built. I never liked this house and always felt VERY uneasy when staying there alone, or for that matter, with others in the house. I do not know exactly how old this house is, but I do now that when the were adding new boards to the siding, they found old newspapers dating to the late 30's and early 40's in the sides of the house. Now let me explain the lay out of the older house. It has one bedroom, and one kitchen, there is a living room, dinning room and "entertainment" area for guest, the living room used to be my room. Between the bathroom, and the bedroom, there lies a closet, the closet has two doors, connecting both rooms together. I always felt as if something was watching me from everywhere in the house. But never really experienced anything. Now that we have moved into our new house, things have intensified, I always feel the "eyes" on me now, and sometimes I am forced to run downstairs, because of the over-whelming sense of dread that occurs while I am upstairs alone. I hear my shower door open and close during the night, and when I am downstairs watching TV I can hear the water running in my bathroom. When school is in session, I usually get up around 5:30 to get ready, because I am Academics Editor for the Yearbook, as well as Class Treasurer, so I usually have to be there early, so I can get everything in order for the student body. Well once I was taking a shower, when I felt something hit the back of my leg with extreme force, I turned to rub my leg and search for the culprit, thinking maybe I had accidentally knocked over a bottle of shampoo, yet directly behind me was a penny, I have no idea where that could have come from. I haven't told anyone as I think no one would believe me, and I am more than happy to keep this to myself, except, about two weeks ago I had a dream that disturbed me greatly, and I feel someone needs to know. I had a dream that I lived in the old house on my land, and I was dressed in old style (late 30's) clothing, and I was washing dishes, all of a sudden, a girl came running into the kitchen and kissed me, telling me she was on her way to an Ice Cream social in town and that her boyfriend( she gave me a name but I can't remember now) would be picking her up, and taking her. she appeared to be my age now, and I am supposing I was her mother, because I told her to take care and to wait to say goodbye to her father. Something I would never say! Anyway, another girl appeared from the back, and I was now outside standing on the porch drying my hands, and waving at a man pulling up in and old style car, like you see in mafia movies...from a long time ago...I kissed him, and he appeared to be my husband, he was explaining to me about his recent business adventure, when I suddenly realized who I was, I took the man by the arms and began to shake him uncontrollably, telling him he was crazy because in a few months the great depression would fall, and we would all starve to death, and we should save our money and move to Florida . He took a hold of me and told me that the heat must have gotten to me, kissed "our" two daughters goodbye and took me inside to the house, only we went into the bedroom, and continued to walk through a second door, and into a second bedroom, that the house does not have today, and he laid me down on a cot like bed and told me to get my rest, then he kissed me on my forehead, and when I closed my eyes, I woke up in my room. It was the strangest dream I have ever had. and as a result I have been not able to sleep for days, I usually go to bed at 10, but lately I have been drifting off at 2 or 3 in the morning, and I usually dream every time, except now I don't or do not remember when I wake up. I still feel like I am being watched, and I have no idea what is going on...if you or anyone can shed light on my situation please e-mail me at DearPrudence@beatlemail.com I would greatly appreciate in

Saying Goodbye

By: libbie.greene@sabre.com

In the winter of 1996 my mother called me from Georgia to let me know
that my Grandfather had slipped into a coma and he was not going to last
long. I was the first born grandchild and very close to my pawpaw. The
last words he spoke were of me. I was coming from Texas and it was a two
day trip. To complicate matters we had an ice storm only the night
before so the roads were dangerous.
My sister and I drove to Georgia and all the way I kept thinking "Hang
on Pawpaw, I'm coming home". We pulled in to Grandma's house and went
straight to Pawpaw's bedside. He was on hospice and wanted to die at
home. Momma and daddy set him up in the living room so he could still be
a part of the activity going on in the house. Anyway, Lynn and I went to
Pawpaw's bedside and I took his hand and said "it's ok now Pawpaw. I'm
here. I love you." I could hear the gurgling sound in his breathing and
I knew that it would not be long. I sat on the couch next to his bed and
kept a vigil by his side. Before the morning sun rose my Pawpaw died.
The people from the funeral home came later that morning and took him
away to prepare his body. When they were done they brought him back and
placed the casket in the front living room where he died. We held a wake
for him and we sat up with the dead. Now, Pawpaw died on a Wednesday the
day before Thanksgiving. So on Thanksgiving night he was all alone. I
sat up with my pawpaw so he would not be lonely. Now I am laying on the
couch in the living room with my dead Pawpaw at my head and the long
hallway at my feet. Pawpaw's bed room is at the end of that long hallway
and the kitchen door was just before the living room door. You can
clearly see both of them at the same time.
Pawpaw was an early riser and would start breakfast for us when we would
visit. You could hear him walking down the hallway (it had a hardwood
floor that creaked with each foot step) it was a comforting sound to me.
Well, as I was lying on the couch reading a novel I noticed that the
radio station was playing all of my Pawpaw's favorite music. This music
is not found in very many play list. We are talking Minnie Pearl and
songs like "how to catch a man", "Too Old", "Little Jimmy Browm" and I
thought that was strange. Then I heard pawpaw's bed room door open,
footsteps going slowly up the hall and toward me! I slowly peeked over
my book and felt such love and warmth all over me. I knew I was getting
a big hug from that wonderful man. Then the warm was gone and the
kitchen door creaked open. I swallowed real hard and said "mornin'
He is still there. When ever go to visit I can feel him hug me real
close and I know that he still loves me.

Home Alone

By: akbarmohommed@marijuana.com

You know how some people say that there is no such thing as the paranormal? Well those people are all  wrong. I've always had the gift of seeing things. Good or Evil. It doesn't matter. My parents think I'm crazy but I know that I see these things. It all statred after I found out that I had a stroke early when I was baby. I was about 6-7 years old. But I'm not sure. It was this kind spirit who visited me saying that he was trapped between the other side and the human side. He was an elderly man about 70-75 years of age. He said that I am the person to hear/see him. The other occurance. A bad one was when I was only 11. It would bang on my wall and I usually found huddling in my room corner. When my mother would come in my room she would find me screaming saying GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE! Another occasion would be when we moved into a house about 4 years earlier. There was a pressence but I wasn't sure if it was a bad or good spirit. Not until it happened. it was a Thursday and my parenst and brothers were out. They left me alone (I was mature enough to stay home alone at 12) but anyway it was a Friday and we have had a huge thunderstorm and Poor little me alone in the house. I heard something coming from outside.. like a banging noise. So I ran to lock all the doors and windows. The noise again. But this time it was coming from the inside. I ran to my parents closet(walk-in) hid there the noise or whatever it was  getting closer It got to my parents bedroom door and the noise got louder. But then the sounds of breaking glass and screaming. I opened the closet door and saw a couple. A man and a woman. They were fighting. he had a glass plate in his hand and smashed it over the woman's head. This couple was a very young couple from well by the looks of their clothes the eraly 1900's. The man beat his wife until she lay on the floor in a pool of her blood. The man then turned to me and said YOUR NEXT! all I remember is waking up to my mother shaking me. I had some how got a bruise on my head. That was the most violent they got. The occurances that I have now are only good. There is a lady(the previous owner) who looks after me. She likes to spook the people who are mean to me. She will bang on the walls until they left. Then I would say Good one but next time more force. I am only 16 years of age I do not "see" things that aren't there. These experiences are all real. To this day I don't know who that couple was. and hopefully never will.

She was Gone!

By: temper78_love@hotmail.com

The other day my mom,me sister,and me were driving away from the store when this woman appeared out of nowhere.Out of allthe people around she asked us to take her home.She started out saying that her car had bown up and you know that if someones car blows up they are goin to want help to get it started.Mom  decided to take her home and she couldnt decide where she lived sh esaid 3 possible places so we dropped her off at a place.Before we reached there though she touched my arm amd it felt like her hand went right through it,it was so ice cold.This is what she looked and smelled like before i go any further.She looked pale as a ghost and if you have ever saw what a person looks like when they are dead in a casket well thats what her makeup looke like and she had this smell to herit smelled like ded people i mena she didnt stink but it was a funeral smel.Well we dropped her off and when she got out of the car she staggered she abviously was drunk but we didnt smell any beer on her.Well she walked around the car and i was watchibg her i turned my head for1 second and looked back and she was gone.I felt the place where she was setting but it wasnt warm it was cold and all she kept repeating was "Iwanna go home"It really freaked us all out!!needless to say.

Various Stories

By: Zozama1321@aol.com
When I was a little kid living in Columbia, MD, (about 6 or 7) there was a
car crash behind my best friend's house (there was a large hill behind his
house and a field behind that, the field is where the car exploded) After the
crash which killed the man who was driving, my friends and I gathered up
pieces of junk left over from the wreckage (glass, burnt money, cards, ID-
which proved useful later, and other useless junk) and took it home. Nothing
happened until one day my older brother's friend came over. He knew nothing
of the accident, and apparently had psychic abilities, I never believed him
until we brought him to the crash site. There he accurately gave a
description of the man who was killed, and how he died. He continued to say
that the man was still there and he wasn't the only one there were many
spirits, (there was a neighborhood legend that a farmer that originally owned
the area died in a bizarre way, and he wandered the field, woods, and
neighborhood.... I never believed it, though the man could have lived there
before the town was founded in the 1960s). All of us were pretty scared and
started to leave, when we heard rustling in the tall grass. We ran faster
than we had ever ran before that day. Later my brother and I went to sleep
over at the friend who lived near the crash site. We all went out for a walk
at around midnight, and walked on the top of the hill. My friend gasped in
horror as he looked below. There was a man walking at the site, he didn't
look like a regular man because we could see him in a pitch black area. We
never went for a walk like that again. Sometimes I wonder if we really saw a
ghost and if my brother's friend communicated with one, or if it was our
minds playing tricks on us. If anyone else has had an experience around that
area (Near the neighborhood Black Star Circle in Columbia, Maryland) would
you share it so my friends and I know we weren't seeing things that night,
and if anyone discovers the farmer legend is untrue or true that would put my
mind at ease.
PA Story
I moved to Bucks County, PA in 1995 (when I was almost 9), and my family
rented a house. It was a nice house, it had no basement, but it had a loft
which was my play area. My room in the house was always cold, which didn't
bother me much because it was summer when we moved in. The first day we moved
in my cat was with me in the loft (there was a door to enter and an opening
over the main staircase) my cat began to hiss (she never did that ever, I
would know I had the cat since I was 1 year old) She then ran down the stairs
and jumped on top of the opening and started hissing at something. I ran
after her and she jumped (luckily my brother grabbed her before she could
hurt herself, she was older and he fall could have killed her). Nothing
happened until a year later on Mischief Night (October 30th) my best friend
slept over my house, my brother was at a friend's house sleeping over and my
parents were out of town, they were coming back the next day (my great uncle
died and they were at his funeral in another part of PA). At around 1:30 I
Left the loft where we were sleeping to get a drink of water and watch TV Now
this didn't happen to me but my friend said he heard footsteps coming up the
stairs (he assumed it was me) he heard someone lay down on the couch in the
room, and then the person got up and walked over to him. He said it knelt
down beside him inflatable bed did nothing. My friend turned over to tell who
he thought was me to go to sleep and stop making so much noise, when he
turned over nothing was there. I had fallen asleep downstairs in the living
room where I found him sleeping the next morning. He told me what happened. A
few other things happened in the house like things were moved around (like I
left my Necklace on a table then found it in the loft) but nothing
threatening. My family moved out of the house in January because we had
bought a brand New home (which we waited for to be built, that's why we
rented the house)

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