Young Experiences


Hi my name is Tariq, my supernatural experience happened to me when I was
about 5 or 6 years old.
I seem to remember it was quite a sunny afternoon, nothing particularly
unusual about that day.
My mother asked me to go upstairs and awake my father who often took
afternoon naps, I remember feeling quite lazy and I could not realy be
bothered going all the way upstairs  to atteempt tp wake my deep sleeping
father, however my mum insisted so I did.
I was about to walk up the stairs when I was suddenly overcome with fear as
what I had saw made no sense to me,  there at the top of the stairs was the
biggest dog I had ever seen in my life, it appeared to fill the whole space
of the landing and was near the height of the cieling.
The dog appeared to be agressive and was barking and growling loud it could
of woke the dead, I was froze to spot, I shouted for mum, I said mum I
cannot go upstairs, she told me not to be lazy, I told her there was this
big dog at the top of the stairs and it will not let me pass, my mum came
out and said but Tariq we do not have a dog, of course I knew.  So there was
my mum and I stood staring at the top of stairs, but  the strange thing was
she could not see it or even hear it, I was  pointing  frantically at it ,
the dogs bark was deafening but still although she was looking directly at
it  she saw nothing.
This confused me even more ,being the age I was I could understand it , I
started to doubt even if I was seeing it at all, as trusted and believed in
my mother, so if she did not see it maybe it was not really there.
Eventually the dog dissappeared and I forgot about it, however these
memories came back when I was about 12 years old and I spoke to my mum about
it and she did remember the incident.
Looking back on it I do believe I did see something supernatural, but any
ideas on why mum or dad could not see or hear it, and why was the dog being
so protective.

Unsure Of


I recently had an experience that i can't explain, and decided to tell my story here.
In June, my boyfriend, Ian, our (then) 15 month old twins and I went to Virginia for his family reunion.   While we were there, we had a wonderful time meeting his family and getting to know everyone really well.  We stayed at his father and step mothers home with the immediate family.  One night, while everyone was asleep, one of the girls started crying.  (most likely from being in a new place or losing her pacifier.)  I woke up and still groggy, i sat up in the bed.  I looked over to the crib.  Next to the crib, there was an little old woman standing there looking into the crib.  When I saw her, she didn't scare me, and I thought nothing of it.  She looked at me, put her finger up to her mouth, kind of bent down, and whispered, "shhh... she'll go back to sleep in a minute."  so, I laid back down and fell back to sleep.  Brianah slept through the rest of the night.  The next morning, I got up, and remembered what I saw.  Not sure if i dreamt it or not, I pulled Ian away from the family and asked him if he had a picture of his grandmother.  (The family had spoken alot of her the previous day at the reunion, but i had never met her.)  Ian was very close to her, and was very upset at the time of her death.  (it would've been almost 9 yrs ago.)  They found one,  and after I saw the picture, I felt this "warmth"  (the only way i can describe it) fill my body.  It was the lady I saw the night before.   I wasn't sure if I should tell anyone, for fear of them thinking I was insane.  But, I decided to tell Ian.   When I told him, he kind of gasped.  Like i said, he was very close to his grandmother.  I'm glad I told him.  But later, as we were talking to the family,  someone said, " oh, it would've been so wonderful for her to be here and see all of the family together."  (speaking of the grandmother.)    Ian looked at me, and asked me to tell everyone what I saw.  I'm still new to this family and wouldn't want to be dubbed as "the crazy one" just yet... lol... We kept it to ourselves.
thanks for giving me a place to share this.

The House on Shiloh Street


In 1983, we moved into a home that had suddenly been vacated by the owners.  The man had suffered a heart attack at the front door and died.  His wife went into serious shock and suffered some emotional distress.  After the funeral, her children decided to take her back to Missouri.
I had personally known the couple in 1971, as I had lived in a house on the connecting street.   Our backyards were contiguous.  Mr. Williams had been the Water Superintendent for the city for many years.
He was an upstanding citizen, a loving family man and a friend to many people.
Shortly after moving in, we got the feeling that Mr. Williams had never really left his home.  At night, after everyone had turned in, footsteps could be heard throughout the home.  It sounded like heavy footsteps stomping up and down the hall outside the bedrooms.  I would get up and check to see if the children were awake, and would find them sleeping soundly in their beds.
Once in a while, doors would open up wide as if someone was entering a room, and then the door would slam shut.
One night, my wife at the time awoke to see the form of a man standing at the end of our bed.  He moved up on her side and leaned over a little.  She lay there terrified, knowing that I was very hard to wake up, and that if this were a burglar, I would not suddenly spring into action against the intruder.   She maintained her position and just peered through her eyelids.  Suddenly, the figure just faded away.
These occurrences persisted for about a month.   One morning at around 2:30 am we were suddenly awakened by the bedroom door slamming open with a violent force.  We were very tired of Mr. Willams' nightly tirades, and I was running on my last nerve.  I got up and decided to try to talk with this confused soul.  I addressed him as Mr. Williams, and told him that he had suffered a heart attack and had died.  I told him that his wife had gone to Missouri to live with his children.  I told him that we were paying rent to his children to live in this house, and we worked hard for our money.  I started to get angry with him and told him that if he wanted to rant and rave and stomp about the home, he needed to do it when we weren't there, as he was disturbing our sleep.  If he continued, we would be forced to move, and his children would have to find other renters.  I suggested he go to Missouri because that is where he would find his wife.
After that, we never heard from Mr. Williams again.

The Little Girl of Fort Concho

In August of 1997, I was helping a friend deliver some things for a post-funeral reception that was to be held in the Officers' Quarters Number One, at Fort Concho, in San Angelo, Texas.   Fort Concho is the best-preserved and reconstructed cavalry fort in America.  This is where the buffalo soldiers were stationed.
It was very early in the morning, and we had to get the key to the building from the curator.  We drove to the other side of the parade ground and parked the van.  We went inside and I took some things up the staircase to the second floor, while my buddy worked on the first floor.  I walked into the west bedroom upstairs and immediately felt like I had just walked between two people that were standing shoulder to shoulder.  I was walking into a tremendous field of static electricity.  I had a cold sensation, and the hairs on my neck and arms stood straight out.  I put the vase down that I was carrying and found myself
compelled to say, "Excuse me."   Then I proceeded to the east bedroom.  When I entered the room, I saw a little girl out of the corner of my eye, playing on the floor to my left.  I placed the vase and when I turned around, she faded away.
A couple of days later I was again with my friend and we stopped by the house of the lady who was responsible for financing the restoration of Officers' Quarters Number One.  My friend mentioned that I had felt a presence and saw a little girl.  I told her that I had seen her in the east bedroom and she told me that a little girl had died in that very room.  Maybe it was her parents that I felt in the west bedroom, or just someone else watching over her.
A few months later, I had the opportunity to stop by Officers' Quarters Number One when it was open to the public.  I was walking around and a staff volunteer came up and asked me what I thought of the building.  I told her I thought it was haunted, and repeated the story of the little girl.  The lady took me into the dining room and pointed to a portrait on the wall.  It was the same little girl I had seen upstairs.

The Boy in the Red Cap

I used to bicycle the four miles to and from work
along the main road connecting two towns in a part of
southern Japan. Along the way, there were rice fields
on both sides of the road, shops of many kinds, a
school or two, and quite a number of houses set back
only about ten or fifteen feet from the sidewalk.
One evening in winter around seven-thirty I was
bicycling toward home and passed by several homes in a
row along the left side of the road. One of them was a
one-story wooden farm house that had a long, low
facade with several square beam columns holding up the
roof over the entranceway. As I neared this house, I
noticed that there was a boy of perhaps ten years old
standing behind one of the columns, partially obscured
by it. He was clearly wearing shorts (it is not
unusual for boys to wear shorts all year long in
relatively warm southern Japan) and a long-sleeved
t-shirt and most notably a red baseball cap. As I got
even nearer and passed in front of where the boy was
standing, I spotted him again, this time just a few
feet away from me, and I noticed that where his face
should have been, there was just a blur: a somewhat
dark flesh-toned blur, but no visible features. This,
quite naturally, shocked me and just after I passed on
my bicycle, I looked back over my shoulder at the
place where he had been standing. He was no longer
there, though there clearly was not enough time for
him to have moved so quickly that I wouldn't have seen
him. I had chills during the rest of my way back home.
The next day, I told the people at my office what I
had seen the night before, and one of the older (upper
50's) women told me that that stretch of road was
notorious for fatal car accidents, most involving
children who dart into the street after a ball or some
other toy. I suppose that to most readers this sounds
like a fairly typical ghost sighting story, but it is
the only time I have ever personally seen what I can
only conclude was a ghost, so it has had quite a deep
impact on me.
Though I worked at that same job for more than a year
after the sighting and bicycled to a from work along
the same road almost every day during that time, I
never again saw the boy in the red cap.

True Ghost Experience


     One night I was laying in my and couldn't get to sleep.  So, I got up
and went to my living room and sat on the couch.  I didn't turn on the TV.
Instead I desided to just sit there and collect my thoughts.  Then it was
about 10:30 when I looked near my front door because I thought something was
watching me.  Then a transparent figure was standing 5 feet from the door and
it walked about 3 ft. to my other couch right in front of me.  It was a
female, 5ft. 7in., in 60's clothes.  She had  yellow bellbottom pants on and
a yellow sweater with brown shoes.  She then took one look at me and
disappeared.  For some reason I wasn't scared, instead I just sat there with
my jaw wide open.  I've always believed in the paranormal and ghosts, but
this made me really know that we are not alone.

Tong Mill


In a place in kent in england there is a town call sittingbourne most of
the town is urban but there is also alot of the country side there. In
the country side there is an on the outskirts of sittingbourne there is
a place called tong. At Tong there stand an old wheat mill that has been
there for hundreds of years. The mail is no longer working and my cousin
has a craft shop in there now. When the mill was open one of the workers
a young boy around the age of 19 was working in the mill when he fell in
to the wheat churner and died. he either drowned or was torn up in the
turning blades. Ever since the building is haunted by the ghost of the
boy. My cousin Sarah works in there sell her furniture and ornaments
well she has a couple of experiences. She was down stairs in the back of
the room painting on a pallet. when all of a sudden one of the brushes
she was painting with lifted up from the pallet and flew across the room
she said instead of the brush being thrown it more floated up ward an
across the room. She also says that they hear footsteps upstairs when
theirs no one there. The owner of the mill lives in the top floor. i
haven't met him myself but he says that there is never a night that goes
by when nothing happens. He hears footsteps, noises and sometimes
objects moving around.

Throughout The Night


   I stayed over with my cousin the other night. She told me there was a
baby ghost in her house at first I did not believe her, but then she showed
me a baby's hand print on the door. It was not a kid in our family because
the hand print was clear and would not come off. You could made out half of
another hand print too.Then,at night we were laying in the floor because she
has a single bed (we are teenagers) and the door opened by it self. So we
went into the living room to sleep in there and by the time time we had the
sheets spread out and the lights out her kitten started jumping from
something across the room from us and running. She did this through out the
night. I never had seen that at her house before and I had been there many
times before.

Bedford - Jean Bonnet Inn

By: Anonymous

Description of Haunting: This particular Inn has been around since the Revolutionary War. The building has not gone threw any major changes except renovations in the late 1800s. The Building was built for Gen. Forbes. This is also where he killed on of his men for being a spy. They buried him under the building itself. Through out the years the land was sold off and given away for debts. Later in the early 1800s, it was remolded and made into a Monthly Court house. This was when a counsel would meet and view ideas. But mostly it was used for hanging thieves, and murders. This was conformed in 1950 when they dug the ground and found people wear not only Revolutionary clothing, but also Civil war clothing.
This place has been renamed and has also been used for many things. I was o so lucky to have visited this place a number of times. When I was about 12 years old, My parents, and step brother and I went to this place to eat. It was a wonderful place. Old style dinning area, and wonderful smells of food cooking. The most noticeable thing I remember is the fire place. This is an old building. Very old. Which has no conventional heat. All the heat comes from Fire places, which are located in almost every room. There was also beautiful quilts laid on the walls. One I noticed, for how big the fire place was and How cold it was. we were sitting about 10 feet away from this place. There seemed to be a constant draft. I also forgot to mention, the dinning area is in the basement. there are no windows. my step father said it might be a back draft from the fire place. I would of believed this, if it wasn't for the fact that it was coming from behind the quilt. I pulled the!
quilt out to see if there was a small hole, that some one was trying to cover up, or maybe even a tiny window. nothing! Threw out diner there would be cold spots that seemed to move around mostly behind the back of my neck. This is what I remember the most. I was not terrible cold, but I did feel like some one had brushed up against me and was breathing cold air down my neck. The hairs on my right arm stood up. this was scary for me. I was uneasy feeling. I did not want to go back but like I always do, I did.
The next time was not as bad it was late July it was very nice out. This was also when I was about 17. My brother and I again, were there with my parents and their friends. My brother and I were out side smoking, when We thought we saw someone shining a light bulb out of the top window which sometimes was rented out. I looked at Dave and asked if he had seen that. We thought. No offence, a redneck messing around.
When we looked up the blind was down and didnít seem to be moving in any way, shape or form. You would think that it would be moving or shaken if dropped to fast. That night nothing else happened.
It has not been till recently, until I found out all about the building from a book named Pennsylvania Haunted Places, Vol. II. there are three books in the set.
A group of people in the Central Pennsylvania Paranormal society, was invited by the owner who had been having problems keeping staff members. When the group arrived they were surprised at the rush of energy. Lights blinked, batteries went dead, and cameras and other equipment did not work. The temp. went down 15 degrees. there was a smell in the air no one could identify. Threw out the night members of the party would become ill, lightheaded and felt odd cold spots. One of which sounds quite like what I had happen to me.
one of the members, was sitting at the bar when all of a sudden a cold spot was on his ear. He reach up and put his hand in a cold spot that was about 5 inches across and 7 inches long. a head. there was a ghost sitting beside him, he turned the tape recorder on and then took a picture. The pictures in the book showed an orb about 1/2 centimeter from his head and the recorder went dead.
Most of went on in the building happened many other times to people that have gone there. Many people say they see a young man in dirty clothes and a old leather hat. Could it be one of the hanging victims? Other people say they see people in blue uniforms, Could this be the spy, and there is even a small child and woman who seem to be fond of the place. this could be a story of a woman that was kept in the building when it was known as the plantation house. but no one knows. I will be going back to this place, with a digital camera and slow speed. If you would like to see the results please get back to me.

7 Year Haunt

I lived an apartment that I believe was haunted.  I lived in this place for 7 years.  The first month I moved in our stereo system was on a small stand and the stand began to sway.  It has been many years since then but boy I have never forgot!  One day 3 shades all went up at the same time during the day!   2 in the kitchen one in the living room!  All at the same time to weird.  My son woke up one night saying he saw some one........
In my bedroom there were many experiences.  What would happen is I had a chinese upbrella as a lamp shade on the ceiling, that would spin like could feel something float above you and my bed would sway back and forth.  One night me and my X-husband remembered this night, the bed swayed and I asked him "are you doing this?" he replied "No I thought you were".  In the dead of winter with no wind to blow the curtains blew as if a summer breeze was blowing in (mind you had storm windows with plastic over them) the chinese umbrella spun like crazy chest of draws shook.  Many years we lived with a spirit.
It has been a while but recently we went to an old prison camp, mind you my husband and I are divorced and i am remarried.  We went there and we felt as tho we were walking amoung people I mean cold and hot pockets on a 90 degree day!  We reached the end of this particular road and there was a stench of death....horrible smell........I wanted to go back down this road we did.  The smell was gone but at the other end was smell of pumpkin like fall smell something sweet cooking.  This was the remains of a prison camp in MA.
There is something LIE.......where I lived and the prison camps..........maybe something you would be interested in....honestly my x don't believe in this kind of stuff.  I personally, know that ghost's ect. exist.......I believe and now so does he.............

Things That I Have Seen


Story 1:

I think I was around ten when this happend. My mom and I was living in a two story apartment. We lived on the first 2nd floor. I was playing with my toys in the middle of a long hallway in the apartment. Used plastic army men, Transformers, and some others. While I was playing, I felt a strange feeling so I turned my head and a little behind me was a figure all in black with a hat and trench coat. EVERYTHING about the figure was a shadow. I jumped up and ran away down the hall. (About ten feet) I looked back and it was gone. After looking around the corner and seeing nothing, I went back to playing with my toys like nothing happend. The thing I remeber today was the over rideing sense of fear.
2nd story:
Years later. My mom god married and we moved out. The day after we moved the apartment burnt down because of the crack head down stairs. Anyway. We had a Cat named Cleo. (We've had her for many years.) Well, we all moved out to live with my step-dad. Cleo hated him..:) Anyway. My mom went away for a week to see her parents. It was just me, cleo, and my step-dad. The last time I saw Cleo, she came to my room and try to snuggle up to me. I was busy so I pushed her away.She left. Then I didn't see her for 3 days. My step dad called my mom about it and she was worried. So was I..I loved Cleo. Well, I was setting at a table when I heard a "Meow" I looked at my step-dad and said "Did you hear that?!" My step-dad said no. Just then I heard the meow again!!! I hurridy got up from the table, went out the back door,opend the back fence that let to the side of the house and saw her. She was dead and looked very stiff. She had been dead for awhile. I ran back and told my step-dad. I was in tears. My step-dad put cleo in a plastic garbage back and threw her away. Luckly my mom came back the next day and TOLD him to burry her. He did. I remember siting next to her grave in the back yard and talking to her.
My mom thinks one of the neabors poisend her or she died of lonelyness.(My step dad didn't like cats, I ignored her most of the time becasue of my teen years and mom was away.) I think she died because she was getting old and she was unheathly fat. But I think back and I am sadden that maybe she was trying to say good-bye and I pushed her away. Moral: Always love your pets.
3rd story: This isn't a story but it happend from time to time. I see what looks like to be black electricity. I was open the passanger door to my truck to let my girlfriend in, when I saw what looked like a ball of black lightning comeing towards my legs. I instinctively jumped so the black ball of lighting wouln't hit me. My girlfriend asked what was the matter and I asked her "Did you see that?!" She said no. I shook my head and continued on what I was doing. This has happend a few times over the years. The Wicca friends I used to hang out with told me I was more attuned with the occult and the paranormal.

The White Lady


one midnight while i was reviewing for an exam, i felt
like someone was staring at me. i was at our terrace
and my back was facing the outside view. i felt i had
goosebumps all over me but i bravely turned around. i
was shocked and scared because i saw a lady in white
dress floating in the air ang whats more creepy is
that she had red eyes. i didn't know if she saw me or
what so i just closed my eyes and recited the "our
father" prayer. i thought that when i open my eyes,
she'd be gone but when i did open my eyes, to my great
surprise and horror, she was right infront of me! but
i continued saying my prayer and what really get into
me is when after splitseconds, she recited the same
prayer while staring at me! that was when i became so
scared that i jumped out of the terrace. the next
thing i know, i was at a hospital suffering from head
injuries and a fracture.

The Whaley House (Old Towne San Diego)

Hi, It has been years since I have been in the Waley House.  I do not plan to
go back and time soon.  The reason is I had experiences the both times I
visited the house.  The first time I was part of a Leadership conference with
Cerritos Community College, and one of our outing was visiting the Waley
House.  When I was touring the house I noticed curtains moving when there was
not a breeze in the house.  The feeling that I was being watched.  I also had
the feeling that someone had their hand on my shoulder. I also could not
escape the feeling the sadness.  I felt like my very being was being pushed
in the a great hole. This was a very frightening feeling.
In my next visit I decided to stay in the court room and watch the video. I
was in the room alone sitting about 3 rows back.  While sitting there I heard
the door open and people walk in.  I also heard a small dog walking around.
This dog actually walked behind me and touched me on the legs ( I had on
shorts).  When the video finished I got up to leave. The was no one else in
the room with me.
For that reason I will never return to the house.

The Snake Lady

I first would like to say I was not a believer in ghosts or spirits.  I was
in the navy at the time and had just been transferred to Sasebo Japan.  My
family and I  arrived there in August of 91.  I felt lucky because the Navy
had just opened  Hario, a new housing complex about 9 miles from the naval
base.  This meant that my family and I would not have to live off base.  My
wife and I were taken out the Hario to pick out a house.  Being newly opened,
we basically had the pick of the litter.  My wife and I choose a nice 3 bed
room townhouse in the center of the housing complex. We moved in within 3
days and began to settle down.  Nothing much happened for the first month or
2, then one night my daughter (3 at the time) started waking up at night
crying.  She  would point at the wall and tell me to make the snake lady go
away.  This happened about once a week.  Of course I thought she was just
having bad dreams.  We would let her sleep in our bed when this happened.  My
wife became pregnant at the time and we were allowed to move into a four
bedroom house.  I was hoping this move would solve the snake lady problem.
As we moved into the new house I assured her the snake lady was gone forever
(boy was I wrong).  It was about 2 week before her encounters with the snake
lady started again.  This time my wife and I could actually feel some sort of
electrical charge throughout the house.  These encounters intensified and my
daughter started to see more and more apparitions.  She would tell me that
the snake lady wanted to take her away.  I being a skeptic thought the
electical charge was sort of funny but never gave much though about my
daughters nightmares being real. Then one night My wife and I were awaken by
my daughter screeming at the top of her lungs.  We rushed into her room to
find her pressed against the far wall, her feet approximately one foot of the
ground.  my wife and I both grabbed her arms and with one of my feet pressed
against the wall I pulled with all my might.  She wouldn't budge.  I'm not a
small man 5' 10" 191 lbs, and I worked out all the time.  I could not get her
of the wall. All the while she was screaming that the snake lady wanted to
take her away.  Scared to dead I started praying in my head.  My daughter
started  to slide down the wall and she fell into our arms.  I don't know
what it was but I believe there is something out there we don't know about.
The next day I blessed every room in the house with olive oil.  This seemed
to do the trick because my daughter never had another experience.
 My wife is Japanese and she did some investigating of the area's history.
Hario was once an internment camp for the sick and dying japanese solders of
WWII.  There if a shrine just outside the back gate for the solders that died

 The Shack over the Hill


Years ago when my sister and I still lived at home with our parents we had
several strange experiences that occurred in our house that we attributed to
a ghost or ghosts. My parents had their own run-ins with the spirit usually
at different times than us and all of them were unique.
I would like to start by naming our ghost. His name was Don Johnson. The
reason for this name is because when my father purchased the property for our
home to be built on there was an old shack over the hill that belonged to a
man named Don Johnson. The shack was on our property and the man had long
been deceased. My sister and I had known this man through our grandparents,
which lived about a 1/8 mile from our house. Don was a kind man. He did odd
jobs and sold vegetables from his garden to make a living. However he did
tend to drink most of his money.
Shortly after moving into the home small but strange things began to happen.
A shoe brush that my dad and I used before going to church disappeared from
under the bathroom sink. We would look the house over and could not find it.
Then some weeks later we would find the brush back under the sink where it
belonged. This happened at least once or twice a month. This was only the
My sister had a watch that my parents had given her for her birthday. The
watch began to do the same disappearing act but it showed up in the oddest of
places and times. Once it showed up while my sister was in the shower. She
got out to dry off and the watch was lying on her clean clothes. That night
we heard her scream from the basement, that's where her room was, and we all
hurried to see what had happened. She explained and the blame was put on me.
Sometime later the watch vanished again only to reappear on the steering
wheel of her car. She finally got to the point of giving the watch back to my
parents. The watch never disappeared again.
The experiences I had were small and consisted of my bedroom door being
knocked on when closed and the radio going off and on. All this happened when
I was at home alone. I guess that since much didn't happen to me I was the
logical choice of being the culprit. I swear I never did any of those things.
Then one night our parents told us about the strange experiences that they
had seen. At night when all the family was in bed the commodes began to flush
on their own, doors being slammed, the window shades in my parents room would
go up and down and the feeling of cold air would lay over them at night
preventing them from moving. Dad said that one evening when he was home alone
that something walked up the steps from the basement and made its way down
the hall towards the bedrooms slamming the doors along the way. He never saw
anything but could hear the footsteps on the carpet as it walked by him. He
said he cursed at it and the slamming stopped and it made its way back down
to the basement.
This was a lot for my sister and I to take in that night. We had never heard
these things and were a little shocked to know that they had be going on for
sometime before our parents had told us about them. Also on that night we
found out about another strange occurrence we all knew but had never
mentioned to each other. That was the noticing of the digital clocks in the
house and in the cars reading 1:11 or 11:11. The time was correct but we all
read them at that certain time. We did not understand the meaning behind that.
We talked more that night and came to the conclusion that it must be Don who
had lived in the shack over the hill. He never owned the property he lived
on. He was allowed to live there because my grandparents let him. They owned
the property and that's how my father was able to purchase it. My parents
said that they were thinking of having someone come in, a Ghostbusters of
sorts, to get rid of the problem but they never did.
Eventually my sister and I grew up and moved out of the house. The haunting
finally diminished after we the kids left and my father burned the shack to
the ground some years later. They still live there today. We tell the stories
to our friends, some believe and some don't but we know they are true.

The RAF Ghost


It's funny really, cos I have been reading your site for quite some time and
have marvelled over the experiences people have had but never, ever thought
I would be emailing you my story.
This experience is mainly my two friends, but I experienced it first hand
last night.
They live in RAF (Royal Air Force)Quarters in Middlesex in England and have
never really mentioned anything before.  A couple of weeks ago, Susie and I
were sitting chatting about various things when the subject of ghosts came
up. 'Funny enough, the hand prints have come back since Alana was born' said
Susie.  'Hand prints, what handprints?' I replied.  It seems that since they
moved in over three years ago, they have had various 'things' happen.
So she took me upstairs and there, clear as day, was a set of huge hand
prints on the wall just above their bed.  Apparently, she has tried
everything to get rid of them and they disappeared when she was pregnant.
As soon as the baby was born, they came back and when I saw Susie and Jay
last night, they casually informed me that handprints had moved!
By now I was getting quite spooked out.  We went outside for a cigerette
with one of the music channels on the TV playing.  When we came back in, the
channel had changed to some gruesome true murder documentary.  The hairs on
the back of my neck were standing on end at this stage and it took Susie a
good 5 minutes to change the channel back!  Also they have both watched the
candle that stood on top of the tele very casually move from the middle and
drop off at the end.  Things have been moved around, never hidden and the TV
also turns itself on and off.  Susie and Jay are very relaxed about this and
the ghost obviously means them no harm.
Last night, it was Susie, Jay and me, and they told me what had happened
last Sunday.  Apparently, Susie had gone up to change Alana and had set out
her pyjamas and nappy out on the changing mat in the bedroom.  She was
bathing Alana and thought that perhaps she could use one of the smaller
nappies instead of the big one that she had pulled out.  When she went back
into the bedroom, the pyjamas and the big nappy had been thrown onto the
chair and in a perfect arc were three of the smaller nappies on the changing
mat.  Poor Jay got it right in the neck for that until he explained that he
hadn't been upstairs at all.
Again, the hairs on my neck were standing on end and when I had to go
upstairs to use their toilet, Susie had to come with me!  We then went
outside for a cigarette and as we were sitting there, I saw the shadow of
someone walk into the kitchen, didn't think anything of it until I realised
that we were all sitting outside.  I told them and Susie said that she sees
shadows out the corner of her eye all the time.
We then went back in and I was sitting on the sofa next to Susie talking to
Jay, when I noticed that she was staring at something right behind.  I asked
what she was looking at, but she said nothing at first, knowing how freaked
out I was getting.  I finally got it out of her and the bunny rabbit that
was sitting right behind me on the top of the sofa against the wall, well
his ears were upright against the wall as well and she saw them bend down
and go back up again.  So, I think that their ghost has got a sense of
Apparently, they are not the only ones to experience things, it seems that
quite a few people in the row of houses have had strange things happen and
the couple on end have even seen a shadowy figure.
She's asked me to babysit Alana next week, must admit not too keen on having
the 'extra' company though!

The Public House


Hello, I was recently visiting your web site and I saw that you have a
listing of THe Public House Restaurant in Roswell, GA. I used to work there
as a hostess 2 years ago and I truly believe it to be a haunted place. The
story on the web site is different from what we all knew who worked there,
however. THis is the story that the staff knows. THe restaurant was indeed
there during the Civil War. It was a general store and sits right next to
the old Roswell Mill. The general store's daughter fell in love with a Union
Soldier who was later hung for treason. She and him sit upstairs in the bar
area in 2 chairs that overlook the square. There are two paintings. one of a
man and one of a woman and it is said they live behind these paintings and
at night they come out and waltz together near the piano.
I have witnessed strange happenings and been told strange stories. Upon one
occasion, I was opening up for lunch and being the only woman on staff that
day, I was in charge of going into the lady's restroom and turning on lights
and making sure there were enough paper towels. I turned on the lights and
walked out adn less than 5 minutes later, I went back in and the lights were
off. I also was in the restroom during a dinner shift one night and I was
the only one in there and the toilet flushed all on its own. Needless to say
I hurried out of the room. One night all of the pagers we used to tell
people when their tables were ready kept going off even when unplugged from
the socket.
Perhaps the most spine tingling tail I was told was of this young boy. THe
restaurant host parties and this woman came in one day to speak to the
events coordinator and she left her son at the top of the steps to play.
When the time came for her to leave the little boy said he wanted to stay
with the man and play. His mother questioned who he was talking about and he
pointed and said "The soldier." It was the Union soldier who haunts the
Another story is of the alarm system going off from the inside with no doors
or windows open and the alarm company called the manager and said there were
pots and pans and glass breaking.
Another person reported the pictures randomly falling off the walls and also
the lamps on the tables lighting themselves.
I just thought you might find these tales interesting. It was definitely a
wonderful and exciting place to work!

The Phantom party


When I was in staying in London with my uncle who worked at marble Hill house we slept in the grounds converted stable house. The appartment doors would not stay shut but since it was so nice i didnt think much of it. At the night time we would shut all the doors because it was so cold and then in the morning they would be open.
We slept in the main bedroom (me,my mum, my dad and my brother) and thought that the doors would just bow open at night until something really strange happened.
One night, we had all returned to bed and were drifting off to sleep until a sound that was like a party (according to my mum) I thought it sounded more like gramaphone music. And then came a banging like footsteps on a wooden floor. (there were no wooden floors anywhere in the building!) The footsteps stopped and i heard the bedroom door open.
I thought that mabye that my uncle had turned the television on. But it turns out he had been sound asleep all the night since we had all gone to bed.
While talking the next day my mum brought up the subject and i agreed i had heard it too. My dad finally agreed that he had heard it too and when my uncle woke up we asked him whether he had been awake. He said he had been asleep all night because he had drunk a bottle of whisky. He then admitted that previous tenants had said they had encountered the ghost(s)
I am now a strong ghost fanatic since that moment

The Party

My name is Nicole and I am 15. Well this is my story.
This happened when I was 14. Anyways me and 5 of my
friends were at a party and we are all big believers
in spirits and everything and we were all talking
about these expieriences we've had with spirits and we
were sitting in the dark with abunch of candles well
one of my friends felt someone push her and she got a
chill and it felt like it was walking around the
circle we were sitting in and touching us because all
of us ended up getting chills and weird feelings so of
course we started to freak out and we were just
sitting in silence and one of us turned on the light
and blew out the candles and we looked over towards
where we were sitting there was an imprint of somebody
sitting on the floor so we tossed a balloon towards
the imprint and the balloon bounced back and we know
it wasnt just bouncing because the balloon didnt even
touch the floor. From that day on my friend has always
heard or saw something in her room.

The Others


   I dont know what to believe anymore! i really dont like sharing any
stories i have ... i am 17 and i have a normal life..why have people think i
am nuts or something? who wants that with all teh pressure i have already? i
sometimes still feel different though. As if i am in tuen with something
that some people may have but tenf to ignore. i have a ghost problem. A lot
of times i cannot see them but i know they are there...heres some stories of
my experiences.
   As a small child before i started school i used to go woth my parents to
work. they worked at an old furniture store, and it was extremely large.
There was always something to explore. once i was in the basement playing
with my dolls. i had them all spread out all over around me and i gave them
voices. i was saying "hello" and making the dolls talk to each other.
"hello" i said "HELLO" came a voice. i stoped playing. i moved up stairs as
quickly as i could.I was playing quite close to my parents and as i reached
for a doll it seemed to jump away." STOP IT" i demanded. It stopped. i
learned talking and ordering the ghosts can sometimes help other times it
   When my family and i moved, we moved into a beautiful house in the
country. One of my neighbors who loved telling stories, told us about our
hill that our house was built on being a practice feild for shooting in soem
early war. A young man named ( as far as we know) Johnny was accidently
killed when he ran in frount of a target. he is supossed to be still here
unable to leave. i believe we have had experiances with him in the past. Our
closet door which i always close would open in the night and when i closed
it it would again open... i was reading a book and set it on teh counter
while i went into our garage ...came back in two secs... it was gone...i was
alone in teh house..nerviously i said " johnny give it back" i heard my cat
meowing and i walked into the room there was the book. Coincidences??? maybe
but i dotn know.
    I woke up one night after i fell asleep on the couch and i was awoken by
an odd sound... there at standing a few feet away the image of a young man clear, i thought it was a burgler! i screamed and ran in my parents
room. i was shaking and crying. It was the first time i told my parents
about anything. My mom believed me my dad thought i was nuts..i could tell.I
could describe the young man though... in his early twenties or late
teens..old clothes, blond hair, he almost looked like Matt Damon. i must be
nuts i thought.
   One night i woke up again and saw him i thought i had a heart attack. i
resisted the urge to run. the whole time he just stood and smiled. it was
threatening at all. " you need to leave now," i said gulping." you are dead
and you dont belong here. its time to move on." i closed my eyes. when i
opened them he was gone. i never was bugged by him again.
   at my mom's new store a threatening ghost seemed to roam about. he
slammed a chest into my mom's hand. he scared people and often appeared to
people. he was supposivally and old sea captin. when i went in teh basement
of the house i felt it. i felt him behind me and turned around he slapped me
in the face. i dint see him but i felt the slap. i was wearing a cross
around my neck that my mom had given me. i was suddenly very aware of it.
Again i repeated what i told johnny. he still hasnt seem to have left, but
no more attacks have been reported on customers or employees.
   i often hear things i cant explain or feel things .. sometimes its scary
other times its almost comforting. not that i am not scared when it
happens!! usually i freak. but learning to deal is the hard thing. i dont
problem with them but i want them to also respect me too.

The Old Country House!!


When I was about 4 we moved into this house out in the country.  My parents told me the house was at least a 100 years old and that was about 15 yrs ago.  We lived in this house for about 6 or 7 yrs and lots of spooky stuff would happen... I am not sure if there was a ghost or what was really happening but I always felt like there was something scary in the house... I remember whenever I would be in the bathroom I would be taking a bath and mom would keep the door open so she could hear if I was ok or not.. well while I would be playing around in the bath tub I would always see what I called the "UGLY MAN" walk by... he was like all muddy and dirty looking and he had a body and face but it was all muddy like a character from Scooby Doo... and he was alllllways scary... and I remember always being afraid of the closet in my room.. because I swore up and down that, that is where he was coming from.... like he lived in my closet.. I know this sounds like a total little kid story but I swear its real... and also remember I would hear whispering and someone trying to talk to me.. so whenever I would go into the kitchen or a room that no one was in I would sing really loud or talk real loud to my dad if he was in the living room so the whispering or whatever wouldn't be able to talk to me..... and the weird part about all of this was a few weeks ago I was talking to my mom about the house and she was telling me about how we had a great Dane named "CESAR" now this dog was hella big.. well I guess all of a sudden my mom would walk into the living room and Cesar or are other great Dane NATASHA would be barking hysterically at the wall and their hair on their back would be all spiked up like they were scared!! And let me tell u id it wasn't a ghost then why would by dogs be scared they aren't scared of anything....after we moved out nothing weird happened in our new house so there is defiantly something or someone in that house.. I just feel sorry for the people that live there now....

The Mysterious Voices


      I when i was about 10 years old my family lived with my grandmother
and me and my brother had to sleep in the basement (half was for storage half
was and extra room) so one night at like three i had to walk to the top floor
to take a pee one my way down i  hear the voice of a little girl say
"goodbye".My brother heard the same voice coming up the stairs from the
      When I was 15 we move out to NJ. When I was 16 I heard horribly
violent screaming, it sounded like a woman and it sounded like it was coming
from behind me. 3 days later my brother he was 19 he heard the same screaming
coming from our bedroom closet. nowadays we don't heard any mysterious voices
but we both know they had to be ghosts.

The lil ole Ghost on Grosvenor Ave.....


In 1997, I was in my second year of domicile on grosvenor and had opened my
house up to a friend that needed a place to stay. I was to be gone all summer
and he would have the run of the house. I worked as an archeologist and
frequently was gone so it wasnt uncommon for me to be gone for months at a
When I came back from a dig that summer, I noticed that things were tense
between him and I. He didnt like it when I was home- really liked having his
music studio in the living room. But naturally, I looked forward to being
home. I had not really lived with him- since he moved in right when I was
leaving for a project. Over the course of a month things got, well, the way
things do when people dont have genuine affection for one another. This is
when things kinda got weird.
I would be sitting in the front living room reading, and pictures around the
house would be falling off the wall. Once, the spice rack flew off the
kitchen wall and landed five feet in front of where it should have
landed......This was enough to fill a weaker mans pants with shit, but I
I sought a medium and she told me that a little girl that had died there 50
years or so before, was attracted to my energy and liked to play games.
However, the fact that he and I had tensions did not slip my mind. I thought
that I may have been projecting energy towards him- they were his own work in
The mediums message rang through again, in 2000, when I was excavating a
burial site and later visited a friend who was a para. investigator. He had
no idea that I had been on a burial site, and we were sicussing UFO flaps
that had been occurring over the Ohio valley that spring, when all of a
sudden he announced that had a visotor standing beside me- an attractive lady
and middle aged man...fuzzy mental images he said....
I of course, dropped my chin and could do nothing except allow the blood to
drain slowly from the face....I asked him where they had come from, and the
lady answered that I had been a rather attractive source of energy and
someone she could relate to- plus I made a convenient exit ot of the cemetery
she was trapped in. Through him, the lady words spoke about being trapped and
uncomfortable there. He asked me if I had been anywhere near a cemetery
lately. I  told him about the excavation and he told me exactly where I was
at that site.
He later told me that the man was pissed that I stepped on his grave....I
knew exactly where he referring to, as I had made a mental note about this

The Lady on the Landing.


Hi Dave, my name is Hannah and I would like to tell you about something that happened to two of my mum's friends. This is all in England in a little place called Boscastle in the county of Cornwall.

Coral and Roger Calcot moved to a small cottage in Boscastle over 20 years ago. They had little money and so Roger had to get a job as soon as possible. When he finally succeeded in doing so, he went off to work and left Coral alone in the new home. It wasn't long before she began to have horrible feelings whenever she was upstairs in the bathroom which was just off the landing. One day, when she was in the bathroom, she had a very strong feeling of being watched. The door was closed but it was as if someone was looking through the keyhole. In the end she stuffed toilet roll in it so that she felt safer. She mentioned it to Roger one day but he didn't believe her and she got really worried. Then, it happened. Coral came out of the bathroom one day, and there on the landing was a little old lady dressed all in black. Terrified, Coral ran downstairs and when her husband got home she told him that she could not remain in the house on her own. Roger went out and bought two dogs- Sophie and Jasmine, to keep his wife company and to stop her being so afraid. Coral felt much better with the dogs around but it was not long before they too became terrified and refused to go up the stairs.Nearly every time she went upstairs, she would see the old lady on the landing. As time went on, Coral became ill with fear and Roger was getting worried so one day they invited some friends round to dinner. Coral had seen the old lady on the landing so many times but she never told them about it. One of the friends went upstairs to the toilet and had a strong feeling of being watched. When he emerged from the bathroom, he too saw the lady on the landing. He ran downstairs and told Coral and Roger that he could not stay a moment longer because of the ghost upstairs. That was when Roger realised that Coral was not imagining things. The next day, they went out and put the house up for sale. Shortly afterwards, two ladies came to look round the house and brought cameras with them. They took loads of pictures but when they were developed, none of them came out! However, they bought the cottage and on Coral and Roger's last night in there, the lights fused, the pipes burst, the electricity went; everything went out of order- as if the ghost didn't want them to leave. They were so glad to get out of there!

The House on Longshore St.


This incident happened in 1980, when I was 15 years old. My sister rented an
apartment that had a finished basement. In the 1960's, a couple lived on the
2nd. floor of this building. One day, the husband went crazy and strangled
his wife, and then hung himself. At first, I really liked this apartment. It
was like my second home, until a couple moved into the apartment upstairs.
They were cool. We hung out on weekends and even though I was only 15, I
would drink beer with them. Strange things began to happen gradually over
time. Small things began to disapear, windows shaking on windless days, cold
spots in different places. My sisters kitten vanished one day and we never
found it, although we could here it mewing for weeks!!!!! We were sitting
around partying one day,and a noise came from the kitchen. ( my sister had
beads in the doorway that you moved in order to get into or out of the
kitchen.) When we looked over, the beads seperated as if someone was walking
through them!!!!! Ther was nobody there!!!!! I was sitting in a chair in the
corner of the room, middle of summer, no air conditioning. I was all of a
sudden, frezing cold!!!!! My brother ( Thank god he's changed his ways!) had
a gun hidden in the basement. He went to get it one day and a voice from out
of nowhere, demanded him to " PUT THAT GUN DOWN"!!!!! Needless to say, he
did. He never went back into that basement again. For that matter, not even
into the apartment. I should have taken his advice, not to go into the
basement. I was drinking a bit to much one night, and I got sick. My sister
got upset ( rightly so.) She told me to go down the basement to sleep it off.
Now, I know what you are probably thinking. " This guy's drunk and imagining
things". NOWAY!!!!! I staggered down into that basement not really knowing
where I was. I passed out almost instantly. I woke up with a slap to my face
and a voice yelling at me to quote; " GET THE F--K OUT OF MY HOUSE, YOU
DRUNKEN BASTARD"!!!!! I was instantly sober!!!!! I never went back to that
house again, until-------- Years later, in 1996, I was driving a taxi cab. I
did'nt recognize the address at first, but for some reason, I felt uneasy
about the job. I saw the address on the house when I pulled up, and my first
thought was, "OH S--T"!!!!! I rang the bell ( reluctantly) and a man came to
the window, looking very angry. I thought, " Great, another happy customer".
A woman answered the door and got into my cab. She seamed to be upbeat and
happy. I told her I was sorry for making her wait so long for a cab, and she
said it was ok. I told her that the guy in the window did'nt look very happy.
She said, " What guy? I live alone"! I did'nt have the heart to tell her my

The House on Danbrook Drive


I had a few experiences in this one house I lived in when from the time I
was 5 until about 14.  I lived in a city about 20 minutes from Los Angeles.
Anyway, one night I was sleeping and for some reason I woke up, (I don't
ever wake up in the middle of the night), when I woke up I saw a white
figure, which looked like a soldier standing in front of my bedroom door.
He was standing there saluting just staring at me.  He didn't move.  What I
remember the most is his eyes.  They were bright white.  I was scared
because umm yah it was a ghost and it's not normal for me to see something
like that but at the same time I felt safe.  I knew that he wasn't there to
hurt me or he wasn't trying to scare me.  What I wanted to do was run to my
moms room but instead I pulled the blanket over my head and prayed.  The
next morning I told my mom about it and I remember she got this weird look
on her face but then was like "It must've been the lights from outside.  You
probably imagined it, now stop scaring your sister."
After that everything was fine until about a year later I had the worst
experience.  My mom had rearranged my room so that my bed was right in front
of the door.  One night I was sleeping and I heard what sounded like a baby
wearing a diaper crawl by.  My baby brother still wore diaper's so I thought
it was him.  I looked out my bedroom door and didn't see anything.  I
checked on my baby brother and he was sound asleep in his crib.  I went back
into bed and started to doze off when I heard it again.  I didn't feel like
getting up again so I called out his name and just like that the noise
stopped.  Then about 10 seconds later I felt something tug on my blanket.
(Now remember my bed was right in front of my door so if my brother came in
I would've seen him.)  I grabbed onto my blanket but whatever was tugging
started pulling on it harder.  I was so scared but I wasn't about to let
whatever was pulling on my blanket take it, (that's my favorite blanket).
So I laid on top of it.  Then the tugging stopped.  I guess I passed out
because I woke again on top of my blanket.  Something had woke me up I don't
know what though.  Anyway, I had long hair and it was hanging off my bed
because of the way I was laying.  All of a  sudden I felt like something was
pulling my hair very gently though, then all of a sudden it felt like
someone had started at the top of my head and put their fingers through my
hair but it didn't feel like fingers because it scratched my head, it was
sharp.  I know I was not imagining it either because my head jerked back
since I had a lot of tangles in my hair.  That was it.  I ran so fast out of
my room.  I ran into my parents room crying hysterically, it took them a
while to calm me down.  When they finally did I told them what happened.
Again my mom told me it was my imagination.  I was not imagining it.  Well I
slept on their room floor for about 6 months after that.  There was no way I
was going to sleep in that room.  That was the last time anything had
happened like that.  I remember I was always freezing in my room.  The rest
of the house would be hot but as soon as you would go into my room you were
freezing.  No matter what time of the year it was.  One day me, my mom, my
brother and sister came back from my aunts.  I was the first to walk in my
mom was right behind me and bro and sis were still getting out of the car.
It was dark in the house so I was walking to go put the light on when out of
nowhere this bright white ballish figure flew straight from the kitchen into
my room.  My mom saw it too because I looked at her and all she said was
"Don't say anything!"
We finally moved when I was about 14.  One day my mom and I were talking
about that house and I had brought up that soldier I had seen That's when
she finally told me what happened.........
The street we lived on had this one gang.  There were always drive by
shootings, fights and cops everywhere.  Anyway, a year before we moved in I
guess there had been a little shoot out between the gangsters and the cops.
Well a cop was shot and he crawled up to my front porch to get help but
before an ambulance could get there he died right there on the steps.  My
bedroom window was right next to the front porch.  So it turned out that it
wasn't a soldier but it was a cop dressed in his full service dress that he
was buried in.  I actually feel fortunate to of had him with us.  I feel
like he was protecting us.  A lot of the kids on my street that I grew up
with has been beat up bad, shot, joined a gang, got pregnant really young,
etc.  Everyone except for me and my siblings, (there's 6 of us).  It was a
dangerous neighborhood but I always had this feeling when I was in that
house like I was safe and I had nothing to worry about.  But at the same
time I always felt like something or someone was watching me.  Well that's
my story.

The House on Chestnut


My friend rents houses.  He says it is to make money but sometimes he is lucky to break even.
When the last renters moved out of the Chestnut house they told the realtor, that handles the rent and such,  that the house was haunted.  They both (two 24- 25 year old men) said they could hear footsteps on the vinyl tile floors upstairs when no one was up there.
When the realtor told my friend that he also added that the renter before last also reported strange things.
 He said the little girl (12 years old ) told him that "Fred" used to come and set on her bed and talk with her.  She said he was always very nice but never stayed very long.  My friends uncle died in that house 15 years ago.  His name was Fred.
Neither of us (my friend and I ) ever had anything strange happen while we were working in the house.

 The House of the Dead


when i was 19 me and my freind rented out a two bedroom appartment but that has nothing to do with what im going to tell you the appartment was sort of beach house yet it fasted a small island of the coast oof san fransisco and there was some sort of large building now im terrorfied of ghost i coulndt stand a hour with them thats why this had to be the worst night of my life my best freind dared me to go onto the island and go into the buildingof course i said hell no but he started calling me a chiken and other insults so i said ok the next day we packed evrey thing that could be of use to us i even brought my fathers rifle (witch wasnt relley a use to me later)
and we headed to the island(we rented a moter boat)
and around 30 minutes later we were there it was a 10 minute walk to the building it was a very very old housearound 3 floors and it was by far they most horrorfing sight ive ever saw why i went in ill never know but when you get in there you have a strange felling come over you like you were unwelcomed but stupidly enough we kept on going ujtil the worst possible thing happend  i lost my freind and all i could think was that i was going to die i started running to the exit of the house until i incounterd a red blur of some sort and it started to come near me so i loaded the rifle but it wouldnt fire all i could say was "fire you F***ing piece of s***"  and i just droped the rifle and it fired then i rememberd that the gunshot didnt do anything(well of course it was a ghost luckly my freind was waiting at the dorr and we ran out and drove the motor boat home i then voud i would never return to that island agian

 The Good Ghost Samaritan


what im about to here is something i have never told anyone to say
this exsperencie scared me straight and well i would have never be afriad of a spirit
but what i enconterd was no ghost it was evil on the day of july 2nd 1999
i turned 15 that day i lived in a normal 2 storie house but on the 3rd floor you can see a old abandon insane asylum it was  ontop of a rather large hill suronded by wood's (its in new york) sometimes when my freind slept over we would stare out my bedroom window we would look at it the reason for this is because evrey morning at 3:14 the lights in the asylum would go on at the same time evrey morning for 2 minutes it was a very creepy building and it would scare the $*** out of me and one day my freind "jim" on our way to school said that we should go up there sometime i said 2 words "Hell No" then he said he would give me $200 dollers to stay 1 hour up there so strangley enough i said ok so that weekend we went up there  it was saturday at 2:30 in the morning i enterd the asylum it was very very dark i turned on the flashlight and looked around and found nothing at all so i walked around for a while not finding anything at all until 3:13 i entered what seemed like the west wing and in front of me was a large hallway and i started hearing footsteps and it was freaking me out
but something told me to looked at my watch it was 3:14and the lights went on and at the end of the hallway there was a human figure standing at the end of the hallway i said hello and it started walking towerds me and i was so scared i couldnt move when it got to me he said hi in a non trentening voice he knew i was scared so he said "you have no reason to fear me im harmless but what will be here in a minute is" i asked him what he meant by that he said that he was here to warn me that there is a evil force here he said that he was consernd about me i asked if he was the guy that turned on the lights evrey morning he said no he then said to leave before it gets here the figure then faded  i wasnt scared after that but about 10 seconds later i did then a large figure in a blue cloak apered i was then freaked out because thats what the other spirit was talking about i notecd that the man in the cloak was wairing a pentagram the man then said "your in my power now" all i could think was "OH S***"
the man then raised what looked like a dagger and nerley stabed me in the head then strangely enough i was pulled away by something then i heard anthor  voice say "stay the hell away from him you have no reason to take his life away" i knew that it was the spirit from before and after that all i could remember was being back at the entrence of the building
and then jim said that i was in there for 3 hours  we then left the forest we crashed at my house for the night then the next afternoon i reseved a pakege wich my mom thought was a joke because the andress on the box was from the asylum i opend it up and inside there was a cross and broken pieces of a pentegramfor some and then there was a card that said "thank you" i dont know why but i got a safe feeling inside i did some reaserch on the asylum and aperently the spirit that saved me was a young man that cared for the elderly and he was murderd at 3:14 on july 2nd 1949 and i dont know how but i think i put his soul to rest
ever sense then the lights wouldnt go on anymore so aperently i did free his soul and also i have had that safe feeling  and ive been worey free and i havent felt scared in 3 years so thats my storie thank you for your time

The Ghosts in my House


There are at least 2 ghosts that I know of that come to my home.  There is a
little girl that I have never seen, and there is an old man that I have in
fact seen.  I live in a twinplex and my land lord lives in the 1 next to
mine.  The old man was his grandfather that died in his twinplex.  The little
girl has been seen by his entire family leaving from 1 of the kids' closets
and walking down the stairs and disappearing into the closet at the bottom of
the stair case.  The old man whom I call (Gramps) has sort of taken the
little girl under his wings and if you see him she's not to far away from
him.  I think they like to be in my son's room because he hasn't slept in his
room for a month now, and when he does he wakes up in the middle of the night
a screams bloody murder until we come in and get him.  I don't mind the fact
that there are ghosts that frequent my home I just don't like the fact that
they scare my son who is 2 years old.  They made their presence known to my
son Zachary before they did to us because long before he wouldn't sleep in
his room he didn't like to be anywhere in the house by himself.  When he'd be
in the bathtub he'd cry and stare at the corner of my bathroom wall.  I have
had my coffee cups rearranged in my cupboard, and when we had my
brother-in-law and his wife over we were sitting down talking while the kids
were playing and the radio came on full blast.  There was an Elvis gospel CD
in the CD player when the radio came on.  My landlords wife has got a picture
she took of the little girl or Gramps.  We don't know who it is it's just a
big ball of white light.  There is quite possibly more that just haven't made
their presence known yet.

The Ghost Story


         hi my name is frances and i would like to share my ghost
experience story with you.
One night i got out of bed and walked past my spare bedroom window, and out
of the window i saw a lady gliding towards my house on my next door
neighbours lawn. I ran into the bathroom washed my hands and looked again and
there was nothing there.
i told my parents in the morning and they told my next door neighbours and
they said there was a path where the ghost was walking but the path had been
but i have never seen the ghost since

The Ghost in my Room


Hello. My name is Nichole and I'm 14. And I'm e-mailing you from my
friend Eric's screen name. well anyway, The freakiest stuff has been
happening in my bed room. See  the first thing that happened was when I
came home from school and noticed my figures on my dresser had been
moved. The next was when I woke up and found I had been tucked in so
tght I got to call my mother in to help me get out of bed. That's when I
started sleeping on the couch! I mean I packed up my stuff and went
downstairs for good! well, soon my mom said enough was enough and I had
to go get my room back... right. I've always belived in ghosts and I
very much doubt something with that much power is going to listen to me.
BUT I tried anyway. I sat on my bed and siad very nicely ,"look, I don't
know if you want anything but I don't have anywhere else to go so,
please try to calm down with the spooky stuff." my father thought I was
crazy and I bet the ghost did too but it made me feel better. I still
get scared sometimes when I'll leave my messy bed to go wash my face in
the bathroom and come back to find a made bed, but A ghost that makes my
bed for me can't be all that bad.

The Ghost in my House


My big brother told me this.
  One night three of my big brothers fine friends was spending a night. They
were in the den wearing white under shirts watching MTV. One of his friends
fell asleep so they just left him in there. When that friend woke up he saw a
white figure running around in front of him. Then that figure sat down next
to him. He thought it was my big brother Daniel. So he said to the figure
while he nudged him to cut it out and stop playing around, but the thing is
when he went to nudge him his shoulder went threw the figure. After that
happened my big brothers friend went screaming and running to Daniel's room
banging on the door to let him in. I remember hearing him screaming. My Mom
has also seen the ghost too. She says its a good one cause it just mind it
own business. It helps us sometimes too. If we drop something and we can't
reach it comes out on it's own.

The Door


I was sitting  on the couch having an argument with my ex boy friend when
all of the sudden it sounded like someone was taking a jack hammer to the
door .  My boy friend went to open the door and it was shaking, when he
opened the door there was know one there. and it stopped.  As soon as he
closed the door it started again.  I rushed in with my 2 children and
grabbed hem in my arms and hollered stop and it did.  The only other things
that happened with the door was that previously when I would bring in
groceries or had my hands full the door would open automatically, then close
behind me I always shrugged it of as the wind or the door Was not level.
The door was very thick and hand carved it belonged to my ex boy friends
father who I  believe had it hand carved for his house. upon his death my ex
boy friend had it shipped to Maine to put on an old farm house that he
restored.  After that night the door stopped doing things that I know of.  I
have not stayed in close contact with my ex boyfriend enough to know.

The Day I Almost Got Killed


ok,so there i was,in haunted england.i saw this huge mansion-like castle.i told my parents that i wanted to go to it,so i did.when we entered,i saw some glowing light ahead of me.i wanted to check it out,but my parents said"lets check out something else".i said"why"?.my parents said"because its just a fake ghost".so we went to another room and saw that same glow of light reappear,and disappear.i thought it was i we went to the top of the castle and saw the same glow of light again! so i yelled at it and said"identify yourself,ghostly ghoul! so it rapidly came closer and started to chase us! so we ran as fast as we could and took cover in a victorian room.then,suddenly,the room began to shake! After the quake was over,the floor fell,so me,my mom,and dad jumped up and held onto a bar sticking out of the wall and made it to the exit safely.when we got into the car,i heard banging on the car i opened the window and saw the ghost trying to break the roof off of the car! So we took off,peeling out and drove to the nearest airport.we gave them the tickets got on the plane,and went back to where we belong,concord northcarolina in the U.S.A.welp,thats the end of my,TRUE story.i hope you liked it and believed it.

The Dark Shadow

I know that not all dark apparitions are necessarily mean or evil spirits. I
mean, come on lets face it, goodguys don't always wear white, but this time
the difference was as plain as night and day. Three years ago my wife's
mother passed away, and, a few weeks after, my wife and I were sitting in the
living room watching television when I turned to speak to her I saw something
I will never forget til the day I'm worm food. I saw a figure, human shaped
but with no decernable features. A dark shadow, if you will. It was standing
behind my wife, reaching for her neck with, for lack of a better description,
hands. Except these hands had no fingers, they almost like pincers. For a
split second, I was speechless. Then It hit me, this "thing" was going to
touch her. Forgive my language, but, I stated quite loudly, "What the f*#*"!
At which time the shadow turned and looked at me, and seemed to shout or act
as if it were caught by suprise, but, where it's eye's and mouth should be,
there were only three round holes through which I could see the window behind
it. Though I could see through the three holes, I could not see through the
shadow its self. Well needless to say my wife was startled at my outburst,
and it seemed I startled the shadow as well, because it disappered. Though it
was gone, it left me with a strange uneasy feeling. My wife, not a believer
in the unknown, to this day thinks I'm seeing things. She says it's my
seizure meds. I doubt it, because nothing has ever left me with such feeling.
I told my mother of this, and this is a woman whose faith can move mountains,
she also has a very open mind and told me to pray. This brings me to Shi
(pronounced 'she'). Shi is what I like to call my guardian. Whether an angel
or not, all I know is that this is an entity that has come into my life and
has never hurt me or my family. And if to say that I'm crazy because I hear
her when she speaks to me, well then so be it. I know that every time
something is troubling in my life, Shi shows up. Its hard to explain, but
there is a positive force there, and, well, lets just say the prayers, and
Shi, gave whatever the shadow was, the heave-ho.

The Cox Kids


I'm 16 years old & am from a small town in Central Illinois. I have
lived out on my farm all of my life.  25 years a go a family by the name
of Cox lived in a farm house next to mine. The story is well known
around my town & my house is known for being haunted & has num,erous
unexplained mysteries.
 My story begins 25 years ago. In a family of 11 kids & a stay home mom,
the oldest daughter (18 yrs old) had practically no life due to the
constant babysitting & house sitting. Her boyfriend barely got to spend
time with her & it began to get unbearable. One day, after they had
previously made plans to get together, she found out she had to babysit
the children. She was upset & complained to the boyfriend about always
having to watch the kids. This wasn't a rare event. He was used to being
pushed off & their plans getting rearranged. Hearing how often she had
to moniter these kids, he was getting sick of it & I guess, thought she
was, too.  Somehow he got the hint that it would make her happier if her
burden with the children was relieved. However, the decision he made
turned out to do devastatingly more harm than good. That night he showed
up unexpected. He claimed he found a rare bird in a tree near by &
wanted to show the kids & try to shoot the bird down. He told the
girlfriend to take a break & wait inside for a while, while he took care
of the kids.  She agreed. One by one the children went out into the
woods with him & he put his rifle up to them & fired. 5 of the 11
children were killed that night. All of them thinking the gunshots they
heard were fired at the bird instead of their siblings. The bodies were
later found & the man still remains in prison. He was 17 when he
commited this crime.

  My house, being next door to the tragic farm house, has had it's share
of scary stories. Numerous times I have had professional poltergeist
photographers come to my house to take pictures of the "children". Also,
two pictures have showed up at my house with completely unexplainable
images. One has a simple outline of a body above the top of my stairs.
We have no clue who took this picture & are sure it wasn't a glare or
anything because it was nighttime & you can easily see what looks like a
faded body.  The other picture is one of a little girl, who no one in my
family has ever seen before. She is close to the camera & has a
surprised look on her face. The scary part is she has her mouth open &
you can clearly see sharp teeth. Not like the huge fake vampire teeth
for Halloween, these are sharp but small teeth. Also, her face is the
only thing that developed properly in the entire photo. My home has
always had little scary things happen to it. For instance, one night i
was home alone & went upstairs to my room. I heard the doorbell ring. It
hadn't been working for nearly 5 years! I went downstairs, kinda
surprised that it worked, & when I did I found all of the lights off in
the house. At night when i'm home alone I always turn on all of the
lights so I'm less scared. I ran upstairs & the light was on so i new
the power wasn't off. When i went back downstairs all of the lights were
on & all of my windows were open, the kitchen table was completely moved
10 feet from where it should've been & the freezer & fridge doors were
wide open!!!. I freaked out. I ran to my next door neighbors house &
stayed ther until my family got home. Another time, I was home alone &
was on the phone with my dad. It was fall so most of the windows in my
house were open. I was in the living room where there are 3 windows. It
was pitch black out & while on the phone I heard noises outside. There
is gravel & stones lining the sides of my house & I heard something
moving. Right then the T.V. shuit off. I stupidly walked towards the
window. Right then something jumped at the screen & started growling &
scratching at the walls of my house. This window is high above the
ground so the posibility that it was a dog or something is impossible.
Plus the sounds it made were so human like that there was no way at all
it was an animal. The screen started to rip & i never saw what it was
outside of the window. It started screaming when i started screaming. I
ran into the other room & it followed me to the window in my kitchen. It
was trying to get in the kitchen window. I was a mess. My dad was still
on the phone & he was freaking out, too. About 10 sedconds later it all
stopped & it was as though nothing had happened. Well, I have plenty
more stories about my house but i am running out of room to write it.
Thanx for listening.

The Black Ghost

I was on holiday in Spain and we were staying in this really spooky house.
Because I was with loads of my family I shared a room with my two of my
cousins. In my room we had a minstrels gallery above two of our beds. One of
my cousins got scared so she went to get a drink of water from downstairs,
from my bed I could see hers and in it I saw a dark shadow lying in the shape
of her body and I could make out a small head. When my cousin came back she
got into her bed and then sat up looking really pale and I asked her what was
wrong and she said she felt something tug on her bed sheets so in the end we
slept in a different room and then I told her about what I had seen and we
could'nt get to sleep that night.

The Arguement

Honestly, I do not know if this is true or not, but it does give me the
chilles, so whatever.
Years ago, there was a family of three, they were poor, yet happy.They
depended on each other...that was until dad got a job in a investing
company, their lives were better, they had warm food for dinner, soft beds
to sleep in, but dad never spent anytime with mom and his boy.One day, dad's
company went bankrupt, and he coould not pay off the debts and bills, then
dad and mom start fighting everyday.One day while son was at school, dad and
mom argued again, big time.Dad picked up a large knife and sliced mom, then
brutaly killed her.He hid the body, and made up a story, in case son
asked.Son came back, but didn't ask about his mother, or even talk about
her.Days past by and he still never asked, until one day, dad could not take
it any more, and asked" Dear boy, how come u are not curious where your
mother went?"the boy answered"Of course not dad, but i have been curious for
a long time, why your back is always facing mummy..."

The Antique Mirror


Before our marriage, my husband purchased a home built sometime previous to
1870 in the center of a small old town in Michigan.  It is a lovely house
(we still have it) with high ceilings and wide archways between some of the
rooms.  When we moved in we had very modern furniture, which really didn't
look right in the house, so our friends would bring us antiques whenever
they could find them very cheaply (or free).  One friend brought us a very
large, round antique mirror that he had found in a house his company was
hired to tear down.  It was the kind with a gilded wood and molded frame
with a medallion at the top.  The glass, while it had some dark spots and
shadings, was in exceptionally good condition.  This was back in the mid- to
late-70s and we had parties almost every weekend.  In the summer when the
doors were left open, no one bothered knocking, they just opened the screen
and came in.  Late one Friday or Saturday evening shortly after receiving
the mirror I was sitting on a low sofa against the east wall of the living
room.  Also on this wall was a large archway leading into the dining room,
which is where the main entry door that we used was located (there was also
a door leading into the living room from the front porch, but no one used
this one).  The mirror was hung on the north wall, right next to the couch
where I was sitting.  Everyone else was sitting in the middle or at the
opposite end of the room (large room).  I was looking to my right and
noticed in the mirror that a young man was walking through the archway into
the living room and stopped right at the threshold.  At first glance I did
not recognize him, so I turned on the couch to look at him directly . . .
and there was no one there!  I looked over at the mirror again -- and there
he was.  He was not a big guy, about 5'8" or 5'9", thin build, dark hair
(short for the times) and wearing what looked like one of those blue-gray
workshirts.  I looked toward the archway again -- no one was there.  I shot
off the couch and into the dining room, to see if anyone was playing a trick
on me -- there was no one in any part of the house other than the living
room.  It made me very uneasy and I could never sit in that area again.  In
fact, I moved that couch a week later, and even though the mirror still
hangs there all these years later, I try to avoid looking in it.  A couple
of years after this happened I joined the local historical society.  I met a
wonderful tiny old lady in her 90s.  She told me that she had been in my
home many times in her youth and I found out from her that during
prohibition, the people who owned the house would have parties with bootleg
liquor.  There was an argument late one evening and a young man was killed
by a blast from both barrels of a shotgun at close range in the area of the
front entrance to the dining room.  I'm not sure if it was him or not, but
for three or four years after that, every night at 3:10 am, I would hear
slow, but steady footsteps (on the creaky wood floors) walk from the
archway, through the living room and up to the bedroom door.  They always
stopped right there (thank God!), and I tried to make sure they could come
no further by hanging a crucifix on a hook on the inside of the bedroom
door.  After a few years either it stopped, or we grew so accustomed to it
that we don't notice it anymore.
So, do you think my spirit came with the mirror, or that the mirror just
enabled me to see him?

Strange Happenings in the Family Home


I first became aware of a presence in our home when I
was a child of four years old. When I was four, my
brother was born and my parents moved him into the
bedroom next to theirs. I was moved into my very own
room, upstairs. My older sister occupied the room next
to mine. It did not take me long to realize that there
was something odd about this new room I was in--I
would wake in the night, chilled, with the
overwhelming feeling that someone was watching me.
Sometimes I caught fleeting glimpses of what looked
like a shadow on one particular wall. When I mentioned
the shadow to Mom, she attributed it to light-play
from the moon, and other rational explainations. I
tried very hard to believe her explainations, and to
make the shadow sightings "go away," but I simply
couldn't shake the vision of a man in an overcoat,
wearing a fedora. I could never actually see this man,
just an outline-a shadow, but I knew "he" was there. I
can't say I felt threatened by this figure; I just
felt watched and not alone.
I suppose I should describe our family home. It is a
large, cape-cod style home built in the 1940's just
after the war. The family that built the home were
obviously influenced by WWII (as was the world, I
would think!) and they built a "secret room" which I
imagine was designed to hide the family if war ever
broke out on home soil. This room was only accessable
via a trap door in the kitchen floor, and it led to
the secret room in the basement. (my dad sealed this
room off before I was born, although I know exactly
where the trapdoor is) There is also a "secret
passageway" that leads between the closets of the two
upstairs rooms. This passageway had been sealed before
my parents bought the home. This house was the second
built on the foundation, the first was a farmhouse
dating back to the late 1800's, which burnt when my
mother was a child in the 1930's. The family that
originally built the cape-cod didn't live there long,
and it became a rest home for the affluent elderly in
the community for several years. My parents bought the
home in 1954, and I was born eleven years later.
 There were other strange occurances in the house in my
younger years, such as doors opening and closing by
themselves, and doors locking when there were no
locks, and the piano playing by itself-- but I will
fastforward to 1974, when my older sister got married.
I took the opportunity to move into her larger room,
and that is when the strangeness went into overdrive.
I hadn't actually even moved completely into the room
when the weirdness began. I had moved my record player
into the room, along with a student desk. I was
showing the room to a friend one afternoon when the
door slammed behind us. When we turned to look at the
door, the shade on the opposite window flew off the
hinges and landed at our feet in the middle of the
room. We both screamed and ran to the door, only to
find it locked (and there wasn't a lock on the door).
We managed to finally get it open and run down the
stairs. My friend would never even go into the room
again, let alone spend the night with me. I didn't let
it bother me however, and moved the bed into the room
and took up residence. The room always stayed
incredibly cold, even in the heat of an Ohio summer.
My dad installed triple the insulation into that room
to try to help with the chill, but it remained
downright cold. There were countless nights when I
would awaken to knocking on the walls. Sometimes I
would knock back, and "it" would knock back to me.
When I told my parents about the knocking, my dad said
it was a tree limb scraping the house. The knocking
became so intense that he ended up cutting the tree
down, but the knocking continued. My parents installed
an intercom system into my room next to my bed, so I
could page them when the knocking started. Dad seemed
convinced that it was neighborhood boys throwing rocks
at my window. It didn't sound like that though, and
the knocking was coming from an inside wall, not an
outside one.
 One afternoon I was lying on the bed reading, and I
got the overwhelming feeling that I was being watched.
I sat up on the bed and said outloud "Stop it! There's
no such thing as ghosts!" and no sooner had I uttered
the words, a figurine on a shelf began to wobble and
then flew off the shelf and across to the bed, hitting
me on the forehead. I slept on the sofa for a month
after that!
 My family was even beginning to notice strange
happenings by this time. The television would turn
itself on and off, or alternately increase to top
volume without anyone being in the room. Dad said we
had a bum set and bought a new one, but it did the
same. We had the wiring replaced but it still
happened. My mom declared that if it was a ghost, it
certainly wasn't going to run her out of the home she
loved. (this is true, she still lives there with the
ghost) Other things that would happen in the house
included radios switching on and off, lights
flickering, the washing machine switching on and
running a cycle, and of course the shadow wandering
around upstairs. It was all beginning to frighten me
quite a bit, especially the knocking noises. If the
knocking started, I would buzz Mom on the intercom and
she would race upstairs, but as soon as she reached
the top step the knocking would stop. I began to think
perhaps I was going a bit crazy.
 I went away to college and something strange happened
in my old bedroom about a week after I had left. I
still had some clothing hanging in the closet, and
there were a few posters still hanging on the wall,
but otherwise it was empty. My mom heard a funny noise
upstairs one afternoon and went up to investigate. She
checked the first bedroom and saw nothing amiss, and
went on down the hall to my room. She opened the door
and discovered that the mirrored tile on one wall had
exploded all over the place. There were shards of
glass sticking in the opposite wall, and had scraped
across the ceiling like claw-marks. My posters hung in
shreads. She noticed my closet door hanging open, and
shards of glass sticking in the clothes still hanging
inside. She shut the door and waited for dad to get
home from work. He decided that it must have been a
freak lightning hit (although the day was sunny and
cloudless) and rang the insurers to come out and
investigate. The investigator noted that the point of
impact seemed to be the upper corner of the wall where
the mirrored tile met the ajoining wall. Oddly, he
also noted that the broken wood in that corner was
pointing outward, as if the lightning had been inside
the room and went out, instead of the lightning
hitting outside and coming in. The insurance company
still paid for the damages, although they could never
find the point on the outside of the house where the
lightning had come in. When I heard about it I came
home to view it, and noticed that the wall in question
was the one where I always heard the knocking.
 As I said, my mom still lives in the house, and
strange things still persist. She keeps the washing
machine unplugged but unless the water is cut off it
still fills up. (this is the third "faulty" washer
we've had) The TV still plays tricks too. My dad
passed away in the house two years ago, and on the
night after he died I was staying with mom (although I
wasn't about to sleep upstairs ever again) and in the
middle of the night we both heard faint music playing
upstairs--bluegrass music, to be precise, which was
Dads favorite--and we reckoned that there must be a
party going on to welcome Dad to the other side. Mom
has since sealed off the upstairs and only lives in
the downstairs part of the house.
 My brother had plenty of strange things happen to him
in the house as well, as did my sister, and as a
result none of us want Mom to bequeath the house to
us. She can't understand why!

Strange Happenings in My Home


(Alright...these aren't the longest stories you'll
ever see but that happened to me in my home.)
Every single night in my house when I was 5 years old
my parents would come in, and put me in bed, mostly my
mother because my father wasn't home much. I never
liked to sleep in the darked and there were no outlets
in my room for a lamp, or non that wanted to work at
the time. As I lay in bed almost every night I'd look
out into the hall and I would be able to see the hall
light on.
Almost every single night as I lay in bed a boy would
walk past my door several times then stop. It was a
white glowing type thing that I remember perfectly
well. It scared me a bit, but I never got an evil aura
off of him.
A thing about the boy is that he had died a long time
ago before we had moved in. It scared me all the time
to re-call it though, even though he isn't bad. I've
only slept with the door open once since then, my
parents got the outlets working. I was sleeping in a
different room, but it was across from the room the
boy had died in. I looked outwards from my slumber, my
glasses still on my face because I always fell asleep
watching TV. I saw the boy, and he went into my
brothers room. That night my brother got really
sick...I don't know what happened but the boy had died
of a sickness.
(Another thing that happened)
Me and my friends were sitting out on my back porch
and my one friend had brought a oujia(Spelling)board
with her. My other friend suggested that we play, of
course I didn't want to because I have had past
experiences that turned out bad with those things with
other friends. We sat at the table and put each of our
hands on it. Before we started though we read
something that had said you must finish a question, we
thought we would. Beside the porch is a pool (this
will fit into what happened as I go.) We didn't
believe that the board would actually work though..and
so we tried, even with the paste experiences I didn't
think it would. We had done this though:  We tapped
our fingers while the thing was moving, so that no one
could move it themselves. We did get in contact with a
spirit, and we, of course, ended up not finishing a
question. The filter for the pool that had pushed out
water began to turn towards us and the water started
to spray pout at us. We could see the ripples coming.
We asked if we could finish the question, each time
getting a rude remark then a no. Finally he/she did
let us though when we had said sorry for it and the
water returned to normal.
(Yet another)
About a year ago I met up with some different kind of
people, Wiccans to mostly say and I still am Wiccan
now. I took it in, because God actually hadn't helped
me one slight bit with my life so I started to believe
in godS. I learned some good spells, and some bad, the
ones I used most were the exorcism(spelling) spells
for haunted houses around here. My house I knew had
quite a lot of ghosts in it and I decided to get rid
of one particular one, one that would scare the entire
family as we slept. At night, if you were to turn off
the light in the living room, the room would turn a
deep, dark blood red and the windows to the place
would disapear. When you  looked to one corner of the
place, you could see a black figure walking out of it.
This is the ghost I decided to rid the house of. It
never spoke during anything, it only appear and
nothing more. My sister and her friends hadn't
believed me when I told them of what was going on in
the room and they tested it for themselves. As we did
it, they saw exactly what I was saying and screamed
for me to turn the light on. I actually sleep in that
room still, the ghost is still there but it doesn't
bother us anymore. When I had tried the
exorcism(spelling) on it, the ghost had gotten angry
and thrown the lamp at me..if not for me dodging it
and then grabbing it before it hit the wall Iw ould
have been in trouble. It glared at me and disapeared
and I apologized because I thought it was a bad ghost.
When I returned to the room that night and from then
on, the ghost never came back, or didn't bother us
anyway. There are other ghosts in my house, ones that
are in the coal cellor, but I've only heard them.
(Stuff that happened out of my house.)
One night I was out with my friends, against my
parents will we had left when they were asleep. It was
around 3 in the morning and we wanted to see what was
around the area. We went up to the graveyard near us
and sat down by some of the older graves, deeper into
the graveyard. As we were sitting there I looked up to
see a darkened black figure standing by one of the
trees, he wasn't looking at me or my friends but
something else. I had been leaning up against a grave,
I didn't have much respect for the dead at that time
until after this. I turned around and looked up at the
though to see a white figure standing there, looking
at the black figure. They then turned their eyes
towards me. I tugged on my friends arm but she didn't
reply, she was asleep, along with the other 2 people
that were with us. I backed up off the grave as the
white one glared at me. When I got completely away
they had turned their eyes back to eachother and
(I don't exactly know what you are going to say to the
stories. It may just be my over active imagination
with this all or it could actually have happened. I do
believe in ghost, although I am only 14 now. I try not
to harm any ghosts any more and I wish to join your
group, although my young age. Stranger things have
happened to me and my friends at one time...but I
can't recall the exact details at this moment to write
them out, I have tried to forget.)

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