Beach Resort Hotel


I used to work in a beach resort in the Philippines back in 1989.  Due
to the nature of my job, I was given a room in the hotel where I
actually lived.   My assigned room was on the 2nd floor.  One night I
was awakened by strange noises in the room.  First, I heard like a table
tennis ball bouncing all over my room, then followed by a noise above my
room which seemed like someone was rearranging the furnitures like
dragging the bed.  After the dragging bed sound, next would be what
seemed like a person running around that room above me barefooted.  I
checked the time, it was about 3am then I called front desk to inquire
about a possible guest at the 3rd floor directly above my room.  The
front desk agent told me that there was nobody checked-in in that room
nor were there guests on the 3rd floor at that time.  I ignored this at
first, however, every night, at exactly 3a.m., I hear the same strange
sounds all in succession.  This experience has affected me tremendously
to the point that I can no longer keep with my schedule of a 9-5 work,
instead I come to work at 11am or even 1pm because of sleepless,
disturbing nights.
Then the worst of the worst night I went to my room late,
feeling exxhausted from work.  I left my table lamp on (as I always did
specially after hearing these strange sounds) and went to sleep.  As
always, at 3am came the usual sounds but that time, as I desperately
wanted to sleep, I sort of showed feelings of annoyance by shouting and
tried to put on my headphones then tried to go back to sleep.  A few
seconds after this behavior, I heard an extremely loud banging on the
table lamp (like a steel bar that was stroke on the table).  I
immediately sat up on the bed with my blanket all over my body, feeling
cold, and again a few seconds as I was sitting on my bed, I heard
laughter of several women that came like an echo behind my head.  Also
at this time, I noticed the lamp light turned dim.   My hair felt like
it was rising!  The women's laughter that I have heard resembles that of
a witch.  I froze for a few seconds and tried my best to reach out for
the phone just beside my bed to call a co-worker at the other room.
When my co-worker finally came, I related the whole story.  He then
suggested that I move to the room of another co-worker for that night.
When I agreed, he took the phone and tried to make a call to that
co-worker whom I can move in for the night.  Then came another surprise,
while he was holding the phone, he just started to freeze like a
mannequin and tears were rolling down his face.  I shook him trying to
find out what happened, he seemed shocked!  I slapped him and he came to
consciousness.  He told me that the phone rang for several times then it
suddenly stopped ringing without anyone answering the call,  instead he
heard women's voices laughing, just exactly what I have heard myself
earlier.  We both rushed out of the room and went to to our co-worker
that we were trying to call earlier.  Our co-worker opened the door and
told us that she never heard the phone ring at all!
The natives of that town informed me that the area were that beach
resort was built used to be a cemetery and a hospital during the
Japanese period.
Until the day I submitted my resignation upto the time I vacated my
room, I still heard those sounds!  At present, I heard that beach resort
closed down.

Black Cloud


hey my names jamie-lee i am 14 yrs old and yesterday i saw a  black cloud in
the bathroom hovering over the sink and sometimes i see people out of the
corner of my eyes and when i look they disapear ,my brother ,9,talks to the
ghosts we have in our house,he thinks they are just normal people and their
not dead,he isn't scared too.
The strange thing is that my house is haunted with four known ghosts so far
and it was built in 1998!so its weird.when i was little my mom told me that i
used to talk to my grandfather ,i used to be up for hours on my bed talking
and playing games.

Spooky Tale


THis is really not a ghost story per say, I have never
seen anything. But it is kind of spooky anyway. I have
a 7 yr old daughter, her name is Kaitie. When she was
4 my grandfather passed away very suddenly from a
heart attack while trimming the bushes. We are all
very close and the next day after all my aunts and
uncles and my grandma had gone to the funeral home to
make the arrangements, we were all sitting out on the
porch talking about my grandfather and stories of his
life, when out the blue Kaitie said "Shh--do you hear
that?" everyone stopped talking and she said that she
heard grandpa's breath. No one really thought anything
more about it, well for weeks after his funeral she
would wake up every morning telling me that her
Crippen grandpa (her nickname for him) would talk to
her in her dreams and tell her to be a good girl and
to to watch over my grandma and to always be happy.
She is now 7 and going to school and every once in a
great while she will start to cry and tell me that she
misses her Crippen grandpa and wishes that he would
talk to her again and she also asks me if she has been
a bad girl and if she has is that the reason that
Crippen grandpa doesn't "talk" to her anymore. I feel
that when children are little they are "free" and
"open" and that spirits use this to speak to them.
When the children get older they aren't as open and
don't "believe" anymore. Is this true?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

5 Years Long


i have lived in the house that i am in now about 5 years, and i know it is haunted because you can see people walking upstairs, it doesn't bother me anymore but it did at first because of a prior inciodent, i was siting on my bed one night and i had just fallen asleep when i woke up i felt a cold chil run up my leg, i look up and i find on the edge of my bed a dark void figure with no face grabing a hold of my ankle, it spoke (i think in latan), i am sure this was a poltergeist, (in german meaning Noisy-Ghost) i have studyed the paranormal and i have a intrest for it. but i have had lots of experiences with the supernatural.

The Sick Ghost

By: john_aud []

In October of 1999, I took my two young children to Disney Land.  We stayed
in a nice Inn across the street from the main gate.  After a long day of
running like loons through the park, we settled in for the night.  In our
room was two queen sized beds.  My older sister and 7 year old daughter
shared one bed and myself and my 9 year old son shared the other.  Soon we
were all sound alseep.  Sometime in the wee hours of the morning I was
jolted awake by the sound of someone getting sick.  Someone was throwing up
right next to me.  Not to get to graphic but it was loud and nasty!
Instantly I jumped out of bed along with my sister who was awakened.  I
flipped on the light, fully expecting to see one of my kids sitting up with
a mess on the floor. Both children were sleeping like the dead.  My sister
and I spun around in circles looking for the vomit we both clearly heard hit
the floor.    Nothing.  We were confused.  We knew what we heard. It was so
clear and loud. I made the comment that we had a sick ghost.  My sister said
it was obviousely someone in the next room.  Made sense to me but I couldn't
get over how close it sounded.  Not muffled.  The next day as we left the
room (very early) I noticed that the other room next to ours was empty.  I
asked the clerk at the desk if someone had rented the room lastnight and she
said no.

Good For Me


I found your page and was interested in telling my story. It will be
good for me to tell it, for I have not as of yet..  When I was 20 years
old I was living in Burian Washington,( just south of Seattle) in a new
apartment complex.  I was very excited to be living in a big city.  I
had grown up in Alaska and had ventured out on my own, to start my adult
life.  The complex was beautiful, had a big swimming pool and a tanning
salon right on the grounds of the complex.  I shared the apartment with
a new friend who was out of town in Western Washington visiting her
parents. I will explain the room lay out so you can better understand
what happened to me in our apartment.  There was a dining room formed
out of two walls and the third was a split bar area with an open counter
connecting to the kitchen.  You could sit at the bar and talk to someone
cooking or doing dishes. Between the bar and the Kitchen was a mounted
phone with a short cord, lending its location to people to sit at the
bar and use the phone.   Across the bar on the other side of the kitchen
was a large window looking out over the main street just out side the
complex.  On the night I was attacked, I was sitting at the bar, talking
on the phone to a friend back home in Alaska. We were laughing and
having a great visit. I felt fine, I was just talking on the phone.   It
was night time and as I chatted I began glancing out of the dark window
( it only reflected my image as it was dark outside and the dining room
light behind me and  the kitchen light in front of me was on--so it was
light inside. )  I would glance now and then at my reflection.
Everything was fine.  The last thing I remember was glancing at the
potted plant on the dining room table right behind me using the
reflection in the window. I was in mid conversation when something, I
don't to this day know, took hold of my hips and yanked me off the bar
stool and across the room. I hit the far side of the wall with the
center of my back and slid down to rest on the floor with my butt on the
floor and my full back against the wall. The phone was ripped out of my
hand as I was "pulled" and flung back across the kitchen and cracked the
kitchen window, came back and hit the bar. I began to scream for help,
convinced that I was being attacked and or raped or what ever by
someone, but know one was there.  I just remember screaming, not knowing
what happened.  My friend on the phone was frantic trying to re-call me,
but as the phone was in parts all over, I was all alone. I stood up and
started to rationalize what had just happened as I was alone. I thought
I must have fell of the chair...but I could not have spanned the 9 feet
from the bar to the far dining room wall  from a fall...As I thought and
thought to calm my self, I saw the indent in the apartment wall where I
hit, it was 5 feet up from the floor...... I did the only thing I truly
knew to do, I got on my knees and recited the lords prayer, as I am
doing at this very moment...... I told all evil to flee in the name of
Christ.   This I did all night.  I moved out to a new apartment in
Federal Way and had no problems.   I'm 33 years old now, I'm a parent
and I own my own business.  Im not some nut.  Im just a person who was
hurt, by something I don't understand.  That's why I want to thank you
for having this web page, sure some people out there may be fooling
around.  But for those of us who are not, thank you for helping me to
see Im not alone.
About two years later I returned to Alaska and planted roots,  One day I
got a letter forwarded from my apartment in Burian, (good ol' mail
system--found me at last)...And for the first time, I realized that the
apartments address was:  XXXXX La Paloma, Des Moines Memorial Drive.  I
later found out on the web that there were 3 graveyards circling the
complex.  This is true, look it up if you wish......Any one out there
living in the La Paloma complex in Burian Wa. ?  Take a
I have had the hair stand up on me in places and circumstances, and I
take this feeling as a warning and move away fast.

Plagued Since Birth


my name is Lisa  and I have some odd things that have happened to me
since birth. I do not have just one random story I am plagued with spirits.
I can't go into cemeteries I can't be left in certain rooms alone. I do not
know what really to do. Let me tell you about a few more recent incidents
that occur in my everyday life.
Back in the early 1990's my family and I moved to an townhouse complex in
Hayward Ca. The first week we were moved in my mother had the townhouse
blessed. Just so you know my mother's family has practiced the art of
witchcraft for centuries. My grandmother was the town witch doctor and her
mother before her was the same. Now I know you might think its crazy but
really its not. The craft my mother's side has practiced for years is not in
any book its just passed between daughters. At any rate I thought I was safe
at this new place but things started happening again. First off when we
first moved in I hated the garage. I would run in and out of it when ever I
had to get anything. Mind you it was small the only light was a cord you
pulled from the center of the room and my family used it for storage which
made it smaller. There were three doors one led to the backyard one was the
large door that opened to the street and the third was a door leading to the
kitchen. This kitchen door never stayed open it had hinges on it that would
make it swing closed by its self. My Process was to throw the door open run
in and run out before it closed. I was about 12 at the time so I have my
wits about me enough to know something was not right. I never see the ghosts
but I hear them all the time or if I don't hear them a mental image so clear
hits my brain that I know I did not make it up.
Slowly things became worse. I would be home alone from school and hear
noises up stairs. The noise would be talking and walking around in the back
bedroom then it would come down the stairs and seemed to stop at the bottom.
My cat who seems to be able to see them would hiss at air and try to claw at
something passing then race upstairs. I would simply ignore it having had
things like this happen all my life. Then one day something terrifying
happened something I wonder if any one out there has had this happen. I was
about 15 by this time and I was given the back bedroom as my own. Just to
explain the room had a large window on one wall the door was to the left and
the closet took up the entire length of the other wall. I had my bed set so
my feet faced the closet. I slept in a twin bed at the time and lay on my
side back facing the wall. As I was asleep one night I thought I woke up but
I realized after a moment I could not move. My blankets felt real and a
sense of panic overwhelmed me I tried to call for my parents across the hall
but could not make a solitary noise. Every move I made was a struggle it
seemed to take hours to move my hand. Something in the back of my mind told
me to look behind me seeing as I could not move managed to reach behind me
with a hand as I did so a hand touched mine it was not threatening it felt
like a child's really soft and not really cold but this alone forced my body
to move. I literally fell out of bed and looked around turning the light on.
Needless to say this event sparked my in ability to sleep with out something
running like the TV or radio. The happened to me 6 more times but in each of
the new times I never turned around or felt behind me I just used everything
I had to get up and go downstairs to watch TV until it was 8am.
We have moved from there since then and many other things still happen to
me. This was the most terrifying and if anyone has answers I would like to
know. I still have it happen but have learned to shake myself out of it
before it comes on fully.

Cousins Story


Hi ! First of all, you have to excuse my English, it's my second language.
Unfortunately, nothing VERY weird did happen to me (yet!). I'm going to tell
you what happened to one of my cousins.
Shortly after my cousins father passed away from cancer some weird things
started to happen. One night my cousin had a dream. She dreamt - and she
swears to this day it was her father's voice - that he told her that he was
not buried. She woke up, and thought it was strange, because there was a
funeral. Anyways, it turned out that their stepmother (they don't like her),
refused to bury him, because she doesn't want him to be buried next to his
first wife (who died when they were very young). His ashes was in their
study for a long time. Anyway, that's how I understood it.
Not a long time after that, she woke up feeling really scared. She saw a
dark figure in the corner of her room. He had a dark coat on, with a hat.
She buried her face in the duvet and started to pray. Eventually she fell
asleep.  Maybe it's all got to do with emotional stress?

Stories from Malaysia


I am from Malaysia, a country in the region of South East Asia. I have some
stories to tell and hope you will find them interesting....
In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia, there used to be a
hospital called the Sentosa Hospital. Being in the middle of a bustling city
centre, it was one of the most accessible hospitals for  city folks, thus my
grandmother who stayed nearby, was admitted there several times.
There was one time fourteen years ago, my grandmother was admitted for an
old age illness. During this time, all of us family members would take turns
to visit her whenever we could. Most regular was her daughter (my aunt who
was in her 40s) who used to go almost everynight after work. Now, to access
to the upper patient's wards, all visitors would either use the stairs or
the general elevators. I always get the creeps when I step into one of those
elevators. Not just that they were dark and creepy, you get the feeling that
you're stepping into a morgue because the way the elevator housing is
designed, it's like shaped to carry a dead person or something.
One night, this aunt of mine who was coming out of the ward after a visit,
as usual took a ride in one of these elevators. There were a few people
inside as well. Suddenly, she felt a big jolt inside her body as if
something just hopped into her. From then on, she would remember nothing and
the rest of this story would be recalled by other family members who stayed
with her...
It seems that immediately after the ride in the elevator, she became a
totally new person. New in a very nasty way..For the next two weeks or so,
my aunt was speaking in new voices, babbling foreign languages (Tamil) and
acting like a very naughty kid. She would jump on the dining table and eat
greedily right there with her bare hands like she has never eaten before!
She would run around uncontrollably and at the same time speak as if there
were a few different people inside her. She was totally lost.
Outright, we knew that she was possesd by evil spirits. In Malaysia, we have
heard about these things and they are not uncommon. Luckily for us all,
during then a travelling troupe of mediums to some Chinese deities were
coming to town to celebrate a 'festival of the gods.'During these annual
festivals, worshippers are invited to share their problems with the medium
to the deity and are offered divine help.
On the night of the festival, my uncle and another aunt had to practically
drag her there to get rid of the spirits. It was like 'they' knew what was
coming. In the cleansing process, after some prayers and chants, my aunt had
to be held down while she was being beaten with a whip made of snake skin.
It was painful to see her that way, but my uncle said that it took a while
(and many lashes) before the spirits were forced to leave her body one by
one. After that she collapsed.
I remember when I went to visit her a few days later, she was still
recovering from the trauma, pale and so weak, so unlike her normal bubbly
self. We were told by the medium that her body was possessed by FIVE spirits
of Indian children while on the elevator. We Chinese believe that in certain
times of our lives, our souls go through the 'low times.' It is during these
times that we are very vulnerable to the negative and evil forces around us.
My unlucky aunt was in that phase. Well, the latest update to that hospital;
it now has been turned into a 3-star hotel. Believe it or not! I have been
told that it took psychics/mediums of various religions (Malaysia is a multi
racial country) to cleanse the building before it was habitable.
Talking about haunted places, you would be interested to know that in
Malaysia, we have a resort city in the hills called Genting Highlands in the
state of Pahang. It is very popular among locals and tourists as it is
located several thousand feet above the hills in the lush green tropical
forests, thus providing a cool retreat from the lowland's heat and humidity.
And very famous for being, you can say, the most haunted place in Malaysia.
Despite the busloads of tourists and entertainment and recreational
activities they have, there never seem to be a shortage of ghosts!
Most famous are the 20-over storey Ria Apartments and the Kayangan
apartments. These apartments are available for rent to the public. Although
priced very affordably, we locals never want to stay there even for a night
as almost all who have been there complain of hauntings in their apartment
unit. I can say 80% who stay there come back with a story to tell!
All sorts of the regular hauntings in large doses. It seems that there is a
Head Ghost in the hills who resides there and is so powerful he refuses to
leave and this leader also control all the other smaller ghosts there. You
see, this resort houses the only casino in Malaysia and many people go there
just to gamble their fortunes. Unfortunately, many have lost their life
savings to the casino and many too have taken their own lives by jumping to
their deaths. Their lost spirits are said to be roaming there. It is a rule
that when you are there, never turn around and answer someone's call,
especially at night and the voice is calling your name because if you do,
and your if soul is in the 'low phase' you just might be caught. A slap in
the face by the unknown is what usually happens and that could land a
person's soul in great danger.
Even during peak season, you can see that as all the hotels are fully
booked, these two apartments remain relatively empty. I wouldn't stay there
even if it's free! Good news for all of you ghost hunters out there. If you
want to study a haunting, look no further. Satisfaction and results
guaranteed (pun intended.) Just ask the reservation office for the scariest
apartment(s) available and they will be so glad to help! For those faint at
heart, the hotels are known to be quite safe and free from hauntings.

St. Francis Dam


This past year one of my sons Jr. High school classes went on an after school
field trip.   It was on the anniverary of one of USA history's worst Man Made
disaters, and anyone of the history classes' students were invited to join in
on going up to St. Francis Dam to recall a minute-by-minute leading up to the
Dam breaking.  So I've always been interested in what really happened when
the Dam broke.  At 10:30 p.m., March 26, 2000, everyone met in the parking
lot of the school.  We all drove our own cars.  I know there are a lot
spirits in the canyon inwhich the Dam was built and I knew I would see one
that night.
We had to hike in the dark up the side of what was once the St. Francis Dam.
The Dam was built in 1928, by Mullenland.  It held 12.5 Billion gallons of
water when filled and it had just been filled to the top two months earlier
before it broke.  The day it broke it had been checked out by Mullenland
himself and another engineer and given the BIG OK nothing wrong here sign,
even though there was a good size crack in the Dam wall.  the Dam broke at
11:58 p.m., when everyone in the Santa Clarita Valley was sleeping.  Remember
everyone use to go to bed at 8:00 p.m.,  No T.Vs to watch to keep people up
at night.  When the Dam broke it was guessed the wall of water was over 170
feet high.
Back to our Field Trip.  So we all made it to top of what was the Dam and my
son's teacher is giving a minute-to-minute of what was happening before the
Dam broke.  My son was sitting in front of the teacher and I was sitting
about 25 feet away from them.  As the time came closer and closer i kept
seeing this shadow trying to get up the side of the mountain, the side
inwhich the water was stored.  Just as the teacher said the Dam has now broke
the shadow tried harder and harder to get to the top, but the rocks where he
was trying to get his footing on kept slipping away faster and faster than he
was gone.  I didn't say anything to anyone.  As we were driving home I asked
my son what he thought of the field trip.  He told me it was interesting
except for, and I interrupted him and said "Except for that guy trying to get
up the side of the hill!  He said "Yea, you saw him too?"  You bit I did!
Their were about 450 to 475 people killed that night.  Only three people who
lived in that canyon lived.  A woman and her baby cause her husband pushed
her out a window that faced a hill side and a man that does not know why he
was saved.  His house was washed under but came back up with him on the roof.
 The water rushed all the way to the Pacific Ocean  killing all the way.
Edison had workers setup in a camp ground 20 miles away but along the waters
path, only the men that had their tents zipped up lived.  Their tents floated
to the top of what was still a 50 foot wall of water.  If anyone would like
to see pictures of a before the Dam broke and after the Dam broke go to:
History of Santa Clarita Valley web site they have plenty of pictures to show
you.  It will also give you an accounting of the Dam breaking.

St. Bernard Scare

this is Charlie and I live in Chicago. I've sent some of my cousin's experiences to your website before and I keep on coming here. Now, I have had an experience that I wish to share with you. I was at my Aunt Jackie's friend's condo babysitting a St. Bernard puppy named Cara. The condo itself is on Michigan Ave. in the South Loop of Chicago. The condo unit I stayed in that night faces east towards the lake and Grant Park. My aunt has a friend in the building named Mike, who owns Cara. I've been babysitting her time to time ever since last November, but this is the first time anything weird has ever happened.  It happened Saturday night, August 18th around 10 pm.  Cara was in her little room sleeping on the floor. Her room faces east by the way. I was in the washroom washing my face when I heard her spring up from the floor and dash out of her room. She was going all around looking for me and I came out of the bathroom to see her about to go into another bedroom. She saw me right away and brushed up against me like she was scared. This isn't like her to be scared because she's a giant dog. She looked up at me with sad eyes, then she turned to her room as if to say "Something's in there".  Now, I was scared so I grabbed an umbrella off of the coat rack and slowing walked towards her room while she followed behind me. I entered and found nothing. Then I started to think what could have freaked Cara out so much. Could a spirit have been in her room, or could there have been something from the outside that came up to her window and got her attention. I decided to take her out for a late walk and when I was outside, I looked up to her window, but nothing was there. When we got back to the unit, she did not go to her room, which she always does when she gets back from her walk.  Instead, she went to her master's empty room, which was very dark, where she laid on the floor. I decided to go into her room again and she followed me in. When I got out, so did she. That night I slept on a chair in the front room where I was able to see the whole room, so that nothing would come up from behind me. And as for Cara, she slept on the couch for the whole night, which she never does. Every night, she sleeps on the floor in her room where it is nice and cool for her. When the sun came up, I was very relieved and happy because whatever was there that night, was now gone

St. Anthoney


around about a year ago my best freind jeremy sent in a letter to your site
about he and i's exsperencie about three years ago called "prison storie"
when me and jeremy snuck into the haunted prison when me and him were 14 boy
did i regret that  well were about 17 and we havent mention anything from
that exspereince at the prison but thats aside of what happend and i was
haveing trouble with a house my parent rented  anyway  about a little while
ago me and matt were driving home from school and notice a very old hospitel
called st anthonys hospitel for the mentely ill well we couldnt help
remembering what happend
at the prison but we started talking about the prison and then when i said
"do you wonder whats in that hospital" of corss he said i dont want to know
but strangley enough we decided to look it up   and we  found some very
disturbing info  there were 72 people killed there that scared us alot but
for some odd reason after the whole prison exsperence we decedid to try are
luck we went to st anthoneys hosptal 2 days later we went to st anthonys
hosptal (note the place has been abanded for 70 years) after a 20 minute
drive we made it to the well aged buildingit was around 7 floors tall and
about the size of a university we enterd the south entrence leading to the
2nd floor we were about 30 feet away from the main qourters for the secound
well we walked for hours until we noticed we were on the 7th floor and
desisded to just get the hell out well we reached the 6th floor when i
noteced jemermy was gone i started to get nerves when i saw jeremy at the
stair case near the entrence of to the 5th floor        well at least i
thought it was him i tried yelling at him he didnt move i then said "what the
hell is wrong with you" then he started walking towerds me thats when i knew
it wasnt him then when he got to me he started punching me i tried to escape
but i couldnt then he took one hit at my face i fell down very hard he or
what ever it was broke my nose and smashed my lip then it picked me up and
kicked me in the stomach i lost my breath and finnaly he took out what looked
like a very large piece of wood when i relised he wasnt moveing i punched him
in ether the neck or face but ether way it dissaperd i then passed out and
when i woke up i was at jeremys girlfreinds house and  she was standing right
beside me and asked in a very freindly voice "how are you doing"  she had her
hand on my cheech in a freindly matter i said i felt like i was beaten.
jeremy then walked up to me and said "well by the looks of it you were" i
then asked him what happend to him  he said "i ended up on the fourth floor i
thought that you  were at the entrence
and also i started hearing some weird stuff so i left" i then said "but how
did you know were i was" he said "you were at the entrence like i said you
were relly messed up so when we got in you passed out i was worryed that
there was something wrong so i brought you here"  then jeremys girlfreind
asked why we were there i said "i have no idea" then we told her about what
happend 4 years ago in eastern state pennetentry  she was shocked at the fact
that we went there without her (shes into ghost and she was  there  on the
feild trip when me and jeremy went to the prison)
well thats it thank you for your time



to tina and Dave - here is my story.
At my school there is a supposed ghost named Mr.fingers because of the
lengnth of his fingers. They're supposed to be 12 inches long! I never
believed in him until one night when i was asleep in my dorm ( i have the
bed nearest the door)i heard a scratching noise. I called to my friend,
sophie, but she was asleep, so i listened again.It was weird - a sort of
grating, thudding noise. My first mistake was to open the door where the
noise came from. This figure walked in,a man, about 30, wearing a black
cape.I swear i have never been so terrified in my entire was so
scary!he strode passed me without even looking at me - then I screamed.Very
loudly.lights went on,everyone had woken up. I looked for him - but he'd
gone. My friends insisted i had imagined it, but i knew i couldn't have.Even
so, i tried to forget it and went to sleep. but i couldn't because i knew it
was real.i will never forget it.



hi my name is gillian and i think i know were some ghosts r !!!! I live in
scotland and their is a place here which is a old water works station which
is said 2 be haunted.i belive this but u might night a young boy that
i know aged about 11 went up there when it was shut down and he said he had a
encounter with a spirit of someone.he said we should all see if we could get
some info on it on or computers and we all found something out that a young
boy was murdered in there.and from this day every night you can hear
something comung out from the water works station. i thought would like to
here this story as your site is all about ghosts.i think your site is cool as
i belive in things like that thank u for ur time in reading my e-mail



I beleive that there is more to this world than just human beings, I
have had more than one experience with,ghosts, spirits, extra
terestreial, whatever you want to call. And to me this subject is very
interesting and very real! I have hearnd many stories from friends and
reletives, but I diden't really beleive it tell I seen it with my own
eyes. I have a couple of stories I would like to share with you.Growing
up I lived in this little house in MN, and I would here noises coming
from downstairs and my mom would tell me its just the house well is it
just the house when your all alone and the basement door flies open and
the tv shuts off and on by it self, and when your trying to sleep you
here people talkigand litle kids lauphing, coming from downstairs. When
your alone and you feel the presence of somthing else but nothing is
there. Not only have I heard but I have seen a spirit , called little
people, its a little spirit, they like to play tricks! My boyfriends
mother had one in her house. She said stuff would disipeare and show up
in different places. One night when I stayed there me and my boyfriend
were laying on a matress downstairs and I was rubbing his back one came
rate up to the bed and staired at me i freaked out and ran out of the
room, we went up stairs to sleep but guess what nthe door was wide open
to outside when we locked it before we went to bed and his parents were
sleeping.I guess that is all I would like to share but I have  a lot
more stories I could share.

Spirit Orb

My parents bought a house and had it moved to their property. The house had
been unused for sometime and before that was a home for Catholic Fathers. It
was a very large house of two and a half stories, almost three. An upstairs
bedroom always seemed to have a cold spot in one corner. I slept with my bed
in that corncer until I saw a man standing there looking at me. It was only a
short vision time and then he faded. I moved my bed. My brother also saw the
same ghost when he stayed in same room. I moved across the hall. Sometime
after this I was in the room across the hall when I saw a spirit orb drift
through the wall from the haunted room through my new room and out the
oppisite wall. That was the all that was ever seen. It all ended after the

Spirit Magnet?


Hello. Thank you for a great page that allows people
to share their experiences.  I would like to share one
of my recent experiences, though I have been
experiencing such things for many years.  I love to
travel and whenever I do, I try to find places that
are unusual to investigate while I am en route.  A few
months ago I was passing through Tennessee and Georgia
and decided to do a quick drive through the
Chattanooga/Chickamauga Battlefield.  What an
experience!  The energy that is present in that place
is enough to make the hairs on your arms stand at
attention.  When in such places I tend to listen to my
senses and stop whenever I pick up something out of
the ordinary.  This particular day was no different
and as I traveled the road through the battlefield, my
senses went into overdrive when I reached an open
field with a small log house sitting on it. If I
remember correctly, it is called the Kelly House.  I
need to gather more information about this place and I
will now explain why I say this.  I stopped my car, on
the opposite side of the road, and stood staring at
this small dwelling for several minutes.  It was mid
afternoon and I felt drawn to this house.  I crossed
the road and approached it, a bit nervously I must
admit.  I could see a hasp and padlock on the front
door.  Still I put my hand against the door and the
anger I felt being emmited from that house almost
knocked me to my knees.  The sadness surrounding it
was almost tangible and I could feel tears welling up
in my eyes.  But what truly sat me back on my heels
was the sound of crying coming from within that
building.  It was a deep mournful, soul wrenching cry.
 I walked around the building and there is a door at
the back but it is padlocked as well.  All the way
around this building I could hear this wailing from
inside.  The sadness was so intense that I had to
leave.  One day I will return and find more
information on this particular site.  For now, I
wonder why I heard that cry and no one else in the
area heard it.  There were at least 3, maybe 4 other
people in the area and none heard it.  Well, thanks
for the opportunity to share my story and if anyone
has any questions, please feel free to email me:

Something was there


We moved into our home about 3 years ago and it has been very non-eventful
with  one exception that happened to me one evening after my wife had gone to
We had purchased the home from an elderly woman who we knew to be widowed
but, to this day, know nothing of the circumstances of her husbands death.
I won't say I have been a particularly sensitive person to the spirit world
but, neither am I a skeptic, especially after the event.  I suppose it's just
in my nature to believe that we are spiritual beings living in a spiritual
realm.  Nevertheless, my incident didn't require any personal rationlization
as it all happened very fast and was all too real.
I was sitting in front of the computer one evening after my wife had gone to
bed.  I had actually been on-line for an hour or so and was deeply engrossed
in whatever it was I was surfing through on the internet at the time.
Suddenly and totally without even having time to work myself up to being
scared, there was the sensation of my neck hairs standing straight up and of
what I can only describe as a feeling of a presence directly behind me.   The
distinct feeling I had was that it was a 'large' or very 'tall' presence that
impressed me as towering over me from behind.  It was so sudden and intense
that I whirled around in my computer chair and was actually somewhat
breathless from the intensity.  I had the impression, as silly as it sounds,
that I should go to bed immediately.  Don't make anything out of that... it
was just the feeling I recall having.  After a few minutes of staring in the
direction of the presence, the feeling diminished.
Immediately after this experience as I sat in my chair, my mind began to
replay what had just happened and the thing that stuck out then, as well as
now, was the hair on my neck standing up.  I can distinctly recall that
sensation BEFORE any other.  It was as if my body was starting to react to
the presence before my mind had time to be aware that something was there
with me.  This recollection has stuck with me to this day and, somehow, helps
me to understand that it was not my imagination.  My imagination had not had
time to start working before my body felt a physical reaction.
There has been no other experiences in this house to my knowlede.  I have
never related the incident to my wife since, as 'spiritually' quiet as the
house seems to be, I see no reason for giving her any reason to be

Some of My Experiences


I have had a few experiences, not really memorable ones though.  I remember having them, but when I try to think about what they were, my mind just kinda goes blank.  I have ahd experinces most of my life.  My mom told me that when I was very young, maybe 3 or 4, I looked up at her and asked her if she remembered playing with me when she was a little girl.  I have always seen "sparkles" for lack of a better word.  I just see little tiny (like the size of a pinhead) flashes of light dancing around in front of me.  One of my most memorable experinces happened just 2 or 3 days after my great grandfather passed away.  We were always very close, and the entire week before he died I was at his bedside.  The day that he died, I just couldn't afford to miss another day of work, so I stayed with him until I had to go to work.  I was at work for about 30 minutes when I got the call that he had died.  He was in so much pain, that the doctors had him on a self dosing morphine drip.  All week long, he was delirios from the medication.  He did not remember who anyone was, & when he did recognize someone, it was like he was acting out something that had happened years ago.  The last words he said were actually coherent.  He asked for me, then took his last breath.  The day after we buried him, I was terribly depressed.  I felt so guilty for praying to God to take him out of his suffering.  That night I went to bed as usual.  My husband was already deeply sleeping, & I could not get to sleep.  All I could do was cry.  Then, for some reason I quit crying & looked up.  At the foot of my bed was my grandpa.  He told me that he was ok & that I needed to be strong for Granny.  He told me that he loved me & would always be with me.
The only other time I really remember being contacted was when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I was so afraid that I was going to have another boy(already have 2) & never experience the joys of raising a little girl.  Being tired all the time, I went to lay down.  My paternal grandmother came to me & told me that everything was going to be ok & that we would soon have a beautiful baby girl.  Two weeks later, I had my first ultrasoud.  It's a girl!!!  Not really a surprise to me.
My grandparents have always been guiding forces in my life, and I guess that even their passing cannot break that bond.

She Returned to give me a Message


First of all, I want to said that my name is Rodrigo and I´m from Argentina,
so, excuse my poor English. I´m just a student.
In August of 1998, I was playing with some friends "The Glass Game" (I don´t
know how to translate it). It´s the same as the Ouija game, but you have to
use a glass surrounded by letters and the words: YES and NO.
Everything started like a simple and an inofenssive game. But I get
concentrated. I fell in a deep trance and I started to see some sceens into
my mind. It was a young lady smiling to me. I will never forget that face.
Everything was like a move wich played three time into my mind. It was an
extrange experience, because I thaught that people who wanted to make
contact with spirits have to be awake. Oviously, I was wrong. They can
control ours dreams too, if they want.
Well, I waked up and told my friends that rare experience. I dicribed the
lady to the hause´s ouner and he started shaking.He told me: -you must be
kidding. -What´s happen?- I asked. And then I understood. The lady was his
neigthbour, but it was only one problem, SHE HAD DIED TWO WEEKS AGO...
I didn´t even know her.
If you want to contact me, please write at:

I would like to Share Mine


After reading several of the encounters on your web site, I decided that I should share something that happened to me. We lived in a little town called Rohnert Park in CA when I was growing up. My grandfather turned an extra area off our garage into another bedroom so my parents gave me the master bedroom as my place. I was about 7 or 8 at the time. One night I woke up after hearing some kind of sound. (I still don't remember what it was, just that it woke me up.) I looked down at the foot of my bed and saw this white shape just floating there. I was terrified but couldn't make a sound or move. It just hovered there and then started to move away towards my door. Then it moved back towards me. I was able to move at this point and pulled the sheets up over my head and prayed that it would go away. I suddenly felt these hands on my legs, squeezing them and just started screaming for my father. My mom is the one who came, but she told me that the lights from the street outside must have made the shape (my curtains were open) and closed the curtains and told me to go back to sleep. I still doubt that the streetlights were the cause.
Another encounter happened after my grandmother passed away. I was 12 at the time and Grandma had lived with us at the time she got sick. One evening, we heard coughing coming from the room that my Grandma stayed in and then we could hear footsteps coming from the room into the kitchen. My dad yelled "Ma, go back to bed" and you could hear footsteps going back to the room. We never heard it again but my uncle told us that the same thing happened at his place. He could here footsteps coming from the room that Grandma has stayed in when she lived with him and then down the hall. He also yelled out "Ma go back to bed" and the steps stopped.

Shadows on the Wall and the Moving Cradle

Hi,Enjoy your website.Ghosts and Spirits are
fasinating and I got to experience a few times myself.
First time,i saw something I was about 10,maybe 11 yrs
old, we lived in tyler tx and in the back yard was
this old cotton wood and to the side an old garage.
Well one night I had been listening to music and i
looked out of the large window and it was a moon light
night and on the garage wall was shadows..the tree
shadow and something else.. it was a woman dressed
like a southern bell,with the bellhoop dress ,she was
sitting in a swing and beside her,was a gentleman with
one of those long split tail coats.He was pushing
her,not real hard but enough that you could see the
swing move.I looked at the tree and back at the garage
and i guess they stayed there for a good 3 or 4
minutes and when i turned away to turn the stero off,
and look back, they were gone..and all was seen was
the cotton wood's didn't scare me,i just
thought how romantic it was.
2nd time i saw something i was 19, my son was just
under 6 months and we were visiting relatives in
huntsville alabama, and my cousin wasn't much older
than I was and her baby was maybe a month older than
my son and we were sitting in her living room, she
lived in the old part of huntsville - near an old
cementry.My son was in a cradle that reminded me of an
old one ,and her son was in his crib in the bedroom
and we had been talking about ghosts and such and she
had told me about the old woman that she's seen
pulling a blanket over her baby on several occassions.
We were sitting there, my son was asleep in the cradle
between us and the cradle started rocking , and my son
was not moving . it was a gentle rocking ,nothing
harsh. I think it was the old woman we spoke of. Well
my cousin went into the kitchen, and the front door
opened and then closed by itself....needless to say i
was scared ..and just sat there..I never saw any
visible "spirits" but actions often spoke more.She
later told me that this kind of thing was a daily
occurance and ever since she kept the bathroom light
on in their bedroom where their baby slept,she didn't
see the woman again but she would make herself known.
I think she was their gardian angel in a way
that i think about it.
Ghosts,spirits to me are one in the same . Some good
some not..but i think its all how its preseved..
Children that die violently perhaps do walk the earth
cause they don't know the way ..kind of hard to
say.but i think there's a lesson tied into them... but
then I'm native american and i look to find the
answers that are often the unknown..

Seeing the Spirits

Hi, my friends and I love ghosts and mystical things. I told my friends (Ashleigh and Sarah) that my dad heard a story about a headless horse man at the church in the Hamlet a mile and 1/2 away, so we went. We sat out side it and thought, Sarah almost had a heart attack when she said she saw a man with long ginger hair. Ashleigh decided to sneak into the church yard. So we clambered to the back of the church yard and snuck in. We climbed over a wall and Sarah saw another apparition, a child by some bare head stones. But we still went further inwards. I noticed what looked like an air raid shelter and walked round it until I was lined up with the door way. I had a torch and looked inside. I looked round corner and jumped back with fright. I saw the pale white face of a girl about my age (14) Ashleigh and Sarah ran over to me and attempted to find the ghost. Nothing. Ashleigh began to feel sickly and had to walk away from the shelter. We grabbed our bikes and walked over to a bench.
When Ashleigh felt better we went to my house and then I told them that my brother had found an air raid shelter by the railway line. So we left our bikes at my house and began to walk to the foot path that lead to where my brother said the shelter was located.
We eventually found it and went in after arguements who was going in first.
We were half way to my house when I told them about a garden that was supposedly haunted ( Gracies Garden other wise known as), Ashleigh and Sarah were frilled and we were standing at the opening oposite the gate ( we weren't allowed in, but what the heck) I had been in thousands of times when I used to live daown the street from the house it belonged to, but I just couldn't go in. So Ashleigh and Sarah went in alone, I stood for a while and then I noticed that my breath was misty. you might think yeah and, but the thing was it was one of the hottest days of the year ( I live in Briton and it was 23 degree's C) I froze,I wanted to shut out for Ashleigh but I couldn't speak. Ashleigh disappeared around the corner of a bush. I could see Sarah and I could feel my throat loostening and was just about to shout out for Sarah when I shouted for Ashleigh. Ashleigh came running, and Sarah followed. Ashleigh turned to Sarah and asked why was she shouting for her not to go into the corner. Sarah began to explain, Sarah saw the out of a women who was screaming and Ashleigh was walking directly over to it. Ashleigh turned to me and asked why I screamed on her, I explained and Sarah began to write it down in her book of odd things.

The Ghost of Goose Hall


A friend of mine who had come from Russia was acting as a caretaker for an older man with a breathing disability who lived alone in a large, two story building in one of the run-down areas of our city. The building had once been something like a VFW hall with the first floor being more like a warehouse area, and the second floor being an empty dance hall complete with stage and bar. There was also a basement and I believe possibly an attic. The first floor had been partitioned into rooms by hanging large sheets where no actual walls existed. It was a dark, cavernous place with weird props like mannequins and paraphernalia from the WWII era strewn about. There were twisting stairways and little, hidden passages here and there. In short, it was a classic, spooky place to begin with but mostly from neglect. I cannot remember exactly why we called it Goose Hall as it had another name, but I think it was because there was a banner hung on the front of the building at one time referring to it as "Goose Hall." It was a good name for a strange place.
My friend, whom I will call Sergei, had taken the position of caring for this man, whom I will call Edward, as Sergei had little money and didn't mind the weirdness of the place as it provided him with room and board. Not many other people would have wanted this job.
Not long after Sergei had moved in he began to notice odd things like lights being turned on that had previously been off, and pictures and clocks falling off walls by themselves even after he repeatedly secured them. Since Edward was bedridden Sergei knew it wasn't him doing it but he found it annoying and puzzling. Then one night, around 2am, he heard footsteps walking around on the second floor overhead. He did nothing about it at the time but told Edward the next day that he thought intruders, kids most likely, had broken into the house and were walking around.
"That's the ghost," said Edward, "Don't worry, he won't bother you." Then Edward went on to explain that the ghost had always been there and did odd things like move stuff around or turn lights on and off. He further explained that the footsteps that Sergei had heard were also the ghost's doing, and that sometimes the ghost also made sounds like boxes and cartons being pushed over on the second floor even though the second floor was empty. This usually happened around 2am in the morning. Sergei, being an intelligent and educated man, believed none of this. He was convinced that it was teenagers breaking in and hanging out for kicks. He was determined to trap and confront them. Edward told him he was wasting his time and not to worry about it.
For my part I had visited Sergei and Edward in this building (which was about a 30 minute drive from my house), and listened to this story intently as I had witnessed phenomena before in my life and was hoping to see something manifest. However in the times I visited, day or night, nothing ever happened. Sergei however, as he was living there, frequently witnessed or heard some odd thing which he was still convinced was someone pulling a prank.
Then one day I went to visit and found Sergei in an agitated state. He wanted to tell me about what had happened to him a couple of days previously.
"I was staying up late," he began, "quietly listening to some music. About 2am I heard the footsteps walking overhead and I grabbed a flashlight and ran to the stairwell determined to catch the kids who were breaking in (there were no working lights on the second floor). I ran up the steps and onto the dance floor where I could still hear the footsteps walking and shone my flashlight in the direction of the sound. I was now directly illuminating the spot where the footsteps were and I could still hear them, but there was no one there."
"Then the footsteps suddenly stopped, turned in direction and began walking straight towards me. I kept the flashlight on the source of the sound and followed it as it approached me but there was no one in the room but me. About 5 to 10 feet from me the footsteps suddenly halted while I continued to shine the light."
"Were you scared," I asked.
"YES!!" he replied. "But I tried to think about it rationally and decided that I wasn't going to be physically hurt, and that I couldn't let my emotions overwhelm me, so I decided that the only thing to do was to turn around and to leave, which I did."
Sergei now said that he was convinced that Edward was right and that there was a ghost in the place, but that he would just ignore it from now on like Edward did.
As he was telling me this story a chill went up my spine as I don't think I could have been quite that brave, especially in an eerie place like this. But I still wanted to experience the phenomena for myself as a story is just a story until something happens to you to give you your own proof. It was several months later that I got my wish.
I was visiting Sergei one summer evening and we talked late into the night and he was playing some new CD's for me he had recently purchased. It was about 2am and I was standing next to the stereo quietly listening to the music when it happened. I would have missed it entirely except that Sergei got my attention and said, "Listen! There's the ghost!"
I want to give as thorough an explanation of what I experienced as possible since it seems to me there are some peculiarities as to how this type of phenomena is perceived. First off, the music that was being played was not loud as Sergei did not want to disturb Edward who was in the adjacent room; probably about the level of background music in a department store. Secondly, I was in no way thinking about the ghost and we hadn't even discussed it previously that evening.
What I was hearing was the sound of boxes being pushed over and shoved around on the floor above me. The entire manifestation lasted perhaps 10-15 seconds. What is hard to describe, and perhaps part of the reason I almost missed this, is that the sound seemed to be coming in some way from inside my head rather than externally through my ears, and yet Sergei was hearing exactly the same thing as I was. It was like tuning in to a different world, much the same way that you can "imagine" a conversation you have had with someone in recollection and "hear" the words being spoken inside your head, only in this case it was much more amplified and the "recollection" was being controlled by someone else. The best way I can put it is that the sounds were not located in the physical place where I was standing, but were somehow layered on top of it. There was also kind of an odd "purity" to the sounds I was hearing, as if they had been recorded on tape, enhanced, and a little reverb added. But the sense of these sounds being "inside" me made the possibility that someone was actually doing that unlikely.
I remember asking Sergei if he wanted to grab a flashlight and go upstairs and look. He said, "no," but that I was welcome to go myself if I wanted. I declined.
And that was it. The rather dramatic postscript to this recounting is that the phenomena continued off and on for the entire time that Sergei lived there and he basically ignored it and lived with it. Then one evening he heard a loud "BANG!" in the next room and went over to investigate only to find that Edward had put a gun in his mouth and blown his brains out against the wall leaving a note behind apologizing and saying that he just couldn't take living in his condition anymore.
The police, of course, immediately put Sergei through the ringer for hours until they were convinced he had nothing to do with it, but they could see (as he told me later), that he was freaked-out and shaken, and Edward's daughter, who lived elsewhere and knew that Sergei was taking care of her father, was contacted and apparently didn't feel that Sergei had anything to do with it and felt that her father had indeed taken his own life (plus the fact that he left notes in his own hand for everybody).
Edward's daughter allowed Sergei to stay for a few more months in the building until he finally moved out. After Edward's death all the manifestations in the house ceased immediately. I'd like to think that Edward finally evicted his noisy and pesky tenant once he was finally able to do it so that Sergei wouldn't have to be haunted in a place that had already given him enough bad memories.
A final note on the story: I have had a little training in writing so I have tried to make the re-telling here a bit more dynamic than a simple narrative. However nothing has been fictionalized except the names, and the conversations are reported as I recall them from memory. These incidents are all true and dramatic as they are, this is the way it happened. They took place in the Millvale section of Pittsburgh, PA in the early 1990's.



Another freaky thing that happened at sea view was that i saw ghost lights.
I clicked on the link on ur web page about ghost lights and they match the
description 100%.  I'm guessing these are bad ghosts since sea view became
abandoned because of all the people getting killed.  I was gonna bring a
camera there and take pictures of the stuff i saw last time but now I'm kinda
scared of a ghost haunting me because i took pictures of its home lol.  I saw
the room where the old mourgue was and the big thing they keep the dead
bodies in.  Then right next to that room there was a desk and when we opened
the cabinet we found death documents and a bunch of toe tags that they put on
the dead peoples toes once they are in the mourgue.  We also walked through
some of the trails and i think what i saw was an electrocution chamber.  I
opened the door and i saw about 5 levers that looked liked the ones you push
down when u want somebody electrecuted and some people told me they saw
electric chairs on the other side of those levers one time because there is a
wall blocking them.  I hope all of this was informative for your website and
once i find the map i will let u know more details even send you pictures of
the stuff in the place.  I really want to go all the way in the place because
there is supposed to be a chapel at the end of it and this must be freaky.
Talk to you later.

The Brass is Melting


  We moved into our house about 7 years ago, and my
parents would here a baby cry, I would see a little girl appear and then
vanish.  My sister has had some pretty strange and scary experiences, she
would get swore at by some guy, and would hear the little girl.  The little
girl would tell her stuff that we didn't understand, for example the little
girl said "The brass is melting" we have no idea what she means by it.  Then
it just stopped after we got done remodeling the house. Then about 4 years
later my sister was friends with this one guy.  Then she started hearing the
guy swear again and tell her to go places.  The guy told her to go to the
cemetary that is up our gravel road. She went with her friend Adam and I
followed behind them it was about 10:00 p.m. so it was pretty dark.  Then as
we were walking up sarah said that i should go back though she never told me
why.  Then as i was heading back i turned around and i thought i saw a car.
I think that is what Adam and sarah thought to  because they both went on
opposite sides of the road.  Then the lights that we saw spread out on both
sides of the road as if following my sister and Adam.  Then the lights went
through them and my sister fainted but adam didn't so we carried her to our
porch and woke her up.  We told eachother not to tell anyone what we saw.
Because they probably wouldn't beleive us anyway.  Then once sarah and Adam
were walking down our stairs when adam fell down the stairs and got a bloody
nose.  He said that it felt like somebody punched him. Now it is about 2
years later and we haven't heard anything strange going on in our house.  I
am not exactly sure what i am asking but what happened to our "spirits" if
that is what you want to call them.  And what was it at the cemetary that

Purple With Rage


The incident that I am about to relate occurred many years ago, around
1969 or so, in the presence of myself, a friend and several other people
who were on the street at the time.
It was a hot, summer night in New York City, at about 9 PM or so.  It
was hot enough out that even the elderly, Ukrainian women who live on
East 10th Street, were still outside by their stoops on their "lawn
chairs", as it was still too hot to go indoors.
My friend and I were passing by the old, Russian-Turkish bath house on
our way to my apartment after having had dinner in the Village.
(Communal steam baths were a tradition back in turn-of-the-century
Russia.  Some of the old White Russians, who fled Russia after the 1917
Revolution, settled in the n. end of the Lower East Side and bought the
tradition of the steam baths with them.)  Suddenly, as we were walking
by the long, high stoop of the bath house, we almost "ran into" a
screaming, black man at the foot of the stairs.  He looked real in every
detail except for two things -  he glowed purple and seemed to be
composed of pixels - as a television image would be.  He was screaming
and cursing at someone at the top of the bath house stoop and kept
looking back, while screaming, as he ran across the street, towards the
little group of elderly Ukrainian women, who also let out a scream
themselves.  He ran about 15 yards east down the block and just as
suddenly as he appeared, disappeared into thin air.
My friend and I looked at each other and exclaimed in unison "that guy
was purple"!  The Ukrainian women were laughing and chatting nervously
at this point and no body could figure where this guy could have gone.
About a year later, I was in an old Brentano's book store when a small
volume of prose and photographs caught my eye.  The title of the book
was "Tenth Street", by Bill Binzen, published in 1968 by Grossman
Publishers, Inc.  On one of it's pages, the book describes three old
women, sitting in their chairs one summer evening, on Tenth Street
between First Avenue and Avenue A.  It goes on to say,  "one summer
evening, there was a loud altercation directly across the street in the
doorway of the Russian-Turkish Baths.  Suddenly, one man picked up a
chair and brought it down with tremendous force on the head of another
man.  The latter toppled and rolled down a dozen steps to the foot of
the stoop, where he lay dead on the sidewalk in a great puddle of blood.
The three old ladies observed all this with aplomb and very little
dismay, and long before the corpse was lugged away, they had returned to
their evening chat."
I lived on Tenth Street for many years after 1969 but never again did I
encounter this man, "purple with rage" on this street again.



Things happened when I was 6,7,8, and 9. I lived on an airbase, which you
would never think anything of a phenomonon would happen. It would seem that
each year, something would happen. I know that it was interaction with the
same ghost each year. I've never known the ghost, and I don't have a
connection of ansectors with it. Anyway, lets get to what happened.
When I was six years old, my mom was in the kitchen, And I think she was
cooking. Well, about a minute after she left, something started to pull on
the doll I had in my arms. It was a doll that resembled an angel. It was
wierd, but I know that the ghost was friendly. I didn't see it then, and now
I think that my so called "psycic" abylity didn't kick in at that age. It
really scared me, and it tugged hard. I kept trying to pull the doll back,
but it wouldn't budge.Suddenly, the force let go, and I fell on my butt, and
got up and told my mom that my bottom hurt, cuz i fell on it. I told her that
something was trying to steal my doll, and she told me it was my
(she didnt believe me)
When I was 7, something really, really strange happened. It was probably
around midnight. I didn't usually wake up at that time of the night, but
something felt like it was TRYING to wake me up. I stood up in bed,
thinking nothing would be there, but when I looked in the hallway, a white figure
was running through the hallway. I rubbed my eyes, and looked. It was still
running. I know it was there. So, I went to go take a peek to see what it
was. I went into the hallway, but it dissapeared into the left side of the
hallway. I didn't tell anyone that expierience (atleast none of my family).
When I was 8 1/2, another wierd thing happened. I was reading a book.It
wasn't a scary book, but it was one of those stupid books i had to read for
school, and write what it was about on a piece of paper.  Well, while I was
reading it, I caught something on the side of my eye. I was in a chair, and
I turned around. What I saw scared me to death. It was the same ghost I saw
in the hallway when I was 7. It was a few feet from my face, and it was
hanging from the roof by a rope. It smiled at me, but I ran inside screaming. My
mom asked what was wrong, and if I got hurt,and I said no, and told her that
something was hanging from our roof by a rope. (she didn't believe me about
that either.....) I didn't go outside that day again.
When I was 9, the most thing that was strange to me, was the dream. That
year, I had forgot about the ghost, and everything that happened. I went to
bed totaly relaxed. After I went to sleep, I had a dream. I was on the side
of my house, and the ghost came to me in its body. I wasn't scared, and it
told me that it was trying to contact me. I didn't say anything. I noticed
it was a white male, around the age of twelve. He had Brown clothes on, but I
dont know the matirial. He had blonde hair that
was about shoulder length. Anyway, It told me it's name, but I don't really
remember, because it wasn't a name like  "mike" or "gregory", but it was a
long name, that was very unusual. He told me that he has been trying to
protect me from something. I didn't know what he meant, but he kept on
talking. I don't remember what he said after that, but after that, I woke
up from the morning light. I didn't have any other experiences after that (im
11 1/2 now) and i have been trying to contact him, but it doesnt seem to work.
Maybe he already said what he had to. I'm glad something was watching  over
me. I don't know if it was my gaurdien angel, or just a ghost trying to
protect me from a bad ghost that would haunt me in my dreams, and in real
life. All i know, is that it was an amazing expirience, and I dont think it
will ever be explained. (none have my family has believed me, but some of
my friends have believed it) Anyway, I hope this was entertaining, just like
it was to me when it happened. (this is a true story!)

Personal Story


    When I was around seven ,or eight, I lived in a
different house then I do now.My old house was around
the color of a barn and had two stories.We had put
this addition on after my younger brother was born,of
course for lack of room.My room,as well as my
brother's, were both upstairs toward the back end of
the house and right above the bathroom.
     I never liked my room because it was right next
to the attic.Most nights I lay awake terrified because
I heard footsteps and the rattling of chairs.After
years of complaining to my parents they finally
checked the attic and when they did,were stunned to
find that several chairs lay in pieces in the corner
of the attic.There was no way this could have
happened.The window was never open and squirls have no
where near enough power to lift and throw a chair.
     As I said my room was upstairs and my bathroom
was down stairs.Almost every night I would wake up and
proceed down the stairs to the bathroom.I never really
understood why but I would fall down the stairs every
night.One night ,though, when I was awake enough to
know what was happening,I stood at the top of the
stairs and as Removed my foot to start descending ,I
felt a powerful pair of hands push my back and I
slipped and fell until I landed in a crumpled mass on
the floor.It scred me beyond anything.
     Thank you for listening and even posting it.I
thank everyone who took the ime to read this as well.


I have twin brothers called Chris and Gareth. They have bunk beds and chris
sleeps on the top.
    On some nights chris will suddenly wake up for no reason and while he's
awake he says he sees a body emerge from the ceiling. The body which he can't
see the whole of will float down and lie on top of him. He cant make out
facial features or any other features to the body it's like a slightly
shining image, but he definitely can see. it. Then the image will whisper to
him but he can't hear it like if i spoke to him its like the floater ( that's
what we call him ) is in him passing the message mentally like he already
knows this information. he cant work out what the floater says but he can
hear something.
    The first time this happened chris was physically sick, the bed starts
to rock slightly and gets fiercer and fiercer. This wakes his brother and
Gareth wakes because of the moving bed, Gareth jumps out of bed quite scared
he stands back and sees chris lying there as stiff as a board staring up at
the ceiling. Gareth runs down stairs to drink some water, when he comes back
up Chris is asleep as if nothing had happened so Gareth does the same.
    The next day Gareth tells me what happened when i come round to visit, I
asked Chris and he doesn't remember much except the body the whisperings and
how he felt paralysed. Later when Gareth told Chris about he shaking Chris
did not believe him i think it was because he was scared and didn't want it
to be true. We tell our mother about this but she says it was just a dream
and doesn't seem worried.
    After so many times this has happened i started to get worried about my
brothers, it hasn't affected neither of them seriously but it still plays on
my mind as i have done research and found out some information i wish i never
looked up!
           This is true story which deeply disturbes us all.

Papa Resides Here

Here's yet another story of a beloved deceased Papa. My Papa was always sick and he hated it. But to cheer him up I would go under the reclining part of his chair and sit and watch T.V when he would walk into the living room and see my little feet he always said "WHO'S UNDER MY CHAIR?" and I would always reply "Papa Grouch Papa Grouch" anyways, My papa died in 1990 and was only 58 years of age. My parents refused to let me go to the funeral so I stayed with my other grand-parents. Ever since his passing there has always been a feeling and I know it's him.My papa lives at his old house (well still is) (I shall also mention that he was bron in that house) If your alone you can hear his footsteps going through all three bedrooms. As if he was checking to see if everything was still there. I've heard the footsteps plenty of times. I and my grandma can hear his voice calling out to her. and then I say grandma papa's calling you. She just smiles and says I know. Well that's my story believe if you want to.

Our Residnet Ghost


 I have lived in my house almoste all my life, and for the first 16
years or so I have belived there to have been a ghost in the house.  I
bealive this ghost to have been the man who built my house because I know no
one has died in it, and my family are the second ocupants of the house,
including him and his family.  Well I will tell you my experiences starting
from the beginning, and you can decide for yourself.
My first experience was the moste terrifying.  I was only about 5 years old
and my sister and I shared a bedroom.  We had bunk beds and I was on the top
bunk (I am the older one).  Well it was late at night (I am not sure of the
time) and I awoke from sleep.  My sister was still out like a light.  I
looked tward the doorway to my room and noticed that my bedroom door was
open, and it was never open.  I always had my mom close it when she tucked
us in.  Then a tall grey figure started to move into the doorway from the
hall.  At first I thought it was my dad, because it was so tall, but then I
noticed it had no face and was all blurry.  I can just remember being
compleetly paralized with fear.  It started to turn and look at me, thats
when I through the blanket over my head and laid there compleetly still and
terrified untill I was able to fall back to sleep.  I can still remember
telling my mom about it the next morning, and how mad she got at me for
making up a story like that........but if I can still remember it 15 years
latter, it must have been more than an active imagination.
I can remember other things occuring when I got older.  Hearing foot steps
from upstairs while you where in the living room (and my room was the room
directly above the living room).  Occationally hearing cabnet doors opening
and pots being being thrown on the kitchen floor.  But when you go in there
there would be nothing there.  My sister and I would see a grey shadowy
figure  to the right out of the corner of our eyes while we where sitting on
the couch watching tv.  But sure enough we would turn and look and there
would be nothing there.  And if you where in the house alone you would get
the feeling you where being watched....especially in the down stairs hallway
which lead into the living room.
I can remember being about 10 or 11 and doing home work with my sister in
the living room.  I got up to turn on the thurmostat which was on the right
next to the couch (where my sister and I would see the figure out of the
corner of our eyes).  And as I reached for it I herd a man laughing in our
kitchen.  Once again I was paralized with fear.  My sister didn't hear a
thing but knew something was wrong.  She asked me why I wasn't moving, and I
told her to just be quiet and I thought there might be someone in the house.
She got up and went into the kitchen and said that there was no one there.
I just droped to the floor and started to cry.
The last incident that I can remember happend about 4 years ago.  This time
the whole family experienced this.  We where watching tv in the living room
when one of my moms antique china tea saucers jumped off of it's stand, off
the shelf, and fell 4 feet to the floor.  It then rolled around on it's edge
in a circle untill it finally came to a rest.  We where all in shock.
Surley this fragile item would have broken, but there wasn't even a chip or
crack in it.  My dad being the sceptic he is said the ratteling from the air
conditioner did it.  Then my parents proceeded to fight about how it should
be placed on the stand so it wouldn't happen again.  And in the middle of it
my dad droped the plate and it shatterd on the floor.  At that point I was
freeked out so I decided to go to my room.  As I went up the stairs to my
room the air got hotter and hotter (it was mid July).  But when I went into
my room it was ice cold in there, and all the windows where closed (I had
left them open cause it was so bloody hot that day).  Needless to say I
slept in the living room that night.
Over the years I feal the ghost has deminnished.  In fact I don't even think
he is there any more.  I am pretty sure it has to do with the fact that we
got an addition put on the house, but I can't be to sure.  But I can't be to

Late Night Meeting in The Wharton Forest


I was camping at Geoffreys Bridge in the Wharton Forest, last July 4th
with  my Daughter, Son-in-law and grandson.  We got there on friday
afternoon to get a nice spot by the Wading River and we were right on
the riverbank;  there were no other campers anywhere close by.
Around 9 PM, a thunderstorm was starting to roll in and we secured
things before the rain came.  My grandson, Ryan and I bedded down in the
back of my Suburban and his parents retired to their tent.
Unfortunetly, I had to pee, really bad and since the outhouse was quite
a distance away,and there was no one around, I thought that I'd just go
a reasonable distance away (we were in the woods!)  It was pitch dark
but the lightning was flashing pretty regularly and I'd scoot about ten
paces with each flash, until I fugured I was far enough.
As I was in the process of releivin myself, the lightning flashed again
and to my great embarrassment, A women was walking across my front, not
12 feet away.  Even though it was only an instant, I got a strong image
of this slender woman, dressed in a long dress with long sleeves and
some sort of bonnet or bandana. with her hair in a bun r plled back  She
was moving fast in the direction of the river!
Then it was dark and being embarassed, I turned back towards the lights
of the truck and as I moved back , I started thinking, Where did she
come from?  There was literally no one even remotely close.  Where was
she going?  In about 10 seconds, she'd be knee deep in the river and How
the hell was she moving so fast in the dark woods??  By the time that I
got to the truck, I had decided that what I had seen was not of this
world.  I locked my doors and fully expected to see a pale face at the
window with each flash.
I should mention that I am a retired US Marine. Vietnam Veteran and
Drill Instructor.  I am not quick to jump to rash conclusions
I thought I'd share. Thanks

One House, Two Ghosts

The house was built around 1920 and I had no clue what I was about to
get myself into. From the day I set foot in my room, I felt utterly
depressed.  Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the fact that nobody had
slept or lived in that room before me, so it did not feel very welcoming
or maybe it was my ghost. (there were two rooms to the upstairs, mine
and my best friend's, Keri).
Anyway, the first three nights, while trying to fall asleep, I would
feel as if someone was staring at me from one particular corner of the
room.  Of course, I kept looking over there, expecting to see
SOMETHING...anything, but there was nothing.  I questioned my boyfriend
if he felt someone staring at him and he said he did, but maybe it was
from outside.  I knew it wasn't.  This happened every night.  On the
fourth day the house held their first meeting finaly disclosing to the
newcomers they thought the house was haunted.  Believe it or not, I was
very relieved to hear this.  Afterall, I thought I was losing my mind.
For the next three months I refused to sleep in my room.  I would sleep
in Keri's room.  She had a twin bed we both squeezed onto.  There was no
A/C, it was North Carolina, but I still needed the "protection" of a
blanket.  One night Keri moved which sort of woke me up.  Then I felt
someone playing with my second toe (the one next to the big toe)!
Someone was flicking my toe!  I quickly grabbed the blanket I
unintentionaly kicked off and sweated out the rest of the night.
My mom, who was capable of being a medium, like her mother, told me to
sleep in my bed, that she was harmless.  She said the girl stayed in the
attic space (between Keri's and my bedroom) and the reason I felt so
depressed was because she was, but that she was not malicious.  Well,
that was all well and good, but we had a man too.  One night while
trying to sleep in my room (with all lights on and the TV going) after
three months, I sat on the edge of my bed, gathering my courage to turn
everything off and go to bed.  All of the sudden, footsteps plain as day
walked across my room.  I knew it was the male only trying to freak me
out, but I left and went into Keri's room anyway.
Keri had the sighting of the girl, not me.  Keri was in her room getting
ready for class.  Everyone in the house was already gone.  She heard
someone coming up the stairs, of course she thought it was me.  When she
turned the corner to see expecting to see me, she saw a female standing
in front of my door instead.  Then she vanished.
We had many experiences in that house.  People walking around, doors
slamming, shadows moving.  One of my good male friends saw the man
ghost.  He was the only one who did. The male was a kidder.  He liked to
tap you on the shoulder, walk across the rooms and down the hallways, I
even heard him talking to someone one day.  I was up in my room and he
was downstairs.  Noone else was home at the time.  I eventually just
told him to go away and leave me alone and he did.
One day my other roommate and I decided to research the house's history.
  We came home and told the other roommates.  That night Keri had stayed
at her boyfriend's house so I was the only upstairs (sleeping
comfortably in my own bed by then, thank you ).  I tried to fall asleep,
but heard knocking on the wall.  I sat up thinking it was the cats, the
banging stopped.  I layed back down, it continued.  I then heard a door
slam. I got up to get the cats (who only stayed upstairs) and bring them
into my room.  I searched the whole upstairs, calling out to them, but
they were nowhere.  I decided to look downstairs...nowhere.  I had one
roommate who was very allergic to cats, that is why we kept them
upstairs.  We kept her door closed just in case they got out.  For some
reason, I decided to look in there for them and there they were.
Somehow, the ghost opened the door and shut them in there.  I have no
idea how!  I brought them up to my room, shut them in there and the
knocking stopped.
I have many stories while living there, one of which is too freaky and I
not many people I tell believe it.  Keri's sister came to visit.  We
decided we would perform this sort of cleansing to make the girl ghost
happy.  We walked to the attic door.  I placed my hand on the door just
to point out where we think the girl hides out and this energy just shot
up my arm and made me just sob.  At first it was like I couldn't take my
hand off.  All I could say was "she is so sad".  Finally I got my hand
off and stopped crying at once. We gathered some candles and things from
family members which help sentinmental value to us and placed them in
from of the attic door.  Then we sat down, with me in the middle, held
hands and closed our eyes.  We concentrated on emitting love and peace.
  I opened my eyes at one point to see the flames of the candles
reaching so high up.  Once we completed the cleansing, the flames were
back to normal.  During this cleansing, Keri said in her mind she saw a
girl, lying on a bed just crying, but we have no idea why.  Well, we
tried to make her happy and I didn't feel as depressed after that, but
she became a little more active. I think we made a mistake and I will
never presume to do that again. I will call in the professionals if I am
ever in that situation!
So, that is my story.  Well, just a couple of them.

"Not" normal

   Well, I have two different stories that happened to me that were "not"
normal and something my wife witnessed while i was asleep.  The first was
back in 1992 when I was 16 years old.  I had recently met this girl that was
very religious and wanted me to come to a service at her church.  I had a
crush on this girl so I told her I would go.  Well a couple of nights before
I went I was having this horrible dream.  I was in a place that looked like a
junkyard, being chased by some sort of animal that was all black.  Whatever
it was I was definetly scared of it.  I kept running until I saw something
that looked like a little room with a light in it.  But it was extremely
small, so small I had to crawl through it.  By the time I got in the creature
was right at the opening, but to big to get in.  It's paws were black and
huge.  It would growl and snarl trying it's best to get me.  Now here's the
weird part, at that same time as I'm having this nightmare I'm looking at my
ceiling.  I'm all stiff and can't move.  I've never experienced this before.
I'm trying to call my mother but I'm struggling to talk.  It's like I can't
speak at all.  While this is happening the nightmare that I'm having is still
going on in my head.  Finally it's over and I'm fully awake.  To be awake and
dreaming was something that I will never forget as it still sends chills all
through me.  Few months later all my friends are talking about shadows in
rooms and other strange stories so of course I told them what happened in my
dream.  They kind of looked spooked and said the devil was trying to stop you
so you wouldn't become a christian.  Right now I am not a christian.  But I
never had that experience happen again.
     The next story happens a few years after that experience. One night me
and my cousins are hanging and end up stopping at a convience store.  We all
end up going in.  Well when we come out the car is still running and the
doors are locked.  Of course my bright cousin does not have a spare key.
Lucky he only lives close by this store.  So since i'm skinny and small I'm
the fastest.  I volunteer to go to his house and get the spare key.  So I'm
off and make it there in 10 minutes.  Takes me awhile to explain to my aunt
on what's going on.  She helps me find the key and I'm off.  Well now I'm
getting tired of running and I start to jog.  Then all of a sudden, at the
corner of my eye, a dark figure is running at me from across the street.  I
jump back in a surpise to see what's coming at me.  Nothing's there.  I could
swear something was coming at me but it suddenly disappeared.  It could not
have been my imagination but it seemed too real to be imaginary.  After I
realized that nothing was there I ran as fast as I could back to the store.
After I tell them what happened they all laughed at me.  So I shooked it off
and laughed about it too.  But I feel that's as close as to something "not"
normal that I'll ever be invovled in.
    But my wife's story is stange in a way.  One night while watching tv in
the living room, she notices out of nowhere a ballon that she recieved on
mother's day is floating around from the hallway.  It for some reason goes
directly to her.  She's kind of spooked about it and pushes it away.  So she
continues to watch tv and of course I'm sound asleep on the couch.  Once
again here comes that ballon staight to her.  Ok now she's petrified and
tries to wake me up but I'm totally knocked out.  The only thing she could
think of was to pop the ballon with her cigarette.  The next morning she
tells me of the story and that she tried to wake me up.  I recall her saying
something to me but I can't wake up.  The next night we are going to bed I
hear one of my daughter's toys making noise.  It's one of those toy phones
that rings.  I went by it to see if the battery is dying but the toy is fine.
 Ever since then I havne't heard it go off by itself, but I once in a while I
get goose bumps over my body and feel something else is not right.  Hopefully
it's my imagination.

No Big Deal


No Big deal...
I was walking from my boyfriend's remodeled basement to the upstairs to use
the bathroom.  The downstairs was bright, the upstairs was dimly lit.  When I
walked around the corner, I saw "his sister" peer at me.  I told her it was
only me, and proceeded to the bathroom.  After I finished, I realized my
boyfriend and I were the only ones in the house.  I turned white and started
to cry- I felt the presence, and it was confusing.  My boyfriend explained
that his sister had also seen the same figure in a white nightgown (same
description) when she was younger.  His father's first wife had died at an
early age in the house and we believe it to be her.  I took a random picture
months later in the same spot by the bed room, and there is a clear outline
of a face which the Warren's confirmed (I would download it if I had a
scanner).  Like I said, no big deal, but it was touching to us.

Night Visits


I posted one story, but I thought I'd share another that is a sort of
follow-up to my other one.  I grew up in a house that was haunted by a kind
and sort of quiet ghost, and the only person in our house that didn't seem to
know it was my dad.  He looked at hauntings as some sort of hooey, so we
didn't discuss with him the occurances that our spirit was obviously the
culprit of.
Anyhow, I digress.
After a being diagnosed with Melanoma, my father passed away just a few short
weeks later.  My mother, sister and I were devastated and shocked, to say the
very least. He was the mainstay in our family, so we sort of fell apart. My
mother and I got into a bad arguement shortly after his death, and were not
on speaking terms after the funeral. Several evenings during this time, while
I was asleep, I dreamt that the phone rang and I answered it.  The reception
was rather bad, sort of static-filled and distant.  I could very faintly hear
my father calling my name in a very annoyed tone.  I knew immedietly he was
mad at me for not being there for my mother.  Several times, in the weeks
that followed, I had the very same dream.  When my mother and I spoke again,
the dreams stopped. I suppose people could say that it was my conscience, but
something else happended that made me feel otherwise. I told my mom about my
dream, and she said the night my dad died she had a dream that he got into
bed with her and rubbed his cheek against hers and gave her a squeeze.  She
said she could even smell his cologne.  She awoke with a start. It was the
hospice calling, telling her that my father had passed away just half an hour
earlier.  My sister recently told me that just a few days after my dad died
she had a dream that my dad called HER on the phone and told her to take care
of my mother and to tell her that he loved her. Now, I have NO DOUBT that we
all did get a visit from him. I got yet another visit from him shortly after
my son was born.  I dreamt I was in this auditorium, sitting on a folding
chair with my son in my lap.   My dad walked up, took the baby from me and
held and played with him for a little while. He then gave him back and walked
out.  I often get sad when I think about how my dad missed out on seeing and
spending time with his grandkids. I guess he's doing that now in the only way
he can.
thanks for letting me share. I really enjoy your site.

My Wacky Experiences


My experiences started when I was a young girl around
the age of nine when
I moved into my grandparents house in late 90'. The
house was built in the 50's typical track home that
looked like a carbon copy of every other house on the
block.  My grandparents where in there late 50's and
where the second owner, to my knowledge no one had
ever passed on in the house. However I did find out
later on that a neighbor had a dispute with his
brother and he was shot on the porch next to our
house, my grandmother was a nurse so she had tried to
help him.  He
died in her arms.  At first the experience started as
a feeling like a magnetic rush surging through my body
and the little hairs on my neck creeping up.  Then I
having dreams of a man who was talking to me, asking
me to help him and let him in.  I would always wake up
in the morning feeling very tired , like I had stayed
up all night.  The dreams eventually
turned into nightmares and I began sleep walking.  My
grandfather heard me walking around one night and came
to find me talking to the front door, telling Bryan he
couldn't come in.  When I awoke the next morning and
they where questioning me , I didn't recall a thing.
That's when they told me about Bryan... The man that
shot on my neighbors porch.
After that the occurrences stopped until November of
I was 19 at the time and had moved into a brand new
apartment complex with a roommate.   It was a couple
days before Thanksgiving and I was in my room
packing before I began a road trip up to see my mother
for the Holiday.  I was expecting my boyfriend to be
there any minute , he had a key to my apartment so I
thought nothing of it when I heard the front door open
and someone walk towards my bedroom. ( My roommate had
already left town to go to his family so he
wasn't there and I had the door locked. )  Anyhow I
stopped what I was doing and spun around to greet my
boyfriend and no one was there.  I got a little scared
and checked all the rooms to see if maybe he was
playing a trick on me.  He and no one else was
anywhere in my apt. I checked my front door and It was
locked , I looked outside and no one was around ( the
complex was very quiet and almost abandoned for the
Holiday).  I shrugged it off and figured I was just
anxious to see him and go on our trip and imagined the
sounds.. or I was hallucinating.. I don't do drugs and
I don't have a drinking habit..
 Another incident like that happened about three month
later only this time I was  asleep and I heard people
in my living room talking and moving the couch around.
It was hitting my wall pretty hard so I got up to
quiet them down  ( occasionally my roommate would
bring women he had met at a club home and they would
be a
little loud.)  Well I got up and again no one was
there, the TV wasn't on, no radios where on and my
roommate was still out,  it was well after  1 am so no
one in the
complex was up.  My couch had been moved though
instead of facing towards the TV it was now facing
towards my wall,   That freaked me out pretty good so
I couldn't go back to sleep , instead I  picked up my
living room and  fell asleep watching C-Span.
After that it felt pretty spooky in my apt and I
decided to speak with my roommate about it..
Apparently he had experienced things like that before
as well in our
apt.  Needless to say our lease ran up in April and we
elected not to stay there.......  Now I live in
another complex , a little older but so far nothing
creepy has
happened.   I don't know how to explain my experiences
and I don't think I have a spook following me around ,
I cant see dead people.... not even sure if my
experiences are actually paranormal experiences.. who
knows maybe they make couches that can move them
selves now...

   My Uncle And My Sister

In 1967 my Mom and Dad where living in Northwest Indiana not too far from
Chicago.  My Mom's younger brother, Connie at the time was living with my Mom
and Dad during the week because he was working in the city.  He was actually
from West Virginia (my Mom's home state) and would go back every weekend to
visit his fiance.  The weekend prior before he came back to Indiana, my Uncle
took all of his possessions over to my Grandmother's home for her to hold in
case anything ever happened to him.  The next Friday evening as he was
preparing for the treck back to West Virginia my Dad proceeded to give Connie
a hard time about all of his traveling.  My Dad was trying to stress to him
that it wasn't safe to be traveling every weekend back home especially after
a long weeks worth of work.  It just wasn't safe or wise.  Before Connie
left, my Dad asked (jokingly, but still with a point), "Where do you want me
to send the flowers?"  A little after an hour since his departure my parents
where called to identify my Uncle.   He had been hit head on by a semi truck
who was on the wrong side of the road.  He was hit going around a bend.  The
police figured that my Uncle did not realize the truck was on the wrong side
because of the bend and because it was dark.  About 2 weeks later after my
Uncle was laid to rest, my Mom woke up in the middle of the night to see
Connie standing beside her bed.  She said that he had a real concerned look
on his face as he was pointing to my 6 month old sister's crib.  He was
standing in-between the bed and the crib.  She was not frightened because she
and her brother where very close.  My Mom rubbed her eyes but he was still
there.  After a few moments, she blinked and he was gone.  She rolled over
and woke up my Dad and told him what had just happened.  My Dad just told her
that she was just dreaming because Connie was "heavy on her mind".  A few
days after that my sister, Jennifer became ill.  She could not keep anything
down.  Twice my parents took her to the Doctor that day at which the Doctor
gave her medication and sent them home.  She proceeded to get worse that day.
 On the last and third trip to the Doctor, my Dad refused to leave until they
put Jennifer into the hospital, which they did.  During her brief stay, the
Doctors where trying to figure out what was making her so sick.  My parents
and Grandparents where all up at the hospital and at one point my Dad took my
Grandparents home.  He told the Doctors that if anything should happen while
he was gone, to not say anything to my Mom until he got back.  During the
brief time that he was gone, my sister did indeed pass away.  My Mom said
that she was walking in the corridor when all of a sudden something just "cut
through her".  She made note of the time and waited a short while.  Finally
she went and approached the Doctor and said "she's gone isn't she?".  The
Doctor was amazed that she knew and wanted to know who told her -  at which
she said the no one did.  My sister ended up dying from a rare case of
pneumonia.  I believe my Uncle tried to warn my Mom of my sister's death.

No Joke


Hello, Back in late 1993, I moved into an old duplex apt. in Durham, N.C; my home town. I worked 3rd shift and slept during the day. For a long time, I thought I would see something moving really fast through the kitchen in the corner of my eye. I saw it almost daily. It looked like a short, black thin form, that had tiny light in it, similar to a T.V. station that has signed off the air, blurry and always moving very fast from right to left. It would come out of the bathroom, speed through the kitchen, and through the outer kitchen wall. I lived alone and wrote it off as tired eyes or imagination. I never told anyone because I didn't want to sound silly. Then one night, in mid 1994, my girlfriend and I came in after a late evening out, around 12:30 to 1:00 am. I was off work for the weekend. I sat down in the bedroom in my rocking chair, my girlfriend ( now my wife ) walked by me and ask if I wanted anything to drink, as she was going to the kitchen. I said "no" and as she stepped into the kitchen, she stopped,backed up and looked at me with a puzzled, strange look. She said "Did you see that"? I said "no", as I was looking away at the time. She described what she saw, and it was identical to what I had been seeing. I was scared now. I could no longer make myself believe it was just my eye's. Later, that night when we finally went to bed, I couldn't sleep. I was wired. On top of that, a picture fell off the wall, and there was a loud crash in the walk- in closet. The clothes support pole snapped in half, all that night! I got no sleep. I stayed with my mom for a few days after that. Also in my apartment, I once saw a ball of light floating across the room, up high near the ceiling. It moved slowly to a corner, then went back into the kitchen. Also, I felt a touch on my backside and my back twice as I was trying to go to sleep two different mornings after work. I was never harmed, but I know there was something..... strange in that old house. NO JOKE!
                                                           Thank You,

Upper Flat


My story happened aboUt ten years ago when a roommate and I rented an upper flat..We moved in and from the very start I noticed a strange type of dust(it was webby and very thick) I dusted every other day because of the  intense accumulation. About 2 weeks later I started hearing an old gramophone playing music in my bedroom evenings and nights..My friend and I worked at the same hotel, I would get home about 5:00 and Laurie would get home about 10:00pm. One evening I went to the store, came back and as I was walking past the bathroom, I noticed what appeared to be Laurie taking a bath with her back towards the door(open door?) I asked her what she was doing home so early, and got no reply, so I just went into my bedroom and watched TV about 3 hours later the front door slammed, and I went to see who it was..It was Laurie. I asked her where she had been and why she didn't talk to me earlier.She then told me that she just got home from work..I saw the same "girl! ' several times after that in the bathtub...we had 2 puppies that refused to enter Lauries bedroom, one day we both came home to find the puppies dead in the back corner of the room, both had died of heart attacks..Lauries boyfriend started getting weird to the point that he seemed possessed by something evil..once he threw me down the stairs and in a strange voice(evil) told me to leave his house!! For two weeks every night I would hear furniture being moved throughout the bottom flat, heavy furniture..I would hear cats crying and sounds like muffled talking...I never saw the people during the day these two weeks...Suddenly I saw them and asked what was going on downstairs  I couldn't sleep because of all the racket..they informed me that they just came back from Florida and they were gone for two weeks.I asked them what their apt. looked like and if they had friends staying there ? They told me no friends were there, and the place looked like they left it, and they did ! not own animals. Two weeks after that they suddenly moved out and left a bunch of stuff behind..I didn't notice them moving at all. The next tenet started moving in, stayed there one night, and disappeared , never came back to get her stuff.One day I walked up the long back sidewalk to the house and unlocked the two locks. we had just had the locks changed) and started u the stairs when I noticed an old man sitting half way up the flight of stairs.He was wearing clothes not from this time and was very tired looking and had a cane..I was surprised as to how he got into the place as no on was living downstairs at the time...I asked him what He was doing, and he replied that he was waiting for his daughter...I told him that no one lives here that knew him....I took one step up and turned around to invite him up for tea , and he was gone...He was as a regular person...something was different though.Fires would start in the attic, basement under the steps....and my boyfriend a! t the time would never enter the place from first sight(before we knew anything) he said the house was evil. Lauries boyfriend became so violent that she had him arrested for beating her up...We moved then. The thing I remember the most is when we were first moving in, the little boy next door  told us that we are moving into the "ghost house"The neighbors told me that years ago a family lived in the duplex.Parents down, daughter and husband up...The husband threw the daughter down the flight of stairs and killed her, he then shot himself, the father was so grief stricken that he hung himself in the attic.....

My Lamp


i happened to run across the shadowlands site one night at around 1:30 a.m.
in july 2001. iwas reading some of the stories and checking out the pictures
for a while when the lamp i bought that month clicked off.well instinctually
i jumped. i calmed myself down simply reassuring the idea that the bulb had
blown.(note my computer and all other lights remained on so it wasnt an
outage) being sort of spooked i decided to call it a night and closed the soon as i was off of shadowlands at that instant the light clicked
back on!(you have to turn a knob to do this) well needless to say i turned
everything off and bolted into bed with my girlfriend. she laughed and told
me to go to sleep. i could not explain this occurance if anyone can please
clue me in.

Dark Secret


Hi my name is Cindy and I recently found your websit and I just want to start off by saying it is so good to know that we are not alone in our experiences. About 2 years ago a very close friend of mine (Kelly) asked be to sit with her 2 children while she attended a party I agreed and decided to bring an old friend from school to keep me company. Well my friend lives on a farm she had just bought the place and it was my first time seeing the place. Kelly is a dog breeder and has the kennel set up behind her back yard behind a bunch of trees and bushes; there is a walkway the leads directly threw the back yard to the kennel. Well once Brenda (my friend) and I arrived I was hit with a very uneasy feeling of being watched. I just chalked it up to a new place. Kelly took us threw the house and then we went up stairs and I thought I was having a heart attach. I broke out in a cold sweat and I found it very difficult to breath Brenda my friend had to help me down the stairs once I was on the main level I felt fine, Kelly left us at about 8pm that night and that is when all hell broke lose, the feeling of be watched intensified as well as noses coming from the upstairs back room. I tried my best to ignore what I was feeling, (very unwanted and had no business being there). The night wore and finally the kids were ready for bed (Brenda put them down because I could not make it up the stairs). I was cleaning up in the kitchen when I thought I saw someone walk across the living room I called out assuming it was Brenda to bring in the remainder of glasses so I could leave them soaking. When I got no reply I turned around to see 3 glasses sitting on the table. I called Brenda again to thank her then I finished up and left the glass to dry in the dish rack. I found Brenda watching TV stretched out on the sofa bed "Did you call me" she asked I told her what had happened in the kitchen and all the colour drained from her face and at that moment I knew that she did not bring me those glasses.
Trying to take our minds off of what was going on we decided to watch a movie we decided to was a Disney movie well about ½ hour into the film the VCR kept shutting off or the film would be put on pause. This went on for about 1 hour; finally we gave up on the movie and decided to play cards. As we moved to the kitchen and settled down for a game of crazy 8 we heard someone walking on the back porch (which ran half way around the house. I got up and walked over and opened the door there was no one there nothing out of place. We went back to our games the noises from up stairs seemed to be getting louder I finally said "there has got to be someone in this house" Scenes from "When a Stranger Calls" flashing in my head I decided that I would go and get one of the dogs from the kennels out back (I was hoping that Brenda would volunteer but no such luck) If there was someone or something in the house the dog would smell it out.
I made my way to the back door and flipped on the back floodlights. Brenda stayed by the door crying asking me not to leave her. I took a deep breath and ran all the while chanting in my head "Oh sweet Jesus" I grabbed the first dog I saw and made my way back to the house. Once inside the house with the dog I made my way to the front stairs just then we heard a door slam. I had to go upstairs and get those kids. I found my self praying we hit the 3rd step from the bottom and the dog began to growl and its hunched came up I pulled on the leash but he would not move finally I picked the dog up and carried it the rest of the way, when the dog realized what I was doing it began to yelp and squirm in my arms by the time I made it to the top level I had several bit and scratch marks on my arms and neck from the dog (husky) once I let go of her she ran right back downstairs and sat at the bottom growling deep in her throat .
I have never moves so fast in my life I grabbed those kids right out of their bed sheets and all and ran for the stairs all the doors slammed at once. I came down the steps to find Brenda with her coat on ready to go. I told her to relax that what ever was in the house was up stairs. We got the kids on the sofa watching a movie while Brenda wrapped my arms and neck (I still have the scars on my neck and arms) We were all in the family room everyone was sleeping I was still watching TV when all of a sudden the dog came into the room sat by me and began to growl at the entrance of the room. My blood ran cold I heard a voice in my head saying GET OUT, Again I picked up both Kids and screamed at Brenda we made our way to the front door backing out of the door my eyes never leaving the family room door way. I have never felt such hatred before in my entire life (27 yrs) once outside the front door slammed.
Needlessly to say I never went back there, I later found out from my friend Kelly (owner of home) that the original owners of the house had caught his wife sleeping with his farm foreman and hung himself in the upstairs back room. Kelly and her family have since moved out of that house
Thanks for listen it feels so good to share such a dark secret.

South Port

This is one of the first experiences I have had. I hope this site is serious and it looks as though it is. I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin which is on the shore of Lake Michigan. I can't remember how old I was probably 7-9 yrs. old. My Dad had taken me down to Southport which is a park by the lake. I can still remember after all this time. I am now 34. IIt was a stormy day out, not raining yet but very overcast and a little foggy. My dad was standing nearby and I went down by the water. I looked out over the lake and if I had not seen it I would not have believed it. There was an old-day ship in the water. It was all wood and on the deck of the ship I saw two men. One man was standing by a mast and the other man was hanging over the edge of the ship on top of what appeared to me a net of sorts only it was made of thick rope and the spaces inbetween the weaves was to great to catch fish so I don't know what exactly it was. It was hanging over the edge of the ship as well. The man that was hanging over the side had what looked like a knife in his back. I know it sounds crazy. Let me just say that as a child I was frightened by what I saw and ran back to my dad. I told him what I saw and told him to look but he said he did not see anything. I have tried to do some investigating on ghost ships of lake michigan but cannot locate anything specific. I have even looked at the schooner pictures I have found but truthfully I have to say that the ship was older than that it was for lack of a better words a ship like you see on the documentaries on tv regarding Christopher Columbus etc. ships of that kind.It even had the sails up. I am not sure if ships like that made it this far inland but that is what I saw.
Another experience I had was one that affected me many times. I was very close to the same age and my great grandmother whom I was close to had died. Soon after (please I am not crazy) I began waking up at night to a voice whispering my name. Not Dan or Danny but Daniel my full name. Going into my parents room when scared was not an option so I would go into our bathroom where the light was always kept on. Believe me I would stay in there and fall asleep again. I dont think my parents ever asked me why I did that and I never even to this day told them. This would happen almost nightly. My parents went on vacation and left me with my grandparents for the two weeks they were gone. They lived in kenosha as well. I was relieved as I did not have to worry about the voice waking me(I never saw an image or ghost etc. just the voice). I was wrong. I woke up one evening to the voice again. I had never snuck into bed with my grandpa ever accept this time I was really scared. I grabbed my blanket and went to my grandfathers room. I opened then closed the door and layed down on the floor next to his bed. He was a very no nonsense guy who would have let the sparks fly if I woke him. After I closed the door I settled in to go to sleep figuring the voice wouldn't follow me. I had just put my head down when the door opened and I felt a "breeze" go down the length of the bed ruffling the dust cover of the bed. I think after that I finally fell asleep as I would absolutely not wake my grandfather.
Another experience... My dad owned a very old 2 flat house. My wife, children and I lived upstairs. I work third shift so at that time on the weekends I was usually up late, very late. All the lights were turned off which is how I liked it. All except for me were well asleep. There was a food pantry adjacent to the kitchen. There was a certain way you had to shut the door to the pantry or it would not close. I went into the kitchen and sat at the kitchen table. I remember starting to think about how old the house was and about the people who had lived there throughout the years. I don't know why I thought of this I just did. I began thinking about ghosts and how it has been reported that they can appear as they want. I kept thinking to myself that if there were any ghosts in the house that if they chose to show themselves it would be in human form and not some hideous creature. As I was sitting at the table the pantry door slowly opened. I did not see anything but I cannot explain how scared I was. I knew that the door could not open by itself, it was impossible. Despite being scared I stayed there, okay maybe to scared to move. I then had thoughts of the people that used to live in the house. These are those thoughts... the family that lived there(when I don't know) were excited about a fair that was the big thing in Kenosha. Everyone and everybody would be there. One girl from the family did not want to go, I think perhaps she was to rondevou with her boyfriend although I am not quite sure. Anyway while her family was at the fair someone broke into the house thinking everyone would be at the fair. Unfortuneately they were not. The girl was raped then murdered. Again I did not see anything like apparations but I just thought through this. I did not want to see a ghost (especially after the door opened) These are my stories and I hope this site is a serious site. There are a few experiences that I have not wrote about but I will save them for later, Thank you for listening.

The Lady In White


Shortly after moving to Maryland, from Napa,
Calafornia, My stepmom started hearing things in our
ancient house. While I was at School, my Dad at work,
she would sometimes go crying hysterically to the
neighbours house, saying that a threatening voice
seemed to follow her around, and that she felt that
someone was looking at her so intensly that she
thought they were looking inside her soul. Cheesy, I
know, but my stepmom never did any of this before, and
I had been living with her since I was five.
One night, after my Dad and stepmom had a really
horrible fight, I went and sat in my room to get away
from it all. I stood in front of my mirror and looked
at my reflection. The shouting suddenly stopped
downstaires, and the room went so unbearably cold that
I moaned out loud. A woman's face surfaced next to
mine in the mirror. A flowing white, transparant dress
hung in folds around her body. She opened her eyes,
big insane holes which extended to the back of her
head, colorless and swirling eyes that seemed to
swallow everything in the room, but not me.
I ran as fast as I could, to find my Dad and stepmom
watching T.V, their fight apparantly over. I told
them, and my stepmom said: Get in the car. We are
going. I've seen her too.
My stepmom had seen her reflection in the bath. She
was out to get us.

Few Extra Houseguests


My name is Jamie and I live in a house which some say is haunted but we
look at it as just a few extra house guests with a pass for permanent
living arrangements.  We purchased this house in November of 1991.  I
was only in third grade at the time we moved.  My parents and the
previous owners became friends.  However, they did not tell my parents
of their theory of the house being haunted until the papers were signed.
>From the moment we set foot in this house we knew we weren't alone.
There are no evil spirits or poltergeist  here just friendly,
mischievous little spirits who are trapped and have become part of the
family.  Though as friendly as they are, they have caused me to be
frightened on a number of occasions.
We have estimated around four separate spirits in the house.
The first is a little girl around nine or ten years of age....she first
appeared to me soon after we moved in.  My mom calls her Miranda, and
she don't seem to mind.
The second spirit is Leo Anderson.....(please don't use his last name if
you use this story).  I have a picture of him.  He's 13 years old and is
obsessed with me.  He's around so much that if something turns up
missing my first reaction is " okay Leo, give it back."
The third would be Annabelle ( a name I chose for her).  She would walk
up the back porch to the kitchen door everyday at the same time...that
only happened a couple ,months  and  I haven't heard it since.
The fourth spirit is Cane.  The reason behind his or her name is because
the first time I encountered it, it was in the shape of a cane.  It is a
very mischievious spirit who likes to appear in the form of various
objects.  To this day we do not know whether it is a female of male.
Unfortunately, I have no way of sending pictures to your site, I hope
you enjoyed the story and I don't mind if you use it in your site.

Haunting from a Beloved Pet


About 7 years ago I moved into my own house with my husband and I had to leave my cat Bustopher Jones behind at my parents house.  He was a stray that I had fed and cared for until he found his way into our home. Well, I got a call from the vet at work one day and he said that Jones would'nt make it he had to many intestinal problems from being a stray for so long and if I would give the word to let him go.  I did'nt want to prolong suffering so I said if there is nothing to be done, let him go.
Soon after, I would be laying in bed in the morning and feel a cat jump on the bed at my new house.  It would only reach my feet and then the sensation would leave.  Eventually it got so that the sensation would reach my legs, chest and face.  After awhile I got used to it and refered to the feeling as Jones.  I told him that I was sorry that I had to let him go, but I wanted him to be without pain and that I loved him.
Afew days later, I felt him jump on the bed and walk up to my face.  He rubbed his body which felt very real against my face and went into the headboard.  I never felt him again.


I found a link to your site and read some of the stories there.  They say
that we fear what we don't understand and I think whoever said that is
right.  Your site's stories scared the hell out of me.  Worst of all, they
reminded me of when I experienced some unsettling shit at the age of 10 back
in 1990.  My father, his wife (not my legit mother), and myself lived in a
duplex in Green Bay, WI for around 7 years.  Being young and having an
active imagination, I ALWAYS feared the basement.  I hated going down there
alone.  It was the only place in the house where I felt terrified.  The rest
of the house never put me at ease either, but the basement was the worst.
It was almost seperate from the rest of the house too since you had to go
into the garage to get to the steps that lead into the basement.  Anyway,
one day my friend Aaron and I were sitting in my garage on a couch that was
about to be thrown out.  We were just sitting there in silence for a bit
when we heard footsteps coming up the stairs leading from the basement to
the garage.  After about the 6th step, we bolted out of the garage to the
front yard, neither of us believing what we just heard.  What made this such
a strange moment was the fact that nobody else was home, and we never heard
the door at the bottom of the steps actually open.  We just heard the
footsteps.  About 10 minutes later, I went back in my house and found nobody
there.  After that, I can recall countless nights when my television in my
room would turn on and off in a rapid fashion.  It scared the hell out of
me, but my parents acted like it was no big deal.  I knew it wasn't normal
though.  I never thought about this until years and years after we moved out
and to a new town altogether for my dad's job, but the neighbors on the
other half of the duplex were always changing.  Thinking back, I'm sure that
we never had the same neighbors for longer than a year or two.  I can't help
but wonder if even stranger things were happening in the other half of the
house?  Since then, I've never encountered anything similar in my new home,
but I'm convinced that the place in Green Bay has some kind of story behind
it.In the basement, I would occassionally find writings on the walls.  My father
always accused me of putting them there, but I never did.  Sorry to have
left that out before, but its been about 7 years since I lived there and had
blocked out most of those memories until your site brought them back to the
surface again.

South Africa


My name's Gareth Pike, and I'm 26. Living in Durban, South Africa.
I'm actually interested in editing/publishing a collection of ghost stories as told to me by family & friends.
Anyway, MY story is...
I was about 9 or 10, and living with my folks in the Hogsback, in the Amatola Mountains of South Africa's Eastern Cape. This area is renowned for its supernatural phenomena, and is rumored to have been inspirational to Tolkein in his writing of "Lord of the Rings".
One day I and my my mom and stepdad went for a picnic in the ancient forest near where we lived.
My folks decided to go for a hike after lunch, but I was tired, so I just stayed behind, poking sleepily at the camp fire with a stick.
This was Autumn, so there were stacks of dry leaves in the clearing where I was.
Suddenly I heard the tread of footsteps behind me -very loud on the dry leaves. They were getting closer.
As they grew louder, I naturally turned to see, thinking this was my folks returning early from their hike.
I was lying on the ground at the time, and as I turned, all I saw was the silhouette of a man, leaning down above me, almost blocking out the light. This was just a black figure, a shadow, and I could make out no details of the person.
I was too startled to be scared.
This "man" reached out his hand and put it on my shoulder.
I felt the hand ON ME - neither hot or cold.
It seemed like this man wanted to tell me something, certainly I didn't feel threatened in any way.
Then, with the hand still on my shoulder, this shadow figure just froze, and then quickly faded away to nothing.
There was no one with me in the clearing.
My folks returned half an hour later, to find a very somber little boy, who didn't even tell anyone about this experience until over ten years later.
To this day, I wonder what that shadowy man had wanted to tell me.
Anyone had a similar experience of such 'shadow figures'?



I am a strong believer in spirits, however my boyfriend was fairly
skeptical. I' ve never actually seen them but I feel their presence
everywhere I go, especially in my dreams.   I have a story and it goes
like this;  My boyfriend ( let's call him Pat) and I were driving back
from Montreal after a party at one of our friends house. We where
driving behind, what looked like a van.  It was about 2:00 a.m. and
pitch black on this 2 lane highway in the middle of nowhere.  We were
playing this game to stay awake, I'd say a letter and he'd have to say a
word that began with that letter, then he'd say a letter and we'd have
to repeat what the other said along with our word... so on and so
forth........All of a sudden he stops and whispers "what the hell is
that ?"  As I turned my head to look,  I saw two old school chairs lying
on their backs placed perfectly in the center of both lanes.  By the
time we came close enough to see what it actually was we drove straight
through it, sending pieces of wood flying everywhere (luckly we hit it
with such impact that the car kept going straight.) We both went totally
silent.  I turned to look at Pat and noticed he was shivering,  he said
he was very cold,  I simply felt a chill.  We started talking about what
had just happened we kept asking ourselves why hadn't the van in front
of us swerved to prevent hitting the chairs?  The chairs were placed in
such a way that it would have been  impossible to avoid.  Till this day
every time we speaks of that incident we get chills.  since then Pat has
become more open towards the spiritual world.

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