On May 5, 1996, my 52 year old father died of a heart attack. My father was

an American Indian, of the BlackFeet Tribe. He was a school administrator and

part time rancher. He was a relatively young man, in the prime of his life,

at the top of his career. His death came as a great shock to us. Especially

considering he had none of the indicators of heart disease, was in relatively

good shape and didn't drink or smoke.

The morning he died, he was chasing a cow into a barn. Helping him was my

young 8 year old niece. The cow was about to calve and due to a late season

snow storm, the cow would be better off giving birth in the nice warm barn.

However, the cow was a stubborn animal and refused to go inside. My father

and niece chased the cow about the correl trying to heard it in. Finally,

they succeeded in caging the stubborn creature.

Once the cow was secure in the barn, my father climbed up into the cab of our

tractor and proceeded to collect hay for feeding the remainder of the cattle.

At this time, he began coughing and doubled over the wheel dead.

I live 350 miles away and was helping my wife plant roses in our back yard.

It was a beautiful day. Hot and not a breath of wind where I live. I was

just standing up when a gust of wind blew so hard that I nearly lost my

balance. In a second, the wind died and I heard the phone ringing. I ran to

the house and picked up the phone. It was my youngest brother in California.

"Dad died," he said crying, "He died this morning." I couldn't believe my

ears, I told him I had to go and I hung up. I went out and told my wife. In

a daze we loaded up the car and my two kids and we began the long drive back


We arrive home late that evening and that night, my mother asked me to go to

the barn and feed the sheep and check on the cow my father chased in. I

couldn't find a flash light in our house, so I walked to the over to the barn

in the dark.

The barn is a large building with many stalls. It had been constructed a

couple of years after I had left for college. This was only the second time

I'd ever been in the barn and the only time I'd ever entered the barn in the

dark. I walked in through the door and reached around to my left hoping to

the find the light switch. It wasn't there, so I tried the right side, it

wasn't there neither.

I could hear the animals moving about inside the barn. In the dark, I was

worried that if I tried to go in, I would run into them or walk into something

I didn't want to, pitch forks, nails in poles, poles, etc. I didn't want to

go back to the house, so I moved slowly along to my left hoping to feel the

light switch. I couldn't find it anywhere. I searched left, right, high and

low. Finally, I walked forward into the pitch black. I couldn't see anything

at all. Frustrated, I said out loud, "Come on dad, where the hell did you put

the damb switch?" I reached forward and my hand touched the cold plastic

surface of the switch. It was installed on a pole, shoulder height, in the

middle of the barn. What the... I exclaimed and turned on the lights.

I finished my chores and went home. I told my family, but no one really

believed me or for that matter listed to me. Everyone, including myself was

very depressed.

For the next four days, my family was in deep morning. My father had been

brought back to my mother's house and displayed in the living room. The

traditional Catholic cerimonies, in combination with traditional Blackfeet

cerimonies, took place and the fourth day was scheduled for the burial.

The morning of the burial, myself and the other pall bearers opened the front

door and proceeded to lift the casket through the door so that it could be

placed into the hearse. When the casket was half way through the door, a

small yellow finch flew through the door and into my mothers house. We were

shocked, because the Blackfeet believe that animals, birds in particular,

transport the soul to the other world. In the 28 years previous, no other

birds had ever flown into our house. We made a brief attempt to get the bird

out side, but gave up because we didn't want it to hurt itself. We loaded the

casket into the hearse and went on with the burial.

When we returned to the house, we opened the door and the bird flew out and

landed on our front walk. It just sat there. I approached it and it didn't

fly away. I stooped over it and it looked up at me. I said to it, "Its okay

to leave now. We'll be okay" and the bird flew over and land on the fench.

It sat there for a few seconds, looked at us and then flew away.

I believe the bird conveyed my fathers spirit to the other side. I believe he

is there, but I also believe he is still protecting his family.

About a month ago, I had a very bad day at work. I work at night and on this

particular evening, a nasty little cuss was being particularly annoying.

We're not sure what this person is supposed to do at work, but his main job

characterization would be best described as "passive aggressive behavior."

You know, nice to your face, but sticking the knife in your back whenever

you're not looking. Well he'd been more annoying than usual and I'd been in a

foul mood anyway. I got into a real team building argument with the little

crud. On my way home that evening, I was driving along still fuming. I said

out loud, "Dad, what the hell am I supposed to do about this guy?" At that

moment, I looked over on my right and my dad was there, as real as me. Not

some dopey Holly Wood ghost. Just my Dad.

He was looking straight ahead and he said, "everywhere you go in life, there

will always be people like him. He's just pushing your buttons. The best way

to handle it is to just not let it get to you. He seems to like getting to

you and if you let it, he'll just keep doing it." He then turned and looked

to me and smiled.

I just wanted to stop and hug him. I wanted him to pick me up and tell me

everything would be alright just like when I was a kid. I tried to slow down

and pull over, but he disappeared, not faded, just bam, he was gone. I wasn't

scared, there wasn't anything even weird. It was just Dad and I. It felt

so....normal. But I know it wasn't.

Yeah, yeah I know. Everybody has heard his advice before. However, has

everybody listened to it. I'd heard it before too, but it'd never come from

my dead father. Coming from him really made me listen too it.

Since then, I haven't seen my father. But I know that when I need him really

bad, he'll be there, just like he was and has been. He's still my family's


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Childhood Nightmares ?


I did have 2 experiences. 1 when I was 4 & the other at the age of 5.

These actually did happen to me. It doesn't matter if anyone believes me.

They changed my life. I just have to tell someone.

The first time I was at my grandmas house. It was me, my mom and my 2

brothers, who were 2 & 5 at the time. Our apartment had some electrical

problems and we had to spend the night at our Grandmas house. The full

sized bed in her spare bedroom was right next to the wall. Mom & I at the

head of the bed and my two brothers at the bottom. That night I remember

I didn't sleep very well at all. I remember waking up at 1:30am. I had

rolled over and faced the wall, about 4" away from it. It had only been a

few minutes when I felt a hand going over my face, touching it,all over!

My eyes were closed before this happened and I was terrified to open

them. At first I thought it was my brothers playing a cruel joke but I

quickly rolled over & to my surprise, they were both sound asleep at out

feet! I then felt a slight pulling at my hair which caused me to start

screaming! It stopped immediately1 Everyone woke up instantly! My mom

checked under the bed, nothing! I told my mother & grandma over and over

that there was someone trying to pull me under the bed! They said I had

an overactive imagination, but I knew!

The 2nd experience was about a year later. I had gotten a life size

doll for Christmas( which I had named Katy) Katy and I were inseparable.

She was my constant buddy. To make a long story short, our apartment was

in a low income neighborhood and had a nasty cockroach problem. My mom

found out that my Katy was infested with them. My mom did her best to

"clean out" Katy, but she had to put her on the back porch for a few

days. One night, I'll never forget it, I snuck out and put Katy under my

bed so she would be close to me. My bed at the time was bunk beds, which

I slept on top & my 2brothers, on the bottom. That night I remember

waking about 3:00am. The bunk beds were moving back and forth as though

someone was shaking it! Again, I blamed my 2 brothers. I slowly leaned

over the edge of the top bunk to see if it was them and to my surprise,

thier bed was empty! I then looked into the livingroom (which connected

to our bedroom) and both of them were sound asleep on the couch! I was so

terrified that I coudln't move. The bed was still shaking when I finally

fell asleep after several minutes! The next morning, I had asked my

brothers why they went to sleep on the couch, without mentioning what had

happened the night before. My brothers replied "you were shaking the bed

so much we couldn't sleep, so we came in here." I asked my mom to please,

get rid of Katy, which she put into the garbage & was disposed of

immediately! To this day,I swear it was Katy!

Am crazy? Do I just have an active imagination? All I do know is

that to this day, I don't sleep next to walls or edges of beds, I don't

have any dolls at all, I have to check to make sure that doors are

locked, I always sleep with a nightlite on and I definetly don't like


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The Ghost in Grandma's Back Room


As a little girl growing up, when my parents would go out or leave town, my brother and I stayed with Grandma. She had the normal, cozy house that grandparents tend to accomodate; however, she had this room in the back of her house that was set away from the rest of the house. It was just behind the laundry hall and the garage, and it sat next to a small 3/4 restroom. It was always very cold back there.

I remember how I hated that room, and how I always thought that if I fell asleep in the livingroom, perhaps Grandma would let me sleep out there, but it never failed, she always stuck me in that cold back room. There were many nights when I would have a dream that I was having a dream ("All of what we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"...I understand that now.) I would "dream" that I had awoken, and everytime I did, I would see this woman dressed in 19th Century attire, with the bustle on her dress, high collar, dark hair up in a tight, thick bun, and a soft features, that I could never really make out. There were times when I woke up and saw her walk past my door, as if from the bathroom, and she would be singing. Other times, I would "wake" up and she would be at the foot of the bed looking at me as if I were her "precious child." I wasn't afraid of her, but I did have an uneasy feeling. I remember one time waking up and she was standing right over me. I just pulled the covers over my head and rolled over, attributing it to my young, wild imagination.

I never told anyone about it until I was, I believe, a junior or senior in high school, which would be in 1992, I believe. There was a black-out in town, so I decided to go up to my aunt, Nancy's house -- way up in the woods. We got to talking, and thought it would be fun to tell of places we wouldn't want to be at this time of storm and black-out. I said, "Ann's room." (Anne is Nancy's sister.) She asked me why, and I told her. She got this uncanny look on her face.

This was just after the death of my great-grandfather, and some relatives came from all over to attend his funeral. Nancy told me that when my other aunt, Teresa, and her daughter, my cousin, Andrea, slept in that room, they claimed to have the same dream about the same woman.

Nancy asked me to describe the woman I saw, and I did. It turns out that Nancy, herself, had the same "dream" as I did, and the same as my other aunt and cousin. She didn't believe the other two until I told her my story. Apparently, Ann had her own experiences as well; however, I am not sure what they included, if she saw the woman or what.

Like I said, this was just after my great-grandfather died. The night he died, my great-grandmother slept in that room, and when she came out in the morning, all she said was, "I'll never sleep in that room again. There are ghosts in there." She didn't tell anyone about what she had experienced until years me.

I was at her house about two years ago, and I was curious about what she had experienced, but I didn't want to bluntly come out and ask her, so I kind of eased into the subject of the paranormal, and conveniently, I threw in that I didn't like the back room of Grandma's house. She said, "You've seen it too, haven't you?" I affirmed. She went on to tell her story, and it went something like this:

"I was sleeping, and in the middle of the night when I heard someone go into the bathroom. I kept wondering to myself 'Why would someone use this bathroom? It's in the back of the house.' Besides, the only other people in the house were [my grandparents]. I just kept waiting for the toilet to flush. I don't know, I was sleepy, and I heard someone go in there, and I was just waiting for the toilet to flush, but it never did. Then I heard the cat meowing and meowing really loud. She wouldn't shut up. I didn't want to get out of bed, so I let her continue to meow. She kept getting louder and louder. I was starting to get scared. Then, I saw the doornob turn, and the door opened up about three feet, and the cat came in and jumped on the bed."

The next morning, she asked my grandparents which one of them had let the cat into the bedroom....neither of them did. And the uncanny thing about that is, is that the door was shut all the way, and there were about four or five layers of carpet on the floor, so that door was EXTREMELY difficult to open, so if the cat were, in fact, to have opened the door somehow, it would not have opened it three feet, it would have opened it just enough for it's body to fit through.

That incident kind of shook her up a bit, and after she told me that, I have never slept in that room again. We talk about it in the family now as, "the room." We have never investigated the history of the house; however, my grandma does have neighbors that were newleyweds, move into a house nearby her, and they were taking photos of their new home to send to family and friends, and in them, there was a man, in a sailor suit, posing in the pictures, standing near tables with his hand on a chair, and others of the sort. They have these photos hanging in their house now and just consider the sailor part of their family. Grandma's "ghost" has never given any negative "vibes" per se, so nothing more has ever been made of it, than what it was, and still continues to be, "the ghost in Grandma's back room."

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Hallway Ghost


Hello. I saw something which so far as I know is inexplicable. I'll tell

you the story.

I live in Ashland, Oregon, and attend Southern Oregon University (until

about a month ago, it was Southern Oregon State College, but now we have

a snazzy new apppelllation. Anyway.)

Like most colleges, Southern has its share of ghost stories, most of

them centering around Suzanne Homes, a residence hall built in the '40s.

Two ghosts are supposed to freuquent Suzy, that of a little boy who

drowned in the foundation of the building after a storm-- he was

floating toy boats, slipped, hit his head and died in about a foot of

water-- and that of a young woman who hung herself in the 1960s.

I lived in Suzy for two years and discounted the tales. Occaisionally,

one would get an uneasy feeling, but I never actually *saw* anything

myself, and so thought the ghost stories were the product bored and

morbid imagination. I lived with a bunch of fruitcakes anyway, so I

didn't lend a lot of credence to their stories. Okay, so I've

established myself as a skeptic. Here goes.

In winter of 1995, I was living on Suzy's thrird floor. One night, I had

a big paper to write, and so I was home all evening. I had my door open,

and folks were wandering in and out. I saw everyone who lived on the

floor as the evening wore on. I knew where just aobut everyone was

going and what they were up to. If one of my hallmates had a visitor

over, I probably would have known about it.

At around 2 am, I had to pee. My room was right next to the bathroom,

and near to one of the exits. The other exit was at the other end of

the hallway, which was quite long. It being an old building, the doors

were made of a good, solid wood. They made big banging sounds as they

swang shut.

I came out of my room, and there was a girl sitting smack in the middle

of the hallway, reading a hardback book. She looked like she stepped

directly out of the 1960s-- like one of the girls in my mom's high

school year book.

If she was going for the retro look, she had it to a tee. We're talking

impecable-- lightly backcombed hair, mousy brown and poofy, done in that

early 1960s style with a wide red hair band; cat eye glasses, a red

cardigan sweater over a peter pan collar white blouse, a plaid knee

length skirt, white ankle socks and sturdy black shoes. She was kind of

chubby, and I didn't get the impression that she was trying to make a

"statement" with her clothing. I had my hand on the swinging bathroom

door, and surprised to see her said questioningly "Hi." She looked up at

me, a kind of... fear creasing her features. She replied, barely

audibly, "hi..." I was stepping into the bathroom at this point, but I

wasn't all the way in the door yet. I thought to myself, "wait, that's

weird," and poked my head back out to look at her again. She wasn't

there. And there was *no where* she could have gone. First of all, she

couldn't have moved in the space of time it took me to poke my head in

and out of the bathroom. She couldn't have gotten to either exit, and I

would have heard the heavy doors opening and closing if she had. She

could have possibly gone into a room, but again, it would have had to

have been with superhuman speed. I suddenly felt terrified-- something

was *really* not right. The need to pee forgotten, I scurried back to my

room, turned on every light I had, and put on some happy music as loud

as I could without waking up and pissing off my neighbors.

The next morning, I went to every single girl on my floor, asking them

if they had a visitor fitting the description of the girl in the hallway

the previous night. No one had.

Well. I dunno. She could have just been some random girl, but I don't

think so. At any rate, I never felt comfortable peeing in the middle of

the night again.

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An Apparition


In June 1995 I sighted an apparition at my brother's house in Manassas, VA. Three of us had gone onto the front porch, it was around 11PM and dark out except for the front porch light. After steping on the porch my nieces husband David said,looking across the road, "what's that light?". At the same time I too saw the light. It looked like an inverted "U", with circles where eyes would be and two triangles below each circle. The triangles were elongated with the point down so they looked somewhat like tears. (At least I thought so.) The apparition was about 2ft X 1.5ft and perhaps 3-4ft off the ground. It was dimly illuminated and the circle and triangle shapes were a little darker than the "body" of the apparition so they could be easily distinguished. It did not look like reflected light. It appeared for about 5 seconds or so, then disappeared. Long enough to get a good look at it. It was very quite and dark out that night. My brothers house faces and is across the road from an abandoned cemetery. The sighting looked like it was on the edge of the road and the cemetery is about 3-4ft from the road. The cemetery is completely abandoned and uncared for. Some of the grave markers have the last name Fair, one 12 year old girl is buried there named Pearl Fair. Other markers are just a piece of slate in the ground with no writting on them that can be seen. There is also a story of two brothers buried there who killed each other over a woman.( I don't know if that is a true story or not.) The man who lived on one side of the cemetry had his workshop near the edge of the cemetery and had died there a few years eariler. My brother thinks the road passing by the cemetery may have been built right over the cemetery since it is so close to the road. I probably would not have thought much of the sighting had it been a cloud or mist without form, but what I saw did have shape and symmetry, in fact it displayed bilateral symmetry common in most organisms. The other person on the porch with me that night could not describe what I saw, although he saw a light also. I don't know what it was we saw that night, but it seemed paranormal to me. I remember I had an uneasy feeling after seeing this thing. As I said this took place in Manassas, VA. However, we were several miles from the famous Civil War battlefield, so I don't think there is any connection there. The sighting was somthing I'll ever forget and am planning on going to the cemetery to take photos to see if anything shows up on film.

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The Uninvited Bedfellow


I have had a lot of strange things happen to me over the years.

usually I hear about here things happening in small towns and isolated

forrest areas. Here in Los Angeles its the live ones we worry about.

the house I live in is not run down but it is kinda old. I think it was

bult in 56. sometimes when Im alone a can hear footsteps. not the kind

you can pass off as house settling. I hear boots.

Anyway, i had basicly stopped living there because i was spending a lot

of time with my girlfriend at the time. one night I came home about

midnight. I hadent been home for about a month to sleep there. I had

just fallen asleep when for some reason I opened my eyes. I could see

the whole room was a bright blue. the room was glowing but I could not

pin point the exact location of the light. It seemed to be coming from

everywhere.It was still kinda dark but I could see detail in my room.The

red LED in my alarm clock was blue. I was still half asleep when

something completly woke me up. I could feel someone next to me. It was

a female and I could feel her breathing. I was laying on my side facing

away from her. I could distincly make out it being a her

and feel body warmth like some one was sleeping next to you for a while.

I was making skin to skin contact and I coul feel the sweat

At first I thought it was just my girl friend when I started to figure

out that I was at my parents house. I could now make out my brother on

the bed across from mine.It was then that i got a realy sick feeling.

I could feel her warm breath against my back and the she shifted as to

lean up closer to me. when i felt her warm hand on my waist that did it.

I jumped up on my bed and grabbed my bedpost that is about half as long

as a bat and just as thick.

When I did that my brother jumped up and we turned on the light.

nobody was there. I could feel the sweat from someone sleeping against

me on my back and the bed was warm where I had felt her laying.

I guess it would be hard to scare two guys who are over six foot four

and have and do play football. but we did not get much sleep after that.

I usually know when strange things happen because I always see

everything glowing in that blue light. In the past few years I have had

a few death to freinds and family and usually the phone call comes late

at night. Usually about three in the morning or so but usually I wake up

and see the room glowing a minute later the phone rings with the bad

news. I whent so far as to have the phone removed from my room.

Has any one out there had any experiance with the blue light or a

uninvited bedfellow that disapears when you turn on the light. How about

a black dog that you can hear walking on the concrete outside your house

and see when you look out the window but is not there when you check

outside. Then you here the next day someone in your family died. if you

do please write me, this stuff has been going on all my life but it gets

bad in the winter.

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My House in Nebraska


Here is my "ghost" story...

In 1974, when I was 6, we moved from West Germany, to Gretna, Nebraska.

It was a brand-new house so we were the first to move in. I shared a

room with my older sister, Kelly. Below is a layout of our room.

1 C			-----	1
1 l			1 B  1	1     N  ^
1 o			1 E  1 	1        !
1 s			1 D  1	1
1 e			1    1	1
1 t			1____1	1
1				1
1				1
1				1

Kelly and I slept in bunk beds-she had the top. Most of our stuff

hadn't arrived yet so there was very little, other than the bed, in our


When we went to bed that night, that's when everything started. The

closet door opposite our bed is one of those ones that slides on a

track. We had closed the door before going to bed, but it kept opening

up. At first I thought Kelly was doing it to scare me. But she

would've had to go in front of me to do it, and I never saw her. We

finally yelled for my dad to come in the room and shut the door. When

he did, it didn't open up again that night.

As we grew up in that house, we'd often hear what sounded like footsteps

going up and down the stairs and hallway, but we knew that there wasn't

anybody there to make the noises.

Just as a side note: In the pattern of the wood on the bedroom and the

bathroom doors, there is the outlines of two different faces. One is an

Indian-you can see the hair coming down over the shoulders, a nose,

mouth, etc. The other is a goat's heat-you can see horns, ears, etc.

I've shown this to other people and they can see it as well.

Things really started to happen in our house when Kelly moved out and I

had the bedroom to myself. One time I was in the bathroom doing a

makeup job on my best-friend, Chris. I was taking pictures at every

step to show her "evolution". All of the pictures came out fine-except

one. It was all blurry and you couldn't tell that there was a person in

the photograph at all. If you held it one way it looked like a skeleton

head. If you held it a different way then it looked like a train tunnel

or something. I have lost that picture but did show it to other people

before it was lost.

Anyways, other strange things have happened as well in that house. One

time I was in the bathroom curling my hair. There is a long mirror in

the bathroom that faces the bathtub/shower. I was standing in front of

the mirror when I heard somebody call me by my nickname "Dinky". The

voice came from directly behind me and startle me so that I actually

turned around knowing full well that there was nobody else in the room

except me.

Another time I had a couple of friend over and we were playing with a

Ouija board downstairs in front of our fireplace. The little plastic

thing started going around and around and all like it was supposed to do

and then spelled out the word Opp. Nobody knew what this meant. The

"sprit" said that it was a little boy who died very young. We didn't

get any other useful information out of it so we were going to put the

board away. Just then across the floor came two black crickets. They

weren't chirping or hopping-just walking across the floor toward us.

One of the people I was with took off his shoe and used it to hit one of

them. The other one took off, but we could never find the one that he

hit. You'd think it would have been squashed into the floor, but we

never found it. A little while later I told my mom what had happened.

Turns out, her great-gradfather used to live in Opp, Alabama and had a

son that died when he was less than a year old. Creepy.

The most strance occurrence happened just after I got out of high

school. My half-brother and his girlfriend were staying with us for

awhile. There were a lot of tensions in our house because of conflicts

in the past and I somehow got it in my head that my brother meant to

harm us in someway. I was literally scared to be in my own house when

he was around. Anyways, I told my sister Kelly, who at that time was

married and living 30 miles or so away.

She gave me a stilletto knife to keep by me in case anything actually

did happen. One night it seemed that everything was coming to a

head-like if anything was going to happen, it would happen that night.

I was having a lot of trouble sleeping. I'd wake up at any little noise

and then after awhile, go back to sleep and then wake up again.

Finally, at about 7 am I was so exhausted that I fell asleep for what I

thought would be a couple of hours. (At this time the room was arranged

so that the bed was facing north, next to the door.) I had just gotten

to sleep when I felt something touch my left shoulder. It was like

somebody had laid his/her hand on my shoulder. At first it scared the

sh*t out of me, but then I realized it was more of a reassuring kind of

touch-like it was saying that everything would be alright. I talked to

another sister about it later that day and she said that it could've

been Jesus trying to comfort me. I don't know about that. My

half-brother and his girlfriend moved out a few weeks later.

A lot of people may think that being in a house like this would give you

the creeps and that there was no way you'd stay in it, but I didn't and

still don't think so. I love that house. I've always felt like I was

safe there and that I had some sort of guardian angel watching over me

when I lived there. I live in an apartment complex in Colorado now and

don't have those kinds of feelings here. I wish that I did though.

Could you let me know what you think of this. I know it's not that

scary but I really still dont understand it all. Thanks for you help.

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Many years ago my grandmother, alone since '56 was convinced to move

from Florida to California to live in her own house, near her only Son

and 8 grandchildren. I flew out and drove her here and we had many

coincidences that I never shared with my parents, like saying the same

things at the same times, reaching for the radio knob simultaneously,

etc.. I helped her move in and since I was nearing 20 moved from

college to San Diego to work. A year later she died. None of the kids

had any money to travel with our parents to New York to bury her. My

parents wnet alone. My little brother moved into her small house to

v\care for it and Bebe the dog. Gramma loved Bebe and was never without

her. Since she had a fenced in backyard, but no doggy door, she was

there to let her in and out. Marty, my little brother had to go on an

extended weekend trip so he asked his friend Tom to watch the house.

Before retiring for the night Tom put Bebe out side and turned off the

lights. Before he could get settled the dog came prancing in where she

slept every night. Tom desided that there must be a doggy door and put

her out back again and checked, but no door, and the lights were back

on. Gramma left a light on in the livingroom for Bebe. After the

third time of putting Bebe out, Tom was getting mad, and physical with

the little dog. When he turned

he saw a woman in a long white dress, with a wide gold belt, standing

down the hallway. He called out to her but her scornful face showed

she wasn't about to talk to him. She turned and walked through the

door. When Tom approached to scold her about the lights and the dog, he

saw there was no door there.....just hallway. He packed his stuff and

left the house, dog lights and all. The next morning Marty returned to

find the dog and the lights and called Tom who explained what he saw.

My brother transferred the story to my parents and they freaked.....they

were the ones who urchased a white dress with a wide gold belt to bury

my grandmother. And no one else was there.

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Barking Ghost Dog


I wanted to share an experience that occurred to my inlaws a little over

> 8 years ago.


> They were a darling retired couple, in their early 80's. They had

> recently been forced to put to sleep their aging pekinese, "Toy" (short

> for, believe it or not, Toyota). This dog had been like a child for my

> mother in law, Peggy. She groomed him incessantly and brushed his teeth

> every morning. Consequently, she took his loss very hard as did Arthur,

> my father in law. They went to the expense of having him laid to rest in

> a pet cemetary. Eventually they began to get over their grief.


> Approx. 6 months after Toy's death, right around 10pm, they heard a dog

> barking (actually it was more like a yipping, common in the smaller dog

> breeds). Upon investigation, they discovered that the sound was

> generated directly above where Toy's bed was on the back porch. It was

> not long in duration and didn't seem to upset either of them. It seemed

> they had gotten more of a sense of peace from the experience, when my

> husband and I questioned them on it. The barking incident turned into be

> a regular occurance at their home. It always seemed to occur just

> shortly after 10pm, which happened to be the time that they had always

> given Toy his treat, just before they retired for the night. They had

> numerous guests over as well as the minister of their church, all of

> which were treated to the dogs "communique". Many of those who witnessed

> this incident, went to great lengths to determine its source. All of

> them failed to generate any explanation other than it was Toy. They even

> tape recorded numerous sessions, which we retained a copy of.


> This continued for several months. It began to wear on them both, but

> especially Peggy. The barking had begun to turn to more of a growling

> and snapping sound. Peggy relayed to us that she feared that Toy was

> becoming increasingly more "angry", as she described it. One evening,

> right around 10, she went to the refrigerator and as she opened it. She

> was hit be a large wind and a very loud, ferocious snarling. It was

> enough to make her recoil and slam the door shut. She broke into tears

> and verbally spoke as if the dog were alive in front of her. She tried

> to explain to him that they had put him to sleep to alieviate the pain

> that he was suffering from. She continued and told him that she and

> Arthur loved him and would see him on the other side, but that he didn't

> live her anymore.


> The "ghostly doggie sounds" ceased that very night. They never heard

> again from their beloved little dog. Several years past and they were

> given a darling little pomeranian. This pooch expressed one little

> oddity. Frequently, around 10pm he would stand in the kitchen, facing

> the back porch and he would growl and carry on, as if he had seen a

> ghost.


> If anyone is interested, we would consider sending a copy of the tape to

> them.


> Thank you once again for the opportunity of sharing this unusual

> experience.

You can hear some sounds taken from this tape here

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Shadow of a Man


I would not say I'm phsycic or have a particular gift but on occasion I

have been places where I have sensed 'something'. I believe we are all

capable of this and many have had the same feelings. However, this

incident was more than a feel and I had actually forgotten about this

experience until recently when reading other encounters detailed on your

site. I don't know if it was a ghost I encountered but it was

definitely very strange.

At this time I was living with my now ex-boyfriend and his best friend

in a two bedroomed terrace house in West Yorkshire, England. We had

moved in on the Saturday and on the Sunday night my boyfriend Ady, his

best friend Sean and another friend James had decided to go out on the

town. Sean's girlfriend and I stayed in and watched TV for the evening.

Later that evening the lads piled in a bit worse for wear and James had

had a little too much to drink to drive home so we offered him the sofa.

"The" incident occurred on the following Monday morning. I woke up to

the sound of my alarm buzzing loudly with quite a start. As I sat up in

bed the door to my bedroom opened and a very dark shadow stood in the

door way. The curtains in my bedroom were thick and dark brown so the

room was very dark despite the fact that it was daylight outside. At

first I thought it was Sean coming in to wake me up. I thought I had

maybe slept through my alarm too long and it had woke him so when he

didn't speak I asked "What's up?". No answer. Then I realised it

couldn't be Sean. Firstly the shadow was far too large to be him, Sean

is a slight built man and secondly he virtually dies when he sleeps

(pardon the pun). Then a wave of fear washed over me and I felt the bed

for Ady. He was gone. I watched this thing in my doorway for a few

minutes growing increasingly terrified as I backed up to the headboard.

I felt helpless and could not scream or make a sound, I suppose I was

too frightened. Then it moved. However, I couldn't quite tell if it

had left the room or had moved into the shadow of the wardrobe. It

seemed to just 'melt' away. Then I heard somebody coming up the stairs

and Ady walked into the room and flicked the light on. There was nobody

else in the room apart from Ady and myself. Ady was obviously concerned

about me and said I looked deathly pale (wouldn't anybody after that

experience?). I asked Ady where he had been and he said he'd been to

get a drink of water. I asked if James was still asleep on the sofa and

if he had been upstairs and Ady said no he'd not moved. The house is

laid out in such a fashion that if he had left the sofa Ady would have

either passed him on the stairs or he'd have seen the sofa empty from

the kitchen. He'd only seen James sound asleep on the sofa. I told him

what had happened and he went to Sean's room to check on him. He to was

sound asleep.

Until recently I put this to the back of my mind and had really

forgotten all about it. However, since I have remembered a few other

things have occurred to me. That fact that bothers me most is that when

the figure 'left' the room I heard no floor boards creeking and didn't

not hear anybody on the stairs until Andy returned from the kitchen.

The house is relatively old and the stairs and floor boards do creek no

matter how quiet you try to be.

I was also always anxious in that house. I never felt at home but as if

I were visiting somebody and whenever I were alone in the house at night

I felt the need to have all the lights on and I even slept with the

bedside lamp on. (I do have a fear of the dark but I've never been

quite that bad before or since).

There were always arguments in that house. Ady and I ended our

relationship in that house and found it impossible to get on. This may

have happened anywhere but we are now very good friends. Everybody else

argued in that house too. Sean fell out with his girlfriend on lots of

occasions and I even fell out with his girlfriend in a big way.

Ordinarily we were very comfortable together and have not argued in such

a way since.

The figure was definitely that of a man and it was without doubt

malevolent. This happened approx. 3 year ago. We lived there together

for about 6 months and had no other sightings but since leaving I have

discussed this with others e who spent time in the house and most have

said that they always felt uncomfortable there. Like they were


It was a very frightening experience and I am very surprised that I had

not remembered it in all this time. I suppose I convinced myself it was

my imagination. Whatever, I wish now that I hadn't remembered it

because everytime I think about it all the hair on my body stands on end

and I feel very uncomfortable to say the least.

Does anybody have any ideas as to why I was visited? I can

catagorically (sp?) say that I was very awake and did not imagine this


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Magnet for Ghosts...

by  anonymous

Well, you seem to have asked for ghost stories, so I'll give mine. I seem

to have been a magnet for ghosts all my life. I grew up in the Tidewater,

VA area, and my mother and I would make trips to Gettysburg, Colonial

Williamsburg, etc. now and then. One of the first ones that I can remember

happened in a very old hotel, one that had been around since the Civil War.

My mother and I were sleeping in one of the rooms, when we were awakened

by voices and footsteps. It sounded as if someone was planning some sort

of strategy for a battle. I saw what appeared to be men in very

old-fashioned clothes, gathered around a table or desk. My mother didn't

see anything, but she heard the voices, also. When she asked in the

morning, she found that the hotel we stayed in had been used by Civil War

officers for a time. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly where it was,

as I was maybe four. Incidentally, my mother has denied ever seeing,

hearing, or feeling anything after that. I guess she passed it on to me.

A real 'wave' of things started when I was about eleven. We were living in

a three bedroom house, and I was given my choice of the two smaller rooms

to have as my own. One of the rooms was arranged oddly, with a sort of

small hallway actually in it; you went in the door, and made an immediate

left to the main part of the room. There was a door across the room

leading to a small space over the garage, apparently intended as a storage

space. I was always uneasy in that room, and so chose the other one, which

wasn't as objectionable. (I wasn't happy about either of them, but...)

The room was turned into a sort of library/spare room/ironing area/storage

area, and I stayed out of it for the most part. There was a sort of

feeling that I got from one wall, almost the corner, but not quite. It was

centralised in the wall, not in the eaves; when I went into the eaves for

whatever reason, it felt as if it were coming from the same spot in the

wall. That spare room was also always horribly cold, even in high summer

with no air conditioning. Now and then I'd have friends over, and they'd

go with me into that room for a book; they didn't like it either.

My room wasn't as bad, but much more happened in it, possibly because I was

there more often. It started out as just a feeling of being watched, and a

few shadows, nothing specific. My mother laughed at me and said it was my

imagination, and I kind of agreed with her. The place most of it came from

in my room was the corner by the closet door, across the house from 'the

spot' in the spare room. I thought that it was just a childish fear of

'the monster in the closet'', so I ignored it. Then I started getting much

stronger feelings, and seeing more. Not just vague shadows, but outlines

of...things. One that kept popping up was vaguely dog-shaped, if the dog

were straight from "Ghostbusters". (I hadn't seen the movie at that

point.) It had eyes that kind of, well, glowed, red or green. There were

many, many other things that showed up in that corner, most either

human-shaped (or close) or just kind of fuzzy. When I turned about

thirteen, my bed started shaking. I thought that maybe it was vibrations

from a truck passing outside, so I moved my bed about four inches away from

the wall and kept a glass of water and some little glass figurines on my

nightstand. My bed continued to shake, night after night, and it kept

getting more violent until I thought I was going to be thrown out of it. I

started getting extremely frightened when this happened, because I'd look

over at the water and figurines and none of them would be moving. Not even

a ripple on the water. Just my bed. Things started to come from that

corner and hang over me, and something kept trying to pull my covers off me

and push me around on the bed or off it, further terrifying me. I

mentioned these to my mother, but she expressed disbelief and told me to

stop reading so many horror stories. (My taste in books runs toward

science fiction and fantasy, not horror.) She did say I could move into

the other room, but I elected to stay in the one I was in. (It was that

creepy.) I got to the point of just enduring the things, sometimes

sleeping on the couch downstairs, or just staying awake all night and

sleeping when I got home from school.

About the time I was sixteen, a friend of mine, my boyfriend, and I were

all just hanging out at my house, and the subject of ghosts came up. I

mentioned the spare room (the things in my room were too extreme for

belief, unless you'd dealt with them night after night), and we decided to

go up there and play a bit with 'automatic writing'. My friend took the

pencil in her left hand (she was right-handed) and touched it to the paper;

the instant she did, her arm (not just the hand) started moving jerkily and

writing, over and over, "GET OUT GET OUT NOW GET OUT NOW". This unnerved

us quite a bit, and we edged back towards the door. My friend could feel

something horrid from that section of the room, and the temperature dropped

several degrees. I turned my head to speak to my boyfriend and suddenly

became terrified. My friend and I shot out of the room, dragging my

boyfriend with us. I looked back and saw a kind of, well, shape, one that

-felt- female, streaming toward us very quickly. I could see arms of a

sort, and a face, distorted and screaming with hate. It looked like it

wanted to kill us. My boyfriend never saw or felt anything, and couldn't

understand why we were so upset. That was the last time I voluntarily went

into that room; I did the ironing in the hall. The next year, I went away

to college, quite happy to get away from the things in that house. I came

back for the summer to stay with my mother, and two nights after I started

sleeping in my room again, the shaking and shadows started up again,

sometimes with pressure on top of my covers. I moved downstairs to the

couch. Until I got married and moved, I wouldn't sleep upstairs, not even

when helping my mother through surgery. What has always confused me is

that the house isn't that old; it was built maybe seventeen years ago now.

The only people who had lived in it before us were first, a military

family, and then a couple of sailors. It wasn't built on a graveyard or

anything (unlike some other neighborhoods in that area), and no one has

died there. Also, all the 'disturbances' were on the second floor.

I've had other things happen, both during that time and more recently, but

I think that has to be one of the most terrifying things I've ever

experienced. If you have any ideas as to what was going on, please let me

know. Almost everything else I've ever experienced could be traced to some

sort of cause, or wasn't that localised.

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Ghosts....or Imagination?


>Well the first story My friends aunt told me so I don't know if it really true

>but see swears up and down that it is.. okay here it goes.....


>When Sue my friend aunt was about 17 (shes 34 now) she was driving her self


>from a date near a small town in Iowa, Her curfew was 12:00 And it was about

>11:30, as she was riding she senced something so she turned to look out of the

>drivers window and she swore that she saw a cow running along side her she

>blinked and pinched her self but still saw it she was riding at 55mph the limit

>and the cow kept up, finally it passed her and ran in to the ditch... She


>over and got out to look for it, there was hoof prints but no cow could go that

>fast, so she got back into her car and sat there thinking, about 1-2 hours


>she arived home her dad was of course pissed and when she told him why she was

>late he got more mad. She got grounded The next day her dad called to her

>boyfriends house and talked to his mother and she said that he came home at

>11:30. To this day she swears to what she saw that night. ghost...? Or a

>really fast cow you tell me?


>First for you to understand my stories My family has been in th eairforce for

>about 21 years, thats why some of there stories take place in different


>This actually happened to me Even when I was young in my room I share with my

>sister (i'm now 18 and shes 20) We were watched by ghosts, and

>night while we were sleeping my mom came to check on us before she went to bed

>as she walked in our room she as she told us later, she saw 2 figures in white

>one with what loked like it had long blonde hair and the other having short


>hair, she said that the figures were hoving over us, and one touched my sisters

>cheek, then she said something to what she can't remember and the figures

>dissapeard she belives that they are my garden angels. My sister have seen our

>great grandma about 5 years after her passing when she was 10 yeas old, and I

>know others have had this experince, One night I was in bed just got there, at

>the time we were living on an american estate in England, I had my own room and

>while I was laying in bed I looked at the door way for some reason and saw a

>large man with a top hat comming toward me, I know it was'nt my dad because he

>was in the states at a convention, and my mom is'nt that tall, my sister was

>down stairs, so it was'nt her, I Turned away hopong that it waould dissapear,

>but when I looked again it was comming closer, So I did what any little girl

>would have did at the age of 9 and hid under the covers, A few seconds whitch

>seemed like hours passed and I felt something touch me back, it was a large


>and it slid down the leagth of my back untill it hit my lower back then it

>stoped, the hand moved away and that was it, I stayed under the cover for fear

>that if i did'nt It would come back, I stayed there untill the next morning.

>After that I refused to sleep in that room again, we moved 2 years later back

to the states.

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The Pink Lady


It happened two years ago when I was doing my fourth year at university.

It was the end of the academic year and I was busy writing my thesis. A

friend, Donna, offered to proofread my thesis and her room was on the

third floor of the chemistry builing.

Donna and I were supposed to meet in the afternoon in one of the two

rooms she usually used and so I went looking for her. I went to the

third floor of the chemistry building by using the stairs. As I turned

into the third floor corridor, I saw who I thought was Donna about five

steps in front of me and so I called out to her. This "Donna" had

shoulder length black hair and a bright pink top on, just like what

Donna would. Anyway, she didn't acknowledge me and walked into what I

thought was a room. Because a bit of the wall protruded out of where

she had walked into, I thought she didn't hear me and I just followed

her. When I was about to turn into the same room she had walked into, I

was facing a brick wall (beyond which was a courtyard, three storeys

below) and the closest room to me was another five or so steps down the


I then clicked what I had just saw and was a little frightened. Then I

got really angry because I'm a Christian and I just couldn't understand

why I was seeing something like that.

Anyway, my state of mind at that moment was to find the real Donna so I

could show her my thesis and therefore I just kept looking for her. I

found her in one of the rooms she said she'd be in. She wasn't wearing

anything remotely pink.

Later on I tried to rationalise what I had seen. I even thought maybe I

was really stressed about my thesis and had mistaken a reel of firehose,

which was near where the pink lady had disappeared, for Donna. A couple

of students had committed suicide within the building over the years but

as far as I know they were both male students.

Anyway, I'm not at that university anymore.

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Lost Memories

by Bootie

Like I said as I read the stories I was reminded of the stories that have occured in my home for over thirty years. I have to admit I am very superstitous and hve always believed in ghost and the supernatural, but never thought it was more than old castles in Europe and the old mansions of yeaster-year. My home has been owned by three goroups of people. The original owners were some Jewish people whom no one knows anything about. The second group was my Gramdmother and her second husband (Her first had died when my dad was 19 so I guess 26 years ago??) and my threee youngest aunts, Vicki, Tammy, and Janie. I have told them about my experinces and recently learned of there own. It turns out that as my grandparents were moving in the bedrtooms were not set up uintil about a week or so later, so my aunts stayed in the den in sleeping bags and a rocking recliner. According to my Aunt Tammy (Whose room I presently reside in) she was awaken one night with her little sister, Aunt Janie. The two did not know there father well for they were 1 and 3 when he died and so they believe the figure was him. They were not aware that they were both awake at the same time either until years later. Apartently they were awakened by a warm feeling on their faces and a faint smell of a man's cologne. As my aunts observed the origin of the aroma they noticed a group of 'black blobs' moving towards them and instead of fear felt incredibly safe and fell back to sleep. my other aunt, Vicki, had visions of the recliner rocking with out any know power source.

I have had the 1/2 awake 1/2 asleep feelings and they scare me. I am 15 now and the thought of what the voices say to even scares me. It is common to here people walking up and down the very loud steps throughout my house with no known cause so I try and take no heed in fact it doesn't wake me up anymore. But on the occasions it does it doesn't fully. The last time was about I would half to say two years ago. I heard the familiar steps and expected nothing until I felt I was being watched. I could only squint though if that for as hard as I tried my eyes would not open enough to get a clear picture. I kept hoping that it was my grandfather but I felt far from safe. I saw a black, shadowy figure standing over mee warning me of things to be. I tried to force my eyes open with my hands but to no avail for they too were paralyzed along with my legs. The message was important apartently for the apparition didn't want me to leave. It spoke of my death, my grandmother's death (which happened last year), and a friend's death (too died last year). When he said remeber what I said my light turned on allof the way with my parents in the den(Two floors down). They have yet to believe me and I fear such repose from others so I have told no one. Well, except for you. I now listen to my radio as I sleep to mask out the footsteps and always look when I feel like I am being watched. My mother has had experinces but only with a ball of light that flew into the living room with her brother and herself. it flew between them and then blew up into "fairy dust" as they put it. I want to move bu, I am just a paranoid kid so I am stuck here to wait the next "visit" from Who, the name I gave my dreaded companion.

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