By: sueknauff@eriecoast.com

 I was recently remarried, with two children from a previous marriage.  My new husband and I purchased a 100 year old home in a small railroad town that seemed at the time to be suspended in time.  The house was a colonial.  There was an upstairs, middle floor and then a basement level.  We found out that home was for sale because of the fact that the man who owned it had committed suicide.  He hadn't done it in the home, but in an apartment down the street.  This is how the history of the house goes. The last family owned the home for over 20 years.  The couple constantly argued.  He drank too much and she spent too much.  They raised a boy and a girl in the house.  The boy was on drugs and the girl had an eating disorder.  In fact our front door was broken down once by the fire department because the teenage girl had fainted after calling 911.  It was a family in turmoil.  Finally the man and woman divorced.  The man moving down the street into an apartment building and the woman staying in the home.  Eventually she remarried and moved her new husband into the home.  They finally moved away and left the home in the care of their son and daughter.  One night after a drinking binge and being stopped by the cops, the man who owned the home, took a walk through it and then went to his apartment and shot himself.  We heard numerous stories to this account from neighbors and friends.   Shortly after moving in my husband was involved in a car accident.  A woman who lived in town and who also worked with him came to visit him after he arrived home from the hospital.  She stopped in our doorway, and said, "THIS is where you live???  Do you know the turmoil that went on in this house?"  She refused to stay and visit.  She said she couldn't breathe here.  She said she knew the woman who lived in the house and that the man had beaten her in the front yard many times and chased her down our street naked.  She immediately left.
One week after moving in, I was settling down in bed.  My son was asleep in the upstairs bedroom that was next to mine.  He was 6 years old and in the first grade.  My daughter was 10 and she was asleep in the bedroom on the first floor that was off of our living room.  My husband was working 2nd shift and didn't get home until 2:30 in the morning.  We had no pets.  I felt uneasy in the house and chalked it up to the fact that it was a strange and unfamiliar place.  I was reading in bed about 11:30 pm when I felt the end of the bed dip down as though someone had sat on it.  I put the book down and sat up and saw no one there.  This happened numerous times, night after night in that bedroom.  I never saw anyone.
One weekend my husband and I went to bed together.  Just as we settled into bed, the bed dipped down on my side.  I sat up and said, "Did you feel that?  The bed just dipped like someone sat on it."  He thought I was being silly.  He never felt it.
Another night about midnight, I heard my son rustling through his school papers.  I wondered what he was doing at that time of the night.  I yelled, "Go to sleep honey, it's not time to get up!"  He didn't answer.  I got up and walked into his room, which was dark.  The window was closed and there were no papers anywhere to be seen.
Another night I woke up at 4:00 am to hear my daughter in her bedroom below ours on the first floor.  She was going through her closet, as I could distinctly hear her coat hangers sliding back and forth in her closet.  I assumed she thought it was time to get ready for school and I was giggling that she was mixed up.  I went downstairs and into her room to tell her it was too early, only to find her asleep in her bed, the light off and her closet door closed.  I ripped open the closet door, only to find nothing.  Not even a coat hanger swinging.
Once my husband and I were asleep and we kept our bedroom door closed.  There was a loud knock on our bedroom door.  It was a series of 3 knocks.  I yelled, "Come on in," thinking that it was one of the kids.  No answer.  The door didn't open.  I got up and opened the door and there was no one there.  This has happened several different times over the last 8 years of living here.
One afternoon shortly after moving in, my husband and I were grilling on the back patio.  We were deep in conversation when we both saw out the corner of our eyes, a black shadow come down the back door steps.  I just thought maybe a lost dog or something.  We finished talking and I couldn't stop wondering what it was.  I walked over to the steps and looked and looked in front of the garage where it went.  Nothing to be seen.  My husband saw the look on my face and asked me if I saw that too.  I said, "Yes!  Did you?"  He said yes.  Only later did he admit that it was the form of a human and not that of a dog, as I thought.
One night we were all asleep and I was facing my husbands back in bed.  I turned over to the open side of the bed.  I saw as I turned over the black shadow of a man leaning over me.  He had curly hair and was staring into my face.  It was too dark for me to make out any features but I felt that he was curious about me and also glaring angrily at me.  I took a quick startled intake of breath and as I did, he seemed just as startled that I saw him.  He quickly backed up from me and flew backwards into the closet (which was closed) and was gone.  I realized that his form got smaller as it backed away from me.  I was up with the light on crying and telling my husband what I saw.  He didn't believe me.  He said it was a shadow probably of my own hair or something.
My son came to me one morning.  He was about 8 years old now.  He began to tell me that something pulled the blankets off of him last night.  I said, "no, it was probably the cat."  (By this time we had a cat.)  He said no, that the cat was shut up in the basement.  He said he had just gone to bed and was pulling his blankets up around his face when they were being tugged away from him.  He looked down at the floor and could see the blankets being pulled.  He says it was almost as though you could see the finger marks in the material, where the fingers should have been but weren't.  He tried to call me and was so scared that the word, Mom, would not come out.  He said he didn't sleep all night.  I still tried to rationalize it away.  Maybe a dream.  He said no.
One night I got up to go the downstairs restroom.  I got a drink of water and hurried back to bed.  I was just pulling my blankets up around me.  I got into bed and turned my back to my husbands back.  Instantly the blankets were yanked off of us and pulled under the bed.  It was a hard, "human" tug.  Not one that a cat could do.  My husband stirred in his sleep and tried to pull the blankets back and they were still being tugged.  He turned over and looked at me when the blankets were released and said, "What are you doing?!"  I said I didn't do that.  I jumped up and turned the light on.  The cat wasn't in our room or under the bed.  Our bedroom door was closed.  It was just as my son had explained.
My husband Mark and I soon had a child of our own.  We put her crib in our bedroom with us.  Often her pacifiers would come up missing.  I just assumed they'd fallen in to the couch or something similar.  I was constantly purchasing pacifiers.  One day I'd had enough, and tipped the couch over and vacuumed in it and under it.  Not one pacifier was found.  I then began to wonder what was happening to them.  One night we were down to one pacifier left.  I prayed that this one didn't come up missing.  In the middle of the night our daughter cried and I switched on the light.  I removed all of her blankets and there was no pacifier.  My husband got up and we even took her mattress out of her crib and turned it over and looked under the bed.  Nothing.  The bedroom had been recently newly carpeted and was not cluttered in any way.  There was just no pacifier in that room.  I was so frustrated and went downstairs to search in a kitchen drawer for one.  I stopped and looked up and yelled loudly...."OK!  I've had enough!  Put it back!"....  to whatever unseen force was in our home.  My husband called down to me in a strange voice.  "Sue, come here!"  I walked upstairs thinking, no way.  He had it in his hand and looked at me strangely and said when he heard me say that, he turned around and there it was, right in the middle of the floor, where moments before we had checked.
One of the strangest incidents that we have experienced was when the phone rang in the middle of the night.  My husband ran downstairs to answer it thinking something was wrong with a family member.  I sat up in bed listening to his conversation on the phone at the bottom of the stairs.  The house was very quiet and I could hear the woman on the other end of the phone.  Mark said, "No, I'm sorry, she's in the bed already.  Can I take a message?"  I heard a woman screaming on the other end, all the way up the stairs.  Mark remained quiet and then I heard him quietly put the phone back on the base.  He slowly walked up the steps and sat on the end of our bed, scratching his head.  I said, "Who was that?  What did she want?"  He said it was the strangest thing.  The woman on the other end of the phone knew his name and my name and asked for me.  When he told her I was in bed, the woman lost it.  She began hatefully screaming at him that it was her house and she would come over here if she had to.  She said I was her daughter.  Wrong number?  We didn't know, but how strange that it frightened us the way that it did and that the woman had gotten a house with people with the same names in it.  I often wondered if it was a call from the other side.
One Saturday afternoon I was in the bathroom on the first floor.  I heard the back door open and someone come inside.  I heard the footsteps going to the base of our stairs.  I then heard a girl call up the stairs, "Rachel, are you up there?"  Rachel is my oldest daughter.  I heard no response from my daughter but I knew she was up there.  Finally I heard the person walk up the stairs.  I finished up and went outside and found my husband sitting on the back steps of the door that had just opened to our guest.  I asked him who had come over to visit with Rachel.  He said no one.  He said he was sitting there the whole time.  I told him no I heard the door open and finished telling him the story.  We walked inside and I called up to Rachel who responded.  I said, "Who is up there with you?"  She said "No one."  I walked up to her room and there was no one there.  When I told her the story she looked as scared as I was.
One evening while laying in bed reading, my husband and I had an argument.  He stormed out of the room and I went back to reading my book.  I heard his footsteps bounding the stairs angrily.  Then I heard him throw a book up the stairs!  I could hear the pages twirling in the wind as it flew up the steps and hit the wall at the landing on top.  I couldn't believe him!  He came angrily back up the steps and stepped into our bedroom.  He stood there with his hands on his hips.  He looked at me and yelled, "HOW DARE YOU THROW THAT BOOK!"  I said, "I didn't throw the book!"  I showed him it was still in my hand.  He just looked at me puzzled.  I said I thought he threw the book.  We got up and looked and there was no book on the stairs.
Finally, our daughter was about 2 years old and we put my oldest daughter in the bedroom that used to be my husbands and mine.  They could share that room and my husband and I took the basement and turned that in to our bedroom.  We had a baby monitor so we could always hear the baby upstairs.  My oldest daughter has had the same knocks on her door in the middle of the night.  She also had an angel that stood on her headboard and every morning that she woke up, the angel would be turned around to face the wall.
When our little one was 4 years old, she was playing outside in the back yard one morning.  She came in and said, “Rachel where are you?”  She was laughing.  I said, “Honey, Rachel isn’t here.  What do you need?”  She said, “Then who is calling me?  Yes, she’s here.  I just heard her calling my name!”  I said, “No, sweetie, she isn’t.”  She sat down on the kitchen floor and began to cry.  I picked her up and said that it was ok.  She said that someone was calling her name and playing hide and go seek with her.  I went outside and no one was home.  Not even a neighbor around.
One evening as I was tucking her into bed she looked at me strangely.  She said, "Mommy when you check on me tonight, will you wear the same nightgown that you wore last night?"  I said "Which nightgown?  What color was it?"  She said it was one she'd never seen before.  She described it to me and it was nothing like anything I owned.   Another night afterward, she said to me, "Was that you in my room last night?"  I said, "What did you see?"  She said she saw a woman that was kind of like me but not me standing in front of her TV and pointing to the TV with a gun in her hand.  I was frightened.    I still assumed it must have been a dream.  Then my oldest daughter had a story to tell.  One morning my little one woke up screaming and terrified.  It was 5 am and I went up to check on her and she was shaking and asking me to put her on the couch downstairs.  I did, turning off the bedroom light as I left the room.  Soon we feel back asleep.  When my oldest daughter woke up she said, "Mom I saw her!"  She said, "you know how you turned off the light when you left our room?  I went back to sleep for a while and then I woke up and turned over.  There she was."  She said she was standing in the middle of the room and looking from her bed to my youngest daughters bed, almost as though she was wondering where the little one went.  She said she was then just staring at her.  My daughter said, "Mom she looks like you!"  She described her.  She wearing an old-fashioned nightgown with cuffs and having features a lot like me, only longer hair that was turned under.  When my daughter became frightened and gasped, the woman disappeared.
I still do not sleep well at night and we have been here for 8 years now.  I don't know what the black shadow was that we saw.  I don't know whom the man was that I saw.  I don't know whom the woman is that my daughters have seen.  Is it the activity of the last family and the man who killed himself?  Or is it someone from way back, since the house is over 100 years old.  I don't know.  Things don't happen as often as before, but we know we are not alone.  I constantly recite The Lords Prayer in my head at night before bed and ask that He keep us from evil.


A Believer Now

By: billy.e.mcguire@boeing.com

 I came across your web site and started reading some of the stories of others
and their experiences with ghosts and I felt the need to should share my story.
Now let me say up front that I have never had any prior occurrences with ghosts
and really didn't believe in ghosts or the after-life, but that has totally
changed since this has happened to me first hand. It was about a year ago that
my daughter and son-in-law were in the process of buying their first home. It
was a nice little two bedroom brick home on a corner lot. An elderly couple had
owned it previously and the wife was selling it because her husband had passed
away 6 months earlier and she was going to move to Arkansas to be closer to her
son and his family. Well things were progressing smoothly with the buying
process and they were within days of closing on the house. They had gotten
permission to start moving their possessions into the house since they had been
approved and they had to be out of their apartment before the first of the
month. Several times while moving their stuff, my daughter said that she had an
uncomfortable feeling while being in the house. I asked her what she meant and
she said that she felt that like they were being watched. But she just chalked
it up to being tired and to the stress of having to move and keep track of my
little 2 year old grandson. On the evening of my experience, my wife and I had
just gone to bed when our doorbell rang and there stood my daughter, grandson
and son-in-law. My daughter was crying, shaking and was white as a sheet, in
other word she was scared out of her wits. My son-in-law was in a little better
shape, but was pretty rattled himself. After getting her settled down the only
thing I could get out of her was that there was no way they were going back into
that house. I asked my son-in-law what happened and he said that my daughter had
been cleaning the kitchen cabinets and had finished putting down contact paper
on the shelves, she then polished the doors on the cabinets and closed them up.
They finished putting a load of furniture into the garage and had closed and
locked the overhead door. They had gotten into their van when they had noticed
that the light had been left on in the garage, my son-in-law said he had made
sure that he had turned it off before closing the overhead door. Well they
didn't have a key to open the garage door from the outside, so they had to go
back through the house to turn off the light. They went back inside and turned
on the kitchen light and there were the doors on the kitchen cabinets standing
wide open and the contact paper ripped off of the shelves and piled on the
floor. My daughter then felt a hand on her shoulder and a voice said to both of
them.."GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" They left immediately and came directly over to my
house. My son-in-law asked me to go back with him to turn off the lights and to
close up the house, well being the skeptic that I was at the time,I said I
would. Well we got into the house and I saw the open kitchen cabinets and the
contact paper which we cleaned up. We spent the better part of 20 minutes
walking all over the house, but didn't see or hear anything. Still, all the
while I felt as if someone  was watching me. By this time though, it was late
and I was ready to go back to bed. I reached out to shut off the kitchen light,
when I felt a cold area around my hand as if another hand was on mine, I looked
up and was face to face with an old white haired man that was extremely angry
and had a cane raised as if to strike me over the head. I swung at him and he
immediately dissapered. I then heard a voice say.."GET THE HELL OUT OF MY
HOUSE." I didn't have any trouble honoring that request. Needless to say..the
kids didn't buy the house and when we went back to get their stuff out of there,
we found out from the next door neighboor that the old man had died sitting at
the kitchen table.

A Few Ghost Stories...

By: catpriestess@yahoo.com

Hello there, I've got a few ghost stories for you.  They are probably quite
a bit boring compared to some of the other stories here, but I hope they
are enjoyable.
A bit of background on myself.  I am now 21 years old, and suffer from
depression and panic attacks-while that may seem irrelivant, some one else
who wrote one of the stories on the page suggested that perhaps depression
and such strengthens our ability to see ghost and other phenomena that
others may not be able to see, and that made me wonder if perhaps that's
true.  However, I was not going through any major bouts of depression or
anything when I had any of my encounters.  I am also an eclectic Pagan (I
follow teachings and beliefs from many different anchient
earth-based/worshipping religions-as well as a few others that are not
earth based-such as pre-Christian Celtic/Norse religions, Native American
religions, some Buddhist and Hindu beliefs, etc.), and am interested in
some "occult"-type things.  No, I do not worship the devil (nor do I
believe that there is any purely evil or purely good deity-I believe they
are very much like human beings, with a bit of each in their personalities)
or perform any type of sacrifices (human, animal, or whatever you can think
of).  I am quite psychic and empathic, but as far as I know, this does not
run in my family.  All of this has led to other "paranormal" experiences,
but that is totally unrelated.  I have played around with Ouija boards when
I was younger, but never had anything happen (besides having my friends
spelling things and trying to make the rest of us believe it really was a
spirit)-I don't believe that the board itself will summon anything.  I also
don't like going to grave yards unless I am actually paying my respect to
some one there-I don't believe the spirits of those who are waiting to be
reincarnated (yes, I believe in that as well) like to be disturbed.  I
believe "ghosts" are the spirits of those who have either not had a chance
to be reincarnated yet, or have refused for some reason or another.
Anyway, now for my stories.
The first that I remember was when I was (I believe) about 5 or 6 years
old.  We were living in a once farm house in Michigan, I think it was about
50 years old when we lived there.  I was sleeping one night, when I woke up
in the middle of the night and could hear shuffling footsteps on the
carpet.  At first I thought it was my younger brother coming in to sleep in
my room (he often did that when he was young), so I told him to go away and
sleep in his own room.  The footsteps stopped for a moment, then started up
again.  I got a little angry, and turned to look at my doorway to yell at
him.  There was no one there, nor was there anyone anywhere in my room (the
steps had also stopped).  I got scared and hid under my blankets.  The
steps started again, and I was too terrified to do anything.  It's been so
long, I don't recall if they ever came closer to me, or just stayed along
the sides of my room.  But I eventually got up the courage to say "Mom."
Then I heard a (if I remember correctly) sort of gravelly woman's voice say
"I am your mother."  Well, that was enough to make me run screaming to my
parents' room.  I never saw or heard from that spirit again.  I accepted
the usual "It was just a nightmare" excuse for many years, and consequently
have forgotten a lot of the details.  But when I thought back on it when I
was older, I wonder if maybe it was my grandmother (mom's mom)?  She died
before I was ever born, and never even got to see my parents married.  She
died due to complications from lung cancer-she was a heavy smoker for 20+
years.  And I have been told many times that when I was a child (and
really, even now, without my hair dyed), I looked very much like my mother
at that age.
This next story also takes place in the same house in Michigan.  Whether or
not it is related to the first story, I am not sure.  It doesn't exactly
deal with ghosts, either, but rather a recurring dream I used to have every
few months while living in that house.  I never had the dreams before we
moved to the house, or after we moved out of that house.  The first dream I
ever had like this started out with my parents going to look at the house
for the first time before we bought it (although, in reality, we had lived
there for about 6 months or so).  It was night time, and very dark (no
stars or anything).  My parents told me to look at the upstairs (where my
brother's and my rooms where).  Just as I was about to go up the stairs, I
saw a tiny old woman (probably about 3 ft. tall or so) standing at the top.
At first, I don't think I was afraid.  Then she wanted me to come up the
stairs to her, and some how I realized she was an "evil witch."  After that
first dream, the others just started with me at the bottom of the stairs
and she was calling me up, and I would take a few steps and wake up.  After
the first few like this, at some point, as I started up the stairs, several
small monsters appeared with her.  Again, after the first few steps, I
would wake up.  That was as far as the dream ever got.
Those were the only strange occurances that ever happened in that house,
and I don't believe anyone else ever had any.  And besides those, I loved
that house and was very upset when we had to move.  I never found out if
there was any sort of history on it either.  My other stories all take
place in Wisconsin, where we moved after we left the house in Michigan,
although not at my house.  I had a couple friends in high school, and for a
little while after I graduated, who lived in the same neighborhood-in
between the town where I lived and the city nearby (Madison).  Both these
stories take place in this neighborhood.
There was this sort of large shed that was set back in the woods in the
corner by one of my friends' houses.  Supposedly, it was once used by a
crazy old man who would lure people (mostly children) there, kill them, and
bury their bodies nearby.  I still don't know if I really believe the
story, but I always did (even before I had heard the story) feel really
uncomfortable going by  that corner.
After I had graduated and moved into my own apartment in another town about
45 min. from my friends' neighborhood, one of them (different one from the
house mentioned above) used to spend most of the weekend at our apartment
with us.  Since I was the only one with a license and car, I would always
be the one driving him there and back.  Usually we'd also pick up several
of our other friends first and have a car full before you came to get him.
Anyway, on this particular night, it was around 1 or 2 a.m. before we left
his house.  I took a shortcut back to the highway we took to get home.  As
usual, I was driving, and we had a car full of people, and we were all
talking and laughing and having a ton of fun.  I have a habit of checking
the sides of the road as I drive, just to make sure no one is going to run
out in front of me.  Well, as I was looking over at the side of the road
out of habit, even though I was pretty sure no one would be out since it
was so late, I saw a large (muscular, and probably about 6 ft. tall) man
standing by a fence wearing overalls.  I made a comment that I didn't think
anyone would be out that late.  My friends who lived there told me that
supposedly some time in the 30's or 40's or so, there was a black man hung
by a bunch of racists (which, believe me, there are plenty here in
Wisconsin) along that stretch of road, and supposedly it was haunted by
him.  When I looked in my rearveiw mirror, he was gone.  Now, again, I
don't know if that is true or not.  I'm not even sure if the man I saw was
a ghost or not.  He was close enough to houses (it's not like it's a
totally deserted road) that he could have just been some one outside for
some reason and had just gone back inside (just because it was late doesn't
mean that no one could have been out).  Besides that, it was dark and there
are no street lights on that road, I had only seen him because of my
headlights, and there were no other cars on the road.  But I never again
would drive down that road at night.

Small Cemetery

By: legalee_qt@hotmail.com]

A while back a couple friends and I went up to Yorktown.  Right before you
get to the battlefields coming from route 17, you'll see a small cementary
on your left.  One night we went there with a video recorder, a polaroid
camera, and a hand held voice recorder and we attached a mic to the end.  We
began taping and video recording this area.  While there we didn't "see"
anything, though we heard loud sounds coming from the woods beside it.
During the taping the three of us didn't talk at all.  Afterwards we sat in
the car and reviewed our tapes. The video recorder didn't catch anything (it
was on night vision) except it kept going in and out of focus.  As for the
hand held recorder, we played it and heard a voice.  We played it over and
over again and we think it says 'what are you doing here' but we aren't
sure, it sounds very quick and choppy like most evp's i've heard.  Others
have heard it and believe it too.  I just thought maybe you guys would like
to know, that would be a good spot to check out.


By: ROBASAND@aol.com
There once was a family who had a parrot who would'nt talk.But one day they
got a dog and the parrot would always be talking to the dog.Though sadly the
dog died and the parrot stopped talking.
But one day the family were watching t.v. when they heard the parrot talking
and they could have sworn they saw him talking to a faint image the dead dog.

A Quick Ghost Story

By: davidi@ultraquiet.com

First of all let me explain, I am from England.
I am a 26 year old male living in Cambridge.
I was born in Yorkshire, North England
Just up the road from where I lived was a place called Oakwell Hall, located
in an area called Birkenshaw.
Oakwell hall is a fairly small house compared to some in the UK, but it
certainly has local character.
Many a day away from school would be spent wandering around the grounds, and
the rooms of the house.
Local legend has it that the hall was once inhabited by a great local family
named The Batts( hence the local town of Batley) and that once of the sons
of the family, a womaniser and gambler of no small repute, found himself in
a duel fought on the local moors.
The servants all new of this and so where relieved the sounds of his horse
where heard re-entering the stables. They where even more relieved when the
son was seen walking thru the hall, up the stairs and to his bed chamber.
They then made a rather spooky discovery when they noticed a bloody
footprint on the staircase. thinking their master injured in the duel, they
entered his chambers to see if they could help him.
He was not there. The bed had not been disturbed. There was no horse in the
News was later conveyed that the son had died in the duel, and every
christmas eve the same bloody footprint can be seen on the staircase.
This is not what I saw.
I was 8 years old and it was the school holidays
Two friends, Stuart and Stephen, and myself where walking thru the garden
when Stuart noticed one of the windows was blacked out. We noticed it as the
sun was behind the house and so should have been shining pretty much through
the hall  and out the other side.
Thinking that maybe there was something going on (there are occaisionally
are demonstrations in the hall) we entered the building and up the stairs.
As we got to the top of the stairs Stephen remarked he felt 'a bit funny'
and I suddenly felt cold.
The next thing we saw was a black blob about half a metre of the floor and
about 1.5 metres tall float out of one door and into another.
Stuart asked if anyone else had seen it and we all said we had. Stuart then
started to walk down the corridor (very slowly) while stephen and I stayed
at the top of the stairs and where quite scared.
Stuart looked round the corner, and then ran back to us. We where so scared
at this point that we just ran out and down the drive to the gate.
Stuart told me later that he saw a figure about 6 ft tall that seemed to be
made of shadows. He wa dressed in a long coat and wore what looked like a
top hat. He seemed to be looking for something, and then it became aware of
He told me much later (about 10 years or so) that it looked over it's
shoulder at him and rather than a pair of eyes it had a single red slit that
seemed to pulse.
I have been back to the hall since and seen nothing out of the ordinary,
however I have felt very uneasy about certain rooms.
Oh well. There you go.

A Story for you

By: sm8051116@hotmail.com

Please don’t use my name, but you may incorporate my Email sm8051116@hotmail.com for responses.
I don’t know if this qualifies as a haunting/posession or if I’m just crazy. I’ve read several stories on your site (which is great, by the way) and haven’t come across anything similar to one of my experiences, which I will tell below. My father is suffering from advanced Rheumatiod Arthritis, along with Hepatitis C . . . not a nice combination. Anyway, I have been living with the pain of knowing he would be sick and in pain for the rest of his life since I was 16 (I’m now 22) and watching him suffer and struggle with his diseases. Because of this, I have become increasingly interested in whether or not there is another "phase of existence" after we leave this world. I have been asking, both mentally and out loud, for some type of proof of this, mostly for my own comfort. Anyway, I’ve recently been hearing noises that sound like a lot of people talking at once in my house when I’m home alone. It doesn’t bother or scare me, and it’s so faint that it could be my imagination. Along with this I’ve heard walking on the ceiling (my rooms are in the finished basement.  By the way, our house is new, it was a model home in a new development) and thinking my fiancee was home, went upstairs to greet him only to find myself still alone in the house. Since I’ve been asking for proof, I wonder if it’s only my imagination, but this next part was scary. I heard the voices (sounds like a crowd of people all talking at once) but this time I wasn’t hearing them externally (with my ears) but originating from inside my head. I had this weird feeling that they were all talking directly to me, rather than just overhearing things like the other occasions. Anyway, the voices in my head (sound crazy, don’t I) just kept getting louder and louder, and all of a sudden I was laughing uncontrollably for no reason. Probably doesn’t sound too scary to you, but the whole time I was laughing (about 5 minutes) I was having thoughts like "why am I laughing", "Why can’t I stop laughing, there’s nothing funny about this", and such. I was scared, and physically willed myself to stop laughing, which didn’t work. The voices started fading after about 5 minutes, and my laughing reduced to giggles, and then to shocked silence. I have never told anyone about these things, I even think I sound crazy. And no, I was not on any mind altering substances at the time this happened. Has the voices/laughing thing happened to anyone else out there, or am I just crazy?? If this HAS happened to someone out there, please email me at sm8051116@hotmail.com with the word ghost in the subject line.  Please, only serious responses , I don't need to hear how you think I'm nuts.

In Tune


OK, I know there are skeptics out there, but my grandmother, my mom, and I are very in tune with spirits for some reason.  I'll start with my Grandparents "Baby-sitting Ghost".  We call him that because only kids could see him if all the adults were out of the house. To explain about the house a bit, the hallway is L-shaped.  There is a bathroom to your immediate right, then 2 bedrooms (bedrooms 1 & 2) on your left.  When you turn the corner, there is a bedroom (#3) on your left, another bathroom on your right, and the last bedroom (#4) at the end of the hall.  My mom's dad was at work and her mom and all my mom's brothers and sisters were outside talking to friends and such.  My mom was just sitting and watching TV. As my mom was watching TV, she saw something moving out of the corner of her eye and looked down the hallway from the living room.  There was a very tiny old man sitting in a rocking chair reading a book and looking up at her from time to time.  She said he just smiled at her and kept rocking and reading.  When the adults came back into the house, he disappeared.  Two of my cousins have seen him also.
The one thing that totally freaked us out was after my mom and I moved in with my grandparents.  My Uncle K had died in the first bedroom about a year before.  He was really into drinking and drugs, so one night his heart, liver and kidneys just failed on him.  He was the practical joker of the family.  Anyhow, my mom and I came home one night and my grandparents were out.  We both had to use the bathroom real bad so my mom ran to the first one and I went to the second one at the end of the hallway.  All of a sudden I heard my mom yell "Hey!"  I was about to open the door to ask why she was yelling at me when I saw a hand open the bathroom door.  I hurried up and finished my business and ran to my mom and asked her what happened…. Why did she open the door to the bathroom and not tell me what she needed.  Then I realized she was still in the bathroom.  She said she saw a hand opening her bathroom door.  I told her I saw the same thing.  We were the only people in the house and this happened on the opposite ends of the house.  She just looked up at the ceiling and said, "K, stop scaring us.  We don't want to play with you right now.  Your jokes aren't funny!"  We heard the most evil laugh we could imagine.  At that point, we looked at each other and ran out of the house.  When we came back, my grandparents were home and we sat my grandma down and told her what happened.  She had to have the house blessed 3 times before the spirits went away.

A Strange Encounter

By: cadzan@hotmail.com

After searching your excellent site at theshadowlands.net and reading about some of the haunted events at the University of Montevallo in Montevallo, Alabama, all of which I knew about first hand, I wanted to relate one of several oddities that happened to me while I attended school there. You are right about this place being a “Bermuda Triangle” of sorts. I was there between 1971 and 1974 and during that time there were several ghostly sightings, UFO sightings and otherworldly activities that seemed to happen with odd frequency. I want to relate one that I experienced myself.
Montevallo is a small college town about 30 miles south of Birmingham, more or less in the middle of nowhere. Outside the town, there are many other even smaller communities… the one I want to mention is a place called Marvel. I am not an expert on the history of the area, but the land all around that part of Alabama is honeycombed with underground limestone deposits that often give way making for some amazing overnight sinkholes of incredible depth; many with prehistoric rivers at the bottom. The place called Marvel was at one time an active limestone mine. When I was there, the strip mine had long been closed and deserted, but the huge open crater ringed by rows of miner’s houses were still standing. High on a hill overlooking the site was what is known as the “Marvel Mansion”, a palatial home built sometime in the 1920s. The house was barely visible from the narrow, twisting road. The trees and bushes had all grown out of control, right up next to the building blocking out the once beautiful lawn that had surrounded it. The driveway ran through large, rusted iron gates, past a gatehouse and a dilapidated garage that once held three or four cars, around to the back of the house. The mansion itself was made of stone, possibly granite, and was in a squared U shape with a greenhouse (used as a type of central heat and air system) built in the space between the two wings. There was a patio on the side of the house that was accessed from inside through two French doors. All the modern conveniences of the day had been built into the house and were still there, for the most part. The story goes like this: The family had sent their only daughter to Europe to attend school some time in the 1950s. While there, she met and married a man without consulting her family. When they discovered what had happened, they dropped everything and left immediately to try to annul the marriage. They never returned. Apparently they didn’t take much with them and left their home with most of their belongings right where they were. By the early 1970s, the place had become a favorite place for fraternity hazings, parties, séances and an occasional home to vagrants, until the county sheriff would show up and run everyone off. Vandalism had taken its toll on the place. There were copies of “Look”, “Life”, “National Geographic” and many other magazines dating from the 1950s still to be found. Some were intact, but most were thrown all over the house. The mirrors and chandeliers had been cracked and shattered, but still had some of their magnificence. There were also canned goods, clothes and other personal items littered about the house, but it was easy to see that these had been left behind as if the owners might have returned in short order. I should make clear that I have no idea what happened to the people or why they never came back. And, I don’t know the legalities of who owned the home or why it was left standing in such a state, but on the particular late afternoon in the Fall of 1972 that I made one of several visits there, I think there was an attempt to pass some information to me.
I had gone there with a couple of friends just to do a little exploring. It was already late afternoon when we arrived, so we took flashlights and set out to see the place from top to bottom. After we’d seen all the upstairs rooms, we decided to go to the basement. This was a large underground cavernous place with no outside light, so we were completely dependant on the feeble yellow beam of our lights as we started down the stairs. Typical of the scenario in any good horror movie, we had a couple of those moments where the lights failed and we were plunged into utter darkness only to have the beam come back on after some frantic shaking of the flashlights. Downstairs we saw some of the “modern” conveniences I mentioned like an electric washer and a wring dryer from the 1920s. There was also a huge bank type safe that must have been six feet tall by six feet wide, with one of those old fashioned wheels that you turn to open the door. When we had another light failure, we decided our visit was over. I went up the stairs first and decided to wait on the others on the patio outside the French doors. The daylight now was purple and fading fast. As I stood there I looked down and spotted a square white object on the ground that looked like a card or possibly a note. When I picked it up I saw that it was a photograph that had been lying face down on the ground. It was a faded black and white picture of a young girl, possibly eight or nine years old, taken sometime in the 1930s. She was wearing a sailor type dress, a popular dress style for little girls at that time, and she was standing in front of the French doors on the very patio where I was. Furthermore, the person who took the picture must have been standing exactly where I now stood, as the angle was the same in every way. Of course, there is no normal explanation for how a picture could have survived such exposure to the elements for any length of time, and the odds that it would appear in this exact location are very small indeed. I don’t know if the girl was the same girl that went off to school and led the rest of her family away from their home forever, but there are very good odds that it was her since she was the family’s only daughter. Needless to say, we left as quickly as we could. Although I managed to keep the picture for many years afterward and used it to illustrate my telling of this occurrence, I did eventually lose it. I hope you will find this interesting enough to add to your collection of true experiences.

A Strange Little Child

By: zerojb@lcc.net

I was visiting some relatives in Denton, TX in early July of this year (2001) when this strange event took place. My relatives live in a trailor park and some of the trailors are sitting close together.
One late night when I was there, my nephew left his cigarettes in his car so he went out to get them. I went with him. As we were walking to his car, we noticed that next door there was someone rummaging around in a trashcan that was in the back of the neighbors truck. We thought nothing of it, thinking it was just one of the neighbors looking for something they threw away. As it was dark near where the vehicles were parked, we couldn't make out who it was.
Well, my nephew got his cigarettes out of his car and we were walking to the front of his trailor where there is a bench you can sit on. We were walking towards it when we noticed whoever it was that was looking through the garbage can was now walking up to the next door neighbors porch, which was a good 20/30 feet from us. For whatever reason, just the sight of the "person" made both of us freeze while this figure just stood at the foot of the next door neighbors porch steps, with its back to us.
It was almost as if this figure KNEW we were looking at it but it wasn't even facing toward us. It just stood there, and we felt that somehow it was looking at us...somehow.
In the light of the porchlights, we could make out details of this figure. The figure was of a small boy, but what was weird was his head was shaven on both sides of his head and in the middle was a blonde mohawk type haircut, except it wasn't the short type, but more of the longer haired style mohawk. This kid had 80's style clothes on, the shirt multi-colored and unbuttoned, light-blue shorts and white tennis shoes.
This "kid" just stood there for a few more moments and began ascending the nextdoor neighbors steps in a stiff, awkward way. It's arms were close to its sides and as it went up the steps, it just continued staring straight ahead, not once looking down or in any other direction.
Then, the view of the "kid" was obstructed by the neighbors porch so we could no longer see "him". The weird thing is we never heard the nextdoor neighbors front door open or anything that would indicate this "person" went in. My nephew and I, very unnerved and chilled, we ran into his parents trailor!
We sat in his living room for a while trying to rationalize what it was we had seen. He told me that the neighbors had two girls, but looked NOTHING like what we had seen. We asked my newphew's mother, my sister, if she knew if the neighbors had some relatives over and if so if they had a boy that looked like what we described. She said not that shew knew of.
Well, the next day, we go over to the neighbors trailor and ask them if they had anyone over that looked like what we saw and they said "no, we've had no visitors in 2 weeks, and that no, we have no boys or children like what you described." My nephew and I then noticed their two girls in the living room. We confirmed that was the only children they had.
So....who or what could it have been? Where did "it" go? We didn't hear "it" go in the neighbors home that night, so maybe it was just a strange neighborhood kid and went through their backyard to where they were going? Well, that would have been very difficult since the neighbors have one of those extremely high wooden fences with no doors on it in their backyard. Besides, why would "it" go through the trouble of going up into their porch when they could have gone around?
It's an old trailor park and there's no telling how many people have lived/died in a lot of those trailors...I'm just glad I don't live there! :)
Something and everything about this is strange and what we saw that night I know in my heart that it was not normal, but paranormal! I'm just glad the figure never turned around to look at us....I don't know what would have happened then. I'd hate to find out.

Murder of a Young Girl

By: mdmjam@netzero.net

My friend Todd and I were on our way from a county fair when we went over this road right by where our school was and Todd started to tell me this story. He said that a long time ago this girl got raped and killed by two guys one night and threw over the bridge and I believed him because I remember reading a paper about a dead girl body found in the river where we were. Todd said sometimes some of his friends and people who lived around here saw a girl walking on the water at night but I thought is was bull crap so i told him he was lying. After awhile when we were driving around he decided to go back at bridge so he could show me. so we pulled over and parked by the bridge I told him to take me home but he wouldn't. So he sat there for a half an hour until i saw something by the bridge and I said Todd Look!!!!! There was this guy in white walking by the bridge and he stopped ata tree and he was pulling a girl out of the tree and you could tell it was girl because she had long hair. So there we were watching a guy pull a naked girl out of a tree the guy looked at us and he faded away. Todd spun out there and took me home we were terrifyed. So he dropped me off at my house and that night I couldn't go to sleep I will never ever forget that night.

A Victorian Mystery

By: mussonj@sbu.ac.uk

I live in a three storey Victorian house in London with my twin sister and
my five year old nephew. Although the house has a nice "feel" to it,
several strange occurrences have happened since we moved in.
My sister complained of hearing breathing when she went in to the spare
basement bedroom (now my bedroom). She has also heard someone walking up
and down the stairs when she was alone in the house. The cat would be put
outside but would reappear inside the house several hours later! This was
very odd seeing as the back door would be locked (no working cat flap),
the cat never went to the front of the house (the back garden backs on to
everyone else's and there is no garden gate etc. for rear access, the
front opens on to a main road),  and there are no windows open at ground
level. We have looked everywhere but never have been able to explain it
and the cat has certainly never given anything away. Think she was just
glad someone was letting her in early!
More recently, I was washing up in the kitchen (facing the closed window
blind), when I saw a large shadow of a person (a man I believe) walk up
behind me. I grabbed a knife (as I was alone in the house) and turned to
confront the intruder - but you've guessed it, there was no one there! I
immediately looked outside but again nobody was about and the garden is
secluded with high fences so it isn't possible there was an outside
A few weeks later I was drying my hair and as I combed it through (I was
standing next to the bannister in the basement, this hall joins the
kitchen, my bedroom and a spare room) when I saw out of the corner of my
eye (and heard) someone walk down the stairs and lean over the bannister.
I welcomed my sister and commented on her arriving home early. No reply.
When I looked up, again I was on my own (my sister and nephew arrived
about an hour later).
The most up to date experience occurred a few weeks ago. I was in bed (a
workday) and woke up about 5.30am (an hour before my alarm is due to go
off). Lying in bed with my back to my bedroom door I distinctly heard two
sharp raps to the wood. "Come in" I shouted, thinking it was my sister and
a little odd she should knock, especially at such an early hour. Nobody
came through the door and I rolled over and went to sleep. When I met my
sister in the kitchen over breakfast, I happened to mention that somebody
knocked on my bedroom door that morning. She went white (literally) and
said "about 5.30am this morning, two sharp raps to the wood?" I confirmed
it and she said exactly the same happened to her and at exactly the same
time! She thought it was me and turned to her son (who had climbed in with
her a few hours beforehand) and said "Oh no, now J can't sleep either and
she wants to come in". She thought it was strange I would knock and even
stranger that when she called "come in" I didn't bother to enter! When I
told our mother this she said the same thing had happened to her one
morning. She thought it was someone knocking to wake her for breakfast but
when she got up everyone was still fast asleep. She couldn't remember
where she was when it happened and then she said, "Oh yes, that's right,
it was before you moved in J and I was in what is now your bedroom.....".
Again, this isn't simply explained as I sleep in the basement and my
sister and nephew sleep in the top of the house, so there is a floor (the
lounge) in between us.
My sister has looked up the history of the house and it would appear it
remained in the same family for about 70-odd years, so they must have
loved it very much. We are both totally level headed and paranormal
research investigators ourselves, so we figure as long as nothing nasty
happens, we are more than happy to share! We have told the house as much
but I'll let you know if anything else occurs.....

A Visitor

By: ppederson@syd.eastlink.ca

My name is Paul and I live in Canada, in the province of Nova Scotia, in a small city called Sydney. This small city was at one time an industrial centre with coal mines and a large steel plant that employed thousands. This areas past employment promises has drawn many foreigners to settle here and we have a rich history of superstitions and beliefs. I should say that I'm not exactly a believer in ghosts although I have an open mind to the idea that there may be something to it all. anyway on with my story.
I think I was seventeen or eighteen when this happened which was around 1987. I was working for my local McDonalds restraunt and was working until around 2 a.m. It was shortly after midnight when I took a break and called my girlfriend to say goodnite. As we talked she stopped  to see if someone had come down the stairs from the second level of her parents home, because she thought she had heard footsteps. She checked the stairs twice but nobody was there. The conversation turned to the fact that at times, she would hear sounds in the house as though someone was walking  the stairs. Our topic then returned to the normal teenage babble until she happened to look into the adjacent room. She thought she saw someone siting at the end of the sofa. She put the phone down momentarily while she turned on the light in the darkened room. It was only a sweater and a jacket laid over the backrest of the sofa, so we resumed our conversation once again. I can tell you that she had no thoughts of anything paranormal, she was thinking that maybe someone else was home, other than her sleeping parents, as she had a number of older brothers still living at home.
I can remember that as we talked she stopped dead in mid sentence, and started to weep. I was wondering what was wrong thinking that I had said something to upset her. When I got her to speak she told me that there was someone there, standing in the doorway of the room where she had just been. She sobbed that she was trying to sit very still in the hopes that this apparition would not "see" her and just go away. I tried to talk to her and settle her down, not quite sure if this was a joke or not. I think that the figure stood in this position for at least five minutes(minimum). Then just when my terrified girlfriend calmed a little, the figure moved into the hallway and assumed a sitting position(legs crossed). I again had to try and calm her sobbing by talking to her and asking her to describe what she was seeing. The figure she said appeared to be a boy of about eight or ten years old. He was wearing a modern looking winter jacket and a winter hat. She said that although the facial features were not plain the eyes could be clearly seen and were blue. The hands and feet area of the figure faded out of sight. This boy sat on the floor not ten feet from her and looked right at her. Another minute or two passed and then may girlfriend started weeping again. I remember her whispering "Oh! , Paul! Oh, Paul....... it's a girl !! ". She told me that the figure had reached up and pulled the hat off its head and long blond hair flowed from under it. The figure sat and stared in my girlfriends direction a few moments more and then appeared to stand up and go back into the room from where it had came, and disappeared. My girlfriend stayed on the phone just long enough to be sure it was gone, then she hung up with me and ran for her parents bedroom.
That was the end of the experience, it had lasted about fifeteen minutes. She asked her parents the next day if they could think of who this may have been. They had no ideas and probably didn't believe her. I wasn't quite sure if I beleived her either and I kept asking her if she was playing a joke on me. She insisted she saw what she saw and she wasn't comfortable talking about it for fear that it may reappear.
I'm now married to my girlfriend and she still swears every word of this story is true. She still doesn't like to talk about it. No one has ever seen a ghost in that house before or since that I'm aware of. My wife has over the years gotten "spooked" and come running to me saying that she felt uneasy and was afraid "she" was back, but she hasn't been. I don't know if you respond to these letters or not , but if you do write me a note to tell me what you think.

About Something I Have seen

By: sinead_sunshine@yahoo.co.uk About something I have seen

I had an odd experience a few months ago, I am not
sure what to make of it, and I am worried that it was
just my imagination but I am pretty certain that it
wasn't, So I guess thats what your here for to hear my
story and to tell me what you think. Thanks.
About 5 months ago, a girl I know got knocked down by
a car and was put in a coma. I was really shook up by
this and very upset.
I am a big fan of the actor River Phoenix and I really
look up to him in a big way. I was in completle shock
about what had happend to the girl I know as I was
only with her the day before it happened. I was crying
and begging River to help her. I kept crying to him
for days begging him to help her pull through. Then
one saturday night, it must have been in the very
early hours of the next morning some time after mid
night, when I woke up, I was half asleep and I saw the
black silhouette of a man standing by the side of my
bed. For some reason I just knew without a doubt that
it was a man, I couldn't make out any features as it
was just a silhouette but I could tell what his hair
style was like, his hair was quite long. I could also
identify a pointed nose. I don't remember any of his
body, I can't even picture it, it was just his head
and his shoulders, thinking about it now, the rest of
his body was just non existent and I didn't even seem
to notice, I was not scared at all, infact I was quite
annoyed because I was half asleep and very tired.
Infact its quite funny now to think that I knew that
something out of this world was standing before my
eyes but I was more concerned about getting back to
sleep. I think I made a grunting noise and turned
round and faced the other way trying to get back to
sleep, I rolled over once again just to take another
look at the silhouette and make sure it wasn't my
imagination, this time it was at the top corner of my
door just taking one look at me before it went. I
rolled over again satisfied that it wasn't my
imagination and went back to sleep. It was only the
next morning once I awoke that I was quite scared
about what I had seen. A few days later I found out
that the girl I knew had woken from her coma a few
says before. What was it that I saw that night? Was it
River, or perhaps an angel or something else? or just
maybe an over active imagination?

Green Bridge on Green bridge road

By: SobeJets@excite.com

 My expierience. it was about 11:00 p.m. on a sunday and me and my friends
were walking towrds the car when I heard something slam.Like a door
shutting. Then one of my friends looked over the edge of the bridge when he
happened to see this person like figure walking through the bushes below. My
other friend behind me said that when we were running towards the van the
ghost ran past him towards us. We also heard and felt the bridge shake as we
waited for him. There was a projected spot where his body was found. there
was a faint light gleaming by this spot only four feet to the left of it.
 The story goes that a man in his mid thirties lived next to the bridge
with his wife and children. His wife recently learning of his fortune dranw
from his fathers death decided to kill him and take his money. He caught on
the night before it happened and his wife killed him,cut him up and threw
his remains into the river behind the house. His remains were found weeks
 He is said to now haunt the bridge.

Black Horse Pub

By: GosportRose@aol.com
My name is Kate and I live in the South of England. I have had a few spooky stories, mostly unremarkable but still eerie. Nevertheless, here is one that happened to an ex boyfriend around 1990.
His name was David and he lived in a  village about ten miles away called Wickham. Like all settlements around my area, it is over a thousand years old and ghost stories abound.
One night, David was riding his motorbike down a lane. It was a very long road, straight as far as the eye can see. Suddenly from nowhere,  a white "face" floated up to his and stayed level. All the time, David was doing around fifty miles an hour on his bike. It was a staring, wide eyed face that scared the life out of him. Then this "thing" slipped away sideways and disappeared. Dave pulled into his local, a pub called the Black Horse, to get a drink and seek solace from his friends.
An important thing to remember is that Dave was always a sceptical, no-nonsense kind of person. He didn't/doesn't believe in the paranormal. He is also a very tough person whom people never imagine to be afraid. But he was afraid that night and to the other customers, his fear was quite profound. It took only a matter of days for Dave to go quiet on the matter. He was embarrassed at his fear, at letting his guard drop. But there have been stories about our area for many years and I believe that he saw something.


By: Wolfa1936@aol.com

one night about two or three months ago i  happend to be up late my wife had long gone to bed and my daughter was asleep in her crib. i was down stairs in the basement watching the late night talk shows as well as the late late show,at or around two a.m i heard what sounded as foot steps,i thought it  was my wife comming to tell me to turn the t.v off and come to bed, when she did not come down the stairs i figured maybe she got up to use the bathroom or check on the baby,but about 20 minutes after that
i heard footsteps comming down to the basement again i thought it was my wife so i turned off the set and also headed for the stairs to go upstairs knowing i would run into her,as i got to the stairs there was no one there,i juwst shruged my shoulders and headed up the stairs i checked the baby's room and she was sound asleep i went to my bedroom,and my wife was asleep she was snoring away well i just thought it was my imagination i went to bed and tried to sleep but i couldent i laid in bed and was  going over in my mind what i was watching on t.v when suddenly i heard the drawer  of my night table open i heard the clang of the handel i shut up turned on the light and nothing was there the draw was closed it freaked me out i turned the light off and laid back down and then i must have fallen asleep because the next thing i remember was hearing a voice i dont know if it was in a dream but i was positioned laying next to my wife facing the door of our bedroom when suddenly i saw the siloette of a person standing at the door way we always left the door open so we could hear the baby i jumped up and got a better look i was looking at a shadow it was a black smoky object that had a figure of a person but there was no face no eyes nothing i was frightend i awakend my wife then it was gone. since that night my wife and i hear the occasinal foot steps but havent seen the apericion since.


By: ELMSDUNN@aol.com

  I am actually only twelve years old and I first got interested when I was
about nine. I have quite few of "experiences." When I was little we (my
family) had a ball that when you turned it onto different sides it would play
different tunes. One day when my sister and I where playing in the play room,
it all of a sudden started. We took it down from the closet and showed it to
our parents. They took out the batteries and put it back in the closet. The
next day we went up stairs to get some coloring books when we heard the ball
start singing. We heard it every day until we gave it to good will, but then
another strange thing occurred. I was cleaning out my grand mother's room,
talking on the phone and watching TV when everything in that one room started
going on and off. And when we got home from dinner that night, all the little
statues in her room were knocked off the shelves. WEIRD. The next couple
years everything was okay, but one weekend, while I was at my grandmother's
house, she showed me a picture from a Christmas during the 1970s. At first I
thought it was just a normal picture that a flash problem, but then I began
to see two ghostly figures. One, of my great grandmother and the other of a
scary skeletal face becoming clearer and clearer every second. And about a
week ago locked doors began opening, I'd close them and they'd open once
more. These stories are not exaggerated and they really happened.

California Ghost Story

By: mikaylasmommy@earthlink.net

Hello, I came across your site today and I tried to add a story but the page wouldn't open to be able to add it. I thought you might be interested in posting it. It's about a road in Ojai California called Creek Road. It's a dark lonely road that winds through the wilderness outside the town of Ojai. It's covered by gnarled branches from old oak trees & it's even spooky feeling in the day time. There seems to be 4 ghosts that haunt the road. The best known is one they call "Charman" because he is so horribly burned. Practically to a crisp with flesh peeling away from his bones & his face is a blackened skull that is grinning with still a few shreds of skin hanging. Some people claim they can smell the stench of burning flesh. He's an angry spirit who has been known to actually go after people who are walking along the road alone at night. One kid actually tested the story and walked down the road by himself only to come running from the road stark white claiming that the charman had torn his jacket from his body. (This actually made newspapers.) They dont know who this guy is but one of the theroies is he was set afire in the forest and left to burn to death so he stalks the road at night seeking revenge on his murderer. There is also a young horsewoman who rides her horse down the road recklessly until she reaches the curve which is very sharp. The horse stumbles, rears & throws her. She falls & breaks her neck & dies instantly. Then in the  next few minutes she is back again & the scene is played over & over until daylight. This is supposidly known to happen on the night she died. As for the 3rd ghost... this one is a bride who hitch hikes down the road in her wedding dress stained with blood. Nobody knows who she is or why she was killed on her wedding day or why she hitch hikes on this road to commemerate her murder. The 4th ghost is of a motercyclist who races down the road at break neck speed  over & over again. Nobody knows how he navigates it so well because he is headless...
  Just thought you might be interested... I know they sound like the classic campfire scary stories but there are several people in the Ojai area who have seen them. Let me know if you decide to put this on your page or not. Thanks!

Cat Story

By: sneaky_dragon@hotmail.com

My story is of my cat who came back to give me a message.
It was a nice afternoon and I had to take out the compost. As I was walking
I had the feeling that I was being watched. When I looked to my right, my
cat whom had been dead for 3 years was standing in the edge of the woods. He
was the exact same only instead of the ebony color, he was a whitesh green.
He had something in his mouth and placed it on the ground in front of him.
Then he faded away. I quickly went over to where he was standing and where
he had been was a large patch of dead moss. I was puzzled untill later that
day when I had found out that my Great Aunt had died. My cat has only
returned once after that and he was as black as eboney again. This time when
he faded away there was fresh, green grass where none had grown before.
Later that day I found out that my new baby cousin had been born.

The Moving Bed
By: incagold@hotmail.com

The first year I worked there, I worked mostly alone on the front station.
One night I went into a room to check on a patient.  It was a double
occupancy room, but currently only one patient was in the room.  I walked in
to see the first bed, which was empty, had been moved to a diagonally
position.  I straightened it, thinking the cleaning staff had moved it when
they mopped that evening.  Checked my patient and left.  An hour later I was
making rounds (my own personal schedule was every hour instead of the
prescribed every two hours) when I noticed the bed was again on the
diagonal.  The third time this happened, I went to check the records to see
if anyone had been assigned to this bed during the last two days when I was
off duty.  Sure enough Agnes _____ had been moved to this room and died 24
hours later.  I went back to the room, again the bed was on a diagonal, and
said, "Agnes, you died here, it is time to move on now, some where much
better where you will no longer hurt, or be lonely."  That was the end of
the moving bed.  My patient was happy, too, she said she was tired of having
that bed moved about every time I left, it woke her up. The end of the bed
always bumped her bed when it was moved to the diagonal.

By: incagold@hotmail.com

Then I was assigned another station the third year I worked for the
hospital.  It was a cold, rainy winter night.  We were grumping just a bit
about supplies, which were always shorted at night. This night we were
completely out of talcum powder.
On first rounds a gentleman patient of mine was complaining about some one
walking into his room, coming in from the patio and letting in cold air.
The gentleman had moments of confusion and the patio was in the center of
the hospital. No access from the outside, only patients rooms.  I checked
his patio door and it was locked.  I also checked all the rooms with patio
doors discovering, they too were locked.  We used screws with bolts for
locks to make sure no one could wander out at night.  I figured he must just
be having some confusion, what with it being late and a bit stormy.
A little while later, the gentleman turned on his call light.  I went to his
room and he again complained someone had been walking through his room, and
let in the cold air.  It was a bit chilly.  I got him an extra blanket and
sat with him until he went to sleep.  Then came time for second rounds...The
hallway, for about 15 was covered in talcum powder, and there were damp
footprints.  I ran and collected the other night shift workers (9) and
showed them.  Talk about spooked people!! One woman was brave enough to go
down the hall, and into the gentleman's room with me.  It was covered in
talcum and the glass patio door was open, there were footprints from the
door area all the way to the hall to the end of the talcum trail.  The
gentleman was complaining about a woman coming through his room.  He had
been paralyzed from mid-back down for over 20 years, we knew he did not do
it.  Besides, where did the powder come from, and the small footprints?  And
what ever became of the bolt and nut that used to be in the door?  We hung a
cross in the room, I told person who walked through that they were on the
wrong plane, to move on, and we never had the gentleman complain again, or
saw footprints were they shouldn't ought to be.

The Man In The Bathroom
By: incagold@hotmail.com

During my fourth year I was again moved to another station. The first night
on first rounds, I went to check on two male patients in a double room, that
shared a bathroom with another double room.  Having seen the two men were
okay and sleeping well, I started to go through the bathroom instead of out
to the hallway, then into the adjoining room.  The door to the bathroom was
closed and the light on.  I thought it strange as none of the men were
supposed to be able to get up without assistance.  I went out to the hall
and into the other room to find the one man in there asleep in bed. As there
were only three men in the two bedrooms who was in the bathroom?  I heard
the water running in the bathroom, then it shut off.  I knocked on the door,
and opened it.  The light was still on, a man in beige slippers, and a red
plaid bathrobe was just exiting into the adjoining bedroom.  He turned to
look at me.  He was thin, had white neatly trimmed hair ringing his head
like a laurel wreath, pale blue eyes, and pale 'indoor' skin.  He nodded and
walked into the other room.  I called out, "Sir..."  But he did not answer.
I followed, he was gone.  I looked into the hallway, but no was there except
the Supervisor.  I asked her if she had seen anyone.  She said no.  I
described the man I had seen.  She turned so pale I thought she would faint.
  She told me the man had died in one of those rooms the first year she
worked at the hospital-15 years ago! Not only that, but the reason the one
room only had one patient, was no one could sleep in the bed next to the
window where he died.  They complained of a big lump in the bed, or someone
trying to push them out of bed.  Changing the mattress and putting a
different bed in the room did not help.  So they just quit trying to put
anyone else in the room by the window.


By: kelljospicer4@msn.com

I would see this apperition at night when I was ready to go to bed.  He would be standing at the foot of my bed of in the entrance of the bathroom or the entrance to the bedroom.  He once appeared as a hat rack at the side of my bed and it looked like it was falling on me.  I rolled over as fast as I could to keep it from hitting me.  I put my arms over my head waiting for the impact but it never came.  When I looked up it was gone.  This happedned to my about twelve years ago.  I don't see it anymore but I still wonder what the hell that was and why was it bothering me?  I know that I was awake everytime it happened.  I would squint and blink my eyes thinking my eyes were just playing tricks on me and I was just seeing things, but I would blink and squint but he was still there when I would look back.  Then one day he just never came back.  Thank goodness,  but I would still like to know what that was.

Dexter Mo Haunting

By: farmer@semo.net

on your hauted places im from dexter mo we conducted a hunt as u call it in the woods northeast of town were the ghost was supposed to take his revenge we camped for three days by the house cause im from around here although we did not see it we heard footsteps run thourgh our campsite and a blood curling scream. we looked it up at the libray when it was it was on august 14th needless to say that im a beliver now

Disappearing Girl

By: res0fl9x@verizon.net

Hey all, I'm Erik and I have something that I would like to say about a
strange occurance that happened when I was around 7.  Every time I think
about it it gets stranger and stranger to me.
Of course, I was in elementary school at the time and it was the last day of
August and it was nice out, so my dad and I decided to go to my school and
play a little frisbee.  It was about 7:30 at night, and the sky was just
starting to get dark. There was just us two and some guy sitting on the
bench reading the newspaper.  After a little while a girl that looked about
my age or a little older came out of the forest (which surrounds most of the
perimeter of the field).  She didn't say a word or make a sound, but my dad
asked her if she wanted to join us.  She smiled and bent over a little bit
as if to catch the frisbee.  My dad threw it to her and soon enough we were
all just having a good time out there.
A little bit later it was almost pitch black out, and the girl threw the
frisbee to my dad.  He didn't catch it so I watched as he took a couple
steps back to pick it up.  We turned back an instant later, and she was
nowhere to be seen.  Mind you that it must have been two seconds and she
could not have dashed into the woods because for one it was a pretty big
field and for two it should take around ten seconds for anyone to run off
and not be seen.
A couple other things that I thought were interesting: It was a blue moon
out, AND it was 8:31 on 8/31 when she disappeared.  We asked the guy reading
the paper where the girl went and he says "what girl" and my dad says "The
only girl that was here!"  He shrugged his shoulders so we walked off and
went home.  When we told my mom about what happened she took it all in
stride, like she was humoring us.
I would say "it's something just between my dad and me now", but I haven't
seen my dad in four years.

Do You Have An Explanation

By: bradandvickie@grics.net]

I am sending you my story in hopes of getting some sort of explanation, feel free to share this with the visitors of your site maybe some of them have also had and encounter similar to my own.
It all started in the early 90's(around late 92 or early 93) when I was pregnant for my second child.  I awoke one night and felt something warm running down my arm and a horrible stinging there.  I tried to move but was unable to and when I tried to speek to my husband I was unable to speak. I felt a tremendous weight on my chest and was short of breath. This lastest about 2 minutes and I was horrified when it was over and I was able to get my husbands attention.  He turned on the light and there were three fine scratches on my arm(about the size a cat would make.......but we dont have any cats) and blood was running from the wounds as if my arm was laid wide open. I cleaned the wound and it stopped bleading after a minute or so leaving on three thin lines.  My husbands explanation for it was I scratched myself(but I have no fingernails and I tried to make marks on myself and was unsucessful).  This happend 4 or 5 more times over the course of the next year and a half each time leaving more scratches than before and yet he stuck to his explanation of the wounds being self inflicted. One night several months after what (to this very day) was my last episode I awoke to my husband cursing and I asked what was wrong, he turned on the light and his chest was covered in the same fine scratches that I had supposedly inflicted on myself. I couldnt help but say it after his year or so of disbeleif and I asked if he thought I had done this to him, he simply replied I'm sorry.  There are four of us in our house and thank god the kids have never had an insident like this and my husband an I have not had another encounter( and we hope we never do!) , although we have had a few strange things happen in the house that we cant explain and who knows why they happen but on the two occasions that we spoke of "ghosts" in recent months strange things have happened!.  If you are interested in hearing anymore of our stories I would be happy to share them with you.

I See Them Everywhere

By: Starfire360@aol.com

Everywhere i go i see spirits.  My grandfather died in our family home 14 years ago (i was almost four ) my mother, sister and i weren't living here at the time but when i would come down here i would get the sense he was still in the house. For a while after we moved back in five years ago i didn't sense him,  i thought he had moved on. Until about a year ago when i was alone in the house. I heard knocking on the front door, when i awnsered it there wasn't anyone there. When i turned around i saw him standing in the hallway by the room he slept in. A chill ran through me, i stood there watching him until he disappeared. I ran past where he had stood to get to my room and stayed there until everyone returned home.  The only person i told about him was my sister who i knew would believe me.  I didn't see him or any other spirits for a couple of months after that. My next encounter was at the house my aunt was living in at the time. Everyone was outside, i was dozing on the couch when i sensed someone run through the house. I jumped up to see who it was nobody was there after searching the house i went outside to see where everyone was they were about 15 feet from the house. When i told my aunt about the encounter her face paled, she then told me her friend who lived in the house before her had told her of a man who was building on the house had died in the upstairs bedroom. That night she wouldn't let me leave, she didn't want to be in the house alone. After she went to bed i was online chating with my sister, when i sensed him again, i looked over and saw him he was pacing up and down the stairs, so i got off the computer and went to bed.  A couple of weeks later my aunt was in a car accident,  she was so sore she could barely move so i agreed to care for her until she was better.  Cleaning around the house i kept seeing him walking around he was always in the room with me, after a while i got used to him and sometimes i thought i would hear him say something but never could understand the words.  Shortly after that she moved in with her boyfriend.  When i was helping her move in to her new house i kept senseing someone in the upstairs, i would look to the stairs from time to time and would see a man standing there with an angry expression on his face.  I would also see buster her boyfriends dog, who was killed in a drunken rage by someone they knew.  I didn't say anything about them for a while. When i did ask if they knew of a man dying in the house i was told of the boyfriends father having a heart attack in the house and dying shortly after in the hospital.  I haven't had much contact with the spirit since then but do know he is still there.  That was a couple of months ago and lately i have been seeing spirits everywhere just about all of them i do not know.  They seem to be drawn to me. They approach me when i go outside at night, they come in the house but never stay long and most of them i never see again. I can hear them sometimes and most just come to say hi.  But there are some children on my property they show themselvs alot. They seem to be from a time long ago, they show themselvs as being happy, and they show themselvs as being burnt badly. After my first encounter with them i have stared to notice the smell of buring wood when they are around, sometime i will hear banging under the my bedroom floor. Late at night I can sometimes hear them scream, this still chills me i don't think i will ever get used to the sound.  On the night of the full moon if i go outside and look toward the house i will see not my house but theirs and i can see them in it.  Maybe i'll have more stories to share later.
Bye for now:)

Just A Few Stories

By: poolejo@hotmail.com

Hi, i am 15 and already had quite a few experiences, some good and some bad. Let me tell you something that was really strange first, my grandparents died 2 weeks between each other, my grandma first, then my grandpa. After the day my grandma died, a duck (she loved ducks) came to their swimming pool everyday, but the day my grandpa died, the duck never came back.
My first experience happened when i was in the room my grandma died in. I had a strange feeling that i did'nt want to sleep in there, but i had to anyway. When i was about to go to sleep, my dog Zac started barking at something, but i was too scared to even open my eyes under the covers. That barking went on for about 1 hour, then stopped for 3 or 4 hours, then started again for about another hour. All that time i was boiling hot and sweaty under a thick doona, but too scared to pull the doona off. I knew me and Zac weren't alone in that room that night, and i've never heard Zac bark or growl like that ever since. My second experience happened when my mum got a very old piano, which i definitely knew was haunted. I  woke up about 2:45am to go to the toilet, which is right near the piano, i was walking down the stairs and i heard the piano playing, i turned the corner (you would not believe what happened next) and i still heard the music playing from the piano, BUT THE KEYS ON THE PIANO WEREN'T EVEN MOVING ! ! ! !
I watched the piano for about 5 seconds, all the time it was playing something like an evil Beethoven, but i could'nt believe the keys weren't moving, then it stopped (yes i checked every radio in the house, but the music was definitely coming from the piano). With the piano came 1 more bone-chilling experience, 1 time i was home alone with my 2 dogs, i was about to give them dinner, then they ran out of the house and did'nt even want it, so i had to give it to them outside. When i came back inside i immediately froze and felt something evil walk past me and say "i own this home, and i'll never leave it".
I quickly phoned my aunty and got picked up along with my 2 scared shirtless dogs and went to her house. She is a psychic and definitely felt something evil within that piano, 1 week later my mum sold the piano (Thank God ! !).
My last 2 experiences were good, they were with my grandma and grandpa. It was exactly 2yrs after my grandma died, i was about to get to sleep, when i felt someone sit at the end of my bed, then i heard her say in her beautiful voice "its o.k. i will always look over you and your mother", after that i said i missed her alot then she left. My grandpa loved playing golf, same with me. I was getting ready for the junior club championship and i could'nt find my clubs, then i remembered i left them at my families holiday home which was a 3hr drive away. I  was about to change clothes because i could'nt go to the junior championship, then i found my grandpa's golfclubs lying right beside my closet, which was impossible to be there because they were last seen at my auntys house 1/2 a year ago. I came second in the championship and i believed that my grandpa was there to help me the whole time.
I loved my grandparents very much and i still do, and grandma stills looks after me and mum, and my grandpa helps me at the golf course. Well thats my few experiences, and if you have anything to say about them, you can e-mail me at: poolie27@hotmail.com     and you can choose to believe me or not, but i know these experiences are very true

Followed Home

By: lnewman@smcoe.k12.ca.us

I've always been interested in ghosts and hauntings.  I have a vague
memory of seeing what looked like illuminated mist in a dark room
when I was very young, but the first time I saw something that I
thought was 100% freaky was when I was about 19.  The year before,
when I was 18, I had to visit a cemetery in a city called Colma.
Colma's residents are outnumbered by the dead.  It is mainly a
cemetery town, with the graves dating all the way back to the early
1800's.  I had to visit a fancy cemetery for the rich and famous of
Victorian era San Francisco.  I really enjoyed walking through the
cemetery, and that night when I got home I had a strange feeling that
I was not alone, like something had followed me home.  It was scary,
but I didn't feel like I was in danger.
As the months passed, weird things started to happen, but nothing
that I could deem paranormal.  Everything seemed to have a logical
explanation.  Random green flashes of light in the kitchen and living
room, the oven turning off, the radio turning on, a radio falling
from a shelf at 3 a.m. and switching on, cold spots in my
bedroom...they all could be explained by something or another when I
would frantically report them to my family and friends.  Sometimes,
in the hallway or in my bedroom, I would smell the most delicious
frangrance, like flowers.  It was very rich, and almost humid, like
steam.  The minute I would notice it and try to take a big sniff, it
would disappear.
One night I went to the library and picked up a book on witchcraft
for a report I was working on.  I went home, and lit a brand new
candle I bought, and just as I opened the book, the candle went out
suddenly with a loud FOOM!  I went AHH!,  closed the book, and threw
in behind my bed.  The library didn't get that book back for
awhile...stupid late fees.
Anyway, back to the 100% freakiness - It was about 1 or 2 in the
morning.  I was settling down to go to sleep.  It was pitch black in
the bedroom I shared with my sister when I was living at home.  My
bed was right next to 2 windows, and eerie moonlight made the air
glow in the backyard.  I used to sit and stare at this one bright
star in the sky before I went to bed each night.  I felt like it was
my recently deceased grandmother watching over the house.  For some
reason, I just happened to glance into the back yard for a moment.
Then all of a sudden out of nowhere these 2 yellow balls of light
appeared, swirled around, and then disappeared.  This freaked me out
majorly.  First I thought it was someone snooping around in the
backyard with a flashlight, but I didn't see anyone, and flashlights
wouldn't create orbs like that.  I practically peed in my little
pajama pants I was so scared.  I dove under the covers and eventually
fell asleep.  I didn't tell anyone the next day because I was still
too scared to even think about it, and still couldn't beleive what I
saw.  About a year later I told a friend at work.  He told me that
what I experienced sounded like the orb phenomenon.  Freakyness.  I
have since moved out on my own and no longer experience any
weirdness.  I don't think I was ever in any danger, but boy howdy,
was I ever scared!


From:  Robert  Garner,

My  girlfriend  and  I,  went  on  a  ghost  hunting  tour  here  in  Houston.
We  visited  several  places  that  were  said  to  be  haunted  and  took  our  35mm  cam’s  with  high  speed  film  and  electric  magnetic  meters  with  us.  One  of  the  stops  was  an  old  San  Jacinto  Burial  Ground  that  was  called  Founder’s  Cemetery.  It  is  called  Founders  because  there  are  two  people  buried  there  that  “founded”  Houston,  but  what  makes  this  cemetery  so  unique  is  that  there  are  850  bodies  buried  there  and  only  75  headstones.  Well  I  had  this  serious  vibe  about  a  particular  headstone,  so  I  started  reading  the  epithet  on  it  out  loud,  it  read,  “Robert  W  Montgomery”  a  member  of  Captain  Henry  Teal’s  company  of  regulars  at  San  Jacinto,  died  in  Houston  June  of  1837.  This  meant  that  he  fought  in  the  Battle  for  Independence  of  Texas  at  San  Jacinto.
I  had  already  cleaned  up  around  his  marker,  picking  pieces  of  paper  and  some  trash.  I  then  said  out  loud,  “Robert,  I  want  you  to  come  out  because  I  want  to  tell  you  how  proud  I  am  of  you”  I  really  meant  it  because  the  World  Trade  Centre  tragedy  had  only  happened  four  days  earlier,  so  I  really  genuinely  felt  very  patriotic.  When  I  had  finished  saying  this,  the  hair  on  the  back  of  my  neck  felt  like  it  was  standing  on  end  and  I  felt  tingling  through  my  hands  and  shoulders.  When  this  happened  I  told  Debbie,  my  girlfriend,  to  snap  a  picture  while  I  was  standing  next  to  the  headstone.  We  milled  around  in  the  cemetery  for  a  few  more  minutes  and  then  we  all  got  back  on  this  bus  and  went  to  other  spots.
When  I  got  my  film  developed,  I  noticed  on  that  particular  picture,  there  was  a  “face”  between  my  blue  jeans  and  my  right  hand,  there  were  also  little  “orbs”  around  my  hand  where  the  face  was,  I  was  totally  ecstatic,  I  mean  I  completely  freaked  out  and  went  straight  to  a  place  called  Kinko’s  to  have  this  portion  enlarged.  When  it  had  been  done,  you  could  see  it  was  the  “face”  of  an  “old  man”  with  battle  type  hat  on  his  head,  there  was  nothing  behind  me  because  the  face  overlaps  my  jeans  and  the  back  drop  behind  was  completely  dark.  The  orbs,  which  I  counted  four  of,  are  actually  entering  my  hand  and  as  they  enter  they  change  colour,  they  go  from  bright  white  outside  my  body  to  burning  gold  as  they  enter  my  hand.  The  face  which  is  extremely  visible  shows  his  eyes,  his  nose,  his  forehead  and  mouth.  His  mouth  is  open  as  if  he  is  giving  me  his  best  battle  cry.
My  interpretation  of  this  picture  is,  that  he  is  astounded  that  he  was  publicly  eulogized,  like  I  had  done  and  that  someone  took  the  time  to  recognize  him,  being  buried  in  a  paupers  grave  as  he  was,  he  probably  died  and  could  not  leave.  I  truly  think  I  set  him  free !

Friends and Foes

By: Kiutupy@aol.com

    I have been reading many of the stories on this page.  Some of them are
similar to experiences I have had, but there are a few I should share.  Ever
since I was an infant, I have had encounters with the unexplained.  One of my
first baby-sitters told me that while I lay in my crib, I reached out to
something above me.  She says that I was coo-ing as though I was being played
with by someone.  When we lived in the mountains of California, just outside
of Bear Valley, I can remember playing with invisable entities.  Some of them
were little girls, and some were little boys.  They would stay with me until
I were with an adult.  They never came inside our house, but they would walk
with me to the door.  They played with me at school, but never went inside.
When I fell, severing my kneecap, there was a maternal presence with me as
they poured iodine and dis-infectant all over my leg.  She had her hand
around mine, and her arm was resting on my shoulder; she whispered reassuring
and pleasant things in my ears.  After we moved to Santa Cruz, I began to see
figures walking along the street.  They were mostly benevolent, but a few
were threatening.  Somehow, there has always been someone watching over me,
and I am constantly protected.  A few times, I have been attacked by beings
no one else could see.
    After my family decided to take a train trip across America, I began to
realize what I was experiencing.  In the fields we passed in the south, I
could see hundreds of figures in pre-civil war garb stooped over gathering
cotton into large sacks.  They seemed to hover outside the windows, that were
eight feet off the ground.  All the places we visited in the south had eerie
feelings and soothing feelings to them.  I was frightened to go through the
old battle fields, only because there were so many people walking around.  A
few men I saw were digging for something, they looked at me pleadingly, and I
knew that they were telling me that they were buried there, far away from
their homes.  In one of the houses we stayed in, a group of period servants
(period as in early victorian) were bustling about after dark.  They were the
same servants I saw in the picture the owners had on their office wall.  We
didn't go into the office until the day we left, so I never knew what it was
that I was seeing every night.
    Many of my friends jokingly tell me that I have a 6th sense.  I guess it
could be true.  Everywhere I go I see them.  They show up every place I go,
and I can hear their words.  My most frequent visitor is on old hag.  She
tucks me in every night.  "Good night, poppet.  Angels protect your dreams."
I know she was a nanny, she has followed me to every house we have ever lived
in.  I love her dearly, and I believe that is why she stays with me.  She
wakes me if there is danger, and soothes me when I am ill.  I am now 21, but
she is still sitting at the foot of my bed at night with her knitting
needles.  I have never found out her history, and I don't want to.
    If ever I visit the local cemetaries, I hear garbled voices from
overgrown tombstones.  Every now and then, I go to clear off the headstones
and trim the foliage.  Infants and adults alike, they all greet me with
smile.  Expecially the elderly.
    I am not making any of this up.  there are things out there we cannot
explain.  I believe that I am blessed to see them, and I do all that I can to
be friendly towards them and show them some affecion.  I love visiting
haunted houses because of the friends that can be made there.

Ghost Experience

By: dbirkes@firstsb.com

To understand my experience I first need to give you a little information.  My friend and her fiance live in a nice apartment.  Many times he is out of town and I will stay with her at night when he is gone.  She has always felt that there was something in the apartment.  Her cat acts strangely and she has encounters with whatever it is.  But whenever her fiance is there she never feels bothered by it.  Well there were several times when I have been spending the night and strange things happened.  The door to her entertainment center would open and bang shut over and over again even when I was watching it, and it was the kind where you had to push in before it would pop open.  Anyway I had always felt weired in the apartment but had never really 'seen' anything aparitions.  This all changed when my friend was fed up and told the entity to leave her alone and go away.  Well it has never physically bothered her since but it didn't go away.  In fact after that it became more bothersome to me.  The night in question was just a regular one.  I came over after work and we watched some movies and then we decided to go to bed.  She went to the bedroom with the cat and I stayed on the sofa.  My friend had left the light on to the downstairs and I got up to go turn it off.  As soon as I turned off the light it was like something in the dark moved in on me from all sides.  The atmosphere became opressive and I was on edge.  I went back and layed on the couch and tried to go to sleep.  It didn't seem like a long time had passed when I was woke up by a loud humming in my ears.  I became aware of it but I didn't open my eyes right away.  It was like someone humming very loudly a very old song that I didn't know the words to.  My first thought was that it was my friend playing a joke on me.  I was about to look up and tell her to cut it out but then I just 'knew' it was not her and I looked up and there was this tall black misty figure leaning over me.  It was very tall, solid black but at the same time vaporous.  Of course you are going to say well it was dark in the room.  Well yes but your eyes adjust to the darkness of the room and you can still see the outline of objects.  This thing was seperate from everything else.  It was a denser darkness inside of a softer darkness.  It was standing directly behind the arm of the couch.  It was standing bent over at the waist looking into my face.  As soon as I saw the figure the humming stopped.  My first instinct was to put my arms over my face and bury myself deeper into the couch.  I have never felt that type of fear before.  I was wide awake and I could feel the thing behind me, still leaning over me.  I could barely breath and I was to afraid to move.  Finally after about fifteen minutes or so I just jumped up and darted to her bedroom and woke her up.  But the wierd thing is that as soon as I crossed the threshold of her bedroom door I felt okay.  It was like it couldn't come through but I could sense it was still out there.  I woke my friend up and told her what happened.  She had been sound asleep and there was no way it could have been her or anyone else because the back of the couch is flat against a wall with one end pushed up against another wall and the other end has a large end table pushed up next to it with a large lamp on it.  That was the end where my head was and no could stand directly behind me because of the end table.  Needless to say I haven't spent the night since but I probably will sometime soon.  Although I doubt if I will be sleeping out in the living room.

Paranormal Experience

By: Louise.Evans3@btopenworld.com

I am a twenty five year old man and I believe that, as a ten year old, I had a paranormal experience. I am a cynical, sceptical person with a firmly rational perspective of the world yet I am still unable to explain the event that I witnessed.
I was at a place called Looe in Cornwall (the U.K.) and was enjoying a weekend camping with a youth club I was once a member of. At the bottom of the field there was an old derelict house that was used by a local farmer for storing potatoes. Our group leader took us down to see it and began to tell us the history of the building. I later learned that this was true. Evidently, the house was once owned by a woman who lost both her sons in The First World War and she died two weeks after she learnt that her sons had been killed at The Battle of The Somme. Our leader told us that he often saw ghostly figures, at night, walking around the bottom of the field. Whether this part of the story was true, I do not know but I suspect that it was invented by the leader to give a group of young boys a fright. It seemed like harmless fun. The leader told us that these figures were human shaped and consisted of bodies that were like the smoke from cigarettes.
As he told this story he whispered to me to sneek outside and bang on the window as a practical joke.
I did this but before I knocked on the window, the glass cracked right up the middle and made a noise I will never forget. It sounded like lightning, a whipping, cracking sound. Naturally, everyone ran out of the house and back up the hill. Afterwards the leader chastised me for breaking the window but when I told him that I hadn't even touched the window he looked white and told me that, when he was running out of the building he felt a gentle force attempting to keep him inside.
I don't know if this was a coincidence. The fact that I don't know has always confused me.
I have never had another experience like that.

Ghost House

By: CooleyJG@navair.navy.mil

      I think you know that I'm crazy but this happen about 1978. One night
my friends and I were getting ready to go to a school dance and we decided
to go to an abandon house to have a few beers then go to the dance. This
house sits off a county road. The family who owned left the area. we we
arrived at the house, we checked all the doors and windows and they were al
locked. Ten suddenly one of my friends said that he saw a light inside the
house and we thought he was playing a joke on us. So we all went to the
house and sure enough there was a light on in this house. Go figure lights
on with no electricity. Well we blew it off as a joke.
     Later on before we started drinking, we decide if the light was still
on, so we went back and took a look. What we saw will stay with me forver.
We looked in to the living room window and saw a small fire in the middle of
the room and there were 7 figures dressed in black robe with red linings
dancing and saying some word that we couldn't understand. We stood there
amazed and scared sh--less.
 Suddenly one of said lets get the hell out of here, so we all ran and got
in our cars and left. The next morning my friend and I went back to the
house and looked in the same window and saw no evidence of anything being
wrong and the doors and windows were still locked. The house is now torn
down and no one else had this experience. I have another story but it can
wait. Let me know if anyone had an experience like this.

The Blue Glass

By: dbm@freeze.com

  When I was about five, my family lived in Durham, North Carolina.  My dad was attending medical school, and we lived in a small, old house.  I shared a room with my two brothers, and I slept on the top bunk.  One night, I awoke, and not understanding why, I rolled over to go back to sleep.  Upon doing this, I faced the doorway, and saw a young boy standing there.  He was betwen the age of me and my older brother (about seven), but noticeably smaller.  His face did look remarkeably similar to my younger brother, though.  He wore a green, blue, and red collared shirt, and in his hands he held a blue glass full of some liquid, I assume water.  I wasn't especially scared, but I was frozen, and for some time I just stared at him, and he stared right back.  After about five minutes he suddenly dropped the glass.  My eyes followed the glass to the ground, where it shattered.  When I looked back up, he was gone.  I proceeded to huddle under my blankets for protection, and eventually fell asleep.  The next morning, I went to where the apparition was, and there was a wet spot on the carpet.  I also found two shards of blue glass.  Years later, I learned that my Mother had experienced a miscarriage between my older brother and I.  The brother I never met would have been right about the same age as the ghost I saw, but the blue glass of water has never made any sense.


By: mcisneros@cprk.net

Well, here is my story. My family and I moved into this house that is owned by a priest who invited people over to say a prayer or two to their loved ones who passed on. It all started with my father (who to this day does not believe in ghosts) who heard paper crumble in the kitchen while the rest of us were out. He kept going to the kitchen to see what it was but saw nothing. A few days later, he awoke in the middle of the night to find himself not being able to get up (like someone was trying to hold him down). Then all of a sudden...he felt free. The creepiest event happened to me. One night, our town had a terrible flood and the company that we had that night could not leave. So my cousin and friend brought out the Ouija board. My friend ask the spirit who he/she is. He replied "John." Then she asked his age. He said 8. Then she asked why he was here. He spelled out her. She asked "me?" He said no. The only female in the room was me and my friend. So my friend said my name and he answered yes. After that I left the room. Ever since that incident, I have been seeing weird things around the house. One evening, my parents and I were eating dinner while my brother was at work. From upstairs we heard someone jump from my parent's bed and run into my bedroom. I have a little dog so my mom thought it was him but then I look down and my dog was there. We all looked at each other and said nothing. The next morning, I was in my closet putting my shoes and realized small handprints on my mirror behind my closet door. There are no kids in the house and if there are, they are not allowed upstairs. I called out my mom so she can see what I saw. She was amazed. A few weeks later, my brother's friend came over to put a light in my walk in closet. We never told him what me or my mom saw. He left at the end of the day. An hour later he came back to show me and my mom that he found handprints on his windshield. My brother's friend does not have a kids and he is the only one that drives that truck to work. When we saw the handprints, my mom and I realized that they were the same handprints that were on my mirror. One night my boyfriend and I fell asleep downstairs on the couch. I was asleep on the love seet. My boyfriend on the long couch. The next morning, we both found handprints on the coffeetable. These handprints were the same one that I saw on my mirror and they were facing me as if they were watching me sleep. My boyfriend then said that he remembered waking up in the middle of the night to see a little boy at the edge of the couch but he thought he was dreaming and went back to sleep. Till this day, who ever goes into my room, hand prints will appear near them.

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