G'day, my name is Kon  & after reading quite a few stories on your
site made me want to share an experience that both my wife and I had back in
October 1995.
I live in the Eastern Suburbs in Melbourne Victoria, Australia and other
than this experience have never experienced any paranormal activity before
or after the following event.
I have always remained opened minded about the occult, paranormal activity
and the like and I must say that it does fascinate me ......... each to
his/her own I suppose.
In mid October 1995 my wife was pregnant with what was to be our first child
at the time and the due date wasn't all that far away, so needless to say we
were both ecstatic and anxious at the same time.
Late one night whilst my wife was sitting up in bed watching television & I
being a shift worker was lying next to her trying to get some sleep, she
asked me to get up to turn the tv off as she wasn't feeling all to well and
wanted to get some sleep.
A little while later I felt Vicky trying to sit upright complaining that she
couldn't sleep and she in turn woke me asking what that green haze in the
corner above our dresser was, to which I replied must be the light from the
street reflecting on the multi coloured stain glass lamp shades.
Vicky didn't think much of it & then proceeded to read, however curiosity
got the better of me so I got up out of bed closed the bedroom door & rolled
down the roller shutter blinds & turned off the light, but that green haze
was still there, so I closed the robe doors as the tv was in there & thought
it may be the tv that was giving off that haze all to no avail.
I actually put my hand through it & felt nothing unusual, however I was
trying to come up with some sort of logical explanation for it when I gave
up & went outside for a smoke and upon returning for bed again the haze was
still there & if memory serves me correct was still there till the sun came
We both got up at about 6.00am did all the usual things one does in the
mornings like having a shower, breakfast etc, when Vicky complained that she
wasn't feeling well at all, so I rang in sick & drove ourselves straight to
the hospital.
After my wife having an Ultrasound and some other tests we were both told
that unfortunately we had lost our baby, and this all happening the same
time where my wife lost her father 5 years prior.
Now to be quite honest I can only assume that what we saw was more than
likely attributed to our loss, however nothing out of the ordinary has
happened since & we generally don't talk about this as it still opens up old
wounds eventhough we now have 2 beautiful daughters.

Am I Crazy?


I am a big fan of this sight. I never in my life
believed that I would have a story to tell. Compaired
to the stories posted here, mine is nothing. All the
21 years of my life I had starnge things happen to me,
but I never really accepted them as a haunting until
this morning. Maybe is my wild imagination or just
part of my dream I don't know. Maybe someone reading
this now can suggest what it could be. Here is my
story. This is my second year in college.
Unfortunately I live in the dorms. Just this year I
have been feeling like someones with me but when I
look around... I am alone. My first experiance was
when I was laying on my stomach on my bed (which is
the top bunk)listening to my CD player. I literally
felt as if someone sat by my side. You know... when
someone sits next to you on a bed or couch and you
kinda roll into the person that just sat down? It was
no muscle spasm or anything that might of influenced
this feeling. Not every morning, but its happened a
lot to me that I hear noises of my roommate getting
ready for the day. Granted... maybe it's just the room
next door or noises coming from the vents, but when
you live in the dorms for over a year... you can tell
the difference of what noise is coming from where. But
I swear I hear the noises of my roommate getting ready
when she is not in the room. More than once I ask tell
her she's going be late, or 'aren't you ready yet' and
once I even said 'I thought you left already'. But I
look around... and I am by myself. Okay... Until today
I brushed those things off. My roommate has classes
every day at 8am. So she has to get up early. Hence
the reason I am still in bed most of the morning. I
usually don't get out of bed until 10. This morning I
heard her get ready for class... I saw her leave. I
went back to sleep. I was having a dream and all of
the sudden I hear a whisper of a girl (I assumed it
was my roommate) and the whisper said "hey Jess, you
still tired up there?" Because I thought it was my
roommate I groggly responded and said 'What?'
questionly because I thought she left for class. I was
scared... my heart was racing because this sounded
real to me... but I was having a dream so I was just
thinking I'm just weird... and rest my head back down
on my pillow..but I heard the whisper again "hey
Jess..." With that... I couldn't take it anymore... I
felt like my heart was going to jump out. I decided I
couldn't stay in bed. I got out of bed and turned the
tv on and started to clean the room. My roommate came
in at 9am and was surprised that I was up and about so
early. I dont' know how to explain it. It might of
been a part of my dream... though (I) believe it's not
because it doesn't go along with what I was dreaming.
In my dream when I heard the first whisper, I was
(don't laugh) climbing a wall of my friends house with
suction cups..... that wouldn't fit because I was
having too much fun in my dream and I was by my self
.... Am I starting to go nuts? This part my have
nothing to do with hauntings or maybe I just don't
know what is going on but just recantly when I use the
elevators to go down ( I live on the top floor #9)it
always stops at floor #6. Now... yes it could be
someone just at the floor that got on another elevator
or just went somewhere else... but it's no just a
certain elevator... it happens no matter which one I
use... That's my story.


   This is a story that spans over two years, roughly, and has been my only identifiable experience with what seemed to me to be the supernatural. Early in the morning, in mid February of 1999, I received a phone call from my sister. Immediately I was alarmed. Although this doesn't sound unusual enough to cause an uproar, everyone knows that the women in my family don't roll out of bed until noon. After unusually succinct pleasantries, Ce-Ce informed me that my best friend, Michelle, was dead. She had heard it that morning from a friend of a friend who knew how close Michelle and I were, before I moved out of my home town of Baltimore to go to college in Florida. Michelle had been a very trouble soul all our lives, and she succeeded in finding a man who ended hers for her. Since she had been murdered, I suspected from the beginning that perhaps her soul, as confused as it already was, may not have been able to pass on easily, if at all. The last time we spoke, which was roughly two months prior to her death, she sounded disoriented and slightly hysterical, only the way someone who is desperately trying to avoid reality can. She was telling about the voices that she has started hearing in her head and how she liked inflicting wounds upon herself, lovely.  I cannot say that I was surprised to hear of her passing, although my pain was sharper knowing that I could never tell her of the child I was expecting in 8 months.
    Fast-foward 6 months- my husband and I are living in Illinois, just south of Chicago, strange things start happening. One night, I'm in the kitchen of our rented home and I hear a deafening- I tell you- deafening crash, upstairs, right above my head, where the 2nd bathroom would be. I thought my husband took a flying leap off the toilet and crash landed on the floor. (Why he would be doing that, I don't know, but that's what it sounded like.)
I called out "Honey, are you all right!?"
He says "Ya, are you all right?"
Apparently, he was in the bathroom downstairs, 15 ft. from me and had though something had happened to me. We checked all over the house, from attic to garage and found absolutely nothing out of place. It was so weird that we just brush it off as a sonic boom or something equally out of the ordinary. Then, I started being woken up from my afternoon naps (pregnancy is very tiring) by loud noises, like a car door slamming, but upon inspection, finding no one outside on our quiet street. One time I was woken up by someone calling my name, once, loudly: TARA!  Why that, or any of these incidents, didn't scare me, I can't tell you, but they didn't. Then the last occurrence, before we moved out of this house and on to greener pastures, was at 1:30 in the morning. My husband and I were laying in bed, talking, and all of a sudden, the sliding door that covered the towel closet outside of our bedroom, came off it's tracks, fell over and promptly slide down the steps that were directly in front of it. The top of the door slamming against each step as it slid down sounded like someone was firing a machine gun in our foyer.
December, 2000. Now we're living in Cleveland, OH. Everything went back to normal for a while, until my jewelry started disappearing and showing up in really strange places, that I knew my daughter, that had finally made her worldly appearance in November of 1999, could never have done. I also felt the creeps many, many times as I was changing my daughter's diaper in her bedroom; it felt just like someone was in the doorway staring straight at the back of my neck. This was unnerving especially because I was a stay-at-home Mom at the time and had wild fantasies about crazed rapists and such. The last straw came when I found my wedding band rolled up in dirty diaper in the trash can, whatever was trying to get my attention, had it! Then one night, in February of 2001, I woke up, again, to the sound of the front door slamming and in my half-awake mind, for some reason, I imagined that it was someone leaving. Upon entering the living room, I noticed that there was no cold air present, where there would have to be if the front door had really opened on a painfully cold winter night. After that, things went back to a decidedly sub-supernatural tone. I always assumed it was Michelle sticking around after her untimely departure. After all, she always said I was the only person she ever really trusted.

Ghosts at Work


hi my name i scott m mitchell,i'm a corrections officeri work at mount mc
gregor correctional facility in wilton ,n.y.,i had an experience in a
building at work ,i was working in a building called building #10,the
facility use to be a nuber of different thing thru the years, it was a hot
july day ,i went to the second florr and thats when i felt the cold spot ,it
was 95degrees out ,but it felt like an ice spot on the second floor,i'm not
the only one who knows about this they all joke about it at work there are
more places there ,in the top floor of another building ,a ghost has been
seen,it is a secured area,no one but the staff goes in there ,the officer saw
a little girl with a pleatted dress on,it scared him bad he does not go into
that area if he don't have too,the other building i was telling you about
another female officer was securing the buildingon the third floor and the
window in the door explodes out toward her there was a hole in the glass that
looked like a fist went through it,there was nobody else in the room it was
secured ,so thats the story of the mount mc gregor ghosts ,they are there and
we know that by thier presents,there are many odd tales of stuffhappening up
there ,also grants cottage is on the grounds also stuff has been seen in
there too,thank you for you time and your interest in this matter,

Our Ghost
By: Bobbi

I have an entity in my home in McGregor Iowa. It is very harmless but
mischievous...Tho at times very helpful also. My children named it years
ago when they were small. The house is 125 years old, well, thats as far
as the deed goes back to when it was named a town...Before that they did
not have to register it. It seems to become more active when I redo
things or when everything becomes hectic.. The only one who didn't get
along with it was our dog and he would growl and his hair would stand up
on the his back when it roved...I think I am very lucky that it is not
destructive but it definitely is full of suprises...I have had this
house since 1976 and would not trade it nor the entity for
anything.....It is a large 2 story brick with a one story brick
attached, seems that part must have been for servants as it has a
kitchen, dining room and bedroom and I conjoined the bathrooms for
myself and it has 11 rooms and a double porch on the 2 story

Sauer Castle


when i  went to sauer castle it was called igor's. it had a stange caretaker named mr berry who would chase away the cults there for there black masses. the story of the main haunting and the ghost that we saw was of a woman. the story is this she would go up to the widows walk, and look out at the river. one day and no one knew why she hung herself up could see her in the tall windows swing,the family move to the east and left a caretaker for the place. the pictures we took show the figure of a woman in the fount upstairs window on the right looking at the house and another on the enter stairs. we never herd the story of the boy.

Payne-Gentry House


the payne gentry house is full of enrgy,the 2nd bedroom near the spining wheel is very chilling. the ghost are many and the place is believed to be avortex. the owners have been seen but they are not there all the time. there is a ghost dog in the living room and aservent girl in the actic. the times that i have been thre the most chilling spin ting came in the 2nd bedroom there was 2 cold spots one at the door between the bedrooms and by the spining wheel. although there is areal human skull in the doctors office it is the only room with out actived. there yard has ghost in it too if you can find the place where the old tree was the ghost chase it other around the tree and if you join them some times the run though you.



I am fourteen and have been living in my house for twelve years. We built our house on property that  we were told had never been built on before.  A couple of years ago my father was gardening in the front yard. He uncovered a couple of bricks and a horse shoe.   At that time I was very into archeology, and decided to keep the horse shoe  in my room. About a month ago, I saw a bright white light in my neighbors window early in the morning. (I saw this while waiting for the bus.) It was not an ordinary light, it did not have the right color, and the light was floating in the middle of the room. It was not a candle, because the light was a constant, bright light. It did not flicker. I remembered that he husand had died a couple of months ago.
A few nights later  I heard something like mumbling. My stereo was up pretty high, so I decided to turn it down to see whether my mom was talking to me or not. In fact, what I heard was humming. The voice belonged to no one in my house.
The next night, I was staring off into space, looking into my light. I suddenly realized that my light was turning blue, then purple, then pink. I was very frightened. I though maybe I had been staring at the light too long, until I looked in the mirror and the lightbulb in the mirror was different colors too. I then asked my sister to come in. She stared at the light bulb, and saw it too.
I then started talking to the ghost. Telling it that if it was really there, I would like a sign. A looked around the room for a couple of minutes, and saw that the clock, which ordinarily would have read 8:10, was flashing the nubers 8 and 0. My sister saw this, too.
A couple of days later, I was listening to music (Paula Abdule). I was listening to one of the slow tracks, turned up really high. I heard a man's voice. Unfortunatly, the music was up to much for me to hea what the voice said.
I have four porcelain dolls in my room. When I turned my head, it seemed as though they were blinking. A few days later, the pretty one on the end, whose mouth was painted on, smiled at me. Really. I thought I was crazy. Not a smile that showed teeth, just a tugging upward of the lips.   Even now, a month later, the doll smiles at me. I find it quite unnerving, and sometimes refuse to sleep in my room. ( Hey, I saw Chucky you guys!)
I then heard footsteps in my room, with my mother with me. She heard them too. We heard them again downstairs, but that time it sounded like they were above us. Where we were "above us" was my room.
 About a week ago, my mother wanted me to go get something outside to get something. I am incredibly afraid of the dark.  I was standing by the door, when I saw in the reflection of a coat swaying. I turned around to see if I sould use the coat to warm myslef while outside, and also because I did not feel a breeze, and wondered why the coat ws moving.  I turned around to find no coat. I turned around and saw the reflection again. I looked all around the surrounding area, but no coat.  I looked again at the screen door, but the image was gone. About fifteen minutes later, while still pondering why I saw this, I realized it is impossible to see a reflection through a screen door.
Still today strange things are happenning. If anything similar has happened to anyone out there, PLEASE write your story- I am desperate to have some one reassure me that I'm not crazy.

Highland Park Highschool


Hi. First Off - great site.  I can sit and read these stories for hours.  Of course I find myself looking over my shoulder a lot and making my dog stay in the room with me (cluck-cluck I'm a chicken).  Anyway.  I was looking in your haunted places index and I noticed that Highland Park Highschool was in there.  My Dad attended school there and after he retired from the Air Force he worked there for over 30 years.  I happened to mention to him the info that I read on the Haunted Index and he said he never heard about a little boy, but he did tell me that there was a janitor that had worked there for a long time. He was there when my Dad was a student and was promoted to dept. head or King of the janitors (or whatever the title is) by the time my Dad started working there.  My Dad is very friendly to everyone and he said he would try and strike up conversations with this man, but he was a loner and never really spoke too long.  He lived alone and had no family.  The story goes that this janitor fell in love with an elderly woman that worked in the women's locker room and they had a stormy on again - off again romance.  After a while it was all over the gossip mill that this relationship was o-v-e-r.  A few weeks later someone noticed that this guy had not been showing up for work and when they finally went to his house they found that the poor guy had hung himself.
My Dad told me that after that strange things started to happen and there have been a few people who have said that they have seen him walking down hallways.  I don't have any specifics - but I thought I would just pass on this little tale.  I will be submitting another HPHS story that happened to my Father while he worked there, but he want's to write it himself.
So look out for PART II.

House on Army Base


When my husband was in the Navy and stationed in Michigan we lived on
base.  The area we lived in had at one time been hit by a tornado and
several people were killed.  The front door would open and close by
itself all the time.  I was trying to wean my daughter from her blanky,
so I would put it on top of the fridge, there also was a child gate
across the kitchen door.  When I would come back in the room she would
have her blanky back.  I once walked into her bedroom and as I did a
book fell from the air into the rocking chair that was rocking.  When I
asked her what she was doing, she said nana was reading her a story.
The final thing was when one night when our second daughter had just
been born.  I woke up to the sound of voices on the baby monitor.  It
was a woman and little child and they were talking about how beautiful
the new baby was.  I woke up my husband, he said that it was probably
picking up other transmissions.  Then I heard the child ask the woman
the baby's name and she said Holly Nicole, my babies name.  I ran into
the room and their was no one there.  We moved shortly after that.  Even
typing this till this day gives me the chills.

Another Tale of St. Louis, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I had an experience at this location similar to the gentleman who shared his
story, so I'd like to share mine as well.
One evening out of the blue, my friend told me about this "haunted track" just
outside that small Saskatchewan town.  We decided to take the several hour
trip just for fun, to see it.  My friend who knew about it had already been
there several times, and told us exciting but scary stories about it.  Not
knowing what to believe or what we'd see, I was very doubtful about the events
that were to come that evening..
Two carloads of us made the trip that wintery night.  We drove our vehicles
down the track, past some "no tresspassing" barcades, and parked.  We got out
to look.  So to speak, we "saw the light": this bright light similar to a
single headlight, slowly moving towards us.  We then noticed it would split in
two, move fast, slow down, merge back into one, and repeat at fast rates.
Freaked out, we ran back into the cars to leave to notice the one larger car
got stuck in the snow.  We tried to get out, the longer and harder we tried,
the brighter the light got.  We couldn't move the vehicle away from the light
because of the snow, but the guys figured we could move it forward (towards
the light unfortunatley).  Myself and another girl slowly walked towards the
light to see if there was a clearing so we could turn around.  When we did
this, the light seemed to fade away.  We walked quite aways down, then decided
to go back to the cars.  We turned our backs to the light, which was at this
time, quite aways away.  You just have to look back, and after a few steps, we
did.  The light instantly grew in intensity and jumped what was like 50-70
feet towards us and was right behind us....we ran to the followed
just as fast.  Something, it wasn't the snow, kept making me trip.  Over and
Over agian... hurting my foot even more each time... i was in verge of tears.
Eventually somehow we got back into the cars, managed to get turned around,
and started heading back, then the car infront of us got stuck.  The light
moved up the road with us, but at this time maintained a bit of a distance.
We got this car unstuck with less trouble than the first, and proceeded a few
meters more when we came back to the barracade.  I don't know how we got past
it at first... it seemed impossible to get back.  Big pieces of metal in the
middle of the path, ditch with trees on the side...maybe just enough to get a
car through...if there was light.  One of the girls got on top of the pile
with a flashlight to show where the edge of that was, I got in the ditch to
show where the edge of it was.  Turned on the flashlights, and the most obsurd
The spotlight went crazy: fast, unpredicatble movements, sudden duplications,
merges, etc.  Then little red lights surrounded it as it turned into one huge
glowing white light.  Then the huge light went out, gone, instantly.  The red
lights remained....and they flew towards us at high speeds.  I tried to get
myself out of the ditch and run to the car, but my foot felt as if it was
being pulled back by someone.  I yelled at the top of my lungs for help, but
everyone else was spooked by the red lights and they were running.  More
resistance was felt on my ankle...and I looked back at it and noticed the red
little lights now about a meter from me.  I yelled at them to leave me alone,
and for my friends to help.  All of a sudden, i flew out of the
playing tug of war when the other side suddenly lets go.  I got up and ran as
fast as i could to jump in the car... we left and got away from those tracks.
I know I yelled... the scary thing was.. I asked my friends why they didn't
help me get out of the ditch.  They said they didn t hear me yell at all for
anything.  I know I did... did the ghost take away my voice then and there?
Discussing this event afterwards with the group, we concluded I had the
scariest experience of the 8 or so of us who took the trip.  Why?  They aren't
sure... but I think I know.. I was the one who didn't believe any of it would
happen.  The ghosts had to prove me wrong...
They did
Trust me, believe....they are out there, and you don't want them to have to
prove it to you.  Every time I tell this story to anyone, even typing it, my
body stiffens up like it did that night, I feel a cold sweat, and every shadow
scares me.
It scared me to tears that night.  I returned another time with other
friends...they all believed at first, so they ventured out down the path...ran
back within seconds, scared out of their wits.
I got as far as 5 steps from the car when I jumped back in and locked the
doors.   Something felt I wasn't supposed to be there.  I couldn't
even look down the path.  I travelled 4 hours.  Didn't even look again just to
travel another 4 hours back home

Cold Ghost


This is the first time that I have ever written in about a ghostly
experience. I hope it is enjoyed.
My fiance and I used to live in an old 2 story house in St.Paul, MN.
This house belonged to his uncle. Many people had stayed in this house
as it was across the street from the bar his uncle owned. This house had
bad vibes from the beginning. When we first moved in we used to joke
about the eerie feeling we both had while separated from each other in
different rooms in the house. I was doing laundry in the basement one
day and I felt and heard someone come down the stairs. I assumed it was
my fiance and started talking to him. When I received no answer, I
thought he was playing a joke on me and trying to scare me. I finished
what I was doing and looked through all the rooms - No on was there.
When I got to the foot of the stairs, I walked into this spot that was a
good 10-15 degrees cooler than the rest of the basement. Living in
Minnesota in the winter you would think a door or window was open.Nope.
I went upstairs and Scott was asleep on the couch. I woke him up and he
said he had been asleep for quite some time and never came downstairs.
On other occasions, when we got up for work in the morning, the kitchen
window would be open about 3 inches. This window was locked by one of us
at night and in the morning it would be open again. It got to the point
we would joke about our hot-blooded ghost. When we would be asleep
upstairs we would hear someone in the cupboards and walking around
downstairs. Upon investigation, No one would be there.This presence was
not scary or mean. It just wanted someone to know that it was there.

Night Demon?


Over 35 years ago, in our farm neighborhood there was a farm where an old
woman lived alone. It was said around the neighborhood that the old lady was
a witch. I don't know if she actually was a witch...but she was pretty scary
looking. She wore long dresses and always had a scarf tied over her head. She
walked with a cane and was kind of stooped over looking. She didn't own a car
and we would see her walking up and down the roads picking up cans and
bottles which I guess she sold. We would pass her in the mornings on the
school bus and whenever the bus went by her all the kids would quiet down and
sit silently in their seats..we wouldn't admit it...but we were scared of her.
As I said, she lived on a farm. She did not farm the land, but rather cash
rented her ground to another farmer. The land was a mix of ridge land and
rich bottom farmland. There was a nice large woods which held
an abundance of wildlife. The farmstead itself consisted of a large two story
farm house, two barns and a spring house. Large old pines surrounded the
house. It actually was kind of a pretty farm.
In 1963 the old lady died alone and her land was bought by a neighbor in a
sheriff's sale. The neighbor was never successful in finding a tenant for the seemed that nobody would live there very long. Then in 1966 the
house and all outbuildings burned to the ground one night. The ensuing
investigation never did turn up much, but to this day the rubble of the fires
is still there, and the site is slowly going back to nature...just the large
pines still mark where the farm stood.
Along came 1967, and for me life changed, graduation, The Marines, and Viet
Nam...thoughts of "witchy" looking old ladies were furthest in my mind.
Presently after two tours, I returned to the good old USA and for a while
traveled around seeing the country. Soon, I became homesick and moved back
home to Indiana.
Having lived in the bush for a couple of years, I guess I had a hard time
adjusting to life among people, so I would spend a lot of time in the woods
hunting, or just sitting alone in the quiet. Upon my return home I asked the
owner of the old witch farm if I could hunt on the ground he owned. He
responded the ground was no longer good for farming. It
seemed that a couple of years after the old woman died springs burst forth
out of the hill sides on the farm and saturated the bottom ground ultimately
turning the farm into a marsh. Today you can slog through the marsh and find
the tops of fence posts sticking out of the ground for about 10-12
inches...fence wire still attached to the post disappearing into the ground.
Now I started hunting on this ground, but I was always uncomfortable while I
was there. I constantly felt as if I were being watched. It was kind of could just feel that something unnatural was there with you.
However, having survived the NVA I was not afraid of any creepy Indiana
One rainy night, in the late 70's I decided to go fox hunting. I left my
uncles home and ventured out into the woods with a light, a fox call, and a
shotgun. I knew the best hunting would be in the field behind the old witch
woman's farmstead, so I crossed the creek and went up the ridge to the old
farm. I set up and began to use my fox call. I was not afraid...I had learned
long ago to not let my mind get the better of me. After a while I called in a
gray fox, but I was not able to get a good shot at him so I held my fire. It
was very quiet, just the sound of the rain falling. Now I need to explain
that when fox hunting, a call is used to call in the fox, and a powerful
light with a red or amber lens cover is used to "shine" or reflect the foxes
eyes revealing the animals position. This is a common method used by hunters
After I was convinced that the first fox I called in was not going to present
a shot, I resumed calling. After several minutes, it seemed that I was
hearing a noise coming from the old farmstead area. I shined my light in the
direction of the piles of rubble that had once been the farm buildings, and
suddenly I realized that my light was reflecting back a pair of eyes...that
seemed to be 8 - 10 feet off the ground! Okay, no need to panic...probably a
raccoon up in a small tree trying to get a better view of the animal that was
in distress. (The noise my call makes) Regardless of what it was, this
incident spooked me and I decided to leave. I "blew" my cover and removed the
red lens cover from hunting light and turned it in the direction of the
elevated eyes. Now an animals eyes will reflect "red" in red light...but
normally reflect with a greenish tint in white light...however the eyes of an
opossum will still reflect with a reddish tint.
The eyes that were being reflected in my light stayed red. No big deal, just
a possum. I gathered my gear and started across the field for the wooded
slope to go home. Turning my light in the direction of the red reflecting
eyes...they were still there...unmoving...but closer! Now any animal who's
eyes are being reflected in light will eventually move their head causing a
momentary break in the reflection. These eyes were unblinking,
unmoving...except they appeared to be following me towards the woods. The
scariest thing was the fact that the eyes were still about ten feet off the
ground! It was then I realized that there were no trees in the field for an
animal to be in...and no Indiana Owls can hover like a Harrier Jet!
Suddenly this battle tested Marine panicked, and started double timing
towards the woods. I found the foot path that went down to the creek crossing
and started down it. After going about 40 meters into the woods...I stopped
dead in my tracks...I was suddenly paralyzed with fear! I knew if I turned
around that the pursuing eye shine would be behind me. Mustering my courage I
slowly turned, shotgun at the ready and sure as hell, the reflection was
there at the tree line...still about 10 feet off the ground. In the powerful
beam of my hunting light I should be able to see the body of whatever was
following me...but all I could see were the eyes, staring, almost seeming to
glow red.
I was toying with the idea of shooting at what I was now sure was an
apparition...but a low guttural sound which came from the same location of
the eyes convinced me that this was not a good idea. I was overwhelmed with a
feeling of "get the hell out of here" so finding the feeling in my legs, I
broke and ran like I had never ran before. I did not even use the stepping
stones at the creek crossing...I just splashed through the water. I continued
my pace through the scrub timber until I finally found safety in my uncles
farm yard. At this time I heard a cry come from the timber that I cannot
duplicate or describe accurately...but it had a mocking quality to it.
What did I see in the woods that night? I don't know, it wasn't anything
indigenous to the Indiana woods. It was something that scared the hell out of
me more than an NVA B-40 rocket ever did. I know that I will never go into
the woods again at night. This incident happened over twenty years ago, but I
can't shake the image from my mind.

GHOST STORY...The statue in the cemetary


I was reading the many accounts of ghost hauntings and appearances and i thought I would share mine.
My senior year, my sister, my friend Mindy, George, Joey an myself decided to go and search for ghost in a place that is known for many ghost hauntings.  I am from San Antonio and some of you may be familiar with the tracks (school bus crash that killed several children and bus driver) and the surrounding Espada park. On the way to the tracks there is a cemetery about a couple of blocks off the main street that leads you to the tracks.  It was about 11:30 at night and we had  heard about the stature of the Virgin Mary that if you stare and her long enough she starts to rock back and forth.  This whole area is know for many ghost because it is also an old battle field.  The statue is located in the cemetery near the small road that leads into the cemetery. (the cemetery has a gate surrounding it and a chained entrance)  Well anyway we parked outside the fence and sat in silence to see if this was true.  Sure enough, slowly at first the stature started rocking.  She sits with her head bowed and is holding her arms as if she is caring a baby.  to our surprise the statue started throwing her head back.  We started freaking out but weren't to scared because we had seen a ghost about 15 minutes ago but that's another story.  We sat there and my friend noticed that the gate was completely open.  I dont know how we would have missed an observation like that since we have to pass the entrance to get to park outside the gate to see the statue.  We all decided to go in and get a better look. (we were being stupid and just weren't scared enough i guess)  Slowly George began driving and as we kept getting closer to the stature the harder she would rock.  When we got to where we were aligned with the statue about 10 feet, the most horrifying thing happened the statue lifted her head and stared at us but with no eyes and no face, it was completely black and what made everything worse was that as soon as she looked at us, the car shut off entirely.  We were in histarics screaming as if we were being murdered, even George and Joey to 18 year old  "men"  were screaming like girls..  The car was a year old and had no problems with it .  George continually tried restarting the car and it just would not turn on...the rest of us are looking away from the statue trying to look and i was praying to god to start the car.finally what felt like eternity it started and  we hauled ass out of the cemetery and took a right out of the entrance which leads us further away from the main road towards the tracks.  We were in shock and decided to skip going to the tracks and go home and pray.  Not even a minute had passed since the incident occurred that we passed the cemetery and the entrance was completely locked with chains and all.  as if it never happened.  Before i wrote this story and verified it with my sister and mindy to see if i didn't imagine any of the things i saw.  I didn't.  I have several more personal experiences about the tracks and park that i will share later.



Hi my name is Hannah and I am from Hamilton ,New Zealand. I have been reading all the ghost stories that others have experienced.I too like every-one have many to tell,some that I have experienced personally and others that family and friends have had.
One such story I would like to share happened when I was about 14,It was a Saturday night,so we were allowed to stay up late.As our parents had already gone to bed,we decided to go to bed as well.We laid in bed just talking when all of a sudden we saw a figure emerge from our closet.We watched as it moved out into the hall and got up and followed,because the lights from the street shone in we could see a figure of a woman,who had no features but was all black like charcoal.As we watched her glide down the hall towards our parents bedroom door which by the way was closed she just passed right through it.Well we were so scared that we bolted straight through the door and dived straight on top of them.They got such a fright that they were wandering what was wrong.After we told them what we had seen,we all got up and mum made us a milo as my sister and I refused to go back to sleep.
Then about 7am that morning my parents got a phone call to say that an aunt ( whom I was very fond of ) had died tragically in a house fire.It appeared that my uncle John was out at the time and my aunt Maria was home with the children.Because the house was quite old the fireman said the fire was caused by a faulty wire.Apparently when the fire started my aunt was able to get herself and the children out but my 4yr-old cousin ran back in to get her doll and as my aunt went in to get her the house collapsed on them and all every-one could do was look on helplessly.They were both burned beyond recognition and I think that what my sister and I saw that night was her ghost as that was the same time as the tragedy was occurring.

Friends True Story


This is a true story that a friend of mine told me and she is about 43,
so I don't think she was making it up.
They were living in an old house and mysterious things began to happen.
Pipes over the sink and tub would suddenly turn on full blast with out
them even being on the same floor. Then lights started to turn off and
on and it was not of their doing. Another thing happened was when a
statue flew off a shelf to the middle of a room and their dog just stood
there and stared at nothing, growling. Then, they heard someone talking
in the basement and went down to investigate. They decided to bring the
cat to see if it was any supernatural business. When he was on the first
step, the cat freaked out and ran up the stairs as quick as possible.
Then when the woman was in the kitchen, a strange ball was floating
right above her head.
Anyway that is what they told me and I am almost positive it is true.

Ghosts Galore and the Silver Face


I was living in a house which had been built in the 1920's in Brisbane,
Australia.  It was owned by an old schoolfriend of mine who lived up north
with her husband. It certainly had a 'style' all it's own with casement
windows and strange colour scheme - duck-egg blue ceiling and faded pink
This house was a veritable 'Spook Central'.  When a female friend moved in
to share the house, she inadvertently brought along the spirit of her
deceased grandmother.  The old lady made her presence felt by nicking off
with her grand-daughter's key set, just to get her attention.  It worked.  A
psychic finally played as intermediary between the two. The grandmother
didn't actually 'live' there as such - she went where her grand-daughter
went and had a great old time reeling off names of family members to the
pyschic, who then relayed them to my housemate.  Accurately, I might add.
Not only names, but how they were related to my housemate.
Then there was Bob.  A lovely old ghost who told me his name by saying,
'Robert, but known as Bob'.  He was very clear that he preferred the
shortened version of his name.  I never saw him with my eyes, but sensed his
presence. He was very protective of us two girls living in the house.  I
guess he was just a gentleman.  When my friend moved out and a male friend
moved in, he didn't like that one little bit.  A photo of my male friend sat
in a frame on a shelf - often I'd come in and find that the photo had been
turned around to face the wall.  I admonished Bob many times for this, but
he was stubborn and old-fashioned.  I don't think he felt it was appropriate
that an unmarried woman should be living with a man in the same house - an
attitude which harks back to a bygone era. Sometimes the TV would turn its
volume up spontaneously, but I can't prove that Bob had a hand in that.  The
TV repair guy said he'd never heard of it happening before. Perhaps it was
just a technical fault, but when I moved from the house, the TV never did it
again. I never felt afraid of Bob, but in the end, we thanked him and
encouraged him to leave and 'go towards the light', as we felt that his
sense of responsibility to us was misplaced and unnecessary.  We didn't want
to be the excuse he used not to move on.
I also had an encounter with a spirit, which is something different to a
ghost.  A ghost is an earthbound entity that hangs around a familiar place,
either hoping to be noticed or refusing to believe that he/she is dead in
the first place.
A spirit has passed through to 'the Other Side' and returns to interact with
the living, to aid as helpers and guides.
The next part of my story occurred a couple of years ago, in that same
house.  Several mornings in a row, I inexplicably snapped awake for no
apparent reason at the same time each morning: 1.40am.  By the fourth or
fifth morning, I was pretty ticked off with the whole routine, as I'm one of
those people who needs their sleep, or it's Grump City.
Anyway, I popped awake again the same time one morning and in an exasperated
huff, I flipped over on my other side to get comfortable in the hope I'd
fall asleep again quickly.  As I flipped over, I couldn't help but notice
the huge face of an old woman suspended between my wardrobe and door (a
space of about five or six feet).  The whole image was sparkling silver,
like those 'sparklers' one puts on a birthday cake - the silver was sparking
and radiating, with the image of the woman's face in the centre, molded in
3-D from the silver energy.
She was just looking at me.  We kind of eyeballed each other for a few
seconds and when my brain finally conceived of what I was seeing (about a
nano-second), I wasted no time in bellowing in shock.  I flipped back over
again, just as the image collapsed upon itself (like water whirlpooling down
a plughole) and it streaked over my head like a shooting star.
My heart was thumping so hard, I thought I'd give myself a heart attack.  I
thought the hammering would never stop.  By this time, I had disappeared
under the covers and even though I was quite warm in there, didn't dare come
up for air the whole night. I fell asleep quite quickly, but I think that it
was a protective mechanism more than anything.
For the next few nights, I kept the light on, as well as the little TV in my
I felt a bit sheepish a fortnight later.  Spirits surrounded by silver
indicate a positive and spiritual presence - she was not there to do harm.
I probably scared her more than she scared me - you should have seen the
pyjamas I was wearing that night!
She was probably my protector and I behaved very badly.

Ghosts to be?


I have had a few experiences with ghosts over the years.  Nothing
frightening but quite startling sometimes.  I have also had
premonitions, so maybe this story belongs somewhere besides under
My husband and I had planned a vacation/2nd honeymoon beginning on the
26th of August.  July 26th, during the day I was walking through my
living room when a crowd of people, and two small dogs appeared.  The
people were all ages, and dressed in various outfits, like business
suits, casual clothing, jeans and tee-shirts.  The dogs looked like they
had little blankets on their backs.  This is the first time I had ever
seen more than two people at a time or any animals.  Everyone, including
the dogs, was wearing black.  It looked like they were just walking
about somewhere, like they were some how going about normal activities.
No seemed to particularly together with anyone else.  It was a
surprising thing to see.  For the next month, until we left for
vacation, I would see them every morning around 11 a.m.  It started
getting pretty scary as it happened so regularly.  For some reason, the
dogs frightened me the most.
I figured maybe something was going to happen on vacation, but went any
way, and did not mention this to my husband.  He would have cancelled
our trip until we figured this out.
Although I did not see the people and dogs on our trip, I could 'feel'
them near me around the same time every day.
We got home the 10th, late afternoon, exhausted and went straight to
bed.  I woke up once thinking I heard people crying.  The 11th my
daughter paged me shortly after I had awakened to the crying,  to turn
on the TV.   Since the 11th I have not seen these people or the dogs.  I
believe somehow I was having a premonition of what was going to happen.
The hardest thing about this is that I will always wonder if I could
have saved anyone, had I figured out what I was seeing.  I don't think
anyone would have believed me had I known and tried to warn anyone.  But
I can't help but wonder.



   I have always been intrested by ghosts, but I never really wanted to see
one, I just likes reading about other peoples expeirences. My first school
was meant to be haunted by the wife of the founder of the school, Mr
Huntinson. Certainly when I was there a lot of weird things happened, though
I myself never actually saw her, I did expeirence happnings. I can remember
one afternoon in class we heard a knock on the door and my teacher called
"Come in!" with that the door opened and the partition on the other side of
the room  opened and closed as if an invisible person had walked through the
room. She seemed to appear when somthing was being done to the school,
workmen saw her when they were doing the exstension and she has been sighted
many a time by dinnerladies. I never saw her when I was there, but when one
day [when I was about 12] me and my friend Issy were playing in the village
park with issy's dog Cloe. We were running around the back of the community
centre [which is by the school] when suddenly cloe started acting strange,
wimpering, seeming very cautious. I told issy and we looked towards the
school... there was a woman staring out at us from a class window. She looked
familar, then I gulped it was the same face that I had seen in a photo of Mrs
H. years back. She was in negetive [black& white] I turned to Issy and she
must of been thinking the same as we both just ran! We diden't stop till we
were past the school, I am pretty sure it was her, no-one was in the school
then there were no cars nothing! It was so strange! Mrs H. is also suppposed
to haunt the old rectory as well so she is very much a village ghost! I hpe
you have found this story intresting.

Goings on at our House...


We have lived in our house for 3 years last month and have had many
"expierences". Right after we moved in my son who at the time had just turned
one the week before was playing and had that "spaced out" look on his face,
so I picked him up and said what's wrong Sage and he looked past me and plain
as day said,"monsters". That was the beginning.
  The next major occurance happened with my daughter. Kayli was 5 when we
moved in and I went through heer closet to pick out the things that she had
outgrown to bag up for Goodwill. One  of the outfits that I put away was a
little pink dress with flowers on the front that had became too small. I put
all of the clothes in plastic garbage bags in our utility room. A couple of
weks later, I woke up to get Kayli ready for school. I went upstairs into her
room. She has a toy box beside her door. On top of the toy box neatly folded
was the pink dress and a pair of white sandles. I woke her up and asked if
she got them out of the  bag and she had no idea what I was talking about, so
I asked my husband and he also said he didnt do it. Later I went to put them
away again and they were gone. Again, I asked if anyone had moved them, Several days later I was vacuming in her room and something was
in the way under the bed..I looked and there was the dress and shoes! one knew how they got there!
  We have always heard noises like people walking upstairs, when everyone is
downstairs. Things get "misplaced" and then suddenly appear where they
belong. Several times if anything is lost it has almost become a joke, we
will say, "I sure wish I knew where ---- is"...and then it always appears!
  Last Christmas we were all sitting in the living room watching t.v. Our
Christmas tree was in the corner and all of a sudden an ornament flew off
about 6 feet through the air soon followed by another one. The next week we
had friends over and we were telling them about that incident and while we
were telling the story 2 more flew off, in front of everyone!
  Last year on Sept.26th we were at the lake looking for arrowheads and we
found the body of a murdered man. Two weeks earlier we were at the same spot
but the water was up much higher and I found a watch. I gave it to my
husband, he got a new band for it and proceeded  to wear it. when we found
the body, it was in the spot I had found the watch.(the police say that he
had been there for about 6 weeks, since he was under the water he was very
well preserved) After we found the man the initials PRG started showing up on
our computer. the man we found name was Wallace Ray Guthrey, my mother and
Dad both went to school with him and my mom told me his nickname in school
was Possum. That would explain the P and then R and G I think are the Ray and
the Guthrey. So he is added to the house.
  Yesterday I woke up with my husband at 4:20am for him to go to work. He
went into the bathroom and I went to the kitchen to get a drink. When I
turned on the light I realized all of our cabinet doors and drawers were
open. All of them! Now these cabinets have child safety locks on them that
the kids CANNOT open. Not only were they all open, they were all opened the
same exact distance. All the drawers were opened exactly the same amount. Now
this freaked me out!!! Even the island in the middle of the kitchen cabinet
doors were all open!
 This morning my husband was outside burning leaves and I walked by the
bathroom to see the closet doors both close at the same time!
 The other night my husband was outside feeding the dogs (without a shirt)
and he felt something lick his back!!!!!! I hear my name all the time being
called when nobody else is home. My husband has also seen the outline of what
he says looks like a man in a tophat. I have seen a black figuire floating on
the stairs.This very moment the dust on the top of my tv in our room says
Celeste??!!!! I dont know anyone by that name!
  We are not sure how many different spirits we have, but they dont seem to
be doing anything "bad", they are just being. Historically the property
behind our house is the Spainish Trail where the settlers drove their wagons
to settle in this area. You can still see the indentions in the earth....

Good Spirits


I am a 21 year old female from Wellington, New Zealand. As far as I am aware, none of my family can see or hear spirits (my father is especially skeptical), and so I have not really shared my experiences with them.
Since I was 14, I have had a best friend called Joann. Now Jo, has always been able to see spirits, and speak to them also - her first experience was when she was about 4 years old. Her beloved pet rabbit had just passed, and as she lay awake in bed that night, she clearly saw the image of her pet rabbit jump through the closed window, hop across the floor, and jump into the picture of himself that Jo had drawn that afternoon. She claims she felt a wonderful happiness at seeing her rabbit - even though she knew he was dead.
Joann and I are pretty tight, and when she first told me about all of this I was fascinated..... I wanted to speak to them too! Joann told me that the spirits felt I wasn't ready, but when I was I would have the ability. You can imagine my impatience!
About 2 years ago when I had just moved to Wellington, from my hometown Wanganui, I got a job at the local Burger King. The first two shifts went well, but one night when I was on closing shift (there are usually 5 of us on a close, and this is when the hard work really takes place - ever wonder why all that chrome looks so shiny?!) I was sent upstairs to clean the bathrooms. The building that this Burger King was in was an old building - large and made of concrete bricks. It echoed horribly upstairs, and as I was cleaning the men's toilets, I felt as if someone was watching me. I turned around, and couldn't see anyone but I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching me. Well, the spirits must have finally decided that I was ready..... and their timing couldn't have been worse. I turned back around, and whilst I couldn't see anything with my eyes, with my mind I got the impression of a man in his late 30's dressed all in black wearing a bowler or top hat of some description. He wasn't saying anything, or moving in any way, but I got the distinct impression that he was aware of me, and he was having a good old look. Then I had a mental flash of horses and carts, dirt roads and busy streets. My conclusion? He was trying to communicate with me on some level and I feel that he was alive in the late 1800's of early 1900's - before the invention of motor cars anyway. He was unmarried, and lonely - I know this but don't ask me how. He was also a businessman, maybe a banker or something. He was accidentally killed somehow, and I feel that for some reason he was connected to the building that we were in.
He never scared me (apart from giving me a bit of a shock), but I was sure he did not approve of people invading his "space". I never did offer to clean those toilets again....
After this first one, the floodgates seemed to open. On transferring to another Burger King in the region, I had disturbing emotions of hopelessness and anger at work and later found out that the house that was on the site before BK grabbed it, was the scene of a violent murder. The house was destroyed soon after the murder took place.
I would suddenly start talking to a particular girl at work about "Telling J". I had no idea what this was about. This was followed by "tell mum to stop crying. I'm fine" and "get rid of that man of yours - he's no good". As I was the new girl, and didn't really know anyone, there was no way I could have known what this was about in relation to this particular girl. She dragged me outside one time on our break and started crying, saying that her brother had died in a car crash years ago, and that this was him, because he called her by his special nickname. The spirit of her dead brother was actually telling me what to say to her in relation to his death, and messages that he wanted to pass on to his family. Initially, I was upset, and worried that somehow, I was making it all up. But this girl was sure that I wasn't as I was saying things that only she and her brother would know about. To say I was honored would be an understatement.
I have since talked to my dead great-grandmother (she was a wonderfully sarcastic woman - I love chatting to her), and the grandmother and relations of various friends. I have only occasionally seen random spirits... the scariest of which was what seemed like a shadow on the wall of a building in the dead of night. A group of us had wandered up to our old intermediate school, and as we got nearer and nearer, a terrible feeling of dread seemed to envelop both Jo and I. No one else seemed affected at all, but when we got to the gate of the school, we saw a large black shadow on the wall in the shape of a person - Jo and I would later tell each other that we felt a feeling of total hatred surround us. This had some effect on the others apparently, but being typical Kiwi males, they "Weren't scared of no shadow!"..... that was up until a car drove past, and as the headlights shone onto the wall, all the shadows disappeared - except the one shaped like a person. I've never seen a group of hard kiwi men run as fast and as scared as we all did that night.
When I moved into a bedsit in a group of council flats, I had many strange experiences. The first of which was on my first night in the new bedsit. I woke in the middle of the night and at the back of my mind was an impression that something wanted me out. From the bathroom strange tapping noises were heard, and I slept fitfully that night. This continued for a couple of weeks, and after a particularly bad nights' sleep, I sat up in bed and said "Now look here. I am paying the rent on this room, and I am not about to be scared off. I respect you for what you are, and I realize that you may want the place to yourself. But for now, I live here aswell. One day I will move out and you can have the room to yourself again. Until that day, I ask that you respect me just as I respect you. I am more than happy to share with you, and I will not attempt to remove you. All I ask is that you do not try to hurt me or my pets, and to let me sleep." As strange as this speech may seem, it worked, and I was not bothered again, although I still felt the presence of the old man. But this time it was a tolerant presence. Upon telling this story to the old lady next door, she told me that the man who used to live there had been there a good many years until he had died in hospital of pneumonia. She told me that he was a nice old man, but he had liked his privacy.
Another was when I was visiting a friend on the floor above me. We were out on the balcony talking and it would have been about 10 at night. My mind saw a man standing at the other end of the balcony, staring at us. I couldn't sense his facial features except for his eyes. They were hard and cold and an overwhelming feeling of hatred and anger rushed through me. I was so shaken, I had to go inside. I had a horrible feeling that if we had stayed out there any longer, he would have harmed us in some way. Once again the old lady next door confirmed that a man had died in the flat where this spirit was standing outside of, and that he was a hateful, spiteful person when alive. He also hated women and would scare them for fun. I have never forgotten that feeling of hate, and I don't think I ever will.
On the whole, through both my experiences, and the experiences of my friends I believe that yes, evil spirits exist. But I also feel that the good ones far outweigh the bad ones. And to have a perfectly 'normal' conversation with one is a very humbling experience. I will never stop believing, and when I have children of my own, I will teach them to respect and honor those that have passed - because one day we will join them.

Grandpa Cares


My name is Adelle, where I live in Houston,Tx where I had my own ghostly
experiance 2 years ago.
   My grandfather, passed away 4 years ago from Kidney Failure where we were
very close to this day, I still miss him.
      Two years ago, my parents and I visited my grandmother up in Balsam
Lake, Wis where one night I couldn't sleep.
       While laying in bed, I was surprised to hear my grandfather's voice
call my name.
     Hearing him call my name, I answered him since just hearing his voice
comforted me.
   I know this was his way, of saying goodbye which brought me alot of
    Since then, nothing has happened though I know he's watching over me.

Grandmothers has Passed but I can Still see Her

The day my grandmother died I was very sad.I was also very young.Not more than eleven years old.I had a cousin who was about one month at the time.I did not know that my parents would be so busy for the entire week following her passing.My mom arranged for a sitter to watch my cousin and I in our own neighborhood.She thought this would make things easier for the both of us to accept.My cousin had never gone to sleep anywhere other than my grandmothers house.So when it was time for her nap she began to get quite fussy and very unruly.Our sitter suggested that I take her to our grandmothers and try to get her to take a nap and maybe take one myself.I thought the idea was pretty good and walked with my cousin the short block back to the familiar house.While I sat on the sofa rocking her back and forth she started to dose aff and soon so did I.I am not sure how long I was asleep or exactly what woke me but when I opened my eyes my cousin was not lying beside me where I had lay her before drifting off.I became panicky and began running through the house looking for her.I finally found her lying on my grandmothers bed covered up with the quilt that my grandmother had made for her.Now this would not be odd if it were not that she was upstairs and that she was only one month old so she could not walk yet.Well needless to say no one believed me when I went home that night and tried to tell my parents.They all laughed at me and said I was crazy.I gradually forgot about it and did not think anymore about it until I grew up.I found it quite hard to swallow myself.I finally got married had a few children of my own.I thought I had turned out to be pretty normal.I had put all of the scary things behind me...or so I thought.I was celebrating my husbands birthday one year and to be honest I had been drinking a little.I do not think this is what caused me to see what I saw though.I was going into the house to get my husband another beer and happened to look out into the woods that surrounded our home.I sobered up immediately.I saw my grandmother walking in the woods and she was laughing and dancing just as if she were there enjoying the party with the rest of us.I thought I was going crazy.I maean lets be honest...Would my husband have believed me if I had gone running yelling that I had seen my dead grandmother in the woods?Of course not he would have locked me up in an assylum for sure.I did not say anything until later that evening.Since then I have not seen her again and to tell the truth I would not mind seeing her.I loved my granny very much and never really was afraid when these things happened.I knew that if it were her that she would not hurt me.If she is still watching me I want her to know that I am going to be okay and if she feels that she has to come back and check on me every now and then I will always leave my door and my heart open and unlocked.

Harpeth High School Ghost


hey there this is an incident i will never forget it was about 10 years ago.  My church group was having a lock in at the high school.  Now growing up i had heard storys about the ghost of the high school.  I always thought it was something made up to scare kids.  I found out it was true and it scared the hell out of me.  We were all in the gym and we had just laid down to go to sleep i woke up to my best friend grabbing my arm she asked if i heard that i said heard what?  She said it sounds like a basket ball being bonced i listend and i heard it to i looked all around the gym and could see no one then i looked up on the balcony of the gym and standing in the light from the hallway was the form of a girl. she started pointing down at the rest of us and said very loudly get out!! and we did the rest of my high school career i would never go in the gym or locker room alone

Haunted College Dorm

I attended SUNY College at Oneonta. It was 9 years ago. I was 19 at the time.  Some of it's buildings were built in 1948.  I lived in two of them, Tobey Hall and Wilbur Hall.  They were both haunted.
The right hand side, first floor of Wilbur Hall was haunted.  The lights were always too dim, flickered on and off, the hallway was too cold.  Anyone who walked or lived on that hall felt hairs go up on the backs of their necks; they felt people standing by them when there was no one visibly there; noises and thumps were heard constantly.
I lived on the Third Floor, right side of the building.  My roommate was known to frequent other friend's dorms, leaving me by myself most of the time.  I liked the peace and quiet until one winter night.  I was getting ready for bed, brushing my hair in the mirror and saw a silver orb floating next to me.  When I looked behind and next to me, there was nothing there.  I looked in the mirror, and there it was, floating again.  I ran screaming from the room and slept in the Lounge for the night.
I went back to the room the next day, feeling no presence of what was there the night before.  I went about my business as usual, and when nightfall came, I didn't think of the previous night's encounter.  I didn't know how sorry I'd be for going back into the room to sleep.
I woke up in the middle of the night feeling someone kneeling over me (My bed was turned over so I was up higher than a normal bed.  I needed a stool to climb into bed and I'm average height).  I felt a cord go around my neck and tried to pull it away.  I felt it cutting into my fingers, but wasn't strong enough to pull it away completely.  I thought someone had broken into my room and was strangling me.  The more I struggled, the more pressure I felt go around my neck.  I screamed, managed to finally break free of the cord around my neck, in the process spraining my hand.  The pressure of someone kneeling over me was gone.  I sat up, breathing hard, looking for someone hiding in the shadows.  I thought I'd scared away whoever was attacking me when I screamed.  I reached for my TV remote, turned on the TV, which shed enough light to see by.  No one was in my room.  The door was still locked, and my hand hurt like crazy.  I realized then I'd been attacked by a ghost.  What else could it be?  At that point, I was elated that I won, but also frightened beyond belief and wanted out of the room, but was too chicken to run to the lounge, as it was around 3 am and anyone could be lurking outstide.
Before these two incidents, I was visited by a man, who stood in the middle of the room, bathed in a soft light.  He wore a brown leather jacket and light colored pants.  He was talking to me, but I couldn't hear what he said, other than he wanted me out.  I screamed at him to speak louder, in the process waking my roomate up.  The man disappeared.
I don't know if it was the same man who appeared to me as the silver orb and then again as my attacker.  I will never know.  Christmas break came and when I came back, the apparitions were gone.
My biggest problem at the time was explaining to the Wellness Center nurses how I sprained my hand.  I told them I hit it against the wall in the middle of the night.  I wasn't ready myself to admit I had been attacked by a ghost.

Haunted House in Banida

In the late summer of 1988 my husband and I had to move from the house were were renting because our landlord had sold his house and would be moving in the house were in. We had been looking for a house to rent and had just about given up when we heard about a house that was for rent in Banida, just fifteen minutes up the highway from us. I contacted the people who owned the house and made arrangements for my husband and I to go and take a look at it. That afternoon we drove up to Banida to see the house. It was a large old house that had been added onto over the years. The house was surrounded by a grassy yard and had several large trees around it. It had a very large, long living room with a huge picture window that looked out over the yard. The house had once been the Banida post office and the old mail boxes were still there in the front entry way. There were three bedrooms, one which the owners were using for storage and a very large kitchen and laundry room.  Where the kitchen was had originally been a log cabin where the owners family had lived many, many years before. There was a long narrow hall next to the kitchen which led down to a small basment that was unusable. In the spring when the snow melted the basement always got flooded. There was a musty smell that drifted up from the basement. We loved the house and the rent was really cheap so we rented the house and moved in about a week later.
As soon as we moved in I began experiencing unusual things. Whenever I was alone in the house I would hear a door opening and closing and the sounds of footsteps walking down the narrow hall that led to the basement. When I went looked down the hall nobody was there and the door that led out into the driveway was shut and locked as I had left it. As soon as I walked away and sat back down in the living room I'd hear it again. There were times when I would hear what sounded like a ball bouncing across the roof. When I'd go outside to see if someone was there...I'd find nothing. One afternoon I heard the sounds of children playing outside in the back yard. The owners have eight children and figuring it was them I was hearing I went outside to say hello. As soon as I opened the door the sounds stopped and there wasn't anybody there. This happened many times. I heard these things every day and got used to hearing them and soon didn't pay much attention to them. In the spring of 1989 my mother died after a battle with cancer. The owners had gone out of town for the weekend and not having a telephone we depended on them to recieve messages for us. My mother had passed away that afternoon about 1:30 and I didn't learn about it until the next day when the owners came home and recieved a phone call from my father. The night before I learned of her death, I woke in the middle of the night. Except for the night light that was shining across the livingroom and into the bedroom the house was completely dark. I became aware that somebody was standing next to the bed on my side. I could make out a black silhouette of someone standing in front of the bedroom window. I wasn't alarmed and rolled over and went back to sleep thinking "It's just mom." The next afternoon the owners came over and gave me the news concerning my mother. I knew right away that it had indeed been mom in my room the night before.
That summer, some really strange things began happening in the house. Things I had no explanation for. That summer my husband and I left for a three day family reunion up St. Charles Canyon near Bear Lake. We had two house cats and two cats that lived outside and two dogs and we left our landlord's daughter Cindy to take care of them while we were away. When we left, except for a pile of clean laundry I had left on the couch..the house was clean. When I came home I found a mess. When I walked into the kitchen, a large tupperware container full of brownies, that I had put on the top of the refrigerator was tipped upside down in the middle of the kitchen floor. The floor was covered with kitty litter making the floor dusty and gravelly. When I walked into the living room my mouth dropped open at what I found. Flies. Thousands and thousands of them. They filled the air and were all over the curtains and furniture I found several of my pictures knocked off the walls. A few pictures remained on the walls hanging at odd angles. I found my big black tom cat pepper, who lived outside, hiding under the couch with a look of sheer terror on his face. I had no idea how he had gotten in the house. When we left I saw him playing in the grass with my other tom cat beside the house. I grabbed him and put him outside and hollered at my husband to come in the living room. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw all the flies. I threw open the windows and they flew to the windows in huge mounds where I trapped them and killed them. I had to pull the screens out and when I did they fell out in huge ugly black mounds to the ground below. When I got the house cleaned back up and had gotten rid of the last of the flies, I went over to my landlords house and told them what I had found when I came home. Cindy didn't have any idea how Pepper had gotten in the house and told me the house was fine when she was there. When I asked if they had ever had fly problems before they said no. A few laters the event would repeat itself.
I was home alone and baking some cookie bars. The oven had a tendency to cook hot and I had to keep an eye on it whenever I did any baking. Well I was watching t.v. and had forgotten that I had something baking in the oven when I smelled something burning. Remembering my cookies I jumped up and ran into the kitchen and pulled my cookies out. They were slightly burned but not a total loss. Well I put them out to cool and returned to finish watching my t.v. program. When I walked into the living room I stopped dead in my tracks. Where there had been no flies a moment before, suddenly there were thousands of them, stuck to the walls, windows and curtains and circling the room. Once again I threw open the windows and once again they flocked to them and I trapped them and killed them and they fell in huge black clumps to the ground when I pulled off the screens. When I told my landlord that it had happened again she didn't know what to make of it. We moved from there two months later into a trailer house a few miles away when the landlords told us we had to move because their cousin and her family were moving into the house. That move was difficult because at the time of the move I was recovering from major surgery. But I was glad to be out of the house. Now the landlords son and daughter in law live there with their three boys. I have asked her if she ever had problems with flies or experienced anything odd in the house. She told me no. I don't know what brought those flies into the house but I hope I never experince that kind of thing again. It was digusting.

Haunted House in Yorkshire


These incidents I am about to tell you about happened to my sister and her
family when she bought her new house three years ago. They needed a bigger
home due to the family growing and after a short while looking, found their
ideal home in a nice cul-de-sac that dated to the 1920's and ended up buying
it off an old lady who lived alone. Andrew, my sisters husband, at that time
worked regularly away from home because he was a heavy goods driver for his
fathers company so my sister was often left on her own in the house with the
kids. It started off with noises in the house she could not explain, but it
was with andrew that the sightings started to occur. He was home one evening
watching the T.V. sitting  on the coutch, when occording to my sister, he
suddenly sat bolt right up staring at the T.V.  When she asked him what was
wrong, he just kept shaking his head saying nothing was the matter. He kept
staring so she asked him again where upon he told her to put the kids to bed.
When she came down, he said that as he was watching the telly, a face of an
old man just appeared next to the T.V. set and stared at him.My sister
laughed it off, but after a while could tell he was serious. The next
incident was when andrew was putting down a new floor covering in the
kitchen. He was stood with his back to the kitchen sink when he said he was
pushed from behind, when he looked around there was no one else in the room
with him. The third incident involved her five year old son who had gone to
bed one evening. He hadn't been in bed more than 10-15 minutes when she heard
him come "flying" down the stairs and burst through the living room door.
Thomas was crying badly and it took her quite a while to calm him down and
get him to talk, where upon he told her that an old man had walked into his
bedroom and just stood and stared at him. My sister by now was a bit shook up
over it and a few days later was out in the garden talking to her new
neighbour, an old lady  in her late 70's.During the conversation she asked
the old lady if she knew of anything "odd" about the house's history where
the lady replied she didn't and what did she mean by odd. My sister told her
about the incidents in the house and then described the face of the old man
that andrew had seen. This caused the old lady to stagger back a bit and then
tell my sister that she had just described "George". Apparently, he lived in
the house for many years but in the mid 1970's had died in there.He had come
down to the kitchen sink in the early hours of the morning to get a drink of
water due to chest pains but whilst down stairs, suffered a massive heart
attack and died on the kitchen floor.
After a while they had a burglar alarm fitted with "motion detectors" in
every room but not long after, they had to have it disconnected because the
alarm would go off regularly in the early hours of the morning and the
neighbours started to complain.
Many times my sister was alone in the house when the alarm went off and on
going to the consul to turn it off, the light of the "motion detector" in the
kitchen would be flashing to tell her it had been activated. The final straw
was when andrew decided to put some new radiators in the kitchen and was
under the floor. He said as he worked away he suddenly felt cold and stopped
work because he had the feeling someone was behind him. He wouldn't turn
around but just started to crawl back towards the trap door. As he did this,
he said he distinctly heard a voice say " you have done a good job there"
which obviously caused him to panic. My sister said she was at the other end
of the room when he came out of the trap door like a bat out of hell and very
shaken. Due to other things happening in the house they decided to sell it
and move.
Andrew has recently told me that the single mother who bought the house from
them has put it back on the market to be sold after only been in there one

Haunted House


We moved into a house that was about 100 years old and had not been lived in for about 20 years.   The rumor around town was that  it was haunted.  I did not believe this, even though I had grown up with people that had spent nights in the house and said that they experienced it first hand.
We moved in to the house when my children were ages 5 and 8 yrs.  The first night in the house I was very nervous.  I could not go to sleep.  When  I did almost fall asleep, I heard a man's voice in my head.   I know this sounds very strange,  but it was like someone else's thought was in my head, and it said a man's name.  I can't remember the name, only that it started with a "B".
We finally settled in.  The girls complained of doors locking them in rooms.   We had gone out of town for the weekend.   My youngest daughter got a virus.  When we got home , she went to bed.   About 5:30 am I heard what I thought was one of my children calling out for me.  when  I checked on them they were sound asleep,  not even stirring.  I went from my youngest daughter's room into the hall to go to my room and I saw what I thought were car lights refleckting in my window on the stair landing.  But as I watched the two lights were bobbing up and down independent of each other.  They went down the steps, turned at the landing and continued down the steps until they disappeared through a door.
Another time, at about 5:30 am again,  I was awakened by someone touching my leg,  I thought it was one of my children, but no one was there.  I also experienced the man's voice in my head one more time.
Near Halloween  of the same year, I was in the car with my children when my 5 yr old complained that she always felt that someone was watching her when she was in bed.   This scared me,  it was time to get out.
We bought a brandnew house and moved out.   When we had moved in the old house I had 2 cats.  They were so scared in the old house they didn't come out from under the couch for a week.   I thought this was a reaction from moving.  When we moved into the new house they were at home right away.  I feel that they senced something.
After we moved out,  my mother in law confided that she had an experience in the house while getting my children off to school.   It was a foggy moring and not yet light out.  She heard someone come in the house.  She walked into the dining room and could see some one in what was called the parlor.  She thought it was my mother, who liked to get up early and walk every morning for exercise.  When she spoke my mother's name the presence went up the steps.  She thought my mother had gone up to check on my children, but when she never came down, my mother in law went up looking for her and no one was there.
She became concerned and called my mother to make sure she was alright.   My mother confermed her calling.  She said she wondered why she called so early for no apparent reason.  My husband also experienced hearing what he thought was the children calling out for him and they were asleep.
For about 6 months after this I had night mares about the house.  I hope I never experience this again.

My House is Haunted


Some people think that we are crazy, but I believe you will believe that
it is real.
 In 1972 my parents purchased a house and we moved in.   I was 5 at that
time, during the 5 years that we lived there so many stange and terrible
things happened.  right after moving in, we had a sense that we were not
alone.  Late at night my sister and I would see a man standing over us
while in our beds. ( I got accustomed to sleeping under the bed for
years.) We would lock our door and he would unlock it,  we would put
things away and he would take them back out.  He was always taking things
and placing them in the exact same spot a week later.  We asked neighbors
about the house shortly after moving in when we arrived home from
shopping and it sounded like there was a party  going on inside, when the
door was opened there was nothing,  just silence.  That was when we
started asking questions about the property.
  One neighbor, who had lived next door for over 50 years, told us a
heart wrenching story.
It seems that a family of 4 had lived in the house in the late 60's to
the early 70's.  Man, wife and two sons.  In 1969  one of the boys was
crossing the street and was hit and killed by a speeding car,  the other
child was also killed in the same spot, same time,
same way one year to the date.  The mother was so upset, that a few days
later she hung herself in the living room.   The father came home found
his wife and he  shot himself in the kitchen.  This was 2 years before we
purchased the house, and it had been on the market since the tragedies.
  I can not say as to whether this spirit was content with us or not.
 For instance, at the age of 8 and my sister 11, she got sick and was
admitted into the hospital as D.O.A. . Thank god the doctors did not give
up, they saved her life and gave her back to us.  She was diagnosed with
Encephalitis, a deadly disese during that time and still is.  She was in
the bathroom when I found her that night, and in the mirror appeared a
showdow of a man's head.  We have since destroyed that mirror, but the
shadow was never there before her sickness.
  2nd instance, We moved and rented the house out to my aunt.  One
evening my uncle had went to retrieve some items he had in the garage.
Two of the items were antique shot guns. (We have never been able to find
shells for these two guns and they are in shadow boxes now).  As my uncle
picked up one of the guns, the other slipped and went off.  He was shot
in the neck and shoulder, and almost died from the injuries.  Thing is
there was no proof either gun had been fired, police could not find any
powder residue anywhere, but they concluded that the shot came from that
caliber of gun.
   3rd instance,  I moved back into the house in 1986, shortly after the
birth of my son.  After being there a week, (it was extremely hot that
summer) I had a feeling something was wrong with the baby, I went into
the room to see that he was blue and ice cold,
as I rushed him to the hospital he was coming around, at the hospital
they said nothing was wrong with him and sent me home.
  I moved that night.  i only go into that house if a renter moves out,
(nobody ever lives there long).   I still get locked into the rooms, I
feel his presence all around me and the hair stands up on my arms.  We
have never been able to get a minister to go in the house, We always get
told that evil lurks there.
     There are many other instances but these are the ones that really
bothered me most.

" Big Red Brick House"


I am 80 plus years old at the present time. But when I was in my early 20's I married a very loving, handsome man and we moved into our first home, which was a Big Red Brick house in a small town. The house was separated into two half's, an upstairs and a downstairs..We lived in the bottom half. Soon after moving into the house we gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Our life was fulfilled. My husband and I still as much in love as the day I set eyes upon him and he was ever so proud of his little Joy Lynn (Our Daughter).. Our life couldn't be better at this point. Until one day during a hot summer the family above us had to move due to work and I was asked if I could clean and paint the upper half and try to find a new family to move in. I cleaned a little one day and then decided to start again early morning when the sun wasn't beating through the windows so. And so I did, I started at 5 a.m and decided to take a break and do of my own chores that needed tended too.. I left the door open that led to the upper half of the home and began to wash some clothes and when I went out in the yard to hang them I thought nothing about my very curious 5 year old daughter being alone in the house, I was only right out the side door. I went back in the house to make lunch for her before I began to clean again and called for her and got no answer, I began searching for her and she was nowhere to be found. After searching the streets I called my husband home and then contacted the authorities. They found our daughter, she had explored through the door that went to the upper half of the house and climbed up into the attic and when they had found her she was dead. I was in shock, I was only outside for a short time, and she had no marks on her body to show cause, and the medical people couldn't even explain what the cause of death was. This was the hardest thing I even had to endure. One night while lying in bed trying to re enact the day out in my head and figure out what could have happen, my husband made a strange n! ! oise and yelled "Do you see her?!" I sat up and asked what he was seeing and he swore my daughter had entered the room. I assured him no one was there and his mind was playing tricks on him because he missed her so much. that was one of many long tearful nights and it happened several times a week, until exactly 8 months to the day that our daughter died, when i was leaving to go to the mill i found my husband's lifeless body lying on the basement stairs that led to the outside and in his hands tightly clutched was the doll my daughter lost the before she died. The doctors say it was a heart attack, but at the young age of 30? . I think he had to much strain on his heart over the loss of our daughter. I began to blame the house, it had took my only happiness from me. I moved out shortly after, but rumors have it that the family's that lived there soon after swore to see and man and little girl walking the house in search of each other.. This is my true but sad story and someday we will be together again. As for the house, it still stands and every so often I drive to see if I can get a glimpse of my family it took from me....
And please, If you know someone that lives there now, Don't go in the little dark room by the furnace!


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