Haunting at Home

By: amanda@i-plus.net

Hi, I just recently became interested in the supernatural and acquired an open mind to the beings in that world.  I am 16 years old and have lived in my house for about 10 years.  My home was built in 1840 and possibly as early as 1790.  The man that built the house was killed a few years later by a runaway slave hiding in a cave, the man, Mr. Holmes, left a widow and three daughters.  Since the first day I have lived here, my father and I have noticed unusual creaks, and my dad has seen a shadowy figure at the top of the stairs outside my bedroom.  I hear whispers and a woman laughing occasionally as well as creaks when there is no movement.  A couple of months ago, my best friend and I were taking pictures of each other in my bedroom, and when the pictures returned we noticed what looks like an orb over my right shoulder.  It was the only picture with any kind of apparition and the spirit seemed to be posing.  Despite all the signs my dad and I have noticed, my mother has seen nothing.  My father and I have a theory that maybe the spirit could be the widow and perhaps she feels as if I am her daughter and she is protecting me.  I would very much like to speak with her and I dont really want to make her leave, but I'm afraid if I try to converse with her other spirits may feel like I am open to them as well.  I could really use some help with this issue, because I am rapidly becoming interested in ghost investigations.  I also feel like she is trying so hard to get my attention that I should give here a little respect.  If you need more details feel free to email questions or answers to me. Thanks so much!

Haunting Experience!

By: chinatiger1@webtv.net

My husband and I  found a charming bed and breakfast hotel in Ventura,
California (southern California). The hotel is named the Bella Magiorre.
Many european as well as american travelers enjoy staying at this
remodelled 1940's hotel.
In the main lobby is a quaint sitting area, complete with baby grand
piano, fireplace, and soft, lived-in furniture. On one of the tables is
a book, a book of previous guests who have stayed and witness or felt
the resident ghost, Sylvia.
Sylvia was described as being a prostitute and residing in the original
hotel in the 1940's in room 15. She was discovered hanging and since her
sad end, sightings have been reported since the hotel's restoration. Her
most prominent feature is a identifying smell of "cheap rose perfume"
that is her hallmark.
We stayed a number of times, seeing and hearing nothing. In fact, we
were rather disappointed that even being taken to "her room", and video
taping the tour of the room, we saw, nor heard or taped anything of any
That changed upon our last visit to the hotel. We had checked into one
of two of our favorite rooms. These two particular rooms in the hotel
were the only ones that had an outer room containing a wet bar, gas log
fireplace, sitting area, microwave and mini frig. The secondary room
contained the bedroom and adjacent bathroom. The view from either of
these rooms, the second and third floor, were nice, as it looked down
into the city of Ventura and towards the ocean.
Every evening complimentary wine and assorted cheeses and fruits were
served in an alcove on the second floor. We met many travelers some from
other countries, while the majority were from various parts of the U.S.
We all talked about "Sylvia", one man even proclaiming that he stayed at
the hotel many times, and always had a rather startling encounter with
this ghost. We all smiled, and although I was fascinated, did no pursue
the conversation further.
We ate a late dinner downstairs at Nora's Restaurant, which is wonderful
with fountains, and a canopy which can be retracted to meet the evening
skies. After having a wonderful meal, we departed upstairs to our room.
We had already discussed with both the day and night clerks,  their own
personal experiences with the hotel and the supposed resident ghost,
"Sylvia". Both confirmed rather solemnly that there was such a ghost!
Naturally, my husband was not impressed, I on the other hand was
completely fascinated.
We were told what to look for; flickering lights down the hallway, a
lingering odor of rose perfume, etc. Well, nothing transpired of any
importance during that night. When morning broke, I arose to the outer
room, as I being an early riser, wished to read a paperback book I had
purchased the night before. My husband was sleeping soundly in the other
Ten minutes into reading my book, I had a very odd sensation, the
sensation that I could not breathe, that the very air I was breathing
was being sucked out of the room. I could barely catch my breath. To
further my anxiety, I had the increasing thought that I should turn to
my left, to the corner of the room, but I was too afraid. I finally
quieted myself down, and looked in that direction. How ridiculous,
nothing was there. Then the flooding of the room with what I call cheap
rose perfume. It has so overwhelming as to be oppressive and choking. I
ran into the bedroom and hubby was still sleeping soundly. I quickly
gathered my long winter coat, tied it tightly around me, and bounded
down the hallway, all the time the rose perfume enfolding me.
Now, this was very early in the morning, so both the night clerk and the
new shift morning clerk were at the registration desk. The look of panic
on my face alerted them there was indeed something wrong. I told them
what had happened, and one of them was kind enough to walk me back to my
room (there is no elevator). Upon going up the first stair landing, the
night clerk commented that he had just done a "light check" and that all
the lights were in perfect working order. He then looked at me and
turned toward the direction of "Sylvia's room". The light adjacent to
that room was actually flashing! As we made our way down the hall, all
the lights began to flicker, changing speed and pace. We made our way
into the room my husband and I were staying in. The clerk and I looked
at each other and we both commented on the heavy presence of the rose
perfume. We even checked to make sure that the cleaning crew was not
nearby, but it was way too early in the morning for them to be cleaning
Just then the gentleman I had met the night before who shared his
stories about "Sylvia" stopped by the room. We were propping the door
open, as frankly, we were both scared. The gentleman walking down the
hallway stopped and looked in my direction. He commented on the rose
perfume smell, and said "Sylvia must be near you". He said it so calmly
I got even more spooked. He indicated to the clerk and myself that upon
wakening, he noticed that "someone" had moved his wallet and comb, and
that his room was flooded with the smell of cheap, rose perfume.
Frankly, he thought it was amusing, and said he knows it was "her". He
proceeded on.
Slowly the rose perfume lifted from the room, however, stepping out in
the hallway, it was still extremely strong. The clerk calmed me down,
and stated he understood how I felt. He begged me a farewell, and I sat
down absolutely dumbfounded on the living room sofa. After collecting
myself, I made my way into the bedroom, only to find my husband snoring
I woke him up immediately and told him what had happened. He stumbled
out to the outer room, saw nothing, and certainly did not smell the rose
perfume. He patted me on the head and told me "that is was nice I had a
ghostly encounter"!
Needless to stay I became glued to him until he finally got up, dressed,
and we went downstairs to the restaurant for an early morning breakfast
and a hasty retreat.
Although I never saw an apparition of "Sylvia", I have absolutely no
doubt in my mind that she paid me a visit.
Thank you for taking interest in this encounter.

Haunting in an Airplane Hangar

By: watsons@caribsurf.com

This is a story that was related to me by my brother who is a director of a sports car company in England.
They have a racing team and the story revolves around the pre-race preparations that occured a few years back.
One of his colleagues came into work one day with a big gash on his hand and when my brother asked about it he told him what had happened.
They had been working on the car in an old airplane hangar in Surrey. The hangar is on an unused airfield, but had seen a lot of activity of course during WWII. They had each in turn complained about the building, how cold it was in there despite the mild temperature outside and just a very eerie feeling. None of them would have felt safe being alone there but they assumed this was due to the size and solitude of the place.
Anyway, one evening as my they were working on the car and leaning over the engine they just heard an almighty noise, enough to make this guy jerk upright and cut his hand badly on the tool he was using and all of them heard it at the same time. It was unmistakable, the sound of boots, lots of boots, all running across the hard ground. They said they couldn't believe what they had heard but it was so distinct they couldn't put it down to being anything else. There was no one else there hut them and certainly not an army of men enough to make that volume of noise.
I wonder if it was ghosts of a platoon or regiment that had been stationed there or if it was memories of sound recorded into the building as I have heard ghosts really may be?
They continued to work in there up to the car race and heard other peculiar noises that they couldn't really explain, though nothing as extreme as the sound of the army boots running.
Your website is really interesting. I am a bit of a sceptic but reading different peoples experiences makes me realises there is something they all saw and cannot explain.
Keep up the good work.


By: Mgnvegatable@aol.com

My family has experienced many different things in my mothers house, my
brother said that there used to be 2 figures that came to his room every
night, one was an old woman and the other was a"big black thing".  He used to
walk out of the house late at night and he said something would follow him he
said he could hear its' claws on the ground as he would walk when he stopped
it would stop or if he ran it would run. We have saw several heads looking
around doors, glowing figures. My car was sitting outside one day while
several people were there and no one was around the car and it kindof bounced
like someone got in it.  My mother was home alone and heard scratching and
tearing on a bedroom door. Me , my husband and my small child were in the bed
one night and we heard scratching on the door and children playing, we left
and someone called and asked for me and asked me why we left and said they
knew where I was.This happened twice at two different places we went ( we
didnt tell anyone where we were). Several occasions before the incidents we
could smell something like roses.

Hell Hounds in my Dreams

By: supermex@wctc.net

This isn't a ghost story but I think it falls along those lines. Well I recently have had some weird dreams but one I had a few nights ago has had me really freaked out. I would like to say I have really clear and vivid dreams. In my dream I remember I was watching a man walk along a tree line of the woods near my house. (I know this because I recognized the area) Then all of the sudden it was me who was walking the path he was I began to have a really scared feeling come over me, and the urge to look behind me. When I looked 2 dogs appeared out of the woods and began to follow me. These dogs were very scary looking with red glowing eyes  I began to run, they chased me only barking very loudly at me at first, and then they caught up to me and were biting at my heals and calves and hurting me very badly I finally turned around to face them and when I did the just stopped and walked away from me  vanishing into the woods. I woke up the next morning remembering the dream but just pushed it aside as nothing. I began my morning. While I was making my bed I noticed little blood marks at the foot of my bed not realizing there significance. I ate my Breakfast and hopped into the shower I began to feel stinging  on my legs and looked to see scratches on my calves and heels deep enough to draw blood. I freaked out, and ran to tell my dad and mom about the dream and marks I had on my legs. My dad dismissed it as rubbish. My mom told me they were demons after me but the fact that I faced them saved me from them (we a Native American family so my family well my mom and I any way have very strong feeling and connections with the spirit world which we strongly believe in). I don't know what all this means but I am open minded about it.  I will be searching for answers about the woods ,about my house, and about dreams. I would like to say thank you for letting me tell my story and I will let you Know what I find out.

Strange Things

By: KraventheRaven@cs.com

Here is some strange things that happened to me and my girlfriend.  sometimes
while she was sleeping she would wake up in the middle of the night and all
of a sudden not be able to move or talk but she can look around and maybe
slightly move a finger. I read your arcticle on sleep paralyisis. and It
seems thats what she gets, She hears a loud buzzing sometimes. and other
times she hears loud screaming. sometimes a guy scream sometimes a girl. I
try to tell her its just in her head and shes half asleep. cause I dont want
her to be scared (she freaks out easily). Whenever something strange happens
I try to come up with something logical. The way my parents always had a
logical answer for me while I was growing up, Such as the glowing blue ball
that just floated through my room was only "ball lightning" and the only
reason why I saw my Grandpa who passed away in my kitchen is because I was
thinking about him and missed him.  Luckily my girlfriend never see's any
spirits in a human shape. she just see's lights or orbs. but whenever she
see's an orb I see a shadow or a person walk through my kitchen or living
room. One time my girlfriend woke me up and said "I just heard a loud bang
and saw a wierd light in the kitchen" and as I look up I see a dark figure
standing near my garbage can in the kitchen. I see it move fast and disapear
and a second later I hear my front door slam. I went to my front door and it
was wide open. kinda like something ran right through my house. My mother
also see's and hears things. but she always see's it out of the corner of her
eye. My father never see's anything. Something else strange that happened was
one of my friends found an old sorta spellbook in his actic. he had just
moved into a new house and the people that moved out left all this junk in
the actic. He brought it over my house and slept over the night. He fell
asleep with the book in his backpack next to him. when we woke up in the
morning he couldnt find the book. I went outside to put the pool filter on
and saw his book was on the chair on my deck. No one went outside the night
before. All this wierd stuff happening and I live in a newly built house.
Maybe the woods that was here were haunted.

Two Story House

By: LeeVeronicaS@aol.com

   Hi, my name is Veronica.  When I was a teenager about 15 we moved into
this two story house.  For some reason I was afraid to sleep upstairs in my
room.  at times I would think I heard dishes clanking in the attic.  I told
my parents what I thought.  They basicly told me I was crazy.  I have had a
few people spend the night.  My cousin Jo spent the night once and said
something was slapping her pillow.  We went downstairs and slept on the
couch.  One night I felt and heard my pillow being slaped.  I have heard what
sounded like footstepd in my room.  i was the only one there.  One night when
I was sleeping I was having a bad dream and woke up.  Then it felt like a
body was on top of my body holding me down.  I couldn't move, I couldn't
talk.  I tried to scream and couldn't.  I prayed, then it released me.  I
then got up and truned on the light.  I know I was awake.
     One night I came home from spending a night with my Aunt and Uncle.  My
sister asked me to go to my room.  she sat up there in my chair.  She said
she seen a shadow of a old man and it grabed her hand as she was combing her
hair.  My sister and I moved to sit on the bed.  she looked at me and turned
white, and her eyes rolled up in her head. she reached up her arms to grab
me.  when she tried to grab me I rolled down the stairs, then she came to.
She went running down stairs and we both started crying.  My parents still
didn't believe anything we said.  One night that I was gone my sisters (one
which was the same one that seen the shadow of the old man)  and my other
sister.  My sisters decided to sleep in my room.  they seen a shadow over my
bed where they were sleeping.  it was pitch dark in my room and you know that
you can't see shadows in the dark.  I had, had boxes packed and they were
sitting by the attic doors, there were four attic doors.  They seen the
shadow and then they said the boxes fell.  They went downstairs to sleep.
The next morning when they went upstairs the boxes were put back in place.
     After we moved again, things started happening in my sister Vonda room
(the one that seen the shadow of the old man.)  like purple lights flashing.
I had moved on my own sence then. right after I moved (i lived in a trailor)
I still experced some things like flashing red lights and ozzy ozborns name
all over my wall.  I don't know if it was a dream or not.  That has been over
10 years now.  nothing has happened senice then.

Never Really Believed

By: OdesolateO@aol.com

 Sunday, September 16th, 2001. Very early in the  morning, around 6:45am, I witnessed was what I speculate as my first ghost experience. Before I go and tell you what I saw or what I think I saw, I think I should mention all the details from the night before.
I live in Pennsylvania and my fiance lives on the border of New York/New Jersey. We were driving home from his house that night at about 12 midnight, which was about a two hour drive, from a funeral that we had attended early that day for his grandmother. As we were driving home we got to telling each other about different ghost stories and Urban Legends. At first I was scared, getting creeped out by each story. However, after about an hour and a half of stories, I started to relax and enjoy listening to them. When we got to my house we decided to look for ghost stories on the Internet. We got into reading in depth stories and looking at pictures. At about 4:00am, I put him to bed in my guest room. (I still live at home with my parents and they're very uptight about him and I sleeping together) The guest room is filled with porcelain (excuse bad spelling at all through this..) dolls, many put in the closet due to being too "freaky" looking for him at night. He went to bed with the light on, again being afraid of the dolls and the empty room. I went back in to my room and stayed up for another two and a half hours, being afraid myself. I wasn't afraid of the dolls, but instead my room.
My house is about 12 years old. I have been living in this house ever since I was 6. (We moved in right after my 6th birthday in October) The area is new and we were the first people to ever live here. The area before this was a dense forest and it wasn't torn down until about a year before the house was built. The area wasn't a graveyard nor was it ever. (When I was younger I used to think the area was, so I went and did research directly where my house was located)
As a child I was sent to school at St. Ann's, a Catholic school in the area. I went to church either Saturday night or Sunday morning for years and years of my life. When I got to about 5th grade I started to not believe in God. Around this same time, my parents were asking priests to come over and bless our house. I asked my parents nicely to keep the priest out of my room, not wanting it to be blessed. At first my parents though I was into "the devil", but I explained that with me not believing in God, meant no "devil" either. When I reached 9th grade I dropped Catholic school and my parents no longer started to attend church.
I know I have been going off the subject, but I guessed I should give you the background before the details.
I didn't want to go to bed at all, but I knew I should. So I waited till the sun came up and crawled in to bed. My room is the hottest in the entire house. It is so small yet so much electronic equipment. By the time I had gone to bed I had gotten so cold that I had to sleep fully dressed with a sweatshirt on. (I never even did this in the winter) When I was under the covers I looked up at the ceiling. Maybe it was my imagination due to all the fright I had been going through, but it looked like something was above me. I also have a few things hanging from the ceiling, a beaded curtain, fairy, and (what I call) a glitter mop. When I closed my eyes and opened them again it didn't appear till about two seconds later that the things on my ceiling were moving. I closed my eyes yet again, and when I reopened them everything was still for another two seconds till it started to happen again. I have NEVER in my life been this scared, and I have NEVER in my life imagined things. (even when I was scared) I closed my eyes and refused to open them. I fell asleep, from what I recall, a few moments after.
When I woke up in the morning I looked over at my computer (it is located right next to my bed) to see what time it was. I was a bit shocked to see it was 7:48pm (Hour after what happened) considering that I had a feeling I had been sleeping for a while. About 5 mins. later Derrik knocked on my door. I asked him for the time cause I would have never figured he would have knocked on my door so loudly at close to 8:00am. He told me that it was about 1:20pm. Later today, at around 4pm, Derrik and I had been talking about what had happened last night. We were both hungry so I decided to go downstairs and go find something for him and I to snack on till we went out that night. I came back up and found that he had the covers over his head. He told me that he saw through the blanket a "blue light." What I saw was looked VERY transparent, didn't even have a white tint to it like a ghost might. It was after he told me this that I decided to write this e-mail.
Before this I never REALLY believed in ghosts the way I do now, however, maybe we were both scared and imagined this. In one day though? Everything that was told in this e-mail is true and exact, nothing was exaggerated. I would really like some help and hope maybe someone could answer my questions. Please tell me if you think we were both seeing things or if maybe our willingness to believe has brought out a spirit that has been at our house for 12 years unseen and unheard.

Louisville-   Waverley (T.B. Hospital)-

By: Falserock502@aol.com

In room 502 of the old hospital there are strange things.  I have witnesed ghosts in the room.  You walk past and it feels like you are beeing stared at.  The stare is so strong it feels like they are lookin through you.  I have also seen glowing red eyes in the room.
Once in room 502 I was thrown against the wall.  Standing about 5 ft. from the wall and no one else in the room made it a bit scary.  Being picked up off the floor and tossed against the wall was bad but then haveing the feeling i was being chased made it worse.
I have seen and felt strange things in that old hospital.  They say the building is falling down.  I was up there just a few days ago and it is in real good structual shape for as old as it is.

My Old House

By: LunarSincerity13@aol.com

    my old house is in new york.   watertown new york.
anyway. this house was in a ratty kind of area. the inside always made you
feel uncomfertable.  like a cloud blocking the sun. only things started to
happen.  one night i was pushed out of my bed(at least it felt like i was
pushed) and i woke up crying.  another example is when my mother was
downstairs and my stepdad was sleeping.  he said his blankets were yanked
off. i asked him if maybe they fell off, but he always tucks the end of his
blankets in! my mother was always saying things like, this house has a bad
feel to it... she would, and still won't tell me her experiances in this
house. i remember staying alone there sometimes and feeling like someone was
watching me. more then once, our posetions would go missing, or turn up in
another area of the house.there was this one small passage((it was blocked
with dresser droors to my room, so i called it a secret passage way)) i
always felt cold and unhppy when i played in it. i'm not sure if it was just
me. but i was fairly young at the time and don't remember as much as i'd like
to. i was only 7 i think.  it occured to me that we may have had a ghost
there about a year ago. i also have another story about my moms friends
house. this story has more proof then the other one.  her name was april.
well anyway, april's uncle had just built this house for her. brand new.  he
worked out most of hus anger and sorrow on this house. his wife was dieing
with cancer and was a very jealus women. well after the house was done and
the wife had passed away, april noticed a starnge occurence everyday.  she
would keep this candle on the top of her tv counsil.  and every night when
she returned home from work she would find it upright and on the floor. it
couldn't have falleb because she tried it and it fell on its side.  after a
while other things like a few plants and pictures ended up doing the same
thing.  she had a psychic come in and look through the house. it turned out
that their was indeed a ghost here. the psychic said she came to see what her
husband was doing when he spent his time away from her.
    the first story qworries me the most. we lived there for about  years and
things began happening. but the grew worse each time we ignored it or made a
logical exsc use for it. i would like to know if this place was indeed
haunted. i have always hoped something supernatural would happen to me, but
if it happened under my nose, i want to know if it was indeed a real

Ghost Experience

By: BeagleBuddy7@aol.com

Hi i am jessica. i have had a ghost experience. i was too little to be really afraid, but i was aware that something was wrong with this........
one day me and my cousin kayla went upstairs in a room that had once caught on fire. me & her were curious of what was in a small passage way up there.
we both knew that there was no floor, but we wanted
to look.
so we unhatched the lock & looked inside. we were suprised to see a light. we went back downstairs to go swimming.(you can see the attic with no floor from our pool) so while we got our bathingsuits on we were quite quiet. then we went outside to discus it.
we got in the pool and started to talk about it.
"okay first of all, the attic thing is right above us. We should be able to see if there is a window or anything."my cousin said before we got in the pool. after we jumped in we caught our breath and looked up where the attic was. we were flabbergasted when we saw no window at all.
we rushed out of the pool & changed.
Then we rushed upstairs by the passage & opened it up.
this is when we were afraid.
The same light was still there, but three other lights
were with it and moving in circular motions. We felt a freezing cold breeze. we locked it & rushed downstairs. We
both knew exactly what the figures were, they were without a doubt, ghosts.
Well pretty amazing huh? I was sooo afraid that i couldn't sleep for a month straight without having a bad dream about what had happend.
It really hasn't bothered us but I am still aware of it's presence. I have never gone up there to check since. I'm a chicken & I admit it! Even though that ghost has lived there like forever, we can sometimes here bangs on the door.

Honeymoon Fright

By: melanie.daniels@cmpco.com

My name is Melanie and in the year of 1996 my ex-husband and I were on a
honeymoon in Reno NV.  We had some friends out there and decided it
would be a beautiful and exciting place to visit.  Well, our first day
there we settled into a little hotel/casino on the strip and visited our
friends.  The following days were spent driving around and exploring the
beautiful countryside of NV.  We happened upon a little mining town that
was still set up like an old western town with the boardwalks and
saloons and little apothecary shops and such.  We decided - hey we are
on our honeymoon , let's go into this little saloon and have a couple of
cocktails and some dinner, ya know take a break from driving around and
from the hustle and bustle of Reno.  As soon as we walked in I felt like
I walked back into time.  There were men dressed as cowboys and the
barmaids had on those outfits of the time with the bustles and boustiers
and it was really great.  The atmosphere of the whole saloon was so
authentic.  After a long day of driving around and exploring of course
being a girl the first thing I did was head for the ladies room.  My ex
went up to the bar meanwhile to order our 1st drink.  As soon as I
stepped into that ladies room I felt pure raw cold.  Of course we were
in the mountains of NV and it was March but the whole rest of the saloon
was cozy and warm.  The chill in the ladies room I will NEVER forget for
I haven't been chilled like it since.  It was just so raw.  I mean,
instantly hairs were standing up all over my body and on the back of my
neck and I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched.  I kept looking
up at the ceiling in the far corner for some reason.  I just could feel
someone watching me.  I have never felt like that before or since.  I
proceeded with my business and got out of there as soon as possible.  My
ex was like oh my God Mel, you are so pale, you look like you have seen
a ghost or something!  He actually said that!  I couldn't help but kind
of laugh at that and say well I didn't see one but I sure as hell felt
someone.  We got out of there after that because I didn't really want to
hang around there anymore.  We never even touched our drinks which was
fine by me.   The bright lights and many people of Reno were a welcome
sight after that.


By: chad_dahl@email.msn.com

  I lived in a hunted house like two years ago. It always was really cold
when the heat was on and the lights would go off and on, one night I won't
down stairs at like three in the morning (it was near Halloween) and looked
by the couch and there was a little boy sitting there staring at our
Halloween lights then turned and looked at me. I was freaked out so I shut
my eye's and then opened them, and then it was gone. Then a couple day's
latter I was  babysitting my little brother and heard foot steps up in his
room and I know it wasn't him cuz we were watching a movie. A couple of
day's before I got in a car accident I woke up to a cold breeze and looked
by my bed and saw the little boy staring at me again I was freaked out and
didn't move the boy was white and had old ragged clothes on and brownish
hair and it looked like he had to great big black eyes. He neat his head
down and it looked as he was praying then he was gone..
We moved out of that house but it always creeps me out when I think about
                  My Grandma's House..
My grandmas house is really old and there was two people I think who were
murdered in that house, I know that a man, his wife, and the maid live there
back in like the 1700's the man killed his wife cuz he was having an affair
with the maid, then he had relished he loved his wife more so he killed the
maid then hung himself in the hall. I also have a pic. of me when I was six
and there are three ghost right by me...Last year there was a phone call to
the police station it was a young women and she was screaming for help and
crying then hung up. the police came to my grandmas and asked if there was a
women in the house and my grandfather said yes my wife he told him that he
got a phone call and demanded to talk to my grandma, she came and talked to
the police man and said that she didn't know anything and she was fine, so
they checked the house and no one had been there or broken in. Also you can
here baby cry's in the night..... if you like these stories e-mail for

Housesitting Horror

By: velvet77@pacbell.net

this is a story about something that happened to me when I was a teenager that is in direct relation to the other stories I have read on this sight.
my friend katey had been asked to house sit for a family that was going out of the country for three weeks.
well, being seventeen and starved for parental freedom, this was a God send not only to her but for the group of kids she hung out with, myself being one of them.
things didn't start to get weird until we had spent about a week there.
than one day one of the girls said that she had been in the kitchen making herself lunch, when a very astute and older female voice asked that she and her friends please take leave of the residence.
of course this scared the ^&*)_(*(&%$%$^%%&^ of her, but the rest of us became sort of arrogant and cocky. Who does lady think she is trying to ruin our vacation.
so the night after the kitchen incident, we all decided to play a little game.
we would turn out every light in the house (because we were of exceptional intelligence)and call out the ghost.
equipped with flashlights and, at least in my case, a great amount of fear we started out.
we called to the ghost and made jokes back and forth about how this was our house for now and she could leave if she didn't like it.
I don't think this made her to happy because pretty soon we all felt her following us around.
it was this immense feeling that could not be shook, no matter if you were with someone else or not (than both of you felt it).
and you could feel this strong anger in the air a tension that permeated the entire house.
soon after we began this "game" we stopped, even the macho men has lost there guts.
we turned every light on talked a little about what had happened and then decided we should just exit to our respective rooms and try to sleep.
myself and my boyfriend at the time were given the upstairs bedroom, which was the room of one of the children that lived there.
we settled our sleeping bags on the floor and lay there for a while trying to put into words our experience of the evenings events.
then all of a sudden there was this hissing inaudible whispering and a blue orb appeared towards the back of the room in front of the wall.
I was paralyzed in fear as was my boyfriend, the orb just floated there for a minute or so and then it passed right into the wall.
I don't think either of us talked at all that night.
in the morning everyone else had a story, the most interesting being that of my friend Katey and another friend of ours;they were sharing a room downstairs.
after they had settled into bed and just as they were falling asleep they heard a women yelling and the sliding glass door opening and slamming, opening and slamming. The nearest house was across the street, so it could not have been the neighbors.And I was the only other female on the house besides those two at that time.
later we found out that the ghost was real and had followed the family Katey was house sitting for from the house they lived on before. it is said the reason the ghost followed was because she was the children's companion and she would do anything to protect them. especially from us crazy teenagers..................

My Stories

By: AthieisAlecz@aol.com

I will tell you my middel name so that no one i know will know this was me. My name is Valhalla i am 15 now and i believe i have a gift to see ghosts. My email address is Athieisalecz@aol.com. I don't know if i'm sending this to the right place but this is one of my stories. I promise this is a true story. Please don't think i'm some sorta freak.
 When i was about 8 or so I lived in Lincoln, Nebraska in a house . My Brother, Jerald, and sister, Brenda, were asleep in a bed and i was asleep on an airmatress. There was a door to my right that lead to the kitchen and a hallway that lead to another bedroom. A window across the room that we left open at night that had a screen on it with flowy white curtains. I woke up cause i remember being really really cold. I had a thick cover on too so i shouldn't have been so cold. I lay on the airmatress and look over to my brother and sister. I see they are asleep and to my suprise, there stood 3 dark figuars, they were completly red and sort of hovered over the ground. The window was open like always and the curtains blew around and threw the ghostly figuars. They were on the left side of the room and the left side of the bed in which my brother and sister sleept. I couldn't move i felt as if i was so scared i couldn't breath. I don't know how long i layed there watching them hoping they would leave. I was so scared i thought if i moved i'd die. I could hear them too. Not what they were saying but their whispers. It sounded like lots of little winds blowing hard into eachother. I don't know how to explain it. They hovered over the floor and whispered to one another. I saw them glance around the room and then they saw me. I laid there frozen in their glare. I knew they saw me awake and i felt even more scared than before. I couldn't see the faces or eyes but i knew they saw me. Then they started to approach me. The 3 figuars started to hover toward me. They went around the bottom of the bed in which my brother and sister sleept and they were coming toward me. I was soooo scared and didn't know what to do. I thought stay and die. Your brother and sister will die. Then i thought run and save yourself and bring mom to save your brother and sister. These were my choices. I felt if i didn't run i'd die. They were geting nearer now. I looked to my right without moving my head and saw the kitchen light under the door. I thought maybe mom was still awake  and she would protect me. I think i was to scared to even scream so i threw off the covers and within a millisecond i was out the door and slamming it behind me and all i could think was RUN! I ran into the frontroom where my mom lay asleep on the couch I threw myself on her and shook her violently screaming for her to wake up. She finally woke up very drosey and asked me what was wrong and i tried to talk but all i could do was cry. She asked me if i had a bad dream and i cried out a no i told her COME LOOK COME LOOK! she wouldn't and she said lay down right her with me and go to sleep. I begged her to come scare them away but she wouldn't and i cried. I could only lay next to her and stare into the kitchen at the door terrified at what might come out. I made sure there was nothing in the dark Frontroom. I couldn't sleep. I thought the 3 things would kill us all. I finally passed out and sleept. The next morning i cried cause i didn't want to go in the room. I want
ed to know if Brenda and Jerald were okay but i was to scared. They finally came out after they woke up and i hugged them for a long time. Nobody ever believed me. I swear on my very life they were there and i dunno why they were. I never found out but we moved so i was happy. I told my cousin about it and she has had the same expirence except the 3 were a blue white color. I've had other ghost expirences that were wierd. I'll probably send you another email.Thankx 4 listening to me

The House In Michigan revisited
By: Anonymous

Now starting with the first "haunting" since the last time we wrote. I was down stairs in the basement taking a shower around 1 or 2 AM when I turned around to grab the soap off the soap tray the basement became deathly cold, and I felt a very uneasy feeling behind me, and when I turned around I seen a hand with a white sleeve, a sleeve almost like a woman's blouse covered in blood reaching in after me. Needless to say I ran like hell, after throwing my clothes on, and darted into the computer room where "omen" was sitting. I didn't move for at least 3 hours.
Before I go on, I am only writing about things that I have witnessed, so this maybe a short list.
After that incident, I DON'T go downstairs at that time in the night for ANYTHING.
The second incident happened while I was upstairs hanging out with my friend "Warwick" his real name won't be used either. As we sat there talking my CD player stopped suddenly and for 5 minutes didn't make a noise, not even to stop, and then started up right where it had stopped. We both looked at each other and didn't really pay much attention to it, until I started to hear a voice in the living room below me saying something. I thought my parents had gotten home early so I went down stairs to see if my Dad needed help getting food, soda, exc. into the house. As I got down, no one was there. I was a bit shaken but It didn't bother me, until it happened 3 days in a row. On the last day as I turned to go back upstairs, the basement door, which was closed when I went by was cracked open. I know it wasn't my cat because she was hiding in the computer room closet under an old coat of mine. I hauled ass back upstairs and told "Warwick" but he didn't believe me, he thought I was just seeing things. Anyway, the second to the last thing that happened, happened in a dream. Me, "Omen," "Kev","Warwick" were all sleeping upstairs , "Omen's" girlfriend was out of town at the time..I think, I am not to sure. Anyway I was half asleep and half awake, and I was in what appeared to be a dream but it wasn't. I was at Eloise Mental Institution with the other three. As we walked across the old foundation of the main building I heard "Kev" Scream I can't move and fall to his knees, and when he said that in this dream type world, he said it in real life. After he had fallen to his knees he vanished, and when that happened I heard him sit up and go downstairs. My eyes never opened, but I knew it was him. "Warwick" had something similar happen to him in this "Dream." He became frozen with fear I guess at this apparition that appeared in the center of the foundation. He cried out something I couldn't understand, and then HE woke up and went downstairs. Later "Omen" began to hold his head in this dream world and screamed for me to get the hell out of here and he exploded as the apparition touched him. Needless to say I was now frightened by this "dream," but I knew "Omen" was all right because he got up and went downstairs. I was hearing everyone get up in the "real" world but in the "dream" world I didn't see them anymore. Then It was my turn, the "ghost" turned to me and spoke these very words "Judgment is at hand, fear your worst dream" and then I was jolted awake by a clap of thunder outside.
and the FINAL thing that has happened, happened just last night. As Omen has told you back in 98, the upstairs room burnt do to some unknown source. Anyway as I got ready for bed, I took my glasses and laid them next to my radio, which still stops once in a while and starts again and laid down and pulled my blanket over me. As I did this, I heard a crackling noise. I didn't open my eyes but it sounded like something was burning. After a few minutes I began to question myself if I had forgot to put the cigarette I had just smoked out. When I opened my eyes, there was nothing unusual about the room. Nothing was burning and the cigarette was out.
I don't know if that was a sign saying "this room will catch fire once again" or just the past replaying itself.

3 Years Old

By: Shortstuf677@aol.com

Hi. I have a story to tell you about when I was three. I was playing outside by some trees (I live in a canyon....there is forest everywhere) and I was just running around when I heard a noise...It kinda sounded like trees moving around...like something or someone was moving bushes out of the way and stuff. I looked over there and saw some giant creature with long tan colored hair and a big fat nose (like a gnome or a dwarf would have..) and it was pretty much pushing the trees out of the way...I screamed and ran back into my house and told my Grandma about what I saw...she thought I was making it up or something (figures..!!) and she told to get washed up for dinner. It really scared me.  Later on in life, I went down into the creek where it came from but only found bones (most likely unrelated to the thing I saw cuz...its just natural to find bones down there...plus it was a couple years ago at that time). I also have a couple other little things to tell you....when I was about 2 I think...I was sleeping in my moms room...and  I heard the door open and looked up out of bed to see a freaky looking Beast with a moon shaped head (most likely a dream....but it still scared me!!) come into the room....and one time sleeping in my moms room...I heard a laugh (kinda like huhuhuhuh) and it had a deep sounded voice that scared me enough to cover my ears (I hate doing that at night when trying to fall asleep..it freaks me out for some reason)...anyways, those are my stories....hope you enjoyed them. Thanks. P.S. This site scares me!! (but I still love it a LOT!!)

Hard for Me to Tell

By: LunarSincerity13@aol.com

    this story is really hard for me to tell people. but after i read other
peoples experiences, i understand they felt the same way.
    my grandmother dies when i was in 3rd grade, of cancer.  about a week
afterwards, i wouldn't go to school, i only sat and cried all day long,
cursing God for taking my grandmother away from me. that night i cried myself
to sleep as usual.  but this night was different, i had a dream of my
grandmother.  we were playing around with her plants and flowers like we used
to do.  i started crying and apologizing for not spending as much time as i
could with her. she told me that she was happy now, and free of pain.  she
also told me to stop worrying, and that she wasn't a guardian angel, but an
ambiant spirit.
    i know for a fact it is odd for people to dream up vocabulary words we
have never heard of. i looked it up and it means "all surrounding,
everywhere". i felt a calm sort of peace after that, my grandma is always
around me, even if i can't see her. i wish i could sometimes and i still cry,
like i am right now.  but then i remember she is always around me and with
me. I hope others read this someday and see that you never really lose a
loved one, because even if the pass on they will remember and guide you in
ways you can't possibly comprehend.  they will always be with you. Even if
your depressed or feel lost and alone. they will help you out of the darkness.

Indian Ghost

By: Angelchic12787@aol.com
Hi my name is Danielle and I live in New Jersey. I just moved recently but the house I used to live in was haunted. My old house was built on top of a Native American Burial ground. When I was 10 I learned about ghosts and I would love to read stories about them and stuff like that. Anyway my friends and I have always felt some sort of presecence in my house. My one friend Kelly never used to sleepover my house (until recently) because she was so scared. One day my sister was home alone because I was on vacation with my Mom my sister was about 20 she said she heard people down stairs scurrying around and walking all over the place. Another time I woke up early in the morning and was walking downstairs when I realized the house alarm was on so I started to go up the stairs to turn it off then I heard the door leading to our garage open and slam shut! I knew the door couldn't have actually opened because the alarm didn't go off  and I am still confused about that to this day.
During Christmas time we had put a small Santa Clause on our stairway railing and I heard a boom and saw that the Santa had flown across the Foyer. One night I was in my room and saw a faded looking Indian standing up straight in the corner of my room he had a headpiece on with feathers on it, he was looking straight ahead. Then he disappeared. My friend and I were sleeping in my guest room and she was jolted awake she turned and she saw an Indian girl lying on the floor of the room we were so scared that we ran right out of there in a flash!
Also I have a below ground pool I was swimming in the shallow end and put my goggles on and went to look underwater at the deep end I saw this white cloud moving and then come very close to me and it hit me in the face! I shot up and got myself right out of that pool! Weird occurrences like this have happened to me the 13 years I lived in that house now I have moved and I never feel like I'm being watched and I never hear footsteps or see things. You get an eerie felling when you live in a house with ghosts and the second I moved out of my old house that feeling was long gone.

Topeka Kansas

By: scooby@carrollsweb.com

I Live in Topeka Ks. One Night my two children and I  drove out to visit my friend who lives in Mayetta. She lives on several acres of land that use to belong to the Powattiamie Indians. After talking for several hours I was to tired to make the 30-45 minute drive back. I put my 6 year  old daughter on the love-seat that sat at the north side of the living room and I put my other 4 year old daughter on the north end of the couch. the couch sat on the right side of the love seat. After this I laid down  at the other end of the couch facing the love-seat so I could see both children. I fell asleep quickly. I don't know how long I was asleep before I awoke but when I did I saw an indian lady sitting looking at me. She had long black hair and was wearing a white shirt. I waved at her . I could hear my friend talking to her husband at the dining room table and the lights were on. Her husband was a security guard at Harrahs so I assumed he had brought a friend home from work. I made my daughter get up and move so she wouldn't kick the lady. Again I waved  feeling bad that I was to tired to get up and felt I was being terribly rude. I woke up at least two more times to see her watching me.  The next morning the kids and I left and returned home with no mention of it. A couple weeks later I was talking to my friend. She informed me there was no one there that night. Both her and her husband had seen my strange behavior and just shrugged. They hadn't seen anyone there.
My Friend has had stuff come up missing and things appear to only come up missing later.
She has tole me that since my expirence at least two other people have seen this lady and we believe she was simply watching over the kids.
There is also a black cat that trys to get you to follow it and will then disappear at the bushes.
This is just one of the many expirences I have had with the paranormal in my life.

Interesting Story

By: daddy143@bellsouth.net

My name is Tina and i think this would be interesting for other veiwers to read see i am 12 years old and this happened 9/22/o1. Well ya see
me and my friend April were just chillin on my mom's bed.While my mom was at her computerthe lights went out.Well they flickerd and came back on .My mom was sittin there as pale as her white bed sheets.We asked what was wrong she said she heard a male's laugh from behind her whaen the lights went out.We both shivered at the thought . Meanwhile my best friendAshley was in the den when the lights went out she screamed bloody murder! When they came back on she came running in there . She hadent seen anything but she is very afraid of the dark that is why she screamed.
well i think this would do some good use to your site i have been researching on spirits since i was six
thank you

It Touched Me

By: NickK@geoaccess.com

My husband and I bought our first home when I was six months pregnant with
our first child. The house was somewhat new--only five years old--and
located in a quiet suburb. I never gave a thought to ghosts, but from the
first night we moved in, strange things began to happen. The first night we
slept in our new home, I was awakened by a "squeaking" noise coming from the
room we had designated to be the nursery.  I woke up my husband, who
convinced me it was either my imagination or a mouse. I don't remember
anything too eventful happening until after my son was born. I would always
arrive home before my husband (we both worked at this point), and as I
played with my son in his bedroom (we lived in a three bedroom ranch with
the bedrooms and bathrooms at one end and the kitchen, dining room and
family room at the other) I would swear I would hear my husband arrive home
from work. It sounded like he would come in the front door and walk down the
hallway, but when I went to greet him, no one was there. The weird thing
was, my baby heard it too! His face would light up, and he would look into
the hall waiting for my husband to appear. I didn't tell anyone about these
things until my sister, who babysat for my son on occasion, mentioned to me
that she heard what sounded like someone entering the house but no one was
ever there. Then we began having the classic signs of objects turning up
missing and then reappearing in obvious places like the refrigerator or
kitchen pantry, right under our noses. My husband blamed me, of course.
Whenever I was alone, I always had the feeling that someone was watching me,
and the hair would suddenly stand up on the back of my neck. And there were
always the footsteps pacing up and down the hallway. I tell you, when my
husband traveled I always had my son sleep in my bedroom and locked the door
I was so scared. At this point, I was convinced something or someone was in
our house, but my husband is a nonbeliver so I didn't talk to him or anyone
else about it. Other than my sister, no one had experienced anything and I
was afraid people would think I was crazy.  The incident that confirmed my
suspicions occurred was when I was due with my second child. I had been to
the hospital earlier that day with false labor and the nurses had sent me
home. I was in a great deal of pain with irregular contractions and had
taken some benedryl to try and sleep. I remember that I was laying on my
side facing my husband (who--surprise--was sleeping) when all of a sudden I
distinctly felt two hands massage my shoulders. I closed my eyes, thinking I
was hallucinating, when again I distinctly felt two hands knead my
shoulders. Well, I didn't need any more prodding. I jumped out of bed,
called my doctor and had my husband drive me to the hospital. Eight hours
later, I delivered another healthy baby boy. Shortly afterward, we began
looking for a bigger home and moved. I didn't tell anyone about the ghost
touching me for about a year, and I still don't think people take me
seriously. But I know what I felt, and I've never in any way been afraid in
my new home. I don't know what I experienced, but I try to be more open
minded when it comes to the spiritual world.

El Paso Texas

By: AthieisAlecz@aol.com

This next story is when i was living in El Paso, Texas. On a street called Vista De Oro. I am 15 now and don't know how old i was then. My friend Mary Ann and I lived in one of the quad-plexs. We used to take a quilt or blanket out into the parking lot at night and lay out there talk about our lives and look at the stars. It's kinda a busy short cut street so cars go up and down it all the time. The Ridgemar Apartments are right across the street so people walk up and down the street alot. Well one night like all the others we were outside looking at the stars talking. When we heard footsteps like a jogger running up the street with his/her tennieshoes hiting the cement. We got quiet. Like we always did and waited 4 the sound and person to pass the quad-plex so we could finish talkin. The sound was coming from the oppisite side of the road and from the top of the hill. I saw like what looked like a transpartent, very white, man, dressed as a jogger. I could hear the shoes running but the feet weren't really there. The man ran with great speed i mean a normal guy could never run that fast. He looked across the street at us as we sat up looking at him or it. I waited till he had gotten pretty far down the road and i turned to Mary Ann next to me and said DID YOU SEE THAT?! she said yeah and i was totaly freaked. We decided that it was gone now and that we wouldn't have to run inside and we didn't feel threatened. So we started talking again and the ghostman ran down toward the intersection. Latter on we heard the jogger footsteps again and we stood up. It was on this side of the street now. We couldn't see if it was close or not cause there's a stupid pine tree in the way.All of a sudden it was in front of us on the sidewalk the same man-jogger-ghost-thing. this time he stopped and turned toward us we looked at him dumbfoundedly and he shruged his sholders at us. We turned tail and ran to our part of the quadplex and slamed our doors. I told my mom cause she saw how freaked i
was. SHe still didn't believe me. Awhile later i went out far enough to where i could knock on her door and still sorta be in my house in case it was still there. Mary Ann said she'd go look out in the parkinglot with me. We found nothing. The next day her mom told us that a jogger had been jogging and was crossing the intersection down the street and was hit by a car that killed him instantly. I was kinda amazed it did make sence. For those who don't believe me i wasn't on drugs or nething. Thankx for listening tt4n!

Joann's House

By: Michelle.Farmer@paxar.com

In the early 1990's , I was friends with a lady named Joann. She lived in
an 1870's farmhouse that had been remodeled.
She and her husband had recently separated and she had another man, Tony,
living at the house with her. He was into the ouija board and séances,
among other things. Joann had told me that Tony had taken all of the
bibles out of the house, along with some crosses and all other articles of
Christian belief. They had begun to have parties where the main
entertainment was the ouija board. The board told them its name and that
it was a demon. It was around this time that Joann began to experience
strange things around the house, day or night.
At night, she would wake up because "something" was stroking her hair. She
would be cleaning through the day and hear creaking and knocking upstairs.
Things started missing: a playing card, a makeup brush, a cassette tape
and a few other things. One night, at one of these ouija board parties,
Joann saw a reflection of herself in the window turn into a dog, then into
a green, evil-looking face. She and Tony would play cards with different
couples on the weekends. Every time they played, someone would get a hand
of 6,6,6 .
Well, Joann had told me all of these things , so when my boyfriend and I
went to visit her one evening, I was very nervous. It was summertime so I
had on shorts to stay cool in the heat. When we stepped into the house ,
it was freezing..90 degrees outside, 32 degrees inside(cold enough to see
our breath).We went into the living room to listen to some music while
Joann continued to get ready to go out that night. We heard constant
creaking from upstairs and tapping on the window. No one else was in the
house, except the 3 of us.
My boyfriend didn't believe that the house was haunted. He talked about
the fact that he would have to see something to believe it and on and
About 30 minutes later , Joann walked outside with us to the car to say
goodbye. As we were standing there, my boyfriend said again that he would
have to see it to believe it...At that moment , ALL of the upstairs lights
came on . The nightstand lamps, the overhead lights , even a floor lamp
that had to be plugged in to come on. We freaked out!!!
I must not have liked Joann very well, because my boyfriend and I jumped
in the car and left. I called her several days later. She had left the
house and was living at her Mom's. I don't know if anyone lives there now
. I just know that I wouldn't.


By: Mygreyjaggy@aol.com
My name is Amanda Matthew and I am 16.  I was about 14 or 15 when I first saw
him.  He's a little boy as far as I can tell and very shy.  I'd only catch
little glimpses of him running by as I was doing my hair in the morning or
even outstide out of the car mirrors.  This of course frightened me so I
tried to think of it more positively so I could help him.  I tried to call
him to me but nothing seemed to work.  I tried to think of a name and
Jonathan just seemed to stick in my mind.  I only saw him about 3 or 4 times
when something else appeared instead.  I think it was evil, it showed itself
to me face to face.  It was huge.  It had to bend over to fit in the hallway
of my house.  I felt as if he was an old man and very angry.  I don't know
how I know this because I couldn't make out any features but there was this
overwhelming sense of anger that was overpowering.  My parents didn't believe
me about Jonathan or the other one so I dismissed it.  My mother told me that
while my grandmother was visiting she had her bless the house but I still
feel them.  I no longer see them but they are still there somehow.

Living with Ghosts

By: ladybug1@grapevine.net

 hi was just looking at your site i love to see sites on ghost. i always look at one site but then i found u guys and had noticed dave had lived with ghost in his home as did i until i left "The house" as we called it i can still remember my first experience very young around 6 yrs old it used to come in just a white blob every now and then ,in me and my little sisters room late at night when all was still one of us would see it first waking the other up not knowing what to do . seeeing this white transparent blob floating in the air. Well we never really told any one we thuoght we would be nice to the ghost ha ha ha which is funny now that i think of it . But that was our way of dealing with it . Well not a whole lot happend during those years just little things nothing like that was to come,  When i was 16 yrs old that is when it really got bad for whatever reason  we couldnt really pinpoint. Things were throw across the room.  One ghost was a small women in white  just skin and bones sooooo skinny but in white clothes her face pale and hollow black around her eyes  she was seen  quite  a few times then later in the yrs a man that looked like my dad. But just all the things that happened i wouldbe   in my room down stairs and i could hear things crashing to the floor no one else heard it i would go upstairs nothing was out of place. something walking up and down the stairs all night just drive u crazy i know there was times i was so mad i would go up stairs and tell them it was not nice and to stop and they would would. this house we lived in was a new home also we were the first owners of the house. if you would like me to go into more details of the experiences i and my family went threw please tell me and i will tell u more.  The house is now qiut after about 10 yrs of  things happening all the time. becouse after the last time my mom was in tears and all of us kids were moved out she was alone in The house alot  i made her come to my house and i went have talk with the ghost and told them it was enuogh and they had to stop doing this we did not want them there anymore iwas very mad at them for doing that to my mom. and they have stoppped but we do not discuss them in The house so as not to incuorage them to start back up im sure they are still there but with my mom living there alone we dont want to start it up . if you would like to talk about all the details or what ever i would love to tell you .thanx so much kelley jerred  1-785-883-4980
 ps   the things i want to tell are all the sitings of the ghost face to face we would talk to them thinking they were real. In the house things would be moved thrown across the room light bulbs were bursting when they never had before.things were moved you had to look for everything it was never were you left it . they were never mean or try to  scare us they were just there and wanted us to know it they were just part of our everyday life

Lady In The Hallway

By: gniwok@juno.com

I am a Gnostic, or "Truth Seeker", my wife is not, but both of us are
open minded people. We also believe that spirits exist as well as ghosts,
and my wife considers it "creepy" while I remain simply facinated with
them. We moved into an apartment just after we married in 1999. I believe
that there are ghosts and residual energy in various places in our
apartment. The place is the standard apartment layout, and every once in
a while, night or day, doesn't matter what time, she or I (or both) would
hear the sound of footsteps on carpet going down our short hallway. These
were not boots-on-hardwood footsteps, but more like bare feet on plush
carpet. We "felt" that the ghost was female and very sweet. She would
just walk down the hallway toward the bedrooms. If I were in one of the
bedrooms, I would always have a small feeling of happiness go through me
after I heard her coming, the way you would feel if someone smiled at
you. Occasionally we would feel her watching us from the front room or
back bedroom. Evidently the hallway was where her "domain" was. There
were never cold spots, but my wife would occasionally feel the lady next
to her when she walked from the bedrooms to the front room. The lady made
my wife feel rather creeped out, however. She startled me once when she
came running into the bedroom, eyes wide and told me that the lady moaned
in her ear, as if trying to say something to her! So for the sake of my
wife, we stood in the hallway and asked the lady nicely, but firmly that
she could remain, but to not make her presence known to us. We also
informed her about the light, and how she could enter into it. Since we
have had no more occurances with her. In the small bedroom, there is
either residual energy or a passive ghost. I feel watched when I'm in
there, and it's usually ten to fifteen degrees cooler, even with the
afternoon sun spilling in. I don't think my wife feels it, and no one
else does either. But I have felt it strongly, so I placed a
micro-cassette recorder in there with a sensitive mic and recorded for
the duration of the thirty minute tape. The only odd things I've heard on
the tape were an occasional whistle that changes in octave. The sound
only lasts for a half-second, but it is an audible, breathy whistle that
goes up in octave like first part of a wolf-whistle! That was
interesting, and I'd dismiss it, if it weren't for some of our
possessions being misplaced that suddenly appear in odd places. Our truck
keys suddenly disappeared this morning without a trace anywhere. The
truck was searched over twice and the apartment was searched. So I made
duplicates at Home Depot, and gave them to my wife, who used them to
drive to a doctor's appointment. When the appointment was over, she
walked back out to the truck and opened the door with the duplicate key.
There on the driver's side seat was the original set of keys that were
missing. She would have felt them under her bumm if they'd been there
before! She called me at work in hysteria, telling me all about it! I
don't mind ghosts being around, I consider them friends (or at least I
try to make friends with them). They are in fact, just spirits without
bodies. Some are angry, some nice, some are jokers! When you come across
one, you should respect him or her just like you would a complete
stranger. Make friends with it or ask it to leave, if you wish. But don't
disrespect ghosts because of childhood Halloween stories. They are
intellegent humans who are a bit confused about where they are. If you
happen to have one around you, simply ask it to walk into the light where
friends and loved ones await them. Be firm, but friendly. Some ghosts
won't believe you and will continue to stay. You can't make a ghost go
anywhere! Hope this helps anyone with their own ghost!


By: sunchild115@hotmail.com

My parents and i moved into a house that was built back in the 1920s back in 1991. It was really a beatiful house that appeared as normal as any other house.The people that lived there many many years before us were 2 sisters and a brother. His name was Leo and he passed away in the back bedroom of the house, the older sister went crazy and was commited and the younger sister moved away. We were the first occupants of that house since then. We did not know that this man had died in this house until 6 months later, when my parents moved out. But Leo made his presence well know with no hesitation. The back room that he passed away in was so cold no matter what, so cold that you could feel it coming from underneath the door out into the hallway. Needless to say that bedroom was never put into use.
I slept up in the attic, but it was a real big attic and the other door across from my bedroom door had a lock on it and we never knew why. Late at night i would be awaken to that door rattling loudly, like someone was trying to get out. In my room i would have my stereo on and it would change stations all the time but always to classical music. Not only did it change stations it changed from FM to AM. If i had my windows open they would slam shut, my tv turned on and off, stuff would be moved around my room. This was a very constant haunting.
Then one day i was sitting in my room watching television and my room got very cold, i sware i could see my breath, and it was a blazing summers day. I heard a whisper from behind me. It kinda sounded like someone said look, so i did. Im my doorway was a black figure and i just froze. I knew there was a presence but i havent seen it until then. Then slowly it raised its hand and pointed at the door across the hall with the lock on it. Then it faded right before my eyes, the room warmed up and i got out of my room for a while. To this day we never knew what was in that room, why it was locked and why Leo was pointing at it.  In my room were little doors on each side of the room. Im not sure what they are called but if you went in there you could see all the insulation and stuff like that. Anyway that night one of them slammed open, i woke up looked over at which one it was and didnt see anything, so i got up and closed it. I finally fell back to sleep and was awoken later on that night to a black figure standing over top of me grabbing my wrist. I freaked out jumped up and went flying down the steps to my parents room and in the morning they woke up to me asleep on the floor. In the morning i had a mark around my wrist like someone was grabbing rather hard.
Up until that point my parents knew nothing of these incidents. So in the morning they asked what was wrong with me and i told them everything that had happened and i showed them my arm. Of course they did not believe me, but i was 15 then why would i want to sleep in my parents bedroom?? A few weeks later my mother had an incident in the kitchen. I came home from school and she was just standing there and the clock was face up laying in front of her on the other side of the room. She said she turned around from the sink and the clock shot straight off the wall at her. At that point she started to believe me.
My cats were aware of this as well. They wouldnt go into the back hallway where that room is. They would come up into my room ocassionally but eventually they would start to hiss and run out. My father finally believed my mother and i  when they came home from the store and found me sitting behind the couch with a knife after i had seen someone in my diningroom through the diningroom window. I was coming home and i noticed a reflection of a figure in the mirror and as i approached the house the light in that room shut off. So i thought it was my mother so i went in and said hello and noone answered. The door to the dining room was shut and i noticed that the light was on again and as i walked closer to the door  it turned off again. So i promptly went into the kitchen grabbed the biggest knife i could find and quietly got behind the couch. The door to the diningroom was one of those old sliding doors that crunched up when you opened it. (Sorry that is the best way i can think of to describe it). So while i was sitting behind the couch i heard the door being opened and closed over and over  again. It was horrible. Finally my parents came home and they thought i was in the diningroom because they saw the light go out, so they came in yelled out hello and i popped up from behind the couch so relieved that someone was home.
There are many other incidents that have occured in that house but to type them all would take a good while. Surprisingly we didnt move out 6 months later because of Leo. He didnt really bother us that much, only once in a while he did some real freaky things. Everything else he did was pretty much basic things that you hear about.

Little Children

By: Ppsmurf93@prodigy.net

I live in a small two story house in the chicago sub-burbs. My fiancee and my brother are the only ones,so far, who have seen our "children".  My fiancee's expierence took place at night in our room. Our room is upstairs and runs the whole lenghth of our house. He was sound asleep, and woke
with a start, sitting straight up in bed. He looked to the opposite end of our room and sat there for about five minutes watching two small children playing. He said it looked like they were playing some sort of tag game. We have no children in our house!  Then about a month later, my brother
was leaving the house to run an errand in the evenning, he took his semi-tractor. When ever he leaves in his big truck he will toot on his air horn to say goodbye, he said he glanced toward our front room windows as he blew his horn and saw me wave back to him. Well, when he left I was in the shower and no one else was in the house, It wasnt me who waved goodbye!!  Ive asked the woman who lived here before us if she ever saw anything like what we have and she said she hasnt and as far as she knows, there have never been any children living here.

Lost in Time


This experience is not that exciting to here about, I do not wish to embelish it with creepy anecdotes or a mysterious plot, but nevertheless this is how it went.  I attended Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham Virginia, a town that itself is stuck in time.  It is the home of racists, biggots, and sadists who have inherited land from their ancestors.  It is not a place in which i would suggest visiting.  Having said that I used to make a trip with some of my classmates to a beer store, 57's, which was an hourlong walk through pasture and woods from the campus.  We never left with the intent to be caught by school officials, one of which, Capt. Stout, a double medal of honor veteran, who is as sneaky and stealthy as anyone on the planet.  The penalty of being caught was very high-- we did not mention this experience to anyone who was not present; it surely would have spread.  we were on our way back from 57's at about 1 o'clock in the morning a little buzzed from cheap beer with the intent to distribute alcohol to other students when the three of us(my roomate and his best friend) stopped dead in our tracks for no reason.  I will remember the next sequence of events until the day I die.  We heard the unmistakable war cries of rebel soldiers on the charge.  It is a sound somewhat akin to an impassioned tribesman intent on killing you.  From attop a hill directly in front of us, through the trees came 30 to 40 purley solid figures charging, apparently unconcerned with us.  We hit the forest floor and did not make a sound as we witnessed a battle, first 10 or 12 volleys of gunfire and finally hand to hand combat and then retreat.  It is pointless for me to explain every troop movement i witnessed, just use your imagination and you should understand.  The whole incident lasted no longer than 2 or 3 minutes, but the cries of those men will haunt me forever.  Those who have experinced combat as i have since understand why that was the last time i ever ducked when i heard gunfire, after that day i have not been the same.  I was not so much scared by the events i witnessed, but by the uncertanty of time.  Afterwards I was not convinced that we where going to find HMA as we had left it, but that maybe we would be guests in an unfamiliar time.  I do not know for sure if they were in our time or if we were in theirs, but these were not ghosts.  These were the actual events taking place.  I will never be the same person again.

Manzanillo Ghost

By: ssmith@toddvnm.com

When I was about 6 years old I went to visit my grandarent's condo in
Manzanillo, Mexico.  The building was an old hotel that they had purchased
and turned into condominiums. One night I woke up in the middle of the night
and decided to get a drink of water. I went out into the living room/
kitchen area and I saw a man sitting in a wing-backed chair at the dining
room table. He was playing cards and smoking a cigar. I could only see the
silloughette at first, so I thought it must be my Dad or my Grandpa.
"Dad," I said, but the man didn't respond. "Grandpa," I tried, but he still
didn't respond. It slowly occurred to me that we didn't have any wing-backed
chairs like the one the man was sitting on. Also neither my father ot
grandfather smoked cigars. I started to feel a little afraid but I was also
very curious. I walked closer to the man. He didn't appear to notice that I
was there. "Who are you?" I asked and he still did not respond. As I got
closer the man disappeared. I ran back to bed without my drink of water. I
didn't get any sort of evil feeling from the man. On the contrary he seemed
to be a very nice man. Had he not been sitting in my living room in the
middle of the night in a chair we didn't own I probably wouldn't have been
afraid. I am guessing he may have been the ghost of a former guest of the


By: paulagreene45@hotmail.com

A few years ago I bought a my first house.  It seemed really happy when I first looked at it.  About six months later I married my husband, Bobby.  I had noticed some odd things before we married.  Someone knocking on the door and no one being there, hearing laughter, my water bed moving when I wasn't.  None of this scared me because I had lived in quite a few haunted houses already.
Not long after Bobby and I got married he asked if I had experienced anything odd.  I asked what kind of odd.  He said we had a ghost.  I asked what he knew and he told me.
She was a young teen (around 14) who had died in the 1860 time frame of some sickness.  She was very friendly and just wanted to play.  Intrestingly enough she was buried in the grave yard across the street from us.  She chose us because Bobby could both see and hear her and I have two sons who were teens at that time.
Some nights she would get scolded when she insisted on jumping on our bed to often or knocked on the door several times.  Then we would tell her to stop or we would have to ignore her.  She only got angry one time.
My oldest son had been giving us some grief and one night she must have slamed his bedroom door a dozen times!  Later than night he came home and went to his room (which was in the basement).  He came running back up the stairs and asked who had been in his room.  We assured him none of us has been down there and asked him why.  He said the entire contents of his closet, including the shelves and rod was in the middle of his floor.  We told him it was Mary and she was mad at him.  Needless to say, he walked on eggs for a few days.
A couple of years ago we had to move.  I really miss Mary.  She was just a lonely little girl who wanted a family.  We were lucky enough to be it.  I have some more stories that I'll post later.

Midnight Story

By: Kiutupy@aol.com

    Four of us went walking in the hills of San Jose.  We all felt as though
something else was there, following us and hindering out walk.  It was late
at night, and we thought it only to be our nerves.  Except one of us, an
occultist, who kept telling me that we were not welcome there.  All at once,
I was knocked to the ground.  My arms felt pinned, and I couldn't breath.  No
one else felt anything, but I couldn't tell them what was happening.  After
five minutes passed, I could breath again and move.  We could all hear
laughing, and we could see an eerie light that glowed bluish red.  I was
getting really scared, so we all went home.  Later that night, my occutist
friend went back on that same trail with some of his coven.  They later told
me that the spirit they encountered threatened me, he apparently thought I
was someone else who had done him a great wrong.  All I remember about that
night was that I dreamed that a great beast was staring at me, and whipping
me with his tail.  The next morning, everywhere the tail had hit me, there
were deep scratches is series of threes.  After talking this over with my
friend, we decided to try to placiate the spirit.  We put flowers and oranges
and bread on the side of the trail.  As soon as we backed away two steps, the
oranges began to rot, the bread decayed, and the flowers rotted.  The tree
nearby where we were standing crackled, and a large branch fell hard behind
us.  One of the branch nubs cut the side of my wrist, and blood streamed from
the gash.  My friend told me to paint the trees around us with my blood, as a
sign that we meant no harm, and that we might find protection from the land
itself.  After the trees directly around us had my blood on them, the breeze
that had been blowing suddenly stopped.
    I decided to find out what was going on there.  I figured that it was
something horrible, but I needed to know.  The information that I got
involved a young man and his lover.  He found her to be engaged already,
although she had promised to marry him.  He feigned forgiveness, and asked
them to join him on a picnic.  This happened about a hundred years ago,
according to the information I gleaned.  He murdered them both, and killed
himself.  Thing were made clear to me then.  That night, on the trail, I was
the only female in the group.  The spirit of the man was just angry with me
because I was there with men.
    Soon after, I went alone to the same spot and placed another bundle of
flowers on the side of the path.  After I had set out the oranges and bread,
I re-opened the cut on my arm, and sprinkled my gifts with my blood.  The
wind stirred briefly, and all went silent.
    We have gone back on that trail many times, and each time the wind
surrounds us.  But, we have not been harassed.  I had another friend help me
carve wooden markers for each of the three dead, and I placed them in the
ground benieth a stand of trees.  We often visit them, we bring a picnic
lunch, just to sit near to them.

Mr. Brown

By: katjordan1@yahoo.com

I have had ghostly experiences for as long as I can
remember.  I have talked about them with my mother
since I was a child, and she has experienced many
things too.  My experiences have not occured in one
locatioin - I perceive them - and see them on occasion
- nomatter where I am.  It is not something I talk
about much, (is not something that even seems very
remarkable any more), so it is nice to have a place
here to share some stories with others who are
I have a good friend now, as an adult, who has had
many ghostly experiences through out her life, as I
have.  I had her come to the building where I work
recently, just to see if she would notice the old man
in the hallway next to the main staircase up to the
floor my office is on.
I work in an older, two-story building in Florida.  My
company moved in to this building just a few months
ago from a newer one.  Since we moved here, I have
begun to notice this man.  I call him "Mr Brown", as I
heard that that was the name of the man who originally
owned this building, who died a few years ago.  I have
no idea if the man I see is actually Mr. Brown, though
I heard from his daughter who now owns the building
that his office was in that front hall.
It started with just seeing someone there in my
peripheral vision as I would come up the stairs.  I'd
look, and, of course, there was no one there.  I have
to pass that hallway to get to the restroom on this
floor, and occasionally I see him sitting on a chair
in the hallway just as I come around the corner.  As
soon as I notice it, he's gone.
I have been here working late a few nights recently,
and I definately get the impression that he does not
like anyone being in his building at night! During the
day he just watches, and I have not seen him at night,
but at night it is more of a feeling, just as if there
were a live person standing next to you who was upset
or hostile - you feel it.
I think, if it is Mr. Brown, that he is here watching
over his building.
So, last week, my friend and I were coming in to the
building, up that front staircase.  I had not said
anything to her about Mr. Brown.  We walked down that
hall, and up the next to my office.  Once we were
inside, I told her about him.  All I said was, "So, I
think I have a ghost in this building....."  She said,
"Is he an older guy hanging out in that front hall?"
!! I was glad she saw him too!  We both kind of
laughed about it, as we've both had a lot of these
types of experiences, but I have to say, it was nice
to have someone else see him... Kind of confirms that
I'm not completely out of my mind.

Multiple Hauntings On One Ship

By: Dlinthe@aol.com
Would you believe a 400-ft ship could have so many ghosts?  I only encountered 7, that I can think of, and others had encountered more.  I was on an Icebreaker in the Coast Guard, and had come out of a very Christian household where the supernatural was generally considered evil.  Didn't help that I had gone to a Christian school, as well.  I was convinced that my invisible friends from childhood, that still hadn't gone away, were demons or something.
But, amazingly enough, though people told me many stories, I only had one contact with an entity while I continued my closed-minded ways.  It was a particularly malicious one, that seemed to feed off fear.  Fortunately, it was restricted to a particular section of passageway at the far aft of the crew berthing in a section called Scientist's  berthing.  I hated doing rounds after Taps, because it was inevitably there.  I would step through the hatch into that section, and every hair on my neck and arms would stand on end, my scalp would feel like it was crawling, and my heart would be painful in the way it thudded in my chest.   Half the time, I would run through that section, the other half the time, I would just not go into that very small section.
Once I opened my mind to an awareness of that around me again, however, things changed.  There was a second presence back there, one that I found while having a friend take a look back there.  We could feel it.  It was calm and gentle.  Then it exuded fear and disappeared, as the other entity returned.  He didn't know what to think of that one, so we left.
We went back there often, and the gentle one started taking on a bit of visibility.  There were three of us back there, and a fourth, utter non-believer came back to see what we were staring at.  After Taps, the lights in the berthing areas are red lights, and none of the lights were on in any of the rooms back there.  In the middle of the hall, however, was a very faint blue haze in the rough shape of a man about 6' tall.  What was really trippy, and really got our attention, was his reflection in the tile floor, that was brighter than he was.  He disappeared, and the fourth person, freaked out, left, so the rest of us walked down the hall.  I hit a comfortable spot and stopped and my two friends turned around and stared in shock for a couple of moments before telling me that I was standing right in the middle of it.  I already knew, and it seemed happy.  Then it got apologetic, fear tinging the comfort, and it disappeared into the wall beside me.  I moved toward my friends, and faced the closet on the far end of the hall as it emerged.  We couldn't see it, but it HATED us, we didn't feel the fear reaction this time, just a wall of hate.  We were carefull about when we went back there and how often we stayed, but the scientists that came on board often spoke of strange dreams and wierd nightmares.
On to some more interesting ones.  That was two of them.  My favorite story for me to tell is of the one spirit on that ship with the ability to travel freely.  He liked me, too, and we had fun.  His introduction to me was the most amusing, however.  When crossing the equator, the ship gets very over-warm in places, especially next to the laundry room, where you take a deep breath on one side of the hatch, and run through the passageway, through the door and up one flight of steps before you take another breath.  By the time you get through, you are drenched in sweat, and it is the best way to the bridge.  If you breathe in this section, it is so hot, it is painful when it hits your lungs.  I was half-way through one afternoon, on my way to watch, when I felt like I had passed through a wall of ice water.  I stopped, backed up, stepped through the area again, and it was gone.  I stood there breathing normally, it wasn't painful, then looked up and over my shoulder and chuckled then said, "Damn ghosts....".  I will never forget the audible laughter I heard as I continued on, the sound cut off as the door closed behind me.  He was fun, and tended to warn me, on occassion, when the ship's alarm was about to be sounded.
Some other brief ones.  There was always someone standing mid-watch for the engineers in port.  Dead or alive.  During that time frame, you could hear footsteps in the halls, and heavy hatches being opened and closed.  I had them walk right past me and heard the hatch in front of me open and close without it moving.  Pretty cool, I thought.  There was one on the bridge, a petty officer that had slipped and fell during a storm and slid back and forth on the bridge.  No one could catch him, and he was dead before someone finally got ahold of him.  He can be seen in various places doing various watchstanding duties.  There is the figure in the aloft conn, visible from below.  There are things on the flying bridge where the look-out stands.  They drove one of my shipmates "insane" by whispering to her and appearing to be people.  She knew what it was, but it isn't something you tell the corpman on the ship when he doesn't believe in such things.  I kept my mouth shut about what I saw up there.
I know I said 7 on the ship, but it may have been 8, but I think it was tied in to one of the other entities, I just am not sure which one.  I had the tendancy to wake up if anyone so much as touched the knob to my room, which I shared with 5 other women.  I woke up one night, and my boyfriend at the time (I know, shame on me) was coming in to wake up his watch relief.  I could hear him, and he was right next to my rack.  I opened my eyes, and there was no light, from the red lights, from a flashlight, nothing.  I wasn't laying on a wool blanket, it was a foreign substance, soft, yet firm.  I reached my arms out to either side, one to touch the wall, and one to pull my curtain back, and touched nothing.  In either direction.  I tried to call out to him to help me, and I could not open my mouth, and it felt like my voice was utterly disabled.  I tried to sit up, and the world spun around me and dropped away.  I woke back up later, to red lights, my curtain, my wall.  He came back into the room because his relief was running late, she had gone back to sleep.  I pulled my curtain back this time and looked at him, then told him about it the next day.  It happened once more while I was there, but that time I couldn't move at all.  But it was far more brief.
I have had other experiences, but those are just the ones that happened to me on the ship.  I spent 2.5 years there, and want to go back to visit my friend that introduced himself in such a shocking way, but I don't think I can......

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