My Best Friends House


My best friend Shari's house is a fairly new pre-fab house that sets on a couple of acres of land in Fairview Idaho, just over the Utah Idaho border. From the day she and her husband and then two children, she has five now, moved into their house she knew that something or someone else was in their house. Her husband has never experienced anything, not that he will admit to, but she and her kids have!! Let me give you a layout of the house. When you come in the front door you walk into a large living room. Stairs that lead down to the partially finished basment are immediately to your right. Straight a head of you is the kitchen and dining room. When you walk into the kitchen, to your left is the laundry room and a bathroom and the back door which goes out to the drive way. If you turn right in the kitchen you have a hallway, another bathroom and two bedrooms. It is in this hallway, bathroom and two bedrooms the most of the activity has occured. When Shari first moved into the house she felt that something or someone was in the back bedroom, next to hers and she kept the door to that room shut, thinking whatever was in there would stay in there if the door was shut. To this day they rarely use that room. The kids spend little if any time in there preferring to play elsewhere in the house. When you walk back into that room you feel very uncomfortable and you get the feeling your being watched. One night her little boy who was in the middle of potty training was in the bathroom, alone doing his thing. Shari was in the kitchen and her husband was watching t.v. in the living room when all of a sudden her little boy came running out of the bathroom faster than she had ever seen him in run before with a look of pure terror on his face. He didn't stop running until he reached the safety of his daddy's lap. Shari went and looked in the bathroom to see what had scared him and found nothing. She wishes she knew what he saw. One night Shari was woken up by music coming from the other bedroom. When she got up to investigate she found her sons toy car, which has to be pushed across the floor to make it play its music and flash its lights, sitting on the shelf playing music and flashing its lights. When she picked it up it stopped. All the kids were sound asleep and she didn't know what to make of it. She and her kids have all see the caps on the milk jugs suddenly pop off for no reason at all. Mind you these caps screw on!! She and her children have woken up in the night unable to move, filled with terror, barely able to speak. Shari said she knew someone or something ws standing in her doorway and the darkness in the door was darker than any darkness she had ever seen. Only when she prayed for help did the darkness go and the paralysis leave. She and her kids often smell cigarette smoke in the house even though nobody smokes. Shari says she often hears someone walking up and down the basement stairs and strongly senses that someone is there, even though she has never seen anything. There is a spot in her kitchen near the sink where she has felt cool breeze coming up from the floor and she says she has felt it go right through her. One night when her daughters whose bedroom is downstairs had a sleep over with a few of their friends they all woke up and saw a girl standing in their room. She was wearing white and long blonde hair that seemed to be blowing in the wind even though there was no wind in the room. Then just a few weeks her other daughter woke up in the middle of the night and saw someone standing next to her bed. Thinking it was her younger sister, she hollered at her to go back to bed. When the girl turned around she realized it wasn't her sister at all. It was a young girl about ten years old, dressed in white with long brown hair and brown eyes. The girl smiled at her and walked over to the book shelf and started playing with the toys that were there until she dissapeared. When Shari took some pictures of her little boy playing in a card board box in her bedroom she caught some unusual things. Inexplicably the pictures of her little boy are splashed with bright red and yellows and a vortex can be seen in one of the pictures. The rest of the pictures taken in other parts of the house came out just fine. Only the pictures in the hallway and bedrooms had these unusual colors and vortexes. Shari doesn't know the history of the house and doesn't think anybody has died in it. But she and the kids have no doubt they are living in a house haunted by someone or something that she would love to leave behind once and for all.

My Creepy Experience

One summer night i was awake. i almost fell asleep when I herd a voice. i looked out into the hall and I saw a black figure of a small girl. She walked in my room then dissapeerd.I was so freaked out.The next day i started to hear strange little sounds and noises.from that night i started to keep crosses and wind chimes in my room.

My Dorm Experience


I was just sitting in my dorm room here at Kansas Wesleyan in Salina Kasas.  I was sitting at my desk talking to someone over the internet. I had the window open becuse it was hot in the dorm room. There was a little breeze coming through the window.  All of the sudden I got this feeling like there was something terribly wrong somewhere.  it was really quite all over the dorm.  way quitier then usuall.  it was almost just still like there was no life at all.  this went on for about ten minutes when the breeze was still coming through the window but the shades were not moving. I looked around the room becuase i knew something was wrong.  it looked as if i was looking through someone elses eyes.  the room did not seem the same.  while all of this was happening i was still talking over the internet.  i felt like there was some kind of disturbance in the room, some kind of something that i cannot describe.  I was typing away trying to describe what i was feeling to the person i was talking too.  when i felt the energy or disturbance move.  it was moving very slowly.  i felt it move from the center of the room to.....wait it is here again, it is right behind me again it feels as if it has hold of my heart and it is leaning on my shoulder it is moving away again but it is still here in the room my whole body is stiff, it feels as if it is just standing behind me, im a very hot andsweting. the feeling isnt as tense as it was the first time as if it i trying to tell me it will not hurt me.  it left again and my whole body relaxed. the whole time it was standing behind me, i could not turn my head as if it did not want me to see it but i felt a sense of it touching the top of my head and wrapping its arms around me as if hugging me. i have never felt anything like that before in my whole entire life, the feeling was so intense but yet i could not turn to see who it was. this is my story.  i would like to look into this some more to see what is really happening here in the dorms at Kansas Wesleyan Unviersity.

My Evil Me

Since I was a little girl, my sisters and I have had frightening experiences with spirits.  When I was 6, my family and I moved to a fairly new house (only 8 years old at the time) in West Texas.  As far back as I can remember we had strange things going on in that house.  First off, at night if you were to go through the hallway to get to my parents room, you would always hear what sounded like a TV.  You could hear voices and sometimes music.  Most of the time, my parents TV was off.  If you left the room and stood in the hallway again the sounds would be gone.  Secondly, when I would try to go to sleep at night I would always have that classic someone's-watching-me feeling.  I always blamed it on me being a young child.  The house was a scary place to be at night.  Where ever you went someone was watching you.  Friends who have spent the night rarely stayed twice.  The areas of the house that scared everyone the worst were the hallway to my parents room and my older sister's closet.  The closet always had a feeling of hate radiating from it.  I tried to spend a night in there with my scared sister and didn't last.  I was sleeping on the floor with my head next to the closet and that just wasn't a good feeling.  I went back to my room after she fell asleep.  A couple years after we moved in, my younger sister had a frightening experience.  Her and I shared a bedroom with our beds parallel to each other with a nightstand in between us.  We were about 3 feet apart.  One night I woke up to her screaming my name.  I woke up and asked what was wrong.  She told me that, for no reason at all, she woke up and looked over at my bed.  Laying at the foot of my bed she saw a light blue, glowing figure of a woman.  Her eyes were gone and her mouth hung open.  My sister described her as looking dead.  My sister also added that she couldn't see me anywhere on the bed.  So she started screaming my name and closed her eyes.  When she opened them I was awake asking her what was wrong.  She told me and I looked down at the foot of my bed and my huge stuffed animal that I had there every night was sparking like it had really bad static electricity.  I took it off my bed and threw it in my bathroom sink and ran water over it (being young I thought it would help).  Years later my family and I moved to southern Louisiana and moved into a gated subdivision.  One night my two sisters were mad at me and left the house to go on a walk.  I followed them without them knowing.  I followed them up to the front gate of the subdivision and talked to them for a minute.  They quickly left in a huff, being that they were still angry with me.  (for what I don't remember now)  I stayed by the gate for a couple of minutes afterwards and then decided to run to the end of the main street and hide behind some bushes that faced the gate.  I waited for my sisters to walk by and when they did (unaware where I was hiding) stopped remotely in front of the bushes.  I heard my younger sister say, "What is Jenny (me) doing sitting on top that stop sign?"  (the stop sign is located next to the gate).  After that they walked on.  I was a bit confused and was about to chase after them but then, through the leaves, I saw a shadow of someone running past the bushes I was behind.  I could also hear the sound of footsteps.  I stood up quickly to see who was there.  No one was in sight.  After this I ran to my sisters and told them what I had seen.  They then told me that they saw me, or what looked liked me, sitting on top of the stop sign.  They said I had a very angry, disfiguring grin.  After we traded stories, we ran home quickly.  Later, my younger sister told me that the ghost she saw on my bed and the ghost she saw on the sign both looked exactly like me.

My Experience(s)

By: Sean S. From MA
Hello, I've just got to say I really enjoy your site. I visit this ghost section whenever I can and whenever theirs an update, I always read what other experiences people have gone through. I actually have a few of my own as well.
Here's my First:
When I was young and I lived at my grandma's house with my Grandma, grandpa, Mom, and brother I was always scared of the basement. Whenever I went down their I just didn't like it. If someone else ever went down their with me then I was fine but, when I always went down their alone I was scared as hell. Whenever I had to go back upstairs I always felt as if someone was chasing me back up the stairs in which made ME run Quickly up the stairs.
Here's my Second:
I have a Collection of Wrestling Figures that stand up on my dresser and also on a Shelf next to it. One time I was just laying down watching t.v in my room when suddenly, everything that was on my dresser and shelf fell over! And not like Domino's falling everything fell at the exact same time.
Here's my Third:
One nigh when it started to get really cold out I decided to take my fan out of my window. I took it out and leaned it up against the wall so that it wouldn't fall over. I then closed the two windows in my room. All the windows in the house were closed but my room still seemed to be freezing. So, later on that night I was Watching T.V in my room when suddenly my Fan fell over as if it was pushed AWAY from the wall. Now that scared the crap outta' me!



It all began around the first of June, this very year.  This incident took
place in my grandmother and grandfather's home.  My grandfather had been
diagnosed with cancer.  In the summer of 1998, I didn't know that, that
those last few months would be the last time I would ever see him alive.
During that period of time, I had spent a whole lot of time with my
grandparents.  And, had felt like I had actually gotten a little closer to
them both, but particularly my grandfather.  At the end of the summer I
left, and went back home.  Subsequently, about five months later our family
received a disturbing phone call; it was from my grandmother, informing us
about the passing of our grandfather.  He had passed away in the hospital.
We went back to our grandmothers' home (which was the very last place that
our grandfather lived in before his passing).  A month, and a half after we
had been staying there I noticed that something did just not feel right; the
whole atmosphere had changed.  I decided to take the guest room.  For some
reason, I always got the feeling that I was being watched in the guestroom.
Then, other little occurences started to evolve... The very first was, I
always felt like somebody was standing over my shoulder.  I started to
notice scars on my back after I would awake in the mornings, I would feel
lite touches on my back, my mom, and brother both complained about the door
handles being rattled and opening and closing really fast, cabinet doors
would fly open and the pots & pans would all fall out, my hair would get
pulled in the night, diminutive objects would fall from mid air (such as...
paper, hair clips, and coins), and I would hear voices, one of which said,
"wake up!" very loudly in my ear, I would see mists and rays of light shoot
past me extremely fast... so fast, infact I could feel a woosh of air, I
would notice some of my belongings missing..  such as..  my CDs, jewelry,
money to name a few..  usually belongings that I would use a lot around the
house, I would feel my bed move, as if someone were to bump into it during
the night, flickering lights, and last, but not least, since animals can
sometimes see things that humans can not see..  my cat would turn her head
really fast, and just start at something (which I would not be able to see)
for a significant amount of time.  A little while later...  about a month
after being there...  I saw the unthinkable.  After I had been sound asleep
for about 7 hrs., or so.  I woke up suddenly to a spirit at the foot of my
bed, and it was my grandfather!  I could not believe what I was seeing, but
I will describe this to you in full detail...  there was no doubt in my mind
that this was an actually spirit.  He was shadowy like, but his clothing was
colored.  He would always wave at me, and sure enough he was waving in my
direction with a smile on his face.  It was plain to see that he was trying
to get my attention.  He just wanted to see me.  I was too afraid to move a
muscle, in fear that inspite of everything else that he would approach me.
I had never seen anything like this before in my entire life.  I didn't want
to tell this to anyone though, I thought that nobody would believe me, or
listen.  About a week later I was in the kitchen with my mom, and she told
me that the guestroom was where our grandpa had stayed in before he died,
because he was too ill.  That explains the reason why THAT very room felt
like the most erie room in the house.  I almost fainted whenever I
discovered that, but I knew that a spirit can travel anywhere in the home,
even outside or in back of the house!  But, It wasn't until a month later
that I decided to come out with the news.  I first confided in my mom, and
brother.  And my mother believed me because she said that before I brought
up anything that I said that... our grandmother had experienced the exact
same thing!  That he was at the foot of the bed watching over her, and
smiling.  I had a phone conversation with her, and I let her do all the
talking first, and everything that she told me measured up with my
experience.  And, it only happened to my grandmother, and I; whom, he was
the closest with before he passed away.  Everyone was wondering why I didn't
scream, or attempt to run out of the guest room as soon as I saw him, but I
was too afraid.  Whenever you're that close to something like that..  It
just takes your breath away completely.  I was in my own little qualm.  I
felt very uncomfortable.  It wasn't until I started sleeping on the living
room sofa that I felt appeased.  Albeit, this has not been my first
experience.  Ever since I was the age of five; my family and I started
traveling around a lot, and we would move here, and there... I've went to 9
different schools total.  I'm now 17.  In previous homes, I've experienced a
whole lot... I lived in a haunted house for a total of 3 years.  Not only by
all of the experiences that I have endured, I have been doing many
researches involving the paranormal.  I'm really good at picking up on
things too, which I have found out.  There was this one house that we went
into, that we were thinking about purchasing...  but, I felt like something
was wrong.  There were, several rooms in the home that I just could not stop
venturing off into..  the main one's were the master bedroom, and the study.
After I left the house I told my parents that someone from that house must
have past away.  Someone that used to stay in the master bedroom.  So, my
mom went to go look up the history of the house, and sure enough...  the
owner, and his wife on a trip to Calafornia got killed in a car wreck; and
they lived in the master bedroom, and the owner spent most of his time in
the study.  After I was enlightened with that information...  I was in
disbelief!  I still am to this day too.  My mom told me that it goes back to
her being Jewish/Indian...  she said that she can pick up on, and see things
too.  She claims that it's an Indian thing.  But, I don't know.  Maybe it
is!  Anyways, God Bless everyone & Thank You for your time...  Great web
site by the way!  I'm a current visitor!


Hello, I have alot of experiences to share. I have been told that I am
more "in-tune" with the spiritual world, and thats why alot of stuff
happens to me. Anyways I'll just share some that I can remember. One
night,my friend Amanda was having a sleep-over with 3 other girls, and
someone brought along a ouija to play. We were playing,and having
fun,because it was spooky. After that,we went to sleep at about 12, and
we slept on a trundle that came out of the couch. We were the only one's
in the house,because her mom was out. Anyways, I woke up and shook
everyone awake, becauseI had a "bad feeling",and I had heard the closet
doors slamming all night. It was pitch black,so I told for my friend to turn
on the light. She did,but it blew out. She tryed it again,but it blew out once
more. I thought bulbs can only blow out once. We were really scared, and
we saw this black mass approaching us, and closing in on us . We jumped
up,and all ran out of the house. We were really spooked,and didn't go
back inside for like 2hours.One time,when I was about 7 , I had been
staying at my grandparents house for easter vacation.I had got to sleep in
this one room, but for some reason,I didn't like it. Well one night,I woke
up,because I felt someone watching me. (There's a door that leads to my
room,and and right next to it is a door that leads to the backyard) I sat up
in bed, and right in front of the back door was this figure about 6 foot who
appeared to have on armor,and held a walking stick. I was
afraid,because I knew it was bad, but I wasn't able to run away,because
the door to get out of the room was right next to where the spirit was. I
just looked at it,and it wouldn't let me go,finally after like 2 minutes it
faded away,and I ran out of the room and refused to sleep in there again.
Another time, at my moms house, I was home alone, and I was watching
tv in the living room. I heard the bath water running, and so I ran to the
bathroom to turn it off. I thought it must have been loose or something,so
I tightened it. I closed the door,and resumed to watching tv again. It
somehow turned on again,so  I tightned it again. This continued on for
another 4 times,and I still don't know what it was. In my dads house an
old lady supposivly died here before we moved in. I never sleep with the
light off,because I like to be able to see who and what is in my room.
Anyways I always get knocks on my door,even though its open,and one
night I felt like someone was sitting on my chest while I was sleeping.
My older sister seems to get bugged more. Someone tickles her
feet,pokes the bottom of her mattress while she's sleeping, and breathes
behind her when she's on the computer. In this same house, in my
bedroom I hung this picture about 6in across,and 3in wide of this rapper
Dr.Dre on my wall. The next day, there was scratches that had torn the
picture,although it was still on the wall. This freaked me out,because I
was the only one visiting my dad that weekend,and he doesn't have any
pets. I put tape over it, just to cheaply laminate it,and see if "she" could
or would scratch it again. The morning after that,I was surprised to find it
scratched again. It freaked me out,but I left the picture there. I don't
think "she" likes rap very much, and I think "she" and "they" take and
hide things. These may not sound scary,but when they happen to you,it
is. I have many more,but I can't remember anymore right now. Thanks
for listening,and I'm sorry it was so long.

My Expierince...


a couple years ago i went to Kansas City MO with a friend and her family. I got the basement bedroom with one of the brothers room down there too.  it was the night before i was leaving, and we all were up late talking. i had seen the one sister "go" down stairs to the room, probably b/c we were loud and to go to bed.  a few minutes later i had to go down stairs to get something and it was sooo dark, they had a switch almost accross the room from where you enter, and as i walked in the room i heard the light switch clicking and i said to mariah "here let me get it for you" i got the light on and NOONE was there... i went and looked for her, she was in the one spare bedrooms off the living room
thanks for your time ill send another email with another expierince

Degree of ESP


Hello! My name is Annie and I live in southern California, just outside
Los Angeles. I've been reading over  the stories posted here and they
sound a lot like my own story.
First of all, my mom, oldest brother, and myself all have some degree of
ESP, which I think makes us sensitive to paranormal activity and might
even attract spirits to us.
I'm sure my house has been haunted ever since I was a baby. And here's
what happened:  in 1979, the year before I was born, my parents and 2
older brothers moved into a brand new house.  My mom said the 2nd day in
that house she knew weird things were going on.  Footsteps, voices, odd
sounds, things like that.  All she knew was that our house and all the
others on the street were built over farmland land.  It seemed that
strange things would happen in our house for a few days and then would
stop, but then the neighbor would complain of odd things in her house.
It seemed like the ghost was going up and down the block to all the
houses.   I was born in 1980, and ever since I can remember I have
noticed strange things myself.  I would hear heavy footsteps downstairs
when everyone was asleep upstairs.  Sometimes I would hear chairs
dragging across the floor, pots and pans banging, things like that. One
day when I was about 5 years old, I heard a woman's voice call my name
from the 2nd story window although my mom was making dinner in the
downstairs kitchen.  My 2 older brothers would constantly ask my mom,
"Who was that lady in the white nightgown that was walking in the hallway
last night?"   Sometime later a child spirit came to our house also.  He
liked to go running up the stairs in the middle of the night and
generally cause mischief, like hiding things and moving objects around.
His footsteps sounded like a toddler scuffing around in a sleeper
My mom confronted the lady ghost one time, and all the ghost said was "I
love your baby."
I only remember seeing the ghost only once, when I was 14, as a dark
shadowy figure moving down the staircase.   My best friend even witnessed
the curtains in my room swinging back and forth rapidly when the window
and door were shut tight, and I was woken up one night with my bed
shaking pretty hard.
In 1999 we moved to another house across town, and either the ghost
followed us or there's others spirits here anyways. The first night here,
I watched a book move itself from the middle of a table and fall onto the
floor.   Every night in my new room, just after I shut off the lights to
go to bed, my bedroom door would open, I'd hear some footsteps on the
carpet, my guinea pigs would squeal, and then the entity would leave my
room and shut the door again. How polite. :) My mom has seen her many
times, she is an elderly lady named of Helen that often gazes out the
large window in the den. Some times I've felt cold spots in the house,
usually in the hallway by the bedrooms.  My younger brother, sister, and
myself all feel like somebody is watching us if we stay up late at night.
  My sister says that sometimes the light fixture on the ceiling in her
room will swing back and forth by itself.  Oh, and sometimes my TV,
stereo, and VCR will flip on and off when nobody is around.
Here's another creepy event: I have a rabbit that lives in the den and
she begs for food whenever humans walk into the room. A few days ago I
was watching TV in the den, and the rabbit ran to the edge of the carpet,
turned around, and stood on her hind legs, begging for food at thin air.
She ran into the middle of the room and did the same thing again.
Finally she ran to the other side of the room and begged some more, and
then she sat looking at that part of the room for a while, with her ears
turned forward in an alert manner. I've heard that dogs and cats are
sensitive to spirits, and I guess my rabbit is too. By the way, I've had
several dogs in my house that I've watched for neighbors and family for a
few days at a time, and each one has done that "stare at the empty corner
and bark" thing.
Since my schedule is usually different than everyone else's here, I often
get home very late at night when everyone else is asleep.  There is
always a light on in the front room of the house, and when I come home I
always see a dark outline or figure of Helen standing in the window, as
if our friendly spirit is waiting up for me.  So when I walk in the door
I say, "I'm home, thanks for waiting for me" and then I get the feeling
around me that all is well.
Sometimes our spirit plays pranks on us, such as hiding my makeup, and
I'll find my lipstick a week later perhaps under the sink or in my mom's
china hutch.  Or a few times she come up behind me and tugged on my
ponytail, and when I turn around nobody is there.   I often feel
something touching my hair too, it feels like the way a little girl plays
with her friend's hair.
We also get other spirits passing through, such as the male ghost dressed
like a lumberjack that my mom saw only once in the backyard, or another
entity with heavy footsteps that whistles in the kitchen once in a while.
Right now I don't mind living with a friendly spirit or two. I think it's
kind of nice to know that somebody is waiting for me every night.  Helen
has never caused us any problems besides the occasional uneasy
being-watched feeling, a few pranks, a flowery perfume scent that's in
the house some days, and the usual disembodied voice calling from another
room. I've never felt threatened or senses evil. So she is welcome to
If anyone else has a friendly spirit around, feel free to email me.

Ghostly Experiences


    I've had a few "ghostly" experiences in my life so
far. Most are probably my overactive imagination, the
incident I experience in Columbus,Ohio was as real as
it can get!
     I went to college at Columbus College of Art and
Design in Columbus, Ohio. There were plenty of stories
going around that the freshman dorms were haunted.
CCAD is known as being a very fast-paced,
highly-stressed school and that many of the "ghost"
are past students who killed themselves because their
already sensitive dispositions couldn't handle the
pressure. I never really gave any credence to these
stories until I experienced something that I still
can't explain.
    I lived on the third floor of the dorms and shared
my room with 3 other girls. 2 girls slept on one side
of the room and I shared my room with Rose on the
other side. A kitchenette/dining area w/ the main door
leading to the hall seperated the two.
    One night I was sleeping and my roomate,Rose, left
to go visit her boyfriend in his room (it's co-ed
dorms). I slept without incident until sometime around
9:30pm. I awoke to the sound of someone entering our
room through the main door, coming into the bedroom
and riffiling through papers and things by Rose's side
of the room. Thinking that Rose had come back to get
something I said"Hi Rose, forget something?" But got
no answer. The moving of papers continued and I called
out another greeting to Rose and still got no
response. Finally, I turned my head to look at her and
ask her what her problem was (I thought she wasn't
answering me on purpose) but no one was there. Plus,
the shifting of papers stopped and everything fell off
of Rose's desk and onto the floor. I got up and ran
out into the commons area to ask anyone if they had
seen someone come in or out of the room-no one had.
Then I went down to Roses boyfriend's room and asked
Rose if she had come upstairs. She swore to me that
she had been in her man's room ever since she had left
      I can't remember which room number it was, but
if you're on the 3rd floor facing the elevator-the
room is the second room on your right-hand side. Once
you're IN the room-It's the bedroom to your left.
** Another quick incident-Not long after that, I was
taking another nap by myself in the room. Just as I
was falling asleep someone pushed me out of bed. Most
people that I told about this just said I fell out of
bed. But I swear that I felt someone push me on my
back and I hit the floor a decent distance away from
the side of my bed**
    Since then, It's been 5 years since I lived in
those dorms and have not had any paranorml incidence
     If you have any questions, feel free to contact
me at:

My Ghost Story

I had quite an experience with a ghost (or a pair of
ghosts) just last night!! It was about 9:30, I was
settling into bed.  As I started to drift into a state
of subconsciousness, I began to hear a woman hum a
song. I found this odd since both my parents had
fallen asleep prior to my adjourn to my bedroom.  I
then heard a child repeat the word "boy" from just
outside the first window across from my bed.  I turned
on my ceiling light, too scared to turn it off again.
I even fell asleep with it on.  It scared me to death!

My Ghost


Almost a half year ago I experienced my first paranormal experience.
It was the most coolest moment, but a little scary ,of my entire life.
My brother and I were were fighting in the livingroom, after a while I
ran to my room and rested for 2 minutes my brother ran into my room roaring. We started laughing  for  about  30 seconds. And  then i picked up my hands and said ooooooo IIIIIImmmm  scarded  and sudenly  a big picture frame  that was laying on a closet behind my brother started shaking  violently for about 3 seconds before it jumped of the shelf. My brother was lucky enough to have reacted fast enough and slid to my right and cought the picture . The closet is about 6 feet long and 3 feet wideand 6 feet tall. Since then similar events have taken place and still occur to this day. That occurence did not change me much because I always was into and believed in the paranormal and parapsychology and I want to be a paranormalist.


By: name is pat slagle and my house has been
haunted for about a year now....the first thing that
happened to me wuz a year ago when "it" touched my
hand.the second was about 4 weeks ago when i saw him
standing over my brothers bed...he had blonde hair and
a black suit on and hes very tallWell,after i saw him came a small
series of things...the next thing that happened to me
was that i was home alone,and i heard him coming down
the stairs...i was frozen.....then i heard him mone
into my ear right beside me...and then not long after
my brother went into his room and saw that his sterio
was upside down and that his chain that had a cross on
it was thrown on the floor.After that the tub faucet
turned on by itself...the last thing that happened to
me was that i went upstairs and i heard him pacing by
my moms window in her room....i asked him to talk to
me....he ran at me!(his footsteps sound like a giant)
and i left the room....till this day he haunts my one has ever died in my house and hes
always upstairs.....if anyone has any information on
who this is PLEASE e-mail me.

My Grandfather


My encounter is with my grandfather who died in 1981. Last year when my grandmother layed dying at her home I was standing at the foot of her bed. being a nurse for 10 years I have been with many patients when they take their last breath and I have never had anything like tis happen before. While we were standing there my mom and dad brothers and sisters with aunts uncles and cousins there also I felt the hairs on my neck and arms start to rais up only when I was standing at a certian spot at the foot of my grandmothers bed. I looked at my mother and asked her if she could feel that she also told me yes. Now let me explain something My Grandmother loved my grandfather very much. he was her whole world and when he died we all thought that she would grieve herself to death but she didn't. The only thing I can come up with to explain this happening is that my grandmothers bed was sitting in the exact same spot as my grandfathers bed was when he died and that he had come back to make sure that my Grandmother didn't have to make the crossing alone.

My House is by the Cemetery


When I was about 13 years old I had a friend spend the night at my house. My room, which was in the basement, has swinging doors with about 1 ½ - 2 ft clearance on both the top and the bottom. We were lying in bed, still awake at 2 am and heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Then the living room light came on. We both got out of bed and looked under the door to see if it was my mom coming to tell us to be quiet. You can see the only light switch that turns that light on from where we were; my mom wasn’t there. So I said "Mom" and the light went off. Neither of us saw anything turn it off. We turned the light on in my bedroom and crawled back into bed, terrified. We were laying there wide eyed when a stuffed animal I had hanging from a hook on my ceiling started spinning in circles, it started slow and then got extremely fast. Frightened we put our heads under the cover and started singing "Jesus Loves Me". When we got enough courage back to look back from under the covers the stuffed animal had stopped spinning. I always had a feeling of a presence before this and this just kind of justified it. Did I mention that my house was built 100 feet from a cemetery?


My House is Haunted

In 1992 we moved from our home in St. Louis Missouri to a small town in indiana.  We rented a home for 31/2 years.  We finally had enough money to purchase a home of our own.  We looked and looked going to all the open houses and checking the real estate books when ever they came out.  Well we finally found the home of our dreams.  A very large two story home shaped like a barn .  We seen this home and knew it was the one we wanted.  We came back several times just to look at it from the outside it was ours Im sure of it I told my husband.  Well we did buy it and moved in the first night I was woke by the door bell at about 3am  I jokeingly said I  think this place is haunted.  Little did I know this was not a joke.  Three years fter we moved here I seen a child that I thought was my daughter, I followed her to the baasement to be meet with nobody around.  This child was solid I could not see her face but her clothes where very distinct.  long sleeve blue shirt and baggy pants like the kids where wearing .  It was after this that I started looking into the background of the house I was in awe that the house had such a colorfull history.  I serched the records and found that the home was built on the property of the Bowens was that a coincidence.  Our last name was the same.  I started hearing children running on the front porch, and knocking on the doors in the middle of the night I would always find no one in the area.  I would awaken to loud running like several children were playing downstairs but evrytime I got up they would be gone.  My husband thought I was going crazy he said I watched to many movies.  I tried to let it go and ignor it but I would always come up with a new question.  I finally thought I would like to know who was here.  I ask if they would leave me a sign that everyone would see and that is when it started to get crazy.  I got up the next morning to find a very small hand print in the cat litter box.  The hand print was about the size of a two or three year old my children were much bigger and they would never stick there hands in a cat litter box.  I realized at this point that the house was occupied by more than one spirit.  The hand print was to small to belong to the child I had seeen.  I began to here whispers and see things out of the corner of my eye when I was alone.  I could since that someone was watching me.  Then one day I took a picture of my daughter by the xmas tree this is when they decided to make there presence known.  The picture had two dogs and a man in it the only one in the house at the time was me and my daughter I was shocked to find the man and dogs as I had been hearing a dog bark around the house and blew it off as a neighbors dog although I had never seen the dogs.  I started asking about the house in the neighbor hood and was told everyone knew the place was haunted that it had been haunted since the house was built.  I callled the man whoes father and grandfather had built the house and he was shocked he came to my house and showed me pictures of the old house that stood where mine now stood an old shack like in the little house on the prairie ,  They built this house and from the begining they had heard strange noises and children the children said that the chair would move by itself and they would hear there names being called but nobody was there.  I had an idea that the original owneres never left so I looked up the cementary records and I found some of the names of our ghost.  I had a close encounter with a young blonde woman in my pantry.  I was puting my grocerys up when I stuck my arm through her it felt as if I was charged with electricity.  I turned to look right at a beautifull girl with bright blue eyes but she was transparent.  I was scared I dont mind tellling you but I have to live here and I was not going to let her scare me off.  I could hear her telling me her name waas Sarah with a H.  I went to the cementary and low and behold I found her grave she was 17,  I also found the grave of Silas Mitchell he was a civil war soldier. He was the one in my picture.  I have since seen about 6 spirits I somehow think they are here to watch over us.  We had a house fire and it was 3 am my son was woke by a woman telling him to get out the house was on fire.  The smoke detectors haden't yet gone off.  We got out and saved ourselves but lost our dog, and our bird  I thilnk they are still here if the family is still here they must be too.  Well I hqave more stories but will have to get to them at another time .

My Paranormal Activity... The Dark Men, and The Indians


Oh God, where do I start.  I have always been afraid of the paranormal.  I always believed that me seeing or experiencing the other side would be the end of me.  I can now say that it has only made me stronger, and braver.  All my life, I have lived with Jesus in my heart, being a Born-Again Christian.  Whenever i felt alone, or "not alone" i would say a prayer and feel alright.  I have a few stories with ghosts, or lets just say the paranormal. Keep in mind that I am 16 years old...
 One year ago, there was a spot in my town where a bunch of woods and a giant field was cleared out, and made many wealthy homes.  It was in a historical area, where there is alot of Native American memorabilia and such.  Anyway, One of my friends had just moved into one of the homes, and he had a few of us sleep over.  So we were in his [finished] basement playing with a Oija board and listening to the radio.  It was pretty corney, and nothing happened. So we put it away.  We got all freaked out, even though we were all sports jocks, and threw it in a little patch of woods he had in his backyard. So we went back in his house, just haning out, wiht our sleeping bags all set up on the floor.  We finally shut the radio off, it now being about 11pm.  It was late enough to do some damge, so we got eggs, and toilet paper, and went into the new neighborhood and wrecked the houses and cars.  We got back at about 12:30am, and decided to go to bed.  We turned out the lights, (the radio was already off) and went to sleep.The radio turned on, playing the station that we were listening to previously.  It then changed to someone singing, "Ring around the rosey, pockets full of Poseys" We got so freaked out, because it was definetly NOT the radio.  It sounded like a little girl.  Then the radio shut off, and we heard a nasty sound, it sounded like a  distorted, whirring and humming noise.  The radio started blasting, adn the lights began turning on and off, flashing really quickly.  We were so scared, not one of us moved, or said a word.  When the lights were flashing,  I saw in the corner of my eye a tall dark colored man.  There was no shadow when the lights turned on, and he almost looked transparent.  I know this because after I saw it in the corner of my eye, i looked striaght at it, but the next time the light went out, then back on, it moved to a different part of the room.  It looked like an indian, but at that time, I was not sure.
The next morning, after NO sleep, we found ourselves in the living room on the main floor.  We told my friends parents all about it, and they said they haddn't heard a think.  When we went outside, not a single drop of egg or toilet paper was on any of the surrounding houses , except for my friends.  I am NOT LYING. THIS IS 100%TRUE that it was on the local news.  My friends parents had the Warrens' look at his house. (The Warrens are famous ghost hunters who live in Connecticut.)  They came to the conclusion that the house was indeed haunted, and that it was built over an ancient Indian burial ground.  We went to the library, and checked the records, and that was true.  I never slept over his house again.  Two other houses, on either side of his, reported hauntings and strange things as well.
Another time, I was at my friends house, and was running down her hallway in her basement.  I was stopped dead in my tracks by some force.  I stopped so suddenly, when i was running so fast, that my body jerked itself backwards.  About three inches infront of my eyes, i say this white smokey thing fluttering up and down in one movment.  It is so hard to put in words, and the feeling I got was very peaceful.
Another experience of mine, was at my cousins house in Waterbury (Connecticut)  She lives on a private drive that consists of only five houses including hers.  When i slept over, I always had a bad feeling. I have seen dark men walking down into her basement, and seen white people going the opposite way. Her remote control was missing for about three weeks, they searched high and low, everywhere for it.  Couldn't find it ANYWHERE.  one day my uncle was taking a nap on the couch, and when he closed his eyes, he heard something drop on the kitchen table... he opened his eyes, and the remote was tehre.  He was the only one in the house at the time.
One thing that I understand, is NOT to mess with the paranormal, many people say taht they cannot hurt you, but I do not believe that to be true.  Not all of ghosts are angels, VERY many of them are demonic. My word of advice is to pray to God whenever you feel unconfortable in a room, or when u get a bad vibe.  Dont mess with anything unless you know what you are doing.  and dont EVER play with a Oija board. Thats a definately NO.No!

My Personal Experiences


Hello, I would like to share with you some incidents that has happened to
me.In November of 2000 my family and I purchased a wonderful old house that
was built back in the 1860's, well anyway my first thought of the house was
that it is haunted and now that I have lived there almost a year now I think
that my thoughts have been confirmed.Incident number 1:A friend and I were
up late one night sitting in the bedroom off the living room and we had the
door open so that we could see directly into the living room and my 2 year
olds Rock & Roll Elmo Doll started going nutts repeating over and over
again, " ELMO ELMO" and after a few minutes of that it finally started
singing the tune it was suppose to play.Keep in mind that her and I were the
only people there and we seen nothing by the doll that would cause it to do
that and the batteries were brand new.Incident #2 While my family and I were
sitting in the living room watching tv one night I heard some strange music
comming from the fire place room and when I got up to investigate the music
was comming from my locked curio box,it was my daughters wind up music box
playing and it played the entire song.Keep in mind that this music box has
been locked in this curio cabinet for about 5 years we did not even take it
out when we moved.Incident number 3:I was in the bathroom one evening
picking up and looked over just on time to see the whole roll of toilet
paper fly off the spindle and it has happened more times since then.Incident
number 4: I got up late one night to get a bottle for my new born baby and
alls that we had on that night was a night light just bright enough so that
you could see around the kitchen,anyway I get all done making her bottle and
start back to go up stairs and look over my shoulder to see the reflection
of a man sitting at my kitchen table in my glass sliding doors.Needless to
say I ran up the stairs and was scared out of my gord!My last story is the
one that kind of spooks me the most, I was about 8 months pregnant with my
last child when we moved in the house and I had her name picked out "
Pierson Michelle" was gonna be her name and then one night just out of the
blue I decided to name her "Pierson Amelia" my husband asked me why I had
made such a sudden change and had no good explanation to give him for it I
just said I don't know I guess it just sounds good.Well about a month after
she was born my mom called me up to tell me that she had done some history
researching on the house and to all of our amazement the very original owner
of the home was named " Amelia Poole".I to this day do not know if it was
just a qouincidence or maybe she had something to do with it.Well i could go
on even longer about my experiences but these were some of the one's that
stick in my mind.Thankyou for taking time to read them.

My Personal Ghost


I live in Woodstock IL with my mother step-father and three older step-brothers.Right now I am 15 years old. When I was about 5 or 6. We moved into our new home and got settled in.Now I know for being so young I shouldnt remember stuff but in this instance I did. I lived in the house till I was about 8 or 9 years old and to this day every time I pass it I get a very uneasy feeling. The storie as I heard it from my older brother is that our house was built by a preacher. He had it built for his wife.But according to the story the preacher's wife left him for another man. The preacher stopped going to his church and stopped just plain out living. He ended up dieing in that house all alone. He always wanted kids though. But to me there seems to be something else. Let me elaborate. Any married couple that lived in that house (including my step-dad and his ex-wife) always seperated. The pressence of the preacher was always there. He was also very kind to children. At one point I was running up our stairs with our dog a pit named Serena and she knocked me down. I almost fell but felt myself being "caught" and pushed the other way so I fell onto the stairs and able to catch myself. I used to try and tell myself how lucky I was to have caught my balance. That fall could have killed me. I now know that it isnt my luck at all it was a nice man who helped me live. But there was something else. Something dark in that house. Everyone who lives there feels it. Fights used to break out between memebers of my family for no apparent reason. We could be all perfectly happy at one point then suddenly on a whim we all felt angry and pissed off. It was a curse on the house I think. I pass by that house on my way home from school now. Still I shudder and have to turn away. There are two boards on the front of the house. We put them up to fix the house. Those boards have been the same color since we put them up no matter how much you paint them. No matter how much we tried to fix something it refused. It would fix for about a day then break or get trashed just a quick. While I remember the nice preacher who once saved my life and many occasions I am sure watched over me I will never forget the deep dark pressence that would scare the hell out of me whenever I was alone.

I Can Never Forget This


This happened when  I was about 10 years old or so but to this day I can never forget it. It was summer-time (And summer's in India are so hot) my cousins had come to spend the holidays with me. I was wearing a short top with a pair of shorts and I was still feeling incredibly warm.
Since my bedroom was not big enough for all my cousins (9 OF US) we spread mattresses in the living room next to the kitchen ,and slept there.
I could not get to sleep at all even though I usually am not a late sleeper. My parents had also decided to call it a night  and were in their room. There was absolute silence in the house. Suddenly almost out of nowhere on that hot night, A  ice cold jet of air rushed past me making me throw my blankets on, but within seconds it was gone.
I forgot about it and went back to trying to go to sleep but I was disturbed by sounds from the kitchen.
They were the most odd sounds to hear at night. The clatter of vessels and pouring of water or juice. It sounded almost as if someone  was cooking a meal right in our kitchen.
It then occurred to me that if a meal was being cooked,then who was cooking it ??? I could not understand this and since I was afraid to go in the kitchen, I called out to my mother.
The reaction to this was amazing. I heard the sound of vessels being dropped and the cold jet of air passed by once again. Within seconds it was gone.
I could not sleep that night an for many nights after that though I never heard anything after that night.
To this day, I have not told anyone about it and have never clearly explained it to myself .

Playing Next Door

When I was younger we always used to play next door to my parents house.
The neighboors never cared cause I used to play with their son.  Their home
used to be a funeral parlor, and their barn was used to store and make
caskets back in the early 1900's.  There were still some caskets up in the
barn where we used to play.  To make a long story short, a bunch of us were
playing up there one night, and we thought we heard a noise.  It was no big
deal, but cause we were kidds, once one of us started to run, we would all
panic, and run really fast.  So, I was the first down the long narrow
stairs, this barn was big, and shaped somwhat like a regular building.  So
we all darted towards the stairs, and one of the guys was moving faster than
the kiddin front, and ended up pushing him down the stairs right behind me.
Then they just ran over him. We all got out if there, but we were too scared
to go back for him.  We went inside, and then when he didnt join us 5 minuts
later, we went back.  He wasnt moving, they called an ambulance but he died
with a broken neck.  We were in shock, it seemed so harmless, but he was
really dead.
   I never went back there for months.  But one night the light in the barn
was on.  Ok, I thought, no big deal.  But my dad thought I had been playing
over there, so he said I had to go and turn it off.  It can only be turned
off upstairs, so once I turn it off, Im stuck in the dark.  I pleaded that I
hadnt turned on the light, be he didnt believe me!
   So, I reluctantly went over there, all the while I felt the barn could
see me coming, its hard to explain.  I hadnt been back ther since the
incident.  I approached the stairs, there was still a blood stain!  I
couldnt belive this.  It was so weird, I felt like I had to appologize to my
friend for leaving him there that night.  I went up the stairs slowly, there
was just one light bulb, but there were shadows moving on the walls.  All
the caskets were propped up against the walls, for some reason this scared
me.  So I turned off the light, and just then a casket fell in front of me,
but I couldnt see for sure.  I barely knew where the stairs were, and I
tripped as I approached the steps.  As I slowly made my way down, I heard a
creaping noise, and then a voice "Dont fall" it said, as if to hope that I
did!! I was freaked but couldnt run cause it was too dark to find my way.
But I made it out, obviously scared as heck.   Then......the next night, the
light was on again!  Once again, I was forced to go back, needless to say
many crazy things occured from this moment on.  Fortunatly this time I found
the old circut breaker and cut the power to the barn from down below......



I have been reading some experiences from other people and it inspired me to
tell a little story of my own...
I was about 17 at the time that my friend brought a Oujia board to my house.
A group of us girls sat around it and preceded to "raise the dead" ....little
did we know that we were messing with a seriously messed up spirit. He calls
himself Dustin and took over my body. I don't remember much about it but my
friend's say that when I blacked out I began to holler about blood and
sirens...bright lights, rain and a women. I came back too and looked around
and saw an expression of disbelief on my friend's faces. My face was soaked
with tears.
That is what started my...episodes...if you will. A year after that, I was
sitting at a my friend Will's house when he pulled out a Oujia board....I had
vowed to myself that I would never EVER touch one again...but I did!!! About
half an hour into our little session...Dustin popped up. This was really
strange since I hadn't really thought about him for quite a bit of time. The
ironic thing was I had only known Will for about a month...I had never told
him about Dustin.
Dustin was evil. He would put pressure on my shoulder's sometimes...he made
it unable for me to walk...I would end up crouched over in a chair until he
left. One time he took over my car...the car started to speed up, the radio
began to blare and switch stations...the windshield wipers started.
This was when I had enough. I decided to go to a church and be prayed over
because my prayers were never strong enough. When I entered the church I
began having trouble walking. When I entered the Sanctuary...I passed out....
The Church couldn't help me. Dustin became worse and more persistant. I began
to see visions. I saw my brother being chased down a road, over a bridge and
through smoke. I saw my brother that night...he told me that story that I had
visualized...bit by bit....he didn't know that I had "been" there. There were
other events also....if anyone cares to hear or talk about experiences
similar to mine...please email me...I would greatly apprieciate feedback.
FYI...Dustin has left me be for about a year now...but he might come back. He
does that sometimes....If anybody has any ideas of maybe getting rid of him
permentatly...please advise me how.

Scared Me


hi my name is Kathy. I first saw a ghost when I was just 5 years old, but the most recent one that scared me was at a friend's house. One night my friend, Charlene and I were just sitting on the sofa watching TV when we got that feeling that someone was watching us. We knew that no one was home, but the feeling just got stronger. I have known that I have had a gift for a long time. I looked around and saw the shadowy figure of a man standing above us on the balcony. He looked evil with a dark black aura. I just felt as though that was just one spirit that you don't ignore. Charlene and I both went outside where we felt safe to decide what to do. Being witches we decided to put a protection spell on the house. As we preformed the ritual the spirit got angry. the lights started flikering, and doors upstairs started slaming over and over again. It was almost like something out of a horror film, but real. We were so scared, but ever since that night we have never had a problem with him again. Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed my experience.

My Three Ghosts

when i was a very little girl i always had a feeling that i was not alone.  My first experiance was when i was about six years old. My mother had come in to check on me during the night because she thought she heard talking.  When she walked in the room i ran into her arms crying histaracally.  She asked me what was the matter i told her that i had seen i woman in my closet.  She thought that i was making this up so she just put me back it bed and left.  She finally relized that this was not a trick but something was going on.  So she asked me what the lady looked like and i told her that she smiled alot and called my her angel.  I also looked over at the picture of my mother's mother and said that's the lady right there mommy.  she then got real pale and i asked if i was sure and i said yes.  my grandmother died right after i was born so i never knew what she looked like.  My second and third ghost are not so friendly the were murdered in the the house that we used to live in and at night they would pinch me or sometimes they would push me down on the ground they made things move around the house.  And even now i think they moved with us into the new house because every now and then things will come up missing only to be found in the most obvious of places!!!!

Nancy, the Ghost Who Likes Coffee


Well, I'm from Northern New Jersey and the story I'm going to tell you about takes place in our apartment in a 2 family home. (We live on the second floor.) I've lived in this house since I was 11. I am now 20 and strange occurences have been happening since day 1. Although, they come and go in spurt, the appear to me more frequent in the past year or 2. I am now 20. Anyway, when we first moved into this house, I had just started 6th grade. Starting middle school was a big enough deal as it is! Nevermind all the kids letting me know that I was moving into the "haunted house". No one ever passed up a chance to remind me that I was moving into really haunted house! It scared the crap out of me but it was also kinda cool that I was the center of attention. My landlords wife even told my mother that she swore this place was haunted. She mentioned something to my mom about smelling the strong scent of coffee when no one was making anyway at weird hours of the night...and other incidents with candles. In the first few years of living here, my cousin was sleeping over one night, and she was in the room with my sister sleeping in our bunkbeds and I was sleeping in the living room. She said that when they went to bed that she saw someone walk in and out of the room as though they were looking for something. She came in the living room to tell me that they were still up and that I could turn the lights on if I needed to. I had never been in the room. Wasn't me! We never really figured out who that was. My sister has seen the shadows of figures walking in our hallway. My mom said that when we first moved here she saw a figure of man walk into her room at night and stand at the foot of her bed and just stare at her. She never mentioned this to us until recently because we were younger at the time and didn't want to scare us. Okay so things seem cool for a couple years. No one notices anything out of the ordinary besides little things that were kind of strange but easy enough to shrug off. it's about 99-00. I'm 18, 19 at the time. Little things start only me. Like I said before, they come and go in spurts. Anyway, I'll get to the point. I feel like whatever this "spirit" is taunting me. Such I'll walk in and out of the living room and the curtains will be shut after I just opened them, I hear women talking when I'm home alone, nothing I can understand, the T.V. changes channels on it's own, the radio shuts off and on, I'll walk into the kitchen and the frig door will be wide open, lights turn on and off. Now, earlier this year I had a dream in which I felt that the girl talking to me in the dream was this presence. I couldn't see her face at all but I was sitting across from her at a table and she shoved a piece of paper to me with the name "Nancy" on it. Now, In the past month, thigns have been going crazy. The creepiest thing to me, is the fact that when I know I'm home alone and even the woman downstairs is at work, I'll smell the aroma of coffee so strong I almost gag. It will be 3 in the morning, I'll smell coffee out of nowhere. Just last night, 4:23...the scent of coffee start eminating from the middle of my living room as though there was an invisible coffee pot there!! The weird thing is, my family doesn't even own a coffee pot. We hate it! So go could be the people downstairs. But at 3 in the morning? And so strong? Why did the lady who lived here before say the same thing and she lived here when it was a 1 family home? I don't know. I wouldn't be scared if it weren't for the fact that recently my diabetic supplies keep dissappearing right when I'm about to take my shot or test my blood. And then they show up behind the couch, in my closet, in my dresser, etc. I don't know the history of this house at all, but I plan on trying to come to some sort of conclusion. I just wish I knew what "Nancy" was trying to tell me? Maybe she just misses coffee in the afterlife. Who knows?

Next Door Neighbor


i realise that i recently dicoverd your web site and have sent you my experience but just the other day i met a friend who shared with me something that just experienced. a girl 12yrs old swares that she has seen her neighbor who has been dead for about a week. the deceased man and his wife lived next door to the girl and her family. the couple had no children of their own,so they took to the children next door as honerary
neices and nephews. suddenly the man next door bacame ill and had to be hospitalized unfortunatly he could not recover and passed away. the children were not told. then one afternnon the 12 year old girl was walking home from school as she got to the house she claimed to see the deceased man standing in his backyard when she seen him she approched her side of the fence to speak to him he had asked her how she did on her math test she said she did o.k and asked how he knew about the math test he just smiled and vanished,that night at the dinner table she shared her story with her family immediatly she was scolded by her parents and was told by them that her neighbor had died a week ago stunned she refused to believe her parents and started to get emotional that her parents would think she was making up the story,a few weeks later the widow of the deceased had invited the girls mother over for coffee,the girls mother told the widow that her daughter sweares to have seen her husband one week after his death the widow then tells the girls mother that she also had a visit by her dead husband it happened on her birthday,she had just come home from work she dreded the thought of being alone on her birthday she had decided that she would have a quick dinner take a sleeping pill and get to bed early,when she walked into her bedroom she says she had seen some one from the corner of her eye immediatly she suspected a break in and reached for the cell phone at a second look there was no one in the house  suddenly the room began to fill with the scent of roses it was so powerful that the scent over took the women that she had to open the window it was then that she realised that on every birthday her husband would always bring home a dozen longstem roses,thats when she knew she was not going to be alone on this birthdate.

Odd Night in Cornwall

I was recently staying at a Youth Hostel, in Cornwall, England.  The manager warned me jovially when I arrived that there were three ghosts in the hostel, all linked to different area in the building.  He added with a mischevious grin that one of them had a particualr dislike for the new computer that had been installed, and seemed to keep switching it off.  He chose to tell me this because the reason I was there was to do some work with that very computer.  After an evening of unproductive work on a computer that obvioulsy wasn't working prorperly, I retired to the small private room I had been given.  I dropped off to sleep fairly quickly, but woke up after about an hour feeling cold, the reason for which became clear very quickly.  The duvet from my bed was lying in a heap on the floor around my feet.   I picked it up and covered myself, but then had trouble getting back to sleep, as the couple in the next room were being very noisy.  Eventually they quietened down and I started to relax, but before I managed to fall asleep again, the duvet began to slowly slide down the bed as if pulled from the bottom.  I let it move about six inches to see what was happening, then got hold and pulled back.  Whatever was pulling gave up with relative ease, and I was soon covered again.  At this stage I can remember that rather than being frightened, I felt as if some silly game was going on, and i was almost giggling about the fact that some impish ghost had chosen me for an adversary in it's little game.  As a result, after half an hour or so, I had no trouble getting back to sleep.  It seemed however that I hadn't taken things seriously enough, and had managed to cause offense.   The next time I woke up, it was with a start as the duvet began to quickly slide of the bed, again in the same direction towards my feet.  This time I decided that enough was enough, and started to feal very afraid.  I started to try and grab the duvet (you know what it's like in the dark at night, a simple duvet can seem to offer so much protection and security, and the potential lack of it made me feel very vulnerable).  I think I managed to move about an inch before I found myself suddenly unable to move anymore.  I couldn't actually feel any force or weight holding me, or pressing down on me, but I was totally unable to move my arms or any part of my upper body except for my head.  Infact it felt like I was suddenly made from lead.  I fought and fought and eventually, managed to get my fingers to move slightly.  As soon as I acheived this one small movement, everything was fine.  The inability to move evaporated completely, and I was left back in full control of my body.  I pulled the duvet back over myself, and surprisingly I only felt any kind of fear for a few minutes, and was soon relaxing again.  Whatever the game was all about, it seems that I had won, and that my adversary had admitted defeat fairly gracefully.  I slept perfectly well for the remaining few hours of the night, and woke up perfectly refreshed in the morning.

Odd Things that make You Wonder


Over my 27 years of life I look back at a few past happenings as being questionable. When I was a child around the years of 5,6 and 7 I can remember several times of waking up in the middle of the night and looking out my door into the hallway and seeing people walking past my door, I did not know any of them, and I was not terrorfied only bogled. Another incident that happened, was around those same years I remember waking up one night and seeing my who thought was my dad leaning over me watching me sleep, I remember I lying there looking up at this man and he was kind of blurry but yet I could make out facial features, and he was smiling at me and i smiled back thinking it was my dad, I had even closed my eyes at one point and opened them back up and he was still there, I was not scarred at all, and I drifted back to sleep. The nexted morning I told my parents that I had seen dad last night but my dad had no Idea what I was talking about. I dont know if the house was haunted, nothing scarry ever happened that im aware of, but those occurences have always made me wonder. Some more rescent things that have occured, about 4 years ago my husband and me and our two small children moved into this split level home that was about 20 yrs old nothing spooky about it, Nothing major really happen, but oneday I had walked down to the lower level to do some laundry, when I noticed that the bookcase that we had down there was lying face down on the floor, now this bookcase was about 6 ft. tall. I just figured my husband must have laided that way for some reason, who knows, so I picked it up and put back. When I asked Him about it he had no idea what I was talking about, It kind of spooked me but I just shruged it off, Afew days later my hubby asked me If I had messed with two pictures that were on the bookcase down stairs, I said not since I put it back up against the wall, when I placed them back on the bookcase,there were three pics, He said the one of his father playing football was fase down on the self, the one of his mother was face down on the floor across the room and other pic of my friends kids was left alone. We just kind of stared at each other, and he said maybe his parents were having a knock down drag out with each other, and that hopefully thay would keep us out of it( both his parents are passed, and they never got along ). some time after that my son who was 2 at the time was playing in his room when he came out and asked me to turn on the light in his room again. I know I had turned it on in there a moment ago and he was too small to reach the switch, I figured he must have moved something up to the wall to reach it, when I got in there nothing was against the wall, I shrugged it off and turn the laight back on, a few minutes later here come my son again wanting me to turn the light back on, I asked him who keeps turning it off, He said "the man in the wall"
I said "What?" and sure enough the light was off again. I ask my son where the man was he point over to a wall and he said he was kind of sitting. I told my son to tell the man to stop turning off the light. I guess the man obliged. later I asked my son what the mans name was, he said jack, Ironically that was my hubbys dads name. my son was never scared of "jack" and would see him periodically until we moved 2yrs later, I asked him if he still sees the man in the wall, and he says he has went home now. Sorry my letter was so long, just wanted to share these occurances with you to see if they make anyone else wonder.

Fort Huachuca


My husband is in the army and we live on a base called Fort Huachuca. From what I understand it is a really old post dating back to Civil War times. (I am not exactly sure when the post was started.) We live next door to an MP (military police). The other night my husband was outside talking to our neighbor and another MP. They told him about an incident they had had a couple of days ago. He came home and told me and so I thought I would share it with you.
At about 2 or 3 in the morning the MPs got a call complaining that kids were playing in the cemetery. This cemetery is as old as the post. Well, when the MPs got out there they looked around and could not find a single person. All they noticed that was kind of odd was that at the beginning of the cemetery there are a bunch of graves for little kids. It's enough to make you wonder how so many kids died on this post. So after looking around and finding no one, they got back in there Jeep and tried to leave. They got stuck in the mud. After about 15mins they finally got the Jeep out. The Jeep was covered in mud. They drove down the road to the fire station where they wash all of the vehicles. When they looked at the back of the Jeep there was a whole bunch of little kids had prints in the mud. When my husband told me this story he had chills. He was recently in the Honor Guard on post. (They do a little ceremony at funerals.)  He has been to the cemetery on Post and has noticed all the childrens graves at the front of the cemetery. He didn't think anything of it before until they had told him this story. With Halloween approaching I suggested that we go to the cemetery. He freaked out and said that he does want to visit it at night especially on Halloween. Another thing I find kind of odd, the post has decided that it needs a new cemetery. I have heard many stories from people here on post. With a post this old, something's are bound to be haunted.




Here is something that is happening right now.  I live in Honolulu.  I
recently broke up with my husband of 9 years, but on amicable terms.  I
moved out and started all over on my own in a little apartment not too far
from Waikiki (and he lives on the same island).  Until this past summer
there was no sort of ghostly activity, and I've had experience with spooks
in many places I have lived--my ex is in the Army so we move a lot.  For
example, when we lived in Texas, I saw a yellow orb dart into my hallway.
At first, I thought it was the brass doorknob to the hallway door moving in
a breeze, until I realized a few seconds later that the door was in plain
view, opened the other direction, and stood stationary at the time.  It also
wasn't a child as the one who could walk at the time has dark hair, not the
golden color I saw, and I checked up on her at the time of the vision and
found her fast asleep.  There are other stories but they aren't really worth
mention.  Anyway, the first clue that there was something else with me was
when I went to bed, as I put my head on the pillow and lying on my left
side, I heard a clear, female voice.  Now one always hears chatter going on
in one's head, it's just thoughts rolling about without conscious direction.
This was not coming from inside my head.  This voice spoke as if the lips
were an inch or so from my LEFT ear, the one pressed into my pillow.  My
mattress and box springs have no frame to rest on; they are on the floor and
so there could not have been anything under my bed, and I live in an
apartment that is 4 feet sunken into the ground, so there is no apartment
beneath me as it is solid earth below my floor.  The voice clearly said,
"What did you dump?"  The tone was slightly annoyed, as when a mother is
trying to discern a problem with a child; and the accent was local, but not
thick.  Needless to say, that startled me wide awake.  I sat up, grabbed my
athame--I'm a practicing witch and an athame is a dagger used symbolically
in ritual, and I was given this one 12 years ago from a beginning druid
friend who imbued it with a protective it is very special and
comforting.  When I had calmed down, I told whatever it was not to do that
again, because it spooked me badly.  So far "she" has never done this again,
but now she's welcome to speak like that because I'm comfortable with her
presence.  Anyway, I call it a "she" because it used a female voice.  I used
a pendulum a few nights later after feeling her hanging about, to see if I
could get some questions answered.  A pendulum uses energy to swing one way
or another in order to discern things, and one can use it to get yes/no
answers.  I have training in such things so I know the procedures involved
so as not to open myself to things I don't want around.  Indeed, this ghost
claims to be female, human, and no longer living.  I am not the only person
to have witnessed her.  My best friend and fellow coven sister came by and
asked me to pick up her cousins who were at a mall--they were visiting from
Australia and could not get around on their own out here.  My friend was
tired, and opted to take a nap while I was out.  The spook would make
whispering sounds by the window, but when my friend looked to see if anyone
was there, the sounds would cease.  My friend finally said, "Oblivion
[that's my nickname, I'm a goth too] may let you play with her but I don't
like this so please stop it now."  The spook quit making noise.  The next
incident involved "Olive" (so named by me as I walked into my kitchen and
upon seeing olive oil decided "Olive" was a nice, feminine name) hiding my
pentacle.  I have a pendant of a pentacle, a star point-upward enclosed in a
circle, fashioned out of silver.  I had taken it off its chain for some
reason or other, and dropped it on the floor by my couch.  No amount of
feeling under my couch would reveal its location, and as I was in a hurry to
go somewhere, I left it to find at another time.  Two days later I had some
time and pulled the couch away from the wall.  I ended up pulling it so far
away from the wall I could see the whole area of floor it covered plus a few
inches which are to the front of the couch when it is against the wall.  The
pentacle lay in an area that was not covered by the couch but was a few
inches in front of the couch when it is against the wall.  It should be
noted that I have dark green, dull tile in my home, so it would not have
blended away into the color or shine of the floor, and I keep my silver
items shiny and well-polished.  She helped me out one time by knocking on my
door to wake me up to prevent me from being late to work.  I can see if
someone is by my door within a second of the knock, as my apartment is very
tiny, and no one was there--I would be able to see if anyone dashed away.
The next trick she pulled was hiding a cloth I use to clean my sunglasses.
It's a special synthetic cloth that leaves no scratches on lenses, and it is
also bright orange--hard to miss since most of my things are black.  I keep
it in my purse.  One day I wanted to wipe my lenses, and after digging
through my purse and in fact emptying it out completely, no amount of
searching revealed it.  I thought maybe my daughters had gotten in my purse
and put the cloth on a barbie doll or something, which meant waiting until
their next visit to find it.  But before the next visit occurred, I happened
to take my wallet out of my purse and there was the cloth, plain as the nose
on my face!  So far Olive has not dared to hide my keys or anything else
important, since I have stated to her that it would make me very cross.  But
here is the latest trick of hers:  I have had some hard luck financially,
and I had been complaining to a friend on the internet about it.  A little
later I left my house to take my best friend grocery shopping.  As a habit I
keep my radio on, because my apartment is quite easy to break into (I have
done so on the occasion of locking myself out, and it is the matter of using
a flathead screwdriver on a window screen) and the sound of a radio even in
a dark apartment would give doubt to a would-be burglar as I might simply be
asleep in the next room.  When I came home, I found my radio turned
off--apparently she had been reading over my shoulder the complaints about
finances and turned the radio off to conserve electricity!  I have taken
photos when I feel a cold spot, and as this is tropical Hawaii, it is never
cold, and I have no air conditioning in my place.  If any of them turn out
with something interesting I will scan them and send them to you.  I'll also
keep you posted if Olive commits any additional antics.  Thanks for reading
this and keep up the good work--you've inspired me to begin hunting!

Our Episodes into the Cemetery


Hello, I have been looking for someone to talk to about some experiences
that my friend and I have had here where we live.
We are both interested in and curious about the paranormal and so we
decided to go sit up in the cemetary here at night just to see what
would happen.  We are both senior citizens in our 70's and we are living
in a very old tb sanitarium that has been turned into senior housing.
There is a very old peaceful cemetary here up on a hill with a lovely
old oak tree right in the middle. There are many old graves there and
most from the 1800's with a few recent graves. Anyway, we have sat up
there and felt 'energy' around us (what we thought felt like energy).
He had a compass and the needle would move.   My friend went up there
alone more often than with me and things always happened.  Once a branch
from the old tree broke and fell beside him when he asked "Is any one
here".  Then once he thought he felt a hand on his wrist and that same
time his hat kept flying off his head (baseball type cap) 3 times with
the last time falling several feet away from him.  He wouldnt go up
there alone after that so the last time we went I went with him.  We
would always sit under that old tree when we went there and on that
night he asked again 'Is anyone here".  We  were sitting about 3 feet
apart and we both heard a deep voice come out of that tree but we
couldnt understand it. It only said 2 words. We were looking at each
other in amazment when we heard a lot of words being said from the back
part of the cemetary but we coudnt understand the words either but the
voice or whatever it was making that sound had a eerie  echoing ring to scared us enough to make us leave the cemetary.  My friend fell
going out thru the gate and hurt himself badly.  I am afraid to go back
there now yet we are both intrigued by what happened. I know it was not
our imagination as we are both pretty level headed. We cannot discuss
this with anyone here either or we will be ridiculed. Can you give us
any insight as to what it might be?  This is a very old
hospital/sanitarium and we think there are what we refer to as 'ghosts'
here. We have both heard noises in our apartments that cannot be
explained and his occurs often while mine only twice.  Thank you for
readng this and any information you send would be appreciated.  We want
to go back with a camera and take pictures but we were intimidated by
that last experience.

Our Old House


When I was in high school my family lived in a rented farm house in the country.
I was 17 and dating a very nice gentleman who had come to visit with me for the evening.  My mother worked nights and usually got home around 11:00 p.m. or so.
My boyfriend and I were sitting on the floor in the livingroom leaned up against the couch watching T.V. when the kitchen door opened and the light came on.  We both heard the thump like my mother had put her purse on the table and then the bathroom door opened and closed.
We both thought that odd because usually my mother would not have turned on the light because my dad is a light sleeper and the light would have woke him up.  And my mother would have at least said hi to us anyway.
My boyfriend noticed that it was getting late and he needed to get home.  We had expected snow and he didn't want to be caught in a storm.  I got his coat and we walked to the door together and stood on the back porch watching the snow fall.  AS MY MOTHER PULLED IN.  My boyfriend made us both wait on the porch as he searched the house from one end to the other.  No one was in there other than my sister (upstairs asleep) and my dad (sound asleep in the back bedroom)  Many other things happened there.  More than once we walked into the house and found the washer or dryer going.  My mother was and is a real stickler for not leaving the house with anything running.  Once I saw a lady with long black hair in a flannel gown standing in the kitchen door.  I couldn't see through her but in a split second,  she was gone.  She never hurt any of us but would often make herself known.  I kind of miss that house and the spirit within.  Thank you for letting me share my story.

Rented House


    My husband, Jason, is a Marine serving a year tour
overseas. Since it is an unaccompanied tour I can't be
with him so I  rent a house in my hometown and live
there alone. I had lived there for months without any
strange occurences until he came home on leave this
past July 4th weekend.
    We were laying in bed late one morning when we
heard the sound of our front door open and close and
someone walking through the living room and down the
hall towards our bedroom. Jason yelled " Go away! "
and the footsteps paused and we saw the person's
shadow pass underneathe the closed bedroom door. Then
we heard them go back the way they came and heard the
front door open and close again as they left. Thinking
that it was my mother, who lives across the street, I
got up to see what she had wanted, but when I looked
outside no one was there. We didn't really think much
of it, until we talked to my mother later in the day
and she told us that she had not come over.
    That evening, Jason and I were in the car on the
way to a restaurant when suddenly I was overwhelmed by
this feeling that something terrible had happened and
along with it I felt the distinct prescence of my
friend "Jamey". Then his favorite song came on the
radio. Now, I must give you a little background on
"Jamey" so you can better understand. We had been very
close friends for years until we became involved and
our serious relationship had ended badly about a year
before. I remember thinking how strange it was for
"Jamey" to suddenly come to mind like that since we
had not spoken since we broke up. Anyway, the terrible
feeling stuck with me for the rest of the evening, but
I made no mention of it to my husband because,
afterall, "Jamey" was an ex-boyfriend and I didn't
feel comfortable discussing him with Jason.
    That night, we were awakened by a terrifying array
of noises. It sounded as if someone was stomping on
the floor and banging on the doors and walls, and the
most terrifying of all was the sound of someone's loud
rasping breath. The next morning we talked about it a
little bit but we both kind of attributed it to our
imaginations. Then, I received terrible news. "Jamey"
had shot and killed himself the day before.
    The "hauntings" continued throughout the following
weeks and every night they became more and more
frightening. Several nights we fled to my mother's
house and we all watched in horror from across the
street as the lights in our house went on and off by
themselves. We heard whispering and things moved
witout explanation. Our pets began to behave strangely
and worst of all we always felt as if we were being
    We never really made the connection between
"Jamey"'s death and the strange occurences in our
house until I had a poem that he had written shortly
before he died framed and I displayed it on my
entertainment center in the living room in his memory.
Even though we adjusted it to face straight forward
hundreds of times it kept ending up turned sharply to
the right, though everything else on the entertainment
center went undisturbed. Then we realized that the
day that we heard someone come in and out our front
door was the same day and shortly after the time that
"Jamey" killed himself.
    Finally, it came time for Jason to go back
overseas. The "prescence" remains in the house but as
soon as he left the terrifying experiences at night
stopped. It feels as though the entire atmosphere has
changed from hostile to peaceful now that Jason is
gone. The poem still gets turned to the right and
sometimes it even gets hurled to the floor. The pets
still act strange and the TV often goes on and off by
itself and the CD player will come on and select a CD
and song to play even though no one is near it. And
everyone that comes in the house complains of feeling
as if they are being watched.

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