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On 1119-01 me and my cousin and two other freinds we had not seen in years
stopped by to visit and we got on the subject of people we grew up with and
how they either started smoking drugs or just throwing their life away well
anyway we started talking about a freind of ours that had committed suicided
maybe a month ago the house he killed himself in was only about 4 houses
away from us but we were all saying how we miss him and how he all use to
just hang out and talk like we were all doing when i swear on my life the
screen door opened up not wide but just enought for someone to squeeze in
and then the door slammed... we all looked like what the hell first of all
we live in houston texas and it does not get very cold down here and no
breeze was blowing at all the sun was shining very bright outside that is
why we were all sitting there with the door open talking but we all said it
was Daryl coming back to be a part of the gang......................

Well, this has been my life!!!

By: snicks1110@aol.com

My name is Vicki and we will leave it at that because that is all that is important in this life long experience. When I was 18 months old my mother, father, and two older sisters moved into a 2 story home in Laingsburg Michigan. The home I believe was built in the very early 1900s. Many a family lived in that home but you will soon find that one particular family besides mine plays a large roll in what I am about to tell you. Around the time that I turned 2, the experiences started happening. My parents and a few of there friends were playing cards, and my mother looked to my father and thanked him for folding the laundry. My father, shyly, laughed and said "Yeah Right." She was like "No really" and he told her that he had not done it. My sisters being just 8 and 4 were called into the room, for my parents to hear that they had not done so either. (I don't remember this) but it is said that I looked up and calmly said, "Jesse did it." My parents wanting to know who Jesse was questioned this, because our sitter, whom baby sat us in her home, her name was Paula. I just said "The nice lady that comes in my room." My parents passed it off as an imaginary friend, but could never explain the laundry. These things kept happening inside the home, and became more frequent. My parents would hear me talking at night and would come to my room and I would be setting Indian style at the end of my bed with my gaze fixed up into the air. They said they would listen and it would be like I would carry on a conversation. Waiting for whom ever I was speaking to, to reply. If they made any quick movement, or made noise, the gaze would stop and all would be normal again. So now they truly believed that there 2 year old daughter had an imaginary friend. Things went on like this for a while. Things coming up missing, being moved, doors shutting, water turning on, toilets flushing etc. When one fine day my mother got to experience this for herself. She was in front of her vanity doing the morning ritual of getting ready for work. She would sit at the vanity (I would be curled at her feet, I had taken to sleeping in my parents bed at this time) well this particular morning as she was finishing up, the bathroom became very cold, "Deathly cold" as my mother still puts it and as she turned to the mirror a faint, mist like image came between her view and the mirror. She said it then moved down her legs and over me, I stirred a little, not awaking. She said she grabbed me quickly and walked from the room, and to my father to relay what had just happened. Being the skeptical that he is he just kind of laughed and shrugged it off... Until Thanksgiving the year I was 4. We had packed up and went to Indiana to a family members for the Holiday. Upon returning dad was walking to the house and got very cold. For some reason it had snowed early this year and our house was on a hill, where all the neighborhood kids would go sledding. Dad said he remembers it being odd that no kids were there, until he came upon the walk passing by the front porch. (You see we entered through the rear of the home, due to a large refrigerator being in front of the front door. Just not enough room for appliances in country kitchens with too much counter space, as he always said) He stopped and glanced onto the porch to see a large red spot. He said he remembers walking up to it thinking one of the kids sledding must have got a bloody nose... But he thought that is an awful lot of blood and the re was a trail leading towards the door, not towards the hill. He was worried but just walked to the rear of the home to let the rest of the family in. Walking into the kitchen from the rear entry way he walked to the fridge and again the trail of red picked up in front of the refrigerator. He followed the trail through the dinning room and living room and then down the hall leading to the Den and then into the closet, there he found a handkerchief with someone else's initials, JCW, inside the closet but no more red stuff. The cops were phoned due to my parents believing someone had broke in. No locks were broken, the handkerchief was taken by the police and the red stuff was presumed to be paint. (Dad was not believing it) They cleaned it up and it came up rather quickly. Dad added a couple more locks and went on with life. Things continued to happen and my parents eventually split and the home was sold, but not before Mom did some final research...
In 1930s a young woman named Jessica Whiltmur lived in the home with her husband. She provided sitting services for one of the widowed gentlemen of the town. His wife died in child birth and at the age of 2 the little girls aunt could no longer bare the responsibility. So Jessica took over the job of the little girls over seer. Jessica Whiltmur's husband was somewhat of a crazy, (They believe he was what is called now Schizophrenic) one day in a fit of rage went after Jessica while the little girl was still within the home. He found them in the den closet and stabbed Jessica in the chest then just turned and left. Jessica then carried the little girl through the den, down the hall, through the livingroom, then dinning room and out the kitchens front door.  Well, as history shows the little girl and father moved away, and Mr. Whiltmur was taken into custody. What happened to Jessica Christine l? The papers and archives said that she lay there on the front porch holding the little Victoria, in her arms and bleed to death.
I truly feel she found her chance to settle things with that poor little Victoria, when this poor little Vicki and her family moved in. She never harmed or tried to frighten us. But now as I am older and have my 2 children and am married, I feel her presence has gone. I believe she has found her peace.....
These are all pieces of information talked about around town, found in archives, and old newspapers. But even after moving I still repeatedly would feel her presence, always feel calm, and always feel watched over. I try not to tell this story often due to not wanting to sound crazy... But now I have found you and others like me who have been there.. And so I ask..Are these all coincidence? Can the artifacts from all those years really be what was found with in the home? And will a person not ready to go, and feeling that there is unfinished business really stay around until they are at peace? Please if you could take the time, e-mail me and try to answer these questions for me... I am 23 and truly feel like I was blessed by an unknown woman who loved me.

We Got Her Attention...


     My name is Chris and I live in Norfolk, Virginia.
 This is an account of my third ghostly experience
during my 24 years of life.  I only include this
account because of its undeniability.
     I had been trusted by family friends to take care
of their home and pets while they were away on
business ventures and other things which required
their absence from home here in Norfolk.  They had
always been honest with me regarding the fact that the
ghost of a girl has been present in the house for as
long as they had lived there.  While I do believe in
ghosts and the supernatural because of previous
experiences of my own, I was not alarmed by their
accounts, nor was I scared to assume the
responsibilities requested of me in their home.
     For years I would show up to take care of home
maintenance while they went out of town.  This
included lawn care, but more importantly the care of
their dog... a very large black lab, named Ned.  For
the sake of security, I had been left instructions to
leave lights on at night and to also leave the
television or radio on at all times.  On several
occasions I would come into the house to find that the
radio or television station had been changed or that
lights not touched by me would be turned on or off.
Occasionally, I would come into the house in the
winter time and the ceiling fan would be on.  I would
turn it off and take care of business, then leave.  It
would be on again when I returned so I'd just turn it
off again and handle my responsibilities.
     I would always make mention of these occurences
to the people who lived here and they would
acknowledge my claims as normal events.  For my own
comfort, they allowed me to bring my friend, Tyrone
whenever I came because they trusted him as I did and
knew him to be as credible as myself.
     Tyrone, loved Ned, the dog, and would always play
with him while I handled my duties in the home.  One
time, however, we were both wrestling with the dog so
intensely that the house was shaking as we bounced and
ran around the living room.  Soon the dog was panting
and we were worn out so we let the dog out into the
backyard to do his business so we could leave.  We
hung out by the door in the kitchen waiting for the
dog to finish.  Soon enough, we let the dog in and
proceeded across the kitchen into the living room.
Tyrone was ahead of me by acouple of inches and we
both reached the doorway at about the same instant.
As we entered into the living room, I noticed in my
periferal vision that a shadow had passed the bedroom
doorway upstairs.  Instantly, Tyrone turned to me with
huge eyes and we asked each other simultaneously, "Did
you see that!!?"  We dashed out the front door and
quickly locked it.
     In the car, we recounted the incident.  I saw
only a shadow passing the door.  Tyrone swears to this
day that the thing he saw was blue.  When we again saw
the people living in the house, we explained what had
happened.  They then told us the complete story of the
house.  Apperently it is the second house to have
occupied that site.  The first house had burned down
and a young girl died in the blaze.  She was unaware
of the fire and was consumed by it while she slept...
wearing a blue nightgown.  Freaky.
     This event is one hundred percent true and
accurate as I experienced it, and has been recounted
to everyone I know that has been on the subject of
suprenatural events with me at one time or another.  I
am only completely happy to share it with anyone who
is interested, so naturally I submit it to your site.

Wandering Crucifix

By: Kgeorges71@aol.com

My story may be of some minor interest.  I grew up in the early 80's in a very small, rural village in French-speaking Quebec.  As with most children at that time, I attended a small parochial Catholic school (total population 50 students).  The school, like many in Quebec, used to be run by nuns. In fact the whole third floor of the school used to be a private chapel and dormitory for the nuns. By the time I was attending school there, the third floor had been abandoned for about 20 years.
Most of the time we were forbidden to go up to the third floor.  However, when we did go (usually to retrieve Christmas decorations, or school prop usually stored there), it always left us a bit stunned and uncomfortable.  The dusty yellow light streaming through the abandoned chapel and empty bedrooms was a gloomy picture.  We never relished going up there unless we absolutely had to.
Not surprisingly the school was thought to be haunted. I do not know of any specific legend but I do have a shared personal experience that could lend credence to this idea.  When I was in sixth grade, my eight fellow students and me were reciting our French grammar lessons when the heavy wood and pewter crucifix nailed above the blackboard, suddenly detached itself and literally flew about 10 feet before landing in front of one of the student's desk.  All of us, including the teacher were absolutely stunned, since both the windows and the door of the classroom were closed.  After the stunned silence, our teacher bade us to go back to the lesson but even we could tell that she was as uneasy as we were.   Although this event did not take place in the abandoned chapel and had no repercussion (no, the kid in front of whose desk to crucifix landed did not have anything unusual happen to him), this left us, even less likely to go venture to the nun's dormitory.
Even two decade afterwards, when I see some of my childhood friends, we still mentioned the occurrence. It is not everyday that this type of event has ten witnesses!

Voice on the Answering Machine

By: Lmt032457@cs.com

This is not my experience, it is my brother's experience.  First I want to
mention that My Mom Passed Away on August 11th of this past year.  She did
suffer many complications of Diabetes with going to dialysis.  My dad always
took very good care of her but had suffered a very deep caregivers depression
the early part of this year and needed to be hospitalized for 5 weeks.  I
Quit my Job and took care of her on a 24/7 basis. Not an easy task taking
care of a loved one.  I found myself also getting depressed. My Brother in
the beginning was at the house with his wife and his wife really helped out
with the Therapy and hospital equipment that we needed for my Mom.  She works
in a Medical Facility so has access to all of this.  What I am trying to get
at is they think they have done so much.  But I am the one who did the bull
work. My brother would come to the house and spend  just maybe a half an hour
and leave and not too often.  He didn't share in the responsibility of my
mom's personal care except for when I just refused to go over and he was
forced to. I had to after all take care of my personal emotions also and he
always told me to get over it.  Anyway I grieved badly after she passed and
he would tell me to get over it because he doesn't feel bad because he
doesn't miss her the way she was.  I tell him I am not looking at that I am
looking at the whole picture and the memories I have of her and things we
shared throughout our whole life.  Before my Mom was very sick, She would beg
him to come over and visit and he just lived down the street.  I would call
him to tell him.  But he never did. Always had an excuse. I think those times
he thinks about and feels guilty.  And he has not gone to the cemetery to
visit her grave site, which is in a beautiful mausoleum.  No reason not to
go.  I feel good that she is in there and it was her wishes.  Now to the
point.  MY brother received two phone messages on his answering machine last
week.  The first message the person just said JON.  Which is his name.  The
second Message said "HEY JON" .  He called me and made me listen to them
because it is my mothers voice on both messages.  I couldn't believe it.  I
know he is scared somewhat..he saved the messages and played it for my dad on
Thanksgiving and My dad couldn't believe it.  He said that is your mother.
Me and my dad think that she is contacting him that way just to let him know
"why haven't you come to see me" and probably because of the things he says.
But me and my dad snicker because we could tell my brother is a little
afraid.  But it is unbelievable how that is her voice and exactly how she use
to call my brother on the phone when she left a message.  I am sorry the
story was so long.  But I felt I need to explain first so you can have an
idea what is happening.

True Ghost Stories

By: Chocojo24@aol.com

My friend, Sophie, lives in a mansion and she is sure its haunted. Because when everyone is asleep she can hear footsteps and creaking of the floorboards, and once she heard a noise and it sounded like wailing, she has also heard people calling her name in the night. She gets scared and sleeps at her dads nearly every night. Sometimes she can feel cold things touching her feet and when she goes into her mums bed she cant feel anything. Its as if thres a curse on her room or it is haunted and doesn't want to leave her alone or leave the room.

 The Scariest Thing

By: BabyDiva132006@aol.com

Hi my name is Kayla and this is not my experience but a friends. This is not
a ghost experience but a  poession! My friend lets call her Missy( i am
changing her name just for her sake) well she was a councler at a camp this
past year(2001) and she stayed 6 weeks  and 5 different groups of kids came
all ages ranging from 10 - 18. well it was about the 2nd week and it was for
the 14-16 year olds . Missy had gotten through this week pretty good but she
had one camper lets call her Shelly ( for her sake also) well she just had a
bad attitude all week and this upsetted missy so the last night Missy saw
Shelly sitting with her brother and best friend (that was all the living
people) and they were crying.Missy then heard the scariest noise she had ever
heard in her life ,Shelly let out the most blood-shrill scream ! Missy said
it wasnt human!  But  Missy said that behind them was shadows  but it wasnt
human shawdos! Well missy ran to her friend Jane( name changed for her sake
also)  Well Missy and Jane went over there and asked Shelly what was wrong
and Shelly looked Missy in her eyes and Missy  said her eyes were so empty so
full of evil ! Well then shelly's brother told them that Shelly was
possessed! And missy and jane jumped back! Well then they took her to the
camp chaple and supposedly they prayed it out of her! Well it turns out that
the girl asked the thing into her not long ago ! After they got it out of her
she asked it back into her! They asked the "thing" what its name is and it
said some thing like in french or german meaning "many spirts" well that is
the tale hope yall liked it!

The Room Under the Stairs

By: Hephaistion01@aol.com

When I was a child, I lived in a home on Chicago's northwest side, which was once a one-family Victorian home, but at some time during the 50s or 60s, converted into a duplex. My grandparents lived upstairs, and my family (parents & two sisters & me) lived downstairs. There was also a large basement, the front part was finished, but the back area, the larger part, was not, where the washer & dryer were. My folks had cleaned up the front area in the late 70s, and made it into something of a playroom for my two younger sisters and I, and it was generally cheerful. The staircase leading upstairs to a main hall way (and either to our house, or up another flight of stairs to my grandparent's place) was very old, and creaked when you walked on it, despite it having been carpeted when my parents fixed the room up. in the corner of the room nearest the staircase was a bar, but my folks didn't use it anymore, and had piled up our games and toys on top of it and on the shelves under it. Behind that was a doorway shape
d row of bookshelves, most of which were empty. The bottom two were filled with old knick-knacks. I remember my dad telling me once that there used to be a door there when they first moved in, and a little space under the stairs, but when they fixed up the room, they took the door off and walled the doorway up and turned it into bookshelves.When I was in the room alone as a kid, I didn't feel comfortable, no matter how brightly lit or what time of the day it was. It always felt like you were being watched no matter where you went, but as soon as you walked into the back part of the basement, the unfinished, grungy area, it stopped (which is weird, you'd think it'd be the other way around usually!). The feeling seemed to be the strongest near the corner behind the bar, by the doorway-bookshelves. One time, maybe a year or so before we moved out, when I was about 12 or so, I had a buddy over, and we had sleeping bags on the floor of what we called the playroom. We were freaking each other out by telling scary stories, and by the time we decided to go to sleep, it was difficult to, because we were so creeped out, but we eventually did. I remember being shaken awake, in the pitch dark, by my buddy, who was crying and pointing towards the corner frantically. I looked and saw nothing, but felt something ominous eminating from that area, so much so th
at we raced upstairs, and ran into my bedroom, and fell asleep there. It wasn't until the next morning, my friend told me what had happened. He said that something caused him to suddenly wake up, and he looked in the corner and saw a large black shadowy form hovering in the corner, in the doorframe. He tried to yell for me to wake up, but no sound came out of his throat. He looked away for a second and it was gone, and that's when he went over to me and started to wake me up.
I'd never actually seen anything, but after that, was wary about going down in that room alone. My sisters had the same feeling, and both told me that they hated to go down there for very long.When we were moving a couple years later, I asked my dad if I could see what the room under the stairs looked like, since he had taken the shelving down and it was just pieces of plywood that had closed up the doorway. He agreed and removed the sheets of plywood with a hammer and I was able to peek through the doorframe into the tiny space with a flashlight and was underwhelmed. It was simply the underside of the stairs, and a small empty area you couldn't even stand up in or walk more than a couple feet in either direction. There was nothing in it, except for one item we found nailed to the wall, which was a small, yellowed and curled up sepia-toned photograph of a young man, his head and shoulders only, with dark eyes and hair looking expressionlessly into the camera. From his clothing and hairstyle my dad guessed it must've been taken around the turn of the century. We never knew why the photo of the man was on a wall no one would ever see, or who put it there or when, or who he was, and left it where it
where we found it. If the man in the picture had anything to do with the unnerving feeling in that room, or the thing that my friend saw that night, I still don't know.
The house is still there, though I don't get to the area very often, I often wonder if whoever lives there now has felt what I felt in the basement room.

The Puzzle

By: pearso_c@bellsouth.net

this is short but not so sweet, a jigsaw puzzle was taken apart in my bedroom while I was sleeping on the couch, there is no rational explanation for it, there is not any person who could have done it because I live alone, I have no pets, no rodent problems, it was'nt just taken apart it looks like someone walked though it or kicked it across the room, I have left it exactly as it is, I dont want to touch it.

The Picture

By: lil_mizz88@hotmail.com

well i was about 11 and i was sleeping over my cousins house and we were
both laying there in her bed room and we were both staring at the same
picture that was hanging on the wall it was afew teadybears in ballarina
dresses and a pole goin through them and and we both saw them dancing, all
of the teady's were dancing i said to her and she said they are we were
watching them for about 2 hours and then she said i think we should sleep
now and we both agreed and we looked again and they were not dancing
To this day when i sleep over her house they dont dance i am now 13 and i
have been waiting for them to dance one more time for us..


By: Lexyraerae@aol.com

1ST STORY: One of my closets friends house is haunted. Every time friends
come over the house it starts acting weird, does weird things. I went over
one time and, the phone rang and we answered it and it continued to ring up
stairs so we hung up and ran up stairs and it did the exact opposite. And it
did this about 5 times then finally we answered it one last time we heard
breathing then a click.
2ND STORY: I went back to my friends house the next weekend, and we were on
the phone, all the sudden we heard the door open (she has an alarm) and we
thought it was her grandma who lives down stairs, but grandma screamed stay
inside OK, and we said wasn't that you she said no, we didn't say nothing but
like 30 min later her grandma was a sleep and it happened again but it was
only the downstairs alarm going off not the upstairs, and then we went
downstairs and it happened up stairs and it did that 6 or 7 times. And it
stops. And night though when I spend the night, we hear footsteps when it's
only me and her. This is why me and my friend thinks HER HOUSE DOESN'T LIKE

This House is Haunted

By: Purplestar1079@aol.com

The house (which my half brother lives in) that i grew up in is haunted
I grew up in S.Attleboro Mass in the house where my half brother now lives.  I am told by my mother that my great grandmother and grandfather passed away in the house, and recall so many strange incidents.  Along with such things as lights, t.v, toys going on and off by themselves, and my older sister always complaining because she would plug in her curling iron to heat up only to come back and find it unplugged, there are several stories which to this day make the hair on my arm stand up.
One night (I must have been about 9) I was washing dishes at the sink.  To the left of me were the stairs to the basement where my grandfather once had a dark room.  I looked over for some reason to see a blue colored figure of a man walking up the steps towards me.  I could not make out any facial features, not that I stayed long enough to catch a better look before running to my mother.
Another time my mother younger sister and I were watching t.v in my mom's room.  My mother was extremely mad because my older sister was not home from her date yet.  My older sister's bedroom was upstairs in the attic, and her door only locked from the outside.  We heard the door to her room open and close and someone walking up the stairs.  My mother go up to go and yell at her for being home so late and the door was locked.  Needless to say my sister was not home and there is no way someone could have gone upstairs because the door was still locked.
One time my older sister and I decided to use the Ouija board.  My sister lit two candles and put one on each side of the board.  She began by asking if there were any spirits in the house to give us a sign.  At that time both candles went out at the same time and there were no windows in the room.  There is no way she could have blown them out and I know I did not do it.
My grandmother used to baby-sit us while my mother worked, and all of a sudden she would just say "Take your hand off my shoulder."  I would be watching t.v and I would feel fingers drumming on my shoulder.
My half brother now lives in the house with my nephew who is a year younger than I am (I am 22 now).  A few months ago I ran into my nephew who asked me if he could ask me a question without me thinking he was nuts.  He asked me if the house is haunted.  Obviously you know what my answer was.  They never did me any harm but I still get chills when I think of all the weird stuff that happened and to the best of my knowledge still does.

The Ghost WHo Liked Music


 My name is Ryan and I am 14 years old. My experience with ghosts started happening last year. One ordinary day, I was at my friends house. He was saying all this stuff about having a ghost in his room. At first I didn't believe him. Not until he turned out the lights and then some white figure came out. This was no trick of his because we were the only ones in the house. The ghost never talked or moved at all. He just stood there...STARING RIGHT AT US!!! My friend and I tried to get his mom and dad believe us, but they think we are just seeing things. Thats when weird stuff started to happen. The temperature started to go down, windows were opening on their own. but they still never believed us. Soon after that we tried to communicate with the spirit, but he just never awnsered us. So we just gave up on that and started to call him Marvin. He must have HATED that. Because he never showed himself after that. Weeks passed by, so sign of old Marvin... up until I brought a CD o!
ver to my friends house. We played it loud. Then old Marvin shows up and walked up toward the bed, where I was sitting. And just kept staring. We then switched CDs. Marvin vanished, then we put the first CD back on. He came back. We are wondering why he only shows up when that one CD is on.

THe Blackout

By: wengles@iprimus.com.au

Hi.My name is  Fiona and I'm 11yrs. now.I've had 2 experiences including 2 ghosts,1 in each story,a few years ago.
I think it was the end of last year,the whole family went 2 my cousins house for a special occation.When I got to my cousins house we played for a while.a few hours before dark.than when the whole family arrived,almost all my cousins that were there went into my cousins room.Ann(i won't use her real name)took her ouiji board out and set it up.i don't remember much but i think we were talking 2 an evil spirit and a good spirit.After playing you're supposed 2 say "Amen,Amen,Amen",most of my cousins did that,but a few just left the rom without saying it.
The family was still there and nearly allmy cousins were asleep.I was falling asleep,when suddenly the lights went out.It was a blackout!When the lights turned on again,my uncles fixed that power box outside,there was nothing wrong with it though,Ann asked all my cousins if we said Amen 3 times.We all said yes except 4 about 5 of them.this was their first time using a ouiji board and they didn't know we had 2 say Amen 3 times.So any way they said Amen 3 times.Then everything was back to normal.
The next story is a short story.
My cousin,Soncey,and his wife just moved into a new house.They hadn't had a house blessing yet.I slept there with Ann(we slept over there)and my little brother.The next afternoon,Ann was going to have a shower.She told me to answere the phone if it rang.She went upstairs 2 have her shower and I was left downstairs,by myself.
Igot bored and started looking around from where I was sittng.Suddenly,something just jumped out from behind a wall.It was a figure of a man witha suit on and a perfect tie.And a  hat.
I ran upstairs 2 my little brother and told him about the ghost.Then I told Ann and she told Soncey.
From then on it never showed again.

The Beautiful Young Girl

By: Sja620@aol.com

Its not much of a huge story just pretty cool and involves ghosts.

A long time ago maybe 6 months a girl came to a friend of mines dream. He
told me the next day how scary it was and I was just begining to realize my
many powers one being is that I can communicate with spirits. Anyways he had
told me his whole dream and he said I don't know what to do so I told him
tell her to come to me and I will help her. So when he told her too I felt a
weird presence and when I closed my eyes to talk to her I saw a beautiful
young girl maybe 18 19 years old and she was giving off a blue light so I
asked what is wrong and she responded I died without getting to say good-bye
to my boyfrined so I said I would help however possible so I used telepathy
to tell her boyfriend she says bye. Anyways just recently maybe 1 month ago
she returned this time to my cousin leaving footprints in his room once he
vaccumed so I said send the ghost to me so when the ghost arrived it was her
again in search of her mother. So after leading her to Michigan I didnt hear
from her again. But who knows when she may return.

Strange Experience

By: andreaw@ameritech.net

Hello, first of all I just want to tell you how great your website
is!!!  I feel very compelled to get this off my chest so here
is my story:
I have had several "strange" experiences throughout my life.
 Most notably dead people coming to me in dreams with warnings
and a very strange encounter on two separate occasions with the
same woman at the Harold Washington Chicago Public Library who
then vanished.  However, something that happened to me last year
that was extremely frightening.
Since I was a very small child I can remember feelings of my
bed shaking from time to time in one particular house we lived
in.  However, I got so used to it I just accepted it as part
of my normal life and never said anything to anyone or gave it
a lot of thought.  I never really thought it was normal, but
accepted it as part of my room's charm from time to time.  I
am now an adult and had not had a bed shaking experience since
then...until last year.
I was on tour with a theatre production in Montana and we were
staying one night in a very small town called Noxon.  It is a
beautiful area way up in the mountains and the motel we stayed
at was really small.  There were no phones in the room, the payphone
outside didn't even really work well, cell phones didn't work,
very remote.  I live in the city and was completely in awe of
the area.  It was amazing.  We spent the day walking around the
beautiful area and then had dinner and drinks at the one bar
on the gravel road that was the town.  We drank quite a bit of
alcohol that night and I drank a lot more than I usually do,
but absolutely do not attribute the night's events to the alcohol.
 I wanted to!
I went to bed around 1 AM in room #2 at that motel. I woke up,
definitely feeling drunk, to the feeling of my body being shaken.
 There was no clock in the room and I had put my pager by my
bed. It was around 2 AM.  I assumed I was just drunk and went
back to sleep quite easily, still feeling quite out of it from
the alcohol.  Shortly after that I was again awoke, this time
violently shaking and feeling my bed violently shaking as well.
 I looked at my pager, about 2:45 AM.  I again just fought it
and told myself it was the alcohol and passed out.  Awhile later
I woke up being shaken so violently I was absolutely terrified.
 I felt my body and the bed shaking so powerfully I wanted to
scream so bad but I was frozen in fear.  I realized I had to
deal with this situation.   I knew it was not just the alochol
and I no longer even felt tipsy.  I somehow got my body still
and I could actually see the bed still shaking violently and
was so scared.  My pager said 4something AM.  I couldn't call
anyone else from the tour, there were no phones, there was no
cell usuage in the area, and there was no way I was moving from
right where I was.  I have never felt so frozen in fear in my
life.  When I was fully awake the bed then seemed to stop slowly,
as if it faded out almost, and I heard creaking as if someone
was walking on the other side of the wall where the sink/bathroom
area was.  I could honestly feel a presence in that room.  I
listened so carefully to see if it was just an animal outside
or my imagination but it was inside the room and there was no
doubt in my mind, I could feel it.  I layed in bed terrifed for
what seemed like forever until the walking/creaking/WHATEVER
stopped.  I then felt a sense of peace in the room, as if something
was still there but content that I was awake with it. I went
into frozen "half-sleep" until 6 AM when my friend knocked on
the door to "wake me", ha!.
I have never booked out of somewhere so fast in my life.  I turned
every light on, showered so fast with the shower curtain wide
open, packed up, and headed out by myself to go walking to the
gravel road in search of coffee and sanity and try and make sense
in my head of what had happened.  I was more afraid of staying
in that room than walking in the near wilderness in the early
morning dark fog by myself. When I got back the rest of the group
was out and ready to go and when we pulled out away from that
motel I will never forget looking at that door to my room #2.
 It's indescrible the feeling I had, not only being shaken but
of knowing someone or thing was in there with me.   There was
no staff there that morning for me to ask but someday I'll get
the courage to write them and ask if they know what the deal
is with that room.  Something REALLY wanted me awake and it succeeded.
When I got my pictures back from that tour a picture I had taken
in that town during the day of some friends in front of the bar
we went to, had a very strange, ghostly like figure almost posing
with them.  It truly looks like this.  It could be the sunlight,
I have no idea, but it's a very strange picture.  It is the only
picture on the roll with anything like that in it, and people
who didn't know my shaking bed story would look at it and be
creeped out, immediately asking me what in the world that is.
 I wish I knew!!!!  The most calming theory someone has given
me is that some lovely, non-evil, lonely mountain spirt decided
it liked me and decided to hang with me all day, posed for the
picture, went out with me that night for dinner and drinks, and
just didn't want to the fun to end so it decided me up all night.

Ghost Story

By: SISCheshireFrog@cs.com

In May, I was staying at my step family's house for a week. I was staying in the guest room in the back and though we never put the air conditioning on, I was nearly freezing at night and requested 4 or 5 blankets, sometimes awakening to a strange shadow by the closet, though I never regarded it to much of an extent. I had brought my radio, and the second day into the week, as I played it while doing my homework for math, it suddenly started becoming staticky, changing to a salsa-type station, though it was all the way on the other side of the scale thingy, it being at 98.1, and my station set on 106.7. I wouldn't think much about it until later that year on Halloween....
Also, on Halloween this year (2001, the Full Moon Halloween), I was visiting my step family. They are of a Latin heritage, so of course they would have a lot of salsa music; also, in this family's case, beer and chips (I perfer the chips ^__^). Anyway, we were getting ready to take the younger kids out trick-or-treating when I heard a light banging on a wall in the hallway or in a room nearby. I, being the only curious one (I suppose), walked down to the hallway, while the banging continued. Once I reached the end of the hallway, it stopped, stopping me as well.
After a few seconds of hesitation, I began to walk further back, calling out to see if perhaps a family member had snuck back there when I hadn't been paying attention. As I walked into the guest room, I found that it was nearly completely dark except for the light from the setting sun shining through; still, it was pretty dark. I was about to turn back and go back to my mom, but then the blinds began to move, though the fan was not on and the window was shut, the air not being on either. It was rather stuffy. I walked over to see if maybe a lizard had gotten into the blinds. Nope; nothing, but a rather disturbing cold. I actually began to shiver until I stepped away and walked back to the doorway. As I was walking back down the hall, the banging picked back up, though I ignored it this time.
After we got back from our neighborhood rounds, everyone made their way out to the terrace, leaving me alone in the house. I was washing a dish when I heard the banging again, and I walked into the guest room in the back again. It stopped later; when I reached the doorway. It stopped so abruptly that it alarmed me. I glanced around once more and noticed the window now being open. I was about to go shut it, then decided against it. I stood staring at the window, and suddenly I heard a phrase spoken in Spanish, basically inaudibly; something like, "Lucy? Quiero comida; fruta, por favor," though I'm not sure if that was it; it was pretty much hard to recognize. I'm guessing on what I heard.
I said out loud, "What? I can't understand you," and I heard almost an irritated hiss and it quickly became cold. I quickly made my way out and as I reached the end of the hall, the door slammed. By this time, I was pretty flustered and creeped out and all that lovely stuff.
I asked my step dad if anyone had died in this house. He told me about his grandfather who died in the back room, which is now the guest room. He used to sleep there. I asked him about banging. He replied, saying that he used to bang the walls to get the attention of the other people living in the house (my step family). He also told me his brother refuses to go in there anymore, and that his mother went in once, hearing a banging, and tries hard not to go in there too often.

Something to Share

By: liljamur67@hotmail.com

Hello there, i love reading all the stories that people talk about and I just wanted to share an experience I have had. I am seventeen years old and my experience happened when I was 15 so it wasn't too long ago. My family and I used to live in Japan, where my father was stationed because his ship was station at the naval base of Yokosuka Japan. We didn't exactly live on the base, but we lived on another one at least twenty minutes away called Ikego. Everyone has told me that Ikego used to be a war ground but i never thought that much of it. Well anyway, we lived in a townhouse which was quite comfortable eventhough it was a little small. My room window faced the woods because I used to like to look out that them during the day while doing my homework. Well I usually keep the window open to let in a nice breeze in at night. So it was a late, summer night and I usually stay up so I can watch the sunrise but to pass the time I started reading books while lying in bed. I must have drifted off or something but my dream was nothing different from reality. Because I was in the same position, and all the lights were on in my room and the book I was reading was still propped on my stomache. Things seemed a little brighter though and there was a sudden feeling that caused me to look over on my left side. My eyes widened with horror with what I saw. Suprisingly I didn't scream or anything, but just watched it a little. I couldn't see what it was because of course it was under my covers SCURRYING towards my body like some kinda of animal. I felt cold all over and I didn't want to wait to see what it looked like once its head popped out of the covers right next to mine. So I stood up and ran for my door. But everytime I tried to open it, it would get slammed shut but the thing, I couldn't see the arm but I could see the claw or handprint of some sort it left behind on my door. Everytime I tried to open the door, the thing would slam it shut, as if it didn't want me to go. Finally after many attempts, I got the door open and ran out to my dads room. My dad was still sleeping and so I sat down on teh ground, not wanting to wake him up. I sat there in the dark waiting for the thing to come for me but it didn't. So i closed my eyes and rested my head on my knees. When I opened them again, I was back in my bed, the lights were fully on, and daylight was streaming through my window.

Several Happenings

By: catherine028@sympatico.ca

    My ghost storie isn't exactly the scarest storie but for me and if
happen to you it would have been.
    well one night i was home alone and i was watching the t.v. and all
sudden that shower in my bathroom went on and after a few seconds it
turned off! I was terrefied and in shock and i couldn't move.
    There was also another time where I have come home from school and
heard someone upstairs run from my room to my fathers room and move the
bed in my fathers room, i thought this might be my brother playing a
trick on me, so i went upstairs. I saw that no one was up there because
i looked in all the places someone could hide, or something(so i
thought). I also noticed that my fathers bed was also out of place so i
pushed it back. I told my father and he chuckled and said i was thinking
crazy thoughts because I just started watching a show were they go to
the most hauted places on earth, I think he might be right but i'm not
to sure but i hope, if there is a ghost, that it goes to peace and
leaves me alone forever!

Several Experiences

By: heliorbilunes@hotmail.com

hey, mi name is Olivia, and I think I've had several encounters if that is
what you call them.
It all started when I was 11, it was round 7pm, and it was time to turn on
the lights of the house, I went downstairs to turn on the diningroom lights,
and as I reached the entrance I got an awfull chill, and saw a white shadow
rush towards me, I quickly reached for the lightswitch, and bang, it was
gone. Another time I heard someone opening and then closing the door to the
segment of the house were I used to live in ( my dad remodeled the house
recently), I tought it was lady that helps us round the house, but when i
went to check the hall there was no one there, my parents and sister, at
time were sound asleep. I do believe that the thing that opened the door,
stayed there for a while, at night I would hear strange things, footsteps,
and odd enough, I even heard little paws sounds, since that day, I slept
with my light on, though, one night I woke up, and the light was off, I
tought it might have turned it off accidently, so I turned it on and dozed
off, round 4 am, I woke up to find the light off and next to me a sort of
black mass floating, I turned on the light, grabbed my pillow and ran to my
parents room.
That was my last encounter, now, my room is on the other side of where it
just to be, and I tought it was gone, but one night, as i went upstairs( the
house is now in an l shape, and there's a huge window, and you can see to
were my old room was), I clearly felt as if someone was watching me from the
window, I got all scared and ran to my room. Next morning I had this dream
of me going into a friends house( to which I've never been, and when I
described it to her, she got shocked, her house was as I said), and feeling
as if someone was posseing me, falling into a deep sleep, and I recalled
screaming over, and over for help, but no one heard me, when I dreamt this I
was sleeping at anothers friend house, and she had to shake me, or so she
said to wake me up. When I got home I was all shaken up and cold, I asked my
sister if the room felt cold, she laughed and said I was crazy, all I could
think of, was asking my grandma to come back and take away whatever was
doing that to me. I must have felt asleep right away, and I remember I was
talking to a friend, I saw my grandma, and all of the sudden the chair I was
sitting in broke, and I fell, before I reached the ground, I woke up, and I
felt calm.
Fortunatly my father had the house blessed, and it seems to be gone, or it
seems.. :)


By: kelly1perez@hotmail.com

Hi again!!! This time a have short (very short) story, it's about my cousin and hia friends. Well they were in Margarita Island(Venezuela) on a highway. So like two miles (remember that the highway is almost never has curves) ahead there was a crash of 7 cars and since my cousin and his friends were going on the fast line they could of crashed, IF  my cousin had not seen a shadow of a person passing on the street(oh another detail it was a foggy night) and he was the only one who saw it. he told his friends what he saw and told the conductor to "put on the brakes" the conductor obyed and...if he didnt stop they would have been part of the crash!!! Everything went fine they think (with all reason) the this was a protective spirit or a ghost who died there and didnt want anyone to die the same way...so young nobody is ment to die ate that age...unless it's your time Bye...

Reliance Tipple - Reliance, Wyoming

By: Midgetfudpucker@aol.com
The Reliance Tipple is an old mine in Wyoming. My fiance & his mom had told
me stories about it - well a year later we ended up moving to Wyoming. My
fiance took me out to see it with no incedent the 1st time - we didn't see
anything I should say because we never left our vehicle as we had a newborn
baby and it was to cold.
A couple months later we went back when it was warmer. The baby was asleep so
my 8 year old son got out to check it out because he hadn't seen it yet & I
hadn't got to get up close to it - my fiance stayed in the car with baby.
I was reading the history of it out loud to my son & I heard a mans cry "Help
Me", I didn't want my son to get scared so I read a little louder, plus the
wind was blowing real hard & thought maybe it was just my imagination getting
the best of me. All of a sudden it cried louder "Help Me". My son daid "Mama,
what was that?" - I said "nothing" - then like the person was right there -
"Oh God, please help me". We took off running for the car as fast as we could
go. My fiance seen the fear on our faces and opened the car door to see what
was the matter. Before he was even out of the car asking us his question we
dove in the front seat of the car on top of him.
Once he got us calmed down, he told me that there was two little boys on the
other side of the tipple. I was mad as hell & got out of the car to confront
them but when we got there they were both crying & crouched down behind the
pillars. They were only 5 & 6 years old. When we asked them if they were
alright, they replied by telling us that a loud voice screaming for help
scared them & they wanted to go home. I was still a little convinced that it
was them. Anyhow we walked with them to our car where they felt safe to get
home on their own. I then started thinking about how their little voices
could not have screamed that loud & deep, exspecially with how hard the wind
was blowing. If you've ever watched the movie Blair Witch & at the end when
The guy was screaming for help - that is exzactly what it sounded like but

Mobile Home Ghost

By: JstAddPSP@aol.com

Im in Bakersfield, Calif. we bought this mobile home 4 yrs ago through HUD,
it was abandoned over 1 year and we are the 3rd owners. Things were quiet for
awhile, till my stepson and his friend started having weird things happen to
their rooms, clothes would be on the floor that were hanging on a hook in
closet, dresser drawers would be opened, misc stuff.  The friend moved out
and there are only 4 of us here, my daughter 17  and stepson 18,  husband & I.
One night last year my stepson Jay came running into our room screaming at
the top of his lungs DAD DAD the ghost, we went in to find nothing in his
room, he said after calming down , He was laying in bed trying to sleep and
he felt like someone was watching him, so he opened his eyes and a man was
standing in front of his face looking at him up close, it pulled his blankets
off him and threw them across the room, Jay said he jumped up on the bed and
screamed and jumped down and ran.  When we came in there, I did notice his
blankets were off the bed and over by his closet before i knew what had
happened.   Jay is at fear of falling asleep because the ghost keeps messing
with him , it turns his radio on and off, plays the cd player,  flips the
light switch off anf on, so Jay is petrified to sleep in there unless he is
soo tired he just passes out.
We told the ghost not to its face but in a talking in general , to leave Jay
alone and quit bothering him, if he is gonne be here then he has to be nice.
Jay still see;s signs of him but not in a bother some way. just making his
presence known.
My husband has now started to see the ghost while inour bathroom, it usually
comes from the linnen closet and passes through the mirror,  my husband
leaves the bathroom real fast. a few weeks ago,  My husband went in our room
to take a shower, he closed the door. My daughter was doing dishes and I was
on the computer in the dinning room, Bri asked me if Hubby had just caome out
here , I said no, he was in the shower, she said Well someone just walked
past here . I went in to see and he was just getting out of the shower and
drying off, i asked him had he come out here , he said No, I said well the
carpet has wet footprints by the door and Bri saw someone walk by out here,
So I guess the ghost came through the shower while he was on there.
A few days ago, I was on my computer in the dinnng area, and my husband was
on his computer in our bedroom, my daughter was in her bathroom, when my
husband came out to me and asked had I just came in the room, I said No, and
Bri was in the bathroom, he said Well, someone just put their hand on my
shoulder and squeezed it a few times. He looked around and no one was there.
So I guess everyone but me has seen or experienced this ghost but me. They
say certain people are more susceptible to ghosts  than others.  I sure would
like to know who this ghost is, neighbors all say no one has died here, and
it used t be farm land fruit tress etc..

Help Us

By:  SSakuraAvalon@aol.com

In Indiana ( I moved from KY ) I moved to a old Mansion about 520 years old. I was 7 at the time. My whole family experenced something.  I have learned that ghosts are real.  One of 5 haunted me.  It had red eyes and carried a knife.  At night he would turn my nightlight off.  One time I was laying in bed and saw a headlight come across my walls.  The mirror was directly in front of my bed.  As the headlight slowly crept across my walls it stopped in front of my neck.  Through the mirror I saw a reflection of blood on my neck.  Then as quickly as it had come it vanished.
    As I looked into my baby brothers room I saw a ghost taking him into the attic.  I screamed and the ghost vanished and floated in midair.  My brother was layed back into his crib by floating almost carried.  I ran downstairs to see my mom petrified by a ghost about 3 ft tall on her bed.  My mom was ready to run out the door, then she saw me crying in the doorway.  I said "Where's Daddy?"he was at a friends house when we paged him.
The next day my dad saw a ghost.  The shadow of a ghost, that is.  He said we were moving the next day.  When we moved I rode in the moving van and from the windshield I saw and heard " I'll get you back!"
I am now 11 and am a ghost communicator.  I have pictures,videos,memories,and friends that are of ghosts.


By: JstAddPSP@aol.com

Hello, I love to read the stories about ghostly happenings because I have
never seen one or been a party to one that I am aware of. But people around
me have. My husband was working in a house my parents owned and used as a
rental. in Huntington Beach,Ca. This house is a 6 bedroom 2 bath and shaped
in a backwards 7 shape, the back 3 rooms were added on before we bought it.
While there alone, he was painting in a back room when a shadow passed in
front of him, he looked up and around and saw nothing, as he went back to
work, something lifted his hair up like a hard flip and he turned around to
see nothing there.  He finshed up the painting and went into the room at the
end of the hallway before the hallway starts to the right. In that room is a
bathroom, he went to take a shower and heard loud banging on the wall in
hallway. He thought maybe someone had come to check on him and was playing
around. so he got out wrapped a towel around him and stuck his head out in
the hallway ,noone was there, he got back in the shower and it banged again
on the inside wall of the room at the hallway curve.(this room is always cold
and weird stuff happens in that room. (another story) anyway, my husband got
out of the shower and went out in the garage to get dressed and left. He came
back later to finish painting in another room, an finished about 12:00
midnight, he made a bed down in the living room (the house is empty mind you)
and looked up to see a smoky figure floating down the hallway coming his way,
it stopped at the juncyion of the pantry  and looked around, it then floated
into the kitchen looked around in there and went back to the pantry area and
back down the hallway towards the bedrooms and disappeared. My husband got up
took his things out to his truck and slept there all night.
As we were growing up in this house in the 70's as the 2nd owners of the
house, we always heard weird noises that were wrote off to house creeking?,
mice?, and joked that we had a ghost. My mom and dad had a steel case desk in
the front bedroom they used as a office area, they kept it locked so we
couldnt get into things they had in there. one night mom heard the desk
unlock,(it makes a clunk sound) when unlocking, also the stapler stapling,
she sat up in bed  listening thinking on of us kids found the key , dad got
up and came in to see who was getting into the desk to find no one there and
no stapler out and the desk was locked.  Dad also had a routine of locking
the doors as he made his way around the house at night before going to bed,
Sometimes he would hear the front door unlocking and opening and closing
again, he'd go check thinking we were trying to sneak out at night, to find
us all in bed asleep and the door locked. My sister and her husband  rented
the house at 1 time with her boy 1 yr old who slept in a crib in the room
that is by the hallway that is always cold.  She collected stuffed care bears
for her son and had a shelf  on the far wall away from his crib. She would
hear him in the morning jabbering away like he was talking up a storm to
someone, when shed go in and look, his care bears were all on the floor off
the shelf and he was having a ball still in the crib. When I lived there for
a short time later , my daughter then also about 2 yrs old, slept in there in
a bed, she would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and terrified,
when we came in she would latch on to us cry. We asked her what was wrong and
she would just point in the room and turn her head away. we moved her out of
that room and her terror nights stopped.  One night my son  was about 11, he
was watching tv in the office room that was converted to a guest room when my
parents came down to visit, and my dad had a small tv and alarm clock that
flipped the digits when time changed, well he called  MOM , i came to see
what and the clock numbers were flipping uncontrolably, and the cable box was
changing channels on its own real fast. I turned everything off and unplugged
the clock and got him outa there and closed the door.
After we all quit living there and my husband was done working on the place,
ny sister said she knew 2 guys that wanted to stay at the house and see what
they could come up with, 1 was a ghost hunter ,1 was a sceptic who didnt
believe. they brought cameras, video, 35mm, set them up in the kitchen area
and turned them on, and went into the cold room and started acting like they
were working in there, they said they felt the coldness and felt like someone
was watching them as they walked down the long hallway. They heard a rukus in
the kitchen,When they went to the kitchen where the cameras were, the 35mm
camera was opened film exposed, the video tape was later viewed and was like
a snow storm.  Well they both felt something was there that night.
We tried to get the show SIGHTINGS to come out but they couldnt schedule
before we rented the house back out and have since sold it.      ( look for
part 2)   Mobile Home Ghost


By: micahervin@hotmail.com

   When I was 3, I was visited by the holy spirit.
I rember waking up in the middle of the night and
I saw a figure just floating there in a triangular
pattern, flashing in a forest green color. I screamed
(well, I was only 3) and my parents didn't wake up.
I told the spirit to go away, and it did. Then my
parents woke up.
In my 12 years of life, this is the only paranormal
activity I've experenced. My grandfather was a minister
(before he died) and my dad could be one, but I can't
help but think theyhad something to do with it....
I also have a tallent, I can sense spirits of the living,
or dead when I'm in a relaxed state. Thats a just one thing
I've gained from that experience.

Placerville, Calif. (old Hangtown)

By: gramaw@hotmail.com

My experience was in 1968 in Placerville, CA. I was renting an old  house on a hill and my son, Jeff was 5, my daughter Ashley was 3. There were some steep stairs that led to a large open room on the left that held a pool table that the children loved to play with. At the top of the stairs to the right was a door that I kept closed and padlocked as the only thing in there was a old and very rusted metal half bed. After living there for about 4 months, one night after dinner, I was sweeping the floor at the bottom of the stairs and called out to the children to come down and get ready for bed. There was silence for a moment and then they started screaming shrilly and running to the stairs and down. Jeff was behind Angie and her little legs just could not move fast enough and Jeff literaly ran over the top of her. They were both screaming and crying uncontrollably. I was really angry at Jeff for knocking Angie down and was trying to be heard over their screams. They kept saying "monster man, monster man" while pointing up the stairs. I said nonsense. (There was no posible way anyone could of gotten upstairs due to the way the house was built.) Jeff had a plastic rifle which stood in the corner so I grabbed it and pointed it up the stairs and yelled, "O.K. monster man, you'd better come down cause I have a gun and I am going to shoot you dead!" Obviously I was playing with the children, but my playing became fear when I suddenly heard the sound of running boots that were worn by a man large enough that the floor vibrated. I HEARD but DID NOT SEE the man run in front of me at the top of the stairs and into the other room. BUT THE DOOR DID NOT OPEN TO LET HIM THROUGH. It scared the dickens oout of me and I slammed the door to the stairs and pulled the dining room table in front of the door and even piled the chairs oon top of the table. I then called the police. He drew his gun and slowly crept up the stairs and when he reached the closed door, the policeman looked down at me and wispered, "did you lock the door after he ran in?" "No, I said, he ran THROUGH the door. He, the policeman, became very angry with me and gave me a lecture on making a false report.
The next morning after Jeff had left for school, Angie and I sat up in my bed which was directly below the empty bedroom with the rusted bed. I read her one of her favorite stories and all was quiet and peaceful when suddenly the sound of the bed above could be heard being slowly pulled away from the wall. Angie and I sat quietly and stared at the ceiling. I remember I was not afraid but felt a deep sadness when the sound of the bed being thrown forcefully into the wall was heard. Then silence. Still I felt no fear. For some reason, I wanted to apologize. Crazy, huh. Later that day I went upstairs and unlocked the door and opened it slowly. there was an inch of dust on the floor and cobwebs going from the bed to the wall. The room was completly untouched by anything human.
We moved about 6 months later but I never heard from the spirit again. I would talk to him all the time though as if he was there. If he heard or not, I never knew.
My kids described him as being a very tall man with a big beard and lots of hair. They said he was wearing a old red shirt with suspenders and that he had them so tight that it pulled up his pants so that half his big boots showed.
I have always wondered if anyone else ever lived in that old house and if he made an attempt to contact the tenants.


By: Skippy31k@aol.com

i was 19 and my girlfriend was 17 and her parents wasn't big on the age
thing.  so like any normal kids, we would go found places to park.  we were
at this one place, that we been there a couple times before.  it's called fox
lake dame, in southeastern Ohio.  there is a park lot with trees all around,
it's back in the middle of the heck's anyway.  no cars was there or people
were around, it was middle winter and pretty freaking cold.   we sitting
there talking or whatever and then my car started moving to left, like
something run into it.  i look at my g/f and i was like what the hell was
that and then it felt like something hit my car on the right side.  i was
like shit, let's roll,  about the time i said that, my back end started to
come off the ground.  i started my car and done 360 with my lights on and the
wood line was about 300 feet away.  it took me about 5 seconds if not less to
do a whole 360 to see anything. her and me didn't see anything. i took her
home and we didn't even knew what to say to each other.  i was just as scare
as her, I think.  The next morning, I got to my car and look it all over and
did found anything.  So that's my story, probably not the scariest, but it
scared the hell out of me, it's been two years and I still haven't been
since, night or day.

Being an Energy Source

By: plecluse@sympatico.ca

i know what you mean about providing the energy. i hate to think about it, because even that may be a source of energy. i have had strange experiences as a child, i did not stop being afraid of the dark until i was 21 years of age. i have also had a possitive energy experience, during the baptism of my God daughter. it was near the end of the baptism, when we all held onto the candle, while the roman catholic priest was finishing the last passage. i felt  a warmth trickle up my arm as we all stood there. it was very calming. maybe one of these days, i will be brave enough to share a few negetive experiences

No Trouble Now

By: JohnDeFina@aol.com

Hi! My story is aout what happened a really scary night when my best friend
in the basement...what happened that night is still haunting both me and
Lida. Lida and I were down in the basement getting a pop or two whenall the
lights inthe house went out and screams filled the basement.(they were not
our screams,they did not sound human either!) so we used my watch light to
run as fast as we could ou of the house.I never did go back into the house
until daylight.Then we found my cats huddled in my room full of fright. My
computer had a strange e-mail saying "get out of the house while you can! u
have 13 days before somethig BAD happens!!" We moved to a new house and have
had no trouble since.

Negative Energy?

By: i_am_not_your_bitch_2001@yahoo.com

It was around 10 pm, Nov 25 2001. Me and my
friend,Travis went for a car ride to Dalton, Nh. He
wanted to show me a house that one of his relatives
used to live in. We went on a long dark road and then
found the place, it was huge. we pulled into the
driveway and stared at it. I was attracted to the
upstairs windows, i stared at them for a while and
then got chilly. i told him it was a cool house but
creepy. he told me he liked it and wished he could buy
it. we sat a while longer then i said "can we go" and
we left, turned around and looked at it from a
different angle. while staring, i saw a small ball of
light appear in the window and dissapear, i looked
behind us thinking it was a head light but it was dark
back there. travis drove back to the house to turn
around and i got really scared and hunked down in the
seat til we were back on the road. we got to the end
of the road and stopped at the stop sign and i saw a
ball of light about the size of an orange swoop out of
the sky and then swoop back up at the trees. I asked
Travis if he saw it and he said yeah, i jokingly said,
"it looked like an orb" Travis was like , "just a
falling star." i leaned forward and looked up but i
didnt see any stars, seeing as the sky was pitch black
and it was raining hard. I shrugged it off and we
drove onto a new road, Travis turned onto a different
road and we were driving and I kept feeling like
someone was breathing cold air down my neck and my
chest and arms tightened and I felt like I had a ball
in my throat. I didnt say anything to Travis because I
didnt want to look like a freak so I just handled it
alone, then Travis said "Oh my God, i feel funny." I
was like "oh yeah?" and he told me he had a tight
throat and chest and his arms felt funny and he was
cold on his neck, I was like "you're kidding." he
asked why and I told him I felt the same way, that
freaked us out a bit and we were driving and the
pressure went away, I was like "it's gone" and he was
like "yeah it is, back there it left me on that hill."
and that was exactly to a T where it had left me. I
got really scared and asked him if he thought it was
weird and he said yeah, it happened to us all through
that road, we would both feel it and then it would go
away at the same time, he also felt like he was being
watched and we both kept staring back at the back
seat.We turned the radio on really loud but the
feeling was stronger like it WANTED to be heard and
felt and we couldnt make it go away by sound. It felt
like we could not escape, like it was with us and we
were not going to get away. I commented that it felt
like there was deep water nearby and it scared me, and
he was like "yeah, like standing by a pond and looking
down and it is really deep." so we were both getting
shown the same images and messages in our minds,
whatever was communicating with us was just so
negative. I kept feeling like I needed to pray or
somthing but i couldnt think of anything to pray, all
i could think was 'Jesus'. The feeling was so harmful
and negative it felt like it wanted to hurt us.Travis
said it made him feel like there was going to be
somthing bad around every corner to make us crash and
I was feeling the same, only I kept feeling like we
were gonna turn a corner and hit a moose or some big
animal. I told him to get the hell off that road so he
sped up. He said he has been on that road almost every
day and never felt that way, so we tried to figure out
where it all started and I was like "well i didnt want
to say anything to you because you liked the house,
but I felt funny after we saw that house and stared at
it." and travis nodded and said thats where he felt it
too. We finally got off that road and as soon as we
hit the road towards our homes a bright orange light
lit up behind us, I was like "oh my god what was
that?!" and he was like "i dont know!" i felt like it
was a warning or somthing like, "if you come back you
will  be sorry, goodbye." Thats just how i felt.
We were fine all the way to town then we started
talking about it and the feeling came back. I told
travis I wanted to go home, so he took me back to my
house and came inside, he was shaking he was so
scared. It was so freaky cuz we didnt like go ghost
hunting or anything we werent even discussing ghosts,
we just mentioned the house looked creepy and looked
haunted. Once I got home I felt fine and the feeling
went away, Travis said he was gonna go home, i told
him to be careful and everything and he left, I layed
on the couch and then started feeling scared, The
phone rang and it was Travis and he screeched, "Sarah?
You arent gonna believe what I just saw." I was like
"What?" and he told me he saw like a orange bird thing
that floated past the hood of his car and by his door
and then dissapeared when he turned to look, I told
him it was in the back seat with him as a joke and he
got really scared. He said it was so strong and he
couldnt escape the thing. I told him to not go home
and just drive to town and find lights and people and
sleep in his car where he feels safe. Its like it
followed Travis cuz he said he wanted the house or
somthing, It was freaky, after he hung up i laid on
the couch and stared out the living room window and
watched the sky, it had cleared up and one single star
was shining so i was staring at it and just thinking
and then i couldnt see the star anymore, the window
was pitch black, i was looking for the star and
couldnt see it at all and i got a creepy feeling. i
blinked my eyes and then still didnt see the star so i
shut my eyes tight and when i opened them the star was
there twinkling away. I didnt like feeling so
vulnerable so I crawled to my mom's room and laid on
the floor next to her bed and just stared at the room
waiting for morning to come.
I never want to go back to that road again, it was
such a strong, harmful, negative presence and it did
NOT want us near that house. I am 20 years old and
have a few other run ins with energys and spirits but
nothing as bad as that. I felt like it meant harm to

Mysterious Voices

By: killer_kava@hotmail.com

I was 3 years old, living in a house in NZ. The house had 5 people die in it in the past including my big brother who was 3 when he died and all in the same room which was at that time my bedroom. For many nights during that year I would hear a menacing voicewhich would scream out to me to "Get Out Of My Room!!" which was odd because there would be no one there. After this being only three years old I would run into my mums room crying.When I turned 4 they seem to stop and I have never heard from the ghost. I dont think it was my Big Bro because he was not that kinda person and I never met him and there were more children who died in the room.
The Old Man
My sisters were in the same room of the previous story when they suddenly saw a tall, thin man who was pure black apart from his eyes which were pure white in the window. There was an old man who died of a heart attack in that room. He was a mushroom farmer. My sisters all frightend ran into the kitchen but the apparition was there in the kitchen window. They ran back to the room but the apparition was there not puffing frim the run because he diddint run and no one could make that didtance in the time my sisters did from out outside. My sisters called my mum at work and then called the police. the police sent dogs to try and sniff out the intruder but the couldint pick up a sent of anything being there.
many years later he made another apperance. My big sister and the youngest of the three from the previous story was living with her boyfriend at out house. after her boyfriend was totaly wasted on whatever thy had been smokin/snortin/injecting etc, he saw the old man with another like him only short and stocky but the same pure blackness and pure white eyes.he totaly freaked. People say it was the druge but i dont think so because of the closeness of the apparitions from the two apperences.
...Well I hope you like thes storys. Since theses things happend there has been a death surrounding the house. A man who owned the house after us died of a heart attack in Christchurch, NZ. Now the owner of the house is the mother of my big sisters (the one from the story of the old man) sons half sister (man what a mouthfull). i just wish for another audience from the ghost (call me an idiot) that haunted me as a 3 year old just so i could tell it where to do but i guess i will never have the chance.

My Three Ghosts

By: Hermione101055@aol.com

 At my house I believe that there are three ghosts among us. First there is
Jonny, He is a little 5 year old boy. I used to come home and hear a voice I
knew no one was home so I ignored it. It said it again " Want to play??",
again I ignored it, the last time I was on the phone and I saw a little boy
holding a ball. I called my mom and she came to get me. Once I was home alone
and the door bell rang and I answered it ,no one was there a couple minutes
later the dorr bell rang again this time when I answered it there was a boy
about 13 that I could see through standing there laughing. Lastly there is
Kelly, when ever we are all sitting aat the table at dinner and being quite
she slams down the tolet seat. thoses are three ghosts.


By: stompthedevil24_7@hotmail.com

At the time being I am 17 years old and have lived in the same house my
whole life.  It has just been in the last 4 years or so that I have been
having some...problems so to speak.
Before I go any farther into my story I want to say this: I am a very strong
Christian and in my faith there are no ghosts, only demons, which makes this
all the more terrifying to me.  I don't believe in 'good' ghosts because in
my opinion, anything that talks to you from 'the other side' is not 'good'.
But I digress...
Well, at the beginning the 'problems' started out as just feeling uneasy in
certain rooms of my house.  The office is one of those rooms.  I hate to be
in the office by myself (which is where I am at right now, but my boyfriend
is on the other computer), especially at night.  As soon as I step foot into
it, I feel like I'm being watched.  Most of the time when I get whatever I
am coming for in this room, I run out, which may give you some sense of how
uneasy I feel in the room.  I was able to handle that, but it started to get
worse.  One night I was on the internet chatting with some of my online
friends.  It was late, and I was in the office by myself.  I was so into my
conversation that I had forgotten the unease that I had felt earlier.
Unfortunately it didn't last long (to help understand this part I must
explain the layout of the floor in the office.  It's a wooden floor with
about 1 1/2 feet of empty space underneath it, followed by the concrete
foundation.  This room was originally a garage but was re-modeled before my
family moved in).  I had my back facing the rest of the room.   From behind
me came the sound of a frantic scratching against wood.  I spun around and
no one was behind me.  Seconds later the sound came again, only louder and
more frantic.  I left the office without shutting off the computer or the
light and ran to my room.  I later decided that there was no way it could
have been a rat or anything like that, as it was too loud to have come from
any kind of rodent.
About a year passed without any more major occurances.
I 'adopted' 2 kittens that were born in our backyard.  They are both black
with bright yellow eyes and my parents joke that they have posessed the
house.  I think they have helped us more than hurt us.
Just recently my boyfriend moved in with us, and we are both very close to
the kittens.  The female, named Bonnie, always sits next to us.  One night
we were on the couch talking, with Bonnie sitting between us.  During a
quiet moment I looked down and noticed that Bonnie was staring into the
dining room.  I assumed she was looking at our older cat, Katie (who she
didn't get along with very well), but when I followed her gaze, I could see
nothing out of the ordinary.  A few seconds later she hissed, followed
immediately by a deep throated growl.  I had never heard her do either of
these things before, so of course it scared me.  I picked her up but she
kept her eyes on the dining room.  After a few minutes she turned to me and
started purring.
About a week after that Bonnie's brother, Clyde (haha) was sitting with me
in the family room.  I was playing with him with his favorite toy, a feather
sparkly thing attached to a stick.  Usually, when playing with it, nothing
can distract him.  This night, however, he stopped what he was doing with
the toy and looked towards the dining room.  I called his name and snapped a
few times, which perked his ears up, but he kept his eyes focused on the
room.  I figured that his toy would bring him back around, so I waved it in
front of his face.  Usually, doing this would cause him to go into a frenzy
of backflips in an attempt to catch it, but not this time.  This time he
ducked his head around it to keep watch on the dining room.  A few minutes
later he growled deeply, which was very unusual for him to do at the time.
I sat and watched with him for a few more seconds.  He then turned back
towards his toy and began to play with it again.  I'd like to think that
Bonnie and Clyde are helping to keep the demons, or ghosts if you will, at
bay in our house.
Aside from that, my boyfriend and I have also heard noises in all of the
rooms of the house.  When my parents aren't home we hear things like papers
falling or drawers being closed in their room, and in the office we always
hear what sounds like kittens rummaging around, but when we look up, all 3
of the cats are always sleeping when it happens.  I also have had some
nightmares that I attribute to whatever lurks in our house.  one night I
awoke to the feeling that someone was leaning against the foot of my bed.
When I looked towards it I saw a man, with a strange smile on his face,
leaning with one hand on my bed, and coming towards me.  When I sat straight
up, he disappeared.  Another one I had was equally disturbing, but twice as
strange.  In it I could see myself sleeping, as well as three women, one old
and two younger, standing near my door.  The older woman said "what are we
going to do about her?" to which one of the younger women replied "take care
of it".  It was then that I (in the dream) began to toss and turn.  The
older woman picked up on the movement and turned to the other younger woman
and said "She's about to wake up.  We'll leave and you stay here and get rid
of her."  The woman she was talking to ducked behind my TV and the other two
left just as I woke up.  I was too scared to move but eventually, armed with
a switch blade, rushed to turn the light on.  Of course, no one was there.
Other than that I have also woken up to the feeling of what can be described
as a cat jumping up on the bed next to me.  But when I reach out to pet it
(assuming it is one of my cats) there is nothing there, and yet the weight
I find all of this incredibly disturbing, especially since it has started
happening in my room, which used to be the only place I felt safe in this
house.  Luckily I am 17, and in less than 6 months I will be 18 and already
have the money and an apartment set up to move into.  If I had to live here
any longer than that I think I would go insane.

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