Encouraged to Move

By: cherylcraig@lycos.co.uk

My story happened about 2 years ago over a period of 8
months and I am so glad I no longer live in the same house.
We moved to our current house because we had to but the
happenings in our house just encouraged us even more. As I
am tying this I have just remembered something else that
happened when I was 14 years old. My parents split up when
I was 14 and my sisters were both 11 and 9. I had always
believed that negative energy could cause strange occurrences
and so it was no surprise to me when things went a big strange
in our house. First thing that happened was the TV on my
chest of drawers would shake from side to side which was just
not possible. I put it down to vibrations elsewhere in the
house but this was not the case. Second, after returning home
one night I came home and went straight into my room without
turning the light on however I could see from the light coming
in from the hallway. The picture I had on my wall came flying
off the wall sideways (not possible) and hit the door side on
and to this day there is still a massive dent where it made
contact. My youngest sister also claimed to have seen the
figure of a young girl standing beside her bed one morning
however I was quick to dimiss as I felt as though if I
acknowledged it, it would become real. Nothing else happened
until 6 years later. We were in our new flat, my mum, me and
2 sisters and everything was totally normal up until I'd say
about 1 month of being there. Can't really remember the
exact order events except that last and final one. My sister
Jane had told my mum that she had been in bed the night
before and had the feeling of someone pushing the covers
down at either side of her like almost trapping her in the bed
but she put it down to being really tired. My mum being the
world's biggest sceptic said she was havering and to get a grip
on reality and not to mention it to our younger sister Jemima
as it would freak her out. She did not tell me also until after a
few things happened. A couple of days later, my youngest
sister Jemima comes to my mum with an identical story and
automatically assumes they are both in on it and are trying to
wind her up but when both confronted denied all knowledge
and my mum began to think along the lines that they may be
telling the truth. By now I know about the whole thing and so
as you can imagine I am slightly apprehensive about going to
sleep at night. I was in my bed one night and I had a room of
my own so I was last up in the house and I think I was reading
a book or something and my cat Hamish was lying on the bed
next to my thigh leaning on it. I was the only one that would
allow him to sleep in my room because I always felt safer with
him there. I heard a noise outside my room. Nothing you
could really put a name to and I started to read again and I
looked at Hamish and he was lifted 6 inches straight up in the
air still in his curled up position, I freaked, the cat miaowed
really loudly and ran from the room. I then went in to my
mum's room because I was slightly petrified. Now my mum
was sure something was happening yet nothing had happened
to her. I was now beginning to think that maybe it was
negative energy again because this house move had been a
result of the breaking up of my parents and my mum really
didn't want to live in this house and she was miserable and we
were in turn miserable because she was. So 2 months passed
with nothing happening until my sisters and I went to Irleand
with my dad on holiday and left my mum in this house on her
own for a week. I phoned my mum whilst we were away and
she seemed on edge but wouldn't say what was wrong so that
she didn't spoil our holiday but I had a feeling it was about the
house. When we got back she told me that one night she had
went to sleep and she always kept the bedroom door shut and
the way the doors are you can't just push them to get in you
have to physically turn the handle which was good because it
meant my mum could keep the cat out. She said she was just
drifting off to sleep and she felt the bottom corner of the bed
being depressed as if someone had just sat on it. She thought
at first the cat had got into the room but when she put the light
on the door was still completely closed. She then put it down
to her imagination and tried to fall back asleep. She then felt
the same feeling of the covers being pushed down at either
side of her and she also felt a pressure on her chest like
someone was sitting on it. She tried to sit up but couldn't and
she also couldn't reach the bedside lamp and the next thing
she knew something hit her really hard in the face full force
and the chest pressure released instantly. She couldn't sleep
again that night and spent the night in my grans house. We
came back from holiday and I then had to spend the last 9
months sleeping in the same room as my mum as she was too
scared. She was so convinced of something bad in the house
that she went as far as to go to the libarary to check what was
on the land previously as these flats had only been up for
about 3 years. The library couldn't help as they had no files.
My mum gave up until my sister met a lady at the bottom of
our street who spoke to her unexpectedley and said that she
had lived in the area all her life and were we new. My sister
took the opportunity to ask if she knew what was there before
the flats had been and she claimed that the carpark to the flats
had once been completey sealed with a wrought iron fence
over 6 feet high that you could not see through and the home
beyond the fence was that of a scandalised councillor and
there was a lot of mystery surrounding his death. We have
since found out that this was true but there is virtually no
information on the councillor or the land on which he lived.
Now, needless to say my mum is not a sceptic and nothing has
happned in our new house. Any info on what this could have
been would be great as it would help to satisfy my curiosity!
Please feel free to email me at the above address.

During the Night Shift

By: logic316@technologist.com

I realize my experience is probably quite mundane compared to the other
stories I've read on this site, but here goes:
  A few years ago, I used to work as a security guard at Texaco's corporate
headquarters in Harrison, New York.  I had left another job site that closed
down and begun working the 11PM-7AM night shift there with my partner Carlos
(a White Plains policeman who was moonlighting as a private guard).  This
happened approximately one month after they had the anti-discrimination
protests which had recieved widespread media attention in the U.S.  Each
night, one of us would stay at the front desk (by the only entrance to the
building that was open at nighttime) monitoring and logging into a book who
came in and out while the other guard would either drive around in the
patrol vehicle outside or walk around the inside of the large office
building checking fire exits, making sure doors were locked (raiding the
refrigerators, putting his feet up on the president's desk, catching naps,
etc) and basically making sure everything looked okay on all floors.  We
would remain in radio contact with each other and with Neil (our sarcastic
and overbearing supervisor) who was in the security console room located in
the basement.
  After working with Carlos for a few weeks, he started complaining to me
about seeing strange apparitions while going through the deserted corridors.
Whenever he saw one, he would sort of catch them flitting around the corner
of his eye or shooting across his path and then they were gone.  He had
mentioned that one of them looked like a construction worker wearing a
yellow hardhat.  Then later one night he reported over his walkie-talkie
hearing strange footsteps on the top floor and not finding the person making
them.  I told him that according to our log book and judging from our
previous tours around the building, there simply couldn't have been anyone
up there.  The only people on the whole property were me, Carlos, Neil, and
an engineer working in the console room with him.
  I've done security work for over 5 years (gate/desk/tour guard,
supervisor, manager, etc) and at almost every job site I've been to I would
hear ghost stories from some guard or other.  I kept an open mind and
listened to them politely, but up until now I have never experienced
anything personally so I always just shrugged my shoulders and never really
knew what to make of them.  Besides, over 85% of security guards I've known
in the business have little education, below average intelligence,
frequently dishonest, and often don't play with a full deck (that's the
REALLY scary part about this job!).  I guess I can understand how walking
through deserted dark buildings can be kind of creepy, but I always liked
the quiet and solitude.  One thing that struck me as kind of odd, though, is
that the Texaco office building was only relatively recently built in the
1970's - I thought that only old buildings are supposed to have ghosts.
Anyway, I figured that Carlos was probably just really tired and overworked
from having two jobs and not getting any real sleep.
  Well, two nights later I was going up one of the fire exit staircases like
usual and opened the door to the top floor.  At that point, I clearly heard
loud footsteps coming from the corridor around the corner from me.  I walked
around the corner and heard the footsteps walking down the corridor away
from me and becoming fainter, but I didn't see anyone.  I was certain that
nobody was supposed to be there, so while going down the hall I loudly
called out in my most authoritative voice "TEXACO SECURITY.  WHO IS UP
HERE??" two times.  Right then, I distinctly heard a shoe squeak against the
floor as if whoever was walking made a quick turn, then a brief pause, and
then the footsteps continued and sounded like they were going out the other
fire exit (even though the door remained shut).  I specifically noticed that
the footsteps had a sharp 'click-clack-click-clack' sound as if somebody was
walking on a tile floor.  The only problem is, every inch of those floors
are CARPETED.  If there was a person walking up there, I shouldn't have
heard anything!  I then remembered Carlos' report two nights before so I
hurried after the sound to catch whoever it was, ran through the other fire
exit, and looked down the stairs.  The sound had completely stopped and
there was noone in the stairwell.  All the fire exit doors remained closed
like they were supposed to be and no one had gone out any of them, since
those big metal doors echo through the whole building when you close them
and I would have heard it being right in the area.
  I radioed down to Carlos in the lobby and Neil in the console room and
checked whether they let anybody up there.  I then started looking through
all the offices, which turned out to be empty.  There were no other workers
in the building.   Neil responded "Ehhhhh, right, that's just my ghost.  I
send it up there to keep an eye on you two losers".
 Neil always was a jerk.

Childhood Tale


When I was about seven years of age I had a dream that i was on the beach with my sisters and my mum and dad.  The reason for the dream i suppose was we were heading off for our summer holiday about a week later so i was probably excited about that nothing unusual so far
i woke up the next morning and at the bottom of the bed and in between my toes was full of sand?
not very ghostly i admit but strange yes its true


By: Unicorn1108@cs.com
I thought I was seeing my son who was about 11 yrs. old at the time. Then I realized my son was not home that night. He was at his Dad's.  The little boy was hiding,almost like he was playing or was scared (He was hiding behind a couch, when I woke up and saw him.)  I also used to hear very softly--usually waking me up-"can you help".  Things like my heat would be on 90 degrees when I would arrive home, things would fall off the dryer when there was no wind and the dryer would be off.  Also, a ball would roll across the room.  Things usually happened if my son and I would have an argument.  I was newly divorced and having problems with my son.



I had moved back home in the summer of 1998.  I started working for the
county at a chemical health clinic by December that same year.
My position had been an ex-office employee's named Carol.  She had died
from an over-dose of sleeping pills, but I was not informed of this, I
was just told that she had moved on (notice the play on words?  At the
time, I didn't).
Anyway, I was very happy in my new role as Office Specialist III, doing
computer assignments, managing our resource center, delegating office
duties and above all, just making sure that work flowed smoothly.
Well, one day I was in my office (Carol's old office) and I was very
busy doing some computer work.  I had just sat down from getting
something out of my file cabinet when I noticed movement out of the
corner of my eye.  I turned my head towards the door (to my left) to
look but saw nothing (the office was at the end of a long hallway).  I
shrugged it off and went back to working when all of the sudden, I
actually saw the picture of my (deceased) father move!  It sat on top of
my printer which was right next to my monitor (no, the printer was not
I know it could not have been any wind because all the windows in the
building are screwed shut, my office door was shut, and I kept a cover
over the vent in my office because it was always too cool for me.
Then, as I sat there staring at my dad's picture, I suddenly felt a
pinch!  Carol has pinched me on my left thigh!!  I had on nylons and I
also saw where she pinched me because the strands of fiber were still
recoiling from where she had pulled them!
That was it!  I ran out of that office and down the hall to the
reception area and told my co-workers.  And when I showed them my ruined
nylons (why would I purposely ruin a perfectly good pair of $15.00
nylons!?), they all stopped what they had been doing and just stared!
Finally, one of them pulled me aside and told me that I needed to speak
with our manager.  She said that the manager would explain (I found out
from the manager that she had asked them not to say anything to me about
Carol and the fact that they ALL had been visited by her AND that they
knew the office was haunted!)
Well, the excitement from the incident slowly faded away and a couple of
days later, I was doing some serious cleaning.  I was going through some
floppy discs I had found behind the desk.  One especially caught my eye
because it was orange.  When I placed it in the computer--to my
surprise, I found myself reading what turned out to be Carol's diary.
She had been distraught over the suicide of her best friend. Carol was
also an alcoholic who was sick and refused to get help (imagine, an
alcoholic working for a chemical health clinic!).  There were many other
things mentioned that I cannot get into because it would fill a novel.
I felt so sorry for Carol.  So, I added my own thoughts to hers.  I
asked her to please let go and--let God.
After that, I deleted everything and never told anyone about what I had
About 2 months later and many more encounters, the manager decided to
move me to another office .  Carol's old office was given up for storage
I have since resigned my position there and although I had prayed for
forgiveness for Carol's soul and asked that she be sent to a better
place--to this day still--no-one likes going into that office.

Can Ghosts Move

By: JustJuggling@aol.com

My name is Robert. I grew up around a ghost. I am now researching  to see what kind of spirit it was. I no longer live in the home. My parents live in another town about 40 miles from there. I live about eight or nine miles from there now. I drove by the house again the other day.
Its been over 10 years since I have been in the home. To my knowledge my parents never complained about any "strange activity," but I witnessed it and I remember every encounter  vividly.
The first time was with my closet door. It opened slowly but  completely. I mean I always completly closed my door.  That one night. I watched it open. I watched it open. Naturally I was terrified. I also thought someone may have played a joke on me at first, but they did not. Not in our house. The house was a two story and the floor made noise when walked on. I don't mean an old house. We moved into a new house. We lived there about four or five years.  This was the first of many different  things to happen.
Every time there was an occurrence, It involved an object. I could write all night about these things but I feel chills when I do.
I wonder if ghost can move. Things happen here too,,,,,,sometimes.

Brandon Lee Son of Bruce Lee

By: greybabby@aol.com

my story is in two parts so i will begin from the begiining
i still cant believe it happened but it did
back in 1994 after the crow came out i wanted to send flowers to lake view cemetery in seattle washington to the grave of brandon lee
i asked for a sign from brandon himself
i went to seven eleven that day and inn walked this guy who had bleached his hair
blonde he had on the black pants and white shirt like the chinese people wear
his face was light he walked over to me and stared at me and then left
he looked exactly like brandon lee
after he left a warm feeling came over me a reassurance to send the flowers
i went to the flower shop and someone there said no problem i know exactly someone who will be sure to get them there
40clock that afternoon thery called and said they were put on brandons grave
i felt so happy i did that
i believe it was brandons ghost i saw at seven eleven that day that reassured me to send the flowers.
but the story doesnt end here
4 months after i kept seeing a crow around my home and it was there for 5 nights straight.
on the fifth day my family was going grocery shopping and we couldnt decide on
publix or winn dixie.
finally they decided on winn dixie but i wasnt going to go till this feeling came over me that i was suppose to go
as i got out of the car i started to feel faint and couldnt understand why.
as i entered the store to my right i saw a guy who was the mirror image of brandon lee i was freaked out
my dad couldnt believe it either
i got the nerve to go up an talk to him and he said everyone says i am brandon
but brandon is dead he said.
he looked at me very strange and i actually touched his arm
i couldnt stop staring at him
i said goodbye and he was leaving
he didnt seem real he acted like he was in a diffewrent world
we finally got done and left
nothing happened again till 1995 before easter when i went back to winn dixie
and the guy who looked like brandon lee was there he stared at me and i tryed to
go to the cookie isle but where ever i went he followed me
it was so scary i got out of thetre as fast as i could
i never saw him again
but i will never forget him
i believe it was brandon materalized some how
why he came to me i will never know only that i looked like eliza hutton back then

Bradock Roadhouse Ghosts

By: mjcoffman@alleganyinternet.net

In 1994-95 I lived in Cumberland MD just off the old Bradock road that dates back to colonial times as a then wilderness route to the unexplored country to the west.  I offer that as a backdrop that may help provide context for the perception of the guys that i experienced, since this apartment building was 1960's era modern, and it's hard to pin this stuff down, but this would seem to be a real example of the place, the locus of experience, being the map of the haunting.
In 1994 I went to bed around 11 o'clock but was sleeplessbecause of the banging and thrashing sounds that were happening on the other side of the wall.  Yet I was drifting off when   I was shocked into wakeing by the sounds of a rape just inches from my ear.  There was a piercing scream  of outrage, then I heard the sounds of a death rape.  I can't even start to tell you how awful that sounded, so i won't try.
I am describing this real time so I was very awake when I heard this person scramble over the balcony and the felt her body snuggle into mine that night.  This presence told me about her need for protection since her mother took on this latest boyfriend.  I took this disembodied baby into my arms and I told her that she would be safe with me, that anyone the wished to harm her would need to come through me first.
For two days after this child asked for and received my promise I was visited    by  her dog, that would run up and lay down on my bed.


By: 71291@bellsouth.net

My name is Leah and I'm 13. I live in Louisiana and my trailor is
haunted. Here's how I know. One time about a year ago, my mom had gone
to the grocery store. I was alone, except for the cats. I was watching
MadTV when all of a sudden I heard footsteps coming down the hall. It
sounded like someone wearing big, heavy boots.
   The door to my bathroom (which is right next to my room) opened, the
light flicked on, then off. The bathroom door slammed and the footsteps
went back down the hall. When my mom got back, I tried to tell her about
it, but she didn't believe me.
   Then, during summer break this year, I had come home from my friend's
party and I left my platforms in the living room. My mom brought them to
me and I swear they were there when I went to sleep. The next morning,
my mom came to my room, holding my platforms and asking what they were
doing up front. I didn't know.
   But here's how I really know my trailor is haunted. Last month I was
in my room listening to my stereo and dancing. Well, I have bad knees
and sometimes they give out and I fall. That happened when I was
dancing. When I was a few inches away from the floor, I felt two icy
cold hands on each of my shoulders, pulling me up. As soon as I was on
my feet, the hands let go.
   I don't think the ghost is out to hurt anybody. In fact, if it kept
me from falling (and possibly hurting myself) it must be a friendly
ghost. I've jokingly named it Bob (I'm pretty sure it's a man), and
everytime something unexplained happens around the trailor, I just say
"Oh, must be Bob".

Another Haunting


Hi i have sent 2 stories so far and this is a recent one i was babysitting my niece and she was cutting teeth so you can say she was very cranky and crying  i was getting a little angry  so i told her to be quiet  now you have to understand my mother passed a year and a half ago back to the story well  when i told Ashley to be quiet i herd my mom say 'HEY AWWWW SHHHHH IT'S OK"
well that about did it for me i was out of there with a bold of light i left so fast i forgot about Ashley hmmmmm i was thinking i will have to go get her but i did and she was laughing and pointing and having a good time like she was never crying at all. well i thanked my mom and i never felt scared after that  and a lot more things happened i will write later about the main thing is i felt my mom was helping me because she knows i dont have  a whole lot of nerves for children but i do love my niece and i love my mom for helping from  the otherside i miss her so much and at times when i think about her and start crying it just feels like she is there comfurting me  i miss her thanks for reading my story  if you want to put this on your site you can and if you want to e-mail me you can do so at ashia22@hotmail.com thanx again Tammy

All My Life


  This is my story of what has happened to me all my life.
Ever since I was about 4 or 5 I have had 2 sprits with me.  When I was young they never scared me.  When they first came was in the first house I remember living in.  My sister and I shared the same room at the bottom of the stair's.  My bed was in the corner where you could see the doorway right in front of you.  They would come in at night when I was trying to go to sleep or they would wake me up.  They never really scared me they just stood there and stared.  I would lay there frozen, but not scared.  They never talked to me for that matter I never talked to them.
The man wore a letterman sweater like they did in the forties and fifties.  The woman dressed from the same era.  I could tell they didn't want to hurt me.  No matter where I slept in that room I always woke up with a dandy long leg spider on me.  I am terrified of spiders even very small ones.  However dandy long legs don't scare me.  It was as if they where protecting me from something.  The spiders that is not the ghosts.
Any way as we moved from house to house the presence moved with me.  Although it wasn't the man and woman from before.  They grow to be meaner somehow and more scary.  I always felt people not just someone, but people watching me.  At night I could be watching T.V. with my brother and sister and see something out of the corner of my eye dart past real fast they were most of the time small black spots.  They where sometimes full sized black thing's I am not sure what they are.  But they scared the piss out of me.
As time went on and I grow older they got stringer or something because when I was about 18 or 19 I moved into my own apartment and was fine for the first couple or weeks after that in the middle of the day (when before it was always at night,) I felt some one watching me and my friend did too.  We went to her house and got here bible, and some of her mom's holy water that she had, and some holy roseries that she had one for each door way and one for a mirorr that I owned that I got about the same time my friend and I felt the very evil being watching us. By the time we got back to my place the evil had almost more then tripled in size I can't explane the felling of all the evil in my home almost like every evil being was in my house.  We read from the scripture I don't remember which one but at first it was like it was working then it was worse. We then light white candles and put crosses above the doorway's and on the mirorr with the holy water.  That to helped a little but not enough. Just as fast as we got them to leave more came I cuoldn't take it any more I had to get out So My friend and I went for a walk that took about half an hour give or take.  By the time we got back they where all gone.  They stayed gone until my husband, and I moved in with some friends of ours and again I felt watched only at night and only when I was alone.  I had my pastor come bless the house it helped but didn't get rid of the presence that still to this day follows me.
After my sister passed away due to medical problems I would see her in my sleep come charging down the hall at me almost as if she was angry with me for not coming to she her in the hospital of something I don't know.  I was very hard for me to go and I think she knows that.  Her charging at me lasted about 4 months.  She then acted like she was helping me all the time. She is still in my dreams at least once a month.
The other night I was sitting here reading the story that went with the Jesus pitcher and I felt someone standing behind me as if they where going to harm me until I turned around real fast. I know that I am haunted rather then where I live is haunted because all my life I have had this, and I have moved 600 miles from all of that and it is still wayching me what ever it is.  No matter where I go it will be there.

A Whatsit?

By: kcostello@houston.com

I'm not quite sure what we have, if anything at all.
First off, I assure you that my husband and I are both fairly intelligent and very logical people.  We are opened minded but not gullible to every thing we see or hear.
Here goes nothing..... We bought this house in May 1994, the house was built in 1975-76, the land from what we understand was used for raising rice, sugar and cattle.  The neighbors on both sides bought their houses at the same time this one was built.  We asked them about the people who lived here before.  Nothing of real interest, no deaths, no killing, no suicides.  The first owners sold in the early to mid eighties.  It then became a rent house until we purchased it.  It had so many different renters, that the neighbors could not say just how many and the fact that it stood empty for long periods of time in between renters.  And that it had been empty for over a year before we bought it.  But, there were no problems that they knew of.
When we looked at the house, I had gone out the day before and chose five houses for the realtor to show my husband.  I wanted this house, goodness knows why, I did not tell my husband this, for I wanted to see if he felt the same.  Out of the five, he walked into this one, into the front hall, and said "cold spot, cool".  and kept walking.  I just giggled and the realtor just looked at me as if we were nuts.  The house was very run down and dirty, but it had a lot of potential (in my mind).  He looked around for a long time and the realtor kept wondering why I wanted this house, there were so many others in much better shape.  I just smiled and shrugged.  When Richard came back to us, he said that he wanted to speak to me alone, we walked out into the over grown back yard and he said "I want this house, what do you think?"  I told him that he needed to see one more, then we'll decide.  As we looked at the one last house, Richard (not interested in this one) kept talking about "Cold Spot", so the realtor took us back for one last look.  We walked through it together, and decided to buy this one.  One of the happiest days in our lives.
When we moved in, 3 weeks later, I had my first feeling.  I was alone waiting for Richard and two other guys to come back with the 1st load, I was sitting on the fireplace hearth, when I felt as if someone else were here.  I became a little edgy so I got up and started walking around to calm my nerves and kept telling myself, that I was edgy due to the move.  Finally, they showed up and we started to unpack.
Things were good for a while, nothing out of the ordinary, new sounds we needed to get use to, settling, birds in the fireplace chimney, squirrels in the attic, the usual.  We took care of all that, then we noticed (not at the same times) doors were opened that were closed tight just minutes before, lights on in one of the spare bedroom closets, music (that we though were our neighbors), sounds that weren't really voices, shadows down the hallway, toilets flushing, water running in a bathroom sink, the unsettling feeling of dread in the back bedroom, when our (from previous marriages) teenage kids came to visit, they slept on the couch or floor in formal living room(other side of the house), the dog barking and growling at the back bedrooms door, stacks of pennies here and there, things falling from shelves, fans/lights turning on by themselves, for the longest time we were not able to keep a light fixture from burning out bulbs on a weekly basis.
One day I came home from work, as I walked into the porch area, I heard a woman's voice (outside and behind me) say "hello", I turned around and found no one, I walked back out and looked around for a neighbor or some one else, no one was out, shrugged and went back into the porch about to put the key into the door when I heard voices and what sounded like band music(playing very softly) in the front bedroom (window is next to front door), so I tried to put the key in very slowly and turned the knob, open the door to......nothing.  I could not hear anything, when I went to check on that bedroom, the door was open and the closet light was on, so I walked in and went to the closet and turned off the light, and said out loud, (this is something I had been doing for my own sanity) "turning off the light and closing the (closet)door", then turned around and walked out, closing the door behind me "closing the (bedroom)door".  As I was doing this, I then noticed the back bedroom door was opened, a chill went up my spine and horrible dread, I just reached in very slowly and closed the door, turned around and walked off as fast as I could, for I don't think I had taken a breath since I spotted the back bedroom's open door.  When I came back later the back bedroom door was ajar.  My husband was still at work and I was the only one in the house at the time.  I can not tell you how many times I have closed those doors, (I hate for doors to be open for rooms not in use)and my poor husband got blamed alot that first year or two.  Come to find out he rarely went into either room, (and because of me, he always closed the doors tightly after use)for he did not like to go in them for anything.
All these things happened over a 3 year span, they did not happen every day, seemed to occur at all hours of the day or night, never seemed to happened while just waking or falling asleep.  When Richard and I finally sat down to compare notes, we decided not to say anything to the kids, we did not want them to worry or start to see things when they came to visit.  Come to find out, they came to us and told us that they would not sleep in the back bedroom, nor did they really want to sleep in the other spare bedroom, "you know you have a ghost or something in your house, don't you?"  That is when they started telling us of seeing and hearing much of the same things that we were experiencing.  What a relief that was.
We are still in the house to this day, what ever was/is here, doesn't show itself much anymore, been very quite the last few years.  For a while there, it showed it self strongest during the holidays, from early October till late January, early February.  It's still here, we just don't see or hear much anymore, but every once in a while it let's us know.
One night (about a year or 2 ago) while my husband was changing his shoes, sitting on the end of the bed, he had this strange feeling that he needed to look up, like someone yelling in his head, DANGER! Just as he looked up, he saw our ceiling fan starting to fall from the ceiling, it just missed him, if he hadn't looked up it would have hit him on the head.
It also, dislikes non believers.  Our son-in-law while staying with us, came in from work (very late), and went in to shave and take a hot bath, after he finished shaving, he used the toilet and then got into the tub, he said that he was laying there soaking for maybe 10 minutes, he then shampooed his hair and went under the water to rinse, as he came up, he said that he heard water running and looked over at the sink across from him, he saw both faucets opened up wide and was splashing water everywhere.  He then jumped out of the tub, grabbed a towel and ran to the spare bedroom where our daughter was sleeping, shook her awake and started yelling at her for pulling such a stupid joke, she calmed him down and told him, "I was asleep, you had to wake me, remember?  I did not get up at 2:30am to pull a joke on you" and then she went to check the bathroom, the water was splashing everywhere, so she turned it off.  She then walked back into the room and got back into bed and said "now, do you believe?"  That was the last time anything exciting happened, and that was close to 2 years ago.  Our oldest son (almost 24)is now living with us, in the back bedroom.  He says it's not really bad, but he stays up very late and is on the computer most of the night, and I have noticed his light is sometimes on when I get up in the morning. He says that he doesn't remember turning them on.  Go figure.


A Strange Long Term Experience

By: criskim144@yahoo.com

I am sending in the following experience for two reasons.....one, I think it is a story that, like so many of the others, needs to be shared.....and two, I was hoping to get your opinion on this ghost....was it once human, was it ever dangerous, and could it possibly have just gone away?  I have spent many moments pondering these questions, but, to be honest, I am afraid to step foot i nthat house now that I no longer have to.  Anyway, here is my family's story...hope I didn't leave anything out.

     My family had, for several years, a ghost who's existance began as a joke (we have several skeptics in our family) and turned into an unerving reality to even the most adamant disbelievers.  Three siblings and their families all lived in one neighborhood, so needless to say, we were all fairly close.  "George" as the ghost liked to be called, first appeared to my cousin, Jay,  who was around 4 at the time.  Jay's parent's thought that this person whom Jay was always speaking of and blaming things on was his imaginary friend and didn't think much of it.....until Jay failed to outgrow this imaginary friend.   My aunt and uncle then moved into a newly built house with Jay and his new sister, Kim (though as a sidenote, I must add that one of the workers died on the roof while they were building the new house...but I doubt that this has any significance since the ghost was with Jay before).  "George" followed.  Strange things began to happen for all to see.  Things dissapeared, only to be found later wrapped up in out of the way, impossible places.  My aunt brought home a new plant, and immediatly it began swaying about in a frenzied fashion.  Both being fairly logical people, my aunt and uncle checked the area around the plant for drafts or perhaps a hidden string, suspecting someone was playing a trick on them.  There were none.  The next day the plant was dead.  My uncle awoke one night with an eery feeling, and got up to check on Jay.  As he opened the door,  Jay's electronic car started up, went around the room, and stopped at my uncle's feet.  Finding Jay sound asleep and the remote control for the car safely on the other side of the room, my uncle tried to make up a logical answer, saying that perhaps the car had picked up on some other frequency which had caused it to move......but in such a deliberate patern?  That particular bedroom was also cold, always.....no matter waht the weather or the temperature of the rest of the house...there was always a prevailing chill there.  Lights began to go on and off for no reason,  Kim was startled by a loud knock on the wall as she was taking a bath.  She ran out into the hall screaming, and when everyone went in to invesitgate, they found a small hole in the wall that looked as though someone had tried to break through from inside the wall.   After calling in an electrician to go over the wiring and make sure everything was alright, my aunt was disconcerted whn the man told her"Lady, the only thing I can tell you is that this place is haunted.....there is nothing wrong with your house otherwise."  The adults began to question Jay, now, who was school aged and spent a great deal of his time on the computer.  Jay told them that he talked to his friend telepathically.....and that he couldn't make the ghost show up, it just did.  The ghost had told Jay that in life it's name was Mark, but now it prefered the name George.  They advised him to tell George to just leave him alone the next time...advice he took a few evenings later when the family was about to go out for dinner.  The voice in Jay's head stopped immediatly, and all was forgotten, until the family got back.  Jay had gone immediatly back to his room and sat down at his computer without a second thought, when he felt a sharp pain.  To his horror, he discovered shards of broken glass strewn all over the chair.  The glass was like none my aunt had ever owned, or seen for that matter, and after showing it to family and niegbors she concluded that it didn't belong to them, either.  My mother began babysitting Jay and Kim around this time, always at their house, and she had several strange things happen to her, including a setting a can of throat spray on her dresser only to wake up in the middle of the night to discover, just in time, that the medicinal spray had been replaced by an almost identically shaped bottle of toxic cleaning fluid.  My mom tried to talk to Jay about these strange things but as soon as he tried to talk about it, George would warn him, and he would go pale and silent.  Then George started moving around the neigborhood.  My parent's were having a small gathering one night, and the topic turned to ghosts....my Mother had become a believer, my father was still a staunch skeptic....so my mother challenged the ghost....she said that if "George" really did exist, her car wouldn't make it to work the next day.  Everyone had a good laugh and the stament was forgotten about....until my mother left for work.  Halfway there the vehicle, which had always ran fine, stalled, and refused to start.  A mechanic looked at it and could find nothing wrong.....the day afterwards, it my mother tried the engine and it worked perfectly, and did so until the vehicle was sold several years later.  A few months later, my mother, 7 months pregnant, was working alone late in my father's store, when she heard a crash in a back room....after investigating, she found that a huge mirror in the bathroom had fallen and shattered.....though it had been there for years and was securly hung in place.  Frightened, my mother began having pains in her stomach and sat down.....telling "George" aloud that if she lost the baby it would be his fault and asking him to leave the family alone.......and he did......for a time.  His next two appearances were harbringers of misfortune to family members.  Several years later, Kim was getting ready for her wedding in the family home, when she walked out of one room into the hall to see a dark mist shrouded figure fleeeing from the room at the end of the hall......she wasn't as frightened as she thought she should be, but felt wierd.  Her new husband turned out to be a horrible man who beat her until she finally managed to escape and divorce him a month later....to this day she thinks George was trying to warn her.  My father was the next one to see George.  He was contemplating a business deal, when he walked outside early one morning to see a man jogging past him on the street.  As the man approached, Dad noticed that the figure had no lower half, it was merely a misty upper body.  My father was a bit shaken, but attributed it to lack of sleep or some other unknown cause.....the business deal ended up driving him to banckruptcy.   My aunt and uncle moved to another town and the house stood empty for some time, until my father and stepmother decided to buy it.  During the time it stood empty , after the electricity had been turned on for my family's approaching move in, a bunch of junior high kids, including me, decided to play hide and go seek in the house.....everyone had cleared out and we had locked it back up when we noticed a light had been left on.  Myself and a neighborhood boy went back inside to turn it off.  We were halfway through the large living room when the light turned itself of with a little click.....we ran, horrified, to the back door...only to find that it wouldn't open.....we panicked and screamed, almost hurting each ther in an effort to get out, and a few seconds later, it opened.  Thinking someone had held the door as a sick joke, I was shocked to find the rest of the party several yards away.....no one had beeen near the door, nor were there any signs that anyone had run from the door to hide the prank.  A few days later, the family moved in...it was a roomy house, perfect for a family of 5 (myself, then 15, my parents, sister age 11, and step-brother age 18).  The strange things died down but by no means went away.  I once threw a slumber party and one of the girls thought it would be fun to bring a Ouija board (having no idea just how dangerous it could be).  In the room we decided to use, a medium sized sitting room, there was a large picture of Christ hanging on the wall  Well, we went about our amateur ghost-contacting, and things were fairly uneventful, until one of the girls screamed...of course, being a group of easily panicked kids, we threw the board and the pointer down the hall and fell all over each other in our rush to the brightly lit kitchen....where we calmed our friend from her hysterics and got her to tell us why she had screamed.....it seems that she had seem the picture of Christ moving, slowly and rythmically...as had my little sister.  One of the braver girls and I went back to the room to retrieve the board and pointer.....only to find that, though the board was laying in the hall where we had clearly seen it and the poiner land.....the pointer was back in the room, pointing directly up toward the picture.  No one could have gotten back to that room without passing us first.  Needless to say, very few people ever stayed the night at my house again.  After that, most of the stuff that happened was sporadic at best.....we would hear furniture move in rooms where no one was.....or very heavy, stable furniture would be turned over, usualy while  I was alone in the house.  The family dog would sometimes bark at corners for no reason, as though he could see someone we could not....once while he slept on the couch he jumped up, yelping as though he had been hurt, and growled at and avoided the couch for the rest of the night.  my brother was once trapped in the living room closet..he tried to push the door open but somethign heavy was in front of it.....and he was in the house alone.  Also, many people who had never heard the stories and did not know each other, complained about having the feeling that someone was following them in the hall....I knew this feeling well...I was never brave enough to look, but I just knew that were I to stop suddenly, someone, or something, would run into me.  And Jay's old room, then my room, was always so unaturally cold.  Sometimes, late at night, I would hear whispers, like so many voices together.....but I could never understand them.  It was like I was mentally getting in a radio station, but it would never come in clear enough for me to hear what was being said.  When I was 18, our family moved out of the house....and though it stood empty and dark for almost 2 years, the one day I stopped by to visit my aunt and uncle, who lived next door....I noticed something.  There were no shades on the windows....and the door to the living room closet...the same one my brother had been trapped in, was standing open....and a light was on inside it.  The neighbors all said that the light had not been on the day before....the ydidn't even think that the place had the electricity turned on.  No one had the courage to go turn it off this time....I guess George just wanted to welcome me home.  We sold the house, and a new family moved in....and lives there now.  I have never talked to the people, hence I doh't know if they have had problems with the house or not......I hope for thier sake they haven't.

Precious Story

By: HUGHES2156@aol.com

My mother is a preacher and she would always tell me and my sister the same stories about her ghost experience. Well i was about 11 in the 6th grade(1999) And her and my dad told me the story about when she was 34 years old she had to have surgery. She was very nervous about it. Well the doctor(an african-american, female) named Dr.Wing came and sat at the foot of my mothers bed and touched her on her knee and told her everything was gonna be alright. Well everything was alright, she pulled through and came out fine. The next week or so her and my dad went back to the hospital to give her some flowers,candy, and a thank you. When they went to the front desk and asked for Dr.Wing they nurse said there has never been a doctor in that hospital ever named Dr.Wing. My parents were so surprised at this moment. When my mom was finished with the story i asked her these questions about her facial features and they were all right. I had seen this lady in my dreams, and i've seen her at my school, and in my bedroom. The last time i seen her she told me she was there to protect me. I asked her well why was you at my mother's hospital bed. She said if something went wrong with my mother 3years later she wouldnt have been able to have me. :)

I Know What I Saw

By: snowboy@snowcrest.net

Many years ago, when I was only 10 yrs. old, even though very young, I knew what I saw. I had gone down into the cellar to get something of very little importance and all of a sudden, the door slammed behind me. I did not think anything of it, but then it started getting deathly cold. Literally. I started to get very cold. Then, as I went to get what I was pursuing, I started seeing faces. Faces I knew, faces I know. I ran up the stairs without getting the object I was after. The door would not open. I screamed because the faces were coming after me. Then, the door opened and my mother came down with a bottle. I am not sure what it was, but when my mother sprayed it, the "faces" disappeared. My mother told me that she knew she shouldn't have sent me down there. She also told me that the contents of the bottle were an old family tradition. I had scratchmarks on my arms, my mother and father moved me out of that house 2 days later. I know it sounds funny, my story, it sounds like something that would come out of a movie. Please don't exclude it from your website though. I want others that have gone through something like this to know that they're not alone, and that they shouyld not hide or run from them. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, as I always say. I still have the marks from that night, but they do not run as deep as the scars in my heart. Thank-you for taking the time to read my story, and I wish you fearless days for the rest of your life.

At 2 A.M.

By: berjettej1@webtv.net

Back in 1983, me, my ex and our 4 year old son had made a trip to Tyler,
Texas with my ex's mother (who I will refer to as "H"), brother, and
nephew.  We went to visit H's father, whose wife had recently passed
away.  He lived in a house that H had grew up in.
The house had a huge bathroom with connecting doors, each one to a
bedroom.  That night, as we prepared for bed, H's father gave us his old
room that he had shared with his wife (I now know why he no longer used
it!), and H took the adjoining bedroom (it was her room in the past).
Around two am, I woke up and needed to use the toilet.  As I rose up, I
saw and heard H's pink, fuzzy, slippers as she was walking across the
bathroom floor (the bathroom door had one-half inch between it and the
floor).  I sat and waited patiently while waiting for her to get done.
Finally, my bladder getting the best of me, I got up and opened my door
only to find it unlocked and the bathroom empty!  Well, my bladder
reminded me of my reason for being there so I didn't have time to ponder
it.  I walked over to shut the door that lead to H's room.  Just as I
started to pull it shut, I encountered resistance but on the other side
was H.  The look on her face was one of sheer horror!  I asked her what
was wrong and she said that she had been waiting to use the bathroom but
thought that I was the one in the bathroom and said she had got tired of
waiting and got up to rush me on only to find I had just entered the
bathroom, that's why I scared her when I was trying to shut her door.
Realization set in then and I told her that I thought she was in the
bathroom because I had seen her pink fuzzies under the door.  She said
she saw and heard the same thing but thought it was me shuffling across
the bathroom floor in my slippers.  We both looked down at the same
time--with stark revelation--I had on black, flat slippers, she had on
shiny, blue ones!
Later on that morning after breakfast, my ex, his brother, nephew and I
left to go to the store because I was catching a cold and needed
While we were leaving we encountered H's aunt, who was there for her
usual visit to help her brother with house chores.  When we got back, we
noticed she was gone and H was outside.  We asked why her aunt had left
so fast (we were only gone about 10 minutes).  H told us that her aunt
told her she had went into the bedroom that I had stayed in and when she
approached the bed, she noticed that I was still sleeping!  She said she
walked out and told H that she was so sorry to have disturbed "the
woman" in the bed.  H said she told her that there was no one in the
bed, that we all had left to go to the store.  Her aunt kept insisting
that either I or some woman was still in the bed sleeping.  So when they
both went back to look, the lady was still there!  They both bolted out
of the house and that is where we found H.  Her father told us he didn't
bother to leave because he was used to his wife's visits and that she no
longer scared him.
H's father passed a few years later and before the house was finally
raised, people in the surrounding area (the house was on a farm and
hadn't had any modifications) would always see the bedroom light come
on--at two am.

College Ghost Story

By: liss@chartermi.net

This happened to me when I was in college.  I still lived at home,
school wasn't far away, afterall, and the summer my parents went on
their first vacation alone together, I found myself alone each night.
One night I was scared, it was far too late to call my older sisters,
and storms were getting worse outside.  I was all gittery..walking
around the house...when I happened to look up the stairs.  I saw a woman
standing at the top of the stairs...in an old house coat..and curlers in
her hair.  I said, "mom?" but the woman shook her head and just
vanished.  But the strange thing was..I calmed down.  I wasn't scared of
the storm or the dark..whatever or whoever that was..made me feel safe.
I come to find out it was a woman who had died in our house before my
parents bought it before I was born.  I'd always been soothed when I had
nightmares..I always figured it was mom, now I'm not so sure.

Something from Twighlight Zone Perhaps?


I have a few stories to share about unexplainable experiences.

My last day with Gram:
One thing that I have learned over the years, is to trust your instinct.
My family has always had a connection to the psychic world... mostly its
the women in my family.  My grandmother and I were exceptionally close.
I guess you could say, we still are.  My Mom, and my Grandmother all lived
quite a distance from each other, and I used to say that we kept "Ma Bell"
in business.  It was usually my Grandmother that I would call when I was
worried, and she always knew just the right thing to make me feel better.
One Saturday evening, my Mom called to say that my grandmother had slipped
while getting off the bus, and the doctors thought that she had cracked a
rib.  They were keeping her in the hospital for observation and to do some
tests.  On Monday evening, my Mom called back to say that the test results
on Gram, had showed widespread cancer in her body.  I was devasted, when
she told me that the doctors predicted that Gram would have 6 months to a
year to live.  She ended the call with the information that Gram would be
released from the hospital at the end of the week, and would continue to
live in her home until her health declined.
I was so totally dumbstruck by this, I dont think I really slept that
night.  I got up that morning, and had a terrible time concentrating at
work.  I decided that I had to go visit my Grandmother as soon as
possible.  It's quite a drive from where I live to the hospital, so I
resolved to leave early the next day.  It takes about 5 hours in good
weather, and we had been suffering from awful winter storms for days at
that point.  I woke that morning to find that the sun was shining and the
roads were wet-bare of snow.  I made it to my Grandmother's side just
before lunch time.  I spent some time with her talking, but at times it
seemed that she was halucinating due to the pain medication.  (I think
they had her on a morphine drip)  We chatted about many things, but at one
point, she said up and leaned close to me.  She whispered to me, "your
Papa (what I called my grandfather) was here last night".  Papa had passed
away nearly 20 years before, and perhaps most people would  write this off
as 'the medication talking', but I asked her what he said.  She replied
"He told me that he is coming for me soon".  I then thought that well,
maybe that WAS medication making her hazy, so I tried to steer the
conversation on to how she would be home soon, and that I we would make
plans then.  She fell asleep a little while later, and I left her side
shortly after.
I called my Mom after getting home late that night.  We talked briefly
about my visit with Grandma, and how I had had this conversation about my
grandfather coming to visit her.  Mom agreed that Gram was likely
It was only later on that night, when I was wakened by the phone from a
sound sleep, that I realized Gram wasn't halucinating.  My Mother had
called to say that Gram had passed away.  I still feel her presence at
times.  Perhaps she is still keeping in touch.

The House on Oxford Street
London, Ontario:
It was July of 1986, and I was just out of college. I had found a job, but
still had to find a place to live cheaply on the small salary I was
making.  Out of the blue, I bumped into an old school friend who was
living with her boyfriend.  They had a small apartment, but were moving in
a couple of days, to a new apartment in town that had an extra bedroom.  I
was amazed at my luck, and agreed to move in with them.  The house was a
two story home that had been converted into two apartments: one on the
main level and one on the upper level.  The basement was unfinished, and
was used for storage and a small laundry room.  The upper level apartment
had slanted walls that followed the roof line down to about waist level,
and then the eaves were blocked off to give flat wall space for furniture.
 The apartment was accessed from a side door, and up a turning stair.  You
came in the door to a landing, turned left and up half a flight of stairs
to another landing, and then turned 180 to go up the remainder of stairs
to our floor.  There was no other way in or out of the apartment.
Moving day was hot and chaotic, and we had a busy time of getting all of
our stuff into the upper level.  A few things seemed to go missing, but
put it off to the chaos of two different sets of moves coming in at one
time.  On about the second or third day, we started to clear out a closet
in the living room.  It used to be a bedroom at one time, and we decided
we would use it to store our winter coats.  Shoved up on the top shelf of
the closet was an old box, and in it we found a cool old air force cap.
My room-mate decided that this would be a cool addition to her wardrobe
and promplty put it on for a lark.
There was a small sunroom off the kitchen at the back of the house, and we
were all sitting out there cooling off a bit with a few friends, when
someone came back from the washroom to say they saw smoke in the living
room.  We all ran to the front of the house, and sure enough, flames were
coming out of the closet.  It was only a small fire, and the fire
department arrived quickly to put it out.  Only ONE coat was damaged, and
the firemen could only attribute the fire to possibly old electrical wire
shorting out. The coat that burned was a bright red leather coat belonging
to my room mate.
After that, things started to really heat up.  Keys and combs would go
missing, and other small stuff.  We would hear voices and footsteps but we
just attributed it initially to noisy neighbours downstairs.  Then we
realized the noises were on OUR stairs!  The funny thing was, that you
could hear the scrape of shoes on the old wood as the footsteps moved up
the stairs... but the stairs were covered in carpet!
Then it was the ceiling lights going on and off by themselves.  We had the
old kind of push button wall switches, so you really had to push to turn
them on or off.
After living there for nearly a month we had a note in our mailbox from
our neighbours, a young couple downstairs.  In the note, they asked that
we keep the noise down a bit, as the loud music at night and the sound of
footsteps were keeping them awake.  Funny thing is, that we hadn't been
doing any of this.  A few more days after this, and one of them was at the
door, asking if we left the water running in the tub because there was
water pouring into their kitchen cupboard.  Of course we hadn't, and we
found out later that this water flowing into their cupboards stopped and
started a few times in spite of a plumber finding no cause for the leak.
We sort of got used to the footsteps, and waiting for our missing keys to
show up in plain sight.  Sometimes I would be sitting in the living room
with friends, and they would hear the door and say "oh your room mate is
home" and I would have to listen to hear if the footsteps were scratchy or
not to know if it was my room mate or my ghost visitor.  It really freaked
out my friends when the footsteps would stop and there was no one there.
We heard from the old lady next door that there had been a murder in the
driveway there, but we really never found out what was the cause of our
ghostly visitor.
I stayed there in that apartment for only a year, and then moved in with
my boyfriend.  My roomates left not long after. The house is still there,
and I drive by it sometimes but I have no idea if the house is still
haunted.  My roomate got rid of the hat by the way.

Ghostly Visitors

By: dswann2@csc.com

Hi There,

I've been reading a few of the stories on your Shadowlands website and
decided that I should let you know some of my encounters with the "other"
My earliest recollection of a visitor is probably when I was about 5 or 6
years old.  I remember waking up very early one morning and looking toward
the end of my bed.  There standing and watching me was a tall man wearing a
long black coat and top hat.  He had a longish face and grey hair.  I
remember calling my father but before he could arrive,the man was gone.  My
father assured me I had been dreaming.  I never saw the man again, but
years later my father told me that my description of the man fit that of my
great grandfather.
On another occasion I was staying over at my brother's apartment and
sleeping in his bedroom.  His month old baby daughter was asleep in her cot
alongside the bed.  I remember waking up slowly and looking over at the
cot.  There, standing looking down at the baby  was an old lady.  She
looked at me, put her finger to her mouth to quiet me and smiled.  Then she
was gone.  To this day I believe that the lady I saw was my sister-in-law's
grandmother who had passed away a few months before the baby was born.
I would often lay in my bed as a young teenager and hear scratching sounds
coming from the old sewing machine cabinet in my bedroom.  I was always too
afraid to look directly at the cabinet in case I saw someone there.  The
noises stopped as soon as the cabinet was moved to another room.  Could
there have been something there?  I'll never know.
My boyfriend (now husband) and I had been living together for a few months
in an apartment close to the beach in Cape Town when I began to sense a
presence in the living room.  One evening we were lying on the sofa,
becoming amorous, when I suddenly heard a childs voice.  I looked over his
shoulder toward the middle of the room and saw a body hanging from the
ceiling.  The body had no feet, they had been burnt away.  Around the body
there were four children (ranging from 4 - 8) dancing and singing.  I could
not make out the song they were singing but it sounded like a child's
nursery rhyme.  I screamed and pushed my boyfriend away from me trying to
tell him to look.  When finally he did, the body and the children were
gone.  I must admit that this was the first time that one of my "visitor's"
had scared me.  I refused from then on to go into the living room and
eventually we moved from the apartment.
After my husband and I had our first baby, we moved into an apartment in a
slightly run down area of Cape Town.  The apartment was on the third floor
and was large and airy.  Entering from the front door you would have our
bedroom on the immediate left and straight down the passage was my baby
son's bedroom.  Things started happening almost from the time we moved in
to the apartment.  At night when my baby woke up I would hear footsteps
rushing down the passage toward his room.  It sounded like a woman's
footsteps - a woman wearing a long gown or dress.  I would enter the room
only to find that the baby had quietened and lay looking up at ME?  This
would be a nightly happening and it strangely enough never ever bothered
either my husband (yes, he would hear it as well) nor me.  Then a month or
two later we started hearing another sound in the room.  It was a strange
sound like something rubbing against a metal pipe.  Our son would wake up
hearing this and would cry until I took him out of the room.  On these
occasions the ghostly steps would rush faster than normal to the bedroom.
My baby was a year old when we moved from this apartment.  The day we were
moving out I went over to our neighbour to say goodbye.  While having a cup
of tea with her she asked us whether we had ever experienced anything
peculiar in the apartment.  When we told her about the rubbing sound, she
looked quite stricken and then told us that the apartment had been vacant
for about a year before we moved in.  The reason being that the previous
occupant had committed suicide in the back bedroom - he had hanged himself
from the pipes in the ceiling!  She could not give us any explanation of
the footsteps in the passage but I like to believe that it was my maternal
grandmother that was looking after us.  The reason being, she was the only
person I knew who wore a long dressing gown made of a swishing type of
material and the steps had a slight limp - just as she did.  Thank-you Ma!
We moved from that apartment into my paternal grandmother's house.  The
family had moved her to a frail care institution after my grandfathers
death and we rented the house from my uncle.  The house had been in the
family for at least 40 years - my father and his brother and sisters grew
up there.  It was a wonderful old house and I loved it dearly along with
all its faults and ghosts.  I can remember as a child my uncle Dirk saying
to his wife that they needed to leave the house before dark and now I know
why.  If ever a house was haunted, this one was. We would often wake up at
night hearing a child playing in the passage and often my son (2/3 years
old at this time) would run down the passage laughing and playing.  The
minute he reached the entrance to the kitchen (which was at the back of the
house) he would start crying.  We later found out that the kitchen and back
bathroom had been built on to the house long after the original house had
been built.  My son never appeared to be afraid of the child that he on
some evenings would play with.  I only saw her once.  I went to his room to
cover him with his blankets and looked toward the bay window - there in the
shadow I saw a little girl dressed in a longish dress that appeared to have
a lace trimmed bodice.  She had long hair tied in two pigtails and carried
a little doll.  Before I could do or say anything she dissapeared.  We
never found out who she was but she became almost part of the family and
did us no harm.  Some days we would come home and find toys randomly
scattered throughout the house as if someone had been playing with them.
There was a long brick shelf in the formal lounge that I had arranged some
novels on.  Every now and then one of the books would fly of the shelf onto
the floor.  Surprisingly it was always the same book, The Exorcist.  We
were never afraid of any of our paranormal visitors though.  Often we would
also see my grandparents wondering through the garden or glimpse them in
the house.  My mother being sceptical would say we were being fanciful
until the day she saw something and could'nt explain it away.  She and my
dad were alone in the house.  She was way in the back of the house doing
laundry when from the corner of her eye she saw what she assumed was my
father walking past her into the kitchen.  She called out to him to make
some coffee.  When he didn't answer she walked into the kitchen to ask him
again.  There was no-one there! When she called him my father came from the
garden at the back of the house - there was no way that he could have
passed her before.  Strange - no just my grand-dad.  Other things happened
in the house as well, but I fear I may end up writing a novel about our
experiences if I continued now.
Both my husband and I have experienced other paranormal events in and
around the houses we have lived in.  Most people are skeptical when we tell
them our stories but I truly believe that there is another world out there
and often they are in parallel to each other.

A Visitation in Church

By: angelena.boden@blueyonder.co.uk

I am writing to you in a state of deep grief. After a cruel and abusive marriage of 20 years I fell in love with a man of 65 earlier this year. He was our organist and music director in church. He helped me to sing again, built my confidence and loved me dearly. We were soul mates.
On December 17th at 2.00 om (UK time) he came to see me. We had a wonderful afternoon together, talking, listening to the music of our forthcoming carol service in which I was to sing solo. Later on he went home, rang to say what a perfect afternoon it was, how much he loved me and how much I had changed his life. Fifteen minutes later he was dead of a massive cerebral aneuryism. I am heartbroken and don't want to carry on living. I vowed never to sing again, especially in the carol service. I got some strength from somewhere and as I did sing felt wrapped in the warmth of his arms. Hysteria I thought.
My daughter, a down to earth student at Cambridge University, later told me that she had seen him come into church and sit down with her to watch me sing. She was terrified at first because ghosts are not part of her ( or my) belief system. She said he was so happy to see me and I looked so full of an ethereal spirit it was surreal to her.
At the end of the service he left.

I Have a Story

By: fred@lvcm.com

My mother's house was built in the 50's. During that time a group of people inhabited the house. My mother told me that when she bought the house, she walked into a room , and saw writing on the wall in red, and satanic signs, and was told that a satanic group had lived in the house. A man was supposedly sacrificed. One morning my mother and her boyfriend were watching TV in their room, when they both suddenly looked at the door , and saw a headless man in the doorway, just standing there. Then he just disappeared.
 Also, one night I was home alone , getting ready to go out with friends, when I reached for the door handle, the back door opened, then closed, as I started to walk back, the front door did the same, as well as the side door.  Then all the doors began to open and close. That's when I grabbed my things, and ran out. I guess he just wanted company?

True Ghost Story

By: vaelyn@hotmail.com

My house is haunted by a ghost named Charlie and at least one (probably
more) ghost kitty. Charlie was the husband of the previous owner. He died
from cancer in the master bedroom. The kitties are probably some of the cats
we've had who have died. My mother has said she has heard someone call out
her name when no one else was around and has felt someone get in the bed
when she was alone. My father has felt ghost kitties get on the bed and has
felt Charlie poke him in the back. When my parents were fixing up the master
bedroom they took pictures of their progress. A weird ghostly fog appears in
three of the pictures. My sisters have seen shadows of Charlie around. My
older sister has felt the ghost kitties. Their friends have seen a strange
man with a baseball cap (Charlie wore a cap when he was getting
chemotherapy). I have had Charlie wake me by whispering my name. He once
jumped on my bed nearly knocked me out of it. He has made music come from
the window fan. And the ghost kitties have started climbing on my bed (I
probably sound like a raving lunatic but I swear this is all true).

Strange House


I lived in a house that strange things would happen in, I thought it was just me. One time I had closed the curtains in my kitchen and I would go in 10 mins later and they would be open. At first I thought that maybe my husband was opening them up.   But it would happen when I was the only one home, me and my daughter and she couldn't reach the curtains.   She was only 2.  One night I got up to feed my other daughter, and I didn't turn any lights on because I didn't want to wake up my 2 yr old. I was sitting in my front room, which you can see into the kitchen from it.  I heard a noise in the kitchen it was the refrigerator door opening and I could even see the light from it. I thought I didn't get it shut all the way, but then it slammed shut. I had goose bumps all over.  Something had opened and shut my refrigerator door and I couldn't excuse that. How could I? I was the only one awake there was nobody else who could of done it.  Anyway I told my husband about it and he thought I was crazy.  But one night I had a friend over and I was telling her about it.  And she had babysitted for me before and she told me of a time that she was watching my kids and a little music box in my daughters crib kept going off and no one was in that room.  She said that she checked it for the voice activation because she was going to turn it off, but it was on the manual setting not the voice activation. She said she'd never said anything because she didn't want me to think she was losing it.  After that talk we went in the kitchen and I closed the curtins and I said now wait, we went back in the front room and we BOTH stayed there, noone was in the kitchen, after about 10 mins. we went back in the kitchen and the curtains were open. It was unexplainable. We didn't live there very long.  About 2 months after we moved out it caught fire and the owners tore it down.

Scottsdale AZ

By: brennerdunn@hotmail.com

It's been 25 years later since this expierence I'm about to tell, but the
memory will not leave me. Back in 1975, my folks moved us to Scottsdale AZ.
We moved into a rented 2 story house that was over a 100 years old. My folks
were never told of any "problems", however the neighbors knew all about it.
Four days after we moved in the "welcome wagon" came over to greet us and
welcome us to the nieghborhood. One striking comment stood out during my
mother's conversation. "Living in a haunted house doesn't bother you, huh?"
My family laughed it off, and I later learned the landlord never disclosed
that fact. For the first 10 days nothing seemed out of the ordinary, after
that, windows were open, lights would be on when we would come home from an
outting. My dad used to yell at my mom and me for leaving the lights on, and
windows open before leaving the house! Soon afterwards it became a ritual to
check the windows, lights, doors etc...before leaving. When we came back
home Viola!, lights on, windows open, even after my dad had personally
verified they were off, locked, closed, etc... My dad thought someone was
playing a joke on us. Then things got stranger and more convincing. Around
our second week, our dog, a black lab, would start barking at "nothing",
would refuse to go into certain rooms at different times, and yelp for no
apparent reason. A short time after that, lights would come on by
themselves, along with faucets, door slamming, and even the occasional
toilet flushing by itself. I remember at least two instances where I was
watching TV in the living room, by myself, and the lamp by the couch clicked
on by itself. Many times, door slams, and the faucets turning on, would
happen with company over. Never the less, most of my friends refused to come
over there anymore. I don't remember if there were any cold spots and things
of that nature, but I do remember the family seeing a apparition in the
shape of a man with a cowboy hat and jacket on. After that, my mother
couldn't take it anymore and we moved less than 6 weeks from moving in. I've
always found "ghosts" interesting and have even tried to expierence another
contact, but I've had no success. Even living here in San Diego, the so
called "most haunted city in America". Well, that's my story, I hoped you
enjoyed it, and if you ever need someone to help with a investigation in the
San Diego area, I'd be more than willing to attend. Take care.

Are They Real

By: chalina77@yahoo.com

 This is about the 3rd time I've tried to send this
story.  The first two attempts, the e-mail window
disappeared, so I don't even know if it was sent.
 Anyway, here's my story....  When I was little, my
family moved a lot from one house to another.  There
are 9 of us in my family, me being the youngest.  My
mother is very superstitious and now that I'm older
(I'm 24 now), I understand why.
 When I was 7 years old, my parents bought a home that
fit all of us in.  It was a beautiful house but I
found it to be very creepy.  One evening during the
summer, my parents were running late coming home from
work.  Two of my older brothers had to stay home with
me.  Before this day, weird things had already
happened that the rest of my family had witnessed but
I didn't.  Until that time.  I didn't believe my
brothers when they told me that our house was haunted.
 I thought it was ridiculous and being 7, what did
haunted mean anyway.  So I just ignored them.  But
they kept on pushing it on me and I just could not
believe them and I think part of the reason was
because I was starting to get scared.  There was a
radio on a kitchen table that my brother turned on and
it came on loud, and then it suddenly turned off!  He
tried to turn it back on again but when he picked it
up, the cord was dangling - - it wasn't even plugged
in!!! We all screamed and ran into one of the
bedrooms.  After we all calmed down, I figured there
must be batteries in there and thought they were
playing a trick on me. When everyone came home that
night my brothers told my parents what had happened
and I told them that they were lieing and that there
are probably batteries in there.  Another one of my
older brothers went to take a look at it there
 Throughout the years that we were there, we got to
know our next door neighbors and so we would tell them
about things that were happening.  They told us that
there had been 2 other families who had lived there
and they didn't last for more than a year and that
they had complained of ghostly presence as well. We
stayed at that house for only about 3 years and
decided to sell it.
 When I was 10, my grandmother had passed away.  We
were living in a small in-law at that time.  I
remember vividly because it was when that movie
Nightmare on Elm Street came out.  We had a black out
in our house.  We didn't have candles because we
weren't expecting it to happen, but the smell of it
was all over the place.  We had nothing else to do so
we turned in and went to bed.  The smell of candles
were pretty strong in the girls bedroom so I decided
to sleep out in the living room.  When morning came,
one of my brothers woke everyone up screaming.  When
we all went into the boys bedroom, one of them was on
the floor with his pillows and blanket nicely placed.
We didn't understand what was going on, but he
explained to us that he had slept on the bed that
night so he doesn't know how he got on the floor.  Our
rooms were really tiny so it would be really
uncomfortable for him to sleep on the floor.  He was
really puzzled and he said that he dreamed of our
grandmother talking to him but he couldn't hear what
she was saying.  A few minutes later, our doorbell
rang and it was our cousins there to deliver the bad
news - - apparently, our grandmother passed away the
night before!
 One last experience I had was when I was 15. My
parents, my boyfriend and my brother and wife were
sitting in the living room watching a movie.  I had a
little nephew who was about 2 years old.  He was
playing in the hallway with a ball.  The ball had
rolled into my bedroom.  It wasn't very dark yet at
that time so he could've just ran in and got it but he
was hesitant to go in there.  He just looked at me and
pointed at his ball as if he wanted me to get it for
him.  I found that really odd.  I told him to go ahead
and get it but he refused to.  I got up and stood next
to him by the doorway and he ran in and picked it up
really fast and as he was running out of my room, he
was looking back as if someone was standing there. I
felt creeps crawl up my spine.  My sister in-laws
mother came to visit us and stayed for a while and she
told us that she felt spirits living there with us.
We since then have moved (again).
 Anyway, I really love your web-site because I now
have a place where I know I can relate to people and
some of the stories I read are similar to my own
experiences.  Keep up the good work!  and thanks....

Ghost Encounter

By: grebo2k@yahoo.co.uk

One day whilst walking my dog to the Blue Lagoon- a big lake a mile from my house, I was going through some bushes near the brook when I saw a boy curled up on the grass with his knees drawn up to his chest.
I really and truly thought he was dead, because he was so still-and appeared not to see us, and i wondered if he needed help,so I asked if he was alright.I suspected he was a boy on drugs at first, from the vacant look in his eyes.
He said he was fine and when I asked his name-he said Sam.I carried on walking, thinking nothing of it, and a couple of minutes later my dog pulled me to an old stone set of steps, once leading to Bishop-Parker school field.
I noticed there were a lot of old grave-headings around,which was odd because there is no graveyard there. When i kicked one with my foot my heart stopped.It said Sam Golding, 15/4/1988- 5/9/2000.There was a picture set into the heading and i swear it looked exactly like Sam- the boy we had spoken to moments ago.With that I ran with my dog back to the spot where the boy had just been, and he was gone.....even though i looked everywhere i couldn't find him, and believe me no-one, however fast they were, could have got away that fast, because the river-walk is too long.I never saw Sam again.......

Haunted Shoe Store

By: annemercedes01@hotmail.com

I had just been promoted to manager of a national shoe store and took over the store on Burnet Road in Austin, Texas.  An Assistant Manager was already there and she made me feel welcome but there was a certain "feeling" I had about her and the store.  Months go by and she had resigned and things started happening.  I have had experiences like this before but always seem to think I am crazy.  There were stools up and down each aisle with mirrors on each side.  They were quite heavy stools but every  now and then one of them would just topple over.  Shoes were placed inside their boxes with the tops underneath on racks and they would just fall out of the racks.  Sometimes when I would arrive at the store in the mornings, the store would be a mess as if it were ransacked.  I would get onto the girls about cleaning up the store before they left at nights and they would insist the store was in perfect shape before leaving.  All along I never said anything to anyone else about the strange happenings.  I would get phone calls from the business next door asking me to stop making so much noise during the early hours (around 7am) because of patients.  I was never there that early in the morning and explained that to them but cooperated anyway.  After a month of hiring a new assistant manager, I was in the back room doing paperwork and she came to me wanting to talk to me about something.  She was going to leave because she too had noticed strange things going on and was afraid.  Finally someone else was experiencing the same things I had!  I called a meeting of the two other workers and asked if they had noticed any strange things going on in the store.  They said yes and were afraid.  I said ok let's name this "ghost" and each day when we come in just say hi to him.  No one wanted to participate in naming him so I did.  I called him Jeffrey.  Things seemed to calm down after that but still my assistant manager wanted to leave.  I soon hired another girl for assistant manager and told the other employees not to say a word to her about what has been going on.  One night she calls me in hysterics from her house and says I have to go lock up the store because there was something or someone in there.  I calmed her down and asked what happened.  You see, the braker switches are in the back room and you have to turn them off before leaving each night and walk through a dark store to get to the front door.  She explained she checked the store to make sure no one was in there, went to the back room and turned off the lights and was walking down the aisle to the front door when she heard someone walking in the store.  She thought a customer had somehow still been in the store and called out to them and no answer.  She started walking back to the front when someone was walking behind her and she quickly turned around to find no one there.  It scared her so badly that she just took out of the store without even locking it.  I finally told her about things that had happened in the store but she still was not comfortable.  One day the original assistant manager walks in and all I said to her was why didn't you tell me about him.  She knew exactly what I had been talking about.  She said she knew I could feel that something was there and thought it not worth mentioning and that the presence grew stronger since I started working there.  Time passes and I am onto another job when I get a phone call from the last assistant manager who is now manager of the store.  She told me a story that sent a chill down my spine.  The district manager came to the store to tell her they had decided to move the store in a different location.  She said good because this one was haunted anyway.  The district manager said you know you are the second person who has told me that.  The first being the manager before myself.  He told her that a guy used to work at this store and his girlfriend worked for the same company but at a different location.  She committed suicide and the police arrested him for thinking that maybe he killed her.  After the investigation it was determined that she in fact did kill herself so the boyfriend was let go.  Some days later he was so distraught about losing her that he killed himself.  This boy that worked in the same store years before I had.... his name was Jeffrey.  My name is Anne and so was the name of his girlfriend.
I had disturbances in my home soon thereafter and asked him to leave and he did.  Of every home I have been in, I have always had paranormal activity and have just learned to live with it.  Anyway, hope this story is something you may be interested in.  Thanks for your great website!

THe House of Evil

By: MartinezGeronimo@aol.com

The House of evil is a Brooklyn Brownstone apartment, that's haunted by
evil spirits. Many strange, and unexplained events have happened to me, and
my family in the past 10 years. The building is haunted from top to bottom,
the top floor seems to be the center of activity of this house.
    I have had many encounters with spirits, my first experience happened in
the summer of 1990, when i saw strange balls of green lights, moving across
my sister's bedroom. In Feb. 1994, after the big snowstorm, my brother-in law,
who lived across the street from my house, was looking out of his top floor
window that afternoon, and he saw, with his own eyes, an apparition of a 19th-
century man, who looked as if he was shoveling snow off the roof. At least a
half an hour later, during investigation, by my father, and my brother-in law,
they were spooked to find no footprints, or obvious signs of shoveling on the
rooftop. My other experience, occured on a hot August night in 1993, my
and i were talking, in the living room, and we both heard a door slam shut,
as if
someone entered our top floor apartment, and we heard it, not once, but a
number of times. there's alot more to my true ghost story,

Voice on the Dance Floor

By: cwinik@sympatico.ca

A story to those who hear voices.  This happened to me a few years ago, on my birthday.  My friend took me to this club in Toronto, Canada.  It's called Whiskey Siagon and has 3 floors.  My bud had been there before and said this was a great place. With excitement, we went to the second floor where they play rock.  He went to go and get me a drink while I waited against a pole.  No sooner than he was out of site I leened back on the pole to take in the tunes when I heard a voice.  A mans voice.  I thaught someone was behind me trying to get my attention, but when I looked, no one was there. I heard the voice again, louder this time as if right beside me, in my head even, saying,,,
"It would be so easy to kill someone in here.  So easy."  I looked around again and only saw people dancing. It repeated, but this time with instructions...
"All you have to do is stab them in the back going up to peirce the lung, they can't make a sound. You just lay them near a wall and people will just think the guy is passed out. It'll take all night before they notice, and you could be long gone and no one would know the wiser. Yeah, easy."  My eyes were showing all the whites by the time my friend came back from the bar.  He said I didn't look so good.  I asked if there was somewhere else we could go and he took me upstairs.  Later that night I told him what happened and why I couldn't stay.  As odd a story as he found it, the more he thaught about it, he said it would probably work.  That's the quiet kind of stuff my bud learned in the army.  I no longer go to that club and often get bad vibes and other strange voices when I'm in the city.  Has this happened to anyone else?

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