Thats My Story


As I was reading some of your stories I couldn't help but think of my
own.   Something really creepy happened to me when I was 16.  I was
laying in bed just kind of starring at the ceiling when I heard this
growling sound come from the corner of my room.  I looked to were the
sound was coming from and saw this black shadow, not really in any shape
or form, creep along my wall and onto my bed.  I went to move but
realized i was parolized, I couldn't move.  The shadow then creeped over
my body and started pressing on my chest.  It pressed so hard that I
couldn't breath.  I tried to cry out but I had no voice.  I remember a
tear rolling down my cheek and I just looked up and in my mind I said,
"Oh Jesus please help me"  All of a sudden the thing slid off my chest
and disappeared into my wall.  I remember taking a huge gasp of air and
leaping off of my bed and running into my living room to find my mom
still awake.  I collapsed onto the coach and my mom grabbed me and shook
me because I was white as a ghost and sweating.  I finally got the words
out to tell her what had just happened.
>From that night on I could always feel something uneasy in that house it
almost felt as though that shadow was sitting in the corner of my room
waiting to pounce.  Things in my every day life started happening, I
would be walking down the hallway in school while it was empty and hear
someone whisper my name then I would feel it yank on a strand of my hair
or tap me on my shoulder.  This happened on a regular basis.  It's like
the creepy stuff followed me where ever I went.     Finally the day came
when moved out of my parents house, I had my own baby and moved into a
town house.  Things appeared normal for a while until I had my second
child.  They shared a room and in the  middle of the night I would hear
Them playing with their toys.  Iwalked into their room tofind them both
sound asleep and one of there toys in the middle of the room playing
music all by its self.  I brushed it off and thought it was just low on
batteries.  But then nights went by and each night it was a differant
toy that would go off.  It seemed as thought the activity was
increasing.  One afternoon I put a load of clothes in the washer and
left my home for about twenty minutes, when I came home I found my
washer door wide open and the cycle had stopped.  This happened more
then a few times.  After a while I started waking up to this white haze
just a few feet from my face floating above me then disappear into the
ceiling.  Finally, one night I woke up to a young man standing at the
foot of my bed.  He was wearing a jacket and jeans and had a baseball
hat on.  He had his hands in his pockets and was looking down at the
ground.  I sat up and started shaking uncontrolably and started crying.
I thought to myself this is it, this guy is going to rape me, and he's
going to kill me.  The young man then turned from me and walked out of
my bedroom.  I sat there for about ten minutes in disbelief and finally
got up and checked through out the house and found that the door was
still locked and all the windows were still locked.  I was so terrified
and I thought I was loosing my mind, until without telling any of my
neighbors, they started talking about their "sightings"
My kids now 4 and 3 won't sleep in their room because they say there are
monsters crawling on their floor and  if they do sleep in there I wake
up to them screaming bloody murder.  I don't know if this has anything
to do with what happened when I was 16 and its following me, or if its a
whole new experiance.  Thats my story.  Thanks for listening.

St. Paul Capital Ghost


One night last January my friends and I were driving around looking for the
St. Paul Winter Carnival Medallion. This is a "treasure hunt" put on by the
local paper in which clues are released leading you to a blue hockey puck
medallion worth $10,000. The clue that night had led us to the Minnesota
state capital building grounds. We pulled up at about 12:30AM and the place
looked deserted. We were the only car in the parking lot. As we walked out
on to the Capital Mall we spotted someone off in the distance digging. We
were sure it was a fellow treasure hunter and we called out to him. The
whole time all four of us kept our eyes directly on him, shouting. He didn't
answer. Suddenly as we began to get closer, he disappeared. None of us had
taken our eyes off of him, so there was no way he could have just walked
off. We went to the spot where we had seen him digging and the snow was
pristine. Nothing had been dug there at all. I was really freaked out and
wanted to leave, but my friends insisted we look around and try to find him.
We never saw any other sign of him. Our theories are that it is either a
former garder come back to tend his plants or a deceased medallion hunter
looking for the treasure. I like to think it is the latter.



Helllo one and all !!
I have been interested by the supernatural for a long time. My older
brother is really " in- tune" to this kind of
stuff. I've seen him go through 3 new(sealed)packs of cards and pull all
the face cards out after they were placed face down on a table!!(weird)Mom
says it sort of "runs in the family)...Great,Thanks mom!!!!
My story is something different though.... About 20+ years ago,when I was
still living with my parents,(in California)
I had gone to bed early(11pm)from a long hectic day at work. Exhausted,I
lay in bed on my back and started to doze off
when I felt a "cat" jump up on my bed and walk up near my chest and lay
down. We didn't own a cat at the time so I all but jumped out of bed to
find nothing in the room but me!!!! Confused and chalking it up to a hard
day I went back to bed.
Not 10 minutes later,I felt the cat jump up again on the bed,this time I
looked toward the foot of the bed to see what was going on only to "see"
impressions" where the cat had placed it's paws on it's way up to my chest
This had me really going....I again jumped out of bed and called for my
parents only to get the "go to's late"
routine.This time I left the light on and went back to bed.Sure enough,at
almost ten minutes later(by the clock on the nightstand)the "cat" jumped up
and started it's routine(you know..the circling around thing that cat's do
before they plop
down and go to sleep)near my feet. Again I felt the paws on the beadspread
and noticed the indentation.
This time I figured,what the heck..It's only a cat..and went back to sleep.
The last thing I remeber is hearing the cat purr
as I drifted off.

Scared Stiff


Hello to the makers of shadowlands.

    My name is Brock Secord I am 20 years old, I have a son and a wife
to be. In the begining I have always had many experene since I was a
baby. From full body entities visiting in the middle of the night to
having pennies thrown at me.
When my feonce and I first got together 2.5 years ago I told her all the
things that I had seen and been through. She understood yet said
nothing. I still think that at the begining of the relationship she was
a sceptic. I even warned her in a sence about the fact that for years
they followed me in a way. That sceptisisim all left after one
experence. I was living at my uncles house and I was cleaning the living
room. My feonce was doing the dishes. I had just finished vacuming when
I heard Mara scream. I ran into the kitchen and she was holding her
hand. I asked her what the problem was, she said that she burned herself
quite badly. She said that she had watched the handle on the foset turn
to the left (hot) by itself.. The  site shocked her so much that she was
not paying attention to the hot water.
    Later on that night I sent her up to bed just before me. I went up 5
min after her.
I went into the room to find her curled up in a ball on the bed with no
covers, not to be too detailed but she was also nude (as normal) but it
was vary vary cold in my room. The fact that she had no covers on and
was not moving struck me as vary odd.
I paid no attention and climbed in beside her and pulled up the covers
she did not snuggle into me like she did every time I had to pull her
into me for her to move.
I asked her what the problem was, she did not respond it started to
worry me I thought that I may have done somthing to upset her. I laid
back and then I saw it.....
    On the ceiling was a dark figure of some being staring straight back
at us. All most sneering at us. I asked her if she had seen it aswell.
She said thats why she was not moving......She was scared stiff.......
I proceeded to talk to this shadow like being telling it that it was all
ok and that it should leave, everything will be all right. After trying
to resone with this thing for about 30 min it finally driffted off and
disapird into the wall . The next day I asked my uncle about the history
of the house. The old mans wife died in that house and the room that I
had was the babys room. Before the women pasted away she was always in
the babys room. But then she pasted away and the man had to move away.
After that she never douted anything I ever said again



i would like to share with you my ghostly encounter.
it occured when i was 11or 12 years old.i was living with my father at
the time in
an old sandstone house.from the first day we moved in there i remember
feeling very edgey(as if someone was watching me).the entire house had
an ill "vibe" but one room in particular was really bad.this of course
had to be my bloody room!!.
as soon as you walked into it you would get this incredibly overwhelming
feeling.(something i cannot explain to this day!!).one night my father
had just finished
tucking me into bed had turned the light off and closed the door,when i
decided to pull the covers over my head (as i often did in that
room)when i had finally started to become calm and relaxed the covers
which were over my head were suddenly "yanked" off of me!!.i stood up
and had a quick look around before deciding i must have pulled them down
by accident.2 or 3 mins passed when the covers were again "yanked" off
of me this time i was understandebly upset and proceeded to search the
room thouroghly thinking it was my younger brother but there was no one
in there!.i decided to return to bed.agin 2 or 3 mins passed and my
blankets were again pulled off of me this time i couldnt take anymore
and i ran out of there scared shitless!!.i then explained the events
that had happened to my father but as would be expected he did not
believe me(but i know it happened!!).It is something that puzzles me to
this day is there an rational explanation for this or what? any
help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.we ended up moving house
and i am happy to say i can now sleep with out my blankets being thrown
of me.(this event happened 6 or 7 years ago i am now 18 and have ever
since been really into ghosts cos i know that they exist).

Our Friend Helen

Hello! My name is Annie and I live in southern California, just outside
Los Angeles. Iíve been reading over  the stories posted here and they
sound a lot like my own story.
First of all, my mom, oldest brother, and myself all have some degree of
ESP, which I think makes us sensitive to paranormal activity and might
even attract spirits to us.
Iím sure my house has been haunted ever since I was a baby. And hereís
what happened:  in 1979, the year before I was born, my parents and 2
older brothers moved into a brand new house.  My mom said the 2nd day in
that house she knew weird things were going on.  Footsteps, voices, odd
sounds, things like that.  All she knew was that our house and all the
others on the street were built over farmland land.  It seemed that
strange things would happen in our house for a few days and then would
stop, but then the neighbor would complain of odd things in her house.
It seemed like the ghost was going up and down the block to all the
houses, maybe following the land that he or she lived on.   I was born in
1980, and ever since I can remember I have noticed strange things myself.
 I would hear heavy footsteps downstairs when everyone was asleep
upstairs.  Sometimes I would hear chairs dragging across the floor, pots
and pans banging, things like that. One day when I was about 5 years old,
I heard a womanís voice call my name from the 2nd story window although
my mom was making dinner in the downstairs kitchen.  My 2 older brothers
would constantly ask my mom, ďWho was that lady in the white nightgown
that was walking in the hallway last night?Ē   Sometime later a child
spirit came to our house also.  He liked to go running up the stairs in
the middle of the night and generally cause mischief, like hiding things
and moving objects around.  His footsteps sounded like a toddler scuffing
around in a sleeper jumpsuit.
My mom confronted the lady ghost one time, and all the ghost said was ďI
love your baby.Ē
I only remember seeing the ghost only once, when I was 14, as a dark
shadowy figure moving down the staircase.   My best friend even witnessed
the curtains in my room swinging back and forth rapidly when the window
and door were shut tight, and I was woken up one night with my bed
shaking pretty hard.
In 1999 we moved to another house across town, and either the ghost
followed us or thereís others spirits here anyways. The first night here,
I watched a book move itself from the middle of a table and fall onto the
floor.   Every night in my new room, just after I had shut off the lights
to go to bed, my bedroom door would open, Iíd hear some footsteps on the
carpet, my guinea pigs would squeal, and then the entity would leave my
room and shut the door again. How polite. :) My mom has seen her many
times, she is an elderly lady named Helen that often gazes out the large
window in the den. Some times Iíve felt cold spots in the house, usually
in the hallway by the bedrooms.  There tend to be scents in the house
that have no source, like a lavender perfume that nobody here wears or
even owns. My younger brother, sister, and myself all feel like somebody
is watching us if we stay up late at night.   My sister says that
sometimes the light fixture on the ceiling in her room will swing back
and forth by itself.  Oh, and sometimes my TV, stereo, and VCR will flip
on and off when nobody is around but me.
Hereís another odd occurrence: I have a rabbit that lives in the den and
she begs for food whenever humans walk into the room. A few days ago I
was watching TV in the den, and the rabbit ran to the edge of the carpet,
turned around, and stood on her hind legs, begging for food at thin air.
She ran into the middle of the room and did the same thing again.
Finally she ran to the other side of the room and begged some more, and
then she sat looking at that part of the room for a while, with her ears
turned forward in an alert manner. Iíve heard that dogs and cats are
sensitive to spirits, and I guess my rabbit is too. By the way, Iíve had
several dogs in my house that Iíve watched for neighbors and family for a
few days at a time, and each one has done that ďstare at the empty corner
and barkĒ thing.
Since my schedule is usually different than everyone elseís here, I often
get home very late at night when everyone else is asleep.  There is
always a light on in the front room of the house, and when I come home I
always see a dark outline or figure of Helen standing in the window, as
if our friendly spirit is waiting up for me.  So when I walk in the door
I say, ďIím home, thanks for waiting for meĒ and then I get the feeling
around me that all is well.
Sometimes our spirit plays pranks on us, such as hiding my makeup, and
Iíll find my lipstick a week later perhaps under the sink or in my momís
china hutch.  Or a few times sheís come up behind me and tugged on my
ponytail, and when I turn around nobody is there.   I often feel
something touching my hair too, it feels like the way a little girl plays
with her friendís hair.  I canít even count the number of times that
somebody has called my name from another room, and when I go to look,
nobody is there.
We also get other spirits passing through, such as the male ghost dressed
like a lumberjack that my mom saw only once in the backyard, or another
entity with heavy footsteps that whistles in the kitchen once in a while.
Right now I donít mind living with a friendly spirit or two.  Helen has
never caused us any problems. I do not feel any kind of fear or evil in
the house, just the feeling that somebody is looking after us here.   So
she is welcome to stay. If anyone else has a friendly spirit around, feel
free to email me.

My Personal Story


I have had many "ghostly" experience's in my
life.  But the most recent one's have been since
my husband and child and I have moved into our
1954 ranch style home.
We moved in, in 2000, and right off, our un-seen
house guest made him self known.  At first it was
just shadows going from the livingroom into the
hallway, then one night around 1:30am, I woke up
and went into the kitchen to get a drink of
water, I went back to bed and was just lying
there thinking about the day ahead, when I heard
the door to the basement open and close, and foot
steps decending the staircase into the basement.
No one can walk up and down these stairs quietly!
 At first I thought it was my husband, but I soon
found out, he was next to me in bed!  Then I
thought maybe my son was sleep walking, so I
checked on him and found him too, in bed asleep.
I got NO sleep the rest of that night, and when
our alarm went off about 3 hours later, I had my
husband check out the house and he found NO one
but us in it.
Then my mom and aunt came over one day while we
were at work and my son was in school, and they
saw a man, in his underwear no less, walk from
the bathroom to the master bedroom and close the
door!  They thought that my husband had either
stayed home from work, or come home from work
sick.  He had not, he was at work all day long.
Then last summer, my husband and I were sitting
in the living room, enjoying a nice fire in the
fire place, just for atmosphere, and my son was
spending the night with his grandparents, we had
all the lights off in the house, and were
watching tv, when I got up to use the bathroom, I
was coming back, and saw what I thought was my
husband, walk from the livingroom into the
kitchen.  I looked into the kitchen to ask him
where he was going, but there was NO ONE there,
my husband was still in the livingroom!
Both of us have heard plenty!  We hear foot steps
and there is no one there, and our floors creak
pretty badly, so there is no chance of walking
quietly on them at all, it's pretty neat thoguh,
but sometimes I get a bit spooked.
I call our ghost "Casper" since I have no idea
who he is, but I do know it's a man.
For the most part, he's pretty quiet, but I have
noticed he seems more noisier around Christmas
We also have a "shadow" of a human(?) form on our
carpet that is only noticeable in the evenings
when we have the livingroom light on or tv, you
can see the head, and shoulders and torso, and I
have moved the carpet fibers every which way,
have shampooed the carpet at least twice, and
have vacuumed countless of times and the form is
always there.
Well that's my story, believe it or not, it's
And Thank you Shadowlands for letting me tell it.

My Mom


My mom passed away July 98, and her and I were very close.  My daughter
had only ever met her once before she passed, so she never really got to
know her grandmother.  In September 2000, I had what my husband would
call a strange coincidence.  We put our daughter Rachell'e to bed at her
normal time of 7pm.  She gave us both a kiss and hug goodnight then went
to bed.  When I check on her at 10pm that night to make sure she was
breathing okay, I didn't notice anything wrong with her.  Sometime
during the night, she must have woken up and grabbed for her door
hanger.  It was a pillow that hangs on the door that says "Baby
Sleeping"/"Baby Not Sleeping".  Rachell'e had been using this as a
purse, and she must have been playing in her sleep.
At about 3am in the morning, I woke up rather quickly.  I was having a
dream that my mom was in, and she told me that I needed to wake up and
check on "her" baby.  That's how she use to refer to my daughter when we
would talk on the phone.  No sooner did I wake up, I heard my daughter's
soft cries.  I jumped out of bed to see if she had had a nightmare, or
night dream as she would call them.  When I got in her room I noticed
that something was wrapped around her neck.  The string on the pillow
had tangled around her neck and started to cut off her breathing.  Talk
about a very scared mother.  At this point I didn't know what to do, so
I ran back into my bedroom and hit my husband to get him up.  He could
hear how scared I was and took Rachell'e away from me.  I told him she
had something around her neck and it was cutting off her breathing.
Present or not, I didn't care if it was messed up.  He broke the ribbon
from around her neck, and Rachell'e started to cough and cry harder.
Thank God.  I stayed up the rest of the night with her in my arms,
making she her breathing returned to normal.
Later on that morning before she went to school, I asked her what had
happened.  She didn't remember waking up at all.  She just remembers
that my mom had told her to get up.  Ever since then, I knew that my
little girl had her guardian angel watching out for her in the form of
my mom.  Even in the afterlife my mom is still watching out for me.

My Ghost Stories


 They're are 2 ghosts that haunt it one in the girls locker room and one in the daycare(old gym).Now let me give u some back ground on the girls locker room.The janitor hung himself in the corner in the 4th row of lockers because he had just shot all the cheerleaders dead.Last year when we'd go down there everything would always be normal.When we came back down there blood would be on the sinks.All over it like someone bled to death!The showers would start turning on and off or when someone turned them on red stuff(we dunno if it was blood)would come out of it.Then lights would turn on off.And we scream Mrs.Davis would come down there and everything would stop.That all has stopped now though for some reason.But still if u go down there by urself the lockers will start opening and closing and u 'll here some thing hitting the wall and a moan sometimes a scream.And the week b
This ain't about the school anymore but I'll tell about my other ghost experinces.
    One day I was at the creek at my mamaws house.I was minding my own buissness bird watching.I had been watching a red bird hopping around and I looked for some reason to the right and I saw a girl dressed like she was from the 1940s.her hair was all ratted up and her clothes had tears and rips in them.She has knee high socks balck shoes plaid dress,etc. I didn't know how to react.We just stared @ each otherfor like 15 sec.and I blinked she was gone.I went screaming running to where my uncle mamaw and papaw were building their garage and right at that time(the sun was shining no clouds nor thunder)outa no where lighting hit my uncle but he suvived(unluckly).I have no idea why that would have happened.
There's a ghost that haunts my house  I have never seen but I hear them.They move stuff all the time.They get the cat off the table when she gets on there.I think it might be a good ghost.Except one time it threw the cat off the bed when I wanted it on there and it hit my inflatable chair.I don't thing it got hurt though.'It'  rolled my comp. chair w/ me in it across the room one time.I thought I was gonna die.I guess its just it's idea of fun....
One night when I was laying in the bed in the room I had to share a room w/ My sister I looked out the window at some freak coming by on a bike.He passed by and I saw a family standing out side in the drive way.I screamed cause they had just 'appeared'..My mom came running in there thinking I was being murdered and they disappeared.poof just like that.I watched them  disappear.That might be 'It'.  ????
   At my dads house a ghost 'haunts' it.It moves all the chairs around in the kitchen,Messes up out closet all the time,stands at the door when someone goes to bed but all you can see of him is an out line of a person  and it looks like it has a pointey hat on.One night I was laying on my bed and it came out of the closet and looked at meand it had glowing red eyes!!I was frozen w/ fear.It had scared me the 1st time it had stood @ the door but this!!It walks up and down the hall all the time.It walks w/ big heavy footsteps.Its so scary!
Every bit of this is true.I promise.E-mail me at ghosts in the subject line or I'll delete it.

My Ghost Story


Hey. My name is Brittney and Im 13 years old. I have had some experiences with ghosts, or I think are ghosts. Feel free to email me at if you want to give me some information or ask questions about this. I love getting email about it, since I am interested in ghosts! Okay, here are my experiences:
My Mom: First of all, my mom has had a few experiences. One night, we were sleeping in the livingroom. She said that she heard the pencil sharpener grinding like it was sharpening a pencil. She got up and turned on the light. It was still making the grinding noise, but no pencil was there! This freaked mom out, but she went back to sleep.The wierd thing is, I never heard it. Maybe something was trying to block me out so only mom could hear it?
Another experience my mom has had is one day she was sitting in the livingroom during the day watching tv. The air conditioner was on. Mom said that all of a sudden the air conditioner just goes off. She told me that she thinks her brother(died of cancer at 15) or her dad is trying to communicate with her somehow. I thought the pencil sharpener thing was freaky.
My Experiences: Well, I have also had a few small experiences.First of all, I have heard something running up and down the hallway when I know it wouldnt be my parents because it is 11-12 o clock at night and they just wouldnt run back and forth down the hall. But it sounded like a little child, not a grown person. That is strange. I dont know what a little child could be here for. I have also been in my room late at night and been really upset, but I suddenly get kind of cold, then warm and something makes me smile even though im so upset. Its like someone or something is there for me when Im upset......
One thing that really freaked me out was when i was half asleep one night and then i heard something drag out my name like Briiiitttnneyy in a whisper. And it was right by my ear!!! No one else would have done that to me. And it sounded like a male voice. I was sooo scared. I just put my head under the cover and layed stiff for a long time.
Another strange thing that has happened to me was when I was alone in my house one day. I think I was 12 about to be 13. Anyway, I was laying on my couch watching tv one day and I heard a squeaking noise. I looked beside me at the chair and it was completely turned in a different direction! I had it facing me to begin with so I know it wasnt my imagination. When I looked, the chair was facing the tv! My dog was NOT in the chair when it moved. She was laying by the couch. But suddenly my dog gets up and walked toward the chair. She started to growl at it. I was getting scared. Well, right at that time, she yelped like something hit her and backd away from the chair. I just sat there watching, shocked. Then my dog started barking at the chair at wouldnt stop! It was like the dog saw something in the chair that I didnt. She would pace back and forth in front of the chair barking. But then she just stopped like whatever was there went away! I got up immediately and went outside until someone got home. I didnt want to stay alone in there. I also think that it was my moms brother or my grandpa trying to communicate with me somehow in all of those things that happened. Or just let me know that they are there.
Oh I also have 1 more thing to tell.Its not about ghosts, but its wierd. My close friend came to my house not very long ago for the first time. She told me a while nack that when she first walked in my house, she got a feeling and saw a picture of a little girl and a little reddish brown haired boy holding hands in her MIND. She said the little girl resembled my mom as she might have looked when she was younger. She said the little boy was older than the girl. She told my mom one day and my mom said that her and her brother were very close when they were little and he did have reddish brown hair! That is something that my friend NEVER could have known just by walking in my house.There were no picures on the wall like what she saw. She said that she got the feeling that my mom had a brother and that the little boy in she had saw in her mind was the brother. That fascinated me because she never could have known my mom had a brother. She didnt know about my moms side of the family or my dads. She said that people believed she has ESP and personally I believe it too.
If you have anything to tell me about these things please email me.Even if you have a question bout it!

My Ghost Encounter

By: Anonymous

I have encountered 1 phenomina that i have not been able to explain. My name is Matthew. I am from Bradenton, Florida but i go to school in Sarasota for the VPA Theater program. About 1 year ago at Booker High School in the building 36 boy's bathroom i went in there once. It was a nightmare. The lights were constantly flickering, making it very hard to see, the mirrors were cracked. There was a small water flood over the drain but it didnt seem to be draining. There were 2 stalls. Both seemed empty but the first was locked to my suprise. I didnt hear a response from the person inside the stall but i saw 2 large shoes that looked like they were torn up, beat up, and maybe burned up. I then went to the next stall and did my duty. I then got up and looked over and the stall that was previously locked was now swinging open (it then creaked loudly and banged on the second stall) with no one inside. On the wall (as well as the stall walls) had a large black stain on them as if there was a fire. I never heard any movement from the stall next to me nor did i hear him leave.
About 2 weeks later someone in building 36 pulled the fire alarm. The person who set the fire set it in the bathroom, trying to lite toliet paper (and maybe throw it on the roof) and burn the building down. Out of curiosity i looked in and there was yellow tape around the stall that had the "ghost" inside. I never reported this to the school.

Talking at Night


Hi, I was reading your webpage and I was thinking of some things that have happened to me and people I know. There are a lot of things, so your going to have to bear with me.
I guess the first strange thing to ever happen to me, personally, would have to be around when I was 2 or 3 years old. I don't remember ever doing this, but my parents told me that I used to sit up in bed late at night and stare straight into space and yell at things. I'd say things like "i hate you!" or "Get out of here!". And my eyes would be all glossy. And according to them, this happened frequently. And then the next morning after all of it would happen, they'd ask me if I remembered being awake or anything that had happened, and I wouldn't know what they were talking about. This scared the crap out of my parents, they thought I was posessed or something. So they took me to the doctor about it, and he gave a rational explanation for it. He said it was something called a "night terror" (i'm pretty sure that's how you spell it). Anyway, he said it was completely normal and that I would grow out of it. I'm not sure if that was what it was, but I did eventually grow o
As I was growing up, I became very interested in the paranormal. I'm not quite sure why, but I just did. Anyway, the first thing to ever actually happen to me was one time when me and my brother were at my aunt and uncle's house. The house they lived in had a very wooded area behind their backyard, and my brother and I used to play back there. Anyway, my uncle made up an imaginary friend for when all the kids came over to joke around with them and such. It turns out that his imaginary friend was a ghost named Freddy. Well, we thought it was cool to be hanging out with an imaginary ghost and everything. And my uncle told me that he lived in teh woods behind their house. So that day, my brother and I were back there pretending to play with Freddy, when a creepy feeling just came over me. And then I heard it. It was the death tune or whatever it's called. But anyway it was a familiar death tune that you'd hear on TV and such. And I looked at my brother and he heard it too
Another time was when me and my cousin Rachel were sitting on her front porch one night. And this was recently after my Grandmother had passed away. We were talking about how it was so unfair that she had died and that she had never done anything to deserve it. The whole time I kept staring across the street at the neighbor's clothesline. There was a sheet hanging from it. And the more I stared at it, the closer it came to me and the more transparent it became, and it was all white. And it got so close that it was almost surrounding us. I was like in shock and I said to Rachel "oh my God, do you see that?!" She saw it alright, and that's when we ran back into the house and into her bedroom. Then when we finally calmed down we thought it was our Grandmother. So we weren't afraid anymore, and we went back outside to see if it was still there. It wasn't. And then I told her that I was watching it the whole time from the neighbor's house across the street on teh clotheslin
I'll give you one more thing that happened to me, although there are a lot more. I was at my friend's house over night. And I already knew her place was haunted because she told of experiences she's had in the past. (seeing and hearing people, etc...) She said it wasn't harmful at all, and I never felt anything strange in that house before, so I usually just shrugged it off as no big deal. Well, it was around 5 in the morning and we were up watching something on TV. And our other friend Bre was there, but she was dead asleep (no pun intended). Anyway, all of a sudden we heard her keyboard playing really loud. It started out with the Jaws thing and then went into just pounding a bunch of keys from the top of the sclae to the bottom. At first we thought it was one of the cats, but these notes were not held, and if a cat were to be standing on the keyboard the notes would've been played out. Then we screamed like hell for a while and the playing stopped after we stopped.

My Dog and Great Grandma


i actually have 2 stories. which i believe to be relevant to this page. the
first is about my  old dog Timmy...he died prob when i was 9 yrs old(im 25
now) but he was my best friend when he was around,.,..,anyway, when he was
alive.timmy did "patrols" around the trailer where i lived in. just the
usual.,.,walting around the trailer going into the rooms making sure
everyone was ok (he was the best dog in the world!!!) since the trailer had
tile floors you could always here the "clicking" of his nails on the floor"
its was very distinct cause he was old and couldnt walk really well. anyways
one day when i got home from school, my mom told me she had to have timmy
put to sleep. i was so saddened that i had a hard time sleeping that
night..just when i started to doze off, i could here the distinct clicking
of timmies nails on the floor. the door opened to my room.,.,.,and then
closed a few seconds later..this happened 3 nights in a row. everytime i was
not scared and i felt extremly safe. on the third night i finally said out
loud, but softly. "im ok timmy thanks"....i guess he just wanted to make
sure we were ok before finally leaving,.,..,.,
my other story is when my greatgrandmother died when i was in 6th
grade...her name was edna,,..,and we used to have so much fun playing.,,..,i
remember sleeping in her old bed a night or 2 after the funeral. i slept in
her bed and there was a smaller rolloutbed underneath. my grandma slept
there that night.,.,.,well i remember around midnight or so i woke up
laughing (hard) like the kind where someone is tickling you but i did
directly feel anything. i was laughing and laughing so hard i couldnt
stop,.,.,.,.for a 15 min it was non stop hard laughter,.,.,.my grandma was
trying to sleep and she told me to stop laughing but i couldnt...the more
itried the worse it got.,,.my grandma finally left furious at me cause  she
couldnt sleep,.,..,during the funeral i felt bad cause i didnt get to say
good bye and to tell my great grandma how much i loved her and how much she
ment to me,...,i guess that the "tickling" was her way of saying that that
she already knew.,,.,..,

My Cousins Visit


I've been reading through your site and I find it
fascinating to say the least.  I always believed in
paranormal activities.  Like many of the others, who
have relayed their stories on your site, I have always
been somewhat sensitive and almost psychic about
certain places or events.  I have had experiences
where I felt as if I have been in a particular place
before and have been able to describe details about
the place I could not possibly have known.  On more
than one occasion I have foretold a relatives death
weeks before they actually died.  I knew my father
would have a heart attack days before he actually had
one.  My most vivid experience was in 1997.  It was
two days after Christmas and I was at home alone.  My
friend lived with me at the time but she was out late
that night.  I went to bed around 1:00am and as I was
my habit of doing at the time, turned on the TV and
started dozing off.  As I lay in bed half-awake I
started to feel totally paralyzed.  I could see a haze
of some sort surround my bed and almost my entire
room.  I tried to move or make a sound but I couldn't
move a muscle.  I felt as is I was falling off my bed
but I hadn't moved an inch.  I could hear people
outside my window and cars driving by horns honking as
if it were the middle of the morning on a busy city
street but my room was in the back of the apartment
and my apartment was not located on a busy street
certainly not one that would be that busy at 1:00am.
I also felt an overwhelming desire to leave this room
I was in, an uncontrollable desire to be free to walk
on that busy street outside and go about everyday
business.  Thinking about that feeling afterwards it
was the sort of feeling possibly felt by someone who
is terminally ill and wants nothing more than to get
out and taste the world one more time.  This state
continued for about two hours during which time I
heard my roommate come home and saw her walk past my
room and down the hall to her own room.  I remember
thinking that if only I could call out to her she
could wake me out of this trance.  Finally at 3:00am
it was over and I went to sleep almost as if nothing
had happened.  At 8:30 in the morning my phone rang
and it was my father asking me to go over to my
parents home right away.  I didn't ask why, although
by the sound of his voice I knew.  I hung up the phone
walked into my roommateís room woke her up and said,
"I'm going over to my parent house, my cousin just
died".  I drove to my parentís home, which was only
about five minutes from where I lived.  The entire
time I prayed that I was wrong but I knew that I was
right and I was.  Apparently my cousin passed away
approximately 3:00am the previous night after what had
been a long battle with Cancer.  What makes this
interesting is that my cousin lived in Europe where
most of my family is, and noone in my family knew that
he was sick because he didn't want us to know.  Only
his mother and brother knew.  I had visited with them
a few months before all of this but tried as I may I
was unable to see him.  His brother told me he was out
of the country on business and would not be back until
after I had returned to Canada.  He called me shortly
after I returned home but I was out and he left only a
message.  I was never able to reach him after that.
We were very close and to this day I know that what I
was feeling that night is what he must have been
feeling before he died.  I am convinced that I somehow
was there with him when he died.  The country where my
cousin lived is exactly seven hours difference from
where I live and when he died the time there would
have been approximately 10:00am which would explain
the busy city street and all the noise I had heard. My
cousin and I were very alike and I know that he would
have hated being confined anywhere.  He would have
rather died.  I have had other experiences like this
most of them more psychic than ghostly.  If you know
of anyone with similar experiences or how one could
develop this sort of psychic ability please let me
know.  Thanks

Jordan High School Ghosts II

By: Richard.Nance@mortgage.wellsFargo.COM

I found your sight about a month ago, and frequent it often.  Its just to
interesting to stay away for long.  I came across one story about Jordan
High School.  I just happened to go to that school also, and I myself found
it to be very haunted along with almost anyone that has gone there.  My
stories are bland compared to some of the happenings around the school, but
I'll give a brief overview of them later.  My story was on a Saturday
morning. I was suppose to meet the drivers Ed teacher and 3 other students
and go driving.  I unfortunately arrived there late and was left behind.  So
while walking back through the school I found a janitor and asked if I could
borrow a phone.  He told me to wait where I was and he would go check the
office. I was by the south entrance by the 'girl gym' and the girls locker
room.   He was gone about 5 min total, and in the second minute of his
absence I heard some lockers in the girls locker room open and shut.  I
dismissed it because it wasn't anything new.  Then I heard more open and
this time shutting hard, at which time I noticed that there were no lights
on in the locker room.  The opening and closing of the lockers escalated to
a deafening noise, where it must have been all of them opening and closing
over and over.  At this point I decided to go outside the doors, and wait
for the custodian outside.  I could still hear the lockers from there, but I
wasn't right next to the locker room doorway and felt a little better.  As
the custodian returned the lockers stopped banging and he saw me outside.
He came out an immediately commented on the noise.  Basically he said.
'Don't let them scare you, they do that all the time'  He then escorted me
down to the office and I proceeded to call my parents and went home.
Some of the other famous stories from this high school are.
A pair of teachers seeing two student duck into the science room during a
dance.  The teachers decided to bust them and entering one from each door
into the room found no one there.  I asked one of the teachers involved in
this incident their side of the story, and he remarked that he could see the
shadows of the students through the window on the door.  They were there
till the door opened.
One janitor who against school rules stayed at the school overnight for a
period of time. (some of the offices were equipped with living quarters
since during the early 1900's teachers and students would live there if
their homes were out of town)  Told stories of hearing basketball games
going on when all the light were off in the auditorium.  Hearing instruments
being played in the band room at 3:00 in the morning.  Always there were
footsteps, and doors opening and closing.  He saw numerous figures walking
the corridors at all times of the night and day.  Some more solid then
others.  He, and another janitor on duty, once heard a whole bunch of
basketballs bouncing in the gym, and when they opened the door all the
basketballs were out across the floor and they all just dropped.  Like
whomever was bouncing them had just stopped doing it.  He remembers telling
the ghost's) that the balls all better be put away after they were done with
them. He closed the door and the bouncing started again, but the next day
all the balls had been put away.
We had a very ferocious spirit in the auditorium.  He would throw things,
usually chairs, at the stage crew.  During some plays props would fall, and
one of my actor friends said he even got pushed once from an unseen person.
During the play the crucible (Salem Witch Hunt theme)  The whole stage got
REALLY COLD, and the lead actor, Tim, said he felt like something push into
the back of his head at one point.  He said he blacked out for a moment, and
when he came to it was later on in the play, and Tim doesn't remember saying
his lines, and acting to that point.  But the audience didn't notice
anything.  There are several stories of when the big 'movie screen' was
down.  You could see hands and other impressions moving along it, but there
was never anyone visible there.  But you could still see the impression from
both sides of the screen.
Ok I'm almost done here.. one last story.  (As related to me from my
psychology teacher who was told first hand from the student)
The student from Alta high (up the road a bit) transferred to Jordan
probably summer of 92-93.  The night after his first day there, he had a
dream. It was him sitting on a chair with a bright light shining down on
him.  The light made a circle about a 5 foot radius from the chair.  Beyond
the light he could see shadows standing there, but they didn't enter the
light.  He said he didn't feel the chair moving, but the people in the dark
would start rotating around him.  Then one by one they would step into the
light.  There were 15 of them all together.  Once they were in the light
their faces were suddenly right in front of him and he was looking eye to
eye with them.  The circle still turned and the faces rotated in front of
him.  They would sometimes talk but he couldn't hear them.  This dream
occurred every night for about 2 weeks.  At this point the student came to
my psychology teacher and relayed the dream to him. My teacher told him to
try controlling the dream and changing it.  This worked every now and then,
but the dream always started the same, and when the student wasn't
successful, for whatever reason, the dream would continue the same through
the night.  This finally ended one day when the student had some kind of
appointment which made him late for school that day.  His mom ended up
dropping him off at the front of the building around noon with the note, so
he could be excused from the school he missed.  This took him through the
main entrance, when usually he entered from the south door.  Upon walking
through the main doors he was immediately drawn to the news article on the
wall about the famous bus crash.  On the front page there was the picture of
the wrecked bus and the pictures of the 14 kids killed.  14 out of the 15
faces from his dream it turned out.  The 15th face was on the opposite wall.
A student was murdered on the way home from school one day, and an article
detailing it was hung on this wall.  The 15 person from his dream pictured
OK that's all I'll tell for now.  There are hundreds more stories from that
place.  VERY unfortunately the school was torn down in the summer of 95.
They put a business complex and a movie theater in its place...yea...   A
huge loss on both the historical, and the supernatural side of things.  They
built a new school down the road from it and I always wonder if the ghosts
moved with the school, if they are haunting the movie theater, or maybe they
finally left.

How Do I Tell This


I love to play music. One night I was invited to A frinds house to play A little music I play A little guitar. The house was an old one I guess it probley had A lot of history behind it. The people that ask me there wrote A few songs and he ask me to but some music to them. T0 make A long story short I was sittin in A chair near the door way up stars and I looked around and seen this little dark haired boy there.He looke like he was about 6 yrs old. I smiled at him he smiled back I just went on playin.After A little while I ask my host where that little boy go ??? He didnt understand me .There was no little boy here. A sorrow came over me.. I couldnt hold back the tears I cryed like A new born baby.And to this day when I think about that I still get A sorrow thats overwheleming. The storyI just told is not A horror story. But it does still hurt me. Why was that little fellow there?? why did he let me see him? He look so sad. Im A father of 4 kids I love life but this has me thinkin.Mybee there is life after death. I hope so. Not much of A story is.. this. but mybee someone out there has had the same thing happin to them. Thank you for givin me the time to tell this little story.


By: Unknown

My father was between 7&9 when this happened.His mom found a beautiful house in newfoundland,canada and it was an old house.For some reason they were selling the house for cheap so my grandmother probably afraid someone else would snatch it up before she could, she bought the house.The problem was they were new to the neighborhood and hadn't known anything about this house.Well as soon as they moved in strange things happened in the house.The family would turn off every light in the house and go out for dinner or something and when they came back the lights would all be on.One while the mother and father were out and the boys (my father and his older brother) were sleeping.When the parents came home all the china was broken.And of course they blaimed the boys for them.One night there was a thunderstorm,and the lights went out.So my grandmother gave her sons some flahlights to cheack the fuse box.Because my grandfather was not home to do it himself.Well  they were down in the bvasement fooling around,you now shining their flashlights on the roof....untill they came upon a old rope noose hanging from the ceiling.Of course scared out of their wits they ran upsatirs and told their mother.Later on when the lights came back on my grandmother checked every part of the ceiling,no noose was found.The next morning,my grandmother told the neighbor about what was happening and how she thought the boys were doing it.The neighbor was shocked and said didn't the realtor tell you?!
The previous owner went mad and hanged him self in the basement!After hearing that my grandmother packed up all she had in the house and drove away.
I know this was a true story because when I asked my Uncle if he had ever lived in a haunted house and he told me the exact same story that my father did!I still need to ask my grandmother but I'll get around to it.Because of my father's story I am a beliver.

Ghost Of Grandmother


one night i was sound asleep in my room when i suddenly awokle from a noise that came near my desk. I turned over on my other side so that i could see what made the noise and when i opened my eyes i saw a tall lanky beared shape of a  person and the shape looked like it was wearing glasses. I thought i was just seeing things and i thought it was my dad mom or sister trying to scare me but when i noticed that my dad was snoring and my mom was at work and my sister was tossing and turning on her bad i new that it wasn't any of them. After i noticed that something was really there then i went and i hid under my covers. I peeked through a little hole that i had and the shape was turning around to face the window and then it turned its head towards me and i hid and i have never seen it since. But it makes me wounder what it was. Was i just seeing things or was there really something there? Two years have passed and i haven't seen anything as strange as that but it still makes me think about that night everytime i turn off my light to go to sleep. I still live in the house and i've heard things in the attic to big to be mice or some kind of animal and it sounds like its walking. But i just like to think that the thing in the attic is my grandmother's spirit hoping that one day she'll come down and see me again.

Ghost Hauntings

 Hi, I am eleven years old and live in Newnan. Please don't laugh, but I have been in many ghost situations. Mainly because I've lived in five houses, all being in Columbus (GA), Fayetteville(GA) and Newnan (GA). My father and mother are divorced so my dad lives in Columbus, and my mom in Newnan. Well what blows my mind is, every room my sister stays in is colder than all the other rooms in the house. Except in columbus, my room is way colder than the rest, well the point is, all the houses i've lived in had a cold room.(odd, huh) Also my dads house i think is ghost infested! to send a reply my e-mail adress is thanks for listening. if you would like futher stories just ask.

Floating Figure


I was never a believer in ghosts until May 2001. I was on a country road with my friend. As we were listening to the radio it started getting all static, but then we heard faint voices over the radio. They were saying things like: "Uuuuhhh", screaming, etc. Then we heard a man in his late 30's on the radio saying "Look behind you". We stoped and turned around and saw this man, floating about 3 feet off the ground, with a long hunting knife stained with blood. He was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. I sped out of there very fast but the man was floating and following us with the knife. I went faster until I came to the highway. We went down the highway talking about him and then stopped and pulled over. We turned on the radio, the static was still there, to our horror the voice was saying "I'll get you". We saw him in front of us but with other ghosts behind him. We drove though him and just got out of there and got to our friends house and told him about it. He explained to us that about 30 years ago a man murdered his family and then killed his livestock, then he killed himself. He then told us that the man said "Look behind you" and "I'll get you" before he killed his family and that his house is right near the area where he lived.

Candy Man and Bloody Mary


I snt a story the other day thats probally better than this but I'll tell it anyways.
The day after our field trip last year most of us went ot the lock in at Lincoln Baptist Church.Some friends,some forth graders,and I all went in the bathroom and said the candyman thing.Well Courtney screamed the whole bathroom fills up w/ steam and we locked the door and we can't find the light switch.There we are screaming meghan's mom trying to get us out we're trying to pound the door down Courtney it now crawling on the floor gasping for air saying 'its got me!help!!'.We're stuck in there screaming for like 15 min. and Meghans mom shines a light under the door(we could barley see)Dannellie turns the light on and we run out and the mirror is dark pink all most red and Courtney has her shirt ripped shes blue and has a long cut going down her neck and back.She had to get 2 stiches in one part of her back.We found the light swich opened the door and the room is so thick w/ steam u can barley see.By now theres a crowd around the bathroom and everyone wants to go in there.It was os scary!
This happened to my half brother.I had a sleepover about 2mon. after the Candyman thing and we dared him to do bloodymary.He did.He was screaming.He ran out and he had 2 scratches on one side of his face and 6 on the other.He told us every detail:He had said everything he waited for about 15 sec. and he said the mirror turned red,little balls of lights had started to flash all around him and he said it look like a woman walking on train tracks w/ a baby.A train comes by and kills the baby and the woman goes crazy and he said something came through the mirror and scratched him up.We were all afraid. we were all bunched up on the couch that night.
I still shrudder to think about those things to this day.Plz don't do any of that stuff!!I didn't listen to the warning and I can't sleep without someone in the same room.

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