Railroad Crossing

by Jayney@mail.rogersu.edu

My grandfather , who is not a believer in the paranormal , finally

confessed this experience to me one evening when I was relating all the

odd family ghost stories to him .

He was driving to work , he did the midnight shift at the airline

plant , and took his short cut on a back country road . As he crossed

over the railroad tracks he'd crossed a thousand times before , an

apparition of a young boy materialized in the passengers seat , turned to

smile at my grandpa , and slowly "misted out" . He didn't just disappear

as abrubtly as he'd shown up , but rather dissipated like a fog . Grandpa

just figured he was tired (not that he would confess anything even

remotely similar to fear !) , and didn't ponder over the experience .

When I asked him if he thought it occurred near the RR tracks because

perhaps the boy haunted that location , he replied that he instead

thought the lad was somehow connected to the car instead . Apparently my

uncle had bought it at a police auction of sorts , and grandpa thought

that maybe the boy had died as a result of an automobile fatality . Who

knows where these things are concerned ?!!

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Could be a Warning?

by Teopista@aol.com

Two years ago our apartment flooded. I think I had a warning two weeks before it happened. I was sitting in front of the Tv when I hear a male voice whisper Hey! in my ear. That night when I went to bed I felt what was like two fingers rubbing up and down my arm. It felt really cold and it was very gentle. I saw the hair moving on my are were the fingers were. When I said stop it, it stopped. I some times have the feeling that someone is staining in the hall watching me. I think if I look that I will see something and it scares me. When we first moved into this apartment We felt like someone we watching us work on the computer we got the feeling of utter fasintion. I think that we were warned again a year ago when we had the other flood on April first. I was saying good-night to my mother and another voice responded with a good-night also. Two days later we flooded. I hope to never hear that voice again because I do not want to flood again. But if there is someone here. ( I think male) I hope and I think we can live in harmony.

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Small Kansas Town

by coulterc@worldnet.att.net

While in graduate school in Emporia, Kansas (a small, mid-Kansas town

known best for its favorite son, William Allen White), my partner and I

rented an old, dilapidated house that was divided into three apartments,

ours being the largest. The entire time we were there, we would

occasionally hear strange things and on one occasion my partner had more

"direct" contact. The house is old and sort of broken down, but it was all

we could afford (graduate school being so expensive). I would guess it was

built in the '30s or early '40s. Our apartment consisted of a living room

and kitchen downstairs, and two bedrooms and a bath upstairs. Often, when

one of us was upstairs and the other downstairs, we would hear the other

calling for us very clearly-but upon questioning the other, nothing had

really been said. When this happened to me, it always sounded like my

partner needed me for something urgently and was calling my name. My

partner and I both experienced this many times, usually when we were both

in the house, but once or twice it happened when we were alone. We never

saw anything, but once my partner had a rather frightening experience. We

had just returned home from a night class, and I was upstairs in the

bedroom while she was still downstairs in the living room. I heard her

scream loudly and I ran down to see what the problem was. She was quite

shaken, and said that she had just been pinched. At first she thought it

was me sneaking up behind her, but when she turned around, there was

nothing there and she screamed in fright.

I thought you might be interested to hear from the Midwest! Seems like

there's spooks everywhere.

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An Experience or Not?

by chartony@jdv.net

Years ago, I had 2 "encounters" while I was still living with my


The first time I awoke, on the top bunk of bunk beds. My younger sister

was on the bottom bunk. The beds were behind the door. I opened my eyes

from sleep, and some"one" was there looking at me. I could only see one

"eye" of this thing. The eye was only dark, no colors what-so-ever. And

the entire figure, that I could see, anyway, was somewhat translucent,

but yet it wasn't, I don't know if you understand that or not. I was

young and so terrified, that I closed my eyes and wished it away. Though

I was not in fear, just afraid of something that I didn't know what it

was or what I was seeing. None of that sense of evil, doom or whatever

else some may call their experiences.

The next thing I knew it was the next morning and I had gotten up like

normal. Just to dismiss this as "well maybe this did not happen".

Some time later, I had been "sleep walking". My dad had retrieved me

midway to the basement. I did not recall this event until my mom had

brought this up to me that I was going to the basement and upon hearing

my wake and move through the house in the middle of the night, they had

investigated this. Upon hearing this, I recalled actually looking into

the basement and seeing of all thing, strange as it may sound, four of

these "people", that I had witnessed previously, and they appeared to be

"sitting around a table(that was not actually there), playing cards?

this is what it appeared to me, some distance away from them, however. I

again felt no malice or harm, just maybe some pulling or curiousity? I

don't know how to describe this.

Maybe unrelated, since these seemed of no harm, at a friends home some

years later, maybe 10 years, I had been sleeping at her house for the

evening and she had awaken during the night and came to check the house

to make sure all was OK and say what she described as a young boy

sitting at my feet while I slept, the only way she could describe this

was that he looked at her when she walked into the room, eyes open

Sitting at my feet. She said maybe an Angel watching over me or

something, but this left a definate impression on the both of us. She

did not try to make contact that I am aware of. And she did not feel any

harm to herself or me at the time. She thought her eyes were playing

tricks, and went to get her glasses and still was the little boy sitting

there. I am not sure what to think about this, I have yet to see this

little one "Guarding Me", but I do hope that this is true and someone is

actually looking out for me.

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A Friend's Story

by Katie=Martin%ISHC%IM=Hou@netgate.compaq.com

A friend of mine had recently moved with her husband and new baby into a

duplex near downtown Denver. The house had at one time been a single

residence, but the current owner turned it into a duplex for rental


They didn't notice anything strange about the house at first, but my

friend said that she began feeling like there was someone else in the

house, even when it was just her and her daughter at home. She said that

at times it seemed like her daughter, who was around a year old, would be

looking at something that she couldn't see, and reacting to it, usually

with a smile or a laugh, like whatever it was was making a funny face at

her. She never felt uncomfortable with this unseen visitor, due to her

little girl's reaction to it.

The more they lived there, the more the spirit seemed to manifest

itself. My friend had always seemed more spiritually "in tune" than most

people, and that could be why. The spirit could later be heard walking

around the house, sitting on the couch, basically making itself at home.

Later, when another couple moved into the other apartment, they too

reported that they could hear someone shuffling around at night, but being

open minded, it didn't seem to bother them.

After about two years in the house, my friend finally saw the ghost.

She said that it was quite disconcerting. She had left her daughter in the

living room, to go to the kitchen to get lunch. When she came back, she

saw a figure of a man at the end of the hall. She could only see him

faintly from the waist up, and that the most striking thing about it figure

was the big red X on its back. She said that she let out a little scream,

and the figure vanished. She never saw it again, but she and her husband

still heard it, and her daughter still seemed to be able to see it, as well

as hear it.

She finally decided to do some investigating, and made inquiries with

some of the older residents in the neighborhood. It turned out that the

house had been owned by a very nice man who had dearly loved it, and took

great care of it. He had been a fireman, and had been killed during a

blaze. This was the key that she had been looking for, as it explained the

red X on the man's back. It had to have been the red suspenders that the

firemen had worn at the time. It also lent creedence to her feelings that

this spirit was very kind and protective, and had seemed to "adopt" her

family as his own.

I haven't spoken with this woman for a very long time, so I don't know

if she's still in the house or not, or if they are still there, whether the

haunting continued. I just thought that you might find this story


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The Room

by lenag@psci.net

Hello, I'm a 16/f and i'm from Indiana..I have been reading through the

stories and i noticed that a lot of them happened to younger children

and teenagers..or people with the company of younger people..i have had

many experiences myself..and i'm a firm believer in the supernatural..I

know you want stories...i have so many i don't know where to start..

well i will tell you about what i've generally picked up about the

entity..It has taken on its territory..there is a certain room in the

house that NOONE can sleep in..i've had several friends that i put in

there to sleep..who had no prior knowledge to the history of the room or

house come running out into my bedroom..telling me they feel shaken..I

myself have tried to sleep in that room..there is no way..i can't stay

in that room alone more than 5 min. max. One of the more stranger of all

the events happened when i was remodeling my room..we were just painting

and changing furniture and such..when i started to notice a liquid

coming out of the wall..it was a light red..my father was also

there..and he is a carpenter..he was totally shocked..he had no idea

what it could be..it came out faster than i could wipe it up..there were

no water lines or anything in the walls there..

Since i've gotten older these occurances have certainly slowed

down...I've been chased around the house..i'm still very upset about

what happened when i was a child..something i couldn't see chasing

me..all i could do was hear the footsteps..and the wind and breath..it

mortified me..my parents have only experienced a few happenings in the

house..the sound of an organ playing late one night..which woke everyone

in the house up..my parents just told us to go back to bed..that it was

just a radio or something..it wasn't..When someone tells me that they

don't believe it..something bad happens..things will fly across the

room..or the banisters will shake..as it happens..my sister had a baby

around 4 yrs ago..thats when this started slowing down..but the

experiences have now moved into her house..but they only happen when the

child is away..for the weekend..toys will start coming on..rocking

chairs will move..or you will be able to hear someone walking

around..another time that it occurs is when its just me and her in the

house..my sisters boyfriend * a real skeptic* turned into a believer a

few weeks after he moved in the house..it has also been

dangerous..causing mass hysteria in my house..although my parents will

not believe that there is something to this house..they both admit that

they do believe in ghosts..we have given it a name.."henry" but i think

there is more than one ghost..we live on indian grounds..where we still

discover arrowheads and such around in the area..but when i was a child

i remember rolling over..and there was a lady beside me..standing there

as if..kinda watching me..i rolled over trying to make it go away by

ignoring it..*which doesn't work..they will not let you ignore there

presence* she started hovering over the top of me..

Indiana has become a place of many many many ghost stories..in the place

i live..there have been several murders..this year..its a small

town..and none of the murders have been solved..there isn't even a

suspect..but in the place that one of the people were killed..months

before we were up in that cemetery..*ironically someone was killed in a

cemetery* just goofing off with our friends..and I heard a voice say

"HEY" i thought it was a game warden or something and i was

terrified..cause some friends of mine had alcohol..but then i looked and

it was a shadowy figure..kinda floating..I grabbed my friend and started

shaking him..trying to get his attention..he had heard the voice to..and

was scared..we all hopped in the car and took off as fast as

possible..later on * a few months later* we took a wrong turn and ended

up back on that road..there were bright blue lights..and strange

figures..we stopped turned around and got the hell out of there as fast

as we possibly could..I'm not forsure what to make of theses

experiences..I have so many more but if i wrote them all it would

definitly turn into a novel..I've kinda almost gotten used to it..at one

time i was going to just tell everyone that i was crazy..cause i thought

i was..it didn't make sense why all these things keep happening..but now

i see that there is something which noone can understand trying to

communicate with me and my sister..I wish i only knew what though...

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My Life

by Roacherama@webtv.net

It is 1997. I am 20 years old, about to turn 21 in October. My life

has been filled with nothing but spirits. These are my stories.......

I was born and raised in New Jersey. In a small town called Cedar

Grove. I lived in a semi-old house. I believe it was built around the

1950's. It started at a very young age. I was very, very young in

fact. I must of been, say, 5 or 6. My brother is about 7 years older

than me, and we were simply playing together, minding our own business

in the living room. I noticed my brother staring at the wall. I looked

up to see something. It was as if you were to have taken a small jug of

paint and splattered it on the wall facing us. Except it had two eyes

and was watching us play. It did nothing but seem to almost study our

movements. Finally, our mother looked in on us. We both, at the same

time, looked over at her. She said we looked scared and asked about

what did that to us. All I could do was point at the wall, and it was

already gone. My father got home from work, and I told him about what

had happened, as best I could. He told me that he believed that there

were things in our house. He said that before I was born, that my aunt

Anne promised in her hospital bed, that she would make it to see me

born, no matter what. She died abou2 days after I was born, without

seeing me. He said, the day I came home from the hospital, they laid me

in my crib and walked away for a moment. My father turned back because

he had forgotten something in my new room, and saw a shadow standing

over my crib. He said he thought it was my aunt Anne. But, was it?

A few years went by. I was around 8 now. My brother and I had gotten

into a fight because we both shared the same room. So our parents

seperated us. My brother John got his own room downstairs and I got to

keep the old room. Let me tell you the full lay-out of my house, so you

can maybe understand me as I go through all my experiences. You

approached my house from the street and walked through the small gate on

our fence surrounding our house. You walk up the path and up 6 stairs

to our steel front door. You walk in and see stairs going upwards.

You look towards the left of you, and that was our liviing room. You

look towards the right, and there was our tv room. Say you decide to

walk through our tv room. You end up going around the stairs and

running to a small hall leading towards your right. If you look down

that hall, you see 3 doors. The first door on the left is the bathroom.

The next 2 doors face each other. Both very small guest rooms. The

door to the left at the end of the hall was later converted into a

sewing room/guest room/playroom. The door to your right was left as a

very small bedroom, the one my brother endedup keeping. As you turn

your head straight after looking down the hall, you notice that you've

stepped into the dining room. Which was also very, very small. To the

left behind you, about 2 feet away is a door. Open the door and you'll

find that the cleaning liquids and brooms and other well assorted junk

was kept there along the wall. Tilt your head down a tad and you see

the stairs going to our basement. Close that door and walk through the

dining room. As you walk by, you notice even further off more to the

left that you can see the living room. It's like a full circle going

around the stairs. The same stairs you saw as you walked in. You keep

walking forward though. Now you run into our kitchen. It was

relatively big. Had one of those islands for the dishwasher and

everything. Walk back to the stairs going upwards and now we actually

go up them. As you get closer to the top, you see a door. It's a small

closet for all of our extra clothes. When you reach the top, you look

to the left. It's my bedroom. To the right, my parents. Now, I had to

tell you all of this because in every single area of my old house, I

have seen and experienced paranormal activity. So now, back to where I

was. My brother got assigned his brand new room downstairs. One night,

I woke up very late. For no reason, I walk into my parents bedroom. I

see them both sleeping. I then walk over to my mom's side. The side

which is closest to the door. I walk over and just look down at her.

I look up at the far wall facing their bed and see one orange glowing

eye. Just hovering about 2 feet away from that wall. I did not get

scared nor did I even panic. I walked over to it to see if it was real.

I passes my hand through it. It was like a human eye but odd colors.

The white of our eyes was orange and the darker circle brown. I stood

behind it, and it vanished. I crawled into bed with my parents. I

still cn't remember being scared, but i wanted to be by them that night.

As the months went by, my brother complained about his room. He

couldn't sleep in it. He didn't know why, but he just couldn't. My

mother basically told him to suck it up. It's a new place. You have to

try and adapt, she said. Now, almost every night I heard bumps and

creaks. As I drifted to sleep, my light would turn on and off. Which

grew to be a problem. I was pretty afraid of the dark as it was.

Things would get broken and no one could figure out who or what did it.

When I was around 11, I finally sucked in my pride and went to my mother

about tese things that went bump in the night. She said I must of been

imagining it. She said I drank too much soda at night, so my caffiene

levels were basically playing with my mind. A few months later, my mom

and dad decided to kill off our basement stairs, just knock them out.

Cover up the whole and finish the basment as a small place to rent out.

They wanted to cut out a piece of floor in our living room and make

brand new stairs. I didn't mind so much. Just alittle extra noise to

put up with was all it was to me. I turned 12 and they were just about

done with the new basement. I wonder sometimes if this small

construction site bothered all the things in my house. Because after

that, bad things began. One day, I had just finished a great night's

sleep and opened up my eyes. I tried to get up, and something had my

pinned to my bed. I couldn't see it. But it held me down. I became

scared. I shut my eyes again. I began to think why this was happening.

I felt something right above me holding me, but I couldn't see it. I

opened my eyes again, and with all my strength, I sat up. But this

time, it was gone. In the wink of an eye, the feeling vanished. I

went downstairs and continued as if nothing happened. I didn't dare

mention it to anyone. My mother never believed me in the first place,

my father seemed to be getting sick of hearing me whine about these

things, and my brother made fun of me as it was. Why add to that? A

few months went by and summer came along. My parents came to John and I

one Saturday and told us that we were going to the beach the next day.

The beach was a big thing. We lived an hour and a half away. We never

really went there that often. Our parents told us to go to bed early

so we could get up at 5am to start the packing. I was so excited that

night. I wattched tv in my room until midnight. I still wasn't very

tired, but I figured that I needed the sleep. I turned off my tv and

went to go turn out the lights. I laid down in my bed. My head rested

not 5 feet from my door. Almost directly above me was my light switch

in case of emergencies. And ten I came into contact with my first

horrible presence. As I began to drift away, a voice began talking. It

sounded like a man speaking almost directly into my ear. He started

telling me that I was evil and he was going to take me to Hell with him.

He said that I do not deserve my parents, and they do not deserve a

whiner like me. He went on about dragging me with him and how bad I

really was. About 10 minutes later it stopped. I was so terrified.

Nothing can come close to explaining that. I was so afraid to open my

eyes while he was talking. I didn't want to open them and find out that

it wasn't a prank of John's. That nothing would be there. After about

5 minutes, I got up the guts to make a break for the light switch. I

flipped it on and looked around my room to find nothing. I was so

scared I ran into my parents room. I looked down the stairs, afraid to

go down them, but I saw nothing but blackness. I went back into my

parents room and woke them up to ask them if they had ben in my room

talking to me. They said no, now go back to bed and stop drinking so

much soda. I went back to bed but never did I turn off the light, and I

didn't fall back asleep until 4am. From then on till around 2 more

years, those major things stopped. It

went back to the "bumps in the night" deal again. I thought I was over

the worst. When I was 14, about a month after middle school had started

(that was 7th grade by the way), my parents had my brother and I adopt

two puppies because our older outside dog Lou had died. So we went to

the shelter and ended up getting our new pups. John ended up getting

rid of his puppy. After al long time, we couldn't get his dog to stop

chewing things up. So we gave him away tothe family friends in the

other town. But my dog Flurry (She's mixed with toy collie and samoya)

was still here to stay. The basement was totally redone now. It was

great. We got wall to wall carpetting. It had a bedroom, small

kitchen, little tv room and half a bathroom. And my parents all did it

by hand. This now turned out to be a really cool hang out spot. As you

walked down the new basement stairs and got to the bottom, you could

peek around the door and see the new den. If you turned around, you

could see where my parents put the washer and dryer. If you continued

looking, you could see my parents made a small crawl hole in the wall

facing you. It went far, far back into the wall. It was perfect for

our Christmas lights (My parents were big on Christmas. We were the

talk of the town) Flurry always stared down the stairs. She would do

nothing but lay at the top of the stairs and watch. Well, John was way

older now, 21 I believe he was. He had a good auto parts job, he was a

manager. He offered my mom rent so he could live downstairs. So he

moved downstairs in a day. He would stay out all night long and come

home in the early morning. I figured he was out partying all night. No

problem for us. He ended up getting a birthday present from his

girlfriend. It was a different puppy. Her name is Moonlight (Yes, my

brother is half hippy. And Moonlight is a mix of white lab and german

shepard). Moonlight also wouldn't stay downstairs unless someone was

their with her. Then Flurry would gather te guts to go their. My

birthday came along and all I had asked for was a nice gold chain. My

mom actually got it for me. one day, I took it off and laid it on my

desk as I was cleaning my room. I turned around and it was gone. Not 2

seconds later! I was mad. It was something that I know my mom saved

her pennies to get me. And I knew exactly what had happened. I spoke

out this time in anger, "Give it back or else! My mom works damn hard.

Who do you tihink you are, huh? This is mean! I want it back now! I'm

going to turn my back and by the count of 10, I want it back where it

was or you will surely pay this time!" I turned around and counted. I

heard nothing. I turned back around and looked at my desk and it was

exactly where I layed it. I went to sleep happily that night thinking I

had won the war. Little did I know that it was only a small battle. I

woke up the next morning. Frost that had melted and turned to very

small beads of water were on my window. On my window the words "I

sorry" were written in the water. I was then freaked out again. This

time, one of these things actually communicated. But it was nice. Like

it was playing a prank or trying to be funny and knew it had gone too

far. When I calmed down about half an hour later, I went back to my

room and talked outloud again. I told it that I didn't mean to get so

harsh, but other things have been mean to me there. And that it was

just a very personal object. And I told it to please not do that again,

and I appreciated it very much that it did in fact return it and that it

apologized so nicely. Alittle more time goes by and my brother moves

out. Now I'm getting ready to start 9th grade. Since my apology,

things were ok. The normal shadows ofcourse, the bumps. Nothing new.

My brother moves to Florida. I figure that now is my chance to take the

really cool basement apartment. I ask my mom, she gives the ok. I

begin the move. I get a good majority of my things down there. My tv,

phone, computer, some poster, etc. My brother leaves his waterbed,

which is a major plus. I get ready to settle in for my first night down

there. I brought some reading material. New Age stuff mostly. I was

doing much research into the paranormal and pagan issues then. I get

kind of freaked out about the new area. Especially while in the kitchen

and bedroom. I get ready for bed. I leave the kitchen light on because

it made me feel better. I lay down and snuggle into the waterbed. All

of a sudden, the kitchen light gets shut of on me. I figure the bulb

went. Before I get the energy to get up, I hear whispering. As if you

were walking down the halls of your school and people were talking about

you. It sounds like it's coming from the kitchen. I panic. I turn on

the bedroom light. I then go into the small tv room and turn on that

light and see nothing. The hair on my arms raise up. They were the

largest goosebumps I had ever had and I then knew I had a bad presence

with me. I talked outloud. I asked if it was te one that was in my

room so much. I got nothing but silence. I asked if this were a prank.

Silence again. I asked what it was. And all the lights went out as if

it was going to show me exactly what it was and instead, I ran out the

basement. I went up stairs and slept in my room that night. I then

went into full research. I bought every book I possibly good on the

paranormal and how to get rid of it. I spent my daytime in the

basement, my nights were in my room. I then started sleeping with my

door closed. I now know why the dogs won't go downstairs by themselves.

I have a friend that I have known since pre-school. We would share

ghost stories. We both had our moments dealing with the other side.

His mother is very well endowed in the area of spirtuality. She gave

him some ideas on how to help me out. He brought over some incense and

an open-mind. He walked into my basement for the first time in his life

and I saw the hair n his arms raise up. He just looked at me and told

me that he thinks that it doesn't like him very much. I said that he

doesn't seem to like anyone very much. He's kind of cranky and pushy to

me. Just as I said that, the bedroom light exploded even though it

wasn't even on. My friend burned the incense and the spirit left for

awhile. He told me to burn it when it was around. He also told me to

read up some more. That he would give me some books on how to deal with

this thing. This spirit continued to act up. I read and read. I made

a decision to change my chosen path in life. I became full pledged

Wiccan. I began to meditate on a regular basis. I also began feeding a

new talent. I was now someho able to communicate with the spirit in my

room. I can only explain how I do this, like this......It's like

remembering what your best friend said to you earlier. You see it all

in your mind. I don't hear voices outloud, nor do I see images. In my

mind, I get a picture and I know what's being said. I talked with the

presence that seemed to love my room. It seemed to be a small boy.

Around the age of 9 or so. He still apologized for taking my necklace

that one time. I giggled at him. And explained how it was ok. That I

simply lost my temper. He then totally changed the subject. He wanted

to talk to me about, "the others", he said. He told me about the men

iving next dorr to one another. He didn't know why, but they bother him

alot. He said that they make fun of him often so he likes to stay away

from them. He also had made the mistake of going to the new place

downstairs. He said that the old man tried to practically kill him. He

ran back up here. He said that my room was the best for him. And that

I didn't seem to mind him there as long as he didn't play another joke.

I told him that he is very welcome in my room, at all times. I asked

what he was in the house for in the first place. He told me that he

loved it here until the others came. He used to run around all day. I

tried to convince him to follow the bright light, but he refused under

all circumstances. I had to give up on him. I tried talking to "the

men who live across from one another", but they don't want to listen.

All I hear when I used to talk to them was, "Shhhh!". So I gave up on

them also. But now was time to break out the big guns. I went

downstairs, and Flurry tried to follow me. I had to tell her no several

times before she listened. It felt like she knew I was going to do

something dumb, and she just wanted to be there to help out. I was

honestly scared. I hugged her. She was my relief source. I began my

walk down the stairs. I went through the door and left it open behind

me. I sat down in the chair in front of the tv. From there, I looked

to the left and saw the darkness of where I just walked from. Even

though it was daytime, it was still very dank and dark down there. I

started thinking about what I was going to say to this one. I was

holding one of my ghost books. I began telling him how I really want to

get along with him, but how he won't give me a chance. All of a sudden,

from the corner of my left eye, I saw something. I turned my head and

glared out the door to see a large ball of green light growing brighter.

I was automatically stopped from speaking at that point. I froze in

total fear. It grew and grew until it was almost all green light over

there. And then it died out. I was so scared I just walked up the

stairs and ran into the tv room up there. It seemed that he knew what

got to me. All this itme of scaring me out of there, I think he knew

exactly how to shut me up and it worked perfectly. I gave up on talking

to him that day. I had to reorganize everything now, I needed a new

strategy. Night time came along and it was getting pretty late. I was

up in my room reading my books. I got hungry so I went downstairs for

a snack. My mom had fallen asleep in the little sewing room/playroom we

had. There was a small yet extremely comfortable cot in there. I

walked down the stairs, I never turned on the lights. I went through to

the kitchen and begam getting a paper plate. I heard footsteps come up

the stairs. I honestly had thought that my mom was down there doing

laundry or something and came up. I went into the fridge to get

everything. I heard the footsteps go into the kitchen directly behind

me. I heard the chair pull out that was directly near the back wall.

It smacked against the wall. I heard someone sit as if they were very

tired. I turned around to say something to my mom, only to see nothing

there. My heart jumped into my throat. I tunred back around and

realized it was the man from downstairs. I left everything where it was

and quickly walked past the kitchen into the bathroom in the hall. I

left the light off. After aout 3 minutes, I heard him get up, push the

chair back in and walk towards the bathroom, stopping directly in front

of the door. I waited for anything. For some odd reason, I grabbed the

plunger, as if it could help me at that moment. After a minute or so,

he kept walking down the hall, went into the room where my brother used

to be and closed the door behind him. I ran upstairs and tried talking

to the little boy, but he was gone now. He never returned either. I

don't know whatever happened to him. The next moring I told my mom what

had happened. She sid she slept downsairs because she thought she kept

hearing footsteps. She decided to wait and see if someone had broken

in, but no one was ever sighted. I explained to her everything about

what I had been doing. For the most part, I think she thought I was

crazy. But I know that there were some things that she believed. I

then told her that i was going to stay at my friend's house for the

weekend to get my thoughts back. As I got older and went through high

school, I became an amatuer ghost hunter. If my friend thought they had

a ghost, I'd research and see if I could find anything. I'd go through

their house to see if anyting was there. My house stayed the same.

There was a point were one of my aunts ans a cousin of mine were in the

basement with me. I began telling them all of this. My aunt got scared

and asked if the man was still there. I said, "Yes and he's still mean

and rude!". I had a framed picture hanging next to the door. It

literally blew up while none of us were even touching it. We all ran

upstairs. There were many times were I had a pack of cigarettes down

there, and I would lay them on the tv. I'd turn around and they'd be

gone. I'd look all over, behind the tv, in other rooms and all, but no

sign. I would get pissed and say outloud that I would count to 10. I

tried that old technique. Well it would kind of work. Although, I

would turn around, and sometimes by the count of 7, they would fall in

front of me or sometimes appear right were they were supposed to be.

One time, he through them at me and hit my in the head. Now that I live

in Florida, John, my brother tells me about how when he was in that

hallway room, that he could never go to sleep because he would hear

talking. And he would see shadows even in the day. He told me that

when he moved to the basement, that an older man would stare at him. He

would be dressed in a black suit, He said he looked like a scary dude.

He would peep his head in the bathroom as he was trying to use it. He

then decided to go out all night and not return until dawn. It seemed

to be better in the daytime. Atleast I know that I'm not crazy. Many

friends slept over my old house and I would foget to warn them about the

things that have gone on. I would wake up in the morning with them

laying either right next to me cuddled up or on the ground beneath my

feet. Believe it or not, there were still many things that went on in

my old house that I never wrote down here. But this is so long already.

I'm sure people have been falling asleep reading it. And even now that

I live in Florida, I've ran into a few spirirts. None as bad as the

onein my old basement thoug. Maybe I'll type those stories out too.

But it'll definetly be later. Until then, if anyone would like to

e-mail wittheir thoughts or problem or if you need advice, here's my



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The House Next Door

by LiL Mama@aol.com

I know you mite not believe this but it's true.

I spent the night at a friends house about two years ago. I fell asleep on the sofa with my friends cat sleeping with me. In the middle of the night the cat woke me up by hissing and grawling. The cat jumped of me and left. I turned on my side to go back to sleep, thats when i saw a shadow of a man neeling right in front of me.

he wasn't even a half-foot away from me. I could see kinda what he looked like. I started to cry and pray. I guess I upset him or something because the whole sofa started to shake. then he was gone.

I found out the next day the house nextdoor to my friends house had been abanded. They couldn't even put the house up for sale because they couldn't find an owner to the house. So I decided to go and exsplore. The house has a hallway around the whole top floor. There are no windows for the rooms upstairs.

Well thats my story. It still scares me to walk by that house.

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The Little Boy

by BossSkiMan@aol.com

My name is Chris Thomas and what i saw the night of February third 1997, was going to chang my life forever. When I was in the woods (near Peters Creek PA) playing flash-light tag with a group of friends I saw the most horrifying thing I'll ever see. When we (my friends and I) started playing we did not have teams. We all split up about 50 yards. A few muinutes into the game I heard a swooshing noise combined with a soft crack of twigs. Than I saw a little boy with his dog, walking into the woods. The figure was made of a fine white mist. I was a little scared, because I thought it was my imagination. I couldn't see much from then on cuz it got dark. But a little later into the game I heard a faint scream. I went to where I thought the sound came from, than when I got there, there was only the boy, not the dog. It was the same ghostly figure except, the boy was on the ground, and it looked like the ghostly boy was mutilated! I got out of there as fast as I could. Than I told my friends, but when they got there the figure was gone! Even today I have the same dreams about that over and over again.

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My Pet Mouse

by tracya@STC.Net


The story I am writing you did infact happen to me and I am very much

telling the truth.

I am a 15 years old. When I was 2 years old my family and I moved from

our house to a house located in the north Georgia mountains. Our house

is not in a neighborhood, so I did not have any friends untill I started

school, BUT I did have an imaginary pet mouse. My pet mouse would only

play with me in my room and it would always run to a certain place in

my wall when anyone would enter. I played with my pet mouse for about 3

years before I started school then I would only see the mouse scamper

across the floor to that certain place on my bedroom wall. Now I have

heard of other people having imaginary friends, but never a pet mouse.

Durring the summer of my eighth birthday, my house was under

construction and a section of the wall where the mouse would run to was

being taken out to add a sliding glass door to the new patio. Well. . .

guess what was found in the wall. A mouse carcass in the EXACT spot

where my "imaginary" mouse would run. Now this never scared me and this

may sound sick, but I kept the mouse bones in a little poutch in a trunk

in my room. Since the wall was taken out I haven't seen the mouse and

this saddens me greatly because this mouse was a pet/friend of mine for

almost all of my childhood. I don't know if my mouse was a ghost of an

animal, but it sure sounds like it to me.

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Sharing the House

by mack@gmi.net

In 1987 I was a student at a small junior college in Matheston , My Being

a divorced mom of 6 children I was glad to find a house to rent that was

cheap.I wasn't told that we had to share the home with ghost..The house was

built before the cival war by slave labor..It had 7 rooms and a bath in

it..Two of the rooms were locked and we were told not to open them..My

daughter was 16 at the time and curisioty got the best of her..While I was

at school one day she opened one of the rooms.There wasn't anything

spectacular in the room..It was small and had only a half bed and a rocker

in it..We thought nothing of her opening it and wondered why the owner was

so funny about that room especially since we needed the extra bedroom.But

things started to happen..At first it was just a feeling of being watched ,

then we would hear noises like something or someone scratching on the

walls, finally it got so bad that we were all sleeping in the same room.One

night I had all I could take and sent all of the kids to their rooms to

sleep.It was storming and easy to go to sleep with the rain hitting the tin

roof.I awoke to the piano playing. I looked at the clock at the side of my

bed and it was 3 in the morning..None of my kids played so I went into the

hall to see what was happening.As I got to the door my 2 boy let out a yelp

and came running into the hall.Both were bleeding from what looked like a

pin prick on their backside.Needless to say that was the last straw.We left

there that night and stayed in the car for the rest of the night.The next

day we found a trailer for rent and moved.I found out later that several

people from the school had rented that house at one time or another but

none ever stayed long..What is in that house? I don't know but I haven't

been back there.

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My Worst Experiences

by sapphire07@sprynet.com

"2 Close Encounters with the Most Terrifying Kind".....I have been

reading your homepages personal experiences & other's experiences as

well. Only few know of my "Worst" encounters with a very BAD entity. I

have had some in my past when growing up, but none that have litterally

scared the you know what out of me so bad that I packed on two different

occasions..on one night, nightclothes on, barefoot & pregnant

(Litterally) & the other twins, in night clothes & my bible in my

hand..both times leaving EVERYTHING I owned behind. Fortunately, I had

some friends that were "Game" for a good "Ghost Hunt" with the first

experience & fortunately they packed up my belongings & delivered them

back to me the next day..& with the second one, my current husband & his

dad packed everything up the next day & we moved to my father-in-law's

home for a while. Well, now for my FIRST closest encounter of the

terrifying kind...I was 15 years old, married & pregnant at the time. I

had just moved into a small white framed house. My landlord was my

dad's co-worker/friend who just happened to live next door oddly

enough. At first, I thought something was wrong with my stove.

Everytime I would make chicken it would turn out looking very yellow. I

have been cooking since I was 4 for a family of 5 so I knew it wasn't my

cooking! One day, upon making fried chicken again, it came out very

yellow, so I decided to put it in the oven for a while to finish cooking

it. When I removed it from the oven, it wasn't yellow anymore, but

GREEN this time!!! Naturally, I thought it HAD to be the stove. So I

threw it out & we ate out. When we got back home, we watched some

television before going to bed. Everynight, actually in the early

morning, I would be awoken by a chill or freezing breeze...only to find

all 4 windows in our room wide open. I would awake my (Husband at the

time) & ask him if he opened the windows. He always said "no". So, not

fully convinced that he didn't have anything to do with it, I stayed

awake all night, but still lying in bed. When suddenly, the windows

flew open one at a time. I was so scared by this time, that I decided I

was going to sleep in the living room. So, I convinced him to come with

me & we closed our bedroom door. Several "Suicidal" thoughts raced

through my head for some reason at this time. One terrifying night we

were in the living room watching t.v. & I remember this night so well,

because I was three months pregnant when I felt the twins kick me at the

same time. Anyway, I started crying & shaking uncontrollably then we

both heard a loud BANG! It was the windows being tossed up forcably all

at the same time. There was a very good breeze blowing the curtains

like a flag on a pole in a wind storm. In my nursery, I had a rabbit

that had purple ears & red eyes. It never bothered me before. But when

we got up to go to the room to see what had happened...I was litterally

crawling on the carpet because I could feel a very bad "presence" the

closer I got to the nursery. Still srying, shaking, & crawling, I

entered the room on all fours. I was terrified at what I saw. The baby

swing started swinging by itself & in it was my rabbit...eyes all

aglow. Swing kept going faster & faster & I couldn't move. Not even to

blink. I felt something very very bad in that house & when my husband

came in there to check on me, (He was too

chicken to make the first move) he too was an all fours & shaking

uncontrollably. When we both were finally able to move, we trampoled

all over eachother trying to get out of that room. We both ran outside

as fast as we could. He pulled the car around & we immediately went to

our preacher's home to get help. Our preacher came & "Cleansed" our

house, but it would take an army of men before they were getting me back

into that house...NO WAY!!! When we had moved, Diane (a friend of mine)

had told me that the reason she let my cat go hugry for a few days while

I was out of town was because something terrified her as well & it took

a while before she would tell me all about it. Last she knew, when she

ran out of the house...vowing to never enter it again...she had left my

kitten inside. When I got home, my kitten was in the garage, but the

kitty messes were in the house...garage was completely clean & she had

been in there for at least 2 days since Diane had left the house. Since

then, I have never set one foot in that house again...& it still remains

vacant. I have had several "Encounters" before & since then, but none

as horribly terrifying as this & the next one I am about to tell you all


My husband & I had two of his friends living with us for rent

purposes. We lived in a townhome (two-stories) Douglas our "Good"

friend had brought this stuffed monkey with him. I hated that thing, of

course I have always hated anything that looked "Scary" since I was a

child...especially "DOLLS" for some reason. Anyway, Douglas put the

monkey upstairs in his room & when I came downstairs..there it was

sitting on top of the stereo. Everywhere I turned, it was there! This

was the first signs of something paranormal. Second, I was asleep one

night & heard Douglas shouting for me to go back to bed. So, naturally

I got up & when I opened the door, he was silent & white as a "Ghost".

He told me the next morning that he saw me come out of my room, look

straight at him & turn to go down the stairs when he shouted...just then

when I opened the door for real this time...the Ghostly figure of what

he thought was ME, disappeared. Scared us both! The next afternoon

when I was thinking about what had happened & when I decided to shrug it

off as him having a bad dream...it was at that moment that I flipped on

the hall light & it glowed a bright purple color for a few seconds &

then went out completely. Well, when my husband got home, I told him of

the paranormal things that had been happening & he didn't believe either

of us because it never happened when he was around & our other roommate

Steve was never around. My husband believed me after one dreadful night

of shear terror that sent us a packing instantly. I was in the Kitchen

cleaning up the dishes & Douglas was helping me clean up the rest of the

Kitchen. When suddenly we both got a very sick feeling...only to open

the laundry room door & find gas from Steve's motorcycle tank spilled

all over the floor. (He was told NOT to work on it in the house, but he

never listens) So, I went to grab a mop only a few feet away, but when

I went to open the door again, it was locked from the inside. You

see...you had to go through the laundry room to get to the back kitchen

door...that's why iit had a lock on it for those of you wondering how it

could be locked from the inside. I couldn't get either door open &

became very ill in the time that I was trying to pry the door open. I

was rushed to the emergency room & was given lots of oxygen to filter

out the gas fumes from my lungs. When my husband took me back home, he

asked what had happened because even though Douglas & I could smell the

fumes from the gas spill, he could not. So, I told him & low & behold

when he went to the laundry room to check it out, the door opened

without any problem. Wasn't locked either, so once again because it

never happened to him, he didn't believe us at that time...

What happened next is where you had better hold on to your hats. My

husband decided that there must be "something" going on...reverting back

to his own teenage years with his own encounter with evil. He

remembered that our now "X" friend Steve had said that he used to be

tied up with that Roll Playing "Game" called "Dungeons & Dragons". Let

me tell you something...that is very very evil & it pulls you into it

without you even knowing "he's" got you til it's too late. Anyway,

thinking that it possibly has something to do with Steve & this

"Game"...he tears Steve's room apart looking for the "Game". He found 2

dice to the it he decided to use gasoline to burn them. One die was

wood & the other plastic...so you would think that they would burn

easily right? Wrong!!! Douglas was looking out the bay window in the

Dining room while sitting in one of the twins little chairs. The smoke

from the gasoline turned blue & when my husband went upstairs to search

for more pieces, we knew exactly what area of the room he was in,

because the smoke would turn...like it was pointing in the direction

that we would hear him walking to. I noticed at one point that Douglas

could go longer than I had ever seen anyone go before without blinking.

I could see the fire in the pan of gasoline & heard a loud sizzling &

screeching noise coming from the pan. I turned to look back at Douglas

in the girls chair when suddenly he was thrown hard to the floor. I

mean the chair tipped back & his feet remained level as if they were

planted firmly on the floor...but they were not. He hit his head hard

on the tile & still he never blinked or moved at all. Looked like he

was pinned in that same manner that he was once sitting straight up in.

I was concerned yet very terrified at what I had just wittnessed

happening to him. I screamed for my husband & he came running down the

stairs only to see what I saw. Then he went over to Douglas & tried to

"Snap him out of it" by shaking him repeatedly. When Douglas snapped

out of it, he told us that he heard a voice say "You are MINE & you

always will be" then he felt "Something" punch him in the chest & knock

him over..not being able to do anything about it. He couldn't

move...whateer it was had him! Meanwhile, dice are still NOT melting or

burning or for that matter ANYTHING. Then one die got that very LOUD

Screeching sound again...the wooden one I suppose because then suddenly

it plit evenly in half & part of it popped out of the fire & into the

grass. I looked everywhere for it, but couldn't find it. Just then I

got an eerie feeling that something was coming after me. I grabbed up

both of the girls..age 1 & a half at this time..& ran as fast as I could

to the car with both of them & my Bible in my hands. Amazing what all

you can do when that adreneline gets to flowing! I sat there in the

car, still feeling that it was "Coming after us"...honking the horn

frantically now for my husband & Douglas. They were both screaming open

the door as they were racing for the car. We piled in the car & drove

off tires squealing & all. I never went back...but still wonder what

happened to the half-split die that is on the ground somewhere.

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My Own Story

by Mercury832@aol.com

My family moves around quite a bit and when I was eight years old we moved into a house in huntington beach ,California.I hadn't like this house from the begining because it was very small,and cheaply made,it was in a neighborhood which was right behind an alley to a local K-mart,it wasn't a "bad" neighborhood,just on the shabby side.I don't remember much from it but My mother said when we first moved in she was surprised to see I would refuse to sleep in my own room,I had been quite and independant child till then,and I could not sleep unless it was by myself.When my mother inquired into as why I wouldn't I said I was scared which may seem perfectly normal that a child would be scared but I was a very brave child . So my mother gave in and I slept in her bed with her Now everything was fine for a couple of months but then my brother started waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat and screaming about the terrible nightmares he was having.And my father to suddenly space out,meaning he would all of a sudden faint or fall asleep just out of no where.it got worse when My mother said I had to start sleeping in my own bed ,every night I would see a large man rumaging furiouslyu thruoght my closet and he had a small kitchen knife in his hand I would scream then my mother would come in and calm me down,one night she just got fed up and tried to show me there weren't any "monsters" in my closet when she reached for the knob to open my closet door she cried out suddenly and started running to our bathroom she later told me,when I was older and wouldn't be frightened,that the doorknob was red hot and she had burned her hand on it.after that something very strange happend,every night,at a very late hour,my alarm clock would go off I'd wake up screaming then too, my parents couldn't figure out why though,becuase every <I>morning</I> at it's scheduled time at 7:00 it would go off too.they eventually just took it out of my room and when they did,it stopped going off. We also started noticing lots of dead animal carcasses would be in our backyard,there would be a lot of dead birds,possums,and even rats,though no one reported rats in their homes.My mother would always say she saw an old woman snooping around in our back yard she said she saw her looking through our garbage and tapping on our windows,my father would just say her mind was playing tricks on her and giving her a suspect for the dead animals,this went on for a while.then I began not sleeping at all.I would just walking around our house at night and not sleeping a wink,my mother says I must have been sleep walking because I'd have to get at least some sleep because she never saw me sleep in the day,but I could remember walking around all night and being wide awake,we finally moved from the house because my father got an offer for a larger house more near the ocean.but my mtoher and I still think something was weird about that house.thank you for your time

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Night Voices

by mfjensen@inreach.com

In 1995, my friend Dawn and I both moved into a place in the Oakland hills

that happened to have been a casualty of the Great Fire

Storm in the Berkeley/Oakland hills of 1991. Now, we know that there

were no definative reports of deaths in the fire, but rumours of course,

fly about and when you're in the midst of an event like this, you can say

that time may have put its' stamp on this region of Northern California.

The two of us used to crash in the loft of Dawns room which happened to be

a part of this house severely damaged by the fire. As we would settle in,

the normal sounds of a house still settling from recent construction work

would envelope our little spot. That wasn't the unnerving bit...just as we

would stop talking, you could begin to destinctly hear the sound of voices.

Now, you may be skeptical and say that we must have been hearing the sounds

of our neighboors or traffic on the hill...NOT! The house was still

surrounded by many vacant lots up for sale and there is little if any late

night traffic in that area.

The sounds of the voices would begin as tho people were shouting

instructions, then sobbing, lots of cries of either fear or pain and plenty

of miscellaneous babble. At first, we refused to tell one another of the

voices thinking induvidually we were losin' it. But one night a group of

our friends were sitting about in the living room of our house and the

paranormal became a topic. Well, Dawn finally could not contain her

experiences any longer. I then felt a wee bit better, but then more so

unnerved. So, I added my two cents and a couple other folks who have

gathered in the loft at various times also contributed their stories.

We've kept this to ourselves for sometime now because we can't really

confirm what the voices were from or their origin. They could really be

heard when it was around dusk until just about three or four am and then

nothing until the following evening. I have the theory that we had some

sort of time spot that reflected a period in time that caused great

destruction,sorrow, pain and little else. Dawn is open to that but also

feels that we could have been listening to the cries of people who some how

got lost in the fires and died unnoticed. In this area, it wouldn't be

unheard of. We used to get alot of homeless people that would migrate into

the hills when the lower regions would get hot in summer until late

autumn.So you can imagine how many homeless folks sleeping in the cool of

the trees could have gotten caught up in the mele' and scince their status

was that of a less than favourable citizen in the eyes of all "good people"

with the money to live in the hills, their deaths can expectedly go


We don't claim to have the answers, we don't expect folks to believe us,

but we do know that this did happen to us and we can both ,along with some

other folks, attest to these events being real and true. We never asked any

of the very few neighboors we had because we just didn't feel like bringing

this to their attention due to the fact these people thought with money and

not what was deep within. We appreciate the chance to finally share this

with some one who can at least give it a go over and make their own

conclusion with out being skeptical from the git go.


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My Mom's House

by darry@bellsouth.net

My mom, who lives in Plattsmouth, Nebraska moved into her current house

in 1990. It was built sometime in the 1980's so it is not that old.

Well, I moved in with her in 1991 to go to school and when they were

building an extra room for me all sorts of weird things went on. I never

did like to walk anywhere in that house without a light on. Too creepy

of a feeling. Anyway, things have been seen in that house and stuff has

gone on in that house that defy explanation. I was sitting downstairs

one afternoon playing Nintendo and heard someone walk down the hall into

the kitchen and pull dishes out of the cupboards. I thought it was my

little brother home from school so I yelled for him to come downstairs.

I got no answer and then heard the footsteps go back down the hall and

it got quiet again. About 10 minutes later - same thing. I decided I

wasn't going back upstairs until someone (ANYONE) came home! My mom has

been in her bed and woken up in the middle of the night to see someone

bent over in the waist looking at her. Then when she focuses he

disappears! Too many things to describe have gone on in that house and

I am just curious to find out why. Where can she go to see if anything

has happened on that property or what her house is built over? I don't

think a cemetary but it's hard to say. I guess it could be something

not even documented. For about the last year or so everything has been

quiet but I still would like to know. Especially since I believe there

might be 2 spirits there. One definitely NOT GOOD and one that likes to

play. If anyone has any ideas - please - E-mail me back. Thanks.

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