A Couple of Different Experiences

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i have a little brother who is four years old, at the time he was around two or three, but i had a room in the basement of our old house and one night he was playing in the kitchen which had a door that led to the basement, and all of the sudden he came running screaming that he was scared of the man down there...so my mom and i asked who he was talking about and he told us that it was the guy who was by my stereo at the bottom of the stairs who watched me while i slept and played with my stereo, it not only scared me because it was my room, but the fact that they say little kids can see things, and this guy watched me, but i also had been getting bruises, and i didn't know where they were coming from, i wasn't running into anything....but i would be sleeping some nights and i always kept my radio on volume level four, and i would wake up to it on 12, i moved back upstairs because i couldn't stay down
    a couple of months earlier he had told us about four guys in his room that beat him up, we didn't see any bruises, or hear him scream, we asked him why he didn't scream and he told us that the guys told him to shut up we could never find anything out as for a rational reason we no longer live in that house, but it was weird, i don't even know if it was a haunting.

2 Stories

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The first one happened when I was about 5 yrs old after my grandma on my mom's side died. At that time I was scared of my room so I would climb into my parents bed. One night in my parents bed I woke up @ 2:00 in the morning for no apparent reason looked to my left and saw a figure walking in the hall. It stopped in front of my parents door looked in, smiled at me and walked away. It kept walking str8 and that leads to my room and since then I feel uneasy like someone is watching me and I see like little glints all over my room.
My second story happened very recently and in the same house. I was doing my homework and needed something in my room. I was looking at my paper and turned to walk thru my door and stopped dead in my tracks and walked backwards like I had bumped into someone I even almost said excuse me. I still don't know why that happened but it will never leave me.
My cousin who is a psychic said when i as at his house that he can tell that there are spirits in my house he could sense it on me.

Grandfathers Story

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Hi, this is a true story told to me from my grandfather.  When he was
younger and my mum and her sisters were just kids. One night he went to
sleep just like any ordinary night. in the middle of the night he awoke to
find a man dressed in a black robe with a hood blocking his face holding a
sickle, otherwise known as the grim reaper standing over him.  My
grandfather than jumbed up out of bed and actually asked the grim reaper
what he was doing. th reaper than replied i have to take a sole from someone
that lives on this street and i have chosen yours.  my grandfather than
imediately shouted at the reaper to go away and leave him and his family
alone.  The next day my grandfather found out his next door neighbour had
died that night with no cause, even though he was very healthy.  My
grandfather has told me this story only once when i was little and even
today i can still remember the slight touch of terror in his voice as he
gave the recount.  My granfather has never spoken a lie and hence i believe
this story even though i know some wouldnt.

Walking With Nana's Ghost

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This is about my best friend, Cory(I am 9 yrs. old so I'm probably not going to tell a REALLY good story!).Here's what Cory told me: When Cory was little, her Nana died. A few years passed, and she was 3 yrs. old. One night, she saw her Nana checking up on her family.Then,Nana went to Cory's room and walked her down the hallway. When everyone woke up, her Mom told her what happened. So now, she knows that she has the power to see ghosts/spirits/angels. When she wants to, that is!!!

Museum in Wales

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 I went on a school trip to Wales a
year ago, we were told by the inhabitants of an old house, that had since
been turned into a museum, that the house was haunted by a young male doctor
who got lost in the walls of the house. The story goes like this
Years ago, in a Welsh house, a man and his wife lived alone. They were
desperate for children but the wife wasn't able to have any. The man was so
devestated that he went back to fight in the army for a year. A short while
after he had left, the woman fell pregnant with his child. She had no way of
contacting the husband, so she depended on a young male doctor. The doctor
was unqualified. So, when the baby started to have contractions and her
water broke 2 months early, the doctor panicked. He got the lady in a spare
bedroom upstairs and locked the door from inside. At this time, the husband
had been able to be contacted and was soon to be home. There was a
complication during the birth. The doctor didn't know how to handle it so he
deliberately killed the new born child in front of the mothers eyes. His
reason for doing this was said by some people outside, they said that he had
said to the woman that the baby would've had trouble breathing in the
future. The mother knew that this was a lie and so started to call out for
help. The husband was home by this time and so ran upstairs to batter the
door down. The doctor got so afraid that he grabbed a pair of scissors that
he was going to use on the cord for the baby and stabbed the woman to death.
The doctor then fled up the chimney in that room, cutting himself on the
way. So when the husband came in, the doctor was gone, leaving the dead
omther and child there. The walls were never searched and the doctor was
never seen again. However, at night, the sounds of scuffling and of a man
crying and scratching and of him repeating the words "I could do nothing"
can be heard through the walls at night. Also, dripping blood can be seen at
the fireplace that the doctor escaped up.


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Ok... I don't know if this really applies to me but I'll tell ya about it.
In front of my fiancee's house, there is a family that lives there.  Husband,
Wife, and Son.  Son is about my age which is 23.  On Jan 15th, the
husband/father(Rick), blew his head off with a shotgun.  He was very
depressed and it sad and it sucks that he did that.  His wife Cathy and son
Jared now have to deal with his death.  They grabbed their belongings and
probably went to Cathy's mom's house or sisters.  This is a middle/upper
class neighborhood in Mandeville, Louisiana.  My girl and I noticed a few
days after his death, the light in his office was on.  It came on after
midnight.  Nobody it at his house.  His window was open but not sure what
kind of light this was.  Not sure if it were an orb but it was a light.  The
next night, it was off.  Then it was on again the following night but not so
bright as before.  Also there is a fog/myst that appears to surround the
house at night.  I think its freaky.  I'm a big fan of paranormal/ghost stuff
and I think there is something really going on here.  Well...just wanted you
to know because I think it's interesting.

Cottage Haunt

By: Anonymous

Love the site! This first story happened up at my cottage about 2 hrs north
of Toronto Canada when I was 12 or 13,(Im 21 now) Its a very large peice of
land, owned by my late grandfather and his brothers, there are only 4
cottages on the property and we are all family.The cottages are 10 -15 min
apart walking each cottage has a name, Grandpa named our Gull Landing since
there are Islands that gulls liked to sit on all the time. about  100 years
ago our property was owned by a couple and there daughter, the husband died
of  heart problems, the mother of  lung failure in the same year, the
daughter died severel years later in a cabin fire.  there cabin is on the
same site as mine, our cabin is further forward though. The family is buried
40 feet or  so from our place..There is the history of the land
As I said when this happened I was 12 or 13, the entire family had gathered
at my Uncle's since he had the biggest cottage, wed been there all afternoon
and well into the night. I was really tired and wanted to go to bed so I
told Dad where I was going and started back with a flashlight , my uncles is
the only cottage with electrisity, as I got near to the grave yard I thought
I saw a woman, which was weird I thought I was the first to leave the party.
I turned off the falsh light since it wasnt working right any way and the
lady was still standing the glowing, which I didnt think of at the time but
as I got closer I was going to tell her to leave the property she kind of
faded the disapered, thats when I freaked out but I didnt want to walk 10
min in the pitch black alone or 2 min to the cottage and have light in five.
I am not sure if any one has seen her but I can "feel" her whenever I am
alone at the cottage. but its not a bad feeling.
I have other stories but I'll tell you thoses later.

Great-Grandma's Broom

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I was fortunate enough to know both of my great-grandparents for many years
before they passed on. Great grandma believed that sensitivity of some kind
seemed to run in the family. While she was a religious woman, she never
doubted that ghosts exist and that the spirit of loved ones would help you
if they were able.
Here is her story. She came to America at 14 and married my
great-grandfather who was a very mature 16. They worked hard and produced a
houseful of children, 1 boy and 7 girls. Great grandpa used to work nights
so great grandma would often sleep downstairs on the couch and wait for him
to get home. One night, the children were all sleeping upstairs and she was
sound asleep on the couch. Suddenly she heard her mother swearing at her in
Italian, telling her to stop being so lazy and get up and take care of her
children! Having put in a long day, she begged her mama to let her sleep a
little longer. The swearing got louder and now she was being hit with a
broom. The feel of the broom was quite distinctive since, like everyone else
around her, her mother handmade her brooms. While the swearing and broom
whacking continued, great grandma started to come out of her deep sleep
stupor. She realized the mama she was being assaulted by was back in Italy
and buried there years ago! She sprang off the couch only to find that smoke
was billowing throughout the house. She ran and got herself and all of her
children out safely but the house burned to the ground.
My great grandmother lived until she was 85 and had all of her faculties
until the end. She would tell the story calmly with no embellishments like
it was just something that happened. I miss her dearly and remembering her
telling this story has made me smile. Thanks for providing somewhere to
share it

It Was My Grandfather

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my grandpa died before i was born. my mom told me this story. one night, i came running to her room and said that there was a man in my room. she thought nothing of it. the next day, my grandma saw the exact same person. it was my grandfather. then my aunt saw him. that was the only time i saw him, and i dont even remember what he looks like.


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First of all let me say I was raised not believing in ghost, goblins or spooks.  The experiences of the last 40 years have made me doubt my up bringing; I just donít know what to believe.
It all started in the summer of 1966, in Morrow, Georgia, when I was 16 years old.  My mother was an insurance agent, and also sold real estate.  The man my mother sold real estate for, made my mother a fantastic deal on a large two story house.  The house was four-year-old, brick, four bedrooms, full finished basement, laundry room, two full bathrooms, and double carport.  The carport had wooden stairs that led up the to the dining room.  This is the last place in the world that any of us would suspect as being haunted.
On the day my parents singed the papers on the house I spent the night in the house alone.  I heard footsteps going up and down the stairs all night long.  Now being 16 I did not let anyone know of the noises I heard.  I didnít want to be accused of being a silly teenager, scared of the dark.  I really wasnít scared; the noise just kept waking me up.  I would get up and look around and find nothing unusual.
As the summer dragged into the fall, it was football season.  My father worked for a bottle manufacturing company, and worked rotating shift every seven days.  It was not unusual for me to watch Sunday afternoon football on TV, in the basement, alone. Now this is the beginning of the haunting as far as I am concerned.   While watching TV, I would hear footsteps going up the stairs from the carport, open the dining room door, go across the carpet and into the kitchen.  The kitchen had tile flooring, and was directly above me when I was in the basement, so the steps in the kitchen could easily be heard over the TV.  At first I thought it was my mother home from the real estate assignment she usually had on Sunday afternoon.  I would go up stair to see her and there would be no one in the house but me!  This was to be repeated many, many times over the years, and with many different people hearing the same thing.  As time went on both my parents and my younger sister had similar experiences.  Not wanting to upset my sister, my mother would laugh and say Little Casper, (the friendly ghost) had been around.
In 1968 I got married, joined the army, and left home.  My wife Brenda did not get along with here parent very well, so she lived with my folks while I was overseas.  Mysterious things would happen to her, as well.  She stayed in my old bedroom downstairs.  She would hear the footsteps on both stairways, and every so often something would sit on the bed with her as she was sleeping.  It didnít take long for her to decide her parents werenít so bad after all.   Now believe me, we did not build this ghost thing up to her.  If any thing at all was said it was in a joking way about Casper.
By 1976, Brenda and I had 2 children, and a divorce in 1978.  All the while we were married strange noises, footsteps, and the like was going on.  Being careful not to scare the children we just did not talk about Casper in front of them.  We did not want the kids to be scared at grandmaís house.  One afternoon the kids and I went to see my mother.  The kids went to the basement to watch TV. Mother and I stayed outside for a while talking and visiting.  In a few minutes the kids come outside and said, Grandma we thought you your inside, we heard you upstairs in the kitchen.  We went upstairs to see if we could have something to drink, and no one was in the house.  My kids at the time were 8 and 3 years old.  These children had in no way been exposed, introduced, or scared by ghost stories.  They thought they had made a mistake and thought they had heard us in the kitchen.  They werenít even frightened then.
In 1978 my father died.  Soon after the funeral a really strange thing began to happen.  It seems like most every night at 11:00 PM we could hear door keys at the front door. Like someone had the keys in their pocket, pulled them out, and was trying to unlock the front door.  The front door handle would jiggle back and forth.   I have gone out and looked many times trying to catch what ever was at the door.  I never did catch anyone or see anything.  Now there is another strange thing.  My sister at the time was raising show poodles, and had a Boston Terrier dog.  Every night that the door shook, the dogs would run to the door, bark, growl, and shake.  They almost became a basket case.  After about 3 months, thank god, the door thing stopped.
Over the years we would occasionally we would have relatives from out of state visit us.  It never failed; then something would sit on the bed, of a female relative, and wake them up.  I know it happened to my Grandmother, 4 different aunts, and my present wife, Susan.  My family never made a big deal about this goings on.  To my knowledge it never happened to a male guess.  My family never made a big deal out of Casper, we didnít want people the think we were nuts!!!
One afternoon I was sick, and was a sleep in the basement. The phone rang and it was my mother checking on me.  I told her Dale, an ole girlfriend at the time, was here because the light in my bedroom was on.  After we finished the conversation I hung up the phone, and got up and turned off the light in my room.  I went up stairs to find Dale.  No one else was in the house.  I went back down stairs and the light in my room was on again.  I turned it off again and got back on the sofa.  I took a short nap and when I woke up, the light was back on.  Now this is the third time I have turned that light off.  I spoke in a very loud, and angry voice.  Donít turn that damn light on again! The light did stay off that time.  Maybe I should not have raised my voice, but I did get the message across, and Casper did comply.
In 1982 I married Susan, we moved about 50 miles from my mother, and thru the years Casper would do thing.  Mother would talk it as if it was member of the family. I guess it was we had it over 30 years.  We never felt any sense of danger, just wonderment.
In 2000 my mothers health was failing, cancer. Two weeks, before I had to insist my mother move in with Susan and I, Casper walked the floor all night long according to my mother.  He kept up this activity the last two week she lived in that house.  My mother had just got to the point she needed help.  She was sick with cancer, chemo treatments, and just couldnít do for herself.  I moved her to my house in May 2000.  One evening mother and I were talking and she said, ďI wonder if Casper has missed me.  I just wonder if Casper knew my mother was sick, maybe trying to help her.  Maybe he was upset because she was sick.  Maybe he knew she would be leaving.
My mother lived in that house alone from 1982 until May 2000. She took a sprit, ghost, or something in and made it a member of the family.  She was never freighted of it, just a little curious about why it was here. That is the kind of woman Hilda Faye Adams, my mother was.  My mother died October 31, 2000, Halloween!  Before she died she asked me if I thought she would get to meet Casper?  I did not know, and I donít know now.  After 30 something years we still donít know what we were dealing with.  Casper brought a little start ever now and then, and a lot of humor over the years.  I guess what I am saying  I miss him, and if he is still around and need a place to stay well we have an extra bedroom.
Ps   Both my children, Cori, and Jason are grown and have children of their own.  They have been aware of Casper for many years now, and have never felt threatened by him.

We Were Welcome.

By: donnarobb@xtra.co.nz

Hi  my story seems tame compared to some i have read on your board well it all started when we moved from our house to another place that was about the same age this bloke had died in the house about 3months before we moved in and we knew about it but because we did`nt think any thing of it we weren`t worried well anyway our kids were 5 years old and we had 3 year old twins and a 2 year old. one of the twins would not sleep in his room that night and sowe said to himtocome and lie on the couch. My husband and i were unpacking some this in the lounge and my son sat bolt up right on the couch and said tell the man to go away we asked what man asthe kids did`nt know about the death he said the man on the telly well the tv was`nt even plugged in we just said there is no one there  i always gotthe feeling that some one was watching me in the shower but youwould alwaysjust see some thing out the corner of your eye One night when we were in bed weheard the coal range open up and stirred about and the door close we only had a coal range for heating and cooking we need that wehad a vistor then the kids soon learned to live with eric and every night wewould always yell good night eric i think he was checking out who had moved in and what we were going to do to the place which we put in gardens that had over grown since we did the gardens we only saw eric once and that was when we came in and there was acup of tea sitting on the kitchen bench he had made for us as we were to busy in the garden to stop for one thanx for listening

My Paranormal Family and Four Ghosts

By: mpowell@nycap.rr.com

At the outset let me say that tiny bits of paranormal occurrences are spattered throughout my life.  My middle daughter (I have three) has a quirky talent when behind the wheel; she avoids all sorts of things.  Now this girl is one of those 'quick' drivers that you can really hate and riding with her is nerve-jangling.  However, on one occasion when I was riding with her, for no reason at all she slowed down to the speed limit (she doesn't much believe in speed limits) on a familiar stretch of interstate with no other cars in sight.  Sure enough - where there had never been during the thirty years that I'd driven that road, was a speed trap.  Okay - not a biggie.  On another occasion we had just started out, a traffic light half a block ahead of us turned green and my daughter, who often jumps green lights, came nearly to a stop and avoided being hit by a car that ran the red light.  Because of buildings in the way, neither of us could see the car until we were almost into the intersection and it flew by.  If my daughter had not slowed, that other car would have killed her.
This sort of thing happens often in my family.  When my mother was attending Vassar Brothers in the late thirties she used to come home now and then unannounced.  This required getting a ride from the college to the train station, catching any of several trains on New York Central's then popular Manhattan to Chicago run, and then a trolley, which were all pretty random events.  I am told that, without fail, my grandfather would put on his coat or jacket and tell the rest of the family that he was going to the corner to meet my mother and would return with her.
After grandpa passed away (and I'll return to him shortly), mom showed a flair for this ability.  During my tour in the military I used to come home as cheaply as possible.  I'd use military hops, I'd hitch-hike, I'd schedule my leave to coincide with someone who was headed generally towards my home, and I would never give notice to my mother.  In spite of this lack of notice, she would tell her co-workers that I would be coming home and make plans for us.
The most recent such happening was very small and had a familiar feel to it.  Last week I dropped by my oldest daughter's to see if she felt like doing some shopping in Albany.  She told me that she had purposely not gone to Albany earlier in the week because she knew we'd be going.  I told her that I didn't know that I was going until about ten minutes before I got to her house; certainly not days earlier.
Okay - enough of the lead-in and onto ghost number one.
My grandfather was already retired by the time I was born.  At six feet three, he was a huge man and had developed that 'presence' that most tall men do; that unspoken air of authority.  This made him a giant to a toddler and child my size and certainly not someone you could be mistaken about seeing.  He was also a man of habit.  Every day, from nine until ten and from six-thirty until eight he would sit in 'his' chair in the back living room and read every inch of our two daily papers.  I was almost eight when he died and for a while nothing special happened.  Then one morning (it must have been a weekend) I was assembling my Lionel tracks on the floor when I happened to look up and see him sitting in his chair, studying my efforts.  I remember that he smiled and I ran to the kitchen to get my grandmother.  Of course, when we got back he was gone, and Nana assured me that it was okay to see him, and that such 'sightings' probably wouldn't continue for very long.  I had no idea what she was talking about, but she was correct - they never happened again.
Mom, on the other hand, was never visible, but very persistent.  First of all, there was the house we lived in.  She'd bought that house and she loved it.  We had a garage at the back of the yard, but the driveway was too narrow for cars made after the mid-fifties or so, which made the garage a wonderful storage place.  Also, there was a room at the rear of the cellar that had about a hundred cubby-holes for odds and ends.  For the thirteen years after mom died, there was rarely a project that I would undertake on that house that mom had not foreseen and provided for.  Before going to a store, I'd check the storage areas and, with only one or two exceptions, find exactly what was needed.  Some of it was spooky.  Our house was shingled and my son used the back porch to bounce balls off.  Kids at six have very little consideration for shattering shingles.  He broke thirty in all and, sure enough, I found thirty-one shingles in the cellar.  So, what happened to that extra shingle?  It broke when I was carrying the stack of shingles up the stairs and dropped it.  Mom had planned for me to drop it I guess.
On one occasion my wife had just finished a couple loads of wash and dumped them on our sofa.  After selecting the things we needed for a trip to her parents, we locked up the house and left.  When we returned, hours later, the house was still securely locked and nothing inside had been disturbed, except for the pile of clothes.  They were all neatly folded and sorted.
Mom hung around for years, never seen, but always nearby.  The most remarkable event happened after I'd built a topnotch darkroom in the cellar.  To get down there you began in a little hallway between the kitchen and front room, opened a door, walked down five squeaky stairs, turned right and walked down ten more such steps.  One evening I was in the darkroom loading film and I heard my wife walk down the stairs.  She said nothing.  She walked right up to the darkroom door and I told her not to open it; that I had raw film out and would be out as soon as I got it put away.  I listened to her walk back to the stairs and up them.  Two minutes later I was finished and went off in search of her.  I found her, in the front room reading.  When I asked her what she wanted, she looked at me as though I'd lost yet another marble.  When I told her my side of things, she told me that she'd been in that chair for over an hour and not left it.  No one had gone to the cellar and the door to it, which she would have seen move, had not been opened.  She too had heard the footsteps and thought it was just me doing something weird.
Ghost number three lived next door.  For about ten years it would have been difficult for an observer to determine which house belonged to my family and which was our next door neighbor's.  We were constantly together and while Marty wasn't big on photography, we both loved woodworking and spent lots of time and too much money making things that no one ever needed or wanted in the first place.  When Marty's wife died she kept coming home.  The front door to Marty's was typical - sturdy oak with a window and an aluminum and glass storm door on the outside.  As it was still spring, the glass was still in that outer door - not screening.  I point this out for two reasons.  First, that outer door prevented breezes from reaching the main door.  Also, if you have a properly fitted pair of doors, which these were, when you open one of them you can feel the small vacuum you're creating trying to hold the door closed.  This didn't stop Marty's wife.  For a month after she died, the inner door would open on its own.  Marty and I checked the locks on both doors, checked the hinges, the frames - you name it and we checked it.  Everything was in proper working order and yet the inner door, and only the inner door, continued opening on its own day and night.  Everyone in both our families saw it many times and so did anyone who visited Marty.  And then it just stopped.  No changes had been made.
I never personally experienced the last ghost in my life, but my cousin sure did.  She and her mother lived in apartments a block away from one another, just off Columbus Avenue in Manhattan.  At the time of her mother's death, my cousin had been typing up the late Joseph Campbell's (the mythologist) final book.  My aunt, an English major, would proof read everything her daughter typed.  In Manhattan, death does not end a lease.  If it's under rent control, you hang on to the place, and that's what my cousin did.  She used her mother's apartment as a studio where she could do her typing.  One day, not long after her mother's death, my cousin called me and told me that her mother was still proof reading.  My cousin would neatly stack her typing for the day on top of her mother's piano and leave for the night.  When she returned in the morning, quite often several pages had been moved from the stack and set to the side.  Invariably, there were errors on those pages.  One day my cousin intentionally made a typing, grammatical or syntactical error on every page she typed.  When she came back the next day, the entire stack had been moved.  Beyond this, my cousin said she could 'feel' her mother's presence at times.  Sometimes her mother's favorite couch would have a 'warm section' as though someone had been lying on it and just gotten up.  Well, the only windows faced due north, so it wasn't sunlight.  The day my cousin finished the book, her mother left forever.  The stack of that day's typing was undisturbed when my cousin returned in the morning and the publisher found three errors in those pages.  Beyond that, over the following years my cousin never felt her mother's presence again.  My aunt had set out to help her daughter finish a job and, except for the final ten pages, had done just that.

This Happened to My Aunt

By: ryan_mcgregor79@hotmail.com

My aunt was telling me that one time her and a bunch of friends decided to hold a seance. Now I don't know anything about them so I won't be able to mention it in the story. But she said they had the cat in the room and they didn't know it. They were doing the seance however it is done and all of the sudden they heard a screeching noise when they said to give them a sign that there was something there. They all jumped and looked. The cat was clawing at the wall as if he was trying to get through it. And the dog was barking in the other room. There was a window above the cat and they looked through it and saw something but couldn't figure out what it was. They went outside and a man was standing in the alley. He was dressed all in black and they couldn't see his face. He started towards them and they all ran inside and back to the window. He was gone. They never saw him in the neighbourhood again.

The Postman

By: AnglChrst8@aol.com

I was given your website address today and wish to share with you an experience I had in 1965.  I am in England, my name is Angie and at the time had no real idea that I was a medium.  I was 22 at the time, staying with my two children at my parent's home in Didcot, Oxfordshire, England until such time as my husband, who was in Royal Air Force in Germany could send for us.
One day I had a letter to post to Germany and realised that it was almost 11 am, the time the local post office had its mail collected from mailbox outside the shop.
I used my mother's bicycle and pedalled up to the box.  There, counting mail on the front of his bicycle was the postman (mailman).  The mail box was open with big bunch of keys in the lock.  In England, if the postman has collected the mail out of the box, he will often refuse to take your letter.  Silly I know, but true.  I quickly jumped off my bicycle and stood next to him.  He did not look up, just kept thumbing through the mail, in a bag on front of his post bike.  I said "have I missed the post please?".  The young postman did not look at me for a few seconds, then gave me a strange look and did not reply to my question.  I was mad!!!  I walked to the wall of the Post Office, threw my bicycle against said wall, turned and got the shock of my life.  No postman was there, box was shut and locked and this all in about 10 seconds.  My first thought was, this cannot be happening.  I walked over to the box and saw that letters were still in
I have no idea.  Since those days, my clairvoyance has gone from strength to strength and I now attend Spiritualist Churches, taking services and clairvoyant evenings as well as helping people who need it.
That is my true story.

Spadra Cemetery

By: Shagys2dope42@aol.com

Hello My name is Brandy.
 I have been going to the Spadra Cemetery For the past ten years. I was there
when Jim and Arleen where there doing their investigation. I truly believe
there are spirits of the young children there in the yard. I tend to go out
there just to sit and listen. and Feel the energy that the grave yard holds.
There is a certain ghost that seems to show his presence very well when My
friend and I go there. We like to Call him Timmy. I believe he is the
deceased Child of one of the mothers, I cant remember her name off hand but
she died giving birth to him. On certain nights they are more active than
others. They are all very playful, and love to "play" with those that enter
the Cemetery. Personally I tend to sit under a large group of trees and
listen to the sounds. And if your just sitting there not really trying to
listen for it you can actually hear voices. Its hard to understand what they
are saying but they are very distinct voices. One night a few friends and I
heard giggling, Children giggling. We all thought it was our minds playing
with us, but I went back the next night alone and heard it again. Obviously
these young spirits love to be visited and like to play. I actually took a
disposable camera out there and took a few pictures and I got those Orbs on
my pictures. I was truly surprised. But I just thought it was really funny
how Jim and Arleen assumed what was out there was a bad thing. I truly
believe the spirits of the Spadra Cemetery are as friendly as the person
going out there, If you are out there to listen and understand they will be
"playful" if your out there to disturb them then you wont have a great
experience. But I go there every other night to communicate with them and try
to keep wrong doers out. Well, I thought you would like this story about the
playful kid like spirits out there.

Second Hand Story

By: gbmcnulty@yahoo.com.au

I really enjoy your site. I would just like to forward to you a story told by a friend. I have no idea if it is true, because I have never met  the person involved. It may even be one of those "chain" stories. A story everyone, except me, knows about.
Anyway here goes;  One night a cab driver picked up beautiful young lady, carrying a bunch of roses. She told him the destination,  and off they went. Upon arrival he turned to gather the fare and the back seat was empty. Except for the roses. He got out of the  cab and looked around, but the street was empty. He picked up the roses, found the house the girl  had  asked to be taken to and  went to the front door. He knocked and the door was opened by a middle aged woman. He introduced himself, and explained what  he was doing there. The woman looked very annoyed when he mentioned the girl. He noticed a photo sitting on a mantlepiece  behind her and realised it was his passenger. He told the older woman this, she gasped, and explained that this was her daughter,  who had died some five years prior. As I said I did not get this story directly, but it did scare me slightly. Have you heard anything like this before.

Incidents Around the House

To: p021369@aol.com

I have lived in my current home for at least 25 years and my husband has
been there his whole life.
Before my husbands parents bought the three floor house, it was a farm which
consisted of two buildings and what we call the little house.  What we
can figure out the little house was where the people came in and got warm
and relaxed. Our house was the main house, and the other large house was the
barn. In our estimation we feel the house is somewhere over a 100 years old.
I thought some of you would be interested in some of the happenings and
events that have occured  in the  house.
As a kid my husband and his brothers often heard footsteps or banging coming from the second and third
floors. When they were brave enough they would come out from under their beds
and grab bats and sneak up to confront whom ever was up there,.  They , never found anyone.
When I first moved into the house little things would happen like the water in the bathroom
would turn on by itself , lights would sometimes go on and off little things
like that. We have a ceiling fan that  will only work when it wants . It usually wants to in the dead
of winter during a blizzard, never in the summer when it is hot.The
electrical plugs will work  one day and not the next.
I had a incident where I was down the cellar folding the laundry. I had
just taken a pen out of my sons jeans that he had left in the pocket when
I picked up the pen and wrote 464.  Today I still dont know why I did it.
Well figuring someone was telling me to play this number I did for two days
.The first night it came out straight, the next day it came out anyway.
Another time I was sitting in the kitchen all by myself , when I felt
someone lift the back of my hair. I was not afraid, because somehow I felt
it was friendly.
One time while walking from the front room of the house into the kitchen
out of the corner of my eye I saw a tall young man dressed all in black,
like in the sixties, looking through the daily paper. I said to him thinking
he was my son, to please take out the rubbish, and I kept walking.
Suddenly I remembered my son had gone with his father camping, I turned
back and the man was gone.
We now come to one of the most frightening experiences in the house.
While walking through the same door way into the kitchen , I could hear like
animal nails clicking on my vinyl floor. I turned the corner to go into
the parlor when I came upon the most frightening black dog I have ever seen.
This dog wanted to eat me so bad, his large teeth were growling, and all
his saliva was dripping down on the floor.  He was sliding on the floor
trying to get a grip on it so he could run.  Then he was gone. This
experience took me over a day to get over it was so frightening.
I consider myself a very lucky person, because spirits chose to come visit often.
Whether it  is someone touching us or you feel someone watching you, or when your sleeping and you wake up
and just know someone is there, but you cant see them.
One such experience happened to me one night. I had a visit from a recently
deceased brother. I was dead asleep and all of a sudden I woke up and there
in front of me was my brother sitting on a island with me and my other brothers
and sisters together on land. He was telling me that he was very upset
that all us kids were fighting, which we were at the time, and he didnt
like where he was.  I felt he meant he was in limbo.  Not good enough for heaven
but not bad enough for hell.  Then he disappeared.
The next one to leave us was my youngest brother. Being mentally challenged he was constantly
being tormented by the other kids as being stupid.  When he came to see me one night
he was standing with alot of very smart people.  Somehow I felt that God had evened the
score with my brother. And in death he was everyones equal. This visit was one of my happiest.
 My sister in law woke me up the night she died.  She looked 20 years
younger and very happy. She just smiled and then disappeared. No words or thoughts
were exchanged during her visit.
The next visit I received was from a young man I didnt know.  When he
appeared before me he was barefooted and just had jeans on. He was standing
with his hands on his hips looking very cocky how good he looked.  I kept
getting that from him, that it was important that I knew he looked good.
Like I said I didnt know who he was, but at the time of the visit one of my nieces
friends father died in rather tragic circumstances. He was also homeless at the time
of his death.  When times were very good he prided himself on being clean. After talking
to the friend and seeing that she was taking the death really really hard. I
asked her father to come to me if he wanted and give me some kind of sign for  his
daugher so she would know he was alright. Today I am still trying to get a picture of
the girls father when he was younger to see if it is him.
I am often woken up at night feeling someone standing beside me in the dark
but sometimes I am just too tired to open my eyes and look. I know I
have probably missed some good spirit opportunities.
There was another episode that happened with my brother. I had been with him when he died and I said
goodbye to him and left the hospital. When I entered the house family and friends
told me that like fifteen min. before I got home the whole kitchen started
glowing. There were like ten people witness to this. I feel it was my brother just
coming to say good bye.

Now its time to talk about my cat Lily. I must confess that I prefer dogs over
cats, but I did become very fond of Lily in the short time we had
her.Lily and I went through some very trying times together, but she was there
when I got my first energy streak, the several moving orbs and some
of the unexplained stuff. Lily came to me because her owner had died
and all stray animals seem to end up at Pattis house. At first Lily wasnt
that friendly, but eventually she came around and we became paranormal
picture takers together.  No matter where I took pictures in our yard or in the
house, Lily had to be with me.At the end, I depended on Lily to help me
find the best place to take paranormal pictures.
On one occasion Lily was standing in the middle of the kitchen floor and all of
a sudden it was like someone had grabbed her by the fur on her back and
lifted her straight up and then whatever dropped her. She always landed on
her feet. This happened at least five times to the cat right in front of me.
One other time Lily was running through the door to go into the house
after a camera session, when I accidently shut the door on her.  After that
Lily always made sure I was out of the way when she walked into the house.
Well this one particular day Lily let me know she wanted to go out. I opened
the kitchen door and then and went and opened the outside door. As usual she
waited a little time before walking by me., all of a sudden it was like
someone had kicked her in the butt and sent her flying at least three feet in the
air. They hit her so hard she spun around in mid air and landed on the porch
facing the other way. She landed on her feet, but she kept staring at something
on the porch that wasnt there.  I have no doubt something paranormal booted
her butt.
Now comes the story about how crazy lily decided to attack me. This incident
was to me more frightening than the big black dog incident that I have
already mentioned.  This one day I was again walking in from the front room
into the kitchen when for some unknow reason Lily decides to jump up on me
clawing my legs up on the way down. Well when I yelled at Lily that made her really
her even more mad., She came up again jumped at my legs again scratching them
causing them to bleed. Now the look on the cat changed, she looked like a
crazed animal who was possessed. Each time I put my foot up or yelled she would
charge  me again.  Finally I had to give her a kick to get her away from me.
She just came back again like she didnt even feel it. This time she jumped and
up and bite me drawing blood again. Finally I was able to reach a bench seat
and turned it over to use as a shield. I was able to keep the bench seat
between Lily and I.  I went out onto the porch and was bleeding from my legs
and hands by now, when my son and husband came home.  I told then the cat attacked
me and they thought it was funny that I was crying over a cat, until they saw
my hands and legs.  All three of us pushed the kitchen door open only to
see the cat still looking crazy sitting right on top of the bench waiting for us.
When my husband called her name she stared at him for a minute and then looked
like herself again. She didnt have that crazed look in her eyes.  As a precaution
we kept her upstairs in her cage for the night.  The next morning. They went up
to get the cat and the cat seemed all right. So we brought down the cat, and we let
him loose.  I kept my distance from this crazy cat. She was alright during the day, but
when she entered my bedroom, I noticed she had that look in her eyes again, and like
before she charged me.  My son was standing right beside me so he grabbed something
to keep the cat from getting to me.
Well after that Lily became herself and like I said before, she stayed with me whenever I took paranormal
pictures. I would watch the way she acted and where she was looking to get some good pictures. Alot of the
pictures that I took that are on this website, Lily helped me get.
Another story I want to tell you about happened in the middle of the night.
My husband and I were sleeping when we both jumped up out of bed. I was screaming
he was choking. There in the doorway was a blond young man in a flannel shirt
and jeans.  When I saw him I yelled get out, because I thought he came to
take my husband.  I then turned to make sure my husband was ok, and when I looked
back at the doorway the man was gone. I now felt that he wasnt there to take
my husband, but to help my husband.
Over the last couple of years Ive started taking paranormal pictures. Ive
captured many pictures of large, small, see through, solid moving orbs. Some
even look like they have faces. I even captured a energy stream.  but for some reason
since January this house has had a great increase in spirit activity. Just today we had a very weird experience.
Early this morning my husband and I were sleeping very close together. when we both woke up
suddenly,we both jumped up together., him choking and me wondering what was going on. When out of the corner
of my eye I could see a clear good sized orb floating down coming toward
my husband. I watched while it entered my husbands side, I then felt it leave
him travel through me and exit out my hand.  At the time I saw the orb enter my
husband, I had my hand on his shoulder, so that is when it passed through me. All I felt was a
little bit of energy going through me before it exited. I asked my husband if
he felt anything when it went through, he said he felt nothning because
he was too busy choking.

Another incident happened two nights ago. I woke up in the middle of the
night hearing what sounded like someone pounding on the front door.. At first I thought
I was dreaming because the dog should have been barking.  Well the pounding
happened again, this time the dog went crazy.  I jumped up and woke my husband and told
him that I had heard my daughter go out earlier, but never heard her come back. I told hime
I was sure it was the police saying she was in a accident. We went to both doors, nothning., we
went outside, no one around. We checked our daughters room and she had come home and she
was sleeping in her bed.
We all went back into our beds and fell asleep for a few hours when we were awoken by
the sound of something like hitting the wall and falling to the floor. We all got up again, checked
everything, but we couldnt find a thing.  Several hours go by, I go to use my
computer, but I cant find the mouse.  I found it behind the computeron the floor.  In order to get it
there you would have to drop it from the shelf into a box, get on your hands and knees thread it through the desk
with all the wires and pull it out of a little hole. We still dont know who did it.
but it had to be done on purpose, because it took alot of work to get it on the floor.
Another day last week I invited my niece over for the day with her two kids. At supper time my
little two and a half year old nephew tells us that a ghost just hit him in the head. We all looked
at each other, like do we believe him or not.  I believed him, I dont know if anyone else did.
Well after supper my niece is getting the baby bundled up to leave when I hear her scream from
the kitchen. I went to see what was the matter, and she said" someone just touched her hair". She thought it
was my husband playing a joke on her. He wasnt even in the room.
When my niece left I kept her son over night. I picked up my nephew in my arms and looked out the window
to watch my niece leave. All of a sudden I felt like someone was playing with my hair on both sides
of my head.  I checked up in the air to see if I was feeling the blind cord., There was no
cord. All of a sudden I felt like a little charge of electricity went through my head. I turned to look
at my nephew and he was brushing something away from his head. I think whatever was playing with my head,
was playing with his.  It was weird in one day we had three incidents involving three different
in my house.  Of course while this was going on I was snapping away. I got really good pictures of clear
orbs areound the kids and my niece.
Last but not least.  These are some experiences Ive had out of the house.
On my last stay over visit at my sons house, I was awakened while on the couch by what felt like something
running under or through me on the couch.  When I opened my eyes I saw in the corner of the
wall farthest from me, two little girls in pink party dresses with their hair all in
banana curls. Which takes these girls back aways. I forgot to tell you they were twins.
I knew somehow that they had been playing tag. They stayed there for a second then disappeared.
Another time, my husband and I were sleeping in a upstairs bedroom in his deceased
fathers house. The bedroom was at the top of the stairs. All of a sudden I woke up to hear this heavy stomping
of feet coming up the stairs, sounding like he was dragging something. Whatever this was it sounded big.
I waited to see what would appear when suddenly his father was standing in
the doorway. He just looked at me walked into the room went to his son, and at that
very moment his son woke up, and his fathers image disappeared.
While at work this incident happened. I was riding in front of the freight doors with my fork lift when
something caught my eye to my right. There standing in between the merchandise was a old man with white
hair and old fashioned coveralls on.   I ended up seeing this old man three different times at work.  I never
mentioned this to anyone.
One night while driving home with my son we were having a conversation when my son said he had something to tell
me and for me not to think he was crazy.  On several occasions he had seen this old man in coveralls
standing in between the rows of product. When he would turn away and look again he would disappear.  This
was the very same thing that I had seen.  While we were still driving home
I was saying something strongly to my son when I saw out of the
corner of my eye something grab him by the coat and shake his arm.
I didnt say anything because I thought I may not have seen what I thought I had.
My son said to me " did you just see that"  I replied what? " someone just grabbed
my jacket and shook my arm.  This is another incident we both saw.  Later when we got to
go into the owners office. I saw a picture of the old man. He was the founder of the
This story happened to the above son this New Years Eve .  I get this call from my son he is
on his cellular phone and he has a story to tell me that I
cant repeat to anyone.  So remember you didnt read it hear. lol.
It seems the night before he was sleeping along side his wife and new
baby when for no reason he wakes up. He is laying there thinking about all the weird
stuff I talk about, mostly paranormal in nature. when out of the corner
of his eye he sees three balls of light moving near him.  He thinks he is seeing
things so he turns his head for a minute and of course they disappear.
He ends up falling asleep. A little time goes by and all of a sudden he hears
someone whispering in his ear. He cant make out what they say, but he hears
them clearly. He looks around the room, and sees the wife and baby are still
asleep.   Now he is determined to stay awake in case someone is trying to
warn him of something.  He makes it for a little while and again he falls asleep.
This time he feels someone sit on the bottom of the bed causing the spring to
make a noise.  This kid is a big kid but now he is afraid.  He looks around
sees his wife and baby still sleeping. Now he knows someone in the family is trying to tell
him something.  Now he definitely is staying awake.  Well you know what happens next, he falls
asleep again only to be awaken for the fourth time by someone grabbing his ankle.  This time he
checks his family grabs a knife and sits on the couch until day break. He was that sure
that someone was trying to give him a warning.  Nothning ever happened that night.  This
incident happened in the house where I saw the two little girls in pink dresses.
Well that is a few stories from my vast experiences dealing with strange things.  Hope you
liked them.  Feel free to leave comments and you can post my email address if you put
these stories into the web site.

Another Experience

By: prefect@iprimus.com.au

      when i was 19 i was laying down in the lounge room of a house when, all of a sudden, i could not move, a voise said it is time to go, my left back part of my brain said (and this is true) NO! NO! it is not your time, i said within my self, in the name of the lord i will not go, after i said that i could move, death when it comes is a strange thing, some of the dreams to are hard to understand , like walking down the road one night, and seeing an arm made of some sort of jelly roll down the road, this arm offended me so i grabed it and went to the bottom of the road and threw it to the dark where only the white gum trees could be seen. As i walked up the road ajoining i saw a friend who was argueing with his brother, i tried to wave to him and get him to notice me , but he didnt see me, so i walked up the road i came down, and there were all these pens and papers all over the road i said to myself i have to get this off the road so people can get through, as soon as i started, a lady came out of a house and asked me to help her, i said no i cannot, i have to get these papers and pens off the road, she said if i help you will you help me? i said yes, so she took me to her house up to a small room where her son was sitting, she said ill get the problem thn asked if i wanted a glass of water? i declined, next thing the lady came out with a big black dog, she wanted me to get rid of it because she couldnt, i thought it wouldnt be a problem, the dog was calm untill i got to the door it put up a bit of a fight , but i got it through the door the stairs there were a sprial case, so i threw the dog over the side, it fell into an abis what a dream, a week went past and my friend came over and said he was going out onto the town i asked him not to go i said it is dangerious , that night he was thrown out of a car at 60mph

Preschool Mormon

By: YAFELLAS@aol.com

I was a preschool teacher in Kentucky during the day and would lock/clean up
at 6:00  pm every night.  One evening, I was doing my sweeping when the
lights went off.  since it was dark outside, I was scared but I asked GOD to
please put them back on.  They came on, and I continued my work and left.  It
was about two days later I was sweeping, when I heard the water running in
the bathroom.  When I went in there, the sink was plugged up, and full of
water , with both faucets turned on.  I cleaned up the water and went out to
finish my work.  I never did feel anything to be afraid of and wasn't
frightened, so I continued  my cleaning.  Nothing happened until the next
week.  I was emptying the trash and noticed movement out of my left eye.
Looking up, I saw a man, dressed in a black suit, white shirt with a black
hat.  He had a white  beard  that went to his chest and his face had the look
of a person just out for a nice evening stroll.  I  put the trash can down
and proceeded to leave when I saw the same man coming back to go the other
way with the same look on his face he had the first time I saw him.  He
didn't say anything to me, he just kept walking and disappeared.  The hallway
didn't have any doors or windows to leave the building so where did he go?  I
picked up my things to leave, and had the feeling that it didn't want to hurt
me just be with someone.  I left and the next evening before I started
cleaning up, I asked this man to please leave me alone, that I had things to
do and wanted to get home to my family.  It never bothered me again.  I don't
know why it picked me to show itself to, but I don't think it would have hurt
me because when it came around I got the feeling it just wanted to take a
walk.  I hope it had a nice walk and found what it was looking for.

Pere Cheney Cemetary

By: nycki@bikinikill.com

I live in a small northern Michigan town where there is not a whole lot to do if you are not into outdoor activities. Since my dad was a young kid, he and his friends would go out to the local haunt spot called Pere Cheney. It is an old cemetary with about ten headstones and no remains of a town. The town was affected severely by smallpox around 1890 or so. It is a semi-popular party spot and unfortunatly several of the headstones have been severly damaged and/or destroyed. Anyway, I have been out there over 50 times and about 80% of the time, I see or hear something freaky. I have only been out there once by myself and that was the time that I was bombarded with all sorts of assaults on the senses. I had my car turned off and the keys were in my lap when the radio turned on full blast, the windows opened and closed (i have electric windows), and it felt like someone was jumping on the back of the car. I was pretty scared but none of it seemed violent, so I sat there in complete awe. All at once everything stopped and I heard the creepiest giggling, like a little kid that had evil on it's mind. I kept on seeing things in the corners of my eyes, and a nasty smell was filling the car. I started to shake and I tried to start my car but the engine wasn't turning over. I took a deep breath(as much as I didn't want to) and tried to light a cigarette with matches and every time I tried to light it, it was like someone was next to me blowing it out. I yelled "quit it!" and all of a sudden there was a little girl standing by my window smiling with turn of the century clothing on. She dissapeared and I was finally able to start my car. I drove directly home and when I got out of the car, there were handprints and footprints on the trunk of my car. I had washed my car right before I went out to the cemetary and the drive out there was rather dusty. I took some pictures out there one time and there were little floating bubbles in almost every picture. Well, that's one of my stories of the cemetary....

One Last Good-Bye

By: theyoungs@cableone.net

While in the military, I had a roommate that loved to sleep in on the weekends.  So, I would try to be as quiet as a mouse whenever I got up.  One morning, still in my t-shirt and panties, I silently got out of bed, and opened the curtains just enough to let some light in to our dorm room so that I could organize my desk.  After a few minutes, I suddenly felt that someone or something besides my roommate and I was in the room with us.
Heart pounding, I turned slowly around to see a figure wearing a red long sleeved shirt, jeans, and tan work boots on, bending over my sleeping roommate, as if it was tucking her in for a good nights rest.  Surprised, I gasped, and the figure stood up, turned to its right took about three steps and vanished.  As it stood, I had gotten a good view of were there used to be a head.
Terrified, I took off out the door in my underwear in broad daylight (not something that I have a habit of doing, as I am very self-conscious), around to the other side of the building to my friendís room.  When she opened the door, and saw me standing there white as a ghost and shaking like a leaf, she pulled me inside, and I told her what I had just experienced.  Borrowing her robe, and bringing one of our male neighbors, we went back to my room.
When I was satisfied that the room was okay, and so was my roommate, (she was rather unhappy that we woke her up to see if she was okay) I entered the room.
After explaining why we woke her, with tears in her eyes, she explained who the figure was, and why he had visited her on that day.  One year to the day, her favorite uncle had committed suicide by blowing his head off.  When they found his body, he was wearing a red sweatshirt, jeans, and tan work boots.  He had apparently come to say good-bye one last time.

5 Minutes Ago

By: sts@rica.net

This is my true experiance that happened only 5 minutes ago. I was reloding my polaroid camera. I was sure that I did it right as I had many times before. Well after I loaded it the black peice or the cover of the film came out. Well I was almost ready to take my first picture when the camera went berserk. All of the pictures were used up. They all landed neatly  on the floor in one neat stack. I decided to look at the picture. 9/10 were all blood red. But the very last one was black. With a strange sort of figure standing tall and stern looking. I relized who this person was. It was my father who did 6 years ago. I belive that he still haunts this farm today tring to look out for the family he lost, but perhaps I nor anyone else may never know.

Never Forget

By: death_skulz@hotmail.com

I was living in a little village called Moonan Flat, near Scone (In
Australia if you are confused :)). We lived in a fairly old place (I am not
sure how old), on an old farm, about 20 minutes away from the little
village. I lived with my father, stepmother, step sister, two half-sisters
and my only brother. Dad and Sue (Stepmum) would ususally go to Scone (About
an hour an a half away), taking the kids and leaving my step sister
(Crystal) and I alone until they returned. There is one particular day they
I will never forget . .
It was about 11 am. Crystal and I were watching a the TV, getting bored
after a while, so we turned it off and went into the kitchen to get a drink.
When I returned to the living room, the TV was back on, and it was tracking
channels in (We only got the ABC and NBN, pretty sh#@%y :)). However, when I
returned with Crystal, it was turned off again (The Living room is pretty
much next to the kitchen). Crystal thought I was just messin with her until
she turned around and noticed that in a picture above the fireplace, the
reflection was moving around as if from that heat shimmer thing (It had
glass over the painting), however, it was the middle of summer (I think) and
no fire had been lit for quite some time (That I am absolutly sure of), like
a couple of weeks at least. Needless to say this freaked us out, so we
thought "bugger this" and went outside to wait for our parents to get back.
After about a minute I reckon of waiting, we heard the most blood curdling
scream I have ever heard in my short life (I am only 16, this happenend when
I was about 12), it was a scream of utter terror. We ran back into the
house, back into the living room and waited. The heat shimmer thingie in the
picture had stopped as well. I do remember it being colder than usual, even
for being up in the moutains, and it was only colder in the living room. I
can't explain it and I have never been back to that house since we moved.
Also, Sue and Crystal often said that they would be woken up in the middle
of the night by heavy footsteps on the porch, when they were the only people
in the house. They also said that one night they awoke to the sound of a
violin playing, again on the porch. I never liked the house, it was really
run down.


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