My Ghostly Story


I've had several different encounters, but I wish to tell two of my stories
that don't make much sense to me.  I am hoping that someone out there has
experienced something similar and can provide me with an explaination
because my stories seem to be a little to unique. I assure you that I am a
sane and normal person.
My first story is this:
It started when I was 15 years old, peaked when I was 20 and now,
thankfully, has stopped occuring at the age of 22. I will try to condense
this as much as possible so it won't be too long.
For the first couple of years I would wake up around the same time a few
nights a week and find myself paralyzed, completely.  I could feel something
near me, but saw nothing. I would try to scream for my mother every time,
but nothing would come out.  My entire body would tingle and I couldn't see.
  However, the feeling was very, very real and I knew that I was not
sleeping.  It would only last for about 20 seconds, but felt like forever.
Then all of a sudden I could see, move and had the ability to scream if I
wanted.  But once the experiece was over, I wouldn't want to scream anymore.
  One day my sister confided in me and described what would happen to her at
night.  I had not told her yet about my experiences because I didn't know
what to think of them. The odd part is that she experienced the same thing
that I did and around the same time.  Moving along. . .between the ages of
18 and 19 the occurances began to get stronger.  I could still feel the
other presence in my room and would still have the urge to scream out for
help, but I would start to see visions, ones that I could not make out. Keep
in mind that before I could not see anything or open my eyes. At the age of
20 things got really weird. Everything would occur as before and I still
couldn't see whatever was in there with me, not that I wanted to, but I
could start making out more and more of those visions.  It started small.  I
could see my television, which stood next to my bed.  However, my eyes were
not open.  Then I could see things across my room. Finally, my last straw
before I refused to allow this to happen again. ALthough, I couldn't see
myself, I could see from my own point of view.  I woke up paralyzed only I
didn't tingle and I could see my own bed, the bed that I was lying in and I
could see myself lying in it. I was at my doorway stuggling to get back to
my body, wow this sounds nuts. .I know. Finally, after what seemed like an
eternity of struggling back to my bed, the bed which I never moved from, I
felt this pound on my chest and then I could open my eyes. I sat up, scared
out of my mind, and told whatever presence was there to leave me alone.  I
don't know why but I got this sense that it wanted me to cross to it's world
and that it was disappointed that I told it to leave.  After that night, it
never happened again.  Sometimes I still feel it nearby and beg it not to
scare me anymore.  So far it has listened. I've never told my sister about
my last experience because she has always been very sensitive to spirits,
but does not take joy in that so I don't want to upset her.
My second very weird experience:
This one actually happened as a single event and occured before the other
series of events that I just described began. I told this story on another
web site as well because I am hoping that someone will read it and say,
"That's happened to me too!"  This one is tough to describe and before I do
I want to say that I never did drugs when I was 14 and I don't use drugs,
not even asprin, today. I also do not drink.  So, I can't find an
explaination in that, wish I could. . .in a way. Here it goes. .One night
when I was 14 I was lying in bed wide awake when I began to see these moving
colors around me, mostly deep red and dark green. At first I tried to
dismiss it by thinking that I was having a visual hallucination of some
sort, remember I was NOT on drugs! Then the colors began to collect together
and started to move in a spiral above and around me. It became very intense
and no matter what I did or how I tried to dismiss it, it would not go away.
The odd part is that I was never afraid, I just wanted this moving spiral to
go away.  Finally, it took on a solid-type form and I could not see anything
else but this stupid spiral.  Like in the first story I told you, I had that
sense that someone wanted me to follow it to it's world.  I can't really
describe this without sounding incredibly wacko, so I will tell it like it
was.  I knew at that moment that I could enter this spiral and leave this
world that I lived in. I remember having this strong urge to go inside of
it. In a way, I wanted to out of curiosity.  But when I had that thought,
the red colors in the spiral grew stronger and deeper and I knew then that
whatever was calling me was not going to take me anywhere pleasant. At this
thought, it went away instantly, as if it were never there.
I know that my stories are not typical ghost stories, but they are very real
and very true.  I have always, like my sister, been very sensitive to the
paranormal. Her experiences have been much like my own. I know that between
the ages of 14 and 20 that someone or something was trying to call me to it.
  If anyone out ther has ever heard or been through anything similar to what
I have experienced PLEASE let me know.  One last thing, these "callings"
began after me and my sister had spent three months obsessed with the Ouija
board. Maybe that explains something . . .


My Story a Ghost Dog

By: anonymous

First of all  let me introduce myself.  I am a scholar and an atheist and never had a "weird"  experience or anything related to supernatural, however, I am open minded about phaeonomena of the kind, if there is convincing evidence.  In short, I am not a believer, but I WANT to believe.
.  This is my father's story.  He told me only once, when I was a teenager, and I remember he was very puzzled of the memory. He added after he finished the narration that he still, to this day, he could not explain what he saw. He is also an atheist, a counrtyside boy who fought in Europe during WWII ( I mean he has slept in snowy mountains, has seen dead, dismembered bodies   and the like, hostile "shadows" in forests, and THAT is really scarey!). He later  got educated but never lost his relationship with nature.  IN the late 1950's he was in their family house  on a mountain, together with a bunch of friends. They were out hunting in the forests and were using the old house as their "base". The story is not a cliche, I mean  no ladies in cloacks, near cemeteries,  people who wake up in the middle of teh night only to "sense a presence" near them, etc. This is the reason I believe it is quite reliable.
    The company of hunters slept in the house during the first night and woke up early next morning, had breakfast and prepared their gear, guns and everything to go out hunting.  My father went down, in the ground floor to open the front door.  Remember now, my father is in a familiar place (his house), at dawn, quite excited, with a bunch of close friends, fully awake, had had breakfast, dressed and probably with a shotgun  on his shoulder. As soon as he opened the door, he saw what he described a huge black dog, the size of a bull, blocking his way out. He froze at the sight, but he noticed that the gigantic dog backed and let my fater walk past him.  My Dad indeed walked an inch away from the huge dog.  The dog looked friendly.  Astonished as he was, my father got back into the house and called the rest of the hunters to come out and see the huge dog or something weird.  Indeed, everybody  ran down the staircase, my father opened the door, but ...... the dog was not there anymore!
    My father told the story only once.  He was probably embarrassed to let us believe that he ever saw a creature  like this or that he was imaniging things.  He was positively absolutely certain that he saw the gigantic dog a foot away from his face, or he would not share his experience. Mind you that he is a country boy and he can still tell a bird from teh way it flies.  There are no cattle in these snowy mountains  of Southern Europe, only goats and sheep.  It seems there is no way he could have been mistaken.  I can rule out the possibility that the apparition was a bear which was mistaken for a dog.  There are no bears in this part of the world. He actually saw a huge but friendly dog in front of him!
Does the story have an ecological message?  I mean a huge dog blocking a hunter from going out and shoot at wild rabbits and partridges?  I don;t know, but when I think of it....... The dog behaved a lot like a daemon-guard.  It is of course a very modern approach. I don;t think there were such sensitivities back in teh 40's or 50's.  Nature was still rich in wildlife, and countyside people had little for entertainment, remember there were no video games backthen!

Mine Ghost


        I write this true story on a rainy Oregon day.  I've always been
a kinda' ghost buff and my parents house is haunted.  Pennies fall from
the ceiling, someone pull on your shirt, ect.  I never really felt
"alone" in that house and I could never sleep with my door open.  I
always felt that something was out in the hallway.  Anyway hears my real
story:  Me and a bunch of my friends decided to go up to the Bohemia
Saddle(an indentation in the mountain range and old mining area).  It was
kinda' dark when we got up there, but it was OK cause' we were a "bunch
of brave men".  We whipped out our flashlights and headed into a nearby
mine shaft.  We were having a good ole' time yelling and listening to our
echoes.  Well the ground was kind of muddy and one of my pals said "Hey
check this out!".  So we all went over there and in the mud was one boot
print.  Just one.  We thought that was a tad strange since we were all
wearing tennis shoes.  It was then we heard the foot steps.  They were
echoing in the mine shaft so we couldn't tell where it was coming from.
We franticly shined our flashlights around.  The footsteps stopped.  So
we quickly walked out of the mine back to the car.  We got in, and of
course the car wouldn't start.  Now hears where it gets scary.  The road
is basicaly a cliff that winds up the mountain.  SOMETHING STARTED
PUSHING THE CAR NEAR THE CLIFF.  Of course we were close to loosing
control of our bodily functions.  Finally the car roared to life and we
prrled out of there.  We were pretty shaken and drove to my friends
place(it was the closest).  We all got out of the car and calmed down in
his house.  Well we went out to the car to go home and on the trunk of
the car were two muddy handprints!




My grandmother-Marna-raised her 10 children in a three-story, wood-frame, victorian home, in greenwich, ct.  when she died, the house was sold.  the new owners renovated the home.  one of my grandmother's daughters and her daughters went to see the renovations--they were surprised--not only with the renovations--but, also, with ghost stories that the new owner's told.  as they described incidents, it became clear that the ghost was our grandmother!!! they described her perfectly--now, years later, subsequent owner's have their own stories--at least one of which includes a description of my grandmother (who lived to 97).  my husband and i visited a friend in greenwich for a weekend.  we ate breakfast in a diner before heading back to massachusetts.  as i was complaining that the french toast had fake grill lines on it and was a funny color, i became overwhelmed with the smell of 4711--my grandmother's perfume!!  i was in an old chevy truck that routinely carried dogs, manure, plants, carpentry items--it's usual smell was musty--my cousins are sure that my grandmother was letting me know she was there--i know it is possible that my subconscious was working on the ghost stories and conjured one up for me---however, i prefer to believe that marna came by to say hello!  (i would tell her other stories, but they are only hearsay--there are some very convincing ones, though--and in light of my experience---i believe she is still in the house that was her life)

I ain't Afraid of no ghost!


Hello, my name is Robert Triplett.  I don't think there is any need to
be ashamed of ghost sightings.  This indicates that anyone who sights a
ghost is a goof.  Not true.  I can give a rats rear end if anyone
believed my story.  So far, there are four people that I know of who
have seen what I have seen.  The latest was the door to the second floor
slamming and then opening right back to where it was.  Then later, I
heard some rustling around from a room on the second floor.  I thought
it was my mom, but apparently she was on the back porch.  That was the
lesser events.  We've seen an old woman walking around the house on many
occasions.  One time when I seen her on our back porch, which is closed
in, I thought it was my mother.  As I walked past I began talking to
her, as I said thinking it was my mother.  When I asked a question and
she didn't answer I glanced into the doorway.  She wasn't there.  The
lady was wearing a black dress with a gold pattern.  I stepped out onto
the back porch and there was my mother outside feeding the birds.  She
wasn't wearing black at all.  She was wearing a white sweat shirt and
green sweat pants.  Another incident occurred later while I was going
upstairs to bed.  I've grown so used to the constant visitations I
nicknamed them my ghosties.  Each night, as I passed the bedroom next to
mine, I'd always greet my ghosties.  Well one night I said, "Hello
ghosties".  You know what?  They answered!  They started whispering as
if they were in the doorway.  Now that made the hair stand on the back
of my neck.  After that I went to bed, fell asleep and had a great
nights sleep.  Our house is over 100 years old.  Many viewings were held
here.  As far as I know they are all friends and welcome.  You get a
sense of family and friends.

"Grim Reaper" foretells death in family

On Saturday, December 29,2001, I was working as usual.  I was passing out
mail in the Taunton Post Office in the Industrial Park.  I turned the A-frame
utility cart, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the tall figure of a
male standing behind me.  At first, I actually swerved to avoid collision
with this "figure" then my conscious mind questioned who could be standing
behind me.  So I turned my head to see what or who was behind me, and of
course, there was no one there.
I finished passing out the trays of mail and ran to tell my friend that I'd
seen a ghost.  I told her it was only visible from the corner of my eye, and
that it was a tall male figure, with some sort of dark cloak falling
knee-length.  I got the distinctive feeling it was a grim reaper type of
ghost, and that someone in my family would die.  She dismissed this notion,
although she believed I'd seen something.
On Friday, January 4, 2002, I got a phone call from my mother.  My
grandfather had past away the night before. The time frame from the sighting
of the ghostly figure and the actual death of my grandfather was 5 days.

Ghost Experience


I want to tell you about the experience with a gost that I have been having lately. well I have been living in a upstairs apartment with my boyfriend. and during the day when I come home from work I go into my house and my things are all messed around with. like I put my cats bed next to the couch and when I came home from work it waz in the closet. I asked my boyfriend if he moved it and he said no. eve day something like that would happen. then finally one day I stayed home from work and I heard foot steps coming up the stairs and then the door to my apartment blew open. I got up and closed the door and I feel asleep on the couch and when I woke up I waz in my bed room. my boyfriend hadn't come home at all that day. I waz just walking around my kitchen and I turned around and there waz this man standing behind me dressed in white and had jet black hair. I just saw him for a split second. I kept on seeing that man out of the corner of my eye and one day my mother came over for thanksgiving and she gave me a picture of my father( who passed away) when he waz about 35. and it looked like the man that I have been seeing. well you see, I never got the chance to get to know my dad,so I think this is his way of saying hi to me. well that is my story.


lying on my side one night , i had just gone to bed , when no sooner i could not move, i could not even feel myself breathe, i felt something squeeze my leg then my arm, then something wispered some sort of jibberish in my ear, i shot up and ran out of the room then slept on the floor of my fathers room(i was 11 at the time) then when i was asleep, i was on my back i thought something was at my neck i got up and ran for the window, my father ran after me  and I WAS BEHIND HIM  !!! my body jumped up to a window my father grabed me and i ran through him and i woke up back in my body so many things have happened to me so many dreams, so many strange things i might tell more sometime, if you wish.

Ghosts where I used to live


When I was younger, probably from 14 until I was 15 or 16, we lived in a
house where I'm not sure if I had ghosts, or a bunch of demons. I never saw a
human figure, but there were plenty of other things to lead me to believe we
were haunted. There were lots of things that happened in that house to make
me think it was haunted, but I can't remember a lot of it. When I was in
school, I met a girl who practiced Satanism with her older brother. I started
to practice with them. A couple months after I started, I had another friend
stay over for the night (she didn't know I practiced Satanism). We stayed in
my room in the basement that night. The next morning, she asked me if I had
seen anything weird the night before. I said no, and she told me that early
in the morning, she woke up and saw in the room across from mine, two red
"eyes" about 6 inches off the ground. She said she woke up a couple times
during the night and watched them walk back in forth in front of the door.
She believed in ghosts and told me my house was haunted. This was the first
experience with anything strange. I started noticing little things in my
bedroom here and there like objects that were moved, areas that were cold,
and just feelings of being watched. Once when I was listening to my cds down
in my room, my little sister said that her radio suddenly started playing the
song I was listening to. She was listening to a radio station, and I was
listening to a cd that wasn't played EVER on the radio. She got scared and
told my mom, who at the time was very religious and was pretty angry at me
for "bringing scary things into the house." But I was never scared of
anything going on in the house until about a year later, when I started
hearing voices call my name, started seeing the ghost of my cat that died in
the house, and started feeling her jump onto my bed and lay down when there
was nothing there. My two cats that I had at the time were very perceptive to
any activity, and half the time they would know something was in the room way
before I would. A couple of incidents that made me totally sure something was
in the house was when things started to move in my presence. Doors would open
and close while I watched, and I would see tall black spots move out of the
corner of my eye. One Saturday, my mom was in the stairwell painting the
walls right in front of my bedroom door (nobody else was home) when she says
she heard voices yelling at her to get out of my room. She said not only did
they yell at her, they also started picking objects up in my room and
throwing them at her on the ladder. About 2 months after that, we moved
because she was so afraid of the house, she wouldn't go into the basement
alone. After we moved, I stopped practicing Satanism, but I still am afraid
to be alone in the house I now live in, just because I let my mind get the
best of me!

Small Ranch


I was born and raised in a small rancher in pennsauken with an attic that was converted to a bedroom, shared the one room with my two other brothers. When nightfall came, I became very uneasy as if I wasn't alone. At times I was so frightened that I slept with my covers over my head.
   One summer night I awoke from a sound sleep to hear a pleasant lullaby being sung so softly-I could not resist from not looking out from under my covers in which I saw a full floating figure of a woman in a flowing dress admiring my six month old brother in his crib. I quickly pulled the sheets back over my head and prayed that it would stop. I fell asleep to awake to my mother looking very puzzled and telling me that she smelled a strange perfume that she doesn't wear. I told her what I had seen and told me it was my imagination. I experienced numerous feelings of hands touching my bed and pushing down on my mattress, starting at the bottom of my bed and coming closer to me. Things did not get better when we moved to marlton and a nicer house. I began hearing voices of someone calling my name. My bedroom door remained locked all of the time. I was too scared to investigate. At one time the voices were so loud I couldn't help but to call out to my younger brother-"did you hear that?" and he would say "yes". Then I asked him to go out in the hall and see what it was. He said "no way".
Three months had gone by and no more noises or voices. My brother was sick with the flu and my mom asked me if my brother called out in the middle of the night to help him. During that night I heard a voice call my name. I crossed through the hallway to my brothers room and he was asleep. I turned to leave the room and the vision that was over my baby brothers crib in our old house, was eye to eye to me in the hallway. It wanted to get a clear look at me. I was frozen and I felt as if we stared at one another for a couple of minutes. The figure slowly began to fade and disappear. I was fifteen years old and that was my last ghostly encounter until I was 39 when I moved back in my old house after my divorce.
My grandfather who lived in the in-law suite had a stroke and passed away. I helped my mother in her daily chores and one of them was cleaning. I was cleaning my grandfathers bedroom when out of the corner of my eye a shadow passed  behind me and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Then re-occurring noises of drawers opening and closing by themselves would be heard. My mother denied hearing them but I pointed them out to her. It got to the point when the noises became the loudest,  I would enter the in-law suite and ask if someone wanted to talk to me. I was not scared. But no answer. The noises were heard by my mother and her boyfriend. At one time my mother entered my grandfathers bathroom and was greeted by the sound of a man clearing his throat as if he was being disturbed. It freaked my mom out and she dropped the towels she had in her hand. I refrained from watching TV late at night downstairs because the noises would get so loud I could not hear the TV and I would shut the TV down, tell my grandfather that I was going to bed and everything would quiet down.
Shortly there after I met my soul mate and moved in to her house. I still return every week to help my mom keep the house clean. My last and final encounter was the weirdest. While dusting the dining room , from the corner of my eye I saw the figure of a man sitting on the couch in the living room. I turned to look, and our eyes met, I had to go around a dining room table to enter the living room and he was gone. I thought there was someone else in the house, I searched every where-but found no one. I believe my mom's house is haunted by more than one entity, but now my mom believes she does not live alone, and has made peace with her guests. She feels they give the house character , and they are happy spirits.
I hope you enjoyed my story and do not ask to investigate because my mom doesn't take much to strangers in her house.

   Sisters Story


im am 17 but this encounter happened about, 13 years ago. and it wasnt me
who experienced it, rather my sister.

back in, i belive 1986, my aunt was diagnosed with cancer (same kind as
mario lemoux, i just cant remember what its called). but when she died, my
parents didnt tell us. they were gonna wait til the next day. but my sister,
who was around 1 or 2 at the time looked up at the ceiling and said "What's
Aunt Kay doing on the ceiling?". its one of the more unexplained things in
my family.

Kind of like an Orb


       I just wanted to contact you and say what a wonderful website you have
created. I have always belived in ghost sence I was a little girl. Well in
the past 3 years my eyes have been opened to it more than ever. I feel as if
I am being watched alot and I belive i am. I talk on the quiji board alot (if
you belive in those, I do) and I talk to a boy named andrew well me and him
became close in the past 3 years and now I dont need the quiji board to talk
to him. I can talk to him through my head (sounds weird unless you understand
it, trust me im not crazy). Well I just wanted to tell you how great your
site was and share my little story. I also have another story, it's a weird
one. Me and my boyfriend wont let go of the pictures and I dont have a
scanner so you'll just have to belive my story:
       I got an ultra sound of my 4 1/2 month old child (when i was pregnant)
well the child was never born. My boyfriend and I put the picture in a card .
We were taking pictures of me and him (the picture is on the wall) well there
is a big shimmer, like in the pictures you have on your site. I feel her
presence every day and i feel like she is with me and my boyfriend everyday
and keeps us safe. I know the pictures were not a glitch in the film because
in the last year if we take a picture by where it is (if we can see it) it
has a shimmery white float around it. I wouldnt call it an orb but kinda.

A Ghost


I  just wanted to tell you about a ghost that my husband saw a few years ago. There is a cemetary in Autaugaville AL . It is called the Rocky Hill cemetary on the right on highway 14 going toward Selma from Prattville. It is right out of the city limits  passed the caution light. My husband and four friends drove up into the cemetary one night and sat there a minute with the headlights on and a ghost floated across in front of the truck.  All four people saw it  , got scared,and tore out of the cemetary. They have never been back. I would like to go see it but he will never go back in there again. He said it looked red with no face. I would like to go try to video tape it but i'm scared the two police in  autaugaville  would catch and arrest me.

Ghost Experience


About four years ago, my wife and I at the time had bought our first
home in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  We were very excited with our new home
and our second child arriving in this world.  The house was a two storey
structure.  The second storey was just a single bedroom.  I imagined
over the years that the attic of the house was converted to a bedroom.
Within the first few months, I began to notice unusual events in the
My first experience was the sounds of foot steps late at night coming
from the attic bedroom.  My daughter had slept in this room.  I thought
my daughter was walking in her bedroom.  I would go upstairs to tell her
to go to sleep and to my surprise she was sound asleep.  I was perplexed
by this.  I know for a fact that she never experienced sleepwalking.  I
also noticed that our cat disliked this room.
Another incident I had with this house was when my wife and I noticed
that we didn't close our exterior door properly.  As I went to the
close, I felt this force from the other side of the door disallowing me
to close the door.  My wife shrieked with horror.  I managed to regain
control of the door to close it tightly.  I looked outside the window,
thinking that someone was trying to gain entry to my house.  Needless to
say, there was nobody there.  I gave the benefit of doubt to the wind.
Although, we had a glass screen door before entering the house was a
second exterior door. I was afraid to tell my wife what was happening
because a) she wouldn't believe me and b) she's neurotic.
Anyway, one morning I woke up.  I had a late night at work.  My wife and
daughter were out of the house.  The house was a detached structure.  We
were in the dogs days of winter.  So, obviously the windows were
closed.  The next thing I heard was running up the stairs, a child's
laughter and a loud distinct sound of a door slam.  I was really freaked
out about this episode.  I knew for certain that the house was haunted.
My wife and I decided to separate and sell the house.  I was now
occupying the attic bedroom as a defiant stand to let whatever it was
know that it didn't drive me away from the house.
Years later,  I was looking over some pictures that I found of the house
and I noticed something strange from a photograph that I have no
explanation of.  It wasn't an orb.  There was a large red streak divide
between myself and daughter.  The photo was taken outdoors facing the
house.  Even to this day, I still have a reminder of a photograph of
unusual events in that house.  I searched over hundreds of pictures I
photographed with this camera and could not find that same red streaked
on any pictures.

Hotel Experience


This was not my first encounter with the supernatural but this one was more vivid and nerveracking.  I am 17 and I have always beleived in ghosts and the supernatural.  Around October 12, 2001, my parents and I had to leave our apartment for a few days in order for it to be exterminated.  So the three of us had to stay at a hotel near Mission Valley.  I believe it was called the Comfort Inn.  On the first day, we all left to eat dinner and run a few errands.  Before we drove out of the parking lot, my mom forgot her jacket and asked me to go up and get it for her.  So I went up to the third floor to retrieve the jacket.  Our room was near the end of the long hall and was about 20 ft. away from a window.  The sun was still high and the window was closed and locked.  As I moved closer to the window, I suddedly had the weirdest feeling that soemthing was neer me.  I thought that something would just appear right in front of me.  But mothing happened and I dismissed the idea.  So I entered the room, got the jacket and closed the door.  I began to walk back to the elevators.  About six feet past the door was a door that led into another room.  Even though I was far away, I could see the outline of a person about six feet tall.  Suddenly, I became very cold and a chill ran through my body.  I turned around and saw that the window and all doors around me were closed.  As I walked closer, I could see more of the figure.  It was transluscent black but seemed to not have a head.  (I only saw a vague outline of one.)  The figure had it's "back" to me and it was standing at and angle.  The two arms were stretched out and the hands were holding onto the doorknob.  It was violently shaking like it needed to open the door.  I tried to rationally coem up with a solution:  "Mabey, my shadow was being projected onto the door."  However, I was about 25 feet away.  Even so, I stoped moving entirely.  The figure did so as well.  However, this did not last long and the figure began to move and shake.  I began to walk faster and faster to the elevator.  The only thing moving through my mind was "OmyGodOmyGod....."  I began to run.  The figure continued to move.  I stopped about seven feet away from the apaprition.  It stopped moving and turned to look at me like it was suddenly aware of my presence.  One of its arms dropepd away from the door.  Seeing this, I ran as fast as I could to the elevator, covering up my face with the jacket.  I jumped into the elevator  and faced the corner.  The doors closed and I ran to my parent's car.  My mother then hinted at how pale my face was.

My Grandpa


Before my grandpa died he was a very healthy 82 year old man,  he was my best friend in the whole world. I always spent time with him every chance I got also. Well one day he fell and hurt his hip or something like that and he went to the hospital. This hospital also has a old folks home on the other side of it, where my grandma was at. He was there for a while then they released him. My aunt, who is a retired nurse, came to stay with him for a while to help him get back on his feet.
Well about two weeks after his first fall my grandpa got up out of his chair to go to the bathroom, my aunt offered to help him but my grandpa was to stubborn and refused her help, and he fell again. This time he was rushed to the hospital and things were getting worse for him. He started to get sick while he was there and things progressively got worse. I remember driving out to see him and when I got there they were taking him in to do tests. I remember him with tubes coming out every where and he being drugged and out of it, reached over and grabbed my hand without looking around first, giving me a squeeze. Even though he couldn't speak, I knew that every thing was going to be ok.
About a week later I received a call from my dad and he told me that they decided to take him off life support and let him not suffer any more. So I went to the hospital, which was a 45 minute drive from where I lived at that time. I remember never being sad but very happy and peaceful for some reason. when I got to the hospital I went to his room. I need to add that they took him off about an hour before I got there and the doctor said that he would pass away within a few minutes. As I walked in and saw my aunt and uncle stand up out of there chairs. I looked at his heart monitor and it was barely beeping. when I got to the foot of his bed and grabbed a hold of his foot he then passed away. He waited for me to be there before he left.
I then ran to the other side of the hospital where my dad was, comforting my grandma, as I walked up to him he said," I know." My grandma, who was suffering from Alzheimer's, was in a wonderful mood until he passed away. Then it was like she hit a brick wall and was very sad.
The ghost part of this story is this: later that night when the nurse was putting my grandma to bed, the nurse said that my grandma was looking at the end of her bed and said, "He looks good in white." The nurse asked her what she was talking about and my grandma said, "Elmer looks good in white." as she was pointing at the end of her bed. The nurse could not see anyone there but said that she could feel very strongly the presence of my grandpa.
I love sharing this experience with people, every time I do I can feel my grandpa close by.
You can contact me at if you want to comment or share your story.

My Parents Ghost Story


I have been reading through a lot of your stories and thought that I would
share one with you too.  It's not my own story but my mum and dad's, and
happened before they got married in approximately 1967.
My mum's side of the family used to live in Salisbury, in England, and
stayed in an old stone farmhouse called Tied Cottage.  This farmhouse was
adjoined by a barn, a tractor shed and a small cottage, and my mum thinks
that the farmhouse is about 200 - 300 years old at the least.  Otherwise,
the place was surrounded by farmland.  One evening, my mum and dad had come
round to visit my grandma while the other occupants of the house were out
for the evening (these being my two uncles, Barry & Jeff).
My mum, dad and grandma were all watching TV and around 22h30, they heard
the front door open and then slam, and the sound of someone racing up the
stairs towards the bedrooms.  My mum said that the sound was not like that
of a lady or child walking up, but more like a large man (or someone bulky)
stomping up.  They assumed that it was one of my uncles returning from his
evening out.  My dad decided to put the kettle on, and shouted up from the
bottom of the stairs, "Barry, do you want tea or cocoa?"
There was no answer so he called up again, and again he got no answer.  So
he went upstairs to see who it was, only to find that there was no one up
there at all and the entire upper floor was deserted.  All the windows were
still locked from the inside, and upon returning to the front door, he found
that this was bolted and locked from the inside too.  My mum, dad and
grandma were a little shocked, as they had all heard someone distinctly
coming in and running up the stairs.
When my uncle returned later, they asked him if he had come home at all and
he said that he had not.  I have often asked my mum whether she thought it
was a ghost running up the stairs, and she told me that she thinks it must
have been, as there was no other logical explanation that could explain the
loud stomping.  They never experienced any other "ghostly" happenings prior
to or after that incident.

Leaping 8ft Fence


When I was about 8 years old and my two friends who were cousins, each 8years old, we were swinging on the elementary school swings during the winter on a weeknight. Were all having fun when out of nowhere this person was running down the school field away from us and it ran towards the fence that lined the school yard. At that moment we were all watching in awe as this person just flew into the air and over the fence without touching it, landed, then continued running which was towards the parking lot of one of our many churches in town and disappeared. I asked each of my friends if they had just seen what I had seen and they all agreed that they saw a person running and jump over the fence. We all laughed cause we thought it was funny but we were all kind of spooked that it (the person) just disappeared after entering the parking lot. To this day I still remember it happening and that was over 16 years ago.

Friends Story


  Hello. I want to tell you this story that happened to my friend. My friend was spending the night with me. We were doing the bloody mary and other things of the sort. We did that and she liked totally freaked. So when I turned on the light.Everything on my east wall was tilted to the left. It wasn't that big of a we turned off the lights and we tried summoning some spirits I thought to presume at my house. Well when we did that she was looking above my head as if she saw some thing. I looked. Saw nothing. I finally broke her from her trance. She said she saw what looked as satan. I didn't fully believe her. Cause I didn't see it. Well we was just talking then all of a sudden it was like I fell a sleep. When I came to my friend was acting like she saw another ghost.When finally calmed her down.I asked her what she saw. She said my eyes went hard as if evil was looking through them and that I grabbed her wrist and my hands were colder than ice and I said " I am sorry if I scared you Charity."  I believe her.  I don't rember any thing for who knows how long. And I know for a fact that there is no way she was lying. Well that is the story I wanted to tell. And if you would like to contact me about it



About 2 years ago I worked for a cleaning company and 1 of the buildings we cleaned was Fortis in Woodbury Minnesota.  I was in charge of vacuuming and changing trash. One of my co-workers, Sam, who cleaned the bathroom, didn't come to work one Friday.  I was going to help him out and clean the bathrooms but I figured he'd be in before Monday he knew what he had to do.  Monday came and still no word from Sam.  I went to the basement to gather the supplies needed to clean bathrooms.  I didn't start bathrooms til late that Monday night, I was behind with my other work.  I started on 5th floor and work my way down, the building was empty.  I got to the 2nd floor men's bathroom when I heard something coming from down the hallway.  I walked out into the hallway, took a good look up and down, nothing was there.  I returned to my work and again I heard something, but this time it was someone.  I walked back into the hallway to see if I could help this person.  I heard the door to the women's bathroom slowly swinging shut.  I decided to wait a few minutes for her to return to the hallway.  While I was waiting I was wrapping up the cord to my vacuum cleaner.  10 min. soon went by and the lady never returned.  I was getting ready to leave so I went in there and she was pounding on the stall door.  I ran in as fast as i could and started pushed doors open, none of them were locked.  And there was no woman.  I started to walk back out slowly observing everything  and just as I turned my body to exit the bathroom the door flew shut and the stall doors started slamming open and shut, open and shut.  I was teriffied and there was nothing I could do. I could still here the women screaming for help but as soon as that bathroom door opened I was out and have never returned to that building and I pity the people that go back day after day knowing what be roaming the halls of 2nd floor.

A Ghost Experience that Changed my Life

      Hi there, I come to your site all the time and I just wanted to tell you my story. I have had experiences with weird occurances since I was about 8, the first ones were shadows in a dim room when there was no one there to make it this happened all my life in every house I lived in until I was 20 . I was a very unhappy person for some reason and I never appreciated life no matter how hard I tried. I started having really unusual dreams, I would dream I was in a hospital and I was looking around and thinking that I had wasted my whole life angry and worried. I remember my hands were old and i had a wedding ring on with a diamond in it.I could see the mirror by the bathroom in this peach colored room. Then i woke up. I had this dream of places I had never been numerous times .I told my grand mother about it and she told me my great- grandmother was in a peach colored room and that she had died a very unhappy woman she had been angry her whole life and had told my grand mother she had wished she could have changed her life. Then about a year later my nan mentioned she had a old ring she had got from her mom when she died and it was the ring that I had seen on my hand. So I have changed my life and I am a happier person. I never had the dreams any more but I  still hear things unusul like a woman humming a song..I don't know maybe this is a coinscidence but its very true.I forgot to ad that my great-grandmother had died when I was around 7 thank you for listening I know it sounds abit off the wall .

Friends Shadow


My friend Git  was killed at a new year's party he was stabbed to death when he asked a couple that was at the party to stop fighting that it was new years. He didnt want to fight but the man pulled a knife on him,and the sad thing is his girlfriend passed away just five months before and it left 2 beautiful kids behind, anyway ill get to the chase, all Gits family and friends were going to the church to tell storys about git & Tina {gits girlfriend} but as myself and dean {my boyfriend} were walking to the church and we were late, as we were walking trough I felt & heard someone running up behind me as I turned to see who it was i saw a shadow of a fella with a baseball cap then I turned and there was no-one there {and Git always wore a cap} but there was a dog at deans legs, and the weard thing was the same dog ran under Gits coffin the knight he {GIT} was laid out in his brothers house and dean had to move the dog. And the same dog just keeps hanging around were he and his girlfriend died because they fell just yards from each other.But I know now if any of my friends that passed away came back I wouldnt be afraid.

Reenactment of Murder


people call me crazy I do not care come see for your self.
Heres my story.
Let me start from the begaining I live in an old house dont know how old it realy is but from what I have seen I would say about 1920 or so, but anyways every 15th of each month about 12:00 am the story unfold its self.
Here goes how on to your seats.
There is this family of three was living in my house (still does) and the mother had just put the little girl to bed and she was waiting for her husband to come home and then all of a suden there is this man kicks the door in and shots the wife and rapes her and the little girl come in to the room and sees this going on and the man grabes her and rapes her amd shots her and then rapes her again and then the father walks in and there is this shower af bults in the air lasts for about 10 to 15 min. and the father drops and the bad part about it is if the man hears or sees you he will hurt you too. I have lived in the house for about 3 months and once I tried to stop it and her picked me up and throw me across the room and he hits meas well.Why dont I leave you are probley acking your self because they ghost family ask me to stay when this happens I leave for the night or until its over.The family is very nice and wish for me to stay.Sure once in a while I here bumps in the night and things come up missing but if you talk to them they will return what they took mostly is the little girl taking the stuff trying to get atencion, the little girl was only about 5 years of age. The only bad thing is if they dont like you they will let you know by scaring you half to death or taking your things, with me living there I have to put the house the way they want it or they will remove it or take them or it down.

Two dreams or not

I don't know if you would call this a haunting, a visit by the Angel of Death or as I would describe him "the Grime reaper ."
When I was about 25 years old I began having heart problems.Diagnoised as tachycardia a rapid heart beat of unknown origin.
At the time I had two small children and was married.
It had been a normal day. The Children and my husband were sleeping and I crawled into bed ready for a good nights sleep or so I thought.
Soon after getting comfortable in bed the lights out and the house quiet I was awakened by the uneasy feeling of someone watching me. I slept facing the bedroom door which led to the hall way leading to the rest of the bedrooms. Our children's bedroom was adjacent to our bedroom door and visible from our room.
When I opened my eyes I say a figure dressed in robes like a monk would wear with the hoods standing in my girls bedroom door. His face was not visible only a black black void. He was holding a black staff like you us to cut wheat with. He was telling me without speaking that it was my time and I had to go with him as he was sent for me.
I was frozen stiff struggling to wake my husband but unable to move or scream. I am sure I was awake and not dreaming.
I verbally pleaded with this spirit that I couldn't go now as my children were to young and needed me. I begged that there were to many things I still needed to finish.
He keep telling me it was my time and he needed to take me. Yet he spoke no words. Yet I heard him clearly in my mind. Telling me over and over again my children were to young and needed me.
I could not move. I could not speak out loud, yet I pleaded with him not to take me. I struggled to move to wake my husband lying next to me but I could not do either.
Finally I summoned up all my courage, it turned to anger and I began to cuss at him telling him I was not going to allow him to take me. I was going to stay with my children no matter what. He stood there staring at me with the blackness where you knew there should have been a face.
As quietly as he appeared he was gone.
I was immediately able to move and to talk. I screamed and ran to my children sleeping peacefully in their beds. I frightened and woke everyone with my blood curdling scream.
I quieted the children and put them in my bed with me as I didn't want to be away from them. My husband instead it was just a dream. He convinced me and I passed it off as just a dream too.
For weeks I was afraid to go down the hall at night as I felt someone watching me and an uneasy feeling when in the back of the house where the bedrooms are.
I had convinced myself it was a dream until a few weeks later when my mother my sister and I were sitting at the kitchen table at my Mom's house talking about things that had scared us in the past when out of nowhere my mother told us detail by detail the exact same experience I had encountered that night. She to had passed it off as a bad dream.
I had never told her or anyone the story nor had my husband.
We figured it out with a calendar and she had her experience the same night I had mine.
How can two people living in two separate homes have the same dream on the same night?
I am no longer convinced it was a dream but I am positive we were both visited by the Grime Reaper and fought him off.

Thought it was my Dad


Ok me and my mom were sitin in the bathroom while she was doing my hair  and we both looked over and we both saw a fushy figer that walked by and smiled. well i run after him because i though it was my dad but there was notin there and me dad was sleepin down stairs( he  thinks were crazy but my mom and i both saw him)   we found out later that the house we were living in used to be occupied by the former school princeable which hun him self in are house before it was ares. we realy never saw im again but we could feel him and here weird sounds. my granma swers it smelt like a funnral home.weird

The Stairs


For the first five years of my life I lived a considerably happy one, despite
my parents just barley making ends meet, in a small Michigan town. In order
to pay the bills my parents purchased a large old fashioned farm house
complete with barn, etc., in which upon signing the paperwork for it, they di
scovered it had been semi-rebuilt in the late 1900's after a large fire
claimed much of the North side of it.
I was born in the house and never really thought anything of the occasional
"strange feelings/senstaions" I had around certain areas of it; I didn't know
anything about paranormal activity and things like that...I just wanted to
play & have fun.
The place that I would begin having unignorable problems with, however, was
the large "L shaped" stairway that led to the bedrooms from the living room.
Because it was an "L shape" it had a landing (a small rectangle where both
portions of the stairway met). I always felt many strange feelings throughout
the South side of the house (the original part of it) and the stairway was
always the strongest of them. I had three separate instances in which I fell
down the stairs while no one was around, none seriously injuring me, but
after the 3rd one, at age 4, I refused 2 go up them anymore because crazy as
it may sound, I knew I was sent down them by some force. The bad feeling I
had about that landing area had seemed to have forced me down the steps. For
I had bedroom experiences that were so terrifying that I just like to tell
myself they were nightmares, though deep down I know they can't be, but the
worst experience I ever had came while my parents had moved into a downstairs
bedroom while their room was being remodeled and I had to go to the bathroom
during the night, which was downstairs as well. This left me with no one to
walk me down the stairs, but I knew if I ran fast enough nothing bad would
happen so I remember bits of pieces of going alone, returning, and seeing it
floating there on the landing, a big white blob with maybe a head-shaped mist
formation on it's top, but it wasn't very clear at all.
That was the only time in my life besides a few of the bad "nightmares" that
I was paralyzed with's the worst feeling in the world, you have no
control. I wanted to talk to it but couldn't and at the same time I wanted my
Mom & Dad but couldn't do anything, not even breath. I must have stood there
for 10 seconds, it looking at me, me looking at it, and then it was gone, I
don't remember how it disappeared.
At the age of 5, needless to say, we moved out of that home, and built a new
one where I have not had one experience, or one "nightmare." I tried putting
my experiences in the past, not wanting to feel that I was crazy...until my
teens, at a family gathering, I was reminded of it all again when the topic
of paranormal activity came up.
My mother told me the story of the fire, and that neighbors had told them of
the deaths that resulted in it, and that she, too, had seen a woman floating
about the landing, while going to the bathroom ON A HAND-FULL of occasions,
during the night (I don't remember it being a woman, just a white mist/ghost
w/a semi-head). She said when I came screaming to them describing the same
thing she'd seen, they had had just about enough of the house and were
financially stable by then, as well, to move out. I will never forgive her
for taking that long to tell me, and making me feel crazy all those years,
but I will never ever live in a home someone else has lived in.



Spirit Drives Car


I have been reading your site and stories and I think I have one of my own.  This happen last weekend to me and when I told a co-worker about it (she also reads your site) she said that I should summit my story.  So here goes.  Last weekend after working diligently to clean my house for Thanksgiving and the holidays, I finally got to sit down and rest.  My husband and son had gone to the store and I was in my house alone watching a movie on TV.  During a commercial I went into the kitchen for some water and heard a noise that sounded like my sons remote control car driving (anyone that has one knows that sound!) which he had been playing with earlier and left it in the family room.  When I went back the car was not where it had been but about 3 feet away from the wall where it had been parked and now in the middle of the room.  Not really thinking anything but thatís kind of weird, I re-parked the car with the remote by the wall and continued to watch my movie.  Now it does get strange, as I was sitting there, I watched the car move about 8" and stop and start to move again backwards.  I decided that the car must be picking up the signal from the remote so I moved it so that it was not pointing at it but away from it.  After moving the remote, the car continued to back up so I pick up the remote and held it to make sure that the trigger on the remote was not moving.  Nothing moved.  Well now I was sufficiently weirded out.  So I started to talk with the spirit or whatever it was that was at the wheel of the car.  I went through the names of family members who had passed, mother, father, stepfather and brother.  When I got to my brother the car at the time was not moving and when I asked if it was my brother Mike, who passed away four years ago, the car back up again and stopped.  I asked again and again it back up.  So now I'm thinking that it is my brother and he was trying to tell me something, so I asked if something was wrong with different family members, each by name, no response.  So I asked if he was still here and the car backup into the wall with the tires still trying to turn.   So I pulled it away from the wall and again asked if he was there and it moved so I continued to asked about family members thinking the he was trying to tell me something (this being the first time something like this had happen).  No answer on my questions, so I said, "I guess that you just wanted to say Hi", and the car moved.  After awhile it stop and I asked if he was here and got no answer though the car.  I really believe that my brother who I was very close to and always looked up to, came by to say hello and to say "don't forget about me", when the family is together for Thanksgiving.  And I will be sure to include him in our prays so he knows the I got the message.
P.S.  I have tried but the car hasnít moved since that day.


I don't know where to begin. I guess it all started when My oldest son who is now 2. We moved from Missouri to Minnesota when he was 10 months old. There were 3 bedrooms upstairs and one down. We all slept upstairs. Well every time I took him upstairs he would wave and smile real big and say hi. I thought well he is just being silly doing baby things. Well it has still continued since he was older. I will ask him who he is waving too, and he says her right there mommy.
Well now he has toys that you have to push and do not take batteries that move all by themselves. Also the ones that you have to push to make music go off all by themselves while we are sleeping at night. We are upstairs and the toys are downstairs. Then just this Thanksgiving we were visiting my mom and I had just put my baby in his crib to sleep. I went upstairs to check on him and toys were going off like crazy making music. He was only 7 months old and can't get out of the crib. I called my mom upstairs to listen and it quit. Then I told her okay go downstairs now and she stayed and it started again.
My mom came for a visit to Minnesota. My son wanted to go and see the geese. Well my mom wanted me to take pictures of him. When she gave them to me. They is a white image you can see through at the bottom of one and then right in middle of the next one. None of the other pictures have this on them. What is going one???
Then just this Christmas we were all downstairs with my whole family there and the door to the laundry room shut all by it self.
When I am upstairs at night I can hear people talking downstairs. I have all sorts of minor things that happen to me everyday. What could this be??? I could type stories forever to you. This ghost if that's what it is follows me where ever I go!!!

Our house in Alexandria, Va.

    From 1976-1978, we lived in a brick home at 428 East Lurray ave. near
George Washington Senior high School in Alexandria Va. I was 14 years old at
the time. This house was haunted by a ghost of a woman with short dark hair,
probably in her forties. She died in the basement from a fall down the
stairs from what I was told, foul play was  not ruled out. She laid there
for hours while her children stepped over her body thinking "Mom had too
much to drink again, she'll wake up soon."
    In my dreams at night, it was a hot summer day, Dad was downstairs,
taking a shower in the basement and called up for me to bring him a towel.
(We always took showers in the basement in the summer, because it was alot
cooler down there.) I opened the door and looking down at the bottom of the
stairs was this lady sitting in the dark on the stairs. She turned around
and smiled at me, one of those really scary smiles, like "You're next" or
something to that effect. I'd always wake up after that.
    In the evenings, when it was in the heat of summer, My Father and Mother
and I would sit out on the front porch and try to cool off. More than once,
we'd hear an upstairs door slam so hard, you'd swear it shook the house! It
was a calm summer night, no wind. We'd go in the house and check to find all
the doors to all the rooms wide open. The reason I know the woman's
description so well, is because our neighbor next door was showing us her
scrap book and I recognized her photo. I asked who she was and I said
"That's the lady in the dream I always have!"
    My Father and I used to hunt all the time. I was in the basement lots of
times, reloading shotgun shells and for no reason at all, the light would go
out and I'd be there in the dark! I would nearly tear the door off the
hinges when I got to the top of those stairs! My Father used to be an
electrician, he checked the light for shorts, there were none. Once I felt a
hand brush my ankle as I was in a mad-sprint up those stairs, near the
    It all came to a head one night as we were moving out. My Mother stayed
in Va. and Dad and I were already in Ca., settling into our new home, while
Mom stayed behind and closed the deal on the house and packed up furniture
for shipping out to Ca. There were only 2 pieces of furniture left in the
living room. A chair that Mom had re-upholstered for my cousin Ron and a
fold-out coffee table, that was it. Mom was turning off all the lights and
walking up stairs to turn in for the night. She could make her way through
the living room alright, because the streetlight had shown through the
window across the living room floor. As she neared the bottom of the
staircase, she was flipped upside down, her head going for the sharp corner
of the folding table on the way to the floor! She told me it was like
someone had done a judo flip to her! She got up and turned on the lights and
everything was still in it's place. The chair was the type that reclines and
swivels around. It hadn't been moved at all.It's a good thing Mom moved her
head at the last second.
    Other things that happened were voices like a couple of people having a
conversation in the other room, we all heard that alot. The personal most
freaked-out experience that I had was when I was awakened by a light right
in my face one night. I was in the smallest room in the house (and the
warmest in the winter time) This room was on the 2nd floor at the top of the
stairs. I woke up and there was like a twisting, burning ball of light
inches in front of my face. At first I thought it was a flashlight. but it
wasn't. I swung my hand at it and it moved back and went through the wall
into my sister's room. I spent the rest of the night staying awake and
reading with the light on. I told Mom and Dad about it and all of us agreed
it was a ghost.

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