Why Were They There?

By: CelticGoddess@cinci.rr.com

In late December of 2000, my boyfriend, Ryan, and his best friend, Don, moved into the house that Don had grown up in.  Their apartment was too cramped during their band practices, and Don's father was willing to make the rent very reasonable.
The house is down the street from a very large and very old cemetery and directly across from an old canal.  The neighborhood is peaceful and charming, most of the time.
Before they moved in, the had to fix the house up quite a bit, because the last residents had trashed it so badly.  They had ripped up the carpet, splattered paint on the walls, and replaced all the blinds with wrapping paper.  Naturally, they enlisted my help.
As I drove to their new home for the first time, I experienced very unsettling feelings as I drove up and parked.  The feelings pervaded the entire time I was in the house.  (I grew up in a haunted house, and have had many other experiences with the supernatural, most of them positive.  I am not one to be easily scared by the supernatural, nor do I think that because something frightens me that it is automatically evil.)  I decided to ignore the feelings, because no one else seemed to be bothered.
Ryan and Don settled comfortably into their house, and Don was glad to be back in his childhood home.  I became use to the strange sensations I would experience all around the house.  Even the overwhelming feeling of being watched when I'd go to my car ceased to bother me.
One night in February, I believe, I was leaving to go back to my house at around 3:00 A.M.  As I fumbled for my keys to unlock my car door, I could feel someone behind me.  Suddenly, I heard 3 loud, stomping footsteps.  Thinking that it was possibly some live person intending to harm me I whirled around and screamed as loudly as I could.  There was no one there.  Ryan, naturally, came running out of the house.  I ran onto the porch and into Ryan's arms.  I told him what happened and started sobbing uncontrollably.  I was no longer frightened, but I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness.
"Whoever that is," I remember saying, "Is very confused.  It's a man, and he needs help.  I don't know that he realizes that he is dead."
Ryan became very thoughtful for a moment, "You know, we are surrounded by a cemetery.  And people have drowned in the canal.  Someone did just a few years ago, but I don't know who it was."
After that, Ryan and I both went back to my place to spend the night.  Don had been visiting his mother.
The next day, we told Don what had happened.  He confirmed that someone had drowned in the canal a few years before, but it was a young girl.  I immediately ruled out the young girl.  I knew this presence was very masculine.    Don also remembered that a very nice man who had lived next-door had died suddenly of a heart attack when Don was a child.  That seemed like a more plausible candidate, but there was the long history of the canal to consider, and the near-by cemetery.
Don was dumbfounded by the entire situation.  "I lived here for the first 15 years of my life, and nothing out the ordinary happened,"  he reflected for a moment, "Well, there was one time when I had stayed home from school, and felt someone looking at me, so I turned around and there was my sister.  I said 'Hey Bethany,' and then remembered that she had gone to school that morning and wasn't going to be home for about and hour.  The apparition disappeared, and at the regular time, she came home."
"Well," said Ryan, "There was the Fonzie incident, too."  Fonzie is a very friendly, sweet-tempered cat that belonged to Don.  Apparently, when Don and Ryan were working on the house, before they had moved in, i.e.., the cat was still at their apartment, they had both, on separate occasions seen Fonzie walking around.
I found both the accounts of these rather strange apparitions a bit puzzling.  I know that sometimes apparitions of the living are seen, but it is usually when something pivotal is about to happen.  Nothing interesting happened before or after these odd apparitions.  I thought that perhaps some entity was somehow taking the forms of things that were familiar and loved so as to let them know of its presence without being threatening.  Whatever it was, did not seem to me like it could have been caused by the same melancholy presence I felt.
Over the next few months, nothing much happened.  I brought two friends of mine, both of whom have had many experiences with the paranormal, over to the house.  One of them didn't get any negative or sad feelings from the area at all.  Another, whom I had not told about the strange occurrences, was so put off the depressed feeling she got that she wanted to leave almost as soon as we arrived.
One thing, beyond sensing a spirit, worth mentioning did occur in those several months.  I was asleep on the couch in the living room while Ryan and Don's band practiced.  All of the sudden, Kenny, the bass player, came running up the stairs.  He woke me up.
"Hey, are you alright?" he asked.
"Yeah, why?" I replied sleepily.
"Because we were sure we heard someone come in the front door."
I told him I hadn't heard anything.  He proceeded to check all around the house for the suspected intruder and never found anyone or anything.
During the summer months, a few torrential down-pours caused Ryan and Don's basement to flood, nearly destroying a significant portion of their band equipment.  After that incident, they decided to move, yet again.
One night, while they were in the process of moving out, Ryan found himself at home alone, again.  I was staying at my own place, and Don was visiting his mother again.  In the middle of the night, Ryan called me in a panic.
"I just had the strangest experience," he told me, "I was asleep on the couch, when I was wakened by a baby crying.  I sat up, and realized that the noise was coming from Don's room.  I looked up and stared down the hall.  All of the sudden, this white, somewhat blurred figure of a woman came walking out of my room and went into Don's room.  Then I heard a woman shushing the baby."
Ryan was frightened, but he realized that this strange event was not threatening in any way.  We talked about it, and agreed that it was most likely some sort of residual haunting.  Later, Ryan told Don about the experience, and found at that Don had witnessed the same event.
Ryan and Don have not lived in that house for a few months now.  We never figured out exactly who the man outside the house was, or who the woman and the baby were, or what caused the strange apparitions of Bethany and Fonzie.  I only wonder if these things still go on in the house, and if the current residents have the powers of observation to notice them.

What Lies in the Darkness

By: Smirk451@aol.com

This happened in February 2000 during my junior year of high school.
I was in my bed one night, just staring at the ceiling, waiting to fall asleep.  That night, for some odd reason, I was lying on the opposite end of the bed.  Anyway, I remember seeing the yellow digital numbers on my TV say 12:40 AM - I remember this detail, because I know for sure that I was not sleeping.  I was fully awake and conscious.  Suddenly, I felt this eerie chill just start to permeate the room... so cold, so freezing, a wind that was coming from seemingly nowhere because my window was closed tight as was my door.  I had about three layers of blankets and sheets on me but the cold just seemed to be going right under them.  Immediately, just every hair on the back of my neck was on standing on end... people use the term "chills going down their spine" figuratively, but the real thing is not the most pleasant sensation in the world.  Then, I heard this male voice, very sinister in tone, start laughing, it just echoed and surrounded me... I was terror stricken at this point.  I could feel my heart beating, I closed my eyes, praying to God frantically that whatever it was would leave.  When the voice subsided, the room returned to normal temperature.  I just bolted out of my room.
I have no idea what it was that visited me that night, but several times after that, when I was in bed, I had this feeling that someone/something intangible was watching me.  Since then, I have had several psychic and numerology readings which indicate that I am sensitive to the psyhic and supernatural... I have had dreams throughout my life which served as a precursor of good tidings in the future, including my acceptance into the school I am attending today.  As a college freshmen, when I visit home, I refuse to sleep without the hall light on - call me chicken, but I don't think I'm quite ready to encounter what lies in the darkness AGAIN.

Way of Life

By: Amy

for these purposes let's just say my name is Amy.
where i come from ghost and the supernatural is kind of the way of life for my people. we welcome ghost who are family members who have passes away with open arms, knowing they are here to watch over us. That's the mentality I've had all my life but when the reality of it is faced its a different story. I have two unbelievable experiences to tell anyone who is interested enough to listen. bear in mind this is the first time I've told strangers about this.
I should say my first ghost experience was when i lost my mom when i was 16. my mom was the center of my universe and when she did unexceptedly during child birth it was a shock to me for years to come. (I'm now 23). two days after her death i was sleeping in her bedroom lying on her side of the bed. i had been crying myself to sleep and i had this dream. at least i thought it was a dream because the way it happened its as real as it could be. in my dream or self conscious state of mind i was lying in the same position in which i had fallen asleep when i saw mom came in the room and just stood there watching  me sleep. i opened my eyes in the dream and she very gently kissed me on the cheek and told me not to cry. i tried to hold on to her so she won't go but she left with me crying bitterly in my sleep. i woke up immediately after ,smelling her perform very strongly on the room. i then knew without a doubt my mom visited me to say goodbye. i wasn't afraid just very sad because she's gone.
my second and very terrifying ghost experience happened a couple of years later when my grandfather became violently ill with severe heart problems.i was never close with my grandfather. i loved him but he was very strict and unable to show any emotions to anyone not even my grandma, but we all know he loves us in his own way. the hospital that he was admitted in was a little distance away from the house so we could actually take food over to him. we all visited him several times a day but he was so sick he couldn't even talk to us anymore. about a week or so later after he's been admitted, the whole family went to the hospital to see him but i remember staying home alone that day. we have a couch in the living room that sits across from the front door. i ws napping on and off when i heard someone opening the front door. since it was locked i thought it had to be one of my family  coming home.imagine my surprise when i looked up and saw my grandfather walked in carring his bag that we used to put his clothes in when we took him to the hospital. i said hi to him but he didn't answer just went straight to his room and closed the door. i didn't know what to think at this point but i remember expecting my family to burst through the door any second telling me they've brought him home because he was feeling better. after about 3mins i could hear him moving about in his room so i went to knock on the door to ask him if he need help with something but no answer even though i could hear things moving. that didn't surprise me because he never could talk much. about 15mins later my aunt burst in the house screaming at the top of her voice that we've lost grandpa. i thought she meant they lost him when there were coming home so i told her he's already here and he's in his room. she looked at me as if i was crazy and told me that grandpa died right around the time he walked into the house a while ago. i fainted when she said that and up to this day i can't believe that happened to me. i don't know what to make of it but it sure scared me for a long long long time.

Walking into a Mass

By: regmath@aol.com

Back in the mid 1980's  while walking the Erie Canal in central New York one spring morning I had a unusual experience. As I walked along I walked into something I could feel but couldnt see. I can only describe it as walking into a blanket hanging on a clothes line. When I first walked into the mass.I instinctively threw up arms, waving and kicked my feet in front of me. When I realized I could  step in and out of the mass, I began to use may hands to trace the shape and height of the mass. My assesment of the mass was it was a draft horse standing there


By: LokiHL@aol.com

A couple months ago I was with several of my friends in my basement and we were having fun watching movies and stuff like that. At just about midnight I stepped outside. I have no clue why I did this. I kinda got the feeling something was drawing me there. I walked outside and looked around into my dark backyard. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary except for a very cold and dark presence I felt. I shuttered and walked back inside. I told others about my experience but none of them seemed to believe it was anything out of the ordinary. A couple days after the even I was sitting at my desk in physics class. I was listening to the teacher when I suddenly got extremely tired. (yes, I know it is common to get tired in school but this was a very severe case of sleepiness). Anyway, I started to fall asleep. I knew I wasnt really dreaming because I could tell I wasn't asleep. I started to see something. I was suddenly at a it. It was a woman who was in a flowing white dress. It looked like some kind of wedding dress but it was not held up by anything...as if there was nothing there but a thin sheet of cloth. It didn't seem to notice me, but kept walking towards the spot all of the wind was flowing to in the middle of the ocean. I stopped and looked at it. Then it made a perfect transition from when it was walking to looking at me. (almost like it dint stop walking but was not walking when it looked at me). And then it looked directly into my eyes and said something I will never forget: "The evil is rising". The word rising was spoken very loudly. I immediately jumped up back into my physics class. I was unsure what to make of it and I told my friends about this experience and still none of them seemed to believe me. I told one of my really good friends who sits next to me in Latin and she believed me and told me to try and search this experience. Truly a good friend. Over the past couple of months I have had half dreams like tha of cars at night. I always think I see someone or something in the darkened car. The worst vision I see is of the car across the street in which I see and crumpled figure of a woman across the steering wheel. She looks as if she has been in a serious accident and has been killed. She constantly looks at me as if trying to send into fear in me. It often times works. I still don't know about the feelings and appearances of evil or sprits but I am still in the learning stage and investigating to find the answer to my troubles. I will keep you updated on what I find.


Two Small Ghost Stories

By: Blublublublu1129@cs.com

My first ghost experience
We had just gotten done playing video games and decided to go to bed.  Myself and three others, one girl who would be my future Goddaughter, her aunt, and their younger friend had had enough electronic entertainment for one night.  The younger girl had decided to sleep on the couch, leaving the rest of us to sleep on the floor (since there wasn't enough beds in the bedroom to go around).  Most everyone was just laying there, staring at something in the dark or randomly saying something here and there, getting ready to fall asleep.  I stared straight at a digital clock.  Suddnely, a figure had obstructed my view of the clock for a brief moment.  It was then that I said, "Hey guys.  Did you see that?"  Soon after, I heard my Goddaught let out a loud scream.  They both claimed to have seen a figure heading toward the kitchen and we heard a loud clatter of pans hitting the ground.  The thing disappeared and we didn't see it again all night.  My Goddaught
The second story
The week I started college, I noticed a change in my dog.  He was acting quite a bit funny, almost sick.  Within that week, it was found that he had slipped a disk in his back and was later put to sleep.  I was emotionally torn for a while as I was, and still am, very much attached to that dog.  After a few months, I decided that even though I really loved my previous dog, I still did want a companion around and got the dog I currently have.  The morning after we had brought her home, I felt a weight on my chest.  It felt like the size of a dog, about the same size of the one I had before.  I thought it was the new dog, so I told her to get down.  I heard her jump from my chest to the floor.  It was then that I realized it wasn't the new dog, because my room's door was shut and there was no way she could have gotten in there.  That and the fact that she wasn't anywhere around.  At first, I was a bit spooked, but then I thought, "He's still here."

The Woman

By: MessiahOfMetal13@aol.com

This first story is rather short and didn't happen to me, I was telling my
Grandmother about your site and we got on the subject of ghosts after that
and she told me this story. One day when she was about 10 years old her and
her family were returning from church, after they came in thorugh the door
the realized that the light in her brothers bedroom was on, now her father
was real energy conservative and hated it when lights were left on. So my
Grandmother went upstairs to go turn the light off, now these were the old
time lights that had the chain hanging from the fixture, she was small and
had to climb on the bed to reach it, well she turned the light off and as
soon as she did she saw a face of a woman with black hair and it looked as if
half of the woman's face was rotted. She ran down to tell her parents but
they acted as if they didn't believe her and that she was just seeing things,
well about 2 years later they moved from the house and one morning her father
asked her if she remembered the face that she saw, she said yes, the he told
her that she had described in detail the woman that lived there before she
had died in that room and was found for around 3 days.

The Watcher

By: blasphemy@angeldustrial.com

the summer i turned 18 and headed off to college, my family moved to
martinsville, nj...they built a brand new home on land that was once part of
what my grandfather called, "indian country"...
whenever i would go home for break i never slept very well in that house...i
always had butterflies in my stomach and couldn't pass out until the wee
hours of the night, when my eyes just wouldn't stay open anymore....
one day i was sitting in the family room watching t.v....above the t.v.
there was a 7x8 foot opening into the hallway upstairs....i caught someone
out of the corner of my eye walking by that opening and into my sister's
bedroom...immediately i thought it odd....the only other people who were in
the house were my mother and grandmother, both of whom were to the left of
me in the kitchen....
when i told them what happened, they just stood there, looking at
eachother...finally my grandmother spoke up....apparantly both her and my
mother had seen a figure walk by doorways in the house on a number of
occasions....according to my grandmother the lights flickered every once in
a while too....she was under the impression the house was haunted...
that night i was lying in bed, reading a book...it was about 4am and i was
the only one up....i decided to brush my teeth before trying to get some
sleep...i opened the door to my bedroom and was about to turn left to go to
the bathroom, when i felt the need to look down the hallway towards my
mother's room....my mom usually kept her door closed, but that night the
door was open and there was a man standing in the opening!...he was tall and
skinny...the only man that was in the house was my stepfather and he's short
and plump...the figure was just standing there..looking at me...no, watching
me....i immediately ran into the bathroom, my heart pounding....about ten
minutes later i got the nerve to run back to my room and hide under the
covers...needless to say i didn't sleep a wink....
from that night on, i knew that the butterflies in my stomach were because i
felt someone watching me...although he frightened me like i've never been
frightened before, and even though i still get the shivers thinking about
that night, i have always known this ghost was just a watcher...i didn't
feel any evil or ill will from him...but i have no idea who he was...like i
said earlier, the land was considered "indian country" ie - it was wooded
until they cleared it for the new development...so it's possible the ghost
was an american indian, but for some reason i feel that isn't right..that
this man i saw was in fact white, and possibly a farmer from the early
either way the shadows and flickering of the lights continued until my
family moved three years later....it's possible they even continue today,
but i don't think anyone ever saw the man as clearly as i did that night...

The Roar

By: j_nicoles@yahoo.ca

I've been reading through your website and found it
very interesting, but I never thought that I had a
story to relay until I read a story that sounded
extremely like something that happened to me a few
years ago.  I live in Toronto Canada and in 1991 my
third child was just a baby and would wake up nightly
around 2:00am for a feeding.  At the time we lived in
a condo which we had lived in since 1988.  We had some
minor incidents like things moving around and shadows
seen out of the corner of ones eye but nothing to
speak of really, just things that could be chaulked up
to imagination.  On one particular night my son having
waken for his feeding, I sat in my rocking chair in
the babys room feeding him.  The night light was on
and I was wide awake when all of a sudden I heard what
sounded like a lion or tiger roar, loud and clear.  I
jumped up turned on all the lights and convinced that
a tiger was in the closet woke up my husband and had
him search through the entire appartment including the
balcony which was six stories up.  Of course it would
have been impossible for an animal to have gotten into
the apartment but the roar had sounded so real I had
to be sure.  After that I tried to convince myself
that it was my imagination but I never forgot about
it.  I wonder if you know what this could be and if
there is any explanation for it.

THe Little Girl and Grandmother

By: Bracesgurl@aol.com

I have had loads of experiences in my life, almost every day. And I am only
12 so I do believe in ghosts, and I used to believe in faeries, but now
they're just...stupid...Anyway, I have experiences just about every day, and
here are a few of them, some from me, some from my sister Crystal, some from
my sister Gina.
The first thing that happened to me was recent. You have to understand how my
room is set up to understand my story. The door is by my bed. When you walk
in my door you look straight and see the front part of my bed, where I lay my
head. I know thats still confusing but oh well. I was laying in bed and I
heard a stomping in the hallway. I figured it was my father, because he is
always going to the bathroom at night. So as I laid there, the stomping came
closer to my room, and closer and closer. It finally came into my doorway,
stopped at the foot of my bed. By now I knew it wasn't my parents because
they never check on me at night. So after a moment, it started again, it
stomped through my room over to my TV (which I just recently got in my room)
and hit it, very very loudly. It almost knocked the TV off of the stand. I
don't know what it was, I know it was a ghost, but I have quite a few in my
house. I have a little girl that hides by my closet because she is afraid,
and I have a grandmother who used to check on my sister Crystal at night,
when Crystal was my age. I think this was the grandma, but I'm not sure
because why would she go over and hit my TV?
Another experience is daily. More than daily, it happens every time you walk
up or down my steps. There is someone or something that stands at the top of
my stairs, and you can feel them staring at you. I know this, and it's
happened to my sister. Every time you walk down the stairs you just want to
run. When my best friend comes over she always pushes me out of the way and
runs down the steps.
More experiences are that lately I invited faeries into my house. That was
when I believed in faeries. Now I constantly see flashes of light.
Everywhere, just like a ball of light that flies around. I don't think it's
faeries, I think it's ghost, like when I invited the faeries the ghosts came
Another experience is that there used to be something very evil in my house,
but we prayed it out. This happened to my sister when she had the room that
is now mine:
She was lying in bed and heard the closet door open, which happens to me
often too, I have actually sat there and watch it swing open. But she covered
her head and prayed. As soon as it stopped, she reached up the wall and
turned on the light. She walked over to my closet and on it were claw marks!
Four of them so we knew it couldn't be from my cat, besides Crystal kept her
door shut so the cat couldn't get in. And my parents have heard breathing
along with Crystal. Gina, my other sister was holding me when I was a baby,
and she was crying because I wouldn't stop crying. She was home alone and
suddenly she heard somebody coming down the steps.
A few years ago I heard giggling in the den which is the room where we have
our first floor TV and our computer. I constantly feel that somebody is
staring at me from the living room and from the corner where I heard the
giggling. I have lots more stories, e-mail me to get them. =)

The House Next Door

By: tracy90662@yahoo.com

   Let me take you back, to my child hood. I grew up
in a small town just 30 min east of Portland Oregon...
called corbett. the town mattow ... you blink you'll
miss it .
   well we had this neighbor that had two horses.. and
i dont know what it was about his house it always
creeped me out i always felt like somebody was
watching me from the upstairs windows... and as a kid
i never knew what to make of it.. but are neighbor
would always go on vacation in the winter.. and eather
my brother or i who ever he asked first ...would get
payed a dollor a day ...for watering and feeding the
horses... we always kept a key of his over at are
house.. so we could get in.. if the pipes frose in the
winter time...we could run a hose from the basment to
the water troff
   well one night.... i must have been 11 or 12 years
old... my brother and my cousin brett (who passed away
in a car accident when i was a freshman) but thats
another story, and I were standing in the living room
of the neighbors house..playing pool and listing to
the raideo when all of a sudden the raideo went up
full blast the windows shook violently and then the
raideo shut it self off the three of us kids threw are
sticks on the table and ran as fast as we could
home... witch wasnt far thankgawd. That was the first
in counter.
   the second incounter was when i was in hight
school... nothing really scarry like the first
incounter... i was taking care of the horses... and
every night after practis i would go over there .. and
the all the lights would be on in the house ..upstairs
.. the main floor and even the basment lights.. well i
would go and trun them off.. and go back home... it
happend again the next night... same thing ... same
time so i brought it up to my parents... they told me
that he must have a timer on  his lights... so the
next night when i went over there all the lights were
on... and i looked all over for a timer on the
lights.. nothing i didnt find any timer .
   well that next week he came home.. so i asked him
if he had a timer on the lights...or if somebody was
checking on his house. He said no to both questions ..
he told me it might have been (OLD LADY SORTIN)i think
thats how you spell it... well i said thank you for
the money... and went on my way back home.
when my father got home that night I asked him who old
lady sortin was . he kinda looked at me real funny and
then said she was the women who use to live in that
house a long time ago...and she didnt like children.
   The last incounter scared me so bad i haven't been
back in that house. It was 10 years ago.. i was a
senior in high school.. and I was taking care of the
horses like always in the winter time... well when i
went over there... i noticed the back door was open..
and my frist thought was..that somebody had broke in
to the house... so i went in to investigate it... and
as always all the lights in the house were on... i
serched the main floor.. then i went upstairs... and i
never liked going up stairs.. it always cared me... i
felt like i was always being fallowed ... nothing up
there so i turned off the lights up there and started
back down stairs.. when i herd a noise in the
kitchen... so i went to see if somebody had given me
the slip.. when i truned the cornner ... i saw the
back end of a flowerd dress going down the stairs in
to the basement... well when i went thew the kictchen
and rounded the cornner to go down stairs... there was
a walking cane laying across the hallway... well there
were three of them hanging  up when i went into the
house... and when i went to go downstairs..one of them
were laying in the floor to trip me up...
   Well needless to say i just wasnt going back into
that house. and if any of you have any stories.. to
shari with me please do so


The Braodmoor Ghost

By: pfraser@spicer.com

On Monday Feb 5,2002  I arrived at the Braodmoor hotel in Colorado Springs
for a three day stay for a seminar that I was attending.  I was traveling
alone and after a long day I checked into the hotel around 8 pm in the
evening.  I dumped my luggage and went out to grab a bite to eat.  When I
arrived back I noticed that my bed had been turned down a 2 chocolates were
neatly placed on the bed along with a breakfast menu.  I got into my P.J's
and crawled into bed to watch a bit of the tube, around 11 pm hit the
lights.  I pulled the duvet over my shoulder and as I was doing this I
noticed green reflections in my bed.  (Almost like one you would see when
you watch reflected off the sun but they were green)  I paused for a moment
and then continued tucking myself in.  A few minutes later I felt a presence
in the room.  I was laying on my side and the first thing I thought of was
the person who had turned down my bed was still in the room.  I was
terrified, I turned onto my back and opened my eyes.  The room was pitch
black.  As my eyes focused a little more I noticed that the room was filled
with a fog.  I didn't know what to do.  I just laid there. Stunned still
having this strong feeling that someone was in the room I watched at this
cloud that was in my room moved around slowly.  I laid there for what felt
like an eternity.  All of a sudden I felt like something had straddled me
while I was lying there.  It was something that felt like it weighed about
25 pds and  I don't know if my ears were playing tricks on me at this point
but it sounded like I could hear the feathers of the duvet press down.  Now
I was really freaking out.  Looking over at the curtains I noticed that they
were swaying like they would if a window was open.  (Which it wasn't)  I
didn't want to move, my heart was going a mile a minute, I knew that there
was a ghost in my room.  I didn't know anything about the hotel and didn't
really want to call down to the main desk to report that a ghost was in my
room because I figured they would laugh.  I finally got enough nerve to sit
up and turn my bed side light on.  I then out loud said "Look, I know that
you are in my room and I want you to leave, I am tired and I want to go to
bed so can you please just leave me alone."  I sat there for about another 5
minutes, trying to gather my thoughts, catch my breath and get enough
courage to turn the light out again.  Finally I did, I turned the light out
and laid back down.  Immediately this thing was on top of me again.  My
heart again started beating 1000 miles a minute,  I was petrified.  I didn't
want to leave the bed as much as I was scared out of my mind I felt
protected by the covers.  The next thing that happened is that I was laying
there and one of my hands was outside of the covers all of a sudden, it felt
like something when in my hand.  Kind of like a numbness that you get after
having pins and needles.  I quickly turned on my side and tucked my hands
under the covers.  Laying on my side I could not feel the pressure that I
could when laying on my back.  I shut my eyes and didn't open them again
until I woke up and looked at the clock, it was 1:53 am and the ghost was
still in the room, I could still feel that it was there.  Again I turned on
my back with my eyes still closed.  My mind was racing with thoughts not
just about what was happening but about work, the seminar that I was at,
anything and everything, all of a sudden I felt that feeling again in my
hand which was outside the covers again, the next thing I knew my mind was
blank.  I couldn't process a though, I was trying so hard to think about
something, anything but it was like I was mentally paralyzed.  This lasted
only for a minute or two and then it was like something was released and my
mind went back to racing a mile a minute with the same thought patterns as I
was having before.  I didn't know what was happening to me.  I wanted the
morning to come to badly yet it was not even 2 am.  I turned again over to
my side which seamed to be save and fell back asleep.  I awoke again at 6 am
and with still a dark room I knew that what ever was there before was
The next day I was speaking with a colleague of mine telling him about my
adventure.  After the story was over he asked me what hotel I was staying at
and I told him "The Braodmoor"  He laughed and went on to tell me that the
hotel is haunted.  If he was trying to help calm me down it wasn't helping.
He then asked me if I was staying on the third floor.  With some hesitation
I said "YES"  He went on to tell me that the rumours he had heard when he
had stayed at the Braodmoor is that most of the stories about the ghosts had
come from the third floor.   The weird thing is that I was staying in the
WEST wing of the hotel and not the main building (which no one was staying
in because it was being renovated)  So I have two more nights at the hotel
what do I do?  I stayed in the same room and slept with the bathroom light
on for the two remaining nights I had there, they didn't come back to visit
after my first night which I will never forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Black Cat

By:   emerkt88@msn.com
Around our community there have been many strange mysteries, but this one tops them all. I live in a country village in Alabama, but not on a farm(heck no!). One day I was out in my backyard and noticed that something was moving about 25 yards or less in front of me. I turned to look and was astonished by what I saw. It was a 5-6 foot long black cat that looked like a mountain lion. It was not because I live in a region that doesnt have mountain lions in it. It was black and furry. I dont have a picture yet but I go outside every day hoping to snap a picture of it. My next door neighbor said that he saw it too. He said that it crossed my backyard and into the Woods. If anyone has had any experiences like this, please send email to emerkt88@msn.com please. Thank you.

  Description of Haunting: Big logging company logged land several years
ago,during the rainy season.  Their trucks kept
 falling into holes and getting stuck.  One of the
 neighbors said there were old slave graves on the
 property. Whatever came out of the graves they fell
 into scared the loggers into leaving in three days
 instead of the two weeks they had planned on, logging
 only one acre out of the planned four acres.  Not
 knowing this, I moved there with four kids.  I was outside praying a
couple of weeks after moving there,
 when something answered, saying, "A cross is just a
 symbol, it's not me", and told me to ask it into my heart.  I did,
thinking it was the same Jesus I'd
 been following for years. It told me it would knock
 a tree onto my head before every storm for a year,
 told my kids I hated them every time they got in
 trouble. It told me everything the preacher would
 talk about for years, before he said it. It tried to choke me at least
twice, for trying to bless the land,
 and for even thinking about calling a Catholic priest.
 It had me hearing voices night and day for a year
 (its version of the holy war.) I left when it started
 making me have visions of straight razors, telling me to kill my husband.
It came with me, drowning me within
 my sleep, at my moms house for thinking it was gone.
 Something told her to wake me at three a.m., and she
 luckily trusted her gut instinct that told her I needed
 her. I was baptized with this in me.  For years, I've
 seen it in my childrens eyes, before they do stuff totally out of
character, like knock 1100 rpm motorcycles with saddlebags over onto baby
 only a car saving her(a 60 pound girl knocked it over.)
 My son is on every prayer list we know of, and shoots
 the finger in church occaisionally anyway. He's pulled
 butcher knives on us since he was three (the same year
 we left.)We've had 220 electric wires test dead, then
 shoot sparks when cut.  This can mess up anything that
 has wires, from the car to the washing machine. It's
 sporadic, messing up guages a mechanic uses to check
 the radiator, so it tests ok, then pours out water a
 block later.  It can make car fans go when theyre not
 hooked up and not supposed to. My son, at eleven,
 is in trouble for stealing at home ,at school, and
 has stolen at least a hundred dollars noone missed.
 He thrashes and tears up paper with his teeth when
 he gets in trouble, since we took out the kitchen chairs to keep him from
throwing them.  At least
 one daughter has said she'd turn in $20 found in
 Wal-Mart parking lot, only to steal her sisters birth-
 day money a week later, and say "Sowhat?",whencaught.
 I read the bible to her as she tore up paper with
 her teeth.

Strange Light in the Fort

By: joerich@ufl.edu

           Our family of four was camping near one of the American Civil
War forts along the Atlantic Coast, and decided to take a stroll inside
after dark, during the summer of 1999. It was a beautiful, very warm night
with a full moon. We meant no harm to the place, we merely sat down about
30 yards inside the entrance, and waited. The place has a reputation for
occasional ghosts, as park employees had told us. They said you have to be
relaxed and not looking, to actually run into something. That is what
happened to us.
        After a half hour of looking and listening, we started getting
pretty tired; it was after midnight. So we headed down the sidewalk just
inside the towering walls, ready to leave. On an impulse, I mentioned that
we hadn't even been inside one the many cannon rooms, not a single dark
place that was out of the bright moonlight.
       I veered into one of the rooms, about four paces inside. The very
dark room suddenly grew brighter, the light flooding across the floor but
not reaching the far wall, about 12 feet ahead of me. I can remember
wondering, "Why can I see every detail of the floor?" There was nothing
that could do that, unless some bright meteor behind me was lighting up the
sky. Also, it was a strange light, very "grainy".
       I spun around and said, "What the hell was that?" Total darkness. My
6-foot teenager stood in the doorway, completely speechless. He was covered
goose bumps and cold air. He had tears in his eyes. To this day, he has a
difficult time describing it.
     My wife was eight feet away from him on the outer sidewalk, and
stepped over to him while the cold air lingered for a moment. Better yet,
she got a good look at what had happened. A "cloud of light" about three
feet long and two feet high had swooped down out of a gnarly old tree about
a dozen feet out in the courtyard, into the entrance of the room, almost
striking my son. Three seconds later it zipped back out and disappeared. It
lit up about 30 feet of ground while outside the fort. She said the light
also resembled "many pieces of a broken mirror".
       My other son was eight feet farther up the sidewalk, and had his
back to the light. However, it spread light across the ground and grass so
bright, he thought someone had lit a boat flare behind him. The stark
shadows around the leaves lying on the ground at his feet shifted, as the
ball of light moved.
       If I had been by myself, I would have thought it was a fainting
spell, or something like that. But all four of us were chattering about it.
The light had a very playful, mischievous feel to it, almost magical, and
no threat at all. The four of us trudged back to our tent in silence,
puzzled and mystified by the whole thing.
       A year later, visiting the fort again, we told the park ranger about
it. He told us a few stories of his own about the fort, but thought perhaps
ours was a searchlight from a passing barge. However, I was raised on the
Intracoastal Canal and saw barges with their shifting searchlights, some
that even lit up my own bedroom, almost every night for many years. This
was nothing like that. As for the ball lightning theory, there were
hundreds of cannon rooms available. Why did it chase after me in that
particular room?
       Someone more knowledgeable in paranormal psychology later told us it
might have been an "elemental", a non-human life form. I don't know. On our
visit, a friend of ours who is sensitive did feel some strange things. He
felt that a worker helping build the fort in the 1800's was accidentally
hung by the neck. Also that pirates had been responsible for some awful
things there at the same site, long before that fort was ever built.
     Three hours after the sighting that night, we had a short but terrific
wind and rain storm with lightning. Almost every tent in the campground was
blown down. It was quite a night. My teenagers seemed a little dazed when
the sun finally came up.


Something is in my Parents House

By: jtn-sync@swbell.net ..

I know my story is NOT as exciting as some of the other stories I have read on your site, but none the least I would share my experiences with you and anyone else who is interested.
I have lived in my parents house since I was 4 years old.  We are the only owners of the house.  I have NEVER had a problem with the house.  I mean sure once in a blue moon I would think I would see things out of the corner of my eye and when my son was born I would awake to him talking to "something" and then lay back down and go to sleep.  I just figured it was my grandmother talking to him (she passed 2 months before he was born).
Then I moved out and met my boyfreind and we BOTH moved back in with my parents.  And that is when the strange things started happening. Like I said I have NEVER had a problem with the house, but my boyfriend sure did.  At first I just thought he was crazy or that his imagination was just WAY TOO BIG.  One night me and him were alone in the house and I went to the restroom and came out and he was sitting on the couch with a very scared look on his face.  He had said that he had seen a small glowing light (like a lightening bug) in the kitchen that kinda floated real slow and then disaapeared.  I shrugged it off and said he was just seeing things.  Then one night we were getting ready for bed, and on his side of the bed was a full cup full of water just sitting there.  I asked my parents and neither one of them had done and.  I know it wasn't my son because he was only 2 at the time and he would have spilt the water.  But once again I shrugged it off, but started to be a lil more cautious of my boyfriend and his reaction to things.
Things started to get a lil worse a few weeks later.  I am sitting on the floor doing my family tree stuff and he walks in and freaks out  asking me why the blue screen is on the television and when I looked up the TV was off.  He was extremely unsettled.  So we are sitting in the room and basically ask if there was a prescence there and the lights flickered 3 times.  Was that our imagination.  WHO KNOWS?
But it got to the point where he couldn't even take showers by himself.  He would call me in there because he would be in a HOT shower but just be freazing cold..........
We heard through friends to just tell the spirit to leave but we didn't want to do that because we didn't know if it needed something from us or if it was trying to tell my boyfriend somethingThen I think the ghost gave up on him and turned to me.
I came home and lil things like the microwave door opening.  The blow dryer turning on.  The toilet seat going down.  And my mom saying she looked for a bill for a month and then woke up one morning and it was sitting on the counter.  During the time of the occurances I was tracing my family tree.  Maybe that has something to do with it.  Or maybe the sprirt has BEEN in the house and just formed a liking for my boyfriend when he moved in.  WHO KNOWS!!!!

Shawangunk Mountains

By:  Chris


 I was pleased to find this listed on your site. My family and I have had a
 summer residence in the region since the 1970's and have hiked the range
In general, one feels a strong sense of richness in the area. Visually,
the place is beautiful, with many cliff, gorges and dark "Tolkein-esque"
woods. The geology and ecology is unique for the North East. There were several
old victorian mountain-top hotels on the ridge at one point (Minnewaska
Mountain Houses), that were reportedly haunted (room 444 in particular, I believe).
Not sure about the surviving hotel: Mohonk Mountain House.
I've long been fascinated by the scenery and mood of the place, but there
are a few instances that come to mind that have been somewhat freaky.
 1) My family and I were hiking to a particular crag, "Bear Hill", on a
 rather damp and foggy day. My mother and I kept thinking that we heard an
 animal rustling off to the left of the trail. We actually caught a
 glimpses of what looked somewhat like an albino deer (is there such a
 thing?), but bigger. It followed a path parallel to our hiking trail the
 whole time, pacing with us, while a deer would most likely run away.
 2) Camp Don Bosco. This was once a religious camp/retreat center on the
 western flank of the ridge, featuring several old stone shrines, somewhat
 ruined. My family and I were following a trail to a lake above, but the
 trail kept looping back on itself and leading no-where.  After several
 disoriented attempts to find our way, we just aimed ourselves down hill,
 quite spooked, and just got the hell out of there.
 3) Trail near Awosting Falls, after nightfall. My girlfriend and I didn't
 time our hike very well and night fell upon us. The woods in this area are
 characterized by very old stands of hemlock. Perhaps it was just my
 girlfriend's nerves, (and her nails digging into my hand), but it
distinctly felt like we were being followed. When we stopped walking, it almost
sounded like we could hear footfalls behind us on the gravel carriage road. When
 we'd stop to listen, they would then stop after a split second delay after
 ours. An echo? Of course, being "the man", I minimized all this at the
time, but I tell you, I'm never hiking there again after dark. My hair was on
end. There are many more instances, mainly of the variety where a "presence"
was felt.

Shadow In The Woods

By:  Unknown

When I was young, (around 11 or 12) I DEFINATLY was being haunted! One day, at my school, me and my friends were crouded around the entrance to the trails that led into the woods. We were joking around and saying that someone was murdered in the woods a couple of weeks before, and that thier body was hung on one of the trees. (of course nobody believed this, and neither did I) Well a few people went into the woods to prove that nothing had happened. Well, the teacher who was on duty caught them (we wern't aloud in the woods) and they had to sit out the rest of recess. Everyone who had gone into the woods had come out. A few minutes later, we were joking around again, when we heard footsteps and crunching leaves. We looked into the woods, and there was a dark shadow of a boy about our age running where patches of light hit the ground. (remember, everyone was out of the woods) There was no school for miles, and no houses either. We screamed and ran away.

Scream in the Afternoon

By: Bracesgurl@aol.com

I have sent one story here, but it was never put on the page so I decided to
try again. I have *so* many stories it is unbelievable, since I am only 12
years old. My house is very extremely haunted but I think yesterday I heard
one of the first noises that wasn't the house, so to speak. I was sitting in
the bathroom, the downstairs bathroom which is right next to the steps to the
basement and the kitchen. Both of my parents were in the den. As I was
sitting there, my father came into the kitchen and messed around with
something in a jar, I could hear him. A few seconds later I heard a
high-pitched scream come from by the garage. I knew it was a young girl,
maybe 7 or 8, it just sounded like one. And I hurried out of the bathroom and
said "DAD! Didn't you just come into the kitchen?" His answer was yes.
"Didn't you hear it?" "Hear what?" was his question. "I heard a little girl,
screaming outside, go check okay? Maybe she's hurt!" Well, my father went
outside, and not only was there no little girls, but it was deserted.
Needless to say I hurry when I'm in the bathroom now.
Another story is well, it's happening right this moment. Whenever I come into
the den (my computer and TV room, which is located directly underneath my
parents bedroom) I can hear people walking upstairs, even when nobody is
home. I also hear things in the dining room which is right behind me. It
sounds like somebody is poking our china closet and then sitting on our
Other things that happen are whenever you walk down my stairs you can feel
somebody watching you. I ask my friends, even those who don't believe in
ghosts, if they get scared upstairs. They say yes, and they asked if I stood
behind them while they were walking down the steps. I always tell them no,
that was just our ghost, and they usually don't come over for a while. I
think the ghost is watching over people who go down the steps. Maybe it died
because it fell down the steps or something.
Also, there have been many things that happen in my bedroom. My closet is the
creepiest closet in the world. I always shut it, and sometimes when I wake up
it is partially or fully opened. Then I ask my parents who was in my room
last night or this morning and they always reply that they respect my privacy
and wouldn't come in without asking. One night I awoke to a banging noise in
my room and my closet door flew open before my eyes.
This has only happened once, but I was laying in bed, and I had just awoken,
it was the middle of the night, but for some reason I could still see the
posters on my wall even though it was dark. Immediatley my eyes looked at my
cat collage (that I created by cutting out small pictures of cats from a cat
calendar and pasting them on cardboard) and wouldn't stop going over all of
the pictures. I tried to turn my head but it wouldn't budge, and my eyes just
kept going very slowly over the pictures. When I could finally move again I
ran downstairs and told my parents. They told me I was probably dreaming, but
I knew I wasn't because I could feel my head hurting from laying on my hard
pillow. The whole time I was looking at the collage, I heard whispering. Like
a room full of people whispering, but it was quiet. And NO it was NOT the
I have more stories but I will write them later. Thanks for listening and

Scott Valley Haunted House

By: a_watcher152@yahoo.com

This time would be different, I thought.  But here I
was, broke, with no job, in the middle of nowhere and living in a really
scary, old haunted house, the last thing in the world I ever wanted to
do.  It all started when I decided to make another attempt
at leaving the big city for good.  I disliked big cities, but back then I
somehow always wound up in one, in order to survive financially.
This is a detailed, honest true story about the haunted house I found myself living in, 2
miles from the nearest neighbor. It was early summer in Ô74Õ and I was getting anxious
about leaving the L.A. area... again.  Finally after searching high and
low, I landed a job as an engineer at the local, yokel daytime only
radio station.  It was located near the sparsely populated Mount Shasta
area, only 30 miles from and bordering the valley I hoped to live in,
again.  I arrived on the scene as soon as I could at the radio station.
After a brief introduction to the ins and outs expected of me and a
full day of work, I proceeded off to my favorite valley.  Everything was
looking rosy, at least it was at the beginning.  I had friends in this
valley from when I lived here before, so I figured I could stay with them; look around for a
place to rent nearby and make the 30 mile trek every day to work.  After
all it was quite common around these here parts to do this for
employment, as well as for big city groceries.
Within a short 2 weeks, things weren’t going as
expected at the radio station.  They had changed their mind about being able
to afford a ‘full time; engineer.  However, this didn’t deter me in my
hopes of securing employment ‘elsewhere’ and staying in the area, so I
stuck it out. I had already looked at several ‘prospective’ rentals,
but none were too impressive.  Finally one day, I saw an old friend
(Brian) and his newly wedded wife.  He had also been looking for a home to
rent and had discovered several possibilities I hadn’t even heard
of.  One place sounded ‘really’ nice from Brian’s description.  It
was an older 2 story 6 bedroom farm house complete with out buildings and
all.  It was located 10 miles from the nearest town (by road) on
the lightly traveled east side road.  It was renting for $75 per month.
The owner had agreed to cut this way down in lue of work done on the house,
Brian told me.  I was starting to get excited, until his wife added,
its haunted. This having been my first time meeting Brians wife, I
didnt know what to think.  Brian was a very non-superstitious person.
Judging from what I had previously heard about his new wife, she was
too.  Nevertheless, I decided to check the house out.  Maybe she didnÕt like
old fashioned houses that needed work, I didnÕt know. I found the house (2 miles from the nearest occupied house) early in the afternoon.  It was a warm summer day and the fresh air
and rising mountains behind it, gave it a wonderful atmosphere.
I could see the barns and other barn-like buildings stretching out
beyond the main house.  As I approached the front door, I noticed that
most of the wooden porch had rotted and collapsed with the years,
making it impassable.  Then I remembered that Brian had told me
to enter the house through the rear side entrance.  I walked over to the
rear ÒkitchenÓ entrance thinking about how nice it would be to live
in this old farm house.
When I entered the kitchen, I was greeted with the sound of a running
faucet.  I went over to the sink and tried, in vain, to turn the water
off.  These attempts only made matters worse and the water came out more and louder.  So, I decided to go on and enjoy my visit.  The kitchen was huge (already the size of most
living rooms) with high ceilings and all, which included the ÒstandardÓ
old fashioned, floor to ceiling, glass doored cabinets for dishes, etc.  After exploring
this and the cold storage room located through another door outside the kitchen, I proceeded on into the adjoining living room, towards the front of the house.
The living room must have been twice the size of the
kitchen, with high ceilings as well.  I was getting more and more
excited.  Walking through the living room to another doorway, I entered
a hallway which connected to the front part of the house.  Off to the left side of the
hall was the lone bathroom for this place.  Continuing on through the
hall were 4 bedrooms, 3 of which looked out onto the front of the house.  2
of them had outside doors opening out onto the decaying front porch I had
seen when I arrived. Boy, was I getting quite excited about the prospect of
living in this house the more I looked at it or what?  In fact so much so,
that I had completely forgotten about the comment from BrianÕs wife.

After making the ÒgrandÓ tour of this downstairs area, I proceeded on back towards and
through the living room to another doorway. On entering this, I discovered a stairway going
upstairs (the house had originally been built as a single story house (with an attic)
consisting of only 4 front rooms and a bathroom; the living room, huge kitchen
and upstairÕs bedrooms to the rear had been added years later).  At
the top of this stairway was a long narrow hallway going along one side of the house.  The
rear part ran straight into a linen closet.  This linen closet to the rear of the
hallway was stuffed full of disorderly construction materials and pieces of junk wood.  To its right was a door going into a nice old fashioned room complete with old fashioned, hand carved trim molding. I explored this rear cozy ÒclassyÓ room and took a liking to it.  I was thinking Ôwhat a neat houseÕ.  Now, I walked back down this hall towards the front upstairs room, which had
its door shut. When I first opened the door and entered, it appeared
to have beenrecently remodeled with newly taped dry wall (sheet
rock) and modern height ceilings.   Now for the exciting part: Almost
immediately upon entering this room, I felt uncomfortable.  Nothing could have been further from
my mind.  Just moments before while touring this house, I had been experiencing a Òdream come trueÓ.  However, as soon as I entered Òthis roomÓ, I had the
strong sensation that someone was staring at me to my right,
which was towards the front of this house.  I turned in that direction and noticed a
square cut out in the dry wall that had a plastic sheet thumb tacked
over it.  This was evidently an entrance into the attic over the front
part of the original house.I stepped over to this opening and removed the two top
tacks that held the plastic in place.  I folded the plastic away so I
could look in. Maybe it was because my eyes werenÕt adjusted to the
darkness, but I thought I distinctly saw two hideous looking eyes
staring at me out of the darkness.  Then the noises started: the creaking,
as if someone was slowly walking towards me on the attic rafters.
Part 2 coming soon.

Real Story

By: AMANDAPOE1@icomcast.net

hello my name is amanda. and am gonna tell you about this one story because i dont think you will believe the other ones.
this all happend a few months after my son was born.
i went and put him in is cradle to take a nap, then i went into the office room(the room that has the computer, its down the hallway from were the baby was sleeping) well i was talking to my mom. when i heard someone hushing the baby not a quick hush it happend sevral times. i thoght maybe someone was home. but when i looked outside there was no one there. so i ran to the bedroom to see if my baby was all right and he was fine so i took him into the room i was in.scared because me and the baby were the only ones home and someone was trying to keep the baby quite. well when i went back into the room  to grab something. there was a rock in his cradle. that was not there when i took him out. and we had no rocks in our yard. thank you for reading this. theres more stuff that has happend to me.

Parents House

By: stephanie498@webtv.net

well heres one when i was 13 i was asleep and i felt someone on my bed
and i actually could not move i started praying and it went away .I told
my parents and thats when the house was blesses  te first time. another
time we were watching tv and a black shadow walked across our living
room and scared the hell out of our cat. not to mention the drop of
temp. in my room u could really see your breath and that's when the air
feels thick. sometimes when u look in my room u see flashes of light
almost like someone is flashing a camara.sometimes it seems to leave and
then we will say have u seen our friend and we all say oh ya it's back!!

Radio City Music Hall

By:   colletteebear@hotmail.com

Description of Haunting: Dear Sirs: I was a young performer for Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular. The show is 75 years old, and the building is even older. It was built from S.L. (Roxy) Rathefel, he built this beautiful city within a city. It is truly breath taking if you knew all the details that he thought of so many years ago. Anyway, he built a beautiful stage with seating for 6,000 people.."Mr. Roxy"( as all the people that work at Radio City call him..) did not know he had built one of the worlds largest theatres in the nation! When it was first built..they hired workers from the navy to guard the undergroud work...(that makes the stage go up and down..stage elevators) Mr. Roxy thought of it all by himself.
Well doing the show for almost 3 months, you hear the inside rumors..Mr. Roxy built this complex and also lived in it. He was a very wealthy man, and his room which is called the "Roxy Suite" . It is absolutely gorgeous, none of his books or furniture has been touched..he is a very reconized person with the people that work in the building. Rumor says that he was quite a drinker, his suite is now used for tours..where guests can have refreshments. Mr. Roxy died a while ago, but like I said..the respect for this man is almost like a very close friendship with everyone.
Well..I few of the dressers that pre-set our costumes underground and on the backstage stage. (the stage is a block long) One of my very close friends which does all the pre-setting has told me a few rumors....when she is alone working backstage...she can smell this VERY strong scent of alcohol..out of no where at 8am in the morning. it is almost like someone breathed over her..but then the next minute its GONE. Everyone at Radio City Music Hall believes in the spirit of Mr. Roxy. He is not a bad spirit, he built this complex with his heart and now performers all over the world can enjoy it.
Well i was backstage on the left side where the dresser smelled the strange alcohol. I was warming up 15 minutes to the show..and im always the first down there because I take a while..no one but the dressers and stage hands where there..kinda in and out. Well..i was moving pretty fast and i turned around and I saw this man...with a checkered kind of jacket with a very old looking hat tilted one way so you couldnt see his face. he was holding an unlit cicarette in one of his hand. He had a scarf around his neck and black pants..he didnt look fancy..quite rough looking. not really matching...well I could tell through the shadow of his hat that he was looking at the ceilings..like he knew this place very well..examining it with great joy. the wrinkles on his face showed me that he was smiling. I only saw him for a second but for the fact that i saw someone so strange looking for that split second it caught every detail. No one so closed to showtime can go so close to the set p!
eices execept the stage-hands...ony dressed in ALL BLACK. well i turned around when i saw that figure...and he was gone...how could I have picked that detail up so closely if i didnt actually see something? the man didnt scare me...it was quite a moment if it really was Mr. Roxy was examining his own beautiful work.
Radio City Music Hall is the home of the famous Radio City Rockettes. The show that I performed in was their Radio City Christmas Spectacular(starring the Rockettes). I was Clara in the Nutcracker act. I had the best time working there, and there wasnt a thing that didnt bring a smile to my face. I will never forget any of my experiences with performing and life on this adventure. The show is now closed, and I am living in California.


By: gscott2@ipa.net

 My maternal grandmother told me about this when I was a little girl. My  grandfather worked in the oil fields  around 1929, he was coming home from work one night. He had to walk through the oil fields to get home.  One night when he got home from work he told my grandmother something had followed him in the oil fields coming home he said it scared him, he said it was white and it looked like a woman's apron with ties coming out on either side of it, he said it floated  up and over him, and it scared him. He also said when he reached the road it just disappeared, If I'm not mistaken he said this happed three nights in a row. He told his wife (which is my grandmother) that he thought it was a premonition, that something was going to happen. The next day he was killed in an oil well explosion, that was February the 14th, my mother was just 9 years old when it happened.

One Heck of a Teenage Experience

By: natemills_2000@yahoo.com

first of all great site!
I live here in rector arkansas which about two miles outside there is an old cemetary called Mary's Chapel Cemetary. At one time The church sat on these grounds before it burnt & was moved down the road.
There is a story of the first person buried in the cemetary was a little girl by the name of Mary Copland. She was run over by a horse and buggy.
As the story goes if you go out there at night and turn off your engine and aim your head lights at her tomb stone she will step out from behind it and crawl up on hood of your car and then dissapear & your car will not start until daylight.
Well one Friday night we thought it would funny to take some girls out there and have a little fun and scare them so i went by one of my buddys house and picked him & his four wheeler up, since it was a prety long way up the trail road up to the cemetary, about 10:30 pm to drop him off there. He was supposed to ride up there and hide , since he was the only one of us that was actualy brave enough to be up there alone, to sneek up behind the truck when we got there and scare them.
so about midnight we picked up the girls and headed out to the cemetary. As we made the turn to go up the trail we saw our buddy standing at the bottom of the trail waiting on us. He was standing there pale white shaking & babbling. We finaly got out of him that about 20 min. earlier he had been setting there when he felt a cold breeze, which was odd since it was the middle of July, he said then he heard something walking across the cemetary. He said he figured it was just a deer or something, but it just kept getting closer so he finaly turned on his flash light to scare it off. When he turned it on there was a little girl standing about ten feet away staring at him. It scared him so bad that he dropped his light and ran down the trail and in to us.
We were a little sceptical but one of the girls said that the familys down the road had a little girl and was afraid that she might have wandered out of the house and was lost.
Well after a couple of cans of liquid courage I decided to go ahead and drive up to the cematary and make sure it wasn't her,I knew no matter how scared we were she had to be ten times as scared as we were.
I drove very slowly up the trail jiust in case she ran out from the side the road. About half way up I could see the beam from his flashlight moving so figured she was setting there holding the light so I sped up . When I got up to the cematary the light was laying on the ground. Figuring she had go scared and hid we called out her name but there was no answer. One girl said "look" and there she was in the head lights at the far end of the cematary. I hollered out "Don't move we'll be right there to get you". The closer we got  the worse the  truck began to run. When we got close enugh to realy see her the girls began to screem because it wasn't her . About that time I threw it in to reverse and began to tear out in a hurry when I backed in to a tree and killed the motor. No matter how hard I tried it would not start.  The girl started walking towards us so we al got out and ran like hell to the nearest house witch happened to be house of the little girl that we thought had wandered out into the cematary.
We told the man the story of our strange encounter, He was very upset that we had been out there so late and messing around out there,he said it did not surprise him because we were no the first people to nock on his door in the middle of the night scared to death.
He let us camp out in the living room and said he would take us up there to get my truck in the morning. Well we got my truck started and loaded up the fourwheeler and left as fast as my old ford would carry us the whole time we were back up there the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up until the moment we were down the trail.
Needless to say I'm a believer and haven't been back since!

Supernatural Experiences

By: rain_keeping@lycos.com

I am writing you to tell you some experiences I have had with the supernatural.  I'm not sure if I have ever wrote you before, because I have told other web-sites some of my true stories in the past, and I'm not sure if you were one of them.  Anyway, I have had many experiences with ghosts, so have some friends and family members.  I will write a few here, and if you are interested in hearing more, just write me back.  They may be a bit long, so please bear with me.
First, I will tell you about the last ghost experience I have had.  My boyfriend "Tyler" and I were alone in my home (beginning of last summer), when he heard mom call out to me.  He told me she just called and I said that I didn't know she was home, so I went downstairs, and no one was home (the car was gone too).  I went upstairs and told Tyler that no one was home and he said that he was sure he heard something.  A short while later, we heard the front door close and mom called out to me again.  Tyler and I both heard this, so I went downstairs, only to find out that my parents still weren't home.  I went back upstairs and told him no one was home, but we both were sure we heard something.  Then, we heard the front door close, and there were footsteps leading towards the basement door, and then the basement door slammed shut.  This time Tyler went with me, and when we went downstairs, no one was home and the front door was locked, and the chain lock was still on the basement
 door.  We were starting to get freaked out now, and searched the house.  Every door and window was locked, and there was no sign that anyone had been home.  We went back upstairs to my room, and as soon as we got back, we heard the front door close again..  Then we heard people going up the stairs between the poarch and living room.  We heard mom call out my name again.  We both went downstairs again and no one was home.  Then Tyler went to the bathroom, and when he came back in my room, he told me he heard people walking around and talking on the roof (we have a double roof that joins at the bathroom, so one wall in the bathroom leads to the top of the shorter roof)  We also heard people talking and walking up and down the stairs for a while.
That's all I can remember about what happened that day.  This might not be exactly like what happened because it happened almost a year ago and I can't remember every detail, but it is true.
Another thing that used to happen to me ever since I was a little girl in the house my parents live in now (we moved there when I was 5 and now I live somewhere else to go to school) was that I would hear mom calling out to me when she wasn't home, or when she was asleep or just didn't call out to me.  The first time I remember this happening was when I was in my room with the window open, and I heard mom knocking on the door and calling out my name.  I assumed she was locked out, so I went downstairs to let her in.  When I went downstairs, no one was there.  My father was in the next room, and I asked him if he heard anything, but he said no, so I just went back to my room again.  When I went upstairs, I heard mom knocking on the door and calling out to me, so I carefully went over, closed the window, and closed the blind.  I heard mom calling out to me a lot over the years.  What really freaked me out, was one day a few months ago I was over to my brother's house, and we got
on the subject of the paranormal, when I told him about hearing mom call out to me.  He told me he used to hear that all the time too, but assumed it was just in his head.  I also found out that we both had a problem with the basement.  I would hear people talking in there, and my brother had horrible dreams about it.  But, that could have just been a child's wild imagination.  What kid isn't afraid of the basement.
One more thing I want to write to you is one time about 1 1/2 - 2 years ago I was walking from my room to the bathroom just across the hall.  When I did, I turned my head to look out the window in the room at the end of the hall, and I saw something I though was my reflection at first glance, but then realized that it appeared to be the face of an old man.  On the way back from the bathroom, I looked back again and didn't see anything - not even my reflection - just blackness from the night sky.  After that happened, I realized that I couldn't possibly have seen an obscure reflection of my face, because it is impossible for someone to see their reflection in that window from the end of the hall.  That was the only time it ever happened, and I have never seen my reflection from that window unless I was standing almost directly in front of it.

My True Story

By: rena026@yahoo.com

Ever since I was little, I have always felt more
intune with the spiritual world. When I was a very
young girl, my favorite uncle died,and shortly after
we spread his ashes, I woke up in the middle of the
night to find him standing near my bed. At first I was
frightened but then I just became very calm. He had
just come to say goodbye. When I told my mom, she did
not believe me and said it was just a dream, but when
I told my grandma, she said she believed me and that
if he could come back to talk to anyone she believed
it would be me. My parents' house is located on the
corner of a very busy road, and we have had several
accidents that have occurred there where people have
died in our front yard. A few years ago before I moved
out, I had a friend that was staying over. We had
something we had to do the next day and didn't want to
stay up late so we could actually get some sleep. We
had just got in bed when we heard something at the
front door. The front door is just located on the
other side of the wall where my bed was. We glanced
out my front window to see if someone was there and
there was nothing so we laid back down. Then we could
hear the door handle rattling. She looked at me and
again we sat up and looked out the window, again there
was nothing. After that we were both a little hesitant
to go to sleep so we sat up listening to see what it
was. The next thing really scared me. As we sat there
silent, we heard a glass fall from the kitchen counter
and shatter. We jumped and I said I bet that was just
our cat on the counters again and knocked a glass from
the dishdrainer. So, we decided to get up and look and
clean it up. We walked out to the kitchen and looked
around. Nothing. We walked into the living room,again
nothing. We checked all of the rooms, nothing. Where
was the cat, in my little brother's room sound asleep
on his bed and the door shut. Even to this day I
always feel uneasy there. My parent's insist it is
just our imaginations, however my brother and sister
get the same feeling and have had similar encounters.
Even my 20 month old daughter refuses to go down the
hallway to the bedrooms when it is dark, and when she
goes over there like she wants something down
there,she will take a few steps in the hall and come
running to me like something has scared her to death.
    Currently I don't live there and my boyfriend and
my daughter and I live in my great-grandmother's
house. Believe me, it was not by choice, but because
of financial problems it was the only place we had to
go. My great-grandfather had committed suicide in the
garage at this house and being there has always made
me feel uneasy. Well, to get on with the story, one
night I woke up in the middle of the night and looked
at the clock. My alarm clock said it was a quarter to
2. I looked down at my watch and my watch said 2:15. I
was a little confused by this because before I had
gone to bed I had made sure the time on my alarm and
watch were the same and then I set the alarm, at first
I brushed it off thinking maybe I was just so tired I
just somehow set the clock wrong. I got up and walked
across the hall to check on my daughter because I
could hear the TV and it was so loud, she was sound
asleep. As I walked down the hall to the bathroom, I
noticed a glow in the living room, normally I would
have been scared out of my mind to even walk out there
but my boyfriend goes to bed late and I figured maybe
he just left the TV on. I walked out there and sure
enough it was on. I turned it off and went back into
bed. My boyfriend asked what I was doing and I said
well I woke up and could hear something. I asked him
if he had reset the alarm or anything and he said no.
I asked if he was positive because when I just got up
it was set a half hour ahead of when I had set it
before. Then I asked if he went into the living room
and was watching TV. He said no, don't you remember we
were watching a movie in here and I set the timer and
we both fell asleep. Again I wanted to be sure, so I
asked are you positive. He was like yes, why? I said
well, I just walked out in the living room and the Tv
was on full blast ( it is a really old TV that was my
grandma's and has no remote or anything). How it
turned on and why it was up full blast, I can only
guess. I know my clock was set right and the Tv was
off. Not only that but we have come home to find the
slider door wide open when we make sure it is locked
and has a bar that goes in so it can't be opened from
the outside. Even now, I refuse to stay at home at
night by myself when my boyfriend is at work, I always
go somewhere else until he gets home. I can't wait to
move out of there..........

Friends Ghost


I guess I was like most people, when my friend told me
that she had a ghost, I didn't really believe her.
Don't get me wrong, she never lied to me before, but a
ghost, get real.
She would tell me about lights and tv's going on and
off.  She also told me about one of her mother's
friends that would always trip on the same step no
matter how careful she was going up the stairs.  Her
mom said that one day when she was cleaning the cord
to the vacuum cleaner wrapped around her leg.  Now
after all these stories (and some others), I just
thought she was pulling my leg or that there was some
reasonable explanation.  But one night she had a sleep
over and my views changed rapidly.
We were in junior high school (back in the 80's) and
she lived in an apartment that was located behind the
lobby of the motel that her mom managed.  One thing
you need to know is that they had four or five phones,
but they were all connected to the same phone line
(this phone line also ran the motel lobby's phone).
Well, we (four of us) were doing what we loved to do.
We were sitting around watching MTV and singing to the
music.  All of a sudden the phone in my friend's
mothers room started ringing.  We all thought this was
odd since none of the other phones rang, but my friend
went to answer it.  She came back a few seconds later
saying it was a prank phone call since it just
sounding like wind blowing in the phone.  I was a
lifeguard at the time and had been getting a few prank
phone calls myself and told her that I had stopped
them by whistling my lifeguard whistle into the phone.
 So we waited for the phone to ring again and planned
on giving the prankster something they wouldn't soon
forget.  Anyhow, the phone did ring again, and once
again it was only the phone in the bedroom that rang.
We both got up, whistle in hand, and went to answer
the phone.  She picked up the handset and as I looked
at the phone I saw something that totally freaked me
out!  The phone cord was not plugged into the wall and
there was no way that phone should have rang at all.
Needless to say, I started yelling for her to drop it
and she wanted to know why.  I pointed out to her the
problem and we ran out of the room and told the
others.  The phone rang anytime someone went into the
apartment, so we spent the rest of the time waiting
for her mother out in the lobby of the motel.  We told
her mother and she tried to explain that it was just a
short in the wiring, but I pointed out that there was
no electricity going into the phone.  You could tell
that she believed us, but didn't want to scare us by
admitting what we all knew had happened.
I never doubted her again.  Later she came to me
saying that things were getting worse, like something
evil was there.  We went to our local catholic priest
and he was very helpful in giving her ideas to help
the spirit find rest (not every priest is so
receptive, only those that believe or have experienced
something from beyond).  After that things were
better, but don't know if she ever stopped
experiencing things (This entity followed her
everywhere she moved to and at first had seemed to be
a protector for her).
I have just started visiting with her again (lost
track of each other after college) and hope to ask her
if she still has stuff happen but don't want to start


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