Three Ghost Experiences

I, too, am a believer in the supernatural.  I honestly believe that if there
is a way for us to communicate with those who have passed on, whether in our
dreams, actually "seeing" an entity or possibly receiving a message from a
close family member.  All three of my experiences have been with my Mother
and my Great Aunt Mildred These two ladies were "kindred spirits" as my Aunt
had put it.  The entire family strongly believed in angels and are a
God-fearing family.
The first incident occurred around November 1987, a year and 1 month after
my mother's death.  She had been ill with pancreatic cancer and it took her
life so quickly.  I had decided not to go back to college in August of 1987
and stayed home with my father and younger brother (I was 20 years old when
this first occurrence happened...I am the middle child between two
brothers).  It was mid-evening, around 7:30-8:00pm, when I received a phone
call from my cousin, David, who was like a 2nd older brother to me -- my
cousin is the eldest of 3 boys, all of who were like brothers to me.  When I
picked up the receiver I was totally surprised to hear his voice.  He very
seldom would call and I knew it had to be important because he almost never
called long distance (the last time he called was when his father, my Great
Uncle Jim, had died).  I distinctly remember the voice he had .. it was the
same when he called regarding my Uncle dying -- I had answered the phone
that night as well.
As my cousin David began to speak to me I could tell he was serious and that
he needed to desperately tell me something.  As he began to speak, I
couldn't believe what he was telling me!  He had had a dream about my Mother
and telling him to talk to me and that I needed do as my Father
had asked me to do.  My Father and I were at constant odds -- you see, I was
still at college when my mother died and never saw her before she passed
away.  My cousin continued to tell me he hasn't had a dream this strong or
intense in years.  He said to me "I know something is wrong and that things
aren't right between you and your Dad ... I know this because your Mother
told me .... She told me that she wants you to do what you know that needs
to be done .... Go and talk to someone ... She's worried about you and she
knows you're hurting".  I was in tears by the middle of the conversation.  I
told my Father about the incident just recently and he was not happy that my
cousin would do such a thing.  He doesn't believe in those sorts of
"dreams".  I did go and speak to someone after that phone call, but only
because it was a condition that my Father had given to me if I wanted to
continue living at home.  He was suffering just as I was but was in such
denial during that time in November, 1997 that it put a rift between us for
many years after that.  I am happy to say that we have patched those points
over and have slowly gotten closer, not as much as we were before my Mother
died, but it's better.
The occurrence took place almost 1 1/2 years after my mother's death.  It
was during the Summer; I had moved out of my Father's house and moved in
with a friend of mine into a one bedroom apartment.  She was needing help
with finances and I wanted to get out of the house (being 21 I was wanting
to be "out on my own and doing what I wanted to do").  We moved my stuff in
and used the twin beds my Father had stored in his basement.  It was about a
month after I had moved in when I had the strange "dream".  I call it a
dream because I wasn't sure if I had dreamed it or if it actually happened.
It was early morning, around 2am.  I recall that I was having a bad dream
and was feeling very uneasy.  I awoke when I felt someone stroking the right
side of my hair ever so gently.  I opened my eyes slightly and saw, or
thought I saw, my roommate sitting on the edge of my bed and stroking my
hair.  She had a pleasant and comforting smile on her face.  I remember
saying to her "that's what my mother used to do".  It lasted for only a few
minutes.  I then turned my head to face one of the walls in the room (my bed
was in a corner of the room at the time) and when I turned my head back my
roommate wasn't there.  I sat up and looked over to the other side of the
room where her bed was at and she was fast asleep.  When I talked to her
about it the following morning she said, very bluntly "you were dreaming ...
I didn't do that ... I came home and went straight to bed after work" -- she
was a waitress at a local restaurant and some times had the late shift.  I
kept insisting it was her that had done that, but when I really thought
about it, it couldn't have been her.  One, I never felt her get up from the
edge of my bed, and I never heard her walk back over to her side of the
bedroom and get back into bed.  The whole place was quiet.  I'm not sure why
my Mother made this visit to me but it was nice being reminded she was still
my Mother and she knew how to comfort her children, even if she wasn't able
to be there in the physical sense.
This was THE MOST unbelievable experience of my life!  I can honestly say I
have seen apparitions and I dare anyone to argue with me that I didn't see
what I know I saw ... not only me but the guy I was dating at the time saw
it as well!
It was in July of 1991.  I had moved up to North Eastern Ohio to move in
with and help out my ailing Grandmother, my mother's Mother (the small town
of Ashtabula, Ohio, to be exact which is about an hour East of Cleveland,
Ohio).  That was and I can honestly say, one of the best summers I had ever
had.  I was working part time and going to the beach practically every other
day.  This is also where I met a former boyfriend, Bill.  He was a friend of
my cousins.  The occurrence took place about 2 weeks after my Great Aunt
Mildred (Auntie Mimi is what we called her) had died.  One evening, there
was a group of us gathered in the small kitchen of the family Cape Cod --
the kitchen is "T" shaped; there is a side entrance to the kitchen and the
walkway through the kitchen intersected with an open hall that took you
either to their huge music room, left, or to the living and bedrooms, right.
Bill and I were leaning against the counter where the kitchen sink was and
my cousin was sitting at the kitchen table with a couple of his friends.  We
had had a few beers (no, I wasn't drunk at the time) and talking up a storm.
As Bill and I stood there, I caught something out of the corner of my left
eye.  I kept my peripheral vision on the object and turned my head so that
both eyes were focused on what I was seeing.  There is a light at the
intersecting open hallway that met with the walkway to the kitchen -- the
light was on at the time and as I kept looking over in that direction, I
could clearly make out my Auntie Mimi walking from the light of the room
into the darkness of the living room.  I could clearly make out her height
(she was only about 5'), blonde hair that was cut short with the semi-tight
curl as she always wore it, and wearing the robe I had gotten for her:
white heavy terry-cloth with big pink and red flowers on it.  My boyfriend,
Bill was standing there and I didn't know if he had seen what I did.  I
slowly, and quietly turned my head towards him after my Aunt vanished and
said to him "Dddid you just see....???"  He hushed me at that point and
whispered to me "yes I did .. don't say anything .. I don't want your cousin
to get upset".  Just then my cousin, with his big booming voice, asked "HEY!
What are you two whispering over there?!?"  His back was to the hallway so
he had no idea what we had just witnessed.  I looked at Bill and motioned
for him to say something.  Finally, Bill gave in and said "oh, nothing
really ... we just Mildred going into the living room" -- his version of
what she was wearing differed from mine.  He said she was wearing a terry
cloth long blue robe that had belonged her late husband.  I disagreed with
him in hopes that I wasn't imaging it.  My cousin, immediately and rather
enthused by what just happened said "OH!  That's just Ma going in to
bed...NIGHT, MA!!"   His friends even chimed in "G'night, Mrs. C!!" (she had
started sleeping on the couch most nights since her husband had passed away
several years back).  My cousin got up from the table and walked over to me.
He was a big man, 6'4" and 280# if not more.  He put is hands on my
shoulder's and looked me square in the eyes and said "She loved you very
much....she was just wanting to see what everyone was doing and checking up
on us...that's's okay?".  My cousin told me that she had died in
the robe I had gotten for her.  I looked at my cousin and told him I was
alright; it was just something I thought I'd never experience in my
lifetime.  I was glad I did.  It showed me that those we love and those that
love us are there, whether we see them or not.  What made it even better was
that I wasn't the only one who saw her!!  I'm glad I wasn't because then I
would have to chalk it up to being my imagination playing tricks on me!
Thanks, Auntie Mimi!!  That was a night I will NEVER forget!


The Soldier


This was a sighting that I experienced when I was approximately ten years
old.  Now, it happened so long ago that some of the details are a little
vague, but one thing I do remember clearly is that it was in the summer and
my younger sister and I were outside at night, playing with our skipping
rope on the driveway.  The neighbourhood we live in is pretty quiet with
very few pedestrians walking about, and little traffic (for example, one car
passes every hour).  Although this happened at night, the streets are
lighted by streetlamps, and since it was a clear summer evening, visibility
was quite good, and the sighting happened only about 15 metres from where we
were, so I could see pretty well.
So, there my sister and I are, having fun with our skipping rope, and my
eyes wander for a moment to across the road where I see this man wearing a
uniform.  It reminds me of a uniform worn by those in the American army,
circa 1700 or 1800, similar to the kind I've seen George Washington wear in
portraits of him.  Now, some of you may think that perhaps this wasn't an
apparition at all, and merely some very patriotic American playing
dress-up....  Well, this happened in Canada and finding someone wandering a
suburban street while wearing an old Amercian army outfit like that really
doesn't happen.  Even so, the figure of the man, as life-like as he
appeared, still looked out of the ordinary, aside from the uniform.  Now, I
don't know if apparitions appear in colour often, but this one did, but they
weren't vibrant colours, they were more washed out and barely perceptible.
His entire body was hazy, and although he appeared in a perfectly formed
human shape, there was a diaphanous quality to him, as if a fine, grayish
mist was enveloping him.  Even his gait was out of the ordinary.  He walked,
but his movements seemed impeded and light, as if he were walking through
water and gravity was having no affect on him.  All in all, he moved in slow
motion.  Also, he held something in his left hand, though I couldn't clearly
make out what it was.  I know it was rectangular in shape, almost like a
plaque, but I was too far away to see it, and he himself was slightly
blurred so it was difficult to make out distinct, minute details.
Now, I watched, frozen and speechless for about five seconds before I got a
look at his eyes, which weren't really eyes at all.  They were more like dim
balls of light, which I saw only when he turned his head in my direction.  I
should explain that he was in profile while he walked throughout the entire
sighting.  Now, if seeing him didn't freak me out, that did.  I dropped my
skipping rope, grabbed my sister's hand and dragged her into the house,
explaining that it was too cold outside to play.  Although it was still warm
outside, I really did feel a chill run through me.
I haven't researched my area and I'm not certain if my part of the country
was ever visited or used by American troops, but since I'm not a historian
or an expert in 18th/19th century military history or uniforms, it could
have been a Canadian soldier from one of those eras as well, though it was a
blue coat he wore, so I might be erroneously associating that with an
American soldier.
Sometimes I have thought that perhaps it was just a dream from long ago, but
I'm not one to remember dreams, even when I first awaken, and this memory
has stayed with me all those years, and vividly, so I'm inclined to believe
it was real.  But, since I have never seen him again after that day, I'll
never really be able to say for certain.  All I know is that I will never,
ever forget him.

Uncles Keys
This is a story my Uncle told me. One night he came home late from work and he was exhausted. He dropped his keys on an end table in the living room. Then he went straight to bed. He had about ten keys on his key ring for various things. The next day when he woke up, he got ready to go to work. When he went back to get his keys, he saw them all spread out on the table in a circular pattern, with all of the points of the keys pointing towards the edge of the table. All of them had been taken off of the key ring. He says that nobody was with him in his house that night, and he would never have had the reason, (or the patience) to take ALL of the keys off the ring. I thought this story was rather interesting and thought that it could be put on your site. I have always been a fan of the paranormal and was interested in stories by people I know. If you have any questions, you can E-mail me at

The Crytsal Prizm


My Grandmother died back in 1988, I was 12 yrs old (now am 26).  She had a long and pretty painful death, pancreatic cancer.  The whole family went to her home  town to basically "wait" for her demise to occur.  In her Hospital room, she had a crystal Priam...that was stuck to her window. To this day, I don't  have a clue as to who gave it to her, or who even put it there. But it was there.  This is was the start of it, I believe anyway.
About a year later, Mom ,my two brothers and I  had moved into a house, from an apartment.  Nothing happened at that time, not till my Mother went back to her hometown and retrieved some of my Grandmother's belongings, furniture, personal items, things she had left my Mother in her will.  Along with the furniture, my Grandma had left me ( her ONLY granddaughter)  a ceramic Southern Belle Lady lamp.  For years, my mother had called it the "T.V. Lady", as it sat on the television for decoration.  Beautiful piece. I had put that in my bedroom on a night table as my bedside lamp. I LOVED it.  Anyway, that's when things got weird.
The Prism that was in my Grandmothers hospital room, had gone up in the kitchen above the sink on the window looking out to the back yard.  Just a brief description of the Prism, it was a crytal,  hanging from a string, that was attached to one of those little sucker things you can stick to a window, or any glass for that matter.  Anyway, my mother thought that would be a great place for it to go...soooo pretty and all, YEAH, right.
>From then on, strange things began to happen in that house.  Not only was it just my family that experienced it, it was friends who came to stay in that house as well.  These instances are not in order, bare with me.  We would hear footsteps,  ALOT down in the basement, on SEVERAL occasions, while my mother was alone, she had heard the footsteps by herself.  My brothers and I (being teenagers) were gone one evening.  My mother was in her bedroom (now consisted of the twin beds my grandfather and grandmother of the beds my grandfather had died in when my mother was a teen) a night table and t.v. all from my grandmother.  Anyways, my mother was sitting on her bed reading a book, when she heard footsteps coming from the hallway, leading to her door.  She said her heart SANK, thinking someone was in the house about to turn the corner and do the unspeakable to her.  Nothing ever turned the corner. She got up, reached around the wall and flipped the lights on...NOTHING.  She SWORE up and down she heard footsteps coming down the hall.  One other time with her, I remember being woken up early in the morning BEFORE it was time to get up and get ready for school. My mother was yelling at the top of her lungs, down the stairs that lead to the basement.."Who's down there"  ofcourse my brothers and I woke up asking what the heck she was doing. She stated that she DISTINCTLY heard someone running up and down the stairs and then run down, slam the dryer door shut, and start playing the guitar (my brother had a guitar down there).  She woke up to see what my brother was doing, and he was dead asleep in his bed, my older brother was asleep on the couch and I had been asleep in my room.  She was scared.  She stated that she had heard someone run down the stairs alot, thinking it was one of us, but only to find us gone and noone else in the house.  One time, my oldest brother, my mom and I were sitting in the living room watching T.V, when all of asudden, we saw a shadow walk across the wall, slowly.  It didn't bother us at first untill it kept walking across, back and forth, back and forth. Finally, my mother and I ran out front to see if someone was walking around outside and my brother went out back, noone.  It happened again, we would all run outside, still, noone.  The shadow wasn't in a position of where it would show on the wall from someone outside.  Finally, when it happened again, my mom said "Look, it looks like Grandma"...and it did.  As soon as she said that it stopped.
Our dogs would always look up toward the ceiling like something was there.  We always heard like footstpes, like someone was wearing high-heels, walking in the basement about to come up the stairs, and then nothing.  It sounded like they had changed their mind and walked away, then would decide to come up the stairs again, then change their mind again (the floor was concrete in the basement).  In my room I always heard a sighing noise in the corner, by my closet.  At first I would look outside my door thinking it was my dog, with his nose under the door outside in the hall.  But it wasn't.  One dog ALWAYS slept with my in my bed, so I knew it wasn't him, and the other always on the couch in the living room.  But always, just this sighing noise.  A couple of times, I would go stay the weekend at a friends house and my brother's would have friends stay in my room and they ALWAYS heard the sighing too, never been told of it before.  One friend of my older brother, claimed he had awoken with someone staring over him a couple of times, in my room and the livingroom.  The scariest experience, for ME anyway, was that of when I had one of my friends stay the night, we had been in my room and were just about to lay down for the night, when I just turned off my T.V. lady and laid down, someone whispered "Muffy"..that is the nickname my Gandma gave me.  Which my friend had not known.  Just then I asked my friend "What"?? she asked me, "What did you say"?  OH MAN, we both sat up, the hair standing up all over my neck and arms. That was the scariest thing I have ever heard, I will never forget that.
The funny thing is, that one day,  my ever so LIVELY brother was washing his hands at the kitchen sink and accidently hit the prizm knocking it into the sink, breaking it. After that there was NOTHING else that had happened.  We ended up moving into another house, bringing along her other belongings (furniture, etc) and nothing again had happened.  STRANGE, somehow I think maybe her spirit ended up in that Prizm after she died.  And
when it was broke, maybe her spirit was set free.......POSSIBLE???

The Picture


We had a guest staying with our family for a while.  She had brought some
pictures and one of the pictures was of me as a young child.  All of a sudden
whenever our guest went to bed she would make sure the picture was upright.
The next morning the picture was face down on her desk.  This happened for a
week straight and no one had been in her room between the time she had gone
to bed and the time she woke up the next morning.  One day I decided to look
at the picture, I took out the picture from it's frame and looked at it's
backing. It said my name, but I recently changed my last name and my old last
name was still on the back, so I scratched out my old last name and rewrote
my new last name on the back and this occurrence never happened again.  The
weird thing is that my grandmother just died and she didn't like my old
father one bit.  I think she was trying to give me a message through the
picture to change my last name.



I was about 6 or 7 years old and living in Louisiana. I woke up one morning
and heard my mothers vocie yell "Nina? You Awake?". So I hopped out of my bed
and headed downstairs. I made my first stop to the kitchen thinking my mom
was cooking breakfast. But there was nothing but straight silence throughout
the whole house. so i yelled "Where you at mommy?" and then she replied, "I
am in the bathroom". So i casually walked over there and the door was open
and the sink was on. So I turned it off. I was starting to be annoyed and
yelled "Mom where are you?" and then again repiled "Im in landery room" , So
this time I ran to the landery room. Still no one. But the iron was on. I
started to cry and yelled "Mom, this aint funny!" Then 10 seconds later, i
heard my familys car pull up in the drive way, i ran to the window and saw my
Mom, dad, and sister getting out of the car with some wal-mart bags. i told
them what happened. . . but of course they didnt believe me.
This next incident happened recently, my friend was stayin the night over my
place. and dedcided to sleep in the basement (my basement aint creepy, its a
nice room.) We had our sleeping bags all set up and everything, and was
chilling and talking about school, boys and stuff of that nature. Then I
started to feel akward, in a huanted sort of way. As if there was someone
next to me. So i asked my friend for me and her to trade spaces and she was
like "nooo" , so i tugged on her sleeping bag then all of the sudden a white
light flew over our heads (I was bright, and it was low). there was like 5
seconds of silence, and me and my friend just looked at eachother. then I
said " You saw that right?", her eyes were wide and skin was pale as she
nodded yes and described it. Then we heard somethin stratching the door, we
both ran upstairs and where scared that we couldnt sleep.

Stories when I was Younger


My name is Janis.  I live in a small city in Saskatchewan, Canada, called Saskatoon.  My sister happened to stumble along your website and she told me about it, so I started reading some of the stories.  They reminded me of a few incidents that occurred when I was probably about 9 or 10.  My other sister at the time would have been 5 or 6 years old.  My grandpa was in the hospital with a brain tumor.  The doctors had operated and removed it via surgery, but my grandpa remained quite sick.  The hospital decided to send him home to die in peace.  The night he died, my sister was sleeping in my mom's room,( which we all did when we were that young).  My mom was sound asleep, when she felt Heather (my sister) sit up in her bed and heard her talking to someone.  My mom said that Heather had her eyes closed, but had a slight smile on her face and a subtle glow about her.  My mom watched, and after a few short minutes, Heather just lied back down and continued to sleep.  In the morning, Heather said grandpa had came and talked to her.  She said he was floating at the end of the bed and told her not to be sad: that he was happy and free.
    We still own the bed in which my grandpa died in, but we really had no use for it since my sister and I shared bunk beds, so we put it in the guest room.  When my sister decided a few years later that she wanted her own room, my parents moved her into the spare room.  Now me and Heather shared a room.  Jen,( my older sister who moved into the spare room), found it very uneasy to sleep in her new room, but my parents dismissed it as just being not used to being by herself at night, which would make sense.  She would often tell me she would always feel as though someone was watching her sleep, and when she would wake up in the morning, the light in her closet would be on, even though she had turned it off.  She only slept in the spare room for a few months until she wanted to move downstairs because she was "too grown up to sleep upstairs".  I moved into the spare room because I wanted my own room.  I too felt as though someone was watching me, but it was oddly a very comforting feeling, so I didn't mind.  On occasion, my closet light would be on in the mornings, though I too didn't turn it on the night before.  Years passed, and Jen moved to Calgary and I moved out with a friend.  At this time I had a room built in the basement of my moms house, so i moved down there and got a new, bigger bed.  However, when I moved out, my bed was too much hassle to move, so I took the old single one from the spare room.  The first night I slept in my own house in my old bed, and I was feeling quite uneasy about being on my own, in my own house without my family.  When I decided to go to sleep after our "house warming party", I laid down on my bed, and a sense of reassurance just seemed to wash over me.  It was kinda creepy to have that feeling again, but it doesn't scare me because I know that if it is anything at all, it is my grandpa watching over us and making sure we are safe.
    A second incident also happened to Heather.  My older sister and I were home babysitting her one day.  We were teasing her and had locked her in her room to scare her.  She was screaming and screaming, but we just held the door closed on her.  When she stopped yelling, we let her out and she said she had seen my great aunt Janet rise through the floor and through the ceiling of her room.  My aunt had also just had a painful battle with cancer, which resulted in her death.

someones watching


 my name is ashley and im 13 yrs old and i have had numerous encounters with the paranormal but one time i remember i was 9 or 10 my great grandma died and i went to the funeral and my great grandpa had already passed away. i had seen pictures of him but had never known him. during the wake i saw someone who resembled my great grandpa was in the corner of the room staring straight at me
i asked my mom who the man was and she said that it was not the time for me to be playing games but i had a feeling it was my great grandpa he wasnt talking to anyone and so i decided to talk to him when i went up to him he vanished.
        at the funeral friends didnt stay during the service but the man was still there but when we got to the cemetary he wasnt there but i still had a feeling he was watching me
thank you for  listening


This may all sound abit vague but I live at St Georges Manor, Oxford which
was an Old Lunitic Asylum built in 1840 and opened on 1st August 1846 as a
mental hospital.  The building was changed  into residential facilities in
1997.  I have only lived there for about a year and have only experienced 2
episodes of abnormal happenings.
First one was the kettle in the Kitchen turned itself on while we were
standing talking in the kitchen.
Second happening was the early hours of this morning 03h00am.  My partner
had woken to use the toilet.  About 10 minutes after settling back down
again my little boy's bedroom door slammed shut - there were no windows open
in his room and the door handle needs to be used to actually close the door.
My little boy was fast asleep as we thought maybe he had closed it but he is
only 3 years old.
You have probably heard many, many different stories but I thought I would
send mine through as St George's Manor has so much history.  One of the
women in the wards was murdered in 1940.
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Several Encounters


Many Strange things have happened tome.  LOTS of horrible  things have happened to my dad.  I will start with my experiences since mine are shorter.  3 years ago we moved into this trailor.  When we moved there I began to  have horrifying dreams.  Most of the time I would wake up crying!  They were that vivid.  I had a pretty big room.  I hated the room.  I always felt someone was watching me.  Like something was going to get me in that room.  It was ALWAYS cold in that room.  You could come from the living room into my room and your teeth would chatter so bad you couldn't stay there long.  So anyways I was having terrible dreams.  When we first moved I had reacurring slave dreams.  The one that I remember the most was a woman was running through the woods very fast with her newborn.  she was bieng chased by white men and guard dogs.  All of a sudden she falls and breaks her ankle.  She quickly gets up and hobbles the rest of the way.  She comes to the river and ahe still holds her baby crying and then she puts the baby underwater.  Then she dives in the water and drowns herself.  Then when she floats up It is me!  I was really shaken up about this dream.  Ok on with it.  I still have dreams and They get so bad that I Wouldn't sleep in that trailor at all.  I would stay up all night and sleep all day.  I heard footsteps, saw shadowy figures out of the corner of my eye.  On one occasion my dad was home taking a bath.  I was asleep on the couch.  And the way our kitchen was you have the living room and to the right there was the counter you walk maybe 4 paces and htere was the kitchen.  Well my dad said while he was taking a bath he heard a very loud BANG.  So he got out of the tub to investigate it.  When he went into the kitchen he only saw a pill bottle on top of a vent.  He said he looked at me and I was still asleep.  The pill bottle was on the center of the counter.  There was no way it dropped on its own.  Were it laid it had to be thrown.  So after dad woke me up we conducted a little expeirment and the only possible way was for it had to be thrown.  There was times when I laid on the couch dozing off when I was jerked awake by the feeling of someone breathing o my cheek.  I could even smell what would be thier "breath" .   Finally I couldn't take sleeping in that room anymore.  So my parents and I switched rooms.  Before we did I asked my dad for all the religeous stuff he could give me.  His mom( who is deceased) drew this really beautiful picture of Jesus Thar hung in my room.  His mom had given him some blessed patches there were two of htem.  My dad gave me one.  I had crosses and rosery beads my friend gave me.  My dad always taught me to say the Lord's Prayer if I ever felt scared.  So When I get settled in my new room I feel much safer.  But my head board has two mirrors on it while i was looking in the mirror and in the very corner I saw what would appear to be a childs hand print but the only child we had in the house was my niece and her hands were much bigger than the one in the mirror.  If that wasn't freaky in itself there was no sign of finger prints.  The whole time we lived in that house I sensed a child's presense.  Well That was about it.  Now on to some of my dad's experiences.  My dad has seen  dead bodies in the basement,  when my grandfather didn't.  They (his family) used to live in a two story house my dad's room was up in the attic.  The family cat ended up in his window wanting in!  How could the cat ended up there?  No trees nothing.  He has seen figures smoking.  One particular incident he said his cat just had kittens.  One day him and his mom came home from somewere(can't remember) and they went into the house and there was cats blood and pieces of them everywhere. Even  on the ceiling.  The house was locked no one couldv'e got in.   his mom tried to clean but it came back.  I can't remember how it dissapeared but it did.  My dad has this gift of knowing things like physcic in a way.  But only things that are about people he loves.  His mom had the same gift to.  She knew that president kennedy died 20 minutes before the news showed he died.  I have this gift too.  The night before the WTC attacks I had dreamed the whole thing.  My dad saved my moms life.  If my dad had not told her to go to the docter she couldv'e died of cancer.  I think this gift that we all have is bound and from God.  I am so luck that the Ghosts I had encounters with did not harm me or my family.



  I’ve seen a lot of unexplainable things in my lifetime but nothing as bizarre as in the spring of 1987. My good friend Franky and I moved into a run down farmhouse in Topton, Pennsylvania. Basically we decided to dedicate all of our time to fixing the residence so we could invite all of our pals up for “shin digs”. One night I was home alone. Early in the morning while I was caulking the shower in the master bath, I heard a grizzled voice say: “do I have to earn a spot?” I turned around and looked down the hall and saw absolutely nothing! I was terrified. It was dark in the house, it was dark outside…I couldn’t wait for Franky to get home. I waited up in the living room contemplating if I should answer the voice, and even what kind of answer I would give. I turned on the television for a distraction (I’ll never forget that Night Rider was on) and all of sudden I heard it again like it was sitting right next to me. The voice said “Ya got change for a quarter?” and even before I could answer it bellowed out “A mans gotta eat!” I couldn’t take it anymore. I yelled profanities at it… told it to go away…and it did for quite a few years. Franky came home that night and I told him what happened, he didn’t even come close to believing me. I was upset about that for quite some time. Then came the day came that he and I were working on a drywall project in the basement. I went into the adjacent room to get my utility knife, then I heard “ I’ve made my share of mistakes!” I came back in the room and asked Franky to repeat what he said, he was pale white and trembling and he said: “I didn’t say a word”. We have moved since that time. We had a few more encounters with the spirit that we named “Luper” for some reason that I can’t recall. We never found out who he was or what he wanted. We knew that he wasn’t hostile even though he sounded that way…he just had a lot to say.

Past Relatives


Well, many people in my family have died in the last 6 years or so, quite a few of them were close relatives.  My mom, uncle, and aunt all grew up in a house haunted by many many ghosts.  There are many stories that she tells me, and I can't write this without having at least one light one.  When she was very little they watched a small picture of Jesus and a lamb float across the room, attach itself to a wall, and float back.  My aunt is convinced that the devil was in their home, or at least a terrible demon.  I'm going to have to have my mom tell me word for word these stories to get them correctly sent to you.  They have given me nightmares for most of my life.  My experiences are quite small and insignificant compared to hers.  When I was three years old, my great grandfather died on Christmas Morning.  I had waken my mother up at about 730 by yelling for her from my crib.  I told her that my grandpa had been there, and she just loo is my mothers sister, when she lived with us for a while.  She was in the basement unpacking when she heard her name called.  She ran upstairs only to find the house empty of anyone.  Lately, I've seen my grandmother's face from the corners of my eyes in the mirrors around the house.  It makes me sad to see her that way.  The day of and before my graduation party she appeared to my mother in the living room and on our back deck.  She lived with us before she died.
There are just so many things I could tell you.  I could type for hours and hours and still I would leave a story unfinished or left out.  My uncle refuses to talk about, so I have another lifetime of stories to hear.  My cousins have experiences often, my aunts children.  My uncle's kids do not, and they are in no way emotionally close to the rest of the family.  They live about a mile down the street but I see them maybe once a year.  My aunt's children are like brother and sister to me.
Well, if you can tell me anything I'd greatly appreciate it.  I'm considering writing a book about my family one day, and I know that any sort of analysis on the subject will be of great use



Last weekend I spent the night at my grandmother's house in Cape Cod.
  This house is a historical one, listed and shown in several
historical books about Cape Cod. It is called the Captain Freeman
Perry house, after a sea captain who once used to live there. My
grandparents told me the story of his daughter who supposedly drowned
at sea when she was eight years old (from what I remember). The story
is that she used to haunt the house but was eventually driven away by
too much commotion in the house (by the living).
Ever since I can remember, staying in that house never scared me. I
never felt any presence of spirit or any uncomfort in that house. And
this is saying a lot, considering I grew up having an unremarkable
amount of nightmares in my own house. But in my grandmother's house I
always felt fine. My grandfather passed away almost three years ago,
now, and even then I still have not felt his presence in the house,
although my grandmother says he visits her almost every night. I have
had only one dream about him that was very very real, and that was
not in her house.
Last weekend I had a very strange thing happen to me in that house. I
went to sleep early - at about 9:30 - because I hadn't had much sleep
the night before. In the middle of the night I was in a deep sleep,
and I was dreaming that my mother and I were talking - it was a
normal conversation, a normal dream, not a nightmare, I was not at
all frightened or even thinking about anything frightening in my
dream. Suddenly, my mother interrupted herself in mid sentence and
said "Do you smell perfume??" Instantly I awoke out of the dream so
sudenly it was as if someone burts into your room or screamed out
your name or started shaking you violently. This was not the kind of
waking up you do when your alarm clock goes off, this was the kinc of
waking up you do when someone dumps a bucket of cold water on your
head. But instead of it being the hot sweaty escape from a nightmare
that I'm so used to, I awoke with three consecutive intense shakes of
my body, as if I had three quick body-shaking chills. I opened my
eyes into the complete darkness of the room and took a deep breath
because I was so shocked.
I then smelled perfume as if someone had just sprayed it in my face.
It was so intense it was unbelievable. I myself was not wearing
perfume, the windows were slightly open, but had been all night, and
there was no wind or breeze, and it wasn't a flowery smell coming
from outside... it was like real perfume, with that slightly
artificial smell, not a natural oil or essence. I was so shocked by
it that I kept inhaling intensely to make sure I was fully awake and
not dreaming. (But who am I kidding - I was WIDE awake). After
another breath the smell was gone - COMPLETELY. It didn't fade away
as perfume would. It just disappeared all together. I was so scared
at that point I lay there with my eyes shut tight and the covers
around me and I didn't move. I sweat profusely until i must have
fallen back asleep and didn't wake until the next morning.
I do not know if it was a spirit, if it was a woman's spirit, or if
it was the child's spirit.. but those chills made me feel like she
passed right through me. I have felt something similar once before
while walking on a path through the woods in a totally separate town,
but that experience was actually pleasant and almost life-giving or
life-affirming. This experience was startling and unsettling. I find
it bizarre that after all these years of not feeling anything in that
house, I would have this experience. And out of all the experiences I
have had where I felt I was encountering a spirit that hadn't quite
passed on, I have never SMELLED anything.
If anyone has had a similar experience, please email me at
Sweet dreams!

Paranormal Experience

By: FIRE299 []

In 1985 while in the third trimester of pregnancy with my daughter, my husband and I were living in a duplex in New Port Richey Fla. My son was one year old. We had been living there several months, when very strange things began happening. Mild at first, then becoming worse. First I want to say that I had absolutly no knowledge or interest in the occult. These occurances began many months after we had lived there. I was washing dishes and had an odor of hairspray. It smelled like an older brand of spray that you would have smelled on your grandmother. I sensed a warm female presence and did not feel at all threatened. Soon afterward, things became bad. During the day I was in the living room with my infant son, when a hanging glass light in the kitchen suddenly shattered. It was not swinging and had no cracks in it. At night, things became very bad. My son would not sleep, crying and pointing at things that I could not see. There was a cold spot near the bathroom that was measurable. I want to say that the month was aug. in Fla. and our A/C was broken at the time. The area was approx. 12" by 12" completely square, coming from the roof at a diagonal angle across the door of the bathroom and going into the floor. I heard a voice during the day calling my name. That occured once. Strong sulfer smells were present that everyone could smell. I had detailed nightmares of demonic rituals. These were very very bad and highly upsetting. I had a local church perform a ritual and every thing stopped. Thank God!

Orange Glow

My family moved into a ranch like house when I was about 9 years old.  I
loved that house though strange things happened while we lived there.  I
remember being in my room playing one night, when I had this awful urge to
look out the window (I have never felt this before or since).  I remember
opening the blinds to see a orange ball of light right above my window about
50 feet or so.  I remember trying to rationalize what it was, even though I
was only 10.  The ball of light was very bright, very large and just sat
there.  After what seem like a long time but must have been only seconds, I
ran to get my dad and brought him to the window to show him.  Of course it
was gone.  Has anyone ever seen anything like this before and if so, what do
you think it might have been.  One day coming home from school, I was about
to go into the house when I heard our piano playing.  There was no one at
home as my parents were at work.  I was so scared I went and got some kids
from the neighborhood to listen and they heard the same thing.  My parents
were very practical people but it wasnt too long I would hear them tell
friends about the ghost in our home.  Things would disappear and there would
be strange noises at night.  We eventually moved away but I still love that
Many years later I married and my husband and I owned some rental property.
When I was at one of our rental units by myself, doing the cleaning, the
fire alarm would go off.  There was no electricity on and I don't smoke.  It
would go off for a few minuites, then stop. This would happen on and off for
brief periods over the years when I would clean the unit between renters.
It never happened if my husband was with me.
Also, my husband's brother passed away very suddenly.  He owned his own
phone company and did a lot of business with the funeral home that he was
sent to when he died.  The day his body was brought to the funeral home,
their phones kept ringing but no one was there when they answered the phone.
They told us they knew this was his brother calling as he was a great
practical joker.



Well this old house in our ranch is about fifty years old.  Our hired help calm they saw a woman walking in our front yard and just disappearing.  Then one day my music box started playing all by it's self then quitting when I would look at it.  Then my mom and I woke up to a man  whistling and then I went back to sleep then my mom was half asleep when she woke up to a man whispering something to her.  Then two times I have seen a shadow of a man walking down the stairs then vanishing.  We seem to think the man haunting the house was the first owner of the ranch and he was killed in a train wreck.  For some reason ghost are very attracted to me and I do not mind them one bit.

Nightly Kiss


Once in my old house I herad a nosie. I didn't think anythng of it I went back to sleep. Soon after I felt as if something had jumped on my bed and kissed me,  awoke to see nothing. I went back to sleep. I awoke again to go to the bathroom. I came back in to my room and there on my bed was a young man.
I froze, he just smiled went away, I never saw him again, but every night I still feel as if the same person is giveing me a nightly kiss.

My Guardian Angel


I have always seen a angel ever since me and my sister saw the wings. I realluy see her. I always see her in the mirror or when I am looking out of the corner of my eye. When I was 8 I was brushing out my hair and I looked into my sisters room. I saw A lady with a purple dress and pink flowers on it. She had the prettiest light blue eyes and she had brown hair.
                       The bathroom
Once My mom was drying some clothes nd I hated the noise. I plugged my ears and watched TV. Ilooked into the mirror and I didn't see her face In fact, I never see her face whenever I see her. She was wearing the same dress and she was smiling I could only make out her lips.
                       ****the corner Of my Eye****
I was on the computer at Marcias house (my parent's friend) and I was playing Roller Caoster Tycoon & and I saw her Again and she was still smiling.I still think  she is my guardien angel.

My Ghost Experience


   Though I have never physically SEEN a ghost, all my life I have
heard them, felt them and even smelled them.  They do not show
themselves to me for some reason.  Since I was young, everywhere I have
lived there has been a presence there that I have felt.  They have NEVER
tried to hurt me, but scare the pants off me they will. My first house
that I lived in, everynight I heard the shuffling of feet pacing across
my door over and over through most of the night almost every night.  It
seemed like my family did not believe me when I told them about it.
(They thought I was a little girl with an over reactive
imagination...atleast thats what they told me).  I would have little
sleep overs and other children would hear it too and be frightened.  I
would also hear voices call my name when no one was around.
   When I moved away, things got a little more obvious and a little more
frequent.  It happened to all my family this time, not just me.  I would
have strange dreams about being sucked into my closet and finding myself
in a  a torchlit corridor with a wooden door at the end of it.  Inside
the room behind the door there was a woman siting there.  She would tell
me to be careful of the restless spirits here, that she would try to
help protect me.  This where my dream usually ends.
 Me and my mother have had the  things happen to us exactly a week
apart.  I was sleeping one night and something awoke me (I dont recall
what).  I do remember feeling something in my room, but I blamed it on
still being half asleep so I tried to go back to sleep again.  But all
of the sudden I felt something grab ahold of my feet and give me the
slightest pull.  I kicked my feet a little and the feeling was gone.  I
told my spirit that I had JUST about enough of that and it needed to
leave me alone while I was sleeping.  I slowly got up, calmly opened my
door and closed it, the ran like the devil to mommy and daddy's room and
jumped in bed with them!  After blubbering and whining about not wanting
to go back to bed, My mother told me a week ago, while she was sleeping,
something tried to pull HER out of bed.  I was my dad who saw this and
tried to wake her up.  (He thought she was going to sleepwalk)  When she
awoke and computed what was going on, she freaked out.  She could not
put her arms down or get away.  It was my dad who finally moved them
down.  We still have strange happenings, but I believe you are sick of
reading this by now.  Thank you for listening.

My Cousin


When my cousin was 2 she had to go to the hospital to get stitches in her
finger, ever since then she has been scared of doctors. Well, my aunt had to
go on a business trip and left the kids with their father. Before she left my
cousin (she was 4 now) went up to her and told her she had a really bad tummy
ache. My aunt told her that maybe they should go to the doctor and she threw
a fit. So my aunt left on her business trip as planned thinking it was just a
tummy ache. The next day my little cousin was worse and she was really afraid
of having to go to the doctor so she tried her best to hide it, but my uncle
knew that something was wrong and asked her if she wanted to go to the
hospital and she threw another fit.  That night my cousin woke up in the
middle of the night and felt even worse her face was as white as a ghost, she
crawled like a baby into my uncles room and told him that she needed to go to
the hospital (he then knew how serious it was because of her HUGE fear of
hospitals!) He rushed her to the emergency room and the doctor told him that
she had a ruptured appendix. They did emergency surgery and she recovered. My
aunt rushed back home and when she got there the doctors told them that if my
uncle would have waited 5 more minutes she wouldn't have survived and it was
a miracle. When my Aunt went to see my cousin she asked her how she knew that
she needed to go to the hospital and my little cousin said it was because the
angel told her that she needed to go to the hospital and to not be scared
because it would be all right. My aunt was in tears and every time she tells
the story we all get chills up our spine.

My 1st Ghost Experience


      Earlier this month my mom, brother, and I were
housesitting for a friend of the family. This required
us to go early in the morning to feed their dogs and
let them outside. We also had to come back late at
night to let them in(they slept inside). Well this
happened a few times... My mom would turn off all the
lights before we left every night. In the morning when
we would walk in the kitchen light would be on. During
the day we would turn the AC of only to find out later
that it was turned back on, and I swear none of us
touched it. Something else happened when my mom was
sitting at the kitchen table. All three dogs were
outside and as my mom sat in the chair she could feel
something licking her leg. The most frightening
happened to me. I kept feeling a strange presence so
my mother took the digital camera we had with us and
took my picture. Next to me you could see a face. It
wasn't a double exposure of course because it was a
digital camera. We didn't us the flash either, so
there was no explanation.I'll send the picture to the
website later so you can all see.
    When our friends returned we told them what had
happened. The man said that he tried to convince his
wife for years that the house was haunted. Needless to
say I am never going back to their house again.

Larry and Daddy


In November of 2001, I moved from Colorado to Michigan to be closer to
family. I had lived in Columbus, Ohio for 15 years prior to living in
Colorado for a year. While living in Columbus, I dated a man by the name
of Larry on and off for 3 years. After moving to Colorado, Larry was hit
by a car and suffered severe injuries. His chances for survival were
very slim. He survived, but had many surgeries before he would be able
to function almost fully.
I made a trip to Columbus at the end of November 2001. I went to meet my
friends and just so happened to run into Larry. I hadn't spoken to Larry
for quite some time, but we did email each other while I was living in
Colorado but not on a regular basis. So many feelings came rushing back.
I really did love this guy. We chatted for a quite a while and then
exchanged email addresses. We wrote each other everyday and chatted on
the phone about once a week.
I visited him at Christmas time. For the first time, he told me he had
loved me for many years. We had such a wonderful time together during my
visit.  He was scheduled for his last surgery at the end of January at a
hospital about 4 hours from me. We had discussed me visiting him while
he was in the hospital. Unfortunately, a pretty severe snow storm blew
in the day before and more was on its way. I couldn't make the drive to
visit Larry, I would have only been able to stay one day and I would
have preferred going to Columbus and staying with him for a couple of
days after being released from the hospital then for an hour or two. We
had also discussed me bringing Larry to my house for a week so he could
recover. His mother lived in NY and couldn't take anymore time off of
work because of his past surgeries and the time she had already taken
off. He decided to recover at his home.
A couple of days after being released from the hospital, Larry and I had
a pretty heated argument about me not coming to see him. He was really
upset and angry with me that I didn't make the drive. I was hurt because
he didn't understand I couldn't make it because of the weather and for
the fact that I would have rather visited him at home for a couple of
days rather then an hour or two while in the hospital. That was around
February 4th. That was the last time I spoke to him.
On February 10th, I received a phone call from one of Larry's friends
whom I had never met before or heard of. She told me that Larry had
collapsed in a store and as he was being life-flighted to the hospital
where he had what was supposed to be his last surgery, he suffered a
fatal heart attack enroute. His mother had told the gal that he was with
at the time of his collapse that she needed to contact me. Neither one
knew my number, I had never spoken to either one. My number was found in
his wallet. Larry had told me at Christmas that I reminded him a lot of
his mother. I met her at his funeral, she is truly one awesome lady.
I made arrangements to attend his funeral in NY (where he was from
originally). I hadn't grieved for him yet because I wasn't ready to
admit to myself how much I truly loved him. I also didn't want my
daughter to see me in that kind of shape. I truly loved Larry. I know we
would have gotten through our tiff, we always had in the past.
Unfortunately, I totally lost it at the funeral home. I grieved for
Larry the rest of the day and night and the next day. The day of his
funeral also happened to be Valentine's Day. I stopped at the drugstore
and bought him a Valentine's Day card to put in his casket. One night
when Larry and I were out, we pretended to be strangers. He took the
name of 'Frank' (which was his middle name). I was the last person to
say a final goodbye to Larry before they closed the casket. I told him I
loved him and then said, "G'nght Frank". I felt his presence smiling. I
drove home the afternoon of his funeral, thinking of all the good (and
bad times) we had over the years. I truly believe he was with me on that
9 hour drive. That was a Friday.
Larry's mother asked me to ride in the limosine with the family. While
on our way to the cemetary, Joni mentioned that Larry had given a friend
of his a book right before his surgery. I think the title was, "Talking
to the Other Side". When she said that, we all agreed that Larry knew he
wasn't going to be with us much longer. Deep down he knew. I don't know
why we had our biggest fight ever a few days before his death, I want to
think he wanted me to be so mad at him that it wouldn't hurt so much
when he went to the other side. Maybe it was because he wanted to see me
one last time. I may never know.
I continued to think of Larry all weekend and into the next week and
wished that we had resolved our fight. I felt a lot of guilt thinking if
only I had done this or that. I could only thank God that He had given
me his last couple of months on earth. Tuesday night, I had just settled
into bed. Almost immediately, I heard noises. I lied there quietly,
listening intently. I thought ok, the cat is playing with something. The
more I lied there, the more I knew it wasn't the cat. I heard no other
noise other then a bounce, bounce, bounce. Surely if the cat was playing
with something, other noises would be heard. Our cat isn't one to play
at night, he is usually upstairs with my daughter and I. It sounded like
a superball. As time went on, the bouncing seemed to move to different
areas of my townhouse including the unit next door which had been vacant
for several months. I live on an end unit. After 15 minutes of hearing
this bounce, bounce, bounce, I smiled and told Larry to knock it off.
The bouncing continued for about another 5 minutes then stopped. A
wonderful sense of peace washed over me and I knew everything would be
okay. He was out of his pain and suffering and was ready to live another
life. When I got up the next morning, I went to the bathroom and on the
floor was a small superball.
The next morning while getting ready for work, the cat did his normal
routine of jumping on my bed for some good ole' belly rubbing. I would
always stop what I was doing and give him attention. All of a sudden,
his head jerked up and he started staring at my bedroom door. He
continued for about 20 seconds. I sat trying to figure out what was
going on. I finally said outloud, "Stop it Larry". The cat then seemed
to follow a movement across my bedroom. Our cat has acted weird ever
since that time, he would stop what he was doing and stare into space.
He also seems to be play with nothing but thin air, something I had
never noticed him doing before. My daughter would get spooked and all I
could tell her was someone is with us and that it is a good spirit
watching over us.
I have believed in ghosts since I was about 7 or 8 when I woke up one
night to see a figure whom I believed to be my grandmother (whom I had
never met) standing next to my bed. I have never (to my knowledge) had
another 'encounter' until Larry's passing.
When I got home from work that night, I told my daughter (who was 10 at
the time) that Larry had visited. She immediately told me that my mom
had visited her one night a few weeks prior. She was sleeping on the
floor with her friends and said she awoke to see "an old lady" looking
down on her. My mother passed in 1995 and had never met my daughter. I
asked her how she knew it was my mom and she said, "she just knew." My
daughter and I had never discussed ghosts, spirits, or the afterlife. A
couple of weeks later, she called me at work upset because she had woken
up to hear a woman crying. I think my mother has been trying to make
contact with me but I'm not ready to visit with her.
I think of Larry everyday and sense his presence on occasion. I have
very fond memories of Larry. I also feel my father's presence and laugh
when I think of how Larry and my father would get along so splendidly. I
can just imagine them standing side by side giggling at me. I love you
Larry and daddy.



hello my name is Deborah. and i had a spirit that was with me for years. i
know that it is a man. i believe it is my father or my brother. i'm not sure
though. one afternoon me and my son he was nine years old then. we were
sitting in the living room just talking to each other and i had alot of
plants. but i had one plant hanging from the ceiling,and this one plant
started swaying like slow motion. but we notice this plant moving and there
were no windows opened. then we just sat there not believing what we were
seeing, then this spirit started plucking the stems off this plant and
started throwing the stems at my son. i jumped up and i just started saying
the blood of jesus. i was so scared. my son was the bravest. so later that
night my neigbor's son came upstairs and said miss.Deborah there is a man
sitting on your toilet,i got so scared i told the little boy to leave. so the
little boy came back upstairs the next night and said again miss. Deborah now
the man is in your kitchen and he is waving at me. so i came out my bedroom
to see if i saw anything,but i didn't. i talk to people about tis and they
say i'm crazy and they laugh. but i'm not crazy and no where neat being
crazy. so i told my neighbor that lives down the street from me,and she gave
me some holy water and some blessed oil. and she told me before i enter the
house to put the sign of the cross on the front door,and as i go up the
stairs to say the blood of jesus and i did that. then she said to take the
oil and make the sign of the cross on my son's forehead and to do the same
with myself. and i did that. then she said to throw the holy water on the
plant. and i did that but i didn't see noting happen. so then she called me
and told me i had to rebuke it out. she said i had to read the bible but i
forgot the verse, and she said ad i read this bible to open a window so it
could leave.i did that. i prayed so hard that i though i was actually a
minister myself there for a moment ( smile) so as i kept prayinn and opend
the window we then saw my curtain fly back like a gus of air hit it. so then
me and my son was sitting on the couch againand we heard this cry at the
window and i lived on the second floor. i went to the window and i was
actually talking to this spirit. and the more i talked to it the louder this
spirit crieded. and i mean everywhere i go this spirit follows me. no it
never tried to harm me or my family. but it is scary. i do believe it is my
father or my brother. i'm not sure. as i speak to you i heard the walking in
my living room. i was sleep one night and it felt someone looking over me so
when i opened up my eyes there was a man standing in my room door way leaning
against the wall. and i just said well you finally showed yourself to me and
then i rolled over and went to sleep. but i feel it is my brother or my
father because when we  would all sit around the table we would talk about
about death. and we would say when you die please don't come back and if you
do please don't let me see you. but i know mine is a man. not sure if it's my
father or my brother but i know it's man. and as i was writting this notation
to you i heard my spirit and it froze my puter as if it was reading what i
was writting and my puter just started shaking and it let me finish my
writting. i have a nosey spirit. ( smile) but i have to rebuke it again, and
put it at rest. people that i talked with said they had similar experiences
said maybe this spirit was my guardian angel. but tis spirit is always here
but he's not helping me pay any rent so therefore he has to go ( smile) i
hope to hear from you. i'm a true believer and i'm no where near crazy

A Story To Tell


well, i have a storie to tell you
one night i was sleeping in my bed thinking nothing would happend and then things stated knocking over. I just thought it was he wind and the fan blowing little things over. Then, i felt someone touch my leg as a member of my family used to do. The "hand" was now going really fast up my leg. I pulled the covers over my head, but the covers were see throguh. So i closed my eyesand then i opended them and saw a light go bye. To me i thought that was my ngiht light. The night before i had friend sleep over and they said the picture of my brother was changing. Like he was getting older by the minute thn getting younger. Thanks for reading my storie.

Haunting in Two Hundred Year old Colonial


Hi, My name is Sarah and I am 22 years old. I grew up in a gorgeous white stone colonial  (circa 1783)in the suburbs of Philly. There was a secret room in the basement of the house that dated to the Civil war era and was used to hide slaves on their way to freedom in Canada. This room was part of the underground railroad, so the house has a lot of history. I remember as a child laying in bed at night and hearing the sound of a marble rolling over the hard wood floors, up and down, back and forth, rolling all over the floor for hours on end. Someone told me this means there was a child's ghost in the room. Also, my sister and I both remember seeing a glowing apparition of a man appear and disappear before us one summer night as we played out in the yard. My sister is now married to a Baptist preacher and doesn't believe in ghosts but we both remember this glowing man just materializing in front of our eyes. The house definitely has some supernatural activity there, though it is not "haunted" like you would think some old homes are. In conclusion, if anyone reads this and can answer my question about the sound of a marble rolling on the floor, i'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Haunted Wheelhouse


When I was in college in the 1970's at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY,
my friend and I would go to the Historical Museum between classes.  One day
we went into the downstairs area and in a small alcove they had recreated a
wheelhouse of a ship from the 1800's.  The back of the alcove contained
display cases of pottery and the front was the wheelhouse of the ship and the
panorama you saw through the window of the 'wheelhouse' was a storm on Lake
Erie.  We walked into the alcove and cursorily looked at the pottery and then
turned to the wheelhouse in the front.  Both of us stood there for a few
moments and then simultaneously said to one another, "this is creepy!".  The
hairs on both our necks and arms were standing on end and all we could think
was to get out of there.  While we never saw anything, the feeling of intense
cold and fear was overwhelming .  Thinking we were just crazy we went back
about a month later and the same overwhelming feeling was still present and
all we wanted to do was leave. I went back to the museum almost 20 years
later and believe it or not the same display was still there and I went to
see it and had exactly the same reaction.  I don't know what had happened to
the objects in that 'wheelhouse' when they were actually part of a ral ship
but it must have been pretty devastrating to leave such a strong impression

Haunted House London England


What I am about to write happened nearly ten years ago. I used to live in a small flat with my family, the flat was once part of two Victorian houses, the houses in the street were joined together and made into two and one-bedroom flats.
We used to live on the third floor (The top of the three-storey building) in a two-bedroomed flat. I used to share a bedroom with my two sisters and my parents used to share a room.
I lived there from the moment I was born until I was ten years old. As I was growing up, strange things used to happen, although to me they were entirely normal. I'll start with the first thing that I remember, I used to want to play in my bedroom with my toys alone but had a terrible fear about being alone in a room, I didnt understand why I had this fear but, if I sat alone for a few minutes a terrible, panicky fear would come over me and I would just have to run out of the room.
Sometimes when I walked down the hall I would see the back of someone walking into a room through the corner of my eye, this was a regular occurance. I used to think it was my mind playing tricks on me but the person was a child. Also we would hear pots and pans crashing around in the kitchen cupboards, footsteps up and down the hall and so on.
When I was nine I saw a lady watching me through the corner of my eye, I was sitting on my parents bed and looked to see who it was. As I looked she quickly moved back from the door frame and I thought it was my mother, I quickly walked into the hall but nobody was there and my mother was right up the other end of the hall, talking on the phone in the livingroom with the door closed. There is no way that she could have got there so quickly without me seeing her and nobody else was in the house.
After we moved to a new, bigger house I started to remember more of the things that happened to me at the house. I remembered hearing voices at night, my two sisters say that they heard voices too, and one also says that she saw a black figure in the livingroom when she was about seven years old.
It seems strange that we remember more now than we did at the time all these things happened. But my mother told me that my sister used to say strange things to her when she was little, like she had spoken to or seen someone. My mother also said that many times she came into our bedroom at night to find my sister sleeping on the floor, wedged down beside the wardrobe. When she asked her why she was there she used to say that our dad picked her up out of bed and put her there. Obviously he didn't because he would have no reason to do this.
My mother used to live in a haunted house as a child too and many people in her family have had experiences with ghosts. We think that some kind of link has passed down through our family, because even now we still see strange things just not as much as we did as children.

Haunted House


We lived in a rental home in Mt. Airy(we called it Mt. Scarey), Maryland for one year.
No one in our family(2 parents, 3 children) really believes in ghosts or the supernatural and we are not easily "swayed or influenced" by ghostly events.  I am a true skeptic, and although have never seen a "ghost" myself, I do believe that 2 of my children had an encounter with something "supernatural."
We moved into this rental home for a one-yr lease, as we ultimately either wanted to buy or build a true home in Maryland.  The house was a very nice split-level, kept in immaculate condition, on a 1-acre wooded lot.
The first strange "event" happened immediately.  We have a Siamese housecat, who never goes outside(she is fixed and declawed) who decided right away she did not want to live in that house.  She jumped out the window on the 2nd day there and was promptly lost for 2 weeks in the woods.  It was very upsetting for the children and me, and we didn't sleep easy until we finally coaxed her out of the woods and back into the house.  I never slept peacefully the whole year.  It was always cold, and I was always awakened by strange noises in the rooms.  It would sound like people having a loud party and playing loud music and the TV on full blast.  My daughter had a friend sleepover who knew nothing of the house and they slept downstairs in the basement and the next morning she asked me what all the "commotion was upstairs last night."  I would be awoken out of a deep sleep by sounds of someone walking down the hall, or the TV being on, or just wake up because I was freezing
"who's there?!" and the figure slowly disappeared.  My daughter says she saw a "figure walk by her bedroom door" and it appeared "white and very tall, like a ghost."
The children are not excitable or impressionable and do not make up stories.  Though skeptical of their tales I had no reason NOT to believe them.  My son only told me of his event months after it happened, because he knows how much I scoff at the idea of ghosts.  My last experience was very strange- I was downstairs in the basement on the computer and heard my husband come home upstairs, opening the door and said a greeting, either "hey, I'm home," or "hey".  I acknowledged him and continued to work on the computer for 10 mins or so, maybe less, and when I went upstairs no one was there.  He had never come home.  I was surprised.
We moved out of the house a year later, and all of us were so relieved and glad to leave.  It was just too "creepy."  The owners put the house up for sale so we never
actually met them-- all I had heard was that it was an older couple with no kids and
they were no longer interested in living in that house.  The ironic thing was that the
woman that owned the home was a preacher, which really doesn't mean anything, only that the influence of religion really plays no part in hauntings, or lack thereof.  I
did sprinkle holy water throughout the whole house after my son told me of his "Grim
Reaper" experience.
So who knows- it was our experience with something "supernatural" and to this day it still provides us with some lively conversation and amusement at the dinner table.



I was always raised in church with the belief that when one passes they go to their final resting place in Heaven or Hell. That's why I have to tell this story.
Last October my grandma died of cancer. She was so concerned about her son with Downs Syndrome and his care. She seems to still be with him. At night he goes to play his Play Station and he talks to her like she's playing too. He asks her if he can play five more minutes and so on.
But one day my grandpa , his dad ,was searching for the window screens with no luck. All the while my uncle was in his room. He went to his dad and said" mommy told me to look in the closet" sure enough they were there. I still don't know if I believe in Ghost , but I do question.

Ghosts of Gettysburg

I live in Iowa; however, my husband is from Pennsylvania, and we lived there for a year, as well as visited several times.  In early July one year (around the 4th, and thus around the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg), my mom accompanied us to the battlefield.  We would drive a little, stop and look at monuments and walk around, then drive some more--it's a big place.
Anyway, we were walking back to the car from one of the monuments, and I saw this big grove of trees.  There was a sidewalk that went along it, with a historical marker of some sort several yards down.  I'd never seen it before, despite having been to the battlefield two or three other times, so I wanted to read it.  Greg and Mom weren't interested, so they waited at the beginning of the path for me while I walked down it.  As I walked, I felt like I was being watched by several people from the grove of trees, and these people just emanated this horrible sense of resignation and despair.  The hair on the back of my neck was long since standing up by the time I reached the marker.  It basically read that the grove of trees was where Pickett's men waited to do their ill-fated charge, the one that saw 10,000 men drop from Yankee cannonfire and bullets within fifteen minutes.
It was a longer walk back up that sidewalk, and when I got to Mom and Greg, they asked, "Well, what did it say?"  I replied, "Let's just drive."  We got in the car and drove on, and I told them what I'd experienced.  They didn't really comment, but they didn't act like I was full of crap or anything.  Later, I bought one of the Ghosts of Gettysburg books, and it talked about all the weird experiences people have had with that grove of trees, known as the Point of Woods.  I kind of felt vindicated reading that, because I'd begun to think maybe I imagined the whole thing, even though I'd grown up in a haunted house--which is another story.

Something Out There


April, 1985.  I have alot of things that are different.  We are no longer mom and my stepdad (dad from here on, my bio donor is chas) have purchased our home.  At age 17, I am the youngest of 4 children 23, 22, 21 and 17.  Only C. (brother aged 21) and I live at home.  C. is never here--he is busy with friends and girls.  Lately, he has begun calling the girl he left behind in PA.  She is six months older and 1 year ahead of me in school.  (Just trying to give some background).
The first event occurred before we moved in.  We were only moving one street over.  I went over several nights to clean the house thoroughly before moving day.  C was supposed to there, but never was.  The first few nights were fine, until I began scrubbing down the kitchen wallpaper.  The words 'run to daddy you better run to daddy' came to my head.  Suddenly, I remembered the apartment and its thuds.  I locked up and ran home.  When I arrived, I said nothing.  I babbled about a test in school the next day and went to bed.
I guess I spend so much time on the mundane because I am trying to make a point....there is something out there.  It enters our lives--sometimes subtly, other times unanimously.
Good night.....

Experiences With Ghosts

I have not seen many ghosts but those I have seen I saw as full bodys, not misty things.
I come from a psychic family and have been psychic as long as I can remember. I am a parapsychologist and a spiritual science minister.  I'd just like to tell you of one of my experiences.
A few years ago, I received a call from a friend who told me an old friend we hadn't seen in years had passed on.  I wished I could have seen him before his passing and heard myself say, "I wish I could see him."  I had meant to say. ( but didn't correct myself ), "I wish I could have seen him"
Later that night, I was in bed reading and heard footsteps entering my room.  I looked up and saw a man who looked like my old friend, but who was terribly thin and drawn looking, and assumed my friend, having died of kidney failure would have been all swollen this could not have been him.  For a moment I was afraid he was a burgler, but then he disappeared. I wondered who that might have been.
I learned later that our old friend had also had cancer and was thin and drawn when he passed on.  I believe my wish to see him had been granted.


By: anonymous

I just happened to almost automatically type in 'haunting' on my search engine tonight.  I don't know why; I generally don't talk about these things to anyone except family and even with them, I hesitate to.  I've made so many complaints over the past twenty-one years that I am sure my parents think me psychotic.  I know my siblings do.
My first brush with something 'not quite right' and inexplicable came when I was just 6 or 7 years old.  It was summer, getting to be toward dark.  I knew I had to get home, but did not want to leave my friends and go in for the night.  I went racing up hill behind my friends for another round of 'King of the Mountain' when someone called my name from far away.  The first time, I kept running.  The second time, I stopped and yelled that I was coming...
My mom commended me for having come home before dark without any prodding or hunting.  I asked her and my 3 siblings but NO ONE had called me.  All my friends were with me.  I asked my mom several times if she was sure that she hadn't.  I remember being very positive that it was the voice of a grown woman.
At this same home, I began to have nightmares.  The strangest one concerned what I later called 'The Black Cat on Christmas Eve'.  When we had to draw a dream in art class, I received a very strange look from the teacher.
Life was calm until the summer I was 13.  My parents had divorced years before.  One brother was on break from college, but worked 3 jobs and was only home when sleeping in the mornings or late night.  My other brother was spending the summer with relatives in the MidWest.  My sister had moved to the MidWest to start college.  My mother had rented an apartment.  For the first time I was an only child and responsible for myself while my mother worked.  It was a new town where I did not know people, but made friends at the summer art program near my home.
I noticed the sounds the first week we were in the house (mid-June).  It sounded like two successive bangs followed a moment later by two louder successive bangs.  It always happened in the afternoons; around 4-5 pm.  Just before my mom came home from work.  She thought it was pigeons up in the closed off attic.  I was an imaginative child, but not hysterical.  At my insistence that something was up there, she spoke to the landlords.  She returned with their verdict:  pigeons and other birds.
Shortly after July 4th, maybe a week or so later, I was up late reading.  It was about midnight and I heard someone walking slowing up the steps to our apartment.  I assumed that it was my oldest brother returning home from work.  There was no air conditioning in the apartment, so the windows were open.  However, due to my teenage modesty, I kept the blind closed that overlooked the front stoop where the stairs were.
After awhile, I wondered why my brother had not turned on the TV.  Then I realized that while I had heard someone come up the stairs, I hadn't heard anyone unlock the front door, less than 15 feet away from me with an open window separating us.  Worse, I hadn't heard anyone go back down either.  I grabbed a baseball bat that I had set in the corner by my room and walked to the front door.  I looked out the peephole and no one was there.  The door was locked.  My brother reported the next morning that a step had been removed and set at the end of the steps.
I continued to report the 4 thuds.  I heard them everyday.  Eventually my mom refused to listen.  One day I was half asleep and the first thuds sounded.  My half asleep mind thought 'there go the guns' and 'the bodies fall next'.  The second thought jerked me awake.  I ran out of the apartment.
Finally, it happened at the right time.  My oldest brother had an unusual happening that night--a date.  As he got ready, the thuds began.  He sliced himself with the razor and came racing out of the bathroom wanting to know what had fallen..  I gloated as only a little sister could 'I told you something wasn't right'.  He stayed home that night and quit one of his jobs shortly afterwards.
Late summer came and my oldest brother returned to school.  My other brother returned to complete his senior year of high school.  The thuds resounded several times after he arrived, but each time sounded frailer.  By the time school began after Labor Day, they were gone.  I think my brother just filled the place with so much life, that nothing but life could compete.
And so life continued quietly.  And no...I am not insane and not much of joker.  I am not a kid with nothing better to do.  I was trained as a scientist, trained to notice details, trained to seek rational explanations.  However, the inexplicable events of my life continued.
At age 17, we moved into the very house I now sit in.  My mother had remarried and we left the North to travel 800 miles to one of the most enchanting cities of the South.  Augusta GA.  From age 15-17, we rented a home until my parents purchased the one we are in now.  It was exciting.  No more landlords with stupid rules.  A yard that we garden in, plant trees in, keep dogs in.  The American Dream come true...
And I've just realized something.  We've had this house for 17 years.  We lived here for 7 years, rented it out for 5 years and have lived back in it for another 5.  And even though little has happened since we moved back (mostly the dog staring at something I can't see) I am still scared when I think about the summer of my senior of college.  I am still scared of the quiet of the house late in the night. And I don't want to write it down.  Or what happened in the apartment I lived in before moving back.  I don't know what made me type that word into the search engine or why I felt compelled to start this e-mail.  Suddenly, in 15 or twenty minutes I have become afraid of shadows again.  I thought I had grown past that.  Tonight, I will sleep with the lights on if I sleep at all.
For whatever Doubting Thomas reads this be assured of one does not yet have answers for everything.  Some things are beyond explanation.  I think some people are lucky...they laugh at the thought of unseen things frightening people.  To them it is a joke.  Investigating these things is hard, especially when it is in your own home and no one believes what is happening to you; not even others that live in the home.  Some people just cannot accept and thier minds rationalize what has happened away.  The rationalities of science are seldom a line of defense in a haunting.  It is a spiritual attack that science cannot explain.

Aunt and Uncles Home


    These happenings have happened at my aunt and uncles house. Their ceilings are very high and the entertainment center that they have is pretty tall. On top of the entertainment center was a statue of Mary. Well one day while my uncle was home alone and watching t.v., the Mary statue was lifted up and carried over to the middle of the room by an invisible figure. He was terrified and couldn't get his legs or arms to move. All of a sudden the statue was released and smashed on the living room floor. I am pretty sure that this invisible figure was evil. Why else would this figure choose the Mary and not one of the other statues or pictures in the room.
    Another time my uncle was away on a business trip and my aunt was home with my 2 cousins. My aunt was getting pretty tired and decided to go to sleep. she was on her side-her back torwards the door. She heard the door open and close and foot steps lead to her bed. It couldn't have been my 2 cousins because the footsteps were much too heavy. Anyway she felt her side of the bed go up like beds do when a heavier figure gets in bed with you. The figure put one arm around my aunt. She could feel a man breathing down her neck. My aunt didn't want to call her kids incase it was a rapist, murderer or burgler. Luckily my aunt was wearing her cross at the time and she held the cross tightly and prayed as hard as she ever had before. The figure all of a sudden let go of her and disappeared. She only felt the bed go down~like some1 got off the bed. She never heard the door open or close or any foot steps.
   She hasn't told us any later happenings but many things have happened in that house and the one across from her was VERY VERY VERY haunted.

A Story for You


  I guess I should start out saying I've never thought of myself being 'psychic' (as you said may be the reason for "Ghosts that Follow"), but I've noticed some oddities in every home I've been in.  My mother has also said she's seen or heard some strange things, but never to any extent that I have.  We've both been known, though, to be seriously sensitive to climate and pressure changes, and both know when it is likely to rain, or snow, or be a sunny day.  We also have both complained about problems in the last houses we've been in.
  My father claims he used to live in a haunted house, where he said he felt "evil" things around him, like demons.  I've always believed in ghosts, and the afterlife, yet I've never really believed all the stories people have made.  But after doing some reading online about stories that are (supposidly) real, I've noticed some similarities between those incidents and my own.
  When I was a baby, my parents say they used to see me lying in my crib, laughing at a ordinary ceiling light.  The way they say I was laughing was peculiar, and I've always wondered why.  As far as I can remember I've always had some unusual feeling around me.  I've never had too many friends growing up...not because I was ugly, or a loser, or a teacher's pet, but most people thought I was wierd, and looked at the world differently.  Instead of playing with Barbies, I used to play by myself in  my room, and at night I would stare outside for hours just looking at the moon and stars.  Most of my friends were at home, and not at school.  Maybe this is why I've always felt something was "there".
  I hadn't really thought about it until I viewed you're site, then I realized I've gone through all this before, and wondered why.  I loved the house I was in at age 5, and still do (it's been, so far, my favourite place to live), but my room was something quite different.  I was never scared in that room, in fact I was quite comfortable, except I remember seeing, on many different occassions, different "people".  I call them people because I'm not sure what or who they were.  One I remember vividly was, one night when I had a horrible dream, I awoke and called my mother.  She came in, and of course recognizing her as my mother, I dismissed the strange feeling I had.  I told her about my dream, and she nodded in reasurrance after everything I had said, but didn't say anything.  After I had told her my dream, she simply vanished.  Now, I don't know how you would react to this, or if this would be scary for you, but it terrifyed me beyond reasoning.
  And since moving a few times, (all have had small happenings) I now live in Brooklyn, NY, in a very old apartment building.  I've awoken to my bedroom door shaking violently, and the sound of someone jumping on my bed.  It scared me half to death, although now that I think about it, it wasn't so scary.  The fact was, I thought I was in an earthquake and, for that moment, seriously thought I was going to die.  Both my mother and sister came to the door, and although the sound could still be heard, they could see my door moving at all.  When she opened the door, it all was very strange.  I also see dark figures walking from room to room in one certain area in the house...but it's not so scary, though.  I've heard voices, but not for a while.  My dad has also claimed he heard a little boy called out and crying.  And we often feel like we have no privacy in the bathroom.

2nd Floor Apartment

two years ago my family and i moved into an old second floor apartment. it was a very cold april day. as soon as we moved in my brother 9 and my sister 8 decided to make the right side of our attic out playroom, the left side being for storage... as you can see in the picture aka. map plan. it was a great place to play untill my mom threw a movin in party... late in the night while the adults were in the kitchen talking my cousin shawna an myself snuck up into the attack to play with my ouijja bored it wasnt wood or anything but we were bored an thought it be great to have a little harmless  fun. at the time we both didnt believe anything would happen. i knew a cool trick on how to make you hand appear on the bored [mine is glow in the dark] by putting your hand on the bored while the only source of light we had a small desk lamp shined on the  bored i shut of the light an the hand showed up. we were playing for a little while in the light then we heard what was a crinkling sound like a plmy cousin said she wanted to play monopoly but it was upstairs... she went first then my brother then me then my sister went to the attic to go get it... we didnt have a flashlight but my brother held a candle... the poor light was very week... i ws about half way up an then kirstin screemed...... we all fled downstairs.... the kirstin an my brother desciribed what they saw... a hand curling its fingers over the edge of the wall..... even tho it was a tad bit dark they both saw it an i didnt dissagree......... my mother said we all imagined it... but she wasnt there in the house at the time. ive also felt ungodly eyes looking at me late at night when i was up alone at like 12-1pm in my room an everyone was allasleep.... ive also felt presences around various areas of the house. our apartment is so old that old holes for stove pipes remain in the walls..... the walls of our house is hollw... and ive been thinkin something is hidden between them :|


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