Knocking Ghost


When my mother was a teenager she lived in a small town. In order to

get to her friends houses she had to drive on this country road that

actually went through a creek bed. One afternoon on the way to her

friends house, they had to wait in a long line of cars for about 20

minutes to get through the creek bed. Apparently they were clearing

away an accident that had occured, but by the time they got to the

"scene" it had been cleared away. On her way home that night, just as

she was reaching the creek bed crossing, she heard a loud rapping on her

back window. It shocked her because it wasn't a rattle, or any other

normal car noise, but rather literally like the sound of someone

pounding on the car window with their fist. She put her hand back to

make sure the back window was rolled up and wasn't knocking, and it was

tightly closed. There were no trees low enough to touch her car. Just

as she passed actually into the creek bed there was a repeated huge

pounding on the back of her window again. In her own words, she put the

pedal to the metal, and got the heck out of there. That next day she

learned that a girl in her class at her high school had been in that

accident they had come upon earlier the day before, and had been


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My Guardian Angels


My great-grandfather has been a part of my family since I was three years

old(1973) and he died. We all feel he is our guardian angel protecting the four

of us. The occurences began right after he died. One night my mother woke up to

hear music from the 20's coming from right above her. She thought it might be

music from a nearby house, but when she stuck her head out the window all was

quiet and when she returned to bed the music was right above her again. The next

incident was three years later. I was six and we lived in FL. One night I woke

up in the middle of the night and went across the house to wake my mother. I

told her I needed to use the bathroom. I insisted that she take me. She did and

when she was putting me back to bed she felt something on the floor. She turned

on the lights and there lying on the floor next to my bed was my great-

grandfathers Spanish American War uniform. She asked me how it got there and I

said I did not know. The next day my dad was convinced that I had been

sleepwalking and put it there myself. They made me try to lift it out of the

hall closet but I was to little. Our only explanation for this is that my great

grandfather put it there and then told me to wake my mother so that she would

see it as well. My father did see him one night in his rear view mirror while

driving down the road. It was a bad time for my parents and my dad was driving

and thinking (they were close to separation). That's when he looked in the

rearview mirror and saw his grandfather. My dad pulled to the side of the road

and looked in the back seat. Nothing there. My dad got a feeling and turned

around and went home. My sister has seen him twice in her room, he would stand

at the doorway and then come closer to her. She would scream and he would just

fade away. My sister has also heard him walking up the stairs and open the door

to her room when she was in another room upstairs and no one else was home. When

my great grandfather was alive my mother would bake him chocolate chip cookies,

he loved them. One day about 10 years after his death she was baking cookies,

but they were oatmeal rasin cookies. It was the middle of the day, my sister and

I were in school and my dad was at work. While she was stirring the dough she

distinctly felt a hand touch her shoulder. She turned around thinking my dad had

come home but no one was there. She concluded that he wanted some chocolate chip

cookies. We've never made anything else since. All these occurences have

happened in different houses, we've moved 13 times and he has followed us to

every place. I personally haven't seen him but I know he's there watching over

us. I also belive that I have another guradian angel. My mother had a close

friend who died of bone cancer and before she died they would talk of death,

angels and the afterlife. I don't know what they talked about exactly but I have

a suspicion that they made some promises to each other and Mrs. Levitt promised

to watch over us. I think this because a few years later I was in a terrible car

accident in which five people were in my car, no one had seat belts on and the

car flipped end over end three times and landed upsidedown. Not a single

scratch on anyone! That night my mom was putting away her jewlrey for the night

and noticed that Mrs. Levitt's nurse pin (she had given it to my mom before she

died) was missing. My mom searched everywhere but she couldn't find it. Then she

got the call about our accident. The people that witness the accident thought

for sure someone was dead. Tons of ambulences, firetrucks, etc. showed up but we

were all fine. That night when we got home my mom opened her jewlery box and

there back in place was the pin. I think this was a sign from Mrs. Levitt that

she was at work protecting me in the car. I live in New England so there is a

lot of hauntings around. I know many people who live in houses that are haunted.

I find it very fascinating and scary at the same time.

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My Friend's House


I won't use my friends name because I don't know if she wants me

to. This all happened a few years ago. Since then my friend moved. I

really don't have any idea why I was so scared. Let me explaine:

My friend always invited me over to her house all the time.

Whenever I went there I always felt an eerie feeling come over me, as if

someone was watching me. I dismissed that and decided my mind was

playing tricks on me. Well anyway on a perticular night I told her

about the way I felt. She told me the house was haunted and not to

worry cause thi ghost was really gentle. My friend always liked to

play practical jokes and was good at it so I figured that was what she

was doing. I always beleived in all that spooky stuff, but I acted

skeptical because I thought it was too weird for a friend to have a real

ghost in her home.

Before we went to bed my friends older sister kept opening the door

and tried to scare us. So my friend We were sleeping in the same bed

and she kept taking the quilts off me. It was summer so of coures the

fan was blowing in my face. I was freezing but i didn't want to wake

her so I just sat there.

Right when I could not stand it any longer the fan suddenly went

off and the quilts came over me. I was to scared to keep my eyes open

so I tightly closed them till i fell asleep. Even with the quilt over

me I felt a chill on the side of my body. It was just then I knew it

had to be a ghost because my friend was asleep and the door was still


The next morning I told this to my friend and she didn't even act

surprised. See now I know I should not have been scared because the

ghost was only trying to help.

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The Man in the Suit


It's been years since I've had the same incounters with spirits as I did when I was a child. I guess as we get older we lose our willingness to believe that we're not alone. I still believe but with more fear than I did as a child. My spiritual incounters started when I was in 2nd grade. We had just moved to a new house. I believe that every house has a room that the spirits reside in, and my room was it. We moved to that house so that my brother and I could have our own rooms, but I couldn't sleep in that room. I told everyone it was because he was affraid, but it was me that was affraid. The first few weeks we lived in the house, I did sleep in my room. One night I prayed to God that I could see my father that had died when my mom was 6 months pregnant with me. That night I woke up and saw him hovering over my bed. He didn't say anything out loud, but I knew what he was thinking. He was very proud of me and that he knew that I was going to do something very great. After that I wouldn't sleep by myself. I knew that he wasn't bad, but there was something about that room. Our rooms were side by side, and at night, I would wake up to hear things coming from my room. All my things were in my room, and when I wanted something, I would run in and run out.

As I got older it was kinda wierd to share a room with my brother, so I decided to buck it up and start sleeping in my room. I was in the fifth grade at this time. Nothing major happened untill 4 years later. During those four years, I discovered many wierd things about the room. In my room, I could hear every creak in the house. And for a relatively new house, that was very odd to have so many creaks. Things would happen like: the tv would come on by itself, I would hear things that weren't creaks, etc. These things were bad at the time but were nothing compared to what happened my ninth grade year.

After I turned 15, things got really creepy. The noise began to get louder, and I saw things. One night, I had a friend over. We were sitting on the bed talking a laughing. Then, we heard this sound coming from the window. It was like something was scrapping the window. This is really wierd because the room is on the second floor with no trees around it. Needless to say, we were scared to death. We didn't want to be in there so we went to the living room. A few weeks after that, I got the biggest scare of my life.

Up to this point I had seen ghost and sensed ghosts, but never up close and personal. One night I was sleeping and woke up. I turned over to look at my clock, and there was a man in my bed. He startled me, but didn't scare me. He an older man. He had salt and pepper hair and a gray beard. He was wearing an old confederate uniform. Not scary at all. I turned over and tried to ignore it. He finally gave up and left. After that night I sleep with the light on for a month. Then I realized I wasn't solving anything. The next day I went into my room and tried to talk to him. I say that I didn't know what he was doing in my room, but I didn't appreciate being startled like that. It did the trick. I never saw him again, but I knew he was there. He told me many things. He warned me about my closet. I had always keep it open because there was too much stuff to close it. He said that I had to close it when I slept because the thing in the window that night live there, and that it was not good. He was always protecting me. When I was planning something, he would warn me about the bad things that could happen. He saved me on several occations.

As I got older he began to bother me. I never had a moments peace without him butting in. I finally got so mad that I yelled at him. I told him to go away and leave me alone. Boy did it work. I didn't see him for 4 years, and that was recently. I was talking to a friend on a talker. She was giving me a reading. After the reading we talked about all kinds of stuff. I told her about him. She said that he was a husband in another life, and that he thought that we were still married. No wonder he was mad when he left. Imagine the woman you love and charish telling you to get lost. Well, after that I did feel him near me once more. He said that he figured out that he was ghost and went to the other side. We made up, with no hard feeling. Since then, I haven't felt anything even close to that experience.

Thank you for listening to me ramble. I hope that all your experiences are all pleasant ones.

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Lost Little Girl


January of 1995 my family and I moved into a house, the house is 14 yrs.

old. It was the second night we were in the house, my husband and I were

watching TV with most of the lights off. Suddenly my says "did you see

that? It was a ghost, coming from the hallway waling in front of the

TV". My husband doesn't believe in ghosts or spirits on earth. so I was

so surprised he said what he said. But my husband sat up and stated he

saw a little girl slowly walk in front of the TV. At that time we

decided to go to bed. Later that night I had gotten up in the middle of

the night to go to the bathroom. As I went to enter the door of the

bathroom something quickly flashed across the doorway making me suddenly

stop and look. But nothing was there. This happened every night I

learned to ignore it. But I keep a night lite in the bathroom and upon

entering the bathroom sometimes you can see a shadow of a person

standing just in the doorway. I guest we have learned to live with this

we don't talk about it very much anymore and she keeps to herself.

Thanks Linda

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An Experience


The first ghost experience I had began when we first moved into a nice

apartment in New Jersey. The apartment was small and cute so we never too

suspected that it was haunted. My sister and I shared the same room there.

We slept on bunks; she slept on the bottom and I slept on top.

I never felt too comfortable in that apartment. The hairs on my arms and

head would rise suddenly, and a terrible chill would enter the room. I

didn't mention it to my parents because I felt that they wouldn't believe.

It was funny though since my mother and father had encountered many ghost


I remember the night well. I was sleeping in the top bunk when I suddenly

felt a presence in the room with me(besides my sister). I ignored it for a

few minutes because I thought it was my imagination. But for no reason, I

gazed from the top of the bunk to the floor. Standing in front of my

sister was a small little man wearing either white or gray suit. The man

gazed up at me and I saw that he had no eyes. That freaked me out so I

ducked under the covers and prayed the Hail Mary like my mother taught me.

I glanced down and noticed the man was gone. That isn't the only time

that I experienced something super-natural.

I was watching television in the living room. Both my parents weren't

present. In the living room, there are two closet doors. They are

different than most closet doors because you have to turn the knob in order

to open it up. Well, I was busy watching television when through my side

vision, I saw the knob turn and open up wide. When I glared at it with my

normal vision, the door automatically slammed itself shut. Terrified I

phoned my mother and begged her if I could come to work with her.

A few months later, my mother was sleeping on the living room couch, when

she awoke to the giggling of children. She sat up in the couch and peered

into the dark room. Then she felt a force knock her down and pinned her

shoulders to the couch. It appeared to have great control over her mind

and mouth because she could not scream out any prayers. Finally she spat a

prayer out and the force released its grip.

My mother still didn't learn her lesson because a few months after, she

again slept in the living room. This time she was awaken to the sound of

talking. In front of her stood two beings. She wasn't afraid of them, but

the third being brought her fear. It was standing away from the other two,

behind her was where it stood. The being was a tall blonde man with evil

eyes. It controlled her motion by forcing her to remain still. She said

that it kept trying to come over in front of her, but the other two ghosts

kept it back in its corner. As the ghost released it's grip when one of

the other ghost came towards it. It disappeared.

The last experience we had so far was when my sister, Zuleima, saw the

image of a black cat walking around the couch area and close to the tv.

Its fur was standing up. The cat, she claimed, had yellow eyes. We had

the house blessed, but I doubt that the ghosts are gone forever. I could

still feel them sometimes.

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Who knew Dogs were Ghosts?


Let me start by saying that I am not a skeptic, or a true believer but

I know what I have seen .......

About 30 years ago my great grandmother's house burned to the ground,

everyone made it out of the house but her 3 dogs.

I came to live in that house ever since I can remember... And I can

still recall everything I have ever seen....While getting up for school

one morning I was in the living room watching morning cartoons, during a

break in the show, I heard a dog wimper....knowing that at that time we

had no dogs, I thought my mom got me a present.....As I got up and

started to walk down the hallway I saw two shadows (They looked like

puppys) as I approached the shadows, they stoped playing

and watched me approach, when I got about 10 foot away, they

dissapeared. For 13 years I had encountered these spirit dogs, when my

greatgrandmother died , we moved out of the house and it was sold, If

givin the chance I would go back to that house to see If my (Granny) has

finally gotten her dogs back....she would often cry at night after she

would tell me about how they I hope wherever they are all

together and happy.......

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My Experience


One night I was driving home from my friend's house in Romeo Michigan, a

rural city. As I approached a traffic light, I saw a car in the

distance approaching this same light. It was coming from my right side,

and appeared to be maybe a half mile to a mile away. I didn't think

anything of it...i just proceeded to go through the light. As I

approached the light, the car was right there, on my right with the

headlights in my eyes. All I remeber is bracing myself becasue I

thought I was going to be hit. Then....nothing. I was not hit.

Nothing happened. I remember looking back to see if the light was red,

and, being 1 AM , i thought I may have made a mistake. It ws green so I

was terrified I was almost hit. As I kept driving I thought of the car

again. I had my windows open and the radio was off, and I didn;t hear a

sound. After the light I went through, the road makes a sharp left

turn. If the car had gone straight it would have gone off the road and

hit a tree. If this car was a mile off and then was right next to me it

must have been going in excess of 100 MPH...yet there was no squeeling

of tires or a crash. I specifically remember listening for any sound,

yet there was none. As I looked in the rearview mirror, the car was

gone...vanished. It was not in the ditch or on the road. It was just


I can't explain it. I should have been broadsided and maybe seriously

injured. The car was so far off when I saw it and then suddenly it was

speeding into the passenger door. Finally, there is no way the driver

could have turned at that high speed to make the turn. I am starting to

believe that it was some sort of apparition but I am not one to believe

in that kind of thing. The more I think about it, the more I come to

that conclusion. How could a car have done that? There is no possible


I don't know if anyone has been killed at that intersection. I have

asked my friend, who has lived there for 9 years, and he says he doesn't

remember any. Maybe someone was speeding and ran off the road and

died. Maybe what I saw was their car. Who knows?

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Piqua Horror


let me start by saying these are true stories. they have been caught

on tape(i'll get to it.)

piqua ohio, a small town 30 miles south of dayton ohio, is crawling

with specters. some evil, some unsettling. as a mater of fact i've been

involved in most. these are to of my favorites.

i live in a reletivly old house over a hundred years of wear and terror.

i don't know if the past owners have been plauged but every time they

stop by the son will not go upstairs. i'm having second thoughts about

it to. well let me start at the beggining. when i was about 5 i was

getting ready to go to my aunt's at about 5:00am and i thought i heard

something and looked at the door to see a figure of white and brown

light moving down the stairs. these things happened rarely up to the time

i was about 11 when i had the brilliant idea of a ghost hunt with my

friends. my mistake was speaking about it on the phone that night all

hell broke loose. the t.v. turned on and off lights flashed a broken rc

car zoomed over the floor in bed i felt someone jump on me. my dreams

where plauged by eyes(i just saw eyes). but i went on with it. we had a

camera at the top of the stairs. a light detector on the landing. and a

audio recorder near the door. at 1:00 am we started the night was calm,

no wind. we stayed in a "safe room" our library. once i went to check the

camera (switch tape focus etc) as i stood therei felt a breeze from

behind me all the sudden it looked like i was looking down into a

tornado. papers flew out of the walls and ceiling and spun into the

bottom window. when it was over i checked the bottom of the stairs only

one peice of unexplained parchment was there. in the morning we checked

the tape, nothing. we checked the audio player. 30 minets in to it there

where 7 thumps like foot falls, then 3 minuts later is a series of rapid

taps like popcorn popping. we then checked the house records, the first

owner named GREY died in the house. nothing big has happened since, but

even now as i sit in the library (where i usually sleep) i hear voices in

the halls.

a delapidated old house is down the street from me. all the kids say

it's haunted but i didn't buy that untill last year. i was out past way

later then i should playing games and stuff with my friend and his

cousins when we passed the haunted house. one of the cousins looked up

at the top window and screemed. we all then saw a headless figure in the

window. it was smokey and it was kind of watching us. then it

dissapeared. we came back without the cousins but had some more friends.

this time the figure was hanging and it's head was in the bottom window.

we ran. i looked back to see the shadow of a man in the headlights of a

car but there was no man. the next day we saw something more shocking

then the ghost. all the windows exept the top one was boarded up, but at

night all the windows where opened. a few days later i brought a teacher

of mine who was interested in the ghost to the house. we where worried

about the owner, let's call him mr. b, who woln't let anyone on his

property but doesn't live there. but the teacher just said we'd pretend

we where interested in the house. as we walked up to it we noticed many

dead animals in the yard and one deserted huffy bike(odd isn't it) we

looked in what crackes of the windows we could see and where shocked.

matresses and burnt shudders piled high. along with other things .on the

way out i told the teacher the story again and then i walked home. the

next day when we talked to the teacher again she told us mr. b was

sitting in a parked car writing down every word we said. after school we

saw the shudder on the top window pulled down.

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The Ghost on the Tracks


Well, I have a few things to get off my chest, here. So, I don't know if

they qualify as stories or not. After reading about your experiences, I

would definatly appreciate your opinions.

Well, first off, I must explain that I am not a ghost-hunting, die-hard

ghost fanatic. However, whenever I read 'true' (As opposed to works of

fiction) ghost tales, I feel an overwhelming sense of dispair and...

Claustriphobia...? For lack of a better description. I mean, I actually

tear up! It takes a lot for me to weep usually, however, ghosts seems to be

a sore spot. I have a few minor tales...

My first is when I was 16-17, sitting alone in my room around 2:00AM. At

the time I was highly depressed for some reason long forgotten. I was

kneeling beside my bed, actually praying. (I am not very pias, either) I

felt very alone. Anyway, somewhere in the prayer, I asked for a sign to

show me that someone was looking out for me. Just then, the phone rang. (I

nearly jumped through the cieling, I was so startled.) I hesitantly

answered the phone, just to hear a hiss at the other end. Later, I asked

around to see if I could find a friend who may have called me. No one

'fessed up. So...?

My second experience was when I was 19. back in 1990. At the time I was

delivering pizzas for Dominos in a small Wisconsin town called Hartland. In

the middle of the town ran a set of railroad tracks. The tracks were a pain

because it cut off a good chunk of the delivery area and we had a 30 minute

time limit to get the pizza to the customer. One night, I was running

behind on a delivery time. As I approached the tracks, the gate started to

come down, and the warning lights began to flash. I hesitated for a second,

then decided to gun it. After seeing how far the gate had come down, I hit

the brakes hard, with my wheels giving off a noticable squeel.

I looked down and started to play with the radio. Just then, I felt someone

was looking at me. I looked up through the windshield to see a guy standing

on the tracks glaring at me. He was about 6'0, 180 lbs. Black/dark brown

hair, parted down the middle. He was also wearing a satin bar-style

jacket. And he looked really pissed off. I thought that they were testing

the railroad tracks (Again) and the guy was upset because I could have

damaged the gate or possibly run him over. I glared back, and I thought he

would go on about his business when I started to mess with my radio again.

Seconds later, I looked back up to see if he was still staring at me. He

wasn't. In fact, he wasn't there at all. There was nowhere he could have

gone, no buildings to hide behind, etc. Moments later, the train went by...

Very unusual.

Normally, I probably would have dismissed it as a trick of my minds eye,

but the one thing that I still see vividly, and that was the look of sheer

irritation on this guys face...

Any comments? I would appreciate any input offered.

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The Man in the Road


Well, first of all this didn't happen to me, it was told to me by my friend's mother..along with many other strange things that happened to her.. but I found it pretty extraordinary and she pledged her faith on it, so if you don't mind hearing it second hand, here it is:

She, I'll call her Sylvia, was driving her van one night on the highway, coming home from some visit which had strayed into the wee hours. It was early early AM and the only other person in the van with her was her baby daughter, my friend, who was dozing in the car seat. Sylvia was getting pretty sleepy herself..she wasn't used to driving alone with just the radio to perk her up and before long she had fallen asleep at the wheel. She woke up with a sudden jolt and immediately saw that a man with a pitchfork was standing directly in front of her van. Terrified that she would hit him, and now fully awake, she hit the brake and squealed to a stop. As soon as the van halted, she looked around for the man, but found no one around. In fact, she was in a desolate country area; nothing and no one was around. However, there was one site directly in front of her: a tall stone wall. Sylvia realized that she had barreled off the road and would have plunged into that wall if it hadn't been for that strange man with the pitchfork. She never figured out who her saviour was, but I have my notions: the wall he protected her from was, after all, a wall surrounding an old cemetary. And there it is, as she told me.

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I'm Not Sure What It Was !


My story is one that I confidied in my most closest freinds only because

it crazy for me and people that I know.

I don't know why I'm putting out were every body can read it but I

think it's because know body knows me and nobody can say any thing to

me about it.

I'll start for the beingin of were it might have started happening.

I I'm 27 yrs old. I have had a bad child hood becuse I was hyperactive

and I couldn't pay attention in class Also I told things as they were

not as people wanted to here ... basicly I was very blunt and to the

point. which didn't help in childhood only in adult hood could I find my

place to be understood. People think I'm Phyicic or what ever I've benn

told that may times but I never believed in them my self. I thought It

was a bunch of people who enjoyed telling what they thought to people

with no judgment of there own poor people I tought.

Ok this is it my story.. When I was I child I had an active imagainatin

and when my dog and cats died which they did on occation my a car. I

could see there shadow or kind of out line I could point to where the

were and see them perfectly, of couse I would show only my brother but

he was younger and didn't understant what I was talking about.

years.. later I bought a house in bradford Ontario no big deal... Unit

after a weekend of partinging I came home on a sunday night to be

awakened by I don't know what. I thought I was being robbed in my house.

I was in my bed naked (which is almost not the case) ans lying on my

back!. usally I'm on my side with underwere on. But any way I opened my

eyes to see a persongoing threww my dressor so I closed my eyes again to

make sure I wasn't dreaming. This is were it get freaky for me.. I

openmy eyes and he's still there I nuge my wife but shes fast asleep..

so a look at the blinds and there open , not the window but the blinds

so I could see alright from the dtreet light . So I glance at the Master

bedroom dorr an it's shut which is usally the case but is any body

wanted in the dor would make a big noise because of the hanger on the

door not to metion the closing of the door.

Soo I look at this person and I can jump him because of the way I'm

laying way talk to long and he would catch me .. besides I'm naked... So

I move my right leg to the side of the bed so I can spring on him when

he get close to me..

So I focus on hin trying to build up my adrinline. and when a do that

The person..ghost what ever. stands straightup and looks direclt at my

any say's YOU CAN SEE MEE? YOU KNOW I'M HERE! This is like CD qualitiy

in my head not spoken like words.. That person look that turning around

toward me and kneals down .. I tought he was going on the side of my bed

so I looked over and saw him vanish into the wall...I must be crazy

I got up and sayed to myself ok all rigt. I brushed my teeth snugled

closer to my wife and good night

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My Encounter


In the winter of 92 in Tennessee I had a strange encounter with

something I would have never thought of.My brother and I have always

slept on the third floor of the house and we usually hear noises that

we've thought we've heard while we've been alone.The day of our strange

noises we heard was when our parents were away.We were upstairs when

this strange event happened.We then were startled by a loud crash to the

floor.We grabbed our flashlights then slowly but carefully we descended

the staircase looking all around us for the source of the noise.We found

nothing.We had then moved into the kitchen and looked around but still

nothing to be found.I walked forward then stopped because of a crunch

that had sounded from beneath my feet.I backed up and looked down and

saw that it was a plate that had been dropped.I looked up at the

cabinet and the door was open.Then after knowing that someone or

something had to have done this we then proceeded even more cautiously

than ever before.We were shocked to have found nothing.My brother and I

then heard a faint thumping noise so we turned a complete three-sixty

and headed towards the staircase to call mom and dad for help.We then

came to the staircase that leads back to our rooms and looked upto find

a toddler bouncing a ball against the wall.The toddler didn't seem to

notice our presence at first.We stared back motionlessly then he

suddenly turned his head and glanced at us for no more than ten seconds

and we ran off into the streets and waited there untill our mom and dad

got there.

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Spooky Stories


Hello I have a few spooky stories to tell you. All my life I have been

interested in the paranormal. I think the interest is from my past

experiences with the paranormal. Here are a few true paranormal stories

that will send shivers up your spine.

My first story begins when I was 7 years old. Let me give you some

background first. I lived with my grandma, mom, and brother in my

grandma and grandpa's retirement home. This was a small house with two

bedrooms, a big living room, and a kitchen and small bathroom. When you

walk in the front door to your left there are the bedrooms side by side,

and the bathroom next to the last bedroom. To the right of the front door

is the living room and kitchen. Wherever you stand in the house you can

see the entire interior.

Okay that is all that you'll need to understand the story. When I was 7

years old I had insomnia, but it didn't help that I was terrified of

spiders and woke up from bad dreams of spiders crawling all over me.

Well one ordinary night I woke up from a bad dream as I always did, and

decided to go out in the living room to sit near my dog Skippy. When I

opened up my bedroom door I looked at the living room to find a white

blur in front of the fire place. It was a tall white blur that moved

acrossed the living room as soon as I stepped out into the living room. I

thought I was dreaming still, so I went to the bathroom and when I came

back out the white blur was there again. From then on until I was 14 I

saw that white blur. The blr moved around the tv looking at the pictures

on the wall. There were three pictures one of my mom, brother and I, one

of my grandma, and there was a painting portrait of my grandpa looking

away. During the day when I would look at his portrait it seemed to be

looking back at me. This would happen only when I would look at the

portrait. No one else in the family noiced it.

When I was a little bit older I was having one of my many talks with my

grandma, and in one of these talks she told me about my grandpa. She

said he designed and built this house, and a two years after it was done,

and one year after I was born he died in his sleep. He had a brain tumor

for six months. She said granpa got to spend time with my brother whn he

was a baby until he died, but he only got to spend a tiny bit of time

with me.

Perhaps this white blur was him spending time with me.

My next story has to do with my friend Meredith who lived half a mile

down the road from me. She was interested in the paranormal as I was.

When I was 13 and she was 15 we made a ouji board(forgive my spelling).

We used lined paper to make the letters and numbers, and a few candles,

and between us we tried to contact someone from beyond.

We contacted a spirit name Jack. He was very nice and comforting to

talk to. We'd play around with him a little bit asking him weird

questions in our heads and he'd answer on the board. One day Jack

couldn't be reached, so we tried for a general spirit. Using general any

spirit talked to us. This one time however we got a nasty spirit. At

first he talked very nice, but then I made the mistake of asking him if

he was a good or bad spirit and he said bad. Meredith asked him if he was

in the room, and at the same time we both felt a really cold, eerie

feeling. Then we asked him to do something to prove he was in he room (as

if the eerie feeling wasn't enough). He switched the light on and off and

made our candle go out and come back on. He knocked over the lamp on the

dresser, and he pulled my hair and Meredith's hair almost at the same


We were so freaked out we ran out of the room, and ran outside to her

pony that was in the back yard. As if the pony was going to protect us.

We went back in after a little bit, and summonded Jack. We wouldn't

asked for anyone but Jack again.

Well I hope you have enjoyed these stories.:)

Thank you for letting me tell them.

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The Boarding House


I was living in a bording house in Waterbury, CT. The house was over 100 years old. I lived on the second floor, along with another woman, three men lived in the rooms above us. the landlady lived on the first floor. the basement was the borders kitchen, laundry, and a pool room.

I don't know the history of the house, but it was haunted.

My record player switched speeds by itself, things moved around without anyone touching them, and doors would open and close by themselves. You could hear the sounds of the pool table even when no one was playing, the smell of cigars was always present (the landlady didn't allow smoking inside) and the dog refused to go into that room .

The scariest thing that happened, though, was the time I was sitting in the basement alone, when something pulled my hair. (My hair was cut very short at that time)

I lived in the house for about a year, and the occurences kept up for the entire year.

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Haunted House


My story is still hard for me to really believe. I guess I just keep

trying to believe that it really didn't happen but it did. It all began

back in 1989 when I moved in with my husband. It was a very old house

and the prior owner died on the front porch . Things didn't start

happening with me until about two weeks after I had moved into the

house. My husband was working the night shifts and I was left there at

the house alone(so I thought). The first time I noticed the strange

occurances I was in the living room watching tv. The light turned off. I

went to turn it back on and the switch was in the off position. I

flipped it back on and went back to watch tv and a few minutes went by

and the light went off again. I went to check and sure enough the

switch was in the off position. I called my husband and he told me the

house is haunted. He told me the man that died there was the unseen

presence in the house. on more than one occassion doors would open by

themselves and one night My husband and I were laying in the bed and our

bedroom door slammed open. We know our daughter didn't do it because she

was asleep. The most frequent thing that happen almost every day is

that our toilet seat in the bathroom was lifted and closed and on and

on. One night my best friend stayed over and slept in the living room

and my daughter little toy car had a button to push and listen to

music. Well the batteries were out of it and the music in the toy car

keep being played. She never wanted to stay there again after that. We

could also hear heavy footsteps in the den and in the attic(not mice).

One time my husband was walking from the porch and down the sidewalk and

he saw the dead man out of the corner of his eye and when he turn his

head the man was gone. There was one thing that drove me out of the

house for two weeks because I was so scared. I was in the extra room and

their was a box I took out of the closet and set it on the floor and I

thought I say it move across the floor. I still doubt things, thinking

that its all in my mind but when other people in the house have

experienced these events its hard to do that. We have moved out of that

house and another family moved into that house and they said that they

were not experiencing any thing strange so my husband thinks the

presence may have followed us or maybe just moved on. We do hear some

noises in the house we are in now but nothing like when we were at the

other place.

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The Old Woman


Hi, this is Nick, and I live in Oxford, Ohio. Here's my story, it

isn't to packed with ghosts, but it was pretty scary for me...

At night right before I go to bed, I close my door to block out the

light from the hallway and the noise from the other rooms. The way my

room is setup, my bed lies perpendicular to the doorway, with my head

resting right in view with the door.

One night, it was a normal night to me, I distinctively remember

closing my door, and then I went to go sleep and was out of it in five

minutes. Halfway through the night, maybe around four or five in the

morning (more like five, because I remember seeing signs of light from

outside) I suddenly woke up from my sleep for no reason at all. When

this outburst happened I also realized that my heart was pounding

extremely fast, and that my ears were ringing loudly. I knew something

was wrong, but I wasn't sure what. I directed my attention to the

doorway, and I saw my door was open. Even worse, standing in the

doorway was an old woman in a nightgown, and no old woman was staying at

my house that night.

Immediately I turned my head and closed my eyes, to frightened to look,

and I kept my head away from the door for a long time. Eventually the

pounding of my heart and the ringing wore off, and I dozed into sleep.

This happening was so vivid that it had to either be true or a very

realistic dream. If it was a dream there was one thing left

unexplained...when I woke up in the morning my door was wide open.

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The Small Dog


I remember once when I was only about five years old and I was in bed.

I'm not sure if I had been asleep or not but I suddenly heard this

howling noise across the small room. I sat up in bed and looked over to

the large window where in front of the window was an old 19th century

chair. Sitting on top of the chair was a small dog, staring at me and

howling. I could see this clearly as the moonlight spilled through the

window. At first I could only stare, as we did not have any pets at

all. I also thought that somehow this dog had made it's way into my room

from the street or something. Though I did not know how as my bedroom

window was closed. I managed to jump out of bed and run into the

lounge where my parents were watching television. My mother followed me

back into the room and switched on the light, but no small dog. I don't

remember what happened after that but my mother has said since that she

felt there was something strange about the house, we had moved years


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Strange Events


All my life, strange things have happened around me. Many

unexplainable events have occurred, of which some are still unresolved.

One of the scariest things that ever happened to me, took place in 1995.

I was alone in my office at City Hall. The time was about 3.15 P.M.

I had just finished a telephone call and turned around in my chair to get

a file from my filing cabinet behind me.

When I turned back again and faced the desk, my heart

almost exploded. I began to tremble with fear.

I had a small notepad on my desk to be used for scribbling while

on the phone. The pad had been absolutely empty when I put

the phone down. Now the pad was filled with strange symbols

and arrows - scribbled down by somebody (something) invisible.

Needless to say I couldn't stay in my office. I went out into

the corridor and almost ran down to the cafeteria for a HUGE cup of coffee.

I showed the pad to a friend of mine who has very special

"gifts". She took a look at the symbols and frowned. Then she

looked at me and said:

"Whoever did this has a lot of power." This is a description of a

car crash. Two cars are involved. But I can't tell who is involved

or if this has happened yet, or if it is a thing from the past."

This really scared the %&&# out of me. Since then this has

happened twice to me. Has anyone experienced this? What is going on?

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Gnomish Apparition


My husband and I were walking in a very old garden. It is off one of

Atlanta's main drags and is public though no one is supposed to be in it

at night. It is maintained by a trust, from it's creator. There are

some ancient trees there, the land has never been clear cut. I was

walking a little ahead of my husband. My eye was caught by a shining

greenlight in a myrtle tree. I went closer to investigate it. It

wasn't a lightning looked like a Huge dew drop--about the size

of a quater. It shone with a neon emerald green light. I tried to

figure out what light it was reflecting. Just then across a narrow

creek whose banks had been walled with grey rock and the water ran at

the botom about 6 feet down--not something I would want to jump across

in the dark--I saw the air get dark and busy. I can't think of any

other way to describe this, something knit itself together right in

front of my eyes, very very fast. It was a little gnome or troll man.

It was in a laurel bush not 4 feet from me. It had gnarled features and

a long nose and scraggly white hair. it wore a vest and a slouchy hat

of some rusty color. It did not move in any didn't appear

alive. I don't know how I could see it so well in the dark, it must

have happened very fast because my husband was only a few feet behind me

and he hadn't caught up with me when I stopped at the neon dew-drop. I

was terrified beyond reason. I screamed and ran for the car yelling that

we had to get out of there, my husband ran with me, because it was night

in a woody part of a big city after all. He saw nothing. I have always

regretted the fact that I was too panicked to stay and see what happened

or to try to speak to this gnome. I was terrified. I can't figure out

if I sensed evil from the apparition or if the whoe thing was too much

for my Judeo-Christian upbringing as I laughingly tell those I tell this

story to. Other people I have know have said they saw things and I

onced lived in an apartment that a murder had been commited in and that

people tended to rent and leave and other friends said they heard and

saw things--but although a couple of odd things have happened to me this

is the only time I ever saw anything.

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The Ghost Encounter


one day,when i was 7 i went to my cousin's house. my great grandfather

was in world war II and so they had alot of pics in the house of him. my

great grandfather died and my cousin says him and his friends come back

and haunt the house. he said he heard a knocking pattern repeating

itself over and over. i always thought that he just wanted to scare me

because he is 4 years older than me so i never believed him. then one

night i came over for the weekend to spend soome time with them before

they left to go to california. my cousin told me the same story and i

still didn't believe him until i encounter it for myself. i fell asleep

and then i awoke to a strange knocking sound. i t6hought it was my

cousin trying to scare me but it wasent because she was sleeping right

next to me. then she woke up and heard the knocking too! we both clung

on to eachother in fright. then we saw this misty transparent figure

dressed in an old military outfit with a gun. the figure then said"hey

how are you?remember "never lose your hope!!" i was so scared to say

anything that when a little sound came out,the figure vanished. then we

tried to sleep. the next morning i talked to my cousin and asked about

the night before and if she could remember anything. she said "what are

you talking about?are you going wacko?" i then thought that this

encounter i had was a dream,until i walked to the picture. i looked

underneath the pic and saw the quote"never lose your hope!!" as i can

remember, the pic didn't have any writing under it. i was so scared so

i believe that my great grandfather came back to talk to me!!

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A Story for the Files


Now that I've been reading some of the stories, I look back now and feel that something that happened to me about 20 years ago, did have something of the supernatural about it. It scared me then, but when you're 16 years old, you've got so much going on in your life that it's easy to dismiss certain things.

The year was 1976, and my mother and I had moved into a house across the street from my grandmother. My mother and I had lived with my grandmother until I was 11 years old, so I was pretty familiar with the neighbors. The house we lived in used to belong to an older couple, I used to remember when their granddaughter Shelly would come to visit. The older man passed away, and lady owner moved out and decided to rent it.

The house wasn't really that old, maybe 25-30 years old. It was totally fenced by a chain link fence, and had no bushes or trees in the whole yard, so basically if you looked out any of the windows you had a clear view of that side of the yard, and into the neighbor's yard. The house had a crawl space underneath the entire house that raised it about 3 feet off the ground, so anyone trying to look into a window from the outside would have to stand on tippy toes to look. The entire house had wood parquet floors, which means that you could hear and feel when anyone walked around inside of it. I'm explaining all of this, because it's all part of the story I'm going to relate.

Part of this happened during the summertime, and then into the school year. During the summer, I was dating a guy who lived a little bit far away, which meant we talked alot on the phone, and since he was working as a busboy at a restaurant which closed around 1am, we would sometimes talk into the wee hours. Now there were 2 phone connections. One in my mother's room, and one in the kitchen. I would take the kitchen phone and stretch it around the corner and either lie down in the hallway or sit on the kitchen floor. I would only leave the hallway light on. Since we were on a tight budget, we wouldn't run the a/c which meant I could hear everything going on outside.

I would be talking to him, and then suddenly I would hear the entry gate rattle, and at first I attributed it to a cat jumping the fence over, but then soon afterwards I would hear footsteps in the grass around the house. I would be petrified, and tell my boyfriend, "There's someone walking around my house (note this was around 2 or 3am, which made it really scary)." At that point I was thinking of ghosts, but of a burglar. One time I got so scared that I went running down the hallway and jumped into my mother's bed, and woke her up, telling her that someone was in the yard. We turned off the lights, and looked through the windows, and never saw anyone. Now remember this yard has no bushes or trees, it was clear lawn.

Another time I was writing at my desk in my room, and it was around 1am, and my desk was right under a window which overlooked the back yard. I had a little desk lamp on writing away, when all of a sudden I hear footsteps purposely walking straight up to my window. I froze, I was about 18 inches from the window and I was so scared of looking up and seeing something at the window. I suddenly jumped up, knocked over the chair, and literally flew around the corner into my mother's room, jumping on her bed, screaming there was someone in the yard. We investigated, and again no sign of anyone. Now these were human footsteps, if it would have been a cat, it would have weighed at least 50 pounds, and we didn't own a dog.

The school year started, and my mother would leave for work before I did for school, and she always told me that if I decided to stay home to let my grandmother know I was there. One morning I had woken up not feeling too good, and decided to stay home. I remember I was awake, just lying there with my eyes closed. I heard noises in the kitchen, which was toward the front of the house, but this didn't alarm me, since my grandmother had a key to our house, and I thought it was her that came to get something she needed. Then I feel (through the vibration of the flooring), someone is walking down the hallway to my room. Now this is the funny part, because even though in my conscious mind I'm thinking it's my grandmother, in my inner mind I'm imagining a man, older and taller, which reminds me of my grandfather (which had passed away). This 'person' stops at the door, looks at me then comes and pulls the blanket up to my shoulder in a very loving manner. Now all this time I'm not scared thinking it's my grandmother. Later that day when my mother went to see my grandmother, she's calls me angrily on the phone, asking why I had not told my grandmother I was in the house, and I'm telling my mother that my grandmother had known all along since she had been in the house during the morning and even covered me up. My grandmother swore she had never been in the house that day.

One of the last items, was one night my grandmother calls us around 3am, and asks my mother to check if I was in bed. It just so happens I was sleeping with my mom that night, and she tells my grandmother that I was there next to her. My grandmother said she had me knock on her door (a certain way I did), and call out her name. She had gotten up, and of course no one was there, so that's why she had called. Another mystery. We moved after only living there 2 years, and I never had a similar experience again.

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Born on Another's Death Day


Here is a true story that I would like to share with all of you.

It is a story that made me believe that spirits really come back when

they have some unfinished business. This is how it goes:

I was born on the 8th of April in the year 1980. I was born on an

island called Guam, but I reside on an island called Saipan, which is

about thirty minutes from Guam by plane.

The day that I was born, my grandmother died. But, my parents had

no idea that she did. Because back then, we did not have a telephone.

Anyway, one quiet night, I was alone at home with my mother; I was two

weeks old. My father and older sister had gone out to buy me some pampers

(I was a messy little baby!)and some milk.

My mother went out of the room that we were in, shutting the door

behind her. She went to use the bathroom. Not even two minutes later, she

came back and the door that she shut, was ajar.

She crept in quietly, and to her suprise, she saw an apparition

of an old woman with long hair, dressed ina long, flowing white dress.

She gasped in amazement and in fear. After loking at the "ghost" for

a few seconds, she realized that it resembled my grandmother.

So, my mother said, " Nana (mother in spanish), please don't hurt

my baby. She's your granddaughter. Please, put her down."

After a few minutes, my levitated little body began to gently

fall back onto the bed. The funny thing was that I wasn't crying, I was


After being "laid" back onto the bed, my grandmother

dissappeared. And, all was normal again. At first my mother didn't

understand why what just happened, happened.

When my father got home, she told him what had happened and my

father looked at her in amazement and said, "I just got a letter from

dad, mom just died two weeks ago."

Horrified, my mother asked, "When, exactly?"

My father replied, "April 8, 1980."

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I was just reading some of the stories on your web page. I don't think my stories are all that exciting, but I have lived with spirits all of my life. I can't imagine not having them around all the time.

Yes, I do believe that animals are ghosts or spirits, too. All of my animals have "visited" after death. The first one I remeber was a french poodle named Jeffie (short for Jeffrey Jones). He was hit by a car and died very quickly. I was numb that night at his loss, but started crying after listening to my brother's tears. Shortly after taht I heard his tags jingling together and his toe nails on the kitchen floor. I would feel his fur as he brushed up against me. That went on for about two weeks and was a great comfort to me.

My next dog was a weimereiner-doberman cross. We were very close. We shared life for 14 years. I felt her leave this plain. I feel that she is with my father running in the woods and going for walks - some of the things they did together in this life. They were very good friends. She still comes to visit from time to time. When she was still alive, I did some traveling. It was not unusual to see her curled up in the corner of the hotel room I was in. It was comforting to both of us.

Bruno, a large german shepard who lived with me for 8 months, also cmae to visit after death. I think he came to let me know he was ok. I feel that he is with someone else who is greatly missing him. Bruno had been abandoned in a kennel I used. The kennel owner gave him to me as I had to put another dog down. Bruno was a true gentle giant.

That's all for now.

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