I had an experience one night at the now Pittsburgh
Job Corps Center.  Rumor has it that it used to be a
asylum or hospital for the criminally
insane....something to that effect.  Of course I
didn't believe it, but one night something happened
that changed my thinking.  One night, as I lay in bed,
I was laying on my stomach when I heard a voice come
from right over my head, "Young man, young man",
calling me in a sort of whisper.  I was the only one
in that room, so I jumped up, ran out to the hallway,
and asked the monitor had he seen anyone in the
hallway or in the room.  This guy, who was religious,
replied, "No, noone's been out here for the past 15
minutes, why?"  I stayed up all night, but it never
happened again after that.

Dreams Come True


Back in 1991 I had a dream that my boyfriend and I were sitting in a well
lit room talking. I was sitting on his lap telling him a funny story or
incident when I noticed people giving me weird looks ( it was a small get
together of some kind). Finally a guy yelled over and asked me who I was
talking to. I said: " I'm talking to Norman!" The guy said: "that isn't
possible - he's dead"! This went back and forth for a bit till I finally
woke up crying with that ache in my chest you get when you get very bad
news. I'm sure alot of you know what I mean. To make this short, my
boyfriend was killed one month to the day, in a freak motorcycle accident!
Needless to say I never want to ever have another dream like this one!
Anyone out there know about this kind of thing? My Dad said it was God's
way of preparing me for the loss - didn't work though. NOTHING prepares you
for that!!!! One more thing that I find strange. He died in the same year
that the movie Ghost came out, the only movie we saw together in a theater,
and I had agreed to marry him the same day he died like the characters in
the movie

Conneaut Lake Hotel


My husband, 3 year old son (Bret) and I visited the hotel and park on
Memorial Day weekend of this year.  When my son and I entered the hotel,
I approached the front desk.  My son wanted to go in the common room
opposite the front desk.  I peaked in the told my son it was empty, he
could go in, but be careful.  I turned back to the desk clerk to check
in and my son came back out of the room and said "Mommy, I see someone
in here."  I looked in the room again and said again that it was empty,
to go ahead and play in that room.  When I turned back to the desk clerk
she looked stricken and said that that room was haunted as well as the
third floor.  She said a man shows up in your photos sometimes.  I went
in and took a picture of my son in front of the fireplace.  When I got
the photos develed, that picture (as well as the next picture that
someone took for me of my son and me in that room) were so blurry it you
can't distinguish our features.  The rest of the roll of film is fine.
Later that night my son and I went "exploring" on the third floor.  We
took my  camera and a flashlight (even thought there was lighting in the
hallways).  When we approached the room which I believed was to be
haunted (it was unmarked with a door number), I checked the door to see
if it was unlocked.  Unfortunately, it was locked.  My son and I then
walked past the room and then the flashlight went out.  I turned quickly
and started to take a picture down the hall.  I was drawn back to the
door to take a picture, but then decided to take a shot of the long
hallway with the doorway in the photo in the foreground to the right.
That was the last of my film so  my son and I headed down the hall to
leave.  I became disoriented and could not find the stairs down.  I told
my son that mommy was lost and he calmly took my hand and said he would
get us "outta here".  He lead me right to the stairs (even though we had
the turn several times to get there).  The photo that I took of the
hallway has (I believe) a dark figure standing by the door to the right
and it is even blocking the chairrail for a part.  The first lighting
fixture on the right in the photo is blocked and defused and it looks
like a figure standing with a veil.  I do not scan well, but will try to
send the photos soon.

Black Magic


All though some people are really haunted by ghosts, others are victims of black magic and unfortunately I fall into this category. I was only 12 when this happened to my family  and although I knew what was happening to our house was very much real I really didn t bother much, though now I realize it was pretty serious. It all started in December around 4 years back. It started off with knockings on the door which became more fierce and intense as December changed into January. Although at first my mother and sisters thought it was just a ghost, we were wrong. We never opened the door, as the knockings took place everyday exactly at sunset. All we could do was pray and chant holy verses. They seemed to have no effect. We could all hear something scratching on the main door as if something wanted to come in. there was another room in our house, the guest room(rarely used and secluded from the rest of the house) where high paranormal activity took place. We actually felt the presence of  something  over there. it has been four years and everyone has well...forgotten about it, my sister and I still feel  its  presence, even (only) our beds shake sometime, but as soon as we utter holy verses it stops. No one goes into the guest room though! But sometimes I am strangely attracted towards it; I go and sit there for hours... alone, I really don t know why! Well that s my story, just keep in mind if your house is haunted it could very well be black magic!

Black Circle


Dear Shadowlands:
    One night, I was home alone and it was pitch black.  I decided to go to bed, since it was already midnight.  As I was falling asleep, I felt a hand parting my hair down the middle.  I didn't know who or what it could be, and I was so scared that I couldn't move for a while.  Finally, I gathered up the courage to turn around, and face whatever this thing was.  There was no one there, and I was still home alone--nobody was in the house with me.  Then I looked up in the corner of my room and saw a small, round light, which seemed to move a little, then disappear right into the wall.  I finally fell asleep after what it seemed like hours, and decided to check the corner where the light disappeard.  There was a hole in the wall and a black circle around it--it was never there before that night.

Beloved Dog

Hi there... I am sending this from the UK... found your site through Laura Haskell " Bluemoon" to which I subscribe.....
   Thought you might be interested in an experience I had some 11 years ago concerning a much loved dog I lost at that fact, I have had a couple of similar experiences concerning the loss of a dog.....
 This particular experience happened within a week or so of having to have an Alsatian called "Fritzy" who was 14, put down through the regrettable illness most Alsatians suffer from in their old age, which culminates in them not being able to walk on their hind legs and they also loose control of their bowels, which I believe, cause's the dog a great loss of dignity, so there is then only one course of action for an owner to take, and that is a trip to the vets....
   We nursed Fritzy for over a year with this complaint, but one day, as I walked down the stairs, Fritzy looked at me, lying in his bed in the hallway, with such pity in his eye's, I could not put off the inevitable any longer....I did the morning clean up, phoned the vet, and the deed was done......
  A couple of months or so before this time, we came home from a shopping trip to find a small, black, long haired, Welsh border collie bitch, trying to get at some water in our outside kitchen drain, she was on her last legs and unable to stand up, we took her indoors and cleaned her up. My! was she in a pitiful condition... we adopted her & nursed her back to health, I would estimate her to be around 9 months to a year old at the time......
   By the time Fritzy had to be put down, Lady, as we called her... had settled in nicely and was gaining weight and her coat was beginning to shine with the daily care she was getting......although we noticed she was a very nervous dog, we put this down to the ill treatment she had suffered before we found her.....
   We have a long garden by average British standards which I have landscaped over the years, it is 80 feet long by 30 feet wide, and I have it in 3 separate sections with a greenhouse and all that goes with that near the house, then 2 sunken lawns and raised flower beds in the centre section, leading to a circle of trees down the bottom, in the centre of which I have a Koi pond some 23 feet by 12 feet.... at the far side of the pond there is a waterfall, a double garden seat where I would sit with my dogs in the evening on returning from work, Fritzy had this habit of putting his fore paws on my thighs and licking my face, before settling himself down comfortably at my the rear of the seat a tall privet [10'] hedge borders a public foot path, at the other side of this is the Derbyshire countryside, with remnants of the old Sherwood Forest [Robin Hoods home] about a 1000 yds from the bottom of our garden..
 Lady and I were down by the pond with a sandwich and a cup of coffee after I came home from work a week or so after Fritzy went... when all of a sudden, Lady's coat bristled, and she went absolutely berserk, barking and growling, frothing at the mouth and she seemed to be looking at a spot with some determination to the side of the pond where the path around it was situated.. I looked, but could see nothing... but she had her eye's fixed on something, and as I said, she was going absolutely berserk.....suddenly, she backed up across the front of me and lay down, still barking and growling, and still, there was nothing to see.......then I felt this heavy pressure on my thighs and a warm, wet tongue on my cheek...then the pressure went and Lady immediately calmed down.... I was quite shaken by this happened the once and then all was peaceful as though nothing had happened, Lady wasn't even shaking as I stroked her thinking to calm her down... there didn't seem to be any need to do that, as the pressure on my legs diminished, so she calmed down though nothing at all had happened....I touched my cheek, and it was still wet..

. An Experience


Hi , my name is Andrea and i have a little story to tell. My grandmother and grandfather owned some property in a small town in Tennessee. I was rasied there untill i was15. The next door neighbors whose property boardered my grandmothers, was always like grandparents to me I spent holidays in their home and stayed with them very often even living with them for a while at one point. They had bulit the home themselves doing all the work while my grandmother and her husband helped. The story goes that my grandmother and the neighbor had an affair and my mother was the product of that affair. I often wondered growing up why they were so good to us and know I guess I know why. My grandmother denied this but he said it was the truth and begged me to tell her to tell the truth so my mother would know it was true . The ol gent live a great 93 years , my grandmother passed away before him , never telling the truth. He asked me on his death bed to take  care of his wife they never had kids together and I was all they had. I agreed  of course because I loved them both so much  and they had been  there for me all my life. After his death his wife couldnt live in the house anymore so we bought the home from her . Me, my husband and 4 children moved here almost 2 years ago . I love this house and I feel very at home here . I have been in this house all my life. Since we have moved in I have had a couple of experinces. One night after the kids had gone to sleep my husband and i were up watching T.V. when I had gotten up and gone into the bed room and he was in the kitchen. As I walked out of the bed room I felt this feeling I dont know how to describe it really but as I reached the kitchen I saw out of the corner of my eye this tall black shadow move from behind me like it was following me and it turned to go into the hall as I went strait into the kitchen. I just stopped and stood frozen for a second as I got this huge chill run all through my body I visably shook and my husband seeing me shake he also got a cold chill and shook he looked at me puzzled and asked "what ?" , I told him what I had seen and we just got quiet for a minute and then continued our evening not givivng it to much more thought. Then once when I was in the shower washing my hair I had both hands above my head and my eyes closed when I felt two fingers sweep around my shoulder blade I let out a little screach and turned to see my husband who was obviously playing a trick on me but when I turned around there was no one there I looked outside the shower curtian and no one was in the bathroom at all . When I finished my shower I asked my husband if he had been sneaking around in the bathroom trying to scare me . He had no clue what I was even talking about . I belive this is the spirit of my real grandfather the man who bulit this home . I think he is pleased with the changes that we have made here and that I am taking care of his wife. I have had some experinces in the past but none like this . I actually felt two fingers I know thats what it was . I was kinda creeped out for the fact I was in the shower naked and thats not where any one wants to experince things like this I would imagine. But I am not afraid at all if it is him or my grandmother then I know they mean me no harm just checking on me and the kids  I guess . I love your web site and I just wanted to share to be a part of it .

A Midnight Walk


I am a 13 year old girl, from Whitesboro New York. I have always believed in paranormal stuff. One summer night, my best friend and I were at our friends house a few blocks away from ours. It was about midnight when we decided to head home. When we had gotten to the corner of the street we noticed a white shinning figure (it had no face at all) walking toward us. We ran back to our friends house screaming. We made them walk us home, when we got to that same corner like 2 minutes later it was gone. It was said that there had been ghost hauntings here before but no one ever believed it. Now we do. Of course the guys think were crazy but I don't care because, one other night at my house around midnight also, I was taking a walk by my self and I saw the same white figure only he was holding something... the next day I went out side to where he was walking and saw a piece of paper with symbols written on it. I never found out what they meant I did as much research as I could but I found nothing on it.


A Ghost Story?


Hi. First of all I would like to say that I have had
very few encounters with anything unhuman...if it was
unhuman. But this all happened when I lived in another
house a few cities away about 3 years ago. Since then,
nothing has happened to me.
Well, when we first moved into my old house about 10
years ago, we could never get the back bedroom warm,
which unfortunately was my older sister and mine's
bedroom.  My sister used to complain about me walking
past her in the middle of the night, but I never had,
she also saw cats...she says 5 of them but Im not
sure...running around in our room all of the time.
Then, we both got our own room when our parents added
on to the house.  My sister still said that I came in
her room in the middle of the night and paced in front
of her bed.
Now, right before we moved out of the house, I spent
the night in my sisters room because I was sick and my
other sister was home for a week and she was staying
with us.  I was laying on my sisters bed with my head
in Sara's (the sister home for a week) lap and she was
playing with my hair.  I closed my eyes for what
seemed like a few seconds to me and when I opened them
again, Sara was standing beside me.  I still felt
someone underneath my head playing with my hair.  Sara
said she could see an older woman dressed in a white
gown as if she was wanting to go to sleep.  She also
said that the woman was looking at me as if I was her
child and singing to me.  Now, I couldnt hear her
singing at the time, but ever since then, when I am
sick I have a strange tune stuck in my head and I know
that I've not heard it from anywhere recently.
My mother and father always got up and checked on us
in the middle of the night because they would hear
pots and pans rattling like someone was looking for
something to cook with.  Things sometimes came up
missing and were found in another room, the doorknobs
turned but the door never opened and no one was
outside in the middle of the day.  Can anyone explain
these things?  My dad named whatever it was that moved
things and turned knobs "Fred".  I've never been
afraid of whatever it was and its never done anything
harmful.  Its always a cold but comforting feeling
when something was about to happen.

A Couple of Ghost Stories


Hey Guys, I love your site.  Just wanted to add a couple of family ghost
stories for your collection.  Which I presume are true because they have
come from my dad and my aunt straight to me, because they know I have an
interest about this stuff.
The first one concerns my dad, when he was ten his mother(my grandmother)
passed away.  He says that about a week after he died he distinctly
remembers waking up in the middle of the night, with the feeling my
grandmother was in the room.  He said he didn't feel scared or anything just
felt really calm.
The other story I have to tell you involves the Royal Roads University in
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  A brief history is it was built by a
former Governer of British Columbia who owned a couple of coal mines.  His
son however died during the first World War.  During the Second World War it
was used as a military barracks,  this is when the first reports of it being
haunted started coming in.  Two stories here are that the wife searched
among the young soldiers for her lost son, one soldier said he remembered
waking up with a "very old" women pulling his blanket off him.  The other
story is at times even to modern times the lost son's favorite song has been
heard playing in the building(My aunt has witnessed this.)  The building is
now a Public University which my Aunt works at.  She was walking through the
building one day at work when one of the hidden doors(the building has many)
opened when she was beside it and a cold gust blew out of the opening.  She
looked at the door thinking that the wind just blew it open but the door
opened AGAINST the wind.  In other words the door opened away from my aunt,
but the wind blew towards her.  I've been in the building myself but haven't
felt anything strange.  It's quite an interesting house to look through and
the history is very interesting.

A Bed & Breakfast Haunting in New Bedford, MA

This past Memorial Day weekend, our family spent a nice mini-vacation in a beautiful, Georgian Revival mansion in New Bedford, MA.  New Bedford was (and is still) known as the capital city of the 19th century Yankee whaling industry.  Since my husband has always been fascinated with this era, we frequently vacation in the New Bedord/Cape Cod/Nantucket area.  Bobby always likes to buy books and souvenirs that have to do with whaling and New England life.  Now to get to the point.
Let me emphasize that I have always been fascinated with the paranormal but Bobby (my hubby) scoffed at anything that had to do with the "unexplainable."  He would dismiss the paranormal as "mumbo-jumbo."  I would  sometimes get frustrated when he would poke fun at anyone who had witnessed or gone through something weird.  We have been married for over 15 years, and I used to tell him some old stories my grandfather shared with me from his boyhood.  I was totally convinced that there were members in my family who had some kind of "gift" to see the future in dreams.  Sometimes they would see the departure of loved ones before the news got to them by phone or by word of mouth.  Try sharing these experiences with a person who doesn't believe and all you get is humiliation.  One day I told Bobby, "Just wait and see.  It will happen to you, and I hope it does so you'll know how it feels when someone makes fun of you!"  He responded with "Yeah, yeah, yeah."
As I said, we rented a suite in this gorgeous house that had once belonged to a whaling captain.  We were particularly pleased because, for once, we had our own bedroom and our two daughters had their own as well.  It was located on Orchard Street, but I'll refrain from mentioning the name of the house.  Traffic getting out of New York had been especially slow, and we arrived late Friday evening.  The cordial and friendly owner showed us our rooms.  The only thing I found unusual about the house was that we were given keys to every room in the suite and we had to lock our doors from the "inside" for privacy.  The keys had that typical "skeleton key"  look.  The house was immaculate, beautiful and impressive with pictures of exotic places and ships.  Anyway, that first night I slept like a baby.  On Saturday morning, as we were preparing to have a continental breakfast in the downstairs dining room, Bobby complained that he was very annoyed at hearing the dragging of very heavy furniture during the night - at around 2:15 a.m.   I believed him because he always sleeps with his watch on when we go on vacation.  Bobby couldn't tell in what area of the house the dragging took place, but he was convinced that whoever was doing this was very rude and inconsiderate.  I asked him how long the noise had lasted and he said that it had gone on from 15 to 20 minutes.  The owner, who sleeps in a restored carriage house across the yard from the main house, was flabbergasted.  There were about five guests in the dining room and they denied making noise of any kind nor hearing anything.  There were two exceptions:  my oldest daughter heard the noise, and one child guest, a boy, said he heard a heavy chest being dragged across the floor.  So Bobby wasn't alone experiencing the incident.  We all forgot about it as we were enjoying the rest of our vacation.
Two evenings later, after returning to the house from one of our excursions, I was using a bathroom that was located between the two bedrooms (ours and our daughters').  The doorknob started rattling and I thought it was my youngest daughter .  I yelled that I was finished as I was drying my hands and immediately opened the door.  There was no one there and I heard the children's and my husband's voices in the downstairs dining room. I felt this adrenaline rush and tried to dismiss the weird feeling that came over me.  The icing on the cake comes next.
It was Memorial Day evening.  Bobby and I were trying to decide whether to pack late at night or first thing in the morning, since we were checking out at 11 a.m.  I told him let's have a cocktail to relax and then we'll decide what to do later on.  Our daugthers were in the T.V. room, which was next to our master bedroom.  My husband decided to take a long, leisurely shower.  Now here are the details to the layout of our suite.  Our bedroom opened onto a very large bathroom containing an all-glass shower stall and a jacuzzi.  A door at the other end of this room led to a tiny room containing a toilet and sink (this was the room in which I had experienced the door-rattling incident).  This little water closet room could be approached from either the shower area or from a door that led to the girls' bedroom which, however, we kept locked, with the key in the keyhole.
Before my husband turned on the shower, he made sure that the little room containing the toilet was locked so that no one could enter from the girls' bedroom.  He also turned out the light and closed the water closet door as he entered the shower room.  Now, I was lying on the bed having my drink and reading a book. Both girls were in the adjacent T.V. room.  After awhile, my oldest daughter said she didn't want to sleep in her room and could she crash here with me alongside her younger sister (who was already sleeping next to me).  Before we knew it, we were all three asleep.
All of a sudden my husband wakes me up.  I was a little startled because he looked slightly agitated and he insisted on showing me something.  I caught this horrible wave of nausea as I was rising from the bed.  First he asked me if any of the girls had attempted to go to the bathroom while he had been showering.  I told him that the girls had never left my side.  When I made it clear that both girls had been with me all along, he said the oddest thing had happened.  Before getting into the shower, he decided to light the scented candles that were placed alongside the jacuzzi.  He had been showering in the dark, enjoying the glow and scent of the candles when a sudden  flood of light illuminated the room.  When he whirled around to see where the light was coming from, he saw the private bathroom door open, and he noticed that the light (which he had turned off before going to the shower room) was on.  When he tried to focus to see if it was one of the girls, the door slammed shut.  He said it was as if someone had accidentally walked into an occupied bathroom and shut the door in embarrassment.  When he got out of the shower, he immediately went into the water closet room from which the light had emanated.  He found it  just as he had left it:  locked, with the key in the keyhole, and dark.  In other words, someone had entered a locked bathroom door, turned on the light, opened the door that led to the shower room, then slammed it shut.  Oddly, the incident had not scared or spooked him as it was taking place, as his initial reaction was to think that one of his daughters was trying to get into the shower room from their bedroom.  However, when he realized that no one could have entered from the girls' bedroom because that door was locked and besides, they were both sleeping in our bedroom, he was totally stupefied.  How could anyone have gone through a locked door?!  Especially one that had the key in the keyhole, so that no key could have been inserted into the lock from the outside.  (I forgot to mention that we had the house to ourselves since all of the guests had checked out.)
My husband reluctantly had to admit that he experienced something paranormal.  After relaying these strange events to the owner, he did admit that a previous owner, who happened to be an architect, sent him an email wanting to know if the owner's guests were aware of the manifestations of a child ghost.  At first we thought the owner was kidding us.  He then elaborated that before the architect purchased the house, it was once owned by prominent family with a well known name.  They had something to do with stainglass or something like that.  Apparently a little girl, I believe she was 7 years old died of a sickness on Christmas Eve.   There have been guests who witnessed seeing a child run right through a wall.  Now my husband is among the believers even though it still disturbs him to this very day!.  As Catholics, we were to believe that once you die, you go somewhere else.  You don't remain earthbound.  My question is:  How can a child remain earthbound when he or she dies?  Why isn't the soul taken to the afterlife or heaven?
Well. that is all I have to say about that and I'm glad that my husband finally experienced the "unexplainable".
Thanks for listening...


Wifes Ghost


i believe my wife has a ghost that moves with her. i first became aware of it in dinwiddie, va. i was sitting in the spare bedroom when i saw a shadow of a person cross the wall in which i was facing. i turned around and no one was there. another time in the same room, i heard footsteps come up behind me, and again upon turnig around, no one was there. while in the living room, i felt someone push me gently on my arm, and again, no one there. we have moved twice since then and i still am being touched at times, and we hear doors shutting where we live. it has never touched my wife, but it has always made its presence known to her.

Young Girls Image


my family used to live in a house in city point, va. this is rumored to be a very haunted area. sometime after we had moved, the top part of the two story house burnt down. they rebuilt upon what could be salvaged. years later my brother moved into the house, and reported hearing strange sounds, as if someone was going through boxes stored under the steps leading upstairs. on several occasions he claimed to have seen the image of a young girl in the house, but on each occasion, she would dissappear shortly after being seen. as far as we know, she still occupies the house, though we do not.



we lived in a house in hopewell, va. it has since been torn down. this house had a floor furnace in the hall way that led between my mothers bedroom and mine. every night you could hear foot steps walk from my bed room to moms, then back to mine, and then back to hers again. and you would not hear it again until the next night. you could hear them distinctly, especially when they crossed the metal grate that covered the floor furnace.

Visit By My Brother


shortly after my older brother drowned, i was standing in a doorway that led from the living room into the dinning room. i suddenly got an eerie sensation of being watched. when i turned around, i could plainly see the figure of a man at the front door, which was closed at the time. i could not make out a face, but the body was very clear. the figure then slowly turned around and went through the door, which i have already stated, was closed. i have not seen this figure again. i believe it was my brother making sure that we were alright. this house is still occupied by my mother in hopewell, va.

Ghost Siting


At about 1:00am in february of 1996 I was sitting in bed, reading, when i got this really cold feeling and it made my neck hairs stick up, whilst at the same time painful shivers were running down my spine.
My door started opening I thought it was my mum so i walked to the door, nobody was there I shut the door and locked it.
I went back to sleep.I was then awoken by my TV on full volume, that had to be turned on by hand (Because the remote was broke).I got up & turned it off I went to sleep thinking nothing of it.
A few days later I told my sister what happened, she said she didnt hear my TV even though her room is right next to mine.
After a few weeks I forgot about the incident until I was awoken by a loud scream that sounded like my mum, I ran up the hallway I looked in my mums room she was sound asleep (the time was about 2:12am) I ran to my sisters room and she was also asleep.I was shivering again so I ran back to my room locked the door and curled up into a ball.
Later there was another scream which was louder, whilst mid-way through it just halted.
I got up and found my door wide open, there was a white figure standing there holding a triangular object in its hand.The figure had a huge grin on its face that I could hardly make out.
I stood there frozen with fear, then the figure disappeared.
Two weeks later we moved, after that i found out that a woman had killed her abusive husband and then herself.

A Haunted House


I lived in huntsville alabama I would hear voices whispering and giggiling like a childs voice I would smell a faint scent like perfume the kind none of us wore. there was a red stain on my bedroom wall every color we painted my room that stain would show back up.  dors would also lock by their selves after about 15 yrs of living in that house I was in my dads room looking  for my birthcertificate for school and I found a shoebox and in it was a old newspaper clipping of a family that lived in that house a long time ago and the father went crazy and killed his wife and 2 kids. after living in that house for so long we got use to the things that happened around us. after we all moved several years later every time someone would move in they would only stay a short time. some friends that live close  by that house say it is vacant today

Being Attacked


My experiance with a ghost was not very good. It happened at 12:15 at night.. i was in my basement watching a movie with my sis and dad but they fell asleep and i felt uncomfortable on the couch so i went upstairs in my livingroom to sleep on the couch up there.. big mistake.  I walked in there thinking nothin of anything and layed down.. then all of a sudden a ceramic statue from on top of the fireplace gets thrown right across my face and hits the couch and bounces back on top of me. at this point i was scared and sayd in my mind " was that what i think it was" and then i hear something right next to me say " YES IT WAS" in a very harsh mean voice but it was definitly a girl. and then my arms flew outwards and something sat on top of me i could not breath because soemthing was grabbing my neck. i felt paralyzed and could not move my arms nor legs. the hair on my arms stood strait up but i had a blanket on and all i could do is cry. it felt as if somehting was grabbing me from the inside and i couldt take it anymore and in my mind i was screaming stop~ and i couldnt see correctly at this moment all i saw was foggyness on top of me and then all of a sudden i was jolted fowards and could move and ran so fast crying my eyes out.

Beverly - a glimpse to the other side

By: Michelle Ip []

On 10/23/94 my 35 year old sister-in-law Beverly was in her last hours
of life.  She had been battling breast cancer for 16 months and was sent
home to live out her last days.  A hospice nurse came by 2 or 3 times a
day to take vitals and administer pain medication.  Beverly was on a
ventilator, but was sometimes coherent.  My step-grandmother, Zona came
by to see Beverly.  Zona had lost two of her children (daughters) in
their early 20's to two different illnesses [though the family seldom
spoke of it - it happened in the late 50's/early 60's].
Though Beverly couldn't speak without gasping every two syllables, when
Zona came in the room Beverly sat straight up in bed and spoke very
clearly without gasping at all.  She told Zona, "I've seen your girls.
They're fine."  As far as I can remember, those were the last words
Beverly spoke.  She died about 12 hours later.

Fremont Hotel


i am an employee at the fremont hotel there has been many sightings of ghost in the hotel from the fifth floor to the casino floor to the kitchen. one morning while working in the kitchen there was a food runner that took room service up to the fifth floor and he had felt someone grab his arm he came running down to the kichen telling us what had happend he looked back and said nobody was there.

New Redmond Hotel


I noticed in the story about the New Redmond Hotel that nothing was
mentioned about there being any disturbances in the rooms. Oddly, when my
ex-husband and I were passing through Redmond a couple of years ago and
stopped at the hotel because it was growing late and we were tired, I
experienced something there. Although we had no idea of the history of the
hotel, I awoke in the middle of the night, keenly aware of a presence in the
room with us. Somehow, I knew that it was the presence of a woman. Although
I have never really gotten too bothered about the paranormal because of my
previous Christian beliefs, I absolutely KNEW she was there. I made my then
husband get up and turn on the lights because I was so spooked and we slept
with them on the rest of the night. Upon checking out the next morning, we
noticed a photo on one of the pillars by the desk. It was that of an
apparition of a young woman taken there in the hotel lobby. At that point,
we asked the clerk about its history and were surprised and a bit non-plused
to hear that there was indeed some history of hauntings there.

Haunting the Neighbors


i used to live in an apartment for about 6 years and something right next
door to us used to haunt the day my sister had went to the
apartment and was there all by herself with her friend . my sis had been down
stairs with her friend and they herd a noise upstairs.the only person other
than them was their little sister asleep downstairs in here room.funny thing
was that when they went upstairs to go check what happen, they opened a room
and a pair of boxers flew right at their face.whatever ghost there was
annoying and stupid.kinda childish.anyways the neighbors moved away and the
ghost started to annoy us.doing all sorts of stuff but everyone ignored
it.when we moved to an apartment real close by we think the ghost somehow
followed was mischevious ghost. it used to get me and my sister in
trouble alot ..i used to lie to my mom so when something happened like
something misplaced or broken i get the pretended to blame the ghost
sometimes but she still thought it was me.anyways when my parents seperated
the ghost kinda became ill tempered.if i were to watch tv in the living room,
i could see out of the corner of my eye a person walking around in my mom's
room.of course i would take a look if i was scared enough i would check and
yet nothing was happend constantly to every  one in my apartment
.they claim to see a small boy walking out of my mom's closet at the corner
of their eye.when we got a roomate more stuff used to happen.the roomate one
time had just gotten out of the shower and  went to brush her hair.about a
minute later a crayon fell out of her hair and she was weirded out.the same
thing happend to my mom except with a finally became enough when we
saw  a knife pointed straight up out of our sock wwas almost hidden
.my mom called her friends mom to get rid of the ghost.she got rid of it and
everything stopped.the next week my friends sister apartment we think was
being haunted.the apartment is very close by so it might be possible the
ghost just moved a small distance away.sooner or later the ghost was at it friend's sisters were cooking in the kitchen and herd children
laughing in the restroom.she went to check and saw that no one was there.her
kids were sleeping in the room but nothing happend.when she was walking back
to the kitchen she found a chair was in her way when it want in the way when
she went to check on the kids.she claimed that her sister didnt do it.when
her and her husband would go to work they would come back and find the house
smelled with smoke and aa lunk of crap in the toilet.they thought it was a
lazy ghost that doesnt flush but it happend a couple of times even after they
changed the locks.they got theie grand mom to help get rid of the ghost the
same ghost.when their grandmom goes to do her stuff and work her magic she
tells everyone to leave the house and just stand outside the house close
by.when their grandma was chanting she said her hair was lifted and was
pushed close to the door.she got mad about how the ghost wanted her to leave
and she started to cuss the ghost out.she says ghost hate cuss words.anyways
while we were outside we herd some footsteps through some dry leaves right by
her window.the ghost was gone for ever.

Ghost Story in the Daytime


Dear Shadowlands,
        I have a ghost story to tell you
and it happened in broad daylight. I
have always believed in ghosts since
I was fifteen but thats another story
I'll tell later.
     This story takes place in Spokane
Washington and in the morning,no less.
My husband and I drove to Spokane
one morning from Kennewick,Wa. to
have a new windshield placed in our car.We arrived around 8 a.m. and
left the car at repair shop and as it
was going to take an hour for them
to install the windshield,we decided to walk down the street to a cafe and
have coffee while we waited.
     As there wasn't a sidewalk on
the right side of the street that the repair shop was on ,we crossed over to the left side.We were walking with the flow of the traffic and there were a steady stream of cars passing us
as we walked. It was an ordinary
sidewalk,and it was sort of a cool day
with an overcast sky.It was a narrow sidewalk so i was walking in front of
my husband.There was the open high
way on the left side of us and a fence
on the right side with homes behind
the fence. My husband has a bad knee
so we were walking pretty slow be
cause he would have to stop to rest
every little ways.
     We both saw the woman coming
down the sidewalk behind my husband
and in just a moment she had caught
up with us.She passed my husband
without saying anything and I was walking along and she came up even with me,close enough to touch,smiled,
and said,"I hope I didn't startle you".
She was dressed in a bright blue
cardigan sweater over a blouse and
blue slacks,white tennis shoes.She
was an older lady,around 60 years old
with short grey,curly hair.She seem
ed real pleasant and she then was right
in front of me,walking ahead.I had my
eyes on her the whole time.I thought
she was a lady out for her morning stroll.We walked along for a few minutes,and I saw a beautiful flower growing in the yard we were passing.
I spoke to my husband about the flower,just glancing away for a second.
I looked back and she was gone.
     She wasn't crossing the street
because it was full of cars,and there wasn't time for her to go into a house
we were passing because most of the lanes up to the houses were long and
she would have been seen walking to
them but she was nowhere.My hus-
band exclaimed at the same time.We
looked and looked but she wasn't there.For a few minutes we thought
our minds were playing tricks on us
but we knew what we saw.
     We walked on to the cafe and
told the waitress but she just laughed
probably not believing us. I don't know
what it was but we'll never forget
it. It was the strangest thing we had
ever encountered.



  My name is Lee Cromer and I wanted to tell you about my Siamese Cat Gizmo.
  I'd gotten Gizmo in September of 1984 as a kitten and she was the best cat I'd ever had.  She would always sleep under the covers curled up at my stomach and was very affectionate unlike the stories I'd always heard about Siamese Cats.
  Anyway she lived a long life for a cat.  We had to have her put to sleep for health problems it was 4 years ago.
  Giz would always jump up on the dresser in our bedroom to chew on the silk flower arrangement I had up there.  One night about a month or so after she was gone,  I felt her jump on the bed and then heard her jump over to the dresser and start nibbling on the silk plant.  She woke me up every time she did this and I'd always say her name to get her to stop.  This particular night was no different,  except she'd been gone for a month.  I told my husband about it the next day thinking I had maybe just dreamed it and then he proceeded to tell me that a few nights before this happened to me he was sitting in the living room watching tv and she trotted through like she was going to go get something to eat or drink.  He saw her a couple of nights in a row.  After my incident we didn't see her anymore.  I actually didn't see her like he did,  I just felt her presence and heard the noises she was making.
  Thanks for letting me share.

Glensax , Adross , Scotland

Around about the 1850's  our house lay within the boundaries of the Ardross Castle grounds, and was used as the school for children in the surrounding area.  the main part of the house was the residence of the teacher, and the 'newer' part was used as the school room. i say 'newer' because the school room would have originally been one big room all the way to the rafters, but it was section off into living quarters in the mid twentieth century. Adjoining our house is a smaller cottage which was the nurses living quarters. (the land owned by the castle has now severely diminished and is only about 1/8  of what it used to be.)

the main bulk of paranormal activity has taken place in the older part of the building - 'the teachers quarters'.  without the newer living areas, the house would have consisted of;  downstairs -  2 rooms sizeable enough to be used as a sitting room & study, a kitchen, a corridor connecting all the downstairs rooms and a front hallwhere the stairs begin. the upstairs - landing, two bedrooms, and a large room of which may have been used for anything.  the toilets were in a shed outside, which is now used as a toolshed (lovely eh?).  Having redecorated the house several times it is obvious to see that everyroom had a fireplace. in the schoolroom there is an enormous fireplace.

when we first moved in my brother experienced sightings of a tall figure moving around the large room upstairs.  within the first week of unpacking every family member had experienced somesort of spectre ( i cant remember as i was only 9 months old). the 'most haunted' areas are the spare bedroom and the front hall.
the spare bedroom -  the door has always been hard work to open, as the top snags. anyway - one night when my uncle and aunt were staying over for a while, my uncle was getting undressed. my aunt had already fallen asleep so he didnt turn the lights on.  in the pitch black ( which noway i would have been able to cope with) he was pacing around getting ready for bed , when he heard the door open and then close. (bear in mind the snagging corner..) normally my uncle would have shaken it off but he was terrified - and this is a cynical middle-aged burly Irishman. he wont stay in that room anymore. it has always had a bizarre feeling to it.
i myself have experienced many weird sightings. i have woken in the middle of the night to see a small child standing at my door, and a tall figure looking out of my window. when i was  around the age of 5 i was kept awake for what seemed hours by the movement of things on my shelves and chest-of-drwaers. i was awoken by something falling to the floor, then the sound of someone pushing things to one side. i screamed for my mum as i could not get to a light without leaving my bed. when she came she turned on my main light and almost instantly the noises stopped. i told her what i had heard and she simply told the naive little 5yr old that it was mice. leaving she turned off the light and shut the door again. then slowly but surely the clicks, bangs and scrapings started up again. i told my self it was just the mice walking around but i screamed for mum again anyway.  when she came through the same thing happened - the light went on they stopped. and no sign of mice. this time she left the light on foi have also seen a dark figure standing in the middle of my room, and one standing at the bottom of the stairs. my mother has seen figures and animals moving through the rooms and corridors.
in the newer part of the house my brother has seen a man in blue walking across the back yard and into the back door, from the kitchen window.
as recently as this summer (2002) my brother and wife were getting married, and we were holding a big party celebration at our house. one of my brothers friends was in the room, where the back door is, getting some drinks from the fridge, when she felt something brush past her, she turned around and caught a glimpse of a white figure. the only white figure i have ever seen in the house was the small child at my door.  in that room (which we call the flat kitchen) both my mother and i have seen a figure in black standing just inside the doorway.
we call it the 'flat' kitchen as this is the old school room which has been sectioned off. in the 60s and 70s it was used as separate accommodation rented out to the sons of the people staying in the main part of the house.  the original kitchen units are still in the 'kitchen' but we only use that room as a sort of DIY area, so we have no real need to do it up.
all in all our house is fairly 'active'. most of the time the activity doesn't have a threatening feeling to it, but there have been 2 or 3 times when i have felt uneasy.  i dot think i could handle the intensity of an exorcism - plus, i dot really feel the need for one at the moment.
i hope this has been of some interest to you.
(i would love to find out more about my house and area - so in the rare chance that somebody reading this knows anything then please email me at

Heres One For You

Well, I have always had vivid dreams that seem almost real. I remember that I was having a dream that I was at my mothers friends house and they were having lunch. I went into the restroom and looked into this mirror, but my reflection was a man. He was dressed in sack cloth and his eyes were withdrawn yet full of life. He told me that he was looking for my mother. I told him that she was in the living room but he didn't seem to hear me.
He said "You have to tell your mother to help me"
I realized that was dreaming and said to him "How should I tell her, who are you?"
He said "I can't tell you my real name because then I can't come back and talk to you, just tell her that My name is LEAF."
I woke up and thought nothing about it but the dream had left me with an eerie feeling not easily shrugged off. When I went to sleep the next night he was there again.
He asked "Did you tell her?"
I said "No I didn't she will think I am crazy"
I guess I realized again that I was dreaming.
"He said you have to tell her I need her help, my name is LEAF, don't forget!"
The message seemed really urgent this time. When I woke I told my mother about my dream but she didn't seem to recognize the name LEAF or the description I had given her. I decided I must have simply had a strange dream and left it at that.
One week later my mother received a call from her friends mother. Her friend had fallen into a comma and had been calling her name. He unfortunately died in his comma 3 nights before. His mother was not sure how to get hold of mine until she saw someone who had contact with her. It was strange to say the least. It wasn't a ghost in chains but it was definitely an experience.

I Know


This happenedJan.2  '02. My whole family went to H-E-B.
I heard thumping upstairs, so I went up there.I cheked everywhere, no one was around. And then I heard someone say "I know". My heart almost skipped a beat. It wasn't the TV or the radio. Then Everyone came home, I told them About it. They sort of believed me. I just know I'M NEVER STAYING HOME ALONE!!!

Liberty Hall


I was looking at your website and i thought that i would tell you my friend and mines experience.I am only 14 so if you don't believe me i guess you don't.But this is a true story.
  when i was in fourth-grade me and my friend went to Liberty Hall (in Frankfort,Ky)
with our teacher.When we got there we were looking around at the garden me and my friend saw this spanish woman.we told our teacher to look.When she did she said she didn't see anything but i could still see the spanish woman standing there
i told my teacher that the woman was still there and so did my my friend went to say hi because she thought the woman was a gardener.altough the garden didnt look to good because it was in my friend went and when she talked to the woman the woman disappeared.she thought it was a ghost and so did i but i still wanted to go in.but my friend and my teacher didnt so we only got to see the garden.that was my experience.i thought that you may believe this story because it is true but if you dont you dont have to.


Ghosts on a First Hand Basis


         Hi, I have just found your site and i must say that i am in love. I too have encountered ghosts first hand. Let me tell you a few of my experiences from when i was a child.  Between the ages of 4 and 9ish, we used to live in an old victorian home.  Close to the industrial sector of town, it was granted that it would have alot of history behind it.  From what me and my family infer, we know somewhere between 3 or 4 ghosts inhabit the house.  I shared a room with my younger brother.  I was rather large and we had a bunk bed nearly tucked against the wall.  Since we moved in, I can remember hearing the stairs creak, one by one, as if someone had steped on them. It would begin at the bottom and slowly make it to the top. Then I could feel the presence of someone standing at the bed's side, watching me.  At times i swore i could hear and feel their breaths. Then after a few minutes, the whole process would start over and repeat..&nb         We looked up the history of the house at the library and found that a woman fell to her death down the stairs. She was an elderly woman.  As for the other ghost, it was a child who was accidently killed by his sibling while they played with thier father's gun.
I have many more stories to tell of that house. E-mail me if you want them

  The Red House


  about 10 years ago when i was only 10 years old me and my familyl ived in the duples (we called it the RED house because it was this blood red color) well we moved in early 1991 my parents fell in love with was oroginaly a full size house built in 1904 it was than converted into a dupex later on (im not sure of the date) the house ha beautiful high faulted cilings with beautiful floor to ceiling windows hard wood floors very spacious place......only 2 bad things about the house was 1 the cellar looked like a dungeon because it was never re-done and very creepy i might 2 the attack was the same exact way just wood in stead of old moldy green colored rocks like the cellar but you see when my parents first went and looked at the house they dident explore the attack or td from our house thats when it all started!!!!!!
                    My mom n dad tryed hard to find out who lived there b4 we did and in the end she was this young couple that were in there mid 20's they lived in this house for only 8 months and desided togo up stairs and they stumbled across the same thing my mother and father did that casket!!!! and instead of having it removed they desided to move out of that place .....and my mom couldnetfind out who lived there b4 them because the owner of the duplex wouldent give them any info...and my mom asked the owner if he knew anout the caket and he swore he didet my mom believed him.......
                   about 2 weeks after the casket was removed fromo ur attack odd things started happining around our home mom was wakin up in the middle if the night to whispers but shed wake up and shed look around the house and everyone was sound asleep.....but the thing that really moved her was one morning she woke up for work at 4am to be there early for she had things hse had to do.....well she did her regular thing...woke up made coffee and sat at the kitchen table drinking her coffee she was faceing the backwindow and she saw a shadow go past so she got up and wet into the still dark living roomand she heard the whispers again  she walked in instead of standin inthe door way and out of the corner of her right eye she thought she saw someone sitting in our reclyer chair thinking it was my father just sittin there she looked over but it was this little old lady my mom said hello and the lady just went up in a clourd u guy .......well needless to stay ever sence that night i touched that old victrola it played every single night at the same time 3am on the dot!!!
                    we saw the old lady a lot and i actuly ended up seeing her.....more than i cared to she enjoyed coming into my room at 2:30am and waking me up with her whispers and scaring the living hell outta me she sat on my bed with me twice but as soon as i spoke she vanished (thank god)but about a year after the thing first happened with the victrola my lil sister now 6 years old had our lil cousin ashley sleep over we were all down stairs in the living room watchin a movie and my lil cousin who was the same age as my sister said she was going to go upstairs and grab her pillow so she could lay down on the air matress with us on the floor we said cool n my sister was like im gonna go get mine to .....they  ran upstairs about 45 seconds after they got upstairs we heard them scream  this screechy blood curdeling scream my mom was the what the hell i hope that old lady dident jump out at them and she kinda giggt on in that house to our landlord and after we moved away and into our new apt moved outta state here to atlanta and now that we live away from there...we have not been keeping tabs on who knows what...frankly were just glad its over and not happining to us anymore

Old Abandoned House


Back in August, I was walking around where I live at now.  I went to this old abandoned house.  I didn't think of anything whenever walked in.  All the sudden I felt a cold breeze come across my neck.  All  the sudden the hair on my arms stood straight up.  I kept on walking through the house though ( Keep in mind this house was built in the early 1800's, and has been abandoned since October of 1995.)  It was about 3 minutes later that I heard somebody walking and talking.  I thought about running out of the house, but stupid me I stay and figure out what the hell is going on.  I turned to the back side of the first door and saw a shadow moving across the floor.  I got so scared that I stood their without making a single movement for at least 5 minutes.  After I set myself free of fear I started to move again.  I saw three women walk toward me and disappear.  I started to run out and the door slammed in my face.  I tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge.  I yelled out for help, but none would answer.  Then the door opened I ran out, and the door slammed shut.  They say that the house been condemned, and none is allowed inside.  The house is supposedly haunted because three women and a man lived in the house,  two women were daughters, and the third was the mother.  Their also was a man which was the husband.  They say that back in April, 19. 1872, the man killed the three women and himself.  The only reason that the women are still in there, is because they are looking for the mothers deep dark blue wedding stone.  This is in ALAMO,GA

My Terrible Experience

I have had quite a few weird experiences.  Usually I try to explain them away, but there are a few that just can't be explained as a natural thing.  I will tell you of the worst experience I've ever had.
My family likes to go to the graveyard late at night and take a look around.  We go usually after 10 at night and stay a couple of hours.  Sometimes we see different colored lights flickering about or we'll see dark shadows lurking around us.  None of this frightens us.  Next to the cemetary, there is another extremely old cemetary, referred to as the " Preacher Part" because of all of the graves that hold priests, nuns and the like.  We never go there because of weird happenings and strange feelings.
One night my mother had my boyfriend and I listen to a tape her friend had made in the Preacher Part the night before.  There were distinct sounds of children playing and women talking, which amazed us because we could also hear the wind blowing.  My mother suggested we go that night to see if we could get a tape of noises.  Not thinking anything of it, we agreed.
That night we got to the Preacher Part around 1 in the morning and put a tape recorder on top of a tall headstone.  My mother said some things and we left.  We planned on returning in an hour to retrieve the recorder.
When we returned, the temperature seemed to drop a lot event hough it was in the middle of July and the night had been extremely hot.  We had a bit of trouble locating the tape recorder, even though the headstone we picked was at the edge of the cemetary.  When we did find it, it was turned upside down and looked like it had been dropped onto the headstone.  Also, the wind seemed to pick up every time we shone our flashlight beem on the headstone.  My boyfriend picked up the recorder and we left.
When we got home, we rewound the tape and listened to it.  For a good 20 minutes, there was absolutely no sound.  Then there was a strange tapping sound, like the recorder itself was being tapped against the headstone.  Then there was a scraping sound and a cough.  We got an impression that someone was playing with it, but had no idea what it was.
We listend on for about another 20 minutes until the tape made a hissing sound.  We fastforwarded it and heard nothing, like before.  All of a sudden a shriek came from the tape and more hissing sounds.  At first we thought the hissing sound came from the tape itself, not anything put on it.  Now we are convinced it was something else.
We shut off the tape and went to bed.  The next morning, I brought the tape over to my friends' house.  We replayed the whole thing, but there wasn't a noise on it.  Just the hissing noise that usually signals there isn't anything on it.
It sounds unbelieveable, but I swear it's all true.  The freaky thing about it is when we went back to make a new tape, there wasn't any action going on for months until we just stopped going.  We think that something was warning us away or trying to get a message across.  We feel that in doing so, it was able to rest in peace.

Weird Dreams


When I was younger, I used to have this weird dream about a girl sitting alone in a room with this doll on the other side of the room. The girl just sat staring at it, and it seemed like hours passed. I used to have this dream all the time, however I didn't exactly think much of it. Anyhow, when I turned about 12 (I am 14 now) we moved into this old house. It was the first hospital of the town I lived in. However, I didn't find this out until later. The house was very old and it had a weird passage which lead into the attic. It hadn't been lived in for years so in the attic we found lots of things you would find in a hospital. Since we were only renting, we asked the owners about this and they told us not to mind it, because it was once an old hospital. I was always interested in the attic but I was never allowed to go into it, but whenever I could, I went up there to investigate. One day, I was looking around when I found an old black and white photograph of that same girl in my dream holding the same doll. There were other photographs and many of which had that girl in it, including the doll. I thought it was very creepy. About a week later, I was alone in the house with my friend who was sleeping over. My parents were at a friend's house. It was pretty late so we decided to make some popcorn and watch a movie. I totally forgot that we still hadn't unpacked the movies and they were upstairs in the attic. Since I really don't like going up there at night, I told my friend we should just watch T.V but she really wanted to watch House on Haunted Hill (she hadn't seen it yet I decided to go up a grab it quickly. Once I got up there, I looked around for the chain to pull the light on, even though it wouldn't make much difference. I found the light and turned it on but when I looked around I couldn't find the box with the movies. I finally found it but it was over by the chimney. I went to grab the movie but all of a sudden I heard something behind me so I looked and there was the little girl holding the doll but she didn't exactly look the same, there was one difference in her eyes and skin. Her skin was unnaturally pale and her eyes had blood around the edges. It really freaked me out, so I ran for the stairs but when I did, I tripped on something and I fell and it really hurt. My friend came and helped me but when I tried to show her the girl but she was gone. At the time, I hadn't realized it was the same girl in the photos and my dreams but after I realized it. I had to get stitches by the way because when I fell I cut my leg badly on a nail in the floor.

Our Haunted House in 1994

I love the website and spend much time reading other's experiences.  I have
read them all and come back each month for new stories.  I thought it was
about time to submit my own.
This occured in Cinti, Ohio over the course of two years from June of 1994
through June of 1996.  I had just remarried and our new family moved into
this beautiful bi-level home.  I came to the marriage with 3 children ages,
13, 10 and 8.  My husband had 1 son who was 4.
This was a three bedroom home, so our sons shared a room and my daughters
the other.  We were so excited about renting this house.  It was beautiful.
It was layed out just like a typical bi-level, except for the Great room,
which was a step down from the kitchen or dining room.  It was very big with
hardwood floors, cathederal ceilings and a wet bar.
Downstairs there was another family room with a fireplace and a big laundry
room with alot of shelves that we stored all of the kids games on.  I always
felt like I was not alone in the laundry room and found myself hurrying to
get out of there as quick as I could.
The very first occurance happened maybe 2 days after we moved in.  My step
son was back in his room playing with his toys.  My husband and I were in
the living room.  My children were with their father for the weekend.  My
step son came shooting down the hallway his eyes very wide and he was a
little pale.  He was 4, he said "I don't want to play back there anymore",
"I said why not"?  "He said they keep talking to me".  I said, "Who keeps
taking to you"?  He said, "the voices, they keep talking to me and they
won't stop.  We did not know what to think of that.  We thought maybe he
heard someone talking outside, but when we looked there was no one around.
At that time my husband worked nights and I would often be there alone with
the children.  I was never really afraid, just uneasy.  I would at night
always here footsteps.  Of course I kept my bedroom door shut, but I could
still here them.  Strange things would occur from time to time, like we
would turn off all the lights, ceiling fans etc, off before going to bed.
The next morning the ceiling fan in the living room would be going full
blast.  This happend quite a few times.
The event that really started me wondering was one day I was standing at the
stove cooking, to my left was the step down into the great room, the patio
doors that led outside to the backyard were on the same wall as the stove.
As I stood there I saw my 8 year old standing just inside the patio doors,
and I said, "Get cleaned up for dinner, it's almost ready".  No answer.  I
looked over and no one was there.  I went outside on the patio and there was
my 8 year old on a swing.  She had never come in.  I stood there thinking
about what I had seen.  I saw a little girl the same height as my daughter,
with the same long hair to her waist, then I rememberd that she had on a
long old fashioned dress.  To say the least I was spooked.  I later told my
husband what I had seen, but we never told the kids as we didn't want to
frighten them.
It was maybe a week or two later when my 8 year old came to me and said,
"Mom I was downstairs looking for a game to play and when I was coming
upstairs I saw a little girl standing by the fireplace.  She looked alot
like me with long hair, but she had on a really long old fashioned dress.  I
kept looking at her and then she just disappeard.  This really freaked me
out, since I had not mentioned to her what I had seen and she described the
little girl exactly as I had seen her.
The next major thing to happen was during the day also, but this time it
happened to my husband "the skeptic".  He was home during the day as he had
worked the previous night.  I was at work and the kids were at school.
He was sitting in the dining room, (where we had our computer), when he
heard a noise in the basement/family room.  It had a parkay floor, no
carpeting.  He heard boxes being dropped and scooted, it sounded like from
one end of the room to the other.  When the sound of scooting stopped, he
would hear another box being dropped.  This went on for a min or so.  He was
sure someone was in the family room.
He went and got his pistol from the lockbox in our closet, loaded it and
chambered a bullet.  That is how sure he was that there was an intruder in
our house.  He continued to hear these boxes being dropped and scooted as he
crept down the steps to the family room.  As soon as stepped on the last
step and stepped down to the parkay floor the noise stopped.  He crept
around the corner knowing he was going to confront someone.  There was no
one there.  Not only was there no one there, but there were no boxes to be
found anywhere.  He looked in our closet that had a lot of storage under the
stairs, and there were no boxes in there either.  They had all been emptied,
broken down and stored flat against the wall.  He searched the entire house
and of course found nothing.  He was baffled to say the least.
We all knew something else was living there with us.  There was alwasy a
feeling of not being alone.  It wasn't a scary or evil presence at all, just
kindof creepy.
One other event that stands out in my mind is one evening, I was alone, my
kids in bed and my husband at work.  My mother in law and a friend of hers
were up from Florida on vacation and staying with us.  I was sitting in the
great room watching t.v.  I was expecting my mother in law and her friend
home at any minuet.  I heard the keys turn in the look and footsteps coming
up the stairs into the kitchen.  Then I heard keys being laid on the kitchen
counter.  I got up to greet them and when I stepped into the kitchen it was
empty.  No keys on the counter, no one had come in.  They arrived about 10
mins later.  I was totally freaked.
Many other small things happened.  Anyone that spent the night would hear
footsteps throughout the night.  My two sister in laws slept in our living
room one night in sleeping bags and the next morning they talked about foot
steps that traveled around their sleeping bags all night long.  Needless to
say they would not spend the night any more.
We moved from there in June of 1996.  We are into our second house since
then and have never experienced anything like that again.  The man that
rented the house to us passed away last year, and I didn't know the
neighbors that well to questions them.
We were told that the previous owner before the man that rented it to us was
a physician.  We always thought it strange that in  the back yard, we would
find surgical gloves and scalples in the ground.  We thought maybe he used
those items for gardening, who knows, it just seemed strange finding those
type of items outside in the backyard.   We were also told he had a young
daughter because the man that rented us the house told all of the games that
were in our laundry room on shelves, the kids could have because they were
left here from the previous owner.  I alwasy wondered of the little girl
died and was attached to the house for some reason.  (I was told that she
had been ill, but I don't know if she was okay or not".
We were sad when we moved from that house as it was so unique and the first
home we lived in as a new family, but I wasn't sad to leave the strangeness
Sorry this has been so long and thanks for reading.


Poland Spring


one of the places on you're Maine list is a place in Poland Spring. the
ghost of Hiram Ricker. not far from the Poland Spring Inn, down a dirt
road  there are four cottages, these are rented out now to guests of the
Inn. back in the early 1970's we lived in the cottage now known as the
Hiram Ricker House. my mother, stepfather, and myself all had
experiences in this house that were unexplainable, and scared the shit
out of us. to this day, my stepfather will not talk about what he saw
one night,while he was taking a bath. he ended up staying in the tub all
night because he was terrified to move! in my parents bedroom, someone
had painted a beautiful angellic figure accross the ceiling, all was
beautiful except for a hideaous grinning face. no matter where you
stood in the room its eyes were always looking at you. they painted over
it because it bothered us, it would wake theme up at night. they tried
several times to paint over it and it would still show through. we all
heard footsteps follow us, even sometmes when no one was home. it would
slam doors in the middle of the night. i would hear voices at night and
go wake up my mom because she had just been in my room and wanted
something, so i thought! we only lived in that house for a couple of
months, but it had long lasting emotional effects on all of us.

Puppy Story


i breed shar-pei's(dogs) and we unfortunatly had one pass away last year.
I was sitting in the kitchen and washing the dishes while watching tv.  I heard a puppy bark in the living room and by now all the puppies were gone.  i also have two adults but their barks are louder and sound tougher.  I searched all over but nothing could have made that distinct sound. i ma NOT crazy because my child heard it too. i still hear my puppy bark sometimes and it freaks me out.

Queen Mary


I have had a few different experiences, but the one I'm about to tell you happened in 1987 on the Queen Mary.  My family was taking a family trip to CA from TX.  We did all kinds of touristy stuff: Disneyland, etc.  One stop on our trip was to stay on the Queen Mary, when it was docked and used as a hotel.  We happened to stay in Queen Mary's suite.  I had always been fascinated by the Titanic, and was equally fascinated by this up close encounter with a similar ship.  The suite was fairly small.  There was an entrance hall with a sm. room to the right that I had assumed was for a servant.  There was a full bath to the right, and a living area straight ahead.  The main bedroom was through the living room and to the right.  I, being the older sibling, claimed the small room as my own.  My brother got the couch in the living room.  I was pleased to get the upper hand, and I went straight away to fully move into my room.  The room was like a small closet, no windows.  There was a small cot like bed with a small chest of drawers and a mirror above that.  It was pretty drab compared to the rest of the suite, so I went so far as to try and pretty things up and make it my own.  After settling in, we went about the boat on tours and things until it was time to go to bed.  I was fairly young, about 12 or so, and I don't remember exactly what happened that night, but I know that after all the lights were out, I was scared out of my mind. I tried to just go to sleep, but I couldn't.  I thought that maybe my brother would change rooms with me, but that meant swallowing my pride. After deliberating, I couldn't stand it anymore, and I woke my brother up and tried to persuade him to change rooms with me.  He wouldn't do it, so I had to go one step further and sleep on the floor with him, because I was so scared.  The next morning, I tried to explain to my parents, but they just shrugged it off.  Later that next day, I had stayed behind to get ready for the day while the rest of the family had gone out.  I walked from my small closet room into the hall.  I pushed the button (the light switches were not switches, but 2 sets of buttons - when you push one in, the other pops out and turns the light on or off).  So, I turned on the light, and walked across the hall.   While in the middle of the hall, the light turned off.  I tried to remain calm and tell myself that the light burned out.  I went to the end of the hall and pushed the button and the light went back on.  I took a deep breath and decided to go ahead and take a bath and get ready.  I was taking a bath, and felt so self conscious, like someone was just watching me, that I pulled the shower curtain around the tub.  We left that day, and I tried to tell my family that the place was haunted, but they didn't believe me.  I had never heard any stories about the boat until 2 years later - they ran a special on the Queen Mary and talked about the hauntings.  I told my mom who was watching it with me, "See, I told you."

Family's Ancestral Home


In the Philippines, my family was a pretty prominent
one. It may be a third world nation, but our house on
Buendia Avenue in Manila was really something else.
The closest comparison I can make here in the States
is if we had a home growing up on Fifth Avenue in
Midtown Manhattan, here in NY.
This house, however, was not our ancestral home. It
was just the one I grew up in.
My ancestral home was located on the island of Buoc,
in the northeast if I'm not mistaken. It is a mansion
of an old house. I'm not sure why our family was so
important; I heard all these stories later in the US
when I was at least 8 years old.
To give you a sense of my mom's maternal family,
here's an example: in the province of Pangasinan,
there is a bridge there that connects that province to
the rest of the country's mainland, named after my
grandmother (It's still in use today... it's the
Carmen Bridge). The one who designed it was the
nation's leading architect at the time, educated in
MIT, and was her uncle. My grandmother herself was a
fashion model, and performed piano recitals to two
different Presidents of the Philippines as a little
girl. Up until World War II, it was unwritten custom
for any President of the Philippines visiting the
province to stay in our ancestral home. Before her,
other women had done the same. My grandmother was
always a Flower of the national May Parades. This was
a filipino thing where beautiful social
butterfly-girls were chosen to the Flowers of
different things, such as saints, provinces, months of
the year, etc. I don't know the custom too well, so
I'll leave it at that.
In any case, my family was pretty big then,
member-wise and status-wise. We WERE the most
prominent family in the province, if not one of the
pretty prominent ones in the country. Our home, so I'm
told, was a thing of beauty.
During World War II, Japanese forces managed to invade
the island. They stormed their way further and further
inland at Buoc, and stationed beachheads there. The
residents were all in a panic, especially over the
religious items (the nation being 98.9% catholic, you
can understand the importance we placed on religious
things), so they stored all of these in our ancestral
home's basement/underground storage area, not
believing they could invade that far. After all, the
house is in an island of its own in that province.
When the Japanese did invade, they slaughtered
everyone who still remained in that house. But because
of the religious statues there, it instantly became
cursed. One of the Japanese soldiers went insane while
inside plundering the house, and killed many of his
fellow soldiers before he himself had to be killed.
Ever since then it's been haunted... by spirits of the
Japanese, or of the people murdered there, no one
cares to find out.
All of my aunts swear by this story. My mom says she
spent a night there and vows to never return. My older
cousin in Canada, Fran, whom I respect very much, was
among the last to be in the house, and he agrees with
all of the accounts that the house is haunted.
The house is still under our name, and it still
stands. Anyone claiming to be from our family can pick
up the keys from the local bank and open it up, but
none dare to do so.
My mom told me once of her staying there when she was
younger. She ran a bath for herself, and heard someone
calling for her, so she left the bathroom. Finding no
one having called her, she returned only to find the
tub filling up with blood. Screaming, she sought out
the maids, her mother, anyone at all, but when she
showed them the tub, it was simply filling up with
Fran told us a story about a certain stairwell in the
house. If you go up the stairs after a certain hour,
you will hear people laughing and snickering and
muttering in Japanese behind your back. When you look
over your shoulder, no one is there....
My relatives of course wanted to remove the religious
statues from the bottom cellar of th house, but
anytime you get near it, so they say, you will hear
filipino and japanese voices pleading together to not
touch them. Once the doors to the cellar were actually
thrown wide open, only to discover that every single
statue was covered in some drying, sticky red stuff.
And then all their candles went out....
I used to know more stories, but they all slip my mind
right now. I AM writing these in from a kiosk in the
mall, after all, so I'm a bit distracted as well.
People who have been inside the house all swear by
their stories, and shake their head when I tell them
that my curiosity has gotten the better of me, and
that I want to see for myself.
"Go ahead," says Fran. "Feel free to. I guarantee you
won't want to spend a night in that place."
And that's the story of my family's ancestral home.

 Restless Ghosts


one time my dad was telling me about my day she went outside to get the morning paper,she bent down  & at the corner of her eye she saw  two strange men.she was suprised becuase those men looked familiar.when she remembered who they were.she thought to herself both men owe me money.but wait those men have died years ago.when she looked up .both men were standing right infront of her both looked pale and cold.but she knew why they were there two give her money back.but she calmly said,"dont worry about the money just go up to god and he wiil reason with you  both of you are dead move on and leave me alone please may you rest in peace with no worries at all'.and she just went back in looked out the window both men were from then on i truly believe in wondering spirits searching for forgiveness

  Scarey to Me


we were doing renivations on my room and i had a matress set um on the floor  i woke up at around two and i saw a lady in a gray blanket that looked like me mom when i said mom 3 times it didnt move then i closed and opened my eyes and it was gone

The Dishwasher


When I was about six years old I lived in a rented house in
Framingham, Massachusetts for about a year between 1970
and 1971. I lay awake in bed one morning fidgeting because
I couldn't get back to sleep. I clearly remember staring at the ceiling
and watching the light of morning start to fill the room. I could hear
my father snoring and my brother grit his teeth in his sleep ( it was
very loud). The door to my room was open and I could just see the top of
stairwell from my bed. As I lay there I suddenly heard what sounded like
rhythmic droning of the dishwasher running. I thought it was strange
I knew everyone was still asleep. Well, this droning sound started
getting louder
as if it were coming up the stairs. I started getting scared and my
heart started
beating very fast. I knew that I didn't want to see whatever it was that
to be approaching so I turned over on my stomach and faced the wall next
to my
bed and threw the covers over my head. The sound had gotten really loud
as though
it must have been in my room. At that point, one half of the bed got ice
cold and the
other half seemed to get real hot. Then it all stopped, no more sound. I
just laid there
with my heart pounding in my ears. I could still hear the sounds of
morning outside
and my father's snoring. It never occurred again. I swear to this day
that it was not a dream.


The House That Was Meant To Be Ours


Hi. I'm writing to tell you a story that just happened last year to me, my Mom, my fiance, and my sister. I'm 23 years old and living in Virginia. My Mom is in the process of getting a divorce and moved out of my childhood home and asked my fiance and I to move in with her until she got on her feet. We did just that and found an old house for rent. That's where the story begins.....
The house (plantation at the time) was built in 1871. The wealthy owner was the President for a local college and also a big political advisor for his time. He had a wife and 5 children, 1 boy and 4 girls. The house is a Victorian style with 3 bedrooms, walk in closets, and fireplaces in every room. It's only 2 floors as well as a unfinished basement with a spiral staircase.
My fiance and I moved in two weeks before my Mom did. We were putting clothes up in our closet when we heard a man woman's voice coming from downstairs. It started out as mumbling, but it continually grew louder and louder until it sounded like there were 45 voices instead of 2!! Shawn went to go check it out and found nothing. That was our first experience with our ghosts.
My Mom moved in two weeks later and we were sitting in the living room around 9:30pm watching TV when all of a sudden, the strangest smell developed. It was fresh peach cobbler! Mom looked at me and exclaimed, "Wow, that smells so good. Is it almost done?"  I was stunned. I told her that I wasn't cooking anything and she gave me a weird look. We both got up and started following our noses and it lead us to the basement. Why you ask? Well, that was where the slaves prepared the meals! While we were walking back up the stairs, the doorbell rang twice. It didn't seem unusual until we opened the door and saw a man wearing a top hat, a long trench coat, and carrying a black bag. We asked him if he was in trouble or needed any help but he kept walking. Both my Mom and I looked at each other and turned back to the man to say something, but he vanished!
The most frightening experience happened to me and my fiance. We both had trouble breathing in our room and always had a humidifier going. I woke up one nite to get a drink and saw a woman walking past our room towards the stairs. I thought it to be my Mom until I noticed that the dogs were not with her (which is unusual). I walked out of my room and from the top of the staircase saw the back of a woman's head with her hair in a bun and a shaw draped across her shoulders. I followed her down the stairs and heard the swooshing sound of a dress against the hardwood floors. I stepped into the kitchen and all of a sudden, the basement door slammed shut and I heard a woman crying. I hauled ass upstairs and Shawn was awake looking for me because he heard someone crying and thought it was me!
The most intriguing experience happened to my sister when she was coming home around 9:15pm from play practice. She was driving down the road and saw our house on fire! She started speeding up and as she got closer, she realized that our house was fine. Nothing was on fire. Then she saw the same man with the top hat, trench coat and black bag walking from the house towards the road (we hadn't told her the doorbell story b/c we thought we'd scare her if we did).
I have many more experiences with this house but I'll wrap it up with what we have found out through newspaper research (remember, the man who built the house was a prominent man) so the family's tradegys and fortunes were almost ALWAYS published. The room that my fiance and I occupied was the little boy's room who died of TB when he was only 12 (the reason why we had trouble breathing). He was frequented by a doctor every week around 9pm-9:30pm for medicine!!!! I believe the man who rang the doorbell was the doctor.  And the lady I saw walking down the stairs? She was the wife of the political man and had tripped down the stairs on her dress losing her baby that she was carrying in the process. I believe she still searches and cries for his soul.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you SOME of my experiences with my old house. If anyone would like to email me, please feel free to do so. :)

The Old Hotel


My experience first happened when my family went to an old hotel(the hotel had real keys instead of the card keys) We settled in and my brother decided to go swimmimg. I told him I would be there in a minute. The door to our room was locked at this tim after he left. I was going through my bags to get my bathing suit when the door that was locked to our room creaked open. As it opened a rush of cold air shwooshed though the room. That night I was going to get ice when I saw a figure walk around a corner i front of me. I was 2 feet away from it when it turned the corner and i looked down the hallway where it went and the hallway was empty.

The Old Lady and The Boy

When I was young in my old house I used to lie in my bed and all of a sudden feel cold and then a figure of an old woman would walk through the room door to the middle of the room and vanish into thin air, when my parents moved into the house before I was born my father was carrying a box of stuff into the living room when he froze solid as there in the middle of the room in front of the fire was the same old lady who used to stay in the house, she was sitting in an old armchair then after about 2 minutes her and the chair vanished. After the house got re-modelled my dad never saw anymore sightings but every night at the same time she would walk into my room and then vanish, I asked someone who stayed round the corner for years who it was and she told me she had died in front of the fire in the armchair my dad saw and that her bedroom was the bedroom I slept in, one night I was lying awake and she came in but this time for the first time ever she was talking to someone and it was weird but I ignored as by this time I was used to it and went to sleep. We moved out of that house 4 years ago and the new owners have renovated again but I donít know if they have had any experiences. When I started High School the school building is 89 years old currently as it was started to be built in 1910 and they completed it in 1913, to cut a long story short there is a lot of ghosts in the building and I have seen a few of them, and also my street a man of about 40 or more was walking down the street and then just suddenly vanished that is my latest sighting I see him every now and then at about 3am. I swear all of this is true and I am glad I have found somewhere to post my story I will keep you posted on any new sightings I have i hope to get new ones.

The Room


I was about 13 or 14 my mom and I had moved from Florida to Michigan! We ended
up in a small town called Hillsdale .She found us a little apartment on ac side Rd. not
to far from town.It seemed like an ok place.After 2 or 3 months of living there i
finally started sleeping upstairs in the 1st bedroom there were 2 .The 1st bedroom had a open staircase wooden floors and 2 windows in the middle of the wall on
the north side of the bedroom. Everynight i would lie in the bed witch was on the wall
to wear my feet were by the end of the bed pointin north.There were 2 windows throwing in shadows from the steert lights behind me on the wall . But on the wall between the 2 windows on the north side of the bedroom there was always a shadow
of a skull and topp hat. T always thought it was my emagination ,but how could it be
swhadows from the street light on the wall faceing away from the street lights?It scared me enough that i changed rooms 2 the back bedroom.Until 1 night i went
in the back bedroom to go to bed i had 2 big dolls my aunt had made me and my friend was with me. I opened the door the dolls were sitting on the edge of my bed with there eyes glowing red.Needless to say my friend and i ran down the steps and slepped there. I never told any1 else except 4 friends later on in life But i was not imangining these things,and there was no logical explanation .I never went upstairs again alone at night in that apartment .

Things that have Happened to me and my Family


These are only a few things that have happened to my family, I have pictures to send also. I am so thankful I have finally found someone to share these stories with that will not laugh at me or think I'm crazy.
Laura League
My family has a long history of dealing with the unknown. We built a house in the out in the country in the mid 70's and that's when it all started. Most of the people we have talked to about the things that went on in that house have all told us the same thing. You have 6 teenagers under the same roof and that we are the reason for all the things that happened. I guess in some ways we were, we were all open minded to what was going on. For instance my sisters and I liked to stay up late watching TV in the living room there was a large picture window that practically covered one of the walls in the living room, so any where you would set in that room you could see out side. Well one night the power went out while we were up late one night so we sat in the dark looking out the window at the stars and we realized there were lights dancing in the front yard so we ran outside to see if someone was playing a trick on us but no one was there. When we went back in the house and looked out the window again the lights were zooming around the yard like crazy after about a minute they were gone. After that we had strange things happening in the house like when we would leave the house, when we would get back home all the lights in the house would be on and all the TV's and radios would also be on. Then we started having something run up the basement stairs and shake the door like they were trying to get in but if you opened the door no one would be there only an ice cold breeze. My dad said we were crazy until one night when it happened to him.(Now we aren't considered crazy). There were other things like doors opening by themselves or dishes falling in the kitchen when no one would be in there. I think the scariest was when my sister and I  were recording some songs from the recordplayer in the basement. When we listened to the tape later there was no music only something that sounded like a strong wind and some one talking in a low voice it was a man but we couldn't make out what he was saying.
When my grand father died my parents sold our house and moved next door into the house my grandparent owned. My grandmother didn't want to live in it without my grandfather there. By this time I was married and had a son. One night I stayed in the house with my mother because she said she didn't like staying there alone and my dad was gone on a trip (he was a long haul truck driver).Now I know why she didn't like to stay there alone. I was sleeping in the guest room with my back to the door, I kept hearing something tap on the door. Three taps and then three more this went on for a while and finally I turned over thinking it was my brother (he would come in late some times and wonder through the house) when I turned over I saw a man standing in the doorway plain as day but I couldn't see his face, I thought it was my brother so I called out his name twice and he never answered or moved so I got up walked across the room to turn the light on and when I did I walked right through it. I told my sister about it the next day and she said oh you met Bob.Bob turned out to be somewhat of a family friend over the years he came by quite often my oldest nephew would talk to him. I went into the room one day and he was looking up talking to something and when I ask who he was talking to he just gave me an odd look and said why it's Bob he seem suprised that I couldn't see the quy. Well the kids are older now and Bob scared the fool out of my nephew a few weeks ago. Jeremy had spent the night with my parents and stayed in the quest room.(But not for long) My mother said he came running out of the room about 30 mins. after he went in to go to bed. She said he was white as a ghost and told her there was a man standing in the closet just staring at him. When they went back in to check the closet it was empty. Jeremy slept on the couch that night.

Angel of Death or Guardian Angel of Hope


When I was about 4 yrs old I used to be left home alone. I was a hyper kid so if the door wasnt locked I'd probally let them in. One day while my grandmother was out and her boyfriend was sound asleep, a stranger knocked on the door. I went to open the door and the wierdest thing happend. It wouldn't open, it was unlocked but wouldnt budge. After trying for a halfhour to open it I gave up and went to get a popcical. Thats when I saw a figure that was wearing a black cape and hood in the darkened hallway. I freaked out. I went to hide, and didnt come out til my grandmother got home. Whenever I have felt unsafe I always look to the darkend spots and the stands that figure.

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