To Continue My Experiences...

Well I just sent in my experiences the other day about my encounters after my father died when I was twelve in 1998, but I forgot one of them, so here it is...

One morning I was still sleeping before I had to get up, and my mother and brother knew not to wake me until i actually had to, and they would still be sleeping at this time anyways.  I assume it was about 6:00 in the morning.  Well I woke up to hear a knock at my bedroom door.  I knew it could not have been my mother or brother because they wouldn't knock, they would just come in.  So, confused, I went to answer it.  I opened the door and there was no one there, so I looked down the hallway, and (let me also add that a few months before this my cat, whom I was very close to had died) I saw a faintly greenish glowing outline of a little boy maybe dressed in trousers, (I couldn't really tell) and he was walking down my hallway towards the stairs, and beside him was the faint yellowish greenish outline of my dead cat, and the little boy was walking along and petting the cat.  I looked at it for the longest time, and it seemed the

A Cold Hand

When I was about ten, I was laying on my bed one afternoon reading what my sisters and I had written on the wall.  All of the sudden, I felt an ice cold hand on my shoulder.  I whirled around and there was nothing there.  I jumped up from the bed and ran downstairs.

A few times while in my bedroom I would hear pebbles or something like that hitting my window.  There were no tree branches near the window or anything else that could account for the noise.

One night I woke up and in my bedroom I noticed the figure of an old lady.
It was as though she was sitting and she had her hand on her knee and she was watching me.  I crawled under the covers and got closer to my sister.  I peeked again and she was still there.  I asked my mom the next day if any old lady's had lived in our house.  She told me that 2 spinster sisters who were old had lived in the house.

I always had problems washing my hair in our bathroom sink.  It always felt like something was standing behind me.

My father died when I was 15.  One day when he was still alive I was in his and mom's bedroom.  I was looking out there window into the yard and noticed my dad in the yard.  All of the sudden the scenery became black and I was seeing a scene of my father in a coffin. At the time of my vision my father wasn't sick.  He did die 4 months later of an undetectable cancer and at his funeral the coffin and flower arrangements were the same as my vision.

I once had a dream that I was driving home and I ran over a black cat and the cat's body ended up in the ditch across the road.  The scary part was the next night I was driving home and that exact same thing happened.  I was so shocked when I saw the cat and realized my dream was coming true.

Another thing that has happened to me is that when a close family member would die I would have and awful headache the night before and not be able to sleep.  This happened when my dad, grandma, grandpa, and uncle died.  I was close to all 4 or them.  My dad was the first headache I had.  I told my mom about my headaches after my dad, grandpa, and uncle had died.  One night
I had another headache so I woke up my mom.  Early the next morning we got the call that my grandma had died.  So far I have not had another headache like those four.

A few of My stories

I am not sure why I am sending these to you......maybe to get them out....maybe to see if you think I am crazy. Anyhow, here they are...........

There were many encounters when I lived with my parents at their townhouse.
I will share 3 with you....

1) When I was a teenager, I was laying on the couch, watching an awards show. It was summer, so my parents were both at work. As I lay there, I closed my eyes briefly because they felt heavy. When I went to open them again, I could not. I found that I physically could not move one muscle. I knew that I was not sleeping, because I could still hear the awards show going on in the background. I heard them introducing different artists, etc.
I started to freak out a bit, so I made sure to concentrate on the show, to clam my nerves. Soon, I felt myself being turned over. I felt no hands moving me, just the feel of my body rolling completely over. I felt my face turn against the cool leather on the couch. When I had rolled completely over, I felt my body slowly move down to the end of the couch (about 3 feet) and stop against the arm of the couch. I felt warm tears roll down my cheeks. I don't think I was crying, but my eyes always water when I am scared. I didn't move for a few minutes and soon I heard a child's voice (could not tell if it was a boy or a girl) say my name 3 times. I actually
FELT the whisper against my ear! After that happened, I was able to move again...immediately. I started crying like crazy and called my Mom at work to tell her. Luckily, my mother had also had experiences, so she believed me.

2) Again as a teenager, I was laying in bed to go to sleep. I have always had a habit (before I got married) of tucking myself in as tightly as possible once in bed. I did not want to be able to move at all. This made me feel more secure for some reason. Anyhow, I would tuck myself in until I could just barely fit my arms back under the covers. This night was no different, I did the same thing. I was moving out soon, so there were some boxes in my room with various things in them. One, on the other side of my room, had all my books in it. It was VERY heavy. I could not lift it, my Dad had to move it for me after it was packed. Anyhow....I went to sleep with my door open and the door to my parents room open as well. I woke up in the middle of the night, and again had the problem with opening my eyes. This time, however, I was able to open them after a few minutes. When I did, I realized that I could not move my legs at all. I started to sit up, having to actually un-tuck my covers in order to do so. When I sat up, I saw that the large box filled with books (that I could not lift) was sitting right on top of my legs on the bed. I panicked. I screamed as loud as I could for as long as I could, to no reply. I noticed that my door was now shut. Finally, after what seemed like forever, my parents came rushing through my bedroom door. They calmed me down and my Dad took the box off my bed. They asked what happened, and I told them. They both looked scared to death. They asked why I had shut their bedroom door that night. I had not.

3) This happened to my parents after I left the house. They had experienced many things on and off through the years. My Dad, who is a very stubborn Irish-Catholic, still swore that he did not believe in ghosts. Even though he had "walked" off of the loft on the 3rd floor (you get up to it by a ladder.. it is an open room that takes up the third floor, no door to get in)in what seemed like a trance, twice and obtained minor cuts and bruises while falling to the 2nd floor. He never remembered doing so, though my Mother and I saw him do it both times. Anyhow, one night they were laying in bed. Nothing had happened in a while, so my Mother said out loud, "Well, I guess we haven't a ghost anymore!". Seconds after she said this, there was extremely loud banging on the wall behind their bed. It lasted for a few minutes and shook the whole room. My Dad thought it was the neighbors in the townhouse next to them. The problem was, they were on vacation at the time.
They did not even have pets that could have made the noise.

P.S. I really enjoy your site. Thank you.

A ghost?


A Haunted Apartment

My name is Kristie. Before I moved out of my apartment I lived there for 10 1/2 yrs.  There were strange things that happened occasionally, but I usually disregarded them.  On September 17, 1998 my parents had gone to Long Island for a wedding. I was at home in Pennsylvania with my younger brother, younger sister and my boyfriend. I was studying for an English test (I was a 15 yr old junior in high school) with my boyfriend for about an hour. When we finished, we put our heads together and said a prayer to God, thanking him for allowing us to be together.  As we were about to finish the prayer, I felt the strongest presence right beside me!!!  I have never felt a spiritual presence like this ever and  I was so scared. I told my boyfriend about it and we quickly left my room and went into the living room with my siblings.  I slept in the living room with my siblings that night because I didn't want to sleep in the room after that. The next day, I was doing my homework in my room and I heard something fall. It sounded like someone threw something into my room. When I looked to see what it was, it was a stuffed animal that fell from the shelf. Let me tell you, this animal was a pink lion and the way it hit the floor it was as if somebody hit it off the shelf with a lot of force, as if someone was angry. For the next three weeks I was plagued by nightmares of being ambushed, but I defeated the people trying to hurt me. At night we had a night light in our room, for my sister because she was still afraid of the dark, and I could see a shadow walking around the bunk beds and climb up my ladder to my bed & I could actually feel the energy of this ghost right next to me in my bed!!! If I rolled over to where it was, I could feel its energy clashing with mine.  It was constantly all around me, as if it was trying to consume me and I didn't know what to do. My parents pretty much thought I was crazy because one night the ghost sort of appeared to me and I screamed,  "Get away from me!" I never experienced anything like it before. The ghost was a woman because I could see the long hair covered by a veil.
I felt three presences, but hers was the strongest. Some nights I woke up in the middle of the night so hot, I would through my sheet off me for a while and then put it back on. Well one night I did that, but when I was going to put my sheet back on, something happened. I got goose bumps and tried to get my sheet back on, but I couldn't move!! Then I heard this wicked laugh right in my ear and this male voice said " Ha Ha Ha Ha! I want you're pleasure!" and after that was said I sprung out of my bed and said I don't think so! I told my dad and he took all the stuffed animals down, including the pink lion, and he put up all white animals on the shelves. After that, the female ghost never bothered me again.  I still can't figure out why she chose to make herself known 8 yrs after I moved into the apartment with my family.  She never bothered anybody else in my family but me and I can't understand it. One psychic told me it wasn't a woman, but a man who committed suicide in the apartment  and went to me because he thought I was beautiful and knew I was psychic. Another psychic said it was a man and a woman who died in their sleep. The man didn't do anything, but it was the wife. She just wanted to cause mischief and have fun, plus she didn't know she was dead. I still have no idea what to believe, but I'm sure glad my new home isn't haunted!

A Haunted Home

I live in Columbus, Ohio, and I know my home is inhabited by someone or something besides my husband and myself. Our home is a half double and when we were fixing it up to move in you could sit in our basement an hear "something" walking across our living floor, but when you would go up to see who it was there is none there.
Then after we moved in I had a 14"x19"mirror hanging on the wall over my fireplace mantle, now my mantle has glass candles and pictures on it, we had went to dinner and when we returned the mirror was on the floor. The mirror was on one side of the fireplace and the frame was on the other. NOTHING on the mantle was touched and the mirror was NOT broke, and the nails of the frame were still tight in their place. I took the mirror down and put a picture of me and my 4 year old up and the same thing happened. I have had my candles turned upside down. I am not scared to be there. "It" has never hurt us in anyway so why move? We also have a huge Halloween party every year and I think "It" help with the haunted house...loll

A Haunted occurrence/rooming house at Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti)

At the corner of Forrest and Adams street stands a rooming house. Compiled of three basic structures, the 1st being below a small hill, the next part of the building went upwards 2 additional stories, and the 3rd addition into/on the hill in the back, all rented to college students.
One day my wife was at class and I looked out from the 2nd floor to see many different agency police cars and officers, guns drawn, racing up the front stairs. (Our unit was apt #1). I went into the hall, and as the officers ran past they asked "Who was yelling?" They all ran past me to the top floor of the house, and as I turned to go back into the apartment, I almost crashed right into a small women, her hands clutched to her mouth, a frightening look on her face, and dressed in what appeared to be old-time or "peasant' clothing down to the floor. I was so startled, I said "Excuse me!" and I turned to my door, turned back, and she was not there. She was GONE!
She was no-one who lived at house, and as the hallway dead-ended, the basement door was permanently closed off at some earlier time, and my wife and I had full sight of any and everyone who entered the house. There were 14 stairs to the front door, and she was just GONE. She also had  a"choppy" kind of haircut. like when family members in the old days would cut each other's hair.
Sometime I intend to research the history of this house, as over the years, it obviously went thru 3 renovations to make it as huge as it was. This corner house is surrounded by Historical Homes from the 1840's, and the 1st part, the main house, is at least that old. It is down the street and over 1 street from The Ladies Library, also listed in your files as HAUNTED. This whole town has many old strange houses, farms and cemeteries. After 15 years, we still live in the immediate are.
Thank you, hope you find this interesting!

A little bit more about the Heritage museum in Brooksville, FL

Hi! I just wanted to give you a little bit more info about the Heritage museum in Brooksville, FL  I can also give you info on a few places in AZ as well.  I donated time at the museum before moving to Orlando and saw and heard a lot of things.  Also grew up in AZ.  I think these things are just drawn to me since anywhere I live or visit a lot seem to have things happen....lucky me! hehe  Oh well, it is at least VERY interesting at times.
The heritage museums most known spirit is that a Jessy May.  She was a little girl, 3 yrs in age that died in the house in the late 1800's of influenza.  (You may have this info already but I just wanted to fill you in if you didn't.)  While donating time for a short while as a docent, I was warned of the unusual things that tended to happen there.  For one thing the attic was at that time set up with old toys on display almost like a playroom.  These toys, such as blocks would over night end up in the downstairs parlor and other things would often be moved around the house as well.  In the dining room the table is always set and silverware tends to move around little Jessy May apparently seems to like tea parties!  Keep in mind that the house is locked up tight and an alarm is in place at night so no human could do this.  Also in the evening when we would lock up, I would always check the upstairs and shut off lights.  Often times I would hear little footsteps behwn to it especially when I was younger.  Let me know. :)  Take care, Kellie

a little strange

A friend and I were both downstairs in her live-in basement. Both her Mom and sister were out somewhere so we were alone. We were talking when suddenly we heard the garage door open. The garage was connected to the basement so there was no mistake in what it was. Both of us assumed it was her Mom and sister and thought nothing of it, so we went to go greet them at the door.
When we opened the door we saw that the garage door was still closed and there was no sign of anyone.
 We both went back to the basement and nothing happened for a while until we heard the garage door open again. This time we were kind of hesitant to investigate. Just as we thought, the garage door was still closed and there was no one there. yet again we both went to the basement and this time saw heard the door open and then slam shut. The door that leads to the garage has a spring on it so the door would shut automatically after being opened. My friend yelled, "Hey Mom!" but then discovered that there was still no one at home. The swinging open of this door continued until the two of us ran up the stairs to the living room where we watched the TV with the volume on high blast.
When we told her sister about what happened she told us about some things that had happened to her. She said that at night a very tall man would stand in the doorway of her room and just watch her with this evil smile in his face. She would also see black shadows roaming her room. This had begun to scare her so much she later moved in to her sister's room and only went into her own room if necessary.

A story (or stories) to be told...


My name is Manuel Gil. I grew up in San Gabriel, CA. A small city south of

I am now living in Santa Monica. I still hear stories from time to time from my parents that involve incidents in the house I grew up in.

I will try my best to keep it brief.

A three bedroom house with a spacious lot, no different from any of the other houses on the street. I'm the oldest of four boys therefore I was the first to have my own room in the house. The room I occupied was the same one used by my grandfather prior to his death, a heart attack suffered in an apartment up the street.  He lived with us many years prior to getting his own place.

There were many incidents ranging from the drawers opening and closing in the kitchen (he enjoyed snacking at night) to the floor creaking at night due to someone walking.

These were excused as someone going to the restroom even though no one admitted to it. The worse incidents were to follow.

On one occasion I was sleeping in my room when I saw a man standing at the foot of my door, I immediately jumped up to turn on the light. It was gone.
This happened many times.

I excused this as my grandfather. Probably  still lurking in the house. I became imune to it and just the same I ignored it. It became tiresome. I guess what really bothered me (because I really had no explanation to it) was one night while I lay half asleep I saw a snake coiled from the ceiling fan trying to swing down and reach over to bite me. Again I rationalized and excused this as a bad dream. None-the-less I was pretty shaken by this so out of fear I opened the door, turned on the bathroom light and headed back to my room.
Is this a bad sign??

A few seconds later one of my brothers from the family room quietly  called to my attention asking "did you see the snake from the ceiling?" I asked "what!?" he had seen the same thing! My room was closed shut when it happened. I asked him for details but he refused to comment on anything else and said he must  of had a bad dream. He, unlike me refuses to accept that these incidents were happening.

Soon after I moved out it got worse. My other brother took over my old room (which I failed to mention) was the only room that had access to the crawl space above the house.

Numerous, numerous! times my family would call me in a panick of the loud foot steps they would hear above on the ceiling. This obviously would be impossible since it WAS a crawl space. My father extremely skeptical was co-incidentally never around when it happened until one day it did. He was furious that it was happening and immediately went into the crawl space to see what it might be. He didn't see anything. He dismissed it as rats. (funny, I've never heard of rats able to make that type of sound) . It got to the point that our dogs would go crazy ever time the ceiling steps would start. They actually would run away from the house. Go figure.

Eventually it stopped. The footsteps in the house still happen occasionally.
The remaining family members just ignore it now. Again we became imune to it.

One other note. Something I thought you might be able to shed some light on.
One of my brothers spends alot of time with his wife and daughter at the house. My niece (who is now 8)  claims (while she was about 2 or 3) to see an elderly man sitting on one of our lawn chairs near our fish pond  in the backyard (which he used to enjoy) calling her over. This would be during the day. Are young children able to see spirits whan adults cannot? Why so and not the adults? My niece never knew my grandfather. He died many years ago.

One other thing. Now that we are all moved out of the house the room has since then become a den/spare room with a TV my father enjoys relaxing in. If anything ever happened in there..."He'll NEVER TELL" but I noticed one day while I was in there that you can see some of the old green walls that were painted. right through the corners of the  wall paneling of the room. The same colors while my grandfather stayed there. A stupid question...but since we just decided to "cover up" the old decor with paneling...would that have any bearing? or am I just fishing for excuses?

Thank you for your attention. I'm sure you hear much worse scenarios but again if you have any feedback please let me know.

A terrified teenager

Hi everyone,

My name is Julie and I'm 32, mother of a wonderful 4 year old son which I would give my life for...married to a wonderful; incredible man. We live in Ottawa, Ontario... Canada.

When I was about 8 (I believe), I had my first terrifying experience with the dead. My great grandma had past away a few days earlier...although I can't really recall the event all that well. One night, a few days after her death, I woke up in the middle of the night needing to go to the bathroom. -the bathroom was just in from of my bedroom separated by a long hallway that went basicly across part of the first (and only) floor. Beside my bedroom, was my parent's bedroom. My bedroom to the bathroom was only like 3 feet to walk across the hallway. As I walked toward the bathroom, for some reason I looked into my parent's bedroom. What I saw terrified me. Across my parent's bed, I saw my great grandma lying on her side, holding her head with her left arm looking at me with these black - see through eyes... I WILL NEVER FORGET. Very young and innocent, I didn't really ever thought that ghost really existed. That made me aware of another world that we were not taught about in our upbringing.

When I got a little older, we had bought a house in Hawkesbury, Ontario that we stayed into for I would say 5 to 6 years. I was about 16 at the time. We had just purchased the house and while my father was renovating the upstairs, the whole family would be sleeping in the basement. One night, as we were spending a little time together , we heard this funny noise upstairs. We thought someone, for some reason, had entered our home so my father went up to see what was going on. To all of our surprise, all 4 rings of our ceilling light had just fallen on the floor. Not one at a time but all 4!!! We would hear footsteps in the house and when I was alone, the front door nob would turn and nobody was even there. I was so terrified. I did not know what to make of these events. At night, I would hear someone open the fridge door and close, open pantry doors and close loud. I would constantly feel a presence. I would barely have any sleep in that house. Sometimes, I would go and sleep with my bro

It is a terrible feeling as a child to be afraid like this. It's not ok. I don't think in any way that this is a funny thing. When you're a child, you get confused and don't understand the logic of these things.... actually because "there is no logic.... "

When I got older in my early 20s, my grandmother past away. God I adored her. She was my best friend. And to this day, I miss her like crazy. Not long after she had died...maybe a few nights after, she appeared to me while sitting on the side of my bed late one night. She appeared right next to me. She had her arm around my neck and she looked at me saying "Julie don't be sad, you "know" that I'm not really gone". and she disapeared into thin air. I felt such a relief that she felt my sadness and that she loved me enough to come and comfort me. I will never forget that precious moment.

For you Grandma, I Love You

 A Word From A Friend

 I work as a Mortician. My job is to clean and care for the dead, Many people ask me if it is scary, and if the dead come alive and haunt me... well, to me I am not scared I am more comfortable around the dead than the living, the dead seem to need me and find what I have to say more interesting then thoes who live. Now you wondere how exactly to I know they are listening? Well I know that they are there because I like to listen to the radio lots. know the spirits who are new to the morgue don't always play with the radio because they are more afraid that they can see their lifless body before them. But thoes who don't seem to care and like to play with me change the music I  listen to by switching the stations when ever I am draining a body of blood and can't be botherd with minor things even if they are extreemly anoying (loud static from the radio)  Now I should make it clear that not all morgues or funeral homes have ghosts in them but they will come across one or two who decide to tag along side their body , But I always offer them to sit with me while I eat lunch or read. And when I am dressing and applying cosmetics to the dead I make sure that the lingering spirit sees my loving touch I have to everybody ( Facials, Hair care, Nail care, Hair shaving or plucking...)  I want them to know that I love and care for everyone of them who comes in. I guess What I want to say is that ghosts are not to be feared but loved even if they are bothersome, thoes are just needed to be talked to I would be angry and afraid to if I felt like I was on the outside of a glass box, wouldn't you?


I swear this ghost is freakin hanging on me! I live by a patch of woods thats fenced off. I was walking my dogs with a friend and her dog down there on a HOT night. My parents think I'm a 'animal in a human's body' because I can sense, hear, see, and smell things no one else can except animals. Anyway, all the dogs suddenly perked up and started to whimper. It got cold and I was frozen in my tracks like in another world. My friend started screaming and I-along with the dogs-snapped out of it and saw what she did. We both screamed and ran inside, explaining to everybody what we saw. It was a
woman, half her face was beautiful and the other half was pure bone. She was wearing a black gown and when we finished we realized we had left the oldest and slowest dog behind. We didn't dare go back out, the dog would just have to stay out there. When we did go back out the next day, we found dog
there, shivering and half dead.

An Italian Ghost Sighting

Hello my name is Ian and I recently just spent two weeks in Italy.  I live in LA and was told of many must see locations in the area of Tuscany, but the one that most appealed to me was the torture museum in the famous city of San Giominano (I hoped I spelled it right).  On the 9th and last day in Tuscany before I took my long drive to Rome we decided to stop in San Giominano.  My father decided to leave me in the torture meseum a.k.a. the Kriminal Museum while he went off with my sisters.  The Kriminal museum was originally a torture chamber built during the time of the Spanish and Italian inquisition.
I bought my ticket at around 5:30 p.m. and proceeded to the bottom part of the torture chamber.  As I entered the deepest part of the chamber I got really scared.  I was all alone except for a german man and his children.
The chamber was quite odd and in some places it was really cold and I would go back to theat place and it would not be cold anymore.  Light gusts of wind would come out of nowhere and there were no windows, doors, and it was underground.  I began proceeding through the chamber until i was stopped by a ghostly figure standing right behind a Iron maiden.  It was a shade of white that I had never seen before. I could barely make it out but there were depressions where the mouth, eyes, and nose were.  I stood frozen for what felt like 10 minutes.  it then darted straight across the room in the direction of the opposit wall.  I could even hear it's feet going across the floor.  I ran like a bat out of hell and nearly cleared 20 stairs, but fell and slid down ten other.  I later spoke to the man in the reception room.  He asked me where i saw it, and I said in the chamber.  He told me that there are hundereds of ghosts in there annd many seem to be insane.  I will never forget what happened to me in Italy, and I hope others will enjoy my story.

Daddy's watchin' over me

To start my story, my father and I had a pretty decent relationship most of my life.  Of course when I was a teenager I did the usual teenage crap and rebelled and we grew apart.  I had moved out, and ended up with an abusive boyfriend.  I ended up moving back home, and Dad and I renewed our relationship.  That nine months before my dad's death were great.  We actually got a chance to REALLY talk and I think my dad knew his time was short.  He kept telling me that I would find the right guy eventually and I would make a good mom someday.  On Feb. 11, 1997, Dad passed away after a long illness that we would discover later was peritonitis.  Things didn't start happening right away.  It started after I met the man who would be my husband later and I became pregnant with our son.  About four months into my pregnancy, we started noticing little things around the house.  Mostly having to do with noises and objects that had belonged to my father.  After my son was born and he was about a month old,  my husband and I were watching television in the living room and the baby was asleep.  My mother's room ( we were staying with her due to after Dad died she couldn't pay the bills on her own) was right off the living room.  She had went to bed, and after about half an hour she said she had seen a white orb about the size of a softball traveling between the bedroom door and her vanity mirror.  No light source caused it, her room was pitch black because she kept tin foil and trash bags over her windows to keep the light out.  Then when we were getting things ready for the wedding, it seemed like all hell broke loose.  Objects being thrown, kitchen drawers opening and shutting by themselves, strange noises, you name it we had it.  Then the wedding day came.  I wasn't nervous cuz I knew Dad was there.  I wore his turquoise ring I gave him for a Father's Day present for something blue.  Everyone at the wedding and the reception said they could feel him.  Even some of the pictures taken at the reception were "questionable".  A couple have what appears to have a "mist" in them (my son is in most of those photographs).  Then we really didn't have anything happen for a while, until my son started getting old enough to talk.  Then in the evening when only me and my son were at home watching TV most times, he would get all excited as if someone had just come home.  He would run up to the babygate and wave and yell "Hi, Hi, Hi!"  And I would go up to the gate and look down the hall to see noone there and I would ask him,Ē Who are you talking to?"  And he would look up at me and smile and say, "Granpa Momma."  He never met my father.  My son was born on 2-1-00 and Dad died 2-11-97.  After he did this for a couple of weeks I invested in an EMF detector.  After running a few test runs to get readings from the hallway on basic electrical outlets and whatnot, I waited for my son to say Hi to Dad again.  Sure enough, about a week later it happened again, this time I ran into the hallway to see if I could get a reading.  I did.  A perfect circle about two feet in diameter smack dab in the middle of the hallway.  I know it was Dad.  We have since moved but my son still says Hi on occasion to Granpa, and my sister and I can still sense his presence.
In Loving Memory
RWS  11-1-44 to 2-11-97
One of God's CHOSEN FEW

Crazy Man's Truth and Tales

I was just wanting to comment to the stories of crazy man's. (The Roanoke Texas Area Myth) First let me introduce myself. My name is Norissa and I have first hand information on this tower and site. See, my father was the one that built the tower. He was working for a man by the name of Glenn. The tower was one of the first buildings built out in this area. It was said to be the center piece of what was to be a up-scale neighborhood. The reason why the continuous construction was stopped is because of reports of power supply lines like the ones seen just behind the tower were a main cause of cancer. Also the population boom for the area was not strong enough yet to withold this kind of development. My mom has told me stories ever since I was younger and now that my friends and I travel out to this place at least 3 times a week we have grown used to the mysterious occurrences that happen out there. My mother told me the story of when they first painted the tower, it was on Mothers Day (1985 or 86?) and even though nothing ended up happening she had the horrible feeling that something was wrong out there. It is seen to us now that there is something out there that does not want you to be there. Many times while heading down the long dirt road we have been chased off by trucks, sounds and often times just bad gut feelings. Also this bridge that everyone talks about. I am not sure of what happened but many times before I tried the stop, honk 3 times and wait method. Only once did I have anything happen. After we did the routine, with the windows down of course, we heard footsteps. On one occasion though my best friend had his trusty digital camera with him that night. He took pictures of the sign entering the bridge from the front and the back. On the camera you could see the figure of a male standing before the front of the sign. It is apparent that his clothes are all torn and ripped. From the back of the sign you can still see the figure and torn cloak or shirt next to the sign. Now about the tower, the only thing that we really had happen to us visually when we approached the tower is that on one occasion when we took pictures of the tower we realized later on at home that there is a bright small blue light that was in the grass blades right next to the tower. When you magnify the picture the blue glow looks like a small hand pointing towards the tower. Twice coming back to our cars from the tower we have heard sounds in the distance that comes closer of metal poles hitting one another. Also, my friends have reported that when they walk there with only one accompany they hear whispering and footsteps on the walk to and from the tower. What is even more messed up and unexplainable about this area is that on October 1st 2002 at about 1:30 in the morning a few of my friends went out to this area. On the way out there Derek, who never is skeptical was obviously disturbed about being out there. The road to the bridge coming from the west has about four  90 degree turns. on about the third one Derek had told everyone else that he felt like there was something out there and that he saw a shape in the road. After he said this, he had convinced the driver to turn around. When they turned around they noticed that where they had been driving only 20 seconds earlier in the middle of the small dirt road was now a dirty, stained old mattress. How it got there no one knows. The only thing that surrounds this road is flat hay fields and old gathered trees that hang over the road. There are also a few abandoned farms. Parked in the front of the lot of an abandoned barn during the day you can see two bulldozers; but at night it is a different story. When you drive by this vacant property the metal equipment that is painted a bright yellow color is not visible, even with flashlights. Between the bridge and the burnt down tower is a church.(a member of the church once told us it was a non denominational church) This church is kind of our meeting ground. This Church seems to tell the story of everything out here. The bulldozers that are not visible at night can be heard off in the distance when the sirens beep as the machines back up. The bridge and its mysteries can be seen from the west side of the church. From the back of the church you can see a mansion that sits in the way of viewing the tower. This mansion is always occupied by what we believe is cult members till the early morning hours. No matter how many times we sit out behind this church with our cars off we can always hear trucks driving down the dirt roads towards us. Only a few times have we actually seen someone approach us. My reasoning for telling you my side of the story is not to prove you wrong but from what my dad says is that Glenn Had two daughters one son and a wife. His wife ended up dying from strokes. Glenn, well we're not sure if he is still alive. His son, Bruce actually helped to build the roads that are now barely together. We heard he has a family of his own now and were not sure how the girls are doing. I know that the original builders are not the ones to be possessing this land but I have no doubt in my mind and heart that there is something out there that does have control over this land. What ever it is, it lets you know as soon as you cross over its territory.
-Thank you for your time-


Iím 19 now and most of my experiences have happened recently, although I remember a few from when I was a child. Iím a student at a Big Ten University and stayed in the dorms my first year here. My roommate and I were soon to find out we had another roommate. One night I was dreaming that I was lying in a bed across from another bed and a girl was pacing in between. Well, my dream soon faded to reality when I noticed myself blinking. We had lofts, so the floor that was there in my dream was now gone, but the girl was still pacing, about 5 ft in the air. I donít know what came over me and I didnít mean to say anything, but I blurted out ďWhat are you looking for?Ē The girl stopped and looked at me, her eyes were just dark holes, and then faded away. I wasnít scared of her, I just went back to sleep. During other nights I would be startled awake by what sounded like heavy books being thrown to the floor and in the morning nothing would be out of place. Things would go missing only to end up in the middle of the floor days later.

My first touching experience took place there also. I was taking a nap on the futon with my boyfriend when I felt what I thought was my boyfriends scruffy chin rub on my forehead. It woke me, but I didnít open my eyes. It happened again and so I thought he was trying to get my attention, I looked up expecting to see his face and there was nothing there, he was about 2 ft away from me with his back towards me fast asleep.

My roommate however had the creepiest experience. She rarely had any but hers I thank didnít happen to me. She came in the room from the shower down the hall and went to her mirror when she noticed she had a drop of blood on the tip of her nose. She wiped it off onto her finger expecting to see a popped zit or something but her nose was clear. She showed me the blood on her finger and told me what happened so we checked her legs arms, everywhere to see if she had cut herself shaving. We checked her towel, robe, slippers, everything and there was no blood anywhere else. We still do not know where it came from.

Last night was my most recent experience which made me want to read about stories on-line. It was at my parents home, which we all think is haunted by some man. I was ready to fall asleep when I was startled awake by a loud pop in front of my face, minutes later I heard dripping water. That ghost mostly bothers my brother whoís bedroom is in the basement where most of the activity takes place.

cloudy before they die
I am a nurse that can see a cloud/mist/veil/ whatever you want to call it, before the patient dies. It's ominous and very real. I work in the ICU and have seen this many times. Some people do not see it, but a few nights ago, I shared this with a friend of mine (ICU nurse), she said she never paid attention to it, turns out  the next night she worked  her patient codes and dies. I asked her later-- did you see it? and she said, yes, and she had to rub her eyes thinking it was her, well, it wasn't and the fog did not go away, it hovered over the patient during CPR. When they called it, meaning cessation of CPR, the fog lifted and the room was clear. Actually, this happened again the other night. I saw it, cloudy as ever hovering over the patient. Indeed the patient was still "with" us, but slowly slipping. It hovered for hours.

Ghostly Experience

My name is Sandra and both my husband and I are Civil War reenactors. We spent our honeymoon touring the major battlefields in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. We spent quite some time at the Chancellorsville battlefield outside of Fredricksburg, Virginia. My husband's great-great-great uncle was Brigadier General Amiel Weeks Whipple who was shot at Hazel Grove in Chacellorsville. We arrived at the battlefield late in the day. It was overcast and very, very quiet. While at Hazel Grove, my husband, Dennis, wandered off to read some of the plaques placed next to the battery. I stood on the hill, just listening. I began to walk in the direction where Dennis was, when I was startled to hear a bugle blowing. I spun around, but it then faded and then came back, almost as if it were borne on the wind. Except there was no wind. Being a reenactor, I know bugle calls and this sounded like a call to arms. I ran down the hill to join my
husband, but didn't say anything.

Childhood home

I would like to share my experiences with someone who won't think I'm
 When I was 5 years old my Mom, Dad and I moved to a house in Crownsville.  It was about 70 years old, and had originally been built as a summer home only.  My Dad did a lot to the house over the years to renovate it.  When I was about 10 years old, he finished the new bedroom on the front of the house and he and my mother moved in.  I got their old bedroom, at the back of the house.  I am not sure if this bedroom was on the house originally, because it was built on a concrete slab and the rest of the house was over a basement.  My mother claimed to see a ghost materialize from the heating vent into the room.  We all laughed it off.  Later on I didn't think it was so funny anymore.
  My parents were very strict and didnít leave me alone in the house until I was 13.  After they left, I was really creeped out by the feeling in the house.  I felt as though I was being watched.  I wandered into the kitchen and I heard a really weird sound.  Then I noticed that the cupboard doors were moving, it looked like they were vibrating.  I recognized the noise as the glasses in the cabinets all vibrating against one another.  I ran back to my room and stayed there til my parents got back.
  One time I got this brilliant idea to bring a Ouija board into the house.  My grandmother had lots of junk in her back yard, and as I dug around I had found the board wedged between two small buildings.  If I'd been a bit older and a bit smarter I would have left the thing there.  I shoved it into the back floorboard of my mother's car underneath my jacket.  Somehow I snuck it inside later on without being seen.  It was just the board and the planchette, the Parker Bros. kind.  I put it in my underwear drawer, all the way at the bottom, hoping to play with it later.
  I had failed school that year so I had to go to summer school.  I knew I would have to get up early, so I went to bed early.  I was awakened some time later, after my parents went to bed.  I *thought* I had heard a rattling.  I listened for several minutes, heard nothing, and went back to sleep.  I woke up again a little while later.  Again I thought I had heard rattling, and this time I thought it had come from my dresser.  I was slightly freaked out, but I heard nothing after a few intense minutes of listening, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  I woke up a third time, this time I was angry.  I still heard it when I woke all the way up so I hurried and turned my light on.  I SAW the dresser drawer move for a few seconds.  Then it stopped.  There was no more sleep for me to be had that night!  The light stayed on and I stayed sitting up in my bed til dawn.  Then I got into the drawer, snapped the board it pieces, and threw it out my back window.
  The last thing that happened while I lived in that house occurred when my best friend stayed the night.  We were supposed to be sleeping in my bed, but being kids we were up talking.  We both shut up at once and looked out my bedroom door (it was the kind of house where all the doors line up.  I could look out of my door and see clear to my parents' bedroom door.  In between were my old room, the kitchen and the living room.) We both saw glowing orbs floating around in the living room.  There were about 5 of them, and they were way brighter than any of the lamps we had.  She and I stared in awe for a few minutes and then they faded away.  She and I are still friends, but we never have talked about the glowing 'balls' floating around my living room.
Thanks for listening.  I never have been able to explain what happened the night of the Ouija board rattlings, for all I know it could be the workings of an overactive imagination, but it sure seemed real to me.  The terror of that night never has faded.

ghost story
Me, my sister and a friend were in my mom trailer in her room which was at the front of the trailer and we were watching TV and heard a child yelling help me. thinking it was my youngest sister back from her dads house we want out to see what she needed and there was no one out in the living room and the windows were closed and so was the door.  in this same trailer my other sisters bedroom light would turn it self on after we would shut it off. i have a few more. Especially after my grandmother passed away that my sister have told me.

Camping trip

My ghostly experience occurred a few years ago during a camping trip with me, my mom, and my step dad. We left in the evening so it was getting dark and we were about the only ones on the highway. I was admiring the country view and saw behind us a pair of, what looked liked headlights, following us. I could not make out an image of a vehicle, but I didn't think anything of it. After a few minutes, our truck blew a tire and we turned off onto an old country road to repair the damage. My step dad tried to turn the truck off but it wouldn't shut off so he took the key out of the ignition and it still wouldn't shut off. No matter what he did the truck still wouldn't shut off. We all got out of the truck and he started to repair the tire anyway. As he was doing so, I noticed the pair of headlights that were following us earlier slowly coming our way (I still couldn't make out a vehicle) and then they just disappeared. Vanished! There weren't any turn offs in that area where the lights were or anything. Then, at that moment the truck shut off and my step dad got the tire fixed. We continued our trip and arrived at a camping spot near the playground. On the night after we got there, my mom and I were heading to the bathrooms and we noticed that the swings started swinging on there own. There was not a breath of wind that night and not a soul had been around there. They just started up on there own and kept going( it was just 2 swings next to each other out of 4). They were still going on our way back from the bathrooms but finally they stopped at the same time. It was really strange.

Genesee St, Buffalo NY 14211


I've owned this large 3 story, late 1800's, building for the past 25 or so years.  The first floor is 2 storefronts and the 2nd and 3rd originally had 3 apartments per  floor.  I converted 2 of the 2nd floor apartments into one large apartment for myself.

When I first bought the building I had a great deal of work to do on it.  My mother would occasionally visit and she would ask me who was in the back room of the main store.  There was no one there but she would insist.  I never thought much about this until later in  life as she now sees nonexistent people nearly everywhere.

Sometime after gutting the building and making it  partly useable I was working on the first floor and saw a young boy running through the store.  Since the place was locked up tight and there are 7 alarm systems and only one was off, it was impossible for the child to hide from me.  No child was to be found.  Over the years I and many others have seen a child running through the store.

I've seen the occasional person while looking in a mirror although this doesn't happen often.

Many years ago my friend Scott shared the apartment and had a rear bedroom of his own.  One evening he came out to see me when I got home and complained  that something had sexually assaulted him.  He found the event very painful.  I somewhat dismissed this as folly on his part, but never forgot it.

A few years later I rented that same room to another fellow and he had a similar experience.  He moved out the next day.

I rented a room to a fellow who is gay.  He never had  problems until his friend came over to visit.  They were alone in the building at the time.  They were in the bedroom when the bed lifted a few inches off the floor and fell down. Then the bed moved a couple of feet from its location. Finally the tenant had a set of barbells sitting on the floor. They were tossed up in the air several times hitting the floor with a bang.

After this happened I began to read up on getting rid of spirits in a building.  I placed a pentagram with proper symbols in the room above the tenants room and went through the ceremony.  From that day forward nothing else happened in the building.

That is until the roof leaked above that room and I brought up a tarp and buckets to catch the leak.  The tarp covered the pentagram.  Since then people, including myself, see things in the building.  Mostly visions of people.  Some people leave the building immediately when this happens.

Over the years Nothing has ever happened to me physically and my sightings of spirits is rare.

I'd like to mention another place in Buffalo.  It is on West Ave near Ferry.  The location was originally Buffalos hanging grounds and now there are houses on it.  My friend Paul Sickau  owns the house.  Occasionally when no one is in the house, there will be loud screams coming from inside the house.   Police have been summoned by neighbors on several occasions.


PS: The casket business is less than a year old and so It has no bearing on this.

My Experiences
I am Ryan Pearson and I am 12, I live in England Weston Super Mare, One weekend i went with my friend jams to his dadís house. James had told me he found out that someone hung themselves from the attic just outside his room. When we were there one night on the Saturday, we started to feel really cold and some colored dots about the size of bouncy balls were floating around mainly blue and red. A big box on the floor which had a very heavy bottom weight so it couldnít of fell over, just sort of flew across the floor like something had hit it hard on the back then some papers flew off of the bed and that was it. Me and James also have a strange ability of sometimes being able to read each others minds. Well thanks for listening its probably nothing but i just felt like telling someone Thanks


Hey All,

I wanted to share my story with you! I have been reading your sight and I think all the experiences that people have with ghosts are amazing. I've had a little experience of my own...

I used to be a non believer. I didn't believe in any of that psychic ability... seeing dead people... or what ever. I was the most skeptic of all skeptics, Until one day when I started to question the existence of God.

You see, I think my room is haunted. Its about the only place in my house which feels... strange. People will listen to me, but they wont believe me. Anyway I will tell you why I believe its haunted. I'm not sure who it is... I haven't had any readings with any psychics. A couple of nights before all the strange stuff started to happen, I had really weird dreams. One dream was about my spirit guides. I was able to see dead people in my dream, although at the time they didn't know they were dead and I didn't know they were dead, until the end of the dream. I remember turning to my friend and saying now that we can see them in my dream, whatís stopping me from seeing them in real life? Anyway one night in my room I was sitting on my floor reading a book, when I felt something cold blowing on my right ear. There wasn't any windows open in the house, so I turned my head to the right to see what was making that air. When I did that, the breeze turned to the left ear, and woke up and I just couldn't sleep, it felt like my room was crowded with all eyes on me!! So I turned on my desk light and radio, but that didn't work, so I turned on my big light, and still no avail!! With that I grabbed my duna and slept in the living room, I just couldn't go back in my bedroom! And my house is only not very old, so I am not sure what is going on, I wish I knew!

I'm not sure what everyone thinks of this, but I now fully believe.

my experience
Hi Iím Maria Iím 13 years old when I was like 10 I got super sick when I was in my parents room I was sleeping when I felt something touch me when I woke up I saw a black shadowy figure right beside me I started yelling and yelling my mom came in and I told her what I saw she didnít say anything but did stay with every time I get sick the figure appears even after I moved so many times he/she always appears to me even sometimes when Iím feeling bad or is going though rough times and all I guess he/she is kinda watching me or something.

Haunted House In Kearns, Utah
Here are some experiences I have had that relate to the unknown:
When I was in grade school my Grandmother Lucille was murdered by a guy named Danny Troyer who was convicted of raping and murdering several older women in the Salt Lake City area. I was devastated as I was very close to my gramma. My dad shared something with me shortly after the services. He said that Grandma had come to visit him (he was having an even harder time with the situation) She comforted him and told him several things about his boys (me and my twin brother.) He wouldn't explain the exact nature of their conversation but there was definitely a visible change in his demeanor after his "visit". My dad wouldn't lie to me especially at a most serious time as it was. I also remember a strange incident about my grandma. We were in the car on a trip to the store when grandma stopped at a green light. I thought she was off her rocker or wasn't paying attention so I asked her why she didn't go. She said "I don't know... I can't." I was wondering what she meant when a speeding car blew threw the red light from the other direction at the intersection and hit something down the street with a loud crash. It all happened very fast; just a few seconds. I am sure we would have been hit if not for the strange feeling grandma got or whatever held us back.
 My grandfather came to live with my dad, brother and I while I was in high school. My friends all became familiar with his peculiar habits and he cracked us up. One day I came home to find the ambulance pulling out of the driveway and fire trucks up and down the street. My grandfather was having a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. He was there for a couple of days before he died. On the day he died I was playing video games with a friend when the phone rang. I picked up the phone and said hello but there was no response. I could hear a woman crying on the other end of the line. I said hello several times but could get no one to respond so I hung up. "Thatís strange" I said to my friend and proceeded to describe what had happened when the phone rang again. My dad from the hospital was on the line, grandpa had just died. I asked him if he had just called a few minutes earlier and he said no and wanted to know why. I told him about the woman crying on the phone and the approximate time (just a few minutes earlier). He said at that same time my grandpa passed away while he held my dad's hand and the only sound in the room was my aunt Sherry crying.
One morning months after my grandpa had passed away I was alone in the house on a Saturday morning. I got up to use the restroom and left the door wide open as I was alone. I heard a noise that made my blood run cold. It was my grandfather's bed squeaking in the next room. The floorboards creaked as if someone was getting up and footsteps proceeded down the hall past the open doorway to the bathroom where I was. I could see no one but had clearly heard them. I cautiously looked out into the hallway and could hear a chair sliding back and the rattle of silverware on a plate at the table in the kitchen. That was enough for me I grabbed the phone and started dialing numbers. A friend was home and I asked him to come over right away I then went downstairs to the landing by the door to wait for him. He soon was there and I was so startled by the experience that he noticed that I was "exposed" and my pants undone from the restroom. I had managed to pee on the rug as well. I recognized the sounds I had heard immediately because I had heard them a thousand times before: it was my grandfather's morning routine to shuffle to the kitchen table as soon as he heard anybody else up in the house.
Grandpa's presence began to be felt around the house after that. Doors would slam (usually his) with no apparent reason (the air conditioner was off and the windows closed) and could not be made to slam themselves in experiments. The thermostat was one of grandpaís favorite things to play with while he was alive. He liked the heat cranked way up; the guy was a lizard. It drove my dad nuts so finally he installed a clear plastic locking box over the control. My dad had the only key on his key ring he carried. Several times grandpa tried to pick the lock or otherwise break open the box but failed or got caught. He would wear his pilot jacket at the kitchen table and complain loudly how cold it always was. Several times after grandpa was gone we came home and the house was unbearably hot. The thermostat had been turned to 90 degrees and the heater was blasting away even though the box was still locked up after grandpa passed away. We had no rational explanation for it as my dad has the only key and sets it to 70 degrees only. The strange things began to dwindle down after a couple of months and eventually seemed to stop. We took out grandpaís things and just stored junk in his room and at around the same time the weird feeling of his presence was gone. I don't know if granddad was still "around" or if it was like some kind of recording of when he actually lived there.
The entity-
When my parents got divorced I lived with my mom and would visit my dad on the weekends. I got up one night while I was at his house and rounded the corner to the bathroom. As I glanced down the hall on my way a figure walked from the kitchen across the hall either going down the stairs or into the living room. I immediately thought a burglar was in the house and flipped on the hall light and charged towards where they were screaming loudly. When I came around the corner there was nobody there. My dad came crashing out of his room and I told him what had happened. My brother came with a ball bat and my dad went to fetch his gun while he told us to watch the front and back doors which were both visible from the hall. My dad phoned the police and hurried back to us. We conducted a systematic search of the whole house with all the lights on and checked every window and door. All of the window "sticks" were still in the tracks and the three outside doors were dead-bolted. Nobody was hiding anywhere in the house! The police arrived and we searched the house from top to bottom again and found nothing. I knew I had seen a person and from my description about built and height (it was dark I didn't see a face) the officer thought it sounded like a female or young male. I got really scared when we didn't find an explanation for what I had seen. A few years earlier when my parents had split a person had overdosed and died in the house before my dad came back to live there. He lived in the house for many years by himself and said he often was awakened by what he thought might have been someone trying to hold his hand.
My dad's house is (or was) definitely haunted, but by whom? Was it a junkie who had passed away there, Grandma visiting my dad after she had been murdered or was it grandpa still going through his routine long after his death? I don't know.

My Ghost Story

My name is Mary Justine Marie Therease Elizabeth (yes that is my one full name). People call me Em, anyway I am writing you guys because I found your site and decided to tell you one of my TRUE stories. Alright I am 14 and in the 9th grade and over the summer I discovered I am what some might call a "witch" technically I am not a "bad witch" because I donít practice evil spells n I am also a Christian Catholic. But I have a spirit who follows me around & I had have some contact with other non visible creatures. ANYWAY! to my whole point... My friend Danielle's father died when she was a little girl, he died of cancer which most of her uncles and grandfather have died from. She is now 14 and one night she was typing on the computer and Amanda her othe friend was with her. All at once her fingers froze above the keyboard and she could not type she had lost all feeling from her elbows down. she panicked as she stared at the screen and a Microsoft Word document opened all by its self and the keys were being pressed down but not by her. the letter began "Il mio Danielle di figlia bello" which in Italian means my lovely daughter Danielle. then it went on and on about how much he loved her and he is sorry he cant be there for her prom or when she begins driving or when she gets married. she began to cry and called out "Il papà" and it ended L'amo, la mia copia esatta.  which in italian means I love you, my exact copy. Danielle is an exact copy of her father dark complexion dark hair thin athletic humorous a real people person. then all at ones her computer shut down.
This all happened on March 22nd, the 10th year anniversary of her fathers death.


This was told to me by a friend, but I became a believer when I asked his mother about it and she burst into tears.

Tim said he always remembered strange things happening in their house when he was younger - doors closing by themselves, sounds and footsteps, etc. But it wasn't until his parents decided to move and throw a "we're moving out of our haunted house" party that something really frightening happened.
The party was in full swing; his parents had invited pretty much anyone and everyone they knew. There was a man there that sat on the end of the couch throughout the entire evening, not speaking to anyone. Tim's mom thought that his dad had invited the man and vice versa. They later said that he was dressed in black with dark hair in what they described as a Beatle's haircut. The party was wrapping up and most of the guests had left, but the man continued to sit on the couch. Tim's dad had to drive a couple of people home and asked his wife if she would be okay if he left. She agreed, glanced at the man, and turned into the kitchen to get started on the dishes. When she turned back around a few seconds later, the man was sitting at the kitchen table. Later, she said that she thought this to be strange, but she wasn't scared. Tim's mother turned on the television to stimulate conversation with the silent man. On the TV, there was a documentary or something about the Titanic. Tim's mother remarked that it had been such a terrible tragedy. "I made out pretty good on that one," is what the man replied. Tim's mother later said that at that moment, she thought in her mind that this man reminded her of the devil. To that, the man said, "How did you know who I am?" Tim's mother told him that she thought it would be best if he left. The man hit his fist on the table and commanded, "Don't tell me to leave my own house!" At that, Tim's mother raced out of her house to find her husband pulling into the driveway. After telling him what had happened, they searched the house for the man, but found nothing. When talking to guests at the party, no remembered seeing anyone that fit the man's description. One guest even remarked that the party was so packed that so many people had no place to sit. Yet she noticed that the spot on the end of the couch where Tim's mother saw the man sitting was open all night and no one even attempted to sit there.

Ghosts Aboard The Little Jenny
About the year 1973 i got a job restoring the Chesepeak Bugeye Little Jenny in a boat yard near the Long Island Sound in Suffolk County New York.The vessel was built about 1882/86 and was used recently as an excursion vessel for a long time back then till it was laid up for repairs. Most of us who worked aboard her were all very young in our early twenties. The vessel was being completely overhauled at that time and was kept in and around a large shed during the cold months. One day i went aboard her on a cold Sunday morning to survey the work we had done during the past week. The vessel was put inside the shed and the shed was completely deserted as well as the
Jenny. I went into the large cabin and sat down to ponder what vessel would look like when completed and how excited i was to one day be a part of the crew. Then  out of know where a sound of footsteps running along the port and starboard side of the vessel was heard. What ever it was it was running for dear life back and forth back and forth on both sides. I finally yelled up on deck and told whoever was aboard to stop running thinking some of the guys came aboard without me hearing them come aboard. Know one answered back so i went up on deck and not a soul was aboard. I felt a little uneasy about this and then yelled to see if anyone was in the shed aboard some of the other vessels. I proceeded to look at the other vessels and yelled again but know one was in the shed or the Jenny. I was a little spooked but went back down the cabin again when again the sound of footsteps running in earnest came from the deck area. It would run from the stern then stop for a moment on the bow and then run again to the stern. I stood spelled bound at what i was hearing and felt frozen in my tracks cold but not the cold from the outside weather. It was a cold that enveloped me. I yelled again and asked the guys to stop playing and come down to the cabin. No one said a word but this time the footsteps stopped in front of the companionway leading to the cabin i was in. It stopped for a moment then proceeded to come down the steps right in front of me but i did not see a thing and the companionway door did not open / it just came down the steps and stopped about ten feet in front of me. I was obviously a afraid but i finally walked to the steps in front of the companionway but nothing absolutely nothing could be seen. Finally i got the nerve to open the doorway and climbed on deck looked around and climbed off the vessel. This happened twice while I worked aboard her. I made some enquiries from our skipper and he told me that men were washed overboard under strange circumstances in the 1880s/90s and a rumor is that a man may have been killed gun running on the Jenny just before the war with Spain in 1899.The vessel was also used for rum running during prohibition. and again a man was killed aboard her. I paid a visit to the Jenny many years later and asked the new skipper if he or the crew ever had strange experiences aboard her. The skipper and crew evaded my questions.

Great Grandmother

My son was only 3 years old when his great grandmother (my husband's grandmother) passed away on her birthday, April 20th 1987. She has met and held my son several times when he was a baby. We didn't see her around much when she was alive. She lived far from us. Anyways this is something I will never ever forget. My son was only 5 at the time when it happened. One morning my son and I sat down to breakfast before I sent him off on the school bus. He told me that he met an old lady in his bedroom last night. He described that the lady had a white hair and had on a blue dress and she looked pretty. I asked him what she was doing in his bedroom. He said that she just stood by the door smiling at him. He had awoken to go use the bathroom. She disappeared after he went back to sleep. Out of curiosity, I called my sister in law and asked her what color dress her grandmother wore when they buried her. When she said it was grandmother's request that she be buried in her favorite blue dress. I was dumbfounded and I told her why I asked her about it. My husband  had gone alone to be with his mother to attend his grandmother's funeral.  My son, at the time was only 3 years old, and I stayed home. How would he know about the dress? It turned out that when she appeared that night it was her birthday,  and her anniversary of death. I get goose bumps every time I think about this.

Back in the 1980s, my husband, our 3 sons and myself lived in the country, in a village attached to the hydro electricity station where my husband worked.  One night a friend of ours died of a massive heart attack and I spent weeks trying to help his widow, Barbara.

Eventually she left the village and went to live with her parents.  About 18 months after her husband, Frank, died, Barbara came to spend Christmas with us.  She seemed much happier and confided in me that she felt Frank was always very near to her.

She had bought herself a color Polaroid camera and spent a lot of time wandering around the village, taking photos.  She wasn't very expert, and we used to joke about her subject matter.  There was one photo, which we teased her about particularly.  It was of our vegetable garden (which was totally bare, as we hadn't got around to planting anything.  One of our cats was pictured, walking across the bare dirt, and the whole bottom right corner was a whitish blur, as though sunlight had got into the film.

The night before Barbara returned to her parent's home, we had a small party, inviting all the people who had been her friends, and Frank's, when they lived in our village.  Barbara talked to some of the guests about her photographic attempts, then brought out her wad of photos, to show.  She was sorting through them, and I wasn't taking much notice until she said my name.  I looked up and she said, "Look at this," and handed me one of her photos.

 I took the photo and looked at it.  It was the photo of our empty garden and Jasmine the cat, with the 'sunspot' in the bottom right corner.  However, instead of just a blank spot, I saw a face, looking at me.  I didn't so much see the face, as know that it was there.  It was more of an impression than a distinct outline, but I knew that it was a man's bearded face, and I knew that it was Barbara's husband, Frank.  The most astounding thing was that his eyes were alive and looking back at me.  I knew that just as I could see him, so could he see me.  I let out a yell and dropped the photo and I could feel the color drain from my face.

Other people at the party looked at the photo but they couldn't see anything except a vague shape that might have been something.  Only Barbara and I clearly saw Frank, and saw his living eyes looking back at us.

 I think, perhaps, that I was able to see this because I had been so close to Barbara, and spent so many hours with her after Frank died, when she was utterly consolable.

Barbara kept the photo, but she never saw Frank's face in it again.  A vague shadowy smudge was all the remained.  However, after that experience she was convinced that Frank was alive and well wherever he had gone, and she was hugely comforted by this and able to pick up the pieces of her life and move on.

  My family, especially my oldest son, tend to have psychic experiences.  Michael, my oldest son, has had so many odd experiences that I think he could write a book about them - and probably should.  At present his home is haunted by a cat, seen only as a shadow, but felt when it jumps up on his bed, and curls up against his legs.  However, that's Michael's story, not mine, and perhaps he will write his experiences for you sometime.

Frankfort, Kentucky

I live in a small cottage that was built in the early 1940's. When I first moved in, I was busy cleaning and unpacking. My partner had lived in the house for five years. About a week after I moved in, my partner went on vacation with his family and left me alone in the house with my cat.

I noticed that first night that the cat kept looking at something. It was like she was watching something walk across the room. Later in the week, I began to notice a feeling like someone was in the house with me. I chalked it up to new surroundings.

Then one night, I got up off the sofa and walked into the living room and out of the corner of my eye saw  a lady standing in the dining room by the window. The whole thing happened so fast. One minute she was there and the next she wasnít.

When my partner came home, I mentioned this to him and he then told me that the house was haunted by a woman in the 1940's era clothing. Said that about a year before I moved in that he had a friend staying over and that he had walked around a corner and right into her. My partner said that he has awoke several times in the past from someone calling his name.

Not too long after that, I started having the experience of a small animal jumping in bed and walking up to the middle. I again mentioned this to my partner and was assured that it was my imagination. This went on for several weeks. Then one night my partner yelled down the steps wanting to know where our cat was. I told him that she was asleep on my lap and had been for the past hour. He said that he had just had something jump into bed with him and walk up to the middle of it and lay down. He thought that it was the cat. We both started noticing that the cat would sometimes bristle up and run from the upstairs bedrooms. And at one point, I could swear I saw a little black furry dog walking up the steps. We donít have a dog.

Now that I have lived in the house for a year, things have been the same. I have started calling the lady Mary and talk to her about all the renovations that we are doing to the house. We donít see her as much as we first did but, the cat still bristles up at things that are not there and she watches things cross the room that we can not see. I figure that they are both harmless and enjoy us being there.

Footsteps of the year

I was at a friends house on the new year of 1999, and she has a giant picture window in her dining room. I was spending the night and we were the only ones awake. Her parents were asleep in their room pretty much right next to us, and her brother and sister were asleep on the floor in the living room. We went over to the picture window to try and see the fireworks. We were trying to see them when we heard a clatter right above us. We looked up at the ceiling while hoping it was only rats. we ignored it and continued searching the sky for fireworks. After about a minute, we heard heavy footsteps. They were horrible. After that night she still comes to me with outrageous stories from the night before. One of them was not to l0ng ago. She told me that she heard a voice one night while she was having trouble sleeping. She walked out of her room, looked down the stairs, and saw a dark figure standing at the end of the stairs. She thought it was her mom and started saying something to her, but it wasn't her mom, not at all. She looked down the stairs closer, a then it opened its eyes. She says they were a bright glowing green. When she told me this bolt of pure unspeakable terror shot down my spine. She also says that after that she claims she was in her room, and she looked out her window, and saw in her little sister's room a blood red man Looking right at her. She always has terrifying stories and yet she is never scared by them herself. I remember in the third grade I was at her house every morning because I had seen strange figures in my hallway. Every morning about 2:30 every morning my mom would take me in and I'd lay on the couch. As I watched her headlights dance across the wall, and disappear, the room would lower to an agonizing freezing cold. But I do not wish to give her name, address, or phone number for her personal Reasons.

Farm in South Georgia

My Grandmother's (Granny's) farm has been the center of many unexplainable occurrences over the years.. Me and my family now live on this farm, just not in the original farm house built by my Granny and her husband (my Grandfather) around 65 years ago.  We have a mobile home located on the farm.  I myself have experienced waking to a small girl standing beside my bed who disappeared when I blink my eyes to see better.  I have awaken to other strange sights and feelings, but, being the skeptic I am, I try to say that it is just something that happens when you wake like that.... I don't know.  Anyway, most of the occurrences have been in the farm house itself.
A little history may help. My Grandfather, after many attempts, successfully committed suicide in 1952 by ingesting a pesticide.  He had a terrible childhood consisting of regular beatings.  This in the end led up to a alcohol abuse and severe depression.  The story is that he came into the house, laid down upstairs and got up only to fall down the stairs where he called for my Granny.  Although there are discrepancies in the details of this fatal moment, and we NEVER talk or ask Granny about this for obvious reasons, I believe he passed away in the home.  He left behind my 36year old Granny and 5 children...four boys around the ages of 13, 10, 6, 2 and my mother who was a mere 3months old.
My Granny, now 86, struggled for many years as you can imagine.  She raised all her children running this farm.  She still to this day lives alone in this house and never says a bad word about my Grandfather.  Not me.  She's a tough cookie.
As for the hauntings, one occurrence happened when my mother was a young girl, probably pre-teen.  She was in her mother's bedroom looking in a mirror brushing her hair.  She noticed a man dressed in a suit standing in the doorway behind her. She said he was just smiling and looking at her.  Startled, she looked behind her and he was gone.  She ran outside where everyone else was working in the garden.  My grandfather??  Don't know.
Another occurrence happened when my oldest uncle was visiting his mother (Granny) one Sunday morning.  My uncle and his wife were in the living room which is where the staircase ends from upstairs.  They were waiting the return of my Granny with the other yougins from church.  They began to hear sounds of footsteps and laughter coming from upstairs.  They assumed that some of the youngsters had gotten themselves left home from church and were playing a practical joke on them.  They were yelling out to them, only to hear laughter.  They suddenly heard trampling coming down the stairs and they watched the door which stays shut at the base of the stairs, waiting to see the practical jokers, but before the door opened, it fell silent.  Soon, my Granny pulled up in the yard and my uncle and his wife witnessed all four siblings getting out of the car.  Never explained.  Another occurrence was when my mother and a friend were upstairs playing on a rug.  They kept feeling a tug on the rug.  They continued to say stop assumed a brother was the culprit, and it continued to happen.  They decided enough, and investigated out into the hallway, down the stairs and outside, where all the boys had been playing the whole time.  My Granny has experienced instances, however, she refuses to elaborate.  She is a very religious God fearing woman.  She is not afraid at all, she just says it's Grandfather...watching over her.
The last occurrence I will talk about is the time my 3 year old son and some others of us were out in a field in front of "the house".  We were standing and talking.  My son and his companions, the dogs, were at the edge of the field near a wooded area.  The dogs began to bark as they looked out into the woods, but we didn't pay any mind.  Thought it was just a varment.  My son starting babbling to who we thought was the dogs, and then suddenly ran over to us announcing the "Granny lady is over there" while pointing at where he had been standing.  We had never heard of this Granny lady before.  We asked if she looked like Granny, he said yes... that she had gray hair and was old.  He continued to talk about her for quite a while, but never talked about seeing her again.  This farm is located in a rural area, which is surrounded by woods.  I know there is lots of history here as well as many tales of deaths occurring near.  Not to mention, lots of Indian artifacts have been discovered in this location as well.  Guess we'll never know what's what.  Just wanted to share this true story shared by our family.  These are just a few of the incidences, but for lack of space, I narrowed down to the more interesting.  Just know that no one has ever been harmed or even threatened by this "whatever".  I remain an open-minded skeptic.  My oldest son, the one who saw and spoke to "Granny Lady" is now 7.  He still has a vague memory of this incident, but we try not to talk much in order to not scare him as he now suffers from severe anxiety.

Experiences from Australia

When I was 11 years old my family moved into a very large 100 year old house.  The lady whom we purchased the house from had just died and her husband had died 6 months before her.  We had been told that he had had a long illness and had died in the house.  After his death the elderly lady locked all the doors and only used the main bedroom lounge and kitchen.

My brother moved into the largest bedroom in the house and after a few months wanted to change rooms but never said much as to why.  I moved into the bedroom, I felt a little uncomfortable in this room at first but thought it was just my imagination.  We had 2 small dogs that used to sleep at the foot of my bed at night.  One night the dogs jumped with a fright and I heard a deep sigh.  I got up and checked the house but all were asleep, needless to say I didnt sleep much that night.  The next night the same thing.  I was a bit embarrassed to tell anyone so put up with the sleepless nights.  Sometimes the sighing was only like a whisper so I would put my radio on and fall asleep.  Many nights though, the breathing was so loud that the dogs would not come into my room, they would sleep in the hall across the doorway.

We had a priest visit us one day, and my brother told him about our visitor, he said he would investigate, We watched him stand in the doorway of this room and his hair on the back of his neck stood on end.  He felt that someone had died there recently, but went home, later he told us that this entity had travelled home with him in the car and that he had prayed for it to leave us.  It was gone from the house for a few days only.

On another occasion, my father who is deeply religious had had some strange experiences of his own, and whilst praying, my brother went to my father and told him that the window in the same bedroom was shaking violently, my father went to have a look, and whilst the shaking window woke everyone else in the house, my father stood next to it and could not hear it.

Mum and Dad sold the house after we all left home to get married.  Somehow I knew that this entity would not hurt us.

Another experience I had on a personal level was that of the death of my uncle.  He had been in hospital with a very serious illness, we had all been in to pay our respects and were waiting for that dreaded phone call.  One night at 10.15 pm I was checking on my daughter and I started crying uncontrollably,  I cried and cried and went to sleep exhausted.  I had an extremely vivid dream that my family were in a room having a cup of tea and the door bell rang.  I answered it and it was my uncle, he said tell eveyone that I am at peace and not in any more pain.  He smiled, then I woke up.  The next morning I picked up my cousin to go shopping and she said that my uncle had passed away at precisely 10.15 the night before.


I don't regard my experiences to be about ghosts, they are apparitions and visions, i am certain- as much as i can be at least- that they are not beings of the external world. however the question of what the space they occupy in this world is remains, if they are figments of my sick imagination then the space they occupy also is an imagined space, and if that is imagined then the rest of the space, the one we call "external world" can very well be equally imagined.
But that is another topic.  The experience i will mention here happened around February or March at 1999. I was in London, for my studies (i am from Greece) living in a nice basement of a wonderful old building. Before that though i had to live for almost two months in a horribly small hotel room. The house had a very tall door, and above that door a small window. One night i was writing things in my notebook for some time, then i looked up at the window and saw myself.
It was me, however i looked different, this can be called a doppelganger, at the time I didnít know the term. I had longer hair that i had back then, and a malignant smile. What horrified me the most however was the thought that that thing, whose face was seen in the window, should have had a gigantic body to be able to reach to that point, that thought was by far the scariest.


my room is the only place that you can see or feel a ghost in my house. when I was about seven I woke up in the middle of the night during the summer. My throat was dry, so I got a drink, and when I got back in bed I saw a women walk in my room.  She set her hand on my desk and just stood theyíre staring at me. She was older (looked about 50) short, and thin. She was warring a dirty white nightgown. I screamed and she turned around and walked away. My parents woke up and ran in, they just told me I was dreaming. When I got older, and my friends started sleeping over she started opening and closing my door. it would open a little, close, open a little more, close, open a little more, until it was all the way open and then quickly shut. Then a little earlier this year, during the end of the summer, I would be sitting at my computer on the internet, and I would feel like someone was rubbing my neck and shoulders. This happens often. Then I found out who the ghost was. I was talking to my neighbor, she has been living here all her life, and she told me that the couple who lived here a while before us was Harold and Mildred Hyde. Harold died in a nursing home, but Mildred died of cancer, and died in my room. She was a short and sorta husky woman, but when she had cancer she got real thin. Both me and my neighbor thought this was weird, because I was able to describe a person who I had never seen, and died at least 5-10 tears before I was even born. She never went away, I still get my shoulders rubbed, and many of my friends now believe in ghosts. I donít care if you believe in ghosts or not, but I know they're real.

Ghost story

Well, it all began when I was little. I have always seen stuff that I didn't know how to explain to anyone. At the house I was raised in till I was 14, I would always see this foggy figure either peeking around the doorway or standing over me while I slept. I felt like it was a man and it was just protecting me. I had no problem with it but then again I never was scared of it. Sometimes I would look out the window and see a man's face that scared me to death and I would run into the bathroom, which had no windows, and lock the door. Mom thought I was doing it for attention, I only wish that is what I was doing. I was asleep once in my bro's room and looked out the window and saw a dark figure walk across the yard. I never slept in that room again.
Later on we moved and I didn't have none of these sightings. We moved into a brand new house and I figure that is why I never saw anything.
Well, things changed in my life and I ended up having to move in with my aunt. I was watching tv one night and I saw a person. I thought it was my cousin because he was the same height and i just assumed it was him. He kept staring at me and I said, "do you want to watch tv or what?" He just stood there looking at me. So I went to bed. When I awoke I went down stairs with my son and I noticed that my cousin was asleep in the bed with my grandma. That day when he went to school I asked my grandma how long he had been in there and if he had gotten up. She said he was in there all night long. They do have a 10 oclock bed time so I wasnt for sure if he got up without her knowing. So, of course, I asked him about it. He looked at me and said, "you saw him." His eyes were all big when he had said that. I asked him who he was talking about and he said it was his stepdads grandpa. He went on to tell me that he has seen it a million times and no one had believed him.
The next time I saw anything in that house was when I was downstairs talking on the phone to my b/f. When I am on the phone I just stare straight off at nothing really. But I was looking into my grandma's bedroom. I saw something foggy and rectangular go across the room real fast. I told my b/f to just keep talking to me because I wanted to put it out of my mind. Never the less I couldn't sleep down there.
Now that was months ago and I am married and living with my husband. I will be talking to my husband before going to sleep and see someone in the doorway just looking at me. I feel very umcomfortable and make my husband put on the closet and bathroom light. I hate the hallway here. I have never seen anything but I feel someone behind me all the time in the hallway. Last night I was trying to get my son to sleep and I looked into the bathroom and there was a little girl looking at me with no look on her face. I couldn't help but keep staring at her. All of a sudden out of nowhere I yelled, "NO!" real loud. It woke up my husband and he was like no what. I told him I had no clue why I had said that. And I still don't. I felt like in a way she must have been telling me something. Maybe telepathically or something but I have no clue why I would have said no. None the less I have to go to sleep tonight and know that there is something there. And, of course, my husband is going to l
If you are wondering, yes I have done the whole telling them they are dead and to go away and to tell them that I am their power source and all that stuff. I have found nothing that makes them go away. So I just live my life trying to ignore them. But how long can I do that?

To the Readers..

My name is Lateah . I live in Georiga. Folks around have talked for years about a place called Devil's Kitchen and and old dirt road. I never believed any of these stories about the lost souls of the children of the town....until I moved five miles from the woods called Devil's Kitchen. But that Kitchen is not my problem, unless I try to visit the woods. The problem is the old dirt road behind my house. That road is said to hold the souls of two murrdered teenage girls.
Okay my problem is at night time (when the girls were supposed to be killed) in my house I see shadows of what looks to female figures, in dresses. When I see them I also hear voices of females. Sometimes they just talk other times they are screaming as if they are affraid of something. So far the ghost haven't been harmful, just annoying. Besides unlocking my front door, the only other thing they do is take my daughter's things from her. ( My daughter is only one and a half.) She often wakes up in sweats and screams then ends up sleeping in my bed.  The things they have took from her is her cloths, blankets, and what ever stuffed animal she is sleeping with. The one time they took her p.j.'s, the ones with the feet sewn in and have the zipper from the chest down the leg, they were took off and placed neatly folded in the middle of her bedroom floor.

Ghost cat with a sweet meow!

This story is not really a scary one but a cute one. I don't know if you are looking for stories where people have been attacked or anything, if you are, this is not that kind of story!

Back in May of 2002 we lost an eight month old kitten named AJ. He died when he scooted outside on us unsuspectidly and was hit by a car that was traveling rather quickly down our quiet street. We rushed AJ to the vets but he had internal bleeding and ended up succuming to his injuries.

I was heart broken and it took me at least a month to get over AJ's death. In September of 2002, four months after we had lost AJ, I awoke out of a peaceful sleep around three in the morning to hear a cat scratching at my bedroom door. We have other cats so I assume that it was one of them scratching to get in. Staggering out of my bed and trying not to bump into things seeing that I was half asleep, I opened the door to let in one of the cats. Now usually when one of our cats scratches to get in, either they will jump up on the bed or they will jump up onto the window, it is either one or the other. Well, this didn't happen and I started to forget about it as I climbed back into bed and tried to fall back asleep.

My eyes snapped open when I heard the cat meow. From the position where the meow came from I could tell whoever it was was sitting right beside the bed looking up at me. I instantly recognized that meow and I knew that it belonged to AJ. He had a very unique meow because apparently when he was born there was fluid or something that got stuck in his throat and damaged his vocal cords. So AJ always had a very soft meow, probably one of the sweetest sounds you could ever hear. Seeing that I was half asleep, I guessed that I was hearing things and that maybe it had been AJ's brother Bobby who was meowing at me. (However, Bobby doesn't have a soft meow, infact, you can hear him meowing from up the street sometimes!) I started to fall back asleep again when I once again heard that distinctive, sweet meow and felt the cat jump onto the bed and walk around to the other side of me to where I had my back facing them. My heart began to beat faster when I heard the cat get closer to me and I k

Very slowly, I began to turn so I could possibly see something. In a very soft voice I whispered "AJ?" The cat meowed once more and then was gone. I could no longer feel him sitting beside me and if it had been one of the other cats I would have felt them walk around to the other side of the bed and I would have heard them jump off of the bed. But none of that happened.

Of course when I mentioned it to the others in our house the following day none of them believed me and told me that I was probably dreaming. I know that I was wide awake when this all happened and I know that it was AJ coming back to visit, possibly a gift a from God to help me get over loosing our sweet little AJ! I still miss AJ but it is nice to know that he is still alive and that he still has his sweet little meow over on the other side!

Ghosts are real!
       Hey guys,
For many people the question is ''Are ghost's real?''. I can answer that. When I was 5 I was taking a bath. It was an ordenary night with my mother susan and my younger brother Walter. I started to wash my hair and I heard a noise. I sat up and heard it again. The noise was someone calling my name. It wasn't like someone I knew was, because it was a mans voice. Deep yet soft, It sounded like it wanted something. Ignoring the voice I sat there thinking what was going on. I kept staring at the nozel to turn the water on for no aparent reson. Then I felt a rush of cold water on my feet and looked at the nozel which was on the cold side of the wall. Scared I jumped up only to feel somthing pulling my hair and acolden wind staing on my neck for 3 minutes. Panting I heard the voice again saying ''Where's your mom?''. I jumped out of the bath tub and ran to my mother. The scary part is My Grandfather had died a week before.


In the middle of October, my friends and I were talking about different ghosts stories we've heard.  Some of them were good but most were boring.  We decided to have a little fun ourselves by making a movie about a phantom.  As our setting we decided to use Old State Road in Cayce, SC.  So we got in some costumes, rounded up the video camera, and loaded up into the truck on our way to Old State Road.
  Old State Road was the road that the confederate soldiers and union soldiers used during the Civil Road.  Somewhere along the road the two sides met.
  We decided to film part of the movie in an old cemetery that is about 200 yards off the main road.  We got out of the truck and it took us only about 30 minutes to film the scene.  Nothing happened.  We didn't hear any strange noises or see any apparitions so we thought everything was just fine.  We decided to film another scene.
  We drove back down the road and found a clearing that we could use.  We got out of the truck and filmed a great looking scene that took only a second to shoot.  We cut off the camera and started to walk back to the truck when we heard this sinister laugh.  The laugh was high pitched and it reminded me of an evil clown laughing.  I know that seems odd but thatís what it sounded like.  The laugh was coming from the bushes just to the left of us.  We looked in the direction of the laugh but could not see anything.  We heard it again, but this time it was louder and you could tell it was getting closer.  We all then proceeded to run like little girls back to the truck.  I could still hear the laugh behind me.  I could have swore that something or someone was chasing us.  I wanted to turn around and see what was, but I probably would fell down.
  We reached the truck and drove off down the road swearing we would never return.  We told all our friends of the laugh we heard that night.   Other people have said that they have heard a similar sound.  Some have even heard faint cries of ďhelpĒ coming from the woods.  Whatever it was that night, I for one do not want to hear it again.

ghost story
This didn't happen to me, but it did happen to my aunt. I live in St. Mary's County, Maryland, the most southern part on the west side of the Chesapeake Bay. There are many historical things here, like St. Mary's City, the first city in maryland. There are many ghost stories as well. The lighthouse in Piney Point is haunted. But the best place is Point Lookout. Point Lookout is a park that is the place of an old civial war fort called Fort Lincoln. It's still standing, and anyone can walk down there from the picnic area. During Halloween, a thing called a ghost walk is held, where people act out things that happened there during the civial war. It's very spooky. The lighthouse there is also only open on Halloween and it is haunted. Well, my aunt was at the park one afternoon taking pictures. No one was at the picnic area. She walked down to the fort and was taking pictures. That's when she heard the voices of men. No one was there but her. The fort always spooks me.

ghost encounter
My ghost stroy happened in my old house. Before we bought the house the grandfather of those who lived in it before us had died there while eating Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't even know this until after we moved but it explained to me alot of what happened to me as a child. It started out wiht little things like waking up and having my room be very cold, even in the middle of July. Then one night when i was about nine i woke up because i had to use the bathroom. I went in the bathroom and closed the door. When i opened it there was a man standing in my room looking out my window. He looked back at me for a second then back to the window. I went back in the bathroom and shut the door and locked it and slept on teh floor all night. I slept on the couch downstairs for atleast two months after this. Then to my joy. We moved .

Ghost in the house

I'm 32 yrs old and have never had a reason to believe in ghosts,  until now. My wife and I were staying the night at her parents  house. We had just went to bed, and were arguing over something  petty. Anyway, she got up and grabbed a cigarette and walked into  the living room. I stayed in bed for about 10 more minutes, and  decided I would go and ask her to come back to bed. I got up,  walked into the living room and couldn't find her. The house was  dark and it was about 3am. When I couldn't find her in the living  room, I walked into the kitchen, and called her name a couple of  times. Not there. I turned around and saw a woman in a white  nightgown walk from another spare bedroom, cross the hall, and go  into the laundry room. I thought it was my mother-in-law. I went  to the laundry room to see what she was doing up. No one there. I  walked down the hall and looked into their bedroom. Both parents  were asleep. My wife then walked in the front door, she had been  sitting on the front porch.  WEIRD.  I didn't tell anyone for a  couple of weeks, because I didn't want to scare anybody. I finally  asked my mother-in-law if she had ever seen anything strange, she  said no, but that her husband had. He had woken in the middle of  the night and seen a woman standing next to their bed, in a white  nightgown. They built the house themselves, not sitting on a  graveyard, nothing strange about the place. We believe it may be  my wifes grandmother who passed away several months ago. I haven't  seen it since.

Ghosts at my school!

First I would like to say that I really enjoy your site(: Keep up the good work,

I attend Alice Lloyd College in KY and it is one of the places listed in your haunted places index. When I am on the internet I like to bring up that page and show people in the computer lab or whereever, "hey you guys our school is haunted,"
everyone thinks this is pretty cool.

I have visited, and visit many of the places on campus each day, I believe strongly that this campus is haunted,
I live in Carrick Hall, a girls' dorm, which is not listed on the index, but is haunted as well,
a security guard locking up the dorms one night saw a lady in white open the locked door to my dorm and go in. The lady in white has also been seen in the school cafeteria in the kitchen by one of the cooks,

Cushing Hall which you listed on your site as being haunted seems down rite evil. The building is officially condemned I think, but the school will not tear it down because it is so old.
I have personally been in the building, during the bright sunny part of the day I might add, and it was atleast ten degrees colder, and while I was there exploring I heard a noise coming from the second floor and got the heck out of there, I have also heard that a girl on campus saw the ghost of the man who originally built the biulding, I would not reccomend the non-adventerous to enter the building though because one of the teachers here said that the roof could fall in, lol.

As for Lilly Hall, I used to live there and my roomie swears that one night, I think it was the weekend, I slept on the bottom bunk and she was on the top bunk, she swears she heard someone breathing and moving on the bottom bunk and thought it was me, but it wasn't. She also says that at night she heard all of the dorm room doors close at once, when they were all securely shut. She blamed all of these strange occurrences on a girl who lived in the dorm and was murderd near campus in 1984. One of the boys dorms is named for her.
A girl also reportidly committed suicide in Lilly as well, A few of the teachers I have asked have dismissed the claims. I believe it is true though because of the carpet. The suicide was repotidly very bloody and the carpet taken up. Two of my friends live in the only dorm room in Lilly with no carpet, so that could be another explanation for the hauntings.

I used to work in Andersen Science Center here on campus and it is really creepy at night. The school is remodling the building this semester, though. Two of my friends were hanging out in the building after hours one night and said they heard voices. They were the only people in the building, which makes this really creepy. They were sitting on the couch by the front door so they would have seen people come in the building.

I plan to do an in depth, well as in depth as I can  investigation of the hauntings on campus, when I can find some time from classes, I would love to send my findings to you and see what you think,
thankyou so much for your site(:

Haunted caravan, blackpool, England.

About 1985 I went on a holiday with my family to a local seaside resort, we stopped in a static caravan surrounded by other holidaymakers,
the problems started one evening, I  put my children to bed, and about an hour or so later I  heard my son Mark aged 4  screaming, I ran into his room, he was sat up in bed with his eyes wide open staring, I went to comfort him, but even though he had his eyes open, he appeared to be asleep! I settled him down and he was o.k. the rest of the night.
he did not remember anything in the morning at all,...I explained this away as a nightmare, or night (terrors)...anyway the following night  while asleep my wife awoke me, we both heard very loud snoring, my mother-in-law...was unfortunetly on holiday with us, so I guessed it was her snoring  and I got  out of bed to try to tell her to keep it quiet, as I opened the bedroom door the snoring stopped...the mother-in-law was asleep but she wasnt snoring?..I looked in on my children, but yet again not a sound to be heard?........again I dismissed  it,  I  returned to bed and went back to sleep,  In the morning something even stranger I awoke I heard a mans voice GROANING...and the sound came from near my wifes side of the bed....this time I was scared, my wife nearly Jumped out of her skin!!  obviously nobody else was in the room with us, but the groan definetly came from within our we all realised something wierd was happening,
the rest of the holiday past quietly except the last wife and mother-in-law took the children to see a kiddies entertainer, I decided to stay in and watch some T.V.  after an hour or so I felt the caravan sway in a motion as though somebody was  walking inside the caravan from my bedroom to where I was watching T.V.....FORGET  the british..(stiff upper lip)  I was out of the door before you could say BOO!.....I  know I can now look back and tell this story with some humour,  but at the time it wasnt so funny,
my view about the story is that the man who originally owned the caravan had loved the place in life, and had decided to keep a watchfull eye on  the visitors, I hope he approved of me? I  certainly didnt at the time approve of him!!

growing up

When I was growing up in Quincy, Massachusetts, there was an "unknown" in our house. But he wasnít scary. We (us 5 kids) named him Joe the ghost. He was a prankster, opening locked doors and windows, or closing them when we wanted them open. We were not afraid at all. I remember when I was 4 or 5,and I was sick. I tried to call for my mom or my dad to pour me some juice because my cup was empty. When I looked over, my cup, that I had just finished drinking out of, was full. Joe liked to make us think we were nuts. My dad was a neat freak. One week-end, we had to go out of town quickly, and didn`t have time to clean up before we left. When we got home 3 days later, the dishes were washed, dried, and put away, the laundry was washed, dried ,folded, and put away, the dogs had been fed, and not by the person that was supposed to feed them. All of our beds had been made, military style, you couldíve bounced a quarter on them! Or so we thought. I am 31 now, and I still believe our house was haunted. It hurt me when they tore the house down. There is a parking lot there now, and none of the guys that work across the street that knew us will park in the driveway that is still there, because it is said that if they park there, their car wonít start back up until they push it out of "our" parking spot. I miss Joe.

Gravestone in Chimney place, Amsterdam
I am 37, this happened in my early twenties. I live in Amsterdam. My boyfriend and I visited a befriended couple in their house in a neighborhood in Amsterdam called Betondorp. I knew these people but had never been to their house before. My boyfriend had been there more often and had tried several times, unsuccessfully, to fix their gas heater. This wasn't interesting to me: he was forever fixing peoples TVís and whatever.
So we were spending the evening in their house. I was sitting next to the girl on their couch. It got late, it was past twelve. I don't drink beer or wine or anything alcoholic, I don't like it. Just to say I was sober. The girl and I sat facing the kitchen and the balcony connected to the kitchen. Suddenly I saw a tall white thing passing and disappearing on the balcony. To be precise, I wouldn't call it a ghost, but just an unrecognizable thing. It was tall and perpendicular and white and looked exactly like a human covered with a white sheet, ridiculously similar to a ghost in a children's book. I just saw it, quite matter-of-fact, and the girl next to me started simultaneously. So it wasn't just me! I asked her: Did you see that? She said: Yes. She was withdrawn, unsurprised and somber, so I didn't push it. Then I ran to the kitchen and balcony for inspection but couldn't find any explanation for the apparition. It had passed on, not outside in front of the balcony. It had not been something blowing in the wind. My boyfriend told me to hush and not be so excitedly curious, because this wasn't news to the couple and they didn't feel comfortable in their house.
Indeed, they didn't act surprised or question me, but tried to ignore it altogether.
Later on, at home, he told me that the chimney slate (the horizontal slate above the heater, don't know the English word, the ridge on which you put candles or knick-knacks) was a gravestone cemented in. He had noticed once when he was lying on the ground to fix the heater and then looked up at the underside of the chimney slate. Of course I didn't believe him: he loved telling fantastic stories. But the next time we visited them I looked and indeed: I saw written 'Hier rust' (Here lies) and the letter F. The rest was cemented into the wall.
Whatever it was that I saw, the apparition and the gravestone together make a classic ghost story.

Dog that wasn't there

Another story to tell you: once I saw a dog that wasn't there. I live in Amsterdam.
With my former boyfriend I went for a boating trip. We got on board and sat around as the other people boarded and chatted, moved about the boat. The owner had a nice little dog which was frolicking about with a similar dog. This wasn't especially interesting to me, I just assumed it was it's sibling and the ship owner had two dogs. Later, when we were sailing, I only saw one of the dogs, so I assumed one of the company had left the ship before we started and had taken the one dog with him. They had been cute and funny together and I asked the ship owner where his other dog was. He was quite surprised; there had never been another dog.
Nobody on board had ever seen another dog.  Was this my imagination, causing me to see what I perhaps expected to see? No explanation.

My Father

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love your site. My sister told me about it, and since then, both her and I have been hooked.

My father passed away in Dec of 99. My family had no idea he was ill until a couple of days before he actually passed. The family flew to where him and my mother were, and stayed with him. He became extremely ill, and was placed in ICU with about 48 hours to live. My mother never left his side for a second, except for once. That once, I happened to be in there alone with him. He took off his breathing mask, told me he loved me, and then looked towards the end of his bed, and cringed. Almost as if he was seeing something that I couldnít. Not seconds later, he was gone. I went hysterical, and started running towards the waiting room, where the rest of my family wasÖ. A few minutes later, I was sitting in the waiting room, with a  counselor on my left, and my parentís pastor on my right. They were trying to comfort me, and told me that if I needed to talk about what I had just seen, they were there. It was at that moment, that I happened to look up from my lap ( where I had been staring for the past 20 minutes ), to see my dad standing in the doorway looking at meÖ. He wasnít transparent, he wasnít floating, it was him. He smiled, one of those strong, comforting smiles that only a dad has, and then turned to walk away. I knew at that moment, that I had been given a gift. I have had many experiences with the paranormal in my life, going back as far as I can remember. But none so moving or profound as when my father came to say one last goodbye to me. It was incredible. Thank you for letting my share my experience. It was something that changed my life forever, and I hope that everyone out there knows that there is a reason for everything. Good or bad, there is a reason.

Goose Bumps

Every time I  tell this story, I experience goose bumps.  I have never had an experience with ghosts until I lived in Jacksonville, Florida. Up until then, I just had an open mind and enjoyed others telling their experiences to me.

We were a young newly wed couple who were living with my husband's grandmother. My then husband had been gifted the house and had added three rooms to the existing home.  At what point I was made aware that the home had been the scene of a murder-suicide I am not certain.  I recall seeing the old fashioned heavy window with the bullet holes still there.  Grandma had said it would be too expensive to switch out as it was a unique size.
Instead the new addition had a new wall that ended up covering the window. All I knew was that the wife  had been shot as she was coming inside the house through the kitchen.  (This is where the addition was built).  After the husband murdered his wife, he shot himself in the living room. My grandma said they had bought that house because it was a low price perhaps due to its history.
Everything was fine, I was happy and I enjoyed my life there until our marriage started to go bad.  I think it was our sad marriage that started this very frightening experience for us.
Our grandmother had gone out of town for a few days.  She was a very active elderly lady with a wonderful laugh and healthy spring to her walk. Anyhow she was not due back till  Monday.  I recall gradually waking up to noises in the living room. ( I forgot to mention our bedroom was in the new addition, as was our den.)  The noises I heard were similar to heavy objects being dragged around on the floor. Heavy movement, like furniture being moved.  It was about 4:30 or so in the morning.  I remember thinking
"Grandma is home!" I foolishly thought she was up and around rearranging furniture.  She was a very active woman and I thought she might be doing work as she always was doing things.  Now I realize how ridiculous my reasoning was.  I was desperate to explain the noises, what else could it be?  I lay in bed thinking it was Grandma and then it I started realizing it could not be. It did not make sense.  What happened next scared me the most.
(Our bedroom door opened the den, which had an aquarium with a bright lite.)
The next thing that happened was the doorknob to our bedroom started turning furiously. I closed my eyes and really started panicking. I forced myself to look at the floor where the light shone through. Perhaps I might see a shadow of the person trying to come in. I had difficulty raising my voice enough to wake my husband.  He finally woke up and I stupidly whispered "I think Grandma is home "  He was hearing the furniture? Being moved to and fro on a wooden floor but we had carpet in the house.  He was as wide eyed as I was.  We lay there listening to the doorknob and the moving noises.  He started to reach for the samurai sword he kept beside the bed. As soon as his feet touched the floor all the noises stopped! He asked that I stay in the room until he checked the whole house and I said no way I was going with him.  We checked all windows and doors, all of them were locked. He went up to the attic and no one was there.  He went through each closet and room checking everywhere one could possibly hide.  It was strange that the dog who barked at anything did not even wake up until he touched her.  I was so terrified and we had no explanation for what we had gone through.
When grandma came home later that day we told her our story. She said it was probably our bachelor neighbor next door moving stuff around or perhaps an earthquake!  We discounted all her theories as impossible.  She said she had never experienced anything similar to what we  had gone through and she had lived alone for a long time before we moved in. I never experienced anything in there and once we divorced I moved back to Texas.  I don't know who lives there now as it has been almost 10 years and I have no contact with my "grandma".  I wish I would have delved into it further. I think the unhappy marriage stirred up the forces and caused that scary episode.  I have not had  any other experience like that and I hope I never do again.

ghostly story

one day i waz going to go behind my old house to look at the Grave of Johny Koil who has haunted the Accamac Inn for about 16 years i was at the grave and saw leaves and things movein and crushing and it was not windy so i left that night i went up to muh room which waz in the attic and just as i waz about to fall asleep i saw strange shadows walkin around muh room i screamed went down stairs and came back up about 5 mins later and there waz nothin there

Ghosts in my house

I really don't know who to turn to, or what answers I'm looking to explain.
But here's my story:

I've always been interested in the paranormal. If I could spend the rest of my life-researching ghosts, I'd be the happiest person alive. I was at first more interested because I had never experienced anything "unusual" or paranormal except that nauseous feeling I get whenever I visit the Alamo, or other places that I know are haunted.
About 2 years ago, my family moved into a brand new house. After we lived there for about 6 months, I started hearing voices in the middle of the night. It would be around 2 in the morning and I'd be awake watching a movie.
I would hear a man and a woman having a conversation coming from the office(which is right next to my room). This is about the time I'd get pretty scared and turn off the movie and turn on the light by my bed. I would get out of bed and walk around to see if anyone else was watching tv, or look outside to see if the neighbors were yelling. Everything would be completely still. It was pretty scary, the first few times, but after a few months of it happening it didn't bother me anymore. There have been times I'm sitting at my desk, and my door starts opening or closing all by itself, or I see a dark shadow cross in the hallway outside my room. But the far-most scary time has been the time I came home from a day at the beach and was all alone in the house. It was only about 7 at night and I was getting undressed in the bathroom. I heard a baby cry loud and clear. It seemed to be coming from the room right next to mine. This scared the crap out of me. I ran out of the bathroom to see what was going on and looked out the window to see if anyone by chance had a baby outside (no one on my street has a baby). Everything was quiet and still.
So I've tried to look for an answer to why this would happen and I can't find one. No one has ever lived in the house before us. No one in our immediate family has died. I can't possibly imagine what it is. Sometimes I just might think it's just my imagination running frantically wild. No one else in my family has heard or experienced anything, or at least they haven't ever brought it up. I'm only 17 years old, but I know exactly what I've heard and seen. My mother gets really freaked out when I tell her about these things, and insists on getting a parapsychologist to come check everything out, but I don't feel its necessary. Sometimes it makes me feel better knowing that I'm not always alone.
Anyways, thanks for listening to my story and please let me know if you have any ideas for the haunting, whether I be crazy and insane or if there really is an explanation.

Haunted Apartment in Virginia
Well...I have never seen a "ghost" before.  I have heard peculiar noises at a supposed haunted house of a friend, but that is it.
    A few years ago I started seeing this guy.  The first time I went into his apartment, it was freezing cold and it felt kind of odd.  Defiantly not warm and cozy...defiantly very, very cold.  I thought maybe the heat was broken, but they said it was just didn't work.  I was in the bathroom one night and started to feel like I was out of my body.  I heard some banging noises, threw open the door and all was quite.  I asked them what the hell that was and my boyfriends roommate joked it was the ghost.  I half thought he was kidding and half not.  Supposedly, his blinds would open and shut throughout the course of the night and my boyfriendís window would open by itself.  So a month had pass with no incident except the coldness and strange noise.  Until my friend who was dating my boyfriends roommate woke up one morning and the Kermit the frog that was on top of the Christmas tree was now on the t.v.  Around that time...I was sleeping next to my boyfriend and experienced the window opening.  It must have been about 2 or 3am and I heard a really loud bang....I jumped up and it was as if someone had thrown the window open.  My boyfriend says to me..."oh just relax, it's only the window".  Well, I felt as if I was out of my body I know it was more than that.  I decided to no longer sleep there....
     However...we went to his apartment one afternoon to grab some clothes for him.  I was standing with my back against the wall and he was squating down in the closet.  Out of nowhere, I saw what looked like a white baseball fly across the room and land in the closet.  I thought he was messing around with me and was about to say something when he looked up and said..."stop playing like that!".  So we looked for the ball and it was not anywhere in the closet.  That was my first and last experience with anything that I would consider to be a ghost.  We are now broken up and he got evicted from the apartment.  Hehe...

Hooded figures
This experience happened to me when I was 10.  We lived near a creek and it had some-what of a forest next to it. Since I come from a Wicca family, I would have gatherings in there. One night, before one of my gatherings, my mother told me to be careful because she had been seeing hooded men in the so-called forest. I had been seeing them too and they scared me to death. So I left. I was the first one at the gathering site so I decided to wait and read a book under a tree. As soon as I sat down I heard footsteps. They were going in circles around me but I couldn't see anything. All of a sudden I see one of the hooded men walking towards me. I asked what he wanted but he didnít answer and he just stopped in the middle of the gathering site. He disappeared in a foggy mist right before me. That scared me so bad that I climbed a tree and waited for the for the other people who were meeting me there. The second experience happened in my room when I was 13(lucky 13).I was asleep and I felt something tickling my feet. So I turned around and scratched my foot ignoring the tickling. Then I felt something pinching my thighs. I opened my eyes and saw a small black figure ( I am an only child so it couldnít have been a sibling). I tried to scream but nothing came out. The figure then sat at the foot of my bed and stared at me. It disappeared ten minutes after that. The same figure showed up again in my room. I woke up to someone pinching my thighs again. This time I told it to stop and it never bothered me again....until now :P Well, I guess when I can remember the rest of my experiences then I'll send them in. good bye for now.

Hey this story is scary


Hauntings in Council Bluffs IA

I moved to Council Bluffs IA four months ago, I live at 18 n 34th.  I have an attic room that is finished, I felt a cold spot on the stairs going up there when I first moved in  it was real creepy how I felt after I walked through it and I was scared to go back  down the stairs.  I have never been to this house before I moved here, but I had reoccuring dreams about this house.  There are cabinets in the basement I dreamed about, there is a storm shelter I dreamed about, which leads to a tunnel to a river  (this is in the dream).  The attic is a bad place in the dreams (an evilness which scared me).  These dreams started in about 1988 or so and continued off and on for about 10 years or so.  I am married and moved here with my husband to make a fresh start because we have had a bad relationship, it has only gotten worse since I  moved here, I am moving back to Kansas in a couple of days and I feel a relief to be  leaving this house.  I think my dreams were a premonition of things that would happen to me in the future.  I was married to another man when the dreams started and they started happening again with my current husband and it is really freaky!!
thanks for listening, when I tell people about the experiences and dreams they think
I am just a weirdo, but I know there is something going on in this house.  My husband does not believe in this kind of thing, but he believes now because he has  had some weird experiences in this house himself.

      Hi there,
        I was just checking out your site and thought I'd share this true story.
        About 16 years ago my great grand-mother passed away. She was in her mid-nineties but still lived alone in a fastidious little tract house in St. Louis, Mo. At the time, her daughter (my grandmother) was fighting a losing battle with cancer and had arranged for someone to deliver her mother groceries once a week. One day she fell, broke her hip, and not being able to move, eventually died. When she was discovered, the medical examiner felt she had passed several days before she was found by the person bringing her groceries.
        The family all lived out of town and all came in for her funeral. I, my husband (now ex), and our very young daughter were given the keys to her house and told we could stay there to avoid having to pay for a hotel room.
        We arrived after dark, and since I felt a little creepy about being there, we decided to pull a sofa in from the living room for my husband while my daughter and I shared the small bed. As soon as the sofa was moved we began hearing the sound of something brushing against a window, not loud at first, but as we got settled in the noise grew. At first it seemed to be coming from the kitchen, then as the sound grew steadily louder, it also seemed to be moving from room to room. Then it came up from the basement, as if something was banging around. We lasted about ten to 15 minutes from the time it started! The noise was far to loud to allow sleep, not to mention that we were both quite scared, so we went to share a hotel room with another reletive.
        The next day we returned to see if we could figure more natural reasons for the noise, but found nothing. No trees or bushes that could have been brushing against the windows; nothing in the basement, cobwebs tight over the little half windows down there. The gas was turned off, so no way for the furnace to making any noise. We moved the sofa back and left.
        As soon as it began, I knew it was my great-grandmother, and felt she was upset that we moved her furniture. Her little home was her universe, everything in it's place. And due particularly to the way she passed, I'm fairly sure she didn't even realize she had died.
        I've often wondered what happened with that house, whether other people moved in and felt, or heard, her presence, but I live far and have never had the opportunity to find out.

Haunting story

On N 2nd W, our home in Riverton, Wyoming was a beautiful place to grow up.
It was directly across the street from Ashgrove elementary school. We had  wild strawberries and rhubarb along with Mom's garden. An acre of apple trees,  weeping willows, wild roses, rolling lawn, natural hide-outs for myself and  my two sisters. A real wonderland.

The house itself sits in the middle of the property and is obscured by the  snowy boughs in the winter and the lilacs in the summer all but the diamond  window of the attic. I hadn't heard the stories when I was a little girl and when I was afraid, I thought it was all part of growing up. I could always reason away my fears or at least bury them and move forward. I was always a little ill at ease if I had to be alone in the house. The basement and the bedroom I shared with my sister were avoided at great lengths during hide-and-seek, or the occasions when I was home alone. Hell, if you hid in the basement, you won by default- it was an unspoken rule.
Our bedroom was very big - longer than it was wide with a large bay window at  one end that looked across the back lawn. The stairs to the basement were just outside our bedroom door. We had an old fashioned furnace in the bedroom with a blue flickering flame that sputtered on and off throughout the night.
I remember being very sick once and looking down from my sick bed, through feverish eyes, I saw my baby doll rocking itself in our small rocking chair.  I don't even recall if I told my mother because I handled it in the same fashion I always did, I froze, choked, closed my eyes and waited for it to go  away. Afterward I chalked it up to the fever.

But this one I could never reason away. This one involves TWO little girls literally petrified by what they witnessed. I am nearly forty years old and my older sister, the other little witness is forty-two. To this day, telling the tale brings tears to my eyes.

For Christmas, my grandmother hand made each of her granddaughters a stuffed monkey doll. My eldest sister had a black monkey but the other two monkeys were identically green. They resembled the organ grinder monkeys; bodies about a foot tall, long gangly legs and arms, and a long curled tail. They wore little ornate vests.
My sister and I had bunk beds with the foot of the bed at the big window so  we could look across the beautiful lawn as we drifted off to sleep.
It was a crisp moonlit night. I had been asleep on the top bunk when I was suddenly awake and didn't know why. As I became fully conscious my attention was drawn to the shadows on the wall. My skin began to prick and my mind raced to its defensive mode of reasoning. The shadows were the trees in the moonlight - no, it was definitely the monkeys. Hand in hand, their shadows danced on the wall. Then it must be my sister (why am I awake, why am I seeing this, if its her, where are her arms holding them up, this is crazyÖ).
"Jenny", I whispered. In the middle of the night for no reason, my sister was apparently awake as well - "Ruth", she whispered back. I could hear the choke in her throat and I knew she was seeing what I was seeing, concluding what
I'd concluded.  We lay in bed weeping, me up top, she down below.
There are other incidents related to this house that I would save for another day. I have since heard stories about the house but never bothered to verify.
Our bedroom, in fact, used to be the entire house; a log cabin built by one of the first homesteaders. The rest of the house was built around this. But the story I heard was that of a woman who had lived in this house, went crazy, and hanged herself in what we called the "music room". I have no idea, probably nonsenseÖ there I go again.

Haunted Places-Villanova University (PA)

Hello. My name is Justin Garcia. I have some experiences that occurred this summer while I was a camp counselor at Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania. The name of the building we were staying in was ALUMNI HALL. Alumni Hall was a hospital during the Civil War, which is now a dorm. Anyways, one night at 3:13 AM, I was lying on my bed watching TV when I heard a woman's voice whisper my name (Justin). I thought it was a female counselor, so I answered the voice and, as my bed was right beside my door, looked out the door to see who was calling me. No one was there! My room was at the very end of the hall and from my doorway, I had a clear view down the entire hall. No one was there. I kept this story secret from the kids attending the camp, as I would have been fired for scaring the kids if I told them about this.
Yet, exactly one week later, one of the kids in my group told me that around 3:30 AM he heard a woman calling his name while in bed! In addition, two weeks after this event occurred, the camp supervisor claimed that she heard a woman's voice whisper her name at around 3:15 AM as she lay in bed. I told these stories to the campus security guards, and one of them (also named Justin) swears that after the semester ended last May and all the students had gone home, he was in Alumni Hall on the 3rd floor doing his routine patrol tour of the building when he heard a woman's voice call his name from the other end of the hallway. The guard was the only person in the building at the time, as the dorm was locked and he had used his keys to enter.
   In addition, the ruckus of furniture being violently moved  upstairs was heard by many counselors and students on the third floor. However, directly above the third floor is the attic, and the attic remains locked at all times! I have several more stories of things that occurred this summer, but to save space I will send them some other time.

Haunted Office

For the last 6 months, I've worked in a stand alone, one floor office building in an area just north of Atlanta.  I've had isolated experiences at work before, but a pattern seems to be developing here.  My office faces a parking lot.  The outside wall is composed of large panes of glass so I can see directly into the parking lot.  As I am sitting at my desk working on my computer, I am facing the glass wall.  About 2 months ago, I was at the computer with a co-worker standing by me.  I looked up and saw 4 or 5 people looking in from the glass pane.  It was like when you stand in front of a window and see your reflection.  I could make out a man and woman in the forefront, with 2 or 3 other people behind them.  The images caught me by surprise, and I gasped.  My co-worker asked me what was wrong.  I turned to look him for a second and then turned back to the window.  The images had vanished in that split second.  I asked him if he saw that.  He said "saw what?", so I said never mind and dropped it.

The next experience was last week.  I walked out of my office to my assistant's cube.  I was gone for about 30 seconds.  Her cube is situated where I can see anyone entering or leaving my office.  No one entered the office while I was out of it.  I walked back in the office to find my keyboard stand and desk chair pulled out into the middle of the office floor.  I had left the stand and chair directly in front of the computer.  I asked our computer tech if he'd been in the office to make sure.  He replied that he had not.

The final experience, thus far, was a few days afterward.  My office door is locked during the night.  My assistant unlocks it in the morning and then closes it.  I came in the morning and opened the door to the office.  I have a large board handing on the wall.  It's the kind that you write on with markers.  A man's face had been drawn on the board.  It looked rather bizarre to me.  I called my assistant in and asked if she had drawn the face.  She got a disturbed look on her face.  She said that she had been in the office writing some things on the board that morning.  She had last been in there 5 minutes before I walked in.  No one had entered the office that morning other than herÖ.and the face had not been on the board when she was in there.  She then said the face was evil, and she'd never draw anything like that.  The best way to describe the face is that it looked like a really pissed off guy.  My assistant has been wearing a cross to work since then.

One last bit of info about this.  I was telling another co-worker about the experiences this week.  She was actually receptive to it.  I've seen, heard, and felt so much in my life that I don't have any doubts about the existence of the paranormal, so I've fairly open about it all.  That plus the fact that I don't much care if anyone else believes it or not.  Anyway, the next day, this co-worker told me that she and her son were in her car that night.  It suddenly became freezing cold, and she felt something blowing on the back of her neck.  I didn't experience it, so I can't say if my tale got her worked up or it really happened.

The building if fairly new.  However, I suspect the land itself holds a lot of history.  There were a lot of plantations in the area at one time.  It was also a hotbed for Klan activity, so that may be where the happenings originate.

Haunted in Glenrock Wyoming
Underneath the town of Glenrock there used to be some old mine shafts witch collapsed i don't know when.  The apts that i live in with most of my family are constantly haunted by old miners and one particular family.  i don't know how they died but i do know they are here.  they say that the mother, father, and daughter reside in one building while the boy and sometimes the girl reside in another.  the father is said to be quite violent at times while the children are playful.  they often times would open doors to refrigerators move certain objects or other things.  my sister was in the bath when she thought she saw a ball roll across the hallway floor.  the children only show up when there is a single mother with no men in the house.  Thank you for listening.  if you want to get a hold of me again my name is Michelle and my e-mail is

Shellsburg, Iowa haunted house

Thereís a house that is haunted by a old couple who has been shot and killed in there house one cold night, and to this day it has been reported haunted, i myself went out there one night with several of my friends.. There was red glowing lights from each window, there is a swing in the back yard which doesnít move if it is very windy out, the doors are never locked but when i went there was dead animals all over the front porch and the doors were dead bolted.. in the back shed there was a mans arm hanging out the side of the shed  and when we called the cops to go out there they said there was no arm hanging out the side of the you head to Vinton on the Newhall road turn right and itís the first house on the right.

Shellsburg Iowa. crying eyes cemetery

 thereís a cemetery about 5 miles out of Shellsburg and if you go there without knowing a person who has died there, thereís a guy names b.g Armstrong on his grave stone there is a picture of him and yes he cries when people are unwelcome you can go up to his picture and he will instantly start crying you can touch the tears and they are real i licked my figures after i touched his face and no lie they were salty..

Shellsburg Iowa KKK cemetery,
its about 4 miles away from Shellsburg on some whindy roads it is where all the ku klux klan still has meeting to this day(what other people have seen)  it is where all the kkk members have been baried and . ive walked to the other side of the cemetery where i felt spider webs all over my face and two of my good friends have also felt spider webs on there face and couldnít get them off.. very windy every time i have been there sends cold shocks threw my body, people holding my shoulder when Iím walking and nobody was around. very scary

Haunted House in Burbank IL

Ma, Dad, Robin, Lynda, and I lived in a very old house in Burbank. Strange things happened there all the time. First, there were strange noises coming from the bathroom at night. Ma said "Mice". We didn't believe it because every time I would pass the bathroom, a white "thing" would pop out at me. It got to the point that I would hide my eyes from that doorway, or turn the light on before I entered. I thought it was just me, but my sister and brother also saw it. All kinds of weird things were happening. First, it always seemed like someone was outside the windows looking in. It was a very strong sensation of this. My brother's foot caught on fire, my thumb was crushed in the cistern pump, there were marks on the floor and woodwork that wouldn't come up or they would get cleaned up and come back, etc., etc.
When my ma remarried, we were going to move. The day we left, the fire department used the house as a practice for new firemen. They tried to light this thing up about five times. When they finally got it going, I looked up into the attic window and saw that white "thing". My parents never acknowledged any of this until 40 years later. My mother told me that a woman killed her husband in that house. Yikes. Later on I was talking to a guy at work and it turned out it was true because it was his aunt and uncle. I'm a believer.

Haunted home (Harriman, TN.)

I experienced a first-hand haunted house during 6 yrs. of my childhood in Harriman, Tn.  My Father moved my family (Mom, Me & 2 brothers) into an old two-story house (built in 1901) when I was six yrs. old. The house was in pretty sad shape when we moved in and my Dad started remodeling immediately.
My entire family dealt with Scary circumstances until (and after) my Dad's death in 1981.  Many occurrences were the usual stuff: Cold spots, strange noises, closing doors, voices from the other room and upstairs when no one was home. During the remodeling, a secret room was discovered behind the foyer wall opposite the door- under the stairs- behind the formal living room (fake) mantel.  We found pennies, old newspapers, and some junk in this room, and later converted it into a huge storage closet. That closet was the source of a lot of noises and was always ice-cold.  My brothers and I recall hearing whispering right behind us going up the stairs as well as the stairs creaking behind us as we ran up or walked up them. When we stopped on the stairs the steps would creak behind you one at a time up to where you were standing. The weird part is that they would creak on a different number of steps in variation and go different directions each time. All members of the family experienced "the Watcher" (as we called it). When lying in bed (day or night) You could here the steps start creaking as if someone was walking up, the door would creak open a little, you would here breathing behind you, and feel the hair on your whole body stand up with cold chills and "just know" someone was staring at you. This always happened in the Master bedroom, which was traded between us after Dad died. My personal experience was horrifying and kind of neat when I look back...
My Father was sick with cancer when I was 12. My family kept this from me out of concern for my age.  He was terminal.  One night, I was sleeping in bed with my older brother, when I awoke and had wet the bed. I never did this previously and was not ill.  I heard sobbing coming from the dark hallway outside my open bedroom door. I was changing my underwear and had put an old T-shirt on the bed over my accident, as instructed by my 17 YR. old brother (he had fallen back asleep).  I was scared , but crept into the dark wooden hallway to see if the woman's sob was my Mother's. I followed the sound around the corner to my parent's bedroom door and peered inside. It was freezing cold .  By moonlight shining through 2 windows, I saw an older woman in a long black dress, Tall collar, wearing a cameo broach, looking at my father and crying. Her voice sounded distant and she was not touching the floor, her dress faded into shadow.  Her hair was up in a bunn, and her hand was reaching for my sleeping Dad. I was frozen with fear and started to whimper; too afraid to cry out. She turned her head to look at me and had only black pupils in her sad eyes. She was fuzzy like an old black-n-white film, but definitely there (standing no more than ten feet from me).  I turned and walked quickly ( I was telling myself to run but for whatever reason, couldn't) I was terrified!! I woke my brother and he told me to go back to bed. He was aggravated and told me I was dreaming.  A few days later, my Dad checked into Vanderbilt Hospital(Knoxville), and shortly after died.  I was allowed to go to the hospital to see him one day and when I walked into the room, he died right in front of me. The nurse didn't know that I was there and covered his face with a sheet before my family realized I was standing there. A couple of months later, my Mother was cleaning out my Dad's walk-in closet when she pulled some old framed pictures out of the back corner. I had never seen them because A) I wasn't allowed in Dad's closet and B) I was scared to death of it.  One old picture was of a man and woman from the turn of the century (from their appearance).
I screamed and franticly reminded my Mom of the occurrence I had experienced that night. (I had told her before and she didn't say anything, and acted like she didn't know what to think) The woman in the picture was the woman in her and Dad's room that night! My Mom, with hands shaking, told me that  this lady was my Father's grandmother. She had many Grand-children, but favored him above all the others. She spoiled him and gave him special treatment regularly as she understood it.  She then informed me that she lived in that same house before the previous owner. The Master bedroom was hers, and she died of cancer! My father never finished remodeling our house and we moved out less than a year later. It is now fully restored by new owners and several yrs. ago, I asked if I could look inside with my Mom. It looked beautiful but as I walked around the old feeling were there. The new owners didn't say anything, but I knew it was still there...watching.

Experiences I have with ghosts

i never thought i would encounter the experiences i have with ghosts .... it all began at a very young age  we have always lived in a very old cottage the previous people who lived there moved due to strange goings on ,however we didnt think much of it . when i was very little something i will always remember happened on a hot summers night ,neither myself or my sister could sleep ,she opened the window to allow a cool breeze to enter the room .we drifted off to sleep .however i was woken by a sensation i will never forget i felt two hands on my back i felt the finger nails run up and down i then heard evil sounding laughter from what sounded like two men i was petrified .
since then through the years i have experienced many strange goings on one of which happened also on a summers night i was sitting on my chair looking out the window that looks onto another window where you can see another room as i was looking i saw what looked like a girl with a long flowing dress on slowly walk past a was speechless as she turned to face me her face was drant and thin her eyes sunken she looked like she was carrying a wash basket . later that day i looked into the history of our house and found out that the room i saw the girl in was actually the slave quarters.


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