Haunted chapel in Finland
In the early 1960s I was a missionary for the Mormon church, living in a small city on the West coast of Finland. A few miles to the North is another city where two other missionaries lived and worked.  There our chapel was an old two story house, a wood building with a metal mansard roof.  The first floor was our chapel and classrooms, etc., and the missionaries lived on the second floor.  The building was assumed to be haunted, as there were many incidences of lights turning on my themselves, toilets flushing, windows opening, and all the usual poltergeist activity.  The elders put up with it, finding it mildly amusing and harmless.

One night, however, they were awakened to discover a white shirt hanging in midair in their room as though someone was holding it by the shoulders.  It fell to the floor, and the missionaries spent the rest of the night with all the lights on. In the morning they called the Mission President in Helsinki asking permission to move to another residence.  What happened after this, I don't know, and there is no way I can research this now after so many years.  If anyone out there has heard of this incident, I would enjoy hearing about it

Mr. M and Pepper

In response to this story-
When I was fifteen years old we had two brother Doberman pinschers.  Zeus and Apollo.  Apollo was horrible about climbing fences, running off, things a misbehaving dog would do.  Also, just to mention the dogs where born on my fathers birthday.  In August my father went in the hospital.  For sixteen days we where in ICU hoping for the best.  We would go home do clothes feed the dogs etc.  On a Thursday morning they called us in to tell us that my father had passed.  So we all drove home, the drive is around 15 minutes.  After we arrived home my older brother went outside to find that Apollo had died.  Zeus was fine but the trouble maker of the two had passed away sometime between my mom calling us to come to the hospital at 8 that morning, and 11 we got home.  So Apollo had my dad's birthday and his day of death..

Another story...
I lived in the same house my entire life.  I have heard stories that my sisters and mother have experienced, but I have had my on experiences.  It started when I was about 10.  My bed was in front of the door leading out into the hall.  One night I woke up to see a lady with long white hair, in a white night gown.  I remembered the night gown as it was my own.  It had lace around the sleeves and the  bottom, it was long sleeved and Ved at the neck line.  I never told anyone about this until about a year ago (12 years later).  I was telling my mom about the lady that I had saw.  Her face literally went white.  She begin to tell me that years before I was born I had a Great Grandmother that died.  She told me that when her and my father would go stay with her she would get the chills because she always wore that long white night gown and had long white hair, and even in living she looked like she was a ghost.

Another thing that I used to see was a short man, with black tuxedo, and a black top hat.  I would  awake and he would be standing in my doorway.  I never thought any thing of it, until on night I had a sleep over and awoke to one of the girls screaming.  We turned on the light and she said that she saw a little man in a black tuxedo and  a black top hat standing in the doorway.  This was in the living room not my bedroom so I than began to believe that he went wherever I went.

When my sister was younger she begged and begged for this doll that my grandma had.  After a couple of years my grandma gave it to her.  My mom said that the doll always creeped her out because she thought that it's eyes were following her.  (All of this was before I was born).  One night (in the same room that would become my room in five years) my sister awoke and went and got my mother because there was a lot of banging and rustling happening in the closet.  Earlier in the night my sister had got in trouble and my mom but the doll into the closet.  When my mom got in the room she heard the noise, thinking it my be a mouse she turned the light on and proceeded to open the closet door.  When she opened it the doll was turned upside down.  My sister swore she did not touch the doll.  The next morning my mom took the doll outside and burned it.  She said it took all day before the doll finally burned.
These are a few of the stories that I have had.  Sorry for the poor grammer.

Mom's still helping

This happened about 2 weeks after my mothers funeral, I had just turned 24.  My friend and I went out to a local bar.  We stayed there until it closed.  Then we went to a friend of her's to drink some more.  Mind you, I was driving, and I have always been against drinking and driving since I lost a friend to it.  When we decided to leave, I told her that our husbands were never going to come and get us, and that I couldn't drive.  She was worse than I was, so she was just babbling.  We sat in my car, trying to clear my head.  In the condition I was in, it would be nearly impossible for me to drive without at LEAST an accident.  I decided in my drunken stuper to just drive.  I asked my mother "If you get me home without hurting anyone, including myself, I swear, I'll never let this happen again."  I started to drive, there was even a police officer behind me, but I drove perfect.  I looked at the clock it was 3:32 a.m.   I got home thinking I would just go to sleep, knowing my husband who is severely deaf, and does not wake up to anything, would be in bed.  I walked in my front door, and there he stood.  Yelling and screaming.  The next day, I asked him if he waited up for me to come home.  He said he fell asleep on the couch, and he felt someone nudging him, like it was time for work.  He stated, that it was real cold in the room, for June, it's never cold.  That's when he looked at the clock and it said 3:32 a.me. and realized I wasn't home.

Now anyone who knew my mom in life, knew, that if you ever asked her for a favor, of this type, she would be like "Oh, I'll help ya, but you'll pay for it!".  Well, I did, horrible hangover, plus a very upset husband.  I guess, I got it mom, but thanks for getting me home.


My house isn’t that old but when my sister lived here we would wake up to the slamming of cabinet doors and we would go to the kitchen and see them slamming when no one was touching them well at least no one we could see. Well our house has like always had a lot of things like that and i don’t know how it isn’t old enough to have people that died there.
    Now that my sister moved out its not as bad but like every once and a while the cabinets slam and doors open and fans turn on when they weren’t turned on by me and on time my music was on softly and it suddenly changed stations and it was like blasting when I didn’t touch it. All of these things have happened in the middle of the night.

Michigan Farmhouse

My name is Bekah and I am 18 years old. When I was about two years old, we moved into this beautiful farmhouse in Michigan. I of course don't remember actually moving, but I remember loving that house more than anything. When we moved in, it was already well over 100 years old and still in great shape. In the early 1900's it had been a restaurant and I thought this was the coolest thing ever. I remember my Great Great Aunt Nell telling me how she used to eat at that restaurant after church on Sundays. I don't remember when I actually started seeing and feeling things in that house, but the first time I can remember was when I was about 5 years old. The house had 4 bedrooms and mine was the second biggest. My parents, of course, had the biggest and my brother still slept in the nursery. My room was at the very end of the hallway and it always seemed to be the coldest. I had a door in my room that lead outside to a balcony and from my bed, I made sure that I could see that door and my bedroom door (I had always been somewhat of a chicken). The first night that anything happened, I remember waking up in my room with an incredible sense of fear. I don't know what triggered it because I didn't see anything around me. I sat up in bed for a few minutes just looking around and saw nothing, so I laid back down to go back to sleep. Right after lying down, I felt the presence of someone or something in my room and turned over to look at the door. I didn't see anything again, but was even more frightened. I got up and out of bed to go to my parents bedroom, and just as I took a step away from my bed I felt a breeze go through the room. None of my windows were open and the door to the balcony was not open either because mom and dad always kept that locked and only they knew where the key was. I was terrified and ran to my parent’s bedroom. I told them what happened and told them that someone was in my room, they didn't believe me, but I still got to sleep with them that night.
Weeks passed and almost every night the same thing would happen over and over again. I was beginning to get used to it and I wasn't all that afraid anymore. Months had passed since that first night, but then something else happened, I woke up in the middle of the night again but this time I didn't get the same feeling that I had before. This feeling was bad and it wasn't because I was scared. I knew something different was happening than what had happened all the other nights. I laid in bed, terrified of even moving, when a hot air which I can only describe as breath, washed over me. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and all I could do was huddle under my covers in hope that this thing wouldn't hurt me. By this time I had had my 6th birthday, and at 6, I didn't know what it could do to me and what it couldn't. Finally I got the courage to run out of my room and into my parents room where I slept the entire night and several nights after that. I didn't really understand things because we always went to church and my parents are and were incredible Christians. They always told me that anything evil couldn't touch me as long as God was with me. (They obviously didn't believe what I had been telling them.) I believed this only after several weeks of this thing visiting me. See, it came, but it never hurt me. Although it had been there several weeks, I still was not used to it. I actually missed the old spirit that had made a habit of coming to my room, because after the evil one started coming, it didn't come back. This went on until I was about 7. I finally got so fed up with it that I actually told it to leave me alone and that God would protect me. I never felt it again. But then other things were happening. During the night, I would wake up and hear things on the first floor of the house like people walking around and talking. We had wooden floors downstairs and you could hear their shoes clicking on the floor. Then I started to hear music and what I could only describe as plates and silverware banging together. I started to get more bold and tried walking down the stairs to see what it was, but when I got downstairs, nothing was there and I couldn't hear anything anymore. This happened once or twice a week up until we moved out when I was 10. When I was about 8, I woke up in the middle of the night to footsteps coming up the stairs. I knew that whatever it was, was going to come to my room, so I ran to my brothers room and got into bed with him. I was lying there facing the opposite wall when whatever it was came into the room I was in and sat on the bed. I was too scared to look at it, but now regret that I didn't.
Things would happen when I had friends over too. Only two of my friends would actually spend the night with me. We would sit up and watch TV downstairs and hear things banging together in the kitchen and when we would get up the courage to look, there wasn't anything there. The weirdest thing that would happen when friends were over, was that the toilet seat would go up. There was a bathroom right off the living room and we would hear a bang and when we looked, the toilet lid would be up. The last thing that I encountered there was on my last night in the house. I remember lying there crying because I didn't want to leave. All of a sudden, a familiar cool breeze was in the room. I sat up and there she was again. I knew it was a woman because this time I actually saw her figure. She had beautiful long hair and a long blue dress on. I can remember her so clearly. I could see that she was crying and I asked her why. All she did was point to me. Then she disappeared. I haven't seen anything or felt anything since. I was talking about this to my mother about a year ago and told her about the footsteps and voices that I would hear. She looked at me and told me that she used to hear them too when she was up in the night.

Marbles, Doors, and Running

Right after I started dating my future husband I was thrilled to find out he lived in a huge old Craftsman style house that was built in 1919. The house was beautiful with huge rooms, strange little closets, and beautiful wood work. One day after we had been together for a while my husband told me that the house was haunted. He told me that the people who lived there before said they heard weird noises and what sounded like kids playing with marbles on the upstairs landing. I had several ghost experiences with ghosts before ehwn I was younger and did not feel any malevolent or foreboding feelings in the house. It didn't bother me so I didn't think about it.
Then one night around 11pm, my future husband and I were laying in his bed room with the lights off listening to the radio. His door was open a little way because it wouldn't close all the way because it was warped. I was going to leave when all of the sudden we heard "roll roll roll, plink plink" Like something was rolling across the wooden landing and hitting the steam radiator at the head of the stairs. Once again, I didn't feel any threatening force and it was kind of cool.
Some time later, he and I were watching TV in his parent's room. We were the only ones home except for the cat, who was with us. It was around 8 pm. At one point, I heard a door slam downstairs, and then the sound of someone running up the stairs and pausing right before the landing. The door was wide open and you could see the top of the stairs, and there was definitely no one there. Even the cat had turned to see who it was.  I asked my husband if he had heard it, and he said he didn't hear anything. About five minutes later he asked me "if I had heard . . ." and then described perfectly what I hadn't told him I'd heard. it turns out he had just been trying to be macho for me. It only frightened me to have heard it so clearly.
The last thing I remember happening was one night we spent the night there alone. We were going to go up to his room and watch a movie. When we got there, his bedroom door was shut.  He pushes against it with all his might, and could not budge it. There wasn't a lock on the door, and like I said earlier the door was warped and didn't close all the way. He pushed on the door and jiggled the handle and then whispered for me to go downstairs. He followed after a second and told me he could feel someone pushing against the door from the other side and was afraid someone had broken into the house, even though it was on the second floor and impossible to climb in the window. He called his grandma just case anything was going to happen, then he got his step dad's shot gun out of the closet and went back upstairs. I followed him, and he yelled to whoever he thought was in the room that he was coming in, and then he had to kick the door in. No one was in the room, and later we found that the wood on the bottom of his bed had been broken.  We closed the closet door at some point and later in the night I looked up to find it open again, and we had made sure it was securely shut. After that night we were both scared to death to be alone in that house, especially at night. I never did get a chance to research it's history-

My Experiences

When I was about five years old we loved in Macorna. I remember one night I was told to go to bed so that mum and dad could watch a movie, but being the stubborn child I was I snuck up and watch the movie from the lounge room door. However I began to get tired so I went to bed. All of the sudden I heard a noise coming from under the bed so I got down on all fours to check what was under my bed. I could see a shadow of a man. The next morning I got mum and dad to come and look at it. So there we all were mum, dad and I all peering under my bed. I could see it plain as day, but mum and dad couldn't see it. That shadow was under my bed until the day we moved out of that house. A  couple of times after that first time I asked mum and dad to check if they could see it but they never could.
You may wonder why I never got frightened by this figure, I suppose it's because from the very first day we moved into that house I would see ghostly figures in my room at night. Whenever I went to bed I would say hello and all of the sudden all of these figures would be standing around my room. I would talk to them but not verbally. We spoke telekinetically.
Anyway they didn't visit anyone else in the family except for me. And about six months before we moved out of that house they stopped coming. One night I said hello and they didn't appear, I asked if they were angry with me but they just didn't answer. I never saw them again.
I would appreciate it if someone could send me an email to tell me if the ghosts in my room were there because, for some reason unknown to me, I needed them. Please send your replies to. rogue_princess@hotmail.com Thanx

In am now 45 years old. When i was 18, my Father, Sister and I moved into a huge newly built house set alone on a hill. It was the day before Halloween. Oct 30th. I was delighted as I thought I was escaping years of paranormal activity in my old house. Actually my whole life has been filled with psychic and paranormal activity, but the last four years since the poltergeist activity started, it was hell. On Oct. 31st Halloween. My older sister who no longer lived with us and I went to a costume party. I was a witch. I met a friend of mine at the party his name was John. he was 22 at the time. and after the party about 1am, we decided he should come to my new place and continue conversation for a while. so we are in the lower level of the house. the ground is at window level down there. My younger sister was down the hall sleeping. There was a nice even layer of new snow outside. We were sitting there chatting for about 45 minutes when suddenly we heard this low but extremely loud moaning. We stopped talking and listened. the moaning slowly turned into insane maniacal laughter then back to moaning it was so loud and the sound of the voice was like none other either of us had ever heard. it literally made our skin crawl. Now we were freaked. We decided someone was playing a very mean trick on us for Halloween. so we proceeded to search the entire house, including the outside which was covered with a light bit of snow, but which made it possible to determine that no one had been near or around the outside of the house anytime recently. I first went into my sisters room thinking she was the cause of this trick. and if she wasn't she had to have been awakened by the intense loudness of the voice. but she was sound, drooling asleep. We searched every inch of every piece of furniture, cabinet, room every space in that house looking for some evidence of how we could have heard such a horrible thing. John came running back down and said he heard it again, just about 20 feet from where I was down about 6 steps and around a corner and I didn't hear it. We went back into the downstairs living room, and again were victims of this most horrible voice, moaning then manically laughing etc. Maybe this doesn't sound so bad, but let me elaborate on the sound of this voice. no where in my whole 45 years have I ever heard anything to come close to the horrific sound of the voice. The second time we heard it, we looked at each other and  tears were coming out of our eyes and we were not crying, this continued the rest of the time. Our skin was literally crawling, both of us. In my whole life since I have not heard anything to come even close to it. The closest I can come to describing it is times horrible by 1 million. We heard it a couple more times, each episode would last approximately 5 minutes.  Finally it seemed to have ceased. and it was late I was exhausted from this event. He did not want to leave me alone and quite frankly I was glad of it. He stayed on the couch, and I went to my room. I shut my door and laid awake the rest of the night, sensing something on the other side of the door about to come in and if it did it would be horrible. I was terrified.

Leet Township, PA

I have personally heard, back in the woods behind my house is [around where the D.T. Watson Rehabilitation Center was], dogs barking and people yelling.  I heard it coming from somewhere below me, I turned towards a small cliff overlooking where some construction had been, and heard the sound get stronger.  So I went over to it and leaned down, but saw no people or dogs.  And I am ABSOLUTLY SURE that the sounds were coming from directly below me, even my brother's dog [who had accompanied me] obviously heard it; her ears were perking up, seemed anxious, etc.


     My name is Kristin and I got a story for you.  I was told by my  uncle this story.  This story takes place at his home which is  right next door to me.  He said,” One night when he was alone he seen a woman in white.  The woman in white went into my cousins room and just disappeared.  I believe that because I have heard something over there before.  I wasn’t the only one to hear it.  It was my aunt, cousins and I were going inside the house and suddenly a door slammed from inside.   No one was home except for my grandmother who lives in the basement.

My Experiences!
Hi there, my name is Kate and I live in Surrey which is in the UK. I have had a number of experiences so I thought I'd let you know a couple of them so you can add them to your web site.

My grandmother is a medium so I have kind of been brought up to believe in life after death etc and I do believe that I may be a little physic myself as I have always been able to feel certain things in certain places that no one else has felt.

My first experience was when I was about 7 years old and I was at School. My class was having a lesson in the Library and as we made our way back from that lesson our teacher had realized she had forgotten her book so she sent myself and another classmate to fetch it for her. The school Library is at the end of a corridor on the right hand side, you have to climb a few steps to get to it, on the left hand side of the same corridor is the doors to the school hall. As we turned into the corridor we both saw what appeared to be a teenage boy walking a few feet in front us, within the blink of an eye he had disappeared. Both my classmate and I had seen him and we looked high and low for him, he didn't go into the Library or the Hall, he just disappeared right in front of us.

A little time after that experience I noticed a plaque on the wall in the school hall. It turned out that years before my school used to be a boys school and one of its pupils was killed on a boat in the 2nd World War and that some of the shelves from the Library were made out of the wood from the boat that sunk. If I remember rightly, he was wearing an army style khaki uniform!

My father used to live in a 400 year old farm house and that too was haunted, I used to wake up at 2.43am every morning and listen to heavy footsteps pass my bedroom heading towards the bathroom. I knew it couldn't have been my dad, as he had an en suite bathroom in his bedroom!

Anyway, I thought I'd give you just a couple of my stories to put on your web site.

It seems to have followed me

Hello again. I have more experiences to share, if you will be so kind as to indulge me.

I have always been a "scary" person. Maybe growing up in that house made more sensitive to things, I am not sure. I never liked to watch scary movies, hated being home alone (even now), and DO NOT like to be completely in the dark.

Once we moved out of that house, I moved in with my Grandparents. My life from that point was pretty much uneventful. Nothing unusual at all. I lived there with my grandparents until I was around 24, then my fiancé and I bought our own house.

It was a very nice, sturdy single home. Beautiful brick & stone exterior, 3 bedrooms, large rooms, full basement, garage and large backyard. One of the bedrooms upstairs had a door that opened up, and you could walk out on top of the garage. The perimeter had a nice "picket fence" around it, and up until we had children, we used to sit up there at night and relax. It was occupied by an old woman (my grandfather knew her sons, which is how we came upon the house for sale). She passed away (in a hospital, not in this house), and the sons wanted to sell the house.

The house was solid in structure, but needed much updating, so we were able to purchase it at well under market value. Upon making settlement, we immediately began to work on the house. The kitchen was very, very old. It always seems that once you start to take things apart, there is always more work needed underneath. So, we had to strip the kitchen down to the sub-flooring and almost completely rebuild the kitchen.

One particular evening, my fiancée, 2 of his friends and myself were all standing in the kitchen looking at the pipes coming out of the floor, and discussing where the major appliances were going to go. When all of a sudden we heard this loud bang. It was loud enough to actually feel it through the floor. We all stood there and looked at each other.....I said to my fiancé, what the heck was that??!! He ran down the basement, one of his friends ran upstairs and his other friend ran out the front door. Meanwhile, I stood in the kitchen almost frozen, afraid to move.

As each one came back from checking their "areas", each one reported that everything was in order. Upstairs, all of the doors and windows were fine. The basement was fine and there was nothing unusual in either the front or back yard. Once we were all settled and caught our breath, we discussed this for some time. Trying desperately to come up with a logical explanation for the noise. But the truth is, there was none.

We continued to fix up the house without further incident. It took about 1-1/2 yrs to fix everything and actually be able to live in it. So, we finally started moving furniture in, and actually sleeping there. We had fixed it up quite nicely....modern, but classically decorated. Neutral tones, lots of warm woodwork, a large 15 x 30 patio out back, and some nice landscaping. I even mentioned to my fiancé, that I thought the woman who used to live here, would have been proud of our improvements.


Everything was quiet until after I had my first son in 1993. I'd say he was around 8 months old when we started hearing noises again. One evening around 9:30, my husband and I were sitting on the couch watching TV, our son was upstairs in his crib sleeping. All of a sudden, we heard a loud bang...almost like someone had slammed the door to the top of the garage closed. We could almost say it came from that side of the house. So he went up to check it out, and all of the doors were fine. The 3 bedroom doors were open and the door to the deck was closed and locked. I want to point out, that for safety reasons, this door to the top of the garage was locked with a key. One on the handle and a deadbolt. So, there would be no accidental opening of this door. We each had a key, on our key rings. Our son, who would cry at the sound of a distant fire whistle, was still sound asleep.

Then one day, my sister came over. It was hot out and I had the air on. My husband was at work. My and my son (who was about 2), were just hanging out watching nickelodeon. She came in and asked to use the bathroom. So, she went upstairs. When she came back down, she asked why I had the air on, and the upstairs door open. I told her it wasn't open, and went up and checked. Sure enough, it was open. Now, as previously stated, it needed 2 keys to be opened.

So, I assured my sister (and myself to be honest), that my husband must have been out there early this morning. Closed it, but forgot to lock it, and the wind pushed it open. We were both like, yeah okay, that sounds reasonable. So, when my husband came home later that night, I asked him and he said that he had not been out there.

For the remainder of our 7 years in this house, we always heard doors slamming. But when we would check it out, everything would be in order. For whatever its worth (and I don't know if this means anything at all), but there were always spiders in this house. My biggest, deepest fear (aside from flying) is a fear of spiders. And even though we replaced the windows, had exterminators come every 6 months and were not situated near any woods. It seemed like our house was almost infested. Maybe someone can tell me if this is significant.

Due to a job opportunity, we sold this house and moved to Florida. We have stayed in casual contact with the new owners and to the best of my knowledge; they have not experienced a thing. They have been living there approx. 4 years now.

 Before moving to Florida, I had one more son. My children are 2.5 years apart. And I believe that my youngest son (now 6) has the ability to see, hear and feel ghosts. From the time he was a small child.

Well, I must go for now, but will return to continue the story. If anyone has any comments, please feel free to contact me.
Thanks to everyone for listening. Take care.


I believe do u

hi well this aint really my story my close friend told me so her goes wen my  friend was little she had a baby brother he was maybe 2 to 3 weeks old when he  died, the night he died she went to look in on him and she saw this figure  quite an old man with a dog standing by her brothers cot she did not think  nothing of it cause she was like 5 so she went bk to bed and in the morning  she was told he died during the night, so little girl then told her mother  what she had saw but her mother never believed her until 1 day she was looking  ova some old photos and saw the man she saw standing at her brothers cot she  pointed this out to her mum, and her mum burst into tears and sed that’s ur  great granddad (he died like 25 years ago) and to this very day my mate can  still remember seeing him and she can describe what he looks like to this very day and she is like 23 . wot i think is the man standing by the cot came to show the baby the way, i think that is so nice that a loved 1 show u the way  when u die , even though its quite freeky. ive never seen a ghost yet but i do  want to as i strongly believe in this stuff and fine it really interesting.

My bedroom closet

I lived with my grandma most of my life.  We lived in the same trailer the whole time. And I am not quite sure if it is possible for trailers to be haunted but here is my out of the ordinary experience.
 I never , from the time we moved in the trailer, liked my bedroom closet. There was just something so menacing about it. I know when you're young everything can be played off as an active imagination. But there were many nights, I was found sleeping in my grandma's bed. I never had any kind of actual experience with my closet until I was sixteen.
Before I tell about my unusual occurrence, let me just give a brief layout of the trailer.
When you walk in the front door, you're in the living room. To the immediate right was my grandma's bedroom. Go left and you are in the kitchen. Go through  the kitchen to the left and you are in the hallway. There's a door on the right at the end of the hallway. That's the back door. The door on the left is the bathroom. And the door straight ahead was my room.
So now on with my tale.
I always got up for school around five am or so because it took me forever to get ready. I would always turn on my t.v. (it was the old kind where you have to physically pull on this knob to turn it on or push it in to turn it off. there was no remote, it had the knobs where you turn them to change channels and they always made a kind of clicking noise when you did that.) to have some kind of company in the wee hours of the morning( my grandma never woke up before eight am - when I was already at school).
One morning, while doing my usual routine of taking a shower, putting on my makeup , and fixing my hair, I heard my television knobs clicking. I was curious as to what was making the noise so I walked around the corner and peeked in my room(my t.v. was on a stand next to the closet) and I noticed the channel had been changed and my closet door was ajar(it had been closed, I was sure.)
I quickly went to my grandma's room and peeked in to make sure she wasn't awake and for some reason had went into my room(but I knew deep down she hadn't because she always wore slippers that made a distinct noise coming down the uncarpeted hallway.)
After checking in her room, I grabbed our cordless phone and ran back into the bathroom to call my best friend whom was also getting ready for school.  I knew she would believe me because she was a big believer in the paranormal.
Luckily I had already gotten dressed. So i quickly left my house and met her down the road at her's.
The next morning I decided to test this out. So I left the t.v. off and opened my closet door.
After my usual getting ready stuff, I went to check things out. I about flipped! The closet door was shut and my t.v. was on but I hadn't heard it in the bathroom!
Once again I made a quick departure to my best friend's house.
Nothing ever again occurred with the closet or t.v.
But other things did happen in that trailer. That'll have to be told another time, though......

My house

Hi, my name is Tara and ever since I can remember I have been prone to the paranormal.  I don’t really know why I have this sense and sometimes I wonder if I even really want it at all. I have learned how to deal with it, it’s just become another every day thing for me.
I just want to say that I love your site, I feel like I can tell my stories here and not be laughed at, and for that I thank you!
I am 23 years old and live in the outskirts of Baltimore city.
Anyway, I have a lot of stories but I will try to pick the ones that are the most outstanding from the group. These stories will have to do with the house I lived in during high school.
1.  When I was about 12 years old my family (mom, dad, brother, and myself) moved into a house that really wasn’t old, but definitely had an enormous amount of history to it.  We bought the house from a couple that was in the process of a divorce.  We moved in and immediately started re-decorating.  From the first time I stepped foot in the house I felt uneasy.  As time went on I started to ignore it because I figured it was just my imagination.  My parents got divorced a few years later and my mom swears up and down that there was a vibe in that house that did not want couples to stay together. The family who moved in after us also ended up in divorce.
2.  One day I was in the basement doing some laundry and I really felt like there was something behind me…something watching me.  I had cats so I just assumed it was them and that they were hungry. Then the feeling got overpowering, it was like something was making me look behind me, I tried as hard as I could not to, but eventually gave in and turned around. There, just a few feet away from me was what looked like the shape of a man wearing a black suit and a top hat. I didn’t feel any fear from him, well, other than the obvious, that I was face-to-face with a ghost, and then just as quickly as I saw him, he vanished. It was like he just wanted to be noticed. I never saw him again. But I felt him.
3.  I had rearranged my room and my bed was facing the door, I could see the stairs and what ever was going on in the hallway. One morning I was laying in my bed fully awake for about an hour, just being lazy, when I saw what looked like a woman walk up the stairs and into my mother’s bedroom. My brother was in there at the time watching T.V. I called out to my brother and asked if that was mom that just came upstairs, he looked at me like I had 3 heads saying that no one had just come upstairs, mom was in the basement. I tried to tell my mother, but she didn’t believe me. Typical, right?
4.  Whenever I walked by the upstairs bathroom I would see what looked like a man out of the corner of my eye. I never felt alone in that bathroom no matter what I was doing.
5.  I had a friend that my ghostly friends just did not like. The first time she came over to my house, she almost fell down the steps because on of the ghosts tried to push her. I saw this happen, I was at the bottom of the steps waiting for her, and when I looked up at her she was seriously pushed by some unknown source and almost fell on her head, luckily she caught the rail. I think maybe though they were trying to tell me something about her  because they were never like that with anyone else and as it turns out she ended up not being as nice as she seemed.
    That’s all for now, I’ll tell you about my other stories another time. This is too long as it is and I haven’t even made a dent.
    Thanks for letting me share.

My Guardian Angle Ghost

I was born in 1960 in Philadelphia, PA. and not long after my sixth birthday until just before my seventh I was visited almost every night by what I thought at that time was my Guardian Angle.  Let me preface this story with some information about my parents' house.  They were the first owners of a small split-level house in Northeast Philly.  When you come in the front door and walk across the living room you come to a set of five stairs that lead to the bedrooms.  At the top of the stairs to the right is a bathroom and to the left was my room.  Across my room from the door was a double window that looked out on the driveway below.  From my bed I could look out of my bedroom and down the stairs to the living room.  The apparition would always be the same and would come after my sister and parents were asleep. A man dressed in black pants, a white button-down shirt with a white tee shirt, and black horn-rimmed glasses (he looked a lot like Henry Mitchell, the father from Dennis the Mennis).   This man would walk up the stairs and stop in my doorway.  He would look over at me and nod his head then walk around the foot of my bed to the side by the windows.  He would look at me again, kneel down and fold his hands on my bed and disappear.  As I said this went on for almost a year.  I questioned me parents; and like most was told it was just a dream.  I had this vision three or four more time in subsequent years until I was about ten and haven't had it since.  Although I was never frightened of the vision I am still very puzzled as to whom this was and what it meant.  The area was all farm land and my house a field.  I don't know any of the history of the farm or land or if any worker was killed during the construction of my neighborhood.

My granny and the rocking chair

I’m 13 yrs old and I live in London and this is my story. My haunting happened When I was about 7 yrs old. That evening I was just ready to go to sleep when out of the corner of my eye I noticed someone sitting in my rocking chair in my bedroom. I turned my head to get a better look at the apparition and had the courage to turn the light on. The apparition got out of the chair, walked towards me and then sat on my bed. I didn’t have a clue who it was, but I presumed mum and dad had gone out and this was my babysitter. The old lady picked a book up off the floor, handed it to me, and then slowly walked out of the room- all the while not making a single sound. Next day I asked mum where they had been the night before, and, to my surprise, said that they hadn’t been anywhere, let alone out of the house. This freaked me out! I then went on to ask who the old lady was, but neither of my parents knew anything about her! Luckily, my parents truly believed me when I told them what had happened and what she looked like. I had never seen a picture of my dead granny until my parents showed me. And it was the old lady.

My grandmother's House
My grandmother and grandfather bought their first house in Sacramento,  CA in the early 70's. When they were in the process of buying the house the relator told them that a 15 year old girl had fallen down the steps to the basement and broke her neck. He did not tell them that he thought that the house was haunted, he just wanted to let them know to keep their kids away from the basement. Things started to happen about a week after they moved in. The previous owners (whose daughter fell down the stairs) left their piano. At night the piano would actually play by itself. My grandmother had told people that when she would get up to see who was playing it she could see no one their. But she said that she could see the keys of the piano actually moving. A week later they gave the piano away.

After the piano incident my grandmother and aunts, uncles and my dad would all hear a little girl calling for her Mom. The only one who went to see where the voice was coming from was my grandmother. When she would get to the back room of the house the voice would stop calling. Eventually, everyone just started to ignore it.

Now from what I have been told, things got a lot worse 3 months into the moving in. At night when everyone was asleep my aunt Wendy would wake up because she felt something was pulling her hair. She and my dad both slept in the room that was in the back of the house and my grandma and grandpa slept in the room at the front of the house. My aunt would run as fast as she could to my grandmothers room and even when she was running down the hall her hair was still being pulled by something. She was too afraid to look back.  When she reached my grandmothers room the thing would stop pulling her hair. This continued for several weeks. Finally the thing stopped pulling my aunt's hair and moved to my Dad. He would wake up and there would be something pulling his hair and he would run to my grandmothers room. He told me that he finally got the nerve to look back and he wished he didn't. He said that he saw a very tall thing with red eyes and big sharp teeth with long finger nails and long, long black hair covering
He told my grandmother what he saw and she got a priest to come over and bless the house. When the house was blessed the priest poured Holy Water into a hole that was in one of the floor boards of the kitchen because my Dad told my grandmother that for some reason he knew the thing lived under the floor boards. When the Holy Water was poured into the hole my grandmother said that she swore she heard a sort of sizzling and then the thought she heard a growl or a scream. After the blessing the thing still pulled my aunt's and Dad's hair but it eventually went away.

The blessing did not stop all of the activity. The girl still called for her Mom. One night my aunt Wendy woke up to find the figure of a girl standing at the foot of her bed. When my aunt screamed the figure vanished.

As the years went by the activity of the house continued. In fact, it never totally went away. I have been told by my uncles that they continued to see an old man who would tell them to leave the house. They said that he always appeared in the bathroom. Eventually everyone just learned to live with everything that was happening.

Now flash forward to the early 90's. I am ten years old and my grandmother has passed away. My father went back to live in the house after my parents got a divorce. He continued to see things and tell me about them. After all of the story's of the activity I only saw one thing. It was almost bedtime and the door to my Dad's room was opened. I thought that I had seen my aunt Sharon walking down the hall wearing a black hairy cloak. I asked everyone if my aunt Sharon was visiting but I was told that she was never there.

Since then my grandfather died and the house was lost due to repair. A new family now own the house and I wonder if they ever see or experience activity in the house. I will probably never get the nerve to go up to the house and ask them.

My ghostly savior

I have been reading the stories on this page for about a week and a half now and have shared one of my own.  I have another that has just started to reoccur.  I am a security guard at a large corporation based in Omaha, however I grew up in a small town about 35 miles away.  When I was in 6th or 7th grade, these occurrences started happening.
 First, a little background info.  I first met this spirit briefly on the day he died.  He was a homeless man in his late twenties or early thirties.  One evening around dinner time, he knocked on the front door to our house asking for money for food.  Since we were getting ready for dinner, my parents decided to invite him to join us for a home cooked meal.  He sat down and started telling us how he came to our town on a train and was staying by the tracks that were nearby.  After eating and warming up for awhile, the man left with my extra sleeping bag and some money that we had given him.  It turns out, about an hour after leaving our house, the man was killed by a car that was trying to beat a train.
 Now, to the spirit part.  About two or three days later, my friend Shane and I were downstairs in my room playing with my stereo.  We heard a tap on the window so I opened the curtain to see the glowing figure of the man we had fed just a couple days ago.  I couldn't hear him but I could read his lips as he said "thank you" and disappeared.  When I went outside to inspect the area outside my window, my sleeping bag that I had given him was sitting outside my window.  A few days after visiting me, my dad asked me and my mother who put $18 under his wallet.  We both replied that neither of us had.  He then turned white and stated that it must've been the homeless man we'd met the other day.  My mom and I both explained our visits from the homeless man at that point and I showed them my sleeping bag.
 This incident took place almost ten years ago and to this day I'll catch a glimpse of what appears to be this man just watching me.  I've never really thought much about it until recently.  I had never told anyone about this incident until the other day when my roommate stopped by my work.  As we were talking, this spirit appeared.  My roommate told me to watch my back because that man over there was the same guy that's been around our apartment for the last few days.  I turned in the direction that he pointed to see the man that we helped out nearly ten years ago.  I explained the story to him and kind of blew it off.  Tonight, however, I am extremely grateful to this spirit.  As I was getting ready to cross the street on one of my patrols, I heard a voice tell me to "watch out."  I stopped briefly to see who said that and then continued.  The voice repeated itself and then something shoved me back away from the street hard enough to knock me to the ground just as a garbage truck came speeding by without its headlights on.  It cut over the curb I was standing on seconds before.  As I looked up, I saw the figure of that same man that we fed so long ago standing over me.  I thanked the spirit for saving me.  At that time, he looked down at me and mouthed the words "It was the least I could do" and then disappeared.  I know it sounds like bs and I wouldn't even believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

My ghost story

hi I’m Hannah I’m 16 years and i have seen some seriously disturbing things in my life i can defiantly say I believe in ghosts i have seen them my whole life but have been too scared to tell any one, seeing ghost is common thing in my family, my nan used to see ghost when she was a young gal, and so did my mum, she used to get attracted by them, they used to rock her bed violently until she was on the floor between the beds side and the wall and they pushed the bed into her. I can always sense ghosts and I can see them when they want to be seen and they call me sometimes. I remember when I moved into my new house a little gal in a white dress with brown curly hair used to stand in the corner staring at me crying every night, I was so scared I never new what to do but she has now gone. I was chased in my house buy a little boy he chased me down stairs and just stood behind me at all time i burst out crying i was so frighten I ran to my room and locked my door he didn’t come in my room he just stood out side he finally left me alone but i still see him some times in the house. I don’t know why but I always receive information from the ghost they try to talk to me and sometimes I hear them i can feel what they are feeling when they are close to me. one night I was at a sleep over for my friend Kristy’s birthday and her grandad who past away came to visit her. we were all sitting down and i could feel his presence I told Kristy that some one in her family who had pasted away was in the room with us, I told her I had a strong feeling from behind me, she looked behind me and there was a picture of her grandad in a frame. Her grandads presence told me to walk to the dinning table sit in the end chair and tell her that this was where he used to sit when he came round for dinner to prove that he was really there, I did it and the curtains on the windows from behind where I was sitting fell down, Kristy cry told me I was right and I stopped telling her anything else. Once for an week every night in my house a group of gal ghosts used to call me they were scared of something but because im afraid of the dark I was too scared to talk to them so I asked them to stop calling me and they then went away, I would have tried to help them but with it being night time and it was so dark I couldn’t i was way too scared, that is only a few things i have seen and done there are a lot more scary, mysterious things that happen to me, this is no joke i feel, see, talk to ghosts all the time and a lot more strange things happen to me. if any ghost is haunting you and you want it to go away strongly tell it to leave and it will. please believe my story i swear i am telling the truth, but if you don’t believe me well that’s your beliefs
from your friend in England, London

Ghost stories

I have been reading your pages for a couple of years now, and I thought that I would e-mail you with a few of my own experiences.
        when I was about 16 (I'm 22 now)I used to babysit regular for my aunt. Her house was always creepy but I didn't experience anything major until I  had babysat for a few months. One evening she had went out as usual, but still hadn't returned by the early hours so her husband suggested that myself and my cousins just go to bed anyway, as we had school the next day. I was sleeping in a guest bedroom on my own, facing my cousins bedroom, with my aunts room in between. The spooky thing was that none of the bedrooms had any doors, this used to creep me out the most. Anyway I eventually dozed of to sleep.
           I had been asleep for what seemed like seconds when I was woken by the noise of her dog going mad, barking and growling and running about downstairs. Then all of a sudden the passageway lights were turned on, I assumed that my aunt had returned from her night out, so I sat up in bed. As I did so I saw a hazy figure that was the same shape and build as my aunt, I didn't think this was out of the ordinary as my eyes had not adjusted to the light properly yet. Just as the figure disappeared my uncle stumbled out of the room and asked me; did you just turn on the lights? I answered no. With that he just shrugged, in a kind of half asleep daze, turned off the lights and returned to bed leaving me petrified in the darkness.
            Anyway I managed to put this occurrence to the back of my mind and continued to babysit. The next occurrence happened around Christmas time. This time I was babysitting with a friend, we were just sitting talking when all of a sudden I heard a high-pitched whistle echo all through the house. True this wasn't really scary, just weird.

            The next occurrence happened at an ex-boyfriends house the next year. He was always telling me his flat was haunted, I didn't really take that much notice of his stories. He told me about a red eyed ghost that would float above his bed, but I thought he was just doing it to freak me out. Well one evening we sitting talking with the lights low when he stares really intently behind me and says "nici don't look at it, ignore it and it will go away; I started to laugh thinking he was joking, but the look in his eyes told me he wasn't. He then really starts freaking out, trying to climb out the windows and shouting; oh my god , I've got to get out;. He then seeing how upset I was walked right through where this thing had been standing and opened the front door to let me out. Once we were outside all I heard was banging and crashing from inside this now empty flat.
I must stress that all this time I didn't actually see anything although he swears this black shadow metamorphasized into a demonic dog-like creature with red eyes and it was standing in the doorway. I should have known something was wrong with that house as a few weeks earlier me and friend had been sitting in his house while he slept off a cold. we were talking when all of a sudden the telephone table that was attached to the wall suddenly flew about six foot from the wall and hit my friend on the head. She was a
little stunned but we weren't classing this as a supernatural event, we were too busy laughing. We hunted out a screwdriver and set about fixing this thing to the wall. Another half hour later the same thing happened again, at the time we thought it just wasn't fixed into the wall securely (even though when we did it ourselves it seemed solid enough) but thinking back it may well have been the spirit playing games.
      Well hope you enjoyed the true stories, I'll write in with some other experiences soon.

Grandma Jo

In the current house we live in I have had my share of experiences such as the above, only more physical you could say...making physical contact with me once, alerting me of his/her presence. Mind you we bought the townhome before anyone else lived there...they were just built. Anyway, my first experience happened a couple years ago. My grandma who lived in Georgia had been very ill in a nursing home for some time. Memorial Day weekend my mother had called with the news that she had passed away. I can't remember why now, but there was a reason that I couldn't make the trip back home to Georgia to be at the funeral and I was devastated. I spent a good part of that day in bed, sad that she was gone and that I did not have a chance to say goodbye to her. My husband went to work (he works the 2nd shift from 3-11 P.M.).  My oldest and I decided that we would go out for dinner that night seeing as Daddy wasn't home. So around 5:00 I turned off the lights in the house, grabbed my purse, keys and we left coming toward my room, feet shuffling on the carpet. Very distinctive, with no mistaking what the sound was. I sat bolt upright and looked into the hallway. Nothing.  I wanted to be sure that I was truly awake before I woke my husband. The shuffling continued, slow and methodical, getting closer but I still saw nothing. I was very scared and shook him awake so hard that he actually got mad. As soon as I told him "Someone's in the F'ing house!" the sound stopped. I think it was her but I'm not sure...I haven't head that since... That night it never occured to me that it could have been Grandma Josephine in her slippers checking up on me again. She had Lupus and her feet were arthritic, so....she shuffled and walked with a cane.

A Hair Raising Tale

My last story is where my ghost made physical contact with me. I was standing at the kitchen sink, the dead of winter here in Minnesota. My husband was outside with my oldest son. I was 6 months pregnant at the time. My hair was very long...past my shoulders. I had just turned my back (my kitchen is set up so that if you're facing the sink, your back is to the dining room and breakfast counter, you can't see anything behind you.) I felt like I was being watched but was not uncomfortable...none of our ghosts ever scared me(Save for when I heard the footsteps) really. Anway, my back is turned and all of a sudden, I felt a gentle breeze behind me blowing my hair and suddenly, very gently, a long piece of my hair was lifted straight up...like fingers had lifted it off of my back. It was then set back down very gently. The touch and the way it was lifted was almost lovingly, not meant to hurt or frighten me. So...those are my experiences. I have 3 theories on who the person or people is. I have a

My first sighting

Hi.  First I want to say what a great website this is.  It's nice to read of others who can sense spirits...It's easy to feel rather isolated when you know your "gift" is seen as a bit weird.  Even since I was very young I’ve been able to sense emotions.  I like to think of it as picking up on a location’s memories.  But until 2 days ago, I've never actually seen a ghost.

I've been looking for an apartment for a few months now.  I saw a new add in  the paper and decided to check it out.  The price was GREAT (all utilities included, including central air!!) and the apartment was in a cool neighborhood.  I called the owner and made an appointment to see it right away because if it was as nice as the add said, it would go fast!  I was also skeptical though.  The price was TOO good, and now I know why!!

When I pulled up in front of the building (an old house converted into a  2-flat), I made up my mind to take it.  The building was in great shape.  It was evident that the owner took good care of it.

The apartment was on the second floor and attic.  When the owner showed up and let me in, she said that they had recently remodeled, the apt. was  really nice, etc.  But I was starting to have doubts.  A really creepy feeling came over me.  Not like I was being watched or anything, just a feeling of a presence.  As I climbed the steps, the feeling got stronger and stronger.  I think even the owner felt it as well, since she started to get really nervous.  By the time we got to the top of the steps and went into the apt, the feeling of presence became very oppressive.  That's all I felt on that floor...just a presence.

The apt. was as nice as the owner had said, though.  It was huge and completely remodeled.  The main floor had a kitchen, dining room and living room.  The attic had two big rooms with enough space for a home office and bedroom.  The bathroom was also up there.

As we walked up to the attic, I felt some very powerful negative emotions--anger, hate, despair.  I realized that they weren't directed at us, but inward.  (Sorry, it's hard to explain.)

We reached the top of the steps (the office area) and stood talking for a few moments.  I just had to ask if anything unusual had happened here.  I've only felt such strong emotions at sites where I KNOW something happened.  I knew I hit a nerve because the owner got shifty-eyed and didn't really answer my question.  She said "Nothing any more unusual than happens in any college town." or something like that.

Anyway, she moved to open the bedroom door as she was answering my question.
  It opened out toward us, so as she opened it we both had to step back.  I was looking at her as she was talking, and she was sort of behind the door as it opened.

As the door cracked opened, I felt freezing cold air roll out.  I was wearing shorts and sandals, so felt the cold move over my legs and feet.  I was also hit by INTENSE emotion.  Much MUCH stronger than anything I've ever experienced before.  Despair, anger, self-hatred, a sense of futility.  All the hair on my arms and back of neck stood on end.  I KNOW the owner felt something too, because we were still looking at each other, and I'm sure my expression was very similar to hers.  TOTALLY CREEPED OUT!  She jerked the door open the rest of the way, and RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF US was a man hanging by a noose.  Plain as day!!!!!  We both stepped back from the doorway (she gasped and I said something that I can't say here :-) ), and the DOOR SLAMMED SHUT IN OUR FACES!

Let me tell you, we both hightailed it out of that place.  When we were out on the front lawn, that's when I got the story.  No one would stay in that apt. for more than a few weeks.  The owner decided to renovate to "sweeten the pot" and try to get people to live there longer.  Also, the people on the first floor were long-time residents.  When they moved in, they complained of noises from upstairs (footsteps, loud bangs, etc) even when the upstairs apartment was vacant.  They eventually stopped complaining because no one could find anything, even the police.  She also said that she didn't like showing that apartment because it always felt "creepy."  We talked for quite a while.  I told her of my "ability" (which I think creeped her out even more!), and told her that the spirit needs closure.  After she said "well, DUH!" she said that she would check with her priest.

Needless to say, I'm NOT going to live there.  And I can't really say that I'm too happy about seeing my first ghost.  But I did learn an important lesson...the difference between a "residual" haunting and a "true" haunting!

My first experience...

All through my childhood i lived in an almost 200 year old Victorian house in a small Pennsylvania town. Two of the previous owners had died in the house, peacefully we believe. My room and my sister's were the two rooms where the owners had passed away. Our rooms were connected by a back passage, separate than the main hallway. We both constantly heard people walking, and the handles on the doors would turn. One night I saw a dark figure walk along one of my walls. I know it could not have been a car passing the house since my bedroom had one tiny window away from the street.  I was only about 8, but remember feeling very strange. I hid under my covers until i fell asleep. My sister and i had to do that on many occasions just to get through the night.  But it was strange since we lived in that house for 9 years, and my parents never saw or heard anything.

My Encounter at Iwo Jima Japan

I have always had a real interest in ghosts, but never truly believed in them that was until
I was stationed at the Atsugi Naval Base in Japan, about nine years ago.
  I had a flight to the Island of Iwo Jima one day.  If you don't know the history of Iwo Jima, it had the most casualties in World War II. I always loved going there, being a real history buff and all..until this one day. I always went out cave hunting, looking for artifacts from the war. I've found spent shells and military boots, etc.  There are a lot of bodies that were never recovered, due to the amount of caves on this small island.  On this one particular flight, I was just too exhausted to do anything.  All I could think about was getting a few winks of shut eye when we landed. So when I arrived at the air terminal, I found a nice couch and fell asleep instantly. I was awoken by someone shaking me.  I looked around but no one was there. I figured it was one of my friends playing a joke on me, so I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. I stayed still for a good ten minutes when I was shook again. I jumped up expecting to scare who ever was shaking me, but when I looked around and no one was there. One of the Japanese military who was working at the terminal came over and asked me what was wrong.  I was really shook up and explained to him what had happened. He just nodded his head, smiled and then told me it happens all the time.  I am very interested in hearing from anyone who has also had any strange experiences at this location or anywhere in Iwo Jima, Japan.

My encounter

Your site is informative and very interesting. I felt compelled to share an experience I've had. Here it is.

About 15 years ago I had an experience that I will not forget. I feel I should be generic about the place to protect the interests of those involved. At the time I worked for a state parks department as a temporary summer laborer. Part of my duties was to once a week mow the lawn and check over a roughly 150 year old plantation home that the state had acquired as a historical home. The house was in rough shape and the consideration for restoration was still in government "Red Tape". But being that it was now park property, it had to be maintained. The house is off the beaten path and was a favorite for younger people to sneak into at night and "Party". So we had to occasionally go inside and check and clean the place up and repair the broken locks. The house is nestled against a hillside along the train tracks. The family graveyard is nearby. The earliest grave dating 1821. There is a nearby dwelling carved from the native stone that I assume was used while the house was being built that clearly predates the house. The house is an interesting layout, from the root cellar to the attic, with 2 hidden passages that we stumbled on while cleaning up beer bottles and such. This particular day I was checking the padlocks on the rear doors of the house while the crew was loading up the mowers. I was starting down the flagstone steps by the outhouse at the rear of the building heading to the front of the building when I had my encounter. It was approximately 4 pm. I started down the steps, I saw someone at the rear door just outside the porch at the flagstone patio. Knowing noone was supposed to be there I stopped to see who it was. I called out, "Excuse me, can I help you?" She was a woman, about 5 feet 5 inches tall, wearing what I think is called a sun dress with pink and blue flower prints on it. She looked as tangible as this computer monitor in front of me now. She was kneeling down as if to pick something up off the marble flagstones. It may have just been coincidence but when I called out to her, she stood to face me. Then turned, and vanished through the porch screen door, then through the locked rear door of the house. I was frightened at what I saw of course and ran around down the steps to the front of the building to where my co-workers were loading the mowers into the truck. They saw me running to the truck and stopped me to see what was wrong with me. After a few minutes to settle my nerves and catch my breath I told them the story. They both laughed at me and told me I was losing my mind. Well I endured my shock and their ridicule all the way back to the park shop. I asked them to say nothing to the other workers or the Ranger or superintendent. But of course, the moment we enter the office they begin to laugh and tell the officials about what I told them. The Ranger was the first one to respond. He looked at me and asked me what I saw. I told him and the superintendent looked up from his desk and walked back into the records room. He came back after a few minutes with a big file folder. Half testing me, he asked me to tell him if anyone in the pictures he was about to show me looked familiar. The third picture, the girl I had seen was in it. I identified her right away. The superintendent told me it's ok. We've all seen her.  About this time the permanent park crew came in the office, looked at the picture on the desk, looked and me and said, "Oh you saw her..". I felt even more faint at that point having been shown it was not my imagination. By the way, the other 2 guys in my crew, weren't laughing anymore. The superintendent and the ranger told me a few stories about their experiences in the house. But I think those would be for them to share. But suffice it to say, my experience was mild, compared to theirs.

My Dad

Hello, Id like to tell you of an experience I had just over two years ago. My dad was 42 years old when he passed away suddenly from a heart attack (young I know). And it was the night of his burial when this took place. After the days events had passed, I kissed my mother goodnight and made my way home. I walked to my front door, put the key in the lock as per usual and *tried* to enter my house, however the door, seemed to be stuck after much persuading, ( and a few choice words ) the door swung open with ease "odd" I thought as I walked into the house ( that has never happened before ) My two children were tired and cranky, So I made a batch of warm chocolates and began to tuck them into bed. Before she dozed off my daughter (then aged 4 ) said to me "Mummy, koko looks sad". Koko was the name my daughter called my father, "It's ok I soothed my daughter koko is fine now". I bit shaken I made myself a coffee, changed into my nightwear and sat in bed reading a book. at Some point I fell asleep, I was awoken again by the strangest feeling I ever had in my life!, even now it is hard to explain. I was being shaken, I could feel the pressure of "something" on my back but the actual shaking seemed to come from inside my back ( I told you it was weird ). I opened my eyes and was about to turn around when I had a terrible feeling, something was behind me, and I was too afraid to ask what, I heard breathing, it sounded strained and laboured, then I could feel the breath on my back, I shuffled lower into my bed sheets hoping that what ever it was would think it was in the wrong place and leave. It was then I heard a voice as soft as a whisper but clear nonetheless " Baby???, it said are you awake?, I kind of shivered, that was my dads voice Id know it anywhere. "YES!!!" I wanted to scream I'm awake!!! but my lips fell silent, instead I just kind of nodded my head and whimpered. ( big chicken I know). And then all of a sudden my eyes kind of twitched and I was lying in my bed but my room was bright yellow.. I sat up and stared around, at this point I wasn't sure if I fell asleep again or if I was heading off to the spirit in the sky having been scared to death or something, and then it happened, my dad strolled right into the room, I wasn't scared and he was wearing his usual big toothy grin that I always loved, he sat down beside me and asked me " why are you sad?", I looked at him, he was still smiling but a look of concern was on his face also, and then I was visited by a strange notion, "oh my god" I thought, "he doesn't know". I had heard of this happening to "lost souls" and such but I had never ever seen it before. A multitude of things went through my mind, I thought to myself, "today I buried my father, and now he's a lost soul, I have the opportunity here to have him around a little bit longer?.....but I couldn't do that. So I said in my calmest voice, Dad I am sad because you have.... have passed on. " Dads face looked ashen, then he smiled at me, and was gone just like that, I was still in my bed, (the room had gone back to it's original state) and I just sat there not knowing what to do, so like any normal rational level headed adult would do in a situation like this, I rang my mother. It was 4am and I knew mum wouldn't approve of being woken at such an hour, but I did it anyway, surprisingly mum answered the phone on the first ring, I was about to barrage her with a million and one questions when she said " I know dear, he's been here already, he told me, now go back to sleep". All I could say was "oh, okay then mum goodnight" I slept easy that night, no shakings no heavy breathing, just a restful sleep. The next day I went to see mum ( she's had paranormal experiences quite often ) I asked her what did it all mean, she told me dad thought he wasn't gone, and couldn't understand why no one would talk to him. she said that dad told her that I had told him he had since passed and he was just calling in to say goodbye. I also asked her why he had to wake me the way he did, my reply was a loud "HAHAHA" I looked curiously at mum and she told me that I sleep like a log in dense forest and even at the best of times I'm almost impossible to wake. I like to think now that dad is in a happy place, a place with no heartaches and no sorrows, I have since had a few dreams about dad but nothing like that night. But ever now and then I hear a voice in my head that says things like, "it's gonna be fine baby", or " Don't do that baby". But those are other stories altogether.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me a chance to get this out, I didn't realise it was so long ( my apologies).

My Mother

I was sent this page as a Halloween correspondence but became intrigued after reading the story of Mr. M and Pepper. My Mother is in the latter stages of Altzheimers Disease and is in a nursing home here in Mobile, Alabama.  She was raised in St. Mary’s Orphanage and has no family outside of us, her children. Mom has never had any recollection of her Mother and was told that it would be better not to investigate. Recently, Mom fell very ill with a urinary tract infection and was hospitalized. I informed my sister who lives in Jacksonville, Florida that things did not look good and that because of the advanced stage of Moms illness, that she should come to see Mom soon because every illness sets Mom back farther. Mom has not spoken intelligibly in almost 18 months and has been bedridden for a little longer. I felt that she might die from the infection. My sister came home to see my Mom. However by th
I asked if she looked like me, and Mom said, "No. Me." I said, "Mom, is there any one else there?". She said, "Yes." When I asked who, she answered, "Tracey.".  Tracey is our family dog who had passed away the preceding November, unbeknownst to my Mother. I asked, "Mom, do you want to go with her?". She turned to the pad on te wall again and said to the "person" there, "No, not tonight.".

Old lady

In our family, we don't talk about ghosts except to say we don't believe in them.  That is, we SAY we don't believe in them, but that is just avoidance.

I remember when I was little, I was at my aunt's house for a visit.  In her neighborhood, houses are pressed almost right up to each other.  I could play in the front yard of my aunt's house and see into the neighbor's house through the window.  That house happened to belong to my aunt's cousin (my dad's cousin).  These houses were passed down through the family.  Anyhoo.

One day when I was playing out in the front yard, I remember looking up and seeing an old lady looking out the window at us, kind of scowling like we were disturbing her or something.  I didn't think anything of it.  I was always meeting old people that were family.  It seemed like every time we got together with relatives there was a new old person I had to meet and kiss hello.  I went into my aunt's house upset because I hated getting yelled at by anyone ( I was a wussy kid!) but my parents wouldn't believe me when I said an old lady next door yelled at me.  They said I must have seen my cousin's wife because no old lady lived there.  An explanation and we moved on with our lives.

Fast forward to a couple years ago.  I was chatting with my mom about these relatives who still live in this house.  She told me that the cousin doesn't like to talk about this topic, but that house was haunted.  They had seen something a couple of times while they slept, nothing threatening, just there.  Once, the cousin remembers getting up in the middle of the night for a drink of water and passed his infant daughter's crib and noticed her blankets were off her.  He made a mental note to recover her when he returned to bed.  When he came back through, the blankets were neatly tucked around the baby, as though someone did it for him.  When he got to bed, his wife was sleeping soundly.   On another occasions, toys got picked up.  Someone was constantly trying to keep the place neat for them.

My mom tells me that the cousin believes that the ghost is his grandfather's second wife.  She was a bitter old woman who didn't like kids and yelled at them any chance she got.  The cousin's grandfather died before she did and she never got along well with the relatives for the rest of her life.  The general belief about her ghost is that she is trying to amend this by watching out for them and trying to be generally helpful if she can.

I recall saying to my mom, "Oh, I know what old lady you're talking about.  I remember her looking out the window at me when I was little and playing in auntie's yard."  My mom said, "That is impossible.  She was dead long before you were born.  It must have been someone else."  I suppose that is always possible, but something tells me it was the ghost because I KNOW it was an old lady that scowled at me.

Old house

when my children were very small we lived in a house that was 100 years old and at night i would here the kids running around upstairs and would tell them to go to bed and they would say they were in bed than they started telling us about these kids that were playing in there room at night and sometimes i would remember that i had put there toys  away and some would be out the next morning  and i would say i thought you kids weren’t up playing last night they would say again it wasn’t us so my boyfriend and i decided to talk to each child alone one day and they told us what the boys looked like and what they were wearing and they told us about these two boys that had haircuts like buster brown and they had on knickers  they said pants that came to there knees and told us about the shoes the kids were wearing also my kids were small 7,6, and 4 and they would say that the boys wu thats my story

Oak Alley Plantation

I enjoy your site very much and visit often.  I noticed you've listed the Oak Alley Plantation on your famous hauntings page.  Until I visited this site I didn't realize the plantation was "officially" haunted.  No one said anything about ghosts during my visit there.  I wanted to share my experience at Oak Alley.  My friend and I took a two week road trip from our home town in northern California to New Orleans in the winter of 1998. When we arrived in New Orleans we got into a minor car accident.  Long story short, the car wouldn't be fixed for two weeks and we had to stay in Louisiana a little longer than planned.  So we amused ourselves by seeing the city, taking in the sites.  We took a really great night tour of the French Quarter highlighting all the allegedly haunted locations (including the Lalaurie House, that was the scariest story I've heard to date).   Anyway, we decided we wanted to tour a plantation before we left.   We chose Oak Alley because I wanted to see where they had filmed "Interview with a Vampire".   My friend and I took a tour bus to Vacherie down an old dirt road in a very remote area and suddenly here's this huge house with glorious 300 year old oak trees out front.  In the daytime, in the dead of winter, there was a sadness about the place I cannot describe.  As soon as the tour started inside the house I felt as though we were being watched.  I got the impression that this presence felt continually trespassed upon and resented all the people coming through the house.  I sensed more than one entity but there was one that was particularly strong.  On the second floor this feeling was even stronger (probably because we were going into the bedrooms).  In the master bedroom I felt the distinct presence of a woman in black (I later learned that she is commonly seen).  That is where I began to feel faint and dizzy.  This feeling grew stronger as we exited the bedroom onto the widows walk and went around to the east facing side over looking a garden.  The tour had gone ahead and at this point I could hardly walk, I was holding myself up by the railing.  I felt like I was going to pass  out (which has never happened to me) or be sick, or both.  I looked over at my friend and her face was literally green, but she wasn't feeling what I was feeling.   I struggled back down to the first floor and gradually felt better as we left the house.  I knew the reaction I had on the widow's walk was to do with the presence I felt.  I couldn't eat anything the rest of the day.  I also picked up impressions of slaves being tortured and killed on the south east end of the property.  It was validating to know that other people have had experiences there as well.  I hadn't thought about that day until I stumbled onto your site.  If any one else has had an experience at the plantation I would like to hear about it.  Something about the energy in Louisana, so much death and turmoil in it's past.  Thanks for letting me share.

That Old House

Hello. I am 36 years old and have had quite a few experiences. I am not sure what to make of them and have never really talked about them, but would like to get some input.

First, let me give you some background information. My mother died when I was 2 months old. She was just 20 years old and died from a rare aggressive cancer. I have a sister who is 4 years older than me. My father remarried (I am not sure how old I was when this happened), and I have 2 younger half-brothers. When my father remarried, they bought an old 4-story house in Folcroft, PA. This is where the story begins.....

I do not remember moving into the house (I am not even sure how old I was when this happened). My memories of this house begin approximately around 2nd grade.

It was an old house, with a large wrap around front porch and double doors. There was also a side door and a back door. And 2 different staircases. If you went in the front double doors, to your right, there was a set of steps that went all the way up to the 3rd floor (up, platform, up, platform, up, platform), so that you could stand at the bottom and look up to the 3rd floor. The 2nd staircase was as soon as you walked in the side door; the steps went directly up in front of you, only to the 2nd floor. It was a steep set of stairs, with full walls on both sides of the steps, almost like a tunnel. Then once you entered the side door, you would either go straight up the steps, or take a step down to your right, into the dining room and kitchen.

It was a very large house, with huge rooms. Sometimes, it felt almost cavernous. I don't know how old this house is, to be honest, I never looked into it. I kind of, don't want to know. There were2 pieces of furniture left in this house (from the previous owners, I guess). One was an old seat/coat rack. It was a bench (the seat of the bench lifted up), then attached to the bench was a large mirror (at least 4 feet), and on either side of the mirror, were hooks for coats/hats. This was a pretty large piece of furniture and always gave me a chill.

Then there was a "sharpening stone". I am guessing at the name of this machine, but I think I have the function correct. It was a large stone wheel, mounted on metal and attached to what looked like part of a bike. You would sit on the seat, push the pedals, and the stone would turn. Like to sharpen an axe.... or something. I did not like this either. My father kept it out on the back porch.

There was a powder room off of the kitchen (which was at the back of the house, adjacent to the back porch). It was outside the bathroom wall, on the porch, where this "wheel" sat. And the bathroom was constantly infested with huge black ants, and fly’s. All year long. It used to freak me out.

I never felt comfortable in this house. And for the 5+ years we lived there, I did not sleep much at all.

Okay, now that you have some of the visuals.....here are my experiences.

The only room that I felt comfortable in was the 2nd floor bathroom. I would take my pillow and blanket and go into the bathroom, curl up in the middle of the floor and sleep.

I would always hear noises up on the third floor. Various noises....talking, banging, walking, doors closing and opening. Nothing too loud, but loud enough to hear it. The house had an oppressive feel to it. I can't explain...it was just a heavy feeling.

We had approximately 10 different pets in the short time that we lived there. ALL of them ran away. We had a Collie, a Dalmatian, a few mutts, a cat and even something that my father called a Tasmanian Devil. It looked like a bat's head on a dog's body, except that it had no tail. Long snout, with long pointed teeth and very big pointy ears. This dog would sit behind the couch in the main living room and just growl and show his teeth. NONE of the animals would go up the main set of stairs. There was a large room as you came in the front double doors (in between the front door and the beginning of the steps). This was also where the coat/hat rack resided. Well, we would go into this room, which was our play room, and I would try to drag one of the dogs in there with me to play, and they would look up the stairs and growl, hair on the back of their necks standing. And when I would let their collar go, they would take off for the back door, and cry until you let them out. Every one of these dogs, dug a hole under the back fence and ran away.

Then I tried to carry our cat, Sebastian, up the stairs. I made it halfway up the first set, before the first landing, and the cat practically clawed my eyes out to get away, and leapt to the bottom of the steps, hissing as it ran. My face, neck and arms were pretty clawed up. He did a number on me, just to get away from the stairs.

I would sit on that first set of steps and play sometimes.  I would feel these rushes of cold air go past me.  But they were very quick. As soon as I would feel it and look up, it would be done. This only happened on those stairs.

I would tell my sister these things, but she didn't believe me. She was 4 years older than I was and at that time, was approx. 12 or so. She really didn't want to be bothered. My father worked 2 jobs and my stepmother drank alot, so it was often that I was playing in the house, pretty much on my own.

I remember hearing whispering throughout the house. And the more I would try to focus on what was being said, the more blurred it would become. It was always so faint, that there were times I thought it was just my imagination.

I was very neat and organized. I had a stepmother that drank alot, and she did not like thing messy. So, I was careful with where I put things. My toys would disappear from my room....small things, like a Barbie shoe. Then reappear elsewhere in the house, like on top of the fireplace mantel, or in the china closet inside a teacup or glass. These were places that I couldn't even reach. And I would get in trouble for putting them there.

Finally my father and stepmother divorced and my sister and I moved in with our grandparents. I don't specifically remember moving out of the house, I just remember feeling calm on the first night at my grandparents. And that was where I stayed.

Things were quiet for a number of years, until I bought my own house. The story continues even further than that. I now have 2 children, and my youngest son apparently sees ghosts. Some are friendly, and he talks about them as if they were regular people. Others "poke" at him in his bed at night, and upset him to the point of hysteria.
This is a long first letter, and I do appreciate your listening to me. I will follow up with the other stories........

Now it is bothering my son

Good afternoon to all. This is part 3 of what seems to be a never-ending story.

I left off with us moving to Florida. We were in a very small town approximately 25 miles south of Orlando. It was pretty small, it took almost 12 of the 25 miles, just to get to what would normally be called “town”.  Within this small development was 1 gas station, a Denny’s, a Burger King, a small grocery store, a Pizza Hut, a Video Store and a small convenience store (kind of like a 7-Eleven) called the Farm Store.

Now this was ALL there was for 12 miles. And we were about 1.5 miles from this little strip of stores. We were really in the sticks.  There are no streetlights, except for the ones on the main strip. Once you turn off onto any given side street, it is dark, big time.

We were renting a very nice house. Approximately 2700 square feet. Really open & spacious, 4 full size bedrooms, Kitchen, Dining room, Family room and den, a large swimming pool, 2 car garage and a cool circular driveway.  Aesthetically pleasing.  Also, there was about 1.5 acres in between our house and the other houses next to us. And there was nothing but woods behind us.

But from the time we moved in, I didn’t sleep.  My husband and my oldest son, seemed perfectly at home. Not a problem or care in the world.  But for my youngest son, and myself, it was different.

As for myself, I just felt uneasy…uncomfortable. Even during the daylight hours, I hated being at home alone. The nights were even worse.  I would stay up until 3:00 or 4:00am, until my eyes just wouldn’t stay open any longer.  Also, I always had pains in my chest, up in the left shoulder region. From the time we arrived until the time we left, I had these pains throughout the day, every day.  I went and had all kinds of tests done. They did several EKG’s, a stress test and even an ultrasound of my heart and carotid arteries. All tests showed I was in good health.

My little one was just under 2 years old when we moved to Florida. It is hard to gauge someone this young. He couldn’t really tell me what was going on, granted he was talking, but not in complete sentences.

But I do know this, he would look at things.  His eyes would follow something across the room, when nothing was there.  I would be playing with him and he would look up and stare at something just beyond me. And when I would turn around, of course there was nothing there.  I would look back at him, and he would still be staring.  Not a blank stare either, his eyes would move around a bit, as if he were watching someone or something.

He also never slept in this house.  It was quite difficult to get him to sleep most nights. It is not that he would cry or anything like that, he would lay quietly, he just wouldn’t fall asleep.  But you couldn’t leave him alone either, or he would cry. And every night he would wake up around 2:00 or 3:00am and end up in bed with me.

Then one night, the children were sleeping and my husband and I were sitting on the couch watching TV when all of a sudden we heard a woman screaming outside. We looked at each other, and took off out the garage door and into the driveway. We keep hearing this woman screaming…no words, just screams. He ran around the back of the house. I ran inside and turned on all of the floodlights. While standing in the driveway, it sounded like she was very close. Like no further than the back of the house. My husband continued to walk around outside. I went back in through the garage, then out into the screened area where the pool is. And with the floodlights on, you could see a pretty good distance.  But the screaming had stopped.  We found nothing.

It was quite unnerving to have heard these screams. I felt so very uneasy.  All I could think of was back in these thick woods, was a woman in trouble and we couldn’t find her. So, we called the police and they came out. They sent a few men into the woods with these huge searchlights, but found nothing. They also went and talked to the neighbors, but the neighbors said that they hadn’t heard a thing.  Weird.  So, we checked back with the police a few days later and they said that they had not received any missing persons report within the past week. No one could explain what we heard.

The cops said it might have been a girlfriend and boyfriend fighting. But, I don’t believe it.  We were living in a remote area, backed up to some woods and also on a cul-de-sac. So, it is not like there was any thru-traffic. And there were no cars around with the exception of our neighbor’s cars.  The screaming was close to us too….it didn’t sound like it was back in the woods or ½ a mile up the road, it sounded closer than that.

On to the next experience. We did not live too far from Kennedy Space Center (KSC). It was actually very cool the first time the Shuttle landed at Kennedy. The sonic boom is amazing. If you have never heard or felt this phenomenon, you should, it is awesome.

Well, the first time I heard and felt it, I was prepared because I knew it was coming. It was all over the news that the Shuttle was scheduled to land at around 2:00pm. So, at about 1:30 I was outside playing with the kids and about 15 minutes later, I felt this push of air against my whole body then these 2 loud “booms”. It was most fascinating.  Never having felt a sonic boom before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But now having experienced it, believe me when I tell you there is no mistaking it for something else. It is unique.

So, during one of my many sleepless nights, I was sitting in the family room watching TV, when all of a sudden I felt the house shake and heard this loud “boom”. At first I sat there in shock. Then I jumped up and turned on the floodlights to look outside. I honestly thought a car had plowed into the side of the house. But there was nothing. Then I went back and sat down, analyzing in my head, the sound that I had heard. Then it came to me that the Shuttle must have landed. There was almost a sense of relief, like yeah..that’s what that was.  But, when flicking through the channels, I caught the rerun of the 11:00pm News. So, I watched it to get info on the Shuttle, but there was none. Now living in Florida, I noticed that KSC was always in the news for one thing or another. And especially during launches and landings, it was all over the news. But on the rerun of the news that night, there was no mention of it. Odd.

So, I jumped online to see if I could find a schedule for KSC and Shuttle activity. And on their web site, it said that there were no launches or landings scheduled for the Shuttle at this time, please check back.

I asked my husband the next morning if he had heard it, and of course he had not. I watched the morning edition of the news, to make sure that something hadn’t happened overnight, that might not have been on the 11:00pm news or the KSC web site. Again, there was no mention of a scheduled or otherwise, Shuttle landing.

To this day, I have not been able to explain what that noise was. But, I am positive it had the presence of a sonic boom. Just without the presence of the Shuttle.

We moved back to PA within 4 months of that occurrence. Nothing else had happened since then, with the exception of my son looking at things that weren’t there.

Unfortunately, the job didn’t work out and neither did my marriage.  So, I moved back to PA and in with my sister until I could find a place of my own. And that’s where the fun really begins……

Thanks again for listening. And I will continue the story with part 4 soon.
Take care to all!

Ghost story

I have had a few experiences of ghosts. First of all in my old house. It is about 100 years old and is part of a terrace that was built for the local miners:
    I never actually put all the pieces together until just before me and my family moved out of the house.
There was always something strange about it, but I just kept putting things down to coincidence. We lived there since I was only three, and I always had this strange feeling about my mother's bedroom. It was a side door along the upstairs hall. The hall was really spooky in itself. It was unlit, had no windows, and doors at the top and bottom. I refused to walk down it in the dark all my life. My mother had a wicker chair in the corner of her room that always seemed to be the focus of my fear. I was scared to go in by myself and whenever I had to walk down the hall I would shut my mother's bedroom door without looking inside. I don't really know when this fear started, I just always had a bad feeling from it.
  My mother would go out to work at nights and I would be left to babysit my younger brother. Sometimes we would be downstairs and would hear banging and floorboards creaking above us, where the hall is. We had two cats so I would put it down to them, but often they were downstairs with us or outside.
  Anyway, I can't really remember very much more happening until the year before we left. I had a musical jewelry box in my window at the foot of the bunk-bed I shared with my younger brother. I never wound the box up because it was really tough and it annoyed me when it sang every time I opened it. For the few weeks before we left, at the same time every morning, the jewelry box would play. At first I thought someone must have knocked it, but it kept happening day after day at the exact same time and when I checked it, it was unwound.
  After we left the house my mum finally told us of the things she had witnessed. She said she didn't want to tell us before in case we were scared. She said she would often be downstairs while we were at school and she would hear banging and footsteps in the hall
above. She said that sometimes she heard someone saying her name. She said that sometimes she would feel the hairs raise up on her neck as the room went cold.
  Just something to add, it might be unrelated, a coincidence, but the man who moved into the house after us died of a heart attack a couple of weeks later. No one has lived there since.
My other experience was a couple of years ago at my friend's grandparents' house. It was bonfire night and her family had invited me to the party. Me, my friend, her sister, and her sister's friend spent most of the night wandering around her large garden. The house was built by the family on a large plot of land that was a field. You can't see from one side the other in the dark, it's so large! The adults were crowded around the bonfire at the far end of the garden, near the house, and us being teenagers were wandering off. It got dark, and we just kept walking around talking and such. Then my friend's sister and her friend went back to the house. Me and my friend were stood talking at the far end of the garden. Just about boys and such.
Then, completely unexpectedly her face changed and she went white. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that I wouldn't believe her, but that she had just seen two white figures stood about 20 feet away from her. One large one and one small one. I was dubious but I asked her to point where. Her hand was shaking as she pointed. I asked her if she was joking but she denied it, and didn't look like she was making it up. I stood watching where she had pointed for about 3 minutes. She said she had seen them in the corner of the garden, where two fences meet. On the other side of the fences is another open field, but she said they were on the inside of the fence. I waited, and then what I saw terrified me! Two white figures appeared from the corner of the garden, where she had said.
They ran for about 5 seconds, straight across our viewpoint, and then disappeared. My friend and I ran screaming and crying to her parents. They didn't believe us of course. So we went a second time, this time taking my friend's sister's friend. We waited, and again we saw the exact same thing. And again we ran. It was so frightening! Two ghostly figures, running straight in front of us. Being of a scientific nature, my friend and I looked at all the possibilities of what it could be. It wasn't foggy, it was a clear night, all the bonfire smoke was well over the other side of the garden, there was nothing to make any light, and nothing for the light to shine upon. Nothing could explain what we saw.

New Lenox Lil’

hello, my name is kelly and i believe i have had a supernatural experience in new lenox. on vine street their is an abandoned house, and whenever you buy it their no birds, no sounds, nothing....and then you get this creepy cold feeling and you know something is wrong, like all the hairs on the back of your neck stands up...once i had the nerve to go inside, and when i walked in, i saw a bright flash of light and i was pushed to the ground...immediately, i ran out of that house, and never have been back since...with good reason. at night, sometimes you can see lights and hear sounds in that house. but now im too scared to trying anything else.

My Story
I have a pretty freighting story to tell. Last summer I was living on the streets with my fiancé Troy in Irving Texas. We had a friend named Denis and he told us about this abandoned boys home that was only 2 blocks away from his apartment that we could stay at if we had the balls. He gave us fare warning that the place was haunted. Troy and I really didn’t take much head to his warning. As the day went on we asked around about the place and it turned out that everyone was totally scared of the place and wouldn’t step foot on the property. Of course we decided that thay were all just panzies and we decided to check it out. When we got there it was so strange. It was in the middle of the city but toatly hidden by a forest  of trees. We hoped the fence and walked like a half a mile up a trail. It was pitch dark and so hard to see more than a few feet in front of you wich made it creepy. I forgot to tell you that Denis is guiding the way. So he takes us to this house and the door was unlocked. We went in to find that the place was toatly furnished. So we chose a room and lit some of the candles that Denis had given us. We couldnt believe how lucky we were to find a place to stay that had beds and nice soft fluffy pillows and warm blankets. That first night was fine. We slept more comfortably than we have in months. So the next morning when we awoke we decided to explore. First we explored the house that we were in and it was strange there were 9 rooms all full of furniture and cloths from like the 70's and even family photographs of some of the boys families that stayed there. Then we decided to explore the grounds. It was amazingly beautiful. There was a lake and basketball court. We discovered that there are 9 houses on the property all furnished and full of the boys and staff belongings. It was so strange it was like they all just disappeared or just abandoned all there belongings and left for some unknown reason. Even in the office contained file cabinets full of records of the boys. But we decided to stay because hell we had our own furnished house. On the second night was not as comfortable as the first being that weird stuff began to happen. When we went to bed we lit 7 candles cuz the place was pretty creepy. I awoke to something falling in the middle of the night. When I opened my eyes it was pitch dark. All 7 candles had fallen over at the same time. I freaked out and woke up Troy and he told me to relight the candles so I did. After that I really couldn’t sleep so I just layed there with my eyes closed. About 10 minutes later I herd something fall again and my eye lids went black. All the candles has fallen over again. By now I was spooked good but we decided to stay anyways. About a week later we were laying in bed talking when we heard the sound of one of the doors open and then the sound of 3 teenage boys talking. They were just having a normal conversation. So we decided that they were probably more squatters just looking for a place to stay the night and that we would go tell them that we have claimed this house and that ther were 8 other houses they could use but when we walked out in the hallway the voices stopped and no one was there. So we just went to sleep being that it was all pretty harmless. The next night we herd heavy human footsteps on the attic but no one was there. Then we had an encounter with a ghost turkey as odd as it sounds. The front door was glass and Troy woke up one morning and needed to pee but when he opened the bedroom door to go down the hall he heard a pecking sound. So he looks tward the front door and there was a giant turkey pecking at the glass. He calls to me ''baby come here you got to see this there’s a giant turkey pecking at the front door.'' Of course I thought he was full of crap cuz we are in the middle of the city but still I got up and sure enough there it was pecking on the glass of the door. I was like whoa and I started to walk up to the door but rite before I got there  the turkey disappeared rite in front of our eyes. Then that same day we were getting ready to go out to look for jobs when I saw a shadow in the window. When I went to look out the shades I saw a teenage boy walking towards the house but he wasn’t getting any closer. When I called Troy to the window to see him the guy just disappeared in front of us. Then we had the last straw when we witnessed 4 ghosts snakes disappear in front of us in the house with the antique workout equipment. The snakes just appeared for like 20 seconds and disappeared. Needless to say we took that as a sign of evil and fled and never went back. If you want a truly haunted place to investigate this is it. It is still there to my knowledge.

In my own home Deerfield, MI

 Hello! My name is Chris and I recently experienced something that I thought, was just me, losing my mind.

First of all, I am a hairdresser ,and I was in a rush one morning a few weeks ago to go to the beauty supply store. I was looking around for my purse in my house and for the life of me, could not find it.  I know for a fact that I brought it in from my car the night before, when I got home from shopping because I still had a large amount of cash in it, and didn't want to be stolen. I live in a small town of about 971 people and it's usually pretty safe to leave your doors unlocked in your vehicle or house, and alot of the time I just leave my purse in my van on the floor behind the driver seat , so at least it's out of sight. Anyway, this time I chose to take it in the house.
     So I decided to go the supply store anyway, and took the chance of not having a license with me. I arrived home and again, looked and looked. I tore my house apart looking for it.  I looked in places I knew it wouldn't be, for the heck of it. I was pretty desperate. I even looked in laundry baskets full of clothes, thinking one of my kids put it in there and it got covered up. Still no luck. So I called my bank, reported my purse missing, credit cards , etc.
     I brought my stuff in from the supply store awhile later and set it on my living room floor and started going through it. I had a lot of new things I was excited to have gotten, so it felt like Christmas. (LOL)...Anyway I was sitting on the floor with my legs crossed (Indian style) and there sits my purse right smack dab next to my  right leg. If it were any closer and if it had teeth, it could of bit me. My heart fell to my stomach and my hair on the back of my neck stood up.
     While I was looking for it earlier I was talking out loud, saying "Ok, where is my purse!!! Someone please help me!!".. I felt silly but sometimes when I do that ,I end up finding what I'm looking for.
     I KNOW for a fact that hadn't been sitting there the whole time. If it were, I would of tripped over it as many times I had walked by the spot I was sitting.
    Whether or not I just didn't see it, I dont' know, but it scared the heck out of me.
     I called my grandmother and asked her if that day was an anniversary of someone's death or a birthday to help explain what happened. Things often happen to my grandma in her own home, which is why I called her.

My personal story

I would like to know if anyone has experienced anything like what my family and I experienced in 1977?  Especially if anyone reading this ever lived in or around the Gulfport, Mississippi area, and may have heard of similar stories.
Around 1977, I was stationed at the Gulfport Naval Construction Center.  Just before Christmas, my wife and I, along with my two daughters (They were ages 4 and 2 then), moved into a new military housing area located just north of I-10. The housing area was so new that every house in the entire subdivision didn't even have grass yet.  I lived on the back row of the development with a wooded area behind me and to the side of me.  It was a real nice house. It was a three bed room house, and each of us having our own room.
There was a central hall way running down the middle and a single bathroom off to the left.
Everything was going great.  This was the first house we had lived in as a family, having lived in apartments up until then.  It wasn't very long before strange things started happening in the house.  I was usually the last person to go to bed and the first person to wake up.  I would leave for work and notice things were sort of moved around a bit as if someone was picking them up and putting them back down but not quite in same place. I would walk into the room and see the rocking chair moving, which I attributed to the wind or other reasons. Having two young children,
I didn't really didn't think anything of this until later when things started to really go wild.

My youngest daughter developed this fear sleeping in her room.  At first, we just thought it was because she never slept away from her sister before. I would pick her up when she was sound asleep, place her in her bed and wake the next morning finding her in my bed or on the couch in the front room.  I asked her why she wouldn't sleep in her room she would only say that there was a monster in her room. I tried all the tricks parents would do to get her to stay in her room.  But like clock work, she would fall asleep in her room, but would wake up move to any place other than her room.  (Years later when talking to my daughter about this, she told me she remember some guy would come out of her closet and just stand over her and look at her).  My oldest daughter refused to let her sister sleep with her because the monster would follow her into her room. It got so bad that the girls refused to sleep.  We started leaving the hall light on so the girls would go to sleep and we could get some rest.
One night, I had to get up early and just had to get some sleep.  I was lying in bed when I started hearing what I thought was music.  I could not hear the actual notes or any words, but I could hear what I can only describe as the vibration one would get if the sound was coming through your walls.  I lay in bed for what seem like hours, unable to sleep because of the music.
 I finally got out of bed and went next door to ask my neighbor to please turn down the music.  As soon as I got outside, all was quite!  I thought to myself,
"Good, now I can get some sleep", only to have the music start again.  A few weeks later my parents came and stayed the weekend.  The next morning I asked my Dad how he had slept.  He stated great, except for the radio that played most of the night.  My wife and I laugh, saying it was our "ghost" and explained about the music I heard a few weeks earlier.  My Dad stated, "Perhaps you have squirrels or other pest in your attic".  We went up into the attic with flash lights, but could not find a nest of any sort.  We eventually explained it away by saying maybe it was a vent.
While we explained away the "music", the nightly visit to my daughter seemed to increase. We gave up trying to make my youngest stay in her room and my oldest seem to need company and wanted her sister to remain.
This seemed to anger our "guest"!  For soon he started to pay my wife and me a visit.
One particular night the kids were asleep and my wife and I were lying in bed when we both felt like some one was sitting on the end of the bed and decided to stand up.  We both felt the corner rise, but again we just sort of explained it all away by saying perhaps the bed was just caught and had picked that time to release itself.  A few nights later I was awaken by the most guttural moans you could imagine. Instead of a ghost, it was my wife.  Before I could move to wake her, she sat right up and screamed that something had
grabbed both her legs and was trying to pull her out of the bed.  We again tried to explain it away as a dream.  Except this dream re-occurred shortly afterwards.  This time we were lying down talking.
Again, she felt something grab her and start to pull her down.  This time I thought I saw the covers move as if an arm had reach under the blanket. We started to notice the other things I had mention before, the rocking chair moving and the items that were moved.
The final straw, as they say, was when I finally got to see our visitor.  With all that was going on, I was usually the last to fall asleep.  I had gotten up once my wife was asleep and went into the front room to watch some television.  It was about 1:00 a.m. when I went back to the bed room.  I had just laid my head down on the pillow and was reaching to remove my glasses when I saw what I could only describe as a short man, very old looking, wearing a white sleeping shirt.  He was standing in my doorway grinning ear to ear. While I could see his features and make out the smile, what was wrong was I could still see the wall behind him.  I yelled, "Who are you? What do you want"?  Out of the corner of my eye my wife stirred and I glance towards her. I thought I imagine his smile turn to a frown.  He just didn't disappear as much as he just sort of faded away. I once heard people describe it like a movie projector that was turned off and as the light faded, so did the picture.  Needless to say we moved shortly afterwards.  To this day, both my daughters remember the nightly visitor and they will not sleep in a room with the closet doors open.  I am still left with doubt as to how much really happen and how much was imagined.

My personal haunting experience

Ok, I thought really hard about actually writing to you to tell you about this, it seems like such along time ago, but I can remember every detail.
It still makes me feel weird.  When I was little we lived in a huge house right off the hi-way.  You came down a really long lane and the house was surrounded by trees. It had three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, and down stairs was a living room, dining room, and a big kitchen.  Well, when I was about five I remember getting in to trouble because I just would not stay in bed. I was always afraid to go to bed.  I used to line all of my stuffed animals up on the top stair step, as if they would some how save me.  I remember going down to the basement to watch my grandpa put in a bathroom down there, and getting lost.  It was not a big basement.  Only one big room with the steps coming down in the middle of the room. But yet, I got lost. I remember going around in circles and thinking this isn't right, the stairs are right here.  The "spell" was finally broke when my grandpa hollered down to tell me to come up. Anyway, When I was about 6 yrs old, I remember being in bed and hearing someone call for "MOM". My little brother was only 4 months old.  I new this.  I got up out of bed and looked out my bedroom door, which was right by the stairs. I looked at my stuffed animals all lined up at their vigal and then looked down the stairs.  There standing at the bottom of the stairs, with his hand on the banister, was a little boy dressed in a red and white striped T-shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes.  I can describe him to this day with perfect clarity.  He had blond hair and blue eyes and looked like a normal kid. My first thought was "what was this kid doing in my house".  Then, I yelled for MoM and he disappeared.  I was so scared I will never forget that feeling as long as I live.  I got spanked, too. No one believed me, or so I thought.  When I was 24 I was talking to my dad, a 6'4, 250 pound biker.  I told him about it again.  He said he remembered. He also said that he found out a couple months after the incident that a little boy had died in our house.  He fell into a tub of lye in the basement.  He was wearing the clothes I described.  It still makes me wonder what really happened but I do know that we moved shortly after this, because my mom and dad did not like being in the house alone. My cousin lived in the house later and said he never heard any thing. The house has since burned down, and another rebuilt.  But I still wonder if the little boy is there. What do you think? I am now 29 yrs old and still think about this.

My personal experience

Hello. I wanted to tell you of my personal ghost experiences. I used to live at 113 Bennett Street in Battle Creek, Michigan. Myself, along with my two nieces, and others have seen a ghost of a little girl and a ghost hand that appeared to be a man's hand. I've tried to find out if anyone has ever been killed in that house but was unlucky but maybe you can help. I know that house has been there since the 1920's. I have looked in local pages on homes of the 20's here in Battle Creek. Now, for what I and others have seen in this house. There is stairs that lead to the two upper bedrooms in this house. I have seen the little girl standing on these stairs and when my nieces were younger and still living in this house I used to yell at the ghost thinking it was one of them. As for the hand, we had seen that reach out at us when walking up the stairs. My Aunt now lives in this home and she has been the owner of this home for over 20 years. Of course, she doesn't believe in ghosts and she would be that maybe a little girl years ago was pushed down those stairs or perhaps stairs of a house that was there before that one by a man. Also, that night that we all seen her together we all thought maybe that was the anniversary of her death. Like I said, I tried to find info. On any deaths that might have happened in that house but was unsuccessful. My Aunt is the only one who has been living in that house for the past 6 years. My Aunt lived in that house though when I was a kid there and I used to stay there a lot growing up but never remember seeing a ghost there when I was a kid but, remember feeling a creepy feeling when I was upstairs in the bedrooms and all my cousins that stayed there too agree with that. If you could find out if there's anything that ever happened in that house as far as death, I would appreciate it. I do have other ghost encounters but, I'll write to you on those another time. Thank you!

my papa

I have always believed in ghosts but I never thought I would see 1.   Well here is my story.  When I was 12yrs old I lost my dog lady she was my favorite dog and then about 2 weeks later my papa died. About a day after he died I seen him in my church parking lot like he was trying to tell me something but I couldn't figure it out. It didn't scare me but I still trying to figure out what he was wanting. And I had also seen lady she was letting me know she was ok and another thing my mom has some roses and the only time they bloom is when somebody is about to die   if any body has an explanation please feel free to email me

My Mother

My mother died 6 years ago, on September 29,1996. She was 63 and her death was a complete surprise to all of us. We greatly miss her. On with my story. The Mother's Day before her death my younger sister, who was 24 at the time, gave my mother a card. It was one of those that when you open it, it plays music. When my mother opened this card it did not play any music much to our dismay. She still loved the card of course and it got a place of honor on her entertainment center, standing up open. Then in September, she became ill and died. On the day she was buried, we were all very devastated especially my father who would have celebrated 45 years of wedded bliss in March. My father was very hard of hearing due to an injury in WW2. After the funeral we went back to the house, as we entered the door my father asked, "where is that music coming from?".  The card my sister had given my mom was playing and my near deaf dad heard this! The card played like that for 2 weeks, no matter if we closed it or not. Then it just stopped.  I like to think that it was my mother trying to comfort us in our time of need. What do you think?





Pale White Figures

Ok my story took place in my house when I was 3 years old.  One night around midnight I got this feeling that somebody was in my room. When I looked up there was a pale white figure standing at my door. Thinking it was only a dream I hid my head under the covers and waited a little while. When I looked up again it was still there but it had moved to my closet door. I was so scared that I started screaming for my mom. when she came in and turned the light on it disappeared. And ever since then I have been having dejavoe almost every day and can since something in houses that no one else can see.

Personal experience

     I've been living in my 3-family house for about 2 years and in my apartment I've seen the apparition of an old woman 3 times all at night. Once she was walking down the hall, another at the foot of my bed, and the side of my bed. They all occurred between 10:00pm and 5:00am. She didn't scare me, but they weren't exactly a welcomed sight in the early morning hours. The TV turns on/off, channels change; lights turn on/off; doors open on their own; objects move on their own; cold spots; and odd smells are all common. My mother hasn't seen the apparition, but has experienced most of the other paranormal events, but dismissed them until the people that live upstairs' kids had seen the same woman the parents upstairs haven't seen the apparition either. No adult has seen her, only myself, (14), and the people upstairs', kids (12 & 14).

Possible haunting In Sunset Beach, CA (near Seal Beach)
From 1989 to 1991 I worked as a performer / server at Tibbies Music Hall (a dinner theater) in Sunset Beach, CA. It was housed in a two story building on a pier and boat dock just off of Pacific Coast Hwy.; the theater, bar, dressing rooms, lobby, an office and one kitchen were on the first floor, a Reubens Steakhouse and another kitchen/office where located on the second floor. The theater and restaurant closed in December 1991 and was vacant for many years, although I'm sure it's probably back in use today. It was also located across the street from an old bar named "Turcs" that had been there for many years and was still a hang out for a rather tough crowd. It seemed as if the police were always showing up there after some bar brawl.

The part of the building that housed the dinner theater used to be an old bar and grill that was (reputedly) frequented by some rough characters in the days when that area was home to a busy naval port. (In fact, the Navy still has an installation near there.)
The "spirit" that hung around there definitely had a mischievous streak!

When I first started working there I heard numerous stories from the hostess and the kitchen staff, most of whom had been working there for years. In fact, the previous manager quit because of some uncanny experiences, mostly voices when she was absolutely alone in the building. Here are just the few of the things that I  personally experienced or knew of...

There is an elevator in the lobby that takes patrons to the second floor. When the restaurant and theater were closed power to the elevator was shut off. We often held rehearsals in the mornings before the restaurant opened, and were also there late at night after closing. Often, the elevator would mysteriously start up on it's own and go back and forth between floors several times. Each time it stopped the doors would open and close as if someone where getting on or off.

We frequently heard laughter and voices coming from the completely empty restaurant upstairs, as well as footsteps in the empty lobby.

As performers we were responsible for placing our own props before each show and gathering them up again at the end of the night. Things would disappear and show up in odd places, so we got into the habit of double checking right before curtain. The kitchen and office staff also had similar experiences.

One of my fellow performers refused to step foot in the main women's bathroom after looking up into the mirror one evening and seeing an old man standing behind her. When she turned to face him there was no one there. She was so frightened that she barely made it on stage that night.

But by far the strangest experience happened after everyone left for the evening and the manager locked everything up tight. We were in rehearsals for a new show so the performers (there were eight of us), manager and director were the last to leave and the first to arrive in the morning. Upon arriving the next day we discovered that every single piece of tape in the entire building had been removed. This included ALL rolls of tape in the offices, in the sound booth, and even in the hostess podium, ALL of the tape markings on the stage, microphones and mic stands (they were color coded) and, strangest of all, even the cassette tape from the answering machines. Go figure!

Pulling Guard Duty

 Back in 1987 when I was in the Army and stationed at Ft. Bragg, I had my first physical encounter with the paranormals.  Being a cherry (unofficial name for new guy) I had my share of pulling guard duty.  One such duty had my squad (consisting of 8 highly-trained, highly motivated paratroopers) guarding an ammo site in the middle of the woods.  The guard shift started at 2000 hr. (8pm to you civilians) and lasted until 0600 hrs (or 6am).  We each took a 1-hr shift with the first 2 guys having to do twice so that everyone could get a somewhat decent night's rest.  The cherries (myself included) got the worst shifts (midnight til 6am).  My shift started at 2am and lasted until 3am.  Now that you are familiar with the details, let me going on with the important stuff.

  My squad and I got to the site at 7:30pm and pitched camp.  After the shifts were decided, everybody settled down and the first guy went ahead and walked down the dirt path (about 300 meters) to the ammo site to pull his shift.  The rest of us stayed back at the base camp to enjoy the fine North Carolina's woods and BS until it was the next guy's shift.  All was well and uneventful.  I decided to sack out @ 11pm after my last cigarette and crawled into my fart sack (sleeping bag).  Around 0150hr, the previous guard woke me up for my shift.  I woke up, put on my boots, grabbed my gears and weapon (M16A2 rifle- named her Faith because that's how much I trust her) and went on to meet with the last guard for a SitRep (situation report).  He told me that all was quiet and the only situation he had was trying to stay awake and fighting off the mosquitoes (Ft. Bragg has some of the most persistent mosquitoes on the East Coast).  He then told me to quit bothering him so he can go and get some sleep.  So off I went.

 I walked about 10 paces from the base camp, stopped, lit up a cigarette, and listened to all the night sounds that was going on all around me.  All was normal.  With nothing out of the ordinary, I proceeded to the head of the dirt trail that would take me down to the ammo site.  As I got to the trail something peculiar happened that at the time I couldn't put my finger on it.  All was quiet.  I mean deathly quiet!  The silence you would experience before a really heavy storm.  Not a cricket was chirping!  That's unusual for the woods of North Carolina in the dead of summer.  Now, being somewhat trained in recognizing the signs of an occupied territory, I stopped, knelt down on one knee (less of a target), and opened wide all my senses to determine if there was anything out of the ordinary.  After about 2 minutes without hearing, smelling and seeing anything out of the ordinary, I figured maybe I was just still half asleep and was just being jumpy.  So I continued on.

 Half way down the trail I realized that Damn, it's kinda chilly out here. No big deal, the woods always tend to be chilly in the early morning.  Then I heard it!  Behind the brush to my left, about 3 paces off the trail, something was rustling it.  I stopped, pulled out my maglite, and shined it toward the direction of the rustles.  Nothing!  As I turned off my light and was about to proceed my eyes caught movements.  Something was moving behind the brushes to my left.  I stopped, took a knee, and shined my light once again at the brushes.  Nothing again!  As I got up and began walking the rustling started back up.  I stopped and it stopped.  Pulling out my light, I aimed it in the direction of the noise and I called out, "Who's there? Identify yourself!"  No response.  I figured it was probably just a wild dog or a deer so I proceeded with my mission.  Then it happened!  Something pushed me!  Pushed me hard!  Pushed me so hard that I fell face first onto the trail.  I went ass-over-helmet into the dirt.  I got up spitting dirt and leaves out of my mouth when I heard it.  Giggling!  Like little girls giggling when they'd done something silly and thought it was funny.  That pissed me off!  I then pulled out my 6" knife from its sheath and began cursing and threatening whoever that was out there.  It was then I heard a scream and twigs and branches snapping coming my way.  Something was running toward me and it sounded big and angry.  I started to back-peddled toward the base camp not wanting to take my eyes off whatever that was coming in fear that I might be rushed and tackled.  As I was nearing the camp the sounds of the footsteps slowed down and then disappeared all together.
Whatever it was can't seem to come out of the woods and into the open where the camp was situated.  Lucky me!

 After I caught my breath and calmed my nerves (with the help of a couple of cigarettes smoked very rapidly) I started to think that maybe a couple these guys back here at the camp were maybe not really asleep and were up to their pranking ways.  I went around and felt all of the boots to see if any of them were still warm from being recently donned.  None were.  Lifting up the boots, I saw dew marks from where dew had fallen around the boots.  None of the boots had been moved!  On top of that, all seven guys had their socks off stuffed inside their boots respectively because it was too warm to sleep with socks on.  Also there was no ways that any one of the guys could have beaten me back to the camp and undressed that quickly.  The trail was a bee-line to the camp and whoever it was would have to have had run pass me without me seeing them.  Remember, I was back-peddling toward the camp, knife drawn, and alert as hell!  No way, no how!  Realizing I had another 30 minutes of my shift, I decided that there was no way I was going down the trail again.  I pulled the rest of the shift standing at the head of the trail on full alert.  Must have pissed it off because I heard pacing back and forth (twigs and branches snapping) and growling (gutteral, like a dog) in the woodlines but it never came out.  I stayed up with the next guy on his shift just as a precaution.  Told him that there might be a wild dog out in the woods and it was best that we stayed just at the head of the trail.
Didn't tell him about being pushed down or the giggling.  We stood there at the head of the trail all thru his shift but didn't experience anything more.  I stayed up the rest of that night keeping company with whomever coming on shift.  I made an excuse that I was too wired from all the coffee
I drank to sleep.  Caught up on my sleep when we were back at the barracks. Fortunately, by the time that it was my company's turn again to pull guard at that same site, I was already starting to out-process to leave the Army. Whatever it was in the woods that night didn't get a second chance at me.

The Pine St. Haunting

Paranormal activity in this location is beyond anything you can imagine, not only have they let there presence be seen, but they also have communicated with myself, yes" there are more then one. Most of the activity takes place in the basement; doors will open on their own, footsteps all through out the house, lights will go on, objects moved about through the house, seems to the work of a child, some of it "that is "the rest is  that of others. One in particular tells of his death in the house, and that he is buried in crawl space of the basement, not only doe's he give the date of his
death” but how” also his full name, the date, and year when he was killed, and the very place his body is buried. my son at the time was 5years old, he told me of a boy, who’s name was Johnny, who died in this house, at the age of 3years,this would not seem so strange, but for the fact that, my son gives the year.

A Farm in Lancaster, SC

A family moved into a farm and realized it was haunted. One appearance was one night the mother was putting her daughter to bed she sat down to talk to her before leaving  the corner of the bed was lifted up as if someone was tucking the sheets under it. The family was aware of these hauntings before this happened. a couple of days later the mother and a friend went around the farm with a digital camera and took movies and pics of the farm and yes they found orbs and even found smoke rising in one of the movies (wich only showed up in the movie)but what was quite chilling about this is an apparition of a man at the corner of the smoke. the man is dressed in a black robe. you can see his face but it looks more like a skull. (so it looks like a skeleton wearing a robe) They proceeded on and went in the next room as soon as the women and her friend went in their the womens friend started gasping like she was being choked she walked away out of the room and almost got sick terrified they walk up to the house to tell the husband what had  happened when they looked at her neck there was a ban swollen like she has been strangled by a very small chain the family quickly moved to a new farm and that farm stayed empty for years until they tore it down. I heard this story while visiting family. And I do believe its true I’ve been to the site but all that stands now is a couple of barbed wire fence and a singn thats says keep out. I’m 16 years old (15 at the time i heard this) and I Strongly believe in ghost and probably will become a ghost hunter when I grow up.

An ordinary night
 I am shaking as I write this. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I was never one to believe in the supernatural – as a matter of fact, I am a nuclear physicist, and was a skeptic even as a child. I only believe what I know to be true, I look for logical explanations for everything. As a kid, I never felt the slightest bit nervous walking by the neighborhood ‘haunted house,’ and was the first to accuse other kids of moving the ouija board. Still the subject has always held a little bit of fascination for me, perhaps in that I’d like to believe that there is something more to what I see – I suppose I’m a romantic. I’ve read a lot of true ghost experiences’ and often feel that the ‘victims’ are actually just having hypnologic hallucinations.

 I was sitting, last night, in my living room, watching television. Realize that I was wide-awake, sipping an espresso, painting my fingernails. The show that was on was a Frank Lloyd Wright documentary on PBS. My friend called me and we chatted for a little while. I was fanning my nails in the air so that they would dry, while I told her my impressions of the show. We were really just chit-chatting, but it is essential that you realize I was completely and utterly awake. I wasn’t even the slightest bit sleepy.

 Suddenly, the television was off. The remote control was both broken and without batteries, so I couldn’t figure out what had happened. At first I just assumed that the television had shorted out or something like that. With my friend still on the phone, I went to the television and turned it on again. OK, I know this isn’t very interesting yet – and also know that any surge or lack of could have turned the TV off. I just said ‘that’s weird’ and kept chatting with my friend – the show back on, just as it had been.

Then, it happened again, and I still was not afraid. Instead of turning it back on, I said ‘oh well’ to my friend, and we started talking about the man she was dating. I was relaxed and on the couch, not the slightest bit disturbed about the television thing, when I laughed loudly at something she said, and then saw a figure out of the corner of my eye: a dark brownish/grey shadow with a vague human form. I closed my eyes and opened them again, then turned toward the place where I’d seen it, and to my surprise, it was not only still there, but it was closer, and approaching me! It was female, and sort of average-sized, dressed in what looked like jeans and a collared shirt (somewhat modern). My friend was still chatting away, when the figure opened her mouth (I knew it was a mouth, though the lines of this figure were sort of blurry all the way around, making it hard to discern her features), and made a noise like a gruff howl. It was very throaty and made me jump, but also seemed to be directed at me in p

I told my friend all about it, and let’s just say that neither of us slept a wink that night. We both called in sick to work and slept in this morning. I went back to my apartment and I don’t sense anything weird in the apartment anymore – it’s almost as though it didn’t happen, but it did. I’m not sure what to do. I’m not actually afraid (as a matter of fact, I was really just startled last night, not afraid, because it was so unexpected), but I’ve got my eyes open to see what happens next!

California Haunting

When I was seven years old my family purchased a house on the outskirts of Los Angeles. I remember my father bragging to most anyone he knew that he got the house for a steal…I guess it didn’t really matter that a stiff wind could probably knock the house on it’s side…it was that run down. It was a two level house with the main rooms being on the first floor, three bedrooms on the second floor, and a small fruit cellar below. When we first arrived at the house I noticed a mailbox with small stick-on letters that spelled out ‘H O R T O N’. That was the first thing my father intended to change. He pulled some stick-on letters out of his pocket and proceeded to spell out our last name. I promise you…my father tried everything from industrial strength glue to eventually nails…our letters just would never stay up. At some point he must of given up and we just left it as was.  As my father was valiantly trying to get those darn letters to stick, my brother and I charged ahead into the house to do some exploring. There are two things that stick out in my head from that initial visit. Firstly, I noticed in one of the upstairs bedrooms a dartboard hanging on the wall with a single dart placed in the bullseye. I don’t know why, but for some reason this really disturbed me…maybe because the entire rest of the house was completely empty…I’m not really sure. Secondly, I noticed that most of the doors had those old fashioned skeleton keyholes. I was instantly reminded of the old fairytale where the wife tried everything, including peering into a keyhole much like this one, to get a look into that forbidden room. I bent down, placed my eye to the keyhole, and looked into one of the bedrooms. I think I was curious to know if you could really see anything by looking into one of those things. Guess what…you can. I remember seeing something…tall and black, scurry across the floor…something that almost resembled a large dog. My father surmised that it was probably some type of animal or quite possible a shadow. In any case, I was relieved to find out this was to be my parents room.

  Almost immediately my father began renovations plans. The entire back end of the house was to be added on to…including a new kitchen and dining room on the main level, two new bedrooms on the upper level, and the basement extended below. As the workmen were digging up the ground in the backyard they uncovered many strange things including an antique thimble set, childhood toys, coins, an axe handle, photographs, and almost an entire deck of ‘old maid’ playing cards. As my sister and I sat around thumbing through these new treasures I happened to glance up just in time to see my eldest sister falling head first into the pit that was to be our new basement. To this day…my sister who is now 40…swears she was pushed violently from behind. In any event the result from this injury was a broken leg and a few cuts and bruises. We were all warned to be more careful around the construction site. A few days after this incident, I had a chunk of plaster thrown at my head. It could have been one of my sisters or my brother playing a trick, but they were all in their teens at the time and I don’t think they would find it funny to throw a piece of plaster at their little sisters head.

  Strange things were occurring inside the house as well. I constantly felt as though I was being watched and was often plagued by feelings of absolute horror. I might be in a room playing or watching the television, when an overpowering feeling to flee the room would hit…believe me when I say…I did just that. My sisters were constantly at each other’s throats over missing items. Sometimes, these items would reappear in bizarre spots… some were never seen again. Lights and appliances would turn on by themselves, footsteps could be heard in the middle of the night, items would come crashing down in unoccupied rooms, a strange buzzing sound…almost like an electrical charge…seemed to emanate throughout the entire house, and the list goes on. We also had a problem with fires. My mother was awoken in the middle of the night by the smell of smoke. Upon investigation, she found that someone had closed the cover on our toaster oven and hit the ‘start’ button with nothing being inside. This is an old 70’s style oven where you actually had to press a release button to turn the power off otherwise it would just keep on going. By the time my mother reached the scene the entire toaster was up in flames, practically burned to a crisp. That was the first of seven fires that occurred in that house.

  As a child I detested peanut butter…even the smell of it would send my stomach churning. My brother found it amusing to consume a sandwich and then hold me down and breathe on me…gross. Anyhow I was sitting in the living room watching the ‘Saturday Morning Cartoon Marathon’ when my brother walked in fresh from eating a P&B sandwich. I knew what was coming and I wasn’t in the mood for his games…a constant pounding sound had kept me awake for half the night and I was cranky from lack of sleep. We began to tussle but were abruptly interrupted. From out of nowhere, an insole from a pair of shoes fell on the floor between us. We just stood there and stared at each other for a few seconds, our hand still on each other’s shoulders. This insole actually seemed as though it fell straight out of the ceiling. As we were trying to figure out the origin of this peculiar item, we were startled by a loud knock at the front door. From our vantage point we could both see the front door from where we were standing. There stood an old lady with whitish hair wearing a black shawl. Something about her eyes struck me as odd…they were so dark...it almost appeared as though someone had stuck two large black button in her eye sockets. As my brother approached the door she vanished almost like she had never been there at all. It’s not as though she simply turned and walked away…she disappeared into thin air…one minute she was there…the next she was gone. I would be lying if I said we opened the front door to take a look around but we did peer out the window checking for any signs of where she may have went. We saw nothing on the front yard, nor on the drive- way. My brother was convinced that we had just seen a witch. When we returned to the living room the mysterious insole from the shoe was also missing…it’s also interesting to note that a fenced in gate surrounded our entire property…for someone to gain access to the grounds they would need to be electronically buzzed in. This still puzzles me to this day.

  My brother being the inventive boy that he was, liked to build forts. They were mostly constructed of yardsticks and blankets or whatever else he could get his hands on. When my mother saw us playing in there one day she forbade it, as she feared I could suffocate myself. Even though I was seven at the time I was very small for my age. I reluctantly agreed and scampered off to play in my bedroom. I was playing with some dolls when a little boy walked in. Now I don’t know who or what this boy was but to me he looked like a real person…I honestly thought he was a friend of my brothers although he did seem a little young to be chumming around with my bro. I remember him asking me if I wanted to play. Being lonely and not having many friends I quickly agreed and was happy to have a new playmate. He suggested playing in the fort. Now I knew I wasn’t supposed to do that but I was just so happy to have a new friend that I agreed and made a mental note to be extra careful while inside the fort. Almost as soon as we were inside the fort, the little boy told me that he had to go but that I should wait there for him to come back in a little while. I have no idea how long I waited but some time later I heard my entire family frantically calling my name obviously searching for me. To this day I have no idea why I didn’t answer…maybe I was afraid of being caught…I don’t know. The blanket that served as a door was yanked up and I saw my mother’s anxious face peering inside. Eventually I explained the entire story to my parents. Although they believed me, the identity of that boy remains unknown, and I ever saw him again. There were only five other families that lived on our street and we knew all of the neighborhood children...it wasn’t any of them. I kick myself now for not even asking the boy what his name was…that might have helped some. I’ve read many stories on this and other sites but I’ve never heard of anyone actually interacting with a ghost as I’ve just mentioned. Weird huh?!? Thinking back on that little boy the only thing that struck me as being a little off is the way he moved...it was slow...yet fast…and his movements were jerky…if that makes any sense. Also, for a young boy…his voice was very mature and sounded very much like the voice of my father. I know it sounds truly bizarre but I swear it happened...and even though it’s been 20 years since this event took place I still remember it as though it was yesterday.

  We stayed in that house for a total of 5 years and as the years passed strange things continued to happen. My entire family suffered in one way or another from the haunting, my eldest sister suffering the most, but for the time being I’ll stick to my own stories. For Christmas one year my aunt had given me a hideous green and orange stuffed clown whose nose would glow red and play a musical melody. At first glance I hated this thing and quickly stuffed it in some dark recess in my closet. Some time in the middle of the night I had awoken, desperately needing to use the restroom. The idea of walking through darkened hallways at 3:00am was not a desirable prospect but by this point it was an absolute necessity. I made my way down the stairs and was just about to round the corner into the living room when I heard it. Soft ‘jewelry box’ music was coming in the general direction of the living room. Peeking my head around the corner I saw the stuffed, Xmas clown, propped up in the middle of the couch, it’s nose glowing in the darkness. I high-tailed it back upstairs, wetting myself in the process, and jumped in my bed shaking like a leaf. It scared me to death.

  Nothing scared me more in that house then the spirit who I dubbed ‘the old man’. I saw him many times both inside the house and also in the fields behind our house just kind of standing there…staring intently up at the house. He always wore a brown business type suit and a top hat. I’ve had many nightmares about him over the years. Most of them would entail me being in a room with my back to the doorway…instinctively my back would tense…I would spin around…and he would pounce…charging at me full speed from the other end of the room…sometimes carrying an axe…sometimes not. One thing that sticks out in these dreams is that he was somehow more vivid and colorful then the rest of his surrounding…he always seemed to stand out, if you know what I mean. I always felt that he was standing right behind me on the staircase ready to give me a good push. Indeed, I did fall down those stairs many, many times no matter how careful I was, but luckily I was ever seriously injured. I know this sounds crazy, heck...the whole story sounds crazy…but I think he used to like to hang out in my walk-in closet and hiss so loudly that it almost sounded like a rattlesnake. I think he got a kick out of scaring me, as he liked to turn the lights out on me. When you walked down into the basement there was only one switch for the entire area situated to the left of the door as you were heading downstairs. Now I hated to go down there for anything but it was a must on this day, because our fridge had burned out once again…dying appliances were a big problem in my house. Seeing as the only other working fridge was in the basement my mother asked me to go down there to get some necessary item for dinner that evening. I ran down the steps…to the refrigerator…grabbed whatever it was I was supposed to get...and bam…the lights went out. I started screaming and ran for the stairs, absolutely certain that he was hot on my heels. As I was finally reaching for the door...I heard it…and I swear I will never forget this…laughter…but just not any old laughter…this laughter literally chilled me to the bone…it was somehow evil and mocking as if to say…I missed you this time but next time you may not be so lucky.  Needless to say…I was spooked. I’m not sure who it was who was laughing...but I do know that the laughter was male and only my mother and I were at home at the time. At some point his shadow also began to show up on our living room wall. My sister and I were watching a movie one night when I first saw it…there was no mistaking it...this shadow was definitely of a person and somehow darker and more opaque then what a regular shadow should be. We moved everything around in that room, shaking our hands in front of it, trying to figure out its origin or what might be causing it to no avail. That shadow appeared in the same spot every night until we moved from the house, sometimes disappearing for a few hours only to reappear sometime later. I think this guys also liked to mess around with the phone lines. Many times when you picked up the phone all you could hear was static or there might be a couple of voices in the background although you could never make out exactly what they were saying. On one occasion I picked up the phone only to hear ear-shattering static...before I had enough time to put the receiver back on it’s cradle, I heard a man say, ‘hello, HELLO,’ in a slightly, ok…VERY mocking manner, and then that same god-dammed laughter. That really scared me. Other people, including my grandmother, reported calling our home, and a strange man would answer…a second later the phone would start to ring normally, and one of us would eventually answer. This to say the least unnerved me to no end. Once and only once, I was upstairs in my bedroom listening to the stereo with a girlfriend of mine on one of those perfect, sunny, southern California afternoons. We were kind of goofing off singing along…when a man’s voice started to come through on the radio. Believe me when I say this was no radio broadcast…the language was foul and violent, much too obscene to be repeated here. My friend and I just stared at each other becoming more frightened by the minute. When I finally couldn’t take it anymore I reached over and pulled the plug thinking that would put an end to the disturbing episode. To my complete astonishment the radio just kept on playing Ok…playtime is over...time to head to my friends house.

  I really don’t know how to explain this but somehow we learned to live with these things as a family. I got used to being afraid, expected things to go missing, I barely glanced if a door slammed on it’s own or a light mysteriously came on, I expected to hear my name being called out in the middle of the night, and so on. Was I still scared…ummmm…yeah…deathly terrified might be a better term, but somehow I learned to live with it. Maybe these ghosts or spirits or whatever you want to call them sensed that and decided to turn it up a notch. Now I’m not really sure what happened next because my father in now deceased and refused to talk about this with anyone other than my mother, and she too, refuses to discuss this. All I know is that my two sisters, my brother, my mother and I, traveled to Arizona for four days to visit my grandmother leaving my father in the house by himself. Something obviously happened which really spooked my father. One night I eavesdropped in on a conversation that my dad was having with my mother and all I could really make out was something about ‘borrowed time?!?’, all of the windows opening at once,’ and ‘an old man’. The very next day my father decided that we were moving as soon as possible and was putting the house up for sale. With that being said the entire family decided to go out for dinner and celebrate.

  Upon returning home, something caught my eye that was sort of strange. A single light was burning in my parent’s bedroom. Now if you knew my father you would know that he is a complete stickler about leaving lights on…the #1 rule in my house was to shut off the lights as soon as you left a room…a light left burning in my parent’s bedroom of all places was quite odd. As soon as my father unlocked the front door our two dogs came rushing out…I thought I was going to have a heart attack at twelve years of age. On further inspection it seemed as though the dogs had literally tried to chew their way out the front door given the huge bite/scratch marks all over the front door. As soon as my father flicked on the lights, I gasped…its kind of hard to describe what I saw. The entire house was in disarray...the living room couch was standing on it’s side, lamps were broken, mirrors shattered, drawers yanked out of kitchen cabinets, silverware strewn all over the floor…My father was convinced that someone had broken into the house. We were told to remain outside the house while my mother and brother walked to a neighbors house to call the police…this was before cell phones. The police arrived somewhere between a half an hour to an hour later...an actual police report is documented concerning these events. The police checked the doors and windows for signs of an intruder, dusted for prints, talked to our neighbors, and checked the house thoroughly for anyone who might still be lurking around. Their investigation turned up nothing. My father ordered us all upstairs to pack up some belongings…we weren’t staying. As I was heading into my bedroom I happened to glance into my parents room and noticed that the lamp sitting on my father’s nightstand was starting to burn the wallpaper behind it. I don’t know if this was just my nerves or what but it honestly looked as though the pattern of the burn was turning into a face…a face of none other then the old man who had been haunting me for years. As I was standing there looking at it…my mother came up behind me and gasped…I think she saw the same thing as I did. When I arrived at my grandmother’s house later on that evening, I heard my mom and dad discussing with my grandmother some of the things that had happened to them while living in that house. If I had known these things while living there, there is no way I would have gotten even one night of decent sleep…not that I did anyways.

  It’s now been over 20 years since I’ve lived in that house yet it still continues to haunt me. Considering the fact that we lived in that house for just over five years, numerous other events took place that I haven’t included, but it’s hard to fit five years of living into a single submission. The house is still standing and I occasionally drive by just for kicks. The house has been almost completely renovated from the outside. Often when I drive by I see a for-sale sign perched up on the front lawn…it seems as though no one stays in that house for too long. It’s interesting to note that I have never again experienced anything ghostly or unworldly since leaving that house. That remains my one and only true experience with the other side.


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