Private Residence – Ilderton, Ont. – 1997(ish)

  A friend of mine by the name of Ryan lived in a house in Ilderton. I had never actually been there before but a group of us decided to get together there one Saturday night before heading out to a party. As we made our way through the house to the front stairs I noticed the door to the front porch shut on its own. This could be dismissed as a draft or something though I felt nothing of the sort. We went upstairs to Ryan’s room and during the course of our visit heard several bumping and scraping noises coming from the attic above us. He explained that the house was haunted by the spirit of an old woman and that sometimes she would rock in an old rocking chair that they had stored up there. When we decided to come downstairs my eye tuned in to the fact that the same door to the front porch that had shut on its own before had conversely opened a few inches before my eyes despite the fact that it had appeared to latch firmly when it shut earlier. We hung out for an hour or so with nothing else unusual happened until Ryan and I moved to the back part of the house. I was sitting on the couch talking to him as he played video games and for some reason was looking at the doorway to a small washroom that is located there. Just inside the doorway was one of those towel rings with a hand towel neatly folded and looped through it. Out of nowhere the towel jumped off the ring. It didn’t merely slip and fall to the ground as the victim of gravity. It literally jumped out of my vision into the further recesses of the washroom with enough force to rebound the ring off the wall several times. I mentioned it to Ryan immediately and he shrugged it off as a regular occurrence. I was reasonably perplexed at this point in time and soon after we started putting our shoes on to embark upon our journey to the party. Running parallel to the walkway inside the back door was a row of five hanging flower planters. As I was putting my shoes on I noticed that these planters were turning at a slow but consistent rate. As I took a closer look I was surprised to note that some were gyrating clockwise and others counter clockwise. A few months later Ryan’s family left the house behind for new digs but I’ve always kicked myself for not returning to the place to investigate a little further.

The Canadian Albanian Hall – St. Thomas, Ont. – Feb. 3rd, 2001

  I play in a band and quite often we have to organize our own shows with some of the other local bands. To do this in my hometown you must, quite often, rent banquet halls and such. On this occasion we ended up renting The Canadian Albanian Hall. My earliest memories of this building have it being used as a Lion’s Club during the 1980’s but my grandmother claims that my grandfather (rip) knew a man whose last name was Sawyer that lived there when it was still a farmhouse in the 1960’s. The only thing she could really remember otherwise was that the Sawyers had a son that was mentally handicapped in some way. The building still looks like a big, imposing farmhouse but in the back left corner of the lots stands, of all things, a castle turret. Regardless, the place is known by local realtors to be haunted as my dad knows a few of them and has heard them speak of it. As we were getting the place ready for the show I took the opportunity to snoop around. The main floor was remodeled as you would expect a banquet hall to be. I got a very unsettling feeling in the room that held all the cleaning supplies. It was an urgent feeling that seemed to make me want to get out of the room as quickly as possible. A visit upstairs saw the place almost as if someone had just dropped their daily lives, packed up, and left. It was in a total state of disrepair, had no power, and one room had a bunch of 12” records scattered about the floor (one of them being the soundtrack to Star Wars which gives a timeline of 1977 or thereabouts). The whole upstairs gave me the same sense of urgency as the cleaning room and had no lights that worked so we bailed out of there. At one point during the evening I made my way into the basement with a few of my friends. At the bottom of the stairs was a large puddle of water. I stepped quickly through it and found myself confronted by two separate rooms side by side.  Both of these rooms were pitch black and I could see nothing but I did notice that the feeling of urgency had swept across the room. I snapped one photo of both doorways, went back upstairs, and finished up for the night. When I got the film back I was puzzled to see that the room on left had a pair of rubber boots sitting in the middle of the floor (upright as if someone was still in them) and behind them was the vague outline of what appears to be a woman in a dress. The outline reminds me of what the monster in the movie Predator looks like when it is somewhat invisible. Everyone I’ve shown the photo to sees what I see so I know I’m not a kook or anything.

The Hermitage – Ancaster, Ont. – Dec. 26th, 2001

 The Hermitage is a well known haunt in Southern Ontario. Everyone in the area is aware that something there just isn’t right. I had never been to it so one night I asked my friend Kate to take me there. The history of The Hermitage revolves around one of the area’s founders building a mansion there. One of the servants fell in love with his daughter but was forbidden to take things as far as he wanted to. As the result of this he hung himself on the property. People have reported seeing all kinds of crazy stuff there as it is now a conservation area with an elaborate series of footpaths.  We went there at about 3:30am – there was zero precipitation but it was very cold and very still that night. Kate’s husband and another girl that was with us decided to stay in the car rather than accompany us. We walked in past the gatehouse and straight down the path into the forest. Almost immediately we heard footsteps pacing us in the forest on the ridge to our left. Whatever it was would stop when we stopped and resume walking when we did. It was definitely bipedal in origin and was kicking up leaves and snow as it walked. The first time we heard it I turned and shot a photo in its general direction. This photo came back with a small bit of glowing mist in the bottom left corner of the shot. This is odd because there was no fog present, neither of us were smoking (anything), and I was holding the camera at arms length away and holding my breath so my exhalation wouldn’t be misconstrued. We continued walking and so did the third party. After about ten feet I took another shot. This one shows the mist to be much more widespread and when you stand back and look at the photo you can kind of make out a face of sorts. On we walked getting more freaked out by the second when all the sudden I heard what sounded like someone snapping their fingers directly beside my right ear. I turned and shot a photo and this one shows a misty human-esque figure suspended in the air with outstretched arms toward me. There is also a face in the woods that kind of resembles an aboriginal person from days gone by. It was at this time that the negative feelings took us over and we decided to turn back. I took one more photo of Kate which turned out mist free even though it was in the same spot and only seconds after the last one. As we returned up the path I took a shot over my shoulder and the photo was 100% mist. I didn’t know what was in the photos until a week or so later but it certainly raised the hairs on my neck. Anyone wanting a more detailed history of this place can check it out at
Anyone wanting to see any of these photos or ask any questions is welcomed to email me.


Several years ago my family moved into a duplex in Fenton Missouri. Immediately we knew we didn’t live there alone. Lots and lots of strange things happened daily. The dishwasher would turn on, the living room shades would raise, the television would turn on, and my husband was always having unexplainable accidents. Doors would fly open and hit him; things would fall off shelves onto him. After a short time there a spirit showed himself late one night. He said that he had owned the land many many years ago. He had a son that was killed on the property. He said that his name was James and for mr not to be afraid. My husband was very disturbed by the happenings. People made fun of me when I told them what was going on. Then some weeks later we had a visitor. A family friend. We were sitting at the kitchen table just talking and he said that his grandfather used to know the man who original owned the property where our home was. Guess what his name was?? James. Soon after that day the strange happenings grew more and more frequent and stranger. So many things were happening that we ended up moving out of the place.

Gridley Manor

Hi my name is Eric. This story I'm about to tell you happened to my aunt and uncle. They live in Gridley Manor. Gridley Manor is a retirement/assisted living place. A lot of older people live there. Well let me get to the story. Being that elderly people live there you would expect that some day pretty soon they would die. Well this is what happened to a lady that lived in one of the apartments. The lady was in her late 80's early 90's. She died about five years ago. I'm not sure exact detail to her death or the date.
But when she died family, friends and neighbors gathered up and divided her stuff up. As soon as everything under her name that belonged to Gridley Manor was removed and her name taken off of everything my aunt and uncle moved in to that very same apartment. Well it wasn't very long after they moved in that they started having paranormal activities occur. Things such as the shower turn on by its self, lights flickering by self, strange smells. There was also a stain on the carpet that my aunt and uncle tried to get rid of but to no avail. They later determined that the stain was the exact spot that the old lady died on. To this day the stain is still there.
You can barely see it. Except for the times my aunt and uncles grandchildren are over there. Now the "spirit" if there is one doesn't show its self. The activity doesn't occur unless the children are there. Although the stain is there all the time 24/7.   The times I have been over there have never encountered any of the strange things they have told me. But when it comes to the stain, I have tried to clean it my self and it works. But then a few hours or a few minutes later the stain would return even when no one has been near that spot. The spirit has not caused any harm so. So my guess it that since it doesn't harm and only comes out when the grandchildren are there that its an guardian angel watching over the grandchildren. If that is so then I want to thank the lady and God bless.

He Doesn’t Believe, So Why Do These Things Happen to Him?

My husband does NOT believe in ghosts, spirits, angels, the devil,
anything supernatural...or so he says.  For someone who doesn't believe, he sure has had a lot happen to him:

Let's start with the house he purchased in 1975, in Carnegie,  Pennsylvania.  The house had been the residence of a group of Nuns  called Sisters of Charity.  When he purchased this four story house, it  was full of trash, which he began to immediately clean.  While on the  fourth floor cleaning, he heard singing and sighing.  His theory:  the  nuns approved of his clean up.

Fast forward to 1999.  Across from our rental apartment is a cemetery, a very large one.  It's not particularly spooky, it is in a residential  neighborhood, and is not reported to be haunted.  It was so large, that  the people in the neighborhood took walks and ran around the pathways.

We were walking around in it one day, and he was joking about spirits. He walked around behind a large cement crypt and knocked, saying:   "Anybody there?"  My daughter and I were horrified and rooted to the  spot, staring at him.  When he began to walk away we noticed that his  hand was bleeding.  He looked at the blood and said, "how did that  happen?"  He knocked on the cement, there were no trees or branches, yet he had three distinct claw like scratches on his hand, just above the knuckles he used to knock on the crypt.  His explanation:  "Guess I woke someone up", he said with a rather evil looking smirk on his face.

Six months later, he and his partner were giving a woman an estimate on adding a porch to her house.  The woman had purchased the lot adjacent to her property and had the house on the lot torn down.  What remained was a cement slab.  My husband and his partner were walking on the slab when my 220 lb husband suddenly flew into the air and went about 30 feet, to the other side of the slab.  His partner was frozen with fear, because he said my husband literally flew, did not trip, over the slab.  He could not have tripped and stayed in the air that distance.  When asked, my husband was mystified.  He said that he thought John pushed him...he felt a push.  His explanation:  "The slab is haunted dear."
 "But, you don't believe in ghosts dear,” I said.  He laughed and said:  "I know, it's the strangest thing, too."

We are all waiting to see what happens next.  One year ago we purchased
a house built over 100 years ago.  We are converting it from a duplex to a single-family dwelling.  When asked if we have ghosts, he says:  "Now honey, you know I don't believe in ghosts."

*Footnote: .  (The Girl in the Field)  A foot  note to the story:  I talked to my sister, and it turns out that her husband kept one picture, of a windmill in a field.  She found it years later in the garage.  Her husband INSISTED that he had gotten rid of ALL of the pictures and didn't understand how it could have shown up in their garage.  She says she put it out with the trash and it spooked her to even carry it that far.  It has not shown back up...yet.

My Ghost Story

This really happened to also scared the crap out of me. It was about 2:00 AM and I couldn't sleep because I kept hearing creaking off and on as usual. Then I suddenly heard a strange creaking in my kitchen as if someone was walking through it into the hallway. It came up the hallway and into my mother's room. About 5 seconds later I heard my mother's voice and she said "Uh huh." and rolled over in bed. Then whatever it was walked out of her bedroom and I could suddenly sense something in my bedroom looking at me. And then I heard creaking down the hall and back out into the kitchen. It scared me to death as I sat there thinking of what it could be but only one thing came to mind. A spirit. I've felt cold in my room before but that could be anything. And once my sister's electronic game turned on without anyone touching it.  Loads of times my dog looks up and her head turns slowly as if watching something walk past. it's really freaky! i'm not sure what it is but one things for sure…it goes unseen and isn’t human!

Old Wal-Mart Building in Forest Gallery Shopping Center - Tullahoma, TN

We were in a new building and after a year of being there in that building, all of the receiving crew was placed on third shift, due to trucks arriving at night.  Seeing things out of the corner of your eye was common, we started blaming it on being tired.  But most everyone would see it.  Then a woman I worked with said she had someone peck her on the shoulder while she was putting up stock in automotives, alone.  We teased her about that and wondered if we'd see or hear anything.  Well, it didn't take long before a lot of people would see stuff fall off the shelves, even stuff that was secure.  The floor machines, buffer and scrubber would turn on and off by themselves.  Things sat in one place, would show up in another, such as heavy boxes of anti freeze was being stacked by myself and another girl when we went to sit another box on top of those, they were moved over.  We neither one did that and figured it was our ghost, which since we'd see black shapes out of the corner of our eyes, we nicknamed the ghost, the Nun.
The floor guy, one night he was alone in the store, he heard a song playing on the radio in automotives, and he didn't turn it on.  He went to turn it off; it still played, so he figured it was a tape, but there were no tapes in the radios.  He finally killed the power to the whole thing to stop the song from playing over and over.  Another night, he and another guy was stripping the floor next to the toy department.  He told the guy to go get a bucket of water, which the guy left to do that, when he saw the guy later in another aisle, but it wasn't him, because he came from the other direction with the bucket of water.  Another night, he and another man had leaned their mops up against the furniture display of a desk.  They swept the store, came back and that desk was gone.  It was sitting up on top of the display, which was at least four feet high.  They both looked at each other and said, man, that's not funny, well, neither had done it, because they both tried to move the desk alone and couldn't.
Another night one of the black balls up on the ceiling, had a face in it. Thinking someone had gotten up on the roof and was trying to break in, we climbed up to that ball and nothing was there, no face, no one.  In fact, it didn't go thru the ceiling, so no one could have been in it at all.  Another night we were all at lunch in the lounge.  One of the guys was interested in buying a stereo so he went to electronics to look for one.  This guy had been with us for four years and did not believe anything we had told him. He said he would never believe that place was haunted, until that night.  He was in one aisle looking when he heard someone walking in the next aisle. He went to see who it was and no one was there.  Nor did the alarm going into the department go off while he was shopping.  It worked because he set it off when he went into the department and when he went out.  That night he knew we weren't seeing or hearing things.  Another lady said she heard a typewriter typing by itself one night, but no words were on any of the displays.
We learned the ghost wasn't a Nun, but an Indian.  Upon checking at the local library, we learned the store had been built either on an Indian burial ground or an old Civil War hospital.  We found out a small creek had to be rerouted to build the store, so that could have been the cause of the disturbances.
One night I was in the stock room scanning merchandise.  I used what we called a scanning gun to run over the bar code to see if the item would scan what it was priced at.  I laid the gun down on the desk, turned back to get it, when there was a face, an Indian, staring at me.  Then it faded right before my eyes, which the look on it's face was like shock.  There was nothing around the desk it could have hidden behind.
Another guy saw a face as well, in the upstairs stockroom, where they kept layaways.  It too faded. On nights when we had no truck and all the filling up was done, we were allowed to go home early.  So one night we all were leaving, we had to stand in the foyer until the alarm was set, when we all heard a scream from the back of the store.  Several asked, did you hear that?  The manager on duty said yea, that happens every time we lock the store this time of night.  To me it sounded like whatever it was, didn't wanna be alone.  I will never forget that scream and it's been years.
One night the town turned the power off to work on a power station.  So from midnight until three in the morning, we had no lights.  Some of us decided to play hide and seek.  Someone was hidden upstairs and heard someone messing around on the truck we had been unloading.  Upon checking, no one was on the truck and hadn't been.  After gathering back at the service desk, one of the guys said something touched his leg, but he was standing alone.
One of the wildest nights was when we had two trucks to unload and put up before morning.  The night started off normal.  The alarm was set and we started back to the stock room when the lights went out.  Then the phone rang, but no one was there.  These were only the lights on the sales floor, so I told everyone to just come help with the truck.  One of the guys took a pallet of freight to electronics and came back and asked was Ray there yet. Ray was one of the floor crew, the only one scheduled to work that night, I said, no, he's not here yet.  I asked why and he wouldn't tell me, so I had to pry it out of him.  He said when he took the pallet out; he saw someone walked around in the women's clothing department.  So all the guys grabbed baseball bats and headed over there, thinking someone had broken in.  When no one was found, they came back and we went back to unloading the truck. We sent the women on out to put up what freight they could see to put up. The power came back on and one of the women hollered at us that there was someone in the store.  So we ran up front but didn't see anyone.  We called the police.  I let the police in the back door and they did a search, while a few of us stayed by the back door, just in case.  No one was found, so they left.  We went back to work, but the women saw someone again, this time I was mad, because we weren't getting any work done, so we called the police a second time.  One of the police officers later said they heard someone over in the garden shop but then heard them running, but never could see them.  After they left a second time, we finally finished the trucks and we were all putting out freight.  The girl I was teamed with had a walkie- talkie and I heard one of the guys call another one to come over to baby department because he needed help with some furniture.  Well, I knew something was up, because we didn't get any baby furniture in that night.
So I got one of the guys to meet me and tell me what had happened.  They found a ladder standing up in the baby department and a piece of the ceiling tile moved, like someone had tried to get out.  To this day, no one on day shift believed us and the police couldn't find anyone, they even searched the roof.
Another night was very eventful as well and I remember it well, because it was a holiday, Labor Day.  That night things happened one after another.  I got paged to the baby department.  I went over there and the man that never believed had came over too.  A new guy was putting up the diapers.  He never had been told of anything strange going on, because at this point, we found it senseless to tell new people, just let them find out on their own, and he did, that night.  He heard someone in the ladies' department and it sounded like they were moving hangers back and forth on the racks.  He thought I was putting some clothes up but I told him I wasn't at the time.  In fact, I hadn't been over there all night.  While we talked, we heard keys jingling.
We ran in different directions but saw no one.  Everyone else was on the other side of the store.  Once back in the stock room, I was hanging clothes, it felt like someone brushed the back of my neck, to which I had my hair pulled up that night.  No one was around me at all.  Then we went to lunch, someone came up and told me that a display of ink pens had fallen up at one of the registers, so I said I'd go pick it up later.  When I did, the floor guy had mopped earlier in that spot, but where the ink pens had fallen should have been where it was wet, they fell over where it was dry, so that seemed strange and impossible from the way the display was laying.  At that moment, I was picking up the pens when I saw a black shape dodge down behind a pallet.  I yelled out to the floor guy, we ran to the area, he on one side, me on the other, but no one was there.  No one that night had been wearing black.  The rest of the night was the usual falling things, dark shapes being seen and all that.
One guy another night had seen someone walking into the stock room with what looked like a bear skin rug draped over his shoulders.  Another guy felt someone pinch him on the backside, which we kidded him about that one, but then he saw this thing walk right into the stockroom, which I was standing there at the time and the doors that swing in or out, swung open just before the guy came running in.  So something was there, cause there was no fans on in that area to blow the doors open like that.
One Sunday morning before the store opened, a manager came to let the floor guy out from that night when he saw someone over in the hardware department and thinking it was the floor guy, went to tell him he could go home, but the guy came out from the back of the store at that time.  They never found anyone else in the store.
The same manager said one night he was waiting to let the floor crew in for the night (before we started working nights) and he said he was standing at the service desk when all the toys started playing by themselves.  He said he went and waited in his truck for the floor guys.
Another night we heard what sounded like a doll on the intercom but the manager had everyone but us at the back door waiting to leave, and he said no way was it any of them.
Another night in the stock room, one of the guys saw a box moved by a hand, but there was no one attached to the hand.  Later he told me his sister, who works the claims area on day shift, saw a microwave move off a pallet by itself.
This store is no longer the Wal-Mart, since it moved to a SuperCenter.  But once there, we experienced a few things, since it was only down the road from the old store.  A woman working in hardware saw the shadow of a woman in a long dress and thinking it was a customer, looked up but no one was there. One night I was in health and beauty aids putting up freight, when I stepped up to my cart to get a box, I saw someone's tennis shoes in an aisle up from me, but when I went to see, no one was there and no one was in the area at all, but me.
Another night some day shift people were in the garden shop getting the Christmas things put out, when they came back from lunch, the displays started playing, but they had no batteries in them, nor were they plugged up.
You'd see shadows in that store too, but I figured since it was open at night, you just don't notice things as much.


I feel a little nervous writing this, but I guess I need some assurance that I'm not losing my mind, but I feel I should give you a little background before I tell you of my latest experiences.
   I guess you might say I've always been "sensitive" to atmosphere and certain areas for no reason, (or what I thought).  When I was about 2 ½ years old, (before the birth of my brother), my family and I lived in an old house in West Palm Beach, Florida.   I believe it was 20 years old at that time and no negative episodes had ever occurred in that house before.
Anyways my sister and I shared a room and we slept on bunk beds, she on the topmost and I on the bottom.  Well I remember some nights just lying awake and staring at the ceiling.  A black bat-like shape would go floating back and forth across it, it seemed almost transparent, but retained enough of a shape to be pretty frightening.  My family later moved from that house after the birth of my brother and my mother said that it was because of the neighborhood and the house seemed to have a problem with ants.  I never told my family what I saw, but last year my sister, mother and I were wrapping
Christmas presents for the family, when my sister blurted out, "Hey do you remember sleeping in the bunk beds and watching this bat-like thing circle the ceiling."  I stopped and a chill ran up my spine, she described exactly what I saw except that for her, it circled.  I told her what I saw and we both kind of laughed a little, but it unnerved both of us.
 The second happening comes from the current house my parents and sister still live in.  The house was built in the early 20's and is not in the best of shape today.  My parents have to do a lot of upkeep on it, but it has seen a lot.  It was built by the family of Lake Lytle, who in Palm Beaches heyday was a Commissioner, I believe.  My sister, brother, and myself, never felt really alone, even if my parents had gone out and I have never felt uneasy about being in the house by myself, it's the back apartments which seemed to cause me some fear.  When it was built, the Lytle's lived in what was called the "Garden District".  Well-to-do families built a number of houses here and the land for each was quite sizable.  The Lytle's built their house in front, and then in back there was an open garage with a maidservant/driver's apartment above it.  They later converted it over to two apartments and the next family who bought the property rented them out.  When my mom and dad bought the property, they did the same and my brother and I would spend most of our time outside and would play in and around the stairway and underneath in the tool shed.  We never felt the slightest unease until it got dark.  We kept our bikes in the shed underneath the top apartment and whenever we had to return them at dusk, it would be a race to see who got in and out of there first.  At first we would tell ourselves it was because we were afraid of possums or rats, which would sometimes get trapped in there, but later on, maybe a couple of years ago, my brother confirmed that he felt like he was being watched and it was always felt cool in there, not cold, just cooler than it should be.
 Well I remember one day, after I had come home from leave, (I was in the military at the time, I'm currently out and live in Alabama.)  My mom wanted to repaint the house and apartments, we did that for two days and when it was time to clean up, she asked if I would go into the top apartment and find a box, (it's now used for storage, nobody seems to stay there long.), to put some of the excess equipment in.  It was dusk and I felt nervous, but I asked if it could wait in the morning.  She said she really wanted to clean this mess up, so I agreed a little reluctantly, I didn't want to explain to her what I felt.  It was just her and I, so I had to go up there by myself.  I remember climbing the stairs and feeling the hair raise on my nape the closer I got to the door.  The sun was going down pretty fast, but I had a flashlight, just in case.  I managed to open the door after trying almost every key on the ring and when it opened it seemed to be darker inside that it was outside.  I clicked on the flashlight, ran to the room where the boxes were kept and then headed quickly for the door.
Before I could get out, I felt a wave of sadness hit me and I stopped and the feeling that I was being watched again got worse, I felt something, a presence I guess, in back of me and I felt an almost uncontrollable urge to turn and look.  I refused to give in and started saying the "Lord's Prayer" in my head.  The feeling kept getting stronger, so I booked it the last few steps to the door swung it shut behind me with a slam and hurriedly tried to lock it.  I had a feeling that if I didn't it would be ripped open out of my hands.  I then jumped the stairs and fled to the house.  When I got in and closed the door, I looked back at the top apartment through the window, I didn't see anything move, but I still felt like something was watching me from there.  My mom came into the kitchen and I almost yelled when she spoke.  She asked me what was the matter and I said nothing.  I kept that to myself for a while until the next time she asked me to go up there.  I told her it could wait until the morning and she asked why my brother and I were so unnerved about going up there.  I explained to her everything that had happened, from the feeling of being watched to the almost unbearable sadness.  She confessed to me that when the owners after the Lytle family had rented the apartments, they rented it to a young woman, who later committed suicide there with a shotgun.  I have never been up there since.
I have since had other feelings of being watched or something there in other places, but they are to numerous to account right now.  I guess I should get on with my problem.
 As I stated earlier, I currently live in Alabama.  When I first moved here, my husband and I, now ex, bought a brand new house.  I was still in the military and he was on his way out to the civilian sector.  The house had been built on land owned by an older couple and when they passed on, their kids sold it to developers with the stipulation that a larger house be built for them there.  We bought one of the back lots and our backyard is shaded by trees.  After the birth of my daughter, I started experiencing weird dreams.
 The first one, scared both my husband and I severely and I can still recall it quite clearly.  We had both gone to bed early and had been asleep for hours when my I awoke to my husband shaking me and yelling my name.  He switched on the light by the bed and I started crying.  He asked me if I had been sucking on a cough drop or something, because he said it sounded like I had been choking in my sleep, he had looked at me and he could tell my eyes were wide open in the dark, because the light from the kitchen stayed on and we left the door cracked to hear our daughter cry out.  It took him a couple of tries to calm me down and then I told him what happened.  I told him that I felt I had been awakened by a dark figure standing in our doorway, I had tried to call out, but before I could say anything, it seem to bend over my husband and grab my throat.  I felt like I was suffocating and then the next thing I knew my husband was shaking and yelling at me.  He turned my neck from side to side , but there was no physical evidence of anything, but that night and for the next couple of weeks, we slept with the light on low.
 The next one happened a couple of years after my divorce and after our daughter had gone to visit her Dad.  I was alone in the house and it was very late, I heard something go running through the house and a door slam. I lay there startled and tried to fall back asleep, but couldn't.  I looked at the clock at the foot of the bed and all I could see was this dark indistinct shape.  I stared and it seemed to get darker.  I tried to pull my hands out from under the covers (One was across my chest, the other at my side), and found that I couldn't move.  I couldn't even make a sound.  I could feel panic building, so I started to say the "Lord's Prayer" in my mind, still struggling to lift my arm.  At the last verse I felt my arm move then I slowly reached up above my head for the touch lamp by my bedside, but before I could reach it, something grabbed my arm and I woke up in the same exact position, staring at the clock.  I still could not see it, so I thought to myself, "Oh, man this cannot be happening again!".  I tried to lift my arm and again it would not move, I prayed and then it seemed to me I heard a loud ringing, when I got to the last verse, I felt my hand shift, so I hesitated before I lifted it to the light again.  I had almost touched the light when again something strong grabbed my hand.  I felt like I woke up again, or like a black cloud had been lifted, I could see the clock now and I had been asleep almost four hours.  I was drenched in sweat, my body was trembling and heart beat was very erratic.  I knew I had had a panic attack, so I tried to calm down.  I thought about what I needed to do tomorrow at work, what needed to be done in the house, anything that would calm me down. I started praying again and when I was calmer, I got out of bed and searched the house.  Everything was where it should be and my cats were asleep, so I climbed back in bed and left the light on low until I got up to go to work.

 Since that night, I have experienced this one other time.  My fiancé' and I had just gone to bed, when he woke me up yelling my name.  He asked me what was going on, but he said I just whimpered and fell back asleep, about an hour later I was startled awake by a noise.  I was looking again in the direction of the clock  and I could not see it.  I started shaking and I ran through the Lord's Prayer in my head as I tried to call out to my fiancé'.  At first barely a sound emerged, but then as I felt more threatened I became louder until I ended on a yell, which woke him up.  He went to grab me, when I yelled again, because when he touched me a flash of light seemed to aim straight at my head, swerve upwards, then disappear.  He asked me what happened, but I couldn't talk about it until the morning, but it felt like that same episode a while back.  I just knew that if I didn't get some help, something bad was going to happen to me.  The Lord's Prayer always seems to help and I always say a prayer for protection before I go to sleep, but these dreams seem to be so real.  The one where I was choking, I fully expected to see marks on my throat because I could feel hands tightening and the others, I don't know, but I definitely feel something malevolent.  I understand that this is a pretty long E-mail, but I hope you will take the time to examine it and shed some light on why I'm having these dreams.  I've always had a touch of insomnia, but lately it has gotten worse because of what I might sense.

Few paranormal experiences

    Hello.  I was exploring your site, and I find it very interesting.  I hope that you'll believe my story.
    I've only had a few paranormal experiences, but they have scared me.  I am 14 now, and the experiences have started only a year ago.  It all started with the room.  On the way back to the bathroom in my house, you have to pass two bedrooms.  It is the second bedroom that I get bad vibes from.  It always seems dark back there, and I usually run by it to get to the bathroom.  My bed was moved back there, and I absolutely don't like it.  About eight months ago, I was in the bathroom showering.  I heard footsteps heading toward the bathroom, then they left.  When I got out, the door was open a crack (I always have it closed, on account of the bedroom).  Soon after that, my parents were in their bed watching T.V. when their door opened by itself.  No one was near it.  After that, my dad was in his room putting on socks, when he saw a little boy run out of "the bedroom" and down the hall.  My brother, my mom, and I were downstairs watching T.V.  About a month after that, I was leaving the bathroom and I saw a shadowy figure go into my brother's bedroom.  I ran to it and look in the room.  I saw the figure run around my brother's bed and into the wall.  That's all that's happened so far, except for the fact that I occasionally have the intense feeling that someone is behind me.  I have that right now.
    Yesterday, when my brother and I were watching T.V. and our mom was making dinner (my dad had to work late), a closed and latched basement door opened not ten feet from us.  There was nothing that could have done that in the room.  I believe that this is my first hard evidence of a ghost in my house.


When I was a teenager my family and I moved to a large, beautiful brick house in the country.  We were told by the owners that the man who built the house, around the turn of the century, loved the house so much that when he got too old to live alone instead of going to a old folks home he killed himself in the house.  This, he thought, would enable him to live there forever.
We were told that we would hear things but that his name was Sanford and that he was harmless. Sanford just wanted to make sure that his beloved house was taken care of.
So began our life with Sanford. Several times I was alone in the house and heard someone walking in the hallway or doors opening. Every once in a while you would swear you saw something out of the corner of your eye. None of it was scary nor threatening.  One evening after I came home from my after school job I had just laid down in my bed and I heard someone walking down the attic stairs. (My room was right next to the attic.) Next, I felt a cold rush of air and someone whisper my name. At first I was terrified but then realized it was just Sanford messing with me. I just said to him, "Okay, Sanford, you scared me. But I am tired and need to get to sleep because I have school in the morning." In an instant it was gone.  I got to where I would talk to him when I was home alone especially when I would hear him walking around.

For a little while we had a woman who was renting one of our rooms and I don't think that Sanford liked her very much. Either did I for that matter. Things would disappear from her room and several times when she would come home she would find her door unlocked and wide open. Of course, I got blamed for these things but I didn't mind. It all made her move out.

Also, I had another paranormal experience when I was about 10. My mom and stepdad told me that a friend of the family was buying and restoring a very old restaurant/bar and they wondered if I wanted to go with them to check it out. Being that I was 10 I really had no choice but either way I wanted to go. I've always been interested in history and wanted to check it out.    When we got there we walked around and it was pretty cool. Messy but cool. Finally, we went upstairs to the bar and for some reason my stepdad refused to go into the bar. I didn't really care and walked in and hopped onto a barstool. I was sitting there checking the place out when suddenly I became extremely cold and nauseous. I thought I was going to either throw up or pass out. I tried to get off the stool but for some reason I couldn't. My mom frantically tried to find something for me to drink to see if that would help at all but nothing worked yet in the bar. Finally, she grabbed me off the stool and pulled me out of the room. As soon as I got out of the room, I'm talking as soon as I went passed the doorframe I felt fine. The whole time my stepdad was freaking out watching the scene. (Coward wouldn't help) They finally decided to tell me that the place was haunted by a horse thief that was hung outside the place in the 1800's. He was taken from that bar and hung by a mob. Since then he had haunted the place with a vengeance. He locked employees in walk-in freezers, pushed people, obviously made people sick, and one person even saw a floating head while he was walking down the stairs. I found out later that after they opened the place and it got really busy the mischievous deeds started to dwindle. But I recently heard that the place is closed again. Wonder if he came back????

Ghost Story

       This is one of the scariest ghost encounter I have ever had, this happened when I was about 6 years old. My sister and I were both sleeping on the couch in the living room, when all the sudden we both woke up. I was sleeping on the outside on the couch and I looked up and saw a tall black figure standing right over me, maybe about 5 inches away from me  and about 6-7ft tall. His head was very squared off and then it went straight down to his shoulders, which were very broad and were also square like, and then it went straight to the floor. Also, when i say black i mean it was blacker than the night, couldn’t see through it at all. I always said that it was blacker than black. I asked my sister do you see that? She said yea. And we were so scared we couldn’t even scream or hardly talk. Then I  look over and my sister's sleeping. I tried waking her up so hard I was shaking her and yellin in her ear but she wouldnt even move. The thing was still just standing there over me, then somehow I just started gettin tired and i fell asleep, and then 10 minutes later I finally woke up to my sister shaking me. And she was saying that she couldnt wake me up for awhile. Then we were still talking about it and it was still there just standing there. Then she fell asleep again and then I just sat there awake staring off at the ceiling trying to act like nothing was wrong but i was so scared.  Then It looked like It walked off into the other rooms and then it looked like it kept reappearing at the front of the hall then walking out of sight, then it would reapper at the beginning of the hall again. The I finally fell asleep and I never seen that thing again.

Several Ghostly encounters over the years in Melbourne, Australia

hello, My name is Adrian from Melbourne Australia.  2 years ago, I lived in a small apartment in the inner suburbs (Windsor) and had many unusual occurrences.

2 floors below my flat, an elderly man died peacefully in his sleep, who I had befriended some years before.  Then these things started to occur.  Firstly, although it is quite comical, and my friends thought it was hysterical, I was washing the bathroom when I felt a knuckle press quite hard into my thigh.  odd, but nothing to come to strange conclusions!

All of a sudden things began to occur.  I was living with two backpackers from Scotland at the time, and they witnessed these events as well.  Ringing noises emanated from the kitchen periodically - like the sound you make when you run you finger around a wine glass.  Knocking noises rang out though the hallway, Doors slammed occasionally, and when I was alone, I had several low pitched whistles in my right ear.

My flat mates' window would open when they were out of the room, (It had to be wound and pushed at the same time).  One night Tracey thought her boyfriend was waking her up, shaking both of her shoulders quite violently, to find no one was in her room.

My partner and Tracey’s boyfriend both saw figures down the end of the hall - near the bathroom and bedroom.  Needless to say, they moved out soon afterward (and to continue their journey around Australia).

The events happened for a few months after they moved then slowly became less frequent.  I still keep in contact with the couple from Scotland, and we still shiver remembering the things that happen.

shadow and figure

I am Dustin, I love the colors Black, Red and Grey.
I love ghost stories, hauntings and horror films. When I was six, i still remember the day, we lived in Ohio at the time, my sister was twelve, we were walking home from school and we happen look up at her window and an outline of a white figure could be seen staring out the window at us, i mean it was White, it looked sad, when i turned around to look again it was gone, we entered the house and ran upstairs to her room and sat down wondering what we saw, when my sister gasped and looked in the hall, a human shadow walked past the door and disappeared.
Not only shadows and figures, but also my mom used to wake up at nights screaming, she said things tormented her in her sleep, we found that allot of bad things happened in that house, I used to feel I eas being watched and turn around nothing was there, we moved and now live in Tennessee, i have not seen nothing else yet, but i will never forget that place, no one can convince me that ghosts ain't real, i know they are, i will always believe it.

Shadows of Death

I have lived across from famous Mountain Grove Cemetery on the Bridgeport/Fairfield, CT line, where many 'knowns' are buried.  Amongst them, P.T. Barnum himself.  We've resided here on Dewey Street for about11 years.

When my children and I first arrived to the house, The house let us know how unwelcome we were via; clanging, banging, door knocking, pinches, running, stomping and shaking me awake while I was trying to sleep.  On occasion there were actual sexual sensations towards me, the lady of the house.  At time it was so bad, I used to have the kids curl up in the bed with me.  The eeriest thing would be when all three of my children used to sit up in the bed talking at the same time.  I'd finally had enough and announced that we were not going anywhere!

It was in this house that I developed a direct communication with the dead versus the dream modes or whispers that they usually spoke to me in.  So direct, that one of the ghosts and actually the keeper of the house --- introduced himself as Nicholas by leaving a rather large colored photo of himself on the kitchen table.  I didn't know it was an introduction, we were all just baffled by who this was and who might have placed this picture on the kitchen table.  That same evening, Nicholas showed up in the form of a dream. He spoke clearly of how this was his house and how he had made everything that consisted of wood with his own hands.

Nicholas was a short Italian man who could barely speak English, but I understood him due to my being fluent in Spanish.  After the introduction the harassment stopped.  Nicholas instead became our protector.  Examples of this might be: Waking me via shaking and/or pinching, when intruders were on our property attempting to steal our vehicle.  And my all time favorite....the day after New Years where we were all sleeping warm and cozy on a winter night when a  slap came whaling across my face.  I opened my eyes to see the room filled with an orange glow.  That orange glow was the light coming from the house next door, which was up in flames.  Our home was hot from the heat since the wind outside was blowing the fire over to our house. The windows had burst from the heat. We called the fire dept and ran outside.  The house has many visitors. They each feel different and some are not nice at all --- but that is where Nicholas intervenes, so they don’t usually stick around long.   I am guessing that the reason for all the activity in our home is due to it being such an old home, located across from the cemetery and under all type of radio wave frequencies. Lots has happened here, some of it funny, some just odd, some scary…..but this is our home and we have loved it over the years and there is a sense of safety with Nicholas looking after us.

A couple of years ago, an Indian speaking in his native tongue visited.  I didn’t know what he wanted, I just wanted him to shut up and go away. Instead a translator showed up on his second visit.  He wanted me to get his land back.  I laughed, “yeah right”.  He told me it was located under Stop and Shop in Fairfield.  I never forgot this man, but I didn’t set out to get his land. As fate would have it, I now do volunteer work helping the American Indian with his land claims.  I had forgotten this dream until one day during volunteer work, it hit me.

Sister or Illusion?

Hi my name is Emily. I'm 15 years old. This experience happened to me when I was 12.

I was on the phone with my friend Theresa. At the same time I was watching "jaws". I was getting pretty bored of the movie so I started to walk towards my bedroom. I was standing in the doorway of my bedroom and looking inside for some reason. Well inside my room were bunk beds. (me and my sister Chloe shared rooms. I slept at the top and Chloe slept in the bottom.) There was a storm outside when suddenly the lights went out. I was still standing in the doorway of my room. I stood there for a couple of seconds when I saw something move in my room. I looked inside and saw a girl on the bottom bunk wearing my pants. (these pants were silver and can really shine in the dark) The girl looked really like my sister and I especially hated when she wore my clothes without asking so I got mad. I started yelling at what I thought was Chloe meanwhile the "thing" stood up from the bed and stood there staring at me. Seconds later, Chloe came up from behind me and said " Em, who are you talking to?". After realizing my sister was behind I quickly looked in my room. The girl was still there. Then the lights came back on. To my surprise she was gone and my silver pants were folded neatly on the bottom bunk.

Something Strange

Okay, I admit I am only 11 years old, but I have had some weird experiences. When I was 7, I was up at Shaver Lake in California with my dad and brother. I wandering through the woods with my brother when we encountered a old raft. We dragged it back down to the lake and hoisted it into the water. We jumped on. While my brother was soaking his feet in the water I was pushed by something into the water. I didn't know how to swim and was sinking, as I was underwater, something was there. I sensed it and saw a freaky looking hand. My brother realized I was in the water and I was pulled out.

My second experience scared me out of my wits. It had been a tough day of school and I decided to lay down on my bed. I wasn't home alone because my parents were chatting in the living room. I was about to get up when something pushed me hard in the face and I fell back onto my bed. I felt cold and began to shiver a bit. I heard a slight buzzing sound. I tried to get back up but was pushed down again, even harder. The buzzing was filling my ears. I sprang up and sped to the living room.

The next didn't happen to me, but happened to my grandmother. I got a call from my grandma from the hospital. She said she banged her head and wanted to speak to my mom. After she was done talking I asked what happened. My grandmother had a dream that a young woman in a white gown was at the foot of the bed whispering water. My grandma got up and went to the bathroom. She slipped on a puddle of water and banged her head on the side of the bathtub.

Well, that's everything freaky that happened to me and my family.

Special Place

      Hi, I have been sitting here reading these ghostly encounters for about 3 hours now and it has inspired me to come out with what happened to me without fear of being thought of as a loony. My name is Jen, I am 24 and I from Pennsylvania and this is my story:
          When I was 13 I fell in love, yes, it was puppy love but isn't that the best?  Steven was all I thought about day and night for the 2 years we were together.  Being with someone for 2 years in high school is like an eternity, we knew it was real, and true love we had for each other. We even had our own special spot on a hill, a
      place where you could over see the whole town.  We would walk there and he would put  his arm around me and say "this is our special spot, you're not allowed to come up here with anyone else".      It was the summer of '93 when I was 15 that I started having dreams, bad dreams.  I often dreamed about Steve dieing, dreams that were so real that it would shake me up until I received his morning calls telling me he loved me. 3 months later after my first dream of this, I heard about an accident on a nearby route, rumors spread about it being one person in was supposedly a kid that Steven had caught a ride with to a neighboring town.  But I knew as soon as I heard the news that it was not the kid they were saying it was.  I went home and waited, it was soon after that I received the call that Steven was gone.  They'd had and accident and he'd been ejected from the car, which caused him to break his neck.  I was devastated to say the least but that didn't cause me to have impaired judgment or hallucinate.
          The day of his funeral, my best friend and I were dropped off at my home, she tried to make me laugh and keep me happy and was being successful at it.  It was then that I got the idea to share "our special spot" with her.  I lead her upon to the hill and as we neared the place where Steven and I would over-look, I got very uneasy,  my friend and I at the same exact moment turned around and headed back.  I didn't want to mention it but I looked at her and said "do you....?" and without finishing my statement of "do you feel that?" she knew exactly what I was about to say and said "YES".  We decided to flee from that spot,  felt anger in his presence and as much as I loved him, I was, for the first time scared of him.  I'm sure he's forgiven me by now, but my friend and I never returned to that place, and I fear going alone.

My Experience
    My name is April and I am only 13 years old. My family has recently gotten an akita puppy. As we were thinking about what to name our adorable puppy, my mother took some pictures of her on her digital camera. She called me into her room to show me the pictures after she put them on her computer and the one picture she took was of the white marking on her back. At first when I was looking at the picture I was thinking," Oh, wow the marking on her back. How exciting" , but as we looked at this picture we were both astonished to find dog faces. As we continued to look the picture over we found countless dog faces. As I continued to look as the dog faces I soon realized that the faces belonged to our previous dogs. I told my mother this and she soon came to realize it as well. I came to the conclusion that somehow the spirits of our previous dogs were combined inside our new puppy. When I told this to my mother  I told her we should call the puppy Spirit and she totally agreed with me. I know this is weird and doesn't sound like an experience at all but it is entirely true. I would like to know if anyone else has had this happen to them so I know that we are not crazy.

My stories

 When I was just a child my grandmother used to scare us kids with stories of devils and evil. She did this to keep us away from the windows at night.
Her house was just on the road and you could hear everyone walk by and talk, and as curious as kids are we'd always run up to see who it is. Anyways, while I was at my grandmother's house I was always afraid to go to bed alone so I usually waited up for my aunt to come with me. One night my aunt decided to stay out in the living room and play cards. I got really tired and could not wait up for her anymore so I collected all the strength I had in me and walked into my aunts room and crawled up in bed. As I was laying in bed I looked into the mirror that was right in front of me to see this horrible face coming out of it. It was wrinkled, bold head with horns. I coverd my face with blankets and fell asleep like that. I do not know what this thing was. Was it my imagination? I've never seen anything like that again.
 Another thing happened though. While still that young I used to sleep in my grandmother's bed because I was and still am terrified of dark. One night I awoke to see her floating above me. I stared at the image for few seconds then called "grandma" and she answered from right next to me. As soon as she answered, the image of her in the air disappeared?
There you go, you've got my two stories. I'm 19 now, and other then those two events, I haven't had anything weird happen to me. Oh yeah, I was SP-ed twice in my life. The most recent one was two nights ago after I freaked myself out with all the ghost stories I read here :-) I'm almost done with page 3, and I won't stop reading until I read all of it :-)

A Ring and Its Master

When I was at school sweeping the lunch room, I bent down to pick up a piece  of trash. Something caught my eye and picked it up. It was a silver ring with  a dragon on the front, embroidered with strange curved lines. It seemed to have a hypnotic power but my friends, Nick, Amy, and Michael, broke the gaze. I kept the ring in my pocket and t m surprise I started making excellent grades on all my tests. Even after school was over I found out that I was getting a horse-an Arabian stallion named Raja. Later that day, I was in my room when I glanced over into another room and saw something floating there. It looked like a man but indeed had the face of some sort of animal. I was tired from a day of horseback riding and decided that it was nothing. I soon found out it wasn’t. The odd man started appearing in my dreams, calling out something like "There's no exit! The ring..." He then started getting up close for I woke up one night from a nightmare, plus my dog was growling. The man was standing over me and I saw it was a wolf's face, a tattoo of a dragon on his arm and was carrying a staff also having the same dragon on the tip.” The ring now..." was all he said. I rolled over and jumped out of my room, closing the door tight. My dog settled down instantly and we crept back in bed. The next day I slid the ring on a necklace and kept it around my neck. I still have it and the wolf-man still appears at night. He doesn't mean any harm and is not frightening at all. Sometimes he even sits down, stroking my dog and whispering us stories of the past.

Encounters of my country

In my country of Laos, there have been many mind-boggling and spine chilling encounters with beings known as Poj Xyong in our langauge. Since there is no english name for it, I shall be the first to rename it as the Doppleganger Fiend. Below is numerous descriptions given by witnesses and the many famous stories of encounters.
There are well over hundreds of Hmong people who have seen this Doppleganger Fiend. It is usually described as a human size or sometimes child size being covered with long hair all over. The hair may at times look as if they were dead hair. The eyes of the fiend are turned vertically while most living things have either round eyes or horizotal-wise eyes. A group of over 30 Hmong men once killed one and claimed it was a female with over 6 vaginas but the creature was only 3 foot tall. The reason for the doppleganger name comes from the belief that these things have the ability to imitate human beings and manipulate you in many ways. Most encounters are by children under 18 who is manipulated by a figure portraying as their parents.
     A mother and her son were out in their fields farming when the son complained of tireness. The mother told him to go home and rest since their home was only 3 to 4 minutes of walking away. Later as the mother came home, her son was not home. Her older daughter says she never saw him come home. The village had all their men search an area of at least 100 miles radius. After a month, they gave up. Then, a few days after giving up, the boy was spotted by a couple in another village about 200 miles away. When the couple approached him, the boy looked as though he had lost his soul. They took the boy and later found his home village. When the mother asked the boy what he was doing there and how he got there, the boy replied that she was the one who brought him there. No doubt something had imitated the mother and guided the boy there but the reason was unknown. The boy was also old enough to resist strangers and recognize his mother. The village folks concluded that a Dopplegan
ger had manipulated the boy.

     Vang Thao died of illness. A Hmong ceremony was held for him then he was wrapped up and placed outside ready to be buried the next day. That day, it rained really hard. As a group of men returned from chopping wood, they opened the wrapping to check if Thao was wet from the rain. To their surprise, his eyes were opened wide and looked odd. Afraid, they quickly buried him by nightfall. Then, a few days later, something was attacking their pigs at night. At first, they thought it was tigers. One night they decided to set a trap. When the gun trap fired, they ran out to the pig den to check. To their horrorfied surprise, there layed Vang Thao. He had fangs and long hair all over his body. Also, just a few minutes after seeing Thao's body, another figure rushed out of a dark corner in the den and out into the forest. It was later agreed that Thao was revived by Dopplegangers and was hunting beside them.

     This incident occured in Fresno, California sometime in 1999. A funeral was being held for a recently parted Hmong father. About 30 or more male relatives attended the funeral which was held at a rented church. Sometime after 11 p.m., one last guest arrived at the funeral. Outside just before reaching the church entry, he saw a small figure suspiciously looking through the windows. When he called out to the thing, it turned around and attempted to run. The man took one look and quickly recognized what it was. As he was calling for help, everyone inside came out to see what was happening. A few others grabbed nearby steel pipes and beated the creature to death. All night they examined and discussed what happened. By morning, they each took a piece of the creature's body to use for an anti-doppleganger ritual at home. In Laos, many elder have been trying to get ahold of at least a doppleganger hair to use for this ritual. At last the ritual is performed all over Fresno among
 the Hmong people. But, those who saw the creature that night began to suffer nightmares involving the creature demanding it's body back. In fear, they brought all the body parts back to the exact church and burnt them. The nightmares stopped but the incident will never be forgotten.

Strange Event

I used to work a part time job cleaning offices at a large  Professional Bldg.  I had only worked there for a few weeks when strange events starting happening.  I worked on the fourth floor.  No other cleaning personnel besides my supervisor had access to my floor.  I would come back from getting supplies and find my vaccuum cleaner missing.  Sometimes my jacket with my keys would disappear just before I was set to leave,  causing me to take extra time to search the floor for them.  Radios and fans on desks would turn on and off for no reason.  Occasionally, the smell of freshly brewed coffee would fill the floor.  The coffee pots that were already cleaned could be found to be brewing new coffee.  The strangest think was this.  Almost a year to the day of my grandmothers death I was vaccumming an office and there was some paper on the floor.  I picked up the paper and to my horror it was my grandmothers obituary.  For the next week or so I must have picked up her obituary a dozen times off of one floor or another.  It was like it was following me.  I contacted the person who worked in the one office in which I first found the Obituary.  She had no idea who my grandmother was and couldnt explain how it got in her office.  No one at the job new about her death since it had happened the year before I got the job.

my experience


Sweet Encounter

I'm currently in 11th grade, and at the time this happened I was in 6th. It was Memorial Day, and since we remember those who died for our country, I was thinking of a 2nd cousin of mine my dad and great-aunt told me about who was killed in the Vietnam War .Again, I was thinking about him, so I decided to go to my room for some privacy.  There I "prayed" to him, telling him I thought of him and what occurred, etc. When I was done, I felt a strong presence in the room, then heard a guy talking to me.  As you might guess, I looked around, but no one else was there.  It was my 2nd cousin!  He heard me and responded, saying he’d been watching me my whole life, and loves me!  I was more thrilled than scared. In fact, up to this day, he still comes and sees me from time to time.  I'm so glad we met!

The Basement Bedroom

It all started about ten years ago when my half sisters came to live with us for a little while. We have four bedrooms in our house, and one of the ones in the basement is haunted. My mother laughs at us, but all three of us girls have had similar experiences while alone in the room. My sister Elizabeth was sleeping down there one night when she was about fifteen. It was late, around 2 am, when my sister suddenly awoke. She could feel hot breath on her face and had the feeling of a body floating over her. The presence was screaming something at her, about two inches from her face, but she had no idea what he was saying. My mom came downstairs with a flashlight because she heard the figure yelling. To this day she swears that it came from the woods outside our house but Elizabeth knows better. She sleeps on her stomach to this day. Kathryn, my other sister came downstairs one night to go to bed . My mom had just made the bed, I mean about fifteen minutes before Kathryn went down there. She pulled back the sheets to find a huge dead cricket laying pristinely between the sheets. My mom is a neat freak and there is no way she would have missed such an enormous dead bug, especially in a bed. I moved down to that bedroom about five years ago. One night, I was woken from a deep sleep with a feeling of uneasiness. I felt hot breath in my ear as my own name was whispered by an unseen man. I turned my light on and sat straight up to find I was alone in the room. We have all gotten the sense that a man was floating in the room, and that he is a malevolent spirit. We all also believe that our grandfather is protecting us from this man .My grandfather died in '98 and the sightings of the specter have all but stopped. Just last week I found out that a man drowned in a swimming pool that was right where my room used to be. Now everything makes total sense to me. The only exception is that we still don't know why he is angry, but we do know that we don't want to find out.

'The black-shadow man'

this story of mine, to me, was only a small one. well, that was until i spoke to my mum, oma, my aunties etc, then I realized the ghost in our house had been around for quite a while... I’m only 16 now, but when I was eight I woke up one night for no apparent reason. I felt cold, but it was the middle of summer. I rolled over, so now I was on my side facing the wall, and tried to get back to sleep. my eyes were open and I was definitely awake. I black, shadow-like man was on my wall. I stared for a bit, as I thought I was dreaming. I was awake, and this was no dream. I quickly turned to my window to see if there was some one outside and this was just there shadow. (I had my curtains, blinds and window slightly open as it was summer) no one was there. I jumped over  the end of my bed and ran to mum and dad's room. I’ve never moved so fast. White as a ghost when mum turned on the light, she asked what was wrong. I explained. My parents both took me back to my room to check it out. Nothing was there, at all. My room was hot again, not cold. Dad said I was dreaming, but mum looked like she believed me. she placed a bottle of holy water in my room and made me wear my gold 'Jesus on the cross' around my neck. Dad thought this was such a stupid waste of time. my dad, the big non-believer.
a month passed and I was sleeping in my bed once again. I woke, cold again. i heard my sister, who was six, scream loud, followed by the sound of vomiting. then only i heard the run. Some one ran passed the hallway. I got up to see my sister. she was throwing up over her bed, crying. I screamed for mum. mum and dad woke and came out. my sister said she woke up coz she was cold and at the end of her bed, standing in the door frame, a black, shadow man was standing there, then a little gremlin giggled and ran in and crawled under her bed. Dad, again, said it was bad dream. me and mum could only stare at each other. my sister was scared that bad it made her sick, didn't this make dad see? I guess not. mum did the same holy things with my sister. Still, we both didn't feel safe.
Nothing had happened for a long time, but it was only last year it came back to remind us he was still around.
My sister  was thirteen now, I was fifteen. it was the school holidays. I went out for the day, mum and dad were at work, but my sister stayed home and invited a friend of hers over for a swim. She tells me they got out the pool and after sitting in the sun, came inside for a drink. As they walked in they both saw a man run through the hallway.. then she said they ignored it and got there drink. Just as they were returning to the backyard, all the door handles in the house started turning and shaking. my sisters friend started to cry, and our dogs ran inside and barked and growled at the hallway. my sister grabbed the cordless phone and ran out the back with her friend. she called my mobile and i headed home straight away. when she told me, I remembered the man from when i was eight. my friends who came back with me thought it was a joke. but it was no joke, only my sister and me know that we have a ghost, and a bad one.
nothing has happened since, till today. this is why I looked up ghosts and found this site.
 i have a picture frame on my wall with lots of photos of me and my friends. today I woke up, got dressed and thought some thing in my room looked odd. the frame was missing. weird thing is, it hangs on the part of my wall where I first saw 'the man'. I found it behind my little dresser. the glass was smashed, so obviously it had fallen. I told mum when she got home from work and asked if we could get the glass fixed. she seemed shocked that it had fallen. she looked at the hook and said that there is no way in hell it could have just dropped. scared, I have to agree. she told me that she was eating breakfast this morning and heard the toilet flush. thinking it was one of us girls, she didn't do much. then it flushed again. she got up to see which one of us kids were up. not one. we were both sound asleep in bed. my scared mum left for work.
i slept in, so did my sister. when I got up I looked at my clock. 2:22pm. geeze, it was a big sleep in. then as i walked to the toilet, the time in the microwave said 4:16pm, the oven, 5:12pm, then in the lounge room, 12:08. what was it? i was so confused. then a friend called. he told me the time in the lounge is the right one.
mum and me are a little lost about what happened today, but i know it's 'the man'.
now the history....
when my mum was a little girl, she lived at home with her  three other sisters, one who was mentally retarded, and her mum. my opa left my oma when she was only young. anyway, my oma and the girls moved house after the divorce. during this time, oma bought and old wardrobe from a second hand store.
after being in the new house for nearly six months, my oma woke up one night cold. she walk over and closed her bedroom wi ndow. she didn't feel tired, so she thought she'd have a cup of tea and do some reading. first she checked on the girls. all asleep, or so it seemed. she had checked one room where three girls were, then the next, which was my mum's. (being the oldest she got her own room, it was smaller than the other, but it was her own.) she was in bed, asleep. then as my oma headed towards to kitchen, not knowing why, she turned to the front door, only to see my mum walk in. not just inside though, she walked through to actual wood door. with a blanket wrapped around her she walked back to her room. my oma was yelling her name, but my mum kept walking as though no one was there. my oma was in shock and didn't sleep that night. she sat in the kitchen till morning. she told the girls what happened and my mum was amazed. "i never went for a walk, and i cant walk through walls" my mum said. oma believes a ghost took my mum's form, but what did it do outside while being my mum?
a month later more weird things started to happen. pots and pans flew around. it sounds like something out of a cheap horror film, but it happened. my oma, mum and aunties dont speak of this to anyone. only who they know wont laugh or think them to be weird.
after a year of strange things, it stopped.
my mum was now older and was moving out with my dad to a unit. she moved out, taking with her the wardrobe. the nice old wardrobe with the mirror in the middle and the pretty gold handles and the evil spirit. nice wardrobe.
mum and dad had only been in their new little unit for a week and already dad had to take off south for work. mum was a bit afraid to be alone in her new house, so she asked her mum to stay. the other girls found friend's places to stay at. that night, when my mum and oma were in the bed, oma woke. there in the mirror of the wardrobe was a prist all dressed in white. she couldn't hear him, but i looked like he was reading from his bible. he climbed out and stood by oma in the bed. oma pushed and yelled for my mum to wake up. she didn't, which is strange due to the fact that she is a very light sleeper and will wake at a whisper. after a few minutes he climbed back in the mirror and faded away. then my mum woke up to find oma sweating and crying. she explained what happened to mum and they both stayed awake and did not sleep.
mum and dad had many little 'get togethers' at there unit and most friends and family say that the house is cold, especially the bedroom. (where the wardrobe is)
mum and dad moved out. they moved into the house we are in now, with the wardrobe.
they had been living here for three years. nothing strange at all. then i was born. yep, now that is strange! he!
I was two years old, and my grandad died. (my dad's dad).
mum, dad and me went to live in grandad's old house to fix it all up to sell. we rented this house out to my aunty, (mum's sister) and her boyfriend. we left our dog (rot weiler) with them to look after while we were away for the eight months.
whilst my aunty was here, the strange things happened once again. one day her and her boyfriend had finish eating dinner and sat down to watch tv. our dog ran in the house, which is weird because the door was closed. she started to bark at the hallway. my aunty got up to put her outside, but just before she could say anything our dog was floating in the air and then was thrown against my mum's bedroom door. the dent is still there. my aunties boyfriend was frightened and called her a witch and left her that night. my dog was okay.  my aunty, upset and scared, phoned her friend. they planned to go out the next day to forget about what happened and the boyfriend. my aunty woke up the next day to her friend knocking on the door. when she answered the door the friend laughed. "what did you do to your hair?".. my aunties long hair was out big, like she had been electrocuted. her face was white and her eyes were red. they were both scared. her friend took her to the church to be blessed, as she thought she was possessed.  and soon to find out, she was. after being at the church for two hours my aunty was back to normal.
she soon left our house. she thought it was haunted. our dog came to live with us for the two months we were still away and our house was kept empty.
we came back.
i good night's sleep back at home mum was waiting for. she fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed. i guess it was good to be back. that night she woke. a black haze was in the mirror. mum stared at it till morning and then it faded.
the next day, dad came home from work. mum had some friends over and they were moving the wardrobe. "what are you doing" dad asked. "chopping the thing up. it's haunted, and i hate it" mum answered. dad couldn't argue and helped. it was chopped up and then burned.
the end? not by a long shot!
behind the flames, mum and only one of her friends saw a little black man running back and forth, laughing. not to worry, thought mum, it's burned, it's over. but it's out of the wardrobe and in our house.
not a thing happened again..... until i was eight.
there may be more to come for me and my sister. mum never see's it anymore and sort of doesn't believe the way she used to. dad, he still laughs at me and thinks there's always a logical explanation. well if there is, explain to me who the hell that black man is? and what does he want with our family? i thought at first it was just a bad spirit in the wardrobe, but it's out now, so why isn't it leaving?
i want it gone for good, because there is no way in hell i'll let whatever it is scare my kids. i hate it, but want to know so so so bad, what it wants and why?
 *if you know anything that can help me or any suggestions on what to do, e-mail me....

The Crossroads
I have a story that I get goosebumps when I say it to people.  I live in Salina KS and this town is really boring so we do some stupid things for our own pleasure.  Well we have this place outside of town called the Crossroads, and people go out there during the day and only the brave go out there at night.  Well me and a few friends decided to go out there during the day, and we had no idea where it was, we took directions from people nad we found it or so we thought.  The Crossroads is a burial ground for witches a while back and graves are there dated in 97.  Well we pulled into this drive and got out of my truck.  We then walked on a path for what seemed like 20 minutes.  Then we came to a worn down shack that looked scary as ever.  and by the shack was a house that seemed pretty new.  there were beercans all over the outside of the house.  we went in and there were brown spots on the wall that looked like dried blood, there was a pentagram drawn in the center of the room, there were animal skeletons and  door shut behind us and we ran for the cars.  when we got to them, an officer was writing tickets and putting them on the windows.  I asked him whats wrong and he said we cant park there.  i asked him what this place was back there and he told us an old family lived there and they were burned to death by something and they were all satanic.  I found out a week later that someone went back there and burned down the house, but i think something else burned it down.  weird huh?

The Day Benito Died

I was about six years old when my aunt's husband died.  I distinctively remember it because my grandmother knew he was going to die exactly that day.  Benito was bedridden with terminal cancer.  He was sent home to die after a long stay at the hospital.  I was at my grandmother's house when my aunt came to pick up some lunch.  My grandmother had the ability to communicate with the dead.  I remember grandma giving my aunt a crucifix she had on top of her headbed.  My grandmother told my aunt to place the cross over Benito's bed and to rush home becuase "it was time".  My aunt knew about my grandmother's psychic abilities and asked her if Benito was going to die that day.  I sensed that my grandmother wanted to spare her the grief of knowing but was giving her the gift of being there when he passed.  My grandmother only answered her to hurry up and just go.  My aunt left and when she reached home her husband wasgoing on, going about the room.  I don't know why but I knew Benito was there.  I told my grandmother.  She knew it too.  My mother scolded me because I was scaring my sisters.  But I couldn't help it I knew Benito was there.  Many years after this, my family and I moved to my aunt's house when she died.  My mother inherited the house.  In more than one occasion my mother bumped into the shadow of a darked complexion man that will just appear at different places in the house.  I told her it was Benito.  This would happen very frequently for about two years after we moved in.  Then he never appeared again.  I guess Benito finally datached from his home and moved on to next level.

The Doll

I never really believed in "ghost stories" until I experienced one myself. I don't remember it all to well, because I was really very young. We had just moved our new house, and it was very nice. One day my mom had dropped her earring onto the floor, she bent down, but she couldn't find it. She started to search the whole house, with my older sister helping her. After a few hours of searching, she gave up. When she had gotten up off the floor from her searching, she turned around, and there was her golden hoop earring lying on the table as if someone had set it there very politely. Always things were disappearing, then appearing again in the most obvious of places.  But the most chilling story of that house, was when I was playing with my doll in my bedroom, and I got mad at it, so I threw it out the doorway in disgust. My mother turned around to pick it up, but it wasn't there. In fact in wasn't even in the house anymore.  It had gone all the way down the stairs, around the corner, and into the front bushes outside. I was only around 3 years old, and I couldn't of possably thrown it that far. That summer, we put the house up for sale. There was a nice couple looking around the house, seeing if they wanted to buy it.  The man went upstairs, to take a better look around, but not before long, he came running down the stairs, pale as a sheet, saying "Is this place haunted"?  Every summer after that, the house is always for sale. No one has ever stayed more than a few months in that house, without a for sale sign in the window.

The experiences I've had could fill a book.

I grew up in a small sleepy all-American town. You basically knew all your neighbors and went to bed without locking your doors. It was a  great town to grow-up in. The house that I  can really remember is still standing there in that town. The story was that it had been an old farm house that was moved into town and put onto a cellar/foundation. This was located three houses from a rather large cemetery. In the middle of this cemetery was an old church. It wasn't used as a church any longer but as the cemeteries office. Under the church was a large cellar that a driveway led down to it. Rumor was that at one time slaves were hidden there on their way to freedom. The farm house had most of it's rooms on the first floor. But upstairs was the attic that had been made into two bedrooms, three closets, and a hallway. Up till my parents purchasing it the house had always been rented out to families. Now the earliest "scare" that I can recall having was when I was about 8 or 9 and home with my mother one night. My father worked the third shift at a plant in a neighboring state and my half-sister was married and on her own. So we were all alone. Having gotten ready for bed we were up watching television in the living room. It was rather odd at that time of night to have somebody knocking on our door. Plus it was the back door which meant that the person would of passed the front porch and door to knock on that door. Well mum and I went to the back door and turned on the porch light. 3 big windows on the door showed nobody there. At that we turned the light off and started back towards the living room.  The house was built like an "L" shape so you had to go thru the kitchen, dining room then into the living room. Off of the dining room was a mini hall with two bedrooms and a bathroom. The front door was straight ahead in the living room and we could see the front porch. Mum quickly turned on the front porch light but nobody was there. She figured it was neighborhood boys playing tricks on us. Mum knew how to catch them. She turned off all the lights and television. She then positioned us in the dining room where there were 2-5 foot high windows. What we saw gliding( or you could say floating) by the windows on the outside was a very foggy figure that looked like it was wearing a hooded robe. It sort of glided towards the driveway and suddenly went poof!  Believe me there are tons more of stories. I lived in that house till I got married and moved out. For 24 years I experienced all kind of things and even would return there to visit my parents and would still have weird happenings. Even my dog would growl and refuse to enter rooms.

The Haunted Federal Prison

My name is Henry Elliott.  I am a silver star, purple heart veteran of Vietnam, after Vietnam I served in the the South Afrikan army as an instructor, sniper.  In college I worked with a Professor who was a part time Ghosts hunter, Dr ******* has written two books - The lively ghosts of Maine and the Restless Ghosts of New England.  My Alma Mater has the distinction of being one of the most Haunted Campus' in America,  Nordica Auditorium, The College Theater and the old Alpha Sig Omega Frat house are all "occupied".  Until I worked with Dr ******* I was an athesist - Did you know that Ghosts cure athesism??  They do!
     For the past 19 years I have been a correctional officer for the Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Prisons At a middle level Federal Correctional Institution in the southwest.  The building that is the subject of my letter is our Prison Chapel.  In the early seventies an Officer named "Don" took one last overtime as chapel officer.  The chapel officer supervises Free World volunteers and inmate services also asists the Chaplains.  At 8:30pm the Chapel Officer runs the inmates out of the chapel to the main "compound", escorts volunteers out and signs them out in a log book, after that he/she searches all areas inmates have had access to "shaking down", then locks up the chapel, reports to the Senior Officer on the compound for another duty assignment untils shift change at midnight.
        Chapel is considered "piece of cake" over time so "Don" took it.  This night about a dozen members of a  radical black group NOI - Nation Of Islam jumped him and stabbed him to death with home made knives (shanks) the officer was bludgeoned with a typwritter and a fire extinghuisher, he was decaptitated - this was in Feburary 1974.   Prison Legend has it that "Don" will stay on duty in the chapel until the last of his attackers are dead.  He is stuck there and so are the killers until the last one dies.  As of this writing two are surviving.
When I first heard the story it sounded like the type of BS the "old guys" tell the newbies.   The following things have been recorded at out chapel:

                I.  Cold spots
                II.  Doors not staying locked
                III.  Emergency phone number for help "222" aka "Duces" being dailed from chapel.
                IV.  Items being moved
                V.  Sightings of "Don"

One summer evening last summer it was HOT and dry and the evening shift was ready for trouble.  After the last prisoner count of the evening we all "kicked back" for a while. One of the  gun towers notified Control Center and the shift Lt we had movement in the Chapel.  Two of our mobile patrols drove around to the chapel and the tower officers trained their weapons on the chapel area - we recounted the housing units.  Again we had a good count.  Lt F  took a group of officers into the chapel there were eight of us, we drew riot batons from control center and the Lt had a areosal can of mace.  We popped the door on the chapel and heard organ music coming from inside, as we entered the building we heard footsteps running into the sanctuary area.  We stormed the chapel hitting the lights as we went - Nothing.  Just a building locked up for the night.  the Lt sent four of us to the other side of the building to check the offices as the others searched the sanctuary.  maybe five minutes later things started.  We were searching a walk in storage closet when a chrome plated music stand rose up turned in the air and drove its self about three inches into the wall between lt ******'s legs.  The organ started playing or just someone banging hard on the keys.  We rushed the big unlocked doors four of us, four big strong men with backgrounds in police , military , boxing and football.  The doors were unlocked we could SEE it wasnt locked  but it would not open.  At this point maybe ten hymnals started dancing on the back of the pews to the organ music.  We heard Officer D scream.  We forced the doors and ran to her we saw her on the ground being (there's no other word for it - raped by something invisable.)  Officer P had been kicked in the groin and shoved against the wall.  Officer R was tripped, Officer J was thrashing the air with her baton trying to connect with Officer D's attacker.  The doors were slamming and opening in sequence.  Lt F  hit the area with mace and was hit by a chair.  Officer B and I ran back into the sanctuary and filled two Styrofoam cups with holy water, we ran back to the office area and I said "I order you in the name of Jesus Christ to stop what you are doing and leave!  God almighty who I have blasphemed and not believed in so many years I am pleading the blood of Jesus"!  I threw my cup of Holy water at where I thought the attacker would be.  Everything stopped.  It was like pulling the plugged on a stereo it just died -dead.       We gathered everyone up and Officer B was our rear guard with his holy water.
    The PA checked us out.  Officer D had scratch and bite marks on her breast. Officer L had black and blue marks on his thigh and slight swelling in his groin.  Officer R had black and blue marks on his knee where he had been tripped.  LT F had two stiches in his forehead.
We submitted memos with photo's of the incident.  We were all given three days stress leave.  Bureaucrats do not like bad press .
We  think the destruction of the old dorms the changing of the prison with a full moon maybe triggered something.  All the dorms and buildings officer Don knew have been torn down, replaced with new dorms .  The entire joint has moved about 1/4 to 1/2 mile south.
But yes this story is true.  Memo's were written and turned in along with pictures of the injured staff and damaged to the chapel.  They were duely forwarded to the Regional offices in Kansas City and then to the B I G offices on the Potomac.  Were we believed No but most people were polite enough not to laugh at us.

The Hay Wagon

When I first moved here, in July or 1978, it was the last dwelling on a dead-end dirt road; if a vehicle came by it was coming here and when we heard wheels on the gravel, we would go to the window or out the door to see who was arriving.
In October, an odd thing happened several times.  Wheels were heard on gravel, accompanied by the rattle and creak of a venicle, perhaps pulling a trailer or heavily loaded (obviously coming down the drive), when we looked out, no one was there and the sounds stopped. It was puzzling, but since it only happened for a few nights, we forgot about it.  The next year it happened again; and the next. by the fourth year we were waiting for it and nothing!
By this time I'd been keeping a record of what time, date, etc. were involved and we saw that in the three previous years, the weather had been clear and the moon full. The fourth year, the weather was drizzly through the three full moon nights.
The fifth year, was overcast the first night, but expected to clear by early evening of the total full-moon night.  We had several friends in to wait with us and by eight o'clock, the sky had cleared amd the moon shone brightly.  At 8:47 PM, sure enough, we all heard creaks and rattles coming down the drive.  One of my guests, a minister, impulsively jumped up and went to the window. Immediately, all sounds stopped and did not resume that night.
The next night, several people stationed themselves at vantage points around the yard to wait.  Nothing happened.
The next few years were similar - always at the full moon in October, only if the night was clear, only if no one was in sight - one year I even rigged a periscope arrangement so I could spy, and nothing.
A lot has happened over the years. I was divorced and live here alone now,; the road was extended and homes were built a couple miles beyond me and many cars drive by.  Nowadays, someone moving here probably wouldn't notice the sounds, but they still come.
In researching my property, I find that there was a farm here from 5 years before the American Revolution.  The Old farmhouse burned down about 50 years ago and my house was built on the site.  In the woods, just over the bank are stones of a ruined barn foundation.   The full moon this month is 10 days away and if I'm not too busy, I might stop and listen for them.  I kind of like them and in my mind's eye, I can see a farm family bringing in the last of the hay by the light of the harvest moon.  If I listen carefully, one of the sounds is like the stamp of a large horse's hoof and some of the clinking is very much like harness jingle. As I see it, this was their home first and since they don't seem to mind sharing, why should I.

Hide and Seek Ghost

I just discovered your site and I'm fascinated by the stories there. I've always been very interested in ghosts/ghost pictures/ghost stories and I've always been disappointed that there are so few well made ghost movies out there. Anyway, here's my story. Well, I've actually seen a number of things in my life, but this is the most interesting story I have.

From about 1988-1991, my family lived in an old house in Wisconsin. The house we actually lived in was built in the 1800's, but it was not the original house on the property. The original house was built even earlier and had at some point been converted into a garage.

The house we lived in was a two-story farm house (if you don't include the basement and attic) built in an old German style. The walls were thick. The windows were old, wavy, recessed, small, and many were stuck fast from years of paint. The ceilings had sagged in a number of places, so they were wavy too.

When my parents told the previous owners that they intended to buy the house, the wife pulled them aside and said she felt obligated to tell them that the room at the end of the hall of the second floor was haunted. She said that she often felt cold spots there. My parents thanked her kindly but behind her back thought she was crazy.

Before we moved in, my Dad and I went to the house to touch up the paint. While there, we heard a strange humming noise. We went through the house trying to locate the noise, and finally found that it was loudest outside the attic door.

The attic of this house was incredible. The door leading up to it was in the middle of the second floor hallway, between my room and the "haunted" room. If you opened the door, it led into a small hallway which led to another door. Upon opening this door, you reached the steps to the attic. The attic was huge and dark. It was constructed of giant rough-hewn logs. The logs in the ceiling had ancient nails sticking out of their bottoms.

What we discovered in the attic was a huge swarm of bees- thousands of them. Their humming could be heard through two doors and foot-thick walls. Throughout my time in the house, we had problems with bees fighting to get into the house. Also, my uncle, one of the few people in my family to believe in ghosts, was afraid to go into the attic, though we never told him anything about it, and our dogs often barked at the attic door, though they rarely barked at human visitors.

After that, we moved in uneventfully. Eventually, my Mom got pregnant and my parents decided to turn the "haunted" room into the baby's room. This room was the only room in the house that had not been decorated by the previous owners or my parents. It was panelled in dark wood, with gaps between the panelling. (My parents attributed the cold spots the previous owner mentioned to the gaps, but the walls in this room were just as thick as everywhere else and other rooms without cold spots were only painted with no panelling.) Before my parents decorated it for the baby, the room was dark, small, and felt abandoned.

My parents painted the room peach and decorated it beautifully. However, once born my sister didn't sleep in her lovely room because she had night terrors when placed there. (Night terrors was the name the doctor gave to our new baby waking up screaming and sweating.)

Now we get to my main story. One day, my parents asked me to babysit my sister. She was at the age when she could toddle a bit but not walk well, and I was a teenager in high school. Once my parents left us, I put Sarah (my sister) in the sunroom where she could play safely and I went upstairs to clean out my bathroom closet.

While cleaning the closet, I heard a clear knock on the bathroom door, which was closed. The bathroom door was closed because it had to be to allow the closet door to open. I assumed it was Sarah, so I called out to her to wait a minute as I had to close the closet door and then open the bathroom door.

I had closed my closet door and was reaching for the bathroom door when I heard another knock. It was very forceful, which surprised me as my sister was so small. I flung open the bathroom door as I thought she was upset and found...nothing.

As I stood there shocked, I had the feeling that I should look down the hall to Sarah's room, though I didn't see anyone go that way. As I did, her door slammed with great force. I was again surprised as the doors in the house were very heavy, especially for a small child to slam.

I assumed Sarah was playing tricks, so I went down the hall saying, "I'm going to get you.." I reached her door and flung it open, but again saw noone. The room was small, so there was but one place for her to hide- the closet. I strode to the closet and threw it open saying, "gotcha!" But she wasn't there.

I was then overwhelmed by a strange sweet smell that I can only describe as being similar to artificial coffee creamer. I was suddenly struck with the sense that I should leave that room immediately, which I did.

I then ran downstairs to the sunroom, where I found my sister peacefully playing.

Now, as I stated, most of the windows in the house could not be opened; they were painted shut. None were open that day. Also, noone was in the house but my sister and me, and she was too small and too weak in her walking skills to have gotten downstairs before me.

Suffice it to say I never liked sarah's room after that, and I never told my doubtful parents.

The Kiss Goodnight....

Well, let me start by telling you that I have had several experiences my whole life.  My family has as well (my grandma, mom and aunts and uncles).  I believe in ghosts, my house I grew up in had them, but that is another story.

This one happened at my grandma's house in Salem, Illinois.  My mom and I had just flown  there from California to help out my grandma.  She was about 94 or 95 at the time.  I was maybe about 25 years old or so at the time.  My aunt was there too, helping out as well.

That first night, I slept in the living room, on the couch (there was no way I was gonna sleep in the spare room by myself, my uncle had recently died in there, and he's the sort that would like to play all kinds of pranks on a person).

My mom and aunt and my grandma all were sleeping in the back bedrooms of the house.  I laid down to go to sleep.  I could hear them settling down for the night.  I heard someone come back into the living room, and I could feel them standing over me.  I felt them bend down to give me a kiss goodnight on the cheek.  I felt the imprint of their lips and the moisture from their lips as well.  I was so tired, and I didn't want to open up my eyes and talk.  I played "possem" and pretended to be asleep.

The next morning, I told my mom that I felt her give me another kiss goodnight.  She looked at me real funny and said that she didn't come back into the living room last night.  She said maybe my aunt had done it.  I asked my aunt, and she said no, she hadn't been the one that kissed me.  We all know that I wasn't my grandmother, because she was too unsteady and wouldn't have been able to bend over to kiss me like that.

I think that it was my grandpa.  He died when I was 16.  It could have been my uncle too, but I still think it was my grandpa.  I still can feel the kiss on my cheek, even after all these years, my loving kiss goodnight....

Please let me know what you think, and if you would like to know more stories...

The Laughing Woman

This is a story my Uncle told me about that happened when he was a boy back in the late 40's. He said that they had went to visit his grandparents. (as they usually did) He said, he and his brother and a cousin were all playing upstairs. (at the top of the stairs) He said he and his brother were on the top step facing downstairs. His cousin was on a lower step facing sideways towards the open hallway in direct view of one of the bedrooms. He said they had been playing for a little while when he noticed that his cousin was looking towards that particular bedroom like he was in a trance or in shock or something. He said he kept trying to get his attention, but no luck, so he decided just to turn and look the way he was and there inside that bedroom just inside the doorway was a woman with long white hair touching the floor.With NO Legs!!! She was standing on her hands swinging her torso back and forth and when she noticed that he also saw her, she started laughing hysterically at them by then the brother also saw and heard and yelled don't look at her let's get out of here and they all ran downstairs. He said they never went upstairs again at Grandma's house. He said he still has nightmares about it to this day.

The Little Girl

When I was eleven and a half I went to Hayward with my aunt and uncle. On our way there We stopped at  my uncles parents house to visit them for the day and decided to spend the night.
That night my uncles parents told us how there lived a little girl ghost in my uncles room. when we left their house we went to Hayward and came back home to my mom and dad.
I was playing with my Barbie’s and put them away. When I came back to them all their hair was braided. The next night I saw a little girl that was wearing a turquoise shirt with green pants .Her face was blurry but was black and white.
I saw her three more times after that but knew she fallowed me home from my uncles parents house.

The Man On The Street

One night when I was young I just moved into this 2 story house.  It was the best house on the block.  Well that night I thought I would look out my window to see the view.  I saw a man in a in a long brown coat with a type of detective hat on.  So I did what any 8 year old did.  I opened my window and screamed "Hi!" he turned around but something was very wrong.  His eyes were glowing and disappeared when he turned back around.  I ran down stairs crying and told my parents.  They said i was dreaming.  Dream or no dream I think he was a ghost.


My mum told me when i was three i was sitting on my bed, she said to me "Go to sleep.!" I then said to her "Tell the man i wanted to go to sleep so he has to go." She looked and couldn't see anyone she then asked me "Were is he?" i then said to her "Right next to you." She told me I was looking stright past her.

The Phantom "Car"

One Sunday night not too many months ago....I was out with my carbon copy, my four year old daughter Shaunnessy. She'd had a late nap and I decided to tire her out with a shopping jaunt for life's necessities and a drive through some of our secluded suburban woods near the park and an historic cemetary (which I captured some ectoplasm on film from, but that's another story!)

It was about 11:00 PM and we had seen a few possums, a little raccon family, a handful of deer, and an armadillo. We do this often, looking for animals and then pulling over to watch them and quietly talk about them and how they live, what they eat, factoids, really, enjoying quiet conversation and being together sometimes over a snack.

We had just finished watching the raccoon family cross the road and play in the ditch. I pulled up to the intersection, turned past the cemetary, and then onto another secluded wood-covered road. This road had given us, particularly the kids, the "creeps" on occasion. This is odd, because my mother lives in the middle of the National Forest and we live out in the 'burbs, so a lot of our time is spent in the boonies. It was very nice outside and as usual, we had the windows open and the radio off. It was very dark and this road is fairly straight. At the end of the road, it is cleared out some and you can see cars traveling on the next busy street and if they turn you can watch them pull onto this road. We had been driving slowly up and down this road, pulling over when we would see the reflection of eyes to see whatever creature we had found and watch it for a while.

We had just crossed the first bridge when suddenly, "headlights" appeared at the end of the road. I had seen no car turn onto the road, no silhouette showing brakelights or signals, no glare of headlights arcing through a turn.

As it approached, it was silent. I had pulled over just after crossing the bridge. Something just wasn't right. These lights weren't the usual white glow, so i thought they must be the new halogen bluebrights, but no, something still was off.

They had no shape consistent with the major car manufacturers. Almost perfectly round. And they showed no signs of bumping up and down on the potholes of this oft-washed-out road.

As it got closer, I judged its speed to be about 35-40 MPH. I noticed I could see none of the amber parking/fog lights framing these headlights. I heard NO engine. I could see no outline of a car body, but the outline of treetops BETWEEN the lights. No license plate, nothing. No grill. No shiny reflective painted metal.

Shaunnessy and I watched silently in awe as it passed. As it went by, we heard or felt no passing wind; again, we heard no engine, no wind, nothing. As a matter of fact, we could still hear the water gurgling in the creek. I watched in my panoramic rearview as it passed and Shaunne turned around to watched. We were almost trancelike....and as it came even with my Jeep.......the lights glare of headlights in the treetops behind us. just......gone.

I didn't say anything as I din't want to scare my daughter. I just took off slowly and said, "I think we should get back home now."

"OK Mommy, but let's come back soon and look for that spooky car again."



The Shadow Ones

My name is Kim, and I am 15 years old.

For as long as i remember, I have been plagued by mysterious 'shadow people'. These were dark figures that i would see out of my prepheral vision (corner of eye). They would duck behind a bush or tree or furniture, whatever was available. I wasnt exactly scared, but  more puzzled. The interesting thing is that I suffer from depression. since I went on medication and got counseling, the 'shadow people' have disappeared.

There are also other things. I used to have 2 male Guinea Pigs.  Those who own male g-pigs know that they are very territorial. Anyway, Their names were Rudy and Splash. Rudy died in March 2002 of unknown causes... he had seizures and no vets offices were open, so he died. Anyway there was a particular arm of the couch where Rudy liked to sit and be petted. One day I was holding Splash and he looked right at the arm and began chattering (the sound made by a guinea pig when it sees another one that it doesnt like)!

Last but not least is my bedroom. It has an evil feeling, as does  my basement. My dog sleeps in bed with me, and she often looks at a wall or a corner and starts barking.

Sorry about the length, hope you like the stories.

The Silhouette

About seventeen years ago (that would put me at about seventeen at the time) I had become really close friends with the couple that lived next door to me back in L.A. I was the typical adolescent, struggling to find my identity and wanting to grow up so quickly. I spent allot of time at my neighbors home, just hanging out with them. But I knew I gained nothing by lying and my parents had taught me well. Therefore I believe
I am an honorable person.
One evening I was with my neighbor Arlene, in her living room and watching television. It was late enough that it had been dark outside for a while. Unexpectedly, the electricity went out leaving us in almost total darkness.  The only light visible came from a streetlight on the sidewalk outside their house. It shone through one door into the room but offered NO helpful light. Arlene stood up and made her way slowly toward the door, feeling her way and talking to me for reassura alone. I was met by a silhouette of a figure leaning against one side of the door frame. The figure lifted it's arm and took a long, deep drag off of a cigarette. The cherry glowed bright in the darkness and a fresh cloud of odor filled the room.  I admit the figure startled me at first sight. I figured it had to be Arlene. The figure appeared dwarfed by the frame of darkness. I asked her what was wrong and why the lights were still out. The figure simply continued leaning there without a word. I sat forward in my seat and turned toward her.
With obvious concern in my voice I asked, "Arlene, what's wrong? My heart sank into my gut as the figure shifted and stood up in the doorway with a very low grunt. It was tall, broad shouldered and most definitely... a man...
Now I was scared and that's when the realization flooded me... I was alone. My mind started to race with everything I should do and that's when the lights came on.
The man stanrried and living far away from that house in L.A., but to this day I will NEVER forget that night and what I had experienced. Sometimes I feel silly. I'm a grown man. But whenever I am alone in a dark room I tend to shy my eyes away from doors... for fear that I will see the silhouette.

The ugly man's face,

Hi, when I was nine I went to bed. I laid there thinking, I don't want to go to bed. In the dark I saw some thing move, not sure what it was I didn't move, then I seen it again this time I moved to get a better view. Suddenly it or what came at me just looked at me, but it had the ugly face I had ever seen. I scream out loud for my dad, it seemed like forever. it was so close to my face I had to move back but when I did it moved closer and I screamed louder.... When dad flew the door open and turned on the lights it just vanished.  After that dad gave me a flash light to sleep with (LoL)"THANKS DAD!"

The Warning

G'day, I live in Australia but on the North Coast of NSW. The area I live in is loaded with the local Indigenous Tribe DreamTime. I know some areas, which I wouldn't go anywhere near. Being a experienced Bushwalker, I get to know about these things. There's a place here called Nimbin. Famous for its' drugs and Mardi Grass. This place is actually cursed by the local Aboriginals. The Rocks on the way into the village is weird. I want to relate to you a Dream I had when I was 17 and living there in self imposed exile. I was staying one night at a friends place which is situated directly beneath these rocks. Let me explain briefly about the history of these rocks. They are known to the Korries as the Gateway to DreamTime. The place is haunted by ghosts and, this is no lie, but also guarded by a wise woman and a Black Warrior. This dream I had concerns the Black Warrior. I was given the verandah as it was a bloody hot night and given a mossie net. So, I snuggled down and went to sleep. In this "dream" I found myself in water searching for something in the sand. I remember looking around and recognised where I was. Then I saw a light bopping along towards me. A tall Black man with tribal scars across his chest and curly black hair appeared holding a latern. In his left hand he held a spear. I watched him float by and he watched me with dark eyes. A strange warning flashed through my head. Leave the area. And I woke up. A few nights later I happened to be in the local pub. Now I was NOT drunk but I was buying myself a beer when I felt a hand touched me. I turned around and there I saw a Aboriginal woman flanked  by two black warrior with scars across their chest. She touched myhand and said, You must leave here. Then someone called me. When I turned to her...she was gone. One of my mates came up and said: You alright? So I told what I wrote above but he shook his head: No, man, you were talking to yourself.
I swear this story is true. Thanks for listening...or reading...

black shadow

My name is lisa and I use to be into witch craft and the devil. I was very mean and use to cus at God alot. And one night  I was sitting in my room and I was about to go to sleep and I decided to ask God to forgive me for all that I had done, I decided to pray and invite the Lord back into my life. As I layed down to go to sleep I looked up into the corner of my room and I saw black shadow like figures leaving my room like black smoke. I was so terrified, I don't know if it was a ghost or the devil himlself but I didn't sleep in my room for days.I had my room blessed and I will never say that I don't believe that there is something else other than the living on this earth.

This is Weird

Probaly about 20 years ago, our landlords father died in the kitchen of our small trailor. It is weird, because all by themselfs the screw on lid of the sugar containor will just pop off and fly across the kitchen. And this is a screw on lid. I am now 16, and about 2 years ago, my dog had a litter of 8 puppies. 6 of 8 lived, one being a stillborn, and one dying during the night. My 6 year old neice at the time swears to this day, that she could see to young puppies playing in the hallway near where they were born. We only kept one puppy, so that was impossible. The mother of the pups was seen every once in a while, licking thin air. The dog, is sometimes afraid to walk down the hall to my room. She will run back into the living room. She will also hide. Sometimes things will disappear, and I will get blamed for taking it when I wasn't even home. Then comes back in a obvios place. It is sooo strange, but in a way feels cool.

Three Experiences

The first ghostly experience I ever had happened when I was ten or eleven. Out family was renting an old adobe house in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and my sister and I shared a bedroom. My mother had decided to paint our room and temporarily relocated us to the basement. I'd always had creepy feelings about that basement, but could never really articulate why. The particular room she moved us into had always felt strange to us kids. One night I woke up to find myself out of bed and standing up with my hands against the wall, as if searching. I'd never sleepwalked before in my life. To my surprise, my sister was also out of her bed (though still asleep) and doing the same thing; blindly searching  the walls with her hands as she shuffled along. I woke her up and  we both went back to bed. This occurred all over again for several nights in a row. Sometimes she would wake up first and sometimes I would and we'd always doing the same thing, except that she claimed to experience the feeling of insects crawling all over her right after she woke up. It stopped when we were finally moved back upstairs to our bedroom. Niether of us has ever sleepwalked again and certainly not in synch like that. I know it had something to do with the room we were in, somehow. We still talk about it to this day.

The second experience I had happened several months ago, while sitting in my boss Phil's office at work. I was taking notes from him when we were interrupted by another co-worker. While this co-worker talked to Phil, I started randomly doodling on my note pad, watching them and waiting for them to finish their conversation. The doodling turned to blind scribbling because I was watching their faces, though not really paying attention to what they were saying to each other. I'm not sure exactly, but I think this scribbling action seemed to open up some kind of portal or something. I say this because I got a weird, light vibrating sensation after scribbling for a few minutes, and when I glanced from the co-worker back to Phil I saw a woman standing behind him. There was a feeling of comfort and love coming from her,  directed at Phil. I looked quickly back at my coworker to see if his face registered that a woman had suddenly appeared out of the thin air behind Phil, but he just kept talking as usual. When I looked  back at the woman again she was gone.

I debated telling my boss about this for two days, since I was still fairly new on the job and I didn't want him to think I was a nutcase. But the woman and the sensations coming from her had been so strong that I knew I hadn't imagined it. Finally I broke down and told him, hoping he wouldn't think I was a fruitcake. To my relief he asked me to describe her. I did and he asked if I would recognize a photograph. I said I thought I would, so the next day he brought in a photo with 7 or 8 people in it. I picked out the woman right away. He said it was his mother, who had recently died after a long illness. A few weeks later he told me that the day I'd seen her had been her birthday. He's asked me to please tell him if I ever see her again, but so far I haven't.

A few weeks ago a similar thing happened. This time I was sitting in an all-day meeting and was bored to tears. The guest speaker was droning on and on, and I started doodling. Suddenly I saw a child (a girl) tugging on the guest speaker's belt. She kept randomly tugging on his arm and belt while he spoke to us, as if trying to get his attention. I knew she wasn't a real person standing there because she would fade in and out and obviously the speaker didn't see or feel her. There was a feeling of intense sadness and neglect about her. Since I didn't know the speaker at all and wasn't about to tell him what I'd seen or ask him about it, I never found out who she was. I did tell my boss, Phil, since he hadn't ridiculed my previous experience. There was no way to find out if the speaker had known a young girl (daughter, niece?) who had died, without risking sounding weird.

I have no idea why this sort of thing is happening to me now. None of these incidences has scared me, but they do exasperate  me. I'm not sure what this is about and I'm a solid, down-to-earth and emotionally stable person. I've never sat down and just randomly scribbled to see what happens. I don't want to try that and I'm not sure why. I find these things interesting, but I'm also not quite sure what to do with the experiences, if anything. I'm definitely not interested in hanging out a "psychic" shingle or anything like that. If anyone reading this account has had a similar experience, I'd sure love to hear about it and how you deal with it. You can e-mail me at  Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience.

Toy ghost story

In our town there is a raised part of land formed on a hill. There are many houses and it is not a spooky place. There is even a  nice little playground. One day me and a  group of friends,(Over 3)  were walking past a fairly  modern house. I don’t know what possessed me to look up into that window but I seen something in the corner of my eye. In the top  window staring out at us was a doll. She was dressed in old clothes (Victorian style, blue.)With long black hair. She was pale with black hollow eyes. It was so spooky. I informed my friends and they agreed with me. The doll was so lifelike and spooky. The reason was she was alive!!!!  She stumbled backwards and as a curtain was blown back  she was still there staring at us. We all were kind of freaked out by this and went home. In my house I mentioned to my elder sister what we had seen. She sat there, perplexed. I thought she did not believe me. I asked her what was the matter. She said” When I was about your  age me and Sarah (one of my friends who seen it sister) seen a freaky doll it spooked us and inspired us to write a ghost story about her possessing people to fall down the large flight of  stone steps used to reach the street and killed them”. Still not convinced I asked which house it was.” The second one from the steps.” she replied. Shocked with terror I informed her it was the same house. We never seen the whatever it was again. At least not yet. Well it certainly was not a doll. And it certainly was not living....

True? Haunting

Our house was inhabited by only one family previous to our buying it.  The man who built the house and his wife.  They longed for but never did have any children of their own.  He farmed the land and eventually died in the front bedroom of lung disease after years of smoking.  That was 10 years or so before we bought the house.  The wife sold us the house because we were expecting our 1st child and she felt we would fill it with the children she didn't have.  Nothing unusual happened until after our son was born.  He was about 6 months old.  His nursery was in the front bedroom.  I returned to work after he was born and took him to my sister-in-law, who watched him while I worked.  One morning I was bending over him in his crib, fumbling with the zipper on his jacket, when as clear as could be, I smelled the sulphur smell that follows a match being lit and blown out, as when someone lights a cigarette.  It was right over my shoulder, behind me, as if someone was standing there lighting their cigarette.  Yet I was alone, except for the baby.  My husband had already left for work.  It scared me so badly that I grabbed the baby, my car keys and flew over to my sister-in-law's house post haste.

We had another son the following year, and also bought a dog, to keep the boys and me company while my husband was away.  The dog would stand in the doorway to the kitchen, when no one was in the kitchen and all of the hairs on his back would be standing straight up and he would bark at the nothingness.  It was extremely unsettling.

The size of our family grew to the point that we had to either move or add-on to the original house.  We chose the latter.  We added on through the original kitchen.  We also acquired 3 more dogs.  To this day the oldest one will stand from the new side of the addition, looking into the empty kitchen and bark with his hackles raised at 'something' in the old kitchen.

The most recent occurrence of something unusual happened about a month ago.  My aunt had come to visit on a Sunday, my sons are now away at college and my husband was out.  My aunt and I were sitting in the new dining room, which comes out of the kitchen, I was sitting with my back to the kitchen entrance, she was facing the kitchen.  We have a picture at the end of the table, which has a glass covering over the painting, so it reflects people walking pass it, much like a mirror would.  As we were sitting there, I saw a man walk through the kitchen, in the glass on the picture.  I assumed my husband had come home and I turned around and called out his name.  Figuring he had come home and was coming into the dining room where we were.  My aunt, said 'John's not home yet, is he?'  And I said, ' Yes, I just saw him pass through the kitchen in the reflection in the pitcure.'  He wasn't home, in fact, and she saw nothing from where she was sitting, facing the kitchen.  Yet I saw 'something' very clearly in the glass on the wall.

We assume we are seeing glimpses of the old man who built our house, keeping watch over our boys as they grew and now over my husband and me.  Who knows for sure?


Truro Apartment

Hey guys, incredibly awesome site you have set up here, I have to admit that  I am severely addicted to it and have read every single reader-contributed  story at least twice, maybe three times.
Anyways, I've always believed in ghosts and the paranormal, up to and including topics such as astral realms, astral traveling, demonology, and Ouji Boards. I'm a 21 year old man living in a small central area of Nova Scotia, Canada. In the army reserves and saving money for college to take psychology and then parapsych. with any luck *fingers crossed* I don't spook  easily, and despite my personality I look at every situation very  analytically.

Anyways, on with my story... My sister, who is a year older than me and one of my closest friends, lives in Truro Heights, a fairly seculded but nice part of truro, in an older apartment complex. The complex is at a dead end street, a large three story brick building. Lower class, the main tenants are younger couples such as my sister and her boyfriend, just starting out on their own. The halls are very wide, the walls are painted bricks. All three floors have the ugliest carpet you can imagine. *My sisters hall is a lovely shade of orange*  She and I have a standing tradition that whenever I am in town and her boyfriend is at work, I'll grab her and I a coffee at Tim Hortans and go visit her.  During one of these visits a few weeks ago, she was telling me about how she felt 'weird' in her apartment sometimes. Especially when her boyfriend worked the evening shift, 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM. I asked her what it felt like, and she really didn;t have an answer. She did tell me however that from time to time in the large picture window looking out on her small lawn, she could see a shadowy blurred figure behind her, in the kitchen... almost as if someone was doing dishes.The previous night her boyfriend had woken her up in the very early hours of the morning by sprinting out of bed, into the main room, and out into the hall. When he came back, he was shaken and pacing the bedroom before he laid back down. He had been laying there after waking up to go to the bathroom, and heard what seemed to be a young woman’s voice in the hall scream 'help me
I'm being raped!' Nothing was heard for the rest of the night, and the outer hallway had been cold and silent. Smaller occurrences, such as chess pieces on their chessboard moving have happened several times lately. And, to my amazement, While my sister was in her bedroom getting changed and I waited out in the armchair for her, I heard a woman’s voice, in the area of the kitchen table, sigh/whisper 'hello.' No fan was on at the time, no radio or TV. Weird. I didn't get a bad or scared feeling from it, if anything it was nice to be welcomed instead of the usual stories you hear of a voice bellowing 'get out' and dishes sailing at me :P

tucson ghost

I used to work at a community center (off bald eagle rd from camino de oesete close to cortaro farms rd) in tucson az where i was a checker and an assit manager. i had been there for over 5 years and i have encountered a spirt that became attached to me.  across from the main office is a rec room where we held our activities. one saturday morning over a can of soda and listening to the cure w/ a long time friend and coworker: I was told about the ghost that she saw a ghost that morning. the entity is of a women about 5 ft in height wearing a distinctive pink sweater w long brown hair. that was all that was seen because the sprit's back was to her. my friend thought it was a memo and shrugged it of as she finished preparing food for an event when she turned around again and she was gone. now I’ve never known my friend to lie and she being a devoute catholic and has had many experiences w/ visions and the supernatural. this peaked my interest . I’m a practioner of nocturnal witchcraft and i have many interest in the nite relm and the sprits connected to it. my experiences w/ it became more and more personal i felt my interest
in her being and my occult connection gave me an appeal to her. once , while closing, i was cleaning out the trash in the women's restroom i bent down take the trash out of the bin and i felt a cold presence sort of goose me and i shot of quickly and said "don’t ever do that again". once while i was closing again w/ may girl friend and the same co worker, a member said who is that in the rec room. and then the mem grabbed her neck and said that the spirt was killed by her boy friend by asphyxiation and was disposed of her on this property before it was built. it was estab in 1980 aprox. and that she hides her face in sarrow as she looks for her baby that was left behind. the mem was an interesting lady her self the was pyscic and enjoyed earthly spirts as well as other worldly. during this experience the scent of lilys were in the air and the member said that was the essence that the sprit created. on several occasions a man would be seen out in the pool area sort of short w a black hat on my girfriend and friend both saw him and thought it was another mem. i have taken various phots in the rec rm w/ a digital camera and have caught blue orbs around my friend. the ghost became so attached to me because i became obsessed w/ the subject that she started coming home w/ me i would sense her in the passenger seat of my car as i would drive home and when i slept at night she would nock items off my desk and i would hear them fall to the floor. and i would have dreams where i would wake up and see swirling images from my dreams while i was awake i couldnt stop these mom began to see experince the presence as well as our dogs. my moms crafted bunny ornament on the kitchen wall would be found up side down and faux plants would be nocked of the walls. when i left home to my firts apt the sprirt became more active and my dad --who has no idea about any of this--told my mom that he would see strange lights in the hall way and the stereo would go on by itself. my mom would also feel a tap on her shoulders and a tug on her shorts. there is much to tell but i need to cut it off here. if you are in the area you cant get in unless you are a mem. i you do go there in you are in the bathrooms be for warned. if you have any other questions you can email me  i no longer where there because i got a nose ring and became separated by my appearance.

two stories to tell

I have two stories to tell

Firstly was at my school. We were doing a play rehearsal and we had a really high stage ( the school was really old and was once lived in. apparently someone was pushed of the balcony) as I said my lines I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. It seemed to be a figure dressed in black. When i looked at it proberly it ran away.

2  I was at Hampton court with my family and we were walking back through the gardens. Suddenly my dad saw a figure running on the opposite bank of the pond. I started to run attempting to follow them. I saw s/he it run behind a bush. I waited. Then the geese flew away and I heard footsteps but saw no-one.
Well what do you think? As for me I firmly believe in god. Ghosts I'm not sure about

Unexplained Phenomena

Hi, my name is Jen and throughout all the years that I've visited this site, this is the first time I've ever submitted a story.  Where should I begin... I, myself haven't experienced too much paranormally, but my family members have and I would love to tell you their stories.  I'll begin with my mother.  My mom is one whom I think has a great power, in that she attracts spirits and has had many experiences with the paranormal.  This one is one of my favorites.  When my mother was a teenager, she and her cousin were walking home after school one march afternoon.  They were walking across a field and as they were walking, they encountered a young girl around 7 or 8 years of age.  She was wearing a red coat with a fur lined hood and cuffs.  The little girl reached out her hand towards my mother and said "Help me, Christina"(that's my mother's name).  My mom wasn't sure what to make of the frightened child and asked the girl her name.  The girl repeated, "Help me, Christina."  As my mother approached the little girl, she simply vanished away.  My mom's cousin saw the girl as well and to this day they are still unsure of what to make of their experience.  Yet they are certain of what they saw.

My second story is one that belongs to my step-father.  For many years he lived in an old farm house circa 1800.  When he moved in he was informed by the previous owners of the home about a ghost that supposedly resided in the home.  It was apparently that of an older woman who died of an illness in the early 1900s.  Not being a gullable man, he dismissed the story.  Then, one night, later on in his first week in the home, he was suddenly awakened by a shuffling noise in the living room.  His bedroom was off of the living room and at the foot of the stairs that led to two other bedrooms upstairs.  He peered outside his door and was amazed to see an apparition of an older woman standing by the fireplace.  He was able to see through her, yet she was a blurry bluish white colour, and her facial features were blurred as well.  Although she was "blurred" he could tell that she looked extremely sad.  I asked him if he was scared, but he said no, and simply that he was more curious.  I then asked him if he tried to communicate with her, and he told me that he felt that if he tried, she would not have acknowledged him at all.  It was almost as if she was in her own world.  She then "floated" into the kitchen where she eventually vanished.  He saw her a total of three times in the 20 years that he lived in the home.  He saw her twice in the winter seasons and once in the spring and all the times he saw her, she would be standing by the fireplace, and then proceed to the kitchen.  Other strange things would happen in the house as well.  For instance, when he opened his closet door, the clothes on the hangers would shuffle and sway too and fro (kind of like in the moive, The St. Francisville Experiment - okay ghost movie for those who liked Blair Witch) and not because he opened the door and the breeze made them move, they moved on their own for atleast 30 seconds.  There was also the occasional footsteps up and down the stairs every other night.  I'll add more to this later...

For my last entry, but not my last story that I'll submit to this site, I'll tell you a story about my grandfather.  When my grandpa was in his twenties, his brother died in a logging accident (they lived in Vinton, Quebec, and logging was very big business in the 30s up to the 60s).  My granfather was torn over the loss and became very melancholy for a quite a few months.  One day in the winter, after a fresh snowfall, my grandfather was walking home through an open field.  He suddenly had a strange feeling come over him, as if someone were with him.  He turned around to look and see if anyone was behind him.  No one was, but, when he looked down he saw something very strange, another set of footprints in the snow that had been beside his the whole walk thus far, and stopped beside him where he had stopped to look behind him.  He looked ahead, baffled, and saw a figure of a young man standing in the distance ahead of him, waving.  As he approached, the waving man disappeared.  My grandfather told me that he knew it was Andy (his brother), and strangely, was at peace ever since that incident.
I'd like to add that I believe that these stories are all true as the people who I've talked about are very trust worthy and would not lie about such things they saw.  I hope you liked the stories and I have more coming.  Spook ya later...



VB's Story

My most memorable, possibly supernatural, experiences happened while I was living in a house in Albuquerque, NM. I was going through a particularly hard time in my life, and I think that my feet were, more often than not, not firmly rooted in the ground.
Anyway, this story takes place when my aunt was living with us. She slept in the room right across the hallway from me. That night I had stayed up late, just blowing the time away until I felt tired. I had left the light on and gotten into bed, with a book in hand, planning to read until I was ready to go to sleep. I was thinking of putting the radio on too, when I heard someone coming down the hallway. My door was closed, and I knew everyone had their doors shut and that the lights had been turned off inside the house, so technically no one should have been in the hallway at that time.
I had been startled by the fact that I hadn't heard anyone getting up or leaving either, and that the footsteps were not coming from any of our rooms, but seemed to have started where the hallway connected to the rest of the house. The footsteps were falling more heavily than anyone walked. I was the only person who made so much noise. Right away I knew that something was wrong, and that I needed to find a way to defend myself. I also knew that I was probably the only one awake enough to hear that someone was there, and the light from my room would have been visible to anyone walking outside.
In about 2 seconds I grabbed anything I could find that I could possibly use as a weapon, and waited for something to happen. I listened as the footsteps came closer and closer, finally stopping between our two doors. I felt a climax of feelings within me as I imagined the door possibly opening any second, and then a calm, charged confidence. I waited, nothing. The house had become as quiet and still as it had been moments before when there had been no footsteps at all.
The house had become as quiet and still as it had been moments before when there had been no footsteps at all. I could swear that I had litterally "felt" someone out in the hall all the way until they had stopped outside my door, then seconds later the feeling had disappeared entirely. I could only feel the emptiness and sleeping house that had been there before. After that I left the light on until I woke up to daylight the next morning.


For years everyone has thought my house was haunted. One day during the summer my mom was out of town my dad and sister were at work about 6am.So I woke up to an empty house. ( this was not unusual until that day) Well I got up and sat down in our den and I kept hearing this faint little whisper. I couldn’t understand it but then I'd hear my name in the same whisper only it was very clear. This went on for a while and I walked around the house to check to see if someone left on a TV, radio, or our police scanner. But nothing was on and I had muted the tv I was watching. Any time I would turn up the tv the voices got louder! I was practicing talent for a beauty pageant I was going to be in and I go sick of the voices so turned the radio up all the way (BIG MISTAKE) whatever was in my house got pissed of and screamed my name! Well lets just say I let it do  all the talking it wanted to that day. Then that night I leaned over the side of my bed to get my remote control & I swear something was looking at me and so go away b*tch go away!...I left the remote there and went to sleep.

Ghost story

Ok well I'm 17 years old and I've had my share of weird experiances. Ever since I was a child I've had some weird things happen to me. My most recent happend to me about a month ago. I was asleep and I remember having this paralized feeling all over my body and I atomatically knew what it was because when ever I see things i feel this way. But I remember not wanting to open my eyes because I was afraid of what I was going to see. For some reason I did open them and I saw a old woman standing at the foot of my bed. She was screaming in spanish come on Victor Come on but in a angry and frustrated way. So I closed my eyes again because I couldn't move or say anything and she went away so then I stood up and I looked on the floor and what I saw scared the crap out of me I saw the pic of the Virgin Mary on the floor next to my bed, and that pic was hung up over my little brothers bed and some how it appeared next to my bed!!!!

Greetings from Sweden

I really like this Site you have, it's pretty exiting to read about the sightings people have seen, i myself have also seen a ghost once, it was when i was about 5-6 years ago, i was on summer break, and i was with the family on a Lant place, we where visiting a relative to my mother, and late on the night maybe 22:00 - 23:00 'o clock. When we where there, i saw a White Lady crossing a big field of crops... when you suddenly disappeared, i was the only one of all who was there that had seen it, so at first i didn’t think it was something, but then when i had come home from the summer break i talked to my grandfather about what I’ve seen, and he believed me, because my grandfather had also seen some ghost in his life, so it was then i started to belive i had seen a ghost and it was then i also started to believe that there really exist ghosts. And i have believed that since then.

Eagle Way

The Year was 1985.  I was 11 years old.  My family of 10 decided that the 3-bedroom house we lived in was overcrowded and moved 5 blocks to a new neighbor hood.  "Boring is the only word that came to mind for me, to me this wasn't a real move, I'd still attend the same school with the same kids as before.

Summer came and my sister and I volunteered to paint the house before my family moved in.  My mom dropped us off there and went off to run some errands.   We had not met anyone in the neighborhood.  It was around noon that I stopped for a break.  My dad had put the picnic table my grandpa built at one end of the yard against the fence.  I stretched out on it in the sun and closed my eyes for a couple seconds and heard a deeper than natural voice say "Hello Gina” I sat up and looked around me.  Nobody was anywhere to be seen.  I stood up on the table and looked over the fence, no body there either.  I ran inside and told my sister and all she did was laugh at me and taunt me, until we got into a paint fight.  Moving day came.  My grand parents came down to help out with the move.  We had moved the picnic table to the back yard and after taking a couple of loads my buddy Tanya and I decided to go A-wol.  We retreated for the shade of the back yard and sat on the table and chatted.  I glanced up and saw an elderly gentleman in a baseball cap walking across the yard, I was surprised, he didn't look familiar at all to me and I turned to my friend to see if she knew who he was and then a split second later he vanished.  The gate that he would have entered the yard through had not been opened and had a padlock on it.  It was so odd, because she saw him too.  I noticed a blue baseball cap in th e rose bush, and we laughed thinking that this is what we saw all along, but in my gut I knew there was something very odd about this house.  we played catch with he hat for a moment and then we set it on the floor beside the sliding door.

One of the strange things about this house that my mother and I noticed almost immediately was that there was a pile of beetles crawling around in the rock garden.  I had never seen that many beetles in one place.  My mom said, "Maybe they really like figs.  I think there was something buried back there, but I never had the guts to find out.

That night, we begged my grandparents to let us stay here at the new house with them.  It was eerie, it was late summer and this is when it would get windy at night.

We would here the wind howling through the old trees and the house made creaking sounds that my grandma said was the old place just settling.  I thought it odd.  We would here a door creek open and slam shut and then a toilet flush, and it really creped me out because we all knew that we were all down stairs.  We had a little prayer.  My grandpa told me that it was probably the wind and the plumbing.  My grandpa told us that if people tried to break in, that he had his gun and he could tell them not to move or he would shoot.  He's an old cowboy and isn't afraid of anything.

That night I slid as low as I could in my sleeping bag and shivered my self to sleep, not from cold but from fear.  I woke up a couple of times during the night because I heard a sound like metal scratching metal.  Dismissing this as the sound of branches in the wind or something, I went back to sleep.

The odd part was that in the morning, I awoke and saw my dad and my grandfather replacing the sliding glass door.  My dad was pretty mad, griping something about vandals, this is when I noticed the gouge in the metal of the sliding door.  We ran to the back doorway and noticed the hat was missing.

My mom insisted that it was all out imagination but I noticed that she put a piece of wood at the base of the sliding door so it would not be opened from the outside.

For months I wouldn't go to the bathroom alone or sleep by my self.

There were other odd things about this house; we notice that there was some odd kind of wiring in the house, a doorbell in the closet upstairs and in the garage of all places.  A doorbell attached to the phone as well.

We for at least 12 years continued to get mail delivered to our house for a Mr. Ingram.  I asked the neighbors about him and they didn't seem to remember him.
I wonder still if he was the old man we saw with the blue hat or if he was buried in the rock garden.

My oldest sister and my oldest brother both have had health problems that started when we lived in that house.  Eventually my family moved to Idaho and they are all doing a lot better now.  I married and still live in Fairfield, and on occasion drive past that house, and still wonder if Mr Ingrahm lives on Eagle way?

The Room

I was about 13 or 14 my mom and I had moved from Florida to Michigan! We ended up in a small town called Hillsdale .She found us a little apartment on ac side Rd. not to far from town. It seemed like an ok place. After 2 or 3 months of living there i finally started sleeping upstairs in the 1st bedroom there were 2 .The 1st bedroom had a open staircase wooden floors and 2 windows in the middle of the wall on the north side of the bedroom. Every night i would lie in the bed witch was on the wall to wear my feet were by the end of the bed pointing north. There were 2 windows throwing in shadows from the street lights behind me on the wall . But on the wall between the 2 windows on the north side of the bedroom there was always a shadow of a skull and top hat. T always thought it was my imagination ,but how could it be shadows from the street light on the wall facing away from the street lights? It scared me enough that i changed rooms 2 the back bedroom. Until 1 night I went in the back bedroom to go to bed i had 2 big dolls my aunt had made me and my friend was with me. I opened the door the dolls were sitting on the edge of my bed with there eyes glowing red. Needless to say my friend and i ran down the steps and slept there. I never told any1 else except 4 friends later on in life But I was not imagining these things, and there was no logical explanation .I never went upstairs again alone at night in that apartment .

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