Black Thing


i have had so many experiences, i will tell a couple. a couple yrs. ago i
was woke up by this thing on my back, i was sleeping on my stomach and my
pillow was over my head and arms. i could not breath, i could not move, i
could not get awake. or at least my body couldn't get awake.  i finally got
awake enough to get the pillow off my head and was so out of breath that i
could not hardly move. so, i went back to sleep and before long it happened
again, this time when i woke up i was sort of looking down at my self from
my ceiling, this thing on my back was very black. it was of average height
but much wider than an ordinary person. it was just so black and heavy, it
just really scared my at the time.
anyway that is when we noticed that there was something in the house. it
would walk the floors at night, and you could smell an odor that was like
hot or burnt wires, and sometimes with a bit of sulphur to it.  But it was
different than that night, this was more of a peacefull feel. i have seen a
man in my house and outside of my house several times and one night my 5 yr
old daughter fell out of bed, mysteriously, and when i was helping her get
in to my bed we both just went right through him. he was leaning over her as
she was getting into bed and i could see him, even his clothes, right in
front of me. then not too long ago my 12 yr son was sick and was laying in
my bed and come in to tell me he could see our ghost in the computer screen,
the computer was unplugged because of storms a few days before. i have a
hundred stories with this ghost, but i have had something bizzare happen to
me lately. This summer i spent a lot of time at the baseball fields, like
every summer, and on the way home one night i could smell this strong
flowery perfume in my car. i was alone, i was helping out in the concession
stand, and it was in my car the rest of the way to my house.  i told my mom
about it one night and as she and dad were leaving we all smell "her" on the
front porch. "she" really likes my husband most, she will let him know she
is there at least once to twice a week, i have only noticed her about 4 or 5
times since she came home with me in july, it is now the end of october.
i think the weirdest thing to happen to us was when we lived on top of this
hill, the house was definetly haunted! it was spooky even if it was day time
sometimes. one night we came home from a weeks vacation and every time we
would almost go to sleep, we would be woken up by things flying around in
the bedroom opposite us, we would get up and open the door and things would
be one way and the next time they would be different. after a little while
we would see little lights on our wall and then the burnt out night light
came  on VERY bright, then this square on the hall bathroom door, it was
soooo weird, it was a perfect square only the corners were up and down and
side to side. i ran my hand a few inches from it and there was no shadow and
the light was very warm.  it lasted about 5 to 6 minutes and was gone. well
we could not sleep after that and went to the living room to talk and get
some tea and the lights in the living room went out, even the tv went off
and when it did there was a womans face in it that just kind of glared at
us.  a few weeks later i was folding clothes in my bedroom and looked up
(had this overwhelming feeling of being watched) and there was a black man
standing outside my kitchen window watching me. He had early century clothes
on ( overalls, hankerchief, red flannels) i could see his eyeballs even, it
really spooked me. but then i realised i could see the tree, right through
him. Keep in mind there are no blacks in this little town or even close to
it at the time. and to top it off, about 7 yrs later this woman tells me a
little history about the hill we lived on and it used to be a KKK hanging
hill. this info really creeped me.  well that is a little of what has
happened to me. later


Ghost Stories


One day when I was little, I lived in an apartment. I was about 1 years old. I had this really tall dresser and on top of it was my favorite glass doll. I was too short to reach it, and I didn't know how to climb yet. I came out of the room with it and my mom asked me where I got that from. I told her the tall man in my room gave it to me. My dad wasn't home and it was only my mom and me home. Then she went and looked and it was really cold in the room. She got scared and then we went to my Grandpas house.
We moved from there into a different house. When we first got there, there was an old oven in the basement. It would always turn on and it smelled like bread baking. We then found out that there are many ghosts in my house right now. The old lady died in the house and she liked to make bread.
When my mom had a little boy, (my brother) the ghosts would always rock him when he cried. I know this because one day my Grandpa came over while my dad was at work. My mom was reading a book in her room. My Grandpa walked in and saw someone rocking my brother. He thought it was my dad. My mom asked him if he checked up on my brother. He said that her husband was rocking him. The my mom said that he was at work. They went back to look on them and my brother was sleeping.
I have many other stories. If you would like to hear them email me at

A Favorite Celebrity


Here's another experience from yours truly (I've
communicated with several spirits).
This is about the spirit of a singer who died an
untimely death.  I'm not going to give her name, in
case some of her other fans happen to read this, they
might get kinda upset.
There was a movie made about her.  The last couple
times I saw it I cried at the end.  Well, she came and
comforted me!  She told me to not be so depressed over
what happened to her, and that she's better off where
she is now (as well as my 2nd cousin, whom I still
very much).  Like my 2nd cousin, she also visits me
from time to time.  This singer continues to be sweet
and beautiful, even as a ghost.
As for the visiting part, what can I say, I must be
popular to spirits!

A Caring Spirit

By: address withheld by request

I live in Sydney Australia and was in Hornsby Hospital after having my second child.   I always felt there was a spirit or something that walked the halls,  It wasn't until I experienced it first hand that I realised my suspicions were confirmed.
It was approx 2am,  my newborn son was in the natal care unit so I was always being called to feed him.  I slept with one light on so it would be easier for me to get up when the nurses called me.  Anyway I was facing the window opposite the door,  I heard someone enter and thought it was a nurse to call me for my baby.  Sure enough she had on a long green skirt and shirt and she seemed to wisp in and out she had a very soft voice and called yoo hoo Jayne bubs awake.  I rolled over and laid there looking at the curtain summoning the energy, (anyone who has had a c-section baby will know the strength of that statement) I was fully awake, about 5 mins passed and I was just about sitting up when another nurse came in and said Jayne baby's awake.  I apologised and said I was coming.
I shuffled down to the nursery and sat down with all the other nurses and had a chat whilst I fed the baby.  I apologised for not coming when first called,  they looked at me puzzled and said there was only one nurse come down to call me that night ??????????? we began talking about ghosts etc and I said I sensed an older woman who was a nurse there once and she was very strict on the ward I described what I sensed and the nurses said I had described one of the old sisters that had lived at the hospital and died there.  I didn't feel threatened but rather looked after so to speak.  After that night a couple of things happened that freaked the nurses out whilst on their shifts.  I think they were glad when I left.  Anyway that is my story and not all spirits are out to GET YOU !!!!!!!!


1864 Robinson


Being a kid from a large single parent family, we moved around alot, one of
these homes was on 1864 Robinson. We were poor, my mom tried hard to give us
the things we needed but she had no help, my two younger brothers and I used
to share a room and a bed together. We used to sleep upstairs in large room
just opposite the bathroom on the south side of the house, it had a large
window with no curtains or coverings so the streetlights used to shine thru
at night. At the end of the room was a closet that had no door, we rarely
used it. One night I was awakened by a large blue light coming from outside
the room, I thought it was from the bathroom but it was an intense blue and
seemed to grow brighter and brighter. The door to our room was partly open
and all of a sudden a young boy was standing in the doorway, he stood there
looking at me, I was frozen with fear, I tried to yell but nothing came out.
He was bathed in a blue light that to this day I have yet to experience
again, he floated above the floor. He moved slowly towards me, gliding on
air, he then floated along the wall away from us to the closet, he stopped
turned and floated in, the light disappearing. I couldn't move, I tried and
tried finally I slid off the bed and crawled to the stairs, I tried to walk
down but my legs gave way and I fell. My mom awoke and rushed to see what
happened, she held me as I told her, she put me in her room and went and got
my brothers, no one ever went it that room again. I used to go by there from
time to time until one day I went and there now was a new home built there,
makes me wonder if
anything strange ever happens to them.

I Was 4 or 5


I am 17 years old and this happened when i was like 4
or five. My parents decided to move to South Carolina
so my dad and my uncle went to look for a place for us
to stay....anyway they came back and told us that they
had founda plce for us to live and they were gonna go
down and stay all night there for one night.....They
came back a day or two later and they were telling us
that when they were asleep the night they stayed there
that they woke up in the middle of the night to the
flashlight being turned dad got up to turn
it off and no sooner than he had turned it off it cam
eback on by itself.....then later that night my uncle
awoek ot hear someone walkin thro the hallway and saw
the bathroom light come on and the toilet flushing
then footsteps back through the hallway.....he turned
over (where him and my dad were sleeping in sleeping
bags in the floor) to see if my dad had been
up......well he hadn't......needless to say we moved
into the trailer where all this happened and even
stranger things started night we
would hear something walkin on the trailer....we had
strangfe neighbors that u would hardly ever see
outside during the day......shadows on the
walls....and in the back room there were candles
burned in the floor......anyway here is where i come and my sister shared a room and she slept on
one side of the room and i slept on the other....i
awoke one morning very early around the time for my
dad to leave for work and saw a black shadow on the
wall and me being five years old i yelled for my mom,
who was asleep in the other end of the
dad was in the kitchen fixing him some lunch to take
to work with him and he heard me and asked what was
wrong and i told him i saw something well he told me
it was my imagination and told me to go back to
sleep......well my brothers and sister started seeing
things all got so bad we had to put our
matresses in the floor in the living room and sleep
there all together......but u could still feel spirits
there or something.......anwya thats my story whether
anyone may believe it i don't know but its true and
ever since i have always believe that stuff like that
can happen.........
Another time i kinda thought may have been a strange
experience was when my mom told me one morning she had
had a bad dream about being stung by a bee.....well
sdhe said when she woke up that it felt like she
really had been stung by that bee ( she has a fear of
them) and i just wondered was that a ghost or just a dream???


3 Ghost Stories


I have 3 stories to share. The first is an experience I had 20 years ago. My
aunt who lived with us passed away. When she was alive, she would go out and
get a snack at around the same time every night. After her funeral, every
night at about the same time, the refridgerator door would open and close.
This went on for a couple of weeks, then stopped. Every so often, I still
get a wiff of her perfume as if she just walked past me.
The second was experienced by both me and my daughter. She was very close to
her grandfather her entire life. He passed away in 2000 shortly before the
birth of her first child. Shortly after his passing, my daughter said in the
middle of the night, she would feel someone sit on the corner of her bed.
When she would turn to look, no one was there. This was something her
grandfather had done when she was little. After the baby was born, my
daughter started noticing other strange things. The baby would turn her head
as if watching someone walking across the room, but no one was there. One
night, she was holding the baby and the baby was staring at what, to my
daughter, was a blank wall and laughing. My daughter looked at the baby and
there was a reflection of the figure of a man as if he were standing exactly
where the baby was looking. Several times when I was babysitting at my
daughter's house, the baby's musical toys would turn on by themselves with
no one close to them. And the baby would stare at that wall and laugh, as if
someone were standing there. My daughter doesn't live in the house any
longer and the strange things seem to have stopped
The third is the strangest of all. My son and some of his friends went to an
abandoned house that is supposedly haunted. The story is that a man killed
his  entire family in the house and then himself. There are bullet holes in
the walls in the upstairs to support the story. Finding nothing of interest
upstairs or on the main floor, they decided to investigate the basement.
They found a partial wall at the end of the basement. They noticed a
terrible odor coming from that area of the room. They looked over the top of
the wall and found nothing but some old boots and a shovel. When they went
to go back upstairs to the main floor, there was wet blood on the stairs. It
had not been there on the way down. They nosed around on the main floor
again and found some money tucked in a broken TV set. There was blood on the
money too, but it was dried. Each person took a bill home with them. They
all started to have extremely bad luck - car accidents and such. They
thought it might be connected to the money so they took it back and placed
it where they found it. The bad luck went away. They checked the basement
again, but nothing was there.  Others say you can drive past the house and
see lights on in windows even though there are no working lights and there
is no power to the house. Some say they've seen the figure of a child or
lady in one of the bedroom windows. My son and his friends have not been
back since, and my son refuses to even drive past the house any more.


What happens when you have your friends sleep over!


Ok i have two stories one of my favorites is when i had 2 of
my friends sleeping over my house and  we were sleeping in my room one of my friends got my bed witch was by my window and another one of my friends had a spot by my dresser and in between my rabbits cage i had a chair that use to be in my living room but my mom says we had some weird thing going on like lights going on and off and it wasnt a town power out. and we were  all about ready to fall asleep when all of a sudden the window by my bed opened we heard footsteps going up the stair and then some one calling my name all my brothers and sister were at there friends house for the night and my parents were in bed then we heard someone calling my name in the guest room next to my room i looked at my friend laying by my dresser and asked her if she heard it it said it at least 3 or 4 time and she asked me if i heard it we loked at our friend laying on the bed asked her and all three of us ran down the stairs to the living room and slept there for the night.
my second story is when i was with my friend mindy we were sleeping in my living room b/c we didnt wanna go to my room after our last insident our friend hayley was at her grandparents and we were in the living room watching tv when the lites started to flicker and we heard footstep comming from my ceiler we looked at eachother and hid under the covers my 4 dogs started to bark and the ceiler door and we looked at the dogs called them over to the couch with us and we screamed for my mother and father they came down the stairs in a hurry and asked us what was wrong we told them then the next day my mom said she smelled the roses at my great grandmothers funerial me and my friend left the house and went for a walk but who would blame us we were scared out of our wits!
Thanks for listening and i hope you enjoy my stories i might have a couple more in a couple days and if you can email me and i might tell you a couple more stories

Dorm Room Ghost

Growing up as a ministers daughter, I was very skeptical about ghost all my life. Then I went to a small private college in Tennessee.  My first year was pretty uneventful, but the second year I moved into a new dorm room.  My room was a suite of two rooms with a bathroom in between and my former roommate lived in the other room.  The first year in the suite there was only one occurrence of what I now think was a supernatural event.  Normally, the doors between the two suites were kept shut, but one weekend the girls on the other side of the suite asked my roommate and I to feed their hermit crabs while they went home.  They had been gone for a day when my roommate and I came by to our dorm from lunch to find every single electrical appliance running, including the microwave, radio, and hair dryers.  We had left the door to the adjoining suite open but as we assumed it was just some silly collto prove it was there.  It did! We had all been in the bedroom and after our conference, we all went into the living area together.  A huge stuffed bear that had been on its usual place on the floor when I had left the room earlier, was now sprawled across the couch.  Of course, we were pretty scared then.  The pranks became worse.  Wet towels no one had used would be on the bathroom floor, breezes coming from nowhere would move the dust ruffles on the bed, things would be taken out of drawers and left on the floor.  On homecoming weekend, I was the only one who had stayed in town.  I was in the suite alone, taking a shower, when I heard someone unlock and open the door to the living area and walk in.  I heard high heel shoes walk across the floor, through the bathroom, and through the other room and walk out the bedroom door.  I thought at first that it was one of my roommates who decided to come to homecoming after all and I called out hello, but no one answered.The only other experience I have had is at the house in Vermont where Joe Walsh used to live.  My husbands uncle is the caretaker there and shortly after I met my husband, he took me up there to look at the house.  I had not been told of any ghost stories connected to the house at this point.  As we walked around the house, I became increasingly agitated.  By the time we were upstairs, I was having trouble breathing, and as we started toward the ballroom, I knew I had to get out fast.  I was terrified and sensed just an overpowering feeling of evil there.  I raced out and I refuse to even look at the house anymore.  Later that day, my husbands uncle told me about all the different stories and encounters people have reported about the house.  A man had hung himself in the very room that I had trouble breathing in and at night, the uncle had heard sound of people and objects moving frequently.
I am now a true believer in ghost, but I am also terrified of them and I hope these are all the experiences I will ever have!



this happened on my highschool grad year of 2001
it's a bit of a long story and has some cussing, so please excuse my
my name is jonathan endo and i live in Vancouver B.C. Canada
at my school, Gladstone Secondary, there was a tale where in the auditorium,
there was a "phantom" or ghost that
lurked around during late nights.
well, i can say it actually started during grade 11 (year 2000)
what happened was when i heard of the story of the phantom, there was one
night i was having a late rehersal with
my theatre company.  i think it was around 11pm when we finished, and my
friend just told me the tale.
right after that my arm started to itch, i was wearing a sweater, so i
pulled up my sleave to stratch my arm and i found
a fairly large scratch that was about 3-4 inches going up my arm.  as if a
cat had scratch me
i started thinking a little bit about if the ghost in the school was true,
but then i just thought, "not in this location, after all, students like to
tell school tales."
i've always believed in ghosts, but i didn't believe there was one in the
auditorium until my grad year
this year, i joined the school choir.  there were two choirs i was in:
concert choir = CC(students grs 8-12 taken at 7:30am-8am)
and senior chamber choir SCC(gr. 11-12, one gr. 10 student taken at
there were two girls who have seen ghosts before, but no one really believed
any of their stories
one girl is japanese (grade 12 same age as me), the other fillipino (grade
10 about 2 years younger than me)
the japanese girl told me what she saw in the auditorium during a
performance in the begining of the year in abbodsford (think that's how you
spell it)
since she was in my grade and this was well in the begining of the year, i
did not talk to the fillipino girl
about 5 mins after she told me what she saw, i drifted over to another group
of girls, the fillipino girl described the exact
description, a white brunette girl, that wore a white gown.
i was shocked, so i kept in mind to pay my respects whenever i go in the
the same month, i was half asleep in my SCC rehersal one night, when
suddenly i noticed something at the back of the auditorium.
It was a left arm (looking at it, to my right) of someone and as you looked
up the arm, it got transparent to complete nothingness. it walked down the
stairs and turned left toward the foyer doors.
i got shocked and suddenly snapped out of being sleepy, blinked heavily, and
it was gone
i thought nothing of it, because i have seen things people never seen
before, but this night, after reheresal, my friend came up to me and he
asked, "did you see a white arm?"  i was so scared i ran out of the
auditorium as fast as i could and just waited outside for my friends..
during this time, i had 2 play rehersals that i attended, after telling this
story to my director, she told me that her friend experienced the same
thing, i really didn't know if that was true, but all of a sudden, the spot
light that was shinning on us turned off.
we all got scared, but the i told them, "it's probably the circuit breaker."
my cast member flicked on the circuit switch and we began talking about it
again, about 5 mins later, it just turned off
it turning off, and that was really weird, because after all, stage lights
are made to handle heat and being turned on all day
so we just left calmly hoping nothing will harm us
about roughly 1 month later, there were mornings where i would scare my
friend on the way to school.
his house was inbetween mine and the school, the half way point you can say.
i successfully scared him once, but the second time was not so good.
he caught me (he was walking about half a block ahead) and started to run
towards the school
by the time i got there, he asked me, "hey, where's your sister"
since my sister had a habbit of sleeping in, i told him, "she's not going to
CC today"
he replied, "don't lie to me man."
i said, "i'm not lying, she's not coming, she's sleeping in today,she's
probably gonna skip school again."
he replied, "look, you can't fool me, i'll kick your ass when i find out
she's here."
so we got into an arguement for half and hour until CC started.
when the teacher took our attendance, she called out my sister's name, and
of course, she did not reply
"ah, skipping again is she?" said my teacher
at that point, my friend looked at me, took a few steps away, and said,
"hey, are you serious you didn't even walk with anyone today?"
i replied, "the hell do you think?  damnit, i walk alone, even when my
sister comes to school."
he said, "look, i saw someone walk with you today, but the girl was taller
than you sister, i thought she maybe was wearing heals, but she was just
about your height."
"the heck did you smoke today ?" was what i replied
"look, i saw a girl, for real, just, just don't talk to me today.." was what
he said as if he was freaked out big time
i thought nothing of it yet again and just minded my own business
that day, during lunch, i was in improv (theatre sports) rehersal, sleepy as
usual, i took a sip out of my barq's rootbeer, closed my eyes and thought
about what my friend said to me earlier.
suddenly, i felt as if i spilled rootbeer on the side of my cheek, and it
dripped on my right thigh
i was thinking to myself, "for god sakes, i don't want to go home and
i opened my eyes, wiped my face, and to shock, nothing was there, no liquid
what so ever
i touched my pants, they were not wet.  i got freaked out, and kept thinking
about it for the remainder of lunch.
after lunch was my literature class.  i almost fell asleep when someone just
grabbed my right thigh.  it felt as though they put a lot of pressure on
where i felt the rootbeer drop.  i opened my eyes and was about to throw a
punch at the guy that usually sits beside me...
only to find out no one was there..
most of the students that day had a field trip and didn't show up to class,
so all most all the people that usually sat near me were gone
i was totally freaked out by then cause the thought kicked in that all of
them told me the day before that they weren't going to be there.  plus one
of my other friends was skipping class that day as well
i asked the teacher if i could go to the washroom to wash my face, and he
allowed me to
i thought to myself in the washroom, "what the heck is going on? am i going
crazy? maybe i just need more sleep..."
the next few months was the worst exp. of my life.  since i knew the ghost
was female, at the time, i did not have a girlfriend.
so i kept on thinking about the ghost, whether she had a boyfriend, whether
she was pretty, whether i would be the boyfriend of this girl, etc etc.  and
about 5 mins into thinking all these thoughts, i'd started to cry for about
3 hours.
just locked myself in my room, and refuse to go out unless my friends called
me out.
at that time, i was really pale, and everyone didn't know what to say.  they
all asked me if i was alright, i just said, yes.
one night, i looked in the mirror after washing my face, the image i saw was
burned into my eyes for the rest of my life.
it looked as if i was dead, black sags under my eyes, blue lips, pale skin,
i got so scared i almost punched the mirror, but instead, i ran out of the
washroom as fast as i could, my mom asked what happened, i said, nothing.
during this time, when i finished crying, i'd go to bed, and when thinking
about if i'll be alone for the rest of my life, i'd always feel someone
hugging me from behind, and then the thought came into my head, "don't
worry, i'm here"
i never heard it, but it was as though, i felt something was trying to tell
me that
all of a sudden, from being sad, i'd just feel so neutral and go to sleep.
the thought of suicide came in a lot too, for some strange reason, i don't
know why.
one day, my chinese friend told me, "you think about the ghost a lot don't
i asked, "what makes you think that?
he told me, "you look like you're going to die, besides, all you talk about
now is that ghost you saw."
i all of a sudden started to cry
he said to me, "look, you know what they believe in chinese?"
i said no
he continued, "think about the ghost, it'll follow, i suggest you stop
thinking about it before something bad happens."
after he told me this, i tried, but my will power was so weak at the time, i
just thought about it even more
what i saw at the school, what my friend told me he saw, and a big question
that poped in my head, "does she love me?"
i got scared, sad, angry, everything poured in
and that night, i could not sleep
the next day, i met up with him again, he then said again, "i know you're
still thinking of the ghost, forget about it, i'm serious, if you don't,
i'll kill you before it gets you."
thinking about that, he was a strong guy, and i know he'd beat the crap out
of me, the next two weeks, i did not talk, think, or even dare ask anything
to the ghost.
all i said every night before i went to bed was, "I know you have something
for me, but face it, i'm not dead, you're not alive, just leave me alone,
find someone the same as you.  besides, you're ruining my chances with
girls, it hurts to let you go, but it also hurts to think about you, just
leave me alone, that i beg of you, so please, just leave me be."
those two weeks were the most saddest times of my life
until one day, i was truly happy again.
at that time, even now, a few people believe my story.  some just think it
was created in my mind out of being despreate of wanting a girlfriend. but i
know what happened.  i know what i saw, experienced, and felt.  it was not
fake, but real.
like i've said before, i've seen things before when i'm half asleep.  things
that just plain scared the shit out of me.
but now, since i've exp. it, i do not hesitate to stop thinking about
ghosts, for i do not want them to follow me.
after stoping my thoughts toward this ghost, i have been left alone, no more
uneasy nights, no more crying, no more sadness
but one night, after hearing bad news, i started thinking about it again, i
found myself driving toward the school near the entrance where it leads to
the auditorium.  then i snapped out of it and just drove back home.
that's my story
i'm not a good story teller but that's how i can put this in my own words.
the history about my school was that it was made in the 1950s  the
auditorium and "e wing" of the school was made after the original school was
the school was built on previous farm land
that's all i know about it, but when i have time, i'm most likey going to do
more research.

Evil in Cabana Colony


This happened to a few friends of mine about a year ago.  Apparently many people "know" that an area of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, called Cabana Colony, is haunted.  Of course, lots of people live there - couples, families, renters - and some have never even heard the rumors, so much for having a problem there.  The homes were built starting about in the 1950's, which is a fairly old neighborhood for South Florida.  I've known several people over the years who lived in the Cabana Colony subdivision, but I've only visited them once or twice.  I never liked going in there, but I never really thought about why.  After hearing what my friend Mary (not her real name) went through, now I know why I didn't like it there.  I have steadfastly refused to ever go back no matter who lives there and wants me to visit, I've just never explained to them why.
Mary had been dating John (fake name, too) for a while when he moved into a house with Bill (again - fake name).  Bill's parents owned the house but didn't live there.  Bill and John then rented the house since Bill's parents offered to rent it to them relatively cheaply since Bill is their son.  Bill still needed a roommate to be able to cover the entire rent, but it was a nice place for two guys in their 20's and they really liked it.  However, as soon as John moved into the house, he and Mary started to argue whenever he was in the house and on the phone with Mary or whenever Mary came over there to visit.  Mary constantly felt "wrong" whenever she was there:  either aggitated or annoyed or depressed or just generally uncomfortable.  Whenever they were together away from the house, everything was fine between them.
John started to tell Mary that there was something weird going on in the house.  Keys and personal items would disappear from one spot and show up in another.  He and Bill would hear weird animal noises outside, but wouldn't see a cat or dog that would account for the howling and snarling.  One night while Bill was lying in bed watching tv, he looked up to see a waft of smoke on the wall.  He wasn't smoking, and John wasn't home.  The smoke actually started weaving in and out of the little pin-pricks on the wall where Bill had had posters tacked up and subsequently moved to a different part of the room.  The holes weren't deep enough that they punctured the drywall, so the smoke wasn't being sucked in and out of the walls by a draft.  The motion of the smoke looked almost as if it were being directed by a conscious force.  It eventually moved down the wall beneath the window, and then up and over the windowsill and out through the screen.  It was then that Bill heard snarling and grunting under his window, but it didn't sound completely like an animal.  It was almost an evil chuckling sound.  He was too terrified to even get out of bed and run for it, so much for actually getting up and slamming the window shut.  Eventually it stopped and he let himself convince his brain that it never happened and he went to sleep.
The worst happened one night when Mary was visiting John.  They were sitting on the sofa, turned towards one another, just having a nice conversation.  Suddenly, John just stopped talking.  His face went sheet white, his eyes wide, his mouth slightly open as if he was about to say something and just froze.  He was just staring out the window that was behind Mary.  Tears just started streaming out of his eyes, his face never changing expression.  Mary slowly asked, "John...what's wrong?"  No answer.  "John, please tell me what's wrong."  He just kept staring.  Mary was so terrified by the look on John's face that she couldn't bring herself to turn around and look out the window.  "John, tell me what you see RIGHT NOW."  This went on for at least a minute or two - him staring, her begging for a response - and then he finally looked at Mary.  Once more she asked, "What did you see?"  She knew whatever he saw wasn't there anymore just by the look on his face and felt it was safe to turn around and look.  There was nothing.  John took a few deep breaths and then told her:  It was a face of some sort of beast.  Not human, but not animal.  Somewhere in between.  It had red eyes and a wicked, malevolent grin, as if it knew that just by being seen it was terrifying John.  Mary reluctantly stayed the night at the house with John.  For whatever reason he wouldn't leave the house, Bill was out of town for the weekend, and she was not about to leave John there alone.  Nothing more unusual happened that night, other than the constant feeling she always had in the house of something being off-kilter, a very surreal feeling of not being able to get comfortable.
The next day she had to go to work.  Mary was waiting tables at that time, and since it was Saturday, she picked up a double shift thinking the busy weeekend day would net her some extra cash.  She felt bad because she know John would be stuck home all day since his car was in the shop and wouldn't be ready until at least Monday, but she called him a few times from the restaurant during the day and he seemed fine.  That night, at the end of the second half of her double shift, she called him again.  This time, all was not okay.  He was outside, having a cigarette.  This was strange in and of itself because he rarely smoked.  He told her he was watching the "thing" roaming around the street.  He said it was calling to him, in his head.  It was all Mary could do to keep from running to her car and racing over to the house.  She kept talking to him, telling him to go inside, ignore the "thing", and that she was coming to get him, all the while dialing his number from her cell phone so that she could continue talking to him as she drove over there.  He wouldn't pick up the call waiting.  Now he was saying that he had to kill it, it had to be killed.  Mary was now terrified.  She finally got him to go back in the house, but he still wouldn't pick up the call waiting.  She hung up and raced over to the house, picked him up and sped away.
John and Mary told me the whole story at my house a few days later.  John, not one to like to show "weakness", actually cried as he told me the stories of the house.  When they asked me what I thought, I just looked at them dumbfoundedly and said, "You and Bill should get the hell out - now."  He had other places he could live, so why would he stay there?  I don't know if it's a male trait or what, but he decided to stay there, at least a while longer, maybe he could figure out what was going on, maybe even stop it.  Mary agreed with me that at least she should never go back there.  John seemed disappointed by that, but understood.  She only went over a few more times, but only in the daytime and only for very short periods.  She asked me to go a few times, but I completely refused.  There was no way.
Finally, maybe a few weeks or a month later, John and Bill did both move out.  The house had stayed creepy and they never stopped hearing noises.  They'd see something outside at night once in a while, but nothing distinct.  They had begun to hear stories from other people who had lived in Cabana Colony who had similar stories - noises, weird things moving about the neighborhood.  One girl even said that while she was a teenager living there, she'd been attacked by something while she was in her bed.  She woke up to a pain in her leg and looked down to see huge scratches going down her thigh.  She couldn't find anything in her bed that she could have scraped against to do that and she was under the covers when it happened.
I have no idea if this creepiness is still happening in Cabana Colony, and I have no desire to find out personally.

Evil mist or Demonic Force...


     One night my friend Calvin was living in an old school. The
school was obviously abandoned but i guess they were there with
proper permits... One night when Calvin decided to go to bed he
needed to go to the bathroom. He decided to get outta bed and leave
the room. He started to hear whispers and moans. He freaked out and
ran full speed to the door. It was locked. But oddly there was no
lock to his door. He cried for help but none came. The lights
flickered and he ran back to his bed and hid under the covers. The
lights totally went dark and his bed began to shake. Calvin was
paralyzed. A red mist started to grow above him. Calvin began to try
and "fight it" but it was no use. He began to hear vicous
scowls above him and knocks at the door. Finally the mists
disappeared and everything stopped and he could move again. A second
later his mom came in to see if everything was okay. Seeing nothing
his mother didnt belive him and left. The next day Calvin asked his
mom if she heard anything but she didnt. This is exactly what he told
me and he is a strict Christian and i dont think he would lie... If
anyone knows what this mist is... demonic or just plain evil
engergies please email me soon! And i will tell my story later.

Family Ghost


My story isn't unusual.  At least in my family it isn't.  My father died in
1997 from cancer.  He tried to get my brother and myself ready for his
death.  Suffice it to say, I was definitely not ready.  My dad died in June.
Everything was going along quietly for several months then in October of the
same year I was sitting outside of my job waiting for a ride home.  It was
after midnight.  I was completely relaxed not thinking of a thing and I feel
a hand on my shoulder.  I turned around and there was my dad, standing there
plain as day.  He told me that I was going to be fine and that he loved me.
I have seen him several times since then.  He always comes to visit me on
Halloween, sometimes he comes in physical form (so I can see him like the
first time) and sometimes, and it is just his voice.
This isn't the only ghost around me.  I have a spirit that has followed me
around for years.  I do not think she is any relation to me.  The only thing
she has ever done is open doors.  I first started noticing her as a child.
I was around 8 years old.  I would start seeing doors open that I know I
closed.  I would close and lock a door and not a minute later it would be
wide open.  I didn't really know what to think about this.  A few years
later I started getting curious and asked what I could call it,(I didn't
even know if it was a female or male).  The next morning I wake up with a
name on my lips, George.  Of course I think that this means it is male, not
so.  When I learned later of how some people contact the sprits I went into
a trance and found out that this was actually a female spirit.  She is still
with me today.  She doesn't come around with any regularity but every once
in a while a door will pop open, even with the deadbolt locked.




         Whenever I go to my Aunt Cathy's house, I get sort of a strange feeling.  It's there where I started to believe in paranormal activity. It all started one average summer trip out to Wisconsin. At first I didn't believe it when my cousin Jess tried to tell me about the ghost in his house.  He told me about a man named Florien and how he had died of a heart attack in a rocking chair in the living room some years ago.  The first thing I saw that made me start believing was his cat.  Jess and I were sitting in the room together when the cat started looking around at something that was on the ceiling.  We looked to see what it was, but we saw nothing.  We watched the cat for several minutes, he just sat there staring at something above him, his head moving every couple of seconds to a different spot on the ceiling.  It was then when I really started to wonder.  Now, the cat was one thing, but what really scared me was later on that night.
  Since I was the guest I had to sleep in the living room.......only feet away from where Florien had died years ago.  Jess was sitting on a chair watching T.V. When I fell asleep on the couch.  I found myself being awaked by Jess, he was terrified.  He told me that Florien had just played a rotten little joke on him.  To know that it wasn't just another person, you have to visualize the setup of my aunt’s house. From where ever you sat in the living room, where we were, you could see the rest of the house.  There is a cut out in the wall, sort of like that of a concession stand, only this one allows you to see into the kitchen, down the hall, and into the rest of the house, so there is nowhere for a person to run and hide.  Anyway, Jess told me he was just about asleep when he heard a very loud BANG! He jumped up and looked down the hall, he saw no one.  He could recognize the sounds of the stove and the fridge as two of the doors that were slammed in the kitchen.  He then walked into the kitchen and saw that all of the cub bard doors, along with the stove and fridge were all halfway open.  The loud BANG was the sound of all of the doors in the kitchen being slammed shut at the exact same time. It was after he had finished shutting all of the doors in the kitchen when he came and woke me up to tell me what he saw. Now after I had really started to believe in ghosts I really wanted to see one. It mad me upset that everyone else was seeing him and not me.
   A few nights later I was about to fall asleep in a bedroom at the end of the hallway, when I saw something come into my room.  It looked like the shadowy, transparent figure of a man.  But, at that time I was so tiered and scared that I shut my eyes and fell to sleep.  It wasn't until the next morning that I realized I had just seen Florien.  I thought to myself, well I wanted to see him, and I did.  Those are only a couple of many stories about Florien at that house.  All I can say is I can't wait to go back there again!

Family Happenings


The first odd thing that happened to me was in 1960 or thereabouts when I was a child.  I was in bed in the top bunk and my parents were down the hall in their bedroom with one reading light on.  I wasn't particularly sleepy so I was just lying there thinking about the day and planning the next day when I noticed some odd shadows on the ceiling.  The only light source was around two corners from my room, yet the shadows came into the room and around the corner and danced wildly around the ceiling for about five or six minutes.  Perhaps it is better to say light was dancing around the ceiling rather than shadows since the room would normally have been dark.  I wasn't afraid at all, just awed.  There were no mirrors or shiny objects in the hall that could have reflected light, even if there had been some moving light in their room.  Does anyone have any idea what it could have been?
Some years later my parents divorced and I only saw my dad two or three times in the next fifteen years.  One night my mom dreamed that my dad was in a body of water and reached up and held onto her ankle and called her name, then let go and went under.  We later learned that he died that night.  He drowned.
My son was very close to his paternal grandmother and she seemed to think the sun rose and set with him.  One night my son dreamed so vividly that he thought he was awake, that his dad had come to tell him that his Grandma had died.  He remembers getting up to answer the door and talking with his dad and going back to sleep in great sadness.  That day he told all of his friends that his Grandma had died and later that evening his dad knocked on the door and came in to tell him the news.  My son said, "You told me already."  His dad had not told him.  It had just happened a few hours before.
I have also had some odd experiences with palm reading and things like that.  I used to love to dress as a witch on Halloween (because Halloween is my birthday) and after a few drinks I would start telling fortunes.   I could only do it after drinking -- probably because I was more receptive to the intuitive and less analytical.  One of the most astonishing was when I read the palms of a young couple and told the woman that she would have two children.  I then looked at her husband's palm and said, "You're going to have three children.  Do you have one somewhere we don't know about?"  He chuckled a little nervously and said, "Not that I know of."  I didn't give it another thought until a year or so later when the woman called to tell me that her husband was being sued for paternity and the child was nearly the same age as their son.  They later had one more child and I'm willing to bet it is their last.
Another time was sad for me.  I had been seeing a wonderful man for about eight years and although I valued him very much, I was not "in love" with him.  On a whim (it wasn't even Halloween :-)  ) I decided to read his palm.  I said a few things then said. "Oh no!  You're going to get married next year.  I'm going to miss you."  He said, "How do you know I'm not going to marry you?"  I didn't answer.  I didn't want to be married, but I miss him very much to this day.  He did marry within a year.
I've lived in my current house for about fifteen years and the first few weeks I lived here were sometimes very uncomfortable.  I would hear footsteps going up the stairs, footsteps in the hall outside my bedroom and odd noises that I couldn't attribute to settling.   I had a pretty little bedroom that was by far the most attractive but one in which I wouldn't sleep and didn't like being in at all.  In it was a "touch" lamp -- the kind that you merely touch on any metal part to turn it on or off.  I began to notice it being on when I was sure I hadn't turned it on so I assumed that one of my cats had done it.  I started closing the door to keep the cats out but the light kept coming on.  Finally, one evening there was such a racket of stomping and banging in the hall outside my bedroom that I curled up on my bed in terror and prayed and told the entity to go to the light.  It took several minutes during which I nearly resolved to sell the house and get out but slowly I became calm and peaceful and there haven't been any more instances since then.
Maybe someday I will write a few more but that is enough for now.  Thanks for reading.

Footsteps on the Stairs


This first happened to me one bright sunny morning while visiting my mother in a home she purchased, the house was built in the early 1800's and had several wings with the guest bedrooms located upstairs.
I had spent the night in one of the wings that had only two bedrooms on it. There were two flights of stairs comming up to the bedrooms. The stairs were not carpeted and made with oak flooring.
As I made the bed I had slept in the night before, I heard footsteps comming up the stairs, and proceed down the hallway to the room I was in. I had my back turned toward the door and could not see who it was, but knowing that only my mother and I were alone in the house I assumed mom had come upstairs, without turning around I told "mom" that I would be finished in just a moment, I then heard the footsteps resume and walk across the hall to the other bedroom. I heard the other door open and close. Thinking it odd that mom had not spoken to me, I finished tucking in the sheet, and followed her across to the other room. It was empty.
Now I was really puzzled. There was no way my mother could have gotten past me and down two flights of stairs in less than two minutes. So I leaned over the railing and called out to her. No answer. I found her at the far end of the house in the kitchen reading the paper and drinking a cup of coffee. When I questioned her about comming upstairs, she said she had been downstairs all morning and really didn't know what I was talking about.
I know I heard hardsoled shoes comming up those stairs and down that hallway. I know I heard the other bedroom door open and shut. I know we were the only two people in the house.
We never spoke of this to my children, but they refuse to play in their playroom in the other upstairs wing, because they say they hear footsteps and things.
Nothing other than footsteps. But  whose footsteps?

Frozen in Fear



Get Out


This isn't much but when I was 12 yrs. old I was in my sisters room at night. The fan was on and I went beside it and was cleaning. When I heard a voice say " get out ". But I didn't and I was so scared I couldn't move for like a minute. And couldn't have been any of my sisters because they were in the living room. It was a man's voice and I have no brothers. Now I'm 13 and I really believe in ghosts after that. It didn't happen any more, which was weird.

Gettysburg Energy Spot


        In the summer of 1982 I was travelling north through Tennessee. It was July and I had just been discharged from the army (Ft.. Benning, GA.) I had visited many Civil War battlefields but had never been to Stones River. So as I was in that area I decided to spend part of a day there.
       Stones River / Murfreesboro was a major battle fought over 2 days at the end of 1862. Yet I knew little about the battle or the battlefield. I got there about midmorning - maybe 10:00 AM. It was either Tuesday or Wednesday (midweek). I drove into the main parking lot near the visitors center. My car faced the visitor center. Before going into the visitor center I stopped to take a quick look around. There were only 6 to 8 vehicles to be seen.
Turning around facing away from the visitor center I could see a woods about 75 yards away. To the right of this woods was an open field which was part of the national battlefield.
       As I was just about to turn back around and head in toward the visitor center I saw three men walking near the woods. That area was heavily shaded so I could not see them all that clearly. What was immediately noticeable about them was that at least two men were carrying rifles. One had his rifle slung over one shoulder. A second figure was holding his rifle with one hand down at his side. I could not be sure if a third figure was carrying a
weapon. It appeared that at least one man had on a wide brimmed hat though the other two were probably bareheaded.
       I saw them for only few seconds then they seemingly walked back into the woods and disappeared. Though I was momentarily taken off-guard I soon decided that there must be some type of reenactment going on that day. Or maybe it was park rangers dressed up to give a firearms demonstration. I made a mental note to ask someone in the visitor center about this.
       About 30 to 40 minutes later I had gone through the vistor center and was about ready to leave to take a driving tour of the battlefield. Before going out I asked the receptionist / hostess at the information booth if there was a reenactment schedualed that day. She said no there was not. I asked if there was some type of demonstration with park rangers dressed up in Civil War uniforms. She again said no. Finally I asked if there might be
anyone on or near the battlefield that would be dressed in Civil War uniforms or carrying Civil War rifles. She said there were no reenactments schedualed that week nor were there any park rangers giving demostrations. Not wanting to make a big deal out of this I let it go at that. To this day there seems to be no reasonable explanation for what I saw other than to admit the probability that those were Civil War phantoms - three ghosts haunting the Murfreesboro battlefield.



Hello, My wife use to clean a house that is haunted and my fathers home place is haunted also. In the place that my wife cleaned the guy that lives there was sleeping in the spare room and something pulled the sheets off the bed and left scratch marks on the head and foot board. Also people who visited the place often heard growling coming from that room.
My dads homeplace I have a pic with something looking out the lookout tower window. and nobody lives there. It was a hospital in the war.

Ghost Appears



My husband, son and I currently rent a house owned by friends of ours, in
South Pasadena, California.  This house was built in 1865 ( to put it in
perspective - the same year Abraham Lincoln was assassinated).  The house
pre-dates the city of South Pasadena, and from what we know has a rich
history which includes several owners.  Our friends have owned it now for
over 30 years, 25 of those years were rented to a gentleman name Herbert
Molino.  The gentleman lived very happily in that house, until about 7
years ago when after an illness, he was taken to the hospital where he
died.  His son, a struggling artist, lived in the house for the next 6
years, until after defaulting on the rent many many times, our friends had
to ask him to leave.  My husband, who was doing contracting and electrical
repairs on the house at the time, said that the son expressed to him how
sad he was to have to leave.  Perhaps I know why.
My husband and I moved in, and soon I became pregnant.  While my husband
was making repairs in our bedroom, we had to sleep in my stepchildren's
room (since they live with their mother, they visit us every other
weekend).  The bedroom is next to the front door of the house.  I slept in
my Stepson's bed which was against one wall in the room closest to the
front door, while my husband slept in the bottom of the girl's bunkbed,
along the opposite wall of the room.  One night, awoke in the middle of the
night, and as my eyes opened I could see there was a tall gentleman walking
towards me, through the dining room, through the living room - up to the
front door which was essentially where the foot of my bed was.  At first, I
called out my husband's name, because in my sleep I thought it was him.
When he responded from the opposite end of the room, across from where I
saw the figure, I realized that it was not my husband.  As I recalled the
detail of what I saw, I realize that I don't know why I even thought it
could be him.  The person I saw was taller than my husband, slimmer, and
had short black hair.  My husband's hair is down to his waist.  The person
I saw was walking looking downward, towards the front door, where he
disappeared.  I was not frightened by the apparition, because the person
didn't look threatening or menacing at all.  Sort of like someone walking
around the  house while the family sleeps, to check on things, or as if he
was simply leaving the house.  Some time later, my husband found a photo
album and a military medal.  A picture of the gentleman smiling was in it.
It matched the person I saw that night.

Ysleta High School


  I attend Ysleta high school  It was Nov 1,2002 I was taking a test on the second floor of the school, I was coming down the main stair way  i had gost bumps I turned to go straight the hall way I saw a girl picking through the wall then she was hiding like if she was playing pick aboo .I could'nt get closer
because somthing was like puching me what i did is i ran to the attendance
office all red in my face .I told one of the secutarys that i saw the little girl that disaper in the stair way,she did not belived it ,so I told 4 student asstance to go to see if they could see her . the girl went out side to see if she was there ,thay did see her but when the girl scremed the girl had disapered. they had told me that the girl disaper any time, she has a ball with her and if you see her she tells you that ifyou wont to play if you say no to her she will screm and then hit you in the back and gets mad. that day when i saw her  she was waring a old black dress .
  on Nov 2002  Went  to  ystela  high  school  I  needed  to go to  the  restroom when I got there the door was open  when  I finshed I wanted  to go out somebody  luck the door so I couldnt open the door all of a sudden the door open all by it self
it took about 15 to 20 mins   the  lady that went with me said now what are we going to do  when she said that the door open all by it self

Ghost Lover

hi my name is Candy.  When i was little i lived with my grandma and grandpa and as i grow up my family was always talking about ghost and i was wondering why. I asked why and my gandma said well be fore they had got the house there was an accadent in front of it. There was a man in the accadent and when the police and peramdics got to the house they toke him in the house to see if they could save him but he died in the house and we know hes there we hear weired sounds footsteps walking around up stairs when everyone is down stair. When i had slept over one night i was laying in the living room and i saw the front doors open all bye them self the reason i know this i saw it and everyone else was in bed. There is not just him my grandpa,brothers,uncles,and male cousin can here a baby cring. Im in to all this ghost stuff so i told my grandma maybe the baby can only see a male or he was being ta best friends you could ever have i know this because when my boy friend slept over my grandma and grandpas house for the first time he was very much active because he never seen him before and because he was sleeping with me the ghost let him know he was there watching him so he would not hurt me the ghost loves and perteacts my family so there not all bad so please give them a chance thanks from yours truly candy

School Spirit

By: tearstaindwings []

    I've had a great deal of experiences but this one is the funnest one to talk about because there were a couple of witnesses.  This happened my senior year of high school in Texas.  The first experience was when a friend of mine and i were staying late one night to work on a wall decoration for homecoming (i wouldn't have done it but she begged me).  Anyway, she got her video camera and we turned off all of the hall lights just to play around because her camera was one of those kind that you can see stuff in the dark, we were walking down to the commons and we thought we saw something move in the spanish hall so we turned around and started walking towards there and we didn't see anything but we filmed it anyway, then when we played the tape we saw a really skinny guy walk past the back windows to the exit.  We knew there was nothing there because it was just us and ricky (the janitor, he was so cool).  It so freaked out that she refused to go back into the school after hours to finish the wall decoration.  I didn't think anymore about it until one night at around 9pm at the school, we stayed alittle after choir practice to help the choir director with some files and computer problems, we were leaving when we heard someone whisper loudly "HEY!!!" we thought it was our director calling us but we turned around and no one was there, we went back to the choir room and asked if she had called us and she said no she had been recording tapes for the sopranos so we started to leave and i heard someone whisper my name loudly, i turned around quickly and no one was there.  My friend asked me what was wrong with me and i said, "someone just called my name." she said. "oh really? i didn't hear anything."  We just shrugged it off and left (we were BOTH used to weird things happening to us).  The next week in chemistry our teacher was lecturing and i all of a sudden heard this squeaking noise behind me i looked back and i didn't see anything then i heard it again and my lab partner turned around so i thought "wow he heard it too" i turned around right after he did and we saw one of the stools on the table move about 5 inches.  We turned back around to listen to the teacher and when class was over i asked "did that stool move?" he calmly said "yeah" and i said "wow that was crazy" and he said "yeah i know" and we walked to our theatre class.  A lot of other things happened but im not going to get into them. After the stool moving i was decided to see if anything had ever happened in the school that might leave a little dweller.  Every teacher i asked said nothing has ever happened in the school and then i asked my english teacher and she told me about the boy that died in auto mechanics.  I don't remember the year but she said that the auto mechanics class used to have water gun fights in class after their work was done, the instructor told them to watch out for the power boxes and to not get near them.  Well blah blah blah they accidentally hit one of them and the guy nearest to them was electrocuted.  I thought "what a horrible way to die!!!"  So i decided to take my friend with me one night after choir practice and we went to the auto mechanics room and immediately we started hearing sounds.   Then i got this feeling that we weren't alone and that whoever was there was really scared. The boy that died was named Jonathan so we called out to him and said "Jonathan are you here?" and we heard some more sounds so we took that as a yes.  We sat down and calmly said "Jonathan we're not here to hurt you we are just here to tell you that we know you're still here and that we are glad you are watching over us and protecting us."  A feeling of calmness came over us and i asked if he was ok and i heard a whisper say "yes".  I've always read stories about a spirit whispering to someone and i just thought it was a misty- in the background whisper but when you actually hear it, it sounds like just a normal person whispering, its freaky.  Anyway, we told him that it was ok to pass on and that we will hold him in our hearts forever.  Since then we haven't heard about a single sighting from anyone so i guess he's gone but i could be wrong.  Remember, this isn't my only experience so ill probably write again soon :)

Ghost of Murdered Girl?


When I was in senior in college in 1995, I lived in a apartment that I believe was  haunted. Strangely, though, the phenomena only lasted about a week, and didn't occur until after I had been living there over a year.
One night I took a cab home from the computer lab, where I had been writing a paper. The cab driver recognized the address I had given him as the address of a particularly gory rape/murder of a young college student back in the early '80s, and  told me some details about the murder. (the murder was solved and the murderer put in jail.)  Not wanting to believe that it was my apartment building, I decided that either he was trying to scare me, or he had the wrong address. I had been living in the apartment about a half-year and had experienced nothing, so I tried to put the story out of my mind. When it was time to renew my lease, I did.
During the following year, I fell into a deep depression. It was the darkest time in my life. But by spring, I was beginning to feel better. One afternoon, I was lying on my bed writing in my day planner when I felt a slap on the arm. Startled, I thought I had had some sort of bizarre muscle spasm. I ignored it. The next afternoon, also while lying on bed doing homework, I felt two hands touch my waist (I could feel the fingers) and then physically roll me over. The following night, after studying late, I climbed in bed and heard this strange groaning noise.
The apartment was set up like a co-op. I rented the bedroom, but shared a kitchen and bath with two other people. There was no living room or den where I could go! All I had was the room! But for the next several days I slept on the floor in the bedroom of one of my housemates.
I confronted my landlord, and he confirmed that a woman had been killed in the room, but said no one else had ever complained. He also said that the rental company could sue me if I told anyone about what happened. Because I had signed the lease the second time, after already hearing about a possible murder, he made it sound like it would be hard for me to break the lease (which is crazy, since things were fine at the time I signed it!) Anyway, the company could always say I imagined it after being spooked by the story.
So I stayed in the room for the rest of the lease, but slept with the lights on. I also wrote a "Dear Ghost, you are scaring me" letter and tacked it to the wall. Nothing happened again.
To this day, I wonder if the depression was related to living in a room where so much sadness and violence had occurred.  Incidentally, the woman was found in a pool of blood on her bed. I believe her bed was in the same place as mine, as the odd shape of the room, the location of its two doors, big closet and two sets of windows, didn't allow for much choice in layout.
The truth is, when I first heard about the murder, it did scare me, but quite a few months had passed, and I kind of forgot about it. By the time the "weird stuff" started to happen, I had put the story out of my mind. And as I said, most of the events happened in the middle of the afternoon! Who gets spooked in a sunlit room while doing homework?!
Since then, I have read all of the newspaper clippings about her murder at the newspaper's library. The woman was killed by her friend's boyfriend after using drugs with him. (He had a previous rape conviction that noone knew about at the time). I don't want to mention the victim's name, because her parents are still living and in the area.

Ghost or Guardian Angel


   When I was 15 yrs old my best friend died.  She had a cancer tumor in her
spinal cord and lived for apporoximately 1yr w/ it (paralized from the neck
down).  Finally, she went into a coma for about a week then died.
   Not too long after she had died (a few months?) my mom was going to drive
me to school because it was foggy and cold.  My mom sometimes had a hard time
w/ getting her car into reverse.  This particular morning was one of those
times.  I was in the passenger seat and she was struggling to get the car in
reverse to get out of the driveway.  I felt like time had sort of stood still
for a few moments.  At first it felt like deja vu - kind of - I just felt
like I knew something wierd was going to happen any second and I felt like I
just KNEW it was Michelle (my friend that died) so I didn't feel "panicked"
or anything.  Then I felt 2 cold fingers (middle & index fingers from a left
hand) from the back seat reach up to my neck and press on the left side of my
neck.  For some reason I knew that this person just wanted to check for my
pulse to make sure I was OK.  I know you don't normally check for a pulse on
the neck - usually you check on the wrist.  But I felt totally OK w/ it and
just let it happen.  Then I sarted to feel like I was coming back to reality
and seemed to sort of "wake up" to realize that my mom was still struggling
w/ getting the car in reverse.  I sat there and just thought about what had
just happened and felt like I had just waken up from a dream and when I
realized that I wasn't asleep I asked my mom why she just did that to me
(press my neck) and she said "What are you talking about? I've been trying to
get this car in reverse!"  I knew she didn't do it and I don't know why I
asked her if she did.  I told her what happened and I don't even remember
what she said in response to it.  She must have finally gotten the car into
reverse or something but just that whole sense of time was really wierd
because I just sort of floated off into another dimension or something.
   Anyway, to this day (I am now 32yrs) I KNOW that was Michelle but I don't
know why she wanted to check my pulse to make sure I was OK and realize I was
so she left.  I still can't figure it out but I know in my heart that it was

Ghost or Mirage

This past summer sometime during the evening I was riding my bike and saw what looked like a girl wearing a yellow dress with orange flowers on it running toward me along the sidewalk. I had only ridden a few feet when she just disappeared. The next day I told my best friend what happened. That night she slept over my house. We decided to go outside for a while. She was on one side while I was on the other. I had my back turned to her and I was helping my little sister with her cheers and I had my back turned to my friend. All of a sudden I heard my friend scream. When I asked her what was wrong she said that she had seen a little girl beside the gate that she could almost see through and when she tried to get closer the girl disappeared. My friend has been known to stretch the truth so I don't really know if she's telling the truth. My sister also said that she saw the same little girl in a dream that she had. Please print this story.

Ghost Stories


Hiyas, I've got a few interesting stories, non of them where directly
related to me, but I did see the results of them.
The first story comes from a camp I work at in the summer, it's a Boy Scout
Ranch near Colorado Springs.  The camp was built upon Indian holy grounds,
very holy grounds.  There are four things here, a formation of trees known
as the Circle of Trees that have one tree in each direction (N, S, E, W)
that circle a small stump.  The northern tree is infamous as it is known as
the Death Tree, as a general rule non of the staff EVER approaches the
Circle of Trees from the north direction, we always enter from the south.
The story goes that if you approach the Death Tree from the north you or
someone close to you will have a horrible event that may lead to a death.
When you look at the Death Tree you can see why it has its name, the tree is
covered in Dwarf Miseltoe(?) and has been struck by lightning atleast three
times.  The other trees are wonderful pine trees, just standing in the
center you feel overcome with a peaceful feeling, its like all your troubles
vanish and it is perfectly silent.
The next sotry is about objects that are named for what they look like,
Coyote Stump, Deer Tree, Bear Rock, and Wolf Stump.  Each one of those looks
EXACTLY like the animal they are named for, most of the staff knows by heart
the location of Wolf Stump and Coyote Stump, but only two people (who no
longer work there) know where Deer Tree and Bear Rock are.  Now its written
in stone never to touch Coyote Stump, if you do so something bad always
happens and Coyotes always appear near the stump that night.  The stump
looks exactly like a Coyote and even its shadow looks like a Coyote, from
any direction.  One staff member who didnt believe in the tale kicked the
stump one night, his mother died shortly after.  He never went near the
stump ever again.  Another time as another staff member and I where walking
down the trail where the stump is found, we saw it laying at a very
different way then it normally sits, we decided to right it to where it was,
we did so and went to bed.  That night we hear Coyotes avidly everywhere, it
was like they surrounded the camp.  Nothing bad happened to either of us,
something good happened instead I recieved wonderful gift from my parents, I
dont know what happened to the other guy.
We know nothing exactly about Wolf Stump, but we do know that messing with
it results in wolves appearing, wolves never appear anywhere within 100
miles of the camp either.
Another thing is Cowboy's Cave.  The story about the cave is that when we
had a big game of CTF going a couple staff came upon the cave, inside they
saw what looked like an old man in a cowboy outfit, but he was hazy, they
bolted from there like rabbits.
Not scary stories, but they are interesting to some people I know, one of
these days I'm going to try and find out more about the land.

Oh, along the enterance road to the camp are the 12 points of the scout law
signs, the last point entering the camp is "Reverant", it's been struck by
lighting at least 7 times.  Heh.

Haunted Apartment


Hello, my name is Stacey and I would like to tell you a couple of stories about an Appartment that My husaband and (at the time 2 years old) Daughter Tailor now she is four.
1 1/2 year before I met my husband Todd.  He moved in the same appartment building accrossed from where we all had the exsperince of the unexplaned.  But Just to let you know he didn't tell me the sightings that he had until after I started to see and feel and heard/Seen what happened to my daughter Tailor.
Philadephia PA. Silverwood street,  Was known to be on of the many places that George Washington had stayed at. As we know of it now it is an Appartment Building.  As you walk up the 5 steps to the porch you can see it was a very old house and the structer if it.  You would walk in and it has a very large stair case.  you would find on the lower level 2 apartments and you would then walk up the stairs to the second floor.  The door at the top would be our apartment.  but I will get to that.
I will start with Todd's first.  He was at the second floor apartment down the hall.  Very small more like an effencey.  The first night he moved in.  He was all finished moving things in and now he was tired.  He went in the room and laid down.  He then just fell espleep when he felt something right in front of his face, he then open his eyes and what he said that he saw was a little boy no older the 10.  he saw an outline of a 10 year old boy that was knealing down with hands on knees like he was looking for something.  Todd then let out a gasp of air not realising that he was holding his breath the boy look up at him and the ran out of the room passing the light switch and TURNED IT ON!!!!!!.
Todd then said that all he was able to do was pull the covers over his head.  The next insident was when he was at some friends house two doors down he told them it was getting late and he was going home to bed,  That was like 130 am.  He told his friend that was staying with him to come when ever and threw him the key.
At 5:30am Todd was sleeping and he was tossing and turning and tried to pull up the covers over his one shoulder.  He couldn't the was something at the foot of the bed that was stopping him from doing so..  So he thought it was is friend that was staying at his house and so he used his foot to kick him off.  Then looked up to ask his friend why was he on the foot of his bed.....  NOTHING WAS THERE>  LIGHT WENT ON AGAIN.  Todd Left and went to the house two doors down.
Now thats where I came in.  Todd has been in this apartment more then a year and nothing has happend till I came.  As you entered the apartment you would come in the door on a angle.  the couch in front of you the a hall way left of the couch which led to the kitchen on the right and the bathroom in front of you.  the bedroom was threw the living room....
When I first started to feel things I didn't want to say anything I didn't want any one think I was crazy.  I didn't know how Todd felt about these things so I kept my mouth shut.  But I would be sitting on the couch and on the door of the apartment to come in we had a mirror which you could see down the hall way to the bath room and kitchen.
as I would be sitting there watching TV, I would see a shadow of someone or something out the corner of my eye.  at first I thought ok whatever.   Well I still didn't have the nerve to tell Todd.  I would see it all the time now  I was getting concerned, scared.  One night we had friends over.  In our living room we had baseball caps hung up on the wall with Hook nails. Then we were all sitting there.  Then all the hats started to pop off the wall.  Now at first when the first one came of we that the nail came out but it didn't so I picked it back up and then sat back down again,  the another then another.  we all ran out to the back porch.  Stayed there for an hour our friends went home.   That night Tailor fell esleep on the couch.  We thought that she would be ok.   Well we were wrong...
At 3:00am  she woke us up by pounding on the door crying hysticaly.  I couldn't believe it.  Then no sooner that she came into our room she went right to sleep.  For about a week at the same time she would wake us up like that.  I didn't think anything about it.  I thought that maybe that she was dreaming but everyday for a week?
I was taking Tailor to school in the morning on the following Monday she then came out and said to me.   Now mind you this is a 2 year old tell me this.  She said to me   " Mommy, I don't like the big man."  I then said to her, What big man?  Daddy?  She said, "No"  The black man".  I couldn't believe I was hearing this.  I then got to her school and she then started to climb up on a chair and stood on it.  She then reached with one hand stratched above her head and said.  The this big.
I could feel my heart in my chest and my neck.  I called todd told him every thing.  That night we had her on the couch again.  We also had a video camara hooked up leading to our VCR so we could record on tape if there is anything.
that night Tailor didn't come to our room at 3:00 am she didn't come at all.  We thought ok whatever it was we scared it away.   WRONG!!!!  We watched the movie that night.  and it hard to explan the tape with out watching it.  But I would say you see everything that she told us that happens to her every night.  You also see that video recorder goes out of focus and its trying to focus but can't.  There is a shadowy thing at the end of the couch by Tailors feet.  You see that the covers are moving by them selves.  Then she is sitting up asleep with nothing around her she throws her arms up at once and doesn't fall.  she then tries to bat something away from her.  She then gets thrown to the floor and then you see her head pass through a shadow and then the shadow moves at her head then its gone.
Today tailor is 4 and she doesn't talk about it much but We did move out of the apartment building with in a week.  Tailor was never the same after that.  We believe that she has the gift to talk to the "not living"  She had never seen my mother nor knows her name.  Since my mother passed when I was at a very young age.  she will go and talk and have conversations with her self like she we would be talking to some one.  I would ask who she was talking to she will say my old mother.  I said oh ok then I heard her again at the dinner Table and she was saying no I don't want too.  No you do it.....  I then said what?  Oh nothing mommy she would say talking to LINDA.  YES THATS MY MOTHERS NAME!!!!
Now only a little like the supper market she would be talking to a little girl "KellY"  And the name never changes when we go so I have to believe in that. It doesn't bother me that if she can talk to spirts.  But I don't push her to do so.

Ghost story in Mullica Hill NJ


Me and my two friends whom I will leave unnamed, where using a ouija baord
in the uaker graveyard my the friends metting house in Mullica Hill ( where
I live.) It was just before dark when we where getting ready to leave, we
had been messing around, and one of my friends jumping off graves. There was
a sound like a gunshot from the woodstown road direction. Me and my one
friend connie whom now wants to be known ran towards our bikes. No sooner
did we reach them two more shots came from the direction. We got on our
bikes heart pounding,and road down the street all the while thinking someone
was following. connie was almost hit by a car, and i was as well. When we
were coming home something was most definately behind use because something
grabed my should trying to throw me into traffic.

Ghost or 4 People's Overactive Imagination?


Hello. I want to share some stories with you, because I believe that my house is haunted. I'll share 3 accounts with you.
1.) This usually happens when only a friend or 2 friends and I are alone in my house. My friend Kelly and I were at a blockparty with my parents and younger brother. We got bored, so my dad drove us back to my house. We were sitting on the computer when we heard the front door open and slam shut. Kelly and I both looked at each other and asked if we heard the door - we both did. I told her to wait in my room and I went out into the living room to see (there are stairs leading up to the living room from the landing where the front door is). No sign of anyone. This scared us pretty bad, and we called my dad and he took us back to the block party. -- The front door is a weather door, and sort of locks when the door is shut, so we ruled out the possibility of wind. This happened to Kelly and I twice, Kelly and my friend Jenn and I, and once tonight (12/15/02). My brother and I are home alone. He's sitting in the living room watching a movie, I i             2.) My mom came home one night around 10:00. She got out of her car and shut the door. She came into the house panic-stricken. "Did you call me?" she asked. "No...." I gave her a skeptical look, and she said: "The weirdest thing just happened... I heard someone call me, like 'Ma! Ma!' Like they were hurt, you know?" This spooked me, but I wasn't sure at first what to make of it. She stood there thinking for a while, then said: "Are you sure you didn't call me?"
3.) I was lying in bed one night, and I'm a very light sleeper. So, I was looking around my room, when I heard little scraping noises in the attic. Sort of like an animal walking around with sharp little claws. I sat up straight in bed and hardly slept that night. I told my dad about it the next day, and he said it was raccoons. When I told my mom about it some time after it happened, she said there were no raccoons, because I always used that excuse (the raccoons). So, if it wasn't a raccoon......What was it?

Ghost Cat


    Greetings  to Dave and Tina.   I am ghostdreamer from Dallas, Texas.
The event I want to relate to you happened in 1997 in a house  I inherited
from my dad, who had died Jan. 27, 1997.  I cannot remember the monthbut,
this event was after his death..   Me and my daughter were living in the
house at the time.   I had been living there since my step-mom had died in
1987.  My dad re-married in 1988 and moved out while I continued to stay in
the house.  I started dating a woman in '97 who eventually (even through
these events) became my wife.     Many supernatural events happened during
the months following my dads' death.    The appearance of the ghostcat was
very significant and amazing.
  I  got home from work one night and my daughter proceded to tell me the
story of how she saw this ghostcat appear and walk around the floor,
seemingly out of thin air.   I have had psychic or paranormal experiences
during my life, but I was skeptical about this event.  I told her that I
believed her but, in my mind, I was very skeptical.   That is until it
happened to me.     Again, I just got home from work, sat down on the couch,
was alone in  the house.   I was watching the tv  when suddenly  out of
nowhere, about two feet above the dining room table the apparition or
whatever of a cat appeared.  It was a grayish-colored translucent full
-bodied cat.   It was liesurely walking, as though climbing steps.  It was
floating (for lack of a better word)  for no more than four seconds, when it
just as suddenly disappeared.   My daughter had a pet cat in the house but
she was under the coffee table at the time.   I sat there in awe and
dis-belief as my brain tried to discern what had just taken place.  I told my
future wife of the event.   She then told me she had seen the same type of
event happen a week earlier and had been afraid to tell me.     I call the
apparition "ghostcat", but could it have been something else?  What we saw
exceeds the realm of physical possibilities.   Other events happened in that
house.  The ghostcat was the most phenomenal.    My experience is peanuts
compared to some other people's, but ,nevertheless, extrordinary in itself.
Thank you for providing me this venue for relating this event.    Happy
ghosting !

Ghostly Experiences


I'm 14 years old and for as long as I can remember I have never been able to sleep alone in the dark,It's because  Of things I've seen or heard that are unexplainable, the only logical explanation is their ghosts. The oldest I can remember was when I was 8.My old House used to be 120 years old , and  in a tiny town with a sad history. In the 1800's a tornado went through it and destroyed it. It was a big train town. Well anyway my room was always cold and at night it was so dark you couldn't see anything.It made you so afraid to even take a breath.I always felt watched. One night at midnight I awoke to see this Little boy about my younger brothers age,Who was 4 and my other bothetr was 7.he looked to be 4 and his face was blurry and legs to,He was dressed in old fashioned clouths.I was so scared I was frozen and could'nt scream.Finally i was Brave enough to get up andrun out of there.After that I couldn't sleep for weeks and not alone either.I slept In school hours when the talked.I was Sent to the school shrink they told me I dreamt it.My parents don't believe in Ghosts niether do any of my family.So I've been the only one to see.After that I never slept in that room again I slept on the couch.My stuff would end ou missing to.Well then 5 years ago my father bought part of his familys farm,which belonged to the family 3 generations.itr was owned by other familys before thatand there old cellars found,ruins where cabins weresince Wisconsin beacme astate.Before that the BlackHawk tribe hunted and camped on our farmland.Well anyway there was purcahseed by my great-great grandfather,they say he bought it when he was going crazy,he was very old then though.There was no house here so my grandfather built us a brand new house.I've experienced the unexplainable here.Since I was 8 I was interested in ghosts.There also more history to say before I tell my other experiences ,there a grave here of a a baby boy in1901 ,Adam .My mom said that was going to be my name if I was a boy,I also Almost died when I was 1like Adam.Well anyway I have friend whos mother is a physic she says I just attract ghosts.She says there evil that rooms in our woods.One experince I had was with my friend by the ruins of a cabin in the woods.My friend says you can record the voices of the dead on a taperecorder,so we brought it to the cabin sight.We turned it on and we heard footsteps and a heartbeat on it,it was louder in one spot.We asked it questions.It whispered my friend  claims a week after the incident she was possed by the spirit of the little girl we talked to.Her name was Abigail Fremont and she was murdered.That was the same I kept hearing in my dreams.One night I was in the woods.The woods is across the roads from my house .It was night and there was a campfire and I heard voices and laughter therebut I couldn't make out what they said.So I went over there where the campfire was and there was nobody there and something pushed me.I ran out of there as quik as I could.My freind says there spirit everwhere at m y home because under my house is a portal,its where the sprits come from one world to the next.One time I saw a chair move by itself. I heard singing ingerman in the basement when no one was there and nobody in our household is fluent in german.I saw theghost of a dog.Iheard noises in the kithcen.One day in pure daylight I was sitting in my chair and talking 0n the phone.Above my bed hovered a teenage girlin a dark blue dress with dark brown curls.I felt this calming peace wash over me when I saw her.She disapeared in thin air.My friend says her name was Marissa and her sweetheart fought in the civil war  and never came home.I have so many stories some of my own and my friends.we've seen things that are strange.Things that are scary.


violin music warning


In mid-September I was in Geneva Switzerland on a business trip, and I was due to return home the day of my girl friends birthday.  For her birthday, I had purchased a violin, and I planned on giving it to her after she picked me up from the airport (the violin was at my house).  The night before I was scheduled to return home, I called my girlfriend but she was not home, so I left a message.  After I hung up the phone, the phone rang back in my room in Switzerland.  I picked up the phone but I did not here anything. After saying hello a couple times, I hung the phone up.  Later that night I again tried to call my girlfriend and this time she was home.  As we spoke, she told me that she had received both my messages.  Having only called once before, I was very perplexed.  I asked her what I said on the messages and she described the first message that left to a tee, but she thought that I was teasing her with the second message since she thought that I might be giving her a violin for her birthday.   After some prompting, she told me that she heard scratchy violin music, like a beginner tuning their instrument, followed by me saying “hello, hello”.  I thought she was joking, but when I could tell that she was serious, I asked her if it sounded like “musac”, static or some other background noise.  She had the voice messages still on her answering machine, and she played both messages back to me.  On the first message, I could clearly hear my voice saying that “I just called to say hi and that I would see her tomorrow”.  The second message starts with about 4 seconds of clear but scratchy violin music, and then I could very clearly hear my voice saying “hello, hello”.  My girlfriend said that both the messages had my phone number on the caller ID.  By this time I had convinced her that I did not leave the violin music on her machine (nor were there any TV’s or radio’s turned on in my room during the call).  All I could think of was that I may have been hearing some future event when my girlfriend would be tuning her violin and that I would not be around to hear it!  So I changed my plane reservations to take a different flight home.   Nothing happened to the plane that I would have been on, but I can not help but think that the violin music was meant to be some type of warning.  Maybe I would have had car accident if I took the other flight, or I would have been hit crossing the road.  Regardless, an omen like that is hard to ignore.  I have kept the “message “  recording as a reminder of this very strange experience.

Ghostly Voice


I don't know where to start so I guess the begining.

March 22, of 01, My parents came to visit us and they never got out of the car. My dad was very sick and it was hard for him to move around. But we still had a good visit and my son gave his grandfather his last kiss bye. ( Not know ).  My husband was talking to them and he didn't know. I had touched his arm and I stared into his eyes. I known then but we stayed like that for a second or two, as soon as I let go the feeling I had disappeared.  On saturday night he to his wife to call 911 he was dying. As it goes they revived him 8 times in one night. The next morning he passed away. We has gotten his things ready for the funeral on Thursday. She had picked us up to stay at her home the night before the funeral. Everyone was so tired that we didn't go to bed until late.  My son and I slept my dad's room and everyone was asleep now except for me.  I was on the edge of sleep when I heard  a gagging noice in the living room and I figured the others could hear it. I was wrong, the next d they never ring at all.  In April of 2001 we went to visit my grandma( my dad's mother ) we had a good visit and I hugged her husband John and then I hugged her. I walked to her door and I turned towards her and I saw her getting pushed farther away from me and it really scared me and I wanted out fast.  I didn't know what that meant until Sept. of this year!  Her husband John passed from her life. It was telling me something is leaving her life again.  I feel things I don't understand and there are other time too.  But for now this is it.

Ghosts - my story

We moved to a house in farm country in 1994.  About two years later things started happening.  It started when my oldest son saw a "man" standing out in the yard by the propane tank at dawn - staring at his window.  Shortly after that another son saw what he terms "the horsey statue" in the downstairs playroom (which we later determined to be the central location of weird stuff).  It was as tall as a man, had a horses face and pointed things coming off it's shoulders.  It stared at him and he stared at it, until he ran up the stairs crying.  My daughter has seen a doppleganger of her brother while playing with him.  An identical copy of her brother was across the room; her real brother and herself ran out of the playroom, leaving the copy behind.  We have seen shadows on the wall of a head and torso, sometimes with what looks like a viking hat on it.  Objects move across the floor when you're by yourself.  Footsteps, oven alarms going off at 5 am, sounds of breaking glass, you name it.  One morning on boy woke to find large staples arranged on his carpet, all facing inward in a large triangle.  The other boy next room over found blood drops running down his bedroom wall.  TV has come on at full volume, to turn itself off moments later.  Smoke alarms on two floors all go off together without any smoke at 5 am.  My camcorder turned on and started recording as I sat next to it in a dark room.  Music boxes start playing, objects disappear and are found buried under other objects, and my dog has growled at something above and behind me on two occasions.  In early November, I was on the computer when I heard whispering behind me.  It was loud enough to clearly hear it, but not make sense of it.  It sounded Indian to me.  Every time I turned around it stopped, to start again moments later.  This activity goes in cycles.  It will build for weeks and weeks and then stop suddenly for maybe a year, only to start again.  We are not scared to live here, but have accepted our live in guest.  Only on two occasions have we felt evil in the house, and I ran it off with a Bible each time.  Many of the things are centered in the playroom area and happen often in the early morning, right before sunrise.



Although I had always believed in ghosts, I have never had any real experience until the time when I worked in an American call center in Subic, a Freeport zone in Olongapo City which is 2 hours away from Manila. On my first night there in November 2001 at around 10 pm, I went out the hallway to load water in my jug. (We could request water delivered to our rooms but I was too thirsty.) Subic is a really hot place being situated close to the sea but on that warm night, after filling up three fourths of my jug, I suddenly felt scared. The feeling suddenly crept up my spine, I felt a cold sensation. The hairs on my body stood up. I had the feeling that someone was watching me. I didn’t bother filling up my jug anymore and briskly walked to my room. I never talked about that incident to my roommate or anybody else. It didn’t bother me anyway.
After some days, we found out from an old timer who drivers a cab exclusively for the Freeport, that the hotel building where we lived in used to be the headquarters of American soldiers during the WW II. He said wounded American soldiers died there. He even told us about shuttle bus drivers who picked up a lady in a white dress near the chapel late at night. When the drivers would glance at their rear view mirror, nobody would be there in the bus. We didn’t think much about it until the time when we were all given a four-day holiday. By the way, we were all from another city so we hired a van to take us back to our city, which was 7 hours away by land. On the way home, the driver who came from Olongapo City started telling us ghost experiences he knew about in the hotel area where we were staying. We all got really scared and suddenly everyone started sharing their little scary experiences at the Freeport. I was shocked to discover that it was all true after all. It was only then that we found out that we were all being haunted without giving much thought about it.
In one of the rooms where the other girls stay, a man’s voice (rough) would wake them up in the wee hours of the morning. The voice would shout at their ears just like when a soldier was being woken up by his officer. One of the girls in that room would turn her TV volume up so loud every dawn.  They said they would hear someone walking on the carpet in their room. In another room, they would hear knocking at their door at night. No one would be at their door when they would open it. They regarded it as a prank and didn’t mind it. Once, during a pool party, one of the girls retired early. She was alone in their room taking a bath when she thought her roommate called her 3 times. When she came out, nobody was there in the room with her. Her roommate was still at the pool. At another time, when one of the girls was taking a bath, she suddenly came running out of her room, screaming, with only a towel around her body. She said that the toilet flushed by itself. That would mean that the ghost was in the toilet-and-bathroom with her! In the hallway where I first had my experience, one of the girls felt a cold breeze when she walked in front of an empty small stock room. She wondered where the breeze came from. There is no window or an open door in the hallway just a huge glass wall overlooking the garden. The hair on her spine stood up. Once, when I came out of our building to go to another at night, I suddenly felt the urge to run. My hair stood up! I just walked a little faster because I did not want to acknowledge the feeling that someone was following me although I was alone.
One of my co-employees, a woman of age had a third eye. She was a psychic of some sort. She’s half Filipino and African-American, a heavy set woman in her fifties. When everyone was going back to their rooms during lunch break, she announced that a black figure was standing at some corner of the hotel. Everyone started screaming and running downstairs. While at another time, when some of the girls were practicing some songs for the gathering, everyone ran out the room after they all heard an echo supposedly of the song leader’s voice when her microphone was actually turned off. She was holding it in front of her mouth.
There were other experiences but the last one I had was during my last moments there, after I resigned. Holding my luggage, I opened the door but decided to go back into the room to check if I haven’t left anything. I put my bag on the bed and headed for the drawers. Immediately, the door slammed shut! It did not just close, it locked itself! Suddenly I got scared. I knew that something just locked me inside my room. It was outside. There was no wind to close my door since all my windows were closed and the hallway just had a series of doors leading to the rooms on both sides. I did not make it obvious that I was aware. I picked up my bag, opened the door and closed it. I felt a cold breeze outside my door and through the entire hallway.  I felt relief after I came out of the building. I was the only one in the building that time. Everyone was at the office building. I guess, it knew that I was leaving and never coming back. I think it didn’t want me to go. Whatever!
Another not-so-close encounter happened exactly during the time when my paternal grandfather died. My grandfather was 96 when he died. It was the year 1996. He was bed-ridden and did not want to eat for 10 days prior to his death. It seemed that his spirit wanted to rest but his body didn’t. Anyway, my father assumed that he died in his sleep because in the morning he discovered that my grandfather’s body was cold, stiff and purple already.  My sister who was vacationing at a beach resort was disturbed by persistent knocking at their beach cottage at 4 am that day (dawn) he died. The knocking didn’t stop until they opened the door only to find nothing. Also at dawn, my eldest sister woke up thinking she heard someone outside knocking but nobody was there. It seems that my grandfather was saying goodbye to them. As for me, although I live with my hubby, I was always at our father’s house. My grandfather saw me everyday so he didn’t have to say goodbye to me. I have noticed in most of the stories sent it that people who die give out a sign of some sort before they die. Don’t you think so?




Your site is great! Fascinating. All my life I have been pretty receptive to
unusual occurrences, and I found several stories on your site to be similar
to my own. There is a matrilineal history of this type of thing in my
family. My mom calls it being 'witchy.' As a baby, the woman who my middle
name is after passed away. At the funeral, I played with something unseen in
front of me happily for the whole service. My mom and my grandmother claim
they felt the presence of the woman and that I was clearly able to see and
touch her. There are lots of stories of strange occurrences, esp. with
animals when I was an infant and toddler.
Growing up I saw lots of spectral type things. Most notably, was the ghost
in my closet. This was the only time I ever saw something that someone else
saw too. I was about 5 maybe and my friends, two boys of about 6 and 10 were
with me in my room. Suddenly we all looked to my closet, which had slats you
could see through, esp from sitting on the floor as we were. There was a
white, small man. He was ..almost cartoonish, and for some reason I thought
of him as a pirate. He was angry. I was not afraid and felt glad they
obviously saw it too. The older boy ran to get our moms, and I opened the
closet door. Upon opening it nothing was there but a white dust all over the
clothing and the floor. Shortly after, that was gone too.
In one of your stories, a man mentions the time 11:11 pm. The whole time I
lived in that house, until I was 10 years old, I waited for 11:11. I don't
know why, but each night I lay awake in a sort of dread apprehension for
that time. At 11:10 I began to stare at the clock and did not look away, or
breathe it seemed like, till 11:12.  Then I felt a sense of relief, but
still sleep often eluded me for hours more. I'm a life long insomniac.
In the same house, I saw what I believe now to be the astral projection of
my still living grandmother. It was night and I saw her in a transparent
form in the living room. I don't know if she was dreaming or having an out
of body experience or what. On the way back to my room, I saw several flying
'demon' like things, also transparent, flying just below the cathedral
ceilings.  In that same house, my mom says a 'devil' visited her one night.
He had hooves, and she says she grabbed her bible and after a bit he
Several years went by without any major events, unless you count dreams,
premonitions, weird feelings, etc. I have never been short on those. Then
when I was 16, I saw something else. I don''t know if I should call it a
ghost or not...I was in the living room of my then house (different from the
house above mentioned) and I was watching TV, home alone. I saw a reflection
of something in the television was, well it's hard to describe.
It was human-ish, but almost zombie looking, with grey green skin. But
piercing, very aware eyes. I turned from the tv and looked behind me, where
it was still standing. I just stared and in a moment or two, it disappeared
before my eyes. I felt a need to get away and went outside and sat on the
porch for the rest of the afternoon, talking on the cordless to my best
There have been several other events, sometimes I hear my name or hear
someone say 'hello', etc. I have been to two of the places on your list of
haunted sites. The Onion House in San Antonio, TX for one. All my life I
heard about it being haunted and at 16 or so, my future husband and I went
on a ghost hunting trip to check it out. It sure feels haunted, the presence
there is weird. You also have Northstar Mall on list, and I used to work
there. The Parking garage is a very malevolent place. For one thing, it's
infested with bats. There is certainly an ominous feeling there, and I've
heard many stories. I also worked at another haunted place once. It was a
historical site and the basement esp. was haunted. Things would move on
their own, cold drafts, you'd get chills for no reason, etc.
My husband and I are still quite interested in paranormal goings on, and
when we can, we still go to haunted sites, but so many are on private
property or difficult to access at night. Still, we both believe there is
often more present than you know and your site is a great resource. Keep up
the good work.




I myself have had many strange happenings beginnning early in my childhood. When i was just past 1 year old my grandfather passed away, i was very attached to my grandfather as a baby and would spend hours stealing his glasses etc. One early morning my mum got up to get herself a coffee and she took me out of my cot and placed me on the rug in the living room. I  was upset of being woken and lay there crying perfusely. My mother quickly went downstaris to give my dad his coffeeand rushed back to tend to me. When she returned i was laughing and giggling and having a happy old time. My mum believe that it was my granddad playing with me. Lately though i have many sightings being that our whole family is what u would call "modern day witches" we are prone to them. We don not run round with snakes and ravens but from very early we are taught about ghosts, spirits etcs. In the past few years i have numerous sightings, i have 3 dogs who have passed and 2 were poisened. i constantly see one of my dogs a Malt
I also have a young boyz spirit that is constantly peeking around corners at me. When my mum was 5 her young cousin was killed when hit by a car. The young girl is always around sitting on stairs, bed ends,couches and she is always wearing the same thing. These are only a sample few of the many sightings we have seen. All i must say though is we have been been afraid of ghosts and enjoy there company they always seem to be there when your feeling down or depressed

Grandma Sees Ghosts


My grandmother is either very lucky or very unlucky. Her first experience was not long after she married my papa. Papa's mother lived with them until she died. One night Nan was awakened in the middle of the night to find her mother-in-law standing by her bed holding an oil lamp. That would'nt be so strange if not for the fact that she had passed away months earlier! Her second experience involved not only her but my papa and a neighbor. It seems that there was an old man that lived in the neighborhood and his daily routine was to walk the block to get exercise and local gossip. He was a very friendly man and everyone liked him. When someone in a small town passed away in those days, the whole town tended to go to the showing. My uncle, who was a baby at the time, was sick so Nan and Papa didn't go. A few days later Nan and Papa were at the neighbor's house when the man of the house comes flying into the driveway. Papa asked him what the problem was. He looked like he just saw a ghost. The neighbor said that he had. He had seen Mr. Hawkins, the neighbor that just died! Papa did not believe in ghosts so they all hopped in the car and the neighbor drove them to where he had seen Mr. Hawkins. Sure enough there he was walking down the sidewalk! Nan said he looked at them, smiled and continued walking down the sidewalk. He walked around the corner and dissappeared. That was the last they saw of Mr. Hawkins. One more! Nan and her sister-in-law were driving into the town of Troy, Indiana where there is a set of railroad tracks right before you get into town. It was nightime and Nan said she saw someone walking along the side of the road in their direction. When they got closer they noticed the person had no HEAD! She said that this ghost used to be seen quite often. Nan is a very religious person and she SWEARS that these stories are real. She also told me that her great-grandmother saw ghosts, her grandmother also did and she has seen three of them herself. I LOVE this kind of stuff, but I hope that seeing ghosts does not run in the family!!!


Grandmas Ghost Friend


Hello.  My name is Traci, I'm 16 years old and I live in South Carolina.  I have a very close family, but we're spread out all over the United States, but we do like to keep in touch, for instance we call my grandmother from my dad's side at least once a week.  That grandmother's name is Marie.  She is getting very old now and in fact has just recently celebrated her 79th or 80th birthday, I can never remember her age, but I know that it's around there.  Marie lives in Oklahoma where my father and two sisters, as well as myself are from, and to my knowlege has only come out to South Carolina once, and since then swears never to come back.
On this visit my Aunt Pat owned an old plantation named Dixie Hall Plantation.   My grandmother had traveled to South Carolina along with her son, my uncle Darrel.  I don't remember this visit because at the time I was young.  But I do remember that my cousin's room had two beds in it, a fact that had stumped me at the time, but I never asked about it because her room was so big that I figured that it was in there because there was extra room for one for emergencies.  When my grandma and uncle finnaly arrived it was well past bedtime and so we all quickly agreed to let my grandma and mama have my cousin's room for the night and my sisters and cousin were to sleep in the very large den, while my father and uncle slept in what was my mother's and his room.  It was winter time and us as children didn't like to sleep upstairs because it was so cold, my mother told me.  I don't remember ever complaining about the cold but then again I was young.
The next morning everyone was downstairs in the dining room eating breakfast when my grandma suddenly said, "Pat, why did you come in at pat my head last night?".  My aunt assured her that she did no such thing and they came to the conculsion that my grandma was just very tired and though that she felt something.  That night we all slept in the same rooms as we had the night before and the next morning my grandma came down to breakfast and assured us that she did feel someone patting her forehead during the night and she did not imagin it.  At this point my aunt didn't say anything, but just looked down at her plate and continued eating.  That night we went to bed same as the two nights before.  Really early in the morning my mother and grandma came down stairs waking us up as they did.  My aunt came out of her bedroom, which was on the first floor, asking what was wrong and my grandma as well as my mother assured Pat that there was somthing weird going on with that room.  They said that they woke up, finding some woman sitting in a chair that was supposed to be across the room, leaning over my grandmother patting her head and singing quietly, as if trying to get my grandma to go to sleep.  They said that she was dress in some kind of dress that sort of looked like a nurse's uniform, except that it had an apron tied over the skirt, and was longer.
At this point my grandma was ready to leave and decided the next day she would leave rather than spend another night in that house.  The next day she repacked all her cloths and left assuring us she would never come back.  My Aunt having never encountered such a lady assured us and asked us to continue staying with her because she was all alone besides her daughter and son.  So we stayed.
A few years later I was about 9.  This I can sort of remember without anyone telling me what they remember.  My aunt was out with my father doing something, I don't remember what, but my mother, sisters and I were alone in the house.  We had just gotten finished cleaning the dinner dishes and had gone into the den to watch t.v. before bedtime.  When my mother call us and told us to go to bed, (we all shared the same room with my cousin, though not because there wern't enough rooms in the old house, just because we didn't like to be alone for some reason none of us can remember) we turned off the tv and went to brush our teeth.  A few minutes later my mother came up stairs and asked us why we didn't turn off the tv, we told her we did and went to bed.  A few minutes later we her her call us downstairs, so we got up and went down.  She asked us which one of us were coming down and turning the tv on and we told her none of us were, she started to get upset, the way parents do whenever they feel they are being lied to by their children, when the tv turned on, she looked scared for a minute and then laughed and asked us who had the remote.  My little sister and I didn't say anything, but my older sister just pointed to the table where the remote was sitting.  My mother turned around to see the remote and then she told us to go get in the car.
  We left after that and I can't remember ever going back to that house. But since then I got curious and got my aunt to do some research and find out how old the house was and who used to own it.  It turns out that it was used as a cival war hospital.  And it also turns out that that room where my grandmother and mom stayed in that night was a room where a little boy died of pnemona during that time period.  I was just wondering, why would the woman in the dress pat my grandmother's head that night and never bother us kids that used to sleep in that room every night?




First off, I am a skeptic but what happened to me about 15 years ago changed
me forever.
I was living with my Grandparents, taking care of them and going to school.
It was late August and it was a particularly warm summer night for San
Francisco. I had a hard time getting to sleep because it was so warm. I woke
up around 3:00 a.m. all of a sudden. I am a very deep sleeper. I have slept
through earthquake's, construction noise, etc. My window was open and there
was always some type of night noises (insects, traffic, etc.). I realized
when I woke up that everything was very still and quiet. I thought to myself
that is probably why I woke was too quiet. I could not get back to
sleep. I realized I had to go to the bathroom which annoyed me because the
restroom was at the end of a very long dark hall. I opened the bedroom door
to start my trek to the bathroom and I froze. I noticed the hall was much
darker than normal. It was pitch black. I did not remember ever seeing the
hall that black before. I struggled to focus but could not. I also froze for
another reason. It was cold, really cold. The hall was icy. The hairs on the
back of my neck stood straight up putting me on alert. Then I heard the
voice. A child's voice. Ginny......Ginny. It was clear as a bell coming from
the end of the hall. I searched for some rational explanation in my head.
The first rational explanation I could think of was that my Grandmother was
talking in her sleep. Her bedroom was immediately left of my bedroom door. I
poked my head into her room and rater loudly and inquired "Grandma, Grandma,
did you hear something?" To my utter disbelief she replied back, "Yes,
Andrea, did you hear that too?" I quickly turned on the bedroom lights and
went to sit on the bed with her. She thought I was talking in my sleep. She
had been awake for hours and could not sleep either because it was too
She said no one ever called her Ginny except for her little sister. We both
would never forget that night.
Her little sister had been playing outside one late August morning in the
front yard of her friends house. She was 4 years old. My grandmother was
inside the house visiting her friends mother. A drunk driver came barreling
down the street and broke through the front yard fence hitting her little
sister and dragging her down the street for 5 more blocks. She was killed

Grandmothers Old House


I do have a story to tell but it is not scary.  It is something that I would like to share.
My Grandmother lived in a very old house.  It contained 3 apartments.  Two apartments upstairs and one downstairs.  There was also an attic.  The house was really cool.  It had vines growing all over it so it did look creepy in the fall.  Anyways, my Grandmother had this canister that would hold 5 rolls of toilet paper.  She would always wait until I would come over because she new that I loved to put the toilet paper in this canister. I was in grade school and spent the weekends at my Grandmothers.  I knew that I filled the canister with toilet paper and so did my Grandmother and the next time she went to retrieve a roll, it would be empty.  She would call and ask if I knew where all of the toilet paper was.  I told her I put it in the canister as I always do.  She would go to the store and buy more toilet paper.  When she returned with more toilet paper and go to fill the canister, al! l of the toilet paper returned and the canister was full.  Being the jokester that I was she thought that I was playing a practical joke on her.  I swore up and down that I did not take the toilet paper.  It happened time and time again.  Then one day, I happened to see like a cloud floating down the hallway.  That is the only way I know how to describe what I saw.  I figured that it was dust particles that you see when the sun shines through a window.  I asked my Grandmother if she was cleaning in the other apartment or cooking.  She had two stoves.  The one in her apartment the oven did not work but the other one in the other apartment upstairs the oven worked and she would sometimes use that stove.  She told me no.  I thought nothing about it.  A couple of weeks later I saw this cloud like thing again. I asked if she was cleaning or cooking.  She looked at me puzzled and asked me why I wanted to know.  ! I told her that I saw this cloud like thing in the hallway.  She told me that she had noticed this a couple of times before too.  We both looked in the toilet paper container and it was empty once again.  We came to the conclusion that there was some type of ghost that lived in this house and liked to take toilet paper.  I would never leave her apartment at night time to go use the oven in the other apartment.  The ghost never bothered us.  It scared me but I just never moved from my room at night time at her house.
We did find out that the house that she lived in was part of the underground railroad for slaves.  You could see windows at basement level from the outside of the house but when you went in the basement, there were no windows.  This was to fool people to thinking that is was an ordinary house with windows when in actuality it was a passage way.
Like I said it is not a scary story but I thought it would be nice to share.

Grandpa's Hands


My story is a little different than others listed on this site but it's still spooky and the affects are still present today.  In order to fully explain my story I need to give a little background about my grandfather.  My grandpa had an ailment on his hands and feet that made them appear as if they were covered with warts - I don't know if he ever had them checked out by a MD, one time when I was little I asked my grandma about them and she said something about a virus but I don't think she was sure either.   Grandpa was an old fashioned German farmer - he was tall, stocky, stubborn, very hard working and had a bad temper whenever things didn't go his way.  As his grandchildren (my brother and I), not only would he become extremely angry with us when we disobeyed him but he would also hit the roof if we did something stupid and dangerous that could have potentially hurt/killed us.  I remember one time when we were little my grandpa saw my brother and I playing on the roof of our milking barn - he turned bright red and screamed at us to get down then proceeded to totally ream out my parents for not watching us properly.  The worst was the way he screamed, he had a way with it that would make a person jump and cower - I don't think my poor mother ever got used to it.  At the same time however he did love his family very much, now I realize that the reason he used to go to such yelling extremes is because it was his way to deal with the fear that my brother and I would inadvertently get ourselves killed.  Later, when we reached driving age he was very concerned that we would cause an accident - I remember  being preached to about how driving was a privilege, not a right, and that messing around and not being responsible were one of the best ways to loosing a license.  My grandfather, may he rest in peace, died when I was in 10th grade.
Years later I graduated from high school and went to the University of Wisconsin Stout.  During my junior year I was in a wedding back home and I met another guy in the wedding party from Mason City, Iowa (about 4 hours away) that I started dating.  Because this man was older I knew my parents would absolutely hate him so I decided to keep the relationship a secret from them.  This went on without a hitch for about six months, then one summer Sunday afternoon when I was driving back to school from Mason City I somehow went through a stop sign and had a brand new extended cab Chevy pick up hit me head on, literally ripping the car in half between the front seats and the back.  Luckily I survived the accident with only a few scrapes and a  concussion.  When I was out I don't know if I had a dream or if this really happened but my grandpa came to me and royally reamed me out for not driving carefully and almost getting myself killed (I don't know if he commented on my boyfriend, I don't remember all of the conversation).  When I awoke I told my mother and grandmother about the "visit" afterwards I went to sleep in the hospital and since then it has gotten a little fuzzy.  However, according to them I had thought it was a pretty intense experience and was fairly shaken up - not only from the accident but more so from my visit.  The next week I thought that I must have dreamed of the entire experience and that I was simply suffering from an over active imagination.  This calmed me for about a day but then I noticed a growth on my hand very similar to the growths my grandfather had!  To this day I still have it - it's about half the size of a pencil eraser on the inside of my middle finger - it hasn't spread so I haven't looked into getting it removed.  To me I guess it's a little sign that my grandpa is still with us trying to make sure we're safe.




a few months ago i split up with a long term boyfriend. I was quite upset
and had a pretty rough time over it. One night i got to sleep late as i was
upset. I had a strange dream. I dreamed of my granny who had died a few
years earlier. She was very clear in the dream and was all shiny. She said
to me something about the vicar and he needed to cut his headge down. When
she was alive she always used to moan about the vicar who lived opposite
because his hedge in his garden was too high and she couldnt see the view of
the beach over the top (she lived in Weymouth, England) Then she said that
Grandpa (her husband) needs to tidy up the house and put his old stuff in
boxes and that i should tell him this. When i woke i thought about this and
thought i was pretty strange so i spoke to my mum about it. She was quite
alarmed by what i told her and called my dad and told him what i said. It
turned out that my grandpa was moving house and only my parents knew about
it. I believe that she knew i was upset and came to me in the dream to
reassure me about things that had happened and i was very pleased that she
came to see me.

Grant Corner Inn


I have lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico all my life. Recently I have been fascinated with the history of downtown Santa Fe, and even more so the ghosts that may or may not exist in most of the old historic buildings. One location imparticular has kept my interest, the Grant Corner Inn on the corner of Grant St. and Johnson.
Before I was employeed by the Grant Corner Inn, I was fully aware of it's history with the paranormal. the house was built for a ranching family new to the area, The "Windsor" or "Winsor" family. Then sold to another family shortly there after, The Robinson family. It has been hard to get any other information than that. I am aware of a spiritual presence constantly-I get the feeling it may be a woman and a man. I can feel them, cold air, certain odors, and quick glimpses of someone. Although I have tried to persue who they could be I have been afraid and unsure to persue the presence of these ghosts. I know they are there.
The people some of the people I work with are scared to even talk about what might be there. They tell me to leave them alone. Is it wrong to persue a ghost? I don't feel like they are harmful or angry, I get the feeling they maybe lost and I think they feel a little imposed on by all of the people in and out of this house.
For Christmas our employer has made special arrangments for all her staff to stay at the Bed and Breakfast for a night. Should I be worried? I am not to sure how I feel about acctually staying knowing what I know has gone on in the house. Previous renters had really negative, traumatic, ghostly experiences within this house.
You can read more about it in "Adobe Angels" a great book which has taken me and my curiouosity to the limit. Thank you!

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