Grove City College Haunting


I am a sophomore at Grove City College in Pennsylvania.  I have always believed in ghosts, but nothing really substantial had every happened to me before a few weeks ago.  Sometime in October, the college was showing a movie in the auditorium at Crawford Hall, which is our administration building that dates back to the 1930's and is one of the oldest on campus.  It is a gothic, old-collegiate style building complete with stone archways and marble floors that echo loudly when anyone walks across them.  I went to see the 10:00 movie with my girlfriend, and we both had to use the restroom about an hour into it.  The bathrooms in Crawford Hall are located in the basement, so we went down to our respective restrooms, seeing nobody else around.  While I was taking care of business in the men's room, I heard a knock on the door.  I asked what they wanted, and heard a female voice say "housekeeping".  I thought this was VERY strange, since I have never seen the cleaning staff at work in the evening, only in the mornings, and this was around 11:00 pm on a Friday night.  I told her that I would be out in a minute, and finished up.  I came out; expecting there to be one of the cleaning ladies waiting by the door with her cart, but there was nobody there.  This gave me the creeps, so I looked around the entire floor while I was waiting for my girlfriend, but found nobody.  When my girlfriend came out, I asked her if the cleaning lady went into the ladies room, but she didn't know what I was talking about.  I told her what had happened, so we both looked around the entire building in search of any cleaning staff.  We couldn't find anybody.  Except for the rest-rooms and the people in the auditorium watching the movie, the entire building was empty, dark, and closed.  When I thought about what happened, it seemed very strange because I did not hear any footsteps or the squeaky wheels of one of the carts the cleaning ladies always take with them . . . all I had heard was a knock and a female voice, which I remember oddly gave me the chills when I had heard it, and that was before I came out to find nobody there.
Well, about a week passed, and I had almost forgotten about that strange incidence.  Then the next Friday I picked up a copy of our weekly college student newspaper.  Since it was the week of Halloween, the newspaper had a story about Grove City College's own resident ghost . . . the ghost of a former janitor lady who haunts Pew and Crawford Halls.  I read the article, not putting two and two together till about halfway through it, and when I did and realized that this is what I had encountered, I nearly passed out.  The article told how in the 1970's, a group of students in Crawford hall late one night conducting a séance had contacted the spirit of a former janitor who had died a few months before.  They asked her to show herself to them, and while she didn't then, weird things began to happen in the building.  A few years later, they built a new Arts building, Pew Fine Arts Center, and moved all of the costumes for plays into there.  It is believed that the spirit of the woman, who had helped make many of the costumes, followed them into the new building, and strange things began to happen there too.  In the 1980's, the ghost started appearing to people, including one appearance to several hundred people in the auditorium of Pew during a campus musical.  The college officials decided something needed to be done before the ghost scared someone working on catwalk above the auditorium where she was often spotted, which would be dangerous because that person could fall trying to get away.  One of the college professors, a practicing exorcist, spoke with the ghost asking her to leave.  Since then, nobody has seen her, but strange things still happen in Crawford Hall and Pew Fine Arts Center, much like what happened to me.  People hear voices and footsteps when nobody is there, and sometimes the ghost even traps students for a few minutes between the two sets of double doors that lead into the Pew Fine Arts Center, but that could just be an excuse for being late for class.  I don't know if what happened to me was the ghost for sure, but I have no way of explaining it, and it still gives me the chills when I think about it.

Growing Up in a Haunted House


When I was younger I lived in a haunted house in Long Beach, NY.
Everyone in our entire house was affected by whatever it was that lived
with us.  We lived in a beach community that was pretty much just
bungalows on the block.  We had no trees in our yard, only sand and
concrete.  So, when the shadows started on the ceilings, my father knew
something was weird about the house.  Plus, the entire time we lived
there (3 months), I stayed sick.  Very sick, so sick I had to go to the
ER several times.  And to this day I haven't been sick since (and I was
7 then and I'm 29 now).  The day we moved in, I knew this house was
trouble.  I was the first to the front gate, I pushed it open, and it
came flying back at me, hitting me in the forehead, knocking me to the
ground.  That was the first incident.  Then my uncle came to stay with
us, and he told my mom that he had seen a little girl in his bedroom and
he thought it was one of us, and he asked why the girl had a balloon so
late at night.  It turned out not to be any of us.  Then a few weeks
later, my sister was sick, so she slept on the couch and she saw the
same image staring into a mirror, holding a balloon, smiling, staring at
her on the couch.  She was so terrified, that she screamed to my mom and
told her, and that was when we decided to pack up and move.  Since my
uncle had seen the same thing.  Also, one night I talked during the
movie we were watching, so my dad sent me to my room to stand in the
corner.  While in my room, in the corner.  I was beside my closet which
had no door, just a curtain (and it was open).  Well, the top shelf had
books on it and they came flying off the shelf one by one.  I was
freaking out, and my dad came in there to see why I was screaming, and
he saw them flying off.  We slept with him that night, and we moved very
soon afterward.  It was a scary house.  We would hear things all night
in the ceiling.  And we had no attic to check it out.  The shadows
dancing on the ceiling, and the extremely scary basement that NO ONE
ever wanted to go into (unless we were in pairs!).  It was a frightening
experience for the short time we lived there.  As soon as we moved, we
had peace.  We would spend hours playing in the basement!




Happy House


I'm 15 and currently living in the 4th house in my live its quite an old house but because of the small town i live in I cant get a back ground on it . It is haunted buy at least one poltergeist and a few other spirits. children I think. I have pictures on film of the orbs in my house  threes one picture with 8 orbs in it at once. another where the orb is right beside my face. I have been standing at one time in front of our kettle in witch case one of my friends interested in the paranormal activity sees the kettle go up and fall downin about a centemeater space and i hear it , we both froze and i asked if a ghost moved it, he said yes. one time I came hem with two of my friends and all the doors were locked I had no way in I got a latter and opened a window on the second story of my house the only way in was removing the screen and push in the window to the side  to unlock the doors to get my friends in, none  was  home and I was telling them it defiantly was a ghost because my mom didn't lock the doors the keys were on the inside of the house and everything was dead bolted shut. the old room I slept in in the house was one wit the most paranormal activity  but everyone who went in it told me that they feel great in it and warm and cozy. I at one time in counterd a horrible spirit when I had a sleep over my friend and I saw in our heads vivid horrible gross pictures tat had originated form some outer source. we abruptly told whatever it was to leave and not come back a few hours later we felt the presance leave after no reactions from us and we went to sleep. but never in any other cases  have they left negative energy or made me feel un comfortable ....every house I have lived in has been haunted but fortunately for me non  the bad kind. my mom and dad are usually the ones who feel the cold spots or hear things see things and feel things . I have come to some what of a number of conclusions why  I cant do any of these things , the first is that like people who can talk to The ghosts I am the opposite and can not sense them . possibly i have done too many protection spells in my life time and am un able to be contacted . maybe I am just used to being around ghosts and sencing them too much to notice now what is going on or because I'm always cold not feeling cold spots. I have friends who are very in to this paranormal stuff and one like me cant see or since the things the outers can. this scares us cause they could be there and we wouldn't know. as a child and through my life I predicted things in my dreams , deaths, breakups.. exc. I wonder why I cant see these presence's in my house and wonder how I can get to . I feel no need to "release" these trapped spirits because they are not harming anyone maybe even helping us.I am not wanting to create lesser of a void to our "world"....

Haunted Apartment Building


I've always believed in ghosts and now I live in a 100 year old haunted building.  I moved in with my boyfriend a year and a half ago in July.  The night I moved in I had an experience that was a bit unnerving in the light of day.  I received a call from a friend that evening and she asked me if I could take her and her kids to the airport in the morning.  I said sure I will and set my alarm to go off at 5:00 am so I could go get her and get to the airport on time for her.  Well my alarm went off but I was so tired from the move I forgot why it was going off and fell back to sleep.  An hour later I felt the bed shaking as if someone were trying to get me up.  I remember thinking "What Now" and then fell back to sleep only to be woken up 20 mins. later by the phone ringing.  My friend said she would get a ride from her sister.  After the call I looked over to the kitchen and saw a gray figure in the door that seemed to shake it head at me.  I immediately knew he was what tried to wake me up so I could keep my promise to my friend.  He seemed to have the best of intentions and I didn't see him again after that.  He seemed very friendly.
We then moved down to the 2nd floor and I soon found we have a ghost here too.  This one likes to pace up and down our short hall between the door and the living room.  He also paces along the south-west wall of the living room sometimes.  I get the impression that he is a man in a brown pinstripe suit & bowler hat and he has a mustache and deep set eyes.  He stands about my height around 5'8".  When we first moved in he would pace the hallway coming coming further and further out into the living/bedroom (it’s a studio apartment).  He seemed highly agitated.  My boyfriend saw him more than me and a few times he would arrive home from work and the top dead bolt would be locked.  We never use that lock as it is very difficult to open with the key from the outside.  My boyfriend works grave yard at a 24/7 store and I am alone here at night for 4 nights a week.  One night I noticed that he was coming further and further out in to the living room and he was giving off vibes that were not friendly.  I had had it about now and looked at the hallway and said "Listen the year is 2001, not 1903 or whatever year you think it is.  Times have changed and it's OK for people to live together with out being married.  So lay off it!!!"  I felt a feeling of surprise from the hallway and have not had a problem from him since.
I related this to the apartment manager with whom we had become good friends and she said that she had seen him too and I was right in my impressions of what he looks like as that is who she has seen in our place when her son lived in the studio.  She has also seen him in the hallway outside our apartment door.  She said that there are several ghost in the building and she is not surprised to hear stories about them as she has also had experiences with them when she first moved in the building before she was manager.
It's an interesting place to live to say the least.


Haunted Apartment


The incidents that you are about to read happened to me when I was a college student several years ago. We had inherited an old apartment from our grandfather and two years after his death our family moved in. The fact is that it was OK in the beginning. Weird things started to happen soon after my dad was transferred to another town and my parents left both me and my sister in the apartment.  During the day we could hear noises coming from the ceiling and we wondered what the neighbors upstairs were up to. We didn't give much thought to that until we started hearing them in the middle of the night. It sounded as if someone was dragging chairs and tables around the apartment.  We knew our upstairs neighbors. They were an old couple and had one son who occasionally paid them a visit. One night the noise went so wild that we decided to run upstairs to complain about it. I rang the bell several times and banged at the door. No one answered it. Apparently there was nobody home. This situation went on for months and we finally talked to our neighbors. The old lady was baffled and claimed she would never do such a thing. That was crazy! Anyone who came to our home would hear the noises. One morning my maid was working in the kitchen when she heard someone open the living room door and walk along the hallway. She was scared to death but she never thought it could be a ghost. She quickly took out a knife and searched the whole apartment for a burglar.  Again there was no one there. It was not uncommon to sense someone watching us or in the room. Just a presence. Once I was writing a paper and I clearly felt someone behind me and as I turned around I saw nobody. My sister was so afraid to stay alone in the apartment that she would wait for me downstairs. The most frightening thing was to come: We were sleeping in our bedrooms when we heard bangings inside my closet, They were so loud that I woke up and jumped out of my bed immediately thinking the shelves inside had tumbled.  When we opened the door we saw nothing. The closet was in the corner of the room and we didn't have neighbors next door. It couldn't have come from outside the apartment either. The noises were so real that we didn't doubt they were there. When we sensed someone around us we didn't wonder if they were ghosts because the whole thing was so real. The ghost idea only dawned on us some time after the incidents. We are not ghost freaks. Well, after that last incident I grabbed my mattress and slept in my sister's room. On the next day I went to a church and brought home some holly water which I sprinkled all over the place. Things calmed down for a while. A year later we moved out and we heard that the family who had bought it moved out one year later.

Haunted Carriage House, Hudson MA


I personally experienced unexplainable occurences at a carriage house that I lived in for  short period of time. Things banging in the night, the spiral staircast having a cold spot in the center where ( as the story goes) a man was murdered there by a pitchfork that was thrown at him by a jealous enraged husband. The man was a care taker of the horses and carriages for a prominent family and had an affair with the wife. When the husband found out he murdered him. Things disappearing, and showing up in another place days later.My uncle running scared from the house one night after he said someone had enetered the room and sat on his bed, he saw noone but the imprint in the matress.

 Haunted Castle


i don't know if your interest in my story as I'm only 14 years old but..........
Last year I went to a haunted castle. i have always bevieved in the super-natural, ghosts & spirits despite what my friends say. Any way I was at this castle when I felt really cold and shivery. I know that is a sort of sign that a ghostly presence is near by. I have head of the orbs that show up on camera but I have never had one of them until this day! My mum took my picture next to the bed of the most haunted room in the castle. We have a digit camera so we could see it straight away. It was later on when I was walking down a corrider that I heard someone whisper my name. Not many people were around and Mum swore it wasn't her. I carried on when all of sudden I tripped over nothing and twisted my ankle. I got upo and hobbled to a seat. The rest of the group went. My mum went to get some ice with a member of staff. I was alone. I looked up and down the corrider when I saw a woman coming over to me. I was polite and said hello. She said nothing. Fine, I thought as i looked away. I looked at her again but
You probably don't believe me. I don't blame you. It seems a bit strange but trust me i's true


Haunted House in Ohio


I lived with my husband at the time and my nearly two year old son,in a
house that we had purchased in Cincinnati Ohio,om Colrain ave,that
turned out to be one of the haunted places that I have ever lived in, we
bought the house,which has been completed redone,new carpet,new
paint,and all new appliances,new furnace and all, It was a beautifuf
house  and no one whould have ever thought it would be haunted,  We
moved in part of the way,with the normal boxes and things sitting
around,and by the time it came time to retire to bed,our master bedroom
wasn't completely set up yet ,so we decied to sleep in the little bed
room at the top of the stairs,this was in the year of 1974 when we moved
in and we just loved the new house,anyway after we had went to bed,thats
when the really strange things started happening,we were young and this
was our first house and so we were just lying there talking about our
furture and our new house, and then it started,at first we heard foot
steps on the stairs,and my husband(who by the way did not believe in
sprits and certainly not ghosts) thought that some one was in the
house,but when he would open the door to the bedroom there was always
no! one there! and each time it got louder and louder! and when it got
to the top of stairs it would pound!!!! so hard it scook the whole
house! finally ,my husband(who wasn't afraid of anything!!!!) finally
got our 22 cal,rifle and waiting inside the door and the next time it
happened,he jumps out in his underwear and this loaded gun, and sure
enough,there was nothing there!  this is just one of the stories from
this house,i will write more next time,and they get better,and i must
say that my husband which is now my ex (and no we didn't get a divorce
because of the haunting,) is a true believer because of all of the
things that continued to happened over the year nd a half we lived
there.the strange thing about this house is  that it still is there and
they have tryed to rent it off and on and no one will live there more
than 3 months??????
thanks again for listening,and iam looking forward to writing more.

Possession House


In Manteca there is this house. The house somehow kinda possess you if you live there. Some kind of demon affects your dreams. The bathroom gave my sister an eerie feeling. The backyard was very scary, there was a shed in the back that didn't seem right. My whole family DID NOT like the garage. My sisters room was so scary, I didn't like  going in there. NO ONE WAS THEIR SELF IN THAT HOUSE! The laundry room was so cold. I didn't like it one bit.Whoever lives there now, I wish them the best of luck.

Haunted Places in California


Of my own personal experiences, I can report a few cities:
Lake Elsinore:  While staying alone in a house near the lake, I was startled
to see a small terrier run from the back rooms, turn left into the kitchen,
and through the closed kitchen door!  My dogs were in North Carolina at the
time, and I was alone in the house!
Canoga Park.  My current apartment has a poltergeist who takes money,
tweezers, my glasses, scares my cats and birds, turns off my tv, rings my
phone.  I have about 6 sets of tweezers, as they kept disappearing.  I had
cleared off the bathroom counter looking for a pair, and spoke out loud with
exasperation to give them back!  I went out for a while, and when I came
home, the only thing on the counter was a pair of tweezers!  When laying
down for a nap, I put my glasses on my left side nightstand.  When I awoke,
I couldn't find them anywhere!  After hours of searching, they were located
6 feet away to the right behind the head of the bed!  Other than that, he is
an ok spirit to have around, just a little annoying.
Granada Hills:  My fiance's mother died in this house.  The first night I
stayed there, I awoke and saw her.  I have sensed her, spoken to her, seen
her in the middle of the night.  She is a gentle concerned spirit, not
harmful at all!
Second hand comes this harrowing tale of "Evil Rock":
Eagle Rock:  My best friend lived here for several years, purportedly a
place where the indians sent their insane to die.  One day she went out to
her large, well-protected aviary and found that every bird in it had been
shredded into bits of flesh and feathers!  There was no way any animal had
gotten inside, and no sign of any feathers of bits at any area away from the
aviary....  Once mice had gotten into a box of her belongings.  They chewed
a corner of a photograph.  It was a group shot.  The only area of damage was
to my friend - her head had been "chewed off"!  (I have seen this photo!)  A
sense of anger pervades the house.  She no longer lives there, having taken
the hint from the photo experience!

Haunted Rehab in PA


Hi, My name is Lisa, about 3 years ago I was in a Rehab for about 2 months, it was up in Layfayette Hills, Pa. The place was an old 1800's HUGE mansion where the owners daughter Eugenia, was mentally ill, back then they did not know the things they do now of course, and her wealthy father donated the house and it's land to people in the profession, after his daughter hung herself in the main foyer from the grande staircase.
The name of the rehab is Eugenia House, and it was in everyway, still HER house. The house itself is now used as offices , and meeting room, some of them original, in fact, most of the house is still original, except the actuall rehab whitch was built off of the house. Anyway, being very into the paranormal, I was EXTREMELY interested in the history and to know first hand if it was in fact haunted.
Every time I could, I went in there, listened to the people who had worked there for yeare, and believed there stories, some of them would not go in there after dark, now I was determined to know.
One evening after dinner, me and my friend Brian sneaked off to investigate, it was totally empty, as we walked up the main staircase, I was hit with this very cold air, all around me, I was really scared, but went up anyway, as we got to the top, we went right, into one of the offices we walked  in alittle further and I was uneasy, as I turned to look at Brian, we both heard shuffleing, like books moving around on one of the desks, then it sounded like a large book fell very hard to the floor, as we turned to run out of the room I was disoriented and did not know where to go, so I followed Brian, a s we fled towards the main staircase, these Very big double wooden doors at the top of the stairs that in my wole time there were never closed, and they were so big and heavy don;t know if I could close them without help, SLAMMED shut right behind us, the stairs were very long, as we got to the bottom we stopped and looked up and as we did, the cold air hit us very hard, like a winter wind, it felt like it swirled around us on purpous, investigating us, it made me us just stand there, in awe almost, them after a few minuts that felt like forever, we fled out the door.
We told the believers in the group, who were amazed, and I'll never forget that.
After that, I did not go back in at night, but in the courtyard where we all smoked, you could look in the front windows, one night shortly after that, I was telling one of the cool counslers of my tale, and peering in the one window at the same time, as I spoke one of the big overhead outside lights would flicker, only when I mentioned Eugenia's name, it was very deliberate, the counsler was extreamly convinced, and stated to tell me a few stories of his own that he never shared with anyone until me, for fear the staff would think he was being foolish,... but neither of us were.


Hello my name is Robert Van Kirk,and a few years ago I
lived in St. Johns Michigan. While I was there strange
things would happen that all centered around the VERY
OLD school called Perrin Palmer. I think there was
more than one ghost involved in these hauntings. And
they werent benign.
It started with hearing strange music near these old
mobile units. It came from a small group of them and I
could always hear it after school and everyone else
could too. No one was there at the time, not even the
janitor. So one day my friend and I decided to
envestigate. When we looked inside one mobile unit we
saw a black cat with glowing red eyes. We ran and
never looked back.
About a year later the school demolished and a new one
built. Whatever was haunting this school didn't like
having its home destroyed. O ya did I mention the
entire school use to hear a train wistle and no train
has run in the town fo 100 years. There are no trains
within 20 miles of the town.
When we were first at Gateway North(the new school) we
thought we got rid of the ghost but we didn't. At
first all it was, was sightings of a black cats around
the premesis of the school but then more harmful
things began to happen. One morning I woke up to deep
scrathes o my arm. It was like a cat had scrathed my
arm. Then on a swing at school a kid fell while in mid
swing. The kid was pushed. She didn't slip. Ten
witnesses saw her fall and it wasn't an accident. No
kid pushed her. She spraigned her arm. Two weeks later
another kid under the same circumstances broke his
4 more times kids were pushed from the same swing
under the same circumstances. Balls were swerving to
hit kids o the play ground. I left the next year.
I havent been in contact with my freinds since. I
don't know if it is continueing. I hope not.

CP Rail Home


When my family moved to alittle town in 1980 we rented one of the old CP Rail homes.Things went good for the fist 6 months,then my brother and I started noticing things.The tv would change to channels that we never got, items would dissappear, furniture would move and if we touched it to put it back the cellar door would start opening when it was nailed shut.Finally my brother and I went to the cellar to figure out what was down there.Nothing was down there but dirt and shelves. After that we started to hear laughing coming from his room on the second floor of the house.His rocking chair would rock when the tv was on, or we had music on.Then one night when our parents were gone visiting relatives , we heard the cellar door open, never paid to much attention to this cause this was normal,we were in the living room playing cards when both of us got the feeling that we were being watched, we turned to look out the living room window and all we saw was 2 little red eyes staring at us. We both ran out to look ,all we found was footprints in the snow leading to the cellar window. After our parents got back we showed them the footprints, and the next day we started moving. It wasn't till about 2 years after that we were told by our mom that she new something wasn't right about the house,cause she heard noices too in the night,but never told us, thinking we'd get to scarred. No wonder the kids at the school looked at us funny when we told them were we lived,and they would never come over.

California Chills


I had recently sent you a story about someone kissing me at my grand-ma's house and I told you that I had some more stories.  I am sorry, but I hadn't had time to write you back earlier.
Well, lets see, the house that I grew up in, in Redondo Beach, California, my mom and I both believe was haunted.  It was a little cottage, and very old, although I don't know the history of the house or the property.  We moved in when I was 8 years old.  I know that the lady that lived there before us had died (I don't know if she died in the house, my mom always said "No")
I guess that living in a house like that has always seemed normal to me.  My mom said that I used to come out of my room because I would hear someone calling me and thought that it was her.  We figure that she was there with us for a while.  I know that my mom used to get the creeps in there and would get me up and make me sleep in her room.
I mostly remember things being weird when I was a teen-ager and older.  I know that one night, we were watching t.v.  My mom was in the kitchen making dinner, and something like "Entertainment Tonight" had come on and suddenly there was someone else there with us.  I knew exactly where they were sitting in the house (the chair by the kitchen door).  I knew that what ever the next segment was, they wanted to see it (although for the life of me, I can't remember what it was about).
I felt like it was a man, but I couldn't see him.  I could just feel him.  He was very non threatening, and he wasn't a stranger.  His presence felt like an old friend, someone that I knew, like my mom's boyfiends presence (but he's still alive, but it's the only way I can explaine it).  I told my mom when she came back into the living room that there was someone there and not to sit in that chair.  She couldn't see or feel him, but she believed me.  After the segment that he wanted to see was over, he was gone just a quick as he came.
My mom and I both used to feel someone sitting on out beds at night.  We could feel the mattress dip down with their weight.  We think this may have been my grand pa checking on us.  One time, it was a real cold night, come to think of it, it was always kind of cold in that house.  I just thought it was drafty.  Anyway, I was home alone (my mom was in Illionois, helping with my grandmother).  I had been in bed about 10 minutes, and hadn't fallen asleep yet.  I had my head covered because I was so cold.  I felt someone sit on my bed.  It really freaked me out, even though it wasn't unusual.  Then, who ever it was, pulled the blanket away from my face!  I didn't move an inch.  They finally left.  Like I said, most of my expierences are not threatning.
Most were non threatening.  One night, a music box on the top of a shelf (it hadn't been played in a looonnng time, a year or more) suddenly played about 7 or 8 notes, then quit, them my floor to celing lamp crashed over, for no reason at all.  Needless to say, I finished out the night in my moms bed with her!
There were more things that happend in that house, so many more.  Just little weird things, things missing, the piano playing on it's own one time, you know what I mean.
Now, I am married, and I live in San Diego County.  My husband and I have a nice apartment.  We are not alone here either.  Both he and I have seen a tall Grey Man.  Just real quick, out of the corner of our eyes, and at different times.
He seems to be nice, and rather helpfull.  Our 2nd year here, we made the mistake of putting our Christmas tree to close to the video cabnet.  It was a big artificial and heavy tree, it took both of us to move it around.  Insted of moving it again, we just fought with the tree to get to our movies.  It seemed eaiser that way.
A few weeks later, I started realizing that the tree had moved.  It was about 2 feet from where we had put it.  I kept looking at it, and I could see where someone tall, had reached in to the "trunk" of the tree and possible moved it.  I asked my husband if he had moved the tree, and he said that he hadn't.  He could see the hole in branches too.  I am sure that he didn't move the tree himself, because like I said, it's a very large and heavy tree, and by then, it was compleatly decorated, lites and all.
My husband is a late night person.  He likes to stay on the computer, playing games.  On night, he "saw" someone come out of the guest bathroom, and brush up against at chair, and make my purse swing.  No one was here, except us, and I was in bed asleep.
Every so often, there are weird smells too, that remind me of my grandma's house (she died about 5 years ago).  Someone has taken to sitting on my bed again (not my husband, cuz I looked and no one was there) at night sometimes.  And a few weeks ago, a music box played while my husband and I were playing backgammon in our room (not the same music box as before, but like before, this one hadn't been played in about a year).  The music box is up on a shelf, and hasn't been messed with any at all.  It could have been my aunt Mil that just died in August.  She liked music boxes.
Thanks for listening again, and I hope you enjoy.

Many Different Stories


Hello My name is Victoria.
I believe I can give you a whole lot of stories of
ghostly experiences with me that seem picular in a
First of all I have lived in haunted houses since I
was around 4. The first memory I have is when my
family and I lived in a three story mantion built in
1901. Their where sighting of three ghosts there. One
in Peticular Like to joke around. He was the old
brother of a lady named mrs. eberly. Well one time my
parents decied to seperate my sister and I from rooms.
well I slept in the old mans room and when I awoke the
next morning tacts had been spread all over the floor
and I stepped on them. The room was very cold at night
and the it wassnt drafty cold. It was cold like
something was there. It was next to the attic which
always had mouns of sorts comming out of it. That
house was truely creepy.
My second storie comes from when I was 16. Recently in
the year my mom and moms boyfriend and family moved to
a house on a farm. In the beginning I became really
sick and thought I was going to die. One night
something walked up my stairs as I was delirous(but I
remember vivtly) and told me I was going to be ok. It
sounded like my mom but what happen was my mom was
asleep. Nothing can explain the voice telling me I
will be alright.  But Later that year I was starting
to be haunted by a figure of a man in black. He would
stand in front of my door at night and look at me.
Sometimes would walk to my bed. It was taking a big
toll on me and my friend didnt belive me.  My parents
no one. Well My sister believed me cause she felt the
eary feeling at night. We both would suffer constently
from nightmeres of people dieing. So one day I just
said(whatever you are please leave us along and go to
the light). for some reason it left us alone since
than but my family moved shortly after that.
Thanks for hearing my stories.



well it all started when i was a baby i would see spirits everyday in my life and now im 13 and i still see them. one night we were all getting ready to go to bed and well we live in a trailer house that was built 10 yrs ago and no it was not built in a semitery. so anyway we live in a trailer house and we had never had any experinces with spirits untill my sister went to sleep at 5 in the morning all of a sudden we hear screaming and footsteps and before all that happened i had seen my grandfather that had died 3 yrs ago well anyway we heard footsteps and screaming and my sister was yelling DAD DAD DAD and i got scared and woke up and my sister said that the screaming was saying her name and my father went to go talk to some investigator to comunicate with the dead and he spoke to them and it was my grandfather taking care of us and he said that my dad had some wichcraft on him and we havent heard from the spirits from then on

Ghost Friend


Hi my name is Lynia and for as long as I can remember I've had this friend that was a ghost.  I have talked to her many of times but as I get older her vists seem to decrease gradually.  The first time I've encountered her was when I was in Kendergarden and I was attacked by something another spirit and she came to help me.  I sat up quickly and looked around they were gone.  That night I got up to go to the bathroom and I noticed a little girl sitting on the ground watching me.  At first I thought it was my sister but the next night it happened it again.  I turned around and walked back to my room and looked in my little sister's bed she was there!  I walked back out and Maryann was still there.  I walked over to her and knelt down beside her and asked her name. She said maryann which was my grandma's name.  I kept this a secret for years until she started moving things and my mom wanted to no what was going on.  That's when I told her about maryann and she said it's my imagination, but if it were my imagination then how could Sara (my little sister) see her too.  Now I have encountered many other ghosts too.  My sister and I were lying in bed when she started cring.  I asked her what's wrong she said there is somebody in the closet.  I looked and there was!  I told her to just shut her eyes and that God would protect her.  I thought to myself  how can she see them too?  I've always wondered how can she see them, then I realized it is real there are ghost!  I am now in 9th grade and 14 years old.  I rarely see them nemore, but once in a while I see her.  This is my story of my encouter.

Historical Landmark Haunting


This Historical Landmark is a residence in the Central Valley of California.
Modesto, CA.  Half of the house was built in the late 1800's and still stands
and is occupied by the current home owners.  The exact physical address is
7525 Crows landing Road.  The home has been recognized by the state as a
Landmark.  I would like to mention before I tell the story of what I have to
report, I am the Grand Daughter of the previous Owner my grand parents whom
owned the property for more than 40 years before selling it in 1995.
As we call it the Crow's Hauntings specifically because of the area is a home
of many spirits.  We have a history of the home and whom is haunting the
house and property.  One ghost was a previous home owner also.  He is a male
named Joesepi.  He was Italian in decent and from what my grand Mother told
me he hung himself in the Dairy shed.  There have been many eye witness's to
seeing him.  He is very protective of the house and property.  He can be
seen wondering the property with a flash light in the middle of the night,
making sure of  no tress passers.  If you follow him, he will eventually go
to the pump shed and disappear.  He can be seen in the house in the sewing
room from time to time.  If you dare speak in disbelief of his presence he
has been known to make a believer out of you.  An example would be a group of
people sitting around in the livingroom enjoying company and an orange lifted
from the fruit bowl and floated across the room as everyone watched in
disbelief.  The Orange was dropped in the lap of the person who did not
believe.  A door was once taken off it's hinges and fell on a person making
fun of the ghost stories.  You can often hear foot steps and whistling in the
house.  My grandmother would be sitting in a chair and a piece of jewlery
would sometimes fall into her lap from out of the air. She always thought of
them as gifts.
Another known spirit on the property was another male known as Joe.  Joe was
known for playing pranks and as I was told being more aggressive.  Reports of
LOUD footsteps, individuals hair being pulled, beds being kicked and people
being touched by hands and no one is there.  He is also known for voice
projection.  If chosen he would speak to you, this often would scare that
individual.  He likes to wake you up from a sound sleep while yelling in your
ear.  No one is sure of his origin or relation to the house or property.
Another spirit on the property is one of an Elderly lady.  You never really
see her, but you hear her.   If leaving the house you can often her her say,
tootles in a sweet gentle voice.  Once again no one knows her name nor Origin.
A lot of unexplained things have happened in this house and things, objects
will be moved.  Chairs, lamps misc., items will glide from one place to
another.  You can turn on a light and go sit down and it will turn off.
You can get up and turn the light on and as soon as you sit once again the
light will turn off.  Every night at a certain time the Television will turn
off as if someone is saying it is late and it is your bed time.  My
grandmother you see was very old fashioned and went to bed at 8:00 in the
morning and would awake at 4:00am in the morning to start her farmers day.
It was as if someone was telling her it was her bedtime.

Historical Society


Hello, While surfing the web I stumbled upon your site and decided to check it out. I found it quite interesting, and although I am a nonbeliever of this sort of thing, I have an interesting experience that I would like to share with you. After browsing through your "haunted places" section I read something that literally made the hair stand up on the back of my neck! I am a house painter by trade and several years ago I was asked by the Kutztown Historical Society in Kutztown Pa. to give an estimate on refurbishing the inside stairway and upper hall of the old Junior High School annex building, a place where I had gone to school in the 70's. This building (now owned by the historical society) stood across the street from the old Junior High that was demolished several years ago. After winning the bid, I started work in the fall just in time for Halloween. I had been aware of the crazy stories about the place and being in there alone really didn't bother me even though most of the work was done at night. The caretaker advised me to be careful not to bump the doors which separated the stairway from the upper and lower hallways leading to the rooms. They were locked and the alarm would sound sending Police and Fire Rescue to the scene resulting in a very embarressing moment!  The hallway on the the other side of the locked doors was pitch black with the exception of the small red lights on the alarm system. Having access to the upper stairway area, lower entrance area and of course the stairway, alot of  work was ahead of me.  The job was long and tedious and took well over two months to complete. Late one night I was painting the corner at the upper part of the stairs when I heard a loud bump. I ignored it and kept working. After a short while I heard what sounded like someone walking up the steps (literally!). This I couldn't ignore and after becoming concerned I quickly turned down the radio, after all, no one was supposed to be in there except me. I stood up and yelled "hello anybody here.'' I could not see down the staircase completely because it was enclosed by a wooden wall which was there to add safety and support the ballaster as well. I called out a second time but got no answer. Thinking it was the caretaker I made my way down the twisted stairs only realizing then  that I may actually encounter a burgler instead!  With a lump in my throat, I looked around the downstairs entrance only to find no one! I thought that they might have been scared off by my voice and checked the front doors only to find them locked from the inside by me! No one ever came in or went out! After nearly two months I was completely familiar with ALL the noises of that building, from the heating pipes and creaking wood to the wind rattling the windows. I know that what I heard was nothing of the sort! Someone or something WAS walking up those steps! Fortunately I finished the rest of the job without any other incidents. I did mention it to the caretaker who just shook his head and laughed!  He told me  a story about a little girl that attended school there in the early 1900's and either had an unfortunate accident  or was pushed out of a top window of the building only to fall to her death.  People claim to have seen a light on in the upper wing and someone walking around!  After I saw the Kutztown Historical Society on your list, I just had to relay this story

History of Happenings


I live in Greensboro, NC.  I am 49 years old and have always had some kind
of spirits around me, even as a child.  Both of my grandmothers, from Mother
and Daddy's side had an extra sense about them when it came to "feelings",
spirits and sightings.
I presently have a young girl in my house.  She never shows her face, just
holds her head down with long blonde curly hair.  Has on a small flowered
print dress (looks to be an old country print).  She has a large black dog
with her, that is always sitting very erect beside of her.  I only see her
in my bedroom and bathroom.  My husband has seen her once.  I have seen her
on several occasions.  I recently painted my bedroom and there seems to be
some kind of disturbance of sort.  Every time I lay down and just fall off
to sleep, I get woke up by a knocking.  I have been to the door, the windows
and never anything.  Scared me at first, but I am wondering if she just
isn't happy with this new color.  It is a sea mist blue.  I have talked with
her before and there was along lapse in time before I noticed her again.  I
have been in the house for 15 years.  The property it is on has not been
lived on in over 70 years.  I don't know what has caused her to be here, but
I just thought I would share this note with you.  There is also a man, in
bandages, from head to foot.  Clean bandages, like just changed.  He is not
a solid imagine like the girl and dog.  You can see through him.  I actually
have only seen him once.  But I know the little girl is around.  My family
is pretty freaked out over the entire thing.  Even though, they know I have
a history of happenings throughout my life.

I Couldn't Help


This is only one of stories but it's the one I'll never forget.
Sometime at the beginning of the year I had a visitor. My mum had passed away when I was young and I always had this feeling of her being around.   But this time it wasn't my mum.  Some other family members use to keep in touch with her and told me of a experience were mum told them another spirit was trying to hurt her family and I think I met one.
A friend of mine deep into this stuff and can see spirits and tries to help them on their way.(this now leading to her young daughter who can also see them)She told me to see who it was.  Big no no.  I was laying in bed and closed my eyes and just asked who it was. This face appeared in front of me and it looked old with heaps of wrinkles and grey hair. She looked dead.  I rang my friend the next day and told her.  She said it's not a lady but a man but I knew what I saw and it was a old dead lady. She told me that I wasn't alone and the spirit was with me while I was talking to her(bad I was at work phoning her)  I tried to tell the spirit that I was sorry and couldn't help it. For some reason over the next couple of days I became really tired and was fighting with my fiancé nearly every minute. Then one day my friends daughter came over to stay the night and was sitting in the lounge room watching a show and came out crying and just cuddled me. At this point I was scared and asked what was wrong and she said the spirit was in the lounge room and she described it word for word of what I had seen.  That's when I hit the roof I told it to bug off and leave me alone,my fiancé was out and I wasn't staying there by myself. I packed up our half cooked dinner and grabbed my keys and left,but as I was going out I kept getting these stabbing sensations in my lower back. I jumped in the car and took off looking back at the house warning it not to mess with me while I was driving and it could have the house.  I got to my friends place and ten minutes after arriving my friend said thanks because it had followed me.  (I don't know if ghosts can do this but please let me know if they can) I slept there that night and went home in the morning.  A couple of days later I was in a really hot shower and the cubical got a really cold chill through it and I knew I wasn't alone. I told her I had a friend that could help and she didn't like that.  The shower door went bang as if someone had hit it and my fiancé came in asked if I was alright. I told him what happened.  The next day my friend rang and told me she had a visitor that night in her daughters room. She woke up to a banging noise and found her daughters bed shaking with a guy standing at the end doing it.  He saw her and followed her back to her room and she does what she does and said she got rid of him.  The way he went told her that he wasn't nice.  She also thinks that because she knew what she was doing it showed itself to her as a man.(Is this also possible) She came around and did her bit around the house to get rid of the bad vibes and she reckons because we changed the dinning room around it must have opened something.  She told me she got a bad sense from it and that it wasn't a flowing rhythm. After the spirit left the little girl got visitors all day from my dead family members thanking her for helping me. Even my mum came and said thankyou and she described my mum to a tee. We figured out it showed itself to me as a women because of my mum. I was sorry I couldn't help but there was no reason for  it to get mean. So now the dinning room is back to it's old self and I know sleep with rosemary beads tied to the end of my bed. And if I feel anything again I'm just going to assume that it's my mother.

I Got One For You


It happened at a Circut city when i was little around 7 years old i am 19 now. The city is woodbridge va. Well my parents needed a new refridgerator at the time our old one broke down and we went shopping. Well This is where thr fun began. We were running throughout the store like little kids do. The all of a sudden i see a black figure out of the corner of my eye. I turned to get a better view of it. It was a odd black haze that was kind of transparent. What i could identify was that it was wearing some type of long brimmed hat. All was black as i could see. Right as i stared at it, it vanished. It throughly freaked me out and i ran to my parents. My sister didn't see it because she kept running around the store thinking i was in chase. Since then i have throughly believed in ghosts and looked into that kind of stuff and found people have had similar sighting there. Even a ghost hunters society looked the place over. I have told my friends and such but not my sister. The thought of ghosts freaks her out.

I Have had Paranormal Experiences


Hello my name is Vince  and Im 17 years old.The experiances ive had was when my family and I moved to our new house in Bullhead City, AZ.The first and only 1 I had was when my parents and I were talking when we happened to see in the corner of the room a record slide off the record player,spin a couple of times and then fall straight down on the floor.Another one happened when my mom woke up and saw a man with a pillow over his head and had his arms crossed over it.She thought it was her husband so she got up and headed towards the restroom in the hallway.When she gets there my dad opens the door.My mom than told me she ran in the room to see who was there and the figure was gone.My mom experianced another one when she was watching t.v.In the corner of her eye in the hallway she seen a little girl in a white dress smile and giggle at her than run away out of sight.My parents used to have BBQs in the backyard when a couple of times they used to see shadowy figures staring at them threw the kitchen window.After it kept happening my parents told our neighbor about it and he looked so scared.He than told us hes had experiances also.One time he said he was in his bed when he felt like someone was trying to pull him off the bed.We later moved to Golden Valley AZ.My grandpa lives there with his wife now.He never believed in what we told him that has happened there.Until recently it started up again.His wife kept hearing the door knob keep rattling like if someones trying to get in,but when she looked out the window nothing was there and it suddenly just stops.The most recent one happened about a month ago.When he said they were watching t.v. in the room when they started to hear chimes (the wind chimes) in the background.When they went to see where it was coming from they found out it was coming from an empty corner in the room.Nothing at all was there.All what I have said is 100% true.I tried to forget it never happened,but its started again.So I know now it wasent just when we moved in.My parents told a historian about our property when he said it used to be a swamp and indians inhabited the area.A bureal ground really.I totally believe in ghosts and other paranormal things.Just thought Id tell you people about it.Not a lot of people really believe us.Oh,and I apologize in the writing errors I made.

I Have Two Stories


My name is Brittany  and i have two stories that have happened to me
within the past few years.  to begin with, i live near colonial williamsburg,
on the chickahominy river.  my mother, who has lived in virginia all of her
life, has told me that the land we lived on was once an indian settlement.  i
myself, since a very young age, have always been able to see orbs (the
presence of a spirit) and am very sensitive to others state of mind.  now that
i have let this be known i will tell my stories
1-when i was 15, my friend courtney and i decided to see if we could "contact
spirits" because we were bored and had just finished watching blair witch
project.  we made a wiggi (i don't know how to spell that) board ourselves and
sat in my dining room.  we were only kidding around at first, but when my
parents left, we got more serious.  we weren't asking questions about who we
were going to marry or anything like that, we were trying to get the history
of the land my house is on.  i wanted to know why i always saw orbs in one
particular spot in the house and why a dark shadow was always in my room
(which also leaves my room at the constant temp of 64 no matter what time of
year)  i thought she was moving the pointer across the board and i asked for
proof that we were really communicating with a spirit.  i got really cold as
we continued to ask for proof and i was becoming unsettled.  finally, to try
and break the tension. i looked over courtney's shoulder into the kitchen and
i saw the figure of a man looking at us.  again, by this time both of my
parents had left and it was just courtney and i in the house.  he was dressed
in what appeared to be militia attire and was carrying a musket.  i kicked
courtney under the table and lifted my fingers off of the pointer, as i did
this he turned away and dissapeared.  we both heard his footsteps leaving the
kitchen, although courtney did not see him.
2-the following summer, when i was 16, courtney and i were sitting in my
living room watching a movie that for some reason had us scared.  it was close
to one in the morning and my house was completely dark.  no lights were coming
in off the street considering that my house, at that time, was only one of
three other houses on the street, all spaced several hundred yards apart and
their were no street lights.  as the movie came to an end, a light came out of
my parents bedroom (they were not home, but across the neighborhood at a
party) traveled through the living room and out the kitchen.  the light was
bright enough to throw the entire living room into light and was gone within a
few seconds.  my dog had followed the light from my parents bedroom and out
through the kitchen so we knew we hadn't imagined it.  i asked courtney's
mother, who studies paranormal activity, what may have happened and she said
because courtney and i have a strong psychic connection and because we had
MADE the wiggi board, not bought it, we had allowed spirtits to enter my
house.  they had yet to leave considering we did not close the wiggi board and
when courtney and i were together they would make their presence known.  to
this day, i am now 19, i still see apparitions in my house.  the strongest one
being a set of red eyes in my kitchen late one night.  i know i did not just
create the eyes in my mind because their are no red lights in my kitchen and
because i was physically afraid to walk near the kitchen the day before and
following the incident.  so, for who ever reads this, do not create your own
wiggi board, it is a welcoming mat for any spirit that wants to enter your
house, and it is best to leave things alone.


The End Table

      Hi, I just thought I'd share one of my many stories with you. It starts with an end table my parents received from my uncle. My uncle used to fix up run down shacks to make them beautiful houses and then rent them out. One of these shacks on his property had this handmade end-table still in it, left there by the man that had carved it. My mom loved it so we took it home and it went in my parents bedroom. I was still young, maybe 12 or 13 (I am now 22---to give you a rough estimate of when this all occurred) so I didn't hear anything about what was happening until I experienced it for myself. I remember sitting in my parents bedroom watching tv with my father while my mom was away at college. Suddenly we heard a loud bang coming from the attic. (I must point out here how peculiar it is that a lot of ghost activity seems to start with noises from the attic. For instance even the movie Exed the strongest sweet fresh tobacco smell right under his nose. No one smoked in the house. His body ran cold with chills knowingorgeous and she didn't want to trash it because of some silly occurrences that her daughters and husband said was a ghost! That was ridiculous! The time came though that it would scare her too much. She went into her room to get something out of the drawer in the small end-table. Horrifically the drawer was pulling back like it did not want to be opened. My mom started to cry and yelled at my ada to get "that thing" out of her house! I remember my dad being relieved and setting it outside. The next morning I remember looking at the table outside and I noticed a small puddle of blue goo on top of the thing. I joked "Look he's crying!" not knowing what it could be. We put it in our shed to sit for years. One night my sister made the mistake of leaving the shed doors open at night and her bedroom windows. She later told us that an orb came in her window at night and frantically bounceess right there within your home. **

I Live in a Haunted House


i live in brownstown ill. and my house it very haunted. we have activity on more nights than not.
our street is haunted by this same ghost, the locals call it the poplar st reet ghost. we moved here 3 years ago and began renovating the house. there were a lot of accidents during the renovation, and also it was disclosed to us when we bought the house as haunted.
supposedly while digging the basement to this house a local man fell in the hole and died. he was not discovered until the concrete had set, and they had to then chisel him out of the concrete.[ known to be a drunk it was assumed that he just left early to tie one on and they did not find him till the weekend was over and he didn't show up on monday][   now we have been told by an elderly man that his whole body was not removed, supposedly there are still parts deep under our basement. this man claims that his father worked on the crew in 1911 when the foundation was poured.
the death is common knowledge here however no one is for sure about parts still being in the basement.
doors open and close by themselves, objects move, we hear banging and loud crashes at night, sometimes you can hear a faint cry for help. water pipes bust all the time. [ we upgraded to all new plumbing to the tune of 7,000.00 and we still get a broken pipe in the night, a few times a year]
sometimes when we are gone the neighbors tell us that they have seen an old man in the window, i and my husband have seen him ourselves, once in the kitchen and once in the hallway.  when he is here the house smells of cigar smoke.
many nights we are awakened by all the lights being turned on in the house. i guess i should add that we have no children and we live alone just the two of  us in this big old spooky house.
also we have had 2 seperate heating and cooling companies out here to check the thermostats, the heat can be set on 80 degrees all the doors and windows closed and you still are freezing. sometimes you can see your breath in here.

I Want to See a Ghost


Hi my name is Justin and I have some things to tell you about a perticular room in my grandparents house. First off let me say that many people in my family have seen ghosts but I am not one of them yet. But some strange stuff has happened to me. To start off let me tell you some background info on this room.
When my mother was a little girl she woke up to see an old man with white hair in a blue suit sitting in a wheel chair staring at her beside her bed. She was frightened and tried to scream for my grandmother but couldn't get anything out. She closed her eyes and opened them and he was still there. Finally a scream came out and my grandmother ran in and the man dissappeared.
My grandparents tried to tell her it was all in her mind but then my Aunt who is my moms older sister told her that when she stayed in that room she also saw the same man but he was not in a wheelchair. He came in and bent down to check on the furnace in the room. When she realized it wasn't my grandfather she screamed and my grandparents ran in and also told her it was in her mind and not to tell my mom because she would get scared.
Well years had passed and my mother had me at a young age and was working through college so we stayed at my grandparents for some time until mom got her degree in nursing. I slept in that room on a bunk bed (the top bunk).
I was just a few years old but I remember this very clearly. After watching some of a scary movie I was told to go to bed. I heard really loud breathing in the dark room as I lay there trying to sleep. It sounded asi if it were right there with me so I screamed and my mom and grandparents automatically dismissed it because of the scary movie. But I remember what I heard.
Another strang thinge was I used to have this recurring dream. I had it so many times I lost count. For awhile I had it consecutively each night. I would fall out of my bed on the end where the ladder was. Except in the dream I would fall very slowly and spin and spin until finally after what seemd like a couple minutes of spinning while falling I would wake up. The weird part is that each time this happened I would wake up on the floor in the exact position that I would've landed in my dream. I got so used to it that I would just wake up and crawl back up the ladder and go to sleep. By the way I wasn't known to sleepwalk until later years and even then it was very rare when I did.
Finally the strangest thing. I stayed with my grandparents when I was older before enisting in the Air Force. I was about 20 or so. I stayed in that room again. One night as I was falling asleep the bed shook violently as if something was trying to wake me up. I jumped up and right when I did it stopped, however as I awoke quickly I had just a second to realize it did REALLY happen! When I realized this a flood of memories of this occurance happening all my life came back to me. It seems as though it happened alot but I was so far into sleep I dismissed it as a dream until this time. Now I realized that something was trying to get my attention. Now that I realized it really was happening however it hasn't happened since.
I hear things all the time that I really can't explain but I've yet to see an apparition. I get that corner of your eye thing alot though. Sometimes for a split second I've seen stuff in the mirror but nothing to actually say I've seen a ghost. I'm very interested in the subject and even though it would probably scare me I think I would like to see one at least once. If possible even try to help them move on. Well thank you for your time.

Wasn't Normal


I was 14 when this happened and it has changed my life ever since. Our family had moved to Massachusetts, and I didn't like it from the start. The house that my parents had moved into was at least one hundred years old. AT-LEAST. This house had bad vibes thought the whole thing...Except for this one room as I can recall. One guest bedroom was.....fine, I guess. But how could you define fine in a haunted house? The bedroom was an odd sort of fine. To fine. It seemed to be watching you. All of the guests that we had left at least one night after sleeping in the room.( no lie )
On one night my parents had gone out to dinner and I was left with my brother,  who shared the same room with me. It was a small room though. But enough for two of us. Kind of like a dorm. One night as we played in our room talking we noticed a clanging in the guest bed room. An odd clanging. Sort of like a faint screaming with a continued shattering glass sound. It was just enough to be heard. I leaned over the edge of my bed and looked out of the door and down to the guest bedroom. I saw nothing. The door to the bedroom was wide open and as far as I could see, there was nothing in the room. So, I got out of bed scared; in a frusterated way and headed down the hall to the bedroom, but slowed my pace about three feet from the doorway. As I got closser, I felt a pressure on my face. Not much but a pressure none the less. I dissmised it as my, being nurvis and headed on. I poked my head into the room. The sound stoped. I was puzzled. I had no clue as to what I should think. I walked in about two g. As he got closser I could feel the feeling of someone breathing on my neck. I screemed then and with my screem, came the opening of the door. My brother was on the other side. He didnt know what to think, but I did. I knew that i was never going to step foot inside that room again. A few months later my dad got a buisness offer in Rhode Island and took it. We moved out in the next week. I never did know what to make of that house, and to be quite honest, I never really wanted to find out. As I heard though, the newest occupants had a doughter, and from the seconed week that they had moved in, she had an incounter with " ...something " as the father put it. And was never seen again. The dismised it as a kidnaping. This event that happened to me changed my life. I never found out who that lady was though. I am now sixteen years old and live in New York. I would apreciate it if you included this story on your web page.

In My Dreams


I am not sure whether or not these “experiences” of mine are actually considered “sitings”. I used to live in a house where the basement was finished and my sister and I used to have our “play room” in the basement. Any ways we also had a tv room in our basement and because my parents used the tv upstairs to watch their shows I was often times stuck watching television down stairs. I am very much of a night person and so I liked to watch tv late at night in the basement. Well sometimes I would be so tired that I would fall asleep in front of the television. And this is when these “visions” came to me. I would be asleep and then, I’m not sure if I was dreaming or what but in a dream state I would walk over to the door of the play room and there she would be. She talked to me and was friendly so I think that’s why I wasn’t afraid of her. she always wore the same pink flowing dress and was on transparent a little she told me that about 15 years earlier she was killed by her boyfriend in the room that was now my playroom. She told me he had stabbed her 4 times in her chest and I could see the marks from it. I asked her what she wanted me to do and she told me to avenge her death, that the man who killed her was named george (and its been so long that I’ve forgotten what the last name was). She asked me to kill him the same way that she had died.

I've Got One Too


I bought my house 6 years ago.  There were several things that happened, and
my friend suggested that there was a "presence", but the incident that
finally convinced me was this:
The master bedroom has a bathroom off of it.  There is a window in the
bathroom, but it was closed (it was winter).  The bathroom door is perfectly
hung - it does not move on it's own.  I was lying in bed, and the bathroom
door bumped very firmly against the bathtub 3 times, and then closed 1/2
way,   It was chilling at first, but almost seemed like a prank.
I have also had my kitchen clock set forward exactly 2 hours on 3 separate
occasions while I was away for the weekend.  I had 2 ammo boxes stacked on
top of each other in the closet.  Those things are heavy - and one fell off
the top of the other.  My friend was brushing his teeth , and he felt a hand
touch him lightly on the back.  He thought it was me, but I was in another
part of the house.  And, of course there have been numerous unexplainable
30 years ago, there was a mid-air collision between a passenger jet and a
private airplane.  It was about 1 1/2 miles from here.  Over 100 people were
killed.  I live in a sub-division, but my lot is heavily wooded.  My
daughter found a human tooth - a molar - in the woods.  We speculate that my
"presence" came from the airplane crash.


Little Girl and Other Visitors


Heres my story one of many, all true
During my youth in the 1980s I lived with my parents in a large gate house
in Ireland. The house over the years had been added to and as a result
different parts of the house had different building techniques i.e. the new
bits where very new. There where many ghosts and many types of ghosts in
the house and gardens.
Ghost 1
My favorite was a little girl of about 7-8 years old. When I was getting
dressed or brushing my hair or tidying up she would watch me. I would see
her looking at me from the doorway corner being very timid or behind me in
the mirror I would always smile at her and sometimes say hello.
The downside was the lack of sleep. Anyone who has lived in a haunted house
knows that insomnia is a side effect not from fear but almost as if I was a
battery that need to be active so they could be.
To describe my ghost she was 31/2 foot tall with blond hair in plaits very
pretty wearing a pink knee high short sleeved dress, white knee high socks
pulled up and black shiny shoes. She enjoyed playing tricks pulling the
blankets off in the middle of the night normally at 3 am, or moving things.
When I moved to the UK at 17 by myself I talked to my Mum and Dad on a
regular basis and I enjoyed living here so much they decided to give it a
try. When they where selling the house a viewer was looking around (Normal)
When she had finished she casually said to my Mum that her daughter was
crying and siting in the bedroom next to the bathroom (my old room). My mum
was a little bit worried and ask the lady to describe the girl. The
description was the little girl I always saw. My mum never believed me and
thought perhaps one of my sisters had returned early from school. Once the
visitor left she searched the house no one was there. My Mum got a little
bit freaked and rang me to tell me what had happened. Since then she has
believed in ghosts.

Ghost 2
Funny but very annoying -  This ghost loved to torment my Dad by moving
things. Cups of Coffee would disappear and the cup would turn up later the
oddest places once we found a cup in the oven. One day it moved some money
my Dad had left on the side. My dad started the normal over reaction
blaming me and two of my sisters. He tried all the normal tricks yelling
grounding no TV but no one would admit they took the money. He marched us
all into our front room. The Front room/ TV Room was separated from the
kitchen by a clear glass door. We all sat in silence then my dad started
shouting again and said well if you did not do it then the ghost did. As he
finished the kitchen door slammed shut with such force that the glass
smashed, no wind or windows open as it was the middle of winter. Dad kinda
looked worried and peeved at the same time. Worried because this was the
ghost saying don't take the mick and peeved because it was going to cost
him money to replace the glass.  He open the door which was jammed shut and
walked into the kitchen, a pint of milk had been left on the side where my
dad forgot to put it back because he was too busy yelling. The milk had
gone sour, not just sour but separated into creamy stuff and cloudy water.
Next to the milk was my Dads money including more than he had lost
obviously ghost thought he better return all of it to make his point. I got
blamed for the door when I lost the tossing of a coin we could not tell my
Mum the truth as she did not believe in ghosts no matter what she saw
someone had to be blamed.

Ghost 3 or Memory
Ten year old boy in a white shirt, Grey shorts white socks around his
ankles with Dark hair would regularly run from the corner of the house
(outside) to the end and disappear.

Ghost 4
The one I really hated and he scared me- Tall dark man with laughing eyes.
I did not often see this ghost I often felt his presence the only way to
describe that awful feeling was like standing on the sea shore and being
hit with the incoming waves. The hate anger and general evil would hit you
like a wave getting stronger and stronger until you wanted to run. I would
feel terrified for ages after this happened and the other ghosts would be
very quiet almost like they where afraid of it as well. He lived in the
center of the house. That part of the house was built during the Irish
Famine the walls where 4-5 feet thick made from stone and sandy mortar. He
would stand in my parents bedroom doorway he was at least six feet tall
with big black boots high wasted trousers and a torn ragged shirt
everything seemed dirty like he was covered in soot, His face was the thing
that terrified me. He laughed but not with his mouth, his eyes would dance
in his head while his mouth remained solemn. The longest time I looked at
him was when I was stuck in place with terror no matter what I tried my
feet would not obey me. On this occasion he pointed to the floor at his
feet, when I looked there was a wedding ring not the modern type. It was
thin and the sides uneven but it glinted. As I looked the floor started
getting dark at this point my feet did move and I ran like the devil was
after me. I had no where to go except my bedroom where I got a little
religious book my Nan had given me. I sat up in bed with this tightly in my
fist all night.
My little sister also saw this ghost she was about 8 years old and wet
herself which she admitted recently, she said it was the eyes that had
scared her so much.

Ghost 5
Outside ghost - hated this one as well - The outside ghost would watch you
until you became so unhappy you went inside. We had a lovely big garden but
we could never sit outside in the summer. I was once so scared by the
watcher as I and my sisters called him that I once left through the front
garden gate and walked the circle of the house to get to the back gate to
lock up. I really did not want to walk through the garden.

Funny story-
One of my Aunts had given me this really horrible clown doll that you could
wind up and it would play a tune. I was 14 years old at the time and this
was not the kinda gift you give to someone that age. My friend had come to
visit she was sitting on my bed doing homework with me, when she noticed
the clown doll we both said how creepy it was but my aunt was visiting so
it had to be on show. We got to talking about the ghosts in my house. She
would not believe me. So the subject was dropped. Then the  clown doll
started to play my friend freaked the doll was on the other side of the
room and you had to wind it up like a clockwork for it  to work. Next thing
we heard giggles from the doorway. So I says stop playing tricks little
girl you are scaring Sarah in a kinda laughing voice. Well Sarah got mad
and scared at the same time because no matter what she went to say about me
playing a trick on her there was no way she could explain how the doll was
playing the tune.  I think she wanted to run but she did not want to go
through the doorway. I tried calming her down but I could not stop
laughing. Eventually she left in a strop (an angry Mood for all those not
English)  with me


Little Girl


Hi my name is Alyssa and I have a ghost story that is true and I am wondering if you can put it on your web-site?
One night I was sleeping in my room, and something starteled me and I sat up. I saw a little girl ghost about the age of 7. She was laughing and playing in my room and running around in my room. I started to panic and then I saw her sit on my computer chair. And she started spinning in it and litterly the chair started spinning around. I screamed and went into my moms room and slept with her the rest the night.  The next morning I went into my room and there was a paper on my computer table and it said "Than you" with no signature on it but the pencil laying right there.
Please post my story. Thans,

Living well Together


This is not a scary or very fancy story but it is mine.

I have a large house in  Maine-  I use to live there year round- when I first moved in back in 1976 I use to hear all sorts of noises- after further investigation - I found out that some of the sounds (  pacing in the room above ) was from a woman named Minnie Coffin who died tragically  trying to put out a chimney fire in 1881-  then one day I heard a woman crying - I felt a great loss - I saw a small built woman wearing a black skirt, white shirt with a black sweater and wearing a black kerchief  with fringes- the kitchen door opened then closed ( I was alone in the house) realizing what just happened I ran out to the road thinking that this poor woman lost her way - no one was there. I know it wasn't Minnie as I still hear her pacing - I would hear someone running up & down the stairs- these steps belong to children (a brother & sister )- We all live very well together - when the children get too rambunctious I tell them to calm down - they listen ( sometimes). There are others in the house but they are not as strong as Minnie & the kids - I have not heard the crying woman since - Perhaps she was crying because it was her time to move on and she was just sad- I will never know-


Many Experiences with Ghosts


growing up in Mansfield Ohio I was born gifted, able to both hear and see
ghost. I have had many experiences with the supernatural and as a child I
was deprived of sleep often. there is no peace for the gifted. the spirits
knew I could see and hear them and they did their best to converse with me.
my first memory of seeing ghost was before I was even five years old. but my
most vivid experiences began when I was about seven years old. a lady ghost
lives at my family home and would appear to me on a regular basis. she was
dressed in clothing likened to the 16th century wedding dress with a long
white silk vail.  the dress was long and flowing and on occasions when I
could actually see her face she appeared to be wearing a heavy powered
makeup. her eyes were the blue and more beautiful then any I ever seen here
on earth. she would walk down the long hallway at night and stand at the end
of my bed.  she would whisper my name.  I naturally wanted nothing to do
with her, and covered up my head acting like I could not see her.  as I grew
older she actually helped me by verbally teaching me things.  she would hum
lullabies and songs that would actually comfort me. she would quote
scriptures from the bible when I was doing things I shouldn't be doing, and
warned me of dangerous people. she told me once to leave an apartment where
a sex offender was trying to get his way with me when I was 11. she even
saved my life once, by calling me out of a metal shower before it collapsed.
I escaped the accident with a 6 inch cut on my foot verses being buried in
the mangled metal. my children and six sisters and one brother has also seen
her. my parents deny having ever seeing her. they use to say we were crazy,
and that are imaginations were running away with us. she introduced herself
to all of my family in much the same way, but they were unable to hear her.
some believe that she was about to be married when something tragic happened
to her or her significant other.  there is no know history about the house
my parents still live in today, but we have discovered that there was either
a large spring under the house or an old basement completely filled with
water now. some people think she was a angel put here to watch over me. she
also crawls in the bed with people when they spend the night at my parents.
this is how my husband first met her.  the second time he met her she threw
a plate across the room, because he was laughing at the ghost stories my
sisters and I were sharing. I have had many other encounters with ghost as
well some not so nice spirits live in this world with us.  as an adult I
have learned to keep these spirits at bay and my children who are gifted as
well have learned to not allow them to know that they are aware of their
presents to prevent the torment some of them can bring. all together I have
had approximately 50 encounters with the supernatural and I am thankful to
know about the others.

Creepy Situations


Hello, I am not that good of a writer, but here goes.  My husband and I lived in a duplex, in St. Petersburg, Florida, between the years of June 1988 and August 1992.  I was very uncomfortable due to the strange situations that happened, while we lived there.
1.  The first came when we found out that our elderly landlord had passed away.
2.  The landlord of the property next to where we lived, died in a fishing accident, on Lake Michigan.
3.  The old man that lived next to us, was an old drunk, who lived by himself.  He would have cussing, and screaming matches, with someone (or something).  We just thought he was having hallucinations.
4.  We never had conversations with the old man, so we never knew (or cared) what he did.  One time he had a "niece" stay with him.  We found out through some friends of ours who had gotten up early, to go fishing, that the paramedics where in front of the house.  Apparently during the middle of the night the "niece" had taken the old man's insulin, and over dosed, and died.  (We never heard a thing).
5.  I had a couple of bad dreams while living there, but only 2 stand out in my mind.  One night while we were asleep, I noticed that the bathroom night lite kept flickering.  I looked over to the hallway, and noticed the black shadow coming through the bedroom door, walking towards me.  I screamed out my husband's name, and the figure went away.  We just chalked it up to a bad nightmare.  Another time, my husband had fallen asleep on the couch, I went to bed, and was awaken, by what felt like my husband, maybe, putting his hand aside of my face, yet it wasen't him.  I then again thought I was just having a bad dream.
6.  I had a cousin stay with me for a week.  One night she fell asleep on the living room floor.  During the middle of the night she thought she heard something, and "kicked" the couch, (I don't know why) but when she did that, it slammed the couch into the mirror hanging on the wall.  Thank God the mirror landed sideways, or she would have been hit.
7.  One Christmas Eve, I came home to find a hearse sitting out front.  I walked in to ask my husband what was going on, and he said that they found the old man dead on the living room floor.  He was there for a couple of days.  Apparently he had died from drinking, diabetes, and the hard way he had lived his life.
8.  Maybe not weird, just timing......our pet cockatiel died, and a week later, our cat died, and the next day, our new neighbors cat also died.
9.  I had a golden retriever.  When she was just a pup, my husband came home from work, and found her almost choked to death.  Her little collar got caught on the foot of a plant stand, and she couldn't move, it was that tight around her neck.  When she got older, she would stand in the middle of the kitchen and bark up to the ceiling, AT NOTHING!
Finally we were given the chance to buy a house.  When we left, we left all the creepy situations behind.  I have told a few friends of my years living in that duplex.  I even had one co-worker say, he could see it in my eyes that I was telling the truth.  I never felt that way before, and never felt that way since.


By: Anonymous

My mom told me this story about 5 years ago but, before I begin, you need a little back ground. When I was about 5 years old my Grandparents and my parents decided it was time to move my Mom's old playhouse over to our house. As a 5 year old, I was pretty excited. It is a cool one room "kid sized" house with a wrap around porch... everything a little girl could ever ask for. Well, on moving day when my Grandpa and my Dad and a few Uncles started to put the house on the trailer to bring it over someone heard a small meow from underneath. They stopped production, my dad looked underneath and found a kitten that was about 4 weeks old. Being the persuasive kids we are, my brothers and I talked my parents into letting us keep her as our new pet.... Mondu.
Soon, Mondu became a part of our family. However, she always did what she wanted to do.
Mondu decided that she no longer liked the fact that she had to user a litter box ( ok... I know it sound like rambling but, it's important!!!) Anyway, since Mondu didn't want to user her little box, my older brother taught her to user the toilet. For us kids it was great, all we had to do was feed her and flush when she was done. However, the only catch was, when my older brother taught her this "trick" he gave her treats. Now our house had only one bathroom and Mondu was determined to be the first one in even if she didn't have to go.  So, she developed this habit of running into the bathroom and jumping on the toilet before the other person could get in there in anticipation of a treat. ( The treats of course ended when she started all of this.... obviously she understood the program.)
Well, years past and Mondu got older but, she never gave up on the fact she had was first to get into the bathroom although she didn't get a treat. In fact there were times she would have a line of people behind her waiting for her to finish up.
When I was about 18 years old, Mondu started to get sick. She was having a hard time breathing and one day when I got home from school I went into the bathroom, she used all of her strength to get in there before me to continue her "ritual." Then she climbed on to my bed ( which she NEVER did) and looked at me and I knew it was time. I called my mom at work and told her I was taking her to the doctor. I brought her there that day, my mom, dad and brothers came and we put her down. We all knew it was the humane thing to do but, we still missed her and everyone was in a funk.
The next morning ( and this may I mention is coming from my mom who would not make any of this up and didn't tell me until I was about 23 years old.) my mom went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and get ready for work. She said when she walked in there Mondu was perched on the toilet seat as usual, my mom said hi to her, she meowed... jumped off the toilet and slowly disappeared as she walked towards the bathroom door. My mom said she could her hear her foot falls fade away.
Till this day, I believe that she is still in the house. Whenever my Bill cat ( who may I add is about 15 years old - and uses a litter box and won't leave my dad) starts racing through the house we know Mondu i.e. the ruler of the roost is there harassing Bill as she did in real life.
We miss her but, the cool part is we know she is still there.


Moving Out of Town


I must have been about 6 because I was in kindergarten when this happened.  We were just beginning to move out of the house we rented into our very first house.  I was asleep in my bedroom in the rented house, and nothing was in my room except my mattresses and maybe a suitcase.  My room was at the end of the house, across from my parents' and beside my brother's.  I remember waking up in the pitch black of the middle of the night, and feeling someone in the room with me.  My parents were in bed, and my brother would never come to my room, but someone was there.  I was scared... I was 6!  I remember this vividly, I tried to scream, but nothing came out, and I saw what I now know to be an orb, a bright white light, then a glowing figure.  It didn't touch me, didn't speak, it just stood there by my bed in front of the window.  I squeezed my eyes shut, and the next time I opened them it was morning.  It never happened again.  Ever since, I have been fascinated by the paranormal, and this is by far the best site on the web!  I have learned so much and hope to be exploring a couple of places here in Maysville, KY with a couple of people.  Thanks so much for designing something like this, guys!

My Experiences


Im only 12 so I haven't had many interactions I've only had 2 short ones:
1st. I was only about 9 when I was asleep in my bed, when I felt a really hard something, like a finger, tap me on my shoulder, I woke suddenly. I was sharing a room with my sister, so I looked to see if she was awake, but then I realised it couldn't have been her because we had bunkbeds, I looked around to see if one of my cats had done it, but they were not in the room, or under my bed., I still never found out what it was.
2nd. I was at a friends house, and we were building a really cool cubby house.
She had a glass swan full of fake flowers on a little cabinet, next to our cubby, we both walked past it with out touching it, when it fell. Also I was back at her house siting in her room waiting for her to come back from the kitchen, when the door open, and something yet again fell, then the door kind of closed, my friend came back in and I told her about it, she said it was probably her grandmother that had died a couple of months ago.

My Best Friend


I had so many ghost/spirit experiences in the past and I still am having them. Apparitions come and go from my house, some spirits stay with me. Some like me, some hate me, and some are afraid of me. Ever since I was twelve I would see, hear and feel spirits all around me. I hated it. It was like a nightmare that just wouldn't stop. Finally I just started to ignore what came and went from my house. It didn't help, since I'd find myself talking to someone that no one else could see. I would sometimes draw attention at school from other students and teachers, by screaming at the top of my longs at someone. I'd end up in detention a lot. My parents don't believe in spirits. It's just imagination to them.
When I was fifteen, I was at my worst. My mom was sent to a psych ward at a local hospital for trying to commit suicide by self-mutilating herself. For two years she was in or out of the hospital. I would be by myself at home, my older sister would be off with her friends, and my dad would be visiting my mom.
One night when my dad left for the hospital, I felt totally alone. I called one of my friends, only to find out that she was babysitting. I didn't any of my other friends numbers or where they lived.
It happened when I was dozing off, watching Nickelodeon, that I happened to hear someone come in the house. I walked to my door thinking it was my dad finally home. I got to the kitchen doorway when I knew that no one was there. I felt something, no, someone walk right by me, going right into the dining room to the living room. The first thought that went straight through my head was, 'Oh no, I thought these feelings were gone.' I found myself walking back into the living room and sitting down in my favourite chair, a pink recliner that has been through more crap than I have. I just kept staring at the couch, my eyes were wide, and I was breathing heavily. It felt like someone just reached into my chest, grabbed my heart and started to squeeze.
Then, right before my eyes, I saw what had been torturing me for the last five minutes come into vision. I jumped from the recliner, slammed into a colonnade, and finally tripped from a hole in the carpeting we used to have. I fell flat on my back. I lifted my head and saw that the person before was a man of about twenty-four in age. He was grinning at me, and I heard a faint chuckle coming from him. He stood up and walked over to me, held down his hand and started to move his mouth as if he was talking, but I couldn't hear him, he was a mute to me. Suddenly out of nowhere I'm answering him back, telling him that I'm alright. confused, but alright. I stood up, I still had to look up at him, He was TALL, 6'4-5" I don't really know. I could see him perfectly, from the colour of his hair to the colour of his boots.
He had black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. He was wearing a blue button up shirt, black jeans, and brown Doc Martins. He said that he was here because I needed a friend and he was it. His name is Joseph, that's all I can tell you of his name. He's Indian, Mexican, and Black Ukrainian. He died in a car accident three weeks before I encountered him. Since he is always with me whenever I'm lonely or not, I repay him by just keeping him.
I have more ghost experiences, some of them scary, sad, and sweet. But all in all they don't bother me. And all the experiences that I have and had don't bother me.

My Dad's Experiences

       Hello, My name is Heather. My dad has had some very scary experiences in the past. I will tell you just a few for there is too many to remember. First off, I will tell you that all of my dads sisters and brothers have had their own experiences also. Okay, here goes.....My dad is the youngest of 10 siblings and my grandfather passed away when my father was 18 years old so he was the only one living with my grandma in her home in upstate New York at the time (or so they thought). My dad was about 24 when this happened. It was the middle of the night and my dad was in his bedroom trying to go to sleep when he felt something pulling him out of bed. It was pulling so hard he actually had to hold on to the headboard. Now at the foot of the bed was the closet where the fuse box was located. This really scared my dad so he went to find my grandmother to tell her what happened and found her in nd called them a few choice words and said he was leaving and on the wall above his head was a light bulb which right after he said this, the light bulb exploded and needless to say my dad got out of there as fast as he could. Well thanks for listening. I will tell you more of the stories later.


My Encounter


This was in my first house (we've moved 3 times since) and I'm going to
remember this forever. I think I was 7 at the time, I woke up at night to
see a lady standing in the corner of my room, I didnt know what to think but
I went back to sleep. The next morning (I dont remember this bit fully but
my mum remembers) I said to my mum, Is that woman that stands at the end of
my bed coming again tonight? She asked what woman and I described her, and
then I remember asking her to move the tumble dryer to the corner of the
room so the lady wouldnt come again. I never did see her again...
When I was a bit older my mum asked me to describe her again and the
description matched my mums auntie who used to live in the house who gassed
herself in the bathroom because she thought she was going to die of cancer,
this upset me quite a bit. Anyway, a few years ago a builder was working in
the room I'd seen the ghost in and he knew nothing about what had happened
in that room, and he said to my mum that something strange had happened. He
was listening to the radio whilst striping the walls, and then suddenly got
a chill up he's spine and the radio went fuzzy, and he got the feeling
someone was behind him. When he turned around knowone was there and the
radio went back to normal again.
I beleive strongly in ghosts, i doubt ill ever see one again though.

My Encounters


My Name is Debbie and I have had many encounters with the unexplained. Many say I am a sensitive and since the age of 6, I have to agree.As a small child I was able to predict future happenings, but as an adult I have become aware of every element around me.I'll begin with the present, In August of 2000 I purchased a home in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the house was built in the late 60's in at this time it wasn't in good shape ( need allot of work ) The strangest thing about this property was for five years every time I traveled by it, it seemed to call out to me I always noticed the home everytime.When the time came to purchase a home I gave the Realtor the list of what I wanted and what I could afford, the very first house I was shone was that house.
When I first walked through the house I felt nothing inside, just maybe a little loneliness from sitting so long and the want to be what it could be I knew I could fix it and felt it would be a great project.
My two daughters and I moved in on August 14th 2000, along with our 4 dogs and 6 cats.Right from the start I work long hours every night after work and on weekend just getting it in livable condition.The very first night we were settled I was doing dishes in the small galley kitchen, it was a bright sunny day, when I glanced up to the window I saw a shadowy figure walk by I was unable to make out who it was but I some how knew it was a man. The dogs where barking so I went to the door to find know one, I walked around the yard and still know one.
I never said anything to my children and several days later I asked my youngest to do the dishes, she looked at me with a worried look and stated she didn't like to do the dishes because of the man that walks by every time she is at the sink.I didn't share with her at this time that I to had the same in counter and shrugged it off.The visits of the shadows came more frequent at the kitchen window and the front picture window, know one was ever there. The  day came when I began to work on my youngest daughters room, I had to replace all the walls and ceiling due to water damage, I stuccoes the walls and picked out the paint a very nice blue would make the room very bright. When I finished painting I put down my roller and stood back to examine my work, it looked great so I took a well deserves rest before starting on the other work. Letting the Paint dry! Several hours later I returned, to find large circles of oozing paint all over the outside wall.It looked like the paint was being squeezed out of the wall.I got to work with some sanding paper and repainted when it dried all was well. I shrugged it off as, I don't know a strange accident. The next day I started on the hall out side the room again the same thing happened, I once again sanded it down and repainted and once again it was fine.When my mom moved in that following June ( small aptment up stairs) she said to me how she had heard someone come up her stairs and saw a figure of a man at her door, but when she opened it no one was there.One evening I was on my way home from work late well after midnight as I pulled up to my house I saw a male figure wearing blue dickies stand by my bedroom window peeking in he looked real enough but as I began to pull into the drive he vanished.This past month the shadows have started again and with the shadows comes mea, My washer got stuck on fill while I was out one day and emptied my well into the kitchen and livingroom,( all over my new flooring and carpets ) my upstairs tenants complained that their stereo turned it self on in the middle of the night full blast.I found the water values to my washer shut off, I didn't shut them off.My dogs are on edge they bark at every little movement and I have 4 cats that will not come in the house, when I drag them in they walk around growling.Just two nights ago I was awaken in the middle of the night by the sound of my cordless phone shutting off like when I have a power outage, I looked at my clock on the side of my bed table to find it was still working I got up from my bed to turn on the small lamp by my pc to find that wasn't working and my pc was shut off so I turned on the over head light to find that some how the power strip that ran my phone,pc and small lamp had been turned off.I flipped the switch and all came back on. I shut off the light and was getting back to bed as I pulled up the covers I noticed on the ceiling just left of my bed a light in the shape of a circle about the size of a golf ball.I lay in bed and watched it, it never moved and there was no source from which it might be reflecting from.I turned over and went back to sleep.( history ) the couple that lived in the house and built it had three children the son was killed in 97 when a tree fell on him while logging,the father had a heart attack when he watched a truck roll into his son and law and kill him while logging.I spoke with the women I bought the house from when I described the man standing outside the house she said that's sounds like my father,who once owned all the land that the house sits on as well as the property next door were his wife still lives as well as the hill up back.I'm not sure what he wants of if he is alone, maybe he confused or upset that the property went to some outside the family, but we haven't had good luck here.


Mother-In Laws House


    I was staying at my mother-in-law's house to attend her husband's funeral.  It was my son's bedtime so I went upstairs to the third floor with him.  As I was lying there, I was crying and feeling very devastated about my father-in-law's death.  By this time, my son had fallen asleep.  I was suddenly aware of the presence of Ike, my father-in-law!  Every one of my senses was on overdrive as if you would react to a breaking window in the middle of the night!Unfortunately, I did not see him because I hid under the covers.  (This still suprises me because I have always wanted an encounter.)  He did speak to me, not verbally, but mentally.  I could even tell he was amused at my hiding.  He said, "Why are you carrying on so?  I'm fine...I really am fine."  And at that moment, a total peace came over like warm water.  I had never experienced anything like that before!  I really can't talk to many people about it.  It seems almost sacriligious.


My Experiences with the Unknown


I love your site.  I have a couple experiences that
happened in two different places.  The first one is at
my oldest sister's house in Des Moines, Iowa.  Her
house was over 30 years old so here is what happened,
it happened in my nieces bedroom.  My sister her
husband, my niece and two two nephews were talking
about ghosts and they all had stories to tell that
happened in that house.  We all retired for the
evening and I was staying in my nieces room (the room
where most of the paranormal activity happened).  I
was just starting to drift off to sleep when I felt
something pushing me in the back through the mattress,
I looked under the bed and found nothing, but I kept
feeling the pressure on my back.  I just grinned and
bared it.  After that my niece had a dresser that had
these long bar knobs that dangled on her dresser, so
it was bringing the bar knob up and slowly releasing
it, I suffered through this for about 10 minutes then
hit the floor and ran downstairs, my sister was
snickering at me for pooh poohing their stories, well
never again!  The second experience happened in a
three bedroom Queen Anne style house that my husband
and I rented in Kansas City, Missouri.  At the time
our son was 6 years old and complained that his room
would get real cold at night and then as the same
thing happened to me at my sister's house he felt
something pushing his back through the mattress, I
began to start laying in bed with him until he fell
asleep, that would only take maybe 5 minutes, no
problem.  I would then get up and go to my room.  I
fell asleep with no problem then I would wake up at
about 2:45 in the early morning with something laying
on my chest, I couldn't scream or say a word because
my chest was constricted.  I finally called for our
dog (her name was Gretchen and she was a rottweiler)
she came over to me and licked my hand, whatever thing
was on me got off and Gretchen started to growl at
something that I couldn't see until she chased it
downstairs.  Just then my husband woke up out of a
deep sleep asking what was going on, I quickly told
him what happened and then he told me that every night
that he would climb the stairs to go to bed that he
would skip the last two stairs and swing up to the top
landing by holding onto the baluster, he said that
there was a very dark thing in the corner of those
stairs and he got the feeling to not mess with it.
Also, I was a stay at home mom back then and I would
be watching TV as I was getting dinner ready and my
dog and cat would suddenly sit up and stare at the
basement door (this door was behind me) then my dog
would start growling real low and then end up with a
high pitched bark then both my cat and dog would run
to the front room, the farthest room from the kitchen
and believe me I was right behind them and all three
of us would end up on the front porch waiting for my
husband to come home.  We moved out of there about 9
years ago when our landlord sold the house, and the
same people still live there.  I have not had anymore
experiences since then and hope to never have any, I'm
just not cut out for that sort of thing, but when
someone tells me about an experience with a ghost, I
believe them.  I know this wasn't very scary but
believe me it was true and it scared the dickens out
of me!

My First Apartment

Not long after I turned eighteen I moved out of my parents house and in with my fiancé and we became resident managers in 16 plex apartment building.  This was the first time I lived on my own with out my family.  The apartment building we managed was just taken over by a bank and was being renovated after sitting half empty for many years.  Not long after moving in to the one bedroom I became uneasy in the apartment. It was hard to explain what it was but some nights when I would go to bed and the lights would turn off I would become hysterical and yell at my fiancé to turn the lights back on.  Once the lights were on for a few minutes I would calm down and the lights could be turned back off.  This has never happened to me before or since.
This wasn't the only weird thing that happened while we lived their one morning we both woke up and were talking then suddenly we both fell back to sleep.  I had heard the answering machine go off but never heard the phone ring but I did hear someone talking but couldn't make it out.  After the talking stopped by Fiancé and I both woke and the first thing he did was go check the answering machine, there was no message.  He asked me if I heard it go off and I said I did.  We checked the machine and couldn't find anything wrong with it.
The last strange and very scary thing that happened before we moved out happened to me.  We were asleep and I had this very strange dream at least that is what I am going with because I have no other explanation.  In my "dream" I was a waken and looked about the room.  The room was dark except from the street light that was coming in from the window behind the bed.  The room looked exactly the way it did before I went to sleep.  I turned and looked at my fiancé and saw him sleeping with the covers pulled all the way up to his head and only his head showing.  I am sure you are thinking that if the room looked exactly the way it does when I am a wake then I must have been awake.  I would have agreed but when I looked down towards the end of the bed I saw my fiancé floating about four inches from the ground and he was totally green.  He was wearing the boxer he had gone to bed in and he looked exactly the same except for being green and floating.  He floated from the chair that was on the left hand side of to the bedroom door on the other side of the room and out into the living room.  I fell back to sleep or the "dream" ended right after he left the room.  I was extremely scared the next morning and when I woke up I told my fiancé about the "dream".  I said I had a dream about him being a monster and he just laughed it off.  Not long after that we moved and I have never had another experience like that since I lived in that apartment.
As for my fiancé and I we did marry but two years almost to the day of our marriage we divorced.  Unfortunately the "dream" or maybe it was an omen came true he did turn out to be a monster.

My First House


My husband and I have moved around a lot over the years.  I have experienced supernatural phenomena all my life, but over the past five years my experiences and dwindled down to few and far between.  For this I was glad.  But two years ago, my husband and I bought our first house in Port Orchard, Washington.  It seemed a nice house, and possibly a nice neighborhood.  But the six months before we left things started happening that I could not explain.  It left me very unsettled to say the least.  My first experience started when I lay in bed quietly for all of an hour.  I couldn't sleep for some reason.  I tried and tried, and it just wouldn't come.  My husband was having the same problem, and then I heard him get up to use the restroom which was also in our bedroom.  He asked me a question, which I couldn't hear, so I drug my face down and across my pillow.  What I saw confused and frightened me horribly.  As I saw him close the bathroom door, I saw a dark figure leave the room and go down the hall.  Not only did I see this I heard it as well.  I lay dumbfounded trying to figure out if it was my husband who went to use the bathroom down the hall instead.  But there was no mistake, he was using the master bathroom.  I freaked out, unable to convey to him what happened until the next day.  As usual he tried to come up with a scientific reason.  I just saw something and it was my imagination.  I knew that it was NOT my imagination and what I saw reallllllyyyy happened.  After that I couldn't sleep with the door open.  It was impossilble.  When I did sleep with my door open I saw the same dark figure make its way down the hall.  Not only that, I would hear it too.  Things started to escalate.  One night while in the office doing my late night internet surfing I heard the garage door open and close.  I got up to talk to my husband and find out why he went to the garage.  Just then he called me from the bedroom.  I couldn't believe it, not again!  I thought oh it must of been the cat.  You see the garage door does not latch properly and she can push it open.  But standing in the bedroom, I saw the cat fast asleep with my husband.  I asked, "Has the cat been in here all night?"  My husband looked at me and said, "Yes, all night."  Needless to say, my late night surfing was over.  Throughout this whole time things would happen like, I heard someone say my name.  Loudly too, I might add.  Going into my husbands office and asking what he needed was futile.  He hadn't called my name.  That happens all the time.  I hear my name, yet no one is calling me.  The bedroom seems to be an especially strong place for demons to visit me.  One night I had a horrible time getting to sleep, as well as my husband.  He had gotten up around three to work in the office.  All of a sudden I had a strong complusion to wake up.  When I did I felt like the wind got knocked out of me.  I woke up fast enough to see a dark figure standing over me.  I startled so quickly, I pushed my whole body backwards so far I almost hit the floor on the other side.  But I didn't because something stopped me.  Thinking it was my husband I was grateful he was there, but when I said Jeff, there was no reply.  Instead my husband walks out of the office to see what had happened.  Thats when I bolted out of bed upright turned on the lamp and stared at him with my eyes wide open, he asked if I had a nightmare.  I told him more than you know.  Once I calmed down I was able to tell him what happened.  He just sat there not sure what to say.  My husband is never sure what to say when these events happen to me.  I especially hated being alone there, because my husband would often leave to go to work at odd hours of the night.  One night he left around midnight and I was up watching tv.  All of a sudden the kitchen light turned off.  I thought oh great, a bulb blew out.  Yet when i went to the kitchen I found the switch was turned to off.  That same night I heard something typing on my keyboard in the office.  It also moved my chair.  I threw my shoes on and left.  I don't know what the deal is with this neighborhood I am leaving, but I sure am glad.  You see I don't believe that these things happened from ghosts, or people who have died.  I believe it is demons that have tormented me over the years.  That just makes it all the more terrifying.  I was hoping I had left these things behind in our most recent move.  But the other night, I programmed the TV and the menu kept changing itself back.  I sure hope it was the TV and nothing else!

My Friends


I just want to sort of speak out for ghosts and spirits and such. They aren't all bad. In fact, I've befriended several supernatural beings. There are some that live in my house even. Theres Adrianna(Aria), Sarralain(Sarra), Catalina(Alina), and Leighanna.. All of them are girls, Aria is 13, or was when she died, Sarra is 15, Alina is 10, and Leighanna is 5. They died of some sort of sickness in the early 1800's. They are really friendly, but i'm the only one that knows about them. I once tried to tell my mom, but she just told me to stop making up stories to scare my sisters and brother. At first, the girlss wouldn't show themselves, but eventually I convinced them that I was their friend, and now we are really close. I just wanted to let some people, who think all ghosts are evil or bad, know that at least some of them dont want to harm or scare anyone.

My Ghost Experiences


Hi, my name is Meg and my e-mail address is  Here is
my story:

I am 21 years old and although have believed in ghosts all my life, I have
not seen any until recently.  A few months ago, I was watching television
and fell asleep on the couch, (my parents had already gone to bed).  Right
before I woke up, I had the feeling someone was watching me.  So I opened my
eyes and for a split second saw the image of an old man watching me sleep.
Even freakier, the television was definitely on when I fell asleep, but it
was off when I woke up, and I know my parents didn't turn it off because if
they had, they would have woken me up and told me to go to bed, (They hate
it when I am sleeping anywhere but my bed, for some reason).
My second story happened two Saturdays ago.  My boyfriend and I were hanging
out at my house, and my father had to go out.  We, (my boyfriend and I),
were hanging out in the kitchen.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw what I
thought was my father walk down the hallway, and I also heard the footsteps
of him walking down the hall.  My boyfriend and I were talking when he
mentioned something about me smoking.  My parents don't know I smoke, so I
said, "Rob, shh!"  He said, "What's the matter, we are the only ones in the
house."  I said, "No, I just saw my father walk down the hall".  He kept
insisting that he saw my father leave, so I went to the window to look out
to our driveway, and sure enough, he was gone, which makes me wonder who was
walking down the hall?  I think our house might be haunted, and even my
father thinks so, which is weird, since he is a hardcore Catholic and
doesn't believe in ghosts, he thinks that he has seen the previous owner,
(who happened to be my mother's boss's mother)walking through the house.
Just a few days ago my mother tells me that she died in the house!  But what
confuses me is that the ghost(s) I have seen have been men, so mother is
going to ask her boss what his father looks like, to see if it matches the
description of the man I have been seeing!  Thank you for listening!

"My Ghost Experiences"


All of my life I could see or feel the presence of ghosts and they seem to be everywhere I go.  They'd never try to communicate and I never felt scared.  I could be watching TV and look in the next room and a dark shadow would be standing there.  One night I was asleep at my aunts house with my cousins on the living room floor when I heard something fall down like rakes outside the window.  I got up and looked (my aunt lived four houses down from the train tracks) and for some reason I looked toward the train tracks.  It was foggy, which was weird because it was 80 degree's outside that night.  Anyways I could see a beautiful, slender woman with long blonde hair holding hands with a little girl that looked just like her.  They were walking down the road toward the house.  I woke up two of my cousins and asked if they saw anything coming down the road.  They saw nothing and I told them what I saw but they still were unable to see what I saw.  As the lady came closer to the house she faded.
Another experience happens in my bedroom. There has always been a strange feeling to my room and was always cold no matter how high the heater was.   As a child we were told the an elderly lady passed away in my room.  There I was the only one able to ever sleep peacefully in there.  Some nights my little sister would sleep with me and she said that she didn't sleep cause she was so scared.  She didn't know what she was afraid but she was so scared she couldn't even leave the room.  One night I was sleeping and right above me head something banged had against my wall.  I awoke and ran to my light switch but something pulled me back.  I landed straight on my butt.  I got back up and made it to my light switch.  My mom heard me fall so she came to see what happened.  I told her I just fell off the bed.  I was scared but al the same time I was excited because never before had these ghosts ever made contact with me.  Shortly after I moved out but visited often.  One night me and my boyfriend spent the night and he couldn't sleep in there.  I woke up in the morning and found him asleep in the living room.  He said that he felt as if someone was on top of him.  My daughter was five years old and when we slept in there she would always be completely under the covers and right next to me.  I asked her "Why are you sleeping like that?"  She said because she could feel like someone was breathing in her face.  Now keep in mind I never told anyone about my vibes of the room.
Now years had passed and two children later without any more ghosts sightings.  I moved into my dad's house (I was divorcing).  Let me explain the layout of the house.  In the past it had been rented out as two places, an upstairs and downstairs place.  Mine was downstairs. My dad and sister lived upstairs.  I worked swing shift and got off at 1:30 a.m., my sister watched my kids.  When I got home I would carry the children down stairs to their beds then go up and visit with my sister.  We would hear one of the baby's crying, but a really terrified crying, so we would run down stairs to find the children all sleeping heavily.  And the same would happen if were we downstairs, we would hear someone crying upstairs.  And the washer door would often slam shut.  One night I could feel something but was afraid to turn and look.  My nephew was downstairs with me, we were watching TV (all Lights were off).  But as I was feeling something my nephew turned to talk to me (in the direction I felt something) and he saw it, he let out the most terrified scream I've ever heard.  He was completely freaked, he wouldn't even let me turn on the light my sister heard him scream and ran downstairs.  He said he saw something looking at us, but that is all he will say, he won't tell us anything else.  After we asked my cousin if he had seen or heard anything weird at that house ( he used to live there before us) and he said yes they often heard strange things like baby's crying and things slamming also (they had no children).  He said that he found out a little boy was accidentally shot in a drive by shooting in the yard and his mother carried him in the house, what is now our laundry room where he died from the gunshot would.
The ghost at my house likes to wait until I 'm asleep and wake me by touching my arm or leg.  After being woken up three or four times in one night I would ask him nicely to please leave me alone and let me sleep.  It would until the next night.  When it didn't wake me by touching I would wake up cause I could feel him staring at me.  I would wake up and see a small, dark silhouette of him in the hall way.  I began to feel as if I was losing it cause this happened almost every night.  I began to stay up all night scared and sleep once daylight came.  I couldn't handle it anymore.  I began to take a lot of sleeping pills so I couldn't be awakened, although some nights I was still awakened but now I was mad.  I wouldn't give him any attention but I could feel him sitting next to me on the bed.  The next morning I woke up.  It was so cold.  I looked around the house and the back door was wide open.  This door was hard to open, you have to kick it open and shut.  This happened three more times.  I finally had it I told the being that this is my house and I refuse to live like this anymore and I put a shelf against the back door.  No more occurrences have happened to date.

My Ghost Story in Tennessee

      I was born in Tennessee and lived there until I was 12 years old.  We were raised in a very abusive home.  I am the oldest of five children in our family.  We were sexually abused at a very young age, in fact I don't remember when the abuse started.  My father was an alcohol abuser.  We were also abused by our paternal grandfather.  The abuse was also physical and emotional.  Anyway, when I was about eight years old, we moved into a house in Maryville, Tennessee.  The first house we lived in was very small.  My youngest sister was born while we lived in this house and I can remember she was bitten by rats in her crib.  She was bitten on the ear lobe and on the little finger.  There was a house next door with a family living there when we moved in.  This family had two boys who were close to teen-age and a daughter was born while they lived there.  I believe this baby died while they lived next door to us.  After this baby died, they moved away.  We then moved into this house.  All the time we lived in this house (the house next door/the second house we lived in) my father would always accuse my mother of having someone in the house when he was not there. The driveway showed the back entrance to the house.  He would come home and say he had seen someone leave the back door when he came into the driveway.  Anyway, the house was laid out in this fashion:  the front door opened into the living room,  to the right of the living room was my parent's bedroom, which was where my brother slept after he was born,  this room opened to the bedroom where we kids slept (there was no door, just a doorway),  a doorway opened off our bedroom to the kitchen and a door opened off the kitchen to the back hall and to the right was the bathroom and to the left was the rear entrance to the house (the one that opened to the driveway.)  At the foot of the only bed in the children's bedroom was the area which led from the doorway from our parent's bedroom to the kitchen.  I was nine years old when we moved into that house.  I had two younger sisters who slept with me in that bed.  We had always lived out in the country and were unfamilier with street lights but outside the bedroom window of this house was a street light.  I can remember having to become accustomed to the extra light.  We did not have curtains on the window or a shade so it really took some getting used to!  But it definitely made everything in that room very visible!  Anyway,  many nights I laid awake and heard the steps of something walking from the doorway to my parent's bedroom to the doorway to the kitchen and back-like a soldier walking sentry duty-back and forth until I went to sleep.  It did not scare me but I knew it was not normal.  The memory stayed with me and when I was about 21  years old, I went back home (I had left when I was 14 years old to escape the abuse).  My father was no longer a part of the home.  One evening the family had gathered and we were talking about our lives and the things that had happened to us.  I started telling the story of the sentry and was stunned to discover that both the sisters who had slept with me in that bed had the same exact memory as I did.  None of us had ever mentioned the "sentry" to anyone else.  We had never talked about this with anyone before.  But none of us doubted that something had walked sentry duty possibly to protect us from the abuse we were enduring.  We moved away from the house when I was 11 years old and it was never mentioned until 10 years late.

 My Ghost Story


i have still had alot of strange occurances in my life.on one occasion,i was outside in my was my sister and i, and it was around midnight.we were swimming around bein the idiots that we are and then i looked up and saw this figure of a really tall man,maybe around 6'5 or 6'6.anyway he was walking in the field beside my house(RIGHT beside my house)he was walkin slowly but he was looking directly at me and he didnt really have any features on his body.i screamed and ran in side as did my sister.
   on another occasion,i was at a friends was around 1 in the morning and we were outside jumping on her trampoline. she has a cemetary practicly in her back yard(u can c it fom her house) well , the garage light,right beside the trampoline all of a sudden turned body was out side but us.then i looked out into the cemetary because i was always scared of cemetarys anyway ,so i kept checking that nothing was time that i looked,there was a white figure standing over a grave then when i saw it,i told my friend and started freakin out but then the thing looked up at me and kinda dissapeared.i dunno.theres more scary experiances i could put that r even scarier but i dont wanna clogg the baord.

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