Let me start off by saying that I must be the most
UN-phsychic person around. I have never seen, heard,
smelled, or felt anything wierd, and for this reason I
tend to be a little suspicious when someone tells me
about any strange experience they've had. I always try
to look for a logical and scientific explanation. What
I'm about to relate to you happened to my son Jesse
about 6 months ago, and terrified him so much that he
still sleeps in my mom's room at the foot of her bed.
My two sons Jesse and Nicky (they're 24 and 18
respectively) live with my mother in Huntington Beach
because they both attend college in California. They
both share a room in my mom's two story house. On
occasion, my grandfather will come to stay with my
mother, and my sons always give him their bedroom so
he'll be more comfortable, and they sleep downstairs
in the family room in sleeping bags. On this
particular night, everyone else had gone to bed and my
sons had set out their sleeping bags on the family
room floor and had just settled down to watch some
television.  Nicky fell asleep almost immediately, but
Jesse (who had taken the position next to the wall)
stayed awake watching a program that he liked. Just
then a commercial came on and he closed his eyes for a
second to rest them until the program started again.
Suddenly, just out of the blue, he heard whispering in
his right ear. It was a masculine voice and it started
out whispering softly but quickly got louder and
louder although he couldn't make out the words. The
first thing he thought was "how did Nicky get over on
the other side of me without my noticing him? And how
did he wedge himself into the space between me and the
wall?"  This all happened in a split second, and he
immediately opened his eyes, but to his horror he saw
that Nicky was still sound asleep and hadn't moved
from his position. Just then something caught his eye
on the ceiling on top of him, and when he looked up,
he saw a grey mist floating above him close to the
ceiling. At first the mist was up high, but it slowly
began to descend towards his face. By this time he was
really scared and tried to wake his brother up, but
found he was frozen and couldn't move a muscle. So all
he could do was lay there while the mist came down,
first over his face, then lower on his torso, and then
down towards his feet. It just hovered a few inches
above him, and he says that wherever it moved, he felt
an extremely hot, burning sensation. (I find this odd,
since everyone else always says they experience an icy
cold feeling) When it got to his feet, the mist
started to move again towards his face. It continued
to do this several more times, all the while Jesse was
unable to move. He was conscious of the t.v. program
he had been watching, the commercial was over, and the
show had started again, he could see the t.v. through
the mist. He kept hoping it would go away, but it
didn't. It just hovered there, moving back and forth.
Finally, it occurred to him to pray. He remembers that
he silently repeated the Lord's Prayer 3 or 4 times,
and then he just began begging God in earnest to
protect him. Suddenly the mist just faded away. As
soon as that happened, he was able to move again and
immediately screamed out his brother's name. Nicky
woke up and when he heard what had happened he refused
to sleep in the family room any longer. They were both
now thoroughly spooked and decided to take their
blankets into the living room, and sleep together on
the couch. They tried to get to sleep, but they began
to hear strange noises in the kitchen, as if someone
were rummaging through the cabinets. They both heard
the noises. By this time they had had just about
enough, and they made a run for it, up the stairs to
my mom's bedroom and dove into her bed, to sleep with
her. These are both college students who have never
used drugs, who don't drink, who aren't proned to
imagining things, and who are both active, healthy,
athletic soccer players. When they told me about this
experience (skeptic that I am) I immediately began
searching on the internet for some sort of information
on night terrors or extremely vivid dreams, (the fact
that most people seem to see these things at night
when they've been sleeping makes me highly
suspicious), and I did find a very interesting page on
sleep disorders, and what is called the "Hag
Phenomena". I said as much to Jesse, and he read the
information, but he was adamant, that what he
experienced was real. He says that he had not been
asleep, and during the entire episode he was fully
aware of the program that was on t.v. since he could
actually see it through the mist. And he had enough
time to say several silent prayers before it
dissapeared. This doesn't seem to be consistent with
Hag Phenomena. So, the bottom line is, I don't know
what he saw. As a side note, my brother who also lives
there, and who is about as UN-phsychic as I am, has
tried desperately to see the "ghost", and has been
sleeping in the same exact spot Jesse was in for the
last six months, in hopes of catching a glimpse of it,
but much to his dissapointment, he hasn't seen a

Seabrook Texas: Toddville Mansion


From your Web Page: Seabrook - Toddville Road - the former Toddville Mansion, which has recently been torn down, the property turned into apartments or condos. Reports of a strange creature roaming the grounds, noises, feelings of being watched, shadowy figures.
Actually this mansion is was the List Mansion. The story of this place was well known to the people of Seabrook who lived their at the time. I  lived near the List Mansion for many years.
Several acres of land were bought by a Houston buisness owner in the late 70's early 80's right on Galveston Bay near the intersection of Toddville Rd. and East Meyer Rd. Bill List was his name and for the most part at first no-one knew who he was, only that their was a major construction project going up near the Bay.
Bill List owned a trailer manufacturing buisness and with the success of his business came great wealth. The mansion was a massive undertaking, built up on several feet of soil the three story brick structure dwarfed the modest homes surrounding the property.  The brick foundry where Bill was buying the bricks for his  mansion was unable to keep up production of  bricks for the mansion and bricks for other products so Bill just bought the brick foundry so all the bricks made could go into his construction project.
Month by month the mansion began to take shape. The stark brick structure was three stories tall, four if you count the massive garage on the ground level. All the windows on every floor featured wrought iron bars. It was divided into two separate sections with a large glassed in garden and pool. Catwalks on the second floor crossed from the front of the house to the back part. the rooms were arranged into separate apartments with kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.  The entire property was surrounded by a brick wall from Toddville Rd., the List Mansion (as it was called) resembled a prison which was not far from true.
When construction was completed, Me and some friends were in the Kroger parking lot in Seabrook when two guys a little older than us invited us to a "big party to celebrate the opening of the List Mansion". we talked to them for a few minuets and they left. We did not go to the party.
For years after that you rarely saw anyone coming or going from the mansion, even though several families could live there at the same time and never see each other. The Guys we saw at Krogers that day never showed up anywhere in town. Then one day Bill List was dead, Murdered and the whole story came out  in the Daily Citizen, the  Bay Area News Paper.
The list Mansion was built like a prison, not to keep people out but to keep people in. As it turns out Bill List had a preference for younger men and would cruse the alleyways and parts of Houston where runaways would frequent. He would offer them a place to stay and drugs in return for his indulgences for the young men.
Bill would keep them drugged and locked in the mansion, providing every thing for them but freedom. Some would stay and others would eventually be let go but it was the final group of guys who figured it all out. They decided that Bill List must die, so one day they got a hold of a shotgun and waited for Bill to come home from work. Bill never made it up the stairs from the garage before he was shot and killed. The guys who killed him ransacked the mansion, stole Bills credit cards and car and left. Some were picked up on their way to Canada others were caught in  the Houston area.
For years after the death of Bill List, the mansion was up for sale and yet no-one would buy it. Care takers were brought in to maintain the property and eventually a bunch of people who had a rock and roll band rented it for awhile. I moved from Seabrook in the early '90's,  Eventually, the list mansion was bought by a real estate land develper and he tore down the List mansion. In it's place was built stucco condos with clay tile roofs. There is nothing left of the list mansion except the sorted stories of the long time residents of Seabrook.
These are my memmories of the List  Mansion.

Secrets of a Childhood Home


   Remembering back when I was 5, It all started. I lived in a house in Terre haute, Indiana. I had recurring nightmares about a man who was chasing me with a large object that looked like a huge sewing pen. He would stab me continuously but his speech seemed slow. I could feel my life force being drawn away and then I was watching the room from above. I would been drawn by a light that led through my bedroom closet and would see myself lying on a cement slab. I was about 30, blonde hair and a man was standing over me. My family was terrorized by my running through the house screaming for my life yet, no one could wake me up and if someone touched me, I would freak out and they say that I possessed enormous strength for only being 5 years old. This went on as long as I lived in this house, which was at age 10, we moved. I must add that when I played in the basement. I often felt a sudden disecruited me to help her clean the place up. I was reluctant to go into the house and when we went to the basement where a boy I went to school made his room down there. It was freaky. There was graffiti all over the walls in paint that looked like blood. It had everything from help me, to die. I never knew if the messages was coming from the killer or from the woman killed. I asked my father recently, if someone was drawn to the closet in the bedroom. What was under that closet and he replied "The cellar" I constantly worry about the people who occupy the house now because there is a daycare and they built a fortress type privacy fence all the way around it, even the front. I thought about writing them and request an investigation. We'll see. I honestly feel there is a body within that cement slab in the basement that has wanted to get discovered.

Shadowy Figure In Woods


Being a Catholic I belive there is an afterlife(heaven, ect.) and spirts occasionally visit people here on earth.
One winter my family and I (mom, dad, and two younger sisters) went to visit and help out my grandparents, who had recently cleared some land they owned on the Tennessee river, move in to thier new home.  The land they had bought had many lengends accompanying it including stories of gold and ghosts.  My sisters and I were very interested in exploring the 25 acres of wooded land that had an old Civil War homeplace on it.  An old country store was located about a mile away and this was the only neighbors my grandparents had.
When we arrived, there was a 50 foot long, 15 foot high pile of cut down trees that had been piled up to made room for the new house.  This was a great jungle gym for my sisters and I to play and hide on, being as it was a long way from the house.
One day my mom took my youngest sister on a walk around the woods while my other sister and I stayed on the wood pile looking into the woods.  I saw this black, four foot high figure scrambling from tree to tree.  At first I thought it was my youngest sister running around, so I called her name.  She answered from the opposite direction of the figure that I saw.  By that time I was really frantic, in tears, and running home because I could still see the figure moving extremly fast.  It was so fast I would only see it for about two seconds at a time before it went behind another tree.
When everyone was in the house I told them, but my grandpa brushed it off as "a bear" (there are no bears in the area that he lives in), so I felt better.  About a week later after my family and I had left more people were beginning to have "experiences", I guess you could say.
My grandpa had taken his dog out one night when he heard a woman's voice, faintly yell, "Help me!"  The dog began to bark, so my grandpa got in his truck and began to circle his property, looking in the ditches for an injured woman.  He found no one and went home.
About three months later a lady was changing a sign outside of the country store around closing time.  Extremly scared and shook up, she quit her job because she had seen a quick, black, shadowy figure coming from my grandparents woods.
We still don't know what is living in my grandparent's woods, but other people have seen it so I know it's not a figure of my imagination.

Shadowy Figure


One night about 13 years ago, my brother and I were
Christmas caroling with friends around our block. We
were about 10 or 11 at the time. After ending the
night my brother and I said goodbye to the last of our
friends who had turned in for the night. We were
riding doubles on a bike that night. My brother
pedaling, we approached the edge of the driveway when
he suddenly stopped. We both looked across the street.
I said "Do you see what I see?" He replied, "Yes!"
Happening very quickly, across the street, was a dark
shadowy figure (void of prominent features)
approximately 7 feet tall. When it began to approach
us, we through the bike down and we were able to slide
under the electric garage door (still in the process
of closing). We were able to summon our friend's dad
to investigate, but nothing. That night we rode our
fannies home about 8 houses down. Amazingly, we never
mentioned it to our parents who were waiting in the
driveway to take us to the town's Candy Cane Lane. We
have since told them about everything, and to this day
when I visit home and happen to walk that corner of
the block at night, I am constantly looking over my
shoulder and feel as though I being watched.

Haunted Home Place


Hello, I read your site often.  I have been trying for about a month now to get up enough nerve to send my story so here goes.  You can give me your opinion if you want but I really just wanted to share something.  I don't tell alot of people this and my mother all but refuses to talk about it at all (understandable considering the circumstances) Plus I only know a few things about what happend because my mother would only tell me so much before freaking out.   I shall start with a brief introduction.
Okay, I grew up in a small town and for about a year we lived in a haunted house when I was just 2 years old or so. In other words I don't remember specific things just feelings.
It all started when my mother and father moved from South Carolina to Kentucky. They rented an old house with a huge basement.  (this was told to me by my mother)  I don't remember much about the house so this is all second hand information.  They had lived there only about a month when my mother and older sister started noticing things.  They told me that I was the focus of this spirit as it would do things to me or around me. here is a few of the things that happend to me when I was little.
One time my mother and sister was sitting in the living room watching TV. I had a little wooden rocking chair that I loved to sit in. My father was at work working the night shift in the coal mines.  Mom said all of a sudden things got very cold and my little rocking chair started rocking very fast and the rocking tossed me out onto the floor. Then the chair fell backwards against the wall (with noone in it by the way) and my mother and my sister both heard a very dull laughing.
My mother said that the thing in the house would push me, and a few times when she was watching me play on the front porch would pick me up and drop me down hard on the ground.  My mother says that she was terrified to leave me alone. Then another time my big sister and her best friend was playing with me in the front yard and my mother said she heard them screaming for her.  When she went out in the yard my sister and her friend was holding on to me and crying.  I was trying to go down  the little hill into a little field below our house begging to go play with "it".  My sister to this day swears that she and her friend saw a big black figure hiding behind a tree motioning for me to come to it and what was scary was that I was going.  My sisters friend refused to come visit her at her house after that episode.
My mother told me that I told her its name ( I won't repeat it here for it makes me have anxiety attacks) and that it lived in a deep dark hole in the ground. down in the field below our house.  My mother went looking for a hole in the ground and she found an old well that had been boarded up and the weeds had grown over it pretty bad so it was very difficult to see.  (She didn't tell me if she experienced anything there or not but she wouldn't talk about it with me) She kept begging my father to move.  My mother said it would laugh at her and she was constantly scared.
Finally, one night when my dad was home something happend that made my dad rethink and take my mother seriously.  My parents were in bed and it was pretty late.  My father looked up and noticed the shadow of someone staring at him in the darkness.  My dad at first thought it was my sister so he raised up and asked her what was wrong.  The thing laughed and my mother screamed that it wasnt my sister because the shadow was too big to be my sister.  When she screamed my dad jumped up to turn on the lights and it laughed again and disappeared.  From then on my dad took what my mother said seriously.  After a while my dad was able to buy a piece of land and we moved and according to my mother not a minute too soon.  To this day my mother refuses to talk about it.
I didn't find out about this until years later when I was watching TV about 15 years old or so.  I saw a commercial for cat food with the same name of the thing that had haunted us years before.  ( I had no idea about this because my mother didn't tell me about until afterward)  Anyway, As soon as I heard the commercial and name of the cat food I had an anxiety attack.  When I told my mother what happend she turned very pale and told me some of the story.
Some history of the house after we moved out.  There was a man and his daughter who moved into the house.  He was a single father so he had his mother move into the house with him to help him take care of his daughter while he worked. Within two years of them living there the man went crazy and one night killed himself with a gun.  The daughter and her grandmother moved out the night of his suicide and moved away to another state.  No one ever lived in the house again.  It stood empty for years and the house started falling apart.  The owner had since died along time ago and everyone just sort of ignored the old house.  (my mother never told anyone of our experiences).  Finally, about 6 or 7 years ago they tore down the house and the basement and they built a community volunteer fire department on the property.  That building isn't exactly where the house was. It stands about 30 or so feet from where the original house stood.  Anyway things seem to be prett
Anyway that is my story.  I have had other experiences as an adult but I will save those for another day. Thanks for listening.

Skeleton in the Car


This is a story my mom told me that happened when I was young. She, he
then boyfriend, Darin and a bunch of friends decided one night to go to
this street called Sleepy Hollow that was rumored to be haunted. While
there nothing very eventful happened. They saw an old abandoned car
sitting off the side of the road. Darin thought it would be a cool
picture to take so he snapped a photo of it. After that they all
decided to leave. A few days later Darin got the film developed. When
looking at the photo of the car there was no one in it, but when you
look at the negative you could see a skeleton in the driver's seat
looking in their direction.

Some More Spooky Stories


Hey there again, I just recalled some more ghost stories that I'd like to share with everyone at this site.  I'll start off with a few more experiences involving my mother.  Okay...28 years ago, my mother was up extremely late one night studying for an exam.  It was around 3 am and everyone was alseep.  She decided to turn in for the night and began to collect her books on a pile on her desk.  As she pushed her chair out to stand up, she heard a destinct voice filtering from the register above her desk say, "Good night, Christina".  She froze for a few minutes before going to her siblings' rooms to see if anyone was playing a practical joke, but everyone was fast asleep, plus, the vent above her desk ran up to the attic, and was not connected to anyone else's room...
A few years ago my aunt died unexpectedly and though she and my mother weren't particularily close, she was devistated.  Years passed and on the anniversary of my aunt's death, my mother had a vivid dream of her sister.  In the dream the two were sitting drinking coffee and chatting.  My aunt said, "Goodbye" suddenly in the dream and my mother awoke.  She felt as if her whole body was paralized and could not get up.  A minute or two passed and suddenly, this huge weight began to lift itself from my mother's body.  As the presence left, my mom sat up slowly and when the weight was completely gone, the sensor light near the back door went on (she could see the light filtering from the spare room into the hallway).
Here are a few little things that have happened to me...
when I was a child, I spent Easter at my grandparent's house in Quebec.  I slept on the couch in the living room because all the other rooms were occupied with other family members.  I'll remind you that I still believed in the Easter Bunny at this point of my life.  Early Easter morning, around 4 am, I awoke to the sound of someone walking across the living room floor.  I opened my eyes and saw a figure moving across the room a few feet from the couch on which I was sleeping.  I immediately got excited thinking it was the Easter bunny but then became really confused when it stopped infront of the window.  The street lamp outside was casting light throughout the room and I DESTINCTLY saw the figure.  It was facing me, and though I couldn't see it's features, I knew it was looking at me.  I sat there, afraid now because this figure looked nothing like a rabbit, but a regular person.  I then gathered my courage and quickly turned on the lamp that was beside my head.  As the light went on, the figure vanished.  I was around eight years old, and remember this experience very vividly, but then again, kids memories are rather questionable...I don't really know what to think.
Last February a friend and I went to a graveyard one night and took pictures to see if we could snag some neat and scary pictures of some spirits.  The night was rather uneventful, and as we walked the path back to my car, we heard someone throwing stones at one of those little sheds you find in cemetaries.  We whirled around and saw no one.  I got this sick feeling come over me and was suddenly very afraid.  We walked very quickly and went home.  From that night on, strange things began to happen in my room and other places.  That night I was awakened by soft voices speaking to eachother.  I wasn't afraid because I immediatly thought it was my radio (I listen to it when I go to sleep), so I turned it off, and went back to sleep.  About a minute later a heard the voices again.  Petrified with fear, I shivered under my covers for a good ten minutes, listening, trying to verify what I was hearing.  I finally got up the courage to bolt out of my room and into my brother's room.  I sat at the end of his bed crying hysterically.  I made such a comotion that my mother came up from her room (which is now in the basement), to see what was wrong.  I ended sleeping in my mom's room.  I slept in the spare bedroom the next night, and the night after that, and the fourth night, I tried to sleep in my room again.  The same thing happened.  But this time I listened hard, to make sure it wasn't someone else in the house making the noise.  The voices were so strange, they were far away, but right there in my room, above me, all around me.  That night they sounded like they were fighting, but whispering...loudly.  I knew for sure that I wasn't hearing things.  My room now has this uncomfortable air to it.  I hate being in there - anytime of the day.  The thing is, now I'm in university and my brother is moved into my old room, and he's claimed to have heard strange sounds, and one night he claimed his bed started to shake under it's own power.  My mother thought we were just spooking ourselves out, but a few weeks ago she was telling me that one morning, while getting ready for work, down in her room,she heard a loud knocking on her door.  My brother stayed at a friend's that night, and there was no one else home.  She went and opened the door and no one was there, obviously.  She ignored it and figured she mistook the banging as her imagination.  But right after she carried on with her morning routine, another three loud knocks.  She was frightened, nothing else has happened to her since, but she's convinced that I brought someone, or something home with me that night I went to the graveyard.
And I have ONE more story; okay, I live in residence at the univerisity I attend.  I live in a big house downtown (it's owned by the school), and it is OLD.  It was built in 1864, but there are no reported hauntings.  This kind of dissapointed me because as much as I fear ghosts and the unknown, I really like having stories to tell.  Anyhoo, a few things HAVE actually happened.  One night, about a week ago, my roomate was out for the night and I had the room to myself.  Around 2 am I was awakened by the sound of someone walking across the floor, pretty loudly, and I was ticked that my roomate would make such a raquet so late at night.  So I shot up to tell her to be quiet, but no one was there.  The room was pitch black, and silent.  My roomate wasn't home, and no one was awake on my floor (there are only two other people on my floor and they live way down the hall).  I was so scared that I put my headphones on for the rest of the night until I finally fell asleep again.  Other weird things happen too.  I've had a few mysterious knocks on my door - which is always open, so when I shoot around to see who it is and tell them to come in, there's no one there.  plus, my hallway is far too long to not hear someone run away if they were playing a trick.  It's happened quite a number of times now.  The lamps in my room will turn on and off by themselves, as well as the tv, objects will be moved to strange places - for example, I found my phone in my laudry basket in my closet, on the top of my lamp shade on my desk, behind my bed - all when I've specifically placed the cordless phone back on it's cradle to recharge.  And two nights ago, while falling asleep, I noticed a strange blue light filtering underneath my door.  There is an exit sign in the hall that glows at night, but it's red.  So I went to open the door to check it out and it faded away.  A few people have mentioned that they see a blue light in their halls on the middle level of the house as well.  The only ghost that could possibly be in the house is the spirit of a young girl who commited suicide in the 1980's.  Well, that's about it, hope you enjoyed the stories.
I'll write again about some other stories about the old residential houses in my area that are true and have intelligent people to back-up the claims.

Someday I will Find Out


Hi there. I believe that I have had a true experience with a haunting. I used to live in Apartment 205 in Kings Wood Apt. in Fresno Ca. A lot of weird stuff used to happen there while my family and I lived there. I am Hmong. My religion is not christianity although I do no doubt that there is a God. I do believe in Jesus Christ but I was simply not raised that way. My family on both my father and mother's side are shamen. Many do not believe our customs and ways to  be valid but you'd be suprised by how much sense it us at least. I grew up around shamen all my life listening to chants and stuff. It's awesome. Well...
enough's my story.
    When I was a little girl growing up in California and being in a Hmong family, I grew up with spirits and ghosts and hauntings all around me. I accept it for it is real to me. Although I've never experienced an actual haunting myself, being around my family of shamen forced me to acknowledge the supernatural. But when I was 9...I did have an experiement of my own. Our apartment has always been rumored to be haunted. As a child...I never really paid much mind to it. Weird things happen at night. Things go bump in the night. Dishes rattle and doors slam. I woke up every night from a nightmare I couldn't remember and crawled into bed with my parents. My sisters complained about seeing dark shadows moving across her walls. In our culture, hauntings happen because it it caused by some or something that is associated with the family or someone in the family. In our was my mother. I remember one time my mother was cleaning the tub and I was standing out in the hallway watching her. All of a sudden the door slammed and the lights went out. I heard the lock in the door click in place and my mother screamed. I stood frozen in my spot unable to comprehend what I just saw. I banged against the door and then it opened. The lights were back on and my mom was still in the tub. Naturally she accused my of doing it. To this day I still don't know what had happened. There was a time that something happened to me, not long afterwards, that scared me so bad I forgot about it until a couple of years ago. I remember it being around noon and I was off on summer vacation. I had just finished the third grade. I was laying on my mother's bed reading a book given me by a former teacher. I started to have this funny feeling all over my body. More like an awareness that something was watching me or something was near me. All of a sudden the bed started to shake. I felt something, hands maybe, holding me down on the bed and I was unable to move or even say anything. Not even a scream. The bed literally shook for a few seconds. It was over in a matter of minutes but it scared my terribly. I jumped off the bed and ran into the living room. To this day I've never told my parents or hardly anyone. Those that I have told thought I was joking. Was I? Yet the memory is so vivid...and I remember that feeling of helplessness and fright. It was weird. I sort of forced myself to forget about it until a couple of years later when my class was asked to write about an actual haunting that we know about. I don't know but things are weird. My shaman grandfathers (both maternal and paternal) came to our house to "bless" our room. They performed their ritual in our room on my mother's bed. I remember something about someone dying or commiting suicide in our closet. But it was so long ago I can't remember much about it. My mom has been having dreams about a little girl carrying a knife chasing her through a rice field in ThaiLand. My grandfathers did this chant thing and all this stuff (too much to explain) to capture this Thing. They locked her up in two bowls that has been sealed and chained together. Part of the chain that was used to seal it was made into an anklet brace that my mother wears around her ankle at all times. The trap used to capture it was something that my grandfathers did. To this day my mother is doing better. No more Chucky-like girls chasing her. The bowls were taken to my mom's father's altar and locked up. When he past was given to my mother to keep safe. So's in our bathroom closet on the top self. Every time we open the door...there it is...Scary!!! I get the creepiest feelings when I look at it. wonder.... what exactly is going on and what happened? I couldn't tell you...but something did happen...and I've never been able to forget it. Could it be some evil spirit or poltergeist? Who knows? Maybe one day...I'll find out eventually.

Something Here


When I moved here over ten years ago, it didn't take me long to figure out that there is something strange about this house. A bit of history, This little town is in the middle of that area where there was a lot of Indian trouble a century ago and also mountain men roamed this area trapping. This area is close to where the Wild Bunch outlaw gang holed up too. Anyway this town was a big city that never really happened. It was all mapped out to be a big town by Tom Hamilton and his brother but the oil boom went bust and it is just a few scattered houses now.  Most of the houses were moved in here from the oil camp and this one was the cook shack back there.  It was cut in two and the ends put together at right angles. The kitchen is in what was one end while the rest of the house is the other end. I don't know what there is but most of the "strange happenings" are in the kitchen. The light goes on and off without the switch moving. It burns out the bulbs frequently but I've come in at night and the light is burning brightly but the switch is off. In fact moving the switch has no effect on the light. It is not a defective switch either because we replaced the switch twice when we first noticed it. It still happens. There has been times when the door slammed very hard but there was no wind or even a breeze to make it slam. Sometimes there are the sound of footsteps but no one is there. I guess what bothers me most is the very strong smell of cigar or pipe smoke that is in the bedroom a lot of the time. It is so strong, that breathing can be difficult yet none of us smoke. I've also smelled that strong smell of smoke outside along the creek several times.  I started asking questions and so far I don't know why it is my house but it seems that some people that lived in this area earlier, often saw this man dressed in buckskins and smoking a pipe.  He would be walking along and just disappear but the smell of his pipe would remain. I have never seen him but I often smell his pipe. I do not think he is trying to harm anyone though and often he seems to be here to warn me of something bad happening, just a friendly presence to let me know he is still here. I don't know why but I call him Martin and he seems to like that. I've also told him I don't like the smoke in my room and I haven't smelled it as much lately.





  My Childhood and Teen House


I used to live in a house on Panola Rd. in Ellenwood, Ga. After we moved there (I was in 5th grade at the time) it didnít take long for me to feel funny feelings especially at night. They were feelings of a cold feeling and like something evil was watching me.  From the den to the hallway to the bedrooms, there was a door that you could close that separated that hallway from the den. Sometimes when  I was a teenager I would stay up later in the den watching television. We had stairs that went from the living room to the downstairs. Now part of our downstairs were a finished basement, with part (closed by a door) that was not finished. There was like a downstairs den, another bedroom, washing and dryer area, small bathroom and a garage with the garage door facing the back yard. I  would get this feeling of evil watching me from those downstairs and all I could think was I had to get thru that door to the hallway where the three bedrooms were.  Once I was thru that door I would feel safe. I later found out that my mother would have this same experience and have to thru that door to the bedrooms. Now is that not strange?  I also found out my sister had strange experiences as well.  Now my grandmother ( my motherís mother) lived there at the time and she was a devout Christian and a praying woman. She later died in my later teen years from cancer. A lot of the things happened while she was still alive. I believe whatever entity was present in that house did not want to go to those back bedrooms because of my praying grandmother. I donít know if my grandmother ever had any of these negative experiences that we had. One night my mother slept in the downstairs bedroom. I canít remember why. This is what happened as told by my mother: she had just lain down on the bed with all the lights out when she heard the sound of very loud footsteps like someone with boots on coming down the stairs. She thought it was my stepfather. She thought it odd that he didnít turn on the light as he came down stairs. Well, those footsteps kept walking thru the downstairs living room, by the bedroom door  and opened the door to the garage door and closed it.  She immediately jumped up  and ran to the garage, turning on the lights and nothing was there!  She ran upstairs and checked on everyone and everyone was sound asleep. Needless to say she never slept down there again.  After my grandmother died,  I started sleeping in her room. She had always wanted me to have her room.  I  remembered one time I was in there trying to sleep and I sensed something evil watching me at the foot of my bed.  It was a dark shadowy figure. I said some scripture and rebuked it in Jesus name and it was gone. I donít remember  it ever happening again.  The only other thing that ever happened  in that bedroom was a positive thing. I remembered being sick in bed  and I know I saw my grandmotherís spirit in her old rocking chair looking over me. It was very comforting.                                                                                                 Now that I am out of that house I have not had these negative experiences. The whole family has since moved from there.  I  am now happily married going on 16 years now with two wonderful boys.  The only unusual thing that has happened since than is when my beloved father-in-law died from cancer. He used to smoke cigars years before his diagnosis and I and my boys have definitely sensed his presence and during those times we smell cigar scent, and there is a cold sensation as well. This of course is a comforting feeling not scary. This happens in the house he shared with his wife. Thanks for taking the time to read my story. Itís nice to know there are people who understand and believe you. Believe me this is not something Iíve shared with others outside the family.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Thanks again,


Spirit Story

Hello.  My name is Pam Serafin.  My boyfriend, Justin Riley, died on August 4,
2002.  His death was tragic and untimely.  Justin had a CBR Honda sport bike
that he loved to ride.  He was always very careful on his bike and never
wrecked it.  One day he was riding with his friend's near the Shenandoah
Mountains in Woodstock, Virginia.  He was riding fast with another friend and
came to a hill.  No one knows what happened on the hill to cause him to crash
and die.  Both he and his friend crashed, but his friend lived while Justin
died instantly.  His friend isn't telling anyone anything about the accident.
Anyway, about a month and a half after Justin died I was emailing back and
forth to my friend on the computer.  We were talking about Justin and I
started to feel very weird.  I felt as if someone was watching me.  I looked
to my right and I saw Justin standing there, just staring at my computer.  It
was as if he was reading what I was writing.  He had his hands on his hips,
like he used to do, and had this look on his face as if he was upset.  He
wasn't in color, sort of like grayish or clear.  I couldn't believe my eyes
when I saw him.  He was only there for a  brief moment.  I was scared, happy
and didn't know what to do at that point.  Then after that I heard a noise in
my kitchen, like clanking of dishes and my son's pampers fell off the table.
I have seen Justin 3 other times after that, which makes me wonder if he is
earthbound.  My 3 year old son has told me that Justin has been in his room on
his bed.  This is my story, nothing very extravegant but I still take it as a
blessing.  I was able to see Justin a couple more times and each time I did I
just had to smile.  Thank you and God Bless, Pam.


Spirits of the Wimbledon Square Apartments


2 Years ago I had  My candles burning and the smell of Vanilla was in the air I was laying on my couch one night watching unsolved mysteries, a picture of Shandra Levy was being flashed on the screen and a number on the TV for anyone with information about her disappearance to please call. At the same time, Out of nowhere a very pungent smell of rotten flesh filled the room.
I sat up and instantly said outloud (where in the hell is that coming from)?  I looked back at my cat "Tuff" that was stretched out on the back of the couch as he lifted his head and sniffed the air, I got up knowing it wasn't just my imagination and that my cat could smell this rotten stench as well.
I searched my very small one bedroom apartment and in every spot I went the smell was there. Within 10 seconds of getting up and searching the smell left as quickly as it appeared. I walked back into my living room and looked at my cat and as I was walking all of a sudden it was like I was trying to walk thru molasses. There was nothing there but air, but I felt something and it was thick and slow and went thru my whole body and I was trying to force myself to go forward but I couldn't, then all of a sudden it was like someone letting go of the back of my belt loop and I fell forward. OK, so I freaked out and called my sister and told her what had just happened, of course she believed me cause she has weird stuff happen to her too, I have in the past also but nothing like this and nothing like what IM about to tell you.
Three days pass with nothing else happening until that 3rd day, I get home from work and I go into my bedroom I sit down to check my email and as IM sitting there the whole house instantly starts to stink like someone just took a lid off a diaper pale and all its saturated diapers. I jump up and think what the #^(#^@ is going on, I search the house it is filled with this urine odor, then again as quickly as it came it disappeared. Now IM starting to freak out again, so I go into the middle of my living room and out loud say "LISTEN UP GHOST OR WHATEVER YOU ARE ...I DON'T MIND YOU HANGING AROUND BUT QUIT STINKING UP THE PLACE I LIKE MY VANILLA CANDLES"
A few days pass its finally Friday woohoo the work day is over and IM heading home. I get home and as IM walking down the covered hall to my apartment I hear my cat majorly meowing IM 3 apartments away. I think that this is odd because he never is like this he's always asleep. I unlock the door and open it and Tuff fly's out the door meow meow ...I say what's wrong tuff and he wont stop meowing and he's focused on the hall closet right at the front entrance. He is so persistent and freaked that I start getting a little nervous thinking someone has broken into my place. So I tell Tuff I will get him some food and I go into the kitchen grab the biggest Butcher Knife I can find and search every nook and cranny ...I cant find anything.
After 45 minutes my cat finally calmed down and came inside.
Saturday, Next morning....5:30 am Tuff wants out he's batting at  the plastic blinds that cover the sliding glass door, i lay there for a few minutes listening to his persistent plea of LET ME OUT NOW...i get up and let him out the slider door, i know he will want back in to eat then want to go back out within a 10 minutes (his routine) so i lay on my bed and wait for his scratch at the glass. 5 minutes goes by, scratch scratch ... there he is, I get up let him in and lay back down for a few more minutes, I can hear him crunching his food, he stops then meows and i know he wants out again. I Get up and go to the slider door but he's not there, I hear a meow and a scratch I turn around and he is waiting at the front door ...I think this is different he never goes out that way in the morning. So I go to the main door to let him out, as I open the door I can see the beige carpet ... suddenly something catches my eye by the bottom hinge of the door. It is about the size of a basketball as thin as a pancake aI got on the phone and told my sister I think I just saw an entity or ghost of some sort.
2 weeks went by and nothing happened, I told everyone at work what had happened and of course they looked at me as though I had lost my mind.
I came home from work about 3 weeks later and started chit chatting with an old guy that lived in the complex he was telling me about how he used to live in the complex back in the 70's when it was first built and how they had outrageous party's it was for singles only...ect. Then he looks at me and said did you know that since 1975 until now there has been 12 people who have died here at these apartments? I just looked at him as he kept talking, he said 11 of the people committed suicide and one woman a dancer was murdered by a neighbor cause she refused to go out with him. He beat her to death with a baseball bat then threw it up on the roof.
I hadn't mentioned what had been happening in my apartment nor did i.
At first when this stuff was happening I thought that maybe it was my cat Abbey that I had to have put to sleep at another apartment on the premises a year earlier coming to visit, but with the new information I had just gotten from the old man makes me wonder if it could have been one of the ghost that died at the apartment building or maybe Shandra Levy? Anyway I moved and whatever it is decided not to be left behind and has followed me... I have a lot more true stories and witnesses that are roommates that have also encountered this or these spirit ghost.

Spiritual Moment


We were in our confirmation class at my church. We were about 13 or so and the class required 2 sleep overs at the church. The church was the Neshaminy Warwick presbyterian Church in Warrington PA. I think its the second oldest Presbyterian church in PA. So when we had these sleep overs we would play games and the one game we were playing was called sardines. The point of the game was to turn out all of the lights in the church and one person goes out and hides. If you find that person you sit quietly with them. Sometimes you could walk through a room full of people and never know it. Well this one girl Jessica was "it" and ran off to hide. Me and my buddy Darrell always teamed up to find who ever was hiding so we started looking around going from room to room. So we are in a class room which was across the hall from the nursery and we saw what looked like someone with their back against the wall in a crouched position because you could only see its leg. Darrell says to me, is that Jessica? I said I don't know and it turned around and looked right at us. It's face had the regular 2 eyes, mouth nose and hair but there was nothing distinctive. Its hard to explain but it was like looking at someone with a blurred shadowed view. So I said to Darrell thats not Jessica, and he said "lets go get her anyway" We got up and just as we did, the ghost got up and ran as well. It was a girl (don't ask me how I know that) and she was little, probably 5 or 6 years old. I was right behind her and Darrell was right behind me as we chased her into the nursery bathroom. She ran in and around the door and we ran in right behind slamming the door right behind us. We yelled out "we got you" and turned the lights on just to find out that we were alone in the bathroom. We were so scared we started to tremble and cry. Then we heard crying in the nursery, we came out and the girl Jessica that we were looking for was underneath a crib crying, she had seen the whole thing. It changed all of us and our views about ghost forever. I still see Jessica time to time and we talk about it. When we ran up to the people running the sleep over to tell them what had happened, the told us the next time you see it to be nice to it. Thanks for the advice on the most spiritual moment of my life.



By: -
Hey there. I m an 18 year old girl from India. I m pretty interested in
exploring the unexplainable. The other world kinda fascinates me especially
after experiencing some of the paranormal stuff myself. I would like to
share some of them with you.
That night (I must have been 17) I was sleeping next to my grandmom, who was
visiting us. I didnít feel like sleeping in my room as I had this uneasy
feeling cuz my room had gotten unusually cooler despite the hot Indian
summer. After I fell asleep, I saw a 'foot' in my dreams, just above my
face. It kinda felt like whoever the person was, was trying to trample me.
Immediately afterwards, there was this terrifying experience as though
someone was desperately trying to get inside of me. I was wide-awake but was
completely paralyzed, unable to move or even talk. I could clearly see my
grandmom sleeping soundly right next to me but all my efforts to wake her up
were simply futile. It was as though I had been muffled and tied up so i
could make no movements. And then as suddenly as it came, the phase died
out. It left me sweating profusely. All I could do was pull the sheets over
me and cuddle up to granny. The next day, I didnít even mention it to
anyone, as I didnít want to be labeled as a freak. Then as we were talking
over a cup of tea, granny mentioned that the night before, she saw me in her
dreams lying on my bed, completely unaware of a girl, about 4-5 years old,
standing right next to me, on my bed and pointing her 'foot' to my face as
she stared hard at me, expressionless. She thought it was weird and laughed
it off and no matter how much I tried I couldnít even smile.
There was another such ghastly stuff experienced by my aunt's friend who was
staying overnight at her in-laws house. She woke up in the middle of the
night to get a glass of water. After she was done, she lay in her bed trying
hard to fall asleep. Just then, she saw a man dressed in white and smoking a
cigarette, go past her room to the kitchen. Bewildered, she realized that
there were no smokers in that family. She went in to the kitchen to
investigate and there was no one there. But there was an unmistakable hint
of cigarette odor, so strong, that it seemed to fill the whole room. She
told her husband of what she had seen the previous day and to her relief, he
believed her. He said there had been such instances before. However the
spirit had never hurt anyone and having it there was more of a comforting
rather than a scary experience

St marys church. Hougton on the Hill


This is the experience that my husband and I had whilst visiting relations in Norfolk in 1995.
My uncle told us of a nearby church which was undergoing some rebuilding work due to disrepair and vandalism, he said that there had been some reports of Satanism and such like there, being interested in this kind of thing, we decided to go take a look.
We could see that there had been a fire lit in the courtyard and some of the tombstones had been defaced with pentagrams and so on, but this was merely the tip of the iceberg.
There was a spiral staircase, and though it was very badly damaged we knew that we just had to go up it, my husband went up first, I waited for him, and as he went up we shouted a conversation, it was after a little while that I sensed something amiss, I knew that he was up there, yet felt strangely and frighteningly alone, I asked him to come down which he did.
Then I went up there, and I had not gone far when I could feel a presence and it was pushing me back, as though it did not want me to go on, I went as far as I could but as the pushing feeling grew more intense  and foreboding I decided to turn back.
Afterwards my husband told me that he had felt exactly the same thing, also at the top he had taken a few pictures of the view from the roof (as most of the roof had gone) but oddly the pictures did not come out when we got the film developed, even though they were in the middle of a film, and all the other pictures came out fine.
Before this happened I was cynical about ghosts, but now I am sure that they exist.

Don't Know What I saw


When I was younger I went to bangladesh (the land my parents came from). Now
in Bangladesh the summer season is known as the monsoon season. I used to
enjoy sitting on the pation and watching the wild thunderstorms.
Once when I watching the rain and thunderstorm I looked further afield where
the banana tree was. It was then a lightning struck but this is where it gets
wierd. The lightning struck near a banana tree and it seemed to light up that
area for 10 seconds or so. In that time I saw a figure dressed in white robe
with long black hair which covered the face.
Paralysed with fear when I looked again the figure had dissapeared. My
paralysis broken I ran inside to my grandmother badly shaken. When I went
near the banana field the next morning I went to the particualar tree and
found it had been fell by the lightning strike.

Still Getting Chills Telling My Story


i was about 4 years old maybe 5, My family and i lived in a small home in
detroit..nothing too odd, just the norm of the basement creeped me out, but
hey whos basement isent scarey at night?
well anyways one night It seemed that my sister who is a year older that me
woke up to  me scratching on the wall in the bedroom that we shared. It
scared her and she screamed for my parents who came running in, so they just
layed me back in bed, that part i cant remember, but what im about to tell
you I will NEVER forget.
I  woke up in the middle of the middle of that same evening, to an elderly
man standing over me, He had what appeared to be bones in his hands mubbleing
jibberish waving them over me, i was scared stiff but i got up and it was
i then walked down the hall to my parents room and told them what i had seen,
the told me that i just had a nightmare and took me back to bed.
4-5 more times in the same night, the man came back.MAN! was i freaking out!
the last time that evening i seen him was when i went back to my mom and dads
room, my mom says she can remember me touching her foot cuz it frightend her
just at that moment i turned around and the man was standing in there! i
screamed bloody murder! just screaming the man the man! my dad jumped up
throughing things etc and turned on the light he was gone!
my mom and dad were very tired and they wanted me to get some sleep because i
had a horrible night so far, so they decided to have me sleep between them.
I was so glad they let me sleep with them and i remember thinking finally!
But that was only the beginning of the most terrifing night i had ever
I believe i eventually dozzed off after awhile, but heard whispering I opened
my eyes and i had noticed that my mom and dad were sound asleep , one on each
side of me.I remember sitting up and as i was ready to lay back down, i
glanced at my blanket that was over me, (my very favorite blanket) and I kid
you not, there was a severed hand laying on my blanket,as it jolted me i even
noticed how , when i moved it slid a bit, again i began to scream, my mom and
dad again jumped up, they knew i was sure of what i had dad searched
the bed and the blanket, under the bed etc...but found nothing.
I beleive we all got a total of 2 minutes sleep that night//but once again
the horror had only begun.
finally it was daylight, my parents, my sister and myself were at the dinning
table getting ready to eat breakfast when out of the blue I said to my sister
who was sitting across from me, "a spider is crawling up you back) though i
could not see her back, my parents said "dont play around at the table, you
know better" I said once again, a spider is on her back! my dad looked and
behold a freagin spider was on her back.
I remember my parents looking at one another like thinking "what the heck was
that about?".
then after a few minutes my dad asked my mom what time it was cuz he needed
to leave for work..i blurted out a time and lord and behold it was the exact
time..mind you I was a small child I didnt know how to tell time, not to
mention the clock was in the other room behind me..again my parents looked
freaked out.
well I went to the back yard to play with the 3 dogs that we had at the
time..and I had noticed that my aunt (whom lived right across the ally from
us) her dog was dragging something through our back yard, it look awful, i
went and told my parents that the dog was in the yard and hard something with
it. we all walked back out there, suddenly my dad became very upet and yelled
for me and my sister to get back in the house...I was very curious on what
was happening, alls i remember seeing was police cars, and a coroner car in
front of my house.
well, from what I could get out of neighbors  talking and hearing my mom say
"I will have a heart attack if im walking to my moms through the ally and I
see the head rolling" (my grandma lived right down the ally from us as
well)..and hearing that a foot was found by a neighbors motorcycle. that some
one was murdered and chopped to peices and I guess the head was not found.
Being a child at that time my parents thought best to tell me it was a leg of
a deer..but now being grown up, they tell me about the true story of what it
actually was.
Now I dont know or even if i will ever know if the terrifing night i had ,
had anything to do with the murder, but hell, i dont think I want to ever
know, and for those of you who ask, if i had ever had any other experince
such as i did that night.. the answer is "no".

The Whistler and other hauntings

I have a strange but true tale to tell. I was staying at a relatives house for a week only this summer. It was a really nice little house, sparsely decorated and pretty. The bedroom I stayed in happened to also be my relative's bedroom. She had told me the previous week that it was haunted, and considering that I was always a believer, I seriously hoped that "they" would be attracted to me. She told me of many strange happenings in her room, of the cold spot on the steep stairway that was supposed to be the spirit of a small child who fell and broke his neck (One night she was coming downstairs and a little boy was standing there staring at her.), and of the Whistler. There was supposed to be a little dog who ran out of her closet and jumped out the window. Recently, her cat had died.
 It was the cat that I sensed that first night, alone, getting ready for bed. My neice was downstairs brushing her teeth and I decided I was too tired to do anything but read. Suddenly, the hair stood up on the back of my neck. SOMETHING was floating outside in the other part of the attic. I was frozen with fright. I could see it as if it was transparent, and only a medium sized ball or something just . . . floating. But it was staring at me. I could not tear away from it. It moved along the high railing and seemed to sit there, staring . . . staring . . . I was HORRIFIED. . . . Absolutly frozen. My neice came upstairs, and the sensation disappeared. I took a huge breath and I told her. She wasn't surprised, telling me matter of factly that her dead cat often came up here to seek the living. Maybe he wanted to see me. I don't really know. Whatever it was, it scared the heck out of me.
 The Whistler was another spirit who came around. He was never seen, just heard, and he was quite intriguing. The first night, when I saw the cat, I heard nothing from him. My neice said that she heard him around midnight. The day after, I said aloud to the room(or to the Whistler), "Hey, why do I never hear you?" Man . . . That was a silly mistake. All night, I heard nothing BUT the Whistler! There was a stone pathway running from the back to the front of the house. It's rather old and ratty, but I think that's what the Whistler followed, because you would hear him coming up and down. You would never hear any footsteps or see anything. He whistled about eleven times. In the morning, I woke up, and lo and behold he was at it again, in broad daylight, whistling away! he sounded like he was going up and down the street. The funny thing is, is that nobody living could EVER make it to the end of the street in the time between the whistles. . . That's why I think he was not living.
 The scariest is always saved for last. This is the most amazing thing about the whole place. I was walking with my neices from a day of shopping downtown. I have never seen a ghost, but this was the next best thing. I happened to look up at the attic window facing us. I saw, to my amazement, the curtains meticulously opening, and a hazy, misty bluish grey figure staring down at me! I gasped and pointed at the window, but my neices just looked puzzled. They never saw it. I was shaken.
 Well, that was the grand finale, I guess. Ever since the misty figure appeared in the window, the Whistler only whistled twice during my duration of the week, and the cold spot eventually went away. I'm only seventeen, but I am telling you the truth. I am convinced, thanks to a bunch of spirits, that ghosts are for real. I believe in them more than I did just because of that one strange week. i've alos thought about something else; you see, right across the street is a hospital. I guess some spirits who were earthbound had nowhere else to go, so they came to a spot where they knew they would be noticed.

Strange Experience

My name is John, I am 30 years old and live with my partner Debbie and her son Carl who has just turned four. She works nights at our local supermarket so I am alone with Carl until she usually returns home at about 4:00am. Last Wednesday night I went to bed at around 12:30am and read until 1:30 and then, felt, that I had dropped off to sleep. At 2:00am I awoke with an unmistakable feeling of dread! I fully expected to see something in the bedroom, but did not see anything. Because I felt strange I went to check on Carl, I found him lying in bed just staring at me. I found this to be odd as when he usually wakes he cries or asks for something. I asked him if he was ok and he replied yes, I asked him if was going to sleep and he replied yes. I went back to bed just a little unnerved. .About an hour later I awoke with the same horrible feeling. On turning around to face the door I found Carl to be stood right next to my bed....his eyes really wide and unblinking(not at all normal for Carl or probably any child)! I asked him what he was doing, he replied "where's my mummy" I said "she is at work" he said "who is that in bed with you then?" My heart skipped a beat, but I thought perhaps the quilt was doubled up and looked like someone was there, so pulling back the covers I confirmed that no-one was there "yes there is " he said and pointing his finger he asked again "who's that in bed with you" By this time I had sort of lost it and was quite relieved when he quite calmly said "I'm going back to bed now" But when he went all I could hear was him talking to himself.At about 4:00am Debbie returned and went to his room and I heard him say "I can't shut my eyes" He went to sleep after a bit. The next day he fully remembered being in my room and actually described the 'thing' in my bed as being "a man with a bold head and wearing dark clothes" he also said he was "a bad man and didn't want to see him again"
I have to say that I do not easily get frightened and actually enjoy reading scary stuff but the feeling I had that night has taken me aback somewhat, I just cannot explain it. As to Carl he is ok, but I have to rule out that he slept-walked for FOUR hours AND remembered everything, add this to the really strong and tangible feeling of dread I experienced I am sure you agree it was a very strange experience indeed.
Nothing has happened since then, that may be because I now sleep (or not) with the light on.

Strange Experience


Hi I would just like to share a true story with you that happened to me about a year ago. It is probably not as scary as alot of these stories but I'm sure the people that have had experiences with the paranormal know it is much scarier when you acually experiance it. Anyway I was at my nana and papaws house laying in bed. I could not sleep so i was just layig there when i heard the clock strike 3:00 a.m. I looked over an saw a white figure moving around so i put a pillow over my head. Then i heard scratching on it. About a week later i looked up and saw some purple dot fly away. To this day i still think their house is haunted.

 Strange Happenings


My wife passed away a little over two years ago, my sister's husband passed away about a year later.
My sister used to invite my wife and me to their house for dinner on frequent occasions.
She recently invited me down for lunch, while sitting at the table where the four of us usually sat, I looked out of a sliding glass door which opens to an outside deck, all of a sudden we noticed a stream of water flowing across the doorway as if coming from a water hose.
My sister went out to see where water was coming from, upon entering back into house I inquired if maybe a water pipe had burst, her reply was no nothing and the water ceased to flow across the doorway.
I have had other seemingly signs from my wife, such as noises like door closings, white light balls moving across windows, things falling apparently for no reason.
thanks for listening,

Strange House


Growing up in the outskirts of Fryburg, PA, I always had a strange yet soothing feeling in my home. It's an old farmhouse where much sadness and tragedy has happened. I know a distant uncle had killed himself by turning the gas on to the stove where there was no fire. Several people have died there, one being my stepmother, and another relative went crazy in the house.
When I was just 13, a young girl and a very depressed one, things began happening that I had never noticed before. Late at night I was contemplating suicide when the door to my bedroom flew open and a lot of cool air followed. I didn't feel frightened, but knew someone was there with me. I believe it was the ghost of my distant uncle. Another time I opened the door to my bedroom and saw in the hallway a large black bird. Being afraid I slammed the door shut just before the bird hit my door. But to my surprise it didn't hit, and I was confused because there was no way it could have not hit it. After a few moments I opened the door and there was no bird to be found.
I also hear strange noises, voices, things always malfunctioning or otherwise not working, and that same strange sensation. It's like someone follows me around even though I do not know who it is.
Another strange thing that happened in the house is that the stove was turned on, burners not lit. Dad had to check on all of us to see that we were ok.



I grew up in a farm house (ca. 1920) that was an old renovated church in
the delta of southeastern Arkansas. The first deed to the land was from
1868 and was held by a Union soldier, also a Cherokee Indian. I remember,
on several occasions, that we heard strange noises and other oddities such
as stereos turning on by themselves. At one point we had an intercom system
placed in the house that fed to the shop. I would hang out in the shop with
the intercom on in case someone knocked on the door.
More times than once did I go to the house to confront either a family
member or a friend only to find no one there. My friends and I would sneak
around the house to try to catch whoever was making the noises in the
house, but never saw a soul. The noises consisted of dishes clanging
together, keys shuffling around, footsteps, etc. I just assumed there were
restless spirits in the old house, but I never felt an evil presence.
I was also witness to a column of mist or fog one night after a large storm
rolled through the area. About a mile from the house, a friend and I were
driving around looking at the devastation left by the violent storm, and we
drove through the column on fog (it appeared to be a foot in diameter and
higher than the headlights reached). We both instantly felt cold and were a
little freaked out by the experience.

Sumter, South Carolina personal experience

I lived in Sumter from June of 2000 until May of 2001.  Where I lived was on Alice Drive in Le Chalet Apartments, which happens to be next to Thomas Drive and the vacant lot.
After my husband and I moved in, we looked in our guest room one day and found writing on the wall in pencil, at a child sized eye level.  The writing was nothing that was clear.  It was just letters and was clearly a child's writing.  We also found it on another wall in this room, but it was only a couple of scratches with pencil.  When we had moved in, we inspected the place and never had seen this.
I have had communications of sorts with loved ones that have passed in my dreams, so if we had a ghost, it was not a big deal to me, especially if it was a child.
However, things turned scary.
One night I remember being pulled out of my bed while sleeping and I can actually remember my face touching the carpet and the smell of the carpet as I layed there.  I then remember looking up to our bed and shoving my husband over to get back into bed.  I then remember that a figure of a man in black, or possibly a black man was at the edge of my bed and I did not hear a voice, but I could see that he was agitated and was yelling something to me.  I then woke up and started screaming, which immediately woke up my husband.
I then looked out of the door and saw a figure coming up our stairs and began to scream, so my husband turned on the lights and went to find what he thought was an intruder.  Our house was tightly shut and nobody was in the house.
This experience was so real to me and had me so freaked out that I called my father crying and my other family members thinking I was going crazy.  My husband also claims that I was sleeping like a rock that night, only until I began to scream, and that I had never moved out of bed or shoved him over.
While in the apartment I had also had a number of clothing items taken from me when my husband used the complex's laundry room, and we got a number of phone calls with someone breathing then hanging up.  I even had a call one night where the caller asked for me specifically, then hung up.  My husband also recalls a few occasions where at night he'd wake up and see a dark figure in our bedroom, but didn't know exactly what it was.
Again, after seeing the story about the Thomas Drive Vacant Lot, I am sufficiently freaked out!  Our apartment was just a stone's throw from Thomas Drive, in fact next to Thomas Drive....Oh We Oh!

The Baby Monitor


It was a sunday evening, 1999. I had just had my baby boy a couple months earlier and lived with my husband and my older, 26 yr old sister. As my son laid asleep, before it began to get dark, I was picking up in my room as I heard a mumbling coming from the monitor that at the moment was barely up in volume. So I went to raise it and heard as though two children were speaking and giggling with each other. I paused for a moment as though I was hearing things then thought maybe it's my son and he's awake or something. So I entered his room and sure enough he was sound asleep and the giggling ceased. I returned a little creeped out to my room and stepped slowly towards the monitor. Once again I heard the giggling faintly coming from the monitor. It sounded more like a little girl than a little boy. I ran to my sisters room as she confirmed the children's voices I heard. And once again we peeked in my son's room to find him sound asleep. I walked in slowly thinking and rebuking the spirits in my mind and quitely out loud. I grabbed my boy and took him to sleep in my room, quickly having my sister shut the door. When my husband arrived home, of course, he thought I overreacted to some birds chirping or something. So as night began we fell asleep, still leaving my son in our room.
About 2 am I woke up to find my older, very bold, sister laying on my bedroom floor. I asked her in a whisper, "what is the matter?". She shushed me asking me, "Can you hear that?" Faint footsteps were heard walking back and forth across the outside of my bedroom door. She stayed up very late every night and said she went to look for her remote control and realized she had left it in my sons room from our little venture earlier. So she went to get it and went back to her room. I guess about 10 minutes after that she started hearing the floors crack as you would if someone was walking around in her room. It was back and forth all around her room. She stood on her bed as her blinds started moving back and forth from one side to the other as though someones fingers were being ran through them. She stayed bravely for 20 minutes or so before she ran to my bedroom and slammed the door.
We all slept in my room from then on until I was able to get some people from my church to come pray over my home. They stated that spirits travel from one place to another by following people and that when my sister went to get her remote control they must have followed her. They felt no presence in my sons room but a strong presence in my sisters. They said they felt the spirit of death. That was the only thing that occurred to us and we sold the property shortly after.

THE CAT ???????????

Here is just one of my stories, however I do indeed have a life time of them. My name is Terry and i am 36 years old....About 22 years ago, my sister and I, along with my mother and step father, lived in government housing, it was an apartment, hey that's not the spooky part come on !!!!!!! Anyway, i suppose i was about 13 , i had seen on several occasions, a small cat like figure mostly out of the corner of my eye, but sometimes a full view of it, now nothing sinister ever really occurred and it n ever hurt me in any way although oh many occasions, managed to cause me to hurt myself, well, one day we were sitting at the table eating and all of a sudden there he was he went flying under the kitchen table me, my Mom, my step dad, all three at the same time, quickly scooted our chairs backwards, this was the first time that i had found out that they to had be seeing the figure that we have kind h the old lady and man etc. sent me running out of my house and up to the church where the door was always open, which i found it to be locked, so no divine intervention there for me, However, i feel the need to say that the black cat is still here, and in fact i saw him just two days ago and i had to email my sister who saw him hear at my house last, about 6 months ago, and it ran toward our fire place, and it scared her so bad it put tears in her eyes, all she could say at first was my name over and over about 3 times, she didn't have to tell me, i knew, i didn't see him that time, but i knew it by the look on her face, i just said, did you see him Shannon? the black cat is called the black cat simply because its black and low to the ground and walks on all fours, if it is indeed a cat, maybe i will never know, maybe you could tell me, or come by and see for yourself, cant promise he will come out though, but he just very well may, you are welcome to email me for the other stories,

The Chalfonte


      Hello.  I just recently moved from an apartment building on the east
side of Kansas City.  This apartment building was built in 1910.  This
apartment was huge..1800 square feet and full of history, being that the area
that it was in was the "hot spot" in Kansas City in the 20's and 30's.  I had
a few things happen...but it was the scent that I remember and will remember
the most.  I would come home or walk through the apartment...and smell this
intense floral scent.  It was usually in my bedroom (although the scent
greeted me a few times at the front door).   I remember the last time that I
noticed the scent.  I was in my bedroom, reading on my right side and noticed
this scent that seemed to come right at me, like a breath that was blowing
straight at me. (I could actually feel the air blowing at my face).  (Please
note that all scents or anything that could have a scent was removed from
that bedroom months before.) Not soon after that though, I moved out, due to
the type of area.  I have had no other instances at my new apartment.  Though
I kind of miss the scent.  On another note.  The basement in that apartment
was huge.  I remember going down into it and having this extremely strong
feeling of not wanting to walk past the gas meters.  It was not a good
feeling past that point.  It was a dark, forbiding, itchy feeling.  I had
later learned that a "handy" man had lived down there for years in the back
of the basement.  Thank you for is good to have someone to talk

The Coal Mine

  This happened when I was about six years old in Elyria, Ohio. A man was buried underneath our porch who died in the Coal mines underneath our house. At night we would hear coal buckets screeching and moaning. My cousins and I were in a box house that my uncle made us in the cellar of the house when we witnessed a sighting of that man. We were so scared that we stayed in the far corner of the box. We all screamed and my older cousin, Jeremy, wet his pants. When we moved out the people that moved in contacted the ghost and submitted their story in the newspaper and then moved out. It is now history in the Elyria Newspaper. That house is still vacant.

The Evil Spirit


This is a true story that happened to me when I was 27. I rarely speak of this but when I do, noone really believes me so, here I go, and draw your own conclusion. I'm an experienced bushman, know most of the backtracks where tourist don't bother going, I know most of the trees that's grown around there and I know where there's Aboriginal Burial Grounds are and I don't go anywhere near them. This is why.
I heard about this great walk that only a few ppl knew of. Me and two mates decided to do this four day walk through the virgin forest. So we pored over the map we managed to get the hold of and off we went. The first day was warm but it was nice down in the forest but on the 2nd day rain came. We found a small cave where we decided to set up camp. I went off in search of fresh water for our billy-as in tea-The bush was thick. I had a hard time pushing through the thicket when I stumbled out upon a small creek. I filled the billy and looked around the bush. First I thought it was a tree stump but, when I looked harder, I saw it was tall black man with tribal scars across his chest and wearing only a lion cloth. In his right hand he held a spear and in the other a Boomerang. I stumbled back into the bush, shit scared. I told the others but they said I mistaken a tree stump for a blackfella.
That night each of us had a dream. In mine I was in the water, waist high, searching for something, what I haven't a clue, when I looked up I saw a boat with a hurricane lamp attached to a pole, with the blackfella pushing it with a stick. His eyes were dark as the pits of hell and he spoke to me in his tongue. I understood him. He literally told to pee off from his terriory or we'll live to regret it. The next morning, we all packed up without a word and left that area. I told an Aboriginal mate about what I just told you and he went, excuse the pun, pale. He searched my eyes and said: That, Buddah, was the Nimbijiman-one of the Gatekeepers of the Rocks. That was, Buddah, the Evil Spirit. You lucky to be alive. You very lucky he didn't make you sick.
I never went back to that part of the forest and never will. There's parts of that forest I refuse to go anywhere near. When in Rome, do what the Romans do. Believe the locals, they may bulls**t you but most times they're bloody correct. Thanks for reading, sorry it was so long.

Mothers Spirit

Well it was 4 days before my mothers death, my sister-in-law and than almost husband came and woke me up and told me their was bad news. They had said that my mother was in the hospital.  So I got up and went to the hospital and talked to the doctors and found out that she wasnt going to make it.  She was dying from sciosis of the liver.  So I sat there for 3 to 4 days. Me and my brothers had to make a decision of what we were going to do. I already knew she wanted to go, she was in comitose all her organs were gone basically. This was a very hard decision to make.  The worst thing about it was that I was planning on getting married in 3 weeks. It was Aug 13, around 10:30ish, I sat with her,her last hours. As time went on her heart rate and blood pressure went down. Than around 6:30 in the morning I was so tired I decided to take a small nap, I had told her that dont worry I'm not leaving you I'm just taking a small nap. I closed my eyes and sat there for 10 minutes. I just couldnt sleep. When I opened my eyes I have seen a shadow walk by me in the corner of my eyes. I swear I thought it was her leaving her body.  Than a half hour later, she took a big breath and I ran and told the nurse. The nurse told me to take a small break. So I did that. I wasnt gone that long, the nurse ran in and told me and my soon to be husband that it was happening. I ran and soon as I got there ,she was gone. It seemed like she knew I was there so she kind of sent me out the room so I wouldnt see her last minutes. She knew it would be to hard for me to see.
Well it was over and soon as I got home I started to cry hard. Russ my soon to be husband told me to come outside and see something. The pretty flowers that I had planted were dead the day before, now they are full bloomed. But all the other neighbors flowers were still dead. I got to my brothers house the same thing happened his flowers were full bloomed. She always had a thing for flowers. Strange huh?
Well it was the day before my bridal shower, I went to my hair dresser to get my hair done. My regular hair dresser had told me that she was 60 years of age, part polish and hungarian, loved vodka a lot, dated a finnish guy and was an alcoholic,loved stuffed cabbage,and had the exact same personality as my mom, blunt and very wild and outgoing. Well after my hair was done she handed me her card. It said her real name and also a name below it. I asked her whats this word"Meme"? She had told me it was her nick name. She said she has had it for years.  I said thats wierd remember when I told you all those things about my mom? She was 61 years old when she died. She was part polish and hungarian. Her favorite liquor was vodka. Married to my dad, a finnish person that is and alcoholic. Stuffed cabbage was her fav. food. Same exact personality, I swear Im not lying, blunt and wild.  My mothers nick name since she was little was Mimi. Wierd huh?
I got home and told everyone.  Well that night I was talking to her, the next morning I woke up a hand print was on my black marble bedroom set. It didnt fit my hand nor my soon to be husband. It still had the feature, for example when you touch glass and your handprint is on the mirror but than it disappears. You do know what I mean? I dont know how to explain it. What was really wierd about it, I cleaned the house the night before so it would look good for the bridal shower, so I wiped the dresser with windex the night before. I dont know where it came from.
One night I was sleeping in the room. I woke to the sound of my door shutting. I got up. Russ, my now husband was sleeping on the couch, the cat was in my bed sleeping soundly and the dog was in the utility room sleeping. Nobody could of shut it. I think it was her checking on me.
Another time, from time to time I get in my depressing moods, I start thinking about her. For example, it was her birthday. I was upset. It was wierd because earlier in the day I ate stuffed cabbage at my mother in laws house(my moms fav. food) got home, turned on the tv and her fav. movie was on. Gone with the wind was on tv. I cried. Than another movie came on it was On Golden Pond with Henry Fonda. My mom took me to see that movie four times when I was little cause I loved that movie.
It was Valentines Day and my husband bought me flowers.  I had those flowers for about a wk. Well I went from room to room to throw the flowers out. First the kitchen, I had flowers in the kitchen, than in the living room, and than finally in the bedroom. I had a couple of roses next to my mothers pict. she was 13 in the pict.all the flowers in every room was completely dead, except the two roses next to my mothers pict. they were full bloomed. I cried. Later on that night, I was watching tv again a movie came on, it was The Black Stallion. That was a movie I havent seen in yrs. Again my mom took me to see that movie.
Well thiers been so many more experiences but I cant type them all. But definitly do know that my mothers watches over me all times.  Thiers pictures from my wedding with alot of orbs, but I dont have any way of sending you them. I was joking one day with my sister-in-law I had said, "Paula, I bet your family that had passed on and mine were at the wedding on each side of the family, I guarantee they were sitting there with thier imaginary beers partying with us. Especially my mom. She loved to have a good time.
Thiers one thing I have to say, when you loose a parent, sibling,friend, or anyone you loved or cared for, its a very hard thing to overcome, youll never get over it. The grief always stays with you. I miss my mom and I always will miss her.

The Ghost in the Mountains


Hi, this a true story which happened to me when I was travelling thru Ireland back in 1994. Originally I was born in Ireland but brought up in Australia. Anyway, I was cycling through Connemara-West Coast-and was staying in a YHA. It was my 2nd day that I decided to climb the mountains behind the YHA- Twelve Bens they're called. So I made lunch, had my trusty Pentax MZ50 Camera and off I went. I am used to walking in the bush by myself so I took off for these mountains. It was a clear but cold day. No clouds whatsoever. And I was by myself as there was no other hikers around. I came across, every now and then, shells of old cottages that were there during the Potato famine of the 1860's. I took some snaps and wandered on. It was around 1ish in the afternoon when I came across the perfect spot for lunch. It looked over the valley and the sea. I was eating away when I heard, or thought I heard, someone calling my name. Now, I'm 14 miles from the YHA, and two, noone knows me there. I turned around and saw a young woman wearing a dark blue jacket and black pants. She was waving at me (or someone else) so I waved back. I dropped my knife and when I turned back to where the young woman was, she was gone. In 1.2 seconds the woman vanished. There was no where for her to run as it was all flat and rocky and I would've seen her run anyway. I felt confused and went back to the YHA. I didn't tell anyone that night but the next day I did tell someone, the owner. He freaked out and poured me a whiskey. Then he told me that the young woman I saw was a ghost of a young woman who disappeared up there 3 years and her body was never found. Thats no lie. I've others to tell like the experince with the Fairies (no, not poofters) one day I'll tell that one. Thanks.

The Ghost in the Welsh House


When i was about 13 i went to go and stay with my great aunt who lived in wales. One evening her two granddaughters came over and asked me if i wanted to go and stay at their house that night because i didn't have much to do so i agreed and went with them. When i got there we started talking about the paranormal and i was sitting on the sofa and they were both sitting on the chairs infront of me. Suddenly Jodie started screaming and said she could see a figure standing behind me. i lept up looked round but nothing was there. I thought to myself something wierd was going on this house. they told me of wierd happenings about the toaster switching itself on and the window slamming when they was no wind!!!! then came the scary part before they moved in a man had been arrested for some crime and he asked to go back to the house and shot himself while he was in his room and while i was sleeping there i heard eery noises and red lights coming from the bathroom. Most people dont believe this but i know its true.

The Ghostly Tour


This happened this year around march 2002. I was in Viet Nam on a tour. We were visiting Da Lat and the scenery was beautiful but it was also very chilly there. The tour guide stopped in this really old and small hotel so we can have a little rest. It was me, my mom, dad, and grandma. There was only 2 beds in the room so i had to sleep with my grandma while my mom and dad slept in another bed. Then, I took a shower in the bathroom, the bathroom was small and had a big window. I was showering and i looked out the window and saw a figure, it was very dark and i can see right through it. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. And still, i saw it. I was so scared i hurridly dressed and went to sleep. I didnt tell anyone this because they might have thought i was crazy. So, i went to bed with my grandma. Then, heard noises. It was loud and scary. The door was opening and shutting by itself. My dad knew and heard it too so he went and checked the door. He put a table next to the door to stop it from opening. The next morning, the table disappeared.

The Girl


I had gone one saterday to visit my aunt and sleep there for the weekend. She had just moved
into a new house. When I arrived there the house was pretty creepy and ugly but my cousins told me that their parents were planning to fix it up.
when night came i was really tired beacous my cousins and i had been playing all day. So I got ready for bed. It was about midnight when a girl crying woke me up. I got really scared and I had gusbumps all over my arms becouse my cousin was the only girl in the family and she was sleeping right besides me. So I immediatly woke her up. She was grumpy at first but then when she heard the girl crying she got up and turned on the light. As she did that the girl stoped crying. Evrytime she would turned the light on itthe girl would stoped crying. Until she completly stop. In the morning we told no one until her brother asked as if we heard noises last night we said yes then he sid he heard THE GIRL.
They also have said they have seen a shadow of a man. With big broad shoulders and a hat always standing in front a bed.

The Lady in Pink


On Christmas break about eight years ago, my family and I decided to take a ski trip to Wisconsin.  My brother, Louie, who was eleven at the time and a regular daredevil, was on the black diamond hills with moguls.  For those of you who don't know, these are very dangerous and are only supposed to be used by excellent skiers--which my brother was not.  Toward the end of the evening, my cousins and I went to look for my brother as we were about to head back to our hotel room.  After searching for him for about an hour, I got fed up with looking and just decided we should wait for him at the bottom of one of the hills.  After only five minutes, we saw him coming down the hill alone in his little camouflage ski outfit.  When he got to about twenty feet away from me, he turned around, waved, and said, "Bye.  Thank you."
As I stated before, Louie came down the hill alone so I asked to whom he said this.  His reply, "The lady in pink."  My brother looked awful and, more concerned with where he was all this time rather than who he was talking to, I asked him where he was all this time.  He said that he had gone way off the ski trail and was going at top speed through the forest when he crashed into a tree.  He passed out and had awoken to a woman in a pink ski outfit asking him if he was ok.  She helped him up and out of the forest.  She then escorted him down the hill to where we were all waiting.  Again, neither I nor my two cousins saw ANYONE with him.
As we walked, I could tell my brother was really out of it.  He could not remember where we were or even what day it was.  He did not believe me that we were on Christmas break or even the girl's name who he had a crush on.  I knew there was something wrong right then and there.  It ended up that Louie had a concussion that required hospitalization immediately.  He ended up being fine after proper care and that was when I began questioning him about "The Lady in Pink".
He was adamant in saying she was there because there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY he could've made it out of the forest without someone guiding him.  Also, because he had no recollection of where he was, without her help, he would not have even known where to go.  All he remembers is her waking him up, taking care of him, and guiding him the WHOLE way down a black mountain ski slope saying she'll help him find his family.  Pretty impossible without someone's aid--especially with a concussion.
While I know for a fact no one REAL had guided my brother down the hill (because myself and two other people had seen NOTHING), I still believe it was something.  Whether it was the ghost of a woman who died on the ski slope or Louie's guardian angel, I do not know.  But what makes my brother and I happy is that whoever this woman was, she saved his life.  With him being passed out way off the ski trail and in those cold temperatures, no one would have found him in time.  Whoever she is, thank you.
This wasn't the last incident my brother has had with "ghosts".  Our grandfather was always a prankster and my brother was definitely his favorite grandchild.  Not long after my grandfather passed away in March of 2001, my brother had pranks being pulled on him for about two weeks after his death.  These pranks occurred when no one was around except my grandfather.  For example, my brother would wake up in the middle of the night and a basket of flowers that were previously on the kitchen table were now in the middle of the hallway right in his path.  Other times, doors and closets would open right in front of my brother with no breezes to blow them open or anyone to push them.  Louie was a little freaked out by the incidences but he truly feels it's our grandpa letting him know he's still around and thinking about him.  There are a couple of other things that have happened to Louie but he is going to have to refresh my memory.  I'll send more stories when I get them.

The Little Boy I Lost Now Found

One time about 10 years ago, I decided to meet with a psychic.  She told me a lot of things about myself and my life that truly amazed me, yet I knew to be true.  One thing she said was that I had two children, a boy and a girl.  Now I really only have one child--a girl.  But something I had never told anyone was that when I was about 18 and married (briefly), was that I had a miscarriage.  Since that time, I have always secretly thought about the child and how old "he" would be and what he would look like if he had been born.  Somehow I knew it was a boy.  I have other miscarriages, but that was one that haunted me until the day of the psychic reading.  I confessed this all to her.  She said that he was my guardian spirit and was wahair color quickly.  I ran back into the bathroom and was shocked by what I saw:  there on the mirror and wall, just missing the fabric curtain and skirt, was my left over hair color squirted all over, back and forth.  I realized after awhile that he was confirming his presence and showing me what I had missed in mischievous little boys who play in the toilet and write on the wall.



Thank you for letting me share my story as I have enjoyed reading everyone else's. Actually, I wouldn't believe in ghosts and still really don't - except it happend to me!
When I was about 9 we moved to Berkeley, CA after my older sister Claudia died of cancer (we had been living in Lancaster,  CA).
We moved to a new tract house which sat next to a creek and in front of an older home. I am assuming that the people who owned the old house built the house we were living in.
Anyway, I don't know how long we had been living in our new home but I do remember that I was asleep in my bedroom and that I suddenly woke up. An old man was standing next to my bed looking at me. Folks, all I can tell you some decades later (I am 43 years old now) is that this man was SOLID FLESH AND BLOOD. He was as solid and real as solid and real can get.
He didn't seem evil or menacing. I don't remember what he was wearing either. I just remember looking at a real live man standing next to my bad and deciding that screaming my head off in terror was the thing to do at that moment. So I screamed and screamed and screamed. My dad ran into the room and ran to me. He leaned over to hug me. MY FATHER LEANED RIGHT THROUGH THE MAN. At that point, I was solidly and really in the biggest state of terror I have ever experienced (may I also say that I was for years in law enforcement and have been in alot of danger). Nothing compares to the feeling of terror that I experienced seeing my father lean through this man.
At that point I had thought this man was real. All I can say is that I was awake for a few minutes during this entire experience and remember it so vividly all these years later, that when my parents maintain I was dreaming, to this day I know that I wasn't. Anyway, I instinctively told my father to turn on the bedroom light. He ran across the room to turn on the light (and the man was STILL there). He turned on the light and then the man disappeared.
At this point in my life I am still completely fascinated with the experience. I am sorry to say that I think I would read all of these other stories and think the people were lying if it hadn't have happened to me. If anyone would like to write me for more details or to share experiences, you are more than welcome. Thank you.

The Man, the Women and the Child


I really don't know how to start telling you about this haunting, but here goes nothing:

It was the first time that I stayed the night at my best friends Chrissy's former house. It was a very nice house, the outside was built like a log cabin, it had two nice living rooms, and it was a three bedroom, it also had two bathrooms. It was really nice. When I first walked in, I felt a really bad cold spot in the kitchen. I knew something was there. I didn't want to scare Chrissy so I didn't mention it. I followed her to her bedroom. We had to walk down this really long hallway. As I passed her brother's room I felt coldness so bad it gave me chills. But, I continued on. We sat in her room and chatted. Her mom came in asked if we wanted to go see a movie. We agreed and started getting ready. Now, this is where I tell you of my first encounter with one of the ghost in the house. We were in the bathroom by the kitchen putting on makeup when Chrissy asked me to go get a washcloth from the hall closet where the second bathroom is. As I turned to go toward the hallway I saw a figure sitting on the couch. It was an old man he was dressed up in clothing looked like something from the 1820's. He looked angry. I leaned back and told Chrissy that there was a man sitting on the couch. She looked at me and all she said was "yeah." I looked back out at the living room and he was still sitting there. I told her that he is still there and it is not Joey (her brother) or Ira (her father). She just said "yeah," and continued putting on her makeup. I looked back out and he was gone. So I braved up and walked down the hallway and grabbed the cloth and came back. We went to the movies and had a great time. We came back and laid down in her room that she shared with her sister Toby. I was laying on the top bunk and Chrissy was laying on the bottom bunk. We were just talking girl talk when all of a sudden the room got very cold. I asked Chrissy if she felt that and she said "yeah, I do." Then what sounded like glass falling and breaking on the floor filled the room. It was so loud that it woke Toby up and let's face it Toby could sleep through a tornado. Toby flicked on the lights and looked on the floor. There was absolutley nothing there. We looked at each other like "what the heck was that?" Toby then shut off the lights and went back to sleep. That is when Chrissy told me about her house bieng haunted and all about the man, the women, and the child. Now, I've seen the man so that left three other ghost I will have to meet. Little did I know, I would meet one of the women the next afternoon. Me and Chrissy was in the kitchen messing around while everyone else was out doing their thing. Chrissy asked me to go get a towel from the closet because we spilled water on the floor. I started walking back toward the closet in the back hallway. I just past Joey's room but as I did, I spotted something in there on the floor. i slowly back up and looked in there was a woman sitting there crying her eyes out. I panicked and ran back to the kitchen to tell Chrissy as I reached the kitchen and said Chrissy's name she turned to me and said, "she's always in there crying." I looked at her like she was crazy. I asked her what is going on in this house. She goes "don't worry. The women and the child are nice. The man is the one you need to watch out for. Like I told you last night." I left later on that afternoon and went home. It was a couple of months before I went back over there and stayed the night. But when I did it was the most terrifying night of my life. Because I actually touched the man's face and saw the last two ghost. As I pulled up to the house that evening I looked at the kitchen window because I parked right in front of it. When I looked up I saw what looked like an Indian woman staring at me from the kitchen window. We locked eyes for about 10 seconds and she vanished. I ran inside to tell Chrissy. She met me at the door and I told her what I saw. She just smiled. Her family ordered pizza that night and when the pizza arrived Chrissy and I went to the back door to pay for it. I knew the pizza guy because I went to school with him. As he left I looked out at the woods by her house and saw the little boy and the Indian woman standing out there looking at us. I looked at Chrissy and I could tell that she was looking at the same thing. We just turned around and walked inside. We had a great time that night and around 1:00 in the morning Chrissy and I went to bed. I jumped onto the top bunk and Chrissy stood on hers and started talking to me. I felt something there standing right next to her I touched her face five times and asked her five times "Chrissy is that you?" She answered back to me five times "Yes, it's me." Then all of a sudden I felt anger and sadness all at the same time and I just started crying my eyes out. I grabbed a hold of Chrissy and told her not to leave me. She grabbed on to me and held on for about 5 seconds and let go and told me to put the covers over my head and don't pull them back until she said so. So I did. She bent down and turned on the lights and when she did I felt calm. I asked her how many times did I touch her face. she told me three. I was shocked. I argued with her saying that I touched her face five times when she is saying I didn't. She finally grabbed my hands and told me that she wasn't lying. I believed her. So, what was that that my hand touched? I'll let you figure that one out.




I have some stories to tell you friends non of these stories i have experienced but was told to me by family members here's one my aunt and (uncle who unfortunately passed away in 9/11/02)live in a house that's about close to if not hundred years old.This house was a bar/restaurant in the 1920's and had a bar fight in the basement around that time and the person who lost had died in that house.One time my mom when she was a little girl was playing hide & go seek and she hide down stairs under a pool table and seen a pair of boots come down the stairs and run around the pool table and then start running into different rooms.My mom stood up and looked at it and it had no body just a pair of boots running and then the boots ran around the corner and disappeared later that night the door down stairs slammed. my uncle could never find the pair of boots again.Another is taking place up stairs of the house where my aunt and uncles son slept he had a set of cars that he kept in a certain order but every night something went upstairs and switched the cars around he would always get up in the morning and have to switch them back.One time my aunt put a tape recorder up by the cars and taped the noises that night all you heard was the door open, faint talking and  cars moving.The last one my take place in the living room/stairs/upstairs time my aunt had a helium balloon and let it sit on the ceiling but when it made it way to the stairs it hit the bottom stair went up and hit the ceiling then hit the next stair and just did that to all the stairs and then when it got to the top it went to a closed bedroom some how got it open then went to the corner of the bedroom and popped.I'm not sure if these stories are true but usually families don't lie about these kind of things thanks for taking time out of you life to read my ghost story.

The People and the Man


Hello. my name is Jessica and I should preface by saying that I am a believer in ghosts and spirits. Though I believe, my husband does not. We have a three year old daughter with whom I've never told about my beliefs. I guess I never wanted to scare her. My story begins when my daughter was two. We lived in a mobile home a few miles from a very small town in Mississippi where nothing ever happens or if it does the locals never talk about it. We bought our home from my husband's niece and nephew and nothing of note happened for the first few months. One day we all got together at a family gathering when his niece asked how we liked the house and if we'd noticed anything odd. We said no and we asked why she would ask that. She told us that when she lived in the house she would hear footsteps in the hallway late at night. I was mildly concerned but didn't give it much thought. A few weeks later my husband noticed a bright light outside our bedroom window. As he got up to investgate he heard a LOUD banging on our front door. He ran to the door and looked out but no one was there. Thinking nothing but that it was a dog jumping against the door, he went back to bed.( I slept through all of this.) A minute later he heard the banging again. He looked again and saw nothing. All the while the light was outside the window but he couldn't tell where it was coming from. (We had no neighbors anywhere nearby and it wasn't a car.) He decided to return to bed and try to sleep. That's when the hum started. It sounded to him like a large truck passing the house but it never got closer or farther away. Eventually it stopped and he went to sleep. The next encounter happened to my two year old daughter. It was late and  she was still awake waiting for her daddy to get home. The back of our couch faced the kitchen and she was standing up on the couch looking into the kitchen when she turned to me with a scared look on her face and said there were "people" by the fridge. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up as I went into the kitchen. She was right behind me then she abruptly stopped and started crying. She would not take another step in there with me. She ran out and refused to go into the kitchen for the rest of the night. After that she saw the "people" regularly. When we would return home after dark she would point to the kitchen window and tell me the "people" were looking. A few  months later my daughter was ill with a stomach virus and took to getting in bed with me if she woke up feeling sick.(My husband was away with the Army.) Well, about one or so in the morning she came to my room but before she got in the bed she stopped in the door and looked in the direction of the T.V.,(that was off) and started whispering. The hushed conversatiion lasted a minute or so then she turned to me and pointed to where she was speaking and said "Mommy, there's a man." I moved faster than I ever have before. I grabbed her and ran from the room turning on all the lights in the house as I went! She didn't seem as afriad of the"man" as she she was of the "people". When I told my family they told me it was only her imagination and there was nothing in my house but up until we moved to another city I refused to sleep without a light on. I would appreciate some feedback on this. Does anyone think she really saw something?

The Quiet Visitor


This happened to me when I was in high school, in the two-bedroom apartment that I shared with my mother at the time in Huntington Beach, California.  It was extremely late--actually early, considering--about four in the morning.  I had just got home from a fun night with my friends.  I was exhausted.  I wearily put on my pajamas and crawled into bed, burying myself under the covers and quickly began drifting off.  Though I genuinely believe something happened, I will grant that I was at that inbetween moment between being awake and falling asleep.
As I lay in bed, a figure walked into my room, entering from the hallway through the door to the right of my bed as I lay on it.  It was the figure of a woman:  slightly heavy, wearing a sweater of broad blue and white stripes, and with a dark blonde--perhapse starwberry--hair.  She walked with a shuffling gait, hands clasped in front of her, head down in a very submissive pose.  I never saw her face, which was hidden in shadows cast by the short, yet sweeping mane of hair... a very motherly style of hair.
In fact, I thought it WAS my mother.  It was a reasonable assumption, considering she was the only other person I knew to be in the apartment.  She crossed in front of my bed and sat facing me in the chair by my desk at the left-hand foot of my bed, still appearing very submissive.  Her face was still hidden.
I don't remember what it was that I said, I was very tired, after all, but I said something, believing the visitor to be my mother.  The figure sitting at my desk then began to quietly, yet violently, to thrash her head back and forth!  She just kept doing it, non-stop!
This was scaring the hell out of me.  I said something, but the figure continued her violent head movements.  She just would not stop!  Real terror then gripped me and I began to crawl away from the figure, dragging by blankets with me.  Every time I looked back at the figure, she was still just sitting there, shaking her head back and forth, the hair was flying about so that I still couldn't see a face.
As I got to the door to the hall, I took one last look.  She was still there and still thrashing her head!  I then went to my mothers room and woke her, insisting that there was someone in my room.  She went in and checked everywhere... no one.  No one in the bathroom (it was the master room), no one in the closet, and the window was in tact and we were on the second floor, so no jumping and no other means of mundane escape was available.  Nothing.
Well, as you can probably imagine, this whole incident unnerved me so that for the next week, I slept each night out on the couch in the living room.  This was without a doubt, one of the creepiest moments in my life.  I still remember every detail down to the posters that were on my walls at the time.

The Rose


when i was little  every night a lady in white came to vistit me she would sit on my bed and talk to me and tell me stories,once my mother came in and and asked who was i talking too.(i know your saying too yourselfs ohh yeah she probally had a dream,thats what your thinkin.....right?) well the last night she visited me she gave me a rose.the next morning when i awaked there was a rose underneath my pillow.and too this day i still have the rose and the rose hasnt aged at all,it hasnt dried up yet

 The Scratching

During the first two weeks of July 2001 we had the following encounter in our home in Florida. My name is Jean and my husbands' name is Scott, at the time in our lives I was six months pregnant and my husband was playing guitar as a profession. The first episode of the encounter took place while I was cooking in the kitchen and I kept hearing a scratching sound coming from the back bathroom. I went into the music room and asked Scott if he heard anything and he said "yes, I thought it was you cooking," we then went into the bathroom and listened closely. There was indeed a scratching sound coming from inside the wall in between the kitchen and bathroom. We called the exterminator, thinking mice had invaded us due to the slight degree of the sound. The exterminator found no evidence of any pests, upon his rather thorough inspection. Within a week the scratching had gotten louder and more insistent. Scott did his own inpectirue stories of his encounters if you would like. By the way, our son was born premature three days after the ridding and unfortunately died in Scotts' hands after only three ours of life.

The Screaming Girl


A number of years ago, my then husband and I were vacationing near Lake Tahoe in Northern California.  We decided to go for a long drive through the forest roads.  We were having a great time, laughing, talking.  The radio was turned on, the music was blaring, and I was not thinking about much of anything except the beautiful day and the adventure we were on.  Suddenly right in the middle of all of this as we passed this one particular spot, I distinctly heard two very loud bone chilling, blood curdling screams that sounded like they had come from a little girl.  I heard it above our talking, the music, the wind in the open windows, the engine roar, everything.  It sent the hair up on the back of my neck.  Yet, I thought I might be going a littlep a fight, so in one small clearing, he struck her and knocked her out.  I then saw him carry her off in a specific direction out into the forest where he raped, murdered and buried her.  I saw how he had brought her here in his car from a location far away.  I did not report this to the police--they would think me certifiable.  Some say I should have gone to the police, but how could I explain how I got this information?  I don't know if it was her ghost relaying this to me or the leftover energy from the experience, but I have never forgotten her screams.

The Sister


  Hi. I am 11 years old. I have a ghost story.
 Last summer, I spent the day with a friend, we'll call her Sara. Her mom is the secretary for the school Sara and I go to, so she has to go there someimes during the summer. They say that the school is haunted by a nun. I think her name is spelled Sister Rapheal. I don't know why she sticks around.She was also the 5th grade teacher.Well,went to the school. My school is made up of three buildings if you don't include the church. They are the Parish Center, the Lower Elementary Building, and the Upper Elementary and Middle School(6-8th grade).
    Sara and I go to the Upper Elementary Building,which is where the office is. Sara and I went to the first floor hall, her mom and sister in the office. We decided to pretend that the staircase was a mountain and that we had to climb it.We got up the first flight of stairs, the second floor which has the 5th,4th, and 6th grade classrooms. I asked her If she wanted to go and look,but she didn't want to. So we went up the other flight and looked in the 7th and 8th grade homerooms, the Science lab and Science room.
    So we went back downstairs and sang Girl Scout songs. Later, I wanted to walk back upstairs. I asked Sara, but she didn't want to. So I went alone. I went upstairs to the second floor. I opened the double doors to go down the hallway. I was less than halfway down the hall when I started to feel presure around me. I then saw a shadow in the corner of my eye in front of the double doors I just passed. I just ran back that way, and flew down the steps to the first floor.
  I saw at the corner of my eye,again, a shadowy figure on the first landing.I then ran down the hall to Sara. I was SCARED!
 That's not the only time I saw Sister Rapheal. When I was in 5th grade, I went to the coatcloset to get something ou of my backpack. I thought I saw someone, so I said Hi. I looked up and there was no one there. I was only scared a little then. I'm not the only one who saw her. My 5th grade teacher, the cleaning lady,and two of my friends have seen her,too. I'll tell you one more story.
  This also happened while I was in 5th grade. After school,as volunteers and not too much after school, my friend,we'll call her Kate, and another person in my class, we'll call him Jim, washed the boards. Jim went to empty the bucket of water in the sink while Kate waited outside. She then saw something go inside our classroom and thought it was Jim. She thought that he probably went up the other staircase. She went in the room, but no one was there.
 So, we're not sure why she still stays here. Could she have died here? I don't know. So, that's all for now.



 The Train Bridge


     I never really believed in ghosts, spirits or whatever.  That was until
one night me and my friends Josh and Rocky were driving to the country.
Rocky and I had been drinking and Josh was the the DD that night.  We came
to the old train bridge that we had visited many times before.  This bridge
was very old. It was made of wood and passed over a valley that a train ran
through underneath.  It was a somewhat foggy night that night.  We stopped
on the bridge just as we had several times in the pass. Josh was the first
to get out of the 1988 Monte Carlo of mine.  He went to the side of the
bridge and looked over the side.  Rocky and I got out and were in the middle
of the bridge.  Josh said to us, "hey there are people down there on the
tracks. You can just barely see them through the fog."  Rocky and I went to
where he was at the edge of the bridge and looked over. It did look like
there might be people down there laying on the tracks facing up at us, but
it was very hard to tell. We made up excuses of what it might really be.  So
Rocky and i went to the other side of the bridge to look over. Rocky and I
were convinced it was just the way the light was shining through the fog.
Josh however was still scared and raving that it was really people down
there.  Rocky thought that it would be fun to scare Josh a little bit and
started yelling stupid things, but then said, " Death is here, I can feel
him, Show your boney face Death!!" Out of nowhere from under the bridge came
this floating figure all black except for its face.  Its face was the palest
shade of white and grey you could imagine.  IT had no eyes, just hollow
black pits where eyes should be.  Neither Rocky nor I could move.  Today Im
not sure if it was fear or the power of the ghost we were looking at that
froze us in out place.  Suddenly it fell to the bottom and when it ran for
the trees that covered the hillside on the west side of the valley the fog
parted around him then filled back in when he vanished in the trees.  Rocky
and I turned abruptly in fright to see Josh jumping up and down yelling that
the people on the tracks were floating up to get us.. we ran back to the car
and bugged out of there as fast as were could.
     Later I asked my grandmother about that bridge and she told me about an
old family that was talked about when she was a child.  She said her
grandmother told her that there was a family that had a child at a very late
age.  They were very rich owning a barge company that ran up and down the
Illinois River in those days.  They died when the boy was very young and
left thier mansion to him alone.  There he lived with only an old butler
type guy to care for him.  I guess his loneliness consumed him and he went
nuts.  Near this bridge back then was a small town. People started comming
up missing from this town.  Evidently the boy who was now a man was killing
people and throwing them off the bridge as a train passed underneath to get
rid of the bodies.  He was caught and hung in the hang mans tree not too far
from the bridge as well. Later buried in a cemetary that is still there near
the bridge.  It is said that the boy practiced Satanism.  But who is to
know. Evidently we saw him and his victims.  Ill never know for sure as I
will never go back to that bridge

The Train Home


Approximately 10 years ago when I just sepersted from my husbad, my two
daughters and I ages 6 and 11 moved into a very old 6 family house that
was called a train or locomotive setup similar to the inside of a train.
Any rate, we moved in with total reluctance  and from the beginning  I
had a feeling in my gut that something just wasnt right. I tried to make
it as homey as I could but something or someone didnt want us to leave
ther. One night my oldest daughter was taking a bath but said she was
afrai and wanted her younger sister to at least stay with her until she
was done. The fear that I felt was the same fear I saw on my girls
faces. The next morning I woke up and in my kichen was my daughters
heavy winter coat on top of my refrigerator. There was no way either
daughter did this--why would they. There coats ended up only on the
floor--but the top of the  refigerator? So--I let it go but then another
thing happened----I was home most of the time on the weekends by myself
because my daughters were with their father. I remember getting a strong
smell every once in awhile that would only happen when I felll asleep, I
would wake up because the smell was so rancid and I knew it wasnt an
oder I have ever smelled before. As soon as it would wake me up-----it
was gone. I hated what was going on and the icing on the cake was that I
would see things in the corner of my eye, as if someone walked past
me---but also felt a slight breeze. I never told my kids about these
happenings but they feared the house also. We ended up moving out after
4 moths of living there and I ended up doing some research on the house
and  found that a woman that lived there not too many years previous to
me had put her infant son in the oven and then placed him in the garbage
dumster that was in the back yard, which afterwards  police found the
baby's body. This house is located on Prospect St. Naugatuck Connecticut
Thanks for listening!

  The Yellow Eyes


Last year at my friend Nicole's birthday party were playing with a video camera. We were walking around in her house in the dark recording on night vision. We walked into the room where her table was and passed it and were standing in the kitchen. When I turned around and looked back at the pantry door. In the cat door we saw these big yellow eyes. At first thinking it was the cat we paid no attention to it.
When we got back in her room we were telling every one what we saw and then Jessie was sitting in the corner holding the cat. She told us that Sabrina (the cat) had been in the room with her the whole time we were out walking around. By now we were all about to shit our self's. We got up the courage to go back out and see if it was still there. It was. Then we decided to get someone to put there hand in the cat door and see if it touched them. Well no one was stupid enough to fall for that so we decided to put the cat in there. When she got in there we herd hissing. Then Sabrina came running out, taking her back into the room were cuts and blood on here face. We didn't leave the room again that night.
Then at about 4:00 am we herd something outside in the hall. We made Nicole go and see what it was. When she opened the door we all saw what it was. There about half way down the hall there was all little girl with yellow eyes laughing. Nicole ran back and jumped on the bed. The little girl came all the way up to the door then disappeared. There was nothing the rest of the night none of us slept. Everyone that was there hasn't been over to Nicole's since.



  This story is about a ghost named Tommy, we met him shortly after we moved to Prince George B.C. Although we didn't know it then, we now believe that our newly adopted 9 week old puppy,Jacob, met him first...or at least was the first to let us know that there was someone else there with us. We(myself,my husband and our 2 daughters)had been living there for about a month when we decided to get a dog, we had heard a few strange  things  but never related them to anything in particular other than we must be hearing things. It wasn't until we got Jacob that we started to suspect something was amiss.We noticed that he would growl at nothing sometimes and refuse to follow us down the hallway or would sit and shiver in the porch. Again we thought he must be nervous being in a new home and away from his other family.   One night my husband and I were just hanging out relaxing in the living room watching some t.v. when my husband heard " Hey Tom". ( my husbands name is also Tom).Tom asked me " Did you say something?" My reply was "no". Not believing me my husband insisted it was me until our dog changed before our eyes, he went from a mild mannered baby king shepard/golden retreiver, into a growling,snarling, hair standing on end uncontrolable animal... My husband heard it again, "Hey Tom". This time my husband jumped up and looked down the hallway of our trailor in the same direction as our puppy... there he saw the shadow of a man."Dar" (that's me) he said, " Someone is in the house". I did not see what he saw so i could not comfirm that there was a man there but, I could feel a very cold blanket of air come over us. My husband insisted that he saw the glowing figure of a fairly lean young man in our hall and of course had to check it out. As we neared the hallway, half scared and half joking about who should go first, our puppy suddenly put on the brakes...he refused to go down the hall...the cold feeling got stronger and the hair on our arms and necks stood as high as the fur on our dog, his back and neck hair stood like a grizzlies and he would not go any further. Tom and I made our way, (arm in arm) to the back bedroom to check on the girls and make sure they were ok. We checked the bathroom and our bedroom on the way and found nothing as we did when we got to the girls room. There was only one door left to check...the back door entrance. This door led into a little mud room or back porch where we took off our dirty work boots and such, this door did not have a proper lock on it so it had to be tied shut. We thought that this must be how the intruder got in, maybe we had forgotten to tie it shut. Taking a deep breath before we opened the door, we thought we had it figured out but, the door was tied shut and there was no way someone had come in that way. The cold feeling came back even stronger and this time rushed past us to the outter door, the door shook a little and then the cold was gone. Jacob calmbed down some and his fur relaxed. Tom and I looked at each other not saying anything but, we bothe knew that what just happened was not normal. We had a brief discussion about it that night and decided that we would not say anything to the girls as we did not want to freak them out.( at that time our girls were just turned 12 and almost 10) Over the next couple of weeks not much happened,we would hear the odd wierd noise but nothing too concerning. As it was not quite yet the end of winter, my husband wasn't working steady( he's a concrete finisher) and we were laying in bed being  lazy after we sent the girls to school, I heard the deffinate sounds of feet shuffling in my kitchen and the sounds of cupboard doors opening and closing. I got up to see if one of the girls had come home, we only lived 2 doors from the school and i thought maybe one of the girls came home sick but, when i went out to the kitchen there was no-one there. Again the cold feeling came back and I felt really creepy. Just as I was about to go tell Tom about this he called "What did you say", I had said nothing. I told my husband that it was not me talking to him. He said that he again heard his name being called. A week or so went by and our youngest daughter Mel was playing outside, she came in with one of our neighbours whom we had never met but had seen a time or two, she was 22 and had a 3 year old son. We became friends and had coffees now and then. She had lived next door since she was 11 years old and still lived there with her family. I asked her right away if anything strange ever happened on there property and thats when everything started to make sence. She eplained to us that when she was a young teen she became very ill and while she was recovering at home a ghost named Tommy came to her. Tommy was a 22 year old man. There used to be an old shed on the back corner of their propertywhich joined the back corner of our property and at one time it all used to be the same property, anyway Tommy was apparently shot in the doorway of the shed that used to be on the land. He  would sit with her when she was sick and never seamed to bother her or harm her in any way. This floored my husband because the discriptions matched and my husband also had a hard time believing in ghosts in the first place. After we started talking to our nieghbour more about Tommy, more weird things started to happen only this time they were way more seroius.

Scary to this Day


this is such a true story it even scares me to this day............about 3 years ago when i was 10, i would be in my room laying on my bed in the dark and i would see what looked like a young boy about 13 or 14 that would just come sit in my room and watch me. so later that day i asked my mom if she had another boy she didn't tell me about and my mom asked why. i told her what i saw and about how old he looked and she nearly passed out. she told me she had another boy (who would've been my older brother) who would only be a little older then me and i was shocked. as i got older, i saw the "ghostly boy presense" even less until i didn't see him at all and slowly forgot about him. but, im now 13 and just the other day (Dec. 16) i thought i saw a more hazy presense that came out of my closet when i was getting ready to go to bed. i told my mom and the subject was brought up once again. this time when i told her, she told me something she hadn't told me before.
before i had started seeing the "young presence" my mom had gone to a party for a wedding where instead of there being a stripper, there was a pshycic. the pshycic knew my mom had 2 kids (my younger brother and i) and she also knew my mom had another child who had died after birth. she told my mom that he was still hanging around our home and us because he wasn't ready to "leave" yet and that not to worry he wouldn't hurt us. she also said that he was jelous of my little brother and that he didn't like my dad very much.
about 6 months after the pshycic was when i started seeing "the presence" and thats why my mom nearly freaked when i told her i was seeing this because if he was still alive, he would be about 15, just a little older then me, which is about how old the boy i was seeing was.

4 Generations of Hauntings


I have lots of stories,but first of all you have to understand that
these kind of things have been happening to my family for four
generations,so I don't know where to really begin. So i guess I will
tell you about the last thing that has happened to me. About a week ago
on a Wensday night I had came home (and I live in an Apt building now,so
there should be no one here?) and i went to hang up a silk blouse that i
didn't want to get wrinkled,and when I shut the closet door i heard a
banging and scratching noise,so I thought "I wonder what that is?
because where I used to live I had a cat,but I couldn't bring him with
me here,and before he used to get sometimes shut in the closet ,so i
knew that wasn't it) so I opened the door to the closet,and I saw
something I will never forget! The clothes in the closet where actually
flying off of hangers!!  I didn't know what to do, so I started trying
to catch the clothes,and I was screaming "QUIT,QUIT" but they just kept
on, and the all of sudden it just stopped! NOW I DON'T DRINK! OR DO
DRUGS! AND THIS IS ONLY ONE OF MANY THINGS,I'll tell you more later,but
the strange thring is this happened on Wensday and on Monday that next
week a close friend died an untimely death, and I just marked it off as
a warning from a angel telling me to get my clothes in order as i would
be needing them, and I did,          If you would like to hear more,
I'll be happy to tell you more. i have lots of them,and they have been
passed down from my granmother,my great grandmother,to my mother,to
me,and now they have been passed down to my daughter,and now my
granddaughter! It seems it is the first born daughter in the family,and
my granddaughter is 9 yrs old and she has had several experence's

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