A Floating Tea-Towel

By: scott_l2k44@hotmail.com

Im 15 now, I have not encountered a ghostly object yet since a while ago.  It all started like this.  I was in my old house which is now probably 17-19 years old now, My nan bought me a LEGO set which included two men and a bike and helicopter.  I was up late at night and the only light coming through was from the street light.
I was playing with it in the dark on my glass table.  The table was transparent so I could see through it completely.  My mum woke up and came into the kitchen and asked me what I was doing then told me to go to bed.  I told mum that I was hungry so she gave me something to eat.
After I ate the food she gave me, She and I went to bed at the same time.  I went to my room as she did then 5 mins. after that I came back out and started playing with my LEGO.  about 2 mins. after I came back out, I noticed a WHITE TEA-TOWEL LOOKING FIGURE (TRANSPERENT) came underneath the table and was floating at my feet.  I was absolutely SCARED!!  I jumped over the table and ran into my sisters room and awoke her.
She woke up and asked what's wrong....a few seconds after she was awake she saw it.. the scariest thing in my life appeared infornt of both our eyes.  We both gripped tight of eachother and stayed tight.  It was floatingat a medium pace like water but a lil' slower.
I said these exact words "Please don't hurt me but please go away and never come back".  I think it worked (For about three years...)  About 3-4 years after that my sister and I shared a room when i was about 10-11 years old.  Just next to the door was a little wall that had the light switches on it.  I saw the floating towel again just hanging on the wall for a few small seconds that i can remember.
About 1-2 years after that one morning....I overheard a conversation with mum and her boyfriend while they were in bed.  I heard something about the taps turning on for no reason really early in the morning when it was dark.
The thing that really annoyed me was that mum didn't beleive me until she started having sounds (not visions but sounds).  She heard alot of the time walking noises on the floor boards upsatirs from downstairs where she was.  That was long ago because i'm in a new house now.
Just a few months ago in the year 2002, my mum called a phsychic woman and the woman told mum that she will be very successful in her music career and go to japan and europe in the future yadayada....then she started talking about my mums dad (my grandfather).
The woman said something about her dad is ALWAYS beside you and he holds your hand alot of the time while you are walking, he's beside you know sitting on a chair smoking a cigarette......etc...and then the woman explained to mum that her dad was walking up and down the hallway upstairs while mum was downstairs...so that explains the walking footsteps upstairs.
Thanks for listening to my most scariest thing in my life

Another Incident

By: fsa007@yahoo.com

The stories that I wanted to tell you are numerous but I'll give you some
of the interesting stories.
The first one happened to me 2 years ago maybe I told you about it
but because I was in a hurry I couldn't give you the specific details so, in
this mail I'll try to make it easier to understand what I want to say and
find an answer for this phenomena ok let's starts one day I was walking
with brother and our friend we were going to drop him to his home his
house wasn't far away from our house so; we've decided to walk with
him to his home it was 9:00 p.m. as I remember when we arrived at his
home and after he entered his house I felt like something is coming straight
to us at the first time I thought it a lightning but I said how does this happen
if there's no cloud in the sky when I looked up it started to expand like
if you throw a stone into water and it looked like waves then were not working
so I left behind and went down stairs for five minutes and when I returned
it was normal I was surprised this thing didn't stop it continued to happen
again and again 'till I decided to sell the mobile phone with a cheap
price and I bought another one I see that the first thing is not related to
what I'm talking to but this mobile story happened after that thing.
These are some of the stories that I wanted to give you and if you want
more stories I'll give you and have a nice day.

Civil War Ghosts

By: FROSTY76OVI@aol.com

First off, I am a Civil War Reenactor. My Captain was a real big Civil War buff and did everything historically accurate. He ordered a Civil War wedding ring and gave it to his wife. A few weeks later, he awoke to find a young girl about 20 years old walking around his room. He ignored it and went back to sleep.
The same thing happened again a few weeks later and he thought it was a dream so he went back to sleep. That morning, his wife's ring was all scratched up on the inside. A few weeks later the scratches were gone and the name Mary was inscribed. That night he awoke to find the girl roaming his bedroom once more. He called out "Mary!" and she turned, looked at him and disappeared.

Don't make a lot of Noise!

By: karenk@engsig.net

About two years ago, my mothers boyfriend let me use his appartment to throw
a party. I'd never been there before but I was pretty excidet about the
whole thing, untill we got there that is! The appartment was in an
old-fashioned, aristocratic house and on the 3. floor. The minutte I stepped
in the door I felt like my friend and I weren't alone.I felt like something
was watching us all the time, something disturbing, even evil. The
appartment eventually became full of people and I let go of the thought,
although I never stayed alone in a room. The next day I returned to clean
the place and the feeling was stronger than ever, I felt absolutely full of
dread. So I put on some music to keep my mind on something else, and turned
it up all the way. I started cleaning the room that was next to the
livingroom (where the stereo was) when suddently, I heard the music turn
off! I ran into the livingroom and saw that it wasn't turned off...the
volume was turned all the way down and it was one of those buttons that you
have to litterally turn. I felt like screaming but found myself unable to,
and so I just finished my cleaning and never ever returned. Even when I got
down on the street and discovered I had forgotten my gloves- I refused to go
back there, eventhough it was freezing. I swear it happened, and I can tell
you for sure: I was never alone up there. Later on my mothers boyfriend
would tell me that he often heard the doors slamming when he was alone with
no windows open...spooky!

Fear No Evil

By: wyllowwynd2002@netscape.net

I am what one would call an emotional empath.  For many years, when I
was younger, I didnt know how to shield out the emotions from the people
around me, nor the emotions left behind by people who had once been
there.  That lead to my having an emotional breakdown, a kind of sensory
overload similar to having to much light in your eyes and going
temporarily blind.  At any rate, one of the most devastating things that
i experienced at that time was something that has led me to believe very
strongly in Places that are truly evil.
I was about 14 at the time, and had just moved from Los Angeles to a
small twon in the mojave desert.  The house we moved into was
nondescript...........a house that was built decently but cheaply to be
used as a rental.  It had 3 bedrooms and two baths, a living/dining
combo and a smallish kitchen.  My family consisted of myself, my sister,
my two brothers, and mother and stepfather.  My sister and I shared one
bedroom and my brothers shared another room.  Now, my brothers room was
very small..........not much bigger than a large closet.  My bedroom was
on the far side of the hallway past the boys room.  From the first day
we moved into that house, I feared that room.  It was an unremarkable
room in every visible way, just very small.  But I feared that room with
all my heart.  I would not even go to the bathroom at night, because i
had to pass that room to get there, I went to bed before it got dark so
I would already be past that room at dark.
By the time this incident occured, we had already lived there some
months.........and I had told my mother that I was afraid of the room,
but of course she just laughed at me.  One night, my stepfather had gone
out of town on business, and had called my mother to ask her a few
things.  While she was on the phone, she asked me to go check on the
boys........they had been in bed for a little while and she wanted to
know if they were sleeping yet.  Now, I had never dared to say no to
mother, or even argue with her before, but this time I did.  Needless to
say, she forced me into it.  I remember going down the hall towards the
room..........scared to death........and opening the door up.........but
what I saw was NOT the boys bedroom.  It was completely black, a
complete and total absence of light.  I screamed and tried to back up
away from the door..............but something grabbed me and pulled me
into the room.  As I turned around to try to get back out of the
room..........I saw that there was no longer a door..........I screamed
and screamed and I could feel something, some presence, something that
had never been human, nearing me and I fainted.   When I came to, I was
laying on the floor in the hallway and my mother was kneeling next to
me, very white-faced.  I asked her what had happened and she said that
she had come down the hallway behind me to make sure I did what she had
asked and she saw me step thru the doorway and vanish.  She could hear
me screaming, but it seemed to be coming from very far away.  She said
that she reached thru the doorway and tried to see if she could feel me,
and I kind of fell into her arms, unconcious.  She pulled me out of the
room and then looked up and the room was normal in every way............
and my brothers where still sleeping on the bunkbed not five feet from
where I was laying.
Needless to say..........we moved soon after that, and she nver made me
go near that room again.  But it was an experience I will never
forget...........the feeling of vileness that issued from that house was
the like of which I have never experienced since.  After I had the
breakdown, for many years I could not feel any emotions from anyone, not
even my own.  It took me years to recover from that, and regain that


Friscos Ghost

By: Bryan_Holden@email.msn.com

I don't know if this is the place that I go to to submit stories but I have
one for you. In the old Summit High School (which is now the Summit Middle
School) in Frisco, Colorado there is a ghost named Virginia Brown. She died
in a car accident at her senior prom when she while she was leaving the
parking lot to find her boyfriend who had also died in a car accedent that
night. She still haunts the school, she has been seen wearing a pink prom
dress and if you stare into her picture that is now hanging in the new high
school, her eyes start glowing red.

Ghost Experiences

By: moon_beam31@hotmail.com

The "experiences" I've had have been far and few between but enough to
rattle me.
I've had more when I was younger, but some I can scarcely remember, mostly
just sensing things in certian parts of my grandparents home, being afraid
to go into the rooms because the hair would stand up on my arms and neck and
I always felt like crying.
The more vivid ones I remember were living here in Sprinfield Missouri with
my mom and grandpa. Once when I was 17 I went into my mother's bedroom while
she was at work, and I went to turn on the light and the switch didn't work,
I shruged it off thinking the light blew up but the minute I stepped into
the room my whole body went tense. I could feel something sitting on my
mother's bed but I couldn't see it. Then I heard the bed springs creak like
someone was getting off and I felt it coming toward me..needless to say, I
ran out of there and never looked back, locking the doors behind me. I
didn't come out until my mom came home from work. I was waiting up for her,
I told her what happened and she kind of laughed, not believing me. I
followed her into her room, still kind of nervous and the light worked
fine..I didn't know if I was imagining things or if I really had an
encounter with a spirit..but I was horrified, and couldn't sleep at all that
A few months afterwards me and my boyfriend were sitting together in the
living room, I was on his lap...and I heard the door come open to the
hallway and I snapped to look and no one was there, then right infront of me
it slammed shut..I got up and went to see who it was, not really believing
my own eyes..and no one was even in the house with us..
I think maybe it was my grandma, she died a bout a year or two prior to
that, I don't think she likes my boyfriend that much..
One experience surely sent chills down my spine that wasn't mine..but my
mother's..she was living in her apartment while I was in oklahoma visiting
with my boyfriend's family, and she was laying awake in Bed and saw the
silohette of a man walk out of my bed room, and stop infront of her door and
turn to look at her. She said that the man was transparent, but almost
looked solid, like he wasn't a shadow..he just sort of moved on..but it
naggs me wondering what he was doing there..
I've also gotten quite a few pictures of orbs and ecto, but for some reason
it's only when I'm taking the picture, one is of my cat Salem, with a bluish
white blob in the corner near his head that looks like ecto..and I end up
with orbs off all kinds when I'm taking pictures of myself or things in my
room. I'll try to get some pictures up if I can catch them again. I think
the things are "Susan" as she calls herself..I contacted a few spirits on
the Ouiji board with my boyfriend, and "Susan" and "Fredrick" were the ones
we talked to the most, they claimed they have been with us all our lives,
and knew everything about us. While I'm skeptical about it all..I can't help
but still be curious if it is true or not..oddly enough the spirits won't
talk to me when I'm by myself..and I trust my boyfriend enough not to move
the dial..and they never formed actual words, everything was in
abbreviations, we had to figure it out for ourselves what they meant...
I think somehow me, my mother, and my boyfriend are being followed by
spirits for some reason..
Well..I think that's all for now..I hope..

The Cemetary Ghost

by: lisa.maree9@bigpond.com

I can't remember what year this happened, but it was about 20 years ago. My aunty and her boyfriend at the time were 'parking' out side the local Cemetry, around midnight. They heard a noise, and Kelvin(her boyfriend) got out to see what it was. He saw a white figure near the front of the car, and he jumped back in and locked the door. They watched the figure do a lap of their car, before disappearing in the spot it appeared. After it was gone, Kelvin started the car and drove straight home, speeding all the way.Needless to say, I dont think they ever went parking at night again.


By: Anabublegum@aol.com

My grandma passed away sometime ago(maybe last year)and since then she has been making her self known.
First of all, she used to have a little flower pot that when you pressed a button, the flowers would start dancing and it would play her favorite song, "In the Mood". Well, after she passed, my grandpa put it inside the closet on the motion detector mode so that he would know if someone was there. One day when my mom was there she opened the closet door and it started to play. They went to turn it off the motion detector mode, but it was already off.
Another thing is that my cousin Megan claims she used to be visited by her. She does gymnastics and when she would leave, her room would be clean and all her stuffed animals in place. When she would come home, the stuffed animals would be thrown everywhere, and her room would be totally messed up.
Also when she would leave her room just to go get a drink or something, she would always close the door so their dog, Rusty couldn't get in. When Megan would come back, her TV would either be off if it was previously on or on if it was previously off.
One day my mom and I went over to my aunt and Megan's house and there weren't there yet. So we unlocked the door and went in. We sat in the front room on the couches and talked while we waited and Rusty was barking in his crate in the back room that was locked(he always barks when hes locked up). So we were talking when we heard a closing of a door downstairs. My other cousin Justin's room is down there so we just assumed it was him. We thought he might be frightened if he heard us talking up here so we asked Craig, my mom's boyfriend(who is also a police officer) to yell down the stairs to tell Justin(even though we were just a few feet away from the stairs ourselfs). So sure enough he yelled, "Hey, Justin! It's me, Craig! Me and Stacey(me)and Sharon(my mom) are just here to visit and we're waiting for Sandy and Megan." No answer. I just merely glanced down the steps because I frightened of Justin's no response. It was pitch black down there and all the lights were turned off. We wanted Craig to go down and So we all sat back down and calmed down. All was quiet(except for Rusty of course) when all the sudden.... BOOM!! There was a big thud where the attic would be but they didn't have an attic. There was a few more and there was silences between each one and we noticed Rusty was silent.
A few moments later, my Aunt Sandy, Megan, AND Justin arrived. We belive this was the mischeif of my Grandma.
Well, thats all I could fit. I'll send more soon!

Great Aunt Ivy

By: variven@bellsouth.net

  This true story of my Aunt Ivy took place in 1920..
Ivy was my Grandpa's oldest sister, him being the baby out of 14 children.
Ivy had already married and begun a family of her own. Just at sunset one day, as they were all sitting on the front porch, Ivy came walking up, and said "I've come home ,mommy". My great-Grandmother thought it strange because Ivy was expecting a child and lived far away, but they were happy to see her anyhow. She stayed for dinner, and spent the night. Just after dinner, my grandfather got in trouble, and was going to get a spanking. Ivy got between the two, and said "No daddy, don't spank him tonight". Later, they all went to bed. When they awoke the next morning, she was gone. About noon, her husband pulled up in the wagon, and told them that Ivy had died in childbirth about sunset the day before. All she could tell him during her labor, was "I want to go home", which was impossible, because she was in labor and 50 miles away. My great-grandmother told him, she DID come home, and nobody was really surprised, because she was always a very determined person!
  This was told to me by my grandfather, who really never spoke much anyway. So I tend to believe him when he tells us stuff like this!

Haunted Apartment in Simco County

By: john.odorico@sympatico.ca

in year 2000-2001 i moved into this apartment with my parents and cusin
and a freind from my previos move that came a long for a weekend. i was
wathing tv in the living room when my freind and i seen the chord from  the
un pluged tape rewinder fell on the ground all by its self. when i walked in
the kitchen the cups shifted,(it was weired. next at the end of the night  i
was going to bed and i heard this vocal sound that repeated almoast all
night , it came from all corners of the room  ,the voice sounded like it
came from a female .(ooooooooooh then higherpich going down then ooh
reversed)this countinued every night i tryed to sleep in my room . in the
next room i was all moast sleeping when on the corner of my eye i seen a
blue-green girl with curly  hair and no face was shown,( it was'nt grphical
or anything it was  just like an undetailed cameo version of a cartoon. i
seen it , blinked my eyes then it was'nt there in the corner of the room
where i seen it . my mom didnot belive me so she slept in in my room  for
the night to proove me wrong, the she felt somthing hug her and she would'nt
turn around beacause she was too freaked out.  my mom didnot beleave me this
other time but did after she walked past my room while i was at school , and
she heard a little kid giggle. after going somwhere for a week or two i m
waiting for my parents to get home and i was all parrinoid, the broom
felldown at the otherside of the room, no one or nothing was there to knock
it down.. we ended up moving later on.

 Haunted House on Highway 48

By: john.odorico@sympatico.ca

 i lived in this house on hyway 48, this was about8 years ago. anyways i
lived there with my mom and dad & grampa and my 2 dogs and few cats. for
nights and nights through the months we noticed food missing from the fridge
and  items went missing for no good reason. from the time i had moved in i
never realy liked that house to begin with but thats not even half of what
went on. moast nights my parents would get ready to go to bed when the taps
would turn on by them selves, it happend somany times each night , that my
parents used to have little arguments of who was going to shut off the tap
next. some nights i would be going to bed in my room, but wouldent sleep
with the door shut. i would see figures come out of my closet. in the
mornings i would wake up with long claw marks going down my back.my uncle
didnot beleave me so he slept on my floor one night, before the next morning
he rushed out of the house later clasming that a little boy told him to go
play with him. this place realy had a problem, i mean you could be in the
house somewhere and just have the feeling of someone behind you.afew
times,while i was at kindergarden my mom would be folding clothes and says
that a black figure apparatoin threw a pair of socks at her head. my mom
says also that each day  in the back yard there would be a long row or two
of dead birds male and female of each kind pair by pair. anyways after all
that went on we moved out, my dad grabed the cat of the ground to put it in
the car and the cat screeched and dug its nails into his neck as if the cat
seen something..... but maby the wierdest thing that happend is that a day
after we were already gone the land lord called us and told us all the doors
were smashed out ,from the inside,,,,, i hate that house so much , it gives
me the creeps


By: Nirvanaboy101@cs.com

Hi,my name is James I'm 18 years old and I live in North Carolina.4 years ago,a friend and me where hanging around his house in his dads bedroom.Joey(my friend) told me that he didnt like staying in his house alone because he could always hear the floor creaking.I told him it was nothing to worry about because old houses do that all the time.But one Thursday night at 10 p.m. we had just got done skateboarding and I walked him home,He asked me to stay with him so I said yes.After a hour of so playing video games we heard the front door slam pretty loud,Of course we thought maybe it was his dad.But Joeys dad had a habit of calling out Joey's name when he got home,to see if he was home.
After the door slammed we looked at each other and the only thing that could come to our mind was to say Holy sh*t,from downstairs it sounded like foot-steps walking under us.We instantly got a chill down our back and decided to walk down stairs.Of course we where scared to death but we couldnt just sit their and let it happened.I never really belived in the whole paranormal stuff at the time.So I immediatly ran down the stairs and looked around,We didnt see anything the front door was closed and locked just the way we left it.
We walked back up-stairs,went to his dad's room and locked the door.We where kinda shook up,so we sat down and listened to some music trying to pass the time.When 12 O'clock came I decided to sleep over,so I called my mom and told her that we would be at his house.We went to sleep,and around 2am(may be wrong on that)we heard footsteps coming up the steps,all we could do was cry like little kids because it was scaring us to death.We put on music again trying to mute the sound of footsteps.We finally where able to go to bed,we woke up at 11am and walked down the hallway.The exact place where the footsteps came from we got a chill,we knew that it had to have been something paranormal because stuff like that doesnt just happened.
We never told ANYONE about our expereince because we knew that people would think we are crazy.Espially me at the time I was suffering depression and i didnt need anything to set off my mom.So we kept it to ourselfs.Byt to this day we havent heard anything like this happening again.We hope that its finally moved on or its just not trying to scare us anymore.
My second ghost story(sorry for ALL the typing)
This happened when I was around 5 years old,I had recently lost my grandfather due to a heart-attack.He passed away right where my room is.One night,I was sleeping with my mom and we usually kept the door opened incase I needed to go to the bathroom.I was sleeping and I woke up and turned over,I looked out the window and saw a figure of my grandfather standing at the door looking very depressed.I could see it perfectly very solid.Then it turned around and walked to the bathroom.My imidiate thought was grandpa is alive so I ran to the bathroom and didnt see anthing.Everything was as everything should be.To this day I know it was my grandfather and everyonce and a while I will get a tingly feeling down my spine like someone is rubbing my back and its not really a scary feeling its a very comfirting feeling.I feel like he is watching over me
Thanks for taking time to read this.

 Haunting in my House

By: kiddieslodge@bellnet.ca

The land on where my house sits, I was told was a strawberry field. The house itself was built by my father inlaw 20 years ago. My ghosts experience began one day going into the basement. For background purposes I am from Portuguese descent. I was born and raised in Toronto. My mother experienced many ghostly and out of body experiences, which I always found interesting.
Anyways, back to my story. I was walking to the basement of our house like any other time to go get something. While walking down I decided to look the opposite direction of the way I was  going, when all of a sudden my body was frozen and I saw a man sitting on the sofa. He stared at me with disgust and got up and walk into thin air. At first I thought maybe it was my imagination. Even, I don't have that great of one, and I knew the details that I have seen were to real. The man was dressed in a black suit and top hat. When I spoke to my brother-in-law he said that description was an undertaker. One year later my father- in -law passed away.
I've had many other experiences sometimes scary, but fascinating. I thought you might be interested in hearing my story.

True Story

By: Princesspaula107@aol.com

my mother cheryl campbell was sleeping one night on the couch. she woke up and looked over  by the speaker. as she was turning her head she saw a ghost of a little girl. as she turned her head alll the way it dissapeared. i , shellie, am the only one that she told that story to.then , a couple months later,my sister, heather campbell, my cousin jamie, and me, shellie, were all in my room. it was around 12 pm and we were sitting up talking. all of a sudden heather looked over by the door. she went under the blankets crying. we asked her what was wrong. she said she saw a ghost of a little girl by the door. the way she explained the ghost was exactly liked my mothers discription. so we all got scared. at the time my cat was outside meowing. so my sister heather went down stairs to go let her in. as she was walking back in the room we heard things crashing in the other room. so she ran in and
   the next week my friend Devon came over. my mother was out shopping. we were all scared to stay in the house alone so we were all in the dining room sitting together. me and my freind Devon went to go upstairs to go get something. as we were in the middle of the steps we saw my mothers door slam shut. we got scared and ran back down stairs .we kept on hearing the door opening and slamming until my mom got home. nothing ever happened after that day.


Kenton Street Haunts

By: phaslon@hotmail.com

Hello fellow Believers!
   I had my first experience when I was five years old and I am forty-one
years old now. I consider myself a pretty intellegent person with very
little mental illness. You notice I said very little. If people said they
were not just a little wacky, they would be lying. Any way. This one is just
too weird for a haunting. So, what is it?
   In Springfield Ohio on Kenton Street going towards East Street, there are
two businesses that sit side by side. These businesses are: The Koering
Bomag and Champion. Koering made road rollers and Champion made caskets. My
father use to weld caskets for Champion but then he went to Koering to weld
   Between these two buildings (I think they are empty now) there is this
raised bit of land. What appears to once be a cornerstone can be found
there. And behind this area are quite a few trees. I remember my sister and
I taking many walks past that area and I felt unease. A cold chill if you
   Now comes the weird part. I had a dream when I was in Junior High School
about this place. It was obviously night-time in my dream. I was standing
beside the cornerstone, looking with shock what was about to take place in
front of me. There was this robed individual holding up a male infant. "It"
placed the infant on the cornerstone and I had the strong feeling that "It"
was about to sacrifice this child! I could not speak. Then I noticed there
was others near me, dressed in the same way. I kept moving in and out from
between them. I felt like; "Oh my God. Do you see what that person is about
to do?" I could not see their faces because of the hoods and they acted like
I was not even there! I felt helpless. "It" sacrificed the baby and I could
do nothing to stop it.
   For a long time it was "just a dream". I never spoke of it to any one. It
was just too bizarre and they would have thought me a would be child killer
in the works since a child was involved. But, on one of those walks with my
sister, I stopped and looked up towards the cornerstone. "Lori. I had this
weird dream about this place." "So did I", she said. And she went on to tell
me my dream! The differences were that she was there instead of me and that
the robes were burgandy (they were black). Everything else was the same.
   We had discussed about going up there late at night when there was no
chance of anyone seeing us. How would we explain to the police what we were
doing there? "Well, officer. You see...We saw a baby killed here and we were
just wanting to see if we could find something." All we would have to do is
dig or scrape dirt away in this area we both felt the child had been buried.
But, what if we found bones? What would we do? Then "It" would really truly
move from being a dream to something much more scary.
   We couldn't do it. I have been back there a few months ago with a new
video camera my daughter and future son-in-law bought me for my birthday. It
was raining and very cold. I picked up a dog howling in the distance and
possibly a baby crying but I saw nothing except the earth, the cornerstone
and the trees. I am still spooked by that place and I am far from being a

Little Girl Crying

By: dnecee@worldnet.att.net

When I was 17 years old my family and I rented a house in Macomb, Illinois.
At night I would hear a girl about my age
crying. Since I shared the room with my sister I thought it was
her so I would get up and check. She was always sound asleep.
One day I had my white rabbit running around downstairs and
noticed a white animal running upstairs, thinking it was my rabbit I went
after it when it disappeared into thin air. My rabbit was sitting next to
the chair I had just been in. I was the
only one in the family that heard and saw this. My Mom talked to the
landlady when I told her about it. But all the lady would say is that a girl
died there. My sister must of been sleeping in her room. She also had a
white poodle and that is what I saw run upstairs. It would of been
interesting to find out more about this girl and her dog but we moved away.
19 years later I still wonder if that girl is still trapped and crying for


By: lindanewman533@msn.com

i moved into a pre war house a few years back.it had it used to have wo old
men and ther mother.there mother and father lived there for many
years.untill the father mother and one of the sons died within 6 years of
each other.wich left one man on his own.neighbours say he was a funny man
didnt have any friends.and woukdnt let any one in the house.the council
wrote to him several times asking him if he wanted a bathroom indoor toilet
gas heating and electric.he never wrote or phoned them.when they went to
visit he told them to go away.when he died this was only 12 years ago at
home.the council went into the housei still had gas lamps no toilet really
old bath no hot water no heating no gas no electric.after several months the
house had been gutted and offered to me my ex partner and my two girls who
then was ages 10 and 3.i loved the house it had a warm feel to it.but i felt
like i was being watched.i used to get up in the morning and things had been
moved around.this went on every day sometimes in the day if i was on my
own.i told my mum but she said it was in my head becausr i had stories about
the people that lived there before.at that time i was very ill waiting to
have my left kidney removed.anyway mum helped me in the garden she went
indoors to put the kettle on.when she got indoors the kettle was just about
to switch itself off.and the cups was there all ready we walked into the
living room and yes flowers had been moved out of the window and small items
had changed place.i had to have the doctor out that weekend i was feeling
really bad.it was that day the doctor told me i had to move because i could
not make it upstairs anymore.mum made me a bed in the living room.i woke up
in the middle of the night and isee this man sitting on a chair next to me.i
screemed.he held his finger to his lips and just smiled for a little
while.he was trying to say something to me.i am deaf in one ear so i have
learned to lip read.the second night he kept saying to me please dont leave
this house it was allways a happy home you have made it to be how it used to
be happy and full of laugter.i told him i would be moving within a week my
doctor had pulled a few strings with the council.the last few days i was
there he spoke to me told me the next people in the house may not know he is
there it depends on if they believe.i am now 46 and if i had the chance to
go back to that house i would.i moved 6 miles away.but five weeks ago i have
moved back into a house just round the corner to old sid my friend the


My Best Ghost Friend

By: superj2121@houston.rr.com

  In the year 1999  after I had just gotten my drivers license  my best friend and i decided to go for a short ride. We had been listening to our favorite country song "The Little Girl" by John Michael Matgomery. We were having a great time until some drunk driver came and slamed into our car. The car started to flip over and over again. I luckily had only minor injuries but my friend who forgot to where a seatbelt was killed. Now every time I go down that road while listening to the radio that same song comes on and at the corner of my eye I see my best friend sitting safely with her seatbelt tightly on her.

 My Experience

By: EniledamS@aol.com

Hello my name is Madeline Smith and I am 12 years old. Ever since I was a young child strange things have happened to me. From a girl named Sally who told me she died in a car accident, to (one of the strangest yet) a pig-like apparition in the hallway that charged at me whenever I tried to go to my room sometimes forcing me to sleep on the couch. Through all this I have one experience that stands out as even so extreme I sometimes have trouble believing it happened myself.
My family and I were returning from San Francisco when my grandmother saw up ahead a very old graveyard and asked my mother to stop so that she may take some pictures. I had an uneasy feeling as we pulled up. I hesitated as they got out for some reason it just didn't seem right ... more so than entering a graveyard. There was a light breeze as I stepped out of the car and walked through the large metal gate into the small yard. My relatives wandered about gawking at the headstones of angels and such but I just slowly wandered aimlessly between the rows. While doing this I came upon the plain-looking headstone of a young girl who had died of smallpox, as I read the writing and the DOB to DOD I was caught up in a sort of dream only everything seemed perfectly real even and especially up to the feeling.
I was lying in a hospital bed covered with a single blanket, my head hurt and I was breathing very deeply as though labored. Curtains hung from both sides of me and nurses and a couple of doctors were rushing right and left. I heard their voices talking about patients and certain illnesses but they sounded distant and hard to hear. As all this was going on I began to hear my heart beating, at first almost as my own but gradually it became slower and I had the sudden urge to sleep...and it beat so soft and so slow ... it finally stopped and all went black. I found myself back in reality, with tears streaming down my face, staring at the headstone. Shortly after this my mothers camera stopped working, and I told her just plain out "They're upset, can we please leave?" it almost seemed as if someone had told me.

My Experiences

By: kinkyshitten@hotmail.com

Hi - i guess this is where is tell you what has happened to me.
Ever since i was a young girl, i've always been intrigued and perplexed my
ghostly happenings, and looking back, i guess i was always a little more
receptive to picking up on strange things going on around me. This the first
account. My eldest sister moved into her own place quite a few years ago.
She and her husband left the spare room empty for the time, and it was only
when my grandad unfortunately passed away that they put the bedrrom
furniture from his room in their spare room. Istayed over there quite a lot
from that point on, but i was unaware of where the furniture had come from.
I often woke in the middle of the night with a strange feeling - not a
threatening one, but quite brooding all the same, and made my way downstairs
where i would stay for the rest of the night, sleeping soundly on the
settee. My sister had a cat- Miller - whom they had had for a couple of
years, and who had never shown any strange behaviour before. Yet, when i
reported my experiences to my sister, she explained that it was strange that
i should say that, as just a couple of days after the furniture was
delivered, miller was upstairs in the spare room, and my sister in her
bedroom, when she heard miller start hissing and spitting, and when she went
to investigate, he was stood up on the bed, with his back arched, fur on
end, and his tail was all bushed out, still hissing at something she
couldn't see. He then ran from the room like a bat out of hell, and wouldn't
fall asleep in that room again. My niece was born less than a year after
this, and since she has come into the world, all strange feelings and
strange cat behaviour in that room seems to have stopped.
But this is the story that inspired me to write to you and share my
Just over three years ago, i started University in Leeds. I was to be
staying in University accomodation for my first year, and so was very
pleased to find that this accomodation consisted of a large victorian house,
which had been separated off into 3 different floors, with 10 Bedrooms in
total. On the bottom floor were 4 rooms, each with 2 boys in. the second
floor was made up of 5 bedrooms - 2 double rooms for girls, a double room
for boys, and two single rooms, occupied by two lads. On the top floor was
one bedroom -  a single room for a female, with a small landing outside,
anda bathroom across the landing. I was to be the fortunate girl at the top
of the house on her own, in room number 10.
I found the house a little scary - it was my first time living away from
home, and anyone would have been naturally a little apprehensive about being
stuck on the third floor on their own of a huge old house. But, i made the
room my own, and found it pretty cozy after a while, for a time at least.
The first thing that my fellow housemates and I remember happening is when
one of the other girls was up in my room on her own using my computer, and
the rest of us were downstairs on the ground floor in the communal area. The
girl suddenly came bolting down the back staircase, slamming open the bottom
fire door, and into the lounge, visably shaken. She said she was just being
silly, but she had her back to the door,when she said she had felt cold air
surround her, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She was sure
someone was stood behind her, so she turned and simply bolted down two
flights of narrow stairs to get away.
We all dismissed it as being just 'one of those things' and put it down to
normal jitters. But it was to get much more interesting.
The next thing to happen to me, and i still get shaky and tearful when i try
and verbally tell people -i was just really really scared. It was near
Halloween time in that first term, and a couple of the boys had gently
teased that they were goint to do 'something' to scare each of the girls. as
a result of this, when i went to bed that night, i checked my room from top
to bottom, and then locked my door. At about three in the morning, i was
aware of a pressure resting on the top of my foot. I was drowsy, and still
half asleep, but as i was coming around, i felt fingers tighten around my
ankle, release and then felt fingers tip toe up my leg - imagine making your
first and middle finger 'walk' - that was what i was feeling going up my
leg. i was awake by now, but couldn't focus, and couldn't move. when the
hand reached the top of my knee, it paused, and then suddenly grabbed my
knee hard, making my knee jolt in a reflex action. then, it was gone. I felt
nothing else, but sat in the dark, in the corner of my bed against the
wall,and didn't sleep until the sun came up, and i got the nerve to move,
turn on my light, and my TV. I told my housemates what had happened, and
they assured me that i was dreaming it,and shouldn't be so sensitive, and
why didn't i wake someone up to help? because i didn't dare move, because i
knew - KNEW - something would be in my way before i got to the door. I slept
in one of the double rooms with the other girls for the rest of that week,
and finally slept in that room again. Since then, i've always had to sleep
with some source of light in any room i  sleep in, whether it be a burning
candle- dangerous, i know - or with my TV on, or with a lamp, when i'm on my
own. I also have fairly frequent recurring nightmares where someone walks up
the side of my bed and is looking down at me, often a child or a small
figure, and often have to get up and check my room two or three times before
i'm satisifed i'm alone.
I never felt comfortable in that house again,and had no reason to. Other
people began to experience things -  my boyfriend was coming down the main
grand staircase in the foyer at about 1.00am, when he was physically pushed
from behind down the last 3 steps. Another time, it was him and another guy
were in the house on their own one night when the rest of us had gone out,
when they heard running footsteps on the second hall floor above them. There
is a firedoor at the top of each staircase,and in the case of the main
staircase, there is a reinforced glass and wood panel cordoning off the
upper landing, so no one could fall. There was a light switch for the upper
hall at the bottom of the stairs, and at the top on the other side of the
door. Simon, one of the guys, turned on the light at the bottom, so the
landing was illuminated. When he reached the top of the stairs however, the
light on the other side went out, even though there was nobody visable near
the light switch at the top. This was repeated for 2 more attempts, until
they refused to enter the landing in the dark, and left the house for the
night until we all got back.
We had a cleaner who came into the house every other day, and who had worked
at the university for many years. she was about 45 years old, and had grown
children of her own. When we aked her about the house one morning while we
were all there, she told us flatly that she did not like the house, and in
the holidays when all the students went home, she would not come in and do
the clean out on her own - she just refused. She said that she would never
use the main staircase either - she would only use the small service
staircase at the back. She left it at that, but that just reinforced
everything we had experienced. It got really strange towards the end of our
time there - one of the guys saw a young boy - aroungd 8 years old - stood
outside his bedroom window at about 2.00 am in the dark, just staring in.
There were reports of bulging in the ceilings of bedrooms, on the lower
floors, which the staff attributed to squirrel nests, strangely enough. One
of the final things that occurred was when we were all eating take-out on
the second floor of the house. From there, we would see the firedoor and
accompanying window which surrounded the spiral staircase that led to my
room. The window was at foot height as you climbed the staircase.Anyway, we
were all sat there, when four of us, all facing the window, saw the distinct
shadow of legs climbing the stairs to my room, even though no body had moved
from where we were, and whoever it was would have had to pass us on their
way up, and nobody had. that was pretty much that then, i resisted sleeping
there as much as possible,refused to be on my own for prolonged periods of
time,and was never more glad than the day we packed up and left that place.
I wanted to share my story, because i feel that, despite the fear i felt at
the time, and still feel to an extent when recounting the details, i feel
priviledged in a strange way to have had such experiences. I have remained
friends with the people i lived with that year, and when we go over what
happened and talk about it, there is a strange affection within us all for
what happened and what we shared. It brought us together, and that can never
be a bad thing.

My House

By: Cutiepie21921@aol.com

My house is deff.. haunted..
    Iam only 12 yrs. olf but i have experienced a lot of things in my life time...u would not belive wut strang thing occur in my hosue everyday......I live in a nieghborhood of townhouses and there was aonce a plane crash about 30 yrs. ago...it was horable a bunch of kids and adults died..there are so many stories i have heard form diffrent ppl about their house.....
1.One night when i was about 6 yrs. old i was sent up to bed.. it was around chrsitmas time b.c my mom was wrapping gift that why she sent me 2 bed...i was lying in me bed with all the lights off acept the bathroom one...i glanced in my parents rrom and saw a guy standing there...he had on a hat and was waving at me..it didnt frighten me that much b.c i knew for some starnge reason that he wasent gonna hurt me.. i sat on the steps by the room and just looked at him...i wasent scared at all...but when he started walking towards me i got up and ran down stairs and told my mom btu she didnt belive me and sent me back to bed. when i returned up stairs he was not there.I belive the guy was some one form the plane crash.
2.my neighbors down the street has a little boy who always used to tell his parents and every 1 that he has a friend named billy..every one thought he was an imaginary friend b.c they couldnt see him..his parents would set a baby monitor in his room and hear two diffrent kids having a conversation with each other it was very strange and it began to worry  them..one day the little boy (charlie the alive boy) said to the boy billy that he didnt want to play with him n e more and suddenly a bibble went flying across the room and landing on a page about gardian angels..every time charilie would say sumthing mean to him the bibble would fly across the room and land on the page....his parents informed the neighbor about wut was happing the nieghbor suggested to go to our public libeary and look up the people who hve died in the plane crash there was boy named billy only one..and he died he was about 4 yrs. old........
3.my neighbor says that when she was little she would walk into her sons room an find that a starge lasy would be holding her baby cradling him singing.....it was very strange it would happen often...adventually when the boy got a little older they never saw her again.
4.this is not a ghost story but werid things do happen in my house....often when iam home alone i will hear dooors shut and and open. many times i will come down stairs 2 get a drink and my dog will be let out side...and when i go back up stairs with out letting her inside i will hear the door open and she come inside.....to many werid things happen.

My Mothers Old House

By: stillhascherry21@yahoo.com

One day my mother told me what happened one night she had fallen a sleep on her couch. She said she felt someone tapping her on her back and she woke up. Then she heard a mans voice say I have money hidden inside this house if you find it you can have it. But when see turned over to see if anyone was there she saw nothing but air. At that time she was scared of what just happened. The next day she called her sister, asked her to come over to her house. They went searching around the whole house tapping on the walls to see if it sounded hollow, and looking in the floor vents but they fount nothing at all. Thats all she could do because she was just renting the house.

My Old House in Victor

By: Rosebud1060@hotmail.com

I live in the High Desert area of So. California.  Victorville is the name of the town, but 70 years ago the name was The Town of Victor.  History,  according to the older folks is that this used to be a town where outlaws used to hide out and became a place of many murders and known as a bad luck place.  I was born here in 1964 and was raised here.  when I bought my first house, it was downtown which is now refered to as Old Town.  My house was built in the early 1930's.  I was told by my husbands Grandfather that that whole block used to be the location of the first cemetary.  The cemetary was moved one block up to make room to build houses.  In other words, bodies were exhumed and relocated.  When me and my family moved in there, things were pretty normal and quiet at first.  In the hallway and the washroom (laundry room) instead of light swaitches on the walls, there were light bulbs on the ceiling and a chain or string hung down to pull in order to turn it on.  One night as I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep, I happened to be looking out into the hallway and noticed that the string from the light was swinging back and forth, slowly at first, then began to swing faster and as far back and forth as it could reach.  When I woke my husband, he just lay there looking too and we just didn't know what to believe.  Things started to get weirder after that.  Things came up missing and I would find them in strange places. I was always blaming the kids who never seemed to know what I was talking about. We had wood floors and I would often hear footsteps crossing the room.  The toilet would flush by itself.  We could never have a cat for a pet, it would always go and live at the neighbors or run away. One night I had a party for my son and as my family sat around the kitchen table talking, all of a sudden my sister grabbed her purse and jacket and said she had to go home,later to explain how she had seen in the darkened room what looked like a white shirt floating across the room by itself.  One night my daughter came into my room and said she couldn't sleep because her bedroom door wouldn't stop openning and shutting (by itself). One night as I was in bed I heard the back door unlock and close and footsteps across the kitchen floor.  I was so terrified, I thought we had a burglar, I woke my husband who searched the house and found nothing. A couple of times when I was alone in the house I heard heavy breathing  behand me.  My best frien stopped coming over to visit because she said she felt like she was being watched.  I contacted a Christian Phschic who came over and brought a psychic friend of hers.  Without charging a fee, after hearing the experiences I had, she wanted to know for herself what was going on. Her findings were that there was a spirit of the first owner of the house, a man who was not happy at the thought of another man living in that house and was causing these things to happen.  She said at one time, the man became deathly sick and almost died in that house.  She said his spirit was there and he didn't want to go on to the next place.  She gave me some herbs and told me to make little white sacks from material and hang them round the house and also to talk to him and tell him to go ,not to be affraid to move on to the next place where he should go.  I moved out of that house after 12 years and have been in another home for 6 months now.  Last month, and article came out in the Daily Press about the Community Center in Old Town, which happens to be one block from my old home.  The article states that during major renovations to the Community Center, the constuction workers threatened to quit because their finding tools moved around or doors found open the next day when they came to work when the doors had been locked and noises which made them uneasy being there.  Determined to find out what was going on,  the man in charge hired a psychic who performed a se'ance. It was determined that there was a spirit if a man who once lived in Victor and he had died from being shot in the head.  He also said that there were other spirits there from around the neighborhood.  Maybe the spirit from my old house was there that night too.  My old house has been vacant for 6 months now.  I guess I'm glad to be out of there and don't miss the strange goings on.  Things are peaceful and I have a much more relaxed feeling here at my new home.


My Own Story

By: Anonymous

I was reading through some stories on your site and it prompted me to send in my own. Actually, this particular story was not an experience that happened to me, although I have had other strange things happen. My friend's name is Maggie. We live in an area around St. Louis, Missouri-this is a city with a lot of history, and it is very old. It has many many buildings that are supposed to be haunted. One old mansion in the city was home to a family back in the 1800s, who brewed beer. As i understand it, nearly every member of this family-the Lemps-either was murdered or commited suicide. Their mansion, the Lemp mansion, is now a bed and breakfast, and is turned into a haunted house for people to go through at halloween every year. It would have to be one of the most popular haunted houses in the area. Maggie, and three of her friends, were going through the mansion around halloween about 2 or 3 years ago. It wasn't too scard i asked her to describe the man. As she did this, I was going to a website about the Lemp mansion, which had a picture of one of the Lemps himself. (I forgot the man's first name, but he had committed suicide in the 1800s) Maggie had described that man exactly, without having ever seen the picture

My Strange Life


     I realize I am among those who would listen.....so I will share with
you the(hopefully anyway) condensed version of my life story.
     Quite a few years ago, when I was 6 years old, I was swimming in my
Uncle Steve's pool, diving in, jumping out, etc.  Well, suddenly, I got
really brave, and wanted to touch the bottom of his pool.  I was a child
with a small lung capacity(and asthma on top of that), and probably should
have abandoned the idea, but, typical of me, I did not.  I tried many times,
but could only get about halfway, then had to come up for air.  Did I
mention he had a 21 foot deep pool?  Yeah.  He was quite well off,
money-wise, so he wanted to buy something he could show off, of course.
Yeah, he had a pool worthy of a Gym.
Anyhow, I wanted to do a final attempt--give it my all.  I gathered my
courage, and my breath, and went for it.....and, halfway down, as last time,
I ran out of breath.  I kept on.  It burned.  It was painful.  I kept on.
The bottom was in sight....I was almost there!  I touched the bottom, and
attempted to push off, and head toward the surface.....but my body had no
energy left.  The "Push Off" became a "Dead Float."
     I slowly float toward the surface of the pool, and felt life slipping
from me.  It is rather hard to describe, but I felt like I was still, and my
body was rising...and I felt really light headed, and I was near paralyzed.
Life was fading...then, suddenly, the pain stopped, and I was able to swim
to the surface, and pull myself out of the pool, onto the cement.  I lie
there, gasping for air.  When I got my breath, I got up, slowly, and looked
around, to see if my Uncle had noticed my absence.  I didn't see him--but
what I did see changed my life forever.
     I saw many people sitting around my Uncle's outside patio table,
conversing, gesturing toward each other, as if they were discussing
something.  I began to walk closer, to see who they were.  They continued
their actions.  I walked even closer.  Then, when I got about 20 feet from
them, one of them turned his head toward me.  Not his body, just his head.
His face is forever burned into my memory.  It is a face that had life
ripped from it.  A pale face, with minor noticeable features, such as a
plain nose, and eyes I could barely tell were there...because they were
somewhat transparent.  The others began to turn toward me as well, and two
of them began to rise from their sitting positions...to come toward me.  One
or two of them began to walk my way.  That was it....I felt madness coming
over me.  My eyes knew they were real, but my brain tried very hard to tell
me that they were not.  I was terrified.  I was also curious.  Something
told me to get away, and get away fast.
     I took a step or two backwards, my gaze locked on those lifeless eyes
of the first ghost's, and I could feel myself being drawn into some sort of
vacuum.....it came in intervals, like a heartbeat....my body would pulsate,
then stop....pulsate, then stop.  Then, I felt an incredible force pull me
back, my hands out, towards the pursuers.....and, I suddenly saw my Uncle,
bringing me back to life.
     He told me I was gone.  I was dead.  No pulse, no breathing, nothing.
He had tears in his eyes, and was so thankful I was back.  He said I had to
be out at least 5 minutes, because that is how long he was in the
house....he saw me dive under, he said.
     I will never forget what I saw that day...I still dream about
them....and I still see them to this day.  They have never hurt me, but they
always show up at inopportune times...when I was younger, they would stare
into my doorway, and motion for me to join them in another room.  When I
would follow, they would move into another room.  I would follow them for 10
minutes sometimes, then just give up. I would encounter them multiple times
a day, no matter where I go, so I know they were not bound to any one place.
  Libraries, friend's houses, my house, school, parks...it didn't matter.
When the lights were dimmed or off, they would really come for me.  I had
this saying when I was younger, that I would tell people(like my
psychiatrist for a month or two, hehehe), when they asked why I didn't like
going to bed:  "...because at night, they come for me."  How true it was.
     In my opinion, when I died that day(and I did it again a few years
later, hehehe--I wanted to conquer that pool!), I opened some kind of door
that didn't close.  I also gained a few "abilities" from this experience, as
well.  I have great eyesight, but I cannot look into lights brighter than
about 20 watt.  No joke.  I think my brain got all messed up when it was
without oxygen for so long, but who knows. I also get odd feelings when
something bad is about to happen...like when my Great Grandmother died(or
VaVa, in Portuguese), I felt quite sad.  That night, my Dad called me to
tell me the news.  I got the same way a month or two ago, when my friend
lost his Grandfather....but, sometimes, one or two things will slip through
the cracks, and get by...that same friend lost a grandmother a week ago, and
I felt nothing.
If anyone wants to hear more, or would like to discuss such things with me,
I welcome you all.  I am quite busy all the time, and am hardly ever home,
but my AIM is: spaceharrier18, and my email address is
space_harrier@hotmail.com.  Please, drop me a line.  Thank you for your

My Ghost

By: lisa.maree9@bigpond.com

When I lived with my parents, we had a ghost living with us aswell. One night when my brother and mum were out, and I was in the shower, my dad was in the lounge watching tv. He saw something move in the doorway to the hall, and he saw something run into my bedroom. I came out of the bathroom not long after, and confirmed that I hadn't been to my room. My mum saw the same thing, when all of us were in the lounge with her. I never actually saw it, but I did see something it left behind. I was in my room with my boyfriend, when I noticed a mark on my dressing table mirror. On closer inspection I found it was a set of handprints, like someone with sweaty hands put them on the mirror.I called everyone into the room, and we all compared our hands with the prints. None of us matched, they were too small. Our house was fairly new, so we hadn't heard of anybody passing away while living there. We never saw the ghost again after that.

Oakwood Cemetery

By: stdkmc31@shsu.edu

I love your website. I just wanted to comment on one thing. I was
looking on your Haunted Places Index and saw that Oakwood Cemetery was
listed. I grew up in Huntsville and have heard stories about Oakwood all
my life. The statue at the Powell family plot, although known as the
"Black Jesus", the proper name is "Christ in Bronze" and it's a very
rare statue. I think only two or three exsist. The first person buried
in the plot was Rawley Rather Powell, the five year old son of Benjamin
Harrison Powell III and Marion Rather Powell, also known as Miss Mamie.
Rawley bled to death when he hemrraged after having his tonsils removed.
This happened in 1925. Ben and Miss Mamie were devestated by the loss of
their beloved child and spent a lot of money setting up a nice plot for
him. It is the only place in the cemetery that is protected. No trees
are allowed to be cut down in that plot.
There are four other people buried there besides Rawley. Ben, Miss
Mamie, Ben IV., who died in about 1994, and Ben IV's infant daughter who
died sometime in the 1940s. I remember hearing that the gravediggers had
a hard time digging Ben IV's grave because of the preservation clause.
The tombstone for his daughter is at the entrance to the plot. I'm not
sure if this is where she is actually buried.
Oakwood cemetery is a fascinating place. Besides General Houston, it
contains the graves of many prominent early citizens of the area,
including Henderson Yoakum, an early historian. It also includes the
graves of several Union P.O.W.'s from the Civil War.
Another story about Oakwood is about Maydell Oliphant. She was from a
prominent local family and very popular. One night she came home from a
party very ill. Within a day or two she died and was buried in Oakwood.
Her family had a statue of her made in Italy for her tombstone. Within a
few days rumors began to circulate that Maydell had been buried alive.
When her grave was finally dug up, Maydell was dead, but it appeared she
had clawed the silk lining of her coffin. I have seen the grave and the
strange thing is, the statue is turned at an angle.
I hope you enjoyed these stories. Keep up the good work on your website.

People Talking

By: rwatwell@peoplepc.com

My name is noelle and i live in tahlequah, oklahoma. This is my experience. Where i live there used to be this old house, its torn down now because it was falling apart, but the family that used to live there also had slaves. My horse pasture is on this land and when i feed my horses I often here people talking and even sometimes yelling that wouldnt  be strange normally but there are no homes for a few miles. My other experience there is one day i was walking back to my house and on there way there I saw a tall black man wearing grey overalls and a hat leaning on the fence he waved then disapeared. But i dont mind them much anymore they seem to be friendly and they dont bother me much.

Ranch Style House

By: rodman@c-magic.com

I have never really had any experiences with haunting, until I started visiting my father and his wife.I ended up staying a short time with them,my thoughts of the paranormal will never be the same.
  let me set the stage for you.I live in mid Missouri,an area steep in the history of a young nation ever expanding westward.houses here has survived Indians,tornados,a civil war,and various traumatic times until now.the place where my father stays is resting on the foundations of a large,multistory house,in the middle of a 1500 acre ranch.the house that he lives in is a ranch style house,dwarfed by the size of the foundation of the former house.
  as I first came to the inner gate to the house,I had an overwhelming sense of pressure across my chest.and in an instant,in a vision I saw several confederate solders come riding up to the gate.I thought I had this vision several other times,but I then realized that some times the riders were union soldiers.I knew then that there was something different with this house.as I was getting settled in my room I saw that a good dusting was needed.so I did,windows and sills included.the very next day I noticed inside the closed windows,where I cleaned the day before.there was so many dead flies I could not count them all.then as days passed,the feeling of uneasiness kept me on my toes.I started to hear people call my name out loud when no one was around.
  I kept seeing people out of the corner of my vision,that would disappear when I looked directly at them. then finally one night I was awakened from my sleep by my bed jumping up and down,I quickly jumped out of bed and dashed thru the doorway.as soon as I cleared the doorway,the bed stopped moving.I stayed awake in the living room the rest of the night.the next day,I asked if anyone has ever seen or heard anything strange happening in the house.they affirmed that voices were heard,people were seen,and my fathers wife was awakened by something that grabbed her blanket down by her feet,and started to shake it up and down like someone making a bed.another figure was seen trod walk across the living room and turned right and started to walk up the stairs that no longer existed there.I left there with a feeling of dread,danger,and foreboding,never to return again.

Natchez Chase

By: Lou602@aol.com

Several years ago I was traveling down the Natchez Trace late one night. I don't know if any of you have traveled the Trace at night, but it is very dark and not many lighted areas except from on coming cars. This makes it a very lonely drive and the speed limit is 50 so time goes by really slow. Up grades are always being made and at times you must detour off the Trace to a near by road and in several miles you can go back on to the Trace, mostly for bridge repairs. As I approached one of these by pass detours that night I will never forget what I saw. On the left side of the road there stood a tall man I'd say around 6 foot with a white beard. He was standing perfectly still and did not make any moves pointing his finger towards the by pass exit. He was bare foot and wore clothes that were gray in color. His pants were ragged up to mid shin. I remember that he did not scare me. I had a feeling of good will come over me.

Seen Heard and Felt

By: pete.robins1@BTopenworld.com

My name is Rachael and I have seen, heard and felt a ghost. I am 13 years old and when I first had an encounter with a ghost, I was 11. I was with my parents walking threw a haunted graveyard. This may seem silly for a 11 year old with her step sister and parents to be walking late at night in a haunted graveyard. We had just been on a 26 mile walk up Cleave Hill. This is in England. Walking threw the graveyard was the quickest way home. The graveyard was called Prestbury graveyard and I think most the most haunted place in Cheltenham. Any way there was a path striate threw the graveyard. As I was walking down it I started to feel all warm and fuzzy in my stomach and my heart I began to feel chills and I looked up and I saw a nun walking towards me. It wasn't a ordinary person I could see striate threw her. I was surprised that it was only me that could see her. She was walking strait towards me, when she came up close, I thought she would just disappear, but she didn't she just walked striate threw me and when she did it felt really good. I a flush feeling in my head and I felt really good about my self. I didn't even feel negativity. I was just in perfect calm. I felt as if she blessed me. I'm not religious. In fact I am, but my religion is witchcraft. I just felt so good as if there was a pure spirit guiding my way home. I saw object around me glowing a blue-grey and then everything was a blue-grey colour an inch surrounding every object including me and my family. And that I would say was the best experience of my life. Nobody has believed my as I told them my story I was just hopping someone who has had experience with ghosts would believe me.

Rented House in Burnaby

By: zena23@hotmail.com

My name is Judy.
I am a 38 year old Canadian woman.
Several years ago I lived in a big old house in Burnaby,B.C.
It was the top level of a hugh house that had been built during the war.
The apartment I occupied had 3 bedrooms.
I lived there alone.
The bedroom I slept in was directly across the hall from one of the other two,
it was identical in every way to my room,
there were some antique items that were in there when I moved in.
A bed,a dresser with a mirror and and old sitting chair.
I usually always made sure that the door to that room was closed
because it gave me the creeps to look into it at night time.
This particular night,I had used the mirror in there to do my make-up and I had forgotten to close the door.
I had come home and gone to bed.
In the motion of turning over,I happened to look into the door frame of the other room,
and I noticed a figure standing in the door,holding the side of frame.
I could see no features,only an outline,that looked like the oppsite of a shadow.
It had a sort of glow.
I thought to myself,"What if it starts to come towards me?
As soon as I finished the thought,
I was out of bed and clicked on the light.
I suddenly felt remoreful,and sorry for this spirit,or whatever it was.
I clicked the light off.
It was gone.
The very next day I called a friend and he helped me move.
I abandoned whatever furniture I could not take in the first load,
including a sofa and loveseat that was almost brand new.
To this day,almost 20 years later,I wonder who or what I saw there in that house.

Shaft Room on board the USS Coral Sea

By: Trentonbuzzsaw@aol.com

I was a 3rd. Class MS onboard the USS Coral Sea, according to reg's many personnel known as "mess cooks" were sent to our division as a sort of labor pool. One such mess cook Galen Mullis & I became friends. He was from Engineering, & he told me about the Shaft Room where a nasty smell permeated this space, even after many refurbishings. Including several 'Yard(s) refitting; chipping & repainting, dismanteling of the shaft etc.
Well, there was this smell in this compartment that smelled like death. I immediately felt uncomfortable as well. I had come to find out that a former shipmate had hanged himself in this room, & no one found him for weeks. This unfortunate deed happened in the 1960's, yet the odor from remained.

Worth Telling

By: ksmcgee4416@hotmail.com

I live in northwestern Montana in a very rural and mountainous area.  One
cloudy afternoon after finishing up work, I loaded up my three dogs and
decided to drive to a little local cemetary that I had never been to before.
  It is tucked back in the woods far from the main road on a unmaintained
curvy dirt road.  I was driving my 1972 GMC pickup truck and I thought to
myself, "Looks like rain.  Maybe I should head back home in case it rains
because my wipers haven't worked in years."  I was almost there, so against
my better judgment, I headed to the cemetary.
Once I got there, I found a very small graveyard on a beautiful hill with 18
graves (possibly more unmarked).  Some were marked only by wooden crosses
without names or dates on them.  (This may be because the area I live in is
known for its poverty level).  I was extremely upset to find the place a
complete and utter mess.  There was trash laying around the gravestones,
plastic flowers in their vases had been knocked over, the grass was not
mowed - the place was in a state of neglect.  I left the dogs in the cab of
the truck and proceeded to walk around and pick up the trash, depositing it
in the bed of my pickup truck for later disposal.  I straightened up all the
vases and flowers, and was talking to the residents as I did so saying
things like, "I can't believe you would all be left like this," and "I am
going to clean this place up - people need to have more respect for all of
you." After I was done, I walked over to a grove of trees and stood in the
center for a few moments when I felt a distinct presence behind me, and
heard/felt someone breathing immediately behind me.  Right at that moment,
my dogs started barking like mad and when I spun around to see who was
there, I saw no one, but the dogs were all staring in my direction, still
barking and looked really agitated.  I stood there looking back at them and
it started to pour down raining.  I ran back to the truck and got in and
said out loud, "Great, now we're stuck here until it stops raining because I
won't be able to see to drive us home."  I started the truck anyway to let
it run for awhile (early fall is chilly here in MT) and the windshield
wipers started up by themselves.  I swear I then heard a woman's voice
whisper "Thank you."  My dogs were growling and looking around at me and
each other like, where did that come from?  I felt really good about what I
had done, as it surely made a person (or people) on the other side happy,
and they returned the favor.

Thank you for the dedication to maintain such a wonderful website.

The Body in Red

By: Anonymous
i know that i keep sending in stories that i say didnt actually happen to me, but i want you all to know that i have had some strange experiences of my own..i will probably post them later, but for right now i dont feel comfortable writing them, because they scare me as i am still living in the house it happened in. Anyway, this story actually happened to my grandpa before i was even born. Everyday on the way home from work he would pass a very small bridge with a small amount of water running underneath it-not a river, just a very miniscule creek. He was used to passing over the bridge, it wasnt a big deal, and though it is larger now and in an area surrounded by businesses, at the time it was still undeveloped and was just a quiet road surrounded by trees and field. Anyway, one day on the way home from work my grandpa was in a good mood and just sort of looking out of the windows of his truck and thinking. He glanced atis the real part that gives me shivers, and i swear that it's true- about two weeks later, an article appeared in the paper. A seven year old boy,  (it showed a picture of him, and he was in red and had dark hair-and yes i know the picture wasnt of the day he died, so the red thing isnt about the actual body, if you get what i am saying, but that is what he saw,) and the article reported that a young boy riding his bike had hit a ditch of some sort, and crashed his bike into the little creek, under the bridge. He had  struck a rock with his head and had died instantly. I remember the way my family tells this story to this day, they know that my grandpa had had some premonition of what was going to happen over a week later.

The Cabin


When I was 18 I came home from college for the weekend to visit my boyfriend
who was living with a co-worker in a small cabin in the woods.  The next
morning my boyfriend and his roommate got up early and headed to work
leaving me alone in the cabin.  After they left I got back into bed to relax
for awhile as there was no tv to watch or anything else to do.  I thought I
would have a nice relaxing day alone.
I must have dozed off because I was suddenly shaken awake.  My first thought
was that my boyfriend had come home and was trying to wake me.  But when I
tried to open my eyes to see what was up I found that I couldn't get them to
open.  The shaking stopped and I continued to focus all my energy on forcing
my eyes open to see what was going on.  Not only couldn't I open my eyes,
but I couldn't move my body either.  I'd heard of sleep paralysis, but had
never experienced it before.  I tried to relax until it passed, but the
sense that someone was kneeling next to the bed with its face within inches
of mine was horrifying.  It was like there was a very menacing presence
right there staring at me, and all I wanted to do was turn my head and look
at it.
After a couple minutes went by I was able to let out a kind of strangled
shreik, which I have never done before or since, at which point I regained
control of myself. Needless to say I sprang out of that bed and flew into
the next room badly shaken and sweating profusely.
The day that ensued was anything but relaxing.  I could not shake the
feeling that someone was watching me.  I am not a paranoid person, and this
was a new kind of fear for me.  It was extremely unpleasant.  To keep myself
busy until my boyfriend came home, I set about cleaning the cabin.  I found
myself thankful that these two guys were such pigs as it kept me busy for
most of the day.  But being late fall, darkness came early in the evening.
And with the growing darkness came the growing fear that something was
indeed watching me.  It became so strong that I had to pull all of the
curtains closed in the hopes that whatever it was was outside.
This done I continued to seek out anything remotely untidy to straighten up.
  My nerves were frazzled and I realized that I was trembling quite abit.
Never have I felt this kind of irrational fear.  I was very aware that I was
acting crazy, but it was like some kind of flight instinct was setting off
all the self preservation hormones in my body.  I just couldn't help it.
I bent down over the coffee table in the living room and picked up a plastic
cd holder in order to wipe the table down.  I set the cd holder square in
the middle of the table and turned toward the couch to straighten the
pillows.  As I turned I caught a quick movement in the window behind the
couch.  This frightened me so badly that I just froze where I was.  So much
for my flight instinct.  And as I stood there frozen to death staring at the
window, I heard the distinct sound of the plastic cd holder crashing across
the wooden floor behind me.  When I was finally able to turn around to see
about the noise, the case was gone.  So I turned back to see what had caught
my eye in the window.  The curtains were open just a crack and the movement
I saw was just the reflection of myself turning to straighten the sofa
cushions.  I had scared the pant off myself.
At that moment my boyfriend and his roommate got home and I broke into tears
and tried to tell them what I had been through.  It sounded so stupid.  The
roommate went down the hall and retrieved the cd case from his room.  It was
cracked and a couple pieces had broken off of it.  Somehow the cds it was
holding had all ended up under the coffee table.  We tried to figure out how
a rectangular object could have slid off the table and rolled down the hall,
around the corner into the back bedroom.  Let alone with such force that it
was badly broken.
It was a pretty scary experience and I sincerely hope that I never feel that
kind of fear again.  Anyone who has felt this will agree.


The Call of the Banshee

By: Sciaccay@aol.com

This is a true encounter with the other side that happened when I was younger.  My family had a house built in a clearing in a piece of Woodland know as Ojibway. When the house was in the finishing stages, my brother who is 10 yrs OLDER than I  went into the basement and immdeiately hated it. It wasn"t anything you could see.. Anyways we moved into the home and tried to make it comfortable. Thats when the phone calls started. At first we thought it was the wrong number, we now in the yr 2000 recount our experience as something more than a mis dialed number. Anyway the call would usually come around the time my Dad left for work at 11pm. The voice on the other line was an elderly lady telling that "david and Christine" could not have their piano lessons today because she was ill. My  mom would hang up. at first she was pleasant but after awhile my mother was getting angry. I was 3 at the time and I was dealinWe worked through each incident and I was 6 when it started up again. My brother and my father seem to see or witness things. My mom took the phone calls from the woman and it was always the same saying David and Christine and about their piano lessons. Telephone company at the time requested a new number but because we just moved from over seas we didn't want to do it so soon. So we had to either put up or shut up.  One night about 8:30 my brother stayed home while the rest of us went grocery shopping. I guess from what I was told, He and  a friend werr working on his bike in the basement. the phone rang and my brother ran upstairs to answer it. His friend heard my brother on the phone and also heard a womans voice. He came upstairs and my brother hung up the phone. The friend told my brother what he had heard. They both went back down stairs and they both heard a door shut and what sounded like a womans voice. They ran upstairs and there was nobody. My brother ran upstairs towards the bathroom andthe old woman moaned and the phone went dead. No dial tone nothing. My dad heard a screech so unearthy and so scary that even the dog cowered down. The calls stopped. Freaky coincidense is that my Aunt Christine and Uncle David who live in another country were taking piano lessons from an eldely neighbour who passed away . The date cooresponed with our start of phone calls. There were alot of other weird things and in the end we moved. I often wonder if the reason why three families have since moved from that house have had any weird things.

The Ghost of Coach Hill

By: gemma@gice.com

This took place in a quiet neighborhood near Terrace Gardens of Coach Hill. I'm 17 who is currently in Forest Lawn high School. I live with my mom but on most occasions I'm pretty much on my own I'm well into reading and does not believe into the paranormal activities until now.  So take a moment to read my story. It was when I fell asleep late one afternoon, I was awoken to a loud bang in the up stairs kitchen.  I then felt paralyzed from the loud bang and thought to myself "Could this be my mother or an intruder?" As instincts, I rushed to my dresser were my cell phone sat and instantly phoned my mother. Before I got to talk to her she instantly said to me "Scott honey I'll phone you right back I'm in a meeting!" Before she let me go I rushly said "mom there's someone else in the house!" Before she replied the phone went dead as if the reception  was being blocked. The silence of up stairs then led to foot steps, which then trailed its way towards the stair way.  The thought of survival came to mind and reached for my baseball bat.  As I griped my bat thinking that I must be going crazy. I then heard the mid weight soft steeps head for my bedroom door. I then yelled ''who's there!'' No one responded.  Then said ''you'll be sorry for opening the door!'' It was quiet for a moment and then the loudest, violent, banging, pounded on my door as if an angry 400lb man was boxing a punching bag. I slowly opened my door not knowing what I'm about to see and nothing was there. I looked at the markings on my door and saw the big indent and felt more scared. As I begin to look for my cordless phone to call the cops I realized that my mother didn't pay the monthly bill so the phone was useless. I then tried my cell phone again  and got nothing but static. I had no choice but to search the house to see who it was and found nothing to be seen at all. The locks on the doors and windows were locked. They haven't been touched at all. Suddenly the lights started to flicker for a while as I stood there in shock and heard my bedroom door slam with a bang. I turned my head towards the stairs with a snap to see a black darken figure race with speed up the stairs and out the front door breaking the lock right in my face leaving the door a jar. I don't know what I experienced that day but I'm sure it was abnormal. I believe the black figure looked allot like a scrambled screw up on a computer screen. Thank you for reading my story of my life.


The Ghosties

By: belle98@attbi.com

I have read thousands of stories submitted by people on this site and it
never gets old to me.  I decided it was finally time to share my most
significant experiences here.  Hope you enjoy reading.  In 1998, I began
to frequent a neigborhood watering hole in one of the many ethnic
communities still in existance here in Pittsburgh, PA.  The music was
great, the bartenders were cool, but there was just something about the
place that kept luring me back.  The building itself was tall and old,
narrow in the front where the bar was with an even more narrow passage
to the back room where there are pool tables and even a fireplace,
probably the original fireplace since the building was built, now gas
fueled.  You got the feeling that this place was probably a Tavern of
sorts from the time it was built, which I now estimate to be somewhere
around 1875. It didn't dawn on me until I had been going here for about
a year that the women's bathroom, no matter what the time of year, was
at a constant 50 degrees or so.  Always cold in there, and you always
have the feeling you're being watched.
 It wasn't until I met my current boyfriend, who lives directly above
this place in an apartment, that things started to get really cool.  I
had decided to stay at his place for the first time one night and I woke
up in the night to find a man standing at the bottom of the bed.  I
rubbed my eyes and just looked at him for a few moments, then realized
that he was gray - the best way I can describe it is like he just walked
out of a black and white TV - and he stood there, hands on hips,
watching me.  I could feel that he felt I was an intruder there, he was
specifically giving me that vibe. I realized that this was an apparition
and like most of the encounters I have had, I also realized that when it
actually DID happen to me, it wasn't as scary as I had set myself up to
believe it would be.  I closed my eyes and sort of rolled over and
squeezed my boyfriend.  I ran over in my mind the conversation I had had
when I first met him about my interest in Parapsychology, and I remember
thinking "Oh my God, he doesn't even realize they're here!"
So I turned back over to find the man still there, still looking at me.
This time, I pinched my boyfriend and he muttered in his sleep. I just
had to verify that I wasn't dreaming.  Suddenly, movement caught my eye
peripherally to the left - I rolled over a little more to see a woman
with LONG hair bent over me on my side of the bed.  I squeeeeezed my
eyes shut tight.  I didn't feel the negativity coming from her that I
did from the man, who was still there. So they watched me.  Each time I
opened my eyes they were still there.  I remember thinking about my
theories that ghosts didn't have control over their actions, all
hauntings were residual, blah blah blah....I thought this blows that
theory! I opened my eyes to look again and they were both gone.  To this
day, I think they were just checking me out.  I think they have always
been there and they just wanted to know what I was doing there!  This
was the first time I had ever seen an appartition, ever.
 The next time it happened was a similar scenario.  I was lying in bed
awake, trying to sleep.  My boyfriend had been sawing logs for quite
some time.  I was looking at the ceiling when, again, peripherally, I
caught movement by the doorway to the room.  I looked quickly in that
direction and I saw a woman enter the room.  NOT the same woman I had
seen previously, either.  This one was dressed in some kind of
turn-of-the-century barmaid get up and this one was carrying a tray!  I
thought "well, that's something you don't see everyday!"  So I watched
her.  I did not feel afraid.  She seemed completey oblivious to me, and
I was scared then, but kept quiet.  She walked down along the foot of
the bed, stopped. Walked a little more, stopped. She came up along my
side of the bed and sat down holding this tray with what looked like old
beer mugs or steins on it.  I did not feel the bed drop or give from any
kind of weight, but I could plainly see her sitting there. She also was
gray, looked like black and white TV.  I remember thinking "Am I just
going to lie here and  wait for her to go away or should I test this?"
I tested.  I started to swish my feet around under the covers, and she
slowly faded away - almost like "dissolved".  She never did look at me.
 I had discussed these things with my boyfriend about a week after they
happened, and he urged me to give my opinion of what I thought was
there.  I told him what I had seen and he smiled.  He said, "You just
verified what I had always thought.  A man and a woman are here.  I
think they like me."  I laughed and said, "Oh, I think you have more
than that!"  After the initial sightings, things began to happen.  It
was like my presence there "woke them up".  Items began to disappear,
then reappear in other places. A pair of gloves I had bought myself
around Christmas completely disappeared and I took to blaming my sister
for this, as she liked to steal my things.  Appliances and lamps turned
on and off. You could almost feel the "zap" of electricity in the air.
You'd see movement out of the corner of your eye constantly. The sound
of a man coughing in the kitchen. One night, my boyfriend felt someone
get into bed and lie down next to him - someone very cold and invisible!
Someone brought by some old photos from a previous Halloween taken in
the apartment.  There were five people in the photos and there was an
orb above every one of their heads. I am skeptical about  orbs, but I
still thought there being one for every person was kind of interesting.
The items that were disappearing at this time, seemed only to be MY
things, or important things of his that I would get blamed for moving
when I didn't touch them.  I was starting to get annoyed.  I am a good
and nice person and I treat my boyfriend better than anyone he's
probably ever known in his life. I couldn't understand why they didn't
like me.
 On Valentine's day of the following year, I was given a key to my
boyfriend's apartment.  I was overjoyed. Finally, I could come and go as
I pleased and I wouldn't have to ask him to come downstairs and unlock
the main door for me anymore.  About a week after I got the key, we were
at the bar and I really had to use the restroom.  The bar's bathroom was
packed, a five-girl wait.  I decided to use his bathroom right
upstairs.  I unlocked the door, ran upstairs, did what I had to do and
quickly ran back downstairs. When I went to lock the door behind me, my
key was bent.  It was bent almost to the shape of a question mark!  I
had never seen anything like this and I racked my brain trying to
remember how it could have been bent that way. I spent 10 minutes trying
to straighten it out on the doorjamb, but to no avail.  I went back into
the bar and showed my boyfriend and he was upset about it.  He said,
"well, I guess some people can't handle this responsiblity," and took
the key off of my keyring and tossed it in the trash.  I was VERY upset.
I tried to explain that there was no way possible I could have done that
to the key!  I couldn't even bend it back!  This led to an argument
between us and I was so upset that I just left.  I used his key to
unlock the upstairs door and went upstairs and got in bed.  As I sat
there crying, I felt the electrical "charge" come into the room.  I got
very mad.
I said "Look!  I love this boy.  I don't know why you are doing things
to try to drive us apart.  I take good care of him, I make sure he eats
and has clean laundry and I JUST LOVE HIM!  I wish you would please
stop.  I have no objections to you being here, but you have gone too
far! You need to get where you're going to and fast!  You shouldn't be
here, YOU HAVE PASSED ON!"  Everything was quiet.  I cried myself to
sleep and woke up about an hour later when my boyfriend came upstairs.
He came into the bedroom and sat down on the bed.  He said "I'm sorry.
After you left, I fished the key out of the trash.  We looked at it and
there really is NO WAY you could have bent that key that way. We'll get
you a new key."  I thought I heard a quiet sigh somewhere in the room,
and that was the end of that.
 The next morning, I woke up, got dressed and came out into the living
room.  We looked at the key some more and were just perplexed. We
decided to get some food.  I went into the bedroom to get my watch on
and there, lying at the bottom of the bed were the gloves I had lost
around Christmas!  They were lying palm-up, put together as they would
be on a pair of hands.  I just smiled.  A peace offering.  After that,
things died down considerably.  I did not feel any presences in the
place besides our own.  No electrical zap in the air.  No movement out
of corners of eyes.  All activitiy pretty much stopped.  That was about
a year ago. Things were quiet - until now.  Sometime in November 2002, I
got up off the couch to stretch, and happened to see a little black cat
run across the doorway in the kitchen.  My boyfriend had not seen it
and, although he does have a cat, his cat was asleep behind him on the
couch. I ran into the kitchen and looked everywhere.  There was no cat.
Sometimes at night we can hear the sound of a bottle cap being batted
around on the kitchen floor. It's very distinct, there's nothing else
that sound could be.  His cat has always been strange, but now we are
noticing more that she seems to be playing with another cat.  A few
nights ago, my boyfriend was in bed falling asleep and he was petting
his cat, to his left.  He said that he felt another little kitty run up
onto the bed and lie down next to his cat!  His cat then bristled up and
ran off of the bed and into the living room.  He could still feel the
weight of the other cat next to him, but when he tried to touch it,
there was nothing there. I have also always been skeptical about animal
ghosts, but this is too weird!  Things have remained quiet lately.  The
only thing I've noticed is, more and more frequently, that "zap" of
electricity has started to come and go again. I am not opposed to them
being there.  I feel that there is defintely more than just one or two
spirits there, and also downstairs.  I would still like to get to the
bottom of why the owner of the bar REFUSES to be there alone to close up
at night!  I've heard a few stories leak out about things being crazy
down there after hours as well, but the only thing I've ever experienced
there was cold spots and being touched softly on my shoulder. I am sorry
for the length, but I don't know a shorter way to tell my story!  OH,
also, anyone in the Pittsburgh area who is open to this stuff and who
wants to do some investigation, please feel free to contact me. Happy
Hauntings, all.

The Girl's School In Beverly New Jersey

By: Trentonbuzzsaw@aol.com

When I was about 13 or so, my parents went to a party at a friend's house on Warren & Farnum Sts in Beverly. There is a large 3 story house that is now apartments. While at the party they heard screaming & pounding in the attic; the party was in a 2nd flr apt. Many people went up there & found nothing. I had come to find out that there was a fire in the attic when this building was a school for girls in the 1800's. Apparently there had been a fire at some time that took the lives of 2 girls. Now, my parents are most sensible,  & I do not think that this was a lark on their part.


The House

OK heres the background of my house. It is about 75 years old when my parents bought it was built on an Indian burial ground. The previous owners of the house were a family of 6, a mother a father two sisters and a two brothers. The father died the reason I could not find the mother died two months later of heart ache. One of the brothers soon killed himself in the basement and one of the sisters contracted a rare disease called elephantitus were your whole body swells up and becomes gray. The other sister did not have any problems but the other brother was a drug addict. This family was very religious and hung religious items in the unfinished basement.
When I was 8 I started noticing weird happenings in the house although I did not see anything I felt it. I would sense something coming down from the stairs into my living room I looked were I thought the feeling was coming from and I followed the feeling 10 feet until it disappeared I was not shore what to do so I did nothing. A year went by with these feelings until I started feeling it enter my room late at night and being awoken by its presence. Every time this happened I was not scared I just felt uneasy.
It would be another year until I started seeing its figure. It started as a dark 6 foot shadow that I seen coming up from the stairs and into my room and hover over my bed for a moment then disperse I could sense that this was not a bad spirit and did not mean to harm me. I then started staying up late and playing video games in my liveing room when i seen what i felt in the past year 2 white orbs that were the size of eyes came in through the window on the side of the steps and made its path through the living room 10 feet from the steps then disappeared, although these times it seamed to go faster than when I used to feel it.
Then 2 years went by until a great events started occurring at this time I was 11 and it was the summer before I was to enter the 6th grade and my cousin had moved in who is part Native American. The first event that happened was that when I was laying in my bed early in the morning I felt a presence take me over although I was still conscious it felt that our spirits had joined. I would then look up at my ceiling fan and with no windows open I would make it move without touching it would go one way very slowly then I would make it stop and spin the other way. The next event was the first threatening one, there were four 2ft by 1ft boxes stacked in the middle of my room. One night I woke up to an evil presence in my room and as I did I seen all the boxes toss up into the air and fall. I did NOT pay much mind to it until the next morning thinking they just fell over. When I awoke the next morning and started cleaning up I noticed that the bottom box was on its side.
I knew it was the bottom box because it was the only box that had stuff in it. At the site of this I knew something was wrong and I fell back on my bed and laid there for a few minutes stupefied by the site and thought.
That night me and my cousin stayed up late playing video games.
my dog was up stairs because it was thundering and he is scared of thunder so he goes up there to try and get into a bedroom and hide under the bed. i went upstairs to get something and as i was going down the stairs my cousin was waiting for me at the bottom of the steps when we herd loud scratching coming from his bedroom that lasted 3 seconds. We got scared and ran into the kitchen. we then went up stairs to see what it was thinking it was my dog. we looked down the hallway upstairs. all the doors were closed but my dog was standing in the middle of the hallway staring at us in a threatening kind of way. As we approached him he growled stopped then ran down stairs. we opened the door to my cousins room to see 2 sets of 3 3 inch claw marks scratched into the floor.
Since these events have happened i have moved from that house and have lost the feeling of my soul being joined with another but have gained the ability to tell if something is true or not. i can tell because my eyes start to have 2 tears build in them then role down my cheeks. I still get feelings of paranormal beings when i go over my friends house who has a poltergeist there. i know i sensed it because i said i felt a presence there before he could tell me there was one.

The New House

By: darkhorse@sc.rr.com

I am fifteen years old, and i have never believed in ghosts...never.
I know that there are people everywhere who say the exact same thing...and i know that there are few people who would believe me, that most would call me paranoid. But i have a story to tell, and i have never believed in not telling a good story...
As I was saying, i have never believed in ghosts. Even when i was younger, i was certain there were no monsters under my bed and nothing was hiding in my closet. And then, just two summers ago, my family moved.
We moved from the same small town I had always lived in to the so called "big City"-- to Ft. Jackson, a military base in Columbia, SC,
And it began. From the first night, wierd things happened. That night, my dog, who is, at six years old, relatively mature and quiet, woke me for the first time since he was a puppy and needed help getting on my bed. He was growling, the most awful look on his face. Sugar is a sweet dog, but on this night he looked...scary. NOt at me, you must understand. He was in full out guard stance at the foot of my bed, fending off--mothing. He faced out towards the center of the room, and there was nothing there.
That was the first and only night that i slept with my bedroom door closed. Make that, I tried to sleep with my door closed. After waking, there was little hope that i would fall back into any sort of peaceful rest. And this was only the beginning.
Everywhere that I go, there's this feeling that something doesn't want us here...something is always watching us. Even as I type, I feel it. Doors close on their own...the sliding glass door at the back of the house closed itself one day, just this past summer. I was just relaxing on our patio. I had left the door open, so that the breeze could air out the house. It was cool, for a midsummer's day,and the breeze was so peaceful. I was alone, as one usually is when this sort of thing happens, when the door slid shut. It didn't slam, it just slid. I saw nothing, no person, nothing. But Sugar was again in guard stance, silent this time, just watching.
Other times, my radio will turn itself on and off. It came to the point where i couldn't sleep at night, everything that i had believed, that there is no such thing as ghosts, was coming unraveled. I would hear voices, so I started sleeping with the radio on to block them out. And it would turn its own volume up. Or, the station would switch and the CD would change...even though i was careful to put it on repeat...I didn't want the silence, the silence was frightening. The silence was menancing. The silence wasn't silent, it kept telling me through the feeling that it didn't want us here, that we were invading.
Then things started falling off the walls. Posters, pictures, decorations, whole shelves. We would wake up to the sound of thumping, of glass breaking as things came falling down. And oddly enough, one or two times, a picture would be shattered against the opposite wall, as if it had been thrown.
Before and after school, i am home alone. It is unavoidable, really. It was on one such occassion, conincidentally while i was finishing Stephen King's IT, I began to hear laughing, just a chuckle at first. Again, home alone, no body there. So, as i sat frozen to the couch, this chuckle began to grow louder. It became an all-out laugh, then it became maniacal. It was loud and...insane. Am I getting my point across? It wasn't a ha-ha this is funny, It was a wild, crazy laugh. I was...frozen. I truly could not move, I just sat there and listened to it.
During the first few months, this was the extent of it...the dog would overreact, things would fall, my stereo would act up, doors would shut. But that's was all, and I am no weakling, i could handle it. I just made sure that I stayed alone as little as possible. I never mentioned it...no one did, it was an unspoken rule. But my younger sisters began refusing to be left upstairs alone. Even my parents were wary of this feeling. But still, there was just a sense of disbelief, of denial. We tried to explain it away.
And then it happened.
I was awoken once again in the middle of the night, much as before. But this time, it was to my mother screaming. Again, she was one of the first to rationalize every happening. But this particular night, even she could not explain the cold hand that ran along her back as she lay down to sleep. My dad was away, which he often is due to his job.There was no one in the house but myself, mom, and my sisters...and we were all in our respective beds.
So we moved from the feeling and from being touched indirectly through our belongings, to being physically touched. Since then, I too have had a similiar experience...in bed one night, early for a change, i felt a hand move the hair away from my face. Just brush it away. But unlike mom, this hand didn't frighten me...for the first time since I actually admitted that something supernatural existed in our house, I wasn't afraid of it. I was reminded of my grandfather's touch, when i was a little girl. That was the first and only night that I have slept completely sound, without any fear, in this new house. But it vanished as quickly as it had come, because things only got freakier.
I had visions, i suppose, just glimpses out of the corners of my eyes. I would write them off as paranoia, but it is too real. Too real, to see the black shape moving towards the closed front door and vanishing through. Just a glimpse, mind you, so i can never be sure of what it is. Perhaps it is just paranoia...and I know that none of my friends believe me. I tell the story now, a year and a half, perhaps a little more, at parties to get a laugh. But anyone, even the staunchest skeptic, who steps within these walls admits that there is something strange about this new house.

The Shelter Ghost

By: angelface15_1984@yahoo.com

 This is a true story. You can call me Amanda and I am 18 years old. It
wasn't too long ago when this happened. About June of 2002. I was at the
homeless shelter in my bed having trouble sleeping. Nothing I did
worked. Well, the girls in my room liked to keep the door closed so that
the lobby light wouldn't come on. It was getting well past midnight and
I noticed the door opened. Since everyone was asleep I knew it wasn't
one of the girls. I turned my head over and saw an old lady hobbling
into the room. She was African American with grey in her hair. She
looked like a bag lady you see on T.V more or less. Well, I watched her
go onto the other side of me and stand there. I was in an ill mood so I
told her that floorspace, people who slept in the lobby when there were
no beds available, were allowed in the rooms. She started to say
something, but for the life of me I don't know what. I mean I heard what
she said and I answered her, but the next morning I could not remember
what she said, all I could remember is that her lips moved and what
happened after that. Anyway, So after I answered her I turned my head
for a moment, hoping that she would catch the drift to leave the room.
When she didn't budge I turned around and her head was cocked backwards
and blood was pouring down her forehead, into her mouth, and down her
chin. She had this look of extreme pain and terror. I pulled the blanket
over my head and waited a couple of seconds. when I looked back she was


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