The Trailer Ghost


Well me and my cousin mike were at his grandmothers
trailor in mount clemmens MI we were about 11 years
old i'm 20 now and he told me a story about a
fisherman that haunts the lake by the trailor we
stayed in.
So of course i did not believe him i didn't believe in
ghosts at the time. Well my friend gary lived in the
trailor park he was moving the next day so we hung out
with him the whole day. Anyways he wanted to walk to
the shed that the so called fisherman owned. So about
10:30 pm we all decided to walk down the trail towards
the shed witch was about a mile walk. We were already
scared because it was very creepy out there and
lightening was striking out a storm was moving our way
pretty fast so we decided to jog alittle so we finally
arrived at this little beat up shed and it was scary
looking. I dared mike to go in he said no way so we
dared Gary to go in there he said ok and then went in.
We waited for him for like 15 minutes then finally he
came out and he was white as a ghost he started crying
and ran like a track runner towars his trailer.Mike
and i stood there for a few minutes and said what was
that about. So we started back to his grandma's
trailer suddenly it started raining cats and dogs (not
literally) it was raining hard and the thunder was
loud. we started to get freeked out so we started to
run back (remember this was like a mile walk) Anyways
i looked in the lake to see what was a glowing
lantern. So we stopped to see what it was. What we
think we saw was a small 12ft fishing boat with a
fisherman on it he was holding a lantern  he was
wearing a yellow suit with a yellow hat we could see
him clearly this really freaked us out so we ran
through the forest to get home all of a sudden we
started seeing glowing lights in the forest i never
ran so fast in my life. so we finally made it to the
trailer and no one was there the power was out and the
storm was really bad by then. All of a sudden we
peaked out the window to see the man on the boat
sinking with the lantern into the lake it took like
ten minutes for him to sink underwater that really
freaked us out. Right after that his grandma walked in
and we told her what happened then she said i know
people see him all the time especially during
stormes.Well the next day gary was gone he moved and
never he never said goodbye to us. I havent talked to
him since. well Hope you liked it.

Uninvited Guests
I was just reliving this experience and almost finished my story when my message suddenly shut down.  I lost everything I typed.  I'll try again....
In 1999 I was living in Southern Ontario, Canada on my own with my two cats.  I was starting my life away from all of my family and friends on my own.
My two cats are typically lazy and constantly longing for attention.  They only time I ever see them get excited is when I am feeding them or a friend stops by for tea.  Friends who have visited can tell you that my felines will get under foot meowing and purring as they wait for someone to give them the stroking they are longing for.
As I said, I lived alone with the exception of my furry roommates.  I was settling to bed early as I had to work first thing in the morning.  My cats cuddled up on the bed beside me and seranaded me to sleep with their contented purring as they usually do.  I'm not sure how long I was asleep when I started to become aware of the activity going on in my apartment.  My cats were meowing and repeatedly coming in and out of my room and leaping up and down off the bed.  As I tried to fully understand what was going on as I woke up I could hear something in the background.  I could hear whispering.  My heart immediately started to pound so hard and loud I thought that the bed was vibrating in tempo.  I didn't move a muscle as I openned my eyes and looked out my bedroom door searching for the source of the noise.  Two figures were standing in full view in my livingroom.  My breathing started to increase and I thought for sure that I was going to hyperventilate while I reviewed my nightly routine.  Did I lock the front door?  Yes.  Did I lock the patio door?  Yes.  I told myself not to move.  Let them take whatever they want and get the hell out of my house!!  The figures were very clear despite how dark it was.  I could see a man on the right and a woman on the left.  They looked to be in their mid-twenties.  I watched through wide eyes as the woman leaned into the man and whispered to him.  They were both moving around in an odd manner, as though they were rubbing something all over their arms.  It made absolutely no sense to me!  Suddenly I noticed that the woman saw me.  My heart continued to pound violently.  I couldn't take my eyes off her no matter how much I wanted to.  She lean forward as if to get a better look at me, raised her right hand and slowly waved at me.  Fear took full control of my body and I jumped out of bed and turned on my lamp to confront the intruders!!  I watched them move swiftly out of my view into my livingroom towards my couch.  I rushed out of my room to meet them.  I found myself standing alone in my living.  My mind was racing so I immediately called 911 to report a home invasion.  While I waited for the police to arrive I searched my small apartment for any sign of another person.  There was nothing.  The doors were locked, the cats were calm and I just stood there in my PJ's trying to make sense of what had just happened.  I'm sure the police that came to my rescue got a good chuckle out of my experience because when they came in to question me I saw an officer searching my cupboards.  I assume he was looking for some chemical reason for my allegation.  We both found nothing.  Was it a ghost or a dream?




A year and a half ago while my late wife was in the hospital near death with brain cancer, I came home to an empty house after a band gig and slept on the sofa in the living room. About 3 am or so, I woke to see an amber colored swirling light in the bedroom where we usually slept. I thought the room was on fire, and as I started to jump up to see what was going on, I suddenly fell back into a deep relaxing sleep which I didn't awaken from until the next morning. My wife passed away 5 days later. I think it was her soul coming to experience the house one last time before she moved on. This experience I will never forget. I was fully awake at the time and alert being as I thought the room was burning.

Weird Experience in Outback Australia


I found your website while bored at work and I noticed that there isn't many experiences from Australia, if any. So I'd like to share a very scary experience of mine. I've had a couple of paranormal experiences but this one takes the cake, so to speak. I lived for many years in a small outback town and dated a guy from the nearest town, about 79 kilometres away. A bit of background information about the land is that it was a place of white settlement and many missions for Aboriginal people were established over the years although only two remain. The main tribal people in our area are the Kamilaroi people.
Many of the properties, or ranches as I believe you call them, had Aboriginal settlements and workers on them back about a centuary ago up til about fifty years ago. I was around eighteen years old when I went with my then boyfriend Jody to his home town of Lightning Ridge for dinner with his parents. He had an old panelvan car that we travelled everywhere in and had never had a problem with. We stayed at the restaurant until about 11:30pm before driving back to my home town where Jody now lived. We were tired so there wasn't much conversation on the way home. I was driving and we got about 15 kilometres out of town. On the road there are several grids, which are grates with two thick barriers on either side of the road so that cattle and sheep can't wander out of the area.
About 15 kilometres out of town we crossed this grid and I started to get a horrible feeling. I can't think of any other way to describe it. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end and I got the eerie feeling that I was being watched and that something bad was out there. I kept quite because I thought I was just being silly but at the same time Jody and I looked at each other and I said to him "Can you feel that too?" and he nodded, looking really freaked out as well. Almost as soon as I said that the back two doors of the panel van started making this horrible noise. It sounded like something was on the back of the car trying to get in!!
The back doors of the panel van used to have a handle but it had falled off about six months previously and we hadn't got it fixed so you needed to use pliers to open the door. I asked him "What the hell is that!?" We looked in the back of the panel van (you just had to crawl over the top of the bench seat to be in the back of the car) but the doors were vibrating and making this awful loud noise and I felt totally sick. We kept talking to each other trying to keep calm and Jody agreed that it sounded like somthing bad was trying to get in. I just had an overwhelming feeling that whatever was out there that night was evil and angry and didn't want us there.
A weird thing was that we saw no animals at all on the sides of the road. Usually the road of a night is full of kangeroos, sheep, cattle, rabbits, foxes and feral cats but there was nothing at all, and no traffic. There is a lot of shooters on the roads travelling to and from properties but there was nothing!! I have never driven so fast and so tensely!! My arms ached from gripping the steering wheel so tight and my back hurt from leaning forward as though it was going to get us there faster! Jody was in the back trying to make the doors stop moving but nothing he did helped at all. He was a huge skeptic and tried to rationalise, after a while, that the doors weren't shut properly, but they were.
About 15 kilometres out of Walgett, my home town, there is the last grid before the town. The weirdest thing is that almost as soon as we crossed it the feeling began to dissapate and the noise stopped. We started to laugh out of relief more than anything. We were still too scared to go back to our house so we drove out to my parents to spend the night. We pulled up in the drive way and were gathering up our stuff when a flash of light that lasted about three to five seconds illuminated the sky. It was too long to be lightning and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

 As Long as Everything is Calm


I have not actually seen the ghosts myself. I have heard them though. I do
believe that they can be contacted though my Grandmother probably would rather
not. They live in my Grandmother's house. She claims that they always have been
there. I do recall staying the night on a couple of occasions and distinctively
hearing plain as day someone whistling a tune, unfamiliar to me, but a tune of
some kind for sure. I was sort of scared for a while, but for some reason not to
much to keep me awake all night. I eventually fell asleep. There have been
sightings in the house. My uncle lives there and has experienced some of the
paranormal activity including an actual ghost. It was late at night, of course,
and he swears up and down to have seen a misty outline of human shape. He was
aw-struck! He said that it was non-hostile, though he was scared to death. Other
times things have been mispalce from there usual areas or spots in the kitchen,
and nobody claims to know why. A pair of pantyhose were strung along a
half-eaten pie left over from the night before on the kitchen counter. The dog
does play with someone or something in the house in the middle of the night. She
runs through the house and occasionally barks at it. The house is a very old two
story house with an attic and a basement. The floors sometime squeak upstairs as
if someone were walking on them. It sometimes spooks me, but my Grandmother has
grown used to it. She says "they don't bother me and I don't bother them". I
thought that I would share this with everyone, because ghosts have a bad rap.
They are associated with the negative side to hauntings, such as purposely
frightening the residents of the area. Not all ghosts or hauntings are bad.
These are souls of people who I feel are sharing the house with my Grandmother
and are in my opinion O.K. with that. Since I don't live there and am not used
to it, it spooks me to death! Everything I have shared with everyone is true.
Nothing listed in this story is fictional or false. I hope it has been an
interest to all. We plan to carry on sharing the house with all ghosts as long
as everything is calm. Thanks

When I was Young


my first recolection of being scared oout of my wits was when i guess i was around 5. we were living in a trailer . I remember  lying in our bunkbeds (my sister amy 13 months older than myself) and all i remember is i looked at the paneled walls and this glowing red face of a really scary  red devil with horns apeared . i dont remember antthing else but that i was very frightened. well i found out later in my adult life that my mom and dad had aquired a couch from a relative (i guess someone that had passed), and we got the couch from my aunt bee(thats short for beautrice). well the story goes that my dad and some friends were home one night when my mom went out and my dad went to sit on the couch and he was thrown into a wall and had a big egg on his head!   can confirn that the next thing he did was  that he got his shotgun and fired over and over again at the couch and then soon afer they took it to the town dump,..... the end of that!!!   Well i can remember growing up at the house my parents were buying . things there were never dull.
As you would expect   a100 year old house and to hear all
kinds of footsteps upstairs. to this day my sister sara age 25 doesnt care to go upstairs alone. She claims the room off our parents wich was hers was evil.I cant blame her ! My sister amy will swear to this day that she was in her room alone and sleeping all of a sudden she woke to something smothering her she said it felt like a really heavy army wool like blanket covering her, and a voice saying your a slut, and choking her . she said some how she managed to push it off and break free. The same house i remember one christmas my parents had a velvet picture of the devil, a glass of champange, and i think a joint?? well we decorated the christmas tree , putt the angel atop and the next day noticed that the angel had turned about face from the velvet wall hanging . my parents reaction was strange!! the only other encounter  i remember is bieng at my grandmas.She was a 30 yr employee at the local ymca.I have  to say that this is my most how do i put it worst experience with the unknown. My grandma had a house  2 stories  at the local y i allways loved going there  french tost, ice was only myself and grandma that night. i only remember going to bed , waking up to the bed moving up and down
vioently. it was so awfull, i went down sttairs and told gram what had happened and she said .Dont worry you and i will just sleep doownstairs tonightt. I think she looked  at my expressions on knew i was talking the truth. LITTLE THINGS HAPPEN NOW ,,, INTUITIONNS ,,, KNOWING  A COPS COMING  LONG BEFORE THEY DOO. ALL I KNOW IS WHAT A RELIEF JUST TO WRITE THIS TO SOMEONE..


   What I saw!

I remember three years ago, I just gotten back from picking my wife up from work.  It was around eleven thirty at night and I was going with my daughter to unlock the door, when I saw what appeared to be a large dog standing betwee us and the house.  I took in a big gasp and got between it and my daughter.  Then the dog disappeared.  My wife asked what was the matter.  I told her and she  said that she had a rather odd experience a few days earlier.
That day I was working overtime.  She was fixing breakfast and the kids were watching telivision, when they all heard what sounded like me clearing my throat at the top of the stairs.  This made my kids and my wife jump. I came home about half an hour later.  To this day, we still don't knowwho or what it was that made the sound.
We have moved since these things have happened, and we are still waiting for another paranormal occurance.

Vilisaca Iowa


I went on a tour of the Vilisca ax murder house, and something utterly frightening happened. As I was about to walk into the room where the Stillenger girls were murdered, I felt an icy blast of air on my neck. I was at the back of the line, so no one was behind me. then as I walked around the room, I felt another blast of air. Then my head got dizzy. I didn't pass out, but I sure felt like I was about to.



Dear Shadowlands, ever since I was little I have shared this house with
two ghosts, I got used to them. My grandparents lived over the road and
as children we often stayed over, I usually had the back bedroom. That
room always scared me, I always felt an angry or unhappy presence next
to the bed and always slept with the light on, but I never said
anything, I was just a kid, who would believe me?., It wasn't until
about ten years back, just before my grandparents died that I learnt an
interesting fact from my uncle. That back bedroom had belonged to his
brother, my uncle Noel until he was killed in a motorbike accident, the
day he was engaged, he was one month shy of his 22nd birthday. He was
killed not far from home by a drunk driver. I also learned that he had
been laid out in his coffin in 1953 in that bedroom. Now I knew who it
was and why he felt so angry, his brother told me he had never been able
to sleep well in that room either. Not long after the death of my
grandparents the house was sold and I was never able to try and make
contact with Noel or tell him it was okay to move on. I don't know, but
he is probably still in his bedroom not realizing that he can go to the
light. I find it a sad tale of a beloved son who's life was cut short
when everything good was happening for him. My grandparents never got
over his death, and probably never knew he shared the house with them
until they passed on too.

True Story


This is a true story it happened to my cat when i was visiting me grandmothers house i was sleeping and a cry woke me up. I woke up my grandmother she asked me what was the matter and I said, "Why is Lynsi crying". We looked at her and she was sound asleep like a baby. the wierd thing was no one else was in the house, so it had to be a ghost that is when i named my ghost Angela for Angel and the house use to be a doctors office place.

Truck Garage


I work in a truck garage in Derbyshire England, but I live 15 miles away in Nottingham. ( where Robin Hood comes from).
New years eve 2000 was going to be a good one, a big party for everyone at work to be held in Derby. I asked a local taxi firm how much it would be to take me home after the party; say 2am. They said about £20.00.  But when I rang them at 2am new years day, they said they wanted £40.00. I didn't have that much on me, and I was pissed, so I walked to the garage where I worked and broke in. (I'd been there a couple of years and knew my way around... if you know what I mean...) I slept on the only carpet in the garage, the boss's floor. After the holidays, I was telling a couple of workmates what I'd done, and they looked at me in horror and said, "you shouldn't have done that Phill." and I said, "what, cause I could get in trouble???" and they said "No, cause the place is fuckin haunted!"
A few years before, the guys in the workshop were unloading sheet steel to make truck bodies from, and I'm not talking pick up trucks here, I'm talking 42 tonne trucks. Well, the chain gave way and 14 sheets weighing 1 ton each fell on a man and crushed him to death.
Before I go on with the story, it is important that you know the layout of the workshop.
There are 20 bays in a line like you'd find on any car park, but these bays are 40 foot long and 18 feet wide. >From the roof, between each bay hangs a chain at the front and a chain at the back with a length of wood between, like a large child's swing, and it ends about 15 feet from the floor. Stapeled to this wooden batton is a denim curtain to prevent welding flash from one bay blinding people working in the next bay. There are 18 of these heavy denim curtains hanging between the bays.
OK, back to the story...
The night after the accident, the foreman was locking up when he heard a noise.
Then he heard someone running from one end of the workshop to the other.
Every time they came to one of the curtains he saw the imprint of two hands push through it as it swang out of the way, WHOOSH....   WHOOSH...   WHOOSH...  but he saw no one.
He locked the door and ran home........
This thing, whatever it was, ran through truck bodies, heavy chassis & fuel tanks, but had to push his way through denim.
WEIRD OR WHAT..........   and true

Tombstone in the Back Yard


My ghost story takes place in a farely large house in Buffalo, NY. It was
larger than the rest of the houses on that street. People often came over to
see the "Tombstone" that was in the backyard. Nobody knew what it was, it
looked like a tombstone, it had engraving on it and everything, but my
parents insisted that it wasn't a tombstone. On many nights, my dad had to
go downstairs with a baseball bat because he swore someone was in the house.
I did not pay much attention to this, until I saw the ghost in the house. I
was sitting in my room on a Monday night watching wrestling in late 1998. My
little stepbrother was in bed in the room next to me. Something drew my
attention to outside my room...All of a sudden I seen this little girl with
blond pigtails, and blue overalls run past my room into the bathroom. My
first thought was "Why is Brett (My stepbrother) up? So I ran after it into
the bathroom, flicked on the lights and it was gone. I just realized that it
was a girl and all the facts after it happened. I walked back into Brett's
room, and he was sound asleep. For some reason, I was not scared at all.
Well there's my story. I have been a fan of the shadowlands website for
almost 4 years now, and I love it and thought it was about time to submit a
personal ghost story. I have more, but I will submit them later. Thanks!

Not A Hoax

My name is A.j and this is my story. One night I was staying at my Nanna's house as my Mum had to work this particular night. I was sitting on my Auntie's bed (because I was sleeping in that room) and felt a cold feeling in that room. I ignored it and went to sleep. Then the next morning as I woke up I looked in the mirror and saw a boy sitting on the end of the bed. My brother is 22 so he doesn't live at home and I have no other brothers or boy cousins. Panicking I turned around and there was no one there. At breakfast I questioned my Nanna about this mysterious boy and she new nothing about him. We cheked the house and there was no signs of someone breaking in. Ever since I have seen that boy things have been broken, moved and even gone missing from that room and all over the house.
That WAS NOT a hoax and I have sound recordings of foot steps, voices and whistling from that room.

The Warning


Moments before receiving a call from my sister confirming my father's terminal illness, a glass flew out of my cabinet and smashed onto the countertop with such amazing force that it reverberated through my body like a thundering echo.  I felt strongly that it was the presence of my late brother, warning me of events that he'd hinted to in an earlier dream.  He was going to let me know when my parents would soon pass on...

The Silversmith Ghost


The Silversmith Ghost
This story is true, and concerns my first close encounter with a materialized spirit.  I have had other encounters of varying natures which I will chronicle as time allows.
In the summer of 1979, the manager of our band bought a pub, The Silversmith, intending it to be a base of operations for us.  He presented it as a surprise as we came off a month-long gig at the now-defunct MGM Grand in Reno; along with that surprise came the pronouncement that we were also volunteers in the remodel brigade, a task destined to take several months.  The structure, while in good enough shape for a tavern, lacked the proper feng shui for a pub as grand as our manager's imagination demanded.  It was an historical building, though not designated as such; serving first as a train station, then a trolley station and numerous other businesses before 'we' acquired it, the building had time to build up no small amount of spiritual energy, as I was soon to discover.
Having been involved in almost every aspect of the remodel, it naturally followed that I became involved in every other aspect of the operation, including acting as bartender.  With the exception of the cigarette smoke, I enjoyed the job, as it gave me the opportunity to meet people, get to know the regulars and make some new acquaintances.  Throughout the course of this process, I began to spend more and more time there, eventually acting as a manager and performing the usual managerial tasks of doing receipts and closing the place at 2:00 a.m.
It was a typical November Saturday evening at the pub. The band had gone home, I had coerced the last regular into finishing the beer he'd been nursing while enlightening me in the ways of life in general, and had urged him safely out the door and into a cab.  Locking the entrance and exit doors, it was time to check the building to make certain I hadn't missed anyone in the lavatories or anywhere else.  I made my usual rounds to find all was well; I was alone, free to clean up, upend the chairs, "z" the register, restock the coolers and go home.
With all of the tasks done except restocking the coolers, I went back into the kitchen, intending to go to the main cooler for fresh beer.  Along the way, I noticed a small mess on the counter and stopped to clean it up before continuing on to the cooler.  As I was wiping the counter, I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, toward the main cooler.  A tall man in a brown plaid flannel shirt and Levis was standing there, a mere 15 feet away, facing me, but looking to his left; this would have him staring at the rear loading door, which was never unlocked except for receiving and it was locked now, as I had checked it only minutes before.  I knew without a shred of doubt that no one could have been left in the building after I locked the doors, as there was simply nowhere for anyone to hide.  It was as this thought coursed through my mind that the man turned his head, looked at me, then faded to nothing.  Of the options available to me, I chose to find the nearest exit.
Aproximately two weeks later and under much the same circumstances, I had a similar occurrance, though this was a bit closer.  While I was cleaning up the sideboard in the kitchen, I turned around to wash out the sponge I was using and practically ran into the same man.  The width of the kitchen was only about eight feet, and at least two feet on either side was used as counter space and grilles, leaving four feet of walkway, at most.  This places this man no more than three feet in front of me and approximately three feet to my right, as solid in appearance as the grilles before which he stood.  Not as startled this time, I looked directly at him and asked if I could help him - I don't know if what he did was in response to my question, but he turned his head, looked directly at me, somewhat sadly, and began moving his mouth in such a way as to suggest he was speaking.  I heard nothing, and began to ask again when, more slowly than before, he faded to nothing.
I never told the owner, our friend and manager, about the encounter, not wanting to tarnish his dream of owning a pub.  As it was, he owned it for another two years before selling it to the current owner.  I may someday enquire of him about any spiritual activity he may have encountered.

The Piano Lady


My wife grew up in a turn of the Century (1910) home in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.  The home is beautiful and typical of the era in style inexterior look and internal design.  There are but 2 like it built on the Island, and they are next door to each other.
I began dating my wife when I was 17 years old. At that time she worked as a concessionist at a local stage production theatre.  My future inlaws trusted me and would allow me to wait in their house, while they were away, for her to return from work.  She usually returned around 11pm.  In the meantime I would watch TV in their living room next to burning hearth.
One particular night I felt extremely uneasy for no apparant reason.  I am a very rational, logical thinking person and am not prone to suspending my sense of disbelief. This night, however, made the hair on the back of my neck prickle.  I recall the following events:
1.  The sense of feeling stared at, funny enough, by a older female
2.  Listening to the sounds of someone walking up and down the wooden oak stairs
3.  Hearing the light switch "click" on and off
4.  Feeling a very cold chill of air on the right side of my body as if a frisge door had been opened next to me.
I was so unnerved that I had to leave the house and sit on the front stoop to welcome my girlfriend home after work.  She sensed my unease and after some questions, I recalled the events that had unnerved me.  Please keep in mind, reader, that noone had ever spoken of these types of events before.
My girlfriend confirmed that she, too, had felt as though someone were staring at her whilst she played the piano and from the same place in the room that I felt someone staring from as well.  She also told me that she had heard the sound of furniture ( chairs from a table)  moving at night in the kitchen only to discover after investigating that noone had been in the kitchen.  Her Mom confirmed she had experienced similar noises as well but though it was her kids having a late night snack.
The spookiest item of my girlfriends story is the fact that she once clasped a necklace around her nech whilst dressing in her bedroom on the second floor.  As she bent over the necklass fell to the ground and was still clasped.  Oddly enough,   and this is what really spooked her, is that the necklace was not long enough to fit over her head once it was clasped!
I never felt as though the entitiy was malevolent.  In fact, it seemed as though she was just curious or in fact enjoying company.  Although spooked. future events never unnerved me as I felt as though the entity would not harm us.
This relates my one and only weird experience.

The Photo Album


A couple of days ago, I went to my friends house which she just moved into a few months ago.  She was telling me that she thought her house was haunted because a couple of weeks before she had been unpacking a box in her office and found a really neat old photo album that her grandmother had given her and there was also a little blue book called Mysteries for kids. Later that day she had gone down stairs to do laundry and told her husband ("let me go get this neat photo album and show it to you")  she went back up stairs and it was gone.  I was joking with her and said ok, lets have a meeting with the ghost and tell them to give it back.  Me and my friend left and went to lunch.  A couple hours  after when we returned I noticed that the door to the office was closed.  She had gone into the kitchen to do something and I thought (duh, just open the door)  I did and sure enough right in the middle of the room on the floor sat that photo album and the little blue book, and there was also a little box.I ran and got my friend and freaked out.  I asked her what the little box was and it was a box of her grandmas jewelry that she kept down stairs in a dresser tucked away.  TALK ABOUT CREEPY!!!

The Old Man and Woman


Hello all! I was just reading through the stories here, and was reminded of
something frightening that happened to me when I was much younger. (I'm a
junior in college now). The experience (or experiences) took place in the
house where I spent most of my childhood, in the room that I shared with my
sister. My family bought the house brand new; we had it built, so I know
that I couldn't base these happenings on the house being over 100 years old
or anything.
Anyway, I think I was about 8 or 9 years old. It was about 2 or 3 in the
morning, and I woke up, choking and coughing, feeling like I couldn't
breathe at all. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw a distinct figure
standing over me. From what I could make out in the darkness, it was an old
woman, wearing what looked to be a witch's hat. As soon as I woke up, I felt
her long, bony fingers come off of my if she had been choking me!
She quickly faded into the darkness but I was terrified,and too scared to
get out of bed. I felt like if I hadn't woken up at that exact moment, this
thing would have succeeded in choking me. And here's the clincher: I know I
wasn't making it up, because the next day, I had red welts on my neck that
even my mom commented on. Of course, she didn't believe me when I told her
(she thought my brother and I had been fighting again!)
Fortunately, I never encountered the old woman again. But I did have another
frightening experience, this one involving an old man. This happened around
the same time as the did the experience with the old woman. My desk, at that
time, sat at the foot of my bed, along with the desk chair, facing the bed.
One night I woke up and saw the figure of an old man, sitting at my desk
chair. He was wearing an suit, and had his hands folded in front of him on
top of the desk. If that wasn't terrifying in itself, his eyes were two,
glowing red circles, glaring at me in the darkness. I was too scared to
move, and was afraid that if I did, he would come after me or something.
Eventually, he faded away, but I never was able to get back to sleep that
Nothing has ever happened to me besides those two encounters.  I asked my
sister if she ever experienced anything similar to me, since we did share
the same room.  She said no, but she's about 4 years younger than me, and
that's to be expected. She's still in the room today, and has never reported
anything out of the ordinary.  But I still think about what happenend to me
those nights, and wonder if the two figures are related in some way?
Whatever the case, I don't know what they wanted with me, but I sure am glad
I've never experienced anything like that since.


The Haunted Hospital

I am a nurse and I work in a haunted hospital.  I feel that this is totally normal since so many people die there why not a few spirits? We have the spirit of  a very popular physician who worked there he makes himself known by his cigar smoke some of my alzheimers patients even say that he tucks them in at night.  Everything in our facility is old.  the call buzzers cannot be reset at the nurses station but have a separate button in the restrooms to reset these.  One night i was helping on another floor when my aid called to tell me the men's and the womens were both ringing i could hear them.  Keep in mind that our downstairs patients are all unable to get up alone.  they are all nursing home.  When i went down the  call buzzers were buzzing angrily in both restrooms i went into each and the buttons in the wall were pressed in in both places.  On another occasion I turnedThere is also a little white haired lady who is said to rock in the rocking chairs at the end of the hall.  One night I was checking on a resident and the person looked past me and shouted 'get the hell out of here"  I turned to see who came in as this particular resident did not like the male cna's but there was no one there i questioned the resident further about it and was told "that guy is sneaking up behind you"  This was the only time i actually got chills working the night shift.  On another occasion a resident who was fairly new and not at all confused was heard to be shouting out the back door "hey come here"  The person had been heading to the restroom and had seen someone looking in the back door.  We had a difficult time convincing him that there was noone there as there is a patio out back with a very high fence around it and no gate.  Well, i hope you can use my stories I am not afraid of ghosts, they do make me nervous when they sneak up behind me  ha ha

The Ghost that saved my life


When I was a young boy, about the age of 6, I had a happening that made me a believer.
First of all I come from a small town in South Louisiana. We were not to well off and things were pretty bad in some ways.
One night we all gathered at my Grandfathers house because of a terrible storm that was coming. His home was a small one with two bed rooms, kitchen and livening room coma- nation. There was no bath room in the house.
During the storm I had to go to the bath room. All we had was a chamber pot under the bed. I took a candle and went into the bed room. As I was bending down to get the pot from under the bed I saw a man lying on the bed. What stuck out the most on his person was his tie. It was red and white striped. I was so startled I ran from the room screaming because there was not suppose to be anyone else in that room. As I ran from the room a tree which was right outside the bed room was struck by lightning and fell into the room. It just happened to fall on the bed right where I was standing.
My Grandfather took me back into the room and asked me just what did I see. I told him and he took the lamp and shined it upon a picture. I told him this was the person that I saw on the bed. He then told me that was not possible because this was my Uncle who had been killed during the Second War on the beaches of Normandy.
I now know that the sprit of my Uncle saved me from certain death.

The Family Ghost


At the age of 10 and eleven fun for a little girls is playing with barbie
dolls and riding bikes, but not for me. at the age of 10 i experienced
things that a normal 10 yr old would only imagine. My fathers Father passed
away when he was 17 so i never met him personaly but I think it was in
spirit or someone who knew of my family, well my dads side anyway. I have 2
brothers one older than me one younger. My younger brother had those little
tonka trucks at the time, where the plastic wheels twisted on adn off. one
afternoon i was sitting in my living room watching television and the trucks
were parkek behind my couch. well all of a sudden they come flying over the
couch and alomst hit me in the head. there was noone in the room with me and
my brothers were upstaris in their rooms. i was so scared that i ran in the
other room to tell my mom. i dont know if she believed me. at another time
me and my younger brother were sitting watching tv in my livivng room and my
mom was down my basement cleaning out my guine pigs cage. I heard loud
footsteps coming up the basement stairs so i thought it was my mom. well it
was not my mom but it was a white like shawdow that was in the shape of a
woman carring a tank that looked like my guine pigs. i just froze when i saw
it. my little brother seen it to. than it looked at us and just flew
throught the hallway. i havet seen anything sicne but not i am 25 and have 2
children of my own.
My little girl is 4 almost 5. she also had an experience this last past
summer of 2002. she was sitting in her bedroom playing with her dolls. I
went to check on her to see what she was doing. i just stood there and
watched her having a conversation with someone i couldnt see. all of a
sudden she just looked at the window and was talking to someone. she was
saying things like yes my name is taylor, what is yours. than she asked what
had happened to the person she was talking to. she had to have held a
conversation for 10 minutes with this person or spirit i should say. well i
didnt want to interupt her so I let her finish. than after she stopped i
asked whos he was speking to. she said the to the little boy in the window
dont u see him mommy? i told her no and what this little boy looked like.
she said he looked about 7 and asked why would he be all dusty and brown
looking with his clothes all torn and dirty, like he was burnt in a fire. i
told her he probably passed away like that. i guess he asked her name and if
she wanted to go on a trip with him. i was really freaked out but didnt want
to let her know that. i didnt want her to think there was something wrong
with her. so later that day we were in the bathroom and she grabbed a hold
of me and said mommy make them stop. well we have a little windo by the
shower and she said that they kept calling her name and saying "boo" and
things to scare her. i told her to jsut ask them to please stop. after that
nothing has happened to her anymore. or myself. but once and awhile in my
brothers room the lights would go on by themselves w/out the plug being
plugged in and the vcr going on by itself, the floor creeking once and
awhile. the last things that happend though was around summer time.
it was a little freaky. when my mom and dad lived in this house before we
were born she said she seen a shawdow in the hallway of a old woman in a
rocking chair rocking back and forth. ever since she ripped off the
wallpaper that was there in the hallway she has never seen it again.
I dont belive it is my grandpa because i know he wouldnt do anything to hurt
his grandchildren.
It was an experience i will never forget.

The End of Childhood


Me and my friends, all around 13 years of age. It was the time really close to adulthood where we have the desires of an adult with the wisdom of children.  We always had played near and on the railroad tracks. This particular set of tracks run right down through the center of our town. The search of my memory from the past reveals those railroad
tracks have always been there. We never had a problem with themwe were all pretty smart. We knew to keep a watch for a train and climbed down from the tracks whenever we even thought we saw one coming.  We always went "down the tracks" to a special place. It was a good mile or two down the tracks toward forest. It was a remote area, at least remote in our eyes. It was a magical place, a place that seemed untainted and very special. It was after walking awhile west out of town on those tracks that you came to this magical place. It had an old viaduct made of stone that the tracks crosses over. Even when I was very young and the first time I had been to this place that viaduct looked old and seemed built with massive stones that made me think of the pryamids. This place was hard to see from the tracks you had to climb down a steep incline through the woods.
It was a rough climb down, but once you reached the bottom the trip was worth it. It was like being in another world or traveling back in time. There was a wide creek that flowed through the viaduct and pooled at the entrances so you had a deep pond of water at both ends of the tunnel with swift running water.  Couple this with being in the middle of nowhere and that soothing sound of running water in a natural setting and in the middle of a forest and you have a scene right out of a mystical adventure.
This place, this magical place was where I spent a lot of my time as a child.  I remember the last time, as a child, that I had went"down the tracks" with my closest friends. As always we were talking about nothing usually the latest comic book or the neat new tv show or movie. We went to our place. We played war and did some discovering. We always found something new whenever we went.
I couldn't put my finger on it but there was something different about today. It had been bothering me as soon as my
foot had hit the stones that the tracks rested on. I acted as if nothing was wrong and still did the fun stuff and had a good time as I remember. There was still that gnawing in the back of my head that felt, not was spoken, but felt that something was different or had changed. My feelings seemed to be wrong as the day went smoothly, we played for hours and rested by the creek. I loved to just sit and listen to the water running over the small waterfalls that formed.      The sky started to darken and we knew it was time to start heading for home. I knew it would take a good half-hour to an hour for us to walk home so we almost always timed it so we would get home right as the streetlights would come on. We made the climb back up to the tracks and started to head home.
On the way home we have to pass by an old business that looks like a foundry. It also looked as if the forest had
claimed the land back. The foundry was overgrown and old and right by the tracks. If any building looked haunted this one did. We walked by it without incident though. We had just reached the edge of town and someone shouted "TRAIN". We didn't panic though, you could get off the tracks virtually anywhere so we didn't think anything of it, that is until we turned around and looked.  There was the light, I didn't see a train but we did see the light.  Well that's all it took, kids went everywhere everyone started running for the lowest area to get off of the tracks, everyone that is except for me. I was just staring at this light. It didn't seem right to me. It didn't look like the headlight of an oncoming train, I had seen plenty of those. No, It looked more like.... a lantern. It was a lantern, I remember that it struck me as very strange. It looked like one of those old style lanterns that you see in the old movies with a big handle and fire for the light. So I stood gazing at this lantern that was getting closer. It was then that the voice came it said "Please stay, come back, don't leave". It was at that point I got very scared and took off running. Now I was an overweight child and picture this overweight kid catching and passing his much thinner counterparts beating them home.  I don't think I ever told anyone what I had seen or heard that day. I know now why that day seemed so different. I don't think it was because of the strange phemonena that I had witnessed and heard. It was the last day that we as children had went down those tracks and just enjoyed the beauty of what was there. It sure seemed as if that whatever spoke that day realized that and the voice as I remember now had a sort of sadness to it.  I walked back to that magical place as a man of thirty-something. It hasn't changed much. Except it seems shorter and some industries have sprung up which have pushed the limits of town west a little bit so that magical place is becoming a lot less remote. It still reminds me of my youth and I will walk back there again. I did not see anything, but I sure felt like I was being watched but I enjoy it there maybe someday I will know what was there that day.

The Boy ( my own true story)

I'm thrteen, and recently found out a story that happen to me when i was three.
I lived in an old two story house with my family in Nevada.
When you frist walk into the house your in a large living room. On the side is a brick fire place then a few steps, that lead up to a steap staircase, to a door that led to my older brothers room.
Undernieth the stair case, was my little hide out, which was always dark, and my mother use to put toys in there for me to play with.
Then there was a hall way  that led to two other rooms, and my mothers room, which was rather very large.
On the other side of the hall way led to the kitchen, then a open door way which led to the laundry room, and a back door to the back yard.
Well since i was little my mom use to do laundry and cook, and i use to follow her bringing my toys.
My favorite place to play was in the laundry room, talking to someone like my own age playing with each other. I would also go up to my brothers and mother saying there was alittle boy in the laundry room.
Of course they never believed me. Untill my mother found out the history of the house. The family that lived their before us has a son about my age. that use to play in the laundry room.
Well one day the boy found his fathers gun, and started playing with it. The gun went off. We think the boy died in the laundry room, but my mother wasen't for sure.
When we moved, i remember sitting down, and feeling a deep sadness coming over me, like i'm forgeting something, forgetting a friend.
I never remembered the boy, but i do remember playing in the laundry room, and the sadness that came over me.
Their's also another story about the boy. That him and his brother were playing in the laundry room and the gun went off killing one of them.
I also believe the stairs were haunted because two of my older brothers fell from them and i. Which could of lost our blance but, it was kinda werid how almost each one of us fell.
Thank you for listening to my story.

Susan's Visit


My name is Andrea and 22years ago my sister Susan died tragically in a car accident. When she died I felt like my life was over too as we were best friends, we did everything together.
Eight years ago when I was going through a difficult time in a relationship a good friend sent me 2 dozen red roses to cheer me up. I was arranging them in vases and my best friend Debbie was in the room watching tv when I began to walk into the room with the first vase of roses, suddenly this figure walked passed me and through the room. Debbie screamed what's that and then I can't really explain what happened next. I know I did not say these words but words came out of my mouth saying " its Sue come to look at the lovely roses ". I was still for a moment feeling so calm but I definately know I didn't say those words. Debbie was very upset crying saying she wanted to go home. I assured her not to be frightened I told her Susan wouldn't hurt her. Since that day many things have happened which just reassures me that she is with me especially when I need her.

My Stories

I used to be much more receptive and my many stories come to you from over
the years and families experiences.
The earliest experience I can remember was when I was about eight.  Though
my mother said I was always talking to people and they weren't just
invisible friends.
General happenings that were consistent as when I was young was, shutting
doors, squeaking floor boards, voices calling out your name when no one was
around and light bulbs always blowing out.  The attic was a full walk up
attic and the noises up there alone were enough to send someone packing.
The hallway to the stairs was always ice cold and sometimes someone would
actually tap  you on the shoulder.
My first memory was around six years old when I woke up and saw horses
running through my room.  I told my mother about this and she believed me
and told me to keep her informed if anything else happens.  Then when I was
about ten years old I saw Native Americans sitting around a fire.
As I got older things were more directed at me.  Into my teens I would wake
up at night and my bed would be shaking.  There was a little girl that would
often appear and she tended to scare other members of the family if they
harmed me.  My sister one morning threatened me because I broke something of
hers.  In order for me to get into my room you had to go through my sisters
room.  Anyway, she woke up and saw a light and watched a little girl start
to walk to my room, only thing is the girl wasn't walking, but hovering and
gave her an evil look.  My sister freaked out.  Then later another time we
fought she sensed the girl above her and heard her laughing in an "evil" way
my sister couldn't open her eyes but saw a bright light hovering above her.
I have a thousand but will go on to tell you the most bizarre.
I was about 14-15 when my sister and her husband at the time moved back into
this old haunted house.  The back bedroom, lovingly dubbed the green room,
because of the green tiled carpet on the floor was the one that always had
the most "activity".  My sister, her husband and I were sitting downstairs
playing cards when my sister expressed how tired she was so she went
upstairs to go to bed.  They were staying in the green room and had a
mattress on the floor.  With in two minutes we hear a blood curdling scream
and I ran upstairs, afraid that she was hurt.  When I got upstairs I turned
on the light in the first room and then looked towards the door to the green
room.  There was a haze and when I ran through the door there was a feeling
of being sick and a stench.  My sister was screaming about the bugs that HE
was in the bugs.  When I looked to the ceiling there was a ton of black bugs
and flies on the ceiling.  I suddenly started screaming to the door for him
to leave her alone, leave her alone.  My sister looked like she had slipped
into some form of insanity.  I had never been so scared.  I yelled and
screamed at the door way and finally I went up to the door in a furious rage
and screamed, "You are not welcome here go away."  A gust of wind blew
through the room and suddenly the bugs were gone and my sister lay their
sobbing.  She moved out the next day and refused often to even come and
I have others and I will be more then happy to send you more.  If at all a
possibility I will write it all out in MS Word.  I have also felt things and
given messages to people.  I would like to work on that skill more, being
able to speak to them and give messages.


I have emailed you before about my experiences in my house. i.e. my children when around the age of 2 1/2 yrs old became afraid of the hallway and sat at the kitchen table and cried it's or he is there and wouldn't go near the doorway.  (ages of kids are now 5 and 8) I knew that no one died in my house because the previous owners built it in 1965.  Well, I was telling my neighbor about the time my 8 yr. old (at the time was 5) was in the bathroom just talking up a storm when I went in and asked who she was talking to, she said the lady that lived here.  I then said WHO and she said, " You know the lady that lived here she died in April.  I was floored because my mother died in April '87.  My neighbor got white as a ghost when I asked what was the matter.  She then told me that the owners mother got ill around Christmas one year and they brought her here to live and she died the following April.  Since the kids are older and within the last year I haven't really noticed much.

Short Ghost Story


  My story is lame is comparison to those I have read on your site but it
did not seem so at the time.  I think I was about ten at the time.  My
family had moved outside Rochester, NY from California four years back.  The
house was not huge nor old by any stretch of the imagination.  It was a
decent size, two-floor (plus a finished basement), middle income house.
 Well, the only place in the house that I felt creeped out was in the
basement, and only part of the basement at that.  The basement stairs cut
the basement into two halves.  As you went down the stairs, which were
straight by the way, the left side was finished and was used mainly by my
brother, my sister and myself.  The right side was used mainly for
storage...but there was a small, unfinished room farther back that had no
door.  This room was used to store my father's tools and such.  It also had
no window and had a pull-string light, so you had to wonder into the black
space before you could turn on the light.  It was only about ten feet by ten
feet big.  I always felt very uncomfortable going into that room.
 One wall separated the stairs and right side (or as I called it the "dark
side") of the basement from the left side (the "light side").  There was,
however, a cased opening underneath the stairs that connected the two sides.
There was only a vinyl, accordion door to close the opening up which was
never used as we had boxes blocking it.  This opening was just in front of
the tool room.
 One night, during a humid, summer night, I had a sleep over.  We all
decided (about five of us) to sleep downstairs as it was cooler and had more
room.  I am a light sleeper and tend to toss and turn a lot.  Well, from
what I guessed we must have been sleeping a couple of hours or close to it.
The basement was very dark.  I layed there listening to my friends'
breathing and I could tell they were all asleep, except for me of course.
 I lay there trying to fall asleep when I heard the vinyl, accordion door
open up.  It was not quick but it sounded deliberate.  There was no
mistaking the sound, and it was only about 12 feet away from me.  Needless
to say that I was scared beyond description.  Like everyone else on the site
seems to report, I just clenched my eyes shut and froze.  I could feel a
presence of some kind but it just felt like having someone else in the
room...a stranger of some sort.  It did not feel evil, nor did I feel like
it was some angel.  I just lay there hoping it would leave.
 After a few minutes of no sound, only a feeling of a presence, I felt I was
about to burst.  I finally decided to crack one of my eyes to see if I could
see anything, not knowing even what to expect or if I could see in the dark.
Nothing.  Then, very suddenly, the presence lifted.  It was there and then
it wasn't.  I finally convinced myself that it must have been my imagination
and I fell asleep.
    The next morning I had more or less put the whole experience out of my
mind as me and my friends had breakfast.  But soon after my friends left (I
did not say a thing to them), I went downstairs again to pick up my sleeping
bag.  Thats when I remembered my experience the night before and I looked
over at the vinyl, accordion door.  It was still open!  We always kept that
door shut because you couldn't use it.  We had storage piled up in front of
it on the "dark side" of the basement.
 That was it for me.  I ran up the stairs, turned off the lights and did not
go back down for quite awhile.  I forget how long it took me but when I did,
nothing ever happened again, though I was always a little uncomfortable
going into the tool room.  Thanks for listening.



I once worked at the Will Rogers Hotel in Claremore, Oklahoma. This was back in 2000. I worked in the kitchen as an assistant cook. One day I was washing dishes when I saw a black shadow object from the right corner of my eye. I went to look twice thinking it was one of the waitress' going out of the kitchen. But, to my disapointment the swivel doors were standing still. Needless to say noone had been in there. I left the Kitchen to ask the waitress if anything had been going on there before? She went on to tell me that she had been filling glasses and someone had called out to her but noone was there. The owner has also seen things there before. She was staying up late one night in the hotels lobby when she looked up to see someone in a dark suit with an overcoat standing at the stairs. When she took a second glance, the man was gone. Needless to say I moved on to another job. To this day I believe the hotel to be haunted.

Scary Stories


I was at my cousin, Keon's house. He's four years old, and I was babysitting him, my other little cousins Lizzy, her baby brother Jimmy, while our parents were at a party across the street. Lizzy was six and Jimmy was about two years old. Well, they kept saying they were hungry, so I called Keon's mom, and she said to order a pizza. When I picked up the phone, I heard somebody say something like, "The fire will start in the smallest bedroom on the 2nd floor." Then they hung up, whoever it was. I got scared. I took my cousins across the street to the party. I told Keon's mom what happened, and she went across the street to the house, and stood on the front lawn. Nothing happened. Later, I found out that before Keon's parents had moved there, something tried to start a fire in that room, fell down the stiars, broke his leg, and died because of all the smoke. He had tried to call his friend across the street. I don't know how we got the call, but we weren't in any danger. I never stayed in that house by myself again.

Real Ghostly Experience

Before i tell you of this encounter i would like to inform you, the names in this text are FAKE as i and my friend would prefer to remain anonomous.
My mom and dad were out of town on this particular night so i asked a friend round for company.
 I asked my friend Dave if he wanted to come for a sleep over at my house,he agreed as we are good friends and he arrived at around 7:00pm that night, we watched some movies before going upstairs to bed.
We laid in bed talking as friends do for about 1 hour and a half, as i was drifting off to sleep Dave shook me violently as if in distress and said that somebody had scratched his face and ran out of the room, i didnt believe him but i turned on the light anyway and sure enough his right cheek was bleeding.I thought at first that he had just caught it on the light that hangs over the desk next to his bed, but the  cut was too deep, i noticed too that the room was very cold
,i said jokingly that id escort Dave to the bathroom to clean himself up,  he went in the bathroom and shut the door but while i waited,the hallway light flickered and died, at this point i was getting quite scared, i told Dave and he just laughed and said it is just a faulty fuse, so i went to the kitchen and got a new fuse and a stiff drink for myself and Dave but suddenly the light in the kitchen also died leaving me in the dark, i called for Dave but he obviously didnt here me as there was no reply.
Suddenly i felt something brush past me and then snatch one of the drinks from my hand, i thought it was Dave fooling around so i swore and told him to stop it, however it soon became apparent that this wasnt Dave when i heard glass shattering on the kitchen floor, i froze believing i was dealing with a burglar but suddenly the light s flickered back on and i was alone and nothing could be heard apart from Dave shouting me, i checked all the windows and doors but nothing was disturbed, suddenly it came to my attention that my kitchen mirror which is horizontal and covers most of the wall was hanging unaligned so i went to straighten it but out of the corner of my eye i saw looking back at me a figure in a black vail i turned but i was alone, it was strange that it was the anniversary of my grandfathers death, to this day no other disturbances have happened and the mirror has been removed from the kitchen .
But it still remains prominent in our minds.


I went to Murrieta Hig School


Well I found you site threw my girlfriend and I read that you say that Murrieta Valley high school is haunted. Well I can tell you want I say while I went there.
Once when I was a freshman I was in the theatre and I saw a shape, it was dark and see threw. I felt cold but not unwelcome.  Then when I was in the 11th grade I was again in the theatre and I was laying on the stage and the lights above me were moving and as the schools lighting tech I knew that they could not move under the power of wind. Some one or thing was up there.
Now the creepy one. My last year there we had a lot of things disappear and then right in the middle of a production we found a hang mans noose hanging from the cats walk. No one knew who would have put it there but the teachers were all mad.
There is lots of little thing that have happened in the theatre, lots of things during shows would go missing and then reappear after the show was over. Lights would move under there own power and other things.
My ex girlfriend once told me that at play rehearsal she saw some one, a person whom had died that previous fall and had just gotten in to the theatre. One time I was visiting her and I felt this persons percents. It was eerie but not unfulfilled.
There are lots of other things that happed as well. Friends of mine threw out my high school career would tell me that they would not go to the catwalk because they felt unwelcome. At the time I just blow it off but one night while I was working all alone I felt that same feeling. It was cold and dark and I thought that some one was playing a prank on me but I was the only person in that part of the building.
I donít know if you will post this but I hope you do. Email me back if you do.
Anyway I guess thatís all I can remember.

Quarantine Station


When I was about 4 years old we moved to a place in Sydney NSW called the Quarantine Station. This was the place that any boats that had diseases on them would go as they came into Sydney Harbour. Everyone was taken off the ship, the sick people taken to the hospital and everyone else was placed in sleeping quarters according to class.
We moved there because they were restoring all the old buildings and my dad was the foreman of the project, and just about everyone who lived there over this period has some sort of story to tell about their experiences with the paranormal.
Our cottage was next door to the old superintendents cottage which was vacant, run down and so creepy that I refused to even go in there.
After we had been living there for about 6 months my pop got very ill and had to have a triple bypass. My dad was in bed one night and started to have really bad chest pains. He woke up and at the foot of his bed was a little girl. She smiled at him and said "you'll be ok now"  and walked out of the room and his chest pains went away.
About 12 months after this incident a psychic came to talk to the people who lived there about the experiences that they had had. When my dad told her his story she pulled out a photo and asked him if the little girl was in it. Dad pointed to a little girl and said that it was her. Upon later investigation it turned out that this little girl was the last superintendents daughter and her and her father had both drowned when a ferry overturned on Sydney Harbour. This story is still told by tour guides on the ghost tours that they have there every weekend.
Now for my story. Now don't ask me why but when we moved in I had picked the room right at the back of the house, the furthest from my mum and dad's. From the time we first moved there I was always talking about the face that appeared in my window of a night time. It never scared me but was more like he was watching out for me.
Anyway after about 4 years we moved to Newcastle and built a house. When I was about 12 I started to see a man in a long coat and hat in the house whenever I was there by myself. i would catch a glimpse of this man as he walked past the door. No one ever believed me until my parents both saw him as well. Anyway one of mums friends was a physic and when mum took me to see her see said that i had a spiritual guide who was standing behind me. Mum and I have both come to the conclusion that both the spirit in their house and the face in my window when i was a little girl are this man. My guide has followed me to every house that I have lived in since and I always feel his presence the strongest when i am stressed out or alone.

The Little Girl In The Purple Dress

By: Anonymous

First off, let me tell you that I have the hall room closest to the living room and it the kitchen directly across the hall. My computer I am typing on right now is left wall, and if you look at my dresser (on the North wall) there is a big mirror, if you have the door open you can see out into the hall. On the day my experience happened my friend was over, so I had an extra chair in my room from the kitchen table. There is four chairs from the kitchen table, but only three when she was over. So here is my story:
  One day (about 2 days ago) I was on this computer reading some "ghost stories", when out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a little girl in a purple dress run by my room really fast I just got a glimpse of her. It looked like she had brown hair, and looked about 6 years old. I asked my friend Taylor if she saw it and she just said "What?" So by that time I was freaked out (this all took place in about 2 minutes), but I decided to go see what it really was. I ran into the living room and found my dog sleeping on her "chair". So I ran into the kitchen with Taylor behind, and she is totally confused, and I ran to the back yard slide door. It was open, but we ususally leave it open anyway. Anyway the curtians were moving, and it was not windy. And Casey was sleeping on "her chair". I ran into the back yard so quick so no one could possibly get away. I have alot of friends who are boys who like to terrorize the neighborhood. And they could have never gotten away so quickly! It was really cold, and it was 81*F, so I had no explanation for why it was cold. I jumped on the fence and looked over and down the street and into the other neighbors yards and NO ONE could have gotten away so fast and easy! I went back inside and stared in horror at the kitchen table. When I said there was 3 chairs there because one was in my room where Taylor was siting, I meant it, but right there infront of my eyes was the chair, and it was back where I got it. I went back in my room, shut and locked the door and me and Taylor chilled when I noticed that someone turned off my computer. I was totally freaked out right now so I turned on some music. Oh, and me, Taylor and my bro Nathan were the only people in the house at this time and Nathan was working out, so he didnít move the chair or turn off my computer. I went to go get something to eat. When I got back Taylor was reading my diary ( I let her for some reason) and the music was turned off. I asked her what happened she said she thinks the CD messed up cause it just stopped playing. I checked the radio and CD and it was paused. I thought she was playing a trick on me, which I later asked her about and she said she didnít do anything it just stopped playing and she didnít touch it. I asked my mom if she had experiences with a little girl in a purple dress and she said yes. She said she saw her one night when my mom was going to bed. She said the little girl was turning off the light, but my mom never saw her face. Anyway I saw that girl only one time after that, and it was in the back yard, and Casey was barking at her. She turned my way and smiled, and disppeared. She was friendly, and I hope she went to heaven to be with her family. I later found out that there was a house that burned down by a stove fire before my house was built. Everyone in the family was killed instantly, except a little girl, who died in the ambulance. My house is only about 10 years old. I only pray she went somewhere better. Thanks for Reading!

Personal Experience


Hello, Just to tell you a story I encountered while on Oahu, HI.
I was station at Schofield Barracks(Army station) and moonlighting as a security guard at the Waikiki Trade Center back from April 97 to October 97. One night as a fellow worker of mine and I were doing our checks on the 22 and 21 (22nd and 21st floors were free of tenants!)we were on the 20th floor exit well,when all of a sudden, the 22nd floor door opened and slammed shut!! Now mind me, it was at midnight and there were no tenants in the building at all!!!!
After talking to a parking lot attendant, he told me that a older lady had died of a heart attack about six years prior!!!
Another time while trying to take the elevator from the six to the 1st floor, I went up to the 22nd floor!!!! I hit the first floor again and went to the six floor! Afterthe third time, I finally went to the 1st floor.
There are many ghost stories I can tell you from personal experiences, if you are interested, reply to me.



Love the site. I have only recently gotten into this kind of thing but I
love reading about these experiences. I have never, to my knowledge, been
able to see or feel things like the ones described on your site, and quite
frankly I hope I never do. Anyway, on to my story. This happened to my
grandmother and my aunt. The first experience occurred not long after the
death of my Grandpa whom we called Papa. My grandma had some kind of
repiratory attack while alone at home, and some how managed to call my dad
on the phone. He then called 911 and he and my aunt wound up at her house at
about the same time. Later on, my aunt said that while the paramedics had
been "working on my grandma," that Papa was standing at the end of the bed
watching over them all. She said he was wearing pajamas as he stood there
and described the pajamas as the ones he was wearing when he died, (died in
his sleep) although she had not seen him the morning he died nor had she
ever seen those pajamas. My aunt has always claimed to see things like
ghosts or what not. Anyway, one more experience that just involved my
grandma. She said for a few weeks after Papa died that she could smell his
cologne all throughout the house. One morning she was lying in bed and felt
a light kiss on her cheek. After that she no longer smelled the cologne.
Maybe Papa was watching over her because it was the first time they had ever
been apart. Maybe they were just "seeing things." I don't know, but I hope
that wherever Papa is he is happy and in good health.

Mysterious Knock

I have been reading stories from your site for a while now and decided to finally jot down a few stories I have heard and experienced. I was born in Hampshire UK but am settled now in Pakistan. I have always been interested in the paranormal and I think most women on my motherís side have some kind of ability to sense things, including my mother. One of my motherís aunties was a spiritualist though only an amateur one. My first real contact with the paranormal was in a village called Bishopstoke, about 10 miles away from where we lived. This is about when I was ten years old and a friend of mine used to live in a big mansion called Bishopstoke Manor. I am not sure of the history of this building but it was certainly 100 years+ old. It was built on many acres of land next to a river and was a three-storey house with adjoining cottages and was quite an impressive place. My friendís grandfather was a doctor and used this mansion as a private hospital where his wife worked as the administrator. The place had a history of being haunted and once it even made the local papers when the doctor and his wife observed an apparition. First the doctor saw an old man disappear in front of his eyes in one of the ground storey rooms. Thinking he was losing his mind (he way quite aged) he kept quiet until his wife came to him one day saying that she though she was going crazy since she had just seen an old guy disappear in front of her eyes. The description and location of the encounter was exactly the same and somehow the press heard about it and it appeared in ĎThe Echoí though I can remember which year this was.
After the doctor died the family moved out of the mansion and into a modern bungalow next to it and the building was turned into an nursing home and as far as a know, no other apparition was observed. However, whenever my mother visited she would get a headache and feel nauseous. The second she left she felt fine. Very strange.
Okay, now to Pakistan. I am a wildlife researcher and focus on the outer Himalayas. These mountains have many folklore and stories attached to them and they have a feeling of immense age. My team was working in Ayubia National Park one spring when this incident happened. We where staying in a small building which consisted of two rooms that formed an L-shape and a verandah that completed the square. From the verandah you could look left, straight out into the forest since the building was situated on the edge of a cliff. Directly in front of the house was small lawn and to the right of it was another building and another lawn about two feet higher than the level of the building we were staying. To make it simpler for you to understand, there was only one direction to enter the building and that was straight in front across the lawn or you could climb a vertical cliff in you wanted to and hop over the fence straight into the verandah.
We were experiencing late snows in March and couldnít conduct much wildlife surveys but were waiting for the weather to clear up. Since there is not allot to do on top of a mountain in the evening, we usually slept early. One night at about 2200 hours I was lying in the bed when I heard a knock on the door of the other room. I heard the door open, then after 5 minutes or less it closed again. I was only half awake and thought nothing of it, presuming it to be one of the local staff coming for a chat.
The next morning I woke up, looked outside to be confronted with on foot on fresh snow. We all got up and were eating breakfast when I remembered about the knock on the door. I asked one of the staff who it had been and he the first thing he asked me was whether I knocked the door, I replied Ďnoí and pointed out that it would have been difficult for me to open my door, knock on his and return so silently. He believed me but was looking pretty disturbed. On asking why he told the following. Being quite a heavy smoker, he was up late having his last smoke. The rest of the team was asleep when there was a knock on the door. He didnít think it was me because when you open the door latch on both the doors they make quite a noise. Since he was quite near to the door the time between hearing the knock and opening the door was a matter of 15 seconds. When he opened the door there was no one there. He checked if it was me but the lights were off, the other thing that was starting to bother him was that he swore he heard footsteps walk onto the verandah, and this is where he got worried. If someone had come onto the verandah he or she would have crossed the garden which was under a few inches of fresh snow. However, there were no foot-prints-none. He looked around for any sign or anywhere someone could have entered or could be playing a practical joke, but couldnít find anything. There was no wind that night and the door rattled when it was knocked. To this day we donít know who or what knocked on the door but I donít think it was human.
I have other stories but will leave them for another evening.

My Weird Experiences


Ive had some pretty weird experiences in my life, and when i found this website, i had to tell them to you, here it goes...
When i was about 11 or 12, i was in my room laughing and telling scarey stories and dreams to my friend.  Well, out of no where, my radio just turns on to this weird station.  It was fuzzy, but you could make out the slightest hint of a mans voice then a low moaning sound and then a mans husky voice again.  My face pailed along with my friends as i looked over to her and asked, "Did you turn that on? Is the remote for the radio anywhere?" and she shook her head and we ran out of the room as fast as we could.
In my house, my Grandmother died in her room, which is down the hall and to the left of my room. Well at night, it was a usual habbit that my Grandmother would get up at 1 am and walked to the kitchen and open the fridge to fill a cup with ice.  Well, a few months after my Grandmother had past away, my room would get colder than normal and i'd see shadows passing by the foot of my bed and in my mirror's reflection.  Then, i would hear my grandmothers door open, and feet shuffling down the hall, a fridge opening and then ice being dumped in a bucket. My heart stopped and so did my breath as i'd dare to get up out of my bed and peek out my door to find nothing there.
Then, one night while i was lieing in my bed flat on my back, i felt a hand go to my neck, and as if somthing was pinning down my hands and knees. My eyes flew open, and i knew i was totally awake because i could move my eyes around and see, but i couldnt move at all!!! i was so scared as i tried to scream or move but i couldnt then i heard a whisper and somthing let me go and i sat up quickly to find nothing there, but i knew i senced a presence in my room...
Right after that experience, i got up enough courage to lay back down in my bed and sleep (I was 14 at the time, i am 15 now)...Well, i layed on my side this time, curled into a half ball and tried to go to sleep, but i knew i felt more than one presence in the room this time. Then, my eyes flew open as i felt a force push me off my bed and  I hit my back against my wall and fell to the floor.  When I got up, i noticed all my covers were on the floor and so were my pillows and i ran out of my room as fast as i could.
Then, one night when i was 13, i have a lil dolphin music box/snow globe think right on my nightstand beside my bed.  I was in a deep sleep, but i felt a stirring and i woke up and then my Music box suddenly went off, playing a different type of music than it really did...and i collect windchimes which i hang from my ceiling beam.  No windows were open and no wind was coming from anywhere, but i saw my windchimes movies and making noise, and then more black figures passing the foot of my bed.  I covered my head with my covers and shut my eyes tight praying they would go away.
To this day, there are still some weird stuff going on in my house...

My Uncle


   I'm in USAF and I live in Germany.  When I first was
got here I received  news that my uncle had passed away due to an over dose.
So my husband and I flew to Michigan to attend the funeral.  We had been up
for over 24 hours by the time the funeral was over so we asked on of my
uncles if we could crash at his place.  Well before we went to bed I asked
him to wake us up at 9 o'clock.  Well when 9 o'clock rolled around I heard
someone say my name so I woke up.  At the time I did not realize it because
I had fallen back asleep that there had been no one in the room and my
husband was still asleep.  I brushed that situation off thinking that my
mind was playing games on me.  So my husband and I went out to my
grandfathers to stay for the remainder of the time that we were there.
While at my grandpa's house My husband actually saw my dead uncle while he
was putting away groceries and I felt the stair case shake once or twice
while I was outside smoking.  Okay so maybe my uncle just wanted to say good
by I could live, but once we got back to Germany strange things began to
happen we would hear voices and see a shape in the kitchen.  About a month
after we returned my husband was called away so I was by myself and for the
majority of the time he was away nothing happened, but two days before he
returned I was in the living room and heard my name being called from
somewhere I went outside to check who had said it but no one was there so I
went back inside and sat down.  All of a sudden the room went cold and there
next to me was my dead uncle.  I was so scared that I went to a friends
rooms.  After that night nothing happened maybe he did just want to say

My Two Frights


i have had two experience ,but let me explan frist i have never seen a spirit i have only felt them. the frist one i had was when i was 7 years old me and my family just moved in to this old brick house. everynite i would here noises like people walking around or talking and it would only be at nite time when everybody else was asleep. and it would feel like it was in my room. i had a big room with a walk in closet that i had made into a play room for me. the head of my bed was pushed all the way up on the wall. well one nite well everybody in my house was gettin ready for my dad had just came in to tuck me and check my room cause i always asked him to. so he tucked me in and checked my room then he left to tuck in my 3 brothers i was lyeing in bed when all of a susdent i felt this cold hand go down my back. it scared me so bad that i jumped up out of my bed and ran to my dads room and told him what happen and came in my room to check out but nobody was in there then he told it was alright that it was probley my grandpa just letting me know he watching over us. which i belived him 1 reason why my grandpa lived in that house and died in is sleep 2 reason theres noway anybody could of came in my room with out me noticeing 3 reason nobodys hand couldv'e fit in between my headbored and the wall all i know is that i will never forget that nite its been ten years since that nite and i still remember it like it was yesterday it may not seem real frigthing to u but it scared me so bad.
the 2nd experince was when i was 16 which was a year ago  i have already moved 3 times since my first time and this was r fourth move this time it was different i didn't ok let me explain somethin before i go in the story we have a ghost that follows us he is a real nice ghost we named him george he likes to play tricks on us and hide things and turn the radio and tv on and off ok now that thats done i will tell u the story i was lying in my bed it was like 3 in the morning everyone in the house is sleeping and i share a room with my brother we have bunckbeds he sleeps on top me on bottom well he was sleeping and it was like 3 in the morning i went to lye down and go to sleep well i woke up at like 3:30 and i couldn't move at all and i couldn't speak i couldn't do anything it was like something was holding me down and it wasn't george it was some other spirit or somethin it was holding me down it felt like it was trying to get into my body it only happened for like a minute but it seemed like forever when i was fianly able to move i woke up my dad and told him but he didn't have a didn't know what was going on i told my stepmom and she had the same thing done to her but it only happens to her when shes in bed and turns the tv off so she doesn't turn the tv off anymore she doesn't know what it is thats doing this all we know is it only happens at nite when were in bed and if the tv's off so keep the tv on ( these two stories are true ) all i know is i hope i never have to go through another experince has long as i live.

My Story


Here is my story.   I've always believed in ghosts and my husband always thought I was crazy for thinking that way, but he found out for himself that I am not crazy about the things I've told him about our house.
We bought this house in August of 2001 and when we bought it the whole second floor was gutted out and ready for remodeling.  I had to take pictures for the bank for our loan. And when I got the pictures back I noticed "orbs" in almost all of the pictures, but the picture that really caught my eye was the pic of our bedroom.  On the wall near the window, was a face, You can clearly see the facial features of this person.  And its not a reflection because the walls were bare down to the wood lathe.  After the remodeling started is when little things started happening around here.
I would go into the kitchen and find a cupboard door open,  At first I didn't think anything of it until one morning I walked into the kitchen and all the doors were open.  My dog barks like crazy in the basement of the house.
But this is what got my husband to beleive that something or someone else was in the house too.
He woke up in the middle of the night two nights ago and heard a little girl laughing,  At first he thought it was our youngest daughter but when he opened his eyes he saw a little girl standing at the bottom of our bed holding a doll in her arms.  She looked at him and laughed again and ran out the door and disappeared into the hallway.  He got up and went into our little girls room and seen that she was sound asleep in her bed.
  I have always heard things upstairs and when I would go up there there would never be anyone up there.
My middle daughter also heard a girl.  First she heard her scream and then start to laugh.
And like I had said before,  there are orbs in pictures of all the rooms except for two rooms,  the first floor bedroom and first floor bathroom.
The pictures of all the other rooms has an orb in it someone on the picture.
But as long as nothing bad starts happening to my family, He, she, or they can stay here for as long as they want.

My Son and His Friend


I have a story to tell.  I was just reading about children and ghosts and would like to share my exsperiance.  My husband and I bought a home and moved in with our son David who was about five at the time.  After living in this house for several months we noticed that David was talking to someone and he said it was his friend.  Of course we called this friend his imagenary friend for sometime until we noticed some strange things about this friend.
David said her names was Jerran and she was a little girl.  Now this didn't surprise me until he said that she had a last name too.  It was Keck.  I thought okay I have never known of anyone that has an imaginary friend with a last name and thought this was a little off.
David also began going into details about what she looked like.  My son has always been crazy about girls with long blonde hair so I thought that this is what she was going to look like but that wasn't the case.  She had long curly hair he said.
This began to be a game with us and we started to believe that David's friend wasn't just in his mind at all.
We would ask him is she was there and sometimes he would say yes and sometimes no.  Often when we were in the car he would say that she was right outside of his window going along with the car!
At the same time I began noticing that my car keys would come up missing just to turn up back where I thought they were.  Often late at night I would be in the bathroom with the door open and hear footsteps going down the hall and when I went to ck it out and noone would be there.  But I dismissed all of this to my mind playing tricks on me.  But then something happened that made everthing come together and make a whole lotta sence!  I could look down my hallway and see into my sons room at the end as well as our room.  We had a lamp that you could also see.  I noticed one day that it was on and went to turn it off and left.  Only to notice a little while later that it was back on.  I was the only one in the house at the time but thought it wasn't anything and shut it back off.  But this time halfway down the hall I turned back around to notice that it was back on!  I was a little spooked at the time but went ahead and turned it off again and it was back on when I turned back around in the hallway.  I then thSo now I believe and everyone else in the family believes that David's friend is a ghost of some sort.  We then really started asking questions and over a period of about a year we found out a lot about Jarren.
David said that she lived in the walls of his room but that sometimes she would go up a staircase into the clouds outside.  One day he was playing in his room and it seemed he was talking to more that one person.  When I asked him about it he said that Jerran has brought some of her friends to play.
When then got up enough nerve to ask David how Jerran had died and he at first just told us that we didn't want to know.  But eventually he told us that she had been killed somehow with a blow to her head.
We went on vacation that year and Jerran didn't come with us David said that she had to stay at home.  But as soon as we came back things went back to normal.  Jerran stayed with us for about a year maybe longer before we noticed one day that David no longer spoke of her.  David told us that Jerran went away to California and wouldn't be back.  Things in the house had stopped moving and the walking in the hallway was not heard agian.  I truly believe that for whatever reason Jerran was a spirt of a little girl that was fond of my son and like playing with us sometimes too.

My Own Experience


When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time at my
friends place.  She and her parents lived in a very
old house in an older neighbourhood...not far from my
childhood neighbourhood.
My freind and her parents were told by neigbours that
there was an elderly woman that lived in their house
for many years, and eventually died in the house.
There was some peculiar incidents that they told me
about, such as occasionly being met with the odour of
onions cooking in the middle of the night.  But both
my friend and I had experiences in the basement that
neither of us will forget.
This house had a typical spooky basement, complete
with a cover well, a tiny coal room and old wooden
stairs with no backs on the steps.  One winter my
friend a broken arm and didn't feel like going out of
town with her folks, so I stayed at her place to help
her out for a few days.  On one of those nights, I
went to go feed her two cats.  The cat dishes were at
the top of the basement stairs and the cat food was
stored on a small shelf above the stairs... to get to
it, you had to go halfway down the stairs.  I did so,
turned around while still halfway down the stairs and
started putting food in the dishes.  My friend was in
the living room, both cats were in front of me, and no
one else was home.  All of a sudden I felt someone run
up the stairs and stop on the step right behind me.  I
quickly turned around and of course there was no one
there, and of course I freaked out and ran up into the
living room, cat food in hand!
A few years later, my friend was out late one night
and didn't want to wake up her parents going up to her
bedroom.  SO she tip-toed down to the basement where
there was a spare bed set up for any visiting
relatives.  She crashed out on the bed, but was woken
up about half an hour later by the sensation of a hand
stroking her forehead and the sound of humming and
"shhing".  She opened her eyes, but didn't see
anything....swung her arm around in the darkness and
didn't feel anyone there!  All she had the nerve to do
was shut her eyes and will herself back into sleep.
Sounds like the little old lady that spent so many
years in that house was still around looking out for
the younger people.

My Mom's Basement


At my mom's house, in a small town in Mantiboa was were this story had tooken place.
I was 17 and my little brother who was 13 had always told me about ghost's in the basement him and his friends sometimes would come running up the stairs in a panic. The only thing was they weren't really scared so i never thought anything of it.  I always thought that it was just a prank they were trying to pull on me. It wasn't that i didn't believe in them or anything. It was just because i never saw them at the house we were living in at the time.
But on Aug 17/02 I had stayed downstairs where they were sleeping that night, (me and my brother have always been close friends) I came in late and I don't even think they knew I was there. Why I slept down there i really don't know. In the morning around ten I sat up from the couch and the basement is really dark and I as I sat there i seen three people in the middle of  basement sitting (sleeping) area and no word of a lie i woke up Dev and Bren (my bro and his friend) and said can you see that!!? and they stay laying there and said "we told you." i sat there staring in astonishment and I could easily see that the three were actually two men and a girl and it looked like they were dancing.  ( i know it sounds wierd but honest)
As I sat there staring and watching they started to move around and one of the men came walking around me, that's were i froze and a total fear of something came over me. Once I couldn't see him behind me I ran upstairs crying and phoned my mom at work begging her to come home.
After a couple of days my brother went on a trip to visit his dad, and my mom believed that i saw something. Then the basement light started to not work and only work when it wanted to. and I had to go throw something in the washer and of course the light wouldn't turn on so I yelled wake-up now and as I was shutting the  basement door it sounded like a pop bottle fell and then i quickly opened the door again and the light was turned on. so i shut the door in fear and looked at my mom who was in the kitchen and almost crying i said we have dead people in the house. Not thinking nor meaning what I said.
Now i definetly believe in ghosts and after that i finally had an explanation for why our dog had never once went or tried to go downstairs. or when we would bring strays home. Once a puppy and my friends slept down stairs and in the middle of the night that dog/pup started yellping uncontroably i even took him outside and he contiued (?)
Now i don't live there but i have two little sisters who do and they told me that they had saw a man wearing a red and black shirt sitting on mommies bed. I hope they are friendly.
I have many more experiences about that house that had happened but this one's long enough.

  My Kitten Destiny


On september 5, 1997 I got a new kitten and named her Destiny.  She was around 7 weeks old when we got her.  You see she was a stray.  When we got her to the vet we found out she had feline leukemia.  A few weeks later she died.  I felt so bad that she died at such a young age.  My boyfriend gave me money to cremate her.  I kept her ashes in my room . One night I heard mewing, the kind a tiny kitten would make although their was nobody in the house but me.  One day my boyfriend came over to hang out.  He went to the bathroom and he said he triped over a small kitten and asked me if I got a new kitten.  I asked him what he meant.  So he told me what happend and discribed the kitten.  I turned pale and told him that he had saw my kitten Destiny's spirit

My House is Haunted!


I am an average 13 year old girl, I'm 5'1, I weigh 114lbs, I have blue eyes,
blonde hair, I'm a cheerleader, oh yeah I almost forgot I live in a two
story, Victorian home that is painted tan, with green shutters, and a white
picked fence, and I have a little dog named Eddie,oh yeah my house might be
the most exspensive and biggest in our small town of Williamsburg, but what
you and a lot of other people dont know is that its haunted! No I am not
making this up! My grandmother has lived next to my house since she was 2
days old, my dad was raised in the same house my grandmother was, and when my
dad married my mom 25 years ago and they still are, he didn't want to leave
his mom behind so he bought the house next door, that way he could still live
and be close to his mom. Ever since I was 4 years old my grand mother has
told me of the horrific events that took place in my house. She said it was a
shock to her and the rest of our small town, you see a doctor named David
Smith lived in the house before we did, my grandmother was just 13 years old
when it happened, David smith, was a 42 year old, doctor who lived in my
house with his wife Victoria and their 3 daughters, Emma, Rebecca, and
Emma and Rebecca were identical twins the same age as my grandmother 13,
Elizabeth was 2 years old, their nany Carolyn Howard. Carolyn was from
England, she was sent by David's father to take care of his 3 granddaughters.
You see by during the birth of Elizabeth their mother VIctoria had a hard
labor and became very sick after her daughter's birth and when Elizabeth was
just 7 months old her mother died! Her two sister didn't know how to care for
a small child, so then David wrote to his father in need of advice, and his
father sent Carolyn to  care for them. Carolyn treated the children with love
and kindness, so David asked Carolyn to marry him,and she did. After they
were married David became angery over the smallest mistake and beat Ca rolyn
badly. But Caolyn hide that from the children, because she did not want them
to know that side of their father! Time went on and the beating became worser
and worser until one night in a mad and drunken rage he killed Carolyn, and
Emma and Rebecca, and then turned around and took his own life! Elizabeth
surived because she had spent the night with my grandmother! They say to this
very day you can see the renactments of their bloody murders on the
anniversery of their deaths! And you can very October the 14th!

My Haunted House


My story is not as scary as some storis on here. I live in a little town in Michigan. I am 12 yrs.old. I have always had a facination with ghosts. I saw my first ghost when I was 8. It was the day my dog Penny died. As I walked to my room crying I looked over in my brothers room and saw Penny and my other dog that died when I was 4, Casper. I was not afraid. When I blinked they were gone. The scary thing though is the night before I dreamt Penny got hit by a car.It was a red car in the dream. When I told my mom about the dream. She was amazed because the car that hit her was red. Now since then I have had many other dreams but I'll skip to what is happening now. In all of my dreams I see a lady in an old blue gown. She never has a face though. and always waves her hand as if to say come here but when I try I can't move. Other things that happen in my house is that. When you sit on the couch someone shakes you and won't stop until you look in the dining room. In my bedroom you can smell womans perfume and my mom and sister and I don't wear that type of perfume. You also can somtimes feel someone poking you. I do have an explanation. This town is very old. Around my house there are 2 graveyards. 1 is an old indian graveyard and the other is an old pioneer graveyard. In the woods behind my house there is also an old logging town. I do not believe the spirits here are bad though. I guess I will never know what haunts my house though.

My Grandmother


It was a few years ago in 1999 that my grandmother passed away in September.  I had had a very bad month concluding with a suicide attempt.  I have suffered from depression all my life and was undergoing a double depression which is a low grade depression combined with a deep depression.  The day after my attempt my grandmother passed away while my parents were coming to the city I was living in to bring me home.  They didn't tell me about it until we were on our way back.  I really couldn't respond to her death at the time due to being numb and not knowing what to think about anything at the moment.  My grandmother had been going down hill for over a year and I had been feeling bad about not being home to help my mother with her.  My Aunt had come into town to start putting things together for the funeral.  She was staying in Grandma's house as I was in the extra bed at my parents.  When she came into the house everything was packed in her suitcases including her make-up kit.  After an emotional day of planning with my mother she went across the street to go to bed.  A few moments later she called over to us on the phone in a bit of a panic.  She had come into the house and turned around to close the door and found some of her make up behind the front door.  There was no sign of entry into the house just a tube of make up behind the door.  I should also tell you that Grandma was very safety conscious and had all the doors basically double locked except for the front door which you could double lock from the inside with a flip latch.  The front door is also solid wood and there is no way anybody could get in to the house through it with out the deadbolt key or unless they hack though it with an axe.  My Aunt was most upset with her discovery as she had put her make up kit in the bathroom and she doesn't keep any in her purse.  We came over and were able to calm her down.  She told us that she was sure that it was Grandma who placed the make up behind the door.  We checked the doors and found all secure.  I looked over at the door and noticed that the corner by it seemed to be extra bright and I got a feeling from it that said to me "wait" and then it faded.  I didn't tell either my mother or my aunt this and I am sure that it was my Grandmother.  You see I had had a question that I had asked when I was at my lowest.  "How can I be sure that death is just a door to another life?"  I believe I got my answer and even though I still deal with my depression every day I am very content to "wait" as my Grandmother asked me to as I am very secure in the fact that I am here for a reason and the opening of that door will come in its own good time.

My Ghostly Roommate


   I have lived in the same apartment for the past nine years in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  When I first moved in I had some experiences with lights turning off and on "by themselves".  I told my dad and he said to have maintenance look into it.  They found nothing wrong with the electricity.  Over the past nine years my "ghostly roommate" has made his presence known to me and my other (human) roommate in several ways.  I feel this is a male spirit who died in this apartment at some point before I moved in.  I have tried to get information on the previous tenants from my landlady, to no avail.  One night my best friend and I were using my Ouija board and asked the spirit to identify himself.  We got the name Zachary and that he is/was 27 years old.  We asked him why he remains in the apartment and his reply was that he had hanged himself in the closet and was very remorseful about it.  He is a friendly ghost and is not very active, but sometimes will change the channels on the tv or the radio stations.  I tend to stay up late reading, and there have been times when he will turn off my bedside lamp as if to say, "enough, time to go to sleep now".  He doesn't scare me or my roommate at all, rather, I like having him around, but told him that he should try to move on.

My Ghost


Hi,my names Rhiannon,I live in Auckland New Zealand.
I'm 12 yrs.old,turning 13 in April.When I was about 4 I was staying at my
Dad's house,my dad and Helen were sitting at the table and I was in the
A chill of cold just sweept through the room,
"Did you feel that?"said Helen.
All of a sudden I started screaming and pointing at this empty space in the
kitchen,that was the only night I ever slept with my light on.
I have others but I will not send them in just yet
Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like to know more!

My Ghost Story


I had been watching some movie in my living room and fell asleep on my couch. I woke up at 1:00 and turned the television off and went back to sleep. I was woken by the sound of moving silver wear in my kitchen and then running water from the bathroom that was right in front of me. I just lied there trying to open my eyes and I couldnít. I figured I was still asleep but I could actually hear the sound of running water. I just lied there for a minute asking myself if I could really hear it and I could. My dad had told me about this little boy that was found dead on Christmas morning in the bedroom next to mine. I often heard foot steps and furniture moving up stairs when there was no one there. I had once even heard him whisper ďIs he asleep yetĒ? The little boys name was David and he was a cousin of mine that died before I was born. He just moved into this house back in the summer. Back to what happened: I was lying there knowing that there was a ghost in my bathroom and I was fine with it. Then all of a sudden I felt a force push me into my couch just as every hair on my body stood up. It wasnít like chills or goose bumps, I mean it was freezing and you could feel each hair rise. It was the scariest thing I had ever felt. It was like riding the Gravitron, even my face got pushed back. It was so weird. I tried to scream but my mouth wouldnít open so I just made this weird moan which made the little boy laugh and he took off running up the stairs. I just lied there in silence with my eye closed wondering what had just happened. After about a minute of being completely stiff I began to cry. I felt as If I was going to have a heart attack it scared me so much. I went in my dadís room and got in bed with him which I have never done before. I have never been that scared in my life. I cried for at least a half an hour.

My Ghost Stories

Where to start! Well for one thing it's started with my grandmother. She used to have ghosts around her. One in particular was a man who used to stand leaning against the door jamb of her room, smoking a pipe. This went on until her parents changed her bedroom. Another was one time she woke up yelling that the house was on fire.. her parents ran in and told her everything was fine... a few hours later in a electrical storm a fire ball hit the house and the house burnt down.  Another time my mom, her sister and their father went to the store, my grandmothe stayed home to clean. When my mom, aunt and grand father returned, they found her pale with a look of panic on her face... when they asked what happened, she said she was dusting in the bedroom by the window, when she looked outside she saw a floating hand waving and moving away, when it disapeared the phone rang, her mother had just died and she had been asking for her!  Those are the major ones with my grand mother. I'm sure more happened but she probably never talked about it.
Now me and my mother. Things started a few months after my grandmothers death. The first thing that happened was the swing moving on it's own. I was in my room , and my mom called for me to come quick... she was in the kitchen turning on the stove timer, then she took me outside. One of our swing was moving by itself at a faily quick pace (20 mins according to the timer). There was no wind, plus the swing beside it wasn't moving at all... My grandmother used to love swingning with me.Where my mom lives now is where more things are happening. There is a man and a woman ghost that we know of. I have seen the woman, she walked by my bedroom door one night. She had long black hair and she was wearing a wedding dress. The man has been seen by a few people. He has an attitude problem! He's kicked my mom's boyfriends chair, he's thrown a boot and a tape measure at my cat, he's felt up my mom, he rips off the blinds in my moms room,  he's broken the humidifyer, he turns off lights, he's opened the window in my brothers room where he has a tropical snake.
We've had a friend of the family come over with her baby, she was unable to go into the family room because he would stare in one corner a yell. Our cats seem to freak out for "no apparent reasons". My mom smell a cigar over her left shoulder every so often (I wonder if it's the same man my grand mother saw!). When she works toilet flush by themselves, toys appear in the middle of a room that she has just finished cleaning.
I have two identical talking dolls (sleeping Ernie) , but one of my dolls talks faster than the other one. one morning i woke up to the both of them saying the same sentence over and over again at the same speed...then when I moved to my dads, one of them started talking again by itself (on only one occasion). Every so often I feel someone tap my shoulder.
During the ice storm we had no electricity, we could hear  a man and a woman talking to each other upstairs, and walking around.
We've had a gassy ghost!  Sounds ridiculous I know, but it happened.  I was babysitting my brother, he was in bed. I heard a loud BZZZZZZZ. I went around the house to try and figure out what it was, couldn't find anything. I went to my room and sat on the side of my bed... Then there was this loud farting sound... I ran into my brother's room to get his display maschetee, and I sat in the hall upstairs holding it until my mom got home. She said I looked pale when she got home,  she kept asking me what was wrong... I finally told her "The house was farting". Well of couse she and her boyfriend started laughing... She wasn't laughing anymore at 12pm when it started up again! every half hour until 7 am a loud farting sound. She came to bed with me. That morning I was in the dinning room (the only thing behind me was the window, I was joking about the farting sounds, when all of a sudden it did it again right behind me really loud.... Well I never moved that fast in my life... into the kitchen in less that 1 second.   Well we have many other stories, but I believe that is enough for now, if you want to hear more... e-mail me.
Love the site... keep up the good work!!!

My Ghost on Fort Bragg


My family moved onto Ft. Bragg when I was about nine years old,  right before I had to go back to school.  I never really liked the house at first.  It was an old apartment building with two stories that were connected to seven other apartments that were similar to each other.  I first saw our unwelcome guest on some dreary weekend.  My parents were upstairs asleep and my brother was asleep on the couch  while I was left to watch some boring rollerblading show on cable.  When it was off, I went upstairs.  I went up the first eight stairs and got to the landing when I felt like someone was watching me, I figured that I had woken my brother up, and he didn't want to be left alone.  I turned around and there was a man at the base of the steps just watching me, and he disapeared a little while later.
I never saw him again, because my family prayed around the house numerous times, and we even had our pastor and youth pastor over.  At the time I didn't know why we were praying around the house, I had come to believe that I was just seeing things, because no one else ever talked about it.  It turns out that both of my parents had seen shadows or men at the bottom of the stairs, but they didn't tell me about this until about four years later.
Thank you for reading my story, I would like to visit that house again one day and see if there is anything there.

My Ghost Experiences


After reading literally hundreds of stories from your web site, I have decided to send you my paranormal experiences.

My first experience happened when I was about 5 years old. I had my own bedroom, and it was down the hall from my parents room. I had one window in my room, and it had no curtains or shades what so ever. The bottom of the window was about 5 feet off the ground. The window itself from top to bottom was about 4 feet. My bed situated directly across from the window on the other side of the room. Now that I set the scene, let me continue the story. I woke up one night when I was about 5 years old and for seem reason felt like someone was staring at me. I rolled over, and saw something that scared me down to my soul.  Standing on the outside of my window staring at me was a dark entity. It was black, and I mean black. From the shoulders down, it looked like a well built male, but from the head up was a different story. It's neck and head looked like and upside down bowling pin. Also, it had no features. It looked 2- dimensional. The best to describe it is to say that it looked like some cut out the shadow of a BIG man and pasted it to my window. I could see the stars, trees, behind it but I couldn't see trough it. Also, the image FILLED my entire window. It was about 8 FEET TALL!  After seeing this horrible image, I ran to my parents room and told them that there was a man in my window. They told me to go back to bed because I was just dreaming. Well apparently, my dream didn't know when to stop because when I tip-toed back down the hall and peaked around my door and my dream was still standing there looking at me. Now. This is where I got really brave or really stupid (I still can't figure it out). I walked up to my bedroom window and looked this think in the face. After about 5 seconds of looking this thing in the face, that it didn't have, I had a sudden urge to run, and I did. I ran right back to my parents' room and slept on the floor at the end of their bed the rest of the night. I never saw the black entity again.
My second story took place while I was in the Navy. I was stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center back in 1996-1997.  I had the midnight rover (moving security guard) watch at the Tech. Core building. This building was built around 1945 and looked like a giant figure 8. Including my self, there are only three people in this building. The duty chief was in bed sleeping. The Petty Officer Of The Watch was at his podium (He can't leave this podium unless I relieve him). As I roved (walked) the first floor everything was going fine. I literally was whistling DIXIE.  However, as I started to walk up the north stair case, I started to get this uneasy feeling in the pit of my gut (I would later realize that this uneasiness is my 6th sense ghost detector, and learn to use it often).  I of course, at this time, didn't pay much attention to it. As I came of the north stair case on to the second floor,  I passed in front of the U shaped male bathroom. Just as I was passing the door I heard a urinal flush, so I stopped. At this point, I wasn't even thinking ghost. I was thinking that some drunk sailor had come in the building to use the phone and decided to take a quick bathroom break. I also thought that maybe it was the plumbing. I mean that this building was about 52 years old, and everything on it was old and falling apart, including the plumbing. I decided that since I was on the far end of a barely lit building with no weapon, that I would wait one minute. I figured that if it was a man, I would be better off to have him run into me, than me into him. However, if no one came out after that minute, then it must be the plumbing. Well, one minute came and went and no man, so as I turned on the ball of my feet to keep walking down the hall, I heard the sink turn on. Now I'm thinking that someone is in there. I decided to stick with my original strategy of letting them run into me, but after 3 minutes no one came out. So, I decided to go in after them. I went in the left door (The side that the sinks are on) but I saw no one. I walked around the end of the U to the side with the toilets making sure to look at the sinks and urinals for signs of water, but all were bone dry. After checking the toilet stalls I went out the other door and looked down the hall. I saw nobody. Now I start to pay attention to the feeling in the pit of my gut, and now I'm starting to think ghost. I'm thinking ghost because I know I heard what I heard, and that there was no way out of that bathroom without me hearing someone open the door. The doors to that bathroom squeak so loud that it would take a case of WD40 to get them to be quiet, but yet I heard nothing except when I went in and out of the bathroom. As I started to walk down the hall I had the feeling that someone was about 5 feet behind me looking at me. I couldn't help but to keep looking behind me every few steps.  I started to walk faster and faster. It got to the point that I was almost at a run. Why would I still be in this building after what I just experienced? Because I still had to do my job. Anyway I finally ended up back at the same stair well I came up on and then went up to the third floor. Even on the third floor, I had the feeling like someone was right behind me following me. I decided to cut my rove short on this floor my walking halfway down one side and then cutting over and walking the rest of the way up the other side. I went onto the landing of the south stair case. That's when I told myself to stop and calm down. I decide that I was going to go up the last flight of steps to the roof and get some fresh air, however, something else had a different idea. I had never been lightheaded in my life until that moment for every step I took, I could feel waves of dizziness hit me like ocean waves. It got so bad that halfway up the stair case, I was bent over holding onto the rail trying not to fall down. This is where it gets real strange. That was when I heard a voice in my head.  It was in my own internal voice, but it wasn't my thought. It said, and I quote "IF YOU TAKE ONE MORE STEP UP THIS LADDER WELL, YOU WILL FALL TO THE BOTTOM AND DIE". Needless to say I didn't push the subject. I started to slowly walk backwards down the stairs, all the while holding on to the rail. Each step I took, I could actually feel the dizziness being pulled off of me. When my last foot hit the landing I was totally fine. That was when I said a few colorful words to my invisible host and RAN down to the first floor.  The second I reached the first floor, all the uneasy feelings I had been experiencing disappeared. Needless to say I NEVER roved above the first floor the rest of my time at the school. Several other people had experiences after this but I will save those for another time.
The third ghost experience happened in 2000 on board the USS Cowpens (CG 63). It happened about a week after I had lost a very very dear friend and shipmate (coworker)  to an accident. It was about 03:00 (AM) and I was standing the CSMC watch. I had the two water tight doors closed and sealed. Now since these doors were water tight, logic only tells you that voices don't come through these doors to easy. Anyway. I was in the room talking out loud to my departed friend. I started to get upset and angry, so I started to talk outloud to God. The more I talked the more angry I got, so I finally ask, "CAN ANYONE UP THERE HERE ME?".  Believe it or not I got a verbal response. The response came as a males voice, in a whispering tone, but loud enough to fill the whole room, it simply said, "I CAN HEAR YOU".
Well I hope you enjoyed my stories. Please rest assured that all of these stories ARE TRUE.  I have researched the paranormal since I was a small child. It is my passion. I have other stories and things that I decided not to include, but if anyone is interested please email me and I would be happy to share them with you.


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