My Families Ghost Stories


Well I want to start out by saying I love your site it is the best.  Anyways here are some ghost experiences that happened in my family especially to my great g-ma.  I think ghost followed her around and she had the 6th sense.  Here goes.  My great g-mas house in alittle town in Missouri was haunted by something evil and by something good.  One night my cousin and his wife were sleeping in one of the rooms that went off the kitchen well his wife woke up screaming later she told my g-ma and uncle that an evil spirit was peering at her from the foot of the bed.  Another in that same house my other relatives were there from Kansas my little cousin was sitting on the floor and something picked him up and threw him into the kitchen.  There are other things that happend there but I can't think of them right now.
This happened to my grandma not my great g-ma about a week or two ago.  She was driving to work which is in another town there was no one else with her when she felt something push up on the bottom of her seat she thinks it was my great g-ma that I talked about in the first paragraph because she died in April and this has happened to her once before.  At her house one night my grandmas was sleeping and something just kicked the bed she has no animals and no one else lives with her.
On Christmas Eve of this year '02 at my uncle and aunts house down the road my mom came in there and their daughter was in the livng and then my aunt came in my uncle was in the back my mom thought that she heard him yell something and she also saw a black shadow in the hall and she thought he was over but my aunt told her that he was in the back you and asked my uncle if he had said anything and he said no.  Another time when I was babysitting my little cuz I went down there it was night I felt wierd as soon as I walked in the house so I turned on all the lights I was sitting on the couch facing the hallway I mentioned earlier and my little cuz was on my lap for some reason I glanced in the direction of the hall my cuz caught my glare and looked in the hall she started screaming for no reason so I called my mom to pick us up left all the lights on didn't even wait for my mom to come and ran down to my house it scared me so much.  Well thats all I have for now but I will email in more later.

My Families History of Hauntings


i read a family's history of hauntings and ive decided to tell my own
family's history. when i was a baby, we lived in a house that wasnt old, or
anything and was on an ordinary modern street. one night, my dad was at a
friends house and my mother was home  alone with me. she had just put me down
and she was watching tv or somethin when she heard a basketball bouncing. it
was too close to be from either next door. and there was no other noise
besides the bouncing ball. she got scared thinking that an intruder was on
the enclosed porch where my parents basketball was. (i have no idea why a
burglar would be bouncing their basketball but i guess thats how she was
thinking) and she called my godfather over. he came over five minutes later,
with the basketball still bouncing all the while. but as soon as he pulled in
the driveway, it was quiet. my mom and my godfather both went on the porch
and the basketball was in the corner where my dad put it last. and it was
still, not as if someone had just dropped it or put it back.
another paranormal occurance happened in that house, this time my dad
witnessed it. he was in the kitchen making himself a samwich one night when
he heard his name being called. he turned around and as he faced the door, a
pair of  freezing hands grabbed his shoulders. this is all from this house,
because i was just a little one i dont remember anything weird, and my
parents have never told my anything else. the next house we lived in from
when i was 4-7. it was an old farmhouse and i remember always being afraid to
go into one portion of the house. i was just scared. who knows why. i had one
terrifying night when i was like, six, or something. i shared a room with my
sis and one night, i woke up from a night mare (i had watched a scary show
that afternoon) and i couldnt get back to sleep so went in my parents room
and they got mad and kicked me out and made my go back to my bed. i was
trying to get to sleep when i saw a black, round object flying in my front
room, my door was open so i saw everything. i yelled for my dad and he came ou
t and it flew right past him and he didnt notice. he sat with me until i fell
asleep again. but i woke up again and this time the black thing was just a
little bit bigger and it flew evrywhere. i KNOW this was NOT a nightmare
because i remember it all and my dad remembers me calling him many times in
the night that i told him i was scared but i wouldnt tell him why. it wasnt
until two years ago that i found out that an old woman had died in that house
right before we moved in. now we lived in a different house and i was just
starting second grade. my sister and i slept in the basement, which had three
rooms, play room, bedroom and our front room with a tv. we were always afraid
to go down there alone. and one day we were going somewhere and i was the
last one in the house and i was running up the basement stairs and i looked
back to see a dark cape figure chasing me up. a couple years later we were
discussing this and my sister admitted to seeing a dark figure in corners of
that basement sometimes. well, we moved again to ANOTHER house and this time
i was the only one who seemed to have witnessed the haunting. the week we
moved in i was sleeping with my parents cuz my bed had not been set up yet
and it was around 3am maybe 2am, and i heard a horse and bells, like old
fashioned fire bells. i was new to the area so i thought maybe someone got up
early or. . i dunno what i was thinking. i forgot about that incident until
next summer and the same week(i know this cuz it was the week before school
started ) the same thing happened. then a couple months later i was again
sleeping in my parents room and i woke up to singing coming from the
bathroom. i thought it was my dopey sis singing while she was on the toilet
but i looked under the bathroom door and the bathroom light wasnt on, and i
KNOW my sis did not go to the bathroom in the middle of the night with no
light on ( SCOOBY DOO gave her nightmares). then the next summer i was
swimmin in our blow up pool and i looked up to see a blond little girl
looking down at me. i went up to surface and blinked and no one was there.
well, that was many years ago, and since then we have moved. my "bathroom
ghost" is now a family joke.

My Experience


 I am here to tell you my experience.
    My grandma passed away when I was in fourth grade on Labor Day. We were all devastated. She smoked heavily.  My family and I were in the family room when this experience happened.
My dad asked us all if we smelled something burning. We said no and brushed it off. Then we started smelling it. Our noses led us to the empty seat next to my mom. None of us smoked and this seemed quite strange to all of us. My dad then realized it was probably his mother. We were all touched. This experience happened to me when I was cleaning my room. I went to talk to my mom and as I returned to my room, I passed the bathroom. It smelled heavily of smoke. I told my mom and she just brushed me off. I knew it was Gan-All. I was so happy and touched. The first incident happened a year ago in 2001and the 2nd one during the summer of 2002.

Something Paranormal


1) When I was about 12 I was sleeping downstairs in my bedroom. Now I
had this little train my grandpa had given me. It was made out of tin ,
which makes it pretty old because you don't find many tin toys nowadays.
Now I had this little train down in my room because I wanted to play
with it. It hadn't worked but I was too lazy to take it upstairs. It had
no batteries in it. Anyways while I was sleeping It all of a sudden
turned on . All I did  was lay under my blankets for like an hour before
I ran upstairs.
2) I was walking To my friends house two houses down the street form
mine. It was about 9 p.m. All of a sudden I heard a voice. You know
those creepy little girlz voices that are all scratchy, like the one
from that show where families and stuff go to haunted places overnight
to find stuff with nothing but a camera and they have that narrater that
has that really creepy voice? Well thats what it sounds like. Anyways
the Voice was all "Come Here" and  It also said "Help". Well I tell
ya..... Inever ran Faster in my whole life!!! I was freaking Scared to
Death. Other times I ssaw Weird Shapes in the pathway going to "the
field" ( A large field , hence the name)And Weird lights too. Well I am
thinking that my neighborhood was haunted or somthing.

My Cousin's House


My cousin doesn't believe in ghost. 3 years ago be bought a house short ways up the road from me. This then girlfriend was afraid of the house. Few times that my cousin was out of time she would make me come stay with her.. I knew when I first walked in the house there was ghost there I could feel it. There was cold spots in the middle of the hot summer. One night while I was there I asked her why she was after of the house. She told me that strange things would happen when she was alone there, like she would turn off the celling fan or lights and leave the room only come back in few mins later and find them on again. She heard someone walking in the cellar when she was home alone. she would look the cellar door only to find it unlocked few mins later. I told her I already knew there was ghost there from the first time I had been in house and even told my cousin ( who said I was crazy). After I left the next morning I didn't leave alone. The ghost in the house followed me ho seemed not to bother inside the house but he started doing things outside that caused my cousin to wonder what was going on. The door to the garage started to open by its self even after my cousin disconnted the power to the door opener. His girlfriend called me to come up and have other talk with their ghost which I did. I had to make few more trips up there to talk to ghost before things would settle down. About 2 years passed and nothing more happen until last summer. My cousin had married other woman and things started. This wife thought at first my cousin was playing tricks on her. I went to vist to see when the new baby was due and she started telling me how my cousin was doing things to drive her crazy. I told her that it wasn't him ( hes not trick player on people, only thing he does is runs and hides when i come to vist thats usally because something is wrong with my car) She told me that one night in the middle of the night she happen to get up in middle of the night for snack and the back door wan't home. Later that day I went back up to see if he was home yet. And Told him what happen see said he was about 35 miles away at the time I was up there and that when he came home his garage door was open not shut. His wife came out and said that while my cousin was gone that day she heard someone open the back door and come in but when my cousin didn't come into the bedroom she got up and went too look and the back door was shut and locked. I haven't been up there for few months since the baby came. I don't know if they still have strange things happening or not. But ghost never has hurt anyone seems to just like to wander around the house and yard and garage.

My Cat

This story is to give a little more information about the cat in my last entry that i had at shadowlands.
I talked about seeing a little shadow of a cat flit around our house and to give a more specific place it was by our gas stove about in the middle of our house.  Anyway, a few months ago we came to find out that we had a major gas leak, meaning if we had a little spark that had happen to fall in just the right place i wouldn't be typing this.  We were literally sitting on this little pocket of gas that had collected under our house.  It was bad enough you could smell it from blocks away and even the neighbors had their gas checked.  Finally we got ours checked and sure enough we had a gas leak.  We had to shut everything off. For about three weeks we had to go somewhere else to do laundry and take showers, and had to live off fast food.    Since all the repairmen were booked up for the month my mom decided that we might as well do it ourselves.  We first started taking up small amounts of boards just to see what it looked like.&ning and walking around right above where its little body had been.  Ever since my mom found it i haven't been seeing it, only once that i know of maybe to tell me goodbye.
"Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it."

My Aunt's House


It all started when my aunt was a little girl.  She claimed that when she was in her room alone, she would hear barking, growling, and scratching at the inside of her closet.  She would then proceed to run downstairs to her parents room for comfort.  Being skeptical parents, they vetoed her sightings, and told her to never bring it up again.
These sort of things would happen a few times a month, according to my aunt, and she would simply remove herself from the room and sleep on the sofa.
My aunt still lives in that house, inheriting it from my grandparents after their death.  And even around 27 years later, she still has spirits in her house.  I have been told on many occasion of new experiences.  The latest one being that around midnight, after everyone went to bed, she was at the computer, doing some night surfing.  And from now where, a rock was hurled across the room, shattering the window.
I myself have had experiences in that house.  I in my little cousins' room reading a book while they slept, and I was surprised to hear the sound of child laughing.  thinking it was my cousins playing, I kept my nose in my book.  A few moments later the laughter increased in volume.  I looked down and they were sound asleep.  I then got up to look outside and what I saw would make the bravest of man faint.  I was looking down the hall and saw the ghostly figure of my dead grandmother.  Her eyes were whitened and her feet, though were moving as if they were upon the hardwood floor, here not on it.  She "walked-glided" past me and vanished with a popping noise.  And the popping noise is something I will never forget.  It was like the sound of popcorn in the microwave oven.  I just stood there, horror struck, for around 10 seconds.  I then snapped out of it and ran to the room, shut the door, and covered myself with blankets until morning.
There was another experience my aunt had and it was with my youngest cousin.  She was passing by the stairwell, when she noticed her youngest son was talking to some one (or some thing) that wasn't there.  She asked him who he was talking to and he said, "The lady upstairs."  She thought he was just being a kid and when on with life.  A few weeks later, they were looking through a picture album, and her son looked at one picture really intensively and said that she was the lady upstairs.  My aunt looked at it, and it was my grandmother.  My aunt started to cry and interrogated her son who would say nothing more.
The most frightening of all of these occurrences was when my aunt was pregnant with her eldest son.  She was asleep in bed when she felt a force grab her ankles and start to slowly pull her out of the bed.  This had to have been a very strong spirit because my aunt weighs over 300 lbs.  she could not move her legs so she began to wail about with her arms hitting her husband for him to wake up, but he did not and she beat him harder and harder and he stayed fast asleep.  She was almost pulled off the bed when her husband finally awoke and the force ceased.  The next morning, her husband was very sore and had many bruises.



About 5 years ago I moved into my house with my son
who at the time was 18 months old I was also pregnant
with my second
Lots of strange things happened the first night we
were there my boy was put to bed at 7:30 and me and my
babies dad started to unpack cups and plates when baby
father shouted oh my god whets that I looked round and
saw a dog all tatty and dirty he chased it up stairs
and I followed it worried it would go in my sons room
It just vanished we was shaken I looked in on my son
who was still awake and the first full sentence came
was were is Michael going
we had never seen that dog before and no way it was
couple of hours I had calmed down and decided  to have
a bath my son  was playing in his bed room I got in
the bath I was 5min and my son started screaming
me and my baby father ran to him and he had been
climbing on the side of the cot and was facing the bed
I grab him looking at his fingers thinking he had hurt
them he started pulling at my hair and wouldn’t let me
look at him he kept looking at the bed then I notice a
large hand print on his face I asked him what he had
done and he said Michael did and repeated Michael did.
We asked neighbours about my house in LONDON and we
was told suicide. Many of my close friends and family
have experienced
goings on such as hearing voices and objects being
moved or thrown at them I learnt to live with it all
now my son remembers that day and has not effected him
in any way he says Michael is my friend. May be
Michael is looking after him I’d like to think so.

I Have Always wanted to see One


 I live in Maple Ridge B.C. (about 30 mins east of Vancouver BC) and I was renting a 1930 era 3 level Austrian house just 10 mins out of Golden Ears provincial park. Myself and 4 friends had lived there for about 9 months, and as most things go, we decided to go our separate ways so we left the house. I had a bedroom on the top floor, with it's own balcony. Now I tried to ration this appearance to be moon light coming through my window on the balcony door, but I'm really unsure on exactly what I saw that evening.
I woke up in the middle of the night to notice white orbs " dancing " on my walls. I did not have posters, just a painted white wall directly in front of me. It was pitch black in my room, and I watched (with my blanket covering my lower face) as they "dripped" and seemed to fly on the wall. I went as far as to get enough courage to get up and get closer for examination. There was a pure white orb floating right above my head on the wall. I thought " enough of this " and jumped back into bed. Didn't sleep much, I kept staring at the wall.
It gets stranger. 2 Nights later. I was awakened by a cold brush of wind across the back of my neck. ICE cold. As I turned over to my right side of the bed, I believe I saw a full spirit apparition. A young boy, probably 7-8 yrs old was standing facing a mirror drawer in my bedroom. In his one hand was a leather strap which  which was wrapped around textbooks(?), as far as I could tell. He was dressed in vintage English private school clothes, with the shorts and the jacket. All he was doing was rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet to his heels. I gazed in astonishment, then he just disappeared.
I really don't know what this was. I was awake. Could it be light reflecting through the window with my imagination?
I thought it was my imagination until my roommate Sean told me about an encounter he has in the living room ( which was on the main floor). He came downstairs for a drink of water when he looked outside our bay window. Sitting on the deck railing, facing the window was a little schoolboy kicking his legs lazily in a blueish mist.
In my ownself, I believe my experience to be one of a kind and true to this day. I wish I knew more on the history of that house I was living in.

It Followed me Home


Well, let's see.....
I was 13 years old at the time and I remember it was an aniversary or a holiday because when we went to Fort Erie, they were reenacting the battles. It was a big show, that lasted all day long.
My family and I had gone with my cousins as well, to see this show and spend the day there.
So, it's me, my father and mother and my two brothers.
My cousins were 5 as well.
Anyways, on with the story....
I remember it being a good sunny bright day out.
It was perfect for a family outing.
We left early morning around 8 am or so.
We went to our cousin's house in brampton then we all left from there to Fort Erie.
We got there and I remember hearing the cannons and cavalry. The show was done very well, I enjoyed it immensly.
We watched for most of the morning.
At around 11:30 we descided it was time for lunch.
On the way to the food we walked by a series of buildings.
I remember feeling something odd, but I couldn't put my finger on it.
This feeling continued until we came upon what seemed to be a medical building. It had the red cross outside it on a hanging sign, and I think it said infermery on it....I am now 35, little details like that I remember veigly. But the encounter, I remember as if it were yesturday!
My family went in, and I remember I also went in but imediately turned right and up the lean staircase.
It was at this point that my consciousness became altered somewhat.
I don't know why I went up, I don't recall making the decision to. I just went up. I also do not recall their being any effort. It is as if I were weightless. I sort of glided up.
There were three beds in this room.
After what seemed like a second or so, a scene superimposed itself ontop of the view I was witnessing.
It was as if I was standing behind a glass pane looking at the room, and a movie was played on the glass.
My eyes were drawn to the center bed.
On this bed lay a soldier, his lower jaw was missing and his torso was bandaged up as well. He appeared to have abdominal injuries as well.
He looked at me and imediately I was filled with sadness and grief. But there was also an underlying current of panic.
There were doctors and nurses busteling about. I looked into his eyes and I witnessed what happened to him. I was no longer aware that I had a body. His face had been hit by a cannon projectile. For a brief instant I seen the action thru his eyes.
I was not frightened but was flooded with a sense of loss.
All of a sudden I must have snaped out of the trance and realized what I had experienced. I ran down the small stairs and out of the building. Actually I think I jumped from the top step to the bottom!
When I came out my family was outside and my father said that they had been looking for me.
My dad said,"what's the matter? You look strange ".
I was hiperventilating and had trouble speaking.
I kept it to myself as I could not describe it.
The rest of our time there was uneventful.
I could not shake the feeling of depression.
I could not enjoy the rest of the day.
We went back to Mississauga that evening.
We lived in an apartment on Argile road.
I was in my room trying to get to sleep but I couldn't. I was emotionally exausted.
I shared the room with my brother and we were sleeping on mattresses as my parents were getting us new beds the next day.
Anyways, my feet were facing the door so that I was directly in line with my bedroom door and I could see the hallway that led to the entrance.
I didn't think any of this as I welcomed the light from the kitchen, needless to say, I was quite spooked from the earlier events of the day.
I welcomed the night light.
As I began to drift to sleep I heard of what sounded like a basket ball bouncing outside the front door.
I thought it a bit peculiar at the time that someone would be bouncing a ball at such a late hour.
I heard it for what seemed like 5 minutes. It came in intervals. Sometimes it would bounce for 10 seconds then stop for a while then start up again.
Then it stopped for 10 minutes or so and I thought that was it.
The next time I heard it it was the same bouncing sound, but it was in the apartment at the entrance!
At this point I froze with terror and waited.
The ball bounced there and then bounced over to the end of the hall directly inline with me!
I could not scream.
The ball then proceeded to bounce towards me.
It came down the hall and into my room.
It stopped there at my feet for a few seconds then it made itsway up my body with 3 bounces. One on my upper legs, another on my stomach, another on my chest.... and finally it went right thru my skull! As it did, I heard a loud scream filled with fear and dispair. I got up and ran to my parents room babbeling. I slept that night in my other brother's room.
I told my dad this story and he dismissed it as a bad dream.
What, was I dreaming all day?
I doubt this. I know what I felt and saw. I will never forget it.
I swear that this is a true account of what I experienced that day.
I have some other encounters, but none as vivid as this.
I will probably post these later.
My grandmother was a practising medium at one time, and she had told me that I was gifted. I did not believe her. I don't know if such things are true, but I have an open mind.
The fact that I have had other sightings seems to me that I may be sensitive.

Honest Story of Hauntings


I am writing you to let you know about some strange things that have happened to me.I'll just write about a couple of things that i experienced,wich were very real,and strange to me.even though i did beleive in the supernatural before.
 i had gotten in a fight with my dad,and even though he attacked me and im the one who called 911 the cops took me to the end i was found not guilty,but it took two months for them to listen to me.during that time the guards were acting very un professional.i ended up in mental watch isolated by myself for a month and a day i was sitting on my top metal bunk when i seen this orah type figure of something resembling humans although it was much shorter move from the middle of the room wher it appeared.To underneeth the bottom bunk.i thought not much of it because it wasn't unusual for me to see things like shadowy stuff.i had thought it was from haven done drugs in the past.well about a minute later i heard this loud pounding on metal coming from within the cell.naturally i was a little worried.i looked around and seen it was coming from underneath the bottom bunk.i looked and found nothing there no shadowy things or anything.the noise was fairly loud,i decided to look around closer when i got the i kneeled down and looked closer.i could tell the noise was coming from that peice of metal.i studied the metal and there was solid welds and bricks on the three sides where it met the wall.this is about two or three minutes after the noise started.i then decided to put some toilet paper on the metal bunk.when i did i could see the paper moving each time i heard the was weird, so i then sat on the stool at the desk just trying to figure something "well"scientifical to explain it i just couldn't see an explanation like that.then a guard doing his check of inmates walked to the door looks through the window im pretty sure he heard the noise it was loud i put my hands up stuck my feet out,and made the expression of worried,shook my head and said i dont know.the guard stood there a minute and looked a little freaked out.then went about his business.i was frustrated at that point and decided to say a prayer.i forget my words,but to my surprise the noise stopped shortly after.
finally i was released hoping to find a job and get my own place.but things didn't work out that way.i ended up homeless and stuck on a hopeless search for a was very dificult to do without a phone and no means for showing i.d. as my wallet was stolen.i started hearing voices when noone was around so vivid i actualy wondered if the might some kind of electronic device in my ear or something.It was that real.well alot of it was weird some i didn't understand and some was anooying the hell out of me.i was to the point that i couldn't focus on an activitywithout weird voices.finally i went to the mental hospital and had myself commited.the problem was still there ,but with time i felt releif from my stresses and the hauntings stopped.
I've been living in a group care home for a year and have plans for my future. ive never been happier.hopefully i wont have to deal with the supernatural hauntings under stress or on such terms again.But for some reason i hope i have more experiences like the one in jail,to satisfy my curiosity.

My Dads Story


ok this story didn't happen to me it happened to my dad. Years ago when
my dad was still single he lived alone in his own house. He painted his
bedroom black (I do not know why) so at night there was no way you could
see anything.... ( he also had black curtains). Anyways one night he
went to sleep in his room. It was 12 "o"clock at night when he woke up.
He couldn't move and couldn't see anything. Right in front of him a
reddish Shape took form. It was the most EVIL looking head he had ever
seen. It was red with big black eyes and lips. He just stared at it as
it came closer and closer. When it was right in fornt of him it
disapeared and he went to sleep in a n instant. Well that was my story.
P.S. I would never have a black room!!!



We live in one of the oldest Houses in this area.  We have lived here for about fourteen years and from the beginning people have been talking about strange happening.
To began with we have one of those old woodstoves.  Before we had it fixed the pipe would fall out which as everone knows is a big fire problem.  Everytime this would happen my mom would say something woke her up to go look.
When I was about nine my cousin came up to stay with my older sister.  Her bedroom is my bedroom now  but at the time is was not.  Well it was after nine and they were talking in the room when the door opened and a lady who they say looked like my mom opened the door.  The only problem was she was thin and you could see through here.  Also when they went to see if my mom was up she was sleeping.
Then a few years later my aunt, uncle, two cousins, and my aunts mother moved in with us.  My aunt and uncle had my older sisters room.  My aunt would complain that she would wake up at night with a lady either in dark brown or a black like cape.  She, my aunt, she she looked like someone from the early 1900s.  This woman would point her finger and wiggle it like she wanted my aunt to follow her.  My aunt said she did not seem like a nice person.
About two years ago my other aunt came up to stay with us.  She always said that the house was not haunted that people were just seeing things.  The next morning she was coming down the steps.  She thought my mother was in front of her until she got to the bottom and looked up.  My mom was just coming out of her room.
The only thing I may have seen was a figure in the computer screen.  I was up late one night on the computer.  I was chatting in a chat room when the screen want black.  In the screen behind me there what looked like a person in a brown cape.  Needless to say I shut off the computer and want to bed.
On a closing note my bedroom does not bother me at all.  I have never see or heard anything to scare me.  The only rooms I have problems with are the laundry room and I used to have a problem with the dinnig room.  I stopped having bad fellings for the room when my grandfather passed away in there last year.
I forgot on other experience my mom had.  We brought my grandfather home to die last year from cancer.  About five months later me and my mom where coming home from the grocery store.  The kitchen window was open because it was summer time.  My mom thought she heard a man and woman talking.  She said it was pop and the house ghost.
There has been odors and things like that but that is it.  My dad is the only person in the house who has not meet her yet but I  think its only a matter of time.

He Watches over Me


Hi,My name is Kathy.My first experience was in 1971 when i was almost 12 years old.After reading Daves story i saw a lot of similarities with the house.I am the oldest of 6 kids.We lived in a 3 bdrm house so my sister and i shared a room and the boys were in the the other.My baby brother was in a youth bed . The kids room was on either side of the stairs. They did connect however through our closets.Each room had a closet with a crawl space that went over the stairs.My parents let us use this space as a club.We had xmas lights strung up,a recordplayer and 2 twin mattresses head to foot so we could even sleep there.One night my sister and i decided to sleep there.She fell asleep almost right away.I would put on my favorite album"Jesus Christ Superstar".My aunt had just taken me to see the play on Broadway .I loved it. While laying there with my eyes closed i would sing the songs in my head till i fell asleep.Not this night.While listening to a song one night all of a sudden out of nowhere i heard someone call my name...Kathy,just like that but slow and soft.I didn't hear it through my ears .I heard it in my head or my mind i guess.I got relly scared so i woke her up and told her we had to sleed in our bed.We shared a fullsize bed. I shut off the record player and we went in our bed.I was still scared but i felt safe in my bed.Wrong. The voice called my name again only this time it was louder.i asked my sister if she heard that and sure she was almost asleep and she didn't hear it.I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs into my parents room.I woke my mother and of course she told me to go back to bed it was a dream.I didn't go back to bed .I crawled up like a ball on their floor and tried to sleep there.Still it called my name louder.I got up and went on the couch putting my fingers in my ears and humming so i wouldn't hear it .Only i did.I ran upstairs and crawled into my baby brothers bed with him and just kept repeating the phrase "The lord Jesus Christ is my savior"never to be bothered again in that house.I did find out that about 6 years before we moved in another owner had lost a 19 year old son to suicide.He didn't shoot himself in the house.They found him in a state park about 20 miles away.We also had a crawlspace in our laundry was a door on the floor that you had to lift up.We went down one day and we did find a box of bullets on a ledge of dirt.That was the only time i remember something happening in that house. The house i live in now i've lived here for 11 years.Things happen here,not bad things.I did have a medium come here with a small group from her meditation class to see what she could find out. I have 2 spirits living here.A young boy and an older man .The boy appears to be from the 1920's and the older man from our time not sure when.the one real experience i had here is when the medium was here and i whatched my 10 year old sons color picture from his 1st hly communtion change to black & white and the face change to another little boy.This medium said to me who is that little boy in the picture and i said that's my son .Then she said does anybody see what i see and i did but i waited for someone els to see if they did and sure enough we all did.It changed right before our eyes.
She asked them if they want to go toward the light she would help them but they wanted to stay.I don't mind them here at all We even talk out loud to them when we know they are around.I would like to think the little boy(Jonathan) was a brother that was accidentally killed when i was 5 & he was 8. He &his friend were playing with my fathers hunting rifle and it accidentally went off. The medium says no,it's not johnny.Just wishful thinking on my side.I'm the only sibling that remembers him in our life .After 38 years i still miss him.I wasn't always the oldest.Still think he watches over me though. Thanks for listening to my story.I felt like i relived this ala over again.

Haunted Train


About two summers ago I was up north visiting my grandparents. Up there there is an old ghost story about a guy working on a rail road who was deaf, well long story short a co-worker didn't tell him when the next train was coming and the train hit and killed him by decapatation. It is also said that his body is buried on the edge of the lake at the base of a trail. Well me and a group of friends that I spend the summer with didn't believe it, so we went to the only trail on the lake and looked around. When we got off the boat there was no sound of birds or wind, everything seemed to go silent. We decided to walk down the trail. We got about twenty feet into the trail and found a human sized mound with an old worn cross pushed into the ground. We walked a little farther into the trail when we heard a trail whistle coming toward us. It sounded exactly like a train running down the tracks coming right for us. We turned around and ran but it still caught up with us. The train whistle sounded like it was right behind us and courisity got the best of me and I had to turn around and see what it was but when I did there was nothing there and there still was the sound of the train. I stood there frozen as I felt the phantom train pass through me. It felt ice cold even in the summer heat. The feeling lasted about a minute, and when it was over I collapsed and hit the ground. For some reason I couldn't breath, it felt like there was something preventing the air from reaching my lungs. My boyfriend at the time run over to me and helped me into the boat, when he touched me he said that my skin felt cold to the touch. When we started to row away I looked up at the mouth of the trail and could hear laughing. I asked my friends if they could hear it to and they said that they did. On the way home I sat in the boat wrapped in a blanket, but no matter how long I sat in the sun in the blanket I couln't get warm. I still go up to visit my grandparents but I will never go on that side of the lake again.

Grandmas Apartment Building


Wow I love this site!
   Ok here's my story, when I was about 4-5 years old my mother and I went over to my great grandmas apartment, it was not a scary building or anything like that. The only thing is that it was a building that old people retire in, anyway my mom was holding me in her arms talking to my grandma and I was facing her big window that faced out to the road. at first while I was looking out the window nothing happened, but I turned my head again and there she was sitting in her rocking chair right in the middle of the road, oh my god I screamed so load my mom almost dropped me I was terrified. my mom and grandma asked me what was wrong so I told them what I saw, of course they tried to find other explanations on what I saw but I knew what I had seen and it was a little old lady in a rocking chair. You know they kept on trying to tell me it was someone sitting on their lawn in a chair but she was not on a lawn she was in the middle of the street in a rocking chair, i mean how many people do you know that just sit in a rocking chair in the middle of the road? Thank you for reading my story.


By: Anonymous

Being an Australian, I think I should fill you in on the surrounds of where my experience occured. I live in the northern suburbs of Perth, kids play cricket on the road & neighbours stick to their own business. Paranormal activity is rarely heard of as our little town is quite small. That's why I was suprised to witness the occurrences in my best friends house, just up the road from my own.
Ellie is notorius for her exaggeration, she'll happily tell you there were a gazillion people at the chemist when in actual fact it was three. So natually, I thought her stories of 'Gono the antique chair man' was just the subject of her wild exaggerations. It was such a cliche, being an antique chair, of course it would carry a ghost to the 15 year old mind. Neverless, that didn't stop us locking it into the bathroom every night so it couldn't get out.
It was on one of the many Saturday nights when I would stay at her house to watch classic horror movies such as 'Pumpkin Head' & 'The Leprechaun'. Her parents were on holiday in India and we forgot to lock the chair away. She has two jarrah and glass doors leading out of the lounge room into the kitchen, these were locked.
Just as I announced I was getting myself a drink, the door handles rattled. Needless to say that quickly sent me back to the safety of my doona. Having my back to the door seemed to agrivate whatever it was and it landed what sounded like a giant kick to the joining of the doors. They rattled and settled back to their position. It was then that Ellie reminded me that we hadn't put the chair away. After a few silent minutes, we had calmed down a little. To the side of us, a sliding glass door led outside into the barbeque area. This was also locked.
Whatever it was had decided to try to get in through those doors instead. Banging, kicking and howling continued for several minutes before it disappeard. Completely.
Ellie and I slept with the lights on.
The occurrence has happened only once since. To her sister, in her sisters room. Her mother once saw a figure of man with a top hat standing behind the chair as she sat in it, as if to push it in for her at the dining table. He smiled and bowed his head. They sold the chair, and Gono has gone.
You may be wondering why we called him Gono. When he was yelling and banging at the glass doors it sounded as if he was saying "I'm Gono get in". Scary Stuff.




     I am very please to tell you about a experience I had around five years ago now, I was doing one of my early morning paper rounds in a rather old and extremely posh part of town. The narrow lane that I was down is called Gatehouse Close, it was about 6am in the morning and I believe it was coming on summer time, because the mornings were getting brighter quicker, anyway I put my paper through the letter box of a rather modern house, it was a small cu de sac of newest houses, further up the lane towards the main road the houses were more older, but never the less the whole area had a feel of history about it. Well like I was saying I put the paper through the door and has I turned away I catch a figure coming down the hill towards me, I was a little surprise to see anyone this early in the day and with out thinking I said "Good Morning" you can imagine my shock when I saw the man disappear from the bottom up in front of my eyes. I never felt scare, I carried on with my paper round, mind you I got quite a strange look from my boss when I told him what I had seen that morning.
Thank-you I have wanted to share that story for a long time now.

Ghost that Follows Me


I am now 31 years old and I have a ghost that has been following me for the
past 15 years. It doesn't scare me as much any more but sometimes he is very
unnerving. I believe he is my guardian as I have been in situations where a
"divine" force has saved me. On a regular basis I will be at my computer and
I will feel a presence over my shoulder watching me, sometimes when I turn
around I will see someone walk passed the doorway of my office room. I will
go and have a look and the place is empty. I still get scared sometimes but
gradually I am getting used to it.
I used to have a pair of maine coon cats which for a while were happy placid
pets. Then after they were with me for a year or so, they started arcing
their backs and hissing at empty spaces. They grew more and more restless
and disturbed. I found this hard to take and I decided to give the cats away
which was very hard for me to do. At their new home they were fine and
content. I remember once I came to visit them at their new home as I was
missing them. They were very happy to see me and were rubbing themsleves
against me and carrying on. It was fine for about half an hour when they
started carrying on like when they lived with me. I know then that whatever
it was had followed me to my friend house. I left soon after. This might
sound strange what I am going to say but now when I go to visit them I say
outlound " I am going to visit the cats, I am sorry but you can't come with
me it upsets them" and it works it still happpens on occasion that they
start hissing but not as often.
Also sometimes when I am sitting in my computer room I get pushed in the
back. I find this terrifying. This has happened aprrox 10 or so times over
the years. It only every seems to happen when I am doing something on my
computer. Sometimes I wonder if I imagine it but no there is definately
someone there.
I often wonder who the ghost is I like to believe it is my father who died
when I was only 5. I like to think that he is watching over me.


Ghost of Grandpa


When I was 10 or 11, my Grandpa Jim died of a heart attack. It was very sudden; he had been mowing the lawn, had some chest pain, and was standing in the driveway joking with the paramedics when it happened. He was removed from life support the following day when it was clear that he was brain dead.
For years after he died, I always felt he was around, particularly when I was visiting my grandparent's home. (Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part). However, what I didn't know until years afterward is that both my grandma and uncle saw and talked to grandpa after he died!
Let me first state that neither is "into" the paranormal or anything. They're both two very ordinary working class folks from Iowa.
My uncle, apparently, only shared the story with my dad and grandma (of course, after my dad told me, I had to ask my uncle myself!) He said that on two occasions, during periods of stress, Grandpa Jim appeared in his living room, dressed as he always did, and talked to him about my uncle's problems. I'm not clear if Uncle Tom had been napping right right before the events occurred, but he said that when the conversations were over, he found himself standing in the middle of the room. Tom, my uncle, said that on both occasions, he asked my grandpa why he had to die so young (he was only 60), and that grandpa just turned, walked away and disappeared.
My grandma said that one day she was in the garage going through some junk, and looked up and there was grandpa. He said, "How's it going honey?" and disappeared. Incidentally, the garage was one of my grandpa's favorite places to hang out and tinker around. For days after he died, the neighbor's dog, who used to hang out in the garage with grandpa, kept stopping by and acting strangely. Maybe she could still see him? Or maybe she just wondered where he was.
Also, on the 5 year anniversary of his death, which is also his son's (my dad's) birthday, my dog, Ralph, was going nuts in the basement. He and my grandpa got along really well. I went to see what the matter was, and Ralph just kept jumping and barking at the wall. There was nothing there. I have never seen him behave like that (although I suppose maybe there was a mouse behind the wall that I didn't know about).
Lastly, I have had dreams about my grandpa where he comes to talk to me about my problems. One dream took place in my elementary school, the other was on an escalator. We just sort of talked. I don't know if this means anything at all. Also, sometimes I talk out loud to him about problems I am having. When I do, my two  couch potato cats will start looking around wildly like they can see something that I can't.

Gettysburg Ghost Story

Gettysburg, The hill across from the old Mcury house is known to be Huanted, because back durning the civil war they used the house as a station for the confederate army. the General's name was Pool. the family who had lived there stayed in the basement till the war moved on to a diffrent area, while they were still in the basement, General Pool decided to go upstairs so he could shoot at some Unions across the street, he told one of his men, they said  it was not a good idea but he did it any ways, he went up to the balcony and took a soild oak table and turned it over on its side for protection, a Union soilder shot at him the bullet went through the table and through his chest,he bled to death and died. after all the soilders packed up and left ,the owners came out of the basement and looked at there distroyed house the mother told her two little girls who were about 9 and 12 to go clean up General Pools ,pool of blood after they whiped it all up they told there mom she went up stairs and it was still there so she told them to clean it agian and they did there mom went up stairs and it was there agian she got mad and cleaned it her self. later she walked down the hall way and it was there again this kept happening soon it became so frightful they tore down .the house now days is gone,but you can go sit on the hill and still fell the presences of General Pool and sometimes even see him .




Fully Charged


Thanks for the brilliant site full of scary, amusing
and sad stories.
In the early 1990's my boyfriend and our flatmate and
I were looking for houses to rent in Auckland, New
We made an appointment with a real estate agent who we
knew quite well to view a property in Remurewa which
is one of Aucklands oldest and most expensive suburbs.
The real estate agent told us he would not be coming
to visit the house with us and that the key was on top
of the front door and that the house was partly
furnished.  We did think at the time.... hmm.. is that
right to leave a key above the front door of a party
furnished house in Remurewa an expensive area?  Didnt
make sense but it sure did afterwards.
We arrived at the property and were greated by two
giant stone lion heads at the top of the winding
driveway.  The driveway curved downhill and led us to
a small brick and tile bungaloo.
I decided as soon as I saw the lion heads that I didnt
want to live in that house, it was too creepy and old
fashioned for me.  The lion heads you would expect to
see at some huge mansion, not a small bungaloo.
Anyway so I was first through the front door.  I
walked through and was in the living room.  It was
party furnished with furniture like those tables from
the 1940's, you know the ones where you have one
table, another on that fits underneath and another
that fits underneath that.  There was nothing else in
the room apart from those tables and a chair. I hated
that look and certainally didnt want to live there but
for curiously decided to have more of a nosy.
I walked down the small hallway and before I got to
the first bedroom I ran into 'it'.
My boyfriend was behind me and our flatmate was behind
It was like running into an brick wall full of the
most intense feelings of malicious negativity.  I felt
as if a invisible veil of negative highly charged
energy had completely gone through my body.  I felt it
go through me.  Because I have never felt anything
like this before (yes the hairs on the back of my neck
and arms stood to attention) I stood there for around
30 seconds trying to make sense of all this disgusting
feeling/energy (im a bit slow sometimes...).
BOOM, it really hit me.  What ever that energy was it
rushed through my body so hard this time i had no
choice, i didnt hang around to try to make sense of
it, i listened, turned around and ran.
My chicken of a boyfriend and flatmate had
already legged it out of the room.  So quietly i didnt
even hear them.
I ran.  Man did I run.  I ran out that house, laughing
in fear (and confusion) and met up with my now ex
boyfriend and flatmate.  All of us were highly
charged, the static had made our hair stand on ends
and we were pratically crapping our pants to get in
the car.
None of us knew what it was or had figured it to be a
ghost.  We just felt that vile thing go through us and
blimmen ran for our lives.  It obvously didnt want us
in there.
Now dont ask me how i know, i just do.  The 'it' I
feel was an old lady and she was quite snobby and
certainally didnt want us in here house.  She was a
grumpy old bag in real life and a poltergeist in
We returned to the real estate agents, aghast that he
would send us down there.  I said that bloody house is
haunted mate... and he laughed and didnt deny.
So thats my ghost story.  I still havent seen one but
boy have i felt one and I dont recommend it to anyone.
 It made me think about humans in a spiritual nature
as I really felt it go through my body and affect a
part of me i didnt know existed.
Nowadays I am relatively psychic, I hear more than I
see and I can pick up personal, highly sensitive
information off people by speaking to them for a
To the people out there who dont believe, im telling
you, spirits do exist.  Dunno how, dunno where and
dunno why but they just do.
Now I'm hoping and praying that God doenst make me
wander an ugly old house for eternity when I pass.
Hope you enjoyed my story.

From Above and Beyond


     I don't use the internet for too many things.  When I saw this I had to
     I was about 18 years old when the following happened:
     I was body surfing at a beach in California.  Out to sea was a terrible
storm that created bad undercurrents.  The life guard on duty was yelling to
all the people out in the water to come back in.  I could not.  The more I
tryed to swim, the farther out to sea I was drifting.  Suddenly,  I was
under water.  My feet could not feel bottom.  I looked above my head and saw
the sky above the water's surface.  Could not get to the life-giving air.  I
was thinking at that time I was drowning.  All of a sudden I felt a hand
grab my arm and started pulling me toward the shore.  I looked at the person
underneath the water and I saw a young boy about 8 years old; blue jeans and
a red T-shirt.  All I thought at the time was, "This Kid Is really
powerful".  I let him drag me to the shore.  I felt the sand under my feet
and I felt the boy's grasp still on my arm.  My friend I was with, ran to me
and said they all thought I was going to be dragged out to sea.  I said to
them, " Thank God for this boy that dragged me to shore".  As I turned to
thank the boy he was gone.  The people that gathered said I came out of the
water alone, there was no boy.  I still felt his grasp on my arm!!
     I have several things happen to me concerning ghosts.  The house I
currently live in has had more than one visit.  I have heard drums being
played.  Drums like those used before a battle.  Objects crashing done in
the middle of the night.  I would get up to expect broken glass, there would
be nothing.  Someone running from one side of the house to the other
(up-Stairs).  Lights coming on by themselves.  Strange lights of different
colors, before something bad would happen with-in the family.  This house
has a history.  I have done ceremonies to rid the house of these spirits.
It seems to work.  I have been in several houses where it was known to have
ghosts.  I have also done  ceremonies for these homes.  So far nothing has
returned to these places and it usually takes one time.
   Anyway I thought you might be interested in my story.  Much more to tell,
but I would be doing nothing else besides e-mail.  Time to let you go...Have
a nice day.


Forceful Spirit


My siblings and I are avid believers of the spirit world, so whenever we've had odd experiences we've always tried to sit down and figure a logical explanation to the occurrences.
Of all the little things that we all have experienced individually, one instance stands out, which happened with me:
There are five of us brother and sisters and our two parents; so there are seven of us that live together in the house. There was a time when all the kids were in school and both my parents were at work, I being unemployed at the time had been spending a lot of time at home by myself. Now, I said I'm an avid believer, but at the same time I am also the biggest chicken in the entire world. You see I have an obsessive habit about keeping all closet doors closed in my house; especially when no one is home. We had this one closet that didn't have a door knob, so we had a latch lock on it (so it closed from the outside, so I was especially obsessive about this particular closet being closed). Basically you couldn't open that closet until you opened the latch, then the door swung open on it's own.
So come one morning, I did my usual house chores, made sure all the closet doors were closed...etc. As I finished I stepped out to go to the bank, which was only about a 5 min. walk from my home. When I got home, I just began to get settled in when I noticed that the closet without the door knob was wide open, without even thinking anything was wrong, I started calling out, thinking someone probably had come home when I stepped out. To my surprise no one answered my call, as I stepped closer to the closet to shut the door I got the biggest scare of my life...the latch which was on the outer part of the door had been broken off as if someone had pushed the door with great force from inside the closet. This really scared me because the first thing that ran into my mind was that someone might have been hiding in that closet before I left for the bank and they might've pushed the door hard enough from the inside to break the lock in order to get out. Now I became frantic because I am thinking that I possibly might have an intruder in my home and I quickly gathered my jacket and purse and I ran out of my home. I ran to my mother's place of employment and told her what I thought and she left work to come back home with me, all the while she thought that I was overreacting (since I had a reputation at home for being spooked all the time...) When we reached home, and after inspecting the door and the latch herself, my mother was baffled as to how this latch which was located on the outer part of the door could have been broken with such force that there were actual wood chippings on the carpet, which I failed to notice before.
There was no evidence of any type of entry and neither were any of our valuables missing, but to this day we were all awed by the whole encounter...perhaps to some my story might not seem scary at all but to myself it was a very scary experience as well as puzzling.



Here is my story.
My nana died in 1991. I would have been nine at the time.
She was a wonderful lady and as my mother would put it, she was a saint who
held the family together through extremely difficult times.
Since then two more grand chidren have been born. Both around 1995.
One of these cousins, Will, moved into my grandmother's old house.
One day when he was about 3 ½ he started confirming things he had been told
with my aunt.
He asked "So my granny Duffy is in heaven" (That's his other granny) And my
aunt said yes,
He the asked " And grandad is in hospital " and again my aunt said yes.
He then asked" Granny Doyle is also in heaven?"( this is our nana) And my
aunt said yes, and he continued " Then why is she standing in the kitchen?".
At this my aunt got a little fright and asked my cousin to describe where my
nana was.
He said that when he saw her, she would either be standing at the window
looking out or sitting at the table in a specific chair. Now this was
amazing because my nana had one chair which she sat at in the kitchen, in
fact I don't remember her sitting anywhere else. And she would stand and and
look out that exact window all the time.
My other cousin Richard was also born in 1995 and once when he was around
the same age (three), he was sitting in the living room with his older
sisters and brothers when he started talking and laughing.
His older sister, humouring him asked, "who are you talking to richard?" and
he answered laughing "nana".
One other of my cousins who is my age remembers when she was around ten (A
year after my nana died) waking up to see my nana at the end of her bed, she
got scared and went into her parents room.
After that I think my nana must have realised that she would scare the older
grandchildren if she appeared to them, but we do know that she is watching
over us and that is a very comforting thought.

Factory Ghosts


I work in a factory whose name I will leave out for now. I have had a few experiences just recently that has really spooked me. on at least 3 occasions I have looked up from my work and saw a man in old  clothes with a clipboard and pencil and he was watching me.  The first time I thought it was a certain older co-worker but then I noticed he was on the otherside me and when I looked back the apparation was gone.  I also got the sense that he thought I wasn't doing a good enough job.  Later on when I was used to my job and even considered one of the harder workers I would see him with a smile and the last time he even gave me a thumbs up.  The next two things where one time occurences but they freaked me out the most the first I saw three faceless white transparent figures floating threw the building.  The second was the most recent and that was for about an hour straight while doing my job I could hear a beautiful though completely errie song that sounded like a cross between a human voice and a flute.  I checked the radios in the plant listened to the machines, nothing came close.  I even asked my co-worker if heard it and he said no.  but about 30 minutes later I heard him humming along exactly with the tune.  I confronted him and asked if he was playing a trick on me, he swore he wasn't and the tune just popped into his head, I belive cause he's not the prank pulling type.
I realized I wasn't just going crazy when I was with some family and friends and my cousin started joking about when he was doing security for a supposed haunted house in our area and some of the freaky things that spooked him.  He wenton to say that the spookiest experience was when he was working at the factory that I now work at.  Apparently there was one room that no one liked to go in but had to on their hourly patrol.  Their is a story that some men that were doing repair work in that room when the building was struck by lighting because of a power surge they were killed.  Every time my cousin would go in there he would feel a presence but usually it would leave when he left the room, except one night if followed him out of the room occasionaly physically brushing against him until he was done his shift.

Experiences since Little

By:  Anonymous

I have had many experiences with spirits since I was a little girl. Here
are some of them. My parents own a 2 flat apartment and one time when I was
sitting on my stairs inside my home with my friend we saw this huge, bright
light coming up the stairs and it went over our heads and into the 2nd
floor apartment. The door to the apartment was open. Since I was only 12, I
remember being a cool thing to see, that is until years later I found out
what it was, Ever since I can remember I have heard, seen and felt things
that are just bizarre. Since my sisters and my bedroom was on the 2nd floor
apartment I used to feel someone sitting on the corner of my bed by my feet
and bounce 3 times. This use to wake me up all the time and I finally grew
some strength to look to see who or what it was and there was never
anything/anyone there. They also use to turn on and off my bedroom lights
when I was leaving and oh so many times I was not able to leave the
apartment because for some strange reason I was not able to turn the door
knob because it felt as if someone was holding it tight from the other side
of the door. One time I saw a boy through the mirror (the mirror was on an
angle) when I was combing my hair to go to school. I turned around very
quickly and he ran in what use to be my bedroom. He looked to be around 5-6
yrs old standing there by the dining room. He was wearing dark long shorts
with a dark sweater with dark socks that came up to his knees with black
shoes and he had brown hair. I will never forget how freaked out I was. I
was only on the 5th grade when I saw him and  that was the first and last
time I ever saw him. When I was in my early 20's it was on a Sunday morning
and I was still lying on my bed on my back with my eyes close and all of
the sudden I felt my body trembling starting from my feet and up and all of
the sudden I felt this strong, very strong force come into the middle of my
chest with full force and it felt like it went through thorough me. It
happened within seconds and I sat up really fast and when I sat up I felt
like they had taken something away, I felt very light and I felt like
something was missing. If anyone knows what this could mean please let me
know. When I was 25 I was going through a very, very  hard time in my life
and I honestly thought that I was going to have a nervous break down. I was
not able to sleep and I was lying on my bed facing the wall with some space
between the wall and I. I felt this presence come from the side of my feet
next to me facing me and I felt so extremely scared that I was able to feel
my own heart pounding very fast. When I felt this spirt put his arms around
me I immediately felt all my worries and sadness disappear and I felt very
much in peace and I fell asleep right away. It felt so nice. The only
reason that I think that it is a he (the spirit) is because when he put his
arms around me it felt like a big man. On this other occasion I went to
visit my boyfriend during lunch at home because he was going to NY and he
was suppose to drive me back to work and I was already 1 1/2 hour late and
he was taking his time and I was standing by the kitchen sink staring at
the clock and I felt such an extreme of desperation that I felt something
come over me and cover me with what felt like security and all of the
sudden the clock flew off the wall to the other side of the room. My
boyfriend came running in screaming at me of why I had thrown the clock
across the room and I told him that it was not me and he did not believe me
until he picked it up and put it back and I told him that I was not even
tall enough to reach it and I was completely on my tippy toes and he
punched the wall to see if it would move and it did not move one inch. We
still talk about that and some of my other experiences. Some of these
experiences have really scare the the hell out of me that I have never ever
talked about them with outsiders besides my family and boyfriend because I
don't want people to think that I am crazy or a liar. I have now heard and
read stories of other experiences and I am so glad that I am not the only
one. If anyone knows why these things happen to me or if this is a gift of
some sort please e-mail me on how I can help it develop it  more. My e-mail
address is Thanks for reading my stories. I have so many,
many more.



when i was younger i had an encounter with what i assumed was a ghost. i was 8 or 9 and so was my step sister, joanna, who was with me at the time.
joanna was sleeping over for the night and we had to sleep in the same bed so we toped and tailed. it was early hours of the morning when i suddenly woke up. i was really tied but couldn't get back to sleep, i turned onto my side when i saw a shadow near my younger sisters bed it was a figure of a black cat with piercing yellow eyes. the cat stared at me for a few seconds whilst i stared back unsure wheather i was dreaming, i kept opening and shutting my eyes but the cat was still there. the cat slowly turned and walked behind my sister's bed. still unsure with what had happened i woke joanna up and told her what had happened. she told me that i was dreaming and that i should go back to sleep. i laid dead still in my bed scared to turn on my side when i realised that i needed to go to the toilet. so i woke joanna up again and asked her to come to the toilet with me because i was scared.
joanna went to to toilet first whilst i stood by the door which was wide open, then i went to the toilet whilst she stood by the door where she was looking down the stairs, where you can see the front door. she said that there was someone at the door. i then started looking, when i saw a man dressed in black , he had a long black coat, he had this strange hat on, almost like a top hat but not, and he had ginger coloured hair sticking out from under neath the hat. and in his right hand he had a green screwdriver, which was close to the window and looked like he was trying to break in. then he raised his left arm and started moving his hand as if he was trying to get us to come near him. me and joanna both were screaming, joanna ran into my parents room and i kicked the bathroom door shut and curled up in th corner of the room. joanna ran straight into my parents room  yelling there's someone outside. my dad jumped up and opened the window looking around. he looked by the front door and up the road, i live in a close right at the bottom and its quite a long close. so if there was somone trying to break in the only way they could have got away is by running up the road which my dad would have seen.
after my parents cheaking the house and outside, they sent me and joanna back to bed saying that it was proberly just our imaginations.
with my parents not beliving us nothing else was said about it. until a few months later when a friend of my mum's, that she hadn't seen in while, come round. they we talking for a while when my mum's friend said that she was worried about her son, damion, 5, she said that he keeps talking about this man dressed in black that keeps moving his had and telling him to come...... my  mum said that she felt the hair's on the back of her neck stand up and she had a funny feeling inside just out of curiosity she asked her friend what colour hair this man had and she replied, damion said he's got this funny hat and red hair.... hearing this my mum changed her mind about beliveing  what happend to me and joanna.

Stalking Ghosts


My whole life I have been stalked by ghosts, I'll only tell of the last two
ghosts that have stalked me. At the moment I am living with one and her name
is Emily, my first sighting of unexplanble events was 3 yrs ago, I was
talking on the phone when a black cat jumped out of the roof and disapeared,
I thought I was seeing things, then one night I woke up and saw a girl
standing in my door way looking at me she was about 13 or 14 and completly
white, I just thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, until one night, it
was 2 days before halloween, I woke up at 2am as usual, when I heard a
jumping sound downstairs and then a door creak, I got out of bed and looked
downstairs from the second level, but their was nobody there so I went back
to bed, then I heard it again so I got up and looked down again,nobody
their, so I went to bed then I heard someone walk up the stairs and then the
same jump and a door creak just down the hall, I was afraid to get out of
bed to look so I ignored it, then I heard it again a few meteres away from
my door, I was getting really scared so I closed my eyes and reapedly said
"go away" and then I heard a jump at my door, I opened my eyes and then I
heard a huge crack at my window and I turned onto my back and that was where
I stayed until 5am when the sun had started to rise, I turned on my side
where I had a bed sheet over my window with farm animals on it and the only
part of it blowing out was a picture of a cow so I ignored it and turned
onto my other side where I saw a white figure walk out my door and for the
next 2yrs I found it very hard to sleep at night, my body always woke me up
at 2am and I would stay awake until the sun rose.
of course other strange things happened like scratching on the walls
curtains flying open, when no window was opened and of course the ocasional
name calling.
One night I had a dream and Emily (ghost) told me that she was sorry for
scary me and that she wanted to be friends, I excepted and to this day me
and Emily have formed a realtionship, she talks to me in my dreams, she
tells me about what happened to her, she showed me how she died when her
house was set on fire back in about the 15th centuary, I assume her parents
where in the house at the time and they to died and of her brother Emilia's
death, where he was protesting against something or preeching to the people
when a man came at him with a sword Emilia and the man fort but it ended in
Emilia's death, their family was doing something that people didn't like so
they were all murder and I'm still trying to find out what it was they did.
The other time that a ghost came to me was when I was holidaying Jindabine
with my family, one night I went to sleep at the same time everybody else
did and I heard footsteps outstide my bedroom I thought that it was dad
running around downstairs and after about 10 minutes I decided I go down and
see what he was doing but nobody was there everybody was sleeping, so I just
went back to bed where I heard the foorsteps again only this time it sounded
like somebody was running and after about half hour I could take it anymore
I ran to my brother and switched beds with him, in the morning I asked if
he'd heard anything strange and he'd said no, but mum said she heard noises
outside that sounded like somebody was ruuning around, when I got home I was
glad to be back with Emily, she makes me feel safe and sometimes she even
sleeps in the same bed as me, only in summer, she doesn't like to make me
cold in winter.

Dresser Scares


I am 16 now...Alot of people have talked about events that happened in their life and when they were small children and them not remembering them...i remember my occurences.. when i was little maybe like 2 or 3  i would go to sleep in my room, i was rather spoiled and an only child...i had my own water bed and it was quite large, in the corner of my room by the door was a dresser...i had one of those bears that talked when you put in the tape and at night when everyone was asleep it would take on other was once a snake and i was so scared i screamed and ran...i also had masks of faces that were one my wall ...they had used to be my aunts and they would change shape like their faces would contort and take on other shapes..they had originally been my aunts before she had killed herself and i think that she was trying to comfort me...they were never bad faces and seemed to only appear after the scary bear on the dresser would contort..we lived in an old apartment and my parents worked..i had a babysitter and she used to lock me in my room eventually my mom found out but before that i remember this person who would come and she was friendly i was never scared when i was in there..even when i didnt know when i would be let out..sometimes it was hours but somehow weirdly i was never scared and never felt like i was mom also says that she would come into my room and i would be talking to someone...there also used to be bugs and lizards that would crawl on my windows no one else could see them for they only appeared on my windows at was lke my aunt was watching over me and some other evil spirit was trying to fight her...i dont know how i remember this...but i do..i have never told anyone these things but i thought that you would understand.



when i was nine years old, my mother had to go into the hospital . she was
giong to be there for a couple of weeks so my parents sent me to stay with
my aunt and uncle in a small il. tonw called hoopeston.  i was very lonesome
there. my aunt and uncle were not the nicest people in the world. ifound a
stray dog for company.  this dog was all black but had a white star on it,s
face. i would go to the connor store and the man would save me bones for the
dog. seems i would always be late for supper because the dog and i would
walk all over town. my uncle would get very mad at me for this.  one day i
could not find the dog anywhere, i looked for  two days, no dog.  on the
thrid day i was walking back to my uncles and the mean dog next to their
house had gotten loose.  i started to run for the porch but slipped on the
gravel in the road.  i looked back to see how close the mean dog was to me
and there was my black dog with his star face fighting the other dog. i ran
to the porch and turned around to see the mean dog running back inside his
fence. i quickly lock his gate and once more hunted for my dog. looked till
way past dark. when i went back to my uncle's house and told him what had
happened, he laughted and told me i was crazy. seems he had shot that dog
four days. he took me and showed me the dog,s body.  i know it was my blck
dog with his star face that saved me from being chewed to bits, dead or not
he was there when i needed him.  so maybe it pays to be kind to poor stray
animals.  what do you think?

Death Calls


I was washing cloths on a sunday and my husband was watching tv i started back in loundry room and thair stood a thing seven foot tall clothed in a brown        hoodedcoat
with its head bowed at me i just froze it wouldnt let me move till i looked at it so i finley backed off and told my husband he thought i went crazy dont no realy what it was and
hope i never see it again

Corpse Road


I live in Cumbria, England and on New Year's day 2002 my family and I decided to walk the "Corpse Road". The corpse road is a rough path through the mountains leading from Wasdale to Eskdale. The path or "road" gets it's name because in the 19th century, the valley of Wasdale had no church so anyone who died in Wasdale had to be transported by packhorse through the mountain pass to Eskdale for burial. Local legend has it that the corpse road is haunted by the ghosts of many unfortunates whose corpses were lost on the road when they fell off the horse carrying them.
We left Eskdale at about 2pm on a very dark and frosty afternoon and trekked steadily up the pass. After about an hours climb the path levelled out to reveal the bleak, frosty windswept fellside. Although we could see for miles over this featureless expanse, there was not another soul anywhere to be seen. The sky was now incredibly dark and ominous and snow seemed certain. We debated turning back as it isn't a good idea to be in the mountains when a snow storm hits but we decided to walk on as we were probably nearer to Wasdale than Eskdale by now.
As we walked it began to snow thick and fast. Before long we couldn't see where the path was. Luckily, we came across the ruined shell of an old shepherd's cottage and decided to sit out the storm there. We went in and huddled down out of the wind which whistled through the window opening just over our heads. The wind noise rose to become almost deafening and the sky got so black it seemed like night. After about 20 minutes of this the wind suddenly dropped - just stopped altogether - we sat there huddled together in the near dark in this very eerie and bizarre stillness. Then with no warning, a woman's face was thrust into the shelter through the window above our heads. The face was very pale and very old and the eyes had a glassy appearance and didn't really seem to be looking at us. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck as this face slowly turned to face me (although it still didn't appear to focus it's gaze). Then it spoke. The voice was thin and cracked and it only uttered one sentence - "It's cold and lonely out here" - then it was gone.
I was fairly sure that this hadn't been a real "flesh and blood" person and sure enough when I stepped outside I found the snow had stopped and lay in a white, unblemished carpet for as far as I could see. No footprints and no sign of the woman.
I am convinced that we met a lost soul that day on the corpse road.



In the late '90's my parents and sister took a trip to the East Coast and stayed, for one night, in a bed and breakfast near Charleston, S.C. This inn was an old house, 3 stories and beautifully restored and elaborately decorated.
My parents were elderly and my father was in poor health. He had limited mobility and usually used a wheelchair and could walk only with the aid of a walker. He and my mother were in separate, but adjoining, rooms on the third floor. Sometime after midnight my mother was awakened by the sensation of someone shaking her foot. When she awoke she saw no one but decided to check on my father. My mother went into Dad's room and found he was not there. She immediately awakened my sister who was in a room down the hall. Shocked at the disappearance of my father, my sister ran downstairs to find the owner and get help. As she reached the ground floor she encountered my father, seated on a small sofa, and in a very upset condition. It was only with great difficulty that she and my mother got him up the stairs and back to his room.
The next morning my father related that he had been awakened by someone calling his name. Assuming, at first, it was my mother, he attempted to get out of bed. As he was struggling to do this, he found himself in the hall with no idea how he had gotten there. He still heard his name being called and next thing he knew he was downstairs, cold and confused. He had no idea how he had gotten where he was or what had happened.
You might assume that my father's experience was due to some misperception or possibly a small stroke or TIA. The only problem with this was the simple fact that it would have been impossible for my father to have descended the stairs alone and without his walker. Someone or something moved him from his bed, to the hall and  down the stairs.....and then awoke my mother to tell her about it.

Cassie's Ghost Experience


i have always belived in ghosts, and last summer i found out they really are real. i was on makinacka island with my dads girl friend dian and her son, on the way there me and dian were talking about loved ones coming back to viset us after they had died, she has  had a lot of ghost experinces , so she knows a lot about it. well, i was really close with my grandpa, and he died a few years ago, were were staying in a old bed and breakfast, and i was awake in bed, and i rolled over and i saw a man, in jeans and a white tee shirt walk over to my bed, i couldent see his face, and i wasent even scared, i said , dian theres an old man by my bed, and she dident even look, she just said to go back to sleep, it was only there for about 10seconds, and i just went back to bed, but the next morning i was thinking about it and got scared, it looked like my grandpa, but i couldent sleep for the week after, it was so freeked out, so i said, grandpa, if that was you, please dont do that agen, it really scared me, and it hasent ever sence.

Carnival Ghost





When i was about ten or so, I used to sleep in my mothers room.  my room is
the coldest room in the house.  one morning i remember waking up and hearing
the sound of a woman singing, my mother was fast asleep next to me, and i
dont have any sisters.  it was soothing, and i thought nothing of it, so i
drifted back to sleep listening to it.  A few years after that, i can
remember waking up to the sound of a heartbeat.  This experience wasnt so
pleasant, i was wide awake because i remember getting up to go look out the
door, i was also in my mothers bedroom.  the noise sounded like it was
coming from my room. i was so scared, that i leapt back in bed, put a pillow
over my ears and went back to sleep. i've never mentioned either event to
anyone. now i am eighteen years old, and the hauntings have come back. at
times, i feel as though there is someone merely watching over my shoulder,
its not menacing, nor does it scare me, i just wish i had my privacy. other
times, my room goes extremely cold, things are misplaced, figures fall off
the shelves. at times my cat will come running to my room and other times,
ill have to practically drag it in there, and then it sits at the door.
this isnt only when im alone, these things happen regardless of time or
situation, although ill admit i feel more frightened when im alone, but who
wouldnt?  every piece of electronics i've ever owned have developed problems
after bringing them into my room.  my cd player's buttons wouldnt function,
after i moved my computer from downstairs into my room, it began acting
funny, my scanner only scans when it wants to, i've gone through three
keyboards, and two mice, and six hairdryers, when you turn on my television
sometimes it will cut right back off, and sometimes when you cut it off, it
cuts right back on, my alarm clock has issues with when it wants to wake me
up...its just strange.  i go through more lightbulbs than any other member
of my family.  it doesnt really bother me that my room is haunted, we kind
of have a mutual relationship, i've even nicknamed it "Bob."

Best Friend: Part 2


I am 18 years old. I had told you recently about an experience I had involving my best friend who had killed herself at the age of sixteen. Well, just this last Christmas Eve, at 3:42pm, exactly 1 year and 1 hour after the time of her death (she died around 2:42pm last Christmas Eve), I had another experience. I was sitting upstairs in the breakroom at work (I had just gotten done for the day and I was waiting on my boyfriend to get done working). I remember what time it was because I remember looking at the clock as soon as I got upstairs. I had been trying to keep myself busy all day so that I wouldn't be thinking about my friend, and at that time it was getting really difficult to keep the memories away. I remember picking up a magazine that was laying on the table and flipping through the pages. On about the 5th or 6th page, the magazine suddenly blew closed on me. There are no windows in the breakroom, so no wind could have possibly gotten inside. On top of that, the heat was also on, and I was starting to feel cold! I put the magazine down and put on my jacket. I continued to sit there, until I heard a noise. It sounded like someone turning the pages of a book. I looked over at the table and what I saw then scared me nearly half to death! There, laying on the table, was the magazine, opened up to a page about hauntings. It freaked me out so bad that I literally jumped out of my seat. I continued to stare at it for a minute, until it suddenly closed shut again. I looked at the clock. It was about 5 minutes until 4:00. After another minute, I was able to calm myself a little. I looked around the room, making sure that no one was around to play any tricks on me. Then I closed my eyes and began to think about my friend. I knew that she had to be there- somewhere. So I decided to say her name out loud. I said her name about 3 times, then I started to hear the sound of music playing. I opened my eyes and looked around again, but there was no one there. But the music was playing as clear as day (it was a song by Heather Nova, who just happened to have been my friend's favorite singer). There was no longer any doubt in my mind… My friend was there and she wanted to talk to me, but why? What did she want to talk to me about? That question kept racing through my head over and over again as I stood there. Then my head suddenly started racing, and I started to get a headache. Suddenly, I heard my boyfriend's voice behind me and I turned around to see him standing there, with a worried look on his face. He put his hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes and asked me if I was okay. I said "yes", but my voice was shaky. He looked down and said, "What's that?" I didn't know what he was referring to, so I looked down at the floor where he was looking. I DEFINITELY WASN'T PREPARED FOR WHAT I SAW! Laying on the floor was the heart-shaped locket that I had given my friend for her 15th birthday. I picked it up and opened it. Sure enough, the picture of me and her that I had put inside it was still there. I felt the tears in my eyes. I was so happy to see it. But as I turned it over in my hand, I noticed something that hadn't been there before. Written on the back of it in capital letters was: I LOVE YOU, ANN. How had it gotten there? My friend had been wearing the locket when she died, and she was still wearing it when she was buried. So how did it get from her grave all the way in Colorado, to the breakroom at work in Pennsylvania? Coincidence? I don't think so. I honestly believe that my friend came to give me that locket as a way of letting me know that she was safe and that she would never leave me.

A Strange Encounter


My name is Jack and this is a true story.  After it was over, I really can't tell you how I felt, but I was almost numb for several weeks.
I had a mechanic shop, just on the outskirts of the town where my wife and I live.
I had run a wrecker service for many years, and was often called out to automobile accidents, to pull damaged cars away.  Many years prior to that, I had worked as an EMT with an ambulance service.
With all of this training, when I came upon an accident, I usally always stop and try to assist.
This day, I had left my shop and gone up the street for my lunch break.
Not very far from up the road, I ran upon an accident, and pulled over to see if I could help in any way.  I could tell right away, that  the accident wasn't one with serious injury, and by that time there were several people already stopping, to offer help as well.
As I he, a nice man in a business suit, stopped me.  He asked me if I knew the people in the accident.  I told him that I didn't recognize the cars, but that I thought I would see if I could help out in any way.
I told him that I didn't think it looked like to bad of an accident, and he said he thought it wasn't either.  Then, he said, "but you never know always by just looking."  I said that that was very true.  He then said, " I know a young man who is a very good attorney.  In case someone in the accident might need an attorney, would you give them his card, for me."  I told him that I would be happy to, and with that I walked closer to the accident.
With so many people walking around, I didn't think anything else of the conversation with the man, and I really didn't think anything else of the card he had given me.  I had put the card in my pocket without even looking at it, after he gave it to me, and didn't think anything about it until I got home.
I was emptying my pockets, and saw the card again, and remembered the meeting.  I told my wife about talking to the man, and that I had forgotten to offer it to anyone that was in the accident, so later, I put the card in my billfold.  Both my wife and I had heard of the attorney whose name was on the card.  We didn't know him personally, but he was one of the most well-known attorney's in this area.
I thought nothing else about.
Several weeks later, however, a friend of ours, moved his law practice into the same building of the attorney that I had gotten the card from the man at the accident.  I hadn't seen him in several years, so I thought I would stop by one evening after work, and catch up on old times.
Inside the lobby of the building, my friend the attorney, was standing, talking to a receptionist.  It was good to see him again, and we stood there talking for a few minutes.
On a wall, leading into the main offices, I happened to notice a large picture of a man.  Something about the picture, made me feel uneasy, so I walked over closer to have a better look.  It was the same man I had seen at the accident, he even appeared to have on the same suit in the picture, as he did the day I met him.   I didn't tell my friend about having met this man, but I asked him who he was.  Evidently he must be someone important, I thought, to have a picture that big, in the main lobby.
What my friend said, made my blood run cold.  He told me what the man's name was, and then he said that he was a brother of the other attorney, that owned the practice he was now in.  I asked him if he worked for the other attorney, thinking that he might since he had given me the card to give to the accident victims.
He said, " No, Jack, he has been dead for over ten years." I thought my heart would stop beating.  He said that they had been so very close, and that he had never really gotten over loosing his brother, and was still very touchy when anyone mentioned him.  He only had that one brother. He had died of cancer.
I didn't know what to say,  as a matter of fact, I couldn't say anything.  To this day, I have never told either my friend or the other attorney about the meeting I had that day, with a man that had been dead, over ten years.
This is a true story, and it happened to me in 1982.

A Hotel in Virginia


A few years ago in 2001, I stayed in a nice hotel in Virginia.  It used to be a home of a mother, a father, and their children in the time of the civil war.  The mother was busy, so she decided to hire a nanny.  Little did the mother know, her husband was cheating on her with the nanny.  When the woman found out, she pushed the nanny off the top of the spiral staircase.  I know this is real because I felt the dent in the ground, and there is a blood stain on the carpet.  The part of the hotel this happened it is now the restaurant part.  I went to the restaurant with my family and this is where the waitress told me this. The nanny is buried in the middle of the dining room.  One day she was telling another family the story and she kiddingly pulled out the chair and told the ghost to sit and have some breakfast.  When she came back to clean up the table, the chair was pushed in and the napkin was messed up.  I knew there was something eerie going on before I found out about this because when I was walking down the hall to get my relative at the gym, I felt like someone was following me.  I will never, ever stay in that hotel again.

A Haunting


I am 11 years old. this happened to my family when I was about 9-10.This story happened when my grandparents lived in Eagle Rock, Mo. When my grandparents bought the house they were told that the people who owned it had lived there with their grandmother. Their grandmother had died in the house.
First the strange things were barely noticable. I think the first thing that happened was when I first got there, I walked into a bedroom and saw a small glowng ball, like an orb. I never told anyone about it. The next thing was when my uncle walked into that same room and something large, black, and cold walked through him. When he came back to tell us what had happened he was drenched with cold sweat and could barely speak. That is when things got worse.
My grandma would be in the bath tub and hear large boots walking in the hallway, then there would be banging on the door and the knob would start turning. Thinking it was my grandpa she opened the door and no one was there. This happened many times.
Then it got a lot worse. My cousin would wake up saying " Gramma, would you tell the people to stop talking. I want to go to sleep, but they always talk. I hear them when ever I get to your house." My grandma would get grandpa up and he would go into the room with a baseball bat, ready to strike. No one was there. Once,when my cousin was asleep in my grandparent's room, his cot was flipped over when he was asleep. Luckily, he had just got up to sleep on the bed when it happened, so he wasn't hurt.
The next thing was when my grandma woke up to use the bathroom when she saw a large figure standing in the doorway, as tall as the door frame. She got up and it was gone.That's all the experiences I can remember from that house.
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 A Haunted House We lived in


This “haunting” experience took place over about a year’s period while we were building a new home.  We really liked living there, way out in the country, away from any close neighbors.  We moved there in late summer that year and for a few months things were peaceful.  When we changed from Daylight Savings Time to Eastern Standard Time in October that year, strange things began to happen.  The first episode was one Saturday afternoon when I had taken a nap and awoke to see something that looked like a cloud of smoke at the foot of the bed.  I raised up a little to take a better look and thought to myself, “Well, that electric heater is there in the corner.  Maybe I had left it plugged in and someone had turned it on and it was smoking.”  I started to get out of the bed to check the heater and the cloud of smoke dissipated quickly.  I checked the heater and it was not plugged in and was cold to the touch.  That incident bothered me, but not to the point that I mentioned it to anyone in the family for fear they would think I was crazy.  A short time later while working in the kitchen I began to hear music when nothing was on to play music.  It appeared to be coming from the ceiling immediately over the refrigerator.  This continued til we moved out of the house.  At one point my son and I climbed up into the attic to see if there was a possible clue as to what was “playing” the music, and except for a few boxes and miscellaneous flower pots, etc., the attic was empty.  Then we started having trouble with lights coming on by themselves.  One night I arrived home from work and as I drove around the house I saw the bathroom light was on, right beside where I parked my car.  I could see the bathroom mirrors through the lighted window.  After I unlocked the back door and started into the house, there was total darkness.  The bathroom light was off.  I knew I was the first one home for the evening, so I immediately got my German Shepherd “Smokey” and took her through the house with me.  She gave no indication of any human or other presence and seemed to enjoy the “tour”.  I was uneasy until my husband and son came home for the evening.  I told them about the light, and, of course, my husband said it was my imagination.  Then the “spirit” started playing a game with my son’s lights in his room.  He would come out of his room to leave with me and as we drove around past his bedroom window, his lights would be as bright as they could be.  When I scolded him about leaving the lights on, he assured me repeatedly that he had turned them off.  Sometime he would wake up in the middle of the night and his lights would be on.  He got to the point that he was afraid to be in the house alone.  One morning after I left for work and my husband had already gone, my son had a friend who had spent the night with him, he began to hear something in the back of the house.  He followed the sound to the utility room, where the washing machine was going (I NEVER LEAVE ANY APPLIANCES RUNNING WHEN I AM NOT GOING TO BE HOME.)  Then he saw the oddest thing…a bottle of Downy fabric softener was perfectly balanced on the open dryer door.  He and his friend ran from the house and it was several weeks before he slept in the house again.  Incidents like these continued and we finally moved to our new home.  I have often wondered if the tenants who followed us had similar experiences.  After we moved out, we were told the former owner of the home had been killed in a farming accident and the circumstances were questionable, and some even said he had been murdered.  After his death supposedly his wife lost the house and farmland because of debts her husband had incurred and she and their two children had to move away.  This possibly could explain the haunting.  This poor soul still wanted his home.  I hope someday his soul will be at rest.

A Haunted Hotel


When I was eight years old my parents and I took a trip to New Jersy. When we got to New Jersy it was very late and we were too tired to go all the way to my aunt's house so we decided to stay at a Howard Johnson which only had two cars on the lot.( My parents and the owners) I liked the room. At the time I didn't know why but I was sort of attracted to the room.
I was watching a little TV around 5:00 when I heard kids playing outside. It was pretty weird because there were still two cars on the lot. I decided to look out for a while and see what was going on. The kids didn't seem  to notice. Their had to be about 10 kids. So I knocked on the window. Still the kids ignored me, so I decided they were snobs and continued watching TV. About five minutes later the kids playing and shouting had stopped. I looked out of the window once more to find nothing. It's like the kids disappeared!
Later that night while my dad was tying to figure out a fats way to my aunt's place I got thirsty and decided to go down the hall to the soda fountain. I don't know why but I sensed something watching me as I was walking down the hallway of the hotel. The hallway looked like the once of the shinning, you know the seen where Danny asked to play with the twin ghosts. Me, being the very spooked out person I am decided to get my dad to come with me. He told me he'd watch me from the door and that was fine withme. So as I'm walking I hear these sounds like people talking. I know I'm not crazy because I can clearly see out the window that the parking lot is still empty. All of a sudden this  big group of people come storming in. They all had odd color eyes and looked at me funny. They were very pale, and I don't mean haven't seen the sun in years pale like a grayish decaying skin pale that really creeped me out.
Later that night I told father about the 'gray people'. My father who is a disbeliever of ghosts said I was just imagining things and that he didn't see any people! I couldn't believe that I'm the only person who saw these people who to me stood out clearly.
I had a decent nights sleep. In the morning however my parents told me a lot about the night that hadn't happened to me. My Mom told me that while she was sleeping she felt something come around her a pin her to the bed. It wouldn't let her wake up, but she could somehow see me and my dad sleeping. She said that she felt strong hands hold her down then a long cold finger rubbing her cheek. She told me that day that she believed everything I said about this motel.
My dad still thought we were a bunch of cooks a said he was going to get some coffee while we get dressed. About ten minutes later there was a thud on the door. My Mom thought it was my dad being a prankster a ran to the door quickly to catch my dad. But it wasn't my dad. I came to the door with me Mom. There was a cold drift right in front of our door. My Mom told me to dress quickly and pray. I did and then we quickly left.
As we were leaving the motel my dad pointed out a mouse to us that was hiding under a small table. " There's your ghost." He said. But my Mom and I knew a ghost could hold you down with force. The only explanation that my Mom and I could come up with about the Howard Johnson motel in New Jersey is that it's haunted.

A Few Experiences


Experiences- HELLO?
It all started in New Jersey at 5 years old.I was in Kindergarden and woke up early to get a drink and get ready early so my mom wouldnt yell 3 times to get me up and anyway,as I made my way into the hall way of the mobile home I heard a whisper of a man.I remember the sound being so close,but so far.Anyway,the voice said "Hello?" and I turned around to find out where the voice came from and turned back around and got a drink of water and than as I was going back into my room I heard the same voice again it said "hello?" I was freaked out really bad and ran into my room and ran under the covers and at 7:30 the time my mom comes to get me up,I told her what happend and she said she heard the same thing for a couple of nights now.
I was in Pennsalvania  at my grandma's house on July 3rd,1997 and was sleeping in the basement where it was made for a fun room with a pull out couch,jacuzzi,etc.Anyway,
I was sleeping on the couch with my mom and siter and smelt a awful,putrid,rotting,dead smell.It made me gag pratically and put my head in the pillow but it still invaded my nose and I sat there not breathing because the smell was that bad and than after about... 20 mins it went away.I went back to sleep but still eager to tell of my experience.I told my mom and she said she smelt it to.Later that night,about 7 or 8 my grandma died of cancer.I guess the smell me and my mom smelt was the smell of death,there are many cases of people smelling something putrid and than someone dieing awhile after they smell it.
Experience - Steps,Typing,and rushs of Air!
Sometimes day or night I hear typing in the computer room.Its light but you can tell its someone typing.I hear it like every...3 days.At night most of the time I can hear someone walking in the hall way.I can tell because my carpet makes a light sound if its being walked or scraped on and most of the time I hear it around.... 11 or 12.Also,I hear a rush of wind when im on the computer.Its the sound of a door opening up and air going into the room or a door closing and a rush of wind flows.
Experience - Ghost Cat on bed
When I was watching t.v in my room I was just eating pop corn and anywayz,next thing I know,I could feel and hear something jumping on the end of my bed.Thinking it was my cat because it was light I turned my head to look at my cat but saw nothing.I felt the wieght of the cat and than could feel the cat walking towards me and could actually see the paw prints marking the sheets!



I am Witchy Woman I and I thought I would share a few of the experiences that have occurred in my life.
The first occurrence that I can remember is when I was in my early 20's.  I was living in a duplex with my young son.
On several occasions when upon leaving my home I would return to find all the lights left on.
On discussing this with my parents they just told me that I had left them.
There was one night that I awoke to the feeling of something in the room with me.  I always slept with the door open so I could hear my son if he needed me.  The door was shut the room was pitch black.  I felt a pressure being pushed down upon me and I could not breath and I could not move any part of my body.  I fought with every muscle of my body and soul.  It took everything I had to get to the edge of the bed so I could fall off of it.  That did the trick and whatever was happening it broke it's hold.
The next incident happened in my mid 30's.  I was a single mother of three children living in a three story house that was built in the 1800s.
I always had a strange feeling in the house, but nothing that really scared me.
There were three bedrooms in the basement, and I never used any of these because the basement is were I felt the most frighten.  The only time I went to the basement was to do my washing.  The washer and dryer of course had to be located in the basement.  There was always a feeling that something was there.
There were four bedrooms upstairs in which my three children and I slept.
During the day I was taking a nap and was awakened by a voice that called my name "Judy."  It was so close that I had felt breath upon my cheek.  I awoke quite frighten and it took a long while to calm down.
All this was relayed to relatives and I was told I was just dreaming.  Who knows maybe it was dreaming?

2 Stories


1) When I was a junior in college (at the University of Colorado), my
parents moved and built a new home in Greensboro, NC. Like any
good college student, I came home for Christmas break (my first
time in the house). I also brought along my cat (at that point only a
kitten). It was a long plane flight and after a quick meal and visit, I
went to bed (between 8 and 9 PM). A little before 4:00 AM, my cat
became playful and woke me up. I started playing with her since I
was now wide awake. At 4:00 sharp (the grandfather clock chimed
below), my cat flew under my bed. I thought I pulled its tail or
something. I was very much awake and was looking around the
room - my eyes adjusted to the dim light. I looked at my wall, my
dresser and then put my head back on my pillow. At that moment,
I saw a face staring back at me. I guess it was staring but it had no
eyes. It was a face of balding man with a big handlebar mustache.I
was struck with fear and could not move. I had to force myself to
rollout of the bed before darting out of my room. My parents did not
believe me but warned me not to tell my older sister (who was
planning on coming that night for Christmas). I kept my word. The
next night, of course I woke up at 4:00 AM but did not see a
spectre but heard the piano playing in the livingroom.
My sister and her family moved to Greensboro that spring.  That
summer my older sister had to take a class at CU to get her
master's degree (she left her husband and baby back in
Greensboro). Since we were away from the house, my sister told
me the following: a) that she also woke up at 4:00 AM during her
visits and b) she had a dream that she took a picture of me in the
livingroom but when the photo was developed I was not standing by
myself. Near the end of her visit, my sister got a phone call from
her husband. He stated that he was helping my father put rocks
around our yard when a man walked up. The man stated that he
was happy that someone was putting rocks around as a girl several
years earlier crashed into a tree on our property after a fight with
her boyfriend. Don't know what happened to the girl and noone ever
saw that guy again.
After graduating, I moved to Greensboro and moved in with my
famiy (was going to get my master's). One night, my younger
sister and I were in the home by ourselves (my father was having
heart surgery). I stayed in my parents' room to be by the phone.
That night another cat woke me up (moving along the dresser), I
saw a figure of a small boy with striped shirt and a pair of shorts.
The problem was that the boy was floating and had no identifiable
face - a blur.
A few years later, I was typing a report for school. All of a sudden
my books were pushed acrosss the room (over 10 feet away). My
father heard the noise and saw where the books landed. He stated
it was from the typing. I have also been planning on moving out very
Both my sister and I had odd feelings in the livingroom - thought we
were being watched. My younger sister would never stay upstairs if
the rest of us were gone - never felt comfortable. We all moved from
the house and nothing ever followed.
2) After my son was born, my older sister and her family moved
into an older home in Greensboro. My wife and I drove up and I
stated that the house was haunted. I clearly in my mind saw a
woman (all in blue hue) standing in front of an upstairs window (this
was my sister's bedroom). I did not tell my sister or her family but
did tell my parents. A month later during my son's after baptism
party, my sister dragged me into my bedroom. She yelled at me
about not telling her about the ghost. It seems that furniture was
being moved, that footsteps were being heard coming up the steps
and my brother in law actually saw their bedroom door open and
close. My sister moved into my parents' home for a few days out of
terror. I told my sister what I saw and felt that the woman was no
harm to her. She was waiting for someone who never came.
I later came to my sister's home and walked around. I told my
sister that I did not feel the woman's ghost but did feel a real bad
presence in the basement. After I said that, my sister stated she
also felt something downstairs. Later that year, my sister and her
assistant (my sister worked out of her home) heard a crash from
the kitchen. The door to the basement was open. The window of
the kitchen door was broken inside out and the door was still
My sister continued to hear things in the home and eventually left.
When she was in process of moving out, she called the man who
owned the home complaining about the ghost. Per my sister, he
had no idea of what she was talking about.
Since moving to Greensboro, I have seen several ghosts in North
Carolina. I see them and feel emotions but never hear them. If you
ever need help in NC, let me know.

2 Little Girls


I can honestly say that I have never seen a ghost as such, but I have felt very hostile presences in a relatives house when I was a child.
Anyway, the story I have has been told to me by my Dad a number of times in the past 8 or so years, and reminded me of it again as we were sitting with family and friends last night. Its of my Aunt and Uncle. In 1986, when I was only 2 years old they moved into a new house in a housing estate in our hometown in Scotland. Things seemed to be ok and the new house was coming along nicely, when there was a knock on the door one afternoon. My Aunt answered and there was 2 little girls about 8 and 10 years old. The older one asked "Is my Gran in?", my Aunt explained that no-one that the girls could know lived in the house and sent them on their way.
2 months later, my aunt and uncle had settled into the house, and again came the knock at the door, the same girls stood and asked the same question as the first time. Again my Aunt explained and the girls left. The building that they ocupied at the time was a four in a block with a particularly noisy close, footsteps could be heard easily in the close as well as either the front or back door opening and closing as they all made a large echo noise. My aunt however heard neither of these happening when she closed the door to the girls.
Later that night, my Uncle had just finished decorating the living room, and put 2 speakers for his Stereo up on the opposite corners of the room, as he was a joiner by trade he had access to bolts and bolted the speakers onto the wall, they were solid as a rock. However not an hour later both flew 3 feet off the wall simultaneously, one smashing through a table.
Over the next 3 or 4 months they expereinced banging doors, footsteps, cold spots in rooms, but the girls never retuned. As soon as a new house came up they packed and left as soon as the could.
People that none of my family knew come and went in the house afterwards. However about 6 years ago, my Dad's friend had spotted the house was empty and moved in, but experienced similar problems, in particular he spoke to my father about "two strange girls who kept asking for their Gran."
He lived in the house for around a year before he died of Cancer after being given 6 weeks to live. He didn't know he was unwell before the doctors broke the news, he only lasted 3 of the 6 weeks he had left.
About 3 years ago, the old fashioned buildings in our housing estate were torn down and with it the strange house. Modernised flats were built in their places, and a friend of one of my uncles moved in. My uncle (who knew of the previous problems as it was his and my Dad's sister who had told of the trouble originally) mentioned to me and my Dad around a year ago that his friend was also complaining about 2 little girls who have rung the doorbell and asked for their Gran on about half a dozen seperate occasions. I haven't heard anything from the area as my family has moved to a different area of the town, but anything I hear or am told I will be sure to post it here.
Thanks for listening guys

Another Ghost

I'd like to tell you about another ghost that is in my life right now.
I'm training for a manager position at a Burger King right now.  I have worked there off and on over the past 8 years.  We have a ghost.  His name is Ralph.  He was a regular customer there. I don't know much of his story, but here is how we know who he is.  One of the managers who has worked there for a long time and knew Ralph saw him.  He walked right past the manager office. At least three of the managers have seen him.  They all describe him the same. An older man with gray hair wearing jeans and a red plaid flannel shirt and work boots.  When I go into the walk in cooler or freezer, Ralph knocks on the wall to let me know he is in there.  I usually talk to him and he'll stop knocking.  The first night i talked to him he followed me all night. I could feel him watching me. Sense his presence behind me.  I think he is just lonely.  Most of us aren't scared of Ralph, but some are because he likes to mess with people.  One night I came intve this, Ralph threw two pies at Mary's head!"  I laughed. Yes I do belive it, I knew Ralph was mad.  They launched into the story of what happened.  "Mary put a box of pies up on the top shelf, turned and walked away, about 4ft away when the box came off the shelf, floated then dropped to the floor. Then Mary went over picked up the box, put it back on the shelf walked away again about 4ft away, turned and looked at the box. Again it came off the shelf floated, only this time when the box fell to the floor two of the pies stayed at head level and flew straight across point first at Mary's forehead. That's when we ran out."   Since this incident, no one leaves the freezer doors open for very long. We all talk to Ralph and tell him good job.  the pie story is kind of an ongoing joke there. Mary is not well liked by a lot of the people, so most find the story funny.  Other things have happened since then. One boy came out of the freezer and walked up to the manager and said "Uhave heard someone whistling.  No one else was in there, and the door to the kitchen was shut, making it immpossible for it to have been an employess whistleing.  The freezer and cooler are soundproof when the doors are shut!  I wonder what ralph will do next?



Hi,  I was looking through other people's stories and decided to share my own.  When I was about 10 (I am 15 now), I was a sensitive child and was still saddened by my great-grandfathers death (which occured when I was a toddler).  Me and my brother, which is two years younger than I, were have our round-abouts and arguing over something childish, when he thought he could get me by chanting, "Grandpa Bobo's dead."  I always called him grandpa Bobo, his real name was Author.  Well, I got really upset and started crying, when I looked up and into my room I seen the torso of figure.  In the mood I was in, I immediately thought of it as my deceased grandfather coming to soothe my pain, but my conclusions changed after the second time I seen the shadowy figure.  The second time I saw it,  it was the rest of the body missing the torso this time.  I was sleeping, and my little brother that is 8 years younger than me, was sleeping with me also.  I awoke mysteriouvoice.  When we moved out of that house, we moved into a house which once was a bording house.  I was on the computer and I heard foot-steps going from the kitchen to the dining room, which was next to the room beside me.  I wasn't as frightened the more I thought about it.  I have had experiences in almost every house I have lived in. It was nothing new.  We moved shortly after we moved in do to some personal problems.  The house I live in now, I believe it is haunted, on account I live a block from a cemetary.  I have very strange feelings when I am in my room.  It always has an eery vibe that it gives off.  You never feel alone.

Ghost Experience


Today, when I was home alone with my sister and
cousin. they started to watch Jurasic Park, when the
VCR stoped for no reason. they hit play, and it did it
again. after a while, ashley, my cousin, said my
portable cd player turned on, so she had to push stop.
after the VCR stoped about 6 times, I asked if it was
a pattern, and we wrote the number of seconds before
it stoped. well, we put the letters into the computer,
we saw it spelled nothing...then I decided to change
the text to the one that shows pictures...there was a
disturbing sequence of pictures that was: 2 4 pointed
star, a black square, an ambulance, the front of a
firetruck with lights, a bicycle, 2 black squares,
making one black rectangle, the front of a van, a
blackened police badge, the front of a firetruck with
lights, a present, another ambulance, 2 presents,
another 4 pointed star, 2 presents, a black square, 2
ambulances, then a floating man in a black tuxeedo and
hat, a circle with a line through it, an inside white
square, another floating man with the hat and tuxeedo,
and then 2 arrows forming a circle. This disturbed me.
see, my parents recently told me a story that I had NO
clue about. my house was on the cover of a magazine,
and the story about the house inside, was about the
cupple who made the house. they moved out because they
murdered this other cupple, then took the baby. after
taking the baby and leaving, there can crashed,
killing all 3. well, I told ashley and jen, my sister
after seeing the floating man. then, we decided to go
to the garage, because I remembered when I saw the
ghost stand there in the kitchen, looked at me, then
walked towards the garage...the garage will become a
big time thing. well, we went to the garage to go into
the attic in there, because ashley noticed the attic
door. a scary thing though...the attic door, unlike
the rest of the garage cieling, had NO cobwebs or dust
on it. after I said this, ashley draged me and jen, as
she tore across the room, lol. BUT, we went into the
garage afterward to go into the garage, and the
doorway had a crack, which broke, so ashley put it
back...but it was a lil off balance. we gave up on
that. then, we decided to search the house for the
magazine. while searching, I remembered that my closet
is the only in the house with green walls. I thumped
on it, and ashley said it sounded hollow. then I went
to another wall to test, and there was a clanking
below the furnace, but then, it sounded not hollow at
all, right where this dark red, bassically brown, like
dried blood, spot was on the wall. we never saw it
before. then, jen pointed out some more spots that
were not there when we moved in, but she said, just
appeared one day....also blood appearing. well, after
that, we heard footsteps in the kitchen downstairs,
which has the door going to the garage. so, we went
downstairs, me leading the other scared 2, because I
thought maybe I would figure out what the fuck it
wanted to tell us. but, there was nothing downbstairs,
untill I decided to look in the garage. well, the door
to the attic, was closed perfectly slight
lift like it was left. then, after doing some more on
the message, we switched it to numbers and saw a
pattern of arrows. so we thought maybe we had to walk
these ways in the attic. well, jen earlier told me
about how yesterday, when she messed with the antinas
on all three tvs, she got shocked. well, when I
grabbed for the garage door, I got a static shock. so,
that scared me a lil. then, as I reached again, this
is the god honest truth...something on the other side
of the door, began thumping on it! afterward, I began
yelling "move, MOOVE", and jen was asking "what?"
along with ashley. but I got in front of them both,
and bolted as fast as I could, considering the fact
that they were both grabbing onto me. is NOT
over yet. afterward, ashley went upstairs to look some
more for the magazine, when she noticed, that the
square hole in the wall, was pushed out, on the right
side. then, when ashley was leaving, the garage door
would not open. it kept opening a lil, then stoped and
went back did it for a while. then, after
she left, the last occurance, was hearing footsteps on
the stairs.

The Pink House


This happened to me about 4 years ago but it is still fresh in my mind.  My family and I were on vacation in Savannah,GA we go there every summer, but this vacation we were doing something we hadn't done before we decided to go on a ghost tour.  We went to all the familiar site Colonel Park Cemetary, The pirates house, etc... but we stopped at one place called the Pink House.  I didn't really know any of its history and the tour guide was starting to bore me so I just started daydreaming like all people do in that situation.  Then I got the feeling that someone was watching me from above so I looked up at the windows and in the window fartest to the left I saw it.  It was wearing a Civil War Style uniform and I never saw I head I got the coldest chill up my back and turned to my grandma and told her to look but it was to late it had vanished. Later on that night while I was reading the history of the house I came across a story about a soldier who bought the place after the Civil War and would sometimes wear his uniform and look out the window for hours as if wating for a battle. I have since gone back to the Pink House on other historical tours but I can never bring myself to look in any of the windows.

Old Nell


In 1997 my neighbor's dog, Nell, died.  3 years later I was sitting in the patio when a dog that looked just like Nell ran up to the door. But, when it hit the door it vanished. I stopped seeing the ghostly dog for about a year. One night my friend and I were sitting in the front yard when the same ghostly dog ran across our driveway.  My friend saw it too so I know I wasn't seeing things.  The dog ran into the backyard and vanished.  It couldn't have gotten away because the backyard was fenced in.  Then I saw the dog for the last time, when I was walking home I saw the dog staring at, then once again, it vanished.  I haven't seen old Nell since.


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