Believer out of Me


My husband and I had gone to a friends house to pick up musical unstruments and equipment to take to a show for later that day.  When we arrived I was dismayed that Debbie (the wife of the couple) had just left to take their 2 sons to a wrestling match at the local arena.  So I sauntered downstairs with my husband Matt and Donnie (husband of the couple).  The house was very very quiet (and as a coincidence it looks alot like the amytiville horror house), so every sound was heard clearly.
After about 10 minutes I heard Debbie clearing the table (it had been full of lunch dishes).  I asked if she could be home and was told no.  Matt and Donnie kept asking me what was wrong...I had a strange look on my face.  I did not want to say anything because they would think I was crazy.  I finally told them what I heard, and could still hear as we spoke.  At this point Donnie asked me if I had ever heard about the lady who had once lived there.  I hadn't.  Matt had heard the story before so he could confirm the story was true.
The prevous owner of the home was a lady in her 60's.  She had apparently had a heartattack while doing dishes and died on the spot.  Donnie said he had never seen a person loose all color in their face so fast.  Matt had gone to check and no one was upstairs.  I heard it until we left the house that day.  I have not heard it since.
There have been other incidents in the house however.  When they first moved in Deb and Don had about 30 glass glasses.  By the end of the first month they had none.  Glasses would crack and break while sitting in the cupboard or on the table.  No reason. Another time Debbie was doing dishes, the kids outside and Don downstairs.  Deb felt a cold hand gram her ankle.  Knowing her husband is a joker she assumed it was him.  When she looked down, there was no one there.
It has sure made a believer out of me.

The Land


Hi first off i would like to say i love your site. and i decided to share mine and my famlies experience. At the time I was very young and rember some but alot of it was told to me by my grandmother and uncle. It all started when my granmother and her x-husband bought some land witch now highway412 runs trow from the Oklahoma border into Silome springs Arkansas. When it the land was bought it was nothing but tress so my famlie all got to geather and help them clear a spot out to put up a trayler. the trayler deep in the woods with a road that was little mor than a path no big vehicles could drive down the path just little cars. the weierd stuff started to happen when thay brouht the animals out there wich was a pet goat of my younger uncle with was and about 4 hunting dogs and one gaurd dog every thing ws fine entell the dogs started to end up missing and when we did find them the only thing that was left of them was ther heads we could not find nothing of the rest of there bodys not even a bone we a first thought it was a wild animal so when my grandmothers husband came home (he drove a truck at the time and would be gone weeks at a time) he put up a hight fince to protect to other animals wich at this time the ony onesd left was the goat and gard dog. and then he,my step-dad,and oldest uncle whent hunting for what thay belived to be a wild cat and found nothing that same night thay came back around dark we had dinner i was staying the night with my granmother playing with my uncle who is sevral monthes younger than me when my grandmother had to walk down the every long road to her husband truck because he was about to go on the road agan and ahd to park the truck and walk about 11/2 miles to get to the trayler(if you recall earler I exsplaend about how small the road was)well my grandmother had taken the garddog had said her good bys to him and was on her was back when the dog started to act funny he would go to the woods(the drive way ran right trow the middle of the woods if you were lucky to have a car small anuff to dive it you could dive down the wood in the middle of the day and it would seem night the trees were that thick as i rember)stop about half way ther bark and growl but would never go near the trees then sudanly her ran off with his tail between his legs crying wich was amazing this dog was a gard dog bred and rased to fear nothing and had so many scars on him from fighting with wild animlas even a bob cat with almost killed him but he stell fought.anywho he ran off living my gandmother in the woods scared at what she heard in the wood chasing the dog as it ran she seen nothing but heard cleary somthing so big take after the dog it litterly ran over small trees braking them off at the trunks well from what she tolt me she ran all the way back home fast as she had ever ran her being a big woman and told my step dad what happen well he took the shot gun and when looking for the dog and found nothing and told my grandmother and mother he was never going back out in the woods at night agen he said somthing folwed he the whole time but never got to close well the next day my uncle came over and we discoverd the fince thay put up only a day ago had been ripped up from the ground and the goad was missing well later that day thay found both dog and goat (diffrent playies) agan nothing left but the head well my grandmother had had enuff cald the cops who in turn called the talsa zoo who came out to see if it was the panter that had ranaway from the zoo when my grandmother told thim how nothin but the heads were left thay told her that cats of any size would not eat the bones might chew on thim but not eat thim and when thay did a sweep of the land found no sighe of the panther or any other wild life at htat but birds no caves fore a bob cat or any large cat at that to stay in he thay said the only thing that could rip a anmals head off( when thay looked at the head of the dog and goat thay told us the neck was broken and the head was ripped of like a rag doll) was a bear but not like that and ther was no bear in that part so thay left with nothing my grandmother sold the place and a couple of weeks later the panther was found where at I have know idea but not nere us the lan never had any one eles to live on it finally it was bought by the state and thay cleard out all the trees and now highway412 runs almost right wher the trayler use to sit says my grandmother what was it attacing our animal i dont know some say bigfoot(we was not the only ones that has had animals killed) but i really dont cair to find out to this day you will hear a farmer coment on how some of his live stock is found with nothing but a head and i just smile and walk away not saying a word about the land

My Experiences Continue


Hello my name is Ian im an 18 yr old male from Ontario, Canada and i wrote hear about 3 yrs ago and got my story posted it goes under the name My Personal Experience With Ghosts... By the way thanks for posting it :)
As i said at the end of my story i am now living in a house this Decemember will be 8 yrs the house is a new house i have seen it being build so no one has previously lived in here before... but i have encounterd spirits  I think i am what you would call a sensative person sensative to see such things...
Well when we first moved here there was all sorts of weird noises and my parents told us not to worry about it it's just the house setteling it seems houses always settle when their new when their old but anywayz it usally was the house making the noises... But some of the noises sometimes would make me think otherwise.
This is a fairly big house compared to where i use to live in that aparment 4 Bedroom 3 Washroom living room dining room thats in one bigger kitchen Basement you get the idea.
Anywayz when we first moved here i had my room at the end of the hall right by the staircase. It was summertime i think. my sisters room was right next to my room in the corner then there is a small storage closet then there is another room which was the playroom then but it now my room then a fairly big space then the washroom and after the washroom in the far corner in the other side of the hall was my parents room. the biggest of all 4 rooms if i was lying in bed in the night and put my ear to the wall i could hear what my parents were saying even though it was on the other end of the hall because behind that wall was my parents room  just giving a description sorry anyways back to the story.
Some nights i would get up to go use the washroom and i would hear like someone was running around downstairs i was 12 at this time so i was still a little scared of the things that go bump in the night  i could swear it sounded like someone was running around the the kitchen out into the hall into the living room and dining room which is connected makes it a big room then back in the kitchen out into the hall and so forth and i could tell what running sounded like cause me and my lil sister always use to run around like that even though we were told repeated times not to.
I would just usally ignore it and it would stop but it would happen each night one night i got really curious and even though i was scared decided to go downstairs and check things out nothing was there of course and it stoped when i was down there but as soon as i went back in my room i would hear it again... i just ignored it it stoped after awhile.
I told myself it was just the house setteling. about a yr or 2 later my sister told me she use to hear it 2 and she said it sounded exactly like what i described somebody running around i have also heard footsteps coming up the stairs on rare occasions..
Anyways about the time i was 13 i moved into the playroom it was no my room and this room im in right now that was my room is now the playroom..
I will tell you about an experince that scared me now.. My uncle was over we had just spent a day in Toronto we went to show him the CN Tower since he had never been there before.
Anywayz when we came back home we didn't really feel like sleeping so we stayed up and i showed my uncle a horror movie Evil Dead 2 dead by dawn he found it quite amusing. Anyways after the movie was done evryone went up and i was down there rewinding it lying in the dark i was older now i wasn't afraid of being downstairs alone in the dark after i had just watched a horror movie anyways it was finish i took it out went upstairs turned on my raido and layed down in my bed it was a really Hot summers night about 2 am it was.. Anyways i lay there listening to my raido sleep not coming it was already after 4 the last time i looked at my clock it read 4:30 something i was still wide awake lying there then the covers were pushed off me at the way end of the bed since it was so hot but all of a sudden i felt a really cold air in the room i got goosebumps all over i tryed to reach for my covers but realized i was frozen i couldn't move by this time i thought it was sleeping paralysis i have read just about evrything on sleeping paralysis since i have been experincing the stuff since i was a little kid and i just wanted to say to evryone that the things you may hear or see during your experince are just hallucinations and don't be scared of them i use to try to struggle to break free and always did but one night i decided to stay in forzen mode not try to break out see what happens and nothing did happen i felt like something was there watching me for a short while then i fell asleep one time it happend to me and i saw all these colors sorta flying at the back of me i thought how relaxing and fell right back asleep it's ethier you fall asleep or wake up which i have done both once again i have overcome my fears :) so thats to any of you that experince SP don't be afraid hallucinations can't hurt you and something else i have learned from sleeping paralysis when your in it and you relax yourself you can enter a lucid dream phase if you are lucky but if you feel it is actually something for real then you panic and struggle:D maybe not panic but certainly try to regain control of the sitiutation.
Anyways back to my story this might sound a bit hipocritical of what i just said but i was trying to break free only after i saw something come through my door it made a pop sound when it came through the door i can only describe this thing as a faceless colorful form it had no feet it was floating in mid hear somehow i can tell it was looking at me staring at me even. by this time i was real scared so started struggling it said A thousand years ago in a big deep voice but it said it telepathically by this time i was frekead it was going to say more but i broke out of the frozeness in time.
all of a sudden the night heat came back and my radio was back on i forgot to metion during this expeince i couldn't hear my raido...
I do not believe this was sleeping Paralysis why number 1 reason i was not sleepy at all and im not bullshiting you.
You have to be sleepy to enter sleeping paralysis and i wasn't at all Number 2 the coldness i felt during this experince was almost unreal like i was about to die or something yes i understand when we are scared we can get cold but this feeling was like Ice Cold like something was there other than my own fear causing this  I have also talked to a member of the shadowland staff on here and he told me he does believe it was a spirit because of the coldness and 3 the raido was on why would i not hear it anymore if i was just frozen i can understand being sleepy and drifting off would certainly make one not hear it but i was not as i repeat again not sleepy at all i wouldn't lie about this now a soon as the thing left i feel it left cause i pushed it away i heard the raido and now tell me where the coldness went thats number 4 heat arrived so quickly afterwards if you are scared after a scary dream when you awake you are shivering for awhile after the event even though you might be sweating but i felt the summer heat right away as if someone had turned on a cold switch then someone turned on a hot switch right after ohhh yeah and i tried to call for my dad when i was still frozen but i could brealy speak...
I felt stupid afterwards me being 13 and all trying to call for my dad good thing nothing came out after the event i wasn't scared at all i just though woah what and experince and was kinda dissapointed that i drove the thing away because i wanted to hear the rest of what it wanted to tell me but during the experince i was really scared thats why i sturggled.
Anywayz i have a firm belif that this was a spirit.
Anyways through out the years i have heard things especially when im alone in the house i have seen things out of the corner of my eyes many times. i always walk around in the dark now i don't know why but i do so i am well familar with surroundings of the house and my eyes are well familar to the dark hell ill just say it i like the dark being in the dark what not anyways if anyone else was to come down in the dark and stand there i would notice and could tell who it was right away. one night after watching tv i proceeded to go upstairs but before i made my way up i looked into the kitchen and saw a kind of red misty light sorta anyways i knew it was a spirit evil or what i didn't know so i didn't wanna mess with it so i just went upstairs and went to my bed. i was kinda sleepy this night i won't deny it it this actually happend January 25 of this yr 2003 anyways i close my eyes and see a big bright flash of light and open my eyes and think that couldn't be a car from across the street because the light was way too bright and it was blue way 2 blue to be a car light. so my next thought was lightning i thought it was kinda weird since it was the middle of winter and you don't usally see lighting in the middle of winter in Ontario , Canada but it does happen sometimes so i just blew it off as lighting thinking not much about it i closed my eyes again and then opend them and was just lying there then all of a sudden i realized i was frozen then i started to hear all these voices talking at once i couldn't make out what they were saying it sound like the voices were coming from in all the walls like the walls were talking then out of the side of my eye i see this form this real bright blue light come to shape since i was frozen i couldn't turn my head to get a good look at it the blue light was almost blinding at first i just thought this was paralysis and i was having a hallucination but then all of a sudden a feeling of dred of danger a feeling that this thing wanted to hurt me came over me then i finally made out something the voices behind the walls were saying in this evil voice the thing said we fianlly got him i felt pressure on my body like i was being pushed down or something i started to struggle then it was all gone and i could move again i jumped out of my bed right away and was scared and because i knew it wasn't paralysis it was something trying to get me i have been having paralysis episodes since i was a little kid and have slept through them as i said but this just felt wrong this felt totally evil i believe there are many forces in this life we don't know about some are good and some are evil but what really convinced me that it was not an SP episode was not all of what i talked about it was my eyes about 10 mins after they left i still felt my eyes were hurting from the really bright light now if this was a hallucination or delusion or whatever you want to call it once it was gone or even when it was there it couldn't cause phyical pain cause correct me if im wrong a hallucination is when you take something and see things that aren't really there therefore if it's not really there it can't hurt you like if you were munching on shroomz and saw a troll running around and tried to touch it im not sure you would feel it becuase it's a hallucination meaning not real fabrication of the brain but i felt pain from the light about 10 mins after thats what made me belive that it was indeed something.
Personally i don't believe my house is haunted but i believe i am like a gateway to the supernatrual i talk to them now people that hear me would think im krazy but i don't kare i let them know i want to be their friends not out to hurt them in my first story that got posted on here My Personal Experinces Whith Ghosts i talked about how i would have this dream of this lady that i have never seen before in my life just all of a sudden one day dream her up and keep dreaming her for years and then i finally told her to go away now that i think of it i feel bad for what i have done sure i was scared of her but maybe she was just looking for a friend and i pushed her away i just hope she is at peace now.
As for evil i myself have communicated with them im always curious about both sides of life the good and the evil so i think thats why they communicate with me.
well there is one more experince i would like to talk about but i won't since i know i already took up 2 much space it has to do with a demon anyone want to findout about it or anything else please email me at
Thank you for your time and i hope you guys post this story 2 :)   Ive been a fan of this site for over 5 yrs now and find the information very resourceful and helpful and the staff as well anywayz i must go now but please feel free to email me anyone thanks Shadowlands :) ..............

Haunted Place in Las Vegas


I have several stories about the ghosts of Las Vegas, but I share one top story with you....
When my parents and I moved to LV from Cleveland, Ohio a few years ago, I did not notice anything at all until I met my psychic friend.
He made my eyes open and helped me understand about LV culture (I was cultural shocker).
Anyway, we discussed about spiritualism, ghosts, and hauntings.
Speaking of my house where my parents are still living, I started to hear music little by little, see some flashes in my home.  I did not understand at that time.  I told my friend about it and invited him to my house for exploring.  As we learned about past history behind my house, four Navajo Indian ghosts used to live on their land where my house is now established and one Irish lady named Josephine was murdered by her husband on same spot.  They were harmless and friendly.
My house is on the middle of twenty miles of Crying Wolf trail where Navajo Indians were forced to walk miles and miles during the war years ago.  I knew that City of LV does not have any records of that event at all because Indians had been around long long long before LV become city in 1905.
Anyway, Josephine screamed for help which I could not see or hear at all, but she asked me and my friend for some help to release her from hell directly to heaven.  We agreed to send her into the portal and she finally went home.  Josephine had to avoid the demon next behind my house.  The house is behind my home is evil because we have seen the strange blue flashes.  Later, two Indians found their ways to the heaven.
Before I moved to SF,  last two Indians asked us to send them through the portal and we did.  Now, they rejoined with their beloved families in the heaven.

My Sisters Haunting


Ever since we were very young, my sister and I had believed in ghosts. Although we had never had any experience with it in our home (it was brand new when our parents bought it) we would read numerous books on the subject. Any way, we grew up, my sister got married and she moved with her husband and three year old girl to a small town near the Canadian border where her husband had grown up.
For a while, they moved from rented house to rented house. After they found out that my sister was pregnant again, they rented a house that used to be owned by a good friend of her husbands.  Apparently in grade school, the two boys would have sleepovers at this particular house, but my sisters husband would never stay in the boys room because something about the closet scared him. Dismissing this as a young childs imagination, they moved their child into that bedroom. Almost immediately, my neice started having nightmares, and she insisted on having the poster on the closet door taken down and put face down on the floor. At first I thought that somehow the picture on the poster maybe frightened her in the dark room, but she had had the poster up in all of the other places they lived with no problem.  Despite this, nothing really strange happened until the baby was born.
One day soon after my sister came home from the hospital with her new baby girl, she was home alone with the baby. As it was winter, the house was all closed up.  She was rocking her baby to sleep when she started to hear some lullaby music, only this wasn't regular music; it was somehow sinister and scary and it was comeing from upstairs.  When she went to investigate, the music stopped, and the source was never found.  This would happen numerous times throughout the rest of the time they lived there.  The strange thing about it was that only my sister and the children seemed to be able to hear it at first.  As if this wasn't freaky enough, one night during a midnight feeding in the babys room, my sister heard someone say "hello" to her.  At this time everyone else in the house was in bed, so she knew it couldn't be any person. But she felt a presence, and it seemed to be growing stronger.  It said "hello" again, and she shut her eyes tight and started to pray until she felt the presence leave.
Eventually she told our uncle, who is a very strong Christian and has studied this kind of thing. He told her that she was right in not responding to the spirit, as that would only have made it stronger. He suggested some bible passages to read throughout the house that should get rid of any spitrits.  After following his advice, my sister and her husbad had not more problems with spirits.


My Ghosts


I am correcting this and if it happens this time I guess someone doesn't want it told.  This is weird I read it over before sending and it was all there before.  okay here goes.......
Ghosts have always been of interest to me as my mother and older sister have on many occasions encountered them.  as a child I was always dissappointed that I had never had any encounters.  Now that I am an adult I have come to realize they will contact you when they are ready.
I have had two spirits contact me within the past eight years.  The first encounter was shortly after I was married. My husband and I had just bought an old house. The first year went peacefully with no strange occurances and then one night I had a very strange dream.  In this dream I could hear a child crying and walked to the foot of our stairs where a little boy of around 5 yrs. was sitting.  He was dressed in older fashioned clothing.  I can recall a great feeling of sadness and my heart ached with it.  Shortly there after a friend moved in with us and he occupied one of our upstairs rooms.  Strange things would happen such as his belongings being moved around, lights being turned on after he left and his covers would be yanked off when he slept.  He would always joke about it and say his invisible buddy was joking around with him again.  After he moved out a couple girls moved in with us and they each occupied a room upstairs.  They were not as lucky. d that the house used to be the servants living quarters for the house next door.  We no longer live in this house and I often wonder if he plays the same tricks on the new occupants.
The second encounter I had was after my youngest sister passed away.  She was 15 years old when she died of an inoperable brain tumor.  In life she was such a loving soul and our family was having a really hard time with her death.  The family all gathered at home after her funeral and we were all sitting around talking about her when her stereo came on by itself and started playing her favorite song on a cd. We shut it off and within minutes it came back on again.  About a month later I had a dream about her.  I was walking along the street in my town when I heard a car door slam behind me.  I turned and saw a number of kids piling out of a blue car and walking off in different directions.  I recognized one of these as my deceased sister.  I ran up to her and asked her how she could possibly be here she was dead.  She said she didn't have the time to talk right now she had something she needed to take care of.  I noticed at this point her eyes ,  which was her way of letting us know she was okay and we needn't be sad anymore.  What do you think?

My Apartment Story


To this day no one really believes me.  I didn't believe it myself until the occurrences stopped.  That was when I knew that something extraordinary had happened.
I moved to New York City about 7 years ago and lucked up on a small bedroom apartment in Inwood, which is at the tip of Manhattan before you go into the Bronx.  I lived in that apartment for 3 years and during those 3 years some mild but strange things would happen to me.  The building was a pre-war building, my neighbor who was 83 had lived in the building since she got married when she was 23 years old with her husband!  She was from Sweden.  So the building was a walkup and very old.
The main occurence would happen while I was sleeping.  I would feel a "blowing" of a puff of air in my ear.  At first I thought it was my imagination, but after 2 years I started to question if it was something more happening or was it just some physical phenomenom that was causing this.  Sometimes I would need to get up at certain times to go to work or a rehearsal and this "blowing" in my ear would happen exactly 2-3 mintues before my alarm would go off.  It was consistent, and I thought maybe I was just doing it subconsciously.  After about 2 years the occurrences become stronger.  One night I felt as if someone's lips touched my ear to blow in it.  It really frightened me, but I was never frightened to the point of moving from the apartment.  The last year that I was there I started to actually hear a voice that would speak into my ear, always while I was in a sleep, then the "blowing" of the puff of air would happen.  My final year in this apartment I
I finally moved to a larger apartment in the Bronx, and ALL activity stopped.  No blowing puffs of air in my ear, no feeling of not being alone, no rattling of dishes.  It all stopped.  It has been 2 years since I've been out of that apartment and I've not had an experience since then like it.  I will always remember it though.  It was odd and I can't explain it, but I think it was probably a haunting.  If I carried the experiences with me I think I would thought it was something wrong with me.  But it hasn't.  Nothing has happened since.
Not much, but a little tiny experience.

Little Push


not to long after i moved into my house i decided to sleep i n the living room. my moms room is directlly above the living room. i was awoken t ofind a pale woman sitting in my moms chair. when i turned my head t oget a better look she was gone.  another time i was walking through our dining room and this little humidity reader came off the hutch and for some reason right before it fell i felt a little push and i was walking faster, right when i walked faster the reader hit the floor and busted. it could've hit me if i didn't get that little push.




First experience


hi I have   written before to about    a car my dad once brought and found he had and extra passenger.  well this is my story now my first experience with the paranormal.  We were living in Adelaide, Australia,  I was only 9 and my parents split up because my mum drank heavily.  I went with my mum.  We moved in to a house in  Salisbury and she meet up with this other guy and he  moved in,  and that was the start of my experience,   He brought with him  a large black dog who he called Satan lol I know a bad start already but the dog was a really nice and friendly dog.     The house we moved in to  was like an L shape an L shaped hall with rooms coming of it,  the lounge and kitchen and then around the corner the left side had the back door then bath room and at the end of the hall was a bed room and on the right was mums room and my room.  mum gave me the  pick of the rooms I walk to the  end room and it felt cold and like I wasn't wonted I left it quickly and chose the other room, and my brother got that room. well about a week or so after we had been there me and a friend found a game we could play,   the window in  my brothers room we would lock it and go out and shut the door and count to 10 slowly and go back in there  and it would be open, it did not always do it but we thought it was cool,  and in the shower the shampoo bottle would move from where u put it after using it,  I did tell my mum what was going on but she  would not believe us, for some reason it would never do anything to mum or the BF.  well one day my nice and a friend was over playing with me, we were playing out side when mum said that her and mark (BF) were going to look at a  boat.    the three of us decided to   stay and play while they went  to go look at the boat, which  was ok cause my friends house was only just up the road so mum let us.  Any way they were gone for a few hours it important to tell guys that my mum locked the house up  and they had the dog with them.  Well when they came back well all went in side as   we  walk in side  there was a small blood drop trail that went up the entrance hall and a long the main hallway and in to my room and under my bed.   mum put it down to the  dog but he was not hurt on his feet or any where else,  well that night I went to  bed and I always made mum leave the hall light on for me and my door slightly open,  well my door shut on it own that  night I yelled for my mum as all children do she came in and opened it again after she left I called breathing noises under the bed and every time  I would call her it would stop this happened about 3  times and   mum was getting a bit  announced at me so I sat there under the covers and as soon as they went to bed I bolted for the lounge room iam not sure at what time this happened .  I called the dog by name to the lounge with me he  would not come and in the lounge theres a gas heater a gainst the wall, well this began to shake and lift of the floor well I bolt from the lounge and stopped in front of my mums room and though she would be even madder if I disturbed her so I prayed  the lords pray over and over again I know this will probably sound dumb but a feeling of  being safe and protected came over me and I got up and went back to bed and there was no noise any more but to be a shored I rang my dad the next day who was in
Alice Springs at the time and asked him to come and get me and he did.  there is some good out of this my leaving made my mum realize that she had a drinking problem and now she and dad are back to gether and she has not had a drink in  13 years.  thank you for listening to my story and if you like u can email me at

Haunted Place in Tucson, AZ


My Deaf roommate owns his house. in Tucson, AZ and I used to live there for approximately seven months.  He mentioned that his house has several apparations around.
First of all, I was scared by the loud clapping behind my back even though no one present.
The lamp in his master bedroom was flickering wildly sometimes (maybe either ghost or old wire).
I noticed some shadows on the wall in hallway and heard loud shout in other room.
I was alone in living room noticing kitchen light was on by itself.
Finally, I had internal conflicts with my roommate for various day, I slept in my room and noticed the mirror stand still put firmly around 4 a.m. while my roommate left for work as electrician.  Around 11 a.m., I woke up finding the heavy mirror fell down about feet away from my bed.  I wondered how the mirror fall instantly on the carpet because I could not hear the sudden fall of the mirror.  Then, I asked my friend who is psychic online about the mirror, he said that his friends brought problems to my roommate's house.  Few days later, I moved out for good because I could not deal with the internal problems.
I suspected that the land was haunted because my roommate claimed that his house has no history of ghost spirits roaming around.

Charlotte's Ghost

I have a unique story to share and I'm hopeing someone else out there has experienced a similar event. I have tried to send my story several times but it keeps coming back to me with large portions missing; almost like something doesn't want me to send it. I've decided I must try again! I have to know I'm not crazy and this has happened to someone else. I have always been sensitive to the spiritual world, and have had ghostly experiences for as long as I can remember. But this is so different from anything I've encountered before that I had to write about it.  It's important I start at the beginning so one can fully understand so here it is......................
As far back as I can remember every summer as a child I would spend some time at my paternal Grandmother's house.
I loved my grandma dearly but her house was not the most compliant place for an active little girl. She had so many pretty things in her house and I was never allowed to touch any of them; except for the very few toys she did keep for me.  In the bedroom where I slept sat a beautiful doll which never under any circumstances could I ever breath to close too.
So naturally I always loved this doll who is about two feet tall, wears a blue velvet dress with white lace, and a white lacey bonnet over short brown curly hair. She even has little white dress shoes with delicate lace socks and pink panties. Around her slender neck she wore a small pearl neckless. I spent many an hour admiring this doll from where she sat in an antique hard back chair. I secretly named her Charlotte and sometimes when I stayed with my grandma I would sneak back into this bedroom, while she napped, and whispered all my dreams to the doll. Anyway years went by and I grew up never once getting to hold my beloved Charlotte. Then after I turned 21 grandma suffered a massive stroke that left her in an invalid state. We had no choice but to place her into nursing care and sell her home and belongings. The grim task lay ahead of us to sort through her house and decide what would go and what we would keep. My father didn't have the heart to take this on and my older sister. who my grandma was never very nice to, wanted very little to do with it. So my mother picked me up early one Saturday morning and we set off to dismantle grandma's house. The weirdest thing I have ever done, after a life time of never being able to touch anything at her house there I was going through her underwear drawer. Anyway the first thing I though of was Charlotte and claimed her as my own. So for the first time ever I got to pick her up and hold her and it was a very sad kid of feeling. I took her home and placed her in a small child sized chair in my bedroom.  It seems as soon as I brought her home strange things began to happen. To this day almost every time I go into my room I find her sitting in a different position in her small chair. Some times her head will be turned and sometimes one of her arms will be lifted. The creepiest is when I find her completely turned around facing another way. Just this morning I woke up and found her setting sideways in the chair when I was sure she was sitting in it correctly when I feel a sleep. Sometimes I swear her face even changes from her innocent little smile to a look of great sadness. She just has this weird feeling about and I find my self asking her before I touch her to move her back as crazy as that seems. Even my cat who gets in to everything seems to always avoid the chair and the doll. Some times it just feels like she's watching me and I turn around to find her looking right at me. I can't explain what's happening it just so weird. Recently I dared to take a picture of her and I am waiting now for my film to develop to see what happens. Naturally I had to politely ask her first, I let you know if I get anything weird. It would be easy to chalk this all up to grandma her being the way she always was, but grandma is still alive. Although she has progressed into assisted living she's not the woman she once was.  At first I thought it was kid of cool the things that where happening with Charlotte but now I'm getting be afraid of her. I don't feel like I have any right to give her away so I don't know what to do. I guess I'm wondering if this as ever happened to anyone else so I can feel less insane and alone. Please let me know what you think!

A Sensitive Family


My ex-boyfriends family is extremely sensitive to the "unknown". His mother knew the exact moment her father had passed away - even though it was an unexpected death. She dreamed her father had come to say "good-bye" and when the phone rang she knew that her father had passed on even before the words were out of her mothers mouth.
Other stories were told to me throughout the years by all sorts of his family members. His cousin's girlfriend had been in the kitchen when she heard someone calling her from the basement. Assuming it was her boyfriend, she called down to him, but recieved no response. Again, she was called to come down into the basement, and again when she yelled down to find out what "he" wanted, there was no response. After doing this back and forth for a few minutes, she started to become very angry. As she was yelling at "him" from the top of the stairs, her boyfriend walked out of the bedroom (on the main floor) demanding to know why she was so angry with him.... there was no one else in the house with them.
That same year, another of my boyfriends cousins was walking along the beach in front of her cottage. She encountered an ominous black figure hovering in front of her. Terrified, she fled back to the cabin to fill us in on the story. She said that the figure had a very "ugly" feel to it, and she felt that the figure was extremely angry. Upon researching the area, it was discovered that a few years before, a man had suffered from a heart attack, and fell upon the rocks, being killed instantly, on the exact same strip of beach that she had been walking on.
Finally, after a year of hearing all of these stories, I had a personal encounter of my own. My boyfriend came to me one evening, saying that he had seen a ghost in his bedroom the night before. I "sort" of beleived him at the time, because he brought this up to me without any prior discussion of ghosts and goblins. He said that he had been upset, and lying on his bed in his bedroom when he heard someone whispering his name. There was noone in his room. He felt a little odd, but passed it off as his imagination. Suddenly, as he was lying looking at the ceiling, a white form began to take shape above his head. He said he should of been scared to death, but oddly he felt strangely calmed and less "upset" than he had been. After a few moments, the figure vanished. About a week later, I slept over at his house. As I was lying staring into the dark, I heard someone whispering my name. It was coming out of the corner of his bedroom.  I shot up out of bed and asked my boyfriend if he had heard it to. He hadn't. I asked him what the voice who spoke to him sounded like and he said it was distinctly female. I was terrified, as I too had heard the voice of a female.
Time has passed since this event, and sometimes I think it must have been my imagination. But then I remember the feeling of terror that had gripped me that night, and I realize that I have to finally give into my skeptism of his family - because I too now have a "strange" tale to tell.


Haunted Hospital Morgue

By: Randy

Just recently Kaiser Permanente closed the basement offices in their medical
clinic on Parkway Blvd. in La Mesa, California.  They claim that the
frequent mishaps, flooding and accidents in the basement made the area
untangible for professional use.  Primarily they complained about the
frequent flooding.  There is no body of water within miles of this clinc.
I personally know better.  Back in the 1970's I was working in law
enforcement.  I had been on the job only about three years.  I felt very
confident that nothing could rattle me. I was macho and fearless, big man
with a gun complex.  All that would change!
Up unitl about 20 years ago the Kaiser Clinic was the Kaiser Hospital. The
medical offices in the basement were at that time, the hospital's morgue.
In the basement was also a break room with snacks and telephones, and
showers available for medical staff, law enforcement and fire fighters.  It
was open 24 hours a day.
 I frequently stopped by in the middle of the night to clean up after
rolling around in the dirt with a supsect.
One night I was down in the basement near EOS (End of Shift) at about 0400
hours.  I was absolutely alone.  I needed to clean up after a scuffle with a
DUI suspect.  I looked forward to a brief break and some hot coffee, and
maybe a call to my young wife.
To this day I cannot fully comprehend what happend.  For years it gave me
the creeps.
I was just about to sip on the coffee.  The cup was slapped out of my hand
by a powerful blow.  I did not see anyone in the basement.  I felt a cold,
freezing chill around my neck and face.
I was on high alert, feeling that I had been assaulted, but with no suspect
in sight, I just backed against the wall with my hand on my Smith & Wesson
stainless steel Mod. 65 (.357 mag).
Seconds later, a male voice screamed, "...get your a** out of my
don't belong here, I go..."  I left out the filthly language.
I was so spooked I pulled my weapon and dropped to the ground in a defensive
position.  I searched the entire basement, including the morgue.  There was
not a living soul in the area.
Still thinking there might be a prowler or deranged mental patient hiding
somewhere; stalking the basement, I called for backup officers.
La Mesa and San Diego SO officers responded. To my amazement both officers
said, "Lee, you just had your first experience with the 5150 {crazy} son of
b***** that has been screwing with us for years..."  They didn't even bother
to search the area.
I can't recall what these officers told me about their own hauntings, but
yes, they all had similar expereinces.  None of us ever went back to the
break room at the Kaiser Hospital.
We would take breaks as Mercy Hospital, Alvarado Hospital or Park Villa, but
not, no way, ever at Kaiser.
Now that I am retired, the hospital has become a clinic.  And of course my
HMO medical provider is Kaiser.  My personal Kaiser physician had his office
in the old morgue basement.
The first time I went in for an appointment I was very unconfortable.  I
briefly told Dr. M..... about my experiences.  He assured me that all the
staff was aware of the ghosts. Oh yes, the good doctor told me tales of no
less than six different ghosts that prowl the area.
Well, the basement offices are no more.  Kaiser has built a new multi-story
structure.  But I bet my S&W Model 65 that the ghosts still rule the

Tims Motel


I used to work at a little hotel called Tim's Motel in Lansdowne which is just outside of Baltimore on Washington Blvd. This is a rather small hotel which was a house before converting. In 4 specific rooms, several spirits have been found. In room 22, a man hung himself in the closet and the room has been described as "feeling of death". In room 26, it's been told that you could feel a kind of pain at the top of the second set of steps. Rooms 27 and 28 were once the kitchen before the house was converted into a hotel, so it could be possible they share a spirit or 2. I've seen a flash of light (where the light outside the room wasn't close enough to flash) in 27. There's also a picture in the wood over the bed that seems very erie. In room 28, I was told there were possibly 3 ghosts upon questioning another employee. What I do know about that room is, on a clear day, I went in and it seemed fine. Later on, a storm brewed. Well, just as the storm arrived, I had to go into 28 again. I've never felt like I was watched at that high point again, and I hope I never do as it gave me such an overwhelming sense of fear. I fear fairly little if that's a sign as to what feelings this night gave me. I couldn't stop looking around, and the only time the feeling went away was when I went into the bathroom or left the room. The main section of the room had such a feeling. I really don't know what I'd have done if I'd have actually seen something while looking around and into the mirror.

Wick Hill Haunting


This happened to my sister and her friend at a school where I used to go to in Berkshire, England which is supposedly the most haunted county in England.
The school is broken up into two main sections- there is the main school and another part called Wick Hill which is located within sight of the main building. This place is a very run down building where a few years ago it was used as a sports hall where we did P.E (sports education). It now occassionly gets used in the summer as an examination hall so during the rest of the time it's pretty much deserted but ever since I first stepped foot inside there it really gave me the creeps!
The place has several sections- there is a front entrance which has lockers in it, in the middle is the main hall which you have to cut across to get to the changing rooms at the far end which has more lockers. The building can only be accessed through the front entrance which was permantly locked up some time ago or through the storage cuboard at the far end next to the changing rooms. The main hall was also used as a theatre and there is a huge stage which is partically covered by curtains and used as a storage areas for desks etc. Because of this is is very dark and you can't help wondering if theres anything lurking around behind the shadows.
This particular day my sister and her friend were going up to wick hill with the rest of the class (only girls) at the end of the day to get their clothes from their lockers. Everyone went through the store cupboard into the changing rooms. My sisters locker was located right at the other end of Wick Hill in the main entrance which was locked up. Everyone was making their way home by now whilst they fetched the keys to the main hall from the teacher who told them to lock up the building after they had finished. By now it was really quiet with just the two of them alone. My sister was already a bit apprehensive about going in there so they quickly unlocked the door and entered the hall preparing to get out of there as quick as possible.
Although it was bright and sunny outside- it was dark and cold inside. Massive drapes had been hung up from the tops the the windows, blocking out most of the sunlight . Being a school on a budget only a thick black material had been used to cover the windows and keep out intruders, and it had been ripped and was gently flapping in the breeze. The place hadn't been used for ages so there couldn't have been anyone inside. As they crossed the hall they heard muffled voices from behind the stage curtain. They both freaked out and legged it to their lockers getting changed as quickly as possible. They were both really scared of going back through and looked through the keyhole of the door but couldn't see anyone there. Halfway across the hall on the way back they suddenly saw lots of tiny little feet (wearing trainers) silently moving around at the gap at the bottom of the curtain where it didn't quite reach the ground. They ran out into the dimley lit
When they got back to the changing rooms in the main school they told the teacher that they thought someone was locked in the building. She just laughed at them and joked that they were going to be locked in there for a long time considering it wouldn't be used over the weekend- basically she didn't beleive them. Firstly the fact that it was a girl's PE lesson and a secondary school what would a little boy be doing in the building makes this strange. Also NO-ONE else would have been using the building and my sister and her friend were the first ones to go in that part for several weeks.
I could tell a couple of other stories from when we were much younger but I've put those down to an over-active imagination but I have crazy electrical equipment in my room, for example one night a few weeks ago, I went to sleep annoyed because my cd player had broken and wouldn't switch on. But I was awoke by the noise of it switching itself on -this has happened with my table lamp too but I just put it down to being just one of those things. There's one other story I have from a few months back when we visited New York but my family have just gone out leaving me in the house on my own so I'll tell it another time Thank you for listening.

Was It Real?


i'll keep it short and sweet. I had a ghost in my house and it wasn't a good
ghost i never believed in ghosts but i knew that whatever was in my house
was completely unexplainable and i knew it brought an extemely negative
energy. it was a thick heavy emotion of anger and evil. i felt tight and
breathless inside my chest, right in the centre was a dull ache. my head was
spinning slightly and i couldnt focus or concentrate on anything, i couldnt
do the dishes i couldnt read i couldnt sit down or sit still i couldnt walk
around i couldnt do anything all i could feel was confusion  a sick feeling
in my gut i felt evil coming towards me from around me, i felt anger. i was
crying because i was scared that i couldnt work it out  anyway i felt
things i saw things and i heard them like a strong blow of air from someones
lips into your ear. black shadows repulsive odours green waves of energy on
a door where a dark whisp of a shadow entered. i felt so vulnerable to
something bad that i had this desperate and strong feeling to shut all doors
in the house, bedrooms bathrooms front back, all curtains were drawn and the
fans and lights were turned off (it was day) nothing could be exposed or
moving. this happened a year and a half ago.  i'm normal and calm now and no
longer scared of what happened. at the time i was hysterical and thought i
was losing my grip. i was so scared by this intense feeling of evil and
terrifying emotion i thought it would kill me i felt death. i felt evil
coming from everywhere something was around that was very angry i felt anger
coming towards me, evil anger. this incident lasted 3 days. after it
happened i prayed for God, i smelt God that day, it was the sweetest scent
that i  smelt in my life and i never smelt it after, it was sweet and thick
i knew it was God because i felt purged of something, i felt light and
forgiven i smiled and i cried for such a relief and amazement that i was
living the event. God really came to me and blessed me, the air was so light
and cool to breath in. it had felt so heavy and hot to inhale before. there
were 3 people with me who supported me through what was happening, they
picked up the atmosphere beforehand and reacted the same as me which
confirmed i wasnt going nuts, they stuck around and helped me. Gods blessing
was for me, as his scent was so sweet and strong and the air just seemed to
change so quickly and lighter, the other 3 couldnt even detect a whiff of
what i was describing i could smell, they didn't even notice a difference in
the atmosphere but for some reason they seemed extremely more calmer.




I have had various experiences which I can not explain, but one that sticks with me is something I can not come to grips with, even today.
I was in bed asleep with my wife one night when I woke up staring at the ceiling. At this moment I was wide awake but unaware of my wifes conscious state. The room was illuminated by a combination of, an outside streetlight and our venetian blinds being partly open.
The room became instantly pitch black and the venetian blinds started to slam against the widow sill, I then had my wife wrapped around me petrified as she too was awake at this time. I stood up and found my way to the windows in the dark and reached out to close them. I could not pull the windows closed for some reason and I could not see the street light which was only some 20mtrs away. I then returned to the bed with my terrified wife and just lay there, then I felt like something was pushing down on me and I could not breath. This lasted about 1minute then everything returned to normal. The room was illuminated by the street light and everything was calm, not even a breeze.
I rolled over to look at the clock which registered 0330hrs then went back to sleep.
At 0700hrs a relative was banging at the door to tell me my uncle had died at 0330hrs that morning from his asthma.
This particular uncle was not all that close to me but I did love him to pieces as he was a big part of my child hood, the thing I have tried to work out all this time wasÖ..,
Was it him that came to visit me when he was dying, or was it the fact, that my sister was trying to save him at the time of his death, as she was there.
He died 200klms from my home, so I guess spooks donít have any problems with distances.

Haunted Car


this story did not happen to me but  none the less its still a true story my father told me.  My family has traveled allot around Australia because of my fathers work,  and he need to  get a car after the last one  got to old so he looked around and found a second hand car that was in    good condition.  he  was travelling home with the car and it was about 1:00   in the morning and he said he was about 30 mins from  home and the car got cold and them a loud high pitched scream came from the back seat , and he was totally alone in the car.  Well he made that 30 min drive in to a 15 min drive and sold the car the next day he later found out that the car had been involved  in an  accident and a young girl had been killed in the car.

The USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, Texas.


In Corpus Christi, Texas, the ghost on the Lexington is dressed in WWII era
clothing. I know, Because he directed me to a bathroom I could use on the
ship. I was getting pretty desperate.  I had a kidney infection that was not
very nice, so I had to go quickly when the urge hit or I would need cleanup.
This young sailor literally popped out of nowhere next to the boiler room,
and I thought he was a reenactor working on the ship. I commented on how
cold that part of the ship was considering that the summer heat was over 100
degrees that day (after he had given directions to the bathroom).  He just
said, "Yes, Ma'am." to that comment. Then I thanked him again, and  ran off
to the bathroom...which I found out later was not for public use. I tried
desperately to find him to thank him again, and ask about his uniform being
so realistic. Was it an original from WWII, I wondered?
I was working with the Director of the Museum to create an ad campaign for
the ship, and had been given free reign to explore any lighted areas on my
own. So, when I met with one of the director's assistants later that day, I
told him I thought it was real nice he was working with re-enactors on the
ship.  He looked puzzled and asked me what I meant, so I told him what
happened and described the sailor right down to his amazing blue eyes, blond
hair, dimples and crisp, authentic WWII uniform. And, that I had even
thought it was so real-looking that the uniform might have been an original
that had been very well preserved.  He then told me I had just seen the
Lexington Ghost, and had been guided to a non-public bathroom which only
worked part-time...and that THIS DAY they would not have worked and there
would not have been any lights on in the part of the ship I had wandered
into.  I told him, everywhere I had been had been lighted, and the water
systems worked just fine. He checked and it was verified that the ship had
not had power on in those areas.  Yet, in my "wanderings" into the bowels of
the ship, I must have been helped.
Later I was shown pictures of the men from WWII who had served on the ship,
and had been there when she had been shelled badly.  Many of the young men
in the pictures had died.  I was very surprised to find the face of the
young man that guided me staring back at me from a black and white photo
more than 50 years after his death.
Once more, when I was on board, I got lost following bad directions to where
my contact person was supposed to be supervising some work on the ship.  I
decided I had better give up when I realized that there was no sound around
me, except a dull hollow metal ring.  That meant I had gone pretty far into
the bowels of the ship.  I could feel the cold close in around me, and I
blurted out in frustration, "OK.  I'm lost.  Now, get me outta here!" Or
something close to that.  Just a few moments later a worker showed up to
rescue me.  He had been directed to me by the "fella in the reenactors
group."  Upon inquiry, we found out that his "fella" was a brunette and
older than my "re-enactor" and there was still NO RE-ENACTORS on board, or
even scheduled to be on board, or in the area at that time. It was then I
found out that there is more than one sailor still patrolling that ship, and
I had been helped by two of them!
That young worker was freaked out when he was told he had seen a "ghost".
His supervisor told him, and so did his co-workers but he still refused to
believe it hadn't been someone "live".  I, however, have always felt an
affinity for the old ship and her "crew". Since my experiences, I have
learned that on clear dark nights, when the moon is out, you can see a line
of young sailors in WWII era uniforms looking out over her railings, always
ready for duties call...even in death.

The Little Boy in the Hall


One day I was in the bathroom in my home and was looking into my mirror.  I have a three way mirror that you can move, and I could see my hallway from the position my mirror was in.  Through the mirror I saw a young boy, probably 9 or 10, in a red and white stripped shirt with dark blue jeans on.  He had blond hair and icy blue eyes.  He was crouched down in the hallway and was staring up at me. When I turned to look in the direction he was, there was nobody there.  When I first saw it, I was not frightened.  It is like it didn't hit me until a little while later.  I have never seen him since, but get a very deep sense that he is still around, but that he knows it would scare me if he showed himself again.  I have never disbelieved in ghosts but never really believed in them either.  I really can't explain what I saw that day.  I do know that I was home alone.  My front door was locked and all my children were in school.   I live in my grandmothers home, she never had any boys and my grandparents are the ones that built the home I live in.  I have no clue to who he was.  I have never seen him before or since.

the ghost of festva dean cottage swansea south wales

this story is in fact true i was told it by my mother my nan aunts and uncles my grandfather did not like to speak about it, anyways my mum her brother and three sisters took a trip to swansea for a blackberry picking weekend, as they arrived to there destination the saw that it was an old cottage in the middle of no where. they got inside and all unpacked  everyone wanted to go sight seein straight after they had unpacked, but my grandfather told them all to go with out him cause he was feeling tired after the long journey, so they did, my grand father thought he would have  sleep on the settie when he was woken by a cold hand on his face he thought it was my grand mothere teasing him when all of a sudden he woke up to see a ladys figuir hovering above him in a white dress he was so startled he got out of the house and ran to the nearest shop when he got there the shopkeeper asked him if everything was ok as it looked like he had just seen a ghost (lol)  any ways he told them he was was just out for a walk the shopkeeper then asked him where he was staying when he told them festva dean cottage the shopkeeper looked as she had seeen a ghost then she told him the dreaded story of the cottage she told him that a lady had been badly burned alive and she had died near the fire place she was combing her hair in the mirrior above the fire place and her dress caught alight and she couldnt put the fire out so she died my grand father told the shop keeper that she was being silly and walked away the next day my mother put her mirror above the fire and a white figuir came across and knocked it of the fire place my mum was really scared and went to tell my grandfather. after this happend my grandfather warned everyone even the milkman would not come near the cottage there was no birds in the garden and no animals except a pure white dove who sat on the gate every morning

 The Disappearing Glowing Man and Other Stories


I have always had an interest in the paranormal and reading other people's
experiences, but I never thought I would ever have one of my own. I have
always had the ability to "sense" the feelings that places give off, but I
didn't think that I was "sensitive" enough to see any actual
apparitions---until about a week ago, that is.
I was lying in my bed that night watching the 10:00 news, and I sort of
started to "zone out." I was in that strange state where you are not
sleeping, but not fully aware either (and I am not referring to sleep
paralysis). I was conscious enough to hear and comprehend the report on TV,
though. Suddenly, I saw a person walk across my room. He was an old man,
wearing a checkered button-up work shirt and jeans, and he had normal old,
wrinkly features. He was glowing white. He looked down at me as he passed,
only to disappear somewhere behind me (or into the closet, which also was out
of my vision from where my bed is). It took a little while for it to register
that what I saw wasn't normal, but when it did, I shot up off my bed and tore
the sheets off in the process. I was standing there in the middle of my room
with the bedsheet in my hand staring open-mouthed at the wall that he
evidently walked through (when I came to my senses and flew out of bed, it
didn't feel like I'd just came out of a dream or anything, I just got up out
of bed). I don't know where he came from, who he was, or why his spirit came
to visit me (I am living in a part of my house that has just been remodeled,
it is in the basement which once was horrible looking and dark, and my
bedroom was once a nasty abandoned room that nobody used for anything and was
unfinished from the time the house was bought. I do not know if this has
anything to do with the ghost or not).
Some other experiences I have had include an earring back being returned to
me after I had dropped it at school in the downstairs locker room (it had
rolled under one of the lockers, and I thought I'd have to buy another one,
but then the next morning I woke up to step on it as I came back from
showering), small black figures running very fast across my floor when I was
younger and in my old upstairs bedroom (they looked liked small squirrels,
and I stopped seeing them when I was about nine or ten years old), and also
when I was about that age I used to hear a deep growling sound from one of
the corners of that same upstairs bedroom, which also went away as I got
older (or to be more precise, when I told it to "shut up"). I have also had
an unseen entity whisper something to me while looking in the doorway of one
of the desolate flooded rooms of the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul, MN (I
don't know what it said), and always felt an "uneasy" presence watching me
while in my old upstairs bedroom. When I moved downstairs, it went away.
Whenever I go up there and spend substantial time there though, the feeling
always comes back.
Thanks for reading, and feedback would be appreciated if anyone knows what
kind of spirits could have caused any one of my experiences (especially
information on the black things, the growling entity that listened to me, and
the "earring" incident).

Never Believed


I'm now 18 years old.  My mother, brother, sister and i moved into our house in the begining of Feb. two years ago.  My niece was born Feb. 28th of that year.  My mom and sister said that at night they would hear a baby crying thinking it was my niece but there were times they would hear it when my niece was there.  For awhile this was happening, but no one else heard or noticed anything.  I finally heard the cry once when i was home by myself but i didn't really think anything of it.  The first year around Christmas time we had this extention cord goin across the top of our wall.  Well my sister said that one day she was sitting in the living room watching the t.v when all of the sudden the chord was violently pulled down except the end was still attached and it was dangling there.
Then, around the same time my sister's boyfriend was staying with us and he told me that one night he thought he heard a baby crying so he got up and went to go check in my niece's room to see if she was okay (thinking it was her crying).  Well, when he got up to the door he put his ear against to see if he could hear her.  He said he could hear feet shuffling in there like bare feet on carpet so he opened the door and to his surprise, my niece was sound asleep and no one else was in the room.  Many nights my niece would wake up screaming.  Not like how a normal baby would when they first wake up, but like she was frightened or something so when we would go in there to get her she would be shaking bad.  For the longest we thought maybe there were ghosts in her room.  It worried me so bad and i felt so bad for my niece.  It made me upset because there was nothing i could do.  I was the only one that hadn't really experienced anything except when i heard a little cry one time until a few months ago.
I was laying in my bed one night facing the wall.  I wasn't a sleep or anything, i was just laying there.  Then i heard my door open and i felt as if there was someone else in the room so i turned over to look and no one was there.  But the crazy thing about all of it was that.............i don't have a door.  We took it down to sand it and paint it when i was redoing my room and never put it back up, but that night i heard my "door" being opened and i don't even have one.  The next day i told my sister about at and she told me that at nights she would hear it too sometimes.  She would hear feet shuffling in the hall and then she would hear my door being opened knowing that i don't have one.  We haven't experienced anything lately.  They usually accure around Christmas time though.  My mom was so freaked out about it that she was going to call a ghost hunter to come and check out our house.  She never really believed in ghosts until we moved here.


My Experiences


My name is jennifer and I've seen entities and ghosts all my life. It started when we lived in Quebec. My family comes from Hungary and weve always had weird , sometimes frieghtening things happen. The first thing I recall is wathching my family have a saence in our summer kitchen on the farm. I was about four years old. The table was dancing in the room while my brother, cousin and I sat on the other side of the curtain and watched. Then when I was about six, my father and I were heading to the nearest town and when we passed the local cemetery about half a mile from the farm, there was the most beautiful women that I have ever seen, standing at a headstone looking down, we thought this weird as no one ever came to the cemetery, since the church closed down. You guessed it when I turned around, she was gone, vanished into thin air.
Things were always happening on the farm. There was alot of talk about the way things were before we moved there.Apparently, the person who lived in the farm before us had seen her dead husband in the kitchen sitting at the table late one night, I guess she flipped out and took off screaming all over the place.
This is my most vivd and probably the greatest thing that ever happened to me. When I was about twelve years old, I went to stay with my grandparents in southern ontario, I spent the summer working in tobacco with them. One night, It must have beenaround midnight, I went to bed upstairs in a room I shared with my grandmother. The thing about my grandparents house is that you always felt that you were being watched, especially at night, you would do the run down the hall and up the stairs as fast as possible, before someone grabbed you. Well, I was just getting to sleep, when in the top corner of the room(right hand corner) There was the most brightest light I had ever seen. I thought that it was the farmer next door checking on his crops and the headlights were shining throught the window. With a quick glance outside I came to the conclusion that was not it. So I crawled back in bed and tried to get some sleep. About 30 minutes later the light was back in the corner of the room. I tried to get my grandmother up but she would not move. As I sat there and watched this extremely bright light , It started to move closer to me. I all of a sudden felt nothing but total peace and happiness. It was close enough that I could see the most sweetest girl inside the light. I reached out to touch it and it just stopped and sat there for a minute. The girl was so sweet, she had a headfull of blonde ringlets and the most beautiful blue eyes that you ever seen, and she had the most white wings i ever will see, she was an angle.
After about 90 second she was gone, no more light, no more angle.
As you probably guessed, I was really confused as to what in the hell that was. I kew what it was, just had never seen one as sweet and innocent as that one.
In the morning I got up and got ready for work, My uncle was already down stairs sitting at the table. When I sat down, I immediately had to tell him what I had saw. He sat there real quiet, then continued eating his breakfast. He told me that it was okay and that there had been many things seen at the house, especially, my great grandparents. My ggrandfather is known to have his nightly glass of scotch in the breeze way and leave out the bottle and glass, and my ggrandmother has been seen walking around the yard singing old hungarian songs. He told me not to worry and that this kind of stuff will happen alll my life because of the backround of the family, and our beliefs. When I try to get info out of anybody in the family, they dodge the questions and tell me it's going to be ok.
I live now in BC and have a daughter of my own, still to this day I have things happen to me, I see things, people. But I am not scared. When I was younger I was terrified of death, I thought what a shitty deal, we live, die and thats it. But I know better now a days. We go somewhere very special, where there is eternal peace,  I am not affraid to die anymore.
My boyfriend on the other hand thinks Im nuts and out of it. But WHEN YOU SEE YOU WILL BELIEVE. I will always have these  special reminders that were just for me, to make me see and to keep me humble

My Old House


IN 1995 My mother and I moved in to an older home in Belton, Texas Its a small town located just off the old chisolm trial.  When we first looked at the house it was like someone had given us a hug, it was such a warm feeling of welcome. We had to do a lot of work on the house because of the age normal wear and tear and the house had been vandalized about a month after moving in I started hearing foot steps on the stairs. I was not the only one though my mother heard them too. We never felt threatened by these things just a little spooked. One day while I was at school Child protective services called my mother at work and wanted here to came home so that they could see if there were any children in the house. My mother let them in to see and naturally there was no one there.  The neighbors had reported seeing a young girl staring out the side doors.  Later in the year My mother and I had both seen similar apparition of a little girl in the same dress. I didn't want to tell her because I figured she would have thought I was crazy. a year after moving out of the house she told me the story and I told her mine.  I went to the library in town to do research to see if by any chance there might have been a ghost and low and behold a girl in 1948 had been murdered in her house at the same address. She was not the only ghost there. There was an Older woman who would stand at the foot of my bed at night to "keep an eye on me" never causing any harm or discomfort to me I felt it quite nice. My mother was going through her pictures and I had discovered it was her grandmother. In August of 1995 I had a shi-tzu that had died while I was away she would always chase my friends and I up the stairs and bite our ankles if we were running on the staircase. When I returned home a friend of mine was starring the night and she had ran up the stairs to get her things when she came back sown something had bitten her ankle and drawn blood.  To the side of the stairs where the dog had passed we had put a table there for putting puzzles together.  My sister was in because I was due to have my son at anyway. She and I were putting a puzzle together when she felt something licking her foot.  she jump to look at the bottom of her foot and it was wet. We have not lived there for a while now but some friend of mine moved in there after we left they did not stay long due to these apparitions. Since I have left I have still had occurrences but I do not have a problem with mine it's like they just drop in to say hi every now and then. When it rains the dog still hides under my bed or jumps in bed with me &my husband at night. The older woman (Grams) now watches my kids and nobody had heard or seen from the little girl.

Grim Reaper


Hello. I had a story you might be intriged in, It started five years ago. I was in the bathroom at school in a back stall and I turned around and I saw the Grim Reaper hovering there. I screamed and ran right into the stall door. Wasnt very smart. Anyway my friend heard me and came running. I told her in a rush what I saw. Her eyes got wide we washed quickly and streaked back to the classroom where I explained again to another friend. Well, two weeks excatly later my aunt passed away. I was thinking, maybe it was a warning that she was going to die. I thought he would go away. But even after her death I saw him. Repeatdly. It seemed that he was taunting me. Following me. Scared me greatly. I was a rather level headed person mind you. I didnt scare easily. Over the course of the five years I saw him I tried banishing him three times along with my friends that I told that say. I saw furry little red eyed demons. Now, after about a year of not a single sighting of him I see him again. One late night I was looking out my window in the living room and there he was staring back at me. It happened the following night. And the following weekend. I told the friends who went through this all before and they were completely stunned. I know I'm not imagining things. They've seen him too. Thats my story. All real nothing made up.

Driving on Northway New York Route 87

My wife and I were driving on The Northway going to Plattsburgh NY one night in The dead of winter, to see my brother in law at the Hospital. And between Keeseville and Peru New York the wind was blowing hard , and on top of the below temperatures I was watching the road real close because of blowing snow. I looked ahead an saw a person coming over the guardrails a few yards down the road . I turned to my wife and said this person coming over the guard rail do you see him and she responed with yes I do.And I said Hon look he only has a robe and sandles on. Our response was he look just like Jesus ,We though it was kind of a warning sign ,because it was not long after that my Brother in law died.  He walk wright in front of our car and cross the road .After I stoped and backed the car up to see who it could be , but there was no one there and no foot tracks or not a  sign of anyone crossing the road. We both though we were crazy and best not to say anythiung about this for people will think we are crazy . But this did really did happen. This was a quite a few years back , but every time I go by the spot where we saw this person I always remember this night

Better Place


Hi my name is Deanna Wolfe from Saskatchewan ,Canada....And I just love your
site!!!I am very interested in ghosts pic's,stories,etc..
I have a story about my house that I would like to tell!!
Here's one of them....When me and my sister ,or any of my other family
members are at home,we would here stuff going on by themselves in the
bedroom,like toys that don't have batteries in them would go on.
Than theres one night ,early in the morning ,about 4 sister Ashley
went to have a drink of water.While she was done drinking water from her
cup,she felt cold,and wondered why it was cold.So she turned around,than she
seen a ghost.And it was a boy,his name was Whitney,
he had passed away a month before this happened.And he was our friend.
Well anyway,he looked so real,like human.He wasn't misty looking or
anything.(My sister said)...Than my sister asked him what he was doing
there,than he said "I'm here to tell you and your sister to stop crying for
me,I'm in a better place now.It was a long journey for me,and I'm okay
now!".Well that's the end of my story,nothing happens now.



My name is Emma and i live in Southampton, Hampshire, UK.  My e-mail address is just incase this has shown up as my boyfriends e-mail address.
Now my experiences consist of voices (not in my head!!) and noises around the house!
When i was younger i had a lot of things go on around me that i never thought could be anything out of the ordinary but as i have grown older and got into the supernatural i have put two and two together and come up with four!  My first rememberable experience was when i was about 10ish and i had a friend over to stay, i awoke in the night to find a round patch of light on the floor, it was pure white, so as you do i went and checked for reflection or something but even as i put my hand right over it there was NO shadow what so ever.  My parents said it was probably my friends Game Boy he had with him!  But this kept on occuring, some nights it would be bigger then others it would be like a pin prick but it was still there.  To this day i have no idea what it was!  But i do believe it wasn't anything anyone could explain!
When i was 13 (i am now 21) i had a visit from my great Uncle,who is deceased, i never saw him but i awoke very quick to a cold feeling and i heard him say that my Nan would be ok, as far as i knew she was.  But the next day she was rushed to hospital and it all started making sense!  She was very ill for a while, then one day we went to visit and my Dad is very sceptical on all things supernatural, but i was sat right next to my nan in this big comfy chair, there were no windows open infront or behind me but as i sat there i felt this mass of cold air and my hair wooshed back, my Dad saw this and stared in amazment then my Nan turned and looked at me and said "Don't worry it's only George" who was her brother (Great uncle to me).  I'll never forget that feeling, i think that was the moment i believed!!  She knew it and so did i!  My Nan unfortunatley passed away a little while later but a lot more things happened!!  Myself and my sister would experience very very loud banging, enough to actually wake us then as the minutes and banging went on they would get so fierce they would actually shake the bed, but my Mum and Dad never ever heard any of this, although i do know my Mum saw my Nan (She was my Mum's mum) on the stair case in our house!  My sister is a very strong believer too and she has always backed me on this!  I knew she never meant any harm but it was frightening for me and my sister, my sister saw her once.  Then our dog died and that was it, the banging stopped, we never heard anymore, i think it was her way of saying we would be ok, i loved my dog a lot but felt comfort after realising she was there to see us through!  This all sounds mad, like i'm insane but it truly happened and i know what i heard.
I have had one sighting, it was what i believe to be my Guardian Angel.  I was asleep and it was about 3am and i awoke very sharply, as i focused i could see a figure at the end of my bed, i knew who it was instantly, he just stood there watching me, i was cold and all the hairs were up but yet i felt immense calmness, then it faded.  About 2 months later i met a friends mum who is described as a white witch, she's lovely, we hit it off straight away.  We were all sat at a table ready to go out and joking about she held my hand and instanly grabbed a ring i had on, it was my nan's, she knew straight away who'd it was, i was close to my friend but i had never said who's ring it was or much about my past.  Then she told me she had a very good feeling about me and that i had a Guardian Angel.  She went on to say that i referred to him as a relative but yet he wasn't and that he was keen on gardening.  She had no way of knowing who it could be and i promise that to this day.  I believe it is my Uncle Sid, although not related he cared for me as a family friend from the age of about 4 and he was a landscape gardner.  He died of a massive heart attack when i was 14.  I was devastated but feel relief to know he's with me all the time!
I don't mind if you don't publish this but it feels great to tell it all, the only people who know any of this are my immediate family, my boyfriend, and my very very close friends and that's only a few of them, people don't seem to believe so i don't tell but somewhere like here i know people will believe me and share their own same experiences.


The Women Sitting on my Bed.

It was about 3:15 pm. I had just got in from school. After i got in, I
quickly ran up stairs to put my book bag away. As I turned to leave my room,
A women was sitting on my bed. I was really tired so I thought i was seeing
things. But she stayed there for about a minute. I looked her right in the
eyes. I was so scared i didn't know what to do. She was very pretty though.
She had long dark hair, and an old fashioned dress on. I started say the
Lords prayer and then, she suddenly faded into the wall.

 The Tower


when i was about 6 my older sister (11) and i went on holiday to an old ruined caravan park in  a place called blairgowrie in scotland. we made friends with 2 other kids there called linda (12) and charles (10). they were the only other family there and had been going there for 6 weeks every summer so they knew their way around. anyway one day they decided to show us around the surroundings of the park. they took us through a forest at the back of the park. when we came out i can remember seeing an old ruin of what looked like a tower. we kept walking and came across a house which looked like it had been on fire. we went inside and i can remember that as soon as you went in there was stairs leading up to the bedrooms. the bottom of the stairs though had broken away and a kids trycicle was down the hole. suddenly we heard music coming from the living room. we jumped over the hole into the living room and saw a piano playing by itself! it defanitly wasnt one of those mechanical ones and we clould see they keys moving by themselves. there was a dent in the padding of the stool looking like someone was sitting on it. we all ran away screaming. later linda told us that a family used to live in the house but the man fell asleep with a lit cigarette and killed his family. she also said the man was a pianist!

The Ghost in The Loft


Not very long ago about just 2 to 3 weeks ago I was spending a school night over at my best friends house Amanda.  Her mom has lots of money and they are living in the garage of another persons house while there house is being planned and built.
There is a loft up the stairs.  Her mom sleeps in the guest
room so its separate from the garage but if you go through two doors it goes to the garage.  Well one night me and Amanda were just whispering to each other laying in her bed trying to go sleep about 11 o'clock at night.  All of a sudden we heard    bang  bang   bang   stomping all up the stairs and into the loft.  Her mom came out of the room yelling because she needs to get up early for work in the morning, "GIRLS GET INTO BED RIGHT NOW"!!!  We started laughing hard.  She yelled once again "I MEAN IT, RIGHT NOW, GET DOWN HERE"!!! We screamed back again    - we are in the room, we are down here.  She had opened the bedroom door and said "oh".  She went back to bed  and then there was so much more stomping everywhere up in the loft.  We just stared at each other. The stomping started going down the stairs. We didnít take it seriously in till the stomping got into the kitchen and started knocking things onto the ground. We got up and looked outside into the kitchen. The stuff on our dining room table was all rearranged and a bunch of stuff was on the ground. My brother and his friend were over but they were sleeping on the couch snoring (her brother is not a good fake sleeper). A couple weeks later I went to Amanda's house again. We heard a bunch of rustling in my brothers room and some grunts and panting. The door to the hallway opened and closed 7 times in a row like someone coulde'nt make up there mind of where they wanted to go, in or out.
Amanda asked unsurely "Mom" Her mom would always answer no matter how tired she was. There was no answer. Her brother was in his room sound asleep. We saw a huge shadow on the roof like a man walking around very slowly. Amanda's room is a temperary room so it has no roof to it,( not to see the sky sort of roof). We talked about it before going to bed and woke up in the morning to her mom waking us up. "What" Amanda said. "Were you guys rough housing in your brothers room" she said "No". Her mom said "Thatís kind of funny because there's a huge hole in your brothers door". We got up and walked up the stairs to the loft we had heard noises to a week ago. Amanda walked up before me. We saw an messed up stair and tried to avoid it. Avoiding the broken stair we suddenly felt really cold then felt our feet slipping. We had fallen through. We were in such a daze we had taken a few minutes to remember what had happened a moment ago. We've been afraid to climb those stairs since. They have always been so sturdy but it's kind of weird they would suddenly weaken. You may not think 10 feet is very high but when you fall from it it sure seems like a far way. Finally after everything was cleaned out and new stairs were built we got the courage to try and climb those stairs again. When we got up there (we were the first ones up there after the incident) everything was either knocked over or in a totally different place. We don't know what happened but we do believe a ghost was there. Amanda lives in the country so the house may have been built on an indian war sight or even a cemetery. We have'nt told anyone accept a few very close friends.

Spirit at Work


  Hello There, recently a co-worker of mine had sent in a story about our
workplace i believe she titled it "presence at work"(?) she recommended
that i send in my story to. I do customer service for the same isp. the way
it is laid out, Techs are on the 2nd floor, Customer service is on the 1st.
the 1st floor seems to be the nicer of the two
we have more space, bigger break room etc... unlike tech supp. we are not
open 24-7 we close at on with my story usually on the weekends
nobody shows up for work. we're a big ISP Customer Service alone has almost
200 employees, but on the weekends at the most there is 15-20 agents on the
floor - one night about 5 months ago we had a dead q (no calls) everybody
was pretty much happy it's a rare ocassion
that we don't have calls, as we are goofing off i was kneeling on
on my desk talking to someone on the other side of the cubicle when i
looked over to my left and towards the back of the building theres this
little room with a sofa and a few chairs the light is always off and very
few people walk through there we have dubbed it the "nap room" anyway i was
looking in that direction  when i noticed there was a man leaning on the
wall staring at me it sort of caught me off guard because he didn't look
too happy infact he looked down right pissed for some reason. i guess
another reason why it caught me off guard was because he was staring right
at me it almost looked like i had personally done something to him and he
was ploting my demise or something eventhough i had never laid eyes on him
before- i finally looked away-i commented to my friend to look at him but
when we looked back about two seconds later no one was there that wasn't
too strange because he could of gone into the nap room but thats the only
place he could've of gone into without us seeing him walk away. i pushed it
out of my head. at the end of my shift i went into the nap room to use the
phone, when i went to turn on the light it didn't turn on. it didn't really
bother me because there was enough light for me to dial. i sat down to call
my ride. in the process of the phone ringing i started to hear a bunch of
static i hung up and dialed again same thing happened then the phone went
dead i bent over and started messing with the cord
when i saw a figure  in the corner of the room it startled me i gasped and
gave a little laugh and said you scared me i didn't think anymore was in
here...the person was still in the corner just standing there, it struck me
as strange because i was looking right at them and the room wasn't so dark
i wouldn't be able to make out their features but this person was
completely dark it was almost as i was looking at a shadow...i looked down
at the phone cord..all the sudden i felt this icy draft in the room and i
shivered i was about to say something when the person said "get out" i
can't really even describe the was like very mean and angry i
guess. i sorta just stood there for a minute it's like i couldn't move then
the lights came on i looked around and nobody was in the room..i backed out
of the be honest i really didn't know what to think i used the
phone at the security desk to call my ride-and after a couple of days that
incident was pushed out of my thing i would like to point out is
the nap room is located toward the back of the building where my co-workers
story took place-
   another thing i know happened in that room, a friend of mine on her
lunch break went to go sleep her hangover off-she came back to me about 45
minutes later she had tears in her eyes she pulled me in the bathroon and
lifted up her shirt, she had scratches all over her they were fresh and
some were even bleeding alittle,she had them on her neck too. she said that
she was laying on the couch trying to get some rest
(the couch just as a FYI is in the corner where i saw the figure and is
closest to the stairway) she said she started to hear a sound like a low
rumble almost like a growl, she tried to sit up but she realized she
couldn't move she said like 5 minutes later when she was able to move she
bolted out of the room as she was walking to my desk she felt the scratches
on her i had never told her what happened to me in that room until she
showed me the scratches. she quit because of what happened to her she said
she just didn't feel comfortable and felt like she was always being watched-
   One more thing to tell before i actually have to start working. Last
night i was working, it was Saturday and on the weekends we stay open til
midnight, i went to the bathroom, as i was washing my face i heard a stall
door sorta slam shut, it wasn't violent or anything it just sounded like
someone walked in there and pushed the door shut, i had thought when i
walked in i was by myself as i was in there for a good 7 minutes messing
with my hair and whatnot and i hadn't hear any noises that would make me
think otherwise, i walked to the end of the row and sorta checked the
stalls all of them were empty i got scared but i kept telling  myself
whatever it was wasn't going to scare me so i continued to put my make-up
on and such about a minute later i heard a stall door creak open proceeded
by footsteps walked towards me  i dropped everything and ran out of there
only to come back with a co-worker to get my belongings, i now use the
upstairs bathroom. that pretty much ends my story... much thanks to the
Shadowlands team for a wonderful site ...

San Francisco, Ca Apartment


While we were living in there, many unexplained events occured. It started
off with chopping noises in the kitchen, but we could not find where the
noise was coming from(there have been other witnesses to this). Three
different occasions we saw black silhoette of a man standing in doorways and
crouching on the floor. Other tenents have the same figure in hallways and
the stairwell.
Then, it got worse. Locked and chained doors would unlock and open right
before our eyes. Sometimes we would hear footsteps walking away from our
door and when we ran to see who was in the hallway there would be no one.
Before we moved out, objects would fly off the table, cabinets would fly
open, and a deep raspy voice would call or or whisper our names.
Tenents living below could here footsteps in our apartment and once we were
with the tenents and heard footsteps paceing above us.
We would hear the sound of walking and keys jingleing in the next room, and
when we looked there was no one there.


I was at my friends dad's house, where an elderly man had died in the bathroom from a heart attack.  His dad told us of weird stuff happening, but we figured he was just kidding.  Until one night...
When I was over at my best friends house, we were just hanging out for a while.  We got bored as usual and decided to play some computer games.  After being in their for maybe an hour and a half we heard foot-steps come from his kitchen.  We figured it might be his dad.  So we checked it out.  We must have searched over 3 times.  After that we were trying to calm down and find a way to explain what had just happened.  Pretty soon our minds wandered off while watching a movie.  Then my friend told me to stop pulling his hair.  I wasn't doing it I told him.  He didn't believe me of course.  Then he said it again.  I thought he was making it up when the same thing happened to me.

Phone Call

     Not long after my grandmother passed away I was home alone watching TV. The phone rang. I answered. I heard low static and then....heard my grandmother say, "Jimmy?"   I answered and said, "Yes." The static then became extremely loud. The feeling I got was that something was trying to prevent her from speaking to me. I said her name several times but just her asking my name was
all I got.
     I wasn't scared. I thought it was kind of...nice. I am convinced it was my grandmother calling me from beyond.

Phipps Street Haunting In Boston, MA

Phipps Street Cemetery is haunted by many ghost. One of which is of a man hanging himself from a tree at the top of the hill. When my friends and I took a picture of the tree in the flash we saw a face. We heard footsteps, chains, banchee howl type of noise, and people talking. On the graves we saw two sixes eroded from the grave stones. A friend and I felt a little sick in the graveyard. We also felt uncontrollable chills throughout the time. When we were leaving we dropped a notebook back down and the face got snow on it but the back side was not at all wet. Grave stones appear that were never there and also grave stones  appear from a far distants and when we walk over there there was nothing. We saw many apparitons in between the stones, running around, and waving at us. We have also felt fingers running up our arms and down our spine.

My Ghost Stories


I would like to tell a collection of my stories that have happened to me over the years dealing with spirits and ghost. I remember my first experience was when i was about five years old and i was sitting in my house watching t.v. and out of the corner of my eye I saw a outline of a man but it was pure white light and then the figure stopped at the end of the hallway and looked at me for a second then preceded to go through the door and that was the last that I saw of the spirit. My second experience was in the same house that I lived in for eleven years and I was about to go to sleep when all of a sudden the middle of the bed goes down like there is alot of weight upon it but there was no one but me in the room. Then after that before i got out of bed I felt an extremely cold chill up my spine which i've never felt before. After that i usually slept in the living room since I was afarid of my room and going to sleep in that room. Although that didnt fix my problem I still would be haunted in the living as well. One night I was sleeping on the couch when all of a sudden it felt like I was laying on top of someone but I knew that no one was there and this spirit but its arms around me and then preceeded to pass through me which was a strange feeling and that was the end of that experience. Also other time I was also sleeping on the couch and in the same house I was sleeping and then it sounded like someone was walking from the bathroom in the hallway to the living room and then stopped and in front of the couch and started talking to someone. But I have never heard this voice before and then I hear this spirit or whatever it was breathing dowm my neck and I was scared so I sit up and it stops. So then I lay back down and I hear it again and I even more scared so I jump up and I dont see anything and I stay up and turn on the lights. I also have a stor involving two cats of mine that passed away but years apart. My first cat died when I was about 6 years old and I was sleeping and all of a sudden it feels like a cat jumped on my bed and sat down but there was no cat in the room. Then when I had to put my second cat to sleep after I had him for ten years, and one night I was sleeping and I was dreaming and then all of a sudden it felt like a cat jumped on my bed and touched my cheeck with its nose but I knew that my cat had passed away. An other experience that I had was that I was sleeping and then it felt like someone touched my shoulder but it didnt feel like a human touch. Which kind of sounds weird to say it felt like a ghost hand or something. Also one time I was in my background when I saw this black but see though figure of an outline of a man and then it disappeared. Most of my ghost experiences have happened in this one house that I lived in for eleven years. I also had this strange experience involving my dreams for example I was sleeping and I was having a dream and in the end of the dream I was in a boat in the ocean and I fell out somehow and then all of a sudden I was bitten in the stomach by a shark but the weird thing is that I could actucally feel like in my phyiscal body. Thats all the experiences that I can remember at the moment but it seems like the hauntings always seem to happen to when I'm sleeping. Some of my experiences I have not read in books that are similar to mine. But I hope that this is a good story so enjoy!

Little Kitchen


Currently, we are renovating our home, and have to sleep at our grandparents house. As a child I used to sleep in the back bedroom, in which the door opens up into this tiny tiny kitchen. As a kid when I slept over there I spent my nights sleepless. Why? Because I always heard noise in the kitchen. This would be so loud, and I knew it was coming from the other side of the bed. And this would be at 11 o'clock, midnight even, when everyone was in bed. I used to hear old people talking, a drunken man yelling, and pots and pans banging and clanging and the kettle whistling.
No, that we are sleeping there again, I am clearly hearing the same thing. It's weird because there's never any light coming from the kitchen, just a loud ruckas!
My grandparents house has been there for over a hundred years, and my grandma was born in the house. Her parents lived there, as did her extended family. Including the uncle who loved a drink of beer.
No one beleives me and no one has ever beleived me. But I know that my grandma's relatives are still there. Living their afterlife in this house.



i was just writing to a new friend from the ectoplasm cafe when i remembered
a story i forgot to tell you!  this was several years ago when i was first
married. we had (i think) a poltergeist. lots of fun activity. nothing
harmful, just stuff missing or moved. well, my hubby, the non-believer, was
explaining all of it off. so one day i yelled "see this? he doesn't believe
you! show him you're here! make him believe you!". hubby goes to
put a soda in the fridge to get it cold. he comes back through the dining
room and into the living room. i get up, walk out into the kitchen for a
drink of water, and come back to the living room. then he goes back into the
kitchen after a bit to get his soda. he yells "why did you put my soda in
the freezer?".  i told him i didn't do it. we were in the living room-all of
us. the kids couldn't reach the freezer and noone else was over. he swears
to this day that i did it. i told him someone was trying to get him to
notice them! but this isn't all.....he goes back into the kitchen for some
chips. you know how sometimes the bag rips down the side when you open it? i
told him not to make a mess. he got bored with the chips and put them back
into the kitchen, on top of the fridge. he comes back into the living room
and i go out into the kitchen to start supper.  i scream "why did you give
the dog the chips?" (the back door was right there and there was no screen.
the dog was chained right outside). hubby comes out and stands in amazement.
i didn't give the dog the chips. the cats must've. so i point out that if,
indeed, this is true then 1- the cats would've had to jump from the floor to
the top of the fridge (do-able i guess)  2- the cats would've kept the chips
to themselves    3- the bag was ripped so there should've been crumbs all
over     4- if they wanted to share with the dog, they would've had to carry
the bag (while spilling crumbs) over to the door, reach up to the opening,
and thrown the chips a few feet out to reach the dog. i was laughing and
said "putting the truth right in front of you and you still try to explain
it off!".  he still would not believe that we had a "friend" living with us!
  my son (my girl wasn't born yet) loved it! except when he couldn't find a
toy!  now for a question....i have smelled flowers before when there were no
flowers or people with perfume on around me. some have told me this is an
omen of a coming death in the family. others have told me it's an angel or
divine spirit. what do you think or know about this?  i've been smelling
lilacs alot lately.  my mom loves lilacs and she has two BIG bushes out
behind her house. i remember their house during the spring growing up. the
lilacs, tulips and daffodils were amazing! i would lay in bed at nite
smelling the glorious scent drifting in on the warm spring breeze through my
window. i think grandma (mom's mom) liked them alot too. i think i remember
mom saying she put some lilacs in the casket with grandma when she died. the
story i told you about where me and my brother were talking about grandma
after she died and he smelled lilacs while i went numb.  remember?  i was
thinking, my mom is really not well lately and maybe grandma is letting me
know that either mom's ok cause she's watching or maybe she's going to take
mom "home" soon. or maybe it's an angel letting me know that they're there
to let me know that they have mom covered

Just me and the Boy


I know this is like any other ghost story, but I'd like to share it anyway.
When I was growing up in my old house in Moorestown, NJ, I was always freaked out by the weird occurances in my house. I used to sit in my room, playing games or something, and I would feel a weird presence, like the room getting exceptionally cold. I would close my door and go back to playing. Then It would slowly open. Well I thought this was because the door was old, but I after a while, I became scared because it kept happening. Then my sister moved up into my freaky attic. Since I was up there much more now, I started noticing the same thing happening in my attic as in my room. At night you could hear muffled sounds of doors opening and supposedly footsteps. Then one night, I suddenly awoke, I was really cold, and I could feel an unormal presence. I looked up and saw the most scary thing in my life. A full grown man was standing there, staring right at me. I was so scared I fainted back into a deep sleep.
         Then over the years, the normal occurences were happening. I thought I was going insane, because I was actually yelling at the ghost to leave me alone. I asked my mom who lived in this house last. My mom said it was a familiy with the dad in the army. He went to war ( I think Vietnam) he was killed. Thats when I started to believe myself. I told my friend about the night with the ghost. So as usual boys do, we went on many ghost hunts. Well we got are share of scares, but found no evidence.
         Then my family moved across town, and life went on. But about a half a year later, the houses new owners told me of how they to, had an encounter. The mother was at home with her son, like me, the only son. He was playing upstairs, and everything seemed normal. Then he came downstairs and she asked what was he doing. He said "I was talking to the man upstairs". Like any mother she was freaked out and made sure everything was locked. Not a window or door was open.
         It is quite unusual that this ghost would show himslef just to the boy and me. Not one person but my sister believes me. I hope you do though.

Horses and Carriages


Hello, My name is Thomas and I live with my wife in a historic district of North Hill street and Broad street in, Georgia. We live in renovated two story building that was built in the 1860's and was a old pharmacy on the bottom floor for years. The building sits on the corners of North Hill and Broad streets. Here's what I've got..... I have heard the sound of horse hooves hitting the pavement with the sound of a carriage or buggie being pull behind it. The sound comes from the 8th street direction, I have heard this several times at early hours of the morning. The horse whinnies usally two times and sounds like a fast walk as it pulls the carriage. I hear the carriage rattle and wheels move down the street and in the same direction everytime. It starts around 8th street and Broad and continues past my house at Hill and Broad, then on down Broad toward the old court house. On my recent research outings I found out that directly across the street from my house on Hill street was a carriage company. They build and serviced carriages until the early 1900's. On the many occations that I have heard this I have ran around the house and looking out the windows only to see nothing, But still hearing the horse and buggie. On one occastion, I have ran downstairs to the foyer, opened the door and heard nor saw nothing. Shortly after that started happining I heard an old man talking as he walked down Broad street, comming from the old court house direction. I have only heard this two times. I'm not sure, but he sounds like an old black man, and he slurs his words as if he is intoxicated. My wife has heard this man once with me and the other time she was asleep. We have never seen him either. But the two never happen on the same night or week. Go figure. I have never believed in ghosts or apparitions, but this has made me feel different. Can you please post this on you site under the "ghosts" section so others will know. Thanks,

Here is my Ghost Story

By: hotkoko

ok. here is my ghost story.  we first noticed it when we moved in to our new house in canada. things started happening when we began to add on to the house, and discovered old things, like a train pass, several 150 year old newspapers.first there was a smell like something dead. then at christmas time, my dad took a picture of me, my sister and my dog in front of the christmas tree. when it was developed, we found an orb also know as a spirit partical shaped in thr form of a circle. other people think its a energy sphere. Anyway, next,  my sister was staying up late by herself when the computer turned on. the computer was new at the time. i have had many experiences with the supernatural, and im only 12 and a half. when i was 5 years old, i slept by myself in a big room. every night, i would have the same dream. i would be awake in bed when a voice from my window would yell and scream at me. it would command me to do things. sometimes i talked back to it, not taking the orders. other times i would hide under my covers, away from the horrible voice. and to this day, i wonder if it really was a dream, or if it was real. and why would it be every night that i would have the same dream? what did the voice want me to do? it told me to leave it alone sometimes. other times it told me to kill or be killed. i never did what it told me to do thankfully. those are only some of the occering events here at my house. they dont happen as often now. and i wonder if it will ever stop for good...

Hastings UK


this is what happened in the late 80's. although i
have had a handfull of strange happening's, this is
the one i have been thinking about the most lately,
since finding this web site it has got me thinking to
the past.  in the late 80's, me and a friend went for
a walk, we ended up in the old town part of hastings,
not much to do so we decide to go to the east of the
old town, a few hundred yards and we were heading up
towards the east hill. the east hill is a nature like
walk plenty of grass and woods, but also a cliff runs
to the side which the beach can be reached from steps.
we ended up on the beach, not warm anough to bathe and
no people around. we sat at the bottom of the cliff's
talking. i was talking but looking around at the same
time, the corner of my left eye caught sight at the
top of part of the cliff, i saw some blurred figure it
looked small it was tumbling from the top of the
cliff, it faded as it fell i was stunned but it was
not a person, just something a bit freaky. my friend
did not see it, nothing said to much after. anyway the
next day [something i found out a few days later] a
good friend of mine who i had not seen for a couple of
months, commited suicide from the cliffs we had been
to the previous day, but i do not know the exact part
of the cliffs.  a few months later in the summer, i
was walking less than a mile from the cliffs to the
west, a built up and busy tourist part of town the
main beach and prom, it was a hot dark summers night
walking past the prom i looked on the beach and saw my
friend who jumped from the cliffs standing on the
beach, he looked fine but much much taller.



I like to call this story a lock and unlock mystery. I just came home from school. It is now 6:00 p.m. and I took a shower. I got out of the shower( Not out the door of course!). I tried to get out the door but somehow I couldn't get out. I checked to see if it was locked. It was unlocked. I kept thinking "how?". I finally got out. I went to bed at 8:00 p.m. I woke up in the middle of the night, seeing somebody standing at my bedroom door. At first I thought it was my mom. Then the sight became clear. Some bloody male in sight. It disappeared. The next day I was home alone. I turned on the television. I heard breathing sounds. I muted the T.V. Still breathing sounds. I held my breath and again I heard breathing sounds. The door closed on me! I opened it. I was scared! All the candles started to flicker. Everything stopped. I was okay. It was over. That was my story.

Ghosts or my Imagination


I would like to tell you a story about what I think were ghosts in the house I was living in.  I don't know much history about the house, but the landlord had told me it was over a hundred years old.  My fiancee', three children and I were so excited about this house.  It was huge.  There were two bedrooms downstairs, two bathrooms in the house, two bedrooms upstairs and a basement that was almost as large as the first floor.  The second night we were there, my youngest son, Walker (he was three at the time) began crying.  I went into the bedroom designated as the boys room.  It was so cold in there.  I knelt down beside him and began rubbing his hair trying to soothe him.  I closed my eyes because I was so tired.  I got a chill down my back and all I could picture was a coffin the that room.  The boys began staying in the room we were using for a den.  We had a couch in there and it suited them fine.  I never told them what I had felt in that room.  A few days later I had invited my mom over to show her around.  Once again we went into the boys room and the same thing happened, only my mother felt the same coldness in there.    She told me that something didn't feel right.  Now my older son, Travis, (he was 4 at the time) was totally potty trained.  He began wetting his pants all the time.  I asked him why he was doing that.  His response was "a mean voice tells me to get out when I go in there mommy"  I had no reason to disbelieve him.  Not one single child would go into the restroom without someone going with them.    This continued for some time.  My daughter had a bedroom upstairs across the hall from outs.  I could hear her talking to someone but when I walked in nobody was there.  She had never made any reference to an "invisible friend" in her entire life.  I asked her who she was talking to and she replied that lady over there and pointed to her closet.  I told her to come downstairs with me.  We decided to move her bedroom downstairs into the den.  Now all of a sudden none of the kids would walk into another room without someone going with them.  It was like whatever was scaring them was taking over the house.  One evening the kids were spending the night at their grandpas house and I started up the stairs to go to bed.  I saw a white figure on the stairs.  I think it was a lady because it looked like she was wearing a dress.  I ran back into the living room and slept on the couch until my fiancee came home.  I didn't want to tell anyone because I thought everyone would think I was crazy.  One night I was upstairs and my fiancee was home.  I went to open our closet door and I swear I saw a mans head hanging in there.  I screamed and my fiancee came running, but he didn't see anything.  This continued, only the same head was in every closet door I opened.  The kids room, the hallway closet, in the kitchen everywhere.  I had my fiancee take all the clothes out of the closets so I didn't have to open them anymore.  As usual I was home alone again since my fiancee worked well into the night.  I heard a voice telling me some really scary things.  This voice told me that my daughter was going to die by falling down the steps.  It told me my son, Travis was going to die in the bathtub downstairs.  My youngest son was going to die by being hung from a chain we had to turn the light on in the upstairs bathroom.  I was petrified.  I wasn't sure if I was going crazy and hearing things in my head or if it was real.  Let me tell you I now believe it was real.  My kids ran up and down the stairs all the time.  The day after this voice spoke to me, my daughter fell down the steps.  She wasn't hurt, but she told me it felt like someone had pushed her and she was the only one upstairs at the time.  Finally I broke down and told my mom what had been going on.  We decided that for now the kids would be safer staying with my sister at night.  I just told my sister that some things were going on I couldn't explain and I needed the kids to stay with her.  No problem.    I was on my way upstairs again when I looked up (which I had been trying not to do.  I would just look at the steps as I walked up them.) and there was a man with a knife at the top of the steps.  I backed down the stair slowly and again slept on the couch.  My radio by my bed would go from low to high when the radio was on.  I would be asleep when this happened.  One afternoon before it was time to take my kids to my sisters house, I walked from the kitchen into the dining room.  My daughter was sitting on the couch and looked at me funny.  I asked her what was wrong.  She said "Mom there is a women standing behind you."  I turned and no one was there.  We had a hook at the top our door to the basement.  It was so high that I couldn't hardly reach it so I know the kids couldn't.  The door would be opened all the time.  I would latch it and a hour later it was open again.  Another evening I was in bed sleeping when I heard my name being called.  Not mommy because the kids weren't there, but my name.  I knew nobody was there because  the doors were locked and my fiancee was at home.  He never came home early.  If it had been him he would have came upstairs to let me know he was there.  A couple days later I was at my moms house and I began to cry.  The terrifying feeling I had at the house was there too.  I had never been afraid at my parents house before.  I told her I was hearing voice that told me even though I thought whatever it was stayed at my house, it didn't.  It told me it followed me everywhere.  I told my mom I thought I should going crazy and maybe I should sign myself into a stress center.  She drove me home and waited with me until my fiancee came home.  It wasn't long after that my uncle bought us a trailer to move into.  He said he thought I would feel better in a new place.  After we moved in here, my son stopped wetting his pants, all the kids began sleeping through the night, and there were no more "sightings"  I don't know to this day if I was slowly going crazy or if I really did see something.  I just wanted to share this with you.


 You know how on the site you say that ghosts will try to contact through dreams? Well I'm 17 now but when I was 11 my grandfather died. About a week after he died I had a dream that we were redoing his house, because my family did to sell it, and he was sitting there beside me. I asked him if I was the only one who could see him and he said yes. I asked him why he was there, and he said that he wanted to tell me that he is alright and that he is doing ok where is he now. So, I guess ghosts really do try to contact you in your dreams.


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