The ghost in the Wenabego

  Cory's Grandfather had a wenabego out back and some
nights we would camp out in it so we would not disturb
anyone with our late night card games.  I went off to
bed around 2 am and Cory was already asleep.  I had
fallen asleep and left the TV on.  I awoke around
3:30am to the sound of the TV while in fuzzy mode.  I
guess the National anthem had already played and TV
had gone off air.  This is how I knew beyond a shadow
of a doubt that I was awake.  I got off the bed that
was above the drivers seat of the wenabego and turned
the TV off.  Soon as I jumped back up there and layed
down, I tried to turn around but it was like my body
was pinned down by some other force. I heard
whispering outside the window as if coming from
outside, then I looked to the ceiling of the wenabego
and there was a face looking right at me.  soon as the
face dissapeared I was able to move.  I got off the
bed freaked and tried to awake Cory to tell him about
the experience, but he would not stir.  Then something
hit me I know I had turned this TV off.  I told cory
is this a sick joke and he finally woke up and told me
he didn't do it.  and that there was no remote because
it was an older model  TV with no remote.  i turned
the TV off and layed back down.  soon as I hit the
pillow the TV came back on.  This was freaky.  I told
Cory to get up so I could search for a remote when I
found none. I made a remark to Cory asking him didn't
that freak you out.  Cory replied  "I live in this
house and I've gotten used to the appearances.  they
no longer bother me."  After he said that I unplugged
the TV and layed back down.  to me this was freakier
than the face in the ceiling.  The TV being unplugged,
came back on as soon as I layed back down in the bed.
I saw that Cory had not done it because I witnessed
that Cory never got up from the bed and the TV was
still unplugged.  I have no way of explaining this!
This is enough for me to see one thing but a TV coming
on tops the cake.




The Sleeping Monster

   My story starts back in 1973. I was only 5 years old at the time and my mother and father had split up. For some reason my father thought it best if me, my brother and two sisters lived with my grandma and grandpa (his parents). My mother at that time had left my life completely and my father never was around. To give you a since of how things was for me, my grandmother didn't believe me to be her grandson. I think because I had brown eyes and my siblings all had my father's eyes. My place to sleep was on the back porch in front of the door and beside the washer and dryer. Each night after everyone was asleep I remember the sleeping monster coming into the room. I couldn't scream because of my fear .And each night It would shake me, I could feel my body go numb and the last thing I would remember is waking up the following morning. Sometimes I would wake up under my brother's bed and other times I would wake up wedged in between the washer and dryer. I remember one day the sun was setting across my back yard. Grandpa and I were on the back porch staring across the yard. At the edge of the yard was a creek and beyond that creek were thick woods. That day I saw the sleeping monster coming from out of the woods. I pleaded with my grandfather that it was coming but he saw nothing.I remember one time telling grandpa the name of this monster but over the years I have forgotten it. For the whole time that I lived with them the monster would come to me at night. I never got a good look  at it because the room was always too dark to see in. After 3 years of this horror show my mother came back into our lives. She got custody of us and we moved away. I never slept in their house again and after moving out I never saw the sleeping monster again......I think its name was something like Zycoptis but I'm not for sure..Some might say that the sleeping monster was only from the trauma of my mother disappearing from my life. It was real though,as real as you reading this story.

The Tenant


Your web site is fascinating ... the paranormal is of real interest for me.
My daughter and I share our apartment with an older woman. A couple of tenants before us, an older lady DID live there but did not die in the apartment. My daughter's room was her television room - she smoked as the ceiling was stained black where the wall meets the ceiling - and the room was a faded yellow ...
My daughter wanted her room repainted - while we were painting, we were being watched. My daughter felt the lady's presence first ... Kate was more unnerved ... I could smell her - you know that soft powdery smell older women have ...?
We hear her slippers at night walking the hallway, once I heard the strains of an overture to an old sop opera coming from Kate's room - it was 2:00am and, like an idiot, I scared her by throwing open the bedroom door - the cigarette went out and the sounds stopped ... I found myself apologizing and hurried back to my own room.
I felt horrible - as I was drifting off, a soft voice said simply, "no need"and I felt my head being stroked.
Kate would feel kisses good night before I'd say good night. She could smell the cigarette smoke in her room - our cats - we have 3 - either keep clear of the room or something suddenly catches their eye - anywhere in the apartment -  and they follow someone's movements. THAT was as intriguing as it was unnerving.
One evening, I saw our tenant - I was in the kitchen and, out the corner of my eye, I saw an older lady in a very long white nightgown with a high collar and mutton sleeves. She had the whitest hair and an almost timid demeanor - she DID allow me to see her - Kate sees her regularity - standing outside my bedroom. Just standing ...
There's a sadness - even - as I said - a timidity about her. She's very sweet and I hope she doesn't leave us -
My ex-husband shares his house with a particularity nasty elemental - the house used to belong to his parents and now he and his wife reside there ... Kate has experienced some unpleasantness and I have never liked the place.

The Voice


It was about a year ago when my brother-in-law and his wife moved into this house that was divided into three apartments. There was 2 on the first floor and the 3rd one was on the second floor. One day my brother-in-law and his wife were talking about their apartment being haunted, I don't believe in ghost at all but what they told me was quite chilling. She ( the wife ) told me that one day her husband was taking a shower and he looked in the mirror and saw the words Daddy here's what I want for Christmas. They told me they never wrote on the mirror before. Then one day she told me about is that no one else was home and she was watching TV and had turn the TV volume all the way down and when she did that she heard clear as day the words Hello, and she said hello back.
She was pregnant at the time this one happen. She was laying in bed one day and felt a cold hand push her head in the pillow and was trying to suffocate her but then it let go.
She had talk to the other residents in the house and they all said they could hear foot steps on the back stairs. When you walked in to the house you would see a main stair case and right beside the stair case was like a arch leading to a back room there were stair cases there and they would hear footsteps going up thoughts steps at night and even during the day. My brother-in-laws wife lost her baby and they finally moved out as well as the other who were living there. My sister-in-law tried to fine some history on the house but could not fine none, there is no information about this house before the 1980's I think she said. The house is located in Piqua Ohio.

The Warning Sign


My house I know for a fact is haunted, I don't mind the ghosts actually, I
have 3, they are very kind and help me with some of my problems, like this
one. It was late at night around 11 or something and I went into the den to
see if my mom was still up, well I can see the den from the kitchen, so I
walked to the edge of the kitchen and looked over at my mom's chair and
seeing no one was up I went to turn around but was pushed into the den and
the TV came on, it was the news about a car crash, I was so scared (this was
earlier before I knew about the ghosts) I just went back to my room and tried
to fall asleep, which didn't come easy, but finally I fell asleep the next
morning I found out that my parent's best friend was in a terrible car

They Always Find Me


Well, I have always been intrigued my the paranormal, and have always wanted to be a paranormalist.  Hasn't happened yet but maybe one day
My first real encounter with a ghost (other than my older brother scaring me half to death with bloody Mary which I didn't see) was in Manassas Va.  We were renting a house that was built in about the 1950s I'm guessing.  Well, it was a split foyer and one day I came home from school dropped my bookbag on the foyer corner as I always do, and was about to go down stairs to watch some TV.  When I was headed down stairs I realized my dog Nikki hadn't come to greet me, so instead of going straight down stairs I looked up the stairs, and a little girl, I would say around 8 or 9 with blonde hair and what appeared to be wearing a nightgown was standing at the top of the stairs.  She wasn't really transparent at all and then she smiled at me, then disappeared.  Well, I was all hyped up because I knew I had just saw a ghost.  I didn't want to tell my parents about it because they would think I was loopy.
Well about a month later, my brother and I were in bed, and my parents were up stairs on the computer, then they heard the TV come on and started flipping through channels, It stoped as my mother was getting up to go turn it off figuring Nikki (the dog) Had jumped on the couch and hit the remote, but as she was going down the stairs she heard a little girl giggle.  Again she thought nothing of it and turned off the TV.  She went upstairs and looked in my room and saw Nikki lying on the bed with me.  She started telling my dad that Nikki was in my room and that it was weird because the channel it stopped on had an old war movie on and wouldn't think it would have children giggling.  About 5 mins later they heard the same giggle in the kitchen which was right behind them.  I feel blessed I was the only one that saw her. :)
Well, when we moved out of that house we moved on top of a mountain.  I would be the first home and sometimes would hear footsteps in the attic, my family thought it was my imagination.  Well, that's about all that happened in that house until I had my son in 1998.  One night my B/F and I were on the deck smoking and heard a baby crying, well I went to check on my son and he was still asleep.  I went back out and still heard a baby crying, but it sounded like it was coming from the attic we looked through the glass doors and saw the light fixture in the dining room moving.  Well, it lasted about 5 mins then it stopped.  We didn't live in that house much longer after my son was born, but unfourtuantly we have moved to a house where i have had no strange encounters

This is Crazy


I hope you don't think that I'm crazy but here goes:
   About 2 1/2 years ago, I was just moving into this new house.  It was a sorta old house that had alot of run down qualities to it.  We had just finished moving all of our stuff inside and my parents wanted to leave to go get something to eat.  I wasn't real hungry at the time, because I'm always snacking on things anyway, so they told me they would be back later after they were done eating.  After they left I was sitting in the living room reading a book, kind of bored, when I heard a soft bang coming from the basement, it was almost like as if metal had hit metal, which I thought was funny since we hadn't put anything down there yet.  I laughed it off as my imagination and kept reading.  A few minutes later, I heard it again.  I looked up from my book again getting kind of scared, but I tried to ignore it by reading my book some more.  This went on for some time until the noise got a little louder, so I went to investigate.  I walked slowly down the stairs, until I got to the basement door, when I heard it really loud and I ran outside on our front porch.  I thought it would be over if I just stayed outside, but it got wierder.  I started reading my book on the front porch to calm my nerves, when I looked up to see two dogs walk on my front lawn, I was really spooked by this cause I hadn't heard or seen them coming, so I froze as I watched them. After  looking at me really coldly, they took down the street.  I later learned that the people who owned the house before me had two dogs that got hit by a truck, that had been kept in the basement, we moved out of the house, but I never went in the basement alone from that day on...




Most of the time the ghosts don't bother me at all but 3 things have happened to me in the 13 years i've lived in my house.
1. One time I was sleeping lightly and all of a sounded i hear someone whisper "Amanda!" (my name) and I woke up really fast and no one was there. Everyone in my house was sleeping. I'm not sure if i was dreaming this or not but I dont think it was.
2. I was sitting in my room drawing on my bed when something white jumped over my bed. It seemed like a ball of paper did but i looked on the other side of my bed nothing was there. I ran so fast out of my room it wasnt even funny.
3. This happened to my brother. Me and my two brothers have connected rooms like mines the end, then my brother Zanes in the middle, then Zacks. Zane had his door open and i hade mine open too. Zack was sitting in his room watching TV and a ball from my room was thrown into Zack's room. But me and Zane weren't up there...

A Few Stories


I have a few stories, not that any have happened to me directly but rather
to my family members.  I've always believed in ghosts and never needed any
concrete evidence in believing, I just know that there are some there.
Anyway, my first story happened when my mom and dad had first gotten married
and my mom was pregnant with me.  They lived in a little apartment in Pa.
It wasn't that it was old or anything, the lady that owned it before had
died a lonely lady.  She always wanted to have children but never got
married and had any.  Anyway, my parents set up the one bedroom for the
nursery.  It had a crib with stuffed animals in it and a walker with stuffed
animals in it and a rocking chair.  On the one wall, there were shelves with
books and some pictures.  One picture in particular had a little boy and a
little girl kissing.  The little girl had a dress on and the way the picture
was made, the little girl looked pregnant.  Mom said that the room was
always cold and that Champ (the dog) never went in there and always barked
at it when he was at the bottom of the stairs.  One night my parents had
gone out to eat and when they returned, the door to the nursery was shut.
My dad went up to check it out and the stuffed animals were all over the
floor and not in the crib or the walker.  The walker, which was usually kept
beside the crib was pushed to the middle of the room.  The picture of the
little boy and girl had been turned around on the shelf, facing the wall.
Dad didn't tell mom that being so close to her due date that he was afraid
that it would upset her and she would go into labor.  He thought that maybe
someone had broken into the house but there was nothing missing and the only
room bothered was the nursery.   He then thought that Champ had gotten into
the room and was messing around but he knew he was tied outside while they
were gone.  He also knew that Champ couldn't turn the picture around because
it was on such a high shelf.  Plus Champ hated that room.  He just didn't
know what to think.  My parents were looking for a new apartment to live in
because my dad had gotten a new job and needed to relocate anyway so he
wasn't real worried about it.  About 2 weeks later, my dad and mom had come
home from the store and found Champ at the bottom of the steps growling at
the room and his hair was standing on end.  My dad went up to see what was
going on and the very first thing he noticed was that the picture was on the
floor slightly outside of the door and there was a thumb tack pressed
through the stomach of the little girl. My dad went into the room and
everything was in aray.  The blankets were all over the floor the curtains
were all twisted around the curtain rod and the walker was flipped upside
down.  My dad decided to get the hell out of there and go to his parents
house.  On the way there my mother went into labor.  I was born that next
morning.  When they came home from the hospital, they decided that they were
going to keep me in their room because they didn't want whatever was in the
nursery to hurt me.  That night, I didn't sleep. I'm told that I stayed up
all night and cried.  My dad told my mom to put me in the nursery so they
could get some sleep.  My mom was reluctant but she did.  As soon as I was
put into that room, I quit crying and went right to sleep.  In the middle of
the night, my mom got up to check on me and when she opened the door, she
saw a little old lady sitting in the rocking chair, humming away as I slept
peacefully.  She freaked out and the lady disappeared.  Two weeks later, my
parents moved some where else.  Hope you enjoy my story, I have one more but
that will come later.

Tumon,Guam ghost haunt


I live on a island called Guam (U.s. territory) , and in Guam the locals
have a legend called the toa-toa mona. I think I have a toa-tao mona
living here in my house because 1.) my dogs always bark at nothing 2.)
Whenever I get back from vacation , the person watching my house always
tells me that there is a local ghost that is guarding our house 3.) the
dishwasher sometimes turns on by itself. Our ghost may not be haunting
me and my immediate family, but it does scare me.

Unusual Ghost Story

I'm currently a freshman attending Wilmington College. I've always been
extremely fascinated by ghosts and other such things. I have read many
stories about peoples encounters and experiences but I have never had
anything happen to me. That is until a couple of weeks ago. I had gone home
for the weekend to see my family and that night as I was sleeping I
remember that in my dream we all began to talk about ghosts and hauntings.
Then I felt something beside me and I woke up. I was laying on my back with
my head facing the wall. I tried to look to my right so I could see what
was beside the bed. But I couldn't move very well. It was like something
was trying to hold me down. I manage to move my head a little and I could
see that a large black shadow was standing over me. It was the shadow of a
man in a long coat and a black hat. I decided I was going to take a deep
breathe and then put all of my strength into one movement to throw myself
at this guy and find out what he wanted. So I tried to breathe in but found
it was very difficult. After I had finally gotten enough air in I threw
myself out of the bed and at the man next to me. But I just fell to the
floor and there was no one there. Since then I have been back to my house
several times and slept in the same bed and never had anything else happen.
I had also lived in the same house for the past eight years or so and never
had anything like this happen before. Was this all a dream? Or was this
thing looking for someone to torment and when he saw that I was going to
fight back decided to go somewhere else? Thanks for your time.

Upstairs Apartment


When I moved into my apartment my new neighbors told me that they thought the house was haunted because she heard that a man once hung himself in her apartment. She for some reason thinks there are three ghosts here: an older woman and a young man and woman. I didn't take this into consideration untill I had a few of my own experiences.
I was visiting them with my son who at the time was only about 5 months old, we were talking about what they thought were the ghosts making themselves known: doors opening, the children having nightmares about someone telling them to kill themselves and so on. I've always been quite intriqued by the idea of hauntings and such. I took a break to refill my sons bottle unstairs in my apartment, when I got to the sink to wash it out I nearly had a heart attack when I felt what I swore was someone running up behind me like they were going to tackle me. I spun around instinctively to defend myseld as petrified as I was, but noone was there. I think maybe even though I dont believe these 'ghosts' are 'bad ghosts' ,  they want to make sure I knew they were real. Needless to say, I took the babys things and finished my business downstairs.
My other experience with these ghosts was a noise in my kitchen very early in the mornings. It sounded like a glass being put down on my table, but a little harder than you normally would do so. This one morning the noise roused me from my sleep just enough for me to realize there was a noise in the kitchen but I fell right back to sleep. However, every time I fell back to sleep the noise grew louder as if the noise where a deliberate attempt to wake me up. I figure that these ghosts, or at least the one in my apartment, is a joker. I think it's the young man. This kind of scared me so what I did was I closed my eyes and said in my head 'look guys, I respect your presence and the fact that this house was at one point yours, but it's mine now and you're freaking me out, so please just leave me alone', and they did. I don't hear any noises or anything. My neighbors still do though.
I've never seen them but I have this wierd feeling all the time that I'm being watched now. That if I turn around someone will be there or that someone is following me around the house.
I'm sure you guys hear this stuff all the time, how impressive does this story sound to you?

VA Hospital

In my last letter I forgot to include a nother occurance that happened to me recently. 2 months ago me my husband my mother and brother and his wife were visiting my dad in the VA hospital in Omaha, NE . after visiting we all loaded up on the elevator from the 6th floor to head down to the 1st floor.  when we got to the 4th floor (which happens to be the surgical floor I found out later) The elevator stoped and the doors opened. It was a sunday after noon and no one is on the 4th floor on the weekend and the whole floor was quite dark.We all got a weird creepy felling like we just got a new passenger. The door stayed open for about a minute or 2 and finally closed . when we got down to the 1st floor we all quickly exited the elevator and headed for the main lobby about 30 ft away, my husband left to get the van and while we were waiting my sister in law and I noticed that the elevator which was one of those talking elevators just kept opening and closing saying "first floor" . We pointed it out to my mom and brother then we all quickly hurried out side and decided to wait out there. I dont know If It was a ghost or just electrical problems but I was really eerie. I just wonder If any other weird stuff ever happens there.



my epieince happend on the thursday the 6th of sept.before the incident with the trade centers...
that evening i was on the phone with my friend and i had just gotten home from work and i was dog tierd, and as i sat on the phone i could "see" reflections on the windows out the corner of my eye and even on the microwave i could see reflections... i told her about it...i went to bed shortly ( i should also let you know im currently in japan so when its night here its day there) i was laying in bed, and all of a sudden a BAD feeling came over me of my grandmother, i was fully awake for this... i couldnt shake it off for 2 hours!!!!!!!
i emailed my aunt who is in constant touch with my grandmother, on friday i emailed her asking if my gram was okay, and that i had a bad feeling...
i didnt get a response till sunday when i caught my aunt on line and she had said my gram was admitted to hosp. thurs. morn. the same time i had the feeling...
then the night of the 11th the morn. of the 11th in the morning of the incidnet with the trade centers, i had seen a reflection on the one window for a second, shook it off went to bed, and at 1130 my friend had called me and told me bout it...!

Was it Just a Dream?


 I was babysitting my three-year old nephew and his infant brother one afternoon. I was sitting in a recliner holding the baby, and the three-year old was sitting on the couch watching T.V. The couch faces the television, and also faces the front hall.
My nephew suddenly turned to me with a  smile on his face and asked me, "Tina, who is that?" I thought he was referring to someone on T.V., so I answered with the name of the cartoon character. "No," he said, "the little boy in there!" and he pointed towards the hall. It startled me a little, but I calmly replied that no one was in there. He kept repeating that there was a little boy in there, and then finally said, " you know who it is." Well, I pride myself on the fact that as I have gotten older, I go and check out suspicious noises and such, instead of freaking out like I used to do when I was younger. But that shook me up more than a little bit, I have to admit. In fact, I avoided that part of the house for the rest of the evening, until my husband, Ron, came home and we both went to bed.
Early the next morning, while it was still dark, I was awakened out of my sleep- sort of. I remember that I was dreaming when I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of dread. I struggled to awaken completely, but felt like I was drugged. That is when I felt  someone small sit down on the edge of the bed. I felt like I was between sleep and waking, because I remember telling myself to "wake up, wake up!" and at the same time the sense that someone had indeed sat at that the foot of my bed was so real, that I actually felt the bed go down on the corner. I was struggling so hard to come to, that I felt like I was swimming through water, and was struggling to reach the top and catch a breath.  It was then that I heard what I thought was a little girl, whisper my name. The whispers got closer, until I finally heard them directly in my ears, repeating rapidly. Sometimes I heard my name and sometimes it sounded like she was saying "Mommy". I have, however, no children of my own. I finally came fully awake and have had no other "dreams" or experiences like that.

Weird and Strange Experiences


I am 23 years old now and living in California all my life.  I was about 7
years old and my family and I lived in some apartments.  I had a  bracelet
that I loved dearly and it was t he shape of a heart.  My Mom had bought that
bracelet for me from a thrift store.  I loved going to thrift stores with my
Mom ever since I was young.  Once I wore that bracelet and I was sitting on
my parents bed in the master bedroom.  I accidentally dropped the bracelet on
the carpet floor.  I looked down and the thick noticeable bracelet was not
anywhere to be seen on the floor.  My parents room was also small so It
couldn't be anywhere else.  I got down and looked under the bed and it was
gone.  I looked everywhere.  I was soo amazed because I never found the
bracelet and everytime my mother would clean the room I would ask her to
please look for the bracelet.  She always did and she never ever found it.  I
loved it so much too.  I never thought of anything of the ordinary because I
was just a kid.  Years went by and I still will never forget it.  I had lived
in that apartment for about since I was four years old to about 12 years old.
 As years went by in that apartment I started to notice strange and scary
things happen to me at night.  I was sleeping in a bed and I would get these
strange senses as soon as I got inside the bed.  I used to get a sensation of
great winds go by my face to the point that I could not breathe and I could
not move my hands or my feet.  I was "not even asleep yet."  I do not think
that this was a dream because this would happen as soon as I got in my bed
and shut my eyes for about a couple of minutes.  I couldn't even open my eyes
when this happened to me it was as if I was flying into a house.  This house
that I used to see through my eyes was very strange like a dirty, condemned
house which no one lived in.  I always asked my younger brother if anything
like this ever happened to him he would tell me that I'm crazy and I need
Jesus.  We moved into another house when I was about 16.  This time It was
not an apartment this is a house.  Two years went by and When I'm alone in
the house I saw someone pass by the hallway as if it were my dad.  When I
called out his name, no body responds.  Sometimes I would think I'm crazy or
strange.  It was an apparition I see dressed exactly what my father dresses
like and I see it through the corner of my eyes when I'm sitting on my
computer in the living room.  I do not think its anything but it vanishes.
Its like someone runs through the hallway really quickly.  My Mom just
yesterday was looking in to the hallway because our dining table is visible
from the hallway, and she went to the door.  I told her what is wrong with
her, she said I thought I saw your father or someone walk through the door.
I said you know what Mom, I saw the same thing last time, like someone
dressed like dad with a white t shirt (that's what my father walks around the
house with) and regular pajama shorts.  So I told her I saw the same thing
like three times too!

When I was Smaller


      I live in a small town called Cambria.  I live
in the very first house built here, its over 100 years
old.  When I was around 8, I was sleeping on the 2nd
(top except the attic) floor on a matress on the floor
(didnt have the frame up yet) With my brother.  It was
very hot, we had no AC, and I couldn't sleep.  I was
looking into the darkness and heard a sound to my
left, I looked, and there was nothing. Then I looked
to my right, and there was a large, heavy built,
decapatated man facing me.  He had his hand out to my
neck. I was very scared, and tried to wake my brother,
who is a heavy sleeper and wouldn't wake up.  I moved
to my left, and he followed my neck with his hand, but
never touched me. I reached out and tried to shove him
but when I touched him he wasnt solid, and he
dissappeared.  My parents said it wasnt real, and i
havn't seen anything since. Any ideas what this was?
Oh, by the way, an old railroad track runs through my
yard. It isn't used anymore, but my house was once
used by the person who took care of the railroad

Who was that?


this was a while back but when i was about 12 or so i had keep on seeing things all the time one night i was sitting in bed trying to sleep in which i could not so i just starred off into space and all the sudden all kinds of these mean, nasty, demond faces start appering just floating in my bedroom and like any little kid i was scared so i hid under my blanket and stuffed my face in my pillow well they didn't go away so i sleep with my face burried, then the next night i was up staires in my room getting into bed again and right befor i was about to jump into bed this guy or whatever it was was stainding out side my window which was very unusual b/c i live on the 2nd floor so how was there someone STANDING outside my window that's not all folks latter on when i was about 14 i was out really late with some friends and i walked in everyone's in bed and when you walk in there is a room on your left with a big mirror on the wall well i look into that room and i see at the very end of the mirror a white figure of a person my dad told me it was my guarden angel b/c he's into magic and stuff like that but my dad last year did something and told me and my little bro. that we were going to have some visitors so i was used to hearing things like that so i was just like ok then one night i came home my dad had just left to get us something to eat then for some reason an alarm up stairs keept going off so i run to the stairs then it stops thenit did it again and i did the same thing and it stoped keep in mind there is no one home but me ok so i just let it do its thing and went into the livingroom and for some odd reason i was just sitting there stairing at the lamp that was on then the lamp shade starts shaking and then stops then from hereing what my dad had told me i said"that was kool, do it again" then a breef second after i had said that it started going crazy and then it all stoped and my dad walked in the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winchester Mystery House


I think this is the greatest house.  I have been there several times,
and always, no matter what time of the year, I am surrounded by a cloud
of rose scent.  I have been when roses are in bloom and when they are
not, I still smell a strong scent of roses.  I went on the tour one
time, and met my fiance later for dinner.  He remarked that he did not
know I liked rose scented perfumes. I don't wear floral scents.  It came
from the tour of house.
I don't like going at Christmas, though.  I get a strong feeling of
dislike over all the decorating.  Not my dislike, something else or
someone else that does not like the place decorated.  I get a feeling or
thought, that it is all too much.



Hello, My name is Allison, I am 17 now. I would have to say that I have
always believed in a force or whatever there may be. Since I was little I
have always been more intune to things around me. For a whole year I would
dream the next day. That got kinda dull. I used to always think that there
was a spirit outside my doorway watching me at night, waiting me for me to
make a dash for the bathroom. That's why I never took midnight trips. I
believed that if I even made a sound that it was sure to get me. I was so
bad that I thought someone was watching me out my window. I even had to
sleep in the middle of my bed, as not to show my feet, afarid that they
might be subjected to unknown tortures. I never really got over this, but I
have learned to live with it. As my child hood went on I went looking for
ghosts. I thought that there was a blonde haired boy living in my upstairs
and a awful monster living in my garage. Even when I walk up the stairs now
I am afarid to look behind me. This all way only the beggining. Let's see,
where to start... well I have always been terrorifed by mirrors. Withen that
last few years I have actually seen things, big black blobs!! Like for
example I was vacuming under my bed one day, with a very large vacum, like a
heavy vac. Well anyways it was next to my door I was looking in the mirror
for some reason and I actually saw something black fly from out from under
my bed and knock againest the door and vacum and tip it over a bit. I was
soooo scared!! Another time I was looking in the mirror talking to my friend
and putting on my makeup i was thinking how i wanted her to take her coat
home since i had had it for the whole summer and as i pointed to my open
door it closed to show her coat. That was really strange since we had carpet
and the the draft of air runs the other direction. The scariest moment of my
life had to be when I was on the internet this one night and i got kicked
off at 2 am exactully it was aug 23, 2000, i took this as a sign to retire
to bed. So I was laying in bed and my black cat was laying on my chest. I
was trying to fall asleep but the whole night i was sooooo thirsty I had had
at least 5 sodas in about 3 hours. so i was reeved up on caffine. I had
about 3 blankets on and all of a sudden i felt like there was a wand of
static electricty being run up and down my legs, the hair was moving with
it. ahhh it felt so wierd. The cat felt a presance and began to dig her
nails into me trying to escape, but I held on to her tight. Then I feel this
poking and feel as though something is coming closer to me and closer, then
it is next to my face and I hear a male voice say somthing to me. but it
wasn't anything i was able to understand. I think it was backwards english
or somthing of the sort. but the cat started clawing trying to go. she was
so scared. I couldn't move and I couldn't speak. I wanted to yell for help
but i was uncapable. Then a short period later I heard someone come into my
room, stublling and tripping and I heard a female voice yelling. I was sure
this was going to wake up my parents in the other room but it didn't. She
left and I tried to sleep but until I finally did i heard this droming noise
in my ears. I asked my mom the next day and she said it wasn't her. That is
the only contact I have had. But it seems like i always see those black
figures. even in my friends house. she said i brought them. it seems to go
in cycles. it was following us for a month and now it is gone. Oh by the way
that cat that was with me, she went crazy after that night! She ran around
with a look of terror and lost control and then ran away. I've had dreams
about her coming back.

Ghost Story


I remember this as if it was yesterday.  The exact dates, I can't recall, yet I can tell you everything that happened.  Why it happened, I don't know.  Me and my family had moved to another house in Camden, Arkansas.  We moved to an area called Fairview.  The house we lived in didn't have any strange occurences that I know of, so when this happened I was competely shocked.

People in the Story:

Lameka......that's me sister brother brother's friend/ good friend of family
Keisha.......friend of family
Miranda......little sister

Me, Wendy and Tyrone were all in the bed together one night.  Tyrone was sleep near the wall, Wendy in the middle, and I was on the other edge facing the kitchen.  I was on the phone talking to my friend Charles, when I heard Tyrone talking in his sleep.  I told Charles I'll talk to him later and wanted to listen to Tyrone while he was talking in his sleep.  I laid there, never moved.  Tyrone was holding a conversation with what appears to be my brother in his sleep.  They were talking about how they embaressed me in the club previously.  I just kept listening, waiting to hear something real good to use against them two.  Guess I got it also!  Tyrone paused and then he started again, but this time.....he sounded upset.  He was also having a conversation withe somone who wanted him to do something.  He would never say what it was, he would just tell the person no and that he wasn't doing it.  I was really listening by this time.  I just had to know who he was talking to.  Then he paused again.  This time when he began to speak, he would say his part and the other person part.  Yet, when the other person spoke, Tyrone's voice would get deeper.  This was the same person that wanted him to do something, but he wouldn't do it. The person kept begging, and yet he would say no.  Finally, Tyrone hit the wall,and said "Satan, I said I'm not doing it.!  Ahh man, was I really listening by that time.  I was in total shock.  Then all of a sudden he stopped speaking.  All I could think of was, did I hear him correct?  After a short pause, I hear a voice, the same voice that was speaking to Tyrone was speaking to me.  It said to me "Lameka, I know you are awake, I'm sitting right over here on the dresser looking at you."  I looked over there, all I saw was my little sister Barney doll.  I immediately jumped up and turned on the light, I woke up Tyrone, Wendy and my brother.  I told them what happened and read the Bible to Tyrone.  He denied everything and was mad cause I woke him up.  He didn't remember anything.

The next day I was laying on the couch taking a nap while my mother, sister, and brother went to Wal-Mart. I was there with my mother's boyfriend who was in the bedroom.  While laying down on the couch I was awaken to someone's hand on my butt.  They had their right hand on my right butt cheek. This person was holding me down.  I looked around to see who it was. Nobody was there, but this person wouldn't let me up. Finally, I just gave up and said please get off me.  They let me up and I told my mother them about it.  They also had Tyrone with them.  They didn't believe me, and my mother said I must be doing something bad for the devil to be trying to communicate with me.
That evening me, Tyrone, Wendy and Mike were up late talking about what happened and ghosts.  Much to my surprise I fell asleep again on the couch, and Tyrone was across from me on the other couch sitting straight up.  All of a sudden in the middle of the night, I the same voice calling my name. I looked at Tyrone and I could see him, but also a head on the side of his body, but the rest of the body was connected to Tyrone.  This "thing" asked me to wake up.  Then it said it wanted to talk to me, well....that's one conversation that never started. I jumped  off the couch and turned on the lights.  This time I made my brother take Tyrone home.
Well, a couple of days passed and Tyrone wasn't over to house, but this time Keisha came over. I'd left and went to my boyfriend's house.  Keisha was on the phone with Tyrone's brother and then he said Tyrone wanted to speak to her. (Prior to this I'd told Keisha what happened).  She said that when Tyrone got on the phone that he asked where was everybody at. She told him.  She said that all of a sudden Tyrone was quiet on the phone.  She said that she called out his name, and he said where is Lameka.  She said "I already told you Tyrone, quit asking me that."   Then he said you haven't told me anything, I want to know where Lameka is...and that I always speak to Lameka.  Then it hit her, she wasn't talking to Tyrone anymore. She said she hung up the phone, but the phone rang back.  When she said hello, there was no answer.  She said it did this several times, then she  ran in my mother's room.  She told my mother to answer the phone and tell them kids to quit playing on the line. When my mother picked up the phone, she said Lameka isn't here.  Keisha said the phone stopped ringing and she chilled out.  She said all of a sudden, she got scared and ran in my mother's room again.  This time the lights were off and so it was pitch dark in there.  She said that my little sister Miranda said "Keisha, are you scared of that devil on the dresser over there." Now, my sister was very young at the time, she's 11 now.  She was probably about 5 or 6 at this time.  She had no prior knowledge of what was going on in the house and with me.  I''ve never had "Satan" to contact me again, but I've had experiences that I will tell later.

Same Ghost?


It all started when I was 2 yrs old. We lived in a tralor in Laredo, Tx. My sister was not born yet. My parents said that I had an imaginary frind named "bebito". I know that all 2 yr. olds have one but mine was different. I would play w/ mine. For example, when I rolled a ball it would stop in the middle of the floor & it rolled back to me. I have no recollection of this but this is what my parents have told me. Also it was that our trailor was on top of an old, forgotten graveyard. My mother digged took a rest for an hour & the hole was coverd again. My father was at work (school teacher) & I was 2. She once saw a lady in a prairy dress & bonnet but no face looking at her, someone getting on the bed while my father was at a game. Anyways I have always seen ghosts. I can even feel them. Even my sister. Well now we live in another trailor. This time it is haunted by little girl calling for her mother & father. At first we thouhgt it was a little girl outside. Then one rainy da!
y we (my sister & I) herd her agian coming crom the living room. We ran towards there, stood for like a minute & then heard it coming from my siters room. My mom has even seen her. She has also seen a tall man weqaring a tall hat, a black overcoat & a beard. At first she thought it was my grandfather but it looked nothing like him. My sister has seen her dreams. Recently I discoverd that my dad has seen "him"when he was little boy. My mom when she was little girl. I have heard humming in my room at night. It sounds like old slave songs & a little girl humming. I have also felt my blanket float above me...but when I wake up it fall back on top of me.
When my mother was working for an elderly woman in her house she saw a little girl running around. Then later she found a photo of the little girl. The photo was taken in the 1800's. She never asked who she was. The lady is dead now.

Haunted Furniture????


I've been reading your site for over a year now and I finally decided to add my own experiences with hauntings.The story I'm about to relate occurred in the summer of 1973 and is 100% true. I grew up in a town called New Vernon, New Jersey.
My grandmothers's sister, Sarah, after years of failing health, developed Alzheimer's disease and wound up going to a nursing home and couldn't take her belongings. My grandmother had a tiny studio apartment in Brooklyn, NY and couldn't take her sisters' furniture. We had a large house, so my parents agreed to take it. All of Sarah's belongings came to us. As soon as the furniture arrived, strange things began to occur and there was always the feeling that somebody was standing right next to you.(It's hard to explain, but anybody who has had the experience will know what I'm talking about). I also want to state that while all of this was going on, Sarah was still alive.
Anyway on with my first poltergeist experience. In our rec room besides a TV and a pool table we had a huge entertainment unit, that measured 8' long and about 6' feet high, that held our stereo unit.(Remember this is in the days before CDs).
On the top shelf of the unit was an old broken clock lying face down and had been there for about a year or so.
The bottom part of the entertainment unit held our record albums. I was sitting cross legged on the floor, looking through the albums, when I suddenly heard a noise that, at first, sounded like a heavy cardboard box sliding across a bare floor. In the next few seconds, I realized the sound was coming from above me. I looked up and saw the clock slowly sliding off the shelf. Now, because of the way I was sitting, I couldn't uncross my legs and move out of the way in time, so I covered my head with my hands, and yelled "No!" but still kept an eye on the clock through my fingers.
Now for the really weird part - as soon as I yelled No! the clock which was now falling straight for me, suddenly arced upward and away from me and landed on a chair three feet behind me!!! (a sight I will NEVER forget if I live to be 200)!!!! Needless to say, I got on my feet as fast as I could and ran out of the room. I decided to run up to bedroom. (I'm not sure why). My bedroom was on the third floor. The way the third floor was set up was a bathroom, my bedroom, a huge walk-in closet and my sister's bedroom. As I ran up the stairs leading to the third floor, I could directly see the bathroom sink. When I got halfway upstairs, the sink faucets suddenly turned on full blast. I ran back down the stairs and waited outside till someone came home. Another time, I was home from school, and no one else was home and I was vacumning the second floor landing, when a wire coat hanger came flying down the stairs at me, luckily it missed me, but left a dent on the wall where it hit. My parents finally got rid of all of Sarahs' furniture and the haunting stopped. So that's my experience. Thanks for reading and sorry it's so long.

Guardian Angel?


My experience with the supernatural is more in the way of a protective presence than a conventional sighting.  My first memory is when I was 10 and had an accident during a field day at school where I ended up with a concussion.  At the time I didn't realize that's what had happened. All I knew is that I hit my head really hard and I felt sort of disconnected from reality the rest of the day. After feeling woozy all afternoon, I went to bed.  As I was drifting off, I heard a loud woman's voice urgently call out my name.  I jerked awake expecting to see my mother, but there was no one in the room.  I went into the living room to ask if anyone had called me and they said no.  Shortly afterwards I felt better and more clear headed and was able to go to sleep.  I believe the voice prevented me from lapsing into a concussion-induced coma.  The experience that really convinces me that I have someone looking out for me is the event that led up to my visiting my father just before his death.  It was September 1987 and I was to visit my family in Missouri for Thanksgiving (I lived in Atlanta).  However, on Thursday at work I had an uncontrollable impulse that I had to go see my parents.  That afternoon I told my boss that I would be taking vacation the next week and I booked 3 airline tickets to Kansas City for my 5 and 1 year old daughters and me to depart on Friday.  My parents lived in a small town between Springfield and Kansas City so I also had to rent a car. It was about a 2 hour drive from KC to their house.  So Friday afternoon, I loaded up the kids after work and raced to the airport to catch a 6:00 pm flight.  I got into KC about 8:30 pm, picked up my rental car and started the 2 hour drive to my parents house.  By this time after working all day, traveling through two airports with small children, strollers, bags, etc. I was exhausted before I started my drive.  Logic would have dictated that I just stay overnight in KC and drive to my parents house the next morning.  However, I still had the overwhelming urge to get to their house.  Finally around 11:00 pm I arrived at their house.  As I am standing on the porch waiting on them to unlock the door, a rather shaggy dog shows up and starts jumping up and down excitedly.  I looked closely at the dog and as my Mom opened the door we both realize the dog is Michelle a dog they used to own.  There is a whole story attached to this dog.  My parents had gotten the dog from the dog pound. My mom asked my Dad what kind of dog to get and he said he had a dream that he would know which dog to get.  Michelle was kind of a shaggy poodle kind of dog, not a beauty.  They had Michelle for a while, but gave her to an elderly man who lived alone next door to them. Michelle never left his side until his death He had a heart attack and apparently died next to a creek outdoors.  The dog stood guard over his body and wouldn't let anyone near him.  My brother-in-law had to get Michelle so they could move Mr. Little's body.  Anyway at the time my parents were out of town and another family took the dog. Even though my parents would have liked to have her back they were unaware of where she went.  Now to get back to my original story. Here was Michelle out of the blue and she appeared to have been well cared for.  It's now pretty late, I am totally exhausted so I say hi to my Mom and Dad, give them hugs and kisses, say I love them and tell them that we'll talk in the morning. So off go the kids and I to bed.  I had no idea that would be the last time I would see my father alive.  About 2 hours later, I was awakened by my sister to say that my Dad had just passed away.  My mom had called her to come over because she was too distressed to tell me since I had just gotten there.  Later my sister told me that as she was driving over to my Mom's house she heard as clear as a bell my Dad say bye to her and she knew before she got there that my Dad had passed away.  Oh and the dog who showed up that same night?  She never left my mother's side until she died of old age.  You may think I'm nuts, but I believe that dog was a guardian angel going where she was needed, first Mr. Little, then my Mom.  And remember, my Dad picked her out.  The timing on my visit was such that I saw my Dad one last time about one hour before he passed away.  I don't believe this was a coincidence.  I believe this guardian or whatever you want to call it did me an extreme kindness by allowing me to see my Dad one last time.  I had a similar experience a year ago when my Mom had a heart attack last November.  I was again having the burning urge out of the blue to visit Missouri shortly before her attack.  Since I visit my Mom every summer and I had just been there a couple of months prior, my desire to go during the winter (I live in Florida) is totally out of character since I hate snow and cold.  I can't drive in the snow either.  Nonetheless, I kept saying I wanted to spend Christmas there.  Well as a matter of fact I ended up spending Christmas with my Mom in the hospital. I stayed with her for six weeks, but I always had the calm feeling that she would be fine even though she spent 2 weeks in ICU virtually unconscious the whole time. She has almost completely recovered and lives with me now in Florida.  I don't who or what is looking out for me, but it is a kind and comforting presence that I sometimes sense out of the corner of my eye.  Whoever it is, I'm grateful.

Creature of my Dream

Hello there. I've read the stories people have told and they are pretty frightening. But I believe that the most ghost infected places are in the asian countries. Take Japan for instance. I had a very unusual exprience a couple of years back. I'm twenty now and this experience happened to me when I was fifteen. My father used to be in the navy, he's retired now, but when he was still in the Navy, we were stationed in Japan for a few years. I like Japan because everyone was extremely nice, but I didn't like it because of the fact that there was plenty of spiritual activity. We also used to live in a housing area that used to be on a battle site. It was a beautiful place... plenty of trees and the houses were practically right next to each other. They were connected in a sort of way (more like townhouses). So anyway, it was late at night and I was staying up because I wanted to read. Sometimes I'll stay up all night long just so I can watch the sunrise from my window. Well at some point I'll drift off to sleep for a few minutes and then suddenly wake up and just continue on reading. Well I was in my usual position on my bed and reading a book and I closed my eyes for what felt like a second. I had my lights on so it wasn't dark. But I wished I hadn't experienced what I had. I had closed my eyes and suddenly opened them because I felt something crawling into bed with me. I looked over to see what it was and nearly had a heart attack. I couldn't see exactly what it was but I could see the form of it (in other words it was completely transparent). It had the shape of small human being but it was moving much the way a komodo dragon does, scurrying at a fast past. I supressed a scream and immediately ran toward my door to get out of my room. But as I pulled it open, it slammed shut on its own. I looked at the door in bewilderment and saw a hand print on it. Several times I tried to pull open the door but it kept slamming shut. Suddenly something started pulling at my body. It hurt really bad because the grip was so strong. I was a so scared that I managed to pull out of the grip and pull the door open. I ran to my dads room and saw that he was sleeping peacefully. I ran to shake him awake but before I got to his bed, I tripped and fell. But I didn't fall onto the ground, I actually sat up in bed. I looked around frantically and saw that nothing was out of the norm and then I realized it was nothing but a dream. At first I didn't bother giving another thought about it because I was so treid and just went back to sleep. In the morning though it bothered me a lot and I didn't want to sleep in my room for fear of it happening again. So when night came, I decided to sleep downstairs. It was late at night and I heard a hissing noise. I wanted to ignore it but curiosity got the better of me and I peeped into the darkened hallway to see what it was. I saw a form in the dark but it was looking down at something. I think it knew I was staring at it because suddenly glanced up and I stared into bluish-white eyes. It blinked and suddenly disappeared. I was scared it was coming after me, but nothing happened. A few months after my dad was stationed in california. I was relieved to leave the ghosts, but I was sad to leave my friends. So there's my story, some of you may think it's crazy, but it's the honest truth and it certainly is something no one would forget in a hurry, I'm twenty now...and I still haven't forgotten the creature of my dreams.

My Experience


Hi, My name is Terena and I'm a divorced 43 yr. old mother of two.
When I was around 8yrs old, my mother and I were living in a singlewide mobile home.  We bought it new.   About 4 months after living there, we started hearing noises in unoccupied rooms of the house.
If we were in the living room, we could hear noises in the bathroom.  I.E.:  Water running, cabinets opening, movements.  If we were in our bedrooms, we would hear the same type sounds from the kitchen.
One night I was sitting on the couch doing my homework. My mother was in her room.  Our front door wasn't locked but it was closed securely.  Suddenly, the door opened by it self, slowly.
Of course, I sat there, terrified.  I got mom and she checked everything. No wind, nothing outside.
Approximately a  month later I started hearing a female voice in other rooms.  One night I saw a woman in a pink dress, pre-Victorian era. Her hair was up in an elaborate style.  It was dark in the bedroom, but the moonlight was coming in and I could see her clearly.  She smiled at me.
Then she vanished.  We called a minister who said he detected the presence of a spirit, but not a bad spirit. He performed some type of ritual (I was too young to remember) and told us to touch the walls and say : This is my house, I love it, spirits be gone."
This didn't seem to affect the ghost at all.  She was considerate and did not try to do anything bad.
One evening, my cousin and I were playing in my mothers room.  She had a wooden jewelry box that played music when the bottom drawer was opened.  My cousin and I heard a noise and looked at the box.  Slowly the drawer was opening by itself.  It opened jerkily, and then the music started playing.  We screamed and ran to the living room to get my mom. We were both crying and upset.
Shortly after that, the female ghost started making sounds like she was crying. Before she used to laugh or talk in a low voice. Never to me, but in other rooms.  She stayed and cried for two days after she had scared my cousin and myself.  After that, we never heard or saw her again

My Experience and other Stuff

By: anonymous
 I'm very interested in knowing if I may share many encounters that my
parents, my friends, and myself have witness to.  I also would love to give
you many of my conspiracy theories and stories that I've heard and seen.
I'm twenty-four years old and over most of my life I've fallen witness to
many things and events that most people would only experience once in their
lifetime or see in a movie.  Don't get me wrong I don't believe I'm a
magnet to the unknown or the supernatural. But man, I do unintentionally
bump in to it every now and then.  Let me give you a briefing of the things
I've heard and seen.  For starters my father was an (hush-hush) agent in
the airforce during the  Rosewell deal and he saw things that a young man
(during the late 1940s or early 1950s) should have never seen.  I know what
you're thinking that my dad's pretty old by now but hey what can I say my
mom is a freak she digs older, much older men.  Anyways that's totally
besides the point.  Oh yea, as for my mom, she was born in a little town in
Mexico, very infamous for it's early witchhunt trials, crazy witches,
spooky (yet weirdly peaceful) cemetery and paranormal sightings.  The deal
with this town is that I've seen freaked-out-hair turning white stuff that
gave me insomnia for three in half years.  When I got back to sleep again
and would sleep walk and talk alot but I mean a whole lot.  Being born half
Mexican, my race and  household are very superstitious. If people would
walk or talk in one's sleep, they're gifted in sense with the paranormal or
just plain CRA-ZY.  I've been told that it's both.  In my opinion, sleep
actions (that's what I'll call it for now) happens to everyone but to
others it happens more often than normal.   Well back to the little town,
I've taken a few of my friends there and each had their own unusual
experiences in my great-grandmother's house and in the town itself.   At
first it scared the bleep out of them but those freaks still go back on
their own and stay at the local hotel.  Well I really don't want to bore
you, if I am in fact doing so, but if you're interested let me know.  I
would love to share many stories and my conclusive theories of many famous
world-known stories to you.  Oh yea and if you do decide I would really
appreciate if you would not use my real name.  You see I promised my dad
(the former United States Government Airforce Agent) that if I would ever
tell his tales that I wouldn't say his name.  We have different last names
but still I promised him and I would appreciate it if you would honor that.
 I almost forgot to mention that I live in a border city next to Mexico and
I really hope I can be of some good asset to you there's so many Mexican
folklore.  I can also say that living here we heard and some even witness
many body possessed excorcisms and witchcraft rituals.  Please contact me,
thank you.



This is a story of my dad when he was growing up in Mass.  Here goes

One Saturday Afternoon as my father was sitting home waiting for his parents
to get home from grocery shopping he heard what sounded like someone coming
up the back steps.  He thought nothing of it as he thought his parents were
coming home from grocery shopping.  He walked over to the back door and told
his mother that he was on his way down to help with the stuff, he got no
response!!!  He closed the door and though nothing of it.  As he went to the
living room to watch television he heard a knock at the back door.  When he
opened it a flash of light appeared before him and then disappeared.   He
slammed the door and ran down the front steps and waited outside for his
parents to come home.

The Running Children


Some years ago, a friend of mine from college told me of a house that she shared with her mother and sister. It seems that one evening, just a few months after they moved in, they had started hearing noises, as if someone were trying to get in through the window. Well, being that it was three women alone, they were scared even though my friend was very capable of taking care of herself (she'd kept a Louisville slugger by her bed since she was a teenager).
Nevertheless, they contacted the police and had them come out and check the grounds. They came and found no signs of a trespasser. Thinking they had nothing more than some overreacting females, the police went on their way. Two nights later, again, just as they were going to sleep, my friend heard a scream and then the sound of barefoot running down the hall. She grabbed her bat and raced to the hallway only to find her mother and sister standing by their doors, each looking for the source of the commotion.. The hall light was off and when they turned it on only to find the window at the end of the hallway opened. On closer inspection, they noticed no sign of forced entry or footprints outside.
This went on for three more weeks, when after much searching in the local library, my friend found the original family that owned the house. It seemed that a man, his wife and their two daughters lived there. One night the parents got a baby-sitter for their girls, both of which were between the ages of five and seven, and went out for the night. At that time there were woods where the current shopping center is and all the property lines ended there. According to what she found in the archives, sometime during the night, an intruder broke in, raped and killed the baby-sitter and from what officials gathered at the time, chased the children to the woods where he killed them.
After somemore searching, my friend found someone who lived in the area since childhood. This person told her that she was not the only one to ask about the children. It seems that families that who had come and gone had experienced the same thing, but, only those whose children were only female. The killer was never caught, and some people had even spoke of seeing two children running at night, dressed in nightgowns, at the shopping center where once were the woods. Needless to say, my friend moved. I often wondered if maybe, these two children are trying to show someone a clue. Problem is, they always vanished when they got to the end of a certain alleyway.

Been There Done That

My whole family basically has experienced paranormal things. It started
with me when I was in my mid teens. I was going to get up one morning
and was thrown down by a spirit (demon) that whispered in my right ear,
" believe in evil for only in evil shall", and I have shut out the rest.
My mother told me to go up to our church, so I did, I stood there at the
bottom of the steps thinking, "there going to lock me up." I'm NOT
CRAZY, this happened, and it also happened to two of my brothers, later
IN A DIFFERENT HOUSE!     One day a man I worked construction in the
past with came up to me and said, "Dave I need to talk to you about
something." What he told me was that what I've described happened to
him. That plus a kettle exploding goulash all over the kitchen. The
night my father was buried, my nephew Ricky was sleeping upstairs, he
was 18. My sister Shari was sleeping(his mother) on the bed across the
room. She told me that Ricky was screaming to get it off me, she
couldn't see anything but knew it was real and started telling it in the
name of Jesus, to leave him. AT THE SAME TIME, downstairs my sister june
on one couch, her 18 year old son Donny across the room on the other
both saw a spinning light in the living room and both heard a voice that
said "KILL THEM ALL!" My sister ran to Donny, and he was afraid his
mother was going to hurt him. I have had several different experiences,
water turning on, an unexplained fire in kitchen, stereo ( including
cassette recorder turning on) three times I've heard footsteps here in
my own home, I've followed them to a dead end room with a shotgun and
nothing. My son who is now 21's bedroom is next to mine, once when he
was 12 something started slamming the floor beneath us like a sledge
hammer, I took the gun downstairs, nothing. As a child, my mother gave
us ouji boards to play with, and she grew up with gypsys and was always
superstitious and reading our palms etc.. I believe it was the ouji that
let these demons in to my family. But then, something i forgot, as a
child of 5 or 6  I saw a ghost, and so did other members of my family in
Onalaska Wisconsin. I saw it (her) standing in the screen door entry of
our home. That house also had water turning on toilets turning on,
footsteps and such. It's been quiet now for a few months, and I pray for

Oak Alley Plantation


As the owner of this page may have already heard, Oak Alley plantation is one of the many haunted plantations in Louisiana.  My 8th grade class went to Oak Alley on a field trip.  I had lived in a haunted house for many years, so I know warning signs when I feel them.  As we were walking up the main staircase, which is the "hot spot" of the house the temperature went from a stuffy hot to a freezing cold.  Some of the students didn't feel the temperature change, but some of the students and I felt it.  Then the employees told us all the stories of their own experiences.  They would hear their names being called.  The temperatures would fluctuate in the house, and a the ghosts of a young boy and a young girl would sometimes be sighted at the top of the stairs.  There is a headless mannequin on the second floor.  When a picture was taken of this mannequin, there was a head on the mannequin's shoulders!!!

Ghost Stories


I have been a believer since I was very young.  Though I have never actually
seen a ghost, I have felt them several times.  The first time I remember
feeling what I believe was a ghost, I was about 19.  My sister and her
husband had just moved into a new house and my other sister and myself spent
the night.  Since they had not fully furnished the house, I had to sleep on
a mattress on the floor in one of the two spare bedrooms.  To fully rule out
a prank let me say this, I had to push my bag against the bedroom door to
keep the dogs from coming into my room because the bedroom door would not
shut all the way.  So to begin my night of hauntings...Sometime in the wee
hours of the morning, say around 3am. or thereabouts, I woke up because I
felt something sit beside me on the bed.   I actually felt something
pressing on the mattress.  At first I thought one of the dogs had come into
the room, but then I remembered my bag against the door.  Before I could
open my eyes to see what it was, it was gone.   I thought I had been
dreaming so I went back to sleep.  After a time had passed, I woke up with
this feeling of someone hovering over me.  My dad is bad to do that when
he's trying to freak me out while I'm sleeping, but he was not there at all.
It was just this sensation of someone hovering over me staring at me.  I was
thinking it must be my sister, but what would she be doing up before
daylight?  To clarify, let me say that I did not open my eyes during this
occurrence.  My thinking was if it was my sister and she wanted me to do
something, I wanted her to think I was still sound asleep and if it was
something else, I didn't want to see it.  After a few minutes, probably more
like a few seconds (it felt like an eternity to me) it went away though I
never heard anyone moving around or moving my bag or anything.  I was to
afraid at this point to risk getting up so I fell asleep praying for
daylight.  Sometime later I woke up with that same hovering feeling.  This
time though I felt whatever it was pressing down on my chest so that I could
hardly breath.  This time I couldn't open my eyes even though I tried, I
could not speak (believe me I tried to scream) and I could not move.  I
started screaming in my head and tried to  jerk myself away and it finally
let go and left.  I just sort of lay there dozing for the rest of the night
afraid to go back to sleep and afraid to open my eyes in case it was
somewhere in the room waiting to pounce again.  When daylight finally came,
I looked around my room to see if anything had been moved, and everything
was as it should be, including my bag pressed against the door.  I was ready
to brush off the experience as a dream or something akin to it.  But when I
went into the kitchen I began (jokingly) telling my sister about it, and she
said that that was strange because around 3am. my brother-in-law woke up and
said he felt like there was someone in the house that shouldn't be.  He just
had this sense that something is not as it should be so he got up to look
around the house, but did not find anything unusual.  The other two bedroom
doors were shut.  I think he must have sensed whatever it was that visited
me.  I know this is getting long but I must say that other strange things
have happened in that room and the wall that connects to that room.
Pictures flying off shelves for no reason, the dogs barking at that door, my
niece when she was very young, before she started talking and walking, used
to stare at that room and laugh or talk gibberish.  One night when I was
there alone dog-sitting, I was playing on the computer and it shut itself
off.  The really scary part is, I think it may have followed me to MY new
house, but I won't get into that now...

Battlefield Missouri


  One evening I was taking a walk through Wilsons Creek National Battlefield.  It was just past sunset on a warm  summers night.  I was already a little terrified being out in the woods alone but the moon was bright so I wasn't that scared.  I heard some talking behind me, I just thought it was some bikers or some other walkers.  Needless to say I was wrong, when I turned around there were 2 civil war soldiers (dressed in gray).  I don't think they noticed me or I was to scared to look back, I'm not forsure which one it was.  But they just kept walking toward me as they were talking to theirselves.  As they got closer that's when I couldn't stand there any longer and I took off running at full speed.  I don't think I have ever ran so fast in my life.  Can you please tell me what kind of ghosts or whatever I came across is.

Early 80's

By: Anonymous
    This happened in the early eighties.  My friends and I loved to hike in Harriman State Park.  This park is located in Upper New York state.  One early winter afternoon, a friend and I were hiking on one of our favorite hikes which led  to a top of a hill.  The view from the top was spectacular.  You could see all of the surrounding area quite clearly esp. since the trees were bare.  We got there and sat down.  We were joking and talking between the two of us.  You know, enjoying the view and the nice winter day.  There was noone around us.  The park was empty because we went there during the week.  All of the sudden, I noticed some movement in the trees directly across from us.  This was across the valley and on the side of the mountain or hill facing us.  It was some distance from us but you could see quite clearly because of the bare trees.  I know that I am spending alot of time on describing the view but I want the reader to understand how easy it was to see that day.  How can I describe what we saw?  It seemed that there were several people walking down a trail with one woman on a horse. They were all wearing Indian-type clothing.  They were dressed for the winter.  You can see the trees very clearly but they seem to  be hazy, almost transparent. They had their heads down as if they were being careful walking down the trail.  They were going down very slowly and deliberate.  The scene if you can believe it kept happening over and over again like some broken down movie reel.  I don´t remember how long we stayed there.  Both of us stood there watching this scene with awe.  We both instinctively understood that  we were watching something that happened a long time ago and it had nothing to do with us.  Later that day, we went to the local library and found that a long time ago, there were a large number of Indians living in the area.  I wanted to share this story because  we were not frightened. We felt honored to be shown this sight but sad too... We felt sad because while we were watching this, we both felt among all the other feelings that we had that day, the group seemed to be tired and lonely. Thank you for letting me share my story on your website.



I have had s few experiences that have stuck with me.  The first was when I
was seventeen.  At about 3:00 a.m one night my dog, Tumbleweeds woke me up
with  loud barking.  He had never barked in the middle of the night that I
could recall.  I came out of my room to see him pacing up and down the
hallway.  In the middle of the hallway ceiling was an opening my Dad had put
in with a ladder that swung down when you pulled on the string.  "Weeds" was
looking up at that door and loudly (the same bark he used for the mailman)
barking at it.  Then he'd whine and run up and down the hallway.  I got
freaked and ran back to bed & under the covers.  Eventually the dog stopped,
but I could hear what sounded like a man's heavy footsteps walking back and
forth above me.  I stayed awake all night unable to move and sweating all
over.  We never did figure out what it was.
The other experiences happened after my son was born.  When he was only a few
months old he'd look up and appear to be seeing something on the wall behind
me and he'd start smiling at the wall.  But there was nothing on the wall,
not even a picture.  I'd get a chill down my spine.  This happened several
times.  Then when he was about six months old I was rocking him as I always
did in a glider chair in his nursery.  One night he woke in the middle of the
night crying.  I came in and started rocking him.  Suddenly I smelled the
strong smell of flowers. (it was the middle of winter and we had no flowers
in the house)  It smelled familiar but I couldn't remember what it was.  My
mother had died a couple of years earlier.  Not long after I smelled a bottle
of her brand of perfume and realized that was the smell I was smelling.
We had a room in our house we called "gramma's room" because when my
husband's parents came they'd stay there.  My parents' (both deceased)
pictures were on display in there and I would show my son the pictures and
explain that my mommy and daddy were in heaven.  He was two and a half when
we flew to my brother's house in Philadelphia for Christmas.  We were sitting
in our seats when my son looked up near the ceiling and pointed and said,
"mommy, that's your mommy".  I looked around thinking maybe there was someone
there but no one was turned so he could see them.  Later, back home, when we
were in "gramma's room", he went to the picture and said, Mommy, I saw your
mommy on the airplane.

Cat Ghosts


We routinely have cat ghost guests in our home.  There have been many
of them of every size, type and color.  All four of us have seen them
and have often found ourselves stepping around them or over them to
avoid tripping  over them.  We have always had conversations like,
"By the way, we have a white, long hair here now."  "Yeah, I saw it
this morning."  We have cats of our own and dogs, too - - but have
only seen cat ghosts during the past 18 years.  They don't stay too
long and we are not continually 'visited' - but it is not unusual to
have at least one.
In our previous house we had only one ghost - a human male, rather
short, dressed all in black with a wide-rimmed black hat.  He would
lock and unlock doors; I can't begin to tell you how many times I
would come downstairs in the morning to find the front door standing
open -  the same door that I had locked, & deadbolted just before
going to bed the night before.  He would turn on lights; we had the
old push-button type lights for the stairway ceiling light - - while
we were all sitting in the livingroom we would hear the snap of the
light button being depressed and, sure enough, the lights would be
on!!  He would take things;  there was a closet in the diningroom
that was under the stairway to the upstairs.  This closet was ALWAYS
cold - even on the 90+ degree days of summer.  When we moved out we
found a stash of "lost" items way in the back, under the bottom step.
He somehow made my children ill; ear infection after ear infection,
bacterial spinal meningitis, bronchitis - - continually.  I could
feel him standing behind me and if I would turn quickly I would see
him as he lowered his face so I would not see it.  We talked to him
all of the time telling him to "stop it" when he was doing his light
and door tricks; yelling at him to leave the children alone; we told
him he could stay if he wouldn't hurt anyone.......not exactly what I
would do today.  He did not move with us.  I am glad!

Great Grandmother

My true ghost story goes back along time ago. My Great Grandmother was having a dinner party. Her husband was a police man. They had the entire police force over for that dinner party. After the dinner was over my Great Grandmother had told the police force a story about the house they lived in. The story was that a insane killer used to live in the house. His favorite murder wepon was a knife. My Great Grandmother finished her story. Not 10 seconds after the story ended my Great Grandmother was lifted into the air by some unknown force. She was stabbed a number of times then she was dropped. She of course died immediatly. After that story was told a lot of people have died the same way. Most people think that the story unlocked the psycho's  spirit from a cage so that he could kill again, but perhaps we will never know.

Rest In Peace


Hi! I'm Ashlee and I'm 14 years old. Me and my friend Judy
were walking through our town (Calgary,Alberta,Canada) when we heard
someone laughing behind us. We turned around and no one was there. We got
to seven eleven to get some slurpee's and when we walked out we seen two
teen-age boys laughing, the same laugh we heard earlier. We walked over
to them, and in thin air they just disappeared! We got really excited
cause we love spooky stuff like that. We ran back to her house and
grabbed two video camera's and two regular camera's and went back later
on that night. We took pictures and when they came back, developed, there
was strange orb's and heavy mists. We also recorded the two boys ridding
on two skateboards. We went to one of our close friends who happens to be
a paranormal expert and showed her our pictures and the tape. She told us
who the two boys were. At the begining of the school year the two boys
were killed in seven eleven during a robbery. Judy and I aren't the
coolest girls in school, and those two always laughed at us on our way
home. We just want them to rest in peace.



Some time ago I wrote to you and told you about a child's foot print that I
saw in  a very old cemetary in  Oregon.  The cemetary is in a wheatfield,
rural area that is not visited or maintained regularly.  It is off by itself
and has not homes  in sight. You graciously wrote back to me.  I therefore
wanted to tell you that there is now more to the story.
I felt compelled in August to visit the cemetary once more.  I felt once
more, drawn to that area, but would not go by myself.  I had a freind that
came from Idaho and we visited, with our husbands, the site where I had seen
the small footprint in the mud.  This time, however, there was a startling
discovery.  Someone had  dug up the grave.  Next to the open grave site was a
glass top casket and laying next to it was an old world knitted bootie and
skull cap ( obviously  made with love)  and delicate casket hinges and  ro
our  horror, a fragile little rib bone.   The authorities have still not
found who desecrated the grave, but a Lutheran minister reconsecrated the
I believe that for whatever reason, we were led there.
I never plan to go there again and have peace that what needed to be done was
I have a big newspaper write up on the story with pictures.   By the way, the
 6 month old  child died in 1893.

More Paranormal Stuff


I have more stories to tell if you want to know about it that is if you odnt want to know or read it  just dont read it okey hehe.
Anyway one day i think it was like dinner time about 2pm and i was almost falling aslep in my bed when i suddenly got the feeling that someone was close to thinking that it was my brother i looked up at to the right corner of my room where my brother sleeps and i saw a shadow of a little girl walking towards me with her palms like in a giving or recieving position and it or she walkad against me and i swear that it or she walkad right through my body.wierd thats all i got to say and i want to know something else is it possible for a spirit or ghost demon to actualy try to tell you something thrugh a dream?cause ive had really wicked dreams mostly about pain and screaming and ive always fought in my dreams wit someone or something and this thing has always followed my in my dreams and the i have aweked again and the once i fell aslepp again the dream continued right were it started with this same thing person following me and then i have awekened to my surprise and the same moment i awkened the the closet made a boom sound lowdly even aweking my brother i i have heard steps in my room to right beside my bed when no one was there and i have felt watched i dont want to try to contact this spririt because i fear it may be a demon or poltergeist i actually once challenged it and screamed that i would punish it and hurt it in the other world and that i was actually a greater more evil demon that it and since then it has actually stopped to make sounds and things though i stil lget the felling om being watched sometimes.
another thing i have to tell is that one day i was brushing my hair and looking in the mirror and another face was reflected in the mirror instead of my own strange stuff.
thats the  end of my stories to tell i belive this is really wierd im not frightened though this is genuine what im telling.



When I was about 3 when my Great-Grandmother Emmy lou died.  She was always in love with dogs.  When I first moved, I had 2 dogs.  Hazel and Mookie.  When we would go to bed at night, sometimes we would hear a little whisper, as if someone was trying to calm down the dogs.  I thought it was pretty creapy because everyone one would be sleeping.  So one night I decided to go down stairs and see what it was.  When I got down there, my dogs were sitting in the middle of the living room as if someone were petting them.  I didnt hear the voice any more but I felt a presence in the room.  Well I thought I was just tired so I went up stairs and went to bed.  About a month later I heard the living room door open at about midnight.  When I started to walk down stairs I heard the voice again and my dogs were sitting next to eachother as if somthing was there.  I finaly decided to ask my grandmother about all of these happenings, and I was surprised at what she told me.  She said that it was my great-grandmother.  She told me when she was keeping mookie that she would come in and pet him.  Now I listen for her to know that she still visits us.

My Ghostly Stories


This story is my Mom's.  She grew up on a farm in Davisburg, Michigan.  I don't know the history of the house, I have seen the house and can tell it is old from the foundation.  Any way, my Mom was about 9 or 10 years old, and she had just woke up.  It was in the morning, and she didn't want to get out of bed just yet.  So being 9 or 10, she laid on her bed side ways and hung her head down.  She looked under her bed and there he was.  He had red hair and a red shirt and overalls on.  He was just playing under her bed.  Sliding back and forth on the hard wood floors.  My Mom said she wasn't scared, but she left her room very quickly.  My uncle saw the same ghost while growing up.  He says he would walk from the attic to my Mom's room every night.  They would ask Grandma, "Did you see him Mom?"  She never did.
Now, my story.  I have the gift of sight.  I don't know if I have always had it or if I developed it through meditation, but I do know that I have it.  One night,  when I lived at my parents house, it was just my Mom and I home.  I was getting ready to leave for the night, I was about 20 years old.  I had decided to change my shirt.  Well, the laundry room is in my Mom and Dad's bathroom.  I went in to the bathroom, grabbed the shirt I wanted, I had already taken the other shirt off.  I was walking and putting on my new shirt.  Now there is a wall that seperates the living room and dining room.  I was just about to round the corner of the dining room, in to the living room and I looked and there was a silohette of and old lady peering around the corner at me.  I flipped, I ran in to the kitchen and told my Mom.  The thing was  I had to past it to get to my Mom.  When I did, it was very chilly, not freezing, only chilly.  When I told my Mom, she said she gets the creebie jeebies in that spot all the time.
Another story of mine.  One night, I was still living at my parents house, and I had gone to sleep like any other night, around 11 or so.  A thunderstorm had started outside, and like I said, I was sound asleep.  Then all of a sudden, I heard crying, laughing, screaming, yelling, talking and all kinds of commotion.  That is what woke me up.  I just laid there at first, thinking I was still in a dream like state.  Well, I was wide awake.  I heard someone thell me, this is word for word, "We only come to you because there is so much energy in the air."  I thought, oh my god.  Then, a smack on my butt came, now I was lying on my side, and it would be very hard for any one to smack my butt using both hands, as hard as they did .  I just laid there.  Then, i told them, "OK, I have to work early in the morning, could you please stop?"  Almost as soon as the words left my mouth, it stopped.  They haven't  been back since, although I do wish they would come back.  I wasn't afraid, it seemed more like a relaxed panic, if that make sense.
Another of my stories...This happened shortly after my Grandmother, Nan, passed away.  I was lying in bed, just staring at the ceiling.  Trying to relax.  Then out of the blue, I got a kiss on my nose.  A kiss only Nan would give.  I had to feel my nose to see if it was wet.   It scared me, but all I could say was "Thank you."
My stories may not be scary as some.  But scary enough for me.

Never Saw Again


one day i woke up and realised I was late for school my school is across from me so i stay late, so on my way back from school it was dark and i saw a man at this fence and this was the fence that gr.8 put thier locks at the end of the school year so when i got there i said to the man why r u here and he replied that a year ago his son was murdered here when he went to put his look on and he was killed thing is the locker combo was this same day they, also surgeon had to cut off his finger he said where do u live i asked and he replied
"I don't" and dissapered I never did see him again

Personal Ghost Story


Well, if I tell you about it, it will make it real, I guess --
About 20 years ago, my husband and I were looking to purchase a
house.  We looked in the Clarkston/Decatur GA area at
older homes.  We found a small house with a large backyard (which we
were interested in because of my husband's  woodworking business).  Went
there with his Mother, Father, he and I and my daughter Jennifer.  We were
standing in
the back yard talking about where we could put a shop.  I turned
around toward the house and saw a small, elderly
woman standing on the back stoop.  This woman had on an apron and
was wiping her hands on it.  As I looked at her,
she motioned for us to come up to the house.  I turned back around
and told everyone that someone must have
purchased the house and she was waving at us to come up to the back
door.  When we turned back around, she was
gone.  We went up to the house and looked through the kitchen window
-- house was still empty.  My father-in-law then
cleverly suggested that she climbed out a window.  Not possible, the
woman was at least 80 years old, maybe older.
Anyway, my former in-laws and husband thought I was crazy and seeing
I did not know this person so there was no reason for her to appear
to me.  After seeing her though, I no longer wanted
to live in that house.  I really have never had any interest in
seeing a ghost.  But, I have always thought that anything
is possible.  A skeptic, and still one, but I can't believe my mind
made up this person.
Some years later, I went back and asked the current owners if they
had ever seen anything.  They said no.

2 Stories


A couple weeks ago I was walking to the cemetary to visit my old boyfriend, and I was...not sure how far away...but I heard laughter and i saw these 2 little kids one chasing the other and I saw them run over to the pet cemetary part which isn't real far, no one else there and when i got closer no one was there and also...not sure how to explain but they weren't them full selves like a body... seemed shiny like...bbut see, ididn't realize this till a few days later when something made me think of it...?  maybe i was just tired and imagining things?
and there is cold spots on certain parts  like before cemetary starts, where its jsut grass.
last thing,a couple years ago, i was driving in the car with my dad going by the same cemetary and I saw a man with a beard and mustache and he was wearing those dressy suits with the tail in the back hanging down from like they used to wear long time ago or something and I looked  back right away and he was no where in sight and I had my dad drive by again looking but there was nothing.  Sorry i'm not sure how to explain this stuff.  ok I am done  thanks for reading.

The Mannequin


My husband and often take off and go for long rides, never making any plans we just go where we want to. We have seen a lot of pretty country and things we might never have seen had we not gotten off the beaten path. One of our rides this past summer took us to Rexburg Idaho to visit the Flood Museum and the remains of the Teton Dam which crumbled in summer of 1977 flooding Rexburg and destroying homes, businesses and livestock. The residents of Rexburg scrambled up the hill to Ricks College, now BYU Idaho and watched helplessly as the flood waters roared past them. The Museum is located in the basement of the Rexburg Tabernacle which was built in the late 1800s.
My husband and I signed in and began to wander around the museum looking at the pictures and reading first hand accounts from people who had survived the flood. The remainder of the museum was filled with things that had survived the flood. Loving antiques as I do I looked at, touched and enjoyed everything I saw. As we came towards the end of the museum we went into a small room where there were more things displayed that had survived the flood. As I went through the door I noticed immediately to my right a mannequin, dressed as a doctor, with round glasses on his nose, standing in the corner, surrounded by old medical equipment, which made me glad that we have such modern day things now. As soon as I came through that door that mannequin creeped me out and I got the feeling I was being watched. I was completely alone in the room. My husband was in the other room and the curator, an elderly gentleman who had been there when the flood hit, was sitting quietly up front reading a book. As I walked past the mannequin, I noticed that it's eyes were following me. I went back and fourth several times and watched as those eyes followed me. Feeling totally unnerved by then, I hurried back into the other room to see what was taking my husband so long. He was just outside the door looking at some old dental equipment, that made my teeth hurt just to look at them. When I told him about the mannequin, he chuckled and told me it was probably just the light. A few minutes later we both went into the back room and I showed him the mannequin. He looked at the mannequin and said "His eyes aren't following you, its his glasses." He just chuckled again and went to look at some other displays. I was wishing that I had a camera when it dawned on me that I had a disposable camera in my purse. I pulled it out of my purse and took three shots of the mannequin. After taking the first shot I took a couple of steps to my left to see if his eyes would follow me. Then I took a third shot. Satisfied with what I had done I left the room and joined my husband who was making is way back to the front desk. The next day I took the film in to be developed. When I got them back I eagerly opened the package and when I saw the pictures I took of the mannequin, I could clearly see its eyes had indeed followed me. In the first shot, the mannequin was looking towards its right. Then I took a few steps to my left and took the second shot. When I compared the two pictures, I couldn't believe my eyes. In the first picture the mannequin was looking to the right..and in the second picture it was looking right at me...I had only moved a few steps to my left to take the second picture and the mannequin's eyes followed me. In the third picture, the picture was shadowed as though someone had dimmed the lights around me, which nobody had and my flash had worked fine for all the pictures, so I knew it wasn't because of my flash not working. I know something or somebody is down there watching all who come, through the mannequin's eyes...

True Ghost Story


When I was growing up in our home on the east
side, I had always liked playing in the basement
room we called the "Rumpus Room".  My sister hated
to be in the room, she said she felt weird.  The
room was always cold, colder than normal but it
didn't really cause any problems.
One night when I was a senior in high school, my
father had left town on business and I was in the
house alone. It is a very large house and I felt a
bit scared being alone.  I left the kitchen light
on as a sort of night light. I left my bedroom
door open and went to bed.
In the middle of the night I heard footsteps
coming up the basement eyes opened
wide and my heart started pumping.  I was thinking
'Oh My God someone has broken into the house
through the garage or one of the basement windows
and I am going to die.'  I did not say anything
and I did not move. The footsteps reached the top
and then started down the hall to my room. I
watched waiting to see whomever it was that had
broken in. AS the footsteps came closer to the
door I noticed there was no shadow or form in the
hallway. The footsteps stopped at my doorway and
all of a sudden the room went icy cold.  I knew
right away that I was not alone for I could sense
a presence in the room with me. Then a sense of
comfort and ease came over me, I felt that I had
nothing to worry about and it was okay to go to
back to sleep. Then the footsteps left my room and
as they went down the hall to the stairs my room
started to warm up again. The footsteps went down
the stairs and then faded away. I went to sleep
not feeling so frightened anymore.
I had called and talked to my mother the next day
about my experience. She said to me that I must
have heard from the Stevenson boy. I asked her
what she meant by that. She told me that the
family who owned the house before us told her they
had a son who was high school age that had died in
the basement bedroom of an illness. She had sensed
that he was there when we moved in the house. She
told me that he probably sensed my fear of being
alone and had come up to comfort me, she said that
he must like me.
From then on anytime the room became cold or I
felt his presence there I always talked to him. We
moved away in 1983 and I am not sure if the family
who lives there now has felt his presence.

Haunted Townhouse


I used to live in a townhouse that was day i was reading a book in my living room,when  i suddenly saw a little girl around 3 walking towards me.i only saw here with the corner of my eye,then when i totally looked towards here,she dissapeared.

Ghosts that I Have Seen


I have seen ghosts in a very old mansion in Washington state in a small town, Longview. Well there have been alot of sightings by people in Longview like the lady that a psychic said she felt was there and people mostly see ghosts in the ballroom and on the third floor. Those are also where I have seen the ghosts too. The ghosts that are there like to blow out candles and light them when they were just put out. The lady that is at Solo Mountain Mansion likes to light the fireplaces too.Well there are alot of other sightings like the dog on the roof or the man on the third floor. The house used to be a girl's home, then it was a nursing home, then it became the restaurant and the hotel that it is now. Well l'll tell more the next time I write to tell more about the Solo Mountain Mansion and the hauntings. There is also the Solo Mountain Cemetery too.

My Experiece at the Daycare


I would like to share my experience , I am sure what I seen was very real.   In January of 1999 I worked with three russian children who attended the daycare.   Peter who was two years old was in my class and I believe I seen his spirit along  with a few others.    Anyway One evening while driving home I had the strange sensation of  a fire and I got very nervous about my children , I was on  my way to pick them up.     Later that night I heard on the news that three russian children were killed in a fire. Later it was found out that their father murdered all three , set the apartment on fire , then he killed himself in a field not far from the apartment.     I felt so awful and couldn't stop crying.     Soon after I started the opening shift at the daycare  and  several mornings once I opened the daycare up I seen a little boy that I believe to be peter running in the kitchen area and I followed him and he would just disappear.   Also this is six thirty in the  morning and I am the only person in the daycare.    Another time I had several children in our T.V room watching a movie and I heard footsteps out in the hallway and naturally  I thought a parent had come in , And I greeted them and stepped out of the room and looked  down the hallway to find  no one there.   One morning I came in and decided to stay in the front office because I was a little scared to go in the back of the daycare to turn on the lights.  I figured I  would wait till it got a lighter outside then go back.   As soon as I started to sit down  A bright flash of white light flew by the office door.  I wonder if they knew I did not want to go  back  there and did this on purpose.  I figure maybe so.    I only seen what looked  like peter  the one who was in my class .    I seen him a couple of times then did not notice anything connected to him again in the daycare.   I should also mention that I seen the ghost of a lady while talking to one of my friends who worked with me at the daycare.   The ghost lady simply walked by and disappeared.   I couldn't believe my eyes and it happened in broad daylight , close to eight in the morning.   That was the last of any experiences that I have had there.    If you would like email me to comment on my experience.

Mothers Story

my ghost story is not my own, but its my mothers, it happened to my mother when she was a little girl. she was about ten years old she said,
she has told me this story many times through out my life, and before i started to tell you about it i ask her again about it, my mom is now well into her sixties and
was anurse and medical records director for many years, so if you knew her you would know that  she is honest and very straigt forward.
my grandparents lived in the same house for fifty years,
my mother said one mornung  she went  out side to get warder, in those days allot of people had to carry there warder, she had to go almond distance to get the warder,
my mother had a little dog named Scottie, and she had let him as well that morning,
she was coming back almost to the house, and she seen to boys about teenage years walking toward her, they both had huge dogs she said, she said she  run real fast to put her dog Scottie in the house real quick.
she said she was afraid the bigger dogs would jump on her much smaller dog. she went into the house as well,
my mother said she waited on the young men to come up in front of the house,she said they never did,
she went out side to look for them and they was no place to be found,
that night she said she got to thinking about what she had seen,
she started to think about there clothes and there hair cuts, and she said neither the clothes or the hair was of her era.
she said they had on shot paints and there hair was parted in the middle and combed straight to the side.
one of the young boys was blonde and the other boy
was black haired, the blond was much taller than the
black headed boy and he was shorter,
she told me after many years she gave what she had saw that early morning , allot of thought, and she realized what she had seen was not real,there clothes looked to from the twenties and there hair cuts, and she also realized that the dogs was bigger than any real dogs,
but she maintains for forty years  or more that what she seen she seen,
later on my mother married and she had a blond headed son who is tall, and another son who is very black headed, and much shorter,  there names are chuck and Steve, who are grown now,
when i use to stay with my grandmother when i was a child i got uneasy feelings at times , my brother Steve also reported on several different occasions of seeing things and hearing things,he refused to stay
buy his self even after he was grown man,my grandmother also reported seeing thing on the grounds of the house but never in the house.
my grandmother was also another very honest person , who beloved in god very much. who i believe had a gift of seeing things good things, she always was telling me about them. i myself only felt one thing one time, i felt a big gust of warm air hit me in the face , when i was talking on the phone one,
when i was a teenager,but it upset me very much.
the house has been sold a year now, but i can say with all honesties i feel like the house was indeed haunted and especially the land to the house

My Ghost Experience


there is this old cemetary in my city. some graves date back to the 1800s. well i had just gotten back from trick or treating. we got home a little early so my mom thought that it wolud be cool to go to the cemetary. I had heard stories about it so i wanted to. when we got there my ex. boyfriend was walking down that street. we opened the old metal gates to get in. my mom don't believe in ghosts, but she could have swore that she saw a young girl run from a tree tward the gate. we messed around and finally my mom made us go. we were going to chace down my ex. boyfriend and her gas tank was running on empty. her computer thing flashed, fuel level very low so we couldn't. but before we got to the cemetary the fuel level was 50 some miles left, and the fuel level very low only somes on when she has ca.30 miles left. My moms explanation was that when a ghost is near the temperature changes and maybe the gas became smaller (i dont know the word) and the computer thought that there was less gas than there really was. i really dont know but when we left the cemetary her fuel level went back up. that was bizzare.

Strange Events


Ever since I can remember I have been surrounded by ghostly phenomena and
strange happenings. I have lived in a beautiful flat in West London, England
all my life (23 years) and in the same house for nearly all of that time,
except for 3 years which I spent at University. From the age of about 1 my
mother remembers me staring intently at an invisible being in the room, and
as I grew up she recalls that I would talk to persons unknown whilst playing
alone in my bedroom. Strange events begun to take place soon after my 5th or
6th birthday, when I would hear whispering and see human like shadows moving
around my bedroom. I shared a bedroom with my younger sister at the time and
one night vividly stands out in my mind and still scares me today.
My sister had just come out of hospital after a lengthy operation and during
her stay she was given a harlequin style doll. It was made of material and
porcelain and was sewn sitting onto a crescent moon. It seemed like a normal
child's plaything, but that was definitely not the case. My mother hung the
doll from the top of our bedroom window so that it was suspended above a
window ledge. My sister and I both fell asleep in our usual positions my
sister on the lower bunk bed and me on top. Our heads were positioned at the
end nearest to the bedroom door with our feet pointing towards the window.
However, in the early hours of the morning I awoke to find myself turned
completely around in my bunk. I lifted my head and thought how funny it
seemed, when I heard my sister oddly whisper are you facing the other way
to? I said yes and we begun moving our pillows and duvets back to there
usual positions when I suddenly glanced at the window. The harlequin doll
was no longer suspended from the frame of the window or the crescent moon it
was attached to. It was standing on its own accord on the window ledge
moving its head from side to side as if it were 'coming to life and waking
itself up'. My sister suddenly let out a gasp and said can you see that? I
said what? not wanting to scare her to. She replied, "the clown doll is
moving by itself". We both remained motionless watching it in awe for a few
moments before my sister screamed and woke my mum. I turned my head and hid
my face wishing it to go away before my mum came rushing in to check on us.
When we told her to look, the doll was sitting back on its moon perch as
lifeless as it had been when we went to bed.
That was just one incident that has remained in my head for along time and
strangely it was my younger sister who brought it up the other day reminding
me of the event, which I had tried to forget. Maybe we both dreamed it but
now that would be weird in itself!
I have also been harassed by unseen beings for many years and this still
happens today, although it doesn't scare me anymore. I have heard my name
being whispered in my ear so many times I've lost count. I used to freak out
but as I got older I started to ask what it wanted. I never got a reply. It
was just trying to annoy me or scare me which I must admit it did at the
time. I've been thrown out of bed around 6 feet when I was about twelve,
which absolutely freaked me out and on two occasions I have also been shaken
violently in bed, and when I looked up to see what the hell was going on I
have seen a little girl with curly blonde hair and a white Victorian style
dress strangely smiling at me. Both times I have instinctively panicked and
kicked out and both times the apparition has just disappeared.
Recently, my fiancé came to live with me and since her arrival we have both
experienced strange rapping's, smells and even talking whilst alone in the
house (which I may add isn't very old). This morning she told me that last
night she was watching a film in bed while I was fast asleep, when I
apparently started to twitch and mumble. She said that she began stroking my
cheek to calm me down thinking I was perhaps having a bad dream when I
suddenly shot up and raised my fist to her and said "Don't ever do that to
me again, ever!" This is strange because I firstly don't talk in my sleep, I
don't have bad dreams, and it's totally out of character for me to say or do
that especially to her. This shocked her and she also said that I was acting
strange all night, supposedly waking up and staring at her throwing the
duvet around and being generally aggressive. She said that she felt as if
there were someone else in the room with us all night and that I was acting
totally out of character almost as if I were somebody else! (No I'm not
On a separate occasion, we were both talking in the small hours of the night
when we finally decided to go to sleep. I turned over onto my side and
clearly heard a girls voice say "Good Night". I rolled back over to
acknowledge my fiancé and she also turned to look at me, but just said "Did
you hear that". I realised that it wasn't her who said it and we both looked
at each other a little shocked and scared. That morning I took her to work
early and returned to bed before I was due to get up myself. As I undressed
and got back into bed I heard a girl giggling beside me. There was nobody in
the room or the house with me that morning. I was totally shook up and
decided to just get up and go to work early!
Recently stranger events have taken place, but I'll leave those to another
day as I think that I have already written far too much for this page.
Sorry! I hope you too can relate to these incidents. Oh before I finish, I
am visiting a very old mansion in Gloucetershire next weekend, to
investigate alleged poltergeist activity as I am producing a documentary on
ghost hunting. I will let you know if anything happens!!!

My True Ghost Stories


I should tell you, at the risk of sounding crazy, can I put this,
I can sense spirits. OK, so I sound crazy, but I have a doctors not to prove
that I am not. (Jokin) It's hard to explain, it's anything from a feeling
like someone is in the same room with me when no one is to feeling like I
have a giant weight on my chest. It doesn't come on will, I can't make the
feelings come, and it normally happens in places I have never been before,
and later find out have had reported haunting. For my first "story," I should
let you know that I have a really odd memory, meaning I can remember things
and feelings all the way back to when I was three. I have had many arguments
with psychology teachers that this is impossible, that what I remember is
pictures and stories told over time to me, but I have proved it to my family
time and time again. When I was five, my mother and I went and visited one of
her friends in a house that I was scared to go into when we first arrived. I
remember crying, not wanting to go inside, I was just afraid. After going
inside and calming down, I started wondering off in the house. I found my way
upstairs and met a little boy and we played for hours with a red and blue
ball. After a while, my mother came and found me with her friend, we came
down the stairs and at the bottom of the stairs, they asked me what I was
doing, and I told them I was playing with the boy. I said the boys name,
which now I have forgotten, and my mothers friend started crying
hysterically. My mom told me that I couldn't have, and asked me again what I
was doing, I told her again that I was playing with the child with a ball,
and she got mad. I didn't understand, but the next thing I knew, the ball
came bouncing down the stairs. I told them this ball. Turns out the boy had
died in that house, and I ended up playing with him. The ball of coarse, was
his favorite toy, and had been lost for years.  That was the only time I ever
truly saw a spirit. We only visited that house one more time before they tore
it down, I was never allowed to go upstairs on that visit. We never discussed
what happened after the first visit.  Growing up, I never really knew what I
was sensing. It wasn't till my 16th birthday that I finally figured out what
was going on. I was having a party, and it was raining hard, and we were
acting like normal 16 year olds do, when I got the feeling someone else was
there. For some reason, I got the image in my head that my grandfather, who
died years before I was born, was watching me through a window. Not a window
in the room, but a window, if that makes any sense. After that, I realized I
could sense spirits, but never really told anyone. Every once in a while, I
would accidentally say something to friends, bout how I thought the place I
was at the time felt spooky, or say how many spirits I felt. I would either
get blown off, or someone would pipe up and tell me the ghost stories they
had. One of my friends houses were so bad, that I was petrified to go into
certain rooms, almost like a panic attack. The same rooms I went into, I was
later told, their dog would either refuse to go into, or go crazy in them. He
later ran away, and was never seen again. My major "ghost stories" happened
at a movie theater I worked at for three years. The urban legend behind the
theater was, and I really don't believe to be true, that before there was a
theater, it was a housing area. Where the theater stood was a house with twin
daughters. One summer, one of the daughters turned up missing, and in the
fall, when the leaves fell off the trees, she was found hanging in a giant
tree where the bathrooms now stood. Some employees and even customers have
said they have seen a woman hanging in the mirrors in the bathroom.  I never
saw that, but I did have incidents happen in there. I was using the restroom,
and the toilet next to me flushed, no one else was there, I had already
closed the building. I got out as fast as I could, locked the doors behind
me, and the mail slot opened and closed three times infront of me. Faucets in
the restrooms would turn on and off by themselves. One night, I had only one
customer in my last set of movies. I sent my employee home, finished my work,
and waited for her movie to end. She went to the restrooms, and when she came
back out, she was furious. She told me she didn't appreciate my employees
trying to scare her. I asked her what had happened and she told me she heard
this hysterical laughter, but there was no one in there. She thought my
employees had slipped through a janitors door after playing a prank. I told
her my employees had left already, then she said it must have been another
customer, and I agreed with her, knowing that there were no other customers
in the building. I had doors close in the office by themselves, tables and
pens thrown against the wall. I felt hands on my legs while doing office
work, but never really felt like I was in danger. I would turn around to talk
to people I thought had entered my room, but no one would be there.  The only
time I ever felt like I might get hurt, was one night I was closing with and
employee, we were talking, and all of a sudden someone said my name. I knew
it wasn't him, cause I was looking at him when it happened. We walked out
into the lobby to see if someone was there, and the ground began to shake,
almost growl. It felt, evil. We thought it might have been an earthquake,
trying to calm our nerves, but the chandeliers above us weren't swaying, and
they sway with the little earthquakes that no one really feels. There was no
earthquake that night, and till this day, I can 't explain it. (I live south
of seattle by the way) Other people had stories there, one person was
cleaning the carpet by theater two doors after a movie had let out. He said
there was a little girl skipping and humming around him, he asked her where
her parents were, and she just kept on skipping and humming. He looked into
the theater he was cleaning infront of, but no one was there. He turned back
around, and the little girl was gone, but he could still hear her skipping
and humming around him. He only lasted at the theater for another week.
Another person was checking the exit doors at the end of the night, and when
he walked down the theater to the doors, there was no one in there, but when
he walked back, he said there were three people sitting in the auditorium. He
didn't know what else to do, but to ask them to leave. They did, the got up
and walked through the wall. The theater originally had one giant auditorium
that was later divided into two. The wall they walked through was the
dividing wall. He also said that the three were dressed funny, like in old
clothes. I have tons of other stories, but this letter is already getting to
long. The theater name is the Tacoma Mall Twin, in Tacoma, WA. If you want
their number, so you can verify some of the stories, I can E-mail it to you.
I haven't worked there for a year, but I am sure the spirits are still
active. Thanks for letting me talk.

Unexplained Experiences

In May of this yr i got a job with a company that has tour buses...they had a very nice building, offices and a hugh garage.( 10,000 sq ft ). the garage being very large and spacious, housed up to 5 tour buses...i was workin nights there in the office that was attached to the garage..i was warned a head of time that the buses made weird noises in settling sounds, air brakes, tickings...normal things a vehicle does after running along period of time. It didnt take long that i learned these sounds and got use to them.  But the were other sounds in that garage that the buses didnt make..these sounds were there when the buses were all out on tours and the garage was empty. There are so many incidents i dont know where to start..the 1st incident happen when i was alone and in my office..there are two big over head doors in the garage that are side by side with a normal door between them... I was in the office talking to my boyfriend on the phone when this loud thunderous banging noise was like some1 was beating on both of those doors at the same time and it went on for about 2-3 was so loud i could barely hear him on the phone..My boyfriend knowing  i was there alone and was goin to be there till 3am..decided that someone was messing with me and he was coming up there.  When he got there the noise had stopped...we hung out to about midnight he was tired and in a corner in the garage was a futon bed put there for any of the drivers to take a quick nap on....he went out ther to take a nap till i got off work..he had been out there about an hour and a half when all of sudden he came running in the office .......and sat down and was staring at me ....the look on his face was ...he was scared... let me tell u my boyfriend is no little man he's 6'2 and 230 lbs and isnt afraid  of any human being... i asked him what was wrong  ...he asked if i was just out there tryin to wake him up  and i said no....he said he was sleepin and someone was saying hello and repeating it...he thought it was me..he turned over and i wasnt there so he sat on the side of the bed and it got right in his face and said hello...he jumped up and said good-bye and came in the office.  i thought he had been dreaming...but he was way to scared...he wouldnt go back out there till i turned on all the lights in the garage..after that happen.. we started hearing things out there...i would sit in the garage smoke a cigarette....and i could hear it moving around it would bang on everything little knocks...but u can feel its energy  glide across the room..almost like a light sweeping... I finally mentioned it to my boss in a joking matter...that there was a ghost in the garage,....he looked at me and said we know....we just wanted u tell us.....bus drivers would tell me and my boyfriend that we had to be nuts.. cuz we  would sometimes sleep out in the garage.. bus drivers  not 1 but several different ones  had said they had heard things ....and  they would never sleep in that garage..but it doesnt always make noise...sometimes u dont hear it for days....we always say that it gets bored and jumps on a bus and takes a trip....they have a basketball hoop in the garage...1 day the basketball disappeared....we looked everywhere for it.. then about a week passed we were sitting in the office the door that leads from the office to the garage was was about 6:30 am ...there was me, my boyfriend, his sister and another driver...all of sudden we heard the basketball and my boyfriend looked at each other and said at the same time whos bouncing the basketball and ran in the garage...there was nothing there..not even the ball...the weird part is that no 1 else heard it but me and him and the other 2 were standing in the garage but at the door. and i know what i heard and i know he heard it cuz we said it at the same time... They said they heard nothing. we were amazed.............but almost every1 that comes in there hears son is 16 yrs old and him and my boyfriend were in the garage...when that thunderous banging on the doors started again... we all heard it..they ran out the regular door to see if someone was banging on one was there...and the banging still continued...whatever is out there is not evil or i dont think it is but it can get very upset...  and when it does it will beat on anything it can and will run across the ceiling u can hear the steps ...i could sit here for another hour tellin u about more incidents..but its taking up to much room on ur site..i no longer work for this company but i know people who do...and it is still making its self known there...we just wonder who it is and if we could help them find a peacefull place to rest.

True Ghost Story


    My sister,Lacey, died before I was born but my other sister was alive
but was a baby. Lacey's room was downstairs because she had holes in her
heart and it was hard for her to climb the stairs and if she tried she would
always breath really hard because it took all of her breath just to get up
the stairs.  Before she died Lacey used to stand over my sisters crib and
watch her for hours. She died after her open heart surgrey.  The night after
she died my mom had trouble sleeping so she was up pretty much all of the
night. In the middle of the night she heard foot steps and a loud panting
noise coming up the stairs.  She never looked out of her room to see if she
saw her but still to this day Lacey comes back at 1:30 at night to watch
over my sister's bed while she is sleeping.

Holiday Ghost


About 7 yr,s ago, some friends and I went on holiday to Crete and it was here that I had i totally weird experience that was also witness by my friend.We were on a typical Brithish lad,s holiday, which consisted of drinking followed by drinking,followed by more drinking.Anyway about a week into the vaccation we decided to stay in have just a couple of beer,s and play card,s.
Well after awhile we called it a night and went off to our room,s.In my roomwhich I shared with two others the layout was as follows, there was a main room which had twin bed,s a dressing table and a coffe table.The bed,s where situated against the far wall as you enterd the room, from the bedroom was a small corridor with a door that led to the bathroom and at the end was another small room by the main door into the apartment in which was a pull down sofa bed.So two of us slept in the main room and one in the outter room.After being in bed for some time I just remeber going from fast asleep to wide awake I looked up and saw someone standing in the doorway I remeber not being able to make out any features just the shape of a male about 6ft standing in the doorway,I looked across to the other bed a saw my friend fast asleep so I just assume that its my other friend got up to use the bathroom or something, It did seem a bit odd that he was just stood there but I was tied and just went back to sleep.
Anyway the next night the exact same thing happends I go from fast asleep to wide awake I look up and there again standing in the doorway is the figure I mumble something at it and go back to sleep, at this time I still think that it,s my mate going the bathroom,that was until the next night.
The next night we,re starting to get short of cash ,so decide to stay in the hotel bar,we stayed in the bar untill about 1 a.m then go to bed, I dont know how long I,d been asleep but this night I was awoken by something pushing down from the top of my bed, it was like a green mist the pressure was tremendous I felt like my head was being crushed in a giant,s grip I sat up only to see my friend sitting bolt uprght in bed screaming there,s somebody by the door,I know Isaid I,ve seen it twice already.then my other friend come,s in from the other room shouting who was that. He reakon that he heard the shouting from the other room came to see what was going on and thought that he almost bumped into someone,but then they were gone.
we all sat and talked about it the next day and sat up with camera,s the next night but never saw our night visitor again.

True Scarey Story


I live in a really scary house. We live next to a junk yard. Some of the cars were the cars some people died in. Some of the spirits enter our house, and believe me, we seen them. My sister was in my room (which was hers at the time) reading. She saw something run by that looked like a little girl (it had long hair). So she went into my brother's room (where it had run) to investigate. I the room there was nothing.

Haunting in Good Old Los Angeles


Ever since I was a child, I have simultaneously been drawn to the
supernatural side and scared by it.  The first ghostly encounter I had was
in 4th grade.  I was down in our basement playing with my sisters when this,
well, thing appeared.  The only way to describe it was a filmy, billowy
fabric blowing as though there was wind.  It actually spoke, and said, "Get
out, stay away."  So I did and did.  My sisters did not hear it, but they
saw something.  We had just remodeled the basement, and that was the first
and only time I went down there.
The next occurences were during a period when I was in 5th grade through
11th grade.  This was in a different house than the first event.  I was
continually woken up in the middle of the night and would hear creaking and
see shadows moving down the hall.  This was constant.  There would be
floating orbs in my room, emanating from the closet.  I was never scared by
these, and never saw anything more than shadows and light.  The figures
walking down the hall were of a male shape, but they were just shadows.  I
had friends over and they all witnessed these things and heard creaking and
whatnot.  Perhaps the scariest thing to happen there was I had woken up in
the middle of the night, not knowing what was going on.  Obviously, I am
kinda disoriented seeing as how it was 3 am.  Anywho, my bad was shaking.
Not like a truck is going by and its the vibrations from that.  The bed was
shaking as though there was an earthquake (and this was in Sacramento).  The
only thing shaking in my room was the bed.  It lasted for about a minute or
so, and succeeded in scaring the shit out of me.  That was pretty much the
end of those.
Right before senior year of high school, we moved down to Pasadena.  Nothing
ever happened in the house we bought, even though it was rather old and
Pasadena is a ghostly little town.  I was only there for a year, and then I
moved out to college and the dorms.  My, this is turning out to be a long
story.  Ok, junior year of college, I moved into off-campus housing.  The
way the building was shaped had the first floor as parking, and the
apartments began on the second floor.  I was on the third floor.  Basically,
right when we moved in, things began to happen.  It was mainly centered in
my room (naturally).  My clock would go haywire, the television would turn
itself on and off, I had these bells hanging on the back of my door that
would chime at 3 am almost nightly.  I would switch around the power cords,
thinking that it was an electrical problem, but it still happened.  Right
before senior year, I moved apartments.  I stayed in the same building, but
moved into the apartment directly below the one I was in before.  So, I am
closer to the ground in this one.  The parking garage is below us.  My
roommate had the room that was below my old one, and starting from day one,
things happened.  However, this time it was in the entire apartment.  (We
think it has something to do with the closer proximity to the ground and the
fact that it used to be a cemetary).  Anyways, the same electrical things
would happen.  We would come home and find our faucets turned on.  The
lights would turn themselves on.  It was a rather friendly ghost.  Anytime I
stumbled to get some water, the lights would come on without me doing
anything.  We had two cats that would just stare at things we could not see
and it was as though they were playing with whatever it was.
So, now onto the recent stuff.  I graduated this May and moved into a new
place with a new roommate.  Alright, I am living in this huge community
thing in Los Angeles, that was built in the 1940s.  We are in a townhouse
deal that is two stories.  For the first month or two, nothing happened.
Nothing at all.  Then, one night, I woke up and just felt something.  I
never saw anything, but the room chilled and I knew I was not alone.  These
began to happen nightly.  I would just wake up and sense something.  Then
there started to be physical things.  Once again, there would orbs flying
around and centering by the closet.  I actually felt the being.  It taps me
on the shoulder.  It calls my name out.  It feels as though it climbs into
bed with me.  I wake up and feel it there, turn over, and there are body
indentations as though someone is there.  The bed moves up and down as
though they are breathing.  My cat just stares up at the closet and will not
go in there.  She will not go in my room unless I am up there.  So, I think
I am going crazy.  My boyfriend (at the time) would stay there and he has
felt something in that room.  After he was out of the picture, I had my
roommate spend the night in there.  She woke up around 2 or 3 and had the
crap scared out of her.  She saw things flying around the closet, heard
voices, and felt something grab her.  I felt somewhat vindicated that I am
not going crazy, but still disturbed.  She quickly went back to her room and
will never go in my room alone.  The disturbances are always constant, but
they vary in amounts.  It tapered off for a bit, and just recently picked up

Is it Ghostly?


I believe that my father came to visit us after he passed away!
Every year, after my father and mother moved out of state, they would come
to my house for Christmas.   I have three daughters and my girls called him
"Papa".  From the time these girls were babies my father loved them dearly,
did every thing he could for them.
If he thought the elastic in their cloths was to tight he would cut it.  He
would give them change out of his pocket every time he saw them and would
give them unique coins that he collected.  One morning a couple of weeks
before Christmas, the year my father died, my oldest daughter, who was 17 at
the time, came to me with her hand out.  She said "Mama, look what I found
on my dresser!"  In her had she was holding 2 Susan B. Anthony coins.  I
said yeah where did you find those?   She said "Mama, I dreamed last night
that Papa gave these to me, placed them in my hand, and when I woke up this
morning I found them laying together on my dresser."   I didn't want her to
be frightened and I said well baby do you think that Papa gave them to you?
She said Yes, and I said well that is all that matters, maybe he did.
After that many things began to happen.  I had a large oblong shaped floral
reef hanging over my loveseat, and my daughter use to complain that it
pulled her hair when she sat there.  I didn't do anything about the reef,
and she continued to fuss about it.   Now there is a large door opening that
goes into the dinning room between the love seat and the large corner.  So
when I put up my Christmas tree, it was over in a that corner.  One morning
close to Christmas when I woke up, I was on my way to the kitchen, and when
I came into the living room there propped up on the Christmas tree, was my
reef.   I ask the girls if they moved it, and I ask their father, to which
all of them said no.  I looked to see if it could have fallen off, but this
reef had dried babies breath on it and any time you disturb babies breath it
will fall off.  I looked in front of the love seat there was none, and in
front of the reef that was so neatly propped up right and flowers facing out
on the tree.
I could understand that if it had fallen off the wall it may have either
fallen forward onto the love seat and then into the floor, or slid down and
onto the floor and then could have rolled, but there were still no signs of
dried flowers any where between the sofa or the tree.   Right around that
time my mother came for Christmas, and I was telling her things.  She has
never been someone to believe in ghost or supernatural dealings, but she
smiled and said that she believed that it was my Dad.  I must say that I was
shocked to hear her say this.  My daughter, same one, was standing in the
Dinning room doorway as we were talking and she started looking over her
shoulders from side to side.  Then she started saying "Benjy!"  and again, I
ask her what she was doing, and she said kind of perturbed "Was Benjy just
standing behind me?"   I said "No, why"  She said "Are you sure, because I
felt some one with their arm around me and then pat, I thought he had walked
up behind me."  I said "Carrie, no one walked up behind you, no one that I
saw."  She just looked at us and said "Mama, I swear someone had their arm
around me, I felt it!"  she was getting a little upset, my mother said "It's
all right honey, it was your Papa I think he is here with us."   After that
the back door would open, with no one there, and my girls would say "Papa's
here"  They never thought a thing about it, someone would just walk over and
shut the door.  I had some record albums that I had given my father, and
never remembered getting them back after his death, and my mother doesn't
remember giving them to me.  I found them all laying in the floor of my walk
in closet one day.   I had several old albums up on a high shelf in a box,
and I was trying to figure out how they got in the floor.  My girls all said
that they didn't get them down, weren't even interested in the old things.
I called my mom ask her if she still had them, she said yes.  I ask her if
she would go check, because I just found them in my closet.
Now I don't know if any of this is just something that can be explained, but
it all seemed strange to us.  We never did let it bother us, my girls just
seemed to take it all in stride.  My father was a very loving man, loved
Christmas and my girls.  He and my oldest were very close, and I think that
is why she had so many things happen to her.  I have since moved away from
my house, but my "x" still lives there, so I have no idea if there are still
things happening or not.  My girls still go over there, I guess I will just
have to ask them if Papa still comes to visit?

The Myrtles


My daughter, her husband and a couple of their friends went to the Myrtles
in St. Francisville, Louisiana last year to tour it.
I told her that someday my husband and I were going to come back over there
and stay all night at the Myrtles.  I lived there almost all of my life and
never toured it, past it many times, just never stopped.  I ask her if they
stayed all night and this was what she wrote me back.
No, we did not stay the night we went during the day and we toured
the house and the grounds. Lance and I were standing there and they had
this vase with flowers in it almost dump over then it wobbled and sat up
straight. We both looked at each other and at the same time said did you see
that.  We took pictures of the mirror and there is a few people in them not
real people but you can see them.  Then lance and Adrien were standing on
the front porch and we took a picture of them and there is a girls face in
the glass behind them.. Me and Travis took a picture right there and
nothing.. How's that.


    My house is haunted. I'm your basic decently knowledgeable level headed guy with 2 kids living in suburban America, not a weirdo trying to send you bogus mail- so please hear my story. My wife and I found the perfect house for us and our children about 15 months ago, fell in love with it and moved in right away. It's your normal cutesey upgraded late 50's home with a big beautiful yard surrounded by huge oaks, etc. and just a great place to live except for one thing- it's haunted. Our first night in the place( August 26 of '99) was an evening like any other in a new place. We were unpacked, showered and in bed when I noticed the feeling. I can't honestly say it was a threatening feeling, but more an eerie feeling. It felt as if someone besides my wife and I was there with us in the dark. I brushed it off as the "new place  heebie-jeebies" until my wife said something about it. Our lives carried on though as they always did until the "incidents" began happening. It started out with little things like noises, lights going on and off, windows rattling- stuff that can be rationally explained by attributing it to faulty wiring and windy nights. I could write all the funny stuff off except the feeling. It was as if someone was watching you but you couldn't see them. One day about 6 months ago I was taking a shower and when I got out of the shower, the bathroom sink was running full boar. I found this rather odd seeing as how I never turned it on and wrote it off as me just being tired and forgetting to do so. But about 3 months ago I came home and my wife told me she went to the kitchen and found the same thing: the kitchen sink running and she didn't turn it on. The same day she told me that earlier that day she distinctly heard a child say," Hiiiiiiii" in our living room. this freaked her out because she actually thought it was our infant daughter who was asleep. But this was impossible because she was only 2 weeks old. I knew that day the "incidents" could no longer be written off as logical. I've heard the child too. More recently my wife saw a man standing in our room, went in to see who it was and he was gone. My son awoke crying at 2 am on Monday night saying he saw a boy in his room. That same night ( after my son crawled in bed with me) while feeding the baby in my kids room, my wife saw the man again standing next to my daughters crib. Neither she nor my son will step foot in that room anymore. The presence in this house has yet to manifest itself to me (unless of course you count that shadow you see out of the corner of your eye that disappears as soon as you look towards it). I don't feel threatened by it in the least. I don't know the history of our home but I do know that the corner before our house has claimed a number of lives. A "Dead Mans Corner" if you will. I love this house, but I worry about how the these little incidents are affecting my familys mental state.

Spirit Child

By: Anonymous

     In 1995 my wife and I lived in Fairhope, Alabama, a small town on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. We lived in a very small rental house. It was an old wooden frame house with a metal roof; according to the landlord it had been built sometime in the 1920's.
     That autumn we had begun to seriously discuss having a first child; it seemed like such a huge step at the time. Around the time that we began wanting a child I began to periodically have the feeling that we were not alone in the house any more. While this feeling was not at all unpleasant in a "creepy" sort of way, it was nonetheless distinct.
     One winter evening after dinner, we sat talking about parenthood and this future child of ours. The heater was on, the house was warm and cozy. I was in the bedroom sitting on the bed, my wife was in the living room in a rocking chair. We were talking through a doorway. All at once my wife jumped from her chair, startled, and shouted something that I didn't immediately understand (she had shouted, "I'm freezing!"). At almost the same moment that I saw her jump, before I had time to react, I felt a sudden rush of cold air sweep around my face. It felt as if I was, momentarily, in front of an electric fan that was moving chilled air all around me. Although this rush of cold air lasted only a moment or two it was unmistakable. I could distinctly feel my hair moving across my forehead with the cold breeze. With this rush of air was the same friendly, watchful presence that I had felt before.
   Immediately I jumped up an looked around. Intellectually, I felt compelled to check each window and door. Of course they were closed, I knew they would be. Most of the old windows had been painted shut long before we moved in. Bewildered, my wife and I discussed the incident over and over. She too had felt a sudden coldness around her. The only conclusion that I can come to is that our boy, who is now almost five, wanted to make his presence known.

Life After Death


I have proof of the soul going to heaven. I lost my Nana this summer she was 90. We layed her to rest beneath a Blue Spruce tree which we planted on top of her. 2 pictures were taken, one with myself standing beside the tree wearing my kilt (were Scottish) and a picture of the tree itself. It was this picture that an apparition appears emanating from the top of the tree. Our whole family believe without a doubt that this is our beloved Nana on her final journey. I have had a few experiences with ghosts but alas I will save those for another time !

Know About Ghosts


School hostels is famous for ghost if the school is of course old enough.  And my school was around for about 60 or 70 years i'm not sure now.  And of course, if you think about it in the 60 or 70 years of the hostel exsistence.  Just think about the amount of kids what lived in the hostel.
This story is about my one friend what used to stay in the hostel because they lived a bit far from school.  My school hostel is famous for its ghost or ghosts.  My school is also famous for stealing so the kids in the hostel should lock their closest with an chain and a lock.  My friend told me this story ones or twice.  Here it goes, how she told me.
One night about 7or 8pm, my friend and her friend was sitting on her bed.  The chain on my friend closest becan to move up and down like someone was moving it up and down.  They was of course alone in the room.  And the rooms what they stayed in normally will belong to about 5 or 6 other kids.  There was no one in the room besides them.  They went to get on of the hostel teachers or whatever they are called.  When they came in the room with the Teacher the chains stopped moving.
The hostel is of course famous for things going missing out of lock closets and whereever else.  But my friend experience didnt start or stop there.  One night she woke up and her friend and her decided to used the bathroom.  When they came back from the bathroom.  They saw a little girl what must have been about 8 or 9 years old.  They told me that the girl was of course transparent and the girl dissapeard after a few seconds.
Thats all from what heard from my friend and my friend doesnt stay in the hostel anymore because she moved away to another city.  But she is of course moving back for some reason

No W@y!!!


Hi, again!! This time a have a short story from all my family(I will try to make it short) Once all my uncles and my mom, all of them are four were coming from a village where my grandmother lives, it was a solitary road and they had to stop in a dark place where nothing could be seen. They had to lift the cover of the car (because it was getting hot, The car is a buggy). The person who lifted it was my oldest uncle and the one who puy the light was my oldest aunt and one uncle(with my mom)stayed in the car with all the fruits and things they had. So...when my uncle and aunt entered (remember there was not a soul in the street not even a car it was at like 3:00 am) they closed the door and in the place where the conductor is, that is where my uncle drives, a figure appeared!!! They say, that the figure had a white shirt a black hat and they could not see his face. The figure asked if they could give him a ride. But my uncles said, "Look in the back I have two brothers and full of things and my sister next to me". Well the figure made the cross+ on them at the exact moment my uncle drove away...and when they looked behind NOBODY WAS THERE!!!!! After that they where green! and they didn't talk until they came home. Two of them think it was good or a saint but the other two think it was evil...


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