The Picture


Well I was sitting up one night and I came across your page and I thought that I would send you a story of my own,once when my mom and dad were staying in california with my uncle they had a strange experience, my sister was about five and I hadn't been born yet, they were staying at this old house that my uncle owned and they were sitting at the dinner table one night, they had made a very spicy chili, they were talking about ghosts and things and my uncle told them that he had a ghost well my mom always the skeptic said that she did not believe them, so later that night she heard someone in the kitchen stirring something in a cup, well she just thought that it was my uncle mixing some soda water because he had heartburn, the next morning she asked him about it, he said he didn't know what she was talking about, and my aunt verified his story, that wasn't the only thing either, later in the week she was lying awake iin bed one night and she looked at a picture of christ that was hanging on the wall and all of a sudden it took on a demonic look to it, then she felt a hand on her foot it didn't move or anything but it just rested its hand right on her foot, see my mother is a very strong person and not anything could scare her like this did, thats not all though, later when my other uncle came to stay with us in the house his wife freaked out one day and locked the bathroom door and climbed out the window and came in through the front door, and she looked at my mom and my other aunt and told them that she knew what they were up too and that she could get out of the house if she had too, well my aunt isn't crazy she's a very down to earth person, after that my mother told my dad that she was leaving with or without him. Like I was saying i was sitting up one night and I came across your page, I dont't know if this is just a story my mom told me just to scare me or if its true but I do know that every time we bring it up she gets a scared look on her face.

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My Grandmother?


This is a true story. I have to tell it because I believe anyone else

would think I'm crazy. I have seen a ghost and it scared the hell out of


It all started late one night about 12 o'clock when my dad and I

were sitting in our living room. I was about 5 years old and I was sitting

on my dad's lap while he was relaxing in his favorite recliner. We were

just sitting there watching tv andfrom where we were sitting we were

facing the hallway. All the lights in the house were off and my mother

was in bed. All of the sudden I saw this woman walking through the

hallway. She was wearing a long white gown and she appeared to be almost

floating. I turned to ask my dad if he saw it and he was just staring

down the hallway. I could feel his whole body tense and I could feel the

chills on his arms. Dad turned to me and asked me if I had seen it. I

said yes and I asked who was it. I was starting to get really scared and

dad tried to calm me down by saying that it was probalby my mother. That

figure had turned the corner and we figured that if it were my mother

going into the kitchen that we would see her come back out. Nothing or no

one ever came back through. My dad finally got fed up and got the nerve

to go looking through the house and I went with him because I didn't want

to be left alone. We never found anybody and the next day we asked my

mother if she had been up at any tiem that night and she said no, that

she had slept all through the night. To this day I will always believe

that it was grandmother. I never got to know her because she died before

I was born. But I've seen pictures and although I did not get a real good

look at whatever was in the hallway I will always beleive that it was her.

It still scares me to death just trying to tell the story but I feel it

finally had to be told.

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The Poltergeist

by Chet in CO

I swear that this is true. My entire young life I was the focus of a poltergeist. I am now 32 and nothing has happened for more than 5 years. My earliest memories are of the front door of our very old Pennsylvania farmhouse opening every evening at approximately the same time - around 8:00 PM. It became a natural occurance and when the door unlatched and swung open, someone would say "George's home - go shut the door" and we would just get up and shut it - no big deal. The door unlatched even when the deadbolt was locked. It wasn't until my father replaced the entire front door when I was around 12 that "George" couldn't open the door anymore. Maybe his key wouldn't work. I think this frustrated him into action.

Shortly afterwards, my family was eating Sunday dinner in the kitchen when across the room, in view only to my sister and I, the cupboard opened, a box fell over, and two more stood up. The cupboard just as strangely closed. I can think of no explanation for this and can remember the incident as if it occurred yesterday as can my sister.

Then the mischief seemed to focus on me. One or two really startling incidents stand out, the scariest was one night I was home alone listening to classical music on the stereo (Wagner's "In the Hall of the Mountain King") and talking to my girlfriend. The only light in the room was provided by a kerosene lamp which was in style then. I was telling her about the ghost in the house and laughing it up like it was a joke. As she listened on the other end of the line, the stereo began modulating, going very fast and then very slow making a very eerie sort of music (listen to the music I said was playing sometime and imagine the effect) while at the same time the kerosene lamp began to flicker like a strobe light. I was petrified and my girlfriend was in a panic asking me what was going on. It all came to a peak when the lamp sent up a bright flame that lit up the whole room with a loud "whoosh" and just as suddenly, at the exact same moment, the stereo went back to normal. I sat motionless and silent for a few minutes in a cold sweat, while my girlfriend cried.

I think that was a warning not to make fun of him.

Another inexplicable event was about a year later, I came home from school to grab my golf clubs and run back out to my waiting friends. I ran up to my room but they were gone. My mother had no idea what had happened to them nor did anyone else in my family. Strangely, a few of us remembered my father loaning them to a stranger but the memory felt more like a dream, I don't know if I can explain that part satisfactorily, but we remembered the same details. Well, my father vehemently denied loaning them to anyone and got annoyed with us insisting on our "memory" of the stranger in the dining room borrowing my golf clubs. My clubs remained missing for more than a week. On an uneventful day I came home from school and went up to my room and there were my golf clubs -- in my bed! The club heads were resting on my pillow and the bag was under the blankets right where I sleep! Again my mother was home the entire day and swears that we had no visitors - she accused me of playing a prank on <U>her</U>. (as a note, my room was on the third floor and inaccessible except through the house).

There are many more, the poltergeist followed me to college and from place to place where I've lived all across the country. Things have moved in front of myself and others. Precious things have disappeared and just as mysteriouly reappeared in overly conspicuous places. He even followed me into my first couple of years of marriage.

I don't fear him, but I sure don't laugh at him.

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Someone's Watching


I have two stories to tell you. One was a wonderful ending that made me feel like my family is being watched over. The other, being watched over but not by anyone or thing we want!

The first, one night while I was sleeping, I dreamt that I was in an old dark basement and that it was life or death that I get out. Frantic I finally was able to open a very large door. As I stepped out to the light I heard my daughter calling me from the basement. As I turned I saw her as a baby sitting in her stroller and smilling at me. She was gesturing for me to get her (in reality she was 12 yrs. at the time of the dream). The last thing I wanted was to go back through the door to the basement but I would never leave her there. So back in I went, I held her but I was not able to leave the basement. I clung to her and then I woke.

I was in a sweat, I even woke my husband I was so upset, he told me not to worry that is was only a dream. I could not go back to sleep, I lay there for 20 min. and then got up and went to the bathroom. After leaving the bathroom, still feeling extreamly upset, instead of turning to my bedroom somthing made me go to my daughter's room down the hall. As I opened her bedroom door, the smell of somthing burning almost floored me. I screamed for my husband, we ran in her room looking for a fire but could not find one. We were feeling the wall thinking the fire was behind them. Nothing, but there was no doubt something was buring. Then my husband looked up at the ceiling and said it was the fan. The motor of her overhead fan was burning ( we keep the fans on at night during the summer). We shut the electricity off to assure no further problems. We would take care of it the next day. The funny thing about it was she slept through the whole thing!

The next story is upsetting, still to this day I have to deal with it each working day. I work in an office with my husband in our own business. We rent a second floor storefront in an old town. We have been there for about one and a half years. It started out with my husband calling me from work ( he sometimes would have to work late hours) telling me he felt someone was up there with him. This happend often enough, but I would always tell him to come home. He got use to it, and one time he thought someone looked in on him from the other room. But being a typical male, did not take it seriously. Then one sunday I had to run in and make out some checks I forgot to mail on friday. As soon as I went in I found myself constantly looking down the hall as if expecting to see someone. Sitting at my desk I kept looking up, knowing no one would be there, I just couldn't stop. Then it happened. Someone or thing was standing in front of me breathing very hard, very loud. At first I tried to logically figure it out. When I ruled out anything I could possible think of, the hair on my neck stood up. My hand was shaking uncontrollably when I called my husband up. He called the police on the other line while he kept me on the phone. Of course I knew they wouldn't find anyone but I left the office with them.

Since then I still must go to work, I feel something is there but there has not been another incident. That next morning on monday I talked to what ever it was that frightened me outloud with my husband there. I asked that it not bother me again as I must still work there. I told it, it was a mean thing to do to me. My husband thought it was ammusing. Still working there!

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Haunted Honeymoon


On April 29,1991, on our honeymoon at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka

Springs Ark. we were visited by unearthly beings.

The night turned cold and rainy as a storm which carried tornados

through Wichita and Oklahoma swirled around us in the Govenors Suite.

As kinky as it is my parents came along on the honeymoon and had a

seperate room in the same suite. Their room was about Michaels pub

which they heard the tinkling of ivorys most of the night.

About 1:00 a.m. after a trip to the restroom, and sliding between the

sheets, the room which was air conditioned suddenly turned hot.

Figuring that the humidity rose outside I didnt think much of it. I

turned to snuggle with my husdand when a moan sounded loudly throughout

the room, I looked at my husdand and knew it wasnt him as the sound came

from the upper right side of the room. The hair on the back of my neck

stood straight up and I tried to snuggle closer until my husdand woke up

and started screaming at the top of his lungs and jumping around in the

bed. By this time I was crying and hollering at him to stop as he was

scaring the hell out of me. He finally settled down and kept telling me

everything was alright.

Needless to say at 3:00 a.m. I was up for good watching the weather

channel and drinking diet pepsi. Lee got up not much later than that

and we sat talking about what had happened so early in the morning.

When I asked him what had happened. He sheepishly asked you mean when I

was yelling? He said that there was a person in white standing on your

side of the bed looking down on you. When I started to yell, it


Needless to say, throught this whole mess my parents never heard a


Up and at em' the next morning I told my mom about what had happened and

she said she had seen a young girl dressed in white as well. At the

front desk we asked if the hotel was haunted and the desk clerk said "of

course" We told him out story and come to find out that the Crescent

Hotel has several ghosts is attendance. Of which we were probably

visited by atleast two that night.

Since then we have stayed the night on several different occasions and

nothing note worthy to say happened. I knew of another couple who went

and stayed there and they had experiences themselves. I also know a

friend who worked there as a maid several years ago and she has here

stories as well.

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I'm not sure I'm a believer in ghost or not. But I am a good Catholic and I do believe in the ALMIGHTY and Heaven and hell, So I have an open mind about it. One of my past time is reading about U.S history, So needless to say I've read a lot about the Civil War and the battle of Gettyburg. The last time the family and I went back east to visit my mother-in-law we made a trip to the Gettysburg battle field. We drove to the top of little round top to look at the battle field and down to devils den. As soon as the family and I got out of the car we were struck by this smell of something dead. My daughter made the comment about it and I told her it was most likely a dead dear that the rangers haven't pick up yet. We then drove down to devils den and when we got out of the car the smell was still there. Now there is a famous photo taken at devils den that is called the Snipers Pit, Which shows a soldier lying dead behind a stone wall built between to large boulders. I explaned to my kids that the soldier wasn't killed here but futher away. I had been to Gettysburg a few years before and by using old photos from a book I had found the location. The area is off the beat path so you have to walk through all the over grown brush to get there. As we turn around the back side of this boulder where this poor soul was killed we found a 2 by4 inch Confederate flag plant there. Someone like myself, a civilwar buff must have put it there. So I had the kids stand there next to the flag and I took four pictures. Now the strange part. When had those photos developed all of them came out except the four I took by the Confederate flag. A bright light ran down all four of those pictures right between my kids, like an over exsposer, yet all the other pictures were fine. And the smell? It was there the whole time we were there at that area of of the battlefield it never got stronger or weaken it was just there.........M.C

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The Monk


I have known a number of ghosts over the years, the most recent

visitation was two years ago. I had been in a really stupid accident

six months earlier that compounded a back problem I was born with. I

had been in the super market bagging my groceries when I was struck in

the back with a shopping cart with 240 pounds of water softener salt in

it. A carelous stock boy had loaded it and shoved in in my direction,

letting go of it. The uncontrolled cart struck me at the position of

the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebra, where I also have scoliosis. I now

have spondylolesthesis (A forward displacement of these two vertebra)

along with fractures of the same two vertebra which gives me horendous


I have had a lot of physical therapy, acupuncture, drugs, a heavy

elastic brace (a sports corset, the type worn by professional football

players), and still have trememdous pain. Even months of prayer were of

little effect in causing the pain to subside.

One night in March I lay in bed as usual, I was laying on my left side

facing my east window. This overlooks the back door where there is a

security light that operates with a motion sensor. By this time I was

more than a little ticked because God was not listening to my pleas for

help. I told Him to stop ignoring me and I begged him to send me some

saint to give me some sort of comfort, I even asked to be allowed just

to dream of having healing massage to ease my discomfort even a little.

As I was in a state of half-sleep, the security light came on

iluminating my room. This light caused me to waken fully. At the same

time I felt the mattress move as a weight settled on it directly behind


I turned my head and saw a Buddahist monk approximately 30 to 35 years

of age kneeling there. I noted he was dressed in saffron robes and a

dark red woolen outer wrap. His left arm and shoulder was bare. He had

very closly cropped black hair and even white teeth. His dark, almost

black eyes were briming with feeling, they were the most compasionate

eyes I have ever looked into.

I asked him who he was and what he was doing there. He told me "I am

the Dahali Lama from two times back," and he gave me a Tibetan name I

can't pronounce or spell. He indicated he was a previous incarnation of

the present Dahali lama, two times removed. He said he had come to give

me a healing massage.

That was acceptable to me and I lay my head back down on my pillow and

let him work on me. He knew exactly what part of my spine to work on,

and rubbed, kneaded and massaged my back until I a felt a warm glow

penetrating the whole area. I fell into the most peaceful sleep I had

had in months! In fact, I remained free of pain for well over six


I really wish he would come back as my back is acting up again. Also,

it is really hard to find a healer that makes house calls these days,

and the price (nothing) was so right for an old lady on Social Security!

I did go to the library and looked up references on the Dahali Lamas,

the one I forget the exact number, from two times back died when he was

very young, there was very little information available on him.

There is a Buddahist temple about 2 to 3 miles directly north of my

house, one of about 3 or 4 in the state. Whether this spirit was or is

a guardin of that temple I do not know, I just know he was a wonderful

healer with a gentle touch and he is welcome in my house anytime he

choses to visit!

I have had experiences where something or someone has sat on my bed

before, I was always too afraid to open my eyes and look at them, I

would say a few prayers and they would go away. Next time I will look

to see who or what they are. My guardian angels are there to protect

me, why should I be afraid? --

One of my physical therapist's said: "That proves God is


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Yari's House

by Xavier687@aol.col

I have believed in spirits my whole life and have had many encounters. This is one that I will never forget and pray will never repeat...

I was invited to sleep over my girlfriend Yari's house one night in 12th grade while her parents were away. Her aunt Lisa was watching us and we watched a movie together.

Around 1:30am we all decided to go to bed. Yari was to sleep with her aunt in her parents bedroom and I was going to sleep in Yari's room. She came in, kissed me goodnight, and closed the door. This was around 2:00am. I remember Yari telling me some stories about the hauntings that went on in her room and they distrubed me but I was able to sleep anyway.

I was asleep for about 30 minutes when the door began to open. There in the doorway was a tall figure wearing a white nightgown, like the one Yari was wearing, with long black hair, again same as Yari, but I couldn't see a face because of the moonlight in the room. The figure started to come towards me. I thought it was my girlfriend and I was going to get lucky. The figure reached out its hand to me as I folded my covers over and reached out my hand to pull her, what I thought was my girlfriend, into bed with me.

I went to grab its hand and mine went right through it. The figure was no more then a foot away from me. I looked straight into its face and then it vanished. I screamed, hopped out of bed, and ran into the T.V. room.

Yari and her aunt came running out of her parents room to see what was going on. I told them what happened, naturally her aunt didn't believe me, but Yari with a serious look on her face said "You saw it?!"

They went back to bed after a little while and I stayed up in the T.V. room until 6am and left the house. I never went back into her house again for the remainder of our relationship.

One thing that I constantly think about not noticing earlier was when the figure was walking toward me. The gown never bent where its knees should have bent. I have told this story to countless people and almost all of them said I was crazy, hopefully you won't.

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My Mom's Visit


I have a very true story for you, It happened January of 97. I immigrated

to the states seven years ago. I was born in England and used to attend

Spiritual Churches.

The reason for this, my Mother died when I turned thirteen and I did not

get to say goodbye or tell her I loved her. Just before her passing. my

Mother told me to go and find my natural Father. (I forgot to ask his

name). With help from my family, I got his name and some history.

Where I live, there are none of these Churches, some law thing.

After many years of searching I found my Father, I thought.

We got on real well for a while, then his new wife gave him a choice, me or


He needed his wife and I did not need the proplems.

I was going through the Internet and trying to get some free readings, to

help with this new loss of mine.

Anyway, I wrote off to a few people and kept hoping.

A few days later, I got mail from a well known Lady, who had offered to

help me contact my Mother. (at no charge) This Lady is Internationally

known and very good at what she does. Instead of talking to her through the

Internet, she asked me to call her at home. To which I obliged happily.

We talked for a few minutes and at no time did I give her any details about

my Mom.

I was asked to concentrate and focus on one thing in my home and the Lady

would call for my Mother and ask her to come to us.

I was told to call for my Mother, but a little while later, I was still

having proplems.

The Lady said she would do it for me.

After about two minutes, my Mom was with us. I knew this, because I could

sense her being there. I asked her a few questions and they were answered

for me.

(not through the Lady, directly to me) The Lady then told me my Mothers

name and what she looked like. I was hysterical by now as you could

imagine, not only could I talk with my Mom, I knew she was by my side, in

the same room as me.

We talked some more and then the Lady told me that Mom wanted to talk to me

on my own, without her on the phone. I said no, in case I lost contact with


Then I heard the Lady ask my Mom why she had never gone home to be with


My Moms reply.. Iam so worried for my daughter, I know what she has been

through and I have never wanted to leave her side. I have always been with


This made me cry even more, I felt sad for my Mom. Twenty years of being on

this plane and not going home to meet God.

The Lady told me that I had to tell my Mom to leave and go home and make

peace with God, to be with Him. How could I, I have now got my Mom back, I

was not about to send her away. I would never get to talk to her again.

There was no way I was going to do this. The Lady said I should, but I

could ask for her to return to me, when she had done being with God and

getting peace.

This seemed pretty fair and I felt that Mom was happy about it too.

I asked Mom not to leave when the Lady did, I wanted to spend a little more

time with her and Mom wanted the same thing. I thanked the Lady whole

heartedly and promised I would do as she asked of me.

Mom and I talked for a while, then I told Mom to go home to God, but to

come back to me when she had seen Him and made peace. This broke my heart,

I felt like I was once again losing my Mom. But I knew it was the right

thing to do for her.

I told her again I loved her and missed her so much, Mom told me the same.

When Mom was about to leave, I shouted for her to stop. It was tearing me


Mom, will you hold me one more time, put your arms around me and just hold


Mom came at me and I felt her arms around me. I felt all the love she has

for me and how happy she was to be able to do this. I was so happy, but

still real sad, because I was wishing she was still here in body.

I guess Mom felt this and she held me even tighter, the warmth from her was

over- whelming. I could now feel her face on mine and it felt like she was

wiping my tears with her face, her skin was so soft. Was this really

happening ? as God is my witness, my Mom was really there with me and

holding me with all her might.

I honestly felt everything. Then as Mom was leaving, I felt her hand slide

down my arm, (my hair stood up as this happened- not because I was scared)

then her fingers was holding mine. Then Mom was gone, I love you Mom, I

love you so much, please come back soon. I love you, Goodbye. I felt her

smile and happiness. I love you too baby girl. (what mom called me in her

living years)

Then there was nothing. I walked around with my arms around my body, but it

did not feel the same as when Mom was holding me. The tears falling so

freely and fast.

I hope she does come back, soon. I got to tell her I loved her and I said


I was now happy. Thank you Lady on the Internet, you made my dream come


You are a very special person and I will be eternaly grateful to you. Thank

you for My Angel, My Mom........

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Grandpa's Last Cup of Coffee


My maternal grandmother was a practical, down-to-earth woman, having

been in a subsistence farming family throughout her life. If you didn't

grow it, you didn't eat it. If you couldn't trade for it, you didn't

have it. They grew their own food, butchered hogs and chickens, wore

clothing made of blue homespun and later from feedsacks, made soap from

ashes and rendered lard, made medicines from the plants that grew wild.

There was never time in her life for fantasy or wishful thinking. And

she was religious, having attended the Ozarkian community "meetin'

house" church all her life; she would never 'tell a story'---lying was

seriously evil in her eyes, no matter how small the 'story'. Neverthe-

less, she experienced paranormal phenomena all her life. She took it

in her stride, figuring God was in his heaven, and knew what he was

doing, so it was all right by her. In fact, she considered one parti-

cular experience to be a sort of gift from God...

I tell you all of this to explain why I am so sure her experience was

not a fantasy, or an story made up to make herself feel better. I am

sure that she experienced just what she said she did. She was probably

the most pragmatic and trustworthy person I have ever known.

I heard her tell this story to my mother, her daughter. She didn't hide

it, nor did she broadcast it. I made sure to be unobtrusive, because

as a youngster(about 12 or 13 at the time), you never knew at what

interesting point in a conversation they might notice you listening,

consider the subject to be unsuitable, and ask you to leave.

Grandma and Grandpa had been married since they were very young--they

had been together all their lives. They were in their 70's,I believe,

when grandpa died.

They had eaten breakfast, then grandpa headed to the front porch like

he always did. Grandma would clean up in the kitchen, make a fresh

pot of coffee, and join him on the front porch to talk and pass the

morning together.

As he left the table, grandma asked grandpa if there was anything else

he wanted. "Just a cup of coffee," was his reply, and he headed through

the small house to the porch. Before he got there, he fell to the floor,

dead. The doctor told grandma there was nothing she could have done: he

was dead before he fell. But grandma still worried.

Of course it was hard for her---she missed him terribly, and felt

bad that she never even got to say a final 'goodbye' or 'I love you'.

But that is not what bothered her the most. She was worried and upset;

for some perverse reason, she couldn't forgive herself for not

fulfilling his final wish--for a cup of coffee. Somehow, to her, that

was a promise to a dying person, and she felt very guilty over not be-

ing able to carry it out. She was a reasonable person, but this nagged

at her night and day. She couldn't shake the feeling that she had done

something unloving and irresponsible.

One night, several months after grandpa's death, she was laying in bed,

going over it all again, wishing she could have somehow given him that

last cup of coffee he wanted, when in he walked. Grandma said she

wasn't frightened at all, but a little startled. She said her first

thought was a sinking feeling that maybe he didn't make it to heaven

all right; he seemed to be able to know what she was thinking, and

assured her all was well, but that he was worried about how she was

worried over the cup of coffee. She said she got out of bed, made a

pot of coffee and took it out to the front porch, where they sat

and talked things out.

She said it seemed they talked for hours and hours, but

eventually, he told her it was time for him to go. Before she even

asked the question, he said, no, he wouldn't be able (or wouldn't be

allowed, I'm not exactly sure which) to come back and visit any more,

but that he would be waiting for her.

She woke the next morning, thinking what a strange, realistic dream she

had had---until she went out to the porch and saw two chairs pulled up


She never worried about that final cup of coffee again.

I believe it happened. I just can't see the woman I described to

you as unstable enough to sit on the porch talking to herself

all night and drinking a pot of coffee out of two cups, can you?

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Watching Me


First of all my parents house was finished the same month I was born, so basically it is a fairly new home. It all started when i was about 14 (I am now 21). I slept like the dead back then, and nothing could wake me, not even my sisters shaking me.

Well for some reason one summer I decided to sleep in the basement, (which is where I usually spent most of my summer days, because it was cooler). Mind you, I was never afraid of the basement, that is untill that summer. I would sleep on the pull-out couch bed, and I usually slept on my right side, so the wet-bar would be located directly behind me. Well, thie first night i slept down there I awoke suddenly, at about 2:00 a.m. and I had this intense feeling of being watched. I could tell, for some unknown reason that this was a male watching me. And "he" had this terrible hatred towards me, at first I couldn't move, most likely parylized by fear. But I could never get up the courage to look behind me, because "he" was just dareing me to turn around, but I knew as soon as I did he would do harm to me.

I don't know why but for the rest of that summer I still slept in the basement, and "he" always showed up at the same time. To this day I refuse to go into the basement alone, and I am the only one that this particular Ghost has bothered. The reason I say that is because my little brother who is 13, has had his own experience in the basement. There is now a pool table on the west side and the couches on the east side of the basement. There is a T.V. that sits directly in the center of the pool table and the couches, and the back of the T.V. faces north. Well, my brother and a few of his friends were playing pool, when they were finished they put the remainder of the balls into the pockets, and sat down to watch T.V. Mind you the pool table is no more than a foot away. When they were done watching T.V. they all got up and proceeded to run upstairs, but my brother noticed something different, all the balls were on the table. None of his friends heard anything, that scared them to death and they all ran outside terrified. But I think this ghost is a friendly one, and was just playing a trick on the boys. There are several other experiences that have gone on in the circle that my parents live in, and all of them in the thier basements, the only solution i can come up with is that the site in which the circle is located used to be a graveyard, that has long since been forgotten. But I still am very sensitive to the paranormal, everywhere I go there are ghosts, whether it by work or home.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. These are both true stories. And I invite any comments.....

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Unusual Phenomena


This isn't a Ghost story, but it is one of some very unusual phenomena,

witnessed by more than just myself and it is all true.

It was Christmas day and we were making the rounds, visiting family

members and exchanging gifts. The last stop was my Grandfather's house.

As my parents played cards with my Grandfather and his second wife, my

brother and I were watching the Television. The news had come on, the

lead story was of a small local store that had burnt down as well as the

home attached. All family members were assumed dead. It wasn't until I

recognized the new telephone booth that I realized that it was our home,

our store that had burnt to the ground.

This was devastating to my family, as we not only lost our home, but the

only source of income as well. I was especially hurt and angry. I took

it personal. The home burning on a holiday, at that time, an insult.

One night, weeks later, as I lay trying to sleep, crying over the death

of our dog, whom we'd had for 9 years, I begged God to allow me to go

back and say goodbye to the home and dog I so dearly loved. I also

insisted that if there were a God, surely He couldn't be that all good

and loving if he took my home on Christmas, I demanded proof of His

existance. Like I said, fifteen years old and really angry.

That night I dreamt that I returned to the store, the door was black and

burnt. As I pushed the door open, it slowly returned to it's pre-fire

appearance. Shiny and new. I made my goodbyes, lingered over family

heirlooms that I sorely missed, held my dog and let her know I loved

her. I left the way I came, pushing the shiny door open and watching it

return to the blackened husk it was when I first approached. (mind you,

in reality there was no door left standing) I felt at peace when I woke

up, feeling as if my wish had been granted. I heard my father yelling

that he smelled smoke and rushing around the apartment trying to find

the source. I assured him that my room was fine and went to the

bathroom. Rubbing my eyes to get the sleep out and trying to retain that

wonderful feeling from the dream, I went and looked in the mirror..where

I had touched my face was covered in soot. I smelled like smoke. My

hands looked as if I had pressed them flat against black ashes. I was in

shock, I walked out of the bathroom and stood in front of my father, who

was now accusing me of causing the smoke smell, just freaked out of my

mind. There was no physical way for me to get to the site of the store

that had burnt, no fires or ashes or anything that had been burnt in the

apartment. My mother came out and saw the soot and black ashes on my

face and hands, so I was not the only person to witness this phenomena.

I explained to her my dream and continued to return to the mirror to see

if this was real. I ended up washing it off, so it was not an

"apparition" or psychosomatic, it was black soot.

For days afterward, everywhere I went, every single person that came

near me complained of the smell of smoke. I couldn't shake it.

Some time after that, when we were digging thru the remains of the home

trying to find something, anything that had survived we found only this;

a bible and the cover to my album, "Jesus Christ Superstar".

I know this isn't a "ghost" story, and it has some pretty serious

religious overtones. Allow me to state that my family has never attended

church and to this day none of us are connected to any organized

religion. But, I do have my answer, my proof and I did get my wish. I

got to say goodbye.

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Williamsburg, Virginia


My story is simple but needs a lot of introduction so please

bare with me. It happened in Williamsburg, Virginia on April 9, 1995 at

a place called Magazine. Part of the reason why I am writing this is to

find someone else who has had experiences at the Magazine. The

building was built in 1715. One of only a hand fool of original

Colonial buildings it is in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg. I lies

directly across the Governors mansion on Main Street. My High School

Choir was visiting the town for the day and being a history buff I had

to see it. I had two friends with me, Joe and Michelle. The buillding

was simple. Three stories with the top story closed off. Each story

only a single room with a spiral staircase connecting them. Out side

the building was a simple wall with a small post for a guard.

I wrote our simple experience in a letter to my current

fiance that night when we got back to our Hotel in Washington D.C. This

is the letter as I wrote it that night after I couldn't sleep. The time

was very early on April 10, but I wrote April 9 since it seemed the same


Dear Buggy, April 9, 1995

Today we went to Williamsburg where William and Mary's

College was built in 1693. Joe, Michelle, and I went into a place

called Magazine that was built in 1715. Joe and I where by the stairs

of the second floor and Michelle was looking at something. Joe and I

heard someone quickly walking up the stairs. The next second Michelle

comes over and Joe and I walk down the spiral stairs so we would be out

of the way of the person coming up the stairs but we never saw anyone.

It wasn't until later in a restaurant that I menchioned it to Joe and he

said that he heard it to. We realized then that we never heard the

walking go back down, and when we got to the first floor there was no

one there nore was there anyone outside.

Last night while I was taking a shower and I heard someone

say a few words inside the bathroom while everyone was asleep. When I

got out of the bathroom Joe had been asleep for a while and took up the

whole bed so I grabbed a pillow and went to go to sleep on the floor. I

could see the light from the hall in the crack of the door and it

started to get smaller and smaller till it got to half it's size. Then

I got really scared and dug my head into my pillow. In the morning I

woke up in my had with the pillow which is not where I fell a sleep. We

are in 404. Ryan ------ is in 406. The night before last he fell a

sleep in a choir and woke up on the other side of the room with a pillow

and blanket. In 408 She an ------- feel asleep on his covers and woke

up in under the blankets even though he had all his clothes on and has

never done anything like that before.

Ich liebe dich,

Dale L. Sheldon

That is the letter that I wrote. It is a little sketchy

because it had to be short. It is written on two small post cards.

Although most people said that it was the heater that I heard in the

shower it's hard for me to say that the is true. I sure sounded like

someone talking to me. At the time the hotel was under heavy

renovations and people where saying that it was going bankrupt and may

be torn down in a few months. I don't know if it is still there. I

can't even remember what it was called anymore. The voice in the

bathroom just seemed so real to me. The shower could have muffled the

sound of the heater so that my imagination went away with me. The light

of the hall may be explained simple because I was so tired and my eyes

where playing tricks on me. Although non of the people who woke up in

different places where they went to sleep had never had such a thing

happen to them before, since they were in a new place you never know.

The main thing that I can't explain was the Magazine building. That was

real. There was no one anywhere when we went down the only stairs going

up to the second floor but there had to be. I hadn't been a second

before that we heard the person walk up the stairs.

I would like to add that I have been very good at saying how

things used to be centuries ago. In Annapolis, there is a building that

I assumed was used to make ships. Now the building is an ice rink and

cafe. A friend and I were saying that the entire area had ounce been

covered by water. We asked the tour guide and we were right. We were

right about a lot of other things to that I am not going to go into

detail about. To me the sound at the Magazine building was made by a

young man of about 25 years of ago. he had dark hair and dark eyes. He

had simple cloths on and was tired but in a hurry to get something. I

have a feeling he never got it, he was shot on the stairs. Maybe he was

an English soldier that ordered to destroy the building but I don't

belive that to be true. I think it was something far more subtle that

no one was ever supposed to find out about and that no one did. He

wants people to know. I have not ready any history about the magazine

other than the date when it was built. If anyone has had any similar

experiences or any experiences at all dealing with the magazine building

I would greatly appreciate then help.

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My Family's Experiences


I am a 30 years old technical professional and like many technical

people, I prefer to explain thing logically, but what I am going to tell

you is beyond any logical explanation. These are my family experience,

not mine.These are the real things.

My family, especially on my father side, has been encountering ghostly

experience over the years and I was told these stories that make me

scared but at the same time I would like to be the one who experienced

them. The descriptions are very short because I don't remember the

details, just the jest of the stories.

1 st encounter (according to my memory)

My grandparents used to live in an old building in Hong Kong, it was

built before the second world war. They moved into this unit in this

building a few years after the war ended (after the japanese invasion of

the land). Like many old building built around the war time, it had long

hallway and dark corners. My aunt (my father's younger sister) told me

they always got this old chill in their bathroom which was very small

compared with western standard. They always felt there was a presence

there, and they never spent more than a few minutes there (even for a


Second encounter:

Another encounter was thi bright light suddenly appeared in the kitchen,

like an explosion. According to what I was told, the light was seen from

one end of the long hallway and the kitchen is on another hallway. It

lasted a second or so, but it was observable. When my grandparents went

inside the kitchen and checked, there was nothing and nobody. The

location of the kitchen was not at a place where bright sunlight would

shine through. The light was certainly not a reflection and more than a

bright light similar to a nuclear explosion, there was no sound.

Third encounter:

But the more scary one would be this crying sound coming out from the

wall at one of the dark corners. At around 12am most nights, the sound

came out from the wall. I forgot whether it was a male or female sound

but it was definitely a human crying sound. My uncle's bed was opposite

to this wall. Surprisingly ,my uncle got angry instead of being scared,

he used to shout at the wall or threw one of his slippers at it, saying

"Shut up" (in Chinese of course), then the sound would stop.

But he got very frustrated doing this almost every night.

Several years after, they moved to another building and again built

around the war time. On one of this Chinese halloween nights, when

families are burning stuff (for-the-dead-money, paper cars and house, it

is a tradition for the deads, hoping the dead ones get them on the other

side) for their love ones on the street, there was one such ceremony

right at the entrance to the building where my grandparents lived.

Around 12am, everyone was retired in their rooms and suddenly, all of

them heard this crying noise of a man running across the long hallway

which ran through the length of the unit , there was windows in the

living room which was one end of the hallway and the other end would be

the balcony. The dog was barking very loudly as this noise was running

from one end to another end. Everyone came out from their rooms which

ran along the length of the hallway.

Fourth Encounter:

This happened to my aunt (my father eldest sister). When she was

preparing dinner in the small kitchen, she suddenly felt a cold chill

coming from her back, she turned and then saw this woman watching her,

like many chinese ghosts (my impression with all stories that I heard),

you can see the face, not fog or just shape, chinese ghosts usually have

very well defined shape, almost like a real person. As an experience

person with this sort of thing, my aunt did not care or respond and

pretended she was not there, it was believed that if you communicate

with the ghost, it will grow attach to you and never leave you alone.

But on one occasion, she got very angry as her cabinet in the kitchen

were opening and closing like crazy, she slammed on the kitchen bench in

frustration and said that she had had enough, the whole thing stopped


I guess my family had a way with ghosts.

Fifth encounter:

In the same place as in encounter four above. While watching TV behind

which was the balcony and where my aunt's dog was, my cousin suddenly

jumped and asked my aunt who the person head was, flying around near the

balcony, the dog was barking at the same time. My cousin was very scared

as he could clearly see the blood was dripping from the neck. The head

was floating around. My aunt did not see it this time but believe my

cousin right away as her family had been encountering ghostly experience

for years. She tried to calm my cousin, but it was a very scary

experience for him.

Sixth encounter:

(Same place as above)

My eldest cousin was sick (he was just a kid at the time)and had been

sleeping in the bed. One day (during the day)when my aunt brought in

some lunch for him, he asked who this boy was and said he was drowning,

he could see this image near the ceiling. The boy was drowning in water

and seemed to be screaming. Without any disbelieving, my aunt asked her

neighbour who was in the apartment building for a long time, about any

prior incident in the neighbourhood. The building was at a very

residential area, not downtown apartment building.

The answer she got was , there was a boy drowned a few year back in the

buiding swimming pool. Well, what else....

I was a kid at this time and spent time in their apartment a lot, but

never once I saw anything, I would say now it is a disappointment for


Seventh Encounter:

My aunt (as above) moved to another buiding with larger living area. I

had been there many times and I did not like it as it was dark even with

a lot of sunlight outside.

One day, as she was doing some dusting around the apartment and was in

her bedroom, she suddenly saw all this fog around the whole apartment, I

would say it was like the Victorian London type of foggy. She smelt this

rodden meat smell,(this was new to her), as she turned back, she saw

this giant pair of hairy feet(just the feet, no upper body or head or

anything), walking across the fog which was very close to the floor.

then suddenly the feet disappeared.

As the smell thing was new to her, she asked my granddad what would that

be as my granddad was the most experienced with this type of thing. His

reply was "Oh, it was just dead people smell", meaning her apartment was


Once again, with all the time I spent there, I saw nothing.

Eighth Encounter:

My mum was visiting Taiwan. She was sleeping soundly in her bedroom in a

hotel, until she was awaken suddenly. She then saw this figure in the

dark with a giant pair of eyes approaching her, she could not identify

whether it was a man or a woman, as she screamed, my dad got up and

turned on the light, nothing there in the room.

Nineth encounter:

At the same place as above. Around 1am, my mum was still up but my dad

was asleep. My mum heard this noise coming from outside the hotel

building, she looked out down from her window, she saw a group of people

outside seemed to be having a party, the noise was so loud, it could

easily be heard even inside the hotel room. My mum, however, could not

figure out whether it was a group of men or women or both, the image was

so VAGUED,even at this short distance.She did not take any notice and

went to bed.

The next morning , she asked the management whether there was a party

outside last night. The management replied there was no party and

certainly not at 1am at night. But the noise was also heard by several

people in the group. Ghosts ?????

Tenth Encounter:

I was visting England with my brother and was staying in one of my

families house, it was a modern house. One night, when I was out and my

brother was alone in the house and was sleeping in his room with the

door completely closed. He suddenly heard footsteps on the stairs. They

were spiral-shaped stairs running all three floors. The footsteps were

clearly heard and were coming from bottom to top floor and was

approching his room on the third floor. My brother thought it was me

(the owner was gone for a trip), so he did not care, suddenly he heard

someone was talking outside his room (the foot steps stopped at the same

time, what he heard was someone speaking in Victorian English, it was

certainly not modern English. my brother recognised that it was not my

voice, he got a little bit scared. He did not open the door to find out.

By the time I came back, I asked him what was wrong as his face was


Once again, I was there for a year on my own, I never heard or

encountered anything.

Finally, Eleven encounter

My brother used to study in a boarding school in the UK. One night, he

was the only one in his domitory (room), suddenly he heard this female

crying noise, it was like she was in pain, a very ugly sound. It sounded

very distance at the beginning but eventually it sounded from somewhere

next to him,like someone whispering at your ear, he got very frightened

and ran.

Thank you for reading this long description of my family encounters.

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The Piggy Ghosts


Hi ,my name is Sharmila, I come from India, a country which is known for

its mystic past. That it one of the reasons I decided to send this story


It was one of my maternal grandfather's hobbies to scare his grandchildren

with TRUE ghost stories. When I was young I listened to them with wide-eyed

respect, but it is just recently that I have stopped believing in them. The

latest story which he told me was so weird, that even U would fall off your

seats laughing.(That was the same thing which I did.)

Grandpa said that when HE was young, he used to live in a village. Once, he

was walking with his friends on a full-moon night, at about (gulp!) 12.00

am when he heard the grunt of a pig.Now, pigs were quite familiar in his

village, so he did not pay much attention. The noises seemed to come from

behind him. But when the noises got a little closer AND louder, he simply

had to turn back.And ooh!!! What a "tooweet" sight! He saw a Mother pig

walking with her piglings behind her.

Now I know U are laughing! Its funny alright, but not the next part.

We all know that a pig may have a majority of about at least 5-8 piglings

no? But this one had Hundreds!! The line of piglings following the mother

did not end! One could go mad counting them.

"Ha ha ha ha.Man its real scary.I don't know if I'll be able to sleep

tonight", saying this I got up to go home, leaving Grandpa in a dejected


I live in Bombay, mind You, not in a village.I was walking home at about

8.00 pm and I decided to take a shortcut through a large, open, deserted

playground.I walked ,and walked and I heard the grunt of pigs.(Oh no!) I

turned my head back to see the same thing my Grandad hed seen about 40

years ago!!!

Please sympathise with me.I'm not joking, I swear. Do U believe me?I'm

always ready for your views on this topic.My address is

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