My grandfather John

I’m 16 yrs old and live in the north suburbs of Chicago Illinois. I've lived in my little town house my whole life and everything has always went alright until I was 10 years old. At this time my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and was losing her memory which meant I had to take care of her. About that time I started to notice weird things happening like, light bulbs would blow out one after another, the T.V would turn on when no one was in the room, things were moved around. I never actually talked to him until the new year of 2000. I stayed up all night with my brother and around midnight I went to my room at around 11:30pm. I sorta crashed out at woke up exactly at midnight. I jumped with a start and started to head down to the living room but before I made it to my door i heard a voice say "I’m sorry". I couldn’t explain what it was. I talked to my mother about and she has noticed the spirit of my grandfather ever since her and my dad moved in, back in 1986. I asked my mom about the history of my family and it had turned out my grandpa had died in the house in 1977 of cancer. through out the past three years I’ve actually talked to him and would give me information to tell my dad. After he told me I’m sorry and I told my mom, everything started to change. Agian, all the light bulbs would blow out, TV goes on so on so forth until I told my dad about it. When I told my dad about it everything went back to normal as if I played a messenger or something. He never tried to hurt me in any way but as I noticed him I started to notice things that belonged to him popping up every where, like personal items, his lighter etc... I still talk to him this day, I still give messages to my father for him and I relized what the massagers were. My grandpa was trying to apologize for the bad childhood my father had. And it's believed that for the rest of my dad's life my grandpa will keep coming back and apologizing for the way he treated my father.

13 years of haunting

I have only shared this with my family so I am little apprehensive to tell my story. I have lived in Vegas my entire life and have never ever experienced fear like this. I grew up on Cabrito dr. on the corner of Flamingo and Lindell.  For 13 years I could never sleep alone or in my room. Strange smells would linger in the house. Earrings, Shoes or anything that had a pair would end up disappearing; I was struck down with terrible ailments from panic attacks (at the age of 5) to severe infections. Lights always turned on and off, my mother was constantly angry and dishes would end up cleaned and put away for no reason. One particular evening when I was 12 years old I heard our the car in our garage star up with the sound of paint cans falling every were, the funny thing was we had no paint cans and the only person who was home was my brother and I , we got so scared that we called my aunt who lived down the street, but all of our emergency phone numbers were off the hook so finally we called 911 and the noises stopped. The worst incident came along when my family went out to dinner when we came home my brothers room was destroyed the comforters had been torn with toothpaste and burn holes all over it  at the same time our dog was barking into the corner of the wall in my bedroom ( which happened all the time). For 13 years my brother and I slept in my parent’s room on the floor out of fear. I constantly told them that something was in our house, but they had invested so much they didn’t want to sell it. The breaking moment came when I was 13 years old and my mother was woken up by scratching along the walls of our hallway at the middle of the night she woke up to find nothing, after that the house turned cold all he time , nothing could fix it, so we finally moved out. To this day I will never set foot near that house because something is there. Since we have moved out there have been several other families to move in. None have them have stayed for more than 3 years. Check it out for yourself. You can feel it from the outside just a vibe that is very unsettling. I haven’t been there in 9 years and will never return.

3 Ghosts

As a little girl we lived in a house that had three Ghost. The first one was in the attic It was a man that had hung himself. When we went to bed you could here his foot steps . The attic set right above our bed room. At night our room grew very cold  and my sisters and I would cuddle close together to keep warm.
The spirit that I remember the most was that of my grandmother, I was about 8 years and my grandma lived with us. We made the library into her room, It was on the main floor  My grandma got very sick I remember how my dad and mom bathed her and how gentle they were as they tried to make my grandma comfortable. My dad spoke softly to my mom as they lifted her on to pillows. My grandma looked at my dad and closed her I for the last time. I remember my dad telling her not to go and to please come back.
It was not long when the rescue squad came and tried to bring her back, but she was gone. My mom comfort my dad as the rescue men put my grandma on the gurney. I remember when everyone was out of the room, one of her arms had fallin off the gurney. I remember going over to my grandma and putting her arm back under the sheet.
It was not until after my grandma's funeral that I woke up and saw my grandma at the foot of my bed. She was so beautiful, all in white, as she flowed . I spoke to her and she brought her finger up to her lips and shook her head to be quiet not to wake my sisters. I watched my grandma as she smiled and turned to walk out of the bed room. I watched as her gown trailed around the corner. She paused at my brothers room and then she was gone. This was the begining of the spirits that I have seen.
When my brother turned 18. My mom and him were not getting along . So he enlisted in the army. While in the service, we lost contact with him for a few months. I started to have a bad feeling I could not explain how I felt to my mom because she was going through something her self. I would wake up thinking of my brother like he was calling me. One night I heard this wind blowing in through the window, And this moaning . I heard foot steps with one leg dragging as it was injured. The spirit was calling my name and I froze I could not move. Tears flowed down my cheek I was very scared. Then the being laid across the foot of my bed. I thought that the spirit would harm me, I felt him pulling at my covers. I prayed that it was almost time for my dad to get up for work. What seemed like hours the alarm of my dads went off and when he turn on the light the spirit left.
When I went down stairs My mom asked me what was wrong and I told her. My mom . when I got home from school. My mom had a phone call from a nurse that was taking care of my brother. He was very sick. He caught bambo poison and could not write because of this. Once the nurse called I didn’t have anymore of the happening until my uncle Judi die, the night he died I felt him in presents.
I have more stories to tell but for now I will close and get back with you again later.
Happy hauntings

A couple odd experiences

My brother and I both experienced some slightly strange experiences in the bedroom we shared as children in our Durham, NH house.  Mine was, one night when I was four or five, something bit my hand.  There was no one else in the home at the time except the babysitter who I could hear on the phone in the living room.  We had no pets at the time.  I was terrified and I still cannot explain it.  My brother, in the same room saw strange lights against the walls even though the curtains were shut and, the house being in a rural area, there were no city lights, car lights that could explain it.  He said he saw the lights often and they were like dancing circles but there was no source for the lights. He told me that once, my cousins were visiting from Vermont and they saw the lights too.  They got excited, scared and my uncle who was harsh came into the room to scold them but he saw the lights too. In the same house, I constantly had nightmares about the kitchen. Mostly about the cabinet doors swinging open and shut but I never experienced this happening while I was awake.  Later we had cats and they would refuse to enter our former bedroom and they would act nervous in the kitchen.

The second experience happened in an old building in Miami, in a section of town called Coral Gables. I was living on the second floor over some stores.  There were a few other apartments on the second floor near mine.  I was going through a very very rough time in my life and I was contemplating suicide. But when I'd be feeling so down and hopeless, there would be a knock at my door.  It was a black woman, older, who would say "I'm your neighbor, I live in the apartment behind you, I didn't sell all my flowers today, would you like some?" I'd take them and offer her money and she would shake her head no, she wouldn't take my money, so I thanked her and felt so good for a few days for that small thoughtful gesture from a stranger in a lonely city.  After this happened a few times, I wanted to show her my appreciation so I baked her a cake at Christmastime.  I went to knock on the door that she indicated was hers but a Latino man opened the door and said he'd been living there for a few years and there was no black lady living there.  I asked everyone I saw in the apartment building if they knew who she was.  Finally one of the neighbors, a Cuban man who had lived there several years, told me an older black lady, a Jamaican woman, used to live in that apartment but she died of cancer several years before I moved in.  I don't know if the kindly visits were spiritual or just the act of a kind stranger, but whoever she was she saved my life.

A few stories

I have a few stories to tell, Mostly just to get it out.  I have carried one of them around for 21 years.  My sister is the only one that knows about it because she was with me and saw what I saw.
In 1975, when I was two years old, my Grandparent's moved from Detroit to Montana and built a beautiful 3 story home on 40 acres of treed property.  It has always been my favorite place to be.  People have always felt strange things in the house and seen things out of the corner of their eyes, but these things can be explained off as anything.  Nobody had ever seen anything until the Summer of 1982.
My Grandparents had moved out of Montana and my mom and dad decided to rent the house.  I was eight and my sister was six.  We had our own bedrooms, but always slept together at night.  One night my parent's were entertaining and we were put to bed at our usual time.  My sister and I would never go to sleep right away, we would just giggle and talk for at least an hour.  The room was dark except for the light from the hallway that was coming through the bedroom door.  We were on the top floor and heard somebody coming up the stairs.  We thought we were getting in trouble for making so much noise so we instantly stopped talking.  The shadow of a man walked into the doorway and stood there.  We could tell that it wasn't my dad so my sister said, "John?"   John was my dad's best friend.  We got no answer from the man standing in our doorway.  He stood there for at least two minutes and my sister and I started to get a little uneasy.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the man started to move towards the closet and because of the light coming from the hallway, we saw what we had been looking at.  A man wearing some kind of a military uniform walked right past our bed and disappeared into the closet, all the while smiling at us.  This man, whoever he had been was not threatening and looked as if he were just saying hello.  We never saw him again and we have held this secret between the two of us for a very long time.  Other things have happened in the house but none were as scary as that.
In 1985, My Aunt who is my mom's youngest sister and only three years older than me, came to live with us.  She brought with her a cassette tape, it was NENA (remember the song 99 red balloons?)  We played that tape all the time.  One day, we were playing it in the living room (this was before stereo remote controls)  In one particular spot on one of the songs the stereo cranked itself up for a few words and then went down again.  We didn't think anything of it.  We just thought something was wrong with the tape.  The next time we were playing it in the living room, on the same exact place on the tape it did it again.  After that, we thought something was strange.  We told my mom about it and of course she didn't believe us.  We told her that we wanted to show her so me, my aunt, my mom, and two cousins sat in front of the stereo and put the tape in on that song.  On the particular spot that had been scaring us, we all sat and watched as the knob on the stereo cranked up and cranked down.  My mom believed us after that. The song was sang in German so we have no ideal what was being said.  Maybe somebody wanted us to hear those particular words for some reason.
My last story is a very recent one (September of 2000)  In 1985 my dad was transferred to Washington for his job and we were raised there.  In 1999, My husband and I decided we wanted a change so we decided to move to Montana since I loved it there so much.  We called my Grandparents and they agreed to rent us the house.  We got there and even though I had told my husband about the occurrences in the house, he didn't believe me.  Everything was quiet for a while until one day we were sitting on the couch watching a movie and we heard a loud noise like, thump, thump, thump like something was falling down the basement stairs.  Our son was only three at the time so my husband and I both panicked and jumped off the couch and ran to the entrance to the basement.  The door was closed.  My husband opened the door and the light was off.  I panicked and ran down the stairs.  Nothing out of the ordinary, my son was still playing in his room and nothing in the basement had been disturbed.  I said to him, "I told you so!" but he still didn't believe me.  A few months went by with little occurrences like things disappearing and reappearing after we had searched for hours.  Noises like somebody walking on the top floor of the house when we were all on the main floor and nobody else was in the house.  My husband always liked to say it was mice but I would always say, "those are some pretty big mice to be making noise like that."  One day, we were paying bills in the office and we heard a noise that I had never heard before and hopefully will never hear again.  It sounded like something (I can't say human or animal) that had been very hurt.  Just this horrible high pitched scream like moan, I can't even describe it.  Our son was with us so we knew it wasn't him.  It sounded like it was coming from outside so the first thing we thought was our dogs.  We went outside and they were both fine.  We looked around the house and in the shed and found nothing out of the ordinary.  We thought it was just a wild animal since we were out in the woods and went back inside.  The minute we got in the house we heard it again.  We ignored it and it happened again about five minutes later.  I was getting frustrated by this time and shouted, "please leave us alone!"  As soon as I said that, we heard thumping upstairs like somebody was running from one side of the house to the other and back again.  It went on for about a minute and then abruptly stopped.  After that, I think my husband was a believer.  But aside from the "soldier" nothing was ever seen.  We moved into a house in town, and my Grandparents rented the house out to some college students.  I often wonder what, if anything, that they are experiencing. I also wonder, what is going on with the house.  My Grandparent's built it.  They were the first ones to live in it and nobody ever died in it.  I sometimes think that the land was some kind of a burial ground or something.  Whatever it is, It isn't trying to hurt anyone.  I think it is only trying to get a message out.

A Lady Visitor

hi me and my family moved to an old cottage a mile and a half out of the town where we lived, when me and my husband went to have a look it was very peaceful the birds was singing and it was a sunny day we decided to take the cottage as we were renting it a couple of days later we took some friends up to see it, we were all in the back garden i turn around and saw a very stern looking woman, she was wearing a grey skirt a very long one with a black top her hair was very tightly done in a bun a few seconds later she was gone, anyway we moved in and was listening to the stereo we turned it off as we had visitors the stereo came on track number two, I didn’t think nothing of it but i was always felt like I wasnt the only one in the house, I met our land lady and the cottage was build in 1939 and was built for her mother swo weather her mother died in that cottage I dont no, as the months went buy nothing happened then one evening i saw the old lady walked though the sitting room, it didnt scare me my younger song wouldn’t sleep in his room, and my bed room I never felt alone in there, one morning i got up and i could smell porridge half way down my stairs then buy the time i got to the bottom it was gone my older son smelt it once, the smell of porridge was nearly always there then one night I was lyed in bed I could feel some one cuddle me that freeked me out I went to sleep woke and could smell lavender, I often could smell hot milk buy my bed, i took sum photos of my dog on my bed an I found orbs buy my pillow, there were bangs of the doors upstairs yet there were no windows open, I went to have a bath one night when I got out I thought my husband had lit the fire but he hadnt I asked him if could smell it he could only vagely smell it, my two boys were in the sitting room watching the television my older son was shouting oh my god oh my god, so I went in thinking what on earths going on and a small picture frame shout off my television scares my boys, a couple of days later it happen again this time to me, my sitting room was always so cold even with the door shut I could always feel a breeze, just before we moved I was in the utility room and I had a strong feeling that I was not alone my kids had taken a photo of me and there was a orb by my head we also found them by my boys, we’ve moved again now,                                  thanks Angie

A Presence in Church

Here is my story...I attened a church in a building that is over 100 years old and is a historical monument in my city of Chatsworth, CA. The church started out as a home for the Methodists, but they had to move to a larger building when their congregation grew. It was then the building was turned into a school. Several years afterward it was abandond, looted, vandalized, and gutted by fire. The local historical society, with the help of Will Rodgers and Dale Evans, had the church moved to its present location and restored. It was just after that, that the Anglican Catholic church I now attend made it there home and have been there for over 25 years.
About 3 years ago the man who was the first pastor of my church died from a long struggle with cancer. I knew him briefly and he attended, along with my current pastor, at my conformation (I was 21 at the time). His grave is next to his beloved church and his widow and grandchildren attend from time to time. After he passed a wake was scheduled. It was in the middle of the week and in the afternoon. I was unable to get the time off of work and was disappointed in not being able to attended.
Several months ago, an old photo was found of him by his widow and she requested that it be added to our "history wall". A special service was held on Sunday, during which the current pastor spoke about him in the sermon and the picture sat on an aisle in the aisle.
Being in the choir I sit in the same pew week after week and use the same hymnal. Just before the second hymn of the service I opened up my hymnal to find the correct page number. Something fell out of the book and fluttered to my lap. It was a card about 2x the size of a business card. Upon retrieving it I was intrigued to find a pretty "painting" of the Virgin Mary on its front. Then I turned it over....on the back was a printing of the 23 psalm in cursive writing. Toward the bottom of it was a message that read "In memory of Father Edward Jones" (not his real name). It was the card they had given to attendants at the wake over 3 years ago! I showed the card to his widow and the current pastor. His widow sighed and related a time about 2 months before when we were preparing small bouquets of flowers to place beside graves of loved ones of the congregation. For some reason, one of the bouquets had a sprig of flowers that were different and was slightly larger than the others which were all basically identical. I had suggested that we save it and use it to place on his grave.  Sorry the story is so long!!!
Thank you

A Teenagers' Story

My Mom was 43 years old when she died of breast cancer. I was only 12 at the time. This past Christmas my dad surprised my sister and I each with a gold ring. We were confused at first and then he went on to tell us that it was part of my moms' engagement ring. Well, I'm 14 now, yea still young and still struggling with her loss. My family didn't go to Church much and my mom always wanted to attend church more then we did. When we sat in the pews I looked at my ring because it reminded me of her. Realize that this ring is pretty lose, I have a small finger. I was sitting in the service and tried to pull the ring off, it wouldn't budge. I somehow managed to pull the ring off and saw that the ring had left a perfect imprint of the outline. It happens every church service.
My mom died in my house, in the chair in living room. Every time I sit in that chair I feel the ring get tighter, in a few minutes I'm able to pull the ring off and see that again a perfect imprint has been left. Even when I'm with my boyfriend I get a cold chill up my spine and pull the ring off only to find that the imprint has been left yet again.
I know your probably thinking that my finger swelled and when it went down the imprint was left, no, it's always at the weirdest moments, either when I'm in church, sitting in the chair, or doing something I'm not. My sister get it too, at the same places. My ring isn't very tight on me, actually it's not tight on me at all but knowing that this was a part of the ring that ment everything to her kinda makes me think that she somehow is trying to reach me or tell me something that I'm still trying to figure out.

A Variety of Spooks

Hi there, I have a few happenings that I’d like to share with you.  I don’t know if these happenings are the work of ghosts or just my imagination playing tricks on me but here goes :
these are not in any particular order, only as i recall them.

I went to a school in Wimbledon called Ricards Lodge. Part of the school was an old lodge that was used as some sort of house years ago. I dont have any history of the school, like how long it has been there etc., but I do know that the lodge is rumored to be haunted, especially one of the classrooms on the top floor called L17 (thats what it is now). As the stories go, the top floor of the lodge was used as a nursery and room L17, a young girl committed suicide by throwing herself from the window.

Anyway, on with my story. After completion of our GCSE exams in 1990 the school threw us a party/awards evening. Bored with the fact that there was no alcohol (even though we were 16) myself and some friends got talking in the main corridor. One of them wanted to have a "quiet chat" with me, about what I can't remember but I know that we walked down the corridor to the Lodge part of the building.

My friend then said she needed to go to the toilet and she walked up the stairs to the toilets to find the door leading to that floor locked, so she went off to the other toilets in the main building while I waited for her. I was sitting on the old creaky stairs that lead to the first floor of the Lodge and I could hear footsteps and the sound of people running about on the floor above me, also childlike giggles. I knew that the door at the top of the stairs was locked and that there was no way anyone was up there. I swear I ran for my life, totally freaked out. I'm glad to say I never once set foot in that school again and was glad to have left.

Another story was of a trip I went on to an old Georgian Mansion in 1986(ish) with my middle school. It was to a place called Stouthall, in Mid Glamorgan in Wales. Before we went there we were told by the older kids that the place was haunted so our first night there was spent staying up spooking our dorm mates out with ghost stories.

Anyway, some of the teachers played pranks on us, one dressing as "the white lady" (who supposedly haunted the top floor on which our dorms were).

As stated the girls dorms were on the very top floor. These were used as a nursery, sick bay and bedrooms for the Georgian inhabitants of this old mansion.

I swear to you, we were laying in our beds in one of the dorms one night and we could hear the sound of childrens footsteps outside and also in the attic above us. A few girls from the dorm next to ours said they heard childrens cries some nights, like children in pain.

No one ever went to the toilets (which were right next door to our dorm) at night on their own.

Outside the mansion were some huts in which we had our social studies lessons (the whole meaning of the trip). We were off on a field trip one day when I'd forgotten to bring my camera along so I asked if I could go and fetch it from our room. That feeling of being watched was overwhelming when I went to my dorm to get my camera and I ran as fast as i could back to the huts.

The whole trip was one big long nightmare for all of us, we were there for 10 days and in that time everyone had nightmares, fell out with everyone else and there was just a general feeling of uneasiness. One of the boys in the dorms below us even went so mad as to threaten to throw himself from his dorm window and had to be coaxed out of doing so by one of the teachers.

Whether this was just a case of mass-hysteria I don't know, but I do know I would NEVER go back there again in a million years.

Where my nan lived I am pretty sure that my dead granddad (who id never met, he died from TB before i was born - possibly in the house, I never asked her) I always felt a strange uneasy feeling upstairs.  If i had to go to the toilet I would bolt up the stairs as quick as I could and then bolt back down the stairs once I’d been, slam the living room door and lean against it so as not to let whatever I sensed was up there into the safety of the living room.  My parents always put this down to childish silliness but I saw my nan on a couple of occasions talking to thin air and smiling at someone I couldn't see.

I witnessed strange goings on in an old school friends house, this house had a granny flat built on the side in which her nan died.  Other school friends had seen her dead nan in there, i refused to enter the flat.  But I saw pictures fall off the walls by themselves and also witnessed a scrunched up piece of paper by the fireplace un-scrunch itself back into its smooth A4 self.

I used to work for a company in Mitcham, Surrey which was situated in the basement of a building which used to be an old house.  The housekeeper who lived in a flat on the top floor had seen a ghost down there many times.  If i was ever alone down there I would always shut all the doors so I felt safer.  If I was ever in the stock room I always had that feeling of being watched and the telephones would ring (all 6 lines) at once on occasion and no one would be there.  BT engineers couldn’t find a reason for that to happen.

Whilst I have never seen a ghose, I believe that I sense them.  I believe that on certain days of the year, anniversaries of someones (my dads, aunts, cousins etc) death, I believe that whoever that anniversary is specific to pops by just to say hello to me.  I sense that there is someone else there with us and my dog goes loopy, growling, barking at nothings and following something invisible around the house.  I also get the feeling of being watched sometimes.  My boyfriend is a skeptic and thinks I’m being silly but I know what I feel and I don’t feel threatened at all.

One thing that did spook me out was when my aunt was in hospital dying of cancer.  She had been in a coma for nearly 2 days and my mum and i went up to say our goodbyes.  My aunts children and their families were all sat down one side of her bed and me and my mum were sat on the other.  My aunt had been in this coma state for nearly two days and had not woken once.  She suddenly lifted herself up, opened her eyes, looked at me and said "Gem i'll be OK".  She died later that night.  Why did she chose to wake up and say that to me and not to her own children or grandchildren?
Well thanks for listening.  Thanks and love the site by the way.

Apartment 770

The following story is something that actually happened to me about 2 years ago. It's a long story, but very true. To this day I remember everything in detail.  I used to live in Colton, California and at the time I was living with my son, at the time he was 3 months old, and his father...Now my EX. Anyway, when I first rented this apartment they wouldn't let me look at it prior to me renting it. I thought nothing of it. Well I went ahead with it and when we were moving in I just got that feeling, you know the one where you get kind of light headed and everything sort of goes in a circle for a moment. Well, that night I remember my son’s father was in the shower and I got this feeling that I was being followed around. But it was a menacing feeling, almost as if something was biting at my heals. I had to sit on the toilet with my 3-month-old while until his father had gotten out of the shower. It continued until I finally told him I had to leave. We stayed at his mom’s house

The apartment had two bedrooms and one bath. You had to go past the second room to get to the master room. For some reason every time I went by the second room I would get that feeling. The hair on the back of my neck would stand on end. At times I would see things, shadows, in the living room and in my room. I just tried to stay put as to not attract attention to myself. I would be in the shower home alone and hear a baby screaming and I would get out and look around and nothing. Well, it continued with us getting a kitten who when I was taking my son to the car ended up electrocuting himself somehow. And we tried to replace him six times and every time each kitten would die somehow. One with a broken back???? I thought for a while it was the maintenance people. One night there was a power outing in the entire complex and I was talking to my neighbor and he said they hadn’t been able to rent the apartment out for seven months after a lady had lived there before us. I don’t know what to make of it.  The night we were moving out the lights in the back room (master) started flickering. I thought it was just me. I asked my ex if he was using his amplifier foe his guitar and he said “no.” So I took him to the back and showed him what was going on. We decided we needed to be out of there before nightfall. We just got the feeling that something bad was going to happen that night. My son’s father has a pentagram tattooed on his arm. Could this have been the culprit? I heard that It is an invitation to “others.” Especially demonic beings and such. Is this true? If anyone can answer this question and give me some info. I’d appreciate it. E-Mail me. I have had no problems but lately my son will cry bloody murder about a monster under his bed and I have been feeling uneasy at times. His father with the pentagram is no longer around.

I hope this time it's complete.

Ashmore Estates

I noticed that your site has a heading for Ashmore Estates just outside Ashmore, Illinois, unfortunately you were not able to provide any information on it.  I have visitied Ashmore Estates on 7 different occasions and have found it to be replete with supernatural activity including the incident that I intend to relate in this letter.  I was curious however to hear what stopped your group from treading this place.  Yes its not so structurally sound and the "No Trespassing" sign out front can be some what formidable deterrents, however my curiosity always gets the best of me in these matters.  Please first understand that I am not a novice to the paranormal or a deluded teenager speaking from "group mentality" or from sheer panic, and that the story I am about to lay out here is real and true in its every word.
On my third trip to Ashmore Estates, after my previous two yielded very little paranormal response I was not expecting to find anything different but in previous cases I have noticed that events seem more likely to happen after a few visits so I decided to give it a shot on Halloween of 2002.  Two close friends and I arrived there an hour before sunset to find the place jumping with paranormal activity including footsteps, voices, and other odd noises.  I usually dismiss such things being some what of a skeptic bordering on cynical when it comes to the supernatural.  After a short foray into the basement things grew somewhat quiet and if you are familiar with Ashmore Estates you know how the floors are divided, anyway, we went up to the floor above the basement which is raised somewhat above ground, this time ascending the stairs on the far side of the building near the broken elevators.  Things remained quiet for a time until I noticed one of the doors leading to the rooms, or as I prefer to say "cells"(considering that’s what they are more akin too) was closed.  I decided to try my hand at the large metal door, as I said my curiosity often gets the better of my good judgment.  Well as soon as I laid my hand on this door things started to get a little bit out of hand.  The noises increased and the voices went from barely audible whispers to in some cases outright screams emanating from the floors above us, and they increased in intensity as we continued to attempt to force the door open.  Finally my friend and I were successful in forcing the door open and when we did it grew eerily silent throughout the building.  We looked in to the "cell" finding it just the same as the rest.  Needless to say we started to move on when the door began to slam open and shut on its hinges, normally I would dismiss this as an act of wind or air currents through the old building, but I swear when that door started slamming, the force of it and the frequency of it, could not have been attributable to any air current that I know of.  Also in that moment a sense of panic and terror gripped me that I have not felt except on one other occasion.  Well we took off down the corridor because hostile and malevolent spirits are not a toy to be played at and as we approached the door leading into the stairwell I remember it being open when we first arrived, it wasn't any more.  I recall thinking in my panic stricken mind that when we reached that door it would not open, and lo and behold all three of us slammed into the door simultaneously and it would not budge.  As the door continued to slam in and out on its hinges just down the main corridor, we waited fearing the next move, and eventually the place seemed to calm itself and we were able to leave back through the way we came unharmed, and without much other event, except on the third floor but that does not bear mention here.  On a side note how ever on fourth trip a little more than a week later as we arrived I stepped from the van and I heard the "click" of a door opening and as we approached the main entrance and looked inside, not only was the temperature 40 degrees less but the previously un-openable door, stood about 3 inches open.
That is my story I hope you enjoyed it, I have many more about many places especially in and around Illinois.  Ashmore Estates however is sort of my pet paranormal spot, I guess.  I have visited it at least 7 times, and it never lets me down, as I have not ran out of there in utter terror any of the times I have gone.  Its unfortunate that you have not gotten a chance to visit it as I highly recommend it, and this coming from a veteran of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and also less renowned Waverly Manor outside of Louisville, KY.  The reason I wrote is I am seeking all the information I can find on Ashmore Estates and the mystery seeming to enshroud its closing.  I have heard many stories I am not sure which I believe though, and I was hoping that perhaps you or your associates would have evidence corroborating some of my own.  I am sure that you are quite busy, but a letter in response would be much appreciated, not only can you reach me at this address ( ) or  Anyway as this letter is longer than I had intended in the first place I will conclude by saying I appreciate the work you are doing and as a student of the occult and paranormal its good to know that there are likeminded people in what seems at times to be a rather lonesome hobby.  Thank you in advance.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

One evening, three of my friends and I were bored.  We decided to go to a local cemetery that is nationally known to be haunted.  The previous day we had gone.  In the day, we walked around, looked at the gravestones and walked back by the pond.  When we entered by the path, the rope that hangs between to stumps to keep trespassers out at night was laying on the ground. We thought nothing of it.  We continued to walk down the path to the cemetery.  When we got there, we as well as the other people there, had to go through a hole in the fence.  There were only a few people there so if anymore came we would have noticed.  When we left to walk down the path again, there were huge logs laying across the path in our way, and the rope was hung back up.  We did not see anyone walk into the cemetery so it was strange.  That was the first day.  The next day we returned at night.  The moon was not out so we had little light.  We walked down the path again.  The four of us reached the fence with the hole in it and fought over who would go in first.  I volunteered.  As is slipped my first leg through, I looked toward the pond.  I saw three pillars of mist hovering over it.  I quickly withdrew my leg, pointed and whispered "Look!"  Silence.  No one said a word.  We all looked at each other and began to run down the path with the feeling of being watched on our backs.  That was all we needed.  We trespassed on the resting grounds of these poor souls and they wanted us out.


another time when I was a young boy ( I am 64 now) I had a dream about being with a bunch of people at a beach when we happened to come across a beached wooden type raft that people swim and dive off of and it was beached on the sand because it was all broken.  in any event in the dream a couple of kids ran over to the raft when hundreds of hornets came from out under of this raft and started biting everyone .  then I  woke up.   Several months later my parents sent me to a YMCA day camp for two weeks in the summer.  on one of those days we went to a beach hardly ever used anymore, there was no one there but us (councilors and bout  ten kids.  from nowhere i remembered my dream and warned  the councs about the bees but only one person took me serious and told all to stay back away from this raft. from about twenty feet he and other people started throw rocks at the raft when hundreds of bees came flying out   it was a frightful experience to say the least

Breaking and entering ghost

Hi my name is Jennifer I'm from TN, this is where this event takes place. It happened when I  was about 7 or 8. It was about 8 or 9 in the morning and I was still in bed but I was just waking up. I was laying there and a very tall man walked up to the edge of my door way and just stood there and look at me for the longest time. I was small then and it's been a while so I don't remember any features except that he was really tall and skinny. He didn't say anything and he didn't move. After a while he left from my doorway and walked into my mother's room and to her side of the bed and stared at her but she was asleep so she doesn't remember. After that he walked out of there and went into the kitchen and knocked something out into the floor and then 'disappeared'. After I was sure he was gone I got up and the outside door was wide opened. This is why I am not sure if I have seen a ghost or if this is a real person because the neighbors would definitely have saw him and reported it to the police or to us. A relative of mine had died in that house a long time ago and my mother tells me that he was really tall and skinny. Nothing was missing from our house either. Why would someone come in and not take anything? Has anyone else experienced a breaking and entering ghost? If you have experienced anything like this please email me! Thank you!


A friend and I decided to check out a supposedly haunted location we had heard rumors about.  This was a huge open field with a cemetery right in the center of it in Bremen, Indiana.  We talked a few other people into riding along and off we went.  The rumors told us that if we parked in front of the cemetery and got out we would see headlights appear and disappear. Sure enough, it happened.  We then decided to cruise around the area and see what else we could find.  I then noticed a car driving down a perpendicular road so i decided to follow it and see where it led me.  We caught up to the car and we were probably about fifty feet from it.  The car then stopped as if it noticed me following it.  We also stopped and watched the car for about thirty seconds.  As we stared at the taillights the car just blinked out of existence.  We drove up to where the car was,  nothing........           I’m stumped.


Hello Dave and Tina, Just wanted to say hi, I went to work the other day  and it was early in the morning. That I felt the presant of something in the room I was in. The place I work is the old Hospital that had been changed into offices and is now the health Dept.
The room that is my office use to be the Morgue  On this day I was the first one in and alone, ( I thought) I walked down the Hall to my to my office, It got extremely cold, A cold that went down to the bone and mad you shever and the hair on the back of your neck came up. When I got to the office I heard foot step and the things being dropped to the floor, When I turned to find out who was here their was not any one there. I sat in my chair at my desk the soap at the sink fell on the floor. when i went to pick it up the papers at my desk moved like I had turned on a fan, they blew off the desk. By the time I picked that up I heard someone in the hallway, Which no one was there. whan I went back to the office my pen  rolled off the desk. By this time I was getting upset. I remember picking up my pen I glanced up to see a figure. I told the being to stop being a pain in the butt and leave me alone. He must of thought that was funny because on the way out he dropped the soap to the floor and blew my papers on the floor again. I call the spirit Bufford. The girls I work with thinks its funny that I have a name for him, well I will let you guys go I really enjoy your input . and I love the pictures everthing about shadowlands, I have lived with ghost all my life and I have some stories that I would like to share with you. I know its been awhile since I have typed and I hope that I can hear from you soon. I would like to tell you more.  But until then Have a great evening . Happy Haunting.  My email is

Cats Return

One night I got a call from the vets office about my cat had a blood clot.  The vet said that my cat was in a lot of pain.  I decided it was best to have my cat uthenized.  On the way to the vets office I cried a lot.  I went into the vets office and filled out my forms.  I watched as they put the liquid into the cat that I had had for seven years.  I watched until he stopped breathing.  After the uthenization of my cat almost every single night when I get up to go to the bathroom I hear something behind me.  When I turn around I see a black and white cat following me.  I stop and turn around and I walkup to touch him but he disappears.

Cole Hall

My freshman year at Bridgewater College (1999) I was employed by the campus to set up sound and other things for events that the College promoted.  On homecoming weekend, the College was having a bonfire and the pep band was entertaining a crowd.  The pep band finished their set, so I was sent along with another guy to go retrieve a cd and some stands and cords from the Cole Hall sound booth.  All the lights were off in Cole Hall because to turn them on you have to get a key to open the closet that has the light switches.  We were too lazy to get the key and neither of us had ever heard anything about a ghost in Cole Hall so we went to get the cd.  Enough light spilled in from the foyer that we could see the stage.  While in the sound booth my friend and I heard distinct sounds coming from behind the stage curtains that resembled sounds you would hear if people were moving props around.  All the lights were off and if anyone were on the stage moving props they would not be able to see what they were doing.  The sounds caught our attention and we looked down at the stage.  When we looked at the stage, there was a man dressed all in white on the stage between the curtains staring up at us.  The sounds stopped but there was definitely someone else in the auditorium with us on the stage.  I took a step out of the sound booth to get a better look and there was no one there but the sounds definitely were.  We hadn’t yet gathered everything to take out to the bonfire so I went to help my friend gather up the stuff we had to get and I looked at the stage again, and he was back.  By now I was pretty freaked since I have had multiple childhood experiences with ghosts and I knew what was going on.  We both got the stuff and quickly left the hall but as we leaving we still saw the man on the stage and we heard the noises as well.  I hadn’t thought much of it until recently, I am a senior now, and I told a friend of mine of my experience.  He thought the part about the guy being dressed in white was interesting because the founder of the college wore a white suit with a little bowtie when he got his picture taken.  This is what encouraged me to share this story with your site.  Many people report seeing this ghost in Cole Hall and I am always a little freaked whenever I go in there, it doesn’t matter what time of the day or how many other people are in there, Cole Hall gives me chills. this happened four years ago
it happened at Bridgewater College

Crazy Ghosts

Hi!  I've been a very spiritual person my whole life.  Ever since I can remember weird things have happened to me.  Throughout my life I've had people tell me that I am a spirit magnet... because wherever I go, abnormal things start to happen.  Well, this experience was one that I will never forget!  It all started a Saturday afternoon when a friend and I decided to go shopping at our local mall.  Of the many things I had boughten that day, the most important thing was a bag of crystals I had picked up.  When the day had ended and I returned to my home, I hurried to my room to look at all of the new things I had gotten.  I pulled out all of my things and put them on my bed... when I was finished looking I remember I left out the crystals so that I could inspect them and see exactly which kinds of crystals were in the bag.  After I inspected them and (counted) them, I put all 18 of my crystals in the bag and set them on top of my dresser.  I was getting a little tired so I retired to bed.  The next morning, I was still a little groggy, but I managed to move myself to the side of the bed and roll off.
Standing up I noticed that right at the foot of my bed there were 3 crystals lying on the floor in a little triangle.  Quickly, I ran to the kitchen where my mother was making coffee and asked her if she or my little sister had been messing around in my room and got into any of my things?  She replied with a simple “no” and that was that.  I raced back to my room freaked out to the max grabbed the bag of crystals off of my dresser and immediately started to count them out.  I figured that if there were 3 crystals on the floor than obviously there had to be only 15 crystals left in my bag from when I had previously counted them.  To my surprise there were 18 crystals still in the bag for sure, and there were an extra three on my floor at the foot of my bed in the shape of a triangle!  Weird... I think so!  I didn't exactly know what to think at the time so I just picked up the crystals and threw them in the bag as well.  The rest of the day was fine, my mother, sister, and I had went to visit my grandma and grandpa.  It was getting late around 7, so we decided to get going.  When we returned to the house, I noticed something under the window of my bedroom... I asked my mom if she could see what it was and she said she didn't know?  I was a little scared to go and check it out so I made her come along with me!  Reaching the window made chills run up my spine... under the window sat three very large sized rocks piled on top of each other.  At this time my mom had realized what was going on by the look on my face... she put 2 & 2 together and figured that something to do with spirts was going on once again!  That night I forced my mom and little sister to sleep in my bed with me because I was so freaked out I couldn't stand it.  I was up all night, and of course no one else in the house was having trouble sleeping!  All of a sudden I started to hear a really disturbing screaming noise... it was coming from our neighbors house (we lived in the country so they were fairly close but in the woods) across the street.  In my head I knew what the screaming sounded like but I wasn't quite for sure.  I had to wake up my mom!  When I woke her up, I told her to listen carefully... I was surprised that she actually did!  After a while she said to me “ ya know that sounds like... pigs getting slaughtered!” I quickly replied, “ I know mom, it really does”
She dropped it like it was nothing and told me to go to sleep and that maybe the neighbors were pig farmers or something.  (Having never met them I couldn't disagree with her statement so I tried to go back to sleep.  So much for that!  Next thing I knew I was seeing little apparitions of pigs!
Yeah PIGS!  I wasn't that scared because I thought that I might just be really scared from the noises that I was making myself see things?  I tried to wake my mom up again but she was dead asleep and snoring!  I shut my eyes and pulled the blankets over my head.  I really needed to get some fresh air after about 5 minutes of being under hot blankets so I took them off of my head and was blown out of my mind to what I saw!  There where shadows of people all over my walls and ceiling, and there were tons of orbs ( what I thought at the time were spirits but I didn't know what they were really called I just figured wow that's really scary it must be ghosts) floating around everywhere!  I started freaking out like I was going crazy... I tried viciously to wake up my mom ... she wouldn't budge!  I just tried to stay focused on waking up my mom and not too much on what was going on around my room!  That didn't work too good because when I laid back down and tried to be really still, something touched me on my arm and then the hair on my head started to get pulled... then from what sounded to be under my bed I heard crying!  A little girl yelled my name... and that was it that did it for me..  I jumped up so fast I don't even think a second went by!  I grabbed my mom by her head and screamed in her ear louder than I ever have in my life!
She woke to me in her face balling my eyes out and she didn't know what to think!  Things were calmer now that she was awake though.  I told her everything that was going on... and I hated it because she couldn't even see the things that were in my room... and they were there the whole time she was awake!  I've learned to live with the fact that I see things that most other people don't... and I guess I'm doing pretty good... I don't think a day goes by where I don't see something!


just a short story of the one of the many things that have happen in our family

about four months ago my sisters were looking through old photos of great grandparents then a perfume smell came over the room and they felt strange they were looking at a picture of their great grandmother who had died when they were young to young to really remember her, the smell was confined to one area it made them feel un-easy a few weeks later they told our grandmother (daughter of the woman in the picture) and my grandmother open up and talked about the room in which her  mother had been care for in their previous home that occasionally had a perfume smell come over it,  my grandmother was always to scared to tell anyone in case they thought she was crazy she always thought it was her mother  I never knew when i was a child that that was the room that my grandmother lived in and my sisters and i always avoided that room and if we did have to go in there we all went together it was always creepy.

Crying baby in my room.

I was sitting on my bed one night and I kept hearing a baby cry. We had no kids in my family that were under the age to 6 so at first I thought I was hearing things. When I kept hearing it I went to check and see if it was my brother or my sister, they were fast asleep. I went back to my room and turned on my radio and drifted to sleep. At about 3:00 in the morning I woke up to see an infant in a walker by my bed. It was a baby boy. He just sat there looking at me. I’ll admit it did scare me, but I didn't want to leave. There was something that just wouldn't let me. I pulled the blankets over my head and tried to go to sleep. It didn't work. I had to see if it was gone, so I pulled the blankets down slowly and peered out. He wasn't there. to this day I still hear the faint crying of a baby in my house and sometimes wake up to see him in my room. I didn't tell my parents because I thought they would think I’m weird or something, but I swear this is true. I’m not really sure why he is here, but I know that it's not going to hurt me. This is my true story. Can anyone give me advice on why they think he is always in my room or why he is in my house? I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.


I remember when my mother told me that when she was like 7 or 8 years old she was really sick and my nana bought her a plastic doll for her to feel better.Then my mom woke up one night and found the doll sitting up in the middle of her floor. She said the dolls head spun around and then walked out of her bedroom and they never found the doll since even when they moved out of the house they didn't find it.

Experience with a haunting

a few years ago I was living in Compton Californian. I was in my closet looking for a toy for my dog. I turned the light off and closed the door. when I opened the door to put the toy back the light on. I asked my brother if he had turned it on he said no. so I turned off the light and closed the door. I stayed in the room to see if my brother was playing around  then two minutes later I opened the door and the light was back on. I screamed for my brother because I thought I was losing my mind. so just to make sure I wasn't I turned off the light, closed the door and a minute later I opened the door( with my brother by my side to make sure I wasn't losing my mind ) and the light was on.


Hello-Like to share this...I was about 4 yrs old when this happened. Lived in a big old Victorian house where many ancestors also had lived.
I always thought they were still living people when they came to "visit". Most vivid one-I do remember it was a bright summer day, and a lady come to the front door asking for my mother. Now, this was about 45years ago, so kids did not fear people coming to the door and usually ,doors were not locked anyway. I had no idea where my mother was, but  I let the lady into my home. She proceeded to sit down in the living room on a red Empire couch and wait for my mother. I was not afraid of her at all, But she had a long pale yellow dress and a matching big Victorian hat. She seemed to glow a little, but as a child, I thought it was only the sunlight. Suddenly, she got up and said, "Tell your mother that Aida said, don't worry. It's BEAUTIFUL.) She walked to the front door and left. When my mother came home and I told her the message, she got limp and sank onto the same place on the couch where Aida sat just minutes before. She said , in a frightened voice, "Are you sure she said Aida? My cousin Aida just passed away 3 days ago." Then I found the same dress Aida had worn in an old sea chest up in our attic when I was looking for a Halloween costume a few years later. And I still remember that
Aida seemed very worried that I was all by myself in that big house.
Many other experiences. But in the late 80's my mother sold the house because of evil hauntings. I had one myself when I was 21 and I just got out of there. It was right after my father died, but it wasn't his ghost. Anyhow-very wierd, but, nonetheless-true. Also have a story about the ghost of a cat. If you're interested, I'll relate. Have had witnesses to some. Have premonitions. Yeah, told people 1st & then they really happened. No reason to invent this stuff. Lots of folks are afraid of me because they know it's true. THAT bothers me, but whomever they are, they helped me do my homework in High School . I used to wake up in the middle of the night and have to look up a word I'd never known in the dictionary, because it fit right into poetry I was writing, because it rhymed, but didn't know meaning. After looking it  up – it fit 2 a T! By the way, after that house in which I grew up was sold, several different  people bought & did'n't stay long. It was "evil" when
I left, like I said. PS - I know it's rambling, but it gets me going and start to remember excitedly, what I have told to so many who now won't let me, especially after I've had dreams about them which happened.-Wendy


I have grew up in the north east of England surrounded by my family of
psychics. Here are a few experiences that I would like to share with you.
     First of all I own a few horses and was keeping them at a local farm with a very strange feeling whenever you entered the main building. One night I was grooming my horse and had the feeling of someone standing behind me at the stable door. Thinking it was my grandmother who had been standing there a couple of minutes earlier I started talking to her. After I didnt receive any reply I turned round to look at her to find nobody there. I found out I wasn't the first to experience  that on the farm.
     A few days later, i was walking down the stable block and caught  sight of a middle aged woman in one of the stables out of the corner of my eye.
When i looked again she had gone. She had been wearing a red coat, grey trousers and had blonde hair. I decided to do some research and discovered that a woman who fitted that description had hung herself in the stable block many years ago.
      Secondly. I have family who were moving to Scotland, whilst looking after their children in the new house something rather strange happened. My eldest niece ran and shut the door. When i asked why she said that the 'baddies are coming'. All of a sudden there was a terrible noise like a bed being thrown down the stairs from outside the room. I tryed opening the door but it wouldn't budge. Finally it opened and everything was normal and no one else was in the house. Many visitors to the house have had numerous experiences.

Freaked Out

This happened to me and my friend last summer.
it was summer time and it was about 2:00. me and my friend were swimming. When all of a sudden we saw a man dressed in black. we were so scared. we screamed and he hid behind the bushes. we yelled that we would call the cops. then all of a sudden he just sat down. this may not seem scary yet but listen to this. his hat got caught in the bushes. me and my friend got out of the pool to look. the hat was gone! a month later we had a black out, when i was sleeping over my friends house. then all of a sudden the same man knocked on the door saying ' let me in, i have to use the phone'. we all screamed. half hour later the power went back on, we called the cops and he got arrested. we r still freaked out to this day.

From childhood

I believe that I get my abilities (such as they are) from my Grandma.  She is Brittish descent fully, and that implies alot.  She believed that if you dream of the dead, you will hear of the living.
She dreamt that my Grampa, who passed when I was 7 years, was laying next to her in bed and told her that he loved he very much.  The next day she heard of one of my relatives that she knew and I didn't, had passed on and when the funeral was.  Spooky?  maybe.
When I was in grade school, my teacher took us on a field trip to a cemetary in Portland, OR to sketch the things we saw there, be it a tree a headstone, or one of our classmates.  This was all well and good, except that when I found what I thought was the perfect spot and thing to sketch (a really neat looking headstone), I saw a specteral hand come up from the ground surrounded by mist.
Let me tell ya, as a pre-teen I beat feet out of that area, and back to the rest of the group, and drew a bird in a tree instead.  I also found out that a lot of the other students had seen a mist swirling in the cemetary that day as well.  Only one was a 70 degree sunny day....

General Store Ghost

A friend and I were on vacation.  I think we were in Louisiana and we stopped at an old general store. We walked to the back of the store.  I turned my head to the right and saw an old man in old style clothes.  I turned my head back and talked a SEC to my friend mentioning the old man.  I turned my head back and he was gone.  We went up to the clerk as he was the only other person in the store and told him what I saw.  He said that other customers had seen the man and he was one of the deceased owners of the store.

Spirit Totem

I was going over to my mother's for dinner about dusk. As I was going up the driveway I looked to my right and saw a wolf trot up, stop and look at me.  As we stared at each other I noticed I could see thru him.  After a few moments it trotted off. When I told my story to a psychic she said it was my spirit totem.


This occurrence is my one and only paranormal experience (I'd love to have more).  For the past year, I have had a part time job working for an ambulance company.  This company is one of the few remaining combination funeral home / EMS services in the region.  One day, I was sitting in the ambulance bay resting between calls.  The ambulance bay is in the same building as the embalming / body preparation area.  I was in a meditative state, but had my eyes open.  Out of the corner of my eye I observed a girl about nine years old walk through the back wall of the ambulance bay toward me.  I remained motionless and when she arrived at my side, she smiled and blew a puff of air onto my cheek.  I could distinctly feel the breath and, at this point, I realized that I was not day dreaming.  The child was dressed in a slate blue jumper with a white blouse.  The outfit she wore could have placed her anywhere from the late 19th century to the middle of the 20th century.  It looked like a school uniform. She was slender with mousey brown hair and dark eyes.
After blowing on my cheek, she smiled and walked past where I was sitting and disappeared through an exterior wall, just to the left of a door.
Later, I asked some of the other paramedics if this apparition was familiar to them. It was not.  However, two of the medics stated that they have seen and/or heard ghosts in the ambulance bay building and in an adjacent former residence, now used as the dispatch center.
Although I have tried sitting in the same place and being quiet and meditative, I have failed to see the little girl again... but I will keep trying.  There was no fear involved with the paranormal event, only a sense of love and gentleness.


In Waynesville, Ohio my family owns a old store with a basement in it. In this basement is a blocked off tunnel the tunnel runes all over Waynesville.
When there were slaves in Waynesville back in the day they hide in these tunnels to get to safe houses we think it might be part of the under ground railroad. The tunnel is blocked off by tons of rocks. Well just 2 years ago when the  electric went out me and my mom had to put mini heaters in the basement for my great grandma well it was the 5th trip or so when I held the flash light for my mom to look at one the heaters I looked over to the dark room and a object is standing average height with a black hat tilted in front of his face with a red feather in the side he raised his head with that black hat and black trench coat I turned the flash light on him nothing on the ground and nothing on the wall then I ran up stairs and left my mom with no light she ran up but did not see the object every time me or a member of my family stays after hours late at night you will feel a quick breeze like some one moved or see fast movements were there’s nothing at all now every one I have talked to has a friend that has seen a ghost or they have seen a ghost in Waynesville.

Ghost in our House

Hi I have been reading many of the stories here and it's good to see that I am SANE!!!!!!!
Ever since I was little I have always had ghost experiences! They seem to follow us from house to house. Anyway none of the experiences were as scary as this one.
I was about twelve at the time and my two older sisters were at College they were about fifteen and seventeen.
Anyway we slept in the same room my there was a double bed and a single bed and that nite my older sister who I’ll refer to as Mazzy (cos' she'll kill me!)was greedy with the double bed and all the duvet's she had on that bed as it was in the middle of winter so me and my other sister Tallulah had to sleep on the single bed! (was really annoying!)We all went to sleep and around 1-2am I heard mazzy saying "shut up Pene or I'll come there and dong your head'(this was how we normally spoke)and i was half a sleep and i heard her saying again 'WHAT!! I'm gonna come there and slap you I MEAN IT!!' and at that point I woke up and said 'what?' she sat up immediately in the bed and looked at me. 'Why'd you say that for?' she said 'Say What? I was sleeping' and she said 'You were getting smart I HEARD you and stop lying!'
I started crying not knowing what she was talking about and at the same time we both heard someone laughing in the corner of the room! I woke up Tallulah and asked her if she could hear it and she said 'yes it's one of you stop being stupid and go bak to sleep!' and then we all heard this thing in the corner of our room laughing again but an evil scary laugh! We were all talking in unison when this happened and we all flipped out! We jumped into Mazzy's bed and she was frightened as! We lay there and it stopped and we shut the curtains! As my sister lay down after shutting the curtains a figure appeared to be sitting on the window sill and it was calling my sisters name "MAZZY-MAZZY!!!!" but in an evil gross way! We all screamed and my sister Tallulah said "F**K OFF!" and it just got worse! it was like there were 50 people in the room all laughing and mumbling at once but this ONE voice was calling my sister and laughing! We all screamed for my dad (we call Twinkle Toes cos' if he hears one little creak he'll be up investigating he always wants us to be safe)but we were screaming and banging on the walls and no one came!!! I started crying and my sister sat up (Tallulah) and did a prayer while the figure was still sitting there and I thought she was really brave I thought this would work but it didn't! Tallulah ended up running to my dad's room and waking him up and he came in to investigate and ended up sleeping in the hallway just outside our room!!!!!! That house we lived in for only FOUR months we've lived in many haunted houses and had many hauntings but I can honestly say that we all felt we were in grave Danger that nite! People move into that house only to last two months SERIOUSLY!! We were the only family who lasted that long-My dad wanted to stay cos' he's not scared of them but he moved because of us!(My dad's mother was a witchdoctor who made contact with the dead-I think this may have something to do with our hauntings!)

Ghost rodents

back at the start of 2003, my brother's gerbil, 'bubbles' who the whole family loved dearly, died tragically. Everyone was very traumatized by this experience (it was the first time we had lost a pet) I lay awake for hours that night until I fell into a sort of grief induced stupor. That’s when I saw him walking across my bed cover towards me, I just somehow knew why I could seem him so I just said goodbye and he went. The next morning everyone felt a huge feeling of relief as if everyone knew he had gone and was peacefully in the afterlife (or where ever gerbils go).

A few moths later, one of  my pet rats fell ill with a tumor and was consequently taken to the vet. She was very weak from having the tumor so the experience of going to the vets actually gave her a heart attack. I took it very well and just accepted that she had also passed on to somewhere better. The next night I just found myself talking to her (I’m not religious but it was the same way people talk to god when they prey). I asked her top help me do well in life and to be able to help others. I had an important saxophone exam coming up and an interview for college. I Passed my grade 8 sax exam with merit and the college offered me an unconditional placement.  Say what you will, but I believe she helped me to do that.

Ghost Sighting!

My name is Mitch and I have a ghost sighting to report. My sighting took place back in 1986. This is in Muskegon, Michigan. The house is located on Giles Road(as if that is not weird enough). The house was originally owned by the Giles's, whom the road was named after. I lived in this house with 5 other people for about 8 months and in the time I was there we witnessed many odd things. Lights that would slowly dim all the way down and then slowly come all the way back to full bright. My room was upstairs next to the bathroom. One night about 3am I heard what I thought to be the vacuum cleaner running downstairs. A low hum that went on and on and on. The odd thing was I was alone with one other person in the house that shared my room. It being dark and the middle of the night, I assumed my friend was having trouble sleeping and had decided to do some housekeeping. This was not unusual. When I woke up in the morning, I was still hearing this noise.
As I headed for the bathroom it seemed to be coming from there. When I went in, a blow dryer was running full blast. Now, I heard this kick on in the middle of the night. My friend was in bed still asleep and never heard a thing.
Now on to my sighting. It was about 12pm, broad daylight, and I was moving out. I was carrying bags and boxes from a room on the main floor, out to my car. My friend was also moving out and was in the room packing stuff as I was hauling it. On one of my last trips, I came back into the house, headed for the room my friend was in, when down the hall, in the kitchen something caught my attention. It happened so fast I missed it at first. For some reason I thought I saw my friend in the kitchen, and said "Hey, what are you doing out there" as I walked into the room we had both been working in. Then
I walked the rest fo the way into the room and saw my friend standing there, right where I had left him. At that moment I stopped dead in my tracks.
While I was processing the information in my brain about what I had just seen, My friend said "What is wrong with you". He knew I had seen something as he said he watched me turn as white as a sheet. As my mind caught up to me, I realized what I had seen, and heard. At the kitchen sink, I saw and old woman in a black dress, washing a tea cup, and singing to herself. She didn't seem to notice me, but I know I saw and heard her. I told my friend what I had seen, we made a couple of quick trips back and forth to the car, and left for good. About 10 years later, another friend was talking about this house in Muskegon and how a friend of his had been there, and witnessed something similar. This made it real for me as I had never mentioned my sighting to anyone except my friend who was there at the time, and my wife years later. I always said that I would believe something like that when I saw it and not until. Well, I saw it and I believe. Since that time I have had two other "experiences" but they are too personal for me to mention. I guess I am more receptive toward ghosts after my first sighting. All I know for sure is that it really happened and after checking out your site, I felt it was time to share this event. Thanks and keep up the good work,

Ghost siting

I read some of the stories on your website and i saw that you take some stories from others who want to share experiences. I'm 16 years old, but don't let that put you off, its not a prank.
   When I was 11 my nanny died. She was very close to me and my other cousins. I can't remember how long it was exactly after her funeral, but my mum had gone out for the night and wasn't going to be home until very late.
I woke up during the night and rolled over in my bed and saw an adult figure standing there. It wasn't just black, and it was defined clearly. But for some reason I immediately thought it was my mum coming to see if I was asleep. I simply said, 'hi mum', and rolled over, my back facing the figure and went to sleep. The next morning I was wandering why my mum was there since she had never done it before. I asked my mum why she was in my room last night and she plainly said that she wasn't. We joked that perhaps it was my nan making sure that I was alright and I left it at that.
   A few months later I was at my cousin's house, all my cousins are in their 30s. And my mum told her of what I saw, and my cousin said that when her sister had come round with her two children, the younger one, Georgia who was about 2 at the time and had never met my nan, went upstairs to find a game from the closet. She came back down, and asked my cousin why there was an old lady in her closet. They jokingly asked what she looked like and she described my nan wearing a flowery top and a purple skirt with a walking stick, curly white hair and big glasses smiling.
  Since Georgia had never seen my nan before we couldn't see  how she could make it up. I now believe that my nan did come and visit all her grandchildren, who, as i have said before she was very of, for the last time to make sure we were fine and well.
    Our family has had many ghost sitings as we have a very old tudor mansion in our family. Also I have experienced another ghost when about 7 before we moved to our current house. If you would like to hear any of these stories, or would like any more information i would be happy to help. e-mail me at

Ghost stories

I was recently studying at the Orange freestate University in Bloemfontien(South Africa).
Me and my 5 other friends was renting a house. One day there came a girl to me and asks if she could move in with us, and we said yes. We took her to the room, witch was empty. When she walked in, suddenly she dropped a book, and I bended down to pick it up, and at that moment I heard a growling voice above me. Something told me not to look up. I went out of the room bended downwards. I began crying sitting with my Boyfriend, I told him about this voice and so he went to take a closer look, and he came out screaming, running out to the front yard. He ask me what that was, and I did not have any clue. That night we did not close an eye. But the new girl did not see anything, so she slept in that room. It was about 3am and she came out also screaming out of the room. I came out of my bedroom and this huge black face with bloody mouth came flying towards me, it had no legs, it was so fast we could not run, suddenly when it came in front of me it disappeared. The next day my Boyfriend went out to look for another place. we moved out in the same week. Until now I've got no idea what that was!!!

Haunted Aztec Site?

I grew up in a family that believes in the supernatural but I'd never experienced anything personally.  After reading many of the stories on this site I began to recall the details of an incident that happened while vacationing in Mexico. I was about 8 or
9 years old at the time (26 now) and our family (including some cousins) went to visit the ancient Aztec pyramids near Mexico City. I climbed the larger structure then decided to explore the rest of the ruins with my cousin who is a year younger than I.  We ran off away from the rest of our family group and came upon a small temple that was almost at ground level.  In order to access the entrance to this temple you had to climb/jump down into a pit and then walk into the structure.  I tried to discern what might be beyond the opening but all I could make out was pitch darkness. I insisted we (my cousin and I) should jump down (about 8 ft) and go into the structure. My cousin stated he was scared so I decided to go in alone.  I was just about to jump into the pit when I heard someone behind me yell in Spanish "stop, don't go in there it's not safe!." I quickly turned around to see a woman all in black. She looked very pale and wore a large black hat on her head.  She looked at me with such intensity that I averted her gaze and ran off. My cousin did the same. I hadn't run more than a few feet when I glanced back and she had vanished. All around us expect for the temple was open space, there was nowhere she could have gone to so quickly.  I kept running. I asked my cousin (as he was supposed to be on watch for adults) where this woman had come from and he stated she had just appeared out of nowhere from behind him.  We of course told our parents but they were more concerned with the fact that we had gone out exploring without permission. I still wonder about who or what this person was.

My Bedroom

HI, I am writing again. Ever since around 7-9 years of age I haven't experienced any ghost problems, until now. I am 12 now so it's been about 3 years since my last encounter. Well anyway, my room is haunted, I mean extremely haunted. This is the first start of it.
I was in my room laying on my bed home alone talking to my best friend, Stephanie on the phone. My fan that is on my ceiling was broken, so I never ever have it on. It is not triggered by the light switch either. Well I was talking to her and all of the sudden my fan started to move. I was surprised because it normally makes a loud noise because it was broke. Then Stephanie asked "what's that awful noise", but I could not hear anything. Then I heard this noise like knifes clinging together. It was the fan. I was so freaked out I jumped up turned off the fan and ran outside with the phone. I talked to Stephanie outside until my parents got home. My second experience has to do with my karaoke machine. I was in my room quietly doing my homework with my karaoke off and all of the sudden I heard music. A beautiful, but eerie music. I turned around to see what was going on and I saw that my karaoke was on. I thought "that's weird". So I thought I had a CD in there because my karaoke doesn't have a cassette or radio player just a CD player. I looked and no CD was in there. I checked to see if the microphone was off and it was so it was not picking up any other karaoke's around, but when I went to turn the karaoke off the music turned off, but it was still on just no sound. I hurried up and turned off my karaoke and ran and told my parents, but of course they didn't believe me. I started crying and they said I probably brought up a demon or something because I always read ghost stories and witchcraft books. My third story is that I had a friend over and we were talking about ghosts. We went out of my room to get a snack. I went back to the room by myself to get the phone. It was all dark in my room because the light was off. I screamed. In the corner of my room there was this red and black smoke. When my dad and friend came to the door to see what was wrong the smoke stuff had vanished. Now that was scary. My fourth story is when I was with another friend, Kemra. We were at my house alone. We were calling people and just doing what girls do at sleepovers. I was sitting on my couch, and Kemra came out of the bathroom and was walking towards me and fell like she was pushed. There was no way of faking this fall. She got up and didn't know what happened then she felt a cold hand going up her shirt by her cleavage. I thought she was joking, but she looked different. She looked terrified, we ran to the phone to call someone to get over it. It soon went away after we started telling, J.J. about what happened. My house it haunted. My room is the most haunted. I refuse to sleep in there unless I am with a friend. This is scary and it keeps going on I don't know what'll happen next. Thanks for listening about my haunted house.   Is this a demon?

Ghost Story

Here’s a little story for you...
Around 2 years ago my daughter and I were headed towards town from my house. On the way there's a small family cemetery. As we drove past my daughter looked at me and asked if I had seen what she just saw.. I said, was it a little man dressed in a tux with a top hat sitting on top of the headstone? She said yes. I said Yep, I saw the same thing. He looked like a little midget. I still get chills when I think about that.

My English Ghost

This is one of my ghost encounters. There have been several over the years. The first one I can recall happened when I was five. They became more frequent as I got older and also more frightening. I have seen ghosts in several countries, not just in the U.S.A. In my travels to Australia, Norway, and U.K., I felt, heard, or saw ghosts.

The story below is absolutely true. I have never forgotten what happened. Many people I told the story to do not believe me, but I know what I saw and it still bothers me up to this day. I always planned to go back and stay at the same place and see if my ghost shows up again.

During my twenties, I visited the U.K. I joined a tour group that went all over England, Scotland, and Wales. On the day before the tour ended, we stayed in the town of Warwickshire. (Spelling?) The place we stayed at was a manor house on an estate that had been converted into a hotel. (Out of respect for the current owners, I will not name the hotel.) The place was just beautiful. There were gardens all over, a stream ran through the property and it even had it’s own church and graveyard for the original family plots.

The house itself was exactly the way I expected an English manor house to look. There were high ceilings with intricate carving, and heavy, wood, double doors opening to large rooms. Huge fireplaces were in several of the rooms and one that may have been made of marble. Chandeliers lined the grand staircase and oriental carpets covered floors. The dining room looked big enough to be a ballroom. I am sure they used it as such when weddings were held there.

The place had been converted at one time to a hospital during the First World War and maybe the second. It had only been a hotel for about ten years when I stayed there. Our tour group stayed there one night only, unfortunately, but one night was all it took to convince me the place was haunted. After dinner, two of my new friends from the tour group and I explored a little of the outside. We didn’t stay long since it was already dark and hard to see. We joined our tour director (TD) who was in the sitting room, located next to the bar. He was with another TD who was also staying for just one night with his group. One of my friends and our TD went to the bar to get some drinks. The other friend and I started talking to the second TD about his tour. Somehow the conversation steered its way to ghosts.

Either she or I said there must be a ghost here since England is know to be a ghost magnet. This TD said there was a ghost at this hotel. My friend and I looked at each other than at him and asked if it that was true. He said yes, but we both saw a small grin forming and knew he was just trying to scare us. Just then, we saw one of the hotel employees propping open the door that separated the sitting room and bar. While he was trying to get the door to stay open, we asked him if the hotel was haunted.

The young man looked at us and said yes, of course it was, but he wasn t smiling at all. He himself had never seen the ghosts, but there were so many stories from other hotel employees and guests that he believed there were some, sight unseen. He told us the following story.

About three weeks earlier, there was a business convention held at the hotel. One man, who attended, showed up a day late. A day and a half after he arrived, he went to the hotel manager with a complaint. He asked the manager, to please tell the female employee who wears the old fashion clothing, to stop following him. I guess he was thinking ‘Fatal Attraction’ behavior. He said she was always nearby. When he checked in, she was in the registration area, looking at him. During meals, he saw her by his table. Whenever he left his room, she would be just down the hall from his room, watching. Even during the meetings, he would see her in the hall looking at him. He wasn’t flattered by her attention.

The manager calmly told the man they didn’t employ anyone, man or woman, to wear old fashion clothes. The man looked at him and said, “You mean she is a ghost?” The manager didn’t say yes or no, but one hour later, the man checked out.

My friend and I found the story to be very interesting, but since we hadn’t seen anyone dressed in old fashion clothes since we arrived, we didn’t think she would appear to us.
We stayed up talking until 2:30 am and then I excused myself to return to my room. As tired as I was, I decided to take a shower. Both the TD’s were smoking cigars and my clothes and hair reeked of the smell. I just couldn’t sleep smelling that way.

Now my room was located in the new section that was added on to the original house. The dining rooms and meeting rooms and registration were all in the house part, as were the large room suites, but our tour group was placed in the additions. So you have to pass two, long hallways, go down a flight of stairs, go down another hallway and pass through some double doors, up another small flight of stairs, before reaching the rooms. It was very easy to get lost.

Also, there was some construction outside as they were building a new wing and tennis courts. The windows in all our rooms were locked. They kept it that way so none of the debris from the outside could get in. When I was in the shower, I noticed that the shower curtain kept flapping around as though blown by a breeze. That couldn’t be since the windows and door were closed. After getting out of the shower, I placed my shampoo and conditioner bottles on top of the toilet tank. The shampoo was on the left and conditioner on the right, both against the wall. I turned to face the sink and mirror and was drying my hair. The toilet was now at my right and the shower behind me.

With the towel covering my face, I heard a loud crash on my right. I turned to find the conditioner bottle on the floor directly to the right of the toilet. I was so startled by the noise, but I picked up the bottle and placed it back on the toilet tank. I looked at it a second thinking it was a little weird, but turned back again to finish drying my hair. Not more than five seconds later, Boom! Another crash. I turned back to the toilet to find the shampoo bottle on the floor directly to the left of the toilet.

Now this was weird. I picked up the bottle and looked at it a long while and at the conditioner bottle still on the tank. I had not heard either of then slide off the tank. The two bottles were placed at the center of the tank and leaning against the wall. I should have heard them slide off if that’s what happened. It sounded more like some hitting the bottles of the tank or lifting them up and dropping them. I looked at both bottles again. They were about two thirds full and weighed close to a 12 ounces each.  The toilet tank top was pretty level and I was beginning to doubt now that any bottle would slide off unless they were placed right at the edge, which these weren’t. I placed the shampoo bottle back again on the tank and stared at both bottles for over a minute. I guess I was waiting for one or both bottles to fall again, but neither did.

When I turned back to the mirror and sink, I placed the towel I had used to dry my hair on the counter. With the exception of a small section at one end, approximately 3 to 4 inches long that hung over the counter, the average sized, bath towel was about 95% on top of the counter. I started to brush my teeth when I saw the towel slide off the counter to the floor. This time I just froze too scared to move.

There was no way that towel could have fallen. Unless there was a heavy weight attached to one end, almost all of it was on the counter. And it was a full size, wet bath towel, not a small hand or face towel. I was really nervous now. I remembered my aunt saying you could actually talk to ghosts, so scared silly as I was, I gave it a try. I told whomever or what ever did these things to please stop. It was almost 3:30 am and I was really tired and scared. Please, stop because you have scared me enough.

I still couldn’t sleep that night. I got maybe thirty minutes sleep total. The next morning, I went back into the bathroom and saw that I had left the two bottles on the toilet tank. Neither fell off again after I tried talking to the ghost. I left the room a short while later with my camera. It was still early and breakfast wouldn’t be ready for 30 to 40 minutes so I decided to take some pictures of the main house. I snapped up shots of the registration area, the sitting room, the hallways and the grand staircase.

When I got home, I looked over my shots and saw on the picture of the staircase what looks to be part of a shadowy figure halfway up the stairs. When I say part, I mean only the lower part was visible. It looked to be the lower section of a dress or gown. Anything above the knee or thigh area was missing.  Again I have showed this picture to several people, some say it is nothing but shadows, but some have said it does resemble the bottom of a long skirt.

I really hope I can visit this hotel again some day and see my ghost once more. Maybe next time I won’t be so scared, but I cannot guarantee it. Just thinking about what happened and I am scared all over again.

Ghostly experience

I taught 2nd grade at St. Clement Mary Hofbauer School in Rosedale MD.  I was in school two weeks before it started. I had been cleaning my room and getting ready for the year.  It was around 5:00 and everyone had left.  There was a lot of squeaking of the wooden floor ( that had been covered by a carpet) but when from behind, I heard the sound of the metal handle hitting the side of the bucket (which I had left on the desk) I got scared.  So I turned to where the bucket was and said out loud.  I am almost finished and I am planning on leaving as soon as I clean up. You have really scared me but, if you leave me alone and let me finish I will leave.  All the noises stopped.  So I finished what I was doing and picked up my key and walked down the hallway to put away a machine that I had been using.  I used my key to open the door of the closet and then used it to lock the closet.  When I got to the doorway of my classroom I felt strange pressure on my thumb.  It was my key. It was bending and pushing upward towards my thumb.  I was startled and pushed with my thumb down on the key.  It bent back just like butter.  All I wanted to do was leave the building.  I tried to use my key to open the door to leave but it wouldn't work because it was still bent. Fortunately the door had not been bolted to the floor so I was able to push the door open to leave.  I taught there for several more years with no other incidents.  But, I never stayed there by myself anymore.


When I was 9 years old my father passed away, it was the first time I had ever heard the word death. Although it was hard for me to deal with, I never dreamed that I would have a ghostly experience of my dad. I was asleep one night after he had been burried, when all of a sudden, I was awakened by the weight of someone in the middle of the bed. I was very scared. I then felt the covers being pulled off of me slowly. I slid my hand down slowly under the covers and pulled them back, when it happened again. Just then I barely opened my eyes as to peak out of them ,when I saw my dad on his knees beside me, looking down at me ,with a scarry look on his face, as if he was going to take me with him. He had asked my mother, if he could have myself, and my younger sister, when they had separated prior to his death. He had left my mother to raise 7 children alone by herself. Which she did very nicely, I might add. After seeing my father looking down at me, I tried to scream for my mother, but all that would came out was a harsh whisper. I then looked back at him ,and he then moved one of his knees back and the other one next to it ,and he then started to fade into the darkness of the room. Just then a cloud of smoke went floating out the window. I laid there scared , and quiet in the night, for what seemed to be an eternity. I finally got up the nerve to get out of the bed, and get into bed with my mom. It took me forever to go to sleep, Later I told my mom what had happened. She naturally thought, that I was dreaming. Believe you me, the last thing that I was doing is that. I ended up having another visit from my dad. Not only, did I have them, but my mother, and my younger sister had them too. Believe me, when I say, that never again ,did they doubt what had happened to me.    Diana Smith, Louisville, Ky. E-Mail

Ghosts in England

Hello my name is Adam.  I have had strange happening in the past.

When I was about 10 or 12 or about that I lived in England.  Once I went exploring with friends.  While exploring we found a huge mansion all borded up with a fence around it.  Well, that fence was easy to get past.  I had volunteered to go to that house with somebody else.  The others stayed behind the fence.

Well, what happened was that this `friend` said to wait there he would go around the back of the house.  It turned out that he betrayed me!  He scaled the fence and ran, the others following.  I was scared so badly that my heart had probably turned white.
I was over that fence before you could say "Jack Robinson".  I was crying, and running (there was a large field in front of the house), and while I was, I heard banging behind me.  I ran like hell out of there.

Another time was just before I moved to America.  I was at a playground, it was about 8 or 9 PM and I was with a friend.  Now, the playground is next to a slightly steep incline that led to some woods.  In the middle of the woods there was a swamp.  Anyway, I was escorting my friend back to his house, and we heard something coming from the incline.  It was grass rustling and also what sounded like a gun cocking.  My friend said "Oh, damn.  I'd better get going."  But before he did, we saw a ghostly white apparition rising from the hill.  About a second later, my friend was at his house and I was at mine (well, it probably wasn't a second, but it was quick).

Perhaps these events have something to do with the (un)dead?


Hi! My name is Nikki!! I was at my friends house one weekend. Her Grandma was there too. We were in her room for awhile. She asked me to take something back to her mom's room. Her Grandma was sleeping I didn't want to wake her, so I went as quietly as I could. When I put the item down, something big ran from the sink all the way to the bathtub. I didn't scream, but I ran back to my friends room. I told her what happened, and she went and checked, but nothing else happened. She had told me then about other experiences that had happened in her home before.

Give it Back

When I was 11, I had just fallen asleep. I woke up to an chilling voice. This voice said to me firmly: "Give it back!"
I originally have my head covered while sleeping so, after hearing this sound, I uncovered my head and standing in my doorway of my bedroom was a white image. To me it looked like an elderly woman but I couldn't be sure.
Anyway,  she was demanding over and over for me to "Give it back!" I didn't understand this. I became very frightened. I started to shake and eventually bursted into tears. I called for my mother. She came running in. I told her what was wrong and she thought it was a dream. She laid in bed with me and when she and I started falling asleep, she heard the voice & saw the image too. She held me because I think she was a little more scared than I was. She told me to go to sleep and eventually the woman went away. The next morning we looked around for something we thought should be of ancestral history. My mother & father had taken 2 owl plaques from an old house, that was a funeral home as well, the day before. My mother took them back. Nothing ever happened again. That was the only ghost I have ever seen. I hope it will be the last.

Grandfather’s Goodbye

 Ok..... when i was a little girl my grand daddy (my great grand father) died. I was very close to him, so this made me sad, I was depressed for a long time. He lived with my grandparents ( before he died)  after his wife died a few years eariler. I would always go in his room and sit after he died. One day when i was at my grandparent's house a couple of years after, and i saw him. I had went to the kitchen and when i came back he was sitting on the bed...... just smiling at me. At first i thought i was just going crazy because i missed him so bad so that it might have made me see him. I was in shock for a long time. I didn't know what to do! Finally he just disappeared..... to this day i am still scared to go in that room by myself...... even though he was only saying good bye because we didn't ever get to!

Grandpa’s ghost

My grandfather past away last year on Memorial Day 2002.  We moved into his home cause everyone else was too scared to.  Before my grandpa passed away  he asked us to take care of his home. He was the most sweetest, honest man and wouldn't hurt a fly. My wife and my two children moved in and at first I was a little scared.  My grandfather passed away in his home in a room that is now our bedroom.  Since we have lived here, there has been no sightings or strange occurrences, until the last couple of months.
We will be moving to a new house and we are not to sure who will be moving in.  Lately, my wife and I have seen a figure, when we are either watching T.V. or just sitting around reading the paper.  We can't make out the figure but also there are cold spots around the house. My wife tells me it may be my grandfather, she says he may just be coming around cause he's concerned as to who may be taking over the home.  My grandpa loved his house and he worked very hard to keep his home clean and up and running.  I guess he may just be a little worried that strangers may be moving in and won't appreciate and take care of it like a family member would.


I was checking out your site and noticed that you mentioned Haskell. Crying children aren't the only things going on at that campus. I attended school there for a couple of years before graduating and there were many stories that I heard from staff and students alike.
One was in the dorm called OK Hall. A student came in to the boys bathroom by himself one day to see an old man with long hair hanging from a rope. He went to report it to one of the residential advisors and they went to investigate. When they got upstairs there was nothing there. A similar sighting was reported later that week.
One night a friend of mine and I were up talking and it was really late. I remember hearing footsteps and children laughing in the room above mine even though there was no one on the second floor. This happened at 2 in the morning and when my friend went upstairs to check it out, the noises stopped when she got to the top of the steps. It was quiet for about a half hour and then started up again.
Also I once heard voices in my room as I was trying to fall asleep. The first voice woke me up, it sounded like a man with a deep voice humming in my ear, once awake I just listened to see if my mind was playing tricks on me. Then I heard a kids voice say my roommates name, she was sleeping on the other side of the room in my direct sight and the voice came from the middle of the room. I left the room.-D

Haunting Situations

I have been in many haunting situations.  Things just seem to happen when i'm around.  My friends house is no exception.  My friends' names are Jeremy and Jay.  The exact history of the house is uncertain, but as far as we know there was a murder-suicide shortly after the house was first built.  This occurred in the basement, and that is where most of the activity is concentrated.  My friends and their family are quite used to it, and whenever I’m there we spend time in the basement to see what will happen.  I will just share a few of the many odd things that have happened.  The most memorable incident took place a few months ago.  After sitting in the basement for a few minutes, we shut off the light, as we usually do, and spoke to the spirit, inviting it to show its presence.  Jeremy placed a guitar in the center of the room and asked the ghost to play a few notes.  We waited while Jay took pictures with their digital camera.  We heard nothing, but when we looked at the pictures, there were white streaks all over the guitar strings.   Pleased, we continued to be silent and wait for the spirit to show us more.  Jay took another picture, and as the flash faded, I saw the spirit perfectly clear.  Surprisingly, he looked like Kurt Cobain (lead singer of Nirvana, now dead).  he had very messy light colored hair, deep set eyes that were covered in shadow so i could not see them, he was skinny but muscular, and was wearing a pair of ripped up jeans.  I said nothing about seeing the figure, until not five minutes later Jeremy saw the same figure walk thru a doorway and out of sight.  After that surprise, we turned the lights back on, and the heavy lid of the guitar case which had been left open had shut silently while the lights were off.  We then went upstairs to my friends bedroom and hung out for a while.  While we were sitting on one of the beds,  I looked next to Jeremy and there was a large ring of smoke hovering in one place.  The window was open and there was a breeze coming thru, yet the smoke ring didn't budge.  After about a minute or so it slowly dissipated and left.  This wasn't really a surprise, since its quite common to just have a puff of smoke blown in your face out of nowhere in their house.  These are just a few of the things that have happened there, but I hope you were entertained by them.

Haunts from Chatsworth, CA

Chatsworth, CA is known for its role as an "equestrian community", and has its roots deep in local San Fernando Valley history. Discovered at first by Padre Serra and his small group from Mexico. It use to be a stop for the Pony Express, and was the start of the "Stagecoach Trail" that lead over the Santa Susana Mountains for people traveling from San Fernando Mission to San Buenaventura Mission. There are several historical places to see here and from what I have heard (and experienced) are haunted.

One of my own experiences occur regularly when I drive down a beautiful stretch of road with several horse properties on one side and a cemetery on the other. A mailman was murdered in cold blood while standing in front of one of the house's mailboxes. As I drive by, a cold gust of wind enters my car even though the windows are shut. Also, a feeling of heaviness that increases as you approach, peaks at the mailbox itself, and then decrecendos as you drive away.

My second experience was when my fiance and I recently toured the local Hill/Palmer Homestead. It was one of the first homes to be built by "Americans" during the pioneer days. I don't know if it was just me, but the house had several cold spots. I know it may sound weird but I could "feel the history" inside this house and it touched me deeply. From the impression I got, Minnie Palmer (born and died in this house) felt happy that her home could be shared with others.

One of the major haunts locally (although I have yet to get a chance to explore this myself) is a large tunnel on the north west end of Chatsworth. A large train accident happened on November 19, 1941. Several men parished...most burned to death or were overcome by fumes in the tunnel. Along with the people, there were 12 cars loaded with cattle that never saw daylight at the other end. Locals say that forlorn mooing can be heard from inside as well as screams from the dieing people. Some have reported smelling smoke and the burned flesh of the cattle.

I hope these were interesting! Feel free to e-mail me back if you have answers as to my experiences.

Here’s some of my stories...

currently I am 17 years old and as long as I can remember I’ve had a small psychic ability, (dreams that come true, knowing when the phone would ring and who it was, waking up in the middle of the night when someone in my family would die.) just some stuff like that. I have a couple of stories to tell so here goes... my older brother is 5 years older than me so when I was in middle school he was in high school... so you can say that i "had connections" well my brother being the typical teenager told me and my mother about a park I Annandale, VA. called round tree park (as is in your haunted places part of this website) but this was before it was in here... so my mom being all into this stuff said that we could go one night, even though the park closes at night.  well to make things safe we went during the day to get a feel for the park before we would go traumping around in the dark. so during the day when i was there i had a very bad vibe about the whole thing I know this sounds dumb but the whole damn park just looked creepy even during the day. there was alot of dead trees and the birds just didnt seem to chirp like they did across the street... well when we got there at night we walked down a path and it opened up to a soccer field and there was woods all around it.  (at the time I was 14 so I learned the ghosts like to pick on kids going thru puberty so I was an immediate target) sooo I picked up that there was a woman figure and she some how died tragically and something about a baby well later I found out that it was haunted by a woman who died a long time ago she had a house on the property and by rumor killed her baby but I don’t know if that’s true... but oh well so here we are walking around and I would look into the woods and see "something" walk thru the trees and I swear on my grandmothers grave it had horns... so I figured that the woman wasn’t alone... so were walking in the soccer field and we get to the woods and my brother goes in first and I didn’t go far my mom and brother just walked off into the woods so here i was standing alone and froze by what i saw next, what I saw was I don’t know if this makes much sense but in the movie predator you could see through the alien well that’s what she looked like only short and fat.  so I’m standing there and my mom and brother are just walking around totally oblivious to the whole thing and then she started to walk towards me (my luck) and i was so scared i couldn’t scream I just made a noise... well by the i was about to pee my pants because she was in my face and I could smell this horrible smell it smelt like rotting flesh well i bolted into the middle of the soccer field and my mom and brother followed me . so here i am in the middle of the soccer field screaming... and running around and i felt like she was following my I felt this pressure on my back like she was right up on me. so i got so freaked out I through up my big mac and my mom and brother were like lets go.. they later told me that I was pale as a piece of paper. and that you could see my heart pounding. well when we were home was kinda just sat around and recapped the whole thing I still feel her presence in my house and I went to the bathroom and i shut the door and I’m on the toilet and i noticed that the door was like 4 inches open... but i clearly remember shutting the door and there was nothing wrong with our door knob so when i was done I ran out into the living room and yelled some choice words at my brother about how he’s always playing jokes on me and how now wasn’t a good time to mess with me. well my mother and my brother were just looking at me like I was crazy well after like a half hour I felt her presence had left but I was still freaked out so I slept on my brothers floor.
       I have another story but on a lighter note... my grandparents own a farm house and 197 acres in rural pa so I always go up there for the summer and  the house is about 250 years old and its been in our family for about 120 years sooo I have had a great uncle who lived in the house before my grandparents bought it. well he died in the living room and when my great grandmother was a child in the house her twin brother died when he was 4 so when I go there I feel so at ease and its so easy to sleep there (I’ve had a friend who suffered from sleep apnea and insomnia and she slept fine there for the first time in years) well I’ve never seen anything but I smell lavender and my grandmother doesn’t have any lavender in her garden. so there’s that and there is this light bulb that’s in the upstairs hall way and its been working for 90 years I cant explain that. but I love that house and whenever I’m there by myself I feel safe even during a thunderstorm and the power goes out. I just always feel safe there, if I cold live there I would. well that’s my stories i hope you enjoyed them if u have any advice email me at

Medway’s “Holy” Land – A True Account

As an amateur ghost hunter and enthusiast of all things paranormal, I feel that the time is right to share my own experiences with a “haunted” site in my home town of Medway, MA. Having read the description provided on your site, I felt that I had to submit one that could really do it justice. The site I am referring to is the Medway Holy Lands. Before I continue with my account, I will swear on my life that the details of this account are true and accurate to the best of my recollection…some of the events having taken place several years earlier.

The true history of the Holy Land is this…almost 10 years ago construction workers in the town of Medway were preparing a plot of land to be developed for low-income housing. During the initial preparatory stages of the construction project, a strange rock was uncovered by one of the workers. Clearly imprinted on the stone was the face of Jesus Christ. This discovery caused quite a stir in the local community and prompted a full fledged investigation by the Vatican. The stone with the face of Christ was taken to
Rome for examination and the condo project was never completed.

In months and years after the stone was discovered, the area where the condos were to be built was turned into a religious shrine of sorts. Here I must go on a tangent to describe the interesting history of the condo site BEFORE the stone was ever discovered. It is important to note that the site of the proposed condominiums was actually the site of a boy’s camp which was closed, under dire circumstances, during the 1920s. As rumor has it, a young boy drowned in the camp swimming pool and the camp was closed forever.
Remains of the boy’s camp can still be seen when one travels to the site. However, the site underwent a dramatic change when the stone was removed from grounds. When work first began at the old camp site, the entrance to the boy’s camp was dominated by two large, square stone pillars approximately ten feet in height. These pillars were massive. Yet when the stone was removed from the site, both of the pillars were toppled over. It is unclear how this occurred but there has been no evidence to date that tools or machinery was used in their destruction.

The religious site, which came to be known as the Medway Holy Lands, consists of three distinct areas. The first area that one enters after passing the toppled pillars is a flat, meadow-like area that is dominated by three giant (over 7 ft. tall) wooden crosses. These crosses are placed strategically in the meadow to correspond with the signs of the cross.
Directly in front of each of the wooden crosses are numerous candles, offerings, and lawn chairs of the devout. When the site first opened to the public, people would come to this meadow to pray and meditate and would often sit in front of the crosses for hours on end. The visitors have departed but their chairs still remain. The most chilling aspect of this part of the site is the pictures. Stapled and nailed to each of the crosses are hundreds of pictures of people, both living and deceased, who were somehow connected to the site. When I first visited the site I could not believe the overwhelming number of pictures that were present. However, upon visiting the site recently I noticed something very disturbing…all of the pictures had undergone a stunning transformation. Bodies and other features in the pictures were still clearly visible…but there was only white empty space where the faces had been.

Moving deeper into the site, one comes to another clearing where the site of the old swimming pool and showers used to be. Although the pool was filled in after the camp closed, one can still see the shower stalls and piping of the pool house. Whenever I have visited this part of the site I do not like to linger. I always sense an overwhelmingly evil presence in this part of the grounds. On the right side of the clearing is one of the most interesting parts of the site…deep in the woods, about twenty feet or so in from the clearing and barely visible to the casual observer, is an old car (not exactly sure what type but it has the characteristic tail fins of the 1960s), half submerged into a swamp. The back window of the car has been shattered and offerings have been left behind. Mostly rosary beads and flowers…FRESH flowers.

On the opposite side of the clearing is perhaps the scariest part of the site…a place that is just as scary during the day as it is during the night. This part of the site can be reached by a meandering path which winds through tall grass and underbrush into the forest. On more than one occasion, visitors to the site have witnessed the Virgin Mary walking down the path, her head bowed down. Although I am not a religious person by any means, I know for a fact that the Virgin Mary or any other religious personality would stay as far away as possible from this evil place. The place to which I am referring, which my friends and I have come to know as the Pine Grotto, is an enormous “room” made out of two ancient white pine trees which have grown together to form a natural cathedral roof of sorts. All plants on the outskirts of the Grotto are dead and no birds or animals are present. Even in the middle of the summer it impossible to hear birds or animals within 100 ft of the Grotto area. The area surrounding the Grotto is a complete dead zone. The Pine Grotto itself is filled with crosses…there are crosses on the ground, crosses in the branches and crosses nailed to the trees. Some of these crosses are hand-made and look like something out of “The Blair Witch Project”. A large crucifix dominates one of the trees and the figure of Christ has a red substance on his hands and feet which could only have been real blood. Each time that I have dared to venture into the Pine Grotto (I’ve dared to enter during the day and night), I have been overcome with feelings of pure terror. For such a venerated holy site, the Pine Grotto emanates pure, unadulterated evil. One on occasion when I went into the Grotto with two of my friends it began to downpour. Yet immediately after we left the Grotto the sun was shining.

After leaving the Pine Grotto and walking several hundred feet down the trail, one comes to the third and final part of the Holy Lands site. This area of the site is dominated by a large stream which cuts the area in half. On one side of the stream is a large hill with three giant crosses on the top. These crosses are significantly larger than the previous three crosses and all have large railroad spikes nailed into them where a person’s hands and feet would be. Prayers and rosaries are draped over the crosses at this, America’s version of Golgotha, the site of the Crucifixion. Make-shift crosses can be found in almost all of the trees on the hill as well as several crosses which have been fashioned out of logs. Although people have since forgotten about the Holy Land site, every time that I have visited the hill I have discovered lit candles. Every time.

On the opposite side of the steam, the side closest to the trail, is a grotto with the Virgin Mary. At the feet of the Virgin are flowers, both real and artificial, as well as candles and other offerings. Like the candles that were left on the hill, the candles at this grotto are always lit. I have no idea who is replacing these candles but they have been doing it for years and have shown no signs of stopping.

And now, my scariest experience at the Holy Lands site. Two years ago on Halloween night (which also happens to be my birthday), several friends and I decided to make the long and scary journey through the woods to the abandoned Holy Lands site. Wanting to get a good scare we decided to make the trip without any flashlights. When we made it past the toppled stone pillars to the first part of the site we stopped dead in our tracks. There before us in the moonlit clearing were three figures, clothed entirely in black. They were sitting in front of the central cross and were chanting. Two of the figures held candles while all three prayed or chanted in a monotonous voice. Although we couldn’t hear what they were saying, we did not want to run away for fear that our noisy trek through the woods would attract their attention…or the attention of others whom we had not seen. There was nothing for us to do but wait and watch. After several tense minutes of watching the cloaked figures, we decided to take our chances and make our escape. We ran blindly down the path and into the woods, not knowing if we were being pursued. When we finally reached a distance that we deemed safe, we made sure that everyone in the group was accounted for and then left the woods. We returned to the site later in the evening, although why I’ll never know, to discover that the black hooded figures had departed. There was no evidence to prove that they had been there although all of the candles at the site had been lit. While we examined the site, I could swear on my very life that I heard voices on all sides of the clearing. I also felt a strong evil presence that night…someone or something was telling us that we should leave the site. That was the last time that I went to the Holy Lands and I have not dared return. I leave it up to you to decide what it was that my friends and I saw there that night. Were they Satanists taking part in some occult ritual? Or were they Wicca or practitioners of some older, darker religion? I guess we’ll never know.

Hypnogogic Experience?

Hi -
This is my daughter's email address.  She was frightening herself with ghost stories, and came across your section on sleep paralysis.  For years I kept the following experience to myself, thinking that it meant that I was nuts.  Finally, I told it to a doctor, who described it as "hypnogogic", and not a sign of psychosis - after twenty years, that was a great relief!

I was 20 years old and living in a hot tiny room in my first shared apartment during summer break.  I was working two jobs - one full-time during the week, and one for 12 hours each Saturday and Sunday.  I was very worried about making enough to pay for the next year's fees.  Also, I had been stalked while walking home one Sunday evening; when the gentleman following me disappeared from view, I had gone to the middle of the street, spotted him looking at me from behind some bushes, and run screaming for help.

One night I awakened to the vision of a backpacker in a Tyrolean hat leaning over my bed.  He was a white guy, tallish, slender with a narrow face and pleasant features, young, with straight black hair and bangs.  He could not have seemed more earnest, but he was also very calm, self-assured and confident.  When he had my attention, he enunciated very clearly the words,
"It's going to be all right."

Sure, I thought, sure.  How was it going to be all right when there was a bleeping apparition standing by my bleeping bed?  Had I slipped my last gears?

But this guy seemed to have his act together.  He knew that I didn't believe him or in him, so he tried again, "Really.  Trust me.  It's….going….to…….all…right."  He was fit, he was young, he was handsome, he was making a special trip just to tell me this, and he seemed completely sure of himself.  I nodded, and went back to sleep.

That's my story, and the whole thing seemed very real.  I do remember, however, that I did not move at all while this was happening, just lay there and stared, so I guess sleep paralysis is as good a diagnosis as any.

By the way, the guy in the vision was right; even though I was forced to drop out of school, I got a job at the university, saved the necessary money, and graduated a year late with a 3.3 GPA.  And now I have a gorgeous adolescent daughter who researches my neuroses on the internet - how could it get any better than that?

Hope this was interesting to you; again, thanks for your site, which is the the first place I have ever seen such things discussed.

Haunted apartment In Honolulu, HI

I moved into my apartment in October of 2002.  When I first moved in I didn't think about it being haunted. My husband is gone a lot and I thought the feelings I was getting, was me not liking to be alone.  But I am not the only one who's felt the way I do about our apartment.
   It first started about the second or third day we moved in.  In my bedroom I would get this very uncomfortable feeling and that someone was watching me.  That continues to this day! Knocking would be heard on the living room walls that connects with my closet.  It would be heard from 2 to 4 clock in the morning, knowing this was not my friends or neighbors.
 The first real thing that happened was in January I was getting ready to take a trip to California.  I was desperately looking for a pair of my shoes.  I looked every where, it almost made me late!  I gave up and went on my way.  Some friends of mine that live under me were watching the apartment and I didn't tell about the apartment being haunted.
   Well when I returned home we happened to start talking about their ghost they have.  We call him Adam.  I then told them that I thought my apartment was haunted.  And my friends began to tell me that several times they were in the apartment.  They got this horrible feeling that just came over them.  My friend Maghan told me she just had to get out and get out right then and there.  Well I went home after my conversation with them.
   I was getting food out of my pantry which is acrossed from my washer and dryer.  There is two sliding doors that cover where the washer and dryer sit.  As I walked out of the pantry I watched the door on the left completely close.  I thought it could of been the air from the pantry door.  I tried it and the air wasn't strong enough to cause it to close.  And the door is broke and takes a lot of force to make the door close.
   That freaked me out pretty bad. But I guess it was the ghost's way of saying hi!  The next day I went into my coat closet and found the shoes that I had been looking for.  They were not there when I had left for my trip.  Several days later my friend Maghan was over and my phone rang.  I had to go into my bedroom but found the door locked.  It does that all the time. So I opened it with a credit card and got the phone.  When I was done I went to go put the phone back but the door was locked again.  So i used my id and placed it on the bed.  I left the room and talked to my friend.  She left and I went to my room to go to bed.  I went to get my id off of the but it was gone!  I searched everywhere and could not find it.
Well two days later while I was painting the living room I broke two picture frames that were hanging on my wall.  I set them on the dining room table.  And when I set them on the table i know there was nothing under them. I went to pick them up again and my id was under them.  That same night, when I looked up from my work I saw a young couple looking at my wall.  They were making gestures like what is she doing?  I just turned my head and went about my buisness.  This wasn't the first time I've seen ghosts.  My dog will sit in the hallway and stare and watch something that is not there.  I've also seen my friends' ghost Adam.
   He's the one that has taken my things and hid them. I guess you could say I have a sixth sense.  I've also seen a white man walking about the hallways of our apartment.  I believe he might be the one that is mean.  He makes anyone feel horrible when they come into contact with him.  A  week ago I was having a party for my husband birthday.  And a few people that were here knew a little bit about the ghosts that live here. They told my friend Maghan that they watched two candles lift off the top of my entertainment center and be placed inside two cards.  I went to find the candles but they are also gone.  But I refuse to give up my home just because of several ghosts. And that is my story about my haunted apartment.

Interesting events in workplace........

I've been working as a manager in a local retail establishment now for a little over a year, and in that time have both experienced some odd happenings and heard several reports from others.  The most common occurrence seems to be barely audible whispers, which seem to originate at a point right behind the person hearing it.........and then soon after, a touch, usually upon the shoulder. The whispers sometimes repeat the name of the individual being whispered "at", but most often, it just seems to be gibberish, or at least to faint to decipher. I have heard my name, on several occasions, and have felt someone or something touch me upon the back once. though it was more like a slight shove. Customers have reported objects launching themselves off the shelves and barely missing them, and several employees have stated that they have walked from a clean, nicely arranged room, and upon returning, sometimes less than a minute later, the area was littered with boxes, strewn about as if someone had decided to clear the shelving by throwing it all in the floor. This has happened at least 5 times. Other than the occurrences described above, employees often hear footsteps (i know, sounds cliché) going up and down the stairs to the upper level of the stockroom, and sometimes walking around the upper level. Of course, upon checking, there never seems to be anyone there. One more thing bears mention: A former employee says she was shoved hard from behind...causing her to fall.

Late Night in the Nursing Home

I am 23 now, but I started working as a certified nurse aide when I was 16.  I have worked for the same nursing home facility for the past almost 7 years.  In this time, I have had many experiences with the spirits of those I myself cared for and spirits of those who died before I began working there.  I grew up knowing that spirits and ghosts existed, and I had been around some family members who had passed, so I have not been afraid.  However, I would like to share one of my most memorable and important stories.  It was when I first started working there, I worked evenings after school and I got off work at 9 pm.  I was doing a quick set of rounds with another aide and I left my watch on the sink in a resident's room.  I went back in to get the watch and there was a lady standing in the bathroom doorway.  I had never seen her before and I was a bit startled.  She asked me if I had any water.  I told her I would get some.  I left the room to get her a glass of water and when I came back she was not there anymore.  I checked both of the rooms that adjoined through that bathroom and I did not see her.  I asked the nurse on duty if she knew of a woman like that who lived there and she got a little shook up by it.  She said that she thought that was the ghost of the lady she had taken care of when she first started there, 20 years ago!  It got me intrigued so of course I asked what had happened to her.  The nurse told me that she had been a very spry woman who was a joy to take care of and one day out of the blue she became terribly ill.  Then two days later she passed on.  It turned out her daughter was bringing in food from home and had poisoned her so that she could collect the insurance money and whatever was coming to her in the will.  But the poor lady's spirit did not want to leave the nursing home.  At a later occasion I found out why.  I was working later than usual one night and I saw her behind me in a reflection in a picture above a patient's bed.  I turned around and I asked her why she was still here.  She said because all of her life this was the only place she felt any love.  It broke my heart, so I told her she could stay as long as she wanted as long as she didn't cause any harm to anyone.  I would see her from time to time after that, and whenever she was around it seemed she brought out a happy essence in everyone there.

Looking out for me

to most people reading this my story might sound unbelievable.
when I was a child I was born 3 months early and was in hospital regularly until o was 2. As soon as I could talk I told my mum my granddad has visited me when I was really tiny and in a tent  (they were the words i used to describe intensive care unit) and said I was going home to see mummy she said she knew but I said it was my other granddad who had a tatoo of a naked woman on his arm. my mum was baffled and didn’t know what I was on about. later she asked my granma and she said it was her father (who died when my mum was 2). later that week my gran took me to see her mother and made me explain to her what happened. my detail reduced my great grandma to tears. it freaks me out because now I have vivid memories of a dark haired standing over me. I don’t know how I still remember tiny details of that day as i was very young when this happened but I just think that he’s my guardian angle and has always looked out for me.

Looks like a friend

      What I am about to tell you is very true. Although I did not witness it first hand, I was assured by all of the people who did, that it was 100% true.
       It was my best friend, Ashley, who lived with her mom and 2 older brothers. Ashley's mom, we'll call her Carol, knew all of her kid's friends and they lived in a somewhat comfortable neighborhood so they always left the front door unlocked and told all of the friends to just come in.
      I should also briefly explain the way the house was set up. When you walked in the front door you walked down 2 or 3 steps and you would be in the living room.  To the left was the hallway with all of the bedrooms. First was Ashley's. Then at the end to the right was her brothers' room, straight ahead was the spare room, and to the left was her parent's room. To the right when you walk in is the kitchen with the door to the garage attached.
      Anyway, everybody knew the house was haunted. They were told that a teenage boy lived there with his mother and that one day he got home and found her hanging in the garage. There would be times that we would be sitting at the kitchen table and there would all of a sudden be a breeze from the ceiling fan, but it wouldn't be moving. They also had this ledge close to the ceiling that had plants on it. Sometimes the leaves on the plants would start to sway as if it were windy. But again, there would be nothing to cause the breeze.
      The scary incident was in about 1999. Ashley was going to be moving to Utah with her mom so they were spending time with family in the living room. Ashley was doing her hair with a friend of ours in her mom's bedroom. Carol was in the living room with her oldest daughter and another family member. That's when the front door opened and a bald white male walked in and shut the door. He was wearing blue jean shorts with a white tank top. He started to walk back towards the boys' room without saying a word to anyone, went into the bedroom and slammed (not oo hard)the door. Carol and the other 2 family members went back into the room and nobody was there. The older sister had a 1 year old boy at the time sleeping in the spare room and he did not wake up at.

Many Ghosts

I've been seeing ghosts, even back before I even knew what they were. what I mean is, I had an "imaginary friend" at age 4. I realize that's no unusual occurrence, but it is when the "friend" describes her history, complete (and main focus) on her death. i didn't even know what death was at 4. i remember things we talked about- mostly, her trying to get me to have an intense interest in the color black, and to only play w/toys that were black. i apparently drew a picture of her, too- for my mom. i don't remember the picture, but i heard it was a terrifying picture of some sort of witch. all black. it evidently freaked my mom out, hearing me talk to this "thing" (called "aunt judy"), that she told me to tell her to go away. w/out question, i did. that was seemingly the end.
years later, we'd moved to my great grandmother's house after she passed away. it was fairly "inactive" so far as ghosts are concerned, apart from one incident. my mom woke me up for school- nothing new there- only, she kept telling me not to move my legs. once i was a little more coherent, i realized that under my bare legs was a picture normally hanging in my room, the glass smashed. there's NO way this could have happened- if it just fell, it would have landed on the bed w/no way to break. somehow it did, and somehow i wasn't cut.
the next house is the one w/multiple...individuals. from day one, i felt uneasy there. i never wanted to be alone- for the simple reason that once you were, one of the upstairs bedrooms would creak as though there was a massive group walking around up there. and, playing music while alone was definitely not advised- the walking turned to loud bangs.
i woke up one night, only to see a figure of a woman in white, face darkened and blurred, in my doorway. I couldn't even scream- nothing came out but a squeak. i was frozen. i managed to find my TV remote, and I turned it on (for light), and she vanished.  in that same room, i had an angel figurine on my bureau. for three morning in a row, i'd find the angel face down, facing the wall, regardless of whether or not i replaced her on her feet.
also, in that room, i was sitting at my vanity, when, despite the closed window, my window shade came towards me, as though I pulled on it, hung there, and went back down.
I’ve had nail polish fly across the room, I’ve had missing items return in my direct view, usually in strange patterns- missing checkers lined on the floor, red, black, red, black. i've seen two other spirits there- an old man, crossing my path, in the darkened kitchen. that made me angry- i was so tired of all the activity. i yelled at him. the next one i saw terrified me. i was about to go upstairs, when, reaching for the light, i saw a glowing figure of a small child seated at the top of the stairs. that mere sight terrified me, almost as much as the first girl in the doorway.
I’ve had visions of things behind me- almost like seeing things w/my mind's eye- i was crossing the threshold of the room (w/all the activity) when I got this flash in my mind of something awful behind me. I felt this...presence behind me, and I got a vision of some huge...thing filling the doorway. I swung around gasping.
the feeling of being watched was a constant as I headed upstairs. and of course, upon turning around, nothing would be there.
thanks for letting me share my stories. it seems that this is one place that they won't freak anyone out!

Marshall Pottery Haunting

I was checking out your haunting list for Texas, when I came across Marshall, TX and was surprised to see Marshall Pottery on the list.  I am the warehouse supervisor for Marshall Pottery. I must admit, there are quite a few strange things going on there.  Alot of my employees have come to me about hearing their names called out loud when they are alone.  I too have heard my name.  Not one, not twice, but quite often. Things have been thrown around or fallen to the ground in strange ways and places.
Here's the catch.  I am a week-end investigator and have snapped some shots in my warehouse at night while alone.  I got some pics you may be interested in seeing.  Mist, orbs and dark figures.
On your list it says Marshall Pottery, but it doesn't say which plant.  We have the newer plant on HWY 31 in Marshall which is where my pics were taken and the old plant off of HWY 59 which is even more haunted then the new plant.
First of all, I've added and attachment.  It's a picture I took in the newer warehouse about a month ago.  Once you look at it, I think you'll notice right away why I sent it.
Ok, stuff that goes on.  Let's start with some background on where this ghost may have come from.  The story that I get from the guys that's been there a long time is this.  When they were building the new plant, they apparently found one of the workers dead by a tree when the construction first started.  That tree was located what is now, the center of my warehouse.  Causes of death?  Unknown on our behalf.  The second story is that the plan was built on ancient sacred Indian grounds.  This I can believe considering the part of Texas we are located in.  Who knows, it may be both.
Things that happen in the warehouse.  I would start with the most common, but even then I would have to chose which one is first.  Some of these events have been witnessed by myself and a few by skeptics that couldn't explain what happen.
I guess the one that really sticks out first is the one that happen on a daily basis.  Just about everyone has been called by name when alone.  This happens to me about 3-4 times a week.  You can be working alone and you know for sure no one is around you and you will hear your name called out.  Hard to explain what it sounds like.  It's out  loud, but yet it's not.  But it is very clear.  Most the time it is done in a man's voice, but I have heard familiar voices call me.  I would be on a forklift when the gas wide open (very loud) but hear the voice very clearly.  When the forklifts idle, we still have to holler to hear each other.  This is the most common thing.
There was an event about 2 months ago that I'm still trying to figure out.  This one was witnessed by a skeptic employee of mine.  Even this he couldn't explain and was little freaked.  We had just got done with a real bad thunder storm that morning.  The warehouse had flooded, and three of us were standing in the middle of the flood trying to figure out how were going to clean the mess up.  We were standing there for about 5 min when we heard a crash.  Something had  fallen over.  Strange since the area were in was the rack section.  Everything is in pallet racks and no way for things to fall.  So we walked over to the next isle over where we heard the noise.  Sure enough, there was a small pile of pot saucers broken in the middle of the floor.  Now there are several things wrong with picture.  One, there are no saucers located in the area.  I'm very organized and everything has it's own place.  Second, I asked the two kids that work in that isle if they had laid any saucers in the racks.  The answer was no.  Third, they were in the middle of the isle.  If they fell off they would be to the side of the isle.  The only way they could make it that far was to be dropped by hand or thrown.
Another good story.  Witnessed by myself and the skeptic.  This is in the same isle as the last story.  Myself and the skeptic were talking in the back of the warehouse about some stuff that had fallen ( by forklift, not ghosts)  We were back there about a half hour, when we heard some boxes fall in the last isle.  We ran over to make sure no one was hurt, but we got there, there was no one around.  That's not the strange part.  the strange part is this.  There were two pallets stacked on top of each other.  They were not wrapped in plastic.  So when they fell the boxes should of been all over the isle.  But what we saw was very strange and I've never seen this in my 12 years of warehousing.  The pallets were on their sides and the boxes were still uniformed as if they were still standing up right.  It was like some one had stacked the pallets sideways.  The boxes were still squared on the pallets and not one pot was broken.  The skeptic once again, couldn't explain it and said himself, there is no way on earth those pallets could have fallen and landed that way. NO WAY POSSIBLE
There are many more stories.  I will give you more as I get the time.  I have no pics or stories of the old plant as of yet.  I have my camera in my car and plan on heading out there shortly.  I need to take inventory out there soon and will snap some shots when I do head out there.  I also have a website of ghosts.  My house is also very haunted and have many pics on there. Feel free to check it out at

Maudslay State Park

Hi there, I've been visiting your site for a few years now, but finally got the courage to write about some experiences that I've had. Before I begin though, I just want to say that this is by far the best paranormal site on the web. Some of the stories, photos, and EVP's on here are absolutely incredible, and not a visit goes by that I don't get chills! Oh--by the way, this may be a very lengthy story, so be prepared...

Anyway, I noticed on the Haunted Places Index that there is a listing for
Maudslay State Park in Newburyport Massachusetts. I grew up about 15 miles away from there, and know a lot about the history of Maudslay. First let me just say that the park is huge, probably about 500-600 acres of woods, hills, fields, little streams, gardens, trails, etc. It's located quite close to the mouth of the Merrimack River in Newburyport--the whole area has quite a history going way back to the earliest settlers in Massachusetts
(and therefore, probably the entire country). Maudslay is essentially the remaining land of what used to be a huge estate owned by the Moseley Family.
One of their ancestors built a huge mansion and several beautiful English estate style gardens, which were quite well known throughout the area. They based all of this on the family's old estate back in England which was called Maudslay, and they named the estate after this. Adjoining the Maudslay estate was another family's land, which I don't know too much about except that they built a huge mansion that looked like a castle. Sometime in the early 1900's, one of the Moseley's bought this portion of land and added it to the already sprawling Maudslay estate. In addition to the main mansion, there was also another little cottage type of house that stood on another part of the property. There was some other branch of the family living there.

Sometime in the late '60's or '70's, most of the Moseley family that lived in the main mansion house had died, and the family members that inherited it decided that they didn't want the house or the land, so they donated it to the State of Massachusetts. They razed the mansion house, but left some of the other minor buildings (carriage houses, gardener's houses, other random sheds and buildings). Then in the late '70's, the smaller cottage type of house mysteriously burned to the ground. The State of Massachusetts couldn't really figure out what to do with the place until sometime in the mid-'80's, when the governor at the time (who was big into preservation of land and all that kind of stuff)decided to turn it into a State Park.

I first found out about Maudslay's "otherwordly" reputation about 8 years ago, when the sister of the girl that I was dating at the time told me some weird things about it. We were all driving through Newburyport late one evening and the sister pointed out the dark trees of Maudslay across the river. She told me that it was very haunted. I asked her about it, and she told me that many mysterious murders had happened there over the years, unsolved to this day. She also told me that way back in the 16 and 1700's, way before the Moseley family got there, witches would congregate in the dense wooded areas for their meetings. Other stories included trees that moved by themselves and trails that would be there one minute but completely disappear or change the next. But probably the creepiest thing that she told me about was the so-called "gates of hell" that were on the property. There were two, she said. One was supposedly the entrance to this underground series of tunnels and caves, the entrance to which was a weird utility shed that was kind of built into the side of a hill. Apparently, according to the stories, several people had broken into the utility shed entrance and wandered into the tunnels, only to either never been seen/heard from again, or to be found wandering the park days or even weeks later stark raving mad, and had to be put into such "revered" and creepy insane asylums like the nearby Danvers State Hospital (another very haunted Massachusetts location that could have an entire book written about it itself). Some stories even claimed that the "hounds of hell", big black evil dogs with "flaming eyes", were released through these "hell-gates". Another story that she told me was that if you go down there at night, sometimes you can see the mansion house still standing, ghostly lit-up through the trees....

I kind of looked at her after she told me this and said "C'mon, some of that sounds totally outrageous!" I mean, a lot of it just sounded like typical high school "hoots 'n 'haints" nonsense that gets passed around in the urban legend-style. She insisted that it was all true--or at least some of the less outrageous stuff. So the next weekend, my then girlfriend, her sister, her sister's fiance and another friend of their's (a Wiccan) all decided to head down there to see exactly what was up, and to show me for myself all of these things.

I didn't quite know what to expect, seeing as I had never had any real direct supernatural experiences up to that point (actually, years later I came to believe that I had as a kid had some weird unexplainable things happen), although I did have the ability sometimes to "feel" spirits or if something was different about a place. I just decided to go and keep an open mind about the whole thing. Being the end of February, there was a fair amount of snow on the ground, and the day was sort of overcast. We all trooped out to the main trail and despite there only being 5 of us, I distinctly got the impression that we were being watched or even followed from behind, but there was no one else around when I looked. The place certainly was saturated with an otherworldly aura, and the large clusters of pine trees and brush that cast a gloomy shadow on everything just reinforced it. So we came to the infamous "gates of hell", which was just like the sister decribed it. It's sort of hard to describe, but it was basically this concrete "corridor" built into the side of a hill, and at the end of the corridor were two tall green wooden doors that had been locked up with chains and giant padlocks. The sister's fiance started saying all of this "hail satan" crap, trying to be a jerk and scare everyone, and since our awareness was heightened and we were kind of nervous, we were all like "shut up!" After all, it's always when your tempting something bad to show itself that it does! The Wiccan guy definitely had a bad vibe about the place so we all took off to another part of the park, where there was supposedly another "hell-gate". This one was pretty deep into the woods, and you had to cross this weird little footbridge. The Wiccan guy said that he felt that there may be some bodies buried underneath this bridge. At this point things started to get a little strange. My girlfriend leaned over the railing of the footbridge and go down the other side to see what was there. In fact, we were all kind of curious as to what was down there, it seemed like just an ordinary brook with this dam of some kind, but it did feel like there was some sort of weird energy drawing us nearer. So we all slid down the snowy embankment, and at the bottom as I looked up toward the footbridge above, I saw something that still gives me shivers to this day. There was some kind of dam directly under the footbridge, made of big old-fashioned stone. On the front of it was an ice formation that eerily looked like a gothic-style "gate". It took me a minute to really register what I was seeing, but it was really there. I even saw "gargoyles" and strange looking faces that were formed completely from ice. I started to also see various colors started to emerge from the ice, almost in a psychedelic kind of way, some magentas, blues, yellows, all kind of swirling around and disappearing, then coming back again. My girlfriend now started to try to climb over the railings of the footbridge and insisting on going down into "it". I snapped out of the trance that I had started to fall in, and we all ran back up there to stop her. We booked it from there pretty quickly. Later, as we were winding our way back to the car, I asked the Wiccan guy what that place was all about.
He told me that that was the other "gate of hell", and that the ice that forms there starts around October and lasts well into late April and even early May. (I did later end of going back to that spot many years later during the month of October, but couldn't see any ice--I did still get a really oppressive feeling about the spot though). On the way back to the car, suddenly the Wiccan guy fell to his knees, pressed both of his hands to his temples and said (in a pained voice)"someone is going to die here this summer...I can feel it". Needless to say, we were all pretty creeped out, and I could still feel like we were being followed or watched, even though we had not come across another person in the whole time we were there.

So after that, I didn't really know what to think. I definitely knew that the place had something going on there, and that there was a feeling that someone or "something" was around, but as far as some of these outrageous stories about people wandering into secret tunnels and caves and disappearing or going insane, or the whole "hell-hounds" thing I thought may have been exaggerated or made up by bored kids. I kind of thought that this Wiccan guy may be putting us all on at times, so I can't say for sure what he said was real or not. I did know that that place under the footbridge was pretty creepy though. I never found out if someone died that summer there or not.

In any case, Maudslay continued to "haunt" my thoughts and I wanted to eventually go back there to do a little more exploring. The next time I was back there was a couple of months later, when I drove up there with a friend around dusk. We didn't really feel like walking around through there at the time--it was getting dark, and we had heard rumors that if you were caught in the park after dark you would be arrested--so we just decided to drive by there and see if what was happening there. As we drove down the road, I saw a woman walking along the road. Now normally, this wouldn't seem to outrageous, but for some reason I took note of a few things. First, where she was walking, there was no immediate entry point to the woods beyond the metal fence that separated the road from the park. Second, she seemed to be kind of under-dressed for the time of season and day. It was early May, but the sun was getting pretty low in the sky and there was a fierce wind blowing off the river which made things a little chilly. All this woman had on been a short sleeve t-shirt and shorts. It struck me as odd, but not as odd as what my friend and I experienced next. After driving for a few more feet, we decided to turn around after seeing a sign alerting us to the fact that this was a dead-end road. Now it took only a few seconds to turn around and head the other way, but this time the woman walking along the road was gone! Again, there was no possible place that she could have gone in the short amount of time it took to turn around. She the only way she could have gotten into the park was to scale the high gothic-style metal fence and then run away, but that would have taken anyone much much longer to do. My friend and I kind of looked at each other and the looks we had on our faces spoke for themselves. However, as we drove slowly past the place where we had last seen the woman, my eye caught a moving figure just a few feet into the darkening woods--and much to my surprise, there was the exact woman whom we had seen no less than 2 minutes before!! By this time my friend and I were getting creeped out big time and took outta there pretty quickly.

After this experience I didn't spend too much time up at Maudslay for several years. Once in awhile I would bring some friends by there with the car and point it out nonchalantly, otherwise I kept pretty clear. It wasn't until late 2001 that I started really exploring Maudslay again. At that time I had just moved back home to my parents' house and had been laid off from my job. Part of my plan was to get outdoors as much as possible and get some exercise. The first place I went was Maudslay.

Over the next couple of months I had some rather weird experiences there.
One time I decided to check out a portion of the park that was heavily wooded and located on a small hill overlooking the river. There were several abandoned little shack-like buildings there, one of which was an old garage and another of which was this boat house type of thing. As soon as I walked into this wooded area, I distinctly felt like I was not alone, like someone was watching me, even though I had not seen anyone else there yet that morning. As I looked around a bit, I really began to feel like I was NOT welcomed here at all. I decided to get out of that area right then rather than face an unpleasant surprise!

Since the park is so huge, there are any number of trails that you can follow. I walked just about every single one of them, and over time began to figure out which areas of the park seemed "okay" and which areas felt oppressive or uncomfortable. One particularly uncomfortable area is a place called the Magnolia Path, quite fittingly for the dense Magnolia groves that all but suffocate the path. (Interestingly, I found out that this path is very close in proximity to the supposed second "hell gate" under the footbridge.) The path always seemed unnaturally dark, even on a bright and sunny day, and this made a little sense seeing that it was surrounded by tall fir trees and dense Magnolia groves, but there was almost like an "atmosphere" to the darkness, like something was waiting to jump out at you when you walked through there. I would approach the path with caution, and quicken my step once surrounded by the trees. A few times I went out of my way to avoid going there, almost like my intuition picked up some bad vibes emanating from there and warning me that it might not be a good idea to be there.

Just on the other side of the Magnolia Path is a wide, stone footbridge that crosses a large brook. This is the same brook that eventually flows into the creepy dam "hell-gate" under the footbridge. I used to get the oddest feelings of deja vu when standing on this bridge and looking out over the murky brook. It would also bring up a deep feeling of sadness and melancholy that I had absolutely no reason to be feeling; one minute I would be perfectly happy and the next I would feel such sadness and depression.

Beyond the brook and footbridge are a series of trails that split out into all different directions. One of them splits after climbing a short hill. Often times walking along this trail, I've felt like I was being watched and followed, although there was nobody there. On one particularly dreary and drizzly day, I was startled to come upon an area that had been policed taped off on the side of this trail. I've so far not been able to find anything in newspapers or anything like that detailing what that may have been about.

It seems though, that the farther one walks into the park, the more mysterious and creepy it gets. This is especially true when nearing the Castle Hill, the site of the old mansion deep in the woods that was razed long long ago. After climbing a steep trail, you'll come to the top of this big hill that offers an amazing view of the surrounding area. The rest of the hill is covered with dense woods, and I always got the feeling when up there that I probably shouldn't stay there too long. One day, I climbed up there despite the feeling that it wasn't a good idea to do so. I walked the rest of the trail down to the bottom of the hill and found another trail that I had never seen before. This one supposedly led to a place deep in the woods called "bootlegger's field" or something along those lines....the trail went farther and farther into the woods and the whole time I was very uncomfortable. For one thing, there was an eerie silence. Even though it was winter time, you usually hear various critters running around, but there was no sound at also seemed unusually dark and ominous. After walking a few yards I turned and left. When I got back to the main trail, I felt a little better but still got the impression that I wasn't wanted there.

And then, of course, there are the gardens. If you walk through the start of the park, there is a trail that breaks off the main path. If you take this path you end up in the old gardens, which were designed to look like those of an old English estate. From what I can gather, they aren't really maintained or used anymore. In the middle of these gardens are two mysterious structures which must have been the houses of the gardeners in the old days. Both of these places had an unexplainable aura to them, like there they were almost "alive" with energy. I constantly felt like I was being watched there. I would hear what sounded like footsteps behind me, and when turning around to see who was there, there would be nobody. For weeks after visiting the gardens, I had very vivid and disturbing dreams about the two gardener houses. The details now are a little sketchy, but I remember feeling like I had some old connection to the houses and was waiting around them for an answer to an old question that I had never answered. I also remember feeling a sad presence in the dream, like a soul who didn't want to be there any more but couldn't find a way out. I never went back to the gardens again.

Well I've written a lot here, and there are some more stories I have about this place that I don't have time right now to mention. I would be VERY interested to hear from anyone in the Newburyport, MA area who's been to Maudslay and may have any information at all about the history of the place or personal stories of hauntings or other weird experiences there. I've looked in the local library there but they don't really have too much information other than the basic historical facts of the Moseley family and such. Please email me at with any information, stories, etc.


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