McDonald's Ghost

I work at the McDonald's in Worland, Wyoming and have had very odd experiences at work. I know the store is haunted because mysterious things happen all the time, but o one busy morning the most creepy of all happened. I was standing in grill prepping some hash browns to cook and one of my coworkers was standing beside me making sandwiches. I saw a person out of the corner of my eye was past me. I thought it was one of the managers goin got the office, but when I looked up I didn't see anyone, I figured I had imagined it, but the most bizzare thing was that my coworker looked up and said, I thought I just saw someone walk by. I was amazed, I have always had the ability to see spirits, but I knew then and there that I was not going crazy. We both checked the back of the store and found no one there. Everyone was up front where we could see them. One night, while making a shake for a customer, I set the cup in the holder, and walked ten feet back to the register to take the cash, I turned in time to see the cup, half full with a shake, come out of the lip where it was securely set, and fall on the floor, I've even heard a woman talking to me when I know that no one is in the dining room. It gets a little weird at night, after dark too. When I used to go in and open in the mornings, the radio would be on, and the following mornings it would grow gradually louder, and louder until it had to be shut off. We have a very mischievous spirit working there. I wish I knew the story of why the spirit is there, but no one cane give a true reason. I only hear about the "gossip", like..."Someone committed suicide..." "It used to be a hospital..." I don't know why, but I would like to.



Montana State prison

I wanted to relay that the last time I went thru it was September of 2002.
They had just opened up the hole and the tunnel to the public.  My mother refused to go down to the hole.  She stopped up on top of the stairs where the common showers are.  Now when she first started as a judge it was before closed circit tv and she had to actually go into the prison to see the prisoners.  They usually had her see them in a room set aside, but with the prisoners in the hole, she actually had to go to the hole to hear their case for their initial appearance.  (It was usually something horible to get them there in the first place. )  She went down once and once only.  My mom relayed that she felt like she was being watched and that she could feel an evil presence down there.

When we were there in Sept. of 2002 my mom had to be helped out of the shower area because she was so upset.



Mothers Story

My Mom before I was born, was still a teen just starting getting out on her own she got a duplex apartment with my great aunt. They lived there without a problem until they decided it needed fixing up they planned with the help of my uncles to get new carpet and new walls. They did so, and about a week after it was financed things got a little weird. First things were showing up in weird places keys would end up in the freezer and my moms glasses were always just disappearing not to be found again. Over the course of about 3 months my Mom went through as many glasses. Then the weird stuff began to escalate. They would hear foot step in the hall and my oldest sister who was about 2 at the time seemed to be seeing stuff my Mom and aunt didn't mainly in the hallway and it seemed to frighten her. Well, one night they got home and they planned to relax for the rest of the evening and about 11 my sister woke up crying my Mom got her and took her out into the living to put her back to sleep. While all three of the were sitting with the radio on a low volume (my Mom is 52 now and a TV then was a luxury they couldn't afford) the radio suddenly shut off and the house began to go crazy every possible hinged cabinet and door began opening and closing violently that went on through the night until early morning after that night of fright they decided to get out and were only in the house for another 2 weeks and then moved out. The house only stood for about another year and it was demolished and is still an empty lot to this day. I have asked my aunt about it and she has the same story as my Mom and I believe them both




       First off, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your site.  I have always been interested in the supernatural, and am convinced that ghosts do exist.  Unfortunately, I have never seen nor felt one.  I am, however, overly curious, and try on occasion to find one.
       I have a friend that often accompanies me, but, sometimes she gets too afraid to press on.  She can feel their presence, and bows out.  I think she can feel them.  And, If she percieves them as evil, well, she just quits.  She has a gift that I can only wish I had.
       I , on the other hand, don't posess that gift, and as a result, am fearless.
       I suppose I ought to get on with my stories.  AGAIN I have never seen a ghost....But listen to this.......
       My curiosity in the supernatural goes back years.   When I was younger, I attended a university in southern Illinois.  I had a friend named Tanya whose parents lived in a supposed haunted house.  They claimed that a ghost lived in the attick of their home.  I don't remember the spirit's name at this time.  But I do remember that they claimed that "she" liked to play with the hangars in the attic. and that they could hear her slamming doors and climbing the stairs to the attic at night.  There were other farther-fetched claims as well, but they said that whenever something strange happened, they would always have the association of the smell of lilacs.  It was, apparently, the popular perfume of the time when this girl passed.  ( No explanation was given as to the events of her passing.)
       Anyway,  I was invited to sleep in the attic of their home one night.  I was apprehensive at first, to be able to relax enough to sleep.  But, In time, I started to drift away.  Just as sleep began to overtake me, I heard a very loud and unsettling rustling in front of my face.  I instantaneously turned on the light next to me to see what it was.  Nothing was there.  The memory of that sound made it very difficult for me to concentrate on sleeping again.  But, after what seemed to be about two hours, I started to succumb to sleep again.  As I drifted again.........again came that sound.   Louder this time.   I stayed calm for a few minutes to be sure that this was actually happening.  I stayed still but pulled my eyes open to see if anything was there.  There was no light.  My eyes were wide open, I was fully awake, and the noise persisted.  Again, I turned on the light, And nothing was there.   Once the light came on, the noise ceased instantly.
       This time, I decided to feign sleep...... I turned out the light, closed my eyes, and regulated my breathing.  I did everything LIKE sleeping..without actually sleeping.  Eventually, I even got my heart to stop pounding.  Hell, I was scared.  But managed to seem oblivious.
       Once again it started, and in an instant I turned on the light yet again.
       There, In front of my face was a mass...a ball...of white moths.  About the size of a softball.  As soon as the light hit them, they flew straight into the shadows of the room.  Not like moths fly.  They flew a straight course into various shadows and dissappeared.  They disappeared into shadows, not holes or cracks.  They weren't real.  No moth could do what I'm trying to describe here.
       Once they disappeared.  My fear was gone.  And has been ever since.  I am no longer afraid of ghosts.  I believe that if a spirit chooses to stick around, it is because it (or they) have something to tell you.
       I am convinced that these moths were presented to me by Lilac girl.  And I believe that she showed them to me only because she wanted to be acknowleged....not feared.
       I think that if I were to return to this house she'd show me the moths again.  This time I'd be much more appreciative. and a lot less afraid.  I'd see it as more of a welcome to an old freind, than as a threat to a newcomer.
       I think she just needs someone to talk to.  She must have been terribly lonely.
       Moth story number two.  About a year after that incident, I was still in college.  I was on the sixteenth story of my dorm, cramming for finals.  I happened to look out onto the ledge outside the window, where sat a beautiful green wood moth.  I knew it meant something, but at the time not what.
       My roommate walked into the study area and informed me that I had a call from my mother.  I went into my room and answered the phone by saying  " Is Gran dead?"   My mom was speachless for a time.  Then she said "How did you know?"
       I didn't answer.
       You see, my Gran was 103 when she died.  For years, she didn't know my name.  She always called me "Jeannine's Son"
       Well, on the day that her husband died at 98 years old.......I took her for a walk around her house.
       She hadn't been out in years.  During that brief walk, I had found a feather, and a green wood moth's wing.  I saved them as a token of that day.
       After that walk, she never called me "Jeannine's Son" anymore.  She called me "That nice boy who took me for a walk" about twice.  Then, she just called me "That nice boy"
       When I heard of her passing that day, I made arrangements to get to her funeral.  I did.  And upon viewing her casket, I placed the feather and the wing on her body.
       I feel that she's still around, and still views me as the "nice boy"
       Once again, I must re-itterate that I have never seen a ghost.  But I promise you that they are real, and I don't need to see to believe.
       Just ask Gramma Chip......She's still here...........Look for a moth when you do.....It'll be a green wood moth.



Motion pictures on the wall

The first time it happened was when I was about 6 years old. I had woken up in the middle of the night and crept into bed with my parents. I still couldn't sleep and when I rolled over towards the wall it appeared that someone was showing a movie on it. Hard to explain but it was a dim, full color silent motion picture (like a living painting) of a man dressed like
Henry the 8th talking to a woman being helped into a wide hoop frame that went under her dress. That was it. Then it ended. Totally harmless but'd it get there? I told mom about it in the morning (I had tried to wake her and dad up but they were sound asleep) and she said I was just hallucinating because I was so tired but was still amazed at my description of the hoop skirt/undergarment as I had never seen one before.
Ok... fast forward 3 more years. My brother and I were staying with our folks at our grandparents house. We kids begged to sleep in the dining room under the huge table so we could pretend it was a fort. Again, in the middle of the night I awoke to find a huge silent motion picture on the wall. This time I was able to wake up my brother and together we watched it. He stood up and looked out the window to see if someone was doing it from outside. Nope.
Nothing. No source of light or anything. In fact, the shadow of his head
didnt even show on the wall. He hid under his sleeping bag while I continued to watch. This "movie" was about an old man who lived outside of a fort and he was being attacked in an Indian raid and was fighting them off. It was a little gruesome to say the least. I closed my eyes and then looked again and it was gone. Only lasted like 5 minutes but felt like longer. My brother asked if it was over and I said yes. We decided not to say anything because we figured the folks would give us a hard time.  Anyone else have this happen? Any clues? It has bothered us for years and hasn't happened since.



Moving chair

Hello-Early other a.m.-I emailed you twice. I think only one went through because I got message from postmaster with an entirely different address other than what I sent to. I had just clicked onto reply onto your site. But I couldn't - computer SAID it was intended elsewhere.
NOT. Anyway, I don't think I told you that when I was listening to your audios, I turned around to see the wing back chair usually about 5 feet away from where I'm sitting on couch now-moved almost 2 feet from where
I am sitting. It really creeped me out. My boyfriend just picked this chair up from his parents. We have another piece of furniture got from them ( a small dresser) which brought something into our apartment. They really think we're nuts. Anyway, both pieces had belonged to his granddad who recenly passed, he was in his 90's and died from falling out of his hospital bed. I just feel him or something is here with the recent additions of furniture. But then, I've always had "company" even when I go to other's homes. They tell me, I brought something with me. I used to baby sit for a neighbor  about 10 years ago, who didn't even know my last name. One night she got so scared after I left, she called her husband who worked as a chef at a cafe open late. She said she heard voices telling her, "We like Luck". And she asked me what my last name was, finally! (Gee, wouldn't you want to know everthing about someone watching your kids?) anyhow,  I told her my last name is Lukowitz, but even all through school the teachers always mispronounced my name Ėlike luck -but it is really pronounced like luke. My forner landlord also said he was finding his things moved & showing up in weird places since I had lived there. Boy, this is lengthy. And hardly scratches surface.
But I've only just begun!!!-



Mrs. Hooper

When my parents bought an 1850's house in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada in the early '70s, strange things started to happen.... My parents were lovers of antiques & places with history. Port Hope suited them perfectly. They lovingly restored Forge Cottage, built by Thomas Spry in about 1850 to bring it back to it's former glory, & it seems that there was someone else in that place who was also very happy. During the nights, furniture would be relocated, pictures would be re-hung in different places & occasionally items such as plates, crockery & pictures would end up stacked under the kitchen table in the morning, (obviously not appreciated as part of the decor). My Grandmother refused to stay the night there after one late Christmas Eve when the sounds of plates being stacked in the kitchen suddenly seemed to have been dropped, waking everyone with a frightening smashing sound. The whole family ran downstairs only to find nothing unusual. Every now & then when washing dishes at the old wash sink, the sound of tapping on the original glass windows would cause you to look up, but nothing would be there. All this kind of activity over the years became a bit of a joke between my parents regarding this "presence" they called Mrs. Hooper, who seemed to demand certain things to be to her tastes regarding the decor & the running of the house. Interestingly enough, it turns out that there actually was a Mrs. Hooper at the house in the 1800's who was supposedly poisoned by her husband, & died there. There has been a book published about Port Hope Ontario that tells the story of Mrs. Hooper as well as other stories of the town. Something must have been resolved with "Mrs. Hooper", because as suddenly as she made her presence known she was gone, (after a number of years in residence with my parents)



My daughter still lives with us.

    My second daughter was born on Oct. 28, 1986, she died of sudden infant death syndrome six weeks later.  She often lets us know she is still around by playing pranks and sometimes allows other family members to see her.
    When the movie Pocahontas came out my oldest daughter loved it.  We bought her a Pocahontas talking bank.  If you haven't seen the type of bank I mean, it is one with Pocahontas and Grandmother Willow.  If you drop a coin in it, Grandmother Willow starts talking, it has a button you can push for the same result.  For about three months this bank would start talking when noone was in the room with it.  We kept the bank on a shelf in the bathroom above the sink.  One morning I was standing in front of the mirror shaving, the bank was two feet in front of me.  When the bank started talking, well I don't often cut myself shaving but this time.....
    Another time my wife had washed her favorite shirt, it was loose fitting and light weight, perfect for working in her garden.  She washed it and I know I took it from the washer and put it in the dryer.  When we took the load of clothes out of the dryer the shirt was nowhere to be found.  Three months later we found it in a small cabinet in our bedroom.  We only use the cabinet for storing small things and rarely open it.  I can't remember what I was looking for, but I opened the cabinet and there was the shirt neatly folded.
    There was another time when my wife bought some material to make me a couple of shirts.  She brought it home and folded it and put it away in her sewing trunk to work on later.  A week later she opened her sewing trunk to begin the work and the material was gone.  Six months later we had forgotten about the material and my wife was going to sew another project.  She opened her trunk and there was the material, replaced once again by my second daughter.
    My youngest daughter, now eleven years old, often sees her sister either in the house or out in the yard.  She sometime talks to her and I mean she carries on a conversation.
    My oldest daughter has also seen her.  I have seen her once.  She was standing by the living room in the intrance of the hallway.  I was coming out of the kitchen and saw her in my periferal vision, when I looked up she vanished.  I can say that those on the other side do not stay children forever.  My second daughter who we lost when she was a baby now appears to us as a lovely sixteen year old.  Then again, perhaps a spirit can appear in any form.  Perhaps my daughter appears the age she would be so we can recognise her.
    It may seem strange to some people that we live with a spirit as a normal part of the family, but that's exactly what she is and we love her the same as our two children who are here in the flesh.
    Being of Cherokee/Iroqoi descent we do not fear spirits, but try to understand them.  They are not here to do harm, only to guide.



My encounter and a few from my family

Just to fill everyone in on a little family history. My great grandfather  was  a self proclaimed ghost hunter. I have heard many stories  growing up from my   grandfather of his exploits  in the field. Now he wasn't the whole mystical   crystals and  holy water type. His theory on ghost was one shared by many. They   are here for something.  Either a lost item from their past or a deed left   undone. The way he went about the hunt was fairly simple minded. He would follow  tales of haunted houses, graveyards, bridges  whatever and research  them  as well  as could be done and try  to figure out what the ghost  wanted. And give it to  them.  At the time in history when he was  doing this many people were  offering  rewards for someone to sleep  in a haunted house for  a night. So he would move in and spend  however much time it  took. Not all of the stories my grandfather told were successes.  But one I remember vividly was. I will tell   it to you now and   then I will relate my own experience.
 Back  in the  1800s  my great grandfather was a ghost hunter. He mainly  did it  for  the reward  money offered to sleep in haunted houses  at first  but a growing  need to help  soon took over. One such place   was a farmhouse on the Oklahoma  prairie where a  woman in white   (I know stereotypical ghost story) would be seen  walking down  the  staircase and out onto the front porch (one of those old   wraparound  type  that goes all the way around the house). Once  on the front  porch  she would  pace the length of the front  of the house a few  times and then  disappear.  Other times a  woman would be heard crying  but you could never pin down  the  sound. My great grandfather moved  into this house and lived  there for about   two months while trying  to figure out what  the ghost wanted. Many times he  would  be sleeping  in the entry  way of the house at the foot of the stairs  trying to  catch a  glimpse of the lady. After about 3 weeks of research by   talking  to all  the people that lived nearby (we are talking about  1800s  Oklahoma nearby I would  guess would be within a 10 mile  radius)  he found an  older couple who had known  the original builders   of the house and every family  that had lived there since.  They   began relating the story of the house to him  as best they could.
It seems that the first family to live in the house had   had  only two children  a boy and a girl. And when the girl was  about  16 she  fell in love with one of  the local farmers sons.  After  a few months the  marriage was arranged and events  were set   into motion. The got married in the  spring in the front room of   the  house.  They built their own small house on  some of the  land  and lived there for  a few years. Until the girls mother  got   ill. Then they moved in to stay and  take care of her  and the  family. The  brother had recently joined the army and   was away. After  a few months the  mother passed away and the  Girl and her husband  also became ill. The father was  left to  take care of them and  soon became ill as  well. They all died  after  about a year of fighting  the illness and trying to  keep  the house and land  cared for. After  that the boy now serving  in the army  came back to collect  any  belongings and dispense  with the house. He sold the  house to the  local  bank and left  to live in Texas. About a year later a young  couple moved into  the house and lived quite happily for about  three years until   they started  seeing the lady walking down the  stairs and along  the porch. They  soon moved  away and let the loan  default back  to the bank. A few other family's  had lived  in the  house but  all moved out soon after and the bank was stuck with  this   house.  Finally the owner of the bank decided to offer a reward for  anyone   to  sleep in the house to prove it wasn't haunted.
 Well   empowered with this  knowledge my great grandfather went back to   the  house and set watch for the  ghost. After seeing her a few   times he noticed she  seemed to be looking for  something on the   porch. So he got some digging  equipment and began to dig  under   the porch. After about 2 weeks of digging he  found a small gold   ring.  Thinking that that had to be what the ghost wanted he   placed  it on the railing  of the porch and waited that night  to see what  happened.  Nothing happened for  about another week  then he was sitting  on the porch enjoying  the good weather  when  he caught sight of  her walking down the stairs. Not daring  to  move he  watched as  she walked the length of the porch until  she came even  with the   ring. She turned and seemed to look  at the ring for a long time  then  just  vanished. He spent another  week in the house and never  heard so much as a   creak and never  saw the woman again. The ring  he put under the first step of  the   stairway and as far as anyone  knows its still there.
That is  how my  grandfather related  that story to me not in the scary  ghost  story boggedy boo  way  just a plain and simple fact.  A piece of family  history.
Now  my  story
 I was about  18 and living with a friend of mine  and his mother. We  all lived   in a small house some would call  a shotgun shack. Because you  could  shoot a  shotgun through the  front door and not hit anything  but the back door.  It was  all  one room only separated by a  small wall that ran about 3 feet from   each  outer wall you  could walk straight from the living room to  the kitchen  (going   through the bedroom) in a straight line. One  night I was sleeping  on  the floor  in the living room when I was  awakened in the  middle of the night. I  don't know if  it was a sound  that woke  me or just a bad feeling. But when I  woke up I happened  to be  turned so that I looked straight into the bedroom. I  saw  what  looked like  sheer curtains lit by moonlight blowing out  beside  the  bed that my friends  mother was sleeping in. I had a  erie  feeling but being  half asleep didn't think  anything of it   and promptly fell back asleep. When I  woke up in the morning  I  remembered what had happened and looked at the wall  expecting   to see an open  window. The problem was there is no window on that   wall. Not anywhere in the  house all the windows are on the opposite   wall. So  it couldn't have been a  curtain. Later that day I asked my   friends mom about  it. And she told me that it  was her father.   That he came to help her when she  had a bad night(she had  terrible   arthritis). She said that she never saw him  but could feel his   presence.  I had many other strange experiences in that  house.  Rocking chairs  that didn't need anyone sitting in them to rock.  Things disappearing  and  reappearing in strange places when  no one was home. To  say  the least I was glad  when I got an  opportunity to move out.


One   last story and Ill end  this email.
This one scared the  be-jesus outta me  until  the end. My grandfather  again.
One  night when my grandfather  was  young he was riding back home from  a local  barn dance.  It began to rain and in  Oklahoma when it  rains it is usually  a nice  thunderstorm. At one point in his   trip he rode by a  schoolhouse that was still  under construction  and decided to  ride under it for some protection from the  rain  for a minute.  As he was  sitting there watching the lightening he  thought he   saw something in the  rafters during one of the flashes.  But  not really thinking  about it he sat and  watched the lightening   show for a bit longer. Then after one  huge flash he saw  the  thing  again and heard a bone numbing scream. Well he was  no  fool so  he  kicked his horse and started high-tailing it for  home. But as  he  was passing  out of the structure he felt something  land on  the horse behind him  and grab  on with a death grip  and begin screaming  an ear piercing scream in his   ear. Panicked  he rode for the nearest  house with lights on and as he came   pounding up the the house  he saw a man in the yard with a lantern.  He raced up   to the house  and jumped off the horse before  it even stopped and scrambled for   the man. As he got close  to the man he starts gibbering about  a ghost in the  new  school.  The guy just looks at him and laughs.  My grandfather said he  couldn't  believe the guy was just laughing  at him. About that  time a woman  came out of  the house and ran  for the horse  and the thing still on its back.  It turns  out that  it was  their daughter who was mentally retarded and had  gotten out   of  the house that night. Not a ghost, but what would you have  done.



My encounters

My mom and dad decided when my youngest brother Kalvin was 8 that we could get a new cat we hadn't had any cats around for years.  My mom picked out a black and white male and named him Hobbes from the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes.  Hobbes got old and sick right around my oldest sisters wedding and one morning before school his died he was laying on my older sisters bed (there are five kids in my family) well it wasn't long after that we got our new cat kd nothing really happened at first but then as she got older she would start getting weird the hair on her back would stand up and she would hiss and thin air then run out of a room and hide..
then one night my mom was sitting in her chair she saw somthing out of the corner of her eye and as she looked over she saw Hobbes jump on the table then dissapear... She later told my dad who said she was seeing things....

As one of Hobbes habbits he liked to lay in front of the bathroom at night if someone was in it well one night i went to use the bathroom, and as i was coming out I tripped and ran into the sofa..i looked back and nothing was there.  we could all feel him layin with us he never had a favorite place to sleep he just layed with everyone...

we also have a dog he passed just this past year he was hit by a car we had this dog for a long long time his name was lucky and he was.....shortly after he passed i was out doing laundry and i heard a dog whining to go out it had completely slipped my mind that he was dead so i went to the front door and said lucky come on lets go out i opened the door i felt a rush of air go by.....i went back to the laundry room and it hit me that lucky was dead.....i was done with folding so i went to start a new load and i heard a scratching at the front door and i knew it couldn't have been kd because she had no claws and it was the other cat couger because he was with me so i go to the door open it to humor myself and i could smell a really strong aroma of wet dog..

thats all for now there are more that happened with them we don't get scared because they were once living and we loved them and still do they are not there to harm us we feel safe knowing that they care enough to still gaurd us...
things used to happen to me and my friend at her house but thats another story.....thank you



My experiences

Hi there.  Please don't be offended by a Canadian contacting you during these awful times.  The voice of our leaders does not dictate the will of the people.  Most of the people in my small city would just as soon our government would pitch in and lend a hand in ridding Iraq of that terrible evil man and his family, and punishing them justly for the atrocities commited against his people.
Anyways, when I was 11 years old, I used to like to go for long walks in the evening.  My parents lived in a small town called Mather on the Canadian/American border in southern Manitoba, it couldn't have held more that 80 people at the time, so being a young girl, and going out for a walk around the town wasn't any threat.  Mind you, this was also 29 years ago.  As with most small prairies towns, train tracks ran through each town, and were a constant source of amusement for kids when there really isn't anything else to do, but go play games like seeing who could walk the track the furthest, and you could pick really neat rocks from the stones they used to lay between them to fill in the ties.    Off the main road that the track ran through was and still is a small bridge that the track crossed, and just to the north of that was a pasture that, when not housing cattle, was another source of amusement.  It was everything to us from a battleground for our play wars, to a place to constantly explore for anything mysterious, and right in the centre was the town graveyard, another source of intrigue and mystery, and a great place to scare the daylights out of ourselves and each other.
It was an evening in March or April, I can't really remember too much, but I was out on one of my walks/adventures.  For some reason, I was walking on the outside of the pasture, following along the fence line.  The pasture had a small hill and I had just reached the top, and then for some reason I looked to the right of me, and saw a white skull staring at me.  Man, I got the hell out of there, I still get goose bumps thinking about it.  I didn't think it was possible for anyone to run that fast.  I got home, white as a sheet, and my mom asked me what was the matter, but I didn't tell her.  She wouldn't have believed me anyways.
Well, a week later, being the foolhardy idiot I was, I was back on the track again, but at a safe distance from the pasture.  It was windy, and beside the bridge on the track there was a kind of well where they used to dump waste water.  Well, the lid kept on blowing off the stupid thing, and as I got closer, I could see a figure inside of it pushing the lid up.  Again, I got the hell out of there.
Years went by before I finally told my mom about the incidents, she scoffed, until one day my dad, for some reason or another, mentioned to her that a man had laid his head down on the track near the bridge when a train was coming and comitted suicide.  Another friend of mine, the man's neice, also had seen some spectres around our small town, so after all those years it made sense to me, but it still scares the hell out of me.
The next story is about this house we used to live in just outside of Brandon, we're not there anymore but we're in the same yard.  Things used to happen over there.  It's just a small house so you notice things more when you're in limited space.  My husband, then boyfriend, works nights so I'd be alone with the cat and dog all the time.  I'd be sitting reading, look up, and find that one of the doors on the stereo stand was open.  I'd go close it, go back to reading, and then the other door would be open.  Lights would turn on and off, things would move, but more to let us know that there was someone there with us, not threatening us at all.  The cat and dog never reacted so I figured that our "guest" was benign.  The spare room in the house used to be a bathroom, where my husband's grandpa used to smoke his pipe.  Once in a while you could smell a pipe in there, so we both figured it was him coming in to check on us from time to time.  I never felt threatened, he never did anything to hurt either of us, it was actually kind of comforting.  My husbands brother lives there now, and he is very content there.  I guess not all hauntings are bad.
In that house as well, I had an old black and white picture of my grandparents when they were married.  I was cleaning around it one day when I noticed that my grandma's pictures face had changed, and looked sad, and a tear ran down her cheek (the picture actually has a runnel where the tear fell).  Two days later I found out that she had died.
The last one, finally, is really bizarre.  In 1997 we had to put our cat down due to cancer.  We were both devastated, she was only 10 years old, and our dog searched for her for weeks afterwards.  After that, you'd hear these rumblings in the basement that sounded like a cat scratching on a post, scamperings, different things.  Outside in the yard you'd see a mist everyonce in a while where nothing was around, no vehicle, heat turned off in the house, etc.  When we got our other cat they subsided somewhat, but as our dog got older the noises and strange happenings became more apparent.  Two years ago, our poor old dog was on his last legs, these little things became more and more commonplace, we just learned to turn them out.  Snoopy, our dog, kept on going to the place where our cat was buried out behind the house, almost everyday.  I knew he was telling us that was where he wanted to be buried.  When the time came for the ultimate decision, he was very calm and peaceful.  After we did the rotten deed and got the poor dog buried, our neighbors dog came over, he and Snoopy were best friends.  When he looked over to the spot where our dog used to lay down, his face was overcome with pure sorrow.  That wonderful dog sat on the front step with us and comforted us.  I'll never forget his kindness.  Shortly after that, the noises and carrying ons stopped.  Our deceased cat wasn't leaving the premises until she could take her best friend with her.  Where we have them buried, there's a stump that has over the years with erosion come to look like a cat sitting with it's tail crossed over it's legs, and often when we put flowers on the graves they'll stay fresh for quite a while.
I recently lost my father, he was a very hard man, our childhood was not a happy one.  He and mom divorced last year, so there was no one in his house but my brother and him.  Mom came back to help us with things not long after he passed away, and was staying in the house.  When she was alone she said there were not nice things going on, objects flying around.  My brother wants to keep the house but I'm afraid it may have a bad haunting.  I'll let you know, and if we need help maybe you can direct us to the proper people for that.  I know I cannot sleep in that house, last time it just was not a place I wanted to be.
Well, those are my weird stories.  When I think about the cat and the dog it still warms my heart to no end to know that they loved us and each other that much.
Take heart, we Canadians are on your side and back you 100%.



My Ghost Story

Back in 1987 my Father passed away on April 13th which was a Monday.  He was born on November the 13th which was a Friday.  About 1 year from the date of his death, I was at work at a little bar and restaurant.  I remember that it was a Wednesday.  We were usually very busy on that particular night but for some reason we were not busy at all that night.  It was about 6:00 in the evening and the front door of the place opened and in walked this man.  He came to one of the tables and the boss yelled you have a customer.  I walked to the table to take his order and there sat my Father.  (now you have to remember he passed away almost a year ago)  I walked into the kitchen and the boss said you look like you have seen a ghost.  I said I have that is my Dad out there.  I went to him and was talking to him and he ordered a Blatz Beer and a shot of Kessler's which is what my Dad drank.  He ordered the special which was Spaghetti cause his favorite (also my Dad's favorite)  Salad with Vinegar and Oil (Dad's favorite)  Told me that he was fine and not to worry about him.  Ate all of his dinner ordered coffee filled the cup to the brim with milk and slurped his coffee. (something my Dad used to do)  Paid his bill....left me a tip of 4.00 and left.  I followed him out the door and he was gone.  No sight of him anywhere.  When I picked up the money off of the table one of the 1.00 bills was signed in my Dad's handwriting.  (Johnny)  that was my Dad's name.  Needless to say I was not much good at work that night.  As soon as he left the building, the customers filed in and we were so busy that we could not keep up.  It was like he was there and wanted to spend time with me and didn't want to be bothered.  This is my story and it is true and I still miss him so much.  But it was a good story of a ghost.
Thank you very much for letting me tell you about it.



My grandfather John

           Iím 16 yrs old and live in the north suburbs of Chicago Illinois. I've lived in my little town house my whole life and everything has always went alright until I was 10 years old. At this time my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimerís and was losing her memory which meant I had to take care of her. About that time I started to notice weird things happening like, light bulbs would blow out one after another, the T.V would turn on when no one was in the room, things were moved around. I never actually talked to him until the new year of 2000. I stayed up all night with my brother and around midnight I went to my room at around 11:30pm. I sort of crashed out at woke up exactly at midnight. I jumped with a start and started to head down to the living room but before I made it to my door I heard a voice say "Iím sorry". I couldnít explain what it was. I talked to my mother about and she has noticed the spirit of my grandfather ever since her and my dad moved in, back in 1986. I asked my mom about the history of my family and it had turned out my grandpa had died in the house in 1977 of cancer. Through out the past three years Iíve actually talked to him and would give me information to tell my dad. After he told me Iím sorry and I told my mom, everything started to change. Again, all the light bulbs would blow out, TV goes on so on so forth until I told my dad about it. When I told my dad about it everything went back to normal as if I played a messenger or something. He never tried to hurt me in any way but as I noticed him I started to notice things that belonged to him popping up every where, like personal items, his lighter etc... I still talk to him this day, i still give messages to my father for him and I realized what the messengers were. My grandpa was trying to apologize for the bad childhood my father had. And it's believed that for the rest of my dad's life my grandpa will keep coming back and apologizing for the way he treated my father.



My Haunting

Well, this is my story.
When I was six years old my father died of a heart attack and after his death, my mother and I continued to live in the house; he had lived there before with his first wife who had passed away many years before.

My first encounter was just after he had passed when I woke up and saw him sitting on my bed; he smiled at me and told me that he loved me and that he would always be with me.  I swear that I was not dreaming.  I saw him as clear as I saw him before he had passed.  I don't remember many incidents after that, but I always felt like someone was watching my mom and I.  After my mom remarried is when more incidents occurred.  We would have a period of alot of things happening, and then there would be nothing for awhile.
My step-dad never felt like he belonged in the house and there and alot of things happened to him.  Once, he was awakened late in the night and saw a face staring at him nextg noise that would emanate from the walls, particularly in the small spare bedroom, and there was never any explanations for them.  My step-dad did have a carpenter come in and look at the house and foundations and they said that the house was structurally sound.  My mom had an experience, though she would never say that it was because of a haunting.  She was downstairs in the laundry room when she heard the side garage door open and someone walk across the kitchen; she thought that it was me returning home from class.  When she came upstairs, there was no one in the house, but she swore that she heard someone walk across.

Strange smells could often be smelled, a friend of mine said that as he sat in the front room while the rest of the party was in the living room, he felt someone staring at him and smelled the cherry pipe tobacco that my dad used to smoke; he never knew about my house and told me after I asked him if he had felt uncomfortable; many of the guests had felt like they had been watched.  Many people felt like they were being watched and when they turned, they never saw anyone..
Our animals would often stare at something unseen.  Our golden retriever would never go to the one corner of the living room, where my dad's first wife's chair had always sat when she was alive, no matter how we coaxed her.  My cat would seemingly play with someone, she would be seen running around, and jumping at something in the air like she did when we would play with her; we thought at first that it was a bug, until
it happened in the dead of winter with no flying than other basements that I have been in.
There was other things that happened, small trivial things that may have been something explainable, but these instances were the ones that seemed the most unexplainable.  I had lived there in the house for  a little over 21 years and my parents recently sold the house and I wonder if "they" are still there. I'd like to think that my dad has moved on now that I no longer live there and neither does my mom.



My house is haunted
I believe my house is haunted. I have lived in the house with my mom, my brother, and my sister for seventeen years. Iím 18 years old now. My house is located in South Buffalo Between Abbott Road and Remoleno. For years as far back as I can remember ive seen these glowing balls of light. I've also seen shadows out of the corner of my eye. At night you can see these orbs or balls Iím not sure what to call them. You can also hear strange sounds at night as if some one is walking around when I know for a fact im the only one up. I've talked to my mom about these strange events and she told me that at night when she is laying in bed she can see a cloud of mist floating out side the door of the kitchen. Just the other night which was March 2003 she said she saw some one walking back and forth from my sisters room to the bath room. She said that happened all night .When it happened the first time she came and woke me up to help check the house to see if some one got in. But we found nothing. We know it was not my sister because she is handicapped she cant walk. And my little brother was sound asleep in the living room. And it sure wasn't me. Most of these events do not scare me, but there is some thing in the attic that scares that you know what out of me. I never go up there alone because one time I went up there to help clean up the attic. Every time I started to clean I would see a dark figured watching me from the one corner of the attic. I went over to that corner to see what could be causing it and that's when I found a satanic symbol on the wall. just has I was walking away some thing yelled into my right ear to get out. I took off like a bat out of heck. I also remember when that happened there seemed to be a chill in the air very cold and I felt like there was allot of static electricity in the air. I went and told my mom and that's all she did was give me like an omg look and told me that I should never go up there again alone. What ever is in the attic I know it is evil. Iíve talked to some people that lived in the house long before us and they said that there little girl died in the house. When I asked them about if any one ounce lived in the attic they told me to just stay out of there they would not tell me why. Well that was my store and it is all true.



My Own Personal Ghost Stories

I guess my first actual one was in 1991 when I was dating Sissy who lived in Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh Pa.

When me and her met that night and I took her home I was with my friend Scott and she was with her friend Lisa

Well when we got there her room mate Will (who is gay) said he was glad we were there, because just before we got there the cats they had were all looking in the same direction and hissing with their backs arched Hissing and looking at the direction of the wall and there was no one or nothing there he said.

That kind of freaked me since I have heard that animals can see what humans cant (especially spirits) but not as much as what happened next which I forget whether it was the same night but I donít think it was.

Anyway I was sitting in the chair next to the door way that led into the kitchen and I could almost see the entire kitchen from where I was at. We were all sitting in the living room and the only light was the TV and a small lamp, every other light was off including the kitchen.

Then all of a sudden I noticed a light coming from the kitchen out of the corner of my eye. I turned to see what it was and it was the refrigerator door opening and closing by itself. I asked them what it was and she said it was the cats opening and closing the door. But I knew that it was not the cats doing it. Because how could a cat open and close the refrigerator door repeatedly.

Well a few other things happened like lights going out, fuses being blown, sissy coming down and wondering if I was just upstairs and said ďhiĒ to her cause she heard a manís voice say that.

And I told her I have been downstairs the whole time.

The next time I had any kind of experience I guess was when I was dating Dawn(Jakeís Mom who is my son).

Her bedroom in the house was in the basement and there were no windows in her room, but it was in the corner of the basement so it had two walls that were outside walls and two walls that were on the inside.

Well anyway to get to the point one night I was just about to fall into a deep sleep when I heard a banging noise come from the wall. In other words someone from banging on the wall. Whether it was from the outside or inside I don't know but it sounded like the outside. It moved from wall to wall going in a circle around the room if you know what I mean.

So I got up and asked Dawn if she heard the sound before I turned on the light cause to be honest I was a little scared and was wondering if I was hearing things or not. And she said yes she heard it to. Well this all happened in a matter of like 10 seconds.

So I got up and turned on the light and there was no one in the room so I got out of bed to see if there was anyone there in the basement and there was no one there either.

Well the next day I told Dawnís Mom what I heard and she said that her chickens just on the outside where the room was were all up making a fuss about that time but I canít really believe her Mom cause I know her to well.

Well I know what i heard but there are a few things you must ask yourself:

1) I know I heard a banging on the wall and it moved from wall to wall. Now if it was on the inside who could have been in the room cause I turned on the light after I asked Dawn if she heard it and that was a matter of seconds and I would have heard someone open the door to get out

2) If the banging was on the outside of the house who could have went from underground to being inside the house cause as I have said 2 of the walls were on the outside of the house.

I know this does not make sense but I know what I heard and I believe that something strange happened but the only thing that puzzles me is that nothing really strange happened again.

My ghost story
HI, I have a ghost story for you. When I was thirteen, my family moved into a house. (it was pretty old) Anyway, I was carrying boxes up to my room on the second floor. At the top of the steps, across the hall, there is a mirror on a door. ON this particular day, the door was slightly open so you could see all the way down the hallway. When I was coming up the stairs, I caught a glimpse of a man in an old suit(1920's ish) walking down the hallway. When I turned in to the hallway, I expected to see the man still there, but he was gone.



My personal ghost
I live in a small house out in the country, far away from any other neighbors, and I think my house was haunted. The first experience I had was waking up one night while sleeping my bunk bed, and hearing a quiet music that almost sounded far away. At first I thought my sister was playing some of her music, but once I listened closer, I realized that it was coming from my stereo. It was about 2:00 and I was frozen scared because I wasn't the one who pressed the play button. Eventually, I got up to turn the music off and noticed that the lyrics of the song (by rapper p.diddy) were repeating on the section that said "come with me, come with me..." I walked shakily to turn the stereo off, and I swear this happened, the power in the house went out. While the power was out the phone rang quietly and I was jolted with fear and ran into my parents bed.
       A couple of weeks after that,  I was sitting in our living room just reading quietly home alone, when I heard exactly what sounded like someone pacing up and down in my room. This wasn't the first time Me and my family had heard footsteps, a couple of times when I was in our basement alone in the house (my sister said this happened to her, too) we've heard footsteps creaking slowly upstairs. I thought it was the rest of my family come home but of course no one was there at all.
       One day I was out side and it was about 8:00 pm and foggy, I was lighting the trash on fire when I heard people talking and laughing down by our stream. I called out "hello, is anybody there?" but since there was no answer I peed my pants and ran inside.
       2 more. Me and Elizabeth, my sister, were talking after all these things had happened and she said: " I really think that there is something in here haunting this house." At that moment, a photograph of our dead brother who had committed suicide fell to the floor (coincidence or not) and smashed all the glass in the frame.

       Finally, the last thing that ever happened to me, well it wasn't me, but a friend of my families came to stay and he was sleeping in our living room on one of our two couches when he awoke because he SAID he heard someone lay down on the couch across from him. Just like my brother used to due.
       Thanks for reading, sorry if that didn't make any sense



Ghost story


About 15 years ago I lived with my mother and sister in a modern detached style house, in a modern development. The last place on earth you would expect any unearthly goings on.

I was about 14 years of age when one night I had the oddest experience. I say odd, as it was only the next morning when the truth was known.

It was about 2 a.m. in the morning when I was woken with the need to visit the bathroom. The house was in darkness but there enough natural moonlight through the windows to see the grey and black outlines of things. Just as I swung my legs over the bed I heard my sister bedroom door open and saw her walk past my bedroom door and enter the bathroom, closing the door behind her. I silently cursed my sister for going to the bathroom just when I wanted to go, typical! I decided to read my book to take my mind off the call of nature, but typical of a teenage sister, she knew I needed the toilet and so took her time.

Fed up, I jumped out of bed and walked across the landing and approached the bathroom door. As I neared I heard things being moved about, it sounded like someone was moving deodorant cans and shampoo bottles along the shelves and generally messing around. Even more fed up now as my sister was deliberately wasting time. I asked her to hurry up and the noises stopped. I asked again. Nothing. Again. Silence.

Angry and still trying to maintain as much dignity as I could by muttering angry words about strange weird teenage sisters, I strode back to my bedroom, I say strode but I really mean a painful legs crossed hop to my bedroom. Sat on the edge of the bed, read my book and waited. And waited.

She was still in the bathroom. Half and hour had past, I had read 30 pages of my book. Enough was enough, I got off my bed and charged across to the bathroom only to find the door open and no one inside. I thought it strange as to how my sister could walk from the bathroom to her bedroom (past my room) without me noticing. Concluding that I must have been engrossed in my book (and really only concerned with emptying my bladder) I went to the bathroom and then returned to bed.

At the breakfast table the next morning I commented to my mum as to how much of an evil sister I had and recounted the nights events.

My mother looked at me with a very strange and puzzled expression.

She said "But your sister slept at her friend Sian's last night".

I slowly felt my hackles rise and went white as the realization of what really occurred struck me.

You see, it could not have been my mother as she denied it was her and the sound of her bedroom door opening was distinctive to say the least and her bedroom was on the other side of the house. I thought it must have been a burglar. I thought I may have dreamt it, but I had read 30 odd pages of my book. I was trying to find any rational explanation as to what had happened, but I could not and did not. It was after that, that I found out that I was not the only one in our quiet little suburban street to experience strange events.



My Sisterís experience
  Okay...I've done one story's another experience of mine.   Mostly my sisters though.   My little sister used to go to a certain house to party at.   In the house (apartment really) were two spirits.   There was a small child that hid in her closet and very rarely came out.   Especially if he didnít know you.   Then there was the grown man.   He seemed to be very smitten with my sister.   Needless to say, he liked the fact that my sister moved in a few months later.   He hovered a lot and was very protective of her.   Nobody really understood until a friendís aunt went there and explained that she was so much like a lost love.   (Must be why he is bound to earth).    He was the reason that there was an extra room open in the apartment.   The last roomie moved out because she was terrified.   He liked to do things like knock the shower rod off and open doors.   One door in was a closet and got stuck a which he opened with ease.    Anyway....just before my sister moved out, I went over and was standing in the foyer talking to her when my hair stood on end and I stopped mid sentence.   He had brushed past me and was then behind me....I could tell that he was just there.....watching.....checking me out.......Except for when he passed me, he didnít get real close.....He knew.....he knew that I was family and that I am just as protective of my sister.   It was very frightening when my sister and her roommate moved out.  Together nonetheless.    They were leaving him.   And he knew it.    My mom helped them move and would not allow either of them to enter without a "buddy mover."    I've noticed that my sister is alot more at ease now that she doesnít live there.   It makes me glad that she can feel comfortable in her own home again.



Mary Told me to

Hi, My name is William and here is my true story
My wife and I were married about 15 years ago. We have a 13 year old son, Sam, who is now 12 . When we were married, we bought a beautiful old home and completely restored it. The home is in the historic district of Longmeadow, Mass. This all started when Sam was about 3 or 4 years old. All Sam could talk about with his "imaginary" best friend Mary. We thought it was cute at first that our son had made up a little girl to play with. We were happy to hear about Mary until Mary started to get a little to demanding for comfort. Sam would tell us some eerie things about Mary. He said they met in the closet under the stairs, and she was lost. Mary became Sams obsession, sometimes in a bad way. Sam would tell us strange things about Mary. He said Mary would show him people that have gotten lost a long time ago. He said he would see my dead mother (his grandmother he never knew) standing at the end of our driveway. . He would say Mary showed him the lost people. We could even hear him having strange conversations with no one in the next room. He would tell us Mary would sometimes keep him up at night, and tell him to do things. Sometimes he would take everything out of the refrigerator and put it on the floor. Other times, he would open all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. We would ask him why he would do it and he would always respond "Mary told me to". This caused both my wife and I a lot of worrying. We brought him to a doctor in Springfield who didn't have a clue what to do. All she said is that we should probably leave the house. She said houses sometimes come with spirits who appear only to children. She says a lot of the times, they can disguise themselves and children or animals. We automatically decided we would move. We didn't want to take any chances with our Son. We moved, and Sam wouldn't speak of Mary at all. He quickly forgot about her. My son is now 12 and he can't remember a thing. He gets freaked out when he hears this story, but it's a story my family shares all the time. We drive by our old home sometimes, and think to ourselves "I wonder if Mary has made any new friends since we've left?"



My story

My name is Andrew and I am from California. I love your website because I can relate to a lot of the experiences that people have had. I have always been pretty in tune with the ďparanormalĒ and enjoy hearing about other peopleís experiences that they have had. When I was reading some of your new stories I had the urge to write my own down, so here it is.

I had lived in the same house since I was born to about a year ago when I was 15 and a half. My dad and grandpa had built the house themselves so when things started happening I was a little confused about where they were coming from. So I went and asked my parents about what was there before our house. What I found out was kind of creepy. My parents told me that before our house was built there was a log cabin on the property that was a little getaway for people. I was told that there were about 3 people that had died in the cabin. One from suicide and the others from drug overdoses or something. There was also a big blue bus next to the cabin that used to be a hangout for hippies and a couple of people had died in the bus from drugs and such. I also found out about a year and a half later that the whole creek my house was built next to was an old Indian burial ground. After I found that out I was less confused about why everything was happening, but things started to happen more often. The first things I noticed when I was little was that a few of my baby pictures around our house had orbs in them floating around me and my parents. I didnít know what they were at first and neither did my parents. As I got older small things were happening to me like stuff falling off the shelves in my room and in our shop outside. I had seen shows on such happenings and started to wonder. So I got on the internet and started to look around. I found out that there were a lot of things like that happening in my area, and I also found out about the orbs in my pictures. My parents donít really believe in ghosts and so when I took this idea to them, they said that it couldnít be. They blamed the orbs on bad film and the things falling on micro-tremors (we do live in California and I havenít ruled out that possibility). But as I got to be in my teenage years things started happening more often and started to get more obvious. One day, I had my friend Michael over and we were outside. We were walking down my gravel driveway to my grandparentís house when I saw what looked like a wisp of smoke in front of me but it was in the shape of a person. I asked Michael if he saw it too and he said he did. It stayed for a few seconds and then disappeared, but when we walked past where it was a moment before, it was noticeably colder. Another time, I was in my shop working on my bike when a hammer fell of the shelf. I was wondering how something so heavy could fall without anything obvious moving it, so I went to look. I put the hammer back on the shelf and made sure it was way in the back. I went back to working on my bike, but a minute later, the hammer fell again, along with a hand saw and a coffee can full of nails. I asked my dad about it and he said he didnít have any idea how it could have happened, but he still wouldnít agree with the thought of ghosts doing it. Probably the scariest thing that happened to me was another time when Michael was over. He was spending the night and it was about 9:30 or so. We were sitting on the ground in my room watching a show on true ghost happenings (things seemed to happen more when I was watching a show like that and I wanted to show Michael so he would see how creepy my house was). We got what we wanted. While we were watching the T.V., it started to get cold pretty quick. Then out of nowhere, the T.V. turned off, my stereo turned on playing creepy music Iíd never heard before, my closet door across the room slammed shut, the blinds next to us opened and then closed again, and the remote to my stereo fell behind the bookshelf my stereo was on. Everything happened so quickly we couldnít really comprehend it for a minute. When we finally realized everything that happened, we went across the room to wake up my brothers who shared my room with me, but when we tried to wake them up, they were in a deep sleep, almost like hypnosis or something. It took them about 5 minutes to snap out of it, and when they did we told them what happened. We decided to not watch that show at night anymore and try to go to sleep. Well about a year and a half ago my family moved to a small town about 20 minutes away from my old house, and things have calmed down a little. But I kind of missed everything like that so one of my favorite things to do is go to my friends house downtown that has things happen all the time. I also like to take walks through the local Cemetery. But nothing has happened like before since I moved.



My story

Hello, My name is Lee Iím a 16 year old male from east Tennessee, me and my family have always had our run in`s with the paranormal though Iím the only one that takes these encounters serious. we move pretty often once every 2 or 3 years. Well anyways. the story Iím about to tell you maybe short but is none the less creepy. I donít know the history of the area I live in but it must be supernaturally active. hereís my story

It took place one late night in the middle of summer about 2 years ago. Iíve always been a night person and it wasnít anything new for me to be up around 3 or 4 at night. I was surfing the net looking for nothing to be honest, and I glanced over at my TV to see what was on. Well on the wall outside of my bedroom window I barely noticed the shadowy figure of a person hanging from the wall. I thought nothing of it and turned my gaze back to my computer.. Then it dawned on me that no one else in the house but me was up, the hairís on my neck stood up and I quickly looked to the wall again but it was gone. I didnít go to sleep until noon the next morning. I havenít seen anything like it since.

i have no explanation why this encounter troubled me so much compared to the other thingís Iíve seen. Iím not sure how many have seen orbs with there bare eyes but Iíve seen a few myself. . Normally out of the corner of my eye for a brief moment. this isnít the first sighting though. my mother claimed to had seen a spectral figure of a nurse in her bedroom the first night we moved in and said that she had watched it knock over her fan. could the shadowy figure I saw that night be the nurse my mother saw a year before?

I havenít felt any aggressive feelings from these spirits. and I rather welcome them. well i must be off. I hope this reaches you guys and i hope i hear from you or see it on your site.



Norwegian Ghost

I live in Norway with my boyfriend in what used to be his grand parents house.
Various things have happened since I have been there;
1 - the light bulbs get screwed out (which I put down to the tenants up stairs stamping about and gradually causing enough vibration to loosen the bulb).
2 - We find that one or all of our cats have been let outside when we come home from work, when we were sure that they were in when we left. We have actually had conversations before we left for work stating who was in or out only to find them all out on our return. (This we put down to our error at first, and later asked family if they had been secretly going in, and later still considered putting in a video recorder as we were convinced that somebody had a key who shouldnít have!)
3 - Generally things get moved around (which we have put down to human error of course)
But recently my boyfriend Knut was vacuuming the kitchen and I was making breakfast. We were both singing Miss Dynamitee loudly when we heard a loud PIIIINNNG (like a tuning fork) and a crash. We stopped what we were doing and looked in the front room which lay adjacent, thinking it was a cat that had knocked over somthing. There was a cat in the room, but she lay sleeping. But a metal ash tray that always sat in an alcove next to the back door had jumped 2 meters across onto the wooden floor. There was a laptop that sat under the alcove and there was no ash on that or anywhere else apart from where the ashtray had landed. There was also a small dent in the metal flower pot that sat next to the ash tray in the alcove.
We were a bit puzzled by this, and tried dropping the ash tray on the floor to see if it made the PIIING sound, but it was obvious it must have hit something metal to make such a noise. I have gone over this trying to find some easy and logical explanation, but with no luck.
This turned into a funny story, until today, when my cat woke us up a 6am as usual by meowing and pulling all my underwear out of my drawer and pretending that my bra is a mouse (mad cat!). I threw a soft cushion at her and told her to shut up, so she ran to the back door. Then I heard the back door open, and my first thoughts were "it must be family, why are they here at 6am!" Knut said "did you hear that door open?" at which I realized that I wasnít dreaming, but said "its probably that stupid cat up to something!"
Then 1 hour later we realized how cold it had became, and I walked into the living room where the back door was only to find it wide open, and the cat was out.
I could have forgot to lock it the night before, but the door is wooden and very tight and I usually have to push it open with my body weight using my hip, so I have no idea how that cat pushed it open. She can push other doors open in the flat, and I am not closed to the fact that somehow she did. But in light of other recent events I am getting a bit suspicious. It does not scare me, it is just curious, and a bit worrying if something can open the door in case the house gets robbed.
As for the cat, I am keeping a close eye on her, if this is her idea of a sick joke, she has got another thing coming.




I have previously submitted a story to you before (Holdrege Street).  Recently I read your story about the Bartonville State Hospital and found it quite interesting as I also work in a state hospital.  I am a nurse in Lincoln, NE at the Lincoln REgional Center.  Our building is one of the newer ones, but there are a lot of weird things that happen there.  The night crew is filled with stories from the canteen and how the machines come on at night.  I know I hate going down in the basement when I work work late onto the 3rd shift.  It just gives me the creeps.  The vending machines will run by themselves, especially the coffee machine.  Cups will just come out and fill up and no one is around.  We have to take laundry down to the basement and one of the rooms was originally made to be a morgue.  It is just very creepy.  We also have an old  surgery room on first floor.  The information is conflicting as to whether or not it has been ever used but some of the staff from 3rd have actually heard buzzing coming from that room at night as if surgery was going on in there.  Often times the 3rd shift will be sitting at the desk and catch glimpses of what looks like people on the cameras on the other floors and there is no one in the building.  The forensic building is one of the oldest buildings on grounds and the staff there have quite a few creepy stories to tell.  The forensic building, itself, is quite ominous looking.  There are tunnels all over under the hospital and 4 separate units on the grounds as well as a few other buildings used for training and such. Some of the buildings are quite old.  The original hospital was built around 1870 and within the 1st year the patients burned it to the ground.  A few of the patients did not make it out.  there is also a very old cemetary on grounds with only a few headstones that are visible.  At least 200 patients are buried there.  We have our own museum in the admin building across the street from where I work in the Short Term Care Program.  It is very interesting with lots of pictures of the original hospital and stories from nurses and staff that has worked there.



Old Trail Road
It was 1990, my husband and I was so exciting, to finally buy a house, to call our own.  It was located in the country and on two acres of land.  It was what we were looking for. Two car garage, three bedrooms, enough land for chickens, ducks, and goats, but we never imagine the experience that awaited us.  Experiences I thought would never happen to me, until after six months of living in that evil house. At first it was little things, like knockings at the door and windows.  Doors shutting by themselves, when they were locked.  Sounds I thought might be in my head or caused by the wind.  These sounds pursued more each day, until I thought I was going out of my mind.  At night was the worse.  I would lay in bed beside my two year old son and husband, hearing music and talking carrying on in the living room.  To me it sound like a big party going on in my house.  I felted paralyzed with fear.  I did not know if my husband was hearing the same sounds, but he to, I know was experiencing some paranormal activities.  One night I caught him holding my son in his arms, yelling, YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM, YOU WON'T TAKE HIM.  Instantly I woke up, thinking what the ??????????????????????????????
I grab my son and my husband ran back to bed. That just freaked me out!  Now folks this one might give you chills down your spine, but here it goes.  There was another night my husband experienced another activity, but this time I was involved.  I was laying there asleep, praying to God, which I try to do often, and the old devil or SOMETHING got into my mind, telling me I better be scared.  Well, I said," Jesus and God will help me and I will not be scared." Now remember, I am saying this ALL in my head, not a word coming out of my mouth.  Proceeding with my prayer, I kept saying I will not be scared.  Then, my husband yelled out and said, "Oh yes you will be scared" and started laughing with the devilish sound.  I yelled back asking why did you say that.  He did not even remember  saying a word. How did he hear my prayer!!! Also, everyday I would hear babies crying like they were being tortured, even when I was taking a shower. Unseen touches would grab my arm at night and try to yank me off the bed.  One night a cat was fast asleep around my neck.  The only way I knew this, is it was chocking me until I could not breath.  I grab the cat and threw it in the hall way.  Funny thing is we did not have a cat and how did it get in my house and why was it on my neck?  My child also experienced some activities.  He would stand and cry in front of the mirror and yell, "there it is, cant you see him. This happen at least two times a night.  It was an awful experience for him.  We stayed in that house for four and a half years.  Trying to get use the haunting, I can say that now.  We sold that house on land contract and the people that bought it, lived there for only two weeks and during that two weeks there was four cop cars in front of that house.  This is what I heard.  I bet you it was the house on Old Trail road that caused it.  We now live happy in our new house and have lived here for eight years. To end it, I just what to say these stories I have told are very true!



Out of town

hi me and my family rented a house a mile and half out of town we had no neighbours it was nice and peaceful until things started happening, the house was built in 1939 and was built for my land ladyís mother after the war so I presume my land lady grew up in the house and her mother, I think died there, we went to have a look at the house and liked it a couple of days later we took some friends up to show them we all went to the back garden  we walked to the top I only got half way when I turned and saw a very old lady she was very stern looking with a very tight bun, she wore a long black skirt that covered her feet and a grey long sleeve top, any way we moved in the second day we were there I had my cd player on I turned it off when friends turned up a couple of minutes later the cd player came back on and went straight to track number 2,my husband and I just looked at each other, as the weeks went on nothing happened, until I got up at 6.30am as I always do half way down my stairs I could smell porridge by the time I got to the bottom it was gone, that went on for most of the time we lived there, I took ill that winter with the flu I was lying on the sofa just shutting my eyes and I could feel some one stroking my hair I got up no one there, it didnít scare me, from that day on I could sense someone with me, one night I was at the computer and at the corner of my eye I could see someone looking over my shoulder that happened twice, Iíve been watching the tv and saw what I think is the lady walk though the sitting room to the utility room there was always cold spots in my sitting room I could also feel a breeze yet there were no windows open doors would slam shut upstairs to, I had always thought someone was in my bedroom I woke one night with the feeling that some one was cuddling me I went to sleep woke up and could smell hot milk and lavender ,in my sitting room we had a reaburn I came in front the kitchen and it smelt just like it had been lit I mentioned it to my husband he said he hadnít lit it he could smell it but only slightly ,weíve taken photos and found orbs in my bedroom and in the sitting around me and my boys Iíve got a small photo frame that normally sits on top of my tv that frame had shot off the tele and landed about 4feet away that happened twice, weíve now moved from the cottage,  thanks angie



Parent's House in SW Michigan
In 1979 my parents moved into a newly built house.  My father dug the basement himself and, as a collector of Native American artifacts, kept an eye out for any indication of burial sites and/or previous structures.  There were none.  It was just an old corn field.

Immediately after moving in, my sister and I started catching grief from my parents for leaving the door between the kitchen and garage open when coming home after they were asleep.  However, it happened frequently enough that they stopped blaming us and it became a bit of a weird joke among us.  It then started happening with the front door, too, though not as often as the one to the garage.

Next, we started hearing the sound of someone walking down the carpeted hall and stairs, ending at the front landing.  We would be in the downstairs den, watching TV, when we would hear this activity.  The sound would be quite distinct and all of us would hear it.  Whenever we'd check, nothing would be there.

The house itself was a bright, comfortable place.  Lots of windows and not spooky feeling, at all.  It just had these noises and doors opening by themselves.

In 1980, my parents were away on vacation.  My sister had recently been married so I had the house to myself.  Being a bad boy, I had a female friend over for the night.  During the wee hours, she woke me up freaking out because she could hear that someone was in the house, walking around.  She wasn't supposed to be there and thought we were busted.  I assured her we were alone, but that the house just made noises.  She made me check to make sure, which I did.  After finding nothing, I returned to my bedroom.  We weren't back to sleep yet when the noises started again.  This time, she made me take her home.  She said there was no way she was spending the night in the house.  Not being eager to go back home alone, I ended up staying at her place.

These were about the only odd events until the winter of 1981.  I was away at college.  One morning, my parents called me sounding rattled and told me the following story:

They were both awakened at around 1:00am by the sound of someone trying to kick in the front door.  It was so loud that the whole house seemed to shake.  The two outside dogs were wildly barking, as were the two inside dogs.  My father grabbed his pistol (they lived out in the country and a few of their neighbors had been broken into before) and headed down the hall to do a meet and greet.  He flicked the switch to the outside light and the sound instantly stopped.  He assumed he scared them away and went to the door to see who it might be, but was surprised to see no one running away.  He looked down and saw that about four inches of snow had fallen that night, buty there no footprints in the snow, anywhere.

The dogs calmed down and my parents, while shaken up a bit, went back to bed.  Approximately two hours later the exact same thing happened.  Again, nothing could be found to explain it.  This time, they stayed up for the rest of the night, trying to figure out what was going on.

That following summer, I was home on school break.  I was in the basement, refinishing a desk when my parents called down that they were going for a bike ride.  About fifteen minutes later I heard the door to the garage open and footsteps on the kitchen floor right above my head.  I assumed that they had bike trouble and called up to ask if they needed me to fix anything.  They didn't answer, so I went upstairs to find nobody there.  I checked all around the house, but no one was there, except me.  About an hour later my parents called to say that they stopped at a neighbor's to have dinner.  I asked if they had stopped back at the house not long after they left and told me they hadn't.

On Thanksgiving Eve in 1981, my parents were awaiting my arrival home from college.  I had several friends from school coming with me to spend the holiday.  The front door kept opening and my parents kept getting up to come meet me and my friends. However, we wouldn't be there, nor would anyone else, when they came out of the den.  It happened several times, in a very short period of time and got annoying.  By the time we actually did arrive, I had to go down and get them.

In the summer of 1989,  my mother was in Arizona, assisting my grandparents.  My father arrived home after work to find the garage door to the house open.  He walked inside and stood in the front entry way to empty his pockets.  He heard one of the dogs yelp in terror and looked up to see it running around the corner of the upstairs hall toward him.  Right behind it was the vapory outline of a figure, appearing to chase the dog.  It rounded the corner, came down the hall, down the steps and then passed right through my father.  He said it chilled him to the bone as it passed and then went out through the closed door to the garage.

In 1988, my father had some buddies over to watch a pay-per-view boxing match in his den.  The back wall of the den is a large fireplace with an old barn crossbeam as a mantle that rests on brick supports.  The floor of the den is on concrete.  As they were watching the match, suddenly a huge crash sounded behind them.  All seven of them turned to see that the crossbeam had fallen off the brick supports and crashed on the hearth.  The supports had not broken or come loose, the beam somehow managed to be lifted up from them and fall.  The guys lifted it up and put it back into place where it has remained since.

After that event, the odd things happened less and less frequently.  Now, the doors no longer open by themselves and they no longer hear people walking around.

We have no idea why anything happened in the first place or why nothing happens now.



Personal experience with something or another

Well, if anyone should be interested I've finally tried to write down an occurrence I had with something or another. If you decide to post this little experience I'd simply like my SN to be left out since the last thing I need is anyone else to think I'm nuts. Needless to say telling people seems a rather humiliating and pointless endeavor. The location is actually one that is listed on your web site in upstate, SC In fact it's listed about 5 times under different locations but all talking about the same place. It's the T.B. hospital in Greenville, SC Also listed as a work release prison and a mental home. Fact of the matter is that from what I've found out from asking around it's been all 3 at different times. Starting out as a T.B. hospital it was turned into a mental home and then ended it's career as a work release prison. I know a relative used to work for Pitney Bowes and happened to go in there once to service or refill their postage machine during it's time as a mental home. That was back in 1986 I think. Will check again though. In any event on to the night of "fun".

       OK as cliche as it would seem it happened on Halloween night. Big surprise right? To make a long entrance short me and about 5 friends decided to go into the old abandoned T.B. hospital. Well, once we got there it seems the idea was rather popular as around 20 others were there as well waiting to go in. One had a tiki torch, numerous lighters and a flash light or two. The beginning of the night was actually more humorous than anything. Few people decided to dress up for Halloween so when I showed up it was rather funny. going across the yard and into the hospital there were few lights and so few could see my outfit. Trench coat, top hat, white gloves and 4 inch long nails tapped to the tops of my fingers and protruding through the gloves making a sort of Wolverine claw look if you will. Long story about who I was dressed up as but suffice it to say I looked odd. Anyway I was never one to believe in ghosts or anything else so going to the T.B. hospital was more something I had to be forced into by my friends. So with them, my GF and 20 others we finally found a way in. Of all things through a door in the ground that lead into the bottom floor or what I surmised to be bottom floor as it was below ground level. After dropping 3 feet into a square hole dug into the dirt and cemented walls to keep the dirt back we went in through a hole in the concrete foundation. Yes, everything was boarded up and dern well airtight as the night would show later. Anyway moving on, I was following and then somehow found myself on the front of a group of 20 people, now mind you the tiki torch was not lit so lighters and the occasional flash light was about all that was lighting our way. This was the most disorganized group of people I'd ever been in as all 20 broke into groups of 2-5 and went wandering around on their own looking for a certain room. Anyway somehow all 20 of us found a doorway that led into a long hallway that switched back on itself. In other words a long wheel chair ramp that stretched about 10-20 yards and then took a 180 degree turn and went uphill to the next level (yes all enclosed completely). As the night would prove later there was a wrote (sp) Iron stair case the next few doors down that led to the same level. Anyway once in this "larger than the rest" room at the top of the ramp we all gathered and did a head count. Everyone was there. I was last to come up the ramp and one girl nearly had a heart attack when she saw me in my Halloween get up (I think she thought I was a demon lol). The tiki torch was finally lit which in my opinion was a good and a very bad thing. Good in the sense that we finally had light at least to see one another. Bad in the sense of the guy holding it accidentally setting a 80 year old building on fire with us in it and only 1 way out which was harder than hell to find. But soon enough this large group was broken up once more and we all went about our own ways. My 5 friends, GF and I went together back down the ramp and deeper into the complex. All the other people stayed upstairs wandering around. trying to find a certain room up there. Now mind you I was really at this point bored and contemplating our ability to survive if that one guy or another with a lighter happened to start a large inferno blazing. After shrugging that thought out of my head I found myself actually admiring the old construction of the place as much of it was worn down to showing beams and the insides of walls. I like history and this place was quite old. I'd never even heard of the building before but one look at it from the inside and you could tell if you looked closely enough. As with my simply lost in thought I had happened to get to the end of the line (we were following one another through the maze of halls and what not). That's when my unexplainable #1 happened. My GF was in front of me and I was bringing up the rear of a 5 person train if you will. I personally was trying to make sure no one was hurt from any physical dangers and since my other friends weren't exactly careful or I hate to say it responsible I was trying to balance things out as I could. Anyway I happened to have a lighter on me and since the leader of the train had the flash light I was trying to see what was around me before it went through the bottom of my boot. For some reason or another the train of people stopped for a moment at a door they were trying to open and I decided to stick my head into the room next to me. When the lighter went into the room and illuminated it there was an iron bed frame there. Very old looking and heavily rusted over. But what was laying on it made me just stop and blink in a dead stare. A little girl of about 8-10 was laying on the bed in a long white bed gown like outfit. My first reaction was to find out what such a young girl was doing in the place and get her out and help her find her parents if she had any. But as I stood there looking at her for a moment or two I realized that this girl was dying of something. She was in very bad shape from what it looked like. A bit of blood coming from the corner of her mouth and sores on her skin. her long hair was falling out slightly as well. As the shock finally registered in my brain and I was about to yell out for help in getting her to the hospital with my friend's help the lighter blew out. I tried to restart it for about 10 seconds and when it was finally relit the girl was gone. Only the bed frame stood where it had been. I simply stood there starring at the bed until about 5 seconds later my GF grabbed my arm and asked what I was doing. At this point I thought I was loosing my mind so I shook it all away as best I could and told her nothing was wrong. We continued onward down the hallway. At that point another of our group stopped in his tracks with the girl he was slightly with and gave a really curious look. He turned around and asked if anyone else heard a woman singing. I personally hadn't until I shut everyone around me up and blotted out everything else from their whispering. And I could have sworn I heard it too. This I simply rationalized away as being one of the other 15 people that came in with us even though the singing sounded like an older woman doing so and not the type of singing a 18-23 year old would sound like. But I just shook my head and his significant other at the time reminded us that the 3 people at the head of the group were impatient and were already a few feet ahead of us. Once more (More from draft by everyone and my personal hope to keep most of them in one piece) I was placed on the tail end of the train. We caught up with our 3 friends at another door a few yards away who were pushing a desk out of the way to shove open a double door. Well, they finally managed to shove it far enough away to allow access down the corridor and move a 15 foot long piece of PVC pipe out of the way. They shoved that up through a hole in the ceiling and stood it on end on the floor. Well, I was up at the front of the line with them when trying to move the desk out of the way and if I recall correctly I might have actually been the one who finally moved it. I do remember it seemed a LOT more difficult to move than it should have been. Anyway I was in the middle of the pack as we went through the double doors and stopped on the other side to take up my place on the tail end. My girlfriend stopped beside me as well as we waited on the last 2 of our group to pass through the Doorway. Well, right as they passed through and got about 1-1 1/2 feet through the doorway the PVC pipe we had stood up snapped and was shoved to the floor. And when I say snapped I mean snapped with the sound of a shot gun blast. Narrowly missing them both as they came through the doorway. Now mind you a good 3 feet of this pipe was shoved through a hole in the ceiling which was that foam tile stuff like in schools and offices. It was quite secure long as no one touched it. The two people were 1-1/2 feet through the doorway which means around 2-3 feet past the pipe when it made a loud *POW* and slapped against the floor laying down horizontally along it. They both jumped and looked behind themselves before laughing a little and moving on. My GF and I looked at one another and back to the doorway waiting on the others two to pass us and we to take up the end once more. This brings us to Unexplained #3. After they passed by us and moved on I was holding my lighter up for light once again when it got quite cool in the room and dead quiet. No sounds of our friend's walking away nothing it seemed and the air was thick. And I do mean thick. Well, next thing we know we looked back one last time to the double doors when there was a rather odd man standing there. We both just starred there at him for a moment or two. He seemed to be wearing a white lab coat and brown pants. From what I could tell he was balding and had spectacles on. Well, after around 2-5 seconds of starring at him the lighter once more was blown out soundly. Now mind you were deep in the building in a completely black room now with what seemed to be a middle aged doctor standing 10 feet away from us with a VERY Menacing smile on his face. I don't think I'll ever forget that smile he had. Seemed to simply scream "Gonna get ya". Well, after another 10 seconds the lighter finally began working again and we both stood there looking at one another for about 2 seconds before my GF looked to me and said something to the effect of "What in the hell was that?!?!". I on the other hand simply stood there trying my damnedest to rationalize what we had seen. She on the other hand was thinking she had hallucinated (sp) it all since I wasn't saying anything and just starring where the man had just been standing. I even thought it could be a prank but I'm afraid I would have heard the footsteps (even if faint) of a real person walking away. And mind you to get to the end of the hall we'd just walked down to get to the double doors would have required running. We heard nothing just he was there then nothing. As I looked down the hall we'd just gone down to get to the double doors, I saw what looked like light reflecting off of glass at the end of the hall I just mentioned. Unfortunately there was nothing reflective on the far wall. Well, me and my GF had had enough of all this toying and as I looked over finally, I gave firm nod and I think just about a growl when I said "That's it were out of here!" She grabbed my hand and I held the lighter out and began retracing our steps. Not a Pleasant thing considering we had to go through the doorway we'd just seen the most malicious looking doctor of all times standing and then poofing out of existence. I was pissed and still trying to rationalize it all away as a prank by someone else. problem was there was no one nearby. Well, as we passed through the double doors I got ready to put 4 knuckles and as the costume I was wearing added 4, 3 inch long wood nails through anything that got in our path. I know I only felt very cold waves hit me and what felt like an ice cold hand on my shoulder as I went through to which I promptly tried to grab with my free hand to wrench off. Problem was nothing was holding onto me. So off we ran in as fast a jog as our lighter would permit constantly checking over our backs to make sure the good doctor wasn't tagging along nor any pranksters as I thought were doing everything. Finally after about 5 min we made it back up the wheel chair ramp and into a group of 3 people walking around with the light of a cell phone as a guide giving everything a pretty lime green glow. I couldn't appreciate it then considering that I was down right scared of what we'd seen, but looking back on it the look on the guy's face as we rounded the corner and nearly ran straight into him was quite priceless. I think he was about as scared of me in my outfit as I was of the doc I'd just left 2 min before. Well, we all formed a group of about 4 people and began trying to feel our way out of the place. I could tell some of them still weren't quite sure about me as one reached out and touched my arm while we were making our way out. Guess he was wanting to make sure I was real or something that or just wanted something to hold onto and realized I wasn't a good person to try that with. Funny thing is they were all what looked like jocks and heavy metalers which makes me doubt he was hitting on me in anyway. And for the rest of our wondering they all kept a good distance away from me as a precaution. Finally we found the hole and started out. I once again wanted to take up the end of the line and make sure all got out but one of the guys realized from the 15 min of wondering that the girl I was with was actually my GF and told me to go on ahead since I was with her. After a few turns at saying go to one another I finally gave in and went after her but made sure he was out before we started away from the building. We all rallied back at the place we'd left our cars and since we were the first out there we had time to just sit and think about it all. My GF was badly shaken up and upon our finding the cars one guy of the group ran about 30 feet away and ducked his head between his knees and vomited. I walked over offering him a cig but as i got within 10 feet of him he spun around and shook his head saying he was ok. Was pretty obvious he didn't want me nearby. We waited and waited on our friends but they didn't come out for another 30 min. I kept saying a few of us had to go back and try to get some of them out if we could but they kept telling me they wouldn't go back and my GF wasn't about to let me go back in. Finally right as I turned and began to walk back alone to find my friends a large herd of them came walking out until group by group everyone was accounted for. I told my friend what had happened in there and he laughed outright to which I promptly raced over and nearly punched him in the mouth for (yeah I was shaken up badly as well). Worst thing of all was I felt like I was getting sick like catching pneumonia or something. My lungs hurt and I couldn't get the smell of the place out of my nose for 4 straight hours. Well, we finally all parted ways me and my GF were nearly dead silent the whole ride in the car. It was too early to go home (Only 2 am) and so we rode around a bit. I guess we were both trying to get a grasp on what had happened within ourselves. But the night was not done yet. As we went down a rather dark highway my GF suddenly turned to me and yelled "did you see that?" I didn't know what she was talking about other than what we'd seen in the building but she shook her head. She's seen some black rather large bird perched on a road sign as we drove down the highway. I personally didn't but we continued on ready for bed by now. But that's when it got even more interesting. The whole night since going to the place we'd felt like someone was with us in the car in the back seat watching us. I know I looked in the rear view many times expecting to see someone but never did. As we rode down a now 2 lane rather dark road I felt the center of my palm go ice cold and commented about it to my GF. She felt my hand and nodded saying it was like ice. So I started rubbing it on the steering wheel and other hand, even tried turning the heat on and toasting it there but nothing would work. Finally I gave up and simply kept driving both hands on the wheel. That's when by chance I looked down feeling something cold trickling down my wrist. As I looked down to my wrist my eyes nearly bugged out, my wrist was cut open and mangled nearly blood dripping from the wound and down my arm. I nearly freaked but just sat there eyes bulging and starring at my wrist as I was driving. I turned back to the road for a moment since I didn't want to die in that manner that night and that's when my GF screamed yelling "Your wrist is cut!!" and grabbed my arm. I managed to drive about 200 yards to an upcoming street light and get the car off the road. Once stopped I pulled my coat sleeve up and turned on the dome light. But nothing was there just my wrist ached and was ice cold along with the center of my hand. We sat there a moment while I smoked a cig and finally calmed each other down enough to keep going. Finally we made it where we were going and curled up together for the night. Needless to say we weren't going to crash separately after all that had happened. I refused to sleep and sat up till work at 5 am holding her and keeping an eye out for our friend if he was out there. But that was all the "Fun" I guess we were going to have that night as nothing else occurred. Unfortunately the doc still had 1 last visit to make to us I guess. As about 2 weeks later sitting in my room with my GF and sister who'd come over. My girlfriend froze dead still on my bed. I was here typing on the comp playing a game and my sis was watching me. My GF simply in a low wary voice said "Baaaabbbbyyyyy......Um....." and kept starring. Well, she finally spoke and said she had seen the doc walk right through the doorway, through my sister and out the wall/window. Funny considering the cat had also decided to take that moment to freak out. It's odd. I didn't see him nor did my sister but she sure did. And for the next month or so the dog refused to come into my room. Even the cat was apprehensive till we bribed him with food and petting. Guess the cat just doesn't care or something dunno. But this concludes my disturbing event in life. My last bit of news is rather good and bad in a way. My personality is to face things full on when I'm afraid of them or so I'm told and I'd guess it's true since 1 month after this story I had made full plans to return to the T.B. Hospital and find the doc and confront him along with anyone else that might be lurking in there. Sadly some bum or stupid drunk teen with a lighter or something burned down half the structure leaving it surrounded by 8 foot high chain fencing. But I still planned on going back. But each time I tried to make it back something stopped me as fate would have it. Until finally a month ago I drove by checking on the place and found out the city of Greenville had finally demolished the building and nursing home that was on the property with it. Perhaps those tales of the lights in the woods listed on the page on your website is referring to the woods on the property. Maybe I can find something there dunno. All I know is that I have precious few answers and each I do have has simply brought more questions. And I'm trying to find solutions to my riddles hell or high water. I'll think about letting my SN out to take them over the period of this week hopefully. Final quote "Quantum mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of".



Playful Ghost


                                I HAVE BLESSED MY ROOM AND EVEN SPOKE THE





There's this ghost in my house and it really scares me. I've told my mom lots of times, but she doesn't believe me. Here are some of my encounters. My friend Pauline was over at my house one day, and we were sitting in front of my dresser, playing. All of the sudden, everything on the dresser flew off and fell on Pauline. The same thing happened to my mom. Another time, Pauline was over at our house, and she used the bathroom. She swears something from under the toilet grabbed her feet. Probably the most scary encounter would be when I was in the laying in bed late one night, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw something. I looked, and there was this blinding blob of gold light. I also hear banging noises at night, like someone's trying to open my bedroom door. I was in the shower one night, and this bright ghost like figure darted across the bathroom. That was scary. I'll never know exactly what or who it is, but I think it's my dead great grandpa, Arther.



Previous Tenant

When I was a little girl , about 5 or 6, I lived in this duplex with my mother and older sister. Well I would wake up every night with a ghost figure at the end of my bed. I never told my mother about it cause I was terrified about this kind of stuff. Since I lived there for so long I got used to it. when I would wake every night I would close my eyes and go back to sleep. Well soon my sister turn 15 and had her own life and didnít walk me home every day after school like she was told. Good thing the school was a block away and I could walk home. Everyday I would come home say hello to my ghost and watch TV. One day I was watching TV and I remembered I didnít check the mail well I walked outside leaving the door open and as I was coming back from the mail box the door was shut. I just brushed it off and walked to the door well it was locked and I knew something was up. I then ran to both my next door neighbors to find they weren't home. That's when I saw this old man and I asked him for help well I stayed with him until my sister came home. Thatís was really the only thing that happened though the ghost at my bed continued every night until we moved. about 6 years later I am 13 now and the other night me and my mother were talking about ghost . Thatís when I brought up what happened to me in that duplex every night. My mom seemed surprise and then she told me how the mangers son had once lived there before us and had died in a motorcycle wreck. I was really freaked out that the ghost I saw every night was not my 6 year old mind playing tricks on me.



Hi my name is Melissa, I am 24 years old, and have been married for almost 6 years. Three years ago my husband and I decided to rent a home. My grandmother new of a woman, who was renting a house close to hers, so we contacted her, went to check out the place, liked it and soon after we moved in. I can honestly say I have never believed in ghosts until we moved in here. Right after we moved in, I stared noticing things happening almost immediately,.. things would get moved,. when my husband would go to work, I would always hear strange noises,.. there were a few episodes,. that happened that still scare me to this day. One night, about 2 months after we moved in,.. my husband had just went to bed, I decided I was going to stay up in the living room and watch t.v for awhile,.. I remember feeling something touching my face, and it tickled, and I could hear myself laughing,.. I soon realized, and jumped up,.. only to find no one in the room, and my husband sound asleep in the next,.. well the second episode happened not to long after that,.. my husband was gone at work,.. and I had just gotten home, it was about 9:10 p.m, I walked into the kitchen, and was looking through the mail on the table, when all of the sudden I heard someone walk right up behind me,.. I turned around thinking my husband was home,.. and soon realized no one was there.. I knew in my mind I did not imagine this, and it was quite scary. We noticed lights flicker,.. The TV would mysteriously turn off and on,.. and so I decided that I would go to my landlords, to see.. if anyone had ever passed away in the home. Come to find out,.. a 83 year old woman had a stroke and died in the home,.. and then my landlord, took me to the back of the house outside, where he revealed to me a gravestone, of a little boy named Edward Harper,.. Only.. A year old. of course there was no body, but I did some research and soon learned, that the child died of SIDS,.. in the home as well. My husband however rarely hears or sees anything,.. Only seldom, I on the other hand, hear and see things constant. Our attic,.. I hear things up there all the time, footsteps,.. Iíve even heard giggling, one night while lying in bed. However, I do not feel any threat from these ghosts,.. And do not feel like they want to harm me.. I just thought I would share my story,.. With everyone... thanks for your time...     Melissa



Orchard Park NY - AFB as listed on the Haunted Places


I am rather well versed in ghost finding, as I seem to be "in tune" to them
wherever I go.  I would like to submit an update to one of your listings.

I am in Orchard Park NY, and I noticed you had listed the old airport of our town.  That spot is right outside my apartment, only separated by a line of trees that are very old and in very bad shape.  I was surprised to see it listed with the mention of hearing people and dogs howling, as I have heard them clearly outside my window.

The dogs usually howled at night, if there was a full moon I'm not sure.  I could hear people there either day or night, very loud bunch, but could never make out their words.  I believe I know the dog's demise as on two occasions (both separate, once by me and once by my mother) of squealing tires and the sound of an injured dog howling for about 10-15 minutes.  I was alone the first time I heard it and was about to go and investigate, thinking a neighbor's dog actually was injured, but it ended before I left.  I was alone at the time, so I didn't know if it really happened.  When I mentioned it to my mother today, she said she heard the same thing, only when she was alone.

The story of the ghosts ended about a few months ago.  The airport was destroyed to make way for new apartments.  The building where it was reported the "people" were talking was still there.  Except one night I woke up to flashing lights in my room.  The fire department was responding to a fire on the airport, and just that building went down in flames, nothing else was touched.  It was reported as arson, but no one was found for trial.  It could have been the ghosts torching their last home....can't be sure.  But since then, I haven't heard any voices or any dogs at night.  They, I can assume, are gone.

I thought you would like that little update since I live a very short distance away from that spot.  I have come across many other haunted places, either with spirits or "recordings" of events.  If you would be interested in hearing about my experiences, I am more than happy to relay them.

Also, I do not see any ghost tracking groups in the Western New York area except for Rochester.  There are many, many places in Buffalo and Niagara
Falls that are still haunted to this day, and I did find quite a few.  Do you know of any, or would my forming one be the first in the Buffalo NY area.




Hello-Please forgive lengthy message: 1st time I was around 19-waitressing daytime/college night. When I went to bed - I was not really tired mentally & I KNOW that I wasn't asleep. I had an out of body experience same time this was happening. I literally saw myself in 2 places at once. In fact I could even feel how cold the ceiling was as I looked down at myself in bed. Couldn't move my physical body-but could still fell it too! I heard music and many voices which were saying "come with us". I made myself think of something "real" and In my mind (couldn't speak) said, no's too cold out there and I'm barefoot. It was the best excuse I could muster in such fear. Suddenly, it stopped. I thought I had died. Talked to a fellow student who told me "they try to get to you when you're just about to go to sleep, at you're weakest".
After that I had those out of body experiences quite often, although I don't anymore. But still sometimes paralysis. Usually accompanied by a feeling of "pressure" in my head and I have to fight it very hard to make it stop. One time it wa accompanied by all these voices-so many at once I couldn't understand what they were saying until one very loud one SCREAMED in my left ear, "That's all folks & laughed demonically(sp?). I even had to go to Dr. because it burst the ear drum. The Dr. asked me what loud noise did this & I lied - told him I had front row seats at a rock concert next to speakers. Also, during that episode I definitely felt a cat curl up to me on the bed, and then felt someone sit on the edge of my bed right next to me. I moved out of the house very shortly after that. Usually happens when I'm sleeping on my back. House I grew up in was definitely haunted. And, my mother had begun playing around with Ouija board. That's ANOTHER story, though. Years ago, before any of this my cousin told me to always keep my hands and feet covered in bed or they'll get you. I noticed this seems to be true in my case, anyway. I have an affinity for spirits (ghosts) and also have had many dreams come true. Guess all connected. Thanks for your interest!



Hanson/Slaughters, Hells Half Acre, KY

I am from Madisonville, KY which is in Hopkins county somewhere out near peewee lake is a place called Hell's Half Acre and most people in the area know that it used to be one of the wildest spots around.
This place is extremely scary my friend made a ballsy move one night and went out to that place at 6pm and were to be picked up at 6am, they were going back there and going to try and cover the entire area.  Besides your normal scary noises the most creepiest thing was on there way into the place about 1 hour into it, they stopped to rest next to an old barn, on there way leaving that morning they stopped at the same exact spot cause there were tracks there they realized the barn was missing.

Throughout the whole night there were all kinds of creepy noises and freaky occurrences.

brief history of info taken from sold the land to John Lynn in 1860. A tobacco factory was built behind the lot on some adjacent property.

Lynn ran a small grocery and supply store out of his house and it is thought that he also ran a boarding house for people who came to the factory to sell their tobacco.

When Civil War soldiers came through the area, they set up residence at John Lynn's house. The area around the house had already earned a bad reputation and local law enforcement refused to go near the land. It was a logical and desirable place for the guerillas, who were in no hurry to meet up with the law.

No one is sure exactly how long the guerillas stayed there, but the reputation of the half acre got even worse over the course of several years. It was notorious for gambling, drinking and wildness of the worst sort.

In the late 1800s a ball diamond was built on the land, as well a a man was also buried under the house, although there is
no evidence to support this either.

Throughout the years many stories have been told about the land that came to be known as Hell's Half Acre. Nearly a hundred years later it is difficult to distinguish between those that are fact and those that are fiction. With its bad reputation, the half acre and the land surrounding it became fertile ground for pranksters and many a strange and mysterious tale.

Once, a man riding his wagon through the area claimed that a small, white dog appeared out of nowhere and began to trot alongside the wagon wheels. When the man would crack the whip at the dog it would disappear, only to reappear on the other side. Rumor has it that the man nearly whipped his horses to death trying to get out of the area.

Another story tells of a redbird that perched on the sill of John Lynn's window as he lie on his deathbed. The bird supposedly made tand ghost stories, or perhaps in spite of them, the land is a popular place for Halloween hayrides and pranks.

All traces of the civilization that once was Hell's Half Acre are gone except for a few stones that mark where the old tobacco factory once stood and the graveyard that gets an occasional cleaning by relative of those buried there.

What vividly remains however, are the stories, fanciful, yet immensely entertaining, of a place that was once the shame of the county.

Today the wildflowers bloom and the birds sing and it's hard to picture the place the way it once was, even knowing that some of the stories are true.


Reading the Stories - my experience
What I want to say is that ever since I started reading the stories (some are very, very chilling and well told) I have seen things.  Just little things, blips only sometimes out of the corner of my eye.  Dark blips. I see what I think is my cat (this happens ALL the time) but when my eyes move to focus it was really nothing.  In fact, just last night I was on my bed talking to my boyfriend about the usual chitchat and I thought I saw my cat sneak into my closet.  After about 10 min. I realized she hadn't come back out yet so I got up to get her out.
Only she wasn't in the closet. I moved the coats aside, I opened the other door and then there she was coming into the room behind me!
Why did I think I had seen a dark shape go into the closet?  A doppelganger ghosty cat or something?  At first when I started reading the stories I would see these dark blips and shadowy things only on the evenings I'd read the stories while at work.  Was it my imagination getting away with me?  Or had I allowed something(s) into my consciencness by opening my mind to what I was reading?  Sometimes the feelings of dread and fear I felt would get away from me and before long I was sleeping with the light on.  I had one truly frightening experience that to this day I know was certainly not my imagination.  I was laying in bed on my back holding my cat on my chest. She was on her belly, her head tucked below my chin and purring away.  I was not yet quite sleepy but had just laid down for the sake of getting to bed on time.  All of the sudden something flew right over my face with only a few inches to spare.  With my eyes closed, the force made me flinch and as it went over my head to behind us I felt my cat's head whip up and over to behind me.  I don't know what she saw, if anything but I know she felt it at least.
In my mind's eye I got the impression that the object was just that, an object(as opposed to a 'being' or something) and also that it was about the size of a peice of typing paper only heavier, more solid than a flimsy sheet of paper.  I didn't get any feeling of malice or even any fear at the time.  It was only the next day that I felt frightened by what could it have been. I actually didn't even think much of it right after it happened and fell asleep shortly after.  My cat didn't even get up to investigate. I still sleep with my lights on(I never was much afraid of the dark as a child)and I still see the dark things out the corner of my eye.  Sometimes I get this crazy tingling on the back of my neck, so strong that I have to reach up and rub my neck it feels so weird.  This didnít start happening until
I'd started reading the stories on the Shadowlands.  If anyone has had similar experiences of things only starting once they'd begun reading stories or looking at pictures, please email me.  Thanks for reading!



Recent Observations

This isnít a ghost story exactly, much more of observations around my house.  But before I get into it, I must make it clear that Iím making these observations to the best of my memory, and any feelings I have is just that, a feeling, and I donít mean to mislead or distort my writing in my reflective judgment.  I see a problem with previous stories you have posted, and I wish to make this as clear and level headed as possible with out going into every aspect at once.

My belief in ghosts or spirits is wavering at best.  In high school I studied the general paranormal with a simple interest.  I read your site and others to get a general idea, but I knew with out actual experience of the subject, that I wouldnít get anywhere beyond your information.  Sites like yours are helpful, but you have to look at it from the outside, that people donít really except it.  Popular tripe is something Iím against in my observations, so my own conclusions need to be honest and not weighted from another researcherís.  I like to take pride in such things.

Where my actual, semi formal, involvement with the paranormal began when I was in high school, my junior year.  I was something thing of a video expert in my school. Not really for sheer talent, more or less from the most experience with the schoolís video equipment.  I was asked to put together a video for the DARE program, a fairly simple project.  What happens is that a local police officer goes to a school while on their recess taking photographs of the kids playing, I would then later take the photos in a series of still shots while some music played in the background.  Itís very simple, and the kids seem to enjoy it.  I did this project for the generosity of such a thing, and during my compilation of the project I came across odd shapes.  More specific to your site, ďOrbs.Ē  When I first came across them I thought it to be oil, or a smudged substance on the camera lens.  But that idea didnít hold because the ďorbsĒ where never in the same place in any two pictures.  Also, I noticed that the ďorbsĒ only appeared in artificial lighting, all the pictures from outside in the sun showed nothing of these shapes.   They only showed up in their gym.  The pictures were digital, so negatives were not possible, but I could also tell from the shapes that they where not a physical objects in front (fingers or camera straps. Etc.), nor were they lens refractions.  I tired to approach such findings with out jumping to conclusions, not proving what they were, just disproving everything plausible in a normal sense, leaving only the mystery of these shapes.  Iíve showed the pictures to other, more experienced then I with footage, and they as well, cannot come up with any other conclusion that these shapes were indeed in front of the camera, not on the lens.  For a year after that I became very fascinated with these shapes, and my only regret is that I did not save the photos to show to you now.  Occasionally I would go out to take photos, but nothing large, never anything really devoted to finding more shapes, more for the spontaneous.  For the most part I never came up with much.  Once in California, from just clicking my disposable camera around for the sake of it I found things, but nothing else deliberate.

But thatís not why Iím sending you this!  I wanted you to know my experience, with this subject, before I told you what Iíve observed in my own house-- since Iíve been better exposed to this type of research.  Nothing out of the ordinary happens from out side your recorded stories.  Since, Iíve noticed:

doors slamming on their own, cabinet doors just open, my milk jugs in the cupboard, things missing, dismembered voices, whispers, foot steps, pens moving on their own, water faucets turning on, light switches off and on, shadows moving, things on the outside of my visual perspective; the corner of my eye, drawn arrows to business cards (places rumored to be haunted), and of course ďorbsĒ now in recent photos.

I canít help but to think comically when these things happen.  Why would a ghost be such an annoyance?  I do, however, have several photos looking out of my back door to the backyard during nighttime just FILLED with these ďorbsĒ.  Might I just be a little sensitive to these occurrences because of my interest?  I may just notice these seminally Ďrandomí things, and label them as odd or paranormal for the romantic idea of such an oddity.  But theyíre not all the time--- not constantly.  But every time I start to believe itís just random stuff Iím thinking to be something its not, something less random, more deliberate happens.  Again, itís just a feeling I have about it, maybe just a coincident that I feel in such a way, but I find things stacked on me.  Nothing huge, or really noticeable for that matter, things like toy cars and small polished rocks I own will be put on my shoulder with out me feeling it, and when I do become aware, its usually because Iíve shifted my weight and it would fall in front of me.  And lastly, the last thing I wish to mention is something that really rattles me.  I like to read quite frequently.  Thereís not much else I consider to being better, maybe besides a woman or a video game.  But on my own I like to lie in bed reading my books.  Next to my bed is my small inadequate TV, which I leave off when Iím reading.  I move around a lot in bed, finding the best position (thatís usually when things fall off of me), and at times Iíll face the blank TV reading contently.  Then almost suddenly Iíll notice a figure standing on top of my bed.  I never look at the reflection very long, I always turn around quickly.  Such a thing has happened three times, and I try to avoid facing the TV very long while its blank.  Once I did find myself facing the TV while I read and quickly turned around and faced the other way only because I knew I would be unsettled by the figure above me.  These occurrences donít feel to be leading to anything, so I can easily say Iím not too concerned about them.  But I have to bring to fact that when I started to notice these occurrences was when I was starting to get interested in this paranormal topic.  Maybe, to speak hypothetically, spirits started to flock to me because of my new interest, being open to the possibility, or maybe Iím just subconsciously wishing to see these things and wish them to be something theyíre not.  Either way, I hope to get a response from you.  Iím open to any theories or ideas, and Iím sorry for this to be so long, Iím a sucker for a certain level of completeness. Iím 19 years old, I live in western Washington, and what Iíve stated above has all happened in the last three years.

Kevin Lee



Related Experience- Jersey Ghost

I work alone in my office, third shift. Maybe opening this page was a bad idea. I can walk through a dark alley with out a care. I can. well, do just about anything in the face of danger. That is with the exception of walking into a haunted house. I am terrified of entities, to the point were I am almost afraid something will see me write about it. When I was growing up I had a (I believe) human spirit in my home. For reasons I don't understand, targeted me. On occasions I would be absent of the house and a "child" would call out things in my voice. The dog would even respond to it being called by "child", and at times whimper away. This spirit watched me as I would pretend not to see it. I would not dare talk about it in the house while it could be present. If  I felt it coming near during the day (a rarity) My mother would see the look on my face. We'd get in the car and drive some where for a while. my room was also the last in the hall, above the basement steps. I could her someone on those steps when no one could be on them. Lastly-no one believes me, but to this day I swear that my cousin of the same age and I must have been about 5 or so at the time we were holding hands atop the steps calling down when a hand pushed each of us square in the back. We went plummeting down. I'm still scared of the basement steps!



Ghost Mouse???

Cool website!!!  No wonder its been on the internet that long.  Anyway, here's my story...

A few weeks ago, i felt someone sit on my bed.  my door was locked and the cats weren't in there either.  a few days later, a saw someone that looks very similar to me in my room.  it was 3 in the morning and my door was shut and my mirror was BEHIND me.  Last but not least, i felt something rub against my knee.  i was staring strait at it, but i couldn't see anything.  it was again very late and my cats were in my mom & dad's room.  This may sound crazy, but i think that if a ghost has anything to do with it, it's a mouse.  a few days before this happened, my mom had just stopped my cat from killing a mouse.  She took it in my room-it was in a cooler-and said to keep the door shut so the cats wouldn't take him for a midnight snack.  it was hurt so we were going to take it to the vet the next day.  it died that night anyway.  is it really possible that a mouse can haunt a person???



Savage Mill, Maryland Ghost

My name is Chel and at the time this experience occurred I was 28 and my friend 30. We are amateur ghost hunters, and both are drawn to historical places like Gettysburg.  While we both enjoy learning about ghosts and hauntings we never have the expectation of running into them, so when we do its quite a surprise.  This true ghost story took place at Savage Mill, in Maryland. Savage Mill is a 19th century textile mill that has been converted into an arts/crafts/retail center.  There are many artist studios, antique shops, banquet facilities and even an authentic French bakery. (We go there often) Near the Rams Head Tavern is the main staircase for the mill.  There is a plaque there mentioning the ghost that has been heard/seen in the stairwell.  Before we even saw that plaque my friend and I heard footsteps behind us on the stairs several times.  We were a little creeped out but that was nothing compared to what happened to us this past Christmas.  We went shopping there for last minute Christmas gifts and were leaving a bit after closing (we had dinner at the Rams Head which closes later than all the shops).  We were heading through the New Weave Building (which is pretty deserted at that hour) to go out the doors to the West parking lot when I decided I should hit the restroom before we left for the hour long trek home.  The bathroom had always made me uneasy but I decided to hurry and get on with it. My friend went to use the men's room and I the ladies.  While I was using the toilet I heard another person enter the restroom.  I heard the sound of women's high heels enter the stall next to mine, the door close, and clothing rustling.  There had been a wedding reception in the banquet hall so I just figured it was someone from there. I exited my stall and was startled to see the door to the next stall wide open and NO ONE inside.  I had not heard anyone leave, and the sound of heels had been pretty LOUD. (my friend and I were both wearing sneakers) I checked the 3rd stall and no one was there either.  I thought that maybe I had heard an echo from outside the restroom so I shrugged it off and began washing my hands.  Then I heard that distinctive sound of heels walk right up beside me.  I fairly flew out the door.  My friend was waiting outside and I asked him if he was playing a prank on me, knowing full well he wasn't.  He thought it was my imagination until I asked him to come back with me and look.  We both entered the bathroom and then the sound of heels clicked on the tile floor again.  My friend jumped back out the door and said, "I can't go in there! There's a woman in there!"  I insisted and he hesitantly came in and was shocked to see the open stall doors and no one in sight. There is only one way in our out of that restroom and we were blocking it. We were both a little freaked out and we left in a hurry. A few miles away we laughed at our reaction. After all it was only a ghost!  If you ever get the chance to visit Savage Mill, try to stay late.  You never know what you may encounter.
*note: Savage Mill's web has a map of the premises that may be helpful to those reading my story.


Shadow Man

One night I was sleeping in my sister's bedroom because she had watched a scary show and insisted on me sleeping in there. So I did. I woke up at about 11:30 to hear her closet doorknob turning, it was rather loud, and her having earplugs in and a pillow over her head could not hear it. As i watched the door slowely open i was in shock to see a big shadow walking towards her bed. I watched it hover over, with it's left arm extended it looked at me took a step back and disappeared.

A couple days later my mom and my sister were in the kitchen before school and i walked in to make breakfast, my sister was telling about how she had this dream about a man she had never seen trying to kidnap her, I told them of that night in her room and they didn't believe me. That day I was sitting in our dinning room doing homework when I saw the same shadow walk across our living room. I had thought it was just my neighbor because thats what the figure resembled, and my mom babysat his daughter so I thought he was just going to go get her. I got up to follow it and it disappeared once again.

One night my best friend Marissa slept over. We slept in our living room because my bedroom is fairly small. She told me she woke up during the night to see someone walk across our living room floor and to the upstairs. She didnt think anything of it because she thought it was my sister just getting home. When we woke up in the morning her once lilac purple pillow was now cherry red. Nothing was spilled on it or anything, it was like that all the way around the pillowcase.

One day I was home from school sick and watching 'Unsolved Mysteries' which scares me every time i watch it. I then began hearing noises above me, in my sister room. I called my mom because I was scared. She told me I was just probably getting a fever and to go to sleep. Of course...I didnt sleep....i just changed the channel to try and take my mind off of it. Then I heard footsteps waking up and down our upstairs hallway, they'd stop at the top of the stairs and then walk into my sisters room by her closet door...or thats how it sounded. When it was time for my sister and brother to come home from school I turned to watch Montel, and on that show was Sylvia Brown. They were talking about sightings and stories just like mine. She had told one of the people to go home and tell it to just go away. So I thought i could dothe same, so I went upstairs the next day when no one else was home and for some reason i was drawn to my brothers room. I got in there only to find that his closet door was shaking. So right then I just said "Go away" and then I hurried downstair as fast as i could.

Recently I was reading something on the computer screen when i saw a figure walk behind me in the reflection, i turned around as fast as i could only to see the end of it. I got scared and called for my dad, but he was outside and no one else was home or awake.

My sister and I always hear the footsteps at night..everynight, and we told our mom, but she didnt believe us, and then she eventually told my sister (she didnt tell me because she didnt want to scare me) that she hears the noises when shes off work or when she comes home by herself. She also told me a when I was about 10, that in the house she used to live in there was a man and a son who were killed in a motorcycle accident and she'd hear and see the little boy walking down the hall. My dad also lived in a haunted house with his 5 other brothers and sisters and his 2 parents. They have all seen their ghost, his dad, one time woke up to see a lady standing at his doorway with a suitcase just staring, he thought it was my grandma (or his wife) and he turned to see if it was and she was right next to him in the bed.

We aren't sure what it is, but it hasn't done anything to harm us or anyone else, so we think it's ok




First I just want to say I love the sight.

This happened when I was about 3 or 4 years old I have no recollection but my parents remember it very well.  My parents  both moved here from a small town in Ohio in 81 and I was born in 82.  We lived in an apartment complex in Houston Texas.   It all started with my what was thought to be an imaginary friend Shellie.  It all was plain and normal in the beginning but then she (Shellie) would make me do weird things, like I was three and would scrub the bathroom every night it was to the point where my mom would litterly beg me to stop cleaning the bath room.  Then one morning at breakfast ( remember I was only 3 and my parents had just moved here from Ohio ) I said daddy your such an ass hole , my parents yelled at me and asked what would make me say that and I said Shellie and then they asked me where she was from and I said East Texas, then I was scared to death of my room I would not  go in there because my walls would talk to me and I was afraid of my stuffed animals, they would talk to me to.  My mom sked my Dr. about it and said it sounded like a ghost, not shortly afetr that we moved from the apt. to our house and that was the end of Shellie.  That is my first experience my next ones are more recent one happened about a year and a half ago, at the time it happened I really did think any thing of it but now I do.  I had just came home from a night of parting, well I came home and went to go to bed and looked up and saw some people standing on my bed a man and a woman, but I was drunk and pretty lit, so I didnít pay any attention to it, then about 6 months later, I was lying in my bed and I looked over and saw what I thought was my brother  so I started talking to him ,I blinked my eyes and the figure was gone, and I know I was not just seeing stuff because I was totally sober, and I know I was sober because I was 6 months pregnant.  So those are my paranormal experiences.  I have no idea if they are ghost or just my imagination , but they were real enough for me.




 I just wanted to share with you the experience that I had back around 1989-1990 or so, when I still lived at home. My parents divorced when my sister, Jessica and I were little, so we lived with our mother. My mom's room was on the main floor, while my sister's and my room were on the second level. When you would come up the stairs, my room was at the top of the stairs. If you then turn right and go down the hall, Jessica's room was at the end of the hallway. She had repeatedly told both my mom and myself about a dark figure that would come into her room through the hallway door. This figure she described as a "shadow", and every time it walked into her room, it would wander about looking at the built in desk, walking past her bed and then looking over the items on her dresser. Following that it would then turn and walk past her bed once again only to walk back out into the hallway. She would always freak out about it early on but she grew more accustomed to it as time went on. This shadow she gave the name Shmoo, and we occasionally joked about that. She would always ask me if I saw Shmoo, usually the morning after she saw him again, and my answer was always no. Not once did it come into my room, at least not that I know of, but one hot summer night I believe I did. My mom bought a window air conditioner, and put it in the window of the spare bedroom on the main level,which was just off the living room, and was right next to the stairway which lead up to our rooms. It was enough to cool the entire lower level, so when it got really hot, my sister and I would sleep downstairs. Now I have to explain to you the layout of the lower level here for you to fully understand what I tell you happened. When you come down the stairs, you would step into an area between the rooms. Ahead of you was a linen closet. To your left was the living room, to the right was the bathroom, my mom's room, and next to the stairs as I already said was the spare room with the air conditioner. Now, one night it was extremely hot in my room so I decided to head downstairs, and sleep in the comfort of the air conditioning on the living room couch. I quickly fell asleep, with my head on the side of the couch nearest the linen closet, not far from the foot of the stairs. I was suddenly jolted from sleep as I heard a sound like a thud coming from the foot of the stairs. Without getting up I turned my head in the direction of the noise, when I saw a black figure crouched on the floor on all ours, kind of like how a monkey stands. It was weird because although the room was obviously dark as it was the middle of the night, the figure crouched before me was totally black. I mean I could make out no details, no clothing, hair, nothing, just a flat black over the entire shape, and it held that pose for as long as I looked at it. At that time I thought nothing of it, I still remember myself saying that Jess must have gotten to warm and wanted to sleep downstairs also. I also thought she jumped off the last step and thatís why she landed on the floor that way. I quickly turned my head back and went to sleep. However, come morning, I told Jess I saw her come downstairs also and that I new how hot it was upstairs. She right away told me she had not come downstairs, that she had slept all night in her room. My mouth dropped to the floor. When I described what I had seen, she told me that is exactly what Shmoo looks like, and I new I had finally seen the "shadow" she always talked about.



Sightings in 1968 in North Carolina

I wrote out the stories on the other site but they did not go through. This happened at the old Naval Hospital, Camp Lejeune, NC, in 1968. The first time was when I worked on the surgical ward, ward 6, on the night shift. It was a Sunday night, late, and I was making notes in the patients charts. The lights were out on the ward, except the one on the nurses desk, and the ones in the semi-private rooms at the entrance to the ward. Something caught my eye, and looking up I saw a man enter the ward with an over night bag, and proceeded to place the bag on a bed. This was not out of the ordinary, because patients were often given liberty passes for the weekend if they were up to it. I looked down for only a second, and looked up again. The person that was standing there, not 30 feet away, just a second before was no longer there. I got up and looked all over the ward, and down the hall way. I even asked the patients that were still up in the semi-private rooms. Their response was that if anyone entered the ward, they would have seen them. Thatís true because, you would have to go right by those rooms. No one had seen anything, and the bed where he had put his overnight bag was a vacent bed space, not reserved to any patient.

The second time was while working in the Central Supply Room on the third floor of the Hospital. This was several months later. The only departments on the third floor was the CSR, Operating Room, and X-Ray. The stair way and elevator both were in the center of these areas. One Corpsman would always stay in the CSR at night, so as to be able to give supplies to any one who needed them during the night. This was my night on duty. I had turned out the lights just a few moments before, and saw the shadow of some one standing at the door. There was no knock or any other noise, but it was evident that someone was there. We had a dutch door where we could open the top door and leave the bottom door shut. It had a rather large gap between the two door sections, and a large space at the bottom of the door. The lights in the hallway stayed on all the time, so with the lights out in the room I was in, any body standing at the door would be shadowed very well. I went to the door, opened it, and found no one there. I went down the hall. The duty corpsman in the x-ray department was at the desk. I asked him if he had seem anyone come by there. He said that he had been at the desk for the past hour or so, and no one had entered the third floor. If you came up the stairs or the elevator, you would be seen by the person at the x-ray desk. I understand that there is a new hospital at Camp Lejuene now. I donít know what they have done with the old hospital, but there were sure some strange goings on in it.



Snake Vallay, Australia experience.

House has been up since 1873 in 1877 a lady was raped and killed their and then buried out side the house near the what is now the kitchen window, then in 1919 three men were found with their heads cut off and feet and hands tied up, all heads were found in different rooms, in 1963 a man and woman were found shot dead in the house not even 24 hours after moving in their, the curse of the house is  the first person to enter the house is endanger for the next 24 hours  after leaving, if they were to come back to the house some thing bad  would happen to them with in the next 8 hours. their have been 17 different  reports from people after leaving the house eg their have been 4 car  accidents and 3 people have had their house broken in to, the say the  house has ant been the same and that know one has lived their for all most 40 years



Some ghost events

First these are true or I believe them to be true,
This story is from my mom, when i was a little kid i lived in a small town in Oklahoma, we lived in a small single story house. The living room led down a hall way and my room was the first room on the right.  Now I was in bed and my mom was in the living room and was watching tv laying on the sofa.  She had just turned off the tv when she senses something walking down the hallway toward my room. She looks up and sees a abnormally large extremely dark figure walking into my room (I  kept my door open I was only like 4) now this is also very strange we  had no street lights, no lights in the house were on and she had already turned the tv off, she gets gp and yells at my father and he comes out of his room at end of the hall and my mother says that the  figure sort of gets darker the dissipates (spelling?) and spreads normally into the dark, well for about 2 weeks later my mother had my sleep in her room and kept a night light in every room of the house.
Other story I am not what I would consider psychic or anything, but I would go as far as to say i get very severe cases of shakes and bad feeling at certain places or times and get premonition feelings of bad events  soon to occur, I have also have dejavu, nearly every day an unsettling number of times a day. About 10 years ago we moved to Georgia and nothing major has occurred to me but my mother has had more in house experiences I mainly have slight occurrences in the neighborhood and in the woods at night with my friends, who think i am mentally unbalanced. About a year ago some one half skinned my cat and we brought it to an emergency vet but we could not afford the $2000 surgery to save it so we had it put down. We had had the cat for about 8 years and I believe it still lives on in spirit with me, it was an odd animal and often ran crazily around the house not at night I have anew cat that sleeps on my bed near my knees and when he is still there i hear running around the house by little cat feet and my cat hears it to because we are both light sleepers but no one else hears I sincerely thing it is my old cat spaz staying my companion in spirit, if you want to share a experience or send me information on how to increase my psychic reception please send me a message



Something I wanted to share with you

for years I have looked upon things I have experienced in my life as just blips, flukes, tricks of the light. I have been for ever in the camp of those that say "if you cant touch it, then it doesn't exist". I have seen two of what most would call ghosts but I have regarded as, being tired, bad light and shadows or simply pretending that it didn't happen. 2 years ago, I rang home to my wife from work. No one answered the phone, she had said that she would be going to the shops, so she could just have been out. I got a strong feeling that something was wrong. I left work immediately and rushed home. My wife was in the kitchen and my two year old son had pulled the power cable from the back of the base unit on the phone modem. When I examined it, the plastic sheath had bite marks and spit all over it. The cable carried 240V AC so the implications are obvious. Anyway, just another event that I have tried to attribute to anything but what it probably was. I wonder how many more do the same?



Something There

I just wanted to say I love your site!! In the early 90's my brother and his girlfriend and her two children live in a duplex with neighbors on each side of them...Now my niece and nephew always felt that duplex was haunted...and their Mother and I do too...I used to spend summers there with them while their mother worked...I would be the first to go to bed and the first one up after my brother and sister in law left for work which was around 6:30-7:00..I would be up by 9 or 9:30 and I would get my coffee and sit and watch tv than I would hear above me the footsteps and I would wait to see my niece or nephew coming down the steps but nobody appears a couple of times I would go and see if they were awake but they both were still sleeping..when I would up to get ready for bed I would get the feeling I was being watched in my niece's bedroom and my niece would get the same feeling...One night I got up to use the bathroom and about ten mins later my niece not knowing I was awake got up and went into the hallway and turned on the light a couple of times she said that she thought she saw something in the hallway and the strange thing is her bathroom was always very cold..OK this is where it gets stranger one summer night I was out with my boyfriend at the time I was still at my brother's  watching the kids and my sister in law was on the phone on the phone with her Mom and she was sitting on the landing of the steps she glanced up the steps and she saw a short person walking down the hall  she knew it wasn't me or kids (I'm the shortest at 4'11") since I was out and the kids were in the livingroom watching a movie..Well my sister in law calmly told her mom that she had to go she went into the livingroom with the kids and told them what she saw now my niece at the time was 16 or 17 and she had a boyfriend and he was with them armed with the dog (which was bull mastiff) they went upstairs they checked all of the rooms and there was  nothing strange about them till the got to my sister in laws room the dog started freaking out at this one spot in the room they never saw the dog act like this but they said the only thing that was odd was the crawl space door was open about 6 or 7 inches now the only way you can get to the crawl space door is if you have a step ladder to get to it..Well I got home and I was half way up the steps and my niece said "I won't go up there if I were you." and I knew it had to with the presence and they told my and I got goosebumps from it they just got down telling my and the phone rang I screamed and scared everyone else...but it was my ex and I told him and he didn't believe me....I feel that there was something in that house..we think it is a child that is coming back looking for something...but they moved in 2000 and nothing has happened in the new house..Thanks for letting me tell my story.



Southern Oregon University's Hauntings

I attended SOU, then SOSC in the early to mid 1990's. This campus, like many has a past littered with ghosts stories varying from the ghost of the girl who was murdered at the track in the 1980s (not sure of the exact date...only that it happened), to buildings on campus used as hospitals, to murder/suicides. The only ghost stories I had actually been acquainted with were that of Suzanne Homes, which was a 21 and over hall only. This residence hall was highly sought after by students who were desperate to escape the partying life of so many of the other residence halls. I had expressed interest in living in that hall and the first thing that everyone told me was, "It's haunted!". As it ended up, I got stuck in Glacier Hall. This was my second choice as it was an all singles hall...equally sought after due to the fact that roommates were not required. This alone made me happy.

The residence halls, are comfortable but old. The reality is that my first year down at Southern found me content. Glacier, while certainly not my idea of a dream home, was not horrible.

My second year down there was an entirely different story. This particular year had found the girls on the second floor. The year before we had been up on the third and the entire *aura* had been different up there...happier. It wasn't just me who noticed it. We all used to joke around and blame it all on the creepy (criminal minded) guys who had lived on our floor only the year before. It just felt bad. It should have I suppose...while students who live there now may attribute horrible rumors about tortured kittens in that hall simply to rumor, the reality is that it is no rumor. It really did happen.

Toward the end of my first year, a guy, who would later be expelled from the school, found and mutilated a kitten in the second floor bathroom. We were all questioned about it...I was one of the unfortunate few, for what ever reason, to have heard the gory details from one of the investigating officers. He was a truly decent man, I believe just trying to nail the perpetrator, but to this day I wish I didn't know everything.

When I found out that we were to live on that floor and shower in the very same bathroom where such an atrocity had taken place I was not pleased but like a normal human being, swallowed my pride and tried to forget about it.

We found ourselves surrounded by what we called "Gamer Geeks". These are the types of people who dress in heavy trench coats even if it's 100 degrees out, bath weekly whether they need it or not and live "in character" 24-7. There was a crazy girl down the hall who kept her walls bare and believed she saw demons everywhere...including my room, which she declared to be, "A very dark place." She was oblivious to the fact that I had a light bulb burned out in my light and just had not replaced it yet....Truly, we found ourselves wondering how in the hell these people had ever even made it to college to begin with.

By your second year down at Southern, you've heard pretty much all the ghost stories. It's a small campus and after a while, you just go on with daily life. While the second floor of Glacier Hall was certainly not my favorite place on Earth, I had pretty much resigned myself to a year there. While I was having a difficult year for various reason, Glacier had never given me reason to suspect that it was haunted until one particular early morning...

One strange thing about living on the second floor was that I had a very difficult time sleeping from the get go. It was either too hot or too cold or the room would smell funny (quite possibly a side effect of the cafeteria), or I would catch things moving out of the corner of my eye. My best friend, who lived across the hall began having nightmares, trouble sleeping, and she too would see things out of the corner of her eyes.

On one occasion, after a particularly restless night, I decided to get up and take my shower early. It was only about 4:30 in the morning so I knew I had to be quiet. When you live in a residence hall, you quickly learn that walls made of paper would provide more sound insulation than the ones we had.

I quietly gathered my bathing stuff and gently opened my door. Upon exiting, I quietly closed to door and literally began to tip-toe down the hall to the showers. Absolutely no one else was up and moving around and I also noted that the windows on either end of the hall were closed up tight. We learned early on to do this when it wasn't too hot because occasionally bats would fly in from Churchill and perch on our doorframes.

I was halfway down the hall when I got a chill on the back of my neck and I distinctly heard a voice whisper, "SHHHHH!" right in my ear! I froze and turned around thinking someone had snuck up on me. No one was there. I took another step and again, louder and more forceful, "SHHHH!!!". Needless to say, I turned around and went back to my room until it became light outside. It never happened again and I was never able to come up with a good explanation for it.

I can't speak for others but I can tell you that Glacier Hall, for me was a place that wore thin very quickly. It's true the living in dorms/residence halls is like that for most intelligent people I think but in a lot of ways Glacier was different. Tortured kittens were not the only thing that happened in those least not while I was there and when you stop to think about it, most people who are of college age are going through some major life altering changes and decisions. We had unplanned pregnancies, abortions, sever drug addictions, witchcraft (of all variations) and a ton of other stuff that most residence halls experience. It's just that at smaller colleges, it's easier to find out the details of who, what, where and when. Partly because secretly, we are all grateful that it's not us going through it, and partly because at a small college, there is a greater ability to know and care about those you live with.

While I can't say that Glacier is one of the most haunted building on campus, I am pretty sure that there is something there. When you burn a piece of toast, the smell can remain a long time. I could be wrong but I think that memories and experiences, both good and bad are the same way. For the record, the day I moved out of Glacier Hall remains a day I recall with great relief. I could breath again.

Spirits of the vine
Its' Bob again. In Wildcat Ridge in NJ, My friends (Pacey&Audrey) went hiking and came to a vine in the woods, not too far away from a cemetery. It was shaking violently and there was no wind. It was hot that day and the sun was shining on the vine, but the area around the vine was freezing! Pacey touched the vine first (It was a big vine) and it pushed back at her, nearly throwing her off her balance!!! Audrey did the same and the same happened! Our "psychic" friend Pacey pictured a tall man with dark hair and a mustache in the vine. She said he looked somewhat like a miner, which were very common i the history of nj. Oh, and the cemetery was in the woods and was est. in 1869. Audrey stepped one of the graves and now she has paranoya. We don't know why she got it, maybe it was from this incident.




I have 2 real ghost experiences/stories to tell...
      My grandparents used to live in a great big house, which was really four converted adjoining houses used as hospitals in the war. After they'd had their third daughter (my aunt) they noticed strange things happening in the house...
           When my grandparents went out, Mum, Sarah and Emma, the three daughters, as i will now call them, could never stay in the house for long.
An invisible figure/spirit would drop heavy furniture and follow you on the stairs, which seemed to be the main "haunting site". Even when my grandfather was there it would do these things and more, like move around stuff and scribble on walls. It seems as though "it" was afraid or something about my gran scared "it" so "it" was relatively quiet when she was around.
She had no fear of "it". This is all I was told.

In my dad's house when he was a boy there was definitely paranormal/supernatural activity. Chalk hopscotch numbers appeared on the stairs as you went up them, nd much more. Iíve written the three main experiences as stories.



Baby Story.
During a summer party at the house, my gran put my uncle down for a nap when he was howling unstoppably. she took him upstairs, in his cot and shut the door followed by both of the stair gates after her. my uncle was only 10 months and could not crawl.
She went outside taking the family with her to play/ talk with the guests.
Soon, she heard a voice in her mind saying "Go to your youngest." she went inside and found my incle lying at the bottom of the stairs, with both stairgates locked behind him and scorch-marks on the walls.



Haunted TV
When my grandparents went out to a conference one evening, they left the
children in the care of my great-grandparents. They were all watching telly
when suddenly it flicked on and off by itself. They ignored it and carried
on watching. It switched off. they turned it on, and a program came up about
a teenage suicide in their area (Kingston on thames). they decided the telly
was faulty and switched it off. It switched back on again. the unplugged it
and  turned it to face the wall. It switched iself on again. They sold it
the next day. This was all that my dad told me, but i hope the telly didn't
do that for anyone else.



Freezer-room Freak.
In the house they kept a freezer-room. Because of the former paranormal activity, they padlocked and bolted the door and the freezer lid to sop any death by frozen prawns. they kept the key on a string around grandad's neck 24/7. in the room there was also the tripswitch and gas meter.
One evening the power went. grandad went and unlocked at the door to the freezer room. and gasped. the food in the freezer was all over the room, I mean everywhere, and the cat was lying skinned in the corner, and i mean

not long after all this paranormal activity the family moved away. the house was never resold.

I hope you find these interesting. all are true.



Coon Rapids MN 1990

My name is Beth . For a time one of my best friends, Bev, also my maid of honor back in 1990, was renting a house from her sister. As her and her husband moved into the little house with their two large dogs, the dogs took to barking at the bedroom and would not enter it. There was nothing and no one even in that room and my friend even went as far as to check the back yard, thinking maybe the dogs saw something out the bedroom window. Nothing.

As time went on my friend would often see her lazy-boy rocking by itself as she walked to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Then she had a dream about a white wolf leaping out of the bedroom closet.

She and her husband hosted a stag/stagette party for my husband and I that year. It was drunk and loud and went on into the wee hours of the morning. Finally it was down to just the last few partiers shout-talking to each other across the kitchen table. My husband and I had decided to lay down on the couch, in direct view of the bedroom door. As the partiers bellered at each other in the next room I watched the bedroom door slam shut with forceful intensity. My curiosity skyrocketed. Perhaps at any other time in my life I would have run screaming out the door, but it just so happened that my mom had passed away the fall before, and I was very interesred in concrete evidence of life after death. I needed to prove to myself that this could be nothing other than my friends house ghost. So I walked over to the door and opened it gently as you would if you were trying to console the person inside. I looked around the room, no one was there. I looked at the windows, nothing open, no drafts. I spoke to the ghost and told it that I understood it was upset and that I would relay the message on to my friend, and then I shut the door again to give it some privacy.

I went directly to my friend and told her what had happened. She immediately brought the party to an end, afterall she was the one who had to live with the ghost after everyone else had left. What a party to remember.

That ghosts little house has since been leveled. I hope the ghost has gone 'home' now and is laughing about the party when it thinks of it.




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