My Teacher's Story

On Halloween my teacher was telling us this story about how she used to live in this old haunted house. I’m serious this place WAS haunted. First, she told us that when she used to put her little boy to sleep he would wake up and scream SO hard and she would come in and say "what's wrong?" He would just cry, and while she would ask him he would just look up in the corner as if something had been looking at him. At first she thought it was just a dream or imagination, like all parents do, but it wasn't. So from then on her boy would have to sleep in her room. One day the eletricity started going on and off, she got a little freaked and asked her husband to check it out. As all husbands would do ,he did and everything was just fine. The electricity wasn't it  the scary part, she also would be using the bathroom, washing her face and what not and she saw a figure staring at her threw the mirror. She said " That's it this has been going on for too long," so she finaly  said " Leave us alone!" The activity had no end. The next day she came home to find everything messed up. What I mean by that is, phones off the hook, television on, water running, and she said " I can't take it, we have to leave!" So she did and never looked back! I know this stories true because she just almost cried when she was telling us this I know she was freaked.
By: Melissa


Strange Beings in a cemetery

    I had a couple of strange experiences at a cemetery in Vancouver as a teenager, about 15 years ago or so. Every one I've told this story to over the years seems to get a chill run down their neck from hearing it, so I thought it would make a good addition to your website which I enjoy reading through on occasion as I'm interested in hearing about other peoples experiences with the unexplained.
  Back in the late 80's I hung around with a group of friends who I would hang around with and mostly get into trouble with. I guess looking back, we didn't really have any beliefs or interest in the supernatural or sprituality and I suppose we were kinda like teenage nihilists in a way, getting into trouble with the police and partying alot, not conscientious about school or the future --so what would happen at the cemetary would seem all the more strange.
    Well anyways, one schoolnight we were out looking for something to do at around 10 or 11 at night and we couldnt really think of anything as it was midweek and most people our age only went out on the weekends. We ended up just driving around with no destination in mind, and at one point someone suggested we go to a local cemetary, just because we had no where else to go.
    This cemetary is cut into the forest on the side of a mountain, and is basically just a giant field surrounded by trees and all the headstones are just flat plates on the ground---so that if you didn't know it was a cemetery it would just appear as a big empty field upon entering it--the point is that there is absolutely nothing to obstruct your view or cast strange shadows in the cemetery. To get into this cemetery you have to drive through a 40 meter winding road that runs through trees and bushes etc and this road eventually branches out so that cars can access different parts of the cemetery.
   There were three of us in the car, with myself driving, a friend in the front seat and one in the back. As I pulled the car into the small entrance road I slowed the car right down and put on the high beams and drove the car at a snails pace towards the cemetery. As we made the last little bend in the road and entered the cemetery the highbeams suddenly illuminated the entire field and it was at this point that I suddenly and violently jammed my foot on the brakes because about 50 meters in front of us stood a group of about 30-40 people. I think I recall my friend sitting next to me saying something to the effect of "What the **** is going on here". "I don't know"
I answered "maybe its some kind of midnight burial or something" and then cracking some joke that maybe they were druids. I remember my friend in the backseat suggesting that we back the car out the way we came in so as not to disturb whatever was going on, which I declined to do saying it would be a better idea to make the first turn and come back around as its a narrow road. At this time probably about 20-30 seconds might have passed and I took my foot off the brake and we proceded forward. After the car had moved forward maybe 15 feet-and i was staring intently at the group of people the whole time-there strangely now seemed to be less of them which confused me.
Although I remember slight movement within the group, they didn’t seem to be bothered by the headlights and i don't recall any of them looking directly at us. Well by the time the car had reached about half the distance to where they were standing, and this is the odd part, there was no one left standing there....just an empty field and it was at this point when I hit the brakes again. I can remember the intense feeling of my scalp feeling like it was covered in goosebumps and shrinking, because it was only at this point that it clicked in that something ghostly and unnatural had occurred. I drove the car up to a spot alongside where the group was standing and rolled down the window to have a closer look but there was no explanation for what we had seen. At this point someone suggested that "We get the **** out of there" and we did........quickly.
   I can think of no possible explanation for what happened and even went up there a couple weeks later with the same car but a different friend ,to see if maybe we could duplicate the feat and try and come up with some explanation -but we were unsuccessful. The strange thing was that all 3 of us saw the same thing from different vantage points and there was nothing that the headlights could have refracted off to cause an illusion against the windshield, and anyways the groups were clearly standing at a distance of
50 or so meters in three dimensional space there’s no way it could’ve been a reflection. When i tried to duplicate the experience in the same car nothing happened. I suppose it was this experience that has caused me to have a belief in a greater reality than we see in our everyday lives.
   Something else happened at that cemetery some months later(not quite as strange but strange nonetheless), but this email has turned out longer than i intended so perhaps I’ll submit it some other time. I’ve had a family member who was buried at that cemetery since that time and the experience has helped me to believe that perhaps some part of them is still with us in some way.
   I've heard that there’s quite a few stories going around about strange happenings in that cemetery so if anyone has had any strange experiences at
the Capilano View Cemetery in West Vancouver BC I'd be like to hear them, feel free to get in touch.  Anyways that’s my story


Strange event

It was a Thursday night  my family an I had returned home from being out and my children went to bed it was 10:00pm, I remember because my oldest son wanted to watch TV. and I told him it was late, just go to sleep. he asked over and over until I said ok. I went over to the set on the dresser and pressed the on button but nothing happened. after doing that for a few seconds i began to inspect other areas of the television to find out why it wasnt going on. I pulled on the cord and found out it wasnt plugged in. i then told my son if he wanted to watch the TV. that bad he would have to get up plug it in himself . the outlet was under my other sons bed and I wasnt going under there. finally he said for get it and we said good night to each other. the rest of the night was normal until 12:00 am on the nose. my wife and I were sitting in the living room watching t.v. when we heard loud talking coming  from the boys room. my wife got up and went in the room. when she came out i asked her what was the noise and she said the t.v. went on, she thought my son had set the timer. about 2 seconds later it hit me, I said I was in there earlier and that t.v. was not plugged in. so we both went in the room and sure enough the t.v. wasn’t plugged in. since then small  things still happen but I always say don’t get in my way and I’ll stay out of yours.


Strange things happened at home...
I would like to share the experience we've had (my husband and I), with the ghost of a dead boy.
We had some pretty scary moments:

A few years ago we moved into our new home. An old lady had lived there for years and had passed away two years before shortly after she had moved into an old peoples home.
The house has been left empty since she moved out. We were the first ones to move in.
It was the beginning of springtime, so it was a little cold inside.
As we turned on the central heating system, we heard a noise as if a kettle was whistling.
We thought it was just a little dry, as it had not been used in the last 2 years.
This was just the beginning.

When you entered our house, you would see a hallway, surrounded by the living room, bathroom, bedrooms and the closet with the central heating system inside.
As time passed away we did not take any notice of the heating system making noise, but I must say I felt kind of awkward when I passed the particular closet.

Next thing happening was our clock. The pendulum would stop at different times. I would give it a swing and it would keep going for days. It happened many times. And looking back on it, our cats were always looking at things we weren't able to see, especially into the direction of the clock.

Then our candles. We used to burn them every night, at two places in our livingroom.
We never had any problems with drafts, but suddendly we noticed our candles were burning unsteadily..

All these things happened in our livingroom, and we never thought anything of it until the one evening the pendulum stopped, the candles started flickering and a cold chill went through the room. The temperature dropped instantly and suddenly the noise from the central heating system didn't sound like a whistling kettle anymore, but like a steamtrain running right through our livingroom!
We looked at the tv, and suddenly we saw the display changing numbers and the screen turned to snow. It looked like it was trying to find a channel to display something we did not want to see!

My husband rushed to the thermostat to turn it down so the central heating would stop making noise. The tv went back to the channel we had been watching before and everything went back to normal.
Except for the two of us, we were scared to death and we realised that something was haunting us!
As we thought back at all the times the pendulum stopped, the noises from the central heating, the uncomfortable feeling we got from that closet and the candles... Something or someone was trying to scare us out of our house!

I told my husband that it was time to take some action, or things could get worse.
As we decided to go to bed the central heating started whistling again and as I passed the closet, I yelled at it: "STOP IT AND SHUT UP!"
Believe it or not, it did stop!
Relieved as I was, I rushed into the bedroom to find the halogen lamp flickering heavily, and the whistling started again.
I decided to take a run through the hallway back into the livingroom to turn the thermostat off, so the noise would stop.
My husband was too scared to get out of bed, and I'll tell you, I wasn't happy either!!!
But I managed to do so, and I was glad to return to bed, hiding under the sheets.

The next day I decided to call a psychic called Jan Kleyn, who's well-known for leading ghosts into another dimension with the help of his guide Leila.
Through Leila he was told that a young man in his early twenties had been 'living' here before we moved in.
He had died jumping or falling off a bridge in Rotterdam. We were never told his name, so we could not do any research on this guy.
Leila led him into the light and all went quiet and peaceful.

We moved out of the house a few years later and we were glad we never encountered anything like this again.
It still gives me the creeps thinking about it!

Kind regards and good luck with your website,


Tea Room

The house I grew up in was over 100 years old and was a tea room in the early 19 hundreds.  No one in my family (except me and my brother) beloved in ghosts - especially my father.  But there were several occurrences that happened throughout  the years that couldn't be explained.  When my parents first moved in, they were getting ready to fall asleep when all of the sudden they heard music, laughing, dishes clattering - a party going on in the next room.  This noise lasted for about 20 seconds, then stopped as fast as it started.  They froze and my dad was so freaked out he got up and peaked out their bedroom door to find exactly what they expected - nothing.
I remember when they told me and my brother, and I was pretty freaked out.
Throughout the time we were there, my brother always had unbelievably horrifying dreams and would "feel" someone at the end of his bed staring at him.  As soon as he moved out w/ his girlfriend , he never had these dreams anymore and blames them on this negative vibe from the house.  As for me, this happened when I was 22.  I was watching TV on the couch, and turned it off and rolled over so my face was facing the couch coushins.  I must have been lying there for about  minutes, when all of the sudden I was pinned down w/ fear and a very fast whispering that sounded like 15 different people was buzzing in my ear.  I tried w/ everything I had and finally jumped up.  I was so freaked out and couldn't believe it.  my father the skeptic just blew it off and said I must have been asleep - which I was not. my brother was the only one who believed me.  Right before we sold thehouse, my boyfriend slept over a few time, and always stated that my bedroom gave him the creeps.  One night we were about to go out, and as we were standing in my room we heard a hard punch on the inside of the wall.  We looked at each other thinking, "ok, I didn't do that so you must have" – but knowing the whole time it wasn't possible either on of us did that. I was always afraid when I was alone there, I could never relax and get comfortable.  I always thought if I looked really quick, I would see "something".   Now, these are the experiences I remember and the only ones that I know of.  If anything happened to my parents, they haven't told us except for that one story.  Through all this, I have never in my life seen a ghost - I don't think.  I will also say that I hope I never do!!!!


The catalyst

Hi, my name is Tiago and I'm from OPorto, Portugal. My memories go back to my 4 years of age (1984). Altough one would hardly remeber anything from such an early lifespan, my personal experience marked, both my hearing and vision, through a couple of events that ocurred when I lived in my grandmother´s house. I remember one afternoon, I was playing underneath my granma's bed with some action figures. We lived in a 13 story tall building in Foz do Douro. So it's quite natural to percieve that wind could produce what I've heard. "Get out of there! What are you doing!? Look at me! Look at me!". The voice was strong and commanding and it sure seemed to reverberate at a much higher rate than a normal adult's would, even if speaking in a real loud and menacing tone. I went on an embryo-type stance and completely froze. I knew it wasn't human. It was a man. And my father was NOT there. Only my granma. I remember another time, probably not too farther from that day, when my cousin Carla slept over. I woke up in the middle of the night, and everybody was assleep. My cousin was lying in a bed next to mine and while i was checking if she was sleeping, this black humanoid type shadow stood next to the door. It groaned and slowly backtracked from the door like it was pushed by a rope. It seemed to only appear when my dad wasn't home. I got so scared that I pulled the covers over my head. I slept in that fashion untill I was 10 years old. It took many years for me understand what was happening that time. Last year I was having a conversation with my granma about these things and she confirmed it. My mother knows it, as does my dad, but they just prefer to not remember it. Thing is, my grandfather, who she divorced shortly after I was born, brought this "demon on his back" as she recalls it. In every house that they've stayed, this entity would appear. Also, granma gave me a little background information on "it". It seems a construction worker died in an accident, some years before my mom was born. He must have been quite attached to his widowing wife because it was trying to make my granpa leave us, to live with her, since "it" could then be closer to its loved one. Even if that meant pulling OUR family apart. My granpa was the catalist, because he was already engaged in a romantic relationship with this woman. So, still a while after he left us (I remember a battery operated speedboat he bought me that day), the haunting would still happen occasionally, namely in the two unfortunate episodes I described earlier. My aunt felt it, my cousin saw it, my dad had his chest pressed by two gigantic chilling hands and my mom got to experience the dread of having that over-2-metre-tall-black-figure walking around her bedroom at 2 am. My granma stunned me with one last revelation, that would colapse all the scepticism that I have nurished along these years, for the sake of denial. The last time it appeared I was being put to sleep by her in the bedroom where i heard the voice. She saw him walking around the bed with a candle in his hand as he decreased in his size, or perhaps "he was walking the stairway to hell" - as she put it. He dissapeared right next to the place where I slept. I´ve had this dream countless times, and maybe it's time I've come to terms, as to the fact that I wasn't really sleeping that day. I just blocked it out.

This goes out to people who have these problems at home: 1 - DO NOT give in to violent words or visions of black sillouettes. They are charged with negative energy. They covet your life and happyness. But they can never have it. All of it just increases their despair. 2 - Seek immediate professional help. I know sometimes it can be solved by a simbolic gesture (like my grandparent's divorce, though it took sometime for "it" to understand what happened), or leaving the house, but keep in mind they always come back for more. 3 - Cleanse your soul and redefine all that you know about love and unity in a family. It might be the one true instrument to dispell such a threat.

Remember, the dead teach us to live. For the good and for the bad.

PS: I'm not much of a participant in online discussions. But this website speaks to the heart. Ghosts are not about scary stories. They are a domestic disturbances and your advices might prove helpful for me or others, if ever the lower frequency of life becomes a nuissance and you have no chance, but to cope with it or face it head on.


The grim

I'm not sure if you'll understand my English, since it's been a while since I studyet it. So if you have any questions lemme know.
It happened when I was in my early teens. I think first I should describe my room to you. It's very smallest room in the whole apartment, the bed was placed facing the door and the piano was on the left side of the door. That day my sister was sleeping in my room on the floor. I don't know time exactly that incident happened, all I know is that it was  scary. So, I woke up in the middle of a night, opened my eyes and I saw a Grim with the scythe. His face was hidden under the hood but the face under the hood was glaring with a very weird (I'm not really good with colors) greenish light. My body was paralyzed the only parts of my body I still had the control over are my eyes. The suddenly he started laughing, it sounded really cruel and how else could I describe it... mean, evil. I closed my eyes because I couldn't look at it longer and if  I did my heart would have jumped out of my mouth. When I opened my eyes he was gone but I still could hear his laugh. It's weird that I fell asleep after that...
After this incident strange things started happening to me, I'd wake up in the middle of a night with my body stiff, and be afraid of nothing, even if I was alone in the room. Or, I'd feel the something's trying to touch me. Having dreams about people I don't know and they'd always tell me that they're dead.


The house on  Marshall avenue

When I was younger I lived in a house for 10 years and the situations that
occured there haave affect me in my beliefs at my age now. When I was really younger I was sleeping in my room which I shared with my older brother at the time. I was sleeping on the bottom bunk when my first experience happened to me. Usually during the middle of the night you could hear a train that used to cross at a crossing about a kilometer from where we lived. Well this night felt no different except it sound alot closer then normal. I was fairly awake at the time, and I usually wait until it goes before I try going back to sleep. This time it took an unusually long time to pass. This next part is what scares me. The whole house was now full with the sound of the train and the house had a faint rumble about it. Then to my supprise at train started going down the hall past the door to my room. It was so loud and I started yelling out to my mother. The train dissappeared  and I heard the noise of the pistons going off as it vanished as if it was pulling up to stop. I don't really remember any other experiences to do with trains at the house nor did I have any idea why it happened. My second experience was the most vivid and I still remember it to this day. I was sleeping on the top of the bunk this time and I was a little older. Anyway I could hear someone faintly talking from outside of my room. This went on for quite sometime and it began to irritate me so I began looking for where it was coming from. From where I was laying I could see into my sisters room.
At the time she just a baby and she was still in a cot. I could see a small dark shadow standing next to the cot and it looked like it was holding a book and reading to my sister. I again screamed out to my mother. The shadow didn't seemed too bothered. He just closed his book then walked out of my sight. This started alot of different events that weren't scary but gave me a greater understanding of what happened that night. If anyone ever stay at our house whether they were friends of my brother or mine or family they would sleep on the bunk bed in my sisters room. It seemed that whoever slept in that room would behave weirdly. My friend woke up one night screaming lotto numbers and another was found in the shower in his clothes. Nobody ever had a good sleep in that room. Also as I was growing up I never went in that room by myself it just made everyone uneasy, even my parents, which they only mentioned of late. All the bad dreams that I had as I was growing up always had to do with that room. Giant faces on the wall, shadows etc.
Although these were only dreams I had the same kinda feelings when I was in that room. I started to believe that the room was protecting my sister and I named the shadow that was reading to my sister her guardian. It has never done anything to my sister nor has she recalled anything bad about that room. I once heard that a girl had died in our house a few years back from falling down the back stairs. If this is true it might explain why those things happened in that room and someone was protecting my sister since she was born. This aside, that was the only things that happened in the house so it wasn't all protecting stuff. One night when I was sleeping on the top bunk and I saw a glowing figure in my door. She reminded my of a nurse from the old days and she was just standing there. I felt calm for a moment because it was weird why she was just standing there. Then in a second she ran at my and stood there probing my with her hands. She was violently thrusting her hands into my stomache. I couldn't feel anything and I couldn't speak I was so frightened. She then turned around and left the room and went down the hall. I don't remember what happened after that, but I have had a few little things happened to me when I was on the top bunk. Like things protruding through the matress. I can't really understand why this and many other things happened, but I could come to one conclusion about everything but the guardian and that is nothing happened when the bunk beds where apart. They could be pulled apart into two single beds. Also nothing has happened since one of the beds was detroyed or since we moved from the house. The bed was destroyed during the move.

I could have rambled on for ages but my story is too long. Hope you enjoyed that.


The Lantern

I just discovered your web site and I have only read to page 3 of your true stories, but I am so interested in what I have read so far. All I have thought about since I started reading your stories is something that I saw when I was about 5 or 6 years old.  ( I'm 22 now). It's a very small incident and doesn't compare to most of the true stories I have read so far, but it is actually the clearest memory that I have of my childhood.

I grew up in a small town in Illinois, about 1 1/2 hours from Chicago.
It was the middle of summer and extremely hot and humid. We went to bed one night with the windows open in the house because  there was a cool breeze that night. Sometime in the early morning I suddenly woke up. I have always been a sound sleeper and never wake up for any reason at night. But all of the sudden I was wide awake. I felt like I had to look out the window, and when I did I saw what looked like a lantern floating down the side walk. EXCEPT there was nobody carrying the lantern. It was just the lantern by itself... floating down the side walk! Of course I freaked and ran to my parents, who (of course) didn't believe me, told me I was imaging things, and to go back to bed. I never learned any story behind what I saw, and I never saw IT, or anything else again. But I do know what I saw and I know that it was real.


my story
Finally, I'm going to share this story. Every once in a while I ask my best friend from home (we've known each other now for 20 years): did that thing really happen? And she always replies -- yes -- she was there, and so was I, and so were about 12 other girls.

I was about 11 years old at a slumber party. It was late at night and we had been playing silly supernatural games for a good part of the evening -- light as a feather stiff as a board, and something where you look in the mirror and see either the face of the devil, or your future husband -- I can't remember which.

So it was about 2 or 3 in the morning and we had all piled into our sleeping bags, chatting and being silly. The sleeping bags were arranged in a circle, with our heads at center and  our bodies extending outwards kind of like the spokes in a bicycle wheel. One girl, kathy, was outside this circle sleeping on a couch. At a certain point, someone needed something and asked: kathy, can you turn the light on? so she reached over to turn on the lamp and WHAM! This big mass of bright light appeared, vaguely human in proportion. It wasn't just one light, it was like many lights, together, in a group, very bright, and I can really only describe it as a kind of mass of energy, it was not ordinary light. It was so bright, and so surprising/shocking, that no one had time to be scared, or to react, I just put my hand up in front of my face instinctually, and watched. This thing, whatever it was, proceeded to float, very slowly, and steadily, around the circle, at our feet, it must have taken a good minute to complete the turn. When it got to the lamp, where it had first appeared, it vanished. Just like that. And the funny thing is, we ALL saw it, every single one of us. Something I'll never forget.
If anyone can enlighten me, on what this phenomenon could have been, let me know!!


Ghost story

This happened some fifty-five years ago. Me and my buddy, we were 14 - 15 years at the time, had been visiting two girls and were on our way home. That meant leaving a group of cottages and passing throug a wood before we reached our own area. When we had gotten some fifty meters into the wood, my buddy grabbed my arm, pointed and said: "There´s someone hanging from that tree!" I looked, and sure enough, so there was. We started back on shaky knees, but after a few paces I looked back, and there was no-one. We started back towards the tree, and the body hung there again. Feeling far from brave, we decided that it must be the shadows - there was a harvest moon -  playing tricks. We decided to tell nobody about it, since we didn´t want to be regarded as bigger fools than we were.

Some days later we found out that the man living in the last cottage had gone out that very night and hung himselt from THAT VERY TREE. What was it that we saw?


The Man Who Wasn't There

I love reading the stories on your website because I like to read about life's mysteries and other peoples experiences.  Although I am a hardened sceptic,  I have several unexplained incidents in my life,   I shall relate them as they happened with no embellishment.

This one happened some 7 years ago,  in 1996.

The office building where I worked then used to be a hotel.  I was told there were two ghosts in the building,  one, on the 7th floor, was supposed to be the ghost of a murdered hotel maid,   but no-one could tell me where or what the second one was supposed to be.  I shared an office on the corner of the third floor and my colleague and I would often look up from our work expecting to see someone,  but there was never anyone there.  We both felt that someone had walked through the office door,  which we kept open for ventilation (an old building such as this one did not have air conditioning). We talked about this and discovered that we had each had this experience on several occasions,  sometimes when we were alone,  sometimes when we were both in the office.  We eventually decided that we must be hearing someone walk along the corridor past the office,  and after this our imaginary visitor did not make their presence felt nearly so often.
Then one morning as I came back from the small area known as “the tea bay” after making  myself a coffee,  I distinctly saw a man enter our office doorway.  When I followed a few seconds later,  there was only my colleague there.  He insisted that no-one had come through the door and he said I must have seen someone going round the corner.  I maintained that I had distinctly seen someone in the light coming from our doorway,  and that the corridor beyond our office was dark at that time because the lighting was being replaced.

A few weeks after this,  I saw the same man going into the tea bay (which is no more than an alcove with a water heater,  refrigerator and cleaning facilities) and  when I got there it was empty.  There was no way he could have come out again without passing me,  there is no other exit.  I told my colleagues and they said I must have seen someone going into either the men’s or women’s toilets,  which are on either side of the tea bay.  I maintain that I saw someone going into the tea bay:  if they had gone into the toilets I would have heard the doors closing – there are none on the tea bay.


 I still have no explanation for these occurrences.

The Martin House and Ankle Grabber

Hello There,
I have never thought of myself as being sensitive to paranormal things but I have had too many experiences that I cannot explain easily. I would like to take this time and share two "memorable" experiences with you. Mind you most of my experiences were feelings of not being alone, hairs of my neck rising, feelings of being watched, getting overwhelmed with sadness, hatred and anger suddenly.  I'm going to start off with my brush with the Martin House (listed in the Haunted Places index under Panama City, FL) at the age of 8 years.  In 1978 it was owned by the paper mill company that was located across the street from the house.  The Martin House sat on a huge amount of land and was surrounded by trees with moss hanging from them. There was a waterway running past the right of the house (looking at the front porch). The paper mill would rent this house out to various groups for parties. At the time, my father was in the Air Force and his maintenance group rented out the house several times. I kind of felt safe on the lower floor and around the house grounds. I always made sure that my sister (7 years) and I stayed with a group of people at all times. For the most part, kids were running all over the lower section of the house and we had plenty of places to explore. We were told from the beginning not to go upstairs because it was not safe. A group of us (me included) decided to explore the upstairs area after we ate some food. I led the way up the first 5 steps and stopped. I was looking up at the top of the stairs and had the feeling of being watched by something very bad. I let the boy behind me go first. We all started up the stairs and I stopped again, feeling very uneasy, couldn't seem to catch my breath. I was pushed out of the way by the other kids who went up the stairs. I went back down a ways until I was in the light that was shining from below and waited there still uneasy. Then the kids started to scream and came running down the stairs with me in front and told their parents that a very scary man was staring at them. Our parents went up to look around and could find no one. We all got punished. Each time we went to that house I was always looking up at one set of windows overlooking the waterway. I felt like I was being watched by something.  Last, the "Ankle Grabber." I was 23 years old and visiting my sister in Marietta, GA.  She lived in a two bedroom apartment.  The two bedrooms were located on the left side of the hallway with the bathroom right across from "The Room" I would be staying in with my Mom. This room had a faint nasty odor that got stronger towards the closet.  My first two nights there in the room, I felt uneasy, like I was being watched and fell asleep watching the closet door. I had a restless sleep and I always woke up looking at the closet door. The third day, I helped my sister get some extra boxes put away in the closet. It smelled like rotting flesh, it was extremely cold and unpleasant being in there. My sister said that she had tried everything to get the smell out but nothing worked. That night, my Mom decided to sleep out in the living room. I fell asleep the same way, eyes on the closet. I suddenly woke up to the feeling of someone running their thumb down the length of my right foot very then went into spasms. I looked around the bed (thinking it might have been my sister) nothing...but that closet door was slightly opened and it was not how I left it before I went to bed! I wasn't able to go to bed the rest of the night and my daughter slept soundly. The next day was uneventful except when my daughter was taking a nap strange sounds were coming from her baby monitor. I went down the hallway with a feeling of dread and went into the room to look around. Nothing was out of place and I even checked my daughter for marks..there were none but I did take her our of the room to finish her nap in the living room. That night, I was hot and decided to sleep on top of the covers. Again, my Mom slept in the living room. I placed my daughter's playpen in a safer part of the room. I slept in the middle of the bed with my head right in the middle of the pillow.  I woke up in terror when my ankle was grabbed and I was jerked 6 inches off of my pillow. My right leg was hanging off the end of the bed and my left leg was bent. I got up picked up my daughter and went to sleep in the living room. In the morning, I asked my Mom about any unusual experiences in that room. She said she didn't have anything funny happen to her. Just then, my sister let me know that her former roommate had complained of hearing footsteps in the room when no one else was in there (the room by the way, was carpeted), unusual sounds, bad smells and being watched. I asked my sister to move out of her apartment.  My daughter and I spent the rest of the visit sleeping in the living room. On the last day, I went into the room, threatened that if it ever hurt my family members, I would be its worst nightmare when I died and I called it every dirty name in the book.  I would like to thank you for your time and thank you most of all for allowing me to share my experiences with you.


The School's Ghost....
Heres kind of a creepy one.
I go to school at LaluAt my school, mind you it is a private school, there have been a few suicides and drownings(we or on a lake) and other such things like that.  Well many students here have seen the Lalu ghost, and apparently, we have more than one haunting.
One of my friend's sisters was being followed around by it.  In one part of the school, there are wooden steps, which make lots of noise when you walk down them.  She started to walk down them and she heard loud footsteps behind her.  She stopped, it stopped.  She looked around, no one was there.  So, she kept going, and the footsteps kept going.
That, from what i heard, was the last time i know that the ghost has been sighted, until two weeks ago.
It was a late thursday afternoon, when my friends Kie, Clover, and Jess walked down to the pine room (which is basically our storage room and lost and found) to get a binder or something.  When they went down there, Clover had started to feel a presence, Kie saw a flicker of light, and Jess saw the whole entire figure of what she could only explain as a ball of white light.  All three of them just got what they needed, and left, talking about this ghost.  This is how i found out, i overheard them talking and so did my friend, Jake.  Jake is the most skeptical person i have ever met in my entire life, he doesnt even believe in luck.  I had told Jake about this and he basically laughed and we went to go see Kie, who seems to be the resident expert on the occult here at lalu, and find out what happened.  Dave, who is also a skeptic, was laughing at her for saying this and wanted to see it himself.  Kie told all three of us not to go down there, it will just make it mad, and i trusted her, mainly because i believe in ghosts and the supernatural and everything like that, and i stayed, where Jake and Dave went down to the pine room to try to see it.  They came back empty handed and laughing.  Well we talked a little more about the ghost and what it could potentially do to you if it was mad enough, then Jake and Ader decided to try again.  By this time, about ten other people found out and wanted to see it too.  Everyone went down and everyone heard a loud BANG!, but nothing else.  Then everyone went back up, but for some reaseon, Jake was called back downstairs.  He was just inside of the door, when he saw this ball of white light pass in front of him to the ajacent corner,  Scared, he ran as fast as he could back up to where me and Kie were waiting.  He told us of this story, and Dave had overheard as well.  So, being the idiot that he is, dave went back down there and, yet again, didnt see anyone or anything.  Dave then went to go see clover who was waiting in the stairwell down the hall to where we were at.  We started to follow, slower then him, and about half way, we all had the same feeling as Dave Juliano did in his story, the hairs on your arm sticking up and an uncomfortable constant shiver.  at that time, in unison we all asked,"do you feel that?" Then, the creepiest thing happened to me, a feeling of soft, very very soft hands, almost like wind, only solid, ran across my arm, and later i found out that every time that jake had walked by that spot and that feeling happened, his leg started cramping up.  We went to the stairwell and we talked with the two.  Kie was shouting at Dave because he was challenging the ghost to its face, and then she moved over a little, and bth me and jake saw it(we didnt see anything, really, but we knew it was there and its exact movements)  move over from the exact spot she was standing right over to where dave was squatting and, after dave had challenged the ghost again, we left.  After all this i found out from kie that it was a different ghost and that when dave challenged it, she had saw it laughing.
Within two days of this sighting my friends Bens and Jame were playing with a camera to use up the film(which it only had three pictures left and it was a disposable one)  Bens had looked through the veiwfinder ans saw a ball of light behind jame and otook the picture.  they developed the film and it was caught on film.


The strange sound

This happened to my husband. We were living in Georgia at the time in an apartment complex. My husband is a video game player and was up late one night playing his game. He decided to go on the balcony to smoke a cigarette, when he said he heard a noise, he said that the noise was as loud as a train(the nearest train track was about four blocks down)and after the sound was emitted the balcony window shook. My husband said after that he slowly eased back into the apartment. As he was closing the blinds, he heard the noise again and once again it shook the balcony window. When he told me what happened the next day, I asked him what the noise sounded like and he asked, do you remeber the movie" An American werewolf in Paris"?  Well the noise he heard sounded like the howl the werewolves made in the movie. I wonder if werewolves do exist.


The unseen spirits

Hi I'm from Ireland any I haven't seen many stories from here!  Well my experience started in 1997.  I was 15 when we moved house.  We moved to a little village in Wexford.  Our new house is over 150 years old but has been done up and looks modern.  Anyway about two weeks after moving into our new house i was trying to go to sleep one night when i heard someone calling the name Martin.  I shared a room with my younger sister at the time and she was fast asleep.  I was wide awake and  whoever was calling the name called it about 5 or 6 times. The Next day when I woke up I went down to my parents and asked who lived in the house before us and they said don't be stupid that I know.  Then I asked who lived in the house before the people we bought the house off of and I was told a man's name called Jimmy Martin and his wife.  At first I tought this was a coinsidence and I never said what had happened the night before.  I soon started to feel as if someone was watching me all the time expecially in the sitting room.  It is hard to explain but even tough I could not see anything I could tell you there was an old lady standing infront of the sitting room door and this is where she always stands.  I was afraid to go to sleep some nights as one night when I was lying in my bed something kept hitting me on the back of my head as if to try and wake me up.  Well I was wide awake but I was to scared to look as I was afraid of what I would see.  Another night I was just dosing off when someone decided to sit on the edge of my bed.  This frightened the life out of me.  I had kept all these experience to myself as I tought if I told anyone they would think I was mad.  I have an onsuite in my room and one night the toilet handle started going up and down by itself.  Everything was getting to me so after three years of keeping it all to myself I started telling some of my friends what was happening to me.  They tought it was scary and asked me what my parents tought.  They could'nt understand why I wouldn't tell them but I just said they would think Im mad.  Anyway more stuff started happening but nothing serious.  I went out for a few drinks with my mam and dad and one of there friends and when the night was over we all came back to my house and had a cup of tea and a chat.  They got onto the subject of spirits and started talking about past experience's they had.  I tought this would be a good oppertunity for me to tell them about mine.  I started of my sentence with "your going to think im mad but" and then I started to cry.  I told them everything that was happening to me and to my suprise they had there own experience's.  My dad was sitting in the sitting room one night reading the news paper when a women started whispering his name and started running her fingers through his hair.  My mam has heard them walk around upstairs and she can here them call her name sometimes and when she was in bed one night it was like someone was blowing cold air into her ear.  My brother woke up one night because there was an argument going on in his room and to his suprise there was 5 spirits in his room bickering at each other.  His room is across from mine! My mam and dad where anoyed with me because i never told them what was happening to me. We have two bedrooms upstairs and two downstairs.  Me and my sister used to share a room upstairs but she has now moved out and my brother who also slept upstairs has also moved out so now Im up there by myself and some nights I can feel someone there and it would take me half the night to go alseep as i would be terrified lying in my bed. I am 21 and the eldest of 4 children.  Now that my brother and one of my sisters have moved out my little sister (13) looks up to me and likes to do stuff together.  She has often asked me about my experience's which are still happing today but I won't tell her to much as it would frighten her. To end my story i will tell you about a reading we held in our house.  A man came to our house who can see spirits and he gave about ten of us our readings.  I was first to get mine done and as I sat down the kitchen door opened, as I got up to shut it the man told me to wait a minute.  He then told me that he is in now and that I could shut the door.  This sent a shiver down my spine.  He told my mother how I can sense spirits and how a bad spirit entered the room with me.  He said that he got rid of him but there is a spirit that follow's me around but its a good spirit and this is the one that I can sense around me all the time.  He said that there are a few spirits in my house but there good,  well except the bad one he got rid of.  Well that's my story and it is still going on today but I have just learned to live with it and sleepless nights. Hopefully Ill be the next to move house because the terror drives me mad sometimes!!!! Bye


Third bridge in Aurora, Colorado

I live in Strasburg, Colorado.  One night me and a friend decided to take a trip out to what you call "Third Bridge", which we call "Ghost Bridge".  If you and I are talking about the same bridge, this bridge is not on Quincy road.  You take the Kiowa-Bennett south, until it T's off to the east and the west.  You turn west, and follow it straight across the bridge.  This area is distinctive because if you approach it going east, there is a big drop, and a slight curve before you hit the bridge.  I'm thinking that's why so many kids have died out there, going too fast and missing the curve.

Anyways, me and my friend Dave went out there, and have a few pictures, some small orbs and such.  A slight feeling of disarm, as well.

Another place we went to was the Byers Cemetary.  I have one great picture I was allowed from an older part of the cemetary.  I say I was allowed this picture because everytime I tried to power up my DC215 Digital Camera, it would shut off (and the batteries were brand new).  So I thought "what the Hell," and asked if I could take a picture, to no one in particular.  The camera stayed powered long enough for me to take the photo, look at it, then it shut off.

I would really like to submit these photos to you, if any of them sound interesting.


Trip to Church

      First off I'm 19 and have believed in ghosts my whole life. Now I don't have a sixth sense but i find it fun to discuss ghosts and all sorts of unexplained occurences.I"m a pretty athletic guy and played football all through high school and am pretty strong too i can bench 280. I'm not saying this to sound like i'm bragging just to say I'm not afraid of that much but what happened to me two summers ago left me pretty shaken.
    I was about 17 at the time and had found out about a haunted church through my mother, she had gone when she was younger nothing happened except she had a really weird feeling the whole time she was there. Well finding ghosts facinating I wanted to go but didn't want to go by myself so I told my brother about it. We decided to go on a saturday night, maybe we'd have a story to tell at the parties. My brother at the time was 15 and he wanted to bring some friends along so i agreed. All together there were five of us Me, my brother, my brothers friend, and two girls they wanted to impress.
    The layout of the church goes like this the curch is in the middle of a field surrounded by woods all around the church in sort of a u pattern are graves,the graves start a little ahead of the church and meet in back forming the u, there is enough space between the graves and church for a few people to walk. In front of the church is a stone wall about three feet high and two sensor triggered lights on each side of the stone wall. we parked in a little dirt parking lot right in front of the church and got out. Me being the oldest and assumed the bravest went over the wall first. As soon as my feet hit the ground on the other side of the fence i got a really bad feeling and my hair stood on end. The first thing we did was go up to the front steps and hang out for the first couple of minutes. The thing that struck me was there was no noise at all inside the wall, no crickets or anything wich is strange because it's surronded by woods.Once we got bored of sitting around we decided to go around back that's when the really weird stuff started to happen. We were walking in a striaght line because none of the younger kids wanted to be last, it was me, my brothers friend, the two girls, and my brother that was the order from left to right. We were walking so that i was closest to the graves and my brother was closest to the church. About half way down the length of the church we all heard a whooshing sound my brothers friend and I to the left and my brother and the two girls to the right like we were bieng surronded. every one asked each other if they heard the sound and we all answered yes. After that noise mike(my brothers friend) and the two girls wanted to leave but my brother and I convinced them to stay.(not that i wasn't scared i just wanted to see more) I forgot to mention that me and my brother both had flashlights which gets important. As we made our way to the back of the church we all heard a loud hum kind of like electric wires but none were around, this sound kept getting louder also this went on through the whole time we were there and probably would have scared us enough if not for what happened next. At about the same time i heard a noise i saw a black inkblot like shape move from a grave to behind a bush, i tried to follow it with the flashlight but it was to fast. However mike saw it move from that same bush to behind another tree, form that point we would hear sounds in directions all around us and when my flashlight or my brothers was aimed at the spot we heared the sound we would just get a glimpse of a shape going back the way the light came to fast for us to follow it. Now there had to be more than one of whatever they were because as me and mike were going through this on one side my brother and the two girls were doing the same on the other side. All of the sudden I heard my brother and the two girls scream,my brother is a pretty tough kid himself and i never heard him scream like that in my life never mind the girls. When I turned to see what was wrong the three were sprinting out of there at a very fast pace. When i heard them scream i almost panicked but got my nerves under control mike however took of like a world class sprinter, leaving me by myself. Not wanting to be the only one there i backpedaled as fast as I could so i would see what ever it was if it was coming after us. At this point the humming was almost deafining and thats when i got the impression that what ever was making the sound was coming closer at a very fast pace. At that same moment my flashlight went dead and then i did panick I turned and ran faster than ever before in my life, when i reached the stone wall i saw every one else in the car waiting for me the driver, and just hurteld the stone wall, as soon as my feet landed the flashlight went back on the humming stopped and I heared guess what? crickets chirping, also all the feelings of fear i had dissapeared and everything was calm. I got in the car and asked what my brother and the girls had seen they said it was the body of a little girl floating inside the second story window. At that time the sensor lights went on meaning something was coming towards the gate remmembering the humming sound i took of as fast as possible
    There have been other stories about how people have seen the little girl or heard here playing the flute but none to the extent of ours. After this happened I did a little research and this is what I've found, In the seventies a man raped and murdered five young woman and buried them in the back of the graveyard behind the church I don't know where the little girl comes into the picture but that is what every one sees. Later when I asked my brother why a little girl scared him so much he said the face looked mad like it wanted us out and he just got a bad feeling when he saw it. This is the only ghostly experince and hopefully the only bad one i'll have and this story is 100% true


True Ghost story
Okay Here's the story I'll start with the first: I was wanting to  see if there was any ghosts in my house, and I started tape recording as soon as my dog barked. I did this many times, and I have to mention that this tape was TOTALLY BLANK!!! After many times I tried, I finally got something. I still have the tape, but I cannot describe the noise I caught. It was like no other thing on Earth, I must tell you. Try this if you want, but be in for a frightening surprise. (You may not have a ghost in your house, but if you want to try it, go ahead,) Now I'll end with the thing that happened a half-hour ago. it's too long to tell all my stories, but this one's one of the most scariest: Me and my friend were leaning on my door to keep my other friend from entering my room, and all the sudden,  I hear something break. "What the heck is that?" I ask and start looking everywhere for broken glass. In the morning, my friend finds a broken water globe all in pieces, glass scattered everywhere. "Last night I went to turn off the night light, and I didn't see any glass. You know, that's where some of the glass was." I say. Then, my mom finds my stereo speaker wire cut. Last night it was working fine, It wasn't broken or anything. "One of you cut it!" My mom yelled. But really, none of us cut it. I believe this was the same ghost who made that freaky noise one night, but I'm not sure. All I know is that someone or  something cut the wire, and broke the water globe. I'm really sorry I don't have any pictures, but you all have to believe me: My house is haunted.


A Couple of Stories From Tasmania, Australia

Not sure if you are interested, but here's a couple of stories from the place I live in Tasmania (Australia)

My Boyfriend and I live in an Daisy Cottage, an 1832 brick and stone house in Macquarie Street, South Hobart, Tasmania Australia.

Daisy Cottage was originally built as a nine room hotel by an Irish stonemason. He built an almost identical house right next door for himself (which has been empty the entire time we have lived in Daisy Cottage). Legend has it that he witnessed the stabbing murder of the local policeman, and testified against the killer in court.  The killer was sentenced to lashings, followed by hanging death, and apparently it is he who haunts the house. Strange things have happened, but only when one of us is in the house.

The first happened to Chris, my boyfriend.  He arrived home from work one day and checked the mailbox for an important letter that he was expecting.  He took it out of the mailbox, opened the front door and headed upstairs to the bedroom to get changed. On the way he started to open the letter.  Once upstairs, he realized it was raining, so he put the partially opened letter on the bed and went downstairs and out into the back courtyard to take the washing off the clothes line.  Once he got back inside, he went back to open and read the letter and it was not there.  After about 30 minutes of searching, he called me out of frustration.  I arrived home and helped him look for the letter, turning the house upside down.  Eventually I said "Are you sure you took it out of the letter box - maybe you should check".  Sure enough there it was, sitting in the letter box, partially opened.

The second strange thing happened two days ago.  I was alone in the house doing some painting.  It was getting dark, so I turned on the hall, bathroom, dining room and kitchen lights, and had not ventured upstairs at all.  I finished, cleaned up and started turning off all the lights getting ready to leave, as we currently aren't staying there during the renovations.  I got to the front door and realised that there were still lights on in the house.  Every single light upstairs had been turned on. As I left, I noticed a light on in upstairs of the empty house next door.


Wanna do alot of ghost hunting or "research"?

The place that is filled with ghost and not to mention the types of ghost that’s not human at all. Is Trinidad. I have been a living in Canada for the most of my life but I was born in Trinidad and I haven't been living there since know many spirits and entities live in Trinidad. The supernatural forces are very strong and are very noticeable at times. So strong, that I even got in a supernatural encounter just after only a month’s visit to my grand mother’s house.
As well, this encounter happened on the first night of arrival will tell what happened. It all starts a the peak of 5:00 am in the mourning, When I wake up in unexplained fright. I am still stay lying on the sponge mattress on the floor of living room of the second floor and I look to the back of me. On the outside there is a patio and on the patio there is this very visible white figure that is leaning against one of the posts and the white figure is looking straight at me. Sweat starts to run rapidly off my head. I hesitate a moment to wake my brother, which is on the couch beside me. My Brother is heavy sleeper and is very hard to wake up, but fortunately I got him awake and I whispered with fear "look behind you." My brother looked behind him and his response was nothing but the look of terror on his face and then he came on mattress beside me. Not to soon after the spirit became angry and started to make this door shut and open violently. We were going to alert one of the family members, suddenly a loud crash came from the roof and then we heard a terrible inhumane scream that is totally undescrible. We ran back to the mattress and waited for the sun to rise. Well there several more stories in Trinidad. There is a spirit that is responsible for a lot of highway accidents in Trinidad. This info is not anything short of the truth.
There is some local folk of Trinidad that are very experience in the occult that are liable to control and send spirits to tamper with there lives. There are very dark and isolated areas that are filled with spirits generally around certain trees such as cotton, pam-pam, coco ,and mango trees. Look in dark plant filled areas you are for sure to find a very unfriendly spirit. I hope you could conduct some research there but be warned these spirits are usually bad company.


We Saw Something

My boyfriend lives in Indiana and I live in Texas. His parents and I live next door to each other. He had came down to visit this past Christmas. Him and his parents were supposed to go to a family gathering later on one night. His parents had left somewhere and told him to wait at my house and when they got from where ever they were going, they would go and call him so that they could leave. Well this was at about 4 on the afternoon. By the time we knew it, it was already 9:30p and they never showed up. My boyfriend, my sister and I walked next door to see if anyone was home because we had seen the lights on in the living room. Well, we are walking up the porch and all 3 of us see his mom, his dad, and his sister in there talking and walking around. The door was locked so he got his key and unlocked and and while he was doing this, he said, "Hey mom why didn’t you..".....well he opened the door and no one was there. We were like Oh My God!!  It was an ugly feeling. Thats because the lights were off when they had left earlier in the day and now they lights were on in the living room. It was a very scary experience. His parents ended up getting home later on that night and the next morning my boyfriend asked his parents if they had gone home at all and they said no. So I  don’t know what it could been. Ghosts, perhaps.


Well here’s one for ya

well my mother is mainly the only one to see this..(guy) the first time was when me and my brother were only 4and 5..I was asleep with my mother and my brother was sleeping on the couch in the living mother got a feeling..ya know the one you get when you feel like someone is watching you? well she looked down beside the bed and saw a man looking up at her she blinked and he was gone...she thought she could have possibly be seeing things until my brother came running into the bedroom scared and sheking saying there was a man in the living room. another time me and my mother, father, and brother were all in the living room my brother asleep and only3 years of age ..was sitting beside my mother and he sat strait up smiling in a very unusual way and said in another mans voice "I've got one for you" smiled and he laid back down. The last time was about  2 yrs ago my dad had tore down the living room and built a new one and a new bedroom for he and my mother. well my brother being 16 and about 5'9 was asleep in hes room me in what was my old parents bedroom. My mother woke up with a shadow of a tall man.. thinking it was my brother started saying "john what is it.." and nuthin the man stood still. just looking at her.. she said" go back to bed john its1:00 in the morning".. "why are you staring at me" she rubbed her eyes and it was gone. .I don’t understand why this ghost haunts our house or even my mother. .but before we moved into this house two young men overdosed and died. .or so I am told.


Whatcom Lake Trail

It's me again, and this time I am writing to relate something that happened to me at Whatcom Lake Trail in Bellingham, WA.
This I did not expect, and I will go with more protections the next time I hike those trails near dark.
With a friend of mine, I went hiking a trail near Whatcom Lake...beautiful scenery...and we went while it was still light out, kinda drizzly, yet a perfect day for hiking.  We hiked and talked for about 5 miles, then decided to head back as it was starting to get dark.  This was about a month ago now.
There was nothing but a peaceful feeling during the daylight hours, and so it came as quite an unnerving experience once the sun went down to be tracked by the malevolent spirit of a wolvish entity.
Now I am Wiccan, and I had not worn my Pentacles that day (I wish I had), and what I felt tracked us all the way to my truck in the parking lot.  Yet once at my truck, "they", for there was more than one...backed off.
My friend said that he felt them as well, and I do not know if he was humoring me thinking I was nuts, or if he really did feel them.
Needless to say, I knew that they were drawn to me for some reason, and so kept my abilities to myself cause I got the distinct feeling that they would have attacked had I put up protections.
I also feel that they are restricted to the wooded areas and the time of Sunset to Sunrise.  Boy am I glad for the coming of Summer when their time will be shortened.
So this is a warning to any who may live in the Bellingham, WA area and are thinking of hiking that trail...there is something that lives there that is Wolven in nature, and it may hunt beware that trail system after dark.
If anyone has any comments please feel free to contact me via email at



My experience was weird! I was at my cousins house, we had just opened the attic to do some cleaning. Later that night, I was watching TV, I thought that I had heard someone call my name so I looked at the doorway to the bed room. No one was there. I got up and walked through the dining room, and I saw a little girl sitting at the table eating. I didn't think nothing of it. I went back into the room, and again someone called my name. I looked at the doorway, and there stood the little girl. She looked about 5 or 6, she had blonde hair, a white flannel night gown with pink and blue flowers on it, and an angelic glow around her.

I didn't tell anyone about this. The next night my cousin had a dream. The little girl was in her dream, and my cousins room was how the little girls room was when she was alive. The little girl kept telling her (my cousin) that she needed help. She told my cousin that her father killed her because she was being bad and that her mother's name was Elizabeth.

When my cousin told me about this, the first thing we did was close the attic up. We told my aunt and she went to look in the house records at the library.  When she came home she told us that everything the girl told my cousin was true. After we closed the attic up we never had any trouble from the ghost. Now tell me that wasn't weird!


Ghost Children

Recently I sent in a story about my haunted doll Charlotte which is posted on page 225. I have always been sensitive to the spiritual world and have had many experiences. I wanted to share another of my recent experiences at my current place of employment. I am a preschool teacher at an early learning center. For privacy reason's I can't reveal the center's name. I can tell you it's right next door to restaurant that is known by almost everyone to be haunted; but that's another story. I hadn't been working at my center for very long when some strange things began to happen. On may occasions
I've been out on the play ground supervising my kids when I have heard a small voice whisper my name in my ear. I always turned around to find no one there, and my rugrats on the other side of the play ground. At first I tried to shrug this off but the more it happened the weirder it got and sometimes I would hear giggling to. Then one day during nap after all the kids were asleep I sat down to wash toys. I had my back to the bathroom door when the hairs on my neck started to raise and I got this sudden impulse to turn around. When I did I saw a small toe headed boy in the door way. He looked at me with blue vacant eyes and then turned slowly and went into the bathroom. I hurried over to the bathroom threw on the light and looked in but no one was in there! I couldn't believe it I searched the place but there was no one. I checked the little boy I first thought it was but he was clear across the room on his cot sound asleep. I was a little shaken but decided not to share the experience with my coworkers or boss. I mean I have to see these people every day there's no use in them thinking I'm crazy.  I think the children see something as well. Many times I have observed almost each one of them stop what there doing abruptly and stare at nothing and then after a while return to their play. It happens when I'm holding them to sometimes, they will be jabbering away to me and them stop and peer wide eyed over my shoulder at something but when I turn to look nothing is ever there.  I think children are very sensitive to and it seems I may have a few little students who aren't of flesh and blood.


Don't be Afraid


I have always been able to see ghosts. I never really thought anything of it. My mom doesnt really believe (well at least she used to tell me she didnt believe). When me and my mom moved into a new apartment in Aurora, IL. I didnt like it. For some reason I could tell we were not welcome. The clocks (battery operated) used to all stop at the same time, the tv would change channels, doors would slam shut and then open again. One night I was asleep when I woke up to my bird throwing herself around in her cage. She only did that when someone came into the room. I had my eyes closed but I was still awake. All of a sudden I heard a strong, loud man's voice yell my name into my right ear. I sat up and looked around. My bird calmed down and I layed back down and pulled the covers over my head. No matter how hot it got in my room I always had to have the covers on. If I didnt something would grab my toes. I never unpacked when we lived there. I couldnt wait to get out of that apartment. After a year we did end uked in like a pyimad shape. She used to play with the marbles I left out on my floor. And the next night at the same time I got the strong feeling she wanted me to turn around. This time I spoke out to her. I told her " I'm very glad that your here and you can play with my marbles all you want but I do not want to actually see you ever again." I closed my eyes and fell asleep. The next day I told my step father about the marbles and he told me that my mom saw the old woman that night. She was sleeping and woke up to someone staring at her. She saw the old woman's face looking down at her. My mom took a deep breathe in and the old woman floated to the door. I have since moved out and now my mom has not only seen the old woman but a man. They arent out to hurt us so I told her not to be afraid. That's just one of my stories. I will share more at another time. I would love to tell you about the ghosts I have at my new apartment but when I try to tell people on the computer they kind of get mad.
Thank you for the chance to share. And if anyone would like to talk about this they can email me at


The Small Darting Figure


First of all, I don't really believe in ghosts as such, but I believe that demon spirits walk the earth and can impersonate people or animals, anything they choose. And, I believe such spirits sometimes attach themselves to places and also sometimes to people.
Since moving into this present house two years ago, my husband and I have both caught a glimpse out of the corners of our eyes of a small, fast moving, shadowy figure darting around the house. We jokingly refer to it as "the ghost cat," although as I stated before I don't believe it is the spirit of a dead cat...but something else.
Then, one late fall evening last year after dark, I arrived home from work. I usually go in the back door, but my husband accidently locked the screen and I had to go through the front door instead. My arms were full of groceries and I was struggling to get through the living room into the kitchen without letting my two cats into the living room/dining room area. They're not allowed in there because I don't want them throwing up on my good rugs. Anyway, as I started through the door I saw one of the cats dart quickly past me and disappear into the livingroom. It looked like Nigel, and I was grumbling because I'd have to go in and chase him down after I set down my bags of groceries and my purse. I shut the door behind me so my other cat, Priscilla couldn't get in as well, but when I got into the kitchen, I saw BOTH my cats sitting there on the floor waiting for me to feed them. No, he didn't run back...once he gets into the livingroom he plays hide and seek and makes me run him down. Plus, I would have seen him go back. That thing ran right past my legs and it wasn't Nigel!
A few weeks later I was coming home with groceries again after dark, this time through the back door. As I unlocked the door and opened it, I thought my other cat, Priscilla darted past me onto the screened in back porch, the door slamming between me and her. I was thinking, "you'll be sorry when you realize I haven't fed you yet," but to my surprise, Priscilla and Nigel were there in the kitchen...just as before, waiting for me. I have made the same trip in the door with groceries dozens of times since then...both front door and back door, watching carefully for shadow play or anything else that could explain what happened...but there just isn't any rational explaination. Something ran right past my legs...twice under varying circumstances. Truly, truly wierd.


A New Story


 My name's Kate K and I'm 16 years old, and I was reading the ghost stories on your page and I wanted to share one with you. I didn't experiance this for myself *Though I have had some, though not very serious experiances.* My stepdad told me this story a month ago, when I was home sick. Now I know my stepdad and I know he doesn't lie and he doesn't make stuff up and he had no reason to me this in the first place. Plus I was the one who inquired about it, he really didn't want to talk about it. Ok, I'm done jabbering, so here's the story Mr.Juliano.............. A few years ago before my stepdad married his first wife, he invited some friends over and one of his friends was into "dark stuff" and you can make from whatever you want from that, but she was and she brought a Ouija board over. Now I know the whole Ouija board thing is old and a lot of people make a lot of stories about them but I swear to you, and you just gotta trust me, this story is true. She brought it over, and immediantly when my stepdad, Darien, saw it he said "That things evil, and all it brings is evil." His friend got it out and they were all playing around with it. Everything was normal at first, but later on that night it started getting a little weird, and at points it was weird enough for my stepdad to get his Bible. They had contacted something, they didn't know what it was, but it was something and it didn't like my stepdad at all*My stepdad speculated that, it didn't like him because he saw it for what it really was...evil". Now at this point, my stepdad was really debatforgotteing? and it was B or C then why the hell did the boy bring it back, if it was in the trash? So I came to the conclusion, that the little "boy" was that same demon bringing it back. So that's stepdad's story and whether you believe it or not is up to you but I would stake my honor and intergrity on it, that it's true. But it's your choice.


Victorian House


Well, when me and my twin sister (megan), where about 3, my family moved to an old victorian house in Britan. My dad absolutly loved the house, but my mom wasnt so sure about it, but since my dad loved it, she learnd to manage. After about the 3 year, our dad finished the attic, and me and Megan turned it into our " Fun room ". This was the room where we displayed our favorite toys (like our ponies and dolls). We spent most of our time up here.
One day, when we were about 10, we where throughing a ball back and forth in the fun room. Megan dared me to through it as hard as I could, so I did. She missed it and it hit the wall, and to our suprise, it went rite through the wall. Megan ran over to the wall, as did I. In that spot, the wall wasnt made of wood, but was made of paper masheir!!! Inside was a tiny door, and I crawled inside. There was a whole nother room on the other side, but all thats was in the room was a wooden box with a chain on it. We grabed my dads hack saw and cut it open. Inside was a glass vase full of ashes. We never told out parents about it thought.
Acople years passed, and we had a couple weird experiances, like the lights, t.v.'s and stereios turning on and off, but we thought that was just because the  house was so old. Then one night, we where painting my room, so I was to stay in Megans room for acouple nights. I woke up in the night, not able to breath, I tried to scream but I couldent. It was like a hand on my face. My sister finaly woke up from all the squeaking nosies I was making and screamed, because my face was blue. My dad and mom ran into the room and tried to get the hand off my mouth, and they finaly did. After that, there was a hand print over my mouth. Then my sister grabed her throut, as if to try and get some unseen hand to come off, but it hit her up against the wall.. My dad finaly got her down, and the " ghost" left. After acouple mins of catching our breath, my sister and I told them about the creat and the ashes in side. Our dad ran up to the attic, chained up the box, and borded up the door. My father promised he wou
Years later, I went to collage and megan went to back to Canada to be with her boyfriend. My father died, and since my mom didnt care for the house, she sold it. She didnt tell the new residence of the evil in the attic though.
Resently my Mother emailed me, telling me that she ran into the new residence in the supermarket just three days ago. They said " You never told us that there was a ghost living there!" my mom was horrified, and asked if it had harmed any one. They said no, he just stands on the stairs, smiles at you, and then walks up the stiars. My mom said that we have never actually SEEN the ghost, and asked them to discribe him. What they said next, shocked my mom. They discribed, in detail, ever last detail of my father, even what he was wearing when he died. My mom said, oh, thats not the ghost we had to deal with, thats my husband!
My father always said he would protect the house, and never let any harm come over it. And to this day, his ghost protects the house from any evil.




Cahaba Bridge in Civitan park in Trussville, Alabama.
As a life time resident of Trussville I know the Good and Bad
of this Town. Its a very Haunted place with a very DARK history.
The story goes, back in the beginning of the 19th century around 1802 to be
exact. ( This is only 11 years into the making of this city)
It was a cold Winter, two young lovers lived in this town and met nightly at
a secret spot. Reason being, their families were rivals.They absolutley
despised eachother.
But their young love was much to be reckoned with. The girl, a beautiful
brunette at the age of 20, was named Belle Victors. Her beau, a strong and
handsome man was 21.
And his name was Dominic Kingsley. The couple was so in love they met as
much as possible near the Cahaba river, even on the coldest and stormiest
nights.They also had to be very careful
about their meetings as not to get caught. So they had a method for their
meetings, When they were to meet one of them would light a single white
candle near the rivers
edge. There was a path near the river so when the other walked down it at
night if they saw the candle burning they would soon meet at "The spot" .
Things started to get rough for Belle, food was scarce and Dominic's family
and hers were fighting worse than ever. So on a dreaded stormy night she
went off to light
the candle. She really wanted to see and hold her lover so her problems
would go away. The rivers waters were especially high and the current was
very strong on this night.
While bending over to place the candle near the rivers edge she lost her
balance and fell in. Moments later she had Drowned. On his walk on the path
Dominic noticed the
candle and hurried to their spot. He waited for hours but Belle never
showed. So he went home for the night. Early the next morning her body was
found much further down
downstream by a local fisherman. Wearing her simple white dress, her icy
blue eyes staring off at nothing as if looking for her soulmate. When
Dominic heard this news he
rushed to the body. His life was over to him, his soulmate was gone. Later
that night he went to the rivers edge (where they placed the candles) and
lit a single white candle.
Then he hanged himself from a nearby oak tree.
Thats the story two young lovers who's lives ended too soon.
But thats not the last that was seen or heard of them
Numerous accounts of "Ghostly activities" have occured
The spot where the candles were lit is now known as the Cahaba bridge.
Its located in Civitan Park.
The tree that Dominic Hung himself from is long gone.
But the spot is still haunted. (Its about 15 feet from the Bridge)
At night(usually around midnight) you will see a woman in a white dress
wandering the rivers edge.
Reports of people seeing and trying to talk to her usually ended in her
But one thing is always the same.
They all spoke of her Icy blue eyes.
Dominics ghost is a bit scarier than Belles.
Reports of his ghost go, On stormy nights you will see a pale young man
lighting a white candle near the rivers edge, when spoken to, he will turn
to face you only
to reveal a black void where his eyes should be.
Then he vanishes
There are many other strange things that happen there
- Voices can be heard
- Dim lights have been seen at night
- Screams have been heard
- Crying has been heard the most
- And sometimes late at night when couples are at the park on the bridge,
when they look over the railing
into the water they will  see a ghostly woman looking from the bottom of the
Looking with those Icy blue eyes.


The Rolex


I was at my friends house one night . Her parents were supores to be home but they weren't . We went to the kitcken and looked up her sisters number . The phone numbers were on a rolax . One of those things that has index cards that you flip to find things . An way we went to get the phone and came back to the cards . The cards had fliped from the m section to the c section !!!! Then we went up to her room when we went to go back downstairs there were no stairs . I'm serious . We were really freacked out .


Skating Doll Story


This experience happend a few years ago in my friend's sisters old house. Well anyway this one night when me and my friend Savanna were staying up late as 12 year old kids do sometimes... I'd say it was about 2:30AM-3:00AM when we both decided we were getting hungry and wanted a midnight snack, so we both get up and head into the kitchen when we both stopped and stared in horror as this doll was roller skating twards the fridge. (This doll was a rollerskating doll, she runs on batterys and she is kind of old so Im not sure if anyone remembers this doll coming out) It wasnt just that she was roller skating at 3AM by herself, but what really made us shiver was the back of her (where the batterys go) was ripped out (probably lost) with no batterys at all in her. When we both stopped to see her skating, she stopped and my friend Savanna picked her up by her hair and put her on our sisters who were sleeping on the couch so we could get something to eat. Im pretty sure we didnt sleep that night.


Shadow Men


firstly before i was born my sister used to be haunted by a hand which would prod her, she said it was like a formation in the dust particles,she would run to the landing and scream for my mum and day my mum was downstairs and my sister was in the bedroom playing with her cousin both about 5 year old,my mother suddenly got a strange feeling and ran upstairs and found my cousin about to jump out of the window,anyway when i was born we moved house and heard that the bedroom floor fell through when we the new house i was also about 5 year old when i used to have vivid dreams about shadow men.firstly they would dance upside down around the downstairs light then they would come into my room and i would wake up screaming for my mum and straight away every time my mum would be there to comfort me,however one night i was screaming again sat on the edge of my bed when my mum came in again and while i was hugging her i realized it wasnt her the shadow had played a trick on me which terrified me because i was definetely night i had a fight with one of these ghosts and i turned the light on and saw like a burnt face,then that was the end.i still sometimes get vivid sleep paralysis where i cant wake up and i can sense something coming and hold me down which i hate.


Paralyzed and Terrified


 The following is one of a few stories of the strange/paranormal that occurred in the house I grew up in. My family moved from a suburban Baltimore to Annapolis when I was less than a year old. The new home was on the historic register (as many homes in that area are) and was said to have been built  (original structure w/out additions) in or around 1880. This story is actually the third of my experiences that I recall – I was 14 at the time.
This home stood on a cliff over looking the Severn River. My room was basically half glass (i.e. – windows over looking the river below). I was sleeping one evening – I never drew the blinds for some reason (but do now) - my bed was against the wall and one of the “window walls.” Directly in front of me was a large “window wall” looking out to the nebulous night sky. I was roused by a tap tap. I opened my eyes, still half asleep and was immediately aware of the fact that I could not move/nor shut my eyes – which gave birth to panic which was when I realized I could not speak (scream is what I wanted to do). I heard the tap tap again and looked at the “window wall” in front of me. Outside the glass there was a stick waving gently back and forth – clearly visible w/ moonlight behind it. I was transfixed upon it. It moved over another pane – still waving, never breaking rhythm. Then another pane, then another. I felt like I was strapped into a gurney w/ my eyes held open, my heart certainly was working overtime and I just remember the overwhelming feeling of helplessness and wanting it all to stop. The stick rounded the corner of the front “window wall” to the “window wall” beside my bed. There it remained still waving. Suddenly I could close my eyes, but still could not move. I held my eyes tightly shut; it was the only thing I could think of to do – not see, nothing hurts you if you don’t see it right? Then I heard a tap tap again, opened my eyes and the stick or a stick or whatever stick fell on my face. I screamed and sat up immediately. My mom and my brother were pounding on my door within seconds. I sprang from bed, opened the door and have subsequently always kept the blinds closed. I still have the stick.
I know this seems hoaxy or whatever, but its mine, for a while I wished that it wasn’t – but it is.


My Mom calls my house "spook central"


My name is Janie and I have wanted to write to you for a long time. I 'd like to tell you some things about my house in Central Alabama. Let me first say, I grew up in a house where we were made very aware of our psychic abilities, and guided by my aunt who has long since crossed. So when I say I heard, or saw something  trust me I did!  I have lots of people telling me it's not possible and there are explanations for the strange "bubbles" that appear in almost every picture I take in the house. Most of them are digital, but some are film as well.
So, now to a few "good things". My spare bedroom is seldom used by my guest unless they don't mind being "disturbed" in the night. I have been told but at least 3 different friends, that sleeping in there is quite an adventure. They say that in the middle of the night, they awaken feeling like someone is in the room. and when they turn over or open thier eyes, there is a man there. No clear visions yet, although my brother in law said the "man" was bent over the bed and very close to his face as if he were trying to see who was in the bed.
I too have seen something that looked like a man in my hallway, which incedentally the bedroom is directly off of.  He moves about, my dogs see him/them and growl, but for the most part we get along fine.
In my front room is where most of the orbs appear. They have been in other places as well, but mostly here. I can ask permission and snap a pic and apparently they all love picture time. This room is also my "indian room" the decor is mostly Native American in nature. Some of the things I made myself because of the strong bond I feel with that lifestyle, and my firm, yet unproven, belief in my families heratage. I am not sure of who all of the people are in this room and my house are, but they don't upset anything. We have lived in the house for almost 11 years now and I must say, from the moment I walked in to look at it I knew I had to have it. It was so warm and inviting and comforting. Almost as if I was supposed to be here.
I am enclosing a few pictures from the house, if you'd like more please just e-mail me. I am also enclosing a picture of a realtive, my great aunt taken many years ago.
This is not the same aunt I spoke of previously, but it shows her sitting out side and there is, for lack of a better term, an apparition in the lower left of the picture.


A Couple of Stories


He made himself Known.


I have lived in this house pretty much my whole life and little things would happen here and there, but nothing to big.  Strange shadows, noises coming from the basement when no one was down there and the feeling of being watched.  Nothing too big until my younger sister thought it was cool to start practicing devil worshiping in this house.  That was when all kinds of things would happen.  Our once peaceful cat became violent to almost everyone, but a few selected people.  Well, he did always have this things about men.  He even attacked one of my guy friends out of the blue one night for no reason at all.
Both my younger sister and I had friends come to our house and leave right away saying the presents of evil is so strong that they were forced to leave and they NEVER came back.  If they did they wouldn’t step one foot on our lawn.
Once the Mormon Missionaries came to our door.  Now some of you will find this part funny, but me being baptized Mormon, but never really practiced finds it totally odd.  I was the one to answer the door.  At first they did their normal things.  They aren’t givin a list of houses to hit, they just go door to door and most of the time don’t know they are knocking on a fellow members door unless they have been their for dinner or some other thing.  Anyway, on with this event.  One of them was talking and the other one was just looking inside the house past me and into the basement.  All of sudden he turned white, started to sweat and nudged his partner.  He pointed to the basement and the guy talking did the same thing.  I could feel a presents, but was too afraid to look.  It wasn’t the normal dark scary feeling, it was total anger this time.  I heard a voice speak in a language not known to me.  If I had to say what it was I would have to say Latin.  I didn’t know what it said, but I am guessing the two young missionaries did because they literally ran as fast and far as they could.   With it being winter when this all happened they did have a car and it was parked in front of my house, but they didn’t get in the car they just ran.  Came back an hour later for the car, but didn’t come to the door.
Both my younger sister and I have never seen what it was causing the strange things going on.  Locked doors would open and close as if someone had just came in a room or left the room.  The toilet in the bathroom would flush on it’s own, shower turn on and off.  Lights go on and off.  Sometimes things would even fly across the room. These things would ONLY happen in the basement.  So, my parents just thought it was either my sister or I trying to scare the other.  They never saw, felt or heard a thing.
A few months after the incident with the Missionaries had happened.  Everyone went to bed normally as we did every night.  During the middle of the night my younger sister and I woke up because we had to use the bathroom.  We both opened the doors to our bedrooms at the same moment and took one step out and stopped and just looked at each other for short bit.  Then we both looked down the hall and what we saw wasn’t what either of us wanted to see.  The presence had finally decided to let us see his form other then a dark shadow. We just stood there for a moment, then back at each other and turned to go back into our rooms.
What we saw was tall transparent man with a ghostly white face, glowing red eyes and old style clothing.  The clothing looked to about from 200 years ago in the late 1800’s. He wore a black suite a jacket with a tail and a top hat.  The feeling of pure evil was clearly there.  It wasn’t until the next day while talking to my sister about it was when we took the one step out of bedroom that we no longer felt we had to use the restroom and we both went in our to pray.
My sister also, stopped all her devil worshiping that very night. The activity in my house did die down some, but not completely.  It went back to the way it was before my sister started her trip to the dark side.

A voice in the night.
Year later after my sister stopped her adventure to the dark side and was no longer living in the house.  She ran away at the age of 17 when my mom walked in on her boyfriend (now husband) in bed.  My Mom told her that she was never to see Paul again and so that very night she left in the middle of the night.  I was working full time to pay for college, going to school part time and still living at home.  I would have to say that my sister was gone for about three year when what I am about to tell you happened.
When I was just barley 21 years old I had major surgery to remove tumors on my ovaries that were discovered a short while before.  I was in the hospital on heavy pain medication for three days after the surgery.  Morphine to be exact.  During my time in the hospital I was so out of it, I didn’t know who came to see me.  My friends said that I made no sense when they would call or come by.  The only thing I can clearly remember doing in the hospital is watching MTV and seeing the then new band to reach the US and their hit song.  The band was Savage Garden and the song was “I want You”  Only thing to really remember.
So, when I came home I was still some what out it, but could mentally function a heck of lot better then I did while in the hospital.  As I was getting ready to my prayers before going to bed my first night home, I heard a voice say as clear as day.  As if they were in the room standing behind me, but I was the only one in the room.  It was very eerie voice and nothing pleasant about it tone.  What the voice I heard say was. “You are going to die tonight!”  Thinking it was just me hallucinating from the Morphine again I dismissed it as just that.
I was awakened in the middle of the might to a suffocating feeling.  When I opened my eyes   I saw a fearful sight.  A black, pudgy demon like creature with sharp spikes all over it’s body.  It was literally attacking me and trying to get in my mouth.  Hitting, scratching and biting me.   I couldn’t scream, I could fight back and defend myself, but each time I opened my mouth to scream no sound would come out.  Of course with my mouth open the demon would fight even harder.  I have no long how the battle went one, but I just kept saying over and over.  “In the name of Jesus Christ leave now” Eventually the thickness of evil was soon overcome by a warm and peaceful feeling.
When woke up the next morning to marks all over my face, arms and stomach I knew I wasn’t dreaming.  I told my Mom about what happened and even showed her the marks. She just brushed it off as me dreaming and had harmed my self in my sleep.  She didn’t show any concern to how terrified I was.
The next night I said my prayers and heard nothing, but was again attacked.  The same thing, I could scream, when I would open my mouth to try the demon would try to enter my mouth.  Just as the night before all I could was say over and over in my head “In the name of Jesus Christ leave now” Again as the night before this night ended the same way, with the feeling of evil being over come by a warm and peaceful feeling.  Same as the day before my Mom had the same reaction. I was dreaming and had again scratched my self.
I was so scared that I got some cardboard, cut out crosses wrapped then in tin foil and placed them on both sides of my door and over my bed.  Now I am Mormon and we do not use the cross, but we are Christians and believe he gave his life for our sins…..blah blah all the stuff the all Christians believe, but we don’t use the cross.  By this my Mom saw that I was truly scared and I honestly didn’t believe it was me dreaming.  She still thought it was just that and that I was going crazy.  Even said she was going have me admitted if I didn’t stop this nonsense she calls it.
The third night was far worse then the other two.  I was sleeping on stomach I guess because I woke up to feeling scratches on my back.  The attack was more violent. I still could make a sound.  The more I said “In the name of Jesus Christ leave now” in my head the worse the attack got.  Instead of the normal snarling sound I was hearing from afar someone saying “I will get you….You will die tonight……He can’t save you this time”  I could feel the warm and peaceful presence and it wasn’t coming on so strong as it did the night before.  Not only that I could see bright lights appearing in my room.  By this time I was on my back fighting for what seemed to be my life and I wasn’t doing so well this time. With each new bright light the warm feeling would get stronger.  Unlike the to other attacks I was able to manage to sit up started to punch at the demon like creator.  I saw one of the bright lights was brighter then the next the other seemed to fighting something I could not see or was just scared to see.  The brighter of the lights moved behind me and I felt hand lay upon my head.  At the moment I felt the warm, peaceful heavenly presence stronger then I have ever felt before.  I voice behind me said “Be gone and never return!  She will never be yours” At that moment the demon vanished.
The next thing I can recall is the sprit that had placed his hand upon my head came to face me.  I was able to see his form.  It was indeed a man.  He said to me “Sleep now my child, for now all is well.”  Then I feel asleep.
The next morning my Mom was oddly awake.  She is NEVER awake in the morning and is known to sleep ALL day long at times.  So it was odd to find her awake.  I walked into the room she was in stood just looking her until she looked at me.  When she did I just turned around showed her my ripped shirt and the scratch on my back that was in the shape of an X.  Just like all the other scratches that covered my body they were in three’s  Just like you would be if you were scratched with a three fingered creature.  I said to her.  No is there a way I could that in my sleep.  She started to freak out.  Picked up the phone and called my brother.  He called a few members in his ward and they all came right over and blessed the house.
Not only did they give the house a blessing he gave me one as well.  They started with me first.  Everyone in the room all say they felt a very strong sense of evil enter the room as my brother stood over me with his hands on my head praying.  My brother says he didn’t open his eyes and I didn’t dare too.  One of the guys that he brought said he did open his eyes during the prayer to see a dark cloud circling around my brother and I.  When in came time to bless the house we all heard a loud crash and a picture fall off the wall.  The picture was hanging on the wall that the couch my dad normally sat in.  The picture would have hit him if he was sitting there that day, but something told him not to sit there.  Also, there is a rack in the wall that has been repaired and painted over.
I would love to say that was the end of thing happening in my house but it wasn’t.  Granted nothing happen INSIDE my home for a number of years.  I had friend tell me they have seen a ghostly shape wondering wound the properly line of my home.  They all describe the same thing!  The ghostly figure my younger sister and I have seen years before.  It even spoke to my daughter father (Now ex) He came back from going to the store and was white as a ghost and told me that as he was walking in the back yard.  (The store is behind my house) He saw this figure and it had said to him.  “Thy wants thee mortal family back.  Thy Mortal family has banished thee.”


If it didn't happen to my ex-wife and I, we wouldn't have believed it...



Before the mother of my daughter and I divorced, we lived in an apartment in Los Angeles, which is still there today. One evening at that apartment, my wife decided to go to bed a little earlier than usual, thinking I would soon join her. Although, instead of going to bed with her right when she went, I remained in the kitchen to replace the old batteries out of a flashlight I had, because I noticed that it wasn't working.
Trying to be quiet, I slowly took the old batteries out of the flashlight, gently placed them in the trash can and placed the flashlight upright on the kitchen counter, so I could find new batteries and place them in it. I kept looking for the new batteries I knew we had, which took longer than I expected to find.
My wife, whom didn't know what I was doing, only grew impatient as she waited for me to join her in bed. After a short while, she turned over in bed, away from the restroom and the kitchen and heard the sound of the restroom door being closed and the light switch being turned on. so she call my name, asking when I was going to get out of the restroom and go to bed. I heard her, but didn't understand why she thought I was in the restroom, so I answered her from the kitchen, where I was.
Suddenly, She screamed my name frantically, so I ran to the foot of our bed to see why she screamed my name. She got out of bed as quickly as she could, snatched our sleeping baby out of bed, and stood behind me crying, which also made our baby cry. I tried to calm her down, but was unsuccessful in my efforts. Nervously, she explained that she thought I was in the restroom while she was in bed, because she heard the door close and the light switch turn on, and that she thought I was taking too long in the restroom, but that my answering her from the kitchen meant an intruder must have been in the restroom the whole time without our knowledge.
A quick glance at the light coming from under the closed restroom door made me understand why she was convinced we had an intruder in our apartment with us. To be truthful, at that point chills ran up and down my spine. Although, once I noticed I felt that way, anger replaced all feelings. I felt angry, because at any moment I was about to fight to the death . . . not mine, but the intruder's. With more adrenaline than common sense, I opened the restroom door and barged my way in.
That's when nothing more than a rush of very cold wind blew out of the restroom and passed us. Realizing that the restroom did not have any windows frightened my wife further, so she took our baby into the living room with me right behind them. Not fully understanding what we just went through, we tried to make sense of it all, by asking each other several questions and pointing out only the facts.
It was then that we saw strange smoke swirling out of the empty flashlight I had upright on the kitchen counter and up to the ceiling.
Needless to say, we immediately left our apartment with nothing more than the clothes on our backs and our baby in my wife's arms with a baby blanket over her.
The next day, after having spent the night at her parent's home, I went to work and she, from what I understand, took a Roman Catholic Priest to our apartment to bless it for us so we could feel comfortable enough to get our things and move when I got home.
That said, keep in mind that I have never used/abused drugs of any sort. Nor am I a drinker/smoker. And, I don't suffer from hallucinations.
So, as the subject of this e-mail says, If it didn't happen to my ex-wife and I, we wouldn't have believed it.


Goodbye Dad

By: Anonymous

Early in 1977,  my father was diagnosed as having incurable lung cancer.  His condition quickly deteriorated and by July we all knew that he did not have long to live.  I lived with my wife and 2 young children a long distance from the hospital where he was being treated,  and was unable to visit him as often as I would have liked to.  The  last time I saw him,  he appeared to be in a coma and it was obvious that the end was close.  I stayed with him and my mother and sister as long as I could before I eventually had to go, and simply said “Goodbye Dad.”  He nodded his head very slightly to acknowledge that he was aware that I was there.  I asked the hospital staff to call me immediately when anything happened.
The next morning,  Friday 29th July 1977,  my wife woke up with a start at 5.30 and ran into the children’s bedroom.  Her activity woke me also and I heard her say  “Excuse me,  I want to see my children.”  I was beginning to wonder who she was talking to when she came back to me with a smile on her face and a tear in her eye and said “He came to say goodbye to his grandchildren.”
 At that moment,  the telephone rang.  It was the hospital calling me to tell me that my father had died at 5.30.




Hi ive just visited your website its great, im a 14 year old girl living in england and i have been intrested in ghosts ever since i can remember and i  also have a psychic side to me too.
I have had many strange experiences of ghosts in my home in essex i have witnesed a black cat in my house i was sitting in my room on my sisters bed with my younger brother when what i thought was my black cat sooty came into my room it ran into my room and ran into my shelf and dissapeared so i have reason to believe the area where the cat dissapeared is a vortex.I also forgot to tell you that when the cat entered the room my brother shouted sooty so i was sure i wasnt the only one who had seen this mysterious cat.I ran out of my room after i had seen what i had and looked downstairs and i saw my cat sitting there looking up at me.I have found out that cats have a sixth sense and my cat always runs around chasing something even though nothings there.
One night a few weeks ago i woke up for no reason at all to hear a very deep breathing sound that wouldnt stop i was so scared i started crying, my sister also heard this strange breathing too so again i know its not my imagination.
On many occaisions in the night my brother (the one who saw the cat) cant sleep and whenever anyone enters the room he will start screaming especially when i enter the room another thing my brother will do is pick up my ghost beanie baby from my shelf (the same shelf the cat dissapeared into) and call the ghost toy a baby for no apparent reason. He can phsycic too once we were sitting at home and he suddenly called out nanny and then ran to the window about 30 seconds later my nan pulled up in her car everyone was suprised to know wot my brother had said before my nan arrived also no one had told my brother beforehand that my nan was coming.
I think that i have seen a ghost before but i have no proof and no witnesses that i saw wat i did, a few weeks after i moved into my house which was 5 or 6 years ago i was sitting at the top of the stairs and looked into my brothers room and saw a boy sitting at the bottem of his bed i thought it was him so i took no notice i looked away for a second and looked back at the bed the boy was gone and my brother was in bed i went up to my brother and asked him if he had just sat at the end of his bed he said no i believed him beause if it was him i would have heard him getting into bed.
I say i have a phsycic side to me because there is this programme on living tv called most haunted where they visit haunted locations and see if they can experience any paranormal activity which they usually do well once it came on live and the programme has got its own clairvoyant who was at the time trying to name some of the spirits who haunted the place before the clairvoyant Derek Acora said anything i shouted out the name Richard which was the name of this spirit in dover castle there were loads of other things that night i said which was the same as the clairvoyant i was so impressed with myself there was also a time when me and my family were going somewhere and i knew where we were going before we were there even though it was meant to be a surprise.
There is only 1 other time when something happened and that when i was sleeping and i woke up and a few seconds later i heard something drop on the floor but there was nothing on the floor but i know i didnt drop anything on the floor and my sister was the only other peson in the room at the time and she was fast asleep anyway.
         I have got loads of other stuff that my dad and my nan have told me that cant be explained dont get nightmares.


  Ghosts In A Group Home


  I work in a group home in Meridian Idaho, which the staff believe there
are 4 ghosts that live in there.We have named 2 and know 1, and have heard
about the other.It is an old home, it was the first group home opened in the
company back in 1986.1 of the ghosts we named is called Carol Ann who has
qwite the sense of humor,she is a little girl who actually talks to one of
our clients alot.I have walked in his room and found him playing with her
and having a conversation with her,she also likes to tease the staff.The
graveyard staff and myself have noticed that she likes to turn on all the
lights and night when we have just turned them off,we can also hear her
walking around the house making noises.I have actually stood in the kitchen
and seen a bright light go by in the corner of my eye,staff has told me that
is Carol Ann and that she does that alot.2 is another one that I heard about
from another staff from a different home that use to work there, they had
named him Tim.They had said that he had liked to make them coffee
everynight,they would be working in the back of the house come in the
kitchen and find what was an empty pot of coffee about 20 minutes ago,now be
a full pot of coffee freshly made.They also said that he looks like one of
the clients that live there, they had went in his room and saw what they
thought was the client sleeping on the floor,they would shake him and tell
him to wake up and get in his bed.Then our client would start giggling and
they would look up and the client would be in his bed the whole time,the
third ghost is one that all of the staff know.She was the owner of the
company who had passed away about 3 years ago, who loved the clients more
then life.Her name is Debbie,who visits the clients all the time, she likes
to talk to the client who plays with Carol Ann everyday,he gives us messages
from her all the time.The fourth one is one that we found out from a
Paranormal guy who came in and investigated the house,he said there is a guy
who use to live there before the house was a group home,he was a homeless
guy who had passed away in that house.We believe he is the one who keeps the
graveyard staff on his feet,we had heard from another staff who use to work
there that a staff had dosed off for about 3 minutes and something was
shaking her and playing with her hair,she immedietly woke up and found a
piece of her hair had been cut off laying on the floor in front of her.We
also believe he could be Tim,another thing we find very stange is we would
be cleaning the house or working with the clients,and we can hear frogs
ribbetting in the heater vents and in the walls, we now think we are being
haunted by dead frogs


Ghost Trailers & Closet Monsters

I have been wanting to tell this story to a captive audience for quite some time. It seems that some people are so quick to judge when it comes to the "supernatural." Until it happens to them, I think these kind of people need to just keep their mouths shut-because there's just too much evidence out there for anybody to say that such things don't exist. And while I've never actually SEEN a ghost, (and would probably drop dead from fright if I did) I'm quite positive that I've heard them. Especially when I was a child. It's hard to put a finger on when my "sensitivity" for these things first started, so I'll just go back as far as I can remember...
When I was about four, me, my mother, grandmother, grandfather and aunt all lived in a rather modest house trailer in front of a cotton field and a beautiful flower covered mountain in Bristol Tennesee. I don't remember anything unusual happening there except for one incident that stands out in my mind clear as a bell...It was about six o'clock in the evening probably (it was just starting to get dark outside) my grandma, grandpa and I were sitting in the living room watching t.v. when the phone rang. My grandpa was a plumber, and it was one of his customers calling with some type of plumbing emergency. He put his boots and hat on and said he would be back later. I walked out with him as he was leaving and asked him to bring me back some "manilla" ice cream. Keep in mind now, I DISTINCTLY remember him backing down the long gravel driveway and pulling away...I then went back inside and sat down on the sofa to finish watching Hee-Haw with my granny. Everything was normal, Roy Clark was a pickin and a grinnin, nothing out of the ordinary, when all of the sudden, we hear my grandpa's voice calling my granny from the back of the trailer. I mean just as plain as day we heard it, and there was NO mistaking my grandpa's voice! It was HIS voice calling "PAT?" I looked at my granny (who could probably tell that I was about to pee my pants from fright) and she just patted me on the hand, said "It's o.k." and went back to watching Hee-Haw. That was only the beginning...When I was five, we moved to an island off the coast of GA. called St. Simons Island. Now this old island has a lot of history including indian burial grounds and old turn of the century houses. It is also where a battle called The Battle Of Bloody Marsh took place. (That's a story in itself, keep posted to this site for further details) Well I don't know if it was the island itself, or just the fact that weird things always took place when my granny was around. ALWAYS...So we move in to a restored house on a street called Neptune Drive. The strange things started to happen again. On more than one occassion, my aunt, mother and myself would be walking to the mailbox at the end of the road, when we would hear my granny calling for us. When we got back to the house, she would say "What were y'all calling me for?" when none of us had...One morning my aunt had awoken about six a.m. It was her custom to get up and get the coffee started and then go check on my granny. By now, granny had developed a "craziness" about her. One minute she would be fine, the next minute she thought the house was being blown-up, that sort of thing, so my grandaddy stopped sleeping in the same bed with her because she was prone to start hallucinating about something or other and would fall off the bed. So that's what my aunt was doing that morning, (going to make sure she had'nt fallen off the bed again) When she walked in, she found granny sound asleep (snoring to be exact.) She started to walk back out to go get some coffee when something caught her eye and made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She said she turned back toward the bed, and there, right before her eyes, she saw an indintion in the bed like some one had sat up and then got up off the bed. It REALLY creeped her out...It was in this same house that I had another creepy experience. My grandpa had a large poster bed in his room and I loved to jump on it. I was sitting indian style on it one day and had just built up a good bounce in this position. I don't remember how I actually was able to get started bouncing with my legs crossed like that-I only remember STOPPING in mid-bounce (about two inches above the mattress) and     S L O W L Y drifting back down...
Our next residence was (another trailer) in St.Simon's trailer park. Something that I'll never be able to explain happened there also, and EVERY NIGHT.  I would be lying in my bed listening to the darkness so to speak, when I would hear (plain as day again) the sound of a bell being dinged, and then it would sound like someone was feverishly washing the dishes and scrubbing the floors. One night, (after MANY sleepless others) I got up just enough gumption to creep out of my bed and in to the hall where I could see the kitchen. Surprise, surprise, there was nothing there to explain all the commotion just moments before.  I just about thought I was going crazy until one day, two boys who lived in the park said that their aunt had lived there before us, but had moved out because she kept hearing a bell go off at night and then the sound of dishes clattering around in the kitchen...Okay, so by the time I turned seven, my mother had met my step-father and we moved in at 113 Ashantilly Drive. From what I understand, these houses (which all looked pretty much alike on the inside)were built as housing for the military officers of World War II. And from the very beginning, I DID NOT LIKE THIS HOUSE!!! I knew DAMN WELL there was "something" there, and most of the "activity" occured in my room. I would hate to see the sun go down because the house would seem to take on a life of it's own. No matter how many lights we had burning, it still seemed dark, dreary and depressing. I kept trying to tell my step-father ( a skeptic) that there was something NOT right, but he'd just laugh and say "Ooooooh Weeeee Ooooooh!!!"  My mother and I though, were NOT amused.  My step-father was a fireman, which meant a lot of nights, he was not home.  It was on these nights that I was allowed to sleep with my mother. (Thanks Mom!) We'd be just lying there talking or telling knock-knock jokes or something, when SWIFF! It would sound like something would zip past the doorway. We never did SEE anything (Thank you God) but it never failed that on these nights, books would mysteriously fall off the bookshelf in the living room or the curtain would somehow be pulled away from the window and draped on to the back of the couch...Other things happened as well.I had a playset made by Fisher Price called the "Little People" (Some of you may remember them) It consisted of four, hard plastic,  "people" . A nurse, fireman, police man and a grocery clerk. The set also had a fold-out town that had a Dr.s office, a fire station, a police station and a grocery store.  The police station was on the left side end of the set, and it had a jail door in it that would click five times when you turned the crank on top to open or close the cell door. I can remember countless nights of listening to that door open and close. Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! over and over all night long... There was something strange about my closet too. Strange and EVIL! I don't know what it was, but in the mind of a seven year old girl with a very vivid imagination by now, it was terrifying. I got the sense that it was a man in there. Silly I know, but I just remember thinking "there's a man right on the other side of that door." The "man" would drag boxes across the floor and knock things off the shelf at night. But when I would make my step-father check it the next day, nothing would be disturbed. (And once again, I'd get the smile and the "OOOOH WEEEE OOOOH!!!") In other areas of the house, I'd get the sense of an old woman. It was kinda creepy, but I never really felt threatened by it. Only a strange feeling that she was very disturbed about her son because he was not a nice man at all.  huh? where'd that come from?  There's one incident about the closet though, that to this day, creeps me totally out... I had gotten to the point that I would torture my poor cat Marmalade by sticking her under the covers with me and then tucking them just as securely around me that there was absolutely (in the mind of a seven yr. old) NO WAY IN! Unfortunately for Marmalade, there was also no way out. She was a faithful kitty for the first couple of nights (even though she stayed up all night poking her nose to the cover looking for a hole out of there! But then it got to where she'd run when she would see me coming. (Can't say that I blame her, ghost or not...) So one spooky night, I managed to capture her and shove her under the blanket. I no sooner got her tucked in there good when I hear this LOUD SPOOKY LAUGH come from the closet. I was frozen with fear, but Marmalade was'nt frozen for one damn second! She was scratching and clawing to get out and eventually managed to literally, shred her way out. She took off like a cat out of hell to my parents room with me right on her tail. (I don't think my feet even touched the ground! I was SCARED!!!) We both hit my parents bed with a pounce where I quicky stuttered out that there was SOMETHING in my room. My step-father, grumpy from lack of sleep at WORK, then stated that he knew something ELSE that better be in my room in about two seconds! I S L O W L Y, one small step at a time, made my way back to my room (minus the scaredy cat) and stood at the doorway. It was pitch black in there, and I got to thinking if I stood there long enough, I might SEE something and that would be just TOO MUCH!!! I had to make my way back to my insecurity blankets!!! So all at once, I gathered what little bit of courage I had left before I passed out with fear and RAN just as fast as I could and jumped about three feet (though it seemed like much farther) back to the bed where I stayed huddled until daylight. And though I had'nt heard anything else the night before, at daylight I rolled over to find all my little people lined up on the window sill smiling at me as if to say "Let's play little girl."                                                                      We finally did move out of that weird little house on Ashantilly Drive. (I remember it well. It was in the middle of the night.) I'm all grown up now, and have continued to have strange things happen over the years (stay posted to this site) but none as disturbing as that house. I did a little research on it and found out something very interesting. A mean man lived there many years ago with his mother. She was an old woman who when she was'nt reading the many books that she kept in the book case in the living room, would just sit and stare out the window looking as if she was worried about something. A friend of mine that lived down the street even saw her one be continued... Oooooh Weeeee Oooooh...................


Ghost Story


I was out in the garage with my puppy. When we were about to go inside the door suddenly opened by itself. Thinking it was my dad because he was the only one inside I started to say thank you. When I went inside there was no one there, I went around the house to see where he was. When I finally found him he was outside.I Knew that he couldn't be that fast. I knew and believed In ghost.I started to think if there was anyone who had lived before us I couldn't think of anyone. Since then nothing else had happened . The more I think of it  I think it was just a friendly hello.


Whispers of a Ghost


I have to admit, that I have never had anything spooky or paranormal happen to me until recently. I moved last month to a new apartment. The strange thing about the building I moved into is that it is a house that has been separated into 4 individual apartment units. Down stairs consist of 2 apartments as well as upstairs. The largest apartment on the 1 floor is a 2bedroom and 1 bath, and there is efficiency next door, with a fabulous screened in porch. The second floor where I live is a one bedroom and there is another efficiency next to my apartment. Now mind you, I moved to New York for the first time last month, and there are a lot of these types of apartment units that used to be homes, so it was a little strange for me at first. The first thing that I noticed was that my cat, was acting abnormal compared to her usual lazy attitude. My cat is not the type that would chase a bird; she would rather lay on the bed or easy chair. Yet, when I moved into the apartment, she immediately became a very active kfrom my chair, armed with a heavy book, (Hey, you can never be to careful now a days, so don t make fun of the book being my weapon of protection.) and slowly made my way to the kitchen. The lights are way over to the other side of the kitchen, the place is old, so my only thought to that was that the building still contained its original dicor, including the push lights and small doors. I examined the room first to the best I could, considering that it was pitch dark. I said a soft hello in hopes that no one would answer, and no one did. As I stood there I felt a breeze go by me and I turned around thinking I left one of the windows open in the living room. Nope, all windows closed. That s when I heard a voice, it was soft and female, almost childlike and it simply said the name Breanna. The voice sounded as if it came from right next to me, as if someone just whispered in my ear. Now that is not my name, nor do I know anyone with that name, nor did I ask for anything to tell me its name but I heard it, loudno reason to hang my keys there, there was nothing to unlock. By this time I think I was uncontrollable with fear, and I ended up sitting on the steps of my building waiting for anyone ALIVE to come rescue me or at least give me a explanation of what might of happened. Eventually my boyfriend came home about 30 min. later. I explained the above events, and all he could say was that the place was old, and that he wasn t surprised that it might be haunted. So there was my first paranormal experience and I got to share it with all of you. As of today, I can honestly say that I am not sure what is happening in my new apartment, but apparently it has a past dying to be told.


Ghost Stories


Hi my name is Amanda and i had about 3 exprieneces with ghost in my aunts house.
last summer i went to go stay with my aunt in Louisanna and she lives in this huge house, If you went in to the back yard you could still see little tombstones but you couldnt see names or anything on them. Well one day when i was helping my aunt clean we went into the kitchen to take a break see in her kitchen she has swinging doors well we went back into the liviing room and her pictures were all shattered and the lamp shads were ripped off the lamps  and we didnt hear anything and then we felt a big gust of wind and then you saw the kitchen door started swinging so we went into the kitchen and you could hear like little kids laughing  like they did it for a joke or something but me and my aunt werent freaked out because we knew that house was haunted and we arent scared of ghost we love to learn about them. well thank you for your time and thank you for letting me put my story on here!


EVP Experience Today


I am a devoted fan - listen to EVP's repeatedly...some because I think
the female voice sounds the same ...not that I'm skeptic at all; I don't
believe everything though. Almost bought a bridge once!  As I was
listening to "mama"-#12 EVP-I was just about to click onto next one when
the voice continued to say something. My cat Pumpkin sitting next to me,
jumped off the back of the couch. I tried to reaccess the continuation
of the EVP, thinking maybe more ws no avail. Sorry, to say, I
wasn't paying attention to what it said .The other morning, at 3a.m.-I
awoke out of a sound sleep to look at Pumpkin on my balcony-all of a
sudden he just seemed to be pushed from where he was sitting. I ran
outside, thinking the worst-he'd "fallen" off the balcony. When I got
outside, I could not find him-looked up & he was fearfully peering  from
my balcony. Now he won't go out there. He runs to a corner of my
apartment & "talks" to it. Then runs & hides behind the couch. Now, this
is the 2nd time this has happened in the last-few weeks - AFTER I was
listening to EVP's. But the first time-he DID actually fall off-I had a
witness who didn't think he really fell. I ran outside & found him
though. I think  I already emailed you re:that cat. I would appreciate
info if anyone else has experienced "occurrences" after having listened
to EVP's???


Children Crying


hello . I was at a fort on one of the great lakes . it's been a while . Any way as I was watching my little cousins some one started crying . My little cousins were 2 at the time . When I looked at them they were not crying but you could still hear the crying noise . I called down staires in the house and no one ansered . I started to get a little freaked out so I went and check my cousins again but it still wasn't them . Finally some one came in and slamed the door . The crying admidially stop . This house had its reputation . People in the downstairs room the ladies said that they same ghosts going around the room doing their daily activities . Also the door down stairs kept opening . It was a big heavy door but we couldn't explain why it kept doing what it was doing !!!!!!


Chaplin's Ghost by the Sea

By: Anonymous

I never believed in the paranormal until I moved to Southern California
two years ago and I heard the below story for the first time.  Being
the world's biggest skeptic, I quickly dismissed it.  However, some
unexplainable, overwhelming curiosity kept drawing me back to it.  I
teach abnormal psychology to grad students at a local college.  For
fun, I gave my students an assignment to research what I had thought to
be nothing more than an urban legend.  What my students came up with,
left me absolutely dumbfounded.  Not only did the story turn out to be
legitimate, but there was more to it than I had originally heard.  As I
previously mentioned, I am the worlds biggest skeptic, so I had to see
for myself.  I went to the Santa Monica library where they have an
amazing archival of publications dating back to the early 20th century.
  To my surprise there was ample information about the death and it did
finally put my skepticism to rest on the actual events that took place.
  There was however, still the matter of getting testimonials of the
actual residents of this building.  That was the easy part of my
research.  When I visited the building, I found the residents to be
very friendly and very willing to talk about their own encounters with
the ghost.  It was almost as if they needed to get something off their
chest.  With no further ado, here is the story in it's entirety.
Charlie Chaplin used to own several of the large buildings that sit
near or along the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles.  In the
day, these buildings were commonly used as bath houses or lodging for
wealthy vacationers.  Today, these buildings have been converted to
apartment buildings for the local artists, musicians, and other
creative types that now inhabit Venice Beach.  Incidentally these
buildings cradle around the famous Building Number 26 on Westminster
Ave.  It has been documented in print as well as Chaplin's films that
during the early 1900's he did much of his filming in and around these
properties on Westminster Avenue.
In 1915, during the filming of "By the Sea," Chaplin's stunt double
mysteriously disappeared from the film set.  Production was put on hold
for three days and a full on man-hunt was instated.  After turning up
empty handed, it was assumed that the long time friend of Chaplin's
must have quit and left on his own recognizance.  The studios that were
financially backing the film, were losing money.  Under haste, Chaplin
was forced to replace his stunt double and continue production of the
On the seventh day after the disappearance, Chaplin returned to his
dressing room after a day of shooting. His dressing room was located in
the basement of the now famous Building number 26 on Westminster.  It
is documented that Chaplin, while accompanied by an entourage, entered
the room to discover his stunt double and long time friend lying dead
on the floor, soaking wet.  The man appeared to have been deceased for
several days.  How he had ended up on the floor of Chaplin's dressing
room after missing for almost an entire week, is still to this day a
complete mystery.
The "now" inhabitants of the famous building claim to still hear
strange noises emanating from the walls of somebody walking through
shallow water.  Other noises include moaning, and sounds of someone
distantly crying for help.  In addition to the assortment of disturbing
sounds, there have been several sightings of what appears to be an
apparition of a man bound by the hands and feet standing in luminous
corners of the large building.  Quite possibly the most blood curdling
detail of all these sitings is what the man is seen wearing.  He's
dressed the same way he was the day he disappeared.  A Chaplin-esque
tuxedo coat with tails and the proverbial black derby hat.




My friend lives in a haunted pub; the landlady was shot by her husband about 100 years ago, and she consquenty died from this. Since then, there has been comments of a ghost and strange occurances. In those days, the tenants would have a cat. This is my experience;
I was in the lounge alone, stroking my friend's cat. She has two, both are long haired. As I was stroking the cat, I was looking out of the window, watching the reflection. I watched, in amazement, as a short haired black cat walked round the door, rubbed itself against it and started to walk directly behind me. The cat immediately disappeared. I've thought of every reasonable excuse, but I can't explain it.
A few days later, we (Myself, Emma (Who lives in the pub) and Jenny) were in Emma's bedroom when we heard heavy breathing under her bed. We all held ours, but we could still hear it. We ran out of the room, and got Emma's mum to check under the bed, but there was nothing there...


A House I Rented


Town of Dysart Iowa.  An 1880s vintage house, the front upstairs bedroom would suddenly chill & stink with body odor.  This would happen at random times of the day, random weather conditions, random situations with the house such as windows open or closed. This room has three windows on three sides and the "stink" would happen even on a bright sunny day with all windows open and a strong breeze!  We pulled up the carpet to look for leaks, checked in attic for a sorce, looked for blocked plumbing vents, looked for any sorce but found nothing.  The guy I shared the house with slept in that room, he is noted for sleeping like a rock, nothing would wake him----------- but the ghost would every time !!!   This story is substaniated by previous renters, one lady saying "We did'nt use that room"





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