Ghost Seen


When i was younger i dont remember my age i was looking out the window with my brother and sister and then saw something that changed my life. I saw a green figure running through the woods. From then on i just wanted to find out as much as possible about ghosts. That figure just freaked me out, and i dont know why he was there, but i know i was seeing clearly. It was very exiting, and i always wanted to tell everyone that ghost are real. Then i found this ghost site and i was very glad so i thought i would just tell you my fisrt [and only so far] specter sighting.

Ghost Encounters


The first time I had a "supernatural" expierience, I was asleep in my room
at my parents house. Now, I knew this house was haunted because in the
middle of the night I would hear something banging on my walls or my doors,
and our dog, who slept inside would bark on and off during one night, and
the next night be completely quiet. But on this particular night, I saw an
angel. I am afraid of the dark (yes, I know, a 20 year old who is afraid of
the dark), but I had lived with my fiancee for so long I got used to
sleeping with the lights off. As I was asleep, I was awaken by someone
opening and closing my bed room door to check on me. About 30 seconds after
they closed the door, I looked up and I saw a woman standing at the foot of
my bed. She was transparent, and she was a gold/orange color. She smiled at
me, and rose up into the ceiling and disappeared, and another one just like
her followed. I could tell they were angels because I had noticed that I
wasn't afraid of them. And since then I had seen the first one often, and
every time I feel conforted and love.
Just this September (2002) my fiancee and I bought a condo, and moved in. I
could feel something evil in the house, but I usually felt the presence
everywhere I went, so it was no big deal. By now I was used to seeing ghosts
and angels. I later found out that there is an old refrigerator under our
house. Ask me why and I couldn't tell you. Anyways, about a month after we
moved in we bought a 6 week old Shih-Tzu puppy. About 2 days after we bought
her, my fiancee and I were sleeping when he woke me up and told me the dog
was on the bed. This, of course, was impossible since she was only 6 weeks
old, had short legs, and our bed was tall with nothing around it for her to
jump up on. When we woke up in the morning he told me that he had felt
something tugging at the covers around his neck and growling, and when he
rolled over it ran and jumped off the bed. I just passed it off as him
dreaming. But about a week later while he was at work (he works night shift)
I was asleep and I woke up because it felt like something was running from
one end of the bed to the other, and back and forth. When I rolled over it
stopped. That kind of freaked me out. Then about 3 months later I woke up
and saw a hand coming out of our closet door with what seemed to be a letter
or a piece of paper in it's fingers. The hand was small and caucasian. When
I gasped it disappeared. Then, about a week after that the bed would
periodically shake while I was asleep. I later asked my fiancee if he ever
felt the bed shake and he told me he did, and when he described how it felt
I knew we were both feeling the same thing. It's a subtle shaking as if it
were an earthquake except we live in Virginia where we don't have
earthquakes, at least not the kind you can feel. It was almost as if there
was a big dog on the bed scratching furiously at a flea. And he also
discribed it the way that I would have which is when you wake up, your first
thought is "Man, is my heart beating THAT hard?!" And then you realize that
it isn't your heart at all. And just last week I saw a young woman with
brown curly hair and brown eyes peering at me from a crack in the closet
door, and last night the downstairs bathroom door slammed by itself and the
bed shook with BOTH of us on it. Usually it only shakes with one of us on
it. Anywho, that's my story. If you have any insight please give it to me,
and you can put the stories on your site.



I have seen people that have passed away ever since i was 8 yrs old. I do not see Andy, the one i was engaged to, that drowned, but, he has talked to me and tried to get me to come where he is.  I told him right after he drowned, i wouldnt leave my mom and dad. That was in 1964, that he drowned, and that happened, i was just 16 yrs old. He is still around, he says, he is protecting me, because someone is going to try to kill me.  My mother and dad even heard him talking from the ceiling ,from the top of my room.  I could tell you alot of things that has happened ,from people who have passed.the day he drowned, i was painting the living room, and i cleaned off a picture of christ, it started bleeding blood, everyone seen it. after that if something happens, the picture still bleeds.   And  i have it. After the picture bleedin, we were notified about Andy.

Chasing at Night


it was when i was real little about 10 i believe i got up to get a glass of water my parents had went out somewhere and promised to be home in a hour but it seemed longer i opened the refridgerator and a young girl appeared all the lights were out and she said to me i'd better run or i'll never see my parents again i have no idea why the  ghost was after me but suddenly i started running i busted open the screen door and was screaming for help ussually my parents left a bible some place in the house when iwas running i fell right in front of the door in the sunroom i noticed a  bible in the floor trying to stand up but still stumbuling still on the ground the ghost was looking me right in the eye i held the bible in front of my face  and the young girl dissapeared  i laid there for a while hoping and praying it would'nt come back. just then my parents pulled up i ran to the car and told them what happened  as ussual they didn't believe me and told me it was just a dream but i know it wasn' for 20 years i alwys sleep with a bible.



I have been on your website many times reading alot of the stories that have
come from other  people.  Anyway, my family and I have been living in a
haunting for several years now.  Let me explain.
I grew up in a haunted house, moved in with my boyfriend (now husband)and
his house was haunted and when we moved to Des Plaines to our new house, we
had a priest come bless the house just in case.  We moved in October 2001
and things were quite.  Because we only had one set of living room furniture
and the basement was finished, we decided to put it down there and buy new
furniture for the living room area.  The basement was always extra cold,
where even with a space heater, blankets and extra sweaters you could never
quite warm up.  Plus, it always felt like someone was constantly watching
you to the point I would turn around expecting to see someone or something.
As time went on many things started to happen.  My youngest son had fallen
asleep in our bedroom and my husband was not home from work yet.  It was
around 11:00 pm on a Sunday night and something woke me up and as I looked
at my son, it was as if something was standing at the bottom end of the bed
and had both his ankles and was pulling him off of the bed.  My son was
actually moving down the bed and he was sound asleep!  I quickly woke him up
and sent him to his room scared to death because I did not understand what
was happening.  As time has gone on things have gotton worse.  We have
experienced scratching in the wall in the bedroom where the crucifix hangs.
I have seen things out of the corner of my eye, only to look and nothings
there.  The cats stare at things and then get agitated and run away.
In December of last year we purchase antique furniture; a big chest, a china
cabinet and a chiffarobe.  That was when things started to heat up!  We have
had things fly across the room, knocking on the walls, twice I have been
doing laundry in the basement and heard my name called only there was no one
in the house but me.  The lights in the basement have shut  off by
themselves on both my husband and myself.  Let me state that in December we
had also moved the furniture from the basement upstairs.  I have always felt
extremely uncomfortable and freaked out in the basement especially when the
lights are off.  It seems like something is standing there waiting.  Well it
had gotton so bad that we had a physic and a group of ghost investigators
come to the house.  Immediately they started taking photos of different
rooms, and there were orbs all over the place, especially in the basement.
The physic stated that the spirits upstairs were different than the one
spirit downstairs.  The one downstairs was pure evil with a bad intent to do
harm.  Plus this particular spirit liked to follow me around.  Jamie even
tried staying in the basement overnight to get more information and he woke
up at 3:00 am and took off.  The reason was that it was extremely cold and
he could not get comfortable, and there was this popping noise by the
furnace area but the furnace was not on. Plus it constantly felt like
someone was watching him.  When he finally did fall asleep he was woken up
to someone spooning with him but he was alone.  That was the last straw and
he left.
We have since had another priest come to bless the house again, but it has
only seemed to drain the energy but not gotton rid of it all together.
Things had quited down but have started  up again, so I believe what ever it
is does not want to leave and will continue to remain until who knows when.

Ancestral Home


Just found this site and thought I'd tell you about my experience with what
I think was a ghost. This is true, yet it's almost as if it wasn't happening
me. It was... surreal, paranormal even! lol!
Anyway, I'm from Dublin, Ireland, and when I was a boy (I forget how old I
was, maybe about 14 or 15) I was staying with my parents with my old
Aunt at my family's ancestral home in Co. Roscommon. There is a very
old church just up the road from the house - it's so close that you can take
a short-cut across just one field and you're there. It used to be part of an
old Franciscan Monastery. Anyway, I was in that church on my own one
summer's afternoon. It was a hot day, and though the church was
naturally cooler, it was only a degree or so cooler. I remember feeling a
little uneasy all of a sudden, the hackles on my neck rose. I thought my
little sister had followed me in but then the temperature literally nose-
dived from somewhere in the high 90s to the mid 40s in a matter of
seconds. I sensed that someone, or something, was watching me from
the choir-balcony above and behind me. Something told me that it sure as
hell wasn't human; I don't know how but I knew. I slowly turned and looked
up... Three seconds later I was tearing down the road as fast as my legs
could carry me.
What I saw was the semi-transparent, cowled figure of a Franciscan
monk regarding me from the balcony. He was barely there, yet details, the
folds of his robe, the heavy cross about his neck and the shaded outline
of a face was visible, yet weirdly see-through. I'm now 20 and still refuse
to enter that church alone. I have since asked the Parish priest about it, he
explained that he had seen the apparition a couple of times when he was
alone in the church, but refused to comment or speculate further.
If you have any comments or explanations or what the hell it wanted I'd
welcome e-mails. I rarely think of it, it's almost as if it happened to
someone else, maybe because i've almost convinced myself I was
seeing things - but what about the sudden temperature drop?

An Old Barn and Scary Experiences...............

My Grandmother told me a story about her granomother when she was a little girl....It all started when her granomother used to live in an old farm house with her 2 brothers on the third floor. Her grandmother also had her new born child....
One day as her grandmother was walking down the hall she noticed that the candle in the hallway looked strange.She went a little closer and saw that something was going over the candle..She wasn't sure what it was and wasn't really concerned at the time...I guess a few weeks or days went by and she was walking down the hall holding her new born baby..All of the sudden she felt something pulling the baby away from her.....She couldn't see anything infront of her..So she got a little scared and started to worry...Another day she heard somebody sneaze on the third floor.When her brother came down the steps she had asked if he was sick because she heard him sneaze upstairs. He then replied that he didn't  sneaze and he never was on the third floor.
A few years later she moved out and never went back..Strange happenings happened in that farm house.And till this day no one knows what it was....

Adobe House


I stumbled on to your website and was absolutely
fascinated!  It's my turn to tell you my story.
I grew up in a small town in northeastern Arizona.
When I was 8 my mom, older sister and I moved into an
old adobe house in one of the older neighborhoods.
>From what we were told, the house was over 100 years
old.  It was a large 3 bedroom house with large rooms,
and long narrow hallways.  I hated it.  From the
moment we moved in I hated it.  My mom's room was on
the front of the house, just off of the dining room.
There was a covered porch, the living room with a
large picture window.  The dining room also had a
large picture window.  The kitchen faced the side of
the house, then a back porch.  The hallway off of the
kitchen led to the bathroom and my sister's room, then
there was a random hallway leading to nowhere in the
middle of the house.  It was just there.  Parallel to
that was the hallway where my room was which joined
the hall where the bathroom was.  Confused yet?
Sorry.  Just giving you some background.
In the winter my mom's room was roasting hot.  Even
when the rest of the house was cold.  In the Summer
her room was FREEZING cold.  She had to have tons of
blankets on her bed while we were sleeping with just
sheets.  It started with my mom.  In the middle of
night she and my older sister came and woke me up adn
took me into the living room.  There was a large
arched doorway that seperated the living room from the
dining room.  We were huddled on the couch and my mom
said that she was lying in bed, and her room was
freezing.  Then she heard a sound in the attic, like a
brick being drug across the floor up there.  Then it
moved down into the wall (remember this is a SOLID
adobe structure) and then under the house.  That was
followed quickly by the sound of rushing water in the
attic, in the wall, under the house.  Then the
curtains started moving (the windows were shut by the
way.)  She freaked and woke my sister up, who was 16
at the time.  My sister went in there and she heard it
too, and then the lights went out.  From then on my
mom would not sleep in her room.  She slept on the
hida bed in the living room.
We called my uncle to come over and check things out.
Nothing in the attic.  Empty.  Nothing under the
house.  This aunt and uncle had lived in the house
several years before and my aunt told my mom that she
used to hear babies crying in the night.  And it
wasn't her kids that were crying!  They were sound
asleep.  Well then all kinds of weird stuff started
happening.  I'd be in my room and my mom would be in
the kitchen.  I'd hear her call me and tell me to come
to the kitchen quick.  I'd go running and she'd tell
me that she never called me.  Every night for a year
when we sat down to dinner in the dining room, someone
would knock on the front door.  Every single night.
At first we'd go and check but no one would be there.
Then when we sat down they'd knock again.  Finally we
just gave up and they'd stay there and knock on the
door while we ate dinner.
We often heard doors shut where there were no doors,
catch glimpses of someone passing down the hall and
into my sister's bedroom.  I hated being there alone
after school (latch key kid).  So I'd sit on the front
porch by the front door until my mom came home.  Often
times we'd catch someone peeking in our windows from
outside, only to run to the window or outside and find
no one there.
At night when I tried to sleep I'd hear someone pacing
the hall, every night up and down the hall in front of
my bedroom.  Pacing pacing pacing.  Appliances would
turn back on after my mom would turn them off.  Voices
whispering all the time.  Crashing noises, banging
noises.  All kinds of stuff.  One day I came home from
school and could hear someone breathing.
Things got worse and more intense as time wore on.
One day I wrecked my bike and screwed my leg up pretty
bad.  That night I slept on the hidabed in the living
room with my mom.  She got up at 5:30 to take a shower
and get ready for work.  I turned the tv on.  I saw
something out of the corner of my eye in the dining
room so I turned to look - there was a very tall man
standing in the arched doorway leading to the dining
room.  Just standing there.  All I saw was from the
chest down.  He was wearing a red tee shirt and jeans.
 Just standing there.  I didn't see a head or
anything.  Of course I absolutely flipped out
screaming and he disappeared.  That was the last
straw.  We moved out.  It was empty for years after
that.  After about 8 years someone else moved in and
they have lived there for about 7 years.  I wonder if
they hear things too, or if they just got accustomed
to it.  I still dream about that house at least once
or twice a month.  Very weird.  Thanks.

A Little Girl and a Blue Flash


My name is Lisa Wilson and i am 15 years old and live in
a house that is only 14 years old .I have always
believed in ghosts.There have been times when i might
have seen one, lots of times, but i can't be sure. These
are two of those times. The first one was about two
years ago in the summer time. My friend and I were
walking through the small field across from my house and
when we looked back towards the park beside my house a
little brown haired girl with jeans and a pink sweater
ran out of the bushes towards us. For some reason we
were scared and so we ran. When we got to the roas out
of the field and looked back she wasn't anyhwhere. That
was on a Friday. The very next Friday at around the same
time we were walking through another field, this one had
a little path with really long grass all around. All of
a sudden my friend screamed and ran, I thought she saw a
snake so I ran too. After we got out of the field we
stopped running and i asked her what it was. She said
that it was the little girl, she was sitting on top of
the long grass, which of course couldn't happen because
the grass would have sunk down. The next Friday we went
out hoping to see her again and maybe this time talk to
her but she didn't show up and we haven't seen her
since. The second time was in my house about a year and
a half ago. I was sleeping and I know I was dreaming
about something scary because when i woke up I felt
startled. All of a sudden there was a huge flash of blue
light and two people, a man and a woman, banged against
my wall, they were holding on to each other like a hug
and hit my wall sideways. It made a huge bang. I thought
I must have dreamt it so I just got up and got a glass
of water. The next morning my brother told me that he
heard me. I thought he meant when I was getting the
water but when I asked he said "no, that huge bang." I
couldn't have hit the wall myself because it would have
hurt a lot, so I couldn't have been dreaming. I hope
that these were real ghost experiences because I've
always been extremely interested them but if not then I
don't know what they would be. I just thought I'd share
that and i hope you enjoyed reading it.

A Friends House


Hi my name is Amanda and I am 24. I have been interested in ghosts since I can remember. I met my friend about two years ago. Her boyfriend was in jail at the time and she hated to stay in her apartment by herself because she said it was haunted.One of my cousins lived with her but she was never their and my friend has two daughters. Her boyfriend told about a guy that he said used to live there. He died a couple years before they moved in, no one really knows what happened to him they just know he died. Anyway she got me to stay with her one night she got me to stay with her. Her and her oldest daughter(she was 2 at the time) slept on an air mattress on the floor, I had her bed and her baby was in her crib (This was all in the same room). We went to bed around 11:00 or 12:00. She only had two pillows so I took my cousins pillow from her room. I have a hard time sleeping some where other than my own bed so I kept waking up all night. I think I woke up around three and I heard the two front doors open and someone came up the stairs and went into my cousins room. So I figured she would come and get her pillow. I must have dozed off just after that because it was starting to get light out so I figured it was around 5:00 or 6:00, that's when I heard someone downstairs getting a glass and carrying keys because I heard them jingle, then the front door closed. Well when my friend woke up around 7:00 I told her I thought I heard my cousin. She told me I couldn't have because she locked the doors and mt cousin lost her keys weeks before. I told her if I had know that I would have jump up and out of there. She told me I better have awakened her up and taken her and her kids too. A few weeks later she got some Holy water and put crosses all over the house and she says she hasn't heard anything since but her boyfriend says someone opened their bedroom closet (which is noisy to open) and it wasn't him. Another story is from her neighbour. She came home one night to get something and she says it felt like someone was in the house and she went downstairs to leave and her CDs went flying out of the rack. She has since moved. I know it was long but thank you for listening. If anyone has any stories the want to share email me.

My Grandmother


My grandmother and I have always had a fascination for trains.  My grandmother's father was a yard foreman on the Boston & Maine Railroad in Boston Massachusetts, so my grandmother always kind of had the interest that was shared by her father, and that kind of followed into me.  She would always tell me stories about riding the trains when she was a kid, going on long trips, etc. Anyway, a few months ago, she was diagnosed with a terminal illness and got very sick for a while.  Then, one day my mother and aunt, (Both daughters of my grandmother) were in my grandmother's apartment with her when they heared a really long and loud train whistle, when they went to see if my grandmother had heared it, she had just passed.  My mother said that she looked out the window to the tracks across the street, and there wasn't a train on the tracks.  Also another aunt of mine was at her house a few miles away and said she heard the whistle, and that in the past 30 years of living in that house had never heard a whistle blast that long or loud.  Now, I don't know if maybe a short train with a really loud horn went by quick enough for them to hear the whistle but not see it, but for this to happen at the moment of death of a person that loves trains seems a little creapy to me.

Who's There?


i still feel funny talking about this because the only people that seem to believe me are the children around here.  you describe some of the things that have happened in your # 2 list of types of ghost so maybe i'm not crazy.
 we moved to this 120 year old farmhouse about 4 years ago.  when we first moved here my youngest son was 3.  he would ride his tricycle back and forth from the living room to the kitchen which at the end was the basement door.  i was doing the dishes when he turned to me and ask me to stop laughing at him.  i told him i didn't say anything so he proceeded to go back to the living room and back again.  when he reached the basement door he turned to me and said "can you hear them mommy, their laughing at me".  i left it alone but i never forgot it.  as time went on little things would happened that really got my attention like the smell of perspiration when nobody was around.  it would only last a minute or two and it would only be in one spot of the room.  i would go to other parts of the room but could smell nothing until i went back to the original spot and it would still be there.  i would also smell it as if it were just passing by in front of me and then be gone.  this continued for the next year and then one day i laid down with my son for a nap.  it was about 1:00 in the afternoon.  i would wait until he fell asleep and then i would get up but before i could move our bed started shaking for no reason.  it only lasted a couple of minutes.
after that things happened a lot.  my eight year old started to get smacked on the leg when he was asleep.  he would always come downstairs afraid after it would happen.  i started getting knudged on my leg at night like someone was trying to wake me up.  i am a very light sleeper so i would wake up immediately and look all around my bed and my room but nobody was there.  one night when i was sleeping i felt something lay across my legs.  i try to move but it was heavy so i started kick real hard and crazy and it went away. again nothing was there.  my son was five when he asked me if i could see the mans work boots standing in my dining room.  he would see black things floating by and ask if i saw them.  he would describe them like shadows.  but the clincher was when we were all sleeping at 4:00 in the morning and my dresser started shaking so hard i thought it was going to fall over.  i spoke to my pastors wife about it and she said they say a prayer every night that asks the lord to protect them from any harm or evil.  my children and i started including that in our prayers but we added spirits also and we have never had another problem since, except i do still smell him from time to time and i do still here footsteps across the ceiling when nobody is upstairs.  but that's no problem i don't mind.
 thanks for giving me a place to tell my story and not feel like i'm crazy.



(This was not a scary experience for me but rather a relieving experience.) I met my friend  Toby when i was in 4th grade. he was 2 years older than me and i had the biggest crush on him. we continued to be friends and in 7th grade i was put in a 9th grade study hall so i got to talk to him more. i used to draw pictures of him and give them to him and every time he thanked me with a big hug.
then in 8th grade i didn't see him much. i guess he and his girlfriend were having a hard time or something because he was ignoring her and everyone else aswell. the next  day i was in gym and the principal came the PA system and said he had something important to tell us. He said "i have sad of your fellow students has past away late last night.....Tobias."he had committed suicide.
with this news i burst out in tears and all of my friends came and surrounded me and tried to comfort me.  i was so depressed i cried for months, i didnt eat much, and was doing very bad in all of my classes. one night i just couldnt sleep and i was talking to the wall, asking what would make my friend do this to himself, and i kept saying (hoping that he could hear me) "i miss you , i love you, i will always love you!" when i finally started to dose off, i felt somebody hugging me! and i new it was Toby! I didnt see anything or hear anything but i felt as if he was telling me that he was ok and that he missed me, and would watch over me.
after that everthing got better my grades, my whole life! and the best thing is that i know i will always have a guardian angel watch ing over me.

The special guest that time has forgotten.


  It had started out like any other day, My friends and i were out on a sunday drive as we call them, when we came across this road that seemed to head to no where, we all decided to take it, when we did it was like any other road, dirty old tracks, with a few ran down house's on either side of the road. We all were listening to the radio really not paying much attention the house that was to the left of us, I had decided to pull over and take a look and snap a few pictures of the house, this house seemed odd to me at the time, so my friend and i went inside the house to look around a bit ( this was a ran down house that no one lived in ), so upon entering the house, i had turned to my friend and said to her that this was a really odd but strange house, although she had looked alittle faint at first when i had told her that, she had asked me why, and i could not explain it....but it was weird. So we both started to walk inside this room where we beileve this was the dinning room, or maybe a living room, you could see the old paint on the wall, and there was a few little marks on the wall, Then out of no where came a strnage feeling...a feeling that i could not explain, it was like something was trying to tell me something, something was pulling me closer to this house, but what, at that time i told my friend that we had to go, So we all left, and went back home. That night my dog and were sitting in my bedroom looking at those picture that i had snaped of the house, ( i was using a digi cam ) the picture's turned out smoky, and faint, all but one picture, this picture i was looking at, had a face in it, somehow i knew that person in the photo, but that couldnt be i was thinking to myself, so i had put it off for the night, but was still troubled by that present of that house, well that night i had a spacial guest as i call him, he was an older man, i would say to be about in his 70's, and what he did next was a step i never thought i would go into, I awoke that night by mydog barking, a low bark, and yet he seemed to be freighten by something, then i seen him......that man standing by my doorway, somehow i didnt get scared or was afraid of him, it was calm feeling that swept over me, he just looked at me and i looked at him, then he was some how floating towards me, he sit down and had touched the top of my head, and i could see everything he did, I saw that house that was haunting my mind, I saw a man and women in the yard enjoying the day as i would have tooking it, and there was a little girl and and a little boy, the little boy was him!!! Then he had left as he had came in, but over the next few days of this, he had came and did the same thing, he was letting me know little clues about this house that had plauge me, but on the last day of his vist, and the same thing his hand over my head, and i saw that same man, as days before.....but only older, he was telling me that he was my great great grandfather, and that house that i had visted, was a house that i indeed had visted, only years before, when i too was child, my grandfather took me to this house, I guess he was showing me where his father and his father before him grew up at, although i dont remember anything of this house, but i do go up this house every once in awhile to vist my special friend.

The Kettle


My friends sister in law has had alot of weird experiences in her house, and so have other people who have been there. Im not going to go into detail about them but Im just going to list a few, before she got her second dog, Harvey, the first one she had always used to run into the computer room in the middle of the night and just stand there barking, and when she got her other dog Max he also did the same but instead it was in the kitchen. My friends mum was helping clean up there one day and he heard someone scream in her ear, but when she went downstairs her nephew was the only one there and he hadnt heard anything. Also my friends sister in law saw the shadow of a man out of the corner of her eye, and sometimes the kettle turns itself on and off. One time I slept there for two nights and I never noticed anything, I was even walking round the house in the pitch black dark to find the dog and still I never noticed anything. But recently she put the house up for sale because of all the goings on and me, my friend and her sister in law were going into town that morning but first there was a man coming to value the house so we went and sat there for fifteen minutes. The man was just talking to her about the house etc when we heard this sort of dragging sound and it sounded like the kettle boiling also, but we didnt say anything, just looked at eachother and waited to see if the man would notice but he either didnt or didnt want to say anything. When he had gone we were just heading out the door and we looked into the kitchen to see that the kettle had been dragged right forward to the edge of the counter, whether it had boiled or not I dont know because none of us dared go into the kitchen to see!

The House


My mother, brother, sister and I moved into an old farm house in Cambridge, NY in 1995 with the intentions of refinishing parts of the house to make it more modern, to give you an idea of the house it was built in 1884, had four floors which consisted of a basement, first floor, second floor and a full attic, above the attic their was a widows peek and access was through the attic by a flight of stairs. Strange things started happening that everyone just brushed off the first week. Every night at 7:00 pm on the dot the house would fill with the smell of cigar smoke (no body in the house smoked cigars), we could hear voices of adults up stairs and people running around, when we went up no one was their, we heard knocking on the walls all hours of the day and night, people were heard whispering, it would get intensely cold in the kitchen, and appliances would randomly turn on and off. My sister was coming down the stairs when she looked to be pushed from behind and luckily my mother was at the bottom and saw the whole thing. My mother was never bothered at all, it seemed to target only the children which were my sister 11, my brother 13 and I was 15. She did hear things and she also felt things but never scared out of her mind. One day my mother came to me and said she had to show me something, she took me to the basement door and said watch, she opened the door and turned the light switch off. Then she shut the door waited for a few seconds then opened the door and the light was back on and the switch was up. We then preceded to do this over and over again and the same thing occurred so we duct taped the switch off. We left that night to visit family friends and when we returned every light in the house was on even the basement where it looked like someone tore the duct tape from the wall. We left the light on from then on. Everyone in the house had scene shadows and felt presence but my brother was the one who saw and felt the most. One day he was home alone and said he saw three men in the back yard digging by the garden. He watched them for a few moments, when one of them looked up at him and all three of them disappeared. He said the men looked as real as he did, he woke up one morning with three scratch marks down the front of his chest and he said he didn't feel it nor did he wake up during the night. My closet doors in my bed room one night rattled uncontrollable while I was trying to sleep, this creeped me out so bad I refused to sleep or even go into the room. The room became an un used office and me and my sister opted to share a room. My sister said she felt something watch her whenever she was in the bathroom and on one occasion she said the shower curtain whipped open, I do believe her because she ran out of the shower screaming and straight onto the front porch.  We found out that the house was part of the underground railroad when we herd a man to do some remodeling and found that the size of the basement did not fit the size of the house. A wall in the basement was torn down to find a small room. When research was done on the house it was found that it was also an underground bar during prohabition. Many, many people lived in that house and also passed away in the house. A women by the name of Anne Douglas hung herself in what was my bedroom. And we also know that their was a shooting outside of the house around where my brother saw the three men. Their were so many incidences but to long to tell all of them. We lived in that house for five months before selling it and moving out. We have heard people scene have only stayed a very short time before moving out, the house is currently vacant... I wonder why?

The Chase


Hello, I have been an affluent reader of your web site since it's infancy
and have followed it through to today. Even though I have followed this web
site and literally read all the stories you have to offer I never had the
courage to submit one of my own; until now. I have been around the world of
the supernatural since I was a child so for me seeing or hearing things out
of the ordinary are common place. I have experienced hauntings, poltergeists
and even seen and spoken to spirits. Many people out in our world are non
believers, because they do not want to believe that anything can exist
outside of their conception of what they believe to be reality. But what if
it does exist?, what if there is a world of supernatural entities that
co-exist in our world and interact between the two realms from time to time?
Will you be a believer then? My story is an account that was given to us
from our brother, who this horrifying experience happened to, it took place
in a city suburbs in NJ where my parents lived at the time.It was the summer
of 1978 and my brother who was 16 at the time had gone out to visit his
girlfriend who lived nearby. I will try to give you a mental picture because
it is very important for you to understand and follow the events that took
place. Picture a city street with houses on both sides, our house was
located towards the middle of the block. Now picture walking to the corner
turning right and seeing a long stretch of city blocks, some with few houses
and some with empty lots. My brother had to walk six blocks up and three
blocks right passing an elementary school to reach her house which was
across the street from the school. He left our house around five, it was
summer time so he told my mother that he was going to be in late. My mother
told him not to be in too late and with that he left. He told us that he
left his girlfriend's house a little after midnight and was heading straight
home before he got in more trouble for being out so late. He said that as he
was passing the school yard of the school the temperature seemed to drop to
below freezing. He thought it was odd for the temperature to drop this cold
on a summer night even at that hour. He then said he saw what appeared to be
a man in a long trench coat with a hat that resembled the hats used by the
old private detective movies walking towards him. He said that he would of
though nothing of it since he was on a city suburb block and people are out
at this hour, but there were a couple of things that were wrong. The
temperature had dropped drastically, there were no cars driving by anywhere,
and no one but my brother and the man in the trench coat were in out in the
street. He said as the man in the trench coat got nearer he noticed
something very wrong, the man in the trench coat was a least seven feet
tall! he also noticed that the trench coat and hat completely covered any
visible features of his body and he seemed to be floating instead of walking
because he didn't see any movement that we do when we walk. My brothers
heart started to pound furiously as his adrenalin was shifted into
overdrive. As he passed the trench coat man he nodded to him as to say
"what's up" to show that he was "cool" and not afraid of him but deep inside
he knew that he was terrified. He said that the trench coat man slowly
nodded back at him as he passed by. My brother said that as he passed him he
could smell something burnt or like sulfur. He then started to walk very
fast and the only thing on his mind was to get home fast. As he was quickly
walking down the street he turned his head back to see where the man in the
trench coat was and to his horror the man in the trench coat was following
him! My brother started to walk even faster and was horrified beyond belief
by this point. He again turned to see where the man was and he was getting
closer at a very fast rate. So then my brother out of desperation went out
to the middle of the street turned around threw his arms out and yelled at
man stopped he was about half a block away from my brother then the most
terrifying thing happened. All the street lights on the block went out! So
my brother is standing in the middle of a pitch black street with a seven
foot tall man in a trench coat in the middle of the night. He said his heart
almost stopped as the man in the trench coat lifted his head to reveal two
of the most evil glowing red eyes my brother ever had seen, at this point
the man lunged in a furious sprint towards my brother. My brother seeing
this took of like a bat out of hell. He was two blocks away from our house
and he said as he got near to any street light it would go out leaving him
enveloped in darkness. He said that as he was running he could hear heavy
footsteps hitting the concrete and the sound of something very big panting
and growling heavily. He turned his head briefly to see where that thing
that was chasing him was at and he saw that it was very near the only thing
that he could see clearly was it's evil glowing red eyes. my brother rounded
the corner and was at a full sprint to our house. He leapt on to the porch
and started banging on the door and screaming for my mother to open the
door. luckily for him that my mother was waiting up for him watching tv in
the living in the living room waiting for my brother to walk in so she could
scold him for coming in do late. He then said the man in the trench coat was
slowly gliding towards him down the block and was now only two house lengths
away from him. My brother continued to pound furiously and scream for my
mother to open the door. he looked back again and this time the man in the
trench coat was at the foot of the steps to the porch of our house only a
few feet away from my brother. My brother froze and thought "Oh my God this
is it he's going to get me" when the door flung open and my mother was
yelling to my brother "what the hell is wrong with you making such a ruckus
at this hour" my brother pushed her in and slammed the door shut. My mother
seeing that he was terrified beyond belief forgot about the scolding and
frantically asked him what was wrong was he o.k. he told my mother that
something was chasing him for many blocks and that it wasn't a man, that it
wasn't human at all and that it almost got him and now was standing at the
foot of the steps. My mother said "what are you talking about and went to
one of our living room windows which faced the front of the house with my
brother and opened the curtain, there in front of them standing at the foot
of the steps were my brother had seen him last was the man in the trench
coat staring back at them with it's evil glowing eyes. My mother was
frightened but being very religious started to say a very old but powerful
prayer. With that the Man stood there for a few seconds fixed his hat to
conceal his face again turned back and floated back from were he came from
never to be seen by my brother or mother again. My brother never even dared
to be outside at night for a very long time after that. This is the account
as it's said by my brother and I believe it to be true not only from my
brother having scratch marks which went through his T-shirt and scratched
his back like it was reaching to try to get him but was missing him, but
from the account that our mother saw it too. My mother is a very religious
woman and would not ever dare to make things up, especially of this nature.
I wonder sometimes would we have ever seen our brother again if he would
have not won the chase. Thank-You for your time.

The Bird


I leave for work early each morning while is still dark.  Although now with summer coming, it is somewhat lighter as the sun is starting to rise.  I travel a short distance to work and go down a small hill which passes a golf course,  This particular morning a large black bird came from off the golf course in front of my car.  It did not fly as a normal bird.  Its wings did not flap but seemed to remain outstretched behind its body.  It did not gain altitude and I had to break as I feared I would hit it.  It led with its head and feet outstretched.  It flew slowly past the front of my car heading to a tree on the other side of the road.  It did not seem natural at all as it reached out toward the trunk of the tree with its talons instead of roosting in a branch.  I felt fear as I watched this strange bird.  Later that day at my work, there was a murder/suicide.  The first thing that crossed my mind was the strange flight of that scary large black bird.  It was like it foretold of a horrible disaster that was to unfold that day.

Tennessee Haunting


December 26, 1999, I had just moved to Tennessee, 24 days later the house I moved into burned to the ground with everything I had in my life, but that's another story.  My new husband and I rented a house for six months in Clarksville, TN. It was fairly new subdivision the houses sat on about 3/4 acre lots in a very hilly wooded area. After moving in with what little we had, we were sitting in the kitchen talking and I heard two thumps, we didn't really think about it until the thumps became more than just two.  It was coming from the attic. Now this was a fairly new house (5 years old). We went up to the Attic and it was as clean as if it were brand new, so we just thought well maybe a squirrel. It got worse, it was like someone in the attic was just making this noise, like the sound of walking and stomping. I even had my husband nail the entrance to the attic shut, and slept with the bedroom door locked, like that would help, it did help a little because I wasn't getting any sleep. One day when my husband was at work, I was sitting on the couch and it was in the middle of the day, the sunlight was coming through the windows, I remember I had them open and we had such a nice breeze blowing through for July and it was rather quiet, but all of a sudden I got this perfect visual (I have had warnings with visuals in my lifetime but not like this).  It was a girl with short dark hair, dressed in seventies style clothes, I don't know why I think seventies that's just want came to me at the time, lying on the floor with one arm above her head the other acrossed her chest and her neck was bloody, like her neck had been slashed, the feeling I had, I knew she was dead.  The stomping got worse after that and would follow you wherever you would go in the house and always coming from the attic.  It was frightening. We had planned on driving to Eastern Kentucky on a Friday.  I came home around noon from my husband's office to pack so we could leave early afternoon.  While I was at the house I packed as fast as I could, because by now I hated being in the house alone.  As I had packed the last of whatever I was taking, I walked from the bedroom across the living room to the front door and as I did the stomping went right with me right to the front door as if it was furious with me, it was very loud. I couldn't wait to get out of there.  While we were in Eastern Kentucky, my husband, at that time, was and is a Chaplain and knew some folks in Korea.  He called someone on prayer mountain and they told us what to do and said that they would have prayers for this house.  Prior to going back to the house we had stopped first and purchased as many crosses as we could and hung them in every room and laid hands on the walls and prayed for this house. After that there was no noise, no stomping, it was like it had just gone away. We moved out shortly after that.
After we had moved out of that house I wanted so bad to talk to the Realtor (Cherokee Properties) who had rented the house to us to ask if anyone had a problem there before, but I was hesitant and didn't. I had often thought of going to the police to check out if anything had every happened out in that area, but I didn't' want to draw any attention.
I have since moved back to Florida and I still wonder about this.  I thought at one time that maybe someone had died on that property before the house was built, or while the house was being built and this spirit was calling out to me for help. But then why would it be so mean in the stomping to scare us.  The address of this house is 356 Deepwood Trail, I'll never forget that address or Clarksville, TN for that matter.
Thanks for reading, I have always wanted to tell someone about this, now I have.

Room 207

  I work at the Days Inn by the airport in Colorado Springs, Co. I am almost positive we have a ghost occupying one of our rooms. I was taking a picture of the hotel for our website and brochure and had downloaded the images to the computer behind the front desk. The hotel facade has a few flaws (cracks here and there) so I thought I'd mask them with a photoshop type program. To get a better idea where the flaws were I made a negative copy of the picture to see what needed to be fixed. I zoomed in on a small crack in the stucco on the second floor one room over from the lobby area. I zoomed back out to see how large this was and happened to look at the glass in the window of room 207. There appeared to be an elderly genleman looking out at me. I showed this picture to a few co-workers and most of them agreed that there was someone looking out at me. Unfortunately now housekeeping won't even clean that room if for some reason it gets rented. I have a few pictures from inside that room that I will be sending as soon as I can remember where I put the disks. One pic is taken from directly outside the door and has an orb, the next is inside the room and has what I can only describe as a floating worm light.  I suspect "Henry" (well, he's got to have a name) just likes it up there because it's peaceful. A few guests have complained about chills or a bumping noise but nothing more than that. Still, it would really be nice to find out for certain just what is going on up there. What I find funny is that I had to have one of my friends (and co-workers) go uo there with me just so I could take the pictures. I'm a 6'2 240 lb male and she's 6'0 and weighs about 115. What kind of a chicken am I? Oh well, better to be safe than sorry. If any pro ghost hunters happen to be in the area and want to check it out drop me a line, I'll give you a good rate. I just remembered something that happened to one of the girls that works here. Shortly after I showed her the pictures of 207 she went up there (by herself) looked around and then sat on the bed, The smoke detector was directly above her and fell giving her a small lump and a BIG scare. I guess he doesn't like her too much. Ah, one other thing, just this morning I heard some tapping upstairs. There is no one on the second floor right now. I only have 5 people in house and they are all at the end of the hallway on the first floor. Maybe Henry doesn't like getting publicity.

Apartment Spirit


I stumbled upon your site a few months back and have read most of the stories posted here.
I'm not sure how to classify mine, i suppose it is a haunting only the spirit does not scare me, merely makes me a little nervous as the feeling of being watched by unknown eyes can do that to a person.
I have lived in my present apartment for almost 4 years and from the beginning i suspected that i was not living alone.  It was little things at first.  I have hanging glass beads which separate my living room from my entrance hallway, i keep them tied open as they are heavy and make allot of noise when you walked through them and would swing for several minutes before slowly coming to a stop, so in order to keep them safe from falling from the ceiling they stay tied open.
I would leave the house for work in the morning only to return that evening to find them untied, i would tie them and again united when i returned, this went on for only a brief period at which point, i shouted in my apartment to no one in particular to please stop untying them, and they have stayed open since.
After 2 years in the apartment i got a dog, a cute Jack Russell, friendly with people and dogs alike.  The following has happened randomly over the last 2 years only at night.  When i go to bed she comes to bed with me, she isn't a dog that is restless and not wanting to sleep when it is time.  On several occasions (no pattern other than night time) she has woken me from a dead sleep whining and pacing my apartment in and out of my bedroom sometimes circling my bed, it has taken up to 30 minutes to calm her down. All the fur has been standing up on her back and she paces like she is tracking something or following it throughout my apartment, this behavior is what i find frightening because there is nothing visible to my eyes nor any sounds the are audible to my what is she seeing or hearing?
Up until recently i have only felt the presence of someone else in my apartment, and i have always know it was a male presence, not sure why i just know it is male.  I find myself watching television with my back to the living room entrance and feel eyes on me, i turn and nothing the dog will actually look when i do as well, I've been in the shower and felt a breeze run through the bathroom even though the door is shut and there are no vents for air to flow through.
Within the last month i believe i have seen the entity.  My first experience i was in bed with my boyfriend, I looked up at the ceiling at one point and saw a man looking at me from above my bed, i felt like i made actual eye contact with him, he had a curious expression on his face as to say "what are you doing"?.  I was definitely startled by this and shook my head and closed my eyes for a brief second, he was gone when i opened my eyes again.  The next time i saw him, was about a week to 10 days later, i was in the bathroom getting ready to go out for the evening.  I was applying makeup in the mirror, the mirror is in three sections and behind each section are shelves, so the mirrors are doors and can be moved open and closed, i angle the 2 outside mirrors in slightly to apply make-up.  As i was doing so, i saw out of the corner of my eye a man standing in my hallway half way behind a wall and half way in the door way..just watching me, when i turned he was gone.  The was almost 2 weeks ago and nothing since, but i am moving out at the months end, to the suite next door to me...maybe he will follow...

Phantom Hitchhiker


my name is Harvey, i grew up in a small western Okla. town, in the sixties. normal enough in soppose.but after i was grown and living there on my own for a while i was headed out of town going north on state hiway 183 when i see this guy hitching, now i usually don't pick up hitchhikers but this guy looked clean cut and all so i pulled over. he ran up to the car, got in. i asked him where he was headed. he told me that it was important that he get to his wife on further down the road a ways. i say OK just tell me where to stop. so we take off. i try to be sociable and have a conversation with him. we talked about life in general and he always seemed to steer the conversation back to the same thing and that is that death is not permanent and that the grave is a cold lonely place. well i agreed in general, cause i was thinking that this guy had some inner issues that i didn't want to have come out in a bad way right? so i humored him along, when he saw we were approaching a local cemetary,he wanted me to pull over, i was thinking ''yeah this guy wants my car and guess what the cemetery will be my last stop, but i pulled over just the same, i wanted to get rid of this guy ASAP anyway.but he just sat there for a minute not saying anything then he said''my wife wandered off one day and i just have to check with friends to see if they had seen her'' OK, no problem, but why here, well he said that him and his wife ''lived'' close by. then he didn't say anything, but got out of the car, walked off into the cemetery, i was watching him go from row to row, then he would stop, look down at the headstone i thought,acting like he was listening, kind of shake his head then move on, well i got bored, looked off to check the scenery in the distance, looked back and he was gone. i got out of the car and looked out across the cemetary,he was no where in sight, but i did see the caretakers preparing a grave site on down a ways. i went and asked them if they had seen this guy, and they told me what guy that they had thought i was having car trouble or something, because i had pulled over by my self.and just sat there,that they were about ready to come and ask if i needed assistance, when i got out of my car and walked their way.the guy in charge says''well mister,this sort of thing has happened before out here so i guess there must be something to it'' i described the guy, and the chief caretaker or whoever said ''yep, its the same guy we hear about from others too, he was looking for his wife or something like that, right?'' well, that just blew me away, i mean what could i say? i just said yeah, well see ya later and left. now, what do you think about that?

My Haunted Room


   When I was a teenager I had some unexplained occurrences in my room.  On one occasion I was writing on my bed when the window shade lifted itself up and slammed against the window. The windows were not open.  I even tried lifting the shade up and pushing on it but it would waft down, not slam. Another time I was on the phone when I felt a cold breeze. I told my friend on the phone the dog must have opened up the backdoor downstairs and that I'd be right back after I'd closed it.  Downstairs, the dog was sound asleep.  Another time I was listening to my tape player when it shut off by itself. The counter on the player read '666'.  The most disturbing thing happened twice in two separate years.  I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of breathing.  I turned on the light thinking it was my cat.  Well the cat was absolutely terrified by whatever it was and slipped and slid trying to get out of the room.  My mother told me to go back to sleep.  So I did!  A about a year later I woke up in the middle of the night and heard the deep breathing.  This time I made my mother get up and come in.  She heard it too!  We looked all over the room for the source- a cat, the wind, a person hiding-but found nothing. The breathing seemed to be coming from everywhere and nowhere.  Then it took a big long sigh and stopped for a few seconds.  When it resumed again my mom asked in a scared voice "Do you want to sleep in my room?"  I said no, because it hadn't hurt me before.  I have no idea what was causing those strange occurrences, and have not lived there for many years.  Sometimes I think I will knock on the door to my old house and ask the current owner "Do you hear breathing?" but I figure they might think I'm wacko so I never have.

Have I got a Story


My house is haunted by somthing, someone, it's never really bothered me. It's nothing big, doors opening, radio turning on and off by itself, footsteps, floorboards quake, noises in the attic but as i said it never really bothered me until about 4months ago.
  I always wake up in the middle of the night but One night i woke up around 2.30am to a tight feeling in my chest, it wasnt so much tight as it was heavy, like a weight or somthing, but it wasn't all that. After a while i couldnt get back to sleep so i tried to turned to put my t.v on only to find i couldn't move. When i tried to sit up from a glass of water the weight on my chest got heavier, it was like someone was sitting on me, like a child, not moving just a weight. i tried to arch my back and the weight got heavier and i couldn't breath, i really started to panic and sweat. i was really scared to i started to cry a little because i didnt know what to do. then all of a sudden i felt a slight pinching on my right elbow and thats the last i can remember, i woke up the next morning feeling fine, just as i did the day before, although i had a red mark where i felt the pinch.
i dont under why on earth the ghost in my house would be sitting on me.Nothing has happened since besides the normal and a extra thing has started. in the bathroom we have a pully light switch and a hanging moblie and when your in the shower the light switch will start to swing followed by the moblie when there it no breeze whats so ever. i know it sounds stupid but i swear it really happened.

Happening House


Hi, my name is Shayla and I have an experience that happened to me when I was about 11 or 12 years old.
I lived in a house in Springfield, Oregon
and even though I never had any proof (well atleast at that time), I could never prove that my theory that it was haunted was true.
One night around 11:00-12:00 aclock at night I woke up...just out of the blue, there was no reasoning for it but I just woke up and I looked over at my open door and standing in the hallway was a black silouhette of a woman.. Even though I could not see any features except for her curves and the outline of her hair I could tell that she was staring straight at me and the feeling I had was extremely "bad". Immediately without screaming or doing anything I buried my head in my pillow and squeezed my eyes shut.
The next morning I had questioned my mom and everyone else that was in the house that night asking them if they had been standing outside my door that night and they all confirmed that they had not. I told my mom about what had happened also and she acceptingly believed me but still needed to see it with her own eyes.
Things after that started happening more rapidly and frequently.
One of the things that quickly followed that happening was a couple of nights later I woke up in the middle of the night again and heard "stirring" in the kitchen like someone clinking a spoon against a teacup in a "stirring" fashion. I thought my mom was up for tea due to lack of sleep or something like that but as I got closer to the kitchen the stirring would cease. I got close enough to the point where all I had to do was turn the corner to actually "be" in the kitchen, but at that point the stirring stopped so I went back to bed confused and feeling eerie.
The next morning I again questioned everyone asking them if they had been in the kitchen at all the night before and again very seriously they replied that they had not. I then proceeded to enter the kitchen and to my surprise there was a tea cup and spoon on the counter. The spoon was wet with something but there was nothing whatsoever in the cup.
About a week after that there was an incident where I was in the "guest room" which is a seperate room built on the opposite side of the garage and my friend and I were sitting and joking on a mattress that was casually thrown on the floor. We paused in conversation for a second, right then there was gradual pressure on the mattress as if someone was slowly sitting down. Both of us were scared out of our minds so we quickly left and didnt go back in for a few weeks.
However, later that week my mom was leaving the guest room (you must enter the garage in order to do so) and as she shut the door of the guest room there was a huge bang as if someone was pounding on the door feverishly. She went back in the room to see if someone was in there or hiding in there but no one was. Scaring my mom half to death she called me out to the garage to open and shut the door several times and I even slammed it a few times but nothing happened. She then told me about the happening and we both stayed away for a while.
In addition to all that there were footsteps, random footsteps and the feeling like you were constantly being watched.
Well, that's my experience I hope you "enjoyed" it!

Casper the Friendly Ghost


I have had some stange things happen to me over the years. The first one was when I was about 6 years old. We lived in West Tennessee. My parents,my 2 brothers and me where out looking a houses to rent. We went into this one house and in th eback bedroom you could hear a baby cry and see it in a crib in the corner of the room.We left that house and never went back. We later found out that a baby had died in that room of "crib death"
A another thing that happened was in 1986. My youngest brother was murdered by a young punk. About a month after the funeral I was at home and feel asleep on the couch. I woke up with the feeling that someone was watching me.I looked over at the chair and there set my brother. He was in the clothes that we had buried him in. He told me to take care of our mother and that he would always be with us and that he loved us very much.
The next thing happened about thirteen years ago. I met my husband and moved into his house. I found out that his father died in the living room 6 years early. I would hear noises at night but would dismiss them because the house is a old house. My husband said that it was Casper the friendly ghost.I thought yeah right. Well one day everybody had left home to do different things. It was in January and we had the termastat set on 72 degrees. We came home and the house was so hot. someone had turned the heat up as high as it would go and unplugged the phone. I found out that my husbands father had bad circulation in his legs and was always cold and that he hated a telephone. So I guess that would explain alot.I would hear noises in the attic late at night and I got to the point where I would say ok that is enough  it is time to go to bed and the noise would stop. I have went into the attic and moved things around where I would know where everything was and that night there would be alot of noise in the attic and the next day everything would be moved back like it was. I guess my father -in-law did not like the way I changed things.I finally realized that we really do have Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Ana and Josie

my great great aunt Josie died like 5 years before my great grandmother(her sister).before she died, she kept saying that she heard a girl crying and it was coming from her dead sisters house right nextdoor but there was no one there. and when she went in to the hospital because she was really sick, she said that she heard the voice saying "come with me...". we were really freaked out but the doctor said that it could be just the meds that she was on. the last thing she told us was that she kept seeing Josie, but see was a little girl. a few days later she died. the people renting Ana and Josies houses say they sometimes hear girls laughing or skipping arround the houses. they say they are not frightened by this.

2 True Experiences

I had many paranormal experiences when I was young.  As I grew older I
dismissed them as the fantasy of the young mind.  As I grew older they became less.
But 2 (as an adult) stand out in my happened when I was Germany and
the other didn't happen to me.
The first was when I was in Mitgenfeld, GE, I was about 23 years old.  I was
new to the country (military) and looking for a place to rent.  We (my ex {and
athiest} and I) found one. Our apartment was on the 2nd floor the landlord
lived on the first and there was an attic.  The first night we stayed there I
had a dream about a person named Caleb.  I could not see his face, all I could
see was a shadow behind curtains.  He was asking my ex to come with him and I
kept saying no.  I had the dream several nights but I never told my ex my
dream.  About 1 month after we moved in I started experiencing phenomena.  We had a
bathroom with a skylight, I had this unnerving feeling someone was looking at
me while I bathed (keep in mind that this was an old German house and showers
are hard to come by).  I also had the feeling of being watched when I went
into the kitchen.  Several months passed by and winter came.  We had alot of
snow and it was piling up.  One day I was in the living room, when I heard this
sound in the attic like someone was dragging something across the attic.  I
dismissed it as snow piling up on the roof and falling.  The only problem was the
snow really was falling north to south (roof pitch) and the sound I was
hearing was from east to west!  I ignored it for about 2 weeks and the sound got so
loud that I had to leave.  My ex found me sitting on the landing one day and
asked me what the problem was.  I told him what I was hearing and he laughed
and told me it was the snow falling off the roof. I told myself (giggling)
"your losing it".  Several days went by and I kept hearing this sound, I did
ignore it, but one day I tried to lay down on the couch when I heard this loud
**SIGH** next to me.  I left the apartment again.  But one night we had a party
and my ex told people that I was hearing things.  They laughed and I was
embarrassed but I told them open the attic door (which was between the bathroom and
kitchen) and see what was up there.  They did and everyone stopped laughing.  I
didn't really want to see what was up there but then again I did.  My ex told
me there was nothing up there but old "rags".  He tried to persuade me from
looking but I wanted to see for myself so I climbed up the stairs and looked in
the attic.  What I saw took my breath away.  There was old black German baby
buggy sitting up there.  It was full of cobwebs and someone pushed it and I
knew what that dragging sound was.  It made a distinct sound that could be heard
by everyone.  I actually felt sick to my stomach.  We stayed there for about
another month and nothing happened.  Then one night we laid down to go to
sleep when I heard this knocking on the wall above us.  Three knocks.  I asked my
ex if he had heard that and this is what he said "I'm going to tell you I
didn't but I did".  Well it was about 2 weeks after that when my ex told me we
were moving.  I didn't know it but he was looking for another place.  No
explanations we were just moving.  As we were moving I asked him why and all he said
was "lets leave this place".  I asked him why and he got really mad and told me
we were just moving.  Well we moved and about 6 months later I asked him why
we moved and he told me that he looked up to the kitchen window and there was
a man looking down at us. I know there was nobody left in there because I was
the last person to leave.  He also told me he was experiencing the same things
I was but wouldn't tell me because he was afraid to scare me. Keep in mind my
ex was an athiest.  I felt chills go down my body...
The next one didn't happen to me it happened to my husband.  Keep in mind
that he is a Gulf War Vet with over 20 years active duty military.  Brooke Army
Medical Hospital, San Antonio Tx.  Where it stands now is not where it used to
be.  You actually have to go on post to see the real hospital.  It was
abandoned many years ago.  It is barricaded off but I would like to hear more about
this building.  My husband went for training last year (he's a reservist now).
He stayed in a hotel across from the abandoned building.  After a few days he
was there he called me and told me he couldn't sleep in this haunted hotel.
He stated he woke up several times to find his "stuff" from his closet strown
across the floor.  He also said his closet was extremely cold.  He also told
me that were roaches as big as tanks!!! (laughing).  I laughed most of it off
until I went there.  He told me that several soldiers complained about the
"things" happening to them but no one believes them.
Well I didn't believe him until he drove me by the old hospital and it looked
like an abandoned building.  Barbed wire and chains with locks.  After a few
passes by the hospital, he told me I had to see the hotel.  He got me into the
hotel pretending I was a soldier (I felt more like a prostitute the way the
CQ looked at me).  I will tell you this place looks as if you stepped into the
30's.  I swear they haven't changed the wallpaper since then.  He kept telling
me that when he looked out his window the hospital would have lights on and
windows open (keep in mind this is an abandoned building).  He took me to the
room he stayed in and yes the whole room was cold.  I could see the hospital
from the window and no lights.  When we left I looked up at the hospital and I
saw a room with lights on and a window open.  I got the "creeps".  As we were
leaving he drove closer to it and there is no way anyone could have gotten in
there.  Has any soldier every stayed in the hotel across from the old Brooke
Army Medical Hospital?  What experiences did you have?

The Man


  My father was in the hospitle with cellutitus... we didnt no if he would make it or not. My mother always turns the hallway light off after she tucks my brother in for bed.Well on this noght i felt like sleeping in my parents room (witch is on the very end of the hallway). I  woke up from a deep sleep and looked down the hall it felt like i had to look down the hall for some odd reason, so i looked down the hall and i saw a tall man leaning against the wall!he was wearing a farmers outfit and he was not see-through he was completly white i could make out his facial features he was a friendly looking man , he smiled at me and told me to go back to sleep and every thing would be ok. and i just fell asleep right then (thats pretty unusal for me ..i usally take  a long time to fall asleep!  The next morning i told me mom and she said"it was just your imagination" but i knew it wasnt. we went to the hspitle later and they let my dad go home. this happend mabe a year ago and ever since then ive never seen him around...but ive heard him!

The Cat Before


When my husband and I moved into our  house, We didn't yet ahve a bed,
so we slept in the Living Room on a hide a bed. Well , for the first
week we were in this house, we would wake up every morning and the
burners on my kitchen stove would be full-blown lit!  So I had the stove
itself checked out by a professional appliance repair man. Needless to
say, he , of course, could find nothing wrong!  Then I JUST HAPPENED to
meet the people who lived here before we did.She told me about a cat she
had who had died in the house, and how it always used to jump up on the
stove, and how it would hit the burner switches when it would get down,
thereby igniting the burners. So, being a Native American, I decided to
do a cleansing ceremony, burn some sage, sweet grass, and yarrow, while
telling the spirit that while it was welcome here, I would appreciate it
very much if it would cease the dangerous activity, as I really would
prefer to not die in my bed from a fire. It never happened again!!!
                                         However, from time to time ,
I  will feel a cat rubbing against mylegs or a cat jumps up on  our bed.
or I'll hear a scratching noise in the litter box, ( I have 3 cats
myself) But when I go to look, My cats are asleep in another part of the
                                          There hve also been instances
where I have felt a hand touch my face in a loving caress , or a hand
shake my shoulder as though there were someone trying to wake me from a
sound sleep. I have been working late at night at my desk, studying for
my final exams or working on my genealogy and family history. Well,
there was this one instance that I had just gotten off the phone with an
aunt I hadn't talked to in a long time, she had just told me that she
had some Paperwork she would send me to help me, I had hung up the
phone, put my head down on my desk and started to cry. That's when the
lights flickered and went out, and I felt someone standing beside me,
leanover, put two arms around me and hug me very hard. Then the lights
flickered again, and came back on. The hair on the back of my neck stood
straight up,and it felt like the temperature in my room dropped about
twenty degrees!
                                              For some reason, these
encounters don't scare me, because I KNOW it's my Daddy who passed in
1980. come to encourage me in my efforts to trace our family.
                                             There have also been
instances where my cats will follow something across the room with their
eyes when there is plainly nothing   (?) there. Or they'll  come up out
of a deep sleep, go into a spitting, snarling fury, with every hair on
their body standing straight up , then they'll take off on a mad dash
through the house as if there's something or someone chasing them.
                                               There've been other
little things , not only in this house, but things that have happened to
me all my life. Like I said , I am Native American, My Grandfather was a
full-blood Cherokee medicine man. My Daddy used to tell me that I was an
awful lot like him. I guess I'm  a lot more like him than I  or my Daddy
ever realized!!!!!


Old Columbus Hospital


The 5th floor is haunted by children who died on that floor during thier
hospital stay.  This hospital is in Great Falls Montana
My nephew and his co-workers were reconstructing the floor to be used
for governmental  offices, when they would peridically hear children
One morning as they were coming out of the elevator unto the 5th floor,
they saw little footprints in the sheet-rock dust as if the children had
been running up and down the halls.

My New House


When i first moved into this house i felt kinda odd. My and my brothers girlfriend where the first to witness this odd happenings.
Me and my brothers girfriend were watchin a movie cuz my brother whent to get some McDonalds for us so we were left home alone.
i heard her name get called from the basement first so i wasnt sure if i heard it or not but then it said it again and i said to her hey listen
can u hear that soemone is callin ur name. it called her name again this time with a little more louder voice. by this time we were both scared to even go next to the basement stairs. it started to get closer and louder with an angryer tone of voice so we got really frightend. as every time it said her name louder and louder it got scaryer. the last time it yelled her name my brother pulled into the driveway and it stoped. me and my bros girfriend told my brother everything that happend as soon as he walked into the door he didnt belive us though. i told my mom about it a week later and that night as i was going to bed i looked at the head of my bed and a person was standing there i couldnt tell who it was cuz the figure was all black. i tried to lay down and not say anything cuz i wasnt really sure if i was really seeing that. i started to daze off and have one of them realalistic dreams as if someone was grabing my arm and lifting it up in the air. i cam back to my self and my arm was straight up in the air and fell to my bed as if someone one was holding it and let go.
a couple months later i had one of my friends stay the night and i told him about my ghost(spirit) and he didnt belive me he always laughed at me untill that night. we were going to bed and he kept seeing someone move infront of my doorway and he was telling me to get to bed (dan) my friend was telling me and i was liek dude i am in bed. i could tell by the sound of his voice that he was gettin frightend of what ever it was. so i got outta my bed and turned on the ligjt. i was like dude lets go get a drink or somthin. so we whent down stairs (when we left my closet was closed and the door was opend) i got my drink and started to walk back up the stairs with him behind me cuz he was scaired tehe the door close slowly and we both looked at eachother as we both had goose bumps on eachother.
i walked upstairs and opend my door and look at my closet and it was open. about a week later my mom had a cd moved from behind a huge tv stand. about a year has past now and nothin has happend since but a few really small things. one morning my mom got up for work and there was a messege on the answer machine. but she didnt bother gettting it so she whent to  the bathroom and when she came out she notice the messege was erased. my moms ride was there by now and my mom left to get in the car when she opend the door my moms friend was tappin the steering wheel as if she seen somthin my mom asked her what was the matter and she said she just saw somthin run into our wood (a black figure) and disapear. we decided to play the ouija bored to talk to frank are ghost. i got to talk to him and when i asked him to move a candle flame i felt somthin else then frank somthin stronger what ever came into my house that night is a lot more scaryer then frank my ghost i can just feel fear every time i come downstairs in my laundry room where we played. nothing has happend but a feelin you get as if someone is watching you the whole time ur down here. you almost get the feeling as if ur looking at it sometimes but its nothings there. i will send more info if somthin else has happens cant wait till it does =P =D.

My Brother


Back in the summer of 1990 or 1991, I witnessed my first "ghost" or "spirit" experience. My cousin and I was sitting outside with our backs facing towards the front door. My Dad told us that he was leaving to go wash clothes. I never turned around, I just told him "Bye." About 15 minutes later, I had went inside to get my cousin and I something to drink. As I walked into the kitchen, my brother was sitting at the table. I spoke to him as of knowing nothing at that time. As I walked around in the kitchen, I notice that my brother was just following my every move, my every step. Yet, his eyes were the only thing moving. They were so big and wide eye, like an owl. His head stayed in only one position. He reminded me of one of those creepy pictures to where it looks like their eyes are following you.
I paid no attention, at first. I just kept on fixing our drinks. Suddenly, my hairs on the back of my neck stood up and chills came over me. I turned around and there sitting on the same chair, same way - he sits. I came closer to ask what was wrong with him. Why, was he so quiet. Why, was he so still. He did not breath a word. He did not make the slightest movement. He did not even blink. So, at this point, I was starting to get mad. I came even closer. Now, I stood about a foot away from his face. I was just getting ready to grab him at his shoulders and shake him up a bit. Just to mess with me. Than, the moment I reached my hands out to drop them on his shoulders was how fast they dropped to my side. It was like some force or urge came over me not to touch him. Still, at this time, I really paid no mind to anything. So, I just grabbed our drinks, walked out the kitchen and headed back outside.
The moment the door closed behind me. I heard this loud bang came from inside. I ran into the kitchen and the chair where my brother sat, it was now knocked over. Yet, the bang was so loud that it had sounded like someone had picked up the chair and threw it down as hard as they could. There layed the chair in one piece not even a scratch.
I started yelling for my brother. No reply. I searched every room, closet, under beds, behind furniture, everywhere and nothing. I continued to call my brother and even asked my cousin if, by chance, my brother came outside. She said no. She asked me what was that loud bang. Now, at this time I thought I was going crazy. I know, for a fact, that I was just talking to my brother about 10 minutes ago. Our house was a very small house with hardly any place to hide besides the ones I already searched. I told my cousin about how my brother was just looking at me with his eyes. How I try to touch him but all of sudden I didn't. I knew I was not seeing things. Or was I? All sort of questions were flowing through my mind. So, we decided to just chill outside and wait for my Dad to return. I was still thinking that my brother was hiding and playing some hugh joke on me.
About 1 1/2 to 2 hours later, my Dad comes back. Sure enough, my brother was following right behind him. Come to find out, that my brother was with him the whole time.

Henry Part 3

    Hello again. I've written a few times now about "Henry" the ghost in room 207 here at the Days Inn-Airport in Colorado Springs. Well, we were sold out a few days ago which is (sadly) a rare occurance in the middle of the week, and we were forced to sell Henry's room. It seems he was not terribly happy about this as the guest reported to me the next morning that all night her window rattled and lightbulbs were blowing out left and right. I work the night audit shift which is 11 pm to 7 am so by the time I got here they had already given up trying to do anything with the lights before I got here. I do however know of a few things that he did while I was running my reports that night. The clock that hangs above the door to the breakfast room fell off the wall (It is screwed in to the drywall) and the PBX console started going nuts. All the lights on the panel lit up and the ringer let out a screech that lasted a good 30 -40 seconds. Then he went after the coffee maker...that, I was not happy about. nothing like cleaning up several gallons of really hot water to get me in a grumpy mood. I've set up 207 in the computer to be unavailable for a few weeks to sort out any possible electrical problems and I've also had the window checked for any possible loose spots. So far all the people I've sent in haven't seen anything unusual as far as power surges or loose glass. One person however did have the distinct feeling of getting "whacked" on the back of the head. Personally, I like Henry, he's got a pretty good sense of humor...But I'll be damned if I'm gonna be the one to sell his room. (without his permission heh heh)

Ghostly Apparitions


I was with a friend of mine at his girlfriends house. She has a money box in her bedroom, which plays a tune everytime you put money in it.
The three of us were sat in her living room, and i began to experience an extremely odd feeling, the one you get when you think that someone os wathcing you. I informed Louise (my mates girl friend) about this feeling and she confirmed that she was experiencing the same feeling, as was Shawn. It went on like that for a few minutes, neither of us knowing what to do, but then we listenined and i watched Louise's face go pale as we all heard the money box start up, and start playing. Then we heard a series of banging coming from her bed room, and she sent Shawn to go and take a look.
Shawn came back down a few minutes later, and told us that there was nobody up there, but the room was extremely cold, and there was no window open. That scared me enough to go straight home.
Since then, Louise has told me of a history of odd goings on that have happened in her home, before and after we experineced that night. She has seen 'ghostly apparitions' of people whilst she was in her room. She has noticed sudden temerature changes, and what seem like shadows on her landing.
I have never been back to her house, and do not intend on going back.

Ghost on the Stairs


Hi I was at my firends house and I was sitting on the couch watching her do something then something on the stairs caught my eye.  A tall white figure that was a women's body skinny and beautiful.  It happened again but in a different way i was sleeping on the couch i was sitting on.  I opened one eye cause i couldn't find the glasses that where in my hand and  the figure was standing over me staring at me. I shut my eye as fast as I could.  Then I heared a noise.  Foot , foot steps, where coming closer to me.  I opened both my eyes and the figure ws walking tword me!  My friend was asleep and she had some expiriences with the ghost.  The cat was so funny batting at the air and when she saw me looking at her she vanished.  My friend laughed when i told her about the ghost staring at me when i opened only one eye she said," She was probably wondering who you where!" I was a little shakey the whole day.  I kept  felling that a spirit wwas by me the whole time.  I felt her not by her coldness just i had a feeling in my gut, the feeling i have in my stomache when i go to a grave yard.  But it was really strong by the stairs and her mother's room.  I don't want you going and checking out the house it really is ok.  But when i feel that feeling it feels like there are 2 spirits.  My friend thinks it is her great grandmother and her grandfather.

Spooky Things


I am a 15 year old female, even though I am still young I have seen a good amount of "spooky" things.
The first one being when I was in seventh grade. I was sitting home one night by myself while my mom and her boyfriend were picking up my younger brother (Who has seen things as well as my mother) on our old computer. We used to keep the computer in our basement which by the way was very oddly built when we moved in it looked like a maze and there were old coal shoots in there, most of them were knocked out after a few years of living there.. Well on this particular night I had the music turned up loud and was talking to people only and I notice something out of the corner of my eye, when I turned to look what it was my brothers tricycle moved two feet slowly across the floor and came to a stop. I was scared pretty badly I ripped the cord to the computer out of the wall and run up stairs out the front door and down a couple houses to a friends. Now about a year or so before hand my younger brother being 2 at the time went down into the basement and came up screaming and crying about a mean old man in the basement. When investigated no one or nothing was found. Nothing happened for about a year than one night it happened again. At this time we had gotten a dog who was very fond of me (I saved her from the pound) Everyone was sleeping and I was on the phone and watching TV. Every other tv in the house was on and so were many lights. My dog started barking at this one corner in my room and after awhile she made a pouting noise and her ears went down as though she had down something bad. So my tv shut off, just mine and stayed off not really thinking anything of it at the time I went back to my conversation. As I was getting ready to get off the phone I heard someone singing, it was very quiet barely enough to hear but it was like a humming of a women. I yelled for my mom and no one answered, the humming stopped shortly after. These scared me plus many other odd little things, like seeing a young child by my brother and once being upset because a necklace my mother gave me had disappeared which reappeared the next morning next to my bed. Just a bunch of little things. Now I was Diagnosed with Crohns Disease when I was ten, but really didnít start bothering me until I entered high school, because of emotion stressed and trying to commit suicide I think I triggered something. Whenever I am extremely depressed or feel like I did before that time period I close my eyes and when I open them I see a very pretty blue shimmering looking thing, it will be present for a bit and then "shimmer" away for some reason it makes me feel very calm. Like I have someone close by. I know an older couple lived in this house but I donít know much more about it, my mother has seen and heard some strange things as well. The only one that truly terrifies me is the one in the basement when I'm down there I feel as though my life is in danger, I have had friends sit down there both in daylight and darkness and had them run up the stairs swearing

Arizona Desert Ghosts!


Last summer I was spending time at my grandparents home in residential Tucson, and that night we were having a terrible thunderstorm with lightning, hail, wind, and really heavy rain...what a set up for seeing a ghost, go figure.
The thunder woke me up at about 2:00 am and I had to go to the bathroom and so I roll over in the bed and all of a sudden the guest bedroom door began opening and I thought it was my grandfather, because sometimes he stays up late reading or if he can't sleep, and I called "Grandpa is that you?" and I got no answer so I wait for a few moments and then all of a sudden this tall, transparent woman in all white was floating in the enterance to the room, and had a long night gown on; she was completely shinning white as well as the nightie.  She looked to be about 6 feet tall.  My dad was sleeping beside me and I pulled the covers over my head and I looked again and she was staring at me and then disappeared into the wall!
I slept restlessly the rest of the night!! I was completely frightened by this!!!
I told my parents, but they don't believe me.  My mom I think may believe though.


After Attention


one night i was in my sisters room with her and my friend we were just siting around talking when i got up to leave the room i walked in from of her TV and a candle holder flew from the top of the TV two feet away it wasn't really like thrown more like pushed it went the air than drooped to the floor
i was siting in my moms room on her bed by myself one night and the plant from her Jewry box fail   it happened again a few weeks later but this time i was standing at the door talking to my Mom who was in the bathroom and the plant landed about two maybe three feet away it really wasn't throw just kinda shoved of like some one does to thing on a table who maybe mad
i have chimes in my room and the ring at night but than just stop like if they were not moving at all it could be the wind from my fan but i don't think it is because the way they stop and start i think if it was the wind that they would chime all the time not just start and stop the roses hanging from my ceiling move as well and stop
my best friend was in my room one night about to go to bed when she ran out she told me that she heard some one walking around in my room  i believed her because not to long before that night i have heard some one walking in my room and i can feel people watching me like a heavy gaze in a certain spot in a room
i don't get strong feelings  like i use to and don't heard are since people in my house its weird b=ecause every where I've lived  since i can remember i have always felt ghost my Mom have seen one from what she tells me she was up late one night reading and a man walked threw the wall tipped his hat at her than walked throw the other wall
they have lots of stories about ghost here in where i live like ------- bridge they say at night if you go on the bridge and turn off your car and bop your horn three time your car will not start back up and ------cemetery they say that if you step on three first three grave and look to the back on the cemetery that your car see a man in torn clothes like a demon from what they say

Was It A Dream or Not?


Well this happened to me one night in the beginning of April of this year. I slept over my dad's house. Me and my half sister slept out in the living room on the two couches out there. They were side by side. I slept on the right one, which is by the sliding door leading to the backdoor while she slept on the left one, next to the hall way leading to the bedrooms. Anyway, I fell asleep around 12 AM or so, but I suddenly woke up around 2:40 AM (I checked my watch). I decided to call my friend kuz I haven't talked to him that night and we usually talked everynight. I called him and he answered, half alseep. We talked for a min or two then I let him go back to sleep. I fell asleep right away again. I dont know how much longer it was but I woke up again later that night for no particular reason (I have a habit of doing that). I was laying on my right side facing the wall but I had the urge to turn around. And when I did, at the foot of the couch I was sleeping on stood a girl who looked to be in her teens, around my age. I knew she should not be there because my family is Asian and she was Caucasian. She had short blond hair and was wearing dark denim jeans and jacket. She was facing me but pointing at my sister. When she pointed to my sister the only thing she said to me was either, "Ahmi" or "Omi". And I have no idea what that word means. It sounds like Japanese or somethin. After she said that, I turned back around like it was nothing and went back to sleep. I guess I was too tired and didn't want to deal with whatever it was. Usually I would be scared, but I wasn't this time. The weird thing was that she had white light surounding her, that is why I could see what she was wearing and her hair color. She sorta looked like a rocker type girl. I still don't understand why the girl appeared...and if it was real or a dream. And sometimes dreams can be real. If anyone knows what that word mean or if the word even exists at me and let me know. Thanks for reading.

Tooth Fairy


When I was 3 or 4 years old I lived with my father and his wife in a little, white  house in the small town of DeSoto.
I was at the age when you first start to lose your baby teeth and the "tooth fairy"(who at the time I believed existed) came and gave you goodies as you slept at night.
Well, being the BAD child I was, I decided I was going to scam the tooth fairy out of some extra goodies.
I had lost a tooth a couple weeks back and I kept it. (My tooth fairy never took the teeth from under my pillow.)  And for every day that week, I told my father I had lost another tooth and I would show him the old tooth.
SOOOO...every night for like four days I got goodies for the same tooth.  The perfect crime.
On the fifth night I awoke in my bed and got up to see what the tooth fairy had brought me (the tooth fairy left stuff for me on my dresser).  The tooth fairy had brought me a box of chocolates...but for some reason EVERY SINGLE CHOCOLATE IN BOX HAD A BITE OUT OF IT!!!!!!.
So being angry and confused I turned around to crawl back in my bed.  But when I turned around I saw a beautiful, white, glowing woman.  As I watched her, it looked like she was trying to turn the doorknob of my bedroom door.  She couldn't though, her hand just kept going through the door knob.  Then she just faded away and I was all alone in my dark bedroom.  The thing about this encounter was that I was not startled by what had just happened or scared of the woman, I thought that she was the TOOTH FAIRY!!
The next morning my father asked my what the tooth fairy had brought me and I showed him the box of chocolates with a bite taken out of every chocolate.  He persisted (with a huge smile on his face) to tell me that the tooth fairy knew I had been scamming her with the old tooth and must be pretty mad at me to do something like that.
Anyways, I didn't really think much about my encounter until I was much older and no longer believed in the tooth fairy.  Now when I remember that night it kind of gives me the creeps.  Thank god I was still young enough to believe in the tooth fairy.  If something happened to me like that now, I think I would LOSE MY MIND!!!!!!

The Ghosts that Scare Me

Hi my name is Natalie and When I was 5 (now I am 16) my family moved to an apartment ( a big one) it wasn't even old to tell you the truth, it looked new. Well my dad who was probably in his 30 was quiet a religious man. He grew out his beard and everything, he prayed every day! Well the apartment we had was two stories. Me and my twin sister Tina would never like going down stairs at night because we felt that there was bad vibes coming from there. To tell you the truth I selpt with my light green Ghetto shoes a couple of nights, don't ask why, but I just did. Well there was bad ghosts there it would terriorize us all the time. My family was quiet religious even at worse of  times.
We moved out of the apartment to an older looking home in the same city. But this time under my window on the outside is this concrete with a hand print of a young kid, 1783-17 something I don't want to go and look!  my brother John and I put our hands there at different times in our life and both fit. Anyway my bed use to face the door  so when  I selpt I could see into the hall way. What a wrong place to sleep let me  tell you. Well I use to see everynight a man about 6'9 or 7 feet tall walk through out the house especially my room. Once I saw him walk toward me Man was I scared at this point. His face was an inch from mine I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I can feel this ghost touching me all the time and it scares the sh*t out of me.
Now I moved my bed and sleep next to the mirror which yet another bad place to sleep, but its better than the door!  In my room you could hear all kinds of noise, but it mostly happens on my side of the room. He never bothers my sister I guess because she didn't put her hand on the stone! But noises ususally happen in my brothers room where it's the worst.
My father and mother were gardening in the backyard one day when my dad jokingly said, "Get out of here ghost we don't want you here anymore." ( there is a broken jacuesy in the backyard and my brother use to hit it with a hammer to release anger) Well the noise of a hammer was hitting it and no one there to hit it. My mom ran to my dad and my dad said, "Oh no ghost we want you here I was just kidding." I think the ghost in my house is good, but I think there are several ghosts here in my home that come and go. One night my sister and I were sleeping (we are deep sleepers)! my dad hured a choking noise and he ran to my room (his room is across the hall) and nothing was there. He thought one of us was being choked, I don't know maybe one of us were and my dad saved us. My dad blessed my room the very next day! Now nothing really happens here, but I still get scared at night I don't like to be alone. Nothing really happens in my room except for noise once in a blue moon which I could handle now. please watch out people because God is the only one who can save you. Say Gods name if a ghost attacks or when your're afraid trust me it works because they're scared of him, say it even if you do not believe in him. Thank you for reading my stories there are more to tell,  but I rather not for I really do not wish to recall the memory. I have experiencing ghosts throughout my life I don''t know why, but I do. Thank you once again and be safe out there!

The Creepy Two Story House


Hi. When i was 8 almost 9 my father got laid off from a power plant in Oklahoma. A couple of months later he found a job opening in Kansas doing the same things that he used to do at the other powere plant. He had 3 months to find a house and get us all moved up there but he had already started his job. We went up to Kansas (which was only about 40 miles from where we lived) and we found a 2 bed-room house that was for rent and we took it we got all moved in a week after my 9th b-day. i along with my 12 year old brother slept up stairs my room was not capeted so you could hear every noise. when we lived in there about 2 months is when i could hear noises i heard people talk when everyone was asleep and it wasn't my mom's voice or my dad's. Some times i could even hear footsteps on the stairs and i would go and look and noone would be there and i would hear voices i could never make out what they were saying.Then one day when i was still nine i had a friend from church come over and we were playing barbies when we went down stairs to get a drink and my brother was talking to one of his friends out side and my friend and i went back up stairs and we found the barbies under the bed,we were really scared and went down stairs and told my mom and she said it probably was just in our heads and i also told my mom about the talking and the foot steps and she said that i probably just imained it but when i wuz 11 we moved and i never found out why right now i am 14 in july i will be 15.

Pleasantville New Jersey


i was just a boy of fifteen and visiting grandparents in pleasantville,new jersey in the summer of the corner of main street and glendale ave.stood a really old mansion of three stories tall,built in the 1850's,it was abandomned,my brother,opened a window and the two of us along with two friends walked thru it,very pretty house with 7 bedrroms,five bathrooms,two dinning rooms,two staircases and chandaliers hanging all over the was completely vacant except for up in the attic and this house even had a slate roof on it with real shudders on the windows and fountains out in the yard still filled with water,well,in the attic,there was a huge pile of leatherneck magazines dated from the1950's durring the korean i nosed around up there alone(the rest of them decided to leave me alone)i all od a sudden saw the magazine flip thru the pages alone and stop at pictures in the battle campaigns of world war two and korea,i was so scared,i could not get out of that mansion fast enough,it had been for sale for more than ten years and nobody ever showed interests on this huge corner estate,later on in the late 1960's,it was involved in a huge fire and it had been a rest home for the elderly.

Lost Soul


I have been told by many observers that I am a sensitive. The only thing it
has meant to me is that  sometimes a place will make me very uncomfortable.
Of course my doctor says it is anxiety attacks, but the attacks only happen
in certain places. They do not seem to be tied to stress in my life, I have
had plenty stress and always weather that well.
My husband and I purchased a fairly new house last year in Jacksonville, FL.
After moving in I could not go outside the master bedroom at night without
an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and dread, every night at exactly 1:30am
I awoke feeling those same feelings even though I did not leave my bed. And
I could not look down the hallway towards the attached garage with out
feeling extremely sad, day or night. Once again my doctor put me on anxiety
medicine and though the feelings quieted down they did not go away.  I could
now go into the kitchen at night but if I stood at the kitchen counter I
would feel a cold breeze on my legs and kept wanting to look over my
shoulder as if someone was right behind me. Needless to say I drove my
husband crazy.
The house had only had 2 owners before we bought the house. The first owners
built the house in 1995 and lived there until selling it in August 2000 to
the second owners. We bought the house in Feb. 2001. We were told the
husband died in a car wreck going to pick up a car from their old home and
that is why it was being sold so soon since last purchase.
I could not let go of the feeling that this was not the truth. Finally a
neighbor who was moving decided we should know more. Even though we got mail
for the previous tenants the real estate agent would not get us a forwarding
address and at the time of closing she had no contact with us having all
paperwork handled through the realtor. The neighbor told us that no he did
not die in a car wreck but committed suicide in his car down town. The car
had been returned to the survivor and parked in the garage.

I can Hear them!

Hello my mane is Jerrold Mesteth and i can hear and see ghosts. Well most people think im crazy heh but its true. One day I was im my room playing a game and i heared a lil laugh i kinda got scared because i was the only one home. Anyways when I heared it i went down stairs to see who it was. As I was walking down I felt a little hand grab my hand. It was a little boy he keeped askin for my help. I asked him what was wrong so then he said he was looking for his mother. Then he just was gone. After that i was never the same

Hillhead halls of residence, Old Aberdeen


Firstly, i guess i am what you call a "sensitive".  I regularly see things,
hear things, and feel things that others don't.  I'm usually the first to
point out when sometihng "doesn't feel right" and i have been like this all
my life.
During my first year at university i stayed at hillhead halls and i had the
strangest experiences.
For about the first month of being there, it was fine.  One day i was
walking by the kitchen i felt a huge blast of cold and loud whispering,
which really really frightened me.  Seeing strange things doesn't usually
bother me because it happens quite regularly, but this really bothered me
because it felt so so bad.  I asked my flat mate if she had heard anything
but she said that she hadn't.
Just after the xmas holiday, i came back to worse time of my life.  Firstly,
there was a man walking around my flat.  He was very tall, wearing all black
- including a black hat or hood and you could not see his face.  I saw him
out doors and inside the flat.  He frequently had a black dog with him,
which often walked by my bedroom door.  My flat mate got really scared of
being alone in her room as she felt that there was someone watching her from
her door.  It was about a week after first seeing this man that electrical
appliances in my room started to go wrong.  My electrical alarm clock, for
example, would just start to beep - much louder than anything it had ever
done - and did not stop even when i pulled the plug out (it has no battery
backup).  My printer would just print out random rubbish, even if it was not
switched on and light bulbs would blow if you looked at them for a long
time.  The electrical stuff would only happen in my room.  Objects would
disapear from my room, reappearing elswhere in the flat.  An example of this
that we lost the bread knife out the kitchen.  Bearing in mind that i don't
eat bread much - especially not in my bedroom - we found it on top of my
wardrobe at the back about 3 or 4 months after it got 'lost'.
At night was the worse.  Me and my flat mate would drag her mattress through
to my room and sleep there because we were to frightened to sleep in
seperate rooms.  I would have the most horrendous nightmares, which i never
got before and have never got since.  At night, there would be constant
bangings, tappings and scrapings which sounded like they were coming from
the space between the walls.
I think about the worse thing that I experiencd whilst living there was
getting up one morning and walking to the window at the end of the landing
and looking out at the trees that are above the river Don.  On the larger
branches, there were hanged people (as in dead with a rope around their
neck) swinging in the wind.  They were not dressed in modern clothing.  I
wanted to run away and stop seeing it, but maybe i was too frightened,
because my feet wouldn't move and i found it really difficult to breath.
After this, my flatmate found staying in her room, which overlooked the
river Don, unbearable and moved in to the room next to mine.  As soon as
that room was locked everythng was fine, until it came to the end of the
year and she moved out.  She moved out about a fortnight earlier than me,
but i was spending most my time in the flat above mine.
After her moving out, I came down from upstairs to find her door open and
light shining through on to the landing carpet.  Very bravely (stupidly??) I
went to shut her door and switch the lights off, but just as i got there the
door slammed in my face and locked and i heard the lights switch off.  I
phoned my flat mate to make sure she was home, which she was.  I then phoned
the people from upstairs and asked them to come down, and when they got down
to my flat, the room was unlocked again but was totally empty and freezing
cold.  It was the summer, but you could see your breath was white.
The next day, when i got out the shower i found that the bathroom door was
wide open despite the fact that i had locked the door and there is no way
that the lock could open itself.  Also, the bathroom door was very creaky
and i hadn't heard a creak.  I went to my room and got dressed as quickly as
possible, but i could not find the key to my room so i could lock up and
leave.  i had left the key in the lock on the outside of the door but it was
gone.  I found it in the bathroom sink.
Finally, one night I gave my key to one of the people living upstairs to go
and get me a sweater from my flat as i was too frightened to go down.  This
person, who WAS a complete sceptic, came back upstairs completly pale,
sweating cold sweat, shaking and totally out of breath.  I don't know what
happened because this person will not talk about it and has made us all
promise never to bring it up in conversation.
These all sound like really wierd events, but i don't smoke, drink or do any
kind of drugs, and i didn't then, but I swear they are all true.  i don't
want to experience anything like that again as long as i live.  Thanks for
letting me share this with you.


Grandmas Pearls


I used to live in a very small town in utah. I lived a small house that my Grandmother had spent her last years in.After she had passed I had noticed some very strange things, I would see her reflection in her bedroom mirror.I thought i was just going crazy till I would hear her singing in her bedroom. I kept her pearl necklace in a box by my bed but it would always end up on her bed stand no matter how many time i would place it back into the box, it would always be back in her room. finally after 3 months of this I started to really freak out when I was in ben one late june night, I woke up to a warm breath on my neck I rolled over and my grandmother was there, I could no longer take this I ran out of the bed room and to the nearest houst where the neighbor tommy could see that I was histaricol he came back to the house and said that he saw nothing but my grandmothers music box was open and playing. the next day I went back to get some of my things and the pearl necklace had broken but the pearls were in my grandmothers bedroom.

Cemetary in Alabama Backwoods


I was reading your site, which I really find interesting and I recalled something that happened to my friend and I about 10 years ago.  Haven't thought about it in a long time, so I will try to be as precise as I can.  My friend and I went to Alabama during our senior year in high school to visit my grandparents.  Now, my grandparents lived in the middle of nowhere, little town, you blink you miss it.  Anyways, there wasn't much to do so one day we went exploring.  Down about a half mile from my grandparents house at the end of their road was a huge pasture, it hadn't been inhabitated or cared for years.  There was a large gate with a "No Trespassing" sign, this made us curious to see what was hiding back there in the middle of nowhere.  We crawled under the gate and started walking, there was a gravel path and nothing else but trees, grass and insects.  We kept going for about a mile until we were in a fully wooded area, this is where the strangeness happened, first off we stumbled across an old graveyard with only about 3 graves in it, looked like a family, the tombstones were dated back in the early 1800's.  I took photos,  that I can send at a later date if you like. Across from the graves was a waterfall, we decided to sit and take in the site, while sitting there we heard horse hooves galloping, closely, we turned and saw nothing.  A little while later we heard what sounded like something being swung through the air near our heads, nothing visible though.  It spooked us and we decided then that we should probably head back to the house.  On our way back we heard the horse hooves again, this time we ran!  Got back to my grandparents house and relayed our story to my grandfather, this is were it got spooky, he said that a while back he stumbled across the waterfall too and decided to sit and fish at the bank, he heard the horse too and heard the swinging, which he described as an hatchet or something similar.  Only he said that he turned he saw a man on a white horse carrying a machete and appeared to be clearing the fields, but it wasn't really there, like he and the horse were transparent, he said that's when he took off running too.  The only thing I can think of, it that at one time someone lived on that land, which is why they were buried there.  I can tell you one thing, it spooked me then, but now I just realize that those people just stayed where their home was.  I haven't had any opportunities to get back to that area, but if I do, I may go visit them.



I moved to Indiana in 1986.  I befriended a woman who sold real estate and said she knew of this huge house that was for rent in a small town called Lamb, Indiana.  It sits directly across the river from Carrollton, Kentucky and is half-way between Vevay and Madison, Indiana.
The house was absolutely fabulous!  Made of stone, and built circa 1800.  It is told that the Indians taught a white man how to build the house.  It became part of the underground railroad during the Civil War.  There was a tunnel built from the Ohio River up to the basement wall, where they had knocked a hole in the wall for slaves to enter.
My story starts in the fall of 1987, when my mother, my dog, and I were on the first floor in the living room, watching television.  My little dog ran upstairs and was running around in circles.  I could hear her little toenails on the wooden planks.  I felt a cold chill, like a burst of cold air, and became puzzled by it.  There were no doors or windows open in the house.  It was cold out and we had built a fire in the wood stove.
I went up to check on my little dog (to see what she was doing), and there it was.
My room had a door that led out to nothing.  I assume there was a balcony at one time, but at this time, there was no evidence of one so the door stayed shut and locked.
When  I had gone upstairs, I noticed the air was more frigid and it seemed windy.  I went to my room and the door was standing open and it looked as though a small child had breathed on the window of the door and wrote "Amy's room" on the window.
About a year or so later, we had some family staying with us for the weekend and my cousin decided to set up a tape recorder in the basement to see if there were any noises.  My little nieces and there three friend bedded down in the living room by the wood stove to stay warm and we all went to bed.
The next morning, one of the little girls thanked my dad for stoking the fire that night because it was getting kind of chilly.  My dad hadn't been down stairs all night!
My cousin went down to the basement to get the tape recorder (reel-to-reel, by the way), brought it back upstairs and played it back to us.  You could vividly hear a little girl say "Mommy".
My family lived in that house for almost fifteen years.  There were several occurrences, none of them bad or violent.

A Smaller Experience


Hi my name is Patrik.
I just want to start by saying I love
your site and i visit as often as I can.
My experience may be very small compared
to the others but I'm writing it anyway.
It was in the morning and i was playing on my computor.
I was home alone because my parents had gone to work
and I had some spare time before school.
I was just sitting there playing a game when suddenly
my papers and books on my desk fell to the floor!
I just satt there totaly stunned. It was as if someone
had pushed them of the desk. I felt that the hair on my body
was standing up and i definetly felt that someone was with
me. I looked around and offcours no-one was there.
I had not done any big movements and the window was shut
so there was no wind.
I looked at my clock to see that i only had about ten minuits
before my scool started.
Before I went to scool I put my recorder on the desk to see
if something happend when I was not home.
I didn't fell any cold spots as far as I remember.
But there were som strange things on the tape.
It is hard to explain but there were some strange noises.
I have been a beliver for several years and I am a bit
sensitiv to the other side. I have allways hade trouble sleeping so I'm offten laying in my bed for sometimes
hours. I sometimes when I am allone hear things moving
My mother has once experienst sleep paralysis in the same house that we live in now so I
am sure that it's not only in my head
Thanks for listening.



Not just long a go i went on a school trip to disneyland for 3 days. There were 6 of us in a family room. In my half of the room there was Me, Sam and Laim and in the second side of the room was Joe, Sam C and Danny. When we first went
in the room we started to unpack our clothes then we started to hear knocking at the front door but no one could of done it because the teachers were outside our room helping some one into there room. So we did not take any notice.
Then after lights out we started to hear these weird noises.
Then the scary part about it was as we were going to go into the other half of the room. To Danny and the other lot we saw this dark figure that had a bright light. Then we fought it was our imagination but it kept on going to 3:30am. then we saw this little cloud thing floating around sam's head. As soon as that happened we went to look for a teacher we got
one he slept in a room but he had socks thrown at him but in the morning we all had socks on.

Was it Real?

By: Anonymous

hi, i just remembered something that happend to me years ago. i was about 12
so this was ten years ago. it was not long after my great-grandma died. her
house was just a short walk from my grandparents house in a rural area. i
was there all the time riding four wheelers and "hunting" with my bb gun,
lol. anyway, i was outside my great-grandma's old house standing quietly
shooting at birds when i could have sworn i heard a gentle voice whisper my
name in my ear then tell me to stop that. maybe it was her telling me not to
shoot the sparrows out there as she had done many times in life, or maybe it
was just my imagination, whichever it was, i was standing in my grandparents
house just seconds later all freaked out, but i never mentioned it to
anyone. didn't think it was such a big deal.
thanks for listening, i'll let you be now.

Why Five?


I have a lot of experiences I would like to share with you all - all of which are true.
Every home I have lived in up until now has been "haunted" or otherwise had some form
of ghostly activity happening. I will start with one and if you all like it I will share more. I feel
lucky to have experienced so many ghosts!
My mother can tell you that when I was just a little baby in Denver we had a ghost that was quite interested in me, or at least my toys. I had this little train that went around the edge of my crib - it was battery operated and had to be switched on by a lever to run. Many late nights my mom would come check on me, hearing me cooing because my little train would be going round and round - when no one had turned it on - she would check it and the lever would still be in the off position. since it was keeping me awake, she removed it. After the train was removed, the TV would start turning on around 2am each night. No one else was awake to have turned it on. But it seemed that whatever this being was was there to serve a purpose. My mom's family lived in Nebraska - and as I said we were in Denver. This was the early 80's so  instead of expensive long distance my mom would often write letters back to my ain Nebraska. My mom started getting these strange feelings -  right around 5:00pm everyday the clock wouldn't chime as it did on every other  hour - and like it had before. She said it was like somebody was telling her to watch the kids closely, she could almost hear the voice. At first she didn't think much of it, since my sister and I were always close by our mom. But it was happening every single day - right at 5:00 - so she started telling my aunt about it in her letters - since my aunt had 3 small children of her own. She would say that she would get these strong urges to check on me and my sister - and we would be just fine. She kept telling my aunt about it and my aunt always said her kids were fine too. My mom was getting completely boggled at this message to watch out for children - when all the kids were safe and sound. Well my aunt's husband had a young boy from a previous marriage that did not live  with them.  He would ride his bike home from school everyday - and living in the country in Nebraska he did have to ride his bike on the highway to get home - but there isn't much traffic out there so it wasn't a concern at the time. One day on his ride home, he was tragically hit by a semi and died on the highway - right about 5:00pm. After his death my mom stopped getting the "messages" and the clock started chiming at 5:00pm again, the tv stopped turning itself on and off, and no other ghostly activity occured in the house after the boy's death.


Our Jennifer


Jennifer is our ghost and I just get the feeling she is only between 5 and 6 years old and wears a powder blue dress with black patient leather shoes. She has made herself known to me on several occations which my husband laughed off as 'just an old house'.
He changed his mind one morning when he arrived home from night shift. Me and our young boys were still in bed and it was still dark outside.
I woke up to the sound of him fumbleing with his keys and trying to unlock the front door. It seemed to take him forever and I was just about to get out of bed to open the door for him when he finally got inside.
He called out to me and said that it wasn't funny. I got out of bed and said what wasn't funny and he seemed to get the shock of his life when I came out of the bedroom.
He swore he tried three times to unlock the door and everytime the door relocked itself. He thought it was me playing a joke because when he finally unlocked the door yet again he heard foot falls running up the hallway.
He became a believer that day. We still hear foot falls up the hallway and my husband has thought it's one of our boys out of bed but, when we check, they are both sound asleep.He doesn't put it down to 'just an old house' anymore.

My Cousin


When I was about 4 or 5 years old my mom and I had to go over to my aunt house to get something, but no one was home and my cousin had just moved away. My mom went inside to get whatever she needed, and while she was in there my cousin, that had just moved out came to the door and waved at me, so i waved back. When my mom came back out I asked her if she saw my cousin, and she said no, no one is home.



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